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Medford Name Index

When I built this page the census wasn't online, there was no findagrave.com, digitized newspapers were only a dream, and dinosaurs roamed the earth. This was my attempt to determine who was who in early Medford by correlating cryptic newspaper mentions. This is a pre-1900 name index for only those Medford pages listed below, constituting a small fraction of this site. Be sure to use this Search box too:


Bear=Hunting with John Griffin
First=Who Was Medford's First Mayor? 
Glim=Glimpses of Life in Early Medford
Hist=A History of Medford Up to 1932
IOOF=Some Residents of the IOOF Cemetery
Med83=Medford in 1883
Med84=Medford in 1884
Med86=Medford in 1886
Med88=Medford in 1888
Med89=Medford in 1889
Med90=Medford in 1890
Med92=Medford in 1892
Med93=Medford in 1893
Med94=Medford in 1894
Med95=Medford in 1895
Med97=Medford in 1897
Med99=Medford in 1899
Med00=Medford in 1900
Min85=Medford City Council Minutes 1885
Min86=Medford City Council Minutes 1886
Min87=Medford City Council Minutes 1887
Min88=Medford City Council Minutes 1888
MM=The Medford Monitor
=The Medford Monitor, June 11, 1886
News83=Medford News 1883
News84=Medford News 1884
News85=Medford News 1885
News86=Medford News 1886
News87=Medford News 1887
News88=Medford News 1888
News89=Medford News 1889
News90=Medford News 1890
News91=Medford News 1891
News92=Medford News 1892
News93=Medford News 1893
News94=Medford News 1894
News95=Medford News 1895
News96=Medford News 1896
News97=Medford News 1897
News98=Medford News 1898
News99=Medford News 1899
News00=Medford News 1900
OH89=The Orchard Home, 1889
=The Phipps-Howard War
Pinto= A Brief Biography of Pinto Colvig
RV85= Rogue River Valley 1885
=The Southern Oregon Transcript, November 10, 1887
True=True Tales of Terror
Wild=Wild and Wacky Medford
WJB=W. J. Bennet, Medford's First Architect

John W. Abbott: News92
S. Abbott: (veterinarian) News00
Abraham: see Abraham & Wheeler
Abraham & Wheeler: News84
Abraham & Willis: News84
Solomon Abraham: News83, News85, News87
Adams: News88, Med07
B. J. Adams: News87
C. L. Adams: News87
J. L. Adams: News83; at poor farm: MM5/14/1909p3; obit: MM5/21/1909p3
S. K. Adams: Med11
W. J. Adams: News93
Addington & Angel: (timber land) News91
George B. Addington: News91, News92-93
William Addison: Bear, News89
Adkins: see Adkins & Webb, Whitman & Adkins, News84, News87
Adkins & Webb: (B. F. Adkins, B. S. Webb; merchants, contractors) MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n4p1c4a, MMv1n4p4c3a, First, Hist, Min85-87, News85-90, Med86, Med88, News92, Med93, News94, News00
Ada Adkins: News93
Dr. Benjamin Franklin Adkins: (physician, capitalist) MMv1n4p4c3a, WJB, Hist, Glim, News84, Min85, News86-95, Min88, Med93, News97-99
H. P. Adkins: News87
Mrs. J. C. Adkins: News89
Mate V. Creed Adkins (Mrs. W. B.): News89
Matilda J. Adkins (Mrs. Dr. Benjamin F.): News87-88, News98
Ora Adkins: News87, News89-93, News95, News98-99
Rev. W. B. Adkins: News89, News99
Nils Ahlstrom: News92
John W. Aid: (photographer) News92
Dr. G. H. Aiken: News87-88, News92
Squire Stanford Aiken: News95, Med11
Doil/Doyle W. Alberry/Albury: (railroad foreman) News91-92
William Alcoe: (rancher) News94
William G. Aldenhagen: Med11
Rev. Mountville C. Aleridge: News90-92
Oscar Odell Alenderfer "Ole" "Ollie": Hist
R. C. Alexander: News99
Alford (pronounced "Offerd"): News90
Albert Alford: (thresher) News85-86, News88-92
Mrs. C. K. Alford: News88
Catherine Brinker Alford (Mrs. Albert): News90
George Alford: Glim
Moses L. Alford "Mose": (bank cashier) Hist, News86, News92-94, News99, Med10, Med11
Ollie Alford: see Ollie Wolters
Rachael M. Applegate Alford (Mrs. Moses L.): Hist, Med88, News93-94
S. U. Alfred: News95
Allen: see Kingsbury & Allen; News86
Andrew A. Allen: News93, News99
A. J. Allen: News87
Bruce Allen: News87
Charles W. Allen: News86
E. Allen: News92
George E. Allen: News91, News93, News98
Dr. J. O. Allen: News86-87
Lewis A. Allen: News88
Lizzie F. Allen (Mrs. Charles W.): News86
Mary D. Allen (Mrs. J. O.): News89, News99; obit: DT4/6/1899p2
Noah Allen: News89
O. Bruce Allen: (newspaper foreman) News98-99
Wiley B. Allen: News98
Allison: see Holt & Allison
William Allison: News92
Eugene Amann: (fireman) News92, News98; in Oakland, California: MT6/6/1916p2
Frank Amann: (carpenter, fireman) News89-90, News93-94, News98
M. Grace Amann: News87, News95, News99-00
Sada Amann "Sadie": News87, News93
Sarah Amann: News92
Henry Amerman: News89; obit: MM4/11/1902p2
Francis M. Amy "Frank": News91-93
Haskell Amy: News83, News84, News91-93
Anderson: News92-93
Anderson & Wood/Woodford: (draymen) News90
Arta Anderson
August E. Anderson: News93
Bert Anderson: Med10
Charles Anderson "Charlie": News94-95
Charles M. Anderson: (printer, band leader) News99
D. N. Anderson: News85
D. W. Anderson: News85-86
Dora Hull Anderson (Mrs. D. W.): News85
Eli K. Anderson "Uncle Joe": (farmer, orchardist) News91, News00; bio: MM2/26/1909p8, MT12/29/1911p8; ill: MT3/8/1912p2; obit: MT3/15/1912p6
Edward W. Anderson: (civil engineer) Med07
Ella May Anderson: News94
Euphrasie Anderson: News93
Frank Anderson: News97
Genevieve Anderson: News89
George Anderson: News94
George B. Anderson: News92
George E. Anderson: (drayman, soda manufacturer) MMv1n4p4c3a, News85-87, News89, News90-94
Gilbert Anderson: News92
Hattie Gilbert Anderson (Mrs. Walter): News87, News89
J. A. Anderson: (farmer) News88-89, News93-94, News97, News00
J. H. Anderson: News88
Jennie Anderson: News99
Kate H. Jones Anderson (Mrs. Charles): News95
Lena Cimborsky Anderson (Mrs. Arta): News94
Lucinda Anderson: see Mrs. Johnson
Martha M. Anderson (Mrs. Robert F. ): Med93
Mary Agnes Anderson (see Mary Smith): News92, News94
Mathilda L. Anderson: News93
Melissa P. Anderson: News88
Nancy Anderson: News88
R. N. Anderson: (tailor) News89
Robert F. Anderson: (restaurateur) News99
Tom Anderson: News94
W. Anderson: News85
W. R. Anderson: MM86
Walter Anderson: News87, News89, News92, News96, News98-99
William T. Anderson: News88, News90
C. Andrew: News88
Andrews: (conductor) News94
Amador Andrews: (Wells Fargo agent) News84
Ed Andrews: (actor) Hist, Med07, Med10
Carolina Andrews: Hist
G. E. Andrews: News93
George H. Andrews: (real estate agent) Hist, IOOF, News84, News91-94, News97, News99
Hattie D. Frank Andrews (Mrs. William R.): News87
J. D. Andrews: Med03
Marie Andrews: News96
William Rudolph Andrews: (attorney) News86-87,Med86, Min87, News92
Dwight R. Andrus: (lime burner) News97-99
Angel: see Addington & Angel
Charles Angel: (timber land) News91-94
C. W. Angell: News93
Angle: News88, News95
Angle: (baseball player) News90
Angle & Plymale: (Wm. Angle, F. M. Plymale; merchants, miners) see Short, Angle & Plymale; MMv1n1p4c6-7b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p1c2-3a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist; News84-94, Med86, MM86, Med88, Med93, News98, News00
Angle, Plymale & Short: News89-91
Alice W. Angle (Mrs. Levi L.): News90-News94
Bernice Angle: Med84
Harry D. Angle: (clerk) News90, News92-94
Mrs. Harry Angle: News90
John C. Angle "Johnny": News88, News90-94
Justice Angle: News88-89
Katie Angle: Med84, News98
Levi L. Angle: First, News85, News88-95
Mary S. Walker Angle (Mrs. William W.): News87, News93
O. S. Angle: News88
Orra E. Angle: (men's clothing) News89-90, News99
Prudence Angle: Med84
William W. Angle: (boarding house, merchant) see Angle & Plymale; also Phipps; News83-95, Med88, Med91, Med93, News98-99
Dee Ankeny: (teacher) News92, News94, News00
Henry E. Ankeny: Hist, News89, News94, News99-00
Annes: News99
Rev. George N. Annes: News97, News99
Walter Antle: in Atchison, Kansas: MS6/3/1916p2
Mrs. Walter Antle: IOOF
Elisha L. Applegate "Lish": News87, News91
Ivan D. Applegate: News94
Lindsay Applegate: News83, News94
Oliver Cromwell Applegate: News94
Peter O. Applegate "Pete": News91, News94
James R. Armpriest: News86, News98
Armstrong: see Wolff & Armstrong; News87, News90, News92, News94, News99
Cornelius J. Armstrong: News88-89
D. B. Armstrong: (builder) News93
Edward Armstrong: (brickmason) News00
Elsie Armstrong: News94
J. F. Armstrong: News94
John Armstrong: News89
Josey/Josie Armstrong: News90-91
Larinda M. Armstrong (Mrs. Cornelius J.): News90
Marcus Armstrong "Mark": (bartender) News86-92, Med93
Martha A. Armstrong (Mrs. Mark): News92
Minerva Armstrong: News92, News94
Prof. Armstrong: News87, News92
Robert T. Armstrong: News92
T. J. Armstrong: News91
Annie M. Arnold: News99
Charles Arnold: News91
Dr. Ira L. Arnold: (dentist) News98-00; in West Cliff, Colo.: DT4/3/1902p5
John Arnold: News92-93, News98
Olin Arnspiger: Hist
Sylvester Arrasmith: News93
Ash: Bear
Charles Wilbur Ashpole "Wig": Bear
W. H. Atkinson: News85
Att: see Talbot & Att
Coleman Attel: News94
J. W. Att: (butcher) News95
Paulina Atterbury (Mrs. John F.): News94
attorneys: see column 1 "professional cards" in the Medford Monitor, RV85
A. E. Austin: (laundryman) News00
Clint Austin: News95
Linda Edwards Austin (Mrs. Minot): News88, News91, News98
Minot Austin: News88
Avery & Taylor: News86
Awbrey: see Albury; News91
Ayers: (quarryman) News90
C. W. Ayers: (lineman) News90
Mrs. C. W. Ayers: News95
Babcock: (painter) News91
C. B. Babcock: News93
Claire Babcock: News89
Clark P. Babcock: News89
Earl B. Babcock: News89
Mary F. Babcock (Mrs. Claire): News89
J. S. Backus: (night watchman, stockman) News87, News90
J. H. Bacon: News94
Effie Ophelia Laws Badley (Mrs. W. L.): News95
William Lindsay Badley: News95
W. H. Bagley (insurance) News94
Byron Bailey: News87, News88-89
C. D. Bailey: News88
G. W. Bailey: (Shake postmaster) News88
Henry F. Bailey: News00
Jennie Bailey: see Jennie Phipps
John Bailey: News00
Thomas Bailey: (farmer) News90
Bain: see Kertson & Bain
Maurice E. Bain: (newspaperman) News92
W. D. Bain: News89
Baine: News94
J. C. Baird: (electric company manager) Hist, News94
Baker: see Beatty & Baker: News84-87, News92, News94-95
Baker: (coal miner) News95
Baker & Ford: (variety store) News88-89
Baker & Merrill: (warehousemen) News88
Benjamin S. Baker: News99
Carrie Baker: (teacher) Hist, News87
Fannie J. Baker: News99
George Henry Baker: News86-92, Min87; in Alameda County, Calif.: DT10/24/1901p5
Henry Edward Baker: (warehouseman, broker) MMv1n4p4c3a, News85-93, Med86; "Edward Baker" dies in Portland: MT10/21/1914p2
Rev. Dr. J. C. Baker: MMv1n1p4c4b, News85
John W. Baker: News83
Julia Baker: News89
Mamie Baker: MMv1n1p4c1a
Mary Baker: (teacher) News87
Mrs. Baker: News91
Robert N. Baker: News89
Sam Baker: Min86
Sophenia Ish Baker (Mrs. Henry Edward): Med84, News88-92
H. M. Bakerman: Med11
Miss E. J. Baldwin: News91
George T. Baldwin: (merchant) News98
Thomas Baldwin: True, News91, News95
Addison Ball: News86
Freddie Ball: News85
Harry M. Ball: News93
Martha Justus Ball (Mrs. Addison): News85, News93
Mrs. Ball: News93
E. Balterzore: News90
banking: MMv1n4p4c1b, Hist, Med84, News86-95, Med88, Med94, Med07, Med10, Med26, Med30
Annie Banks (Mrs. J. N.): News86-87
Eva May Banks: News86
J. N. Banks (Jesse N.?): (hotel keeper) News85-86, Min86, Med86, News89
Llewellyn A. Banks: Hist
William A. Bantz: see Cox & Bantz; News87
Emil Barbe: News92
Dr. F. S. Barber: IOOF, Med10
Harry R. Barbour: (carpenter) News95
George Barden: News90-91
Rev. Henry Albert Barden: News89-90; obit: OR5/14/1909p14
Jay Bardley: News94
Abigail Ann Barkdull: see Abigail Cunnyngham
Judge Calvin H. Barkdull "Squire": (city recorder, justice of the peace) News84-92, MMv1n1p4c5b, First,  Med86, Min88, Med88, News00; obit: MM7/27/1900p6
Caroline C. Barkdull (Mrs. John W.): News91
Clara Ferguson Barkdull: First
J. Emmett Barkdull "Mose": Bark, News87; in Portland: MM8/9/1901p6; Med07; leaving for Portland: MM1/18/1901p6; MM4/16/1909p2
J. N. Barkdull: News85
John W. Barkdull: Med84, Min85-87, News00
Emma E. Barker: (hotel keeper) News91, News94
Barklow: News94
John Barksdale: Med93
A. J. Barlow: News95
William H. Barlow: News93
J. C. Barnard: (teacher) News93
Barneburg: News91, News95, News97, News00
Barneburg & Naylor: News85
Electa Norton Barneburg (Mrs. Fred E.): News93-94, News98
Frederick E. Barneburg: (stockman, butcher) News85-94, Med86, News96, News98, News00
D. Henry Barneburg: News89, News93-94, News99
John Barneburg: Med88, News92-94
Mollie Barneburg: News92-96, News98, News00; see Mollie Keene
Mrs. John Barneburg: News94-95, News99
O. Comstock Barneburg (Mrs. D. Henry): News89
Peter Barneburg: News92, News94
Albert Seymore Barnes: (dry goods, sheriff) News96, News98-99
Captain D. P. Barnes: News84, News87-88, News92-93
Frances L. Barnes "Frankie": News92-93, News98
Francis M. Barnes: News95
Austin F. Barnett: Med11
Barnhart: News86
Barnum: News84, Min88
Barnum & Co.: News84
Barnum & Sons: MMv1n4p4c3a, News85
Bertha S. Barnum (Mrs. William S.): Med84, News86, News90-92, News98
Berthold Barnum: IOOF
James Harvey Barnum: News84-88, Min86-87, News90-93
Mrs. Jennie Barnum: News92
Jessie Eifert Barnum (Mrs. William H.): IOOF
John C. Barnum: Med93, News93-94
John W. Barnum: Hist, Min86
William Solon Barnum "Bill": (planing mill, railroad owner) MMv1n4p1c1b, Hist, News86-87, Med86, Med88, News89-95, News98-00
Barr: see Galloway & Barr; Min88, News89-90, News93
Barr & Hurt: News94
Barr & Woods: MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c6b, Min85, News85
Ada M. Barr: (stenographer, typist) News85, News90-91; see Ada Mills
Anna Barr: News87
Edgar G. Barr: News84
Ida Barr: News92
Lillian Barr: News98, News00
Nannie Dougherty Barr (Mrs. William H.): News84, News87-90, News92-93
Newton Barr: News93-94
William H. Barr: (capitalist, mine operator) MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c3a, First, Hist, News84-85, Min85-86, News87-84, Med88, News00, Med03
Barret: see Barret, Butler & Stewart; News95
Barret, Butler & Stewart: WJB, News95
George W. Barron: News95
Maj. Hugh F. Barron: (rancher, orchardist) Bear, News85, News91-92, News94
Barry: News91
Mina M. Barry: see Mina Wagner
Thomas Bartholomew: Wild, Med10
U. S. Bartholomew: News00
Emma Johnson Bartle (Mrs. John): News97
John Bartle: News97
Charles P. Bartlett: Med11
E. T. Bartlett: News85, News92
Hattie Bartlett: WJB
F. A. Barton: (chair maker) News93-94
M. Barton: (chair maker) News93-94
Prof. Barton: (dance teacher) News93
T. A. Barton: (chair maker) News93
Bashford: see True, Bashford, Fordyce & Wilson; News92
Cora Bashford: (bookkeeper) News93-94
Elmer L. Bashford: (brewer) News91, News92, News94-95, News97; in Roseburg: MM9/14/1900p6, MM3/7/1902p7, TR1/6/1908p4; in Portland: JP2/22/1913p3
Emma J. Bashford (Mrs. George W.): News94
George W. Bashford: (contractor, brewer, thresher) arrives from Iowa: AT6/28/1889p3; News89-95, Med91, News97, Med03; in Vancouver, Wash.: MT6/23/1911p2, MT9/23/1912p2; obit: JP1/11/1913p3
Nora Batchelor: (teacher) News93
Rev. C. C. Bateman: News85
Ida Bateman: News89-90
Kit Bateman: (thresherman, boarding house) News93, News98
Mollie Bateman: News93
Rosa/Rose Bateman: News88-89
Sarah A. Bateman: News88-90, News92
W. Samuel Bateman: Med11
William Bateman "Billy": News95
Bates: see Hardin & Bates; Med03
Bates Bros. Barber Shop: Wild, Med97, News94, News97
James W. Bates "Jimmie": (barber, foot racer) News93-94, News97-98
Nathan G. Bates "Nate": (barber) News98-99
Nora Bates: News00
William W. Bates "Willie": (barber) News94, News98, News00
B. Batley: News88
A. A. Batterson: Hist; News98; in Loomis, Washington: MM10/26/1900p7
Batterton: see Werk & Batterton
H. E. Battin: (fruit wholesaler) Trans, News86-89; dead in Skagway: DT10/11/1900p3
George S. Batty: (Orchard Home Association) News93-94
Frank Bauer: News90
Baumle: see Klippel & Baumle
C. K. Baumle: News87
Beall (pronounced "Bell"): see Bell; Bear, News85, News87, Med88, News99
Benjamin Beall: News92
Clara Beall: News88
Mamie Beall: see Mamie Strang
T. J. Beall: News85
Thomas F. Beall "Tom": News83, News85-86
Robert Vinton Beall "Vint" "Vintie": (farmer, photographer) News88-90, News92-93, News95-96
Beatty & Baker: News88
Cora Dell Morris Beatty (Mrs. Matthew E.): News89
Hulda Bell Beatty (Mrs. J. W.): News87
J. W. Beatty: News87, News94-95
Matthew Edwin Beatty: (nurseryman, real estate agent) MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c2a, Trans, News85-89, Med86, Min88, News91
Louisa E. Beauchamp: News87
W. H. Beauchamp: News87-88
Bob Beaver: News98
C. A. Beaver: (orchardist) News99
Francis Beaver: News99, Med03
Mabel Beaver: News98
Maud Beaver: News00
Robert E. L. Beaver: News99-00
Beck & Mitchell: Med03
Abbie Beck: see Mrs. Wright
J. N. Beck: (telephone lineman) News00
Jane Beck: News89
John Beck: News89
W. S. Beck: News94
Anton Becker: News83
Hattie Beckett: News94
Thomas J. Beckett: News94, News98-00
Beebe: News84
Dr. Beebe: News88
Beek: News89, News93
J. Beek & Co.: (hardware) Wild, News95, News97-98
J. Beek & Son: News94-95
Jane Beek (Mrs. John): News88-89, News94
John N. Beek: News89, News90-91, News93-94, News96-97, News99
John Beek Jr.: News00; in Valley, Washington: MM11/8/1901p7
Beek, Whiteside & Co.: Med93, News93-94
William Beek "Billy": News86-87
Beekman & Reames: News90, News92, News98
Benjamin B. Beekman: News83, Hist
Carrie Beekman: News90, News92, News95
Cornelius C. Beekman: (banker) Hist, Phipps, News83-85, Min85, Min87-88, News88-90, Med88, News93, ; bio: MM3/5/1909p3, MT2/12/1911pB9
Julia E. Beekman: News92
Hattie Hay Beeman (Mrs. J. H.): News94
J. H. Beeman: News94
John Beeson: MMv1n4p4c2b, News88, News99
Welborn Beeson: News84, News86, News88
R. Behrendt: News91
W. D. Beidleman: (harness maker) News94-95, News98; moved from Forth Klamath to Union, Oregon: MM7/12/1901p7
A. T. Beidler: News99
Belknap: News95
Rev. L. F. Belknap: IOOF
Bell (Beall?): News87, News90
Bell & Cox: (threshers) News88
Al. Bell: News85, News95
Eliza Bell: News87
Gaylord Bell: (sewing machine agent) MMv1n1p1c2-3a, MMv1n1p4c7a, MMv1n4p4c1b, News85, News88-89
Hulda Bell: see Hulda Beatty
J. A. Bell: News88
James Bell: News87
Bellinger: Bear
Bellinger & Hill: (draymen) News97
Bellinger & Slover: (draymen) News94
Bellinger & Wells: (draymen) News94
Effie Merriman Bellinger (Mrs. John H.): News87, News92, News97
Frank Bellinger: News92-93, News97
J. M. Bellinger: News93
John H. Bellinger "Johnny": (drayman, warehouseman, groceryman) News86, News87, News89-95, News97-98, News00
Maggie Bellinger: News93
Merritt Bellinger: News84, News90-93, News98; ill: MT8/31/1910p5; obit: MT9/4/1910p1
George W. Benadom: News91
Louis E. Bender "Lew" "Lou": (confectioner) News92-93
L. D. Benford: News94
Elias C. Benham: News87
William F. Benjamin: News83
William J. Bennet: (architect) WJB, News95
Bennett: see Mackey-Bennett Telegraph Co.; News88
A. H. Bennett: News88
Belle Bennett (Mrs. Noah S.): Hist
E. L. Bennett: Med03
Marie Elizabeth Merriman Bennett (Mrs. Samuel L.): News84, News96
Nelson Bennett: News88
Noah S. Bennett: Hist, Med90, News91, News93
Samuel Louis Bennett: (farmer, dairyman) News84, Min86, News86-93, News96
S. P. Bennett: News89
Benson: News92
Ella Benson: (teacher) News93, News94
Henry L. Benson: (district attorney) News92, News94-95
Jessie Benson: (teacher) News95
Josie Benson: News93
Bentley & Co.: (bankers) News88
John H. Bentley: (banker) News88-89
Mrs. John H. Bentley: News88
Thomas H. Bentley: News90
Veit Benz: News84
Adam Berg: News87
Mrs. Adam Berg: News86
George Berg: News87
Ludwig Berger: Med03
Berlin: see Lumsden & Berlin; News88
A. N. Berlin: (merchant) Med88, News94-96
Jane Dennison Berlin: Med88
Dr. T. N. Berlin: Med88, News89
Berry: News85, News86
Anna F. Berry: News89
James H. Berry: News87; obit: JP4/20/1923p1
Judge Milton Berry: News91
Thomas Berry: News98
W. H. Berry: News93
Besse & Woody: (meat market) News93
Richard Besse "Dick": (butcher) News93, News98
Hilliard C. Best: IOOF
Betterton: see Work & Betterton; News83-84
Christina Betts: see Christina Ewen
Olive Greenwood Betts (Mrs. Thomas C.): News88
Thomas C. Betts: News88
Elmer Bever: News90
Joseph Bever: News86-87, News89
Minerva Bever: News87
Ruth Bever (Mrs. Joseph): News89
Sarah M. Bever: see Sarah Shaw
Tunis M. Bever: News90
Vina Bever: News87
J. Bevers: News86
W. C. Bevington: News95
J. W. Bevins: News93
Rev. A. R. Bickenbach: News85
bicycles: MMv1n1p4c7a, MMv1n1p4c5b, Wild, WJB, News92
A. S. Biden: News93
Elva Biden (Mrs. Earnest N.): Hist
Maitland S. Biden: (shoemaker) News00
Nora Biden: News93
Stuart Domer Biden: News91, News94
J. H. Biggs: News93
Bigham: see also Bingham
Elizabeth A. Bigham: see Elizabeth Klippel
James Bigham: (farmer) News86-87, News89, News91-92
John Bigham: Glim, News92, News94-95, News00
Bilger: News90
Bilger & Maegly: News85
Mrs. Bilger: News95
Bill: News83
George F. Billings: MMv1n4p4c2a, News83-84, News89-90, News92
William Billson: News93
Edward H. Binns: (pork packer) News98
George H. Binns: (pork packer) News98
Clyde A. Birch: Med11
Dr. Birdsall: News88
Mrs. W. Birdsell: News94
Birdsey: see Cronemiller & Birdsey, News83, News85, News91
Fannie Birdsey: News98
Birdseye: News86
David N. Birdseye: News93
Sheriff James G. Birdseye: News88-92
F. E. Birge: (miner) News96, News98-00
Mrs. Birge: News00
Abram Bish: News89
Allen W. Bish: (contractor, drayman) News85, News89, News91, Med93, News94-96
Dora Bish: News95
W. G. Bish: News95
Wallace G. Bishop: (rancher) News91; obit: MT1/15/1911p8
Olaf J. Bjerregaard: News00
Clarence Black: News87
Mrs. Ella Black: Med84
Rev. George W. Black: News87-88, News91-92
J. A. Black: News88
Henry Blackman: News94
H. G. Blackwell: (miner) News94
Richard T. Blackwood: (farmer, road supervisor) News99
Rev. James E. Blair: News99
Blake: Bear
J. F. Blakeley: (mine operator) Med07
Father Francois X. Blanchet: News86; in St. Paul, Oregon: DT3/29/1894p3
Henry Bleecher: News95
James T. Blevins: (clerk) News88, News93
Bliss: News92-93
Francis A. Bliss: (well borer) News92, News94, News98
Hattie Bliss: (teacher) News92-93
Zera/Zora Bliss: News92-93
Albert S. Bliton: (publisher) WJB, Hist, Med89, Med93, News93-94, News97-98, News00
Loraine Bliton: News98
Mildred Bliton: News98
Nellie Bliton (Mrs. Albert): News98-99
Emma Blom: News90, News92
Henry W. Bloom: News89
D. Bloomer: MMv1n4p4c3a, News92
George E. Bloomer: (clerk, county treasurer) News89, News90, News93-94
Violet Blossom: Med11
Mrs. O. H. Blount: News94
Charles A. Boardman: News00
Charles M. Boardman: (house painter) see Ling & Boardman; News93-94
Daisy D. Bodge: News99
Edward Bodge: News99-00
John E. Bodge: (tailor) News98, News99; leaves for Klamath Falls: TR1/6/1908p4
Mrs. John E. Bodge: News99
W. A. Bodine: News86, News87-88, News91
Eric C. Boeck: (wheelwright) News99
Fr. J. R. Boever: News91
David C. Bogart: (conductor) News93
Oliver Carter Boggs: (attorney) Med10
Bogus Charley: Bear
Dr. Bohannon: News00
John Bohl: News94, News99
Lewis B. Bomer: WJB
J. S. Bonar: News86; back from Lewis County, Washington: MM12/28/1900p2
Bonewitz: News94
George L. Boone: News96
W. Boone: (contractor) News93
M. S. Booth: News88
Rev. Booth: Hist
S. Booth: News86
Albion H. Boothby: News00
Boran: News86
Mrs. H. A. Borden: News90
Josiah B. Borough: News89
D. N. Bostwick: News89
William H. Bostwick: News85, News89, News98; obit: MT3/26/1911p4
"Botts": News86
Catherine Bourne: News88
Arthur Boussum: (express agent) News90-91
Carrie Boussum: News94
D. A. Boussum: News91
John Henry Boussum: Med89, News97; obit: MT3/26/1920p5
Mattie Cottrell Boussum (Mrs. D. A.): News91
Col. J. T. Bowditch: (state representative) News85, Med88, News88-90, News92
Dollie M. Bowers: News00
George Bowers: News88, News92
Wilson Bowman: News00
Angus Bowmer: IOOF
Edward D. Boyd: News99
Emma Boyd: see Emma York
George Boyd: News92
J. C. Boyd: News88
Boyden & Nicholson: (Henry E. Boyden, Horace G. Nicholson; hardware) News96-00, Med97
Henry E. Boyden: News00
Nelson C. Boynton: (farmer, horse trainer) News89
Mrs. Boze: News85, News90
C. H. Brace: News88
Edward Brace: News89-91
Edith G./J. Bradbury (Mrs. Noah B.): News91, News93, News98, News00
Noah B. Bradbury: (planing mill, contractor) News90-91, Med93, News93-94, News96, News98-00
S. Bradbury: News00, Med97
Dr. James Braden: (capitalist) News88, News91-93, News95
J. A. Bradley: (carpenter, wheelwright) News88, News98
Jay Bradley: (farmer) News91-92
Mrs. l.aura A. Bradley: News88, News96, News98, Med03
Lawson G. Bradley: News95
Otto Bradley: News00
William H. Bradshaw: Hist, News91-92, News94, News00, Med03; obit: MM10/29/1908p1
H. T. Bragdon: see Walsh & Bragdon; News86
Edward Payson Branch: News85; in Florida: AT7/28/1910p4
W. J. Brand: see Campbell & Brand
Brandenburg: News90
Agatha Brandenburg: News88
J. A. Brandenburg "Bert": News87, News91-92, News97, News99; in Red Bluff: MM3/22/1901p6
James H. Brandenburg: (street commissioner) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, Min86-87, News89, News91, News93-94
Maggie Brandenburg: News99; leaving for Los Angeles: MM8/19/1902p6
Charles W. Brandon: (laundryman) News00
Frank S. Brandon: (night watchman, merchant) News90
Viola Brandon: (teacher) News94-95
Superintendent J. Brandt: see Koehler, Brandt & Co.; News84; dead in San Francisco: DT7/4/1890p3
Branhier: News89
Lindley C. Branson: Hist
Brantner: see Poe & Brantner; News90, News94
J. N. Brantner: News91
John H. Brantner: (miner) News85, News87-88, News90-92, News94
Maggie Brantner (Mrs. John H.): News89, News92
Mary Mansfield Brantner (Mrs. John H.): News94
S. N. Brantner: News90
W. H. Branton: (plasterer) News88
Andrew J. Breazeale: News94
B. Breese: News93
James Breman: News00
Eugene F. Brennan: News94
August Brentano: News87
Helen Brentano: News93
Maximilian A. Brentano "Max": (hotel keeper) News88-89, Min88
Ollie Brentano: News89-90, News93
Otelia Brentano: News89
B. B. Brewer: (reporter) News94
brick buildings: MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n1p1c6a, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c7a, True, WJB, Hist, News84-88, RV85, MM86, Med88, Med90, News92-94, Med93, Med95, Med97, Med11
J. D. Bridges: News00
Briggs: see Hammond & Briggs; News88-89, News91, Med07
E. D. Briggs: (attorney) News93, News98
Ella M. Briggs: News95
George E. Briggs: (nurseryman) News88; dies in salem: JP9/13/1913p3
George S. Briggs: News90, News92, News94-95
Mrs. George S. Briggs: News92, News94
Governor Briggs: Hist
Lavinia R. Briggs: News89
John R. Brinegar: News88-89
Briner: News88
James W. Briner: (miner) News87, News94, News96
Jenny Briner: see Jenny Coleman
Mrs. L. A. Bristo: News00
Emil Britt: (photographer) News98
Peter Britt: (photographer) News86, News91, News93
John T. Broadley: True
Charles Wesley Broback: MMv1n1p1c4a, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c3b, Phipps, Hist, News83-85, Med84, News87-92, Med88, Med93, News95-96
Fernando ("Ferdinand," "Nan," "Frank," "Bro") W. Broback: News84, News95
J. B. Brockenbaugh: News95
Burban Brockway "Burb": News88-89
Herbert Brodie: (telegrapher) News00
C. C. Brogan: News88
Elizabeth Brogan "Lizzie" (Mrs. C. C.): News88
Mr. Bronson: MMv1n4p1c2-3b
Brook: News94
Brooks: News95
A. B. Brooks: News89
D. Brooks: News93, News99-00
Edward C. Brooks: (jeweler) News88, News92
Rose N. Brooks: News95
Thomas Brooks: (tinsmith) News95
Brophy: see Brophy & Mathes, News92
Brophy & Mathes: (butchers) News92
A. J. Brophy: News92
Henry Brophy: News95
James J. Brophy: (butcher) News94, News98-00
Jeff Brophy: (butcher) News92
Brous: News94, News96
Brous & Purdin: News93
Albert H. Brous: (bookkeeper) News93-94; lawyer in Prairie City, Iowa: MM4/29/1898p6
Alta Brous: News95
Bessie Brous: News92, News94
Charles G. Brous "Charley": (saloon keeper) Bear, News89-92
Fannie Brous: News99
J. M. Brous: News93, News95-96
Miss Brous: News93
Mrs. Brous: News94
"Tob" Brous: News93; in Panama: MM7/10/1908p2
Rev. David Marcus Brower: News94
Brown: News94
Brown: News90-93
Brown & Co.: News85
Rev. A. Brown: News84
Andrew Brown: Med88, News88
Bert E. Brown: News93, News00; in Walla Walla: MM5/3/1901p7; Seattle: MM5/30/1902p7; Everett: MM8/8/1902p7; Seattle: MT8/20/1917p4
Cecelia Brown: News88
Charles Brown: News90
Clara M. Brown: News93
Cora Brown: News91
David Brown: News89
E. Brown: News96
E. H. Brown: News87
Edwin Brown: News90, News92, News94, News96; obit: OR3/20/1902p4, DT3/27/1902p5
Emily Brown: News86, News89
Evin L. Brown: (jeweler) News91-92, Med93, News94
Ervine L. Brown: (blacksmith) News89-90
Mrs. E. Brown: News00
Mrs. F. E. Brown: News00
George W. Brown: News84-86, News89, News93-94; ill: MT10/13/1910p2; obit: MT11/13/1910p6, MT11/16/1910p5
Grace Brown: Hist
Henry R. Brown: News88
Irene Brown: Hist
Irvin/Irving Brown: (blacksmith) News89-90
J. A. Brown: (teamster) News90, News91-92, News94
J. H. Brown: (washing machine agent) News90
J. R. Brown: News95
Jordan Brown: News98
Joshua Brown "Josh": News88
K. L. Brown: News93
Mrs. M. B. Brown: News88
Mattie Brown: News89
Ozro T. Brown: News90, News92
Pauline Farren Brown: News85
Priscilla/Precilla S. Brown: News89
Sarah A. Brown: see Sarah Guerin
Sydney Isaac Brown "Syd": Bear
W. F. Brown: (miner) News94
W. M. Brown: Med11
W. T. Brown: News92
Rev. William H. Brown: Phipps, News93
David L. Browning: News00
Mr. Brownson: MMv1n1p1c2-3b
Rev. Brownson: News87
Hannah H. Bruce: News00
John Brumbeaugh: News93
Rev. Brumer: MMv1n4p4c2b
Mabel Bruns: News98
Robert J. Bruns: (tinsmith) News96
Brunson: News90
Theresa Bryant: (county clerk assistant) News98
Buchanan: News91, News94
Dora Buchanan: (teacher) News92
William A. Buchanan: (railroad manager) News91, News94
Mrs. J. J. Buchter: IOOF
Charles P. Buck: News87-88, News92
Dr. Buck: News87, News92
Buckley: (orchardist) News98
Miss B. Buckley: News92, News94
John Buckley: News99
Rose Buckley: (telegrapher) News92, News94
Buckman: News91
L. Buensow: News85, News88
Buffington & Henderson: (barbers) News94
George A. Buffington "Buff": (barber) News93-94
Buhlmayer Bros.: News89
Chris. Buhlmeyer: News90
Helene Buhlmeyer: News91
Helen Bullis: Hist
Bunch: see Holt & Bunch; Harris & Bunch
Amelia Bunch: News93
Baker N. Bunch: (mine operator) News89, News97
Jesse S. Bunch: News91
Oscar B. Bunch: News94
Ralph G. Bunch: (barber) Med93, News93-95, News98-99; in Sisson: MM10/10/1902p6
Edith Bundy (Mrs. Dr. Louis): News00
Dr. Lewis/Louis Bundy: (dentist) Med88, News00, Med07
Effie Burch: News93
Emma Burch: (teacher) News94
Luta Burch "Lutie": News92-94
Arthur C. Burgess: Hist, IOOF, Med10
Louise Burke: Hist
Burnett: News92, News00
C. A. Burnett: News89
Laura Burnett ("Laurie"): (telegrapher, milliner) News99
Rev. Peter R. Burnett: News91-92
Dr. Robert T. Burnett: (dentist) Hist, News98, News00
Mabel W. Burns: News98
Isaac W. Burriss: Bear
Bursell: Glim
Ellen/Ella Bursell: (teacher) News87, Med93, News93-95, News97
Oliver Bursell: News87, News93
Victor Bursell: News93
J. W. Burson: News87
Martha Fowler Burson (Mrs. J. W.): News87
L. C. Burt: (planing mill) News99
A. D. Burton: News94
J. Oscar Burton: News87
Katherine Burton: see Katherine Webb
Oscar H. Burton: News86-87
George Bush: News91
Belle Butcher: News88
Philip N. Butcher "Phil": (butcher) News87-88
butchers: MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c6b, Hist, Med94
Butler: see Butler & Green, also Barret, Butler & Stewart; News88, News94-95
Butler & Green: (painters) WJB, News95
A. Butler: News84
Basil N. Butler: (watchmaker) News97-98, News00; ill: MT8/8/1911p2; obit: JP7/5/1919p3
Gwin S. Butler: News84
J. H. Butler: News97, News98, News00, Med07
Jeunesse Butler: News94
Harry N. Butler: Hist, News94
Mrs. Harry N. Butler: News94
John Butler: News99
W. C. Butler: News95
Bybee: News98-99
M. Bybee: News00
Robert Bybee "Bob": News90
William Bybee: News83, News85, News92-95, Med93; obit: MM11/13/1908p1
Byers & Co.: MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p4c7a, News84-85
Byers & Jacobs (John Byers, Abraham S. Jacobs): News84, News86-87, Med86
Byers & Guerin (John Byers, James T. Guerin): (contractors) News84-87, Med86
John Byers: (contractor, builder) see Byers & Jacobs, Byers & Guerin; News83-87, News91-93
William Henry Byers: News84
Stella Byrne: (dressmaker) News99
Hector B. Cady: Med11
William H. Caine: News98
Caldwell: News94, News99
Dr. A. C. Caldwell: (dentist) News91, News94; in Ashland: MM5/30/1902p3; see also Cardwell
Ida Caldwell: Hist, News84
Margaret Caldwell "Maggie" (Mrs. William S.): News85, News91, Med93, News95
Rev. S. S. Caldwell: News94
Rose Cardwell: News94
William S. Caldwell: Hist, News84
Ezekiel Calhoun: News92
John C. Calhoun: True
E. W. Calkins: (confectioner) News96
Callaghan: News87
Henderson Holmes Callahan: News88
Melle E. Wrisley Callahan (Mrs. Henderson H.): News88
William R. Callahan: News89-90, News92
Mrs. William R. Callahan: News89
H. Isabelle Coleman Calvert (Mrs. J. L.): News94
J. L. Calvert: News94
James C. Calvert: (miner) News92, News00
Jessie Gilson Calvert (Mrs. James C.): News00
Mrs. Lee Calvert: News94
William Calvin: News94
Cameron: News90, News94
Annie Cameron: News90
E. G. Cameron: (foot racer) News90
J. R. Cameron: (wheat shipper) News86, News92
Robert J. Cameron: News88, News92; obit: MT5/6/1910p5
Mrs. T. Cameron: News99
Thomas Cameron: News87
Theodoric Cameron "Tod": (state senator) Phipps, Wild, News89, News92, News00; obit: JP6/13/1914p1
Dr. Warren Cameron: (physician) News98; in Leeds, South Dakota: MM5/17/1901p6
Warren Cameron: News94
Zachary Cameron: News92
Campbell: see Chute & Campbell; IOOF
Campbell & Brand: (ironing boards) News96
Campbell & Palm: (insurance) News88
Charles Campbell: News92
Harry Campbell: News98
J. H. Campbell: see Campbell & Brand
