The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

An index to jurors' lists 1854-1899, followed by transcriptions of newspaper jurors lists 1900-1952.

    Page numbers in the index below refer to the numbers on photocopies made from microfilm of the Jackson County Commissioners' Journals. Sets of those photocopies are maintained in the collections of the Southern Oregon Historical Society, Talent Historical Society, and the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society. Please contact them to arrange for copies.

"Fifty years ago [in 1870] the county court house was a wooden structure standing where the present court house stands and the jail was little more than a dug-out banked with dirt. The residents of Jackson County, from Goose Lake to Josephine, performed the duties of citizenship and responded to summons or subpoena with less complaint than they do today. A visit to the county seat in many instances involved days and nights of travel and camping out to reach Jacksonville when summoned as jurors or witnesses, or in performing other duties and tasks of citizenship. With all of the arduous duties that devolved upon them, as I remember it a cheerful and uncomplaining attitude was maintained. All were neighbors, though separated by forests and mountains of great extent."
Letter to the Editor, C. B. Watson, Gold Hill. Medford Mail Tribune, September 6, 1920, page 4

Name               Page
Abbott, E. R.:  71,74
Abbott, John W.:  117
Abbott, William:  194
Acock, William:  71
Adams, Eli:  121
Adams, J. W.:  183,187
Adams, Jesse:  117
Adams, Lymen:  129
Addison, Robert:  27
Addison, William:  129,183,186,194,200,201
Adkins, B. F.:  140,145,177,182,187,204 [Benjamin Franklin Adkins]
Aiken, S. S.:  157,181,198
Akers, W. C.:  70
Alberdice, Charles:  40
Alberding, Fred:  2
Alberts, A. C.:  26,32,33,36
Albright, Frederick:  159
Alcorn, Miles F.:  10,20
Alexander, O. P.:  39
Alford, A.:  101,153,190,194,204 (see Alfred)
Alford, Albert:  82,91
Alford, M. L.:  105,133
Alford, Moses L.:  156
Alford, R. A.:  113,129
Alford, S. U.:  180
Alford, S. W.:  121
Alford, W.:  121
Alfred, S. W.:  113 (see Alford)
Allegar, Franklin:  40
Allen, David:  154
Allen, Harvey E.:  26
Allen, John M.:  188
Allen, Lafayette:  60,71,91
Alnutt, J. W.:  133,202
Amaim, Franklin:  199 (see Amy)
Ambrose, Dr. George H.:  3
Ambrose, John:  40
Amerman, H.:  61 (see Ammerman)
Amerman, Henry:  20,29,33,56,71,76,82,91,101,109,117,133
Amerman, James V.:  26
Ames, Phineas:  41
Amey, Hascal:  18 (see Amy)
Amey, Haskell:  10,60
Ammerman, Henry:  8,10,126,183 (see Amerman)
Ammerman, James V.:  68
Amy, F.:  202 (see Amey, Amaim)
Amy, Franklin:  126,133,156,168,192,197
Amy, Hascal:  26,86
Amy, Haskel:  47,76,109,129
Amy, Haskell:  67,101,117,138
Amy, Sanford:  74
Anderson, Charles:  117,133,169,176
Anderson, Charles F.:  192
Anderson, D. N.:  56
Anderson, D. P.:  44,71
Anderson, E. K.:  5,63,71,76,79,86,105,113,121,137,183,185,204
Anderson, Eli K.:  10,15,16,24,26,56
Anderson, J. A.:  101,105,121,137,169,189,192
Anderson, J. C.:  1
Anderson, John:  2,10,23
Anderson, John A.:  113
Anderson, Q. N.:  30,33,63,71,76,79,86,96,121
Anderson, Thomas W.:  74
Anderson, W. E.:  181
Anderson, W. T.:  137,139,142,169,181,185,192
Andrews, A.:  176
Andrews, D. E.:  133
Andrews, F. O.:  167
Angle, L. L.:  152
Angle, William:  121,129,158,182
Ankeny, Franklin:  148
Ankeny, H. E.:  140,194,200,204
Ankeny, Henry:  148
Apger, G. W.:  175
Apger, George W.:  133
Applegate, I. D.:  53
Applegate, Lindsay:  25,36,74,82,91
Armpriest, James:  117,177,189
Armspriest, William:  45
Armstrong, Artemus:  178
Armstrong, B.:  1
Armstrong, Benjamin:  8,12,26
Armstrong, C. J.:  117,133,198
Armstrong, F. H.:  74
Armstrong, J. W.:  178
Armstrong, Jesse:  10
Armstrong, Marcus:  82
Armstrong, R. C.:  61,74,76,81,86,96,105
Armstrong, R. S.:  74,79
Armstrong, Reuben:  55
Armstrong, Reuben S.:  37,47,91
Armstrong, Robert C.:  8,17,20,31,35,53,58
Armstrong, Robert S.:  10
Arnold, Chris:  121,158
Arnold, John:  175,192,197
Arra Smith, Sylvester:  74 (see Arrowsmith)
Arrowsmith, Ira:  151
Arrowsmith, Sylvester:  81 (see Arra Smith)
Arundale, Thomas:  2
Arundell, Thomas:  18,20,51
Ash, Lewis:  82
Ashkopf, H. A.:  191
Ashmead, John:  96,109,121,190,200
Ashmead, Jordan:  6
Ashmead, Jourdan:  2
Ashpole, John:  105,113,133,158,170,175
Aspinwall, Thomas:  30
Atkinson, W. H.:  105,121
Atkinson, William H.:  113
Atterberry, J. F.:  158
Atterbery, John L.:  169
Atwater, J. D.:  157
Avery, Allen D.:  10
Avery, F. A.:  49
Avery, Thomas H.:  27
Ayers, F. J.:  133
Ayers, Fielden:  126
Ayers, L. D.:  152
Babcock, Samuel:  10,17
Badger, John L.:  8,38,44
Bailey, C. C.:  64 (see Baily, Bayley)
Bailey, J. T.:  129
Bailey, John:  109,117
Bailey, John:  151,159,176,194
Bailey, W. S.:  179,187
Bailey, William:  150
Baily, John:  139 (see Bailey, Bayley)
Baker, J.:  39
Baker, J. W.:  49,52,101,129
Baker, John W.:  56,69,74,79,87,109
Baker, Napoleon:  32,33,43
Baldwin, Mahlon:  10
Baldwin, Wallace:  76,79
Balfino, Charles:  129
