The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Business Bibliography
An index to newspaper articles and significant advertisements relating to businesses in Medford, Oregon. Street addresses are taken from newspapers and directories and are therefore suspect. Business names below have often been inferred from inaccurate and ambiguous reportage; don't expect the names to be accurate. The same business may be listed under more than one name. Use keyword searches in addition to alphabetical order. Articles transcribed to this site may not have been added to this bibliography.

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2Hawk Vineyard and Winery, 2335 N. Phoenix Rd.: MT10/8/2014pC1
AAA, 35 S. Riverside: MT8/23/1934p3
A-1, A-One Brewing Co., 301 N. Fir: MR5/13/1932, MN2/5/1939p4, MT3/31/1939p5, MN7/21/1939p1, MN6/13/1941p2, MN4/3/1942p2, MN8/28/1942p3, MN7/23/1943p1, MN2/11/1944p4
A&C Motors, 301 N. Riverside: CP2/12/1953p15
A&M Photo Co.: MM7/2/1909p5
A&W Automotive Repair: MN4/29/1949p5
Walter W. Abbey Motor Co.: MT3/11/1934p9, MT4/8/1934p8, CP4/18/1935p1, CP12/19/1935p3, CP2/6/1936p1, MN2/7/1936p1, CP3/12/1936p1, MN3/20/1936pp2,B2, CP3/26/1936p6, CP4/2/1936p3, MN9/18/1936, MN10/30/1936pB4, MN11/13/1936p5, MN2/19/1937p6, CP2/25/1937p1, MN5/28/1937p2, CP8/26/1937p5, MN8/27/1937p1; Ninth and Bartlett: CP9/2/1937p1, MT9/3/1937p13, MN9/10/1937p6, CP10/28/1937p2, MN11/6/1937pB4, MN12/10/1937p3, MT1/2/1938p7, MN11/11/1938p4, CP11/22/1939p2; 123 S. Riverside: MN4/3/1942p2, MN8/28/1942p3
Abrams & Co. Auto Supplies, St. Mark's Bldg.: MT8/31/1910p5
L. E. Ackley's Auto Top Factory, 118 S. Central: MT8/23/1915p2
Acme Cleaners: CP10/25/1945p1, MN7/16/1948p1
Acme Hardware: MN6/30/1944p1, MN2/2/1945p1, CP10/10/1946p1, MT3/2/1947, MN10/17/1947p1, MN2/20/1948p4, MN4/9/1948p5, MN8/13/1948p2, MN11/26/1948p6, MT4/12/1949p3, MN8/26/1949p1, MT3/2/1950p11, MN3/3/1950p2, CP3/12/1953p1, MT3/1/1955p6, MT3/20/1960pC1
Action Rider Tack, 255 E. Barnett: MT11/14/2013p8
Adkins & Webb, hardware: ST3/13/1888p2, MM9/7/1889p2
Adrienne's, 103 N. Central: MT1/2/1927, MN6/18/1927p8, MT6/20/1927p3, MT9/11/1927p3; 17 N. Central: MT10/3/1927p4, MT1/1/1928pF4, MT3/2/1930p8, MT5/11/1930p8, MT11/4/1930p5, MT11/7/1930p7, MR4/11/1932p1, MR6/3/1932, CP2/2/1933p1, MN11/17/1933, MT2/16/1934p2, MT8/19/1934p7, MN9/21/1934, MT11/3/1935p5, MN3/14/1941p1, MN6/13/1941p1; 21 N. Central: MN6/13/1942p1, MN7/16/1943p2; 214 E. Main: MT9/5/1943p8
Advanced Video Communications: MT11/12/1981pC1
Afseth, Jacobs & Schmitz, Architects, 44 N. Front: open: MT3/24/1968p9, MT10/21/2013pB8
Agate Orchard Co.: MM11/3/1905p5
Ahler & Whitman Garage, 29 N. Ivy: sold: MT8/2/1911pp2,6
M. M. Ahrens Cloak & Suit House, St. Mark's Bldg.: to open: MT9/25/1910p5, MS1/3/1911pp3,4, MS3/17/1911p6, MS6/21/1912p6, MS1/3/1913p1; moved: MT12/5/1913p2, MT10/26/1914p6; closing: MS5/5/1916p2, MS9/23/1916p4, MS10/27/1916p3, MT11/22/1916p3, MS11/24/1916p3
Aitken's Ladies' Ready-to-Wear, St. Mark's Bldg.: MT8/31/1910p5
William A. Aitken Plumbing: MM2/16/1906p5; 211 W. Main: MM4/12/1907p5, MM4/26/1907p2, MM6/14/1907p5, MM10/4/1907p5, MM11/5/1908p1, MM9/10/1909p8, MT12/9/1909p6
Al's Place Plowing & Cultivating, 1213 S. Riverside: CP10/20/1949p11
Albertsons, 113 Ross Lane: opening: MT10/29/1999p12
Albertsons: MT2/12/2014p3, MT3/7/2014pB1
Alco Cigar Store: MT7/12/1915p2
Alco Taxi: opens: MT7/12/1915p2, MT7/28/1915p2, MS6/22/1916p2; see Taxi-333
Alabaster Egg, Medford Shopping Center: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Alexander Hardware & Implement Co.: MN5/30/1941p2
Alexander's IGA Grocery, 131 W. Main: CP7/22/1926p4, MT6/3/1927pB4; sold to Alphon Whillock: MT10/16/1927p7; 201 W. Main: MT9/23/1934p14, MN6/11/1937
Allen & Gilbert Pianos, "Medford Wareroom next door to Warner & Wortman's Grocery: to open: MM2/14/1902p6
Allen & Reagan Grocery, Main & Central, 202 E. Main: MM11/20/1908p5, MT1/2/1910pB5, MT5/4/1910p3, SR8/6/1910p3, MT11/3/1910p1, closing: MT1/31/1911
Allen Bakery: JP3/22/1913p3
Allen Cafe, S. Central: MT9/5/1918p2
W. W. Allen Chevrolet: MN12/19/1930p6
Jay Allen Co., 1078 N. Court
Allen Grocery Co., 32 S. Central; Main & Central: MT11/3/1910p1, MT11/8/1910p2, MS2/1/1911p1, MS2/2/1911p6, MW2/2/1911pp1,5,6, MT10/28/1912p3, MW2/13/1913p3
Allen Hotel: MT9/8/1936p3, MT1/2/1938p7, MN6/13/1947p5, SM1950p16 , MT4/1/1952pB1, MT4/1/1956p2
Wiley B. Allen Piano Co.: MM5/25/1894p3; 112 W. Main: TR4/23/1909p3, TR4/26/1909p5, MM4/30/1909p5
Alley Bros. Lumber Co.: MN2/14/1941p1, MN9/4/1942p3, MT7/24/1957p1
Allied Industries, Inc.: established: MT7/25/1930p1; see Black Bear Coal Co.
Mrs. Arthur H. Allyn, public stenographer, Hotel Medford: MT9/10/1913p2
Alpha's Pies, 313 E. 8th: CP2/12/1953p18
Alta Vista Fruit Co.: MN8/6/1937p4, MN7/8/1938
Alta Vista Orchard: MT6/28/1927p6
Alview: MT7/3/1913p3
American Cafe: MM2/15/1907p5
American Development Co.: CH2/17/1910p4, MT2/20/1910p1
American Fruit Growers, 213 S. Fir: CP6/24/1926p2, JN7/2/1926p1, MT7/19/1926p6, CP3/3/1932p4, CP8/11/1932p4, CP8/1/1935p1, MT4/21/1935p12, CP5/21/1936p1, MN10/20/1939p2, MN6/7/1940p2, MN4/3/1942p4, MN5/31/1946p1, MT6/26/1946, MN6/28/1946p1, MN8/9/1946p1, MN10/25/1946p1, MN11/18/1949p1, SM1950p20, MN6/2/1950p2
American Laundry, 132 S. Central: MT1/1/1928pF4, MT8/17/1937p1, MN7/24/1942p2
American Legion Club, 414 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2
American Railway Express: SM1927p11
American Restaurant, Front St.: MM3/8/1907p1, MM4/19/1907p8, MM9/11/1908p5
American Steel & Supply: moved from Grape St. to 2260 Sage: MT1/7/1964p11
AmericanWest Bank: acquires PremierWest: MT10/31/2012p1
Amusement Unlimited: MT7/24/1981p1F2
Amy's Kitchen: MT8/26/2014p1
Ray Anders Photo Shop, 236 E. Main: CP12/21/1944p5
Anderson & Son Feed: MT12/21/1910p7
Anderson & Toft addition: MM12/25/1908p5
A. J. Anderson California Photo Studio: CP5/6/1926p6, MN3/19/1930p8
Anderson-Green Garage: MT12/3/1909p2, MS12/30/1910p1
Anderson-Green Real Estate: MT1/2/1910pB5
George Anderson Soda Works: MM3/9/1894p3
Mrs. R. F. Anderson's restaurant: see Star Restaurant
Anderson's Super Thrift Market, 711 S. Central: MT1/28/1954p2
D. Anderton, tannery: MM7/26/1901p7, MM9/27/1901p2
E. M. Andrews Real Estate: MT1/2/1910pB4
The Andrews Studio, N. Grape: to open: MT9/11/1915p6
Andy's Jewelry, 15 N. Central: MN4/7/1949, MN3/24/1950p3, MN4/7/1950p2, CP2/12/1953p7, CP3/10/1955p4, MT8/30/1962pD8
Angle & Plymale, general merchandise, E. Main: (William Angle, F. F. Plymale) ST3/13/1888p2, MM9/7/1889p2, MM5/12/1910p8
Angle Opera House: see Medford Opera House
Paul de Anna, watchmaker, Main & Central: MT11/1/1909p8
Antelope Lumber Co., Main & North Riverside: offices open: MM7/26/1907p1
Anytime Fitness, The Commons: MT5/8/2014p8
Apex Lumber Co.: incorporates: OR10/17/1919p26
Apex Meat Packing: see Huber Packing Co.
Applegate Lumber Mill, Chestnust St. at Meadows Lane: organizing: JP8/12/1916p3; machinery arrives: MT12/14/1916p6, JP12/16/1916p3, MT1/1/1917p6, JP5/5/1917p3, JP10/20/1917p3, JP1/5/1918p3, JP1/26/1918p3, MT10/13/1918p2, MS11/17/1918p6
Arcade Fish Market, Johnson's Market, 6th & Grape: MT6/3/1927pB4
Arcade Parking: MT6/23/1946
Arco AM/PM Minimarket, S. Stage Rd. and S. Pacific Hwy: under construction: MT3/5/1998pC1
Arista Fur Shop: CP9/24/1936p1
Armstrong & Myers: see Medford Art Studio
N. Armstrong, assayer: opens: MM4/19/1901p7
Armstrong Grocery, W. Main: MT10/1/1913p6
Armstrong Motor Co., 38 N. Riverside: CP5/6/1926p5, MT10/31/1926p4, MT1/2/1927, MN5/20/1928pp3,B3, MT1/10/1934p4, CP10/24/1935p1
Dr. Arnold, dentist, over Van Dyke's: opens: MM8/31/1900p7, MM9/28/1900p4
Arnold & Barneburg Market: see City Meat Market
Arrowhead Orchard: MT4/17/1910p7, MT7/2/1911p5
Art Center, 404 E. Main: MT4/9/1948p5, MT3/30/1950p12, MN4/71950p1, MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2
Art Store, N. Grape: moving to 221 W. Main: MS9/7/1912p2; 220 W. Main, in receivership: MT12/21/1912p2; stock bought by Will H. Wilson: MS6/9/1916p2
Art Studio see Hull's Art Studio
Ashcraft & Cornitius Autos, 110 S. Bartlett: moving to Valley Garage, 18 N. Holly: MT7/17/1915p4
Perry L. Ashcraft McCormick-Deering: MN7/14/1939p3
Perry L. Ashcraft Packard, 132 S. Riverside: MT9/20/1936p3
Asia Market: MT2/15/1991pB6
Associated Fruit: MT1/4/1966p11, MT4/16/2013pB8
Associated Oil Co. of California: JP6/26/1920p3; 332 E. Main: MT10/9/1920p2, SM1927p85
Atsbury Ranch: MT8/21/1910p1, OR12/24/1910p6
Attaway Transportation Co.: MT11/21/1991, MT5/27/1992
H. D. Austin, feed store, J. R. Wilson Bldg.: MM11/29/1901p6, MM1/17/1902p7; sold to L. B. Brown: MM2/21/1902p6;; ; see Medford Feed
Auto Beauty Shop: MN3/24/1939p2
Auto Electric Equipment Co., 27 N. Grape: MT7/10/1919p6, JP11/1/1919p1; see Perkins' Auto Electric
Auto Supply & Parts Co., Main & Riverside: MT4/9/1925p2, CP11/19/1926p3
Auto Sales & Loan Co.: CP6/27/1940p2
Automobile Market, 6th & Bartlett: MN11/10/1944p2
Automobile Tire Distributing Co., 111 W. Main: open: MT3/14/1918pp3,8
Aylor & Barnett: MT6/5/1910p3
B&B Motors, 934 S. Riverside Ave.: CP2/12/1953p5
B&C Cash Store, 223 W. Main: TR5/7/1909p1, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB8, MT7/24/1910p3, MS12/16/1910p1, MS6/1/1911p4, MS8/24/1911p3, MS8/1/1912p4, MT10/1/1912p4, MS10/13/1912p1; 225 W. Main: MT1/1/1914pC5
B-ling Good Fit Shoe Store (Mr. Beling): 105 E. Main: to open: MT9/9/1911p6
C. W. Babb Real Estate: MT1/1/1928pH8
Baci's Pizza: see Bruno's Pizza; MT11/1/2011pB10
Bagley Canning Co.: MT10/13/1919pB1
Chet Baker Auto Repair, Jackson & McAndrews: CP10/20/1949p12
W. J. Baker laundry: to open: MM4/4/1902p7, MM5/9/1902p6
Baker-Hutchason Co., "next to the post office": to open: MM9/20/1907p1, MM9/27/1907p4, TR11/15/1907p2; "on C Street next to Jackson County Bank": TR11/16/1907p2, MM11/22/1907p1, MM11/29/1907p5, MM1/31/1908p5, MM2/21/1908p9, MM9/4/1908p8, MM9/25/1908p8, CH10/15/1908p4, MM1/15/1909p6, MM1/22/1909p8, TR4/1/1909p1, MM4/23/1909p3, MSM5/1909, CH7/1/1909p1, TR3/25/1909p4, TR6/24/1909p3; Baker retires: MM6/25/1909p3; see Hutchason Co., MT7/24/1910p1, MT7/29/1910pp4,8; stock liquidated: SR7/30/1910p1, MT8/14/1910p16, MW9/29/1910p1, MT11/29/1951p5; see Mann's
Baker's Commercial Photo Arts, 128 E. Main: to open: MT1/28/1951p10, MN5/3/1951
Baker's Battery Service, 3510 N. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p17
Baker's Store, Main & Ross Lane: MT7/9/1927p3
Bakery Restaurant: MM9/6/1907p5
Baldwin Piano Shop: CP2/6/1936p1, MN11/13/1936p6, MN10/15/1937p4, MN4/2/1943
Band Box and Shoe Box, 223 E. Sixth: opens: MT3/30/1928pB8, MT3/3/1929pB6, MT2/23/1934p13, MT8/14/1942p4
The Barbecue Grill, 201 W. Main: to open: MN11/5/1943p1
Dr. F. S. Barber, dentist: MS4/21/1912p8
Barco Supply: MT3/21/1982; moved to 204 S. Fir: MT11/27/1983pC11; see Paulsen and Roles Laboratories
Ralph G. Bardwell Fruit Co., 445 S. Fir: MT10/18/1918p3, MT8/8/1919p4, MT7/24/1919p8, MT8/9/1919p6, MT8/23/1919p6, MT3/6/1920p3, MT3/11/1930p1, CP8/11/1932p3
Bare Bones Broth Co., 2106 N. Riverside: MT3/24/2015pB8
Barkdull & Miles: MT1/1/1914pB2
Barker-Hart Insurance, 617 E. Main: to open: MT12/9/1957pB4
Barker's Men's Store, Main & Central: MN9/25/1936p4, MN11/20/1936p5, MT5/12/1940p12, MN2/15/1946p6, MN6/10/1949p1, MT2/10/1969p1, MT2/11/1969pB1, MT2/16/1969pC4, MT11/16/1977; 126 E. Main, closing Dec. 29: MT12/26/1977pC3
Barnard & Cornoyer Millinery, 33 S. Central: to open: MT3/3/1910p5, SR6/11/1910p4, SR6/25/1910p2, MT7/21/1911p1; moved to Emporium location: MT8/21/1911p2
Barnard's Floor Covering, 317 E. Main: CP2/12/1953p16, RT2/18/1955p7
Barneburg & Arnold, butchers, Wilkinson Bldg.: opens: MM4/12/1901p6
Barneburg-Andrews Furniture Co., 6th & Front: MN6/20/1941p2, MN4/10/1942p2, MT5/30/1948p14
J. C. Barnes Real Estate, Medynski Building: open: MT11/13/1923p7, MT1/1/1928pH7
Dr. R. G. Barnes: (opens) MT5/29/1946p10
Barnes Bros.: MN1/26/1951p1
Barnes & Murphy: MS3/5/1911p3
Barnes & Roethler Shell Service, 6th & Front: CP10/20/1949p8
Barney's Cafe, 27 S. Riverside: MT8/20/1942p7
Dr. E. W. Barnum, dentist, Sparta Bldg.: CP9/21/1933p1, MN4/3/1942p4
Barnum Hotel: see Grand Hotel, Hotel Austin
Barnum Packing Co., 511 S. Fir: MT8/12/1979pE1, MT5/10/1991p1
W. S. Barnum Planing Mill: SM1888p1, ST3/13/1888p2, SM1893p1
Barr & Galloway, fencing: MM9/7/1889p2
Barrel 42, Stewart: to open: MT3/4/2014p1
Bartlett & Netherland: dissolved: MT12/28/1914p6
Bartlett Street Barber Shop, N. Bartlett: MT4/19/1939p3
Bartlett Street Books, 16 S. Bartlett: open: MT7/21/1969p5, MT2/4/1973pC1, MT11/26/1978pB1, MT10/6/1997p7, MT2/11/2009
F. W. Bartlett, furrier/taxidermist, Sixth & Central: to open: MT9/25/1910p5, MT3/19/1915p4; 318 E. Main: MT10/27/1915p2, MT10/19/1923p3, JN10/17/1924p5
Basic Health Store, 11 S. Front: MT2/29/1952p4, MT7/27/1954p10
Basil & Berries, RVMall: open: MT5/20/2014p3
The Basket Place, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Bass & Hale Saloon, S. Front: MM6/4/1909p3, MM7/30/1909p1, MT2/3/1911, MW2/9/1911p3, MS4/26/1911p1
Bateman & Son Sand & Gravel, Midway Road: MN6/13/1941p4, MN4/3/1942p2, MN6/13/1941p4
Bateman's Richfield Cafe, 2392 N. Hwy. 99: to open: MT11/30/1951p6
Bates Bros. Barber Shop, Central: MM2/23/1894p3; Nash Hotel: MM5/28/1897p6; 128 W. Main: MM4/22/1898p7, MM11/13/1908p1, MM9/3/1909p5, MS4/16/1912p1, MW4/17/1913p6, MS8/31/1915p2, MT12/20/1931p3, MN6/13/1941p2
Bates Candy Co.: MN2/15/1946
Baza'r Stores, 2230 Biddle: MT3/9/1967p1, MT4/7/1967p1
Bruce Bauer Lumber Co., 765 S. Riverside: CP10/20/1949p12, SM1950p24, MN1/25/1951p8. MT8/30/1959p1; closing: MT3/22/1966p12
Bruce Bauer Real Estate: MT12/30/1981p3A
G. C. Beach Music Studio, 234 E. Ninth: MT2/18/1913p2
Bean Agate Factory, Beatty St.: MS5/27/1916p4
C. D. Bean Inc., 227 E. Main: first anniversary: MT6/19/1936p13
Bear Creek Motel: MN11/30/1945p1
Bear Creek Motor Car Co., 104 S. Bartlett: MS12/25/1910p4; 114 S. Bartlett: MT3/5/1911pB6, MS4/23/1911pB2, MT5/7/1911pC6, MS9/17/1911p1, MS2/8/1912p6; Eighth and Bartlett: MT11/19/1912p2, MS12/29/1912pp4,6; closed: MS1/4/1914p6
Bear Creek Orchards: see Harry & David; MM7/26/1907p1, MM6/18/1909p8; sold to Rosenberg: MT12/5/1910p1, MT1/1/1915pC5, MS12/23/1916p5
Bearden's Bakery, Main & Lozier Lane: CP2/12/1953p8
The Beauty Shop, Jackson County Bank Bldg.: MT9/10/1913p2
Beaver Electric, 2902 N. Pacific Hwy.: moved: MT3/29/1966pD3, MT4/24/1966pB5; grand to open: MT6/1/1966pC3
Beck's Bakery, 1414 N. Riverside: MT7/30/1927p3, CP12/11/1931p4, MT1/3/1936p1, MT6/14/1945p1, CP10/20/1949p8, MT11/12/1962p2
Bee Hive Lodging House: MM5/7/1909p5, MM7/23/1909p3, MT7/21/1911p1
Beebe & Kindle Service Station, Sixth & Riverside: MT9/14/1927pD2, MT1/1/1928ppE5,6
Beebe, Kindle & Leonard Service Station: MT3/1/1929
J. Beek & Co., Odd Fellows Block: MM5/28/1897p3, OMJmidsum1897p9, MM5/11/1900p1; Adkins Block: MM9/14/1900p6, MM12/13/1901p7
J. Beek & Son: opens: MM3/9/1894p3
Beek, Whiteside & Co.: dissolved: MM3/9/1894pp2,3; see J. Beek & Son
Behling & Schmidt: dissolved: MT7/12/1912p6
Behling Shoes: MT7/23/1911pB1; Palm Building I: MT2/24/1916p1
Bell Studio: MT5/28/1944p10
Bell Telephone Co.: SM1911p16
Bella Vista Heights, E. McAndrews area: opens: MT8/8/2013pB10
Bellevue Ranch: MS5/1/1915p6
Bellinger & Hill: (draymen) MM2/19/1897p7
Belmont Orchards: MS4/15/1915p6
Ben Lomond Orchard: MM10/1/1909p1
Bennett & Miller Realty, Palm Block: MT1/1/1928pH6(2)
Bennett-Chapman Nursery: MM11/7/1902p6
Bennett Investment Co.: moved to 113 W. Main: MT8/31/1920p2
N. S. Bennett Nursery: MT1/1/1928pH4
Benson addition: MM4/9/1909p3
Eve Benson Dancing Academy: MT6/28/1927p5, MT1/1/1928ppD7,F4, CP9/15/1932p2
Benson Investment Co., Main & Grape: MT12/9/1909p5, MT5/11/1910p8
Bergman Blacksmith Shop: MN10/20/1939p2, MN5/30/1941p1
Berkeley Orchards: MM2/21/1908p1
Berlin Tailoring Co., 219 W. Main: moved from Central Point: FT5/1912p36; 109 W. Main: MT8/8/1912p2
Bernard Millinery: MT2/24/1915p2; moved to 115 E. Main: MT8/31/1916p6; closed: MT5/24/1919p2
Bernard Motor Co., 130-132 N. Front: sold to Treichler (continues, name unchanged): MT11/21/1916p5
Berrian's Super-Service, E. Main and Tripp: opened: MT12/18/1926p2
Bernard Orchard: MT1/1/1914pB1
Berrydale Barber Shop: MT7/30/1927p3, MT12/20/1931p3
Berrydale Meat Market: MT7/30/1927p3
Berrydale Restaurant, 1512 N. Riverside: MN6/20/1941p1
Berrydale Store: MT7/30/1927p3, MN1/8/1937p1, MT12/29/1955p1
Berry's Cafe, 509 S. Riverside: MT4/9/1946p10
Best Lumber Co.: MN9/10/1948p1
Better Book & Bible House, 230 S. Central: CP10/17/1946p1
The Beverage Shop, Cooley-Neff Building II: TA2/21/1936p1, MT8/24/1936p5, MN6/7/1940p2
Mate S. Biden Shoe Repair: MM5/11/1900p6; closed: MM7/20/1900p7; back in Medford: MM9/28/1900p4, MM12/6/1901p2; S. Central: MS7/15/1911p2, MS7/31/1911p6, MT9/29/1915p4, MN10/1/1948
Big 4 Market, 5017 Table Rock Rd.: to open: MT7/14/1966pB4
Big Bend Milling Co.: MM6/21/1907p5, MT2/5/1916p6, MT12/10/1967pC1
Big Pines Lumber: forms: MM12/11/1908p1, MM1/29/1909p6, MM6/18/1909p4, MT1/2/1910pB4, MT3/20/1910p12, CH7/14/1910p4, MT9/11/1910pB13,15, MW9/15/1910p2, MT12/4/1910pC3, MT1/1/1911p4, SM1911p15, MS3/16/1911p5, MS7/8/1911p3, MS7/13/1911p6, MS5/5/1912p1, MS5/7/1912p1, MS6/26/1912p1, MS7/4/1912p1, MS8/27/1912p3, MW8/29/1912p7, MS1/1/1913p1, MT10/19/1921p3, MT10/31/1926p4, SM1927p15, MN1/31/1929p5, MT4/24/1930p5, MT9/29/1930p8, CP2/9/1933p1, CP5/17/1934p2, MT1/22/1936, SM1950p15, MT5/3/1973pC2
Big 7 Fruit Warehouses: MT4/14/1929p3
Big Y Garden & Flower Shop, N. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p17
Big Y Seed & Supply: RT3/2/1956pB3
Big Y Signal Service: CP11/11/1954p1
Big Y Super Market, N. Pacific Hwy.: MT4/11/1940pp16,17, MT4/12/1940p8, MT4/17/1941p2, MN5/31/1940p2, MN9/9/1949p1, MN11/17/1950p3, RT4/6/1956pB2, RT6/29/1956p9, RT7/13/1956p8, RT10/5/1956p9; merges with Oakdale and Eastside markets: MT2/17/1958p1, MT5/8/1991, MT5/25/1991pB4
Bigelow's Confectionery: MN6/27/1941p3
P. C. Bigham's Soda Works, W. Main: MM2/2/1906p5, MM2/16/1906p5, MM3/23/1906p5, MM7/6/1906p1
Bijou Theater, W. Main: MM1/10/1908p5, TR1/10/1908p4, TR1/11/1908p4, TR2/21/1908p1, MM5/21/1909p5, MT7/26/1910p3, MT21/15/1974pD8
Bill's Neon Sign Shop, 124 N. Riverside: CP2/12/1953p14
Bill's Place, E. Main: sold to E. G. Drake: MT9/9/1927p5
Bill's Tractor Shop, 226 N. Riverside: MT9/9/1924
Billings Carriage & Auto Works, 8th & Riverside: MS11/16/1916p3
Edward Binns Slaughterhouse, 103 W. Main: MT1/1/1914pC5, MS2/25/1916p2, MT3/11/1916p2, SM1927key,p23
Bise & Foss: MS4/4/1911p1
Hal Bishop Art Center: see Art Center
A. N. Bishop's Supreme Tamales: MT5/25/1952p11
Bismark Cafe, W. Main: MS11/23/1910p1, MW1/12/1911p2, MT10/27/1911p4, MS11/24/1911p6, MT11/24/1911p2, MS11/25/1910p1
E. F. A. Bittner Employment Bureau, 208 Phipps Bldg.: MT1/2/1910pB3
Black & White Taxicab Co.: MT3/17/1930p5
Black Bear Coal Co.: MT12/16/1930p7, MN1/4/1931p3, MT6/5/1931p5
Black Bird Store, 1810 W. Main: open: MT8/8/1965pB6, MT12/12/1980p16, MT8/23/2012p3
Black Cat Cafe, 40 S. Central: opening: MT6/13/1931p2
Black Oak Pharmacy: MT1/29/2009
Ray Blackburn Wood Yard, S. Fir: MT4/13/1920p6
Blake, Moffitt & Towne: MT8/4/1977p1
Blockbuster: closing: MT12/30/2011p1
Blue Goose Packing Co.: see American Fruit Growers
Blue Jay, postcards: MT12/9/1909p6
Blue Steel Liniment Factory, 107 N. Front: MT12/9/1911p9
Blue Triangle: see Rogue River Fruit & Produce Assn.
Blue Willow Lunch: MT7/20/1936p7
Bluebird Gallery, Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Bob's Lunch Room and Bakery, 104 W. Main and 7 N. Fir: CP5/6/1926p7; reopened: MT7/9/1926p4, CP11/19/1926p5; closed: MT8/7/1927p2
Bob-In Beauty Shop (Odelle Osborne), Sparta Bldg.: MT1/1/1928pF4
Prof. Boffa, music instructor, Adkins Block: opens: MM12/7/1900p7, MM5/3/1901p7
Bohemian Club, Main & Fir: MN4/15/1936p4, MN/27/1936p6, MN3/5/1937p1, MT5/4/1937p4, MN5/7/1937pp5,6
Bohn-Hutchason Co.: MT9/25/1910p3
Boise Cascade: MT9/8/1998p1, MT3/8/2009
Mrs. Bonar's Homemade Mayonnaise: JN10/17/1924p4
Bonanza Feed Stables, Main and Riverside: DT8/14/1902p1
Irene Bonar Shop, N. Ivy: MT12/10/1924p2
Bonded Warehouse Co., 12th & Front: MT1/1/1913p2, MT1/20/1913p2
H. C. Bonney, wagons, 338 N. Front: MT12/9/1909p6
Bonney's Grill: MN6/4/1937p1
Bonsai Teriyaki: consolidated locations on Barnett Rd.: MT11/11/2013p3
Book Nook: MT12/15/1935
Sabrey Booker Massage Parlor, Oakdale: MM5/19/1905p4
Misses Boosey's Hominy: MT12/5/1913p2
Bootery Shoe Shop, Main & Bartlett: to open: MT5/11/1922p8, MT7/14/1927p3, MT6/9/1931p2, MT3/29/1934p7, MT9/10/1965p1
Bost Laundry, West Second: MS5/4/1911p2
Boston Market, 1250 Biddle: closed: MT11/25/1997p7
BottleDrop Redemption Center, 1179 Stowe Ave.: to open: MT11/8/2014p3
Boulangerie Rue de Main: MT3/31/1998p2
V. A. Bower Fire Extinguisher, 729 W. 13th: CP10/20/1949p11, CP2/12/1953p10
Bowling Center: MT11/14/1941pp7,11
Carl D. Bowman Barber Shop, 105 W. Main: MT12/20/1931p3
Bowman Beauty Shop: MN2/10/1939p2
Bowne Motor Co.: incorporates: OR10/17/1919p26
Bowser Equipment Co., 111 N. Fir: MT8/14/1942p9
Boyd & Conklin, furniture, W. Medford: to open: DT11/26/1902p3; to open Dec. 6: MM12/5/1901p6; see West Side Furniture
Boyd & Conklin Undertakers: MM6/5/1903p2; bought out: MM7/3/1903p7
Boyden & Nicholson Hardware, Adkins Block: opens: MM4/30/1897p7, MM5/28/1897p3, MM5/11/1900p2, MM7/13/1900p2; dissolved: MM2/1/1901p2
H. E. Boyden Hardware, Adkins Bldg.: MM9/27/1901p7, MM8/16/1907p1, MM10/18/1901p7
Boyden Warehouse: MT1/4/1913p3
Boyd's Market: MN2/12/1936p1, MN3/20/1936p2, MN10/30/1936p1
N. B. Bradbury Planing Mill: sold to W. E. Poindexter and A. Johnson: MM1/10/1902p7
C. Earl Bradfish, jeweler, 15 S. Central: MT9/2/1934p9
J. T. Bradley Greenhouse: MT5/22/1910p5
Bradshaw Orchard: MSM5/1909, MT5/24/1912p2
Brainerd's, 40 S. Central: 120 E. Main: MT9/16/1955p10, MT11/8/1987pD9
Joett P. Bray, chiropractor: CP8/11/1932p5, CP4/6/1933p1
Brass Rail roadhouse: MT4/1/1936p2
Brassfield Music Co.: CP12/9/1937p5, CP2/10/1938p4
C. J. Breier Co.: MT4/19/1929p5
J. T. Brewer & Son, 126 S. Riverside: White trucks: MT1/1/1928pE2; Allis-Chalmers agency opens: MT9/9/1934p9
The Bridge restaurant, 317 E. Main: MT1/28/1998pC1
Brill Metal Works, S. Holly: 109 E. Eighth: MT11/11/1928p3, CP12/5/1935p1; next to 2299 W. Main: MT8/1/1965pB2
Brittsan Bros. Second Hand, S. Central: MT7/31/1912p4
J. T. Broadley Greenhouse, Capitol Hill; office MF&H Bldg.: MT11/13/1910p7
Brookhurst Orchard (Ralph Cook):
D. Brooks Tinshop, Eighth & Central: MM7/13/1900p7, MM6/7/1901p6, MM7/19/1901p7, MM10/4/1901p7, MM6/5/1903p6
Brookside Place: MT4/4/1913p6
Brophy's Jewelers: MN10/30/1928, CP3/3/1932p3, MN7/10/1936p2; 209 E. Main: MN6/20/1941p2
Brous & Purdin: MM6/16/1893p3
S. L. Brown & Co. Billiards, N. Front: opens: MM10/23/1908p2
Brown & Brown Billiards, Main & Front: opens: MT9/17/1920p5
Brown & Hall Billiards, 12 N. Front, upstairs: MT12/9/1909p6, MS7/1/1911p3; 218 E. Main: MT12/16/1912, MT12/17/1912p6, MS12/20/1912pp2,4
Brown & Hall Cigar Store: MT10/14/1915p5
Brown & Owen Grocery, Hamlin Block: opens: MM11/7/1902p6, MM12/5/1902p7, MM6/5/1903p7; partnership dissolved: MM8/7/1903p2; sold: MM9/29/1905p5
Brown & Ryan Saloon: MT11/10/1910pC1
Brown & Sons: MN6/27/1941p3
Brown & Wakefield Real Estate: MT1/2/1910pB8
Brown & White Real Estate, 31 N. Fir: MT1/1/1928pH6; Brown & White Insurance 1935: 104 W. Main
W. H. Brown Auto Top Co., N. Front: MT10/13/1919pB1
Mrs. W. I. Brown Millinery, Mission Block: MM3/12/1909p8; 101 W. Main: MM12/4/1908p4
Brown Motor Co.: OR8/23/1919p10
Brown Pharmacy: CP8/11/1932p3
Joe Brown Real Estate: MT1/1/1914pF5
E. G. Brown's Saloon: MW3/27/1913p2, MW4/17/1913p7, MT9/29/1930p8
Brown's Cafe, Main & Front: MT12/18/1923p5, MT9/29/1930p8, MT5/25/1934, MN8/18/1939p1, MN6/27/1941p1, MN4/3/1942p2, MN3/22/1946p5, MN7/15/1949p1
Brown's Cigar Store: MN10/13/1939p2
Brown's Club Barber Shop, 22 N. Front
Brown's Fountain, Main & Front: MT2/22/1916p3, MT2/24/1916p1, MS6/24/1916p2, MT5/10/1920p6, MT5/25/1934p13
Brown's Electric Shop, Eighth & Bartlett: CP11/19/1926p5; sold: MT5/26/1927p3, see Medford Battery & Electric
Brown's Lunch Counter, Main & Front: MN3/22/1946p5
Browne's Hardware, 203 W. Main, Main and Grape: opens: MN5/22/1927p2, MT6/7/1927p2, MN8/2/1928p1, AT9/11/1929p6; 221 W. Main, closing: MT11/4/1931p2
Brownie-Marie Home Bakery Lunch, N. Fir: opens: MT10/23/1927p3
Brownie Studio: see Shangle Studio
Brownie's Plumbing & Heating: CP2/12/1953p11
Browning Cafe, 517 N. Central: CP10/20/1949p7
Brownlee & Lindley Grocery, 327 E. Main: MT1/1/1914pC5
Brownlee Grocery: 27 E. Main: MS11/26/1916p6
Broyles Wholesale: MT5/25/1952p11
Brumble Delivery & Dray Line: MM10/11/1901p7
Bruno's Pizza: becomes Baci's Pizza: MT11/11/2011pB10
Bryden's: MT12/18/1983
Buckeye Orchard: OR3/22/1910p1, OR10/19/1915p6
Buckingham Crest: CP3/3/1932p6
Builders Service, 2802 Crater Lake Hwy.: RT1/28/1955p6
Builders Supplies, Inc.: CP6/1/1939p1, MN6/2/1939p1, MN6/30/1939p1, MT2/8/1956p12
Building Materials, Inc., 944 S. Central: MT12/22/1963pB1
Building Specialties Co., 33 N. Bartlett: SR6/25/1910p2, MS1/8/1911p5, MS4/21/1911p7; 318 E. Main: MT1/3/1912p2
Building Specialty & Appliance: MN8/3/1945p1
Bullis Interurban Co.: OR2/13/1916p66
Bullis Truck Lines, 1111 Court: CP10/20/1949p8
The Bunch of Grapes, confectionery, 4 S. Fir: MM4/3/1909p5
Dr. Bundy, dentist: MM10/26/1900p7
Bungalow addition, N. Orange area: MM10/16/1908p1, MM9/3/1909p2, MT1/20/1911p4
Bungalow Grocery, Orange & Main: MT1/1/1911p3, MT1/20/1911p4, MT5/31/1919p2; 409 N. Riverside, MN2/12/1937pB4
Bungalow Skating Rink: open: MT11/2/1909p1, MT11/6/1909p7
Burbidge the Coal Man, 12th & Front: MS7/31/1911p6
Burch's Shoes, 30 N. Central: planned: MT9/2/1965p6; to open: MT3/9/1966p8; closing: MT8/13/1986p18
Burdick addition: MS4/6/1911p6
Burelson's Ready to Wear, S. Central: MT6/6/1929p3, MDN11/20/1930p5, MT1/22/1931, MT12/14/1933p7, MT12/15/1933p7; 31 N. Central: MT1/15/1934p1, MT2/9/1934pB1, CP2/8/1934p1, MT5/4/1934pp5,7, MN6/12/1935p1, MN10/30/1936p1, MN11/20/1936p4, MN2/10/1939p2, MN3/3/1939p2, MT11/1/1939p7, MN3/29/1940p2, CP2/28/1946p1, MT9/15/1963pB3
F. O. Burgess & Co.: MS2/10/1911p1
Burgoyne's Club, Hwy. 99 S.
Burk Auto Top Co., 314 E. Main: MT1/20/1935p3
Burmeister's, 1263 S. Peach: to open: MT1/28/1966, MT2/4/1966pp6,B5, MT2/2/1984pB1
Dr. Burnett, dentist: MM12/7/1900p2
Oral Burnett Jewelry, Main & Central: MM9/8/1905p5
Burrell Investment Co.: MM8/31/1906p5
Burrell Orchards: TR8/31/1906p1, MM8/31/1906p5, MM1/10/1908p4, MM11/20/1908p1, MM5/7/1909p5; sold: MT2/17/1910p1, MT2/20/1910pB9, MT9/5/1910p4, MT9/18/1910p4, OR12/24/1910p6, MT1/1/1911pC4, MT3/24/1911p1, MT1/22/1912p6, MT8/26/1920p6
Burrill Lumber Co.: closing: MT12/4/1997p1
Burrows Orchard: OR6/12/1910p48
Burr's Music House: MM4/16/1909p4
Buster Brown Shoe Store, S. Central: MT3/14/1929p3, MN3/26/1937
Busy Bee Cafe: MN3/7/1947p1
Busy Corner Motor Co.: MT5/28/1921, CP3/25/1926p5, CP9/30/1926p4
Butler & Green painters, Sixth & Front: MM8/17/1900p7
Basil N. Butler, jeweler, opposite Nash Hotel: MM5/11/1900p5; to move next door: MM4/5/1901p6; N. Central and Main: MM6/5/1903p5, MM6/16/1905p2; in Medford Furniture store: MM8/11/1905p8; "Stewart Bldg., next door to Bakery": MM5/4/1906p3; Vawter-Brophy Bldg.: MM8/24/1906p5
Butler Realty: MN3/14/1947p2
George A. Butt, jeweler: 135 W. Main: MM5/21/1909p6; 202 W. Main: MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB11; 206 W. Main: SR6/25/1910p2
Butte Creek Orchards: MT6/28/1927p6
Butte Creek Sugar Pine Co.: OR9/11/1907p11
Butte Falls & Western Electric Railroad Co.: MM6/25/1909p5, MW2/15/1912p2
Buttercloud Bakery, 310 Genessee: MT4/26/2014p8
C. S. Butterfield Real Estate: MT1/1/1928pH8; Medford Center Bldg.: MN6/13/1941p1, MN6/13/1942p1
C. S. Butterfield & W. G. Davidson Grocery, W. 11th: MS1/23/1914p3, MT9/4/1916p2
Butternut Bread Co.: CP4/15/1926p3
Bybee & Neil: see West Side Market
C Street Barber Shop: MM5/9/1902p7
C. & E. Fruit Co., Inc.: organizes: CP5/27/1926p3, JN5/28/1926p1
D. T. Cox & Jos. Scott C Street Livery Stable, Sixth & Central: to open: MM1/31/1902p7
Cab Cafe: MN8/9/1946
Cactus Motel, 934 S. Riverside: MT4/7/1961p3
Cadwell Cafe, 410 E. Main: closed: MT10/29/1935p10
Cafe Med: see The Club at Cafe Med
Cahow Motor Car Co.: MS2/26/1911p8
Cakery Kisses, Hwy. 62: MT10/17/2012pC1
Cal-Ore Machinery Co., 944 S. Central: 1105 Court: MT1/1/1957p10
Calhoun Sisters Confectionery, 8 S. Central: MT3/13/1910p5
California Coal Co.: MM1/22/1909p1
California-Oregon Power Co.: forms: MT2/7/1912p1, MS2/8/1912p1, CH2/8/1912p4, CH3/15/1912p1, MW4/4/1912p3, MW5/23/1912p2, MS6/8/1912p1, MW8/8/1912p6, MT9/5/1912p3, CH9/12/1912p1, MW9/12/1912p6, MT9/26/1912p6, MW10/3/1912p6, CH10/24/1912p1, MW10/24/1912pp2,3, MS12/1/1912p2, MT12/5/1912p1, MS12/6/1912p1, MS12/10/1912p1, MW12/12/1912p6, MW12/26/1912p4, MW1/30/1913p1, MW2/13/1913pp5,7, MT1/1/1914ppF2,4, MT1/1/1915ppB2-3, CH1/7/1915p1, CH1/27/1916p1, MT3/8/1916p4, MT3/13/1918p6, JN2/20/1925, CP2/4/1926pp3,5, CP3/25/1926p4, CP4/22/1926p4, CP8/5/1926p1, CP8/19/1926p1, CP10/22/1926p4, CP11/5/1926p1, CP11/19/1926p4, CP12/10/1926p1, SM1927pp14,17,22, AA1/14/1927p5, AA2/25/1927p7, AA3/4/1927p1, AA3/11/1927p1, MT1/1/1928pF2, MT12/31/1929pC8, MT2/16/1930p1, MN3/9/1930p8, CP11/27/1931p1, CP12/4/1931p2, CP1/14/1932p3, CP2/18/1932p3, CP1/5/1933p1, CP4/12/1934p1, CP5/17/1934p2, CP7/25/1935p1, CP2/20/1936p1, MN3/20/1936p1, CP9/24/1936p3, MN1/22/1937p4, MN10/7/1938p5, MN4/7/1939p4, MN10/20/1939p2, CP1/4/1940p1, MN1/5/1940p1, CP2/1/1940p1, CP2/15/1940p1, MN3/29/1940p1, CP4/18/1940p1, MN4/26/1940pp1,2, CP1/9/1941p4, MN5/30/1941p2, CP9/17/1942p3, CP7/22/1943p4, MN7/23/1943p3, CP7/27/1943p1, CP2/1/1945p3, MN2/2/1945pp1,4, CP3/1/1945p1, MN12/7/1945p1, CP8/1/1946pp1,2, MN8/2/1946p1, CP7/3/1947p3, MN8/29/1947p1, CP10/23/1947p1, CP12/18/1947p6, CP2/5/1948p1, MN2/20/1948p1, CP5/6/1948p1, MS9/17/1948p1, CP3/17/1949p1, MS3/18/1949p1, MS8/12/1949p1, MN8/19/1949p1, MN10/14/1949p1, CP12/8/1949p3, MN12/9/1949p2, CP12/15/1949p4, CP12/22/1949p2, MN12/23/1949p1, MN6/16/1950p1, MN12/1/1950p1, CP12/7/1950p3, SM1950pp17,22,62,63, MN4/19/1951p8, CP5/14/1953p1, CP12/17/1953p4, CP2/17/1955p4
California-Pacific Utilities Co., 229 W. Main: MN4/12/1940p1, MN2/14/1947p1, MN4/28/1950p1, SM1950p9, MT5/20/1979pD1, CP2/12/1953p17
California Petroleum Corp.: SM1927p25
Callahan's: MT3/23/2014p1
Camelo Cleaners: MR4/11/1932p1
Cameo Beauty Salon: MN2/10/1939, MN2/10/1939p2, MN3/24/1939p2, MN5/26/1950p3
Cameo Hat Shop, Russell's: MT7/6/1927p2; 42 S. Central: to open: MN8/26/1927p3, MT9/14/1927pC3
The Camera Shop: MN1/12/1945p4
Cameron & Meyers Shoes, Wilkinson-Swem Bldg.: opens: MM3/2/1906p5, MM3/9/1906pC8, MM4/13/1906p5; sell: MM6/8/1906p5
Cameron & Moffitt Lumber Co., Barnett Rd.: open: MN11/3/1944p1
Camp Withus, Berrydale: MT1/2/1927p1, MN5/29/1927p12, MT7/30/1927p3, MT1/1/1928
Campbell's Dairy, 602 S. Central: CP10/20/1949p9
G. S. & J. L. Campbell Bros. Sheet Metal Works, 8th & Grape: to open: MT12/31/1926p6, MT1/2/1927pp2,6, MT1/1/1928pG3
Charles J. Campbell Clothing Co., 105 E. Main: MT6/24/1927p7; opens: MN6/25/1927p5
J. S. Campbell Real Estate, First National Bank Bldg.: MT8/15/1912p6
The Canteen: MN10/26/1945p6
Canton Restaurant, above 33 S. Front: to open: MT4/4/1910p5, MT4/8/1910p4, MS4/29/1911p4
Emmett Cantrall Service Station, Fourth & Central: MN6/20/1941p2
Cantwell's Market, Progress Drive: to open: MT11/13/1997pC1
Capitol Hill addition: MT9/5/1910p6
Capitol Hill, Inc.: incorporates: MT10/30/1910p14
Captain Hook's Restaurant: MT8/9/1974p22
Carey Bakery, N. Riverside: opens: MM7/9/1909p5; MT3/13/1910p5
Cargill Court: CP5/26/1932p1, MT5/13/1936p1, MT7/13/1941p10
Carkin & Taylor: JP3/4/1916p3
Carl's Corner, 100 W. Main: MT5/25/1970p1
Dr. Eva Mains Carlow, Liberty Bldg.: MT1/1/1928pF4
Carlton Nursery: MN4/17/1942p3, MN2/1/1946
Emmet J. Carpenter, chiropractor: CP12/11/1931p4, CP3/3/1932p5
Jack Carpenter's Shoe Store, Craterian Bldg.: 227 E. Sixth: MT7/13/1927p2
Carriage House: MT2/10/1969p1, MT2/11/1969pB1
E. W. Carver's Warehouse: SM1898p5
Cascade Coal Co.: MM12/25/1908p8, MM3/19/1909p5, MM4/9/1909p1, MM4/16/1909p1, MM5/21/1909p1, MM6/11/1909p5, MM7/23/1909p8, MM10/1/1909p1, MM10/8/1909p1, MS5/30/1911p7, MS5/23/1911p6, MW2/15/1912p2
Cascade Dental Laboratory: MT2/11/1969pB1
Cascade-Manhattan Advertising: MT3/29/1981pB7
Cascade Supply: RT3/2/1956pB3
Cascade Wood Products: MT10/27/1987
Cash-Davis Pharmacy, Main and Grape: see West Main Pharmacy
Casino Lunch Restaurant, 17 S. Front: reto open: MN12/8/1944pp1,2
Caskey & Dean blacksmith shop, 8th & Riverside: MM12/4/1908p8, MM12/11/1908p5
Caskey & Elliott blacksmiths: dissolved: MT2/26/1911p7
Caskey Blacksmith Shop, S. Bartlett: sold to C. L. Allen: MT11/5/1914p5
J. C. "Charlie" Cass Auto Wreckers: CP8/5/1926p3; 1112-1116 S. Riverside: MT1/1/1928pE6,7, CP3/3/1932p5, CP8/20/1936p3
Cass Bros. Gun Shop, 1112 S. Riverside: CP10/20/1949p11
Cast Technologies: MT2/9/1992
Art Cearley Taxi, 42 N. Front
Cedar Landing: MT1/29/2014pB8
Cedar Lodge Inn, 518 N. Riverside: MT6/20/2013p1
The Cedars at Bear Creek, S. Pacific Hwy.: MT9/20/2013p1
The Cellar, Eighth & Riverside: reopens: MT1/4/1999p11
Cellar Club, Main and Bartlett: MT12/21/1962p1
Center for Spiritual Awareness: MT2/3/1988pB1
Central Barber Shop, 12 S. Central: Chuck Clemans, closing: MT1/3/2012p3
Central Drug: MT4/16/1950p11
Central Graphic & Art Supply, 6th & Central: MT3/23/1989pD12
Central Market, 437 S. Central: MN3/24/1939p2, CP2/12/1953p11; see also Pottenger
CenturyLink, Stewart Ave.: closing in June: MT3/22/2014p1
C'est Bon Seafood: MT2/17/1980pB1
Chalet Motel, 6th & Riverside: MT11/19/1961p3
Chamber of Commerce: MT4/27/1934p13, MT11/19/1944p9
Champion Sales and Service, 317 E. Fifth: bought by Leever Motor Co.: MT11/30/1947p7
Chan & Kong Herb Co., 331 E. Main: MMT11/5/1930p6
Chapel of the Rocks & Roses Mortuary, 104 S. Oakdale: to open: MT8/10/1945p6, CP9/15/1949p1, MN9/16/1949p1, MT4/18/1965pB1; see Chapel Mortuary
Chapel Mortuary, 1 King St.: CP9/15/1949p1, MN9/16/1949p1, CP2/12/1953p16, RT3/25/1955p2; see Chapel of the Rocks & Roses
Chapman Jewelry: MN7/11/1947p6
Charles' Barber Shop, 423 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7
Charm Cottage, 227 S. Central
Charter Communications: MT5/9/2014pB1, MT5/12/2014p3
Chase's Groceteria Flower Shop: MT8/16/1959p14
Chateau du Comte: MN9/25/1936p1
Chavner orchard: MT2/7/1910p2
Chef Fong's, 145 S. Central: MTTempo8/1/1986p47
Chelgren Bros.: MS9/18/1912p1
Chessmore & Myers, feed store, between Main & Riverside and bridge: to open: MM5/31/1901p6, MM9/13/1901p7; Main & South A: MM11/15/1901p6, MM11/22/1901p6; sold to H. C. Austin: MM11/29/1901p6; see Austin Feed Store
Chet & Andy's Service Station: MN1/10/1936p1
Chicken Hut: MN8/4/1944p1
Chicken Pie Shop, Eighth & Bartlett
S. Childers, contractor & builder: MM5/11/1900p3
Childers & Son, brickmasons: ST3/13/1888p4
McGowan's China Bazaar, Main & Fir: MM9/21/1894p3
China Herb Co.: MT5/20/1918p4, CP8/22/1940p2
Chipotle: already in Northgate Center, to build in Southside Center: MT3/20/2018p3
Chow Young Chinese Medicine, Ashland: MT1/2/1910p7; 123 S. Riverside: MT4/29/1910p7; 241 S. Front: MT10/10/1911p7; see Gim Chung
Christian Medical Foundation Hospital: see Southern Oregon Hospital, Medford
Christian's Pharmacy: from 14 N. Central to 333 N. Riverside: MT11/21/2014pB3
Chuck-E-Cheese, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Chuck's Market: MT4/18/1957p10
Chuck's Pump Shop, Beekman Ave.: CP10/20/1949p11
Chungking Inn, 28 N. Front: MN12/21/1945p2, MN2/7/1947p1, MT12/14/1958p1, MT12/16/1958p1
Cider Mill Service Station, Berrydale: MT7/30/1927p3
Cielo Salon, 1 W. Sixth: MT11/25/2013p5
Cinderella Beauty Shop, S. Central: to open: MT1/8/1929p10, MT12/27/1929p4, CP7/25/1935p1
Cinderella Store, 44 S. Central: MT1/8/1929p10, MT1/11/1929p4, MT2/12/1934p8
Cine 4 Movieplex: MT4/29/1983, MT9/14/1983pB1
Cinema Center: MT8/3/1972
Citizens Telephone Co.: MM2/12/1909p3; organizes: TR3/4/1909p1, TR3/15/1909p1, TR3/18/1909p1, MM3/26/1909p2, TR3/20/1909p1, MM4/23/1909p1, MM4/30/1909pp2,8, MW2/15/1912p2
City Center Motel, 324 S. Central: MT6/4/1978, MT6/6/1978
City Cleaning & Dyeing Works, S. Riverside: MT5/26/1921p6, MN4/7/1939p4
City Meat Market, E. Main: MM4/19/1901p2, MM5/3/1901p6, MM10/18/1901p6, MM11/29/1901p6; 121 N. Central: MT5/18/1928pp4,7, MT6/8/1929pB4, CP3/3/1932p4, MN11/27/1937p1, MN7/14/1939p3, MN10/13/1939p2, MN5/31/1940p2, MN5/30/1941p2, MN9/4/1942p3, MT4/11/1946p11, CP2/12/1953p16
City Planing Mill: SM1898p2
City Sanitary Service Co.: MN6/7/1940p2, CP1/10/1946p2, CP4/4/1946p1, MN8/26/1949, MN5/17/1951
City Transfer & Storage: MN1/10/1947p1, MN6/13/1947p5
Clarenden Hotel: MM9/7/1889p4, SM1890p1, SM1893p3, MM10/4/1895p5; see also Commercial Hotel
Clarion, 126 N. Front: CL6/9/1924p1
Clark & Foster, architects: MT9/4/1910pB1
Clark-Henery Construction Co.: CH3/31/1910p1, MT4/4/1910p1, MT4/24/1910p1, MT7/24/1910pB1, MT9/19/1910p1, MS12/1/1910p1, MS12/21/1910p1, MS1/11/1911p1, CH2/2/1911p1, MW2/2/1911p2, CH2/9/1911p1, CH2/23/1911p4, MS2/25/1911p1, MS3/28/1911p1, MT3/30/1911p1, MS4/7/1911p1, MS4/11/1911pp1,6, MT4/12/1911p6, MS4/19/1911p1, MS4/20/1911p1, MS4/22/1911p1, MS4/29/1911p1, MS4/30/1911p8, MT5/7/1911pB1, MS5/31/1911p1, MT6/4/1911p1, CH6/15/1911p1, MS6/25/1911pp4,7, MS6/27/1911p6, MS6/28/1911p3, MS7/9/1911p3, MS7/12/1911p1, CH8/31/1911p1, CH9/7/1911p1, MS9/8/1911p6, CH10/19/1911p1, CH10/28/1911p1, CH11/9/1911p1, MS12/28/1911p1, SM1911p25, CH4/11/1912p5, MW4/11/1912p1, MW4/25/1912p4, MW5/16/1912p3, MS7/19/1912p1, MT7/19/1912p3, MT7/23/1912p6, MW8/8/1912p3, MW8/22/1912p1, MT8/30/1912p3, MS9/18/1912pp1,2, MT9/18/1912p6, MT10/9/1912p6, MT10/30/1912p6, MT10/31/1912p6, MW10/31/1912p7, MW12/12/1912p3, MT1/1/1913pB1, MT1/9/1913p3, MT3/10/1913p8, MW3/13/1913p6, MW4/17/1913pp1,3, MT10/3/1913p3, MT1/1/1914pF1, JP7/11/1914p3, JP8/1/1914p3, MT1/1/1915pD4, MT5/30/1919p2
Frank C. Clark, architect, 219 W. Main: MT1/1/1915pD3
Leland Clark Insurance, N. Bartlett: MT4/19/1939p3
Clauss Motors, 5th & Bartlett
Larry Claussen Advertising Inc.: MT3/29/1981pB7
F. W. Clayton, watchmaker: ST3/13/1888p3
Clayton Orchards: MT7/2/1911p5
Clean Grocery, E. Main: closed: MM8/16/1907p2
Cleo's News Stand, Palm Bldg., Main and Fir: MN5/25/1927p2, MT6/8/1927p3; Sparta Building: MT8/19/1931p8, CP8/9/1934p1
Cline's Grocery Store, N. Bartlett: MT9/16/1910p1(cont.)
