The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Thomas Fletcher Royal

Transcriptions from the papers of Southern Oregon's pioneer Methodist preacher.

The Preacher Train
The 1853 wagon train brought five preachers into the Rogue Valley.

Thomas Fletcher Royal
Biographical material and a transcription of the historical and financial records of Jacksonville's pioneer Methodist church.

Royal Journals
Early journals kept by Royal and his preacher father, William Royal.

Royal Letters
Transcriptions of Royal's early letters from Southern Oregon and later reminiscences from Salem and Portland.

Royal Notes
Historical notes for Royal's lost manuscript, "Trail Followers and Empire Builders."  Praise for Ashland and disapproving memories of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Churches and Schools
Royal founded both. A history by descendant Violet M. Mumford that draws from Royal's lost manuscript.

Last revised February 29, 2020