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Medford Name Index

When I built this page the census wasn't online, there was no findagrave.com, digitized newspapers were only a dream, and dinosaurs roamed the earth. This was my attempt to determine who was who in early Medford by correlating cryptic newspaper mentions. This is a pre-1900 name index for only those Medford pages listed below, constituting a small fraction of this site. Be sure to use this Search box too:


Bear=Hunting with John Griffin
First=Who Was Medford's First Mayor? 
Glim=Glimpses of Life in Early Medford
Hist=A History of Medford Up to 1932
IOOF=Some Residents of the IOOF Cemetery
Med83=Medford in 1883
Med84=Medford in 1884
Med86=Medford in 1886
Med88=Medford in 1888
Med89=Medford in 1889
Med90=Medford in 1890
Med92=Medford in 1892
Med93=Medford in 1893
Med94=Medford in 1894
Med95=Medford in 1895
Med97=Medford in 1897
Med99=Medford in 1899
Med00=Medford in 1900
Min85=Medford City Council Minutes 1885
Min86=Medford City Council Minutes 1886
Min87=Medford City Council Minutes 1887
Min88=Medford City Council Minutes 1888
MM=The Medford Monitor
=The Medford Monitor, June 11, 1886
News83=Medford News 1883
News84=Medford News 1884
News85=Medford News 1885
News86=Medford News 1886
News87=Medford News 1887
News88=Medford News 1888
News89=Medford News 1889
News90=Medford News 1890
News91=Medford News 1891
News92=Medford News 1892
News93=Medford News 1893
News94=Medford News 1894
News95=Medford News 1895
News96=Medford News 1896
News97=Medford News 1897
News98=Medford News 1898
News99=Medford News 1899
News00=Medford News 1900
OH89=The Orchard Home, 1889
=The Phipps-Howard War
Pinto= A Brief Biography of Pinto Colvig
RV85= Rogue River Valley 1885
=The Southern Oregon Transcript, November 10, 1887
True=True Tales of Terror
Wild=Wild and Wacky Medford
WJB=W. J. Bennet, Medford's First Architect

John W. Abbott: News92
S. Abbott: (veterinarian) News00
Abraham: see Abraham & Wheeler
Abraham & Wheeler: News84
Abraham & Willis: News84
Solomon Abraham: News83, News85, News87
Adams: News88, Med07
B. J. Adams: News87
C. L. Adams: News87
J. L. Adams: News83; at poor farm: MM5/14/1909p3; obit: MM5/21/1909p3
S. K. Adams: Med11
W. J. Adams: News93
Addington & Angel: (timber land) News91
George B. Addington: News91, News92-93
William Addison: Bear, News89
Adkins: see Adkins & Webb, Whitman & Adkins, News84, News87
Adkins & Webb: (B. F. Adkins, B. S. Webb; merchants, contractors) MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n4p1c4a, MMv1n4p4c3a, First, Hist, Min85-87, News85-90, Med86, Med88, News92, Med93, News94, News00
Ada Adkins: News93
Dr. Benjamin Franklin Adkins: (physician, capitalist) MMv1n4p4c3a, WJB, Hist, Glim, News84, Min85, News86-95, Min88, Med93, News97-99
H. P. Adkins: News87
Mrs. J. C. Adkins: News89
Mate V. Creed Adkins (Mrs. W. B.): News89
Matilda J. Adkins (Mrs. Dr. Benjamin F.): News87-88, News98
Ora Adkins: News87, News89-93, News95, News98-99
Rev. W. B. Adkins: News89, News99
Nils Ahlstrom: News92
John W. Aid: (photographer) News92
Dr. G. H. Aiken: News87-88, News92
Squire Stanford Aiken: News95, Med11
Doil/Doyle W. Alberry/Albury: (railroad foreman) News91-92
William Alcoe: (rancher) News94
William G. Aldenhagen: Med11
Rev. Mountville C. Aleridge: News90-92
Oscar Odell Alenderfer "Ole" "Ollie": Hist
R. C. Alexander: News99
Alford (pronounced "Offerd"): News90
Albert Alford: (thresher) News85-86, News88-92
Mrs. C. K. Alford: News88
Catherine Brinker Alford (Mrs. Albert): News90
George Alford: Glim
Moses L. Alford "Mose": (bank cashier) Hist, News86, News92-94, News99, Med10, Med11
Ollie Alford: see Ollie Wolters
Rachael M. Applegate Alford (Mrs. Moses L.): Hist, Med88, News93-94
S. U. Alfred: News95
Allen: see Kingsbury & Allen; News86
Andrew A. Allen: News93, News99
A. J. Allen: News87
Bruce Allen: News87
Charles W. Allen: News86
E. Allen: News92
George E. Allen: News91, News93, News98
Dr. J. O. Allen: News86-87
Lewis A. Allen: News88
Lizzie F. Allen (Mrs. Charles W.): News86
Mary D. Allen (Mrs. J. O.): News89, News99; obit: DT4/6/1899p2
Noah Allen: News89
O. Bruce Allen: (newspaper foreman) News98-99
Wiley B. Allen: News98
Allison: see Holt & Allison
William Allison: News92
Eugene Amann: (fireman) News92, News98; in Oakland, California: MT6/6/1916p2
Frank Amann: (carpenter, fireman) News89-90, News93-94, News98
M. Grace Amann: News87, News95, News99-00
Sada Amann "Sadie": News87, News93
Sarah Amann: News92
Henry Amerman: News89; obit: MM4/11/1902p2
Francis M. Amy "Frank": News91-93
Haskell Amy: News83, News84, News91-93
Anderson: News92-93
Anderson & Wood/Woodford: (draymen) News90
Arta Anderson
August E. Anderson: News93
Bert Anderson: Med10, obit: MT12/3/1931p1, MT12/4/1931p8
Charles Anderson "Charlie": News94-95
Charles M. Anderson: (printer, band leader) News99
D. N. Anderson: News85
D. W. Anderson: News85-86
Dora Hull Anderson (Mrs. D. W.): News85
Eli K. Anderson "Uncle Joe": (farmer, orchardist) News91, News00; bio: MM2/26/1909p8, MT12/29/1911p8; ill: MT3/8/1912p2; obit: MT3/15/1912p6
Edward W. Anderson: (civil engineer) Med07
Ella May Anderson: News94
Euphrasie Anderson: News93
Frank Anderson: News97
Genevieve Anderson: News89
George Anderson: News94
George B. Anderson: News92
George E. Anderson: (drayman, soda manufacturer) MMv1n4p4c3a, News85-87, News89, News90-94
Gilbert Anderson: News92
Hattie Gilbert Anderson (Mrs. Walter): News87, News89
J. A. Anderson: (farmer) News88-89, News93-94, News97, News00
J. H. Anderson: News88
Jennie Anderson: News99
Kate H. Jones Anderson (Mrs. Charles): News95
Lena Cimborsky Anderson (Mrs. Arta): News94
Lucinda Anderson: see Mrs. Johnson
Martha M. Anderson (Mrs. Robert F. ): Med93
Mary Agnes Anderson (see Mary Smith): News92, News94
Mathilda L. Anderson: News93
Melissa P. Anderson: News88
Nancy Anderson: News88
R. N. Anderson: (tailor) News89
Robert F. Anderson: (restaurateur) News99
Tom Anderson: News94
W. Anderson: News85
W. R. Anderson: MM86
Walter Anderson: News87, News89, News92, News96, News98-99
William T. Anderson: News88, News90
C. Andrew: News88
Andrews: (conductor) News94
Amador Andrews: (Wells Fargo agent) News84
Ed Andrews: (actor) Hist, Med07, Med10
Carolina Andrews: Hist
G. E. Andrews: News93
George H. Andrews: (real estate agent) Hist, IOOF, News84, News91-94, News97, News99
Hattie D. Frank Andrews (Mrs. William R.): News87
J. D. Andrews: Med03
Marie Andrews: News96
William Rudolph Andrews: (attorney) News86-87,Med86, Min87, News92
Dwight R. Andrus: (lime burner) News97-99
Angel: see Addington & Angel
Charles Angel: (timber land) News91-94
C. W. Angell: News93
Angle: News88, News95
Angle: (baseball player) News90
Angle & Plymale: (Wm. Angle, F. M. Plymale; merchants, miners) see Short, Angle & Plymale; MMv1n1p4c6-7b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p1c2-3a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist; News84-94, Med86, MM86, Med88, Med93, News98, News00
Angle, Plymale & Short: News89-91
Alice W. Angle (Mrs. Levi L.): News90-News94
Bernice Angle: Med84
Harry D. Angle: (clerk) News90, News92-94
Mrs. Harry Angle: News90
John C. Angle "Johnny": News88, News90-94
Justice Angle: News88-89
Katie Angle: Med84, News98
Levi L. Angle: First, News85, News88-95
Mary S. Walker Angle (Mrs. William W.): News87, News93
O. S. Angle: News88
Orra E. Angle: (men's clothing) News89-90, News99
Prudence Angle: Med84
William W. Angle: (boarding house, merchant) see Angle & Plymale; also Phipps; News83-95, Med88, Med91, Med93, News98-99
Dee Ankeny: (teacher) News92, News94, News00
Henry E. Ankeny: Hist, News89, News94, News99-00
Annes: News99
Rev. George N. Annes: News97, News99
Walter Antle: in Atchison, Kansas: MS6/3/1916p2
Mrs. Walter Antle: IOOF
Elisha L. Applegate "Lish": News87, News91
Ivan D. Applegate: News94
Lindsay Applegate: News83, News94
Oliver Cromwell Applegate: News94
Peter O. Applegate "Pete": News91, News94
James R. Armpriest: News86, News98
Armstrong: see Wolff & Armstrong; News87, News90, News92, News94, News99
Cornelius J. Armstrong: News88-89
D. B. Armstrong: (builder) News93
Edward Armstrong: (brickmason) News00
Elsie Armstrong: News94
J. F. Armstrong: News94
John Armstrong: News89
Josey/Josie Armstrong: News90-91
Larinda M. Armstrong (Mrs. Cornelius J.): News90
Marcus Armstrong "Mark": (bartender) News86-92, Med93
Martha A. Armstrong (Mrs. Mark): News92
Minerva Armstrong: News92, News94
Prof. Armstrong: News87, News92
Robert T. Armstrong: News92
T. J. Armstrong: News91
Annie M. Arnold: News99
Charles Arnold: News91
Dr. Ira L. Arnold: (dentist) News98-00; in West Cliff, Colo.: DT4/3/1902p5
John Arnold: News92-93, News98
Olen Arnspiger: Hist
Sylvester Arrasmith: News93
Ash: Bear
Charles Wilbur Ashpole "Wig": Bear
W. H. Atkinson: News85
Att: see Talbot & Att
Coleman Attel: News94
J. W. Att: (butcher) News95
Paulina Atterbury (Mrs. John F.): News94
attorneys: see column 1 "professional cards" in the Medford Monitor, RV85
A. E. Austin: (laundryman) News00
Clint Austin: News95
Linda Edwards Austin (Mrs. Minot): News88, News91, News98
Minot Austin: News88
Avery & Taylor: News86
Awbrey: see Albury; News91
Ayers: (quarryman) News90
C. W. Ayers: (lineman) News90
Mrs. C. W. Ayers: News95
Babcock: (painter) News91
C. B. Babcock: News93
Claire Babcock: News89
Clark P. Babcock: News89
Earl B. Babcock: News89
Mary F. Babcock (Mrs. Claire): News89
J. S. Backus: (night watchman, stockman) News87, News90
J. H. Bacon: News94
Effie Ophelia Laws Badley (Mrs. W. L.): News95
William Lindsay Badley: News95
W. H. Bagley (insurance) News94
Byron Bailey: News87, News88-89
C. D. Bailey: News88
G. W. Bailey: (Shake postmaster) News88
Henry F. Bailey: News00
Jennie Bailey: see Jennie Phipps
John Bailey: News00
Thomas Bailey: (farmer) News90
Bain: see Kertson & Bain
Maurice E. Bain: (newspaperman) News92
W. D. Bain: News89
Baine: News94
J. C. Baird: (electric company manager) Hist, News94
Baker: see Beatty & Baker: News84-87, News92, News94-95
Baker: (coal miner) News95
Baker & Ford: (variety store) News88-89
Baker & Merrill: (warehousemen) News88
Benjamin S. Baker: News99
Carrie Baker: (teacher) Hist, News87
Fannie J. Baker: News99
George Henry Baker: News86-92, Min87; in Alameda County, Calif.: DT10/24/1901p5
Henry Edward Baker: (warehouseman, broker) MMv1n4p4c3a, News85-93, Med86; "Edward Baker" dies in Portland: MT10/21/1914p2
Rev. Dr. J. C. Baker: MMv1n1p4c4b, News85
John W. Baker: News83
Julia Baker: News89
Mamie Baker: MMv1n1p4c1a
Mary Baker: (teacher) News87
Mrs. Baker: News91
Robert N. Baker: News89
Sam Baker: Min86
Sophenia Ish Baker (Mrs. Henry Edward): Med84, News88-92
H. M. Bakerman: Med11
Miss E. J. Baldwin: News91
George T. Baldwin: (merchant) News98
Thomas Baldwin: True, News91, News95
Addison Ball: News86
Freddie Ball: News85
Harry M. Ball: News93
Martha Justus Ball (Mrs. Addison): News85, News93
Mrs. Ball: News93
E. Balterzore: News90
banking: MMv1n4p4c1b, Hist, Med84, News86-95, Med88, Med94, Med07, Med10, Med26, Med30
Annie Banks (Mrs. J. N.): News86-87
Eva May Banks: News86
J. N. Banks (Jesse N.?): (hotel keeper) News85-86, Min86, Med86, News89
Llewellyn A. Banks: Hist
William A. Bantz: see Cox & Bantz; News87
Emil Barbe: News92
Dr. F. S. Barber: IOOF, Med10
Harry R. Barbour: (carpenter) News95
George Barden: News90-91
Rev. Henry Albert Barden: News89-90; obit: OR5/14/1909p14
Jay Bardley: News94
Abigail Ann Barkdull: see Abigail Cunnyngham
Judge Calvin H. Barkdull "Squire": (city recorder, justice of the peace) News84-92, MMv1n1p4c5b, First,  Med86, Min88, Med88, News00; obit: MM7/27/1900p6
Caroline C. Barkdull (Mrs. John W.): News91
Clara Ferguson Barkdull: First
J. Emmett Barkdull "Mose": Bark, News87; in Portland: MM8/9/1901p6; Med07; leaving for Portland: MM1/18/1901p6; MM4/16/1909p2
J. N. Barkdull: News85
John W. Barkdull: Med84, Min85-87, News00
Emma E. Barker: (hotel keeper) News91, News94
Barklow: News94
John Barksdale: Med93
A. J. Barlow: News95
William H. Barlow: News93
J. C. Barnard: (teacher) News93
Barneburg: News91, News95, News97, News00
Barneburg & Naylor: News85
Electa Norton Barneburg (Mrs. Fred E.): News93-94, News98
Frederick E. Barneburg: (stockman, butcher) News85-94, Med86, News96, News98, News00
D. Henry Barneburg: News89, News93-94, News99
John Barneburg: Med88, News92-94
Mollie Barneburg: News92-96, News98, News00; see Mollie Keene
Mrs. John Barneburg: News94-95, News99
O. Comstock Barneburg (Mrs. D. Henry): News89
Peter Barneburg: News92, News94
Albert Seymore Barnes: (dry goods, sheriff) News96, News98-99
Captain D. P. Barnes: News84, News87-88, News92-93
Frances L. Barnes "Frankie": News92-93, News98
Francis M. Barnes: News95
Austin F. Barnett: Med11
Barnhart: News86
Barnum: News84, Min88
Barnum & Co.: News84
Barnum & Sons: MMv1n4p4c3a, News85
Bertha S. Barnum (Mrs. William S.): Med84, News86, News90-92, News98
Berthold Barnum: IOOF
James Harvey Barnum: News84-88, Min86-87, News90-93
Mrs. Jennie Barnum: News92
Jessie Eifert Barnum (Mrs. William H.): IOOF
John C. Barnum: Med93, News93-94
John W. Barnum: Hist, Min86
William Solon Barnum "Bill": (planing mill, railroad owner) MMv1n4p1c1b, Hist, News86-87, Med86, Med88, News89-95, News98-00
Barr: see Galloway & Barr; Min88, News89-90, News93
Barr & Hurt: News94
Barr & Woods: MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c6b, Min85, News85
Ada M. Barr: (stenographer, typist) News85, News90-91; see Ada Mills
Anna Barr: News87
Edgar G. Barr: News84
Ida Barr: News92
Lillian Barr: News98, News00
Nannie Dougherty Barr (Mrs. William H.): News84, News87-90, News92-93
Newton Barr: News93-94
William H. Barr: (capitalist, mine operator) MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c3a, First, Hist, News84-85, Min85-86, News87-84, Med88, News00, Med03
Barret: see Barret, Butler & Stewart; News95
Barret, Butler & Stewart: WJB, News95
George W. Barron: News95
Maj. Hugh F. Barron: (rancher, orchardist) Bear, News85, News91-92, News94
Barry: News91
Mina M. Barry: see Mina Wagner
Thomas Bartholomew: Wild, Med10
U. S. Bartholomew: News00
Emma Johnson Bartle (Mrs. John): News97
John Bartle: News97
Charles P. Bartlett: Med11
E. T. Bartlett: News85, News92
Hattie Bartlett: WJB
F. A. Barton: (chair maker) News93-94
M. Barton: (chair maker) News93-94
Prof. Barton: (dance teacher) News93
T. A. Barton: (chair maker) News93
Bashford: see True, Bashford, Fordyce & Wilson; News92
Cora Bashford: (bookkeeper) News93-94
Elmer L. Bashford: (brewer) News91, News92, News94-95, News97; in Roseburg: MM9/14/1900p6, MM3/7/1902p7, TR1/6/1908p4; in Portland: JP2/22/1913p3
Emma J. Bashford (Mrs. George W.): News94
George W. Bashford: (contractor, brewer, thresher) arrives from Iowa: AT6/28/1889p3; News89-95, Med91, News97, Med03; in Vancouver, Wash.: MT6/23/1911p2, MT9/23/1912p2; obit: JP1/11/1913p3
Nora Batchelor: (teacher) News93
Rev. C. C. Bateman: News85
Ida Bateman: News89-90
Kit Bateman: (thresherman, boarding house) News93, News98
Mollie Bateman: News93
Rosa/Rose Bateman: News88-89
Sarah A. Bateman: News88-90, News92
W. Samuel Bateman: Med11
William Bateman "Billy": News95
Bates: see Hardin & Bates; Med03
Bates Bros. Barber Shop: Wild, Med97, News94, News97
James W. Bates "Jimmie": (barber, foot racer) News93-94, News97-98
Nathan G. Bates "Nate": (barber) News98-99
Nora Bates: News00
William W. Bates "Willie": (barber) News94, News98, News00
B. Batley: News88
A. A. Batterson: Hist; News98; in Loomis, Washington: MM10/26/1900p7; in Seattle: MM11/27/1903p1
Batterton: see Werk & Batterton
H. E. Battin: (fruit wholesaler) Trans, News86-89; dead in Skagway: DT10/11/1900p3
George S. Batty: (Orchard Home Association) News93-94
Frank Bauer: News90
Baumle: see Klippel & Baumle
C. K. Baumle: News87
Beall (pronounced "Bell"): see Bell; Bear, News85, News87, Med88, News99
Benjamin Beall: News92
Clara Beall: News88
Mamie Beall: see Mamie Strang
T. J. Beall: News85
Thomas F. Beall "Tom": News83, News85-86
Robert Vinton Beall "Vint" "Vintie": (farmer, photographer) News88-90, News92-93, News95-96
Beatty & Baker: News88
Cora Dell Morris Beatty (Mrs. Matthew E.): News89
Hulda Bell Beatty (Mrs. J. W.): News87
J. W. Beatty: News87, News94-95
Matthew Edwin Beatty: (nurseryman, real estate agent) MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c2a, Trans, News85-89, Med86, Min88, News91
Louisa E. Beauchamp: News87
W. H. Beauchamp: News87-88
Bob Beaver: News98
C. A. Beaver: (orchardist) News99
Francis Beaver: News99, Med03
Girtie Beaver: News99
Mabel Beaver: News98
Maud Beaver: News00
Robert E. L. Beaver: News99-00
Beck & Mitchell: Med03
Abbie Beck: see Mrs. Wright
J. N. Beck: (telephone lineman) News00
Jane Beck: News89
John Beck: News89
W. S. Beck: News94
Anton Becker: News83
Hattie Beckett: News94
Thomas J. Beckett: News94, News98-00
Beebe: News84
Dr. Beebe: News88
Beek: News89, News93
J. Beek & Co.: (hardware) Wild, News95, News97-98
J. Beek & Son: News94-95
Jane Beek (Mrs. John): News88-89, News94
John N. Beek: News89, News90-91, News93-94, News96-97, News99
John Beek Jr.: News00; in Valley, Washington: MM11/8/1901p7
Beek, Whiteside & Co.: Med93, News93-94
William Beek "Billy": News86-87
Beekman & Reames: News90, News92, News98
Benjamin B. Beekman: News83, Hist
Carrie Beekman: News90, News92, News95
Cornelius C. Beekman: (banker) Hist, Phipps, News83-85, Min85, Min87-88, News88-90, Med88, News93, ; bio: MM3/5/1909p3, MT2/12/1911pB9
Julia E. Beekman: News92
Hattie Hay Beeman (Mrs. J. H.): News94
J. H. Beeman: News94
John Beeson: MMv1n4p4c2b, News88, News99
Welborn Beeson: News84, News86, News88
R. Behrendt: News91
W. D. Beidleman: (harness maker) News94-95, News98; moved from Forth Klamath to Union, Oregon: MM7/12/1901p7
A. T. Beidler: News99
Belknap: News95
Rev. L. F. Belknap: IOOF
Bell (Beall?): News87, News90
Bell & Cox: (threshers) News88
Al. Bell: News85, News95
Eliza Bell: News87
Gaylord Bell: (sewing machine agent) MMv1n1p1c2-3a, MMv1n1p4c7a, MMv1n4p4c1b, News85, News88-89
Hulda Bell: see Hulda Beatty
J. A. Bell: News88
James Bell: News87
Bellinger: Bear
Bellinger & Hill: (draymen) News97
Bellinger & Slover: (draymen) News94
Bellinger & Wells: (draymen) News94
Effie Merriman Bellinger (Mrs. John H.): News87, News92, News97
Frank Bellinger: News92-93, News97
J. M. Bellinger: News93
John H. Bellinger "Johnny": (drayman, warehouseman, groceryman) News86, News87, News89-95, News97-98, News00
Maggie Bellinger: News93
Merritt Bellinger: News84, News90-93, News98; ill: MT8/31/1910p5; obit: MT9/4/1910p1
George W. Benadom: News91
Louis E. Bender "Lew" "Lou": (confectioner) News92-93
L. D. Benford: News94
Elias C. Benham: News87
William F. Benjamin: News83
William J. Bennet: (architect) WJB, News95
Bennett: see Mackey-Bennett Telegraph Co.; News88
A. H. Bennett: News88
Belle Bennett (Mrs. Noah S.): Hist
E. L. Bennett: Med03
Marie Elizabeth Merriman Bennett (Mrs. Samuel L.): News84, News96
Nelson Bennett: News88
Noah S. Bennett: Hist, Med90, News91, News93
Samuel Louis Bennett: (farmer, dairyman) News84, Min86, News86-93, News96
S. P. Bennett: News89
Benson: News92
Ella Benson: (teacher) News93, News94
Henry L. Benson: (district attorney) News92, News94-95
Jessie Benson: (teacher) News95
Josie Benson: News93
Bentley & Co.: (bankers) News88
John H. Bentley: (banker) News88-89
Mrs. John H. Bentley: News88
Thomas H. Bentley: News90
Veit Benz: News84
Adam Berg: News87
Mrs. Adam Berg: News86
George Berg: News87
Ludwig Berger: Med03
Berlin: see Lumsden & Berlin; News88
A. N. Berlin: (merchant) Med88, News94-96
Jane Dennison Berlin: Med88
Dr. T. N. Berlin: Med88, News89
Berry: News85, News86
Anna F. Berry: News89
James H. Berry: News87; obit: JP4/20/1923p1
Judge Milton Berry: News91
Thomas Berry: News98
W. H. Berry: News93
Besse & Woody: (meat market) News93
Richard Besse "Dick": (butcher) News93, News98
Hilliard C. Best: IOOF
Betterton: see Work & Betterton; News83-84
Christina Betts: see Christina Ewen
Olive Greenwood Betts (Mrs. Thomas C.): News88
Thomas C. Betts: News88
Elmer Bever: News90
Joseph Bever: News86-87, News89
Minerva Bever: News87
Ruth Bever (Mrs. Joseph): News89
Sarah M. Bever: see Sarah Shaw
Tunis M. Bever: News90
Vina Bever: News87
J. Bevers: News86
W. C. Bevington: News95
J. W. Bevins: News93
Rev. A. R. Bickenbach: News85
bicycles: MMv1n1p4c7a, MMv1n1p4c5b, Wild, WJB, News92
A. S. Biden: News93
Elva Biden (Mrs. Earnest N.): Hist
Maitland S. Biden: (shoemaker) News00
Nora Biden: News93
Stuart Domer Biden: News91, News94
J. H. Biggs: News93
Bigham: see also Bingham
Elizabeth A. Bigham: see Elizabeth Klippel
James Bigham: (farmer) News86-87, News89, News91-92
John Bigham: Glim, News92, News94-95, News00
Bilger: News90
Bilger & Maegly: News85
Mrs. Bilger: News95
Bill: News83
George F. Billings: MMv1n4p4c2a, News83-84, News89-90, News92
William Billson: News93
Edward H. Binns: (pork packer) News98
George H. Binns: (pork packer) News98
Clyde A. Birch: Med11
Dr. Birdsall: News88
Mrs. W. Birdsell: News94
Birdsey: see Cronemiller & Birdsey, News83, News85, News91
Fannie Birdsey: News98
Birdseye: News86
David N. Birdseye: News93
Sheriff James G. Birdseye: News88-92
F. E. Birge: (miner) News96, News98-00
Mrs. Birge: News00
Abram Bish: News89
Allen W. Bish: (contractor, drayman) News85, News89, News91, Med93, News94-96
Dora Bish: News95
W. G. Bish: News95
Wallace G. Bishop: (rancher) News91; obit: MT1/15/1911p8
Olaf J. Bjerregaard: News00
Clarence Black: News87
Mrs. Ella Black: Med84
Rev. George W. Black: News87-88, News91-92
J. A. Black: News88
Henry Blackman: News94
H. G. Blackwell: (miner) News94
Richard T. Blackwood: (farmer, road supervisor) News99
Rev. James E. Blair: News99
Blake: Bear
J. F. Blakeley: (mine operator) Med07
Father Francois X. Blanchet: News86; in St. Paul, Oregon: DT3/29/1894p3
Henry Bleecher: News95
James T. Blevins: (clerk) News88, News93
Bliss: News92-93
Francis A. Bliss: (well borer) News92, News94, News98
Hattie Bliss: (teacher) News92-93
Zera/Zora Bliss: News92-93
Albert S. Bliton: (publisher) WJB, Hist, Med89, Med93, News93-94, News97-98, News00
Loraine Bliton: News98
Mildred Bliton: News98
Nellie Bliton (Mrs. Albert): News98-99
Emma Blom: News90, News92
Henry W. Bloom: News89
D. Bloomer: MMv1n4p4c3a, News92
George E. Bloomer: (clerk, county treasurer) News89, News90, News93-94
Violet Blossom: Med11
Mrs. O. H. Blount: News94
Charles A. Boardman: News00
Charles M. Boardman: (house painter) see Ling & Boardman; News93-94
Daisy D. Bodge: News99
Edward Bodge: News99-00
John E. Bodge: (tailor) News98, News99; leaves for Klamath Falls: TR1/6/1908p4
Mrs. John E. Bodge: News99
W. A. Bodine: News86, News87-88, News91
Eric C. Boeck: (wheelwright) News99
Fr. J. R. Boever: News91
David C. Bogart: (conductor) News93
Oliver Carter Boggs: (attorney) Med10
Bogus Charley: Bear
Dr. Bohannon: News00
John Bohl: News94, News99
Lewis B. Bomer: WJB
J. S. Bonar: News86; back from Lewis County, Washington: MM12/28/1900p2
Bonewitz: News94
George L. Boone: News96
W. Boone: (contractor) News93
M. S. Booth: News88
Rev. Booth: Hist
S. Booth: News86
Albion H. Boothby: News00
Boran: News86
Mrs. H. A. Borden: News90
Josiah B. Borough: News89
D. N. Bostwick: News89
William H. Bostwick: News85, News89, News98; obit: MT3/26/1911p4
"Botts": News86
Catherine Bourne: News88
Arthur Boussum: (express agent) News90-91
Carrie Boussum: News94
D. A. Boussum: News91
John Henry Boussum: Med89, News97; obit: MT3/26/1920p5
Mattie Cottrell Boussum (Mrs. D. A.): News91
Col. J. T. Bowditch: (state representative) News85, Med88, News88-90, News92
Dollie M. Bowers: News00
George Bowers: News88, News92
Wilson Bowman: News00
Angus Bowmer: IOOF
Edward D. Boyd: News99
Emma Boyd: see Emma York
George Boyd: News92
J. C. Boyd: News88
Boyden & Nicholson: (Henry E. Boyden, Horace G. Nicholson; hardware) News96-00, Med97
Henry E. Boyden: News00
Nelson C. Boynton: (farmer, horse trainer) News89
Mrs. Boze: News85, News90
C. H. Brace: News88
Edward Brace: News89-91
Edith G./J. Bradbury (Mrs. Noah B.): News91, News93, News98, News00
Noah B. Bradbury: (planing mill, contractor) News90-91, Med93, News93-94, News96, News98-00
S. Bradbury: News00, Med97
Dr. James Braden: (capitalist) News88, News91-93, News95
J. A. Bradley: (carpenter, wheelwright) News88, News98
Jay Bradley: (farmer) News91-92
Mrs. l.aura A. Bradley: News88, News96, News98, Med03
Lawson G. Bradley: News95
Otto Bradley: News00
William H. Bradshaw: Hist, News91-92, News94, News00, Med03; obit: MM10/29/1908p1
H. T. Bragdon: see Walsh & Bragdon; News86
Edward Payson Branch: News85; in Florida: AT7/28/1910p4
W. J. Brand: see Campbell & Brand
Brandenburg: News90
Agatha Brandenburg: News88
J. A. Brandenburg "Bert": News87, News91-92, News97, News99; in Red Bluff: MM3/22/1901p6
James H. Brandenburg: (street commissioner) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, Min86-87, News89, News91, News93-94
Maggie Brandenburg: News99; leaving for Los Angeles: MM8/19/1902p6
Charles W. Brandon: (laundryman) News00
Frank S. Brandon: (night watchman, merchant) News90
Viola Brandon: (teacher) News94-95
Superintendent J. Brandt: see Koehler, Brandt & Co.; News84; dead in San Francisco: DT7/4/1890p3
Branhier: News89
Lindley C. Branson: Hist
Brantner: see Poe & Brantner; News90, News94
J. N. Brantner: News91
John H. Brantner: (miner) News85, News87-88, News90-92, News94
Maggie Brantner (Mrs. John H.): News89, News92
Mary Mansfield Brantner (Mrs. John H.): News94
S. N. Brantner: News90
W. H. Branton: (plasterer) News88
Andrew J. Breazeale: News94
B. Breese: News93
James Breman: News00
Eugene F. Brennan: News94
August Brentano: News87
Helen Brentano: News93
Maximilian A. Brentano "Max": (hotel keeper) News88-89, Min88
Ollie Brentano: News89-90, News93
Otelia Brentano: News89
B. B. Brewer: (reporter) News94
brick buildings: MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n1p1c6a, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c7a, True, WJB, Hist, News84-88, RV85, MM86, Med88, Med90, News92-94, Med93, Med95, Med97, Med11
J. D. Bridges: News00
Briggs: see Hammond & Briggs; News88-89, News91, Med07
E. D. Briggs: (attorney) News93, News98
Ella M. Briggs: News95
George E. Briggs: (nurseryman) News88; dies in salem: JP9/13/1913p3
George S. Briggs: News90, News92, News94-95
Mrs. George S. Briggs: News92, News94
Governor Briggs: Hist
Lavinia R. Briggs: News89
John R. Brinegar: News88-89
Briner: News88
James W. Briner: (miner) News87, News94, News96
Jenny Briner: see Jenny Coleman
Mrs. L. A. Bristo: News00
Emil Britt: (photographer) News98
Peter Britt: (photographer) News86, News91, News93
John T. Broadley: True
Charles Wesley Broback: MMv1n1p1c4a, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c3b, Phipps, Hist, News83-85, Med84, News87-92, Med88, Med93, News95-96
Fernando ("Ferdinand," "Nan," "Frank," "Bro") W. Broback: News84, News95
J. B. Brockenbaugh: News95
Burban Brockway "Burb": News88-89
Herbert Brodie: (telegrapher) News00
C. C. Brogan: News88
Elizabeth Brogan "Lizzie" (Mrs. C. C.): News88
Mr. Bronson: MMv1n4p1c2-3b
Brook: News94
Brooks: News95
A. B. Brooks: News89
D. Brooks: News93, News99-00
Edward C. Brooks: (jeweler) News88, News92
Rose N. Brooks: News95
Thomas Brooks: (tinsmith) News95
Brophy: see Brophy & Mathes, News92
Brophy & Mathes: (butchers) News92
A. J. Brophy: News92
Henry Brophy: News95
James J. Brophy: (butcher) News94, News98-00
Jeff Brophy: (butcher) News92
Brous: News94, News96
Brous & Purdin: News93
Albert H. Brous: (bookkeeper) News93-94; lawyer in Prairie City, Iowa: MM4/29/1898p6
Alta Brous: News95
Bessie Brous: News92, News94
Charles G. Brous "Charley": (saloon keeper) Bear, News89-92
Fannie Brous: News99
J. M. Brous: News93, News95-96
Miss Brous: News93
Mrs. Brous: News94
"Tob" Brous: News93; in Panama: MM7/10/1908p2
Rev. David Marcus Brower: News94
Brown: News94
Brown: News90-93
Brown & Co.: News85
Rev. A. Brown: News84
Andrew Brown: Med88, News88
Bert E. Brown: News93, News00; in Walla Walla: MM5/3/1901p7; Seattle: MM5/30/1902p7; Everett: MM8/8/1902p7; Seattle: MT8/20/1917p4
Cecelia Brown: News88
Charles Brown: News90
Clara M. Brown: News93
Cora Brown: News91
David Brown: News89
E. Brown: News96
E. H. Brown: News87
Edwin Brown: News90, News92, News94, News96; obit: OR3/20/1902p4, DT3/27/1902p5
Emily Brown: News86, News89
Evin L. Brown: (jeweler) News91-92, Med93, News94
Ervine L. Brown: (blacksmith) News89-90
Mrs. E. Brown: News00
Mrs. F. E. Brown: News00
George W. Brown: News84-86, News89, News93-94; ill: MT10/13/1910p2; obit: MT11/13/1910p6, MT11/16/1910p5
Grace Brown: Hist
Henry R. Brown: News88
Irene Brown: Hist
Irvin/Irving Brown: (blacksmith) News89-90
J. A. Brown: (teamster) News90, News91-92, News94
J. H. Brown: (washing machine agent) News90
J. R. Brown: News95
Jordan Brown: News98
Joshua Brown "Josh": News88
K. L. Brown: News93
Mrs. M. B. Brown: News88
Mattie Brown: News89
Ozro T. Brown: News90, News92
Pauline Farren Brown: News85
Priscilla/Precilla S. Brown: News89
Sarah A. Brown: see Sarah Guerin
Sydney Isaac Brown "Syd": Bear
W. F. Brown: (miner) News94
W. M. Brown: Med11
W. T. Brown: News92
Rev. William H. Brown: Phipps, News93
David L. Browning: News00
Mr. Brownson: MMv1n1p1c2-3b
Rev. Brownson: News87
Hannah H. Bruce: News00
John Brumbeaugh: News93
Rev. Brumer: MMv1n4p4c2b
Mabel Bruns: News98
Robert J. Bruns: (tinsmith) News96
Brunson: News90
Theresa Bryant: (county clerk assistant) News98
Buchanan: News91, News94
Dora Buchanan: (teacher) News92
William A. Buchanan: (railroad manager) News91, News94
Mrs. J. J. Buchter: IOOF
Charles P. Buck: News87-88, News92
Dr. Buck: News87, News92
Buckley: (orchardist) News98
Miss B. Buckley: News92, News94
John Buckley: News99
Rose Buckley: (telegrapher) News92, News94
Buckman: News91
L. Buensow: News85, News88
Buffington & Henderson: (barbers) News94
George A. Buffington "Buff": (barber) News93-94
Buhlmayer Bros.: News89
Chris. Buhlmeyer: News90
Helene Buhlmeyer: News91
Helen Bullis: Hist
Bunch: see Holt & Bunch; Harris & Bunch
Amelia Bunch: News93
Baker N. Bunch: (mine operator) News89, News97
Jesse S. Bunch: News91
Oscar B. Bunch: News94
Ralph G. Bunch: (barber) Med93, News93-95, News98-99; in Sisson: MM10/10/1902p6
Edith Bundy (Mrs. Dr. Louis): News00
Dr. Lewis/Louis Bundy: (dentist) Med88, News00, Med07
Effie Burch: News93
Emma Burch: (teacher) News94
Luta Burch "Lutie": News92-94
Arthur C. Burgess: Hist, IOOF, Med10
Louise Burke: Hist
Burnett: News92, News00
C. A. Burnett: News89
Laura Burnett ("Laurie"): (telegrapher, milliner) News99
Rev. Peter R. Burnett: News91-92
Dr. Robert T. Burnett: (dentist) Hist, News98, News00
Mabel W. Burns: News98
Isaac W. Burriss: Bear
Bursell: Glim
Ellen/Ella Bursell: (teacher) News87, Med93, News93-95, News97
Oliver Bursell: News87, News93
Victor Bursell: News93
J. W. Burson: News87
Martha Fowler Burson (Mrs. J. W.): News87
L. C. Burt: (planing mill) News99
A. D. Burton: News94
J. Oscar Burton: News87
Katherine Burton: see Katherine Webb
Oscar H. Burton: News86-87
George Bush: News91
Belle Butcher: News88
Philip N. Butcher "Phil": (butcher) News87-88
butchers: MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c6b, Hist, Med94
Butler: see Butler & Green, also Barret, Butler & Stewart; News88, News94-95
Butler & Green: (painters) WJB, News95
A. Butler: News84
Basil N. Butler: (watchmaker) News97-98, News00; ill: MT8/8/1911p2; obit: JP7/5/1919p3
Gwin S. Butler: News84
J. H. Butler: News97, News98, News00, Med07
Jeunesse Butler: News94
Harry N. Butler: Hist, News94
Mrs. Harry N. Butler: News94
John Butler: News99
W. C. Butler: News95
Bybee: News98-99
M. Bybee: News00
Robert Bybee "Bob": News90
William Bybee: News83, News85, News92-95, Med93; obit: MM11/13/1908p1
Byers & Co.: MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p4c7a, News84-85
Byers & Jacobs (John Byers, Abraham S. Jacobs): News84, News86-87, Med86
Byers & Guerin (John Byers, James T. Guerin): (contractors) News84-87, Med86
John Byers: (contractor, builder) see Byers & Jacobs, Byers & Guerin; News83-87, News91-93
William Henry Byers: News84
Stella Byrne: (dressmaker) News99
Hector B. Cady: Med11
William H. Caine: News98
Caldwell: News94, News99
Dr. A. C. Caldwell: (dentist) News91, News94; in Ashland: MM5/30/1902p3; see also Cardwell
Ida Caldwell: Hist, News84
Margaret Caldwell "Maggie" (Mrs. William S.): News85, News91, Med93, News95
Rev. S. S. Caldwell: News94
Rose Cardwell: News94
William S. Caldwell: Hist, News84
Ezekiel Calhoun: News92
John C. Calhoun: True
E. W. Calkins: (confectioner) News96
Callaghan: News87
Henderson Holmes Callahan: News88
Melle E. Wrisley Callahan (Mrs. Henderson H.): News88
William R. Callahan: News89-90, News92
Mrs. William R. Callahan: News89
H. Isabelle Coleman Calvert (Mrs. J. L.): News94
J. L. Calvert: News94
James C. Calvert: (miner) News92, News00
Jessie Gilson Calvert (Mrs. James C.): News00
Mrs. Lee Calvert: News94
William Calvin: News94
Cameron: News90, News94
Annie Cameron: News90
E. G. Cameron: (foot racer) News90
J. R. Cameron: (wheat shipper) News86, News92
Robert J. Cameron: News88, News92; obit: MT5/6/1910p5
Mrs. T. Cameron: News99
Thomas Cameron: News87
Theodoric Cameron "Tod": (state senator) Phipps, Wild, News89, News92, News00; obit: JP6/13/1914p1
Dr. Warren Cameron: (physician) News98; in Leeds, South Dakota: MM5/17/1901p6
Warren Cameron: News94
Zachary Cameron: News92
Campbell: see Chute & Campbell; IOOF
Campbell & Brand: (ironing boards) News96
Campbell & Palm: (insurance) News88
Charles Campbell: News92
Harry Campbell: News98
J. H. Campbell: see Campbell & Brand
M. W. Campbell: News93
Mary E. Campbell: see Mary Wrisley
