The Infamous Black BirdSouthern Oregon History, Revised

Notes on Medford Buildings 

    Notes on the names and histories of many of the buildings in Medford, Oregon, past and present.
    Listings with National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) numbers are (mostly) extant buildings bearing names assigned in the 1998 NRHP survey of the Medford Downtown Historic District. Non-NRHP buildings are either vanished buildings, buildings outside the downtown historic district, or historic aliases.
    Names and addresses, as reported in the newspapers, shift easily and often
from building to building (or are misreported). Street addresses shift back and forth slightly over time; a business listed at 219 West Main in one directory might be at 221 in the next--apparently without moving. Occupancies as reported below from city directories are thus only roughly accurate.
    Please don't quote directly from this page; many "quotes" below have been considerably condensed. Most full, unedited sources are easily available online.
I've made many assumptions compiling this page; it's a work in progress. Please contact me with errors or additional information.

222 and 234 South Oakdale

Northwest corner Tenth and Oakdale
Photo, 222 South Oakdale:  2012

Photos, 234 South Oakdale:   2012  2012
    Built between 1898 and 1907, demolished February 2015 for another parking lot.

Walter W. Abbey Building  NRHP #327.0
Photos:  1937  1965  1994
227 East Ninth, northwest corner Ninth and Bartlett

    Walter W. Abbey yesterday received a permit to demolish a building at 146 South Bartlett Street. MT2/19/1937p13
    Ground was broken Wednesday morning in construction of the new garage and sales room to be erected by Walter W. Abbey. MN5/28/1937p2
    The building was designed by William Laing and contracted for by Elmer and Clem Childers. Actual work was started about June 1.
    About 3,500 persons last night attended the formal opening of the new Walter W. Abbey sales and service building at Ninth and Bartlett streets. MT9/3/1937p13
    In June 1937, work was commenced on the $35,000 structure housing Walter W. Abbey, Inc., Nash-LaFayette dealers, at Bartlett and Ninth streets. Constructed entirely of white concrete, the building is 100 by 100 feet, one story tall, and one of the most beautiful structures in southern Oregon. Especially beautiful is the spacious sales and show room fronting Ninth Street. Concrete floor space, 100 by 35 feet, is blocked off with huge orange and black checks. Walls and ceiling are of a cream tan finish. MT1/2/1938p6
    Courtesy Chevrolet's remodeled building is a modern façade of stucco with a 4-foot scalloped overhang, indirect lighting and all-new window treatment with aluminum framing. MT8/25/1965pB9

Abby's Pizza

Photo:  1966
080 South Riverside
    Permits have been issued to the Federal Sign and Signal Company to erect a $3,000 sign at 1080 S. Riverside Ave. MT12/1/1965p7
    The grand opening of Medford's newest pizza establishment, Abby's Pizza Inn, will be held this weekend, according to owner Abby Broughton. MT5/17/1966p7

Acme Hardware Building  NRHP #193.0
Photo: 1949
West Sixth, southwest corner Sixth and Evergreen
    William H. Fluhrer plans to build a concrete building on Sixth Street. Acme Hardware Company will be the tenant. MT10/11/1946p3
    The "Sky-Top" will open its doors for the first time at 7:30 pm. Saturday. It will feature a skating surface 70x100 feet. MT9/29/1948p12
    The Sky-Top Roller Rink, upstairs in the Acme Hardware building, is this week installing a new maple rink floor. MT4/12/1949p3

Acme Hardware Building II
Photo: 1958
245 South Central, northeast corner Tenth and Central

    The just-completed building was built by contractor Hugh Hile and designed by architect H. E. Mackie. Brick facing decorates the pumice block. MT3/2/1958p5

Adkins Building I
204 East Main, southeast corner Main and Central
ubsequently moved to 29 South Central, then 301 South Grape
    Dr. Adkins and Webb Bros. are putting up a new store building for business in the hardware and grocery line. AT6/13/1884p3
    Adkins & Webb's frame building has been removed, and work on their new three-story brick has been commenced. DT8/30/1888p3
    The hose cart and fixtures are quartered in Adkins & Webb's old store room on C Street. DT2/12/1892p2
    The building was moved to approximately 29 South Central, where it first served as a fire hose house, then as fruit storage. Moved in 1911 to 301 South Grape.
    The wooden store buildings which were damaged by fire a few weeks ago are being torn down and moved away. MT9/15/1911p4
    The frame building now standing on South Central between Main and Eighth is being moved to the northwest corner of Tenth and Grape, where it will be fitted up for business purposes. MT9/19/1911p2
    Burned October 22, 1912. JP10/26/1912p4
    A proposition was read from B. F. Webb, offering to rent one-half of the old store room on C Street for use of hose cart, hose, etc. for $48. The proposition was accepted, it being the best and cheapest place offered. MM2/4/1892p3

    "We ARE carpenters," said "Old Nick," surveying the partially constructed engine house which is being built next to Holtan's tailor shop. SO10/14/1892p3

    W. H. Meeker & Co. are figuring on having an extension built on their store building, to extend back to the alley--not enough room in their present quarters. MM11/6/1896p7

Adkins Building II
Photos:  1889  1910-11  1934  1935
204 East Main, southeast corner Main and Central

aka Althea Hall (upstairs), Adkins & Webb block

    Adkins & Webb have let the contract for erecting a two-story brick building to S. Childers on the site of their present business place. DT9/23/1887p3

    Work has begun on Adkins & Webb's new brick building. DT10/21/1887p2
    Work on Adkins & Webb's big brick building will soon begin. DT2/17/1888p2
    The stone foundation for Adkins & Webb's new brick building is now being cut. DT8/9/1888p3
    Adkins & Webb have moved their stock of hardware into Childers' new brick building, and the carpenters are already at work moving the old building out of the way preparatory to the erection of their new three-story brick store. AT8/10/1888p3

    Their old store is being moved, and work on the foundation will be commenced soon. It will be a three-story brick. VR8/16/1888p3
    The foundation for Adkins & Webb's new three-story brick is completed, and the brick masons are at work. AT9/14/1888p3

    Adkins & Webb's new brick store is under headway and will be completed by Dec. 1st. It will add greatly to the looks of our town. VR9/20/1888p3
    Adkins & Webb are fixing to move into their new brick. VR3/14/1889p3
    Adkins & Webb are now busy moving into their fine new building. It is one of the finest buildings in the county. AT3/15/1889p3
    Medford boasts the only full three-story brick business block in the county--that of Adkins & Webb. Angle & Plymale's building adjacent to it will be of the same height. AT5/24/1889p2
    The foundation of the Webb & Adkins new building is nearly completed, and the brick work will begin Monday. AT8/2/1889p3
    In the matter of a place to hold meetings of the town board, proposition from Adkins & Webb offering room in their brick building for one year for $42, payable quarterly in town warrants. On motion the proposition was accepted. MM2/4/1892p3
    The fire
slightly scorched the big Angle & Plymale and Adkins & Webb block at the opposite corner. VR10/20/1892p3
    T. E. Daniels is fitting up the Adkins building formerly occupied by the Clean Grocery, and will open about September 1st, with a complete stock of clothing, men's furnishings, etc. MM8/16/1907p2
    From all appearances the building seems to be on the verge of collapse; several cracks in the front of the building appear to be widening slowly. A bulging wall on the Central side forced an investigation a few years ago, but it was decided that the wall had been built out of plumb. Now that part of this wall has been torn away to make way for a modern front, the building seems to be sagging. MT6/30/1911p1
    It bears no evidence of having a penny spent upon it since its erection. The walls in front and on the side for 20 feet were removed; structural iron posts and beams were used to replace the brick taken out. MT6/30/1911p4
    Among the business changes of location about to be made are T. E. Daniels to the Adkins block, corner Central Avenue and Main Street. MT7/23/1911pB1
    Weatonka Council No. 20 will be at home in the Odd Fellows old hall, now known as the Eagle Hall, corner Main and Central, third floor. MT3/1/1911p3
    For many years the IOOF lodge met in the old Adkins building at the corner of Main and Central, in the upper room now known as Althea Hall. MT5/19/1929p4

    W. H. Fluhrer will completely remodel the building on the corner of Main and Central. The Economy Meat Market will be closed. MT8/27/1936p1

    In 1936-37 the Adkins Building was consolidated with the Angle Opera House into the Fluhrer Building (q.v.), which burned in 1969.

Adkins-Childers Building  NRHP #319.0
Photos:  circa 1901  circa 1905  circa 1908
226 East Main

aka Lamport's Building, Adkins-Deuel Block, F. K. Deuel Building

    The Leak Advertising Co. painted a wall sign for the Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine on the Webb-Adkins building's outside east wall in the summer of 1891. The sign is now visible inside the Adkins-Childers Building.
    A new brick block is soon to be erected between I. A. Webb's and W. H. Meeker & Co.'s stores, and will be built by Dr. B. F. Adkins and Mrs. Dennison, who each own a twenty-five-foot lot. The block will be 50x100 feet, two stories high and of brick. The first floor, of Mrs. Dennison's half, will be occupied by Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. and J. W. Lawton's harness shop, each taking twelve feet of the twenty-five. MM9/27/1895p4
    The Mail was this week shown the plans for the Adkins and Childers block, as prepared by architect Bennet. Over each store front will be formed a large, substantially built, brick arch, the ends of each resting upon the center and side pillars. On the second floor there will be room sufficient for three sets of offices and one suite of living rooms--over each store. The entire west wall is already built, Dr. Adkins owning one-half interest in the wall erected by I. A. Webb. The principal part of the east wall is also built, a similar state of ownership existing as with Messrs. Adkins and Webb. MM10/11/1895p5
    F. M. Poe has the center foundation wall of the Adkins-Childers block built and is now working on the front walls. MM10/18/1895p5
    The Adkins-Childers block is being rapidly pushed upward. There is but the front center and part of one side to build, there being no time lost in its construction. MM11/8/1895p5

    The Adkins-Childers block is very nearly completed. The first story of the Adkins half is plastered, and floors are now being laid in both lower rooms. Water pipes and fittings have been put in in the upstairs rooms. MT1/17/1896p5f
    G. L. Webb has moved his Racket Store to his new, large and finely appointed rooms in the Adkins-Deuel block on Seventh Street. Mrs. Sears has also moved her stock of millinery to the same building. MM2/14/1896p5
    Mrs. L. J. Sears is inviting the ladies to call upon her in her new, beautiful rooms--just south of the archway in Webb's Racket Store. MM2/21/1896p5
    Drs. Keene & Burnett have rented a couple or three additional office rooms in the Adkins-Deuel Block and are fitting them up for the use of Mr. Burnett, who is a mechanic as well as an operating dentist. MM10/21/1898p7
    Architect Palmer is at work on plans for the remodeling of merchant F. K. Deuel's building, on Seventh Street, the one formerly occupied by Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Company. The floor is to be lowered eight inches, bringing it on a level with the sidewalk, a new front of French plate glass is to be put in, and various changes will be made in the interior. A cement walk will be put down in front, and new counters and shelving will be put in preparatory to occupancy by F. K. Deuel & Co.'s dry goods establishment about December 1st. MM8/10/1900p7
    Contractor Perry Stewart is at work on a 22x50-foot store house for merchant F. K. Deuel, the same being put up at the rear of his store building. MM8/24/1900p6
    Weeks Bros. have been awarded the contract for putting the shelving and counters in the F. K. Deuel building. The work will require about two months' time. MM9/28/1900p6
    Perry Stewart:--"How do you like that store front? Isn't it a beauty? If you don't like it I'll tear it out. Well, if it suits you I guess it will suit Mr. Deuel. But, candidly, I want to tell you that that is the most up-to-'datest' store front in Medford." MM12/7/1900p2
    The new store is 140 feet in length, well lighted from both front and rear as well as from a large skylight. Altogether Messrs. Deuel & Co. have as pleasant and well appointed business as could be wished for. MM1/4/1901p7
    The Medford Mercantile (M.M.) Department Company, formerly W. H. Meeker and Co., has leased the Deuel building. This company now occupies the Adkins Building, one door west, but a demand for more room has made a new location imperative. MT11/2/1912p2
    Deuel and Kentner was located at 230 E. Main St. The building is still owned by the Deuel family. It was most recently occupied by Karl's Shoe Store and is now undergoing a remodeling program for a new tenant. MT3/19/1967pB2

William Aitken Plumbing Shop
  NRHP #63.0
Photo:  1994
28 North Grape
    W. P. Mealy is having a brick business building erected on his lot on North Grape Street, near West Main. MT1/27/1913p2
    Box ball, a new and popular game for ladies, gentlemen and children, has been installed at 28 North Grape Street. MT11/3/1915p4
    Pat's Tire Works, 28 North Grape. Call and see us about your tires. MT2/25/1920p4
    For years Bill Aitken has been a plumber in this city and has established a wide reputation. His shop is located at 28 North Grape. MT6/9/1928p6
    Ladies, get your contract bridge score cards at Commercial Printing Dept. Mail Tribune, 28 North Grape. MT12/17/1933p10

See Sam Jennings Building

Alba Village
See Northgate Marketplace

Alba Park Gazebo
    The gazebo was built in 1984 by Herb Gifford and Ralph Finkas. The city plans to demolish it this summer or fall. MT4/1/2022pB1

Albertsons Center West
See Jackson Creek Center

Allstate Insurance
716 East Jackson
    3-room modern house on pavement; 3 bedrooms and fireplace, laundry trays, electric water heater, hardwood floors. $4000. 716 E. Jackson. MT4/20/1944p11
    LARGE living rm. 3 bdrm. older home. Fireplace, wood heater. $85. 716 E. Jackson. SP 3-2259. MT3/9/1962p16
    The 12,600-sq.-ft. house was built in 1926 and was a residence until the 1980s, when it was partially turned into a real estate office. MT4/23/2015

Almond Street Apartments
    Daniel J. Thomas of Pinehurst proposes to build Almond Street Apartments, a 108-unit, 22,290-sq.-ft. complex on 1.23 acres between Almond Street and the Interstate 5 viaduct. MT6/3/2016pB1

Althea Hall
See Adkins Building II

American Fruit Growers Packing House
213 South Fir, northeast corner Tenth and Fir
aka Larson's Appliance Building, Holiday House Trailer Plant
    Construction of a new two-story packing plant has been started by American Fruit Growers on the site of the old packing plant. MN4/7/1944p1
    The new plant is being completed this week. It covers an acre of ground; its two stories are steam heated and air conditioned. MT8/10/1944p10
    Completed in August 1944, destroyed by fire June 25, 1946. BG8/1946
    A building permit application was made yesterday by the American Fruit Company, Inc. to erect a $132,500 building at 213 South Fir Street. MT2/19/1947p7

    Among February's largest permits was that for American Fruit, Inc., 213 South Fir Street, at $132,500. MT1/7/1948p3
    The plant of Holiday House, a vacation trailer manufacturing firm, was destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. The 260x120-foot former American Fruit Growers warehouse was erected following a fire June 25, 1946. MT6/18/1962p1
    A suspected arson fire last August completely destroyed a warehouse which served as storage for Larson's and Blake, Moffitt & Towne Paper Co. MT3/24/1978p3
    Grace Point Fellowship will move into the building vacated in September 2014 with the closure of Larson's Home Furnishings. MT5/23/2016p3
    Rebelle Home is opening a second location at 10th and Fir streets. MT6/29/2016p7

American Fruit Growers Warehouse

Northwest corner Ninth and Fir
    The Niedermeyers are building a concrete warehouse for American Fruit Growers as a warehouse for their machinery and hardware business. MN8/16/1946p1

American Laundry Building  NRHP #11.0
Photo:  1927
130 South Central

    A fire this morning completely destroyed the American Laundry on South Riverside. The owner, James Slorah, says he will rebuild at once. MT7/25/1922p1
    The new building at 138 South Central has been completed, and all is in readiness for the opening on March 5th. MT3/3/1923p3
    American Laundry has obtained an $8,000 permit to construct an addition to its plant at 132 South Central Avenue. MT10/17/1950p11

American Legion Hall
Various locations

    At a meeting of the American Legion last night, the post voted to establish permanent quarters in the old Masonic Hall in the M.F.&H. building. MT9/16/1920p5
    The local post of the American Legion will use its new hall for the first time Tuesday night; Mr. Swem has just finished the interior decorations. MT10/18/1920p7
American Legion hall, 531 South Riverside Ave. MT8/13/1954p6
    Pancake breakfast at the American Legion hall, 404 Walnut St. MT10/24/1961p10

American Linen
Photo:  1966
980 Ellen Avenue

    American Linen is now building a plant which is valued at $435,000. The building will be 30,000 square feet, with all materials and supplies provided by local contractors. MT2/11/1966pB5

American Steel & Supply
2260 Sage Road, northeast corner Sage Road and Charles Way
aka Farwest Steel
    American Steel has moved from Grape Street to a big new building at 2260 Sage Road. The office and warehouse contain 60,000 sq. ft. of space. MT1/7/1964p11
    The building was designed by Seibert & Hunter, Medford. Contractors were Graff & James. OR2/16/1964p38
150 prizes will be given away at the open house, Saturday, Feb. 22. The building was designed by Seibert and Hunter. MT2/18/1964p13, MT2/19/1964pB2

Amy & Pottenger Building
See Moore Annex-Pottenger Building

Anderson & Green Building
See Valley Auto Co.

Andrews Building
See Medford Business College Block

Angle & Plymale Building
206 East Main

    Angle & Plymale talk of putting up a one-story brick at Medford, as a precaution against fire. Insurance rates are quite high in that place. DT10/16/1885p3
    Angle & Plymale, of Medford, have bought of D. W. Mathews the lot adjacent to their store property, and intend to put up a two-story brick building. [Mathews' lot was at 210 East Main, the eastern lot of today's Vogel Plaza.] AT10/23/1885p3
    Angle & Plymale will soon move to their new brick when they will also increase their already large stock. OS12/26/1885p3

    The fire
slightly scorched the big Angle & Plymale and Adkins & Webb block at the opposite corner. VR10/20/1892p3

Angle House
609 East Main, moved to 14 Hawthorne

    Mrs. L. L. Angle and her son O. S. Angle and his wife arrived last Saturday morning from Pennsylvania to join Mr. Angle who has located here permanently. He has a residence in course of erection on the property he purchased of C. Mingus some time ago. VR9/27/1888p3
     Sale of their home to H. D. Christensen, who plans to move it to make way for his Nu-Way Dry Cleaning establishment, was announced today by Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Gaddis. MT1/31/1946

Angle Opera House
Photos:  1889  circa1900  circa 1911  1910-11   1914
208 East Main

aka Angle Block, Nichols and Ashpole Building

    In the 1889 photo the Angle Block is the three-story building just east of the Adkins Building.
    Work on Angle & Plymale's new brick block has commenced. It will be three stories high when completed. VR3/14/1889p3
    Angle & Plymale have their brick building ready for the joists, the first story having been completed. AT3/15/1889p3
    Work on the new opera house will soon begin in earnest. The brick are being hauled, and everything will be ready before the brick laying begins. AT5/24/1889p2
    The brick work on the opera house has reached the top of the third story, and the carpenters are now engaged framing the crosses for the roof. AT8/2/1889p3

    The opera house being erected by Angle & Plymale is nearing completion and adds largely to the fine appearance of Main Street. MM9/7/1889p3

    The plastering is being put on the lower story of the new opera house, which is to be occupied by Staver & Walker. AT10/25/1889p2
    On account of not being properly ventilated the floor in the Dr. Adkins brick building occupied by the Henry Smith store has become rotted and will have to be replaced with a new one before Cranfill & Hutchison open up their new stock of goods. MM6/16/1893p3

    The building will be extended back twenty feet, thus giving more room not only to the opera house but in the stores below, occupied by Chas. Strang and F. L. Cranfill. The stage is to be made larger and more complete in its appointments, and galleries will be put in so as to afford more seating space. MM7/25/1902p7

    Weatonka Tribe, I.O.R.M., has leased the Workmen hall in the Angle block for a term of years and is having it fixed up in elegant shape for a meeting place. MM2/17/1905p3
    It was Mr. George W. Williams who built the Angle opera house. MM11/22/1907p5
    The remodeling of the front of the Angle building marks the removal of one of the historic stores in Medford. 
    It was in June 1884 that Angle & Plymale opened a general merchandise store on this site. Later in 1889 a brick building was erected, and for many years William Angle and the late Francis Plymale engaged in general merchandise there. The other half was occupied by Charles Strang as a drug store.
    Later still, F. L. Cranfill occupied the room and for over 12 years sold goods there. The store front is unique from the fact that the old-fashioned iron doors, such as were in universal use a quarter century ago, are still in place, but are to be removed. Also the window shades still bear the insignia "Angle & Plymale, General Merchandise," a decade or more after the firm passed out of existence.
    The changes in the front of the old building will make some of the original customers of the store guess as to their probable location in Medford. The room is being fitted up for a moving-picture theater [the Isis Theater], and Mr. Cranfill has transferred his stock of goods to his residence on South Central Avenue. MT5/12/1910p8

    Carpenters have begun the work of remodeling the building formerly occupied by the Isis Theater, for occupancy by Jonas Wold and Martin Reddy. MT8/4/1914p2

    William Angle built the block where the Medford Pharmacy and Economy Meat Market now stand. AT2/19/1917p5
    The building will be reduced to two stories and altered into offices. The third floor theater is a roost for rats and pigeons and will be torn down. MT12/15/1922p3
Larry Schade's new jewelry shop, next to the entrance of the Craterian, has been fashioned along Old English lines. The outside has been finished to simulate a weather-worn front; an old iron lantern at the entrance and an antique wrought iron sign will add the finishing touches. MT7/31/1927p3
    W. H. Fluhrer will completely remodel the building and the one adjoining to the west, on the corner of Main and Central. MT8/27/1936p1
    In 1936-37 the Angle Opera House was consolidated with the Adkins Building into the Fluhrer Building (q.v.), which burned in 1969.

Apostolic Faith Church
Photos:  1944  1949
Northeast corner Third and Central

    The building being erected is 60x90 feet and being built of concrete finished in white-dash stucco. The auditorium will seat 400. MT1/28/1938p6
    The church will be dedicated Feb. 27. It was built in 38 days. MT2/25/1938p7

Arco AM/PM Mini Market
Corner South Stage Road and South Pacific Highway
The mini market will open April 15--weather permitting. The station will feature 16 pumps in a back-to-back arrangement. MT3/5/1998pC1

Armory I
Photos:  1924  circa 1925
Northeast corner Third and Bartlett

    Work on the armory will begin in 3 or 4 months. It will seat 3000 persons with a modern stage. MT9/8/1922p1
    With the change of contractors, work is resumed in earnest on the big armory building which will be completed and in use before autumn. It will be paid for by the State of Oregon, Jackson County and the City of Medford. CL4/6/1923p1
    The new armory has a frontage of 128 feet on Bartlett and 190 feet on Third, cost $80,000 and is one of the finest in the state. Architect Hinsacker of Eugene drew the plans. MT11/26/1923p8
    The building is T-shaped with offices, club rooms, etc. in the front and the auditorium in the rear. The building is of reinforced concrete with a full cement basement. The drill hall is a large room 82 by 121 feet, all finished with a fine maple floor. Above this is a balcony and at end a large stage. Over three thousand people can be seated, and state conventions or other large gatherings can be accommodated. MT11/28/1923p3
    The building is 120 feet wide and 190 feet long, with a full basement, to be equipped for a gymnasium, bowling alley and target range. It will also contain a heating plant, kitchen, dining room, ladies' rooms and showers. On the first floor a large auditorium, locker room, captain's office, officers' and quartermaster's office, besides the lobby and ticket office, occupy the space. The Legion hall, G.A.R. rooms, company club rooms, high school athletic room and balcony are located on the second floor. CL11/30/1923p1
    The city will pay between $200 and $300 a week for the rental of the armory, which will house the courthouse when the county seat is moved to Medford on July 1. MT6/17/1927p6
    No longer will spectators have to watch wrestling through a haze of cigarette smoke. Beginning Monday the smoke will be lifted through the roof by ventilators now being installed at each end of the armory auditorium. MT6/4/1936p3
    Fire gutted the auditorium of the Medford armory early today. All the structure except the offices and meeting rooms in the front appeared to be a complete loss. MT9/27/1950p1
    The armory was razed by fire in September 1951. MT1/7/1952p1
    What to do about the fire-gutted Medford armory? Where should a new one be located? These were the questions discussed at a meeting in the city hall last night. This morning National Guard officers took out a permit to demolish a portion of the fire-damaged structure. MT1/8/1952p1
    The armory property will be sold to the highest bidder Sept. 28. MT9/5/1954p23
    Among the landmarks built by R. I. Stuart and Sons is the Armory. MT5/30/1976pC2

Armory II
Photo:  1957
1701 South Pacific Highway

    The new armory will probably be finished some time late next year. It will have some 37,000 square feet; the building will be largely of reinforced concrete construction, with wood and plaster used also. MT12/14/1954p1
    Construction of the new Medford armory is assured. The low combined bids were in the $385,000 to $400,000 range. The new armory is a joint city-county-state-federal project, and will replace the old building largely destroyed by fire several years ago. MT3/29/1956

    About 3,000 persons heard Gov. Robert D. Holmes speak at the dedication of Medford's newly completed armory Saturday night. MT5/27/1957p1

    The $1 million renovation of the armory added 8,700 square feet. Another 2,200 square feet was altered to make room for a new unit that is assigned to the armory. MT10/28/1991p3
    The newly remodeled and renamed Medford Veterans Memorial Armory was officially rededicated Saturday, November 3. MT11/3/1991p3
    The facility expects to reopen in April; it has been closed since April 2016 for a remodel including structural improvements, new heating and air conditioning system, new windows, restrooms and kitchen facilities. MT2/21/2017p3
    Rehabilitation is slated for completion within the next month. MT4/1/2017p3

Armstrong Garage
Photo:  1934
101 South Riverside, southeast corner Eighth and Riverside

    A garage building was completed during the past year for the Armstrong Motor Company, located on Riverside Avenue. The building is of concrete and is modern in every way. MT9/14/1927pC3
    Bids for demolishing the northern half of the Western Auto store to make way for the extension of Eighth Street have been called for. MT7/3/1959p10
    Western Auto has moved part of its equipment and stock from the north end of its building. MT7/17/1959p1
    The old Western Auto store has been partially demolished to make room for construction of the 8th St. bridge. MT8/26/1959p11

Arthur Arms Apartments
Photo:  1930
330 North Holly

    The Arthur Arms, a two-story, eight-unit apartment house, is nearing completion. Designed in a rambling Moorish effect, the building is made charming with a large central tower and irregular roof lines set off with Mexican handmade tile. Every kitchen has a Norge electric refrigerator unit. MT3/30/1930pB5
    The Arthur Arms Apartments, formerly owned by L. J. Adams, have been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bringle. MT3/9/1931p3

Asante Neuroscience Institute
Photo:  2015
Southwest corner Barnett Road and State Street

    The 34,642-square-foot building will sit on 1.54 acres just west of Hematology Oncology Associates. MT5/30/2015p1

Assembly of God Church
Photo:  1953
1108 West Main
    A $150,000 auditorium, the first unit, is expected to be completed by early spring and will seat 1,000 persons. Following completion, plans call for construction of a $180,000 roman brick wing in the form of a court. MT12/2/1951p12

Associated Oil Service Station
Southwest corner Main and Front
    Associated Oil will build a service station on Haymarket Square (q.v.), to open within the next 90 days. It will be similar to the Associated station at Main and Riverside, with the exception of a brick instead of stucco finish. MT7/11/1924p3
    Construction will begin at once; the station will be 60x60 feet with entrance drives on both Main and Front.

Awol Grocery/Sandpiper Restaurant
1841 East Barnett

City directory listings: 1963-70: Awol Grocery, Earl Denning; 1971: Grecian Spa, Erroll McIntire; 1972-73: Athena Health Spa, Dick Costelow; 1974-76: Vacant; 1977: Inland Wharf Restaurant (Glynn Allen); 1978-79: Vacant; 1980-85: Sandpiper (Jerry A. Hayes, mgr.); 1986-87: Sandpiper (Robert E. Flannery, mgr.); 1988: Sandpiper (Scott Williams, mgr.); 1989-91: Sandpiper (E. James Parkinson); 1993: Sandpiper (Mick Lee); 1994-98: Streams (Scott Williams); 2000-02: 1841 E. Barnett not listed; 2003: Gumrai Thai, Mick's Ale House; 2004-05: Sing Thai; 2006: Saucy's Southern Grille; 2007: Molly Murphey's (Glynn Allen); 2008-: Vacant
    The 7,000-sq.-ft. building soon will be gone; the building on three lots comprising 1.6 acres has been beyond repair for a long time. MT12/23/2017p3
    Apparently razed sometime in 2019.

B Apartments
412 North Ivy

B.P.O.E. Lodge #1158  NRHP #297.0
Photos:  1913  2009
200 North Central, 202 North Central, northeast corner Fifth and Central

aka Elks Temple

    The Elks commissioned lodge brother Frank Clark to design their Beaux Arts home in 1913, but it took two more years before they could afford to build it. With its huge flight of steps, two-story porch, and classical style, the Elks Lodge has long been one of Medford's most attractive buildings. Built after the end of the Orchard Boom, the Elks Lodge was greeted with enthusiasm as 1500 people attended its dedication. A dining room addition was added in 1921.

     The local lodge of the B.P.O.E. will hold their annual election of officers in the new hall in the I.O.O.F. building, upon which the order has secured a lease for a year. MT3/2/1911p1
    At a meeting of the Elks last night it was decided to build a $75,000 clubhouse at Central and Fifth. It will have bachelor apartments, plunge and shower baths, a ballroom and banquet hall, in addition to restaurant service. OR12/8/1912p50

    F. C. Clark has prepared plans for the temple the Elks intend building at North Central and Fourth. It will be two stories high with a basement 85x85 feet in size, and will cost about $50,000 when completed and furnished. MT7/2/1913p2
    The Elks lodge has abandoned its plan of leasing the Medford Furniture & Hardware Co.'s building and will build on its own property. OR7/6/1913p50
    Steps toward build the Elks' club rooms are under way, Ray Toft purchasing the dwelling thereon and moving it to a lot on Boardman Street. MT10/30/1913p4
    This afternoon the Elks will march in a body from the Elks hall to throw the first dirt for the excavation. It has been decided to at least put in the big concrete basement this fall. MT11/4/1913p6
    Laying brick on the new Elks building is progressing rapidly. MT6/2/1914p2
    The rafters of the new Elks building are being put in shape. MT8/26/1914p2

    The roof is being put on the Elks temple. MT9/11/1914p2
    The Elks building committee will let the contract this week for interior work and windows for their new building. They expect to hold sessions in the new lodge rooms early in November. The formal dedication will be in the spring. MT10/15/1914p2
    The work on the interior of the new Elks Temple is progressing rapidly. The lodge expects to hold sessions in the new building in a short time. MT11/11/1914p2
    The fireplace in the Elks Temple was stained by smoke due to carelessness in burning rubbish and will have to be refinished. The fireplace is the largest in the state and a source of pride to the local lodge. MT12/16/1914p2
    The new Elks temple will be ready for occupancy next week, and will be opened New Year's Eve with a watch party and ball. MT12/26/1914p2
    The Elks held their first regular meeting in their new club rooms on Thursday night. Plans are under way for dedication of the building in the spring. MT1/8/1915p2
    Medford Elks are preparing to entertain several hundred members of the order Thursday and Friday, when the new clubhouse will be dedicated. OR9/20/1915p11
    The new dining room of the Medford Elks, costing $10,000, will be ready for occupancy early in June. MT5/30/1921p6
    The Elks Club applied yesterday for a permit to remodel the basement of their building at a cost of $1,000. MT5/17/1946p11
    The Elks Temple was listed at a cost of $35,000 in the building permit issued Dec. 17, 1913. The construction at that time was to include 12 rooms. Frank C. Clark was the architect. Another permit was issued in 1921 to the lodge, calling for additional construction on North Central at a cost of $10,000. MT3/26/1967pD1
    Among the landmarks built by R. I. Stuart is the Elks Temple. MT5/30/1976pC2
    The 28,760-square-foot structure is up for sale for $1.25 million. It was shuttered last December by the Grand Lodge of Chicago. MT8/24/2015p1

Baker Grain Warehouse
    H. E. Baker's new warehouse at Medford is well under way. Improved apparatus for the cleaning of grain will be put in, as well as other conveniences. OS7/24/1886p3
    Baker's large new warehouse at Medford is nearly completed. The lumber for it was furnished by C. T. Harris & Co., of the Wagner Creek mill. AT8/13/1886p3

    Twenty-five carloads of wheat have been shipped from the Medford warehouse during the past ten days, Mr. Baker informs us. DT12/17/1886p3

Bamby's Coffee Shoppe
Photo:  circa 1960
Big Y Super Market

    Approximately $200,000 will be spent on a general remodeling of the Big Y market, including an in-store bakery and a large restaurant. MT4/30/1961p13
    Grand opening tomorrow. MT2/7/1962p12

Bamforth Apartments
344 and 340 North Central, southeast corner
aka Southern Oregon Paint & Roofing Co., Andrews Apartments, Dobson Apartments

    344 N. Central was apparently divided into apartments during the Camp White years. City directory listings for 344: 1930 residence of Edwin G. Trowbridge. Trowbridge died 10/22/1935. 1935 Mrs. Gail Goodwin; 1937-40 William H. Gore; 1942 L. R. Andrews; 1946-50 Andrews Apartments. Andrews died 9/15/1951. 1951-56 Dobson Apartments; 1960- Bamforth Apartments (Albert E. and Betty Bamforth)

    Permit was filed by L. R. Andrews, 340 N. Central, to erect a residence at a cost of $4,000. MT9/30/1945p6
    Completion and occupation of a 12-room house in just 90 days was reported by Lester R. Andrews of 344 N. Central. The new home, at 340 N. Central, was built by Ralph Kunkel and Son. MT1/7/1946p1

Bank of America Building [St. Marks Building Site]  NRHP #122.0
Photos:  1969  1979
222 West Main, northeast corner Main and Holly
aka Oregon Bank

Baptist Church
See First Baptist Church, Mid-Baptist Church

Clara Barkdull Building  NRHP #42.0
Photo:  1979
119 North Central

    Construction on the building is scheduled to commence this week opposite the Groceteria by Mrs. Clara Barkdull, at an approximate cost of $20,000. The contract has been awarded to Elmer Childers. The property was acquired by Mrs. Barkdull in 1883; a dwelling was constructed upon the site in 1884. The dwelling, one of the oldest in Medford, is the home of Mrs. Barkdull; it will be razed to make way for the new building. MT1/1/1928pD6
    The wooden forms are now rapidly nearing completion. MT1/31/1928p2

Barneburg Block
Photo:  circa 1915
129 East Main

aka Rosenthal Building

    Built in 1895 for pioneer Medford haberdasher Simeon Rosenthal; designed by W. J. Bennet and built by contractors Childers, Shawver & Nicholson and Butler & Green.