Cline Piano Co.: CP6/1/1933p3
Cock Restaurant, Main & Bartlett: MT3/19/1967pB2
Clogston's Cabinet Shop: CP10/20/1949p8
Clothes Closet, 167 E. Main: MT1/27/2013pB3
Clover Leaf Dairy Lunch, E. Main: opening: TA6/16/1933p2
Cloverleaf Rabbitry: MT1/1/1928pG6
Cloverhill Golden Guernsey Dairy: MN12/18/1936p2, MN4/10/1942p2, MN11/27/1942p1
The Club at Cafe Med, Main & Riverside: opens: MTTempo8/1/1986p47
Club Cafe: MW1/12/1911p2, MR4/11/1932; "New Club Cafe" opens tomorrow: MT8/14/1925p3, MT8/31/1927p3, MT2/15/1928p3, MT9/22/1928p2, MT12/13/1935p10
Club Cigar Store, W. Main, H. S. Boise: MT12/1/1923p5, MT4/25/1929p3
Coady & Town Garage: MN5/17/1946p3
Cobblestone Village, 1237 N. Riverside: MT4/8/1984, MT10/7/1984, MT12/3/1984
Coca-Cola Bottling Co.: MN5/30/1941p2
J. H. Cochran Life Insurance: MT1/2/1910pB4
Cockerline Bros. Livery Stable: MM3/31/1905p1
B. J. Cofer Restaurant, Halley Block: MM11/2/1900p7
Coffee Ann's, Nash Corner: enlarged: TA7/7/1933p4
The Coffee Pot, 1132  S. Riverside: MN6/20/1941p2, MN3/15/1942p2, MN4/10/1942p2, MN3/15/1946, CP3/21/1946p2, CP8/22/1946p2
Coffeen & Price, plumbers: MT1/2/1910pB6; 15-17 N. Fir: MT1/1/1914pB5
Cecil H. Coghill, painter, 108 Washington: CP10/20/1949p10
Coker Butte Coal Mfg. Co.: MT5/20/1918p4
Coker Butte Orchard: MM7/17/1908p5, MM9/4/1908p1, MM7/16/1909p2
Cold Stone Creamery, Medford Center: MT9/26/2015pB10
L. C. Coleman Cigar Factory: see Rogue River Valley Cigar Works
Hugh Coleman Edsel Sales, 6th & Fir: RT8/30/1957p12
College Hill addition: MS3/5/1911p3, MS3/15/1911p1
Collins & King Turf Exchange Saloon (q.v.): dissolves: MM8/24/1900p7
Collins Art Store: bought by D. S. Wood: MT1/8/1913p4, MS1/8/1913p6, MW1/9/1913p1
Bob Collins Mobil Service, Central & Jackson: CP10/20/1949p7
The Colonial: closing: MT12/26/1923pp3,8
Colonial Bakery: CP8/19/1926p3, CP11/19/1926p5, MT9/8/1927p6, MT9/14/1927pD7, MT1/1/1928pD6, CP8/11/1932p4, CP8/3/1933p3
Colonial Club: MT12/10/1967pC1
Colonial Inn, 305 S. Riverside: opens tomorrow: MT10/16/1946p7
Colonial Flats: OR9/14/1916p20
Colonial Garage, Sixth & Ivy: MT10/24/1921p1, MT1/2/1927, MT11/6/1927p4, MT1/1/1928pD4,E4, CP2/6/1941p4
Color Tile, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Columbia Optical: MT10/13/1960pB1
Columbia Tire Corp., 127 N. Riverside: coming: MT11/22/1922p5
Colvig & Durham: dissolved: MM10/16/1908p1
Colvig & Reames, attorneys: dissolved: MM11/30/1900p2, formed again: MM10/16/1908p1
Colvig Drugs, 104 W. Main: open: MT1/1/1928pF4; "next door to the Rialto": AT9/11/1929p7; sold to W. H. Gardner: MT5/12/1931p3
Combined Transport: MT1/7/2013pB4
Commercial Club: organizing: MM2/28/1902p2, MM3/7/1902p6, MM3/14/1902p2; to open in Natatorium: SR10/22/1910p4; moving to Exhibit Bldg.: OR3/30/1911p11
Commercial Finance Corp.: First National Bank Bldg.: MT1/3/1925p8, to open: MT4/10/1927p8, MT7/18/1927p8, MT1/1/1928pG5, CP3/3/1932p5, MT4/14/1935p9, MN7/14/1939p3; First National Bank Bldg.: MN6/20/1941p2; Sparta Bldg.: MN4/3/1942p2, MN9/30/1949p1, MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2
Commercial Hotel, Main & Fir: MM1/29/1887p7, MM5/28/1897p3, SM1898p5; see also Clarenden Hotel
Commercial Printing Co., 30 N. Grape: MT8/14/1945p10, MN3/29/1946p1, MN7/27/1945p6, CP10/20/1949p11, CP2/12/1953p16
Commercial Transfer & Storage: MN2/7/1947p1, SM1950p11
Common Block Brewing: MT8/19/2015pB5; begun hiring: MT9/24/2016p3; opened last week: MT1/2/2017p3
Community Bank of Commerce, 10 Crater Lake Ave.: name changed to People's Bank of Commerce: MT7/31/1997pC1
Community Hospital: MS12/30/1910p1, MT9/2/1922, MS7/29/1923, SM1927p68, CP9/9/1937p1, MN5/28/1948p2, MN10/8/1948p1, MN10/14/1949p1, SM1950p68
Compass House, Ivy St.: to open in June: MT1/15/2014p3
The Computer Chip: MT12/12/1980p16
Computerland, Medford Shopping Center: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Condor Water & Power Co.: MM12/5/1902p6, MM7/22/1904p1, MM8/5/1904p1, MM8/12/1904p8, MM3/3/1905p1, MM3/9/1906pC1, MM4/13/1906p8, TR4/16/1906p4, MM4/16/1909p1, CH4/26/1906pp1,3, CH5/24/1906p1, CH1/17/1907p1; 209 W. Main: CH8/1/1907p1, CH9/5/1907p3, CH11/28/1907p3, CH12/19/1907p1, MM12/27/1907p5, CH7/23/1908p1, MM8/21/1908p5, CH10/1/1908p1, CH10/22/1908pp1,2, CH11/12/1908p4, CH12/10/1908p4, CH12/17/1908p4, CH12/24/1908p1; name changed to Rogue River Electrical Co: MM9/11/1908p1, CH8/12/1909p4, MW9/12/1912p6, MW10/31/1912p1, AA1/14/1927p5, CP5/6/1948p1
H. W. Conger Funeral Parlors: CP5/6/1926p6, MT12/31/1928, CP8/11/1932p3, CP1/26/1933p1, MN12/31/1943p1, CP1/6/1944p3, MT3/13/1944p4
Conger-Morris Mortuary, 715 W. Main: MN12/31/1943p1, CP1/6/1944p3, CP11/22/1945p2, MN6/28/1946p1, CP2/22/1951p2, CP6/17/1954p3
Guy W. Conner Fruit Packing: MT1/1/1915pC6, SM1927p20; receiver named: MT7/11/1927p3; MT6/4/1934p10
Dr. Robert J. Conroy: returns: MT8/9/1919p2
Drs. Conroy & Clancy Hospital: MT12/22/1909p2; dissolved: MT12/21/1912p2, MT7/9/1953
Conser Groceries, 523 E. Main: MT1/1/1914pB5; 610 E. Main: MT1/1/1915pC2
Consolidated Freightways, Inc.: SM1950p60
Cook & Whiteside Harness Shop: MM7/13/1906p5
Cookie Connection, Medford Shopping Center: opened: MT11/19/1984p3; MT9/11/1991
Cook's Beauty Shop, Sparta Bldg: CP10/26/1939p1, CP10/20/1949p11, MN8/18/1950p2
Cook's Grocery: MS2/4/1911p1, MN8/1/1947p1
Cooksey Motors: CP9/7/1939p1, CP3/28/1940p3, CP11/6/1941p1, MN11/9/1945p3; Ninth & Riverside: MT6/14/1946p3, MT6/19/1946, MT8/28/1949p16
W. G. Cooper & Son, harness maker: ST3/13/1888p1
Cooperative Fruit Assn.: see Rogue River Cooperative Fruit Growers' League
J. W. Copeland Lumber Co.: MN6/30/1939p1, CP7/13/1939p1, MN7/14/1939p1, MN7/28/1939p1, MN10/20/1939p2, MN5/30/1941p3, MN3/27/1942p2, MN9/4/1942p3, SM1950pp53,84, MT7/12/1981
COPCO: see California-Oregon Power Co.
Copy Quik: MT12/13/1990pC6
Corbin Orchard: MT8/5/1920p6
Core Business Services: MT8/2/2014pB4
C. H. Corey, baker: MM7/26/1907p5
Corey's Grocery: MT5/14/1925p6
E. C. Corn Realty: MT1/1/1928pH6
Corner Inn, 204 S. Central: MN8/4/1944p1
Cornitius-Garner Realty: MT12/15/1910p4, MS4/5/1911p1
Coronet Fashion Shop, 225 W, 6th: MN4/16/1948, CP5/5/1949p4
Corrine's Flowers & Gifts, Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Grove Corum cleaners, Miles Block, Rialto Bldg.: MM4/19/1990p2
Mrs. C. L. Corwin Millinery: moved: Wolf Bldg., N. Central: MM5/12/1905p4
H. M. Coss Piano House: to open "opposite F. K. Deuel's store": MM5/25/1900pp6,7, MM6/15/1900p6, MM6/22/1900p6, MM7/6/1900p7, MM7/13/1900p7, MM7/20/1900p6, MM8/17/1900p7, MM9/28/1900p7, MM10/12/1900p6, MM11/16/1900p7, MM11/30/1900p7, MM12/21/1900p2, MM1/11/1901p7, MM4/12/1901p6, MM4/26/1901pp2,6, MM5/10/1901p6, MM5/24/1901p7, MM6/28/1901p2; "Mrs. J. O. Johnson residence on A St., between 7th and 6th": MM10/11/1901p6, MM11/22/1901p6, MM1/31/1902p7, MM2/14/1902p2; White-Thomas Bldg.: MM4/18/1902p3, MM4/25/1902p6, MM5/9/1902p6, MM6/5/1903p6; in Coss residence, W. Tenth, one block south of school: MM10/16/1903p1, MM6/23/1905; hiatus: MM8/17/1906p4
Costco: MT4/12/1991p1, MT9/21/1991, MT10/9/1991, MT3/26/2015p1
Coté Medical Massage, 336 S. Riverside: CP10/20/1949p12, CP2/12/1953p10
Carl Cothermon auto paint shop, 118 S. Central: MT10/25/1913p7, MT10/27/1913p2
Cottage Barber Shop, N. Central: MM8/28/1908p6; 7 S. Riverside: MT12/20/1931p3
Cottage Grocery, N. Riverside: opens: MM5/14/1909p3, MM5/28/1909p3, MS7/15/1911p6
The Cottage restaurant, Tenth and King: opens: MT12/29/1910p2, MT12/30/1910p5
G. W. Coulter's Paint Shop, Purdin Bldg., N. Bartlett: MM5/28/1905p4
Country Club Village Estates: MT10/29/1997pC1
Countryman Shoe Repair: MM5/11/1906p5
Court Street Cafe, 1182 Court: CP10/20/1949p12
Court Street Grocery, Court and North Central: MT4/19/1931p2
Court Street Repair, 1158 Court: CP10/20/1949p7, CP2/12/1953p7
J. W. Cox Restaurant, "opposite the Union Stables": opens: MM10/18/1901p6, MM11/22/1901p7; see Model Restaurant
Rufus Cox & Son: dissolved: MM12/22/1893p2
Cozy Nook Cafe, Sparta Building, 403 E. Main: open: MT9/13/1921p2, CP2/11/1926p5, CP5/6/1926p3, MN8/11/1950p7(2)
Cozy Shining Parlor, 14 S. Central: open: MT3/14/1914p5
Cracker Barrel, 1445 Center Drive: under construction: MT3/20/2018p3
F. L. Cranfill, Opera Block: MM7/12/1901p6, MM5/12/1910p8
Cranfill & Hutchison: MM5/28/1897p3
The Crater, confectionery: MM5/28/1897p3; long closed: MM3/21/1902p7
Crater Beaver Fur Farm: MT1/2/1927pB3
Crater Cafe, Fourth and Riverside
Crater Credit Assn., Room 6, Sparta Bldg.: CP2/12/1953p14
Crater Gift Shop: MN1/12/1951p2
Crater Electric, 305 Chestnut: CP1/13/1955p1
Crater Furniture, 220 N. Bartlett: MT2/6/1966p10
Crater Hotel: MN8/29/1941, MN10/6/1944p1; fire: MT5/14/1957p1; see also Palace Hotel
Crater Inn Motel, 841 S. Riverside: open: MT8/31/1947p7
Crater Lake Auto Paint Co., 601 N. Grape and Berrydale: MT6/27/1927p2, CP5/11/1933p1
Crater Lake Automotive Co.: MS7/14/1911p1, MT10/31/1926p4, MT1/2/1927
Crater Lake Box Factory: MS12/22/1911p1
Crater Lake Club: proposed: MM7/25/1902p1
Crater Lake Confectionery, basement, Medford Bldg.: MT6/3/1927p3, MT6/26/1927p2, MT7/7/1927p8
Crater Lake Ford: see Crater Lake Motors
Crater Lake Fuel Co., 4-5 Sparta Bldg.: organizes: MT3/12/1911, MS5/28/1911p7
Crater Lake Garage, Main & Riverside: MW2/9/1911p5, MS4/1/1911p5, MT4/2/1911pC2, MT4/11/1911p8, MT7/2/1911, MS5/15/1913p2; 33 S. Bartlett: MT9/20/1912p6; sold to E. E. Waters: AT6/13/1919p1, MT7/23/1921, MT12/27/1929p4
Crater Lake Greenhouse, 1036-1048 Crater Lake Ave.: MT3/18/1966p2
Crater Lake Hardware Co., Main & Bartlett: JP7/19/1919p1, MS7/20/1919pp2,3, MT7/22/1919p3, CP7/22/1926p4; sold to Bernstein & Director: MT10/18/1927p3, MT4/24/1966p3
Crater Lake Laundry, 603 N. Central: MT4/24/1910p2, MT5/5/1910p4; opens: MT6/5/1910p8, MS6/18/1911pB4, MS6/25/1911p2, MS8/6/1911p2, SM1911p5, MS5/27/1916p4
Crater Lake Lumber Co.: PH1907, MM5/29/1908pp3,8, CH10/22/1908pp1,2; sold: MM12/11/1908p1, MM9/17/1909p1, SO10/23/1909p1, SM1911p9, MN6/27/1941p2; 613 E. Jackson: MN4/3/1942p2, SM1950p63
Crater Lake Machinery Co., N. Pacific Hwy.: formed: MT9/30/1949p12
Crater Lake Motor Car Co., 16-18 S. Fir: to open: MT2/7/1914p8, MS2/13/1914p3, MT1/1/1915pD7, AT4/22/1919p7
Crater Lake Motors, W. Main: MN1/10/1941p1, MT3/11/1945p1, MN8/24/1945p1, MT6/30/1946p7, MT7/1/1946p5, MN7/5/1946p5, MN10/25/1946, MT8/6/1948p11, MN11/24/1950, CP3/22/1951p2, CP2/25/1954p1, MT7/6/1966p14, MT7/2/1993
Crater Lake Orchard Co.: MN6/9/1950p1
Crater Lake Paint Shop: MT1/1/1928pE4
Crater Lake Service Station, Main & Almond: to open Saturday: MT4/3/1924p3
Crater Meat Co.: MN10/20/1939p2, MN12/22/1944p4, MN3/1/1946, MN3/8/1946p1, MN5/17/1946p1, MN7/19/1946p1, MT7/30/1946, MN8/2/1946p1, SM1950key,p53
Crater Metal & Engineering Co., 142 N. Front: MN6/20/1941p3
Crater Music Co.: MT7/24/1981p1F2
Crater National Bank, 122 E. Main: MT1/2/1966p7, MT1/25/1966p11, MT3/13/1966p1, MT4/24/1966pD4; moving to E. 8th: MT2/18/1968p1; to build at 101 E. 8th: MT1/26/1969pB3
Crater Saloon: building moved to Main & Central: MM2/19/1897p7
Craterian Beauty Shop, 41 S. Central: CP6/27/1935p3, MN6/13/1941p1, MN3/27/1942p2, MN6/13/1942p1, CP10/20/1949p11
Craterian Theatre: MT5/24/1924p6, MT6/28/1924, MT9/8/1924p5, MT9/25/1924, MT10/1/1924, MT10/15/1924, MT10/17/1924, JN10/17/1924p5, MS10/19/1924p3, MT10/21/1924, MT10/26/1924, CP12/31/1926p3, MT1/2/1927p3, MT5/16/1928p2, MT5/17/1928p8, MT5/18/1928p5, MN5/20/1928p8, MT5/23/1928p6, MN5/24/1928pp4-5, MN5/25/1928p2, MT5/25/1928p4, MN8/2/1928p1, MT9/30/1928p3, MT9/3/1929, MT3/18/1930p5, PR6/4/1931p1, MT1/17/1932, MT1/22/1932pB1, CP8/11/1932p4, MT6/7/1933p3, MN8/4/1933p1, MT9/20/1936p5, MN11/27/1936p5, CP12/24/1936p3, MT12/28/1936, CP12/31/1936p1, MN1/1/1937p6, MN2/12/1937p1, MT7/24/1941, CP6/18/1942p3, MT2/1/1944p8, MT10/22/1944secB, CP10/26/1944p1, MN3/9/1945, MN5/19/1950p1, SM1950p14, MT1/30/1955p10, MT8/2/1964pB4, MT12/5/1980p8, MT10/14/1990pC4, MT12/4/1990, MT1/6/1991
Creamy's, Fred LaJuett, Blue Sky Plaza: open: MT2/17/1998pB6
Credit Bureau of Medford, Inc., 223 W. 6th: CP2/12/1953p14
Crest Confectionery: CP2/24/1938p2
Crestbrook Orchard: MM11/13/1908p1, MM5/7/1909p5, MM7/30/1909p3, MM10/8/1909p3
Creviston & Clark Dance Academy, Miles Block: MM12/25/1908pp5,8MS11/26/1916p6
Crinvelt's Quality Shop, 219½ West Main: (tailor) MT5/7/1911p2
Crossroads Restaurant, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Crown Bakery, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Crown Market, Stevens St.: MT5/19/2015p8
Crowson's Confectionery: to open: MS11/26/1916p6, MT8/27/1927p2
Croy & Co.: MS6/10/1916p2
Don Cruikshank Office Equipment, 28 S. Central: MN6/7/1940p2; 230 W. Sixth: MN6/20/1941p1, CP10/20/1949p9
Crystal & Morey, grocers: opens: MM1/5/1906p5, MM2/23/1906p5, MM10/12/1906p5, MM11/23/1906p1; dissolved: MM12/14/1906p5, EN5/18/1907p5
Crystal & Talent, grocers, S. Central "near the Mail office": opeed: MM7/7/1905p5; Main: MM12/8/1905p4; dissolved: MM1/5/1906p5
Crystal Distributing & Cold Storage Co., 301 N. Fir: SM1950p11, RT12/14/1956p3
Crystal Springs Orchard: MT4/20/1956p1
Crystal Springs Packing Co., 139 S. Fir: MN4/9/1937p1, MN12/10/1937p1, MN6/7/1940p2, MN5/30/1941p2, MN4/3/1942p2, MT6/26/1946, MT6/27/1946, MN6/28/1946p1, MN8/9/1946p1, CP10/10/1946p1, MN10/25/1946p1, MN8/29/1947, MN12/16/1949p1, SM1950p16
Crystal White Laundry, 611 N. Central: CP10/20/1949p8, SM1950p60; Nash Hotel Bldg.: MT4/1/1956p2, CP4/5/1956p4; sold to Ab Gressett: MT1/15/1967pB2
Cubby's Drive In, 1275 S. Riverside: RT4/20/1956pB7, MT12/17/1965p13
Cudahy Packing Co.: SM1911p15
Cudney & Cudney, architects: MM2/12/1909p6
Cullen Motor Co.: CP4/10/1947p6
Cummings, Tee & McKissick, engineers & contractors, 12 Sparta Bldg.: MT1/1/1914pB6
John Cupp Furniture, Sixth & Bartlett: CP5/25/1933p1, MN9/19/1933p1, MT8/30/1933p3, MT9/1/1933p9; closing: MT9/5/1935p6, MT9/6/1935p9, MT9/26/1936p10, MT7/4/1937p1, MN7/9/1937, MT1/2/1938p7, MT5/2/1948p9, MT5/20/1948p15, MT7/12/1955p1
John O. Cupp/J. W. Shirley Wholesale Poultry, 128 N. Grape: to open: MT3/1/1923p1
George Currier Grocery, 328 S. Hamilton: MN6/20/1941p2
Custom Mixed Paint: MN4/19/1946p8
Custom Waterbeds: MT5/27/1979pC1, MT8/12/1979pE1
G. F. Cuthbert & Co. Furniture, Main and Laurel: MW1/20/1910pp2,4, CH5/26/1910p4, SR6/11/1910p4, SR6/25/1910p2, CH7/21/1910p1, SR8/6/1910p2, MW9/29/1910p1, MS11/10/1910p2, CH3/2/1911p2, MS3/5/1911p1, MS10/1/1911p8, MT11/20/1912p2, MT9/16/2003
Cy's Tavern: MN10/20/1939p3
D&D Cafe: MN1/12/1945p4
Dab o' Dash, Medford Shopping Center: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
J. H. Daily's Auto Painting and Body Shop, 29 S. Bartlett: CP5/11/1933p1, MN6/13/1941p1, MN6/13/1942p1
"The Dairy": see White Velvet Ice Cream Co.
Dairy Queen, 12th & Central: open: MT9/24/1948p13
Dale's Carpeting, Central and Court: burned: MT12/8/1983p1
Hugo Daley Barber Shop, 7 N. Fir: MT6/6/1927p3; Nash Hotel: MT12/20/1931p3
Frances Dallaire Fur Shop, 1100 Crater Lake Ave.: MT11/16/1955p1
Alex Daniel Parcel Delivery: CP3/3/1932p3
Daniels & Miles/Daniels for Duds: TR9/6/1909p4
T. E. Daniels Store/Daniels for Duds: MM4/18/1902p6; 226 E. Main: SO4/10/1907p6, SO8/10/1907p5, SO8/14/1907p8, MM8/16/1907p2, MM8/23/1907p1, SO8/31/1907p5, SO9/7/1907p1, TR1/21/1908p6, MSM4/1909p20, TR4/1/1909p1, TR9/6/1909p4, MT1/2/1910pB6; Main & Central: MS6/24/1911p6, MS6/25/1911p6, MS7/16/1911p16, MT7/23/1911pp1,B1, MS8/29/1911p6, MT10/4/1911p8, MT9/10/1912p4, MW9/12/1912p7, CH8/31/1916p2; closing: MT2/16/1918p2; closed: MT3/16/1917p3, MT2/25/1918p6
Daniels-Robinson Insurance, U.S. Bank Bldg.: MN6/13/1941p2
Dan's Restaurant, 104 W. Main, Dan Collier: to open: MS12/16/1923p2, MT1/3/1924p5
Darex: MT2/22/2013pB4
Darigold: MT8/17/2013p8; to close: MT1/28/2015p1, MT4/5/2015pB1
Darlene's Needle & Thread: MT2/11/1969pB1
Mrs. J. K. Darnell, dressmaker, Eleventh & Front: opens: MM12/14/1900p7
Davenport & Town, 808 S. Riverside: CP2/12/1953p15
David Restaurant Equipment Supply, 40 N. Front: CP2/12/1953p17
Oliver Davidson & Knapp Cigar Stand, Sparta Bldg.: MT1/25/1913p4; Main & Fir: MT10/27/1915p2; Davidson News Co.: MS12/16/1923p2, MT8/19/1931p8
A. A. Davis & Co.: MM5/11/1900p6, MM6/5/1903p6, MT2/15/1966p6
Davis & France: see Medford Roller Mills
Davis & Gilkey, grocers: MM5/28/1897p6, OMJmidsum1897p9; dissolved: MM4/22/1898p7
Ira Davis Barber Shop, 425 E. Main: MT12/20/1931p3
Owen V. Davis Feed & Seed: CP2/27/1941p1
H. H. Davis, gents' furnishings, Main & Bartlett: to open: MM3/8/1901p6
A. A. Davis Grain Warehouse: SM1893p3, SM1898p5, SM1907p8
Arthur H. Davis Electric, Main near Hotel Moore: open: MM5/8/1908p8, MT1/2/1910pB11
G. L. Davis, grocer: MM5/11/1900p2, MM6/22/1900p7, MM10/26/1900p6; sold to Warner & Wortman: MM4/26/1901p7, MM5/10/1901p6, MM12/5/1902p7
Henry Davis' Oil Wagon: MM12/21/1900p7, MM12/28/1900p7
Henry Davis, gents' furnishings, Central: closed: MM6/28/1901p7
Davis Opera House: TR9/3/1907p1
Scott Davis Stoddard-Dayton Autos: MS2/25/1911p2, MS4/1/1911p5
J. T. Davis Transfer & Storage, 104 S. Fir: MT12/30/1920p2; 29 S. Grape: MT9/15/1921pB3, CP11/19/1936p2, MN11/20/1936p8, MN5/14/1937p1, CP7/15/1937p5, MN1/10/1947p1, MT3/25/1960p13
Davy Jones' Locker, Main & S. Front: to open: MT12/24/1935p3
Dawshop Saw Filing & Grinding: moves from Kings Hwy. to W. Sixth: MN2/3/1931p5
Dawson Filing and Grinding, Magneto Sales & Service. 32 N. Front: MN1/24/1936p1, MN6/13/1941p2
Dawson Printing Co., 18 N. Grape: open: MT3/17/1910p8, CH4/7/1910p1
D. L. Day Painter & Paper Hanger, Halley Block: MM5/11/1900p3, MM7/27/1900p7, MM9/7/1900p7, MM5/3/1901p5, MM6/5/1903p5
Day, Hansen & Day, cabinetmakers: MM6/14/1907p5
Day, Reed & Day Carpenter Shop: MM7/6/1906p4. MM8/24/1906p5; sold: MM3/29/1907p1; see Medford Sash & Door Co.
Day's Planing Mill: MM4/9/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB4, SM1911p18; destroyed by fire: MT5/11/1914p1
Daylight Store: see M. M. Ahrens
Dr. Edward de Reymonte Institute of Health, St. Marks Bldg.: 425 S. Oakdale: MT7/1/1919p2, MT7/18/1919p7, MT7/19/1919p2, MT7/25/1919p2, MT7/29/1919p2
Deal & Knight Real Estate, 20 N. Bartlett: MT4/14/1929p6
Dr. Dean, dentist: MT9/3/1915p2
Dean & Taylor Pontiac: MT4/17/1957p11, MT6/6/1962
R. W. Dean Lumber Co.: SM1950p59
A. Z. "Tubby" Dean Pontiac Sales & Service, 6th & Grape: CP2/6/1941p4, MN6/13/1941p1, MN6/13/1942p1, MN8/22/1947p1, MN8/24/1945p1, CP10/20/1949p9, MT11/6/1951p1; see Dean & Taylor
DeArmond Lumber Co.: CPA8/1/1946p1
W. C. Debley, piano tuner: SR6/11/1910p4
A. C. Debold, shooting gallery, S. Front: to open: MM6/14/1901p6; sold to H. N. Marcy: MM11/29/1901p6
DeHart Orchard: MT6/5/1927p2
Deister & Cech Well Drilling, 139 Vancouver: CP10/20/1949p10
George Deitrich, tamale stand: MM4/12/1901p6
Del Rio Orchards: MT7/18/1917p4, MS4/14/1918p2, MT8/19/1919p2, MT8/9/1920p6, JP9/6/1929p1, MT3/19/1967pB2
Del Rogue: new name of Bagley Cannery: MT9/14/1927p2
Del Taco: MT10/21/2014p3
Deli Down, 406 E. Main: MT10/2/2012p8
Reinking & Wetzel, Delicatessen Bakery, 22 S. Central, "Cor. 8th": ML8/1908, MM4/16/1909p5; Wetzel & Burch, 42 S. Central: MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB3
Dell's: MT2/4/1984p3, MT5/10/1987, MT12/5/2006
Dell's Watch Repair, 15 N. Fir: MT10/31/1952pB2
DeLuxe Cleaners, 408 E. Main: sold to Misenhimer: MT9/23/1947p5
DeNa Beauty Shop: MT10/13/1960pB1
Denison Buick, N. Riverside "a half block off Main": MT1/8/1929p3
Denison Radio Shop: CP3/3/1932p3
Denney & Co. Fruit Packing: SM1927p16
John H. Dennison Buick: CP8/12/1926p3
Denny's, Ramada Medford Hotel: to open: MT11/7/2014pB1
Denny's Cafe, 6th near Central: MT10/31/1947p1
Department of Motor Vehicles: moving to Medford Center: MT7/22/2016pB1
Dericks Cafeteria: CP11/19/1926p4, MT5/1/1927p8
Desert Oil Co.: MSM5/1909, MM5/21/1909p2, MM5/28/1909p2, MW2/15/1912p2
Jewel Deter Dance Studio, 219 W. Main: to open: MT9/2/1937p5
F. K. Deuel & Co., dry goods, Barnum Block: MM5/11/1900p2; add groceries (see Produce Exchange): MM5/10/1901p7, MM6/7/1901p7; groceries sold to Brown & Owen: MM12/5/1902p7; Adkins-Childers Building: MM6/12/1903p2; becomes Deuel & Kentner: MM1/12/1906p5, MT10/8/1913p4, MS6/5/1914p4, MS5/21/1915p4; becomes F. K. Deuel & Sons: MW9/18/1919p2; becomes Russell's: JN12/26/1924p1; see May Co.; MT3/19/1967pB2
Deuel & Kentner, Mission Block: partnership: MM1/12/1906p5, MM11/23/1906p1, MM1/4/1907p5, MM8/16/1907p1, /4/1908p2, CH10/1/1908p1, MM3/13/1908p4, CH3/11/1909p4; grand to open: MM3/12/1909p5, TR3/18/1909p2, TR3/20/1909p1, TR4/1/1909p1, MM4/7/1909p3, MM4/13/1909p1, MSM5/1909; Deuel retires: MM8/27/1909p1, MM10/1/1909p6, MT11/28/1909, bought by D. A. Thompson: MS5/13/1915p5;  MT3/19/1967pB2
Deuel & Stevens: MM5/28/1897p3, MM7/13/1900p6, MM9/6/1901p6
Devender's Gifts, Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
DeVoe Confectionery, 418 W. Main & Oakdale: for sale: MT9/23/1913p4, MT9/6/1916p6; sold to Harrison & Coleman: MT9/14/1927pB6, CP8/11/1932p4; see Huson's
Dew Drop Inn, restaurant, 206 W. Main: to open: MN9/4/1927pp3,5
Deward & Nichols Meat Market, Medynski Bldg.: MM4/9/1909p5
Diamond Cafe, 127 E. Sixth: MT8/27/1917p4; reopens in new Cooley-Neff building: MT11/7/1925p8, MT11/9/1925, MT1/2/1926, CP5/6/1926p3, MT1/2/1927, MT2/14/1927p1, MT9/14/1927p7, MT12/27/1927p8, MN3/24/1939p2, MN6/13/1941p1, MN6/13/1942p1
J. W. Diamond, jeweler, 11 E. Main: MT5/6/1910p2
Diamond Lodging House: MM4/19/1907p1, MM10/9/1908p5; fire: JP9/26/1914p3, MT1/1/1915p4
Diamond Pharmacy: MT1/1/1914pC5, MT2/1/1916p2
A. Diana Drying Co.: MT10/13/1919pB1
E. D. Dickinson/E. I. Dickinson, jeweler, Woodford feed store: opens: MM4/26/1901p6; moves to Klamathon: MM6/21/1901p6
Dickie & Jack Cigar Stand, Main & Fir: MS6/25/1911p2
Dick's Sporting Goods, Northgate Marketplace: to build: MT2/2/2016p1; opening first week of October: MT9/22/2016p3
Digger O'Dell's Country Steakhouse, above Hubbard's: MT2/19/1984p11C
Diode Laser Concepts, Industry Rd.: MT6/27/2013p8
Disco Department Store, 2230 Biddle Rd.: MT6/20/1965p1; see Baza'r
Dixie Cafe, 127 E. 6th: MN1/26/1945p1
Volney Dixon Fence Co.: MT9/29/1930p8
Doctors Clinic: MN3/15/1951p1
Ira J. and Burdette I. Dodge Paint Co., N. Fir: opens: MT7/7/1911p6(2), MS7/8/1911p3
Domestic Laundry, 30 N. Riverside: MM5/21/1909p2, CH8/26/1909p1, MM8/27/1909p5, MT1/2/1910pB9, MT11/8/1910p2, MT5/11/1911p8; E. Main: MS10/22/1912p1; sold to George E. Hart: MT10/22/1912p3, OR10/27/1912p56, JN9/24/1926p8, MT9/29/1930p8, CP4/12/1934p3, CP1/17/1935p2, MN2/5/1936p1, CP3/19/1936p1, MN10/30/1936p4, MT7/4/1937p1, MN7/9/1937p1, CP7/10/1937p4, CP12/10/1937p1, MT1/2/1938pp6,7, CP2/12/1953p11; see Dumas Laundry
Don's Radio Shop: CP11/16/1933p1
Dooms & Holloway Blacksmith Shop, 109 S. Holly: MS4/8/1911p2, MT4/9/1911p4
J. H. Dotey Fish Market, W. Medford: MM4/12/1907p5
Double D Harvester Coop: MN4/7/1939p1
Double Front Grocery, E. Main: see Warner & Wortman
Doubleday & Earhart: dissolved: MM8/23/1907p2
J. E. Douglas Used Cars: CP10/3/1938p2
Dow Hospital, Central Point; offices MF&H Bldg.: JP1/13/1917p2; moving to Medford: JP3/16/1918p3, MT8/16/1917p2; opens, Beatty & Central: MT9/15/1921pB2
Doyle's Signal Service, Sixth & Holly
Dr Pepper Bottling Co.: MT5/25/1952p11
Walker's Dreamland Ballroom, 415/417 E. Main: CP8/5/1926p3, CP8/19/1926p3, CP11/5/1926p5, CP12/31/1926p3, AA3/18/1927p7, MT8/21/1928p7, MT12/31/1928, MN12/2/1938p4, MN3/10/1939p4, MN2/16/1940p1, MN2/7/1947p1, MN8/11/1950p7(2)
J. W. Dressler Real Estate: MT1/2/1910pB3
Drews Manstore: MT8/22/1952pC4; Medford Shopping Center: MT8/22/1962p4
Drury Lane Orchards: MS5/9/1915p5
DSU-Peterbilt & GMC Inc., 2517 Biddle: open: MT5/1/1984pC6
Duckpin Bowling Alleys: MN11/7/1941p3, MN11/21/1941p1
A. Duff Fruit Dryer: SM1927p81
Samuel H. Duffield & Sons Shoes: opens: TR3/11/1909p1, MM3/12/1909p1, MM4/9/1909p2, MS12/13/1910p2; sold to M. S. Biden: MS7/31/1911p6
Dulien Steel Products, 35 N. Bartlett: MN9/4/1942p3
Dumas Domestic Laundry and Dry Cleaners, 30 N. Riverside: fire: MT7/8/1960p1; see also Domestic Laundry
E. L. Duncan Meats: OS10/1/1903pC2
Dunham's Hardware Co., 1951 N. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p5, RT9/23/1955p11, RT9/13/1957p12, RT2/7/1958p8, RT2/21/1958p12
W. M. Dunlap Barber Shop, Front St.: MT2/8/1911p5
Joseph M. Dunn, Cottage Barber Shop, 7 S. Riverside: MT12/20/1931p3
John G. Dunnington Butcher Shop, Main & Fir: opens: JP9/20/1913p3
Dr. Edwin R. Durno: MT10/12/1958p5
Dur'ighello's Italian restaurant, "back of Pine Cone": to open: MT9/2/1934p2(2)
Dusenberry Electric Co., 1920 Hazel: CP2/12/1953p9
Dutch Bros.: MT11/12/2013p1
Dutch Oven: MT12/31/1928p7
George F. Dyer Real Estate: MT5/6/1910p2
Eads & Holbrook Coal & Fuel Co.: MS12/24/1912pB3
Eads & Holbrook Furniture, 38 N. Front: MT6/8/1929pB4
Eads Furniture, S. Riverside: MT6/16/1977pp1,13
Eads Bros. Transfer & Storage: MM2/22/1907p5, MS7/2/1911pB2, SM1911p26; 42 N. Front: MT1/1/1914pB5, MT1/1/1915pD3; 22 N. Front: MT8/12/1919p7, CP8/12/1926p3, CP11/19/1926p5, SM1927pp15,59; 111 N. Fir: MT9/14/1927pD7, CP4/29/1937p2, MN8/31/1945p4, MN4/12/1946p5, RT4/20/1956pB5; 123 S. Front: MT8/21/1960p12, MT3/23/1989pA14
J. T. Eads Second Hand, 18 S. Fir: MM1/17/1902p2, MM5/11/1905p5, MM5/19/1905p1, MM5/11/1906p5; sold: MM8/14/1908p5; 34 S. Fir: MT1/1/1914pB5, MT6/19/1915p2
Eagle Cafe, E. Main: MT1/8/1916p2, MT4/21/1916p2
Eagle Drug Co.: MW4/17/1913p6, MN3/31/1939p1
Eagle Hardware: MT5/21/1993p1, MT7/18/1993pE1, MT8/1/1994
Eagle Pharmacy, Palm Block, Main: to open: MM2/21/1908p9, MM3/27/1908p5, MM4/10/1908p5, MM4/17/1908p5, MM4/24/1908p4, MT1/2/1910pB5
Eakin Motor Co., 103 S. Riverside: MT1/2/1927, MT12/11/1928p9, MT4/1/1931, MT2/11/1934p8, MT2/21/1934p5, MT2/25/1934p4
Earl Aircraft Motor Co., Medford Airport: MT9/28/1930p8
Earl Fruit Co.: MT6/28/1917p2
Earl's Beauty Salon: MN7/14/1939p3
Earl's Pipe & Gift Shop, 36½ S. Central
East Side Beauty Salon: CP8/26/1937p6
East Side Dairy, Reynolds & Stearns, 200 S. Tripp
East Side Market: MS12/22/1912p2; burned: MT3/8/1915p2, MT5/14/1925p6, MN11/10/1944p4, MN8/22/1947p1; 608 E. Main, to open: MT8/17/1956p6, MT2/17/1958p1
East Side Pharmacy: CP5/6/1926p3
Eastern Second Hand Store: MM1/31/1896p5
Easy Washing Machine Co., to open, Johnson's Market, 6th & Grape: MT6/3/1927pB4; Jackson Hotel: to open: MT9/16/1926ppB1,B2
Eats Cafe: MS2/25/1916p2
Ebert's Art Centre: moved last week to Sixth and Central: MT11/27/1983pC11
Ebert's Art Centre Gallery and Framing, Fluhrer Bakery Building: MT11/27/1983pC11
ECBlends, McAndrews, Delta Waters, Center Dr.: 10/6/2013p1
Econ-O-Wash Laundry, 918 King: MT3/18/1966p2
Economy Cleaners: CP12/11/1931p4
Economy Lumber Co.: CP8/11/1932p4, CP12/1/1932p4, CP4/12/1934p3, MT1/22/1936, CP6/1/1939p1, MN6/2/1939p1, MN6/30/1939p1, MN7/14/1939p1
Economy Meat Market, "opposite the post office": SO3/4/1908p7, MM7/9/1909p2; Nichols & Ashpole, 14 N. Central: MT12/9/1909p6; 206 E. Main: MT1/2/1910pB4, MT1/1/1914pC5, MT4/4/1914p5; reto open: MT7/18/1935p9, MN12/18/1935p1, MT8/27/1936p1, MN9/25/1936p4
Ed's (Paschke) Barber Shop, 7 N. Fir: MT5/25/1970p1
Ed's Tire Factory, N. Pacific Hwy: MT10/11/2012p5
Eden Valley Nursery, 1201 N. Central: MM1/22/1909p2, MM3/5/1909p5, MM7/2/1909p1, MM9/10/1909p6, MM10/8/1909p1, MM10/15/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB3, MT1/1/1912p7, MS2/7/1912p2, MS12/22/1912p10, MT1/1/1914pB3, MT1/9/1920p6, MT1/7/1930p2, MT1/7/1932p5, MN8/25/1933p1, MT1/7/1936p8, MN1/8/1936p1
Eden Valley Orchards: DT9/18/1902p3, TR8/31/1906p1, MM8/31/1906p5
Edgerton Motors: MN5/30/1941p2, MN9/8/1950p4
Edmeads Boot and Shoe Store, W. Main: MM11/13/1908p5, opens: MM1/29/1909p5, MM8/27/1909p5
Edsall Farm: MT9/18/1910p4
Edwards Ice Cream Parlor, S. Central: MS7/15/1911p6
Ehrheart's Cafe, E. Main: closing: MN8/4/1944p1
Ehrheart's Corner Inn, 204 S. Central: MN8/4/1944p1
Ehrheart's Chicken Dinner, 335 S. Riverside: MN6/20/1941p2, MN4/3/1942p3; leaving for Klamath Falls: MN8/4/1944p1
W. W. Eifert, Tailor, S. Central: MM7/14/1905p5, MM7/21/1905p5; S. Front: MM12/25/1908p8; 10 N. Front: MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB5
M. Eiler, pawnbroker, Central: MM12/11/1908p1
Eiler's Music House: MM7/20/1900p6, CH11/15/1906p4; closing: MM11/15/1907p3; 29 N. Fir: MS4/5/1911p6, MS4/8/1911p6, MS4/9/1911p8, MS4/11/1911p5; 37 N. Fir: MS7/23/1911pp8,10, MS8/2/1911p6, MS9/24/1911p3, MS8/30/1912p2, MS9/22/1912p5, MS9/24/1912p3, MS12/15/1912p2, CH2/13/1913p3
Eisenhart & McCown lunch counter, Main: MM7/14/1905p5, MM7/21/1905p5
Ekerson Paint & Roof Store, 38 S. Bartlett: CP4/25/1946p1, CP10/20/1949p7
El Blanco Rooming House: MT11/21/1912p6, MN11/22/1912p2
El Mar addition: MS2/26/1911p8
Elbow Inn, 6th & Bartlett
J. C. Elder, grocer, Main and Bartlett: ST3/13/1888p1, MM9/7/1889p2
Electric Bakery, 211 W. Main: CP1/21/1926p5
Electric Construction Co.: MT3/8/1916p4
Electric Home Supply Co., 105 W. Main: to open: MT10/29/1918p4, MS11/3/1918p2; 111 W. Main: MT12/7/1918p6
Electric Kitchen: MT3/11/1916p2
Electric Rooms, 218 W. Main: MS5/8/1911p3
Electric Shoe Repair Shop, 32 S. Grape: MS6/24/1911p2, MT8/31/1911p2
Electric Shop, 103-105 S. Central: MS6/11/1916p4
Electric Steel Foundry: MT9/18/1951, MT5/25/1952p11
Electric Wiring Co., H. O. Purucker, 22 S. Grape: AT9/11/1929p6, MT9/7/1930p8, MN10/5/1930
Electronic Service Co., 18 N. Grape: to open: MT9/19/1947p6,  CP2/12/1953p6
Elite Beauty Shop, 229 Sixth: MT6/8/1929pB4
Elite Laundry: SM1907p9, MM4/19/1907p5, MM6/21/1907p5, MM9/13/1907p1, MM9/27/1907p5, MM11/15/1907p6, MM1/3/1908p10, MM1/10/1908p4, TR1/9/1908p1; sold: MM5/1/1908p5, MM7/10/1908p5, MT11/10/1910pC1
Elite Photo Studio, Hamlin Block: opens: MM3/15/1901p7, MM4/26/1901pp6,7, MM5/3/1901p2, MM5/24/1901p6, MM5/31/1901p7; "over Howard's grocery": MM6/7/1901p2; MM8/2/1901p7, MM8/30/1901p7; sold: MM11/22/1901p5, MM1/10/1902p3, MM1/17/1902p7, MM5/9/1902p3
Elk City Grocery, 3338 N. Pacific Hwy.: to open: MT9/2/1949p6; sale to Boise Cascade: MT8/1/1965p1
Elk Lumber Co.: MN3/8/1946p1, CP8/22/1946p1, MN8/30/1946p1
Elliott & Cook Auto Co.: sold: MS7/13/1919p6, MT7/14/1919p2, JP7/19/1919p1; see Hines & Snider Auto Co.
Hugh Elliott Blacksmith Shop, 20-36 S. Riverside: MT1/1/1914pC5; sold to J. W. Mitchell: MT1/12/1914p4, MT10/29/1914p2
Elliott & Cook Auto Co.: buys Power Auto: MT4/9/1919p2
Elliott Truck & Auto Parts, 1618 N. Riverside Ave.: CP2/12/1953p7
Elwood & Burnett, jewelers: MT1/2/1910pB5
E. D. Elwood, jeweler, optician: MM11/2/1900p7, MM3/22/1901p7; "opposite the hotel": MM5/24/1901p6, MM7/25/1902p3; 301 E. Main: MT1/1/1914pB5, CH10/8/1914p2, MT9/29/1930p8
M. Elwood, jeweler: MM4/19/1907p4
Emerick Hotel, N. Front: opens: MM9/27/1907p5, MM10/4/1907p5, MM2/7/1908p5; sold: MM3/27/1908p5, CH2/25/1909p1, MT1/29/1911p5
Emerick Restaurant, N. Front: MM9/25/1908p5, MM11/27/1908p1, MM8/6/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB8
Emil's Meat Market: MN6/11/1937p4, MN5/31/1940p1
Dr. J. J. Emmens, EENT: opens: MT3/4/1911; moving from Main to MF&H Bldg.: MT1/13/1915p2
Dr. E. E. Emmerson, oculist: opens: MM3/7/1902p7
Emmy Lou Hat Shop, Sixth & Central: MT10/19/1923p3; M.M. Dept. Store: CL11/2/1923p5, GH6/9/1927p5, MT1/1/1928pF4
Empire Theater, 126 W. Main: MS8/13/1915p3
The Emporium, 126 E. Main: opened: MT9/13/1910p5; closing: MT12/18/1910p8, MS12/20/1910pp5,8, MS12/21/1910p1; quitting business: MT12/28/1910p8, MS1/3/1911p2; sold: MT1/19/1911p3
Emporium: MT3/16/1986, MT6/29/1986
English Chop House, Front St.: MT6/1/1910p1, MS12/27/1910p1, MW1/12/1911p2, MS9/5/1911p5
Eppel & Kurtz Funeral Chapel: MN12/3/1937p1
Equipment Supply, Inc.: MT1/27/1956p15
Equity Industrial Exchange, 15 S. Central: opens: MM11/20/1908p6
J. R. Erford, flour and seed: MM5/28/1897p6
Erickson Air-Crane Co.: MT2/19/1992p8, MT3/12/2013p6, MT3/20/2013p6, MT11/9/2013p8, MT2/26/2014pB8, MT11/8/2014p6, MT3/4/2015pB6, MT4/10/2015pB4, MT4/24/2015pB1, MT5/12/2015pB8
Ernst Home Center: MT7/18/1993pE1, MT7/13/1996
Esco: see Electric Steel Foundry
Esquire Theater: MT1/31/1947, MT2/2/1947p8, MN2/7/1947p1, MT6/27/1949, MN5/5/1950p7; sign removed: MT2/21/1966p10
Estes Pool Hall, 17 S. Front St.: MT5/8/1929p3; owned by Kenneth Owens: MN2/5/1931p3
Evans Apparel & Shoes, 6th & Central: closing: MT12/26/1956p12
Evans Ladies' Wear: MN5/17/1946p5
Evans Shoe Store, 6th & Central: CP8/13/1936p1, MN6/18/1937p4
Ever Shady Auto Park, "3 miles south of Medford": MT1/2/1927p1, CP3/3/1932p6
Everlast Neon Signs, 421 E. Main: MT6/2/1929pB4, MT6/8/1929pB4
Evergreen Bus Lines: MN9/21/1945, MN12/3/1948p6, MN8/26/1949, CP2/12/1953p14
Everybody's Clearance Center, 117 S. Central: opening: MT11/27/1983pC11
Ewing's Gun Store: opens: MS1/5/1913pp3,4, MT3/19/1915p4
Excelsior Motorcycle Shop, 6 S. Fir: MT1/1/1914pC2; 10 S. Fir: MT3/5/1917p9
Exchange Feed & Sale Stable: EY10/26/1899p3
Exchange Tire Co., 28 N. Riverside: MT12/10/1924p2, MT7/19/1927p7, MT1/1/1928pE7, MT12/15/1928p3
Exclusive Accents Gallery: MT3/31/1998p2
Faber's Farmers Supply Co.: CP6/8/1944p1, MN8/9/1946
Fabric Land, Poplar Square: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Fabricated Glass Specialties: MT5/8/1988pD9
Facets Jewelry Studio, 301 E. Main: MT3/11/2013p5
The Fair Store, notions: opens: MM1/12/1894p3, MM5/28/1897p3, MM7/20/1900p7; Phipps Bldg.: MM4/26/1901p6, MM5/3/1901pp6,7, MM8/9/1901p3; sold to A. M. Woodford: MM10/4/1901p7
Fairview Addition: MM8/9/1895p2
Fairview Orchard: MT7/2/1911p5
Fairweather Construction Co.: CP11/10/1955p1
Fall & Winter Millinery, W. Main: MM9/22/1905p4
Family Healthcare Clinic, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Faris, Laughlin & Erford, real estate, in the Medford House, Main & Central: MM9/7/1889p1
Farm Bureau Cooperative Exchange: SM1927p11, MT1/1/1928
Farmers & Fruitgrowers Bank: organizes: JP9/4/1909p1, MM9/17/1909p1, MM10/8/1909p1, JP12/18/1909p1; to open: MT12/22/1909p1, MT12/23/1909, MT12/30/1909, MT1/2/1910pB5, JP2/12/1910p1, JP7/9/1910, JP8/6/1910p1, MW8/11/1910, MS1/1/1911pp4,B2, MS1/15/1911p4, MW1/19/1911p5, MW4/11/1912p1, MS4/30/1912p6, MS12/6/1912p4, MT1/1/1914pD3, MT1/10/1914, MT12/22/1917p3, MT1/16/1919, MT7/11/1919p4, MT9/24/1919p6, JN1/1/1926p7, MT1/21/1924p2, MT1/21/1928p1, MT3/3/1930p2, MT10/7/1930p1, CP8/11/1932p4, CP7/27/1933p1, CP9/14/1933p1, CP12/5/1935p1, MN2/5/1936p1, MN7/3/1936pB3, MN1/15/1937p1, CP2/18/1937p1, CP11/23/1939p1, CP1/18/1940p1; purchased by U.S. National Bank: MT3/24/1940p1, MN3/29/1940p1, MN2/14/1941p1, MT12/13/1968p3
Farmers Atomobile Inter-Insurance Exchange: MN6/7/1940p3, MN5/30/1941p2
Farmers Cooperative Exchange: CP12/11/1931p4
Farmers Packing Co.: SM1950key,p23
Farmers Store: see Angle & Plymale
Farnum Motor Freight Line: MN7/16/1937pB4
Farrell's Glass Service, 9th & Front: RT11/18/1955p8
L. W. Farwell, wholesale grocer: to open: MM4/26/1901p7
Fawcett & Morris, grocers: dissolved: MM12/29/1893p2; see Morris & Legate
Mrs. J. D. Fay Boarding House, Sixth and Holly: MT7/29/1910p8; 310 N. Bartlett: MT10/7/1910p5, MT1/17/1911p2
Federal Wireless Telegraph Co.: MW3/14/1912pp6,7, MW5/2/1912p4, MW5/9/1912p1, MS1/1/1913p1
Feldman Electric, N. Bartlett: MT4/19/1939p3
J. C. Ferguson, feed store: moving: MM4/26/1901p6; sold to L. B. Brown: MM2/28/1902p7; see Medford Feed
Will Ferguson Second Hand, Main & Riverside: MM1/19/1906p5
Fernwald/Fernwold Farm: MM9/18/1908p5, MT3/19/1967pB2
Carl Fichtner's Garage: 18 S. Riverside: MT4/2/1911p2; 36 S. Grape: MT1/1/1914pC2; 15 N. Fir: MT3/21/1917pp2,4, MT8/2/1919p3, 106 W. 6th: CP6/10/1926p3, MT7/12/1927p3, MT4/25/1929p3, CP10/29/1926p6, MT9/29/1929pp3,4, MT9/23/1934p11
Fick & Linley Hardware: CP3/3/1932p5
Fick Hardware Co, 131 W. Main.: CP5/17/1934pp2,3; 221 W. Main: MN7/31/1936p4, CP8/6/1936p4, CP8/20/1936p1
Field & Stream, Northgate Marketplace: opening first week of October: MT9/22/2016p3
Harry Field Photo Studio, Leverette Bldg.: MT11/1/1951p8
J. H. Fikes Painting & Paperhanging, 120½ N. Front: MS6/27/1911p3
Fine Meats, Inc., 633 Market St.: opens: MT10/7/1965p8
Fir-Pine Lumber Co., S. Chestnut St.: see Gagnon Lumber Mill; SM1927p50; opens: MT3/25/1928pB3, MT12/31/1928pC6; fire: MT2/27/1931p1, CP10/9/1931p1, CP10/16/1931p1, CP11/13/1931p1
Firestone Auto Supply & Service Store: MT6/1/1930pB1, MN11/18/1930p6, MT8/29/1934p3, CP2/6/1936p1, MN2/7/1936p6
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.: SM1950p23
First Christian Church: history: MT11/15/1959p14
First Federal Savings & Loan MN1/17/1936pB1, MN3/20/1936pB4, MN3/24/1939p2, MN10/13/1939p2, CP10/28/1948p7; 201 W. Sixth: MT1/2/1963p10
First Interstate Bank: MT7/12/1998
First National Bank: opens: MM4/14/1905p1, OR4/23/1905p3, OR5/14/1905p4; Main & Bartlett: MM6/16/1905p3,4, MM7/28/1905p1, MM6/29/1906, MM11/23/1906p1, PH1907, MM6/12/1908p1, SO5/5/1909p2, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB5, MW9/22/1910p2, MS12/3/1910p1, MW12/22/1910, MS12/24/1910p7, MS12/30/1910p1, MS1/15/1911p4, MW1/19/1911p3, MS2/1/1911pp1,5, MS2/19/1911p1, MS2/21/1911p1, MS2/26/1911p1, MT5/14/1911p2, MT5/15/1911, MS5/16/1911, MT6/12/1911p6, MT6/13/1911, MT8/31/1911p1, MT12/28/1911, SM1911p18, MW2/29/1912p1, MT3/2/1912p1, MW3/7/1912p3, MT9/19/1912p6, MS12/22/1912, MT1/1/1914pF6, MT8/12/1919pB4, JN1/1/1926p7, MT3/21/1932pp1,4, MT3/22/1932p1, MT3/23/1932p1, MT11/27/1935; purchased by U.S. National Bank of Portland: MT11/29/1935p1, CP12/5/1935p1, MN2/7/1936p1, MN3/4/1936pp1,2, CP3/5/1936p1, MN12/4/1936p4, MN2/19/1937, CP12/3/1936p3, MN3/5/1937pB2, CP1/7/1943p3, MN11/7/1947p1, CP11/27/1947p1, MN7/1/1949p1, MN5/5/1950p6, MN12/22/1950p6, MN1/12/1951p1, CP1/17/1952p1, CP5/15/1952p5, CP9/24/1953p1, CP10/15/1953p3, MT12/20/1953p1, MT1/14/1954, CP7/8/1954p6, MT9/16/1955p10; 1128 S. Riverside branch opens: MT2/18/1965pC13, MT7/12/1998, MT8/14/2003pB1
First Savings Bank & Trust, Main & Central, 202 E. Main: to open: MS12/4/1910p1, MT1/31/1911, MS2/1/1911p1, MW2/2/1911p1
Fischer-Scheffel Electric Co.: MT7/7/1927p8, MT7/24/1927p3, MN7/24/1927p5; now Medford Electric Co.: MT8/1/1927p3
Fischer Electric: to open: MT7/25/1927p3
Fish Lake Canal Co.: see Fish Lake Ditch Co.