P. A. Campbell: News88
T. F. Campbell: News87
John B. Cann: News83-84
Cannon: News84
Lissia Inez Cannon: see Lissia Enyart
William H. Canon: Hist
Cantrall: News93, News00
Abba Cantrall: News87
Andrew Cantrall: News93
Ida Cantrall: News94
John Cantrall: News88, News90
Roscoe E. Cantrall: (rancher) News99
Lee Cantrell: News87
B. J. Carder: News91
Cora E. Redden Carder (Mrs. Eli W.): News90, News94
E. J. Carder: News90, News93
E. S. Carder: News91
Eli Woodworth Carder: News90, News93-95, News98; in Alaska: MM5/10/1901p7
Judson Carder: News90
Lucinda V. Carder: News90
Mary Carder: News93
Thomas J. Carder: News89
Cardwell: News91-92
Alvin Cardwell: (miner) News99
Dr. A. C. Cardwell: (dentist) News91; see also Caldwell
Caroline Cardwell: News91
Dan Cardwell: News92, News94
David Cardwell "Dave": News92-94
Ed Cardwell: News94
Ellen Cardwell: News94
Emma Cardwell (Mrs. W. W.): News93
Frank Cardwell: (deputy assessor) News91-92
James A. Cardwell: News89
Jane A. Cardwell: see Jane Nichols; News88
Laura B. Cardwell: see Laura Fitch
Martha Cardwell: (teacher, postmistress) News95, News98
Mrs. Cardwell: News90-91
Rose Cardwell: (legal secretary) News91, News93-94; married in Vallejo: MM8/17/1900p6; see Rose Fitch
William W. Cardwell "Billy": (attorney) News85, News90-96; home burnt in Burns: AT7/24/1891p2; Med93; moving to Roseburg: MM10/20/1893p3, MM5/11/1894p2; News98; in Alaska: MM8/17/1900pp6,7; in Nome: MM2/1/1901p7, MM10/11/1901p7, MM10/17/1902p7; in Roseburg: MT10/21/1912p2
Carey: News94
Al. W. Carey: News85
Clinton Carey: Med11
W. M. Carey: News94
John H. Carkin: Med23
S. Carleton: (commissioner) Med88
Carlile/Carlisle: see also Carlyle
Charles Boynton Carlisle: News85-88, Med88, Min88, News90
Eloise E. Carlisle (Mrs. Charles Boynton): Med84
J. A. Carlisle: News98
William Carll: News83-84
Angus H. Carlson "Ang" "Gus": (saloon keeper) News86-85, Min87, News87-90; dead in Portland: DT9/22/1893p3
August Carlson: News97
David Carlson: Min86
S. A. Carlton: News00
John A. Carlyle: News98-99
Rose/Rosana L. Hamlin Carlyle: (arsonist) News99-00
Anna Carney: News91, News99; see Anna Hicks
Charles Carney: News88, News91, News94, News99
Syntha E. Carney (Mrs. Charles): News99
Simon Caro: News99
Emily L. Carpenter (Mrs. Oscar): News96
Laura Boone Carpenter (Mrs. George B.): Wild
Oscar Carpenter: (lime burner) News98
C. Carr: News93
James Carr: (farmer) News90-91, News99; obit: MM9/17/1909p2
Mrs. M. J. Carr: News92
Carrey: News88
Mattie Carrick: News98
Jane C. Carroll: News94
W. Carroll: News93
W. A. Carroll: (soda water) News90
William E. Carroll: (marshal, farmer) News89, News93, Med03
J. Carry: News90
A. H. Carson: (nurseryman) News90-92
G. Carson: News84
I. J. Carson: News91
Lincoln Clarke Carson: (newspaperman, miner) News93
Carter: News89, Med07
Carter Bros.: (painters) News87
B. F. Carter: News94
Ernest A. Carter: (painter) News99
Ernest V. Carter: Hist, Bear, News85
Frank H. Carter: News86
Laurence Carter: News93
Lena Carter: News99
Mabell Humphrey Carter (Mrs. Ernest V.): News85
Mrs. R. A. Carter: News98
Sarah E. Carter (Mrs. B. F.): News94
William Alfred Carter: News98; married in Salem: MM1/10/1902p2
J. H. Caruthers: News87-88
Ebenezer W. Carver: News92
Case: see McBride & Case; News91
Casebeer: News90, News94
J. W. Casebeer: News92
Jacob M. Casebeer: News87, News94
Minnie B. Casebeer (Mrs. Jacob M.): News87
Harry Casey: News91
Joseph Caskey "Joe": (blacksmith) News98-00
T. F. Casselman: Med11
Effie Caster: News95
M. A. Casters: News95
Mrs. E. Casto: News91
E. S. Casto: News91
George W. Catching: (farmer, carpenter, contractor) News91, News95
S. S. Catching: (carpenter) News91
F. B. Cathcart: see Simmons & Cathcart, News92-93
Edwin B. Caton: News85
Thomas V. Cator: News94
Cavan: News94
Aphia Winifred Cawley (Mrs. Edwin): News83
Dan Cawley: Hist
Miss L. M. Center: News93
Central Hotel: MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7b, MM86
Tamar Chagnon: (dressmaker) News92-93
Chalk: News94
Chamberlain: News93
Chambers: News87, News93-94
Harriet E. Chambers: News86
J. F. L. Chandler: News99
L. P. Chandler: (wood yard) Med93, News93
Rhoda Chandler: see Rhoda Dora
Chapman: News92
A. L. Chapman: (painter) News94
Dan Chapman: News94
Henry Chapman: Bear
J. W. Chapman: News96
M. J. Chapman: News98
Margaret Chapman (Mrs. M. J.): News98
Samuel Chapman: News94
Chappel: News85, News91
Martha A. Chappel: News90-91
Chappell: (groceryman) News95
Charles: see Gaines & Charles
John Charles: (hotel owner) News89, News93-94
L. C. Charley: News91
Alexander D. Charlton: News88
Paul Chartrand: News87, News88-89, News92-93; dead in Grants Pass: CO6/20/1901p3
Praxella Chartrand (Mrs. Paul): News87
Chase: see Gaines & Chase
James B. Chase: News92
Rev. S. B. Chastain: News94
Chavner: News91, News94
Mary Chavner: News89, News94
Mrs. R. Chavner: News94-95, News99
Thomas Chavner: News83, News87
Mrs. P. E. Cheney: News88
Chessmore & McCain: (newspaper publishers) News99
Alvin H. Chessmore: (real estate, publisher, wood lot operator) see Stewart & Chessmore, News99-00
George Horatio Chick: (ore mill promoter) MM86, News85-87, Med86, News92-93
Newton W. Chilcott: News88
W. W. Chilcott: Min85
Childers: see Childers & Lyon; also Adkins-Childers Building, Crane & Childers; News85, News88-90, News93-94, News99-00, Hist
Childers & Lyon: WJB
Childers Bros.: News93, News98-00, Med06
A. Childers & Sons: (brick makers, masons) News85-90, Med88
A. S. Childers: News87
Adelbert Childers: News93
Agnes Childers "Aggie": see Agnes Hall; Med84
Agnes Childers: see Agnes Phipps
Allen Childers: News93
Arnold R. Childers: (brick maker, mason, councilman) MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, First, Hist, News84-94, Min85-88, Med88
Bert. Childers: News98
Ed. Childers: News90
Elmira Childers: Med84
Eugene Childers: News98
"Grandma" Childers: News93
George Childers: News92
Grant Childers: News93
Guy A. Childers: (liveryman) News87, News96, News99
Herbert E. Childers "Bert": (liveryman) WJB, News96
Horace Egbert Childers: News87
James A. Childers: News92
James M. Childers: (county assessor) MM86, News84, Med88, News92-93
M. D. Childers: News88
Mary Elizabeth Peter Childers (Mrs. Spencer C.): (hotel operator) Med84, News98
Mary M. Childers: News98
Nellie Childers: see Nellie Hall
Raymond Childers: Med07
Sarah A. Childers (Mrs. Arnold R.): News87-89; obit: MM4/12/1901p2
Spencer C. Childers "Spence": (brick mason, contractor, fence manufacturer) News87-95, Min88, Med93, News98, News00
Spencer Childers, Jr.: WJB, News93-94, News98, News00; obit: DT11/5/1900p2
Mrs. W. A. Childers: News94
Carrie Childs: News00
Chinese: MMv1n1p4c4b, Hist, Wild, True, News85-86, News89, News93-94
James Chisholm: (G.A.R.) News94
Charles C. Chitwood "Charley": (pharmacist) News93-95, News98; in Grants Pass: MM10/27/1893p3; in Klamath Falls: MM6/7/1901p6
H. F. Chitwood: News90
Hampton T. Chitwood: News85, News90; in Portland: MT2/12/1931p5
Irene Chitwood: News95, News98
Kate Chitwood: News95
Grace Christa: News00
Christian & Son: (carpenters) News98
Emma W. Christian: News98
Floyd K. Churchill: (printer) News98
Anna Churchman: News93-94
Diantha Churchman: News93
Edward J. Churchman: News93
F. K. Churchman: (newspaperman) News98
William Churchman: (night watchman, marshal) see Dougherty & Churchman; News84-85, News93-95; leaving for Squaw Valley: DT4/18/1898p3; widow dies in San Francisco: MM4/25/1902p7
Mrs. William Churchman: News93-95
Chute: see Patterson & Chute
Chute & Campbell: (jewelers) News92
Harris O. Chute: (jeweler) News92, News94
Lena Cimborsky: see Mrs. Anderson
City Drug Store: see also Haskin's Drug Store; MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p4c7b, MM86
Clark: News86-89
Belle Clark: News89
Charles Clark: News93; in Rhyolite, Nevada: JP12/13/1913p3
Charles A. Clark: News89, News00
Dr. Clark: News88
E. L. Clark: (popcorn vendor) True
Father Clark: News90
J. C. Clark: News91
James G. Clark: (poet, singer) News90, News92; in Los Angeles: DT1/15/1894p3
John Clark: News85, (bowling alley) News88, News92
Lucy A. Clark: News88-90, News99
Mark B. Clark: News98
Mrs. Mary A. Clark: News90
Ollie Clark: see Ollie George
Ruby Clark: News94
William M. Clark/Clarke "Billy": (butcher, saloon keeper) News88-91, News99, News00
C. W. Clarke: MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c4a
Clay & Meader: Med03
Clayton & Gore: News86
Clara M. Clayton: News88-89
Mrs. F. W.  Clayton: News88, News92
Frank W. Clayton: (watchmaker, jeweler) News88-90, News92
Nathan Holly Clayton: News86
Vina Gore Clayton (Mrs. Nathan H.): News86
Agustin W. Clemens: News92
Matthew G. Clemmens: News94
Mrs. M. G. Clemmens: News94
Rose Clemmens: News94
William T. Clemmens: News00
Grover Cleveland: MMv1n4p1c5a, News84
Joseph Clift: News88
Adam Clinedienst: News97
Close Bros.: (tile makers, musicians) News87, News89
Robert Clow: News91
W. D. Clumper: News94
E. C. Clutter: (photographer) News89-90
Rev. Clyde: News99
Coakley: News83
Cobb: News93
Cochran: News85, News90, News99
Elmira Cochran: News98-99
J. A. Cochran: News89
John H. Cochran: Med06
Mrs. John Cochran: Med84
Cock: News95
James Coeti: (saloonkeeper) News93-94, News96, News98
Joe Coeti: (saloonkeeper) News93
James Coets: News95
Daniel Cofer: (contractor, marshal) Wild, News93-94, News96, News00
B. J. Cofer: (restaurateur) News00
James M. Cofer: (contractor) News93
Walter D. Cofer: News95, News00; married at Jackson, California: DT3/8/1900p3
William Cofer: News90
Cogeshall: News93
Fred Cohen: News89
Coker: News90, News94
Coker & Forbes: see Forbes & Coker
Coker & Miller: (threshers) News91
J. C. Coker: (liveryman) News89, News91
Charles W. Coker: News85, News87, News89-91
Clayton Coker: News91
Ella W. Coker: see Ella McGee
Robert S. Coker: News90-91, News94
William Coker: News93
Rosa C. Egeberg Coker (Mrs. Robert S.): News94
William Coker: News91
Cole: Bear, News86
Cole & Jones: (physicians) News91, News93-94
Abraham Cole: News83, News87
Ella J. Cole: News00
Dr. George B. Cole: (physician) News91-94, Med93, News98-00
George W. Cole: News85
Jessie Cole: News97, News00
Rufus Cole: News95
Sidney E. Cole: (restaurateur) News98-00
C. C. Coleman: News98-99
Elmer G. Coleman: News86
Emma Coleman: (teacher) News89
Etta Coleman: see Etta Coleman Peyser
H. Isabelle Coleman: see Mrs. J. L. Calvert
Rev. J. P. Coleman: News91
Judge James Blin Coleman: Bear
Jenny Briner Coleman (Mrs. Elmer G.): News86
L. C. Coleman: (capitalist) News92, News94-95, News99
Mary Coleman: (teacher) News88-89, News94
Minnie M. Coleman: (teacher) News89, News91, News93-95, News97-98
William Russell Coleman "Bill" "Judge": Bear
James D. Colleen: News86, News92
Meryl Colleen: News87
Sarah Colleen: News87
Collins: News00
Clarinda Collins: News89
James W. Collins: News93
Lola Collins: News88
Samuel Collins: News00
Thomas Collins: (saloon keeper, livestock dealer) News98-00; in Phoenix, Arizona: MM3/29/1901p6; in Lake County: DT9/12/1901p4
Ulysses S. Collins: Hist
Colver: News90
Huldah Colver (Mrs. Samuel): News93
Jemima Colver: see Jemima Rose
Lewellyn Colver: News84
Samuel B. Colver: News84
Colvig: see Woodford & Colvig
Colvig & Reames: (attorneys: W. M. Colvig) News00
Addie Birdseye Colvig (Mrs. William M.): News87, News90, News92, News99
Aphia Winifred Colvig: see Aphia Winifred Cawley
Clara Colvig: News94
Helen Colvig: News94-95, News99
Jennie Colvig: News87
Vance DeBar"Pinto" Colvig: Pinto
William Mason Colvig: (school superintendent, attorney, district attorney) MM86, Pinto, Hist, News84-85, News87-89, Med88, News91-96, News98, News00, Med10
M. Colwell: News84, News88
John Compson: News98
John Compton: (liveryman) News98-99
William J. Compton: (thresher) News87, News98-99
O. Comstock: see O. Barneburg
Conger: News93
D. M. Conger: News92
Josephine Conger: see Josephine Dean
Mark Conger: News85
S. B. Conger: News93
S. P. Conger: News92-93, Med93; in Illinois Valley, en route to Colorado: MM5/25/1900p7
Sarah E. Conger: see Sarah Dean
Anna S. Conklin (Mrs. Charles W.): Med11
Arthur Conklin: News89-90
T. D. Conklin: News00; in Oakland, California: DT12/17/1902p2
William S. Conkling: News92, News99
Eva Pankey Conley (Mrs. J. G.): News94
Frank Conley: (locomotive engineer) News91
J. G. Conley: News94
G. W. Connell: News89-91
Norma Connell: News90
J. W. Connord: MMv1n1p4c2b
Hal L. Conrad: (Commercial Club secretary) Med10
Dr. R. G. Conroy: Med10
Shannon Conser: (train dispatcher) News91
Isaac Constant: News93-94
Frank B. Converse: (civil engineer) News89-90
Mrs. John Conway: Med11
Cook: see Muller & Cook; News92
Cook & Co.: (lumber) News94
A. Cook: MMv1n4p4c2a
Anna Cook: News88
Annie Laurie Cook: News89
Benjamin S. Cook: News90
Clarence F. Cook: (nurseryman) Med07
Ida Cook: News90
J. C. Cook: News92
James Cook: News91
John R. Cook: (lumber) News94
Robert A. Cook: (miner) News98
Vint Cook: News94
William Cook "Will": News88, News94
Ray Cooke: News99
George W. Cooksey: News87
Coolidge: News85
Nora Coon: News93
Lucy Coons: News94
Robert Coons: News94
Cooper: News89, News91
Miss A. Cooper: News92
Carrie Cooper: News92
Emma Cooper: News92-93
H. G. Cooper: News89
H. W. Cooper: News94
Margetta Cooper: News89
Millie Cooper (Mrs. H. W.): News94
Minnie Cooper (Mrs. William Phipps): News87
Stephen S. Cooper: News87, News89-92, News94, News99
Theodore H. Cooper: News88-90, News92
William G. Cooper: (hotel keeper, saddler, harness maker) News87-92; obit: MT6/20/1910p6
W. G. Cooper & Son: (harness) Med88, News88
H. W. Corbett: Med00
Nora Corbett: News88
Mrs. R. Corbett: News88
A. W. Cormack: (sawmill) News90
Margaret Cornell: Med49
S. Cornutt: News90
Clara Fordyce Cornish (Mrs. Judson D.): News86
Judson D. Cornish: News86, News89
James C. Corum: (butcher) News87-90, News96
Eliza E. Corwin (Mrs. Charles L.): News00
Helen Coss: Med07
Howard M. Coss: (piano dealer) News00
Mabel Coss: Med07
James Cotie: News95
Jesse Pete Cotton: (sawmill) News98
Charles P. Cottrell: News90; obit: MT8/12/1912p2
George Cottrell: News94
Lois Cottrell: IOOF
Lora Cottrell: News89
Mattie Cottrell: see Mattie Boussum
William David Cottrell "Will": News00, IOOF
E. G. Coul: News93
William E. Coul: (engineer) News93-95
George W. Coulter "Virgin": (clerk, painter, railroad fireman, tamale maker) Glim, Med88, News88-92, News94, News98-00; "Virgin": MM11/14/1902p7
L. H. Countryman: News86
Anna Counts: see Anna Toepper
Irene S. Cowles (Mrs. J. C.): (artist) News85-88 
J. C. Cowles: (furniture merchant) MMv1n1p1c2-3a, MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c5-6b, News85-87, News89-91
J. W. Cowles: News85
Lee Cown: (confectioner, tobacconist) News95
Cox: see Bell & Cox, Williams & Cox; News90-91, News00
Cox & Bantz: (real estate), Med88
Cox & Dunn: (hay dealers) News98
Cox & Perry: News00
D. L. Cox: News89
Daniel T. Cox: (liveryman, real estate agent) News98
Elmira E. Gregory Cox (Mrs. Truitt G.): News00
Elmira May Crain Cox (Mrs. John W.): Hist, News99
John C. Cox: News93
John W. Cox: News89, News91, News93-94, News99
L. F. Cox: News90
Laura Cox: News00
Minnie Cox: News00
Rufus Cox: (grain dealer) News85, News88, News92-93, News98-00; obit MM5/8/1908p4
Truitt G. Cox/D. Truman Cox "True": Hist, News88, News98-00
D. G. Coy: (clothier) News91
J. H. Coyle: News93
Mrs. J. E. Coyle: News00
John B. Coyle: News89, News92, News94
James R. Crabtree: News91
Mrs. James R. Crabtree: News91
Rev. John W. Craig: News87
Joseph A. Crain: News85-86, News90, News93-94
Elmira May Crain: (teacher) MMv1n1p4c1b, Hist, News85, News91-92; see Elmira Cox
Mrs. Joseph A. Crain: News99
William F. Crain "Will": (liveryman) News92-94
Mrs. Rev. Thomas L. Crandall: News00
Crane & Childers: WJB, News96
Ida K. Crane: News92
Joseph Crane: News94
N. B. Crane: News84
William T. Crane "Will": (roller rink) see Crane & Childers; Hist, True, Med93, News93-96
Dick Cranfield: News91
Cranfill & Hutchison: Med93, News93, News97-98
Charles Cranfill: News87
Franklin Lafayette Cranfill: (store clerk, manager, merchant) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-88, News90-93, Med91, Med93, News98; obit: JP2/21/1914p3
Ophelia Crow Cranfill (Mrs. Franklin L.): (store clerk) News86-88, News91-93
Rev. E. S. Craven: News94
Rev. R. S. Craven: Med93, News94
Will Craven: News94
Crawford: Hist, News90
Crawford & Co.: (mining) News92
Crawford, Howell & Co.: News90
Elizabeth Crawford (Mrs. Willard): News94
Linda Eaton Crawford (Mrs. Willard): Med88, News88
Mrs. M. Crawford: News94
Oris Crawford: (bank cashier, school clerk) Hist, News98, Med06
W. Crawford: News89
W. H. Crawford: Med23
Judge Willard C. Crawford: (attorney, assayist) News87-93, Med88; leaving for Grants Pass: MM4/21/1893p2; News97; on Smith River: MM6/22/1900p7
William Crawford: First, Hist, News91
Prof. William J. Crawford: (principal) News88-91
Rev. Crawford: News90-91
Creed: News88
Creed Bros.: (well drillers) News90, News92
A. P. Creed: (well driller) News98
George M. Creed: News90-91; in Lake County: MM10/17/1902p6
Margaret Lowden Creed "Maggie" (Mrs. George M.): News90-91
Mate V. Creed: see Mate Adkins; News89
Mattie Creed: (teacher) NewFs88, News89
George Crenshaw: News87
L. C. Crenshaw: News94
L. Jasper Crenshaw: (wagon maker) MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p4c3a, News85-90, Med86; in Ager, California: SOM7/8/1892p3
Rhoda A. Crenshaw: News88-89
Cress: see also Kress
Cress & Fischer: (painters) News87, News89
T. J. Cress, T. J.: (painter) News87, News89
Mrs. John Creswell: News89
Crewe & Pavitt: (cigar makers) News91
Frederick T. Crewe: News92
M. J. Crewe: News92-93
John Crimmons: News85
Cass B. Crisler: (butcher) News92, News94
P. W. Croake: News91
Crocker: see Sisson & Crocker
Cronemiller (pronounced "Cronymiller"): News88
Cronemiller & Birdsey: News84
Carrie Cronemiller: see Mrs. Horton
David Cronemiller: (blacksmith, wainwright) News89; obit: JP11/12/1910p1, MT10/26/1910p3
James M. Cronemiller: News94
Dr. Crook: News83
Henry F. Crook: News86
D. W. Crosby & Co.: (real estate agents) News87
David W. Crosby "Dave": (teamster, real estate agent, caterer) Wild, News84-92, Min86-87; in Riddle: MM3/31/1893p3; News94-95, News97; moving from Portland to Riddle: DT9/5/1898p3, MM8/2/1901p7, MM11/8/1901p6
Dorthia Crosby: see Dorthia Hollenbeak
Jennie Crosby (Mrs.  D. W.): News96
Nettie Crosby: see Nettie McGee
William F. Crosby: (grain dealer) News00
Winnie Crosby: News89
J. G. Crossman: News87
B. F. Crouch: (carpenter, contractor) News91-95, News98
Edith Crouch: (teacher) News91-92, News94
Emily I. Crouch (Mrs. B. F.): News93-94
Herbert Crouch: (carpenter) News98-99
Crowell: News94
Capt. Crowell: News92
Clara M. Crowell (Mrs. Herman M.): News98
Emily H. Crowell (Mrs. William S.): News93
Herman M. Crowell: News94, News96, News98
Walter Crowell: (soda works) News99
William S. Crowell: (attorney) Hist, News90, News92-96, Med97, News98-00, Med03, Med10
Thomas F. Croxton: News83
W. Croxton: News83
J. Crump: (farmer) News91
Crystal: Min86, News94-96
Alfonso Crystal: News99-00
Herbert Crystal: Min88
Carl J. Crystal: News87, News95, News98
Catherine E. Crystal "Kate" (Mrs. George W.): News89-94, News98; obit: MT10/13/1911p3
Fannie Crystal: see Fannie Fehely; News88
George W. Crystal: (blacksmith, market gardener) Hist, News83-85, Min87, News87-89, News92-94, Med93
Melvin Crystal: (farmer) News98
Raymond Crystal: Hist, News85, Med93, News98; in Pendleton: MM4/5/1907p5, MM6/18/1909p2, MT5/20/1913p2
Thomas A. Culbertson: News87, News93
Mrs. L. M. Culp: Med93, News93-94
George C. Culy: (rancher) News99
Riley Cummings: News84; see also Cummons
Mrs. T. J. Cummings: News96
T. J. Cummins: News89, News99
Cummons Bros.: News84-86, News88
B. F. Cummons: News90, News93
C. D. Cummons: News88
Elizabeth A. Cummons: News88, News90, News93, News99
J. M. Cummons: News87-89
J. S. Cummons: News90
J. W. Cummons: News88
John Cummons: News85
R. S. Cummons: News86-87; see also Cummings
Spencer A. Cummons: News90
W. R. Cummons: News85
Cunningham: News88; see also Cunnyngham
Annie Cunningham: News85
Cal. Cunningham: News85, News88
Cunningham Company: MMv1n1p4c7a
Cunningham Hotel: see also Empire Hotel; Hist, News85
James Cunningham: News84-85
Cunnyngham: see also Cunningham
Abigail Ann Barkdull Cunnyngham (Mrs. John W.): Bark, News85-86, News88
Cal Cunnyngham: News88, News00
Gus Cunnyngham: News87-88, News94; in Portland: MM6/9/1893p2, MM6/1/1894p3
John W. Cunnyngham: (gate salesman, hotel keeper) MMv1n4p4c2a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Med84, News84-91, Min85, Med86, News94; dies at Weed: AT11/12/1906p2
James R. Cunnyngham: (grocer, attorney) News88, News99; in San Francisco: MT2/27/1927p8
Mary Cunnyngham: News88
Mattie Cunnyngham: News85, News88
Wiley H. Cunnyngham: News88, News90
Curry & Johnson: (ice) News94
Ethel Curry: News93
Gladys Curry: News93
John Curry "Johnny": (delivery man, bookkeeper) News88, News90, News92-94, News98
John H. Curry: News92
John W. Curry: (fireman, clerk) News85-86, News88-95, News98, News00; in Washington, D.C.: MM2/1/1901p2
Mrs. John Curry: News92-93; obit: DT1/31/1901p5
Ray Curry: News93
Thomas Curry: News84, News89, News91
D. L. Curtis: (Jacksonville marshal) News87-89; obit: JP11/14/1914p1
E. J. Curtis: (hotel keeper) News85, News93
Ed Curtis: News83
Hattie Hayley Curtis (Mrs. Joseph): News86
Joseph Curtis: News86
John W. Cusick: News88
W. G. Cutbirth: News93
George F. Cuthbert: Glim; in Vancouver B.C.: MT8/19/1919p2
Dade: see Jacobson-Dade Co.
J. L. Daemmer: News99; see Demmer
Paul Daemmer: News99 see Demmer
Minnie B. Dahack: see Minnie B. Casebeer
Patrick H. Daily: (teacher) News93, News96
Daison: News90
Daley & Co.: News83
Adoniram J. Daley: (farmer) News85, News89-90, News92
C. H. Daley: (farmer) News94
Mrs. C. H. Daley: News94
William C. Daley: (carpenter) News88
Mark Daly: News86
William Daly: Bear
Joseph Dame: News89-90, News98
M. Dammer: News92-93
Damon: see Jackson & Damon; News88, News93, News99
C. A. Damon: News91
Caroline E. Jackson Damon "Carrie" (Mrs. Major S.): Med84, News87, Med88, Med90, News89-90, News92, News95, News99-00
Carrie Brown Damon (Mrs. Charles O.): News94
Charles O. Damon "Charlie":  (painter, sign painter, bill poster, opera house manager) News89-95, Med91; in San Francisco: MM4/23/1897p7, News00; in Oakland, California: MM4/11/1902p7; with Ringling Bros.: MM8/24/1900p6, MM8/16/1907p4
F. M. Damon: (telegrapher) in Oroville: MM4/23/1897p7
Loren L. Damon: News93, News99
M. E. Damon: News93
M. L. Damon: News90
Major S. Damon: (shoemaker, street commissioner, bill poster) News87-94, Min87-88, Med88, Med91, Med93, News97-00
Mrs. Damon: News93
U. S. Damon: News91, News94
Ulysses M. Damon "Liss" "Lys": Wild, News92-96, News98, News00; telegrapher in Oroville: MM4/11/1902p7
L. A. Danforth: News99
Lee Daniels: News92
Thurston E. Daniels "Dan": (haberdasher) Hist, Med07, Med11; in Vancouver, Washington: MM4/18/1902p6
Danielson: see Trowbridge and Danielson
Alex Danielson: News96
Alva E. Danielson: (printer) News92-94; in Oakland, Calif.: News98; marries: MM11/8/1901p7, DT11/21/1901p5, MM11/22/1901p6, MM7/4/1902p6
Dr. Samuel Danielson: (physician) Hist, News87-92, News94, News98; in Los Angeles: MT7/10/1924p3
Waldo Danielson: (sign painter) News00
John Darby: Bear
Darneille: see Darnell; News91
J. Darneille: News95
Ralph Darneille: News95
Darnell: News93
A. Darnell: News91
Ida Darnell: News84
Jay K. Darnell/Darneille: (carpenter) News84, Min85-86, News86-87, News90, News92-95, News97-98, News00; in Klamathon: MM6/29/1900p6
John A. Daron: Med11
Daugherty: see also Dougherty
Mrs. M. D. Daugherty: (milliner) Hist, Med86
R. A. Daugherty: Med11
William Davenport: Hist
Davidson: Bear, News89
Andrew Davidson: Phipps
Mary Davidson: (teacher) News90, News97
W. E. Davidson: News93
William Davidson: News99
May Davinson: News84, News92
Davis: see Davis & Pottenger, Davis & McGee, Davis & Huff, Davis & France, Davis & Stewart; News90, News93-94
Davis & France: (flour millers) News89-91
Davis & Gilkey: (grocers) News97
David & Howard: (millers) News93
Davis & Huff: (grocers, fruit shippers) News91
Davis & McGee: News92-93
Davis & Muller: News94
Davis & Pottenger: (grocers) News92-93, Med93
Davis & Shearer: (stable) News95
Davis & Stewart: News88
A. F. Davis: News92
A. J. Davis: News91
Anna E. Davis (Mrs. George L.) "Annie": Hist; News90-92, Med10
Ansel/Ansil A. Davis: (miller) see Ferry & Davis; WJB, First, Hist, News89-94, Med90, Med91, Med93, News96-00, Med06, Med07, Med11
Angella Melissa Langdon Davis (Mrs. Ansel A.): News91, News96, News99, News00; obit: MM8/17/1900p3
Arrin L. Davis: News95
Clyde Davis: News92
D. R. Davis: (bigamist) News94
Cora G. Davis: see Cora Wilde
E. Davis: News90, News99
Edmund Davis: News90, News94
Edward H. Davis: (drayman) News91, News93-94
Miss Emma Davis: News00; in Crescent City: MM3/9/1900p7
Mrs. Emma Davis: Bear
Frank Davis: News89, News92; in Spikenard: SOM7/15/1892p4
G. F. Davis: News90
George L. Davis: (grocer, school clerk, fireman, opera house) News89-94, Med91, News96, News98-00; becomes traveling salesman: MM8/23/1901p7, MM1/31/1902p6, MM4/11/1902p6; in Portland: MM11/30/1906p3; in Jacksonville: MM7/5/1907p5
Mrs. George Davis: News92, News94, News00
Grace Davis: News91
Guy W. Davis: News93
Josephine Barkdull Davis (Mrs. Frank): News90
Mary E. Davis: News90, News93, News99
Mary Powell Davis (Mrs. W. K.): News94
Orin/Orvin Davis: News98-99
Rhoda A. Davis: News91
Scott Victor Davis: News93, News98, News00
Stephen Davis: News88
W. D. Davis: (cook) News93
W. K. Davis: (pensioner, contractor, cabinetmaker, wheelwright) News90, Med91, News92-94, News97, News99-00; in Crescent City: MM3/9/1900p7
W. T. Davis: News94
William Davis: News90, News99; obit: MT11/25/1931p2
Davison: News85-86, News89-90
A. Davison: News85
Jeptha Davison: News94
Miss Mary Davison: (teacher) News91, News94
Mrs. Mary A. Davison: News84-85, News87, News91-92
William E. Davison: News89, News93
Nancy M. Daw: News99
Dawson: News85
James Dawson: News88
Edith Day: News93; published: MM2/9/1894p4
Mamie Day: News91-92
Judge Silas J. Day: News83, News86-94, News99-00; bio: MM3/5/1909p3; ill: MT12/17/1909p1, MT12/21/1909p7; obit: JP1/1/1910p2, MT12/31/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB2
Bradford W. Dean "Brad": (sheriff) MM86, News86-88, Med88, News90, News93; in Curry County: MM3/1/1901p6; obit: JP4/27/1918p3
Clara E. Dean: News84
Josephine Conger Dean (Mrs. M. S.): News86
Mrs. M. Dean: (milliner) News94
M. S. Dean: News86
Ralph F. Dean: News86, News92, News98
Sarah E. Conger Dean (Mrs. M. S.): News86
William M. Dean: News93
Prof. Willis John Dean: News89
Florence E. DeBar (Mrs. George O.): News99
Dr. George O. DeBar: (physician) News85, News87, News90-92; in Eugene: MM8/29/1902p3
DeBoy & Stuart: (jewelers) News91
Frances E. Schumaker DeBoy (Mrs. Isadore E.): News94
Isadore E. DeBoy: (jeweler) News91, News94-95
Charles F. Declere: News89
William H. Deets: News89
Jackson Deflannay: News90
Rose DeGroot: News93
Edward J. DeHart: see Honeyman, DeHart & Co.; News91, News93, Med03
Joseph Deik (Delk?): News86, News95
Sarah Ward Deik (Mrs. Joseph): News86
George Deitrich: see also Dietrich; News88, News00
J. Delano: (butcher) News86, Med86
Charles E. DeLashmutt: (telegrapher) News91-93
S. E. Delk: News95
Mrs. S. E. Delk: News95
Demar: News91
Demmer: News93
John L. Demmer: News93, News95, News99-00, MM1/18/1901p6, Med03
Lorenz Demmer: News93, Med03
Mathias Demmer: News91, News98, Med03
Paul Demmer: News93, News99, Med03
Theresia Demmer (Mrs. Lorenz): News93
Demorest Bros.: (dentists) News92-93
Henry Demorest  "Harry": (dentist) News93-94; in Cavalier, North Dakota: MM6/1/1894p2; in Neche, N.D.: MM10/10/1902p6
Lucy Demorest: News92
Dr. Orin F. Demorest: (dentist) Hist, News89, News90-94, Med91, Med93; in Lakeview: MM3/7/1902p6, MM4/11/1902p7; MM4/18/1902p6
Harriet Loretta Shreve Demorest (Mrs. Orin F.) "Hattie" "Retta": News90, News92; obit: MM1/31/1902p2
Deneff: see Howell & Deneff
Dennis: see Turpin & Dennis
Minnie Dennis: News92
Mrs. E. Miranda Dennison: News87, News90, News92-93, Med93, News95
Prof. Arthur B. Dennison: (principal) News88-89
L. P. Denny: (well driller) News94
John B. Dent: News00
Elijah Denton: News98
Judge E. DePeatt: (attorney, county judge) News87, Med88, News89, News91, News95; in Albina: MM5/26/1893p5; News94; Umatilla County: MM6/22/1894p3
N. E. DePeatt: News98
Nellie DePeatt: News98
DeRoboam: see Orser & DeRoboam; News95, News99-00
Emil DeRoboam: (liveryman) News99
Henrietta DeRoboam (Mrs. Jean St. Luc): News88; obit: MM10/19/1900p5
Jean St. Luc DeRoboam: Glim
Jeanne DeRoboam: see also Jeanne Holt; Glim
Sam DeRoboam: News94
R. Derr: (bartender) News98
George Descamp: (insurance salesman) News93
Deskins Point: MMv1n1p4c2b
Harvey/Henry P. Deskins: MMv1n1p4c2b, News83, News87, News89-91
Rev. Father Desmarais: News95
Deuel: see Deuel & Stevens
Deuel & Stevens: (F. K. Deuel, W. B. Stevens) WJB, News97-99
B. F. Deuel: News96
Fred K. Deuel: (merchant) Hist, News94, News98-00
Devaul: see also Duval
E. M. Devaul: (shoemaker) News89; leaving for Phoenix, Arizona: MM4/28/1893p1
Minnie Stanfield Devaul (Mrs. E. M.): News89
John S. Devine: Bear
Dr. Henry DeVis: News85
Agnes Devlin: (teacher) News92, News94
John Devlin: (farmer) News87, News90; obit: JP3/9/1918p3
George W. Dewey: News92
Thomas G. Dews: (miner) News00
Wesley Dial: News98; in Butte County, California: MM8/1/1902p6
Burt Dickenson: News89
J. H. Dickenson: (hotel keeper) News88-89
R. D. Dickenson: News90
Charles A. Dickison: (nurseryman) News90-91, News93; leaving for San Francisco: MM12/26/1902p6; in Grants Pass: MM6/29/1906p8
William R. Dickison: (hotel keeper) News88-89, News93
George Diederick/Dietrich: see also Deitrich; News87, News94
Dietz: News89
Lorena Dignam: see Lorena Haselton
C. Frank Dillard: Hist
J. S. Dilley: News88
Michael Dillon: News00
A. C. Dixon: (lumber) News95
Prof. Finley Dixon: (principal) News89
S. Dixon: News83
Volney Dixon: (artist) Med07
J. H. Dobbin: News89
Dodge Bros.: (well drillers) News89, News91
Ira Dodge: True, News95
Jesse Dodge: News87
Warren P. Dodge: (well borer) News91-94, News98
Dodson: see Innis & Dodson
Alexander D. Dodson: (newspaper man) News89-90, News92; en route from Polk County to Redding: SOM10/7/1892p3; News93-94
Narcissa D. Simpson Dodson (Mrs. A. D.): News89, News93
John H. Dolben: News90
Dollarhide: News85, News88, News92-93
Jesse Dollarhide: News83
Mrs. Jesse Dollarhide: News94
Marrietta Louise Shideler Dollarhide: News98
Samuel L. Dolson: News83-84, News88
Pat Donegan: News93-94, News98
S. Donegan: News93-94
J. E. Donnelly: News93, News99
Pat Donoghue: News95
Jennie Donohue: News89
Hugo Donzelmann: News93
Charles Dora: News87
Rhoda Chandler Dora (Mrs. Charles): News87
Doran: see Doren
Lewis Doren: Hist, News84, Min87
William Dorn: News87
Dorsey: News93
Dorson: Med85, News85
Dougherty: see also Daugherty; News85
Dougherty & Churchman: (variety and notions) News85
J. W. Dougherty: (merchant) MMv1n1p1c2b, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p1c1b, MMv1n4p4c2a
Mrs. J. W. Dougherty: (milliner) News85
M. E. Dougherty: News84-87, News90
Dora Doughty (Mrs. W. C.): News90
W. C. Doughty: News90
Douglas & Co.: (real estate) News88
Ward Douglas: (insurance salesman) News87-90
Robert B. Dow: (bookkeeper) News93-94, News99; leaving for Galveston: JP1/30/1915p3
Dowell: see Wilson & Dowell
Benjamin F. Dowell: MMv1n1p4c5b, News91; obit: AT3/18/1897p2
Florence Dowell: see Florence Whetstone
J. D. Dowell: Med93
James W. Dowell: News90
L. O. Dowell: (saloon keeper) News90
John J. Dowes: (bridge carpenter) News88
Downing: News89
Fred. T. Downing: (liveryman) News85, News88, News91, News93; obit: MT1/6/1911p8
James L. Downing: News93
John H. Downing: News93
Joseph Downing: News93
J. L. Downs: News90
Matilda Edwards Downs "Mattie" (Mrs. J. L.): News90
H. W. Dox: News98
Ella Drake: (telegrapher) News90-91
Ira Drake: News92
Joseph Dray: News87
Mrs. Dray: News87
Nancy B. Dray: News94
T. A. Drisco: see Starr & Drisco, Drisko; WJB, News93
Driscoll: News93
Alcander T. Drisko: News94, News97, News99
Clara B. Drisko: News98
A. B. Drucks: News89
John E. Drucks: News88-89, Min88; in Portland: DT12/30/1892p2
James Drum: News85
R. E. Drum: News94
Eulina Lehnherr Dubell (Mrs. J. A. D.): News88
John A. D. Dubell: News87-88
J. C. Ducket: News85
Alexander Duff: Med11
Daniel D. Duff: Med11
Charles C. Duffield: (shoe merchant) Med10
Smuel H. Duffield: News93
Dugan & Herely: News85
Charles H. Duncan: (tinsmith) News87, News89
Mary Hutchinson Duncan (Mrs. Charles H.): News89
W. H. Duncan: Med07
John B. Dungan: (farmer) News89; visiting from San Diego: MT4/26/1910p3
Charles H. Dunham "Charlie": (drayman) News91, News93-94
Abigail Scott Duniway: News85-86
Donna Dunlap: Med88, News88
George Dunlap: (photographer) News00
Horace Dunlap: MMv1n1p4c2b, News85
Judge Dunlap: News94-95
Ira Dunlap: (blacksmith) News98
Robert S. Dunlap "Sergeant": News85-86; News90, News92; bio MM6/14/1901p7; at Old Soldiers' Home: JP7/6/1907p3; obit: MM5/8/1908p5
Van A. Dunlap: News87
Dunn: see Kelley, Dunn & Co.; Cox & Dunn
Annie Helms Dunn (Mrs. W. S.): News99
Charles Dunn: News98
Ella Dunn: News89
Emma Pape Dunn (Mrs. R. R.): News91, News95
George W. Dunn: Hist, News90, News95
J. W. Dunn: (soda works) News99-00; in Phoenix, Arizona: MM2/22/1901p7, MM3/29/1901p6
Mary M. Hill Dunn (Mrs. Patrick): News86, News92
Ransom R. Dunn: (implement dealer, sewing machine representative) News89-91, News94, News99
Theo. Dunn: News97; in Portland: MM8/1/1902p6
William S. Dunn "Will" "Willie": (telegrapher) News96, News98-99
Ed. Dunnavin: News87
John Dunning: (wood cutter) News95
J. C. Durkee: News89
B. F. Durphy: News96