Ball, Addison:  6,26
Ball, Adison:  3
Ball, Edward B.:  10
Ball, Francis:  10,31,43
Ballard, Douglass:  10
Ballard, Thomas N.:  52
Ballard, W.:  1
Ballard, W. N.:  2
Ballard, William N.:  7
Baltimore, W. U.:  129
Banke, G. M.:  47
Banning, Thomas C.:  10
Bannister, R. B.:  48,140
Bannister, Robert:  82
Barbe, E.:  151
Barbe, Emil:  137,142
Barnaburg, Frederick:  79,87 (see Barnburg, Barneberg, Barneburg, Barneyburg)
Barnburg, Frederick:  140
Barneberg, F.:  61
Barneburg, F.:  105
Barneburg, Frederick:  60,74,96,113,129,183,199,203
Barneburg, S. P.:  189,199
Barnes, Bert:  203
Barnes, James:  38
Barnes, James P.:  15,16
Barneyburg, Frederick:  193 (see Barnaburg, Barnburg, Barneberg, Barneburg)
Barnhart, H. E.:  182
Barr, W. H.:  140
Barrett, James:  6
Barrett, Joseph:  2
Barron, E. B.:  128,133
Barron, Edward B.:  117,155,167
Barron, G. W.:  188
Barron, George B.:  164
Barron, George W.:  155,174,191
Barron, H. F.:  136
Barron, Homer F.:  201
Barron, Hugh F.:  2,6,12,17,29,56,70,71,76,87,96,105,113
Basey, W. H.:  156,167 (see Bazey)
Basey, William:  70,74
Basey, William H.:  97
Bashford, G. W.:  151
Bashor, A. A.:  138,144
Bassett, J. F.:  138
Bassett, T. F.:  172
Batchelder, H. V.:  117
Bauding, J. H.:  140
Baum, M.:  62
Baum, Morris:  80,86,101
Bause, James:  44
Bauten, H. A.:  148
Bayley, George W.:  117 (see Bailey, Baily)
Bayse, Charles:  128
Bazey, W. H.:  109 (see Basey)
Bazey, William H.:  79,87
Beach, B.:  129
Beal, C. C.:  152 (see Beale, Beall, Bell)
Beal, George:  127
Beale, George:  188
Beale, George W.:  141,159
Beall, Asbury:  175
Beall, Benjamin:  121,129,138,181,187,202
Beall, George:  117
Beall, R. V.:  48,55,56,97,175,180,185
Beall, Robert V.:  10,46,79
Beall, T. F.:  109
Beall, Thomas:  83,197
Beall, Thomas F.:  18,25,43,60, 68,76,92,101
Beall, Vincent:  71,113
Beard, Charles:  52
Beavanue, John:  198 (see Bienvenue, Benvanue)
Beavenue, John B.:  203
Beck, T. L.:  71,76,83,92,105,172
Bedford, I. C.:  194
Beebe, A. W.:  180
Beek, J., Jr.:  193
Beekman, C. C.:  50,71,76,86,101,193,198
Beeman, J. H.:  192,198
Beerson, H. J.:  155
Beeson, Emmitt:  194,204
Beeson, John:  2,9
Beeson, W.:  121
Beeson, Welborn:  50,60,71,109,134
Beeson, Welborne:  83,91
Beeson, Welburn:  76
Bell, James:  121,129 (see Beal, Beale, Beall)
Bell, James A.:  170
Bell, Jeff:  134
Bell, T. J.:  109,126,153,159,171
Bell, T. Jeff.:  82
Bell, Thomas F.:  2,6
Bellenger, Merritt:  9,10
Bellinger, Edward:  26,51,56,82
Bellinger, John H.:  137
Bellinger, M.:  182
Bellinger, Merit:  36,48,58,65,97
Bellinger, Merrit:  17,33,71
Bellinger, Merritt:  30,76,79,87,105,113,128,151
Benedict, R.:  32,61,137,142
Benedict, Rial:  56,83,92,101,113,156,167,173
Benedict, Royal:  76
Benefiel, Jesse:  36
Bennett, A. H.:  150
Bennett, G. M.:  122
Bennett, George W.:  171
Bennett, N. S.:  189
Bennett, S. L.:  129,168
Benson, Rice:  27
Benvanue, John:  193 (see Beavanue, Bienvenue)
Berry, A. M.:  2,34,35,38,65,79,86,101
Berry, Alexander M.:  18,30,58,61
Berry, J. W.:  110
Berry, J. Wilson:  97
Berry, M.:  202
Bestal, J. S.:  151
Beswick, Richard:  155,167,196
Betz, A.:  170
Betz, August:  181,186
Betz, W.:  129
Bice, W. K.:  178
Bickmore, Thomas:  82
Bidler, W. H.:  192
Bidwell, William:  38
Bieberstadt, Harvey:  197
Biede, Otto:  193,198
Bienvenue, J.:  182 (see Beavanue, Benvanue)
Bigelow, Amasa:  10
Bigham, James:  129,138,156
Bigham, John:  10,24
Bilderbeck, Lettie:  162
Bilger, John:  30,37,46,58,61,79,86
Bilger, William:  74
Billenbrook, J. H.:  20
Billings, G. F.:  117,134
Billings, H.:  2
Billups, W. J.:  34,35
Billups, William P.:  16,32
Birdsey, D. N.:  87,109,121,177
Birdsey, David N.:  2
Birdsey, J. G.:  169
Birdsey, James G.:  182
Birdseye, D. N.:  83,92,101
Birdseye, David:  68,74
Birdseye, David N.:  10,16,19,31
Birdseye, F. G.:  47
Birdseye, Frederick G.:  20,31,35,53,86
Bish, A. W.:  129 (see Bitz)
Bish, Abraham:  76,79,87,96
Bish, Austin:  121
Bish, Austin W.:  101
Bishop, James:  2
Bishop, W. G.:  101,137,203
Bishop, Wallace:  83,129,157,175,181,186
Bishop, Wallace G.:  74,91,109
Bitz, A.:  151 (see Bish)
Black, B.:  149
Black, J. M.:  126
Black, John M.:  74,79,87,96,105,113,138
Black, Peter P.:  170,177
Blackburn, Benjamin:  26
Blackman, L. H.:  163
Blackwood, R. T.:  133,157,164
Blake, C. F.:  58,74,82,109,117,167
Blake, C. H.:  155,161
Blake, Christian F.:  29,33
Blake, Christopher:  91
Blake, John H.:  2,10,25
Blalock, John P.:  51
Blanton, John:  44
Blatt, Joseph:  74,83
Blayton, David:  58
Blecher, Henry:  158 (see Bleecher)
Bledsoe, J. H.:  58
Bledsoe, R. E.:  58
Bleecher, Henry:  148 (see Blecher)
Blevins, F. M.:  134,153,159,171,177,190,194
Bliton, A. S.:  193,199,203
Bloom, Herman:  31
Blount, O. H.:  143,155,167
Bodine, E.:  143
Bolt, John:  150,156,191,197
Bolton, T. K.:  167,174,179,185,191
Bolton, W. B.:  155
Booman, Jacob:  153
Boosey, W. J.:  182,187,203
Boothby, A. H.:  79,169,181
Boothby, Albion:  71
Boschey, Peter:  61,64,83
Boss, James R.:  87
Bostwick, W. H.:  184,185,205
Bostwick, W. T.:  153
Bowen, Perry:  7
Bowen, Samuel:  10
