The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

My Mining Pages

Millions of words must have been published about Southern Oregon mines and mining during its golden age--which may explain why I have so few pages:

Mining Laws
The first thing the miners would do is set up the rules.

Mining Claims 1860, 1869-72
A transcription of two volumes of Jackson County mining claim notices found in the collection of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.  collection MSS62455, shelving number MMC-1189.

Mining Index 1899-1932
An index to hundreds of magazine articles about Southern Oregon mines. The articles are online and also to be found locally, on photocopies at the Southern Oregon Historical Society Research Library in Medford, the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society Library, and at the Josephine County Historical Society.

News from the Mines
Hundreds of news reports from the mines, 1851-1870, 1871-1890, 1891-1897, 1898-1905, 1906-1957.

Gold Discovery, Jackson County
Conflicting, early articles about the discovery of gold in what would become Jackson County.

Gold Discovery, Josephine County
Conflicting, early articles about the discovery of gold in what would become Josephine County.

Gold Mining in Southern Oregon
How they found it, and how they dug it out.

Gin Lin
Greatest of the Southern Oregon Chinese mine bosses.

Prentice Mulford
He wasn't a Rogue Valley pioneer, but this is an introspective view into the life, mind and work of an 1850s miner.

Pocket Hunting
How to.

Beach Sands
How to and how not to.

Bert Kissinger
Recorder of mining legends.

Paved with Gold
Southern Oregon streets were once paved with gold ore, and Jacksonville residents found it in their back yards.

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