Elmer W. Dusenberry/Dusenbury: News89, News91
Robert L. Dusenberry/Dusenbury: News90, News92
Dutcher: see Owings & Dutcher
Charles Dutton: True, IOOF
Ed Dutton: True, IOOF
Fred Dutton: True, IOOF
George Dutton: True, IOOF
Henry Dutton: True, IOOF
William Dutton "Willie": True, IOOF, News99
DuVal: see also Devaul
Edith Duval: News98
Dyar & Frauenknecht: News84
Emma Dyar (Mrs. John W.): News88, News94
John W. Dyar/Dyer "Johnnie": (stage driver, railroad conductor) see Dyar & Frauenknecht; News84, News88, News89-92, Med93, News94
Miss Dyar: News88
Eliza Dyer: see Eliza Woodford
John C. Dyer: (deputy, railroad conductor) News85, News94; in Fairhaven, Wash.: DT1/1/1894p3
Julia Dysert: see Julia Hamilton
J. Eads: News98
Arthur L. Eager: (telegrapher) News92
Earhart: News94
Arthur K. Earhart: News93
Etta Earhart: see Etta Stevenson; News87, News92-94
May Earhart: (teacher) News87, News92, News95; in Ft. Wrangel: DT1/31/1901p5, MM3/1/1901p7
Samuel Earhart: (farmer) News87, Min88, News91-92, News94
Earl Fruit Co.: News91, News98
H. B. Eastman: News84
Rev. F. W. Easton: News88
Mrs. Eaton: News92
Albert K. Eaton: (teamster) News87
George W. Eaton: (cooper) News98
H. Eaton: News00
Hattie Eaton: News93
James Eaton: Med99
Linda Eaton: see Linda Crawford
W. Eaton: News97
William Eaton: News94, News98, News00
Mary E. Eddy (Mrs. Adolphus F.): News98
W. E. S. Eddy: (restaurateur) News89, News92
Emil Edelhoff: News93
Nellis Edes: News90
William L. Edmonson: News99
Mrs. C. H. Edmunds: Med07
Rev. Edmunds: MM4/21/1893supplementp1; leaving for Woodburn: MM10/27/1893p3
Rev. F. J. Edmonds/Edmunds: News91-94; in Woodburn: DT11/3/1893p2, MM5/18/1894p2
Rev. J. F. Edmunds: News90-92
William H. Edmunds: News88, News93
Samuel B. Edsall: News88
Thomas Edson: (miner) News90
George A. Edwards: (pugilist) News86
George H. Edwards: (pugilist) News91
John Edward: News90-91, News97
Linda Edward: see Linda Austin
Matilda Edward "Mattie": see Mattie Downs; News87
Wayland Edward: News87
William Edward: News84, News86-87, News89, Med93
Edwards: News86, News89, News94, News00
Edwards Bros.: (threshers) News90-91, News94
Eunice C. Edwards (Mrs. Samuel S.): News00
G. W. Edwards: (farmer) News87, News91, News94
John Edwards: News91
Mrs. Julia A. Edwards (Mrs. William): News87, News90, News92-94, News98, News99
Mrs. S. G. Edwards: News00
Rufus Edwards: News90, News98
Samuel S. Edwards: News00
W. Edwards: News95
William Edwards: News92-93, News98-99
H. Chandler Egan: Med23
William Egan "Bill": see Skeel & Egan; MMv1n4p4c3a, News83, News84-85, News87; obit: Lake County Examiner, 6/11/1908p1
Egan & McMahon: (livery stable) News83-84
Grant Eggers: (barber) News93, News95
J. A. Eggers: (contractor) News95-96
S. G. Eggers: News95
Cap Eggleson: Med07
Benjamin Eggleston: (fruit shipper) News88, News90-91, News93-94
Cora A. Eggleston: Med84
M. F. Eggleston: News95
Frank Eichelman: News89
Ethel Eifert: IOOF
Justin Eifert: IOOF
Maria Eifert: IOOF
Rose E. Eifert (Mrs. William W.): IOOF
William Walter Eifert: Hist, IOOF, News93
C. J. Elder: Med93
E. L. Elder: News87
Grace Elder: News92
James R. Elder: News88-89
John Campbell Elder: (merchant, grocer) News85-89, Med86, Min87, Med88, News91, Med91, News93-94; dead in Waldo: MM4/15/1904p5
John E. Elder: News86
L. U. Elder: News89
Minerva E. L. Elder (Mrs. John Campbell): News85
Mary E. Elder: News86
William Elder "Willie": News87, News93
J. K. Elderkin: News88
Rev. E. O. Eldridge: IOOF
electric power: Hist, News88-90, News92-94, Med93, News00, Med03, Med06, Med26, Med12, Med30
A. Elksnat: (surveyor) News90
Gottlieb Elksnat: (civil engineer, surveyor) News90-91, News93-95, News99; returns from Lincoln County: MM10/29/1908p2; obit: JP3/14/1924p1
James Elliot: News83
Elliott: see Hays & Elliott
Cordelia Elliott (Mrs. Hugh): News92, News99
Hugh Elliott: (blacksmith) News88, News94-96, News98-99; in Portland: DT11/22/1900p2, MM4/12/1901p7
James Elliot: News83
E. Ellis: News94
Fanny Ellis: News98
G. H. Ellis: News92, News93
Perry Ellis: (photographer) News96, News98
Arthur Ellison: News94
Harrietta Ellison: News94
Thomas B. Ellison: News94
William Ellison: News92-93
Henry Ells: Med93
Amelia Elmer: News00
George Elmer: News94
C. N. Elmore: News99
Charles H. Elmore: News00
Elmer D. Elwood: (jeweler, oculist) Hist, News97-00, Med07
Ely: News92
Agnes J. Childers Emblem (Mrs. Charles): News90
Charles Emblem: News90
Embler: News89
V. Emerick: Hist
Emery: see Emery & Tozer
Emery & Tozer: (planing mill) MMv1n4p4c1b
Harry C. Emery: (hotel clerk, bank cashier) News00
Henry S. Emery: News88
M. S. Emon: News92
George A. Emory: Med07
Empire Hotel: see also Cunningham Hotel; Med84, News84-85, News88, Med88
Engel Bros.: News89
Prof. John C. Engelhardt: True, IOOF
Dan Engelman: News98
George Engle: (wood cutter, ice merchant) Bear, News91, News93
Theodore Engle: News91
J. N. Engledow: (painter) News93
Mrs. W. C. Engledow: News93
William C. Engledow: (painter) News91-93, News95
Charles English: Hist
F. A. English: (county surveyor) Med88
S. E. Enney: News00
Rev. Robert E. Ennis: News87-91, News93-94; left for Bandon: MM9/30/1898p3; wife in Portland: JP10/18/1919p3
William Ennis: (saloon keeper) News95, News99; on trial for murder in Hornbrook: DT4/1/1903p1
W. F. Enthrop: Hist
Enyart: see Hutchison & Enyart; News93
Hazel Enyart: News93, News00
Florence Mitchell Enyart (Mrs. Jesse E.): News93; obit: AT5/19/1893p3
J. A. Enyart: News95
J. W. Enyart: News90
Jesse E. Enyart "Jess": (cashier) Hist, News89-95, Med93, News97-00; in Maywood, Los Angeles: MT7/10/1927p2
Lissia Inez Cannon Enyart (Mrs. Jesse E.): News91, News99, News00; obit: MM9/21/1900p6, MM10/5/1900p2
Mrs. Jesse E. Enyart: Med07
Pearson S. Enyart "Pierce": News93-95, News00
Epps & Co.: News95
A. C. Epps: News84
A. G. Epps: News84, News88
William W. Erb: News87
Jacob R. Erford: (notary, feed merchant) WJB, News89-94; in Pennsylvania: MM6/19/1896p8, News97, News99-00; in Boulder, Colorado: MM12/27/1901p7; in Cramer, Illinois: MM7/4/1902p6; in Canton, Illinois: MM3/31/1905p1
Erickson: (railroad contractor) News91
A. S. Eride: News95
Angel Espoy: Pinto
L. A. Estel: Hist
Constable Estes: Wild
Mrs. George Eubanks: News94
J. C. Eubanks: News84
J. S. Eubanks: News83
John R. Evans: News89, News91
Napoleon B. Evans: Hist, News93, News98
W. C. D. Evans: News93
Mrs. Ray Everett: News98
Dr. Willis E. Everette: News88-89
Christina Betts Ewen (Mrs. Dudley T.): News89
Dudley T. Ewen: News89
Ed. R. Ewen: News94
Exchange Saloon: see also Noland & Ulrich, Railroad Exchange, Turf Exchange
C. Nettie Faber: News93
Rev. Father Faber: News95
Kate Fabj: News94
Mrs. R. P. Fabj: News95
Anna Murray Fairclo "Annie" (Mrs. Horace G.): News87, News92, News00
Horace G. Fairclo: (teacher, principal) News86, News87-89
Peter T. Fairclo: News89
L. W. Fancher: (farmer, teacher) News98; reappears: MT2/5/1913p6
Jesse Fane: News88
Isabel Fanning: News90
James N. Fanning: (hotel keeper) News89-91, News94
Clara Fares: see Clara Gookin
Faris & Co.: (lime quarry) News89
Faris & Erford: (real estate) News91
Faris & Johnson: (real estate) News88
Arthur C. Faris: (clerk, drayman) News92-93, News96; city clerk in Richmond, California: MT7/1/1936p7
Fred P. Faris: (clerk) News91, News93
George Faris: News98
J. R. Faris: (brakeman) News89
James H. Faris: (hotel keeper, town recorder, school clerk) First, News88-94, Med93; obit: MM6/16/1893p2, DT6/16/1893p3
Mrs. James H. Faris: News93, News98
Jennie M. Scott Faris (Mrs. James H.): News98
John Faris/Farris: (bartender) News94
Robert Faris "Bob": News89, News91-92
Bert Farley: News94
Eugene Farley: News90
John B. Farley: (teacher) News91-92; obit: DT10/21/1892p3
Edward J. Farlow: News90
William P. Farlow: News92
Farmer's Store: see Angle & Plymale
E. M. Farnam/Farnham: News89, News90
Clara Dean Farra (Mrs. Edward L.): News84
Edward L. Farra: (liveryman) News84, News93
Will Farra: News89
William S. Farrier "Will" "Willie" "Duffy": (deliveryman, railroad fireman) News90-91
Johnny Farris: News94
Thomas Farris: (miner) News98
Faucett: News94
E. H. Faucett: News93
George T. Faucett: (Wells Fargo agent) News99-00; married in Portland: MM7/4/1902p2
Grace Faucett: (teacher) News93
Rev. Robert I. Faucett: (teacher, missionary) News94-95, News99
Fawcett: Med03
Fawcett & Morris: (grocers) Med93, News94
Elmer H. Fawcett: (grocer) News92-93
Mrs. Elmer H. Fawcett: News89, News93
L. H. Fawcett: News92
James D. Fay, Jr.: (printer) News92, News95, News00
Mrs. James Fay, Jr.: News95
Fee Brothers: Hist
Fannie Crystal Fehely (Mrs. Frank P.): News89, News91
Frank P. Fehely: News89, News99; in Requa, California: MM12/13/1907p1
William Fehely: News89
Earl Fehl: Hist
Elvira D. Fellows: News99-00
Rev. J. E. Fenton: (foundryman, attorney) News94, News96, in Spokane: DT5/12/1898p3
Rev. W. J. Fenton: Med93, News94; in Chico: MM1/11/1900p7
C. S. Ferguson: News84
Joseph C. Ferguson: (grocer) News95, News98
John W. Ferguson: News93-94
Robert L. Ferguson: Bark
Susannah S. Ferguson: News90-91; obit: MT12/29/1911p3
Will Ferguson: True, News95; see also Furguson
Ferry: Med88
Ferry & Davis: Med90
August Fetsch: (tailor) News92-94, Med93; in Grants Pass: MM1/3/1902p3
F. Fetsch: News94
Frieda Fetsch (Mrs. August): News94
Fibern: News94
Nicholas P. Ficke: News98
William Fidler: News98
George Fiddler: News98
Julia C. Fielder: (teacher) Hist, News92, News98-00
Mrs. R. C. Fielder: News89
R. C. Fielder: (rancher) News88, News91
Mary S. Fields (Mrs. Kelly): News87
Blanche Filley: Med07
Charles Filyou: News94
William Finch: News88-89; in Glenn County, California: MM5/25/1894p3
Ream R. Findley: News98
W. T. Fine: News93
Florence Cardwell Fink (Mrs. John Fremont Fink): News90
George Finley: News91
H. F. Finley: (Mt. Pitt Orchard) Med07
Charles Finnerty: News87
Julia Finnerty: News87
William D. Finnerty: MMv1n1p4c7b, MMv1n4p4c7b, News88-89
Mrs. Rebecca A. Finney: Med84, News87, News90, News99-00
Wilfred E. Finney: News95
Henry Fisch: News88; in Pendleton: MM10/14/1898p6
Thomas F. Fisch: News87-88
John Fischer: (painter, paperhanger) see Cress & Fischer, Kress & Fischer; News89
Fish: News90, News94
Fisher: News94
Fisher & Kaufman: (merchants) News95
Baruch Fisher: News84
Daniel F. Fisher: WJB, News83
Rev. Eli Fisher: News97-98
J. K. Fisher: News89
Julia Fisher: News94
L. B. Fisher: News91-92
Maysie Fisher: (teacher) News98
Newman/Nunan Fisher: (county treasurer) MM86, News86, Med88; in Centralia: DT3/3/1893p3, DT3/17/1893p3, DT4/14/1893p3, DT4/21/1893p2, News94; in Seattle: MM11/21/1902p3
Jane Fisk: News99
Abbie J. Fiske: News93
Fitch & Cardwell: (attorneys) News94
E. L. Fitch: (church elder) News00
Frances Fitch: News00
Francis Fitch: (attorney) News89-96; in San Francisco: News99, News00; married in Vallejo: MM8/17/1900p6; wanted for embezzlement: MM8/9/1901p7, MM9/6/1901p7; in Mexico: DT4/1/1903p1; in New York City: MM10/19/1906p1, MM10/25/1907p1, MM9/24/1909p1
Francis Fitch, Jr.: News94
Laura B. Cardwell Fitch (Mrs. Francis): News91, News93-95, News00
Peter Fitch: News90-91
Rose Cardwell Fitch (Mrs. Thomas): News94
Thomas Fitch: (grain merchant) News93-94; in Stockton, Calif.: DT8/25/1898p3; News00; in New York City: MM9/24/1909p1
Julius Fitten: News86
Arthur Fitzgerald: News92
Elizabeth Fitzgerald: see Elizabeth Hull
O. P. Fitzgerald: Hist, News93
Prof. Fitzgerald: News91
W. S. Fitzgerald: News92, News98-99
George C. Flanders: News89
Henry C. Fleming: News85-88
E. L. Flindt: News90
Henry Flindt: (baker) News89-90
William J. Flippen: News90
Andrew J. Florey: News88-89
George F. Floyd: (hotel manager) News96; obit: CO11/5/1903p2
William M. Floyd: Med11
Dyer Flynn: IOOF
R. A. Flynn: (manager, Pacific Motor Supply) Med11
Bessie Foley: see Bessie Webb
G. R. Follett: News89
L. A. Follett: News92
Louisa F. Follett: News89-90, News92
Samuel R. Follett: Med84, News89-90
Follett & Fowler: (furniture dealers) News88-90
Forbes: News94
Forbes & Coker: (W. A. Forbes, J. C. Coker, Clarendon Hotel operators, liverymen) News91
F. A. Forbes: News94
W. A. Forbes: News88, News91, News93, News95
Dr. S. C. Force: (dentist) News95
Ford: see Baker & Ford; News90
Anson Ford: News90
Mrs. R. C. Ford: News89
R. C. Ford: News88-89
Peter Fordney: News00
Fordyce: see True, Bashford, Fordyce & Wilson, News94, News97, News99
Fordyce & Phillips: (barley grinders) News94
Anna Mickelson Fordyce (Mrs. George W.): News85, News87
Asa G. Fordyce: (poultryman, thresher) News91, News92-94, News98, News00
Clara Fordyce: see Clara Cornish
Edgar F. Fordyce "Ed": (electrician) News93; in Coquille: MM7/25/1902p6; moving to San Francisco: MM8/15/1902p7; in Eureka: MM9/19/1902p7
George W. Fordyce: MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, News85, News93-94
Lewis Fordyce: News94
Mrs. Fordyce: News90, News93
E. M. Forman/Furman: News89
F. Forman: (blacksmith, wainwright) News93
Maggie Forsyth: News00
William Forsyth: News99-00
William Forsythe "Uncle Billie": News90; visiting Minnesota: MM9/26/1902p6
S. R. Foss: News99
Foster: see Perry & Foster, News85, News99-00
Foster & Morgan: News85
Adelia N. Foster: News98
Rev. Alexander S. Foster: WJB, Med93, News93-95, News98-99, Med00; en route from Myrtle Point to Knappa, Oregon: MM6/1/1900p7, MM6/22/1900p6, MM10/12/1900p6; in Portland: MT2/7/1911p8
Dack Foster: News98
Edward Foster: News89
Charlotte Grace Foster "Gracie" (Mrs. Mortimer): (teacher) MMv1n1p4c1b, Hist, News86, MM86, News87-88, News91-95, News97, News98, News99-00
J. M. Foster: News92
J. S. Foster: News91
John Foster: (farmer) News95
Mrs. Lou J. Foster: (milliner) Med84, News86-88, Med86
Margaretta Foster: News89
Mary C. Foster: News98
M. Maysie Foster: (teacher) News95, News98-00; in Knappa, Oregon: MM10/12/1900p6
Mortimer West Foster "Mort": News88, News92, News94; in Sandpoint, Idaho: MM3/13/1908p2, in Spokane: MM5/2/1902p6
Perry Foster: News85, News88-89, News93
Reason D. Foster: News89, News98
S. W. Foster: Min85, News85
Mrs. S. W. Foster: Med84
Elbert D. Foudray: News84-86; in Phoenix: MM6/14/1901p3
Fowler: see Follett & Fowler; News87-88, News90
James W. Fowler: (art teacher) News88-89
Martha Fowler: see Martha Burson
O. N. Fowler: News88, News89-91
Welcome H. Fowler: (poultry dealer) News88, News90-94
E. Fox: News94
Fannie Fox: News94
George E. Fox: (butcher) News93, News99
Meda Plymale Fox (Mrs. O. W.): News93, News00
O. W. Fox: News00
Mrs. S. Fox: News94
William Fox"Will": News95
F. T. Fradenburg/Fradenburgh/Fredenburg: (fence manufacturer, timber locator, stable keeper, Hotel Oregon) Hist, News90, News92-94; leaving for Ashland: DT10/13/1893p2
Andrew Frakes: News85
Forest W. France: News89-90
Joseph France (miller): see Davis & France; News87, News89-90, News93
Lake France: News88, News90, News99; in Spokane: MM10/18/1901p7
George W. Francis: News95
Hattie D. Frank: see Hattie Andrews
J. W. Fraser: see Slagle & Fraser; News87
W. S. Frasier: Min88
John Frauenknecht: see Dyar & Frauenknecht
John W. Frazer: News87, News90
Frank Frazier: Wild
J. W. Frazier: News91
John Frazier: Hist, News91
Andrew Jackson Fredenburg: (fence manufacturer) News87, News89, News91-95, News98, News00; obit: MT3/3/1911p6
Ella Fredenburg: News87
Fred Fredenburg: (hotel keeper) News95, News98; see Fred Fradenburg
Harmon Fredenburg: News87
William J. Fredenburg "Jack": (fence manfuacturer, brickmaker, bowling alley) News92-95, News00
J. R. Freelan: News94
Freeman: News84
George Freeman: (teamster) News84-85, News87
W. J. Freeman: (saddler) News94
N. Freil: News86
Viola Freil: News89
Henry A. Frenna: News91, News98; in Klamathon: MM6/29/1900p7; leaving for San Francisco: MM4/25/1902p7
Frick: Hist
A. Frideger: Med11
Amos A. Fries: (teacher, soldier) News92-94, News96, News99
Bess Wait Fries (Mrs. Amos): News99
C. L. Frisbie: Med83
Gordon Frizelie "Gordie": News91
Ida Belle Mills Frizell (Mrs. Joseph A.): News99
Joseph A. Frizell: (telegraph lineman) News95, News98-99
Fronk: News90
Belle Merriman Fronk (Mrs. Charles K.): Med84, News86, News88, News92-94
Charles K. Fronk "Charley": (station agent) News84-91, Med86, News93-95, News99-00; in Albany: MM6/23/1893p3
Earl Fronk: News91
Mollie Fronk (Mrs. Charles K.): News87, News91, News00
Fruit Growers Association: MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c1b
John Frulan: News94
Walter W. Frulan: News91
D. L. Fry: (confectioner, printer) see Zahn & Fry; News94; leaving for San Francisco: MM6/1/1894p3; leaving for Lebanon: DT5/11/1899p3
Frank Fryer: News91
J. F. Fryer: News91
W. W. Fryer: News89
Rev. C. E. Fulton: News90
J. C. Furguson: News95; see also Ferguson
John Furguson: News94
E. M. Furman/Forman: (piano sales) News89
Amelia Furry: News88
Donna Furry: News88-89
Samuel Furry: News85, News89, News94
Thomas J. Fuson: Bear
Gaddis Bros.: Med06
C. A. Gaddis: News89
Earl C. Gaddis: Hist
John C. Gage: News92
J. D. Gagnon: (saloon keeper) News95
Gaines & Charles: (Hotel Medford owners) News94
Gaines & Chase: (hotel owners) News94
J. Gaines: News88
James Gaines: (hotel owner) News87, News89, News91, News93-94, News98, News00
Joseph Gaines: News87
John Franklin Gainey: (store clerk) News93, News00
Mahala Ann Gainey: News90
W. M. Gainey: News95
Enoch Gale: News86
S. B. Galey: (fruit shipper) News85-86, News88-92
Christopher Columbus Gall: News91; bio: MT4/6/1910p7, MT3/22/1911p2; ill: MT7/7/1911p2; obit: JP11/10/1917p3
Sarah J. Pankey Gall (Mrs. C. C.): News91
F. M. Gallager: News00
John Gallagher: News90, News94
Mrs. Gallagher: News93-94
M. M. Gallaher: (dressmaker) News90
Galloway: News85, News91, News94; in Portland: MM11/23/1900p7
Galloway & Barr: (fence manufacturers) News89-90
Alexander Galloway "Alex": News91, News93, News98-99
Ella/Elva/Eva/Alba Galloway: (teacher) News86-89, News91, News92, News93-95, News97-98, News00
Frank Galloway: (fence manufacturer, distillery storekeeper, inventor, hotel keeper) MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, First, News84-94, Min86-87, Med93, News98; in Central Point: MM3/21/1902p6
G. W. Galloway: News91-93, Med93, News95, News98-99
Hattie Galloway: News85, News87, News89
Hester A. Galloway: News91, News93
M. Galloway: News88
Robert Wilson Galloway "Bob": (fireman, pharmacist, stenographer) Bike, News91-94, News98; in Portland: MM10/26/1900p7, MM1/18/1901p7, MM6/6/1902p7, MM7/5/1907p4; ill: MM2/7/1908p1; obit: MM2/21/1908p4
W. R. Galloway: News93
M. A. Ganey: News90
Lottie L. Ganiard: News84
Prof. Oscar O. Ganiard: News85, News87-89
G. Gard: (carpenter) News84-85, Min86, Med86
Roswell Harry Gardiner: (photographer) News89
Henry C. Garnett "Shorty": Med07, Med11; moving to Alhambra, Calif.: MT7/5/1921p3
Elizabeth Plymire Garrett (Mrs. William M.): News85
George Garrett: News95
William M. Garrett: News85, News92
A. Garrick: (tailor) News89-94, Med91
Janet Garrick: News89-90, News94, News98
Isaac Garringer: News91
Clarissa Garrison: News99
Prof. John M. Garrison: (penmanship instructor) News88
Gasburg: see Phoenix
Charles E. Gates "Pop": Hist
W. Gates: News88
Milton M. Gault "Mike": (railroad engineer, machinist) News94, News00
George F. Gavitt: (printer) News97-98
Charles Gay: IOOF
James H. Gay: News98
Geary & Pickel: (physicians) News97
Agnes McCornack Geary (Mrs. Edward P.): News84, Med84, News88-91
Alice C. Geary: News88
Dr. Edward Payson Geary: (physician, surgeon, oculist, mayor) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p1c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Bear, Wild, WJB, First, Hist, Med84, News84-95, Min85-88, Med85, MM86, Med86, Med88, News97-98, Med97, News03; in Portland: MM11/23/1900p7, MT3/19/1911p1
Rev. Edward Ratchford Geary: News84, News86
Ella Geary: (teacher) News93
Everett Geary: News00
Dr. J. W. Geary: (physician) News94
Samuel Geary: (hunter) News88
Geddes: News90
Cool J. Geer: News90
John Geer: News90
A. M. Geigy: News90
Gentner: News93
Carolyn George "Carrie": (telegrapher) News98, News00
Frank George: News89
Ollie Clark George (Mrs. Frank): News89
Lucia B. Gere: News91
Bartholomew B. Gervais: News95
Getty: (fruit agent) News91
Delroy Getchell: Hist
Gibbs: News99
Gibbs & Wheeler: (photographers) News93-94
J. B. Gibbs: (photographer) News93-94
A. M. Gibson: News91
Edna Gibson: (teacher) News94
Enola Gibson: see Enola Hamilton
Ida Gibson: see Mrs. Knotts
J. M. Gibson: News94
Lou/Lulu Gibson: (postal clerk, telegrapher) News90-92; Mrs. F. L. Wright in Great Falls, Montana: DT5/6/1903p4
Andrew Giffen: News87, News88
Anna Gilbert "Annie": (teacher) News99; Isee Anna Wulf
Hanna J. Gilbert: News99
Hanna S. Gilbert: News99
Hattie Gilbert: see Hattie Anderson
James Gilbert: News90
M. H. Gilbert: News85
Mrs. Gilbert: (milliner) MM86
Orson H. Gilbert: (restaurant owner) MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c7b, MM86, Hist, Med85, News85-87, Med86, News93, News98-00; dies in Sacramento: MM2/3/1905p1
Mrs. Orson Gilbert: (hotel keeper) Med85, News85, MM86, News98-99; Medford Bazaar: MM7/18/1902p5
James Gilchrist: (hotel keeper) News95
John Gildersleeve: (furniture merchant) News90
C. H. Gile: IOOF
Mrs. H. F. Gilkey: News94
Herbert Luville Gilkey: (hardware merchant, cashier) see Davis & Gilkey, Kame & Gilkey; Hist, News94, News97-00; leaving for Grants Pass: MM3/29/1901p6
Dr. Gill: News87-88
Carrie Gillette: News85
Charles H. Gillette: News88, News98
Effie Gillette: News85
Gillroy: see Youle, Gillroy & Leghorn
Gilmer: News87
Loretta/Louretta V. Gilmer: News93-94
Mrs. L. N. Gilmer: News88
Mrs. Tina Gilmer/Gilmore: News91-92
Elizabeth Gilmore "Lizzie": News91
T. D. Gilmore: (railroad agent) News95
Jessie Gilson: see Jessie Calvert
Thomas H. Gilson: (sawmill operator) News91, News99-00; sent to asylum: MT6/23/1910p8
Gin Lin: First, News91
Fred. Ginger: News89
Lucia R. Gise: News88
Julia M. Gist (Mrs. O. J.): News99
Rev. Owen J. Gist: News98, News99
Rev. Edward Gittins (Methodist pastor): News98, News00; in Wendling: MM10/3/1902p6
Catharine Young Given (Mrs. George A.): News90
George A. Given: News90
L. F. Glasscock: (launderer) News98
Dr. A. D. Gleaves: (dentist) News86
Phillip Gleaves "Phil": News89
Thomas Glendenning: News87
Elizabeth B. Powers Glidden (Mrs. Moses): News99
Moses Glidden: News99
Dr. Judson G. Goble: (optician) News99, News00, Med11
Goddard & Co.: (Carlos Goddard; real estate) News89
Alice Goddard: News91
Blin Carlos Goddard, Jr. "Carlos": see Wrisley & Goddard; MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, News85, News86, News88-89
Hendrick Hudson Goddard: (carpenter) News88
Charles H. Godfrey: News92, Med92
Thomas Godfrey: News93
George Goeppert: News91
J. A. Goff: (photographer, miner) News92-93
John Goff: Bear
Goldsmith & Whitman: (grocers) News88
Delphine Goldsmith (Mrs. Julius): News88-89, News91
James/Julius/Jules Goldsmith: (grocer) News88-92, Min88, News94; in Portland: MM10/13/1893p3; in Eugene: DT5/14/1900p3; in Salem: MM3/15/1901p6; in Eugene: MM7/19/1901p6, DT3/13/1902p5
Goldstein & Nudelman: News95
Goldstein: (merchant) News94
J. Goldstein: News93
M. Goldstein: News93
Goldstone Bros.: see also New York Cheap Cash Store; News92, Med93, News94
Clifford Goldstone: News94
Joseph Goldstone "Joe": Med93, News93-94; in New York City: MM8/25/1893p2
Mark Goldstone: News92-94, Med93; dies in London: MM2/26/1904p5
A. Gomek: News93
T. F. Gooch: News91, News98-00
W. J. Gooch: (Economy Flour Bin) News93
L. G. Goodall: News90
Nannie Goodell: News90
S. Goodman: News98
T. DeWitt Goodpasture: (photographer, real estate) Med07; visiting from Los Angeles: MT7/8/1912p2
Mrs. Daisy Goodwin: News91
Rev. L. D. Goodwin: News90-92; in Puyallup: DT5/6/1892p2
T. J. Goodwyn: (liveryman) News00
Amanda Goodyear: (teacher) News87, News89
Julia Goodyear: (reporter) News85
Clara Fares Gookin (Mrs. Frederick W.): News88
Frederick W. Gookin: News88
Otis E. Goraline: News99
A. Gorden: News92
H. C. Gorden: News85
Alfred P. Gordon: News93-94
C. H. Gordon: News87
J. H. Gordon: News87
J. S. Gordon: News91
Gore: see Clayton & Gore; News83, News88, News91, News93-94
Gore Brothers: News98-99
Carolita Augusta Jacks Gore (Mrs. Walter S.) "Carrie": Hist, Med84
Edward Emerson Gore "Ed": (orchardist) Trans, Hist, IOOF, Med84, Med88, News88-90, Min88, News99; bio: MM3/5/1909p3; ill: MT11/18/1910p3
Ella Gore: see Ella Wortman;Med84, News88-89
Hattie Warner Gore (Mrs. Edward E.): Hist, Med88, News00
John Gilmore Gore: MMv1n1p4c1b, News85, News90, News93, News99, Med03
Mary E. Gore: News87, News93
Sophenia Ish Gore (Mrs. William H.): Med84, News90, News00
Vina Gore: see Vina Clayton; News85
Walter S. Gore: (principal, teacher) MMv1n1p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c2b, Hist, News84, Med84, News85, News87-89, News91
William Haven Gore "Will": (principal, teacher) Hist, News84, Med84, News87-90, Min87, Med88
Jessie Gorman: News00
B. F. Gorsage: News94
Frank Gorsage: News94
Orin/Otis E. Gorsline: News99
Joseph Goslin: (cowboy) News90
George Gove: WJB
Gove & Co.: (millers) News87
Addison E. Graham "Ad": (clerk) News91
Frank W. Graham: News98
John Wallace Graham: (railroad superintendent) News91-93, News98
Jennie Graham: News91
Mrs. F. M. Grant: News93
Mrs. W. H. Grant: News93
Rev. S. P. Grant: Med93
Dr. W. H. Grant: Med93-94
Mrs. Graves: News92
Lizzie Graves: News92-93
Gray: see Proudfoot & Gray
Gray & Bradbury: (planing mill) News98
Charles Gray: News97
Flora Gray: Hist
George Gray: News88
J. D. Gray: News84
Richard W. Gray: (sawmill) WJB, News93, News98, News00, Med03, Med06
Green: see Butler & Green
A. P. Green: (house painter) WJB, News95; in Los Angeles: MM8/29/1902p7
Frank H. Green: News92
John K. Green: News89
Thomas Green: News89; obit: DT7/7/1893p2
William Green "Willy": (tailor) News92
Wesley C. Green: (real estate agent) Med10
M. J. Greene: News84-85
Olive Greenwood: see Olive Betts
John Gregerson: News88
A. M. Gregg: (bowling alley) News92
E. P. Gregory: News91
Elmira Gregory: see Elmira Cox
George Albert Gregory: (school superintendent) Hist, News97-00; leaving for Nebraska: MM7/6/1900p6, MM12/7/1900p7; in Crete, Nebraska: MM2/8/1901p2, MM12/20/1901p3
James Franklin Gregory: News98, News00; obit: MN6/4/1931p4
Mary Mattrassa Foss Gregory (Mrs. George A.): News99-00
Daniel P. Greninger: News91-92
Charles Grey: News91
James Elliott Grieve: Med97, News98-00
Bruce Grieves: Bear
Rufus Grieves: Bear
Griffin: Hist
Andrew Griffin: Min88, News88, News98
Belle True Griffin (Mrs. Henry L.): News89
Burrel B. Griffin: Bear
Burrel W. Griffin: Bear
Henry L. Griffin: News89, News91, News93
John Bell Griffin: (farmer, hunter) Bear, News85-86, Med88, News90-93, News95
Josephine Griffin: see Josephine Wilson
Lafayette Griffin: Bear
Nettie Naylor Griffin (Mrs. John B.): Bear
Sally Griffin: News92
Scott Griffin: News87-88
Griffis & Walker: (sawmill) News89-90
Alice Griffis: News88
Donna Griffis: News00
J. A. Griffis: News00
J. Henry Griffis: News85, MM86, News87, News89; in Portland: DT3/15/1894p3
Jennie E. Griffis: News90, News92-93
Stanton Griffis: Wild
W. J. Griffis: News92-93
W. S. Griffis: News89, News92
Charles Griffith: News84
G. B. Griffith: (launderer) News00
W. Griffith: News95
John Grffiths: News94
Lincoln Griffith: MMv1n1p4c5b, News83
Rosa/Rose Griffiths: (teacher) News91-92, News95
Madge E. Griffiths: (teacher) News92-93
B. G. Grigsby: News93
Edith G. Grigsby (Mrs. James A.): Med88, IOOF
George Grigsby: News94
James A. Grigsby: Med88
Grimes: News92
Rev. A. M. Grimsley: MMv1n1p4c4a
Fred Grob: News86, News89
Frank Gross: News93
Archbishop William H. Gross: News87, News93
Grossman: News94
J. B. Grossman: News99
J. D. Grossman: News94
Jacob G. Grossman: News87-89, News91, News97, News99
Martin E. Grover: News91
Nettie F. Grover (Mrs. Martin E.): News91
Sarah Jane Grubb: News86
W. B. Grubb: News98
Sarelia/Serelia W. Grubbe: see Sarelia Miller
Lewis C. Gruby "Lou": (baseball player) News90-91
Maggie Gruby: News92-93
Mattie Tice Gruby (Mrs. Lewis C.): News91-92
Lillie Grusch: News87
Alice Grush: News87
Willie Grush: News87
Alfretta Guches: see Alfretta Priddy
J. M. Guches: News90
Sarah A. Guches: News88-89
Francis Guenette: (music teacher) News92
Frank Guerin: News94
James Tichenor Guerin: (brickmaker, mason) see Byers & Guerin; News85-87, News90-91; obit, British Columbia: MM2/14/1902p5
Sarah A. Brown Guerin (Mrs. James T.): News85-86, News89, News91-93; visiting from Victoria, B.C.: MM5/2/1902p5
N. C. Gunn: News00
Edrick L. Gurnea: (stationary engineer, photographer, city electrician) News00
George A. Gurnea: (dry goods merchant) News99-00
Harvey P. Gurnea: News00
Guthrie: News89
D. L. Guthrie: News91
Ernest F. Guthrie: Med07
E. G. Guthrie: Med11
Frank Guthrie: News84
Jesse A. Gwynn/Gwin: (teacher) News89
Rev. Adolph Haberly: News98-00, Med00; leaves for Coquille: MM10/17/1902p6, MM10/31/1902p6, DT11/6/1902p2
Robert A. Habersham: (civil engineer) News89
Samuel B. Hadley: (merchant) News84, News86-87, News91
W. A. Hadley: Med07
Edgar Hafer: Med07
Anna B. Hafer (Mrs. Edgar): Wild, Med07
Maude Hafer: Med07
A. T. Hafto: News89
John S. Hagey: News87, News89, News93-95, News98
Miss Haggard: News91
John Hailey: Bear
C. O. Haines: News93
C. W. Haines: News92
M. Haines: News93
A. F. Hale: (photographer) News89-90
Judge Hale: News95
Lew Hale: News89
Hall: News85, News93
Hall & Isaacs: (confectioners; J. Court Hall & William Isaacs) News99-00; dissolved: MM4/6/1900p6
Mrs. A. Hall: News89
Ada B. McSweeny Hall (Mrs. Perry C.): News87
Agnes Childers Hall "Aggie" (Mrs. Charles): News85, News92
Albert A. Hall: News92
Austin Hall: News93
Dr. C. J. Hall: (dentist) News94
Charles Hall: (watchmaker, jeweler) News85, Med86, News90
E. Hall: Med03
Emma C. Hall: News99
Emma F. Hall: News98-99
George Hall: News92
Gustav A. Hall: News97
Ida B. McSweeny Hall (Mrs. Perry C.): News87
John Court Hall: (farmer, bartender, capitalist) Med88, News91-92, News94, Med97, News97-00
Mrs. Lucy Hall: News97
Mabel C. Owen Hall (Mrs. John C.): News91, News96, News00
Nellie Childers Hall (Mrs. Charles): News85, News91
Pearl Hall: (teacher) News98-99
Perry C. Hall: News87
Seely Hall: Hist, Med88, News00
Vint. Hall: (medical student) News98
William Hall "Billy": (orchardist, railroad agent) Glim, News92, News97
William Haller: (jeweler) News91, Med91
Addie Halley (Mrs. Robert H.): News88-89, News99
Effie M. Halley (Mrs. William L.): News96, News99-00
Paschal J. Halley: (merchant, engineer) News92-96
Robert Henry Halley: (tinsmith, hotel keeper) News88-94, News98-00; obit: JP5/17/1919p3
Silvia Halley: News94
Thomas W. Halley: News94
W. Halley: News92
W. F. Halley: News95
W. T. Halley: News94
Will Halley: News92
William L. Halley: (tinsmith, fire insurance agent, engineer) WJB, News89, News91-96, News99-00
Mrs. John W. Hamaker: News89
Benjamin Haman: Med88
Hamilton: see Harris & Hamilton; News86, News91, News98
Hamilton & Legate: (Hotel Medford operators) News94
Hamilton & Morine: News95
Hamilton & Palm: (real estate agents) Wild, News91-95, Med93, Med94, News99
Hamilton Bros.: News90
Alex Hamilton: News98
Anna Belle Hamilton (Mrs. Alex): News98
Blanche Hamilton: News99
C. L. Hamilton "Punk": News90
Charles Alfred Hamilton "Chub": True, News85, News89, News99-00
Enid Hamilton: News00, Med07
Enoch Hamilton: News91
Enola Gibson Hamilton (Mrs. I. L.): News87-90, News95
Isaiah L. Hamilton "Shorty": (hotel keeper, real estate sales, county assessor) First, Hist, News86-95, Med91, Med93, News97-00
John Hamilton: News99
Julia Dysert Hamilton (Mrs. W. N.): News85
Paris Hamilton: Bear
Renus Hamilton: (bartender) News93-94, News99; in Gold Hill: MM2/16/1894p3
Rev. Hamilton: IOOF
W. N. Hamilton: News85, News91
Hamlin: Hist, News87-88, Med88, News90, News92
Andrew J. Hamlin "Bud": News87, News99-00; moved near Bandon: MM9/27/1901p7
E. S. Hamlin: News89
Eliza J. Hamlin (Mrs. James): News89, News94-95
George W. Hamlin: WJB, News92, News94-95, News98, News00
J. Hamlin: News88
James Hamlin "Jim" "Uncle Jim": MMv1n1p4c2b, MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-86, Min87, News88-89, News92-95, News00
Jeff Hamlin: News91, News94
Lucy Hamlin: News98
Susie Hamlin: see Susie Smith
Thomas J. Hamlin: WJB, News89, News98
William H. Hamlin: News98-00
Elasha Hammer: Med88
Hammersley: News94
Hammersley & Rosenthal: News92
John B. Hammersley: News93-94
Joseph Lee Hammersley "Ham": News91-94
Riley Hammersley: Bear, News92, News94, Med07
Hammon Bros.: (nurserymen, fruit shippers) News87-91
Alice M. Hammon: News90
Anna P. Hammon: News88
Edwin W. Hammon [see E. W. Hammond]: (nurseryman, fruit shipper) News89-92
Mrs. Edwin W. Hammon: News90
Wendell P. Hammon: (nurseryman) Med84, News90
Augusta Kenney Hammon "Gussie" (Mrs. Wendell P.): Med84
Hammond: News91, News94, News99
Hammond Bros.: (liverymen) News94
Hammond & Briggs: (attorneys) News90-91
Hammond & Manuel: News90, Med91
Hammond & Vawter: (attorneys) News98
Alanson Pec Hammond: News89
Alvah B. Hammond: News91
Asa Hammond: (liveryman) News94
Mrs. Alvah B. Hammond: News91
Anna Hammond: News93
Austin S. Hammond: (attorney, abstractor) WJB, News91-95, News98-00; son Earl Hammond is railway mail clerk in Portland: MS6/13/1915p2
B. Hammond: (commissioner) Med88
Bessie Hammond: News93, News98-00
Charity R. Hammond (Mrs. A. S.): News93
Charles Hammond: News94
E. Hammond: News93, News99
Ebenezer Paul Hammond: WJB, News88-93, Med93, News00
E. W. Hammond [see E. W. Hammon]: (botanist) News91-92, News94
Egbert Hammond: (liveryman) News94
James Hammond: News93
Jessie Hammond: News98
Mrs. Hammond: News92
Hamrick: News94
Hanley: News94-95, News98
Hanley & Love: (butcher shop) News84, Med88, News88
Hanley & Wilkinson: (J. A. Hanley, Ed Wilkinson; butcher shop) News88-91
Hanley Bros.: News86
Alex. Hanley: News93
Alice Hanley "Allie": News91, News99
Edna Hanley: News92-93
Ella Hanley: News91, News94, News00
