Southern Oregon
Mining Index, 1899-1932

An Index to Articles on Mines, Mining and Miners in Southwestern Oregon

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Last revised June 23, 2007

Notes on the Index:
This index contains references to:

in Southwestern Oregon for the years 1899-1929, taken from the pages of the Salt Lake Mining Review, Salt Lake City, Utah, recently digitized by the University of Utah and placed online at: (or search “Utah Digital Newspapers”). References below to the Salt Lake Mining Review (SLMR) take the following format:  5/30/1904pp11,17; referring to articles beginning on pages 11 and 17 of the May 30, 1904 issue. There will often be more than one appearance of a reference in the article indexed.

I've extended the years covered by this index to 1932 by also indexing articles transcribed from The Mining Journal, Phoenix, Arizona, currently posted on the Nevada Nugget Hunters Forum internet web site: (or search "Nevada Nugget Hunters"). References below to the TMJ take the following format:  tmj10/15/1929, referring to the article from October 15, 1929, page number unknown.

Only references to Southwestern Oregon mining have been indexed; I have not indexed information about mining elsewhere in Oregon.

Notes on the Articles:
For ease of reference (and in case the SLMR and TMJ should disappear from the internet), I have printed out hard copies of the articles referred to, which total nearly 600 pages. I no longer personally own a set of those pages, but sets are maintained in the collections of the Southern Oregon Historical Society, the Josephine County Historical Society, the Talent Historical Society, and the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society. Should it become necessary, please contact them to arrange for copies.

The references below are not, by any means, all the information about Oregon miners and mining to be found in the pages of the Salt Lake Mining Review. Much more will be found in the monthly columns titled "General Items," "Personal Mention," "Engineers and Millmen," "Dips, Spurs and Angles," "Mine and Smelter Building," "Notes on the Oil Industry," "Mining in the West," "New Incorporations," and "Trade Notes," as well as in the advertising. I've compiled this index as an overview of Southern Oregon mining; for more in-depth research, refer to the original publications.

Ben Truwe
Medford, Oregon

Do not trust the initials or the spellings of the names in this index.
Abundant name confusions have been revealed during compilation. For instance, the August 30, 1905 issue of the SLMR asserts on page 6 that the Ajax Mine is owned by William and Robert Virtue, but on page 21 of the same issue their names are now R. Williams and R. G. Virtue. The O.S. Goodnow and O.L. Goodnough indexed below are probably the same person, but what are we to make of Al, A.B., A.H., and A.S. Cousin? Either the four of them took turns managing the Galice Consolidated Mines, or they're all the same man. When such confusions arise, I've occasionally felt confident enough to correct a misspelling, but in most cases, as with Mr. Cousin's, I'm left with no choice but to index all the variations.


410 Canyon: 8/15/1907p20

Ada: 11/30/1903p9; 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1904pp11,16

Adams, Henry: 11/30/1906p19

Adams, J. H.: 4/15/1907p20; 8/15/1907p20

Adams, John C.: 1/15/1906p4

Adams, John G.: 11/30/1903p16

Adams, R. G.: 10/30/1918p37

Adams, Spencer G.: 3/30/1903p11; 11/30/1903p16; 10/30/1905p21; 1/15/1906p4

Ady: 9/30/1904p14; 9/30/1905p19

Afterthought: 9/30/1911p11

Agness: tmj3/30/1931

Ajax: 3/15/1903p5; 3/30/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 8/30/1904p8; 1/15/1905p1; 1/30/1905p19; 2/15/1905p21; 8/30/1905pp6,21; 9/15/1905p19

Albany Commercial Club: 12/15/1908p19

Alder Gulch: 11/15/1904p12

Aldridge, H. L.: 6/15/1908p24

Alexander & Bent: 8/15/1900p14; 9/30/1900p18

Alice: 12/15/1905p20; 12/30/1905p8; 3/30/1907p19; 12/30/1907p21; 1/15/1908p21

Alkali Lake: 5/15/1916p35; 9/15/1916p34

Allen: 4/30/1904pp11,16; 5/15/1904p9; 2/28/1905p21

Allen Gulch: 7/15/1925p16

Allen, C. M.: 5/15/1906p20

Allen, E. W.: 11/30/1918p37

Allen, John R.: 6/30/1904p13; 12/30/1904p9

Allen, Oren: 10/15/1905p6

Almeda: 11/30/1903p9; 1/30/1904p15; 3/30/1904p11; 8/30/1904p8; 1/30/1905p7; 9/15/1905p5; 12/30/1905p8; 1/30/1906p22; 11/30/1908p14; 1/30/1910p22; 5/30/1911p20; 11/15/1911p10; 9/30/1913p18; 9/30/1915p25; 8/30/1916p34; 12/15/1916p34; 3/30/1918p41; 3/30/1926p22; tmj10/15/1929

Almeda Consolidated Mining Co.: 9/15/1905p5; 11/15/1911p10

Almeda Mining Co.: 3/30/1904p11; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9; 5/30/1905p20; 3/15/1910p19; 3/30/1911p24; 8/30/1916p34; 2/15/1917p34; 3/30/1918p41; 3/15/1920p38; 9/30/1925p22

Alta Vista: tmj4/15/1929

Alta: 8/30/1911p10

Althouse Creek: 9/30/1900p18; 2/15/1903p2; 3/30/1903p13; 6/30/1904p8; 4/15/1905p21; 8/30/1910p22; tmj7/15/1930

Alto: 4/15/1905p21

Amalgamated Copper Co.: 4/15/1905p9

Ament, M. C.: 5/30/1904pp11,17; 2/28/1905p12; 9/30/1905p5; 4/15/1906p8

Ament, W. C.: 12/30/1904p9

American Exploration & Development Co.: 9/15/1918p38

American Gold Fields Co.: 3/30/1903p13; 4/15/1903p13; 8/15/1903p12; 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1903p10; 11/15/1903p7; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904p15; 2/29/1904p23; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 5/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p12; 10/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 12/15/1904p3; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 6/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905p6; 11/30/1906p12; 2/28/1907p19; 12/15/1907p6; 10/15/1911p23

American Smelting & Refining Co.: 9/15/1925p15; 3/30/1926p22; 5/15/1927p10; tmj10/15/1929

American Soda Deposits Co.: 5/15/1916p35

American Soda Products Co.: 9/15/1916p34

American Tobacco Co.: 9/15/1903p9

Anderson: see Wilson; 8/30/1921p16

Anderson Bros.: 7/30/1925p12

Anderson, E. W.: 11/30/1903p16

Anderson, J. P.: 8/30/1909p18

Anderson, M. J.: 11/15/1914p26

Anderson, T. M.: 8/15/1915p23

Andrus, Maj. D. R.: 3/15/1906p6

Ankeny, F. E.: 3/30/1905p8

Ankeny, H. E.: 3/30/1905p8

Ankeny, Levi: 3/30/1905p8

Antimony: 10/15/1917p38

Applegate: 5/30/1903p12; 7/30/1903p9; 8/15/1903p12; 8/30/1903p7; 11/30/1903p9; 2/29/1904p14; 3/15/1904p18; 4/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904pp8,13; 8/30/1904p8; 9/30/1904p12; 10/30/1904p12; 1/30/1905p7; 2/28/1905p5; 3/15/1905p16; 3/30/1905p8; 4/15/1905p9; 4/30/1905p7; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8; 8/30/1905p6; 9/30/1905p5; 11/30/1905p9; 3/30/1906pp13,19,22; 4/15/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 7/30/1908p24; 5/15/1910p20; 3/30/1912p16; 5/30/1916p37; 8/30/1916p27; 12/30/1916p34; 10/15/1917p38; 9/15/1918p38; 3/15/1919p37; 8/15/1919p38; 8/30/1924p18; 8/15/1925p23; 9/15/1925p15; 12/15/1925p17; 1/30/1926p20; 3/30/1926p22; 1/15/1927p23; tmj10/15/1929; tmj1/30/1931

Applegate (town): 2/28/1905p21; 9/30/1911p11; 1/30/1926p20

Applegate Mines, Inc.: tmj1/30/1931

Applegate, Peter: 12/30/1907p3

Archer: 4/15/1903p13

Argo: 11/30/1907p20; 1/30/1910p22; 4/30/1926p12; tmj7/15/1930

Armitage, B. M.: 2/15/1905p21; 11/15/1905p22

Arnold, C. E.: 10/30/1925p21

Arrastras: 10/15/1900p13; 12/30/1902p35; 3/15/1903p5; 2/15/1904p18; 5/30/1904p11; 2/15/1905pp7,11,21; 2/28/1905p21; 6/30/1905p23; 9/15/1905p8; 9/30/1905p19

Arrowsmith, Randel: 11/15/1919p38

Arrowsmith, Roy: 11/15/1919p38

Artell, H. C.: 4/30/1904p16

Asbestos: 4/15/1904p6; 11/30/1904p9; 3/30/1905p21; tmj3/30/1929

Ashland: 1/15/1905p1; 8/30/1905p6; 3/30/1906p22; 4/15/1906p22; 3/30/1907p19; 10/30/1907p20; 11/15/1909p19; 9/30/1910p21; 3/30/1912p16; 8/15/1919p38; 12/15/1925p17; 12/30/1925p22; tmj3/30/1929; tmj6/15/1930; tmj3/30/1931

Ashland (mine): tmj6/15/1930; tmj3/30/1931

Ashland Creek: 3/15/1905p21

Ashland Mining Office: 12/30/1907p3

Atlantic Ore & Alloys Co.: 2/15/1918p38; 3/15/1918p39

Aubrey, A.: 12/30/1916p34

B. C. Pratt & Co.: 10/15/1906p19

Babbitt, K. R.: 1/15/1904p17

Babcock, W. L.: 6/15/1917p37

Baby: 12/30/1902pp35,43; 1/30/1903p6; 2/15/1903pp2,14; 3/30/1903p11; 4/15/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 6/30/1903p9; 8/15/1903p12; 10/30/1903p9; 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903pp9,16; 3/30/1904p11; 1/15/1905p1; 10/30/1905p21; 1/15/1906p4; 12/15/1907p19; 1/15/1908p21

Baby Foot: 5/15/1911p14

Badger Gold-Copper Co.: 4/30/1907p20

Baeur Bros.: 12/30/1904p9

Bailey Bros.: 4/30/1905p7; 11/30/1905p9

Bailey, F.: 3/15/1907p20

Bailey, Floyd: 9/30/1911p11

Bailey, George: 3/15/1904p18; 2/28/1915p28

Bailey, J.: 3/15/1907p20

Bailey, John R.: 11/15/1905p22; 9/30/1911p11

Bailey, Melbourne: 6/30/1925p11; 9/30/1925p22; 10/30/1925p21; 11/30/1925p21; 1/30/1926p20; 3/30/1926p22

Baker, G. A.: 12/30/1914p26

Baker, W. L.: 12/15/1916p34

Bald Eagle: 3/15/1905p21

Ball, Joseph: see Joseph Ball Copper Co.

Bandon: 4/30/1908p14; 6/15/1908p26; 4/15/1916p34; 3/15/1920p38; 10/15/1926p24

Banfield: 12/15/1916p13; tmj6/30/1931

Bank of Medford: see Medford Bank

Bannock Gold Dredging Co.: 6/30/1903p3

Barlocker: 4/30/1926p12

Barnard, A. A.: 1/15/1908p21

Barnett: 6/30/1903p3

Barth, John: 11/30/1903p9

Bartlett, W. L.: 10/15/1917p38

Barton, George H.: 6/30/1917p38

Barton, George S.: 7/30/1917p38; 3/30/1918p41

Barton, Harold E.: 3/30/1918p41

Bates, William C.: 9/30/1905p19; 4/30/1906p22

Batty, Ben: 9/30/1905p19

Beach mining: see  Black sand mining

Beardsley, George E.: 1/15/1906p4

Beavenue, George: 8/30/1904p13

Beavenue, John: 8/30/1904p13

Beavenue, Olney: 8/30/1904p13

Beaver Creek: 1/30/1907p17

Beaver Hill: 2/29/1916p16; 10/15/1918p38; 12/30/1925p22

Beaver Hill Mining Co.: 2/28/1926p16

Beaver Portland Cement: 12/30/1925p22

Beckman, H. M.: 9/15/1913p7

Bedrock: 1/15/1905p1

Beekman, C. C.: 5/15/1904p16

Beeman, J. H.: 3/15/1905p16; 4/30/1906p8; 1/30/1907p20; 3/30/1907p19; 4/15/1907p20; 12/30/1907p21; 1/15/1908p21; 5/30/1910p18

Beers: 7/15/1904p4

Belfils, Louis: 12/30/1904p9

Bell: see Marion

Bell & Mankin: 1/15/1924p37;

Bell, John F.: 3/30/1918p41

Benfield, Henry: 12/15/1916p13

Bennett-Macklin: 3/15/1905p21

Bent: see Alexander & Bent

Benton: 10/15/1903p10; 12/30/1903p17; 9/30/1904p14; 10/15/1904p19; 7/15/1905p12

Berry, Engineer: 10/30/1908p15

Berry, H. C.: 10/30/1904p7

Betts, Robert M.: 12/15/1927p25

Big Four: 11/15/1910p23

Big Seven: 11/30/1904p9

Big Six: tmj10/30/1930

Big Yank Consolidated Co.: 1/30/1906p22

Big Yank: 2/28/1900p14; 4/30/1904p11; 5/15/1904p9; 9/15/1905p5

Bill Nye: 3/15/1904p4; 1/15/1905p1; 1/30/1906p5; 3/15/1906p6; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 9/15/1913p7; 10/15/1925p13

Bill Nye Mining Co.: 11/15/1903p7; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1906p6

Billie Blue: 5/15/1916p35

Billings, G. W.: 11/30/1904p11

Billings, T. W.: 1/15/1904p16

Bippus, C. C.: 9/15/1917p39

Birch Creek: tmj3/30/1931

Birdseye Creek: 3/30/1916p30

Birum, C. W.: 6/15/1907p19; 1/30/1908p15

Bischoff, Paul G.: tmj6/30/1931

Bishop, R. N.: 1/30/1905pp7,19; 2/28/1905p21; 7/30/1905p21; 10/30/1906p20

Bishop, W. N.: 6/15/1905p20

Black Butte: 8/30/1905p4; 12/15/1927p25

Black Butte Quicksilver Mining Co.: 8/30/1905p4; 12/15/1927p25

Black Channel: tmj2/15/1931; tmj11/15/1932

Black Diamond: 8/15/1905p19

Black Eagle: 4/30/1916p34; 8/30/1916p27

Black Jack: tmj3/30/1931

Black Pup: 9/30/1910p21

Black sand mining: 12/30/1904p9; 10/15/1905p4; 3/30/1906p22; 4/15/1906p8; 4/15/1916p34; 3/30/1919p38; 12/15/1919p37; 2/28/1922p9; 6/30/1925p11; 7/30/1925p12; 9/15/1925p15; 10/30/1925p21; 12/15/1925p17; 12/30/1925p22; 10/15/1926p24; tmj11/30/1931

Black, E. E.: 1/30/1904p18

Blackhawk: 10/15/1907p20

Blackwell Hill: 3/15/1905p16; 3/30/1906p22; 7/15/1906p16; 10/30/1907p20

Blackwell: 1/15/1904p16; 2/15/1908p16; 10/30/1908p15

Blaine, Jim: 4/30/1917p38

Blaisdell, Col. J. F.: 8/30/1905pp6,21; 9/15/1905p19

Blalock & Howe: 10/30/1906p20

Blalock, E. E.: 11/30/1903p11

Blalock: 1/15/1900p14

Blanchard, O. S.: 11/15/1918p38

Blanchin, M.: 10/15/1925p13

Blanco: 4/30/1903p14

Blasdel, Col. S. W.: 11/15/1905p21

Blazier, J. E.: 11/30/1903p16

Bloomfield, Jendiness & Co.: 2/29/1904p14

Blossom Bar: 6/30/1907p19

Blossom: 3/15/1908p16; 8/15/1925p23

Blue Bucket: 4/15/1916p22

Blue Jay: 7/30/1925p12

Blue Ledge: 8/15/1903p12; 8/30/1903p7; 2/29/1904p14; 3/15/1904p4; 4/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904pp8,13; 7/30/1904p14; 4/15/1905p9; 3/30/1906pp13,19; 4/15/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 11/30/1906p12; 1/30/1907p17; 3/15/1907p17; 4/15/1907p20; 4/30/1907p20; 7/30/1907p23; 8/15/1907p20; 10/30/1907p20; 11/15/1907p21; 12/15/1907p19; 10/30/1908p15; 12/30/1909p21; 3/30/1912p16; 10/30/1917p36; 2/15/1918p38; 9/15/1925p15; tmj9/30/1929; tmj10/15/1929

Blue River: 6/15/1906p21

Blue Rock: 1/30/1926p20

Board Shanty Creek: 10/30/1915p24

Boardman, A. D.: 12/15/1911p21

Bodfish, G. F.: tmj9/30/1929

Bohemia: 1/30/1904p18; 8/15/1904p14; tmj9/30/1929

Bolan Creek Mining Co.: 12/15/1919p37

Bolan Creek: 8/30/1904p8; 7/15/1905p21; 8/15/1905p11; 9/15/1905p19; 9/30/1905p19; 8/15/1906p20

Bolan Junction Gold Mining & Milling Co.: 9/30/1905p19

Bonanza: 10/15/1925p13; 1/30/1926p20; tmj4/15/1929; tmj10/30/1929

Bone of Contention: 1/15/1904p17; 2/29/1904p14; 10/30/1904p7; 1/15/1905p1

Bonnette, William: 7/30/1905p12

Booth & Dysert: 1/30/1903pp6,7; 10/15/1906p19

Booth, Henry E.: 5/15/1904p9; 6/30/1904p13; 6/15/1905p20; 10/15/1905p6; 1/15/1906p7; 2/15/1906p14; 12/15/1907p19

Booth, J. O.: 1/30/1905p7

Bordier, R.: 9/15/1913p7

Boss, M. S.: 2/15/1916p28

Boswell: 8/30/1921p16

Boswell, Robert: 4/15/1914p34; 6/15/1918p44

Bouton, George: tmj6/30/1929

Bowden: 5/30/1903p12; 10/30/1907p20

Bowden, Samuel: 2/15/1904p18; 3/15/1904p4; 4/30/1904p11; 8/15/1906p20

Bowers, George: 4/15/1904p6

Bowling: see Sailing

Bowman: 9/30/1904p14

Boyer, F. W.: 12/15/1916p13

Boynton, O. L.: 7/15/1905p21

Bracken: 1/30/1905p19

Bradbury, Clement: 4/30/1926p12

Braden: 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p8; 1/15/1905p1; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 8/30/1906p19; 11/15/1906p18; 11/30/1906p12; 3/30/1907p19

Braden, James: 12/15/1904p3

Bradford, C. E.: 10/15/1918p38

Bradshaw Mining Co.: 6/30/1904p13

Bramley, Paul: 4/30/1926p12

Bramwell, Frank S.: 11/15/1918p38; 12/30/1918p33

Brantner Group: 5/15/1910p20

Bratton, J. T.: 8/15/1925p23; 10/15/1925p13

Bratton, Roscoe: 8/15/1925p23; 10/15/1925p13

Brazill: 9/30/1909p18

Breeding, John: 6/30/1925p11

Brevoort, William H.: 4/15/1903p13; 6/30/1903p3; 7/15/1903p18; 1/15/1904p17; 2/15/1904p18; 10/30/1904p7; 12/15/1904p3; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 1/30/1905p19

Brewster, W. M.: 9/15/1913p7

Brickley, E. F.: 9/15/1903p14

Briggs: 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9; 11/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905p12; 3/30/1905p8; 5/15/1905p19; 6/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905p12; 9/15/1905p5; 11/15/1909pp16,19

Briggs Bros.: 3/15/1905p21

Briggs Creek: 4/15/1900p12; 2/29/1904p14; 7/15/1918p39; 10/15/1918p38; 5/15/1919p38; 11/30/1919p30

Briggs, David: 6/30/1904p13; 7/15/1904p4; 7/30/1904pp5,9; 8/30/1904p8; 11/15/1909p16