    S. Rosenthal, the merchant, is contemplating the erection of a two-story brick on the lot where his store building now stands. DT3/22/1894p3
     S. Rosenthal has closed a contract with S. Childers to put up his new brick store building, work on the same to begin in early springtime. The building will be 25x80 feet in size and will be two stories high. Rock for the foundation is now being put on the ground. The wood building now occupied by Mr. Rosenthal will be moved. MM4/20/1894p3
    S. Rosenthal's brick block is going upward. VR4/11/1895p3
    F. Morgan, while engaged painting Rosenthal's new brick at Medford, cut his hand very severely Saturday. VR6/13/1895p3
    Merchant Rosenthal is justly proud of his new store and hall, "the finest hall west of Philadelphia." Shawver & Nicholson put the front in Wednesday, and a very pretty one it is--from the Schermerhorn planing mill. Butler & Green are doing the painting. The hall is large, well lighted and arranged especially for the use of the Masons and Knights of Pythias. MM7/5/1895p5
    The members of the Masonic lodge are proud of their hall in S. Rosenthal's new brick building. The entrance is from the rear of the building, and the stairs and hall of the Phipps building, which joins the Rosenthal building, is used as a means of reaching the hall. MM9/20/1895p1
    The Rosenthal building will be sold by the administrator at private sale after Dec. 1st. It is one of the finest structures in our city. DT10/31/1901p2
    The administrator of the S. Rosenthal estate last Saturday sold the brick store building in Medford to Fred Barneburg for $6950. MM12/20/1901p7
    Ivan Humason has rented the Rosenthal building from Mr. Barneburg and will open his drug store therein. MM2/14/1902p5
    Monroe & Grousbeck are in Medford with one of Edison's entertainment outfits. They have rented the Rosenthal building and are taking in nickels. MM2/14/1902p7
    On Tuesday the Medford Drug Store opened its doors in the Barneburg building, formerly occupied by S. Rosenthal. MM4/11/1902p6
    In 1911 W. F. Isaacs moved The Toggery "to the Barneburg building, near the Medford National Bank." MT7/23/1911pB1

Barney's Burgers
See Larry's Rich-Maid

Barnum Building I

317 East Main
See McAndrews-Barnum Block (E)

    Messrs. Nicholson Bros. have moved their stock of implements from C Street to the Barnum brick building on Seventh Street. SOM2/3/1893p3
    Deuel & Stevens will open their stock of dry goods, boots and shoes about September 15th in the new Barnum brick building on Seventh Street. MM9/7/1894p3
    W. J. Sturges:--"You were mixed a little on my having rented those rooms in the Barnum building I recently bought." MM11/30/1900p2
    Wm. Ferguson, all the same Bill Nye, has purchased the Barnum Building, corner Seventh and South [sic] A streets. He expects to rent it for a second hand store in February, when Mr. Chessmore's lease expires. MM11/15/1901p6
    R. M. Harrison has opened a second-hand store in the Barnum block, on Seventh Street near the bridge. MM4/12/1907p5
    W. H. Barnum is improving his property on East Main Street by having modern fronts put in. MT3/27/1912p2

Barnum Building II
South Riverside

    W. S. Barnum is building a good-sized addition to his brick building on South A Street. It is being erected in order to give room for a new cider mill which Mr. Barnum will put in shortly, and which will turn out ten or fifteen barrels of cider a day. The dimensions of the addition are 20x30 feet. MM4/28/1899p7

Barnum Buildings
Photos:  1914  1914  1915  1925
126 and 134 North Front
    Mrs. Isabel Powell will conduct the Medford Academy boarding house. The Barnum property, on North D Street, has been rented for the purpose. MM8/23/1901p6
    W. S. Barnum has let a contract for the erection of a 25x75-foot, one-story brick store room on North Front Street, nearly opposite the Southern Pacific depot. It will probably be used as a second-hand store. MT10/28/1912p2
    A concrete foundation was started Saturday morning by S. Childers for a new brick store building on North Front Street. The building is being put up by W. S. Barnum. It will be 25x75 feet in size and one story high, and will be an exact counterpart of the building recently erected by Mr. Barnum on a lot just south of this site. MT12/14/1912p4
     Will H. Wilson, who has conducted a store at 106 N. Front, has leased the new brick store building at 128 N. Front. MT12/20/1912p5
    Sid Nichol has opened a grocery store in the Barnum building opposite the Southern Pacific depot. MT8/11/1913p4

    Architect Frank Clark has a contract to build a one-story brick sample room for the Barnum Hotel, to be 25x100 feet in floor space. MT1/28/1916p6

Barnum Garage
Photo:  1961
132-136 North Front

    Architect Frank Clark is completing the erection of a garage for the Barnum Hotel. MT1/28/1916p6
    The Barnum garage on North Front Street is about completed. Electrician Paul is wiring it. MT3/16/1916p2
    An addition to the Park and Shop parking system is the building formerly the Keith Schulz garage. MT5/18/1961pD8

Barnum Hotel [Grand Hotel] NRHP #49.0
Photos:  circa 1930
  circa 2009
Northeast corner Fifth and Front

aka Grand Hotel, Hotel Austin

   William S. Barnum, after selling the five-mile-long Rogue River Valley Railroad between Medford and Jacksonville, commissioned Frank Clark to design this $75,000 four-story structure in 1914, opening it the following year. In 1927 the building was sold, and the new owners christened it the “Grand Hotel.” Primarily a residential hotel long overshadowed by the more stylish Hotel Medford, the Grand was in poor condition before it was listed on the National Register in 1983 and now provides subsidized housing following a major rehabilitation effort.
   J. C. Barnum is to erect a four-story building on the corner of Front and Fifth streets if his plans do not miscarry. MT8/10/1910p1
   J. C. Barnum has started the construction of a hotel on Front Street. The hotel will have 40 rooms, will be three stories high and will cater to the commercial trade particularly. OR7/12/1914p54
    Work on the Barnum Hotel, delayed by the non-arrival of foundation lumber, is now in full swing. MT9/11/1914p2
    In June 1914 W. S. Barnum was granted permission to build a brick hotel of 42 rooms on North Front, estimated cost $20,000. It is known today as the Grand Hotel. MT3/26/1967pD1
    The new Barnum Hotel will be ready for occupancy by the latter part of next month, according to the owner of the building. MS5/21/1915p6
    Work on the new Barnum Hotel has been stopped for a short time. MS6/13/1915p2

    Architect Frank Clark has a contract to build a one-story brick sample room for the Barnum Hotel, to be 25x100 feet in floor space. MT1/28/1916p6

    The new Barnum Hotel was formally opened to the public Tuesday evening. JP5/6/1916p3
    After June 6 the building formerly known as the Hotel Barnum will be known as the Hotel Austin. [signed] A. Austin Chisholm, Lessee and Proprietor. MS6/7/1916p2
    The Hotel Barnum has changed its name to Hotel Austin. MS6/8/1916p2
    There were two Spanish flu deaths yesterday at Sacred Heart Hospital of Barnum Apartments residents; the building has since been fumigated. MT10/23/1918p6
    Fire gutted the Barnum Hotel this morning, causing a damage of $50,000. The fire was confined to the fourth floor and the walls of the structure, but heavy damage was caused by water, making a total loss. MT10/4/1921p1
    Fire, which had been smoldering on the second floor, broke out again last night. MT10/5/1921p1
    Work is progressing rapidly on the Barnum Hotel, and some of the apartments will be ready for occupancy in a week or ten days. MT12/29/1921p2
    The Barnum Hotel and apartments on North Front Street was sold today by W. S. Barnum to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Goswick for a consideration made public at $65,000. The new owners will make improvements with the purpose of eventually changing the apartment house into a hotel, for which it was originally constructed. The house contains 67 rooms, divided into 27 apartments. MT9/12/1927p1
    The name of the Barnum apartments was changed yesterday to Hotel Grand. A large electric sign is going over the top of the building announcing the name. MT10/15/1927p8
    Probably the most conspicuous new electrical sign is that on top of the Hotel Grand, formerly the Barnum apartments. MT1/3/1928p3
    In addition to redecoration, a number of the rooms which formerly had connecting doors have vanished and been walled completely. MDN1/22/1931p3
    The Grand has been vacant for six years; restoration was started late in 1985. MT12/2/1991pB5
    Medford's Grand Hotel has just gone through a $800,000 refurbishing project. MT12/10/2010p1

Bashford Building
South Fir

    Prof. Barton has moved his rustic chair factory to the Bashford building on F Street, south of the Clarenden. MM3/9/1894p3

James W. Bass House  NRHP #176.2
229 North Ivy

James W. Bass Rental 1  NRHP #175.0
235 North Ivy

James W. Bass Rental 2  NRHP #178.0
203 North Ivy

Bates Barber Shop  NRHP #65.0
126 West Main

Bates Candy Warehouse  NRHP #184.0
160 North Fir

Bathmat Building
See First National Bank Building II

See Sherm's Food 4 Less

Bruce Bauer Lumber Builditorium
Photos:  1968  1969
765/767 South Riverside
aka The Westerner

    Bill Malone has opened Medford Saw Shop at 765 S. Riverside. MT2/16/1945p5
    The Bruce Bauer Co. has erected a new building which will house Medford Millwork's cabinet shop and the window and door machinery.
    A spectacular fire Sunday destroyed the Bruce Bauer Lumber Co. MT10/14/1957p1
    Bauer said the loss was completely covered by insurance; the company intends to rebuild as soon as possible.
    The grand opening of the world's first "builditorium" was held Friday and Saturday. The 12,000-sq.-ft. building is patterned after the popular "ranch"-style business houses now being built in California towns. MT7/13/1958p6

Bear Creek Motel
South Pacific Highway

    Neil Reed and J. W. Stewart are to begin construction soon of the Bear Creek Motel near the Bear Creek Orchards. MT11/20/1945p8, MN11/30/1945p1

Bear Creek Plaza
Southeast corner McAndrews and Biddle Road
See Lamonts
    Pan Pacific Retail Properties, based in Vista, Calif., has acquired the shopping center for $13.1 million. It was built in 1977; anchors in the 184,000-sq.-ft. center include Albertsons, Bi-Mart, TJ Maxx and Value Village. MT2/10/1998pB6

Beaton's Used Car Lot
100 East Jackson, originally 534 North Front, corner Front and Jackson

    Applying for a building permit yesterday was A. J. Beaton, 534 North Front Street, erect public garage, $1,000. 11/14/1945p7
    A. J. Beaton applied for a permit to add to the business building at 534 North Front Street, $3,000. MT9/1/1946p7
    In 1948 Beaton began offering pianos in addition to used cars; the business soon became Beaton's Music Shop.
    A permit has been granted Jackson Motor Company for $1,000 remodeling of a public garage at 534 North Front Street. MT1/11/1952p9

Beaver Electric
Photos:  1966  1966
2902 North Pacific Highway
aka Grover Electric

    The opening of Beaver Electric and Plumbing Supply's new 12,000-square-foot building is slated for an early time in May. MT4/24/1966pB5

Beck Apartments  NRHP #114.0
24-30 South Grape
aka Butler Apartments, Medford Labor Temple
    Mike Beck has bought the Butler apartments from Cleo Brenner. MT1/3/1937p10
    The building has been sold to the Medford Labor Temple Assn. It has four apartments upstairs and business quarters below. MT1/3/1947p1

Beck's Bakery
1414 North Riverside, southeast corner Riverside and McAndrews

    One of the latest additions to Berrydale is Beck's bakery, located in a large new concrete building, built by J. J. Osenbrugge for Michael Beck,. The bakery does a big wholesale business all over the valley and in Medford and employs 8 to 10 people. MT7/30/1927p3
    Beck's Bakery received a permit to make $2,000 worth of repairs. MT12/8/1944p9
    M. Beck received a permit to build a $2,500 addition. MT2/8/1952p11
    A $50,000 remodeling job is under way at Beck's Bakery. MT3/30/1953p7
    Beck's Bakery received a permit to build a $6,500 addition. MT3/30/1953p7
    An $11,000 two-story addition to Beck's Morning Fresh Bakery is under way to make room for a $21,000 automatic bun and roll making machine. MT3/6/1956p15
    Mike Beck received a permit to build a $14,500 addition. MT1/11/1959p13

Bella Vita
29 West Main
See C. A. Winetrout Building, One West Main
    The parking structure was completed in 2006, but a residential and commercial project known as Bella Vita died in 2008. With the economy sputtering, the developer pulled out. MT7/7/2013p1
    A major office complex is taking shape at Main and Fir that will house Pacific Retirement Services, Rogue Disposal and Procare Software.

Merritt Bellinger House  NRHP #145.0
147 North Holly

Berben Apartments
Photo:  1911
10 North Quince, corner Quince and Main

    Designed by Power, Reeves & West; built late 1911 by Roger S. Bennett.
    The Medford Sash & Door factory are turning out the work for the Berber [sic] apartment house on Peach. MT7/2/1911p8
    Just being completed, modern furnished apartments. Hot water heat, Holmes disappearing beds, buffet kitchens, private baths, large porches. MT10/2/1911p6

Bergman's Shop
3012 Crater Lake Avenue
    Bergman is moving his shop to a new prefabricated steel building. MT4/27/1956p9

Bickler Building  NRHP #273.0
128 North Bartlett

    Razed May 2011.

Biddle Road Shell
Photo:  1970

2001 Biddle Road

Big Bend Milling/Lindley Block  NRHP #312.0
Photos:  circa 1920  
1927  1928  1954
14 North Central

aka Mann Building

    Two buildings are incorporated in this NRHP listing, the Big Bend Milling building on North Central (pictured) and the Lindley Block on East Main.
    The first work for the foundation of a large brick building was commenced Saturday by the Jackson County Bank on C Street, just north of their new bank building. The new brick is to be 50x100, two story. It is expected to have the building ready for occupancy by the first of next May. MM12/14/1906p5
    The Big Bend Milling Co. will commence next week to excavate for the foundation of another brick building. This building will be located on C Street adjoining the Jackson County Bank building, will be 75x75 feet in size and at least two stories in height. MM6/21/1907p5
    The outside work on the Big Bend Milling Co.'s building is being completed this week, and the inside work will be finished as rapidly as possible. MM10/11/1907p5
    The Baker-Hutchason Co. are now located in their new room next to the Jackson County Bank building. MM11/22/1907p1
    The Baker-Hutchason firm has leased the store room joining their present quarters. The partition between the two rooms is being removed, and they expect to occupy both these rooms the first of the week. This will give them a floor space of 50x75 feet, and there will be two entrances to the store. MM1/31/1908p5
    The Medford Pharmacy will move to new quarters in the Jackson County Bank building next door to the Baker-Hutchason Co., where more room can be had for their extensive and growing stock. MM2/21/1908p9

    Mann's "has been enlarged, now having both a Main Street and Central Avenue entrance." MT9/24/1920p8

    Dust from the collapse of the east wall of Mann's department store and the west wall of the Scott Davis building adjoining covered the stock of the Mann store, forcing the closing of the store for further business until Wednesday. MT2/11/1935p1
    The largest single business expansion was made by Mann's Department Store, which was completely remodeled inside and out at a building cost of $12,000. MT1/3/1936p1
    Mann's will close Saturday night for a $250,000 renovation program. It will reopen in August under the name of "Miller's." MT5/20/1966p1
    Damp carpets, bubbling walls and brown ceiling tiles were the product of a pipe that burst above the conference room and flowed downstairs. MT12/10/2013p1

Big Bend Milling Co. Building
See Davis Building

Big Pines Lumber Co. Building
Photos:  1911  circa 1919  1930s  1965  1969  1973
32 West Sixth, northeast corner Sixth and Fir

    The company started construction today. The current building, built in 1908, will be razed to clear an area 96 feet from the Sixth Street frontage where the new $55,000 one-story cement-block building will be built. MT1/8/1959p1

Big Pines Paint Building
Northwest corner Sixth and Fir

    A California mission building is being constructed by this hustling company. The end and front are both finished in the handsome scroll designs. The outside will be constructed with cement plaster with suitable trimmings. MT3/20/1910p12
    The Dodge brothers have purchased the paint department of Big Pines Lumber and will conduct the business in its present location on North Fir. MT7/7/1911p6
    FOR SALE--Our paint building, corner Sixth and Fir streets. Big Pines Lumber Company. MT7/7/1911p2

Big Pines Paint Shop
Southeast corner Sixth and Fir; northeast corner Fifth and Grape

    The Big Pines paint shop is being moved from the railroad right-of-way to the corner of Grape and Fifth streets. MT2/5/1912p1

Big Y Building
Table Rock Road
    The building which burned Dec. 30 has been rebuilt of masonry; it will be occupied by Big Y Barber Shop, Beauty Shop and Laundromat. MT5/19/1963p13

Big Y Super Market
Photos:  1940  1940  1953  1953  1956  1960s  1970
North Pacific Highway and Crater Lake Highway

    Medford's newest super market will open tomorrow, April 12. Located at the intersection of the North Pacific Highway and the Midway and Airport road, the market covers 12,000 square feet of floor space. The entire front is opened or closed as desired, with great windows that may be raised. More than an acre of parking space will be provided. There is a spacious lounge, with plenty of current magazines and reading material. MN4/11/1940pB1

    Approximately $200,000 will be spent on a general remodeling of the Big Y market, including an in-store bakery and a large restaurant. MT4/30/1961p13

Billings Building
See Unknown/Concrete Building

Bingham-Lawson House  NRHP #181.0
236 North Oakdale

William H. Bishop Apartments
14 South Bartlett, second floor of the Hoover-Cooper Building

Black Bird Shopping Center
Photo:  1965
1810 West Main

    Lee Hobbs' Black Bird is now open; he has operated several businesses at this location for 20 years. A big concrete and nylon black bird in the parking lot identifies the location; a talking myna bird greets customers inside. MT8/8/1965pB6

Black Oak Shopping Center
Black Oak Drive

    The shopping center has had only a couple of store closures in the 4½ years since it was built. MT11/19/1984p3

Blue Goose Packing Plant
See American Fruit Growers

Bonaventure Senior Living
Springbrook and McAndrews roads
    Construction is under way for the 141-unit, $20 million structure.
    The 147-unit, 154,000-sq.-ft. care center on a 9-acre parcel is scheduled to open next August. MT12/27/2016p3

Bonded Warehouse Company
Corner Twelfth and Front

Photo:   1913
aka Archie Ash Building
    A three-story $30,000 jobbing and storage house will be built by Medford Realty & Improvement Co. Ground will be broken tomorrow at the corner of Front Street and Twelfth. The building will be of brick; it is expected to use the first floor for a jobbing house and the two upper floors for storage. OR10/27/1912p56
    The new warehouse on Front Street will be practically four stories in height, a high basement being provided. Huge elevators will be installed and all modern conveniences built for the handling of freight. The Medford Realty and Improvement Co. already has applications for the space, according to Charles S. Lebo, manager. 
    The foundation and basement floor are nearly completed. The basement walls are all to be built of concrete four feet above the street. W. H. Maultby has the concrete work contract. The building is 70x100 feet in size and will be four stories, including the basement. The three above-ground stories are to be of brick with granite trimmings. S. Childers has the brick work contract. MT12/14/1912p6
    The building will be of mill construction, the basement wall of 24-inch concrete and the next three stories of brick 12-17 inches thick. MT1/1/11913p2
    The new $50,000 bonded warehouse, built by George M. Anderson, the moving picture magnate, is open for business, having been completed last April to accommodate the increasing wholesale trade. OR6/22/1913p60
    The three-story brick structure was completely gutted by fire last night. The building, owned by the Medford Warehouse Co., was erected in 1912 by Charles Lebo and associates. MT11/1/1922p1
    The Mason-Ehrman wholesale grocery firm, burned out Tuesday night, has leased the Guy Conner packing plant nearby. MT11/2/1922p3

    A fire Tuesday gutted the Mason-Ehrman brick wholesale grocery building. it is not known whether the Medford Warehouse Co. wll rebuild. MT11/2/1922p3
    Ash announced that as soon as Mash, Ehrman move out the warehouse would be remodeled into a pre-cooling and cold storage plant. MT9/15/1924p6
    The plant will consist of the building recently vacated by Mason-Ehrman. It is 70x100 ft., three stories and basement. The new addition will be 70x200 and two stories high. MT1/16/1925p3
    The contract for installing cooling machinery into the Archie Ash building has been let; capacity will be 175 cars of storage. MT3/28/1925p8
    The Medford Pre-Cooling & Storage Co. are rebuilding and rearranging the Archie Ash building in the south Medford factory district. MS5/10/1925pC2

Bowman's Beauty Salon
Photos:  1942  1951
227 South Central

    Pleasant, safe, quick, sure. Dr. Halstead, 227 South Central. MT12/7/1918p2

Walter Bowne House
Old Stage Road
The purchase by George Hunt of the Tomlin residence six miles from Medford was announced. Located on the 19-acre estate is a two-story, 11-room white frame house of early American architecture, considered one of the most beautiful dwellings in southern Oregon. It was built around 1926 by Walter Bowne, now of San Francisco, and has been occupied by Mr. Tomlin since 1928. MT7/13/1941p10

Boyden Building
216 East Main

    Merchant H. E. Boyden has commenced work on his new brick store room. The building will be 46x80 in size and two stories high. S. Childers has the contract. MM5/12/1905p5
    The Medford Furniture Co. removed their undertaking parlors this week to the new quarters in the Boyden brick, recently finished, just back of the store. They also have the second floor of the building, beside half of the lower floor, and will use the latter for storing extra stock of their large and complete line. The goods will be transported from the lower to the upper story by means a large freight elevator, the first apparatus of the kind ever used in this city. MM9/1/1905p5
    H. E. Boyden will soon commence the entire remodeling of his building on Main Street now occupied by the Medford Hardware Company by tearing out the old front and replacing it with one up to date, using granite. MT2/22/1910p2
    The woodwork for the modern front to be placed in the Medford Hardware store was destroyed by the fire that burned the Phoenix mill Wednesday, thus delaying the completion and necessitating a continuance of the "open front." MT7/14/1910p5
    Oregon Granite has started work erecting a granite front on H. E. Boyden's store building on Main, which houses the Medford Hardware Co. MT7/17/1910p5
    Oregon Granite has a night crew at work putting in a granite front in the H. E. Boyden building on Main Street. MM7/19/1910p4
    Quite the neatest front that Medford has seen has just been finished by J. M. Lyon for Medford Hardware. The interior is finished in panels of veneered oak, with solid oak beamed and paneled ceilings and veneered oak floors. MT8/14/1910p11
    We are now located in the Boyden Warehouse, on paved alley, between South Central and South Bartlett. B. Klum, Electric Signs. MT1/6/1913p3

Brenneman Building
See Palm-Niedermeyer Building

Brommer Apartments
1205 East Main
aka Cook Apartments

Brophy Building
Photo:  1957
Northeast corner East Main and Central

See Jackson County Bank Building, Vawter-Brophy Building

    Consolidated from the Jackson County Bank Building and the Vawter-Brophy Building (q.v.), both originally built in 1906-07.
    Remodeling of the Brophy building has been completed, according to Leland Brophy, owner. The first story has been finished in ceramic tile; the second story has been finished in stucco and aluminum. Stores included on the first floor are McLain's Drug Center, Johnston and Stewart shoe store, Brophy's Jewelers, Junior Boot Shop, and Dr. Frank A. Freeburger and Robert L. Harland, optometrists. Architect for the modernization was Robert J. Keeney, and Batzer Construction Company was general contractor. MT9/29/1957p12

Brown Apartments
14 North Front

Brownell Motel
See Cascade Inn

Buckingham Candy Factory
Rear, 236 South Central
    The structure was built in the spring of 1924, permitted as a store room, but immediately converted into use as a candy factory. MT11/9/1926p3

Budge-McHugh Plumbing Warehouse  NRHP #54.0
125 North Fir

Buonocore House
Photo:  1965
Eighth and Oakdale, moved to northwest corner Eleventh and Oakdale

Bureau of Land Management
1133 S. Riverside
    The new 44x206-ft. building will contain 14 offices joined by a hallway and be built of shale brick with glass brick windows. It is in Office Park, South Riverside Ave. and Barnett Road, owned by O. L. Williams. MT2/22/1959p3

Burger King
1055 S. Riverside
    Undergoing remodeling June-July 2016.

Burk Building
See J. G. Taylor Building

F. F. Burk Tent and Awning Works  NRHP #32.0
142 North Front

Burmeister's Wallpaper Studio
Photo:  1966
1263 South Peach

    More than 300 visitors attended the opening of the attractive Burmeister's Wallpaper Studio last weekend. MT2/4/1966pB\5

Burnham Apartments
604 West Tenth

Burnham Court
610 West Tenth

Burroughs Building
See McAndrews-Barnum Block [W]

Bush Home Furnishings
Photo:  1953
2330 North Pacific Highway

Busy Corner Motor Co. Building  NRHP #365.0
407-409 East Main
    Walter Bowne has purchased the lot just east of the Sparta Building and will erect a one-story building for his Busy Corner Motor Co. MT7/29/1924p3
    The Busy Corner Motor Co. is now erecting a $6000 storage garage on the vacant lot east of the Sparta building and will remodel the lower floor. MT9/2/1924p8
    Walter Bowne has started work on another store room fronting on Main Street just east of the Sparta Building, also owned by him. MS5/10/1925pC2
    Purchase of the Sparta Building by George Hunt was announced in the liquidation of the Spokane Savings Bank, former owner. The property includes the one-story concrete structure adjoining on the east. MT9/6/1936p4
    The home of Cupp's Furniture Exchange, 407 East Main, was destroyed by fire and reconstructed during the fall season. The Sparta Building, affected in this fire, was fully redecorated MT1/2/1938p7

Butler Apartments
See Beck Apartments

Byers' Hall
See Nash Hotel Building

C Street Meat Market
See City Meat Market

Cal-Ore Ranches/Faydrex
Photo:  1968
1054 South Riverside

California Rex Spray Company
North of Medford

    The California Rex Spray Cmpany is erecting a new plant a quarter mile north of the city limits, near the Schell [Shell?] company warehouse. MT10/21/1916p4

Ken Callison Realty
Photo:  1963
519 South Riverside

Camp White Buildings
Various locations

    An appeal for help tearing down the Camp White building purchased by the Friends church for its new Sunday school is sent out. MT5/23/1947p12
    P. T. Young asked for a permit to remodel a Camp White building into a residence at 434 Stewart Avenue at a cost of $4,000. MT7/14/1947p7
    T. E. Schleigh applied to erect a duplex from Camp White material at 420 South Peach Street at a cost of $2,500; Betty Rose to erect a residence from Camp White building at 814 East Ninth Street, $1,000. MT7/18/1947p11
    Miss Warden of Alice Street has received permission to move a Camp White building. MT9/29/1947p5
    D. E. Millard filed today for a permit to convert a Camp White building into a residence at 615 West Eleventh Street. A Camp White building at 346 Stewart Avenue will be converted into a residence by Charles R. Ramsey. MT11/12/1947p9

    Melton C. Ebbert plans to remodel a Camp White building into a residence and erect a garage at 1021 West Thirteen Street at a cost of $3,500. MT11/17/1947p7

    T. E. Schleigh has applied to erect a duplex from Camp White material at 420 South Peach Street at a cost of $2,500; Betty Rose, erect residence from Camp White building at 814 East Ninth Street. MT11/18/1947p11
    Thomas Grove filed today for a permit to convert a Camp White building into a residence at 133 Taft Street. The cost will be $2500. MT11/21/1947p13

    Frank Clark Jr. and the Y.M.C.A. were issued permits to move Camp White buildings. Clark will place his at 1011 West Eleventh and the Y.M.C.A. will place theirs on West Sixth Street. MT11/28/1947p11
    I. A. Hall, permit to move a Camp White building to Kings Hwy. MT12/3/1947p7

    Richard Seibinger has remodeled a former Camp White building for his Northwest Orthopedic and Supply Co., 2747 N. Pacific Hwy., and is remodeling another. MT12/19/1948p8
    At the rear of the YMCA lot on Sixth St. is a large Camp White building which has been used for storage; it will soon accommodate hand crafts. MT5/8/1949p10

Capri Motel
Photo:  circa 1968
250 East Barnett

    Construction on the 36-unit two-story motel started recently. MT5/9/1963p24

Cardona Building
North Riverside--possibly not built

    Building permit application was granted Thomas Cardona for a $20,000 retail building on North Riverside Avenue. MT1/16/1951p7

Cargill Court Apartments
Photo:  1965
325 West Sixth, southeast corner Sixth and Ivy

aka Medford Sanitarium

    The building was insulated with Cabot's Quilt eelgrass insulation.
    Last week Dr. E. H. Porter brought from Dr. E. B. Pickel the quarter block on Sixth and Ivy for a consideration of $6000. MT4/2/1917p7

    Dr. Porter plans the erection immediately upon the site of a private sanitarium and hospital to cost $15,000. JP4/7/1917p1
    The foundation of the structure has been completed, and work will be hurried on the superstructure. MS7/17/1917
    The sanitarium will be ready by October 1, furnished and fully equipped. The walls are now rapidly being completed. MS8/10/1917
    Dr. E. H. Porter's new hospital near the Medford Hotel is nearing completion. The X-ray machine was installed yesterday, and the hospital beds have arrived. MS10/5/1917
    The new brick and stone hospital building, which has just been completed, will probably not be formally opened for two weeks. Dr. Porter has decided to have the institution known as the Medford Sanitarium. MS10/25/1917
    Although the sanitarium has been doing business for the past two weeks, the formal opening will be Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. MS12/5/1917
    Work began on two new units at Cargill Court; the structure will be concrete stucco, two stories, and will furnish 12 additional apartments. MT1/25/1921p2
    Additions to the Cargill Apartment House, Sixth and Ivy streets, are close to completion at a cost of $25,000, Col. Stuart, contractor, Dr. E. H. Porter, builder. They will be ready for occupancy at an early date. MT5/30/1921p6
    Mrs. Milton Schuchard has sold Cargill Court, one of the largest apartment buildings in Medford, to Mrs. R. W. Sleeter. It has 21 modern apartments and quarters for the janitor. It has been owned since May 1936 by Mrs. Schuchard, who acquired it from the Prudential Life Insurance Co. MT7/13/1941p10
    In 1917, a permit was issued to Dr. E. H. Porter for construction of a four-story brick building of 20 rooms on West Sixth, at an estimated cost of $15,000. In 1921 a permit called for addition of 24 rooms at a cost of $12,000. The construction is now known as Cargill Court Apartments. MT3/26/1967pD1
    Workers are starting to tear out the crumbling wood and plaster from the Cargill Court building. By gutting the building and reducing it to a naked shell, potential buyers can get a better idea of its structural soundness. MT2/17/1985p3

Carnegie Library  NRHP #164.0
Photos:  1926  1970  1958  circa 2009  2011
413 West Main

    In 1910, women of Medford's library association began petitioning Andrew Carnegie for funding to build a permanent home for the city library and agitating for a serial levy to operate it. When a letter arrived from Carnegie on January 19, 1911 offering the association $20,000, John A. McIntosh was hired to design the building, which was erected on the second of the city's park blocks. The $19,360 structure opened February 8, 1912. The Library was expanded to the rear in 1951. By the early 1980s, it was considered outdated and too small, but plans to raze the building were met with public outcry. After being listed on the National Register, it was thoroughly renovated. Its days as a library finally came to an end in 2004 with construction of Medford's Central Library downtown. Today the Carnegie is slated for conversion to a new life as a public meeting space.
    Medford Sash & Door is turning out the work for the Carnegie library. MT7/2/1911p8
    Wednesday will be the last opportunity to draw books from the city library until the new building is occupied; moving will start soon. MT1/23/1912p6
    Preliminary plans for the library addition have been approved. The addition, which will provide about 50 percent more floor space, will be of modern-type architecture designed to blend in with a civic center development. MT6/11/1950p13
    The two-story $75,000 addition, due for completion about June first, will double the institution's floor space.
    The Medford library building has served a useful life, but there is no way it can be repaired. MT1/10/1978p1

Carpenters' Hall
See Smith's Hall

Cascade Inn Motel
816 North Riverside
aka Brownell Motel
In December 1951 the twelve cottages of the Brownell Motel were moved to Medford from Gold Hill, reopening on February 1, 1952. MT5/20/2012p2

Castle Hall
See Moore Annex-Pottenger Building

Catholic Church I
Photo:  1906
414 North Front, northeast corner Third and Front
aka Oregon Rooming House

    The Catholics will soon begin the erection of a church. OR6/1/1888p7
    Will. G. Zimmerman will commence work on the new Catholic church here this week. The building will be 26x40 and cost $1100. VR11/29/1888p3
    The Catholic church is nearing completion. VR1/24/1889p3
    Mr. Dahack has converted the old Catholic church house on North D Street into a modern rooming house, so his new sign reads. MM2/12/1909p8
    The fire that destroyed the Oregon Rooming House was of incendiary origin; it was a two-story frame and was originally built for the Catholic Church. Later it was remodeled into a rooming house. MT6/28/1918p6
    Fire at Medford early Friday destroyed the Oregon Rooming House and three shacks at the corner of Front and Third streets, owned by Irvin Dahack. JP6/29/1928p3

Catholic Church II
Photo:  1909
Southwest corner Tenth and Oakdale

    Archbishop Christie arrived here Thursday to view the site recently selected for a Catholic church, which though it did not meet with his approval, not being central enough, was purchased from P. J. McMahon. TR10/10/1907p1
    Archbishop Christie returned from Medford, where he completed the purchase of a lot on which the erection of a church will be begun immediately. OR10/18/1907p11
    The Catholics have completed a school building costing $30,000 and are now building a church. OR11/2/1908p12
    The new Catholic church was dedicated yesterday morning. MM1/8/1909p1
    A fine, large bell has been placed in the belfry of the Catholic church. It was donated by the Knights of Columbus. MT2/5/1913p6

Catholic Church III
Photos:  1930s  1970
Southwest corner Tenth and Oakdale

    Included among the larger structures completed this last year was the new Catholic church on the corner of Tenth Street and Oakdale Avenue, constructed at an approximate cost of $45,000. MT12/31/1928pC7

Cedar Lodge Motel
Photo:  1960
518 North Riverside
aka America's Best Value Inn

    Permit granted Leo Sant for erection of a $104,000 motel. MT1/7/1959p9
    The motel was gutted and converted into 84 studio apartments; survivors of the Almeda fire are first in line. Some moved in this week. MT2/2/2022p1

Central Apartments
301 South Central

Central Church of Christ I
608 North Central

     The building was started in November 1937 soon after the founding of the congregation. For about five years the floors were deep sawdust. MT1/20/1961p8
     The former building was razed, since it was on the site of the Alpine Village development. MT6/16/1961p6

Central Church of Christ II
1440 South Oakdale at Holmes
aka Rogue Valley Christian Church
    Groundbreaking ceremonies will take place Sunday. MT1/13/1961p6
    Construction will begin immediately with Jack Batzer as contractor. It will be of wood construction using Oregon lumber insofar as possible. MT1/20/1961p8
    The new $50,000 building was dedicated last Sunday. MT6/16/1961p6

Central Fire Hall

See Medford Central Fire Hall

Central High School
See Medford High School III

Central Hotel
Photo:  1888
Northeast corner Main and Central
    H. F. Torrey is building a good sized hotel, and wants to have it ready for a dancing party on Washington's birthday. AT1/25/1884p4

    The hotel was opened this week by Mr. A. R. Woods. AT9/5/1884p3
    At 4:30 a.m. a lamp exploded in the two-story frame building at the east corner of 7th and C streets, and once used as the Medford Hotel. VR10/20/1892p3
    The building was formerly occupied as a hotel by J. H. Faris, but at the time of the fire by Geo. A. Webb as a dry goods store and Wm. Green as a tailor shop. It was totally consumed. DT10/21/1892p3

Central Service Station
203 South Central, southeast corner East Ninth and South Central

    Warren Butler has assumed ownership Medford's newest service station, constructed along modernistic lines and offering Gilmore gasoline. MT11/11/1934p6

Century Building
See Medford Community Hospital

Chamber of Commerce Building
See Exhibit Building

Chamber of Commerce Building II
Photos:  1969  1970
Southwest corner Tenth and Central

    Bids for demolition of a structure at Central and Tenth St. are expected to make way for a new home for the Chamber of Commerce. MT3/25/1960p1

    Construction of the new building will start soon. Costs will include $17,500 for the property and $13,320 for the building. MT1/6/1961p1

L. D. Champion Building
See Leever Building

Chapel of the Rocks and Roses
Photos:  1945  1946
104 South Oakdale

Childers Apartments
803 West Eleventh

Childers Block
See Johnson-Childers Building

Childers Building I
Photos:  1900  1901
Northwest corner East Main and Central
aka Phipps Block

    Childers & Son have commenced hauling stone for the foundation of their new brick building on Seventh Street. DT3/2/1888p2
    Childers & Son have commenced operations on the fine brick building they propose putting up on Seventh Street, adjoining S. Rosenthal's place of business. DT3/30/1888p2
    Spence Childers is building a two-story brick on the corner of Main and C. The ground floor is for store rooms, the second floor for offices. AT5/18/1888p3
    There will be a dance in Childers' new brick building at night. Come, everybody, and have a good time. AT6/1/1888p3
    Adkins & Webb are occupying Childers' new brick, and will be there until their new building is completed. DT8/30/1888p3
    M. E. Beatty & Co., the real estate agents, have removed their offices to Childers' building, upstairs. So have Dr. Minnis and S. S. Pentz, Esq. DT10/25/1888p3
    We learn that H. H. Wolters of the Monarch Saloon will occupy Childers' building as soon as Adkins & Webb vacate it. DT3/14/1889p3
    J. O. Johnson and S. Childers, Sr., now own the brick building in this place formerly owned by A. Childers & Son. DT9/5/1889p2
    Julius Goldsmith, the popular grocer, has rented the lower story of Childers' brick building. DT10/3/1889p3
    Dr. J. W. Odgers' office is in the Phipps block, opposite Jackson County Bank. MM5/28/1897p3
    The demolition of the old brick building at the northwest corner of 7th and C streets was commenced Monday of this week. The building was purchased by the Medford Bank with a view to ultimately building a permanent home for the bank upon the site. MM3/2/1906p5

Childers Building II  NRHP #352.0
Photo:  1971
406 East Main

    The Childers Building was constructed in 1926 by Elmer Childers, a prominent Medford contractor. The multi-storefront design was highlighted by the triangle-shaped parapet decoration. The recessed entries each had a tall transom band of narrow vertical panels. Piggly-Wiggly occupied the building in the 1920s. Occupants in the 1940s included Franett's Military Store, Victory Cleaners (later Valley Cleaners) and Larson-May Appliance Co. By the mid-1960s Larson's expanded to fill the entire building before moving to a larger location at Main and Fir. In the 1970s the IOOF lodge shared the building with small retail concerns.
    In 1985 a substantial renovation by John Nelson created a new interior room arrangement that yielded eight small shops, collectively known as the Main Street Market. Historically derived stairways and transom panels in natural wood were installed, similar to the original design. The Childers Building has been blended with the adjacent Jerome-Vawter Building, and more recently with the Mohr Rental Building, to form a unified appearance.