John A. Hanley "Jack": (butcher, saloon keeper) MM86, Hist, News87, News90-95, Med93, News00
M. H. Hanley: Med93, News93
Mary H. Hanley (Mrs. John A.): News91, News94
Michael Hanley: News87, News94
William D. Hanley "Will": Bear, News94
Hanna: News89
Charles E. Hanna: News84
Hiero Kennedy Hanna "Tom": (attorney, judge) News86, News89-90, News92, News94-95, Med97, News97, News99; obit: MT7/26/1910p1, MT7/27/1910p1, MT7/28/1910p2
Helena Hess Hanna (Mrs H. K.): News95
Leon Hanna: News95
Mark Hanna: News98
Silas P. Hanna: News84
Josiah C. Hannah: (potter) News95
James M. Hansbrough "Jim": (conductor) Med84, News91; in Yreka: MT10/20/1927p3
Hansen: News91
Anna Marie Hansen: News92
Frederick Hansen "Fred": News88, News94-95
Henry Hansen: News93
James Peter Hansen: News89, News91, News93, Med03
Kate Hansen: News95
Oliver Hansen: News94, News98
Mrs. Hansen: News86
Mrs. Oliver Hansen: News00
Hanson & Co.: News94
Happersett: (railroad carpenter) News88
A. Harbaugh: News97
Oliver Harbaugh: (road supervisor) see White, Harbaugh & Co.; MMv1n1p4c5b, News86, News87-95, Med93, News97-00; bio: MM3/5/1909p3; obit: JP6/25/1921p1
Mrs. Oliver Harbaugh: News94-95
E. B. Harder: Hist
Hardin: see Holt & Hardin, News99
Hardin & Bates: (barbers) News99
John R. Hardin: (barber, miner) News91-95, News98, News00; moving to Petaluma: MM7/5/1901p6, MM7/19/1901pp6,7, MM7/26/1901p6
Letha Hardin: (post office clerk) News97, News00
Benjamin Hardman: News87
Mrs. Jennie Hardy: News92, News94
Dr. H. Percival Hargrave: News99-00
D. Hargreave: Med03
Gertrude Hargrove: Med07
Homer Harkness: News83
Harlan: News93
Ellen Gertrude Sparkes Peers Harlan (Mrs. Newell): News90-91
Ellen Gertrude Stammers Speers Harlan (Mrs. Newell): News90
Milton Harlan: News89-92, News99; in Vancouver: DT4/3/1899p3; in Portland: MM1/19/1900p7
Newell Harlan: (newspaper editor) News89-91, Med91, News93; in The Dalles: MM4/7/1893p3; in Selma, California: MM1/19/1900p7; in Vancouver: JP5/18/1918p3
Sarah E. Harlan (Mrs. Thomas): News93
Thomas Harlan: (newspaper publisher) Hist, News88-91, News93; in Portland: MM1/19/1900p7, AT1/22/1900p3; in Rochester, Washington: OR4/15/1912p6; dies in Vancouver: JP5/18/1918p3
Harry Harper: News90
R. H. Harper: (blacksmith) News89-90
W. M. Harper: News94
William Harper: News83
Harriman: News85
Harris: see Mingus & Harris; Hist, News88-89
Harris & Bunch: News88
Harris & Hamilton: (T. A. Harris, I. L. Hamilton, hotel keepers) News90
Harris & Purdin: (T. A. Harris, M. Purdin, hotel keepers, ice merchants) News91-92
B. H. Harris: Hist
C. T. Harris & Co.: News86
Charles Harris: News90
Lydia Harris: News88
Maggie Harris: News95
Maude Harris: News91
Mrs. Harris: (milliner) News88
Nettie Tice Harris (Mrs. Thomas A.): News88, News90, News92-94
Thomas A. Harris "Tom": (butcher, implement dealer, hotel keeper) First, News86, Min87-88, News87-92, Med91, News00; obit: AT9/23/1892p3
Harrison: News85, News88
President Benjamin Harrison: News91
Harry S. Harrison: (Medford Book Store) News00
L. Harrison: News89
Laura Harrison: (telegrapher, railroad agent) News91
Newsome Harrison: News00
T. A. Harrison (T. A. Harris?): News89
John Harryman: (real estate sales) News91
Hart: see Rigby & Hart; News92-94, News98
Lincoln Hart "Link": Med07
Martin R. Hart: (marshal, night watchman) News91-92, News94-95, News98; in Lakeview: MM3/23/1900p6
Martha Hart (Mrs. Martin R.): News92-93; in Lakeport, California: MM8/9/1901p7
Marion L. Hartley: Med03
Meda Hartwell: Glim
Harvey: News90, News94
Charles M. Harvey: (liveryman) News91-92, News98
Homer H. Harvey: News87, News91, News98, News00
Isaac M. Harvey: MMv1n4p4c2a, Phipps, Bear, News84-85, News88, News89-94
J. M. Harvey: (farmer) News90
J. W. Harvey: News91
James Harvey: Bear
John A. Harvey: (teacher, attorney) News92, News94, News98; in Ukiah, California: MM12/20/1901p6
John E. Harvey: News96
L. M. Harvey: News90
Lillian Weaver Harvey (Mrs. Homer H.): News00
Allen L. Haselton: News89
Lorena Dignam Haselton (Mrs. Allen L.): News89, News98
Haskins: News00
Haskins & Lawton: (druggists) Min86, Min88, News88-89
Haskins & Webb: Min87
Haskins' Drug Store: see also City Drug Store; MMv1n4p4c1b, News84
Frances H. Haskins "Fannie": (teacher) Hist, News87, News92, News98-00
George Henry Haskins: (pharmacist, stationer, town treasurer, mayor) see Haskins & Lawton, Haskins & Webb, Haskins' Drug; MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7b, MM86, First, Hist, News84-89, Med84, Min85, Med86, Min87-88, Med88, News91-00, Med91, Med93, Med97
Gertrude Haskins (Mrs. Leon B.): Hist, News92
Helen F. Lawton Haskins (Mrs. George H.): MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n4p4c7b, Hist, News84, Med84, News86-87, News90-92, News97, News99-00
Leon B. Haskins: Hist, Med84, Med88, Med97
Charles N. Hastings: (miller) News92-93
G. H. Hastings: News86
Frank Hasty: News85
Alice Hathaway: News85
Malinda Haught: News89, News00
Mrs. Phil Haught: News91
Philip Haught: News87-88
Sandy Hauser: News89
Alex G. Hawes: News92
Silas Hawk: News87
Darwin H. Hawkins: News88
Hawley: News85
Mrs. Harriette B. Hawley: Med84
W. W. Hawley: News00
Hattie Hay (see Mrs. Beeman): News94
Lucy Hay: (teacher) News89, News91
Hayden: Wild, News93, News96
David Hayes: Bear
J. D. Hayes: News94
James W. Hayes: News84, News94
John Hayes: News94
R. B. Hayes: News87
Viola Lewis Hayes (Mrs. J. D.): News94
Hattie Hayley: see Hattie Curtis
Benjamin Haymond "Ben": News83, MM86, News88, News90-91, News93, News98
Hays & Elliott: News85
Mrs. George Hays: News90
Archie Hazel: News90
Martha A. Hazel: News99
Mrs. Hazel: News89
Robert F. Hazel: News89, News93
Charles Hazelrigg: Hist
D. W. Hazle: News91, News97-98
Dale W. Hazle (carpenter): News98; leaving for Davenport, Washington: MM9/30/1898p7
Douglas Hazle: News97, News99
John A. Hazle (hotel keeper): News90; in Tacoma: DT9/26/1890p3
W. D. Hazle: News97
E. A. Head: News94
Henry W. Head: News94, News00
Prof. Head: News95
Thomas Head: News94
William B. Head: News94
Mrs. Heald: News91
Captain Heale: News88
Healy: see Heeley
Heard: News85
Elijah Heard: News99
J. F. Heard: (mine operator) Med07
Jefferson D. Heard "Jeff": (mining engineer, real estate agent) News97-00; visiting: MM10/11/1901p6; Med07, Med11
Mary Bantz Heard (Mrs. Jefferson D.): Hist, News98, News00
Sarah V. Heard: News99
M. L. Heart: News93
Amos O. Heatherly: News00
Frederick Heber: News84
Louise Hedges (Mrs. Dr. Alvin J.): Hist
E. H. Hedrick: Hist
William Heeley: see McAdams & Heeley; News85
William Heffron: News85
A. E. Heller: (horse trainer) News99
Dr. A. C. Helm: News91
Abel D. Helman: News86-92, News94
Otis O. Helman: News91
Helms: see Kenney & Helms, Wintjen & Helms; News90
Addison D. Helms: News92, News00
Albert M. Helms: (saloon keeper) News98-00, Med11
Addison Helms "Ad.": News86
Annie Helms: see Annie Dunn
Ed. Helms "Eddy": (saddler, teamster, marshal) News85-89, News95
George L. Helms: News93
Mrs. H. Helms: News94
Henry V. Helms: News89
Herman Helms: 1894
James Helms: News83, News91, News93-95, News00
Dr. Jesse L. Helms: (veterinarian) Bear
Oliver P. Helms: News00
Sophia Wolters Helms: News89
Harry Hembree: News90
William H. Hembree: (mill engineer, baker, washing machine manufacturer) News90-91, News94, News99-00; in Portland: MM8/30/1901p6
Hemworth: see Williams & Hemworth
James B. Hendershott: News85
Henderson & Isaacs: (barbers, laundrymen) News94
Henry L. Henderson: Med11
Ida Wilcox Henderson (Mrs. Peter): News89, News94
L. Henderson: (mason) News93
Peter Henderson "Pete": (barber) News89-94, Med91
Edward Hendricks "Ed": News86, News88, News92, News94
E. Henrietta: News95
Henry: Bear, News85
Judge Hensel: WJB
E. W. Hensler: News94
James Herely: (mail contractor, railroad man) see Dugan & Herely; News85-91, News93
Joseph Herely: News90
Margaret Dragon Herely (Mrs. James): News90
Heron: Hist
Alice Heriford: News94
David C. Herrin "Dave": (photographer) News85, News88-89, News97; in The Dalles: DT7/25/1898p2
John S. Herrin: News92, News95
Margaret E. Herrin: (photographer) News88
Herriott & Provolt: News85
William Herriott: (sawmill) News95
Ora F. Herron: see Ora Peyton
George T. Hershberger: (bartender) News98
M. Hershberger: News85
Hess & Lutkemeier: (brewers, City Brewery) News94
Gottlieb Hess: (brewer) News93-94
Jim Hess: Bear
Hibbard: News99
Jane Hibbard: News98
Jennie Hibbard: News00
Pearl Hibbard: (stenographer) News98
John Hickler: News98
Hicks: News00
Hicks & Kershaw: Med06
Anna E. Carney Hicks (Mrs. Elmer A.): News99
Elmer A. Hicks: (stone cutter) News99-00
H. J. Hicks: News95
Higgins & Townsend: (billiard parlor) News98
Stephen A. Douglas Higgins "Sad" "The Duke": (billiard hall owner) Hist, News89-96, News98
D. High: News95
Laura E. Barneburg High (Mrs. Dustin): News90, News92, News94-95
Mollie High: News97
N. A. High: (blacksmith) News89
Rudolph F. High: (barber, tobacconist) News83, Med85, News85-86, MM86, Med86, News92-95
Charles T. Higinbotham: News87; obit: MN6/20/1941p3
Jacob S. Higinbotham: (wagonmaker, wheelwright) MMv1n1p1c2b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c3b, News84, Med86, News87-89, Med88
Mrs. Jacob S. Higinbotham: News88-89, News91
Margaret E. Higinbotham: News87
Thomas B. Higinbotham: News85; obit: JP11/10/1917p3
W. R. Higinbotham: News88-89
Hill: see Bellinger & Hill; News90, News92-93
Hill: (newspaper foreman) News99
Arthur L. Hill: Hist
Rev. Clay M. Hill: News91-93
Cora E. Stewart Hill (Mrs. Dillon R.): News88
D. D. Hill: News92
Dillon R. Hill: (farmer) News88-89, News91, News93, News96 News00
E. M. Hill: News83
Edward Hill: News95
Etta Hill: see Etta Vawter
Elizabeth Hill (Mrs. Isaac): News86
Isaac Hill: News86
J. C. Hill: News93
Mrs. J. C. Hill: News97; in Seattle: DT10/24/1901p7
J. E. Hill: News93
James J. Hill: Med11
Joseph Hill "Joe": (drayman, bricklayer) News96-97, News99; visiting from Seattle: MT6/15/1910p5
Lagrand H. Hill: News86
Miss Hill: News84
Mrs. Hill: News95
T. C. Hill: News94
Lizzie Hillis: News91-92, News94
V. Meldo Hills: Hist
C. R. Himroth: Med03
Dr. Charles Hines: News98
Mrs. Charles Hines: News99
J. Hinkle: News91
Mrs. Hinkle and daughter: DT8/19/1892p3
Louis Hirl: Med11
Isaac E. Hitch: News99
Jesse F. Hittson: (police chief) True, IOOF
Charles C. Hixon: (cleaner and dyer) News96, News00
E. H. Hoag: News89
Everett A. Hoag: News85, News89, News92; in Galena, Kansas: DT1/2/1902p1
Hoagland: News90
Cassie Hoagland: News88, News98
Mrs. Charles W. Hoagland: News98
Hobson Bros.: News89
B. Hobson: News90-91
"Buck" Hobson: News91; in Humboldt County: MM8/15/1902p6
J. D. Hobson: News91
John Hockenjos: News88, News92-93
Rose Hockenyos: News98
Hockersmith & Klum: (pork packers) News92-93
Independent Hockersmith: News94
Jackson Hockersmith: News92
Mrs. Jackson Hockersmith: News94
John N. Hockersmith: (school district clerk) News86, News89, News92
Joseph W. Hockersmith: (butcher, pork packing house) News89-95
Charles Hocket: Bear
D. S. Hockett: News99
Charles Hocum: News95
R. H. Hodge: News00
Jesse G. Hodges: News00
William M. Hodson: Med07
J. P. Hoel: News94
John H. Hoffman: News84, News89-91
Kate Hoffman: News90
Mrs. Hoffman: News90
S. H. Hoffman: (dyer) News94
William Hoffman: News85
O. T. Hoft: News87
Miss Hofto: News88
Eli Hogan: Med93, News93
Frank P. Hogan: News84
Hogle: News94
Mattie Hogue: News88
Charles Holberg: News89
J. Holbin: News89
Ethel Holden: News90, News93
Ethel Holder: News92-93
George Holecamp: (sausage maker) News91
Dorthia Crosby Hollenbeak (Mrs. Edgar): News97
Edgar Hollenbeak: News92, News97
Miss Hollingsworth: (milliner) News00
Charles Hollingsworth:  News90
Etta Hollingsworth: News93, News00
F. Hollingsworth: News00
George Hollingsworth: News93
H. Hollingsworth: News88, News91
Harry L. Hollingsworth: Med93, News93-94, News97
Henry Hollingsworth: News89
Miss Hollingsworth, artist: News00
Frank W. Hollis: (Medford Furniture Co.) Med07
J. Holm: News89
Everett G. Holman: News00
Holmes Bros.: News85
John E. Holmes: (cook) News88
Robert A. Holmes: (fire insurance agent) Med10
William H. Holmes: News89
William M. Holmes "Billy": (deputy sheriff) News88, News92, Med08
B. Holson: News91
Henry Holst: News91-92
Holt: News92
Holt & Allison: News85
Holt & Bunch: (Frank Holt, R. G. Bunch, barbers) News93
Holt & Hardin: News85
Allen Holt: News93
Austin Holt: News93, News95
Donna Holt: News93
Forna Holt: News93
Frank Holt: (barber) News93
George W. Holt: MMv1n1p4c5b
J. O. Holt: News95
Jeanne Holt: see also DeRoboam; News84
Samuel H. Holt: (salesman, state senator) News91-95
V. L. Holt: News95
W. A. Holt: News93
Rev. William S. Holt: News86
Helen Holtan (Mrs. Olaus): News87
Hella Holtan (Mrs. Olaus): News87
Martin Holtan: News87
Olaus Holtan "Ollie": (merchant tailor) News85-93, Med86, Med88, Med91, Med93
John Holton: News95
Honeyman: (R.R.V.Ry.) News94
Honeyman, DeHart & Co.: (railroad operators) Hist, News90-91, News93-94
Thomas D. Honeyman: News91
William Honeyman: News91, News95
Alfred H. Hooker: News92, News98, News00
Bert Hooker: (street commissioner) News98, News00
H. Hooker: News97
Mrs. H. Hooper: News85
Hoover: see also Hover
Hoover Bros.: (G. W. and C. M., tinners, merchants) News85-86, Med86
Clarence M. Hoover: News85, News89
G. A. Hoover: News93, Med03
G. W. Hoover: MMv1n4p4c3a, News85, News87
H. E. Hoover: News88
Harry Hoover: News89
Lawrence Eugene Hoover: (sewing machine agent, insurance agent) News91-93; in Red Bluff: MM3/24/1893p3; News94, News97, News99
Hopkins: Med07
Charles Hopkins: News94
E. Hopkins: Min86
Lyman Hopkins: News94
Olney Hopwood: News99
Horn, Legate & Mickelson: (well borers) News89
Carrie Cronemiller Horton (Mrs. J. M.): News95
D. H. Horn (miner): News93
W. F. Horn: Med07
J. M. Horton: News84, News95; in Crescent City: MM8/2/1901p6
Prof. Horton: News95
A. E. Hoskins: News00
Al. Hoskins: News88
C. E. Hoskins: News00
Hosler & Howard: News93
Grace Hosler: News99
Harry Hosler: (creamery) News97, News99
Martha Hosler (Mrs. William H.): News91-92, News98
William H. Hosler: (saloon keeper, miner) News91-93, News00; back from Alaska: MM11/30/1900p2
Hosley: (saw mill) News95
Charles Hosley: (butcher) Med85, News85-86, News93
Hotaling Co.: News88
Houck: News95
Dr. Fred H. Houck: News91; in Los Angeles: MM9/3/1909p2
Jesse J. Houck: News84
Kate F. Horn Houck (Mrs. Jesse): News93
Mrs. C. B. Houser: News94
Isaac Householder: (farmer, woodcutter) News98
Adolphus H. Houston: (carpenter) News89, News92
Baily Houston: Bear
G. A. Houston: News91
Jack Houston: News91
Minnie Houston: News85
Mollie Merriman Houston (Mrs. G. A.): News91
Thomas B. Houston: News88
Will Houston: News91
Hover: see also Hoover
George A. Hover: (butcher) News91-93, News94
J. T. Hover (teacher): News91-92
Louisa Hover (Mrs. George): News93
Howard: see Vawter & Howard, Hosler & Howard; MMv1n4p4c1b, News87-88, News90
Annie M. Howard: see Annie McCullock
Caroline Howard (Mrs. Charles J.): News94
Charles J. Howard "Charley": (surveyor, civil engineer, express agent) First, Hist, News83, News88-94, News98-99; in Kerby: EY10/26/1899p3
Emma Howard (Mrs. George S.): News87-88, News95, News99-00; obit: OR3/29/1901p4
G. A. Howard: News90
George Howard: News98, News00
George S. Howard: (clerk, son of J. S. Howard) MMv1n1p4c1b, News83, News85, News88-90, News92, News94-95, News96, News99
George W. Howard: (insurance agent) First, Hist, News85-93, Min86, MM86, Med88, Med91, Med93; in Davenport, Washington: MM6/9/1893p2, DT6/16/1893p3, News94, News99, News00; in San Francisco: MM10/18/1901p7; ill in Alameda County: MT9/20/1912p5
Mrs. George W. Howard: News87
Harry H. Howard: (grocer) News00
Hattie Howard: News00
Henry C. Howard: News85
J. A. Howard: News84
J. M. Howard: News93
James Howard "Jimmy": News90, News92, News95
Mrs. James H. Howard: News90
James R. Howard: News90-93
James Sullivan Howard: (surveyor, engineer, merchant, postmaster) MMv1n1p1c5a, MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n4p1c4a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c5-6a, Trans, First, Hist, Phipps, News83-96, Med84, Min85-88, MM86, Med86, Med89, Med91, Med94, News98-00
John F. Howard: News91
John W. Howard: News84, News89, News91; in Klamath County: MM12/13/1901p7; visiting from Corvallis: MM12/27/1901p6, MM1/3/1902p6; in Berkeley: MM7/16/1909p2
Lavina Howard: News00
Leon Howard: News00
Martha B. Howard (Mrs. James S.): Hist, News85, News87-88, News90, News93-94, News97-98
Martha C. Howard: see Martha Roberts; News87-88
May Howard: News89
Meda Howard: News98
Nettie L. Howard: see Nettie Webb; Hist, News84, Med84, News86-87
T. M. Howard: (saloon operator) News91-93, News98
Ted Howard: News93-94, News98
W. J. Howard: News88, News90, News94
W. M. Howard: News99
Warren Howard: News87
Willard Howard: News00
Frank E. Howe: News99
Howell: see Crawford, Howell & Co.; News90, News91
Howell & Deneff's String Band: News84
Howell Brothers: News91
Cheney Howell: IOOF
Florence Howell (Mrs. Harry H.): IOOF
Harry Hamilton Howell: IOOF
Harry Howell Jr.: IOOF
J. D. Howell: (railroad contractor) News91
John Howell Jr.: News89
Judge Howell: News98
Roberta Howell: IOOF
T. J. Howell: News95
F. L. Howey: (farmer) News98
Rev. Alfred C. Howlett "Dick": News93-94
Millie Howlett: News91
John Jay Howser: (mayor) Hist, News96, News98, News00; in Corvallis: MM3/26/1909p2, MT5/21/1913pp2,6
Hoxie: Med84
Rev. Charles H. Hoxie: MMv1n4p4c1a, Hist, News84-94, Med88, Min88
Rev. J. Hoxie: News87
Laura M. Hoxie (Mrs. C. H.): News89
Mrs. Lottie Hoxie: Med84
Sarah F. Hoxie: News89
Belle Hoyt: (teacher, bookkeeper, clerk) News90, News92-94
Hallie L. Hoyt: (bookkeeper) News92, News94; see Mrs. Johnson
Hubbard Brothers: Hist, IOOF, Strang, Med88, News92, News94, Med97, News97-98
Ada Waltrene Knowles Hubbard (Mrs. Asahel C.): News99
Aletha Hubbard: IOOF
Alexis Hubbard: IOOF
Asahel C. Hubbard: Hist, IOOF, News87, Med93, News97-98, Med07
Axel Hubbard: Med88
Earl Hubbard: IOOF
Ferdinand A. Hubbard: IOOF
Fortunatus Hubbard: (implement dealer) IOOF, Hist, Med84, News84-91, Min85, Med86, Min88, Med88, Med91, Med93, News94, Med97, News98
Fortunatus Hubbard, Jr.: IOOF, News84, News92-94, News98
Lydia Meadows Hubbard (Mrs. Fortunatus): IOOF
Mrs. H. Hubbard: News90
O. A. Hubbard & Co.: News88
Otis A. Hubbard: IOOF, Med93, News93-94
Rena Hubbard: News00
Theresa/Tressa McKee Hubbard (Mrs. Fortunatus Jr.): IOOF, News94, News97
George A. Hubbell: (justice of the peace) MMv1n4p4c1a, News85, News87; in San Francisco: DT6/16/1893p3
Hubbs: News00
Julia Hubbs (Mrs. Luther P.): Hist
Hudson: News93
Mrs. Hudson: News90
Huff: see Davis & Huff; News89-90, News92
Huff & Whiteside: (lumber) News89
H. Huff: News92
M. H. Huff: News91-92, Med91
W. H. Huff: News90
Walter P. Huff: News84
William Huff: News89
Frank A. Huffer: (surveyor, attorney) News87, News90; in Eugene: DT9/19/1890p3; News93; in Tacoma: MM8/16/1901p3, MM12/26/1902p3
Jaly A. Huffer (Mrs. John H.): News88
Judge John H. Huffer: (turner, miner, justice of the peace, recorder) News84-85, News87, News91, News00
John H. Huffer, Jr.: (stone mason) News92, News94
O. T. Hufts: News88
William Huggins: News85
J. Hughes: News94
Louis L. Huillier: Med11
Meta Woody Hukill (Mrs. C. E.): News95
Duncan A. Huling: (hardware merchant) First, News88-91, News94
Mary Ellen McAffee Huling (Mrs. Duncan): News95
A. H. Hull: News90
Dora Hull: see Dora Anderson
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Hull (Mrs. Millard): News85
Frank H. Hull: (photographer) News99, Med07
George Hull: (liveryman) News88
John Hull: News89
Millard Hull: News85
Silas H. Hull: (real estate agent) News88-91
Sarah Hull (Mrs. Silas H.): News89, News91
Warren Hull: News86
Theodore Huller: (tailor) News97
Ivan Humason: (mine promoter, druggist) News00; leaving for Portland: MM1/24/1902p3
Rev. James Hummer: News90
Mabell Humphrey: see Mabell Carter
W. H. Humphrey: Med11
E. B. Hunsaker: News87, News92
Hunt: News93
Captain Hunt: News94
A. F. Hunt: Bear
Jane Hunt: True, IOOF
Ed. L. Huntley: (salesman) News89
Hurd: News85
Fred O. Hurd: (miner) News99
J. D. Hurd: News98
John A. Hurlburt: News83, News85
James M. Hurley/Heurley: News94
Lizzie Hurley/Heurley: News94
Hurn: see Terrill & Hurn; Hearn
Clara Hurst: (restaurant operator) News95
Margaret Hurst (Mrs. Martin F.): Glim, News91
Martin F. Hurst "Mart": (hotel keeper) Bear, News91-93
Miss Hurst: News92
Hurt: see Barr & Hurt
Argiva V. Hurt (Mrs. Erastus): News89, News98
Erastus G. Hurt: (street commissioner, carpenter, fence manufacturer, city engineer, councilman) MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, First, Hist, News84-94, Min85-88, Med86, Med88, News98
Grover Garland Hurt: News86
M. C. Hussey: News89
Hussey's: True
O. U. Husted: News95
Adolphus H. Huston: (carpenter) News89, News92
J. Hutchens: News88
Hutchinson: Bear, News90
C. F. Hutchinson: News90
E. Hutchinson: News99
F. Hutchinson: Med03
F. C. Hutchinson: News91
Mrs. F. W. Hutchinson: News96
J. Hutchinson: News89
Mary Hutchinson: see Mary Duncan
Hutchison: News90, News91
Hutchison & Enyart: News92
Hutchison & Lumsden: Hist, Med88
Clarence I. Hutchison "Hutch": (railroad agent, merchant) see Hutchison & Enyart; Cranfill & Hutchison; Hutchison & Lumsden; Hist, Med88, News88-96, Med93, News98-99
Fern Hutchison: News00
Frank W. Hutchison: News89-90, News96, News98-99
Mattie Myers Hutchison (Mrs. Clarence I.): Hist, News94, News96, News99-00
Lewis C. Hyde: News83
Thomas J. Hyman: News92
Thomas A. Hymon: News92
Captain Hyzer: News83-84
Mary Ingledue (Mrs. William K.): News94
William K. Ingledue: News94
Robert Inman "Bob": (outlaw) News96
Innis & Dodson: (contractors) News89
Chester A. Inskeep: Bear
Alexander Ireland "Alec" "Alex": News94-95; in Colfax, Washington: MM7/19/1907p5
Bertha Ireland: News94
Ed C. Ireland: Med11
Henry Ireland: News99
J. G. Ireland: (hotel keeper) News94
T. A. Ireland: (hotel keeper) News94-95
Benjamin F. Irvine: Med27
J. R. Irvine: News94
Isaac: News88
Isaacs: see Hall & Isaacs, Henderson & Isaacs; Min88, News94
Isaacs & Murray: (G. W. Isaacs, Sam. Murray, butchers) News91
B. W. Isaacs: (butcher) News91
Charley Isaacs: News87, News00; in Portland: MM8/9/1901p6, MM3/14/1902p7
Edna Eifert Isaacs (Mrs. Frank): IOOF
Mrs. Emma Isaacs: Med84
George W. Isaacs Jr.: (barber) News90, News94-95; in Vancouver, B.C.: MM11/8/1901p7
George W. Isaacs: (butcher) Hist, News85, News87-93, News98-00; in Vancouver, B.C.: DT7/30/1900p3, MM3/1/1901p6, MM11/8/1901p7
Irene Hampton Isaacs (Mrs. William F.): Med10
Mamie Isaacs: (teacher) News91-95, News98-00; in Vancouver, Washington: MM4/18/1902p6
Mary Isaacs: News87
May E. Isaacs: News93
William Francis Isaacs "Will" "Toggery Bill" "Billy": Hist, News87, Med88, News93, News99-00
Ish: News85, News87-89, News95, News97
Richard L. Ish: News89
Sarah Elizabeth Jones Ish "Sallie": News87-89, News91-95
Sophenia Jane Ish "Sophie": see Sophenia Baker, Sophenia Gore; WJB, News84-88, News93
Ann Ish (Mrs. William K.): News85
Jacob Isler: News95
William H. Jacks: News84-85, Min88, News89; in Albany, Oregon: OR10/7/1909p7
Jackson: see Phillips & Jackson; News87, News92, News98-99
Jackson & Damon: (builders, shoe store) News88-89
Jackson County Bank: True, Hist, Med88, News92
Jackson County Courthouse: Phipps
Jackson County Flume & Irrigation Company: News94
Jackson County Sabbath School Association: MMv1n4p4c2a
A. S. Jackson: News88
Alfred H. Jackson: News89
Anna T. Jackson: News94
George Andrew Jackson: (county clerk, assessor) News92-95, News98-99
Helen Jackson: News95
H. W. Jackson "Willsie": News00
Jennie Jackson: (teacher, railroad agent) News89, News92
Moses Jackson: News98
Walter Jackson: News85, News88
Dr. Will Jackson: (dentist) News85, News87-91, News98-99
William Jackson: News99
William B. Jackson: (gardener) News99
Willie Jackson: News93
Jacob & Cormack: (sawmill) News90
Jacobs: see Byers & Jacobs; News87-88, News94
Abraham S. Jacobs: (mason, sheriff) News84-85, News88-89, News91; in Brownsboro: MM9/29/1893p1
Emma Strang Jacobs (Mrs. Newton A.): News87-89, News94
Hellena Jacobs (Mrs. Lee): News92
John W. Jacobs: (stonecutter, clerk) see Shely & Jacobs; Bark, News85, News98
Lee L. Jacobs: (county treasurer) Bark, News94, News98, News00; running for Recorder: JP10/17/1914p3
Mamie Jacobs: News89
Mary Jacobs (Mrs. Abraham): News98
Newton A. Jacobs "Newt" "Nute": (deputy, teacher, superintendent of schools, county clerk) News85, News87-95, Med88, Med93, News98-99; leaving for California: MM6/22/1900p6; in Los Angeles: MM1/11/1901p7; in Long Beach: MM3/29/1901p7; in Corona: MM8/2/1901p7; in Covina: MM1/17/1902p6, Covina Argus1/25/1902p5; in Corona: MM8/29/1902p7; in Riverside, California: MM5/16/1902p7, CPH5/30/1907p4; obit: JP4/27/1918p3
Jacoby Bros.: (merchants) News90; in Oakland, California: DT7/28/1893p3
Jakes & Murray: (butchers) News91
A. Jakes: (butcher) News91-92
Thomas James: (miner) News94-95; in Rossland, B.C.: MM1/10/1902p6, DT1/16/1902p4
Sarah Janney (Mrs. Edwin M.): Med10, Med11
Emma Jansen (Mrs. Henry A.): IOOF, News92
Henry A. Jansen: IOOF
William Jarvis: News00
Caleb Jeffers: News90
Jeffrey: see White & Jeffrey
Miss Anna Jeffrey: (teacher) News98-99
Mrs. Anna Jeffrey: News99
James Jeffrey: (surveyor) News84, News88
John A. Jeffrey: (attorney, state represesntative) News95, News98-00
Mrs. M. Jeffrey: News99
Mrs. R. G. Jeffrey: News98-99
Robert Jeffrey: News97
Mrs. F. A. Jeffries: Med84
C. S. Jenkins: (telegrapher) Med86-87
W. C. Jenkins: (pastor, attorney) News96
Jennings & Lane: (livery stable) News00
E. B. Jennings: (liveryman) News00
F. W. Jennings: News99
J. A. Jennings: MMv1n4p4c3a
Mollie Reames Jennings (Mrs. F. W.): News99
S. L. Jessup: Med93, News94
Mr. John: News90
Mollie John: News95
William Johns: News88
Johnson: see also Johnston; McCarty and Johnson; Merriman & Johnson; Faris & Johnson; Porter & Johnson; Curry & Johnson; News85, News88-91, News93-94
Johnson & Anderson: (builders) News88
Johnson & Palm: (real estate) News90
Johnson & Porter: News93
Johnson & Russell: (house painters) News94
Johnson & Spears: (sign painters) Med86
Johnson, McCarthy & Johnson: Hist, News91-93
A. Johnson: News88
A. G. Johnson: News89, News91
A. J. Johnson: (fence salesman) News90
Rev. A. M. Johnson: News87
Albert Johnson: News90
Ashba Logan Johnson: (real estate agent, banker) see also Land Office: MMv1n1p1c2-3b, MMv1n4p1c2-3a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, News83-89, Med85, Min85, MM86, Med86
Augustus S. Johnson: (butcher, deputy assessor) MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist, News84-85, Min85, News87-91, News93
Caroline G. Johnson (Mrs. Augustus S.): Med84
Carl J. Johnson: News92
Carrie L. Johnson: News98-99
Charles G. Johnson: (marshal) Med93, News98-99
Charles H. Johnson: (attorney) News94
Edward A. Johnson: (miller) News89-92, Med93, News94, News98; in Drain: MM9/7/1900p6, MM3/29/1901p6
E. Maud Johnson: News87, News95
E. Johnson: (painter) News93
E. O. Johnson: News90
E. S. Johnson: (plumber) News89-92
Edw. Johnson: Min86, News93
Emma Johnson: see Emma Bartle
Eva C. Johnson: News84
Frances I. J. Johnson (Mrs. E. A.): News89, News91-92
G. W. Johnson: News93-94
Geary Johnson: (assayist) News93-94
George B. Johnson: News92
Hallie Hoyt Johnson: (Mrs. Wesley): News95
Ida Sisemore Johnson (Mrs. W. B.): News90
J. Johnson: News83
J. S. Johnson: (miller) News90
J. W. Johnson: News89
Jacob Johnson: News89, News91-93, Med93
James A. Johnson: News89, News91
Jo Johnson: (liveryman) News89
John F. Johnson: (bartender) News87, News92
Joseph Johnson: News89
Joseph O. Johnson: (real estate agent, farmer) WJB, News89-93, News95-96, News99
Mrs. Joseph O. Johnson: News89, News91, News96; obit: MT5/3/1920p5
L. W. Johnson: News89
Lizzie H. Johnson: Hist, Med84, News85, News91-92
Lucinda Anderson Johnson (Mrs. William O.): News95
Martha E. Johnson: see Martha Kimble
Mary J. Johnson (Mrs. Jacob): News00
Minnie Johnson: News90
Mrs. Johnson: News93
Nancy Johnson: News91
Noah R. Johnson: News00
Norah Plymale Johnson (Mrs. E. S.): News90-91, News94
O. C. Johnson: Hist
O. H. Johnson: (jeweler, painter) MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1b, Min85, News85-88; in Garfield, Washington: MM11/30/1900p2
Mrs. O. H. Johnson: News91
Mrs. O. O. Johnson: News91
O. W. Johnson: (ice works) News92
P. W. Johnson: News88
Rachel M. Johnson: News92
R. N. Johnson: News97
T. Wesley Johnson "Wes" "West": (drayman, night watchman) News88-95, News98-00
Thomas Johnson: (clerk) News99
W. B. Johnson: News90
W. S. Johnson: News91
W. T. Johnson: (fireman) News92
William Johnson: (ice works, assayist) News91-94; moving to Ashland: MM1/5/1895p3
William Otto Johnson "Bud": (blacksmith) News95
William R. Johnson: News00
Johnston: see also Johnson; News92
A. G. Johnston: (real estate agent) News89-92
A. H. Johnston: News89
Ada Sisemore Johnston (Mrs. W. B.): News87, News90
Fred. Johnston: News99
George B. Johnston: News92
Isaac H. Johnston: News84-85
L. W. Johnston: News89
Martha E. Johnston: see Martha Kimball
Mary J. Johnston: News89, News90
T. W. Johnston: (delivery man) News94
W. B. Johnston: News90
W. P. Johnston: News98-99
Jones: See York & Jones; News94-95
Alexander N. Jones: News83
Bertie Jones: News95
Burt Jones: (evangelist) News89
Cora Jones: News98
Dora Jones (Mrs. W. V.): News96
Elmer Jones: News89
Garl T. Jones: (surveyor, school clerk) Med93, News93-95, News98-00
George E. Jones: News87
Rev. J. L. Jones: News94, News99
James C. Jones: Min88, News88, Med93
John Jones: News89
Justice Jones: News98
Kate H. Jones: see Mrs. Anderson
L. Jones: News89
Lillie Jones: News87
Lou Della Jones (Mrs. Walter S.) "Loudell": News89-94
Mabel/Maybel G. Jones: News93-94, News99
Marcus E. Jones: News95
O. Jones: Med11
Reuben A. Jones "Roub": News85; visiting: DT11/17/1893p3
Samuel T. Jones: News85
Stoughton P. Jones: (stage driver, barkeep) News98
Rev. T. L. Jones: News86-87
W. A. Jones: News98, Med03
Wilbur Jones: News89, News93, News98
William Richard Jones: (Ish Ranch foreman) News85, News89, News93, News95, News98
W. V. Jones: News96
Dr. Walter S. Jones: (physician) News90-95, Med93, News97-00; stricken: MM3/27/1908p5; death: OR4/2/1908p6, MM4/3/1908p8; condolences: MM4/17/1908p4
Wilbur Jones: Med03
William Jones: Bear
William R. Jones: News83-84, News89, News91
Francis M. Jordan: (jeweler) News94, News00
G. M. Jordan: News91
"Stormy" Jordan: News91
R. Jorgenson: News93
J. W. Jory: News99
F. M. Judd: (jeweler) News94
Dr. N. W. Judd: News00
Mamie Judge: News88
Justus: see Wrisley & Justus; News83, News85-87, News90
Anna Justus: MMv1n1p4c5b, News85; obit: MM11/30/1900p2
Emma Justus: News87-89
G. W. Justus: News93
George R. Justus: (logger) News86, News89, News91, News93-95, News98-99
John Justus: News91, News93
Jonas Justus: News87, News94, News98
Lucinda Justus (Mrs. William): News88, News91, News93
Ora Justus: News95
Sarah Jane Justus (Mrs. George R.): News92, News95
William Justus: News85
Mrs. C. W. Kahler: News97
Charles Wesley Kahler "Wes": News86, News91
Dr. George Kahler: News88; visiting from Tacoma: MM9/12/1902p6
Ida Kahler: News92
Maria Cardwell Kahler (Mrs. Robert): News90
Thomas P. Kahler: News84, News89, News94
Jacob Kahn: see also Kohen; News92
Kaiser: News90
E. F. Kaiser: News89
E. J. Kaiser: (newspaperman) News95, Hist; in Oakland, California: AT10/8/1931p2
A. L. Kaize: News89
Mrs. C. W. Kaley: News97
Kame & Gilkey: (hardware) News94
Mary C. Markham Kame (Mrs. William T.): News00
William T. Kame: (shoes, hardware) WJB, News94, News98-00
E. Charles Kane: News84, News90
Gustav Karewski: News84-85
Johanna Karewski (Mrs. Gustav): Med03
A. Karitsch: (brewer) News92
Duff G. Karnes: (confectioner) News92, News97-98, News00
Karnes & Mounce: (soda works) News99-00
Karnes & Ritter: News00--"Duff and Jim" (MM4/14/1905p5)
Clarence Kasshafer: News91
Frank Kasshafer: (bartender) News84, News87-90, News98
Kauffman & Fisher: News94
J. Kavanaugh: News88
Kearney: News83
Thomas T. Kearney: News84
Emma Kebutz/Kibbuts: see Emma Pohlman
Anna Keegan: (telegrapher) News94
Janey Keegan: News90
Johnny Keegan: News85
Owen Keegan: News85, News87
Dr. James M. Keene: (dentist) Hist, News98-00, Med10; in Portland: MM1/18/1901p7
Mollie Barneburg Keene (Mrs. Dr. James M.): Hist
A. T. Keese: News88
Jacob Keets: (liveryman) News99
Cordelia Keizur: News92
Kelley: News86, News91
Kelley, Dunn & Co.: News94
George Kelley: News90
Jac Kelley: News94
Joe Kelley: (section foreman) News89, News94-95
John F. Kelley: News87, News89-90, News92-93, News98
Lou Kelley: News87
Lulu Kelley: News93
Lutie Kelley: News93
Kellogg: Wild, News89
Kellogg & Co.: (steamboat) News91
Mrs. Kellogg: News92
Alva E. Kellogg: (farmer) True, IOOF, News91-93
Mrs. Amanda A. Kellogg: News94-95, News98-99
Amanda B. Kellogg (Mrs. Jason): News89, News93-94
Charles D. Kellogg: News92-94, News98
Clarence Kellogg: (railroad fireman, mill engineer) News91-94; in Portland: MM10/2/1896p7
Edward A. Kellogg: (steamboat captain) News91-92
M. Ellen Kellogg (Mrs. Orrin): News90
Jason Kellogg: (engineer) News89-90, News92-94, Med93
Muriel Kellogg: Med07
Miss N. Kellogg: News92
Kelly: Med07
Fred Kelly: (miner) News00
Joseph F. Kelly: News86-88, News92-93, News97; dead in Klamath Falls: MT4/9/1925p6
Joeseph T. Kelly: News89, News93, News97
Mrs. L. Kelly: News90
T. Kelso: Med03
Nathan Kendall: News99
Rev. Reese P. Kendall: News93, News95
John R. Kennedy: News89
Luther Kennedy: News87, News89
W. F. Kennedy: News89
Kenney: see also Kinney; News84
Kenney & Helms: (saddlers) News85
Kenney & Wolters: (W. G. Kenney, H. H. Wolters, saloon keepers) MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7a, News84-86, Min85, MM86, Med86
Kenney & Worman: News86-87
Kenney & Wortman: MM86, News86-87
Daniel Kenney: News94
Mrs. Elizabeth T'Vault Kenney "Lib": News84; obit: MT10/24/1911p6