Briggs, E. D.: tmj3/30/1929

Briggs, Ray: 7/30/1904p9; 11/15/1909p16

Briggs, Roy: 7/30/1904p9

Brinkerhoff: 11/30/1907p20

Bristow, George S.: 8/30/1905p21

Bristow, J. M.: 8/30/1905p21

Britten & Chatham: 11/15/1919p38

Britten, J. N.: 11/15/1919p38

Broad, John: 10/15/1903p15

Brom, R. E.: 10/15/1903p10

Brookins, Frank: 10/30/1908p15

Brown: 8/15/1900p14

Brown, F. A.: 1/30/1921p26

Brown, George I.: 12/15/1907p19

Brown, Lester A.: 9/15/1917p39

Brown, Robert: 3/15/1904p4

Brown, Victor W.: 9/15/1917p39

Browning Mtn.: 7/15/1903p18

Browning, N. L.: 7/15/1903p18

Bryant, Curtis & Prunk: 8/15/1925p23

Buck Peak: 7/30/1917p38

Buck, Bruce: 9/15/1903p14

Buckeye: 7/15/1905p12

Buckeye Group: 12/30/1904p9; 4/15/1907p4

Buckeye Mining Co.: 7/15/1905p12; 9/15/1906p20; 11/30/1918p37; 12/30/1918p33

Buckley, J. W.: 4/15/1916p22

Bullion Mtn., Inc.: tmj6/30/1929

Bunch, W. M.: 9/15/1905p19

Buncom: 10/15/1915p31; tmj1/30/1931

Bunker Hill: 1/30/1926p20; 3/30/1926p22; 4/30/1926p12; 1/15/1927p23

Burdick: 4/30/1926p12

Burgess, John A.: 12/15/1925p17

Burkhalter, Charles: 3/30/1912p22; 10/30/1915p24

Burley, Thomas E.: 3/30/1918p41

Burley, Thomas S.: 9/15/1913p7; 9/30/1913p18; 8/30/1916p34; 2/15/1917p34

Burner, W. R.: 11/30/1919p38

Burnett, Brady: 11/15/1905p22

Burnett, J.: 3/15/1907p20

Burns: 9/15/1905p19

Burns Co.: 1/15/1904p16

Burns, E. B.: 7/30/1903p9

Burr, William A.: 12/30/1914p29

Burrow, A. D.: 3/30/1905p21

Bush, A. E.: 1/15/1906p4

Bussy, Felix: 8/30/1905p21

Butcher Gulch: 5/30/1908p22

Butler, F. C.: 6/30/1925p11; 8/15/1925p23

Butler, K. Dean: tmj3/30/1929

Butte Falls: 10/15/1907p20

Butte: 7/15/1908p23

Buzzard: 12/30/1907p3

Bybee Bridge: 11/30/1907p20

Bybee Canyon: 1/30/1906p22

C&C Property: 11/15/1900p11

Cable Harbor: 2/28/1903p13

Cady, H. B.: 5/15/1919p38

Cain, Frank: 9/15/1905p19

Calapooia Mtns.: 2/15/1905p23

Calhoun, George S.: 8/15/1906p20

California (mine): 3/30/1920p29; 10/30/1925p21

California Bar: 6/30/1903p3

California Chrome Co.: 3/15/1918p39; 9/30/1918p26

California Manganese Co.: 6/30/1916p34

Call, A. B.: 10/15/1906p19

Calumet: 4/15/1906p8

Camas Valley: 9/30/1905p5

Cameron: see Logan; Simmons

Camp, James: 3/15/1904p4

Campbell: 4/15/1904p6

Campbell Hydraulic Placer Elevator Co.: 4/15/1904p6

Campbell, H. P.: 3/30/1920p29

Caniff, Barney: 9/15/1917p39

Cannon, Bal: 9/15/1908p15

Cantile: 12/15/1916p13

Canyon Creek: 9/30/1903p11; 1/15/1904p17; 2/29/1904p14; 6/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p14; 11/15/1904p14; 11/30/1904p9; 12/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905p12; 3/15/1905p16; 6/15/1908p24; 10/30/1908p15

Canyonville: 9/15/1918p38; 9/30/1925p22; 11/30/1925p21

Cape Blanco: 4/15/1916p34

Capital/Capitol City Gold Mining Co.: 3/30/1903p11; 10/30/1903p9; 11/30/1903pp9,16; 3/15/1904p4; 10/30/1905p21; 1/15/1906p4

Carberry Creek: 8/30/1903p7; 10/30/1903p16; tmj10/15/1929

Carleton Group: 1/30/1910p22

Carnahan, F. W.: 10/30/1917p36

Carnahan, F. W.: 11/15/1907p21

Carpenter, A. H.: 7/15/1905p21

Carpenter, Dr.: 7/15/1905p21

Carpenter, Samuel: 10/15/1917p38

Carrico: see Wagner

Carrico, Charley: 1/30/1904p18

Carson, A. H.: 10/30/1915p24

Carter, Bart: 2/15/1908p16

Carter, M. A.: 7/30/1917p38; 10/15/1917p38

Carter, V. C.: 7/30/1925p12

Casad, Charles: 8/15/1906p20

Cascade Mtns.: 1/30/1906p5; tmj4/15/1931

Casey: see Dailey; 4/30/1926p12

Casey, Jack: 7/15/1925p16

Cassiday, J. M.: 10/30/1908p15

Catterline, F. J.: 2/29/1904p14

Cavanagh, William: tmj10/15/1929

Cedar Mountain: 3/30/1905p21

Centennial: 5/15/1908p23

Central Point: 5/15/1908p23; tmj3/30/1929; tmj9/30/1929

Chadwick, J. J.: 9/15/1904p13

Challenge: 3/30/1906p22

Chambers: 6/30/1925p11

Champion: 1/15/1914p36

Champlain: 10/15/1904p9

Champlain, Myron: 12/30/1903p17

Champlin, Abbie: 9/15/1905p5

Champlin/Champlain & Co.: 11/15/1903p7; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 2/29/1904p14; 4/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p9; 2/28/1905p5; 3/15/1905p16; 4/15/1905p9

Chaney: 9/30/1904p14; 9/30/1905p19

Chapin: 1/30/1905p7

Charles O. Wheeler & Co.: 4/30/1915p26

Chase, J. T.: 9/15/1903p9

Chase, S.: 10/30/1903p9; 3/15/1904pp4,18; 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1904p11; 9/30/1904p12

Chatham: see Britten

Chetco Copper Co.: 8/30/1905p6

Chetco River: 2/28/1905p12; 8/30/1905p6; 5/15/1911p14; 8/30/1924p18; 7/15/1925p16

Chetko: 10/30/1907p20

Childers: 7/30/1907p23

Childers, F. F.: 4/30/1917p38

China Creek: tmj4/15/1931

China Ditch: tmj1/30/1931

China Gulch: 1/15/1906p7

Chinese: 5/15/1910p20

Chisholm: 1/30/1926p20; 12/15/1927p25

Chromium: 6/30/1916p34; 11/30/1916p34; 12/30/1916p37; 6/30/1917p38; 7/30/1917p38; 9/30/1917p40; 2/15/1918p38; 3/15/1918p39; 7/15/1918p39; 8/30/1918p40; 9/15/1918p38; 9/30/1918pp26,38; 10/15/1918p38; 10/30/1918p37; 11/15/1918p38; 11/30/1918p37; 12/15/1918p38; 12/30/1918p33; 2/15/1919p38; 2/28/1919p37; 5/15/1927p10

Churchwood, A. G.: 10/30/1918p37

Cinnabar: 10/30/1904pp7,12; 8/30/1905p4; 12/30/1905p8; 7/15/1906p20; 12/30/1925p22; 12/15/1927p25; tmj4/15/1929; tmj10/30/1929

Clark: 6/30/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 11/15/1903p7

Clark & Trefren: 12/15/1911p21

Clark, C. C.: 9/15/1918p38

Clark, Charles W.: 9/30/1903p11; 11/15/1903p7

Clark, J. K.: 4/15/1903p13

Clark, Joel: 4/15/1905p21

Clark, Joseph: 9/30/1903p11; 11/15/1903p7; 1/30/1905p7

Clark, Patrick: 12/15/1904p3; 12/30/1904p9

Clark, Patsy: 8/15/1903p12; 8/30/1903p7; 2/29/1904p14; 4/30/1904p11

Clark, Roy: 2/15/1916p28

Clark, Sen. W. A.: 4/15/1903p13; 9/30/1903p11; 11/15/1903p7; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 1/30/1905p7

Clark, Tom: 1/30/1903p6

Clarke: see Lewis; 11/15/1904p14

Clarke, Mrs. C.: 9/15/1903p20; 9/30/1903p17

Clarke, Ralph: 9/15/1913p7

Clarke, Roy H.: 8/15/1916p34

Cleeland, W. J.: 8/15/1907p20

Cleopatra: 2/28/1903p13; 2/29/1904p14; 4/15/1904pp6,18; 10/15/1904p9; 11/30/1904p9

Climax: 12/15/1904p12

Clise, Dr. F. A.: 7/15/1905p12

Coal Bank Inlet: 6/15/1908p26

Coal: 7/30/1907p23; 5/15/1908p23; 7/30/1908p24; 8/15/1908p16; 2/29/1916p16

Coast Range: 3/30/1906p13

Coates, W. P.: 6/30/1925p11

Cobb, Calvin: 1/15/1906p4

Cohen: 10/15/1904p9

Cole, C.: 3/30/1903p13; 8/15/1916p34

Coleson, J. H.: 7/30/1905p21

Collard & Moore: 11/30/1916p34

Columbia: 4/15/1903p13; 5/15/1903p5; 7/15/1903p18; 10/15/1903p10; 2/28/1905p12; 3/15/1905pp16,21; 10/15/1905p6; 10/30/1907p20; 5/15/1908p23; 9/15/1913p7; 1/30/1917p22; tmj6/30/1929

Colvig, G. W.: 8/15/1916p34

Compania Metalurgica Mexicana: tmj10/15/1929

Comstock Gold Mining Co.: 9/30/1903p11; 11/15/1903p7; 1/15/1904p17; 6/30/1904p8

Condor Water & Power Co.: 6/30/1903p3; 9/15/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 10/15/1903p10; 10/30/1903p9; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p8; 12/15/1904p10; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 2/28/1905pp5,12; 3/15/1905p16; 5/15/1905p19; 5/30/1905p20; 9/15/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 1/15/1906p7; 1/30/1906p5; 11/30/1906p12; 12/15/1907p6; 5/30/1910p18

Conger: 4/30/1906p8

Conger, H. H.: 10/15/1903p10

Conklin, Arthur: 11/15/1900p14

Consolidated Copper Co.: tmj9/30/1929; tmj10/15/1929

Consolidated Light & Power Co.: tmj10/15/1929

Continental: 1/30/1905p19; 9/30/1905p19; 1/30/1906p22; 4/30/1906p22; 6/30/1906p22; tmj3/30/1929

Cook: see Howland

Cook Creek: 7/30/1904p14

Cooley, J. D.: 12/30/1916p34

Cooper, E. W.: 9/15/1907p22

Coos Bay: see Marshfield, 4/30/1908p14; 6/15/1908p26; 2/29/1916p16; 12/15/1919p37

Coos Bay Lumber Co.: tmj4/15/1931

Coos County: 6/15/1908p26; 7/30/1908p24; 3/30/1919p38; 6/30/1925p11; 12/30/1925p22

Coos River: 6/15/1908p26

Cope, W. T.: 4/15/1900p12; 6/30/1904p8

Copper: 2/28/1903p13; 8/15/1903p12; 8/30/1903p7; 9/15/1903p20; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904pp6,18; 4/30/1904p11; 7/30/1904p14; 8/30/1904p8; 11/30/1904p9; 12/15/1904p3; 2/15/1905p11; 4/15/1905p9; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8; 8/30/1905p6; 10/15/1905p6; 11/15/1905p22; 12/30/1905p8; 2/15/1906p14; 3/15/1906p6; 3/30/1906pp13,19; 7/15/1906p16; 7/30/1906p22; 1/30/1907p17; 3/15/1907p17; 4/15/1907p4; 4/30/1907p20; 7/30/1907p23; 10/30/1907p20; 11/30/1907p20; 9/15/1908p15; 10/30/1908p15; 5/30/1909p15; 11/15/1909p19; 3/30/1912p16; 4/30/1913p26; 5/15/1914p35; 3/30/1915p26; 4/30/1915p26; 8/30/1915p23; 9/30/1915p25; 9/30/1916p34; 12/15/1916p13; 6/15/1917p37; 10/30/1917p37; 10/15/1918p38; 10/30/1918p37; 9/15/1925p15; 10/15/1925p13; 5/15/1927p10; tmj10/15/1929; tmj6/30/1931

Copper (town): 10/30/1917p36; tmj9/30/1929

Copper Eagle: 1/30/1904p15; 3/30/1904p11; 6/30/1905p8; 2/15/1906p14; 10/15/1916p34; 12/15/1916p34; 4/30/1918p39

Copper Eagle Mining Co.: 6/30/1905p8

Copper Glance: 4/15/1907p4

Copper King: 2/15/1905p11; 4/30/1907p20; 2/15/1918p38; 10/15/1918p38; 12/15/1918p38; 1/15/1919p38

Copper King Mining Co.: 10/15/1916p34; 12/30/1918p33

Copper Mountain: 5/15/1914p35

Copper Mountain Mining Co.: 4/30/1913p26

Copper production statistics: see Metal production statistics

Copper Queen: 5/30/1909p15; 4/30/1915p26; 8/30/1915p23

Copper Stain: 1/15/1900p14; 8/30/1900p12; 9/15/1901p18; 3/15/1903p5

Copper Stain Mining Co.: 11/15/1905p21

Coquille River: 9/30/1905p5; tmj4/15/1931

Corbierre, W. H.: 4/30/1926p12

Corliss & Rush: 8/15/1900pp12,14;

Coronation: 1/15/1905p1

Corporal G.: 4/30/1905p7; 5/30/1905p19; 4/30/1906p8

Costello: see Keaton

Cougar: 5/15/1913p23

Coughlan, Orvis: 1/30/1921p26

Courier, Grants Pass: 5/15/1911p14; 5/30/1911p9

Cousin, A. B.: 6/15/1903p5; 8/30/1903p7; 10/15/1903p10; 12/30/1903pp5,17; 3/30/1904p17; 5/30/1904p11; 9/15/1904p9; 2/28/1905p21; 9/30/1905p5

Cousin, A. H.: 8/30/1903p7; 9/30/1903p11

Cousin, A. S.: 3/30/1904p11

Cousin, Al: 11/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905pp1,12; 3/30/1905p8

Cow Creek: 11/30/1903p16; 2/15/1904p15; 4/15/1904p6; 10/15/1905p21; 1/15/1906p22;

Cowboy: 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904pp8,12; 12/15/1904p3; 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20; 7/30/1905p6; 2/15/1906p14; 4/30/1906p8; 2/15/1916p28; 9/15/1918p38; 1/15/1924p37; 9/15/1925p15

Cowley Investment Co.: 10/30/1917p37

Cowley, W. H.: 10/30/1917p37; 1/15/1919p38

Coyote Creek: 12/30/1902p43; 2/28/1903p15; 11/30/1903p11; 1/30/1904p18; 1/30/1905p7; 4/15/1907p20; 6/30/1925p11; 8/15/1925p23; 10/15/1925p13

Coyote Divide: 12/15/1904p3

Crane: see Dysert

Crane, C. D.: 5/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p13; 9/30/1904p12; 11/15/1904p14

Crane, W. P.: 9/15/1913p7

Crater Lake: 4/15/1905p9

Crawford: see Poindexter

Crawford, Col. John S.: 2/28/1903p13; 2/29/1904p14; 4/15/1904pp6,18; 6/30/1904p13; 8/30/1904p8; 11/15/1904p14; 4/30/1905p7

Crescent: 12/15/1915p23

Crescent City: 2/15/1903p2; 2/28/1903p13; 8/15/1903p12; 9/30/1903p11; 11/30/1903p9; 2/29/1904p14; 4/30/1904p11; 10/15/1904p9; 5/15/1905p19; 1/15/1906p7; 3/30/1906p13; 8/15/1906p20; 3/30/1912p16; 8/15/1918p39; 10/30/1918p37

Crewes, Judge W. E.: 2/15/1919p38

Crime: 6/15/1918p44

Cripple Creek: 8/30/1904p17; 9/30/1905p19

Crittenden, R. F.: 4/30/1908p14

Crooks, J. C.: 9/15/1913p7

Crouch, E. R.: 11/15/1910p23

Crouch, H.: 1/30/1908p15

Crouch, O. M.: 1/30/1904p15; 9/15/1905p5

Crystal: tmj9/30/1929

Cunningham, J. R.: 4/30/1904p11

Curry County: 2/28/1903p13; 4/30/1903p14; 10/15/1904p9; 2/28/1905p12; 8/30/1905p6; 12/15/1905p20; 7/15/1906p20; 10/15/1907p20; 3/30/1910p14; 3/30/1919p38; 3/15/1920p38; 6/30/1925p11; 5/15/1927p10; tmj6/30/1931

Curtis: see Bryant

Curtis Bros.: 4/15/1904p6

Cyanide Gold Mining Co.: 3/30/1906p22; 4/15/1906p22

Cyclone Group: 10/30/1905p21

d’Autremont, Charles: 4/30/1904p11

Dailey Brothers & Casey: 8/30/1918p40; 5/15/1919p38; 11/30/1919p30

Dana, E. W.: 8/30/1900p12

Dana, W. H.: 9/15/1901p18

Daniels: see Martin

Davidson, C. T.: 10/15/1903p15; 3/15/1904p18

Davidson, E. J.: 3/15/1904p18

Davidson, J. E.: 1/15/1904p16; 11/15/1904p12

Davidson, Ward & Co.: 1/15/1904p16

Davies, James: 1/30/1905p7

Davis, A. A.: 4/15/1905p9; 4/15/1907p20

Davis, J. G.: 2/15/1919p38

Davis, W. E.: 11/15/1900p11

Dawson: 9/15/1906p20

Day, Dr. David T.: 4/15/1905p9; 7/30/1905p6; 4/15/1906p8

Day, Ed: 12/15/1907p19

de Warila, Walter: 4/15/1903p13

Dean, R. E.: 3/30/1912p16

DeBar: 10/15/1900p13

Deep Channel: tmj1/30/1931

Deep Gravel: 7/15/1902p11; 5/30/1903p12; 10/30/1903p9; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 2/28/1905p21; 6/15/1905p20; 7/15/1905p12; 8/30/1905p6; 9/15/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 4/15/1906p8; 5/15/1906p20; 7/15/1906p16; 11/15/1914p26; 7/15/1925p16; 4/30/1926p12

Deer Creek: 12/15/1904p3

Del Norte Claim Owners’ Assn.: 7/15/1918p39

Del Norte County: 2/28/1903p13; 4/30/1904p11; 10/15/1904p9; 1/15/1906p7; 3/30/1906pp13,19; 8/15/1906p20; 3/30/1919p38

DeLamar, Capt.: 11/15/1901p21

Delray, E. H.: 9/15/1913p7

Dempster, R. C.: 11/30/1925p21

Denmark: 4/30/1903p14

Dennis, W. B.: 8/30/1905p4

Derwachter, Charles: 4/30/1926p12

Derwachter, E.: 6/30/1925p11

Diamond Creek: 2/28/1903p13; 2/29/1904p14; 11/30/1904p9

Dick, Mike: 11/15/1905p22

Dicks, M. J.: 9/15/1906p20; 3/15/1907p20

Dickson, E.: see Dixon; 2/15/1907p19

Diller, J. S.: 4/30/1903p14; 3/30/1914p13; 12/30/1916p37

Dixie Queen: 8/15/1900p12

Dixon, E. E.: see Dickson; 3/30/1906p22

Dixon, J.: 12/15/1918p38

Doan, R. E.: 4/15/1907p4; 9/15/1913p7; 8/30/1918p40

Dobson, W. P.: 7/30/1905p12

Docker & Walker: 11/15/1904p14

Docksteader, A. W.: 7/30/1906p22

Dodge: 2/15/1903pp2,14

Donahue, M. F.: 4/15/1907p20

Dooley, Mr.: 1/15/1905p1

Dorothea: 9/30/1917p40

Double Eagle: 8/15/1900p14

Douglas County: 2/15/1904p15; 2/15/1905p23; 9/30/1905p5; 7/30/1906p22; tmj3/30/1929; tmj6/30/1931