Bowles, Martin D.:  192
Bowman:  121
Bowman, Abraham:  36,76
Boxley, Charles O.:  46
Boyden, H. E.:  204
Boyer, John A.:  74,79,158,169,176
Boyer, William:  60
Bozarth, Jonathan:  9,25
Bradley, I. A.:  156
Bradley, Jay:  97
Bradley, Luzerne:  7
Bradshaw, W. H.:  175
Branch:  121
Brandenburg, J.:  158,170
Brandenburg, James:  129
Brantner, J. H.:  190
Brantner, John H.:  179
Brassler, G. W.:  92
Breeding, John H.:  44,50,58,68,76,83,109,190
Breeding, William G.:  205
Breese, N. H.:  129
Breeding, W. H.:  121
Breitbarth, H. A.:  37
Brennan, Michael:  45
Brentano, Max:  56,60,71
Brian, John O.:  14,15
Brice, William:  52,66
Brickley, William:  15
Briggs, E. G.:  2
Briggs, E. M.:  76,82
Briggs, George E.:  6
Brightman, E. K.:  149
Briscoe, J. G.:  109,141,159,171
Briscoe, William:  117
Britt, Emil:  151,177
Britt, Peter:  26,59,76,83,92,113
Brittain, D. P.:  82,138,194
Broadnac, William:  14
Broadsword, Levi:  74,82,96,109,117
Broadwell, Jacob W.:  10
Broback, C. W.:  121
Brock, Jeremiah:  2,6
Brockley, Thaddeus:  188
Brockly, Thadeus:  159,161
Brockman, George H.:  74
Brocks, Jeremiah:  10
Brodaway, Noah M.:  41
Brooks, D.:  204
Brooks, E. C.:  158
Brooks, Edward:  109
Brophy, N. D.:  204
Brotherton, William:  56,64,71
Brown, Franklin:  192
Brown, George:  53,65,71,83,92,109,138,170,175,188
Brown, H. R.:  101,109,117,127,129,138
Brown, Henry:  9
Brown, Henry R.:  31,34,51,70,74,83,92
Brown, J. H.:  177,182
Brown, J. R.:  39
Brown, J. S.:  129
Brown, Jack:  64
Brown, John:  121
Brown, John B.:  45
Brown, O. T.:  186
Brown, W. F.:  122
Brown, W. H.:  129
Brown, W. W.:  1,4
Brownsworth, Louis:  183 (see Brownworth, Brunsworth)
Brownworth, Lewis:  60
Bruce, James:  6,19,25
Bruce, Joseph:  2
Bruner, J. A.:  2
Brunsworth, L.:  121 (see Brownworth, Brownsworth)
Bryant, Charles:  41
Bryce, William:  39,47
Buck, C. P.:  141,142
Buck, Maud:  148
Buck, W. R.:  127
Buckels, M. J.:  63
Buckley, J. D.:  63
Buckley, James:  46,76,82,184,187,200,205
Buckley, James D.:  97,110
Buckley, John:  82
Buick, D. S. K.:  79
Bull, Joseph S.:  64
Bunyard, J. B.:  82
Bunyard, James B.:  48,91
Burch, B. F.:  178
Burgett, James:  10
Burke, William:  18,50
Burkhaldt, F.:  129 (see Burkhardt, Burkhart)
Burkhalter, Peter:  156,173
Burkhardt, Franklin:  200 (see Burkhaldt, Burkhardt)
Burkhardt, Joseph:  204
Burkhart, Franklin:  171,177,194 (see Burkhaldt, Burkhardt)
Burkhead, James B.:  91
Burkhead, James C.:  101
Burnett, A. J.:  63,67
Burnett, W. T.:  176
Burns, James P.:  9,10
Burns, John P.:  5
Burpee, Joseph:  2
Burpee, Joseph S.:  10
Burr, W. H.:  126
Burrell, Josiah:  71
Burriss:  121
Burriss, I. W.:  133,196,201
Burroughs, D. H.:  58
Burry, John W.:  182
Bursell, O.:  189
Bursell, Oliver:  202
Burson, H. J.:  149
Bush, George:  56,109,121,138
Bush, William:  25
Bushay, Peter:  39
Butler, A. W.:  8 (see Butter, Buttler)
Butler, Andrew J.:  13
Butler, G. S.:  105,134,163,180,186,191
Butler, Gwin S.:  117
Butler, H. C.:  167
Butler, J. S.:  96
Butter, A. J.:  2 (see Butler, Buttler)
Buttler, William C.:  101
Buzan, J. E.:  39,47
Bybee, F. E.:  151,203
Bybee, J. W.:  198
Bybee, M. D.:  38
Bybee, W. S.:  64,70
Bybee, William:  8,10,30,33,36,53,56,63,74,76,79
Bybee, William S.:  58
Byers, John:  126
Byrne, Patrick:  49
Cady, H.:  172
Cailey, T. E.:  159
Caldwell, Arthur:  144
Caldwell, Thomas:  18
Cameron, Frederick:  15
Cameron, R.:  171
Cameron, R. C.:  63
Cameron, R. J.:  83,92,97,134,178,190,200
Cameron, Robert:  17
Cameron, Robert J.:  46,58,74,110
Cameron, T.:  140,154,170
Cameron, Theoderic:  11,16
Cameron, Theoderick:  25,53,67
Cameron, Theodoric:  79,189
Cameron, Theodric:  92,101
Cameron, William:  47,60,71,76,87,105,113,122,130,140,184
Cameron, Zachariah:  118,127,194,205
Campbell, J. C.:  83
Cantral, Andrew:  83 (see Cantrall, Cantrell)
Cantral, John:  130
Cantrall, Andrew:  159,200 (see Cantral, Cantrell)
Cantrall, J. H.:  179
Cantrall, John:  56,58,69,92,110
Cantrall, Miles:  154,194,205
Cantrall, William:  7
Cantrell, Andrew:  71,77,118 (see Cantral, Cantrall)
Cantrell, John:  80,140
Carberry, William:  12,14
Cardwell, E. R.:  153
Cardwell, Franklin:  139
Cardwell, J. A.:  53,59,60,68,102,122,141,148
Cardwell, James A.:  48,77,84,92,110
Cardwell, John:  36,48,55,61,70,77,83,92,105
Cardwell, John C.:  71
Cardwell, Zachariah:  74
Carhart, John:  41
Caris, Andrew:  26,36
Carleton, S. A.:  138,158 (see Carlton)
Carlisle, Daniel:  7
Carlton, S. A.:  83,97,117,181 (see Carleton)
Carmack, James:  27
Carr, C.:  143
Carr, James:  158,189
Carr, Thomas:  110,118,129,139,142
Carroll, William:  199
Carson, John:  77
Carter, B. F.:  154,162,190,205
Carter, E. V.:  196
Carter, F. H.:  191,197,201
Carter, George:  9
Carter, H. B.:  167
Carter, Henry:  40
Carter, J. A.:  83
Carter, J. J.:  38
Carter, John A.:  118
Carter, Major, Mrs.:  163
Carter, W. O.:  129
Carter, William:  134
Carver, E. W.:  67,76
Cary, William:  174
Case, Morris:  194
Casebeer, Edwin:  97
Casey, Charles:  3
Casey, H.:  44
Casey, Henry:  70
Casey, J. R.:  191
Casteel, Robert:  11,15
Casteel, Robert H.:  16,18,26