George Kenney: (engineer) News99
J. M. Kenney: News00
Mollie Snider Kenney (Mrs. William G.): News84-85
Rosetta Ulrich Kenney (Mrs. T. J.): News93
Thomas Joseph Kenney: (saddler, butcher) News85, News90-91, News93, News99-00
William G. Kenney "Bill": (liveryman, drayman, mail contractor) see Kenney & Wolters; Gem Saloon; Hist, News84-92
Kenny: see also Kenney, Kinney
Thomas B. Kent: (district attorney) News91
Herbert C. Kentner: (merchant, school board) Med06
W. W. Kentnor: News89
Rev. J. E. Kenworthy: News00
William Kenworthy: News00
A. D. Kenyon: News95
Robert Kercherd: News89
Nellie P. Kercheval: News87, News93
Nettie P. Kercheval: News93
Kerr: News94
A. M. Kerr: (telephone company) News94
Kershaw: see Hicks & Kershaw
Kertson & Bain: (newspaper) News91
Kertson & Ward: News91
Felix G. Kertson: (newspaper editor) Hist, News91-93; patent: SOM1/20/1893p3(2); in Portland: MM3/3/1893p3, MM8/2/1895p5; in Independence: MM4/21/1893p3, MM5/5/1893p3
Nellie Graves Kertson (Mrs. Felix G.): News92
Frances Kessler: News98
Dr. Edward T. Ketcham: (dentist) News92
Capt. A. L. Kidder: News86, News89
Kilburn: see Vincent & Kilburn
S. P. Kilburn: News90
Edmund Kimball: News86
Martha E. Johnson  Kimball (Mrs. Edmund): News86
W. W. Kimball & Co.: News89
Edmund Kimble: News86
Martha E. Johnson Kimble (Mrs. Edmund): News86
Frank Kime: News87
Nicholas Kime: News86
Widow Kime: News92
Kincaid Bros.: News91-92
Julia Kincaid: News93
William B. Kincaid: News85, News99; obit: MM9/27/1901p3
S. W. Kindle: (railroad conductor, orchardist) News92-93
King: News94, News98
Charles A. King: (saloonkeeper) News00
Emanuel King: Hist, Med03
Etta King: News98
Frank King: News00
George F. King: dead in Sacramento: MT12/6/1943p3
Jerome King: News85
Mrs. Martha King: News85
R. T. King: (farmer) News98-99
Walter S. King: News92-93
William J. King: (saloon keeper, miner) News95-96, News98-00
Kingsbury & Allen: (real estate) News89
B. R. Kingsbury: News92
Mrs. Bert Kingsbury: News94
Charles B. Kingsbury: News88, News92
Frank Kinley: News89
Kinney: see also Kenney
Harlow G. Kinney "Jerry": (painter, gold miner) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-89, Min85, Med86, News93-94; in Riddle: MM4/14/1893p3, MM4/21/1893supplementp2; murdered in Trinity Co., California: MM8/24/1900p7; in San Jacinto: MM8/2/1901p7
Thomas J. Kinney: Bear, News96, News00
W. G. Kinney: News85
Rev. Louis C. Kirby: IOOF
Dr. Emil Kirchgessner: (physician) Med93, News93-00
Rose J. Kirchgessner (Mrs. Emil): News00
J. Kirchmann: News00
Kirkland: News83
W. W. Kirkwood: News89
Heinrich Kirschner: News88
Bruce Kitterman: Bear
Sophia Kitzlinger: News89
Klamath Star: MMv1n1p4c4a
Claus Kleinhammer: News85, News86, News88, Med03
Cathrine Kleinhammer "Kate": see Kate Van Dyke
J. L. Kline: News92
Klippel & Baumle: News86-87
Klippel & Fitch: News89
Klippel & Lee: (lumber yard, sawmill) News90-91
Klippel & Marcuson: (lumber yard) News93-95
Klippel & Skeel: News90
Adam Klippel: News92
Alice Klippel "Allie": News94, News98, News00
Elizabeth A. Bigham Klippel (Mrs. Henry): News90, News92
Fred Klippel: News95, News00
Henry Klippel: (real estate agent, pork packer, lumber merchant) Hist, WJB, News86-95, Med88,OH89, Med91, News98, News00
Jacob Klippel: News92
John H. Klippel: News93, News99
Lannes P. Klippel: News94, News00
Richard H. Klippel: News84
Klum: see Hockersmith & Klum
Blaine Klum: (artist, sign painter) Med07, Med10
Charles K. Klum: News92-93
H. C. Knackstedt: (hotel man) News98-99
Mrs. H. C. Knackstedt: News99
Ralph L. Knapp: Hist
B. Knepp: News94
Benjamin "Tack" Knight: Pinto
Bertha L. Purdin Knight (Mrs. Stephen E.): News89
J. I. Knight: News89
J. T. Knight: (sewing machine agent) News88
Mrs. Knight: News87
Stephen E. Knight: News89
Ida Gibson Knotts (Mrs. Perry): News94
Perry Knotts: (miner) News94
Fred W. Knowles: News92
Robert Knowles: News87
W. I. Knowles: News92
George Knowlton: News85
C. D. Knox: Med89
Lottie Knox: (telegrapher) News98
Mamie Knox: (telegrapher) News98
Richard Koehler: Phipps, News83-85, Min85, News87, News93
George Kohlhagen: (cattle dealer) News00
Jacob Kohen: see also Kahn; News92
Charles Kohn: News86
Roma Addison Koppes "Romeo": Wild
Kott: News93
A. L. Kotze: News92-93
Dr. William F. Kremer: News84-85, News93
Kress: see also Cress
Kress & Fischer: (painters) News87, News89
O. M. Krewson: News84
Krouse: News93
Paul Krutzler: Med03
Mrs. E. J. Kubli: News99
Elenor C. Kubli (Mrs. Kaspar): News86, News95
Henry D. Kubli: News86, News91-92, News97, News00
Kaspar K. Kubli "Kap": News84, News86, News90, News93-95, News97-98; in Pendleton: JP7/12/1913p3
Kaspar Kubli Jr.: News91
Theodore Kugler: News88
George J. Kurtz: (cigar mfr.) News98-00; leaving for Portland: MM10/25/1901p7; suicide in Portland: MT11/15/1912p5
Prof. La France: News87
Dr. A. H. Lackey: News88
Father LaCroix: News00
Lacy: News91, News93
Bud Lacy: News84
Emma J. Lacy (Mrs. J. H.): News89
John H. Lacy: (carpenter, farmer) News84-85, News89
John S. Lacy: News92
William S. Ladd: Med00
W. N. Ladue: News88
M. LaFollett: News91
Elmer LaFollett: News91
Charles J. Laird: (stage driver, stockraiser) News95
A. Lamb: News90, News93
Charles Lambert "Charley": News94
Harry Lambert: News85
Joseph H. Lame: WJB; obit MM5/29/1908p2
Ben Hur Lampman: Wild
G. W. Lance, Jr.: News97
Land Office Livery Stable: MMv1n1p4c2b
Daniel Landis: News89
Hattie Landis: News87
John Landis: News87
Mollie Landis: News87
General Joseph Lane "Jo" "Joe": News88-89
Simon R. Lane: (liveryman) News00
Arthur Langell: News89-90
Frank Langell: (newspaperman) News85
Jessie Langell: News95
Nathaniel Langell "Nathan" "Nat" News85-86, News91-92, News95; obit: JP5/17/1919p3
Bertha E. Langley: News88, News93
Ernest A. Langley: (railroad fireman, fireman, contractor) News88-93, News95, News99
Louisa Langley (Mrs. George): News88
Lucy E. Langley: News88-89
James Langshire: News83
Louise G. Lansing: Med11
John G. Lanterman: News83; in Merlin: JP11/15/1913p3
Walter Lantz: Pinto
G. M. LaPorte: News84
J. M. LaPorte: News85
Dan Large: News83
Fred Larsen: (farmer) News91
Larson: News94
L. Larson: (painter) News95
S. J. Lashier: (printer) News99
Dr. J. P. Latour: (veterinarian) News93-94
Herbert E. Law: News87
Effie Laws: see Mrs. Badley
Henry Laws: News95
William B. Laws: News93-94
Lawton: see Haskins & Lawton; News84-85, News90, News92-94
Lawton & Son: (real estate) News87, Med88, News88, News89
Denison Taylor Lawton "Dennis": (real estate agent, fireman, implement company manager, steamboat agent, notary) First, Hist, News84, Min86, MM86, News86-95, Med88, Med93,  News98-00
Francis M. Lawton: Med84
Grace Lawton: Glim, Med07
Guy Lawton: News95
J. H. Lawton: News00
Joseph West Lawton: (harness maker, fire chief, city councilman) First, Hist, Wild, News85, News87, News90-91, Med93, News93-95, News97-00
Amelia "Millie" Rice Lawton (Mrs. Denison T.): Hist, Med84, News87-89, News91, News95, News98; visiting New York: MM9/6/1901p6
Robert T. Lawton: (engineer, real estate agent, town recorder) MMv1n1p1c1b, MMv1n4p1c4a, MMv1n4p4c3a, First, Hist, News84-89, Med84, Min85-86, MM86, Med86, Med88, Min88, Med91, News92, Med93, News94-95, News98, News00, Med07
Frances West Lawton (Mrs. Robert T.): News90, News94-95
John T. Layton: News88
Leabo & Smith: News91
H. L. Leach: Med11
Leadbetter & Son (Charles H. & Frederick W.): Hist, Med93, News93-94
Charles H. Leadbetter: News93, News00
D. L. Leanton: News89
Albert Learned: News91
Lee: see Klippel & Lee
Emma Lee: News89
Jonas A. Lee: (attorney) News90-91
W. G. Lee: News83
William Howard Leeds: News90, News94
Frank Leet: News90
William C. Leever: News85, News88
A. LeFevre: News83
Legate: see Hamilton & Legate; Horn, Legate & Mickelson
Lizzie Legate (Mrs. William P. H.): WJB, News93
William P. H. Legate: (blacksmith, grocer) see Merriman & Legate, Morris & Legate; News90-95, Med91, Med93, News98; in Fresno: MM9/26/1902p7
Leghorn: see Youle, Gillroy & Leghorn
Lehners: News89
Kate Lemberger: News95
A. D. Lembocker: Med11
Dr. C. Lempert: MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n4p1c1a, News88-89
Herman Lenhart: News93
Leonard & Skeeters: (Charles Skeers, J. Leonard, variety store) News90-91
Father Leonard: News88
James A. Leonard: News90-91, News93
Robert Leonard: (N.P. ticket agent) News95
Leoni: News85
Eulinda Lehnherr: see Eulinda Dubell
D. A. Levens: News86, News88
Percy H. Levin: News98
Lewellen & Lynch: MMv1n1p1c3b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c4b, Hist, News85
Frank Lewellen: see also Llewellyn, Luellen; News85-86, News88
Charles Lewellyn: News91
Lewis: see Mitchell & Lewis, Mitchell, Lewis & Staver; News85, News89, Med08
Lewis: (painter) News91
Lewis brothers: (threshers) News98
Anna M. Crystal Lewis (Mrs. Charles F.) "Annie": News88, News92, News99
Rev. C. A. Lewis: News90-91
C. Hunt Lewis: Med03, Med07
Charles F. Lewis "Charlie": (railroad engineer, machinist, machinery agent) WJB, News88, News91-92; back from Costa Rica: SOM1/20/1893p3, Med93, News93-95; obit: News99
Dr. Lewis: (veterinarian) News89
E. F. Lewis: News89
Frank Lewis: (foot racer) News90, News94
George N. Lewis: News98
H. C. Lewis: News88, News90-91
H. L. Lewis: News88
John W. Lewis: News85
Lafayette Lewis "Lafe": News89
M. C. Lewis: News90
Nancy Riggs Lewis (Mrs. Oscar F.): Med88, News88
Newton Lewis "Newt": News93
Oscar F. Lewis: (painter) News85-88, Med88; leaving for Yreka: JP9/6/1919p3
Phoebe Simpkins Lewis (Mrs. John W.): News85
T. J. Lewis: (miner) News95
Viola Lewis: see Mrs. Hayes
Dr. W. Lewis: News89
Wesley Lewis "Wes": (miner) News94
Wilfred Lewis: News85
William Lewis: News86
W. Liggett: News93
Miss Lillard: Hist
Gin Lin: First
Otto Lind: News85, News87
Anna B. Lindley: News00
Anna Phipps Lindley (Mrs. J. S.): News00
G. B. Lindley: News94
George Pierre Lindley: WJB, Med88, Med97, News93-96, News98, News00
George Robert Lindley: News93-94, News97-98, News00
J. S. Lindley: News00
Morton Lindley: (miner) News95
Sarah A. Ulrich Lindley (Mrs. George P.): News94
Ling & Boardman: (house painters) News95
Harry Ling: Med07
James W. Ling: Med11
David Linn "Davy": (furniture maker, undertaker, orchardist, mill operator) News86, News89, News90; bio: MM3/5/1909p3; cancer: MT7/23/1911pB4; obit: MT5/17/1912p4, MT5/18/1912pB2
Fletcher Linn: News86, News94; in Portland: MM11/5/1908p2, JP5/3/1913p3
James Linn: (railroad fireman) News92
David Lipman: News90
Ida W. Lippincott (Mrs. Walter V.): News91-95, News98, News00
Mazie Lippincott: News93
Walter V. Lippincott: (Western Union agent, station agent) News91-95, News97-00; in Riverside, California: MM1/11/1901p6
Walter Lippincott Jr.: News98
Lida May Lippincott "Maysie" "Mazie": News92, News98, News00; obit: MM1/18/1901p7
Hazen J. Little: News90-91
R. P. Little: (tamale maker) News98-00
William Little: News84, News98
David Litts: True
Livingstone: News90
Mrs. Livingstone: News90
Llewellyn & Lynch: see Lewellen & Lynch
Frank Llewellyn: see also Lewellen; Llewellyn & Lynch; News85
Miss L. Lloyd: News89
Francis F. Loder "Frank": (deliveryman) News00, Med07
Mrs. Anna M. Loder: News89, News00
Justice M. Lofland: News92, News94
Logan: News86, News90
Charles W. Logan: News89
B. F. Loher: News84
Long: see Ray & Long
Matthew Nimrod Long "Nim": Bear, News85
Charles Loomis "Charley": News91
Levi S. Loomis: (teacher) News89
Mary Loretz: News87
L. P. Loretz: News93
David Loring: (civil engineer, railroad right-of-way agent) Hist, News83-87, News90-92
D. R. Losey: News84, News87
Losher & Webber: (draymen) News96
James W. Losher: (drayman) News96
James Louden: (stage) News94
M. Loughlin: News84
Love: see Hanley & Love
Agnes Love: News95
Fannie Love: News94
George M. Love: News84, News94-95, News98
John A. Love: News89
Minnie Love: News00
Mrs. Love: News99
Margaret Lowden: see Margaret Creed
Louisa Lowery/Lowrey: News94
Thomas Loynachan: News93-94
Lewis F. Lozier: (carpenter) News93-94
W. N. Luckey: News88, News95
John C. Lucus: News00
Lucy: News89
R. Luellen: see also Llewellyn, Lewellyen; News85, News88
Lumsden: News88, News90, News94
Lumsden & Berlin (A. N. Berlin): (grocers) News94-95, Med97
Lumsden & Warner: (grocers) News98
Bessie Lumsden: News00
Carrie L. Lumsden: see Carrie O'Bryant; News90, News92-94
David J. Lumsden: Med88, News88-93
E. J. Lumsden: First
Elizabeth Freeman Berlin Lumsden (Mrs. Harold U): Hist, IOOF, Med88, News89
Eunice Marie Lumsden (Mrs. David J.): News88-91, News93-94, News98-99
Emma M. Lumsden: News94
H. N. Lumsden: News88
H. W. Lumsden: News94
Harold Union Lumsden: (merchant) Hist, IOOF, News87-94, Med88, News96-98
Hazel Lumsden: Med88
J. D. Lumsden: News93
Ruth Lumsden: Med88
Treve Lumsden: Med88
W. H. Lumsden: News88
Rufus W. Lundy: (hardware merchant) News91; in Kansas: DT7/14/1893p3
Lusk & Son: News85
Rev. M. L. Lute: News95
Margery Lute: News94
Robert Lute: News94
Luther: News87
Fred W. Lutkemeier: (restaurant operator, saloon keeper, ice works) see Hess & Lutkemeier; News92, Med93, News93-94
Frederick M. Luy, Jr.: (barber) News87, News89, News92, News98-00
Minnie D. Luy (Mrs. Fred M.): News00
Nellie Luy: see Nellie Plymale
Rose Luy: (printer) News91-92
Lynch & Worman: (W. M. Lynch and E. Worman, liverymen) News85, Med86
George H. Lynch: News90; obit: JP11/17/1917p3
Frank Lynch: see Llewellyn & Lynch; News86-87, News93
Margaret Lynch: News98-99
William Lynch: News88, News91
Cora E. Lyon (Mrs. L. M.): News93
L. M. Lyon: (contractor) see Childers & Lyon, IOOF, News89-96, News98
Noah B. Lyon: Med84; letter from Dawson City: MI10/13/1898p3
S. H. Lyon: (contractor) News86-87, News90, News92, News94, News99
Z. M. Lyon: News91
Edward E. Lyons: (bicycle repairman, railroad roadmaster) News99
James A. Lyons: Med03
Mrs. Lyons: News89-90
L. Lytle: News99
N. K. Lytle: News85-86
Lyttleton: News84
James A. Mabee: News88-89, News91
Willis E. Macaulay: (tamale maker) News93-94, News98-00
Clara Macauley: News98
Mackey-Bennett Telegraph Co.: News86
George W. Mackey: (photographer) News99-00
Henry C. Mackey: (photographer) News95-00
Mary L. Walker Mackey (Mrs. Henry C.): News99-00
Vina Jane Fruit Mackey (Mrs. George W.): death of brother Frank Otis Fruit: MM1/17/1902p3
Alex Mackintosh: News91
William Macklin: MMv1n1p4c5b
Maegly: see also McGee
Maegly & Zimmerman: Min86
Aaron H. Maegly: News85-87, News90-93; in Portland: DT9/1/1893p3, MT3/9/1912p6, JP10/30/1920p1
Cecilia Levy Maegly (Mrs. A. H.): News92
Magers: (photographer) News98
C. E. Magoon: News85
Magruder Bros.: News90-91
Constantine Magruder "Tine": News
    The Gold Hill News has again changed hands, Rex H. Lampman, a newspaper man from North Dakota, having assumed charge of it this week. Harry F. Murray, who was formerly in charge of the paper, has opened a job printing office in Ashland. Mr. Lampman's first issue is a very creditable one, and if he continues his present policy he is certainly entitled to the support of the people of that town.
Central Point Herald, December 2, 1909, page 184-85, News90
Arthur Mahoney, telegrapher: News00
Walter J. Mahoney "Wallie" "Will": (telegrapher) News98-00
Charles Main: News92
Horace Mann: (editor, Medford Enquirer) News00; in Oroville: MM10/9/1903p4, DT11/18/1903p1
John C. Mann: IOOF, Med88
Manning: (lumber) News00
Maggie Manning: News95
Mary Mansfield: see Mrs. Brantner
W. R. Mansfield: News86
Manuel: see Hammond & Manuel; Manwell
Clementine Manwell: News94
Frances I. J. Manwell: see Frances Johnson
Lillie J. Manwell: see Lillie Penwell
Marcuson: see Klippel & Marcuson
I. M. Marcy: (blacksmith) News00
Mark: News88
George Markle: News95
A. J. Markley: News94
A. T. Markley: News94, News96
Fred Marks: News89
J. F. Marks: News89
Lime Marks: News89
James W. Marksberry/Marksbury: (merchant, hotel owner, butcher) News92, News94, News96-98; dies in Halsey, Oregon: JP7/13/1918p3
George S. Marsh: News93
J. S. Marsh: News93
Edison Marshall: Hist
George E. Marshall: Med11; obit: MT2/19/1931p3, MT2/22/1931p6
Dr. S. S. Marsters: DT12/2/1892p3
Dr. W. M. Marsters: News92
A. H. Martin: News00
Alexander Martin "Jerry": News83; obit, Oakland, California: JP1/29/1916p1
Carrie Martin: News90
Dr. George Martin: (dentist) News88, News92; in Germany: DT8/4/1893p3; in Oakland, California: MT8/1/1919p2, JP8/9/1919p3; back from Germany: MT8/7/1919p6
J. A. Martin: News92
Joseph G. Martin: Med05, Med11
L. Martin: News87
S. S. Martin: News90, News92
Thomas Martin: News88
Dr. Will Martin: (dentist) News92; in Oakland, Calif.: DT10/6/1893p3
G. W. Mason: News99
Masons: WJB
E. Massie: News94
Mrs. Belinda Masterson: News91
Mathei: (brewer) News91
Mathes: see Brophy & Mathes; News99
George William Mathes: (butcher) News91-93
Jennie Mills Mathes (Mrs. George W.): News91
Mathews: see Matthews
Mathews Bros.: News90
David W. Mathews: (druggist) Med85, News85-86, Med86
Green B. Mathews: News90
Icie Matney: News00
J. M. Matney: News88
James Matney: Bear
Nannie Matney: (dressmaker) Hist, News98, News00
A. E. Matson: (blacksmith) News89
Matthews: see Mathews
Matthews Bros.: News91
Alice Matthews "Allie": see Alice Rosenbaum
David W. Matthews: (druggist, Indian agent) Med85, News85-86, Med86, News92
Mary Matthews: News85
Ruth Matthews: News85
Father Theodore Mattingly: Hist
Mattoon & Keese: News88
Rev. Charles Hiram Mattoon: News88
J. W. Mattox: News89, News92
Levi Harper Mattox: (teacher) News90-91
John Matzen: News87
Eleanor Murray Maule (Mrs. Milton): News85; obit: MT12/5/1931p12
Milton Maule: (house painter) MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7b, Min85, News85, News87-89, News91-94
Wilson Maule: News87
Miller Maury: Bark
Reuben F. Maury: News94-95
Zacariah A. Maxcy "Zack": (confectioner, bookkeeper, farmer, poultry farmer) News91, News92-94, Med93, News97-00; retires to farm: MM10/11/1901p7, MM10/25/1901p7
J. D. Maxon: Bear, News85, News87
Maxwell: News90, News96
Anna H. Maxwell: News92
L. H. Maxwell: News90
Mayborn: True, News95
Ettie Mayfield: News85
Rev. J. H. Mayfield: News85, News92
Marshal Mayfield: News91
William H. Mayfield: (hotel keeper) Med85, News85
William R. Mayfield: (barber) News85, News91
McAdams: News86
McAdams & Co.: News85
McAdams & Heeley: News85-86
F. M. McAdams: News85-86
Margaret J. McAdams: News93
W. H. McAdams: (saloon keeper) Min85, News85-86, Med86
J. G. McAllister: (broom maker) Med88
Maggie McAndrew: News94-95
Rosa McAndrew: News92
Thomas F. McAndrew/McAndrews "Tom": (farmer, capitalist) MMv1n4p4c3a, Trans, True, News83-85, News87-95, Med88, Med93, News99-00
Thomas McAndrew, Jr.: News89, News92
B. McBeath: News99
McBride & Case: News92
Frank McBride: News91
Ida Swacker McBride (Mrs. J. W.): News91
J. H. McBride: News95
J. W. McBride: News91
J. Carroll McCaffrey: (real estate) News94
Rev. John S. McCain: (pastor, author, newspaper publisher) in Grants Pass: DT6/2/1893p3, News98-99; see Chessmore & McCain
McCall & Anderson: MMv1n1p4c5b, News83
Gen. McCall: News85, News88-89
Mrs. J. M. McCall: News92
M. L. McCall: News84
McCallister & Co.: (broom makers) News87
McCallister & Williams: (broom makers) News87-88
S. McCallister: (broom maker) News84, News88
McCarthy: see McCarty; Johnson, McCarthy & Johnson
Mrs. D. McCarthy: News89
Dan/Dennis McCarthy/McCarty "Mac": (locomotive engineer) Med84, News84-85, News87, News89, News91-93, News95
H. H. McCarthy: (ice works) News92-94, News96; returns to live: MT12/9/1911p8
James McCarthy: News91
Mary McCarthy: (teacher) News98
McCarty: see McCarthy
Sam McCaslin: News89
Allen McCauley: Med07
W. E. McCauley "Mac": (tamale maker) News93, News00
Argiva V. McClain: News88-89
Rev. M. McClain: News88
Celia Orth McClallen (Mrs. Harry T.): News89
Harry T. McClallen: (hotel keeper) News87-90
William McClanahan: Glim
Sam McClendon: MMv1n1p4c2b, News94
Christopher C. McClendon: News93; in Gold Hill: MT11/27/1910p5
Janie McClendon: News87
McClintick: News97
E. McClintick: News96
McCloud: News92
McConnell: News85
G. F. McConnell: News85
J. McConnell: MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n4p1c1b
Kate McCord: News92
Agnes McCornack: News84
Dr. J. T. McCornack: News99
Dr. McCoy: News89
J. M. McCoy: News87
Miss McCrary: News88
McCray: (engineer) News00
William McCredie: News93
William G. McCubbin: News90-93
Zelpha/Zilpha E. McCubbin: News92-94
Alice McCulloch: News94
Annie Howard McCulloch (Mrs. James L.): News85
James L. McCulloch: News85
Alice McCulloch/McCullock: News91, News94
Annie Howard McCullock (Mrs. James L.): News85
James L. McCullock: News85
Annie Howard McCullough (Mrs. James L.): News85
F. D. McCullough: News00
Fred McCullough/McCulloch: (clerk, medical student) News95-96
George McCullough: News94
James L. McCullough: News85
R. T. McCullough: News84
L. D. McCurdy: News94
George M. McDonald: (veterinarian) News92, News95
D. R. McDonald: News94
Mrs. J. G. McDonald: News95
McDonough: Med88, News89
Hattie McDonough: see Hattie Ridinger
James McDonough: News94; obit: MM6/14/1901p7
Alpha/Alva McDowell: (teacher) News91, News95
Jennie McFaris: News92
S. V. McFarren: (jeweler) News94
J. C. McFerson & Son: (sign painters) News94
McGee: see also Maegly; Davis & McGee; Zimmerman & McGee; Speas & McGee; News86-87, News93
McGee & Zimmerman: see Zimmerman & McGee
Ella W. Coker McGee (Mrs. Oliver P.): News94
John B. McGee: (mine operator) News91, News94-95, News99
Mrs. John B. McGee: News91
Mattie McGee: News97
Nettie Crosby McGee (Mrs. S. B.): News86, News89-90
Oliver P. McGee: News89-91
Perry J. McGee: News91, Med93, News93, News95, News98
Samuel B. McGee: True, News86-87, News89-92, Med93, News97
W. H. McGee: News97
McGibney Family: News86
Michael Angelo McGinnis: (teacher, newspaper editor, publisher) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p1c6a, MMv1n1p1c7a, MMv1n4p1c1a, Hist, Min85-86, News85-86, MM86, Med86
Mary E. McGinnis (Mrs. Michael A.): (newspaper editor?) Med84, Med86
McGowan: News99
Charles McGowan: (hotel keeper) News95
William H. McGowan "Mac": (merchant) see Weeks & McGowan; News94-96, News99-00
Mary E. McGowan (Mrs. William H.): News93-94
Mrs. G. McGowan: News00
Ella J. McGuire: (teacher) News92-93
James McGuire: News94
McKay: News92
J. W. McKay: News94
Thomas McKay "Tom": News87
A. McKechnie: News89
Harriet B. Stanley McKee (Mrs. W. S.): News99-00
Monroe McKenzie: News94
Percy McKenzie: (printer) News95
Mrs. McKinley: News92
McKinney: (deputy) News94
William McKinney: (farmer) News98
George McKnight: News95
Sarah McKnight (Mrs. George): News95
Rev. Eneas McLean: (Presbyterian pastor) News88-93; in Coos Bay: SOM10/28/1892p3 (see also articles in DT10/31/1890)
Ella McLean (Mrs. Eneas): News88-91
Rev. Robert M. McLean: News83, News87-90 (see also articles in DT10/31/1890), News92, News93; in Portland: MM7/27/1900p6, MM7/26/1901p3; leaving for New York: MM8/29/1902p7
A. J. McLeod: (orchardist, fruit packer) News93-94, News96-97; in Calgary: MM6/9/1905p1
McLuen: News88
McMahon & Egan: Hist, News84
Mamie McMahon: see Mamie Wolters; News91
Patrick J. McMahon: (liveryman, hotel manager) see McMahon & Egan; Egan & McMahon; News83-85, Med07
George McMurray: (veterinarian) News92-93
Martha J. McNames: News90
Dr. McNaul: News94
John McNeil: News93-94
James McPheren: News95
A. R. McPherson: News91, News95
Alvin Wilmer McPherson: News91; in Covina, California: MM5/17/1901p6, Med11
Joshua McPherson: Med03
L. A. McQueen: News88-89
Sarah McQueen: News89
Inez McRea: Med07
Ada B. McSweeny: see Ada B. Hall
Ida B. McSweeny: see Ida B. Hall
McTavish: News94
Edward T. Meade: News89
Meader: see Clay & Meader
Hiram Meader: Bark
William P. Mealy: Med10
Henry A. Mears: Med11; obit: JP12/30/1916p3
Medford: boosterism: MMv1n1p1c6b, MMv1n1p4c1a, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p1c7b, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c2b, Trans, Hist, News88, Med89, OH89, News90, News92-94, Med93, Med95, Med07, Med08, Med11, Med27, Med30
Medford: construction: MMv1n1p1c6a, MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n4p1c7b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Trans, WJB, Phipps, Hist, News83, News84, News88, Med88, News94, Med10, Med11, Med30
Medford: description: MMv1n1p1c6b, Trans, Med+
Medford: growth and prospects: MMv1n1p1c6b, MMv1n1p4c1a, MMv1n4p1c7b, MMv1n4p4c1b, Strang, Phipps, Hist, News83, News84, RV85, News88, Med88, Med89, News90, News92-94, Med93, Med95, Med04, Med07, Med09, Med10, Med11, Med26, Med27, Med30
Medford: incorporation: MMv1n1p1c6b, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c2b, Phipps, Hist, News85
Medford: naming: Phipps, Hist, News83
Medford: politics and government: MMv1n4p4c2b, First, Hist, MM86, News84-91, Min85-86, Med93, News94, Med26
Medford: schools: MMv1n1p4c1b, MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n4p4c2a, MMv1n4p4c2b, MMv1n4p4c3a, Glim, Trans, Pinto, WJB, Phipps, Hist, Med84, News84-93, RV85, Min85, MM86, Med88, Med89, Med93, Med94, News95, Med95, Med97, Med04, Med10, Med11, Med19, Med24, Med26, Med27, Med30
Medford Aid Society: MMv1n1p4c1a, MMv1n1p4c5a, News84, MM86
Medford and Crater Lake Railroad Company: Hist
Medford Blacksmith Shop: MMv1n4p4c4b
Medford Brass Band: News87
Medford Business College: News91-94, Med93, Med94, News96
Medford Cement Brick and Block Works: IOOF
Medford Chamber of Commerce: Hist
Medford Commercial Club: Wild, Hist, Med12
Medford Commons: Phipps
Medford Fabrication: Med88
Medford Furniture & Hardware Co.: True
Medford Hotel: IOOF, News85
Medford Livery and Feed Stable: see Luellen & Lynch
Medford Marble Works: see Shely & Jacobs
Medford, Massachusetts: Hist
Medford Monitor: introduction, manifesto: MMv1n1p1c7a, News85
Medford Monitor: printing, production: MMv1n1p4c4b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c3b, News85, Min86
Medford Monitor: subscriptions, circulation: MMv1n1p1c6b, MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n1p4c5a, MM86
Medford National Bank: Med88
Medford Opera House: Hist
Medford Reduction Works: MM86
Medynski & Theiss: (F. V. Medynski, B. P. Theiss; distillery) News91, News93, News95
E. V. Medynski: News91
Ella Medynski: News98, News99
Fred Vincent Medynski: News90-91, News93-95, News99-00; back from Alaska: MM10/12/1900p6; back again: MM10/4/1901p7, MM5/2/1902p6
Mrs. F. V. Medynski: News94, News98
Fred G. Medynski: see Palm & Medynski; News91, Med93, News93
Henrietta A. Medynski "Etta" "Ettie": (milliner) News92, News95, News00
Mee: News90
Mary Mee: Med97
Meeker: News87-88, News93
Charles M. Meeker "Charley": (insurance) News89-90, News94; in Portland: MM4/21/1893p3
Ella Meeker: WJB
Frank H. Meeker: News93
Julius Meeker: News94
Lillie J. Meeker: News94
Minerva A. Corey Meeker (Mrs. William H.): News89, News93
William H. Meeker: (merchant) True, WJB, News94-95, News97, News00
Patrick Mego: IOOF; dead in New Orleans: MT11/5/1923p3, MT11/14/1923p3
J. V. Meilam: Med11
Frederick Meinhard: News89-90
Fred Meinhart: News89
Richard T. Mellus: News91
Mensor Bros.: News85, News92-93; in San Francisco: DT6/16/1893p3; in Seattle: MM11/21/1902p3
Harry Mensor: News84
Henry Mensor: News84-85, News90, News92; in San Francisco: DT1/8/1894p3
Mrs. Henry Mensor: News92
Isaac Mensor: News92-93
Morris Mensor: MMv1n1p4c4b, News85-86
Mrs. Morris Mensor: News87
William Mensor: News92-93
W. T. Mentner: Med10
Rev. Josiah Merley: (farmer, notions) News93-94, News96-99; obit: MM2/5/1909p7
L. L. Merrick: (salesman) News92, News95
Leslie Merrick: (clerk) News92
Merrill & Baker: (warehousemen and shippers) News87-88
Prof. A. J. Merrill: MMv1n4p4c2a, News92
Charles J. Merrill: News98
Fred T. Merrill: News91
G. W. Merrill: News87
Merriman: see Merriman & Redfield, Merriman & Trumbull, Merriman & Johnson; News85, News87-88, News90, News94
Merriman & Johnson: News92
Merriman & Legate: (blacksmiths) News91, Med93, News93
Merriman & Purdin: (blacksmiths) News95
Merriman & Redfield: MMv1n1p1c5b, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c2a, MMv1n4p4c7b, News85
Merriman & Trumbull: Min86
A. Merriman: News90
Mrs. Artencia/Artimeria/Artineca Riddle Merriman: (mother of G. F.) News84, News86, News89-91, News93, News96; MM2/7/1908p1
Belle Merriman: (teacher) see Belle Fronk; Hist, News85
Blanche Merriman: Med07
Effie Merriman: see Effie Bellinger; News87
Emma Merriman: News90, News93
G. W. Merriman: News93
George Francis Merriman: (blacksmith, postmaster) First, News86, Med86, News87-96, Med91, Med93, News98-00
Isaac A. Merriman: (drayman) News85, Med88, News88-91, News93-94
Mrs. Isaac A. Merriman: News91
Josie Merriman: News87, News90, News92
Mae Merriman: News00
Maria Merriman: News84
Mary E. Merriman: News92
Mollie Merriman: (teacher) see Mollie Houston; Mollie Fronk; News86, News87-91
Thomas Merriman: (blacksmith) News99
William Merriman "Will": (railroad agent) News88, News89-92, News99; in Albany: SOM10/14/1892p3
Merritt: News97
A. J. Merritt: News89-90
John W. Merritt: (merchant) News86-88, News90, News92, News94-95
Prof. Merritt: News88, News90
Thomas B. Merry: News89; obit: MT9/17/1912p3, JP9/21/1912p1
Elias Merz: (brewer) see Weinhard & Merz; News97-98, News00
E. G. Michael: MMv1n1p4c4b
Mickelson: see Horn, Legate & Mickelson
Ann Mickelson: see Ann Fordyce
Michael Mickelson: Bear
Olney/Ohley Mickelson "Bike": (blacksmith) Bear, News92-93
Caroline D. Mickey (Mrs. George): News93-94
George Mickey: (miner, steropticon showman) News93-94, News98-99
Middleford, Oregon: Hist, News83
Raymond Miksche: Hist
Miles: News85
Julia Miles: News98
M. S. Miles: News89
Thomas Miles "Tom": MMv1n1p4c2b, News85, News86-87
Thaddeus W. Miles: (attorney, abstractcompany operator) Med10
George H. Millar: IOOF
Millard: News88
Rev. D. A. Millard: IOOF
Rev. D. E. Millard: Bear
Miller: see also Vrooman, Miller & Co.; Wrisley & Miller; Coker & Miller; News87-88, News94
Miller & Co.: News84
Miller & Sons: News83-84
Miller & Strang: (D. H. Miller, Charles Strang; drug store, tin smiths, John Deere agricultural implements) News85, News88-91
B. Miller: News88
B. W. Miller: News93
Benjamin Franklin Miller: News85, News88, News90; obit: MM5/11/1900p5
Burrel Miller: Bear, News88, News92, News94
Col. Miller: News87, News90, News92
Curtis B. Miller: Bear, News88-89
David Henry Miller "Dave": (postmaster, hardware merchant, councilman) MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, WJB, Phipps, Bear, Bike, First, News83-00, Med84, Min85, Med85, Med86, Min87-88, Med88, Med89, Med91, Med93, Med94; obit: JP2/10/1917p3
Ed. Miller: (teamster) News99
Elmira Brous Miller (Mrs. David H.): Hist, Med84, News88-89, News93; obit: MT10/2/1926p3
Fred Miller: (hotel keeper) News99
George W. Miller: News88, News90, Med11
H. B. Miller: (lumber, Sugar Pine Door and Lumber Co.) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n4p1c1b, News84-85, Med86, News87-88, News93-95; consul-general to Japan, visits Jacksonville: AT11/15/1906p3
Isaac O. Miller: Bear, News98
J. H. Miller: (shoe merchant) News96-99
J. T. Miller: WJB, News92
Rev. James W. Miller: (wagon maker, inventor) News87-88, News91-94, News96, News99
James Napper Tandy Miller: News88
Joaquin Miller: News00, Med07
John Miller: MMv1n1p4c5b, News89, News91, News93
John A. Miller: News90-91
John E. Miller: News96
John S. Miller: (marshal) Bear, Min86-88, News86-87, Med88, News88-92; on Thompson Creek: DT3/4/1903p2; in Eagle Point: MM8/27/1909p2; obit: MT4/1/1912p6, MT4/30/1912p2
Mrs. John S. Miller: News90, News94
M. H. Miller: News93
Malenda Miller: News92
Manuel Miller: News89
Mollie Miller: News95
Otto Miller: News91
R. C. Miller: News87
Rev. Miller: News88
Ralph Miller: (stableman) News90
Robert Aubrey Miller: (attorney, state representative, son of J. N. T. Miller) Med88, News88-90, News92-93; in Portland: PJ9/11/1934editorial
Rosa Miller: News98
Sarelia/Serelia W. Grubbe Miller (Mrs. Robert A.): News93
Thomas Miller "Tom": (newspaper) News96
Verlinda Miller: News89, News92
William L. Miller "Will": (telegrapher, reporter, miller, land office) News89-93, News95; obit: MM1/25/1901p2
William W. Miller: News88
Milligan: News90
Charles Milligan: News89
Mary Turpin Milligan (Mrs. Charles): News98
Rev. James V. Milligan: News85, News87
Ferdinand Million "Ferd": News90-91
Jack Million: News83
W. B. Million: News95
Ada M. Barr Mills (Mrs. Herbert) News94
George F. Mills: (telegrapher) News00
Ida Belle Mills: see Ida Belle Frizell
Herbert Mills: News94
Jennie Mills: see Jennie Mathes
Mrs. John Mills: (artist) News94
Mrs. L. A. Millsap: News94
Allen J. Milton: News89
Charles W. Milton: (blacksmith) News92-95
Rosa Milton: News90
Mrs. Mollie B. Mimmau: Med84
Mrs. George P. Mims: Med93
Eli Minch: MMv1n1p4c3a
Wallace Minch: News88
Julius E. Miner: News94
Mingus: News98
Mingus & Harris: (implement dealers) News89
Clara Mingus: News87
Conrad Mingus: MMv1n4p4c3a, True, Phipps, Hist, News83-85, News87-96, News98-00; obit: MM6/1/1900p7
Daisy Mingus: News87
Dr. Everett Mingus: News89, News92-93, News99
Francis Marion Mingus "Frank": (implement dealer, woodyard operator, blacksmith, liveryman) True, News87-92, News94-96, News98-99
Lavina Mingus (Mrs. Conrad): News93-94, News00
Mary Mabel Wright Mingus (Mrs. Frank): News94
C. V. Minkler: News94
Mrs. D. L. Minkler: News95
Minnick: News88
Catharine Minnick: News89
David Minnick: News88-89
L. C. Minnick: News89
Mrs. J. Minnick: News89, News94
Wallace Minnick: News88
Bettie E. Tyler Minnis (Mrs. C.): News89-90
Dr. C. Minnis: (physician) News88-90, News95; in Portland: DT9/8/1893p3
Harry Minnis: News91
Laurence C. Minnis: News88, News92
Maggie Minnis: News89
Haver L. Miser: (photographer) News94-96
H. Mitch: News88
Mitchell: see Beck & Mitchell; IOOF, News88-89, News92, News94
Mitchell & Boeck: (orchardists) Med08
Mitchell & Lewis: News91