M. W. Campbell: News93
Mary E. Campbell: see Mary Wrisley
P. A. Campbell: News88
T. F. Campbell: News87
John B. Cann: News83-84
Cannon: News84
Lissia Inez Cannon: see Lissia Enyart
William H. Canon: Hist
Cantrall: News93, News00
Abba Cantrall: News87
Andrew Cantrall: News93
Ida Cantrall: News94
John Cantrall: News88, News90
Roscoe E. Cantrall: (rancher) News99
Lee Cantrell: News87
B. J. Carder: News91
Cora E. Redden Carder (Mrs. Eli W.): News90, News94
E. J. Carder: News90, News93
E. S. Carder: News91
Eli Woodworth Carder: News90, News93-95, News98; in Alaska: MM5/10/1901p7
Judson Carder: News90
Lucinda V. Carder: News90
Mary Carder: News93
Thomas J. Carder: News89
Cardwell: News91-92
Alvin Cardwell: (miner) News99
Dr. A. C. Cardwell: (dentist) News91; see also Caldwell
Caroline Cardwell: News91
Dan Cardwell: News92, News94
David Cardwell "Dave": News92-94
Ed Cardwell: News94
Ellen Cardwell: News94
Emma Cardwell (Mrs. W. W.): News93
Frank Cardwell: (deputy assessor) News91-92
James A. Cardwell: News89
Jane A. Cardwell: see Jane Nichols; News88
Laura B. Cardwell: see Laura Fitch
Martha Cardwell: (teacher, postmistress) News95, News98
Mrs. Cardwell: News90-91
Rose Cardwell: (legal secretary) News91, News93-94; married in Vallejo: MM8/17/1900p6; see Rose Fitch
William W. Cardwell "Billy": (attorney) News85, News90-96; home burnt in Burns: AT7/24/1891p2; Med93; moving to Roseburg: MM10/20/1893p3, MM5/11/1894p2; News98; in Alaska: MM8/17/1900pp6,7; in Nome: MM2/1/1901p7, MM10/11/1901p7, MM10/17/1902p7; in Roseburg: MT10/21/1912p2
Carey: News94
Al. W. Carey: News85
Clinton Carey: Med11
W. M. Carey: News94
John H. Carkin: Med23
S. Carleton: (commissioner) Med88
Carlile/Carlisle: see also Carlyle
Charles Boynton Carlisle: News85-88, Med88, Min88, News90
Eloise E. Carlisle (Mrs. Charles Boynton): Med84
J. A. Carlisle: News98
William Carll: News83-84
Angus H. Carlson "Ang" "Gus": (saloon keeper) News86-85, Min87, News87-90; dead in Portland: DT9/22/1893p3
August Carlson: News97
David Carlson: Min86
S. A. Carlton: News00
John A. Carlyle: News98-99
Rose/Rosana L. Hamlin Carlyle: (arsonist) News99-00
Anna Carney: News91, News99; see Anna Hicks
Charles Carney: News88, News91, News94, News99
Syntha E. Carney (Mrs. Charles): News99
Simon Caro: News99
Emily L. Carpenter (Mrs. Oscar): News96
Laura Boone Carpenter (Mrs. George B.): Wild
Oscar Carpenter: (lime burner) News98
C. Carr: News93
James Carr: (farmer) News90-91, News99; obit: MM9/17/1909p2
Mrs. M. J. Carr: News92
Carrey: News88
Mattie Carrick: News98
Jane C. Carroll: News94
W. Carroll: News93
W. A. Carroll: (soda water) News90
William E. Carroll: (marshal, farmer) News89, News93, Med03
J. Carry: News90
A. H. Carson: (nurseryman) News90-92
G. Carson: News84
I. J. Carson: News91
Lincoln Clarke Carson: (newspaperman, miner) News93
Carter: News89, Med07
Carter Bros.: (painters) News87
B. F. Carter: News94
Ernest A. Carter: (painter) News99
Ernest V. Carter: Hist, Bear, News85
Frank H. Carter: News86
Laurence Carter: News93
Lena Carter: News99
Mabell Humphrey Carter (Mrs. Ernest V.): News85
Mrs. R. A. Carter: News98
Sarah E. Carter (Mrs. B. F.): News94
William Alfred Carter: News98; married in Salem: MM1/10/1902p2
J. H. Caruthers: News87-88
Ebenezer W. Carver: News92
Case: see McBride & Case; News91
Casebeer: News90, News94
J. W. Casebeer: News92
Jacob M. Casebeer: News87, News94
Minnie B. Casebeer (Mrs. Jacob M.): News87
Harry Casey: News91
Joseph Caskey "Joe": (blacksmith) News98-00
T. F. Casselman: Med11
Effie Caster: News95
M. A. Casters: News95
Mrs. E. Casto: News91
E. S. Casto: News91
George W. Catching: (farmer, carpenter, contractor) News91, News95
S. S. Catching: (carpenter) News91
F. B. Cathcart: see Simmons & Cathcart, News92-93
Edwin B. Caton: News85
Thomas V. Cator: News94
Cavan: News94
Aphia Winifred Cawley (Mrs. Edwin): News83
Dan Cawley: Hist
Miss L. M. Center: News93
Central Hotel: MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7b, MM86
Tamar Chagnon: (dressmaker) News92-93
Chalk: News94
Chamberlain: News93
Chambers: News87, News93-94
Harriet E. Chambers: News86
J. F. L. Chandler: News99
L. P. Chandler: (wood yard) Med93, News93
Rhoda Chandler: see Rhoda Dora
Chapman: News92
A. L. Chapman: (painter) News94
Dan Chapman: News94
Henry Chapman: Bear
J. W. Chapman: News96
M. J. Chapman: News98
Margaret Chapman (Mrs. M. J.): News98
Samuel Chapman: News94
Chappel: News85, News91
Martha A. Chappel: News90-91
Chappell: (groceryman) News95
Charles: see Gaines & Charles
John Charles: (hotel owner) News89, News93-94
L. C. Charley: News91
Alexander D. Charlton: News88
Paul Chartrand: News87, News88-89, News92-93; dead in Grants Pass: CO6/20/1901p3
Praxella Chartrand (Mrs. Paul): News87
Chase: see Gaines & Chase
James B. Chase: News92
Rev. S. B. Chastain: News94
Chavner: News91, News94
Mary Chavner: News89, News94
Mrs. R. Chavner: News94-95, News99
Thomas Chavner: News83, News87
Mrs. P. E. Cheney: News88
Chessmore & McCain: (newspaper publishers) News99
Alvin H. Chessmore: (real estate, publisher, wood lot operator) see Stewart & Chessmore, News99-00
George Horatio Chick: (ore mill promoter) MM86, News85-87, Med86, News92-93
Newton W. Chilcott: News88
W. W. Chilcott: Min85
Childers: see Childers & Lyon; also Adkins-Childers Building, Crane & Childers; News85, News88-90, News93-94, News99-00, Hist
Childers & Lyon: WJB
Childers Bros.: News93, News98-00, Med06
A. Childers & Sons: (brick makers, masons) News85-90, Med88
A. S. Childers: News87
Adelbert Childers: News93
Agnes Childers "Aggie": see Agnes Hall; Med84
Agnes Childers: see Agnes Phipps
Allen Childers: News93
Arnold R. Childers: (brick maker, mason, councilman) MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, First, Hist, News84-94, Min85-88, Med88
Bert. Childers: News98
Ed. Childers: News90
Elmira Childers: Med84
Eugene Childers: News98
"Grandma" Childers: News93
George Childers: News92
Grant Childers: News93
Guy A. Childers: (liveryman) News87, News96, News99
Herbert E. Childers "Bert": (liveryman) WJB, News96
Horace Egbert Childers: News87
James A. Childers: News92
James M. Childers: (county assessor) MM86, News84, Med88, News92-93
M. D. Childers: News88
Mary Elizabeth Peter Childers (Mrs. Spencer C.): (hotel operator) Med84, News98
Mary M. Childers: News98
Nellie Childers: see Nellie Hall
Raymond Childers: Med07
Sarah A. Childers (Mrs. Arnold R.): News87-89; obit: MM4/12/1901p2
Spencer C. Childers "Spence": (brick mason, contractor, fence manufacturer) News87-95, Min88, Med93, News98, News00
Spencer Childers, Jr.: WJB, News93-94, News98, News00; obit: DT11/5/1900p2
Mrs. W. A. Childers: News94
Carrie Childs: News00
Chinese: MMv1n1p4c4b, Hist, Wild, True, News85-86, News89, News93-94
James Chisholm: (G.A.R.) News94
Charles C. Chitwood "Charley": (pharmacist) News93-95, News98; in Grants Pass: MM10/27/1893p3; in Klamath Falls: MM6/7/1901p6
H. F. Chitwood: News90
Hampton T. Chitwood: News85, News90
Irene Chitwood: News95, News98
Kate Chitwood: News95
Grace Christa: News00
Christian & Son: (carpenters) News98
Emma W. Christian: News98
Floyd K. Churchill: (printer) News98
Anna Churchman: News93-94
Diantha Churchman: News93
Edward J. Churchman: News93
F. K. Churchman: (newspaperman) News98
William Churchman: (night watchman, marshal) see Dougherty & Churchman; News84-85, News93-95; leaving for Squaw Valley: DT4/18/1898p3; widow dies in San Francisco: MM4/25/1902p7
Mrs. William Churchman: News93-95
Chute: see Patterson & Chute
Chute & Campbell: (jewelers) News92
Harris O. Chute: (jeweler) News92, News94
Lena Cimborsky: see Mrs. Anderson
City Drug Store: see also Haskin's Drug Store; MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p4c7b, MM86
Clark: News86-89
Belle Clark: News89
Charles Clark: News93; in Rhyolite, Nevada: JP12/13/1913p3
Charles A. Clark: News89, News00
Dr. Clark: News88
E. L. Clark: (popcorn vendor) True
Father Clark: News90
J. C. Clark: News91
James G. Clark: (poet, singer) News90, News92; in Los Angeles: DT1/15/1894p3
John Clark: News85, (bowling alley) News88, News92
Lucy A. Clark: News88-90, News99
Mark B. Clark: News98
Mrs. Mary A. Clark: News90
Ollie Clark: see Ollie George
Ruby Clark: News94
William M. Clark/Clarke "Billy": (butcher, saloon keeper) News88-91, News99, News00
C. W. Clarke: MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c4a
Clay & Meader: Med03
Clayton & Gore: News86
Clara M. Clayton: News88-89
Mrs. F. W.  Clayton: News88, News92
Frank W. Clayton: (watchmaker, jeweler) News88-90, News92
Nathan Holly Clayton: News86
Vina Gore Clayton (Mrs. Nathan H.): News86
Agustin W. Clemens: News92
Matthew G. Clemmens: News94
Mrs. M. G. Clemmens: News94
Rose Clemmens: News94
William T. Clemmens: News00
Grover Cleveland: MMv1n4p1c5a, News84
Joseph Clift: News88
Adam Clinedienst: News97
Close Bros.: (tile makers, musicians) News87, News89
Robert Clow: News91
W. D. Clumper: News94
E. C. Clutter: (photographer) News89-90
Rev. Clyde: News99
Coakley: News83
Cobb: News93
Cochran: News85, News90, News99
Elmira Cochran: News98-99
J. A. Cochran: News89
John H. Cochran: Med06
Mrs. John Cochran: Med84
Cock: News95
James Coeti: (saloonkeeper) News93-94, News96, News98
Joe Coeti: (saloonkeeper) News93
James Coets: News95
Daniel Cofer: (contractor, marshal) Wild, News93-94, News96, News00
B. J. Cofer: (restaurateur) News00
James M. Cofer: (contractor) News93
Walter D. Cofer: News95, News00; married at Jackson, California: DT3/8/1900p3
William Cofer: News90
Cogeshall: News93
Fred Cohen: News89
Coker: News90, News94
Coker & Forbes: see Forbes & Coker
Coker & Miller: (threshers) News91
J. C. Coker: (liveryman) News89, News91
Charles W. Coker: News85, News87, News89-91
Clayton Coker: News91
Ella W. Coker: see Ella McGee
Robert S. Coker: News90-91, News94
William Coker: News93
Rosa C. Egeberg Coker (Mrs. Robert S.): News94
William Coker: News91
Cole: Bear, News86
Cole & Jones: (physicians) News91, News93-94
Abraham Cole: News83, News87
Ella J. Cole: News00
Dr. George B. Cole: (physician) News91-94, Med93, News98-00
George W. Cole: News85
Jessie Cole: News97, News00
Rufus Cole: News95
Sidney E. Cole: (restaurateur) News98-00
C. C. Coleman: News98-99
Elmer G. Coleman: News86
Emma Coleman: (teacher) News89
Etta Coleman: see Etta Coleman Peyser
H. Isabelle Coleman: see Mrs. J. L. Calvert
Rev. J. P. Coleman: News91
Judge James Blin Coleman: Bear
Jenny Briner Coleman (Mrs. Elmer G.): News86
L. C. Coleman: (capitalist) News92, News94-95, News99
Mary Coleman: (teacher) News88-89, News94
Minnie M. Coleman: (teacher) News89, News91, News93-95, News97-98
William Russell Coleman "Bill" "Judge": Bear
James D. Colleen: News86, News92
Meryl Colleen: News87
Sarah Colleen: News87
Collins: News00
Clarinda Collins: News89
James W. Collins: News93
Lola Collins: News88
Samuel Collins: News00
Thomas Collins: (saloon keeper, livestock dealer) News98-00; in Phoenix, Arizona: MM3/29/1901p6; in Lake County: DT9/12/1901p4
Ulysses S. Collins: Hist
Colver: News90
Huldah Colver (Mrs. Samuel): News93
Jemima Colver: see Jemima Rose
Lewellyn Colver: News84
Samuel B. Colver: News84
Colvig: see Woodford & Colvig
Colvig & Reames: (attorneys: W. M. Colvig) News00
Addie Birdseye Colvig (Mrs. William M.): News87, News90, News92, News99
Aphia Winifred Colvig: see Aphia Winifred Cawley
Clara Colvig: News94
Helen Colvig: News94-95, News99
Jennie Colvig: News87
Vance DeBar"Pinto" Colvig: Pinto
William Mason Colvig: (school superintendent, attorney, district attorney) MM86, Pinto, Hist, News84-85, News87-89, Med88, News91-96, News98, News00, Med10
M. Colwell: News84, News88
John Compson: News98
John Compton: (liveryman) News98-99
William J. Compton: (thresher) News87, News98-99
O. Comstock: see O. Barneburg
Conger: News93
D. M. Conger: News92
Josephine Conger: see Josephine Dean
Mark Conger: News85
S. B. Conger: News93
S. P. Conger: News92-93, Med93; in Illinois Valley, en route to Colorado: MM5/25/1900p7
Sarah E. Conger: see Sarah Dean
Anna S. Conklin (Mrs. Charles W.): Med11
Arthur Conklin: News89-90
T. D. Conklin: News00; in Oakland, California: DT12/17/1902p2
William S. Conkling: News92, News99
Eva Pankey Conley (Mrs. J. G.): News94
Frank Conley: (locomotive engineer) News91
J. G. Conley: News94
G. W. Connell: News89-91
Norma Connell: News90
J. W. Connord: MMv1n1p4c2b
Hal L. Conrad: (Commercial Club secretary) Med10
Dr. R. G. Conroy: Med10
Shannon Conser: (train dispatcher) News91
Isaac Constant: News93-94
Frank B. Converse: (civil engineer) News89-90
Mrs. John Conway: Med11
Cook: see Muller & Cook; News92
Cook & Co.: (lumber) News94
A. Cook: MMv1n4p4c2a
Anna Cook: News88
Annie Laurie Cook: News89
Benjamin S. Cook: News90
Clarence F. Cook: (nurseryman) Med07
Ida Cook: News90
J. C. Cook: News92
James Cook: News91
John R. Cook: (lumber) News94
Robert A. Cook: (miner) News98
Vint Cook: News94
William Cook "Will": News88, News94
Ray Cooke: News99
George W. Cooksey: News87
Coolidge: News85
Nora Coon: News93
Lucy Coons: News94
Robert Coons: News94
Cooper: News89, News91
Miss A. Cooper: News92
Carrie Cooper: News92
Emma Cooper: News92-93
H. G. Cooper: News89
H. W. Cooper: News94
Margetta Cooper: News89
Millie Cooper (Mrs. H. W.): News94
Minnie Cooper (Mrs. William Phipps): News87
Stephen S. Cooper: News87, News89-92, News94, News99
Theodore H. Cooper: News88-90, News92
William G. Cooper: (hotel keeper, saddler, harness maker) News87-92; obit: MT6/20/1910p6
W. G. Cooper & Son: (harness) Med88, News88
H. W. Corbett: Med00
Nora Corbett: News88
Mrs. R. Corbett: News88
A. W. Cormack: (sawmill) News90
Margaret Cornell: Med49
S. Cornutt: News90
Clara Fordyce Cornish (Mrs. Judson D.): News86
Judson D. Cornish: News86, News89
James C. Corum: (butcher) News87-90, News96
Eliza E. Corwin (Mrs. Charles L.): News00
Helen Coss: Med07
Howard M. Coss: (piano dealer) News00
Mabel Coss: Med07
James Cotie: News95
Jesse Pete Cotton: (sawmill) News98
Charles P. Cottrell: News90; obit: MT8/12/1912p2
George Cottrell: News94
Lois Cottrell: IOOF
Lora Cottrell: News89
Mattie Cottrell: see Mattie Boussum
William David Cottrell "Will": News00, IOOF
E. G. Coul: News93
William E. Coul: (engineer) News93-95
George W. Coulter "Virgin": (clerk, painter, railroad fireman, tamale maker) Glim, Med88, News88-92, News94, News98-00; "Virgin": MM11/14/1902p7
L. H. Countryman: News86
Anna Counts: see Anna Toepper
Irene S. Cowles (Mrs. J. C.): (artist) News85-88 
J. C. Cowles: (furniture merchant) MMv1n1p1c2-3a, MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c5-6b, News85-87, News89-91
J. W. Cowles: News85
Lee Cown: (confectioner, tobacconist) News95
Cox: see Bell & Cox, Williams & Cox; News90-91, News00
Cox & Bantz: (real estate), Med88
Cox & Dunn: (hay dealers) News98
Cox & Perry: News00
D. L. Cox: News89
Daniel T. Cox: (liveryman, real estate agent) News98
Elmira E. Gregory Cox (Mrs. Truitt G.): News00
Elmira May Crain Cox (Mrs. John W.): Hist, News99
John C. Cox: News93
John W. Cox: News89, News91, News93-94, News99
L. F. Cox: News90
Laura Cox: News00
Minnie Cox: News00
Rufus Cox: (grain dealer) News85, News88, News92-93, News98-00; obit MM5/8/1908p4
Truitt G. Cox/D. Truman Cox "True": Hist, News88, News98-00
D. G. Coy: (clothier) News91
J. H. Coyle: News93
Mrs. J. E. Coyle: News00
John B. Coyle: News89, News92, News94
James R. Crabtree: News91
Mrs. James R. Crabtree: News91
Rev. John W. Craig: News87
Joseph A. Crain: News85-86, News90, News93-94
Elmira May Crain: (teacher) MMv1n1p4c1b, Hist, News85, News91-92; see Elmira Cox
Mrs. Joseph A. Crain: News99
William F. Crain "Will": (liveryman) News92-94
Mrs. Rev. Thomas L. Crandall: News00
Crane & Childers: WJB, News96
Ida K. Crane: News92
Joseph Crane: News94
N. B. Crane: News84
William T. Crane "Will": (roller rink) see Crane & Childers; Hist, True, Med93, News93-96
Dick Cranfield: News91
Cranfill & Hutchison: Med93, News93, News97-98
Charles Cranfill: News87
Franklin Lafayette Cranfill: (store clerk, manager, merchant) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-88, News90-93, Med91, Med93, News98; obit: JP2/21/1914p3
Ophelia Crow Cranfill (Mrs. Franklin L.): (store clerk) News86-88, News91-93
Rev. E. S. Craven: News94
Rev. R. S. Craven: Med93, News94
Will Craven: News94
Crawford: Hist, News90
Crawford & Co.: (mining) News92
Crawford, Howell & Co.: News90
Elizabeth Crawford (Mrs. Willard): News94
Linda Eaton Crawford (Mrs. Willard): Med88, News88
Mrs. M. Crawford: News94
Oris Crawford: (bank cashier, school clerk) Hist, News98, Med06
W. Crawford: News89
W. H. Crawford: Med23
Judge Willard C. Crawford: (attorney, assayist) News87-93, Med88; leaving for Grants Pass: MM4/21/1893p2; News97; on Smith River: MM6/22/1900p7
William Crawford: First, Hist, News91
Prof. William J. Crawford: (principal) News88-91
Rev. Crawford: News90-91
Creed: News88
Creed Bros.: (well drillers) News90, News92
A. P. Creed: (well driller) News98
George M. Creed: News90-91; in Lake County: MM10/17/1902p6
Margaret Lowden Creed "Maggie" (Mrs. George M.): News90-91
Mate V. Creed: see Mate Adkins; News89
Mattie Creed: (teacher) NewFs88, News89
George Crenshaw: News87
L. C. Crenshaw: News94
L. Jasper Crenshaw: (wagon maker) MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p4c3a, News85-90, Med86; in Ager, California: SOM7/8/1892p3
Rhoda A. Crenshaw: News88-89
Cress: see also Kress
Cress & Fischer: (painters) News87, News89
T. J. Cress, T. J.: (painter) News87, News89
Mrs. John Creswell: News89
Crewe & Pavitt: (cigar makers) News91
Frederick T. Crewe: News92
M. J. Crewe: News92-93
John Crimmons: News85
Cass B. Crisler: (butcher) News92, News94
P. W. Croake: News91
Crocker: see Sisson & Crocker
Cronemiller (pronounced "Cronymiller"): News88
Cronemiller & Birdsey: News84
Carrie Cronemiller: see Mrs. Horton
David Cronemiller: (blacksmith, wainwright) News89; obit: JP11/12/1910p1, MT10/26/1910p3
James M. Cronemiller: News94
Dr. Crook: News83
Henry F. Crook: News86
D. W. Crosby & Co.: (real estate agents) News87
David W. Crosby "Dave": (teamster, real estate agent, caterer) Wild, News84-92, Min86-87; in Riddle: MM3/31/1893p3; News94-95, News97; moving from Portland to Riddle: DT9/5/1898p3, MM8/2/1901p7, MM11/8/1901p6
Dorthia Crosby: see Dorthia Hollenbeak
Jennie Crosby (Mrs.  D. W.): News96
Nettie Crosby: see Nettie McGee
William F. Crosby: (grain dealer) News00
Winnie Crosby: News89
J. G. Crossman: News87
B. F. Crouch: (carpenter, contractor) News91-95, News98
Edith Crouch: (teacher) News91-92, News94
Emily I. Crouch (Mrs. B. F.): News93-94
Herbert Crouch: (carpenter) News98-99
Crowell: News94
Capt. Crowell: News92
Clara M. Crowell (Mrs. Herman M.): News98
Emily H. Crowell (Mrs. William S.): News93
Herman M. Crowell: News94, News96, News98
Walter Crowell: (soda works) News99
William S. Crowell: (attorney) Hist, News90, News92-96, Med97, News98-00, Med03, Med10
Thomas F. Croxton: News83
W. Croxton: News83
J. Crump: (farmer) News91
Crystal: Min86, News94-96
Alfonso Crystal: News99-00
Herbert Crystal: Min88
Carl J. Crystal: News87, News95, News98
Catherine E. Crystal "Kate" (Mrs. George W.): News89-94, News98; obit: MT10/13/1911p3
Fannie Crystal: see Fannie Fehely; News88
George W. Crystal: (blacksmith, market gardener) Hist, News83-85, Min87, News87-89, News92-94, Med93
Melvin Crystal: (farmer) News98
Raymond Crystal: Hist, News85, Med93, News98; in Pendleton: MM4/5/1907p5, MM6/18/1909p2, MT5/20/1913p2
Thomas A. Culbertson: News87, News93
Mrs. L. M. Culp: Med93, News93-94
George C. Culy: (rancher) News99
Riley Cummings: News84; see also Cummons
Mrs. T. J. Cummings: News96
T. J. Cummins: News89, News99
Cummons Bros.: News84-86, News88
B. F. Cummons: News90, News93
C. D. Cummons: News88
Elizabeth A. Cummons: News88, News90, News93, News99
J. M. Cummons: News87-89
J. S. Cummons: News90
J. W. Cummons: News88
John Cummons: News85
R. S. Cummons: News86-87; see also Cummings
Spencer A. Cummons: News90
W. R. Cummons: News85
Cunningham: News88; see also Cunnyngham
Annie Cunningham: News85
Cal. Cunningham: News85, News88
Cunningham Company: MMv1n1p4c7a
Cunningham Hotel: see also Empire Hotel; Hist, News85
James Cunningham: News84-85
Cunnyngham: see also Cunningham
Abigail Ann Barkdull Cunnyngham (Mrs. John W.): Bark, News85-86, News88
Cal Cunnyngham: News88, News00
Gus Cunnyngham: News87-88, News94; in Portland: MM6/9/1893p2, MM6/1/1894p3
John W. Cunnyngham: (gate salesman, hotel keeper) MMv1n4p4c2a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Med84, News84-91, Min85, Med86, News94; dies at Weed: AT11/12/1906p2
James R. Cunnyngham: (grocer, attorney) News88, News99; in San Francisco: MT2/27/1927p8
Mary Cunnyngham: News88
Mattie Cunnyngham: News85, News88
Wiley H. Cunnyngham: News88, News90
Curry & Johnson: (ice) News94
Ethel Curry: News93
Gladys Curry: News93
John Curry "Johnny": (delivery man, bookkeeper) News88, News90, News92-94, News98
John H. Curry: News92
John W. Curry: (fireman, clerk) News85-86, News88-95, News98, News00; in Washington, D.C.: MM2/1/1901p2
Mrs. John Curry: News92-93; obit: DT1/31/1901p5
Ray Curry: News93
Thomas Curry: News84, News89, News91
D. L. Curtis: (Jacksonville marshal) News87-89; obit: JP11/14/1914p1
E. J. Curtis: (hotel keeper) News85, News93
Ed Curtis: News83
Hattie Hayley Curtis (Mrs. Joseph): News86
Joseph Curtis: News86
John W. Cusick: News88
W. G. Cutbirth: News93
George F. Cuthbert: Glim; in Vancouver B.C.: MT8/19/1919p2
Dade: see Jacobson-Dade Co.
J. L. Daemmer: News99; see Demmer
Paul Daemmer: News99 see Demmer
Minnie B. Dahack: see Minnie B. Casebeer
Patrick H. Daily: (teacher) News93, News96
Daison: News90
Daley & Co.: News83
Adoniram J. Daley: (farmer) News85, News89-90, News92
C. H. Daley: (farmer) News94
Mrs. C. H. Daley: News94
William C. Daley: (carpenter) News88
Mark Daly: News86
William Daly: Bear
Joseph Dame: News89-90, News98
M. Dammer: News92-93
Damon: see Jackson & Damon; News88, News93, News99
C. A. Damon: News91
Caroline E. Jackson Damon "Carrie" (Mrs. Major S.): Med84, News87, Med88, Med90, News89-90, News92, News95, News99-00
Carrie Brown Damon (Mrs. Charles O.): News94
Charles O. Damon "Charlie":  (painter, sign painter, bill poster, opera house manager) News89-95, Med91; in San Francisco: MM4/23/1897p7, News00; in Oakland, California: MM4/11/1902p7; with Ringling Bros.: MM8/24/1900p6, MM8/16/1907p4
F. M. Damon: (telegrapher) in Oroville: MM4/23/1897p7
Loren L. Damon: News93, News99
M. E. Damon: News93
M. L. Damon: News90
Major S. Damon: (shoemaker, street commissioner, bill poster) News87-94, Min87-88, Med88, Med91, Med93, News97-00
Mrs. Damon: News93
U. S. Damon: News91, News94
Ulysses M. Damon "Liss" "Lys": Wild, News92-96, News98, News00; telegrapher in Oroville: MM4/11/1902p7
L. A. Danforth: News99
Lee Daniels: News92
Thurston E. Daniels "Dan": (haberdasher) Hist, Med07, Med11; in Vancouver, Washington: MM4/18/1902p6
Danielson: see Trowbridge and Danielson
Alex Danielson: News96
Alva E. Danielson: (printer) News92-94; in Oakland, Calif.: News98; marries: MM11/8/1901p7, DT11/21/1901p5, MM11/22/1901p6, MM7/4/1902p6
Dr. Samuel Danielson: (physician) Hist, News87-92, News94, News98; in Los Angeles: MT7/10/1924p3
Waldo Danielson: (sign painter) News00
John Darby: Bear
Darneille: see Darnell; News91
J. Darneille: News95
Ralph Darneille: News95
Darnell: News93
A. Darnell: News91
Ida Darnell: News84
Jay K. Darnell/Darneille: (carpenter) News84, Min85-86, News86-87, News90, News92-95, News97-98, News00; in Klamathon: MM6/29/1900p6
John A. Daron: Med11
Daugherty: see also Dougherty
Mrs. M. D. Daugherty: (milliner) Hist, Med86
R. A. Daugherty: Med11
William Davenport: Hist
Davidson: Bear, News89
Andrew Davidson: Phipps
Mary Davidson: (teacher) News90, News97
W. E. Davidson: News93
William Davidson: News99
May Davinson: News84, News92
Davis: see Davis & Pottenger, Davis & McGee, Davis & Huff, Davis & France, Davis & Stewart; News90, News93-94
Davis & France: (flour millers) News89-91
Davis & Gilkey: (grocers) News97
David & Howard: (millers) News93
Davis & Huff: (grocers, fruit shippers) News91
Davis & McGee: News92-93
Davis & Muller: News94
Davis & Pottenger: (grocers) News92-93, Med93
Davis & Shearer: (stable) News95
Davis & Stewart: News88
A. F. Davis: News92
A. J. Davis: News91
Anna E. Davis (Mrs. George L.) "Annie": Hist; News90-92, Med10
Ansel/Ansil A. Davis: (miller) see Ferry & Davis; WJB, First, Hist, News89-94, Med90, Med91, Med93, News96-00, Med06, Med07, Med11
Angella Melissa Langdon Davis (Mrs. Ansel A.): News91, News96, News99, News00; obit: MM8/17/1900p3
Arrin L. Davis: News95
Clyde Davis: News92
D. R. Davis: (bigamist) News94
Cora G. Davis: see Cora Wilde
E. Davis: News90, News99
Edmund Davis: News90, News94
Edward H. Davis: (drayman) News91, News93-94
Miss Emma Davis: News00; in Crescent City: MM3/9/1900p7
Mrs. Emma Davis: Bear
Frank Davis: News89, News92; in Spikenard: SOM7/15/1892p4
G. F. Davis: News90
George L. Davis: (grocer, school clerk, fireman, opera house) News89-94, Med91, News96, News98, News00; becomes traveling salesman: MM8/23/1901p7, MM1/31/1902p6, MM4/11/1902p6; in Portland: MM11/30/1906p3; in Jacksonville: MM7/5/1907p5
Mrs. George Davis: News92, News94, News00
Grace Davis: News91
Guy W. Davis: News93
Josephine Barkdull Davis (Mrs. Frank): News90
Mary E. Davis: News90, News93, News99
Mary Powell Davis (Mrs. W. K.): News94
Orin/Orvin Davis: News98-99
Rhoda A. Davis: News91
Scott Victor Davis: News93, News98, News00
Stephen Davis: News88
W. D. Davis: (cook) News93
W. K. Davis: (pensioner, contractor, cabinetmaker, wheelwright) News90, Med91, News92-94, News97, News99-00; in Crescent City: MM3/9/1900p7
W. T. Davis: News94
William Davis: News90, News99
Davison: News85-86, News89-90
A. Davison: News85
Jeptha Davison: News94
Miss Mary Davison: (teacher) News91, News94
Mrs. Mary A. Davison: News84-85, News87, News91-92
William E. Davison: News89, News93
Nancy M. Daw: News99
Dawson: News85
James Dawson: News88
Edith Day: News93; published: MM2/9/1894p4
Mamie Day: News91-92
Judge Silas J. Day: News83, News86-94, News99-00; bio: MM3/5/1909p3; ill: MT12/17/1909p1, MT12/21/1909p7; obit: JP1/1/1910p2, MT12/31/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB2
Bradford W. Dean "Brad": (sheriff) MM86, News86-88, Med88, News90, News93; in Curry County: MM3/1/1901p6; obit: JP4/27/1918p3
Clara E. Dean: News84
Josephine Conger Dean (Mrs. M. S.): News86
Mrs. M. Dean: (milliner) News94
M. S. Dean: News86
Ralph F. Dean: News86, News92, News98
Sarah E. Conger Dean (Mrs. M. S.): News86
William M. Dean: News93
Prof. Willis John Dean: News89
Florence E. DeBar (Mrs. George O.): News99
Dr. George O. DeBar: (physician) News85, News87, News90-92; in Eugene: MM8/29/1902p3
DeBoy & Stuart: (jewelers) News91
Frances E. Schumaker DeBoy (Mrs. Isadore E.): News94
Isadore E. DeBoy: (jeweler) News91, News94-95
Charles F. Declere: News89
William H. Deets: News89
Jackson Deflannay: News90
Rose DeGroot: News93
Edward J. DeHart: see Honeyman, DeHart & Co.; News91, News93, Med03
Joseph Deik (Delk?): News86, News95
Sarah Ward Deik (Mrs. Joseph): News86
George Deitrich: see also Dietrich; News88, News00
J. Delano: (butcher) News86, Med86
Charles E. DeLashmutt: (telegrapher) News91-93
S. E. Delk: News95
Mrs. S. E. Delk: News95
Demar: News91
Demmer: News93
John L. Demmer: News93, News95, News99-00, MM1/18/1901p6, Med03
Lorenz Demmer: News93, Med03
Mathias Demmer: News91, News98, Med03
Paul Demmer: News93, News99, Med03
Theresia Demmer (Mrs. Lorenz): News93
Demorest Bros.: (dentists) News92-93
Henry Demorest  "Harry": (dentist) News93-94; in Cavalier, North Dakota: MM6/1/1894p2; in Neche, N.D.: MM10/10/1902p6
Lucy Demorest: News92
Dr. Orin F. Demorest: (dentist) Hist, News89, News90-94, Med91, Med93; in Lakeview: MM3/7/1902p6, MM4/11/1902p7; MM4/18/1902p6
Harriet Loretta Shreve Demorest (Mrs. Orin F.) "Hattie" "Retta": News90, News92; obit: MM1/31/1902p2
Deneff: see Howell & Deneff
Dennis: see Turpin & Dennis
Minnie Dennis: News92
Mrs. E. Miranda Dennison: News87, News90, News92-93, Med93, News95
Prof. Arthur B. Dennison: (principal) News88-89
L. P. Denny: (well driller) News94
John B. Dent: News00
Elijah Denton: News98
Judge E. DePeatt: (attorney, county judge) News87, Med88, News89, News91, News95; in Albina: MM5/26/1893p5; News94; Umatilla County: MM6/22/1894p3
N. E. DePeatt: News98
Nellie DePeatt: News98
DeRoboam: see Orser & DeRoboam; News95, News99-00
Emil DeRoboam: (liveryman) News99
Henrietta DeRoboam (Mrs. Jean St. Luc): News88; obit: MM10/19/1900p5
Jean St. Luc DeRoboam: Glim
Jeanne DeRoboam: see also Jeanne Holt; Glim
Sam DeRoboam: News94
R. Derr: (bartender) News98
George Descamp: (insurance salesman) News93
Deskins Point: MMv1n1p4c2b
Harvey/Henry P. Deskins: MMv1n1p4c2b, News83, News87, News89-91
Rev. Father Desmarais: News95
Deuel: see Deuel & Stevens
Deuel & Stevens: (F. K. Deuel, W. B. Stevens) WJB, News97-99
B. F. Deuel: News96
Fred K. Deuel: (merchant) Hist, News94, News98-00
Devaul: see also Duval
E. M. Devaul: (shoemaker) News89; leaving for Phoenix, Arizona: MM4/28/1893p1
Minnie Stanfield Devaul (Mrs. E. M.): News89
John S. Devine: Bear
Dr. Henry DeVis: News85
Agnes Devlin: (teacher) News92, News94
John Devlin: (farmer) News87, News90; obit: JP3/9/1918p3
George W. Dewey: News92
Thomas G. Dews: (miner) News00
Wesley Dial: News98; in Butte County, California: MM8/1/1902p6
Burt Dickenson: News89
J. H. Dickenson: (hotel keeper) News88-89
R. D. Dickenson: News90
Charles A. Dickison: (nurseryman) News90-91, News93; leaving for San Francisco: MM12/26/1902p6; in Grants Pass: MM6/29/1906p8
William R. Dickison: (hotel keeper) News88-89, News93
George Diederick/Dietrich: see also Deitrich; News87, News94
Dietz: News89
Lorena Dignam: see Lorena Haselton
C. Frank Dillard: Hist
J. S. Dilley: News88
Michael Dillon: News00
A. C. Dixon: (lumber) News95
Prof. Finley Dixon: (principal) News89
S. Dixon: News83
Volney Dixon: (artist) Med07
J. H. Dobbin: News89
Dodge Bros.: (well drillers) News89, News91
Ira Dodge: True, News95
Jesse Dodge: News87
Warren P. Dodge: (well borer) News91-94, News98
Dodson: see Innis & Dodson
Alexander D. Dodson: (newspaper man) News89-90, News92; en route from Polk County to Redding: SOM10/7/1892p3; News93-94
Narcissa D. Simpson Dodson (Mrs. A. D.): News89, News93
John H. Dolben: News90
Dollarhide: News85, News88, News92-93
Jesse Dollarhide: News83
Mrs. Jesse Dollarhide: News94
Marrietta Louise Shideler Dollarhide: News98
Samuel L. Dolson: News83-84, News88
Pat Donegan: News93-94, News98
S. Donegan: News93-94
J. E. Donnelly: News93, News99
Pat Donoghue: News95
Jennie Donohue: News89
Hugo Donzelmann: News93
Charles Dora: News87
Rhoda Chandler Dora (Mrs. Charles): News87
Doran: see Doren
Lewis Doren: Hist, News84, Min87
William Dorn: News87
Dorsey: News93
Dorson: Med85, News85
Dougherty: see also Daugherty; News85
Dougherty & Churchman: (variety and notions) News85
J. W. Dougherty: (merchant) MMv1n1p1c2b, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p1c1b, MMv1n4p4c2a
Mrs. J. W. Dougherty: (milliner) News85
M. E. Dougherty: News84-87, News90
Dora Doughty (Mrs. W. C.): News90
W. C. Doughty: News90
Douglas & Co.: (real estate) News88
Ward Douglas: (insurance salesman) News87-90
Robert B. Dow: (bookkeeper) News93-94, News99; leaving for Galveston: JP1/30/1915p3
Dowell: see Wilson & Dowell
Benjamin F. Dowell: MMv1n1p4c5b, News91; obit: AT3/18/1897p2
Florence Dowell: see Florence Whetstone
J. D. Dowell: Med93
James W. Dowell: News90
L. O. Dowell: (saloon keeper) News90
John J. Dowes: (bridge carpenter) News88
Downing: News89
Fred. T. Downing: (liveryman) News85, News88, News91, News93; obit: MT1/6/1911p8
James L. Downing: News93
John H. Downing: News93
Joseph Downing: News93
J. L. Downs: News90
Matilda Edwards Downs "Mattie" (Mrs. J. L.): News90
H. W. Dox: News98
Ella Drake: (telegrapher) News90-91
Ira Drake: News92
Joseph Dray: News87
Mrs. Dray: News87
Nancy B. Dray: News94
T. A. Drisco: see Starr & Drisco, Drisko; WJB, News93
Driscoll: News93
Alcander T. Drisko: News94, News97, News99
Clara B. Drisko: News98
A. B. Drucks: News89
John E. Drucks: News88-89, Min88; in Portland: DT12/30/1892p2
James Drum: News85
R. E. Drum: News94
Eulina Lehnherr Dubell (Mrs. J. A. D.): News88
John A. D. Dubell: News87-88
J. C. Ducket: News85
Alexander Duff: Med11
Daniel D. Duff: Med11
Charles C. Duffield: (shoe merchant) Med10
Smuel H. Duffield: News93
Dugan & Herely: News85
Charles H. Duncan: (tinsmith) News87, News89
Mary Hutchinson Duncan (Mrs. Charles H.): News89
W. H. Duncan: Med07
John B. Dungan: (farmer) News89; visiting from San Diego: MT4/26/1910p3
Charles H. Dunham "Charlie": (drayman) News91, News93-94
Abigail Scott Duniway: News85-86
Donna Dunlap: Med88, News88
George Dunlap: (photographer) News00
Horace Dunlap: MMv1n1p4c2b, News85
Judge Dunlap: News94-95
Ira Dunlap: (blacksmith) News98
Robert S. Dunlap "Sergeant": News85-86; News90, News92; bio MM6/14/1901p7; at Old Soldiers' Home: JP7/6/1907p3; obit: MM5/8/1908p5
Van A. Dunlap: News87
Dunn: see Kelley, Dunn & Co.; Cox & Dunn
Annie Helms Dunn (Mrs. W. S.): News99
Charles Dunn: News98
Ella Dunn: News89
Emma Pape Dunn (Mrs. R. R.): News91, News95
George W. Dunn: Hist, News90, News95
J. W. Dunn: (soda works) News99-00; in Phoenix, Arizona: MM2/22/1901p7, MM3/29/1901p6
Mary M. Hill Dunn (Mrs. Patrick): News86, News92
Ransom R. Dunn: (implement dealer, sewing machine representative) News89-91, News94, News99
Theo. Dunn: News97; in Portland: MM8/1/1902p6