Castells, Michael:  55
Caton, Milo:  68,74,77,80,87
Cawrathers, J. H.:  140
Center, T. M.:  150 (see Centers)
Center, Thomas M.:  156,168
Centers, Samuel:  74 (see Center)
Centers, T. M.:  180,186
Chambers, Aaron:  1,3,8,10,18,30,35,37,46,50,58
Chambers, John:  39
Chambers, William:  74,125
Chambers, William, Jr.:  45,83,92
Chambers, William, Sr.:  80
Chaner, Michael:  169
Chaney, E.:  34,49
Chaney, Elijah:  31,33,43,46,49
Chapen, H. M.:  79 (see Chapin)
Chapin, E. E.:  34
Chapin, Ezra E.:  29,33 (see Chapen)
Chapin, H. M.:  55,75B,76
Chapman, A. B.:  150,190
Chapman, Daniel:  17,25,53,69,80,87,97,105,136,167
Chapman, H. H.:  129
Chapman, Henry:  118
Chapman, William:  7
Chappel, J. D.:  159 (see Chappell, Chapple)
Chappel, Lyman:  48,71,97
Chappell, Charles:  24
Chappell, L.:  61
Chappell, Lyman:  17,26,76,87,113
Chappell, Lymen:  122
Chapple, Lyman:  80
Charleton, Charles A.:  55
Charley, C. C.:  175,181,187
Charley, Nimrod:  150
Chase, Thomas:  4,9
Chase, William:  9,11
Chavener, Michael:  176 (see Chavner)
Chavener, Thomas:  77
Chavner, Michael:  189 (see Chavener)
Chavner, Thomas:  20,27,79,113
Cheatham, John:  40
Childers, A.:  134,183
Childers, A. R.:  144
Childers, J. M.:  105,159,171,183
Childers, James M.:  79,113,194
Childers, W. A.:  74
Childers, W. Allen:  153
Chrisman, Archibald:  18
Chrisman, William:  11
Christian, L. F.:  203
Christopher, John:  64
Churchman, E. J.:  191
Churchman, Edward:  190
Churchman, J. E.:  155,162,174,179
Churchman, J. F.:  187
Cimbooski, John:  40
Cimbosky, John:  87
Cingcade, D.:  202
Cingcade, David:  181,187
Clagg, Andrew:  175,181
Clark, Joseph E.:  30
Clark, Robert A.:  25
Clark, Thomas:  49
Clark, Thomas B.:  11
Clark, William:  105,113
Clarke, Emitt:  144
Clemens, W. G.:  143
Clements, John:  168,176,181,186,202
Clinton, David:  3,8,10
Clock, Henry C.:  176
Clugage, James:  18,20
Cluggage, James:  9
Coakley, A. J.:  20,53,76
Coakley, Andrew J.:  31,37,46
Coates, J. B.:  50,52,63
Coates, Jerome B.:  11
Coates, Thomas:  10
Cochran, J. A.:  178
Cochran, T. J.:  126
Coffman, Albert:  130
Coffman, S. R.:  200,205
Cogle, William:  27,53
Coker, Thomas:  141
Coker, W. F.:  127
Colaham, James H.:  64
Coleman, E. G.:  169,181,185 (see Colman)
Coleman, John:  10,17,26,43,46,53,59,71,74,83,92,101,110,122,157
Coleman, John S.:  7
Coleman, L. C.:  118
Coleman, M. H.:  34,69,134
Coleman, Matthew H.:  29,35
Coleman, W. A.:  203
Coleman, W. H.:  77
Collier, Champaign:  3,10
Collins, James:  79
Collins, James W.:  7,10,25,87,105,113
Collins, Richard:  76
Colman, M. H.:  87 (see Coleman)
Colton, W. B.:  174
Colver, Lewelwin:  80
Colver, Lewis:  74,92
Colver, Louis:  101
Colver, Samuel:  4,22,68,83
Colver, Samuel, Jr.:  47
Colvig, M. N.:  128
Colvig, Volney:  118
Colvig, W. L.:  74,105
Colvin, A. G.:  117
Colwell, Christopher H.:  83
Colwell, Daniel:  58,70
Compton, John:  170,175,181
Compton, Joshua:  4
Comstock, Gilford:  40
Comstock, V. P.:  37
Comstock, V. S.:  25
Condey, Firney:  2 [Furney Condrey]
Conkley, Andrew J.:  11
Constant, Isaac:  3,11,15,16,18,25,41,71,76,83,122
Constant, Thomas:  30
Constant, W. T.:  37
Cook, A.:  160
Cook, Andrew J.:  58
Cook, David S.:  113
Cook, J. A.:  169,182,186
Cook, J. J.:  1,4
Cook, John:  194
Cook, N.:  161,178
Cook, Nicholas:  11,25
Cook, R. A.:  66,97,122,139,182,186
Cook, R. Lee:  150
Cook, R. M.:  200
Cook, Robert A.:  68,79,87,157,161
Cook, S. H.:  110,128,150,174
Cook, W. A.:  129
Cook, W. S.:  138,159,171,183,187
Cooksey, George W.:  70,83,97,105,113
Cool, George W.:  4
Cooledge, Orlander:  68 (see Coolidge, Coolige)
Coolidge, O.:  80,105,155,161 (see Cooledge, Coolige)
Coolidge, Orlando:  74,87,129
Coolige, O.:  60 (see Cooledge, Coolidge)
Cooper, H. E.:  92
Cooper, Herbert E.:  113
Cooper, S. S.:  129,158
Cooper, W. A.:  144
Cooper, W. C.:  158
Corbett, J. Leslie:  191,197,201
Cordell, W. A.:  191
Corder, Rezin:  6
Cordor, Reason:  5
Cormack, A. W.:  150
Cornell, H. C.:  129
Cornish, J. D.:  134
Coudray, Firney:  6
Courtner, David:  16
Courtney, David:  15
Courtney, J. W.:  134
Coverdale, W. S.:  203
Cox, Franklin:  129
Cox, I. W.:  192,198
Cox, John:  150
Cox, Rufus:  125,175,188,197
Craddock, R. C.:  134
Crain, J. A.:  101,110,140,177 (see Craine, Crane)
Crain, Joseph:  11
Crain, Joseph A.:  30,92
Craine, J. A.:  129 (see Crain, Crane)
Crane, J. A.:  122,170
Crane, Joseph:  77,83 (see Crain, Craine)
Crane, Joseph A.:  56
Crawford, J. H.:  203
Crawford, Jerasney:  7,11
Crawford, John H.:  26
Crawford, Jorasney:  20
Crawley, Dennis:  10
Crawley, Dennis E.:  20
Creed, F. J.:  156,161,193
Cricket, J. M.:  58,66
Crider, D. W.:  158
Crisman, John:  27
Croaton, Thomas:  39,48
Crocker, David N.:  80
Cromer, Henry:  83
Crone Miller, David:  87
Cronemiller, D.:  182
Cronemiller, Daniel:  83,92
Cronemiller, David:  68,77,80,158,186
Cronemiller, James:  143,151
Cronmiller, D.:  48,165
Crosby, J. H.:  61
Crosby, John L.:  48
Crosby, W. J.:  34
Crouch, B. F.:  122
Crowell, H. M. 176
Crowell, W. S.:  170
Crowson, George:  201
Croxton, Walter:  45