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver: News92-93, Med93, News95, News97, News00
David Mitchell: News92
George Mitchell: News91, News93
Henry H. Mitchell: (teacher) News88-89
Nellie Mitchell: see Nellie Whitman
S. U. Mitchell: (attorney) News92-93, News98, News00
Elizabeth Moenkhouse/Monkhouse: News94, News99
George Moenkhouse: News93
A. J. Moffitt: News99
C. J. Montague: (lumber) News89
D. Montague: News99
David Montague: News92
E. G. Montague: News91
E. J. Montague: First, News89, News91-93
Mrs. E. J. Montague: News90
G. W. Montague: News91-93
George B. Montague: News89, News92
J. B. Montague: News90
John G. Montague: News89
John Montague: News91-92
Lewis C. Montague: News92
Olive May Montague: News91
H. B. Monteith: (inventor) News91
Mrs. H. B. Monteith: (musician) News91
Jack B. Montgomery: News85, News89, News93
R. L. Montgomery: News00
Ellen Moody: News85
Maggie Moody: News85
Nellie Mooman: True, Wild, IOOF
Moore: News93
J. C. Moore: MMv1n4p4c2a
James S. Moore: (physician) News00
R. N. Moore: News93
Robert H. Moore: (county treasurer) News88, News93-94
T. R. Moore: News88
Thomas H. Moore: (grocer, Hotel Moore) News99, Med07
Rev. W. B. Moore: News93-94, News99
W. H. Moore: News00
William T. Moore: News84-85, News94
Claire Morey: (clerk) News00
Frank E. Morey: News98
Ida I. Morey: News98
John A. Morey: News88-89, News93, News98-00
R. Morey: (drayman) News93
Rolla Raymond Morey: News97
Morgan: see Foster & Morgan; News91
Ceatta J. Morgan (Mrs. Jesse S.): News88
Emma J. Cook Morgan (Mrs. J. C.): News89
F. Morgan: (truck farmer) News93
George Morgan: News93
Jane E. Morgan: News89
Jennie Morgan: Med84
Jesse Leonard Morgan: News88
Jesse S. Morgan: News88
Frank Morine: News95
Minnie Morine: News92, News93
Oscar Morine: News93
Silas F. Morine: News95
Thomas Morine: (drayman, night watchman, bartender, marshal) News89-94; leaving for Oakland: MM1/26/1894p3; in Alameda, Calif.: MM2/23/1894p3
Morris: News86
Morris & Legate: News94
Al Morris: (conductor) News92, News95
Basil Morris: News89
Bishop Benjamin Wistar Morris: News92-93
Cora Dell Morris: see Cora Dell Beatty
Eda/Edna M. Morris: News98, News99
John Henry Morris "Jack": (printer, roadmaster, grocer, second-hand dealer) see Fawcett & Morris; Hist, News83, News92-99; in Cedar Vale, Kansas: MM11/15/1901p7
Levi Morris: News89, News90
Mrs. M. Morris: (photographer) News88-90
M. C. Morris: News93
Prof. Morris: News87
Rev. Morris: News89
R. R. Morris: News91
Robert Morris: News91
Scott Morris: MMv1n1p4c4b, News86, News87, News93-94
William Morris: News86
Dr. Harry E. Morrison: (allopath) Med10
Rev. Isaac Morrison: News89
John R. Morrison: News88
Laura Morrison: see Laura Redfield
Riley Morrison: News85
John Morton: News89
J. P. Mouly: Min88
Mounce & Karnes: see Karnes & Mounce
Mounce & Schermerhorn: (confectioners) News93-94
Addie Wiggin Mounce (Mrs. I. A.): News97
Isaac A. Mounce: (liveryman, confectioner) see Mounce & Schermerhorn; News93-95, News97-98; leaving for La Grande: MM3/23/1900p6; in Elgin, Oregon: MM11/16/1900p7; moving from LaGrande to Elgin: MM1/25/1901p7, MM8/2/1901p7; dead at the asylum: MM1/24/1902p7
T. A. Mounce: News93
William Henderson Mowat: Bear
Henry Moyer: News00
J. C. Muhlenberg: News89
Benjamin F. Mulkey: (attorney) IOOF, News99, Med10, Med11; moving to Portland: MT10/25/1915p5; MT3/25/1922p4
W. H. Mullane: News85
Mullar: (haberdasher) Med07
Muller & Cook: News87
Muller & Davis: News94
Amelia Muller: News92
Angie Muller: News95
Bettie Muller: News92
Isaac M. Muller "Ike": (grocer, chicken buyer) News91, News93-95, News98-00; in San Francisco: MM2/22/1901p6, MM5/3/1901p7; in Oakland, California: MM10/25/1901p7
Louise Muller: News99
Max Muller: News84-85, News87-89, News92-96, News99
Mulvany & Slagle: (blacksmiths) News84
Willie Muller: News92
H. C. Mulvany: (blacksmith) News83-84, News87-88
Ellen Mundy: News88, News94
Charles Munker: News88
Murphy: see Rifenburg & Murphy; News89, News92
John Murphy: News95
Ling Alexander Murphy: News87, News93-94; obit: MT2/6/1910pB16
L. A. Murphy: News94, News00
L. M. Murphy: News93
Murray boys: WJB
Murray Bros.: (merchants) News94
Annie Murray: see Annie Fairclo
Addie Wilson Murray (Mrs. William): News89
Charles Murray "Charlie": News94-95
Eleanor Murray: see Eleanor Maule
Flora A. Murray: News89, News96
James Murray "Jimmie": (painter) News95, News98; in Eugene: MT9/23/1912p2
Martha Murray: News99
Samuel H. Murray/Murry: (butcher, carpet cleaner, marshal, grocer) see Jakes & Murray; News89, News91-95, Med93, News99-00
T. A. Murray: News88
William Murray: News89
Murrey: News90
Dr. Ida E. Mushett: (physician) News99
Mussey: True
Frank X. Musty: News89; back from Wallowa: MM2/1/1901p6
Mrs. E. B. Myer: (hotel manager) News91
Ed. B. Myer: News92, News94-95
Fred Myer: News86
H. C. Myer: (hardware) News89
Harry B. Myers: (jeweler) News99-00
W. Cortes Myer: News83
William Myer: News92
Benjamin F. Myers: News83, News95
H. A. Myers: News97
John Myers: News93
Johnnie Myers: News99
Mrs. M. C. Myers: News99
J. L. Napier: News92; moving from Anderson, Oregon to Grants Pass: SOM8/26/1892p3
Carl Narregan: News92, News95
Frances A. Narregan (Mrs. Norton L.): News99
Lynden Carl Narregan: (attorney, abstractor) News92-94, News98-00
Norton L. Narregan: (principal) Hist, News90-95, Med93, News98-00, Med05
Willie Narregan: News91
J. Nasby: News85
John T. C. Nash: WJB, News93-95, News98-00
A. D. Naylor: (sawmill) News90, News92, News98-99
Alta Naylor: Hist
Dolph Naylor: News99
Granville Naylor "Squire": WJB, Bear, News84-85, News87-89, News99
Ida Naylor: Med84, News92, News95
Melvin Naylor: Bear
Nettie Naylor: see Nettie Griffin
Neal & Whiteside: News85
Stephen M. Nealon: News92
Jacob Neathammer: News95
Mrs. Jesse Neathammer: News94-95
Joshua Neathammer: News83
Dr. J. R. Nebeker: MMv1n1p4c2b, News85
George W. Needham: News95
Mr. Neel: MMv1n4p4c2a
Neil: News94, News00
Frank Neil: News94
George R. Neil: News91-94
Judge James R. Neil "Jim": MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-85, MM86, News88-89, News92-94, News98; obit: JP12/15/1917pp1,3
Miss Neil: News90
Robert Proctor Neil: Bear
W. L. Neil: News96
William Neil: Bear
Nelson: News86
Aaron F. Nelson: (miner) News99
Mary S. Nelson (Mrs. William T.): News99
Peter Nelson: News98
William T. Nelson: (saloon keeper) News98-00
Dulce Netherland: see Mrs. White
Leo Netherland: Med93
George E. Neuber "Bum": (saloon keeper) News87, News90, News92, News95, News97, News99
Mrs. Clarissa Leete New: News88
New York Cheap Cash Store: see also Goldstone Bros.; News92
Gus I. Newbury: (teacher, attorney) News90-95, Med97, News98-99
Nellie Rose Newbury (Mrs. Gus): News93
Fred Newman: News85
Thomas A. Newman: News93
W. R. Newman: News89
Charles A. Newstrom: News94-95
Maggie Nussbaum Newstrom (Mrs. Charles A.): News95
Newton: (orchardist) News94
Bert Newton: News92
D. L. Newton: News90
G. F. Newton: News92
Percy Newton: News92
W. H. Newton: News88, News93
Nichols: Bear, News91
Anna Nichols "Annie": (teacher) Med93, News93
Arthur Nichols: News00
Charles F. Nichols: News94
George Washington Nichols: (stockman) News88
Gus Nichols: (stockman) News00
Mrs. I. M. Nichols: (artist) News94
Israel B. Nichols: News89
Jane A. Cardwell Nichols (Mrs. W. J.): News86
Jane E. Nichols: see Jane Plymale
Laura Nichols: News91, News92, News93
Maude Nichols: Med07
Mary Pool Nichols (Mrs. Charles F.): News94
Rowena Bunyard Nichols: News92
Thomas E. Nichols: News85, News91, News93
W. J. Nichols: News86
Nicholson: see Boyden & Nicholson, Shawver & Nicholson; WJB, News90-92, News94-95, News99
Nicholson Bros.: News93
Arthur C. Nicholson "Art": (blacksmith, carpenter, fireman) News89-94, Med93, News98, News99-00; moved to California in 1909: Corvallis Gazette-Times, June 8, 1977, page 8
Austin Nicholson: News94
Cassie Nicholson (Mrs. Horace G.): News93-94
Charles F. Nicholson "Charley": News92, News94
Mrs. C. T. Nicholson: News00
Elizabeth Nicholson "Lizzie": (dressmaker) News93-94
Georgia Spencer Nicholson (Mrs. Arthur C.): News98-99
H. B. Nicholson: Med07
Horace G. Nicholson "Nick": (hardware merchant, fireman, U.S. marshal) Wild, News88, News90-95, Med93, News98-00
M. D. Nicholson: News92
Mamie Nicholson "May": (teacher, clerk) News93-94, News98-99; in Coquille: MM7/25/1902p6
Myrtle Nicholson: (teacher) News92-94
T. C. Nicholson: News91
William E. Nicholson: News94, News98
Bessie Nickell: News98
Charles Nickell "Chawles" "Charlie": (newspaper publisher, land developer) WJB, News83, News84-85, Min85, News87-95, Med88, Med07; in Hayward: JP3/22/1919p3; dies in Oakland, California: MT4/20/1922p1
Marie Nickell: News99
Frank M. Nickerson: News83
Niles & Yeago: (roller rink operators) News86
Jay E. Niles: News86-87
Noah & Wirth: (photographers) News94
Noble: News88
G. E. Noble: News94
George Noble: News89-90
Goodman C. Noble: News88-90, News93-94, News97-00; Guy Noble in Springfield: MT1/12/1914p4
Maggie F. Noble: News92-93, News00
W. G. Noble: (night policeman) News89
Noe: News94
Rev. F. S. Noel: News88-89, News91; in Roseburg: DT3/15/1894p3
Noland: News90
Noland & Ulrich: (John Noland and W. Ulrich, saloon keepers) MMv1n1p4c6a, MMv1n4p4c4b, News84-86, Min86-87, Med86
Catherine Noland: News99
Charles Noland: News87
John Noland: (saloon keeper) see Noland & Ulrich; News84, News86-91, Min87-88, Med88
Mrs. Noland: News91
Sadie Noland: News87
A. L. Noltner: News90
W. C. Noon & Co.: News89-90
Warren H. Norcross: News91, News98
William H. Norman: News89, News99
Norris: News88, News98
Fern Norris: News98
John H. Norris: Wild, News95, News98-00; back from Logansport, Ind.: MM10/7/1898p6
Ruth Norris: News00
W. H. Norris: News88
Austin North: News89
J. North: (woodcutter) News93, News98
Naomi E. North (Mrs. T. R.): News88
Prof. North: MMv1n1p4c4b, News85
Rufus North: Min85, News90
Thomas R. North: (lawyer) News88-90
Norton: News84, News85-86
Mrs. Norton: News94
Dora Norton: News85
Electa Norton: see Electa Barneburg
Jemima Jordan Norton: News98
John D. Norton: Min86
John G. Norton: (farmer) News88-89
A. R. Norwood: (merchant) News94
John Notter: News89
L. Nudelman: See Goldstein & Nudelman; News95
Fannie Nunan: News95
Jeremiah Nunan "Jerry": (merchant) News86-87, News89-91, News93, News95; retires: MT2/23/1912p4; in Oakland, California: JP5/10/1913p3
Mrs. Nunan: News87, News95
Marguerite Nussbaum "Maggie": see Mrs. Newstrom
Hezekiah C. Nute: News94, News96, News98
R. M. Nute: News98
Nutley: News84
Albert Nutt: (groceryman) News96
Nye & Stoner: (racket store) News00
Anna E. Nye (Mrs. Stephen A.): Med10
Chauncey Nye: News00
Hal B. Nye: (racket store, Bill Nye mine) News00
N. B. Nye: (racket store) News00
J. M. Nye: News84
P. Nystrom: News86
John Nyswarner: News95
O.&T. Co.: News86, News89, News91-92
O'Brien: News85
Bernard O'Brien: News94
John O'Brien: News90, News93
Carrie L. Lumsden O'Bryant (Mrs. Fred): News89
Fred. O'Bryant: (jeweler) News88-90
John O'Conder: Med93
N. O'Connell: (lime burner) News89
Bertha O'Donnell: News88
D. W. O'Donnell: (painter, bartender) News88-91, News93
P. J. O'Gara: Med10
O'Hara: News91
J. O'Hara: News92
Thomas Jasper O'Hara/O'Harra: News92-94, Med93
O'Neil: see Roberts & O'Neil; O'Neal; MMv1n1p1c6a
O'Neil & Roberts: see  O'Neil; MMv1n4p4c1b
Hugh O'Neil: News00
Lewis O'Neil: News86
M. H. J. O'Neil: News89
P. B. O'Neil "Barney": (farmer) News84, News89-92, News94-95, News98; in Los Angeles: MM1/25/1901p6; back: MM2/15/1901p6; obit: MT7/4/1910p4
Oates: Hist
James H. Oatman: News92
George W. Obenchain: Bear
J. O. Obenchain: News92
Meldorn/Maldoren Obenchain: News85; in Sprague River Valley: DT11/17/1893p3
Mrs. Nancy Morse Obenchain: Med11
Mollie Ober: (photographer) News98-99
John Ocander: (Salvation Army) News90-92, News00
L. L. Oden: News94
Odgers & Arnold: (dentists) News00
Clara A. Odgers (Mrs. John W.): News93, News00
Grace Odgers: (musician) News93, News98-00
Dr. John W. Odgers: (dentist) Hist, News92-94, Med93, News97-98, News00; leaving for Berkeley: MM5/17/1901p6; grocer in Berkeley: MM4/4/1902p7, MM7/25/1902p6; in Sebastopol, California: MT9/30/1912p2
Miss Odgers: (teacher) News00
Dr. W. B. Officer: News94
William Nathaniel Offutt: Med11
Emily W. Ogan (Mrs. J. M.): News87-91
Eunice W. Ogan: News87, News91
J. M. Ogan: News87, News91
Rev. Roscoe C. Oglesby: Hist, News89-91; deceased: MM1/4/1901p6
Anna Oiler: News98
Olds: Hist
William E. Oliver: News85, News89-90
Olson Bros.: (planing mill) News97, News99
Charles O. Olson: News94
J. E. Olson: (planing mill) News98
John Olwell: News92
John D. Olwell: Hist, Med10
John W. Olwell: News89, News00
Philip W. Olwell: (sawmill operator, orchardist) News84-86, News88, News90-94
Mrs. P. W. Olwell: News95
William Olwell "Will": (miller) News89, News92-93
Orchard Home Association: OH89, News90-91, News93-94, Med03
Alexander Orme "Alex": (miner, sheriff) News91, News93, News98-00; bio: MM5/9/1902p2
Orr: News99
Albert E. Orr: see Weeks & Orr
Eugene Orr: News97-98
Wilber L. Orr: (carpenter, mill foreman) News99-00
Orser & DeRoboam: (liverymen) News00
Edwin P. Orser "Ned": (liveryman) see Williams & Orser; News97, News99-00
Flora Orth: see Flora Wilkinson
Henry Orth: (butcher) News98
Jo Orth: News00
John S. Orth: Hist, News84-85, News88-89, News94, News97
Josie Orth: News90
Carrie Orton (Mrs. Sherman): News99
Sherman Orton: (cook) News93, News97, News99; in De La Mar, California: MM11/22/1901p7
Allie Osborn: (telegrapher) News94
D. M. Osborne & Co.: News84-85
Eva Jane Osborne: IOOF
John Osborne: IOOF
Olivia Dyre Osborne (Mrs. John): IOOF, News00
Ferdinand Osenbrugge "Fred": (carriage, Oldsmobile dealer) Hist, IOOF, News00, Med07
P. W. Osgood: Med10
John M. Otter: News89
Overbeck: News88
John A. P. Overdorf: True
Harry Oviatt: News93-94
Ole Oviatt: News99
Patrick H. Oviatt: (populist) News88-94, News00; ill in Ashland: MM2/5/1909p6
Sarah C. Oviatt (Mrs. Patrick H.): News90-91
A. G. Owen: Min87, News87-88
A. V. Owen: News87
Lydia Owen: News93
Mabel C. Owen: see Mabel Hall
Wiliam A. Owen: (bartender) News98
S. A. Owens: (billiard parlor) News98
Mrs. S. A. Owens: News89
William Owens: News88
Zada/Zuda Owens: (teacher) News92-93
Owings: News89, News92
Owings & Dutcher: (pool hall) News97
Owings Brothers: (photographers) News84-85
S. A. Owings: (liveryman, billiard hall) News89, News98
Mrs. S. A. Owings: News98
Shafer Owings: News98
Pacific and Eastern Railroad: Hist, Med11-12, Med19
Reason B. Packard "Reas": Hist; returns: MM8/21/1908p2
Page & Son: (fruit shippers) News90
Dr. Frederick C. Page: Med08, Med12
Frederick H. Page, Jr.: News91, News93, News95
Martha Paine (Mrs. Prof.): News00
Prof. C. H. Paine: (musician, special policeman) News98-99
Paine & Simmons: (orchestra) News00
Palen: News88
George H. Palethorpe: (baker) News98
Pallett: News93
Mark Pallett: Med03
Palm: News88
Palm & Medynski: News93
Palm Bros.: News90
Palm, Whitman & Palm: (tinsmiths, cigar manufacturers) News00
C. M. Palm: News93
Callie Palm (Mrs. Charles W.): IOOF, News90-97, Med91, Med97, News99-00; obit: MT10/16/1960p9
Carrie Palm: News92
Charles W. Palm: (barber, insurance agent, implement dealer, real estate agent) see Hamilton & Palm, Johnson & Palm, Campbell & Palm; Hist, News88-00, Med91, Med97, Med03
Gotlieb F. Palm: (tinsmith, cigar maker) see Palm, Whitman & Palm; News00
Lewis Palm: News90, News93
Palmer & Rey: MMv1n1p4c4b
Eliza L. Palmer: News00
Isaac A. Palmer: (architect) WJB, News96
Potter Palmer: Med27
Bertha Honoré Palmer (Mrs. Potter): Med12
W. G. Palmer: News00
Eva Pankey: see Mrs. Conley
Henry Pankey: News95
Louis C. Pankey: News89, News92
Emma Pape: see Emma Dunn
Fred J. Pape: News98
Henry Pape, Jr.: News89, News97-98; married in Salem: MM10/5/1900p7
Maggie Shipley Pape (Mrs. Henry): News89, News94
Miss Pape: (postal clerk) News90
Pardee, Cook & Co.: News91
J. C. Park: (blacksmith) News92
Rhoda A. Park: News91
Parker: News94, News99
Parker & Higgins (S. A. D. Higgins): (confectioners) News98
A. Day Parker: (teacher, bicycle racer) News92-96, News99-00; in Ireland: MM11/30/1900p2; in New York: MM1/4/1901p6
Ada Parker: News92
Clement M. Parker: News89
Fannie Parker (Mrs. William H.): News92, News95
George Parker: News92-93, News95
George L. Parker: (newspaper publisher) News99
George S. Parker: (bicycle racer, business college) Bike, News92-94, News99-00; in Ione, Oregon: DT3/12/1900p3
Iva Parker "Ivy": News91; see Iva Slover
Joseph Parker "Joe": (clerk) News98-99; moving to Portland: DT5/6/1903p3
Katie Parker: News98
Louisa B. Parker (Mrs. Millard F.): (dressmaker) News99
M. Parker: News94
Millard Fillmore Parker: (insurance agent, house painter) News98-99
Dr. R. L. Parker: News96
Sam Parker: Min86, News98
Squire Parker: Bear
W. H. Parker & Sons: News93
William H. Parker: (teacher, county clerk, attorney, farmer) WJB, MM86, Med88, News89-95, News97-00; back from Oakland, California: MM4/4/1902p7; obit: MM10/8/1909p3
George Parkhill: News91
John Parkinson: News94
Parks: News85
J. W. Parlow: News93
James Parr: News91
Ollie C. Parsell: News00
Dr. John S. Parson: News85, News87-88, News91-92, News94-95
Mrs. Parson: (dressmaker) News89
Parsons: News88
Ed. Parsons: News93
John W. Parsons: News97
Lee Parsons: News97
Mable H. Parsons (Mrs. Edwin S.): Med10
Joseph W. Partlow: News93
C. H. Paske: IOOF
J. Paterson: (thresher) News88
William A. Patrick: News99
Dr. M. J. Patten: News89
Patterson & Chute: (threshers) News98
Elsie Patterson: News95
Joshua Patterson: News90, News94-95, News98
Sylvester Patterson: (sheriff) News95
Doe Pattinger: Med07
Dr. Patton: News88
M. J. Patton: News88-89
M. S. Patton: News89
William Patton: News83
Paulson: Bear
Paul W. Paulson: Wild
Pavitt: see Crewe & Pavitt
Clifford J. Pavitt: (cigar maker) News91, News00
O. Frank Paxton: News90
Payne: (county clerk) News90
Payne & Retty: (David Payne and Jerry Retty, liverymen) Med86
C. T. Payne: (fishmonger) News92, News94
Mrs. C. T. Payne: News00
David Payne "Dave": (liveryman, butcher) News85-87, MM86, News89, News91-95; obit: MT10/30/1912p2
F. E. Payne: Hist, News99, Med03
G. E. Payne: (architect) News91
Taylor Payne: (fence salesman, groceryman, feed merchant) News92-95, Med93, News98
Mrs. Taylor Payne: News94-95
Pearce: see Ward & Pearce
Chris O. Pearson: (telegrapher) News99; in Farmington, Washington: MM4/19/1901p7
J. E. Pease: (orchardist) News88
Emil Pech: News00
Henry Pech: News00
George A. Peebles: News88
Rev. Peebles: News89
Emil Peil: (blacksmith) Hist, News83-84, News89, News92, News98
Frank. A. Peil: News92; in Prosser, Washington: MT9/11/1930p5
George Peil: Med07
Martin Pellett: News93
H. F. Pellett: Med07
Pelton Bros.: (beef) News95
Horace Pelton: News88, News99-00
John E. Pelton: (cattle, sheriff) News84, News92-95
Lottie Ganiard Pelton (Mrs. John E.): News84
Jasper C. Pendleton: (county assessor) News95, News98-99, Med11
M. W. Pendleton: News98
C. A. Peninger: MMv1n1p4c2b, News90, News92
David N. Peninger/Penninger: News92, News94
William H. Peninger: News92
George F. Pennebaker: News85, News90
Edward A. Pennock: News93
Pentz & White: (attorneys) News93-94
Frances H. C. Pentz (Mrs. Samuel): News90, News93
Samuel Stanley Pentz: (attorney) Min88, News88-95, News97-00
Mrs. S. S. Pentz: News98
Anson L. Penwell "Bud": News89, News93, News98
Lillie J. Manwell (Mrs. Anson): News89, News98
Anson L. Penwell: News93
Mrs. Sarah E. Manwell Penwell: News92, News94
S. S. Penwell: (baker) News92-94
Percival: Med07
Perdue: News92-93
Arval/Arvil Perdue: News87, News97
Charles Perdue: News92, News94, News97, News00
James E. Perdue: MMv1n1p1c4b, MMv1n4p1c4a, News85-86, Med93, News94
John Perdue: (shoemaker) Med86, News90-92, Med91
Sarah E. Perdue: News87-88
John Wesley Perkins: Med07; in Roseburg: MT2/20/1912p4
John A. Perl: True, IOOF, Glim
Paul Perrault: (tailor) News98
Harry Perrin: News91
Perry: (drayman) News90
Perry & Foster: (liverymen) News98, News00
C. H. Perry: News93
Emma Perry: see Emma Stine; News93
James A. Perry: (liveryman, fruit packer, banker) see Cox & Perry; Hist, News00, Med03, Med07, Med08
Richard Perry "Dick": News93, News95
Peters: (barber) News89
Mary Peters: (teacher, county clerk assistant) News97-98; visits: JP5/31/1913p3
Peterson: News84
John Peterson: (brickmason) News99
Rev. Martin Peterson: Hist, News84-89
Swan Peterson: News93
Ed. Pettinger: News90
Lena J. Petton: News94
Etta Coleman Peyser: News90
Orra F. Herron Peyton (Mrs. Reuben E.): News91
Reuben E. Peyton: News91
Pfeifer: News84
Frank Pfluger: News93
Charles Pheister: News94, Med03
Jacob Pheister: News93-95; in Bourbon, Indiana: MM7/12/1901p6
Adna H. Phelps: Min88, News88
Edwin C. Phelps: (editor, printer, publisher) News87-89, Med03
Effie Tice Phelps (Mrs. Ira A.): News89-91, News93-94; in Scio: MM8/17/1900p6
Ira A. Phelps: (printer, publisher) Hist, News88-91; in North Yamhill: MM6/9/1893p1, News93-94, Med95, News98-00; in Seattle: MM2/25/1898p7; in Scio: DT12/13/1900p3, MM12/14/1900p7, MM12/28/1900p2, MM12/5/1902p6; obit: MT9/15/1937p3
Mary Rebecca Ross Phelps (Mrs. Edwin C.): News87-89
J. A. Philbrick: Med03
L. P. Philips: (planing mill) News99
Phillips: see Fordyce & Phillips; News92
Phillips & Jackson: News89-90
C. M. Phillips: News98
Josiah Noonan Phillips: (attorney) News89-90, News92
Jennie Bailey Phillips (Mrs. J. N.): News89, News94
M. Phillips: News94
Sam Phillips: News92
Vernon Phillips: (printer) News89
Katharine Root Philport: News92-93; marries Richard Henry Hodge: MM7/11/1902p2
Phipps: News85, News90, News93-94, News99, Med03
Agnes Childers Phipps (Mrs. E. E.): News94
Mrs. Alla Rena Phipps (Mrs. Mathew P.): News87, News98, News00
Anna Phipps "Annie": News93; see Anna Lindley
Calistia/Calista P. Downing Phipps (Mrs. Iradell Judson): News87, News90-93; obit: OR10/23/1927p15
Charles Phipps: News94
D. I. Phipps: News00
D. Edward Phipps: Phipps, IOOF, News91
David Phipps: News93
Rev. Edward E. Phipps: News92-94; moving to Paisley: MM9/29/1893p3; News97-99; in Los Gatos: MM7/5/1901p6
E. J. Phipps: News93
Edward Phipps "Ed": News89, News92-93
Dr. Ira Dell Phipps: (dentist) Phipps, IOOF, Med88, News93, News98, News00
Iradell/Iredell Judson Phipps "Ide": (farmer, real estate agent) MMv1n4p4c3a, IOOF, Phipps, First, Hist, News83-94, Med84, Min85-86, Med86, Med88, Med93, News97, News99-00
John Phipps: News93
Joseph Phipps: News99
M. C. Phipps: News92
Mathew Preston Phipps "Press," "Pres.": WJB, News87-89, News91-94
May/Mae Phipps: (teacher) Phipps, IOOF, News87, News92, News97-00
Minnie Cooper Phipps: News92-93
Nathan P. Phipps: News90
R. J. Phipps: News94
Will J. Phipps: News91
William Estill Phipps "Will": (teacher, attorney) Hist, News85, News87-88, Med93, News93-96, News98, Med10, Med11
Adella/Adele J. Pickel "Della": (teacher) News91-95, Med93, News97; in Philadelphia: DT9/19/1901p7; in Douglas, Alaska: MM8/7/1908p5
Dr. Elijah Barton Pickel: (physician) see Geary & Pickel; First, Hist, Wild, Glim, Med88, News88-95, Med93, News97-00, Med97
Miss M. Pickel: News93
Mattie E. DeLashmutt Pickel (Mrs. Elijah B.): Hist, Med88, News90-93, News99-00, Med07
Cyrus H. Pickens: Med88, News88-89, News91, News94-95
E. P. Pickens: News90; in Igerna, California: MM12/26/1902p6
Pickney Pickens: News85, News94
Will. Pickens: News98
Macy M. Pickering "Shorty": (blacksmith, drayman) News92-94
Pierce Bros.: News92
Charles H. Pierce "Charlie": (timber cruiser, lumberman) see Proudfoot, Pierce & Co.; News90, News92-94, News98-00; moving to Ashland: DT9/19/1901p7
Gage M. Pierce: News89-93
Joseph G. Pierce: News90, News92; leaving for the East: SOM8/26/1892p3; leaving for Klamath Falls: MM5/11/1894p2
Lewis T. Pierce: (contractor) News00
W. G. Pierson: News91
Dr. John B. Pilkington: (physician) News00
William Townsend Pine: News91
A. W. Pipes: Hist
F. G. Pittard: (blacksmith) News99
Halett F. Platt: (hardware merchant) Med07
E. Pleasant/Pleasance: News91, News94
Dr. Charles C. Pletcher: (dentist) News94-95, News97, News99; returns from Indiana: MM4/12/1901p6; files homestead: MM9/26/1902p2
Maria Plumerth: News97
Plymale: (pronounced PLY-mull) News87, News89-90, News93, News97
Anna Elizabeth Plymale: News86
Bessie Brous Plymale (Mrs. Francis G.): News94
Cassie Plymale: News90
Francis Gabriel Plymale "Gabe": (fireman) News92, News93, News00
Francis Marion Plymale "France": see Angle & Plymale, WJB, First, News83-95, Med88, Med91, Med93, Med97, News98-00
Gabriel Plymale "Gabe": (roller rink) News89, News92-94, News96, News99
Jane E. Nichols Plymale (Mrs. Francis M.): News91, News93, News00
John S. Plymale: News91, News00
Josephine Martin Plymale (Mrs. William J.): News92, News95
Judge Plymale: News89, News91
Kate Plymale: News93
Mary Plymale: News95
Meda Plymale: see Meda Fox
Nellie Luy Plymale (Mrs. William L.): News87
Norah Plymale: see Norah Johnson; News88-89
Walter Plymale "Walt": News93, News95
William Jasper Plymale "Tip": (liveryman) News84-90, News95, News98
William L. Plymale "Bill": News87, News92; in Yreka: JP7/10/1920p3
Plymire: News99
Louise Ann Plymire "Annie L." (Mrs. James W.): News93-94
Elizabeth Plymire: see Elizabeth Garrett
James W. Plymire: News88-89, News93, News95
William Plymire: News84, News90
Poe & Brantner: (F. M. Poe; brickmakers) News89
Poe & Co.: (brickmakers) News89
Chester Arthur Poe "Art": WJB; in Portland: OR12/25/1915p16
Francis M. Poe: (brickmaker) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, Min86, News88-89, Med93, News93, News99
Josephine Poe: News92-93, News00
M. E. Pogue: News83, News84-85
Emma Kebutz Pohlman (Mrs. Henry): News93
Henry Pohlman: (orchardist) News91-94, News99-00, Med03
Mrs. Joseph Poley: News95
J. C. Pomeroy: News94
W. H. Pomeroy: News88, News90
Pool: News86
Emanuel J. Pool: (blacksmith) News85-88
Mary Pool: see Mary Nichols
Sarah J. Poole: News87
Harry Poole: Bear
Ezra Poppleton: (dry washer) News94
Luke A. Port: News85
Porter: IOOF
Porter & Johnson: (real estate) News93
Ada Watts Porter (Mrs. Luther G.): News91, Med10
Dr. Porter: IOOF, News91-92
George Porter: (hotel clerk) News98, News00
James Porter "Jim": (railroad fireman) News84-85, News91
Luther Goodwyn Porter: (lumber, school board) News91-95, News99-00, Med06
F. S. Porter: (telegrapher) News91
P. S. Porter: News91
T. S. Porter: (photographer's agent) News91
John Posey: News91
A. N. Poston: News87
A. S. Poston: News88
Edgar T. Pottenger: (miller, grocer) see Davis & Pottenger; IOOF, News91-94, News98-00
Ella Pottenger: News92-93
Mrs. Pottenger: News93-94
T. E. Pottenger: News93, News98-00
L. H. Potter: News84
Katherine Riley Potter (Mrs. Samuel A.): News89
William Potter: News89
Powell: News88
B. S. Powell: News87
Benjamin Wallace Powell: (attorney, notary, insurance agent, hotel keeper) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p4c5b, MMv1n4p1c1a, MM86, First, Hist, Min85-86, News85-92, Med86, News94
Mrs. Emma Powell: Med84
Joe Powell: (clerk) News98
N. W. Powell: News98
P. Powell: News92
Thaddeus Powell: News98
Willis B. Powell: News90
Mrs. John Power: News99
Elizabeth B. Powers: see Elizabeth Glidden
Pracht: News89
Humboldt Pracht "Hum": News91
Max Pracht "Peaches": News96
R. F. Prael: News88, News94
J. H. Prall: News98
J. W. Prall: (hotel keeper) News98-99
George Washington Praytor: News92
Thomas W. Praytor: News91
Minnie Predmore: News95
Anthony W. Presley: News87-88
Franklin Presley: News87
Rebecca M. Presley: News87
Pressley & Co.: News87
Joseph S. Prewer "Joe": True
Price: News85
C. S. Price: (school superintendent) News92-93
Curt Price: News88
E. Price: Med11
G. M. Price: News93
Dr. Roland Price: see Roland Pryce
William Kertis Price: News85, News87-88, News90, News98; visiting from Albany: JP10/19/1912p3
Pauline Price (Mrs. William K.): News86
Priddy & Son: News84
Alfretta Guches Priddy (Mrs. George W.): News88, News94
George W. Priddy: (brickmaker, brickmason, contractor) MMv1n4p4c2a, WJB, News87-88, News92-00, Med93, Med06
James Priddy: News85, News87, News92
Lee Priddy: News85
Edith Priest: News95
William Priest: News85, MM86
Charles Prim: (attorney) Hist, News95, News97, News99-00
Paine Page Prim: (attorney) Phipps, Min85, News85, Min87, News88-89, News00, Med07
Theresa Maria Stearns Prim (Mrs. P. P. Prim): News85; dies in Chicago: JP6/21/1913p1
W. T. Prim: (cook) News91
David T. Pritchard: (jeweler) News90-95, Med93, News98, News00; in Klamathon: MM3/1/1901p7; in Springfield: MM8/2/1901p7; in Cottage Grove: DT11/21/1901p5; suicide in Grants Pass: MM7/18/1902p2
Laura D. Thompson Pritchard (Mrs. David T.): News93, News95
Proudfoot & Co.: (lumber mill) News99
Proudfoot & Gray: (loggers, sawmill) News98-99
Proudfoot, Pierce & Co.: (sawmill) News99
Robert A. Proudfoot: (lumber mill, power plant operator) Hist, News98-00; in Portland: MM11/23/1900p7, MM3/8/1901p6
Provolt: see Herriott & Provolt
D. B. Provost: News95
Irwin Pruett: News87
Mrs. J. W. Pruett: News98
William Pruett: News95
Dr. Roland Pryce: (physician, coroner) Hist, News83, Min85, News85-94, MM86, Med86, Med88, Med93
Puckett: Bear
Puhl: see Wendt & Puhl
William Puhl: (barber) News92
Miss Purcell: News88
E. P. Purcell: News89
Lucinda Purcell: News89
Purdin: News94
Purdin & Ulrich: (blacksmiths) News90
Alice H. Purdin (Mrs. Ira E.): News94
Bertha L. Purdin: see Bertha Knight
Ira E. Purdin: (hotel clerk) News87, News91-95, News00; in Forest Grove: MM4/25/1902p6
Irine B. Purdin (Mrs. Mahlon): News92, Med10
Iva Purdin "Ivy": (teacher, asst. postmistress) News87, News91, News99, News00; in Sisson, Calif.: DT1/16/1902p4
J. R. Purdin: News88
Lizzie Worlow Purdin (Mrs. Mahlon): News90-92, News95; obit: MM8/16/1907p5
Mahlon Purdin: (blacksmith, insurance agent, hotel keeper, notary, attorney, mayor) see Harris & Purdin; First, Hist, News86-96, Min87, Med93, Med94, News98, News00
Mahlon Purdin Jr. "Lin": News98; in San Francisco: MM10/12/1900p7
Mart. Purdin: (blacksmith) News91
J. Purdom: News85
George Putnam: Hist, Med10
S. P. Putnam: News87
Sarah J. Queen: News88
Rev. G. W. Quimby: (carpenter) News89
Mary Radcliff: see Mary Stearns
Ragsdale: Glim, News87, News89, News90, News92
Mrs. A. F. Ragsdale: News92
Cleophus C. Ragsdale: News91-94; in Williams, California: MM8/23/1901p6, MM7/11/1902p6, MM7/18/1902p7
J. F. Ragsdale: News86-87, News89, News90, News93
Mrs. M. J. Ragsdale: (dressmaker) News92-94; leaving for Willamette Valley: MM3/9/1894p3
R. F. Ragsdale: News92
Railroad Exchange Saloon: see Noland & Ulrich
Railroad Saloon: see Noland & Ulrich, MM86, News84
A. A. Raine: News84
H. L. Raine: (confectioner) News96
James Raines: Min86
John Raines: Min86
Fannie Ralph: News93, News95
Helen H. Ralph (Mrs. John): (nurse) News92
Robert Ralph: News93
Ralston: News89
John A. Ramsdell: News91
C. O. Ramsey: News99-00
Joseph Randall: News93-94
Joseph Randles: News99
William Ranken: News89
Rankin: News92, News00
F. S. Rankin: (photographer) News92
M. B. Rankin: News89
Harvey Ransier: News90
Raphaltz: News93
Joseph Rapp: News84
Rasmus Rasmussen: (confectioner) News94
Albert Rau: (brewer, yeast maker) News91
Grant Rawlings: (county recorder) News93-96, News98; obit: MM4/3/1908p1
W. Rawlings: News93
Ray & Long: (paint store) News00
Archie Ray: (blacksmith) News00
Dr. Charles Reginald Ray: Med07, Med10
Col. Frank Huber Ray: Wild, News99
Hattie L. Ray (Mrs. Joseph H.): News00
Joseph H. Ray: (paint store) News99-00
H. A. Raymond: News89
Raynes: News84
James K. Reader: News92
Rev. R. A. Reagan: Hist, News93, News98
David B. Reame: (sewing machine repairman) News98, News00
Mrs. D. B. Reame: News95
Robert B. Reame: News98-99; at Palmer, Oregon: MM9/19/1902p7, MM11/28/1902p7
Reames: see Beekman & Reames; Colvig & Reames, White, Reames & Co.
Reames & White: News91
Reames, White & Co.: (merchants, Jacksonville) News92, News94
Alfred Evan Reames: News94, News97, News00
C. L. Reames: Med10
Edith Tongue Reames (Mrs. Alfred E.): News99
Evan R. Reames: (attorney) News89, News92-93, News95, News99-00; in Klamath Falls: MM3/15/1901p6
Genevieve Reames: News98
Laura Reames: News99
Lucinda Williams Reames (Mrs. T. G.): News92, News99
Mollie Reames: Med97; see Mollie Jennings
Jennie E. Ross Reames (Mrs. Evan R.): Med97
Thomas Given Reames "Tom": (postal inspector, banker, merchant) Hist, News83, News85-87, News91-93, News95, News00
Will Reames: News97
W. L. Record: News84
Redden: see also Redding; News89-90, News94
Amy Redden: News88
B. L. Redden: News89, News91
Bert Redden: News87-88, Min88, News91-92, News98
Cora E. Redden: see Cora Carder; News87
Edward Redden: News87, News93-94
Ida Redden: (teacher) News91-93, News95
James H. Redden: News96
John W. Redden: News93, News95
Leventine C. Redden (Mrs. John W.): News93, News99-00
Mary Estell Redden: News95
Mrs. Redden: News92
S. E. Redden: News87-88, News90
Stella Redden: News87
W. L. Redden: Min86
Reddick: Bear
Redding: see also Redden
Ida Redding: News87, News91
John Redding: News90
L. Redding: News85
Dr. John Francis Reddy: Hist, Med88, Med07, Med10
Mary Reddy (Mrs. John F.): Hist
Redfield: News83, News85
Redfield Bros.: News92-94, Med93
Edward E. Redfield: News84, News88, News90; moving from Linkville to Grants Pass: DT8/1/1890p2
H. S. Redfield: News84
Ida Wilcox Redfield (Mrs. John H.): News94
John Hill Redfield: (blacksmith, gunsmith, inventor) see Merriman & Redfield; MMv1n4p4c3b, Hist, Min85-86, News85-86, News88-96; in Spokane: MM10/18/1901p7; in Denver: MM7/19/1907p5
Laura Morrison Redfield (Mrs. H. S.): News84
Sam Redfield: (blacksmith) News96
Peter Redlinger: News98
Edmond Redpath: News93
Reed: News84-85, News89
C. Reed: News99
Emma Reed: (teacher) News98-00; in Portland: DT4/15/1903p1
Georgia Briggs Reed (Mrs. Horace B.): News91
Horace B. Reed: (fencing manufacturer, hotel keeper) News87-92, News94, News99; in Portland: MM4/21/1893p2; in McMinnville: DT1/17/1898p3, DT3/23/1899p3, DT11/22/1900p2; in Kerby: MT3/14/1910p5