William S. Dunn "Will" "Willie": (telegrapher) News96, News98-99
Ed. Dunnavin: News87
John Dunning: (wood cutter) News95
J. C. Durkee: News89
B. F. Durphy: News96
Elmer W. Dusenberry/Dusenbury: News89, News91
Robert L. Dusenberry/Dusenbury: News90, News92
Dutcher: see Owings & Dutcher
Charles Dutton: True, IOOF
Ed Dutton: True, IOOF
Fred Dutton: True, IOOF
George Dutton: True, IOOF
Henry Dutton: True, IOOF
William Dutton "Willie": True, IOOF, News99
DuVal: see also Devaul
Edith Duval: News98
Dyar & Frauenknecht: News84
Emma Dyar (Mrs. John W.): News88, News94
John W. Dyar/Dyer "Johnnie": (stage driver, railroad conductor) see Dyar & Frauenknecht; News84, News88, News89-92, Med93, News94
Miss Dyar: News88
Eliza Dyer: see Eliza Woodford
John C. Dyer: (deputy, railroad conductor) News85, News94; in Fairhaven, Wash.: DT1/1/1894p3
Julia Dysert: see Julia Hamilton
J. Eads: News98
Arthur L. Eager: (telegrapher) News92
Earhart: News94
Arthur K. Earhart: News93
Etta Earhart: see Etta Stevenson; News87, News92-94
May Earhart: (teacher) News87, News92, News95; in Ft. Wrangel: DT1/31/1901p5, MM3/1/1901p7
Samuel Earhart: (farmer) News87, Min88, News91-92, News94
Earl Fruit Co.: News91, News98
H. B. Eastman: News84
Rev. F. W. Easton: News88
Mrs. Eaton: News92
Albert K. Eaton: (teamster) News87
George W. Eaton: (cooper) News98
H. Eaton: News00
Hattie Eaton: News93
James Eaton: Med99
Linda Eaton: see Linda Crawford
W. Eaton: News97
William Eaton: News94, News98, News00
Mary E. Eddy (Mrs. Adolphus F.): News98
W. E. S. Eddy: (restaurateur) News89, News92
Emil Edelhoff: News93
Nellis Edes: News90
William L. Edmonson: News99
Mrs. C. H. Edmunds: Med07
Rev. Edmunds: MM4/21/1893supplementp1; leaving for Woodburn: MM10/27/1893p3
Rev. F. J. Edmonds/Edmunds: News91-94; in Woodburn: DT11/3/1893p2, MM5/18/1894p2
Rev. J. F. Edmunds: News90-92
William H. Edmunds: News88, News93
Samuel B. Edsall: News88
Thomas Edson: (miner) News90
George A. Edwards: (pugilist) News86
George H. Edwards: (pugilist) News91
John Edward: News90-91, News97
Linda Edward: see Linda Austin
Matilda Edward "Mattie": see Mattie Downs; News87
Wayland Edward: News87
William Edward: News84, News86-87, News89, Med93
Edwards: News86, News89, News94, News00
Edwards Bros.: (threshers) News90-91, News94
Eunice C. Edwards (Mrs. Samuel S.): News00
G. W. Edwards: (farmer) News87, News91, News94
John Edwards: News91
Mrs. Julia A. Edwards (Mrs. William): News87, News90, News92-94, News98, News99
Mrs. S. G. Edwards: News00
Rufus Edwards: News90, News98
Samuel S. Edwards: News00
W. Edwards: News95
William Edwards: News92-93, News98-99
H. Chandler Egan: Med23
William Egan "Bill": see Skeel & Egan; MMv1n4p4c3a, News83, News84-85, News87; obit: Lake County Examiner, 6/11/1908p1
Egan & McMahon: (livery stable) News83-84
Grant Eggers: (barber) News93, News95
J. A. Eggers: (contractor) News95-96
S. G. Eggers: News95
Cap Eggleson: Med07
Benjamin Eggleston: (fruit shipper) News88, News90-91, News93-94
Cora A. Eggleston: Med84
M. F. Eggleston: News95
Frank Eichelman: News89
Ethel Eifert: IOOF
Justin Eifert: IOOF
Maria Eifert: IOOF
Rose E. Eifert (Mrs. William W.): IOOF
William Walter Eifert: Hist, IOOF, News93
C. J. Elder: Med93
E. L. Elder: News87
Grace Elder: News92
James R. Elder: News88-89
John Campbell Elder: (merchant, grocer) News85-89, Med86, Min87, Med88, News91, Med91, News93-94; dead in Waldo: MM4/15/1904p5
John E. Elder: News86
L. U. Elder: News89
Minerva E. L. Elder (Mrs. John Campbell): News85
Mary E. Elder: News86
William Elder "Willie": News87, News93
J. K. Elderkin: News88
Rev. E. O. Eldridge: IOOF
electric power: Hist, News88-90, News92-94, Med93, News00, Med03, Med06, Med26, Med12, Med30
A. Elksnat: (surveyor) News90
Gottlieb Elksnat: (civil engineer, surveyor) News90-91, News93-95, News99; returns from Lincoln County: MM10/29/1908p2; obit: JP3/14/1924p1
James Elliot: News83
Elliott: see Hays & Elliott
Cordelia Elliott (Mrs. Hugh): News92, News99
Hugh Elliott: (blacksmith) News88, News94-96, News98-99; in Portland: DT11/22/1900p2, MM4/12/1901p7
James Elliot: News83
E. Ellis: News94
Fanny Ellis: News98
G. H. Ellis: News92, News93
Perry Ellis: (photographer) News96, News98
Arthur Ellison: News94
Harrietta Ellison: News94
Thomas B. Ellison: News94
William Ellison: News92-93
Henry Ells: Med93
Amelia Elmer: News00
George Elmer: News94
C. N. Elmore: News99
Charles H. Elmore: News00
Elmer D. Elwood: (jeweler, oculist) Hist, News97-00, Med07
Ely: News92
Agnes J. Childers Emblem (Mrs. Charles): News90
Charles Emblem: News90
Embler: News89
V. Emerick: Hist
Emery: see Emery & Tozer
Emery & Tozer: (planing mill) MMv1n4p4c1b
Harry C. Emery: (hotel clerk, bank cashier) News00
Henry S. Emery: News88
M. S. Emon: News92
George A. Emory: Med07
Empire Hotel: see also Cunningham Hotel; Med84, News84-85, News88, Med88
Engel Bros.: News89
Prof. John C. Engelhardt: True, IOOF
Dan Engelman: News98
George Engle: (wood cutter, ice merchant) Bear, News91, News93
Theodore Engle: News91
J. N. Engledow: (painter) News93
Mrs. W. C. Engledow: News93
William C. Engledow: (painter) News91-93, News95
Charles English: Hist
F. A. English: (county surveyor) Med88
S. E. Enney: News00
Rev. Robert E. Ennis: News87-91, News93-94; left for Bandon: MM9/30/1898p3; wife in Portland: JP10/18/1919p3
William Ennis: (saloon keeper) News95, News99; on trial for murder in Hornbrook: DT4/1/1903p1
W. F. Enthrop: Hist
Enyart: see Hutchison & Enyart; News93
Hazel Enyart: News93, News00
Florence Mitchell Enyart (Mrs. Jesse E.): News93; obit: AT5/19/1893p3
J. A. Enyart: News95
J. W. Enyart: News90
Jesse E. Enyart "Jess": (cashier) Hist, News89-95, Med93, News97-00; in Maywood, Los Angeles: MT7/10/1927p2
Lissia Inez Cannon Enyart (Mrs. Jesse E.): News91, News99, News00; obit: MM9/21/1900p6, MM10/5/1900p2
Mrs. Jesse E. Enyart: Med07
Pearson S. Enyart "Pierce": News93-95, News00
Epps & Co.: News95
A. C. Epps: News84
A. G. Epps: News84, News88
William W. Erb: News87
Jacob R. Erford: (notary, feed merchant) WJB, News89-94; in Pennsylvania: MM6/19/1896p8, News97, News99-00; in Boulder, Colorado: MM12/27/1901p7; in Cramer, Illinois: MM7/4/1902p6; in Canton, Illinois: MM3/31/1905p1
Erickson: (railroad contractor) News91
A. S. Eride: News95
Angel Espoy: Pinto
L. A. Estel: Hist
Constable Estes: Wild
Mrs. George Eubanks: News94
J. C. Eubanks: News84
J. S. Eubanks: News83
John R. Evans: News89, News91
Napoleon B. Evans: Hist, News93, News98
W. C. D. Evans: News93
Mrs. Ray Everett: News98
Dr. Willis E. Everette: News88-89
Christina Betts Ewen (Mrs. Dudley T.): News89
Dudley T. Ewen: News89
Ed. R. Ewen: News94
Exchange Saloon: see also Noland & Ulrich, Railroad Exchange, Turf Exchange
C. Nettie Faber: News93
Rev. Father Faber: News95
Kate Fabj: News94
Mrs. R. P. Fabj: News95
Anna Murray Fairclo "Annie" (Mrs. Horace G.): News87, News92, News00
Horace G. Fairclo: (teacher, principal) News86, News87-89
Peter T. Fairclo: News89
L. W. Fancher: (farmer, teacher) News98; reappears: MT2/5/1913p6
Jesse Fane: News88
Isabel Fanning: News90
James N. Fanning: (hotel keeper) News89-91, News94
Clara Fares: see Clara Gookin
Faris & Co.: (lime quarry) News89
Faris & Erford: (real estate) News91
Faris & Johnson: (real estate) News88
Arthur C. Faris: (clerk, drayman) News92-93, News96; city clerk in Richmond, California: MT7/1/1936p7
Fred P. Faris: (clerk) News91, News93
George Faris: News98
J. R. Faris: (brakeman) News89
James H. Faris: (hotel keeper, town recorder, school clerk) First, News88-94, Med93; obit: MM6/16/1893p2, DT6/16/1893p3
Mrs. James H. Faris: News93, News98
Jennie M. Scott Faris (Mrs. James H.): News98
John Faris/Farris: (bartender) News94
Robert Faris "Bob": News89, News91-92
Bert Farley: News94
Eugene Farley: News90
John B. Farley: (teacher) News91-92; obit: DT10/21/1892p3
Edward J. Farlow: News90
William P. Farlow: News92
Farmer's Store: see Angle & Plymale
E. M. Farnam/Farnham: News89, News90
Clara Dean Farra (Mrs. Edward L.): News84
Edward L. Farra: (liveryman) News84, News93
Will Farra: News89
William S. Farrier "Will" "Willie" "Duffy": (deliveryman, railroad fireman) News90-91
Johnny Farris: News94
Thomas Farris: (miner) News98
Faucett: News94
E. H. Faucett: News93
George T. Faucett: (Wells Fargo agent) News99-00; married in Portland: MM7/4/1902p2
Grace Faucett: (teacher) News93
Rev. Robert I. Faucett: (teacher, missionary) News94-95, News99
Fawcett: Med03
Fawcett & Morris: (grocers) Med93, News94
Elmer H. Fawcett: (grocer) News92-93
Mrs. Elmer H. Fawcett: News89, News93
L. H. Fawcett: News92
James D. Fay, Jr.: (printer) News92, News95, News00
Mrs. James Fay, Jr.: News95
Fee Brothers: Hist
Fannie Crystal Fehely (Mrs. Frank P.): News89, News91
Frank P. Fehely: News89, News99; in Requa, California: MM12/13/1907p1
William Fehely: News89
Earl Fehl: Hist
Elvira D. Fellows: News99-00
Rev. J. E. Fenton: (foundryman, attorney) News94, News96, in Spokane: DT5/12/1898p3
Rev. W. J. Fenton: Med93, News94; in Chico: MM1/11/1900p7
C. S. Ferguson: News84
Joseph C. Ferguson: (grocer) News95, News98
John W. Ferguson: News93-94
Robert L. Ferguson: Bark
Susannah S. Ferguson: News90-91; obit: MT12/29/1911p3
Will Ferguson: True, News95; see also Furguson
Ferry: Med88
Ferry & Davis: Med90
August Fetsch: (tailor) News92-94, Med93; in Grants Pass: MM1/3/1902p3
F. Fetsch: News94
Frieda Fetsch (Mrs. August): News94
Fibern: News94
Nicholas P. Ficke: News98
William Fidler: News98
George Fiddler: News98
Julia C. Fielder: (teacher) Hist, News92, News98-00
Mrs. R. C. Fielder: News89
R. C. Fielder: (rancher) News88, News91
Mary S. Fields (Mrs. Kelly): News87
Blanche Filley: Med07
Charles Filyou: News94
William Finch: News88-89; in Glenn County, California: MM5/25/1894p3
Ream R. Findley: News98
W. T. Fine: News93
Florence Cardwell Fink (Mrs. John Fremont Fink): News90
George Finley: News91
H. F. Finley: (Mt. Pitt Orchard) Med07
Charles Finnerty: News87
Julia Finnerty: News87
William D. Finnerty: MMv1n1p4c7b, MMv1n4p4c7b, News88-89
Mrs. Rebecca A. Finney: Med84, News87, News90, News99-00
Wilfred E. Finney: News95
Henry Fisch: News88; in Pendleton: MM10/14/1898p6
Thomas F. Fisch: News87-88
John Fischer: (painter, paperhanger) see Cress & Fischer, Kress & Fischer; News89
Fish: News90, News94
Fisher: News94
Fisher & Kaufman: (merchants) News95
Baruch Fisher: News84
Daniel F. Fisher: WJB, News83
Rev. Eli Fisher: News97-98
J. K. Fisher: News89
Julia Fisher: News94
L. B. Fisher: News91-92
Maysie Fisher: (teacher) News98
Newman/Nunan Fisher: (county treasurer) MM86, News86, Med88; in Centralia: DT3/3/1893p3, DT3/17/1893p3, DT4/14/1893p3, DT4/21/1893p2, News94; in Seattle: MM11/21/1902p3
Jane Fisk: News99
Abbie J. Fiske: News93
Fitch & Cardwell: (attorneys) News94
E. L. Fitch: (church elder) News00
Frances Fitch: News00
Francis Fitch: (attorney) News89-96; in San Francisco: News99, News00; married in Vallejo: MM8/17/1900p6; wanted for embezzlement: MM8/9/1901p7, MM9/6/1901p7; in Mexico: DT4/1/1903p1; in New York City: MM10/19/1906p1, MM10/25/1907p1, MM9/24/1909p1
Francis Fitch, Jr.: News94
Laura B. Cardwell Fitch (Mrs. Francis): News91, News93-95, News00
Peter Fitch: News90-91
Rose Cardwell Fitch (Mrs. Thomas): News94
Thomas Fitch: (grain merchant) News93-94; in Stockton, Calif.: DT8/25/1898p3; News00; in New York City: MM9/24/1909p1
Julius Fitten: News86
Arthur Fitzgerald: News92
Elizabeth Fitzgerald: see Elizabeth Hull
O. P. Fitzgerald: Hist, News93
Prof. Fitzgerald: News91
W. S. Fitzgerald: News92, News98-99
George C. Flanders: News89
Henry C. Fleming: News85-88
E. L. Flindt: News90
Henry Flindt: (baker) News89-90
William J. Flippen: News90
Andrew J. Florey: News88-89
George F. Floyd: (hotel manager) News96; obit: CO11/5/1903p2
William M. Floyd: Med11
Dyer Flynn: IOOF
R. A. Flynn: (manager, Pacific Motor Supply) Med11
Bessie Foley: see Bessie Webb
G. R. Follett: News89
L. A. Follett: News92
Louisa F. Follett: News89-90, News92
Samuel R. Follett: Med84, News89-90
Follett & Fowler: (furniture dealers) News88-90
Forbes: News94
Forbes & Coker: (W. A. Forbes, J. C. Coker, Clarendon Hotel operators, liverymen) News91
F. A. Forbes: News94
W. A. Forbes: News88, News91, News93, News95
Dr. S. C. Force: (dentist) News95
Ford: see Baker & Ford; News90
Anson Ford: News90
Mrs. R. C. Ford: News89
R. C. Ford: News88-89
Peter Fordney: News00
Fordyce: see True, Bashford, Fordyce & Wilson, News94, News97, News99
Fordyce & Phillips: (barley grinders) News94
Anna Mickelson Fordyce (Mrs. George W.): News85, News87
Asa G. Fordyce: (poultryman, thresher) News91, News92-94, News98, News00
Clara Fordyce: see Clara Cornish
Edgar F. Fordyce "Ed": (electrician) News93; in Coquille: MM7/25/1902p6; moving to San Francisco: MM8/15/1902p7; in Eureka: MM9/19/1902p7
George W. Fordyce: MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, News85, News93-94
Lewis Fordyce: News94
Mrs. Fordyce: News90, News93
E. M. Forman/Furman: News89
F. Forman: (blacksmith, wainwright) News93
Maggie Forsyth: News00
William Forsyth: News99-00
William Forsythe "Uncle Billie": News90; visiting Minnesota: MM9/26/1902p6
S. R. Foss: News99
Foster: see Perry & Foster, News85, News99-00
Foster & Morgan: News85
Adelia N. Foster: News98
Rev. Alexander S. Foster: WJB, Med93, News93-95, News98-99, Med00; en route from Myrtle Point to Knappa, Oregon: MM6/1/1900p7, MM6/22/1900p6, MM10/12/1900p6
Dack Foster: News98
Edward Foster: News89
Charlotte Grace Foster "Gracie" (Mrs. Mortimer): (teacher) MMv1n1p4c1b, Hist, News86, MM86, News87-88, News91-95, News97, News98, News99-00
J. M. Foster: News92
J. S. Foster: News91
John Foster: (farmer) News95
Mrs. Lou J. Foster: (milliner) Med84, News86-88, Med86
Margaretta Foster: News89
Mary C. Foster: News98
M. Maysie Foster: (teacher) News95, News98-00; in Knappa, Oregon: MM10/12/1900p6
Mortimer West Foster "Mort": News88, News92, News94; in Sandpoint, Idaho: MM3/13/1908p2, in Spokane: MM5/2/1902p6
Perry Foster: News85, News88-89, News93
Reason D. Foster: News89, News98
S. W. Foster: Min85, News85
Mrs. S. W. Foster: Med84
Elbert D. Foudray: News84-86; in Phoenix: MM6/14/1901p3
Fowler: see Follett & Fowler; News87-88, News90
James W. Fowler: (art teacher) News88-89
Martha Fowler: see Martha Burson
O. N. Fowler: News88, News89-91
Welcome H. Fowler: (poultry dealer) News88, News90-94
E. Fox: News94
Fannie Fox: News94
George E. Fox: (butcher) News93, News99
Meda Plymale Fox (Mrs. O. W.): News93, News00
O. W. Fox: News00
Mrs. S. Fox: News94
William Fox"Will": News95
F. T. Fradenburg/Fradenburgh/Fredenburg: (fence manufacturer, timber locator, stable keeper, Hotel Oregon) Hist, News90, News92-94; leaving for Ashland: DT10/13/1893p2
Andrew Frakes: News85
Forest W. France: News89-90
Joseph France (miller): see Davis & France; News87, News89-90, News93
Lake France: News88, News90, News99; in Spokane: MM10/18/1901p7
George W. Francis: News95
Hattie D. Frank: see Hattie Andrews
J. W. Fraser: see Slagle & Fraser; News87
W. S. Frasier: Min88
John Frauenknecht: see Dyar & Frauenknecht
John W. Frazer: News87, News90
Frank Frazier: Wild
J. W. Frazier: News91
John Frazier: Hist, News91
Andrew Jackson Fredenburg: (fence manufacturer) News87, News89, News91-95, News98, News00; obit: MT3/3/1911p6
Ella Fredenburg: News87
Fred Fredenburg: (hotel keeper) News95, News98; see Fred Fradenburg
Harmon Fredenburg: News87
William J. Fredenburg "Jack": (fence manfuacturer, brickmaker, bowling alley) News92-95, News00
J. R. Freelan: News94
Freeman: News84
George Freeman: (teamster) News84-85, News87
W. J. Freeman: (saddler) News94
N. Freil: News86
Viola Freil: News89
Henry A. Frenna: News91, News98; in Klamathon: MM6/29/1900p7; leaving for San Francisco: MM4/25/1902p7
Frick: Hist
A. Frideger: Med11
Amos A. Fries: (teacher, soldier) News92-94, News96, News99
Bess Wait Fries (Mrs. Amos): News99
C. L. Frisbie: Med83
Gordon Frizelie "Gordie": News91
Ida Belle Mills Frizell (Mrs. Joseph A.): News99
Joseph A. Frizell: (telegraph lineman) News95, News98-99
Fronk: News90
Belle Merriman Fronk (Mrs. Charles K.): Med84, News86, News88, News92-94
Charles K. Fronk "Charley": (station agent) News84-91, Med86, News93-95, News99-00; in Albany: MM6/23/1893p3
Earl Fronk: News91
Mollie Fronk (Mrs. Charles K.): News87, News91, News00
Fruit Growers Association: MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c1b
John Frulan: News94
Walter W. Frulan: News91
D. L. Fry: (confectioner, printer) see Zahn & Fry; News94; leaving for San Francisco: MM6/1/1894p3; leaving for Lebanon: DT5/11/1899p3
Frank Fryer: News91
J. F. Fryer: News91
W. W. Fryer: News89
Rev. C. E. Fulton: News90
J. C. Furguson: News95; see also Ferguson
John Furguson: News94
E. M. Furman/Forman: (piano sales) News89
Amelia Furry: News88
Donna Furry: News88-89
Samuel Furry: News85, News89, News94
Thomas J. Fuson: Bear
Gaddis Bros.: Med06
C. A. Gaddis: News89
Earl C. Gaddis: Hist
John C. Gage: News92
J. D. Gagnon: (saloon keeper) News95
Gaines & Charles: (Hotel Medford owners) News94
Gaines & Chase: (hotel owners) News94
J. Gaines: News88
James Gaines: (hotel owner) News87, News89, News91, News93-94, News98, News00
Joseph Gaines: News87
John Franklin Gainey: (store clerk) News93, News00
Mahala Ann Gainey: News90
W. M. Gainey: News95
Enoch Gale: News86
S. B. Galey: (fruit shipper) News85-86, News88-92
Christopher Columbus Gall: News91; bio: MT4/6/1910p7, MT3/22/1911p2; ill: MT7/7/1911p2; obit: JP11/10/1917p3
Sarah J. Pankey Gall (Mrs. C. C.): News91
F. M. Gallager: News00
John Gallagher: News90, News94
Mrs. Gallagher: News93-94
M. M. Gallaher: (dressmaker) News90
Galloway: News85, News91, News94; in Portland: MM11/23/1900p7
Galloway & Barr: (fence manufacturers) News89-90
Alexander Galloway "Alex": News91, News93, News98-99
Ella/Elva/Eva/Alba Galloway: (teacher) News86-89, News91, News92, News93-95, News97-98, News00
Frank Galloway: (fence manufacturer, distillery storekeeper, inventor, hotel keeper) MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, First, News84-94, Min86-87, Med93, News98; in Central Point: MM3/21/1902p6
G. W. Galloway: News91-93, Med93, News95, News98-99
Hattie Galloway: News85, News87, News89
Hester A. Galloway: News91, News93
M. Galloway: News88
Robert Wilson Galloway "Bob": (fireman, pharmacist, stenographer) Bike, News91-94, News98; in Portland: MM10/26/1900p7, MM1/18/1901p7, MM6/6/1902p7, MM7/5/1907p4; ill: MM2/7/1908p1; obit: MM2/21/1908p4
W. R. Galloway: News93
M. A. Ganey: News90
Lottie L. Ganiard: News84
Prof. Oscar O. Ganiard: News85, News87-89
G. Gard: (carpenter) News84-85, Min86, Med86
Roswell Harry Gardiner: (photographer) News89
Henry C. Garnett "Shorty": Med07, Med11; moving to Alhambra, Calif.: MT7/5/1921p3
Elizabeth Plymire Garrett (Mrs. William M.): News85
George Garrett: News95
William M. Garrett: News85, News92
A. Garrick: (tailor) News89-94, Med91
Janet Garrick: News89-90, News94, News98
Isaac Garringer: News91
Clarissa Garrison: News99
Prof. John M. Garrison: (penmanship instructor) News88
Gasburg: see Phoenix
Charles E. Gates "Pop": Hist
W. Gates: News88
Milton M. Gault "Mike": (railroad engineer, machinist) News94, News00
George F. Gavitt: (printer) News97-98
Charles Gay: IOOF
James H. Gay: News98
Geary & Pickel: (physicians) News97
Agnes McCornack Geary (Mrs. Edward P.): News84, Med84, News88-91
Alice C. Geary: News88
Dr. Edward Payson Geary: (physician, surgeon, oculist, mayor) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p1c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Bear, Wild, WJB, First, Hist, Med84, News84-95, Min85-88, Med85, MM86, Med86, Med88, News97-98, Med97, News03; in Portland: MM11/23/1900p7, MT3/19/1911p1
Rev. Edward Ratchford Geary: News84, News86
Ella Geary: (teacher) News93
Everett Geary: News00
Dr. J. W. Geary: (physician) News94
Samuel Geary: (hunter) News88
Geddes: News90
Cool J. Geer: News90
John Geer: News90
A. M. Geigy: News90
Gentner: News93
Carolyn George "Carrie": (telegrapher) News98, News00
Frank George: News89
Ollie Clark George (Mrs. Frank): News89
Lucia B. Gere: News91
Bartholomew B. Gervais: News95
Getty: (fruit agent) News91
Delroy Getchell: Hist
Gibbs: News99
Gibbs & Wheeler: (photographers) News93-94
J. B. Gibbs: (photographer) News93-94
A. M. Gibson: News91
Edna Gibson: (teacher) News94
Enola Gibson: see Enola Hamilton
Ida Gibson: see Mrs. Knotts
J. M. Gibson: News94
Lou/Lulu Gibson: (postal clerk, telegrapher) News90-92; Mrs. F. L. Wright in Great Falls, Montana: DT5/6/1903p4
Andrew Giffen: News87, News88
Anna Gilbert "Annie": (teacher) News99; Isee Anna Wulf
Hanna J. Gilbert: News99
Hanna S. Gilbert: News99
Hattie Gilbert: see Hattie Anderson
James Gilbert: News90
M. H. Gilbert: News85
Mrs. Gilbert: (milliner) MM86
Orson H. Gilbert: (restaurant owner) MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c7b, MM86, Hist, Med85, News85-87, Med86, News93, News98-00; dies in Sacramento: MM2/3/1905p1
Mrs. Orson Gilbert: (hotel keeper) Med85, News85, MM86, News98-99; Medford Bazaar: MM7/18/1902p5
James Gilchrist: (hotel keeper) News95
John Gildersleeve: (furniture merchant) News90
C. H. Gile: IOOF
Mrs. H. F. Gilkey: News94
Herbert Luville Gilkey: (hardware merchant, cashier) see Davis & Gilkey, Kame & Gilkey; Hist, News94, News97-00; leaving for Grants Pass: MM3/29/1901p6
Dr. Gill: News87-88
Carrie Gillette: News85
Charles H. Gillette: News88, News98
Effie Gillette: News85
Gillroy: see Youle, Gillroy & Leghorn
Gilmer: News87
Loretta/Louretta V. Gilmer: News93-94
Mrs. L. N. Gilmer: News88
Mrs. Tina Gilmer/Gilmore: News91-92
Elizabeth Gilmore "Lizzie": News91
T. D. Gilmore: (railroad agent) News95
Jessie Gilson: see Jessie Calvert
Thomas H. Gilson: (sawmill operator) News91, News99-00; sent to asylum: MT6/23/1910p8
Gin Lin: First, News91
Fred. Ginger: News89
Lucia R. Gise: News88
Julia M. Gist (Mrs. O. J.): News99
Rev. Owen J. Gist: News98, News99
Rev. Edward Gittins (Methodist pastor): News98, News00; in Wendling: MM10/3/1902p6
Catharine Young Given (Mrs. George A.): News90
George A. Given: News90
L. F. Glasscock: (launderer) News98
Dr. A. D. Gleaves: (dentist) News86
Phillip Gleaves "Phil": News89
Thomas Glendenning: News87
Elizabeth B. Powers Glidden (Mrs. Moses): News99
Moses Glidden: News99
Dr. Judson G. Goble: (optician) News99, News00, Med11
Goddard & Co.: (Carlos Goddard; real estate) News89
Alice Goddard: News91
Blin Carlos Goddard, Jr. "Carlos": see Wrisley & Goddard; MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, News85, News86, News88-89
Hendrick Hudson Goddard: (carpenter) News88
Charles H. Godfrey: News92, Med92
Thomas Godfrey: News93
George Goeppert: News91
J. A. Goff: (photographer, miner) News92-93
John Goff: Bear
Goldsmith & Whitman: (grocers) News88
Delphine Goldsmith (Mrs. Julius): News88-89, News91
James/Julius/Jules Goldsmith: (grocer) News88-92, Min88, News94; in Portland: MM10/13/1893p3; in Eugene: DT5/14/1900p3; in Salem: MM3/15/1901p6; in Eugene: MM7/19/1901p6, DT3/13/1902p5
Goldstein & Nudelman: News95
Goldstein: (merchant) News94
J. Goldstein: News93
M. Goldstein: News93
Goldstone Bros.: see also New York Cheap Cash Store; News92, Med93, News94
Clifford Goldstone: News94
Joseph Goldstone "Joe": Med93, News93-94; in New York City: MM8/25/1893p2
Mark Goldstone: News92-94, Med93; dies in London: MM2/26/1904p5
A. Gomek: News93
T. F. Gooch: News91, News98-00
W. J. Gooch: (Economy Flour Bin) News93
L. G. Goodall: News90
Nannie Goodell: News90
S. Goodman: News98
T. DeWitt Goodpasture: (photographer, real estate) Med07; visiting from Los Angeles: MT7/8/1912p2
Mrs. Daisy Goodwin: News91
Rev. L. D. Goodwin: News90-92; in Puyallup: DT5/6/1892p2
T. J. Goodwyn: (liveryman) News00
Amanda Goodyear: (teacher) News87, News89
Julia Goodyear: (reporter) News85
Clara Fares Gookin (Mrs. Frederick W.): News88
Frederick W. Gookin: News88
Otis E. Goraline: News99
A. Gorden: News92
H. C. Gorden: News85
Alfred P. Gordon: News93-94
C. H. Gordon: News87
J. H. Gordon: News87
J. S. Gordon: News91
Gore: see Clayton & Gore; News83, News88, News91, News93-94
Gore Brothers: News98-99
Carolita Augusta Jacks Gore (Mrs. Walter S.) "Carrie": Hist, Med84
Edward Emerson Gore "Ed": (orchardist) Trans, Hist, IOOF, Med84, Med88, News88-90, Min88, News99; bio: MM3/5/1909p3; ill: MT11/18/1910p3
Ella Gore: see Ella Wortman;Med84, News88-89
Hattie Warner Gore (Mrs. Edward E.): Hist, Med88, News00
John Gilmore Gore: MMv1n1p4c1b, News85, News90, News93, News99, Med03
Mary E. Gore: News87, News93
Sophenia Ish Gore (Mrs. William H.): Med84, News90, News00
Vina Gore: see Vina Clayton; News85
Walter S. Gore: (principal, teacher) MMv1n1p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c2b, Hist, News84, Med84, News85, News87-89, News91
William Haven Gore "Will": (principal, teacher) Hist, News84, Med84, News87-90, Min87, Med88
Jessie Gorman: News00
B. F. Gorsage: News94
Frank Gorsage: News94
Orin/Otis E. Gorsline: News99
Joseph Goslin: (cowboy) News90
George Gove: WJB
Gove & Co.: (millers) News87
Addison E. Graham "Ad": (clerk) News91
Frank W. Graham: News98
John Wallace Graham: (railroad superintendent) News91-93, News98
Jennie Graham: News91
Mrs. F. M. Grant: News93
Mrs. W. H. Grant: News93
Rev. S. P. Grant: Med93
Dr. W. H. Grant: Med93-94
Mrs. Graves: News92
Lizzie Graves: News92-93
Gray: see Proudfoot & Gray
Gray & Bradbury: (planing mill) News98
Charles Gray: News97
Flora Gray: Hist
George Gray: News88
J. D. Gray: News84
Richard W. Gray: (sawmill) WJB, News93, News98, News00, Med03, Med06
Green: see Butler & Green
A. P. Green: (house painter) WJB, News95; in Los Angeles: MM8/29/1902p7
Frank H. Green: News92
John K. Green: News89
Thomas Green: News89; obit: DT7/7/1893p2
William Green "Willy": (tailor) News92
Wesley C. Green: (real estate agent) Med10
M. J. Greene: News84-85
Olive Greenwood: see Olive Betts
John Gregerson: News88
A. M. Gregg: (bowling alley) News92
E. P. Gregory: News91
Elmira Gregory: see Elmira Cox
George Albert Gregory: (school superintendent) Hist, News97-00; leaving for Nebraska: MM7/6/1900p6, MM12/7/1900p7; in Crete, Nebraska: MM2/8/1901p2, MM12/20/1901p3
James Franklin Gregory: News98, News00; obit: MN6/4/1931p4
Mary Mattrassa Foss Gregory (Mrs. George A.): News99-00
Daniel P. Greninger: News91-92
Charles Grey: News91
James Elliott Grieve: Med97, News98-00
Bruce Grieves: Bear
Rufus Grieves: Bear
Griffin: Hist
Andrew Griffin: Min88, News88, News98
Belle True Griffin (Mrs. Henry L.): News89
Burrel B. Griffin: Bear
Burrel W. Griffin: Bear
Henry L. Griffin: News89, News91, News93
John Bell Griffin: (farmer, hunter) Bear, News85-86, Med88, News90-93, News95
Josephine Griffin: see Josephine Wilson
Lafayette Griffin: Bear
Nettie Naylor Griffin (Mrs. John B.): Bear
Sally Griffin: News92
Scott Griffin: News87-88
Griffis & Walker: (sawmill) News89-90
Alice Griffis: News88
Donna Griffis: News00
J. A. Griffis: News00
J. Henry Griffis: News85, MM86, News87, News89; in Portland: DT3/15/1894p3
Jennie E. Griffis: News90, News92-93
Stanton Griffis: Wild
W. J. Griffis: News92-93
W. S. Griffis: News89, News92
Charles Griffith: News84
G. B. Griffith: (launderer) News00
W. Griffith: News95
John Grffiths: News94
Lincoln Griffith: MMv1n1p4c5b, News83
Rosa/Rose Griffiths: (teacher) News91-92, News95
Madge E. Griffiths: (teacher) News92-93
B. G. Grigsby: News93
Edith G. Grigsby (Mrs. James A.): Med88, IOOF
George Grigsby: News94
James A. Grigsby: Med88
Grimes: News92
Rev. A. M. Grimsley: MMv1n1p4c4a
Fred Grob: News86, News89
Frank Gross: News93
Archbishop William H. Gross: News87, News93
Grossman: News94
J. B. Grossman: News99
J. D. Grossman: News94
Jacob G. Grossman: News87-89, News91, News97, News99
Martin E. Grover: News91
Nettie F. Grover (Mrs. Martin E.): News91
Sarah Jane Grubb: News86
W. B. Grubb: News98
Sarelia/Serelia W. Grubbe: see Sarelia Miller
Lewis C. Gruby "Lou": (baseball player) News90-91
Maggie Gruby: News92-93
Mattie Tice Gruby (Mrs. Lewis C.): News91-92
Lillie Grusch: News87
Alice Grush: News87
Willie Grush: News87
Alfretta Guches: see Alfretta Priddy
J. M. Guches: News90
Sarah A. Guches: News88-89
Francis Guenette: (music teacher) News92
Frank Guerin: News94
James Tichenor Guerin: (brickmaker, mason) see Byers & Guerin; News85-87, News90-91; obit, British Columbia: MM2/14/1902p5
Sarah A. Brown Guerin (Mrs. James T.): News85-86, News89, News91-93; visiting from Victoria, B.C.: MM5/2/1902p5
N. C. Gunn: News00
Edrick L. Gurnea: (stationary engineer, photographer, city electrician) News00
George A. Gurnea: (dry goods merchant) News99-00
Harvey P. Gurnea: News00
Guthrie: News89
D. L. Guthrie: News91
Ernest F. Guthrie: Med07
E. G. Guthrie: Med11
Frank Guthrie: News84
Jesse A. Gwynn/Gwin: (teacher) News89
Rev. Adolph Haberly: News98-00, Med00; leaves for Coquille: MM10/17/1902p6, MM10/31/1902p6, DT11/6/1902p2
Robert A. Habersham: (civil engineer) News89
Samuel B. Hadley: (merchant) News84, News86-87, News91
W. A. Hadley: Med07
Edgar Hafer: Med07
Anna B. Hafer (Mrs. Edgar): Wild, Med07
Maude Hafer: Med07
A. T. Hafto: News89
John S. Hagey: News87, News89, News93-95, News98
Miss Haggard: News91
John Hailey: Bear
C. O. Haines: News93
C. W. Haines: News92
M. Haines: News93
A. F. Hale: (photographer) News89-90
Judge Hale: News95
Lew Hale: News89
Hall: News85, News93
Hall & Isaacs: (confectioners; J. Court Hall & William Isaacs) News99-00; dissolved: MM4/6/1900p6
Mrs. A. Hall: News89
Ada B. McSweeny Hall (Mrs. Perry C.): News87
Agnes Childers Hall "Aggie" (Mrs. Charles): News85, News92
Albert A. Hall: News92
Austin Hall: News93
Dr. C. J. Hall: (dentist) News94
Charles Hall: (watchmaker, jeweler) News85, Med86, News90
E. Hall: Med03
Emma C. Hall: News99
Emma F. Hall: News98-99
George Hall: News92
Gustav A. Hall: News97
Ida B. McSweeny Hall (Mrs. Perry C.): News87
John Court Hall: (farmer, bartender, capitalist) Med88, News91-92, News94, Med97, News97-00
Mrs. Lucy Hall: News97
Mabel C. Owen Hall (Mrs. John C.): News91, News96, News00
Nellie Childers Hall (Mrs. Charles): News85, News91
Pearl Hall: (teacher) News98-99
Perry C. Hall: News87
Seely Hall: Hist, Med88, News00
Vint. Hall: (medical student) News98
William Hall "Billy": (orchardist, railroad agent) Glim, News92, News97
William Haller: (jeweler) News91, Med91
Addie Halley (Mrs. Robert H.): News88-89, News99
Effie M. Halley (Mrs. William L.): News96, News99-00
Paschal J. Halley: (merchant, engineer) News92-96
Robert Henry Halley: (tinsmith, hotel keeper) News88-94, News98-00; obit: JP5/17/1919p3
Silvia Halley: News94
Thomas W. Halley: News94
W. Halley: News92
W. F. Halley: News95
W. T. Halley: News94
Will Halley: News92
William L. Halley: (tinsmith, fire insurance agent, engineer) WJB, News89, News91-96, News99-00
Mrs. John W. Hamaker: News89
Benjamin Haman: Med88
Hamilton: see Harris & Hamilton; News86, News91, News98
Hamilton & Legate: (Hotel Medford operators) News94
Hamilton & Morine: News95
Hamilton & Palm: (real estate agents) Wild, News91-95, Med93, Med94, News99
Hamilton Bros.: News90
Alex Hamilton: News98
Anna Belle Hamilton (Mrs. Alex): News98
Blanche Hamilton: News99
C. L. Hamilton "Punk": News90
Charles Alfred Hamilton "Chub": True, News85, News89, News99-00
Enid Hamilton: News00, Med07
Enoch Hamilton: News91
Enola Gibson Hamilton (Mrs. I. L.): News87-90, News95
Isaiah L. Hamilton "Shorty": (hotel keeper, real estate sales, county assessor) First, Hist, News86-95, Med91, Med93, News97-00
John Hamilton: News99
Julia Dysert Hamilton (Mrs. W. N.): News85
Paris Hamilton: Bear
Renus Hamilton: (bartender) News93-94, News99; in Gold Hill: MM2/16/1894p3
Rev. Hamilton: IOOF
W. N. Hamilton: News85, News91
Hamlin: Hist, News87-88, Med88, News90, News92
Andrew J. Hamlin "Bud": News87, News99-00; moved near Bandon: MM9/27/1901p7
E. S. Hamlin: News89
Eliza J. Hamlin (Mrs. James): News89, News94-95
George W. Hamlin: WJB, News92, News94-95, News98, News00
J. Hamlin: News88
James Hamlin "Jim" "Uncle Jim": MMv1n1p4c2b, MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-86, Min87, News88-89, News92-95, News00
Jeff Hamlin: News91, News94
Lucy Hamlin: News98
Susie Hamlin: see Susie Smith
Thomas J. Hamlin: WJB, News89, News98
William H. Hamlin: News98-00
Elasha Hammer: Med88
Hammersley: News94
Hammersley & Rosenthal: News92
John B. Hammersley: News93-94
Joseph Lee Hammersley "Ham": News91-94
Riley Hammersley: Bear, News92, News94, Med07
Hammon Bros.: (nurserymen, fruit shippers) News87-91
Alice M. Hammon: News90
Anna P. Hammon: News88
Edwin W. Hammon [see E. W. Hammond]: (nurseryman, fruit shipper) News89-92
Mrs. Edwin W. Hammon: News90
Wendell P. Hammon: (nurseryman) Med84, News90
Augusta Kenney Hammon "Gussie" (Mrs. Wendell P.): Med84
Hammond: News91, News94, News99
Hammond Bros.: (liverymen) News94
Hammond & Briggs: (attorneys) News90-91
Hammond & Manuel: News90, Med91
Hammond & Vawter: (attorneys) News98
Alanson Pec Hammond: News89
Alvah B. Hammond: News91
Asa Hammond: (liveryman) News94
Mrs. Alvah B. Hammond: News91
Anna Hammond: News93
Austin S. Hammond: (attorney, abstractor) WJB, News91-95, News98-00; son Earl Hammond is railway mail clerk in Portland: MS6/13/1915p2
B. Hammond: (commissioner) Med88
Bessie Hammond: News93, News98-00
Charity R. Hammond (Mrs. A. S.): News93
Charles Hammond: News94
E. Hammond: News93, News99
Ebenezer Paul Hammond: WJB, News88-93, Med93, News00
E. W. Hammond [see E. W. Hammon]: (botanist) News91-92, News94
Egbert Hammond: (liveryman) News94
James Hammond: News93
Jessie Hammond: News98
Mrs. Hammond: News92
Hamrick: News94
Hanley: News94-95, News98
Hanley & Love: (butcher shop) News84, Med88, News88