Crudduck, R. C.:  126
Crump, F.:  140
Crump, Firman:  153
Crump, J. H.:  204
Crump, Josiah:  83
Crutcher, J. W.:  71
Crutcher, James W.:  77
Cryder, Henry:  153
Culbertson, J. B.:  129,143
Culbertson, James:  192
Culey, G. C.:  135
Culy, G. C.:  200
Cumings, William:  52
Cummins, William:  70
Curry, J. W.:  187
Curry, John H.:  170
Curry, John W.:  158,177
Curry, Thomas:  79,97,118,134,147,153
Dailey, G. W.:  134 (see Daley, Daly)
Daley, A. J.:  162,189,192,198 (see Dailey, Daly)
Daley, W. C.:  110,175,188,202
Daley, William C.:  102,157
Daly, John:  74 (see Dailey, Daley)
Daly, W. C.:  118
Damon, C. O.:  159,170
Damon, M. S.:  199
Damon, W. H.:  197
Darling, Robert:  30
Darling, W. E.:  153,182,187,192,198,203
Darneil, Anderson:  84 (see Darneill, Darnell, Darnielle, Darnullo)
Darneill, N.:  130 (see Darneil, Darnell, Darnielle, Darnullo)
Darnell, J. R.:  199,204 (see Darneil, Darneill, Darnielle, Darnullo)
Darnielle, Jasper:  134 (see Darneil, Darneill, Darnell, Darnullo)
Darnullo, N.:  127 (see Darneil, Darneill, Darnell, Darnielle)
Dart, George:  1
Davenport, Curtis:  11,23,30,35,43,45
Davenport, John C.:  20
Davidson, Andrew:  7,11,17 (see Davison)
Davidson, G. B.:  5,18
Davidson, Gideon B.:  7
Davidson, Jeptha:  130,159
Davis, Benjamin T.:  9,23
Davis, David:  40
Davis, Evans:  26
Davis, J. F.:  125
Davis, J. H.:  1,134
Davis, J. R.:  1
Davis, James:  195
Davis, James F.:  190
Davis, James R.:  3,6,11
Davis, Joseph:  75
Davis, Joseph H.:  3,9,13,18,20,30,36,47,80,92,97,106
Davis, O. A.:  45,55
Davis, W. F.:  162
Davis, W. T.:  157,175
Davis, Walter R.:  8,11
Davison, Andy:  84 (see Davidson)
Davison, Jeptha:  87,102,110
Dawson, James:  11
Dawson, Levi:  159
Day, S. J.:  122
Day, Silas J.:  3,20,43,46,47,80,158,169
De Peatt, Ed:  64,97
Dean, B. W.:  110,118,139,142
Dean, Bradley W.:  195
Dean, N. C.:  4,38,49,55,67,71,80
Dean, Nathaniel C.:  18,44,51
Dean, R. F.:  127,144,171,190
Dean, R. H.:  97,140
Dean, Ralph:  202
Dean, Robert:  106
Dean, Robert H.:  113,157
Dean, Samuel:  27
Dean, W. J.:  194
Deane, George L.:  87
Deboy, I. E.:  192,198,203
DeBoy, J. E.:  169
Deming, N. J.:  15,16
Deming, Neman:  11
Demmer, Paul:  193
Demorest, O. F.:  144
Deniff, William:  137
Denniff, William:  130
Dennis, Jasper:  56,59,71,80
Densman, Joseph:  52
Derby, W. H.:  150,156,168
DeRoboam, Emil:  143
Deuel, F.:  199
Deven, Thomas G.:  28
Devens, Thomas G.:  37
Devins, Thomas G.:  80
Devlin, John:  29,35,137,160,171,178,184
Dew, Hiram:  134
Dews, J. M.:  194
Dews, O. B.:  205
Dews, Thomas G.:  75,84,92
Dickey, George C.:  176
Dickey, James C.:  14
Dickinson, C. A.:  151
Dickinson, W. R.:  194,199,205
Dickison, W. R.:  158,183
Dickson, Joel:  75 (see Dixon)
Dimick, E.:  122
Ditsworth, J. F.:  134,152
Dixon, Joel:  80,87,97 (see Dickson)
Dodge, J. P.:  130,196,201
Dodge, James:  176
Dodge, Jesse:  71,84,110,122,158,169
Dodge, Warren:  168
Dodge, Warren P.:  174,180
Dodson, John:  177,183
Dodson, Samuel:  152
Dollarhide, H. Clay:  80
Dollarhide, J. W.:  68,75,102
Dollarhide, Jesse:  71,77,92
Dollarhide, John W.:  92,113
Donegan, John:  41,58,61,71
Donegan, Patrick:  31,55,60,64,75,80,87,97,106,113,189,203
Donnegan, Patrick:  36
Doran, Lewis:  145
Doran, Mrs.:  145
Dorris, George B.:  30,33
Dosier, Andrew:  130,174 (see Dozier, Pozier)
Doty, Clark, Jr.:  49
Doty, Clark, Sr.:  49
Doty, Daniel:  71
Douden, Joseph:  118
Dowden, Joseph:  169,176,182
Dowdy, M. C.:  44
Downing, F. F.:  188
Downing, F. T.:  134,175
Downing, Frederick:  139
Downing, Frederick F.:  175
Downing, Frederick T.:  157,161
Downing, J. H.:  181,187
Downing, J. J.:  130
Downing, James:  11
Downing, T. J.:  195,200
Dozier, Andrew:  179 (see Dosier, Pozier)
Dozier, John:  122,155,164
Drake, M. H.:  71,87,102,167
Drake, Martin H.:  26,32,58
Draper, Silas:  52,102
Drew, Charles S.:  8
Drew, N. S.:  130,140
Drum, James:  92,158,165
Drum, John S.:  37,48,55
Drum, R. E.:  139,142
Drum, S. E.:  130
Ducker, William:  3,8
Duffield, S.:  177
Duffield, Samuel:  118,151
Dugan, Dennis:  113,139,159,161,199
Duggan, Dennis:  194,205
Duncan, Charles:  45 (see Dungan, Dungen, Dunkin)
Duncan, Henry:  39
Duncan, John:  18
Duncan, John W.:  26
Duncan, L. J. C.:  3,30,48,71,75,80,87,97,122
Duncan, Legrand J. C.:  7
Dungan, J. B.:  151,182,187 (see Duncan, Dungen, Dunkin)
Dungan, John B.:  158
Dungen, John B.:  169 (see Duncan, Dungan, Dunkin)
Dunkin, J. W.:  194 (see Duncan, Dungan, Dungen)
Dunlap, Anderson:  44,102
Dunlap, David:  31,58
Dunlap, M. W.:  134
Dunlap, R. S.:  36,56,75,87,122
Dunlap, S. H.:  204
Dunn, George W.:  136,155,174,201
Dunn, P.:  122
Dunn, Patrick:  8,11,17,25,37,53,60,69,80,87,97,105
Duos, Thomas G.:  48
Durham, John N.:  18
Durkee, J. C.:  84,113,130
Dutton, C. J.:  41
Dyer, C. P.:  15
Eachus, Samuel:  200
Eaimonte, George:  60
Earhart, Samuel:  159
Earnshaw, William:  37
Eddington, W. W.:  188
Eddy, W. F.:  130
Edsall, J. B.:  130
Edsall, John:  169,176
Edsall, S. B.:  141,156,165
Edwards, William:  134
Egan, Philo:  31,35
Elliot, James:  151
Elliott, Benjamin F.:  11
Elliott, James:  134,170,182