Fish Lake Ditch Co.: MM2/22/1901p7, MM3/8/1901p2, MM3/15/1901p7, OR3/21/1901p4, MM3/22/1901p7, MM3/29/1901p7, MM4/12/1901p7, MM4/19/1901p7, MM4/26/1901p2, MM5/24/1901p7, MM6/14/1901p7, MM6/28/1901p7, MM7/12/1901pp6,7, MM7/19/1901p7, MM8/2/1901p7, OR8/8/1901p8, MM8/9/1901p7, MM8/23/1901p7, MM9/6/1901p7, MM9/13/1901p7, MM10/11/1901p2, MM10/11/1901p7, MM11/15/1901p7, MM12/13/1901pp2,7, MM2/14/1902p7, MM3/14/1902p7, OR3/14/1902p4, MM3/28/1902p6, MM4/25/1902p7, OR3/26/1905p5, MM6/23/1905p1, MM10/27/1905p5, CH1/9/1908p3, CH10/22/1908pp1,2, MM10/29/1908p2, MM11/27/1908p1, MM12/4/1908p5, MM3/19/1909p1, MM3/26/1909p1, MM4/9/1909p1, MM4/30/1909p1, MM6/29/1909p5, MM7/9/1909p2, CH11/18/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB3, CH3/17/1910p1, MT3/25/1910p4; history: MT7/15/1910p1, MT1/1/1914pB1
Fish Lake Water Co.: incorporated: OR11/4/1900p4
Fisher Stove Works: MT5/27/1979pC1, MT8/12/1979pE1
5-10-15-25c Store, 130 E. Main: MS7/4/1911p3
"500" Cooperative Oil & Refining Co.: JP9/10/1921p1
Fitch Motor Co.: moving from 123 to 128 S. Riverside: MT6/9/1927p2, MT9/14/1927pC3
Five and Ten Cent Grille, 128 E. Main: MN11/6/1936p3, MN6/13/1941p3, MN9/4/1942p3
Five Guys Burger and Fries: to build in Southside Center: MT3/20/2018p3
Fixit Shop: MN7/7/1939p1
The Flea Market, 526 E. Main: opened three months ago: MT8/22/1965pC10
Fleming & Hale: dissolved: MT1/26/1911p8
Ida Fleming, milliner, inside Coss Music House: to open: MM3/1/1901p7
Mary Pierce Fleming Piano Studio, Sparta Bldg.: to open: MT1/1/1928pB5
Mrs. Flemming's Restaurant, N. Central: MM8/10/1900p2
Floorcraft Co., 628 S. Riverside: MT5/31/1953p9
Flowers 4 Less: MT4/21/1991pB1
Flowers by Susie: MT1/31/1982pD1
Dale Flowers Mattress & Upholstery: MN1/8/1937p3, CP9/15/1938p1
Floyd's Luncheonette: MN10/25/1945, MN10/26/1945p6
Fluff Rug Factory: MT10/1/1920p1
Fluhrer Bakery: see also Colonial Bakery; CP11/19/1926p5, MT1/2/1927, PR5/7/1931p5, PR6/4/1931p5, MN8/4/1933p1, MN10/12/1933, MT2/4/1934p7, CP4/8/1937p1, MN1/6/1939p4, MN6/7/1940p2, CP1/16/1941p1, MN8/15/1941, CP9/30/1943p1, CP2/24/1944p3, MN6/2/1944, MN10/11/1946p1, MN2/28/1947p1, MN5/28/1948p3, MT12/10/1967p1, MT7/23/1972, MT9/2/2004
Flynn Bros., electricians, S. Grape: open: MM8/6/1909p2, MM8/20/1909p5; 130/132 W. Main: MT12/9/1909p6, MT12/24/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB10, MT9/18/1910p8; moving from S. Grape to basement of Rogue River Electric Co.: MT11/27/1911p2
Thomas K. Flynn Electric Service: MM10/9/1908p5; moving from N. Oakdale to 131 W. Main: MT7/19/1935p11, TA8/7/1936p1, CP8/20/1936p3, CP2/10/1938p4, MN3/10/1939p4, MN8/1/1947p1, MN11/26/1948p6
Food Basket: MT9/28/1958
Foothill Orchard (Butte Creek): MM11/21/1902p2, MT9/13/1910p8
Foothills Irrigation Co.: MT1/1/1915pB4
Fordson Sales & Service, Inc.: MT7/25/1919p2
Forester Jewelry: MN6/8/1945p6, MN5/2/1947p3
Fortune Service Station, Central at Riverside: MT12/10/1954pB3, MT7/10/1955, RT12/16/1955p9
Harry E. Foster, Civil Engineer: MT1/2/1910pB10
Foster & Kleiser Sign Painting: SM1927p16, MT5/10/1929p4, CP8/11/1932p3, SM1950p20
Fountain Lodge, Main & Ivy: Razed: MT11/3/1933p1
Fountain of Youth Shoe Repair: MT10/25/1981
401 Orchard: MM10/12/1906p5, OR11/13/1908p9, MM11/20/1908p1, MM12/25/1908p5, MM1/8/1909p2, MM3/19/1909p6, MSM4/1909p7, MM6/25/1909p2, MT4/20/1956p1, MT2/18/1998pC1
Fourth Street Repair Shop, 322 E. Fourth: CP10/20/1949p12
Fourth Wheel Restaurant, 37 S. Front: MN2/7/1947p1, MN6/6/1947p3
Fouts Grocery, 308 Main: ML8/1908; S. Central: MM2/12/1909p8; 327 E. Main: MM3/5/1909p6; 130 E. Main: MT12/23/1913p8; 36-40 S. Central: MT1/20/1914p2, MT6/2/1914p3, MT1/1/1915pC2, MT1/25/1916p2, MT3/1/1916p2; sold to Lewis Ulrich: MT9/23/1921p8
C. A. Fowler, general merchandise, Jackson & Woodstock: TR4/28/1909p1
George T. Foyes Grocery: sold to R. H. Jones: MS9/2/1915p4, MT9/2/1915p2
Franklin Bakery, opens, Johnson's Market, 6th & Grape: MT6/3/1927pB4
Franklin Grocery: MN3/24/1939p2
Franklin's Cafe: JN10/17/1924p5, CP8/11/1932p5, MT4/15/1938, MN4/28/1950p3
Franklin's Transfer & Storage, 340 N. Fir
Dr. Frank A. Freeburger, optometrist: MN7/14/1939p3
Fred Meyer: MT7/5/1981, MT10/11/1981, MT7/18/1993pE1
Fred's Lunch Stand (Fred Powell), 135 N. Central: MN5/21/1937p1
Free Gold Mining & Milling Co. of Jackson County: organized: MM4/21/1893p3
Free's Garage: CP8/11/1932p4
French & Co., grocery and feed: MM6/22/1906p5
French's Pet Food Market: MN12/12/1947p6
Friedman's Microwave Ovens, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Friendly Family Insurance Group, Crater Corners: MT4/23/2015pB8; see The Neilitz Group
Friends Auto Wrecking Co.: MN10/13/1939p2, MN5/31/1940p2
Frobach Oil Co.: SM1927p25
Frohnmayer Real Estate, Nash Hotel Bldg.: MT4/1/1956p2
Frohnmayer's Furniture Exchange: moved from 32 N. Front to 15 S. Front: MT5/14/1950p17
Front Street Social Club: to open: MT2/26/1998pC1, MT3/27/1998p2
Frosty Boy, 916 King St.: 30th anniversary: MT10/8/1997pB1
Fruit & Poultry World: MM8/10/1900p7, MM8/24/1900pp6,7, MM8/31/1900p7
The Fruit Basket, 9 N. Fir: open: MT7/9/1926p5
Fruit Growers League of Jackson Co., Inc.: CP6/26/1941p1
Fruitgrowers Trust Co., Palm Block: MM10/23/1908p1
Fruitvale addition: MM9/5/1908p1, MM9/25/1908p1
Fry & Stephenson Barber Shop, 14 N. Front: MT12/20/1931p3
Fry's Barber Shop, Nash Hotel Bldg.: MT4/1/1952pB1, MT4/1/1956p2, CP4/5/1956p4
Ben Furch's Second Hand, N. Riverside: MN6/4/1948p6
The Furniture Exchange, Sixth & Front: MT4/7/1944p3, MN1/9/1948p4
Gaddis & Dixon Page Fence: open: MM6/8/1906p5, MM7/6/1906p1, MM6/7/1907pp3,4,5, MM2/21/1908p5; 117 N. Riverside: MSM4/1909p15; 133 N. Riverside: MSM5/1909; 134 N. Riverside: MT1/2/1910pB8, SR6/11/1910p6, MS5/30/1911p2, MT1/1/1928pF3
Gagnon Lumber Mill, 113 Front: JP5/18/1918p3; S.W. Medford, burns: MT7/24/1919p8, MT8/12/1919p8, MT8/15/1919p2, MS9/21/1919p4, MT10/13/1919pB1, MS11/9/1919p6, JP2/3/1922p1; end of W. Main: MT11/15/1922p8; see Fir Pine & Lumber Co.
Gagnon Wood Yard, South Fir: MT4/13/1920p6; see Blackburn Wood Yard
I. M. Gainer Real Estate, 15 N. Fir: MT2/11/1934p8
Gale & Clerry, blacksmiths, two locations, Main St. and Central Ave: MM12/8/1905p5
Gallenkamp's Shoes: MT10/13/1960pB1
Games Emporium: MT7/24/1981p1F2
Garachine Oil Co.: MT1/12/1914p4
Gardner Drugs, 104 W. Main: bought from Fred Colvig: MT5/12/1931p3; opens: MT5/22/1931p4, MT6/18/1931p5; 210 W. Main: MT1/3/1932p10; replaced by Hundley's Cafe: MT7/14/1935p3
Gardner Shoe Service, 612 E. Main: MT3/10/1966p10
Garnett & Roberts Hardware: OR5/15/1905p4
Garnett Brothers Hardware: forms: MS4/14/1918p8, JP4/20/1918p3
Garnett Hardware: organizes: MM1/22/1909p1, MM2/12/1909p1
Garnett-Corey Hardware Co., Miles Block (east space): MM2/5/1909p6, MT12/12/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB6, MT5/15/1910p7, MT9/4/1910pB1; open in new building: MS12/17/1910p1, MS12/30/1910p1, MT1/1/1911pp1,B4, MW1/5/1911p6, MS1/19/1911pp1,5, MS2/1/1911p5, MS2/19/1911p5, MS3/5/1911p1, MT1/1/1914pF6, MT11/7/1917pp4,6, MT11/8/1917p8, MT11/10/1917p6, MW11/14/1912p3, MT11/16/1917p3, MT11/30/1917p3; purchased by H. C. and Ben Garnett: JP4/20/1918p1
A. Garrick, tailor: MM9/7/1889p1
Gates & Lydiard: see Groceteria
C. E. "Pop" Gates Auto Co.: MS8/30/1912p1, MT1/1/1913pC6, MW2/6/1913p2, MW2/20/1913p4; 132 S. Riverside: MS8/15/1913p6, MT8/29/1913p6, MT9/10/1913p2, MT1/1/1914pC2, MT1/1/1915pD2, MT1/12/1920p3, MT5/13/1920p3, MT1/2/1926, CP5/6/1926p5, CP11/5/1926p5, MT9/14/1927pD2, MT1/1/1928pE3, MT12/31/1929p2, MT12/8/1933p3, MT3/11/1934p9, MT2/2/1934p9, CP5/17/1934pp2,3, MN2/5/1936p1; sold to Lapham Motors: MT2/4/1940p10, MT2/14/1940p12
Gates Furniture, 341 N. Central: MT10/31/1951p3, RT3/4/1955p5, MT6/14/1957p1
Gault & Cook, Medford Machine Shops: MM6/5/1903p4
Gault Shoe Shop: CP11/18/1937p4
Winfield R. Gaylord Motorcycle Shop, 110 N. Riverside: MS7/13/1919p4, MT4/28/1920p6, MT5/1/1920p4, MT5/4/1921p4, MT5/10/1921p2, MT5/14/1921p4, MT5/25/1921p3, MT5/27/1921p4, MT5/28/1921p2, MT5/30/1921p3, MT6/20/1921p2, MT9/13/1921p4, MT9/28/1921p4, MT10/4/1921p2
Drs. Geary & Pickel, over Haskins' Drug Store: MM5/28/1897p6, OMJmidsum1897p9
Gem Waffle House, 323 E Main: MW1/12/1911p2
General Chemical Co.: MT10/29/1912p3, CP3/3/1932p3
General Equipment Co., S. Central: sign removed: MT2/21/1966p10; MT2/17/1991pB1
General Petroleum Corp.: CP2/11/1926p5; Main & Almond: MT6/26/1936p13; Main & Ivy: MT3/1/1934p8, CP1/26/1939p1; 600 E. Main: MT7/21/1935p1, MT4/14/1944p6, SM1950p25
General Refrigeration Co., 404 E. Main: CP10/20/1949p11
General Tire Service, 1112 Court: see Hawkinson Tire Tread Service; opens: MT5/18/1961p7
Carrie George, cigars & confectionery, Main & Front: opens: MM2/1/1901p6
George's Barber Shop, Palm Bldg., Main and Fir: MT6/8/1927p3
George's Cash Grocery: MN11/27/1935p2
George's Clean Towel Shop, barber, 7 N. Fir: opens: MT6/6/1927p3
GI Joe's, Poplar Square: to build: MT11/19/1984p3
Gibbs & Wheeler, Halley Block: (photographers) open: MM12/15/1893p3; Front: MM3/2/1894p3
Jay Giese Oil Co., 1880 N. Riverside: CP2/12/1953p18
Gilman's Dairy, Merriman Road: buys Merriman Dairy: MT12/2/1930p6, MN12/3/1930p2, MN9/18/1936p4, CP10/20/1949p8, RT4/1/1955pB7
H. E. Gilmone Piano House: to open: MM2/22/1907p5
Gilmore & Thompson: see Medford Cleaning Works; dissolved: MM4/26/1907p5
Gilmore Oil Co., 203 S. Central: MT11/8/1930p2, MT4/2/1934p2, MN6/20/1941p1, MN3/27/1942p2, SM1950p85
Gim Chung Chinese Medicine, 241 S. Front: MT5/15/1914p7
Ginn's Flowers, Halley Block: MT5/14/1957p1
Glacier Cafe: MM1/12/1906p5, MM12/7/1906p5; name change: MM2/15/1907p5; see American Cafe
Glad Tidings Mission: AT6/5/1925p1
Glasscock Nursery, 24 Beatty: MN4/10/1942p2
Glen Rogue Orchard Co.: MM12/18/1908p1, MM11/21/1909p12
Glen Rosa Orchard: MN2/14/1931p5
Glidden Paint, E. Main: sign removed: MT2/21/1966p10
Global Spas USA, 143 S. Riverside: MT11/23/1981p1
Globe Saloon, Front St.: MM10/6/1905p5, MM4/20/1906p5
Dr. J. G. Goble, optician: 4th & Front: MM3/2/1900p7, MM7/5/1901p7; 235 E. Main, "over Strang's": MT6/21/1910p8
Gold & Gems, 539 Medford Center: closing: MT11/19/2014p4
Gold Dust Saloon: opens: MM5/25/1894p3
Gold Green Front Cigar Store: MM8/26/1905p5, MM11/24/1905p5
Gold Ray Granite Co.: MT8/24/1910p2
Gold Seal Brewery: MN11/19/1937p2
Gold Seal Creamery, 4th & Fir: MN5/24/1928p8, MT3/3/1930p2, MT3/29/1931pB1, MN5/12/1933p1, MN8/11/1933p1, MN1/1/1936p1, MN4/23/1937p4, MN11/19/1937p2, MN11/25/1938p2
Golden Pheasant Restaurant, 127 E. Sixth: open: MN9/21/1945p1
Golden Rule Store, 921 W. Main: opens: MT10/28/1910, MT10/30/1910p6, MS3/17/1911p6, MW3/14/1912p7, MW10/24/1912p8; now on W. Main "opposite their old location": MS11/2/1913pp5,6, MT1/24/1916p2, MT8/24/1917p4; opens, N. Central: MT9/29/1920p5, MT9/30/1920p5, MT10/2/1920p6, MS10/3/1920p4, MT2/22/1924p3, MT1/2/1927p3, MT3/11/1927; bought by J. C. Penney: MT6/5/1927p8, MT6/6/1927p8, MT6/7/1927p3; liquidating: MT6/23/1927p3; closing: MT8/5/1927p5, MN1/8/1928p3; opens on W. Sixth: MT5/22/1930p7, PR7/17/1930; 223 W. Sixth and 117 N. Central: MT11/7/1930p3, CP3/3/1932p4, MT4/25/1934p2, CP4/26/1934p1, MT6/2/1936p1, MN7/8/1936p4, CP7/16/1936p1, MN4/23/1937p4, MT6/23/1939p11, CP9/7/1939pp1,3
Golden Star Kindergarten, 512 S. Holly: MT1/18/1921p2, MT1/22/1921p2
Goldsmith, grocer: MM9/7/1889p2
Goldstone Bros.: see New York Cash Store
Mark A. Goldy, Inc.: buys Wing Agency: MT7/10/1938p10
Golf-O-Rama Miniature Golf, 809 Stewart Ave.: 1964-1980 (MT4/2/2013p3)
Good Eats Restaurant: MT10/28/1913p3
W. E. Good Grocery, Main & Riverside: sold: MM8/27/1909p5; see W. L. Orr Grocery
Good Will Machine Works, 303 S. Grape: MT4/24/1955p12, RT4/20/1956pB8
Goode Lodging House, 310 Main: MM11/5/1908p5, MM12/4/1908p8
Goodfriend's Tea & Coffee: MT1/2/1910pB10
Goodwill Industries: incorporates: MT9/18/1967p3, MT2/23/1969
T. Goodwyn & C. E. Tull: dissolved: MM10/19/1900pp6,7
T. J. Goodwyn, groceries, W. Medford: MM3/14/1902p7
L. M. Gordon, chiropractor: MW1/12/1911p4, MW2/2/1911p4
Mrs. E. E. Gore Music Studio: CP8/11/1932p3
O. E. Gorsline & Sons Lumber Yard: MM5/11/1900p1, MM6/5/1903p1
Gorst Auto Stage Line: MW5/16/1912p4
Gorton & Gault Laundry: MM6/8/1906p5
Gossett Coffee & Produce Co.: MT7/2/1927p2
Gould & Lindley: see Square Deal Woodyard
Dr. I. H. Gove, dentist: CP11/19/1926p4, MT1/1/1928pG8, CP8/11/1932p5
Grabow's Jewelers, 108 E. Main: MT4/1/1952pB1, MT4/1/1956p2, CP4/5/1956p4
Grace Laboratories, 205 Liberty Bldg.: TA7/7/1933p4
Graham & Wakeman Fire Insurance, 401 MF&H Bldg.: MT1/1/1914pF5
Grand Central Hotel: SM1888p1, SM1890p1, SM1893p2
Grand Hotel: see Hotel Grand
Grand Theater, 313 E. Main: ML8/1908, MM8/21/1908p6
Grand View Market, 2330 Crater Lake Ave.: to open: MT12/1/1949p11, MT12/4/1949pB1, MT12/9/1949p7, RT3/2/1955p3
Grand View Orchard: AW7/26/1922p2
Grange Co-op: MN7/31/1943p4, MT9/24/1980, MT10/30/1980p1; moving corporate headquarters to Medford: MT12/29/2012p5
A. V. Graves Jewelry, 115 W. Main: CP10/15/1926p6, MN10/31/1926p7
Graves' Men's Store, 227 E. Sixth: MT7/12/1927p2
Gray & Bradbury's Planing Mill: MM5/11/1900p6
Gray & Moe's: to open: MT9/13/1910p4, MT9/18/1910p10, MS4/21/1911p8; Moe buys out Gray: MS4/21/1912p2, MS4/23/1912p2, MW4/25/1912p4
Gray Line Cab Co.: MT4/1/1952pB1
R. W. Gray Planing Mill, contractor: SM1907p8, TR1/21/1908p1, TR1/23/1908p1, MM10/16/1908p2
Greb International: MT9/29/1991pB3
Gordon Green Co., fruit packing, South Fir: MT10/12/1965p7
Green Diamond Resource Co.: MT10/10/2014p2
Green Front Cigar Store: MM6/8/1906p5
Green Lantern restaurant and newsstand, 307 E. Main: formerly Shirley Brothers, opening tomorrow: MT7/19/1945p5, MN9/26/1947p1; adds bakery: MT9/21/1947p11; reopens: MT2/12/1954p2
Green Lantern seafood restaurant, 225 W. Main and Holly: reopening: MT1/4/1934p8; for sale: MT1/4/1935p17; now Ray's Cafe: MT9/15/1957p29
Green Machine: see HMC/The Green Machine
Green Mountain Ranch: MT7/6/1927p6
Green-Munter service station: see General Petroleum
Green's Confectionery, 100 W. Main at Fir:  MT7/19/1845p5; sold to Patton & Dallaire: MT7/19/1949p2
Greene & Shores Service Station, Sixth & Riverside: MT1/2/1927; sold to Chet Leonard: MT10/14/1935p3
Greyhound Bus Lines: MN8/13/1937p1, MN10/26/1945p1, MN8/2/1946p1, MN11/7/1947p6, MT6/8/1948, MN3/18/1949pp4,5, MT3/20/1949p12, MN4/1/1949, MN10/28/1949p1, MN11/18/1949p5, SM1950p12, MT10/24/2008
Jim Grimes, barber, E. Main: MN8/18/1950p2
Groceteria: see also Service Stores, Inc.; MT11/19/1920, MT4/8/1921p10; Sixth and Central: open: MT7/23/1923p2, MT12/31/1923p8, CP3/18/1926p6, CP11/26/1926p4, MT11/19/1927, MT1/2/1927p3, MT1/1/1928, MT11/23/1928p2, MT2/9/1930p1, PR2/13/1930p1, MT4/18/1930pp1-5, MT7/16/1931p9, CP3/3/1932p4, MT11/18/1932pp1-10, MN9/22/1933p1, MN9/29/1933p5, MT12/31/1933p2, MT8/19/1934p7, MT12/22/1935p14, MN1/8/1937p4, CP12/23/1937p1, CP12/15/1939p2, MN1/4/1946p1, MT3/26/1946p8, MN4/12/1946p8, MT1/24/1947pp2,3, MN8/29/1947p1, MT11/17/1949p8, MT11/6/1951p1, MT5/23/1952p2, MT10/11/1953p5, MT4/3/1958pp2,6; sold: MT12/20/1962p1, MT7/25/1996
Groceteria Seed & Feed Co.: CP11/19/1926p4
Ground Zero: MT11/30/2012pT5
Grover Dairy: MN1/19/1945
Growers' Exchange: CP8/11/1932p4
Growers Refrigerating Co.: MT6/9/1946pp7,14, SM1950p22, MT4/30/1991p1, MT5/1/1991
Guardian Group, 125 W. Main: to open: MT10/26/1930p8
Guernsey Printing, 123 E. Main: FG1/1912p19
J. H. Gustine, Gus the Tailor: MS2/25/1916p2, MT3/11/1916p2; moved temporarily to 40 N. Front: MT3/22/1916p2, MT8/15/1927p2, CP3/3/1932p5, TA2/21/1936p1
Gusher Cafe, 15 S. Front, Nash Hotel Bldg.: MT4/26/1921p11
H.B. Orchard: MT12/17/1909p7
H-M Folding Stretcher Co.: MT5/9/1944p3
Hadley's, 44 S. Central: closing: MT10/30/1939p5
Haight Music Co.: opens: MS7/23/1916p4
Haight Music Studio, 116 S. Laurel: MT1/1/1914p4
Hal's Camera Shop: MN2/22/1951p3
Hale & Merritt Piano House: MM7/5/1907p4
Hale's Piano House, White & Thomas Bldg.: opens: MM11/17/1905p5, MM12/15/1905p3, MM2/23/1906p5, MM4/20/1906p5, MM6/1/1906p1, MM8/24/1906p5, MM11/2/1906p5, MM11/16/1906p1, MM12/7/1906p5, MM6/14/1907p5; reorganized: MM12/27/1907p1, MM2/21/1908p9, ML8/1908p4, MM10/9/1908p5, TR4/23/1909p3, SO4/28/1909p5; sold: MM4/30/1909p5, MT8/1/1910p8, MT10/2/1910p3, MW11/3/1910p2, MS12/18/1910pB1, MS4/12/1911p6; 217 W. Main: MT8/25/1911p2, MS8/27/1911p8, MS9/12/1911p5, MS9/24/1912p6; 217 W. Main: MS7/17/1913p4, MS8/11/1914p6, MT5/27/1919p2; 115 E. Main: MT5/31/1919p2
Half Moon Fruit & Produce Co.: SM1950p52
Hall & Fehl Bakery, Fir: to open: MM8/21/1908p5
Hall & Hall Grocery: CP11/26/1926p4
Court Hall & Son Cadillac: MS10/24/1913p2, MS10/31/1913p1, MS11/2/1913p4
Hall Taxi Co., 33 S. Bartlett
Hall's Cafeteria, 17 S. Riverside: MT2/23/1934p9
West Hall Paint Co.: MT6/3/1927pB8
R. H. Halley, tinsmith, Central "between 7th and 8th": MM9/7/1889p3
Hallmark Stores: MT3/17/2012p5
"Chub" Hamlin & Terrill West Side Meat Market: partnership: MM10/26/1906p5; sold: MM12/28/1906p5
Hamlin's Hi-Lites, Central and Court: burned: MT12/8/1983p1
Hamlin Motors, 131 N. Bartlett: MN4/11/1947, MN6/27/1947p1, CP2/12/1953p9
William Hammett Plumbing & Heating, 31 N. Bartlett: MT1/1/1928pH6; 225 W. Main: MT1/13/1935p3, MT1/20/1935p3
Hammond & Narregan, attorneys: MM5/11/1900p7
Hammond Bros., Clarenden stables (liverymen): MM2/23/1894p3
The Handicraft Shop:  MT12/19/1916p4; 17 N. Central: JN10/31/1924p3, MT10/23/1924p3; bought by Adrienne Steward: MT10/3/1927p6, MT10/23/1927p2, MT10/24/1927p2, MT12/18/1927p7, MT12/19/1927p6; 42 S. Central: MN12/28/1927p6, MT2/8/1929p6, MR4/11/1932p1
B. E. Haney, pool hall, W. Main: to open: MT11/2/1911p2
Mrs. B. E. Haney, dressmaker, Garnett-Corey Bldg.: MT3/6/1916p2
Hanley & Love, meat market: ST3/13/1888p2
Hansen & McClanahan, blacksmiths: 32 S. Fir: MT1/1/1914pB5, MT4/16/1918p2
Hansel Coal: MT12/10/1924p2
Hansen Hardware, 35 N. Bartlett: MT7/15/1936p5, CP10/29/1936p5, MN11/27/1937p2, MN10/28/1938p3, MN3/24/1939p2, MT4/19/1939p3; see Dulien Steel Products
J. R. Hardin Barber Shop, Main,: MM4/6/1894p3; McAndrews block: MM5/11/1900p5; near the post office: MM6/29/1900p7, MM10/26/1900p7; Central: MM3/1/1901p7; closed: MM7/5/1901p6; rear of Chessmore & Myers: MM9/13/1901p7
Hardin & Appel, barber shop: from E. Main to S. Central: MM11/1/1901p7
Dr. H. P. Hargrave: leaving: MT4/28/1920p8
Hargrove Sisters Millinery: to open: MM9/15/1905p5
Harmony Music Store, W. Main: MT1/1/1928pF4
Harold's Ladies' Apparel, 130 E. Main: CP10/12/1943p4
Hal Harrington Vacuum Cleaning: JP1/4/1913p3
Harrison & Keyt: opened this week: MS4/4/1920p5
J. R. Harden Barber Shop, Main, opposite Union Livery Stable: MM2/15/1901p5
Harry & David: see Holmes Ranch; MT12/5/1910p1, MS12/6/1910p1, MS2/19/1911pB4, MS3/14/1911pp1,2, MT7/2/1911p5, SM1927key,p27, CP2/11/1932p4, MT4/15/1934p10, MN2/19/1936p1, MN3/5/1937pB1, MN4/16/1937p1, MN7/16/1937p1, MN12/10/1937p1, MT3/24/1939, MT3/29/1939, MT4/13/1939, MN5/12/1939p2, MN12/11/1942p1, MN5/17/1946, MN10/22/1948p1, MN12/2/1949p1, MN3/24/1950p1, MN3/31/1950p6, MN12/15/1950p5, SM1950key,p27, MN5/10/1951p1; purchase Jackson & Perkins: MT6/29/1966p1, MT10/16/2012p3, MT11/23/2012p1, MT9/19/2013pB10, MT11/7/2013pB8, MT11/14/2013p8, MT2/4/2014p7, MT10/14/2014p7, MT3/4/2015pB6, MT4/10/2015pB4, MT4/29/2015pB5
Jean Hart, Inc., 22 S. Grape: CP10/20/1949p11; 617 E. Main: MT9/30/1953p5
Hart-Bauer Lead Co.: incorporates: OR1/7/1910p5
Hart Hatchery, S. Pacific Hwy.: MN4/5/1946p3, CP2/12/1953p8
Hart Hotel, White-Thomas Bldg.: opened: MM1/8/1904p1
Hart's Jewelry: MT1/31/1982pD1
C. A. Hartley Sand & Gravel: MT6/8/1929pB4
Harvey's Shell Station, Sixth & Front: opens tomorrow: MT7/19/1929p4
Harvey's Motel: MT6/6/1978
Haskins & Lawton, drugs: ST3/13/1888p3
Haskins' Drug Store: MM9/7/1889p2, MM5/11/1900p1, MM6/5/1903p1; partnership: MM6/17/1904p4, MM1/6/1905p1, MM2/21/1908p9, CH12/17/1908p2, TR4/1/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB6, MT5/9/1912p5, MT6/8/1975
H. T. Haswell Commission Co.: MS11/16/1912p2
Thomas H. E. Hathaway Real Estate, 217 W. Main: MT1/1/1914pC5
Hawk Plumbing, 24 S. Grape; W. Sixth: MN1/19/1945p1
H. E. Hawk Plumbing & Heating Co., 518 W. 6th: MT3/9/1945p5, CP10/20/1949p7
S. H. Hawk Plumbing, S. Grape: MT1/1/1928pG6
H. E. Hawk Plumbing and Heating: MT5/21/1969p5
Hawkin's Nite Garage, S. Central: sign removed: MT2/21/1966p10
Hawkinson Tire Tread Service, 204 N. Riverside Ave.: CP11/19/1936p2, MN6/7/1940p2, CP2/12/1953p7; 1112 Court: RT6/8/1956p3; see General Tire Service
Hawley Transfer & Fuel: MN2/15/1946p2
Hawthorne Convalescent and Physical Therapy Hospital: see Southern Oregon Hospital, Medford
Hawthorne Market: opens: MT1/9/1953p18
Hayes Distributing Co.: MT5/25/1952p11
Hazelrigg Orchestra: MM11/5/1908p8
Health Food Center: MT4/1/1952pB1
Heartfield Cleaning: MT3/4/1912p8; see Star Steam Laundry
E. W. J. Hearty Pre-Cooling, 11th & Front: purchased: MT7/6/1927p1, MT9/14/1927, MT1/1/1928pJ4(2)
Heath's Drug Store: MT2/1/1916pp2,3, AA4/8/1927p7, MN3/4/1930p5, MN9/15/1933p1, MN9/19/1933p1, MN11/25/1938p3, MN3/31/1939p1; 29 N. Central: MN6/13/1941p2; bought by James W. Mack: MT6/14/1942p8, MN4/22/1949p1
Heck Sign Co., S. Grape: open: MT10/9/1927p2
A. R. Hedges, chiropractor: CP1/10/1936p1, MN1/31/1936p2; 128 E. Main: MN6/20/1941p2
Heil Meat Market, 323 E. Main: closing: MS1/26/1913p4
Heilbronner's, haberdashery, 206 W. Main: MS9/23/1915; closing: MT5/24/1917p3
Bliss Heine Co., W. Sixth: MT6/8/1929p9
Heine-Robinson Art Shoppe, W. Sixth: MT9/24/1927p1
Heitkamp Nursery, S. Pacific Hwy.: MN4/5/1946p2
Helen's Beauty Shop: MN7/14/1939p3
Helms Orchard: MM9/6/1907p1
A. M. Helms' Saloon: MM2/21/1902p7, MM3/7/1902p6
Henry's Drive-In Barbecue, 1206 N. Riverside: MN3/27/1942p2, MT5/21/1948p5
Hembree Bakery: MM2/23/1894p3, MM4/20/1894p2
Henselman Tea & Coffee, Grape St.: sold: MM1/29/1909p2
Herman Bros. Harness, 317 E. Main: MT11/1/1909p3, MT1/2/1910pB8; going out of business: MT6/2/1914p6; closing: MT6/12/1914p3; sold to Medford Harness: MT6/26/1914p6
Hibbard & Crain Hardware: MN1/14/1949p4
Hibbard Grocery, 36-40 S. Central: to open: MS2/7/1912p6; 111 W. Main: MS11/4/1916p6; 131 W. Main: MT10/18/1917p6; sold to Messner and Amey: MT12/14/1923pB4
Hickory Springs: MT2/21/1991p16
Hicks & Walker, stonecutters: MM3/22/1901p7, MM4/26/1901p2, MM6/14/1901p6, MM8/2/1901p7, MM9/6/1901p7
G. W. Hicks, upholsterer: MM10/4/1901p6
J. S. Higenbotham, wagonmaker, "Seventh Street, near A": ST3/13/1888p2
Highcroft addition: MT1/1/1913p3, MT7/1/1914p6
Highway Motor Co., 114 S. Riverside: MT1/2/1927, MT7/20/1927p4
Highway Service Station, Fourth & Riverside: MT1/1/1928pE5
Charles Higinbotham, blacksmith, 48 S. Central: MM3/8/1907p5, MM4/5/1907p5
Hilarity Hall Ballroom: MT1/1/1928pH5, MT5/29/1928p3, MN8/31/1928p3, MT7/10/1977
Hill Motor Co.: MT1/2/1927
Hill's Meat Market, 213 W. Main: MM4/12/1907p5
Hillcrest Orchards: OR10/7/1905p6, OR10/19/1905p15, MM5/15/1908p5, OR10/31/1908p11, MM11/27/1908p6, MM4/9/1909p5, OR12/24/1910p6, MT1/1/1911pC5, MT5/28/1911pB2, OR8/13/1911pp6,11, MT2/1/1912p2, JP1/20/1917p3, JP8/7/1920p3, SM1927key,p7, SM1950key,p7, MT4/16/2013pB8
Hilltop Orchard: MT7/2/1911p5, MT8/8/1912p2
Hillyer's Signal Service Station: MN6/27/1941p3
Hi-Way Pool Hall, 12 N. Riverside: CP8/11/1932p3, MN6/13/1941p1, MN3/27/1942p4, MN6/13/1942p1
Hi-Way Tavern, 12 N. Riverside: RT3/4/1955p4, RT4/8/1955p8
Hines & Snider Auto Co.: see Elliott & Cook Co.; opens: MS7/13/1919p6, MT7/14/1919p2, JP7/19/1919p1, JP8/23/1919p2, MS5/2/1920pD6; sold to Amos Nininger: JP7/10/1920p3
History Store, Rogue Valley Mall: MT11/3/1997p7
HMC/The Green Machine: MT12/12/1990pC2
Hobby Tree, below Hubbard's: MT2/19/1984p11C
Hodges Club, Main and S. Central: MN8/28/1942p3
W. M. "Billy" Hodson Auto Co.: MM2/22/1907p5; partnership dissolved: MM3/29/1907p1, MM4/19/1907p8, MM6/28/1907p5, MM1/31/1908p5, MM2/7/1908p1, MM2/21/1908pp2,5, MM6/12/1908p1, MM10/2/1908p6, TR3/26/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB3
Ethelwynn Hoffmann's Women's Fine Apparel, Craterian Building: MT12/27/1929p4; Sixth & Holly: MR2/26/1932p3
M. N. Hogan Investment Co.: CP6/7/1934p1
Hohlweg Top Shop: CP12/5/1935p1, CP5/14/1936p3
Hoke Cannery, N. Central: MT3/16/1914p2, MT4/15/1914p2, MT4/29/1914p2(3), MT5/1/1914p2, JP11/28/1914p1, JP12/5/1914p1, MT1/1/1915pD8, MT5/18/1915p4, MS5/27/1916p4
Holbrook & Andrews Furniture, Sixth & Front: Barneburg buys Andrews' interest: MT2/25/1940p6
The Holiday House, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Holiday House Trailers: MT6/18/1962p1
Holiday Inn Express, Center Drive: to open in Nov.: MT8/9/2018pB10
Holland Furnace Co., Brophy Bldg.: MT7/26/1959p6
Harry Hollingsworth, jeweler: MM6/5/1903p6
Holloway Orchard: MT1/1/1914pD5, MT8/26/1920p6
Holly Apartments, 135 N. Holly: MT4/13/1953p1
Holly Cafe: MN3/22/1946p3
Holly Theater: MT11/15/1927p1, MT11/22/1929, MT12/18/1929, MT8/29/1930p4,secC, MT11/24/1930p3, MT12/31/1930, PR6/18/1931p1,PR6/25/1931p1, MT8/31/1932, MT2/19/1934p1, MN1/13/1939p3, MN12/1/1939p4, CP6/18/1942p3, MN3/9/1945, MN8/12/1949p5, MN9/2/1949p1, MN5/5/1950p7, SM1950p17, MT9/14/1983pB1, MT4/17/1997, MT9/2/1998p1, MT1/19/2003, MT3/15/2012p1, MT6/13/2012p1
Holly's Sea Food Market, 125 E. Sixth: MN6/20/1941p3, MN4/3/1942p2
Hollywood Orchards: MT1/1/1914pD5, MT7/9/1927p3
Holmes & Goodpasture Real Estate, Medford Bank Bldg.: MM5/7/1909p2
Cole Holmes Insurance: MT1/1/1928pF2
R. A. Holmes Insurance, Room 33, Jackson County Bank Bldg.: MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB8, MT9/29/1930p8, MT4/10/1949p11
Holmes Bros. Ranch: MN7/3/1925, MN10/20/1939p2, MN5/31/1940p2
William M. Holmes Real Estate: MT1/1/1928pH7
Holsum Corporation: MT7/23/1972
Olaus Holtan/Holton, tailor: ST3/13/1888p1
Home Appliance, 303 S. Front: RT2/25/1955p5
Home Grocery, 608 E. Main: CP3/3/1932p5, MT11/22/1935p6, MN11/27/1935p2, MN12/18/1935p1
Home Millinery, 1021 W. Ninth: MS5/21/1911pB6; 1101 W. Ninth: MT2/19/1913p2
Home Telephone Co.: MT12/12/1909, MT3/7/1910p4, MT3/10/1910p1, MS12/30/1910p1; begins service: MS12/31/1910p4, MT1/1/1911pB4, MS1/17/1911p1, MS4/9/1911p1, MS4/13/1911p1, MT4/13/1911p3, CH5/25/1911p1, MS6/30/1911p2, MS8/12/1911p1, SM1911p14, CH2/8/1912pp1,2, CH2/29/1912p1, MS7/4/1912p1, MT7/5/1912p1, JP7/6/1912p2, MS10/12/1912p1, MT10/28/1912p3, MW10/31/1912p6, JP12/28/1912p3, MS1/1/1913p1, JP2/8/1913p3, MW2/27/1913p4, JP5/31/1913p1, JP8/23/1913pp1,2, JP7/25/1914p3, MT1/1/1928pG4; absorbed by Pacific Telephone: MT12/1/1935, MN12/4/1935p1
HomeGoods, Northgate Marketplace: to build: MT2/2/2016p1
Homestead Log Homes: MT6/18/1992
Honey & Fisher Insurance: MW9/19/1912p4
Honner's Feed Store, 227 N. Fir: 41 S. Grape: MT6/23/1932p7, CP4/1/1937p4
C. D. Hoon Real Estate, Jackson County Bank Bldg.: MT8/29/1912p5
Hooper's Radiator Service, 33 S. Bartlett: MN7/14/1939p3, MN7/21/1939p3, CP10/20/1949p10
I. E. Hoover & Son Nursery: MW8/29/1912p7, MT11/23/1912p3, MS11/26/1912p2
Hoover & Poston Nurseries: MN6/20/1941p1
Hoover Dairy: JP1/30/1915p3
Lizzie Hoover/Hoover Sisters, millinery, Woolf Bldg., Sixth and Central: to open: MM2/8/1901p7; MM3/1/1901p6; open; Woolf Building: MM3/8/1901pp2,7, MM3/15/1901p2; J. H. Wilson Bldg.: MM5/17/1901p6; reto open, S. Central "opposite Mail office": MM9/27/1901p7; "opposite post office": MM10/18/1901p6; reto open: MM3/14/1902p6, MM3/28/1902p7
Hopkins Orchard: MM4/13/1906p5, MM5/18/1906p1, MM6/29/1906p5, MM7/27/1906p5, MM11/20/1908p1, MM6/18/1909p4,
C. L. Hopkins Texaco, Jackson and Riverside: MT10/15/1935p5, CP10/24/1935p3; see Chet Leonard's Texaco
Hopkins Vulcanizing, 6 S. Fir: open: MT7/20/1911p2
Hoswell & France Groceries, Main Street: MM7/13/1906p5
Hot 'N Now, 600 Biddle: closed circa 1996: MT4/21/2015p3
Hot Pots: closing downtown location: MT3/14/2012p10
Hot Tamale Parlors, 403 N. Bartlett: MT11/19/1909p8
Hotel Austin: MS6/7/1916p2
Hotel Blanco: MM1/12/1906p5
Hotel Emerick: see Emerick Hotel
Hotel Grand: MT1/1/1915p4, MT11/1/1915, MT1/1/1928, MN9/23/1949p1; sold: MT11/20/1955p1, MT3/26/1967, MT12/2/1991pB5
Hotel Hart, White-Thomas Bldg.: MM1/8/1904p1
Hotel Holland: MS5/6/1911p1, MT12/16/1911p8, MT12/21/1911, MS12/30/1911p1, MT12/30/1911, MT1/6/1912, MW2/8/1912p8, MS5/23/1912p1, MW10/5/1912p6, MS11/27/1912p1, MW3/27/1913p2, OR5/4/1913p2, MW5/8/1913p2, MT1/1/1914pF3, MT1/1/1915p5, MS4/27/1915p2, MT3/27/1920p6, JN3/6/1925,JN4/10/1925, JN5/29/1925, SM1927p15, MT6/6/1927p8, CP3/3/1932p3, CP8/11/1932p3, CP8/30/1945p1, SM1950p15, MT5/1/1975, MT12/30/1977p24, MT2/15/1978p1, MT3/7/1978
Hotel Holland Coffee Shop: MS2/6/1912p6, MT8/16/1917p2, MT10/7/1919p3, JN7/10/1925, MT12/31/1926p6, MN7/14/1939p3, MN6/7/1940p3, MN3/27/1942p2, MT5/1/1975, MT12/30/1977p24
Hotel Jackson: MT12/20/1909p6, MT12/30/1909p2, CP1/28/1926p3, MT3/4/1926p3, CP4/22/1926p4, MT9/16/1926ppB1,B2, MT1/2/1927, MT6/6/1927p5, MT11/3/1927, SM1927p16, MT1/1/1928p7, MN2/28/1928, MN5/30/1941p3, MN3/27/1942p2, MN4/1/1949p1, MT7/5/1949p11, MN8/19/1949p1, SM1950p16, RT8/31/1956p1, MT5/8/1957p1, MT5/21/1961p1
Hotel Medford: SM1888p1, SM1890p1, MT6/26/1910p1, MT7/7/1910, MT9/4/1910pB1, MT11/7/1910p3, MS11/27/1910p1, MS12/30/1910p1, MT1/1/1911p6, MS1/6/1911p1, MS1/8/1911p1, MT1/11/1911p6, MW1/12/1911p3, MS1/14/1911p1, MW1/26/1911p7, MS1/31/1911p1, MS2/8/1911p1, MS2/16/1911p1, MS2/23/1911p1, MS3/17/1911p1, MS4/2/1911p1, MS4/9/1911p1, MS4/15/1911p1, MS4/16/1911pp1,5, MS4/18/1911p1, MS4/19/1911p1, MS4/20/1911p1, MS4/23/1911p1, MS5/28/1911p1, MS7/15/1911p3, MS7/29/1911p2, MS7/30/1911p1, MS8/20/1911p9, MS9/5/1911p1, MS9/19/1911p1, MS9/20/1911, SM1911p14, MT1/1/1912, MT1/6/1912, MS1/28/1912p8, MW3/14/1912p6, MS7/26/1912p1, MT7/26/1912p3, MW8/1/1912p2, MS9/18/1912p1, MS1/1/1913p1, MW3/27/1913p2, OR5/4/1913p2, MW5/8/1913p2, MT1/1/1914pF3, MT1/1/1915p5, CP5/13/1926p3, SM1927p17, MT1/31/1934p5, MT3/1/1934p5, MT6/4/1934, MT5/31/1936p10, MN7/14/1939p3, MN6/21/1940p1, MN6/13/1941p2, MT7/17/1941pp5,10, MN4/3/1942p4, MN6/13/1941p2, MN8/28/1942p3, MS11/12/1948p8, MN6/24/1949p1, MN7/8/1949p1, MT7/3/1950, MT7/14/1950p6, SM1950p17, MN2/15/1951p1, RT8/24/1956p1, MT8/9/1988p1
House of Agates, 32 S. Central: moving to Eureka: MT2/13/1946p2, MT4/4/1946p8
House of Fabrics, Medford Shopping Center: to expand: MT11/19/1984p3
Hover orchard: MT1/17/1910p8
H. H. Howard & Co., groceries and crockery: MM8/3/1900pp6,7, MM8/17/1900p7, MM10/11/1901p7, MM3/7/1902p7, MM5/2/1902p7; Hamlin Block, sold to Brown & Owen: MM11/7/1902p6
J. S. Howard, general merchandise: MM5/28/1897p6
J. S. Howard, surveyor: OMJmidsum1897p8
Howard Bros. Cannery: MS12/11/1912p1, MT12/11/1912p3; burned: JP12/14/1912p1, MS1/1/1913p1
Lottie M. Howard Millinery, 109 N. Central: MT3/11/1910p5
Dr. W. W. Howard, osteopath: opens: MT12/21/1912p2
Howard's Restaurant, Greyhound Terminal, 5th & Bartlett: to open: 3/8/1949p11
Thomas Howell Barber Shop, S. Central: MT8/6/1919p2
Howiee's on Front, 16 N. Front: MT7/26/1999p7; opens 111-115 E. Main location: MT4/16/2013pB8; closed: MT2/1/2020p2
Hubbard Bros. Implements/Hardware: MM9/7/1894p3, MM5/28/1897p6, MM5/11/1900p4, MM6/5/1900p1, MM4/8/1904p5, MM7/13/1906p5, MM11/23/1906, MT1/2/1910pB8, MT1/1/1914pF5, MT9/29/1930p8, MN7/14/1933p1, CP5/17/1934pp2,3, MN11/11/1949p1, MT4/16/1954pp8-9, MT3/30/1955p9, MT4/17/1957p9, MT4/18/1957p11, MT7/3/1962, MT2/19/1984pC11, MT3/23/1989pA13; consolidating to Hwy. 62 location: MT5/2/2014p1
Hubbard-Wray Implement Co., 25 S. Riverside: forms: MT9/15/1935p3, MT5/27/1948p9
Huber Packing Co, Midway Rd..: MT5/2/1934p1, MN6/22/1934p2, CP12/24/1931p4, MT1/1/1932, MN11/20/1936p8, MN4/30/1937p1, MT1/1/1939, MN8/9/1939, MN9/29/1939p1, MN11/17/1939p1; open house of new plant: MT3/5/1940p10, MT3/24/1940p7, MN3/29/1940p1, MN5/31/1940p4, MN8/9/1940p4, CP8/22/1940p6; incorporation: MT11/1/1950p16
Huber Tailor Shop, W. Main: MT4/5/1928p5
Hudson-Essex Garage: MT12/27/1929p4
Hudson's Pharmacy, 613 E. Main: RT4/1/1955p3
Huffman Bros. Hardware, 2708 N. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p15
Huggins & Robinson, Inc., 8th & Bartlett: MT4/3/1925p4, JN7/17/1925, MT1/2/1927pE2; 123-127 S. Riverside: MT10/16/1927pB6
D. A. Huling, hardware: MM9/7/1889p1
Hull's Art Studio, 331 E. Main: MT1/2/1910pB3, MS8/30/1911p6, MS12/16/1910p4, MS8/31/1911p6, MT9/1/1911p2; see also Blue Jay
Hulse's Valentine, Main & Riverside: RT4/20/1956pC8
Human Bean: MT6/20/2013pB10
Ivan Humason, drugstore, Rosenthal Bldg.: to open: MM2/7/1902p6, MM2/14/1902p6; see Medford Drug Co.