Hanley & Wilkinson: (J. A. Hanley, Ed Wilkinson; butcher shop) News88-91
Hanley Bros.: News86
Alex. Hanley: News93
Alice Hanley "Allie": News91, News99
Edna Hanley: News92-93
Ella Hanley: News91, News94, News00
John A. Hanley "Jack": (butcher, saloon keeper) MM86, Hist, News87, News90-95, Med93, News00
M. H. Hanley: Med93, News93
Mary H. Hanley (Mrs. John A.): News91, News94
Michael Hanley: News87, News94
William D. Hanley "Will": Bear, News94
Hanna: News89
Charles E. Hanna: News84
Hiero Kennedy Hanna "Tom": (attorney, judge) News86, News89-90, News92, News94-95, Med97, News97, News99; obit: MT7/26/1910p1, MT7/27/1910p1, MT7/28/1910p2
Helena Hess Hanna (Mrs H. K.): News95
Leon Hanna: News95
Mark Hanna: News98
Silas P. Hanna: News84
Josiah C. Hannah: (potter) News95
James M. Hansbrough "Jim": (conductor) Med84, News91; in Yreka: MT10/20/1927p3
Hansen: News91
Anna Marie Hansen: News92
Frederick Hansen "Fred": News88, News94-95
Henry Hansen: News93
James Peter Hansen: News89, News91, News93, Med03
Kate Hansen: News95
Oliver Hansen: News94, News98
Mrs. Hansen: News86
Mrs. Oliver Hansen: News00
Hanson & Co.: News94
Happersett: (railroad carpenter) News88
A. Harbaugh: News97
Oliver Harbaugh: (road supervisor) see White, Harbaugh & Co.; MMv1n1p4c5b, News86, News87-95, Med93, News97-00; bio: MM3/5/1909p3; obit: JP6/25/1921p1
Mrs. Oliver Harbaugh: News94-95
E. B. Harder: Hist
Hardin: see Holt & Hardin, News99
Hardin & Bates: (barbers) News99
John R. Hardin: (barber, miner) News91-95, News98, News00; moving to Petaluma: MM7/5/1901p6, MM7/19/1901pp6,7, MM7/26/1901p6
Letha Hardin: (post office clerk) News97, News00
Benjamin Hardman: News87
Mrs. Jennie Hardy: News92, News94
Dr. H. Percival Hargrave: News99-00
D. Hargreave: Med03
Gertrude Hargrove: Med07
Homer Harkness: News83
Harlan: News93
Ellen Gertrude Sparkes Peers Harlan (Mrs. Newell): News90-91
Ellen Gertrude Stammers Speers Harlan (Mrs. Newell): News90
Milton Harlan: News89-92, News99; in Vancouver: DT4/3/1899p3
Newell Harlan: (newspaper editor) News89-91, Med91, News93; in The Dalles: MM4/7/1893p3; in Vancouver: JP5/18/1918p3
Sarah E. Harlan (Mrs. Thomas): News93
Thomas Harlan: (newspaper publisher) Hist, News88-91, News93; in Portland: AT1/22/1900p3; in Rochester, Washington: OR4/15/1912p6; dies in Vancouver: JP5/18/1918p3
Harry Harper: News90
R. H. Harper: (blacksmith) News89-90
W. M. Harper: News94
William Harper: News83
Harriman: News85
Harris: see Mingus & Harris; Hist, News88-89
Harris & Bunch: News88
Harris & Hamilton: (T. A. Harris, I. L. Hamilton, hotel keepers) News90
Harris & Purdin: (T. A. Harris, M. Purdin, hotel keepers, ice merchants) News91-92
B. H. Harris: Hist
C. T. Harris & Co.: News86
Charles Harris: News90
Lydia Harris: News88
Maggie Harris: News95
Maude Harris: News91
Mrs. Harris: (milliner) News88
Nettie Tice Harris (Mrs. Thomas A.): News88, News90, News92-94
Thomas A. Harris "Tom": (butcher, implement dealer, hotel keeper) First, News86, Min87-88, News87-92, Med91, News00; obit: AT9/23/1892p3
Harrison: News85, News88
President Benjamin Harrison: News91
Harry S. Harrison: (Medford Book Store) News00
L. Harrison: News89
Laura Harrison: (telegrapher, railroad agent) News91
Newsome Harrison: News00
T. A. Harrison (T. A. Harris?): News89
John Harryman: (real estate sales) News91
Hart: see Rigby & Hart; News92-94, News98
Lincoln Hart "Link": Med07
Martin R. Hart: (marshal, night watchman) News91-92, News94-95, News98; in Lakeview: MM3/23/1900p6
Martha Hart (Mrs. Martin R.): News92-93; in Lakeport, California: MM8/9/1901p7
Marion L. Hartley: Med03
Meda Hartwell: Glim
Harvey: News90, News94
Charles M. Harvey: (liveryman) News91-92, News98
Homer H. Harvey: News87, News91, News98, News00
Isaac M. Harvey: MMv1n4p4c2a, Phipps, Bear, News84-85, News88, News89-94
J. M. Harvey: (farmer) News90
J. W. Harvey: News91
James Harvey: Bear
John A. Harvey: (teacher, attorney) News92, News94, News98; in Ukiah, California: MM12/20/1901p6
John E. Harvey: News96
L. M. Harvey: News90
Lillian Weaver Harvey (Mrs. Homer H.): News00
Allen L. Haselton: News89
Lorena Dignam Haselton (Mrs. Allen L.): News89, News98
Haskins: News00
Haskins & Lawton: (druggists) Min86, Min88, News88-89
Haskins & Webb: Min87
Haskins' Drug Store: see also City Drug Store; MMv1n4p4c1b, News84
Frances H. Haskins "Fannie": (teacher) Hist, News87, News92, News98-00
George Henry Haskins: (pharmacist, stationer, town treasurer, mayor) see Haskins & Lawton, Haskins & Webb, Haskins' Drug; MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7b, MM86, First, Hist, News84-89, Med84, Min85, Med86, Min87-88, Med88, News91-00, Med91, Med93, Med97
Gertrude Haskins (Mrs. Leon B.): Hist, News92
Helen F. Lawton Haskins (Mrs. George H.): MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n4p4c7b, Hist, News84, Med84, News86-87, News90-92, News97, News99-00
Leon B. Haskins: Hist, Med84, Med88, Med97
Charles N. Hastings: (miller) News92-93
G. H. Hastings: News86
Frank Hasty: News85
Alice Hathaway: News85
Malinda Haught: News89, News00
Mrs. Phil Haught: News91
Philip Haught: News87-88
Sandy Hauser: News89
Alex G. Hawes: News92
Silas Hawk: News87
Darwin H. Hawkins: News88
Hawley: News85
Mrs. Harriette B. Hawley: Med84
W. W. Hawley: News00
Hattie Hay (see Mrs. Beeman): News94
Lucy Hay: (teacher) News89, News91
Hayden: Wild, News93, News96
David Hayes: Bear
J. D. Hayes: News94
James W. Hayes: News84, News94
John Hayes: News94
R. B. Hayes: News87
Viola Lewis Hayes (Mrs. J. D.): News94
Hattie Hayley: see Hattie Curtis
Benjamin Haymond "Ben": News83, MM86, News88, News90-91, News93, News98
Hays & Elliott: News85
Mrs. George Hays: News90
Archie Hazel: News90
Martha A. Hazel: News99
Mrs. Hazel: News89
Robert F. Hazel: News89, News93
Charles Hazelrigg: Hist
D. W. Hazle: News91, News97-98
Dale W. Hazle (carpenter): News98; leaving for Davenport, Washington: MM9/30/1898p7
Douglas Hazle: News97, News99
John A. Hazle (hotel keeper): News90; in Tacoma: DT9/26/1890p3
W. D. Hazle: News97
E. A. Head: News94
Henry W. Head: News94, News00
Prof. Head: News95
Thomas Head: News94
William B. Head: News94
Mrs. Heald: News91
Captain Heale: News88
Healy: see Heeley
Heard: News85
Elijah Heard: News99
J. F. Heard: (mine operator) Med07
Jefferson D. Heard "Jeff": (mining engineer, real estate agent) News97-00; visiting: MM10/11/1901p6; Med07, Med11
Mary Bantz Heard (Mrs. Jefferson D.): Hist, News98, News00
Sarah V. Heard: News99
M. L. Heart: News93
Amos O. Heatherly: News00
Frederick Heber: News84
Louise Hedges (Mrs. Dr. Alvin J.): Hist
E. H. Hedrick: Hist
William Heeley: see McAdams & Heeley; News85
William Heffron: News85
A. E. Heller: (horse trainer) News99
Dr. A. C. Helm: News91
Abel D. Helman: News86-92, News94
Otis O. Helman: News91
Helms: see Kenney & Helms, Wintjen & Helms; News90
Addison D. Helms: News92, News00
Albert M. Helms: (saloon keeper) News98-00, Med11
Addison Helms "Ad.": News86
Annie Helms: see Annie Dunn
Ed. Helms "Eddy": (saddler, teamster, marshal) News85-89, News95
George L. Helms: News93
Mrs. H. Helms: News94
Henry V. Helms: News89
Herman Helms: 1894
James Helms: News83, News91, News93-95, News00
Dr. Jesse L. Helms: (veterinarian) Bear
Oliver P. Helms: News00
Sophia Wolters Helms: News89
Harry Hembree: News90
William H. Hembree: (mill engineer, baker, washing machine manufacturer) News90-91, News94, News99-00; in Portland: MM8/30/1901p6
Hemworth: see Williams & Hemworth
James B. Hendershott: News85
Henderson & Isaacs: (barbers, laundrymen) News94
Henry L. Henderson: Med11
Ida Wilcox Henderson (Mrs. Peter): News89, News94
L. Henderson: (mason) News93
Peter Henderson "Pete": (barber) News89-94, Med91
Edward Hendricks "Ed": News86, News88, News92, News94
E. Henrietta: News95
Henry: Bear, News85
Judge Hensel: WJB
E. W. Hensler: News94
James Herely: (mail contractor, railroad man) see Dugan & Herely; News85-91, News93
Joseph Herely: News90
Margaret Dragon Herely (Mrs. James): News90
Heron: Hist
Alice Heriford: News94
David C. Herrin "Dave": (photographer) News85, News88-89, News97; in The Dalles: DT7/25/1898p2
John S. Herrin: News92, News95
Margaret E. Herrin: (photographer) News88
Herriott & Provolt: News85
William Herriott: (sawmill) News95
Ora F. Herron: see Ora Peyton
George T. Hershberger: (bartender) News98
M. Hershberger: News85
Hess & Lutkemeier: (brewers, City Brewery) News94
Gottlieb Hess: (brewer) News93-94
Jim Hess: Bear
Hibbard: News99
Jane Hibbard: News98
Jennie Hibbard: News00
Pearl Hibbard: (stenographer) News98
John Hickler: News98
Hicks: News00
Hicks & Kershaw: Med06
Anna E. Carney Hicks (Mrs. Elmer A.): News99
Elmer A. Hicks: (stone cutter) News99-00
H. J. Hicks: News95
Higgins & Townsend: (billiard parlor) News98
Stephen A. Douglas Higgins "Sad" "The Duke": (billiard hall owner) Hist, News89-96, News98
D. High: News95
Laura E. Barneburg High (Mrs. Dustin): News90, News92, News94-95
Mollie High: News97
N. A. High: (blacksmith) News89
Rudolph F. High: (barber, tobacconist) News83, Med85, News85-86, MM86, Med86, News92-95
Charles T. Higinbotham: News87; obit: MN6/20/1941p3
Jacob S. Higinbotham: (wagonmaker, wheelwright) MMv1n1p1c2b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c3b, News84, Med86, News87-89, Med88
Mrs. Jacob S. Higinbotham: News88-89, News91
Margaret E. Higinbotham: News87
Thomas B. Higinbotham: News85; obit: JP11/10/1917p3
W. R. Higinbotham: News88-89
Hill: see Bellinger & Hill; News90, News92-93
Hill: (newspaper foreman) News99
Arthur L. Hill: Hist
Rev. Clay M. Hill: News91-93
Cora E. Stewart Hill (Mrs. Dillon R.): News88
D. D. Hill: News92
Dillon R. Hill: (farmer) News88-89, News91, News93, News96 News00
E. M. Hill: News83
Edward Hill: News95
Etta Hill: see Etta Vawter
Elizabeth Hill (Mrs. Isaac): News86
Isaac Hill: News86
J. C. Hill: News93
Mrs. J. C. Hill: News97; in Seattle: DT10/24/1901p7
J. E. Hill: News93
James J. Hill: Med11
Joseph Hill "Joe": (drayman, bricklayer) News96-97, News99; visiting from Seattle: MT6/15/1910p5
Lagrand H. Hill: News86
Miss Hill: News84
Mrs. Hill: News95
T. C. Hill: News94
Lizzie Hillis: News91-92, News94
V. Meldo Hills: Hist
C. R. Himroth: Med03
Dr. Charles Hines: News98
Mrs. Charles Hines: News99
J. Hinkle: News91
Mrs. Hinkle and daughter: DT8/19/1892p3
Louis Hirl: Med11
Isaac E. Hitch: News99
Jesse F. Hittson: (police chief) True, IOOF
Charles C. Hixon: (cleaner and dyer) News96, News00
E. H. Hoag: News89
Everett A. Hoag: News85, News89, News92; in Galena, Kansas: DT1/2/1902p1
Hoagland: News90
Cassie Hoagland: News88, News98
Mrs. Charles W. Hoagland: News98
Hobson Bros.: News89
B. Hobson: News90-91
"Buck" Hobson: News91; in Humboldt County: MM8/15/1902p6
J. D. Hobson: News91
John Hockenjos: News88, News92-93
Rose Hockenyos: News98
Hockersmith & Klum: (pork packers) News92-93
Independent Hockersmith: News94
Jackson Hockersmith: News92
Mrs. Jackson Hockersmith: News94
John N. Hockersmith: (school district clerk) News86, News89, News92
Joseph W. Hockersmith: (butcher, pork packing house) News89-95
Charles Hocket: Bear
D. S. Hockett: News99
Charles Hocum: News95
R. H. Hodge: News00
Jesse G. Hodges: News00
William M. Hodson: Med07
J. P. Hoel: News94
John H. Hoffman: News84, News89-91
Kate Hoffman: News90
Mrs. Hoffman: News90
S. H. Hoffman: (dyer) News94
William Hoffman: News85
O. T. Hoft: News87
Miss Hofto: News88
Eli Hogan: Med93, News93
Frank P. Hogan: News84
Hogle: News94
Mattie Hogue: News88
Charles Holberg: News89
J. Holbin: News89
Ethel Holden: News90, News93
Ethel Holder: News92-93
George Holecamp: (sausage maker) News91
Dorthia Crosby Hollenbeak (Mrs. Edgar): News97
Edgar Hollenbeak: News92, News97
Miss Hollingsworth: (milliner) News00
Charles Hollingsworth:  News90
Etta Hollingsworth: News93, News00
F. Hollingsworth: News00
George Hollingsworth: News93
H. Hollingsworth: News88, News91
Harry L. Hollingsworth: Med93, News93-94, News97
Henry Hollingsworth: News89
Miss Hollingsworth, artist: News00
Frank W. Hollis: (Medford Furniture Co.) Med07
J. Holm: News89
Everett G. Holman: News00
Holmes Bros.: News85
John E. Holmes: (cook) News88
Robert A. Holmes: (fire insurance agent) Med10
William H. Holmes: News89
William M. Holmes "Billy": (deputy sheriff) News88, News92, Med08
B. Holson: News91
Henry Holst: News91-92
Holt: News92
Holt & Allison: News85
Holt & Bunch: (Frank Holt, R. G. Bunch, barbers) News93
Holt & Hardin: News85
Allen Holt: News93
Austin Holt: News93, News95
Donna Holt: News93
Forna Holt: News93
Frank Holt: (barber) News93
George W. Holt: MMv1n1p4c5b
J. O. Holt: News95
Jeanne Holt: see also DeRoboam; News84
Samuel H. Holt: (salesman, state senator) News91-95
V. L. Holt: News95
W. A. Holt: News93
Rev. William S. Holt: News86
Helen Holtan (Mrs. Olaus): News87
Hella Holtan (Mrs. Olaus): News87
Martin Holtan: News87
Olaus Holtan "Ollie": (merchant tailor) News85-93, Med86, Med88, Med91, Med93
John Holton: News95
Honeyman: (R.R.V.Ry.) News94
Honeyman, DeHart & Co.: (railroad operators) Hist, News90-91, News93-94
Thomas D. Honeyman: News91
William Honeyman: News91, News95
Alfred H. Hooker: News92, News98, News00
Bert Hooker: (street commissioner) News98, News00
H. Hooker: News97
Mrs. H. Hooper: News85
Hoover: see also Hover
Hoover Bros.: (G. W. and C. M., tinners, merchants) News85-86, Med86
Clarence M. Hoover: News85, News89
G. A. Hoover: News93, Med03
G. W. Hoover: MMv1n4p4c3a, News85, News87
H. E. Hoover: News88
Harry Hoover: News89
Lawrence Eugene Hoover: (sewing machine agent, insurance agent) News91-93; in Red Bluff: MM3/24/1893p3; News94, News97, News99
Hopkins: Med07
Charles Hopkins: News94
E. Hopkins: Min86
Lyman Hopkins: News94
Olney Hopwood: News99
Horn, Legate & Mickelson: (well borers) News89
Carrie Cronemiller Horton (Mrs. J. M.): News95
D. H. Horn (miner): News93
W. F. Horn: Med07
J. M. Horton: News84, News95; in Crescent City: MM8/2/1901p6
Prof. Horton: News95
A. E. Hoskins: News00
Al. Hoskins: News88
C. E. Hoskins: News00
Hosler & Howard: News93
Grace Hosler: News99
Harry Hosler: (creamery) News97, News99
Martha Hosler (Mrs. William H.): News91-92, News98
William H. Hosler: (saloon keeper, miner) News91-93, News00; back from Alaska: MM11/30/1900p2
Hosley: (saw mill) News95
Charles Hosley: (butcher) Med85, News85-86, News93
Hotaling Co.: News88
Houck: News95
Dr. Fred H. Houck: News91; in Los Angeles: MM9/3/1909p2
Jesse J. Houck: News84
Kate F. Horn Houck (Mrs. Jesse): News93
Mrs. C. B. Houser: News94
Isaac Householder: (farmer, woodcutter) News98
Adolphus H. Houston: (carpenter) News89, News92
Baily Houston: Bear
G. A. Houston: News91
Jack Houston: News91
Minnie Houston: News85
Mollie Merriman Houston (Mrs. G. A.): News91
Thomas B. Houston: News88
Will Houston: News91
Hover: see also Hoover
George A. Hover: (butcher) News91-93, News94
J. T. Hover (teacher): News91-92
Louisa Hover (Mrs. George): News93
Howard: see Vawter & Howard, Hosler & Howard; MMv1n4p4c1b, News87-88, News90
Annie M. Howard: see Annie McCullock
Caroline Howard (Mrs. Charles J.): News94
Charles J. Howard "Charley": (surveyor, civil engineer, express agent) First, Hist, News83, News88-94, News98-99; in Kerby: EY10/26/1899p3
Emma Howard (Mrs. George S.): News87-88, News95, News99-00; obit: OR3/29/1901p4
G. A. Howard: News90
George Howard: News98, News00
George S. Howard: (clerk, son of J. S. Howard) MMv1n1p4c1b, News83, News85, News88-90, News92, News94-95, News96, News99
George W. Howard: (insurance agent) First, Hist, News85-93, Min86, MM86, Med88, Med91, Med93; in Davenport, Washington: MM6/9/1893p2, DT6/16/1893p3, News94, News99, News00; in San Francisco: MM10/18/1901p7; ill in Alameda County: MT9/20/1912p5
Mrs. George W. Howard: News87
Harry H. Howard: (grocer) News-00
Hattie Howard: News00
Henry C. Howard: News85
J. A. Howard: News84
J. M. Howard: News93
James Howard "Jimmy": News90, News92, News95
Mrs. James H. Howard: News90
James R. Howard: News90-93
James Sullivan Howard: (surveyor, engineer, merchant, postmaster) MMv1n1p1c5a, MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n4p1c4a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c5-6a, Trans, First, Hist, Phipps, News83-96, Med84, Min85-88, MM86, Med86, Med89, Med91, Med94, News98-00
John F. Howard: News91
John W. Howard: News84, News89, News91; in Klamath County: MM12/13/1901p7; visiting from Corvallis: MM12/27/1901p6, MM1/3/1902p6; in Berkeley: MM7/16/1909p2
Lavina Howard: News00
Leon Howard: News00
Martha B. Howard (Mrs. James S.): Hist, News85, News87-88, News90, News93-94, News97-98
Martha C. Howard: see Martha Roberts; News87-88
May Howard: News89
Meda Howard: News98
Nettie L. Howard: see Nettie Webb; Hist, News84, Med84, News86-87
T. M. Howard: (saloon operator) News91-93, News98
Ted Howard: News93-94, News98
W. J. Howard: News88, News90, News94
W. M. Howard: News99
Warren Howard: News87
Willard Howard: News00
Frank E. Howe: News99
Howell: see Crawford, Howell & Co.; News90, News91
Howell & Deneff's String Band: News84
Howell Brothers: News91
Cheney Howell: IOOF
Florence Howell (Mrs. Harry H.): IOOF
Harry Hamilton Howell: IOOF
Harry Howell Jr.: IOOF
J. D. Howell: (railroad contractor) News91
John Howell Jr.: News89
Judge Howell: News98
Roberta Howell: IOOF
T. J. Howell: News95
F. L. Howey: (farmer) News98
Rev. Alfred C. Howlett "Dick": News93-94
Millie Howlett: News91
John Jay Howser: (mayor) Hist, News96, News98, News00; in Corvallis: MM3/26/1909p2, MT5/21/1913pp2,6
Hoxie: Med84
Rev. Charles H. Hoxie: MMv1n4p4c1a, Hist, News84-94, Med88, Min88
Rev. J. Hoxie: News87
Laura M. Hoxie (Mrs. C. H.): News89
Mrs. Lottie Hoxie: Med84
Sarah F. Hoxie: News89
Belle Hoyt: (teacher, bookkeeper, clerk) News90, News92-94
Hallie L. Hoyt: (bookkeeper) News92, News94; see Mrs. Johnson
Hubbard Brothers: Hist, IOOF, Strang, Med88, News92, News94, Med97, News97-98
Ada Waltrene Knowles Hubbard (Mrs. Asahel C.): News99
Aletha Hubbard: IOOF
Alexis Hubbard: IOOF
Asahel C. Hubbard: Hist, IOOF, News87, Med93, News97-98, Med07
Axel Hubbard: Med88
Earl Hubbard: IOOF
Ferdinand A. Hubbard: IOOF
Fortunatus Hubbard: (implement dealer) IOOF, Hist, Med84, News84-91, Min85, Med86, Min88, Med88, Med91, Med93, News94, Med97, News98
Fortunatus Hubbard, Jr.: IOOF, News84, News92-94, News98
Lydia Meadows Hubbard (Mrs. Fortunatus): IOOF
Mrs. H. Hubbard: News90
O. A. Hubbard & Co.: News88
Otis A. Hubbard: IOOF, Med93, News93-94
Rena Hubbard: News00
Theresa/Tressa McKee Hubbard (Mrs. Fortunatus Jr.): IOOF, News94, News97
George A. Hubbell: (justice of the peace) MMv1n4p4c1a, News85, News87; in San Francisco: DT6/16/1893p3
Hubbs: News00
Julia Hubbs (Mrs. Luther P.): Hist
Hudson: News93
Mrs. Hudson: News90
Huff: see Davis & Huff; News89-90, News92
Huff & Whiteside: (lumber) News89
H. Huff: News92
M. H. Huff: News91-92, Med91
W. H. Huff: News90
Walter P. Huff: News84
William Huff: News89
Frank A. Huffer: (surveyor, attorney) News87, News90; in Eugene: DT9/19/1890p3; News93; in Tacoma: MM8/16/1901p3, MM12/26/1902p3
Jaly A. Huffer (Mrs. John H.): News88
Judge John H. Huffer: (turner, miner, justice of the peace, recorder) News84-85, News87, News91, News00
John H. Huffer, Jr.: (stone mason) News92, News94
O. T. Hufts: News88
William Huggins: News85
J. Hughes: News94
Louis L. Huillier: Med11
Meta Woody Hukill (Mrs. C. E.): News95
Duncan A. Huling: (hardware merchant) First, News88-91, News94
Mary Ellen McAffee Huling (Mrs. Duncan): News95
A. H. Hull: News90
Dora Hull: see Dora Anderson
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Hull (Mrs. Millard): News85
Frank H. Hull: (photographer) News99, Med07
George Hull: (liveryman) News88
John Hull: News89
Millard Hull: News85
Silas H. Hull: (real estate agent) News88-91
Sarah Hull (Mrs. Silas H.): News89, News91
Warren Hull: News86
Theodore Huller: (tailor) News97
Ivan Humason: (mine promoter, druggist) News00; leaving for Portland: MM1/24/1902p3
Rev. James Hummer: News90
Mabell Humphrey: see Mabell Carter
W. H. Humphrey: Med11
E. B. Hunsaker: News87, News92
Hunt: News93
Captain Hunt: News94
A. F. Hunt: Bear
Jane Hunt: True, IOOF
Ed. L. Huntley: (salesman) News89
Hurd: News85
Fred O. Hurd: (miner) News99
J. D. Hurd: News98
John A. Hurlburt: News83, News85
James M. Hurley/Heurley: News94
Lizzie Hurley/Heurley: News94
Hurn: see Terrill & Hurn; Hearn
Clara Hurst: (restaurant operator) News95
Margaret Hurst (Mrs. Martin F.): Glim, News91
Martin F. Hurst "Mart": (hotel keeper) Bear, News91-93
Miss Hurst: News92
Hurt: see Barr & Hurt
Argiva V. Hurt (Mrs. Erastus): News89, News98
Erastus G. Hurt: (street commissioner, carpenter, fence manufacturer, city engineer, councilman) MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, First, Hist, News84-94, Min85-88, Med86, Med88, News98
Grover Garland Hurt: News86
M. C. Hussey: News89
Hussey's: True
O. U. Husted: News95
Adolphus H. Huston: (carpenter) News89, News92
J. Hutchens: News88
Hutchinson: Bear, News90
C. F. Hutchinson: News90
E. Hutchinson: News99
F. Hutchinson: Med03
F. C. Hutchinson: News91
Mrs. F. W. Hutchinson: News96
J. Hutchinson: News89
Mary Hutchinson: see Mary Duncan
Hutchison: News90, News91
Hutchison & Enyart: News92
Hutchison & Lumsden: Hist, Med88
Clarence I. Hutchison "Hutch": (railroad agent, merchant) see Hutchison & Enyart; Cranfill & Hutchison; Hutchison & Lumsden; Hist, Med88, News88-96, Med93, News98-99
Fern Hutchison: News00
Frank W. Hutchison: News89-90, News96, News98-99
Mattie Myers Hutchison (Mrs. Clarence I.): Hist, News94, News96, News00
Lewis C. Hyde: News83
Thomas J. Hyman: News92
Thomas A. Hymon: News92
Captain Hyzer: News83-84
Mary Ingledue (Mrs. William K.): News94
William K. Ingledue: News94
Robert Inman "Bob": (outlaw) News96
Innis & Dodson: (contractors) News89
Chester A. Inskeep: Bear
Alexander Ireland "Alec" "Alex": News94-95; in Colfax, Washington: MM7/19/1907p5
Bertha Ireland: News94
Ed C. Ireland: Med11
Henry Ireland: News99
J. G. Ireland: (hotel keeper) News94
T. A. Ireland: (hotel keeper) News94-95
Benjamin F. Irvine: Med27
J. R. Irvine: News94
Isaac: News88
Isaacs: see Hall & Isaacs, Henderson & Isaacs; Min88, News94
Isaacs & Murray: (G. W. Isaacs, Sam. Murray, butchers) News91
B. W. Isaacs: (butcher) News91
Charley Isaacs: News87, News00; in Portland: MM8/9/1901p6, MM3/14/1902p7
Edna Eifert Isaacs (Mrs. Frank): IOOF
Mrs. Emma Isaacs: Med84
George W. Isaacs Jr.: (barber) News90, News94-95; in Vancouver, B.C.: MM11/8/1901p7
George W. Isaacs: (butcher) Hist, News85, News87-93, News98-00; in Vancouver, B.C.: DT7/30/1900p3, MM3/1/1901p6, MM11/8/1901p7
Irene Hampton Isaacs (Mrs. William F.): Med10
Mamie Isaacs: (teacher) News91-95, News98-00; in Vancouver, Washington: MM4/18/1902p6
Mary Isaacs: News87
May E. Isaacs: News93
William Francis Isaacs "Will" "Toggery Bill" "Billy": Hist, News87, Med88, News93, News99-00
Ish: News85, News87-89, News95, News97
Richard L. Ish: News89
Sarah Elizabeth Jones Ish "Sallie": News87-89, News91-95
Sophenia Jane Ish "Sophie": see Sophenia Baker, Sophenia Gore; WJB, News84-88, News93
Ann Ish (Mrs. William K.): News85
Jacob Isler: News95
William H. Jacks: News84-85, Min88, News89; in Albany, Oregon: OR10/7/1909p7
Jackson: see Phillips & Jackson; News87, News92, News98-99
Jackson & Damon: (builders, shoe store) News88-89
Jackson County Bank: True, Hist, Med88, News92
Jackson County Courthouse: Phipps
Jackson County Flume & Irrigation Company: News94
Jackson County Sabbath School Association: MMv1n4p4c2a
A. S. Jackson: News88
Alfred H. Jackson: News89
Anna T. Jackson: News94
George Andrew Jackson: (county clerk, assessor) News92-95, News98-99
Helen Jackson: News95
H. W. Jackson "Willsie": News00
Jennie Jackson: (teacher, railroad agent) News89, News92
Moses Jackson: News98
Walter Jackson: News85, News88
Dr. Will Jackson: (dentist) News85, News87-91, News98-99
William Jackson: News99
William B. Jackson: (gardener) News99
Willie Jackson: News93
Jacob & Cormack: (sawmill) News90
Jacobs: see Byers & Jacobs; News87-88, News94
Abraham S. Jacobs: (mason, sheriff) News84-85, News88-89, News91; in Brownsboro: MM9/29/1893p1
Emma Strang Jacobs (Mrs. Newton A.): News87-89, News94
Hellena Jacobs (Mrs. Lee): News92
John W. Jacobs: (stonecutter, clerk) see Shely & Jacobs; Bark, News85, News98
Lee L. Jacobs: (county treasurer) Bark, News94, News98, News00; running for Recorder: JP10/17/1914p3
Mamie Jacobs: News89
Mary Jacobs (Mrs. Abraham): News98
Newton A. Jacobs "Newt" "Nute": (deputy, teacher, superintendent of schools, county clerk) News85, News87-95, Med88, Med93, News98-99; leaving for California: MM6/22/1900p6; in Los Angeles: MM1/11/1901p7; in Long Beach: MM3/29/1901p7; in Corona: MM8/2/1901p7; in Covina: MM1/17/1902p6, Covina Argus1/25/1902p5; in Corona: MM8/29/1902p7; in Riverside, California: MM5/16/1902p7, CPH5/30/1907p4; obit: JP4/27/1918p3
Jacoby Bros.: (merchants) News90; in Oakland, California: DT7/28/1893p3
Jakes & Murray: (butchers) News91
A. Jakes: (butcher) News91-92
Thomas James: (miner) News94-95; in Rossland, B.C.: MM1/10/1902p6, DT1/16/1902p4
Sarah Janney (Mrs. Edwin M.): Med10, Med11
Emma Jansen (Mrs. Henry A.): IOOF, News92
Henry A. Jansen: IOOF
William Jarvis: News00
Caleb Jeffers: News90
Jeffrey: see White & Jeffrey
Miss Anna Jeffrey: (teacher) News98-99
Mrs. Anna Jeffrey: News99
James Jeffrey: (surveyor) News84, News88
John A. Jeffrey: (attorney, state represesntative) News95, News98-00
Mrs. M. Jeffrey: News99
Mrs. R. G. Jeffrey: News98-99
Robert Jeffrey: News97
Mrs. F. A. Jeffries: Med84
C. S. Jenkins: (telegrapher) Med86-87
W. C. Jenkins: (pastor, attorney) News96
Jennings & Lane: (livery stable) News00
E. B. Jennings: (liveryman) News00
F. W. Jennings: News99
J. A. Jennings: MMv1n4p4c3a
Mollie Reames Jennings (Mrs. F. W.): News99
S. L. Jessup: Med93, News94
Mr. John: News90
Mollie John: News95
William Johns: News88
Johnson: see also Johnston; McCarty and Johnson; Merriman & Johnson; Faris & Johnson; Porter & Johnson; Curry & Johnson; News85, News88-91, News93-94
Johnson & Anderson: (builders) News88
Johnson & Palm: (real estate) News90
Johnson & Porter: News93
Johnson & Russell: (house painters) News94
Johnson & Spears: (sign painters) Med86
Johnson, McCarthy & Johnson: Hist, News91-93
A. Johnson: News88
A. G. Johnson: News89, News91
A. J. Johnson: (fence salesman) News90
Rev. A. M. Johnson: News87
Albert Johnson: News90
Ashba Logan Johnson: (real estate agent, banker) see also Land Office: MMv1n1p1c2-3b, MMv1n4p1c2-3a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, News83-89, Med85, Min85, MM86, Med86
Augustus S. Johnson: (butcher, deputy assessor) MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist, News84-85, Min85, News87-91, News93
Caroline G. Johnson (Mrs. Augustus S.): Med84
Carl J. Johnson: News92
Carrie L. Johnson: News98-99
Charles G. Johnson: (marshal) Med93, News98-99
Charles H. Johnson: (attorney) News94
Edward A. Johnson: (miller) News89-92, Med93, News94, News98; in Drain: MM9/7/1900p6, MM3/29/1901p6
E. Maud Johnson: News87, News95
E. Johnson: (painter) News93
E. O. Johnson: News90
E. S. Johnson: (plumber) News89-92
Edw. Johnson: Min86, News93
Emma Johnson: see Emma Bartle
Eva C. Johnson: News84
Frances I. J. Johnson (Mrs. E. A.): News89, News91-92
G. W. Johnson: News93-94
Geary Johnson: (assayist) News93-94
George B. Johnson: News92
Hallie Hoyt Johnson: (Mrs. Wesley): News95
Ida Sisemore Johnson (Mrs. W. B.): News90
J. Johnson: News83
J. S. Johnson: (miller) News90
J. W. Johnson: News89
Jacob Johnson: News89, News91-93, Med93
James A. Johnson: News89, News91
Jo Johnson: (liveryman) News89
John F. Johnson: (bartender) News87, News92
Joseph Johnson: News89
Joseph O. Johnson: (real estate agent, farmer) WJB, News89-93, News95-96, News99
Mrs. Joseph O. Johnson: News89, News91, News96; obit: MT5/3/1920p5
L. W. Johnson: News89
Lizzie H. Johnson: Hist, Med84, News85, News91-92
Lucinda Anderson Johnson (Mrs. William O.): News95
Martha E. Johnson: see Martha Kimble
Mary J. Johnson (Mrs. Jacob): News00
Minnie Johnson: News90
Mrs. Johnson: News93
Nancy Johnson: News91
Noah R. Johnson: News00
Norah Plymale Johnson (Mrs. E. S.): News90-91, News94
O. C. Johnson: Hist
O. H. Johnson: (jeweler, painter) MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1b, Min85, News85-88; in Garfield, Washington: MM11/30/1900p2
Mrs. O. H. Johnson: News91
Mrs. O. O. Johnson: News91
O. W. Johnson: (ice works) News92
P. W. Johnson: News88
Rachel M. Johnson: News92
R. N. Johnson: News97
T. Wesley Johnson "Wes" "West": (drayman, night watchman) News88-95, News98-00
Thomas Johnson: (clerk) News99
W. B. Johnson: News90
W. S. Johnson: News91
W. T. Johnson: (fireman) News92
William Johnson: (ice works, assayist) News91-94; moving to Ashland: MM1/5/1895p3
William Otto Johnson "Bud": (blacksmith) News95
William R. Johnson: News00
Johnston: see also Johnson; News92
A. G. Johnston: (real estate agent) News89-92
A. H. Johnston: News89
Ada Sisemore Johnston (Mrs. W. B.): News87, News90
Fred. Johnston: News99
George B. Johnston: News92
Isaac H. Johnston: News84-85
L. W. Johnston: News89
Martha E. Johnston: see Martha Kimball
Mary J. Johnston: News89, News90
T. W. Johnston: (delivery man) News94
W. B. Johnston: News90
W. P. Johnston: News98-99
Jones: See York & Jones; News94-95
Alexander N. Jones: News83
Bertie Jones: News95
Burt Jones: (evangelist) News89
Cora Jones: News98
Dora Jones (Mrs. W. V.): News96
Elmer Jones: News89
Garl T. Jones: (surveyor, school clerk) Med93, News93-95, News98-00
George E. Jones: News87
Rev. J. L. Jones: News94, News99
James C. Jones: Min88, News88, Med93
John Jones: News89
Justice Jones: News98
Kate H. Jones: see Mrs. Anderson
L. Jones: News89
Lillie Jones: News87
Lou Della Jones (Mrs. Walter S.) "Loudell": News89-94
Mabel/Maybel G. Jones: News93-94, News99
Marcus E. Jones: News95
O. Jones: Med11
Reuben A. Jones "Roub": News85; visiting: DT11/17/1893p3
Samuel T. Jones: News85
Stoughton P. Jones: (stage driver, barkeep) News98
Rev. T. L. Jones: News86-87
W. A. Jones: News98, Med03
Wilbur Jones: News89, News93, News98
William Richard Jones: (Ish Ranch foreman) News85, News89, News93, News95, News98
W. V. Jones: News96
Dr. Walter S. Jones: (physician) News90-95, Med93, News97-00; stricken: MM3/27/1908p5; death: OR4/2/1908p6, MM4/3/1908p8; condolences: MM4/17/1908p4
Wilbur Jones: Med03
William Jones: Bear
William R. Jones: News83-84, News89, News91
Francis M. Jordan: (jeweler) News94, News00
G. M. Jordan: News91
"Stormy" Jordan: News91
R. Jorgenson: News93
J. W. Jory: News99
F. M. Judd: (jeweler) News94
Dr. N. W. Judd: News00
Mamie Judge: News88
Justus: see Wrisley & Justus; News83, News85-87, News90
Anna Justus: MMv1n1p4c5b, News85; obit: MM11/30/1900p2
Emma Justus: News87-89
G. W. Justus: News93
George R. Justus: (logger) News86, News89, News91, News93-95, News98-99
John Justus: News91, News93
Jonas Justus: News87, News94, News98
Lucinda Justus (Mrs. William): News88, News91, News93
Ora Justus: News95
Sarah Jane Justus (Mrs. George R.): News92, News95
William Justus: News85
Mrs. C. W. Kahler: News97
Charles Wesley Kahler "Wes": News86, News91
Dr. George Kahler: News88; visiting from Tacoma: MM9/12/1902p6
Ida Kahler: News92
Maria Cardwell Kahler (Mrs. Robert): News90
Thomas P. Kahler: News84, News89, News94
Jacob Kahn: see also Kohen; News92
Kaiser: News90
E. F. Kaiser: News89
E. J. Kaiser: (newspaperman) News95, Hist; in Oakland, California: AT10/8/1931p2
A. L. Kaize: News89
Mrs. C. W. Kaley: News97
Kame & Gilkey: (hardware) News94
Mary C. Markham Kame (Mrs. William T.): News00
William T. Kame: (shoes, hardware) WJB, News94, News98-00
E. Charles Kane: News84, News90
Gustav Karewski: News84-85
Johanna Karewski (Mrs. Gustav): Med03
A. Karitsch: (brewer) News92
Duff G. Karnes: (confectioner) News92, News97-98, News00
Karnes & Mounce: (soda works) News99-00
Karnes & Ritter: News00--"Duff and Jim" (MM4/14/1905p5)
Clarence Kasshafer: News91
Frank Kasshafer: (bartender) News84, News87-90, News98
Kauffman & Fisher: News94
J. Kavanaugh: News88
Kearney: News83
Thomas T. Kearney: News84
Emma Kebutz/Kibbuts: see Emma Pohlman
Anna Keegan: (telegrapher) News94
Janey Keegan: News90
Johnny Keegan: News85
Owen Keegan: News85, News87
Dr. James M. Keene: (dentist) Hist, News98-00, Med10; in Portland: MM1/18/1901p7
Mollie Barneburg Keene (Mrs. Dr. James M.): Hist
A. T. Keese: News88
Jacob Keets: (liveryman) News99
Cordelia Keizur: News92
Kelley: News86, News91
Kelley, Dunn & Co.: News94
George Kelley: News90
Jac Kelley: News94
Joe Kelley: (section foreman) News89, News94-95
John F. Kelley: News87, News89-90, News92-93, News98
Lou Kelley: News87
Lulu Kelley: News93
Lutie Kelley: News93
Kellogg: Wild, News89
Kellogg & Co.: (steamboat) News91
Mrs. Kellogg: News92
Alva E. Kellogg: (farmer) True, IOOF, News91-93
Mrs. Amanda A. Kellogg: News94-95, News98-99
Amanda B. Kellogg (Mrs. Jason): News89, News93-94
Charles D. Kellogg: News92-94, News98
Clarence Kellogg: (railroad fireman, mill engineer) News91-94; in Portland: MM10/2/1896p7
Edward A. Kellogg: (steamboat captain) News91-92
M. Ellen Kellogg (Mrs. Orrin): News90
Jason Kellogg: (engineer) News89-90, News92-94, Med93
Muriel Kellogg: Med07
Miss N. Kellogg: News92
Kelly: Med07
Fred Kelly: (miner) News00
Joseph F. Kelly: News86-88, News92-93, News97; dead in Klamath Falls: MT4/9/1925p6
Joeseph T. Kelly: News89, News93, News97
Mrs. L. Kelly: News90
T. Kelso: Med03
Nathan Kendall: News99
Rev. Reese P. Kendall: News93, News95
John R. Kennedy: News89
Luther Kennedy: News87, News89
W. F. Kennedy: News89
Kenney: see also Kinney; News84
