The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Grand Theater

Nothing more is known about this short-lived theater than the below:

Grand Theater ad, August 17, 1908, Medford Daily Tribune
 August 17, 1908, Medford Daily Tribune

    The real novelties and real songs go to the Grand.

*     *     *
    The moving pictures at the Grand are clear and brilliant, presenting the latest films perfectly and steady, and do not tire the eyes.

*     *     *
    The Grand is giving an entertainment that meets the approval of the amusement-loving public--it gives them the cream of the film world.
"Local and Personal," Medford Mail, August 21, 1908, page 6

Grand Theater ad, August 1908 Medford Lights magazine
Grand Theater ad, August 1908 Medford Lights magazine

    The biggest business in the history of the Grand is being done every night. People are turned away at every performance. The house is going to be enlarged to accommodate the crowd.
"Local and Personal," Medford Mail, January 22, 1909, page 5

    Dr. F. C. Page, owner of the Grand Theater building, is having it remodeled and made up-to-date. When finished it will be occupied by the Fouts grocery, who will move from their present location.
Medford Mail, February 12, 1909, page 8

    C. H. Symcox, who, as was reported exclusively in The Morning Mail of yesterday, purchased an orchard tract near Central Point Tuesday through the real estate firm of Cusick, Myers & Sharpe at a cost of $15,000, again testified yesterday to his faith in Medford by purchasing the Wallace Woods building on East Main Street, at a cost of $10,000. The structure, which was formerly known as the Grand Theater building, was sold by White & Trowbridge, the real estate men.
Excerpt, Medford Mail, April 30, 1909, page 2

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