Medford in 1899

In Rogue River Valley, Oregon.
To the Standard:
Being a reader of the Standard, and not noticing any notes from the West (that is, Oregon) regarding the climate, etc., I take the privilege of informing your readers concerning the Rogue River Valley. This valley is located 328 miles south of Portland, 443 miles north of San Francisco, in southern Oregon. It is 20 miles long, 8 miles wide, and has running water all the year. The climate is medium both summer and winter, and the winds are not very severe. The last rainy season was below the average of previous years, but there was an abundance of snow in the mountains. We had several cold days in February, and some frost, but it did no damage to the orchards. Spring has opened with the soil in good shape for working, and the farmers and orchardists are grasping the opportunity. Mines in this locality are being worked at full capacity, and new mines are being located daily. The fall grain is from two to three inches high, and the fruit trees are budded full. Peaches and almonds are in full bloom. Hoping this bit of information concerning the country will be of interest to the readers of the Standard,
Yours truly,
        JAS. EATON
Medford, Oregon, Apr. 1.
Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, Minnesota, April 12, 1899, page 1

MEDFORD, pop. 967; Jackson Co. (S.W.), pop. 12,000. 5 m. E. of Jacksonville. Southern Pacific; Rogue River Valley R.R. Telephone. Express. Bank. Has a planing and a grist mill, etc. In the center of a fine fruit and mining belt. The district is devoted to agriculture and stock raising.
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Mail . . . . . . . . . . . Friday . . . .  Independent . . . 1889 . . 8 . . 15x22 . . 1.50 . . 1,920

    A. S. Bliton, Editor and Publisher.

Monitor-Miner . . Thursday . . Populist  . . . . . . 1894 . . 4 . . 18x24 . . 1.00 . . 1,000
    E. E. Phipps, Editor and Publisher.
N. W. Ayer & Son's American Newspaper Annual, 1899, page 684

    MEDFORD, Jackson Co., population 2,500; fire area 6 blocks; buildings, brick and wood, 2 and 3 stories; wooden roofs not permitted; no fireworks ordinance. Fire department--1 hose carriage, 1 extension ladder; hose, rubber good 500 ft.; value of equipment $1,000; value of buildings $400; membership 22, volunteers; bell alarm. Chief, H. G. Nicholson.
    WATER SUPPLY--Source, Bear Creek; system, gravity; pump from canal to reservoir; capacity 66,000 gals.; Buffalo pumping engines, dy. capacity 432,000 gals.; pipe 2¾ miles, 6 to 2 in. diameter, National Tube works; 150 taps; service pipe galv. iron; 19 hydrants; 25 valves; pressure, domestic 35, fire 150 pounds; cost to construct $10,000; cost to date $26,000; int. on bonds 6 percent; ann. expenses $1,100. Supt., E. W. Carder
The Insurance Yearbook 1899-1900 (
Fire & Marine), The Spectator Company, New York, 1899, page 329

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