Kenney & Helms: (saddlers) News85
Kenney & Wolters: (W. G. Kenney, H. H. Wolters, saloon keepers) MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7a, News84-86, Min85, MM86, Med86
Kenney & Worman: News86-87
Kenney & Wortman: MM86, News86-87
Daniel Kenney: News94
Mrs. Elizabeth T'Vault Kenney "Lib": News84; obit: MT10/24/1911p6
George Kenney: (engineer) News99
J. M. Kenney: News00
Mollie Snider Kenney (Mrs. William G.): News84-85
Rosetta Ulrich Kenney (Mrs. T. J.): News93
Thomas Joseph Kenney: (saddler, butcher) News85, News90-91, News93, News99-00
William G. Kenney "Bill": (liveryman, drayman, mail contractor) see Kenney & Wolters; Gem Saloon; Hist, News84-92
Kenny: see also Kenney, Kinney
Thomas B. Kent: (district attorney) News91
Herbert C. Kentner: (merchant, school board) Med06
W. W. Kentnor: News89
Rev. J. E. Kenworthy: News00
William Kenworthy: News00
A. D. Kenyon: News95
Robert Kercherd: News89
Nellie P. Kercheval: News87, News93
Nettie P. Kercheval: News93
Kerr: News94
A. M. Kerr: (telephone company) News94
Kershaw: see Hicks & Kershaw
Kertson & Bain: (newspaper) News91
Kertson & Ward: News91
Felix G. Kertson: (newspaper editor) Hist, News91-93; patent: SOM1/20/1893p3(2); in Portland: MM3/3/1893p3; in Independence: MM4/21/1893p3, MM5/5/1893p3
Nellie Graves Kertson (Mrs. Felix G.): News92
Frances Kessler: News98
Dr. Edward T. Ketcham: (dentist) News92
Capt. A. L. Kidder: News86, News89
Kilburn: see Vincent & Kilburn
S. P. Kilburn: News90
Edmund Kimball: News86
Martha E. Johnson  Kimball (Mrs. Edmund): News86
W. W. Kimball & Co.: News89
Edmund Kimble: News86
Martha E. Johnson Kimble (Mrs. Edmund): News86
Frank Kime: News87
Nicholas Kime: News86
Widow Kime: News92
Kincaid Bros.: News91-92
Julia Kincaid: News93
William B. Kincaid: News85, News99; obit: MM9/27/1901p3
S. W. Kindle: (railroad conductor, orchardist) News92-93
King: News94, News98
Charles A. King: (saloonkeeper) News00
Emanuel King: Hist, Med03
Etta King: News98
Frank King: News00
George F. King: dead in Sacramento: MT12/6/1943p3
Jerome King: News85
Mrs. Martha King: News85
R. T. King: (farmer) News98-99
Walter S. King: News92-93
William J. King: (saloon keeper, miner) News95-96, News98-00
Kingsbury & Allen: (real estate) News89
B. R. Kingsbury: News92
Mrs. Bert Kingsbury: News94
Charles B. Kingsbury: News88, News92
Frank Kinley: News89
Kinney: see also Kenney
Harlow G. Kinney "Jerry": (painter, gold miner) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-89, Min85, Med86, News93-94; in Riddle: MM4/14/1893p3, MM4/21/1893supplementp2; murdered in Trinity Co., California: MM8/24/1900p7; in San Jacinto: MM8/2/1901p7
Thomas J. Kinney: Bear, News96, News00
W. G. Kinney: News85
Rev. Louis C. Kirby: IOOF
Dr. Emil Kirchgessner: (physician) Med93, News93-00
Rose J. Kirchgessner (Mrs. Emil): News00
J. Kirchmann: News00
Kirkland: News83
W. W. Kirkwood: News89
Heinrich Kirschner: News88
Bruce Kitterman: Bear
Sophia Kitzlinger: News89
Klamath Star: MMv1n1p4c4a
Claus Kleinhammer: News85, News86, News88, Med03
Cathrine Kleinhammer "Kate": see Kate Van Dyke
J. L. Kline: News92
Klippel & Baumle: News86-87
Klippel & Fitch: News89
Klippel & Lee: (lumber yard, sawmill) News90-91
Klippel & Marcuson: (lumber yard) News93-95
Klippel & Skeel: News90
Adam Klippel: News92
Alice Klippel "Allie": News94, News98, News00
Elizabeth A. Bigham Klippel (Mrs. Henry): News90, News92
Fred Klippel: News95, News00
Henry Klippel: (real estate agent, pork packer, lumber merchant) Hist, WJB, News86-95, Med88,OH89, Med91, News98, News00
Jacob Klippel: News92
John H. Klippel: News93, News99
Lannes P. Klippel: News94, News00
Richard H. Klippel: News84
Klum: see Hockersmith & Klum
Blaine Klum: (artist, sign painter) Med07, Med10
Charles K. Klum: News92-93
H. C. Knackstedt: (hotel man) News98-99
Mrs. H. C. Knackstedt: News99
Ralph L. Knapp: Hist
B. Knepp: News94
Benjamin "Tack" Knight: Pinto
Bertha L. Purdin Knight (Mrs. Stephen E.): News89
J. I. Knight: News89
J. T. Knight: (sewing machine agent) News88
Mrs. Knight: News87
Stephen E. Knight: News89
Ida Gibson Knotts (Mrs. Perry): News94
Perry Knotts: (miner) News94
Fred W. Knowles: News92
Robert Knowles: News87
W. I. Knowles: News92
George Knowlton: News85
C. D. Knox: Med89
Lottie Knox: (telegrapher) News98
Mamie Knox: (telegrapher) News98
Richard Koehler: Phipps, News83-85, Min85, News87, News93
George Kohlhagen: (cattle dealer) News00
Jacob Kohen: see also Kahn; News92
Charles Kohn: News86
Roma Addison Koppes "Romeo": Wild
Kott: News93
A. L. Kotze: News92-93
Dr. William F. Kremer: News84-85, News93
Kress: see also Cress
Kress & Fischer: (painters) News87, News89
O. M. Krewson: News84
Krouse: News93
Paul Krutzler: Med03
Mrs. E. J. Kubli: News99
Elenor C. Kubli (Mrs. Kaspar): News86, News95
Henry D. Kubli: News86, News91-92, News97, News00
Kaspar K. Kubli "Kap": News84, News86, News90, News93-95, News97-98; in Pendleton: JP7/12/1913p3
Kaspar Kubli Jr.: News91
Theodore Kugler: News88
George J. Kurtz: (cigar mfr.) News98-00; leaving for Portland: MM10/25/1901p7; suicide in Portland: MT11/15/1912p5
Prof. La France: News87
Dr. A. H. Lackey: News88
Father LaCroix: News00
Lacy: News91, News93
Bud Lacy: News84
Emma J. Lacy (Mrs. J. H.): News89
John H. Lacy: (carpenter, farmer) News84-85, News89
John S. Lacy: News92
William S. Ladd: Med00
W. N. Ladue: News88
M. LaFollett: News91
Elmer LaFollett: News91
Charles J. Laird: (stage driver, stockraiser) News95
A. Lamb: News90, News93
Charles Lambert "Charley": News94
Harry Lambert: News85
Joseph H. Lame: WJB; obit MM5/29/1908p2
Ben Hur Lampman: Wild
G. W. Lance, Jr.: News97
Land Office Livery Stable: MMv1n1p4c2b
Daniel Landis: News89
Hattie Landis: News87
John Landis: News87
Mollie Landis: News87
General Joseph Lane "Jo" "Joe": News88-89
Simon R. Lane: (liveryman) News00
Arthur Langell: News89-90
Frank Langell: (newspaperman) News85
Jessie Langell: News95
Nathaniel Langell "Nathan" "Nat" News85-86, News91-92, News95; obit: JP5/17/1919p3
Bertha E. Langley: News88, News93
Ernest A. Langley: (railroad fireman, fireman, contractor) News88-93, News95, News99
Louisa Langley (Mrs. George): News88
Lucy E. Langley: News88-89
James Langshire: News83
Louise G. Lansing: Med11
John G. Lanterman: News83; in Merlin: JP11/15/1913p3
Walter Lantz: Pinto
G. M. LaPorte: News84
J. M. LaPorte: News85
Dan Large: News83
Fred Larsen: (farmer) News91
Larson: News94
L. Larson: (painter) News95
S. J. Lashier: (printer) News99
Dr. J. P. Latour: (veterinarian) News93-94
Herbert E. Law: News87
Effie Laws: see Mrs. Badley
Henry Laws: News95
William B. Laws: News93-94
Lawton: see Haskins & Lawton; News84-85, News90, News92-94
Lawton & Son: (real estate) News87, Med88, News88, News89
Denison Taylor Lawton "Dennis": (real estate agent, fireman, implement company manager, steamboat agent, notary) First, Hist, News84, Min86, MM86, News86-95, Med88, Med93,  News98-00
Francis M. Lawton: Med84
Grace Lawton: Glim, Med07
Guy Lawton: News95
J. H. Lawton: News00
Joseph West Lawton: (harness maker, fire chief, city councilman) First, Hist, Wild, News85, News87, News90-91, Med93, News93-95, News97-00
Amelia "Millie" Rice Lawton (Mrs. Denison T.): Hist, Med84, News87-89, News91, News95, News98; visiting New York: MM9/6/1901p6
Robert T. Lawton: (engineer, real estate agent, town recorder) MMv1n1p1c1b, MMv1n4p1c4a, MMv1n4p4c3a, First, Hist, News84-89, Med84, Min85-86, MM86, Med86, Med88, Min88, Med91, News92, Med93, News94-95, News98, News00, Med07
Frances West Lawton (Mrs. Robert T.): News90, News94-95
John T. Layton: News88
Leabo & Smith: News91
H. L. Leach: Med11
Leadbetter & Son (Charles H. & Frederick W.): Hist, Med93, News93-94
Charles H. Leadbetter: News93, News00
D. L. Leanton: News89
Albert Learned: News91
Lee: see Klippel & Lee
Emma Lee: News89
Jonas A. Lee: (attorney) News90-91
W. G. Lee: News83
William Howard Leeds: News90, News94
Frank Leet: News90
William C. Leever: News85, News88
A. LeFevre: News83
Legate: see Hamilton & Legate; Horn, Legate & Mickelson
Lizzie Legate (Mrs. William P. H.): WJB, News93
William P. H. Legate: (blacksmith, grocer) see Merriman & Legate, Morris & Legate; News90-95, Med91, Med93, News98; in Fresno: MM9/26/1902p7
Leghorn: see Youle, Gillroy & Leghorn
Lehners: News89
Kate Lemberger: News95
A. D. Lembocker: Med11
Dr. C. Lempert: MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n4p1c1a, News88-89
Herman Lenhart: News93
Leonard & Skeeters: (Charles Skeers, J. Leonard, variety store) News90-91
Father Leonard: News88
James A. Leonard: News90-91, News93
Robert Leonard: (N.P. ticket agent) News95
Leoni: News85
Eulinda Lehnherr: see Eulinda Dubell
D. A. Levens: News86, News88
Percy H. Levin: News98
Lewellen & Lynch: MMv1n1p1c3b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c4b, Hist, News85
Frank Lewellen: see also Llewellyn, Luellen; News85-86, News88
Charles Lewellyn: News91
Lewis: see Mitchell & Lewis, Mitchell, Lewis & Staver; News85, News89, Med08
Lewis: (painter) News91
Lewis brothers: (threshers) News98
Anna M. Crystal Lewis (Mrs. Charles F.) "Annie": News88, News92, News99
Rev. C. A. Lewis: News90-91
C. Hunt Lewis: Med03, Med07
Charles F. Lewis "Charlie": (railroad engineer, machinist, machinery agent) WJB, News88, News91-92; back from Costa Rica: SOM1/20/1893p3, Med93, News93-95; obit: News99
Dr. Lewis: (veterinarian) News89
E. F. Lewis: News89
Frank Lewis: (foot racer) News90, News94
George N. Lewis: News98
H. C. Lewis: News88, News90-91
H. L. Lewis: News88
John W. Lewis: News85
Lafayette Lewis "Lafe": News89
M. C. Lewis: News90
Nancy Riggs Lewis (Mrs. Oscar F.): Med88, News88
Newton Lewis "Newt": News93
Oscar F. Lewis: (painter) News85-88, Med88; leaving for Yreka: JP9/6/1919p3
Phoebe Simpkins Lewis (Mrs. John W.): News85
T. J. Lewis: (miner) News95
Viola Lewis: see Mrs. Hayes
Dr. W. Lewis: News89
Wesley Lewis "Wes": (miner) News94
Wilfred Lewis: News85
William Lewis: News86
W. Liggett: News93
Miss Lillard: Hist
Gin Lin: First
Otto Lind: News85, News87
Anna B. Lindley: News00
Anna Phipps Lindley (Mrs. J. S.): News00
G. B. Lindley: News94
George Pierre Lindley: WJB, Med88, Med97, News93-96, News98, News00
George Robert Lindley: News93-94, News97-98, News00
J. S. Lindley: News00
Morton Lindley: (miner) News95
Sarah A. Ulrich Lindley (Mrs. George P.): News94
Ling & Boardman: (house painters) News95
Harry Ling: Med07
James W. Ling: Med11
David Linn "Davy": (furniture maker, undertaker, orchardist, mill operator) News86, News89, News90; bio: MM3/5/1909p3; cancer: MT7/23/1911pB4; obit: MT5/17/1912p4, MT5/18/1912pB2
Fletcher Linn: News86, News94; in Portland: MM11/5/1908p2, JP5/3/1913p3
James Linn: (railroad fireman) News92
David Lipman: News90
Ida W. Lippincott (Mrs. Walter V.): News91-95, News98, News00
Mazie Lippincott: News93
Walter V. Lippincott: (Western Union agent, station agent) News91-95, News97-00; in Riverside, California: MM1/11/1901p6
Walter Lippincott Jr.: News98
Lida May Lippincott "Maysie" "Mazie": News92, News98, News00; obit: MM1/18/1901p7
Hazen J. Little: News90-91
R. P. Little: (tamale maker) News98-00
William Little: News84, News98
David Litts: True
Livingstone: News90
Mrs. Livingstone: News90
Llewellyn & Lynch: see Lewellen & Lynch
Frank Llewellyn: see also Lewellen; Llewellyn & Lynch; News85
Miss L. Lloyd: News89
Francis F. Loder "Frank": (deliveryman) News00, Med07
Mrs. Anna M. Loder: News89, News00
Justice M. Lofland: News92, News94
Logan: News86, News90
Charles W. Logan: News89
B. F. Loher: News84
Long: see Ray & Long
Matthew Nimrod Long "Nim": Bear, News85
Charles Loomis "Charley": News91
Levi S. Loomis: (teacher) News89
Mary Loretz: News87
L. P. Loretz: News93
David Loring: (civil engineer, railroad right-of-way agent) Hist, News83-87, News90-92
D. R. Losey: News84, News87
Losher & Webber: (draymen) News96
James W. Losher: (drayman) News96
James Louden: (stage) News94
M. Loughlin: News84
Love: see Hanley & Love
Agnes Love: News95
Fannie Love: News94
George M. Love: News84, News94-95, News98
John A. Love: News89
Minnie Love: News00
Mrs. Love: News99
Margaret Lowden: see Margaret Creed
Louisa Lowery/Lowrey: News94
Thomas Loynachan: News93-94
Lewis F. Lozier: (carpenter) News93-94
W. N. Luckey: News88, News95
John C. Lucus: News00
Lucy: News89
R. Luellen: see also Llewellyn, Lewellyen; News85, News88
Lumsden: News88, News90, News94
Lumsden & Berlin (A. N. Berlin): (grocers) News94-95, Med97
Lumsden & Warner: (grocers) News98
Bessie Lumsden: News00
Carrie L. Lumsden: see Carrie O'Bryant; News90, News92-94
David J. Lumsden: Med88, News88-93
E. J. Lumsden: First
Elizabeth Freeman Berlin Lumsden (Mrs. Harold U): Hist, IOOF, Med88, News89
Eunice Marie Lumsden (Mrs. David J.): News88-91, News93-94, News98-99
Emma M. Lumsden: News94
H. N. Lumsden: News88
H. W. Lumsden: News94
Harold Union Lumsden: (merchant) Hist, IOOF, News87-94, Med88, News96-98
Hazel Lumsden: Med88
J. D. Lumsden: News93
Ruth Lumsden: Med88
Treve Lumsden: Med88
W. H. Lumsden: News88
Rufus W. Lundy: (hardware merchant) News91; in Kansas: DT7/14/1893p3
Lusk & Son: News85
Rev. M. L. Lute: News95
Margery Lute: News94
Robert Lute: News94
Luther: News87
Fred W. Lutkemeier: (restaurant operator, saloon keeper, ice works) see Hess & Lutkemeier; News92, Med93, News93-94
Frederick M. Luy, Jr.: (barber) News87, News89, News92, News98-00
Minnie D. Luy (Mrs. Fred M.): News00
Nellie Luy: see Nellie Plymale
Rose Luy: (printer) News91-92
Lynch & Worman: (W. M. Lynch and E. Worman, liverymen) News85, Med86
George H. Lynch: News90; obit: JP11/17/1917p3
Frank Lynch: see Llewellyn & Lynch; News86-87, News93
Margaret Lynch: News98-99
William Lynch: News88, News91
Cora E. Lyon (Mrs. L. M.): News93
L. M. Lyon: (contractor) see Childers & Lyon, IOOF, News89-96, News98
Noah B. Lyon: Med84; letter from Dawson City: MI10/13/1898p3
S. H. Lyon: (contractor) News86-87, News90, News92, News94, News99
Z. M. Lyon: News91
Edward E. Lyons: (bicycle repairman, railroad roadmaster) News99
James A. Lyons: Med03
Mrs. Lyons: News89-90
L. Lytle: News99
N. K. Lytle: News85-86
Lyttleton: News84
James A. Mabee: News88-89, News91
Willis E. Macaulay: (tamale maker) News93-94, News98-00
Clara Macauley: News98
Mackey-Bennett Telegraph Co.: News86
George W. Mackey: (photographer) News99, News00
Henry C. Mackey: (photographer) News95-00
Mary L. Walker Mackey (Mrs. Henry C.): News99-00
Vina Jane Fruit Mackey (Mrs. George W.): death of brother Frank Otis Fruit: MM1/17/1902p3
Alex Mackintosh: News91
William Macklin: MMv1n1p4c5b
Maegly: see also McGee
Maegly & Zimmerman: Min86
Aaron H. Maegly: News85-87, News90-93; in Portland: DT9/1/1893p3, MT3/9/1912p6, JP10/30/1920p1
Cecilia Levy Maegly (Mrs. A. H.): News92
Magers: (photographer) News98
C. E. Magoon: News85
Magruder Bros.: News90-91
Constantine Magruder "Tine": News84-85, News90
Arthur Mahoney, telegrapher: News00
Walter J. Mahoney "Wallie" "Will": (telegrapher) News98-00
Charles Main: News92
Horace Mann: (editor, Medford Enquirer) News00; in Oroville: DT11/18/1903p1
John C. Mann: IOOF, Med88
Manning: (lumber) News00
Maggie Manning: News95
Mary Mansfield: see Mrs. Brantner
W. R. Mansfield: News86
Manuel: see Hammond & Manuel; Manwell
Clementine Manwell: News94
Frances I. J. Manwell: see Frances Johnson
Lillie J. Manwell: see Lillie Penwell
Marcuson: see Klippel & Marcuson
I. M. Marcy: (blacksmith) News00
Mark: News88
George Markle: News95
A. J. Markley: News94
A. T. Markley: News94, News96
Fred Marks: News89
J. F. Marks: News89
Lime Marks: News89
James W. Marksberry/Marksbury: (merchant, hotel owner, butcher) News92, News94, News96-98; dies in Halsey, Oregon: JP7/13/1918p3
George S. Marsh: News93
J. S. Marsh: News93
Edison Marshall: Hist
George E. Marshall: Med11; obit: MT2/19/1931p3, MT2/22/1931p6
Dr. S. S. Marsters: DT12/2/1892p3
Dr. W. M. Marsters: News92
A. H. Martin: News00
Alexander Martin "Jerry": News83; obit, Oakland, California: JP1/29/1916p1
Carrie Martin: News90
Dr. George Martin: (dentist) News88, News92; in Germany: DT8/4/1893p3; in Oakland, California: MT8/1/1919p2, JP8/9/1919p3; back from Germany: MT8/7/1919p6
J. A. Martin: News92
Joseph G. Martin: Med05, Med11
L. Martin: News87
S. S. Martin: News90, News92
Thomas Martin: News88
Dr. Will Martin: (dentist) News92; in Oakland, Calif.: DT10/6/1893p3
G. W. Mason: News99
Masons: WJB
E. Massie: News94
Mrs. Belinda Masterson: News91
Mathei: (brewer) News91
Mathes: see Brophy & Mathes; News99
George William Mathes: (butcher) News91-93
Jennie Mills Mathes (Mrs. George W.): News91
Mathews: see Matthews
Mathews Bros.: News90
David W. Mathews: (druggist) Med85, News85-86, Med86
Green B. Mathews: News90
Icie Matney: News00
J. M. Matney: News88
James Matney: Bear
Nannie Matney: (dressmaker) Hist, News98, News00
A. E. Matson: (blacksmith) News89
Matthews: see Mathews
Matthews Bros.: News91
Alice Matthews "Allie": see Alice Rosenbaum
David W. Matthews: (druggist, Indian agent) Med85, News85-86, Med86, News92
Mary Matthews: News85
Ruth Matthews: News85
Father Theodore Mattingly: Hist
Mattoon & Keese: News88
Rev. Charles Hiram Mattoon: News88
J. W. Mattox: News89, News92
Levi Harper Mattox: (teacher) News90-91
John Matzen: News87
Eleanor Murray Maule (Mrs. Milton): News85
Milton Maule: (house painter) MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7b, Min85, News85, News87-89, News91-94
Wilson Maule: News87
Miller Maury: Bark
Reuben F. Maury: News94-95
Zacariah A. Maxcy "Zack": (confectioner, bookkeeper, farmer, poultry farmer) News91, News92-94, Med93, News97-00; retires to farm: MM10/11/1901p7, MM10/25/1901p7
J. D. Maxon: Bear, News85, News87
Maxwell: News90, News96
Anna H. Maxwell: News92
L. H. Maxwell: News90
Mayborn: True, News95
Ettie Mayfield: News85
Rev. J. H. Mayfield: News85, News92
Marshal Mayfield: News91
William H. Mayfield: (hotel keeper) Med85, News85
William R. Mayfield: (barber) News85, News91
McAdams: News86
McAdams & Co.: News85
McAdams & Heeley: News85-86
F. M. McAdams: News85-86
Margaret J. McAdams: News93
W. H. McAdams: (saloon keeper) Min85, News85-86, Med86
J. G. McAllister: (broom maker) Med88
Maggie McAndrew: News94-95
Rosa McAndrew: News92
Thomas F. McAndrew/McAndrews "Tom": (farmer, capitalist) MMv1n4p4c3a, Trans, True, News83-85, News87-95, Med88, Med93, News99-00
Thomas McAndrew, Jr.: News89, News92
B. McBeath: News99
McBride & Case: News92
Frank McBride: News91
Ida Swacker McBride (Mrs. J. W.): News91
J. H. McBride: News95
J. W. McBride: News91
J. Carroll McCaffrey: (real estate) News94
Rev. John S. McCain: (pastor, author, newspaper publisher) in Grants Pass: DT6/2/1893p3, News98-99; see Chessmore & McCain
McCall & Anderson: MMv1n1p4c5b, News83
Gen. McCall: News85, News88-89
Mrs. J. M. McCall: News92
M. L. McCall: News84
McCallister & Co.: (broom makers) News87
McCallister & Williams: (broom makers) News87-88
S. McCallister: (broom maker) News84, News88
McCarthy: see McCarty; Johnson, McCarthy & Johnson
Mrs. D. McCarthy: News89
Dan/Dennis McCarthy/McCarty "Mac": (locomotive engineer) Med84, News84-85, News87, News89, News91-93, News95
H. H. McCarthy: (ice works) News92-94, News96; returns to live: MT12/9/1911p8
James McCarthy: News91
Mary McCarthy: (teacher) News98
McCarty: see McCarthy
Sam McCaslin: News89
Allen McCauley: Med07
W. E. McCauley "Mac": (tamale maker) News93, News00
Argiva V. McClain: News88-89
Rev. M. McClain: News88
Celia Orth McClallen (Mrs. Harry T.): News89
Harry T. McClallen: (hotel keeper) News87-90
William McClanahan: Glim
Sam McClendon: MMv1n1p4c2b, News94
Christopher C. McClendon: News93; in Gold Hill: MT11/27/1910p5
Janie McClendon: News87
McClintick: News97
E. McClintick: News96
McCloud: News92
McConnell: News85
G. F. McConnell: News85
J. McConnell: MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n4p1c1b
Kate McCord: News92
Agnes McCornack: News84
Dr. J. T. McCornack: News99
Dr. McCoy: News89
J. M. McCoy: News87
Miss McCrary: News88
McCray: (engineer) News00
William McCredie: News93
William G. McCubbin: News90-93
Zelpha/Zilpha E. McCubbin: News92-94
Alice McCulloch: News94
Annie Howard McCulloch (Mrs. James L.): News85
James L. McCulloch: News85
Alice McCulloch/McCullock: News91, News94
Annie Howard McCullock (Mrs. James L.): News85
James L. McCullock: News85
Annie Howard McCullough (Mrs. James L.): News85
F. D. McCullough: News00
Fred McCullough/McCulloch: (clerk, medical student) News95-96
George McCullough: News94
James L. McCullough: News85
R. T. McCullough: News84
L. D. McCurdy: News94
George M. McDonald: (veterinarian) News92, News95
D. R. McDonald: News94
Mrs. J. G. McDonald: News95
McDonough: Med88, News89
Hattie McDonough: see Hattie Ridinger
James McDonough: News94; obit: MM6/14/1901p7
Alpha/Alva McDowell: (teacher) News91, News95
Jennie McFaris: News92
S. V. McFarren: (jeweler) News94
J. C. McFerson & Son: (sign painters) News94
McGee: see also Maegly; Davis & McGee; Zimmerman & McGee; Speas & McGee; News86-87, News93
McGee & Zimmerman: see Zimmerman & McGee
Ella W. Coker McGee (Mrs. Oliver P.): News94
John B. McGee: (mine operator) News91, News94-95, News99
Mrs. John B. McGee: News91
Mattie McGee: News97
Nettie Crosby McGee (Mrs. S. B.): News86, News89-90
Oliver P. McGee: News89-91
Perry J. McGee: News91, Med93, News93, News95, News98
Samuel B. McGee: True, News86-87, News89-92, Med93, News97
W. H. McGee: News97
McGibney Family: News86
Michael Angelo McGinnis: (teacher, newspaper editor, publisher) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p1c6a, MMv1n1p1c7a, MMv1n4p1c1a, Hist, Min85-86, News85-86, MM86, Med86
Mary E. McGinnis (Mrs. Michael A.): (newspaper editor?) Med84, Med86
McGowan: News99
Charles McGowan: (hotel keeper) News95
William H. McGowan "Mac": (merchant) see Weeks & McGowan; News94-96, News99-00
Mary E. McGowan (Mrs. William H.): News93-94
Mrs. G. McGowan: News00
Ella J. McGuire: (teacher) News92-93
James McGuire: News94
McKay: News92
J. W. McKay: News94
Thomas McKay "Tom": News87
A. McKechnie: News89
Harriet B. Stanley McKee (Mrs. W. S.): News99-00
Monroe McKenzie: News94
Percy McKenzie: (printer) News95
Mrs. McKinley: News92
McKinney: (deputy) News94
William McKinney: (farmer) News98
George McKnight: News95
Sarah McKnight (Mrs. George): News95
Rev. Eneas McLean: (Presbyterian pastor) News88-93; in Coos Bay: SOM10/28/1892p3 (see also articles in DT10/31/1890)
Ella McLean (Mrs. Eneas): News88-91
Rev. Robert M. McLean: News83, News87-90 (see also articles in DT10/31/1890), News92, News93; in Portland: MM7/27/1900p6, MM7/26/1901p3; leaving for New York: MM8/29/1902p7
A. J. McLeod: (orchardist, fruit packer) News93-94, News96-97; in Calgary: MM6/9/1905p1
McLuen: News88
McMahon & Egan: Hist, News84
Mamie McMahon: see Mamie Wolters; News91
Patrick J. McMahon: (liveryman, hotel manager) see McMahon & Egan; Egan & McMahon; News83-85, Med07
George McMurray: (veterinarian) News92-93
Martha J. McNames: News90
Dr. McNaul: News94
John McNeil: News93-94
James McPheren: News95
A. R. McPherson: News91, News95
Alvin Wilmer McPherson: News91; in Covina, California: MM5/17/1901p6, Med11
Joshua McPherson: Med03
L. A. McQueen: News88-89
Sarah McQueen: News89
Inez McRea: Med07
Ada B. McSweeny: see Ada B. Hall
Ida B. McSweeny: see Ida B. Hall
McTavish: News94
Edward T. Meade: News89
Meader: see Clay & Meader
Hiram Meader: Bark
William P. Mealy: Med10
Henry A. Mears: Med11; obit: JP12/30/1916p3
Medford: boosterism: MMv1n1p1c6b, MMv1n1p4c1a, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p1c7b, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c2b, Trans, Hist, News88, Med89, OH89, News90, News92-94, Med93, Med95, Med07, Med08, Med11, Med27, Med30
Medford: construction: MMv1n1p1c6a, MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n4p1c7b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Trans, WJB, Phipps, Hist, News83, News84, News88, Med88, News94, Med10, Med11, Med30
Medford: description: MMv1n1p1c6b, Trans, Med+
Medford: growth and prospects: MMv1n1p1c6b, MMv1n1p4c1a, MMv1n4p1c7b, MMv1n4p4c1b, Strang, Phipps, Hist, News83, News84, RV85, News88, Med88, Med89, News90, News92-94, Med93, Med95, Med04, Med07, Med09, Med10, Med11, Med26, Med27, Med30
Medford: incorporation: MMv1n1p1c6b, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c2b, Phipps, Hist, News85
Medford: naming: Phipps, Hist, News83
Medford: politics and government: MMv1n4p4c2b, First, Hist, MM86, News84-91, Min85-86, Med93, News94, Med26
Medford: schools: MMv1n1p4c1b, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c2a, MMv1n4p4c2b, MMv1n4p4c3a, Glim, Trans, Pinto, WJB, Phipps, Hist, Med84, News84-93, RV85, Min85, MM86, Med88, Med89, Med93, Med94, News95, Med95, Med97, Med04, Med10, Med11, Med19, Med24, Med26, Med27, Med30
Medford Aid Society: MMv1n1p4c1a, MMv1n1p4c5a, News84, MM86
Medford and Crater Lake Railroad Company: Hist
Medford Blacksmith Shop: MMv1n4p4c4b
Medford Brass Band: News87
Medford Business College: News91-94, Med93, Med94, News96
Medford Cement Brick and Block Works: IOOF
Medford Chamber of Commerce: Hist
Medford Commercial Club: Wild, Hist, Med12
Medford Commons: Phipps
Medford Fabrication: Med88
Medford Furniture & Hardware Co.: True
Medford Hotel: IOOF, News85
Medford Livery and Feed Stable: see Luellen & Lynch
Medford Marble Works: see Shely & Jacobs
Medford, Massachusetts: Hist
Medford Monitor: introduction, manifesto: MMv1n1p1c7a, News85
Medford Monitor: printing, production: MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c3b, News85, Min86
Medford Monitor: subscriptions, circulation: MMv1n1p1c6b, MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n1p4c5a, MM86
Medford National Bank: Med88
Medford Opera House: Hist
Medford Reduction Works: MM86
Medynski & Theiss: (F. V. Medynski, B. P. Theiss; distillery) News91, News93, News95
E. V. Medynski: News91
Ella Medynski: News98, News99
Fred Vincent Medynski: News90-91, News93-95, News99-00; back from Alaska: MM10/12/1900p6; back again: MM10/4/1901p7, MM5/2/1902p6
Mrs. F. V. Medynski: News94, News98
Fred G. Medynski: see Palm & Medynski; News91, Med93, News93
Henrietta A. Medynski "Etta" "Ettie": (milliner) News92, News95, News00
Mee: News90
Mary Mee: Med97
Meeker: News87-88, News93
Charles M. Meeker "Charley": (insurance) News89-90, News94; in Portland: MM4/21/1893p3
Ella Meeker: WJB
Frank H. Meeker: News93
Julius Meeker: News94
Lillie J. Meeker: News94
Minerva A. Corey Meeker (Mrs. William H.): News89, News93
William H. Meeker: (merchant) True, WJB, News94-95, News97, News00
Patrick Mego: IOOF; dead in New Orleans: MT11/5/1923p3, MT11/14/1923p3
J. V. Meilam: Med11
Frederick Meinhard: News89-90
Fred Meinhart: News89
Richard T. Mellus: News91
Mensor Bros.: News85, News92-93; in San Francisco: DT6/16/1893p3; in Seattle: MM11/21/1902p3
Harry Mensor: News84
Henry Mensor: News84-85, News90, News92; in San Francisco: DT1/8/1894p3
Mrs. Henry Mensor: News92
Isaac Mensor: News92-93
Morris Mensor: MMv1n1p4c4b, News85-86
Mrs. Morris Mensor: News87
William Mensor: News92-93
W. T. Mentner: Med10
Rev. Josiah Merley: (farmer, notions) News93-94, News96-99; obit: MM2/5/1909p7
L. L. Merrick: (salesman) News92, News95
Leslie Merrick: (clerk) News92
Merrill & Baker: (warehousemen and shippers) News87-88
Prof. A. J. Merrill: MMv1n4p4c2a, News92
Charles J. Merrill: News98
Fred T. Merrill: News91
G. W. Merrill: News87
Merriman: see Merriman & Redfield, Merriman & Trumbull, Merriman & Johnson; News85, News87-88, News90, News94
Merriman & Johnson: News92
Merriman & Legate: (blacksmiths) News91, Med93, News93
Merriman & Purdin: (blacksmiths) News95
Merriman & Redfield: MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c2a, MMv1n4p4c7b, News85
Merriman & Trumbull: Min86
A. Merriman: News90
Mrs. Artencia/Artimeria/Artineca Riddle Merriman: (mother of G. F.) News84, News86, News89-91, News93, News96; MM2/7/1908p1
Belle Merriman: (teacher) see Belle Fronk; Hist, News85
Blanche Merriman: Med07
Effie Merriman: see Effie Bellinger; News87
Emma Merriman: News90, News93
G. W. Merriman: News93
George Francis Merriman: (blacksmith, postmaster) First, News86, Med86, News87-96, Med91, Med93, News98-00
Isaac A. Merriman: (drayman) News85, Med88, News88-91, News93-94
Mrs. Isaac A. Merriman: News91
Josie Merriman: News87, News90, News92
Mae Merriman: News00
Maria Merriman: News84
Mary E. Merriman: News92
Mollie Merriman: (teacher) see Mollie Houston; Mollie Fronk; News86, News87-91
Thomas Merriman: (blacksmith) News99
William Merriman "Will": (railroad agent) News88, News89-92, News99; in Albany: SOM10/14/1892p3
Merritt: News97
A. J. Merritt: News89-90
John W. Merritt: (merchant) News86-88, News90, News92, News94-95
Prof. Merritt: News88, News90
Thomas B. Merry: News89; obit: MT9/17/1912p3, JP9/21/1912p1
Elias Merz: (brewer) see Weinhard & Merz; News97-98, News00
E. G. Michael: MMv1n1p4c4b
Mickelson: see Horn, Legate & Mickelson
Ann Mickelson: see Ann Fordyce
Michael Mickelson: Bear
Olney/Ohley Mickelson "Bike": (blacksmith) Bear, News92-93
Caroline D. Mickey (Mrs. George): News93-94
George Mickey: (miner, steropticon showman) News93-94, News98-99
Middleford, Oregon: Hist, News83
Raymond Miksche: Hist
Miles: News85
Julia Miles: News98
M. S. Miles: News89
Thomas Miles "Tom": MMv1n1p4c2b, News85, News86-87
Thaddeus W. Miles: (attorney, abstractcompany operator) Med10
George H. Millar: IOOF
Millard: News88
Rev. D. A. Millard: IOOF
Rev. D. E. Millard: Bear
Miller: see also Vrooman, Miller & Co.; Wrisley & Miller; Coker & Miller; News87-88, News94
Miller & Co.: News84
Miller & Sons: News83-84
Miller & Strang: (D. H. Miller, Charles Strang; drug store, tin smiths, John Deere agricultural implements) News85, News88-91
B. Miller: News88
B. W. Miller: News93
Benjamin Franklin Miller: News85, News88, News90; obit: MM5/11/1900p5
Burrel Miller: Bear, News88, News92, News94
Col. Miller: News87, News90, News92
Curtis B. Miller: Bear, News88-89
David Henry Miller "Dave": (postmaster, hardware merchant, councilman) MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, WJB, Phipps, Bear, Bike, First, News83-00, Med84, Min85, Med85, Med86, Min87-88, Med88, Med89, Med91, Med93, Med94; obit: JP2/10/1917p3
Ed. Miller: (teamster) News99
Elmira Brous Miller (Mrs. David H.): Hist, Med84, News88-89, News93; obit: MT10/2/1926p3
Fred Miller: (hotel keeper) News99
George W. Miller: News88, News90, Med11
H. B. Miller: (lumber, Sugar Pine Door and Lumber Co.) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n4p1c1b, News84-85, Med86, News87-88, News93-95; consul-general to Japan, visits Jacksonville: AT11/15/1906p3
Isaac O. Miller: Bear, News98
J. H. Miller: (shoe merchant) News96-99
J. T. Miller: WJB, News92
Rev. James W. Miller: (wagon maker, inventor) News87-88, News91-94, News96, News99
James Napper Tandy Miller: News88
Joaquin Miller: News00, Med07
John Miller: MMv1n1p4c5b, News89, News91, News93
John A. Miller: News90-91
John E. Miller: News96
John S. Miller: (marshal) Bear, Min86-88, News86-87, Med88, News88-92; on Thompson Creek: DT3/4/1903p2; in Eagle Point: MM8/27/1909p2; obit: MT4/1/1912p6, MT4/30/1912p2
Mrs. John S. Miller: News90, News94
M. H. Miller: News93
Malenda Miller: News92
Manuel Miller: News89
Mollie Miller: News95
Otto Miller: News91
R. C. Miller: News87
Rev. Miller: News88
Ralph Miller: (stableman) News90
Robert Aubrey Miller: (attorney, state representative, son of J. N. T. Miller) Med88, News88-90, News92-93; in Portland: PJ9/11/1934editorial
Rosa Miller: News98
Sarelia/Serelia W. Grubbe Miller (Mrs. Robert A.): News93
Thomas Miller "Tom": (newspaper) News96
Verlinda Miller: News89, News92
William L. Miller "Will": (telegrapher, reporter, miller, land office) News89-93, News95; obit: MM1/25/1901p2
William W. Miller: News88
Milligan: News90
Charles Milligan: News89
Mary Turpin Milligan (Mrs. Charles): News98
Rev. James V. Milligan: News85, News87
Ferdinand Million "Ferd": News90-91
Jack Million: News83
W. B. Million: News95
Ada M. Barr Mills (Mrs. Herbert) News94
George F. Mills: (telegrapher) News00
Ida Belle Mills: see Ida Belle Frizell
Herbert Mills: News94
Jennie Mills: see Jennie Mathes
Mrs. John Mills: (artist) News94
Mrs. L. A. Millsap: News94
Allen J. Milton: News89
Charles W. Milton: (blacksmith) News92-95
Rosa Milton: News90
Mrs. Mollie B. Mimmau: Med84
Mrs. George P. Mims: Med93
Eli Minch: MMv1n1p4c3a
Wallace Minch: News88
Julius E. Miner: News94
Mingus: News98
Mingus & Harris: (implement dealers) News89
Clara Mingus: News87
Conrad Mingus: MMv1n4p4c3a, True, Phipps, Hist, News83-85, News87-96, News98-00; obit: MM6/1/1900p7
Daisy Mingus: News87
Dr. Everett Mingus: News89, News92-93, News99
Francis Marion Mingus "Frank": (implement dealer, woodyard operator, blacksmith, liveryman) True, News87-92, News94-96, News98-99
Lavina Mingus (Mrs. Conrad): News93-94, News00
Mary Mabel Wright Mingus (Mrs. Frank): News94
C. V. Minkler: News94
Mrs. D. L. Minkler: News95
Minnick: News88
Catharine Minnick: News89
David Minnick: News88-89
L. C. Minnick: News89
Mrs. J. Minnick: News89, News94
Wallace Minnick: News88
Bettie E. Tyler Minnis (Mrs. C.): News89-90
Dr. C. Minnis: (physician) News88-90, News95; in Portland: DT9/8/1893p3
Harry Minnis: News91
Laurence C. Minnis: News88, News92
Maggie Minnis: News89
Haver L. Miser: (photographer) News94-96
H. Mitch: News88
Mitchell: see Beck & Mitchell; IOOF, News88-89, News92, News94
Mitchell & Boeck: (orchardists) Med08
Mitchell & Lewis: News91
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver: News92-93, Med93, News95, News97, News00
David Mitchell: News92