Goodwin Humphrey's Grocery: bought by Al Hagen: MT3/22/1946p7, MN3/29/1946p1
Humphrey's Gun Store, 112 W. Main, "opposite Moore Hotel": opens: MT4/13/1910p5, MT4/17/1910p3, MT9/18/1910p8, MT12/30/1912p3; closes: MS1/5/1913pp3,4
Humphrey Motors, DeSoto-Plymouth, 33 S. Riverside
Hundley Journal Print Shop, 702 S. Grape: MT4/16/1963p3
Hundley's Cafe, 206 W. Main: opens: MT7/14/1935p3
Hungry Woodsman, 2001 N. Pacific Hwy.: MT2/5/1998p1
George A. Hunt Theaters: CP12/31/1926p3, CP5/4/1944p3, CP5/11/1944p1, CP10/26/1944p1
J. W. Hunter, photographer: see Elite Studio; leaves for northern California: MM1/10/1902p6
Hunter & Sherer, photographers, Hamlin Block: see Elite Studio; dissolved: MM8/2/1901p7
Huntley-Kremer Co., Fruitgrowers Bank Bldg.: MT1/2/1910pB2
C. F. Hurlburt & Co.: MT7/29/1910p4, SR7/30/1910p1, CH8/25/1910p3, MT9/2/1910p8, CH9/8/1910p1, MT9/25/1910p3, MW9/29/1910p1
Huson's Confectionery, 438 W. Main: bought from DeVoe 14 years ago; sold to Glen Allen: MT8/13/1946p1; bought by Greaves & Pruitt: MT10/7/1947p3
Hussey's Cash Store, W. Main: CH9/24/1908p1, MM2/5/1909p5, MM3/12/1909p8, TR6/7/1909p2, MT12/6/1909p5, MT1/2/1910pB7, MW2/15/1912p3; closed, reto open: MT5/23/1913p2
Hutchason Co. Women's Wear, N. Central: to open: MM9/6/1907p2, CH7/1/1909p1, TR6/24/1909p3, MM8/20/1909p4, CH8/26/1909p1, MM9/3/1909p5, MM9/10/1909p8, MT1/2/1910pB8
Hutchison & Lumsden, dry goods, 213 E. Main: partner: MM4/15/1898p7, MM7/31/1908p4, TR10/1/1908p4, TR10/2/1908p4, TR4/1/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB6, MS11/16/1912p2, MS1/1/1913p6; MT2/10/1935p1
C. I. Hutchison Mercantile Store, 213 E. Main: MT1/31/1929p5; 31 N. Bartlett: MT1/20/1935p3; closed: MT8/24/1939p12
Huth's Meat Market, 323 E. Main: to open: MS1/26/1913p4
Hyatt Chalet Motel: MT6/3/1962, MT8/16/1962
Hyster Sales Co., 654 S. Grape: opens: MT8/4/1958
I.G.A. Model Store, 412 E. Main: MT4/20/1934p18, MT4/23/1934p3, MT4/30/1934p3
Ideal Auto Camp: JN2/20/1925, MT1/2/1927
Ideal Bicycle Shop: CP2/16/1933p1
Idle Hour Pool Hall, Front St.: MT5/8/1929p3
In-N-Out Burger, 1968 Crater Lake Hwy.: MT10/9/2014p3; to build: MT3/24/2015p3, MT4/21/2015p3
Independence Creamery, 28-32 N. Bartlett: to open: MS9/15/1918p6, MT10/13/1919pB1; opens today: MT9/8/2015p1
Independent Electric Co.: CP11/19/1926p4
Independent Fruit Co.: MT7/11/1927p3
Independent Market, 6 S. Central: MT4/17/1915p2, MS11/4/1916p6
Independent Telephone Co.: CH3/25/1909p2
Independent Truck Co.: MT1/1/1928pG4
Independent Warehouse: MM12/13/1901p7, MM4/25/1902p7; see Perry
Indian Refining Co.: MW7/18/1912p1, MT8/13/1912p5, MW8/15/1912p7
Hugh C. Ingle, civil engineer, Sparta Bldg: CP10/20/1949p12
Ingram Vinegar Factory: MM7/14/1905p1, MM8/4/1905p5, MM10/13/1905p1, MM11/3/1905p5, MM10/19/1906p4, MM11/30/1906p3; see Southern Oregon Cider & Vinegar Factory
Ingram's by the Park (Restaurant), Hawthorne St.: MT11/27/1983pC11
E. A. Inman, jeweler, 229 E. Main: CP10/20/1949p11
Inn at the Commons: MT8/2/2013p1
Interiors at the Livery Stable, 29 S. Grape: MT11/27/1983pC11
Interstate Stone and Block: moved: MT9/29/1965pB10
Interurban Autocar: CH7/30/1914p1, CH8/20/1914p4, CH8/27/1914p4, CH9/3/1914p4, CH10/1/1914p4, MT1/1/1915p6, MT1/16/1920p6, MS4/4/1917p4, JP1/10/1920p2
Investors Marketplace, 609 E. Jackson: MT3/18/1993pD14
Iowa Lumber & Box Co.: MM7/18/1902p2, MM7/8/1904p1, MM11/25/1904p1, MM5/26/1905p1, MM9/1/1905p1, MM10/13/1905p5, MM9/22/1905p1, MM3/9/1906, MM4/27/1906p5, MM5/4/1906p1, MM6/29/1906p5, CH8/9/1906p4, MM8/24/1906p1, CH10/11/1906p4, PH1907, SM1907p4, CH1/3/1907p2, CH2/7/1907p1, MM3/8/1907pp1,4, MM4/19/1907p5, MM1/24/1908p5, MM1/31/1908p1, MM3/6/1908p1, MM3/20/1908p3, MM9/11/1908p1, SO10/23/1909p1, MW10/24/1912p6, MW1/30/1913p2
Ireland-Antle Cigar Co.: see Smoke House
Irwin Orchard: MT8/17/1920p6, MT8/26/1920p2
Isaacs' Confectionery: see Rialto Confectionery; Isaacs' Smoke House; sold to J. F. White: MM10/26/1900p7
Isis Theater, 210 E. Main: MT7/3/1910p2, MT1/1/1911p2, MS9/12/1911p5, MT3/21/1929p5, MT3/29/1929p7, MT3/31/1929p6, CP6/23/1932p1
Issott's Photo Studio, over Hubbard's: opens: MS7/27/1919p2
It Theater, 126 W. Main: MS8/13/1915p3, MT10/22/1944p7
That Italian Place, 333 E. Main, above Hubbard's: opens: MT10/20/1998pC1
Ivy Leaf Restaurant, S. Front: MM9/17/1909p5
Ivy Leaf Saloon, S. Front: MM7/14/1905p5, MM6/8/1906p5, MM12/14/1906p5; demolition: MM12/21/1906p5
Ivy Street Public Market, 106-108 N. Ivy: PR6/19/1930p8, PR7/31/1930p1
IXL Ranch: MM11/22/1907p5
IXL Store: open: MM11/2/1894p3
J.C. Penney Co.: buys Golden Rule: MT6/5/1927p8, MT6/6/1927p8, MT6/7/1927p3, MT8/7/1927p5; opens: MT8/16/1927p2, MN8/19/1927pp5,6, MT9/14/1927ppB8,C3, MN11/9/1927, MT1/1/1928p7, MN3/25/1928p1, MN8/2/1928p1, MT3/26/1929p6, MN3/26/1929, MN8/4/1931p1, MN1/4/1946p1, MN2/1/1946p1, MT3/27/1947p1, MT8/19/1947p12, MT3/14/1948p13, MN7/30/1948p2, MT8/1/1948p8, MN7/22/1949p1, MN8/19/1949p4, MT7/11/1950p3, SM1950p13; planning to leave downtown: MT2/23/1966p1, MT7/22/1969p1, MT8/17/1977pC10, MT9/28/1988, MT4/11/2002, MT1/31/2004p1
J.J. Newberry Co.: MT4/14/1929p6, MT8/25/1929p2; 36 N. Central: MN6/13/1941p4; reto open : MT3/3/1949p8, MN7/29/1949p1, MT11/18/1949, MT3/8/1950p3, MT4/30/1950, MT10/13/1960pB1, MT3/16/1986
J.J. North's Grand Buffet: MT6/29/2006, MT6/13/2012p10
J.N. Cafe, Ichitaro Nakagari, 229 S. Front: MT2/2/1924p1; 20 S. Central: MT6/11/1924p5, MT1/1/1928p73; 27 S. Front: MT4/3/1929p3, MN6/13/1941p3, CP10/20/1949p8; closed in 1960: MT7/16/1961p29
Jack's Drive-Up, 911 N. Riverside: RT7/29/1955p13, RT4/20/1956pC2, MT8/11/2010pC1
Jack's Garage, 132 S. Riverside: MS11/5/1916p7
Jack's (Peebler) Second Hand Store, South Grape: MN9/8/1944p1
D. H. Jackson & Co. Real Estate: MT1/2/1910pB11
Jackson & Orth Insurance, 243 E. Main: MS1/15/1911p4
Jackson Cable TV, 300 E. Sixth: open: MT4/22/1966p9
Jackson County Abstract Co.: opens: MM3/30/1894p3; Palm-Niedermeyer Bldg.: MM1/12/1906p5, MM6/21/1907p5, MM3/19/1909p7; over Jackson County Bank: MT12/9/1909p6; to Holland Hotel: MT11/23/1911p6, MT4/4/1916p2; from Holland Hotel to Davis Block: MT4/16/1917p5, MT5/4/1917p3, MT7/12/1924, MT9/30/1924, CL10/3/1924, MT9/29/1930p8
Jackson County Bank, 22 S. Central: MM9/7/1889p2, SM1893p2, MM4/6/1894p3, MM5/31/1895p5, MM5/28/1897p3, MM5/11/1900p1, MM6/5/1903p1, MM8/18/1905p5, MM6/29/1906, PH1907; 2 N. Central: MM4/26/1907p3, MM12/6/1907p1, MM4/23/1909p3, MM10/8/1909p3, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB5, MS12/16/1910p1, MT1/1/1911pB2, MS1/1/1911p4, MT1/1/1915pB6, MT12/21/1923p2, MS12/23/1923p6, JN1/1/1926p7, CP5/6/1926p7, MT1/2/1927, MT3/12/1930p1; funds transferred to First National Bank: MT3/21/1932pp1,4, MT3/22/1932p1, MT3/23/1932p1, MT3/28/1932p1, CP4/11/1935p1, MN6/12/1935p1, MT1/3/1936p13, MN4/8/1936, CP12/3/1936p5, MN12/4/1936p1, MT3/6/1955, MT12/10/1967pC1
Jackson County Building & Loan Assn.: incorporated: SO1/30/1909p1, OR7/23/1913p11, CP11/19/1926p5, MT7/14/1927p10, MT9/29/1930p8, MN9/19/1933p1, CP3/29/1934p4, CP4/19/1934p1, MT1/3/1936p13, CP7/15/1937p5, MN7/16/1937pB2, MN10/8/1937p1
Jackson County Clearing House Assn.: MM9/17/1909p5
Jackson County Creamery, N. Front: MT5/20/1915p8, OR5/23/1915p9, MT6/4/1915p6; fire: JP2/10/1917p3, OR1/11/1918p7, MT5/28/1919p3, MT10/13/1919pB1, MS11/16/1919p6; 4th & Fir: MT4/26/1921pp7,9, MT2/13/1925, SM1927p11, MT1/1/1928pH7, MT5/20/1928p3, MT5/23/1928p12, MN5/24/1928p8
Jackson County Federal Savings & Loan, 126 E. Main: MN1/5/1940p1, MN6/23/1940p1, MN6/20/1941p1, CP10/18/1945p1, MN3/14/1947p2, MN7/18/1947p1, MN12/19/1947p1, MN12/17/1948p2, MT7/5/1949p9, MN7/8/1949p8, CP7/6/1950p5, MN7/7/1950p8, MT7/1/1993
Jackson County Feed Co., Fourth & Bartlett: opened: MT4/13/1934p1; Court & McAndrews: MN5/10/1940p4, CP2/12/1953p6
Jackson County Flume & Irrigation Co.: MM2/16/1894p3, MM3/2/1894p3(3)
Jackson County Improvement Co.: moved to Medford, Hamlin Block: MM6/23/1905p1, CH10/18/1906p4
Jackson County News: JN9/24/1926p1; see Medford Daily News
Jackson County Supply Co.: moved to 36-40 S. Central: MT9/4/1916p2
Jackson Street Service Station, Central & Jackson: CP10/20/1949p10
Jackson Travel Agency: MT6/30/1971
Jackson Welding Shop: CP12/3/1926p5, MT1/1/1928pE2
Jackson's Men's Apparel, 1251 E. McAndrews: closing: MT12/7/2012p7, MT1/27/2013pB3, MT2/6/2013p3
Jacobsen-Bade Co., Portland: MM5/29/1908p4, MM5/21/1909p8, MM8/7/1908p6, MS12/4/1910p9, MT4/20/1911p8, MS5/7/1911pB8
Jacobson, Jewett & Thierolf, 2 N. Oakdale: MT5/2/1996pC1
Jacque Lenox: see Lenox
Jake's Wayback Burgers: coming: MT2/6/2013p3
Japanese Art Store, 422 W. Main: to open: MT12/12/1912pp4,6; 20 N. Central: MS9/26/1916p2; 30 N. Central: MS11/26/1916p6; 315 E. Main: MT12/7/1923pB3, MN2/13/1925
Jarmin & Woods Drug Store, Main & Central: MT1/2/1927; Cuthbert Bldg.: MT6/5/1927p8, MT9/14/1927pD2; "three doors south on Central": MT12/29/1927p3; moving: MT1/1/1928pD3, MN1/8/1928p3, MN6/9/1928; open: MT9/25/1928p7, MN9/26/1928p1, MN9/19/1933p1, MN3/13/1936p1, MN6/13/1936p2, MN4/22/1937; closing: MT3/21/1938p5, MN8/11/1944p1
Jayco Manufacturing: MT2/21/1991p16
Jayhawk Cafe, N. Bartlett: MT4/19/1939p3
JB's Restaurant: MT12/23/1991p3A
Jean's Castilian Grill, Garnett-Corey Building: MT9/27/1915p2
Jefferson Spirits, 404 E. Main: opens: MT12/10/2013pB8, MT2/5/2014pB8
C. W. Jenkins, wainwright, M. Purdin's blacksmith shop: MM3/7/1902p6
Jennings & Lane: MM11/23/1900p7
Cecil Jennings Pawn Shop, Main: MT7/22/1927p5
Dr. George S. Jennings, optometrist: MN3/24/1939p2, MN10/13/1939p2
Sam Jennings Tire Co., 127 N. Riverside: MT5/9/1928p10; 229 N. Riverside: MT3/15/1940p7, MT8/15/2012p1
Jensen & Dalley News & Tobacco: MN3/24/1939p2, MN10/13/1939p2
Jensen's Place: MN8/9/1946p1
Jered's Outdoor-n-Mor, Poplar Square: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Jeskie Jewelry: MS1/3/1915p8
Jewett Office Supply, 310 N. Bartlett: MT1/14/1964p10
M. B. Jewett Paint & Wallpaper, 318 E. Main: moved or closed: MT1/3/1912p2
Jiffy Car Wash: CP11/11/1954p1
Jimmy John's Sandwiches, 1093 Medford Center: opened: MT7/5/2013
Jimmy John's Sandwiches, 1238 S. Riverside: opened: MT6/27/2016p5
Joe's Floor Service, 1955 Kings Hwy.: CP10/20/1949p7
Joey's Italian Deli, 149 S. Central: closed: MT4/24/2013pB6
John W. Johnson Jewelry, 214 E. Main: open: MT1/20/1935p3, MN3/24/1939p2, MN1/19/1940p4
Johnny B's: MT12/10/2012pD4
Johnny's Bee Line Service, 34 S. Riverside Ave.: CP2/12/1953p9
Johnson & Humphries, painters: MT10/31/1926p4
Johnson & Lockard Cafe, W. Main: MM11/27/1908p1
Johnson & Stewart Shoes, Main & Central: RT3/25/1955p11, MT9/29/1957p12
Johnson Body & Fender, 220 W. Bartlett: CP2/12/1953p18
Johnson, McCarthy & Johnson: see Southern Oregon Brewing Ice & Cold Storage Co.
Johnson Truck Lines: MN4/5/1946p1
John W. Johnson's Jewelry: to open: MT9/12/1914p6; to open: MT12/6/1923p5, MT12/10/1923p7; retiring: MT1/3/1928p8
Johnson's Cafe, S. Central; Holland Hotel: MT2/18/1915p2
Edgar Johnson's Market, 6th & Grape: opens: MT6/3/1927ppB4,B8, MT6/4/1927p2, MT7/8/1927, MT9/14/1927, MT1/1/1928pA5; bought by Gates & Lydiard: PR2/13/1930p1
Johnson's Waffle Kitchen, 11 N. Fir: MS4/30/1911p3
Fred L. Johnson's Shoe Repair, 135 W. Main: MN2/7/1931p2, CP2/6/1936p1, CP2/13/1936p1, CP3/5/1936p1
Johnston Stores, 112 S. Riverside: MT7/31/1952p6
Jones & Kirkpatrick Service Station: MT1/2/1927
Jones & Co. Grocery, 36-40 S. Central: MT9/2/1924p2, CP1/7/1926p4, MN12/29/1928p3
Jones Meat Market, 6 S. Central: to open: MT9/3/1914p2
Dr. M. A. Jones, dentist: MT9/3/1915p2
W. H. Jones Shoe Shop, 19 N. Bartlett: CP10/20/1949p9
Jorgensen Dairy Products: MT7/31/1966pC1
R. C. Jorgenson's Bakery, 42 S. Central: JP7/5/1913p3; gutted by fire: MT6/2/1914p3
Joseph Winans: MT3/23/1989pC4
Journey Inn: MT6/6/1978
W. L. Judkins' 5-10-15c Store, 123 W. Main: MS6/19/1913p4
Judy & Frobach, Inc.: CP2/11/1926p5
Just Map It, 710 Eastridge: MT2/25/2013p8
K-mart: MT4/4/1991pB1, MT11/6/1997pB1
W. T. Kame, shoes: see The Fair Store
Kame & Gilkey, hardware, Main St.: opening: MM8/10/1894p3
Kampfer's Big Y: see Big Y Supermarket
Karmelkorn Shop, E. Main: MT5/28/1944p10
"Duff" Karnes & Ritter confectionery, Main and Central: MM5/9/1902p7, MM7/14/1905p5, MM9/8/1905p5; Rialto Building: OR5/14/1905p4, MM11/17/1905p5, MM4/6/1906p5, MM5/4/1906p5, MM3/29/1907p5; dissolved: MM6/14/1907pp4,5; see Ritter & Dunlap
Kay Lithographing: MN6/6/1941p1, MN7/4/1941
Kay Paper Products: MT10/20/1950, MT5/25/1952p11
KBES-TV: MT4/19/1953p1
KBOY: MT5/8/1988pD9
KCX: MT12/31/1929
KDOV, S. Pacific Hwy.: MT12/16/1963p1
KDRV: MT2/26/2009; sold: MT3/6/2014p5
Keller the Jeweler: MS5/30/1911p8
Jim Keller Mobilgas, Jackson and Central: MT6/6/1945p8
E. E. Kelly, attorney, First National Bank Bldg.: MT1/20/1917p6
Kennell-Ellis Portrait Studio, 32 N. Central: MN3/13/1932p6
Kennedy Fuel, 5868 Crater Lake Hwy.: MT3/23/1989pA8, MT3/18/1993pD16
Bob Kennedy's Second Hand, 1603 N. Riverside: MN1/12/1951p6, MT10/17/1958p10
Kennedy's Saloon, 33 S. Front: MT4/4/1910p5
Kent's Rooming House: MS8/25/1911p1
The H. C. Kentner Co.: MT1/2/1910pB2; to open: MT3/25/1910p8, CH5/19/1910pp1,4, CH7/7/1910p1, CH10/13/1910p1, MS12/11/1910p5, CH1/12/1911p4, MS1/15/1911p5, MS2/21/1911, MS3/3/1911p6, MS3/31/911p1, MS9/24/1911pp8,14, MS9/27/1911p2, MS12/30/1911p6, MT9/15/1912p3, MS9/15/1912p2, MS9/17/1912p4, MS10/4/1912p6, MT10/4/1912p6, MT3/10/1913p4, MT10/28/1913p6, MT1/1/1914
Kenwood addition: MM4/2/1909p6, MM4/9/1909p3
Bert Kenyon Plumbing Co.: CP2/12/1953p10
Kenyon Real Estate, 108 W. Main: MT12/9/1909p6
Key Bank: MT7/1/1993
KGE: MT8/9/1927p2
Kid Time: MT3/10/2014p1
Corsa M. Kidd Shoe Store, E. Main: opens: MM1/10/1908p5, MM12/4/1908p5; moving next to Warner's: MM4/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB6, MT5/8/1910p4, MW4/17/1913p2, MT4/14/1925p7, MT9/29/1930p8, MT4/15/1937, MT1/2/1938p7, MT5/27/1951, MT7/17/1977pC1
Kids Unlimited Academy: MT8/29/2014p1
Kim's Chinese Restaurant, Hwy. 99: to open: MT9/17/1950pB1, MT8/23/2012p8
Kimball Fruit Co., 327 S. Fir: SM1927p22, MT1/1/1928, MT12/31/1929
Kimmey's Korner, 630 Crater Lake Ave.: CP10/20/1949p8
Lottie Kincaid, milliner: MM7/5/1907p2
M. M. Kindle Super Service, Jackson & Riverside: MT2/14/1930p4
King & Evans Garage: MT1/2/1910pB6
King Bros., Howard Block: TR6/29/1906p1
King in Radio: CP9/30/1926p4
W. J. King's Saloon, N. Front: MM4/12/1901p7
H. G. King Talking Machines, at Hale's Piano House, W. Main: ML8/1908p4
W. A. Kinney Furniture: MT3/21/1924p4; 315 E. Main: MT12/2/1924p3, MT11/5/1928p3, MT5/10/1929p4, MT2/4/2010pC1
Kirby Co.: CP10/20/1949p9
Dr. Emil Kirchgessner, physician, Lindley Block: MM1/3/1902p7
C. E. Kirk Confectionery, S. Central: MM7/16/1909p2
Kitterman & Casad, contractors: MT6/3/1927pB8
Edward Joseph Klein the Tailor, 128 E. Main: MT3/25/1920p8, MT3/8/1945p8
Ross Kline, Reo dealer: CH3/9/1911p2
Klocker Printery: MT7/14/1941p8, MN7/18/1941p2; 407 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7(2); 744 Cardley: MT11/14/1965pB5, MT1/15/1967p2
Blaine Klum Sign Co., Boyden Alley: MT1/6/1913p2, MT9/16/1912p4, MT11/15/1912pp3,6, MT1/4/1913p3, MT1/28/1913p4
KMED: MT10/6/1926p10, CP12/3/1926p2, CP12/10/1926p3, MT12/26/1926pB2, CP12/31/1926pp1,3, MT1/2/1927pE1, MT9/14/1927pB2, MT12/13/1928p4, MT12/31/1929p7, MT3/13/1930p3, PR5/14/1931p1, CP3/3/1932p4, CP8/11/1932p3, CP2/21/1935p1, MN1/24/1947p1, MN1/31/1947p1, MN4/25/1947p1, MN8/29/1947p1, MN10/31/1947p1, MN12/24/1948, MN4/30/1948p3, MN10/22/1948p3, MN12/10/1948p1, MN12/24/1948p1, MN1/14/1949p1, MT4/7/1950p1, RT4/1/1955, MT9/29/1957p7
C. A. Knight Packing Co., 13th and Fir: MT10/13/1919pB1, MT4/26/1921p8, CP12/10/1926p1, SM1927p22, MT9/14/1927pB7, MT11/23/1928p5, MN9/8/1929p6
KOBI, 125 S. Fir: MT11/27/1983pC11
KOGAP: wigwam burner announced: MT7/22/1969p1; MT1/8/1991p1
KOGAP Orchard: MT4/11/2009pB1
Koke-Chapman Co. office equipment, 34 N. Central: MN10/5/1930
Korinek Veterinary Remedy Co.: MT11/21/1912p4, MS11/21/1912p1, MT11/25/1912p3, MS11/27/1912p1, MT1/22/1913p3, MT1/23/1913p4, MW1/23/1913p1, MW2/13/1913p2, MW3/13/1913p6, MW3/27/1913p1, MS10/31/1913p4, MT3/28/1914p2, MT10/6/1914p4; to move to Portland: OJ12/5/1914p1
Kozy Kitchen lunch counter, Main & Bartlett:, S. Front: MM4/9/1909p2
KYJC: MN10/10/1947, MN2/18/1949
J. Kreuzer & Co., Tailors: MT1/2/1910pB8; 2nd floor Palm Bldg.: SR8/6/1910p3
C. P. Kribs & Co., grocery, 33 N. Grape: MT1/1/1914pC5; 132 W. Main: MS1/3/1915p8, MT4/21/1920p8; see Palace Grocery
Kruggel's Texaco, 4th & Central: to open: MT8/1/1958p10
KSYS: MT12/10/1967pB6
Dr. C. E. Kunz, dentist: CP3/3/1932p6
George Kurtz Medford Cigar Factory, S. Front, to open: MM1/17/1896p5, MM5/28/1897p3, MM5/20/1898p7, MM3/23/1900p7, MM2/22/1901p6; E. Main, to move next door: MM4/5/1901p6, MM6/28/1901p7; closed, leaving for Portland: MM10/25/1901p7
Kyle's Restaurant: MN4/17/1942p3
La Loma Real Estate, Stewart Bldg.: opens: MT3/13/1911p6
La Mode Millinery Parlors: closing: MS4/20/1913p8
La Tosca Restaurant: MN10/20/1939p2
Labor Temple Pharmacy, 24 S. Grape: MT10/9/1969p1
Lady Medford Beauty Salon, 32 N. Oakdale: RT4/20/1956p5; 130 W. Sixth: MT5/2/1996pC1
Lambert & Miller Tile, 608 S. Ivy: CP10/20/1949p9
LaMonts: to open April 3: MT3/5/1978pD11
Lamport's Sporting Goods, E. Main: see Medford Harness Co.; MT8/17/1910p7, MT9/16/1926pB1, MT1/1/1928pF4, MT9/29/1930p8, MN9/18/1936p4, MN10/16/1936p1, MN12/4/1936p1, MN3/19/1943p1, MT11/8/1981, MT11/15/1981
Landis Studio, Main & Grape: MT3/20/1960pC1
Lang & Co.: OR5/28/1911p11, CP4/26/1934p1
Hugo F. Lange Motor Co.: CP10/24/1935p1, CP6/30/1938p2
Lantis & Johnson Shoe Store, 2 N. Central: MN3/14/1941p1; becomes Lantis & Wilson: MN8/11/1950p8
Lantis & Wilson Shoe Store, 2 N. Central: MN8/11/1950p8
Lapham Motor Co.: MT2/4/1940p10, MT2/18/1940p7, CP2/22/1940p5, MT3/12/1940p3, MN6/7/1940p2, MN1/10/1941
LaPointe's: MT10/13/1960ppB1,B2
Larry's Line Up Shop, S. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p14
Larsen's Clothes: MN11/27/1937p1
Larson & May Appliances, 406 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7(2)
Larson's Appliance, Main and Fir: MT4/28/1969, MT8/4/1977p1; recently moved to 213 S. Fir: MT11/27/1983pC11; closing: MT8/12/2014p1; closeout auction: MT1/7/2015p1
Las Margaritas: MT9/20/1992pB1
Launderette, 327 N. Fir: RT6/18/1953p8
Laurel Orchards: MT11/6/1909p1
Laurelhurst addition: MS1/28/1911p1, MS2/18/1911p5, MT4/24/1912p2,
Laurine & Dyke Floor Coverings, 400 E. Main: RT4/29/1955p8, RT6/17/1955p4
Lawrence's Jewelers, 27 S. Central: MT9/25/1910p13, MT7/21/1911p1, MS12/15/1912p6, CP2/2/1933p1, CP5/17/1934p3, MN6/12/1935p1, CP7/25/1935p3, CP9/5/1935p1; 8 North Central: MT9/6/1935p8, CP12/5/1935p1, MN5/7/1937p5, CP11/9/1939p1, MN6/20/1941p1, MN5/25/1945p3, MN4/2/1948p5; 130 E. Main: MN8/26/1949p5, MT8/31/1949p5, MN9/2/1949p1, CP10/20/1949p11, CP2/12/1953p6, MT11/28/1976pD1, MT3/23/1989pC11
Lawton & Davis Dray and Transfer Line: forms: MM1/11/1901p6
D. T. Lawton Furniture: sold to G. F. Cuthbert: MT1/16/1910p1, MW1/20/1910p2
D. T. Lawton Implements: see Mitchell, Lewis & Staver; reopens: MM1/26/1906p5, MSM4/1909p21, MT1/2/1910pB10
R. T. Lawton, real estate: opens: MM3/30/1894p3; reto open: MM6/14/1901p6, MM2/28/1902p2
R. T. Lawton & Son, real estate: ST3/13/1888p4, MM9/7/1889pp2,4
Lawton Truck Co.: opens: MM11/2/1900p7
Paul Lea Motors: MT7/25/1967
Dr. Leake, veterinarian: opens: MM10/12/1900p7
Leander & Co. Ladies' Ready-to-Wear, St. Mark's Bldg.: MT8/31/1910p5
Henry Lee Herb Co.: CP8/15/1940p3
Leed's Shoe Store, Medford Shopping Center: closed: MT11/19/1984p3
Leever Hardware: open: MN6/30/1944p1, MN6/6/1947p8
Leever Motor Co., Fourth and Bartlett: buys Champion Sales, 317 E. Fifth: MT11/30/1947p7
LeMoss Service Station, Jackson and Riverside: to open: MT3/30/1928pB8, MT12/15/1928p3
Jacque Lenox millinery, just moved to 303 E. Main: MT4/16/1930p2
Neva Lenox Millinery, Russell's mezzanine: to open: MT6/28/1927pB1, MT7/5/1927p2; open: MT7/15/1927p7, MT1/1/1928pF4
Leon's Shoes, 21 N. Central: opened in 1945: MT8/21/1960p12
Leonard & Frost Paving Co.: MM2/5/1909p5, MT4/24/1966p3
Leonard Beauty College, 332 E. Main: opened Wednesday: MT2/19/1939p10, MN3/24/1939p2
Leonard Electric Co., 228 W. Sixth: MT9/29/1933p15; moved from Holly Bldg. to 305 E. Main: MT8/1/1935p2, MN3/4/1936p4, MT5/12/1940p12, CP2/12/1953p6, MT11/15/1981
Leonard's Restaurant, Nash Hotel Bldg.: opens: MT11/3/1930p4, CP3/19/1936p1
Chet Leonard's Texaco, 401 N. Riverside at Jackson: CP3/3/1932p6, CP8/11/1932p3; 6th & Grape: MN11/10/1933p1, MT1/11/1934p7, MN1/12/1934pp1,9, MN1/19/1934, MT2/4/1934p3; bought by Jack Hughes and Fred Underwood: MT9/5/1935p10; bought by C. L. Hopkins: MT10/15/1935p5, CP10/24/1935p3; Sixth & Riverside: MT10/14/1935p3
Lerch Junk Shop: MW2/20/1913p1
Leslie Plumbing Co.: MN2/13/1948p1
Leverette Interstate Theatres: CP11/15/1945p4, MN1/10/1947p1
Leverette Packing Co.: MN12/23/1949
A. H. Lewis, Confectioner, W. Main: MM2/12/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB7
C. H. Lewis Packing House: MM3/29/1907p1
Lewis Manufacturing Co.: MT5/2/1976pD9
Lewis Super Service Station, 192-198 E. 8th at Front: open: MT4/3/1927p3, MT9/14/1927pC2, MT1/1/1928, MN2/5/1936p4, MN4/10/1936p3, MT3/7/1940p4, CP11/2/1944p1, MN9/6/1946p1
Lewis Wholesale Builders Supply, 139 S. Fir: 12th & Riverside: MT6/5/1959p5
Liberty Market, Liberty Building, Main & Grape: MT11/21/1931p1, CP3/3/1932p6, MT3/23/1934p6, MT9/23/1934p14, MN3/24/1939p2
Liberty Orchard: MT12/11/1911p6
Liberty Repair Shop, Liberty Bldg., 22 S. Grape: CL11/2/1923p2
Liberty Taxi Co.: JP9/18/1920p1
Liberty Theater: MT11/22/1918p6, MT11/29/1918p3, MT11/30/1918p3, MS12/1/1918p8, MT12/2/1918p3, MT12/31/1913p1
Likmor Bakery, 606 E. Main: MT9/2/1918p4
Lilenquist Motor Co., 1016 N. Riverside Ave.: CP2/12/1953p6
Lillie's Corner, Court & McAndrews: (restaurant, service station, trailer park) MN5/12/1944p3
Lime Green, Riverside: MT3/5/2014p6
Limestone Coffee, 217 E. Main: to open: MT5/24/2013p1
Lincoln-Barneburg-Hoke Co.: MS4/26/1911p1
Lind Linoleum Shop: CP11/25/1937p1
Linda's Mexican Food, 865 Stewart
Lindal Cedar Homes, Hwy. 99 S. of Talent: MT6/3/1966p7
Lindley & Lindley Second Hand: sold: MM3/6/1908p5
Ling & Boardman, painters: MM5/17/1901p6, MM4/11/1902p6, MM4/18/1902p3
M. C. Lininger Sand & Gravel Co., Hamrick Road: CP8/31/1944p1, CP1/31/1946p1, CP2/7/1946p2, CP7/10/1947p1, CP4/8/1948p5, CP10/20/1949p7, CP2/7/1952p1, CP4/5/1956p1
Lininger-Tru Mix: MT3/18/1993pC16, MT9/16/1993
Link River Motors, Fourth and Central: bought by Dick E. Miller: MT6/24/1947p2
Linnea Orchards: MT1/1/1913pC6
Lions Blind Center, 228 N. Holly: breaks ground: MT1/12/1969pD2
Robert L. Lippert Theaters: CP1/2/1947p1, CP3/17/1949p5
Liquor Control Commission Liquor Store, Leverette Building: MT1/11/1935p4; Cooley-Neff Building II: MT8/24/1936p5
Liquor Control Commission Liquor Store, 1393 Stewart Ave.: open: MT7/25/1980pC6
Lithia Home Recreation Center, S. Riverside: MT11/23/1981p1
Lithia Motors: MT10/27/1987, MT2/8/1991, MT5/15/1992, MT1/11/1998pE1, MT9/5/2007p1, MT4/25/2013p8, MT10/24/2013pB8; dealerships leaving downtown Medford: MT2/13/2014p8, MT2/20/2014p1, MT4/22/2014p1, MT4/25/2014p4, MT6/17/2014p1, MT6/18/2014p1, MT10/15/2014pB8, MT10/31/2014p4, MT4/23/2015pB8
Lithia Honda, 4095 Crater Lake Hwy: MT12/14/2014p9
Little Butte Canal Co.: see Medford Canal & Power Co.
Little Feet: moving to 24 N. Bartlett: MT11/14/2012p6
Little Joe's, ¼ mile north of Medford on Hwy. 99\
Little Years, Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Littrell Auto Parts, E. Main: MT1/1/1928pE5, MT5/10/1929p4; 319 E. Sixth: MN6/5/1936, MT5/17/1945, MT5/22/1945, MN4/16/1948p8, CP2/12/1953p7, MT8/31/1982pB5, MT3/23/1989pD8, MT2/8/1991
Littrell-Jennings Parts Co., 317 E. Main: MT3/13/1925p3, MT1/2/1927pE1
The Live Wire: CH6/25/1914p2
Local Loan Co.: MT10/13/1960pB1
John H. Lock, painter: MT1/1/1928pG4
Dr. S. A. Lockwood: leaving for Oakland: JP5/25/1918p3
Drs. S. A. and Myrtle Lockwood: from Haskins Bldg. to 232 E. Main: MT2/19/1913p2; to M.F.&H. Bldg.: MT2/20/1915p2
Loder Rooming House, S. Front: MM7/8/1904p1
The Lodge Motel, 945 S. Riverside
R. Lohr & Co. Antiques: MT5/7/1992
Lone Red Auto Co., 110 S. Bartlett: MT9/12/1911p6
Look Optical Co., 130 E. Main: MT6/3/1966p7
Loomis Orchard: MT12/14/1910p1
LoopRope: MT2/20/2013pB6
Los Molinos Land Co., 6 S. Fir: MT6/21/1910p8
Lost River Dairy, 1725 N. Riverside: MN3/24/1939p2, MN6/20/1941p3, CP6/8/1944p1, CP6/14/1945p1, MN6/15/1945p1, MN9/14/1945p1
Lott & Reddy Auto Paint Shop, 421 E. Main: MT1/16/1924p2(2)
The Lounge, 617 E. Main: closed: MT4/4/2014pB1
Louvre Cafe, 105 W. Main: MM12/18/1908p5, MM2/12/1909p6, MM3/12/1909p6, MM4/2/1909p5; bought by C. D. Miller: MT12/22/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB8, MT7/17/1910p5, MW1/12/1911p2, MS3/10/1911p1, MS3/11/1911pp5,6, MS3/17/1911p1, MS3/22/1911p2, MS5/21/1911pB1, MS7/1/1911p6, MS7/9/1911p1, MS9/19/1911p4; closed: MT11/7/1911p2
Lozier Canning Works: MM9/6/1901p2, MM9/13/1901p6, MM2/14/1902p7, MM10/1/1909p1; burned:MS9/10/1912p1, MT9/10/1912p6, MW9/12/1912p7
L. F. Lozier Cider Mill and Evaporating Plant: MM1/17/1902p2, MM9/25/1908p5, MM11/5/1908pp2,5, MM3/19/1909p1; burns: JP9/14/1913p1; see Rogue RiverValley Canning
LTM Inc.: see Lininger Tru-Mix
L. A. Lucus & Son, harness & saddlery, Barnum Block: opens: MM11/30/1900p2, MM3/15/1901pp6,7, MM4/26/1901p2; issue catalog: MM8/23/1901p7, MM10/18/1901p7, MM10/25/1901p7
Lulu's New Pastime Tavern, 2742 N. Pacific Hwy.
Luman Bros. Grocery: to combine two stores and move to Deuel Building: MT6/13/1934p8, MN6/15/1934p7, MN7/27/1934, MN10/16/1936pp4,8, MN7/4/1941p3, MN9/7/1945, MN5/28/1948p1, MT8/6/1948pp7-9
Lumber Products Co.: MT5/10/1991p1
Lumbermen's Realty, W. Main: MT6/28/1959
E. Lundin Motor Co., Chandler autos, 123 W. Main: closed: MT7/1/1927p5
Lusk Music Co., 333 S. Riverside: MT11/20/1968p1
Lutkemeier Chop House, S. Front: reopened: MM4/20/1894p3
Luy & Coffenbury Barber Shop: MM6/22/1906p5, MM9/3/1909p5
Fred Luy Barber Shop: MM5/17/1901p6; Palm-Bodge Bldg.: MM12/5/1902p7
Ruth Luy Dance Studio: MT6/1/1936p3
Lyda's Gifts, 1006 Saling: CP10/20/1949p11
Lyons Pool Hall: CP10/22/1926p4
M&B Candy Kitchen, S. Central: MM1/22/1909p6
M&M Automotive Paint Supply, 1513 N. Riverside: MT3/18/1993pD13
M&M Department Store: see M.M. Department Store
M&M Motors, W. 12th: MT2/4/1966p1
M&M Pool Hall, 219 W. Main: MS4/25/1911p6
M-U Japanese Curio Store: see Japanese Art Store
Mac-Disco: MT2/12/1965
Mac's Sport Center, Crater Lake Ave.: MN9/4/1942p3
W. E. Macauley, tamale stand: closing: MM4/5/1901p6, MM4/12/1901p7
Mack's Garage, 129 N. Riverside: MT1/1/1928pE3
Mack's Lunch, Johnson's Market: MT1/1/1928pF4
Mack's Pennywise Drug Store, 323 E. Main MT6/19/1953p5
Mackey & Boyd, photographers, Hamlin Block: partner: MM10/5/1900p7; N. Central: MM3/15/1901p7, MM3/22/1901p6, MM5/3/1901p2; dissolved: MM1/17/1902p6
H. C. Mackey, photographer, Hamlin Block: MM5/28/1897p3, OMJmidsum1897p8, MM5/11/1900p6, MM6/8/1900p7, MM1/17/1908p5; over Allen & Reagan's store: MM4/16/1909p5, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB6
MacMarr Stores, 29-31 N. Central, 226 W. Main: MT3/29/1929p5, MT3/30/1929p1; reto open: MT5/16/1930pB1
Madame Roode's Beauty Shop: MS8/12/1911p4
Madden Auto Co. (Willys): OR10/10/1939p33
Madden Orchard: MT1/20/1911p2
Maddox & Donney's Greenhouse: MT7/1/1919p2
Madison House, 2979 Barnett Rd.: to open: MT6/26/1975p7
Madrona Dairy: CP3/3/1932p3
Magill Drug Store, 214 E. Main: MT6/2/1929pp3,8,B4, MN1/18/1931p5
Maid Rite: see Murray's Maid Rite
Maney Bros., road contractors: MT5/4/1911p4
Manhattan Cafe, 18-20 N. Front: opens: MS12/21/1910p6, MT12/21/1910pp5,7, MS12/23/1910p1, MS2/25/1911p6, MS10/1/1911p11, MT11/7/1911p2, MW12/5/1912p6, MW3/27/1913p2, MW4/3/1913p6
Mann's Beauty Salon, 14 N. Central: MN10/22/1937p4, MN6/13/1941p1, MN6/13/1942p1
Mann's Department Store,14  N. Central: to open: MW9/29/1910p1, MT9/30/1910p4, CH1/5/1911p4, MS10/1/1911pp8,13, MT10/1/1915p3; 14-22 N. Central: MT9/17/1919p6, MT9/30/1921p6, MT10/5/1922p5, CP5/6/1926p6, MT1/2/1927, MT1/1/1928, MT3/28/1928p6, MN8/2/1928p1, MN3/16/1930p5, MT9/26/1930p5, MN6/16/1933p1, MT2/11/1935p1, MN6/12/1935p1, CP6/20/1935p3, CP8/15/1935p1, MT1/3/1936p13, MT2/6/1938p2, MT5/28/1948pB16, MT6/1/1950p3, MN1/26/1945p4, MN6/16/1950p2, MN9/29/1950p5, MN4/5/1951p6, MT11/29/1951p5, MT5/26/1952p1, MT9/30/1954, MT7/11/1965p6, MT5/20/1966p1, MT9/13/1987pB1; see Miller's
Mann Trailer Co.: MT9/20/1936p3
Mann Truck Body Co.: MN9/12/1947p1
The Mansion Cafe, 501 E. Main: MN11/10/1944p3; to be demolished: MT4/19/1945p1
W. I. Mapes, agates, Indian curios, 528 E. Main: to open: MT12/19/1914p3
I. M. Marcy, blacksmith, "west side": MM3/23/1900p7
Mariavista Barber Shop: MT12/5/1913p2
Marigold's, 1253 N. Riverside: to open: MT1/16/2014p8
Marinello Beauty Parlor, 407 Garnett-Corey Bldg.: MT1/9/1915p5, MT7/18/1921p2, JN10/17/1924p5
Mark Winans': MT7/25/1984p2
Markade, 5th & Oakdale: CW9/9/1943p3, CW10/18/1943p1, CW7/8/1944p5
Market of Choice: opens tomorrow: MT1/28/2021p2
A. T. Markley Fruit Drier: MM4/20/1894p3, SM1898p2;sold: MM11/23/1900p7; leased: MM1/25/1901p7
Ray Marks Agency: moves from 225 E. Main to 25 S. Front: MT4/4/1949p5
J. W. Marksbury, general merchandise: MM5/28/1897p3
Marsh & Bennett Grocery, Hamlin Block: to open: MT2/4/1914p6; "second door east First Nat. Bank": MT3/17/1914p2
H. E. Marsh Grocery, 130 E. Main: MT2/5/1929p3, CP8/11/1932p5, MT1/28/1934p3, CP2/1/1934p1
Marshall Nursery and Florist, 875 W. 12th: MT3/18/1966p2
Joe Marshall Printing Co., Main & Grape: to open: MT7/23/1927p3, MT1/1/1928pF4
Marshall, Smith, Leonard Printing: CP2/13/1936p1
Marshall-Wells Hardware: MN9/7/1945p1
Martin & Winkler bicycle shop: MM5/18/1906p5
F. E. Martin bicycle shop: MM9/18/1908p5
Larry Martin Mobil Service, Ninth and Central
The Red Martin Co. Auto Body, 654 S. Grape: RT3/2/1956p16, RT4/20/1956pC3
Mary Jane's Attic/Basement, Winco Shopping Center: MT2/2/2014p1, MT3/5/2014p6; loses license: MT3/7/2014pB1, MT3/14/2014p1; closed: MT3/25/2014p1, MT3/27/2014p1; open: MT8/6/2014p5
Mary Place addition: MT2/22/1911p2
Mary's Casa, 537 Mary St.: CP2/12/1953p18
Mason Motor Co.: MT10/23/1923p6, MT4/3/1925p4, AT6/5/1925p1; moving to Sixth & Bartlett: MT6/22/1925p2, MT1/2/1927, MT5/13/1927p6, MT9/14/1927pD2; N. Bartlett, sold to Pennington Battery Service: MT3/30/1928p4
Mason-Ehrman Grocery Co.: to open: MT10/11/1912p6, MW10/17/1912p6; 3rd & Fir: MT11/1/1922p1, MT11/10/1922p6, MT12/2/1924p8, SM1927p11; N. Fir: MT1/1/1928pD8, CP3/3/1932p4, MT2/24/1948p12, SM1950p11
Masters Music & Learning Center, 149 S. Central: closed: MT4/24/2013pB6
Mathes & Brophy: (butchers) SOM7/29/1892p3
May Co.: one-year anny.: MS5/27/1916p2
Otis F. Mays Real Estate, 11 Palm Bldg.: MT1/1/1928pH6
Maytag Co., 31 N. Bartlett: MT8/24/1939p12
Milton Maule, painter: MM4/18/1902p6
W. H. Maultby, Concrete Contractor: MT12/14/1912p6
Maxon Orchard: MT1/20/1911p2
Maytag Shop, N. Bartlett: MT4/19/1939p3
J. G. McAllister, broom maker: ST3/13/1888p2
W. R. McAlvin, vacuum cleaner: MT12/9/1909p6
McAndrew & Brophy Dairy: MM9/18/1903p4
Hurlburt D. McBride & Co. Confectioners, Phipps Bldg., 209 E. Main: to open: MT12/9/1909pp5,6, MT1/2/1910pB8; 229 E. Main: SR8/6/1910p3
A. A. McBrien, M.D., Stewart Bldg.: opened: TA5/19/1933p4
McCain & Chessmore, farm implements, Woolf Building: to open: MM2/1/1901p7
McCaskey Orchard: MT8/7/1927p2
McClashan & Jenken/Junken, "on the West Side next to the Presbyterian church": TR12/24/1907p3; 216 W. Main: ML8/1908; see Medford Tea & Coffee House
McComb & True Commission & Storage: opens: MM10/23/1908p2
M. F. McCown & Jim Eaton lunch counter: to open: MM1/17/1902p6
McCoy Advertising: MT12/12/1980p16, MT3/29/1981pB7
W. R. McCreight Candy Store: MS9/24/1912p1
McCurdy-Bowne Motor Co., Sparta Bldg.: (Ralph McCurdy, Walter Bowne) MT5/7/1920pp6,8
McCurdy-Daniels Insurance Agency: MT1/1/1928pC3, MT10/8/1929p10
McCurdy Insurance: move from Sparta to Medford Bank: MT3/23/1916p5
R. H. McCurdy Real Estate, Sparta Bldg.: MT1/1/1915pC6
McDonald Candy Co.: MN11/27/1937p1; 332 S. Front: MT3/2/1941p10, MN6/20/1941p2, MN3/27/1942p2
Calvin McDonald Grocery, 225 W. Main: MT2/18/1925p10, MT12/31/1925p3, CP1/7/1926p4
C. W. McDonald Shoes: sells: MM3/11/1909p1, TR3/11/1909p1, MM4/9/1909p2; see Duffield & Sons
McDonald's, 1140 Biddle Rd.: MT9/27/2012pB10, MT10/21/2014p3
N. D. "Dick" McDowell Confectionery, 302 E. Main: MT10/9/1911p6, MT2/21/1912p2; changing name: MT5/1/1912p2
McDuffie's Drive-In, 1132 N. Riverside
J. C. McFerson & Son: (sign painters, paperhangers) open: MM4/20/1894p3
McGlashan & Junken, W. Main: MM1/10/1908p5
McGuire Five and Ten, Sparta Bldg.: MT1/17/1913p2; closing: MT2/7/1913p3, MT5/15/1913p2, MT5/21/1913p2; closed: MT6/17/1913p2
J. A. McIntosh, architect: MM12/8/1905p5, MT1/2/1910pB4
McKenzie Outfitters, 1340 Biddle: MT1/19/1998pC1
McLain's Drug Centre, 8 N. Central: MT6/19/1953p5
W. McLaughlin, tailor: MM9/7/1889p2
A. M. McLeod, insurance: MM5/28/1897p3
McPherson's Men's Store: MT1/2/1927, MT9/14/1927pD2, MT7/2/1930
Mead Motor Co.: CP3/3/1932p3
Medco: see Medford Corporation
Medford & Crater Lake Railroad: see also Pacific & Eastern Railway; organized: MM12/30/1904p1, MM1/6/1905p1, OR1/15/1905p6, MM1/20/1905p1, MM2/10/1905p1, MM2/17/1905p1, MM3/10/1905p1, MM3/31/1905p1, MM4/7/1905p1, MM6/16/1905p4, MT10/6/1905p4, MM12/8/1905p1, MM6/29/1906p1, CH8/16/1906p1, CH1/3/1907p2, CH2/7/1907p1, CH2/21/1907pp1,4, CH3/14/1907p3, CH4/4/1907p1, CH4/11/1907p3, CH4/25/1907pp1,3, CH5/16/1907p1, CH5/23/1907p3
Medford & Crescent City Railroad: CH5/27/1909p1, MS11/29/1910p1, MW9/19/1912p7, MS10/3/1912p2, MS11/17/1912p1, MW11/21/1912p3, MS11/21/1912p1, MW12/12/1912p1, MS1/1/1913p1, MW3/13/1913p3
Medford 4 Cinemas: MT9/14/1983pB1
Medford Academy: MM7/12/1901p6 (regular column throughout 1901), MM7/19/1901p2, MM8/2/1901p7, MM8/9/1901pp2,7, MM8/16/1901p6, OR8/19/1901p6, MM8/30/1901p7, MM9/6/1901p2, MM9/13/1901pp6,7, MM11/22/1901p2, MM12/13/1901p7, MM12/27/1901p7, MM2/14/1902p7, MM5/9/1902p6, OR5/9/1902p4, MM12/5/1902p6
Medford Academy Boarding House, N. Front: MM8/23/1901p6, MM12/13/1901p7
Medford Air Service, Medford Airport: CP10/20/1949p10
Medford Ambulance Service: CP6/17/1954p3
Medford Army Store: opens: MT3/3/1920p1
Medford Art Studio, "over H. G. Nicholson's hardware": to open: MM5/17/1901p3, MM5/31/1901p7; closing for summer: MM7/12/1901p7
Medford Auction Co., 845 S. Riverside: CP10/20/1949p10, CP2/12/1953p18
Medford Auto Clinic, 214 E. 4th: CP2/12/1953p6
Medford Auto Co. I: MM7/26/1907p5, MM8/2/1907p5; 8th St.: MM9/20/1907p5, TR3/26/1909p1, MM8/27/1909p4, MT3/24/1910, MT8/2/1911p6
Medford Auto Co. II: see Pruitt-Hittson Auto Co.; MT8/17/1919p4, MT8/20/1919p2, MT3/3/1920p8, AT3/3/1920p3, MT4/14/1920p8, MN7/3/1925, CP9/30/1926p4; 38-40 N. Riverside: MT10/10/1926p3, MT1/2/1927, MT7/22/1927pB4, MT7/23/1927p3
Medford Auto Top Co., N. Grape: MT10/13/1919pB1
Medford Auto Wrecking Co., 229 N. Riverside: MT1/2/1927pE1,4; 1618 N. Riverside: MN6/20/1941p3, MN3/27/1942p4, CP10/20/1949p11
Medford Bakery & Delicatessen, 42 S. Central: MT4/9/1909p5, MT4/5/1910p3; interest sold to James Burch: MT12/2/1909p5; reto open: MT4/21/1910p2; sold half interest to George Purucker: MS1/8/1911p5, MT7/26/1912p4, MT5/29/1913p4
Medford Bank: MM5/11/1900p1, MM6/5/1903p1
Medford Bargain House, 442 N. Fir: MN3/24/1939p2, CP11/10/1939p1, MN8/28/1942p3, CP11/29/1951p3
Medford Battery & Electric, Eighth & Bartlett: MT5/26/1927p3; Berrydale: MT7/7/1927p2, MT7/30/1927p3
Medford Bazaar: MM1/10/1902p7, MM1/17/1902p6, MM6/5/1903p5; White-Thomas Bldg.: MM6/14/1907p5, MM12/13/1907p2
Medford Beauty Salon: MN6/19/1927p6, CP6/17/1943p4
Medford Billiard Parlor, 219 W. Main: MS7/6/1911p5
Medford-Blue Ledge Telephone & Telegraph Co.: incorporated: JP7/27/1907p5
Medford Book Store, Howard Block: sold to Orrin Whitman: MM4/6/1900p7, MM10/12/1900p7, MM10/26/1900p7, MM7/12/1901p7, MM8/16/1901p7, MM12/20/1901p7, MM3/7/1902p7, MM6/27/1902p7, OR4/11/1905p6, MM5/12/1905p5, MM4/27/1906p5, MM6/8/1906p5; Vawter-Brophy Bldg.: MM8/24/1906p5; Moore Block: MM11/23/1906p1, CH11/29/1906p4, MM4/12/1907p5, MM6/21/1907p5, CH6/27/1907p2, TR1/7/1908p1, MM11/5/1908p5, MM4/30/1909p5, MM6/4/1909p2, MT12/9/1909p6, MT12/19/1909p4, MT1/2/1910pB8, MS12/22/1912p10, MT12/23/1914p3, CP11/19/1926p3, MT6/5/1927p7, MN1/8/1928p3; N. Central: MT5/12/1930p2, MN10/5/1930, CP4/21/1938p1
Medford Bowling Alley: opens: MM12/15/1905p8, MM2/9/1906p1
Medford Bowling Lanes, 415 E. Main: MN9/28/1945p4, CP10/20/1949p7, MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2, MN11/17/1950p7
Medford Brewery: OMJmidsum1897p8
Medford Brewing & Ice Co.: see Medford Ice & Storage Co.
Medford Brick Co.: MM2/21/1908p9, MM5/22/1908p1, MM5/29/1908p2, MM1/15/1909p7, MM2/26/1909p5, MM3/12/1909p8, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB9, MS5/17/1911p1; 1535 W. Jackson: MS9/7/1912p4
Medford Broom Factory, 524 N. Fir: MM5/10/1901p2, MM5/17/1901p2, MT10/13/1919pB1, MT1/1/1928pF7
Medford Buick Co.: MT1/11/1910p4, MT1/13/1910
Medford Builders' Exchange: MT11/5/2002
Medford Builders' Supply: see also Medford Planing Mill; incorporates: OR1/21/1910p9, MS6/28/1911p3; Jackson, east of Bear Creek: MT8/4/1911p4, MS8/6/1911p3, MT8/7/1911p2, Barnett Road: CP2/12/1953p5
Medford Building & Loan Assn.: organizes: MM3/5/1909p1
Medford Building Co.: MT12/23/1909
Medford Business College: (at least three schools have used this name; see also Medford Academy, Medford Commercial College) MM1/7/1892p3(3), SOM1/20/1893p3, MM3/31/1893p2, MM4/28/1893p2, MM5/5/1893p2, MM6/9/1893p2, MM6/23/1893p2, MM7/28/1893p2, MM9/18/1893p1, MM10/6/1893p3, MM11/3/1893p3(2), MM11/17/1893p3(2), MM12/22/1893p2, MM5/25/1894p3,; burned: MM5/22/1896p8, MM6/8/1900p7, MM3/29/1901p7, MM8/29/1902p2, MM9/19/1902pp2,6, MM12/5/1902p6, MM4/3/1903p6; incorporated: OR8/16/1903p6, MM9/4/1903p1, MM1/29/1909p5; to open: MM8/13/1909p4, SO8/18/1909p8, MS12/21/1910p2, CH2/23/1911p1, MS3/16/1911p8, MS3/17/1911p2; S. Grape: MS4/9/1911pp1,C3, MT4/9/1911p3; 31 N. Grape: MS5/17/1911p1, MS7/2/1911p7, MS7/14/1911p3, MS7/25/1911p1, MS8/27/1911p9, MS9/3/1911p13, MS9/5/1911p3, SM1911p14, MS1/17/1912p3, MS1/27/1912p6, CH8/29/1912p5, MS7/6/1913p6, MT8/2/1913p1, MT1/1/1915pD6, MT1/6/1915p2, MT3/7/1916p4; to open: MT10/13/1919pB7, MS10/19/1919p2, MT10/15/1920p5, AT6/5/1925p1, MT1/1/1928pF6, MN1/13/1930p8, MN3/24/1939p2, MN6/13/1941p1, MN3/27/1942p2, MN6/13/1942p1, SM1950p17
Medford Cab, 121 N. Bartlett: CP10/24/1946p1, MN4/11/1947, MT7/6/1949p5
Medford Canal & Power Co.: incorporates: MM4/6/1900p7
Medford Candy Co., 129 S. Front: JP8/2/1913p3, MT4/26/1921pp3,10
Medford Candy Manufacturing Co.: see Zahn Candy
Medford Canning Co.: OR2/13/1916p66; see Lozier Canning, Rogue River Valley Canning Co.
Medford Center Pets & Supplies: MT5/8/1988pD9
Medford Cement & Construction Co.: to open: MM4/13/1906p1
Medford Cement & Paving Co., S. Front between 10th and 11th: MM6/12/1908p3, MM7/10/1908p5, MM9/11/1908p5, MM2/5/1909p2, MM3/26/1909p2, MT9/18/1910p5
Medford Cement Brick & Block Works, Tenth & Fir: organizes: MM1/8/1909p5, MS9/7/1912p4, MT1/1/1914pE5, MT1/1/1915pD3, MT12/30/1915p3, MT2/2/1916p2, OR2/13/1916p66, MT6/24/1920p6
Medford Cement Co.: MM7/10/1908p5, MM12/18/1908p6, MM8/6/1909p5; see Medford Concrete Construction Co.