Childers Building/Dreamland  NRHP #364.0
Photo:  1979
417 East Main

aka Walker Building

    Built in 1928; construction began in May. MT 5/18/1928p1 Angled to follow the street, this building was used as a boxing arena and as the home of the Dreamland Ballroom, the Isis Theater (Medford's last silent movie theater), a bowling alley and Santo's Agate Shop. 421 East Main was for a time site of the Everlast Neon Sales Corp. and factory. MT6/8/1929pB4
    Dense clouds of smoke poured out of the doorway leading downstairs to the old Medford bowling alley when the fire broke out in an area under the street about 6:30 p.m. Saturday. The fire, burning in trash and old lumber, never got about ground level. MT1/20/1958p1

Childers Hall
See Johnson-Childers Building

Childers House
Photos:  1907-10  1912
501 East Main

    Mr. Spencer Childers is building a fine residence a short distance from town, across Bear Creek. OR3/27/1888p3
     The building of Mr. Childers' residence on the east side of Bear Creek has laid the foundation for East Medford. We are told seven other residences will be built on that side of the creek during the present season. SOT3/27/1888
    The neat brick dwelling which A. Childers, Sr., is building on his ranch east of town is rapidly assuming proportions. DT12/5/1889p3
    Spence Childers is building an addition to his residence on East Main. MM3/3/1893p3
    Last week we spoke of the new brick residence to be built by S. Childers, Jr. This building will be quite unique in design, the verandas and porticoes being also of brick. It will be a two-story building with six rooms below and three above. The sitting room, parlor and dining room will be connected by folding doors and can all three be thrown into one room when required. The foundation for this building will be commenced within a few few days. The cost of the structure will be about $2000. W. J. Bennet, architect. MM9/27/1895p4
    Architect I. A. Palmer is now preparing plans and specifications for a fine brick residence for Spencer Childers, to be erected in East Medford--just across the bridge. The building will be a two-story brick, with nine rooms, and an attic which will be used as a billiard hall. When completed the building will cost in the neighborhood of $4,000, and will be without a doubt the handsomest residence in Southern Oregon. MM9/11/1896p7

    Robert L. Hale has leased the Childers' brick residence, on East Seventh Street, and moved thereto. MM8/10/1906p5
    S. Childers last week closed a deal with H. Doubleday whereby the latter becomes the owner of the neat little cottage in East Medford where Mr. Childers now lives. The price paid was $2300. MM11/5/1908p5
    Four old dwellings on the site of the proposed new city park, including the Mansion Cafe at 501 East Main Street, will be removed in the near future, city councilmen having issued a call for bids for their removal. MT4/19/1945p1

Christian Science Church
214 North Oakdale

    Clark & Foster have just finished plans for the new Christian Science church. The church is to be a frame structure, costing $3500. MT9/14/1910pB1
    The chapel will cost $5000. The building will be 33x75 feet in size and will stand at the rear of the property, the front of which is to be parked and beautified. MT9/20/1910p8
    The auditorium will seat 200 people. There will be rooms for the first reader, second reader, and a large reading room. The edifice will cost $9000. OR1/4/1911p15
     Construction is under way on the first "bungalow" church in the Northwest, First Church of Christ, Scientist, now being constructed on North Oakdale. The church resembles a country club more than a religious edifice. MT1/1/1911p3

Chrysler Building
1024 Summit--possibly not built

    Sherman Jones has applied at the city superintendent's office for a permit to erect a business building at 1024 Summit Street. MT1/8/1947p9

Church of Christ
1701 West Main at Chestnut
    A $25,000 building permit has been granted to the Medford Church of Christ. The auditorium will be 108x36 feet; a two-story education department will be 72x24 feet and will have space for 14 classrooms. R. T. Burns will supervise construction, and much of the work will be donated. MT4/24/1952p17

Church of the Nazarene
Northwest corner Jackson and Central

Church of the Nazarene II
Photo:  1956
520 North Holly

City Meat Market
Photo:  1909-10
11 North Central
aka C Street Meat Market, Premium Market

    Mr. Ely is having a one-story 25x26 brick built just off 7th Street on C, which will be occupied by a butcher shop as soon as completed. SO5/13/1892p3
    G. W. Mathes and Jeff Brophy will soon open up a butcher shop. SO7/29/1892p3

    Brophy & Mathes will be moved to the brick on C Street back of Slover's Drug Store as soon as it is ready for occupancy. SO7/29/1892p3

    Mr. R. Besse has purchased the C Street Meat Market of G. W. Mathes and is now in charge of same. MM3/24/1893p3

    L. M. Lyon, the contractor and builder, is now at work placing one in the G. E. Fox C Street meat market. MM6/9/1893p3

    G. E. Fox, proprietor of the Premium Meat Market, has his place of business fitted up in a manner which must be most pleasing alike to himself and patrons. MM6/16/1893p3

    It is reported that the Premium market will be opened again about October first, by Wm. Ulrich and others. MM9/29/1893p3

    Ed. Pottenger is the new meat cutter at the Premium Market. MM1/5/1894p3

The building was either razed or incorporated into the 1910 addition to the Medford National Bank.

    Work has been commenced on the three-story brick addition to the building of the Medford National. Pacific Banker, Portland, 8/6/1910p7

Clarenden Hotel
Photo:  circa 1890
Southwest corner West Main and Fir

aka Clarendon Hotel, Western Hotel, Commercial Hotel

    Construction on "Dickison's large hotel" is now under way. PO7/24/1888p6
    The Clarenden Hotel will open in a few days. It is to be a strictly first-class house. AT9/21/1888
    George Justus has leased the Clarenden Hotel and is now  renovating the building from foundation to garret. He proposes to put the hotel in such shape as to make it a first-class hostelry. MM3/2/1894p3
    Mrs. Emma Barker has bought out the interests of Geo. Justus in the Clarenden Hotel and is in possession of the same. The lady has secured the services of Harry Angle as clerk. MM4/20/1894p3
    A new sign has swung itself to the exhilarant zephyrs--at the front of the erstwhile Clarenden Hotel, and instead of reading "Clarenden" it is "Western Hotel." MM10/4/1895p5
    The name of the Western Hotel has been changed to Commercial, under its new management. MM1/29/1897p7

    H. C. Knackstedt has taken charge of the Commercial Hotel, on the west side, and will thoroughly renovate the building. DT7/21/1898p3

     The Commercial Hotel caught fire
from a flue Saturday morning and would have been totally destroyed but for the prompt action of the fire department. It was badly damaged, although the frame still stands. DT8/22/1898p3
    It is said that the hotel on the west side of the S.P. track will be rebuilt as soon as the title is perfected. DT3/20/1899p3
    T. H. Moore has men at work tearing down the old Clarendon livery barn. He has not decided whether he will build a brick on the premises or not. MM5/17/1901p6
    The building apparently stood until 1900 or 1901, when it was razed to make room for the Moore Mercantile Buildings.
    Mr. Orr has rented Mr. Moore's store building, which is across the track, where once stood the Clarendon Hotel. MM9/27/1901p7

Clauss Motors  NRHP #293.0
275 East Fifth

Clay Building
See Hoover-Cooper Building

Clemens-Brandon House  NRHP #177.0
211 North Ivy

Clogston's Cabinet Shop
Photo:  1952
2080 Jacksonville Highway

Coast Aluminum and Architectural Warehouse
3425 South Riverside
    The building will be a holding facility for aluminum used in architectural panels, picked up and dropped off for projects on the West Coast. MT4/19/2019pB1

Cobblestone Village
1237 North Riverside
aka Pulver's Motel
    Construction of the $1.2 million Cobblestone Village started in February; the grand opening is scheduled for mid-June. Workers now are gutting motel rooms, leaving only the brick exterior. MT4/8/1984
    The 549C School Board recently approved purchase of Cobblestone Village for Central High School's future home. MT1/10/2020pB1
    The school district has canceled its purchase in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed its financial outlook. MT4/4/2020p1

Coca-Cola Bottling Plant
3074 Crater Lake Avenue
    The new $225,000 plant, being built by Batzer Construction, is expected to be completed by Sept. 1. MT6/16/1968pB1

The Coffee Pot Drive-In
Photos:  1947   circa 1948
1132 North Riverside

    The new coffee shop that opens tomorrow takes its name from the design of the building, in the shape of a gigantic coffee pot. MT6/9/1937p2
    The Coffee Pot reopens for the season tomrrow. The establishment has been remodeled and enlarged with double the seating capacity. MT3/20/1941p4
    J. McDuffee has applied for a permit for a $6,000 addition. MT10/15/1948p11
    Firemen cut through the roof of the Gay '90s Pizza Parlor last night to extinguish a fire which had started behind a heating unit and extended to the attic. Dave Ogdahl said the family portion of his building would be closed temporarily. MT2/11/1966p1

College Building
See Medford Business College Block

Collins Mobil Service
Photo:  1950
Corner Jackson and Central

Collins Service Station
Southwest corner Fourth and Riverside

    J. C. Collins, who has been building a concrete service station at Fourth and Riverside, will open it tomorrow, April 3. MT4/2/1924p3

The Colonel's
Photo:  1965
603 South Riverside

    "The Colonel's" is now open, operating under a franchise for the widely known Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken. MT11/5/1965pB5

Colonial Flats
217 South Riverside

    Make your winter home at Colonial Flats, 217 South Riverside. MT9/22/1914p2
    FOR SALE--Largest light housekeeping apartment house in Medford, situated on Pacific Highway, 2 blocks from Main St. Has 30 apartments, fully furnished for light housekeeping: building is absolutely modern. Gas, electric lights, steam heated. Some private baths, two public bathrooms on each floor. Has monthly rental of $350 when running full. Write manager, Colonial Flats, 217 South Riverside, Medford, Or. OR9/14/1916p20

Colonial Garage Building  NRHP #166.0
Photos:  1927  
1948  1965
405 West Sixth, southwest corner Sixth and Ivy
See also Emerick Garage
    The Colonial Garage on Sixth Street at the corner of Ivy is now nearing completion. The building is a reinforced concrete structure 80x100 and will be large enough to house a half a hundred cars on its concrete floor. This building is being built by Ira Schuler and "Jerry" Jerome. MT10/24/1921p1
    I. E. Schuler will build a 50x60-ft. addition to the Colonial Garage, increasing its floor space to 15,000 square feet. 
    A building permit has been granted to Ralph Furrer to remodel a public garage at Sixth and Ivy streets at a cost of $5,000. MT11/26/1948p13
    Remodeling was begun this week on the Medford Motor Company building. A part of the building and roof on the corner will be removed to accommodate a used car lot at the same location as the new car business. MT2/14/1954p10

Commerce Plaza
Photo:  1984
1300 block McAndrews Road

    Occupancy in the 12,000-square-foot two-story building is anticipated in March.

Commercial Club Building
See Exhibit Building

Commercial Hotel
See Clarenden Hotel

Commercial Transfer & Storage
Photo:  1947
320 North Fir

Common Block Brewing
See Leever Motor Company

The Concord
Northeast corner Sixth and Grape
    Demolition began Monday for The Concord, a $12.5-million low-income housing project. The 50-foot-tall, four-story building, designed by Ogden Roemer Wilkerson Architecture,  will be completed by November 2016. MT10/20/2015p1
    The $12.5-million project will have 20 one-bedroom and 30 two-bedroom apartments. The four-story building was designed by Ogden Roemer Wilkerson Architecture; Adroit Construction is the contractor. MT3/5/2016p3
    Residents should start filling up the 50 apartments after Jan. 1. MT12/1/2016p1

Guy Conner Warehouse
Southeast corner Eleventh and Evergreen

    This week the Guy W. Conner property came into the possession of the C&E Fruit Company. The property consists of a concrete warehouse, 100 by 100 feet. Work has started on the enlargement of the plant. Chicago Packer 5/12/1928p18
    The history of the Myron E. Root Company began in 1932 when it became an incorporated concern and started operating in the old C. and E. warehouse at 11th and Fir sts. This building was the first warehouse constructed in Medford and was built prior to 1908. MN6/9/1950p1

Conger-Morris Funeral Home
Photo:  1970
715 West Main

Among the buildings which aided in making the month's construction program so large is the Conger funeral home on West Main Street. MT3/31/1928p2
    Conger-Morris Funeral Parlors, 715 West Main, have obtained an $800 permit for an addition to their building. MT10/17/1950p11
    Construction is under way on a 250-seat chapel. A parking lot for 55 vehicles is also being built along the entire block behind the chapel. MT6/16/1968pB1
    New construction and renovation has been completed. The original building, built in 1928, was redesigned. MT7/17/1969pB5

Consolidated Freightways Terminal
703 North Central

    The $60,000 project, started November 12, is a modern dock addition which will give increased loading and unloading space. The firm is also constructing a fueling island and a truck scales installation. MT12/2/1951p12

Cook Apartments
See Brommer Apartments

Cooksey Motors
Photo:  1946
148 South Riverside, northwest corner Ninth and Riverside
It will be one of the most modern in the state when completed. The concrete floor will be heated by hot water flowing through pipes. MN11/9/1945p3

Cooley Building
See Cooley Building/Craterian Theater or Cooley-Neff Building

Cooley Building/Craterian Theater  NRHP #321.0
Photos:  circa 1926  December 20-21, 1926  1953  1953  1998
23 South Central

aka Cooley Theater Building, Craterian Building

    After the old house and billboards on the property are razed the work of excavating for the foundations of the new theater will begin.
    The Medford Theater Company, which will build a new theater on Central Avenue, filed articles of incorporation last week. MT2/4/1924p2
    The basement excavation is complete for the new theater.
    A $35,000 remodeling in November will make the Craterian one of the most beautiful and modern theaters on the Pacific coast. Deep carpets, richly hued drapes, mirrors with indirect lighting and scores of innovations will make this theater a veritable showplace. The new doors in the foyer will be made of sandblasted glass, and the proscenium arch will be remodeled to conform in shape and design with the rest. MT9/20/1936p5

    Among the landmarks built by R. I. Stuart is the Craterian Theater. MT5/30/1976pC2

Cooley Theater Building
See Cooley Building/Craterian Theater

Cooley-Neff Building  NRHP #40.0
Photos:  1926  1927  1937
101 North Central, northwest corner Sixth and Central

aka Cooley Building, Neff-Cooley Building, Neff Building

    Site preparation is fast progressing. The concrete store building on the north end of the site is being moved, and the other small business building of concrete and glass, and the old dwelling houses, will be razed and hauled away. MT3/8/1923p3
    Two of the rooms have already been leased. MT4/28/1925p8
    There will be four store rooms, three on Sixth and one on Central.
    Cooley and Neff were granted a permit to erect a one-story structure at Sixth and Central. The building will have four store rooms and be 40x75 feet with a 10-foot basement. R. I. Stuart is the builder. MT8/6/1925p5
    J. H. Cooley and P. J. Neff are erecting a concrete business structure at the corner of Central Avenue and Sixth Street at a cost of $11,000. MT9/1/1925p3
    Miss I. C. Porter has leased the store room at 125 East Sixth, in the new Neff-Cooley building, and will open a millinery store tomorrow. MT4/27/1926p3
    $25,000 damage resulted yesterday when fire swept through the basement of the Cooley Building, causing stocks of the Adrienne Steward shop, McPherson's Clothing and Porter's Millinery to be damaged by smoke, flames and water. Only smoke entered the Diamond Cafe. MT2/14/1927p1
    When it opened in 1926 it housed McPherson's Men's Store, Adrienne Steward's Ladies' Shop, Porter Millinery and the Diamond Cafe.

Cooley-Neff Building II
South Central

    The OLCC store is scheduled to move to the Cooley-Neff Building just being completed next to the Jackson Hotel. MT8/24/1936p5

Cooley-Neff Warehouse
Photo:  1926
Southeast corner Third and Fir

    A steam shovel has begun excavating for a $30,000, 75x175-ft. concrete warehouse at Third and Fir. MT6/10/1924p5
    Work is progressing rapidly on the warehouse being constructed by Porter Neff and J. H. Cooley for Mason, Ehrman Co.
    The building was built by Cooley & Neff for Mason & Ehrman. The structure is 75x180 and contains 40,000 sq. ft. of floor space with a humidor for storage of cigars and special rooms for other merchandise. CL12/5/1924p1, MT12/2/1924p8

Cooper Building
See Hoover-Cooper Building

Copco Building
See St. Mark's Block

Copco Office and Shops
Photo:  1960
925 South Grape, 1006 South Grape

    An option has been signed by the power company for the tract of land at the foot of Grape Street; a warehouse, 200 by 50 feet, will be constructed for the storage of electrical equipment. EH10/11/1921p6
    The California Oregon Power Company plans to erect an office building near the corner of Grape and Stewart Ave., it was reported this week. MT12/8/1958p1
    Among building permits issued since Jan. 1 was one for some of the California Oregon Power Company's shop facility construction at Grape and Stewart. The development was started last year with construction of a shop and storage space. Space is provided for a future office building. MT5/29/1960p10

Copco Office Building
North Holly, adjacent to the St. Mark's Block

    Copco has started erection of a $12,000 office structure. MT9/2/1924p8
    The new Copco building on North Holly is rapidly nearing completion. The building will be one story for the present; it will be connected to the present Copco building by means of a large opening. CL12/19/1924p1
    A $15,000 project will add a second story to the building's one-story wing and reface the Holly Street front. Work will start in a week. MT4/15/1938p1

Copco Substation
Biddle Road near Jackson

    The California Oregon Power Company's new substation, on East Jackson Street, is considered one of the finest in its kind in the West. MT12/31/19130p18

Copco Warehouse
East side of South Fir between Thirteenth and Stewart

    The largest permit was for a concrete warehouse with iron sides and roof, 198 feet by 40 feet, to contain six rooms and offices. MT4/18/1923p6
    In the front will be offices of the purchasing department, superintendent of power houses, and the local division superintendent. The shop is 35x85 feet, and served as a warehouse prior to construction of the new warehouse. MT7/5/1923p8

Ida A. Coppin Apartments
344 South Central

Corcoran Construction Building
Photo:  1956
1240 North Riverside

Corey Building
303 North Bartlett, northwest corner Fourth and Bartlett
    Southern Oregon Bearing Sales and Selby Glass celebrate their move to the new building, built and owned by Mr. and Mrs. Everett Corey. MT7/13/1951p5
    Selby's Terrace Shop will open in the new Corey Building on North Bartlett Street between Third and Fourth streets. MT6/1/1952p5

Cormany Electric
Photo:  1955
301-303 South Front, southeast corner Tenth and Front
    City directory listings: 1951: Cormany Electrical Contractors 303; 1953-56: Home Appliance 303; 1955-56: United Radio Supply 301; 1958-65: Home Appliance 301-303; 1966: Thrifty Green Stamps 301, Bargain Center 303; 1968-69: Paul's New & Used 301
, Bargain Center 303; 1970: Goodwill 301, Bargain Center 303.
    Southern Oregon Goodwill at 301 S. Front opened Thursday. The store will serve as outlet for products made usable by the Goodwill workshop. MT5/18/1969p7
    Goodwill has a sign, thanks to Medford Neon Signs. MT8/10/1969pD8

Cornwall Davis Garage
See Davis-Cornwall Building

Courtesy Chevrolet Leasing
Photo:  1965
Southeast corner Ninth and Bartlett

    Courtesy Chevrolet announces their new leasing facility on the southeast corner of 9th and Bartlett. MT8/25/1965pB9

J. W. Cox House
Eleventh and Central
    J. W. Cox has had plans drawn for a very fine eight-room residence, to be erected on his South C Street property. The building will be 32x28 feet in size, two stories high. I. A. Palmer is the architect. MM5/9/1902p7
    The framework for the new residence of J. W. Cox is now up, and the carpenters have commenced to enclose it. The main building is 30x36 feet, two stories high, with large bay windows below and above on the south side and an octagonal front on C Street. The hallway, which will contain the stairs to the second story, will be 12x16 feet, making it really a commodious room. At the outside corner it will be extended out, forming the outside circumference of a tower which will extend above the main part of the house. MM7/11/1902p7

    Kit Carson, one of Central Point's good mechanics, is in Medford this week engaged upon the J. W. Cox new residence, on South C Street. MM7/25/1902p6

    D. L. Day began the work of painting John Cox's house Monday. MM7/25/1902p7

    Drs. Conroy and Clancy have secured a lease on the John W. Cox residence and have fitted it up for use as a hospital. MM12/22/1909p2

Cracker Barrel
1445 Center Drive
See Southside Center

Cranfill & Hutchison Building
See Lindley Building

Crater Confectionery
Photos:  1900  1901  1908-09
    Built on Main near Front, moved to northeast corner East Main and Central, then 36 North Central

    D. I. Waldroop put up a frame building, covered with corrugated iron and tin and  christened his little palace "The Crater," in honor of that beautiful Crater Lake painting which was painted by Mr. Corson. This picture will be placed over the new store. The interior has been beautifully papered and painted and presents a fine appearance. MM8/23/1895p5
    Waldroop & Karnes have had their Crater moved to the vacant lots on the corner of C and Seventh Street and are now open for business. MM2/19/1897p7
    The Crater handles all of the substantials and delicacies of the market. Choice fruits and confectionery, cigars and tobacco, ice cream and soda with pure fruit flavors are served in an appetizing and tasty manner. MM5/28/1897p3

    The Mail would suggest removal of that old Crater signboard which is disgustingly and prominently perched high up over Harry Myers' jewelry store. There was at once time a beautiful picture of Crater Lake painted thereon; now nothing but rough, weather-beaten boards are seen. MM3/21/1902p7

    Messrs. H. B. Myers, the jeweler, and W. H. McGowan, the crockery man, have performed a good act in covering those unsightly boards over their store with very prettily lettered signs. MM6/13/1902p6

    Jeweler B. N. Butler is now temporarily located in the Crater building, on the corner of C and Seventh streets, and will remain there until the Palm-Bodge block is finished. MM9/19/1902p7

    The building was presumably razed prior to construction of the Cuthbert Building.

Crater Corners
Northeast Corner Crater Lake Avenue and McAndrews
     Walgreens purchased the 1.8-acre retail center for $1.5 million in 2008. The lease for the 7-Eleven store runs into 2018. MT4/23/2015

Crater Inn Motel
841 South Riverside
    Opening of the motel with 17 ultramodern units was announced yesterday. MT8/31/1947p7

Crater Lake Automotive  NRHP #345.0
Photo:  1989
123 South Riverside
Named in error. Crater Lake Automotive was located at 103 South Riverside.
    Around 1952 Medford Service Station moved the current location at the southeast corner of Riverside and Eighth Streets. The building was renamed the Furnas Building, and the business became Medford Tire Service. MT3/23/1989pB15

Crater Lake Automotive I
Photos:  1926  1934
103 South Riverside
aka Furnas Building
    The new building is a real addition to Medford's list of attractive business structures. The section which will house the Paige-Jewett distributors has 5000 square feet of floor space. The entire building will be occupied by both the Crater Lake Automotive Company and Armstrong Motors, Inc., Hudson-Essex and Hupmobile dealers. MT10/31/1926p4

Crater Lake East
1150 Crater Lake Avenue
    Construction will begin in a few weeks on a 76,000-sq.-ft. professional center opposite the new hospital site, with offices occupying 15,000 sq. ft. MT2/26/1964p1

Crater Lake Ford
See C. A. Winetrout Building

Crater Lake Ford [American Cancer Society]  NRHP #195.0
Photos:  1965  1966
31 West Sixth

Crater Lake Ford [Scan Design]  NRHP #194.0
50 North Fir, northeast corner Main and Fir
aka Collier Center
    Crater Lake Motors today started construction on a new service and parts building across Main from the existing building. MT5/2/1961p1
    Craterian Performances Co. will soon buy the building as a venue for youth theater, rehearsals, and shops for costumes, props and scenes. MT12/28/2017p1

Crater Lake Garage  NRHP #14.0
Photos:  1911  1913  2008
123 South Front

aka Tumy Garage Building, Eads Transfer Company Building

    Construction of the building began on February 24, 1911.
    What will be one of the most up-to-date garages in Medford is in course of construction just back of the Davis flour mill. Scott V. Davis, agent for Stoddard-Dayton cars, is erecting it. It will be occupied by the Crater Lake Garage, of which J. C. Neff is manager. MT3/19/1911pB3
    A fire gutted the brick Tumy Garage building on South Front last night, causing a loss on cars of $23,000 and a loss on the building of $5000. MT7/23/1921p1
    A blaze blamed on faulty construction and a defective old flue damaged Eads Transfer and Storage, 123 South Front St., late yesterday afternoon. MT1/25/1955p1

Crater Lake Hardware Warehouse
South Front

    The Swartley Bros., Corvallis contractors, have leased the newly constructed warehouse of the Crater Lake Hardware Co. to store their equipment. MT7/21/1927p2
    During the past year a warehouse was constructed by the Crater Lake Hardware Company on South Front Street to provide added stock storage space. MT9/14/1927pC3

Crater Lake Laundry Building
603 North Central

    The formation of a new laundry is rapidly reaching its final goal. The boiler and engine will be in place as soon as the foundations are complete. MT4/24/1910p2
    All machinery is here and is being placed in the big building in the rear of 603 North Central Avenue. MT6/5/1910p8

Crater Lake Lumber Building
North Evergreen
aka Rogue River Fruitgrowers Warehouse
    The Rogue River Fruitgrowers' Association is having the big building on North Evergreen that it bought of the Crater Lake Lumber Co. put in shape for the coming season's business. This will make the third company to maintain a warehouse in Medford. MT7/30/1913p2
    Fire gutted the warehouse on the S.P. tracks occupied by the Medford Egg & Poultry Co. and as a storehouse by the Rogue River Fruit & Produce Assn. MT12/16/1914p2

Crater Lake Motor Car Building
Photo:  1966
16-18 South Fir

aka Palm Building

    Apparently incorporated into the Kay Building (q.v.).
    Sunday Court Hall will leave for Portland, where he will make arrangements for the building of a Cadillac garage to be built in this city. It is to be one of the most up-to-date garages in southern Oregon. MT10/24/1913p6
    Contractors Priddy and O'Brien are making rapid progress on the Cadillac garage on South Fir Street, being built for Court Hall by Charles Palm. The building will be a two-story structure and one of the finest garages in the city. MT12/18/1913p6
    In November 1913, C. W. Palm received a permit to build a garage on South Fir Street between Main and Eighth streets at a cost of $3,000. MT3/26/1967pD1
    Crater Lake Motor Car Co. will be open for business in their new garage at 16-18 South Fir Street on Monday, Feb. 9. We are agents for the world's standard Cadillac. MT2/7/1914pB8
    Fire last night extensively damaged the Palm Building, which housed Tri-County Office Supply and Pacific Telephone and Telegraph's service truck storage. MT7/24/1957p1

Crater Lake Motors
Southeast corner Sixth and Fir
    Hugh Coleman of Crater Lake Motors received a permit to construct a $20,000 sales and service building at West Sixth and Fir sts. MT7/25/1957p1

Crater Lake Motors Shop  NRHP #197.0
Photo:  1966
Northeast corner Eighth and Fir

Crater Lake Motors Trucks
Photo:  1966
Northwest corner Sixth and Fir

Crater Lake Service Station
602 East Main, southeast corner Main and Almond Street
    Elmer Childers has the contract for the DeVore service station. MT2/22/1924p7
    This new modern service station will be open for business April 5. MT4/2/1924p3

Crater National Bank Building  NRHP #19.0
101 East Eighth, northeast corner Eighth and Front
    Current home of the Medford/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.
    On January 17 Crater National Bank's board decided to build a 5,000-sq.-ft. building at 8th and Front, the former Sims Cycle & Hobby location. MT1/26/1969pB3

Craterian Building
See Cooley Building

Crystal Springs Packing Company
139 South Fir

    Among February's largest permits was that for Crystal Springs Packing Company, 139 South Fir, at $85,000. MT1/7/1948p3

Photos:  1956  1956  1957  1959  1960
1275 South Riverside

Cudahy Packing Co. Warehouse
Photo:  1914
Northwest corner Sixth and Evergreen

    Identified only as "Wholesale Gro[cery]" in the 1907 Sanborn maps; the Cudahy name first appears on the 1911 map. Photo taken August 1914.

Cummins of Medford
Photo:  1956
909 East McAndrews

Cuthbert Building  NRHP #304.0
Photos:  1928  2011
38 North Central, southeast corner Sixth and Central

aka Davis Building, Davis-Vawter Building

    Built for George F. Cuthbert's furniture store; plans announced January 14, 1910. Subsequently home of Rardon & Co., then the Golden Rule, then Penneys, then Newberry's.
    On the lot beyond the post office building and to the north, the Jackson County Bank will soon commence the construction of a three-story office building of brick and stone. MM4/23/1909p3
    This will be a modern business block of pressed brick, steam heated and equipped with an electric elevator, and will be 90x100 feet and eventually five stories high, although but three stories will be built now. OR1/23/1910p48
    A. A. Davis announces that he is almost ready to let the contract for his business block on the corner of Central and Sixth. This building, which is to cost $40,000, will be modern in every respect. MT2/22/1910p2
    Power & Reeves report that the A. A. Davis building, which is being erected on North C Street for the Big Bend Milling company at the cost of $45,000, will be completed with the next two months. The furniture store of Cuthbert & Co. will occupy the entire two floors of this building, which has dimensions of 90x180 feet. MT9/4/1910pB1
    Our new building is promised for the 15th of November. MT10/23/1910p2
    The Davis building at the corner of Central Avenue and Sixth Street is a handsome building of white brick. It is two stories in height and cost $40,000. MT7/2/1911pB1
    Power & Reeves report that the building being erected on North C Street for the Big Bend Milling Company at the cost of $45,000 will be completed within the next two months. The furniture store of Cuthbert & Co. will occupy the entire two floors of this building, which has the dimensions of 90x180 feet. The first story of this structure is extra high, having a mezzanine or balcony for storing goods. MT9/4/1910pB1
    W. H. Rardon & Co. is the name of a new corporation which has just leased the south 45x100 feet in the new building now under the course of construction by the Big Bend Milling Company. MT9/26/1910p8
    Too much cannot be said of the enterprise of W. H. Rardon & Co., whose new grocery store at 36 and 38 North Central Avenue would do credit to a Seattle or a San Francisco. MT12/1/1910
    Exhibits staged in Davis-Vawter building, corner Central and Sixth. MT9/2/1916p2
    J. C. Penney has bought the Golden Rule Store, including "the two-story building with 100-foot frontage on North Central and 90 feet on 6th, all of which is occupied by the Golden Rule, except the corner occupied by Jarmin & Woods drug store." MT6/5/1927p8

Dahack Garage
127 North Riverside

    Eli Dahack has purchased a lot on Riverside opposite the Natatorium for $4,500. He intends to erect a two-story business block. MT3/30/1911p5
    The work of excavating for the new Dahack garage on North Riverside Avenue began Thursday, and will be rushed to completion. MT2/19/1915p2
    In May 1915, Eli Dahack was recipient of a permit to construct a garage on North Riverside between Fifth and Sixth streets at a cost of $4,000. MT3/26/1967pD1
    Material for the completion of the concrete Dahack garage has arrived; the building is expected to be completed by early fall. MS7/11/1915p2
    Grand opening ball at Dahack Garage, opposite Natatorium from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. on evenings of 8, 9, and 10th, this week. Everybody welcome. Tickets 50c. Refreshments will be served in basement. MT9/6/1915p5
    Public dance at Dahack Garage Friday eve., Oct. 8. Everyone welcome. Music will be directed by Prof. H. H. Howell. MT10/7/1915p3
    The Columbia Tire Corp. has signed a ten-year lease and will take possession at the first of the year, when the building will be remodeled. MT11/22/1922p5

Dairy Fresh Dairy Bar

1925 West Main
The site first appears as occupied by the Dairy Fresh drive-in in the 1966-67 Polk's directory. Dairy Fresh was replaced by Silva's Seafood in the 1977 directory. Silva's was replaced by Wilma's Seafood in the 1981 directory, which was succeeed by For the Halibut in the 1983-84 Polk's.