Douglas-Umpqua Mining Co.: 12/15/1916p13

Dowell: 9/30/1903p11

Dowell, W. I.: 11/15/1903p7; 6/30/1905pp8,23

Downy: 6/30/1918p30

Drake brothers: 7/15/1904p4

Draper, Chief Engineer: 4/15/1906p8

Draper, Col. Morgan: 12/15/1904p3

Draper, Col. Thomas Waln-Morgan: 10/30/1903p9; 11/30/1903p9; 1/15/1904p17; 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 10/15/1904p9; 5/15/1905p19; 8/30/1905p6; 12/30/1905p8; 1/15/1906p7; 3/15/1906p6; 3/30/1906p13

Dredging: 6/30/1903p3; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 2/29/1904p14; 4/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p9; 2/28/1905p5; 4/15/1905p9; 7/30/1905p6; 8/30/1905p6; 9/30/1905p5; 11/30/1907p20; 5/15/1908p23; 5/30/1908p22; 3/30/1910p14; 11/15/1910p23; 12/30/1911p13; 9/15/1913p7; 5/30/1916p37; 8/30/1916p27; 1/30/1918p21; 2/28/1922p9; 11/30/1925p21; tmj6/30/1929

Dreger, D. G.: 3/30/1912p16

Drummond: 4/30/1906p8

Drury: 10/15/1905p21

Dry Diggings: 5/30/1904p11; 6/30/1903p3; 11/15/1904p14; 12/15/1904p3; 2/28/1905p12; 3/30/1905p8; 5/15/1905p19; 9/30/1905pp5,19; 10/15/1905p6; 3/15/1906p6; 4/15/1906p8

Dubarry, Count George Hay: tmj6/30/1931

Dufur, E. B.: 12/15/1900p12

Duggan, James B.: 8/30/1904p13

Dunbar & Kuykendall: 11/30/1903p16

Duncas, J.: 9/15/1918p38

Dungey, Tom: 4/30/1905p21

Dunne, F. P.: 1/15/1905p1

Dutch Creek: 2/28/1915p28

Dutch Johnnie: 10/15/1903p10

Dysert: see Booth

Dysert & Crane: 1/30/1905p7

Dyson, G. A.: 11/15/1903p7; 2/15/1904p15

Ead, J. A.: 9/30/1907p19

Eagle Point: 4/15/1905p9; 8/15/1908p16

Eagle: 12/15/1904p3

Easterly: see Esterly

Eckley Basin: 4/30/1903p14

Edger: 8/15/1905p19

Edwards Mining Co.: tmj3/30/1929

Edwards, C. D.: 5/15/1914p35

Eight Dollar Mtn.: 8/30/1916p34

El Paso Group: 5/30/1924p15

El Senora: 7/15/1910p22

Eldorado Copper Mining Co.: 12/15/1916p13

Electric Gold Dredge Co.: 5/15/1908p23

Electric power: 6/30/1903p3; 10/15/1903p15; 10/30/1903p9; 2/15/1904p16; 3/15/1904p4; 6/30/1904p8; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 2/28/1905p5; 5/15/1905p19; 7/30/1905p21; 9/15/1905p5; 9/30/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 1/15/1906pp7,22; 1/30/1906p5; 2/15/1906p24; 3/15/1906p22; 3/30/1906p13; 4/15/1906p8; 11/30/1906p12; 2/28/1907p19; 12/15/1907p6; 5/15/1908p23; 1/30/1910p22; 5/30/1910p18; 2/15/1912p21; 3/30/1912p16

Elk Creek: 12/30/1905p8

Elliott Creek: 11/30/1903p16; 3/30/1906p19; 4/15/1906p8; 1/30/1907p17; 3/15/1907p17; 4/30/1907p20; 10/15/1915p31; tmj10/15/1929

Ellis, A.: 9/30/1925p22

Ellis, Nat P.: 8/30/1916p34

Elmer, W. W.: 10/30/1925p21

Emerson, H. L.: 9/15/1916p34

Emery: see Smith

Empire Basin: 2/29/1916p16

Empire Mining and Development Co.: tmj6/30/1931

England, John: 10/30/1905p21

Enterprise Mill Co.: 2/28/1906p21

Enyart, Pres.: 4/15/1905p9

Epperly, A. C.: 8/30/1918p40

Erkenbrecher Syndicate: 11/30/1907p20

Estee, Norman: 11/15/1905p22

Estep, W. T.: 11/30/1918p37

Esterly: 3/30/1918p41; 7/15/1925p16

Esterly, George M.: 9/30/1917p40; 9/15/1925p15

Euchre Creek Mining Co.: 7/15/1906pp16,20

Eugene: 11/15/1905p22; 7/30/1906p22; 5/15/1908p23; tmj10/30/1929

Eureka: 3/30/1903p13; 9/15/1903p9; 5/30/1904p11; 8/30/1904p8; 1/15/1905p1; 9/30/1905p5; 3/30/1906p13; 4/30/1906p8; tmj3/30/1929

Eureka Mining Co.: 8/30/1904p8; 4/30/1906p8

Eureka, Calif.: 10/30/1903p9; 4/30/1906p8; 12/15/1919p37

Evans Creek: 2/28/1905p12; 3/30/1905p21; tmj3/30/1929

Evans, C. W.: 8/30/1905p6; 12/30/1907p3

Evans, D. T.: 12/30/1909p22

Evans, David T.: 6/30/1904p13; 8/30/1905p21

Farish Gulch: 1/30/1926p20

Farmer, William S.: 10/30/1915p24

Federal Dredging Co.: 11/30/1925p21

Federal Smelter Co.: 10/30/1925p21

Feheley, William: 5/30/1905p20

Fenner, Con: 4/15/1907p4

Ferren: see Thoss

Ferry, D. H.: tmj6/30/1929

Fick, George: 9/15/1904p13

Fiddler Creek: 4/30/1916p34

Fidler’s Gulch: 7/30/1903p9; 9/15/1908p15; 10/30/1908p15; 9/30/1925p22

Fields, Charley: 8/30/1906p19

First National: 4/15/1907p20; 8/15/1907p20

First National Bank: 8/30/1904p8; 4/30/1906p8; 6/15/1908p24

Fisher, Fred: 9/15/1906p20

Fisher, Hammon: 2/28/1905p21

Fisk, J. H.: 3/30/1904p11

Flagherty: 7/30/1905p21

Flanagan: 5/15/1913p23; 6/30/1925p11; 4/30/1926p12

Flannagan, W. H.: 10/15/1903p10

Fletcher, Clyde: 11/15/1903p7

Fletcher, Edwin: 11/15/1903p7

Fluhart, B. E.: 10/15/1916p34

Fluhart, S. S.: 10/15/1916p34

Flying Dutchman: 10/15/1903p10

Foley Gulch: 4/15/1907p20

Foots Creek: 12/15/1900p12; 6/30/1903p3; 7/30/1903p9; 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903p9; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 2/29/1904p14; 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p9; 2/15/1905p23; 2/28/1905p5; 3/15/1905p16; 4/15/1905p9; 7/30/1905p6; 9/15/1905p5; 4/15/1906p22; 8/15/1925p23; 1/30/1926p20; tmj6/30/1929; tmj2/15/1931; tmj11/15/1932

Forbes & McClung: 1/15/1904p17

Foreman, J. H.: 10/30/1905p21

Forest Creek: 10/15/1903p15; 10/30/1903p9; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904pp15,18; 8/30/1904p13; 9/15/1904p14; 11/15/1904p7; 1/30/1905p7; 4/30/1905p7; 1/15/1908p21; 11/15/1909p19; 8/30/1916p27; 1/30/1917p22

Forest Queen: 5/15/1904p9

Forty-Nine: 2/15/1905p23

Foss, Supt. C. F.: 3/15/1905p21; 10/30/1907p20; 9/15/1918p38

Fossils: 8/30/1903p13; 11/15/1903p7; 2/15/1905p23

Foster & Gunnell: 12/30/1902p43; 10/30/1903p9; 9/15/1904p14; 4/30/1905p7; 1/30/1906p5

Foster, E. D.: 1/30/1928p12

Foster, H. E.: 12/30/1902p43; 10/15/1903p15; 8/30/1906p23

Foster, N. E.: 9/15/1904p14

Fowler: 6/30/1904p13

Fowler, F. L.: 2/28/1903p13

Fowler, Frank: 7/15/1905p21; 8/15/1905p11; 9/15/1905p19

Frakes, Andrew: 10/15/1915p31

Fraser: tmj10/15/1929

Free & Easy: 7/30/1916p35

Freeburg, Al W.: 3/15/1905p21

French Exploration Co.: 9/15/1913p7

French Gulch: 1/15/1906p7

French, J. D.: tmj4/15/1931

French, Sidney W.: 9/15/1913p7

Frenchman’s Lost Ledge: 7/30/1903p9; 12/30/1904p9

Fry Gulch: tmj2/15/1931

Fry, A. E.: 8/15/1905p19

Gadsden: see Wilson

Gadsden, Paul T.: 9/15/1908p15; 12/15/1908p19

Gainer, Alex: 10/15/1904p9

Galena: 3/15/1905p21; 5/15/1906p20

Galesville: 9/15/1918p38

Galice: 9/30/1900p18; 1/30/1903p6; 5/30/1903p12; 6/15/1903p5; 6/30/1903p3; 7/30/1903p9; 8/30/1903p7; 9/30/1903p11; 10/15/1903pp10,15; 10/30/1903p9; 11/30/1903p9; 12/30/1903pp5,17; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904pp11,17; 4/30/1904pp11,16; 5/15/1904p9; 5/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p8; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9; 11/15/1904p14; 11/30/1904p9; 12/15/1904p3; 1/15/1905p1; 1/30/1905p7; 2/28/1905pp1,12; 3/30/1905p8; 4/15/1905p9; 6/30/1905pp8,23; 9/30/1905p5; 10/15/1905p4; 12/30/1905p8; 1/30/1906p22; 2/15/1906p14; 3/30/1907p19; 8/15/1907p20; 10/15/1907p20; 11/30/1907p20; 3/15/1908p16; 6/15/1909p16; 9/30/1909p18; 10/30/1909p19; 1/30/1910p22; 6/15/1910p17; 11/15/1910p23; 12/30/1910p10; 3/30/1911p24; 5/30/1911p20; 11/15/1911p10; 2/15/1912p21; 12/30/1913p22; 9/15/1915p23; 9/30/1915p25; 10/15/1915p31; 12/15/1915p23; 8/30/1916p34; 10/15/1916p34; 12/15/1916p34; 1/30/1917p22; 4/30/1918p39; 7/15/1918p39; 8/30/1918p40; 9/15/1918p38; 10/15/1918p38; 2/28/1919p37; 3/15/1920p38; 8/30/1924p18; 7/15/1925p16; 7/30/1925p12; 9/15/1925p15; 9/30/1925p22; 12/30/1925p22; 1/30/1926p20; 3/30/1926p22; 4/30/1926p12; 1/15/1927p23; tmj3/30/1929; tmj4/15/1929; tmj7/15/1930; tmj2/15/1931

Galice Creek Consolidated Mining Co.: 9/30/1903p11; 10/15/1903p10; 12/30/1903pp5,17; 1/30/1904p15; 3/30/1904pp1117; 4/15/1904p6; 5/30/1904p11; 9/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 11/30/1904p9; 12/15/1904p3; 1/30/1905p7; 2/28/1905pp1,12,21; 3/30/1905p8; 4/15/1905p9; 9/30/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 12/15/1919p37

Galice Hydraulic Mining Co.: 2/15/1903p2; 5/30/1903p12; 6/30/1903p3; 8/30/1903p7

Galice, Louis: 12/30/1903p5

Gallaher, G. D.: 10/30/1908p15

Galls Creek: 11/15/1903p7; 12/30/1903p17; 5/30/1904p17; 11/15/1904p12; 4/30/1905p21; tmj2/15/1931

Gambler’s Bar: 2/28/1905p1

Gannon, F. M.: 8/15/1919p38

Ganor: 3/15/1919p37

Gant: tmj4/15/1931

Gardner, W. D.: 3/15/1900p16; 9/30/1903p11

Garvey Bar: 3/30/1906p19

Garvey, John: 3/30/1906p19

Gasquet: 7/30/1917p38

Gassan, W. S.: see Gazzam; 8/15/1918p39

Gate Creek: 12/30/1904p12

Gayetty, J. W.: 4/30/1913p26

Gazzam, W. L.: see Gassan; 10/30/1918p37; 2/28/1919p37

Gearhart, W. H.: 2/28/1905p12

Geiser, Albert: 5/30/1904p17

General Electric Co.: 3/15/1904p4

Georgia: 9/30/1904p14

Gerrish, W. J.: 9/15/1913p7

Gerster, Jake: 5/30/1924p15

Gilbert, A. W.: 9/30/1905p19

Gilbert, R. E.: 6/30/1907p19; 7/15/1907p20

Gilbertson, G.: 1/15/1906p22

Gilbertson, O. G.: 11/15/1904p12

Gilham, Thomas H.: 8/30/1905p6

Gilliam, Marcus: 7/15/1908p23

Gilman Bed Rock Mining Co.: 5/30/1908p22

Gilman, L. F.: 5/30/1908p22

Gilmer, M. A.: 1/30/1904p18

Gilmore: 3/15/1918p39

Girton, James: 1/30/1921p26

Glendale: 8/30/1903p13; 9/15/1903p20; 9/30/1903p17; 10/15/1903p15; 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903p16; 12/30/1903p17; 1/30/1904p18; 4/30/1904p16; 5/30/1904p17; 9/30/1904p14; 1/30/1905p19; 3/30/1905p21; 7/15/1905p12; 8/15/1905p19; 11/15/1905p22; 3/15/1907p20; 6/15/1907p19; 10/15/1907p20; 5/30/1909p15; tmj2/15/1931

Godat, L.: 5/30/1918p40

Gohres, William J.: 4/15/1905p21

Golconda: 2/15/1918p38; 3/15/1918p39; 9/30/1918p38

Gold Bar Mining Co.: 2/28/1905p12; 7/30/1905p12

Gold Beach: 9/15/1905p19; tmj2/28/1931; tmj6/30/1931; tmj11/30/1931

Gold Bug: 1/15/1900p14; 8/30/1900p12; 9/30/1900p18; 3/15/1903p5; 3/30/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 11/30/1903p9; 12/30/1903p17; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p17; 5/30/1904p17; 1/15/1905p1; 3/30/1905p21; 7/30/1905p21; 8/15/1905p19; 11/15/1905p21

Gold Creek: 9/15/1908p15; 12/15/1908p19

Gold Drift: see Golden Drift

Gold Finch: 11/30/1907p20

Gold Hill: 5/30/1903p12; 9/15/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 10/30/1903p9; 11/15/1903p7; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p8; 9/30/1904p12; 11/30/1904p9; 12/15/1904p3; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 3/15/1905p16; 3/30/1905p21; 6/15/1905p20; 7/15/1905p12; 12/15/1905p20; 12/30/1905p8; 1/15/1906p7; 1/30/1906p5; 3/15/1906p6; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 7/15/1906pp16,20; 11/15/1906p18; 11/30/1906p12; 1/30/1907p20; 4/15/1907p20; 10/30/1907p20; 2/15/1908p16; 5/15/1908p23; 7/15/1908p23; 12/15/1908p13; 11/15/1909p19; 5/30/1910p18; 1/15/1912p18; 3/30/1912p16; 10/15/1917p38; 8/30/1918p40; 2/15/1919p38; 5/30/1924p15; 8/30/1924p18; 6/30/1925p11; 7/30/1925p12; 8/15/1925p23; 10/15/1925p13; 10/30/1925p21; 12/30/1925p22; 4/30/1926p12; 1/15/1927p23; 12/15/1927p25; tmj3/30/1929; tmj9/30/1929; tmj10/15/1929; tmj2/15/1931

Gold Hill & Bohemia Mining Co.: 11/15/1904p12

Gold Hill Bank: 12/30/1905p8

Gold Hill Canal Co.: 1/30/1906p5; 3/15/1906p6; 4/15/1906p8; 5/30/1910p18

Gold Hill High Line Ditch: 9/30/1903p11

Gold Hill Mining Co.: 3/30/1912p16

Gold Hill News: 1/15/1908p21

Gold King; 2/28/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 7/30/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 6/30/1904p13; 12/30/1904p9; 4/15/1905p21; 8/30/1905p21; 12/30/1909p22

Gold King Mining Co.: 9/30/1903p11; 12/30/1904p9

Gold Mountain Mining & Smelting Co.: 2/15/1904p15

Gold Note: 10/15/1905p6; 11/15/1910p23

Gold Pick: 7/15/1905p21; 8/15/1905p11; 9/15/1905pp5,19

Gold Plated: 1/30/1910p22

Gold Point Mining & Milling Co.: 11/30/1903p9

Gold production statistics: see Metal production statistics

Gold Ray: 6/30/1903p3; 10/15/1903p15; 10/30/1903p9; 6/30/1904p8; 12/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905pp5,12; 5/15/1905p19; 9/15/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 1/15/1906p22

Gold Ridge: 3/30/1905p8; 7/15/1905p21; 7/30/1905pp12,21; 1/15/1924p37; 10/15/1925p13; 10/30/1925p21; 12/30/1925p22; tmj3/30/1931

Gold Ridge Consolidated Mining Co.: 8/30/1914p31

Gold Road Mining & Milling Co.: 8/15/1907p20

Gold Standard: see Golden Standard

Gold Wonder: 8/15/1925p23; 10/15/1925p13

Golden: 10/30/1906p20; 10/15/1916p34

Golden Age: 11/15/1904p14

Golden Dream Group: 1/30/1910p22; 7/15/1925p16

Golden Drift: 5/15/1903p5; 5/30/1904pp11,17; 8/30/1904p8; 2/28/1905p12; 3/30/1905p8; 6/15/1905p20; 11/30/1907p20; 1/15/1912p21

Golden Drift Mining Co.: 6/30/1903p3; 11/30/1903p9; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904p15; 1/30/1904p15; 11/15/1904p14; 12/15/1904p3; 3/30/1905p8; 5/15/1905p19; 7/30/1905p6; 9/30/1905pp5,19; 10/15/1905p6; 1/30/1906p5; 3/15/1906p6; 4/15/1906p8

Golden Fleece: 12/15/1925p17; 12/30/1925p22; 1/30/1926p20

Golden Standard: 12/30/1903p17; 5/30/1904p17; 6/30/1904p13; 1/15/1905p1; 6/15/1905p20; 10/15/1905p6; 1/15/1906p7; 2/15/1906p14; 4/30/1906p8; 12/15/1907p19; 7/15/1908p23

Golden Terry: 1/15/1905p1

Golden Wedge: 10/15/1903p15; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4; 1/15/1905p1; 12/30/1905p8; 2/15/1906p14; 11/30/1907p20; 1/30/1910p22

Goldenview City: 7/15/1904p4; 11/15/1909pp16,19

Goodell, Albert I.: 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 7/30/1904p5; 9/30/1904p8

Goodell, William: 3/15/1904p4

Goodnough, O. L.: 9/30/1906p20

Goodnow, O. S.: 2/15/1905p21; 12/15/1906p17

Goodwyn, T. J.: 5/15/1906p20

Gopher Mining Co.: 5/30/1905p20

Gopher: 4/15/1903p13; 6/30/1903p9; 3/30/1904p11; 1/15/1905p1; 5/30/1905p20

Gorder, M. A.: 2/15/1904p15

Gordon Mtn.: 3/15/1918p39; 10/30/1918p37

Governor: 3/30/1912p16

Graham, John: 12/15/1904p3

Graham, Louis: 8/15/1906p20

Graham, Ralph: 4/30/1905p21; 3/15/1906p22

Grand Prize: 11/15/1913p21

Granger, W. C.: 2/28/1915p28

Granite Gulch: 8/30/1906p19

Granite Hill: 3/15/1903p16; 3/30/1903p13; 4/15/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 7/15/1903p18; 8/15/1903p12; 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1903p10; 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903p9; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904pp15,18; 2/15/1904p18; 3/15/1904pp4,18; 3/30/1904p11; 5/15/1904p9; 8/30/1904p8; 9/30/1904p12; 10/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 11/30/1904pp9,11; 12/15/1904pp3,10; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905pp7,11,21; 4/30/1905p21; 5/30/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8; 7/15/1905p12; 7/30/1905pp6,21; 9/15/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 12/30/1905p21; 1/15/1906p7; 1/30/1906p5; 2/15/1906p24; 2/28/1906p21; 3/15/1906pp6,22; 3/30/1906p13; 8/15/1906p20; 8/30/1906pp19,23; 9/15/1906p20; 10/30/1906p20; 11/30/1906p12; 12/15/1907p6; 1/15/1908p15; 10/15/1911p23; 12/30/1914p26; 11/15/1918p38