Medford Central Market: MN12/10/1937pB3
Medford Chop House: MT9/2/1921p8
Medford Cigar Factory: see George Kurtz
Medford Cigar Store, Main & Fir: MS7/2/1911p5
Medford Cleaners, Jackson & Narregan: AT5/6/1925p1, 530 E. Main: MT1/8/1939p10
Medford Cleaners & Dyers, see Unique Cleaners; 530 E. Main: MT2/18/1940p12, CP2/22/1940p5, CP10/10/1940p1
Medford Cleaning & Pressing Co., 4 S. Central: MT2/24/1914p2, MT3/12/1914p5
Medford Cleaning Works, W. Main: MM1/25/1907p5, MM4/26/1907p5
Medford Clinic: MT12/20/1990; moving from Black Oak Drive to Ellendale: MT2/20/2016p6
Medford Coal Mining Co.: MM9/7/1906p1, CH9/13/1906p1, CH10/4/1906p2, MM9/4/1908p1, MM9/18/1908p1, MM1/22/1909p1
Medford Comedy Co.: organizes: MM10/18/1901p7, MM12/6/1901p9; disbands: MM12/27/1901p7
Medford Commercial Club: incorporated: MM9/24/1909p3
Medford Commercial College: CH8/27/1914p2, CH11/14/1915p1, CH11/11/1915p1, CH11/25/1915p1, JP2/3/1917p3, CH5/17/1917p5, JP5/19/1917p3; see also Medford Business College
Medford Community Health Center, 19 Myrtle: MT10/18/2012p1
Medford Concert Band: MM3/19/1909p1
Medford Concrete Construction Co.: see Medford Cement Co.; formation: MM4/13/1906p1; open: MM5/11/1906pp1,5, incorporation: MT9/1/1910p7, MW9/8/1910p6, MT9/18/1910p5, SM1911p5, MS3/11/1911p5, MM4/9/1911p6, MS4/10/1911p4, MT10/19/1912p4, MT1/1/1914pF5, MT1/1/1915ppB6,D6, MT1/9/1915p5, MT10/13/1919pB1 MT4/20/1921p8, MT4/26/1921p9, MT10/19/1921p4, CP11/19/1926p5, MT1/2/1927, SM1927p54, MT6/11/1927p6; to move to S. Medford: MT9/23/1927p1, MN5/23/1928p6, MT9/29/1930p8, CP3/3/1932p3, MT4/9/1934p5, MN8/5/1936p1, CP8/31/1944p1, MN2/14/1947p8, SM1950p54
Medford Conservatory of Music and Languages: MM9/11/1910pB10; 31 N. Grape: MT7/10/1912p2, MT7/29/1912p2, MS8/6/1911p9, MS9/10/1911p10, MT1/1/1913p7, MT8/2/1913p1, MT9/1/1917p3, MS1/4/1920p6
Medford Cooperative Creamery: organizing: MM4/27/1900p6
Medford Corporation (Medco): see Owen-Oregon; CP8/1/1935p4, MN8/9/1935: begins operations: CP9/19/1935p1, MT10/8/1950pB1, MN11/20/1935p1, MT4/6/1936, MN7/31/1936p1, MN11/20/1936p1, MN11/12/1937p2, MN11/27/1937p1, MN2/25/1938, MN3/17/1939p1, MN6/30/1939p1, MN10/20/1939p2, MN3/29/1940p1, MN4/5/1940p1, MT4/11/1940p16, MN4/12/1940p1, MN5/31/1940p2, MN9/20/1940p1, MN11/15/1940p1, MN11/22/1940p1, CP10/22/1941p1, MN3/27/1942p2, CP9/9/1943p3, MN1/12/1945p1, MN9/28/1945p1, MN3/1/1946p1, MN1/23/1948p1, MN2/11/1949p8, SM1950pp82,83, MT10/5/1950pB1, MT11/20/1960p7, MT9/19/1965, MT7/12/1970pC1, MT6/11/1978pD9, MT9/8/1978, MT11/12/1981, MT12/17/1981, MT8/16/1984, MT8/24/1984
Medford Country Club: MS9/17/1911p5, MS12/23/1911p1, MS6/29/1912p1, MS8/27/1912p2
Medford Creamery, 134 N. Riverside: to open: MM5/1/1903p2; burned: OR11/25/1908p9, MT2/4/1914p2,  JP6/13/1914p3, JP6/20/1914p1; sold to A. A. Moody: MT6/30/1914p4, JP7/4/1914p3; 115 N. Central: MT3/3/1915p2, MS11/14/1915p6
Medford Cycle & Repair: CP4/12/1934p3, MT5/3/2009p2
Medford Cyclery: DT11/6/1902p2
Medford Daily News, 126 N. Front: MT8/28/1926p3; see Medford News
Medford Daily Tribune: MM8/16/1907p1, MM9/20/1907p4, TR3/20/1909p2
Medford Dairy: MS9/6/1911p2
Medford Depot Restaurant and Brew Pub: to open: MT2/26/1998pC1, MT3/27/1998p2
Medford Development Co.: opens: MM12/11/1908p1, MM6/25/1909p4, MW2/15/1912p2
Medford Diamond Center: MN6/20/1941p2
Medford Diamond Core Drilling Co.: MT10/13/1958p1
Medford Distilling Co.: SM1893p2, SM1898index, MM2/1/1901p7, SM1907p14, MW9/15/1910p2, MM10/25/1901p6, MS11/18/1910p1
Medford Domestic Laundry: see Domestic Laundry
Medford Dray & Transfer Co.: incorporates: OR1/14/1906p4
Medford Drug Co.: incorporated: OR2/16/1902pB1, MM2/21/1902p6, MM3/28/1902p7, MM4/4/1902p1, open: MM4/11/1902p6, MM4/25/1902p6; see Humason, Medford Pharmacy
Medford Dye and Cleaning Works, 120 N. Front: to open: MT7/11/1910p5, MT3/7/1912p2
Medford Egg Farm: CP4/29/1926p4
Medford Electric Co. I, S. Grape: MM9/4/1908p6; 8th & Bartlett: MT3/8/1916p4; closing: MT2/14/1918p3, MT2/16/1918p5
Medford Electric Co. II, Medford Center Bldg.: see Fischer-Scheffel Electric; MT8/1/1927p3, MT8/7/1927p7, MT1/1/1928, MN8/2/1928p1, MN9/14/1928pC1
Medford Exchange: JP11/27/1920p3, CP9/30/1926p4
Medford Feed & Seed Co.: moving from S. Front to Lumsden Bldg., E. Sixth: MT6/22/1925p2;  224 N. Fir: SM1950p11, CP2/12/1953p13
Medford Feed Store, E. Main: see H. D. Austin, J. C. Ferguson; to open: MM3/14/1902p2
Medford Federal Savings & Loan Assn.: CP4/18/1935p1, MN1/17/1936pB1
Medford Fish & Poultry Co., 19 N. Fir: sold: MT10/12/1912p7; fire: MT7/19/1913p6, MS7/20/1913p2; 108 W. Main: MT1/1/1914pC5, MT1/1/1915pD3
Medford Fish Co., 36 S. Grape: MT11/15/1923p8
Medford Flour Mills: see Medford Roller Mills
Medford Flower Shop: CP3/3/1932p6
Medford Food Co-op: MT4/4/2012p8, MT8/21/2013p8
Medford Foundry Co.: see Medford Iron & Steel Works
Medford Fruit Co.: JP9/18/1920p3, CP3/3/1932p6
Medford Fuel Oil Co.: SM1927p55, SM1950p55
Medford Furniture Co.: see I. A. Webb; MM9/13/1901p7; organized: MM9/20/1901p7, MM11/29/1901p7, MM1/29/1904p1, incorporation: MM3/18/1904p5, MM3/9/1906, MM7/6/1906p1, MM11/30/1906p3, MM4/19/1907p5, MM4/26/1907p5, MM6/28/1907p5, MM11/29/1907p5, MT1/2/1910pB5, SR6/11/1910p7, MS12/28/1910p1, MS12/30/1910p1; merger: MS1/1/1911p1, MS3/2/1911p5, MS5/11/1911p2; moving: MT7/21/1911p8, MT7/23/1911pB1; Sixth & Bartlett: MT5/2/1948p9, MT9/4/1949p8
Medford Furniture & Hardware Co.: MM9/20/1901, AT3/14/1904p2, MM2/26/1909p8, MM8/20/1909p5, MT7/14/1910p7, MS12/10/1910p1, MS12/21/1910p1, MT1/1/1911pB24, MS1/1/1911pp1,3, MS1/8/1911p5, MS2/1/1911p5, MS4/16/1911p1, MS4/18/1911p6, MT5/8/1911p2, MS5/23/1911p4, MS6/18/1911p3, MT7/13/1911p3, MT7/23/1911pB1, MS7/30/1911p6; Sixth & Central: MT8/6/1911pB6, MS9/10/1911p1, SM1911p15, MT1/1/1912, MT1/6/1912, MS12/22/1912p8, MT2/14/1913p3, MW4/17/1913p3, MT1/1/1914pF6, MT10/11/1922p5, MT10/14/1922, CP10/15/1926p6, MT1/2/1927, MT9/14/1927pD2, MT1/23/1928, MN8/2/1928, MT6/8/1929pB2, CP1/12/1933p1, MN8/26/1933p1, MT8/30/1933p3; stock sold to John Cupp: MT9/1/1933p9, MN9/19/1933p1, CP5/17/1934pp2,3, MN6/12/1936p1, MN8/7/1936p8, MT9/4/1949p8, MT7/10/1955p1, MT7/12/1955p1, MT11/15/1955p1, MT11/19/1963p1
Medford Furniture & Undertaking: MM10/29/1908P5
Medford Garage: MS4/20/1913p2; 110 S. Bartlett: MT1/1/1914pC2; 104 S. Bartlett: MS1/4/1914p6, MT1/1/1915pD2, MN5/30/1941p2; Sixth & Ivy, 31-37 N. Ivy: MT4/18/1948p9
Medford Glass House, 318 E. Main: SO5/1/1909p3
Medford Golf & Country Club: MT8/21/1912p6
Medford Gospel Mission, 33 S. Front: remodeling: MT1/20/1959p3, MT5/30/1962p1; N. Front: MT3/4/1964, MT10/12/1964p9
Medford Greenhouse: MM4/6/1894p3, MM4/13/1894p3; 923 E. Main: MM11/30/1906p3, MS5/7/1911p3, MS5/10/1911p2,; 1005 E. Main: MT9/11/1913p2, CP5/6/1926p6, SM1927p69, MT9/29/1930p8; 1005 E. Main: MN4/3/1942p4, SM1950p69
Medford Grocery Co., Tenth & Front: TR1/4/1909p1, MT12/1/1909p5, MT12/27/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB10, MT9/4/1910pB1, MS12/30/1910p1, MT1/1/1911pB4, MT7/9/1911pB7, SM1911p27, MT1/1/1913, MW1/23/1913p5, MT1/1/1914pD7, MT1/1/1915pC7, CP1/7/1926p4, SM1927p20, MT1/1/1928pD3; see B. P. Theiss & Co.
Medford Hardware Co., 218 E. Main: MM12/18/1908p5, TR2/23/1909p1, TR4/1/1909p1, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB3; incorporated: OR1/19/1910p6, MT6/16/1910p9, MS11/20/1910p4, MN6/12/1936p1
Medford Hardware & Sporting Co.: to open: MT2/15/1923p6, MT1/29/1924p3, MT6/29/1925p5; dissolved: MT1/18/1926p5
Medford Harness Co., 314 E. Main: buys J. C. Smith Harness: MT7/31/1910p3; E. O. Tackstrom sells to E. H. Lamport: MT8/17/1910p7; moving to W. Main: MT3/19/1912p2; moving: MT12/11/1914p4, MT3/30/1920p8; see Lamport's
Medford Health Studio & Steam Bath, 1215 W. Main: CP10/20/1949p12, CP2/12/1953p16
Medford Heat Co.: SM1950key
Medford Heights addition: MM7/17/1908p1, MT3/19/1910
Medford Home Laundry: MS5/12/1912p2
Medford Honda: MT6/29/1962
Medford Hospital: SU1/27/1903, MM1/30/1903p2, MM5/1/1903p6, MM5/15/1903p3
Medford Hotel, West Medford, possibly the former Clarenden: sold: MM12/21/1906p5, MM4/19/1907p8
Medford House, hotel, "one block from railroad depot": MM9/7/1889p4
Medford House Moving, 207 Berrydale: MT8/15/1958p1
Medford House Painting & Sign Co.: MS3/22/1911p7
Medford Hudson, Inc., 534 N. Front: CP11/11/1954p1, CP12/2/1954p7, RT4/8/1955p6, RT4/15/1955p12;
Medford Hydraulic Cement Brick & Block Co.: see Medford Cement Brick & Block
Medford Ice & Storage Co., 535 S. Fir: MM3/10/1893p3, MM6/30/1893p2, SM1893p1, MM3/2/1894p3, MM3/9/1894p3, MM5/28/1897p3, SM1898p3; institutes ice wagon: MM4/19/1901p2, MM8/30/1901p7, MM8/14/1903p5, MM6/7/1907p5, MM6/21/1907p5, MM10/11/1907p5, MM3/13/1908p2, MM3/20/1908p2, MM5/29/1908p8, MM11/20/1908p1, MM1/15/1909p3, MM7/30/1909p5, MM8/13/1909p4, MT12/10/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB6, SM1911p26, MS4/23/1912p6, MW7/25/1912p3, MT10/4/1912p7, MW10/10/1912p3, MW2/20/1913p6, JP2/22/1913p1, OR1/4/1914p7, OR9/28/1915p2, MT4/28/1921p7, CP6/24/1926p2, MT7/22/1926p3, SM1927p22, MT1/2/1927, MT8/14/1927p2, MT9/14/1927pB2, MT1/1/1928pD7, MT5/13/1929, MT12/27/1929p6, MT9/29/1930p8, MT1/21/1934p3, CP5/17/1934pp2,3, MN12/18/1936p1, MN3/24/1939p2, MN10/13/1939p2, MN1/19/1940p1, MN5/30/1941p2, MN4/3/1942p2, MN12/30/1949p1, MT3/5/1950p9, MN6/9/1950p1, SM1950p22
Medford Ice Arena: MN8/8/1941p1, MN9/19/1941p1, CP10/2/1941p3, MT10/29/1941, CP11/6/1941p1, MN11/7/1941p1, CW10/28/1943p4, MT6/9/1946p14
Medford Implement Co.: MS12/11/1910pB3, MT1/1/1914pC5
Medford Investment Co., 125 W. Main: MT10/26/1930p8
Medford Iron & Steel Works, 17 S. Riverside: see also Medford Machine Shops; MM7/22/1904p1, MM5/12/1905p1, MM6/16/1905p5, MM10/20/1905p5, MM12/1/1905p1, MM5/9/1906pC5, MM6/29/1906p4, MM7/27/1906p5, MM12/21/1906p5, SM1907p9, MM2/1/1907p1, MM6/14/1907p1, MM7/19/1907p4, MM9/27/1907p5, MM3/20/1908p2, MM6/12/1908p1, MM9/24/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB3, SM1911p19, MT1/1/1914pB5, OR2/13/1916p66, MT10/8/1920p6, CP5/6/1926p3, MT1/1/1928, MT9/29/1930p8, MT1/17/1936p10, CP7/7/1938p5; 1155 N. Central: MN6/20/1941p3
Medford Jewelry Co., Palm-Bodge Block: MM8/2/1907p5
Medford-Klamath Freight Line: MT1/1/1928, MN8/2/1928, CP3/3/1932p3
Medford Land Co., First National Bank Bldg.: opens: MT1/19/1912p2
Medford Laundry: MM10/12/1900p7; Front St.: MM7/14/1905p5, MM4/27/1906p5, MM6/29/1906p1, OR11/8/1910p2, MT10/28/1913p3; see also Medford Steam Laundry
Medford Lumber Co., 4 W. Third: open: SO7/10/1909p3, MT1/2/1910pB3, MS12/4/1910p9, SM1911p9, MT9/6/1915p4, MT9/16/1926pB1, SM1927p11, MT9/29/1930p8, CP1/12/1933p1, CP5/17/1934pp2,3, MN6/22/1934p1, MN7/9/1937pB1, MN6/13/1941p2, SM1950p11, MT8/12/1979pE1, MT5/20/1980, MT5/10/1991p1
Medford Machine Shops: see also Medford Iron & Steel Works; MM4/4/1902p6, MM6/5/1903p4, MM3/18/1904p5, MM7/15/1904p5, MM7/22/1904p1, MM10/13/1905p5, MM3/23/1906p8
Medford Magazine: see Rogue Magazine
Medford Mail: MM9/7/1889p4, OMJmidsum1897p9, SM1898p6, MM9/14/1900p7, SM1907p9; partnership: MM4/19/1907p4; dissolved: MM6/7/1907p4, MM10/11/1907p4, MM12/13/1907p5, MM1/3/1908p4, MM4/17/1908p1, MM7/23/1909p2
Medford Mail Tribune: MT12/8/1909p1, MT12/30/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB6; moved to new building: MT11/25/1910p1, MS12/30/1910p1, SM1911p15, MT3/22/1956p1, MT10/6/1957p14, MT2/17/1964p1, MT9/4/2013p1, MT9/5/2013pB6; see also Medford Printing Co.
Medford Marble Works: DT11/14/1898p2
Medford Market: see Hanley & Love
Medford Masonic Building Co.: incorporates: OR3/20/1910p31
Medford Meat Co.: MM11/20/1908p5, MM1/8/1909p5, MN8/9/1939p4, CP8/22/1940p6, MN5/30/1941p2, MN3/27/1942p2, MN8/28/1942p3, CP1/21/1943p3p1, SM1950p53
Medford Meat Market: to open: MM3/20/1908p5
Medford Mercantile: see M.M. Department Store
Medford Mercedes-Benz: MT8/29/2014pB4
Medford Merchants' Assn.: organizes: MM5/28/1909p1
Medford Midget Golf Course, 8th & Oakdale: MT5/14/1931p3
Medford Millwork Co., 1105 Court: MT7/15/1941p3, MT6/26/1946, MN6/28/1946p1, MN8/9/1946p1, MT3/19/1948p9, SM1950p55; closing: MT9/30/1956pB11
Medford Mining & Milling Co.: incorporated: SOM7/1/1892p3, SOM9/30/1892p3, MM5/26/1893p1, MW8/8/1912p2, AW8/3/1921p1
Medford Mining Exchange, 217 W. Main: MS5/30/1911p7
Medford Miracle Concrete Co., "east side of Bear Creek near the P&E depot": MS4/16/1911p1, MT5/8/1911p2, MS5/23/1911p4
Medford Motor Co., 6th & Ivy: incorporated: MN2/21/1931p5, CP2/12/1953p9; Jackson and Riverside location closing: MT2/14/1954p10, MT1/21/1966p1, MT8/12/1966p1
Medford National Bank: MM3/16/1906p1, MM6/29/1906, MM10/19/1906p1, MT12/9/1909p6, PH1907, MM3/8/1907p1, CH4/18/1907p1, MM4/26/1907p2, MT1/2/1910pB5, MT1/1/1911pB4, MS1/15/1911p4, MW1/19/1911p5, MS7/13/1911p4, MW4/4/1912p2, MT9/21/1912p6, MW9/26/1912p4, MW10/24/1912p1, MT1/1/1914p6, MT1/1/1915pD7, MT12/27/1923p3, JN1/1/1926p7, CP11/5/1926p5, CP12/11/1931p4, CP3/3/1932p3, MN8/4/1933p1, CP9/14/1933p1, CP4/12/1934p3, CP5/17/1934p3, MT7/27/1935, MT11/27/1935p1, CP12/5/1935p1; bought by U.S. National Bank of Portland: MT11/27/1935p1, MT11/29/1935p1
Medford Neon Signs Co.: MT3/9/1967p1
Medford News: bought by Moore Hamilton, moves to Main and Grape: MN12/1/1933pp1,4
Medford Nursery School, 325 E. Jackson: CP10/20/1949p7
Medford Office Equipment: MN4/30/1948p1, MN8/20/1948p1
Medford Opera Co.: CH3/11/1909p1
Medford Opera House: SM1898p6, SM1907p9, TR9/3/1907p1, MM11/6/1908p1, MS10/12/1912p1, MT10/12/1912p1
Medford Orchard & Trust Co.: incorporates: MT6/23/1910p7, SR7/20/1910p10; absconds: OR8/2/1910p2
Medford Orchard Co.: MT9/13/1921pB5
Medford Oxygen Sales, 1155 N. Central: CP10/20/1949p9
Medford Pawn: moved from 100 block of W. Main to 525 S. Central: MT1/7/1998pC1
Medford Pharmacy, 22 N. Central: MM5/18/1906p5, MM2/21/1908p9, MM3/20/1908p5, MM9/12/1909, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB10, CH10/22/1911; 212 E. Main: MT10/17/1914p4, CH10/22/1914p6, CH10/23/1914; sold: MT10/14/1920p5, MT8/27/1936p1, MN9/25/1936p4
Medford Photo Service: CP2/10/1938p4
Medford Pipe & Machinery Co.: CP2/6/1936p1
Medford Planing Mill, on Jackson, E. of Bear Creek: see also Medford Builders Supply; MM4/11/1902p7, MM7/25/1902p3, MM6/5/1903p1, MS6/27/1911p3, CP5/6/1926p3; 11th and Fir: SM1927p20, MN9/22/1939p2
Medford Plate Glass & Mirror, 37 S. Bartlett: CP2/12/1953p12
Medford Plating, S. Grape: MT9/14/2013p5
Medford Poultry & Egg Co.: OR8/25/1912p2, MW8/29/1912p2; burned: MT12/16/1914p2; 109 E. Eighth: MT1/1/1915pD3, MT1/6/1915p2, OR2/13/1916p66, CP3/3/1932p5, CP8/11/1932p3
Medford Precooling & Storage Co.: JN7/2/1926p1, SM1927p20, MT6/4/1927p2, MT6/11/1927p8; purchased by Hearty: MT7/6/1927p1
Medford Printing Co., 27-29 N. Fir: incorporated: MT11/2/1909p1, MT2/3/1911p1, MW2/9/1911p2, MT1/1/1914pC4, MT6/19/1966p5; see also Medford Mail Tribune
Medford Propane, 1232 Court: MT1/27/1966p5
Medford-Prospect Transportation Co.: CP8/30/1945p1
Medford Public Market, S. Riverside: proposed: SR6/25/1910p2, MT6/21/1911p5, MT11/9/1911p1, MS1/2/1912p1, MT1/3/1912p1, MW1/25/1912p1, MW2/29/1912p6, MW4/11/1912p1, MS5/14/1912p1, MW5/23/1912pp3,4, MS5/23/1912pp4,6; to open: MT5/24/1912p1, MS5/25/1912p2, MW5/16/1912p5, MS5/25/1912, MS5/26/1912p1, MW5/30/1912p6, MW6/6/1912p3, MW6/13/1912pp1,7, MW6/20/1912pp3,7, MS6/21/1912p1, MW6/27/1912pp1,3, MS6/30/1912p10, MS7/3/1912p4, MW7/4/1912pp3,6, MT7/11/1912p4, MW7/25/1912p3, MW8/15/1912p7, MS9/4/1912p1, MW12/5/1912p5, MT12/12/1912p4, MT12/28/1912pp1,4, MW1/2/1913p7, MW1/23/1913p1, MW2/6/1913p1, MW2/20/1913p3, MS5/17/1913p1, MT7/26/1913p6, MT1/1/1914p1, MT7/12/1919p2, MT7/19/1919p2, MT4/1/1924pB1, SM1927p14, MT1/1/1928pD6, MT9/6/1928p3, MT9/16/1928p8, MT11/23/1928p2, MT3/27/1929p5, MN11/2/1929p1, MN3/19/1930p6, PR6/19/1930p1, MT8/20/1930p3, MT6/30/1933p1, MT4/4/1934p1, MT4/19/1934p7
Medford Radiator Service, 8th & Grape: CP2/12/1953p8
Medford Radio Service, 19 N. Fir: CP10/20/1949p11, MT10/6/1957p1
Medford Real Estate Assn.: recently organized: MM3/12/1909p1, MM3/19/1909pp1,5
Medford Realty Co., Jackson Co. Bank Bldg.: opens: TR1/23/1909p1, MM1/29/1909p1; 1045 S. Riverside: MT4/24/1955pB14
Medford Realty & Improvement Co., 243 E. Main: MT1/2/1910pB3, MS1/15/1911p4, MT12/14/1912p6, MT1/1/1913p3
Medford Restaurant, Palmer & Gardner, 16 S. Fir: MT12/9/1909p6
Medford Rexall: left downtown: MT11/27/1983pC11
Medford Riding Stables, Barnett Rd.: MN6/13/1941p1, MN6/13/1942p1
Medford Rifle & Pistol Club: MT3/1/1959p12
Medford Rockgas Co.: MT2/5/1929p7
Medford Roller Mills, Ninth and Front: MM9/7/1889p2, SM1890p1, SM1893p2, MM5/28/1897p3, SM1898p6, MM11/14/1902p2, SM1907p9, MM10/11/1907p1, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB6, SM1911p18, MT6/10/1915p2, OR2/13/1916p66
Medford Rooming House, W. Main: MM10/2/1908p1
Medford Rug Co., 706 Pine St.: MN5/29/1927p12
"The Medford" Saloon: see Young & Hall Saloon
Medford Sample Store, 218 E. Main: to open: MT3/12/1917p6
Medford Sand & Gravel Co.: CP11/19/1926p5, MN5/29/1927p5
Medford Sanitarium: MT12/4/1917, MT1/8/1918
Medford Sash and Door Co., "north of Seventh on E": see Day, Reed & Day: opens: MM3/29/1907p1, MM8/2/1907p5, MM1/24/1908p5, MM1/31/1908p5; 431 S. Fir, 11th & Fir: MM3/20/1908p1, MM1/22/1909p2, MM10/15/1909p1, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB11, MS7/2/1911p3, SM1911p26, MS11/17/1912p4, OR2/13/1916p66
Medford School of Beauty Culture, 235 E. Main, 419½ E. Main, N. Bartlett: CP4/12/1934p3, MN11/20/1936p5, MN4/2/1937p4, CP5/6/1937p3, MT4/19/1939p3, MN7/14/1939p3, CP5/28/1942p3, CP6/17/1943p4, CP10/20/1949p7
Medford Service Station, Main & Riverside: MN3/3/1938, MN3/3/1939p4, MT3/23/1989pB15
Medford Sheet Metal Works: MT1/2/1915p2, OR2/13/1916p66, MT4/28/1921p7; 719 N. Central: MT11/24/1930p3, CP3/3/1932p4
Medford Shoe Co.: MM4/22/1898p7, MM5/11/1900p6
Medford Shoe Hospital, Palm Bldg., Main and Fir: MT6/8/1927p3
Medford Shoe Parlors: see Smith & Molony
Medford Shoe Service, Nash Hotel Bldg.: MT4/1/1956p2, CP4/5/1956p4
Medford Shoe Shining Parlor, 4 S. Central: MT3/29/1910p2
Medford Shopping Center, E. Jackson: MT10/13/1960
Medford Soda Works, 106 S. Bartlett: MM9/7/1889p4; purchased by Jackson County Creamery: MS11/16/1919p6
Medford Spring Water, S. Riverside: sign removed: MT2/21/1966p10
Medford Skating Rink, 10th & Front: MM1/17/1908p1, TR2/10/1908p1, MM9/18/1908p5, MM10/2/1908p4
Medford Skate University: see Roller Odyssey
Medford State Bank: MT8/6/1981
Medford Stationery: MN8/28/1936p1; 210 E. Main: MT1/21/1938p4, MT3/23/1938p7, CP4/21/1938p1, MN6/16/1950p7
Medford Steam Bakery: MM6/14/1907p5
Medford Steam Laundry, Glenn Fabrick: sold: MM3/8/1907p5; sold: MM4/19/1907p5, MM4/26/1907p5, MM12/25/1908p8, SM1911p16; see also Medford Laundry
Medford Steel Co., 248 E. McAndrews: SM1950p52, CP2/12/1953p9
DeWitt Goodpasture, Medford Studio, photographer, Hoover-Cooper Bldg.: to open: MM10/11/1907p5, MM11/29/1907p1, MM12/6/1907p4
Medford Sun: JP4/9/1910p3, JP7/2/1910p1, SM1911p15
Medford Sure-Fit, 437 S. Central: MT4/24/1966pB5
Medford Surplus Store, N. Pacific Hwy.: MN9/5/1947p1, CP10/20/1949p10; moved across highway: MT10/8/1950p13; 225 E. Sixth: MT2/4/1966pB12, MT3/18/1966p1, MT4/13/1966p1
Medford Tailors, 128 E. Main: MT9/27/1913p2
Medford Taxi Co.: MS7/19/1914p4
Medford Tea & Coffee House, 216 W. Main: ML8/1908, TR5/7/1909p1
Medford Tent & Awning Co.: CH10/17/1912p4
Medford Tin Shop, 21 N. Fir: MS1/3/1915p3
Medford Tire Service, 123 S. Riverside: MT8/18/1961, MT3/23/1989pB15
Medford Traffic Bureau: MT12/3/1912p6
Medford Trailer Sales, Hwy. 99 at Big Y: MT6/1/1947p6, MT6/28/1947p8, MT5/28/1948pB1, CP6/5/1947p2, MT5/28/1948pB1; closing: MT6/11/1950p13
Medford Transfer & Storage: MM1/26/1906p5, CP4/22/1926p4, CP5/6/1926p7
Medford Treatment Rooms, "over the post office": MM12/4/1908p5
Medford Tribune: CH8/22/1907p1
Medford Truck Station, N. Pacific Hwy, "just beyond the 'Y'": to open: MT4/7/1949p14, MT4/8/1949pp6,7
Medford Trust Co.: incorporates: OR4/1/1910p6
Medford Undertaking Co.: MS12/1/1910p1
Medford Upholstered Furniture Co.: MN7/21/1950p3
Medford Veterinary Hospital, 1455 N. Riverside: MT1/2/1934p9
Medford Vulcanizing Works, 36 S. Grape: see Fichtner's Garage
Medford Wire Brace Fence Co.: incorporated: SOM4/22/1892p3
Medo-Bel Creamery: AT7/10/1981
Henrietta A. Medynski & Co., milliners, "parlors back of Medford Bank": MM4/12/1901p6, MM6/5/1903p7
W. H. Meeker & Co., 219 E. Main: forms: MM3/22/1895p4, MM5/28/1897p6, MM5/11/1900p7, MM6/22/1900p7, MM6/12/1903p6; Mrs. E. Brown and son leave partnership: MM11/20/1903p8, TR11/15/1907p3; 231 E. Main: MT12/9/1909p6; 28 S. Central: MT2/27/1910p8, MT4/4/1910p8; 228 E. Main: MT12/1/1911p6, MT2/21/1913p8; see M.M. Department Store
Melody Shop: MR2/26/1932
Men's Wearhouse, Blue Sky Plaza: to open: MT7/15/2016pB1
Merchants' Lunch: MN8/23/1946p2, MN2/25/1949p6
Merle Norman, Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Merrick's Auto Resort: see also Natatorium. MT5/16/1919, MT5/31/1919p2, MT12/19/1923p1, MN2/20/1925, CP6/10/1926p3, JN7/2/1926p1, MT1/2/1927, SM1927p13, MT9/14/1927pD2, MN6/4/1943, SM1950p13, MT2/1/1953p10, MT5/31/1953, MT3/28/1956p1, MT11/8/1964pB1
Merriman & Caskey: dissolve: MM5/28/1897p7
Merriman & Elliott, S. Riverside: partner: MM11/27/1908p6, TR10/15/1909p1; moved: MT11/2/1909p8
Merriman & King, electricians: MM11/9/1906p5
Merriman & Legate, blacksmiths: dissolve: MM10/20/1893p3
Merriman & Messner: dissolved: MM5/2/1902p7
Merriman & Purdin: dissolved: MM8/23/1895p5
Merriman Dairy: bought by Gilman Dairy: MN12/3/1930p2
Merriman's Blacksmith Shop, 20 S. Riverside: sold: MM11/2/1900p7, MS6/25/1911pp2,6, CH1/30/1913p3, MT2/9/1930p8, MT5/29/1933p2, MT12/31/1933p11, MT1/1/1934p11, MT11/24/1935p5
The Merrivold Shop, Palm Bldg., 134 W. Main: to open: MT12/12/1909p21, MT12/14/1909p8, MT1/2/1910pB6, MS4/27/1911p3; bought by J. W. Mosler: MT3/4/1912p4; bankruptcy sale: MT3/28/1913p2
J. H. Messler & Kenworthy Fish Market: MS5/23/1911p1, MT8/31/1911p2, MT10/26/1911p2; see Rogue River Fish & Poultry Co.
J. H. Messner, blacksmith, veterarian, E. Main: opens: MM1/3/1902pp6,7, MM2/21/1902p7, MM3/7/1902p6
Mrs. M. J. Metcalf Wallpaper: MT1/2/1910pB7
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.: CP3/3/1932p6
Metropolitan Restaurant: opens: MM3/22/1907p5; closed: MM4/19/1907p8
Mid Coast Painters, 3686 Crater Lake Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p16
Midvale Orchard: MT1/1/1914pD4, MS4/11/1915p8, MT7/6/1927p6
Midway Cash Store: CP4/8/1937p2
Midway Confectionery, Cigar Store, 25 W. Main: 105 W. Main: MS9/23/1911p3, MS10/4/1912p1; 105 W. Main: MT1/1/1914pB5, MT1/27/1916p4
Midway Fruit Stand, A. M. Smith: closed: MT3/20/1916p2
Midway Meats, Table Rock Rd.: CP6/16/1955p1, CP9/22/1955p6
Miksche & Schmidt Realty: MS12/16/1910p1, MS2/18/1911p5, 217 W. Main: MS4/23/1911pp1,2, MS8/27/1911p8
Milady's Beauty Shop: MT12/27/1929p4, MR2/26/1932p3
Military Tailors: MN1/12/1945
Miller & Ewbank Grocers, Miles Block (west space), Nash Block: MM3/8/1907p1, MM7/24/1908p2, MM1/13/1909p1; Mission Block: MM1/8/1909p5, SO1/16/1909p1, MM1/29/1909p1, MM2/5/1909p2, MM3/19/1909p6; see Rex Grocery
Miller & Strang, drugs and hardware: (D. H. Miller, Charles Strang) forms: ST3/13/1888p3
D. H. Miller, hardware, tin shop, Main: MM5/28/1897p6, MM5/11/1900p4, MM9/28/1900p7; changes hands: MM1/27/1905p1
Dick E. Miller Motors, Fourth and Central: see Link River Motors; MT6/24/1947p2
H. E. Miller, naturopath: CP3/9/1933p1
J. G. Miller Broom Co.: MT10/29/1912p4, AT1/16/1913p7, JP2/15/1913p1
Miller, Muelemans, Owings & Assoc.: MT3/29/1981pB7
Miller's: MT5/20/1966p1, MT5/1/1988pD9, MT9/13/1987pB1
Mimi's Yarn Shop: MT5/1/1988pD9
Mini-Maxi Storage: MT5/17/1981
Minkler Radio Shop, 12 S. Central: MT12/10/1924p2
Mira Vista Orchard: MT1/1/1914pD5, MT9/5/1916p2, MT8/22/1919p2, JN1/1/1926pB4
Mission Furniture Works: name changed to Pacific Furniture and Fixture Factory: MT4/6/1914; see Trowbridge Cabinet Works; MT4/16/2014p3
Mission Mining Co.: incorporated: OR8/16/1903p6
Mission Restaurant, S. Central: MM1/22/1909p5, MM5/7/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB10, MS7/15/1911p2, MT4/11/1913p2
Mistletoe Grocery: MT2/13/1912p2, MT5/24/1912p2
Mitchell Confectionery and Notions: sold to Mrs. O. Gilbert: MM1/10/1902p7; see Medford Bazaar
H. H. Mitchell, blacksmith, S. Central: MM2/1/1901p7
Mitchell & Denton, blacksmiths, Main & S. Riverside: MM5/25/1900p7
Mitchell & Boeck, blacksmiths, E. Main: forms: MM11/15/1901p7, MM4/8/1904p5; closed:MM12/8/1905p5, MM1/26/1906p5
Mitchell & Boeck Carriage Works, 20 S. Riverside: MM3/2/1906p5, MT12/9/1909p6, MS6/25/1911p6; 22 S. Riverside: MT3/18/1912p2, MS5/10/1912p1, MS12/22/1912p1
J. W. Mitchell Blacksmith Shop, orchard ladders, 20-36 S. Riverside: bought from Elliott: MT1/12/1914p4, MT10/29/1914p2, MT1/1/1915pD3
Mitchell, Boeck & Casey, blacksmiths, S. Riverside: MM6/5/1903p5
Mitchell Bros., blacksmiths: MM4/19/1901pp2,6
J. W. Mitchell Fruit Ladder Co., 318 E. Main: MT10/13/1919pB1
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co., N. Bartlett: see D. T. Lawton; MM5/28/1897p3, MM5/11/1900p4, MM6/7/1901p7, MM10/4/1901p7, MM12/20/1901p7, MM5/9/1902p7, MM6/5/1903p4, MM5/28/1905p4; bought: MM1/26/1906p5
Mitchell's Repair Shop, S. Riverside: MT9/5/1916p2
Mizpah Barber Shop, "across the street from the Nash": MT1/13/1913p2
M.M. Department Store, 28 S. Central: MT1/2/1910pB8, MT5/15/1910p13, MS12/11/1910p5; renamed: MT3/16/1912p5, MT3/30/1912p8; 228 E. Main: FG4/1912p16, MW10/3/1912p4, MT11/2/1912p2, MS11/3/1912p2, MS11/11/1912p1, MT11/12/1912p4; moving one door east: MT11/14/1912p6, MT12/5/1912p3, MT1/1/1913p6, MT2/21/1913p8; 6th & Central: MT10/17/1923p4, MT10/19/1923p3, MN7/7/1927pp1,8, MT9/14/1927pD2, MT1/1/1928, MN8/2/1928p1, MT3/7/1930p5, MN7/7/1933p1, MT8/3/1934ppB1-B4, MN2/28/1936p1, MN4/2/1937p5; 220-222 E. Main: MT9/21/1937p7, MT1/2/1938p6; closing: MT4/20/1960pp6-7, MT8/21/1960p12
Mo-des Shop, N. Bartlett: MT4/19/1939p3
Mobil Station, Fourth & Riverside: MT3/24/1940p9
Mod Pizza: already in Northgate Center, to build in Southside Center: MT3/20/2018p3
Mode O Day: MT2/10/1969p1, MT5/27/1981
Model Bakery, W. Tenth: MS5/18/1912p3; "opposite the Rialto": AT9/11/1929p6, Liberty Building: MT9/23/1934p14, MT5/12/1940p12, MT6/3/1917p6; reopens: MT6/17/1945p10, MN9/26/1947, MT11/12/1962p2; see Beck's Bakery
Model Cash Grocery, 2 W. Jackson: MT8/14/1915p6
Model Clothing Co., 234 E. Main: MM1/25/1907p5; opens: MM4/5/1907p5, MM4/12/1907p5, MM7/19/1907p1, MM7/2/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB6, CH11/3/1910p2, MS1/15/1911p4, MS5/30/1911p8, MS6/25/1911p6; moving to Hoover-Cooper Bldg.: MT7/21/1911p8, MT7/23/1911pB1, MS9/16/1917, fire: JP9/14/1918p3, MT9/9/1918p6; 310 E. Main: MT11/23/1918p6, MT5/27/1919p2, MT9/15/1919p2; 126 E. Main: MT3/25/1920p8, MT1/2/1963p1
Model Meat Market, Medynski Building, S. Central: open: MT9/25/1924p3, MN12/29/1928p4
Model Restaurant, West Medford: MM10/19/1900p7, MM11/30/1900p7; sold: MM3/8/1901p6, MM3/29/1901p6; "one door south of the post office": MM3/8/1901p6, MM4/26/1901p7, MM5/31/1901p6, MM10/4/1901p7; sold to J. W. Cox: MM11/22/1901p7; sold back to F. M. Wilson: MM5/2/1902p7
The Model Saloon: TR4/1/1909p1; see Weary's
Modern Beauty Salon: to open March 7: MT2/27/1955pB2
Modern Furniture, 1222 S. Riverside: see also Modern Upholstery: MN9/1/1950
Modern Heat & Plumbing: MN6/26/1925, MN7/3/1925p1
Modern Plumbing & Sheet Metal, 404 E. Main: 410 E. Main: MT1/11/1928p6, MT10/29/1935p10, MT2/23/1939p7, MT4/7/1946p12, CP10/20/1949p8; 317 E. Jackson: MT4/22/1964p8
Modern Sheet Metal Works: MN6/26/1925
Modern Tile Co., 730 S. Grape: MT7/1/1962pB8, MT8/1/1965p1
Modern Upholstery, 1222 S. Riverside: see also Modern Furniture: MT6/18/1946, MN9/1/1950
Modern Wood Yard: MT12/13/1912p5
Modoc Cold Storage, S. Stage Rd.: MT6/28/1959
Modoc Orchard Co.: TR6/9/1909p5, SO6/12/1909p1, MT8/13/1911p1, MT3/1/1912p8, MT1/1/1914pB6, MT1/7/1914p3, SM1950p22, MT4/11/2009pB1
H. N. Moe & Co., 125 E. Main: see Gray & Moe; MS4/23/1912p2, MW4/25/1912p4, MT1/1/1914p2, MT5/15/1914p3, MS8/11/1914p6; closing: MT1/29/1916p6, MT2/4/1916p2
Moe & Stephenson Barber Shop: bought by Whetsel & Bowman: MS4/9/1915p6
Dr. F. J. Moffatt, radiologist: CP8/9/1934p1
Thomas Moffat Planing Mill, S. Fir: MT10/13/1919pB1
Mohawk Service Station: MN10/30/1936p1
Molly Reed Gifts & Home Interiors, 237 E. Main: MT5/14/2010p6
Monarch Oil Refining Co.: MS7/7/1911p4
Monarch Seed & Feed: 226 E. Main: MT1/1/1914p2; 317 E. Main: MT1/1/1915p7, 323 E. Main: MT5/1/1920p5, MT12/11/1923p3, MN6/18/1926, JN7/2/1926p1, MT12/10/1924p2, MT1/28/1927p6, MT2/22/1927p5, MT3/12/1929p5, MT3/13/1929p3, MT3/12/1929p5, MT5/10/1929p4, MT4/13/1934p1, MN2/12/1943p1, MT6/26/1946, MN8/9/1946p1, MN4/18/1947p1, MT4/17/1958pB4, MT3/1/1966p6, MT11/14/1977
Monitor Orchards: MT1/1/1913pC6, MT9/13/1921pB5
C. F. Monnick's Grocery, Crater Lake Ave.: MN10/7/1930p3
Monroe & Miller Grocery: MM9/29/1905p5; sold: MM3/8/1907p1
H. L. Montgomery, Ladies' Wear: MM12/18/1908p1; to open: MM3/5/1909p4, TR4/1/1909p1, MM4/23/1909p8, MT1/2/1910pB8
Moore & Smith, plumbers: MT1/2/1910pB10
Moore Grocery: see West Side Grocery
Moore Hotel: MM4/26/1907p5; to open: MM6/7/1907p1, MM6/21/1907p8, SO6/19/1907, MM1/31/1908p5, MT1/2/1910pB5, MT3/15/1910p1, MS1/10/1911p1, MS1/17/1911p1, MS1/19/1911p5, SM1911p18, MW2/15/1912p3, MT7/26/1912p3, MW8/1/1912p2, MW3/27/1913p2, OR5/4/1913p2
Moore Livery Stable, N. Grape: MM1/26/1906p4
D. M. Moore Second Hand, Main: MM4/3/1908p5
Moore Steel Service Co., 741 S. Grape: MT11/6/1949p10, MT4/6/1950, MT5/25/1952p11
Mordoff & Woolf Furniture, 18-20 S. Fir: MM6/18/1909p1, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB3, MS5/30/1911p8, MS5/31/1911p1, MS9/17/1911p6; Mordoff retires: MT4/4/1913p6; no longer at 23 N. Fir: MS1/3/1915p8; 219-221 W. Main: MT10/14/1920p3, MT3/21/1924p4
Mordoff, Woolf & Kinney, 217 W. Main: MT3/21/1924p4, MT4/28/1924p6
More Display Co.: MN12/28/1945p6
F. H. Moreland Boarding House, 706 S. Oakdale: opens: MT1/17/1911p2
Morey & Burdick: dissolved: MM4/5/1907p5
Clare Morey & Co., grocers: opens: MM12/14/1906p5, MM1/25/1907p1
Morgan & Klum signs: MM1/29/1909p7
Morris & Legate, grocers: forms: MM12/29/1893p2
Jack Morris, the Yankee Trader (second hand): MM5/29/1896p4, MM5/28/1897p3, MM6/5/1903p2
Morrtons sports bar, 980 N. Phoenix Rd.: MT7/3/2013p8
Morse Motors, Volkswagen, 1201 N. Riverside: RT4/8/1955p4; Sixth & Ivy: MT12/19/1957p11, MT12/22/1957p11, MT10/7/1965p8
Morse Power Transmission Products, 1209 Court
The Mortar Drug Store: see Haskins' Drug Store
Mortgage Investment Co.: opens: MT10/1/1930pB1
Morton Milling Co., 10 W. Jackson: CP5/3/1934p3, SM1950p60, CP2/12/1953p18; destroyed by fire: MT8/30/1959p1, MT3/8/1966p7A; 500 Rossanley: MT3/18/1993pC11
Moss & Co, stockbrokers, grain brokers, Front St.: MT8/15/1910p1, MT2/8/1911p5
Motor Electric Co., 6th & Riverside: MT3/2/1930pB2
Motor Haven Motel: MT6/6/1978
The Motor Home, 29 N. Ivy: opens: MT8/2/1911pp2,6, MT8/6/1911p8
Motor Inn Garage, 207 S. Riverside: MT1/29/1929p10
Motorcycle Superstore: MT2/23/2013p8, MT6/27/2013p8
Motorcycle USA: MT2/23/2013p8
Allison Moulton, attorney, Liberty Bldg.: MT6/5/1927p2
Mountain Cove orchard: MM11/13/1908p1, OR9/5/1909p56
Mountain Music: MT5/1/2003
Movies 4, 1174 Progress Dr.: opening: MT6/25/1981p12
Mt. Pitt Lumber Co.: MN4/10/1942p2, MN8/28/1942p3
Mt. Pitt Orchard: MM10/18/1907p1
Madame A. Mueller, card readings, 723 Sherman: MT3/13/1938
Mrs. Pearl Mulkey, milliner: MM2/8/1907p4, MM3/8/1907p5, MM6/14/1907p6
Mulkey & Griffith: see Lone Red Auto Co.
Mullins Ready-to-Wear, E. Main: to open: MT3/29/1928pp3,B2; closing: MT5/7/1929p10
Murphy & Downing Cafe: CH2/25/1909p1
Murphy & Downing Saloon: MM10/9/1908p1
Murray Abstract Co., N. Central: purchased by Southern Oregon Title: MT2/4/1940p10
Murray's Beauty Shop: CP6/20/1935p3, MT7/4/1937p1, MN7/9/1937
Murray's Maid Rite Sandwich Shop, 145 S. Central: MN5/12/1939p1, MN6/20/1941p1; Sixth & Grape: closed: MT9/8/1944p1
Musician's Friend: MT2/7/2012p1
Mustard Press, 679 Brian Way: MT1/30/2014p4
Mutual Mill & Seed Co.: SM1927p60, MT1/1/1928pD6, CP3/3/1932p4
Emma Myers, dressmaker: MT3/23/1914p2
H. B. Myers, bicycles, jeweler, West Main, west of Cox & Perry warehouse: MM3/15/1901p7, MM3/7/1902p6, MM3/21/1902p7; sold to T. E. Kelso and Leon Evans: MM5/2/1902p7
Myers, Holmes & Co. Real Estate, Adkins Bldg.: MT1/1/1911p6
Myers Jewelers, 116 N. Central: MN5/25/1945p3
Myers Studebaker & Reo, N. Riverside "a half block off Main": MT1/8/1929p3
O. V. Myers Studebaker, 133 S. Riverside: to open: MT4/6/1928p3
O. V. Myers Truck Agency: MT9/14/1927pD2, MT9/29/1930p8
Myers, Cusick & Sharp Real Estate: MT9/14/1966p7
Myers, Whiteside & Holmes Real Estate, Adkins Bldg.: MT1/1/1911p6
N-Hance Wood Renewal, 873 La Loma: MT12/17/2012pD4
Name of the Game: MT1/31/1982pD1
Nandie's Grill, E. Main: CP8/11/1932p5; moving: MT1/20/1935p3
Narregan & Narregan, attorneys: MM5/11/1900p7
Nash Auto Agency, 127 N. Riverside: MT7/19/1919p6
Nash Cafe: MM1/4/1907p5, MM1/18/1907p5, MM11/27/1908p1
Nash Cafeteria: MT6/6/1916p2
Nash Grill: MT1/2/1910pB3, MT4/4/1910p5, MT11/24/1911p2, JP1/27/1917p3
Nash Hotel, Main & Front: MM5/28/1897p3, OMJmidsum1897p8, SM1898p6, MM6/8/1900p7, MM7/25/1902p2, MM2/10/1905p1, MM10/13/1905p5, MM11/3/1905p1, MM9/21/1906p1, MM10/19/1906p4, SM1907p9, TR12/23/1907p8, TR1/21/1909p1, TR2/23/1909p1, MT11/17/1909p3, MT1/2/1910pB4, MS12/3/1910p3, MW8/18/1910p1, MS12/4/1910p9, MS12/21/1910p1, SM1911p18, MW1/5/1911p1, MS1/19/1911p5, MW2/9/1911pp3,7, MS2/19/1911p1, MW5/23/1912p5, MS11/13/1912p2, MW3/27/1913p2, OR5/4/1913p2, MW5/8/1913p2, MT1/1/1914pF3, MT1/1/1915p5, CP11/19/1926p5, SM1927p16; sold to William L. Miller: MT7/27/1927p5, MT1/3/1932p10, MT1/7/1932p3
Nash Livery Stable, N. Front: MM4/22/1898p7, SM1898p4; Perry & Foster sell to Goodwyn & Tull: MM4/6/1900p6, MM10/19/1900p7, MM11/23/1900p7, sold: MM11/30/1900p7, MM6/7/1901p7, MM10/4/1901p7; MM12/19/1902p2; changes hands: MM4/21/1905p1, MM11/17/1905p1, MM4/20/1906p5, MM6/22/1906p5, MM8/30/1901p7, SM1907p5, MM1/18/1907p5, MT10/25/1907p5, MM12/25/1908p8, MT12/14/1909, MS12/2/1910p2, MS12/4/1910p9, MS1/21/1912p1, MW2/29/1912p7, MW5/23/1912p1; 42-44 S. Fir: MT11/14/1912p5, MS11/14/1912p2, MS12/7/1912p1, MS12/29/1912p3, MT1/1/1914pB5, MT6/25/1961
Nason's Paint: MN3/24/1939p2
Natatorium Amusement Co.: TR1/26/1909p1, MW2/17/1910p8, MT7/3/1910p1, MW7/7/1910, to open: MT7/14/1910p1, MW7/21/1910, MW7/28/1910, CH8/25/1910p1, MS11/24/1910p1, MS12/30/1910p1, MT1/1/1911pB4, MS2/14/1911p1, MW2/16/1911p1, MS2/19/1911p1, MS4/23/1911p3, MS4/28/1911p1, MS4/29/1911p6, MS5/27/1911p4, MS5/28/1911p7, MW6/1/1911, MS6/27/1911p5, MS6/29/1911p3, MS7/9/1911p3, SM1911p16, MS8/6/1911p12, MW1/18/1912p1, MW2/15/1912p4, MW5/23/1912p6, MS9/15/1912p3, MS10/12/1912p1, MS10/23/1912p6, MS11/10/1912p6, MS8/10/1913p1, SM1927p13, MT1/1/1928p7, MT6/8/1929pB4, MT8/26/1934p5, CP7/16/1936p1, MN4/2/1937, MN6/8/1945p2, SM1950p13, CP4/1/1954p3, MT12/28/1955p14
Natatorium Bowling Alleys: MS1/10/1911p1, MS7/9/1911p3
Natatorium Skating Rink: MS12/16/1910p4, MS12/17/1910p3
Natatorium Theater: MS11/27/1910p10, MS10/12/1912p1
The National Cleaners: CH5/31/1917p4
National Furniture & Mattress: closing: MT2/18/2012p8
National Kro-Kall Co.: OR3/31/1953p19
National Packing Co.: MS12/30/1910p3, OR1/1/1911p7
Natural Gas Equipment Co., 111 W. Main: MT3/24/1966pD1
Natural Grocers: to open: MT3/20/2013p6
Nature's Pet Market, 969 Medford Center Drive: open: MT4/26/2014p8
Natwick, Inc. Designers: JN10/17/1924p5, MT1/1/1928pF4
Naumes Equipment: MT12/10/2008
Naumes of Oregon: MT1/23/1976p23, MT6/28/1993p1, MT6/29/1993p1, MT10/5/1993p1
Naumes Oregon Motorsports, 2233 S. Pacific Hwy: closed: MT9/26/2010p2
Neff Hotel: SM1911p15
Needle Art Shop: CP8/31/1939p2
The Neilitz Group Insurance, 716 E. Jackson: MT4/23/2015pB8
Nelson Chemical Works: CP8/11/1932p3
Nendels Inn: MT9/19/1992
Neon Ad Sign Co.: MN5/30/1941p1, MN4/10/1942p2
Netherland & Wheeler box mfrs.: moving from Butte Falls to Medford: MS5/27/1916p4, MS6/9/1916p4, MS6/21/1916p2
New Home sewing machines: MM11/22/1901p6
New Louvre Cafe: see Louvre Cafe
New Pastime Tavern, 2742 N. Pacific Hwy.: RT4/20/1956pC2
New Process Gold Mining & Development Co.: bankrupt: OR9/17/1911pB19
New York Cash Store: MM5/25/1894p3
New York Restaurant, 32 S. Central: reopens: MT7/25/1919p2
Newberry's: see J. J. Newberry Co.