John F. Reed: News93-94
Lottie Reed: (teacher) News92
Wesley Reed: News89
Reelfoot: Bear
W. S. Reep: Med94
B. F. Reeser: News94
Mae B. Reeves: News00
Mary E. Reeves (Mrs. Sewall R.): Hist, News00
Sewall R. Reeves: News99-00
Rehart: News89
Otto H. Reichman: (restaurant manager) Med10, Med11
Reid & Neuber (George E. Neuber): (miners) News95
David Reid: News92
Judge W. H. Reid: (miner) News94
Hugo Reinbold: Bear
A. Reinhold: News98
E. Reinhold: (shoe merchant) News94
William Renken: (hay baler) News92-93
Rentz & White: (attorneys) News94
J. K. Reoder: News92
Jerry Retty: see Payne & Retty, Roberts & Retty; News86-87
A. L. Reuter: News86-87, News90, News92
John Reuter "Johnny": (medical student) News93, News95
Lena Reuter: News92
Al V. Reynolds: (tailor) News97-98
D. Reynolds: News88, News90
D. L. Reynolds: moved to Weaverville, Calif.
Daniel Reynolds: News91
J. C. Reynolds: Bear
L. L. Reynolds: News99
Lew Reynolds: Bear
Thomas H. Reynolds: News86; OR8/16/1914pB5
Rhinehart: News89, News00
Clara Rhinehart (Mrs. John B.): News00
Eugene Rhinehart: News00
John B. Rhinehart: (hotel owner) News96, News98-s99; in San Francisco: DT4/3/1902p2
Lillian Rhinehart: (dance teacher) News98-00; married to Edgar F. Fordyce MM8/30/1901p2; in Eureka: MM12/12/1902p7
Margaret I. Rhinehart: News98
Jabez Rhoads: News99
William P. Rhoads: News94; in cult in Los Angeles: MT10/10/1929pB1
Isaac Rhodes: News89
Mattie E. Rhodes/Rhoads: News98-99
Susan M. Rhodes (Mrs. Isaac): News89
Bethuel Rice: Med93
D. Rice: News98
David L. Rice: (bike racer) Bike, News84, News91
Ella M. Rice (Mrs. David L.): News92
Fitz H. Rice: (miner) News99
Fred. Rice: (clerk) News98
H. M. Rice: MMv1n4p4c1b, News85
Horace Rice: News85
J. R. Rice: (printer, hotel man, "cowboy preacher") News95
Lyle Rice: (railroad man) News94
Richardson Rice: Bear
Harriet M. Richards: News94
Henry Richards: News88, News91; dead in Midlands, Michigan: DT5/26/1893p2x, News00
Sarah Richards: News99
William Richards: News00
Richardson: News88, News93, News00
Harvey Richardson: News94
Henry H. Richardson: News85, News87-88, News92-93, News95; dead in Midland, Michigan: MM5/19/1893p3
J. Richardson: News99
Jesse Richardson: News85, News89-91, News94-95
John W. Richardson: News93, News99
Roy Richardson: (sailor) News99
S. T. Richardson: Med10
Samuel W. Richardson "Sam": News89, Med07
William Richardson: News88
Dr. John R. Rickenbach: (physician) News92
Dr. Judson D. Rickert: (dentist) Med11
Eugene Ricksecker: News87
Riddle & Wolters: Min86, News86
Riddle Bros.: News87
Riddle House: Hist, MM86, News86, News88
Riddle, Oregon: News83, News89
Mrs. A. Riddle: News88
Edwin Riddle "Eddie": News87, News99
Genevieve Riddle: News87-88
Ira Riddle: News87
John Bouseman Riddle "Bouse": (hotel keeper) First, MM86, News86-89, Min87-88, News99; in Riddle: MM8/2/1901p7; ill at Portland: MM6/18/1909p2; obit: JP10/17/1914p1
M. G. Riddle: News88
Mary F. Riddle (Mrs. John Bouseman): News86
Milla Riddle "Millie": News87, News88
Minnie Riddle: News87-88
Robert Riddle "Bob" "Bobby": News87-88
Stilly Riddle: News87
Thomas Riddle: News86
W. Ralph Ridenhour/Ridenour: (stationary engineer, railroad engineer) News91-94
Charles Rider: News95
George D. Ridinger: (bridge builder) News86, News93-94
Hattie McDonough Ridinger (Mrs. George D.): News86
George Rieve: News87-88
M. E. Sturgis Rieve (Mrs. George): News87
Rifenburg & Murphy: News92-94
Alonzo G. Rifenburg: News93
Rigby & Hart: (business college) News91-92
E. S. Rigby: News93-94
Mrs. M. E. Rigby: News92
Prof. M. E. Rigby: (principal, Medford Business College) see Rigby & Hart; News91-94, Med93; in Brigham, Utah: DT9/29/1898p3; in Burns: MM11/8/1901p7
Michael Riggs: News88, News99
Nancy Riggs: see Nancy Lewis
Charles Riley: News98
Phil Riley: News90
Thomas Riley: News86, News98
Addie K. Rippey: Med11
Ritter: Bear, News98
J. F. Ritter: News92
Jacob F. Ritter: News91
John F. Ritter: News00
Joseph Ritter: News98-99
Claud Rivers: News98
Mrs. Rivers: News00
Ella J. Rivers: News93, News98
Etta J. Rivers: News93
Mrs. L. J. Rivers: News93
Frank W. Roach: (newspaper foreman) News99-00
Kate Robb: (teacher) Med93, News93
Frank Robbins: News93
Roberts: MMv1n1p1c6a, News86, News88, News94
Roberts & O'Neil (P. B. O'Neil & William B. Roberts): MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n1p1c6a, News84-91, News93-94, News98
Roberts & Orr: (contractors) News99
Roberts & Retty: News85
A. A. Roberts: News97, News99
B. F. Roberts: News93
Catherine Roberts: News92
Charles Roberts: News92
D. Roberts: News93
Dee Roberts: Bear, News92
F. M. Roberts: (miner) News94
J. P. Roberts: News88
James C. Roberts: News87, News89
James E. Roberts: Med93, News93-94
John Roberts: News89, News91
Katherine Roberts: News90
Martha C. Roberts (Mrs. James E.): Hist
Martha C. Howard Roberts (Mrs. James C.): News87
Mary E. Roberts: News88, News93, News99
Mrs. Roberts: News91
T. K. Roberts: (newspaper) News95
Mrs. Thomas Roberts: News95
W. D. Roberts: Med93, News94
W. H. Roberts: News99
W. L. Roberts: News88
Will Roberts: News91
William B. Roberts: (farmer, capitalist, city councilman) First, News84, News87-91, Med93, News93-95, News99-00
William J. Roberts: Hist, Min85
Anna Robertson: News94
L. A. Robertson: News00
Robinson: News85, News90
Robinson & Turpin: News89
Robinson Bros: News84
Robinson Hotel: Hist, IOOF
Arthur Robinson "Artie": News91-92
Charles Robinson: News95
Ed. Robinson: (policeman) News92
G. H. Robinson: News84-85
H. Robinson: News84
Henry H. Robinson: (bigamist) News92
Dr. James W. Robinson: (physician) News91-94, News99
John Robinson: (drayman) Bear, News84-87, Min86, MM86, Med86, News89-90
Joseph Robinson: News83
Mrs. Robinson: News85, News99
"Pap" Robinson: News89
Mrs. Rose L. Robinson: Med84
Rose S. Robinson: News88-89
Sarah Robinson "Tillie" (Mrs. Dr. James W.): News88
William Robinson "Billy": (wood cutter, fireman) News89-92; bio: MM3/5/1909p3, MT7/19/1910p2 see Wm. Robison
William H. Robinson: (barber) News84, News86
Arthur Robison "Monk" "Monkey": News91-92
John R. Robison: (drayman) Min86, News86, News88, News90, Med93, News94
Mary A. Robison: Med93
William Robison "Bill": (lumber mill worker) News92, News94 see Wm. Robinson
Rochford: News91
Albert Gallatin Rockfellow: News84
Levi C. Rodenberger "Lee": (night watchman, marshal) News86, News89, News91-92
J. W. Rodgers: News85
John T. Rodgers: (miner) News88, News98
Madison Rodgers: (saddler) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-85, News92
Annie Rodschaw: News94
Julia Rodschaw: (teacher) News92-93
G. W. Rogers: News96
George T. Rogers: News85
W. J. Rogers: News89
Rogue River Valley Railway: Hist, News85-88, OH89, Med90, News90-94, Med11, Med19
John T. Rolison/Roloson: News84, News87-88
Luiza R. Rolison/Roloson (Mrs. John T.): News94
Emmett Rolling: News88
Elsie Roof: (teacher) News97
Root: see Sherrard & Root, News99
Edwin D. Root: News99-00
John M. Root: Med10, Med11
Sarah M. Root: News90
Carrie Roper: News95
Prof. M. V. Rork: News87, News90-91
Dr. Rose: News86
Edgar D. Rose: News91, News94-95; returns from Sisson: MM11/28/1902p6
Grace Rose: News99
Jemima Colver Rose (Mrs. Lewis A.): News85-86
Lewis A. Rose: News86, News88, News90, News99
Nellie Rose: see Nellie Newbury
Albert S. Rosenbaum "Rosy": (railroad agent) News99, Med07, Med10
Alice G. Matthews Rosenbaum (Mrs. Albert S.): News87, News99-00
M. Rosenthal: News84
Simeon Rosenthal "Sam" "Rosy": (clothing merchant) MMv1n1p1c5b(illegible), MMv1n4p1c4a, Wild, WJB, Hist, News84, News86-98, MM86, Med86, Med88, Med91, Med95, News00
Ross: Med88, News92, News00
Ross & Wrisley: (J. E. Ross, J. B. Wrisley; real estate agents) News87-88
Mrs. D. G. Ross: News92, News98
Gen./Col. John England Ross: MMv1n1p4c2b, News84-85, News87-89
Johnny Ross: News91
Mae Ross: (music, dance teacher) News00
Thomas D. Ross: MMv1n1p4c2b, Bear
B. Rostel: News84
Carl/Charles B. Rostel: (barber) News88, News90, News92-93, News98
Ernestine Rostel (Mrs. C. B.): News98
Rosy: see Simeon Rosenthal, Albert S. Rosenbaum
Roten: News89
Homer Rothermel: Med07
L. Rouch: News90
Rev. Rounds: News99
Roup: News94
Edsell T. Roup: Med93, News93; leaving for southeastern Oregon: MM1/19/1894p3
Mollie Roup: News93
R. T. Roup: (musician) News94
Col. Rouse: (miner) News98
D. Rouse: News89
L. Rouse: News89
Rancellar/Rance/Ranse Rouse: (bartender) News00
William P. Rouse: News98
Router: News87
E. F. Rowe: News88
Fred H. Rowe: (sawmill operator) News89-90
F. M. Rowland: News90
John J. Rowland: News85, News89
Martha J. Rowland: News87
Ladru Royal: News92
Rev. Thomas F. Royal "Limpy": Hist
Royce: Bear
David Royse: News87
William Ruddick: News98
E. G. Rueden: Med11
Robert W. Ruhl: Hist, Wild, Med23
William H. Rumley: News85
Mrs. Rummell: News89
W. A. Rummell: News94-95, News98
Edwin J. Runyard: Med11
E. R. Russ: News89, News91
Edward Russ: News91
Edwin Russ: (miller) News94-95, Med06
Rev. Elijah Russ: (pastor, nurseryman) News88, News91-95; in Amity: MM10/6/1893p3; obit: MM7/12/1901p7
Mrs. F. E. Russ: (milliner) News88-89
Russell: see Johnson & Russell; News85
Atha H. Russell: News98
Darius Bates Russell: (confectioner) News98; in Fort Jones: DT8/22/1901p2; Med07; moving from Portland to Sams Valley: MT9/30/1912p2; dead in Modesto: MT9/14/1951p17
Mrs. A. M. Russell: News86
Rev. A. M. Russell: Hist, News85-86, News94; in San Francisco: MM5/25/1894p3; in Napa, then Ashland: News99
Eva C. Russell (Mrs. Thomas J.): News84
James H. Russell: (stone carver) News88-89
Joe Russell: News99
Mrs. M. H. Russell: News92-93
Thomas J. Russell: News84
W. H. Russell: News93
William Ryan: News84
Charles R. Ryder: News98
Rev. F. Sach/Sack: Hist, News98, News00
Carrie Sackett: (teacher) WJB, News90-92
Lila Sackett: (teacher) News92-93, News00
Lyda D. Sackett: News92
May Sackett: (teacher, postmistress) News92-94
Amy Safford: News90, News93
E. G. Sahlstrom: News94
W. H. Sailor: News00
Rev. T. L. Sails: News86-87
William Salat: News94
Alfred W. Salmon: News91
E. G. Salstrom: News91, News93, News98; on the Klondike: MM7/11/1902p6
Edward Saltmarsh: News85, News87
Joseph B. Saltmarsh: News85, News90
Tessie Saltmarsh: News00
Emma Sampson: News99
S. T. Sanders: (shoemaker) News00
William Sanor: News98
Alice Applegate Sargent: News94
Col. Herbert H. Sargent: Wild
Margaret Sargent "Maggie": (teacher, principal) Hist, News85-86, Med86
Oliver Sargent: News91
Charles W. Savage: News84, News88
James Savage: News83
John Savage, Jr.: News94
Joseph Savage "Joe": (hotel clerk) News93-94
Lou L. Savage: News88-89; in Dunsmuir: DT9/19/1901p7
Lou W. Savage: News88
Margaret Sayers: Med93, News93; see Sayre
H. L. Sayles: News94
John Saylor: News00
A. N. Sayre:News94
H. Sayre: News94
Mrs. Sayre (Sayers?): (piano teacher) News95, News97
Jacob Schaefer: News94, News99
Schermerhorn & Shone: (second-hand store) News99
B. Schermerhorn: News96
Gordon L. Schermerhorn: (second-hand dealer, planing mill) see Mounce & Schermerhorn; News94-95, News98-00
Ida Schermerhorn: News98
Ed Schieffelin: News94
Paul Schiessler: News93-94
J. C. Schilling: Med11
A. Schmidt: News94
Birdie Schmidt: News92
George Schmidt: News92
John Adam Schmidt: (cooper) News84, News90-92; obit: JP5/9/1914p1
Adam Schmitt: News95
General Schmitt: News95
G. F. Schmidtlein/Schmidtlin: News98
Charles Schnebacker: News94
John Schneider: (saloonkeeper) News97-98
Mrs. John Schneider: News95
Paul Schoen: MMv1n4p4c2a
Schonchin John: Bear
J. S. Schott: News95
Schultz: News88
Frances E. Schumaker: see Frances DeBoy
George Schumpf: (barber) News85-87, News94
John Schumpf: News87, News89
J. W. Schute: News94
Veit Schutz: (brewer) News90
Scott: News88-89, News92-93, News98
A. D. Scott: News88-89, Med93
Joseph Scott: News87, News98-99
Peter C. Scott: News88, News93
Ross W. Scott: News91
W. W. Scott: News91
Walter Scott: News89, News92, News94
Robert G. Scroggs, Jr.: News85
Park Seace: News94
Alfred B. Seal: News88-89
Avery T. Searle: (attorney) News99-00
Sears: News88
Sears & Wilcox: News89
Amanuel Z. Sears: (night watchman) News89-93, News00
Cleveland Sears: News95
David T. Sears: (merchant, town assessor) First, News88, News89-95, Med91, News98-00; in Spokane: DT12/16/1903p1
D. T. Sears & Co.: (ladies' clothing) News89, News94
E. B. Sears: News85, News87
Fay Sears: News93, News00
Granville Sears: News86, News88, News92
H. D. Sears: News98
J. H. Sears: News88
Louvina J. Sears (Mrs. David T.): (milliner) Hist, News88-89, Med91, News94, News96, News98-00; in Eugene: MT2/5/1912p2
Melinda Sears: Med93
S. T. Sears: News00
Susan Farrier S. Sears (Mrs. Amanuel Z.): News91, News93
Dr. Sechrist: News94
L. Seeley: Med86
Dr. Seely: Med11
R. A. Seibert: News89
Jack Sells: News91
Anna M. Settles (Mrs. Lawyel H.): News00
Harry T. Severance: (farmer) News91
Ole Severson: MMv1n1p4c5b, News83
Mrs. Margaret Sevler: IOOF
Caroline Sexton "Carrie" (Mrs. David H.): News83; obit: MT5/23/1911p6
Joseph Seyferth: News93
Jacob M. Shadle: News88-89, News94
J. W. Shaffer: News94
W. E. Shane: News94
Rev. Hiram S. Shangle: News93, News99-00
Mrs. W. F. Sharon: News90
Rev. Byron J. Sharp: News84
Edwin C. Sharpe: News93
Shattuck: (Josephine County sheriff) News93
Prof. T. Shattuck: News85
Thomas Shattuck: News90
Sarah Melissa Bever Shaw (Mrs. William F.): News87, News89
William F. Shaw: News87, News89
Shawver: News91
Shawver & Nicholson: (contractors, carpenters) Med93, News93-95
Shawver & Youngs: (carpenters) News91
W. F. Shawver: WJB, News91-94, Med93, News98
Henry G. Shearer: (drayman, deputy sheriff, chief of police) True, IOOF, News94, News96, News99, Med10
Jacob E. Shearer: (barber, doctor) News91-92, News99-00
G. H. Shears: News93
J. W. Shears: News93
Ben Sheldon: Med10
Grant Shell: News99-00
Shely & Jacobs: (stone cutters) MMv1n1p4c6a, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c4a, News85-86, Med86
Robert M. Shely: (stone cutter) see Shely & Jacobs; News85-87, News89, News91
Mrs. E. B. Shen: Med10
C. F. Shepherd: (piano dealer) News94
W. H. Shepard: News92
John P. Sheridan: News94
Charles L./S. Sherman "Charlie": (sign painter) see Smith & Sherman; News85, Med93, News93, News94; in Kansas City, Missouri: DT1/4/1894p3
Emma Ball Sherman (Mrs. Charles): News93
Mrs. Sherman: (boarding house) News93
Sherrard & Root: (miners) News90
Everett Sherrill: News93
S. C. Sherrill/Sherill: (teacher) News89, News92, News94
E. A. Sherwin: News94-95
Shideler: News89, News92
Andrew Franklin Shideler "Frank": (teacher, pharmacist) News87, News91, News98, News00
Hannah Shideler: News98
Henry L. Shideler: News96, News98
John H. Shideler: News90, News92, News94
Lewis E. Shideler: News87, News89, News90-91, News93; in Alhambra, California: MM5/16/1902p6
Louis C. Shideler: News84, News93
Lucinda Shideler: News93
Rebecca Shideler: News91, News93
S. Shideler: News96
Rev. W. F. Shields: IOOF
Shiner: News93-94
H. W. Shipley: (farmer) News91, News95
Maggie Shipley: see Maggie Pape
Morgan Shirley: News94
Mrs. Hawkins G. Shock: News90
Perry V. Shoemake: News90
Walter B. Shoemake: News90
Willie Shoemaker: News87
C. C. Shohohoney: News94
Joe E. Shone: (carpenter, planing mill operator) see Schermerhorn & Shone; WJB, News94, News95, News98-00; leaving for Yreka: MM3/30/1900p6; in Yreka: MM2/28/1902p6
I. N. Shook: News92
W. F. Shores: News90
W. H. Shores: News91
William T. Shores: News90
Short: News86, News88-89, News93, News98
Short, Angle & Plymale: News88
Ella L. Short: News88, News93
G. W. Short: News91
John W. Short: (real estate) First, Med84, News85-93, Min88, Med93
Ella L. Short (Mrs. John W.): Med84, News88, News90-91, News93
Thomas H. Short: (blacksmith) returns: DT5/12/1893p3; News99
William Short: News86
Shott: News95
W. F. Shouver: News92
Retta Shreve: see Retta Demorest
Shultz: (miller) News88
Paul Shultze: (restaurant owner) News94
W. T. Shurtleff: News94
J. W. Shute: (jeweler) News94
Sibley: News95
Sibson, Church & Co.: News85
Sidener: News88
Mrs. Sidney: News93
M. J. Signs: Hist
Esther Silsby: (musician, music teacher) News97-98, News00
Charles Silvers: News99
Simmons: see Paine & Simmons; News88, News94
Simmons & Cathcart: (hardware; W. H. Simmons, F. B. Cathcart) News92, News93
John Simmons: News84; obit: MT5/11/1911p3
Josie Simmons: News94, News98
Peter Simmons: (Pioneer Hotel, Eagle Point) News85
Mrs. W. H. Simmons: News95
William H. Simmons: (hardware, second-hand goods) see Simmons & Cathcart; News89, News92-94, Med93, News97-98
Allen Simon: News94, News96
Charles F. Simon: News94
Ed. Simon: News87
Peter Simon: Hist
Sophie Simon: News90
Anna E. Simon (Mrs. Peter): News91
L. A. Simons: News91
Angie E. Simpkins: see Angie Wilcox
Isaac Simpkins: News89, News94
Myra E. Wrisley Simpkins (Mrs. Philip L.): News91
Philip L. Simpkins: News91
Phoebe Simpkins: see Phoebe Lewis
Judge Simon Simpkins: News95
Andrew Henry Simpson: News89-90, News95; in Oro Grande, Idaho: MM12/13/1907p5
B. Simpson: News95
Catherine Simpson: News88
Fannie Simpson: News90
Fred Simpson: News00
Hannah M. Teller Simpson (Mrs. James W.): News94
Jesse F. Simpson: News86, News88, News91; in Albany: News92
James W. Simpson "Jim": News87-90, News94, News98; back from Montague: MM11/5/1908p5
Mrs. Simpson: News89
Narcissa D. Simpson: see Narcissa Dodson
Sarah J. Simpson: News88
Sarah K. Simpson (Mrs. James W.): News88
Rev. W. G. Simpson: News85, News89
William Simpson: News99
F. R. Sims: (horse trainer) News98-99
John S. Sims: News84, News94
Thomas Sims: News98
Abby/Abbie Sinclair: (teacher) Med93, News93
Wong Sing: News95
August Singler: (salesman, constable, sheriff) True, IOOF, Med07
William Singleton: (lineman) News90
Hattie Sisemore: News92, News94
Ida Sisemore: see Ida Johnson
Linsy C. Sisemore: News93-94
Mary Sisemore: News98
Mrs. Sisemore: News94
Sisson & Crocker: News90
T. L. Skaggs: News84
Skeel: see Klippel & Skeel; News86, News90, News00
Skeel & Egan: MMv1n1p4c6a, MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n4p4c3a
Skeel & Son: (builders, planing mill) News90-95
Bert Skeel: News90
Brace Skeel: News93, News99-00
Charles W. Skeel: (planing mill, carpenter, contractor, councilman) see Skeel & Egan; MMv1n4p4c3a, MM86, First, News84-85, Med86, Min87-88, News87-93, Med88, Med91, Med93; in Prospect: MM10/14/1898p5
Clara Skeel: News94, News98-99
Kate M. Skeel (Mrs. Myron): News94, News99
L. Etta Skeel: News91-93
M. A. Skeel: News91
Myron W. Skeel: News88-90, Med91, News92-95; in Grants Pass: MM5/25/1900p7; dead in Portland: MT8/30/1924p6
W. M. Skeel: News93
W. W. Skeel: News98
Skeeters: see Leonard & Skeeters; News95
Charles F. Skeeters: News90-91
Grace Jane Skeeters: News90, News92
Isaac Skeeters: (baker) Bear, News89-90, News93
J. O. Skeeters: Bear
Joseph A. W. Skeeters: News90
Leonard A. Skeeters: News91
Mrs. Skeeters: News94
Lura Skinner: News91
N. Slack: News88
Belle Slade: see Belle Songer
Slagle & Fraser: MMv1n4p4c3b
Frederick S. Slagle "Fred": (tailor) News94, News99-00; in Coquille: MM10/12/1900p7, MM6/1/1901p6, MM7/25/1902p6
John C. Slagle: see Slagle & Fraser, Mulvany & Slagle; MMv1n4p4c4b, News83-87, News93
W. S. Sleppy: News00
Carrie Sletter: News95
Robert R. Slewing: Med11
Slinger: see Ulrich & Slinger; News90
Joseph Slinger: News98
Richard Slinger: (stockman) News00
William Slinger: First, News88, News89-95, News98, News00; obit: MM6/22/1900p7
Jessie Slocum: News88
Alonzo Slover: (drayman) see Bellinger & Slover; News93-94, News96, News98, News00
Rev. James Anderson Slover: (druggist, soda fountain) News83-85, News88, News91-95; in Visalia, Calif.: DT8/4/1898p3
Josephine M. Rogers Slover (Mrs. James A.): News93-95, News98
James A. Slowell (Slover?): News93
Cornelius Sly: News89
George T. Sly: News88, News90, News92
Sarah F. Sly: News90
Thomas Sly: News00
W. M. Sly: News90
William L. Sly: News90
E. J. Smillie: (variety store) News88-89
Smith: see also Leabo & Smith; News83, News85, News87, News93-94, News99
Smith & Sherman: (painters) News93
A. Smith: News92
Capt. A. C. Smith: News97-98
Capt. A. M. Smith: News99
Anna L. Smith: News92
Aubrey Smith: Hist
C. C. Smith: News89-90
C. E. Smith: (hotel clerk) News94, News99
C. F. Smith: Bear
C. S. Smith: (confectionery) News94
Carver Smith: News94
Chilson Smith: News93
Deputy Smith: News91
Detective Smith: News91
E. Smith: News94
E. A. L. Smith: News97
E. E. Smith: (deputy) News96
E. Sanderson Smith "Quartz": News91, News92
Ed Smith: News92
Edward Smith: (watchmaker) News94
Mrs. Eliza A. Smith: News93-94
Mrs. Ella Smith: News95
Emma Smith: News92
Frank P. Smith: (grocer) News97, News99-00
Frank W. Smith: News98
H. S. Smith & Son: Min85-88
H. Tilson Smith: News87, News92, News94, News99
Henry Smith: (hardware merchant) see H. S. Smith & Son; MMv1n1p1c5a, MMv1n4p1c4a, Hist, News84-94, Min85, Med86, Med88, Med91, Med93
Mrs. Henry Smith: News94
J. Smith: News86
James Smith: News93
James R. Smith: News90
John Smith: News95
John A. Smith: News92-93, News98
John F. Smith: (gunsmith) obit: DT4/28/1893p3
John R. Smith: (populist) News94
John W. Smith: (orchardist) News84-85, News88, News92, News94-95, News00; obit: MM3/26/1909p8
Mrs. John W. Smith: News95
Joseph M. Smith: News86; ill: MT1/31/1912p5; obit: MT7/18/1919p5
L. Smith: News94
L. S. Smith: News87
Lee W. Smith (lumber): News91-92
Leroy Smith: News95
Louis Smith: News95
Mrs. Henry Smith: News93-94
Mrs. M. J. Smith: News99
Mrs. M. S. Smith: News93
Mary Anderson Smith (Mrs. Carver): News94
Mary L. Smith: News00
Noah Smith: News99
O. O. Smith: (laundryman) News95
Pleasant Smith: News00
Robert G. Smith: Med07
Robert Smith: News88
Rollin Smith: News95
S. Sumpter Smith: Hist
Sanderson Smith: News94
Susie Hamlin Smith (Mrs. Amos): News00
Sylvester Smith: News92-94
Theron Smith: News91, Med03
Tilson Smith: see H. Tilson Smith
Ulysses G. Smith: (teacher, school superintendent) Med06
Vinton Smith: (teacher, abstractor) News94
Rev. W. B Smith: News87
William L. Smith: (contractor and builder) Med86, News93, News98
William M. Smith "Tennessee": (orchardist) News91, News93, News95
William Smith: (blacksmith) MM86, News86, Med86
Victor Smith: News94
Vinton G. Smith: Hist, News93-94
Jane Snedicor: Hist
Charles P. Snell: (attorney) News00
Cora Love Snell (Mrs. Charles P.): News00
George Snider: News94
Mollie Snider: News84
Shuler C. Snook: News83
W. A. Snow: (musician) News98-99; returning to San Francisco: DT11/7/1901p4
George N. Snyder: (blacksmith) News98; in Keswick, California: MM3/29/1901p6
Albert N. Soliss: (penman, clerk, attorney) News91-96
Daniel B. Soliss: News95' obit: MT7/2/1918p6
John Soliss: Med07
Miss Soliss: News87, News93
Margaret Sophia Soliss (Mrs. Daniel B.): News92, Med11
Mollie Soliss: (telegrapher, bookkeeper) News93
Nellie Soliss: News92
J. B. Sollner: (tailor) News89; in Sisson, California: DT10/24/1890p3
Mrs. J. Solomon: News87
Dr. Sommers: News87, News89
Belle Slade Songer (Mrs. Samuel T.): News86
Dr. Samuel T. Songer: News86
W. F. Songer: News95
Catherine Soren: News87
E. W. Sorenson: News94
Martin V. B. Soule: News84, News89; MM12/18/1908p6
N. Southeard: Med11
Frank Sowell: News90
Estella Spangler: News98
Thomas G. R. Spangler: News92-93, Med93, News98
Thomas J. Spangler: News92
Mrs. Thomas S. Spangler: News97
R. O. Spear: News90
William Spear "Shake": (telegrapher) News98
Speas: News93
Speas & McGee: (contractors) News93
D. W. Speas: News93
Mollie A. Speas (Mrs. Squire Speas): News93
Squire W. Speas: (contractor) WJB, News87-88, News90-92, News95, News98
W. S. Speas: Med03
Georgia Spencer: see Georgia Nicholson
Jessie Spencer: (teacher) News93
Noah H. Spencer: News87, News89, News91-94; in Cottonwood, Calif.: MM8/1/1902p6, DT8/7/1902p3
W. H. Spencer: News87
Sport's Point: MMv1n1p4c2b
C. A. Sprandle: News93
Claus Spreckles: Trans
George N. Spurr: (bowling alley operator, miner) News98-99
Sada Squire: News93
Albion C. Squires: Med93, News93-95
Florence Squires: News93-94
M. Squires: News94
Sarah I. Squires: News93
Walter A. Squires: News95; in Philadelphia: MT10/7/1929p3
William Stalker: Med07
William R. Stammers: (jeweler) News90, News92, News94
William R. Stammers, Jr.: News91, News93-94
Standard Wood Yard: True
J. R. Standley: News92
Charles W. Stanfield: (hotel keeper) News87, News90
Dr. Stanfield: News95
Daisy Stanfield: (copyist) News97-98
Fred Stanfield: News94
Minnie Stanfield: see Minnie Devaul
Dr. Wesley W. Stanfield: (physician, city recorder) News87, News92, News97-98
Stanley: News85, News92-93
Dr. Arad Comstock Stanley: (state senator, merchant) Med88, News95
David T. Stanley: News87
George C. Stanley: (newspaper publisher) News99
H. Stanley: News84
Mrs. Harriet B. Stanley: (landlord) News87-89, News91, News93-94; see Harriet McKee
Henrietta B. Stanley: News87
J. R. Stanley: News92
Jane Stanley: News84
M. L. Stanley: (saloon keeper) News84
Ollie E. Stanley: News89
R. Stanley: News84
Rachel E. Stanley: News84
Rosa Stanley: News94
Thomas E. Stanley: (saloon keeper, stable keeper) MMv1n4p4c3a, News83-84, News91-92
Benjamin A. Stannard: News85
Miss Stannus: News87
Edward T. Staples: (real estate agent) Med07
Starr: News94
Starr & Drisco: News93, News98
Elijah W. Starr: (contractor) WJB, First, News88-94, News98, News00
Elizabeth A. Starr (Mrs. Elijah W.): (dressmaker) News89
Laura Starr: News90
Susan Starr: see Susan Sears
Staver: see Mitchell, Lewis & Staver
Staver & Walker: News89-90, News92, Med93, News94, News99
Steadham: News94
Steadman: News84
J. H. Stearns: News88
John R. Stearns: (pig sticker) News92, News93, News94
Mary Radcliff Stearns (Mrs. J. H.): News88
Rev. Stearns: News87
Robert Steadman: IOOF
William Steele: News94
Mrs. M. M. Stephens: News93
Rev. T. H. Stephens: News92-94, Med93; leaving for Wheatland, Calif.: MM6/22/1894p3
Stephenson: see Thompson & Stephenson; News87
B. F. Stephenson: News89, News91
Emma Stephenson: News92
Frank Stephenson: News91
George W. Stephenson: (liveryman) Bear, News87-88, News92
Mrs. George Stephenson: News90
Dr. George W. Stephenson: (stock inspector) News95, News99-00; leaving for Flora, Oregon: MM5/2/1902p6
Lottie Stephenson: News92
Rev. T. H. Stephenson: News94
Stevens: see Deuel & Stevens; Stephens, WJB, News98
Rev. Andrew J. Stevens: News94
Cecile Stevens: News99
Clarence Stevens: News94
Hattie Stevens: News99
Mrs. George Stevens: News94
Hugh Stevens: News94
James Stevens: Hist
Nate Stevens: News98
Squire A. H. Stevens: MMv1n4p4c3b
Rev. T. H. Stevens/Stephens: News93-94
Wilton B. Stevens: (merchant) News94, News98-99
B. F. Stevenson: News93
Benjamin Franklin Stevenson "Frank": News91, News93-94
Etta Earhart Stevenson (Mrs. Frank): News94
Stewart: see Barret, Butler & Stewart, Davis & Stewart; IOOF, News88, News93, News95, News99
Stewart & Chessmore: (real estate) News00
Stewart Bros.: (cattle men) News90
Adoniram J. Stewart: News88, News91-93, News95, News98; in Cottage Grove: MM11/13/1908p2, MT11/21/1912p2
Alex Stewart: News84
Alice Copeland Stewart (Mrs. James A.): News92
Annie Belle Stewart: see Annie Weeks
Bertha Stewart: (teacher) News87, News91-92
Bud. Stewart: News88
C. E. Stewart "Clint": News93-94, News97-98, News00
Cora Stewart: see Cora Hill
Elizabeth Hymans Stewart (Mrs. Joseph H.): News98, News00
Francis M. Stewart: (real estate agent) News88, News91, News93-94, News98-00
Harry Stewart: News99
J. R. Stewart: News84
James A. Stewart: (attorney, justice of the peace, book store owner) News87, News89, News92-93, News95, News98-00
James D. Stewart: News99
Johnny Stewart: (brewery, clerk) News98
Joseph Howard Stewart: (orchardist) MMv1n1p4c5a, Hist, IOOF, News85-96, Med94, News98-00, Med03
Julia Stewart: News94
June Stewart: News92, News97
M. Stewart: News99-00
Mary A. Stewart: News90
Mary E. Stewart: News93
Oscar Stewart: News92
Perry Stewart: News95, News97-00; leaving for Santa Rosa: MM3/29/1901p7; moved from Sebastopol to Redding: MM9/27/1901p7
S. Stewart: News89
Rev. William H. Stewart: News87-88, News91, News97, News99-00, Med03
Ernest C. Stickel: (brickmason) News98-99
Hunter L. Stickel: News99
George V. Stickel: (brickmaker) News98, News00
Nathan Stidham: News90
Frederic Glover Stimson: News87, News92
Stine: News89
Emma Perry Stine (Mrs. R. O.): News00
R. O. Stine: News00
Kate Stiner: News99
A. Stinit: (real estate) News89
N. Stinit:  News89
Stinnet: see Stinit
Mrs. R. Stinit: News89
Isaac M. Stinson: (farmer) News00
William H. Stinson: News00
Lucy M. Stiver (Mrs. Thomas M.): News94
Thomas M. Stiver: News94
H. C. Stock: (contractor) News89; in Yamhill County: DT1/11/1894p3
W. C. Stockham: News93
Miss E. Stockley: News94
William Stockman: News97
George R. Stockton: (printer) News86, Min86, News87; back from the East: MM2/17/1893p3; in Prospect: DT1/25/1894p3
Mary A. Stoddard: News94
Minnie A. Stoddard (Mrs. Harry C.): Hist, Glim, News00
Dr. E. B. Stone: News89-90
Mrs. W. S. Stone: News86
Barney I. Stoner: (cigar salesman, real estate agent) News00, Med07
Harley L. Stoner: (racket store) News00
E. G. Story: News94
A. W. Story: News94
Thomas Stottler: News90
Mrs. Stout: News93
Harry Stover: News86
Strait: News89
H. Strait: News86
J. F. Strait: News88
J. J. Strait: News89
Riley Strait: (gunsmith) News91
Charles P. Strang "Charley": (druggist, city treasurer) see Miller & Strang; MMv1n1p4c1b, WJB, Phipps, Glim, Hist, News83-94, Min85-88, MM86, Med86, Med88, Med89, Med91, Med93, News97-00
Emma Strang: see Emma Jacobs
Helen Strang: (teacher) News87-91, News94, News00
Mamie Beall Strang (Mrs. Charles P.): Med84, News86, News89-90
Rev. Ferdinand G. Strange: News88-89, News94
C. W. Stratton: (Medford Electric Co.) News94; father dies: OR2/25/1895p5
Samuel S. Strayer: Med94, News94, News99
A. Strobel: (merry-go-round) News92-93
Evangeline Strobel: News88
Joseph Strobel: News88
Mrs. Joseph Strobel: News90
Strobridge Bros: (Al and Sam, grocerymen) News94
A. L. Strobridge: News93
Al P. Strobridge: (drayman) True, Med93, News93-95
Sam Strobridge: News94
Charles Strong: (school board) Med06
Douglas Strong "Doug": News87
Rev. Strong: News87
Belle Merriman Stronk: Hist
Charles Stroup: News93
Stuart: see DeBoy & Stuart
Callie Stuart: News92
James Stuart: Hist
Robert Stuart: Med11
John H. Stubblefield: News88, News94
Belle Sturgis: News98
Mrs. M. E. Sturgis: see M. E. Rieve
Nina Sturgis: News94
W. J. Sturgis: News93-94
Frank Stuttz: News87, News89
Fred Stutz: (shoemaker) News88
A. E. Suckan: News89
Mrs. S. J. Sulder: News89
Samuel J. Summerlin: (hotel/restaurant operator) Med07
John T. Summerville: Hist, IOOF, Med11
Rev. August H. Sunderman: (teacher, railroad worker) News87-88, News90
James Surran: News92
W. D. Sutherlin: News93
Frank Sutter: (greenhouseman) Hist, Med93, News93-94, News99-00
Mrs. Frank Sutter: News89, News92-94
S. A. Sutter: News89, News92
Gertrude Sutton "Gertie": (teacher) News99-00
Robert K. Sutton: News92
Ross S. Sutton: News99
Sarah A. Sutton: News88
Walter Sutton: (newspaper) News96
Ida Swacker: see Ida McBride
C. N. Swanson: News94
Sam Swear: News84
M. J. Sweeny: (millwright) News93
Samuel Sweeny: News94; in Lorella, Oregon: MT11/27/1910p6
J. S. Sweet: (teacher) News89
John Swenning: News88
Paul Swenning: News94
Gertrude Swensen: see Gertrude Williams
M. J. Swift: News89
Carl Swigart: Hist
Swinden: MMv1n1p4c2b
Swingle: News95
Swinning: News99
Edward A. Swope: News89
S. H. Sykes: News89
Charles Tabor: News94
R. N. Tabor: News94
Gerard Taillandier: Med11
William F. Taggart: (farmer, bartender, shingle maker) News90, News98-00
Albin Taksa: News87
Talbot & Att: (meat market) News94
Talbot & Hembree: (stables) News94
F. A. Talbot: Med11
Talbot/Talbott: (skating rink) News90
C. M. Talbott: (insurance) News95
Aaron Patton Talent: MMv1n4p4c2b, Med85, News85, News87-90, News95, Med11
Tallant: see Talent
E. L. Tallman
Tamarack Flat: Bear
T. R. Tanner: Med11
Tascott: News93
Tasker: News93-94
C. G. Tasker: News93-94
Albert Clifton Tayler: (shoemaker, farmer) True, News91-94, Med93, News97-99
Erma Tayler (Mrs. Albert C.): News99
Irena Wangerin Tayler (Mrs. Albert C.): News99
Robert Tayler: News98
Taylor: see Avery & Taylor; Med88, News90, News00; see also Tayler
Taylor & Taylor: (lumber mill) News88-89
Annie E. Woody Taylor (Mrs. Willis A.): News91
Billee Taylor: (baker) News97
C. C. Taylor: (farmer) News93-94, News98-99
Charles Taylor: News88
Clark Taylor: Hist, News85, News87-88
Clifton Taylor: News99
Cora Taylor: News99
Cory Taylor: News94
H. C. Taylor: (journalist) News88
Harvey/Marvin Taylor "Marv" "Harv": News94
Henry Hobart Taylor: News93-94, News98
Hugh Taylor: News92
J. E. Taylor: News89
Dr. J. M. Taylor: (dentist) News89, News92
J. T. Taylor: (sawmill owner) News89
James Taylor: News99, Med03
Jesse W. Taylor: Hist
Mrs. John B. Taylor: News95
John George Taylor: (harness maker) News98; in San Francisco: MT5/16/1919p7; dead in Portland: MT12/10/1931p9
Lily Taylor: News00
Marvin/Harvey Taylor "Marv" "Harv": News94
Malissa Taylor (Mrs. Samuel R.): (hotel keeper) News91
Phoebe Taylor: News93
Robert Taylor: (deputy) News91
Mrs. R. S. Taylor: News95
Samuel R. Taylor: (express man) News84, News90; obit MM5/8/1908p8
Stephen C. Taylor: News87
Thomas H. B. Taylor "Tommy," "Bent": News92, News00, Med11; in Red Bluff: MT2/5/1911p14
William Taylor "Billie": (confectioner) News85, News98
Willis A. Taylor: News91
Willis W. Taylor: (sawmill) News91, News95
Mrs. W. H. Taylor: Med11
Joseph Teeson: News88-89
Thomas Teeson: News84-85
Robert W. Telfer: Glim
Hannah M. Teller: see Mrs. Simpson
Ed. Temple: News91
Templeton: Bear
Terrill & Hurn: News85
Clara Terrill: News93
Delbert Terrill: (delivery) News91, News98
Ella Terrill: News93
Horace Jefferson Terrill: News87; obit: MT12/28/1910p2
Sheriff Terrill: Wild
William Terrill: News91, News99
Irvin C. Terry: News89
D. W. Terwilliger: WJB
Edwin Test: (printer) News94
Frank Theising: (brewer) News93
Theiss: see also Tice?
