Medford in 1886

The survey for this directory was apparently taken sometime between November 1885, when Ed Worman bought his livery stable, and late March 1886, when Kenney and Wolters dissolved their partnership.

Adkins & Webb (B F Adkins and B S Webb) hardware, stoves, paints and groceries
Andrews W R, atty-at-law
Angle & Plymale (Wm Angle and Francis M Plymale) gen mdse
Baker H E, propr Medford Farmers' Warehouse
BANKS J N, proprietor Central Hotel
Barkdull C H, justice of the peace
Barneburg Frederick, city hay scales and butcher
Barnum W S, propr Medford Planing Mill
Beatty M E, real estate and mining broker
Byers & Guerin (John Byers and J T Guerin) contractors and builders
Byers & Jacobs (John Byers and A S Jacobs)
CENTRAL HOTEL, J N Banks proprietor
Chick Geo H, assayer
Childers & Son (A and S) contractors and builders
Crenshaw L J, wagonmaker
Cunningham J W, propr Empire Hotel
Daugherty M D Mrs, millinery and dressmaking
Delano J, butcher
Elder J C, dry goods and groceries
Foster L J Mrs, millinery
Fronk C K, station agt and W U Tel operator
Gard G, carpenter and builder
Geary E P, physician and surgeon
Gilbert O, restaurant
Hall Charles, watchmaker and jeweler
Haskins G H, books, stationery, drugs and notions
HIGH R F, barber, cigars, tobacco and varieties
Higinbotham J S, wagonmaker
Holtan Olaus, merchant tailor
Hoover Bros (G W and C M) stoves, tin and hardware
Howard J S, mayor, notary public, gen mdse, ins and Wells, Fargo & Co's agt
Hubbard F, plows, harness and agricultural implements
Hurt E G, carpenter, builder and street commissioner
JOHNSON A L, banker, insurance agent and dealer in real estate
Johnson & Spears, house and sign painters
Kenney & Wolters (W G Kenney and H H Wolters) saloon
KINNEY H, quartz miner
Lawton R T, real estate, ins agt and notary public
LYNCH & WORMAN (W M Lynch and E Worman) proprietors Jacksonville
    Stage Line and Medford Livery, Feed and Stage Stable
Matthews D W, druggist
McAdams W H, saloon
McGinnis M A, editor and propr Medford Monitor
McGinnis M C, editor Medford Monitor
MEDFORD LIVERY STABLE (livery, feed and stage) Lynch & Worman proprietors
Medford Reduction Works Co, Geo H Chick, H E Baker, L Seeley, C S Jenkins proprs
Merriman G F, blacksmith
Miller D H, postmaster
Miller H B & Co, lumber
Noland & Ulrich (John Noland and W Ulrich) saloon
Payne & Retty (David Payne and Jerry Retty) livery stable
Perdue J, boot and shoemaker
Phipps I J, real estate agt
Powell B W, atty-at-law, notary public and ins agt
Pryce & Geary (R Pryce and E P Geary) physicians and surgeons
REAL ESTATE AND BANKING HOUSE, A L Johnson proprietor, general real
    estate and banking business
Robinson John, city express
Rosenthal S, gen mdse
Sargent Maggie Miss, principal public school
Shely & Jacobs, proprs Medford Marble Works
Skeel C W, contractor and builder
Smith Henry, gen mdse and lumber
Smith W L, contractor and builder
Smith Wm, blacksmith
Trimble Wm M, blacksmith
Ulrich William, ins agt
Vrooman, Miller & Co (M Vrooman, D H Miller and Charles Strang) stoves, tin,
    hardware and drugs
Walton Geo S, town recorder and mfr boots and shoes
Webb I A, furniture
Wilcox Jennie Miss, millinery and dressmaking
Williamson W F, atty-at-law, town atty and notary public
Wilson Daniel, saddle and harness maker
Wolters Charles W, confectionery and bakery
WOOLF ISAAC, general merchandise and city marshal
WORMAN E (Lynch & Worman)
Would respectfully inform the public that we have a fine stock of
Horses, Buggies and Carriages
And we are prepared to furnish our patrons and the public generally with fine Turnouts as can be had on the Pacific Coast. Saddle horses hired to go to any part of the county. Animals bought and sold. Horses broke to work single or double. Horses boarded and the best of care bestowed upon them while in our charge. A liberal share of the public patronage is solicited on reasonable terms.
McKenney's Pacific Coast Directory 1886-1887, page 1023

    On last Sunday we had the pleasure of a brief sojourn in the prosperous little city of Medford, where we met our old friends A. L. Johnson of the Monitor; J. S. Howard, who keeps a select stock of general merchandise; and J. C. Elder, who apparently has surmounted his many misfortunes and is getting along real well in the grocery business. We took dinner and supper at the Riddle House, kept by J. B. Riddle, brother of our fellow townsman, Hon. G. W. Riddle, and brother-in-law to Geo. Kitchen. This house is simply elegant in its appointments, offering to its guests nothing but the cleanest and best, and at reasonable prices. Mr. Riddle and his estimable family undoubtedly understand their business, and the affable Dave, whose other name is Crosby, the best and biggest-hearted boy in the world, looks after every wish and desire of the traveler greatly to one's comfort, for what is better when you are tired, cold or hungry than to be met with every comfort you could wish. You find it at the Riddle House.
"Local and Personal,"
Rogue River Courier, Grants Pass, December 10, 1886, page 3

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