Granite Mountain: 3/30/1912p16

Granite: 5/15/1913p23

Grant: 8/15/1905p19

Grants Pass: 11/15/1899p9; 3/30/1900p10; 8/15/1900p12; 9/30/1900p18; 10/30/1901p19; 12/15/1901p20; 12/30/1902p43; 2/15/1903p2; 2/28/1903p13; 3/30/1903p11; 5/15/1903p5; 6/15/1903p5; 7/15/1903p18; 7/30/1903p9; 8/15/1903p12; 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1903pp10,15; 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903pp9,11; 12/30/1903p5; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904p18; 2/29/1904pp14,23; 3/15/1904p18; 4/15/1904pp6,18; 4/30/1904p11; 5/15/1904p9; 5/30/1904pp11,17; 6/30/1904pp8,13; 7/30/1904p5; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904pp9,14; 9/30/1904p12; 10/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 11/30/1904p11; 12/15/1904p10; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 2/28/1905pp12,21; 5/15/1905p19; 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8; 7/15/1905p21; 7/30/1905pp6,21; 8/15/1905p11; 8/30/1905p6; 9/30/1905pp5,19; 10/15/1905pp6,21; 11/15/1905p22; 1/15/1906p4; 1/30/1906p5; 2/15/1906p14; 3/15/1906p6; 3/30/1906pp13,22; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 7/30/1906p22; 8/15/1906p20; 8/30/1906p19; 10/15/1906p19; 11/30/1906p12; 12/15/1906p17; 1/15/1907p21; 3/30/1907p19; 4/15/1907p4; 6/30/1907p19; 7/15/1907p20; 10/15/1907p20; 12/15/1907p6; 6/30/1908p24; 10/30/1908p15; 5/30/1909p15; 9/30/1909p18; 11/15/1909p19; 1/30/1910p22; 5/15/1911p14; 9/30/1911p11; 10/15/1911p23; 2/15/1912p21; 3/30/1912pp16,22; 4/30/1913p26; 5/15/1913p23; 9/15/1913pp7,20; 11/15/1913p21; 5/15/1914p35; 8/30/1914p31; 9/30/1914p35; 10/30/1914p35; 11/15/1914p26; 12/30/1914p26; 2/28/1915p28; 3/30/1915p26; 4/30/1915p26; 5/30/1915p26; 8/15/1915p23; 10/15/1915p31; 10/30/1915p24; 2/15/1916p28; 3/30/1916p30; 4/30/1916p34; 5/15/1916p35; 5/30/1916p35; 7/30/1916p35; 8/15/1916p34; 8/30/1916p27; 12/15/1916p34; 12/30/1916p34; 4/30/1917p38; 5/15/1917p37; 6/30/1917p38; 7/30/1917p38; 9/15/1917p39; 10/15/1917p38; 10/30/1917p36; 2/15/1918p38; 3/15/1918p39; 3/30/1918p41; 5/15/1918p44; 6/30/1918p30; 8/15/1918p39; 9/15/1918p38; 10/15/1918p38; 10/30/1918p37; 11/15/1918p38; 11/30/1918p37; 12/15/1918p38; 12/30/1918p33; 2/28/1919p37; 8/15/1919p38; 9/15/1919p40; 11/15/1919p38; 12/15/1919p37; 3/15/1920p38; 3/30/1920p29; 6/30/1925p11; 7/15/1925p16; 7/30/1925p12; 9/15/1925p15; 11/30/1925p21; 12/15/1925p17; 4/30/1926p12; 5/15/1927p10; tmj3/30/1929; tmj6/30/1929; tmj10/15/1929; tmj10/30/1929; tmj3/30/1931

Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co.: 5/30/1904p17; 12/30/1906p19; 5/30/1907p20

Grants Pass Courier: 5/15/1911p14; 5/30/1911p9

Grants Pass Iron & Steel Works: 2/28/1905p21

Grants Pass Mining Assn.: 10/15/1904p9; 5/15/1905p19; 5/30/1905p19; 4/30/1906p8; 11/30/1906p12

Grants Pass Quartz Mill: 12/15/1901p20

Grave Creek: 1/30/1903p6; 4/15/1903p13; 5/15/1903p5; 6/30/1903pp3,9; 11/30/1903p9; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 3/15/1904p4; 5/30/1904p11; 10/30/1904p7; 1/15/1905p1; 3/15/1905pp16,21; 5/15/1905p19; 10/15/1905p6; 11/15/1905p21; 1/30/1906p5; 4/15/1907p4; 1/15/1908p15; 11/15/1910p23; 9/15/1913p7; 1/30/1915p25; 10/15/1916p34; 6/30/1918p30; tmj6/30/1929

Gray Eagle Mining Co.: 8/15/1916p34

Gray Eagle: 4/30/1906p8; 4/15/1907p20; 5/30/1910p18; 1/15/1912p18; 9/15/1925p15

Grayback Copper: 6/15/1917p37

Grays’ Harbor Copper Development Co.: 2/15/1919p38

Great I Am: 1/30/1926p20

Greaves, John: 7/30/1904p5; 8/30/1904p17; 9/30/1904p8

Green Creek: 7/30/1904p14

Green Mtn.: 11/15/1905p22

Green, Daniel: 6/30/1905p23

Green, Ernest: 8/15/1918p39

Green, George: 6/30/1905p23

Green, Wes: 4/30/1907p20

Greenback: 1/30/1903p6; 2/28/1903p15; 3/15/1903p5; 3/30/1903p11; 4/15/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 7/15/1903p18; 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1903p10; 10/30/1903p9; 11/30/1903pp9,11; 1/15/1904p17; 2/15/1904p18; 2/29/1904p14; 5/30/1904p11; 10/15/1904p19; 10/30/1904p7; 12/15/1904p3; 1/15/1905p1; 1/30/1905pp7,19; 2/28/1905p12; 3/15/1905p21; 4/15/1905pp9,21; 5/15/1905p19; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8; 7/15/1905p12; 7/30/1905p21; 9/15/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 10/30/1905p5; 1/30/1906p5; 3/30/1906p22; 4/30/1906p8; 10/30/1906p20; 12/15/1906p17; 1/15/1908p15; 8/30/1909p18; 12/15/1916p34; 4/30/1917p38; 6/30/1925p11; 7/30/1925p12; 8/15/1925p23; 9/30/1925p22; 10/15/1925p13; 12/15/1925p17; 12/30/1925p22

Greenback (town): 7/15/1903p18; 5/30/1905p20

Greenback Gold Mining Co.: 6/30/1903p3; 7/15/1903p18; 1/15/1904p17; 2/15/1904p18; 10/30/1904p7; 12/15/1904p3; 1/15/1905p10; 1/30/1905p7; 2/28/1905p21; 5/15/1905p19; 9/15/1905p5; 3/30/1906p22; 10/15/1915p31; 10/30/1915p24

Greens Creek: 7/30/1925p12

Grey Eagle: see Gray Eagle

Grey, Zane: tmj3/30/1929

Gross, H. H.: 3/15/1907p20

Grouse Mtn.: 5/30/1905p20; 8/15/1905p19; 11/15/1905p22

Grub Diggins: 8/30/1910p22

Gruber, Arthur H.: 9/15/1913p20

Gruetter, T. W.: 1/30/1917p34

Gunn, J. O’B.: 11/30/1903p9; 1/15/1904p17; 3/30/1904p11; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 3/30/1906p13; 3/30/1915p26

Gunnell: see Foster

Gunnell, Alva H.: 10/15/1903p15; 3/30/1912p22; 3/30/1915p26; 9/30/1916p34

Gutridge, Al: 11/15/1903p7

Guyer, M. F.: 3/30/1906p22

Guyot, Joseph: 1/30/1921p26

Gyllenberg, J. A.: 10/30/1925p21

Hadley: 9/15/1905p19

Haff: see McCleary; Mears

Haff, George L.: 11/15/1906p18; 3/15/1908p16; 7/30/1925p12

Hagen, E. D.: 8/30/1916p34

Half Moon: 7/15/1906p20

Hall: 12/15/1904p12; 11/15/1905p22; 4/30/1906p22

Hall, Charles: 10/15/1915p31

Hall, George H.: 3/30/1906p22; 2/15/1907p19

Hall, James: 12/15/1904p12; 1/30/1905p19

Hall, John: 12/15/1904p12; 4/30/1906p22; 9/15/1908p15

Hamilton & Jackson: 12/30/1905p8

Hamilton Bros.: 1/15/1906p22

Hamilton, Al: 7/30/1906p22

Hamilton, William H.: 9/15/1913p7

Hammersley: 2/29/1904p14; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1904p11; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p12; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p21; 5/30/1905p19; 9/30/1906p20; 11/30/1906p12; 12/15/1906p17; 11/15/1919p38

Hammersly, Fritz: 2/15/1908p16

Hammond, John Hayes: 8/30/1905p6

Hampshire: see Twohy

Hampshire, John: 2/15/1916p28; 3/15/1917p38; 6/15/1917p37; 7/30/1917p38; 9/30/1917p40; 9/15/1918p38

Hampton: 8/15/1905p19

Hampton & Lewis: 7/15/1903p18

Hampton, W. H.: 10/30/1903p9; 1/15/1907p21

Hanley, R. W.: 11/15/1905p21

Hanley, Robert E.: 7/30/1905p21

Hansen: 11/30/1919p38

Hansen, L. S.: tmj4/15/1929

Happy Camp: 8/30/1905p21; 9/15/1925p15

Happy Thought: 4/30/1926p12

Hard rock mining: 8/15/1904p18; 1/15/1905p1; 4/15/1910p4

Hardy & Williams: 7/30/1925p12

Harkness: 7/15/1905p21

Harmon: see Jewell

Harmon & Green: 5/30/1903p12

Harmon, C. E.: 11/30/1905p9

Harms Mining Co.: 3/15/1908p16

Harms, H. G.: 11/15/1906p18

Harphan, K. C.: 4/15/1916p22

Harrison Bros.: 5/30/1908p22; 6/15/1908p24

Harrison, Benjamin: 6/15/1908p24

Harrison, Robert: 5/30/1908p22

Harth & Ryan: 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903p9; 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1904pp11,16; 8/15/1906p20

Harth, A. P.: 4/15/1906p22

Hartley, C. A.: tmj2/15/1931

Harvey, J. R.: 4/15/1900p12; 9/30/1900p18; 10/15/1903p10

Harvey, John: 11/15/1904p14; 11/30/1904p9; 10/15/1905p4

Haviland & Metzger: 10/15/1905p6; 1/15/1906p7; 2/15/1906p14

Hawkins: see Wright, 3/15/1918p39

Hawley, Congressman: 3/30/1912p16

Hayford, George C.: 3/30/1903p11

Haynes, John C.: tmj4/15/1931

Hays & McKay: 3/15/1905p16

Hays, Lee: 11/30/1903p16

Hayward, G. F.: 8/15/1925p23

Heberling, S. E.: 7/30/1925p12; tmj3/30/1929

Heitman, H. F.: 2/28/1915p28

Held, Anna: 5/15/1904p9

Hell Gate: 6/30/1907p19; 7/15/1907p20

Heller, F. J.: 5/30/1904p17; 10/15/1907p20

Henderson: see Scribner

Hendricks, H. B.: 1/30/1906p22; 11/15/1910p23

Hendricks, R. E.: 4/15/1907p4

Henley, James H.: 3/30/1912p16

Herzinger, H. L.: 11/15/1914p26; 2/15/1915p29

Higgins: 5/15/1911p14

Higgins, C. C.: 12/30/1902p43; 1/30/1903p6; 2/15/1903pp2,14; 3/30/1903p11; 4/15/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 6/30/1903p9; 8/15/1903p12; 10/30/1903p9; 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903pp9,16; 3/15/1904p4; 12/15/1906p17

Higgins, L. G.: 5/15/1911p14

Higgins, Thomas R.: 10/30/1901p19

High Gravel: 7/15/1925p16

High Plateau: 10/30/1918p37

Highland: 1/15/1906p7

Hill: see Kirk

Hill, Thomas W.: 3/30/1907p19

Hinkle: 4/30/1906p8; 2/15/1908p16

Hoaglin: 8/15/1904p14

Hobart Group: 12/30/1904p12

Hocksworth, Harry: 10/15/1917p38

Hodges & Moore: 3/30/1910p14

Hoffman, A. C.: 7/15/1918p39

Hogg, George E.: 10/30/1915p24

Holland: 7/15/1904p4; 3/30/1905p8; 5/15/1905p19; 6/15/1905p20; 7/15/1905p21; 7/30/1905pp12,21; 9/15/1905p19; 9/30/1905p19; 8/15/1906p20; 4/15/1914p34; 8/15/1916p34; 7/30/1917p38; 6/15/1918p44; 9/30/1918p38; 11/15/1919p38; 11/30/1919p38; 8/30/1924p18; 6/30/1925p11; 4/30/1926p12

Holler, J. H.: 12/30/1903p17

Hollis, F. M.: 4/30/1907p20

Holmes, H. L.: 12/15/1916p34

Holter: 11/15/1918p38

Holthoff, H. C.: 3/30/1904p11

Holtz, Supt.: 2/28/1903p13

Homestake: 4/30/1904p11; 2/28/1905p12; 1/15/1906p22

Honey Creek: 8/15/1904p14

Hoofer: 12/15/1904p12; 8/30/1908p15

Hoofer, A. C.: 9/30/1904p14; 11/15/1905p22; 3/15/1906pp6,22; 2/15/1908p16

Hoofer, A. E.: 2/28/1906p21

Hopkins, T. F.: 4/15/1906p8

Hornbrook: 2/15/1905p23

Horseread Creek: 3/15/1904p18

Horseshoe: 6/30/1925p11; 8/15/1925p23; 10/15/1925p13

Hosack, W.: 10/15/1907p20

Hotchkiss, W. J.: 3/30/1912p16

Houck, Ambrose: 3/30/1905p21

Houck, J. J.: 3/30/1906p22; 10/30/1908p15

Hough, A. C.: 10/30/1915p24; 7/30/1925p12

Howe: see Blalock

Howell: 7/30/1906p22

Howland: 4/15/1903p13; 6/30/1903p9

Howland & Cook: 12/30/1904p12; 1/30/1905p7

Howland, A. C.: 12/30/1904p12

Howland, G. W.: 12/30/1904p12

Huddle, C. M.: 8/30/1916p34; 2/15/1917p34; 9/30/1925p22; tmj10/15/1929

Hughes, George F.: tmj9/30/1929; tmj10/15/1929

Hull: see Matthews

Hull, J. A.: 1/15/1904p17

Hull, M. F.: 7/15/1905p21

Humbug Creek: 3/30/1906p19

Hume, W. T.: 12/15/1919p37

Hunsaker, B. A.: 2/15/1905p21

Hunter: 8/15/1905p19

Hurd, Fred O.: 10/30/1903p16

Hurst, C. A.: 7/30/1908p24

Hutchins: 3/30/1906p19

Hutton: 1/30/1907p17; 7/15/1925p16

Hyatt, R. R.: 11/30/1918p37; 12/30/1918p33

Hydraulic mining: throughout; and 5/15/1904pp4,9; 6/15/1904pp3,13; 11/15/1904p7; 11/30/1904p9; 12/15/1904p5; 2/28/1905p1; 3/30/1905p8; 2/28/1922p9

Hydraulic Mining Co.: 2/15/1918p38

Hyslop, James E.: 9/15/1913p7

Ida: 1/15/1905p1; 12/15/1907p6

Illinois River: 5/30/1903p12; 6/30/1903p3; 7/30/1903p9; 11/15/1903p7; 2/29/1904p14; 12/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905p5; 8/30/1905p6; 9/30/1905p5; 3/30/1906p13; 5/30/1909p15; 3/30/1910p14; 4/30/1913p26; 8/30/1914p31; 3/30/1918p41; 7/15/1925p16; 1/30/1928p12

Improved Minerals Smelter Co.: 12/15/1904p3

Improved Smelter & Mining Co.: 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20

Indian Creek: 2/15/1903p2; 3/30/1903p13; 7/15/1904p4; 8/30/1905p21

Indiana: 9/30/1904p14

Indians: tmj6/30/1931

Indigo Gold: tmj3/30/1931

Ingels: 5/30/1907p20

Ingram: see Ramsey

Inman Lumber & Development Co.: 5/15/1927p10

Inman, Claude C.: 5/15/1927p10

International Metals Co.: 12/15/1925p17; 12/30/1925p22

Iridium: 12/15/1919p37; 10/15/1926p24

Irish Girl: 9/30/1925p22; 10/15/1925p13

Iron Age: 11/15/1904p14

Iron Mountain: 7/15/1903p18

Irving, B. B.: tmj3/30/1929

Isabell: 1/15/1906p22

Isbell, J. F.: 8/30/1910p15

J. C. Lee Co.: 9/15/1906p20; 1/30/1908p15

J.C.L.: tmj2/15/1931

Jack Johnson: 3/15/1918p39

Jackson: see Hamilton

Jackson & Co.: 2/15/1906p14

Jackson County Bank: 2/15/1905p21; 3/15/1905p16; 1/30/1907p20

Jackson Creek: 10/30/1903p16; 5/15/1904p16; 12/15/1904p10; 2/15/1905p21

Jackson, Neal: 2/28/1906p21

Jackson, Robert: 12/30/1905p8

Jacksonville: 7/15/1902p11; 1/30/1903p6; 10/15/1903p15; 1/15/1904p16; 1/30/1904p18; 3/15/1904p18; 5/15/1904p16; 5/30/1904p17; 9/15/1904p13; 11/15/1904p12; 12/15/1904p10; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 2/28/1905p5; 3/15/1905p16; 6/15/1905p20; 1/30/1906p5; 3/30/1906p13; 4/15/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 8/30/1906p23; 11/30/1906p12; 1/30/1907p20; 7/30/1907p23; 12/15/1907p19; 12/30/1907p3; 1/30/1908p15; 11/15/1909p19; 8/15/1915p23; 10/15/1917p38; 12/15/1918p38; 1/15/1924p37; tmj10/30/1930

Jade: 2/15/1903p2; 3/30/1903p13; 11/30/1904p9; 3/30/1905p8

Jake Gerster Group: 5/30/1924p15

James, J. M.: 11/30/1918p37; 12/30/1918p33

Jameson, Frank: 9/30/1905p19

January: 3/30/1905p8

January First: 3/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905p12; 5/30/1916p35

Jasper, Charles: 5/30/1905p20

Jeldness, Andrew: 4/30/1907p20

Jeldness, Otto: 4/30/1907p20

Jendiness: see Bloomfield

Jennings, George: tmj9/30/1929

Jennings, M. R.: 7/15/1908p23

Jennings, Pat: tmj9/30/1929

Jenny Creek: 3/30/1903p13

Jewell: 2/15/1903p14; 2/15/1903p2; 10/30/1915p24

Jewell & Harmon: 4/30/1905p7

Jewell, L. L.: 11/30/1905p9; 3/30/1912p22

Jim Blaine: 4/30/1917p38

Joe Creek: 4/15/1906p8; 1/30/1907p17

Joe Creek Copper Mining Co.: 8/15/1907p20

Joe’s Bar: 7/15/1906p16; 11/30/1906p12

John Hampshire Co.: 9/15/1918p38

Johnson Creek: 4/30/1903p14

Johnson Lead: 3/15/1905p16

Johnson Mtn.: 12/15/1918p38

Johnson, Charles: 4/30/1926p12

Johnson, G. W.: 2/15/1904p15

Johnson, Jack: 3/15/1918p39

Johnson, M. S.: tmj9/30/1929

Johnson, P. X.: 10/15/1925p13; 10/30/1925p21; 12/30/1925p22

Johnston: 11/30/1907p20; tmj9/30/1929

Jones: see Sailing

Jones, F. L.: 6/30/1904p13

Jones, J. M.: 9/15/1906p20

Jones, L. T.: 1/30/1904p18

Jones, R. A.: 9/30/1900p18; 7/15/1905p12; 1/15/1906p22

Jones, Reuben: 10/15/1904p19

Jones, Sam L.: 9/30/1900p18

Jones, Sen.: 3/30/1903p13; 11/30/1903p9; 3/15/1904p4

Jones, T. L.: 3/15/1904p18

Jones, W. G. Yarworth: 12/30/1907p3

Jordan Gulch: 4/30/1906p22

Jordan, William: 10/30/1904p12

Joseph Ball Copper Co.: 3/15/1907p20

Josephine County Bank: 3/30/1912p22

Josephine Creek: 12/30/1902p43; 2/28/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 7/30/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 6/30/1904p13; 12/30/1904p9; 12/30/1909p22; 8/30/1911p10