George Mitchell: News91, News93
Henry H. Mitchell: (teacher) News88-89
Nellie Mitchell: see Nellie Whitman
S. U. Mitchell: (attorney) News92-93, News98, News00
Elizabeth Moenkhouse/Monkhouse: News94, News99
George Moenkhouse: News93
A. J. Moffitt: News99
C. J. Montague: (lumber) News89
D. Montague: News99
David Montague: News92
E. G. Montague: News91
E. J. Montague: First, News89, News91-93
Mrs. E. J. Montague: News90
G. W. Montague: News91-93
George B. Montague: News89, News92
J. B. Montague: News90
John G. Montague: News89
John Montague: News91-92
Lewis C. Montague: News92
Olive May Montague: News91
H. B. Monteith: (inventor) News91
Mrs. H. B. Monteith: (musician) News91
Jack B. Montgomery: News85, News89, News93
R. L. Montgomery: News00
Ellen Moody: News85
Maggie Moody: News85
Nellie Mooman: True, Wild, IOOF
Moore: News93
J. C. Moore: MMv1n4p4c2a
James S. Moore: (physician) News00
R. N. Moore: News93
Robert H. Moore: (county treasurer) News88, News93-94
T. R. Moore: News88
Thomas H. Moore: (grocer, Hotel Moore) News99, Med07
Rev. W. B. Moore: News93-94, News99
W. H. Moore: News00
William T. Moore: News84-85, News94
Claire Morey: (clerk) News00
Frank E. Morey: News98
Ida I. Morey: News98
John A. Morey: News88-89, News93, News98-00
R. Morey: (drayman) News93
Rolla Raymond Morey: News97
Morgan: see Foster & Morgan; News91
Ceatta J. Morgan (Mrs. Jesse S.): News88
Emma J. Cook Morgan (Mrs. J. C.): News89
F. Morgan: (truck farmer) News93
George Morgan: News93
Jane E. Morgan: News89
Jennie Morgan: Med84
Jesse Leonard Morgan: News88
Jesse S. Morgan: News88
Frank Morine: News95
Minnie Morine: News92, News93
Oscar Morine: News93
Silas F. Morine: News95
Thomas Morine: (drayman, night watchman, bartender, marshal) News89-94; leaving for Oakland: MM1/26/1894p3; in Alameda, Calif.: MM2/23/1894p3
Morris: News86
Morris & Legate: News94
Al Morris: (conductor) News92, News95
Basil Morris: News89
Bishop Benjamin Wistar Morris: News92-93
Cora Dell Morris: see Cora Dell Beatty
Eda/Edna M. Morris: News98, News99
John Henry Morris "Jack": (printer, roadmaster, grocer, second-hand dealer) see Fawcett & Morris; Hist, News83, News92-99; in Cedar Vale, Kansas: MM11/15/1901p7
Levi Morris: News89, News90
Mrs. M. Morris: (photographer) News88-90
M. C. Morris: News93
Prof. Morris: News87
Rev. Morris: News89
R. R. Morris: News91
Robert Morris: News91
Scott Morris: MMv1n1p4c4b, News86, News87, News93-94
William Morris: News86
Dr. Harry E. Morrison: (allopath) Med10
Rev. Isaac Morrison: News89
John R. Morrison: News88
Laura Morrison: see Laura Redfield
Riley Morrison: News85
John Morton: News89
J. P. Mouly: Min88
Mounce & Karnes: see Karnes & Mounce
Mounce & Schermerhorn: (confectioners) News93-94
Addie Wiggin Mounce (Mrs. I. A.): News97
Isaac A. Mounce: (liveryman, confectioner) see Mounce & Schermerhorn; News93-95, News97-98; leaving for La Grande: MM3/23/1900p6; in Elgin, Oregon: MM11/16/1900p7; moving from LaGrande to Elgin: MM1/25/1901p7, MM8/2/1901p7; dead at the asylum: MM1/24/1902p7
T. A. Mounce: News93
William Henderson Mowat: Bear
Henry Moyer: News00
J. C. Muhlenberg: News89
Benjamin F. Mulkey: (attorney) IOOF, News99, Med10, Med11; moving to Portland: MT10/25/1915p5; MT3/25/1922p4
W. H. Mullane: News85
Mullar: (haberdasher) Med07
Muller & Cook: News87
Muller & Davis: News94
Amelia Muller: News92
Angie Muller: News95
Bettie Muller: News92
Isaac M. Muller "Ike": (grocer, chicken buyer) News91, News93-95, News98-00; in San Francisco: MM2/22/1901p6, MM5/3/1901p7; in Oakland, California: MM10/25/1901p7
Louise Muller: News99
Max Muller: News84-85, News87-89, News92-96, News99
Mulvany & Slagle: (blacksmiths) News84
Willie Muller: News92
H. C. Mulvany: (blacksmith) News83-84, News87-88
Ellen Mundy: News88, News94
Charles Munker: News88
Murphy: see Rifenburg & Murphy; News89, News92
John Murphy: News95
Ling Alexander Murphy: News87, News93-94; obit: MT2/6/1910pB16
L. A. Murphy: News94, News00
L. M. Murphy: News93
Murray boys: WJB
Murray Bros.: (merchants) News94
Annie Murray: see Annie Fairclo
Addie Wilson Murray (Mrs. William): News89
Charles Murray "Charlie": News94-95
Eleanor Murray: see Eleanor Maule
Flora A. Murray: News89, News96
James Murray "Jimmie": (painter) News95, News98; in Eugene: MT9/23/1912p2
Martha Murray: News99
Samuel H. Murray/Murry: (butcher, carpet cleaner, marshal, grocer) see Jakes & Murray; News89, News91-95, Med93, News99-00
T. A. Murray: News88
William Murray: News89
Murrey: News90
Dr. Ida E. Mushett: (physician) News99
Mussey: True
Frank X. Musty: News89; back from Wallowa: MM2/1/1901p6
Mrs. E. B. Myer: (hotel manager) News91
Ed. B. Myer: News92, News94-95
Fred Myer: News86
H. C. Myer: (hardware) News89
Harry B. Myers: (jeweler) News99-00
W. Cortes Myer: News83
William Myer: News92
Benjamin F. Myers: News83, News95
H. A. Myers: News97
John Myers: News93
Johnnie Myers: News99
Mrs. M. C. Myers: News99
J. L. Napier: News92; moving from Anderson, Oregon to Grants Pass: SOM8/26/1892p3
Carl Narregan: News92, News95
Frances A. Narregan (Mrs. Norton L.): News99
Lynden Carl Narregan: (attorney, abstractor) News92-94, News98-00
Norton L. Narregan: (principal) Hist, News90-95, Med93, News98-00, Med05
Willie Narregan: News91
J. Nasby: News85
John T. C. Nash: WJB, News93-95, News98-00
A. D. Naylor: (sawmill) News90, News92, News98-99
Alta Naylor: Hist
Dolph Naylor: News99
Granville Naylor "Squire": WJB, Bear, News84-85, News87-89, News99
Ida Naylor: Med84, News92, News95
Melvin Naylor: Bear
Nettie Naylor: see Nettie Griffin
Neal & Whiteside: News85
Stephen M. Nealon: News92
Jacob Neathammer: News95
Mrs. Jesse Neathammer: News94-95
Joshua Neathammer: News83
Dr. J. R. Nebeker: MMv1n1p4c2b, News85
George W. Needham: News95
Mr. Neel: MMv1n4p4c2a
Neil: News94, News00
Frank Neil: News94
George R. Neil: News91-94
Judge James R. Neil "Jim": MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-85, MM86, News88-89, News92-94, News98; obit: JP12/15/1917pp1,3
Miss Neil: News90
Robert Proctor Neil: Bear
W. L. Neil: News96
William Neil: Bear
Nelson: News86
Aaron F. Nelson: (miner) News99
Mary S. Nelson (Mrs. William T.): News99
Peter Nelson: News98
William T. Nelson: (saloon keeper) News98-00
Dulce Netherland: see Mrs. White
Leo Netherland: Med93
George E. Neuber "Bum": (saloon keeper) News87, News90, News92, News95, News97, News99
Mrs. Clarissa Leete New: News88
New York Cheap Cash Store: see also Goldstone Bros.; News92
Gus I. Newbury: (teacher, attorney) News90-95, Med97, News98-99
Nellie Rose Newbury (Mrs. Gus): News93
Fred Newman: News85
Thomas A. Newman: News93
W. R. Newman: News89
Charles A. Newstrom: News94-95
Maggie Nussbaum Newstrom (Mrs. Charles A.): News95
Newton: (orchardist) News94
Bert Newton: News92
D. L. Newton: News90
G. F. Newton: News92
Percy Newton: News92
W. H. Newton: News88, News93
Nichols: Bear, News91
Anna Nichols "Annie": (teacher) Med93, News93
Arthur Nichols: News00
Charles F. Nichols: News94
George Washington Nichols: (stockman) News88
Gus Nichols: (stockman) News00
Mrs. I. M. Nichols: (artist) News94
Israel B. Nichols: News89
Jane A. Cardwell Nichols (Mrs. W. J.): News86
Jane E. Nichols: see Jane Plymale
Laura Nichols: News91, News92, News93
Maude Nichols: Med07
Mary Pool Nichols (Mrs. Charles F.): News94
Rowena Bunyard Nichols: News92
Thomas E. Nichols: News85, News91, News93
W. J. Nichols: News86
Nicholson: see Boyden & Nicholson, Shawver & Nicholson; WJB, News90-92, News94-95, News99
Nicholson Bros.: News93
Arthur C. Nicholson "Art": (blacksmith, carpenter, fireman) News89-94, Med93, News98, News99-00; moved to California in 1909: Corvallis Gazette-Times, June 8, 1977, page 8
Austin Nicholson: News94
Cassie Nicholson (Mrs. Horace G.): News93-94
Charles F. Nicholson "Charley": News92, News94
Mrs. C. T. Nicholson: News00
Elizabeth Nicholson "Lizzie": (dressmaker) News93-94
Georgia Spencer Nicholson (Mrs. Arthur C.): News98-99
H. B. Nicholson: Med07
Horace G. Nicholson "Nick": (hardware merchant, fireman, U.S. marshal) Wild, News88, News90-95, Med93, News98-00
M. D. Nicholson: News92
Mamie Nicholson "May": (teacher, clerk) News93-94, News98-99; in Coquille: MM7/25/1902p6
Myrtle Nicholson: (teacher) News92-94
T. C. Nicholson: News91
William E. Nicholson: News94, News98
Bessie Nickell: News98
Charles Nickell "Chawles" "Charlie": (newspaper publisher, land developer) WJB, News83, News84-85, Min85, News87-95, Med88, Med07; in Hayward: JP3/22/1919p3; dies in Oakland, California: MT4/20/1922p1
Marie Nickell: News99
Frank M. Nickerson: News83
Niles & Yeago: (roller rink operators) News86
Jay E. Niles: News86-87
Noah & Wirth: (photographers) News94
Noble: News88
G. E. Noble: News94
George Noble: News89-90
Goodman C. Noble: News88-90, News93-94, News97-00; Guy Noble in Springfield: MT1/12/1914p4
Maggie F. Noble: News92-93, News00
W. G. Noble: (night policeman) News89
Noe: News94
Rev. F. S. Noel: News88-89, News91; in Roseburg: DT3/15/1894p3
Noland: News90
Noland & Ulrich: (John Noland and W. Ulrich, saloon keepers) MMv1n1p4c6a, MMv1n4p4c4b, News84-86, Min86-87, Med86
Catherine Noland: News99
Charles Noland: News87
John Noland: (saloon keeper) see Noland & Ulrich; News84, News86-91, Min87-88, Med88
Mrs. Noland: News91
Sadie Noland: News87
A. L. Noltner: News90
W. C. Noon & Co.: News89-90
Warren H. Norcross: News91, News98
William H. Norman: News89, News99
Norris: News88, News98
Fern Norris: News98
John H. Norris: Wild, News95, News98-00; back from Logansport, Ind.: MM10/7/1898p6
Ruth Norris: News00
W. H. Norris: News88
Austin North: News89
J. North: (woodcutter) News93, News98
Naomi E. North (Mrs. T. R.): News88
Prof. North: MMv1n1p4c4b, News85
Rufus North: Min85, News90
Thomas R. North: (lawyer) News88-90
Norton: News84, News85-86
Mrs. Norton: News94
Dora Norton: News85
Electa Norton: see Electa Barneburg
Jemima Jordan Norton: News98
John D. Norton: Min86
John G. Norton: (farmer) News88-89
A. R. Norwood: (merchant) News94
John Notter: News89
L. Nudelman: See Goldstein & Nudelman; News95
Fannie Nunan: News95
Jeremiah Nunan "Jerry": (merchant) News86-87, News89-91, News93, News95; retires: MT2/23/1912p4; in Oakland, California: JP5/10/1913p3
Mrs. Nunan: News87, News95
Marguerite Nussbaum "Maggie": see Mrs. Newstrom
Hezekiah C. Nute: News94, News96, News98
R. M. Nute: News98
Nutley: News84
Albert Nutt: (groceryman) News96
Nye & Stoner: (racket store) News00
Anna E. Nye (Mrs. Stephen A.): Med10
Chauncey Nye: News00
Hal B. Nye: (racket store, Bill Nye mine) News00
N. B. Nye: (racket store) News00
J. M. Nye: News84
P. Nystrom: News86
John Nyswarner: News95
O.&T. Co.: News86, News89, News91-92
O'Brien: News85
Bernard O'Brien: News94
John O'Brien: News90, News93
Carrie L. Lumsden O'Bryant (Mrs. Fred): News89
Fred. O'Bryant: (jeweler) News88-90
John O'Conder: Med93
N. O'Connell: (lime burner) News89
Bertha O'Donnell: News88
D. W. O'Donnell: (painter, bartender) News88-91, News93
P. J. O'Gara: Med10
O'Hara: News91
J. O'Hara: News92
Thomas Jasper O'Hara/O'Harra: News92-94, Med93
O'Neil: see Roberts & O'Neil; O'Neal; MMv1n1p1c6a
O'Neil & Roberts: see  O'Neil; MMv1n4p4c1b
Hugh O'Neil: News00
Lewis O'Neil: News86
M. H. J. O'Neil: News89
P. B. O'Neil "Barney": (farmer) News84, News89-92, News94-95, News98; in Los Angeles: MM1/25/1901p6; back: MM2/15/1901p6; obit: MT7/4/1910p4
Oates: Hist
James H. Oatman: News92
George W. Obenchain: Bear
J. O. Obenchain: News92
Meldorn/Maldoren Obenchain: News85; in Sprague River Valley: DT11/17/1893p3
Mrs. Nancy Morse Obenchain: Med11
Mollie Ober: (photographer) News98-99
John Ocander: (Salvation Army) News90-92, News00
L. L. Oden: News94
Odgers & Arnold: (dentists) News00
Clara A. Odgers (Mrs. John W.): News93, News00
Grace Odgers: (musician) News93, News98-00
Dr. John W. Odgers: (dentist) Hist, News92-94, Med93, News97-98, News00; leaving for Berkeley: MM5/17/1901p6; grocer in Berkeley: MM4/4/1902p7, MM7/25/1902p6; in Sebastopol, California: MT9/30/1912p2
Miss Odgers: (teacher) News00
Dr. W. B. Officer: News94
William Nathaniel Offutt: Med11
Emily W. Ogan (Mrs. J. M.): News87-91
Eunice W. Ogan: News87, News91
J. M. Ogan: News87, News91
Rev. Roscoe C. Oglesby: Hist, News89-91; deceased: MM1/4/1901p6
Anna Oiler: News98
Olds: Hist
William E. Oliver: News85, News89-90
Olson Bros.: (planing mill) News97, News99
Charles O. Olson: News94
J. E. Olson: (planing mill) News98
John Olwell: News92
John D. Olwell: Hist, Med10
John W. Olwell: News89, News00
Philip W. Olwell: (sawmill operator, orchardist) News84-86, News88, News90-94
Mrs. P. W. Olwell: News95
William Olwell "Will": (miller) News89, News92-93
Orchard Home Association: OH89, News90-91, News93-94, Med03
Alexander Orme "Alex": (miner, sheriff) News91, News93, News98-00; bio: MM5/9/1902p2
Orr: News99
Albert E. Orr: see Weeks & Orr
Eugene Orr: News97-98
Wilber L. Orr: (carpenter, mill foreman) News00
Orser & DeRoboam: (liverymen) News00
Edwin P. Orser "Ned": (liveryman) see Williams & Orser; News97, News99-00
Flora Orth: see Flora Wilkinson
Henry Orth: (butcher) News98
Jo Orth: News00
John S. Orth: Hist, News84-85, News88-89, News94, News97
Josie Orth: News90
Carrie Orton (Mrs. Sherman): News99
Sherman Orton: (cook) News93, News97, News99; in De La Mar, California: MM11/22/1901p7
Allie Osborn: (telegrapher) News94
D. M. Osborne & Co.: News84-85
Eva Jane Osborne: IOOF
John Osborne: IOOF
Olivia Dyre Osborne (Mrs. John): IOOF, News00
Ferdinand Osenbrugge "Fred": (carriage, Oldsmobile dealer) Hist, IOOF, News00, Med07
P. W. Osgood: Med10
John M. Otter: News89
Overbeck: News88
John A. P. Overdorf: True
Harry Oviatt: News93-94
Ole Oviatt: News99
Patrick H. Oviatt: (populist) News88-94, News00; ill in Ashland: MM2/5/1909p6
Sarah C. Oviatt (Mrs. Patrick H.): News90-91
A. G. Owen: Min87, News87-88
A. V. Owen: News87
Lydia Owen: News93
Mabel C. Owen: see Mabel Hall
Wiliam A. Owen: (bartender) News98
S. A. Owens: (billiard parlor) News98
Mrs. S. A. Owens: News89
William Owens: News88
Zada/Zuda Owens: (teacher) News92-93
Owings: News89, News92
Owings & Dutcher: (pool hall) News97
Owings Brothers: (photographers) News84-85
S. A. Owings: (liveryman, billiard hall) News89, News98
Mrs. S. A. Owings: News98
Shafer Owings: News98
Pacific and Eastern Railroad: Hist, Med11-12, Med19
Reason B. Packard "Reas": Hist; returns: MM8/21/1908p2
Page & Son: (fruit shippers) News90
Dr. Frederick C. Page: Med08, Med12
Frederick H. Page, Jr.: News91, News93, News95
Martha Paine (Mrs. Prof.): News00
Prof. C. H. Paine: (musician, special policeman) News98-99
Paine & Simmons: (orchestra) News00
Palen: News88
George H. Palethorpe: (baker) News98
Pallett: News93
Mark Pallett: Med03
Palm: News88
Palm & Medynski: News93
Palm Bros.: News90
Palm, Whitman & Palm: (tinsmiths, cigar manufacturers) News00
C. M. Palm: News93
Callie Palm (Mrs. Charles W.): IOOF, News90-97, Med91, Med97, News99-00; obit: MT10/16/1960p9
Carrie Palm: News92
Charles W. Palm: (barber, insurance agent, implement dealer, real estate agent) see Hamilton & Palm, Johnson & Palm, Campbell & Palm; Hist, News88-00, Med91, Med97, Med03
Gotlieb F. Palm: (tinsmith, cigar maker) see Palm, Whitman & Palm; News00
Lewis Palm: News90, News93
Palmer & Rey: MMv1n1p4c4b
Eliza L. Palmer: News00
Isaac A. Palmer: (architect) WJB, News96
Potter Palmer: Med27
Bertha Honoré Palmer (Mrs. Potter): Med12
W. G. Palmer: News00
Eva Pankey: see Mrs. Conley
Henry Pankey: News95
Louis C. Pankey: News89, News92
Emma Pape: see Emma Dunn
Fred J. Pape: News98
Henry Pape, Jr.: News89, News97-98; married in Salem: MM10/5/1900p7
Maggie Shipley Pape (Mrs. Henry): News89, News94
Miss Pape: (postal clerk) News90
Pardee, Cook & Co.: News91
J. C. Park: (blacksmith) News92
Rhoda A. Park: News91
Parker: News94, News99
Parker & Higgins (S. A. D. Higgins): (confectioners) News98
A. Day Parker: (teacher, bicycle racer) News92-96, News99-00; in Ireland: MM11/30/1900p2; in New York: MM1/4/1901p6
Ada Parker: News92
Clement M. Parker: News89
Fannie Parker (Mrs. William H.): News92, News95
George Parker: News92-93, News95
George L. Parker: (newspaper publisher) News99
George S. Parker: (bicycle racer, business college) Bike, News92-94, News99-00; in Ione, Oregon: DT3/12/1900p3
Iva Parker "Ivy": News91; see Iva Slover
Joseph Parker "Joe": (clerk) News98-99; moving to Portland: DT5/6/1903p3
Katie Parker: News98
Louisa B. Parker (Mrs. Millard F.): (dressmaker) News99
M. Parker: News94
Millard Fillmore Parker: (insurance agent, house painter) News98-99
Dr. R. L. Parker: News96
Sam Parker: Min86, News98
Squire Parker: Bear
W. H. Parker & Sons: News93
William H. Parker: (teacher, county clerk, attorney, farmer) WJB, MM86, Med88, News89-95, News97-00; back from Oakland, California: MM4/4/1902p7; obit: MM10/8/1909p3
George Parkhill: News91
John Parkinson: News94
Parks: News85
J. W. Parlow: News93
James Parr: News91
Ollie C. Parsell: News00
Dr. John S. Parson: News85, News87-88, News91-92, News94-95
Mrs. Parson: (dressmaker) News89
Parsons: News88
Ed. Parsons: News93
John W. Parsons: News97
Lee Parsons: News97
Mable H. Parsons (Mrs. Edwin S.): Med10
Joseph W. Partlow: News93
C. H. Paske: IOOF
J. Paterson: (thresher) News88
William A. Patrick: News99
Dr. M. J. Patten: News89
Patterson & Chute: (threshers) News98
Elsie Patterson: News95
Joshua Patterson: News90, News94-95, News98
Sylvester Patterson: (sheriff) News95
Doe Pattinger: Med07
Dr. Patton: News88
M. J. Patton: News88-89
M. S. Patton: News89
William Patton: News83
Paulson: Bear
Paul W. Paulson: Wild
Pavitt: see Crewe & Pavitt
Clifford J. Pavitt: (cigar maker) News91, News00
O. Frank Paxton: News90
Payne: (county clerk) News90
Payne & Retty: (David Payne and Jerry Retty, liverymen) Med86
C. T. Payne: (fishmonger) News92, News94
Mrs. C. T. Payne: News00
David Payne "Dave": (liveryman, butcher) News85-87, MM86, News89, News91-95; obit: MT10/30/1912p2
F. E. Payne: Hist, News99, Med03
G. E. Payne: (architect) News91
Taylor Payne: (fence salesman, groceryman, feed merchant) News92-95, Med93, News98
Mrs. Taylor Payne: News94-95
Pearce: see Ward & Pearce
Chris O. Pearson: (telegrapher) News99; in Farmington, Washington: MM4/19/1901p7
J. E. Pease: (orchardist) News88
Emil Pech: News00
Henry Pech: News00
George A. Peebles: News88
Rev. Peebles: News89
Emil Peil: (blacksmith) Hist, News83-84, News89, News92, News98
Frank. A. Peil: News92
George Peil: Med07
Martin Pellett: News93
H. F. Pellett: Med07
Pelton Bros.: (beef) News95
Horace Pelton: News88, News99-00
John E. Pelton: (cattle, sheriff) News84, News92-95
Lottie Ganiard Pelton (Mrs. John E.): News84
Jasper C. Pendleton: (county assessor) News95, News98-99, Med11
M. W. Pendleton: News98
C. A. Peninger: MMv1n1p4c2b, News90, News92
David N. Peninger/Penninger: News92, News94
William H. Peninger: News92
George F. Pennebaker: News85, News90
Edward A. Pennock: News93
Pentz & White: (attorneys) News93-94
Frances H. C. Pentz (Mrs. Samuel): News90, News93
Samuel Stanley Pentz: (attorney) Min88, News88-95, News97-00
Mrs. S. S. Pentz: News98
Anson L. Penwell "Bud": News89, News93, News98
Lillie J. Manwell (Mrs. Anson): News89, News98
Anson L. Penwell: News93
Mrs. Sarah E. Manwell Penwell: News92, News94
S. S. Penwell: (baker) News92-94
Percival: Med07
Perdue: News92-93
Arval/Arvil Perdue: News87, News97
Charles Perdue: News92, News94, News97, News00
James E. Perdue: MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p1c4a, News85-86, Med93, News94
John Perdue: (shoemaker) Med86, News90-92, Med91
Sarah E. Perdue: News87-88
John Wesley Perkins: Med07; in Roseburg: MT2/20/1912p4
John A. Perl: True, IOOF, Glim
Paul Perrault: (tailor) News98
Harry Perrin: News91
Perry: (drayman) News90
Perry & Foster: (liverymen) News98, News00
C. H. Perry: News93
Emma Perry: see Emma Stine; News93
James A. Perry: (liveryman, fruit packer, banker) see Cox & Perry; Hist, News00, Med03, Med07, Med08
Richard Perry "Dick": News93, News95
Peters: (barber) News89
Mary Peters: (teacher, county clerk assistant) News97-98; visits: JP5/31/1913p3
Peterson: News84
John Peterson: (brickmason) News99
Rev. Martin Peterson: Hist, News84-89
Swan Peterson: News93
Ed. Pettinger: News90
Lena J. Petton: News94
Etta Coleman Peyser: News90
Orra F. Herron Peyton (Mrs. Reuben E.): News91
Reuben E. Peyton: News91
Pfeifer: News84
Frank Pfluger: News93
Charles Pheister: News94, Med03
Jacob Pheister: News93-95; in Bourbon, Indiana: MM7/12/1901p6
Adna H. Phelps: Min88, News88
Edwin C. Phelps: (editor, printer, publisher) News87-89, Med03
Effie Tice Phelps (Mrs. Ira A.): News89-91, News93-94; in Scio: MM8/17/1900p6
Ira A. Phelps: (printer, publisher) Hist, News88-91; in North Yamhill: MM6/9/1893p1, News93-94, Med95, News98-00; in Scio: DT12/13/1900p3, MM12/14/1900p7, MM12/28/1900p2, MM12/5/1902p6; obit: MT9/15/1937p3
Mary Rebecca Ross Phelps (Mrs. Edwin C.): News87-89
J. A. Philbrick: Med03
L. P. Philips: (planing mill) News99
Phillips: see Fordyce & Phillips; News92
Phillips & Jackson: News89-90
C. M. Phillips: News98
Josiah Noonan Phillips: (attorney) News89-90, News92
Jennie Bailey Phillips (Mrs. J. N.): News89, News94
M. Phillips: News94
Sam Phillips: News92
Vernon Phillips: (printer) News89
Katharine Root Philport: News92-93; marries Richard Henry Hodge: MM7/11/1902p2
Phipps: News85, News90, News93-94, News99, Med03
Agnes Childers Phipps (Mrs. E. E.): News94
Mrs. Alla Rena Phipps (Mrs. Mathew P.): News87, News98, News00
Anna Phipps "Annie": News93; see Anna Lindley
Calistia/Calista P. Downing Phipps (Mrs. Iradell Judson): News87, News90-93; obit: OR10/23/1927p15
Charles Phipps: News94
D. I. Phipps: News00
D. Edward Phipps: Phipps, IOOF, News91
David Phipps: News93
Rev. Edward E. Phipps: News92-94; moving to Paisley: MM9/29/1893p3; News97-99; in Los Gatos: MM7/5/1901p6
E. J. Phipps: News93
Edward Phipps "Ed": News89, News92-93
Dr. Ira Dell Phipps: (dentist) Phipps, IOOF, Med88, News93, News98, News00
Iradell/Iredell Judson Phipps "Ide": (farmer, real estate agent) MMv1n4p4c3a, IOOF, Phipps, First, Hist, News83-94, Med84, Min85-86, Med86, Med88, Med93, News97, News99-00
John Phipps: News93
Joseph Phipps: News99
M. C. Phipps: News92
Mathew Preston Phipps "Press," "Pres.": WJB, News87-89, News91-94
May/Mae Phipps: (teacher) Phipps, IOOF, News87, News92, News97-00
Minnie Cooper Phipps: News92-93
Nathan P. Phipps: News90
R. J. Phipps: News94
Will J. Phipps: News91
William Estill Phipps "Will": (teacher, attorney) Hist, News85, News87-88, Med93, News93-96, News98, Med10, Med11
Adella/Adele J. Pickel "Della": (teacher) News91-95, Med93, News97; in Philadelphia: DT9/19/1901p7; in Douglas, Alaska: MM8/7/1908p5
Dr. Elijah Barton Pickel: (physician) see Geary & Pickel; First, Hist, Wild, Glim, Med88, News88-95, Med93, News97-00, Med97
Miss M. Pickel: News93
Mattie E. DeLashmutt Pickel (Mrs. Elijah B.): Hist, Med88, News90-93, News99-00, Med07
Cyrus H. Pickens: Med88, News88-89, News91, News94-95
E. P. Pickens: News90; in Igerna, California: MM12/26/1902p6
Pickney Pickens: News85, News94
Will. Pickens: News98
Macy M. Pickering "Shorty": (blacksmith, drayman) News92-94
Pierce Bros.: News92
Charles H. Pierce "Charlie": (timber cruiser, lumberman) see Proudfoot, Pierce & Co.; News90, News92-94, News98-00; moving to Ashland: DT9/19/1901p7
Gage M. Pierce: News89-93
Joseph G. Pierce: News90, News92; leaving for the East: SOM8/26/1892p3; leaving for Klamath Falls: MM5/11/1894p2
Lewis T. Pierce: (contractor) News00
W. G. Pierson: News91
Dr. John B. Pilkington: (physician) News00
William Townsend Pine: News91
A. W. Pipes: Hist
F. G. Pittard: (blacksmith) News99
Halett F. Platt: (hardware merchant) Med07
E. Pleasant/Pleasance: News91, News94
Dr. Charles C. Pletcher: (dentist) News94-95, News97, News99; returns from Indiana: MM4/12/1901p6; files homestead: MM9/26/1902p2
Maria Plumerth: News97
Plymale: (pronounced PLY-mull) News87, News89-90, News93, News97
Anna Elizabeth Plymale: News86
Bessie Brous Plymale (Mrs. Francis G.): News94
Cassie Plymale: News90
Francis Gabriel Plymale "Gabe": (fireman) News92, News93, News00
Francis Marion Plymale "France": see Angle & Plymale, WJB, First, News83-95, Med88, Med91, Med93, Med97, News98-00
Gabriel Plymale "Gabe": (roller rink) News89, News92-94, News96, News99
Jane E. Nichols Plymale (Mrs. Francis M.): News91, News93, News00
John S. Plymale: News91, News00
Josephine Martin Plymale (Mrs. William J.): News92, News95
Judge Plymale: News89, News91
Kate Plymale: News93
Mary Plymale: News95
Meda Plymale: see Meda Fox
Nellie Luy Plymale (Mrs. William L.): News87
Norah Plymale: see Norah Johnson; News88-89
Walter Plymale "Walt": News93, News95
William Jasper Plymale "Tip": (liveryman) News84-90, News95, News98
William L. Plymale "Bill": News87, News92; in Yreka: JP7/10/1920p3
Plymire: News99
Louise Ann Plymire "Annie L." (Mrs. James W.): News93-94
Elizabeth Plymire: see Elizabeth Garrett
James W. Plymire: News88-89, News93, News95
William Plymire: News84, News90
Poe & Brantner: (F. M. Poe; brickmakers) News89
Poe & Co.: (brickmakers) News89
Chester Arthur Poe "Art": WJB; in Portland: OR12/25/1915p16
Francis M. Poe: (brickmaker) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, Min86, News88-89, Med93, News93, News99
Josephine Poe: News92-93, News00
M. E. Pogue: News83, News84-85
Emma Kebutz Pohlman (Mrs. Henry): News93
Henry Pohlman: (orchardist) News91-94, News99-00, Med03
Mrs. Joseph Poley: News95
J. C. Pomeroy: News94
W. H. Pomeroy: News88, News90
Pool: News86
Emanuel J. Pool: (blacksmith) News85-88
Mary Pool: see Mary Nichols
Sarah J. Poole: News87
Harry Poole: Bear
Ezra Poppleton: (dry washer) News94
Luke A. Port: News85
Porter: IOOF
Porter & Johnson: (real estate) News93
Ada Watts Porter (Mrs. Luther G.): News91, Med10
Dr. Porter: IOOF, News91-92
George Porter: (hotel clerk) News98, News00
James Porter "Jim": (railroad fireman) News84-85, News91
Luther Goodwyn Porter: (lumber, school board) News91-95, News99-00, Med06
F. S. Porter: (telegrapher) News91
P. S. Porter: News91
T. S. Porter: (photographer's agent) News91
John Posey: News91
A. N. Poston: News87
A. S. Poston: News88
Edgar T. Pottenger: (miller, grocer) see Davis & Pottenger; IOOF, News91-94, News98-00
Ella Pottenger: News92-93
Mrs. Pottenger: News93-94
T. E. Pottenger: News93, News98-00
L. H. Potter: News84
Katherine Riley Potter (Mrs. Samuel A.): News89
William Potter: News89
Powell: News88
B. S. Powell: News87
Benjamin Wallace Powell: (attorney, notary, insurance agent, hotel keeper) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p1c1a, MM86, First, Hist, Min85-86, News85-92, Med86, News94
Mrs. Emma Powell: Med84
Joe Powell: (clerk) News98
N. W. Powell: News98
P. Powell: News92
Thaddeus Powell: News98
Willis B. Powell: News90
Mrs. John Power: News99
Elizabeth B. Powers: see Elizabeth Glidden
Pracht: News89
Humboldt Pracht "Hum": News91
Max Pracht "Peaches": News96
R. F. Prael: News88, News94
J. H. Prall: News98
J. W. Prall: (hotel keeper) News98-99
George Washington Praytor: News92
Thomas W. Praytor: News91
Minnie Predmore: News95
Anthony W. Presley: News87-88
Franklin Presley: News87
Rebecca M. Presley: News87
Pressley & Co.: News87
Joseph S. Prewer "Joe": True
Price: News85
C. S. Price: (school superintendent) News92-93
Curt Price: News88
E. Price: Med11
G. M. Price: News93
Dr. Roland Price: see Roland Pryce
William Kertis Price: News85, News87-88, News90, News98; visiting from Albany: JP10/19/1912p3
Pauline Price (Mrs. William K.): News86
Priddy & Son: News84
Alfretta Guches Priddy (Mrs. George W.): News88, News94
George W. Priddy: (brickmaker, brickmason, contractor) MMv1n4p4c2a, WJB, News87-88, News92-00, Med93, Med06
James Priddy: News85, News87, News92
Lee Priddy: News85
Edith Priest: News95
William Priest: News85, MM86
Charles Prim: (attorney) Hist, News95, News97, News99-00
Paine Page Prim: (attorney) Phipps, Min85, News85, Min87, News88-89, News00, Med07
Theresa Maria Stearns Prim (Mrs. P. P. Prim): News85; dies in Chicago: JP6/21/1913p1
W. T. Prim: (cook) News91
David T. Pritchard: (jeweler) News90-95, Med93, News98, News00; in Klamathon: MM3/1/1901p7; in Springfield: MM8/2/1901p7; in Cottage Grove: DT11/21/1901p5; suicide in Grants Pass: MM7/18/1902p2
Laura D. Thompson Pritchard (Mrs. David T.): News93, News95
Proudfoot & Co.: (lumber mill) News99
Proudfoot & Gray: (loggers, sawmill) News98-99
Proudfoot, Pierce & Co.: (sawmill) News99
Robert A. Proudfoot: (lumber mill, power plant operator) Hist, News98-00; in Portland: MM11/23/1900p7, MM3/8/1901p6
Provolt: see Herriott & Provolt
D. B. Provost: News95
Irwin Pruett: News87
Mrs. J. W. Pruett: News98
William Pruett: News95
Dr. Roland Pryce: (physician, coroner) Hist, News83, Min85, News85-94, MM86, Med86, Med88, Med93
Puckett: Bear
Puhl: see Wendt & Puhl
William Puhl: (barber) News92
Miss Purcell: News88
E. P. Purcell: News89
Lucinda Purcell: News89
Purdin: News94
Purdin & Ulrich: (blacksmiths) News90
Alice H. Purdin (Mrs. Ira E.): News94
Bertha L. Purdin: see Bertha Knight
Ira E. Purdin: (hotel clerk) News87, News91-95, News00; in Forest Grove: MM4/25/1902p6
Irine B. Purdin (Mrs. Mahlon): News92, Med10
Iva Purdin "Ivy": (teacher, asst. postmistress) News87, News91, News99, News00; in Sisson, Calif.: DT1/16/1902p4
J. R. Purdin: News88
Lizzie Worlow Purdin (Mrs. Mahlon): News90-92, News95; obit: MM8/16/1907p5
Mahlon Purdin: (blacksmith, insurance agent, hotel keeper, notary, attorney, mayor) see Harris & Purdin; First, Hist, News86-96, Min87, Med93, Med94, News98, News00
Mahlon Purdin Jr. "Lin": News98; in San Francisco: MM10/12/1900p7
Mart. Purdin: (blacksmith) News91
J. Purdom: News85
George Putnam: Hist, Med10
S. P. Putnam: News87
Sarah J. Queen: News88
Rev. G. W. Quimby: (carpenter) News89
Mary Radcliff: see Mary Stearns
Ragsdale: Glim, News87, News89, News90, News92
Mrs. A. F. Ragsdale: News92
Cleophus C. Ragsdale: News91-94; in Williams, California: MM8/23/1901p6, MM7/11/1902p6, MM7/18/1902p7
J. F. Ragsdale: News86-87, News89, News90, News93
Mrs. M. J. Ragsdale: (dressmaker) News92-94; leaving for Willamette Valley: MM3/9/1894p3
R. F. Ragsdale: News92
Railroad Exchange Saloon: see Noland & Ulrich
Railroad Saloon: see Noland & Ulrich, MM86, News84
A. A. Raine: News84
H. L. Raine: (confectioner) News96
James Raines: Min86
John Raines: Min86
Fannie Ralph: News93, News95
Helen H. Ralph (Mrs. John): (nurse) News92
Robert Ralph: News93
Ralston: News89
John A. Ramsdell: News91
C. O. Ramsey: News99-00
Joseph Randall: News93-94
Joseph Randles: News99
William Ranken: News89
Rankin: News92, News00
F. S. Rankin: (photographer) News92
M. B. Rankin: News89
Harvey Ransier: News90
Raphaltz: News93
Joseph Rapp: News84
Rasmus Rasmussen: (confectioner) News94
Albert Rau: (brewer, yeast maker) News91
Grant Rawlings: (county recorder) News93-96, News98; obit: MM4/3/1908p1
W. Rawlings: News93
Ray & Long: (paint store) News00
Archie Ray: (blacksmith) News00
Dr. Charles Reginald Ray: Med07, Med10
Col. Frank Huber Ray: Wild, News99
Hattie L. Ray (Mrs. Joseph H.): News00
Joseph H. Ray: (paint store) News99-00
H. A. Raymond: News89
Raynes: News84
James K. Reader: News92
Rev. R. A. Reagan: Hist, News93, News98
David B. Reame: (sewing machine repairman) News98, News00
Mrs. D. B. Reame: News95
Robert B. Reame: News98-99; at Palmer, Oregon: MM9/19/1902p7, MM11/28/1902p7
Reames: see Beekman & Reames; Colvig & Reames, White, Reames & Co.
Reames & White: News91
Reames, White & Co.: (merchants, Jacksonville) News92, News94
Alfred Evan Reames: News94, News97, News00
C. L. Reames: Med10
Edith Tongue Reames (Mrs. Alfred E.): News99
Evan R. Reames: (attorney) News89, News92-93, News95, News99-00; in Klamath Falls: MM3/15/1901p6
Genevieve Reames: News98
Laura Reames: News99
Lucinda Williams Reames (Mrs. T. G.): News92, News99
Mollie Reames: Med97; see Mollie Jennings
Jennie E. Ross Reames (Mrs. Evan R.): Med97
Thomas Given Reames "Tom": (postal inspector, banker, merchant) Hist, News83, News85-87, News91-93, News95, News00
Will Reames: News97
W. L. Record: News84
Redden: see also Redding; News89-90, News94
Amy Redden: News88
B. L. Redden: News89, News91
Bert Redden: News87-88, Min88, News91-92, News98
Cora E. Redden: see Cora Carder; News87
Edward Redden: News87, News93-94
Ida Redden: (teacher) News91-93, News95
James H. Redden: News96
John W. Redden: News93, News95
Leventine C. Redden (Mrs. John W.): News93, News99-00
Mary Estell Redden: News95
Mrs. Redden: News92
S. E. Redden: News87-88, News90
Stella Redden: News87
W. L. Redden: Min86
Reddick: Bear
Redding: see also Redden
Ida Redding: News87, News91
John Redding: News90
L. Redding: News85
Dr. John Francis Reddy: Hist, Med88, Med07, Med10
Mary Reddy (Mrs. John F.): Hist
Redfield: News83, News85
Redfield Bros.: News92-94, Med93
Edward E. Redfield: News84, News88, News90; moving from Linkville to Grants Pass: DT8/1/1890p2
H. S. Redfield: News84
Ida Wilcox Redfield (Mrs. John H.): News94
John Hill Redfield: (blacksmith, gunsmith, inventor) see Merriman & Redfield; MMv1n4p4c3b, Hist, Min85-86, News85-86, News88-96; in Spokane: MM10/18/1901p7; in Denver: MM7/19/1907p5
Laura Morrison Redfield (Mrs. H. S.): News84
Sam Redfield: (blacksmith) News96
Peter Redlinger: News98
Edmond Redpath: News93
Reed: News84-85, News89
C. Reed: News99
Emma Reed: (teacher) News98-00; in Portland: DT4/15/1903p1
Georgia Briggs Reed (Mrs. Horace B.): News91
Horace B. Reed: (fencing manufacturer, hotel keeper) News87-92, News94, News99; in Portland: MM4/21/1893p2; in McMinnville: DT1/17/1898p3, DT3/23/1899p3, DT11/22/1900p2; in Kerby: MT3/14/1910p5