Newbry Orchards: MN10/20/1939p2, MN4/10/1942p2
Don Newcomb Fuel Co.: CP11/19/1926p4, SM1927p55, MT1/1/1928pF7
Newman & Larson: MM6/8/1900p6
Newtown Bakery: MS6/2/1915p2
Nice Twice: MT9/25/1981
Sid M. Nichol Grocery, Barnum Bldg., N. Front: opens: JP8/16/1913p3
Nichols & Ashpole Slaughterhouse: SM1927key,p23, MN12/29/1928p4
Nicholson & Platt Hardware, 234 E. Main: MM1/12/1906p5, MM10/19/1906p1, MM3/22/1907p5
Horace G. "Nick" Nicholson Hardware, Main & Bartlett: to open: MM2/15/1901p7; open: MM3/8/1901pp2,7, MM5/10/1901p6, MM12/13/1901p7, MM6/5/1903p3; incorporated: MM3/22/1907p5, MM8/9/1907p5; sold: MM1/15/1909p5, M6/18/1909p4, MT1/2/1910pB3; merger: MS1/1/1911pp1,3, MT7/23/1911pB1, MT10/28/1911p1, MW4/17/1913p2; see also MM3/9/1894p3
Horace G. Nicholson Real Estate, 117 S. Central: MT1/1/1928pH4
Niedermeyer Livery Stable: MW5/23/1912p1, MT6/27/1912, MW7/25/1912p2, MW9/12/1912p6
Nights in White Satin: MT10/24/1979pB1
Herman Nigl Shoe Repair: MN3/14/1941p1, MN8/11/1950p8
Nikolas & Brayton Grocery: MT9/2/1924p2, MT2/18/1925p10
90 and 9 Cafe, 1258 S. Riverside: MT5/11/1948p3
Oscar S. Nissen, physiotherapist: CP9/14/1933p1
Nissen Health Club: MN11/20/1936p5
Nissen Institute: MN11/20/1936p5
Nite Lite Motel, 2323 S. Pacific Hwy: MN1/16/1948p1, CP10/20/1949p10; sold: MT10/7/1955p1
Nob Hill addition: MS4/16/1911p7
Noble's Shoes, E. Main: MT2/10/1969p1, MT2/11/1969pB1
C. T. Noe Barber Shop, 10 N. Riverside: MM9/3/1909p5, MT12/20/1931p3
Noe & Saylor Barber Shop: CP4/12/1934p3
Norcross Orchard: MM10/15/1909p5
Norfield Shoe Co., E. Main: MT5/27/1951; now Norris Shoes: MT4/4/1964p3
Norling Mine: MN12/11/1930p2
Norm's Barber Shop, 12 N. Riverside: MT4/13/1978p1
Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio: MT2/11/1969pB1
Norris Shoes: open house: MT4/4/1964p3, MT11/28/1976pD1, MT3/23/1989pB11
North & Sons Painting, 943 S. Central: CP10/20/1949p9
North Central Avenue Lumber Co.: MM5/28/1909p3
North Country, S. Central: MT4/7/1978p1, MT11/20/1990
North's Chuck Wagon: MT5/9/1962p1, see J. J. North's
North's Motel, 1030 N. Riverside: MT6/6/1978
Northern Refrigeration Co.: MN10/25/1946p1
Northwest Financial Services, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Northwest Orthopedic and Surgical Supply, 2747 N. Pacific Hwy.: opens: MT12/19/1948p8
Northwest Outdoor Store: closed: MT12/13/2018p3
Northwest Printed Circuits: MT11/24/1974pC1, MT10/30/1985p3
Northwestern Land & Water Co.: incorporates: OR1/14/1906p4
Northwestern National Life Insurance Co., 207-8 Garnett-Corey Bldg.: MT1/1/1914pC5
Noyes & Black Paint Shop, 301 S. Grape: MT10/23/1912p6
Noyes & Dressler, real estate, Miles bldg.: MM12/13/1907p2
Nu to U Clothing: MT9/25/1981
Nu-Way Cleaners, 404 E. Main: MN6/20/1941p3, MN3/27/1942p4, MT1/31/1946, MT3/5/1947; 601 E. Main: MT6/15/1947p3
John Nuich Jewelers, 231 E. Main: opened: MT8/21/1960p12, MT11/28/1976pD1
Nurmi Baking Co.: MT7/27/1915p2; OR2/13/1916p66; 25-31 S. Front: MT5/31/1916p6, MS9/2/1916p2, MS9/6/1916p2, MS11/28/1916p8
Nye & Naumes Packing Co.: MN1/6/1950p1, SM1950p22, MT3/30/1965
Nye & Stoner Racket Store: forms: MM12/7/1900p11
O.G. Outlet, Highland Center: MT11/12/1997p11
O.K. Garage: MT7/30/1927p3
O.K. Poultry Co.: MN3/29/1940p1, MN1/12/1945p1, MN6/1/1945p2
Dick Fanger's O.K. Rubber Welders, 1769 N. Riverside: RT3/23/1956p15
O.K. Tonsorial Parlor, Front St.: MM5/26/1893p6
O'Keefe Foam Products, 1252 W. McAndrews: open: MT7/8/1966pB5
O'Shea Plumbing, 215 S. Front: CP10/20/1949p7
Oak Grove Service Station: CP8/11/1932p5
Oak Grove Storage, 241 Oak Grove Rd.: MT5/27/1979pC1, MT8/12/1979pE1
Oak Lawn Orchard: OS10/1/1903pC2, OR11/5/1906p12, MT1/1/1914pD8
Oak Lodge Orchard: OR5/9/1909p4, MM9/24/1909p1, OR2/14/1914p4; OR3/1/1914p54
Oakdale Cash Grocery/Oakdale Market, 401 S. Oakdale: MT6/11/1911p2, MT7/24/1914p4, MT12/7/1914p2, MT7/2/1927p2, MN6/20/1941p1, MT9/29/1957p2, MT2/17/1958p1
Oaks Orchard: MT7/2/1911p5
Oaks Restaurant, L. T. Bennett: MS12/30/1914p4
The Oaks Saloon, 32 N. Front: CH2/25/1909p1, MT5/22/1910p5, MS5/22/1912p1, MW3/27/1913p2, MT8/30/1917p6
Oakwood Motel, S. Pacific Hwy: CP10/20/1949p11
Odell Rooming House, "over the post office": MM6/26/1908p1, MM12/4/1908p5, MM4/23/1909p2
Odgers & Arnold, dentists: dissolved: MM3/16/1900p5
J. W. Odgers, dentist: MM5/28/1897p6, OMJmidsum1897p9, MM3/8/1901p6; Hamlin Block: MM3/22/1901p7; leaving for Berkeley: MM5/17/1901p6, MM6/7/1901p7, MM6/14/1901p6
Office Cafe: MM2/22/1907p1, MS2/2/1911p1, MT1/11/1912p5, MW3/27/1913p2
Office Saloon, N. Front: MM11/17/1905p1, MM2/8/1907p5, MM2/5/1909p1, MM2/26/1909p1, MT2/1/1911
Office Stationery & Supply Co.: MN5/13/1936p1
Offutt-Barnes/Offutt-Rornes Auto Co., 8th & Central: MT10/28/1910, MT3/5/1911p3
W. N. Offutt, woodworking, 33 N. Bartlett: MT1/1/1914pC5
Offutt's Garage, 404 E. Fourth: MT1/2/1927pE1, CP3/3/1932p6
Ogden Roemer Wilkerson Architecture, 2950 E. BarnettP: MT10/21/2013pB8
The Oil City Service Station, 1880 N. Riverside: MN4/10/1942p2, CP2/12/1953p18
Oilmore Service Station: MN1/10/1936p1
OK Garage, N. Pacific Hwy.: MN5/29/1927p12
OK Market, 1202 N. Riverside: MT5/21/1948p5, MT5/24/1948p2, MT3/3/1949p4, MT10/21/1951p6
OK Rubber Welders, 144 S. Central: MT3/30/1955p7, MT4/13/1955p4
Old 99 Road Wine Shop, 18 Stewart: MT1/28/2015pC1
Old America, 227 Barnett: closing: MT11/6/1997pB1
Old Farmhouse Restaurants: closed: MT2/20/2013pB6, MT4/19/2013p6
Old Mill Cafe: CP3/12/1942p1
Old Ninety-Nine Cellars: MT1/28/2015pC1
Older Tire Service, 327 N. Riverside at 9th: MT9/26/1929pp8A,B1, MT9/28/1929p6, MT12/15/1929pB4; 32 S. Bartlett: MN6/20/1941p3
J. E. Olmstead & Hibbard, grocers, 131 W. Main: SR8/6/1910p3, MT1/20/1911p2, MT10/18/1917p6
Olmstead & Weisser, painters: MM3/23/1906p5, MM3/15/1907p5
M. E. Olson Electric Co., 3 N. Bartlett: MT4/19/1939p3, MN6/13/1941p1, MN6/13/1942p1
Olsen's Golden Touch Jewelry, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Olson Furniture Co., 608 S. Ivy: CP10/20/1949p12; 613 E. Main: open: 8/31/1947p3, CP2/12/1953p12
Olwell Orchard: MM4/13/1906p5; see Hopkins Orchard
John D. Olwell Real Estate: MT1/2/1910pB9; Palm Bldg.: MT5/7/1911pB4
Olympic Cafe, 1070 S. Hwy. 99: MT11/30/1951p6
On the Wall, 301 N. Bartlett: MT5/24/2013p6
Optimo Cafe: JP1/23/1915p3, MT3/3/1920p5
Orchard Home Association: MM3/23/1894p2
Orchard Home Builder Supply: fire: RT12/16/1955p1
Orchard Park Farms, S. Pacific Hwy., Voorhies Crossing: open: MT8/9/1936p12, MT8/19/1936pB1, MN2/7/1947p1, MN12/23/1949p1, SM1950p8
Oregon & Washington Mortgage Co.: CP7/1/1937p3
Oregon Bank, Main and Grape: to open: MT2/16/1964p1
Oregon-California Trucking Co., 727 S. Central: SM1927p25, MT1/1/1928D6
Oregon College of Business, 400 Earhart: MT10/10/1974pB5
Oregon Food Stores, 545 Stevens: to open: MT12/15/1963pC1
Oregon Fruit Co.: bought by Pacific Fruit: MT1/20/1917p6
Oregon Gas & Electric Co.: MS7/14/1911p1, MS7/25/1911p6, MT10/24/1912p1; 27 N. Grape: MS1/3/1915p8, MT10/14/1921p8
Oregon Granite Co.: MM7/27/1900p7, MM4/4/1902p7, MM5/2/1902p7, MM5/9/1902p7, MM6/27/1902p5, MM12/5/1902p7, MM9/15/1905p1; 103E. Sixth: SM1907p5, MM6/14/1907p5, MM6/28/1907p5, TR10/18/1907p1; incorporated: MM2/21/1908p1, MM10/9/1908p5, MM4/16/1909p5, SO4/28/1909p8, MM5/7/1909p2, MM5/14/1909p2, MM5/21/1909p2, MM9/10/1909p8, MT1/2/1910pB3, MT5/22/1910p16, MW10/20/1910p2, MT1/1/1911pB12, MT5/9/1911p6, MT5/18/1911p2, MS5/29/1912p3; 27 N. Grape: MS11/26/1916p6, MT10/13/1919pB1, MT4/30/1921p6; 302 N. Front: MT2/19/1925p5, MT10/21/1926p3, CP10/29/1926p6, MT1/1/1928ppD8,F8, MT4/7/1946p12, MT4/1/1958p1, MT10/2/1977pC1
Oregon Growers' Cooperative: AW7/28/1920p1
Oregon Life Insurance Co., Angle Block: opens: MM9/3/1909p2
Oregon Motor Car Co., 625 N. Riverside: MS5/19/1911p6, MS5/21/1911pB2
Oregon Mutual Fire Insurance Co.: MN6/7/1940p2
Oregon Mutual Home Society: to open: MM2/28/1902p7
Oregon Nursery Co., 508 S. Grape: MM12/6/1907p5, MT1/22/1921p2
Oregon Orchards Syndicate: organizes: MM11/13/1908p1, TR4/1/1909p1, MM7/30/1909p3
Oregon Painting Co., 132 W. Main: MS1/3/1915p8
Oregon Rapid Transit & Power Co.: MM2/28/1908p1, MM3/6/1908p1
Oregon Restaurant, 39 Front: MS12/24/1911p1
Oregon Rooming House, Third & Front: destroyed by fire: JP6/29/1918p3
Oregon Rooms, 223-225 W. Main: MN5/25/1945p6
Oregon Sales & Service: MN10/15/1937pB3
Oregon State Motor Association, 35 S. Riverside: MT8/23/1934p3
Oregon-Utah Sugar Co.: CH10/7/1915p1, CH10/14/1915p1, CH10/21/1915pp1,3, CH10/28/1915p1, CH11/14/1915pp1,2,3, CH11/11/1915pp1,2, CH11/18/1915p1, CH12/9/1915pp2,3, CH2/24/1916p1
Oregon-Washington Mortgage Co.: MN7/2/1937p4
Oregon Water & Power Co.: MS2/2/1911p2
Oreweiler & Murray, paper hangers: dissolved: MM6/15/1894p3
Oriental Gardens, in the Natatorium: CP2/4/1926p3, CP6/10/1926pp3,6, CP6/24/1926p2, MT1/28/1929p5
Orlin's Meat Specialties, Orlin Cartwright, 535 S. Fir: moving to 175 N. First, Central Point: MT3/22/1968pC12
W. L. Orr, shoes, W. Medford: MM2/28/1902p7
Orres & La Mar Cleaners, 206 W. Main: MT5/6/1914p2
Ferdinand Osenbrugge Studebaker Warehouse, "between S.P. siding and S. Fir St.": MM10/25/1901p2, MM6/5/1903p2,SM1907p8, TR3/26/1909p1, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB3
J. J. Osenbrugge Studebaker: MN5/20/1928p3; Willys-Overland: MT3/16/1930p7
Osgood & Cummings, civil engineers, Medford National Bank Bldg.: MT12/9/1909p6, SR6/11/1910p4, MT1/11/1912p5(2)
Osteopathic Clinic: MT1/3/1936p1
Osteopathic Clinic & Hospital, 215 E. Jackson
Otto's Club, 39 S. Front: CP4/12/1934p3; to be razed: MT5/30/1962p1; 2940 N. Pacific Hwy.: MT9/20/1963p1
The Outpost: MN1/16/1942p4, MN10/2/1942, MN5/17/1946p3
Ovelman Retail Lumber Co.: MN4/17/1942p3
Overhead Door Co., 1945 Delta Waters: MT3/18/1993pC14
O. D. Owen Grocery, Main & Central: MM1/26/1906p5
Owen-Oregon Lumber Co.: AT9/18/1924p1, MN1/2/1925, JN1/23/1925, JN2/20/1925, JN9/18/1925, CP1/21/1926p1, CP2/11/1926p1, MT10/26/1926p8, CP11/12/1926p3, CP12/10/1926p1, MT1/2/1927, dedicated: MT4/21/1927pp1,7; MT6/20/1927p3, MT9/14/1927pB4, SM1927pp82,83,key, MT1/1/1928pE4, MN8/2/1928p1, MT12/31/1928pC8, CP12/31/1931pp1,2, CP3/3/1932p5, CP6/23/1932p1, CP6/30/1932p1, CP6/22/1933p3, MT12/13/1932p2, CP7/20/1933p1, MT12/12/1933p3, MT3/13/1934p1, MT3/26/1934p1, CP3/29/1934p2, MT4/19/1934p1, see Medford Corporation
Owings Bros., N. Central: MM6/25/1909p3
Owl Cash Grocery: see Legate & Morris: MM2/23/1894p1; sold to Lumsden & Berlin: MM3/30/1894p3
The Owl Club: MT12/8/1909p8, MN3/24/1939p2; 121 E. Main: MT11/19/1941p4, MN11/28/1941p3, MT1/4/1942p10col8, MN5/31/1946p1; 32 N. Front: to move June 1: MT5/14/1950p17, MT6/9/1950p13
Owl Confectionery, 206 W. Main: closed: MN9/4/1927p3; see Dew Drop Inn
Owl Pool & Billiard Hall, Young & Hall Bldg.: MM4/6/1906p5, SR6/25/1910p2
Owl Service Station, N. Pacific Hwy.: MT6/25/1927p6
Oxford Annex Rooming House, 221 W. Main: MS6/29/1911p6
Jack & Jerry's Oyster Loaf Cafe: MN1/12/1945p4, MN4/23/1948p1
Oz Fitness, Medford Center: files Chapter 11: MT1/4/2014p1; closing: MT4/18/2014p1, MT4/30/2014p3
Pabco Produce Store: CP4/16/1936p1
Pacific & Eastern Railroad: see also Medford & Crater Lake Railroad; incorporates: OR5/21/1907p13, CH5/23/1907p1, CH7/4/1907p1, MM1/3/1908p1, CH1/9/1908p2, MM1/17/1908p2, MM1/24/1908p1, MM2/28/1908p1, CH3/19/1908p1, MM4/3/1908p1, CH4/30/1908p1, MM5/8/1908p1, CH9/3/1908p1, MM1/22/1909p2, MM2/26/1909p6, MM3/19/1909p2, MM3/30/1909p1, MM3/26/1909p6, CH5/13/1909p1; sold: MM5/14/1909p1, CH5/20/1909p1; extension: MM5/28/1909p1, MM8/20/1909p1, CH8/26/1909p1; turned over: MM8/27/1909p1; reorganized: MM9/3/1909p1, MM9/10/1909p3, CH9/16/1909pp1,4, MM9/17/1909pp1,3, CH9/23/1909p1, MM9/24/1909p1, MM10/1/1909pp1,6, MM10/8/1909p1, MM10/22/1909pp1,5, SO10/23/1909p1, CH10/28/1909pp1,2, CH11/11/1909p1, CH12/2/1909p1, MT12/20/1909p5, MT12/22/1909p2, MT12/28/1909p1, CH12/30/1909p1, MT12/31/1909p1, CH3/31/1910p1, MT4/4/1910p1, CH4/7/1910p1, CH4/28/1910p1, MW10/6/1910p1, MS11/17/1910p1, MS11/25/1910p1, MS12/16/1910p1, MS12/25/1910p1, MT1/1/1911pB8, MW1/5/1911p2, MS3/18/1911p1, MS3/31/1911p1, MS5/30/1911p7, MS6/27/1911p3, CH7/13/1911p1, MS7/13/1911p5, MS8/21/1911p5, SM1911p28, CH3/14/1912p1, MW3/14/1912p4, MS4/30/1912p1, MW5/9/1912p1, MS5/16/1912p6, MS6/7/1912p1, MW6/27/1912p2, MW7/25/1912p3, CH8/22/1912p1, MW9/26/1912p6, MW10/24/1912p1, MW11/7/1912p2, MS11/16/1912p1, MS11/19/1912p1, MS12/3/1912p1, MS12/19/1912p1, MS12/25/1912p7, MS1/1/1913p1, MW3/20/1913p4, MT1/1/1914pE6, MS11/10/1918p3, MS11/17/1918p6; sold to M. D. Olds: JP8/28/1920p1
Pacific Air Lines: MT9/15/1966pC1
Pacific Air Transport: CP1/21/1926p1, CP3/25/1926p5, CP7/22/1926p1, CP8/5/1926p1, CP11/19/1926p5, SM1927p85
Pacific Appliance Co.: MN6/9/1939p2
Pacific Building & Loan Assn.: to open: MT1/25/1912p6
Pacific Capital Solutions, Cobblestone Village: opens: MT11/6/2013pB5
Pacific Coal Co.: MM9/20/1907p1, MM9/27/1907p1, MM11/22/1907p1, MM2/14/1908p1, MM3/13/1908p1, MM4/3/1908p8, MM5/29/1908p1, MM6/12/1908p1, MM9/4/1908p1, MM9/11/1908p5, MM9/18/1908p1, TR10/3/1908p1; mines sold: OR1/16/1909p4, MM1/22/1909p1; see Sunnyside Coal Co.
Pacific Cooperative Poultry Producers, Central and Beatty: MT3/29/1946p11, SM1950p60
Pacific Distributors: MT3/7/1934p1
Pacific Feed & Seed Co.: SM1950p11
Pacific Fruit & Produce: MT1/20/1917p6, SM1927p22, MN12/18/1936pB1, MN1/24/1947p2, SM1950p22
Pacific Furniture & Fixture Factory: new name of Mission Furniture Works: MT4/6/1914, OR2/13/1916p66; see Trowbridge Cabinet Works
Pacific Health Institute: MT9/13/1981pB5
Pacific Highway Garage, 29 S. Bartlett: MT9/20/1912p6, MT1/1/1914pC2, MT1/1/1915pD2
Pacific Machinery Co., 1910 Table Rock Rd.: CP2/12/1953p10
Pacific Motor Co.: MT4/12/1911p6
Pacific Motor Supply Co.: MS2/19/1911p1, MT1/1/1912p6, MS1/28/1912p8, MS8/17/1912p1, MT9/20/1912p6; closing: MT8/25/1913p2
Pacific Products Co., 112 Summit Ave.: CP2/12/1953p7
Pacific Record Herald, E. Sixth: MT2/8/1929p5, CP3/18/1926p6, MT2/18/1934p10, MT7/7/1941p1
Pacific Retirement Services: MT5/13/2014pB8
Pacific Rural World: MM1/11/1901p7
Pacific States Telephone Co.: CH7/16/1908p1, CH9/10/1908p1, CH10/29/1908p4, CH12/10/1908p1, MM4/30/1909p2, MT12/21/1909, MT1/1/1911p2, MS2/26/1911p6, MT5/1/1911p1
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph: MM5/3/1901p7, MM6/12/1908p1, MM8/28/1908p1, MM9/11/1908p1, TR3/4/1909p1, TR3/8/1909p4, MM3/26/1909p2, TR3/26/1909p4, MM6/18/1909p6, MM8/13/1909p3, MT11/3/1909p5, MT11/29/1909p1, MT21/21/1909p6, MT1/3/1911p1, MW1/5/1911p1, MW2/16/1911p5, MT6/18/1911pB8, MS7/15/1911p3, MS8/12/1911p4, MS7/4/1912p1, MT7/5/1912p1, MW2/27/1913p8, MW4/17/1913p2, CP4/8/1926p1, CP5/27/1926p3, MT1/2/1927; N. Bartlett: MT1/1/1928pD8,F7; absorbs Home Telephone: MT12/1/1935, MN12/4/1935p1, MN5/12/1939p1, CP8/15/1940p1, MN7/4/1941p3, MT7/20/1941p1, MN3/26/1948, MN8/20/1948p1, MN10/22/1948p2, MS11/5/1948p5, MN12/31/1948p1, MN2/18/1949p3, MN4/15/1949p2, MN6/3/1949p1, MN8/12/1949p7, MT12/4/1949pB4, MN12/9/1949p1, SM1950p12,SM1950p13, MT7/24/1957p1, MT4/13/1958p6
Pacific Tire, 4787 Airway Drive: open: MT4/13/2013p8
Pacific Truck Express: CP7/18/1940p6
Padgett Auto Parts, Third and Central: to open: MT9/17/1953p8
Padgham Planing Mill: SM1950p82
Page & Lawton Real Estate: partnership: MM12/28/1906p5, MM2/1/1907p5; dissolved: MM1/24/1908p5
Page & Son Fruit Packing: SM1907p8, MM10/23/1908p2
Page-Dressler Realty Co., 320 E. Main: MT1/1/1914pD2, MT1/1/1915pD7; bought by Brown & White: AW7/19/1922p2;112 E. Main: MT8/22/1919p3
Page Fence Co.: MM11/27/1908p5
Page Hotel: MT1/1/1911p1
Page Orchard: MT2/25/1910p2
Frederick C. Page Real Estate, 102 W. Main: TR5/29/1909p4
Page Theater: MT12/5/1909, MT12/23/1909, MT12/30/1909p2, MS12/30/1910p1, MW2/2/1911p1, MS6/30/1911p6, MS7/8/1911p4, MS7/9/1911p1, MT10/14/1912p1, MW10/17/1912pp2,7, MW10/24/1912p3, MW10/31/1912p5, MS11/23/1912p1, MS12/27/1912, MW1/9/1913p6, MW1/30/1913p6, MT5/17/1913p3, MT5/19/1913, MS5/20/1913p1, MW5/22/1913p7, MW2/27/1913p1, MT12/31/1913p1, MT1/1/1914p1, MT10/26/1917p8, MT11/3/1917p6, MT11/5/1917p6, MS11/17/1918p5, MT11/22/1918p6, MS11/24/1918p2, MT9/24/1920p2, MT10/23/1920p8, MT11/1/1920p2, MT11/13/1920p2, MT11/20/1920p3, MT11/22/1920p2, MT11/23/1920p5, MT11/24/1920pp4,6, MT12/31/1923pp1,4, MT5/16/1928p2, PR6/4/1931p1, MT10/22/1944pp7,10, MT6/29/2008
Paine & Simmons Orchestra: TR6/28/1900p3
Mrs. E. M. Painter, dressmaker, 518 King St.: MT2/19/1913p2
Paisans Pizzeria, 149 S. Central: open: MT4/24/2013pB6
Palace Barber Shop I: MM6/16/1893p3, MM2/23/1894p3
Palace Barber Shop II, Sixth & Ivy: MT4/12/1929p7
Palace Hotel, 28-30 S.Central: MM6/8/1906p5, MM12/21/1906p5, MM4/19/1907p8; closing: EN5/18/1907p5, MM6/21/1907p8, MM6/28/1907p5, MM3/26/1909p2, MT12/9/1909p6, MT6/2/1914p3, MT9/29/1930p8
Palace Lunch, S. Riverside: MN10/20/1939p2, MN12/10/1948
Palace of Sweets, 317 E. Main: MT1/1/1914pC5, MT4/30/1914p2, MS6/21/1914p2
Pallet Wine Co., 340 N. Fir: MT10/4/2014p3
Palm & York Real Estate: forms: MM2/21/1902p7; E. Main, former Kurtz cigar location: MM3/28/1902p6, MM7/25/1902p3; Palm Bldg.: MM2/13/1903p7
Mrs. C. W. Palm Millinery, W. Main: opens: MM4/27/1894p3, MM5/28/1897p3; sold out: MM9/15/1905p5
C. W. Palm Real Estate: MM5/28/1897p3, OMJmidsum1897p8
Palace Grocery: opens: MT4/21/1920p8
Palm-Whitman-Palm Cigar Co.: MM8/17/1900p7, MM11/23/1900p3, MM12/21/1900p6, MM1/4/1901p6, MM1/11/1901p2, MM1/25/1901p6, MM2/8/1901p7, MM3/1/1901p6, MM3/22/1901p7, MM4/19/1901p7, MM6/28/1901pp,6,7, MM10/4/1901p7, MM11/22/1901p6, MM11/29/1901p6, MM12/27/1901p7, MM1/10/1902p6, MM1/24/1902p7, MM1/31/1902p7, MM2/21/1902p6, MM6/27/1902p2; moving to Sellwood: OR4/7/1904p7
Potter Palmer Orchard: MT10/21/1911pB1, MT7/7/1927p1
Palmer Piano House, Cuthbert Bldg.: MS4/16/1911p8, MS5/3/1911p4; 234 E. Main St.: MS1/18/1912p2, MS11/6/1913p3; 17 N. Central: MS5/1/1915p6, MT12/10/1915p2; 28 S. Central: MT3/1/1916p2; 234 E. Main: MT5/27/1919p2, MT6/12/1919p3, MT1/5/1920p2; sold to Isaac & Fluhrer: MT7/18/1927p8, MN7/19/1927pp1,3, MT11/19/1927, MT2/19/1929p2
Palms Rooming House, Main & Grape: MT12/3/1909p5
Panda Express: to open: MT10/21/2014p3; open Dec. 6: MT12/22/2014p7
Pantorium Dye Works, 5 N. Fir: to open: MM4/9/1909p3, MM6/4/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB2, CH6/2/1910p3, MS1/14/1911p4, MW2/9/1911p7, MS5/2/1911p6, MS7/7/1911p8, MS2/8/1912p2; 132 W. Main: MT1/24/1913p6, MW1/30/1913p6; fire: MT8/20/1913p1, MT9/24/1913p2, MT10/8/1913p4, MT3/12/1914p5, MT4/11/1914p8; 23 N. Fir: MT1/1/1915pC2, MS1/3/1915p8, JP8/12/1915p3, MT1/18/1921p2, MT5/22/1927p3, MN5/22/1927p6; 6th & Holly: MT10/31/1927pp4,5, MT1/1/1928pF7, MT6/8/1929pB2, MT8/29/1930pC3
Papé Bros.: MT12/30/1973pC4
Par Store, 221 W. Main: moved to Main and Holly: MT8/14/1945p10
Paris Cafe, 113 W. Main: opens: MT1/11/1919p2
Park & Shop: MT8/26/1962, MT9/9/1962
Park Barber Shop, E. Main: RT3/25/1955p3
Park Grocery, 225 W. Main: MT12/31/1925p3, MT1/1/1928pF4, MT3/3/1930p3
Park Landscape Co.: CP3/3/1932p6
Park Place Flower Shop: MT5/20/1979pD1
Millard Fillmore Parker, painter: MM4/18/1902p3
W. H. Parker, attorney: MM9/13/1901p7
W. H. Parker & Sons, attorneys: dissolves: MM11/24/1893p3
Parker Relish Co., 612 S. Riverside: MT1/21/1934p5
Parker Woods Leons: moved to 220 E. Main: MT8/21/1960p12
Parker's Southern Oregon Potato Chips: incorporates: MT1/10/1931p2, MR6/10/1932p1
Parkins & Lyons, architects: MM6/12/1908p1
Parkview Hotel, 119-123 S. Holly: MW2/2/1911p3, MS2/9/1911p2, MW2/16/1911p7, MT7/3/1911p6, SM1911p17
Parsons Insulation, S. Pacific Hwy.: MT8/12/1979pE1
Parton Ranch: MT1/1/1915pB4
Pastime Pool Hall, 22 N. Front St.: MT5/8/1929p3, MT1/24/1941p6, MN6/13/1941p2
Pastime Roller Rink, Medford Armory: MN4/3/1942p2
Pat & Mike's Builders Service, 2802 Crater Lake Hwy.
Pat's Beauty Salon, 827 W. Jackson: to open: MT6/11/1950p7
Pat's Texas Tamale House, 523 N. Riverside: MT2/17/1929p2
Patients Helping Patients, Main: MT3/5/2014p6
H. B. Patterson Nursery: MT1/2/1910pB4; Fifth and Fir: MT11/25/1913p4
Patton & Robinson, 112 S. Riverside: (Chevrolet) opens: MT7/5/1919p2, MT11/5/1920p3, MT11/13/1923p2; bought by Pierce-Harrison: MS9/20/1925p6
Patton & Robinson, Samson Trucks, 112 S. Riverside
Patty & Litchfield Bakery: opens: MM2/1/1901p6
Paul's Electric Co., 212 W. Main: MT6/12/1915p6, MT3/8/1916p4, MS12/3/1916p8, MT9/9/1919pB6, MT3/11/1920p3, MT10/17/1923p6, MT9/16/1926pB1, CP11/12/1926p3
Paulsen and Roles Laboratories, 204 S. Fir: MT11/27/1983pC11
Paulsen House, 1 W. Sixth: MT11/27/1983pC11, see Interiors at the Livery Stable
Pay Less Drug Store: MT10/13/1960ppB1,B7,B10, MT10/29/1981pD16; named changed to Rite Aid: MT2/10/1998pB6
Pay 'n Save: MT7/7/1970pD5
Pay 'n Takit: MT2/17/1931p7, MT2/21/1931p3, MN2/27/1931p9, CP3/3/1932p4
L. E. Paynter Millinery: MS3/17/1911p6
Peach Street Grocery: MT6/24/1936p5; 1263 S. Peach: Ferguson sells to Laurila: MT8/4/1948p3
Peachblow Paradise Orchards: DT8/18/1893p3
Pear Bowl Cafe: MN2/25/1949p6, MN6/30/1950p4
Pear Tree Factory Outlets: MT7/18/1993pE1
Wes Pearson Jeweler: MT2/10/1969p1, MT2/11/1969pB1
Peasley's Photographic Arts, 331 E. Main: to open: MT3/13/1927pB6; W. 6th: MT9/24/1927p2, MT9/25/1927p2, MT8/29/1930ppC5,C8, MT9/21/1930p4, MT1/1/1932
Pech & Daley Market: MT6/5/1927p8
Peerless Bakery & Lunch Room: three locations: MT4/16/1911pB2, OR8/21/1912p1, MS10/10/1912p6, MT10/12/1912p4, MS10/13/1912p1; bought, renamed: MS11/1/1913p2, MT10/13/1919pB1, MT2/14/1920p4, CP4/15/1926p3
Peerless Coal Co., at Medford Book Store: opens: MT8/9/1919p2, MT8/23/1919p2(2)
Peerless Market, 12-14 N. Bartlett: MT1/26/1934p3, CP1/16/1936p1, MN3/26/1937p1, MN10/20/1939p2
Peil Laundry Co.: see Elite Laundry
Van R. Peirson Plumbing & Heating, 28 N. Grape: MT1/1/1914pB5
Pekin Restaurant, 22 Central: TR1/16/1908p3
Pendleton Woolen Mills, RV Mall: opening Dec. 1: MT11/23/2016p3
Peninger Music Shop, 15 N. Grape: MT11/6/1922p2
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co.: MM4/13/1900p7
Penneys: see J.C. Penney Co.
Pennington Battery Service, N. Front: MT3/30/1928p4; 121 N. Bartlett: MT5/4/1930pB7
Penwell Plumbing Shop: MN10/20/1939p2
People's Amusement Co.: see Star Theatre
People's Bank, 10 Crater Lake Ave.: MT7/31/1997pC1; to open at 745 Biddle: MT2/27/1998pB6, MT7/28/1999pB1; open at Barnett and Highland: MT11/15/2012pB10, MT4/25/2013p8, MT4/27/2013p8, MT11/27/2013pB5, MT4/17/2014p8, MT10/22/2014pB8
People's Electric Co., 212 W. Main: MS7/13/1919p3; purchased by A. B. Cunningham: MT3/1/1920p6; Alenderfer partners: MT10/8/1920p6, CP6/3/1926p3, CP10/22/1926p4, CP11/12/1926p3, MT9/16/1928p8, MT4/26/1929p8, CP1/14/1932p2, MN7/10/1936p2
People's Market, S. Central: MM3/26/1909p6, MM7/9/1909p2, MS10/13/1912p1, MS12/31/1912p6, MT6/3/1927pB4
Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, 1209 Court: MN7/5/1946p1, CP2/12/1953p12, MT2/12/1998pC1
William Pepper Fine Furniture, 6389 Pioneer Rd.: MT7/8/2013p5
Charley Perdue, gun & bicycle repair: W. Main: MM2/8/1901p7
Ed R. Perkins, Realtor, 417 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2
J. W. Perkins Packing House: MM5/5/1905p1, MM3/29/1907p1
Perkins' Auto Electric Shop, 27 N. Grape: sold to Max and Ted GeBauer: AW10/11/1922p2
John Perl Funeral Home, 28 S. Bartlett: MS12/28/1910p1, MW1/5/1911p1, MS1/8/1911p8, MS7/23/1911p1, MS9/24/1911p5, MS9/24/1912p1, MS6/1/1916p2, 6th & Oakdale: MS12/12/1920p6, MT5/20/1925, MT1/2/1927, MT1/1/1928pD5, CP2/9/1933p1, AT11/4/1933p2, MT11/26/1935p7, MN5/30/1941p1, CP2/14/1952p2
Perrez & Kern: MS9/19/1911p3
Perry & Cox Warehouse: TR6/28/1900p3; partnership dissolved: MM6/28/1901p2
Perry coal mine: MM1/31/1902p7
J. A. Perry Fruit Packing: SM1907p8, MM2/15/1907p5, MM3/8/1907p5, MM4/23/1909p2
J. A. Perry Real Estate: MT1/2/1910pB9
J. A. Perry Spray Plant: to open: MM7/31/1908p5, MM11/20/1908p5, MM12/4/1908p5
Perry's Subdivision: MT12/9/1909p6
Pete's Garage: MT7/30/1927p3
C. J. Peterson Shooting Gallery, S. Front between Estes Bldg. and Warnock Lunch Stand: to open: MT7/15/1927p3, MT7/16/1927p2
D. P. Peterson Barber Shop, Jackson Hotel: MT12/20/1931p3
Peterson Ranch: MM6/23/1905p1
Petroleum Heat & Burner Co.: MN9/11/1936p6, SM1950p8
Peyton Orchard: MM11/5/1908p6
Dr. Ira Dell Phipps, dentist, Adkins Building: opens: MM8/23/1901p7, MM9/20/1901p7, MM9/27/1901p7
W. E. Phipps, attorney: MM12/6/1901p9
Phipps Auto Park, N. Riverside at Jackson: JN11/7/1924p7, MT1/2/1927p1
Phipps Feed Stable: MM5/11/1900p6, MM6/7/1901p7, MM9/6/1901p7
Phoenix Properties: MT8/31/1981
Phoenix Savings & Loan Assn.: MM9/19/1902p2
The Phone Mart: MT4/18/1982
Roy R. Picard Watch Repair, 419 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7(2), MN8/18/1950p2
Picaro's Cantina: MT8/9/1974p22
Al Piche Hardware & Sporting Goods, Main: MT12/13/1927p2; moving from 327 E. Main: MT8/23/1934p2; moving to Deuel Building: MT8/28/1934p10, CP8/30/1934p1, MT9/14/1934p9, MT1/20/1935p3
Pick's Apparel: MT4/1/1952pB1, MT4/1/1956p2, CP4/5/1956p4
Pierce & Shepherd, real estate, Miles Bldg.: Post Office Bldg.: MT9/25/1910p5
C. H. Pierce & Son, Miles Building: MM9/20/1907p2, TR2/3/1908, MM11/5/1908p2, MM11/20/1908p2, MT1/2/1910pB11
Pierce-Allen Motor Co., 112 S. Riverside: (Chevrolet) opens: MS9/20/1925p6; Eighth & Bartlett: MT12/10/1933p10, CP10/24/1935p3, MN2/7/1936p1, MN2/28/1936p1, CP10/29/1936p5, MT7/18/1941p1, CP9/25/1941p1
Pierce Auto Freight Lines: CP12/4/1931p4, CP3/4/1937p2, CP7/27/1950p1, SM1950p59, CP10/4/1951p3, RT4/12/1957, MT6/6/1985p26
L. T. Pierce, Contractor & Builder: MM5/11/1900p6
Pierce Harrison Motor Co.: MT1/2/1927
Pierce-Martin Insurance, 425 E. Main: CP10/20/1949p11, MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2
Pierce's Subdivision, SR7/20/1910p10
Pietro's Pizza, 535 Stevens: MT6/17/1993p1; burned 1993: MT7/8/1999pC1, MT4/21/2015p3
The Pig Tail, 14 S. Central: MT2/8/1929p7, MT2/9/1929p2
Piggly Wiggly, 210 E. Main: CP2/11/1926p5, CP4/8/1926p4, MT1/2/1927pD6, MT3/5/1929p6, MN9/25/1936p4, MN8/20/1937pB1, MT1/2/1938p6; 528 S. Riverside at 13th: MT1/21/1938p4, MT3/1/1940p4, MN6/7/1940p2; reopened: MT11/19/1944p7, CP10/20/1949p12, MT1/25/1956p11, MT1/31/1956p3; name changed to 3 Boys Market: MT1/5/1967p13, MT2/16/1969pC4
Pijon South: MT5/20/1979pD1
Pilsener Brewing Co.: see Southern Oregon Brewing Co.
Pine Box Co.: MN5/31/1940p2
Pine Cone Inn: MN5/25/1934p12, MN1/22/1937p1
Pine Timber Co.: incorporates: OR4/2/1912p5
Pine Tree Inn, 525 S. Riverside: MT6/6/1978
Pinnacle Orchards: MN2/13/1925, MT12/31/1925p4, SM1927p20, MT6/3/1929p8, CP12/6/1934p1, MT1/3/1936p1, CP6/26/1941p1, MN6/28/1946p1, MN7/8/1949p1, MN8/15/1949p4, MN8/19/1949p4, SM1950pp20,22, MT12/10/1954, MT8/28/2002p1
Pinnacle Packing, Parsons warehouse, 12th & Fir: open: MT7/11/1927p3, MT1/1/1928pD4; burns: MT12/10/1954p1
Pioneer Restaurant, Main: MM9/7/1889p2
The Pit barbecue: MN5/22/1942p2, MN11/5/1943, MN1/10/1947p1
Pixel Productions, Hawthorne St.: MT4/17/2015pB4
Placesetters, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Plainview Orchard: MM1/8/1909p1
Plastic Paints & Products Co.: MN4/19/1946p8
Playhouse Theater, E. Main: MT11/1/1928p8, MT11/6/1928p8, MT11/11/1928p6; see Isis Theater; MT3/21/1929p5
Plaza Cafe: MW1/12/1911p2
Plaza Oyster House, 128 E. Main, upstairs: MT2/8/1911p8, MT5/7/1911pB1
C. C. Pletcher, D.D.S.: MM5/28/1897p3, MM4/12/1901p6, MM5/3/1901p6, MM9/20/1901p2
Pomonsett Orchards: MM6/8/1894p3
Pompadour Mineral Springs Co.: incorporates: OR12/14/1915p8, OR12/17/1915p6
Ponting & Renz: dissolved: MT6/8/1911p3
Ponycart Peddler, 1960 W. Main: MT3/18/1993pC12
Pool Room: MN6/13/1941p2
Pop Corn Store, 103 W. Main: MT12/21/1912p2(2)
Popcorn Etc., Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
The Popcorn Shop, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Portable Pavilion Skating Rink, Main & Oakdale: MT12/22/1909p8
Porter Lumber Co., 204 S. Fir: MT4/16/1925p10, CP11/19/1926p5,SM1927p20, MN2/5/1937p6, MN3/24/1939p2, MT6/26/1946, MT6/28/1946, MN6/28/1946p1, MN8/9/1946p1, MN10/10/1947p1, SM1950p20; closed: MT4/13/1958p6
Porter Millinery Shop, 125 E. Sixth: MT4/27/1926p3, MT2/14/1927p1; Main and Fir: MT6/8/1927p3
Portland Avenue Greenhouse, S. Portland
Post Office: Hamlin Block east: SM1888p1; Howard Block: SM1890p1, SM1893p2; Halley Block north: SM1898p6, SM1907p9; Davis Bldg. north: SM1911p16; Federal Bldg., 6th & Holly: MS3/14/1916; 8th & Holly: MT3/10/1966
Post Office Service Station: CP4/8/1926p4, MN12/6/1935p1
Postal Telegraph & Cable Co.: MM7/20/1900p7; opposite Hotel Nash: MM2/22/1901p6, MM3/7/1902p6, MM7/25/1902p3, MM7/23/1909p8, MM7/30/1909p5, MS2/26/1911p1, MT9/26/1913p3, MT8/22/1919p3, MT6/12/1930p3, MT7/2/1939
Pottenger & Amy (T. E. Pottenger, Frank Amy): MT12/26/1914p2
T. E. Pottenger & Cox Central Market: forms: MM11/8/1901p6, MM4/18/1902p3, MM5/1/1903p6
Pottenger Central Market, J. R. Wilson Bldg., S. Central: MM4/12/1901p6; open in Nash Block: MM5/3/1901pp6,7, MM6/7/1901p6, MM6/21/1901p7, MM11/1/1901p7, MM12/27/1907p10; sold:MM3/20/1908p5; see Medford Meat Market
Powell Auto Co., 123-125 S. Front: MT11/3/1913p6, MT1/1/1915pD2, MT12/18/1915p5
Power & Reeves, architects: MT1/2/1910pB7
Power Auto Co., 42 S. Fir: sold to Elliott & Cook Auto Co.: MT4/9/1919p2
Power, Reeves & West, architects, Garnett-Corey Bldg.: MT5/14/1911p2
Power's, 123-125 S. Front: MT1/3/1919p2
PremierWest Bank: closing Airport Rd. office: MT1/14/2012p1; acquired by AmericanWest: MT10/31/2012p1; acquired by Banner Corp.: MT11/13/2014pB8
Premium Meat Market: MM6/16/1893p3
Pretzelmaker, 149 S. Central: closed: MT4/24/2013pB6
Lester/Joe Price's confectionery, 202 E. Main: CP2/13/1941p2; W. Main: MT7/15/1941p5
Price's Candy Shop, 1112 N. Riverside: to open: MT9/17/1950pB1
Prickett Lumber, N. Court: MT1/26/1929p3
Pride & Joy, Medford Shopping Center: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Pride-O-West Lunch and Delicatessen, opens, Johnson's Market, 6th & Grape: MT6/3/1927pB4; sold: MT9/15/1927p3
The Printery, Schrack & Klocker, 21 S. Central
Produce Exchange, F. K. Deuel: opens: MM6/7/1901pp6,7
Producers Fruit Co.: SM1911p18, MT5/29/1911p6, CH5/2/1912p1, MT1/1/1914pD6
Professional Center, 836-842 E. Main: MT2/2/1958p1
Prospero Hands: MR9/30/1932p4
The Protectors: MT10/10/2013p1
Providence Hospital: MW1/5/1911p1, MW1/26/1911p1, MT12/29/1963pB3, MT2/29/1980, MT4/27/2013p8
Pruitt-Hittson Auto Co., St. Marks Bldg., Main & Holly: MT5/24/1919p2, MT7/28/1919p2, MT8/5/1919pp3,6; Pruitt sells to J. H. Denison: MS8/17/1919p4; see Medford Auto Co.
Pruitt-Myers Co.: JP9/18/1920p1
Almus Pruitt's Melody Shop, 10 S. Central; 33 N. Central: MR2/26/1932pp2,3, CP1/19/1933p1; 111 W. Main: MN2/2/1934p1, MN9/18/1936p3
Pruitt's Music Center: CP5/3/1945p2
Pruitt's Radio Service: MN1/29/1937p1, MT3/18/1938p5, MN6/1/1945p3
Pub Ink: MT11/30/2012pT5
William Puhl Barber Shop, "opposite Nash Hotel": opens: JP9/20/1913p3
Pullman Bakery, Pine St.: MT10/13/1919pB1
Pullman Cafe: closed: MS1/3/1915p8
Pulver's Motel, 1237 N. Riverside: see Cobblestone Village
Purcell Wholesale Plumbing & Heating: MN4/18/1947p1
Mahlon Purdin, blacksmith: ST3/13/1888p2; sold to Mitchell Bros.: MM4/19/1901p2; N. Bartlett: MM6/21/1901p6, MM7/5/1901p7; "rear of Medford bank": MM10/18/1901p6
Purucker Maternity Home: SM1927p33, MN1/15/1936p1, MN10/30/1936p3, MN1/13/1939p1, MN9/18/1942, MN2/25/1944, MN2/18/1945
Purucker Piano House, 111 N. Central: opens tomorrow: MT3/23/1945p3, CP2/12/1953p15, MT7/22/1969pB8
The Putt, Eighth & Bartlett: MT12/8/1930p1
Quady North: MT1/28/2015pC1
Quaker Nursery: MS12/20/1910p1, MT11/21/1912p3, MW11/28/1912p3
Quality Bakery, E. Main, Gore Building: just opened: MT4/18/1930p6
Quality Insulation: MT5/27/1979pC1
Quality Market, 217 W. Main: to open: MT3/1/1940p6, MN3/8/1946p3, MT7/25/2012p3; reto open: MT12/10/2012pB1; open: MT4/13/2013p8
Queen Anne addition: MM10/2/1908p6, MT1/2/1910pB10, MT3/13/1910p16
Quiz Cigar Store, moving from Emerick Block to 10 N. Front: MT11/27/1911p2; Palm Block: MT1/12/1914p1; sold: MT3/9/1914p2; moving to Nash Hotel: MS6/24/1916p2
The Racket Store: in former Central Hotel, burns: VR10/20/1892p3; MM11/3/1893, MM1/31/1896, MM5/11/1900p7; G. L. Webb sold to H. B. Nye & Harley Stoner: MM12/7/1900p11, MM12/21/1900; dissolved: MM1/25/1901p6, MM2/1/1901; closing: MM9/20/1901p7, MM9/27/1901p6; reto open by Ladd & Olson: MM9/27/1901p7; sale off: MM10/18/1901p7, MM11/15/1901p7; H. B. Nye: MM5/9/1902p7, MM6/5/1903p6; closing: MM5/6/1904p4, MM5/20/1904p8; McDonough & Metz Racket Store, N. Central: MM10/5/1906p5, MM8/23/1907p1
Radio Battery & Electric Shop: AT6/5/1925p1
Radovan Fruit Dehydrating, N. Central: MT3/27/1918p6, MT7/24/1919p8, MT10/13/1919pB1
Railroad Exchange Saloon, Main and Front: (John Noland) ST3/13/1888p4
Railway Express Agency Inc.: SM1950p11
Rainbow Camp: MT7/30/1927p3
Rainbow Cleaning Works, S. Fir: CP5/20/1926p6, MT8/3/1927p2; 13 N. Fir: MN5/21/1931p15, CP3/3/1932p5
RAM Restaurant and Brewery, Northgate Marketplace: to build: MT2/2/2016p1
Rambo's Richfield, 825 S. Riverside
Ramic Corp., 1597 E. Vilas: MT8/26/1965p10
Boosey sisters' The Ranch, babysitting: MT8/23/1915p2
W. H. Rardon & Co. Bakery/Grocery, Main & Grape: MT9/26/1910p8, MW9/29/1910p1, MW10/20/1910p6, MS11/18/1910p1; 36-38 N. Central: MT12/1/1910, MS12/1/1910p1, MS12/30/1910p3, MS3/5/1911p1, MS4/16/1911p1; sold to R. L. Sabin: MT11/26/1911p6, MS12/24/1911p1; sold to Charles L. Schieffelin: MT12/26/1911p6, MT8/21/1912p1, MT10/13/2010p2
Rardon Peerless Bakery: see Peerless Bakery, Rardon Bakery
Rau-Mohr Hotel Co.: partnership dissolved: OR7/27/1912p5, MW8/1/1912p2, MW1/23/1913p3
Raven Maps: MT2/19/1992p8
J. H. Ray, paint and wallpaper, Main & Bartlett: MM3/8/1901p6; leaving for Hillsboro: MM8/23/1901p6
Ray's Cafe: See Green Lantern
Ray's Food Place: MT7/3/2014p8
Ray's Sentry Market: MT7/18/1993pE1
Ray & Long, paint: closed: MM10/18/1901p6
Reagan & Co. Grocery: forms: MM11/9/1906p5; see also Roberts & Reagan
The Real Estate Exchange, N. Bartlett: forms: OR2/12/1911p55, CP3/3/1932p3, MT4/19/1939p3
Reames & Reames: dissolved: MM10/23/1908p2
Reasonable Solutions: MT7/16/1992
Rebelle Home: opening second location at 213 S. Fir: MT6/29/2016p7
Record Realty Sales: MT1/2/1910pB5
Rectors' Barber Shop, 407 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2, MN9/15/1950p6
Red Cross: MT6/28/1953
Red Cross Thrift Shop: MT5/19/1923p6, MT12/1/1923p5
Red Front 5, 10 and 25c Store, 123 W. Main: MT1/1/1914pB5, MT1/1/1915pC2
Red Front Beer Hall: MM5/26/1897p3
Red Front Store, W. Main: MT2/7/1916p2
Red Lion Inn, 200 N. Riverside: MT5/26/1967p1; for sale: MT11/10/2011p7, MT8/14/2013p1; see The Inn at the Commons
Red Robin: opened Monday: MT7/6/1999pB5
Martin J. Reddy, jeweler, 22 N. Central: opens: MM3/6/1908p5; "near the post office": MT1/2/1910pB4, MT3/20/1910p12, MS7/6/1911p1, MS7/7/1911p1; moving: MT7/28/1914p2, CH8/13/1914p3; 212 E. Main: MT10/17/1914p4, CH10/22/1914p6,  MT1/1/1915pD3, CH17/1915p1, JP4/22/1916p3(2); Main & Central: MT12/6/1923p4, MT12/10/1923p7, MT2/2/1924p1, MT1/1/1928pF4, MT2/25/1918p3, MT5/18/1928p8
Redrock Italian Eatery and Barra, W. Jackson: open: MT3/16/1998p7; closing: MT12/23/2011p3
Redskin Orchard, Table Rock district: MT2/28/1965pB1
Reed Tractor & Equipment Co., N. Pacific Hwy.: CP11/30/1944p8, CP8/2/1945p1; sold: MT9/30/1949p12; see Crater Lake Machinery Co.
Regal Fortune Service Station, Jackson & Central: to open: MT8/20/1959pp7,C2
REI, Northgate Marketplace: open: MT10/5/2012pD4
Reinhart & Barker: see Barker's
Reliable Cleaners, 610 E. Main: MT4/1/1954p8; 2299 W. Main: MT8/1/1965pB2
Reliable Grocery, 17 N. Central: MT6/3/1927pB4, CP3/3/1932p5; fifth anniversary: MT6/9/1933p9
Render Tea & Coffee Co.: CP1/16/1936p1, CP11/14/1940p2
Renshaw Orchard: OR11/3/1910p7
Rent-a-Wreck: MT5/10/1979p6
Reter Fruit Co.: MN7/8/1938, MT6/28/1946, MN10/25/1946p1, MT6/28/1946, MN11/8/1946p1, MN2/7/1947p1, MN2/21/1947, MN1/13/1950p1, SM1950p20, MT10/12/1965p7
Rex Cafe, 123 E. Main: MT5/18/1923p3, MT4/14/1925p7; sold to Burgoyne & McCrady: MN7/2/1927p5, MT7/2/1927p2, MN12/14/1930p3, CP3/19/1936p1, MN9/25/1936p1
Rex Grocery Co., 114 E. Main: to open: TR1/26/1909p1, MM2/5/1909p2, TR2/11/1909p1, TR2/16/1909p1, MM2/26/1909p6, TR4/28/1909p1; Mission Block: MSM5/1909, MM9/3/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB6, CH5/19/1910p1; see Miller & Ewbank
Rex Meat Market, 108 W. Main: SR8/6/1910p1; 128 W. Main: SR8/6/1910p3
A. V. Reynolds, tailor: MM5/28/1897p3
J. B. Rhoads Second Hand, S. Fir: MT11/16/1911p2
Rialto Ice Cream Parlors, Cigars, 116 E. Main: MM6/22/1900p7, MM7/6/1900p7, MM7/20/1900p7, MM8/3/1900p7, MM12/21/1900p6; sold to H. C. Shearer: MM12/6/1901p6, MM3/28/1902p6; sold to Vis & Gould: MM4/11/1902p2; MT1/1/1914pC5, MT1/1/1915pC2;, see Karnes & Ritter; Isaacs
Rialto Theatre, 112 W. Main: MT8/29/1917p3, MT8/30/1917p6, MT8/31/1917p2, MT12/31/1917p3, MT8/30/1918p4, MT11/22/1918p6, MS11/24/1918p2, MT3/11/1920p3, MT8/9/1920p2, MT9/21/1920p2, MT1/12/1921p8, CP12/31/1926p3, MT1/2/1927, MT6/5/1927p5, MT6/9/1927pp4,8, MT6/11/1927p2, MT9/14/1927pD7, MT1/1/1928; "gone talkie": AT9/11/1929p6, MT9/30/1928p3, PR6/4/1931p1, MT1/17/1932, MT1/22/1932p1, CP3/12/1936p1, MT7/20/1939secB, MT10/22/1944p10, MN3/9/1945, MT12/30/1952p1, CPA1/1/1953p1, OR1/1/1953
Rich's/Rich'$ Jewelry Store, Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Richfield Cafe, 2392 N. Pacific Hwy.: CP10/20/1949p11
Richfield Oil Corp., Sixth & Fir: under construction: MT10/16/1927p7; S. Pacific Hwy.: MN5/30/1941p3, MN3/27/1942p4,SM1950p85, CP2/12/1953p16
Riddell's: CP8/31/1939p1
Riddle House: TR12/24/1886p3
Rigby & Hart: see Medford Business School; dissolved: SOM6/17/1892p2
Riggins & Leslie Second Hand Store, 36 S. Grape: MT10/11/1911p8
The Rink, South Gateway Center: MT12/2/1997p1; to open: MT1/30/1998pC1
Ritchie's Service Station: MN6/7/1940p3, MN5/30/1941p2, MN6/27/1941p3
Rite Aid: name changed from PayLess: MT2/10/1998pB6
Riteway Coffee and Tea House, 115 E. Main: MS11/16/1913p8
Ritter & Dunlap, confectioners, Rialto Building: see Karnes & Ritter; MM6/21/1907p2, MM9/6/1907p5, MM1/22/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB2, MT1/1/1914pC5
Riverside Apartments: MN5/29/1927p12
Riverside Garage, 132 S. Riverside: MS11/5/1916p7, MT7/2/1919p3, MT11/15/1923p8, MT12/14/1923p7, MS12/23/1923p6, CP5/27/1926p3
Riverside Grocery, 313 N. Riverside: MN8/7/1936p8, MT9/10/1937p10
Riverside Motors, 415 S. Riverside: CP10/20/1949p8, MN6/9/1950p3
Riverside Orchards: MT7/2/1911p5, OR9/10/1913p6, MT7/12/1942p3
Riviera Park: JN9/24/1926p12
Riviera Plantation: MT6/29/1927p4
Robbin's Furniture, 217 West Main: MT11/4/1931p2
Roberts & Garnett Hardware: MM4/21/1905p4, MM5/19/1905p1, MM1/26/1906p5
Roberts & O'Neil: (W. B. "Will" Roberts, P. B. "Barney" O'Neil) dissolved: MM2/2/1894p3
Roberts & Reagan Grocery: MM9/14/1906p1, MM11/9/1906p5, MM1/4/1907p1
J. P. Roberts, baker: MM7/26/1907p5
Robertson School of Business: MT2/23/1956p15
Robinson & Meyer Machine & Auto Repair, 33 S. Bartlett: MT1/1/1928pE7,8
Robinson Bros. Clothing, 125 E. Main: CP5/22/1947p5, 114 E. Main: CP6/12/1947p5, MT6/12/1947p7, MN1/10/1947p1, MN6/13/1947p5, MT7/11/1947p3, MT4/1/1952pB1, RT3/11/1955p20, RT3/25/1955p9,RT12/23/1955p11, CP4/5/1956p4, RT4/6/1956p9, RT12/21/1956, MT11/4/1962, MT11/28/1976pD1, MT1/2/1977, MT5/18/1977, MT7/18/1977, MT5/18/1978pp1,B1, MT5/19/1978, MT5/21/1978p1, MT5/23/1978, MT7/18/1978, MT3/29/1979p1
Robinson-Heine Art Supplies, Pantorium Bldg., W. Sixth: opens: MT9/8/1927p3
Robinson Hotel: open: MT4/1/1956p2, CP4/5/1956p4, RT4/6/1956pp9,B2; see Nash Hotel
Rocky Knoll, Hillcrest Rd.: MT9/27/2012p3
Rogue Air Trampoline Park, Medford Center: to open: MT1/7/2014p7
Rogue Book Exchange, N. Ivy: MJ10/17/2012p5
Rogue Circuits: MT5/26/1993p1
Rogue Disposal: MT3/23/1989pB8, MT2/22/1998pE1
Rogue-Elk Lumber Co.: announces plans: MT8/20/1936p1
Rogue Federal Credit Union: MT8/14/2003pB1, MT12/29/2012p5, MT3/4/2014p8
Rogue Juices, N. Bartlett: 10/6/2013p1
Rogue Magazine: MM7/16/1909p1; incorporated: MT10/31/1910p1, CH11/3/1910p1, JP11/12/1910p1, CH12/15/1910p1, MS12/2/1910p1
Rogue Restaurant, 42 S. Central
Rogue Retreat Thrift Store, 1116 N. Riverside: open: MT9/30/2014p2
Rogue River Academy: MT1/28/1927p6
Rogue River Auto Co., 110 Bartlett: MS6/30/1911p6, MS7/14/1911p6
Rogue River Canal Co.: see Rogue River Valley Canal Co.
Rogue River Cannery & Evaporating Co., West Medford: organized: MM5/28/1909p1, MT11/6/1909p2, MT5/22/1910p13, MT9/16/1910p5, MW9/22/1910p6; see also Rogue River Valley Canning
Rogue River Chevrolet, 32 N. Riverside: opens: MT3/4/1934pp5,8, MT3/8/1934p8, MT1/5/1936; expands into Sparta Bldg.: MT1/19/1936, MN2/7/1936p1, MN11/6/1936p4, CP11/30/1939p1; 227 E. Ninth: MN6/13/1941p2, MN8/24/1945p1, MN11/9/1945p1, CP5/22/1947p5, CP2/12/1948p3, MT4/6/1949p16
Rogue River Chevrolet Used Cars, 4th & Riverside: moved to 9th & Bartlett: MT3/3/1940p7
Rogue River Co.: see Rogue River Commission Co.