Jumbo: 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 7/15/1908p23

Jump-Off Joe Creek: 11/15/1900p11; 12/30/1902pp35,43; 1/30/1903p6; 2/15/1903pp2,14; 4/15/1903p13; 6/30/1903p9; 8/15/1903p12; 9/15/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 10/30/1903p9; 11/15/1903p7; 2/29/1904p14; 3/15/1904pp4,18; 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1904p11; 5/15/1904p9; 5/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p13; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p12; 11/15/1904p14; 12/15/1904p12; 12/30/1904pp9,12; 1/15/1905p1; 1/30/1905p7; 2/15/1905p21; 5/30/1905pp19,20; 10/30/1905p21; 11/15/1905p22; 1/15/1906p4; 2/28/1906p21; 3/15/1906pp6,22; 9/30/1906p20; 10/15/1906p19; 11/30/1906p12; 12/15/1906p17; 2/28/1907p19; 12/15/1907p19; 1/15/1908p21; 1/30/1908p15; 2/15/1908p16; 2/15/1918p38; 11/15/1919p38

Kalb, Frank E.: 10/15/1903p15

Kanes Creek: 4/30/1905p7; 12/30/1907p21; 1/15/1908p21; 5/15/1908p23; 9/15/1918p38; 10/15/1925p13; 10/30/1925p21

Kaolin: 2/28/1907p19

Kauffman, Perkins & Luce: 1/15/1904p17

Kaufman, J. W.: 9/30/1903p11

Kaulback, Frank S.: 9/15/1917p39

Keating, A. M.: 1/15/1907p21

Keaton-Costello Chrome Co.: 10/30/1918p37

Keel: 3/30/1912p16

Keeley, J. P.: 12/30/1925p22

Keene, Dr.: 4/15/1905p9

Keith: 8/15/1919p38

Keith, Walter S.: 7/30/1904p5; 9/30/1904p8; 7/15/1905p21

Kel-Mar Van Pet: 8/15/1925p23; 10/15/1925p13; 4/30/1926p12

Kemp, Prof. J. F.: 7/30/1905p6

Kendrick, J. K.: 9/15/1913p7

Kennett, Calif.: 3/15/1906p6; 2/15/1907p19; 3/15/1907p17; 4/30/1913p26; 6/30/1913p16; 8/30/1916p27; 9/30/1916p34; 12/15/1916p34; 4/30/1917p38

Kerby: 9/30/1903p11; 1/30/1905p7; 4/15/1905p21; 9/15/1905p19; 3/30/1906p13; 6/15/1908p24; 9/15/1908p15; 12/30/1909p22; 9/30/1910p21; 5/15/1911p14; 8/30/1911p10; 8/15/1915p23; 6/30/1916p34; 7/30/1916p35; 1/30/1917p34; 2/15/1918p38; 5/30/1918p40; 9/30/1925p22

Kerruish, T. H.: 10/30/1925p21

Keswick: 3/30/1906p19

Keystone: 7/30/1903p9; 11/30/1904p11; tmj6/30/1931

Kiesling Gulch: 3/30/1906p22

Killduff, J. E.: 4/30/1926p12

Killiam, Mark: tmj10/15/1929

King: 7/15/1904p4

Kinleyside, R. A.: 11/15/1911p11

Kinney & Neuber: 2/29/1904p14

Kirk & Hill: 7/15/1906p20; 1/30/1907p20

Kirk, J. E.: 7/15/1906p20; 1/30/1907p20; 12/30/1907p21; 1/15/1908p21; 2/15/1908p16

Kirk, Tom: 12/30/1907p21; 1/15/1908p21; 2/15/1908p16

Kirk, W. W.: 4/30/1906p8

Kirkley, George W.: 12/30/1905p8; 2/15/1906p14

Kissinger, Herman: 3/15/1905p21

Kitto, Jennie: 3/15/1904p18

Kitto, Mildred: 3/15/1904p18

Kitto, W. C.: 10/15/1903p15; 1/30/1904p18; 3/15/1904p18

Klamath Falls: 6/15/1908p24; 9/15/1916p34

Klamath Mtns.: 3/30/1914p13

Klamath River: 6/30/1904p8; 11/30/1904p9; 2/15/1905p23; 3/30/1906p19; 9/15/1925p15

Klingaman, Charles S.: tmj4/15/1931

Klipple: 8/30/1904p8

Klondike: 4/15/1903p13; 6/30/1903p9; 3/30/1904p11; 10/15/1918p38

Klump, L. E.: 6/30/1925p11; 9/30/1925p22; 12/15/1925p17

Knotts: tmj9/30/1929

Koepp: 3/30/1905p8

Kramer: see Kremer; 1/15/1905p1

Kramer & Palmer: 3/15/1903p5; 8/15/1904p14

Kramer, Willis: 8/15/1904p14; 2/15/1905p21

Kreis, Joseph: 4/30/1904p11

Kremer: see Kramer

Kremer & Palmer: 3/30/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 10/15/1903p10

Kubli: tmj2/15/1931

Kubli, Henry D.: 12/30/1903p17; 5/30/1904p17

Kubli, K. K.: 12/30/1903p17; 5/30/1904p17; 7/15/1908p23

Kubli, Mrs. E. J.: 5/30/1904p17

Kubli, Mrs. K.: 12/30/1903p17

Kullander, A. L.: 8/15/1925p23

Kuntzen, Jacob: 7/15/1906p20

Kuykendall: see Dunbar

Ladd, Charles: 7/30/1903p9

Laidlaw, Andrew: 12/15/1916p13

Lake County: 5/15/1916p35

Lakeview: 8/30/1906p19; 7/15/1908p23

Lally Creek: 10/30/1905p21

Lamb: 3/30/1912p16

Lane County: 12/30/1904p12; 8/30/1905p4; 7/30/1906p22; 1/15/1914p36; tmj9/30/1929

Lane, I. W.: 7/15/1908p23

Lange, A. F.: 11/30/1925p21

Lange, H. S.: 11/30/1925p21

Langlois: 3/15/1920p38

Langwell & Son: 8/30/1906p19

Larsen, C. G.: tmj10/30/1929

Larsen, Lewis P.: 5/30/1905p20; 8/15/1905p19; 11/15/1905p22

Last Chance: 3/30/1905p8

Latilina: 7/30/1904p5

Latilina Smelting & Refining Co.: 7/30/1904p5

Lawrence Mining Co.: 1/15/1900p14

Lawrence, Phil E.: 9/15/1913p7

Lawrie, H. M.: 9/15/1913p7

Lawton, D. J.: 5/30/1903p15

Layman, George H.: 11/30/1903p16

Layman, J. Monroe: 11/15/1903p7; 1/15/1904p17; 6/30/1904p8; 11/15/1904p14; 2/28/1905p12

Laymon: 8/30/1904p17

Layton: 5/30/1916p37; 8/15/1916p34; 8/30/1916p27; 5/15/1917p37; 10/30/1918p37

Layton, Jack: 1/15/1904p17; 3/15/1904p18

Layton, Lester: 8/15/1916p34

Lead: see Galena

Lead Crystal Mining Co.: tmj9/30/1929

Lead production statistics: see Metal production statistics

Leale, Capt.: 12/15/1907p19

Lee, J. C.: see J. C. Lee Co.

Lee, S. M.: 5/30/1909p15

Lees Creek Gold Mines Co.: 9/15/1906p20

Lees Creek: 9/15/1906p20; 3/15/1907p20; 1/30/1908p15

Leland: see Ware; 1/15/1900p14; 7/15/1903p18; 4/30/1904p11; 12/15/1904p3; 1/30/1905pp7,19; 2/15/1905p21; 8/30/1905p21; 9/15/1905pp5,19; 12/30/1905p8; 5/30/1911p20; 11/15/1911p10; 4/30/1915p26; 8/30/1915p23; 4/30/1917p38; 11/30/1918p37; 2/28/1919p37; 6/30/1925p11; 7/30/1925p12; 1/15/1927p23

Leland, Col. Frank M.: 10/15/1915p31; tmj10/30/1929

Levensaler, L. A.: 3/30/1926p22

Lewis: see Hampton; Reddy; 4/15/1903p13; 5/15/1903p5; 11/15/1904p14; 7/30/1907p23; tmj2/15/1931

Lewis & Clarke: 9/15/1904p9; 11/15/1904p14; 12/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905p12; 3/15/1905p16

Lewis Ditch: 1/15/1905p10

Lewis, Harry L.: 10/15/1915p31

Lewis, J. C.: 10/15/1904p19; 7/15/1905p12

Lewman, T. E.: 8/30/1906p19

Libby: 7/30/1908p24

Light, J. W.: tmj4/15/1931

Lightning Creek: 8/30/1904p17

Lightning Gulch: 9/30/1903p11; 5/30/1918p40

Liley, William: 11/30/1925p21

Lillegram, E. W.: 12/15/1904p3

Lime: 3/30/1903p13

Linderman, Dr.: 7/30/1925p12

Lipps, J. R.: 9/15/1913p7

Little Chieftain Mining Co.: 1/15/1906p22

Little Chieftain: 1/30/1905p19; 11/30/1906p19

Little Daisy: 3/30/1912p16

Little Red Mtn.: 8/15/1919p38

Little Wonder: 12/15/1925p17

Little, R. P.: 12/15/1908p13

Lively: see Olson

Lively, J. M.: 7/30/1925p12; 4/30/1926p12

Llano de Oro: 9/15/1925p15; 4/30/1926p12; tmj8/15/1930

Loback, J. H.: 6/30/1925p11

Loban, Tom: 10/15/1925p13

Loftus Bros.: 8/30/1906p19

Loftus Group: 7/15/1908p23

Logan: see Simmons; 9/30/1917p40; 3/15/1918p39; 2/28/1922p9; 7/15/1925p16

Logan, James T.: 2/15/1915p29; 3/30/1916p30; 4/15/1917p42; 4/30/1917p38; 9/30/1917p40; 7/15/1925p16; 4/30/1926p12; tmj3/30/1931

Logan-Cameron: 3/30/1916p30; 4/30/1917p38

Lone Star: 3/30/1904p11; 5/30/1918p40; 11/15/1918p38; 5/15/1919p38; tmj10/30/1929

Long, W. N.: tmj10/30/1929

Lookout Group: 10/15/1915p31

Loomey: 8/30/1907p20

Loomey, Bert: 8/30/1907p20

Looney, Mrs. Mabel: 12/15/1906p17

Lost Cabin: 5/30/1924p15

Lost Channel: 12/15/1905p20

Lost Flat: 1/30/1910p22

Lost Fortune: 3/30/1912p16;

Lost mines: 7/30/1903p9; 7/15/1904p4; 12/30/1904p9; 4/15/1916p22

Louse Creek: 3/30/1903p13; 4/15/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 7/15/1903p18; 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1903p10; 1/15/1904p17; 2/15/1904p18; 8/30/1904p8; 11/30/1904pp9,11; 1/15/1905p1; 6/30/1905p8; 10/15/1905p6; 2/28/1907p19; 12/15/1907p6

Love, Al: 12/15/1925p17

Love, Ben: 4/15/1907p20

Luce: see Kauffman

Luce, E. C.: 9/30/1903p11

Luce, H. B.: 9/30/1902p13

Lucky: 11/30/1925p21

Lucky Bar: 12/30/1907p21

Lucky Bart: 6/30/1903p3; 3/15/1905p16; 5/30/1905p19; 4/30/1906p8; 7/15/1906p20; 1/30/1907p20; 1/15/1908p21; 2/15/1908p16

Lucky Boy: 1/30/1906p5; tmj10/30/1929

Lucky Cuss: 8/15/1903p12; 11/30/1903p9

Lucky Queen: 8/15/1900pp12,14; 5/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p13; 9/30/1904p12; 11/15/1904p14; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 11/15/1905p22

Lucky Spot: 2/28/1915p28

Ludlow, H. H.: 11/30/1903p9

Ludwig, J. D.: 9/30/1900p18

Luthye, Henry: 7/30/1905p21

Lyman, J. T.: 1/30/1900p13

Lynn, J. B. Jr.: 1/15/1906p4

Lyttle: 9/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p9; 12/15/1904p3; 2/15/1905p11; 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20; 7/15/1905p21; 2/15/1906p14

Mabel: 2/15/1905p11; 7/15/1905p21

Macklin: see Bennett

MacLean, J. T.: 10/30/1907p20

Macleay Beach: tmj11/30/1931

Maid of the Mist: 8/15/1903p12; 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1905p6; 5/30/1907p20; 7/30/1908p24

Maier, Adolph: 12/30/1909p22

Malone, H. C.: 7/15/1908p23

Maltman, Albert: 12/30/1909p21

Mammoth: 12/30/1905p8; 3/15/1906p6

Mammoths: 8/30/1903p13; 11/15/1903p7; 2/15/1905p23

Manganese: 3/15/1904p18; 2/28/1919p37; 8/15/1919p38

Mangum, C. E.: 7/15/1903p18

Mangum, C. L.: 12/15/1904p3; 2/15/1905p21; 5/15/1905p19; 12/15/1905p20; 4/30/1906p8; 11/30/1906p12; 9/30/1909p18; 5/15/1911p14; 9/15/1913p7

Mangum, E. R.: 9/30/1909p18

Mankin: see Bell

Mankin, W. J.: 8/30/1910p22

Mann, Henry: 7/30/1906p22

Mansfield, Robert: 5/15/1910p20

Maple Gulch: 3/30/1906p22; 2/15/1907p19

Marcola: 11/15/1905p22

Margreiter, John: 9/15/1904p13

Marial: 1/15/1904p16; 12/15/1905p20

Marion County: 9/15/1908p15

Marion-Bell: tmj10/30/1930

Marks, M.: 2/28/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 7/30/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 6/30/1904p13; 12/30/1904p9

Marsden, H. H.: 7/15/1905p21

Marshall: 1/30/1905p7

Marshfield: 4/30/1908p14; 6/15/1908p26; 7/30/1908p24; 10/15/1918p38; 12/15/1918p38; 3/30/1919p38; 3/15/1920p38

Martha: 2/28/1905pp12,21; 5/15/1905p19; 6/15/1905p20; 9/15/1905p5; 3/30/1906p22; 4/30/1906p8; 10/30/1906p20; 10/30/1915p24; 6/30/1925p11

Martha Mining Co.: 1/30/1905p7; 2/28/1905p12; 5/15/1905p19; 6/15/1905p20

Martin & Daniels: 1/30/1917p22

Martin Bros.: 10/15/1925p13

Martin, Lon: 11/15/1909p19

Mastin, Jessie: 10/30/1915p24

Mastodons: see Mammoths

Mathewson, George: 9/15/1905p19

Matthews & Hull: 7/15/1905p21

Mattison & Mitchell: 10/15/1903p10; 2/15/1906p14; 3/30/1907p19; 11/30/1907p20

Mattison, Corey: 3/15/1908p16; 3/15/1910p19; 2/28/1915p28

Mattison, J. C.: 10/15/1903p15; 6/30/1905p8; 6/15/1909p16; 12/30/1913p22; 9/15/1915p23; 9/30/1915p25

Mattock, H. A.: 11/30/1904p9

Mattock, H. E.: 10/15/1904p9

Maxwell, L. O.: 8/15/1906p20

Maybelle: 2/15/1908p16

Mayflower: 10/30/1905p21

McAllister, O. A.: 5/15/1918p44

McBride, F. Reed: tmj10/15/1929

McCabe, J. J.: 10/30/1909p19

McCann, James: 5/30/1905p20

McClain, M.: 7/30/1916p35

McClallen: 9/15/1906p20

McCleary & Haff: 7/15/1905p12

McClellan, George L.: 10/30/1908p15

McClung: see Forbes

McConnell, W. T.: 11/15/1909pp16,19

McCorkle, A. J.: 1/15/1912p21

McCorkle, Charley: 1/15/1912p21

McCorkle, Frank: 1/15/1912p21

McCormack, E. W.: 4/30/1906p8

McCourt: 11/30/1919p38

McDonough, George H.: 10/30/1907p20

McDowell, N. D.: 8/15/1908p16

McElroy, G. H.: 5/30/1918p40; 11/15/1918p38

McIntire Transportation Co.: 7/30/1906p22

McIntire, Capt. J. M.: 7/30/1906p22

McIntosh, H. C.: 9/30/1904p14

McIntyre, W. I.: 2/15/1904p15

McKay: see Hays; 11/15/1901p21; 1/30/1906p5

McKay, J. A.: 4/30/1905p7

McKay, John R.: 3/15/1905p16; 5/30/1905p19; 1/30/1906p5

McKee, Amos: 10/30/1904p12

McKinley: 4/15/1904p6

McLean, J. T.: 12/30/1907p3

McLean, M.: 10/30/1906p20; 12/15/1906p17

McMillen, W. W.: 8/15/1904p14

McNara Flat: 11/15/1905p21

McNare Flat: 11/30/1903p9

McNeill, C. M.: 1/15/1904p17; 4/15/1904p6

McPherson: 6/15/1908p24

McQueen, Angus D.: 3/30/1904p17; 5/30/1904p17; 7/30/1905p21; 8/15/1905p19

McQueen, George: tmj9/30/1929

McReynolds, J. R.: 3/30/1916p30

Meade, J.: 4/15/1917p42

Meadows: 4/15/1904p6; 7/30/1907p23; 9/15/1907p22; 7/30/1925p12; tmj10/15/1929

Mears & Haff: 11/15/1906p18

Mears, H. A.: 7/15/1905p12

Medford: 10/30/1903p16; 2/15/1905p21; 3/30/1905p8; 4/15/1905p9; 4/30/1905p7; 3/30/1906p13; 4/15/1906p8; 5/15/1906p20; 7/15/1906p16; 11/30/1906p12; 4/15/1907p20; 8/15/1907p20; 10/30/1908p15; 12/15/1908p13; 11/15/1909p19; 8/30/1910p15; 11/15/1911p11; 3/30/1912p16; 10/15/1917p38; 10/30/1917p37; 9/15/1918p38; 11/30/1918p37; 5/15/1919p38; 1/30/1921p26; 7/30/1925p12; 12/30/1925p22; tmj9/30/1929; tmj10/15/1929; tmj1/30/1931; tmj2/15/1931; tmj3/30/1931

Medford Bank: 4/15/1905p9; 4/30/1905p7

Medford Copper Co.: 10/30/1908p15

Medford Mining & Milling Co.: 3/30/1912p16

Medford Oil Co.: 1/30/1921p26

Medford Water, Power, & Development Co.: tmj3/30/1931

Mee Ditch: 10/30/1904p12

Meikle, James F.: 4/15/1906p22

Mellinger, attorney: 11/30/1904p11

Mendenhall, William: 9/15/1905p19; 9/30/1905p19; 12/15/1905p20

Menefee, Frank: 12/15/1900p12

Mengoz, Frank: 11/30/1903p16

Mercury: see Cinnabar

Meredith: 5/30/1903p12

Merlin: 6/15/1903p5; 12/30/1903p5; 12/15/1904p3; 12/15/1904p12; 1/30/1905p7; 12/30/1905p8; 1/15/1906p7; 2/15/1906p14; 2/28/1906p21; 3/15/1906p6; 3/15/1906p22; 12/15/1907p19; 5/30/1911p20; 11/15/1911p10

Merrick, F. E.: 9/15/1918p38

Metal production statistics: 10/15/1904p4; 1/15/1905p8; 9/15/1905p7; 12/15/1906p11; 11/15/1907p25; 11/30/1907p9; 12/15/1909p6; 12/30/1911p13; 1/15/1914p36; 3/30/1914p13; 7/30/1914p21; 10/30/1914p23; 1/30/1915p25; 5/30/1916p37; 8/30/1916p27; 1/30/1917p22; 10/15/1917pp22,42; 1/30/1918p21; 3/15/1918p39; 9/30/1918p26; 1/15/1919p39; 1/30/1919pp19,28; 10/15/1919p26; 11/30/1919p30; 1/30/1920pp25,32; 1/30/1921p27; 1/15/1924p37; 8/30/1924p18; 1/30/1925p13; 1/15/1927p23; 1/30/1928p25; 2/15/1929p23; 3/30/1929p7