John F. Reed: News93-94
Lottie Reed: (teacher) News92
Wesley Reed: News89
Reelfoot: Bear
W. S. Reep: Med94
B. F. Reeser: News94
Mae B. Reeves: News00
Mary E. Reeves (Mrs. Sewall R.): Hist, News00
Sewall R. Reeves: News99-00
Rehart: News89
Otto H. Reichman: (restaurant manager) Med10, Med11
Reid & Neuber (George E. Neuber): (miners) News95
David Reid: News92
Judge W. H. Reid: (miner) News94
Hugo Reinbold: Bear
A. Reinhold: News98
E. Reinhold: (shoe merchant) News94
William Renken: (hay baler) News92-93
Rentz & White: (attorneys) News94
J. K. Reoder: News92
Jerry Retty: see Payne & Retty, Roberts & Retty; News86-87
A. L. Reuter: News86-87, News90, News92
John Reuter "Johnny": (medical student) News93, News95
Lena Reuter: News92
Al V. Reynolds: (tailor) News97-98
D. Reynolds: News88, News90
D. L. Reynolds: moved to Weaverville, Calif.
Daniel Reynolds: News91
J. C. Reynolds: Bear
L. L. Reynolds: News99
Lew Reynolds: Bear
Thomas H. Reynolds: News86; OR8/16/1914pB5
Rhinehart: News89, News00
Clara Rhinehart (Mrs. John B.): News00
Eugene Rhinehart: News00
John B. Rhinehart: (hotel owner) News96, News98-s99; in San Francisco: DT4/3/1902p2
Lillian Rhinehart: (dance teacher) News98-00; married to Edgar F. Fordyce MM8/30/1901p2; in Eureka: MM12/12/1902p7
Margaret I. Rhinehart: News98
Jabez Rhoads: News99
Isaac Rhodes: News89
Mattie E. Rhodes/Rhoads: News98-99
Susan M. Rhodes (Mrs. Isaac): News89
William P. Rhodes: News94
Bethuel Rice: Med93
D. Rice: News98
David L. Rice: (bike racer) Bike, News84, News91
Ella M. Rice (Mrs. David L.): News92
Fitz H. Rice: (miner) News99
Fred. Rice: (clerk) News98
H. M. Rice: MMv1n4p4c1b, News85
Horace Rice: News85
J. R. Rice: (printer, hotel man, "cowboy preacher") News95
Lyle Rice: (railroad man) News94
Richardson Rice: Bear
Harriet M. Richards: News94
Henry Richards: News88, News91; dead in Midlands, Michigan: DT5/26/1893p2x, News00
Sarah Richards: News99
William Richards: News00
Richardson: News88, News93, News00
Harvey Richardson: News94
Henry H. Richardson: News85, News87-88, News92-93, News95; dead in Midland, Michigan: MM5/19/1893p3
J. Richardson: News99
Jesse Richardson: News85, News89-91, News94-95
John W. Richardson: News93, News99
Roy Richardson: (sailor) News99
S. T. Richardson: Med10
Samuel W. Richardson "Sam": News89, Med07
William Richardson: News88
Dr. John R. Rickenbach: (physician) News92
Dr. Judson D. Rickert: (dentist) Med11
Eugene Ricksecker: News87
Riddle & Wolters: Min86, News86
Riddle Bros.: News87
Riddle House: Hist, MM86, News86, News88
Riddle, Oregon: News83, News89
Mrs. A. Riddle: News88
Edwin Riddle "Eddie": News87, News99
Genevieve Riddle: News87-88
Ira Riddle: News87
John Bouseman Riddle "Bouse": (hotel keeper) First, MM86, News86-89, Min87-88, News99; in Riddle: MM8/2/1901p7; ill at Portland: MM6/18/1909p2; obit: JP10/17/1914p1
M. G. Riddle: News88
Mary F. Riddle (Mrs. John Bouseman): News86
Milla Riddle "Millie": News87, News88
Minnie Riddle: News87-88
Robert Riddle "Bob" "Bobby": News87-88
Stilly Riddle: News87
Thomas Riddle: News86
W. Ralph Ridenhour/Ridenour: (stationary engineer, railroad engineer) News91-94
Charles Rider: News95
George D. Ridinger: (bridge builder) News86, News93-94
Hattie McDonough Ridinger (Mrs. George D.): News86
George Rieve: News87-88
M. E. Sturgis Rieve (Mrs. George): News87
Rifenburg & Murphy: News92-94
Alonzo G. Rifenburg: News93
Rigby & Hart: (business college) News91-92
E. S. Rigby: News93-94
Mrs. M. E. Rigby: News92
Prof. M. E. Rigby: (principal, Medford Business College) see Rigby & Hart; News91-94, Med93; in Brigham, Utah: DT9/29/1898p3; in Burns: MM11/8/1901p7
Michael Riggs: News88, News99
Nancy Riggs: see Nancy Lewis
Charles Riley: News98
Phil Riley: News90
Thomas Riley: News86, News98
Addie K. Rippey: Med11
Ritter: Bear, News98
J. F. Ritter: News92
Jacob F. Ritter: News91
John F. Ritter: News00
Joseph Ritter: News98-99
Claud Rivers: News98
Mrs. Rivers: News00
Ella J. Rivers: News93, News98
Etta J. Rivers: News93
Mrs. L. J. Rivers: News93
Frank W. Roach: (newspaper foreman) News99-00
Kate Robb: (teacher) Med93, News93
Frank Robbins: News93
Roberts: MMv1n1p1c6a, News86, News88, News94
Roberts & O'Neil (P. B. O'Neil & William B. Roberts): MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n1p1c6a, News84-91, News93-94, News98
Roberts & Orr: (contractors) News99
Roberts & Retty: News85
A. A. Roberts: News97, News99
B. F. Roberts: News93
Catherine Roberts: News92
Charles Roberts: News92
D. Roberts: News93
Dee Roberts: Bear, News92
F. M. Roberts: (miner) News94
J. P. Roberts: News88
James C. Roberts: News87, News89
James E. Roberts: Med93, News93-94
John Roberts: News89, News91
Katherine Roberts: News90
Martha C. Roberts (Mrs. James E.): Hist
Martha C. Howard Roberts (Mrs. James C.): News87
Mary E. Roberts: News88, News93, News99
Mrs. Roberts: News91
T. K. Roberts: (newspaper) News95
Mrs. Thomas Roberts: News95
W. D. Roberts: Med93, News94
W. H. Roberts: News99
W. L. Roberts: News88
Will Roberts: News91
William B. Roberts: (farmer, capitalist, city councilman) First, News84, News87-91, Med93, News93-95, News99-00
William J. Roberts: Hist, Min85
Anna Robertson: News94
L. A. Robertson: News00
Robinson: News85, News90
Robinson & Turpin: News89
Robinson Bros: News84
Robinson Hotel: Hist, IOOF
Arthur Robinson "Artie": News91-92
Charles Robinson: News95
Ed. Robinson: (policeman) News92
G. H. Robinson: News84-85
H. Robinson: News84
Henry H. Robinson: (bigamist) News92
Dr. James W. Robinson: (physician) News91-94, News99
John Robinson: (drayman) Bear, News84-87, Min86, MM86, Med86, News89-90
Joseph Robinson: News83
Mrs. Robinson: News85, News99
"Pap" Robinson: News89
Mrs. Rose L. Robinson: Med84
Rose S. Robinson: News88-89
Sarah Robinson "Tillie" (Mrs. Dr. James W.): News88
William Robinson "Billy": (wood cutter, fireman) News89-92; bio: MM3/5/1909p3, MT7/19/1910p2 see Wm. Robison
William H. Robinson: (barber) News84, News86
Arthur Robison "Monk" "Monkey": News91-92
John R. Robison: (drayman) Min86, News86, News88, News90, Med93, News94
Mary A. Robison: Med93
William Robison "Bill": (lumber mill worker) News92, News94 see Wm. Robinson
Rochford: News91
Albert Gallatin Rockfellow: News84
Levi C. Rodenberger "Lee": (night watchman, marshal) News86, News89, News91-92
J. W. Rodgers: News85
John T. Rodgers: (miner) News88, News98
Madison Rodgers: (saddler) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-85, News92
Annie Rodschaw: News94
Julia Rodschaw: (teacher) News92-93
G. W. Rogers: News96
George T. Rogers: News85
W. J. Rogers: News89
Rogue River Valley Railway: Hist, News85-88, OH89, Med90, News90-94, Med11, Med19
John T. Rolison/Roloson: News84, News87-88
Luiza R. Rolison/Roloson (Mrs. John T.): News94
Emmett Rolling: News88
Elsie Roof: (teacher) News97
Root: see Sherrard & Root, News99
Edwin D. Root: News99-00
John M. Root: Med10, Med11
Sarah M. Root: News90
Carrie Roper: News95
Prof. M. V. Rork: News87, News90-91
Dr. Rose: News86
Edgar D. Rose: News91, News94-95; returns from Sisson: MM11/28/1902p6
Grace Rose: News99
Jemima Colver Rose (Mrs. Lewis A.): News85-86
Lewis A. Rose: News86, News88, News90, News99
Nellie Rose: see Nellie Newbury
Albert S. Rosenbaum "Rosy": (railroad agent) News99, Med07, Med10
Alice G. Matthews Rosenbaum (Mrs. Albert S.): News87, News99-00
M. Rosenthal: News84
Simeon Rosenthal "Sam" "Rosy": (clothing merchant) MMv1n1p1c5b(illegible), MMv1n4p1c4a, Wild, WJB, Hist, News84, News86-98, MM86, Med86, Med88, Med91, Med95, News00
Ross: Med88, News92, News00
Ross & Wrisley: (J. E. Ross, J. B. Wrisley; real estate agents) News87-88
Mrs. D. G. Ross: News92, News98
Gen./Col. John England Ross: MMv1n1p4c2b, News84-85, News87-89
Johnny Ross: News91
Mae Ross: (music, dance teacher) News00
Thomas D. Ross: MMv1n1p4c2b, Bear
B. Rostel: News84
Carl/Charles B. Rostel: (barber) News88, News90, News92-93, News98
Ernestine Rostel (Mrs. C. B.): News98
Rosy: see Simeon Rosenthal, Albert S. Rosenbaum
Roten: News89
Homer Rothermel: Med07
L. Rouch: News90
Rev. Rounds: News99
Roup: News94
Edsell T. Roup: Med93, News93; leaving for southeastern Oregon: MM1/19/1894p3
Mollie Roup: News93
R. T. Roup: (musician) News94
Col. Rouse: (miner) News98
D. Rouse: News89
L. Rouse: News89
Rancellar Rouse: (bartender) News00
William P. Rouse: News98
Router: News87
E. F. Rowe: News88
Fred H. Rowe: (sawmill operator) News89-90
F. M. Rowland: News90
John J. Rowland: News85, News89
Martha J. Rowland: News87
Ladru Royal: News92
Rev. Thomas F. Royal "Limpy": Hist
Royce: Bear
David Royse: News87
William Ruddick: News98
E. G. Rueden: Med11
Robert W. Ruhl: Hist, Wild, Med23
William H. Rumley: News85
Mrs. Rummell: News89
W. A. Rummell: News94-95, News98
Edwin J. Runyard: Med11
E. R. Russ: News89, News91
Edward Russ: News91
Edwin Russ: (miller) News94-95, Med06
Rev. Elijah Russ: (pastor, nurseryman) News88, News91-95; in Amity: MM10/6/1893p3; obit: MM7/12/1901p7
Mrs. F. E. Russ: (milliner) News88-89
Russell: see Johnson & Russell; News85
Atha H. Russell: News98
Darius Bates Russell: (confectioner) News98; in Fort Jones: DT8/22/1901p2; Med07; moving from Portland to Sams Valley: MT9/30/1912p2; dead in Modesto: MT9/14/1951p17
Mrs. A. M. Russell: News86
Rev. A. M. Russell: Hist, News85-86, News94; in San Francisco: MM5/25/1894p3; in Napa, then Ashland: News99
Eva C. Russell (Mrs. Thomas J.): News84
James H. Russell: (stone carver) News88-89
Joe Russell: News99
Mrs. M. H. Russell: News92-93
Thomas J. Russell: News84
W. H. Russell: News93
William Ryan: News84
Charles R. Ryder: News98
Rev. F. Sach/Sack: Hist, News98, News00
Carrie Sackett: (teacher) WJB, News90-92
Lila Sackett: (teacher) News92-93, News00
Lyda D. Sackett: News92
May Sackett: (teacher, postmistress) News92-94
Amy Safford: News90, News93
E. G. Sahlstrom: News94
W. H. Sailor: News00
Rev. T. L. Sails: News86-87
William Salat: News94
Alfred W. Salmon: News91
E. G. Salstrom: News91, News93, News98; on the Klondike: MM7/11/1902p6
Edward Saltmarsh: News85, News87
Joseph B. Saltmarsh: News85, News90
Tessie Saltmarsh: News00
Emma Sampson: News99
S. T. Sanders: (shoemaker) News00
William Sanor: News98
Alice Applegate Sargent: News94
Col. Herbert H. Sargent: Wild
Margaret Sargent "Maggie": (teacher, principal) Hist, News85-86, Med86
Oliver Sargent: News91
Charles W. Savage: News84, News88
James Savage: News83
John Savage, Jr.: News94
Joseph Savage "Joe": (hotel clerk) News93-94
Lou L. Savage: News88-89; in Dunsmuir: DT9/19/1901p7
Lou W. Savage: News88
Margaret Sayers: Med93, News93; see Sayre
H. L. Sayles: News94
John Saylor: News00
A. N. Sayre:News94
H. Sayre: News94
Mrs. Sayre (Sayers?): (piano teacher) News95, News97
Jacob Schaefer: News94, News99
Schermerhorn & Shone: (second-hand store) News99
B. Schermerhorn: News96
Gordon L. Schermerhorn: (second-hand dealer, planing mill) see Mounce & Schermerhorn; News94-95, News98-00
Ida Schermerhorn: News98
Ed Schieffelin: News94
Paul Schiessler: News93-94
J. C. Schilling: Med11
A. Schmidt: News94
Birdie Schmidt: News92
George Schmidt: News92
John Adam Schmidt: (cooper) News84, News90-92; obit: JP5/9/1914p1
Adam Schmitt: News95
General Schmitt: News95
G. F. Schmidtlein/Schmidtlin: News98
Charles Schnebacker: News94
John Schneider: (saloonkeeper) News97-98
Mrs. John Schneider: News95
Paul Schoen: MMv1n4p4c2a
Schonchin John: Bear
J. S. Schott: News95
Schultz: News88
Frances E. Schumaker: see Frances DeBoy
George Schumpf: (barber) News85-87, News94
John Schumpf: News87, News89
J. W. Schute: News94
Veit Schutz: (brewer) News90
Scott: News88-89, News92-93, News98
A. D. Scott: News88-89, Med93
Joseph Scott: News87, News98-99
Peter C. Scott: News88, News93
Ross W. Scott: News91
W. W. Scott: News91
Walter Scott: News89, News92, News94
Robert G. Scroggs, Jr.: News85
Park Seace: News94
Alfred B. Seal: News88-89
Avery T. Searle: (attorney) News99-00
Sears: News88
Sears & Wilcox: News89
Amanuel Z. Sears: (night watchman) News89-93, News00
Cleveland Sears: News95
David T. Sears: (merchant, town assessor) First, News88, News89-95, Med91, News98-00; in Spokane: DT12/16/1903p1
D. T. Sears & Co.: (ladies' clothing) News89, News94
E. B. Sears: News85, News87
Fay Sears: News93, News00
Granville Sears: News86, News88, News92
H. D. Sears: News98
J. H. Sears: News88
Louvina J. Sears (Mrs. David T.): (milliner) Hist, News88-89, Med91, News94, News96, News98-00; in Eugene: MT2/5/1912p2
Melinda Sears: Med93
S. T. Sears: News00
Susan Farrier S. Sears (Mrs. Amanuel Z.): News91, News93
Dr. Sechrist: News94
L. Seeley: Med86
Dr. Seely: Med11
R. A. Seibert: News89
Jack Sells: News91
Anna M. Settles (Mrs. Lawyel H.): News00
Harry T. Severance: (farmer) News91
Ole Severson: MMv1n1p4c5b, News83
Mrs. Margaret Sevler: IOOF
Caroline Sexton "Carrie" (Mrs. David H.): News83; obit: MT5/23/1911p6
Joseph Seyferth: News93
Jacob M. Shadle: News88-89, News94
J. W. Shaffer: News94
W. E. Shane: News94
Rev. Hiram S. Shangle: News93, News99-00
Mrs. W. F. Sharon: News90
Rev. Byron J. Sharp: News84
Edwin C. Sharpe: News93
Shattuck: (Josephine County sheriff) News93
Prof. T. Shattuck: News85
Thomas Shattuck: News90
Sarah Melissa Bever Shaw (Mrs. William F.): News87, News89
William F. Shaw: News87, News89
Shawver: News91
Shawver & Nicholson: (contractors, carpenters) Med93, News93-95
Shawver & Youngs: (carpenters) News91
W. F. Shawver: WJB, News91-94, Med93, News98
Henry G. Shearer: (drayman, deputy sheriff, chief of police) True, IOOF, News94, News96, News99, Med10
Jacob E. Shearer: (barber, doctor) News91-92, News99-00
G. H. Shears: News93
J. W. Shears: News93
Ben Sheldon: Med10
Grant Shell: News99-00
Shely & Jacobs: (stone cutters) MMv1n1p4c6a, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c4a, News85-86, Med86
Robert M. Shely: (stone cutter) see Shely & Jacobs; News85-87, News89, News91
Mrs. E. B. Shen: Med10
C. F. Shepherd: (piano dealer) News94
W. H. Shepard: News92
John P. Sheridan: News94
Charles L./S. Sherman "Charlie": (sign painter) see Smith & Sherman; News85, Med93, News93, News94; in Kansas City, Missouri: DT1/4/1894p3
Emma Ball Sherman (Mrs. Charles): News93
Mrs. Sherman: (boarding house) News93
Sherrard & Root: (miners) News90
Everett Sherrill: News93
S. C. Sherrill/Sherill: (teacher) News89, News92, News94
E. A. Sherwin: News94-95
Shideler: News89, News92
Andrew Franklin Shideler "Frank": (teacher, pharmacist) News87, News91, News98, News00
Hannah Shideler: News98
Henry L. Shideler: News96, News98
John H. Shideler: News90, News92, News94
Lewis E. Shideler: News87, News89, News90-91, News93; in Alhambra, California: MM5/16/1902p6
Louis C. Shideler: News84, News93
Lucinda Shideler: News93
Rebecca Shideler: News91, News93
S. Shideler: News96
Rev. W. F. Shields: IOOF
Shiner: News93-94
H. W. Shipley: (farmer) News91, News95
Maggie Shipley: see Maggie Pape
Morgan Shirley: News94
Mrs. Hawkins G. Shock: News90
Perry V. Shoemake: News90
Walter B. Shoemake: News90
Willie Shoemaker: News87
C. C. Shohohoney: News94
Joe E. Shone: (carpenter, planing mill operator) see Schermerhorn & Shone; WJB, News94, News95, News98-00; leaving for Yreka: MM3/30/1900p6; in Yreka: MM2/28/1902p6
I. N. Shook: News92
W. F. Shores: News90
W. H. Shores: News91
William T. Shores: News90
Short: News86, News88-89, News93, News98
Short, Angle & Plymale: News88
Ella L. Short: News88, News93
G. W. Short: News91
John W. Short: (real estate) First, Med84, News85-93, Min88, Med93
Ella L. Short (Mrs. John W.): Med84, News88, News90-91, News93
Thomas H. Short: (blacksmith) returns: DT5/12/1893p3; News99
William Short: News86
Shott: News95
W. F. Shouver: News92
Retta Shreve: see Retta Demorest
Shultz: (miller) News88
Paul Shultze: (restaurant owner) News94
W. T. Shurtleff: News94
J. W. Shute: (jeweler) News94
Sibley: News95
Sibson, Church & Co.: News85
Sidener: News88
Mrs. Sidney: News93
M. J. Signs: Hist
Esther Silsby: (musician, music teacher) News97-98, News00
Charles Silvers: News99
Simmons: see Paine & Simmons; News88, News94
Simmons & Cathcart: (hardware; W. H. Simmons, F. B. Cathcart) News92, News93
John Simmons: News84; obit: MT5/11/1911p3
Josie Simmons: News94, News98
Peter Simmons: (Pioneer Hotel, Eagle Point) News85
Mrs. W. H. Simmons: News95
William H. Simmons: (hardware, second-hand goods) see Simmons & Cathcart; News89, News92-94, Med93, News97-98
Allen Simon: News94, News96
Charles F. Simon: News94
Ed. Simon: News87
Peter Simon: Hist
Sophie Simon: News90
Anna E. Simon (Mrs. Peter): News91
L. A. Simons: News91
Angie E. Simpkins: see Angie Wilcox
Isaac Simpkins: News89, News94
Myra E. Wrisley Simpkins (Mrs. Philip L.): News91
Philip L. Simpkins: News91
Phoebe Simpkins: see Phoebe Lewis
Judge Simon Simpkins: News95
Andrew Henry Simpson: News89-90, News95; in Oro Grande, Idaho: MM12/13/1907p5
B. Simpson: News95
Catherine Simpson: News88
Fannie Simpson: News90
Fred Simpson: News00
Hannah M. Teller Simpson (Mrs. James W.): News94
Jesse F. Simpson: News86, News88, News91; in Albany: News92
James W. Simpson "Jim": News87-90, News94, News98; back from Montague: MM11/5/1908p5
Mrs. Simpson: News89
Narcissa D. Simpson: see Narcissa Dodson
Sarah J. Simpson: News88
Sarah K. Simpson (Mrs. James W.): News88
Rev. W. G. Simpson: News85, News89
William Simpson: News99
F. R. Sims: (horse trainer) News98-99
John S. Sims: News84, News94
Thomas Sims: News98
Abby/Abbie Sinclair: (teacher) Med93, News93
Wong Sing: News95
August Singler: (salesman, constable, sheriff) True, IOOF, Med07
William Singleton: (lineman) News90
Hattie Sisemore: News92, News94
Ida Sisemore: see Ida Johnson
Lindsey C. Sisemore: News93-94
Mary Sisemore: News98
Mrs. Sisemore: News94
Sisson & Crocker: News90
T. L. Skaggs: News84
Skeel: see Klippel & Skeel; News86, News90, News00
Skeel & Egan: MMv1n1p4c6a, MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n4p4c3a
Skeel & Son: (builders, planing mill) News90-95
Bert Skeel: News90
Brace Skeel: News93, News99-00
Charles W. Skeel: (planing mill, carpenter, contractor, councilman) see Skeel & Egan; MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, First, News84-85, Med86, Min87-88, News87-93, Med88, Med91, Med93; in Prospect: MM10/14/1898p5
Clara Skeel: News94, News98-99
Kate M. Skeel (Mrs. Myron): News94, News99
L. Etta Skeel: News91-93
M. A. Skeel: News91
Myron W. Skeel: News88-90, Med91, News92-95; in Grants Pass: MM5/25/1900p7; dead in Portland: MT8/30/1924p6
W. M. Skeel: News93
W. W. Skeel: News98
Skeeters: see Leonard & Skeeters; News95
Charles F. Skeeters: News90-91
Grace Jane Skeeters: News90, News92
Isaac Skeeters: (baker) Bear, News89-90, News93
J. O. Skeeters: Bear
Joseph A. W. Skeeters: News90
Leonard A. Skeeters: News91
Mrs. Skeeters: News94
Lura Skinner: News91
N. Slack: News88
Belle Slade: see Belle Songer
Slagle & Fraser: MMv1n4p4c3b
Frederick S. Slagle "Fred": (tailor) News94, News99-00; in Coquille: MM10/12/1900p7, MM6/1/1901p6, MM7/25/1902p6
John C. Slagle: see Slagle & Fraser, Mulvany & Slagle; MMv1n4p4c4b, News83-87, News93
W. S. Sleppy: News00
Carrie Sletter: News95
Robert R. Slewing: Med11
Slinger: see Ulrich & Slinger; News90
Joseph Slinger: News98
Richard Slinger: (stockman) News00
William Slinger: First, News88, News89-95, News98, News00; obit: MM6/22/1900p7
Jessie Slocum: News88
Alonzo Slover: (drayman) see Bellinger & Slover; News93-94, News96, News98, News00
Rev. James Anderson Slover: (druggist, soda fountain) News83-85, News88, News91-95; in Visalia, Calif.: DT8/4/1898p3
Josephine M. Rogers Slover (Mrs. James A.): News93-95, News98
James A. Slowell (Slover?): News93
Cornelius Sly: News89
George T. Sly: News88, News90, News92
Sarah F. Sly: News90
Thomas Sly: News00
W. M. Sly: News90
William L. Sly: News90
E. J. Smillie: (variety store) News88-89
Smith: see also Leabo & Smith; News83, News85, News87, News93-94, News99
Smith & Sherman: (painters) News93
A. Smith: News92
Capt. A. C. Smith: News97-98
Capt. A. M. Smith: News99
Anna L. Smith: News92
Aubrey Smith: Hist
C. C. Smith: News89-90
C. E. Smith: (hotel clerk) News94, News99
C. F. Smith: Bear
C. S. Smith: (confectionery) News94
Carver Smith: News94
Chilson Smith: News93
Deputy Smith: News91
Detective Smith: News91
E. Smith: News94
E. A. L. Smith: News97
E. E. Smith: (deputy) News96
E. Sanderson Smith "Quartz": News91, News92
Ed Smith: News92
Edward Smith: (watchmaker) News94
Mrs. Eliza A. Smith: News93-94
Mrs. Ella Smith: News95
Emma Smith: News92
Frank P. Smith: (grocer) News97, News99-00
Frank W. Smith: News98
H. S. Smith & Son: Min85-88
H. Tilson Smith: News87, News92, News94, News99
Henry Smith: (hardware merchant) see H. S. Smith & Son; MMv1n1p1c5a, MMv1n4p1c4a, Hist, News84-94, Min85, Med86, Med88, Med91, Med93
Mrs. Henry Smith: News94
J. Smith: News86
James Smith: News93
James R. Smith: News90
John Smith: News95
John A. Smith: News92-93, News98
John F. Smith: (gunsmith) obit: DT4/28/1893p3
John R. Smith: (populist) News94
John W. Smith: (orchardist) News84-85, News88, News92, News94-95, News00; obit: MM3/26/1909p8
Mrs. John W. Smith: News95
Joseph M. Smith: News86; ill: MT1/31/1912p5; obit: MT7/18/1919p5
L. Smith: News94
L. S. Smith: News87
Lee W. Smith (lumber): News91-92
Leroy Smith: News95
Louis Smith: News95
Mrs. Henry Smith: News93-94
Mrs. M. J. Smith: News99
Mrs. M. S. Smith: News93
Mary Anderson Smith (Mrs. Carver): News94
Mary L. Smith: News00
Noah Smith: News99
O. O. Smith: (laundryman) News95
Pleasant Smith: News00
Robert G. Smith: Med07
Robert Smith: News88
Rollin Smith: News95
S. Sumpter Smith: Hist
Sanderson Smith: News94
Susie Hamlin Smith (Mrs. Amos): News00
Sylvester Smith: News92-94
Theron Smith: News91, Med03
Tilson Smith: see H. Tilson Smith
Ulysses G. Smith: (teacher, school superintendent) Med06
Vinton Smith: (teacher, abstractor) News94
Rev. W. B Smith: News87
William L. Smith: (contractor and builder) Med86, News93, News98
William M. Smith "Tennessee": (orchardist) News91, News93, News95
William Smith: (blacksmith) MM86, News86, Med86
Victor Smith: News94
Vinton G. Smith: Hist, News93-94
Jane Snedicor: Hist
Charles P. Snell: (attorney) News00
Cora Love Snell (Mrs. Charles P.): News00
George Snider: News94
Mollie Snider: News84
Shuler C. Snook: News83
W. A. Snow: (musician) News98-99; returning to San Francisco: DT11/7/1901p4
George N. Snyder: (blacksmith) News98; in Keswick, California: MM3/29/1901p6
Albert N. Soliss: (penman, clerk, attorney) News91-96
Daniel B. Soliss: News95' obit: MT7/2/1918p6
John Soliss: Med07
Miss Soliss: News87, News93
Margaret Sophia Soliss (Mrs. Daniel B.): News92, Med11
Mollie Soliss: (telegrapher, bookkeeper) News93
Nellie Soliss: News92
J. B. Sollner: (tailor) News89; in Sisson, California: DT10/24/1890p3
Mrs. J. Solomon: News87
Dr. Sommers: News87, News89
Belle Slade Songer (Mrs. Samuel T.): News86
Dr. Samuel T. Songer: News86
W. F. Songer: News95
Catherine Soren: News87
E. W. Sorenson: News94
Martin V. B. Soule: News84, News89; MM12/18/1908p6
N. Southeard: Med11
Frank Sowell: News90
Estella Spangler: News98
Thomas G. R. Spangler: News92-93, Med93, News98
Thomas J. Spangler: News92
Mrs. Thomas S. Spangler: News97
R. O. Spear: News90
William Spear "Shake": (telegrapher) News98
Speas: News93
Speas & McGee: (contractors) News93
D. W. Speas: News93
Mollie A. Speas (Mrs. Squire Speas): News93
Squire W. Speas: (contractor) WJB, News87-88, News90-92, News95, News98
W. S. Speas: Med03
Georgia Spencer: see Georgia Nicholson
Jessie Spencer: (teacher) News93
Noah H. Spencer: News87, News89, News91-94; in Cottonwood, Calif.: MM8/1/1902p6, DT8/7/1902p3
W. H. Spencer: News87
Sport's Point: MMv1n1p4c2b
C. A. Sprandle: News93
Claus Spreckles: Trans
George N. Spurr: (bowling alley operator, miner) News98-99
Sada Squire: News93
Albion C. Squires: Med93, News93-95
Florence Squires: News93-94
M. Squires: News94
Sarah I. Squires: News93
Walter A. Squires: News95
William Stalker: Med07
William R. Stammers: (jeweler) News90, News92, News94
William R. Stammers, Jr.: News91, News93-94
Standard Wood Yard: True
J. R. Standley: News92
Charles W. Stanfield: (hotel keeper) News87, News90
Dr. Stanfield: News95
Daisy Stanfield: (copyist) News97-98
Fred Stanfield: News94
Minnie Stanfield: see Minnie Devaul
Dr. Wesley W. Stanfield: (physician, city recorder) News87, News92, News97-98
Stanley: News85, News92-93
Dr. Arad Comstock Stanley: (state senator, merchant) Med88, News95
David T. Stanley: News87
George C. Stanley: (newspaper publisher) News99
H. Stanley: News84
Mrs. Harriet B. Stanley: (landlord) News87-89, News91, News93-94; see Harriet McKee
Henrietta B. Stanley: News87
J. R. Stanley: News92
Jane Stanley: News84
M. L. Stanley: (saloon keeper) News84
Ollie E. Stanley: News89
R. Stanley: News84
Rachel E. Stanley: News84
Rosa Stanley: News94
Thomas E. Stanley: (saloon keeper, stable keeper) MMv1n4p4c3a, News83-84, News91-92
Benjamin A. Stannard: News85
Miss Stannus: News87
Edward T. Staples: (real estate agent) Med07
Starr: News94
Starr & Drisco: News93, News98
Elijah W. Starr: (contractor) WJB, First, News88-94, News98, News00
Elizabeth A. Starr (Mrs. Elijah W.): (dressmaker) News89
Laura Starr: News90
Susan Starr: see Susan Sears
Staver: see Mitchell, Lewis & Staver
Staver & Walker: News89-90, News92, Med93, News94, News99
Steadham: News94
Steadman: News84
J. H. Stearns: News88
John R. Stearns: (pig sticker) News92, News93, News94
Mary Radcliff Stearns (Mrs. J. H.): News88
Rev. Stearns: News87
Robert Steadman: IOOF
William Steele: News94
Mrs. M. M. Stephens: News93
Rev. T. H. Stephens: News92-94, Med93; leaving for Wheatland, Calif.: MM6/22/1894p3
Stephenson: see Thompson & Stephenson; News87
B. F. Stephenson: News89, News91
Emma Stephenson: News92
Frank Stephenson: News91
George W. Stephenson: (liveryman) Bear, News87-88, News92
Mrs. George Stephenson: News90
Dr. George W. Stephenson: (stock inspector) News95, News99-00; leaving for Flora, Oregon: MM5/2/1902p6
Lottie Stephenson: News92
Rev. T. H. Stephenson: News94
Stevens: see Deuel & Stevens; Stephens, WJB, News98
Rev. Andrew J. Stevens: News94
Clarence Stevens: News94
Hattie Stevens: News99
Mrs. George Stevens: News94
Hugh Stevens: News94
James Stevens: Hist
Nate Stevens: News98
Squire A. H. Stevens: MMv1n4p4c3b
Rev. T. H. Stevens/Stephens: News93-94
Wilton B. Stevens: (merchant) News94, News98-99
B. F. Stevenson: News93
Benjamin Franklin Stevenson "Frank": News91, News93-94
Etta Earhart Stevenson (Mrs. Frank): News94
Stewart: see Barret, Butler & Stewart, Davis & Stewart; IOOF, News88, News93, News95, News99
Stewart & Chessmore: (real estate) News00
Stewart Bros.: (cattle men) News90
Adoniram J. Stewart: News88, News91-93, News95, News98; in Cottage Grove: MM11/13/1908p2, MT11/21/1912p2
Alex Stewart: News84
Alice Copeland Stewart (Mrs. James A.): News92
Annie Belle Stewart: see Annie Weeks
Bertha Stewart: (teacher) News87, News91-92
Bud. Stewart: News88
C. E. Stewart "Clint": News93-94, News97-98, News00
Cora Stewart: see Cora Hill
Elizabeth Hymans Stewart (Mrs. Joseph H.): News98, News00
Francis M. Stewart: (real estate agent) News88, News91, News93-94, News98-00
Harry Stewart: News99
J. R. Stewart: News84
James A. Stewart: (attorney, justice of the peace, book store owner) News87, News89, News92-93, News95, News98-00
James D. Stewart: News99
Johnny Stewart: (brewery, clerk) News98
Joseph Howard Stewart: (orchardist) MMv1n1p4c5a, Hist, IOOF, News85-96, Med94, News98-00, Med03
Julia Stewart: News94
June Stewart: News92, News97
M. Stewart: News99-00
Mary A. Stewart: News90
Mary E. Stewart: News93
Oscar Stewart: News92
Perry Stewart: News95, News97-00; leaving for Santa Rosa: MM3/29/1901p7; moved from Sebastopol to Redding: MM9/27/1901p7
S. Stewart: News89
Rev. William H. Stewart: News87-88, News91, News97, News99-00, Med03
Ernest C. Stickel: (brickmason) News98-99
Hunter L. Stickel: News99
George V. Stickel: (brickmaker) News98, News00
Nathan Stidham: News90
Frederic Glover Stimson: News87, News92
Stine: News89
Emma Perry Stine (Mrs. R. O.): News00
R. O. Stine: News00
Kate Stiner: News99
A. Stinit: (real estate) News89
N. Stinit:  News89
Stinnet: see Stinit
Mrs. R. Stinit: News89
Isaac M. Stinson: (farmer) News00
William H. Stinson: News00
Lucy M. Stiver (Mrs. Thomas M.): News94
Thomas M. Stiver: News94
H. C. Stock: (contractor) News89; in Yamhill County: DT1/11/1894p3
W. C. Stockham: News93
Miss E. Stockley: News94
William Stockman: News97
George R. Stockton: (printer) News86, Min86, News87; back from the East: MM2/17/1893p3; in Prospect: DT1/25/1894p3
Mary A. Stoddard: News94
Minnie A. Stoddard (Mrs. Harry C.): Hist, Glim, News00
Dr. E. B. Stone: News89-90
Mrs. W. S. Stone: News86
Barney I. Stoner: (cigar salesman, real estate agent) News00, Med07
Harley L. Stoner: (racket store) News00
E. G. Story: News94
A. W. Story: News94
Thomas Stottler: News90
Mrs. Stout: News93
Harry Stover: News86
Strait: News89
H. Strait: News86
J. F. Strait: News88
J. J. Strait: News89
Riley Strait: (gunsmith) News91
Charles P. Strang "Charley": (druggist, city treasurer) see Miller & Strang; MMv1n1p4c1b, WJB, Phipps, Glim, Hist, News83-94, Min85-88, MM86, Med86, Med88, Med89, Med91, Med93, News97-00
Emma Strang: see Emma Jacobs
Helen Strang: (teacher) News87-91, News94, News00
Mamie Beall Strang (Mrs. Charles P.): Med84, News86, News89-90
Rev. Ferdinand G. Strange: News88-89, News94
C. W. Stratton: (Medford Electric Co.) News94; father dies: OR2/25/1895p5
Samuel S. Strayer: Med94, News94, News99
A. Strobel: (merry-go-round) News92-93
Evangeline Strobel: News88
Joseph Strobel: News88
Mrs. Joseph Strobel: News90
Strobridge Bros: (Al and Sam, grocerymen) News94
A. L. Strobridge: News93
Al P. Strobridge: (drayman) True, Med93, News93-95
Sam Strobridge: News94
Charles Strong: (school board) Med06
Douglas Strong "Doug": News87
Rev. Strong: News87
Belle Merriman Stronk: Hist
Charles Stroup: News93
Stuart: see DeBoy & Stuart
Callie Stuart: News92
James Stuart: Hist
Robert Stuart: Med11
John H. Stubblefield: News88, News94
Belle Sturgis: News98
Mrs. M. E. Sturgis: see M. E. Rieve
Nina Sturgis: News94
W. J. Sturgis: News93-94
Frank Stuttz: News87, News89
Fred Stutz: (shoemaker) News88
A. E. Suckan: News89
Mrs. S. J. Sulder: News89
Samuel J. Summerlin: (hotel/restaurant operator) Med07
John T. Summerville: Hist, IOOF, Med11
Rev. August H. Sunderman: (teacher, railroad worker) News87-88, News90
James Surran: News92
W. D. Sutherlni: News93
Frank Sutter: (greenhouseman) Hist, Med93, News93-94, News99-00
Mrs. Frank Sutter: News89, News92-94
S. A. Sutter: News89, News92
Gertrude Sutton "Gertie": (teacher) News99-00
Robert K. Sutton: News92
Ross S. Sutton: News99
Sarah A. Sutton: News88
Walter Sutton: (newspaper) News96
Ida Swacker: see Ida McBride
C. N. Swanson: News94
Sam Swear: News84
M. J. Sweeny: (millwright) News93
Samuel Sweeny: News94; in Lorella, Oregon: MT11/27/1910p6
J. S. Sweet: (teacher) News89
John Swenning: News88
Paul Swenning: News94
Gertrude Swensen: see Gertrude Williams
M. J. Swift: News89
Carl Swigart: Hist
Swinden: MMv1n1p4c2b
Swingle: News95
Swinning: News99
Edward A. Swope: News89
S. H. Sykes: News89
Charles Tabor: News94
R. N. Tabor: News94
Gerard Taillandier: Med11
William F. Taggart: (farmer, bartender, shingle maker) News90, News98-00
Albin Taksa: News87
Talbot & Att: (meat market) News94
Talbot & Hembree: (stables) News94
F. A. Talbot: Med11
Talbot/Talbott: (skating rink) News90
C. M. Talbott: (insurance) News95
Aaron Patton Talent: MMv1n4p4c2b, Med85, News85, News87-90, News95, Med11
Tallant: see Talent
E. L. Tallman
Tamarack Flat: Bear
T. R. Tanner: Med11
Tascott: News93
Tasker: News93-94
C. G. Tasker: News93-94
Albert Clifton Tayler: (shoemaker, farmer) True, News91-94, Med93, News97-99
Erma Tayler (Mrs. Albert C.): News99
Irena Wangerin Tayler (Mrs. Albert C.): News99
Robert Tayler: News98
Taylor: see Avery & Taylor; Med88, News90, News00; see also Tayler
Taylor & Taylor: (lumber mill) News88-89
Annie E. Woody Taylor (Mrs. Willis A.): News91
Billee Taylor: (baker) News97
C. C. Taylor: (farmer) News93-94, News98-99
Charles Taylor: News88
Clark Taylor: Hist, News85, News87-88
Clifton Taylor: News99
Cora Taylor: News99
Cory Taylor: News94
H. C. Taylor: (journalist) News88
Harvey/Marvin Taylor "Marv" "Harv": News94
Henry Hobart Taylor: News93-94, News98
Hugh Taylor: News92
J. E. Taylor: News89
Dr. J. M. Taylor: (dentist) News89, News92
J. T. Taylor: (sawmill owner) News89
James Taylor: News99, Med03
Jesse W. Taylor: Hist
Mrs. John B. Taylor: News95
John G. Taylor: (harness maker) News98; in San Francisco: MT5/16/1919p7
Lily Taylor: News00
Marvin/Harvey Taylor "Marv" "Harv": News94
Malissa Taylor (Mrs. Samuel R.): (hotel keeper) News91
Phoebe Taylor: News93
Robert Taylor: (deputy) News91
Mrs. R. S. Taylor: News95
Samuel R. Taylor: (express man) News84, News90; obit MM5/8/1908p8
Stephen C. Taylor: News87
Thomas H. B. Taylor "Tommy," "Bent": News92, News00, Med11; in Red Bluff: MT2/5/1911p14
William Taylor "Billie": (confectioner) News85, News98
Willis A. Taylor: News91
Willis W. Taylor: (sawmill) News91, News95
Mrs. W. H. Taylor: Med11
Joseph Teeson: News88-89
Thomas Teeson: News84-85
Robert W. Telfer: Glim
Hannah M. Teller: see Mrs. Simpson
Ed. Temple: News91
Templeton: Bear
Terrill & Hurn: News85
Clara Terrill: News93
Delbert Terrill: (delivery) News91, News98
Ella Terrill: News93
Horace Jefferson Terrill: News87; obit: MT12/28/1910p2
Sheriff Terrill: Wild
William Terrill: News91, News99
Irvin C. Terry: News89
D. W. Terwilliger: WJB
Edwin Test: (printer) News94
Frank Theising: (brewer) News93
Theiss: see also Tice?