Dairy Queen
Photo:  1948

450 South Central

Dale's Carpeting
Central and Court
    The 6,000-square-foot building was gutted by fire this morning. Owner Dale Mauck has owned the building since 1955, and had rebuilt it when it was destroyed by fire in 1972. MT12/8/1983p1

Damon Building
See Tayler Building

Davenport Appliance Building
405 North Central
    Bill Davenport applied for a permit to erect an appliance store and remodel a residence at 405 North Central. Value was listed at $16,000. MT4/1/1958p9

Davis Building  NRHP #305.0
Photos:  1908-09  1955  1958
32 North Central

aka Big Bend Milling Building
See also Cuthbert Building

    The first floor of the Davis Building was Medford's first “communications center,” housing the Medford Post Office; the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company occupied the southern half. Upstairs, the Odell Furnished Rooms was a rooming house. The Davis family that built this structure were Medford pioneers, operating the flour mill and helping to organize the Jackson County Bank. The design uses sandstone along the alley, one of the few remaining examples of bearing masonry in southern Oregon. The façade, originally with an arched central entryway, was substantially remodeled in 1954.
    C. E. Collins, the architect and builder, has been appointed to superintend all construction work on the new post office and telephone office building and is now in charge of that work. MM2/1/1907p5
    Mrs. F. E. Brown, daughter of our good townsman, B. N. Butler, has leased the entire second story of the new post office and telephone building on North C Street and will occupy the same as a rooming house when completed. There will be nineteen rooms, and these will be fitted up with all modern conveniences and will be elaborately furnished throughout. MM4/5/1907p5
    Excavation was commenced this week for the foundation of the new brick to be erected by the Big Bend Milling Co., and the building will be pushed to completion as rapidly as possible. MM6/28/1907p5
    Saturday afternoon postmaster Woodford received telegraphic instructions to move into his new quarters in the Big Bend Milling Co. building on North C Street, and Saturday night the work of moving was accomplished. MM7/26/1907p1
    The telephone central is soon to be moved from the rear of the drug store of Charles Strang to their new quarters in the post office building. MM3/13/1908p5
    W. I. Vawter, who owns the building now occupied by the post office, has announced that the upper floor, now used as a rooming house, will be turned over to office purposes. MM4/23/1909p3
    The ground floor is being remodeled for the Jackson County Abstract Co. A large fireproof vault is being constructed. MT5/4/1917p3

Davis-Cornwall Building [N]  NRHP #252.1
127 South Bartlett

Davis-Cornwall Building [S]  NRHP #252.2
132 South Riverside

    The Davis building, which was recently completed, is to occupied this week by the Chrysler garage. MT6/5/1927p3
    The Fitch Motor Co. finished moving yesterday from 123 to 127 South Riverside into the new Davis building. They will occupy the whole building, half of which faces on Bartlett and the other half on South Riverside. MT6/9/1927p2
    The completion of the Cornwall Davis garage building on South Riverside Avenue took place several months ago and is now occupied by Fitch Motor Co. MT9/14/1927pC3
    The one-story concrete building located on South Riverside has been sold to J. J. Osenbrugge, who has occupied it for several years. The new owner plans improvements and modernizing of the building within the next few months. MT5/16/1935p5

Davis Grain Warehouse
Photo:  1901
Evergreen between West Main and Eighth

    Built sometime previous to the 1888 Sanborn map; removed circa 1913.

    A. A. Davis & Co.'s warehouse took a tumble Monday afternoon. The entire underpinning gave way, and the entire structure dropped to the ground, a distance about three feet. MM9/20/1901p7
     A. A. Davis' warehouse, which collapsed recently, will not be rebuilt until the grain in it is sold or used. DT10/3/1901p1
The roof is now being put on the new warehouse being built by A. A. Davis to replace the one which collapsed last winter. MM4/25/1902p7
    The Davis warehouse, occupied by J. C. Schmidt, feed dealer, is to be torn down or removed from the railroad right of way. MW4/17/1913p3

Davis-Johnson Building
Photos:  circa 1931  1947
111-115 North Central

aka Frideger Building

    Scott V. Davis and John W. Johnson started construction today on a new building at 109 N. Central. MT12/8/1930p1
    Announcement is made that a Pay 'n Takit store would be opened soon in the new Davis and Johnson building on Central. MT2/17/1931p7
    The store occupies a building 50 by 100 feet with a 25-foot open front with accordion doors, providing additional light and air. MT2/21/1931p3
    C. A. Whillock, owner of the Golden Rule store, has leased 113 N. Central, just vacated by Safeway store No. 41. The store is 50 by 100 feet; it has a basement 25 by 40 feet which will be used for storage. MT6/2/1936p1

Davis Opera House
See Medford Opera House I

Davis Storage Warehouse  NRHP #70.0
Photo:  2011
31 South Grape

Day Planing Mill
144 South Fir, northwest corner Ninth and Fir
    Fire that started at 1:30 this afternoon destroyed the old Day Planing Mill. MT5/11/1914p1

Dean & Taylor Pontiac
Photos:  1957  1959
Northeast corner Sixth and Grape

    Completed early 1957.
    Demolition of the old Bonsai restaurant began Monday to make way for The Concord, a $12.5-million low-income housing project. MT10/20/2015p1

Dean Service Station
131 West Fifth--possibly not built

    A. Z. Dean has applied for a permit to erect a service station at 131 West Fifth Street, at a cost of $15,000. MT8/13/1947p9

Del Taco II
Southwest corner Stewart and Barnett

    Del Taco is poised to open a second location at Barnett and Stewart. For decades the location has been occupied by gas stations. MT10/21/2014p3

Dempster Furniture
Photo:  1969
300 East Barnett Road
aka McMahan's Furniture & Appliances

    The new Dempster Furniture building is expected to open in August. Steel beams are utilized in the 23,000-sq.-ft. structure. MT6/3/1962pB1

Denney Packing House
Southeast corner Eighth and Fir
    Work started today on a new packing house for Denney & Co. The roof of the present building is being removed; an addition which will practically double the capacity of the plant will be built on the west side of the building. MT6/19/1923p6

Denny's Coffee Shop
North Riverside
    Denny's Coffee Shop is to open the end of the week. The coffee shop, to be open around the clock, will seat 88 persons, with counter and booths. MT8/16/1962

Derick's Cafeteria  NRHP #358.0
Photos:  1979  2011
17 South Riverside

    Restaurateur Hubert Derick hired architect Frank Clark to design this building as Medford's first roadside eatery, opening in 1924. In 1934 John B. Cox bought the building and opened The Spot, an “artistically arranged beer parlor and sandwich shop.” He installed a 25-foot-long bar and private booths “for the special benefit of ladies and men who wish a suitable place for their friends and families.” The Spot operated, under successive ownerships, in this location for over sixty years.
    R. S. Stuart is breaking ground between the public market and Page corner for a 35x65-ft. concrete cafeteria building. MT9/25/1924p8

Deuel Building
See Kentner Building, Hoover-Cooper Building, Adkins-Childers Building

Deuel & Kentner Building
See Kentner Building

DeVoe's Confectionery NRHP #170.0
Photos:  1965  1917
426 West Main, northeast corner Main and Oakdale

    Designed by Frank Clark; built 1916. MT2/24/1916p1
    A. S. Rosenbaum and Clarence Reames are building a $2500 one-story business block at Main and Oakdale. The building will be 25x70 and constructed of red brick. Ground was broken this morning; L. Childers is the contractor. The building will be occupied by the DeVoe grocery and confectionery. MT6/16/1916p3

    DeVoe's grocery is now housed in a one-story brick building on the corner of Main and Oakdale. The series of frame and brick rooms adjoining the Medford Hotel, formerly occupied by the store, are now being razed. MT12/30/1916p1
    Building permit: concrete block addition of 25x35 feet. MT5/5/1923p5
    A Medford law firm has renovated the building at the northeast corner of Main and Oakdale. MT5/2/1996pC1

Diamond Rooming House
See Woolf Building

Disco Service Station
Photo:  1965
2230 Biddle Road

    Disco was granted permission by the Medford city council last night to erect a 50-foot pylon sign for its service station. MT8/6/1965p1

Disco Store
See Sherm's Food 4 Less

Domestic Laundry Building I
See Elite Laundry Building

Domestic Laundry Building II
Photo:  1938
28-30 North Riverside

aka Dumas Laundry

    Mrs. Carrie Johnson is having a substantial concrete building, 50x100 feet in size, constructed on her lot adjoining the Sparta block. S. Childers is the contractor. MT5/4/1914p2
    Following a fire which completely destroyed the Domestic Laundry and Zoric Cleaners, located on North Riverside, a new, modern building was erected late in 1937 with an opening celebration December 13th. MT1/2/1938p6
    Fire early this morning extensively damaged the laundry area of Dumas Domestic Laundry and Dry Cleaners, 30 North Riverside Ave. MT7/8/1960p1

Dow Hospital
Photo:  1925
Apple, Fifth and Riverside
    Ground has been broken for a rooming house at Apple and Fifth streets and Riverside Avenue. The house will contain 20 rooms or more. MT12/3/1909p2
    Drs. Dow & Dow are fitting up a building of 18 rooms at Medford and will move their hospital from Central Point about April 1st. JP3/16/1918p3

Duff Water Treatment Plant
Photo:  1966
8301 Table Rock Road

Dumas Laundry
See Domestic Laundry Building

Dunham's Surplus
Photos:  1952  1957
1951 North Pacific Highway

Durell Court Apartments
329-333 North Holly

Eads Second Hand
Photo:   1909
18-20 South Fir

    Grand Opening: Goldstein & Nudelman, of the Eastern Second Hand Store, are prepared to sell you anything in the line of second-hand goods. MM4/12/1895p5
The work of tearing down the old frame structure long occupied by the Eads second hand store on South Fir Street was begun yesterday morning. The new structure will be 50 by 100 feet, of brick and concrete. MT5/2/1925p8

Eads Transfer Company Building
See Crater Lake Garage

Eads Warehouse
South Fir

    The Eads Transfer Co. warehouse was totally destroyed by fire at midnight last night. The 50x100-foot frame building was covered with corrugated iron and about fourteen feet high. MT7/26/1920p6

Eads Warehouses
North Central

    During the past year, two warehouses were constructed by the Eads Transfer Company on North Central. MT9/14/1927pC3

Eagles Hall I
Third floor Adkins Building (1911-16 directories)

Eagles Hall II
217-219 West Main

    Arrangements for the grand opening of the new Eagles Hall at 217 West Main will be made at the meeting of Crater Lake Aerie No. 2093 Thursday at 8 p.m. MT4/12/1944p7
    The Eagles lodge is planning a party to mark the opening of the new lodge hall on West Main across from the California Oregon Power building. The lodge hall was destroyed by fire several months ago. MN4/14/1944p1
    Pictured are members of Crater Lake Aerie 2093 burning the mortgage on their home 219 West Main Street. MT6/15/1945p1

Eagles Hall III
Photo:  1965
2000 Table Rock Road

    Groundbreaking ceremonies will be held tomorrow for the new $102,000 concrete block Eagles Lodge. MT9/15/1965p13
    Dedication of the Eagles building on Table Rock Road will be observed Saturday, Jan. 29, with a dinner and dance for the aerie and auxiliary. MT1/26/1966p10
    The national vice president gave the address during the dedication ceremonies Sunday of the Crater Lake Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles. MT2/23/1965p13

Earhart House
Photo:  1960
South Riverside

    Reportedly built 1853; purchased 1886 by Samuel Earhart. Razed 1960 for construction of the Thunderbird Lodge and Sambo's Restaurant at 1015 South Riverside.

Earl Packing Plant
See Page Warehouse

East Main Dental Building
924 East Main

    Completed August 1957. MT9/29/1957p12

East Main Dental Buildings
Photo:  1957
Northwest corner East Main and Geneva

    Construction started yesterday on two connected dental buildings on East Main. Both will be of equal size and connected with a covered walkway. Construction is being done by Meyers B. Jones; architect is Paul Kirk of Seattle, Wash. MT1/24/1958p1

East Main Medical Buildings
Photo:  1957

East Side Market
606-612 East Main

    Medford Building Permit No. 1 called for construction of a frame store building at a cost of approximately $600 on the south side of East Main Street between Almond and Tripp streets. It housed a bakery originally; three more buildings were added to it to form a complex occupied by a grocery, a cleaning establishment and a shoe shop. All were later demolished, and what is now the East Side Market building was constructed in their place. MT3/26/1967pD1

East Side Union Service
Photo:  1957
618 East Main

See Duke Fountain Shell Station

    Built 1957. MT9/29/1957p12

Eck Office Building  NRHP #7.0
218 South Central

Edgerton TV Building
Photo:  1953
2739 North Pacific Highway

Elder Building
Northeast corner Main and Bartlett
aka Phipps Building I (q.v.)
    J. C. Elder has erected a new store building at Medford. DT10/30/1885p3
    J. C. Elder has placed a large new sign in front of his grocery store on Main Street. AT1/22/1886p3
    Talbot & Att have leased J. C. Elder's store building on the corner of Seventh and B streets. They plan to move their meat market about the 22nd. SOM12/14/1894p3
     Ed. Wilkinson will move his market to the Elder building, corner B and Seventh streets, which he will occupy until the new structure is completed. MM8/23/1895p5

Electric Building
Photo:  1910
216 West Main

aka Ray Building

    Built 1910 for the Rogue River Valley Electric Company; razed 1971 along with the St. Mark's Block.
    Building stone from the Gold Ray quarry is being used in the new Ray building, under construction. MT5/12/1910p4
    The first floor of the Rogue River Valley Electric building, on West Main Street, is already occupied by the company owning it. The second and third floors have been divided by the architect, McIntosh, into 30 offices. There will be a cafe in the basement connected by the elevator with a roof garden on top of the building. MT9/4/1910pB1
    September will witness the completion of the three-story concrete building erected by the Ray brothers. MT9/10/1910pB1
    A big 24-foot electric sign was received here last week for installation by the California-Oregon Power Co. MDN7/3/1927p5
    Work on remodeling for the head offices will be started as soon as plans can be drawn and contracts let.
    The sign is brilliantly lighted, the border alone having 352 sockets which are wired for a high-speed flashing effect. MT7/3/1927p2
    A capacity crowd gave vociferous approval to the entertainment at yesterday's dedication of the new USO Center under direction of the Salvation Army at 218 West Main. MT1/25/1943p6

Elite Laundry Building
Photo:  circa 1907
421 East Main
aka Domestic Laundry Building I, Peil Laundry
    The Peil Laundry Company has purchased a lot on the north side of Seventh Street, near the Bear Creek bridge, and a contract has been let for the erection of a 28x60-foot building thereon. It will be two stories high and the first story, or basement, will be of concrete and the second story will be of brick. MM6/21/1907p5
    Peil's Elite Laundry is now established in its new quarters on 7th Street near the bridge. The building is one story and a basement; the lower floor is cement--floors and walls--and will be devoted to the preliminary stages of the laundering. From this floor an elevator will transport the laundered clothes to the ironing and finishing room, where the latest and best machinery in that line will be installed. MM9/13/1907p1

    The 1911 Sanborn maps show the occupant as Medford Steam Laundry.

    George E. Hart has purchased the Medford Domestic Laundry property, on the northwest bank of Bear Creek, for $12,500. With the completion of the new bridge this property will be on the main thoroughfare between the east and west sides of the city. OR10/27/1912p56

Elks Temple
See B.P.O.E. Lodge #1158

Ellis Building
Crater Lake Avenue and Spring Street
    Built in 1915. MT12/31/1925p6

    The Ellis Store, a landmark for 40 years, will be razed within the next 60 days to make room for the new Ellis Manor. MT12/22/1963p9

Ellis Manor
Crater Lake Avenue and Spring Street

    Construction of the 27-unit apartment building is expected to start Tuesday. Kahl and Johnson Construction Co. will build it. MT12/22/1963p9

Elwood Building
Photo:  1901
East Main, incorporated into the Palm-Bodge Block in 1902

    Jeweler E. D. Elwood has rented, for a term of five years, a piece of ground 15x40 feet in size from J. E. Bodge and C. W. Palm and will next Monday commence the erection of a one-story brick building thereon. MM4/5/1901p6
     E. D. Elwood has leased the ground where McCauley's tamale stand stood and will immediately put up a neat brick building. He has already torn away the frame structure. DT4/18/1901p7
    Excavation for E. D. Elwood's new jewelry store, on Seventh Street, is under way this week, and the building will be hurried to completion. S. Childers & Sons will do the brick work. MM4/19/1901p2
    A. C. Nicholson, the contractor and builder, has men at work on Elwood's new brick jewelry store. MM5/3/1901p6

    E. D. Elwood, the jeweler, has the new brick building about completed and will move to his new store in about ten days. VR5/9/1901p3
    Have removed from Van Dyke's to my new store opposite the hotel. MM5/24/1901p6

    Mr. Elwood's new building, which has just been finished, was built under his supervision and according to his own ideas of a well-appointed store. MM5/24/1901p7
    Of the present tenants of the future site of the Palm-Bodge Block, Mr. Elwood will remain where he is, as the brick building that he is in will be incorporated into the new block. MM7/25/1902p3

E. D. & Lucy Elwood House NRHP #333.0
Photo:  1920s
135 South Central

    The small building was Medford's first school house. It was built in the spring of 1884 by W. F. Williamson, the first teacher. The building was 16x20 feet in size and had a capacity of thirty pupils. The building was built on South C and is now owned by Mrs. Smith, and is the residence in which druggist C. C. Chitwood resides. It was built in '84 as a place of worship as well as school purposes. MM3/6/1896p1
    Jeweler Elwood is engaged in making some extensive and substantial improvements in his pleasant South C Street home. An addition to the residence will be built on the south side. MM3/22/1901p7
    Medford's first school was 16x30 and had a capacity of 30 pupils. The building was erected on the east side of Central Avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets. MM4/16/1909p6
    The first school was taught in the Lee Jacobs house, which still stands on South Central Avenue. The same building was used for church when a minister happened along. PO4/28/1934

Ely Building
Central Avenue

    Mr. Ely is having a one-story 25x26 brick built just off 7th Street on C, which will be occupied by a butcher shop as soon as completed. SOM5/13/1892p3
    Brophy & Mathes, the new butcher firm of Medford, will be moved to the brick on C Street back of Slover's Drug Store as soon as it is ready for occupancy. SOM7/29/1892p3

Emerick Building I
Bartlett Street
aka Merrick Block

    The Emerick building on B Street is being finished inside and will be ready for occupancy in a short time. MM7/5/1907p5
    The Crater Lake Garage is moving into new quarters on Bartlett Street in the Emerick Building, adjoining the Pacific Highway Garage. MT9/20/1912p6

Emerick Building II
See Merino Building

Emerick Garage
Photo:  1927
29-33 South Bartlett
aka Medford Garage
    The building will be 70x75 feet in size, with heavy concrete foundation. MT4/13/1912p8
    Berdan & Sons commenced work moving the old dwelling south of Kentner's store to South Riverside. Excavating will commence on the vacated lots by S. Childers for a large brick garage, which will be owned by Mr. Childers and the Emerick brothers. MT4/23/1912p2
    The brick walls of the large garage on South Bartlett Street are fast nearing completion. MT5/24/1912p2
    The Medford Garage, now unused, at Bartlett and Eighth streets (known also as the Emerick Garage), has been engaged to hold the poultry show. MT2/5/1916p6

Emerick Warehouse
110 South Bartlett

    Work has begun on the erection of a large warehouse for the Medford Furniture Company on B Street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. The building will be 50x150 feet, one story. J. C. Emerick is erecting the building and will lease it to the furniture company. MM8/20/1909p5

Empire Hotel
    The Empire Hotel, conducted by J. W. Cunningham, is a commodious and well-arranged building. DT2/29/1884p2

Episcopalian Block
See St. Mark's Block

Episcopal Church I
    The ladies of the Episcopal Church have had placed in their church a handsome altar and lectern, the same adding much to the church furnishings. MM9/27/1895p5

Episcopal Church II
Photo:  1906
Northeast corner West Main and Holly
    The Episcopal Church have secured a building site on Seventh Street, opposite the Presbyterian church, and expect to erect a church thereon. OR12/24/1887p6

Episcopal Church III
    The new church was completed last year at a cost of over $60,000. MT11/30/1927p4

Esco Building
Photo:  1951
716 South Grape

    Built 1951.

Estes Building
South Front

    A shooting gallery is to be located on South Front between the Estes building and the Warnock lunch stand. MT7/15/1927p3

Exchange Saloon
See Turf Exchange Saloon

Exhibit Building
Photos:  1905  circa 1912
Northwest corner West Main and Front

aka Chamber of Commerce Building, Commercial Club Building

    The building destined to contain a permanent exhibit of the products and resources of Jackson County will soon be in place. The foundation is being laid this week. The building will be 26x48 feet overall. MM2/24/1905p1
    The exhibit building will be opened Saturday morning. MM5/12/1905p5
    Should several organizations be merged into a county board of trade, it would necessitate moving the police headquarters elsewhere. MT2/19/1918p2
    The large display windows have been lighted, floored with oak, and given an attractive paneled backing. The Chamber has purchased a Tellite illuminated bulletin. PRH11/6/1930p2
    Purchase of the building by the Southern Pacific was announced yesterday. The building has been empty since the chamber moved last April 1.  MT12/3/1943p1
    They are tearing down the old Chamber of Commerce building on Main Street in Medford, which has stood there beside the tracks ever since we came to this county nearly forty years ago. CPA4/5/1945p1
    The Commercial Club building is in a fine state of demolishment. MT4/15/1945p6

Exhibit Building Drinking Fountain
Northwest corner Main and Front
    Work will begin within a few days on a new drinking fountain under a frame canopy of ornamental shingles resting on four large cedar posts. MT7/27/1927p3

    The Commercial Club building is in a fine state of demolishment, and the civic water trough alongside awaits the same fate. MT4/15/1945p6

Evelyn Apartments  NRHP #171.0
107 North Ivy,
northwest corner Sixth and Ivy

Everett Court Apartments
920 West Eleventh

Evidence Control Center
Columbus Avenue

    Adroit Construction won the bid for a 2,200-square-foot, two-story addition to the Police Property Control site in west Medford. MT4/5/2014p3
    The 2,500-square-foot expansion, which includes a vehicle-search bay, saw its first use last week. MT6/30/2015p1

Faber Building
See Western States Grocery

Fairfield Inn & Suites
Near Garfield and Center Drive
    The Fairfield Hotel is under construction in South Medford. MT2/3/2021p1

Far West Bank Building
Photo:  1974
Southeast corner Hawthorne and Jackson

    Built 1974 for Far West Federal Savings and Loan.

Far West Federal Savings
2598 East Barnett Road, southwest corner Barnett and Black Oak Drive

    Far West Federal has started construction of a 4,286-sq.-ft. office of white slumpstone, heated and cooled by solar energy. Contractor is Ponderosa Enterprises; completion is scheduled for November. MT6/21/1981pD9

Farm Bureau Cooperative Exchange Warehouse
Fourth and Fir streets
    The sign of fresh paint is in the area around the warehouse home of the exchange, located on the railroad track at Fourth and Fir streets. MT5/12/1920p5
    The north end of the Farm Bureau building has been declared a fire hazard; work has begun to raze that portion of the structure. MT11/12/1930p2

Farmer Building

    Trading a 100-acre ranch in the Applegate country with Jerry Peters, W. E. Thomas is now the owner of the new concrete Farmer Building on South Central, with a front of 50 feet and a depth of 100 feet. MT6/17/1927p5
    The W. A. Farmer concrete garage building on North Central, which was purchased recently by Eugene Thomas, was sold last week to Gus Guddat. The structure was built last year. MT6/27/1927p2

Farmers and Fruitgrowers Bank Building
Photos:  1955  1963
208 West Main, northwest corner Main and Grape

aka Syndicate Building, Fruitgrowers Bank Building, Palm-Amy-Corey-Orth-Hargreaves Building, Orth & Getchell Building

    A building is to be built by C. W. Palm, J. S. Orth, C. H. Corey and J. F. Hale at Seventh and G. It will be 60x100 feet, of brick, and two stories high. One of the first-floor rooms will be occupied by the Hale Piano Company. Plans are being drawn by architect Lyons. MM11/13/1908p1

    A contract has been signed up by the Medford Brick Company for the erection of a two-story brick building at the northwest corner of West Main and G streets. The gentlemen who are having the building erected are J. S. Orth, Dr. Hargrave, Frank Amy, C. W. Palm and C. H. Corey. It will have a frontage of 92 feet on Main Street and 62 feet on G Street. The first floor will be used for store purposes and the second for offices. Work will commence just as soon as the weather will permit, and it is given out that all the store rooms will be occupied just as soon as ready. MM2/26/1909p5
    The Palm-Amy-Corey-Orth-Hargreaves Building, which has already been described in The Morning Mail, will contain four store rooms and will be modern in every way, including steam heat. MM3/12/1909p1
    In the lot recently purchased by Delroy Getchell, the excavations are progressing satisfactorily for the erection of a two-story brick with a frontage of 96 feet on Main and being 62 feet deep. E. O. Power is the architect. MM4/23/1909p1
    The concrete foundation for the Syndicate building is all in, and the brick and stone work will soon commence. MM5/21/1909p5
    The Syndicate building is growing rapidly. The first floor joists are in place, and the brick walls have been started. MM6/18/1909p2
    The walls of the Syndicate block are finished to the fire walls and are awaiting the collar and roof joists. There will be a new feature to this building new in Medford, in that all glass used in both the first and second stories will be plate. MM8/20/1909p6
    E. C. Ireland and I. W. Antle have leased the west room of the Syndicate block and will put in a line of the finest tobacco and cigars. The place will be fitted up as a gentleman's club or retreat [the Smoke House]. MM9/17/1909p2
    The staining of the woodwork in the Syndicate block has been let to Walter Pollard. MT12/3/1909p5

Farmers Insurance Building
Photo:  1959
1037 Court Street

Federal Building
Photos:  1963  1965  1965  1966
333 West Eighth

See U.S. Post Office and Courthouse; Gates Ford Building

    The House public works committee has approved construction of a new federal office building in Medford. MT2/28/1960p1
    Five test holes to determine the type of footing necessary for the new post office and federal building are being drilled this week. MT2/14/1963p1
    The GSA announces it will accept bids for construction of the new United States post office and federal building. Estimated cost $1.7 million. MT3/25/1964p1
    The old houses on the federal building site were being prepared for removal or destruction Saturday. One house on the corner of Eighth and Holly had blocks under it, apparently for removal. MT6/14/1964p1
    Work on the new federal office building is now 70 percent complete. Workers are now putting windows into the high section of the building. MT9/30/1965p1
    Todd Construction Co., contractor for the new Medford 
post office and federal office building, reports it will be ready for occupancy Feb. 1. MT12/14/1965p1
    This week will be moving week for many federal agencies, which will be going to quarter in the new federal building on Eighth Street. MT2/27/1966p1
    Tomorrow will be the last day for the public to receive postal service at the Medford Post Office on Sixth Street. MT3/8/1966p1
    Construction of the building, for which Robert J. Keeney and Wilmsen, Endicott and Unthank were architects, was started in July 1964 by Todd Building Co. of Roseburg. The four-story federal office section looms 69 feet to the top of the elevator penthouse. MT3/10/1966p1
    The new $1,730,000 Federal Building and U.S. Post Office was officially dedicated Saturday at ceremonies attended by about 500 residents. MT3/13/1966p1
    The former federal building is being dismantled to make way for a Jackson County health center. A major materials order is scheduled for delivery in early July, so the county is hoping to have permits well before then. MT4/17/2013p1

Fehl Building  NRHP #150.0
Photo:  1965
332 West Sixth, northeast corner Sixth and Ivy

See Pacific Record Herald Building
    Work began this morning on foundations for a 30x100-foot concrete one-story structure to house the Pacific Record Herald. MT5/14/1925p2
    Workmen today began razing the old dwelling house at the northeast corner of Ivy and Sixth streets, adjoining the Fehl building on the east. MT9/12/1928p3
    Two big walnut trees were razed today; the new structure will be divided into several large store rooms, two fronting on Sixth and the rest on Ivy. MT9/27/1928p5
    Completed February 1929. MT2/8/1929p5

Feldman and Olson Electric
Photo:  1966
920 South Grape

Fichtner's Garage
Photos:  1929  circa 1930
104-106 West Sixth, northwest corner Sixth and Fir
aka Medford Vulcanizing Works

    Elmer Childers has the contract for the Carl Fichtner building, corner of Fir and Sixth Street. MT2/22/1924p7
    The new concrete building at Fir and 6th is nearing completion. CL4/11/1924p1
    The building was built expressly for the Medford Vulcanizing Works and will be occupied about May 1. The western compartment is a storage garage and the remainder the vulcanizing plant and tire storage. CL4/18/1924p2
    Warren Fichtner will spend $1,000 to build a store balcony at 104 West Sixth Street, according to an application for a building permit. MT7/24/1949p9

Harvey Field Building
Sixth and Bartlett area

    Authorization to demolish the Field building for the off-street parking program will be asked of the city council at Friday's meeting. MT7/3/1963p1

Findley Apartments
Photo:  1929
505-515 South Holly

    Built 1929.
    Among the buildings which aided in making the month's construction program so large is the Finley apartment house. MT3/31/1928p2

Fire Stations
See "Medford Central Fire Hall" and "Medford Fire Station"

Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.
Photo:  1933
206 South Riverside,
southwest corner Ninth and Riverside

First Baptist Church I
Photos:  1906  circa 1910
Southeast corner Fifth and Central

See also Mid-Baptist Church

    Medford is soon to have a brick Baptist church. A. Childers and son have contracted to furnish 60,000 bricks for the building. AT9/24/1886p3
    Work upon the foundation of the Baptist church has commenced. OS3/19/1887p3
    Childers & Son are finishing the brick foundation for the Baptist church. The contract for doing the carpenter work will soon be let. DT4/29/1887p2
    Webb & Zimmerman, who have the contract for doing the carpenter work on the Baptist church, will soon commence operations. DT7/1/1887p2
    The carpenters are placing the rafters on the handsome brick church erected by the Baptist people of this little city. OR7/16/1887p6
    The Baptists have a handsome brick church, erected this year, at a cost of about $4000. OR1/2/1888p10
    The Baptist church of this city was dedicated last Sunday. OR3/13/1888p6
    The new Baptist parsonage will be in cottage shape. MM5/12/1893p3
    Lumber for the new Baptist church parsonage has been ordered, and as soon as brick can be procured work on the foundation will begin. MM7/14/1893p3
    The very neat Baptist parsonage, on North C Street, is fast nearing completion. It will be a one-story cottage. MM8/11/1893p3
    Rev. Stephens has moved to the beautiful new Baptist parsonage. MM12/1/1893p5
    The present church home on Fifth Street and North Central Avenue will be put on the market for sale, and when disposed of it is planned to erect a large and modern church building on the location just purchased. MT4/15/1910

First Baptist Church II
649 Crater Lake Avenue

    Groundbreaking ceremonies will be held Sunday. The new building was designed by Edson and Pappas, architects. MT8/31/1962p6

First Baptist Church Parsonage
Photos:  1906  circa 1910
North Central

    L. M. Lyon will soon begin construction on the new Baptist parsonage, which is planned to be a very neat structure, spacious and well arranged. DT5/19/1893p3

First Christian Church I
Photo:  1906 
Southwest corner Sixth and Ivy

    The frame of the Christian church is up. It will have a basement to be used for Sunday school, festivals, etc. VR8/29/1883p3
    The new bell for the Christian church has been placed in the belfry. DT1/8/1894p3
    The first building, built in 1889 at Sixth and Ivy streets, served until 1912 when the "bungalow" style building at Ninth and Oakdale Avenue was completed. MT11/15/1959p14, MT11/21/1969

First Christian Church II
Photo:  1912
Southeast corner Ninth and Oakdale

    The Rau-Mohr Co. closed a deal today to become owners of the Christian church property at Sixth and Ivy. The company will at once commence the construction of a building; the church will be permitted to occupy the remainder of the quarter block until a new site is selected. MT8/3/1911p1
    The building will cost in the neighborhood of $10,000, of the latest modified English design. Power & West are preparing the plans. MS1/3/1912p5
    The church have commenced excavating; the church will be 40x82 feet in size and will be built of brick and stone. It will have a seating capacity of about 500. MT4/16/1912p2
    The contractor in charge of erection of the Christian church has been notified that he must discontinue his blasting operations or at least cover the shots so they will not hurl dirt and rock over nearby premises. MT5/18/1912p2
    It was unanimously decided to build a 62x30-ft., two-story annex. MT9/3/1925p3
    The new two-story addition has a large recreational and dining hall. MT12/4/1925p5
    The new structure was dedicated yesterday. MT12/14/1925p3

    The building was built in 1912 and since that time has had additions and inside remodeling. MT11/15/1959p14

First Church of God
540 North Holly, corner of Haven and Holly
aka Unity Church
    The Unity Center of Medford recently purchased the former First Church of God. It is being renovated inside. MT12/9/1960pB6

First Federal Savings
Photo:  1970
201 West Sixth, southwest corner Sixth and Grape

    First Federal's new building will be open for public inspection Saturday. It was designed by Robert Keeney and built by Myers D. Jones. MT4/24/1962p9
    The structure is 5,353 sq. ft. on two floors plus 954 sq. ft. of covered parking. A partial basement provides for archives storage.