Metals Extraction & Refining Corp.: 6/30/1925p11; 7/15/1925p16; 7/30/1925p12; 9/15/1925p15; 10/30/1925p21; 12/15/1925p17

Metzger: see Haviland

Mexican Smelting & Refining Co.: tmj10/15/1929

Meyers, Frank: tmj7/15/1930

Michigan (mine): 4/30/1905p7; 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8

Michigan City: 6/15/1905p20

Michigan Mining & Milling Co.: 3/15/1905p16; 4/30/1905p7; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8

Millard, Col. B. F.: 8/15/1925p23

Millard, Ray: 8/15/1925p23

Miller & Son: 4/15/1907p20

Miller Creek: 11/30/1905p9

Miller, B. F. Jr.: tmj10/15/1929

Miller, B. R.: 10/30/1915p24

Miller, Dr. K. L.: 9/15/1906p20

Miller, Ed W.: 10/30/1925p21

Miller, H. K.: 11/30/1918p37

Miller, Henry: 1/30/1905p7

Miller, J. S.: tmj10/30/1929

Miller, S. R.: 10/15/1905p21; 1/15/1906p22

Miller, S. W.: 12/15/1916p13

Miller, W. M.: 10/15/1903p15

Millionaire: 10/15/1903p15; 1/15/1904p16; 3/30/1904p11; 11/15/1904p12; 11/30/1904p9; 3/15/1905p16; 1/30/1906p5; 1/15/1924p37; 8/30/1924p18; 7/30/1925p12; 8/15/1925p23; tmj9/30/1929

Mills, Charles W.: 7/15/1906p16

Mills: throughout; and 1/15/1905p1 (census), 9/15/1905p8; 10/30/1905p5; 12/30/1914p29; 7/30/1916p35; 10/15/1925p13

Mineral Extraction Co.: 11/15/1910p23

Mining: see Dredging, Hard rock mining, Hydraulic mining, Placer mining, Prospecting

Minning, G. H.: 2/28/1905p21

Missouri Flat: 3/15/1904p18; 6/30/1904p13; 11/15/1904p14; 1/15/1905p1; 12/30/1906p19

Mitchell: see Mattison

Mitchell, F. N.: 10/15/1903p15

Moe, Alexander: tmj9/30/1929

Mohawk Valley: 11/15/1905p22

Molybdenum: 10/15/1917p38

Monarch: 4/30/1917p38

Montgomery, Grover: 7/30/1916p35

Montgomery, J. B.: 12/30/1903p17

Montgomery, J. D.: 5/30/1909p15

Montgomery, W. L.: 10/15/1907p20

Monumental: 4/15/1904p6; 6/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p9; 2/28/1905p21; 5/15/1905p19; 7/15/1905p12; 12/15/1905p20; 12/30/1905p8; 1/15/1906p7; 8/15/1906p20

Mood, George: 9/30/1925p22

Moon, Charles: 4/15/1907p20

Moore: see Collard; Hodges; 10/30/1915p24

Moore, Dr.: 3/30/1912p22

Moore, Mrs. M. E.: 5/15/1904p9

Moore, R. S.: 12/15/1907p19; 1/15/1908p21

Morat: 12/15/1900p12

Morgan, G. H.: 8/15/1906p20

Morning Star: 8/15/1905p19

Morphy, Charley M.: 11/30/1906p12; 2/28/1907p19; 12/15/1907p6

Morphy, W. J.: 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1903p10; 11/15/1903p7; 3/15/1904p4; 5/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p12; 10/30/1904p7; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 6/30/1905p8; 10/15/1905p6; 3/30/1906p13; 10/30/1906p20; 11/30/1906p12; 1/15/1908p15

Morrison, L. S.: 2/28/1919p37

Morton, W. H.: 12/30/1904p12

Mosby, W. E.: tmj4/15/1931

Moulton & Rhodes: 11/15/1905p21

Moulton, H. G.: 11/15/1905p21

Moulton, H. V.: 9/15/1925p15

Mountain Copper Co.: 2/28/1903p13

Mountain King: 7/30/1925p12; 12/15/1927p25

Mountain Lion: 6/30/1904p13; 8/30/1904p8; 9/30/1904p12; 11/15/1904p14; 1/15/1905p1; 4/30/1905p7; 11/30/1905p9; 12/30/1906p19

Mountainview Copper Co.: 2/28/1903p13; 3/15/1903p5; 10/15/1903p10

Moy Jin Munn: 5/15/1910p20

Mr. Dooley: 1/15/1905p1

Mt. Ashland: 8/15/1919p38

Mt. Baldy: 11/15/1903p7; 6/30/1904p8; 8/15/1905p19; 11/15/1905p22

Mt. Bolivar: 9/15/1925p15

Mt. Pitt Mining Co.: 9/30/1904p14; 12/15/1904p12; 2/15/1905p21; 3/15/1906pp6,22; 1/15/1908p21; 8/30/1908p15

Mt. Pitt: 11/15/1905p22; 2/28/1906p21; 3/15/1906p6; 2/15/1908p16

Mt. Reuben Gold Mining Co.: 12/30/1903p17

Mt. Reuben: 1/15/1900p14; 3/15/1903p5; 3/30/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 10/15/1903p10; 12/30/1903p17; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4; 5/30/1904p17; 8/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p19; 1/15/1905p1; 8/30/1905pp6,21; 11/15/1905p21; 8/30/1907p20; 10/15/1907p20; 3/30/1920p29; 8/30/1924p18; 6/30/1925p11; 7/15/1925p16; 9/30/1925p22; 10/30/1925p21; 11/30/1925p21; 1/30/1926p20; 3/30/1926p22; 4/30/1926p12

Mtn. Treasure: 2/15/1908p16

Mtn. Treasure Mining Co.: 8/30/1908p15

Mule: 7/30/1903p9; 1/15/1905p1

Mule Creek: 8/15/1905p19; 9/15/1905p19; 9/30/1905p19; tmj2/28/1931

Mule Mtn.: 1/15/1904p16; tmj6/30/1931

Mundy, Col.: 12/15/1908p13

Munley, W.: 7/30/1905p21

Munn, Moy Jin: 5/15/1910p20

Murphy (town): 2/15/1907p19; 3/30/1912p22; 12/30/1916p34

Murphy, C. J.: 4/30/1906p8

Myers: 12/30/1902p35

Myers, J. L.: 2/15/1912p21

Myrtle Creek Consolidated Gold Mining and Manufacturing Co.: 9/15/1906p20

Myrtle Creek: 2/15/1904p15; 9/15/1904p13; 9/30/1904p14; 12/15/1904p12; 9/30/1905p19; 10/30/1905p21; 11/15/1905p22; 4/30/1906p22; 9/15/1906p20; 11/30/1906p19; tmj3/30/1929

Nabob: 2/29/1904p14

Nash: 4/15/1903p13

National Mining Co.: 4/30/1904p11

Neal, Billy: 9/15/1908p15

Neal, John: 9/15/1908p15

Neiderman: 6/30/1925p11

Neill Success: 7/30/1916p35

Neill, James W.: 9/15/1913p7

Nelson, A. F.: 9/15/1903p9; 5/30/1904p11; 8/30/1904p8; 9/30/1905p5

Neuber: see Kinney

Neuber, George: 12/15/1907p19

New Channel: 7/15/1907p20

New Year: 3/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905p12

New York & Western Gold Fields: 1/30/1904p15

New York & Western Gold Mining Co.: 12/30/1902p43; 2/28/1903p15; 10/15/1903p15; 10/30/1903p9; 9/15/1904p14; 4/30/1905p7; 1/30/1906p5

Newberry, Prof. J. S.: 2/29/1916p16

Newport: 2/29/1916p16

Newton, Albert: 5/30/1924p15

Newton, Dean Charles S.: 1/30/1926p20

Nicholas Bros.: 1/15/1906p22

Nickel: 7/15/1905p12

Nickell, B. H.: 4/30/1926p12

Nipper, W. R.: 4/30/1913p26

Nob Hill: 6/15/1908p24

Noble, Cyrus: 10/15/1918p38

Noonan, James P.: tmj3/30/1929

Norling: 3/30/1912p16

North Pole: 1/15/1924p37; 6/30/1925p11

Northern California and Southern Oregon Mining Congress: 12/30/1914p29

Northwest Mining Assn.: 10/30/1925p21

Nutshell: tmj3/30/1931

Nye, Bill: see Bill Nye

Nye: 10/15/1900p13

O’Brien, A. W.: 1/15/1906p4

O’Brien, W. D.: 11/15/1900p11

O’Grady, J. M.: 9/30/1914p35

O’Grady, M. J.: 10/15/1911p23

O’Grady: 12/30/1914p26

Oak Consolidated Mining Co.: 6/15/1907p19; 1/30/1908p15

Oak Flat: 4/15/1900p12; 2/29/1904p14

Oil: 3/15/1908p16; 6/15/1908p26; 12/15/1908p13; 1/30/1921p26

Old Blue Channel: tmj7/15/1930

Old Channel: 3/30/1900p10; 4/15/1900p12; 8/15/1900p14; 9/30/1900p18; 5/30/1903p12; 6/15/1903p5; 6/30/1903p3; 7/30/1903p9; 10/15/1903p10; 11/15/1904p14; 10/15/1915p31

Old Glory: 12/15/1904p3; 9/30/1909p18

Old Glory Mining Co.: 9/30/1909p18; 9/15/1913p20

Oliver, T. H.: 7/15/1908p23

Olmstead & Vance: 2/15/1904p18

Olmstead, W. E.: 11/15/1904p7; 4/30/1905p7

Olmstead, W. I.: 2/15/1904p16

Olsen, A. J.: 7/30/1907p23; 9/15/1907p22

Olson & Lively: 7/30/1925p12; 8/15/1925p23

Olson, C. A.: 7/30/1925p12

Olson, David: 7/30/1925p12

Olympia Creek: 9/15/1906p20

Opp: 1/30/1903p6; 2/28/1903p13; 5/30/1903p12; 1/30/1904p18; 11/30/1904p9; 11/30/1904p11; 12/15/1904p10; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905pp11,21; 3/15/1905p16; 4/30/1905pp7,21; 6/15/1905p20; 7/15/1905p12; 1/30/1906p5; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 8/30/1906p23; 1/30/1907p20; 1/30/1908p15; 8/15/1915p23

Opp, John W.: 5/15/1904p16; 2/15/1905p11; 4/15/1906p8; 8/30/1906p23; 11/15/1906p18; 11/30/1906p12; 1/30/1908p15Opportunity Bar: 1/30/1928p12

Opp Mining Co.: 4/30/1906p8

Oregon & California Gold Fields Co.: 3/30/1903p13

Oregon Belle: 10/15/1903p15; 10/30/1903p9; 1/30/1904p15; 9/15/1904p14; 11/30/1904p11; 4/30/1905p7; 5/30/1905p20; 7/15/1905p12; 1/15/1908p21; 3/30/1912p16

Oregon Chrome Producers’ Assn.: 11/15/1918p38

Oregon Chrome: 7/15/1918p39; 8/30/1918p40

Oregon Coal & Navigation Co.: 7/30/1908p24

Oregon Exploration Co.: 2/28/1926p16; tmj10/15/1929

Oregon Gold Fields: 8/15/1906p20

Oregon Gold Hill Mining Co.: 1/15/1912p18

Oregon Gold Mines Co.: 10/15/1911p23; 9/30/1914p35

Oregon Homestake Mining & Reduction Co.: 4/30/1904p11

Oregon Metals Corp.: tmj6/30/1929

Oregon Mining Assn.: 8/30/1904p8

Oregon Mining Journal: 11/15/1900p14

Oregon Securities Co.: 1/30/1904p18

Oregon Securities Co.: 9/30/1907p19

Oregon Timber, Mining & Development Co.: 7/30/1905p6

Oregon-California Consolidated Mines Co.: 11/15/1909pp16,19

Oriole: 3/30/1907p19; 11/30/1907p20; 3/15/1908p16; 6/15/1909p16; 1/30/1910p22; 3/15/1910p19; 6/15/1910p17; 12/30/1910p10; 2/15/1912p21; 12/30/1913p22; 10/30/1914p35; 11/15/1914p26; 2/28/1915p28; 3/15/1916p34

Oriole Gold Mining Co.: 3/30/1911p24; 9/15/1915p23; 9/30/1915p25

Orment, C. W.: 7/30/1905p6

Oro Fino: 9/15/1903p9; 3/15/1904pp4,18; 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1904p11; 5/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p12; 10/30/1904p7; 1/15/1905p1; 5/30/1905p20

Oro Grand: 8/30/1903p7; 10/30/1903p16

Oroville Dredging Co.: 9/30/1905p5

Oscar Creek: 3/30/1912p22; 10/30/1915p24; 12/30/1916p34

Oscar Creek Consolidated Mining Co.: 10/30/1915p24

Oscar Creek Mining Co.: 3/30/1912p22

Osgood: 5/30/1903p12; 5/30/1916p37; 4/15/1917p42; 7/15/1925p16; 4/30/1926p12; tmj2/15/1931; tmj3/30/1931

Osgood, F. H.: 2/28/1903p13; 10/15/1903p10; 2/29/1904p14; 3/15/1904p4; 4/30/1904p11; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p12; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 5/30/1905p19

Outhouse Creek: see Althouse Creek

Owl Creek: 3/30/1907p19

Pacific Coast Chrome Producers’ Assn.: 11/15/1918p38

Pacific Coast Smelting & Mining Co.: 8/30/1905p6

Pacific Placer Co.: 8/15/1916p34; 10/30/1918p37

Page, Dr.: 4/30/1907p20

Page, William: 1/15/1912p21

Paisley: 5/15/1916p35; 9/15/1916p34

Palmer: see Kramer; Kremer

Palmer Creek: 10/30/1904p12

Palmer Creek Gold Mines Co.: 11/15/1911p11

Palmer, Honore: 10/30/1908p15

Palmer, J. Charles: 9/15/1917p39

Paradise Bar: 6/30/1907p19

Paris, Col. C. R.: 9/30/1902p13

Park, Charles Harding; 6/15/1906p21

Parker, Dr. Herschell C.: 10/15/1925p13; 10/30/1925p21

Parks, G. E.: 9/15/1919p40

Parks, H. M.: 9/15/1913p7; 10/30/1925p21

Patterson: 9/30/1904p14

Payne, Clyde A.: 8/30/1905p6

Pearce & Son: 4/30/1905p21

Pearce, D. J. S.: 4/30/1905p21

Pearl: 3/15/1905p21

Pearson, W. B.: 2/15/1908p16

Peavine Mtn.: 10/15/1916p34

Pennington, Col. A. S.: 7/15/1906p16

Pennington, J. L.: 8/30/1905p21

Penrose, Spencer: 1/15/1904p17; 4/15/1904p6; 1/15/1905p1; 5/30/1905p20

Pepper, Robert: tmj4/15/1931

Perkins: see Kauffman; Spence; 9/30/1904p14

Perkins, H. C.: 2/28/1900p14; 12/15/1901p20

Perry, Fred: 2/15/1905p21

Perry, W. T.: 3/15/1905p16; 4/30/1905p7; 6/15/1905p20

Peterson, A. W.: 8/15/1925p23

Petroleum: 3/15/1908p16; 6/15/1908p26; 12/15/1908p13; 1/30/1921p26

Petty Boy: 3/30/1926p22; 4/30/1926p12

Phelps Extraction Co.: 11/15/1910p23

Philips, C. E.: 4/30/1913p26

Phillips, Happy: 4/30/1926p12

Phillips, Mrs. L. A.: 12/15/1925p17

Phoenix: 2/15/1905p23

Pickett Creek: 5/15/1904p9; 6/30/1904p13; 10/30/1904p7; 6/15/1905p20; 10/15/1905p6; 1/15/1906p7; 12/15/1907p19; 11/15/1909p19; 10/15/1925p13

Pickett Creek Mining Co.: 12/15/1907p19

Pickrell, W. B.: 9/15/1913p7

Pierce, E. H.: 3/30/1912p16

Pierce, J. G.: 6/15/1908p24

Piggot, W.: 7/30/1917p38

Pike, A. J.: 12/15/1901p20

Pineal: 7/15/1904p4

Piper, W.: 3/15/1916p34

Pipes, Miss: 5/15/1904p9

Pistol River: 2/28/1905p12

Pittsburgh-Oregon Mining & Milling Co.: 9/15/1917p39

Placer (town): 1/30/1901p15; 7/15/1903p18; 9/30/1903p17; 10/15/1903p10; 1/15/1905p1; 4/30/1906p22; 10/30/1907p20; 8/30/1916p27; 12/15/1916p34; 1/30/1917p22; 8/30/1918p40; 10/15/1918p38; 12/30/1918p33; 1/15/1919p38

Placer mining: throughout; and 4/30/1904p16; 1/15/1906p6; 4/30/1907p20; 8/30/1911p12; 3/30/1914p13; 2/28/1922p9; 3/30/1929p7

Plateureke Mining Co.: tmj3/30/1931

Platinum: 6/15/1903p11; 12/30/1904p9; 4/15/1905p9; 6/15/1905p20; 7/30/1905p6; 10/15/1905pp4,6; 4/15/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 3/30/1910p14; 4/15/1916p34; 3/30/1919p38; 3/15/1920p38; 6/30/1925p11; 7/15/1925p16; 7/30/1925p12; 10/30/1925p21; 12/15/1925p17; 10/15/1926p24; 5/15/1927p10; tmj4/15/1931; tmj11/30/1931;

Platts, C. E.: 9/30/1905p19

Pleasant Creek: 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1905p7; 9/15/1913p7; 11/30/1925p21; tmj4/15/1931

Pleasant Grove Creek: 5/15/1919p38

Pocket hunting: 2/15/1903p12; 8/15/1924p12

Poindexter, Charles H.: 8/30/1904p8

Poindexter, Crawford & Smith: 9/30/1904p12

Poison Oak: 9/30/1910p21

Pollock: 2/15/1903pp2,14

Pollock, Joseph: 12/30/1902p35

Pollution: 6/30/1913p16; 12/30/1918p33; tmj6/30/1929

Poormans Creek: 11/30/1903p9; 4/30/1905p21; tmj10/30/1930

Port Orford: 4/30/1903p14; 5/15/1927p10;

Porter, E. S.: 9/15/1913p7

Porter, L.: 9/15/1906p20; 1/30/1908p15

Portland Gold Hill Mining Co.: 7/15/1908p23

Potter: 3/15/1907p20

Potter, D.: tmj3/30/1929

Poverty Gulch: 4/30/1903p14

Poverty Point: 6/30/1904p8

Powers: 10/15/1918p38; 12/15/1918p38

Pratt, B. C.: see B. C. Pratt & Co.