Bartholomaeus Paul Theiss: (distillery owner) see Medynski & Theiss; News91-95, Med93, News96-98; bio: MT2/27/2011p2
G. Theiss: News91
Geraldine Theiss: News92
H. B. Theiss: News91
J. F. Theiss: News91
Joseph Theiss "Joe": News92
Lizzie Theiss: News91-92
Mary A. Theiss: (teacher) News92-93
Mary G. Theiss: (distillery owner) News91-92
Minnie G. Theiss (Mrs. B. Paul): News00
Thomas: News91
Mrs. A. M. Thomas: News91
Rev. G. G. Thomas: News88-90
George Thomas: News92
Illtid W. Thomas: News84-85, News88-94, News98-99, Med03
Joseph A. Thomas "Joe": News87, News93-94, News00, Med03
John W. Thomason: (hotel keeper) News95
Thompson: Bear
Thompson & Meeker (E. E. Thompson): (merchants) News94-95
Thompson & Stephenson: News87
Thompson, Van Dyke & Co.: WJB, News95
A. R. Thompson: News94, News98
Bessie Thompson: News92
Christopher Thompson "Chris": News95
David P. Thompson: (teamster, investor, banker) News87, News90
Rev. E. Ellsworth Thompson: WJB, News91-95; in Grants Pass: MM4/21/1893p2; in Oakland, California: DT2/21/1898p3
Rev. E. L. Thompson: News94-95
Rev. E. S. Thompson: News91-92
Miss M. A. Thompson: News88
John H. Thorndike: (feed store, miner) News89, News91-93, News99
L. W. Thorndyke: News93
Ole A. Thornton: News91
Charles Thumburg: News91
Mrs. Thumburg: News94
C. C. Thurston: News93, News99
Tice: see also Theiss?; News87-89, News92, News98
Tice Bros.: News87
Anna Tice: see Anna Willits
Carrie Tice: News94
Charles Tice: News87, News89
Effie Tice: see Effie Phelps; News89
Frederick Tice: News86
John R. Tice: MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist, News84, News85-86, News88-89, News93
Johnny Tice: News90
Henry Tice "Harry": News93
Margaret Tice "Maggie" (Mrs. John R.): see also Maggie Gruby; News88-90, Med93, News93-94
Martha L. Tice: News98
Nettie Tice: News87, News90; see Nettie Harris
Mrs. Paul Tice: Med88
R. Tice: News84
Thomas Tice (Tommy): News88
Walter Tice: News89, News93
Ticknor & Phelps: (F. B. Ticknor, Ira Phelps, newspaper) News89
Clara C. O. Ticknor: News90
Rev. F. B. Ticknor "Dock": Hist, News89-90, Med89
Mrs. F. B. Ticknor: News89-90
Police Chief Timothy: Wild
Tinken: News89
I. C. N. Tinkler: News91
J. C. Tipton: (butcher) News91
J. E. Tipton, Jr.: (cabin boy) News91; in Los Angeles: MM7/25/1902p3
J. R. Tipton: News94
Mrs. M. J. Tipton: News91
Anna Counts Toepper (Mrs. John): News91
John Toepper: News90-91
Blanche Toft: (typesetter) News00
Ray H. Toft: News99
Toggery Bill: see William F. Isaacs
Tolman: News85, News90
Tolman & Co.: News87
Crittenden J. Tolman "Crit": Bear, News85, News87-88, News93-94; visiting from Alaska: MT10/30/1914p7
Emma Tolman: (artist, teacher) News91, News94
General Tolman: News87
James C. Tolman: (farmer, surveyor, judge) News89-90, News94
Sidney Tomlinson (carpenter): News90, News92; mayor of Ellensburg, Wash: VR4/18/1901p1
Sylvia Tomlinson: News89
Oscar F. Topping: News84
Torrey Bros.: (miners) News94
Torrey House: Hist
A. J. Torrey: News87
Frank Torrey: (miner) News94-95
Homer F. Torrey: Hist, News84-85, News91, News93-94
Norman Torrey: News00
Colonel Frank L. Tou Velle: Wild
Frank Towne: News83
William F. Towne: News99, News00
Townsend: see Higgins & Townsend
Dr. E. Louman Townsend: RV85; obit: VR7/16/1891p3
Elizabeth Chapman Townsend "Lizzie" (Mrs. W. L.): News92, News00
William/Willis L. Townsend "The Jedge": (barber, real estate agent, billiard parlor operator) News91-95, News98, News00
Toy: (laundryman) News95
Toy Fook: News87
Albert B. Tozer "Bert": News95
Job R. Tozer: (millwright) see Emery & Tozer
B. Trainor: (restaurant operator, miner) News94
J. N. Traylor: News88
Judge Tressler: News92
J. W. Tressler: News93, News00
William M. Trimble: News86-87, Med86, News89
Hiram Tripp: News95
Harold B. Tronson: (orchardist) Med07
Trowbridge & Danielson: Med06
Benjamin J. Trowbridge: (real estate agent) Med07
True: News90-91
True, Bashford, Fordyce & Wilson: News93
Belle True: see Belle Griffin
Haines True: News90
Jeremiah P. True "Jerry": (thresher) News84, News89-92; obit: MM6/28/1907p1
Trumbull: see Merriman & Trumbull
Trump: (carpenter) News89
Edward W. Tryer: (fence worker, pork packer, farmer) News91, News95, News98-00; dies in Grants Pass: MM8/20/1909p1; obit: MM8/27/1909p3
Frank M. Tryer: (fence works manager) News89, News91, News94, News99
Harriet B. Tryer: News99
Ida B. Tryer (Mrs. Marion E.): News99
John F. Tryer: News88, News90, News91, News99
Laura Belle Tryer: News88
Marion E. Tryer: (railroad fireman, hardware clerk) News90-91, News94, News99
Millie/Milly Tryer: News93-94, News98
Daisy Tucker: News90
J. P. Tucker: News93
Charles E. Tull: (liveryman) News00
Nancy Tungate (Mrs. Jeremiah): News99
J. C. Turnedge: News95
Turner: News91, News94-95
Abigail Turner: News99
Emeline Turner (Mrs. William): News92, News94
Etta Turner: see Etta Zimmerman
Harry D. Turner: Med11
John Turner: News88
Mrs. L. C. Turner: News85
Susie Turner: (telegrapher) News92
Thomas T. Turner: News85, News87; in Baker County: MM11/1/1901p7
William H. Turner: (blacksmith) News88, News90, News93
William M. Turner: (blacksmith, butcher, editor) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-85, News87-89, News93; dead in Halfway, Oregon: MM8/20/1909p3
Turpin & Dennis: (threshers) News88
Hamilton C. Turpin: see Robinson & Turpin, Turpin & Dennis; News88, News94; visiting: MM2/12/1909p7
C. B. Tuttle: News84
Lee Tuttle: Hist
Nellie Plymale Tuttle (Mrs. Harrison): News99
Bettie/Betty E. Tyler: see Bettie Minnis; News89
Delbert Tyler: News89
Fair Mabel Tyler: News89
George H. Tyler: (photographer, resort owner) News85, News94, News96
Tyron: News91
Ella Tysart: Wild
J. J. Ullman: (real estate) News93; in Baker City: MM5/9/1902p6
Ulrich: see Purdin & Ulrich
Ulrich & Slinger: News98
Christian Ulrich "Chris": (carpenter, contractor) News88, News91-93, News98-99
Earl Ulrich: News00
Emma A. Ulrich (Mrs. William): News84-85
Levi Ulrich: (haberdasher) News90
Rosetta Ulrich: see Rosetta Kenney
William Ulrich: (insurance agent, cattle dealer, pork packer) see Noland & Ulrich; MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-98, Min85-86, MM86, Med86, Min88, News00
Dr. Unger: News89
Joseph M. Upham: News88
A. Urion: News96
Mrs. W. T. Vail: News90
Paul Valner: News94
Addie Van Antwerp: News98, News00
D. H. Van Antwerp: (architect, builder) News93, News95, News98
Earl E. Van Antwerp: (teacher) News95, News99; visiting: MM4/6/1900p6
Bert T. Van de Car: (jeweler) Med11
Van Dyke: see Thompson, Van Dyke & Co.; News83, News91
Carrie Van Dyke: News90, News92
Edgar R. Van Dyke: News93, Med07
Edith A. Van Dyke: (teacher) News95, News98; obit: OR5/18/1907p6
Frank Van Dyke: (missionary) IOOF, News93, News98-99
John Gilmore Van Dyke: (dry goods merchant) News85-87, News90, News94, News95, News97-99, Med07; obit: MT11/8/1912p6
John Van Dyke Jr.: News93
Cathrine Kleinhammer Van Dyke "Kate" "Katy" (Mrs. Sam): (postal clerk, typist) Hist, News84, News88-91, News98
Mrs. Van Dyke: News92
Sadie Van Dyke: News98
Samuel G. Van Dyke "Sam": News88, News99, Med03
Sarah A. Van Dyke: News90
Sarah L. Van Dyke: News87
Vern J. Van Dyke: (harness shop clerk) Med07
William Van Dyke: News88
L. C. Van Exxe: (photographer) News99
P. J. Van Hardenburg: News94
D. Van Horn: News89, News95
John Van Horn: MMv1n4p4c2a, Min88, News90
O. Van Horn: News89
Sarah C. Van Horn: News87
G. B. Van Riper: News95
Sarah F. Van Riper: News92
John Van Sickel: News89, News92
M. Van Sickel: News88-89, News92; in Mason City, Missouri: SOM7/1/1892p3
Rev. Van Tassel: News90
J. C. Vannoy: News88, News90
J. N. Vannoy: News87
Varney: News90
Vaughn: (brickmaker) News85
Vawter & Howard: (bankers) News90-93
Vawter & Whitman: (W. I. Vawter; bankers) News89
Etta M. Hill Vawter (Mrs. William I.): Hist, News89-95, News00, Med07
Vernon Vawter: News93, News00, Med07
William Ira Vawter: (teacher, attorney, banker) First, Hist, Med84, News88-95, Med88, Med91, Med93, Med97, News97-00, Med11
Sam P. Veatch: News88
C. H. Veghte: (tile maker) News92
Mrs. Veight: News94
Grace Vermeer (Mrs. Richard): Med11
Richard Vermeer: (contractor, furniture maker) Med11
Frederick Vermeren: News93
Vertelli: News85
M. Adelle/Adella Vertrees: News94-95
Joseph Stillwell Vilas: Med11
Henry Villard: Hist, News83
Vincent: see Vincent & Kilburn; Phipps
Vincent & Kilburn: News85
Benton Vincent: News93
Robert Vining: Med97
William J. Virgin: (miller) Hist, News94, News97; obit MM5/29/1908p8
Dr. Henry Vogeli: News93, News99-00
Mathias Volk: News83-84, News86, News89
Hugh von der Hellen: News89, News98
Voorhees: News83
F. B. Voorhies: (variety and notion store) MMv1n4p4c3a, News83-85
Gordon Voorhies: (orchardist) Hist, News99-00, Med03
Edgerton L. Vowels "Gertie": News00
Gertrude Vowels: News99
Mary Vowels: News98
Nellie Vroman: News92
Vrooman, Miller & Co.: (drugstore, hardware) MMv1n1p1c1b, MMv1n1p4c7a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c5-6a, Hist, News83-88, Min85-87, MM86, Med88, News94
Christiana W. Vrooman (Mrs. Martin): Med84, News87-89
Dr. Martin Vrooman: (physician) MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist, News83-85, Med86
Rev. A. B. Wade: News89
Frank Wade: News89
R. L. Wade: (implement dealer) News99
Wagner & Moore: (merchants) News91
Wagner Creek Mining Co.: News86
Belle Wagner: News93
C. F. Wagner: News93
Frank Wagner: News90
F. D. Wagner: Bear, News95
Jacob Wagner: Med85, News85, News92
Mina M. Barry Wagner (Mrs. F.): News90
Fred E. Wahl: Hist
Bess Wait "Bessie": (teacher) News92-93, News95-98; see Bess Fries; in Chloride, Arizona: MM11/20/1908p5
Edna Wait: News98
Elizabeth C. Wait (Mrs. Joeseph B.): News89, News91, News93, News00
F. J. Wait: News97, News99
Frank Wilson Wait: (stone cutter, teamster) News92-95, News97-00, Med06
J. F. Wait: (clerk), News93, News98-99; in Boulder Creek, California: MM1/10/1902pp6,7, MM8/1/1902p6
Jess G. Wait "Jessie": (teacher) News91, News95, News98-99; in Chloride, Arizona: MM11/20/1908p5
Dr. Joeseph B. Wait: (physician) News88-95, News98-00; obit: MM4/12/1901p2
L. F. Wait: News93
Mary Wait: News91-93
Rev. Ira Wakefield: News92
Catherine M. Wakeman (Mrs. Louis E.): Med10
Mrs. Lon Walbridge: News95
Charles E. Walcott: (newspaper editor) News94
Jerome B. Walden, Jr.: News89, News92
Oliver L. Walden: (broom maker) News93
David C. Waldron: News93
Mrs. M. A. Waldron: News93
Waldroop: News94
Waldroop & Karnes: (confectioners) News97-98
Daniel I. Waldroop "Dan": (bartender, confectioner) Wild, News93-95, News98-99
Mrs. D. I. Waldroop: News00
Walker: see Staver & Walker, Griffis & Walker; Bear News84-85, News90
A. H. Walker: (cook) News92
Annie Walker: News87
C. C. Walker: Wild, News85
Judge Charles Walker: News88, News91
Clay Walker: News89
Daniel Walker: News86, News92
E. P. Walker: (stable keeper) News92
E. T. Walker: News89
Enoch F. Walker: (liveryman) News84, News87-92, News94-96, News98-00; obit: MM9/7/1900p6, MM9/14/1900p2
J. J. Walker: News94
Jesse D. Walker: News92, News94
Jessie Walker: News94
John Walker: News90
Judge Walker: News88-89
Mary L. Walker: see Mary Mackey
Mary S. Walker: see Mary Angle
Minus Walker: News85
Prof. Walker: (musician) News91
Prudence Walker (Mrs. Enoch): News96, News98
Sarah Grubb Walker (Mrs. Daniel): News86
W. H. Walker: News90
Charles F. Wall: News90-91, News94, News99
Wallace & Sons: (brick masons) News90
Wallace: (baseball player) News90
C. A. Wallace: (brickmaker) News89
Rev. Charles H. Wallace "Charley": (brick mason, contractor) News89-91; in Cottage Grove: MM9/30/1898p6; News00
C. W. Wallace: News90
Frank Wallace: (baker) News96
George W. Wallace: News92
Rev. J. F. Wallace: News98
William L. Wallace: News90-91
George Waller: MMv1n1p4c5b, News85
George P. Wallihan: (Orchard Home Association) News94
Fred Walpole: News85
C. D. Walrath: Min87, News88, News90, News92
Walsh & Bragdon: (gold miners) News86
J. W. Walsh: News86
Emil Walter: Med03
Dr. James S. Walter: (dentist) News89
John N. Walter: (contractor) MMv1n4p4c2b, MMv1n4p4c3a, Min86-87, News87-89, News91, News93; in Ben Lomond, California: MM12/28/1900p7
Walters: see also Wolters
Alfred Walters: News87
Dr. Walters: News87
Ernest Walters: News87; in San Francisco: MM12/28/1900p7
J. N. Walters: News89
Mrs. J. N. Walters: News87; obit: MM12/28/1900p7
J. W. Walters: (shoemaker) News00
Harry L. Walther: Hist
Walton: News87
G. E. Walton: Min86
Judge George Sibley Walton: (shoemaker, town recorder, justice of the peace) First, Glim, News84-96, Min85-88, MM86, Med86, Med88
J. S. Walton: Min86, News86
Mrs. Judge Walton: News90
Rev. Walton: News90
Walton's Hall: News86-87, Min86
C. H. Walworth: (restaurateur) News92-93; left southern Oregon: DT9/29/1893p3
Jacob S. Walz: News88, News91-92
Wanamaker: News91
F. E. Wanless: News98
A. Wansdorf: News86
Wilhelm Wansher: News87
Wansner: News85
Ward: see Kertson & Ward
Ward & Pearce: (mining ditch) News99
Elizabeth A. Ward: News99
Frank Ward: News00
J. G. Ward: News85
Joel H. Ward: News92, News94; in Colorado: MM3/16/1900p2
J. W. Ward: News92, News99
L. D. Ward: News95
Sarah E. Ward (Mrs. J. G.): see Sarah Deik
W. C. Ward: News89
W. J. Ward: News90-91
A. W. Ware: Med11
Warner: (piano salesman) News94
Warner: see Lumsden & Warner; News95
Warner & Wortman: (grocers) News98, News00
Miss Warner: News98
Belle Warner (Mrs. Edward N.): Hist, Med88
Edward N. Warner: News96
Frank Warner: News89
Harriet M. Warner "Hattie" (Mrs. Lyman B.): News00, Med10
Louis Warner: News98
Lyman B. Warner: (nursery agent, insurance agent) WJB, Hist, News94-95, News98-99
Robin L. Warner: (teacher) News95, News97
William J. Warner: IOOF, News99; in Bellingham, Wash.: MM1/12/1906p5
R. N. Warnock: (saloon keeper) News98-99
Eliza J. Olds Warthen (Mrs. C. H.): News88, News90
Fredrick W. Waschau: (watchmaker) News93-94, News99-00
Mrs. Waschau: MT6/17/1913p2
Lewis H. Wasserman: News91
A. E. Waterman: Med11
Emery B. Waterman: (retired commercial traveler) Med10
Rosetta Waters: (teacher) News93
Watterman: News87
Frank G. Waterous: News93
Herbert L. Waterous: News93
John Watkins: News92
Fr. Francis H. Watry: (priest, German teacher) News91-93; in Tipton, California: DT6/2/1893p3
Chandler Bruer Watson: (district attorney, judge) News89, News95, News98-00
Elenor C. Kubli Watson (Mrs. Edward B.): News86
Lillie Watson: News95
Emma Watson: News98
G. H. Watt: (teacher) News89; married: DT7/7/1893p2
James E. Watt: (school board) Med06
Mrs. S. C. Watton: Med84
J. J. Watts: News91-92
Weaver: News94
J. M. Weaver: News92
John Weaver: News85, News91
Lillian Weaver: see Lillian Harvey
Minnie Weaver: News92
Oliver M. Weaver "Ol": News93
Verna Weaver: (dressmaker) News92-93
W. E. Weaver: News99
Webb: News85, News88, News94, News00
Webb & Zimmerman: see Zimmerman & Webb
Webb Bros.: see Adkins & Webb, News84, News88-89
Benjamin S. Webb: (school clerk, city recorder) First, Hist, News85-95, Med93, News99-00; in Covina, California: MM9/14/1900p6, MM12/7/1900p7, DT12/27/1900p3, MM5/17/1901p6, MM3/7/1902p2; in Hollywood, California: MT6/17/1925p6
Bessie Foley Webb (Mrs. George L.): News90, News94-95
Edith Webb: News00
George Webb: Med84, News88
Mrs. George Webb: Med84
George A. Webb: (dry goods, racket store) News89-90, News92, News99, News00
George F. Webb: News87
George L. Webb: (clerk, merchant) Wild, Hist, News85-96, News98-00; leaving for Covina, California: MM12/7/1900p7, MM12/28/1900p2; in Covina: MM5/17/1901p6
George W. Webb: News87, News90
Grandma Webb: News89
Hattie Webb: Med84; see Hattie Williamson
Isaac Alaska Webb "Ike": (contractor, builder, furniture merchant, school director) see Haskins & Webb; Hist, Wild, MMv1n1p1c4a, MMv1n1p4c1b, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c7a, True, WJB, News84-95, Med84, Med85, Min86-87, Med86, Med88, Med89, Med93, News97-00; in business in Goldendale, Wash.: MM11/7/1902p7, DT11/12/1902p2; in Portland: OR12/18/1910p10
J. A. Webb: News92
Laura Webb: News94
Josie Pearl Webb: News99
Katherine Lena Burton Webb (Mrs. Isaac A.) "Kittie": Hist, Wild, Med84, News86, News89-90, News92-93, News00
Louis Webb: News88
Mrs. Webb: News92
Nettie L. Howard Webb (Mrs. Benjamin S.): Hist, Med84, News86-87; in Covina: MM8/9/1901p7
Pearl Webb: News98, News00
Mrs. R. L. Webb: Med84
R. S. Webb: News87
W. H. Webb: News85
W. S. Webb: News94
Webber: see Losher & Webber, News00
A. J. Webber: (drayman) News96, News98; "Jack Webber" in Platte, Missouri: MM4/12/1901p6
Aileen Webber: (teacher) News98-00; in Albany, Oregon: DT5/6/1903p3
George E. Weber/Webber: (drayman) News96-00; in Sebastopol, California: MM7/5/1901p6
Webster: News90, News92
Webster & Hammond, attorneys: News93-94
Belinda Webster: News91
Judge Lionel R. Webster: (lawyer, circuit judge) MM86, News84, Med88, News89-90, News92, News93-94; killed in Portland: JP9/14/1918p3
Louise Webster (Mrs. Lionel R.): News94
Volna/Volney Webster: News89-93
W. L. Webster: (soda manufacturer) News89-93, Med91, News00
Weeks: see Weeks & McGowan, News92-94, News96-97
Weeks & McGowan Company: True, Glim
Weeks & Orr: (orchardists, furniture dealers) Hist, News93-95, News98-00
Weeks Brothers: (orchardists, furniture manufacturers) WJB, Hist, News91-95, Med93, News98
Anna Belle Stewart Weeks (Mrs. Arthur J.) "Annie": News86, News98-99
Arthur John Weeks: (sawmill operator, furniture maker, orchardist, architect) Hist, News83, News85-93, News98-99; in Oakland, Calif.: MT11/6/1922p9
Florence E. Weeks: News99
Frank H. Weeks: News93
G. W. Weeks: (hunter) News88
Gertrude Weeks: News99
Grace Weeks: News99
H. Weeks: News93
John Stewart Weeks: News92-93, News98-99
Maud Weeks: (clerk) News93, News99
Minerva A. Weeks: News93
Weinhard & Merz: (brewers) News97
Fred Weinhard: News89-90
Henry Weinhard: (brewer) News97
John Weiss: News87, News93
Welch: News89, News94
Calvin Welch: (merchant) News99
J. P. Welch, M.D.: MMv1n4p1c1a, News85-88
M. S. Welch: News94
E. A. Welds: News92
Wells: see Bellinger & Wells; Bear, News94
Wells Fargo Express Company: True, Phipps, Hist, News84-85, News88-89
Arthur S. Wells: News97, News00
Edward C. Wells: (butcher) News94, News98; in London: MM8/8/1902p2; dead in Portland: MT11/5/1930p11
J. A. Wells: News86
James F. Wells: News92
Percy Wells: (teacher) News94
Wendt & Puhl: (grocers) News98
Henry Wendt: News91
Mary Cluseman Wendt (Mrs. Henry): News90
Werk & Batterton: (saloon keepers) News84
Charles E. Werst: News93, News99
William Werth: (butcher) News94
M. J. Wessels: News89
Paul Wessinger: (brewer) News97
West: News84, News90-91, News94
Charles E. West: News93
Herman West: News89
Hiram West: News87, News91-92
J. R. West: News85, News88, News91, Med93
Julia West: News95
Mrs. J. R. West: News86-88
Mrs. West: News87-88
Neil H. West: News87, News89, News91, News95; in Reno: MO2/19/1895p3
P. West: News83
S. H. West: News90
Mrs. Susy/Susie Magoon West: (artist) News88-94; back from Loyalton, California: MM2/17/1893p3; obit: MM7/19/1901p7; dies in Reno: DT7/25/1901p7
Dr. T. H. West: News94
Thomas F. West: News85, News90-94, Med93
W. E. West: News85
John A. Westerlund: (orchardist, hotel keeper) Med10, Med11, BF8/1910p31
R. Westlake: (hotel keeper) News89
Alta Brous Weston (Mrs. Edgar D.): News96, News00
Edgar D. Weston: (photographer) News96, News98, News00
William S. Weston: Med11
Robert Westrop: News84; insane: DT6/30/1893p3
E. H. Wetzell: (mine operator) Med07
W. E. Wever: News93
Wheeler: see Abraham & Wheeler; Gibbs & Wheeler
Mrs. Gilbert Wheeler: Med11
M. W. Wheeler: News98
Wallace W. Wheeler: (implement dealer) News90-91
William Wheeler: News93
Whetrock: News91
Henry M. Whetsel: (music store manager) Med11
Whetstone: Med88, News92, News96
Almira Whetstone: News00
Bess Whetstone: News87
D. Whetstone: News93
David H. Whetstone: News84, News88, News90-91, News98
Daniel Whetstone: News93-94
Florence Dowell Whetstone (Mrs. Daniel): News94
Henry F. Whetstone: News91
Sarah Whetstone: News87
Vina Whetstone: News87
Dr. C. W. Whipp: News93
James Carr Whipp: WJB, News84, News86-89, News92-94
James H. Whipple: News83
James M. Whipple: News98
Myrtle Whipple: Med89
C. E. Whisler: Med08
White: see Pentz & White; Reames & White; News86, News89
White & Jacobs: (John F. White, Lee L. Jacobs; merchants) News98-99; dissolved: DT10/16/1899p3
White & Jeffrey: (attorneys) News96, News98
White & Smith: (Vinton Smith, abstractors) News94
White Bros.: News83
White, Harbaugh & Co.: (sewing machines) News99-00
White, Reames & Co.: (grocers) News94
Addie White: News92
C. R. White: (miner) News94
Daniel R. White: News86
Dulce Netherland White (Mrs. Rev. John): News94
E. P. White: News95
Edith White: (teacher) News98
George W. White: (attorney, banker) News93-95, News97-99; in Portland: MM4/6/1900p7; banker in Coquille: MM4/18/1902p6; moving to Berkeley: MM9/25/1903p12
Hattie White (Mrs. John F.): News99
Henry White: News94
J. M. White: News93
Rev. John White: News94
John F. White: (sewing machine merchant, real estate agent) see Reames, White & Co.; Hist, News92, News94, News98-00, Med07
Mrs. White: Med93, News93
Sarah Ann Gaines White (Mrs. Daniel R.): News88, News90, News99; obits MM4/2/1909p8
Willie White: News94
Zela White: News99
Ransom Henry Whitehead: (station agent) Hist, News90-94, Med93, News98-00; back from Wisconsin: MM1/25/1901p7, MT10/2/1912p4
Whiteside: see Beek, Whiteside & Co.; Neal & Whiteside; Wood, Whiteside & Co.; Huff & Whiteside; News87, News99
J. A. Whiteside: (street commissioner, mayor, distillery gauger, builder) MMv1n4p4c3b, First, Hist, Min85-88, News86-95, News98
Aaron S. Whiting: News84
J. H. Whiting: (attorney) News89
Whitman: see Goldsmith & Whitman; Palm, Whitman & Palm; News87, News90, News93
Whitman & Adkins: News87
Mrs. Emma Whitman: Med84
Frank L. Whitman: News87-88
Herman Larue Whitman: News91
J. G. Whitman: News95
J. H. Whitman: (lawyer, lender, abstractor) WJB, News86-91, News93, News95, News97, News99
James Albert Whitman "Bert": (fruit shipper, cigar mfr., Studebaker dealer) Hist, News87-00, Med93, Med03; in New York City: MM12/6/1907p2, MM8/14/1908p1
John Doty Whitman: (horticultural commissioner, orchardist) WJB, News85-95, Min86-88, Med94, News99; obit: MM12/25/1908p2
Mary A. Whitman (Mrs. John D.): News91-92
Nellie Mitchell Whitman (Mrs. James A.): News97-98, News00
Olan/Olin/Orin/Orrin W. Whitman: (Medford Book Store) News00, Med07
Sarah M. Whitman (Mrs. J. H.): Med84, News89, News91-93
Will Whitman: News90
Peter B. Whitney: News85, News94
Mrs. Susannah Hendershott Whitney: Med84, News87-89, News93
R. Whitsett: News87
S. B. Whittle: (lineman) News90, News94
Whitworth: Hist
Wiedler: News91
Mrs. Dr. Wiggin: News99
Dr. LaFayette Wiggin: (veterinarian) News97-98
Wigle: News94
Erma Wigle: News00
J. Wigle: News98
John L. Wigle: (laundryman) News92-96, Med93, News98-99
Justin Wigle: News93, News98-00
Justine Wigle: News93
Loren J. Wigle: News00
Mary E. Wigle: News93
Wilcox: see Sears & Wilcox; News86
Wilcox: (house mover) News96
Wilcox Bros.: News85
A. J. Wilcox: (plasterer) News85-86, News88, News90, News94
Angie E. Simpkins Wilcox (Mrs. Gideon W.): News91
C. Wilcox: News85
Gideon W. Wilcox: News91
Ida Wilcox: see Ida Henderson, Ida Redfield; News89
Jennie Wilcox: (milliner) News85-86, Med86, News88-89
Mary Wilcox: News88, News93
Robert Wilcox: News99
Scott M. Wilcox: News84
Cora G. Davis Wilde (Mrs. William M.): News88
William M. Wilde: News88
Elsie Wiley: News98
Irene Wiley: (telegrapher) News91
J. G. Wiley: (restaurateur) Min88, News89-90
James Wiley: Min88, News93
John T. Wiley: (store clerk, second-hand dealer) News94, News00; leaving for Oakland: MM6/14/1901p6
John W. Wiley: (livestock buyer) News92-95, News98-00
Orton H. Wiley: (pharmacist) News95; in Berkeley: MM11/14/1902p7
Wilkinson & Hanley: see Hanley & Wilkinson
Wilkinson & Hunsaker: (blacksmiths) News98
Anna Wilkinson: News92
B. F. Wilkinson: News90
C. R. Wilkinson: News84
Charles E. Wilkinson: News88-90, News94, News98, News00
Mrs. Charles E. Wilkinson: News98-99
Mrs. E. C. Wilkinson: News00
Edward Wilkinson: (butcher) see Hanley & Wilkinson; News86, News88-96, News98-99
Flora Orth Wilkinson (Mrs. Edward): News86-87, News89-91, News94, News98
John Wilkinson: News99, Med07
William F. Wilkinson: (farmer) News99
George M. Willard: News85
Lottie D. Willard: News85
Willeke, Whitehead & Co.: (J. U. Willeke) News98
Frank Willeke: Pinto
John U. Willeke: WJB, News96, News98-99
Williams: see McCallister & Williams; News84-90, News97
Williams Bros.: (liverymen) News97
Williams, Oregon: True, News87, News89
Williams & Cox: (I. F. Williams; liverymen) News98
Williams & Hemworth: News89
Williams & Orser: (liverymen) News97
Amilia Hoffman Williams (Mrs. Moses A.): News92
Arthur B. Williams: Med08-11, Med30
David Williams "Dave": News93
Mrs. E. Williams: News92, News94
E. W. Williams: News97
Ed Williams: (lineman) News90
F. J. Williams: News98
G. H. Williams: (carpenter) News98
George Williams: News88
George W. Williams: (carpenter) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p1c6a, MMv1n4p1c1b, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c3a, MMv1n4p4c3a, News84-87, Min85-86, MM86, News89, News94-95, News98; en route from San Francisco to Butte: MM2/22/1901p6; in Oroville: MM7/12/1901p6; in South Africa: MM11/22/1907p5
Gertrude Swensen Williams (Mrs. J. A.): News86-87
H. Williams: Med11
Isaac B. Williams: News87-88, News90-91
Isaac Franklin Williams: (mail contractor) News88, News90
J. A. Williams: News86-87
J. H. Williams: News92-93
J. N. Williams: Min86
J. R. Williams: News94
J. W. Williams: News89
John Williams: News85, News98
John B. Williams: News88, News90
Liza Williams: News98
Louisa J. Williams: News88
Lucy D. Williams: News98
M. L. Williams: News88
Mary F. Williams: News87
Rev. Moses Allen Williams: MMv1n1p4c4a, MMv1n4p4c3a, Hist, News84-91, Min88, News94, News98; obit: MT12/13/1910p8
Mrs. Moses A. Williams: News99
Oliver Williams: News94
Mrs. Oliver Williams: News99
Oscar Williams: (barber) News98; in Oregon City: MM8/9/1901p5
S. P. Williams: News87
Sarah L. Williams: Hist
Rev. W. P. Williams: News87
Williamson: Hist, News84
F. Williamson: MMv1n4p4c3a, Bark
Hattie Webb Williamson (Mrs. William F.): News91
J. M. Williamson: News87
J. R. Williamson: (restaurant) News98
William F. Williamson: (attorney, teacher, principal) MMv1n1p1c1a, MMv1n1p4c5a, MMv1n4p1c1b, MM86, Med84, Hist, News84-88, Min86, Med86, News99-00; in Covina, California: MM9/14/1900p6, MM5/17/1901p6
Willis: see Abraham & Willis
Stephen D. Willis "Steve": News96
John. Williscroft: (farmer, stereopticon showman) News98
Willits: News92
Anna Tice Willits (Mrs. Benjamin R.): News92-93
Benjamin R. Willits: News87, News98
Mrs. L. F. Willits: News89
Mrs. Levi Willits: News96
William W. Willits: News88
Charles Willmott: News94
Samuel Willmott: News95
Mary E. Willson (Mrs. Peter): News85
Peter Willson: News85
C. Wilprel: News83
G. Wilprel: News83
William A. Wilshire: News84
Wilson: see Wilson & Dowell; True, Bashford, Fordyce & Wilson; Hist, News84, News86-89, News93-94, News97-98
Wilson & Dowell: News92
Wilson & Hunsaker: (blacksmiths) News98
Wilson Opera House: Hist
A. Wilson: News91, News94
A. M. Wilson: News87, News91
Addie Wilson: see Addie Murray
Albert Wilson: (cook) News94
Alice Wilson: News94
Almira Wilson: News90, News98
Annie Wilson: News87
Arthur W. Wilson: (road supervisor, well borer) News85-87, News89, News91, News93-94, News98; in Central Point: MM1/3/1902p2; obit: MM4/18/1902p7
B. B. Wilson: Med11
Charles Wilson: Min88, News91
D. Wilson: (harness maker) News85-87, MM86, News89
Mrs. D. Wilson: News94
Daniel Wilson: News88
D. C. Wilson: Med06
Rev. E. F. Wilson: News99-00
Eva Wilson: (telegrapher) News93-94, News97
Ezra M. Wilson: Hist
F. J. Wilson: News94
Frank M. Wilson: (baker, soda fountain) News96-97, News98-00
George Wilson: (harness maker) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, News86, News93; in Coos County: DT8/25/1893p3; in Willow Springs: MM3/16/1894p3
Gertrude Kinports Wilson (Mrs. J. A.): News93
J. E. Wilson: News90, News92
James Wilson: (thresher) News92
James Wilson ("Jimmy"): (pharmacy student) News95
James A. Wilson: News84-85, News93, News98; obit: JP9/11/1915p1
James L. Wilson: News89
Jesse Wilson: News91, News99
Jesse Wilson, Jr.: News98
Jesse H. Wilson: News84-87, News89, News91, News93-95, News99; in Salem: MM3/1/1901p6, MM1/3/1902p2
Jesse J. W. Wilson: News98
John R. Wilson: (blacksmith, wagonwright, city councilman) First, News89, Med91, News92-96, Med93, Med97, News98, News00; obit: MT11/21/1911p1
Josephine Griffin Wilson (Mrs. James L.): News89
Lucinda L. Wilson: News89
Mac Wilson: News84, News86
Mamie Wilson: News87
Martha Wilson: News94
Mary Wilson: News87
P. O. Wilson: News84, Min87, News88
Rosa Wilson: News87
Rosanna Wilson: (arsonist) News95, News98, News00
Rose Wilson: News98
Rev. S. P. Wilson: News87-88
S. C. Wilson: (grocer) News94
Sarah C. Wilson: News94
S. S. Wilson: (hotel keeper) News94-95; dead in Willitts: MM5/24/1901p7
Sophia A. Wilson "Sophie": Hist, News86, News87, News93
Thomas Wilson: News87
William H. Wilson: News89, News95
Wilson's String Band: MMv1n1p4c4a, News84-85, News87
G. W. Wimer, Jr.: News84
J. D. Wimer: News90
J. W. Wimer: News91
Mrs. Windom: News89
Charles Winters: News99
Wintjen & Helms: News87
G. C. Wirth: (photographer) News94-95
J. F. Wisner: News89
Albert Wisniewski: (barber) News94
Holbrook Withington: (lawyer) Med07, Med10
Mary E. Witison (Mrs. P. C.): News87
P. C. Witison: News87
Charles E. Wolcott: (newspaperman) News94-95, News98; in Chicago: DT1/9/1902p4
Jonas Wold: (pharmacist) Med10, Med11
Wolf: see Woolf
Anna Gilbert Wolf: News00
Henry Wolf: IOOF
Wolfe: News94
Wolff & Armstrong: (skating rink operators) News89
George Wolff: News00; dies in Colorado Springs: MT10/29/1929p2
Jake Wolff: News89
Mannie M. Wolff (Nannie Woolf?): News93
W. R. Wolsey: News93
Wolters: see also Walters
Wolters & Howard: (C. W. Wolters, H. H. Howard, grocers) News98-99
Charles W. Wolters "Charlie": (baker, grocer) Wild, Med84, News85-00, MM86, Min87-88, Med88, Med91, Med93; obit: MT5/25/1912p1
Eva Wolters: News90
Hermann H. Wolters "Ham": (butcher, bar owner) see Kenney & Wolters; Riddle & Wolters; Gem Saloon, Hist, News84-94, Min86, Min88, Med91, News96; in San Francisco: News99; dies there: DT7/31/1902p2
J. N. Wolters: News87
J. W. Wolters: News00
John C. Wolters: (baker) News84, News87, News90-94
Mamie McMahon Wolters (Mrs. Ham. H.): News91, News94
Ollie Alford Wolters (Mrs. Charles W.): Med84, News86-89, News91
Charles E. Wolverton: News88
Wong Sing: News95
Wood: see also Woods; News85, News87, News92
Wood, Whiteside & Co.: (contractors) News89
Wood & Jackson: News91
Wood & Whiteside: (contractors, ferry) News89-90
A. Wood: Min86
A. E. Wood: True, News93
D. D. Wood: (soap maker) News00
Eli Wood: News90
H. F. Wood: (carpenter, contractor) MMv1n4p4c3a, News84, Min87, News87-95; in Orland, California: MM4/27/1894p3
Mrs. H. F. Wood: Med84
I. N. Wood: News86
Mrs. L. M. Wood: News98
N. E. Wood: News99
Nellie Wood: News90
William P. Wood: (harness maker) First, News88-89, News91-93, Med91; in Ava, Mo.: MM2/10/1893p3
W. H. Woodburn: News93
Woodford: see Anderson & Woodford, News94, News99
Woodford & Colvig: News84
Alonzo Marcus Woodford "Lon": (clerk, street commissioner, miller, postmaster) MMv1n4p4c3a, Min85-87, News87-89, News91-94, Med97, News98-00
Eliza Dyer Woodford (Mrs. Alonzo M.): Hist, News91-94, News00; obit: MT6/5/1911p4
Ella Woodford: News92
Jennie Woodford: News00
Myrtle Woodford: (milliner, typesetter) News87, News92-94, News98-00
Press. Woodruff: News89
Ralph Woodford: News98-99
Virgie A. Woodford: News87, News95, News98
D. L. Woodruff: Med11
Woods: see also Wood
A. E. Woods: News84-85, Min85-87, News87-88, News91-93
A. R. Woods: News84
E. Woods: News92
John Woods: News83, News91
Mr. Woods: MMv1n1p4c5a
W. W. Woods: News97-99
Mrs. W. W. Woods: News99
Wallace Woods: (lumber dealer) see Barr & Woods, Hist, Med97, News93-94, News99
Woody: News85, News89, News92-94, News96
Asa Woody: News96
Annie E. Woody: see Annie Taylor
A. N. Woody: Med93, News96, News98
Gus J. Woody: (butcher, creamery worker) see Besse & Woody; News92-93; visiting from San Francisco: MM10/7/1898p6; in Santa Rosa: MM10/14/1898p6
Henry Woody: News94
J. H. Woody: (farmer) News94-95
Joseph N. Woody: News84, News89
Kate Woody: News98
Meta Woody: see Mrs. Hukill
Sarah C. Jarnagin Woody (Mrs. A. N.): News92, News97
John P. Wooley: News87
Woolf: News90
Isaac Woolf: (grocer, constable) MMv1n1p1c1b, MMv1n1p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c1a, MMv1n4p4c5b, MM86, Phipps, News84, Med84, Min85-87, News85-94, Med88, Med93, News96, News98
Nancy Woolf (Mrs. Isaac) "Nannie": Med84, News85, News87-88, News92, News94, News98
J. L. Woolridge: News87
W. R. Woolsey: News93
David Worden: News93
Work & Betterton: News84
Ed. Work: see Work & Betterton; News84
Thomas A. Work: News93
John P. Worley: News90
Docia Worlow: News98
Mary E. Worlow (Mrs. Jacob): News90, News98
William B. Worlow: (saloon keeper) News84
Worman: News00
Worman & Lynch: see Lynch & Worman
Edwin Worman: (mail contractor, liveryman) Hist, True, News85-95, Min87-88, Med91, Med93, News98, News00
Mrs. Edwin Worman: News87
Jessie L. Worman: News87, News89-92, News95, News98-00
Minnie Worman: (teacher) News93-95, News00
Milton E. Worrell: (newspaper editor) Med07
R. Worth: News85
Wortham Bros.: (contractors) News89
H. Worthington: Hist
Wortman: see Kenney & Wortman, York & Wortman; News88, News93
Wortman & Gore: News94
Wortman & York: (real estate) News00
Ella Gore Wortman (Mrs. Harry): News90
Elizabeth A. Wortman: News91
Harry G. Wortman, Sr.: (grocer, real estate, insurance) Hist, News88, News90, News92, News98, News00
Levi G. Wortman: News88-89
Minnie Wortman: News93
Mrs. S. G. Wortman: News89
Samuel G. Wortman: News88-91, News93
Wright: Med88
Abbie Beck Wright (Mrs. S. F.): News94
Al. M. Wright: News93-94
Fred Wright: News95
H. L. Wright: (tailor, carpet cleaner) News92
J. Wright: (saloonkeeper) News94
John Wright: Bear, News89; obit: MM6/25/1909p3
S. F. Wright: News94
W. A. Wright: News94
Will Wright: News90
J. F. D. Wrinkle: News98
Wrisley: News90
Wrisley & Co.: (real estate) News89-90
Wrisley & Goddard: (J. B. Wrisley, Carlos Goddard; real estate, merchants) News88-s89
Wrisley & Justus: (Jacob Wrisley, George Justus; liverymen) News89
Wrisley & Miller: (J. B. Wrisley, J. S. Miller; real estate), Med88, News88
Eliza J. Wrisley: News99
George J. Wrisley: (liveryman) News89-90
Jacob Wrisley "Jake": News88, News89
John B. Wrisley: (real estate agent) see Ross & Wrisley; News85, News87-94, News99
John H. Wrisley: News84, News98
Laura Wrisley: News87
Mary E. Campbell Wrisley (Mrs. George J.): News90
Melville E. Wrisley "Melle": see Melle Callahan; News84, News86-87
Myra E. Wrisley: see Myra Simpkins; News91
J. R. Writsman: News88
Anna Gilbert Wulf (Mrs. William): News99
William F. Wulf: News99; in Crescent City: MM1/24/1902p7
Lucy Wyatt: News93-94
Mrs. A. H. Wyland: News86
James Wyland: News98
Miss Wyland: News87
O. C. Yates: News85
George R. Yaudes: News88-90
D. D. H. Yeager: (timber land) News94-95
Yeago: see Niles & Yeago
Phil D. Yeiser: News91-92
York: see Wortman & York; News94
York & Jones: (real estate, insurance) News97
York & Wortman: (real estate) News99-00
Emma Boyd York (Mrs. William T.): Med88, Hist, News94
William T. York "Billie": (real estate, insurance, editor) Hist, Med88, Med89, News93-94, News96, News98-00, Med08; obit: MT10/31/1930p5
Youle: see Youle, Gillroy & Leghorn; News87
Youle, Gillroy & Leghorn: MMv1n4p4c1b
George E. Youle: News89
Young: News88, News90
Al. O. Young: (billiard hall, confectionery) News97-98
Catharine Young: see Catharine Given
Cecil Young: (typesetter, trolley conductor) News87-90, News92; in San Jose: SOM9/9/1892p3; en route from San Francisco to Seattle: MM1/3/1902pp6,7; in Newport: MT5/19/1913p4; in San Jose: MM9/9/1892p3
Charles Young: Med07
Ella Young: News00
Elma R. Young: (typesetter) Med84, News87-91, News93; in San Jose: MM3/17/1893p3
Emma Young: News87, News89
George R. Young: News91, News93; in North Temescal, California: MM3/24/1893p3
Mrs. Young: Med84
N. D. Young: News89
R. T. Young: News86-91
Mrs. R. T. Young: News90-91
Miss Ray Young: News87-91; now Mrs. Mark Harrison, Tacoma: MM3/23/1906p5
Mrs. W. E. Young: Med84
W. J. Young: Hist
Youngs: see Shawver & Youngs
Daniel S. Youngs: (second-hand store, tree pruner, marshal, agate cutter) News88-94, Med93, News98-00; in Newport: MM11/22/1901p6, MM12/27/1901p7, MM8/31/1906p1, MT5/20/1913p2
D. T. Youngs: News89
G. S. Youngs: News89
B. F. Yount: (miller) News92
Zahn & Fry: (confectioners) News94
Zahn & Rasmussen: (confectioners) News94
Charles A. Zahn: (confectioner) News94
Frank Zell: (miner) News99-00
Peter Zell: News00
Alexander Zevely: News85
Zimmerman & McGee: News86-87
Zimmerman & Webb: (contractors) News86-88
Ella Zimmerman: News89
Etta Turner Zimmerman (Mrs. William G.): News86-87, News89
William G. Zimmerman "Billy" "Will": (contractor) see Maegly & Zimmerman; News86-89, Min88
F. E. Zoellner: News91
T. E. Zoellner: (tailor) News89
J. Zombra: News93

AA: Ashland American
AT: Ashland Tidings
BF: Better Fruit
CL: Clarion
CP: Central Point American
CH: Central Point Herald
CW: Camp White Grenade
EY: Southern Oregon Eye
GP: Grants Pass Courier
JM: Jacksonville Miner
JN: Jackson County News
JP: Jacksonville Post
JT: Jackson County Times, Democratic Times
MI: Medford Monitor-Miner
ML: Medford Lights (SOHS 917.9505 M43)
Medford Mail
MN: Medford News
MR: Medford Reporter
MS: Medford Sun
MSM: Medford's Magazine (SOHS 917.9505 M43)
Medford Mail Tribune daily
MW: Medford Mail Tribune weekly
OR: Oregonian
PJ: Portland, Oregon Journal
PR: Pacific Record Herald
RT: Rogue River Times
SM: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Southern Oregonian
ST: Southern Oregon Transcript
Medford Success
TR: Medford Tribune

VR: Valley Record

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