First Interstate Drive-Up  NRHP #38.0
North Front

First Methodist Church I
Photos:  1906  circa 1910
230 North Bartlett, southeast corner Fourth and Bartlett

    The M.E. church propose to have a $2,500 church edifice erected in this place this fall. About $1200 has already been subscribed and enough more has been promised to ensure the success of the enterprise. VR9/20/1888p3
    The Methodists will shortly begin the erection of a $3,000 church. VR1/24/1889p3
    The builders of the M.E. church expect to commence hauling rock for its foundation soon. The membership here numbers about 40 people.VR3/14/1889p3
    The new M.E. church is being rapidly pushed to completion, and will be ready for the plasterers in the near future. AT5/24/1889p2

First Methodist Church II
Northeast corner Third and Bartlett

    It was decided to at once commence operations leading to the erection of a new $20,000 church on a 100x100 lot. MT11/7/1911p2
    The addition on the east side was built in 1912 and the south one in 1916.
The $4,000 building has housed the Salvation Army since 1924. MT11/13/1960p6
    The old Salvation Army citadel is being razed due to deterioration of the structure. The building was condemned in 1962. MT4/19/1964p8
    The first purchased Salvation Army building was known as the "Old Methodist Church"; it was purchased for $2,500. MT11/7/1965pB1

First Methodist Church III
Photos:  1952  1965
Southwest corner Main and Laurel
    The Methodists also plan to erect a fine modern church on their property at the corner of 5th and Bartlett. CL4/6/1923p1
    The balance needed to let the contract is $21,050. MT4/30/1923p5
    Work is fast progressing on the new church. It will have a handsome Spanish-style roof and big art stained glass windows. With good luck and weather the building will be in use by February 1st. MS11/25/1923p2
    An event of church and civic interest will take place Sunday, December 9, when the cornerstone of the new First Methodist Episcopal church is laid. MT12/7/1923p3
    A school addition, including a basement and two floors, will add about one-third to the church's floor space and will cost $75,000. Completion is expected shortly after the first of the year. MT12/2/1951p12
    The walls are of solid masonry, reinforced with steel, and the roof is of varicolored clay tile. The building was dedicated July 13, 1924. MT11/13/1960p6
    In 1945, a bequest from Addie Halley made possible the extensive remodeling of the educational plant. Construction of 21 additional classrooms was begun July 1951 and dedicated on October 26, 1952.

First National Bank Building [I]
Photos:  1907  circa 1908  1909
 1909  1909
120 East Main

See Howard Building

    The Medford Book Store vacated the First National Bank building on Seventh Street Monday, and is now located in the Tayler building, next door to the Green Front cigar store. MM6/8/1906p5
    The contract for the reconstruction of the old J. S. Howard block by the First National Bank has been awarded to Perry Stewart and G. W. Priddy. Mr. Stewart will do the carpenter work and Mr. Priddy the masonry. Work has already been commenced--the floors and front having been removed. MM6/29/1906p5
    The plans for this building have been prepared by Mr. I. A. Palmer, the well-known local architect. Like the other two bank buildings, this one will also use pressed brick as chief material. The west wall, with considerable alterations, will be used for the new building, but the whole front will be completely new. MDT6/29/1906p1
    Where three days ago stood a building there is now but a pile of bricks. By the end of the week the new home of the bank will be under way. MT5/18/1911p2

First National Bank Building [II]  NRHP #21.0
Photos:  1911  1912  1912  1912  1912  1930  1960  1966  1969
120 East Main

aka Bathmat Building

    Under today's modern “bathmat” exterior is a bank building dating from 1911-12. The structure was designed by Besser Brothers, Seattle architects, as First National Bank of Medford. Huge, fluted ionic columns of polished granite created a “Temple Front.” The interior included counters of breccia opal from Italy, black and gold marble from Abyssinia, veined marble from Knoxville, Tennessee and African mahogany from the Congo Free State. By 1936 it was out of date, and the bank was remodeled twice within five years. After World War II, the building was sold and the new owners found the granite front old-fashioned, had the columns removed, and installed a modern sheet metal façade--originally painted a bright pink.
    Medford's "Million Dollar Bank," the First National, is planning to increase the size of their present quarters on Main Street by building on the strip of ground which constitutes the alley between the bank building and the Hotel Nash. MT9/6/1910p1
    Where three days ago stood a building there is now but a pile of bricks. By the end of the week the new home of the bank will be under way. MT5/18/1911p2
    First National Bank, having outgrown its old quarters, has had its old building torn down and has let a contract for a new building which will have a stone front and cost $50,000. It will be well finished inside, the marble to be used costing over $10,000. MT7/2/1911pB1
    Five cars of limestone from Bedford, Ind. arrived yesterday for the First National Bank building. OR7/14/1911p3
    Contractor Beezer reported the new building would be ready for occupancy March 1. MT1/10/1912p6
    The doors of the new First National Bank were thrown open to the public for the first time Saturday. MT3/2/1912p1
    Grand opening for the Brainerd studio is scheduled for Sept. 17. The studio is in the west side of the recently remodeled building that for nearly 43 years housed First National Bank. The new facing is of enameled metal disks in salmon pink with charcoal. Ben Dierks, Grants Pass, now owns the building, and Ben H. Todd, Medford architect, designed the remodeling project. MT9/16/1955p10
    Remodeling began this week on Crater National Bank's 122 East Main location. Another entrance is being built into The Arcade sidewalk. MT1/21/1966p7
    Opening activities will be held at the bank on April 15. MT3/13/1966p1
    A drive-in window will be located in the Park and Shop lot behind Crater National Bank between Front Street and Central Avenue. MT4/24/1966pD4

    The Brainerds lost most of their files of old films when Robinson's Store burned in 1978. The shop received extensive water damage, and only five years of negatives could be salvaged. MT1/1/1982pC13

First National Bank Building [III]  NRHP #192.0
Photos:  1953  1979
1 East Main, northwest corner Main and Front

    Construction of the new "ultramodern" $300,000 First National Bank at Main and Front is scheduled to begin Jan. 2. The structure will be 63 by 150 feet, two stories high of reinforced concrete with a brick veneer finish and dark granite trim on the front. MT12/20/1953p1
    Dedicated and opened January 10, 1955. MT1/9/1955p14, MT1/10/1955p1

First National Bank Building [IV]
1128 South Riverside

    Contract for the 4,500-sq.-ft. bank has been awarded to the Wiley Co., Ashland. Plans were prepared by Payne and Struble, Medford. OR8/16/1964p124
    The branch will open Friday following formal ceremonies. The new building replaces the temporary trailer which opened Dec. 1963 adjacent to the construction site. Plans were by architects Payne and Struble. MT2/18/1965pC13

First National Bank Drive-Up
Northeast corner Sixth and Front

    Construction began this week on the $68,990 drive-in facility with three teller stations. Contractor is McMahan Construction. MT5/22/1968p1

Fluhrer Apartments
216 East Main
See Haskins drug store

Fluhrer Bakery Building  NRHP #155.0
Photos:  1933  1934  2009  2011
29 North Holly

    William “Heinie” Fluhrer operated his successful bakery from a series of buildings, and in 1933 he hired Frank Clark to design the first, central portion of this building facing Holly Street. In 1941, Clark designed a matching addition, and the small L-shaped gas station on the north, facing Sixth Street, was also remodeled. Fluhrer died in 1948 when his plane crashed into Lake of the Woods, and his widow Margaret continued to operate the bakery until 1962. Williams Inc., of Eugene, made bread there until 1972. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and restored in 1982. Paint removal in 2004 revealed the Fluhrer's Bread “ghost sign” on the west side of the building, which was repainted in faded hues.
    Fluhrer's fine new bakery is now under construction. MT6/21/1933p5

Fluhrer Building
Photos:  1937  circa 1947  1948  1958
5 South Central, southeast corner East Main and Central--
Vogel Plaza site
    Remodeled 1936-37 from the former Angle Opera House and Adkins Building II; destroyed by fire February 10, 1969.

    W. H. Fluhrer will completely remodel the Nichols and Ashpole Building and the one adjoining to the west, on the corner of Main and Central. The two units will be combined into one modern structure, with probably four shops in the rear part, extending the entire width of the two buildings and facing on Central. MT8/27/1936p1

    One of the outstanding projects of 1937 was the rebuilding of the old building at Main and Central by William H. Fluhrer, completed last fall.  Modern in every detail, the new Fluhrer Building is occupied on the ground floor by Reinhart and Barker's men's store, the Medford Pharmacy, Piggly Wiggly, Larry Schade's jewelry establishment, Mode O'Day women's ready-to-wear store, Buster Brown shoe store, Lewis ready-to-wear store and Biden's shoe shop. MT1/2/1938p6
    Purchase of the Fluhrer Building was announced today by Carl Bismark, Charles W. Brooks and Robert Boyer. Plans for remodeling were released. MT3/3/1966p1

Fluhrer Pastry Plant  NRHP #56.0
125 West Fourth

Southwest corner Stewart Avenue and Kings Highway
    A 12,000-sq.-ft. Piggly Wiggly opened in January 1956; it gave way to the present 29,000-sq.-ft. Foodland building in 1994. It closed in 2005. MT4/15/2017p3

Forest Service Warehouse and Shop
Photo:  1927
603-609 East Jackson

Foresters Hall
Location unknown

    A dancing party was given Monday evening in Foresters Hall, and a very pleasant time was enjoyed. MM9/14/1900p6

Foster & Kleiser
311 South Front

    Foster & Kleiser will construct a $650 skylight at 311 South Front. MT9/9/1949p11

Foster-Kleiser Building
See Wilson Building II

Fountain Lodge

See Pickel House

H. H. "Duke" Fountain Shell Station
Photo:  1948
Southwest corner Main and Tripp

See East Side Union Station

    Grand opening May 29, 1948. MT5/28/1948p13

Franklin Building  NRHP #330.0
125 South Central

Franklin Sandwich Shop
Twelfth and Central
    Doyle Franklin has applied for a building permit for $3,500 to erect a sandwich shop at South Central Avenue at 12th Street. MT8/3/1952p4

Franklin Upholstery
Photo:  1949
350 South Riverside

A. J. Fredenburg House
Photo:  1910
243 South Holly, northeast corner Tenth and Holly
    A. J. Fredenburg is having a new and commodious barn built on his lots in [the] southwest part of town. VR5/9/1889p3
    A. J. Fredenburg will build a brick residence west of the railroad. DT9/19/1889p3
    A. J. Fredenburg will beautify his property on the west side with a nice brick residence during the next few months. DT5/22/1891p2
    A. J. Fredenburg's two-story brick residence is going ahead slowly on account of wet weather. MM4/7/1892p3
    A. J. Fredenburg's fine brick residence is nearing completion. MM7/29/1892p3

Free Methodist Church I
301 South Ivy, southeast corner Tenth and Ivy
aka Ivy Hall

    Members of the Free Methodist church are feeling quite jubilant because of the fact that they have their new church nearly completed. It is situated at the corner of Tenth and I streets, is 24x32 feet in size, and adjoining it is a four-room parsonage. The church has a membership of twenty. MM2/2/21906p5
    As will be seen from a group picture, there are eight houses of worship shown, but within the last few weeks--since this picture was made--another house of worship has been built, it being the Free Methodist. MM3/9/1906p14
    The Free Methodists will dedicate their new church on the corner of 10th and I streets on next Sunday. MM3/29/1907p5
    Owing to the fact that Rev. Beers could not reach Medford last Saturday, because of delayed trains, the dedication of the Free Methodist church did not take place last Sunday. The dedication will now take place on April 28th. MM4/5/1907p5
    The Free Methodist church will hold services at the Knights of Pythias hall. The property at Tenth and Ivy sts. has been sold. MT8/17/1956p6
    The Reorganized LDS church purchased their building from the Free Methodists at 10th and Ivy sts. MT12/28/1956p7

Free Methodist Church II
South Peach

    Partly built is the new church for the Free Methodists. MT12/28/1956p7

C. Frideger Building  NRHP #41.0
113-115 North Central

    This name was erroneously given in the National Register survey to the Davis-Johnson Building (q.v.).
    Among the first new building projects to be undertaken during the coming year will be a brick structure to be put up by C. Frideger on what is known as the Simmons property, on North Central Avenue, between Fifth and Sixth streets. Mr. Frideger became the owner of this property a few months ago, and just as soon as he can have plans perfected he will commence excavating for the building. The building will be brick and stone, 25 by 40 feet in size, and while it will be only one story high the foundation and walls will be put in sufficiently heavy to carry it four stories, should Mr. Frideger decide later to add the other stories. MT1/9/1912p2
    W. Frideger, who recently put in a foundation for a new brick block on North Central, has decided to put the building up two stories instead of one. MT2/1/1912p2
    The Frideger Building was apparently removed sometime between publication of the 1927 Sanborn Fire Insurance map and construction of the Davis-Johnson Building in 1930.

Friends Church
525 DeBarr Avenue, northwest corner Merriman Road and DeBarr

    An appeal for help in tearing down the Camp White building recently purchased by the Friends is sent out by G. B. Bowman, in charge of operations. MT5/23/1947p12
    In 1945 the pretty brick church was built; two Camp White buildings were bought in 1947, and a church school unit now nears completion. MT8/26/1949p3

Front Street Drinking Fountain
Northwest corner West Main and Front

    Work will be begun within a few days on the erection of a drinking fountain just east of the Chamber of Commerce building and the Front Street curb, to be built jointly by the city Water Commission and the Chamber. MT7/27/1927p3
    Concrete has been poured and is rapidly hardening; the fountain is approximately half completed, cedar posts having yet to be set for the wooden canopy. MT8/2/1927p2
    Put partly into operation yesterday, the new city fountain is already being well patronized by thirsty local citizens and tourists. When completed the fountain, which at present has only one stream of water, will have four. MT8//9/1927p2

Frosty Boy
Photo:  1968
916 King Street

Fruitgrowers Bank Building
See Farmers and Fruitgrowers Bank Building

Furnas Building
See Crater Lake Automotive, 123 South Riverside

Gagnon Lumber Mill
West Medford

    J. T. Gagnon has arrived back in Medford from Portland, where he purchased machinery for the new saw mill he is erecting on the site of the mill which burned in Medford several weeks ago. The new mill, which will be ready by fall, will be larger than the one burned down. The foundations for it are being laid. MT8/12/1919p8
    The new sawmill and box factory in Medford of J. T. Gagnon has been completed and will start operating next Tuesday or Wednesday. MS11/9/1919p6
    A petition remonstrated against the city official allowing the rebuilding of the recently burned down Pine Fir Company mill and box factory. The owners contemplate building elsewhere, so no action was taken. MT7/8/1931p8

W. G. Gannaway House  NRHP #90.0
232 South Grape

Garnett-Corey Hardware Building  NRHP #113.0
Photos:  1910  1911  1940  2009
201 West Main, southwest corner Main and Grape

aka Liberty Building, Leverette Building, Park Place Building

    Garnett-Corey Hardware Company completed construction of Medford's first “skyscraper,” at four stories, in 1910. It's still the second tallest building in downtown. Architects Power & Reeves (MT1/2/1910pB7)--not Frank Clark--designed the structure with red brick walls and stringcourse bands of locally quarried granite. In 1921, the year a basement fire forced Liberty Building 2009“Shortie” Garnett to close his business, the upstairs offices housed medical, dental and legal offices, as well as the U.S. Weather Bureau. Flags flown from the roof alerted residents to the region's weather forecast (see Kentner Building, below). By WWII the second floor housed government offices, including a maternity clinic for wives of Camp White soldiers. In 1977, near condemnation, the building was listed on the National Register and modernized for use as office space.
    Messrs. Young & Hall, who a few days ago purchased a corner lot on West Seventh Street, near the Medford Hotel, are having excavations made preparatory to the excavation of a two-story brick building 50x75 feet in size. The building, we understand, will be for rent or for sale. This structure, together with one the same size which is being put up adjoining by J. W. White, will give that side another good business block. (Apparently not built.) MM11/16/1906p5
    G. L. Schermerhorn was awarded a contract by T. H. Moore for excavation of the 60x60-foot basement, which will be the first in Medford to extend under a sidewalk. MT1/26/1909p7
    Yesterday Mr. Garnett purchased from T. H. Moore a 50x140-foot building site at the southwest corner of West Main and G streets, and will commence work at once on an elegant two-story and basement building. MM2/12/1909p1
    Excavations have begun for the wholesale and retail hardware establishment of H. C. Garnett and his associates. This will be one of the largest and best constructed buildings on the street. MM4/23/1909p1

    Excavation work was commenced yesterday for the basement of the Garnett & Corey building, which is to be put up on the southwest corner of West Main and Grape streets. G. L. Schermerhorn has the contract for the excavating work. MM9/17/1909p3
    The Medford Brick Company has secured the contract for the construction of the Garnett-Corey Hardware Company's new wholesale and retail building, which is to be erected at the southwest corner of West Main and Grape streets. Work on the basement will start just as soon as the excavating work is completed, which will be within a few few days. MM10/22/1909p1
    "I am thinking of starting a natatorium," says Shortie, when he is asked about the water in his newly excavated basement. MT11/28/1909p23

    The Garnett-Corey Co. have under construction a 50x100-foot building, three stories and basement. The foundation is now about completed. MT12/12/1909p2
    Garnett-Corey Hardware Co.'s new building is among the buildings designed by Messrs. C. O. Power and R. R. Reeves. MT1/2/1910p7

    The walls for the second story are going up. Extensions for a four-story building are contemplated. MT3/11/1910p5
    H. B. Reed was a pioneer of Medford, states that he once traded the lots where the Garnett-Corey building is being erected for a team of horses. MT3/14/1910p5

    The building, four stories high, will cost $58,250 when completed. The first floor will be occupied by the Garnett-Corey Hardware Company, while the upper three floors will be divided into 60 offices. Power & Reeves are the architects for this building. MT9/4/1910pB1

    After 22 months of hard work it is ready. The two large store rooms on the first floor and basement will be used by Garnett-Corey Hardware Co.; the three upper floors contain suites of offices, 60 in number, each fitted with steam heat, hot and cold water. MT12/11/1910p15
    Windows extend south on Grape and across the entire front, making over 80 feet of the finest show windows in the state. MT12/18/1910pD2
    The Garnett-Corey Hardware Company has at last moved into its large four-story brick building, fifty by 140 feet, at the corner of Main and Grape streets. Yesterday was given over to celebrating the event, and the grand opening was attended by several thousand persons, many coming from out of town.
    The three upper stories contain suites of offices. The whole building is fitted with steam heat; hot and cold water and electric light. The first floor and the basement will be the home of the Garnett-Corey company. A ten-passenger elevator is used as means of transportation to and from the upper floors, which contain sixty suites of offices. MS12/18/1910p1
    The large passenger elevator just installed is the first of its kind in the city. OR12/16/1910p8
    Fire broke out in the meter room, but was held under control. MT1/19/1911p6
    The new office of the county pathologist and entomologist, and also of the United States Weather Bureau, in the Garnett-Corey building was opened today. Just as soon as the weather forecasting apparatus arrives from Washington, D.C., it will be installed on the roof of the Garnett-Corey building, and the weather signals will from now on be flown from the mast on the top of that structure. MT3/1/1911
    Windows in rear destroyed by fire next door. MT3/30/1922p8
    In the building's fourth fire since construction, a fire this morning in Dr. Kallen's office will require complete rebuilding of three rooms. MT10/30/1922p8
    A new neon sign has been installed by Alexander's Grocery and the Liberty Market, located in the Liberty Building. The Model Bakery is also in the location. MT9/23/1934p14
    Announcement was made of the purchase, in the neighborhood of $75,000, of the building by G. S. Butler, Ashland capitalist, from G. E. Kinsey of Los Angeles, who had recently acquired it from Medford attorney James T. Hall. MT10/6/1940p3

Gates Ford Building
Photos:  1922 
1926  1943
Southwest corner Sixth and Riverside

aka USO Building, Federal Building

    Built for Charles E. "Pop" Gates' Ford dealership in 1920; addition of a second story began in November 1926. Used as a USO during World War II.
    In 1916 Gates was granted a permit to construct brick shops on North Riverside between East Main and Sixth streets. In 1920, he received permits to construct a concrete building on Riverside Avenue between East Main and Sixth streets at a cost of $25,000. MT3/26/1967pD1
    Ground was broken last week for the big concrete building of Gates Auto. R. I. Stuart is the contractor and Frank Clark the architect. It will be 141 by 121 feet, with one floor about 16 feet high. MT1/15/1920p3
    The Gates Auto Company addition is nearly completed. MT1/2/1927pD2
    With the recent completion of the second story of the Gates Auto Co., the firm has one of the most up-to-date Ford service station and display rooms  on the coast. The new addition gives them over 30,000 feet of floor space in the two stories. The upper floor is used for overhauling cars, tractors and trucks, a welding department and a complete radiator repair department. The lower floor is given over to the office, parts department, two show rooms. MT3/6/1927pB3
    A second story was added onto the C. E. Gates Auto Co. building during the past year in order to provide added floor space for storage and repair work. MT9/14/1927pC3
    Plans have been drawn by architect Frank C. Clark for remodeling the C. E. Gates Auto Company garage and building on Riverside. MT5/29/1936p1
    Bids have been invited to move Army reserve offices downstairs and leave more room on the second floor as a unit training area. MT6/21/1957p10
    Structural deficiencies limit the second floor's capacity for both men and equipment. And "it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter." MT8/13/1958p1

    The old federal building at Sixth and Riverside may be declared surplus by the government in the near future. If the city is given an opportunity to purchase the land, the building would be torn down and a parking lot constructed on the property. MT12/21/1962p1

    Medford has accepted the federal government's offer to purchase the old federal building at Sixth St. and Riverside Ave.; plans are to raze it in October. MT6/7/1963p1
    Authorization to demolish the federal building for the off-street parking program will be asked of the city council at Friday's meeting. The $42,500 purchase has to be approved by a Congressional committee. MT7/3/1963p1
    Five bids were received by the City of Medford for demolition of the federal building on Riverside and the Hansen building at Sixth and Bartlett. MT9/11/1963p1
    The Hansen and Federal buildings are currently being razed. MT10/20/1963p29

Gates Furniture
Photo:  1955

341 North Central

    A $25,500 permit to erect a furniture store at 341 North Central has been issued to James A. Elliott, contractor. MT8/3/1954p11

Gates Furniture Building

See Kentner Building

Geary House
See Pickel House

GeBauer Apartments
See Schuler Apartments

Getchell Building
  NRHP #76.0
115 West Main, southwest corner Main and Fir

    Designed by Frank Clark, built 1916 for owners E. B. Pickel, Reginald Parsons, L. Niedermeyer and Delroy Getchell. MT2/24/1916p1, MS2/25/1916p2
     Gus the Tailor, Ed. Binns the meat merchant, and the Electric Kitchen, on the quarter block to be cleaned up for the new business structure, will enjoy a vacation of two months while the building is being constructed. MT3/11/1916p2
    Interior frame work for the new business block at Main and Fir is being rapidly placed. Good progress is being made on the building. MT4/21/1916p2
    The work of installing the tile front of the new business block at Main and Fir is completed, and adds an attractive appearance to that part of the city. MS6/2/1916p2
    The new business block at Fir and Main is fast nearing completion. The equipment of some of the stores that will occupy the building is being put in place. MS6/23/1916p2
    J. F. Lawrence will move his jewelry store to the new building corner of Main and Fir about August first. MT7/28/1916p2
    On the corner of Main and Fir has been erected a one-story white porcelain brick structure. This modern structure stands on the ground formerly occupied by the Hotel Moore and a number of one-story frame buildings. MT12/30/1916p1
    A mysterious sheet metal building was installed on the roof of the Getchell Building yesterday. Speculation is that it has some connection with the large white screen recently erected above the K.P. Hall. MT10/5/1921p2
    The Office Stationery and Supply Company has applied for a permit to remodel the business building at 115 West Main Street at $300. MT1/30/1948p9

Girls Community Club I
229 North Bartlett

    The clubhouse, originally a large residence, was purchased in 1920 by the Young Women's Christian Association.
    Reconditioned with new paint and furnishings, the Y.W.C.A. presents a fine appearance. The reception hall, 24x24 feet, is also for the use of the Delphian Club, American Legion Auxiliary, and other women's organizations. JCN9/10/1926p1

Girls Community Club II  NRHP #294.0
Photos:  1956  1957
229 North Bartlett

aka Mary Phipps Center

    Plans for a new two-story clubhouse for the Girls Community Club were announced yesterday. It will be erected on the site of the present clubhouse, and construction will begin about December 1. MT9/23/1956pB6
    To be completed Aug. 1, the new Girls Community Club will house 22 young employed girls and accompany more than 200 in the main club room. MT5/31/1957p1
    Completion of the Girls' Community Clubhouse realizes a dream long cherished by civic-minded residents. It provides low-cost housing for self-supporting girls and young women attempting to get a start in the business world. MT9/8/1957pB1

    The building is equipped with an intercom system and two key stations. On the second floor are 11 sleeping rooms to accommodate 22 girls. MT9/8/1957pB9

    The two-story red brick building is being converted into an off-campus educational center for SOSC. The twin beds have been removed, the upstairs kitchen turned into a computer lab, and the house mother's apartment into a suite of offices. PO11/29/1984
    SkyOak Wealth Management will spend $300,000 renovating the two-story brick structure.

Girl Scout Council Headquarters
Photo:  1966
2001 North Keene Way Drive

    Approval of a special permit was recommended to the city council to allow the Girl Scouts to erect a building in the single family zone on the west side of Keene Way Drive east of the First Church of God. MT10/15/1965p1

Gitzen Barn
111 North Fir

    Dr. G. A. Gitzen's barn, which has been condemned a number of times, will make way for J. L. Helms' concrete building next to Fichtner's garage. MT8/5/1926p3

Gloria-Pan Apartments
375 South Central

Gold Seal Creamery

See Jackson County Creamery

Goldy Building

A consolidation of Palm Building I with the Young & Hall Buliding. See Palm Building I

Goodyear Tire Building
Photo:  2013
101 South Riverside, southeast corner Eighth and Riverside

    Medford's newest ugly, gray brick structure graces the utility lot of the Goodyear Tire Company on Eighth and Riverside. Letter to the Editor, MT11/30/1965p4
    Doug O'Dell plans to convert the front-end alignment shop of the former Goodyear Tire Store into a small tavern; he has already gutted the interior. MT5/23/2013p1

Gore House

Photo:  1890
2922 South Pacific Highway

Grand Hotel
See Barnum Hotel

Grand Theater Building
See Hubbard Brothers Hardware/Woods Block

Grand View Market
Photo:  1956
2230 Crater Lake Avenue

Florence Graves House  NRHP #180.0
220 North Oakdale

Green & Shores Service Station
56 North Riverside at Sixth

    Workmen are now engaged in remodeling the station which will house the Chet Leonard Super Service. It will be transformed into a California Mission-type structure. MT10/14/1935p3

Groceteria No. 1
106 North Central; northeast corner Sixth and Central
aka Neff Building

    Built 1923; razed 1947 to make way for the J. C. Penney Building.
    Porter Neff will build a 70x100-foot concrete building for long-term lease by the Economy Groceteria. Plans are being prepared. MT12/17/1922p6
    Another considerable-sized building now under construction is the concrete store at the corner of Sixth Street and North Central. The cost, it is estimated, will be in the neighborhood of $20,000. CL4/6/1923p1
    The Economy Groceteria began business today in its large new home, corner North Central and East Sixth Street in the Neff building. MT7/23/1923p2
    W. E. Thomas last night purchased from Porter J. Neff the one-story building for $42,500. The store rooms are occupied by the Groceteria and Gus the Tailor, with a frontage of 100 feet on Sixth and 125 feet on North Central. MT6/3/1927p5
    The Neff concrete building was last week repurchased by Mr. Neff. MT6/21/1927p3
    Building permit issued for alterations at 102 North Central for Dr. Lee, at a cost of $500. MT1/24/1935p12

    Demolition of the Groceteria began Friday. MT8/19/1947p12

Groceteria No. 2
See Johnson's Market/Groceteria

Grossman Building
317-319 East Main--block 3, lot 15

    J. G. Grossman, the well-known wheelwright, has let the contract for putting up a brick building on his lots in the eastern portion of town. DT5/23/1889p3
    J. G. Grossman, the well-known wheelwright, is occupying his fine brick building on Seventh Street. DT7/25/1889p3
    Judge Hanna has decided that the deed to property in Medford given by the late J. G. Grossman to J. W. Miller is valid. Relatives of the man sought to set it aside. DT5/8/1902p5

Grover Electric
See Beaver Electric

Growers Refrigerating Co.
See Medford Ice Arena

Hadley Hardware Building
East Main--lot 11, block 13

    S. B. Hadley has a good assortment of merchandise and will put up a good, permanent building, 25x40. AT1/25/1884p4

Edgar Hafer House  NRHP #172.0
Photos:  1920  1920  1967  2009
426 West Sixth, northeast corner Sixth and Oakdale
    Built for the owner of Medford's Iowa Box Company, this grand Colonial Revival house was a funeral parlor from 1920 until 2000, when it was purchased by St. Mark's Episcopal Church.
    The house is on the market for just over $600.000.
John Perl bought the building in 1920 and hired architect Frank Clark to remodel it into his residence and place of business. Investing some $700,000 [sic] in remodeling, Perl's family ran a funeral business at the location from 1920 until 1973. MT8/21/2017p1

Hafer House
136 North Oakdale
    A residence is being torn down to make way for a parking lot for the Perl Funeral Home. It was built about 1903 by Edgar Hafer. MT6/18/1959p11

Hal's Flying "A" Station
836 Crater Lake Avenue
    Myron Corcoran received a permit to erect an $18,000 service station at 836 Crater Lake Ave. MT7/25/1957p1

Halley Block  NRHP #20.0
Photos:  1927  1969  2003
Northwest corner Eighth and Central, 26-38 South Central (1911-12 directories: 36-40 South Central)

aka Hogan Building

    Constructed in sections 1893-1927. The upstairs floor was the Palace Hotel 1890s-1939, Crater Hotel 1939-1972. The south volume of today's "Halley Block" was built by J. R. Wilson; see Wilson Buildings, below.
    The Halley brick block is ready for the roof. MM8/25/1892p3 [sic]
    The location of R. H. Halley's brick building will be on the present site of this gentleman's wooden structure on C Street between Seventh and Eighth streets. The new block will be 60x46⅞ feet in size and two stories high. The first floor will be divided into two store rooms, one of which will be occupied by Mr. Halley, and the other for rent. The second story will be fitted up for living purposes or offices. MM3/17/1893p2
    G. W. Priddy has been given the contract for furnishing the brick for the new Halley Block, on C Street. MM3/31/1893p3

    R. H. Halley has bought the vacant lot on Eighth near the gun shop and will move one of the buildings from his property to it when he is ready to build. DT5/19/1893p3

    G. W. Priddy is now engaged in making brick for the new Halley Block. Mr. Priddy will also do the brick work. Messrs. Shawver & Nicholson will do the wood work. MM5/26/1893p5
    R. H. Halley has commenced tearing away the old buildings and making ready generally for his new brick. The brick for this structure are now being made, the stone for the foundation are being delivered as is also lumber for the wood work. MM6/23/1893p3
    Work on Halley's block is well under way, and it goes without saying that Medford is going to have an addition to her business houses of no mean proportions. DT6/30/1893p2
    R. H. Halley has wisely decided to lengthen out his new brick fifteen feet--making it seventy-five instead of sixty as was first talked. MM7/21/1893p3
    G. L. Webb has leased the north half of the Halley brick block--ground floor, and about October first the Racket will move to its new abode. MM7/28/1893p3
    The Halley brick block, on C Street, will be ready for occupancy in a few weeks. The brick work is expected to be finished next week. MM8/11/1893p3
     Being Built Sept. 93 Notation on the northern third of the current building, 1893 Sanborn map, page 2
    Messrs. Shawver & Nicholson are now engaged in fitting up the new Halley block on C Street. MM10/27/1893p3

    Moved--The Racket store, to Halley's new brick. MM11/3/1893p3

    The Mail will move to its new quarters in the Halley block tomorrow. MM11/10/1893p3
    R. H. Halley will erect a two-story 50x50 brick south of his block. The first floor will leased to the Mail. MT11/24/1900p7
    G. W. Priddy within a few days will commence the manufacture of brick for the new Halley block. MM2/23/1900p7
    G. W. Priddy will shortly commence the manufacture of brick for the new Halley block, which he has the contract for constructing. DT3/5/1900p3
    R. H. Halley is at work on the second story of his new brick block. The front piers were put in with brick and stone; the first floor will be the new home of The Mail. W. L. Halley is superintending the carpenter work, and G. W. Priddy is doing the brick work. MM6/8/1900p6
    R. H. Halley is pushing to completion a two-story brick, 50x50 feet, the lower part to be used by the Medford Mail; the upper part to be used by Mr. Halley in connection with his boarding house. OR6/8/1900p3
    R. H. Halley's new brick, the front of which is one of the prettiest in the city, is completed. MT7/20/1900p2
    The glass front is being put in the Halley block, and masons are putting on the plastering. The building is expected to be ready for occupancy by the middle of September. MM8/31/1900p7
    W. L. Halley is this week finishing the second story of the new Halley block. MM10/5/1900p7
    The Palace Dining Room opened its doors Tuesday. A wide stairway connects it with the rooms above, which will be appreciated by the patrons. MT3/10/1905p5
    See Wilson Building II, below.
    A brick addition of 25 rooms will be erected at once adjoining the addition recently built in the rear of the Mail office. MT5/12/1909p1
    The brick addition is 25x48; the first floor will be used as a kitchen and the second floor for sleeping rooms. MT5/26/1909p2
    The foundation work for the hotel building at Eighth and Central is nearing completion, and will be finished within a few days. MT12/30/1909p2
    Halley has let the contract for plate glass fronts to two store rooms at 22 S. Central. He plans to make his building an up-to-date business block. MT2/25/1910p1
    W. H. Meeker & Co. are moving today to their new quarters in the Halley building. The rooms have been entirely renovated and a modern front of plate glass put in. MT4/4/1910p8
    The Halley Block has been repainted. MT8/1/1913p2

    Construction begins this week on a second-story brick addition to the corner of Eighth Street. MT2/25/1927p1
    Mr. John R. Keithley was in charge of the floor laying of the new Halley building under construction on South Central and which is to be complete in three or four weeks. Mrs. Keithley is a niece of Mrs. Halley. MT6/30/1927p2
    Mrs. Halley for $12,000 has bought from Maude Parson the Foster-Kleiser building at Eighth and Central, making her the owner of all the buildings on Central from the J.N. Cafe to Eighth Street. MT4/18/1926p8
    The Halley building on South Central Avenue is a new structure of brick, occupies the former site of a one-story brick building and is two stories high. It was recently completed and is now occupied by Shield's dry goods store and Taylor Millinery Shop [42-44 S. Central]. MT9/14/1927pC3
    During the past year, Mrs. Halley razed a section of the Halley Block and herself planned the modern unit, 45x100, that provides fine store rooms with modern second-story hotel rooms. "I intend to rebuild the north section next year," states Mrs. Halley. MT1/1/1928
    The Crater Hotel fire started in a trash container in the northwest corner of the building, owned by M. N. (Mel) Hogan. Damage will run into the thousands of dollars. MT5/14/1957p1
    The Medford Investment Corp. has paid $200,000 for the building, owned by M. N. Hogan since 1942. Interior and exterior will be refurbished, including sandblasting of the Eighth Street exterior. MT6/16/1968pC11

Halley House
Corner Fifth or Sixth and Grape

    W. F. Halley has contracted with S. Childers to build a 24x30 two-story brick dwelling house. MT9/27/1895p4
    P. J. Halley has moved to his father's brick residence, corner G and Sixth. MT3/12/197p7

Hamilton & Palm Building
Near Main and Front

    Hamilton & Palm have established their real estate headquarters in the building they purchased for the purpose of having it removed to [near?] the corner of Seventh and Front streets. DT2/3/1893p3

    Contractor Lyon has the contract for remodeling the new real estate building for Hamilton & Palm. DT2/17/1893p3

Hamlin Block  NRHP #23.1, 23.2
Photos:  circa 1887  1950  1963  1966  circa 1970  circa 1980
126-128 East Main

aka Williams Block, Williams' Hall, Miles Block. See also Hamlin-Rostel Block.