Preston Peak: 7/15/1903p18; 7/30/1904p5; 12/15/1904p3; 3/30/1906pp13,19; tmj10/15/1929

Prospect: tmj4/15/1931

Prospecting: 2/15/1903p12; 1/30/1910p11; 12/30/1923p16; 8/15/1924p12

Provolt: 1/30/1905p7; 3/30/1906p22; 8/30/1906p19

Pruitt, S. J.: 8/15/1905p19

Pruitt, W. H.: 8/15/1905p19

Prunk: see Bryant

Quartz Creek: 6/15/1903p11; 2/28/1906p21

Quartz Gulch: 10/30/1904p12

Quartz mining: see Hard rock mining

Queen: 2/15/1916p28

Queen of Bronze: 3/30/1904p11; 7/30/1904p5; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904pp8,12; 10/15/1904p9; 2/15/1905p11; 6/15/1905p20; 7/15/1905p21; 7/30/1905p6; 9/15/1905p19; 10/15/1905p21; 2/15/1906p14; 3/15/1906p6; 4/30/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 3/15/1908p16; 5/30/1915p26; 8/30/1915p23; 8/15/1916p34; 8/30/1916p27; 3/15/1917p38; 7/30/1917p38; 9/30/1917p40; 9/15/1918p38; 11/30/1919p30; 1/30/1920p32; 1/15/1924p37; 9/15/1925p15; tmj8/15/1930

Quicksilver: see Cinnabar

R. D. Adams Chrome Co.: 10/30/1918p37

Ragdale, J. Rowland: 6/15/1906p21

Railroads: 8/15/1903p12; 10/30/1903p9; 11/30/1903p9; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904p15; 3/30/1904p11; 11/15/1904p14; 2/15/1905p11; 4/15/1905p9; 5/15/1905p19; 5/30/1905p20; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 11/30/1906p12; 6/15/1908p24; 9/30/1909p18; 11/15/1911p10; 3/30/1912p16; 8/30/1915p23; 9/15/1916p34; 10/30/1917p36; 3/30/1918p41; 7/15/1918p39; 8/15/1918p39; 9/15/1918p38

Ramsey: see Williams; 5/30/1903p12

Ramsey & Ingram: 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18

Ramsey, W. H.: 9/15/1906p20; 1/30/1907p20

Rancherie Creek: 4/15/1906p8; 5/15/1911p14

Rand: 1/30/1905p7; 9/15/1905p5; 12/30/1905p8

Rand Gold Mining Co.: 6/30/1904p8; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9

Rattler: 9/30/1904p14; 9/30/1905p19

Rattlesnake: 10/30/1918p37

Ray, Col. Frank: 6/30/1904p8; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 5/15/1905p19

Ray, Dr. C. R.: 6/30/1903p3; 9/15/1903p9; 10/30/1903p9; 3/15/1904p4; 6/30/1904p8; 5/15/1905p19; 4/15/1906p8; 6/30/1925p11

Ray, Irvin: 3/30/1905p21

Ray, J. H.: 10/30/1904p12

Reames: see Wimer

Reames, A.: 7/15/1902p11

Reames, Evan: 4/30/1926p12

Reber, L. E.: 9/15/1913p7

Red Boy: 11/30/1925p21

Red Jacket: 9/30/1904p12; 10/15/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 6/30/1905p8; 12/15/1907p6

Red Mtn.: 8/15/1919p38

Red Oak Group: 11/15/1904p12; 4/30/1906p8; 8/30/1918p40

Red Ribbon: tmj3/30/1929

Reddy, Dr. John F.: 8/30/1903p7; 2/29/1904p14; 4/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904pp8,13; 2/15/1905p11; 3/15/1905p16; 4/15/1905p9; 6/15/1905p20; 4/15/1906p8; 4/15/1907p20; 3/30/1912p16; 3/30/1915p26; 9/30/1916p34; 10/15/1916p34; tmj10/15/1929

Reddy, Mrs. John F.: 9/30/1917p40

Reddy-Lewis: 3/30/1912p16

Redifer, J. H.: 9/15/1904p13

Redifer, R. P.: 9/15/1904p13

Reed: 5/30/1910p18

Reed, Eugene: 9/30/1925p22

Reed, Thomas: 10/15/1903p15

Reeder: 3/15/1905p21

Reeves: tmj10/30/1929

Reeves, Richard M.: tmj10/30/1929

Reilly, James: 1/30/1921p26

Reily, J. J.: 7/15/1908p23

Reuben Station: 8/15/1905p19; 9/30/1905p19; 1/15/1906p22; 5/30/1908p22

Reynolds, I. A.: 10/15/1917p38

Rhodes: see Moulton

Rhoten Bros.: 1/15/1906p7

Rhoten, E. M.: 10/30/1903p16

Rice: 12/30/1902p35

Rice, H. G.: 2/15/1912p21

Rice, Harvey: 8/30/1908p15

Rice, John F.: 12/15/1904p12; 10/30/1905p21

Rich Gulch: 11/30/1904p9; 10/15/1905p6

Richard, F. W.: 9/30/1916p34

Richards, E. H.: 10/15/1917p38

Richmond: 3/15/1904p18

Riddle: 7/30/1906p22; 12/15/1916p13; 2/28/1926p16; tmj10/15/1929; tmj10/30/1929; tmj6/30/1931

Ries, Henry: 1/30/1904p18

Rising Star: 3/30/1900p10; 1/15/1905p1

Ritter, C. P.: 12/15/1916p13

Riverside: tmj10/15/1929

Roach: tmj3/30/1931

Roaring Gimlet: 9/30/1904p12; 12/30/1905p8; 3/30/1912p16

Robbins, Marcus: 9/30/1902p13

Roberts, Frank: 4/30/1904p11

Robinson: see Shaska; 9/30/1909p18

Robertson Bros.: 7/15/1925p16; 9/15/1925p15; 12/30/1925p22; 1/30/1926p20

Robertson Gold Mine, Inc.: tmj3/30/1929

Robinson, Paul: 8/15/1925p23

Robinson, Phil: 8/15/1918p39; 9/15/1918p38

Rocky Gulch: 2/28/1919p37

Roe, E. P.: 6/30/1904p13

Roe, William: 6/30/1904p13

Rogers: tmj3/30/1931

Rogue River: 9/30/1902p13; 6/15/1903p5; 6/30/1903p3; 7/30/1903p9; 9/15/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 10/15/1903p10; 10/30/1903p9; 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903p9; 12/30/1903p5; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4; 4/30/1904p11; 5/15/1904p9; 5/30/1904p11; 6/30/1904p8; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9; 11/15/1904p14; 11/30/1904p9; 12/15/1904p3; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905pp11,23; 2/28/1905pp1,5; 5/15/1905p19; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p23; 7/15/1905p12; 9/15/1905p5; 9/30/1905p5; 11/15/1905p21; 12/30/1905p8; 1/30/1906p5; 2/15/1906p14; 3/30/1906pp13,19; 4/15/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 6/30/1907p19; 7/15/1907p20; 11/30/1907p20; 5/30/1908p22; 1/30/1910p22; 3/30/1910p14; 11/15/1910p23; 3/30/1912p16; 5/15/1913p23; 5/30/1918p40; 9/15/1918p38; 11/15/1918p38; 3/15/1920p38; 8/30/1924p18; 6/30/1925p11; 7/30/1925p12; 8/15/1925p23; 9/15/1925p15; 10/15/1925p13; 4/30/1926p12; tmj3/30/1929; tmj6/30/1929; tmj9/30/1929; tmj4/15/1931; tmj6/30/1931

Rogue River (town): see Woodville

Rogue River Electric Co.: 3/30/1912p16

Rogue River Gold Co.: tmj6/30/1929

Rogue River Mining & Development Co.: 6/30/1907p19

Rogue River Mining, Smelting & Refining Co.: 10/15/1905p21

Rogue River Quicksilver Mining Co.: 12/30/1905p8

Rogue River Water & Power Co.: 5/30/1910p18

Roland Creek: 3/15/1900p16

Romig, J. K.: 10/30/1925p21

Roof, J. B.: tmj10/15/1929

Roosevelt, Theodore: 8/30/1903p7

Rosa, H. E.: 5/15/1919p38

Roseburg: 2/15/1905p23; 2/28/1906p21; 9/15/1906p20; 8/15/1919p38; tmj3/30/1929

Ross: 3/30/1906p22; 10/30/1908p15

Ross, Billy: 7/15/1903p18

Ross, John Jr.: 12/15/1904p3; 1/15/1905p1; 6/30/1905p8; 10/15/1905p6; 11/30/1906p12; 9/30/1913p18

Ross, L. W.: 12/15/1918p38

Ross, Tony: 10/15/1917p38

Rotermund Drug Store: 11/30/1903p16

Rowan/Rowen, R. J.: 2/15/1918p38; 3/15/1918p39

Rowen, R. J.: 7/30/1917p38; 9/30/1918p38

Rowland, B. F.: 11/15/1914p26

Royal Group: 10/15/1903p10; 1/30/1904p15; 10/30/1904p7; 11/15/1904p14; 11/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905p12; 10/15/1905pp4,6; 4/15/1906p8

Royal Gulch: 10/30/1903p9

Ruble, S. C.: 11/30/1903p11

Ruch: 4/30/1917p38

Rush: see Corliss & Rush

Rusk, James: 2/28/1915p28

Rust, W. R.: 8/30/1905p6

Rusty Butte: 4/30/1903p14

Ruth, E. A.: 7/15/1906p20

Rutherford, W. E.: 12/15/1915p23

Ryan: see Harth

Saddleback Mtn.: 7/30/1906p22

Safford, Frank P.: 10/30/1907p20

Sailing, A. B.: 3/30/1912p16

Sailing, Jones & Bowling: 3/30/1912p16

Sailor Diggings: tmj1/30/1931

Salmon Mtns.: 3/30/1914p13; 10/15/1918p38

Sams Valley: 12/15/1908p13

Sanders, George E.: 11/15/1909p19

Sanders, J. C.: 4/15/1906p8

Sanford, Jim: 7/15/1925p16

Sangermine, Calif.: 4/30/1904p11

Santiam River: 1/30/1906p5; 9/15/1908p15; 12/15/1908p19

Sardine Creek: 6/30/1903p3; 7/15/1905p12; 1/30/1906p5; 7/15/1906p20; 11/15/1906p18; 1/30/1907p20; 4/15/1907p20; 12/30/1907p21; 1/15/1908p21; 2/15/1908p16; 3/15/1908p16; 11/15/1909p19; 11/30/1925p21

Savage Rapids: 6/15/1905p20; 10/15/1905p21; 11/15/1905p22; 3/30/1907p19

Savage, Ed: 8/30/1908p15

Savage, F. M.: 9/15/1925p15

Savage, Lincoln: 8/15/1918p39

Sawtooth Mtn.: 4/30/1903p14

Sayers, A.: 5/30/1918p40

Scenic: 12/15/1904p3; 1/30/1905p7; 4/15/1905p9

Schallhorn, John: 7/30/1905p21

Schoenfield, H. F.: 7/15/1907p20

Schumacher, George: tmj10/15/1929

Scott: 7/30/1906p22

Scott, J. B.: 3/30/1900p10

Scotts Mills: 10/30/1908p15

Scribner & Henderson: 2/28/1903pp13,15; 3/15/1903p5; 11/30/1903p11

Scroggins, Lee: 11/30/1925p21

Seagrave, W. H.: 8/15/1918p39

Seattle (mine): 3/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905p12

Section Creek: 9/15/1903p20

Seidel, Julius J.: 7/30/1925p12; tmj3/30/1931

Selby Smelting & Lead Co.: 9/30/1904p14; 1/30/1905p19

Selma: 8/15/1905p11; 8/30/1916p34; 6/15/1917p37; 8/30/1918p40; 5/15/1919p38; 11/30/1919p30

Sexton Mtn.: 3/15/1918p39

Sharp Bros.: 3/30/1906p22

Sharp, L. C.: 2/15/1918p38

Sharp, W. A.: 2/15/1918p38

Shaska & Robinson: 3/30/1907p19

Shaska, Joseph: 5/15/1916p35

Shasta County: 3/30/1906p19

Shattuck: 8/15/1925p23

Shattuck, E. W.: 7/15/1910p22

Shattuck, T. J.: 11/15/1918p38

Shaw, Dr. T. T.: 9/15/1903p14

Shaw, Robert: 3/15/1905p21

Shearer, A. W.: 2/15/1905p23

Shelley/Shelby/Shelly Creek: 4/15/1904p6; 6/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p9; 12/15/1905p20; 12/30/1905p8; 1/15/1906p7; 8/15/1906p20

Shepard: 6/30/1925p11

Sherbondy: 7/30/1906p22

Sherman, C. N.: 6/15/1908p26

Sherman, W. B.: 8/15/1907p20; 1/15/1912p21

Shirley Ranch: tmj10/30/1929

Shively: 10/15/1905p21

Shock: 4/30/1906p8

Shorty-Hope: 1/15/1905p1; tmj3/30/1929

Shrode: 10/30/1906p20

Sidler, C. A.: 2/15/1919p38

Silver Butte: 4/30/1903p14

Silver Creek: 11/15/1904p14; 12/15/1904p3; 9/30/1909p18; 7/15/1925p16; 9/15/1925p15; 1/30/1926p20; 4/30/1926p12

Silver Peak: 2/28/1926p16; tmj10/30/1929

Silver production statistics: see Metal production statistics

Silverton: 10/30/1908p15

Silverton Mining Co.: 10/30/1908p15

Simmons & Logan: 8/30/1905p6; 4/30/1917p38

Simmons, Cameron & Logan: 1/15/1908p21; 4/30/1917p38

Simmons-Cameron: 1/30/1900p13; 4/30/1917p38

Simpson, J. A.: 9/15/1913p7

Siskiyou County: 3/30/1903p13; 12/15/1904p3; 8/30/1905p21; 1/15/1906p7; 11/30/1906p12; 1/30/1907p17; 3/30/1912p16; tmj10/15/1929

Siskiyou Mtns.: 4/15/1904p6; 7/15/1904p4; 7/30/1904p9; 10/15/1904p9; 2/15/1905p23; 2/28/1905p12; 3/30/1905p8; 6/15/1905p20; 7/30/1905p12; 12/30/1905p8; 1/15/1906p7; 3/30/1906p13; 1/30/1907p17; 3/15/1907p17; 7/30/1907p23; 11/15/1909p16; 3/30/1914p13

Siskron: 1/15/1924p37; 4/30/1926p12

Siskron, Harry G.: 7/15/1904p4; 3/30/1905p8; 5/30/1916p35; 11/15/1919p38

Six Mile Creek: 3/30/1900p10; 4/15/1900p12; 9/30/1900p18

Sixes: 4/30/1903p14; 9/30/1905p5

Sixes River: 3/15/1920p38

Slate Creek: 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 3/15/1904p4; 4/30/1904p11; 12/15/1904p3; 12/30/1904p9; 4/15/1905p21; 1/30/1907p20; 4/15/1907p4; 11/30/1918p37; 12/30/1918p33

Sly, A.: 10/30/1905p21

Smelters: 6/30/1913p16

Smith: see Poindexter; 8/15/1905p19

Smith & Emery: 11/30/1925p21

Smith Bros.: 12/30/1902p35

Smith River: 7/30/1917p38

Smith, A. A.: 2/15/1919p38

Smith, A. L.: 11/15/1905p22

Smith, C. F.: 1/30/1926p20

Smith, Dr. C. A.: 10/15/1925p13

Smith, Eben: 11/15/1899p9; 1/30/1901p15; 1/15/1904p17; 2/15/1904p18

Smith, J. T.: 9/15/1913p7

Smith, L. E.: 1/30/1901p15

Smith, L. L.: tmj2/15/1931

Smith, Maj. Walter F.: 9/15/1903p9

Smith, Mark B.: 8/30/1904p8; 11/30/1906p19

Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth: 2/15/1918p38

Smith, Prof. Edwin T.: 10/30/1925p21

Smith, W. E.: 9/30/1905p19

Smithley, George: 9/30/1925p22

Smock, J. M.: 7/15/1905p21

Smock, J. M.: 7/30/1905p21

Soldier Creek: 3/30/1903p13; 9/15/1903p9; 5/30/1904p11; 8/30/1904p8; 1/15/1905p1; 9/30/1905p5; 4/30/1906p8

Soranson, George W.: 11/15/1909p19; 7/15/1925p16; 7/30/1925p12; 8/15/1925p23; 9/15/1925p15; 9/30/1925p22; 10/15/1925p13; 10/30/1925p21; 11/30/1925p21; 12/15/1925p17; 12/30/1925p22; 1/30/1926p20; 3/30/1926p22; 4/30/1926p12

Sordy, Harry: 7/15/1918p39; 8/30/1918p40; 10/15/1918p38; 2/28/1919p37; 3/15/1920p38; 9/30/1925p22

South Inlet: 6/15/1908p26

South Oregon Mines Co.: 7/30/1908p24

South Umpqua Mining Co.: tmj6/30/1931

South, Frank: 1/30/1901p15; 4/15/1901p19

Southern Oregon Mining & Development Co.: 5/30/1904p11

Southern Oregon Mining Congress: see Northern California

Southwell, Ben: 11/15/1905p22

Southwestern Oregon Mining Bureau: 8/15/1925p23; 11/30/1925p21; 12/15/1925p17; 12/30/1925p22; 1/30/1926p20; 2/28/1926p16

Sowell: 10/15/1903p10

Sparks: 4/30/1926p12

Spaulding: 1/30/1905p7

Spence & Perkins: 1/30/1905p7

Spencer Butte Coal & Petroleum Co.: 5/15/1908p23

Spencer, R. A.: 7/15/1918p39

Spokane Group: 1/30/1910p22

Spreckels, John D., Jr.: 9/15/1916p34

Spring Gulch: 2/28/1905p21

Squaw Creek: 9/15/1903p14

St. Helens & Galice Mining Co.: 1/30/1903p6; 2/15/1903p2; 5/30/1903p12; 6/15/1903p5; 6/30/1903p3; 7/30/1903p9; 8/30/1903p7; 9/30/1903p11; 2/28/1905p1

St. John: 3/15/1904p18

St. Peter’s Gulch: 2/15/1904p18

St. Peters: 1/30/1905p7; 4/15/1905p9

Stagecoaches: 2/15/1903p2; 2/28/1903p13; 10/30/1903p16; 12/30/1903p5; 1/15/1905p1; 11/30/1906p12

Stall, F. H.: 4/30/1903p16

Staples, Ed: 7/30/1905p12; 9/15/1905p5

Star Gulch: tmj10/30/1929

Starks, W. H.: 11/15/1919p38

Starr: 9/15/1905p19

Starr, Philip: 10/15/1915p31

Starveout Creek: 4/15/1904p6; 11/15/1905p22; 3/15/1907p20

Statsberg, Oliver: 10/30/1908p15

Steam Beer: 2/28/1905p12; 2/28/1919p37

Steamboat: 8/30/1903p7; 7/15/1906p20; 5/30/1907p20; 9/30/1911p11; 8/15/1925p23

Steele, J. C.: 12/15/1918p38

Steiner: 6/30/1925p11

Stenger, L. U.: 9/30/1925p22; 11/30/1925p21

Sterling: 2/15/1905p23; 3/30/1905p8; 4/30/1905p7; 8/30/1916p27; 1/30/1917p22; 11/30/1919p30

Sterling Mtn.: 10/30/1908p15

Stewart: 1/30/1906p22; 6/30/1906p22

Stewart, W. B.: 9/30/1905p19; 4/30/1906p22

Stock, A. C.: 11/15/1913p21

Stock, William: 9/30/1909p18

Stoner, Barney: 4/30/1907p20

Stovall, Dennis H.: 5/15/1903p5; 5/30/1903p12; 6/15/1903pp5,11; 6/30/1903p3; 7/15/1903p18; 7/30/1903p9; 8/15/1903p12; 8/30/1903p7; 9/15/1903p9; 9/30/1903p11; 10/15/1903p10; 10/30/1903p9; 11/15/1903p7; 11/30/1903p9; 12/30/1903p5; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 2/29/1904p14; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 4/30/1904p11; 5/15/1904pp4,9; 5/30/1904p11; 6/15/1904p3; 7/15/1904p4; 7/30/1904p9; 8/15/1904p18; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p12; 10/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 11/15/1904p14; 11/30/1904p9; 12/15/1904pp3,5; 12/30/1904p9; 1/30/1905p7; 2/15/1905p11; 2/28/1905pp1,12; 3/15/1905p16; 3/30/1905p8; 4/15/1905p9; 4/30/1905p7; 5/15/1905p19; 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905pp6,12; 8/30/1905p6; 9/30/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 10/30/1905p5; 1/30/1906p5; 2/15/1906p14; 3/15/1906p6; 3/30/1906p13; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 11/30/1906p12

Stowell, G. E.: 9/15/1919p40

Street, Judge John A.: 10/30/1901p19

Strenuous Teddy: 1/30/1910p22

Strock, B. C.: 2/29/1904p14

Stroup, W. H.: 9/15/1917p39

Stuerhoff, Charles: 9/15/1903p20; 6/15/1907p19

Sturgis: 1/15/1904p16; 2/15/1904pp16,18; 11/15/1904p7; 4/30/1905p7

Sturgis, Al.: 11/15/1904p7

Sturgis, George: 12/15/1907p19

Stutsman, Guy: 3/15/1920p38

Sucker Creek: 3/15/1900p16; 6/30/1904p13; 7/30/1904pp5,9; 8/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 11/30/1904p9; 1/30/1905p7; 2/28/1905p12; 3/30/1905p8; 5/15/1905p19; 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20; 6/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905p12; 8/15/1905p11; 9/15/1905p5; 9/30/1905p19; 9/30/1910p21;  4/15/1914p34; 11/15/1919p38

Sugar Pine: 6/30/1905pp8,23; 12/15/1905p20; 10/30/1909p19; 1/30/1910p22; tmj3/30/1931