Elliott, Merritt:  175,180
Elliott, William:  9
Ellis, A. M.:  181,187
Elmer, Peter:  134,151,170,176,182,187,203
Emery, Eber:  4,25,158 (see Emory)
Emery, H. S.:  84
Emery, Henry:  71
Emery, Henry S.:  77,92
Emory, Eber:  8 (see Emery)
Enford, J. R.:  187
Engle, George:  149
Engle, Henry:  138
Ennis, Franklin:  130,140
Enyart, A.:  130
Enyart, Peter S.:  26
Erb, W. W.:  122
Erb, William:  136
Erbb, W. W.:  130
Erchanbrack, C. H.:  181
Esslinger, James:  25
Ettinger, S.:  13
Eubanks, G. G.:  130,149
Evans, A. B.:  1
Evans, Davis:  4,1,15,16
Evans, H. S.:  180,191,197,201
Evans, Jacob:  28,55,75B,141
Evans, N. B.:  4
Evans, Napoleon B.:  8,11
Evans, Richard:  20,43
Ewen, D. T.:  151
Ewing, Dudley T.:  158
Ewing, F. W.:  84
Fairchild, Hiram:  7
Fairchild, Hyman:  4
Fairchild, Joel:  69
Faith, J. B.:  140,171
Farley, J. B.:  38
Farlow, E. J.:  149
Farlow, Ed. J.:  155
Farlow, Edwin:  102,110
Farlow, Franklin:  192
Farlow, Hiram:  77,88,97,167,174,179,187
Farlow, Simeon:  134,157,168,175
Farlow, W. P.:  92,139,168,188
Farnham, C.:  202
Farra, E. L.:  177
Fellows, R.:  130
Ferguson, F. M.:  118,130,178,184
Ferguson, H. A.:  167
Ferguson, J. C.:  204
Ferguson, R. S.:  67
Ferguson, Robert L.:  49,51
Fidler, William:  46
Fielder, Thomas H.:  75
Fields, Keeley:  130
Fields, Kelley:  143
Finety, W. D.:  134
Finney, W. E.:  130,153
Firestine, John:  11
Fish, A. W.:  4
Fish, James:  145,180,186
Fisher:  1
Fisher, D. F.:  61
Fisher, Daniel:  72,88
Fisher, Daniel F.:  31,36,53,56,80
Fisher, Newman:  49,66,72,92
Fisher, Numan:  80
Fisk, N. W.:  6
Fitzgerald, D. W.:  130
Fitzgerald, J. W.:  134
Fitzgerald, N. D.:  134
Fitzgerald, W. S.:  151
Fitzwater, P. E.:  191,197
Fleming, H. C.:  92,97,122
Fleming, R. M.:  181
Fletcher, M. R.:  69,75
Flippen, William:  182,186
Flippin, W. J.:  150
Flippin, William:  192
Flood, James:  36
Foley, M.:  182,187
Foley, Michael:  198
Foley, W. F.:  151
Follett, S. R.:  144
Ford, E. A.:  150,191,197
Fordyce, Asa:  2
Fordyce, Asa G.:  11,21,29,35,44,61
Fordyce, G. W.:  75
Fordyce, George:  84
Fordyce, George W.:  97,118
Forsythe, John:  9
Foss, J. E.:  183,204
Foss, Julius:  80
Foster, Perry:  110,118,130,153,194,205
Foudray, E. D.:  67,75,198
Fountain, J. D.:  122
Fountain, J. M.:  84,110,130
Fountain, James D.:  92,113
Fountain, John M.:  97,118
Fountain, Mathew:  75,80,87
Fowler, O. N.:  152
Fowler, W. W.:  2,15,16,21,39
Fowler, Welcome:  140
Fowler, William W.:  6,18
Fox, Heaton:  167,174,180
France, Joseph:  130,139
France, Lake:  139
Frank, Frederick:  30,33
Fredenburg, James:  191,197
Fredenburgh, J. I.:  134
Freel, Andrew:  157 (see Freil)
Freeman, W. J.:  191
Freil, Walter:  134 (see Freel)
French, Alexander:  30,36
French, W. W.:  130
French, Washington:  5
Frey, G. W.:  188 (see Frye)
Frey, George:  139
Frey, George W.:  175
Fryar, J. J.:  97,122 (see Fryer)
Fryar, James:  5
Frye, John L.:  21 (see Frey)
Fryer, F. J.:  11 (see Fryar)
Fryer, J. J.:  43,61,87,138,158,162
Fryer, James J.:  18,21,110
Fullen, Simeon:  130
Fuller, Anna L.:  143
Fuller, L. D.:  143
Funck, George P.:  58
Funk, George P.:  30,37,46
Furbay, Frederick:  1
Furgerson, F. M.:  187
Furman, A. W.:  141,159,164
Furman, Clarence:  191
Furry, E. F.:  134,169
Furry, F. E.:  150,181,203
Furry, Samuel:  39,71,80,97,106,198
Futh, J. B.:  122
Gabriel, Jacob:  122
Gage, J. C.:  153
Gage, William W.:  84
Gall, A. L.:  160,164,194,199
Gall, C. C.:  130
Gall, Columbus:  11
Gall, Jacob:  5,8
Gall, La Fayette:  16
Gall, Lafayette:  15,18
Gallaher, John:  176
Galloway, G. W.:  183
Galoway, Franklin:  134,152
Ganiard, Judson:  167
Ganiard, O.:  130
Ganiard, Oscar:  84,93,106,118,155
Ganung, L.:  70
Gardiner, William:  8
Garrett, R. M.:  149
Garrett, Robert M.:  155,166
Gartman, Levi:  122,130,152,177
Gatjen, Henry:  59
Gay, J. H.:  156,168,174,180
Geary, E. P.:  144
Gee, William:  167,174
Gentner, John:  188
George, Benjamin:  80
George, Kanaka:  47
Gephart (not found--see Geppart)
Geppart, Joseph:  152
German, J. T.:  58
German, Joseph T.:  58
Gianini, Thomas:  75
Giannini, Thomas:  64,65
Gibbons, James:  14
Gibson, G. W.:  151
Gibson, J. M.:  175,181,187
Giddings, Absalom:  17
Gilbert, O.:  77,130
Gilbert, Orsen:  84
Gilfoil, J.:  38
Gilfoil, John:  38
Gillett, Charles H.:  167
Gillette, A. V.:  88
Gilmore, James W.:  118
Gilsan, Thomas:  159,165
Gilson, E.:  194
Gilson, T. H.:  127,130
Gilson, Thomas:  72,75,140
Gilson, Thomas H.:  11,55,80,88,98,110
Givan, Lindsay:  122
Givens, Minnie:  163
Glass, S. H.:  153,159,171,183,185,200
Gleam, Philip:  31,35 (see Gleave, Gleve, Glieve)
Gleave, Philip:  37,59,93,130,194,200,205 (see Gleam, Gleve, Glieve)
Glenn, J. T.:  47
Glenn, James T.:  13,26,53,59,75
Gleve, Philip:  140,159 (see Gleam, Gleave, Glieve)
Gleve, Philip:  23
Gleve, Phillip:  171
Glieve, Philip:  77 (see Gleam, Gleave, Gleve)
Goddard, B. C., Jr.:  102,118,125,134
Goddard, B. C., Sr.:  75,130
Goddard, Blin C.:  50,56
Goddard, Blinn C.:  80
Goddard, H. H.:  153,200
Goheen, Samuel:  40,44
Goldsby, John:  16
Goldsbye, John:  15
Goldsworthy, Joseph:  157,169