Rogue River Commercial Orchards Co.: OR1/7/1911p8
Rogue River Commission Co.: MW8/29/1912p3, MS12/31/1912p6, MW1/16/1913p1, MT1/18/1913p4, MS1/21/1913p1, MW1/23/1913p8, SM1927p55, MN4/15/1936p1
Rogue River Cooperative Fruit Growers' League: MS12/3/1912p1, OR1/7/1913p3, MW1/9/1913p3, MS1/22/1913p4, MS1/26/1913p1, OR1/28/1913p7, MW1/30/1913p2, JP2/1/1913p1, MW3/27/1913p6, CH9/18/1913p1, MT1/1/1914E5, MN1/22/1937p1, MN2/26/1937p1, MN1/13/1939p1
Rogue River Creamery, 134 N. Riverside: MM3/18/1904p5, SM1907p5, MM7/19/1907p1, MM4/10/1908p5, MM5/1/1908p5; burns: MM11/27/1908p1, MM12/4/1908p1, MT1/2/1910pB9, SR8/6/1910p3, SM1911p16;sold to W. L. Chappell: MT2/4/1914p2
Rogue River Electric Co.: CH6/21/1906p1, CH7/26/1906p1, MM2/8/1907p5, MM3/15/1907p5, CH11/28/1907p3, MM12/13/1907p1, MM9/11/1908p1, MM11/20/1908p5, MM4/9/1909p1, CH4/29/1909p1, MM10/1/1909p5, MM10/15/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB9, MT9/4/1910pB1, CH10/20/1910p4, MS12/3/1910p3, MS12/7/1910p1, MS12/17/1910p1, MS12/30/1910p1, MW1/5/1911p4, MW2/2/1911p1, MS3/2/1911p5, MS3/9/1911p1, CH3/23/1911p1, MS3/24/1911p1, MT5/14/1911pB2, MS5/28/1911p1, CH6/8/1911p4, CH6/22/1911p1, MS6/24/1911p1, MS7/15/1911p6, CH7/20/1911p1, MS7/30/1911p1, MS8/20/1911p3, CH8/24/1911p4, MS8/27/1911p8, CH9/7/1911p1, SM1911p19, CH2/8/1912p4, MW3/14/1912p6, MS9/3/1911p14, MW4/11/1912p3, MW9/12/1912p6, JP8/1/1914p3, AA1/14/1927p5
Rogue River Electric Rapid Transit Co.: CH2/27/1908p1, CH3/12/1908p1
Rogue River Fence Co.: (E. G. Hurt) ST3/13/1888p2
Rogue River Fish Co., 17 N. Fir: to open: MM4/23/1909pp2,8, MT11/18/1909p6, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB4; see Messler & Kenworthy
Rogue River Fruit & Produce Assn.: organizes: MT3/6/1910p9, SR7/30/1910p1, SR8/6/1910p1, SM1911pp15,18, MT1/1/1911pB6, MS2/15/1911p6, MW2/16/1911p1, MS4/22/1911p6, MT6/16/1911p6, MT3/5/1912p1, MT10/14/1912p2, MW10/17/1912p7, MT12/3/1912p4, MS12/11/1912p1, MS12/29/1912p1, MW4/17/1913p1, MT8/25/1913p6, CH11/20/1913p1, MT11/28/1913p4, MT1/1/1914ppD3,4,E5, MT1/1/1915ppC6,8, OR2/27/1916p8, MS3/2/1916p5, MS3/4/1916p4
Rogue River Fruit Growers Union: OR2/15/1903p7, MM6/5/1903p2, MM1/20/1905p1, MM3/3/1905p1, MM11/9/1906p5, MM11/30/1906p3, MM8/6/1909p1
Rogue River Improvement Co.: MM11/22/1901p6
Rogue River Investment Co.: MM12/11/1908p5
Rogue River Land Co.: opens: MM11/25/1904p4, PH1907; 11 N. Central: ; 10 N. Front: MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB8
Rogue River Lumber Co.: SM1927p16, MN9/1/1933p1
Rogue River Meat, Inc.: CP12/4/1931p4
Rogue River Milling Co.: MT10/13/1919pB1
Rogue River Ministerial Assn.: formed: OR3/6/1914p17
Rogue River Oil Co.: organized: OR1/10/1918p13
Rogue River Orchard Land Co.: incorporates: OR3/2/1910p6, MT1/17/1911p3
Rogue River Orchards Co.: TR2/7/1908p4, MT12/31/1909p1, MT3/24/1911p1, MN10/13/1939p2, SM1950p55
Rogue River Packing Corp.: MT5/17/1982p1
Rogue River Paving Co.: MT6/11/1967pB1
Rogue River Poultry Farm: MT7/6/1927p6
Rogue River Public Service Corp.: MT5/5/1914p2, CH12/24/1914p2, CH1/7/1915p1
Rogue River Quicksilver Mining Co.: organized: MM8/16/1901p7, OR8/17/1901p4, MM8/30/1901p7, MM10/18/1901p7, MM10/25/1901p7
Rogue River Roofing Co.: MN6/7/1940p2
Rogue River Studios: MN5/26/1927p4, MN5/29/1927p1, MN5/31/1927p2, MT6/4/1927p1, MT6/6/1927p1, MT6/8/1927p2, MT6/12/1927p1, MT6/13/1927p3, MN6/16/1927p1
Rogue River Telephone Co.: sold: MM12/28/1900p7
Rogue River Valley Abstract Title Co., Jacksonville: MS4/8/1911p2; 6 S. Central: MT8/2/1912p2, MT8/8/1912p2, MS1/12/1913p4, JP1/18/1913p3
Rogue River Valley Canal Co.: incorporates: AT2/5/1886p3, MT5/24/1910p5, SR7/9/1910p1, OR7/15/1910p6, CH8/25/1910p4, MT9/4/1910p6, MS12/4/1910p5, MS12/13/1910p1, MS12/23/1910p1, MS1/1/1911p5, MT2/5/1911pB1, MT2/8/1911p8, MW2/9/1911p3, MW2/16/1911p7, MS2/23/1911p1, MS3/5/1911pB4, MS3/14/1911p1, MT4/6/1911p6, MS7/15/1911p5, MT7/23/1911pB2, CH11/16/1911p1, CH11/23/1911p1; Main and Bartlett: MS1/9/1912p6, CH2/8/1912p1, MW2/8/1912p3, MW2/22/1912p3, MW3/14/1912p1, CH4/11/1912p1, MW4/18/1912p8, MW5/16/1912p1, MS6/25/1912p2, MW6/27/1912p6, CH8/29/1912p2, CH9/5/1912p1, MT9/24/1912p1, MS9/25/1912p4, CH9/26/1912p1, MW9/26/1912p7, MW1/30/1913p7, MW2/6/1913p7, MT2/19/1913p6, MW2/20/1913p3, MW2/27/1913pp3,6, CH3/6/1913p1, MW4/17/1913pp1,4, CH4/24/1913p1, CH5/1/1913p2, MT1/1/1914pB1, MT1/1/1915pB4, JP7/17/1915p1, JP9/25/1915p3, , MT12/31/1915p8, CH9/21/1916p2, MT9/29/1916p3, CH10/26/1916p3, JP12/16/1916p3
Rogue River Valley Canning Co.: see Lozier; MM10/8/1909p6, MS3/31/1911p1, MS4/4/1911p2, MS4/21/1911p3, JP4/18/1914p3, CH1/16/1916p1, CH3/30/1916p1, CH4/5/1917supplementp1; sold to Bullis & Skewis: MT7/8/1919p2, MT8/7/1919p2; incorporates: OR8/13/1919p7, MT10/13/1919pB1, MT4/13/1920p6, JN2/12/1926, CP8/19/1926p3, CP10/22/1926p4, CP12/10/1926p1, SM1927p22, MN5/29/1927p12, MT6/23/1927p5, MT1/1/1928pJ6, MT12/31/1928pC5, MT6/15/1932p12, CP6/30/1932p1, CP7/7/1932p1, CP8/11/1932p4, MN5/31/1940p2
Rogue River Valley Cigar Works, "over Haskins' drug store": MM3/20/1908p2, MM9/4/1908p5, MSM4/1909p23, MT1/2/1910pB8
Rogue River Valley Development League: organizes: MM4/13/1906p1, MM4/20/1906p1, OR4/29/1906p16, MM6/29/1906p1
Rogue River Valley Dried Fruit Assn: MM3/5/1909p5
Rogue River Valley Fence Co.: SM1888p1
Rogue River Valley Fruitgrower: MM1/29/1909p1, MM2/5/1909p1, MM6/25/1909p1
Rogue River Valley Gas Co.: MT3/27/1910p1, MS12/2/1910p1, MS12/23/1910p1, MS12/8/1910p1, MS1/31/1911p1, MS3/5/1911p4, MS3/11/1911p5, MS3/21/1911p5, MS3/22/1911p1, CH3/30/1911p1, MT5/2/1911p1, CH10/31/1912p3, MT1/6/1913p3
Rogue River Valley Interurban: CH4/23/1910p1, MT4/24/1910p1, CH6/16/1910p1, CH9/8/1910p1, CH1/19/1911p1
Rogue River Valley Land Co.: CH11/16/1911p2
Rogue River Valley Nursery, 25 W. Main: MT1/2/1910pB6; incorporated: MT4/21/1910p2, OR4/22/1910p10, SR8/20/1910p2, MS11/26/1912p2
Rogue River Valley Oil Co.: organized: OR6/6/1901p4, CO6/6/1901p4, MM6/7/1901p2, MM6/21/1901p7, OR6/21/1901p4, MM7/5/1901p2, MM7/12/1901p2, MM8/2/1901p7
Rogue River Valley Orchards Co.: organized: MM12/13/1907p2
Rogue Rovers: MT1/29/2015p5
Rogue River Valley Railway
Rogue Service & Garage, Eighth & Front: RT4/20/1956pB2
Rogue Service & Supply: MN8/20/1948p1
Rogue Small Animal Hospital, 1455 N. Riverside: MT12/31/1929, MT1/26/1934p9, SM1950p54
Rogue Small Engine Repair, below Hubbard's: MT2/19/1984p11C
Rogue Theater, drive-in, Biddle and Crater Lake Hwy.: to open: MT4/15/1953p15
Rogue Valley Beverage Co., Eleventh & Fir: MT3/30/1960p1
Rogue Valley Circuits: MT5/26/1993
Rogue Valley Country Club: MT1/1/1914, SM1927key, MT1/1/1928, MT12/31/1928, MN8/30/1946, MN9/27/1946p1, MN8/5/1949, MT9/17/1981
Rogue Valley Feed, 22 W. 2nd: MT10/2/1949pB2, CP10/20/1949p12
Rogue Valley Floral Co., Elhart and Riverside: MT12/10/1924p2, CP5/6/1926p5, CP11/19/1926p4, SM1927p24, SM1950p24
Rogue Valley Greenhouse & Florist, 62 Franquette: CP12/14/1950p1, CP2/12/1953p17
Rogue Valley Kitchen, Table Rock Rd.: MT10/10/2013p8
Rogue Valley Mall: MT7/22/1969p1, MT4/30/1982, MT11/2/1984, MT10/15/1986p1
Rogue Valley Manor: MT12/21/1955p9, MT8/3/1986pD7, MT11/28/2012p1, MT12/6/2012p1, MT3/4/2014p1
Rogue Valley Medical Center: MT5/8/1983pB2, MT9/12/1988, MT1/24/1991p1, MT2/15/1992p3A, MT6/21/1992pE1, MT6/22/1992p8A, MT6/23/1992pB5
Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital: MT4/27/1955p1, RT10/7/1955, RT11/4/1955pp8-9, MT3/19/1967pB1, MT6/15/1969pC10, MT11/22/1970pC1, MT10/9/1977pC1, MT10/11/1978, MT10/15/1978pB6, MT11/28/1978, MT12/10/1978pB1, MT2/11/1979pC1, MT3/18/1979p3, MT2/29/1980, MT4/20/1979p6, MT5/11/1980p3, MT8/22/1980pB1, MT12/3/1980, MT12/26/1980, AT2/27/1981p1, MT3/1/1981pB1, MT3/28/1981, MT4/6/1981p3, MT4/27/1981, MT6/9/1981, MT8/5/1981pB1, MT6/11/1981p6, MT6/18/1981, MT8/31/1981p7, MT10/21/1981p1, MT10/22/1981, MT11/11/1981p3, MT11/20/1981, MT9/18/1988pC8, MT12/13/1990p1, MT5/3/1998pB3
Rogue Valley Milling Co.: MT2/6/1918p4, MT4/28/1921p11, SM1927p20
Rogue Valley Nursery Co., 104 S. Fir: MS5/10/1911p5
Rogue Valley Physicians Service: MT5/1/1988pD9
Rogue Valley Raceway, Sage Rd.: MT4/3/1966pB7
Rogue Valley Spray Co.: CP2/11/1932p4
Rogue Valley State Bank, 1109 Court: to open: MT12/12/1954p1, RT2/4/1955p8, RT5/13/1955; 701 E. Jackson: to open: MT9/18/1959p7
Rogue Valley Stations Inc.: MT7/8/1979pC1
Rogue Valley Transit Co.: MN6/6/1941p2
Rogue Valley Woodcraft: MN10/10/1947
Roguelands Co.: SR7/30/1910p6, MT9/4/1910p6, MT9/8/1910p1, MS12/3/1910p1, MS12/23/1910p1, MT1/1/1911pB2, MS7/1/1911p1, MS3/5/1911pB4, MS3/19/1911p8, MS3/31/1911p2, MS6/25/1911p3, MS7/1/1911p1, MT10/28/1911p1; Main and Bartlett: MS1/9/1912p6, MS2/8/1912p6, MT4/24/1912p2, MW6/13/1912pp2,7, MS6/13/1912p1, MW6/27/1912p6, JP11/11/1916p1, JP5/18/1918p3
Rolland's Studio of Beauty, 24 S. Grape: CP6/7/1956p3
Rollarena, S. Pacific Hwy.: MT10/16/1960
Roller Odyssey, 2425 S. Pacific Hwy.: closing April 6: MT3/26/2014p1; opened in 1977: MT12/20/2016p3
Rolling Pin Cafe, 509 S. Riverside: MT4/9/1946p10
Rolling Pin Doughnut Shop, 413 E. Main: CP8/18/1938p1, MN8/11/1950p7(2), MT8/30/1962p1
Myron E. Root Fruit Packing, 11th & Fir: MT3/14/1930p6, MN7/16/1937p1, MN9/11/1936p1, MN10/28/1938p1; 47 S Fir: MN10/25/1946; 600+ S. Grape: MN6/9/1950p1, SM1950pp16,22, MT5/25/1952p11
Root Music Co.: JN5/1/1925
Rose Motel, 4361 S. Pacific Hwy.
Roots Motor Co., 101 W. Jackson: 1951-52, 1953-54 city directories; CP2/12/1953p12
Rose Grocery: MT3/20/1934p10, MT1/3/1936p13, MT11/16/1937p4, MN11/19/1937p1, MN3/17/1944p1
E. G. Roseborough Barber Shop, 36 S. Central: MT12/20/1931p3
Harry and David Rosenberg's 5c to $1 Store: to open: MT5/6/1928p8, MT4/14/1929p6
Simeon Rosenthal, clothing, groceries, "Seventh Street opposite the post office": ST3/13/1888p2, MM9/7/1889p3; clothing: MM5/28/1897p6, MM8/17/1900p7, MM8/31/1900p7, MM11/15/1901p7
K. D. Ross Co.: CP3/3/1932p6; 132 W. Main: MT3/1/1934pp1,5, CP3/1/1934p1
Mae Ross, music instructor: opens: MM1/11/1901p7
Rousseau Coal Co., 25 W. Main: opens: MS8/10/1919p4
Rowena's Cafe, 219 N. Riverside: CP8/11/1955p4
Fred H. Rowe, lumber, "north of Sixth Street on railroad track": MM9/7/1889p1
Roxy Ann Confectionery: sold to Glen Brenner: MN5/25/1927p2, CP8/11/1932p4
Roxy Ann Lanes, 2375 S. Pacific Hwy.: MT12/17/1958p1; grand to open: MT9/18/1959p9
Roxy Theater, 420 E. Main: CP6/23/1932p1, MT6/24/1932p8, MN6/24/1932p10, MT6/26/1932p1, CP10/27/1932p1, MN3/9/1945, MN1/31/1947p1
Roy's Barber Shop, 17 N. Bartlett: MT12/20/1931p3
Royal Bakery, Main & Grape: opens: MT9/4/1913p6, MS11/1/1913p2; see Peerless Bakery
Royal Cafe & Rooming House, 320 E. Main: to open: MT5/15/1910p2, MT5/19/1910p5, MS11/30/1910pp2,5, MS12/25/1910p8, MW1/12/1911p2, MT8/28/1912p3, MS5/22/1912p1, MW8/29/1912p2, MW3/27/1913p7, MT3/29/1913p1, MW4/3/1913pp6,7
Royal Relish Co., 612 S. Riverside: MT1/21/1934p5
Frank J. Runtz Paint Co., 315 E. Main: MT6/8/1945p5, MT4/9/1948p5, MN5/24/1951p1
Lloyd Rupp's Cafe: CP12/9/1948p1, MN12/10/1948p1
Miss Russ, florist: MM11/24/1905p5, MM10/5/1906p5
Russ' Cafe, 1258 S. Riverside: MT5/11/1948p3
Edwin Russ Feed/Flour Mill, E. Medford: MM8/23/1895p5, MM5/3/1901p2, MM6/14/1901p7, MM7/19/1901p7, MM11/8/1901p6, MM1/17/1902p7; S. Riverside: MM5/9/1906pC5, SM1907p9, MM1/18/1907p5; sold: MM7/23/1909p8, MM8/20/1909pp4,5, CH12/28/1911p1, SM1911p19, JP8/2/1913p3, MT8/9/1919p4; purchased by Monarch: MT5/1/1920p5; being razed: MT6/14/1927p3, MT6/15/1927p3, MT6/26/1927p2, MT3/1/1966p6
Russ' Holly Cafe, 31 N. Holly
Royal Yogurt Shop, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Edwin Russ Nursery: MM5/19/1893p3, MM2/23/1894p3, MM3/9/1894pp2,4
Russell & Wilson Confectionery: MM1/17/1902p6, MM4/25/1902p7, MM11/27/1903p1
Russell's Cafeteria, "first door south of the old post office on North Central": to open: MT6/16/1916p2, MS6/17/1916p6
Dee B. Russell's Confectionery, Main; factory: Tenth & Front (likely 327 S. Front): see John F. White Confectionery, Wilson & Russell; MM11/27/1903p1, MM7/5/1907p5, MM4/23/1909p5, MT1/2/1910pB8; 302 E. Main: MS7/13/1911p6, MT7/23/1911pB1, MT10/7/1911p6, MT10/9/1911p6
Russell's Department Store: see Deuel's; JN12/26/1924p1, JN6/4/1926p1, MT1/2/1927, MT6/10/1927p4, MN6/11/1927p3, MT4/1/1928p2, MN8/2/1928p1; going out of business: MT5/12/1930p2, MT5/21/1930, MN7/27/1934; MT3/19/1967pB2
Rustic Inn: MT6/6/1978
Doc Ryan & Brown Saloon, Front St.: MS4/30/1911p8, MT3/17/1912p1
S&H Green Stamp Store: MN4/23/1937p4, MN9/3/1948p8
Sabin & Rindt, Durant dealers: MT1/27/1929, MT7/6/1930p3
Sabroso Co.: MT3/5/1981p1, MT5/9/1999pE1, MT10/28/2008
Sacred Heart Catholic School, 431 S. Ivy: MT3/18/1993pB12
Sacred Heart Hospital: MM9/4/1908p1, MT8/25/1910p1, MW8/25/1910p2, MW9/1/1910p6, MW9/15/1910p1, MS5/28/1911p1, SM1911pp19,27, MW2/22/1912p6, MT1/1/1914p4, MS10/20/1918p5, SM1927p75, MN10/21/1949p1, SM1950p75
Sage Landscape Supply, 500 Rossanley Dr.: open: MT3/26/2015p1
Skaggs Safeway Stores: CP11/12/1926p3, MT12/10/1926p5, MT1/2/1927, MT6/29/1927pB4, MT5/24/1928p3, MT8/30/1928, MN8/31/1928p2; E. Main store closes; W. Main store (store #471, Main & Oakdale) continues: MN2/17/1931p3, CP8/11/1932p4, MN9/19/1933p1, MN11/29/1935p1, MN1/1/1936p1, MN1/10/1936p1, MN2/5/1936p1, MN4/10/1936p1, MN5/22/1936p6; Sixth & Bartlett: MT6/2/1936p1, MT6/4/1936p10, MN6/5/1936pp2,4, MN6/10/1936p2, MN7/30/1937p6, MN10/13/1939p2, MN12/10/1937pB3, MT2/6/1938p6, MN5/31/1940p2, MN1/23/1942p1, MN2/6/1942p3; to open in Medford Shopping Center: MT8/19/1959pp1,C4-6, MT8/27/1959pC5, MT10/13/1960pB10; grand opening: MT2/5/1964pp7,15, MT3/16/1986, MT5/25/1999p1, MT3/7/2014pB1
Salad Emporium, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Mrs. Salter's Home Millinery, 9th & Peach: MT11/9/1910
Salvation Army: CL5/2/1924p6, SM1927p12, MT6/29/1927p5, MT7/1/1927p5, MT7/2/1927p3, MT7/5/1927p3, MT7/6/1927p3, MT7/15/1927p4, MT8/10/1927p2; 128 E. Main, "above Marsh's grocery": MT5/29/1933p5, SM1950p12
Sam's Sporting Goods, 32 S. Central: MT4/4/1946p8, MT5/14/1957p1
F. E. Samson Transfer & Storage, 229 N. Riverside: adds feed to line: MN1/9/1931p5, MT2/4/1934p9, MT2/13/1936p2, MT5/5/1936p5, MT6/30/1936p2; to move to 4th & Front: MT3/10/1940p10, MT1/22/1943p9, MT3/13/1949p13
F. E. Samson Warehouse, 323 N. Front: to open: MT6/30/1936p2, MT12/10/1936p7
Sander Aeronautical School: MN9/4/1928, MT3/29/1929p5
Sanderson Motor Co., Eighth & Bartlett, Oakland-Pontiac: open: MT1/1/1928pE8, MT3/16/1930p7
Sandstone Quarry, 1106 E. Main: MS9/7/1912p4
The Sandwich Bar, Fluhrer Bldg.: MN4/3/1942p2, MN9/4/1942p4, MN2/15/1946p6
Sandy's Service, General Petroleum, Main & Almond: bought by Jack Wenzel: MT6/26/1936p13
Sanitary French Dry Cleaning Works, 605 W. Main at Laurel: MS8/27/1911p8, MT2/13/1912p2, MS2/11/1912p8
Santford & Co. Groceries, 307-309 E. Main: MT5/25/1928p3, MN9/22/1928p3; 36 S. Central: MN2/21/1931p3
Santo's Agate Shop, 411 E. Main: MN3/22/1946p8, MN8/11/1950p7(2)
Saturday Review: TR3/22/1909p1
Savoy Theater, 14 N. Front: TR10/1/1908pp1,4, TR10/2/1908p3, MS8/20/1911p1, CH10/29/1914p3, CH7/1/1915p3, MT11/8/1964pB1
Saylor's Barber Shop, 36 S. Central
Scala Electronics, 555 Airport Rd.: MT2/4/1998pC1; closing: MT5/2/2014p1, MT5/5/2014p3, MT5/6/2014p3
Scan Design, Main and Fir: reto open: MT5/11/2013p8
L. J. Schade's Jewelry, 21 S. Central: MT7/31/1927p3, MT8/7/1927p2; open: MT8/10/1927p5, MT8/11/1927p5, MT10/20/1927p2, MT1/13/1935p3, MT8/27/1936p1, MN9/25/1936p4, GP9/11/1939p1
Schaffer Electrical Works, 110 E. 6th: 142 N. Front: MN4/5/1946p1
Scheffel & Gilman Contractors: CP10/20/1949p9
Scheffel Patio Supply, S. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p18
G. O. Scherer Motor Co., Buick, 38 N. Riverside: MT1/27/1929p7, MN2/20/1931p14, MT12/16/1930p1
G. L. Schermerhorn, second hand: MM6/22/1900p7; sold: MM8/3/1900p7, MM2/8/1901p2; see J. T. Wiley, second hand
Charles L. Schieffelin's Sanitary Grocer, 36-40 N. Centraly: MT12/17/1912p6
Schlotzky's, 600 Biddle: closed 2004: MT4/21/2015p3
Arthur Schmidli Heating & Plumbing: MT1/1/1928pH7
J. C. Schmidt Feed: SM1911p18, MW4/17/1913p3
Schmidt's Shoes, 21 N. Central: to open: Cleon C. Davis: MT9/9/1912p4, MT9/10/1912p2, MT1/1/1914p4, MS11/23/1916p6, JN10/31/1924p3
Schmitt & Slewing: MS12/30/1910p1
Schoepens Flower Shop: CP11/14/1935p3, MN6/7/1940p2
Schuchard Orchards: MS4/13/1915p6
Schuler Apartments: CP3/25/1926p4
Keith Schulz Garage, 116 N. Front: opens: MT3/30/1955pB5; see Young's Garage
Schuss Vintage Co.: MN11/15/1935p4, MN4/30/1937pB4, MN5/7/1937pp3,B1, MN9/3/1937p3
Scott Woolf Furniture, Main: MT6/5/1927p8, MT6/13/1927p2
Joe Scott's Feed Stable, Fir: MM12/6/1907p5
Ernest L. Scott's Harley-Davidson and Bicycle Shop, 112 N. Front: MT4/14/1925p7, CP5/20/1926p6
Scrub Hub: moving to 115 W. Main: MT11/14/2012p6, MT4/3/2013pB8; 114 W. Main: MT11/5/2013p4
Seaborg & Sevin, contractors: MM11/5/1908p3
Mrs. L. J. Sears, Main, milliner: MM3/30/1894p2, MM4/20/1894pp2,3, MM3/15/1901p2; Phipps Bldg.: MM4/4/1902p7, MM5/2/1902p6; in Eugene: MT2/5/1912p2
Mesdames Sears & Corwin, milliners: opening: MM10/10/1902p6, MM6/5/1903p6
Sears Roebuck: to open: MT8/20/1959p1, MT10/13/1960pB1, MT8/23/1962; to close in March: MT12/29/2018p1
Seattle Rooming House, 33 S. Front: MT5/15/1911p1, MT5/16/1911p1, MW10/24/1912p2, MW10/31/1912p2, MT11/26/1915p2, MT5/31/1916p6
Secret Skin & Body Care, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Seeing Medford Co.: OR3/16/1913p98
Seely V. Hall Motor Co.: from 36 N. Central to 18 N. Grape: MT8/9/1920p2
Selby Market, 606-608 E. Main: MT4/13/1944p5, MN11/10/1944p4
Selby Top & Glass, 40 S. Bartlett; 303 N. Bartlett: MT6/1/1952p5, MT3/18/1955p9
Selsby & Magill Saloon: MM1/6/1905p1, MM6/8/1906p5
Serv-Ur-Self Laundry, 1100 N. Riverside: CP10/20/1949p10
Service Garage: MT7/19/1921p3
Service Stores, Inc., Bartlett St.: see also Groceteria; MT11/22/1923p3, MT12/31/1923p8, CP3/3/1932p6
Service Unlimited Employment Agency, 225 E. Main: CP2/12/1953p10
Sessler Bros.: MN10/10/1947p6
Seven Oaks: MT9/6/1916p1; soldto Moran: MT11/18/1919p3
Severson's Candy Co., 132 W. Main: MN11/21/1947p6, MN10/1/1948p1, MT3/9/1954p7
Severson's Candy Co. Store No. 2, 17 S. Central: open: MT9/30/1948p7
Severson's Shoe Repair: MN5/21/1937p1
Sewing Machine Center, 22 S. Grape: CP10/20/1949p10
Sgobel & Day Fruit Packing: SM1927p16, CP8/11/1932p3, MN4/9/1937p1, MN12/16/1949p1
The Shack, 318 E. Main: open: TA7/3/1936p1, MN10/20/1939p3, MN5/30/1941p2, MN4/3/1942p2, MN8/28/1942p3, MN9/5/1947p6
Shakey's Pizza Parlor, 215 E. Jackson
Shanghai Noodle Factory, 309 E. Jackson: MT7/28/1971p6
Shangle Studio: to open: MT9/9/1927p5, MN8/2/1928, MN9/1/1928p6, MT3/21/1929p3, CP11/17/1932p3, CP9/14/1933p4, CP11/2/1933p1, CP11/16/1933p4, CP11/23/1933p4, CP8/1/1935p1, CP10/31/1935p1, MN11/6/1935p4, MN11/15/1935p4, MN2/21/1936p6, MN2/28/1936p1, CP3/26/1936p3, MN9/18/1936p6, CP9/24/1936p1, MN12/11/1936pB1, MN4/16/1948p1
Shapleigh Hardware, 28 S. Central: opens: MT4/6/1912p6, MS4/7/1912p9, MT12/21/1912p2; 323 E. Main: MT3/12/1913p2; opens: MT5/31/1913p2; closing: MT2/21/1914p8, MT4/24/1966p3
Shareware Revolutions: MT4/14/1991pB1
Shasta Cafe: MT12/10/1926p5
Shasta Confectionery: MT9/9/1916p2, MT10/13/1919pB1
Shaw & Reed: MW3/27/1913p2
Shaw's Ladies' Apparel, 34-36 N. Bartlett: MT5/27/1948pp4,5
Shearson Lehman Bros.: MT12/5/1991pB1
Sheckells Appliance: MT10/12/1991
Shell Oil Co. of California: SM1927p25, SM1950p25
Shell Oil Station, Jackson and Riverside: to open: MT2/4/1940p3
Shell Service Station, Main & Tripp: open under Sam Howerton: MT6/15/1945p6; open under H. H. "Duke" Fountain: MT5/28/1948pp13,B16, MN6/4/1948p6
Shenanigan's: MT11/30/2012pT5
Sherm's Thunderbird Market Inc.: MT10/27/1987, MT3/23/1989pA16
Sherman, Clay & Co., pianos, 134 W. Main: to open: MM9/24/1909p5, MT12/9/1909p6, MT12/24/1909p4, MT1/2/1910pB3, SR6/11/1910p4
Shield's Store, 222 W. Main: 11/30/1923p5, MT12/13/1923p4; 44 S. Central, Eighth & Central: MT8/12/1927p7, MT9/14/1927pC3, MT11/5/1928p6, MT1/28/1929p5
Shirley Bros. confectionery: see Green Lantern
Shoes Right Here: MT2/6/2013p1
Shopper's Guild: MT5/3/1981
Short Shoe Repair, N. Central: MT11/19/1944p6, MN11/24/1944p1
Shorty Hope Mine: MDN11/18/1930p3
Shults Bros. Auto Body: CP3/26/1936pp2,5
Si Casa Flores: closed: MT9/16/2017p1
G. A. Sickel Grocery, S. Riverside: MT7/7/1927p3
Sid's Florists/Sid's Hair World: moving from 841 Stewart to Hawthorne St.: MT11/27/1983pC11
Sierra Inn: MT6/6/1978
SierraPine, N. Pacific Hwy: sold to Flakeboard America: MT1/16/2014p8
Signal Oil Co., 2054 N. Pacific Hwy.: CP10/20/1949p10, SM1950p84
Cliff Procter's Signal Service Station: CP10/10/1946p1
John C. Signor, agricultural equipment, 221-241 N. Fir: MT2/12/1920p3, MT4/3/1920p2
Sillers Paints, 2802 Crater Lake Hwy.: RT2/11/1955p9
Chic Silliman's Confectionery: CP4/22/1926p4; Johnson's Market, 6th & Grape: MT6/3/1927pB4, MT12/13/1928p4
Silva's Fish House: MT3/18/1993pD13
Silver Dollar Grill, 42 S. Central: to open: MT6/18/1945p5
Silverwood Orchard: MT5/18/1930p1
Simco Ramic: see Ramic
W. H. Simmons' Second Hand Store, N. Central: MM5/28/1897p3, MM10/5/1906p5
Sims Bicycle Shop: MN9/28/1945p4, MT5/3/2009p2
Sims Cycle & Fitness, 23 N. Fir: MT10/1/1954p12; moved: MT12/4/1963p10;  925 N. Central: MT3/23/1989pA15, MT5/3/2009p2
Sims Electric: MT4/28/1969
Sinclair & Martineau $1.00 Store, 31 N. Central: to open: MT7/10/1927p4
J. M. Sinclair Jewelry, Medford Building: to close: MT4/24/1927p4; closed: MT6/17/1927p5, MT6/19/1927p5
Sinclair & Martineau Dollar Store, 31 N. Central: to open: 6/19/1927p5; open: MT7/10/1927pB4; closing: MT4/15/1930p3
Singer Sewing Machine Co.: MM4/27/1894p3, MM3/26/1909p2; 40 N. Front: MN3/27/1936p4, CP10/20/1949p7; to move to 121 E. Main: MT5/14/1950p17, MN10/20/1950, MN10/27/1950p3
Singler's Mobil Service, Jackson & Central
Singler's Music Store: MM2/1/1907p7, JP7/27/1907p3(4), MM8/9/1907p5
Singler's Piano House: MM12/7/1906p7
A. D. Singler Singer Sewing Machines, 409 E. Main: MM4/9/1909p5
Sip and Snack Cafe, 27 S. Central: to open: MT8/29/1962p22
Sipple & Klensch: dissolved: MT4/27/1912p6
Sis-Q Motel: MT6/6/1978
Siskiyou Auto Co., 128-134 S. Riverside: MT1/17/1911p3, MT3/3/1911p3
Siskiyou Copper & Gold Co.: MM10/9/1908p6, MM10/29/1908p1, MM12/18/1908p7, MM5/21/1909p2, MM9/10/1909pp4,5, MM10/1/1909p4, MM10/8/1909p2
Siskiyou Electric Light & Power Co.: MS9/3/1911p14, AA1/14/1927p5
Siskiyou Hardware: MT2/3/1956p5
Siskiyou Memorial Park: MT3/25/1934p9, MT12/18/1959p1
Siskiyou Power & Light Co.: CH8/24/1911p4
Sixth Street Super Service, Sixth and Fir: to open: MT7/18/1927p1
G. H. Skeate Painting: MT6/26/1927p8
C. W. Skeel & Son Planing Mill: SM1890p1, SM1893pp1,2
Skinner Buick, W. Main and Holly: MT12/26/1933p6, CP5/11/1944p2; 143 S. Riverside, 44th anniversary: MT4/2/1965p12, MT4/9/1965p12, MT2/17/1985p17
Skinner's Garage, 143 S. Riverside: MT1/2/1927pE1, MN5/29/1927p4, MT1/1/1928pE7, MN2/5/1936p4, MT12/12/1937, MT1/22/1943p1
Skinner's Used Cars: CP6/10/1937p1
Sky-Top Roller Rink: MT4/12/1946p3, CP10/28/1948p1, CP3/3/1949p6, CP4/28/1949p4
SkyOak Wealth Management, N. Bartlett: MT10/14/2013p1
Fred Slagle, the Tailor: MM5/11/1900p7
Sleep by the Numbers: 1765 N. Riverside: MT4/11/2014pB4
Sleep Country USA, Biddle & McAndrews: to open: MT9/13/2012pB10
Sleepy Hollow Farm: MT2/22/1912p4
Slide Rite Boats: MT8/19/1979p9
Slim's Garage, 1113 Stevens: CP10/20/1949p9
Slinger Meat Market: closed: MM3/28/1902p6
Slinger's Bar: MT3/26/1911pC2
N. W. Slusser Barber Shop, 113 E. Main: MT12/20/1931p3, MT5/28/1944p10
Smith & Cranfill, 8th & Front: MM2/14/1908p1
Smith & Molony Shoe Parlors, Knights of Pythias block, Smith Bldg.: open: MM4/28/1905p4, MM5/5/1905p8, MM2/23/1906p5, MM4/13/1906p5, MM5/11/1906p5; Wilkinson-Swem Bldg: MM6/8/1906p5, MM6/22/1906p5, MM7/13/1906p5, CH11/4/1909p1
Smith & Sherman: (painters) open: MM6/9/1893p3
Smith & Watkins Firestone Service Station, 9th & Riverside: MT1/10/1932p10
Smith Apartment House, 217 S. Riverside: MS4/2/1911p2, MS4/22/1911p2, MS4/25/1911p4, MT3/7/1913p6
Smith-Dynge Lumber Co.: MN8/24/1945p1, SM1950p16
Smith Grocery, S. Front: MT11/14/1922p8
Hamilton Smith Second Hand: sold: MM11/22/1907p2
Mr. Smith's Tavern: MT7/24/1981pF12
F. P. Smith, grocer: MM5/28/1897p3
Henry Smith, general store, "store in front of depot plaza": ST3/13/1888p4; "opposite the railroad": MM9/7/1889p1
Smith shoe store, N. Central: MT2/2/1924p1
J. A. Smith Tin Shop: MM4/19/1907p8; 113 N. Grape: MM5/21/1909p6, MM7/23/1909p6; 128 N. Grape: MM10/8/1909p3
J. C. Smith Harness & Saddlery, 314 E. Main, "one door east of Warner's grocery": MM1/25/1907p5, MM6/25/1909p2, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB5; sold to A. Tackstrom: MT7/31/1910p3
Mackie & Davis Smoke Club Restaurant, N. Front: MT12/21/1910p7, MS7/1/1911p3
Ireland & Antle Smoke House Cigar Store, Syndicate Bldg., 212 W. Main: to open: MM9/17/1909p2, MT12/20/1909p5, MT1/2/1910pB6, MS12/22/1910p2, MT6/18/1910, MW1/12/1911pp1,2, MS2/19/1911p6, MS6/25/1911p2; Hale & Lyon: MT10/16/1912p2, MT2/27/1913p6, JP3/1/1913p1; closed: MT2/25/1914p2
Billie Isaacs' Smoke House: MM10/26/1900p7, MM2/15/1901p6
Smokehouse Bowl: (bowling alley) to open: MT8/31/1934p11, MT9/16/1937p11
George L. Snearly Salvage Store-Grocery, 2 W. Jackson: MT3/3/1916pp2,3, MT3/4/1916p2
Snedicor Studio, 407 E. Main: JN9/10/1926p5; Medford Bldg.: MT12/16/1928p7
Snell & Hartson, attorneys: opened: MM4/5/1901p7;  move from Hamlin Block to Central: MM6/28/1901p7
Snell Lodging House: MS12/23/1911p1
Snider Dairy: MT5/22/1910p13, MS9/6/1911p2, MT12/23/1911p8, MT1/1/1913, CH3/13/1913p3, MW3/20/1913p6, MT10/13/1919pB1, MT8/31/1920p2, MT4/26/1921p7, MT11/16/1923pB2, SM1927p13, MT1/1/1928ppD6,H7, MT10/29/1930p4, AT10/15/1931p3, CP12/4/1931p4, CP3/3/1932p6, CP8/11/1932p5, CP4/12/1934p3, MT6/4/1934pC4; 28-32 N. Bartlett: CP2/20/1936p1, MN1/1/1936p1, MT6/4/1934, MT1/20/1935p3, MT12/31/1935p1, MN1/1/1936p1, MT6/4/1936p10, MN5/14/1937pB1, CP9/21/1939p1, MN11/15/1940p1, MN7/18/1941p2, MT7/18/1941p3, MN2/27/1948p8, MT11/27/1949p13, SM1950p13, MT8/24/1951p4, MT1/10/1964p1
Snow Flake Bakery, 529 S. Grape: MT6/2/1910p8
Snow White Diaper Service: RT11/4/1955p10, MT8/13/2001
Snowflake Bakery: MM1/8/1909p1
Snowy Butte Orchard: MM9/26/1902p1, MM9/28/1906p1, MM9/13/1907p1; sold: MT11/21/1909pp1,3, MT11/23/1909p4, MT2/13/1910p7, MT3/26/1911p3, MT1/1/1914pD8, MT6/25/1927p6
Snowy View Service Station, Four Corners: MT6/28/1927p6
Snug Bar, S. Front: moving, changing name to The Stag: MT8/2/1912p2
Clarence H. Snyder Motor Car Co., Cadillac, Eighth & Grape: MM1/29/1909p5, TR3/16/1909p1, TR3/26/1909p1, TR4/1/1909p1, MSM5/1909; 104 S. Bartlett: FG12/1909, MT1/2/1910pB3, MT3/24/1910, MS12/25/1910p4
Somerset Orchard: OR3/16/1913p98
Sonitrol of Southern Oregon: MT1/31/1982pD1, MT10/17/1991pB1
Sonotone Hearing Aids, 839 E. Jackson: MT6/1/1947p11
SOREDI: MT6/19/2012p10
SOTIA: MT8/3/1986pD12
Soul Shine Yoga, 1 W. Sixth: to open: MT8/23/2014p4
South Central Service Station, 9th & Central, Warren Butler: MT11/11/1934p6
South Park addition: MT3/29/1911p8, MT3/31/1911p8, MT9/12/1924p5
Southern Building & Loan Assn., 125 W. Main: organizes: MT3/18/1928p1, MN11/18/1930p8, CP3/3/1932p5, MT2/11/1934p10
Southern Land Co.: OR11/8/1911p14, OR11/10/1911p3
Southern Oregon Bearing Sales Co., 301 N. Bartlett: CP2/12/1953p6
Southern Oregon Brewing Co., N. Fir from Third to Fourth: equipment arrived: MT6/2/1933p4; incorporated: MT6/7/1933p8, MT1/14/1934p7, MT2/16/1934pp4,9, MT2/18/1934p6, MT3/15/1934p1, MT1/2/1935p7, MT11/1/1935p7, MT1/3/1936p1, MN4/9/1937p4, MN4/23/1937pB4, MT3/25/1938p10, MN11/25/1938p2, MT10/9/2012p8
Southern Oregon Brewing Ice and Cold Storage Co.: MM6/30/1893p2, MM1/11/1895p2; see Medford Brewing
Southern Oregon Building & Loan Assn.: MW2/15/1912p2
Southern Oregon By-Products Co.: CP2/10/1938p2
Southern Oregon Cable TV: MT10/6/1981
Southern Oregon Cider & Vinegar Co.: MM10/3/1902p2; in operation: MM10/24/1902p2, MM12/5/1902pp6,7; history: MM7/14/1905p1; see Ingram Vinegar Factory
Southern Oregon Coal Co.: MT8/8/1919p6
Southern Oregon College of Education: MN6/7/1940p2, MN5/30/1941p3, MN3/27/1942p2
Southern Oregon Commission Co.: MS11/16/1912p2
Southern Oregon Credit Bureau: MT1/1/1928ppD6,F4
Southern Oregon Credit Service: MT2/11/1969pB1
Southern Oregon Decorating Co.: Bliss Heine sells to Bannister & Chistner: MN2/3/1931p5
Southern Oregon Development Co.: MM12/30/1904p1
Southern Oregon Distributing Co. (produce), 207 S. Riverside: opens: MT8/28/1934p8
Southern Oregon Distributors, 301 N. Fir: CP2/12/1953p10
Southern Oregon Drug Awareness: MT5/11/2014pB1
Southern Oregon Electric Co., 36 S. Grape: opens: MT12/3/1909p5; 27 S. Central: MS5/5/1911p6, MT7/21/1911p1, MS7/23/1911p9; N. Grape: MT8/25/1911p3, MS9/3/1911p13, MS2/11/1912p8, MW3/7/1912p4; 6 S. Central: MT1/1/1914pC5
Southern Oregon Electrical Fixtures Supply, Grape St.: MT9/21/1912p5, MW9/26/1912p2
Southern Oregon Equipment Co., 3540 N. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p5, MT1/27/1956p15
Southern Oregon Exploration Co.: forms: AW10/26/1921p4
Southern Oregon Foto Artists: MN2/21/1947p1
Southern Oregon Fruit Products Co.: incorporates: JP1/27/1917p3, SM1927p81
Southern Oregon Gas Corp.: SM1927key,p55, MN12/14/1930p5, MR4/11/1932p1, MN3/6/1936p1, MN3/11/1936p1, MN3/18/1936p1, MN9/11/1936ppB1-B4, CP9/17/1936p1, MN10/30/1936p1, MN3/12/1937pB1, MN6/25/1937pB4, SM1950key,p55
Southern Oregon Hospital: MS12/8/1910p1, MS12/27/1910p1, MS12/28/1910p1
Southern Oregon Hospital, Medford, 625 Stevens: MT3/22/1966p1
Southern Oregon Irrigation & Power Co.: incorporated: OR4/1/1900p4
Southern Oregon Laundry Co., W. Main: MM8/2/1907p5, MM9/20/1907p5, MM9/27/1907p5, MM12/20/1907p2
Southern Oregon Mining Bureau, Sixth and Fir: to open: MS7/9/1911p1,OR7/17/1911p10, MT12/22/1911p1
Southern Oregon Nursery, S. Pacific Hwy: CP10/20/1949p11
Southern Oregon Oil Co.: MM5/3/1901p7, MM6/21/1901pp1,6, MM11/8/1901p6, MM11/22/1901p6, MM12/13/1901p7, MM1/10/1902p7, MM1/24/1902p7, MM4/25/1902p7, MM5/9/1902p7
Southern Oregon Oil Exploration Co.: MT10/20/1921p1
Southern Oregon Pennysaver: MT8/2/1981
Southern Oregon Photo Arts: becomes Baker's Commercial Photo Arts: MT1/28/1951p10
Southern Oregon Pork Packing Co.: SOM11/4/1892p3, SM1893p1, MM4/27/1894p3, MM5/28/1897p3, SM1898p3, MM11/22/1901p7; closed: MM3/28/1902p6; market: MM5/9/1902p6
Southern Oregon Produce Co., S. Grape: opens: MM10/23/1908p1, MM11/20/1908p5, MM1/29/1909p2, MM4/16/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB10, SM1911p18, MS3/24/1911p1; partnership dissolves: MT8/19/1911p2
Southern Oregon Production Credit Assn.: MT4/29/1934p6; 212 Court: RT12/7/1956
Southern Oregon Railroad & Electric Co.: CH9/8/1910p1
Southern Oregon Railway Co.: CH10/28/1909pp1,2
Southern Oregon Railway & Power Co.: MT9/26/1910p5
Southern Oregon Real Estate and Employment Agency: opens: MM3/23/1900p7
Southern Oregon Realty: moves to 44 N. Riverside: MN2/8/1931p4
Southern Oregon Recycling: MT2/29/1980
Southern Oregon Reforestation Co.: MT7/11/1965p6A
Southern Oregon Sales: SM1927p55, MT8/15/1927p5, MT1/1/1928pJ6(2), MT12/31/1928pB4, MT3/4/1929, MT12/31/1929, CP6/28/1934p1, MN10/1/1937p2, MN7/29/1938, MN6/7/1940p2, MN3/27/1942p2, MN8/28/1942p3, MN11/8/1946p1, MN2/7/1947p1, SM1950p86, MT7/20/1958p14, MT8/23/2008p1, MT9/3/2009p6, MT1/28/2015pC1
Southern Oregon Select: MT1/28/2015pC1
Southern Oregon Stamp Works, 46 N. Front: CP10/20/1949p11
Southern Oregon Stationery, 916 S. Central: MT11/11/2012p2; closeout auction: MT1/7/2015p1
Southern Oregon Tea & Coffee House, 36 S. Grape: MSM5/1909, MT12/9/1909p5, MT6/8/1910p1, MT12/22/1910p5
Southern Oregon Title Co., 227 W. Main: incorporates, buys Murray Abstract: MT2/4/1940p10, MN6/7/1940p2, MN5/30/1941p3, MN3/27/1942p2; from 34 S. Fir to 112 W. Main: MT10/27/1957p3
Southern Oregon Trailer Mart, 3434 N. Pacific Hwy.: MT6/22/1952p10, RT8/5/1955p9
Southern Oregonian: SM1907p9
Southern Pacific coal mine: MM1/10/1902p7, MM1/17/1902p7, MM1/31/1902p7, MM2/28/1902p7, MM3/14/1902p7, MM4/4/1902p7, MM5/2/1902p1
Southern Pacific Transport Co.: MT2/8/1929p5
Southwest Airways: MN3/14/1947, MN4/4/1947p2, MN6/27/1947p8, MN3/11/1949p8, MN3/11/1949p8, MN7/22/1949p3, MN9/30/1949p1, MN10/28/1949p6, MN12/9/1949p3, MN4/14/1950p1
Southwest Forest Industries: MT1/25/1979p13A
Southwest Oregon Dairy Coop: CP3/1/1945p1, CP3/22/1945p1, CP6/14/1945p1, MN9/14/1945
Sparks & Clark Cleaners, White-Thomas Bldg.: opens: MM10/25/1907p5
C. M. Speck Fruit Packing: SM1927p22
I. A. Spencer, Berrydale Barber Shop: MT12/20/1931p3
Sperry Flour Co.: CP6/24/1926p2, SM1927p11
Spicer's Restaurant, Stevens St.: Crater Plaza: MT7/8/1999pC1
Mrs. Katherine Spielman, midwife, N. Central between 2nd and 3rd: opens: MM12/7/1900p7
The Spirella Corset Parlors, 132 E. Main: SR6/11/1910p4, MT7/24/1910p5
Sport Clips Haircuts, Northgate Marketplace: opening today: MT12/3/2016p6
Sports Authority, Rogue Valley Mall: to close: MT5/20/2016pB1
Sportsman's Warehouse: MT10/23/2014pB8
The Spot (store): MM11/23/1906p1, MS11/23/1910p1
The Spot Tavern, 17 S. Riverside: MT2/23/1934p9, MN10/13/1939p2
Spot Cafe, Main & Bartlett: TR6/4/1909p8, MT1/2/1910pB8, MT11/24/1911p2
Spot Cash Basket Grocery, 226 N. Riverside: MT1/13/1922p2
Spring Street Service Station: MN11/13/1936p1
Springer & Lee, W. Main "opposite Rialto": moving to "new Palm stores": MT12/14/1923p5, MS12/16/1923p2
Sprouse Reitz, Thunderbird Mall: grand opening: MT7/16/1969pB5
Spudnut Shop, 7 S. Riverside: MT10/19/1951p11
Square Deal Orchard: AT3/24/1910p1, MT10/1/1914p5
Square Deal Woodyard, Fir between 2nd & 3rd: MT4/26/1910p5
St. Mary's Academy: MM5/25/1906p1, MM3/13/1908p2; dedicated: MM10/2/1908p2, JP8/28/1915pp1,3, MS8/30/1917p3, MN6/13/1941p3, MT6/21/1953p10
The Stag Saloon: opens: MT8/2/1912p2; MS10/4/1912p1, MW3/27/1913p2, MT6/29/1914p2; see Snug Bar
Stage Coach Farms: MT7/22/1969pB2
Stagecoach Orchards: MT11/13/1950p9, MT4/20/1956p1
Stamper & Goff Bros. Hardware, 223-225 W. Main: MN5/25/1945p6
C. F. Stamper photo studio, 32 N. Central: opens: MT11/7/1930p13
Stampstruck: MT4/8/1997
Stanard & Brown Insurance: moved to 700 E. Main: MT8/1/1980p11
Standard Neon Co., 421 E. Main: to open: MN9/3/1932p1
Standard Oil Co.: SM1898p7, SM1907p11, MM3/6/1908p1; headquarters in Medford: MM8/7/1908p1, MM8/28/1908p5, MW7/18/1912p1, MW8/15/1912p7, MT10/24/1912p1, AT6/3/1915p6, MT7/30/1919; Sixth and Riverside: MT3/8/1920p6, SM1927p51, MN3/12/1930p6, MT3/23/1932p1, MN11/12/1937p1, MT1/1/1939p3, MT5/12/1940p7, SM1950p51
Standard Oil Service Station, Main & Fir: opens: MT7/30/1919p6
Standard Roofing & Builders Supply: SM1927p20, MT9/14/1927
Standard Wood Yard: MW2/15/1912p3
Stanley Hall: SM1888p1
Stanley's Restaurant, 510 N. Riverside
Star Cleaners, 102 E. Main: CP10/20/1949p8
Star Market: see also Luman Bros.; CP8/11/1932p5, MN5/28/1948
Star Meat Market, moving from 323 E. Main: MT3/12/1913p2, MT6/30/1913p2
Star Restaurant, 322 E. Main: sold to Andersons: MM5/1/1896p5, MM5/28/1897p6, MM4/20/1900p7, MM10/12/1900p6, MM7/14/1905p5, MM7/21/1905p5, MM8/4/1905p5, ML8/1908, MM11/5/1908p5, TR9/6/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB7
Star Steam Laundry: MS7/31/1911p6, MT3/4/1912p8
Star Taxi Co.: JP1/10/1920p2
Star Theatre, 218 E. Main: MS8/18/1911p1, MT9/9/1911p2, MS9/10/1911p4, MS9/21/1911pp3,5, MS12/22/1911p5, MS4/23/1912p5, MS8/31/1912p3, MS11/11/1912p1, MT11/12/1912p4, MS11/20/1912p6, MT12/31/1913p1, JP9/2/1915p3, MS3/18/1916p6, MT10/26/1917p8, MT11/3/1917p6, MT11/5/1917p6, PR6/4/1931p1
Starbucks, The Commons: planned: MT1/7/2014p1; to open: MT5/8/2014p8
Stark's Vacuum Cleaners: moved to 130 S. Central: MT7/31/1969pB6
Starlite Drive-In Theater: MN1/10/1947p1, MN3/25/1949p1, MT4/17/1949, MT6/7/1949, MT3/17/1950p8
Starship I: MT7/24/1981p1F2
State Theater: MT7/19/1928p1, MN7/20/1928p1, MT9/2/1928, MT9/7/1928p4, MN9/8/1928p2, MT11/21/1928p6, MT12/31/1928pC7
Statewide Construction Sales & Service: MT8/31/1993
Mr. Steak, 350 Barnett Rd.
Dr. Stearns: moving from Garnett-Corey to Jackson County Bank Bldg.: MT9/5/1912p4
Drs. Ralph W. Stearns & Robert W. Stearns, Jackson County Bank Bldg.: open: MT8/20/1919p2
Steinhardt & Kelly Fruit Packing: CP5/27/1926p3, SM1927p16
Steinhardt, tailor, 6 S. Fir: MT2/4/1910p5
Dr. Stephenson, "over J. Beek & Co.": MM11/30/1900p7
R. O. Stephenson Lumber Co.: CP4/3/1941p3
Sterling Bank: MT6/24/2014pB8
Sterling Gold Quartz Mining & Milling Co.: incorporates: OR2/15/1910p2, OR2/19/1910p4
Sterling Lumber co.: MT10/13/1919pB1
Steve's Music Co.: MT4/9/1958p1
Stevens Auto Sales: : MT7/21/1969p8
Stevens Kaiser-Frazer, 505 N. Central: CP2/12/1953p10
Stewart & Chessmore Real Estate and Employment Agency: MM5/11/1900p2, MM5/25/1900p2, MM6/1/1900p7; dissolved: MM7/13/1900p7
Stewart Fruit Co.: MS9/28/1912p1, MT6/7/1927p3, MT7/11/1927p3, MT7/25/1927p6, SM1927p22
Stewart MacPherson Lumber Co.: SM1927p20
Stewart Meadows Village: MT8/5/2013p1, MT8/5/2014p3, MT8/6/2014p5
Stewart Orchard: JP1/20/1917p3
F. M. Stewart Real Estate: OS10/1/1903pC2
Stewart's Cigar Store and card room, S. Front: MT3/14/1934p7
Stewart's Army and Outing Store: name changed to Stewart's Outfitting Store: MT6/10/1927p4
H. S. Stine Insurance: MT1/1/1914pC5
Stone's Variety Store: MN9/3/1948p8
Stone Forest Industries: MT8/4/1988
Mrs. J. L. Stone Rooming House, 10 N. Grape: reto open: MT1/20/1911p1
D. W. Stone Veterinary Hospital, Sixth & Bartlett: MT9/14/1927pD2
Stop & Shop Market: MN12/10/1948p1
Stop and Shop Garage, N. Front: sign removed: MT2/21/1966p10
Stop Drop & Click, 149 S. Central: closed: MT4/24/2013pB6
Gordon Stout's Garage, 123 W. Main: CP6/24/1926p2, MT7/1/1927p5
Stow & Robbins, painters: MM12/11/1908p5
Strahan's Meat Market, 106 N. Ivy: MN6/13/1941p1, MN6/13/1942p1, MN3/8/1946p3, MT4/11/1946p11
Dr. William C. Stram, optometrist, 25 N. Ivy: to open: MT9/20/1956p7
Charles Strang Drug Store: MM5/28/1897p3, MM3/13/1908p5, MT1/2/1910pB9, MT5/12/1910p8; 231 E. Main: MT1/1/1914pC5, MT9/29/1930p8, MN6/23/1933p1, MT3/29/1934pp3,7, MN3/30/1934p1, CP5/17/1934p2
Stream Machine: MT1/30/1993p6A
W. Stringer, 129 W. Main, grocer: MM10/12/1906p5, MT1/1/1911pB6
L. F. Stroud, shoes, 10 St. Central: MT9/6/1918p2
R. I. Stuart and Sons, 521 N. Fir: MT5/30/1976pC2
Studebaker Garage Co., 128-134 S. Riverside: MT1/17/1911p3, MT3/3/1911p3
Stuff's Market, 16 N. Front: MT7/26/1999p7
Sturges Feed Store, Main & S. Riverside: MM11/23/1900p7
Sturtevant's Confectionery, 218 E. Main: to open: TA5/15/1936p1
Suburban Body & Paint, S. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p9
Success Chop House: MT9/2/1921p8
Sudden Service Garage, 120 N. Riverside: MN5/29/1927p12
Sugar Bowl, confectioners: MT12/17/1915p2, MT10/13/1919pB1
Sugar Pine Door & Lumber Co.: MM8/31/1900p7
Sugar Pine Lumber Co.: organizes: MT7/25/1911p1
Sugar Shack, in Dreamland Ballroom: opened Thanksgiving eve: MT1/26/1964pB1; closed: MT5/15/1966p5
Sully's Drive-In, 827 S. Central
John Summerville barber shop, Palm-Niedermeyer Bldg.: sold to W. K. Whisenant: MT11/2/1909p1
Summit addition: MT2/8/1911p8
Sun Mate: MT2/10/1980pB1
Suncrest Orchards: MM10/29/1908p5, MM1/29/1909p7, MM7/2/1909p1, MT2/25/1910p2, MT1/1/1911pC3; sold: MT4/16/1911p1, OR1/21/1912p53, MT4/17/1912p2, AT1/27/1913p3, JN5/21/1926p5, MT10/31/1926p1, SM1927key,p8, SM1950key, MT4/20/1956p1
Sunland Real Estate, 333 Howard: MT1/14/1966p10
Sunnycliff Orchard: MT10/14/1920p1
Sunnydale Orchards: AT1/7/1909p1
Sunnyside Coal & Coke Co., Jackson County Bank Bldg.: forms: OR1/16/1909p4, MM1/22/1909p1, MM3/19/1909p5, MM4/2/1909p5, MM4/9/1909p1, MM4/16/1909pp1,2, MM5/21/1909p2, MM6/11/1909p5, MM9/24/1909p1, MW2/15/1912p2, JP9/2/1915p3
Sunnyvale Orchard: OR2/7/1909p24, MM7/16/1909p1
Sunrise Cafe, 130 E. Main: MT9/8/2012p5; 1320 W. Main: MT10/24/2012pB8
Sunrise Coffee Shop, 509 S. Riverside: TA7/7/1933p2
Sunrise Coal Co.: TR10/3/1908p1
Sunrise Laundry, Eighth and Central: MT5/18/1912p2, MT5/6/1920p3, MT1/2/1921p2
Sunrise Orchard: OR3/29/1908p4
Sunrise Park addition: MM9/25/1908p1, MM12/11/1908p1
Sunrise Super Apartments, 12th & Riverside: MT9/14/1927pD7
Sunrise Super Station, 12th & Riverside: MT1/1/1928, MT9/14/1927pD7
Sunrise Park: MM3/26/1909p2
Sunset addition: MM3/19/1909p1
Sunset Electric Light & Power Co.: forms: MT2/26/1911p8
Sunset Orchard, Coker Butte: bought by Morgan brothers: MT4/9/1914p1; Elmer K. Hull: MT1/6/1935p12
Sunset Park: TR7/26/1907p4
Sunset Telephone Co.: MM5/25/1900p7, MM12/28/1900p7, MM2/15/1901p7, MM4/26/1901p3, MM1/24/1902p7, MM2/7/1902p2, MM4/11/1902p2, MM5/9/1902p3, MM7/14/1905p5, MM7/6/1906p1, MM1/3/1908p5
Super Value Market, 106 N. Ivy: MT4/11/1946p11, MT12/11/1949p15
Supercuts, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Surge Dairy Co.: MT2/9/1947
William Swartz Plumbing, 1213 N. Riverside: CP2/12/1953p13
Swayze Associated Service, 1303 N. Riverside
Sweet Shop, Fehl Bldg., Sixth & Ivy: sold: MT10/5/1929p8
Swem's Book & Gift Shop, 217 E. Main: CH10/22/1914p5; 217 E. Main: MT7/10/1919p6, MT2/10/1935p1, MN7/3/1936pB2, MN8/22/1947p1, MT11/13/1977; see Swim?