Sugar Pine Mining & Milling Co.: 10/30/1909p19

Sullivan, P. J.: 7/30/1904p14

Sunrise: 5/30/1909p15

Sunset smelter: 7/30/1925p12; 8/15/1925p23

Surran Bros.: 7/15/1905p12

Sutherland, F. T.: 12/30/1899p14

Sutherlin: tmj4/15/1929; tmj10/30/1929

Swalwell, W. G.: 4/30/1916p34

Swank, Maurice: 3/15/1907p20

Swank, Roy: 3/15/1907p20

Swartley, C. M.: 9/15/1919p40

Swastika Mining Co.: 2/28/1907p19

Sweeney, Thomas A.: tmj9/30/1929

Sweeneys: 8/30/1903p7

Swinden, William: 5/15/1916p35

Swindon’s Mill: 4/30/1905p21

Sylvanite: 1/15/1924p37; 8/30/1924p18; 7/30/1925p12

Taber, Clark: 5/30/1904p17

Tacoma smelter: 7/30/1904p5; 7/15/1905p12; 8/30/1905p6; 9/15/1905p19; 11/15/1905p22; 11/30/1905p9; 1/15/1906p7; 2/15/1906p14; 2/28/1906p21; 6/30/1906p22; 7/30/1906p22; 11/15/1906p18; 3/15/1908p16; 12/30/1910p10; 8/30/1915p23; 8/30/1916p27; 9/30/1916p34; 10/15/1916p34; 3/15/1917p38; 2/15/1919p38; 9/30/1925p22; tmj3/30/1929; tmj9/30/1929; tmj10/15/1929

Takilma: 11/30/1903p9; 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9; 10/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 5/30/1905p20; 7/30/1905p6; 10/15/1905p21; 3/15/1906p6; 3/30/1906p13; 7/15/1906p16; 7/30/1906p22; 3/30/1912p16; 4/30/1913p26; 3/30/1915p26; 2/15/1916p28; 8/15/1916p34; 9/30/1916p34; 11/30/1916p34; 3/15/1917p38; 3/30/1917p38; 7/30/1917p38; 9/30/1917p40; 2/15/1918p38; 3/15/1918p39; 9/15/1918p38; 9/15/1925p15; 4/30/1926p12; tmj8/15/1930; tmj3/30/1931

Takilma Smelting Co.: 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904pp8,12; 10/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 12/15/1904p3; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20; 7/15/1905p21; 7/30/1905p6; 9/30/1905p5; 10/15/1905p21; 2/15/1906p14; 3/15/1906p6; 3/30/1906p13; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 5/15/1906p20; 7/15/1906p16; 3/15/1908p16; 6/30/1908p24

Taubeneck, A. A.: 3/15/1905p16

Taylor Brokerage Co.: 9/15/1925p15

Taylor Hill: 12/15/1904p3; 2/15/1906p14

Taylor, A. C.: 5/30/1903p15

Taylor, Col. W. H.: 2/28/1906p21

Taylor, Fred G.: 9/15/1925p15

Telephone: 1/30/1905p7; 2/28/1905p21

Tellurium: 9/30/1903p11; 1/15/1904p17; 6/30/1904p8; 8/30/1904p17; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p14; 12/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905p12; 3/15/1905p16; 4/15/1905p9; 9/15/1908p15; 11/30/1925p21

Templin, J. S.: 2/15/1906p14

Tennant Peak: 11/15/1909p16

Tenon Peak: 7/15/1904p4

Terra H: 1/15/1904p16

Terry: 12/15/1907p6

Terry, Ed. F.: 2/28/1905p21

Texas Gulch: 8/30/1903p13

Thein Bros.: 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4

Thein, Adam: 9/15/1903p20; 10/15/1903p15

Thein, Peter: 9/15/1903p20

Thieves: 6/15/1918p44

Thomas: 12/15/1907p6

Thomas, B. V.: 11/30/1903p9; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1

Thomas, J. W.: 9/15/1925p15

Thomas, O. A.: 11/30/1907p20

Thomason: 12/15/1916p13

Thompkins Creek: 10/30/1904p12

Thompson Creek: 8/15/1903p12; 9/15/1903p9; 7/15/1904p4; 7/30/1904p9; 11/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905p21; 5/15/1905p19; 10/15/1905p6; 11/15/1909p16; 7/15/1910p22; 9/30/1911p11; 3/15/1919p37

Thompson Group: 12/30/1902p43; 2/28/1903p15; 9/15/1925p15

Thompson, A. T.: 9/15/1906p20

Thompson, Capt. C. Henry: 9/15/1913p7

Thompson, Carey W.: 12/30/1899p14; 4/15/1903p13; 1/15/1904p17; 2/15/1904p18; 5/30/1904p11; 12/15/1904p3; 1/15/1905p10; 1/30/1905p19; 8/30/1909p18

Thompson, J. M.: 9/15/1925p15

Thompson, Riley: 10/30/1904p12

Thompson, Supt.: 7/15/1903p18; 1/30/1905p7

Thompson, William H.: tmj10/15/1929

Thoss & Ferren: 11/15/1904p14

Threepines: 6/30/1917p38

Thunder Creek Mining Co.: 9/30/1925p22

Thurston Mill: 10/30/1904p12

Tibbetts, William: 10/15/1907p20

Tiller: tmj6/30/1931

Tin: 5/15/1927p10

Tin Pan: 3/15/1905p16; 4/30/1906p8; 1/15/1908p21

Tina H.: 9/15/1905p19; 9/30/1905p19

Tip-Top: 5/30/1905p20

Tobacco Group: 7/30/1905p12

Tolo: 10/15/1903p10; 10/30/1903p9; 4/30/1906p8

Tom East: 1/30/1915p25

Tonkin, William K.: 11/30/1907p20

Tower, F. D.: 5/15/1911p14

Town, Ira A.: 12/30/1904p9

Towne Syndicate: 7/30/1907p23

Townsend, A. Justin: 5/15/1917p37

Townsend, W. E.: 9/15/1905p19

Trail: tmj6/30/1931

Trails: 2/28/1905p12; 7/30/1905p12; 9/30/1905p5; 9/30/1909p18

Treasure: 6/15/1906p21

Trefren: see Clark

Triplett: 1/15/1900p14

Triune: 3/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905p12

Trowbridge, Frank: 1/15/1906p22

Trumbly: 4/30/1926p12

Tucker, C. E.: 5/30/1915p26

Tuller Creek: 8/15/1905p19

Turner, Howard Q.: 9/15/1917p39

Tutt, Charles L.: 1/15/1904p17; 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p8; 10/15/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 5/30/1905p20; 9/15/1905p19; 9/30/1905p5; 10/15/1905p21; 3/15/1906p6

Tutt, Charles T., Jr.: 3/15/1908p16

Twelve-Mile Creek: 9/30/1905p5

Twohy Bros. Co.: 2/15/1916p28; 8/15/1916p34; 6/15/1917p37

Twohy-Hampshire: 9/15/1925p15

Umpqua Indians: tmj6/30/1931

Umpqua Mtns.: tmj3/30/1929

Umpqua River: 8/15/1904p14; 2/15/1905p23; 10/15/1905p21; 7/30/1906p22

Union: tmj3/30/1929

Union Creek: 1/15/1906p22

Union Iron Works: 3/30/1904p11

United Copper & Gold Mining Co.: 4/30/1915p26

United Copper Co.: 10/30/1917p37

United States Reduction & Refining Co.: 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 1/15/1905p1; 5/30/1905p20; 7/15/1905p21; 5/30/1924p15

Utah Copper Co.: 4/15/1904p6

Utica: 3/30/1926p22

Van de Bogart, L. R.: 8/15/1925p23

Van Horn, L. H.: 2/15/1918p38; 3/30/1918p41; 4/30/1926p12

Van Pet: see Kel-Mar

Vance: see Olmstead

Vance Hydraulic Mining Co.: 11/15/1904p7

Vance, L. A.: 1/15/1905p1; 4/30/1905p7

Vance, S. A.: 10/15/1903p10

Victor: tmj3/30/1931

Victor Jr.: 11/15/1899p9; 12/30/1899p14; 1/30/1901p15; 4/15/1901p19

Victor Mining & Milling Co.: 2/28/1906p21

Vindicator: 2/28/1905p12

Vinson, B. T.: 1/15/1912p18

Virtue, Robert G.: 1/30/1905p19; 2/15/1905p21; 8/30/1905pp6,21; 9/15/1905p19

Virtue, William: 8/30/1905p6

Voit, Fred: tmj3/30/1931

Von Moltke: 7/15/1905p12

Voorhies, A. E.: 5/15/1911p14

Vulcan: 2/29/1904p23; 3/15/1904p4; 1/15/1905p1; 1/30/1905p7

Vulcan Copper Co.: 10/15/1903p10; 1/30/1904p15

Wagner & Carrico: 1/30/1904p18

Wagner Creek: 3/30/1907p19

Wagner Ranch: tmj3/30/1931

Waldo: 2/15/1901p15; 7/15/1902p11; 5/30/1903p12; 7/15/1903p18; 8/15/1903p12; 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1903p10; 10/30/1903p9; 11/30/1903p9; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904p15; 2/15/1904p18; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 7/30/1904p5; 8/30/1904p17; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904pp8,12; 11/30/1904p9; 12/15/1904p3; 12/30/1904p9; 1/15/1905p1; 2/15/1905p11; 2/28/1905pp5,21; 3/15/1905p16; 4/15/1905p9; 5/30/1905p20; 6/15/1905p20; 7/15/1905pp12,21; 7/30/1905p6; 8/30/1905p6; 9/15/1905p5; 9/30/1905p5; 10/15/1905p6; 1/15/1906p7; 2/15/1906p14; 3/15/1906p6; 3/30/1906p13; 4/15/1906p8; 4/30/1906p8; 5/15/1906p20; 7/15/1906p16; 6/30/1908p24; 3/30/1912p16; 3/30/1914p13; 11/15/1914p26; 2/15/1915p29; 3/30/1915p26; 8/30/1915p23; 2/15/1916p28; 3/30/1916p30; 5/30/1916p37; 8/15/1916p34; 8/30/1916p27; 3/30/1917p38; 4/15/1917p42; 9/30/1917p40; 10/15/1917p38; 3/30/1918p41; 7/15/1918p39; 11/15/1919p38; 2/28/1922p9; 1/15/1924p37; 7/15/1925p16; 9/15/1925p15; 4/30/1926p12; tmj10/15/1929; tmj8/15/1930; tmj1/30/1931; tmj2/15/1931

Waldo Copper Co.: 8/30/1915p23; 9/30/1916p34

Waldo Smelting & Mining Co.: 7/15/1903p18; 8/15/1903p12; 10/30/1903p9; 11/30/1903p9; 1/15/1904p17; 1/30/1904p15; 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11; 4/15/1904p6; 7/30/1904p5; 9/15/1904p9; 9/30/1904p12; 10/15/1904p9; 10/30/1904p7; 12/15/1904p3; 2/15/1905p11; 5/30/1905p20; 7/30/1905p6; 12/30/1905p8; 1/15/1906p7; 3/15/1906p6; 3/30/1906p13; 4/30/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16; 11/30/1919p30

Walker: see Docker

Walker, A.: 3/30/1920p29; 6/30/1925p11

Wall, E. W. Sr.: 8/30/1903p13; 12/15/1905p20

Wallace, Edgar: tmj10/15/1929

Walter, E. W.: 9/30/1904p8; 4/30/1906p8; 7/15/1906p16

Walters, H.: 7/30/1916p35

Walters, P. H.: 4/30/1916p34

Wamock, M. G.: 7/30/1917p38

War Eagle: 12/30/1925p22; 1/30/1926p20; 12/15/1927p25; tmj10/15/1929

Waratah Minerals Co.: 9/15/1903p9; 10/15/1903p10; 10/30/1903p9; 12/30/1904p9

Ward: see Davidson

Ware & Leland: 7/30/1908p24

Waters Creek: 9/15/1906p20; 8/15/1916p34; 11/30/1916p34; 3/15/1917p38; 10/15/1917p38; 7/15/1918p39; 9/15/1918p38; 10/15/1918p38; 10/30/1918p37; 11/30/1925p21; tmj10/15/1929

Watson, Judge E. B.: 12/30/1903p17; 5/30/1904p17

Watts, Alex: 3/15/1904p18; 5/15/1918p44

Watts, Ben: 5/15/1918p44

Weara Mining Corp.: tmj10/15/1929

Webb, L. R.: 2/15/1919p38

Webber, H. M.: 10/15/1918p38

Webber, H. W.: 12/15/1918p38; 1/15/1919p38

Webber, J.: 12/30/1918p33

Wedderburn: tmj11/30/1931

Weekes: 1/30/1910p22

Weidler, Col. Milton: 6/15/1903p5

Weigand, George R.: 10/30/1925p21

Weins, Henry: 5/30/1904p11

Wells: 2/28/1905p21

Welsbach Gas Fitting Co.: 5/15/1903p5; 10/15/1903p10; 12/30/1904p9

Wendt’s Stage: 10/30/1903p16

Wenzel, J. W.: 3/30/1926p22; tmj4/15/1929

West Coast Metals Co.: tmj7/15/1930

West Coast Mines Co.: 9/30/1907p19; 1/15/1914p36

West Fork: 2/15/1904p15; 1/15/1906p22; 2/28/1906p21; tmj3/30/1929

West, C. W.: tmj4/15/1931

Western Metals Mines Co.: 7/30/1925p12; tmj3/30/1931

Western Reduction Works: 10/15/1918p38

Wetherell, J. B.: 1/15/1900p14

Wheeler, Albert: 5/30/1904p11

Wheeler, Charles O.: 4/30/1915p26

Whetrock, John: 7/30/1903p9

Whipple, W. R.: 9/15/1904p9

Whiskey Creek: 9/30/1902p13; 11/15/1905p21; 10/15/1907p20

Whiskey Gulch: 8/30/1906p19

White Horse: 4/30/1906p8

White Rock: 11/15/1905p22

White Swan: 3/30/1905p8; 7/30/1905p12; 1/30/1910p11

White, H. M.: 10/15/1905p6

White, Henry: 7/15/1905p21

Whitehead, John: 2/28/1905p21

Whitsett, Lawrence: 10/15/1917p38

Whittier, W. H.: 9/15/1919p40

Wickersham, D. Y.: 6/30/1905p8

Wickersham, Supt. L. B.: 2/15/1904p18; 8/30/1904p8; 9/30/1904p12; 11/30/1904p11; 1/15/1905p1; 4/30/1905p21; 7/30/1905pp6,21; 9/15/1905p5; 1/30/1906p5; 2/15/1906p24; 3/15/1906p22; 3/30/1906p13; 8/15/1906p20

Wickham, John F.: 8/30/1904p8; 5/30/1905p20; 9/15/1905p5; 9/30/1915p25

Wickham, Perry B.: 4/30/1915p26; 8/30/1915p23; 9/30/1915p25; 12/15/1916p34; 4/30/1918p39; 7/30/1925p12; tmj3/30/1929; tmj3/30/1931

Wickstrom, C. E.: 3/30/1904p11; 4/30/1905p7; 5/30/1918p40

Wild Cat Creek: 10/30/1915p24

Wilde, G. H.: 11/30/1919p38

Wilderness: 7/30/1917p38

Wiley, J. S.: 11/15/1905p22

Wilkins, Harry: 1/30/1926p20

Willard: 1/30/1905p7

Willett, F. E.: 12/15/1904p10

Willett, J. E.: 11/30/1904p11

Williams: see Hardy; 3/15/1919p37

Williams & Ramsey: 4/15/1905p21

Williams Bros.: 5/30/1908p22

Williams Creek: 3/30/1900p10; 1/15/1904p17; 2/29/1904p14; 10/30/1904p7; 1/15/1905p1; 5/30/1908p22; 6/15/1908p24; 5/15/1918p44; 11/15/1918p38; 4/30/1926p12

Williams, Dr. W. E.: 12/30/1904p9; 4/15/1905p21; 7/15/1905p12; 10/15/1905p21

Williams, J. J.: 6/30/1917p38

Williams, R.: 2/15/1905p21; 8/30/1905p21; 9/15/1905p19

Williamsburg Gold Mining Co.: 2/15/1904p15; 10/30/1904p7

Willoughby: 7/15/1925p16

Willow Creek: 12/30/1904p9; 2/28/1905p5

Willow Springs: 10/15/1900p13

Wilmot, H. C.: tmj10/30/1929

Wilson & Anderson: 5/30/1907p20

Wilson, “Dry Wash:” 6/15/1918p44

Wilson, Austin: 8/15/1916p34; 10/30/1918p37

Wilson, J. Sam: 9/30/1910p21

Wilson, M. S.: 11/30/1903p9

Wilson, R. M.: 8/30/1911p10

Wilson, Roy: 7/15/1906p16

Wilson, Thomas: 11/15/1913p21

Wilson, W. P.: 5/30/1907p20

Wilson-Gadsden Co.: 12/15/1908p19

Wiltsee: 3/15/1918p39

Wimer & Reames: 2/15/1901p15

Wimer (mines): 3/15/1905p16; 10/15/1905p6; 6/30/1925p11

Wimer Bros.: 1/30/1900p13

Wimer, Charles: 7/15/1903p18

Wimer, George W., Jr.: 1/30/1900p13

Wimer, George W.: 7/15/1902p11

Wimer, J. W.: 7/15/1905p12

Wimer, W. J.: 7/15/1902p11; 2/15/1904p18; 2/28/1905p21; 3/15/1905p16; 8/30/1905p6; 4/15/1906p8; 5/15/1906p20

Winchell, Chief Engineer: 4/15/1905p9

Winchell, Prof. A. N.: 9/15/1913p7

Windell, J. S.: 8/30/1914p31; 4/30/1917p38

Windy Hollow: 7/15/1908p23

Winetrout, C. A.: 7/30/1917p38

Winters, E. E.: 10/30/1901p19

Wisenbacher, Mrs.: 5/15/1904p9

Withington, Holbrook: 4/15/1905p9

Wolf Creek: 3/15/1903p5; 11/30/1903p11; 1/30/1904p18; 12/15/1904p3; 9/30/1917p40

Wolf Creek Mining & Development Co.: 3/15/1903p5

Wolfson, S. S.: 9/30/1917p40

Womack, W. G.: 10/15/1917p38

Women: 5/15/1904p9

Wonder, Nev.: 12/15/1906p17

Wonder, Ore.: 9/15/1906p20

Wood, Harry: 3/30/1903p13

Woodin, P. S.: 10/30/1925p21; 12/30/1925p22; 1/30/1926p20

Woodman: 5/30/1924p15

Woodrow, Col. C. E.: 3/15/1904p4; 3/30/1904p11

Woodrow, Col. H. C.: 4/30/1904pp11,16

Woodville: 1/15/1906p22; 8/15/1906p20; see “Rogue River” for years after 1912

Wortman: 10/15/1900p13

Worton, Alton C.: 12/15/1925p17

Worton, John M.: 6/30/1925p11; 10/30/1925p21; 12/15/1925p17; 12/30/1925p22

Wounded Buck: 7/30/1904p9; 11/30/1904p9

Wright: 10/15/1900p13

Wright & Hawkins: 10/15/1905p6

Wright Steel Foundry Co.: 2/28/1919p37

Wright, Elmer M.: 5/30/1907p20

Wright, Parvin: 4/30/1916p34; 2/28/1919p37

Wright, W. F.: 1/30/1926p20

Wright, W. T.: 12/15/1925p17

Yank: 1/30/1904p15; 5/15/1904p9; 6/30/1904p8; 8/30/1904p8; 9/15/1904p9

Yellow Dog: 1/30/1905p7

Yellow Horn: 7/15/1903p18; 9/30/1903p17; 10/15/1903p10; 3/15/1904p4; 9/30/1925p22

Yellow Jacket: 11/15/1903p7; 2/15/1904p15; 2/15/1906p14; 2/28/1906p21

Yellow Jewel: 1/30/1905p19; 2/15/1905p21

Yokum: 4/15/1903p13

Young, Charley: 4/15/1907p20

Young, E. N.: 3/30/1926p22; 4/30/1926p12

Young, F. L.: 5/15/1916p35; 9/15/1916p34

Young, M. E.: 7/30/1917p38

Yount, A. W.: tmj6/30/1929

Yours Truly: 7/15/1906p20

Yreka: 10/30/1906p20

Zimmerman: W. J.: 12/15/1900p12