Good, George:  11
Goodell, L. G.:  152
Goodlus, N. S.:  122
Goodsell, William:  168
Goodyear, Robert:  122
Gorden, Uriah:  192 (see Gordon)
Gordon, Alex:  5 (see Gorden)
Gordon, Alford:  93
Gordon, Alfred:  75,84
Gordon, James L.:  157,169,189
Gordon, U.:  134
Gordon, Uriah:  151
Gore, E. E.:  93,138,176
Gore, E. E., Sr.:  193,199
Gore, Emerson E.:  5,11,27,45
Gore, Emery E.:  17
Gore, Emory:  8
Gore, W. H.:  204
Gore, W. S.:  204
Gore, Walter S.:  102
Grainger, G. M.:  187,190,202
Granger, F. M.:  149,155,174,180
Granger, G. M.:  149,155,161
Graupner, Edward:  75
Gray, Charles B.:  150
Gray, D. Y.:  152
Gray, Joseph:  56
Gray, Joseph B.:  41
Gray, R. M.:  189
Gray, R. A.:  127
Gray, Robert A.:  58,80,93
Greenman, W. C.:  39
Greenman, William C.:  55
Gregg, Henry:  134
Gregory, J. F.:  130
Gregory, J. W.:  98
Gregory, J. W. C.:  122
Gregory, James F.:  88,114
Gregory, Levi N.:  77
Gregory, Milton:  143
Gregory, Thomas J.:  21
Gregory, W. J.:  93,102,110,122,134,150,156,168,174,188
Gregory, W. M., Jr.:  202
Gregory, W. W.:  192,197
Gregory, William:  68,84
Gridley, Wallace A.:  11
Grieve, John A.:  77
Grieves, John:  72
Grieves, John A.:  80
Grieves, John L.:  88
Griffin, B. B.:  4
Griffin, Burrel B.:  6,11
Griffin, Henry:  170
Griffin, Joseph:  4
Griffin, Joseph F.:  11
Griffin, Scott:  160,178,184,186
Griffin, William:  8
Griffin, William M.:  17,45,61,72
Griffis, J. Henry:  134
Griffith, Charles:  138,170
Grigsby, H. A.:  49
Grigsby, J. S.:  102
Grimsley, Nelson:  122,144,175
Grizzle, J. D.:  204
Grob, Frederick:  118
Grob, Jacob:  125,158,170,176
Grobe, Frederick:  75,84
Grossman, J. G.:  177
Grossman, Jacob:  77
Grow, George:  155
Grow, John:  38,43,44
Growland, Joseph:  52
Grub, John L.:  106 (see Grubb)
Grubb, J. L.:  202 (see Grub)
Grubb, John:  72
Grubb, John L.:  77,88,97,118,136,142,155,174
Grubb, Samuel:  11,21,25,55,75,93
Gruver, Charles:  46
Guches, J. M.:  203
Guerin, J. F.:  130
Gunnison, Alfred:  75
Haas, Christopher:  41
Hackathorn, Jeremiah:  93
Hagerdine, Robert:  5 (see Hargadine)
Hagey, J. S.:  168,183
Hailey, John:  21
Haines, I. D.:  19
Haines, R. S.:  23
Hale, M. H.:  72
Hale, M. W.:  66
Haley, John:  15,16
Hall, Roland:  123
Hall, Rollin:  8
Hall, Rowland:  21,30
Hall, Samuel:  1,4,12,37,51,60,72,77
Halley, R. H.:  159,170,177
Halley, W. F.:  193,199,203
Hamer, Robert H.:  44
Hamerick, J. W.:  75A (see Hamrick)
Hamilton, S. B.:  140,160,171
Hamlin, Charles H.:  12
Hamlin, G. W.:  132,193
Hamlin, James:  1,8,45,55,61,64,84,106,114
Hammersly, G. R.:  203
Hammersly, J. B.:  176
Hammond, E. W.:  118,132,159,161,183,186
Hamrick, J. W.:  80
Hand, William M.:  23
Haniford, Chas.:  4
Hanley, John:  123
Hanley, M.:  110
Hanley, Michael:  17,30,37,53,60,69,75A,81,88,192,197
Hanley, William:  135
Hanly, Michael:  102
Hannah, J.:  171
Hannah, J. C.:  200
Hannah, Joseph:  102,110,118
Hannah, Josiah J.:  88
Hansen, Frederick:  153
Hansen, Henry:  193,199
Hansen, I. J.:  154,171
Harbaugh, O.:  123,170,176,193,198
Harbaugh, Oliver:  110,137
Hardman, Benjamin:  84
Hardman, Robert:  169
Hargadine, Edward B.:  180 (see Hagerdine)
Hargadine, George R.:  180,187
Hargadine, R. B.:  63,75A,88
Hargadine, Robert:  1,5,12
Hargadine, Robert B.:  29
Hargadine, Robert H.:  17
Hargrave, William:  172
Harper, C. W.:  134
Harriett, William:  156 (see Harriott, Herriott)
Harriott, W.:  137 (see Harriett, Herriott)
Harriott, William:  167
Harris, Alexander:  11
Harris, F. S.:  15
Harris, J. H.:  159
Harris, Norman:  7
Harris, T. S.:  17
Harris, T. Smiley:  12,16,27
Harris, Thomas S.:  3
Hart, H. M.:  6
Hartman, Robert:  143
Hartman, William:  188
Harvey, C. M.:  176
Harvey, I. H.:  165
Harvey, I. M.:  177
Harvey, J. E.:  130
Harvey, J. M.:  159
Harvey, J. S.:  198
Harvey, James:  159,171,183,186
Harvey, John E.:  98,106,114,134
Haskins, Arzie:  148
Haskins, G. H.:  127,193,199,204
Haskins, John:  148
Haskins, Newton:  134
Haskins, William:  72,77,177
Hathaway, J.:  39
Hawkins, Shelton:  25
Haymond, Benjamin:  18,26,63,72,123,138,146,183,194,204
Haymond, Thomas:  77,102,110,118,134
Hays, H. B.:  12
Hays, J. W.:  110,130,183
Hays, James:  6
Hazelton, T. P.:  38
Head, John:  40,53,57,69,75A,81,88,98,106
Heald, Asher D.:  77,84
Heber, Frederick:  1,3,30,42,75A,80,88,102,113
Heckathorn, George W.:  181,192,197,202
Heckathorn, Henry:  169
Heckathorn, Jerry:  77
Heckethorn, J.:  143
Heckman, F.:  40
Heely, William:  37
Hellman, Able D.:  4 (see Helman)
Hellms, Addison:  48 (see Helms)
Helman, A. L.:  134 (see Hellman)
Helman, Abel D.:  70
Helman, Grant:  149
Helman, O. O.:  196
Helman, W. S. G.:  202
Helms, A.:  39 (see Hellms)
Helms, A. D.:  153
Helms, Addison:  49,63,66
Helms, H. V.:  88,123,165,189,203
Helms, Herman:  34,60,98
Helms, Herman V.:  75A,80,110,158
Helms, James:  47,58,75A,84,98,106,114,134,159,171,177,190
Henderson, D. R.:  44
Henderson, David R.:  43
Henderson, Robert:  1,9
Henderson, Stephen J.:  12,21
Hendricks, Edward:  64,77,84
Hendricks, J.:  61
Hendrickson, David:  172
Henry, Andrew:  172
Hensley, R. C.:  192,202