    Completed early 1886 by George W. Williams, who traded it that August to James Hamlin for 190 acres of farmland south of town. The attached Howard Block was simultaneously built in the same style. The upstairs was originally a meeting hall, but was soon converted to legal and medical offices. A suite on the alley was for decades a photo studio; a skylight admitted the light necessary for portrait photography. That suite in the 1930s became offices for architect Frank Clark, who designed the stucco remodel.
    Mr. Williams of Medford will build a brick building and it will be 50x90. OS1/17/1885p3
    G. W. Williams  has let the contract for the brickwork on his proposed two-story building at that place to Childers & Son, and will do the carpentering himself. DT5/8/1885p3
    Mr. Williams will arrange the upper story of his building so that it can be used for lodge purposes, with the two rooms in front for offices. OS5/9/1885p3

    The brick work has been begun on the three large brick stores that are being erected by Messrs. Howard, O'Neil and Williamson. OS6/27/1885p3
    The brick building of G. W. Williams is now being plastered and will soon be ready for occupancy. DT11/27/1885p3
    Geo. Williams of Medford has traded off his brick block at that place to James Hamlin for 190 acres of land in Eden precinct. OS8/21/1886p3
    Porch and awning in front of Howard and Hamlin blocks on Seventh Street declared a nuisance and same ordered removed within thirty days. MM3/9/1894p3
    The work of tearing down the awning in front of the Hamlin and Howard blocks was commenced Wednesday. MM3/16/1894p3
    New awnings are being put up; they are to be covered with corrugated iron, with two-inch galvanized piping for supports. The entire awning is on hinges and can be swung down in case of fire. MM6/29/1894p3
    The Elite Studio, Hamlin Block, is open for business. New style skylight and new scenery, painted especially for us. MM4/26/1901p2
    Attorneys Snell & Hartson have moved their law office from the Hamlin block. MM6/28/1901p7

    D. H. Miller, one of our hardware merchants, has the distinction of being the occupant of one building for the greatest length of time. He has sold hardware over the counters in the Hamlin block since 1886. MM10/31/1902p7

    Extensive alterations in the Miles Block, including a new modern brick front, are to be made during the next few months. An addition will be built doubling the present size of the block by extending it 30 feet further in the rear. A new feature will be a large hall 50x140 feet, the largest hall in the valley. TR10/16/1908p1
    Within the next few weeks Miller & Ewbank, cash grocers with headquarters in the Miles Block, will move into new quarters in the Mission Block. MDT1/13/1909p1
    A new front is soon to be put in the west store room in the Miles Block, recently vacated by Miller & Ewbank. Mrs. Miles may decide to put a new front in the room joining on the east, now occupied by Shorty Garnett. MM2/5/1909p6
    Samuel T. Richardson has become the owner of the west half of the Miles Building at 126 East Main St., the lower floor of which is occupied by the Model Clothing Co. store, and the upper floor by Klein tailoring. MT3/25/1920p8
    In 1934 Jackson County Federal moved its offices into the building. MT1/2/1963p1
    The purchase of the former JCFS&L building by Edson & Pappas, architects, was announced this week. They plan to remodel the building to include small shops on the ground floor, served by an arcade. MT1/2/1963p1

    Remodeling began this week on Crater National Bank's 122 East Main location. Another entrance is being built into The Arcade sidewalk. MT1/21/1966p7

Hamlin-Rostel Block
Photo:  1970
25-33 South Front

aka Hamlin Building, Nurmi Building, Pastell Building, Medford Gospel Mission

    The photo shows the Hamlin Block sometime after demolition of the Rostel Block, formerly just to the north of it.

    George and Jeff Hamlin plan on putting up a two-story brick building on South Front, where the jewelry store now is. C. B. Rostel also contemplates putting up a similar building on the adjoining vacant lot on the north. MM3/1/1895p8
    C. B. Rostel this week let to S. B. Childers the contract for erecting a two-story brick building on his lot adjoining Hamlin Bros. The building will be twenty-two feet front and sixty feet deep. The work of laying the stone foundation work has already been commenced, and laying brick will commence next week. MM7/17/1896p7
     Lumber is on the ground for the wood work in the Hamlin-Rostel brick block, on South D Street. MM7/31/1896p7
    Contractors Brand & Campbell resumed carpenter work on the Hamlin-Rostel block Wednesday. MM9/18/1896p7
    The plasterers are at work on C. B. Rostel's new brick this week and will soon have it ready for occupancy. Jas. Coeti will use it for his saloon. Rumor has it that the fourth meat market is soon to be opened in one of Geo. Hamlin's new brick store rooms, south of Hotel Nash. MM11/6/1896p6
    The second story of the Hamlin-Rostel brick is being put up. MM10/2/1896p7
    The finishing work on the Hamlin building, which has been so long delayed on account of their inability to obtain the requisite material, is now nearly completed and the building will soon be ready for occupancy. Contractor Brand has been doing the work. MM12/25/1896p7
    G. H. Hamlin has leased one of his new brick store rooms on Front Street to Owings and Dutches, who are fitting it up for a temperance billiard hall. MM1/22/1897p7
    C. B. Rostel is making preparations to open a barber shop and variety store in his brick building in Medford. DT2/14/1898p3, MM2/11/1898p7
    The Palm-Whitman-Palm cigar company have leased the Geo. W. Hamlin brick building on South D Street, and are now located therein. MM3/22/1901p7
    The Hamlin building, which was sold by Sheriff Orme Saturday under a decree of foreclosure, was bought by Ed. Wilkinson, who bid $2,600, a big bargain. It is occupied by the Palm-Whitman Cigar Co. at present. DT3/27/1902p4

    R. Nurmi of the Nurmi Bakery has purchased the Seattle Rooming House structure on S. Front, in which he will install a $4000 baking plant and machinery. The structure will be remodeled and a new front installed. MT5/31/1916p6
    The workmen rebuilding the front of the Pastell [sic] Building for the Nurmi Baking Co. came across a bottle of whiskey, wrapped in paper dated August 1896. The whiskey was used to christen the building and was placed in a pocket between two bricks. The sad part of the story is they broke the bottle and lost the twenty-year-old rye. MS8/25/1916p2

    Nurmi's Bakery building, on [Front] Street, off Main, has been remodeled, a front of white porcelain brick and plate glass being installed. MT12/30/1916p1

    J. F. Hittson has located his Templar, Velie and Allen car dealership "in the building recently purchased by H. O. Nordwick on South Front Street, the Nurmi Building." MT3/3/1920p8
    Nordwick is rearranging the building for autos and auto supplies. MT3/4/1920p5
    J. G. Hoffman will occupy the south room with Exide batteries and auto electrical supplies. MT3/4/1920p5
    Martin Conger has leased the upper floor of the Nordwick building at 33 South Front and will fit it up for a first-class rooming house. MT9/18/1920p2
    The Medford Velie Co. moved to 29 S. Front, the Norwick Building. MT2/28/1922p6, MT3/3/1922p2
    Sold to M. E. Hodge. MT6/6/1922p8
    A fire damaged the stock in Smith's grocery in the Nordwick building on South Front yesterday morning. MT11/14/1922p8
    The partitions in the old hotel have been removed, and the kitchen, chapel and dormitory are taking shape. MT1/20/1959p3
    Plans call for razing the building in which the Fourth Wheel Club is located, 31 South Front, sometime this summer. MT5/27/1962p10
    The structure, has housed the gospel mission since it began in March 1959, will be razed in June along with several other South Front buildings.
    The building will be razed to make room for a Park and Shop lot. MT6/26/1962p1MT5/27/1962p10

Will Hansen Building
See Stewart Building

Hansen Building
Photos:  circa 1922  1922  1955  1956
Southwest corner Sixth and Bartlett

aka Medford Furniture and Hardware Co. Building
See also Stewart Building
    Built 1922 by J. P. Hansen; upper floor burned 1955. Razed 1963.
    J. P. Hansen will build a $40-50,000 100x115-foot concrete building for the Medford Furniture & Hardware Co. A ramp will connect the floors instead of an old-fashioned stairway. J. H. Drew has the construction contract. MT2/10/1922p1
    Clearing the site for the Hansen Building is under way. The old dwelling house on the site has been purchased by Spence Childs and is being razed. MT2/23/1922p2
    Trucks are busy transferring stock; sidewalks are being cleared; building is being painted. Opening scheduled for June 26. MT6/24/1922p3
    An important 1937 construction project was the remodeling of the Hansen building at Sixth and Bartlett sts., marking an expansion of Hansen Hardware. MT1/2/1938p6
    Reconstruction of the Hansen building, which housed Medford Furniture until a fire gutted the building last July 8, began yesterday. The present walls will be reinforced with steel and used for the remodeled interior. MT11/15/1955p1
    Work on repair and renovation of the Medford Furniture building is nearly complete. MT4/2/1956p1
    The city manager said that if all goes according to schedule, the structures at Sixth and Bartlett sts. will be razed sometime in October. MT6/7/1963p1
    Authorization to demolish the Hansen building for the off-street parking program will be asked of the city council at Friday's meeting. MT7/3/1963p1
    Five bids were received by the City of Medford for demolition of the federal building on Riverside and the Hansen building at Sixth and Bartlett. MT9/11/1963p1
    The Hansen and Federal buildings are currently being razed. MT10/20/1963p29
    Demolition crews began razing the outer shell of the Hansen building Monday. A parking lot is planned for the site as soon as the building is down. MT11/19/1963p1

Harry & David Bear Creek Store
Photo:  1969
South Pacific Highway

Jean Hart Building
Photo:  1970
617 East Main

Hartsook Service Station
Southwest corner West Main and Columbus--possibly not built

    J. P. Hartsook has received a building permit to erect a $8,500 service station at the southwest corner of Columbus Avenue and West Main Street . MT3/13/1951p7

Haskins Block
See Haskins Drug Store

Haskins Drug Store  NRHP #317.0
Photos:  1891
  1910-11  1979
214 East Main

aka Haskins Block, Fluhrer Apartments

    G. H. Haskins is occupying the Roberts & O'Neil building, on C Street, pending the erection of his brick building on the site of his former quarters. DT2/19/1894p2
     Mayor Haskins:--"It is quite probable my new brick store building will be commenced at once. I have let the contract for the brick work to Mr. Childers, and Messrs. Shawver &  Nicholson will have charge of the wood work. There will be only the two end walls to put up, as the adjoining ones will be my side walls--and in which I have a part ownership. The building will be two stories high--the second story to be fitted for office purposes. The building ought to be in readiness inside of three months." MM4/20/1894p2
    Haskins will begin the erection of his building as soon as the old building is removed, which has been sold to C. W. Palm and will be moved across the track and placed fronting to the east and adjoining the distillery office. MM4/20/1894p3
    No sooner does Palm get the Haskins building moved across the street than it was leased by John Morris, who expects to move in with a stock of crockery and glassware. MM4/27/1894p3
    D. Brooks, the tinner, is engaged in putting the roof on Mayor Haskins' new brick. MM5/18/1894p3
    The Haskins new brick drug store is nearly ready for the plasterers. MM6/1/1894p3
    The brick structure is 24x80 feet in size and two stories high. The main room below is 24x60 feet. In this salesroom is found a complete set of drug store fixtures, wholly made from the very choicest of sugar pine lumber. All this work is ornamented with hand carvings, the work entire executed by Weeks Bros., and the imprint of their excellent work is plainly inscribed on every piece. MM8/17/1894p3
    G. H. Haskins is having a one-story addition built at the rear of his drug store. It will be 22x25 feet in size and will be used as a store room by druggist Leon B. Haskins. MM2/9/1906p5
    Leon Haskins is having material placed on the ground with which to replace the old front in his drug store with a new one. The entire front will be torn out and the material used in replacing it will be white pressed brick with red tucked joints, and at the crest there will be two cement acorns, this being the only cement work used. The store front will be of large plate glass. The entire front will be modern in every particular--and there'll not be a prettier one in the city. Contractor L. J. Rinehart will do the work. MM6/21/1907p5
    I am having Weeks Brothers make my shelving and counters, and they are promised for about June first. Drs. Pickel and Geary will have offices over the store. Dr. Pickel will occupy the south front rooms and Dr. Geary the north front two rooms. Back of these will be a fairly good-sized hall--large enough for lodge hall for secret societies. MM6/22/1894p2
    The front of the Haskins building is now complete, and is one of the handsomest in the city. The entrance lobby is floored with cement, and the large plate glass on each side with the woodwork inside and the cement base in granite effect make a combination that is handsome in the extreme. MM8/16/1907p5
    Haskins Drug was the first exclusive drug store in Medford and was established in the present location in 1884 by George H. Haskins, father of Leon B., who operated it until 1903 when it was taken charge of by Leon. The present brick structure was erected in 1894 and remodeled to meet increased demands in 1907. MT7/21/1924p6

Hawkinson General Tire Service
Photos  1961  1966
1112 Court

    The public is invited to the new Hawkinson Tire plant Friday. The new 40x160 concrete building includes offices and three truck service departments. The business has for many years been at 204 N. Riverside. MT6/7/1956p6

Hawthorne Pool
Hawthorne Park
Heavy equipment reduced the Hawthorne Park pool to rubble this week; the pool, which opened on June 4, 1950, was closed in 2011. MT7/12/2013p1

Haupert Tractor Company
3610 North Pacific Highway
    Haupert Tractor will hold an open house Saturday at the firm's new building. The company, formerly Tractor Sales and Service, recently moved. MT6/11/1953p6

Hawthorne Convalescent Center
625 Stevens Street
    The Hawthorne Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center is expected to open June 11. The 102-bed facility will have a full nursing staff. MT6/3/1962pB1

Hawthorne Gardens Apartments
737 Stevens Street
    Stock in Medford's first apartment cooperative is now being sold. The 43-unit, $768,767 building was designed by architects Payne and Struble. MT6/25/1961p10
    The consumer cooperative apartment house is under construction and expected to be completed late in August. MT6/3/1962pB1

Haymarket Square
Southwest corner Main and Front
    After the Southern Pacific Railroad depot was moved from the site in 1910 the vacant lot became a venue for buskers, public speakers and rallies informally known as Haymarket Square--probably a jocular reference to Chicago's 1886 Haymarket riot.

    The fire department Monday watered the trees in Haymarket Square and in the S.P. park. The long dry spell placed them in sorry need of water. MT8/18/1914p2
    Associated Oil will build a service station on Haymarket Square, to open within the next 90 days. MT7/11/1924p3
    When the city council granted permission to build the new service station, the death knell of the plot was sounded as a meeting place for small political and religious gatherings. MT9/17/1924p8

Hazelrigg Opera House

See Medford Opera House I and Medford Opera House II

E. H. Hedrick Junior High School
Photo:  1970
1501 East Jackson

    About 90 percent of the concrete walls for the new junior high school are now in place, according to E. H. Hedrick, superintendent of city schools. The building has 23 classrooms and an extra large gymnasium. Heating will be by steam, with sawdust for fuel. General contractor is the Don Knight company. MT1/23/1955p10

Heimann Cancer Center
Asante hospital campus

    Asante's $64 million, 80,160-sq.-ft. oncology center is already seeing its first patients. Crews broke ground in February 2020. MT1/6/2022pB1

Helms Building
South Front Street

    A. D. Helms will this week let the contract for building a 25x60-foot brick saloon building on his lot, south of Hotel Nash. The building will be one story high and will probably be built by G. W. Priddy. MM3/2/1900p7
    The foundations are being laid this week for A. M. Helms' saloon building. The building will be 25x60, one story high, of brick. G. W. Priddy is doing the mason work. MM5/25/1900p7
A. M. Helms is building a store room, 25x100 feet. OR6/8/1900p3
A. M. Helms has his saloon so far along as to ensure its completion by Saturday, upon which date he will have an opening. His is the finest sample room in the city, and he has had his fixtures painted and burnished to be in keeping with the surroundings. MM6/29/1900p7
    A permit was issued to Fred Robinson to demolish the floor and front section of the former Casino Tavern, 17 S. Front. MT5/13/1959p10

Helms Building II
111 North Fir

    Dr. G. A. Gitzen's barn at 111 North Fir, will make way for J. L. Helms' 50x25-ft. concrete building directly next to Fichtner's garage at Sixth and Grape and a high wire enclosure covered by a galvanized iron roof. The building will houses offices and temporary storage space and will shelter the trucks of the Eads Transfer company. MT8/5/1926p3

Henry's Drive-In Building
Photos:  1940s  1948  1956
1206 North Riverside

Higgins Building
North Front

    J. Wright, recently from Grants Pass, has leased S. A. D. Higgins' building, on North Front Street, for saloon purposes. MM4/13/1894p3
    J. Wright opened his place of business on Front Street Monday morning. MM4/20/1894p3

Hight Realty  NRHP #47.0
Photo:  1955
221 North Central

Hilarity Hall
Photo:  1928
Fifth and Fourth and Fir and Grape

    The whole block between Fifth and Fourth and Fir and Grape was leased by A. W. Walker, who will remodel and rebuild the building on the grounds into a large dance pavilion. The floor will be 50x162 feet; the section formerly used for repair of logging trucks will be leveled and made into a large parking ground. MDN5/22/1927p7

Hillcrest Memorial Park Chapel
North Phoenix Road

    A new innovation in funeral services will be introduced about June 1 when construction is completed at Hillcrest Memorial Park. The chapel will be of frame construction with cedar siding and a white crushed rock roof. MT3/1/1959p8
    Our chapel is completed. MT7/26/1959p14

Hilton Garden Inn
Hospitality Way off Ellendale Drive

    Partial plans for a four-story, 120-room Hilton Garden Inn have been submitted to the Medford Planning Department. MT4/11/2014pB4
    The hotel, which has been planned for years, will be built to the west of Homewood Suites and just to the west of Ellendale Drive. MT6/19/2014p1\
    Construction is under way. MT6/12/2016p1

L. B. Hogan Building

    We have leased the L. B. Hogan Building on 7th Street, and will move our stock of groceries to same on or about Dec. 1, 1905. Crystal & Talent, The Busy Grocers. MM12/8/1905p4

Hogan Building
See Halley Block

Holiday House Trailer Plant
See American Fruit Growers Packing House

Holiday Inn
2260 Biddle Road
aka Nendels Inn, Ramada Hotel
    Equipment is leveling the ground northeast of Disco for a 152-unit motel and a convention complex to accommodate up to 800 persons. MT8/16/1965p13
    Prominent on the drawing boards are plans for the 128-unit Holiday Inn near the north freeway interchange. MT1/14/1968pB1
    Ground was broken March 4 for the 132-room motel on a 6.25-acre site. Contractor is Sam A. Bryant, Redding; manager will be Gilbert J. Fox. MT3/20/1968pB4
    Motel rooms of the $750,000 project are scheduled to open in September. MT6/16/1968pB1
    The facilities were built in 1968 as a Holiday Inn. It became Nendels in the early 1980s. MT9/19/1992

Holiday Inn Express
Center Drive
    The $5.85 million, four-story, 42,615-sq.-ft., 91-unit motel is on course to open in late November. MT8/9/2018pB10

Holiday Inn Motel
617-19 North Riverside
    V. B. Hawley will start building within the next few days seven stuccoed motel units on North Riverside. The units will be 14x25 feet, and will consist of one room and bath. MN2/15/1946p2

Holland Hotel
See Hotel Holland

Holly Apartments  NRHP #146.0
135 North Holly
    Maynard Bush has recently bought the Holly Apartments, bringing to four the total of apartment buildings now owned by Bush. MT7/30/1935p12

Holly Court Apartments  NRHP #137.0
240 North Holly, southeast corner North Holly and West Fourth
    Sale was announced of the Holly Court to W. H. Lydiard and J. F. Fliegel. The court, five modern buildings of four rooms each, was constructed in 1928 and recently redecorated. Each dwelling has oak floors, a living room, fireplace, circulating oil heater, electric refrigeration and modern bathroom. MT9/6/1936p3

Holly Theatre Building  NRHP #126.0
Photos:  1930  2006
226 West Sixth, northeast corner Sixth and Holly

    Medford's most elaborate movie “palace” was designed by Frank Clark. Notorious county commissioner Earl Fehl was the contractor. Construction began in November 1929; the theater opened August 29, 1930.
    Teams with graders began yesterday to excavate and level the 75x175-foot lot between the Home Telephone and federal buildings. MT11/22/1929p6
    The roof was finished last week, and it is expected that work on the interior will start this week. The structure, built by L. Niedermeyer and associates, was originally estimated to cost $80,000, but will cost close to $100,000. The equipment and interior furnishings, etc., will cost $42,000. MT4/27/1930p3
    Twice-monthly fundraising tours of the Holly start this Saturday. Visitors will see exposed beams, stained walls and a generally dilapidated interior. MT9/2/2013p1

Home Telephone & Telegraph Company Building  NRHP #125.0
218 West Sixth

    Built in 1910 for the Home Telephone Company, this structure was used as “The Outpost,” the officers' USO, during WWII. Later it became the University Club, a social gathering spot.
     Work on the plans and specifications of the building are already under way, and active construction will be under way by January 15. MT11/18/1909p1
    Frank C. Clark is making the plans for a building to be built by the independent telephone company for its central office equipment. AT1/13/1910p1
    Work of excavating the building has been commenced. It will be 25x65 feet in size, of brick, and two stories high. Medford Brick Co. has the contract. MT2/4/1910p2
    The Home Telephone Co. has let a contract for an extension of their building, consisting of raising to two stories the north 36 feet of the company's original building. This gives the company a full two-story building 25x65 feet in size.. MT10/28/1912p3

    Among structures now under way is a large addition to the Home Telephone building on Sixth Street.
    A recreational hall for servicemen will be opened in the very near future in the old telephone building on Sixth Street. The lower floor will be devoted to recreation and the second floor will be converted into offices for WPA recreational staff. MN7/31/1942p3

Hometown Buffet
1299 Center Drive

     Business abruptly closed September 2019. Building demolished October 2021.

Hoover-Cooper Building  NRHP #320.0
Photo:  circa 1908
232 East Main, southwest corner Main and Bartlett

aka Clay Building, Cooper Building, Deuel Building, Main & Winchester Building, Meeker Building, Music Center Building

    Built in 1890 for saddler W. G. Cooper & Sons after a December 7, 1889 fire destroyed their wooden building on the site.
    W. G. Cooper last week made application to the town council for leave to erect a temporary wooden building on the site of his burned business house, until such time as he can build a brick structure. DT12/19/1889p3

    W. G. Cooper has let the contract for the erection of a 25x76-foot two-story brick on his lot at the corner of Seventh and B streets, to cost $2500. OR4/8/1890p12
    Among the brick buildings contemplated in Medford during the coming season are a 25x76-foot two-story business house on the corner of Seventh and B, to be erected by W. G. Cooper, work on which has already begun. DT4/10/1890p2
    Cooper's brick block is being rushed to the first story by S. Childers' force of workmen. He will then decide how many stories high he will want it. VR9/11/1890p3
    S. Childers is employed on W. G. Cooper's brick building, which will be one of the handsomest in town when it is completed. DT9/19/1890p3
    Cooper's brick is almost ready for occupancy. It is now being plastered. DT11/21/1890p2

    Cooper's brick building adds greatly to that part of town. It is being finished in fine style. DT10/24/1890p2
    Francis Fitch, Esq., has been engaged during the week in transforming the upstairs of Cooper's building into a suite of fine offices. DT12/12/1890p3

    F. Hubbard's sons have rented Cooper's brick building on 7th Street and will stock it with agricultural implements and machinery of all kinds. DT5/8/1891p2
    The sheriff will sell the fine Cooper brick building and residence at Jacksonville tomorrow. DT2/19/1892p2
    Goldstone Bros., lately of Eugene, have opened a stock of merchandise in the Cooper building.
    The sheriff sold Cooper's brick building and residence at the courthouse door in Jacksonville last Saturday, which were bid in by Main & Winchester of San Francisco. The property sold for something over $4000. DT2/26/1892p2
    Ladies, call at New York Cheap Cash Store on the 4th of July and get a fan free of charge. Note the address, Cooper brick. SOM7/8/1892p3
    White, Harbaugh & Co. have purchased of Main & Winchester of San Francisco the two-story brick building situated opposite the Bank of Medford. They intend to thoroughly renovate it soon. DT2/11/1900p3
    T. J. Kenney has made arrangements to have Main & Winchester's brick building, on the corner of 7th and B streets, repaired. DT4/5/1900p3

    The poultry show will be held in the old Meeker building on the corner of Seventh and B streets. MM12/28/1900p7

    The case of Main & Winchester vs. Hulda Hoover, et al. to quiet title to the building situated on the southwest corner of Seventh and B streets, which was decided in favor of the plaintiff by Judge Hanna, has been appealed to the supreme court. DT4/3/1902p1
    F. K. Deuel has had a foundation put in on the alley between Seventh and Eighth streets--on the property he recently purchased from Mrs. McKee. The building to be put on the foundation will be 32x50 feet in size and will be used as a warehouse, in connection with Mr. Deuel's storeroom, now occupied by Messrs. Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. MM4/20/1900p7
    A new business concern in this city is the Model Clothing Co., located at the corner of Seventh and B streets, in the building formerly occupied by Nicholson & Platt. The interior of the building has been renovated, and is very attractive. MM4/12/1907p5
    Merchant F. K. Deuel is having a second story built over the rear of the present salesroom of Deuel & Kentner. The room which this added story will make will be 25x50 feet in size, and when completed will be used exclusively for ladies' suits and ladies' ready-to-wear garments. MM6/7/1907p5
    W. S. Clay is preparing to build an addition to his building, corner of 7th and B streets, and make other alterations to it, which will make it one of the most desirable locations in that vicinity. The building will be extended back to the alley, making it 110 feet long inside. The front in the lower floor, occupied by the Model Clothing Co., will be replaced by a model plate glass front. MM7/5/1907p1
    The building will be 130 feet in length; 24 feet at the rear will be a wareroom. The front will be made over with plate glass and pressed brick. MM7/19/1907p1
    The two-story extension of the Clay building, corner of B and 7th streets, is being rapidly pushed to completion. MM8/9/1907p5
    Sam Richardson:--"Yes, I fancy we will have a good building when completed. The building will be 130 feet in length and 25 feet wide and from this we will take off 24 feet at the rear for a wareroom. When we get our store front made over with plate glass and pressed brick I fancy there will be no better or prettier store of the kind on the coast." MM7/19/1907p1
    The photograph gallery which has been fitted up by Dewitt Goodpasture in the Clay building, over the Model Clothing Company's store, is now ready for use. MM10/11/1907p5
    The Model Clothing Co. will occupy the building now occupied by the Medford Furniture Co. one door west [sic] from their present location. A new and modern front will be put in, new floors will be put down and the walls kalsomined. MT7/21/1911p8
    The Medford Mercantile (M.M.) Department Company, formerly W. H. Meeker and Co., has leased the Deuel building and will move thereto on January 1st. A new and modern front will be put in, and the interior will be repainted and repapered throughout. MT11/2/1912p2
    The rear room was badly burned, as well as the rear of the second floor, entailing a loss of thousands of dollars of Model Clothing Co. stock.

    Palmer Piano House has rented the building formerly occupied by the Model Clothing Co., 234 East Main, and will move in about June 1st. MT5/31/1919p2
    Crater Lake Hardware will move into the Deuel Building August 1st. MS7/20/1919p2
    A mezzanine floor will be added, window display space enlarged in front by the removal of the stairway, and show windows installed along the Bartlett Street side. The entire interior will be altered and renovated. MT7/19/1927p1
    A permit was issued yesterday to Henry F. Fluhrer for the alteration of the Palmer music store on East Main, at a cost of $5000. MT7/26/1927p2
    Work is in progress on the remodeling of the Palmer Music House, giving it greater show window display space and more floor space. Display windows will be installed on the Bartlett Street side of the building, taking the place of a bare brick wall. MT9/14/1927pC3
    The walls and ceilings of the Music Center Building are a study in blended tans and creams, designed by John H. Lock, painting contractor. About ten feet from the west wall are a series of three arches, draped off for special demonstration rooms. MT10/4/1927p8
    The Deuel building, gutted by fired several years ago, promises to be in good condition for the Diamond Jubilee early in June. MT4/26/1934p7
    Workers are busy at the temporary USO center on Main and Bartlett streets, which will be opened soon. MT5/29/1942p10
    Open house will be held at the temporary USO headquarters in the old Palmer Piano building on Sunday afternoon. MN6/26/1942p2
    City directory listings: 1935-37--not listed (apparently vacant); 1939-41--Leonard's Beauty College; 1942-43--Medford Military Tailors; 1946-55--Anders Photo Shop. Current site of Lawrence's Jewelers.

Hoover Elementary School
Photo:  1958
2323 Siskiyou Boulevard
    Modular classrooms will provide space for an additional 50 students. MT9/6/2015p1

Hotel Austin

See Barnum Hotel

Hotel Holland
Photos:  1912  circa 1915  1978
Southwest corner Sixth and Fir

aka Neff Building, Neff & Westerlund Apartments

    Formally opened December 28, 1911; razed February 1978.
    Porter J. Neff plans to erect a building two stories in height as a home for the Mail Tribune. Work on this started this morning. Next to this, J. A. Westerlund will erect an office building 40x100, and then Mr. Neff and Mr. Westerlund will erect on the corner a building 50x100, which will be fitted for bachelor apartments. When completed the building will form one block. MT9/2/1910p1
    The hotel will be 88 by 146 feet, with basement. It will be equipped with a steam heating plant and telephones and electric lights, elevator system and modern grill. MT9/11/1910pB1
    Matters are moving along well on the building to be erected on the Enyart corner on [North] Fir Street. The ground floor will arranged for two store rooms. The two upper floors will be constructed for sleeping apartments, each with private bath. MS12/31/1910p1
    Work will be started this week on the apartment house to be erected at the corner of Fir and Sixth streets. Johns & Turner are architects and contractors. MT4/3/1911p5
    The third section of the Mail Tribune block will begin construction within two weeks. The two upper floors will be used as an apartment house, the first floor being devoted to store rooms. MT3/9/1911p4
    The Medford Sash & Door factory are turning out the work for the Neff and Westerlund apartment house. MT7/2/1911p8
    Claude Ponting of Medford has invented an electric heater for large office buildings. It has been installed in the Holland Hotel here. OR11/1/1913p17

    Another improvement is the building of the Holland apartments, in connection with the Holland Hotel, which are nearing completion, at a cost of $7,000. John A. Westerlund is owner. MT12/30/1916p1

    Workmen have just completed construction on a new roof garden on Hotel Holland. JCN5/29/1925
    A 7-year lease to the Holland Hotel, held by Ben F. Decious, was tentatively sold Thursday night to C. L. Reynolds, for a sum in the neighborhood of $25,000. The building is owned by the John A. Westerlund estate. MT6/3/1927p5
    The hotel rooms of the Holland Hotel are being closed. The Wooden Shoe restaurant and lounge will continue in operation. MT5/1/1975
    Don and Maxine Jordan are locking the door on the Wooden Shoe restaurant after this New Year's Eve, their 16th in the Shoe. MTTempo12/30/1977p24
    Workers have begun to tear down the old Holland Hotel. MT2/15/1978p1
    Major demolition work has begun on the Holland Hotel. It will be replaced by a one-story building for Mail Tribune use. MT3/7/1978p1

Hotel Jackson
Photos:  1926  1942  circa 1953
108 South Central, southwest corner Eighth and Central

aka Terminal Hotel

    Built as the Terminal Hotel in 1926; the name changed to Hotel Jackson January 1, 1928. Closed its doors in 1961. Demolished 1968. MT12/19/1967p1
    A new hotel will be built in Medford during the next two or three months, erected by local capital, to be leased by the Terminal Hotel Company. AT1/13/1926p1
    The completion of the Stage Terminal Hotel was the outstanding accomplishment of the year. Constructed of reinforced concrete, it is four stories high and contains approximately 72 rooms, in addition to a dining room and a stage waiting room. MT1/2/1927pD2
    The Stage Terminal Hotel was completed at a cost of $125,000. The hotel was opened one year ago today, September 14. It is one of a chain operating in Salem, Eugene, Roseburg and this city, where, at the latter place, the largest hotel is located. MT9/14/1927pC3
    The Terminal Hotel is to be given the name of Hotel Jackson; the new name will take effect the first of next year. MT11/3/1927
    A number of new electric signs have been installed lately, including the one on top of the Hotel Jackson, formerly known as the Terminal Hotel. MT1/3/1928p3
    Extensive repairs are under way at the Jackson Hotel; the part of the hotel formerly used by Greyhound lines will become a large banquet room. MN4/1/1949p1
    Medford's Jackson Hotel closed its doors Friday night; the hotel faced financial difficulties. MT5/21/1961p1
    Stripping of the interior of Jackson House began Monday in preparation for demolition of the four-story, 73-room hotel. MT12/19/1967p1
    Exterior demolition is expected to begin about March 30. MT2/18/1968p1
    A permit has been granted for demolition after normal working hours of the Jackson House. The hotel is being razed for a 60-space parking lot. MT3/24/1968pD1
    Among the landmarks built by R. I. Stuart is the Jackson Hotel. MT5/30/1976pC2

Hotel Medford [Rebuilt]  NRHP #168.0
Photos:  circa 1940  1942  1978
406 West Main, northwest corner Main and Ivy

    Opened September 19, 1911 at five stories; a sixth was added in the mid-1920s. It burned to the ground the night of August 8, 1988. The replica currently on the site was built the following year.
    Work is to start on a six-story hotel building on the Coleman property. The building is to be erected by the Medford Hotel Company, a syndicate of local men. MT6/26/1910p1
    The contract for excavation has been let to Shaska & Ament, and they will at once install excavating machinery, and the dirt will commence to fly next week. MT7/10/1910p1
    Ground is being broken today for Medford's new hotel. The contractors have put a large force of men and teams to excavating for the basement, which will be 75x140 feet. OR7/14/1910p7
    The Medford Hotel has its basement excavation finished. The Medford Hotel will be six stories high and will contain 110 guest rooms and six sample rooms, besides a dining room and appurtenances, parlors, a lounging room for men, a store, a barber shop and a billiard room. The building will be pressed brick, costing $80,000. MT9/4/1910pB1
    Construction is well under way on the six-story Medford Hotel. MT9/10/1910pB1
    As soon as the plans can be completed work is to start on the erection of a six-story hotel building at Main and Ivy, commonly known as the Coleman property. The building is to be erected by the Medford Hotel Company and will cost $150,000. MT6/26/1910p1
    Small boys having "the time of their lives" ice skating in the Hotel Medford basement, "the only part of the building completed." MT1/15/1911p8
    Brick for Hotel Medford is arriving from the Ray plant at Tolo. These bricks are what are known as select common and will be used for the main walls. MS2/8/1911p1
    The second floor is complete, and the brick laid halfway up the third story. The laying of the white brick facing for the first floor is almost completed. MT3/30/1911p3
    The framework for the fifth story of the new Medford Hotel was just in place two days ago and in honor of the occasion a flag was raised over the structure and a broom was nailed to the framework. MT4/2/1911
    Next Sunday will be inspection day at the new Hotel Medford. The hotel will be opened for business next Thursday. MT9/13/1911p5
    The work of tearing down the wireless plant on the roof of the Medford Hotel will start soon. MT7/29/1912p2
    The Medford Hotel is now erecting new fire escapes. Work started today on the erection of a fire escape on the north side of the building. MT10/1/1912p4
    Officials of the Federal Wireless Telegraph Co. are in Medford to unmast  the hotel, as the wireless apparatus is no longer needed. MT5/28/1913p6