Swenson & Peebler Furniture, Pottenger and Cox Bldg., W. Main: leaving Ashland, to open: MT7/18/1927p1
Swift & Co. Warehouse: construction: OR4/17/1909p3, TR4/19/1909p5, OR5/30/1910p4, SM1927p22, SM1950p11
G. T. Swim Confectionery, 8 S. Central: MT3/13/1910p5
System Freight Service: MN11/23/1945p2
Table Rock Orchard: MT7/2/1911p5
A. Tackstrom Shoe Repair: MT6/16/1916p2
Taines & Elwood Auto Electric, 103-105 S. Central: MT1/1/1915pD2
Talent's Confectionery, Main & Grape: MT12/12/1923p3
Tatsuma Repair Shop, Main near bridge: MM7/17/1908p1
Taxi-333: see Alco Taxi; MT7/28/1915p2
A. C. Tayler, the Footfitter, shoes: MM2/23/1894p2, MM3/30/1894p3, MM5/11/1900p7, MM3/10/1905p8, MM8/24/1906p5, MT5/27/1951
Miss C. M. Taylor, millinery: see Cameo Hat Shop
J. G. Taylor, harness material, J. H. Wilson Bldg.: MM5/11/1900p1, MM5/17/1901p6; reopens, Woolf Bldg.: MM6/21/1901p7, MM6/28/1901pp2,7, MM6/5/1903p1
Joseph Taylor Fruit Dryer: begins operations: OR9/26/1903p5
T. H. B. Taylor mattress works, W. Main: opens: MM11/16/1900p3, MM11/23/1900p7, MM11/30/1900p7, MM12/21/1900p7; N. Front, four doors north of the Nash Livery Stable: MM3/8/1901p7, MM3/15/1901pp2,3; S.W. Medford: MM4/23/1909p2
L. C. Taylor Motors: CP9/25/1941p1
Taylor-Olson Paint Corp.: incorporated: MT12/17/1954p1
Taylor's Penny-Wise Drug Store, 323 E. Main: CP8/22/1946pp2,4
Carl Y. Tengwald Real Estate: MT1/1/1928pH7
Charles W. Tennant, barber, E. Main: MN8/18/1950p2
Tent Factory, 106 N. Front: MT8/23/1915p2
Terminal Cab Co.: to open: MT8/20/1942p10, CP6/8/1944p3, MN6/30/1944p1
Terminal Cleaners, 218 E. 4th: CP10/20/1949p8
Terminal Hotel: see Hotel Jackson
Terole's Jewelry, 39 S. Bartlett: CP5/17/1956p1, CP6/7/1956p3
Terrill & Huth: dissolved: MM7/24/1908p8
Terrill & Pottenger, meat market: to open: MM4/5/1901p7
Texas Oil Co.: SM1950p25
Dr. F. G. Thayer: MM5/7/1909p5
B. P. Theiss & Co., wholesale grocers: MM3/3/1905p1, TR1/4/1909p1; see Medford Grocery Co.
B. P. Theiss, saloon: MM5/10/1901p6
38 Central, 38 S. Central: closing: MT12/24/2013p3
Thomas Realty Co.: MT1/1/1928pH8
Dr. W. C. Thompson, dentist: MN1/1/1936p1
Thompson & Meeker: opens: MM5/25/1894p3; dissolves: MM3/22/1895p4
Thompson Mercantile Co., E. Main: MS4/13/1911p6, MS9/21/1912p2
Thompson, Van Dyke & Co.: forms: MM3/22/1895p4
Thompson's Paint Shop: CP5/6/1926p7
Mr. Thom's: MT12/11/1977pB1, MT7/18/2008
3 Boys Market: MT1/5/1967p13
3M, White City: MT7/16/1965p1, MT1/29/1967p5
Three Lodes Mining Co.: incorporates: OR1/8/1911pC12, MT6/3/1913p3
Three Oaks Orchards: MS4/13/1915p6
Three Pines Timber Co., Palm-Bodge Bldg.: incorporates: CO4/30/1903p3
A Thrift Shop: MN4/16/1948p8
Thrift Shop, "over the Rex Cafe": MT7/6/1927p2
Thrifty Drug, Stewart and King: MT4/1/1966p1
Thunderbird Lodge, 1015 S. Riverside: MT11/18/1960p1
Thunderbird Market: MT2/24/1961pB6, MT12/12/1980p16
Tidewater Associated Oil Co.: SM1950p85
Tiki Lodge Motel, 509 N. Riverside
Tiller Mill & Lumber Co.: SM1950p85
Tilley's 2nd Hand, N. Front
Tilley's Shoe Repair: CP4/22/1926p4
Timber Products Co.: CP8/11/1932p4; opening: MT2/28/1933pp2,3, MN11/26/1934, CP11/29/1934p1, CP12/6/1934p1, MN7/11/1941p2, MN3/19/1948p1, CP10/20/1949p8, SM1950pp51,82, MT3/5/1961p6A; particleboard plant opens: MT5/8/1966p1, MT10/27/1987, MT5/10/1991p1, MT10/18/1991p1
Tinseltown USA: MT8/28/1997; to open: MT12/11/1997p1
Title & Trust Co. of Medford, St. Mark's Bldg.: to open: MT7/24/1910p3, SR7/30/1910p1, MT8/31/1910p5
Todd Bakery: MS1/17/1911p1
Toft Apartments, 10th & King: MT3/13/1925p6
J. E. Toft, painter: MM10/5/1900p7
The Toggery: MM6/5/1903p7, CH8/16/1906p1, MM11/23/1906p1, CH3/7/1907p1, TR12/27/1907p1, MM1/17/1908p2, CH4/2/1908p4, TR4/16/1908p6, TR2/16/1909p1, TR4/1/1909p1, CH10/7/1909p4, MT1/2/1910pB2, MS12/18/1910p4; moving: MT9/19/1911p2, MT9/29/1911p2, MS10/1/1911pp8,16, CH10/5/1911p2, MS4/28/1912p8, CH5/2/1912pp1,4, MW5/2/1912p1, MS9/1/1912p3, MW10/24/1912p5, MS11/1/1912p3, MW11/7/1912p6, MT3/11/1916p2, MT8/12/1919, MT7/19/1927p2, MN3/1/1930p5, MT3/1/1930p3, MT3/2/1930p8, MT3/10/1930p2, MT9/29/1930p8, MT3/1/1931pC1, MR4/11/1932p1, MN3/2/1933p2, MN6/9/1933p1, CP4/26/1934p1, CP7/16/1936p1, MN7/17/1936p2, CP11/12/1936p1, MN11/13/1936pp2,3, MN3/5/1937pB1, MN1/14/1938p3, MN1/21/1938, MT1/21/1938p4, MT2/7/1938p1; 34 N. Central: MT3/23/1938p7, MN4/1/1938, CP11/9/1939p1, CP10/26/1950p1
Tomlin Box Co., Fifth & Fir: MS11/17/1918p6, MS11/24/1918p2, MT10/13/1919pB1, CP9/30/1926p4, MT10/26/1926p8, CP12/10/1926p1, MT9/14/1927pB2, SM1927p51, MT1/1/1928pD2, MT12/31/1928pC8
Tom's Restaurant, S. Front: MT5/24/1928p3
C. J. Morris' Top Notch Cafe, 14 S. Central: opens: MT10/18/1935p11, CP10/24/1935p1; 12 S. Central, sold: MT10/9/1944p2, MN8/23/1946p2; 27 S. Central, sold: MT11/18/1954p30; closed: MT8/29/1962p22
Top Notch Orchards, Kings Hwy. & South Stage Rd.: MT7/22/1969pB2
Total Camera, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
Tower Broiler, 1209 N. Riverside
Town & Country Shop: CP3/3/1932p5, MR2/26/1932p3
W. L. Townsend Barber Shop, Front: MM2/23/1894p3, MM3/2/1894p3
The Toy House: MN9/3/1948p5, 317 E. Main: RT4/29/1955p5
Tractor Auto Co., 123-125 S. Front: MT1/3/1919p2
Tractor Sales & Service, 3610 N. Pacific Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p17
Trader Joe's, Northgate Centre Marketplace: opens: MT10/20/2012p1
Trading Emporium, 909 S. Riverside: MT1/7/1998pC1
Trail Lumber Co., Eighth & Fir: MM4/16/1909p2, MM4/23/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB8, MT1/1/1911p1, SM1911p8; sold to Grand Rapids Lumber: MT7/12/1911p1, MT7/25/1911p1, T12/23/1912p2; OR2/13/1916p66
Trailways Bus Lines: MN8/2/1946p1, MN4/11/1947p1; depot to open: MT4/9/1948p9
TraveLodge Motel, 722 N. Riverside
Treehouse Restaurant, Cobblestone Village: planned: MT4/8/1984; opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Treichler Motor Co., opposite Liberty Bldg.: MT12/13/1915pB3; Liberty Bldg.: MT11/21/1916p5, MT8/12/1919pB2; just moved to 123-127 W. Main: MT2/12/1921p6, CP6/24/1926p2; 30 N. Holly: MT10/25/1926p8, CP10/29/1926p6, MT11/7/1926pB3, MT11/14/1926p7
Treichler-Pierson Motors: MT8/18/1917p2, MT7/27/1918p6; Main & Grape: MT9/6/1918p2, MT7/23/1919p2
Treichler-Wilson Motors, 104 S. Bartlett: MS6/3/1916p2, MS6/6/1916p6
Tri Auction Co., 2284 Crater Lake Hwy.: CP2/12/1953p5
Tri-County Office Machines, 16 S. Fir: MT7/24/1957p1, MT7/25/1957p1
Tri-State Neon Co.: MT7/4/1937p1, MN7/9/1937
Trigonia Oil & Gas. Co.: incorporates: OR9/30/1919p3; organized: JP11/1/1919p3, MS11/9/1919p2, MT11/18/1919p6, JP8/28/1920p1, MT11/5/1921p3
Trillium Waterbirth Center: to close Nov. 25: MT11/4/2015p1
Trilobyte Games: MT5/26/2012p5, MT11/1/2013p1, MT4/17/2015pB4
Tronson & Guthrie Orchard: MT2/6/1910p16; dissolved: MT4/17/1910p1, MM9/13/1910p8
Trowbridge & Danielson: dissolved: MM7/19/1907p4
Trowbridge & Flynn Electric Co., 214 W. Main: MN6/11/1937p4; 1225 Court: MT6/12/1949pp8-9, CP10/20/1949p10
Trowbridge Cabinet Works, 113 S. Holly: opens: MM1/15/1909pp1,6, MT1/2/1910pB4, MT4/6/1914; MT10/13/1919pB1, MT4/26/1921p9, MT10/31/1926p4, CP11/19/1926p4, MT1/2/1927, MT6/3/1927pB8, SM1927p20, MN9/14/1928pC1, MT11/11/1928p3, MT9/29/1930p8, CP3/3/1932p4, MN8/18/1933p1, MN7/17/1936p2, MN9/25/1936p4, CP1/9/1941p2, MT7/15/1941p3
Trowbridge Electric: MT10/7/1962pB3, MT4/28/1969
Trowbridge Sash & Door: CP1/9/1941p2
Trowbridge's Store: MT4/28/1969
Troy Laundry & Dry Cleaning, 811 N. Central: to open: TA8/7/1936p1, CP11/26/1936p1, MN11/27/1936p3, MT11/29/1936p5
Tru-Mix Concrete Co., 248 McAndrews Rd: MN11/23/1945p2, MN2/14/1947p8, CP10/20/1949p11, SM1950p52, CP2/12/1953p9, MT5/30/1976pC2
Truax Grocery Co., 327 E. Main: to open: MT9/4/1918pp2,6, MT10/17/1965p3
H. D. True Confectionery, S. Central: sold: MM7/16/1909p2; see C. E. Kirk Confectionery
Tucker Court: SM1950p62
Tucker Garage: CP10/15/1926p6
Tucker Sno-Cat: MN1/3/1947p1, MN1/10/1947p1, MN2/1/1951p2, MT3/28/1956p6, MT10/4/1957pB6
Tull & Grant (A. B. Tull, Newton Grant): dissolved: MT1/3/1912p3
Tumy Auto Co.: MT7/23/1921
Earl S. Tumy Insurance: CP11/19/1926p4
Earl S. Tumy Real Estate, 209 Liberty Bldg.: MT1/1/1914pD6, MT1/1/1928pH2
Turf Exchange Saloon, Main & Front: MM5/28/1897p6, MM6/10/1898p7, MM8/24/1900p7, MM9/28/1900p4, MM8/30/1901p7, MM10/25/1901p6, MM12/6/1901p9, MM5/2/1902p6
Twedell's Automotive Repair, 3116 N. Pacific Hwy.: MT11/5/1997pC1
Twentieth Century Groceries, Medford Building/Main & Holly: MT1/2/1927p3, MT6/5/1927p8, MT7/7/1927p8
2Hawk Vineyard and Winery, 2335 N. Phoenix Rd.: MT10/8/2014pC1
Twohy Bros.: MW6/13/1912p7
U.S. Cafe, B. Fifer, 40 N. Front: MS9/25/1912p1, MT3/7/1914p2, MT4/28/1914p2; closed: MS12/31/1914p4
U.S. National Bank of Portland: buys Medford National Bank: MT11/27/1935p1, MN11/29/1935p1, MN10/30/1936pB2, CP12/3/1936p5, MN12/4/1936p1, CP1/14/1937p1, MN2/19/1937p1, MT4/11/1937, MN4/23/1937p1, MN1/14/1938p3, CP7/7/1938p1, MN7/15/1938p1; buys Farmers & Fruitgrowers Bank: MT3/24/1940p1, MN3/29/1940p1, MN2/14/1941p1, CP1/8/1942p3, CP10/5/1943p3, MN4/6/1945p1, CP1/10/1946p3, MN5/31/1946p1, CP7/11/1946p1, MN1/10/1947p1, MN7/8/1949p1, MN5/5/1950p5, MN1/12/1951p1, MN3/22/1951p1, MN4/5/1951p4, MN4/19/1951p4, MT1/31/1956p3, MT11/5/1961, MT6/25/1962, MT7/8/1962p1, MT8/7/1966p1, MT5/8/1988pD9
Ugo Theater, 126 W. Main: MT3/8/1910p6, MT11/7/1910p5, MS11/25/1910p4, MS1/8/1911p1, MW1/12/1911p7, MS4/5/1911p6, MT4/6/1911p3, MS5/3/1911p2, MS5/7/1911p7, MS5/12/1911p1, MS8/20/1911p1, MW9/5/1912p4, MW10/24/1912p1, MT2/5/1913pp2,3, MT3/3/1913p6
Ulrich & Ryan: MT4/21/1914p2, MT4/30/1914p2, MT5/7/1914p2
Union Livery Stable, Main & Bartlett: (E. Worman) OMJmidsum1897p8, ST3/13/1888p2, SM1898p6, MM5/11/1900p1, MM8/16/1901p6, MM8/30/1901p7, MM10/4/1901p7, MM11/15/1901p7, MM1/26/1905p4, MM12/14/1906p5, SM1907p9, MM2/8/1907p4, SO7/4/1908p2, MM8/21/1908p5; 112 S. Riverside: MM10/16/1908p10, MT1/2/1910pB10; bought by R. Gaunyaw: MT10/17/1910p2, JP5/3/1913p3, MT1/1/1914pB6, MT1/1/1915pD6
Umpqua Bank: MT6/24/2014pB8
Union Club, 126 W. Main
Union Meat Co.: MM5/14/1909p6, MM5/21/1909p2, MM7/16/1909p2, MT12/29/1910p1, MT1/2/1910pB7, MT5/25/1910p5, OR5/29/1910p2, MW1/26/1911p1, MS3/24/1911p1, CH10/31/1912p2
Union Oil Co., Big Y area: MT1/17/1916p2; Main and Fir: construction: MT5/18/1920p8, SM1927p55, MT8/24/1934p4, SM1950p55
Union Service Station, Jackson & Riverside: MT12/21/1933p1
Unique Cleaners, plant at 811 N. Central, office at 20 S. Central: MT6/2/1929p2, MT6/24/1929p3, MT6/27/1929p9; sold: MT4/22/1930pB1, CP3/3/1932p3, CP2/16/1933p1, MT1/8/1939p10; name changed to Medford Cleaners & Dyers: MT2/18/1940p12, MN3/8/1940p1; Unique Cleaners, 102 E. Main: MN6/20/1941p3; see Troy Laundry
United Air Lines: MN12/13/1935p1, MN10/1/1937pB2, MT7/28/1949p10, MN4/14/1950p1, MN4/28/1950p1, MN5/5/1950p8
United Company of Oregon, Inc.: MT5/3/1945p8, MT5/13/1945p8, MT9/2/1945p10, MT10/21/1945p7, MT10/23/1945p6, MT2/19/1946p5, MT5/24/1946p9, MT6/8/1949p9, MT6/12/1949p10, MT6/28/1949p11, MT8/1/1949p10, MT8/9/1949p12, MT10/30/1949p14, MT3/21/1950p8, MT4/2/1950p17, MT5/27/1951p21, MT4/18/1952p9, MT6/26/1953p15
United Grocers, 1160 Hilton Rd.: MT3/15/1981pC9, MT7/3/1966p7
United States Chop House: MW5/23/1912p5
University of Southern Oregon: MS7/23/1913p2, MS7/26/1913p2, MT8/2/1913pp1,2, OR8/3/1913p5
Up to Date Studio, 232 E. Main: MT4/15/1914p2
Urban Cork, 330 N. Fir: opening next week: MT7/14/2016p3
Urban Minx: MT10/14/2014p7
Urban Rest: OR7/13/1902p18
Nicholas Urbanus, paperhanger: MM5/24/1901p2
Dr. Robert J. Urie, Halley Block: MT5/14/1957p1
Used Car Bargain Lot: MN7/7/1939p1
USO: MT1/25/1943p6, MN7/2/1943p1, MN9/3/1943p1, CP9/30/1943p1, MN12/3/1943p1
Utah-Idaho Sugar Co.: CH7/13/1916p2, CH10/26/1916p2, CH11/2/1916p3, CH11/9/1916p1, CH11/16/1916p1, CH11/23/1916p3, CH12/7/1916p3, CH3/29/1917p1, CH6/28/1917p2
Utopia Tourist Camp: MN8/4/1944p1
Glenn H. Utz Men's Clothing, 125 E. Main: MT7/26/1939p7, MN6/20/1941p2, MN4/3/1942p2, MN1/10/1947p1, MN5/31/1946p1; purchased by Robinson Brothers: MT6/12/1947p7, MN6/13/1947p5
V-Plex Piston Rings: MT10/13/1919pB1
Valentine's Cafe, 5 S. Riverside: MR4/11/1932p1, CP3/23/1933p1, MT12/13/1935p10, MN3/24/1939p2, MN6/20/1941p2, CP6/19/1941p1, MN6/20/1941p2, MT7/10/1941p7
Valley Auto Co., rear of Hotel Moore, 30 N. Holly: MT11/2/1909, TR3/26/1909p1, MSM5/1909, MM8/13/1909p1, MT11/14/1909p7, MT12/3/1909p2, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB10, MT3/24/1910, MT3/27/1910p5, MT5/8/1910p2, MT5/18/1910p16, MW8/18/1910p3, MT4/2/1911p2, MT5/14/1911pB4, MS5/30/1911p8; 30 N. Holly: MT1/1/1915ppD2,D6
Valley Candy Co., 29 N. Grape: to open: MS5/14/1915p4, MT10/13/1919pB1, AT6/5/1925p1
Valley Chevrolet: MT12/16/1983, AT1/17/1984p7
Valley Cleaners, 403 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2
Valley Drive-In Theater: MT6/7/1949, CP10/20/1949p7
Valley Electrical Contractors: MT6/28/1993p1
Valley Equipment Co., S. Pacific Hwy.: MT7/27/1947p6, CP2/12/1953p5
Valley Fuel Co., W. Main: MT10/15/1920p7, MT6/26/1931p7, CP3/3/1932p3, MN3/13/1936p1; 11 W. McAndrews, sold to Naumes Equipment, to be closed: MT2/8/1966p1
Valley Garage, 18 N. Holly: MT9/23/1913p2, MS4/1/1915p6, MT7/17/1915p4, MS8/4/1918p3, MS8/18/1918p2, CP4/12/1934p1
Valley Immediate Care: MT8/26/2013p3
Valley Land Co.: MT1/2/1910pB11
Valley Motor & Tractor Co.: see Valley Tractor & Motor
Valley Pawn, 123 S. Riverside: MT1/7/1998pC1
Valley School: SM1927p34, MT5/28/1928, MT12/31/1928pC5, MT6/5/1931p5, SM1950key 
Valley Second Hand Store, 15 N. Fir: MT10/27/1911p2
Valley Tractor & Motor Co., Buick, 30 N. Holly: MT10/6/1913p4, MT1/1/1914pC2
Valley View Farm: MM12/9/1904p1
Van de Car & Jasman Jewelers, Phipps Bldg.: to open: MT12/4/1909p4, MT12/9/1909p5(2), MT1/2/1910pB8, CH5/12/1910p1
B. T. Van de Car Jeweler, Phipps Block, 259 E. Main: open: MT11/2/1909p1, MT12/9/1909p5, CH5/12/1910p1, MS11/24/1910p5, MS11/27/1910p4, MS6/25/1911pB2; bankruptcy sale: MT5/23/1912p6
Van Duyn Candies, Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
J. G. Van Dyke & Co. dry goods, Main St.: MM5/11/1900p7, MM10/12/1900p6, MM5/31/1901p7, MM6/5/1903p7, MM9/15/1905p8, TR1/8/1908p1, TR3/16/1908p5, SO3/18/1908p5; "closing": MT3/27/1908p8, MM3/12/1909p8, TR4/1/1909p1, MT1/2/1910pB1; sold: MT6/30/1910p1; closed: MT9/13/1910p4
Van Dyke addition: MM12/18/1908p1
Van Dyke Realty, Main & Fir: MS6/25/1911p2
A. E. Van Electric Bakery, 111 W. Main: MT12/13/1928p4
Van Hoevenburg Orchard: MT8/9/1927p1
W. M. Van Scoyoc, dentist, Fruitgrowers Bank Building: SR8/6/1910p2
Van Vleet-Durkee Service Station: MN10/5/1930
Van Vleet Realty, 510 Crater Lake Ave.: MT3/23/1989pD8, MT12/14/1991
Van's Bakery, Main near Fir: MT4/25/1929p3
Vanity Hat Shop, Main & Bartlett: to open, 6 S. Fir: MT3/3/1917p2, MT12/31/1920p2
Vapor Legend, S. Pacific Hwy.: 10/6/2013p1
Varsity Shop, 226 E. Main: to open: MT7/13/1966pB1
Vawter & White, bankers, "bank building": MM9/7/1889p3
Velmart Orchards: MT9/13/1959p27
Vend-a-Trailer Mfg. Co.: MT3/8/1988pB1
Vendall: MT12/10/1993pB6
Veneer Products Co.: SM1950key,p56
Veritas Orchards: OR12/24/1910p6, MT6/25/1911p5, OR5/17/1914p51
Vernell Fashions, Medford Shopping Center: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Vic's Cafe: MN9/3/1937
Victory Cafe, 42 S. Central: MN4/17/1942p3, MN8/28/1942p3
Victory Salon of Beauty, 24 S. Grape: CP2/5/1942p4, MN4/3/1942p2
Video Cafe, 707 Stewart: MT1/26/1998p11
Video Interface: MT7/17/1981p12
The Video Station: MT6/12/1981p16, MT2/24/1991p16
Vi's Wave Shop, Hotel Medford: CP9/7/1933p4, MN6/20/1941p1, 302 Leverette Bldg: CP10/20/1949p11
Vic's Cafe, 409 E. Main: MN9/3/1937p3; open: MN9/24/1937pp3,6,B3
Vienna Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor: see Frank Wilson bakery; MM8/17/1900p6, MM2/15/1901p7; sold: MM2/22/1901p6, MM3/29/1901p6, MM8/30/1901p6; Litchfield sold to A. L. Learned: MM12/6/1901p9; sold to M. C. Campbell: MM1/24/1902p7, MM2/7/1902p7, MM3/21/1902p7, MM5/9/1902p7, MM11/10/1905p5, MM4/6/1906p5; Vawter-Brophy Bldg.: MM8/24/1906p5, MM10/12/1906p5
Villa Nursery, S. Riverside: MT1/1/1928pF7, MN11/21/1930p5
Village Variety, 771 Stewart: opens: MT8/4/1960; attached: MT3/2/1966p1, MT4/1/1966p1
Vip's Restaurant, Hwy. 62 exit: open: MT6/16/1976p5
W. J. Virgin Broadcasting: see KMED
Virgin's Radio Service: MT11/6/1922p3, MT10/17/1923p6, CP12/10/1926p3
Vivo Centre Medical Lab: MT1/13/1980
Vogue Beauty Salon, 17 N. Fir: MT5/25/1970p1
Volume Shoe Co., Black Oak Shopping Center: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Voorhies Orchards: MM11/8/1901p6, MM8/31/1906p5
G. Voorhies Packing Co.: MM9/13/1910p8, SM1927p8
Vrooman, Miller & Co., drugs and hardware: ST3/13/1888p2; dissolves: ST3/13/1888p3
Waffle Inn, S. Central: to open: MT6/4/1931p2
Wagner Butte Orchards: MM8/21/1908p1
Wagon Wheel, Griffin Creek Rd.: MT6/1/1945p9
Wainscott's Drug Store, 400 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p, MN8/18/1950p2
Frank W. Wait Stone Yard, monuments: MM5/11/1900p1
J. W. Wakefield Real Estate, 107 E. Main: MT1/1/1914pD3, MT1/1/1928pH8
Wayne Wakefield Drapery Shop, 321 E. Sixth: MT7/12/1955p1; 1100 Crater Lake Ave.: MT11/16/1955p1
Wal-Mart: MT7/18/1993pE1, MT9/25/1993pB3, MT4/22/2003
Walden Bros. Cider: MT11/24/1930p8; 1766 N. Riverside: MT2/24/1939p11
Walden's Grocery Store: CP3/3/1932p4, CP8/11/1932p3
Waldo Confectionery & Fruit Store, N. Riverside: MT11/4/1924p8
Waldroop & Karnes: see Crater Saloon
Walker & Hicks stone yard: to open: MM6/1/1900p7; Sixth & Front: MM8/17/1900p7, MM10/12/1900p7
A. W. Walker Auto Co., Niedermeyer Building, S. Fir: MM5/1/1908pp1,5, MM8/20/1909p2; Eighth & Fir: MT7/22/1916p2, MS7/23/1916p4; 42-44 S. Fir: MS11/26/1916p6, MT12/3/1917p3; 123-127 W. Main: MT4/29/1918p4, MT1/3/1919p2, MT8/12/1919pp4,5, MS5/2/1920p5; just moved to West Side Stables: MT2/12/1921p6, MT7/18/1927p1
A. W. Walker Real Estate: MN10/20/1939p3; 427 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7, MN8/18/1950p2
Clark Walker Realty, 1765 Stewart: MN8/18/1950p2
Verl G. Walker Co., 205 W. Jackson and 617 N. Holly: to open: MT11/17/1965pD6, MT11/19/1965pB5
Walker the Weeper: see Crater Lake Motors, 1948+; MT3/22/1968pD7
Walker's Ballroom: see Dreamland Ballroom
Walker's Variety Store: MN9/3/1948p8
C. H. Wallace & Sons, brickmasons: MM9/7/1889p2
Wallie's Cafe, 1236 N. Riverside
Walmart north: MT7/4/2013p9; reto open: MT9/11/2013p8
Walnut addition: MM11/27/1908p5, MM12/11/1908p6, MM12/14/1908p6
Walt's Radio & Electric Co., 409 E. Main: MN8/11/1950p7(2), MN8/18/1950p2
Montgomery Ward, S. Central: MN9/2/1928p2, MT9/13/1928pp1,3,4, MT9/14/1928p1, MN9/14/1928p1, MT9/17/1928p8, MT12/12/1928p3, MT12/31/1928, MN10/7/1930p5, MT10/6/1933, MT8/19/1934p7, MN12/4/1936p1, MT1/2/1938p6, MN8/13/1948, MN9/16/1949p1, SM1950p14, SM1950p25, MT11/15/1981, MT8/31/1981, MT12/29/2000p1
The Wardrobe, 107 W. Main: to open: MM10/23/1908p2; Farmers & Fruitgrowers Bank Bldg.: MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB11, MT6/18/1910, MS12/18/1912p6, MT6/10/1915p2
E. N. Warner, grocer: MM10/12/1906p5
L. B. Warner, nurseryman: MM3/2/1894p3, MT11/8/1909p8
M. O. Warner, piano tuner: MM7/26/1901p7, MM8/2/1901p6, MM2/28/1902p7
Warner & Davis, grocers: dissolved: MM4/21/1905p4; see Double Front Grocery
Warner & Wortman, grocers: buy G. L. Davis' store; move to E. Main: MM4/26/1901p7, MM5/3/1901p6, MM5/10/1901p6, MM6/7/1901p6, MM1/31/1902p7, MM7/26/1907p5
Warner, Wortman & Gore Grocery, 307-309 E. Main: see also Wortman & Gore, Double Front Grocery; forms: MM7/17/1908p1, MM12/4/1908p1, MSM5/1909, MT1/2/1910pB5, MT11/4/1910p8, MS3/1/1911p1, MW4/17/1913p2
Warren Construction Co.: MM6/12/1908p1, MM7/10/1908p5, MM10/16/1908p1, MM11/13/1908p4, MM1/15/1909p6, MM1/29/1909p2, MM2/26/1909p6, SO10/27/1909p7, MT1/1/1914pE2
Waschau Bros. Billiard Parlor: W. Main: MM8/24/1906p5
Waschau Bros. Jewelers, Jacksonville: MM7/28/1893p1; Hotel Moore: MM8/31/1906p5
Washburn Orchards: MT2/25/1910p2
Washington Store: MN9/4/1936p2
Lee Watkins Co. Feed Store, 397 S. Front: MT9/27/1913p2, MT4/9/1915p2; closing: MT3/21/1924pB2, AT10/4/1924p4
Watkins Firestone Service, 9th & Riverside: MT12/10/1931p1
Waucoma Inn, N. Pacific Hwy. between Owen-Oregon and Howard School: opening: TA6/16/1933p2
Wayne Pacific Distributing Co.: chartered: MT8/14/1910p12, MW8/18/1910p2
Wayside Studios, Jacksonville Hwy. "one-quarter mile past Oak Grove School," Opal Dunham Perrault: MT11/19/1934p3
Weary's Saloon, Front St.: CH9/12/1907p4; closed: MM8/6/1909p2; sold: MM8/20/1909p5, MM8/27/1909p3, MM9/3/1909p2
Webb & Carlson Paints, 221 W. 6th: MN6/20/1941p2
G. L. Webb: sells Racket Store: MM12/7/1900p7
I. A. Webb Furniture & Undertaking: MM9/7/1889p2, MM5/28/1897p3, MM5/11/1900p1, MM11/23/1900p7, MM12/7/1900p7, MM4/5/1901p6, MM4/26/1901p7; sold to Hollis & Welch, see Medford Furniture Co.: MM9/13/1901p7, MM9/20/1901p7; see Medford Furniture Co.
Weeks & Baker, furniture/undertakers: MM6/5/1903p7, MM10/5/1906p1
Weeks & McGowan furniture/undertaking, W. Main: MM12/13/1907p5, TR12/16/1907p3, MM2/26/1909p1, MM12/27/1907p9, MT1/2/1910pB9, MW8/18/1910p6, MS1/8/1911p7, MT1/22/1911pB4, MS2/18/1911p2, MS5/11/1911p1, MS7/6/1911p4, MW2/15/1912p3, MT1/1/1914p4; McGowan bought out by Orr: MT3/2/1920p2, MT8/11/1953p5, MT7/25/1984p2
Weeks & Orr Furniture, 114 W. Main: MT3/2/1920p2, MT11/7/1922p6, CP5/6/1926p7, MN2/3/1931p6, CP3/14/1935p3, MT8/11/1953p5, MT1/11/1959p12, MT10/9/1969p1, MT5/25/1970p1, MT2/18/1971, MT1/6/1974ppC4-5, MT1/9/1977p7, MT7/25/1984p2
Weeks Bros.: MM12/1/1893p3, MM1/26/1894p3, MM2/16/1894p3, MT8/11/1953p5, MT1/11/1959, MT7/25/1984p2
Weeks-Conger Funeral Directors: Conger buys out Weeks & Orr: MT11/7/1922p6
Henry Weinhard Brewery: MM8/24/1906p5, SM1907p4, MM3/15/1907p1, MM4/5/1907p5, MM4/12/1907p5, MM7/5/1907p1, TR1/18/1909p1, MS1/17/1911p1, SM1911p9, MS8/17/1912p1, MS10/27/1912p5, closed due to prohibition: MT5/20/1915p8, OR5/23/1915p9
Weisfield's, 122 E. Main: opens tomorrow: MT9/20/1955p7, MT7/21/1969p8
Wellness Pharmacy: MT2/20/2015pB6
William Weisser carriage and sign painting, Barnum Bldg.: MM9/18/1908p5
A. S. Wells, sand and gravel: residence 334 N. Apple
Wells Fargo Bank: MT8/14/2003pB1
Wells, Fargo Express Co.: in Cox-Perry warehouse: MM6/29/1900p7, MM10/18/1907p1, MM11/22/1907p5, MM1/17/1908p5, MW1/12/1911p5, SM1911p15
Wendle, Loosley & Co. skating rink: see Medford Skating Rink
West Jackson Grocery: MM10/22/1909p3
West Main Pharmacy, 2355 Jacksonville Hwy.: MT12/31/1964p12, MT10/18/1965p1
West Side Blacksmith Shop: bought by H. N. Marcy: MM4/18/1902p3
West Side Evaporator: see Lozier
West Side Furniture: MM12/5/1902p6
West Side Grocery: opens: MM8/3/1900p7, MM9/14/1900p6, MM10/19/1900pp6,7; sold: MM3/8/1901p7, leased: MM4/26/1901p6; sold: MM9/27/1901p7; sold to T. J. Goodwyn: MM11/29/1901p7; Hotel Moore: MM8/31/1906p5; 114 W. Main: MT12/9/1909p6
West Side Hotel: MM4/12/1907p5
West Side Livery Stable, 29 S. Grape: MM8/24/1906p5, SM1907p8, MM2/8/1907p4, MM1/24/1908p2, MM9/4/1908p6, MM10/29/1908p5, MSM4/1909p21, MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB7, MS2/19/1911p8, MS12/30/1911p1, JP5/3/1913p3, JP5/24/1913p3, MT1/1/1914pB5, MT7/17/1977pC1
West Side Market: MM12/28/1906p5, MT11/28/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB11, MT9/26/1910p8, MW9/29/1910p1, MS12/16/1910p1, MS1/31/1911p6; purchased by E. R. Peck: MT11/12/1912p3, MS11/12/1912p6, MT8/1/1917p4, MN12/29/1928p4
West Side Pharmacy, 206 W. Main: open: MT1/20/1910p8, MT11/12/1917pp7,8, MT4/28/1920p8, AT9/11/1929p6, MN6/27/1941p2, MN1/31/1947p1
West Side Radio & Television Service, 627 N. Central: CP2/12/1953p17
West Side Restaurant, near the Cox-Perry warehouse: opens: MM1/11/1901p7
Westerlund Orchard Co.: MM7/2/1909p5, MM7/16/1909p5, MM7/23/1909p1, MM8/20/1909p6, MT9/5/1916p2, MN7/22/1927p8
Western Auto Stores, Main & Riverside: MT3/5/1925pp5,6, MT1/2/1927pE1, AA3/11/1927p1, MT3/13/1927pB6, MT1/1/1928pB4; 101 S. Riverside: MT12/20/1931p3, MN12/20/1931p8, MT1/1/1932p6, MT12/7/1933p9, MT1/15/1934p3, MT2/4/1934p9, MN7/21/1950p5, MT8/4/1950p2; 25 S. Riverside: MT8/26/1959p11
Western Bank: MT2/26/1992pB1, MT7/18/1993pE1
Western Bonding & Investment Co.: MS2/2/1911p1
Western Business College: see Medford Business College
Western Coal Co.: MM1/22/1909p1, MM4/9/1909p1, MW2/15/1912p2
Western Detectives, Table Rock Rd.: CP10/20/1949p9
Western Fruit Co.: MN6/9/1950p1
Western Hotel: MM1/29/1887p7
Western Oil & Burner: MN9/28/1945p4, MN8/11/1950p7(2)
Western Oregon Orchard Co.: MM5/11/1906p5, MM9/21/1906p1, MM9/6/1907p1, MM12/20/1907p2, MM6/26/1908p4, MM12/11/1908p5, MM4/30/1909p5, MM5/21/1909p2, MT1/2/1910pB9, OR4/19/1910p20, MT5/22/1910p8
Western States Grocery, Eleventh and Fir: MT2/18/1936pp5-7, MN4/22/1936p1
Western States Insurance: MT2/20/2009
Western States Produce Co.: open: TA2/21/1936p1, MN4/22/1936p1
Western Thrift: MN6/12/1935p1, MN10/1/1937, MN12/10/1937p6, MN11/18/1938p4, MN5/30/1941p3
Western Union: MM7/31/1908p4, MM8/27/1909p5, CH12/15/1910p1, MS1/3/1911p1, SM1911p18, MS1/1/1913p1, MT8/8/1919p2
Westover Cattery: MT9/25/1910p14, MT1/30/1913p6
Weter & Olsen Service Station, 1258 S. Riverside: CP2/12/1953p14
What Not Confectionery, Sixth & Ivy; 322 or 332 W. Sixth: MT2/26/1934p1, MN12/11/1936pB1, MT7/12/1940p4, MN9/6/1946p1
Wheeler Apartments: CP1/9/1941p4
Whetsel & Bowman Barber Shop: MS4/9/1915p6
Whetsel Music Co.: MT1/2/1910pB8, MT11/20/1910pB6, MS2/17/1911p1, MS2/19/1911p1; bought by L. C. Flagg: MS9/5/1912p1
Whidden cigar and fruit stand, S. Fir: MM4/9/1909p2
The Whistle Stop Cafe, 226 N. Front: MN10/17/1947p7, MT5/28/1951p9, MT3/5/1957p1
White & Jacobs: MM8/17/1900p7
White & Scott Roller Skating Rink, Davis Opera House: MM10/12/1906p5, MM10/19/1906p5
White & Trowbridge Real Estate: MM4/26/1907p2, MT1/2/1910pB4
J. F. White Confectionery: opens: MM10/26/1900p7; sold to F. M. Wilson and D. B. Russell: MM1/10/1902p7; see Russell & Wilson Confectionery
White Elephant Saloon: MM9/18/1908p1
White, Harbaugh & Co., grocers: MM6/15/1900p6, MM7/13/1900p7, MM8/17/1900p7
E. R. White Machinery Co.: just moved to 38-42 S. Fir: MT4/18/1930p6, CP3/3/1932p4
E. R. White Hydraulics: CP4/29/1937p2
John F. White, Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines: MM9/7/1900p7, MM10/19/1900p7, MM1/17/1902p6
White Sewing Machine Co.: MT1/1/1928pF4
White Velvet Ice Cream Co., "The Dairy," 322 E. Main: to open: MT10/29/1915p2, MT11/12/1915p2, MT12/17/1915p2, MT3/20/1916p2
W. A. Whitelaw Candy Co.: MT10/12/1929p2, MR6/3/1932p1
Whiteman Motor Appliance Co., "over the Valley Garage": MT9/23/1913p2, MT1/2/1914p4
Ed. Whiteside, steam wood saw: MM12/13/1901p7
Whiteside & Cook: dissolved: MM1/24/1908p5
J. H. Whitman, abstractor: MM5/28/1897p6
Whitman & Harrison, Medford Book Store: dissolved: MM7/12/1901p7
Whitman Orchard: MM3/23/1906p5, MT4/4/1910p4
J. A. Whitman Packing House: SM1893p3
Arthur E. Whitman Pharmacy: see Eagle Pharmacy
J. A. Whitman Studebaker: MM5/28/1897p6, sold: MM4/22/1898p7
J. W. Whitney Electric, 211 W. Main: MT12/9/1909p6, MT1/2/1910pB9
Wholesale Stores, Pottenger Bldg.: to open: MT1/4/1929p4
Wicker Workshop, Cobblestone Village: opened: MT11/19/1984p3
Lafayette W. Wiggin, veterinarian: obit: MM9/27/1901p6
The Wigwam, Main and Oakdale: MT12/3/1909p5, MT12/21/1909p6
Wild Birds Unlimited, Crater Lake Ave.: reopening at 987 Medford Center: MT8/10/2015p5
Wiley & Eads, second hand: forms: MM1/11/1901p7
N. J. Wiley & Son Construction: MN6/27/1941p2
J. T. Wiley, second hand, West Medford: opens: MM8/3/1900p7, MM9/7/1900p7, MM10/5/1900p7
Ed. Wilkinson, meat market: MM10/19/1900p6
Willeke addition: MM3/3/1905p1
Willy's Cheese & Wine: MT10/24/1980p37
Williams & Orser, livery stable: forms: MM2/5/1897p7
Paul A. Williams earthmoving: CP2/12/1953p13
R. V. Williams Real Estate: MT1/1/1928ppA5,H8
Williams Bros., livery: MM5/28/1897p6
Williams & Karns Real Estate, 402 E. Main: open: MT7/9/1926p5
Wilson & Cattanach's Cigar Store: MM6/8/1906p5
Wilson & Hunsaker, blacksmiths: dissolved: DT11/14/1898p2
Wilson & MItchell, blacksmiths: dissolved: MM10/10/1902p2
Wilson & Russell's Rialto: MM3/28/1902p6
E. M. Wilson Accounting Service: MN10/13/1939p2
Frank Wilson Bakery: see Vienna Bakery; sold to Patty & Litchfield: MM2/1/1901p6
F. M. Wilson, cigars and confectionery, "near the post office": MM5/28/1897p3; Kurtz building: MM11/22/1901p7, MM1/17/1902p6, MM7/14/1905p5, MM6/8/1906p5, MM11/5/1908p2, MT1/2/1910pB6
F. M. Wilson, restaurant, former pork market: MM5/9/1902p6
H. F. Wilson second hand, Barnum Bldg., 34 S. Fir: MM9/18/1908p5; 323 E. Main: MT12/9/1909p6; 38 S. Fir: MT3/19/1912p6
J. R. Wilson, blacksmith, Eighth & Central: MM3/1/1901p7, MM4/26/1901p7, MM6/7/1901p6; rented by Charlie Paine: MM1/3/1902p7; closed: MM12/8/1905p5; MM3/8/1907p5
J. R. Wilson, groceries and feed, Wilson Bldg.: to open: MM3/7/1902p7; sold to J. L. Demmer: MM12/5/1902p6
O. N. Wilson second hand, S. Central: MT7/10/1914p2
Will H. Wilson, 106 N. Front: MT12/8/1911p9, MT2/29/1912p2; 126-134 N. Front: moved: MT12/20/1912p6, MS12/20/1912p2, MS12/22/1912p13, MT1/16/1913p6, MT1/1/1914pC5, MT3/25/1914p2, MT10/14/1914p3, MT1/1/1915pD3, MT2/17/1916p2; S.Front: MT3/3/1916p2; closing: MT8/13/1919p3; 32 N. Front: MT11/13/1923p6, MT4/7/1925p2; closing: MT6/17/1926p5, MN12/4/1930p2, MN12/9/1930p7, CP10/23/1931p4; 217 W. Main: MN1/14/1932p8; bankrupt: MT3/21/1933p2
Wilson Auditing Co.: MT1/1/1928pH4
Bruce Wilson Orchard: MM9/13/1910p8
Wilson-McCabe Refrigerating Co., 301 N. Fir: RT12/14/1956p3
Wilson's Camera Shop: MN2/22/1951p3
Frank M. Wilson Cigar Store, Sixth & Central: MM6/21/1907p5
Wilson's Opera House: MM7/18/1902p6, MM7/25/1902p6, MM6/23/1905, SM1907p9, MW6/22/1911p1, MS8/3/1912p2, MW10/17/1912p2, MS1/1/1913p1
Wilson's Restaurant: MN10/15/1937pB2
Mrs. Wilson's Restaurant, 42 S. Central: MM5/3/1901p7, MM3/1/1907p5, MM3/8/1907p5; closed: MM4/5/1907p5
Windsor Rooming House, W. Main: OR12/2/1900p15, MT7/31/1914p2
Wineland Beauty Parlor, Medford Hotel: AT9/11/1929p6, CP2/16/1933p1, CP9/7/1933p4
Joseph Winans Furniture: MT2/21/1991p16
Windsor Lodging House, "next door to post office": MM12/28/1900p7, MM2/1/1901p6, MM6/21/1901p6, MM8/2/1901p7
Charles A. Wing Agency, real estate: CP10/22/1926p4; 18 N. Front: MT10/24/1926p3, CP11/19/1926p3, MT1/1/1928pH5; reorganized: MN5/13/1931p10, MN9/19/1933p1, MT4/4/1934, CP4/12/1934p3; name changed to Mark A. Goldy, Inc.: MT7/10/1938p10
E. F. Winkler, shoemaker, W. Medford: MM1/24/1902p7
Winkler & Martin: MM10/5/1906p1
Winston's, Poplar Square: to open: MT11/19/1984p3
G. C. Wirth (photographer), Hamlin Block: MM2/23/1894p3, MM3/2/1894p2, MM4/20/1894p3
Witham's Restaurant: to close Feb. 6: MT1/26/2019p3
Witham's Service Station, Eighth & Riverside: MN5/22/1928p2, MT9/7/1928p4, MN9/14/1928ppB1-B7, MN8/11/1933; 109 E. Main: MN6/7/1935p4; 2339-2343 Biddle: open: MT3/13/1966pB6, MT3/15/1966p3, MT3/17/1966p9, MT8/29/1982pE3, MT3/23/1989pD4,D15; 50th anniversary: MT4/19/2015pB1
Witham's Truck Stop, 2339 Biddle: MT8/29/1982pE3
W. D. Withrow Tree Service, 247 Berrydale: CP10/20/1949p11
Wold & Wold Real Estate, N. Riverside: open: MT1/1/1928pG3, MT4/14/1929p6
E. S. Wolfer, tinsmith, acetylene lamp mfr., plumber: MM9/28/1900p4, MM11/30/1900p7, MM2/8/1901p7, MM2/15/1901p6, MM4/12/1901p7, MM4/26/1901p6; E. Main: MM5/10/1901p6, MM5/17/1901pp3,6; "building near the bridge" MM5/24/1901p7, MM8/23/1901p7, MM9/13/1901p6, MM9/20/1901p7, MM10/25/1901p7, MM1/10/1902p7, MM1/24/1902p2, MM2/21/1902p6, MM3/28/1902p7
Wolfley Orchards: MT6/28/1927p6
C. W. Wolters, baker and confectioner, Main: ST3/13/1888p4, MM9/7/1889p4; grocer: MM5/28/1897p3, MW5/30/1912p6
Wolters & Howard, grocers: dissolved: EY10/26/1899p3
Wolverton Real Estate Co., Jackson County Bank Bldg.: MSM5/1909
Woman's Exchange: MT8/9/1919p2
Wonder Department Store, 315 E. Main: MM7/30/1909p3, MT1/2/1910pB10, MS3/1/1911p1, MS6/25/1911p2, JP3/7/1914p3; closed: MT7/23/1919p2
Wood & Eccles Barber Shop: MT10/24/1912p2
Wood & Messner Real Estate, S. Central: MT3/7/1914p2
D. R. Wood Real Estate: MT1/1/1914pC5
J. B. Wood Real Estate: MT1/2/1910pB4
Woodbury Medford Hardware Co., 703 S. Grape: opens: MT10/1/1951p1, MT5/25/1952p11
Wooden Shoe Restaurant: see Hotel Holland Coffee Shop
A. M. Woodford Feed Store, Halley Block: MM3/8/1901p6, MM10/4/1901p7
A. M. Woodford Shoe Store, "opposite post office": MM10/4/1901p7, MM10/18/1901p6
Woodlawn Orchard: SR10/22/1910p4, MT7/2/1911p5
Woods Drug Store: MN12/20/1935pp4,8
Wallace Woods Lumber Co., Ninth & Fir: SM1898p5; incorporation: MM9/8/1905p5, SM1907p11, MM11/13/1908p4, MM1/22/1909p1, MT12/9/1909p6, CH11/10/1910p2, SM1911p18, SM1927p68, MN9/1/1933p1, CP5/17/1934pp2,3, MN6/27/1941p2
Isaac Woolf, grocer: ST3/13/1888p2
Woolverton & Gammill, cabinetmakers: MT6/3/1927pB8
Woolverton addition: MM8/20/1909p5
F. W. Woolworth's, 125 E. Main: to open: MT8/23/1917p6, MT4/14/1925p7, CP5/13/1926p3, MT1/2/1938p7, MN4/25/1949p1, MN7/7/1950p1, MN7/14/1950p1, MT7/9/1950, MT3/26/1967, MT8/9/1981pB1, MT7/17/1988pC1, MT7/24/1988, MT7/17/1993
Workingman's Store, 45 S. Front: closing: MN11/24/1927p2
World Wide Camera Store, Medford Shopping Center: opened last week: MT9/2/1965p6
Edwin Worman's Livery Stable: SM1888p1, SM1890p1, SM1893p2
Worthmore's 5-10-15-$ Store: CP9/17/1936p1
Wortman & Gore Grocery, Medynski Bldg.: MM9/14/1894p1; S. Central: MM4/1/1904p5, MM8/18/1905p5, MM8/9/1907p2; see also Warner, Wortman & Gore
Wrisley & Miller, real estate: (John S. Wrisley, J. S. Miller) ST3/13/1888p2
Dan Wuille & Co. (D.W.C.), S. Front: MT9/10/1921p11
Wurts Gift Shop, 101 N. Central: MT7/2/1930; to open: MT8/1/1930p5
Wylie's Honey Brews: MT1/29/2015p5
Wyoa Orchards: MS5/9/1915p5
Y Club: MT11/12/1950p19
Yardage Shop, 410 E. Main: RT7/15/1955pp5,11
Ye Nifty Apparel Shop, 217 W. Main: MS8/27/1911p8, MS8/29/1911p6
Yeager's Grocery, Crater Lake Ave.: MN10/7/1930p3
Yellow Cab, 15 S. Central: MT9/2/1934p9, MT8/27/1936p1, CP6/8/1944p3
Yick So Herb Co.: MT5/27/1942p8
YMCA: MM3/12/1909p2, MN8/21/1942p1, MN10/6/1944p1, MN5/9/1947p5, MT5/29/1948, MN2/25/1949p1, MN3/4/1949p1, MN4/25/1949p1, MN5/6/1949p1, MN5/9/1949, MN5/27/1949p1, MN4/28/1950p1, MN6/23/1950p1, MN9/22/1950p1, MN2/8/1951p1, MT1/18/1959, MT3/18/1993pC13
W. T. York & Co. Real Estate: MM1/29/1909p7, MT1/2/1910pB8; N. Fir: MT5/1/1911p5
C. F. Young & J. C. Hall Saloon, Palm-Bodge Block: to open: MM12/5/1902p7, MM12/12/1902p2; purchased by J. R. Ryan: MT3/27/1910p5, MW11/10/1910p7
Young's Beauty Shop: MN2/10/1939p2
Young's Drug Store: MN12/20/1935pp4,8, MN6/15/1945p1
Young's Garage, 33 S. Bartlett: MT8/2/1919p3; sold to Robinson & Meyer: MT7/10/1927p3; 112-116 N. Front: MT3/2/1930p3, MT3/30/1955p5, CP2/12/1953p1; sold to R. Keith Schulz: MT3/30/1955pB5
Young's Hardware, Main & Grape: sold: MN5/22/1927p2, MT5/22/1927p4, MT6/7/1927p2; see Browne's Hardware
D. S. Young's second hand, N. Central just north of Sixth: MM3/24/1893p3
Walt Young's Stationery, 210 E. Main: MN6/16/1950p7, MT2/10/1969p1, MT2/11/1969pB1
Mel Younger Appliance Co.: MT7/12/1955p1
Your Beauty Shop: MN1/9/1948p4
Your Office Boy, 113-115 W. Main: MT3/20/1927p2, JT5/5/1977p10
YWCA: MT11/18/1919p6, SM1927p12
Zero Club Cafe, across from Big Y: MN8/28/1942p3; declared off-limits: MT12/18/1942p10, MN11/10/1944p3
Zack's Appliance: MN10/11/1946p6
Zahn Candy Factory, Phipps Bldg.: MM3/30/1894p3; opens: MM4/13/1894p3
Zale's Jewelers: MT8/30/1962pD8

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AT: Ashland Tidings
AW: Ashland Weekly Tidings
CL: Medford Clarion
CP: Central Point American
CH: Central Point Herald
CW: Camp White Grenade
EN: Medford Enquirer
EY: Southern Oregon Eye
FG: Rogue River Fruit Grower
GH: Gold Hill News
GP: Grants Pass Courier
JM: Jacksonville Miner
JN: Jackson County News
JP: Jacksonville Post
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