Bartholomaeus Paul Theiss: (distillery owner) see Medynski & Theiss; News91-95, Med93, News96-98; bio: MT2/27/2011p2
G. Theiss: News91
Geraldine Theiss: News92
H. B. Theiss: News91
J. F. Theiss: News91
Joseph Theiss "Joe": News92
Lizzie Theiss: News91-92
Mary A. Theiss: (teacher) News92-93
Mary G. Theiss: (distillery owner) News91-92
Minnie G. Theiss (Mrs. B. Paul): News00
Thomas: News91
Mrs. A. M. Thomas: News91
Rev. G. G. Thomas: News88-90
George Thomas: News92
Illtid W. Thomas: News84-85, News88-94, News98-99, Med03
Joseph A. Thomas "Joe": News87, News93-94, News00, Med03
John W. Thomason: (hotel keeper) News95
Thompson: Bear
Thompson & Meeker (E. E. Thompson): (merchants) News94-95
Thompson & Stephenson: News87
Thompson, Van Dyke & Co.: WJB, News95
A. R. Thompson: News94, News98
Bessie Thompson: News92
Christopher Thompson "Chris": News95
David P. Thompson: (teamster, investor, banker) News87, News90
Rev. E. Ellsworth Thompson: WJB, News91-95; in Grants Pass: MM4/21/1893p2; in Oakland, California: DT2/21/1898p3
Rev. E. L. Thompson: News94-95
Rev. E. S. Thompson: News91-92
Miss M. A. Thompson: News88
John H. Thorndike: (feed store, miner) News89, News91-93, News99
L. W. Thorndyke: News93
Ole A. Thornton: News91
Charles Thumburg: News91
Mrs. Thumburg: News94
C. C. Thurston: News93, News99
Tice: see also Theiss?; News87-89, News92, News98
Tice Bros.: News87
Anna Tice: see Anna Willits
Carrie Tice: News94
Charles Tice: News87, News89
Effie Tice: see Effie Phelps; News89
Frederick Tice: News86
John R. Tice: MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist, News84, News85-86, News88-89, News93
Johnny Tice: News90
Henry Tice "Harry": News93
Margaret Tice "Maggie" (Mrs. John R.): see also Maggie Gruby; News88-90, Med93, News93-94
Martha L. Tice: News98
Nettie Tice: News87, News90; see Nettie Harris
Mrs. Paul Tice: Med88
R. Tice: News84
Thomas Tice (Tommy): News88
Walter Tice: News89, News93
Ticknor & Phelps: (F. B. Ticknor, Ira Phelps, newspaper) News89
Clara C. O. Ticknor: News90
Rev. F. B. Ticknor "Dock": Hist, News89-90, Med89
Mrs. F. B. Ticknor: News89-90
Police Chief Timothy: Wild
Tinken: News89
I. C. N. Tinkler: News91
J. C. Tipton: (butcher) News91
J. E. Tipton, Jr.: (cabin boy) News91; in Los Angeles: MM7/25/1902p3
J. R. Tipton: News94
Mrs. M. J. Tipton: News91
Anna Counts Toepper (Mrs. John): News91
John Toepper: News90-91
Blanche Toft: (typesetter) News00
Ray H. Toft: News99
Toggery Bill: see William F. Isaacs
Tolman: News85, News90
Tolman & Co.: News87
Crittenden J. Tolman "Crit": Bear, News85, News87-88, News93-94; visiting from Alaska: MT10/30/1914p7
Emma Tolman: (artist, teacher) News91, News94
General Tolman: News87
James C. Tolman: (farmer, surveyor, judge) News89-90, News94
Sidney Tomlinson (carpenter): News90, News92; mayor of Ellensburg, Wash: VR4/18/1901p1
Sylvia Tomlinson: News89
Oscar F. Topping: News84
Torrey Bros.: (miners) News94
Torrey House: Hist
A. J. Torrey: News87
Frank Torrey: (miner) News94-95
Homer F. Torrey: Hist, News84-85, News91, News93-94
Norman Torrey: News00
Colonel Frank L. Tou Velle: Wild
Frank Towne: News83
William F. Towne: News99, News00
Townsend: see Higgins & Townsend
Dr. E. L. Townsend: RV85
Elizabeth Chapman Townsend "Lizzie" (Mrs. W. L.): News92, News00
William/Willis L. Townsend "The Jedge": (barber, real estate agent, billiard parlor operator) News91-95, News98, News00
Toy: (laundryman) News95
Toy Fook: News87
Albert B. Tozer "Bert": News95
Job R. Tozer: (millwright) see Emery & Tozer
B. Trainor: (restaurant operator, miner) News94
J. N. Traylor: News88
Judge Tressler: News92
J. W. Tressler: News93, News00
William M. Trimble: News86-87, Med86, News89
Hiram Tripp: News95
Harold B. Tronson: (orchardist) Med07
Trowbridge & Danielson: Med06
Benjamin J. Trowbridge: (real estate agent) Med07
True: News90-91
True, Bashford, Fordyce & Wilson: News93
Belle True: see Belle Griffin
Haines True: News90
Jeremiah P. True "Jerry": (thresher) News84, News89-92; obit: MM6/28/1907p1
Trumbull: see Merriman & Trumbull
Trump: (carpenter) News89
Edward W. Tryer: (fence worker, pork packer, farmer) News91, News95, News98-00; dies in Grants Pass: MM8/20/1909p1; obit: MM8/27/1909p3
Frank M. Tryer: (fence works manager) News89, News91, News94, News99
Harriet B. Tryer: News99
Ida B. Tryer (Mrs. Marion E.): News99
John F. Tryer: News88, News90, News91, News99
Laura Belle Tryer: News88
Marion E. Tryer: (railroad fireman, hardware clerk) News90-91, News94, News99
Millie/Milly Tryer: News93-94, News98
Daisy Tucker: News90
J. P. Tucker: News93
Charles E. Tull: (liveryman) News00
Nancy Tungate (Mrs. Jeremiah): News99
J. C. Turnedge: News95
Turner: News91, News94-95
Abigail Turner: News99
Emeline Turner (Mrs. William): News92, News94
Etta Turner: see Etta Zimmerman
Harry D. Turner: Med11
John Turner: News88
Mrs. L. C. Turner: News85
Susie Turner: (telegrapher) News92
Thomas T. Turner: News85, News87; in Baker County: MM11/1/1901p7
William H. Turner: (blacksmith) News88, News90, News93
William M. Turner: (blacksmith, butcher, editor) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-85, News87-89, News93; dead in Halfway, Oregon: MM8/20/1909p3
Turpin & Dennis: (threshers) News88
Hamilton C. Turpin: see Robinson & Turpin, Turpin & Dennis; News88, News94; visiting: MM2/12/1909p7
C. B. Tuttle: News84
Lee Tuttle: Hist
Nellie Plymale Tuttle (Mrs. Harrison): News99
Bettie/Betty E. Tyler: see Bettie Minnis; News89
Delbert Tyler: News89
Fair Mabel Tyler: News89
George H. Tyler: (photographer, resort owner) News85, News94, News96
Tyron: News91
Ella Tysart: Wild
J. J. Ullman: (real estate) News93; in Baker City: MM5/9/1902p6
Ulrich: see Purdin & Ulrich
Ulrich & Slinger: News98
Christian Ulrich "Chris": (carpenter, contractor) News88, News91-93, News98-99
Earl Ulrich: News00
Emma A. Ulrich (Mrs. William): News84-85
Levi Ulrich: (haberdasher) News90
Rosetta Ulrich: see Rosetta Kenney
William Ulrich: (insurance agent, cattle dealer, pork packer) see Noland & Ulrich; MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-98, Min85-86, MM86, Med86, Min88, News00
Dr. Unger: News89
Joseph M. Upham: News88
A. Urion: News96
Mrs. W. T. Vail: News90
Paul Valner: News94
Addie Van Antwerp: News98, News00
D. H. Van Antwerp: (architect, builder) News93, News95, News98
Earl E. Van Antwerp: (teacher) News95, News99; visiting: MM4/6/1900p6
Bert T. Van de Car: (jeweler) Med11
Van Dyke: see Thompson, Van Dyke & Co.; News83, News91
Carrie Van Dyke: News90, News92
Edgar R. Van Dyke: News93, Med07
Edith A. Van Dyke: (teacher) News95, News98; obit: OR5/18/1907p6
Frank Van Dyke: (missionary) IOOF, News93, News98-99
John Gilmore Van Dyke: (dry goods merchant) News85-87, News90, News94, News95, News97-99, Med07; obit: MT11/8/1912p6
John Van Dyke Jr.: News93
Cathrine Kleinhammer Van Dyke "Kate" "Katy" (Mrs. Sam): (postal clerk, typist) Hist, News84, News88-91, News98
Mrs. Van Dyke: News92
Sadie Van Dyke: News98
Samuel G. Van Dyke "Sam": News88, News99, Med03
Sarah A. Van Dyke: News90
Sarah L. Van Dyke: News87
Vern J. Van Dyke: (harness shop clerk) Med07
William Van Dyke: News88
L. C. Van Exxe: (photographer) News99
P. J. Van Hardenburg: News94
D. Van Horn: News89, News95
John Van Horn: MMv1n4p4c2a, Min88, News90
O. Van Horn: News89
Sarah C. Van Horn: News87
G. B. Van Riper: News95
Sarah F. Van Riper: News92
John Van Sickel: News89, News92
M. Van Sickel: News88-89, News92; in Mason City, Missouri: SOM7/1/1892p3
Rev. Van Tassel: News90
J. C. Vannoy: News88, News90
J. N. Vannoy: News87
Varney: News90
Vaughn: (brickmaker) News85
Vawter & Howard: (bankers) News90-93
Vawter & Whitman: (W. I. Vawter; bankers) News89
Etta M. Hill Vawter (Mrs. William I.): Hist, News89-95, News00, Med07
Vernon Vawter: News93, News00, Med07
William Ira Vawter: (teacher, attorney, banker) First, Hist, Med84, News88-95, Med88, Med91, Med93, Med97, News97-00, Med11
Sam P. Veatch: News88
C. H. Veghte: (tile maker) News92
Mrs. Veight: News94
Grace Vermeer (Mrs. Richard): Med11
Richard Vermeer: (contractor, furniture maker) Med11
Frederick Vermeren: News93
Vertelli: News85
M. Adelle/Adella Vertrees: News94-95
Joseph Stillwell Vilas: Med11
Henry Villard: Hist, News83
Vincent: see Vincent & Kilburn; Phipps
Vincent & Kilburn: News85
Benton Vincent: News93
Robert Vining: Med97
William J. Virgin: (miller) Hist, News94, News97; obit MM5/29/1908p8
Dr. Henry Vogeli: News93, News99-00
Mathias Volk: News83-84, News86, News89
Hugh von der Hellen: News89, News98
Voorhees: News83
F. B. Voorhies: (variety and notion store) MMv1n4p4c3a, News83-85
Gordon Voorhies: (orchardist) Hist, News99-00, Med03
Edgerton L. Vowels "Gertie": News00
Mary Vowels: News98
Nellie Vroman: News92
Vrooman, Miller & Co.: (drugstore, hardware) MMv1n1p1c1b, MMv1n1p4c7a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c5-6a, Hist, News83-88, Min85-87, MM86, Med88, News94
Christiana W. Vrooman (Mrs. Martin): Med84, News87-89
Dr. Martin Vrooman: (physician) MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist, News83-85, Med86
Rev. A. B. Wade: News89
Frank Wade: News89
R. L. Wade: (implement dealer) News99
Wagner & Moore: (merchants) News91
Wagner Creek Mining Co.: News86
Belle Wagner: News93
C. F. Wagner: News93
Frank Wagner: News90
F. D. Wagner: Bear, News95
Jacob Wagner: Med85, News85, News92
Mina M. Barry Wagner (Mrs. F.): News90
Fred E. Wahl: Hist
Bess Wait "Bessie": (teacher) News92-93, News95-98; see Bess Fries; in Chloride, Arizona: MM11/20/1908p5
Edna Wait: News98
Elizabeth C. Wait (Mrs. Joeseph B.): News89, News91, News93, News00
F. J. Wait: News97, News99
Frank Wilson Wait: (stone cutter, teamster) News92-95, News97-00, Med06
J. F. Wait: (clerk), News93, News98-99; in Boulder Creek, California: MM1/10/1902pp6,7, MM8/1/1902p6
Jess G. Wait "Jessie": (teacher) News91, News95, News98-99; in Chloride, Arizona: MM11/20/1908p5
Dr. Joeseph B. Wait: (physician) News88-95, News98-00; obit: MM4/12/1901p2
L. F. Wait: News93
Mary Wait: News91-93
Rev. Ira Wakefield: News92
Catherine M. Wakeman (Mrs. Louis E.): Med10
Mrs. Lon Walbridge: News95
Charles E. Walcott: (newspaper editor) News94
Jerome B. Walden, Jr.: News89, News92
Oliver L. Walden: (broom maker) News93
David C. Waldron: News93
Mrs. M. A. Waldron: News93
Waldroop: News94
Waldroop & Karnes: (confectioners) News97-98
Daniel I. Waldroop "Dan": (bartender, confectioner) Wild, News93-95, News98-99
Mrs. D. I. Waldroop: News00
Walker: see Staver & Walker, Griffis & Walker; Bear News84-85, News90
A. H. Walker: (cook) News92
Annie Walker: News87
C. C. Walker: Wild, News85
Judge Charles Walker: News88, News91
Clay Walker: News89
Daniel Walker: News86, News92
E. P. Walker: (stable keeper) News92
E. T. Walker: News89
Enoch F. Walker: (liveryman) News84, News87-92, News94-96, News98-00; obit: MM9/7/1900p6, MM9/14/1900p2
J. J. Walker: News94
Jesse D. Walker: News92, News94
Jessie Walker: News94
John Walker: News90
Judge Walker: News88-89
Mary L. Walker: see Mary Mackey
Mary S. Walker: see Mary Angle
Minus Walker: News85
Prof. Walker: (musician) News91
Prudence Walker (Mrs. Enoch): News96, News98
Sarah Grubb Walker (Mrs. Daniel): News86
W. H. Walker: News90
Charles F. Wall: News90-91, News94, News99
Wallace & Sons: (brick masons) News90
Wallace: (baseball player) News90
C. A. Wallace: (brickmaker) News89
Rev. Charles H. Wallace "Charley": (brick mason, contractor) News89-91; in Cottage Grove: MM9/30/1898p6; News00
C. W. Wallace: News90
Frank Wallace: (baker) News96
George W. Wallace: News92
Rev. J. F. Wallace: News98
William L. Wallace: News90-91
George Waller: MMv1n1p4c5b, News85
George P. Wallihan: (Orchard Home Association) News94
Fred Walpole: News85
C. D. Walrath: Min87, News88, News90, News92
Walsh & Bragdon: (gold miners) News86
J. W. Walsh: News86
Emil Walter: Med03
Dr. James S. Walter: (dentist) News89
John N. Walter: (contractor) MMv1n4p4c2b, MMv1n4p4c3a, Min86-87, News87-89, News91, News93; in Ben Lomond, California: MM12/28/1900p7
Walters: see also Wolters
Alfred Walters: News87
Dr. Walters: News87
Ernest Walters: News87; in San Francisco: MM12/28/1900p7
J. N. Walters: News89
Mrs. J. N. Walters: News87; obit: MM12/28/1900p7
J. W. Walters: (shoemaker) News00
Harry L. Walther: Hist
Walton: News87
G. E. Walton: Min86
Judge George Sibley Walton: (shoemaker, town recorder, justice of the peace) First, Glim, News84-96, Min85-88, MM86, Med86, Med88
J. S. Walton: Min86, News86
Mrs. Judge Walton: News90
Rev. Walton: News90
Walton's Hall: News86-87, Min86
C. H. Walworth: (restaurateur) News92-93; left southern Oregon: DT9/29/1893p3
Jacob S. Walz: News88, News91-92
Wanamaker: News91
F. E. Wanless: News98
A. Wansdorf: News86
Wilhelm Wansher: News87
Wansner: News85
Ward: see Kertson & Ward
Ward & Pearce: (mining ditch) News99
Elizabeth A. Ward: News99
Frank Ward: News00
J. G. Ward: News85
Joel H. Ward: News92, News94; in Colorado: MM3/16/1900p2
J. W. Ward: News92, News99
L. D. Ward: News95
Sarah E. Ward (Mrs. J. G.): see Sarah Deik
W. C. Ward: News89
W. J. Ward: News90-91
A. W. Ware: Med11
Warner: (piano salesman) News94
Warner: see Lumsden & Warner; News95
Warner & Wortman: (grocers) News98, News00
Miss Warner: News98
Belle Warner (Mrs. Edward N.): Hist, Med88
Edward N. Warner: News96
Frank Warner: News89
Harriet M. Warner "Hattie" (Mrs. Lyman B.): News00, Med10
Louis Warner: News98
Lyman B. Warner: (nursery agent, insurance agent) WJB, Hist, News94-95, News98-99
Robin L. Warner: (teacher) News95, News97
William J. Warner: IOOF, News99; in Bellingham, Wash.: MM1/12/1906p5
R. N. Warnock: (saloon keeper) News98-99
Eliza J. Olds Warthen (Mrs. C. H.): News88, News90
Fredrick W. Waschau: (watchmaker) News93-94, News99-00
Mrs. Waschau: MT6/17/1913p2
Lewis H. Wasserman: News91
A. E. Waterman: Med11
Emery B. Waterman: (retired commercial traveler) Med10
Rosetta Waters: (teacher) News93
Watterman: News87
Frank G. Waterous: News93
Herbert L. Waterous: News93
John Watkins: News92
Fr. Francis H. Watry: (priest, German teacher) News91-93; in Tipton, California: DT6/2/1893p3
Chandler Bruer Watson: (district attorney, judge) News89, News95, News98-00
Elenor C. Kubli Watson (Mrs. Edward B.): News86
Lillie Watson: News95
Emma Watson: News98
G. H. Watt: (teacher) News89; married: DT7/7/1893p2
James E. Watt: (school board) Med06
Mrs. S. C. Watton: Med84
J. J. Watts: News91-92
Weaver: News94
J. M. Weaver: News92
John Weaver: News85, News91
Lillian Weaver: see Lillian Harvey
Minnie Weaver: News92
Oliver M. Weaver "Ol": News93
Verna Weaver: (dressmaker) News92-93
W. E. Weaver: News99
Webb: News85, News88, News94, News00
Webb & Zimmerman: see Zimmerman & Webb
Webb Bros.: see Adkins & Webb, News84, News88-89
Benjamin S. Webb: (school clerk, city recorder) First, Hist, News85-95, Med93, News99-00; in Covina, California: MM9/14/1900p6, MM12/7/1900p7, DT12/27/1900p3, MM5/17/1901p6, MM3/7/1902p2; in Hollywood, California: MT6/17/1925p6
Bessie Foley Webb (Mrs. George L.): News90, News94-95
Edith Webb: News00
George Webb: Med84, News88
Mrs. George Webb: Med84
George A. Webb: (dry goods, racket store) News89-90, News92, News99, News00
George F. Webb: News87
George L. Webb: (clerk, merchant) Wild, Hist, News85-96, News98-00; leaving for Covina, California: MM12/7/1900p7, MM12/28/1900p2; in Covina: MM5/17/1901p6
George W. Webb: News87, News90
Grandma Webb: News89
Hattie Webb: Med84; see Hattie Williamson
Isaac Alaska Webb "Ike": (contractor, builder, furniture merchant, school director) see Haskins & Webb; Hist, Wild, MMv1n1p1c4a, MMv1n1p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7a, True, WJB, News84-95, Med84, Med85, Min86-87, Med86, Med88, Med89, Med93, News97-00; in business in Goldendale, Wash.: MM11/7/1902p7, DT11/12/1902p2; in Portland: OR12/18/1910p10
J. A. Webb: News92
Laura Webb: News94
Josie Pearl Webb: News99
Katherine Lena Burton Webb (Mrs. Isaac A.) "Kittie": Hist, Wild, Med84, News86, News89-90, News92-93, News00
Louis Webb: News88
Mrs. Webb: News92
Nettie L. Howard Webb (Mrs. Benjamin S.): Hist, Med84, News86-87; in Covina: MM8/9/1901p7
Pearl Webb: News98, News00
Mrs. R. L. Webb: Med84
R. S. Webb: News87
W. H. Webb: News85
W. S. Webb: News94
Webber: see Losher & Webber, News00
A. J. Webber: (drayman) News96, News98; "Jack Webber" in Platte, Missouri: MM4/12/1901p6
Aileen Webber: (teacher) News98-00; in Albany, Oregon: DT5/6/1903p3
George E. Weber/Webber: (drayman) News96-00; in Sebastopol, California: MM7/5/1901p6
Webster: News90, News92
Webster & Hammond, attorneys: News93-94
Belinda Webster: News91
Judge Lionel R. Webster: (lawyer, circuit judge) MM86, News84, Med88, News89-90, News92, News93-94; killed in Portland: JP9/14/1918p3
Louise Webster (Mrs. Lionel R.): News94
Volna/Volney Webster: News89-93
W. L. Webster: (soda manufacturer) News89-93, Med91, News00
Weeks: see Weeks & McGowan, News92-94, News96-97
Weeks & McGowan Company: True, Glim
Weeks & Orr: (orchardists, furniture dealers) Hist, News93-95, News98-00
Weeks Brothers: (orchardists, furniture manufacturers) WJB, Hist, News91-95, Med93, News98
Anna Belle Stewart Weeks (Mrs. Arthur J.) "Annie": News86, News98-99
Arthur John Weeks: (sawmill operator, furniture maker, orchardist, architect) Hist, News83, News85-93, News98-99; in Oakland, Calif.: MT11/6/1922p9
Florence E. Weeks: News99
Frank H. Weeks: News93
G. W. Weeks: (hunter) News88
Gertrude Weeks: News99
Grace Weeks: News99
H. Weeks: News93
John Stewart Weeks: News92-93, News98-99
Maud Weeks: (clerk) News93, News99
Minerva A. Weeks: News93
Weinhard & Merz: (brewers) News97
Fred Weinhard: News89-90
Henry Weinhard: (brewer) News97
John Weiss: News87, News93
Welch: News89, News94
Calvin Welch: (merchant) News99
J. P. Welch, M.D.: MMv1n4p1c1a, News85-88
M. S. Welch: News94
E. A. Welds: News92
Wells: see Bellinger & Wells; Bear, News94
Wells Fargo Express Company: True, Phipps, Hist, News84-85, News88-89
Arthur S. Wells: News97, News00
Edward C. Wells: (butcher) News94, News98; in London: MM8/8/1902p2
J. A. Wells: News86
James F. Wells: News92
Percy Wells: (teacher) News94
Wendt & Puhl: (grocers) News98
Henry Wendt: News91
Mary Cluseman Wendt (Mrs. Henry): News90
Werk & Batterton: (saloon keepers) News84
Charles E. Werst: News93, News99
William Werth: (butcher) News94
M. J. Wessels: News89
Paul Wessinger: (brewer) News97
West: News84, News90-91, News94
Charles E. West: News93
Herman West: News89
Hiram West: News87, News91-92
J. R. West: News85, News88, News91, Med93
Julia West: News95
Mrs. J. R. West: News86-88
Mrs. West: News87-88
Neil H. West: News87, News89, News91, News95; in Reno: MO2/19/1895p3
P. West: News83
S. H. West: News90
Mrs. Susy/Susie Magoon West: (artist) News88-94; back from Loyalton, California: MM2/17/1893p3; obit: MM7/19/1901p7; dies in Reno: DT7/25/1901p7
Dr. T. H. West: News94
Thomas F. West: News85, News90-94, Med93
W. E. West: News85
John A. Westerlund: (orchardist, hotel keeper) Med10, Med11, BF8/1910p31
R. Westlake: (hotel keeper) News89
Alta Brous Weston (Mrs. Edgar D.): News96, News00
Edgar D. Weston: (photographer) News96, News98, News00
William S. Weston: Med11
Robert Westrop: News84; insane: DT6/30/1893p3
E. H. Wetzell: (mine operator) Med07
W. E. Wever: News93
Wheeler: see Abraham & Wheeler; Gibbs & Wheeler
Mrs. Gilbert Wheeler: Med11
M. W. Wheeler: News98
Wallace W. Wheeler: (implement dealer) News90-91
William Wheeler: News93
Whetrock: News91
Henry M. Whetsel: (music store manager) Med11
Whetstone: Med88, News92, News96
Almira Whetstone: News00
Bess Whetstone: News87
D. Whetstone: News93
David H. Whetstone: News84, News88, News90-91, News98
Daniel Whetstone: News93-94
Florence Dowell Whetstone (Mrs. Daniel): News94
Henry F. Whetstone: News91
Sarah Whetstone: News87
Vina Whetstone: News87
Dr. C. W. Whipp: News93
James Carr Whipp: WJB, News84, News86-89, News92-94
James H. Whipple: News83
James M. Whipple: News98
Myrtle Whipple: Med89
C. E. Whisler: Med08
White: see Pentz & White; Reames & White; News86, News89
White & Jacobs: (John F. White, Lee L. Jacobs; merchants) News98-99; dissolved: DT10/16/1899p3
White & Jeffrey: (attorneys) News96, News98
White & Smith: (Vinton Smith, abstractors) News94
White Bros.: News83
White, Harbaugh & Co.: (sewing machines) News99-00
White, Reames & Co.: (grocers) News94
Addie White: News92
C. R. White: (miner) News94
Daniel R. White: News86
Dulce Netherland White (Mrs. Rev. John): News94
E. P. White: News95
Edith White: (teacher) News98
George W. White: (attorney, banker) News93-95, News97-99; in Portland: MM4/6/1900p7; banker in Coquille: MM4/18/1902p6; moving to Berkeley: MM9/25/1903p12
Hattie White (Mrs. John F.): News99
Henry White: News94
J. M. White: News93
Rev. John White: News94
John F. White: (sewing machine merchant, real estate agent) see Reames, White & Co.; Hist, News92, News94, News98-00, Med07
Mrs. White: Med93, News93
Sarah Ann Gaines White (Mrs. Daniel R.): News88, News90, News99; obits MM4/2/1909p8
Willie White: News94
Zela White: News99
Ransom Henry Whitehead: (station agent) Hist, News90-94, Med93, News98-00; back from Wisconsin: MM1/25/1901p7, MT10/2/1912p4
Whiteside: see Beek, Whiteside & Co.; Neal & Whiteside; Wood, Whiteside & Co.; Huff & Whiteside; News87, News99
J. A. Whiteside: (street commissioner, mayor, distillery gauger, builder) MMv1n4p4c3b, First, Hist, Min85-88, News86-95, News98
Aaron S. Whiting: News84
J. H. Whiting: (attorney) News89
Whitman: see Goldsmith & Whitman; Palm, Whitman & Palm; News87, News90, News93
Whitman & Adkins: News87
Mrs. Emma Whitman: Med84
Frank L. Whitman: News87-88
Herman Larue Whitman: News91
J. G. Whitman: News95
J. H. Whitman: (lawyer, lender, abstractor) WJB, News86-91, News93, News95, News97, News99
James Albert Whitman "Bert": (fruit shipper, cigar mfr., Studebaker dealer) Hist, News87-00, Med93, Med03; in New York City: MM12/6/1907p2, MM8/14/1908p1
John Doty Whitman: (horticultural commissioner, orchardist) WJB, News85-95, Min86-88, Med94, News99; obit: MM12/25/1908p2
Mary A. Whitman (Mrs. John D.): News91-92
Nellie Mitchell Whitman (Mrs. James A.): News97-98, News00
Olan/Olin/Orin/Orrin W. Whitman: (Medford Book Store) News00, Med07
Sarah M. Whitman (Mrs. J. H.): Med84, News89, News91-93
Will Whitman: News90
Peter B. Whitney: News85, News94
Mrs. Susannah Hendershott Whitney: Med84, News87-89, News93
R. Whitsett: News87
S. B. Whittle: (lineman) News90, News94
Whitworth: Hist
Wiedler: News91
Mrs. Dr. Wiggin: News99
Dr. LaFayette Wiggin: (veterinarian) News97-98
Wigle: News94
Erma Wigle: News00
J. Wigle: News98
John L. Wigle: (laundryman) News92-96, Med93, News98-99
Justin Wigle: News93, News98-00
Justine Wigle: News93
Loren J. Wigle: News00
Mary E. Wigle: News93
Wilcox: see Sears & Wilcox; News86
Wilcox: (house mover) News96
Wilcox Bros.: News85
A. J. Wilcox: (plasterer) News85-86, News88, News90, News94
Angie E. Simpkins Wilcox (Mrs. Gideon W.): News91
C. Wilcox: News85
Gideon W. Wilcox: News91
Ida Wilcox: see Ida Henderson, Ida Redfield; News89
Jennie Wilcox: (milliner) News85-86, Med86, News88-89
Mary Wilcox: News88, News93
Robert Wilcox: News99
Scott M. Wilcox: News84
Cora G. Davis Wilde (Mrs. William M.): News88
William M. Wilde: News88
Elsie Wiley: News98
Irene Wiley: (telegrapher) News91
J. G. Wiley: (restaurateur) Min88, News89-90
James Wiley: Min88, News93
John T. Wiley: (store clerk, second-hand dealer) News94, News00; leaving for Oakland: MM6/14/1901p6
John W. Wiley: (livestock buyer) News92-95, News98-00
Orton H. Wiley: (pharmacist) News95; in Berkeley: MM11/14/1902p7
Wilkinson & Hanley: see Hanley & Wilkinson
Wilkinson & Hunsaker: (blacksmiths) News98
Anna Wilkinson: News92
B. F. Wilkinson: News90
C. R. Wilkinson: News84
Charles E. Wilkinson: News88-90, News94, News98, News00
Mrs. Charles E. Wilkinson: News98-99
Mrs. E. C. Wilkinson: News00
Edward Wilkinson: (butcher) see Hanley & Wilkinson; News86, News88-96, News98-99
Flora Orth Wilkinson (Mrs. Edward): News86-87, News89-91, News94, News98
John Wilkinson: News99, Med07
William F. Wilkinson: (farmer) News99
George M. Willard: News85
Lottie D. Willard: News85
Willeke, Whitehead & Co.: (J. U. Willeke) News98
Frank Willeke: Pinto
John U. Willeke: WJB, News96, News98-99
Williams: see McCallister & Williams; News84-90, News97
Williams Bros.: (liverymen) News97
Williams, Oregon: True, News87, News89
Williams & Cox: (I. F. Williams; liverymen) News98
Williams & Hemworth: News89
Williams & Orser: (liverymen) News97
Amilia Hoffman Williams (Mrs. Moses A.): News92
Arthur B. Williams: Med08-11, Med30
David Williams "Dave": News93
Mrs. E. Williams: News92, News94
E. W. Williams: News97
Ed Williams: (lineman) News90
F. J. Williams: News98
G. H. Williams: (carpenter) News98
George Williams: News88
George W. Williams: (carpenter) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p1c6a, MMv1n4p1c1b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-87, Min85-86, MM86, News89, News94-95, News98; en route from San Francisco to Butte: MM2/22/1901p6; in Oroville: MM7/12/1901p6; in South Africa: MM11/22/1907p5
Gertrude Swensen Williams (Mrs. J. A.): News86-87
H. Williams: Med11
Isaac B. Williams: News87-88, News90-91
Isaac Franklin Williams: (mail contractor) News88, News90
J. A. Williams: News86-87
J. H. Williams: News92-93
J. N. Williams: Min86
J. R. Williams: News94
J. W. Williams: News89
John Williams: News85, News98
John B. Williams: News88, News90
Liza Williams: News98
Louisa J. Williams: News88
Lucy D. Williams: News98
M. L. Williams: News88
Mary F. Williams: News87
Rev. Moses Allen Williams: MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist, News84-91, Min88, News94, News98; obit: MT12/13/1910p8
Mrs. Moses A. Williams: News99
Oliver Williams: News94
Mrs. Oliver Williams: News99
Oscar Williams: (barber) News98; in Oregon City: MM8/9/1901p5
S. P. Williams: News87
Sarah L. Williams: Hist
Rev. W. P. Williams: News87
Williamson: Hist, News84
F. Williamson: MMv1n4p4c3a, Bark
Hattie Webb Williamson (Mrs. William F.): News91
J. M. Williamson: News87
J. R. Williamson: (restaurant) News98
William F. Williamson: (attorney, teacher, principal) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p1c1b, MM86, Med84, Hist, News84-88, Min86, Med86, News99-00; in Covina, California: MM9/14/1900p6, MM5/17/1901p6
Willis: see Abraham & Willis
Stephen D. Willis "Steve": News96
John. Williscroft: (farmer, stereopticon showman) News98
Willits: News92
Anna Tice Willits (Mrs. Benjamin R.): News92-93
Benjamin R. Willits: News87, News98
Mrs. L. F. Willits: News89
Mrs. Levi Willits: News96
William W. Willits: News88
Charles Willmott: News94
Samuel Willmott: News95
Mary E. Willson (Mrs. Peter): News85
Peter Willson: News85
C. Wilprel: News83
G. Wilprel: News83
William A. Wilshire: News84
Wilson: see Wilson & Dowell; True, Bashford, Fordyce & Wilson; Hist, News84, News86-89, News93-94, News97-98
Wilson & Dowell: News92
Wilson & Hunsaker: (blacksmiths) News98
Wilson Opera House: Hist
A. Wilson: News91, News94
A. M. Wilson: News87, News91
Addie Wilson: see Addie Murray
Albert Wilson: (cook) News94
Alice Wilson: News94
Almira Wilson: News90, News98
Annie Wilson: News87
Arthur W. Wilson: (road supervisor, well borer) News85-87, News89, News91, News93-94, News98; in Central Point: MM1/3/1902p2; obit: MM4/18/1902p7
B. B. Wilson: Med11
Charles Wilson: Min88, News91
D. Wilson: (harness maker) News85-87, MM86, News89
Mrs. D. Wilson: News94
Daniel Wilson: News88
D. C. Wilson: Med06
Rev. E. F. Wilson: News99-00
Eva Wilson: (telegrapher) News93-94, News97
Ezra M. Wilson: Hist
F. J. Wilson: News94
Frank M. Wilson: (baker, soda fountain) News96-97, News98-00
George Wilson: (harness maker) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, News86, News93; in Coos County: DT8/25/1893p3; in Willow Springs: MM3/16/1894p3
Gertrude Kinports Wilson (Mrs. J. A.): News93
J. E. Wilson: News90, News92
James Wilson: (thresher) News92
James Wilson ("Jimmy"): (pharmacy student) News95
James A. Wilson: News84-85, News93, News98; obit: JP9/11/1915p1
James L. Wilson: News89
Jesse Wilson: News91, News99
Jesse Wilson, Jr.: News98
Jesse H. Wilson: News84-87, News89, News91, News93-95, News99; in Salem: MM3/1/1901p6, MM1/3/1902p2
Jesse J. W. Wilson: News98
John R. Wilson: (blacksmith, wagonwright, city councilman) First, News89, Med91, News92-96, Med93, Med97, News98, News00; obit: MT11/21/1911p1
Josephine Griffin Wilson (Mrs. James L.): News89
Lucinda L. Wilson: News89
Mac Wilson: News84, News86
Mamie Wilson: News87
Martha Wilson: News94
Mary Wilson: News87
P. O. Wilson: News84, Min87, News88
Rosa Wilson: News87
Rosanna Wilson: (arsonist) News95, News98, News00
Rose Wilson: News98
Rev. S. P. Wilson: News87-88
S. C. Wilson: (grocer) News94
Sarah C. Wilson: News94
S. S. Wilson: (hotel keeper) News94-95; dead in Willitts: MM5/24/1901p7
Sophia A. Wilson "Sophie": Hist, News86, News87, News93
Thomas Wilson: News87
William H. Wilson: News89, News95
Wilson's String Band: MMv1n1p4c4a, News84-85, News87
G. W. Wimer, Jr.: News84
J. D. Wimer: News90
J. W. Wimer: News91
Mrs. Windom: News89
Charles Winters: News99
Wintjen & Helms: News87
G. C. Wirth: (photographer) News94-95
J. F. Wisner: News89
Albert Wisniewski: (barber) News94
Holbrook Withington: (lawyer) Med07, Med10
Mary E. Witison (Mrs. P. C.): News87
P. C. Witison: News87
Charles E. Wolcott: (newspaperman) News94-95, News98; in Chicago: DT1/9/1902p4
Jonas Wold: (pharmacist) Med10, Med11
Wolf: see Woolf
Anna Gilbert Wolf: News00
Henry Wolf: IOOF
Wolfe: News94
Wolff & Armstrong: (skating rink operators) News89
George Wolff: News00
Jake Wolff: News89
Mannie M. Wolff (Nannie Woolf?): News93
W. R. Wolsey: News93
Wolters: see also Walters
Wolters & Howard: (C. W. Wolters, H. H. Howard, grocers) News98-99
Charles W. Wolters "Charlie": (baker, grocer) Wild, Med84, News85-00, MM86, Min87-88, Med88, Med91, Med93; obit: MT5/25/1912p1
Eva Wolters: News90
Hermann H. Wolters "Ham": (butcher, bar owner) see Kenney & Wolters; Riddle & Wolters; Gem Saloon, Hist, News84-94, Min86, Min88, Med91, News96; in San Francisco: News99; dies there: DT7/31/1902p2
J. N. Wolters: News87
J. W. Wolters: News00
John C. Wolters: (baker) News84, News87, News90-94
Mamie McMahon Wolters (Mrs. Ham. H.): News91, News94
Ollie Alford Wolters (Mrs. Charles W.): Med84, News86-89, News91
Charles E. Wolverton: News88
Wong Sing: News95
Wood: see also Woods; News85, News87, News92
Wood, Whiteside & Co.: (contractors) News89
Wood & Jackson: News91
Wood & Whiteside: (contractors, ferry) News89-90
A. Wood: Min86
A. E. Wood: True, News93
D. D. Wood: (soap maker) News00
Eli Wood: News90
H. F. Wood: (carpenter, contractor) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, Min87, News87-95; in Orland, California: MM4/27/1894p3
Mrs. H. F. Wood: Med84
I. N. Wood: News86
Mrs. L. M. Wood: News98
N. E. Wood: News99
Nellie Wood: News90
William P. Wood: (harness maker) First, News88-89, News91-93, Med91; in Ava, Mo.: MM2/10/1893p3
W. H. Woodburn: News93
Woodford: see Anderson & Woodford, News94, News99
Woodford & Colvig: News84
Alonzo Marcus Woodford "Lon": (clerk, street commissioner, miller, postmaster) MMv1n4p4c3a, Min85-87, News87-89, News91-94, Med97, News98-00
Eliza Dyer Woodford (Mrs. Alonzo M.): Hist, News91-94, News00; obit: MT6/5/1911p4
Ella Woodford: News92
Jennie Woodford: News00
Myrtle Woodford: (milliner, typesetter) News87, News92-94, News98-00
Press. Woodruff: News89
Ralph Woodford: News98-99
Virgie A. Woodford: News87, News95, News98
D. L. Woodruff: Med11
Woods: see also Wood
A. E. Woods: News84-85, Min85-87, News87-88, News91-93
A. R. Woods: News84
E. Woods: News92
John Woods: News83, News91
Mr. Woods: MMv1n1p4c5a
W. W. Woods: News97-99
Mrs. W. W. Woods: News99
Wallace Woods: (lumber dealer) see Barr & Woods, Hist, Med97, News93-94, News99
Woody: News85, News89, News92-94, News96
Asa Woody: News96
Annie E. Woody: see Annie Taylor
A. N. Woody: Med93, News96, News98
Gus J. Woody: (butcher, creamery worker) see Besse & Woody; News92-93; visiting from San Francisco: MM10/7/1898p6; in Santa Rosa: MM10/14/1898p6
Henry Woody: News94
J. H. Woody: (farmer) News94-95
Joseph N. Woody: News84, News89
Kate Woody: News98
Meta Woody: see Mrs. Hukill
Sarah C. Jarnagin Woody (Mrs. A. N.): News92, News97
John P. Wooley: News87
Woolf: News90
Isaac Woolf: (grocer, constable) MMv1n1p1c1b, MMv1n1p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c5b, MM86, Phipps, News84, Med84, Min85-87, News85-94, Med88, Med93, News96, News98
Nancy Woolf (Mrs. Isaac) "Nannie": Med84, News85, News87-88, News92, News94, News98
J. L. Woolridge: News87
W. R. Woolsey: News93
David Worden: News93
Work & Betterton: News84
Ed. Work: see Work & Betterton; News84
Thomas A. Work: News93
John P. Worley: News90
Docia Worlow: News98
Mary E. Worlow (Mrs. Jacob): News90, News98
William B. Worlow: (saloon keeper) News84
Worman: News00
Worman & Lynch: see Lynch & Worman
Edwin Worman: (mail contractor, liveryman) Hist, True, News85-95, Min87-88, Med91, Med93, News98, News00
Mrs. Edwin Worman: News87
Jessie L. Worman: News87, News89-92, News95, News98-00
Minnie Worman: (teacher) News93-95, News00
Milton E. Worrell: (newspaper editor) Med07
R. Worth: News85
Wortham Bros.: (contractors) News89
H. Worthington: Hist
Wortman: see Kenney & Wortman, York & Wortman; News88, News93
Wortman & Gore: News94
Wortman & York: (real estate) News00
Ella Gore Wortman (Mrs. Harry): News90
Elizabeth A. Wortman: News91
Harry G. Wortman, Sr.: (grocer, real estate, insurance) Hist, News88, News90, News92, News98, News00
Levi G. Wortman: News88-89
Minnie Wortman: News93
Mrs. S. G. Wortman: News89
Samuel G. Wortman: News88-91, News93
Wright: Med88
Abbie Beck Wright (Mrs. S. F.): News94
Al. M. Wright: News93-94
Fred Wright: News95
H. L. Wright: (tailor, carpet cleaner) News92
J. Wright: (saloonkeeper) News94
John Wright: Bear, News89; obit: MM6/25/1909p3
S. F. Wright: News94
W. A. Wright: News94
Will Wright: News90
J. F. D. Wrinkle: News98
Wrisley: News90
Wrisley & Co.: (real estate) News89-90
Wrisley & Goddard: (J. B. Wrisley, Carlos Goddard; real estate, merchants) News88-s89
Wrisley & Justus: (Jacob Wrisley, George Justus; liverymen) News89
Wrisley & Miller: (J. B. Wrisley, J. S. Miller; real estate), Med88, News88
Eliza J. Wrisley: News99
George J. Wrisley: (liveryman) News89-90
Jacob Wrisley "Jake": News88, News89
John B. Wrisley: (real estate agent) see Ross & Wrisley; News85, News87-94, News99
John H. Wrisley: News84, News98
Laura Wrisley: News87
Mary E. Campbell Wrisley (Mrs. George J.): News90
Melville E. Wrisley "Melle": see Melle Callahan; News84, News86-87
Myra E. Wrisley: see Myra Simpkins; News91
J. R. Writsman: News88
Anna Gilbert Wulf (Mrs. William): News99
William F. Wulf: News99; in Crescent City: MM1/24/1902p7
Lucy Wyatt: News93-94
Mrs. A. H. Wyland: News86
James Wyland: News98
Miss Wyland: News87
O. C. Yates: News85
George R. Yaudes: News88-90
D. D. H. Yeager: (timber land) News94-95
Yeago: see Niles & Yeago
Phil D. Yeiser: News91-92
York: see Wortman & York; News94
York & Jones: (real estate, insurance) News97
York & Wortman: (real estate) News99-00
Emma Boyd York (Mrs. William T.): Med88, Hist, News94
William T. York "Billie": (real estate, insurance, editor) Hist, Med88, Med89, News93-94, News96, News98-00, Med08
Youle: see Youle, Gillroy & Leghorn; News87
Youle, Gillroy & Leghorn: MMv1n4p4c1b
George E. Youle: News89
Young: News88, News90
Al. O. Young: (billiard hall, confectionery) News97-98
Catharine Young: see Catharine Given
Cecil Young: (typesetter, trolley conductor) News87-90, News92; in San Jose: SOM9/9/1892p3; en route from San Francisco to Seattle: MM1/3/1902pp6,7; in Newport: MT5/19/1913p4
Charles Young: Med07
Ella Young: News00
Elma R. Young: (typesetter) Med84, News87-91, News93; in San Jose: MM3/17/1893p3
Emma Young: News87, News89
George R. Young: News91, News93; in North Temescal, California: MM3/24/1893p3
Mrs. Young: Med84
N. D. Young: News89
R. T. Young: News86-91
Mrs. R. T. Young: News90-91
Miss Ray Young: News87-91; now Mrs. Mark Harrison, Tacoma: MM3/23/1906p5
Mrs. W. E. Young: Med84
W. J. Young: Hist
Youngs: see Shawver & Youngs
Daniel S. Youngs: (second-hand store, tree pruner, marshal, agate cutter) News88-94, Med93, News98-00; in Newport: MM11/22/1901p6, MM12/27/1901p7, MM8/31/1906p1, MT5/20/1913p2
D. T. Youngs: News89
G. S. Youngs: News89
B. F. Yount: (miller) News92
Zahn & Fry: (confectioners) News94
Zahn & Rasmussen: (confectioners) News94
Charles A. Zahn: (confectioner) News94
Frank Zell: (miner) News99-00
Peter Zell: News00
Alexander Zevely: News85
Zimmerman & McGee: News86-87
Zimmerman & Webb: (contractors) News86-88
Ella Zimmerman: News89
Etta Turner Zimmerman (Mrs. William G.): News86-87, News89
William G. Zimmerman "Billy" "Will": (contractor) see Maegly & Zimmerman; News86-89, Min88
F. E. Zoellner: News91
T. E. Zoellner: (tailor) News89
J. Zombra: News93

AA: Ashland American
AT: Ashland Tidings
BF: Better Fruit
CL: Clarion
CP: Central Point American
CH: Central Point Herald
CW: Camp White Grenade
EY: Southern Oregon Eye
GP: Grants Pass Courier
JM: Jacksonville Miner
JN: Jackson County News
JP: Jacksonville Post
JT: Jackson County Times, Democratic Times
MI: Medford Monitor-Miner
ML: Medford Lights (SOHS 917.9505 M43)
Medford Mail
MN: Medford News
MR: Medford Reporter
MS: Medford Sun
MSM: Medford's Magazine (SOHS 917.9505 M43)
Medford Mail Tribune daily
MW: Medford Mail Tribune weekly
OR: Oregonian
PJ: Portland, Oregon Journal
PR: Pacific Record Herald
RT: Rogue River Times
SM: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Southern Oregonian
ST: Southern Oregon Transcript
Medford Success
TR: Medford Tribune

VR: Valley Record

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