    Work is progressing on the sixth story, W. H. Merritt, general contractor. Elmer Childers has a subcontract for the brick and plastering. The brick is made by the Southern Oregon Clay Products Co. of Central Point. MT2/22/1924p7

    The 27 rooms with baths of the new fifth floor have been furnished and will be ready for use by this evening. MT5/31/1924p6
    We are pleased to invite you to see our top floor, just finished. MT6/12/1924p2
    The new $55,000 addition was formally opened Friday, making a total of 127 roms in the hotel. A high-speed express elevator was also installed. MT6/14/1924p6
    Emil Mohr, proprietor of the Hotel Medford, invites the public to visit the new sixth story tomorrow and to take a ride in the new elevator.
    Leonard and Frost Concrete built the basement of Hotel Medford. MT4/24/1966p3
    Efforts to keep the Hotel Medford open for business despite fire code compliance problems will reach the point of decision today. MT1/5/1978p1

Hotel Medford Sample Rooms  NRHP #167.0
23-25 North Ivy

    The Rau-Mohr Co. closed a deal today to become owners of the Christian church property at Sixth and Ivy. The company will at once commence the construction of a building which will be 100 feet deep with a frontage of 50 feet on Ivy. This building will be used for sample rooms for commercial men, sleeping apartments for the hotel help and a garage for stabling the hotel bus and for the accommodation of guests. MT8/3/1911p1
    It will be decided whether the plans will be altered to call for a two-story building with a garage on the first floor and the sample room on the second. In that event the Dyer & Searle Motor Home will be housed in the new building. MT8/6/1911p8
    The brick work on the new annex to the Medford Hotel is up to the second floor, and joists will be put on for the second story today. MT9/30/1911p2

Hotel Moore Buildings
Photo:  1907
Southwest corner West Main and Fir

See also Moore Mercantile Buildings

    At left in the photo. Built 1906; razed March 1916 to make way for the Getchell Building.
    T. H. Moore has commenced laying the foundation for his three new brick buildings on the west side. MM8/18/1905p5
    T. H. Moore has men at work putting in a foundation for a 40x70-foot brick building, on South G Street. This building will be two stories high and will form the stable part of the livery barn which he is building on Seventh Street. The barn when completed will have a frontage of thirty feet on Seventh Street, by seventy-five feet deep, while at the rear it will connect with the stable above referred to. MM8/26/1905p5
    T. H. Moore has completed the brick work on his new livery stable, and masons are now putting up the second stories of his other buildings. MM11/24/1905p5

    T. H. Moore has broken ground on a lot which he owns opposite his new structures, on West Seventh. It is to be of brick and will be for business use. He is also preparing to erect a one-story brick addition east from the rear of his new hotel to F Street. This is to be used as a store room for the hotel. MM5/11/1906p5

    Here stands a three-story brick, erected to meet the demands of a modern hostelry. It has a 42-foot frontage, which is divided between dining room and office. The brick work on this building is all completed, and three carpenters are now at work rushing the interior finish. Mr. Moore expects to have the building ready for occupancy in September. MDT6/29/1906p1
    The big, three-story Moore Hotel building, although it was commenced in 1905, was not finished until this summer. MM10/12/1906p1
    Delroy Getchell, Medford banker, received a permit in 1916 for construction of a cement business building on the south side of West Main Street between Fir and Grape. The $10,000 cost included the wrecking of two upper stories of the Moore Hotel building where social life had centered. MT3/26/1967pD1
    The Hotel Moore is being dismantled to make room for the proposed business block to be erected thereon [the Getchell Building]. MT3/8/1916p2

LeRoy & Mattie House Apartments
215 North Ivy
    Permit issued to L. C. House for addition to a dwelling on North Ivy at a cost of $1000. MT4/24/1929p2
    L. C. House plans to build a dwelling on N. Ivy at a cost of $4500. MT1/3/1931p2
    A permit was issued to complete the second floor of the apartment house at a cost of $3,000. MT12/29/1939p11

J. S. Howard Block
East Main
Photo:  circa 1887
See First National Bank Building

    Built by J. S. Howard in 1886; the attached Hamlin Block was simultaneously built in the same style. Replaced by First National Bank (q.v.) in 1906, what remained of the 1886 building was razed in 1911 with construction of the bank's second building on the site.
    J. S. Howard intends to put up a handsome two-story structure. DT6/12/1885p3
    Our old friend Howard of Medford is building a two-story brick store, and says he will have a grand parlor in the upper story for his lady customers, and will have a brass band to play on the plaza in front every evening. OS6/20/1885p3

    The brick work has been begun on the three large brick stores that are being erected by Messrs. Howard, O'Neil and Williamson. OS6/27/1885p3
    Williams' fine brick building at Medford will soon be ready for occupancy. DT11/13/1885p3
    The shelving is being put in J. S. Howard's new brick, and he intends moving by the first of next month. AT1/22/1886p3
    Porch and awning in front of Howard and Hamlin blocks on Seventh Street declared a nuisance and same ordered removed within thirty days. MM3/9/1894p3
    The work of tearing down the awning in front of the Hamlin and Howard blocks was commenced Wednesday. MM3/16/1894p3
    New awnings are being put up; they are to be covered with corrugated iron, with two-inch galvanized piping for supports. The entire awning is on hinges and can be swung down in case of fire. MM6/29/1894p3
    White & Jacobs are removing to J. S. Howard's storeroom on Seventh Street. DT9/8/1898p3
    The contract for the reconstruction of the old J. S. Howard block by the First National Bank has been awarded to Perry Stewart and G. W. Priddy. Work has already been commenced--the floors and front having been removed. MM6/29/1906p5

Howard (Brothers) Block
See Medford Furniture and Hardware Building

Howard Hall
Upstairs floor of the J. S. Howard Block (q.v.)

    In 1888, "Howard's Hall," located where the First National Bank now stands, was rented for Sunday school and church services. MT12/7/1923p4

J. S. Howard Pioneer Store
21-23 South Front

    J. S. Howard has just finished a house for his general merchandise business, and will call his place the Pioneer Store. AT12/21/1883p3
    Fire broke out in the wooden buildings south of the Hotel Medford last Saturday morning. No steps will be taken to replace the burned buildings at present, and as they are in the fire limits, brick buildings must be put up. DT3/5/1894p3
    It still stands in the original location, just south of the Nash Hotel, and is now occupied by the Distillery saloon. When first erected the building was 16x24 feet, one story, it being enlarged later on by Mr. Howard to its present size. RRFG1/1909

Howard School
Photo:  1927
286 Mace Road

    The new Howard School on the Pacific Highway is one of the most modern rural schools in Jackson County. The old brick structure erected in 1922 is being used as the south end, making the structure 124 feet long and 40 feet wide. MT10/6/1927p8

    Rooms have been removed to provide space for additional students. MT9/6/2015p1

Howell Rentals  NRHP #182.0
244 North Oakdale

Hubbard Brothers Hardware/Woods Block  NRHP #270.1
Photos:  1908-1911  1939  1955  1969
335 East Main, northwest corner Main and Riverside

aka Wallace Woods Room, Grand Theater Building

    In 1883, Fortunatus Hubbard began selling farm implements in Jacksonville, relocating his company to the fledgling town of Medford when the railroad arrived in the valley the next year. Eight years later he turned the business over to two of his sons, who in 1906 tore down the wooden building on this corner and built a modern brick one. By 1934, grandsons Chester and Roland Hubbard were in charge of the family business; they bought the building next door and remodeled both in the latest Art Deco style. A 1954 remodel brought Hubbard's to its present exterior appearance. If you look closely, you can still see pieces of the 1934 remodel (the ribbed columns at the corners) and even the original 1906 design (the granite blocks at the bases of the columns and the stone stringcourse just below the second floor windows).
    The building took the place of the Mitchell Bros. Building (q.v.).
    Wallace Woods has purchased from E. C. Boeck the Mitchell & Boeck blacksmith shop and ground upon which it stands. The lot is 25x140 feet in size, and just as soon as the lease of the present occupants expires, which, however, will not be for nearly a year, Mr. Woods will erect a two-story brick building thereon. MM1/26/1906p5
    Messrs. Hubbard Bros. have plans drawn for the erection of a fine two-story brick and stone building on their present business location, corner of Seventh and A streets. The building will cover the entire lot and will have a frontage of thirty feet on Seventh Street, and 140 feet on A Street, and will be fifty feet across the back. The foundation will be of stone with cross walls in plentiful number to well support the enormous weight they will have to carry. The front will be of brick and cement, while the side walls will be of brick, seventeen inches thick. The first floor will be used for a show room and for storing the heavier farm implements and wagons, while the second story, which will be reached with an elevator, will be used as a storage and show room for hacks and carriages. The plans were made by architect I. A. Palmer. Work will be commenced on the building in early spring. MM1/26/1906p5
    Hubbard Bros. Tuesday of this week commenced moving their stock of implements, etc., to the rooms adjoining Cook & Whiteside's harness shop, preparatory to tearing down their old building and constructing a brick in its place. The work of tearing down the old building has been commenced, and construction work will be commenced next week. Childers Bros. have the contract for the brick work. MM7/13/1906p5
We expect to commence the foundation for our new building this week. MM7/27/1906p1
    The Fouts Grocery stock has been moved from the Dr. Page building [q.v.], on East Main Street, to the Wallace Woods room, nearly opposite on the same street. MM3/5/1909p6
    The Hubbards and Woods blocks will be complete about Dec. 15th. The Hubbard building has a frontage of 40 feet and Woods building 25. MM11/23/1906p1
    C. H. Symcox testified yesterday to his faith in Medford by purchasing the Wallace Woods building on East Main Street. The structure, which was formerly known as the Grand Theater Building, was sold by White & Trowbridge. MM4/30/1909p2
    In 1906, the Hubbard Bros. building at the corner of Main and Riverside was erected. The contractor was Spencer Childers. In those days brick were furnished and laid for $10 per 1000. Wallace Woods built half the building. MN11/11/1949p1

Hubbard Warehouse/Pierce-Allen Motor Co.  NRHP #251.0
112 South Riverside

    On Nov. 19, 1913 a permit was issued to F. and A. C. Hubbard for construction of a livery stable on the east side of South Riverside between Eighth and Ninth streets at a cost of $6,000. MT3/26/1967pD1

Hubbard-Wray Implement Co.  NRHP #359.0
Photo:  1948
25 South Riverside

    Hubbard-Wray announced plans for a $50,000, 58x198-ft. concrete building. James Hoey is the architect, Ed Boerg will superintend the work. MT2/26/1948p1
    Fast progress is being made in erecting an attractive new building which will house the Hubbard-Wray Co. MT5/27/1948p7
    Part of the store is being razed to allow the extension of Eighth Street east across Bear Creek. MT8/5/1959p9
    Prizes will be given away at the grand opening of the new Western Auto store at 25 South Riverside. MT8/26/1959p11

Huber Confectionery  NRHP #363.0
Photo:  1979
413 East Main

Huber Meat Packing Plant
Midway Road

    The plant was first constructed in 1931 but was razed by fire last September. Construction of the new $42,000 plant was immediately started. MT3/5/1940p10

Huggins & Robinson Building  NRHP #323.0
Photo:  1927
40 South Bartlett, northwest corner Eighth and Bartlett

aka Johnson Building.

    Work on the building will start about February 1. MT1/15/1925p2
    Work has started on a one-story concrete building with a glass frontage of 168 feet, to be occupied by the new firm of Huggins-Robinson, Inc. MT4/3/1925p4
    Last week a crew was put to work breaking ground for the building to be erected by John W. Johnson. The building will be reinforced concrete with a glass double front on both Eighth and Bartlett. The new structure will be occupied by Huggins & Robinson, distributors for the Oldsmobile. JCN4/17/1925p1
    The Huggins & Robinson Motor Co. has moved from Eighth and Bartlett to 123 and 127 South Riverside. They will keep the building west of their former location for used cars, paint department and car washing. MT10/16/1927pB6
    The state-owned liquor store will be opened in about two weeks in the Johnson building on Eighth and South Bartlett, which formerly housed a miniature golf course. It offers ample space for the store, a space 35 by 40 feet having been leased. MT2/9/1934p1
    Other newspaper stories about the state liquor store are contradictory about its location. One says it's "across from White's Machinery on South Bartlett." (White's was at 20 South Riverside.) The 1935 Polk's directory places the liquor store at 208 East Eighth--the northeast corner of the Leverette Block. A caption on page one of the February 18, 1968 Mail Tribune says the building being razed adjacent to the Hotel Jackson was "once used as a state liquor store."

Humble Oil Station
126 North Riverside
    A permit to erect a $20,000 station at 126 N. Riverside near the Chalet Motel was issued by the Medford building department to Humble Oil Co. MT9/12/1962p3
    A permit has been issued to the Humble Oil Co., 126 N. Riverside, for a $2,500 sign. MT12/16/1963p11

Humphrey Motors Building
See P. T. Young/Humphrey Motors Building

Hunter Apartments
51 North Oakdale

Hutchison Building
See Lindley Building

Hutchison-Lumsden Building
See Lindley Building

Hyatt Chalet Motel
Photos:  1961  circa 1965
56 North Riverside
    Construction of a 40-unit motel is contemplated for the site of Merrick's old Natatorium, now being torn down. MT3/28/1956p1
    Groundbreaking will be Wednesday for the Chalet Motel. MT2/25/1962p9
    There's a "building boom" of motels in Medford. This one, located on North Riverside at Sixth, will be a 50-unit Hyatt Chalet Motel. MT6/3/1962pB1
    The Hyatt Chalet opened for business last week. The 50-unit motel is on the former Merrick motel property. MT8/16/1962
    Demolition of three buildings and a pool at the southern end of the former Red Lion should begin by the end of the year. MT10/14/2013p1
    Ledford Construction will demolish three buildings and a pool at the southern end of the Red Lion property to make way for a parking lot. MT12/6/2013pB1
    Demolition of an older portion of the Red Lion has reduced three buildings and a swimming pool to rubble to make way for a 100-space parking lot. MT12/24/2013p3

Hyster Sales Center
Photo:  1958
654 South Grape

I.O.O.F. Building
Photos:  1911    1965
219 West Sixth (1911-30 directories)
aka Odd Fellows Building
    Medford Lodge No. 83, I.O.O.F., has purchased 50x80 feet on Sixth Street, near Holly, and will put up a building of at least two stories, and perhaps four, for commercial and lodge purposes. MT12/3/1909p2
    The local lodge of the I.O.O.F. held the first meeting in the new $30,000 building recently erected by them last night. MT2/28/1911
    The local lodge of the B.P.O.E. will hold their annual election of officers in the new hall in the I.O.O.F. building, upon which the order has secured a lease for a year. MT3/2/1911p1

Ice Cream Palace
401 East Jackson

    The new eating $100,000 place will open later this month. MT6/16/1968pB1

Ideal Auto Camp/Phipps Service Station
Photo:  1927
Jackson and Riverside

    The Phipps service station opened the first of the week; the owners are now working on the grounds near Bear Creek for a camp ground. CL4/18/1924p7
    Albert Shaw has leased the Phipps auto park and started construction on a kitchen, community house and a number of cabins. JN11/7/1924p7
    Excellent progress is being made on the new park. Fifteen houses are completed, nine of which are large enough for two people; the remainder being duplexes. A comfortable community house is among the improvements. JCN2/20/1925

Ideal Court
Myrtle Street
    George Iverson has begun construction of a $20,000 dwelling court on Myrtle Street with 11 four-room dwellings. Each will have a fireplace, living room, two bedrooms, bathroom and garage. MT4/14/1930p2

Imperial 400 Motel
345 South Central

    The city Friday issued the Imperial "400" Motel Company a permit to erect a $117,000 motel at 345 South Central Ave. MT2/26/1961p13
    A number of old buildings have been razed, and construction of the motel is expected momentarily. MT4/2/1961p9
    Among the newer motels in Medford is the Imperial 400.

In-N-Out Burger
1968 Crater Lake Highway

    Demolition has started on the gas station, and In-N-Out should be ready to start construction later this spring. MT3/24/2015p3
    Finishing touches are being applied inside the Medford store. MT9/3/2015p1

Independent Fruit Co. Warehouse
Around 714 South Central, 14th and Front
    Construction will begin at once. MT4/22/1922p6
    The new $15,000 warehouse has 10,000 sq. ft. of space and strictly modern fruit packing equipment. MT8/4/1922p5
    Work will start Monday on the Stewart Fruit Co. packing plant, which will include the Independent warehouse, which the California concern has purchased. The building will be two stories, 100x175 ft. MT6/8/1923p1
    The warehouse and packing plant at 14th and Front combines the former Independent Fruit warehouse and a large addition. There are 24,000 sq. ft. of floor space; seventy packers are employed. MT8/23/1923p8

Independent Warehouse
See Perry & Cox Warehouse

Insurance Office  NRHP #134.0
234 West Fifth

Iowa Box Company
Southeast corner Eighth and Fir
aka Root Company Building?
    The Rogue River Cooperative Fruit Growers' Assn. has purchased the Iowa Lumber Co. property; the building will be turned into a fruit packing house with about 10,000 feet of floor space. MT7/5/1913p2

Irom Building
32 South Bartlett

    The Irom Building in the rear of the Model Clothing store is being fitted up by the Medford Furniture Company for use as undertaking parlors. MM10/29/1908p5
    The funeral services for Mrs. C. C. Bateman will be held at the Medford Furniture Company's chapel, on South Bartlett Street. MM6/18/1909p2

Ish-Baker House  NRHP #93000924
Photos:  circa 1900  2007
701 Western, at Jackson and McAndrews

    Designed by W. J. Bennet; construction begun August 1895.

Ivy Hall
See Free Methodist Church

Ivy Street North Apartments  NRHP #143.0
220 North Ivy

J.C. Penneys [SOHS History Center]  NRHP #299.0
Photo:  1979
102 North Central, northeast corner Sixth and Central

    J.C. Penney first opened in Medford in 1927, in the Cuthbert Building just on the other side of Sixth Street. After World War II, Penney's arranged the purchase of this corner lot and demolished the old Groceteria. They opened their spacious new building, designed in the “California Style,” in 1948. The new building is constructed of stucco and was designed to dramatize the corner entrance with a spacious terrazzo floor. Penney's remained a downtown fixture until 1986, when the store moved to the new Rogue Valley Mall. Three years later the building was purchased by the Southern Oregon Historical Society and transformed into the History Center.
    A 100x200-ft. two-story concrete building with stucco front will be erected. The curved front will have an ultramodern appearance. It will be the only one in Oregon exemplifying the California modernistic influence MT3/24/1947p1
    Construction of the new J. C. Penney store will begin October 1. The building will have 10-inch concrete walls and the new Lamson cash tube system. MT8/19/1947p12
    October's record of permits showed the J. C. Penney petition at 106 North Central Avenue for $190,000 as the highest for that month. MT1/7/1948p3
    "Miss Medford" will cut the ribbon at the J. C. Penney store at 9:45 a.m. Thursday. The building will have 80 feet of show window on Central and 60 feet on Sixth. MT8/4/1948p5

Jack's Drive-Up

Photos:  1955  1956  1959  1960  1965  1966  1967
911 North Riverside

Jackson & Damon Building

See Wilson Building III

Jackson County Abstract Building  NRHP #39.0
Photos:  1940s  1957
121 East Sixth

    Jack A. Edson, Medford architect, has given the building a modern appearance. Prior to this time, very few changes had been made to the structure since it was first occupied by the company in 1924. MT6/27/1957

Jackson County Bank Building  NRHP #315.0
Photos:  circa 1906
 1907  circa 1908  1908  1909  1909  circa 1920  circa 1930
2 North Central, northeast corner East Main and Central

See Brophy Building

    W. T. York closed a real estate deal this week which is of no little importance to our town, the same being that of selling to the Big Bend Milling Company a business property, situated on Seventh Street, adjoining the Lindley brick, and now occupied by F. M. Wilson, the baker. A conclusion naturally arrived at is that the principal part of the first floor will be for banking purposes--and its occupants the Jackson County Bank. MM6/23/1899p7

    The corner of C and Seventh is the best building site in the city. It is occupied by a number of small buildings at present, but there is a probability that the owners, Messrs. W. I. Vawter, A. A. Davis and G. W. Howard, will erect a three-story stone and brick building thereon--the new home of the Jackson County Bank. MM8/8/1902p7

    Directors of the Jackson County Bank expect to commence work on their new bank building soon after the first of next month. MM9/8/1905p5
    Plans are being prepared by Whiden & Lewis, of Portland, for a new home for the Jackson County Bank. MM7/28/1905p1
    The Jackson County Bank will be two stories high, 36 feet on Seventh Street and 66 and a half feet on C Street, pressed brick throughout, with trimmings of terra cotta. The firm of Whidden & Lewis of Portland are the architects. L. L. Litherland has the brick and excavation contract, and Augel & Son the carpenter and interior finish part of the work. Excavation is now going on for the eight-foot-deep basement, in which the furnace for heating the building will be placed. MDT6/29/1906p1
    The work of excavating for the foundation of the Jackson County Bank building was commenced Tuesday morning. MM6/29/1906p5

    E. E. Angle and F. L. Litherland of Portland are contractors for the Medford National and Jackson County Bank buildings. MM10/12/1906p5

    This building stands on the northeast corner of C and Seventh streets, having a frontage on the former of thirty-five and on the latter sixty-six feet, and is two stories high, with a basement. The exterior walls are terra cotta brick, resting on a granite base, with concrete foundation, the latter rising to the level of the street. The cornices and other finishing work are also of terra cotta. MM3/22/1907p1
    In 1906 the building now occupied by the bank was constructed.
    Believing that Jackson County is on the threshold of a very rapid advancement, early last spring the directors of the bank decided to complete remodel the banking rooms, installing new fixtures and vaults and doubling the space occupied. The new vaults are of the latest approved construction, being 18 inches of double-reinforced concrete and lined with a half-inch of steel boiler plate. There are nine tons of reinforcing steel also used in the construction. The new vault door for the safe deposit department measures 11 inches in thickness overall and weighs approximately 12,000 pounds.
    The banking room floor was originally three feet from the sidewalk and has now been lowered to grade. Four new entrances provide easy ingress and egress. The floor of the main lobby is of gray Knox Tennessee marble, while the marble for the counters is of St. Genevieve golden-veined marble. This marble is especially imported from the Swiss Alps, and this installation is the only one of its kind in the West. It is rich in color, being of a beautiful soft brown, streaked with yellow and gold. The wicket fixtures are of hand-chased cast bronze.
    The decorations have been handled with exceptional taste. The color scheme, consisting of tiffany blue coiling with old ivory leaf work on the cornice and soft tan sidewalls, which in conjunction with the elaborate lighting fixtures produces an effect of subdued elegance. The woodwork throughout is of genuine Honduras mahogany. The cages, six in number, are equipped with all the latest devices and appurtenances necessary for each department.
    The P. T. Ainge Company of Portland designed the work, and manufactured the fixtures. The bank will be open for inspection Saturday afternoon and evening from four until nine. MT12/21/1923p2, MS12/23/1923p6
    Workmen today began installing a beautiful bronze chime clock on the corner of the Jackson County Bank building. MT10/27/1925p3
    "Remodeling of the old Jackson County Bank building by Littrell-Moty, Inc., at a cost of $3,000," was completed in 1935. MT1/3/1936p1

Jackson County Courthouse  NRHP #86002921
Photos:  circa 1932  1970
See also Medford City Hall

Oakdale between West Main and Eighth, 10 South Oakdale

    An election in 1926 moved the county seat from Jacksonville to Medford, which offered to build a new courthouse free of charge within its limits. This courthouse, built on the corner of Fifth and Central, would become Medford's city hall when eventually vacated by the county. When New Deal funds became available architect John G. Link was selected to design a new Jackson County Courthouse, which opened in 1932. 
    Finishing touches are being applied to the new courthouse with the usual vexatious delays. The roof is finished and the jail equipment installation nearly so. The stone work on the first floor was washed down yesterday and looks good. MT6/23/1932p7
    The L. H. Hoffman company, which built the Jackson County courthouse, conferred today in Medford regarding construction of Camp White. MT10/9/1941p1
    Construction has started on an outside fire escape from the county jail on the fourth floor of the courthouse. MT5/3/1957p20

Jackson County Courthouse Annex
    Architect Ben H. Todd has been retained to draw plans for an annex to the county courthouse. Work on the annex may be started by next spring. MT8/11/1953p1

Jackson County Creamery
Photos:  1927  1931  1953
301-321 North Fir, northwest corner Fourth and Fir
aka Southern Oregon Brewing, Ice and Cold Storage Company, Gold Seal Creamery
The Southern Oregon Brewing, Ice and Cold Storage Company building has a frontage of thirty-two feet, the depth being eighty-six feet, and the height being thirty-eight feet. It is operated by steam of fifty horsepower, and has a daily capacity of five tons of ice and six tons of cold storage. H. K. Hines, 1893p450
    Jackson County Creamery has leased the Weinhard beer and ice depot and will install a modern creamery when the state goes dry. OR5/23/1915p9
The H. Weinhard Ice Co.'s plant is being rewired in metal conduits. MS5/26/1915p2
     S. A. Kroschel was formerly the Weinhard Brewery agent in Medford, and when the state went dry he transformed his plant into a creamery. OR1/11/1918p7
    A permit was issued to the creamery for the construction at a cost of $10,000 of a cold storage plant adjoining the plant on North Fir Street. MT12/20/1922p5
    The creamery has completed an addition to their plant. CL4/6/1923p1
    The plant has in excess of 50,000 sq. ft. of floor space; a minimum staff of 45 people is employed. MT3/29/1931pB1
A $10,000 addition is to be made to the Southern Oregon Brewing Co.'s plant on North Fir. When the addition is completed the company's aging tanks will have a capacity of 1,600,000 ten-cent glasses of beer. MT11/1/1935p7
    The 1950 Sanborn maps show the structures occupied by Crystal Distributing & Cold Storage Co.

Jackson County District Attorney's Office
815 West Tenth

    Groundbreaking ceremonies will be held today. The 20,000-square-foot building will meet new earthquake standards and have extra security features, as well as surveillance cameras. MT8/13/2015p3
    A ribbon-cutting ceremony held at 2 p.m. yesterday included tours of the two-story, 22,342-sq.-ft. building. Employees have been working in the building for several months, but recent completion of the adjacent public parking lot allowed for a formal dedication. MT3/17/2017pB3

Jackson County Federal [Key Bank]  NRHP #198.0
Photos:  1969  1970  1979
3 East Main, southwest corner Main and Front

    Completed December 1960.

Jackson County Fairgrounds
Photos:  1956  1966
Southeast corner Barnett and Pacific Highway, South Gateway area

    O. O. Alenderfer, "Big Eruption" of the Crater Club, today turned the first dirt for the erection of permanent buildings on the county fairgrounds. AT6/14/1922p1
    County merchants propose building an $8000 60x100 building with 40 twelve-foot booths to rent at $50 per year. MT7/15/1922p6
    Work will begin on a 72x92-foot amusement pavilion on the highway midway between the women's building and the grandstand. MT8/12/1922p6
    The merchants building is to be constructed of the same style of architecture as the other buildings, just west of the women's building and between it and the main street through the grounds. The building will be 52x100 feet and have a connecting wing with the women's building, 33x48 feet. AT3/26/1924p1
    Work began today on the $7500 merchants building. Dimensions are 56x155 feet; there will be forty booths; in the center will be a 12x32-ft. raised platform with a dressing room underneath. MT7/31/1924p5
    Construction of the new merchants building and addition to the racing stables is taking a big crew of men. MT8/12/1924p10
    Work is progressing on the CCC auto repair unit at the fairgrounds. Two portable school buildings are being erected for the repair unit. It comprises a repair shop, service building, oil house and three truck shelters. MT7/13/1941p10
    The buildings between the Footlighters and the Rogue Valley Ballroom, rented by Courtesy Chevrolet, will be razed. MT8/15/1954p13
    The almost-completed theater, formerly two-stories, located near Hwy. 99, has been cut down one story and moved several hundred feet east. MT5/7/1956p1
    Bids will be opened Wednesday for construction of an exhibition, office and restaurant building. Two buildings were recently razed. MT2/21/1960p5
    Forms were being erected this week for the new office and exhibit building . The 90x173-ft. building will house a large arena area, livestock stalls, poultry and rabbit space, office, lunchroom, kitchen, storage and restrooms. MT4/15/1960p1
    What use should be made of the land on which the old and soon-to-be-gone county shops are located? Should it be made an attractive, park-like entryway into the city? MT11/15/1965p4

Jackson County Federal
2 East Main, southwest corner Main and Front
aka KeyBank
    The board in 1956 commissioned Jack Edson, architect; on December 4, 1959, Loren Ritchie was contracted to construct the building at a price of $287,690. The framework is of masonry and steel; interiof of walnut paneling. MT12/27/1960p17

Jackson County Library
205 South Central

    A number of houses and apartments were moved or razed between Central and Riverside, just south of Ninth, when it was thought Sears would build a large store and distribution center here. MT5/19/1949p1

Jackson County Youth Detention Home
Jackson County Fairgrounds

    The $90,000 juvenile detention home will be at the county fairgrounds near the new National Guard armory. The detention portion will be reinforced concrete; the non-detention portion of wood frame. William H. Siebert is architect. MT2/15/1957p1

Jackson County Health & Human Services
See Medford Clinic Building

Jackson County Health & Human Services Complex
140 South Holly; 333 West Eighth
    Jackson County is building a health services complex at West Eighth and Grape streets. MT10/14/2013p1
    Ogden Roemer Wilkerson Architecture is the lead architect on the Jackson County Health Department building. MT10/21/2013pB8
    The $27 million health building and parking garage will house 230 employees. MT11/5/2013p3
    A surge in health care signups has prompted Jackson County to invest another $3 million to add two more stories onto the six-story parking lot. MT5/7/2014p1
    Some onlookers have compared the new building to a "jail" or describe it as "institutional," while others have been more charitable. MT5/12/2014p1
    HHS staff will start moving into the $36 million facility Jan. 12; everyone is expected to be in and open for business by Jan. 27. MT1/1/2015p3

Jackson County Jail
West Eighth
Vik Construction is perhaps one week behind time toward the projected December 1980 completion of the $7 million facility. MT6/14/1979p3
    After a $2.7 million remodeling project, a new section of the Jackson County Jail built to house 62 more inmates is open for business. MT4/29/2014p3

Jackson County Justice Building
Photos:   1978   1978
100 South Oakdale; southwest corner Eighth and Oakdale
aka Jackson County Justice Center
Workers arrived this morning to begin moving district court records to the new Jackson County Justice Building. The facility has been in the planning stages since 1973. Todd Building Co., Roseburg, was awarded the construction contract on Dec. 29, 1976, and work started Feb. 15, 1977. MT12/7/1978p1

Jackson County Public Health Center
Photo:  1964
1313 Maple Grove Drive
Jackson County will dedicate a new 9,000-square-foot, $190,000 public health center at 2 o'clock this afternoon. MT5/17/1964pB1

Jackson County Public Welfare Office
See Wilson-McCabe Building

Jackson Creek Center
Northwest corner Ross Lane and West Main
aka Albertsons Center West

    The 87,847-sq.-ft. shopping center, developed by Chris Galpin in 2001, has been acquired by Citivest Commercial of Newport Beach, Calif. MT5/22/2016pB1

Jackson Hotel or Jackson House
See Hotel Jackson

Jackson Pool

    The west side of Medford may have a municipal swimming pool by next summer. Sale of the land for the Santo center will assure enough money to construct the pool. MT8/13/1958p1

Jackson School

Photos:  1912  1914
713 Summit Avenue at West Jackson

    Built 1911; razed 2008.

    In all probability ground will be broken within the next 48 hours for the foundations of the two new schools. MT1/24/1911p1

    Work on the Jackson Boulevard school building is being rushed; the foundation and much of the brick work has been completed. MT4/24/1911p6
    Modular classrooms will provide space for an additional 50 students. MT9/6/2015p1

A. C. James Texaco
Southwest corner Kings Highway and Stewart Avenue
Photo:  1958

Fred S. James Insurance
2770 Biddle Road, southeast corner Biddle and Knutson
    Medford has awarded a plaque to Don Stathos for the Fred S. James Insurance Co. building on Biddle Road as the best professional office building. MT1/8/1978pC2

Jamison Building
226 North Front--possibly not built
    Howard Jamison has applied to erect a business building at 226 North Front Street, at a cost of $5,000. MT7/18/1947p11

Japanese Laundry
122 North Front

    Work began today on destruction of the old Japanese Laundry building. A comparatively small wooden structure, it was vacated several months ago when the laundry moved two doors north to 126 North Front. MT2/15/1927p5

Jefferson Elementary School
333 Holmes Avenue

    The new elementary school is of reinforced concrete with brick veneer. It includes 13 classrooms and will have steam heat, with sawdust as fuel. Lewis Kowolowski is general contractor, Howard R. Perrin the architect. MT1/23/1955p10

Sam Jennings Building  NRHP #282.0
Photo:  2013
229 North Riverside
aka The Alamo
1935 city directory: Pierce Auto Freight, Samson Feed; 1937-39: Earl Reitsma, Sam Jennings Tire, Samson Feed; 1940-2019: Sam Jennings Tire
    The Medford Auto Wrecking Company is operated under the direction of "Scotty" and "Mac" Matheny. A new building at 229 North Riverside houses this firm. MT1/2/1927pE1
    With extensive remodeling and expansion at the F. E. Samson feed company's store and warehouse a private office has been constructed at the rear. Elevated floors and balconies for feed were installed in the warehouse. MT2/13/1936p2

    Mr. Samson's retail store and main office remain at 229 N. Riverside, where for years he has been engaged in the seed, grain, milling, storage and trucking business. MT6/30/1936p10

    TRUCKING AND STORAGE--Local and long-distance hauling, furniture moving, etc. Reasonable rates. Tel. 833. F. E. Samson Co. MT7/14/1936p9
    The historic Sam Jennings building will be demolished to build a parking lot. Lithia Motors bought the lot Feb. 8 for $1.2 million. MT5/9/2019p1
    A piece of Medford history came crumbling down Friday when crews began demolition of the Sam Jennings building. MT9/7/2019p1

Jerome Building [Eastside Pharmacy]  NRHP #354.1 and 354.2
Photos:  1942  1954
3 South Riverside, southeast corner East Main and Riverside

    The old structures which have occupied the corner since Medford was first started are being torn down. MT12/5/1909p16
    Work will commence in the near future on a modern concrete building for the Auto Supply Co. of M. C. Wright and C. L. Strange. MT4/9/1925p2
    R. I. Stuart began work today on the Jerome building, which will have a frontage on Riverside of 22 feet, extending back 46 feet. MT4/24/1925p8
    E. C. Jerome is building a store room on one of the lots on the Page corner at Main and Riverside to be occupied by the Auto Supply and Parts Co. MS5/10/1925pC2
    Ernest J. Smith's new East Side Drug Store, on the southeast corner of Main and Riverside, will open tomorrow. MT10/1/1925p5
    The Page Theater corner, Riverside Avenue and Main Street, where a hotel was once planned, was entirely built up with modern concrete structures, all of which are now tenanted, with the exception of two under construction. MT12/31/1925p6
    Jerry Jerome this week purchased from Dr. Page two store buildings with frontage of 28 feet on Riverside and 66 feet on Main. He now owns the corner from the Automotive Supply on Riverside to the Williams and Parkhurst realty office on Main. JCN9/10/1926p1
    The biggest clock in the state is to be erected on top of East Side Pharmacy. The face will be 14 feet in diameter, and hands seven feet long. MT10/4/1927p3, MT10/7/1927p6

Jerome-Vawter Building  NRHP #353.0
404 East Main

    Construction of this single-story concrete building began in June 1925, an element in the redevelopment of this area following the fire that destroyed the Page Theater. The developer was E. C. Jerome. The first tenant was Modern Sheet Metal and Plumbing Co., which was founded in 1920 and was originally located in the Sparta Building across Main. In 1925 Vernon Vawter purchased a half-interest in the property from Jerome. Five years later, probably as an element of the Vawters' divorce, the ownership of the building was consolidated under Aletha E. Vawter, who owned the property for many years, leasing it to various tenants.
    By 1942, this building was occupied by Nu-Way Cleaners, Modern Plumbing having relocated to 410 East Main. In 1978 the building was occupied by Ebert's Art Center. In 1981, after doing a complete renovation of the building, Alice McGee opened McGee on Main, a women's clothing store, at this location. In 1982 she purchased the building. McGee on Main remained here until moving next door to 406 East Main. More recent tenants have been Osprey Brew Pub, The Boneyard and, currently, Shenanigan's Bar and Grill.
    Work began this week on the 20x87½-foot concrete building with a full basement. R. I. Stuart is the builder, and it should be ready for occupancy by Modern Sheet Metal and Plumbing Co. in July. MT6/5/1925p8

Jewett Office Supply
310 North Bartlett

    January 17-18 will be open house for the new Jewett Office Supply on North Bartlett. There is ample parking; the new store is air-conditioned. MT1/14/1964p10

Jim's Floor Cover Shop
1246 South Riverside
    The new building has a floor area of about 2,700 square feet. MT5/14/1963p14

Jim's Produce Market
334 East McAndrews
    Jim's is celebrating its first anniversary on McAndrews; the market was recently expanded to 3,000 square feet. MT7/17/1969pB5

Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop
1238 South Riverside
    A second location has opened at 1238 S. Riverside. MT6/27/2016p5

Johnson Building
See Huggins & Robinson Building

Johnson-Childers Building  NRHP #257.0
Photos:  1909  1920s  1930s  1956  1979
318 East Main

aka Knights of Pythias Block, Childers Block, Page Building, Smith Building

    Completed in 1899, the characteristic bay windows on the second floor were added later, sometime after 1913. Location of the notorious Royal Rooms.
    J. H. Redden this week sold to J. O. Johnson his property on East Seventh Street, who will immediately erect a twenty-five-foot-front brick building on each of the two lots.  The buildings are to be of the best workmanship and latest design and will be used for store purposes. MM7/3/1896p7
    Work on the J. O. Johnson brick block was resumed Wednesday. MM10/2/1896p7
    B. F. Crouch has been awarded the contract for doing the second-story woodwork on J. O. Johnson's brick block. MM10/16/1896p7
    Work will be resumed on the J. O. Johnson brick building shorly. MM11/6/1896p6
    Work on the Johnson block, suspended by the death of J. O. Johnson last fall, will be resumed as soon as sufficient material can be secured. MM3/19/1897p7
    Childers Bros. have commenced a kiln of 300,000 brick, which will be used to finish the J. O. Johnson building. DT2/20/1899p3
    The Childers brick building which is now about completed has been leased and will soon be occupied by a gentleman from Fairhaven, Wash. We understand his stock will consist of carpets, upholstering, furniture, etc. EYE10/26/1899p3
    A dance was given last Saturday evening in Childers hall. Some twenty-odd couples were in attendance, and a very pleasant time was had. MM11/30/1900p7
    Santa Claus headquarters at Gurnea's racket store, Childers block. MM12/7/1900p7
    Childers & Co. have sold their brick building, situated at the eastern end of Seventh Street, to Medford lodge, Knights of Pythias for $3250. DT4/4/1901p5
    Monday evening the Knights of Pythias moved their goods and chattels to their new hall, which they recently purchased from Guy Childers. They will use both rooms on the second floor--one for a lodge room and the other for a banquet hall. MM5/17/1901p7

    W. L. Orr has rented the store room in the K. of P. building, known as the Gurnea stand, and will begin the work of moving his stock of goods. MM7/18/1902p7

    Smith & Molony will open up a boot and shoe business in the rooms formerly occupied by J. Beek, in the K. of P. block. MM4/28/1905p4
    Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Anderson have opened a restaurant in the Smith block, East Seventh Street. MM11/17/1905p5
    Smith & Molony have leased their former quarters in the old K. of P. building on Seventh Street to French & Co., who will establish a grocery and feed store. MM6/22/1906p5
    Hoswell & France have opened a grocery, flour and feed store in the Smith building, on Seventh Street, in the rooms formerly occupied by Smith & Molony. They will carry a full line of staple and fancy groceries, and make a specialty of goods suitable for camping trips. MM7/13/1906p5
    About three years ago Talisman Lodge, K. of P. sold their two-story building on 7th Street between A and B to J. C. Smith for $4000. MM8/23/1907p1
    The Page Building, corner East Seventh and Bartlett streets, is being made over into several small store rooms. Mrs. Gilbert has moved her stock of notions to one of them. Mr. Goode will open a chicken market in another, and a Mr. McMahon will occupy a third with tamale parlors. MM10/9/1908p5
    The Fouts Grocery stock has been moved from the Dr. Page building, on East Main Street, to the Wallace Woods room, nearly opposite on the same street. MM3/5/1909p6  (In 1910 Fouts Grocery was located at 327 E. Main.)
    Contractor L. M. Lyon has men at work putting new fronts in the Dr. Page block, on East Main Street. New iron lintels are being put in place, and the fronts will be of plate glass. Both the fronts will have fine, large show windows and will be modern in every particular. A brick annex, 44x50 feet, is being built at the rear of the building. MT3/14/1912p5
    E. H. Lamport of the Medford Harness Co. has leased from F. C. Page the store on West Main, which is now being remodeled. He will have a room 25x100 feet; a new, modern front is being put in. MT3/19/1912p2

Johnson's Market/Groceteria  NRHP #124.0
Photos:  1927  1927  1957  1959  1960  1962  1969
101 North Grape, northwest corner Sixth and Grape

    The building is of reinforced concrete, one story high, with a frontage of 100 feet on both streets. There are two large entrances on Grape Street and three on Sixth; the structure was especially built for a market, the interior being one large room with wide aisles between the different departments. Elmer N. Childers was the architect and builder, and the structure is a credit to his ability. MT6/3/1927pB8
    One of the most important new business structures on Sixth Street, the railroad crossing of which was recently opened, is the Johnson Market building, constructed by Edgar Johnson at an approximate cost of $20,000. It was constructed of reinforced concrete. It houses eight different business establishments, including the Johnson fruit and vegetable market, Alexander's Reliable Grocery, People's Meat Market, Franklin Bakery, E. C. Silliman Candy Shop, Lovicia Waymack lunch counter, Ruth G. Tetherow's Easy Washer Shop salesroom and the Malone Fish and Poultry Market. MT9/14/1927pC3
    The property was sold yesterday to Gates and Lydiard in bankruptcy proceedings. Creditors will receive from 50 to 75 cents on the dollar. MT2/9/1930p1

Jones Building
1024 Summit--possibly not built

    Building permit application was made by Roger Chrysler to erect a $2,000 business building at 1024 Summit Street. MT8/1/1946p7

L. D. Jones Service Station
North Riverside, "just south of the Natatorium"

    Jones will erect Medford's sixth service station on the site of the old Adkins residence. The station will be of concrete with plate glass windows. MT2/15/1922p8

Jorgensen's Dairy
Photos:  1949  1970
1723 North Riverside, 1300 Court

Junior Service League
Photo:  1965
526 East Main

    The Flea Market, Medford Junior Service League's "next-to-new" shop, opened about three months ago. MT8/22/1965pC10

K Mart Building
Photo:  1971
251 East Barnett

    Crowds described as "tremendous" were reported this morning when K mart opened its new facilities at 251 E. Barnett Road. MT7/29/1971p1

K&D Restaurant
4635 Crater Lake Highway

    Built circa 1971. MT2/9/2014p2

Karnes & Ritter-Kelly Building
See Rialto Building

Duff G. Karnes Building
36 South Grape

    Architect Palmer has made plans and specifications for a building to be erected by D. G. Karnes on part of his residence property, on South G Street. The building will be 26x64 feet in size, two stories high and built of lumber. The first story will be for store purposes and the second story will be used as a rooming house. MM10/4/1907p2
    Friday afternoon and evening, at the D. G. Karnes building on G Street between 7th and 8th, the Ladies' Aid Society will serve to the generous public another of their popular suppers. MM3/20/1908p4
    D. G. Karnes was for many years a partner of the late John Ritter in the cigar and confectionery business in this city. At the time of his death he was conducting a rooming house on South Grape Street. MT3/23/1914p2

Katherine Court Apartments
813-825 West Eleventh
    A dozen units, ranging 650 to 682 square feet, were built in 1935. They were converted to condominium ownership in 2007. MT10/27/2016p3

Kay Building  NRHP #74.0
Photos:  1940  1966  1979
34 South Fir

aka Crater Lake Motor Car Building, Schermerhorn Building, Schermerhorn & Palm Building

    Apparently consolidated from the Crater Lake Motor Car Building (q.v.) and the Schermerhorn Building (q.v.) in 1940.
    The new building will be merged under one architectural style with the present Kay-Marshall structure. The new building, situated at 22-34 South Fir, will be 100 by 100 feet and two stories high. MT1/25/1940p5, MT3/30/1941p9

    The abandoned Davis Transfer sign on South Fir will removed. MT2/18/1966p11

KDP Building
Corner of O'Hare Parkway and National Drive
    KDP Certified Public Accountants broke ground this month on a $6.8-million, two-story, 22,656-sq.-ft. office in Navigators Landing. MT6/27/2018pB8

Kennedy Service Station
Eleventh and Central--possibly not built

    B. C. Kennedy received a permit this morning to construct a $12,500 service station at the corner of 11th Street and Central Avenue. MT7/13/1951p11

Kentner Building
Photos:  1909  1912  1928  1934  1979
308 East Main, southeast corner Main and Bartlett

aka Deuel Building, Deuel & Kentner Building, Mission Building, Neff & Frohnmayer/Cooley Building, Gates Furniture Building

    Deuel & Kentner let the contract for their new building on July 4, 1908; it replaced the Union Livery Stable on the site. The partnership dissolved late 1909 or early 1910, H. C. Kentner continuing the business. Russell's occupied the building when it was gutted by fire in the fall of 1929; it stood as a shell until IGA opened their grocery store there in August 1934. There was "a recreation hall for Negro troops" in the building (probably upstairs) in 1942 and likely into 1943.
     Marshall-Wells Hardware joined Luman Brothers Grocery in the building in September 1945. The building wasn't streamlined until after WWII; it was occupied by Burelson's Ready to Wear in the 1950s and Gates Furniture subsequent to that. The building suffered a structural failure and collapsed the night of July 15, 1983.
    Just so soon as weather will permit in the spring F. K. Deuel will commence the construction of a three-story building. The building will cover the entire corner and when completed will be occupied by Messrs. Deuel & Kentner. MM12/7/1906p1
    Work was started yesterday to tear out the buildings for the large new store belonging to Deuel & Kentner. MM7/17/1908p8
    The concrete foundation for the new department store of Deuel & Kentner is nearly all laid. MM8/14/1908p4
    The roof is being put on the fine new store of Deuel & Kentner, corner of Bartlett and Seventh streets. MM10/29/1908p5

    A two-story brick and stone building, 75x130 feet, for a department store is being erected by Deuel & Kentner, at a cost of $40,000. OR11/2/1908p12

    Within the next few weeks Miller & Ewbank, cash grocers with headquarters in the Miles Block, will move into new quarters in the Mission Block. MDT1/13/1909p1
    The Commercial Club is hoisting weather signals daily from the top of the Deuel & Kentner building for the benefit of orchardists and the public. The daily predictions are received by wire and can be obtained by phoning the Commercial Club. MDT4/7/1909p3
    Weather signals are daily flown from the flagpole on the Deuel & Kentner building. The following is a list of the flags and their interpretations as sent out by the United States Weather Bureau.
    The flags adopted by the bureau are five in number. The first is a white square flag, which indicates clear or fair weather. The second is a blue square flag and indicates rain or snow. The third is a square flag half white and half blue and indicates possible showers.  The fourth flag is a black triangular flag and indicates the temperature. When it is displayed above the first, second or third flag it indicates that it will be warmer; when below, it indicates colder weather. When not displayed it indicates that the temperature is expected to remain about stationary. The fifth flag contains a small black square in the center of a large square of white. When an orchardman sees this displayed it is time for him to look out, for it is used to indicate anticipated frosts. MDT4/13/1909p1
    Little damage was done by the fire which broke out in the Deuel building last night. The fire started in a janitor's store room on the second floor; only a small amount of water soaked through the ceiling to spot the plaster. MT9/5/1929p3
    The building was gutted by the flames in 1929; reconstruction is expected to be completed and ready for occupancy within 30 days. MT6/12/1934p1
    Reconstruction of the building is under way. Luman Brothers have leased the corner; they will combine their present two grocery stores. MT6/13/1934p8
    The Deuel estate has applied for permission to repair a store building at 302 East Main Street at a cost of $15,000. MT8/2/1948p5
    Kentner's was moved in 1908 to the large Deuel building which still occupies the corner at East Main and Bartlett, home of Burelson's, owned by Miller's, a subsidiary of P. N. Hirsch & Co. During the intervening years the store underwent many changes in growth and management, but the buildings always remained Deuel's. Kentner bought out Deuel and changed the name to H. C. Kentner Company during one period.
    In 1914, Deuel assumed the store again and became affiliated with May Company. Deuel took over the May interests preparatory to the return from World War I of his two sons, H. S. (Hob) Deuel and the late Luther Deuel. In 1923 the store was sold to J. B. Russell and became known as "Russell's."
    Several fires occurred during the Russell ownership, and in 1929 the building was completely gutted, ending the Russell regime. In 1933 the building was remodeled and became the grocery store and meat market of Luman Brothers.
    In 1941, it went through still another complete renovation and reconstruction. It became Burelson's, purchased by Mrs. Nunya Lizberg and moved from North Central. It was Mrs. Lizberg who sold to Miller's. MT3/19/1967pB2
    A tension failure in a bottom truss chord caused the Gates Furniture building to collapse Friday night; crews will level the building next week. MT7/21/1983

Kidd Building
See Rialto Building

Kids Unlimited Building
See Medford Bowling Lanes

Kim's Restaurant
Photo:  1968
2321 South Pacific Highway

    Henry Fong is planning to add 3,000 square feet of floor space, to be added to the front and north sides of the building. MT1/3/1966p11
    The former Kim's Restaurant will be demolished starting Nov. 10 by the Coquille Indian Tribe. The building has been vacant since May 2005. MT11/7/2014p1
    A lot of memories were unearthed Friday as workers demolished Kim's Restaurant in Medford. MT11/22/2014p1

Kinsman Building
See Nash Livery & Feed Building

Klamath First Federal Savings & Loan
1420 East McAndrews Road
aka Sterling Savings Bank
    The former Sterling Bank branch has been acquired by Keck-Erickson Properties for $1.1 million. The 4,805-square-foot office was built in 1989 by Klamath First Federal Savings & Loan. When Umpqua Holdings bought Sterling Savings in 2014, the office was shuttered. MT9/18/2015pB6

Klocker Printery Building
Photo:  1965
744 Cardley

    Jim and Juanita Grigsby, owners of Klocker Printery, announce the expansion of their business into a new location at 744 Cardley Avenue. MT11/14/1965pB5

Dick Knight Body Shop
South Riverside

    The body shop at the Dick Knight company has been razed to make way for the Eighth Street extension across Bear Creek. MT7/10/1959p1, MT7/17/1959p1

C. A. Knight Packing Co.
Around 704 South Central, southwest corner Thirteenth and Front

    Work is proceeding on the construction of the Knight catsup plant on the Southern Pacific line opposite the ice plant. MT5/30/1916p2
    The building is at the south end of Front Street, between that street and the Southern Pacific, 50x70 feet, and part of it is two stories high. MT7/29/1916p2
    G. A. Knight is planning to remodel and enlarge his packing house. MT6/3/1922p6
    The cost of packing plant construction, for which a permit was issued to Knight Packing Company, was $1,500 for the building to be located on South Front Street between 13th and Boyd streets. MT3/26/1967pD1
     Knight has just completed a new packing shed of modern construction. MT7/31/1927pB3

Knights Inn Motel
500 North Riverside
    A permit for an 86-unit $285,000 motel was issued Monday. MT4/30/1963p1

Knights of Pythias Block
See Johnson-Childers Building, Woodmen of the World

Knights of Pythias Hall
123 East Main (1911-16 directories)

Korinek Building
221-241 North Fir

    Former home of the Korinek Veterinary Remedy Co.
    "The Tomlin Box Factory, which has been operating in the old Korinek building on North Fir . . ." MS11/17/1918p6
    John C. Signor, in the Korinek Building, $50,000 stock of trucks, tractors and farming machinery of standard, well-known, high-grade makes. MT2/12/1920p3

Kubalek Dental Building
1320 West Main
aka Sunrise Cafe
    Dr. Milo V. Kubalek's new building has 10 rooms including operating rooms, research and development room and prosthetic laboratory. MT3/2/1952p24

Kurtz Cigar Factory
Photo:  circa 1898
East Main, between Turf Exchange Saloon and Elwood Building

    Frank Wilson is neatly fitting up the building formerly occupied by George Kurtz, and situated opposite Hotel Nash, for a candy kitchen. DT11/28/1901p5
    Geo. Coulter has opened a lunch counter in the building formerly occupied by Geo. Kurtz and F. M. Wilson. DT1/16/1902p4
    M. F. McCown and J. Eaton are conducting an excellent lunch counter and restaurant in the building formerly occupied by Geo. Kurtz and F. M. Wilson. DT1/23/1902p5
    The Palm-York Company has fitted up office rooms in the rooms formerly occupied by George Kurtz' cigar factory. MM3/28/1902p6
    The row of wooden buildings have all been torn down except the building occupied by the Postal Telegraph Company. DT8/14/1902p2

KYJC Studio
Photo:  1949

Labor Temple
Third floor, 204 East Main (1930 directory)

LaFonda Rooms
See John F. White Building

    1930 directory: Dorothy Marwick, manager

860 Biddle Road
    Opening April 3, the new store in Bear Creek Plaza will enclose more than 5,000 square feet of retail space. MT3/5/1978pD11

Lamport Apartments
228 East Main

Lamport's Building
See Adkins-Childers Building

Larry's Rich-Maid
415 North Riverside
aka Barney's Better Burgers
    Built circa 1956.
Barney's Better Burgers is set to reopen seven months after arsonists set the building on fire June 18. MT1/4/2014p3

Latter-day Saints Church
648 South Ivy

    The Latter-day Saints church building, a $90,000 structure which will seat approximately 500 people, will be completed early next year. It contains a chapel, recreation room, a stage and eight classrooms. MT12/2/1951p12

Lausmann Annex, Medford City Hall
Northwest corner West Tenth and South Ivy
    The two-story, 27,000-square-foot annex at 10th and Ivy should be finished by the end of the month. MT3/7/1998p2

Lawton Building
28-36 North Bartlett, southeast corner East Sixth and North Bartlett

D. T. Lawton has purchased a couple of lots on the corner of B and Sixth streets, for $300, and will erect a brick building thereon, to be used by Mitchell, Lewis, Staver & Co., as a farm implement and carriage establishment. DT4/24/1899p3
     Rock is being placed on the ground for the foundation for D. T. Lawton's new brick building. DT4/20/1900p6
    Work on D. T. Lawton's new brick is going ahead with a swift pace. MM6/8/1900p6
D. T. Lawton has under construction a fine building 50x75 feet, to be used for a carriage and implement house. OR6/8/1900p3
D. T. Lawton, agent for the Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co., has about completed moving into his new building, which is 50x75 feet in size, of brick and is on North B Street. An office is to be partitioned off in one corner of the building and the whole interior will be ceiled and painted. MM7/27/1900p7
    Work has been delayed while Childers Bros. were burning a kiln of brick, but now that the kiln is opened the front on the Lawton building will be finished. MM8/17/1900p7
    A brick front is being put on
the D. T. Lawton block this week. MM8/31/1900p7
    I. A. Webb has purchased the vacant property south of his residence from S. Childers, paying $250 for the same. The land is 50x65 feet in size, and the purchase includes a half interest in the D. T. Lawton brick wall. MM4/5/1901p6
    D. T. Lawton recently purchased a 75x145-foot tract of land at the back of his large implement house and facing north on Sixth Street. MM4/12/1901p6
    D. T. Lawton is erecting a 20x30-foot implement shed at the rear of his building on North B Street. MM4/19/1901p2
    The Independence Creamery has leased the Lawton Building and will open a creamery and cheese factory therein about October 16. MS9/15/1918p6
    Apparently replaced in 1921. MT1/10/1964p1

Le Moss Service Station
Jackson and Riverside
    The new Le Moss service station will be open for business tomorrow. The station is all-steel construction and consists of the station proper and super buildings in the rear. MT3/30/1928pB8

Leever Motor Company  NRHP #285.0
Photo:  1954
315-317 East Fifth, northeast corner Fifth and Apple
aka Champion Building, Monarch Seed & Feed, Common Block Brewing
    The first unit of a $50,000 construction program for Champion's Sales and Service is nearing completion. The ultra modernistic structure, of masonry construction and curtain walls of cement tile, will become part of a building program extending 160 by 135 feet. Wooden roof trusses span 40 feet; parapet walls of modernistic design will provide space for neon signs. Willys cars, trucks and jeeps will featured along with complete automotive service. MT3/17/1946p7
    Leever Motor Co. has purchased Champion Sales and Service, 317 E. Fifth. The building is being painted and improved inside. MT11/30/1947p7
    Lithia is remodeling the Monarch building; workers will restore the original lines of the building. MT10/14/2013p1
    Standing Stone Brewery will open a brewpub in the Monarch building later this year. Garage doors on the west will open on warm summer months. MT4/2/2015p1
    Remodeling for
Common Block Brewing will include a steel structure supporting a brewery platform and concrete dining mezzanine. MT8/19/2015pB5
    The old Lithia Dodge floor has been torn up, new plumbing put in and concrete laid. Beams are in place for a mezzanine brew deck. MT11/17/2015p3
    Construction rolls along on the 6,518-sq.-ft., five-barrel brewery and 200-seat restaurant. A city permit put the value of the project at $1 million. MT9/24/2016p3

Legal Arts Building
Photo:  1965
827 West Eighth. Built on southwest corner Eighth and Ivy, moved to Eighth and Newtown.
    A two-story early Medford home is being razed for the 4,000-sq.-ft. structure, which will be of brick and will accommodate three office suites. MT10/30/1962p1
    Preliminary work on removal of the Legal Arts Building is under way. The building will be moved to make way for the new Medford City Hall. MT10/21/1965p11
    Eighth Street between Ivy and Newtown streets is closed today as moving of the Legal Arts Building continues. MT12/1/1965p7

Leonard Texaco Service Station
Photo:  1929
Jackson and Riverside

    C. L. Hopkins has purchased the Leonard Texaco station at Riverside and Jackson. MT10/15/1935p5

Leverette Block  NRHP #329.1
Photo:  1930
117 South Central, southeast corner Eighth and Central

aka Montgomery Ward Building, Wards Building
See also Garnett-Corey Building

    The Hammett plumbing shop was forced to move, as its former quarters are being razed for the construction of the new Wards building. MT5/8/1928p2
    Some time ago Mr. Roy negotiated a lease for the State Theater in one of the rooms in the Leverette building, which is being constructed at the corner of South Riverside and Eighth Street, and which is to be the home of Montgomery Ward & Co. MT7/20/1928
    Another large building constructed last year was the Walter Leverette business structure on South Central Avenue, completed at a cost of over $20,000, and now occupied by Montgomery Ward, Burelson's and the State Theater. MT12/31/1928pC7

    Montgomery Ward was today granted a permit to remodel their building, at a cost of $20,000. Work will start immediately in the space formerly occupied by the Studio Theater and in the corner building. MT8/25/1936p1

    Early in 1937 Montgomery Ward remodeled and occupied the entire structure, "making this a complete shopping center under one roof." MT1/2/1938p6
    Everybody's Clearance Center will open in mid-December.

Leonard's Super Service
Photo:  1934
Sixth and Grape

Leverette Building
See Garnett-Corey Building, Leverette Block

W. L. Lewis Super Service  NRHP #13.0
Photos:  1927  1935  1994
130 East Eighth, southeast corner Eighth and Front

    The greater part of the cement has been poured for the W. L. Lewis garage on Front. MT1/2/1927pD2
    The new building is complete in every detail, and its 12,500 square feet accommodate a complete general automobile repair shop. A complete line of tires and tubes is carried while four visible gasoline pumps of the latest style will serve automobilists. Gus Guddat, well-known local contractor, supervised construction with Sydney B. Hastings as consulting architect. MT4/3/1927p3
    The Lewis Super Service Station, which was completed this year by W. L. Lewis at an approximate cost of $25,000, gives Medford one of the largest and most up-to-date service stations in Oregon. A garage is also operated in connection with the station, which is located directly west of the Terminal Hotel on East Eighth Street. MT9/14/1927pC3

Liberty Bank
295 East Barnett
aka Home Federal Bank, Rogue Valley Pet
Razed May 2020.

Liberty Building
See Garnett-Corey Building

Liberty Park
Corner North Bartlett and Maple

    The park promised to the neighborhood 20 years ago is under construction. MT11/9/2013p3
    A brightly colored playground set sits inside Medford's newest park, 98 percent complete after snow and icy weather delayed the project. MT1/2/2014p2

Library Park [Alba Park]  NRHP #157.0
West Main and Holly streets; the block bounded by Main, Eighth, Holly and Ivy

    In 1904 the city developed the present design with diagonal pathways; a bronze fountain was added to its center in 1905. In 1935, Callie Palm replaced the original fountain in memory of her husband, Charles, with a statue depicting a “youth, strong, happy and hopeful” along with two dogs, “his loving companions.” The Palms were early Medford land owners, who developed much of downtown during its first fifty years. In 1985 library park was rededicated as “Alba Park,” in honor of Medford's Italian sister city.

Lilenquist Motors
1110 Court--possibly not built

    Building permit application was made by Lilenquist Motors to erect a $350 office building at 1110 Court Street. MT10/8/1952p9

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
3101 McLoughlin Drive

    With most of the exterior walls raised, trusses for Medford's next public school will begin to arrive this week. The project, begun July 15, should meet its 12-month schedule. MT11/4/1996p1

Lincoln School
Photos:   1906  1907  circa 1911
608 North Bartlett
aka North School, Cornerstone Christian Church

    Named North School when completed in January 1907; renamed Lincoln School by a vote of the students in November 1910.
    The board decided last night to place fire escapes on Lincoln and Washington schools. MT8/10/1921p8

Linden Park Chevron
Photo:  1956
843 West Jackson

Lindley Building  NRHP #312.0
Photos:   circa 1908  2013
215 East Main

aka Cranfill & Hutchison Building, George Lindley Building, Scott Davis Building, Hutchison Building, Hutchison-Lumsden Building
See Big Bend Milling/Lindley Block

    New shelving and counters, as well as a new floor, are being put into the Cranfill & Hutchison building on Seventh Street. MM9/8/1893p3

    J. E. Fenton of the Ashland Iron Works last week contracted with G. P. Lindley to furnish an iron front for the latter's new store building. MM7/13/1896p3

    Bricklaying was commenced on the Lindley building Tuesday. MM7/31/1896p7
    Wednesday marked the completion of G. P. Lindley's fine new brick, or rather the first floor, which is to be occupied by Cranfill & Hutchison. The main store room is just an even hundred feet in length, with a forty-foot store room in the rear and is furnished with fine counters and shelving made to glisten like glass by the artistic touch of the brush wielded by painter J. W. Ling. The windows are of fine French plate glass. The second floor is partitioned off for office rooms. It cost, complete, about $6000. MM11/13/1896p7
    Attorneys White & Jeffrey, Dr. E. Kirchgessner and architect I. A. Palmer have each leased double office rooms in G. P. Lindley's new brick--which will be occupied as soon as they are completed. MM11/13/1896p7

    W. Estill Phipps, the clever young attorney, has handsomely fitted up the entire front of the second story of Lindley's building. DT1/7/1903p1
     The board of directors of the Medford Commercial Club held a meeting in the club rooms in the Hutchison & Lumsden block Thursday evening, and on Thursday the main reception room was thrown open to the use of the members of the club. This is the only room that has been fully completed. MM1/13/1905p14
    Weather Bureau forecast service was initiated July 30, 1908; "flags have been sent and a pole will be erected on the Hutchison & Lumsden building, from which the different flags will fly"; see Kentner Building. MM7/31/1908p4
    Among those planning new fronts are Van Dyke's, who are already tearing out the old windows, the Medford Hardware Company, Hutchison & Lumsden, The Toggery, the Oregon Orchards Syndicate, which is remodeling the old butcher shop in the Nash, and a score of others. MDT4/1/1909p1
    Dr. R. J. Conroy has moved his office to the Hutchison & Lumsden building. These offices were formerly occupied by the Commercial Club. MT12/21/1912p2
    During excavation of a new basement, the rear roof of the building collapsed late one night in 1935, "burying the steam shovel in the basement and tearing part of the wall from the storeroom in the rear of Swem's." MT2/10/1935p1
    The wall adjoining the alley on the north side of the Hutchison building will be removed as a safety measure. The wall between the Mann and Hutchison buildings was to be removed anyway. MT2/11/1935p1
    The largest single business expansion was made by Mann's Department Store, which was completely remodeled inside and out at a cost of $12,000. MT1/3/1936p1

Lions Eye Center  NRHP #136.0
226 North Holly
    The former Wallace Haskins home at 228 N. Holly was razed this week to make room for the new Lions Blind Center. MT12/27/1968pB6
    Landscaping remains to be done at the $50,000 structure; dedication will take place soon. Designer was Glenn Thompson. MT8/21/1969p13

Lithia Dodge  NRHP #278.0
129 North Riverside

Lithia Honda
North Central
Roof framing is under way; the new facility probably will be finished by February. MT11/13/1984
    Lithia Honda is being demolished after its sale to Options for Southern Oregon for $1.45 million. The dealership was relocated to Crater Lake Highway about three years ago. MT9/20/2017p3

Lithia Honda
Highway 62
Construction of the Lithia Honda dealership is under way across from Coker Butte Road on Highway 62 in Medford. MT6/18/2014p1

Lithia Service  NRHP #290.0
224 North Bartlett

Loder House
Photo:  1910
Southeast corner Eighth and Front

    Mrs. Loder will commence the erection of her new residence next week. It will be located on the corner of D and Eighth streets, and will be 30x30 feet in size and two stories high. A. W. Bish will do the carpenter work. MM7/19/1901p7
    Mrs. A. M. Loder has her large new residence nearly completed. The structure is a credit to the part of town in which it stands and is a monument to the thrift of this honest and industrious widow lady. MM9/20/1901p7
    S. T. Sanders, the expert shoemaker, is located in Mrs. Loder's building on Front Street. He does the best work at reasonable rates. DT1/16/1902p4
    A fire occurred last night in the one-story old frame building, occupied by the Scott second hand store. It will be razed immediately.  MT4/27/1925p8
    Palm and Niedermeyer were granted a permit to erect a 50x60-ft. concrete business structure at Eighth and Front. MT9/23/1925p3

Lodge Motel
Photo:  1940s
945 S. Riverside

Logos Public Charter School

Corner Ross Lane and Rossanley Drive
    Construction on the $5.3-million, 25,000-sq.-ft. facility is expected to begin Sept. 25, following groundbreaking Sept. 14. MT8/14/2017p3

Lone Pine Elementary School

3158 Lone Pine Road
    Modular classrooms will provide space for 100 students. MT9/6/2015p1

Loring Court Apartments
821 West Eleventh

Luman Grocery Store  NRHP #52.0
Photo:  circa 1980
236 North Front, southeast corner Fourth and Front
aka Colony Far East

    Robert Keeney was architect for the new building and F. R. "Scotty" Fairweather the contractor. Construction began early in June. MT8/6/1948p7

Lumber Products Co.
753 South Grape
    Broyle's Warehouse Co. was issued a permit today to build a $21,000 warehouse at 753 South Grape Street. MT8/30/1951p15
    Permit issued to Broyle's Wholesale Co., $5,000 
addition to warehouse. MT12/17/1954p15
    Lumber Products Co. of Eugene has been issued a building permit to erect an $18,000 warehouse at 753 South Grape. MT5/16/1956p14

Lumsden Building
Northwest corner Sixth and Bartlett

    Lumsden Tuesday announced plans for a $15,000 business building at Sixth and Bartlett. MT1/21/1925p5
    Work will start in the morning on a 100-foot addition to the Lumsden building, now under construction, to be occupied by Mason Motor Co. MT4/21/1925p6
    H. U. Lumsden is erecting a one-story concrete structure with 100 feet on Sixth Street and 200 feet on Bartlett to be occupied partly by Gates and Lydiard and an auto sales room. MS5/10/1925pC2
    The Lumsden building is nearing completion. The Mason Motor Co. will be located in the large room on the corner, while the Medford Feed Co. will be in the room on the western end with the Economy Groceteria. MT6/22/1925p2

Lydia Apartments
806 West Main

Lyon Building