Heofft, Charles:  130
Herbert, J.:  39
Herd, James:  38,88
Herling:  64
Herling, Louis:  72
Herrin, David N.:  12 (see Herron, Hetton)
Herrin, J. S.:  61,102,136,161,191,196
Herrin, John S.:  21,43,51,77,80,93,110,155,174 (see Herron, Hetton)
Herriott, William:  77,132 (see Harriett, Harriott)
Herron, John S.:  5 (see Herrin, Hetton)
Herschberger, George T.:  114 (see Hershberger, Hurshberger)
Hershberger, G. T.:  156,164 (see Herschberger, Hurshberger)
Hesse, William:  12,33
Hetton, John:  88 (see Herrin, Herron)
Heuston, David W.:  68 (see Hueston, Huston, Houston)
Heuston, J. A.:  127
Hevener, William:  202
Hiatt, Lewis:  44 (see Hyatt)
Hibard, George S.:  21
Hicks, William:  64
High, Gooan:  102
High, Govenor:  137
Hill, C. L.:  49
Hill, Crawford:  72
Hill, D.:  204
Hill, H. L.:  39,55,147
Hill, Isaac:  9
Hill, L. C.:  138
Hill, Miles H.:  30
Hillis, John:  194,200,204
Hillis, W. P.:  132,141,159,164
Hillis, William P.:  72,77,106
Hillis, William T.:  59
Hillis, William, Jr.:  200
Hinde, Edward D.:  37
Hines, George:  182,185
Hinkle, Riley:  38,137
Hinkle, William:  33
Hitch, L. D.:  178,195,200
Hite, A. B.:  41
Hockersmith, J. N.:  110,134,183,186
Hockersmith, J. W.:  77,102,123
Hockersmith, Jackson:  60,88,167
Hodgens, Isaac R.:  38
Hoeft, Charles:  197
Hoffman:  1 (see Huffman)
Hoffman, George:  132,137,142,156,167,188,190
Hoffman, George C.:  118
Hoffman, Jacob:  7
Hoffman, William:  4,77
Hogue, P. N.:  194
Hollingsworth, H.:  182,185
Holman, J. J.:  1
Holman, John I.:  12
Holman, Thomas:  4
Holmes, George:  3 (see Homes)
Holmes, S. B.:  141,142
Holmes, W. A.:  149,196
Holmes, W. G.:  149,174,179
Holmes, W. M.:  126
Holt, J. J.:  118,183
Holt, John J.:  153
Holton, John:  11
Home, John:  143
Homes, W. G.:  187
Hoover, Uriah:  156
Hopkins, D.:  61
Hopkins, D. S.:  59
Hopkins, Daniel:  39,72,77,88,98
Hopkins, David:  18,24,28
Hopkins, David L.:  46
Hopwood, James:  75A
Hopwood, Thomas:  4,11
Horne, James S.:  158
Hosmer, G. S.:  175,181,187,192,197
Hosmer, N.:  182,187
Hosmer, Nelson:  110,118,132,157,162
Houck, J. J.:  144,151,158,176,189,203
Houck, Jasper:  77
Houck, Jesse:  180,186,202
Hougham, J. R.:  34
Houpt, Nicholas:  46
Houston, M. A.:  88,98,114,178,183,186,205 (see Heuston, Hueston, Huston)
Howard, J. S.:  102,110,144,147,193,199
Howard, J. W.:  140
Howard, James S.:  48,75A
Howard, S. D.:  31
Howard, Venice:  167
Howard, Zenas:  196
Howell, Morris:  1,5,11
Howell, T. J.:  191
Howlett, A. C.:  202
Hoxie, C. H.:  194
Hoxie, George W.:  9
Hoxie, James:  27
Hoxie, James M.:  84,93
Hoxie, O. D.:  1,4,41,46,48
Hoxie, Obadiah D.:  12,29
Hoyt, A.:  192,197
Hoyt, W. H.:  157
Hubbard, F.:  140,168
Hubbard, F., Jr.:  174
Hubbard, James:  18,45
Huchins, J. B. R.:  155 (see Hutchins)
Huck, H. D.:  130
Hueston, David:  80 (see Heuston, Huston, Houston)
Huffer, J. H.:  75A
Huffer, J. H., Jr.:  177,182,189
Huffman, George:  110 (see Hoffman)
Huffman, Jacob:  15,16
Huggins, Jesse R.:  189
Huggins, W. H.:  135
Hughes, William:  1
Hughes, William J.:  4
Hughes, William M.:  6,11,21
Hukell, James:  192
Hukil, James:  175
Hukill, James:  169,198,203
Hukle, James:  132
Hull, Boliver:  140
Hull, John W.:  59
Hull, Levi J.:  18
Hull, Polk:  132,139,177,183,187,199
Hull, S. B.:  60,123
Hull, S. H.:  152
Hull, Simon B.:  32,33,50
Hulse, John:  12
Hun, Julius:  191
Hunsaker, A.:  180,187
Hunt, A. F.:  180
Hurshberger, G. T.:  138 (see Herschberger, Hershberger)
Hurshberger, H. G.:  123
Hurst, M.:  138
Hurst, M. F.:  98
Hurst, M. V.:  123
Hurst, Martin F.:  75A,80,88
Hurst, Woodford L.:  4
Hurt, E. G.:  127
Hussey, J. A.:  130,138
Huston, B. W.:  139 (see Heuston, Hueston, Houston)
Huston, David:  93
Huston, David W.:  49,50
Huston, J. A.:  153
Huston, James:  11
Huston, M. A.:  58,123,139,153
Hutchens, Gideon:  157 (see Huchins, Hutchings, Hutchins)
Hutchings, J. B. R.:  191,197,202 (see Huchins, Hutchens, Hutchins)
Hutchins, J. B. R.:  167,174 (see Huchins, Hutchens, Hutchings)
Hutchinson, Richard:  72
Hyatt, Lewis:  11,25 (see Hiatt)
Hyde, W. G.:  15
Hyde, W. G. S.:  16
Hyde, W. H. S.:  19,58,60,72
Ingram, George V.:  31
Ingram, J. W.:  110,118,127,135,144,154,178,197,202
Ingram, Thomas S.:  27
Inlow, C. A.:  110,167
Inlow, C. E.:  180,187
Inlow, F. B.:  123
Inyart, A.:  140
Irby, John:  41
Irwin, C. M.:  205
Irwin, George:  191
Isaac, George W.:  39,106
Isaacs, G. W.:  123,135,152
Isaacs, George:  75A
Isaacs, George W.:  80,88,98,114,144
Ish, George H.:  33
Ish, H. L.:  174,180
Ish, Horace:  3
Ish, Jacob:  46,51,72,78,84,93,102
Ish, M. R.:  151
Ish, Mathew R.:  106
Ish, Matthew R.:  27
Ish, William K.:  12,21
Isham, Southwick:  114
Ives, Peter:  58
Ivory, James:  84
Ivory, Peter:  38
Jacks, W. H.:  127,135,150,183
Jackson, Cyrus:  38,58
Jackson, G. A.:  58
Jackson, George A.:  37,75A,84,93,111,126,135,153
Jackson, George W.:  118
Jackson, W.:  123
Jackson, W. B.:  204
Jacob, A. S.:  110
Jacobs, A. S.:  98,138,156
Jacobs, Abram S.:  88
Jacobs, Cyrus:  8
Jacobs, E.:  64,67,80,170,176
Jacobs, J. W.:  191,197
Jacobs, Joseph:  39,43
Jacobs, L. L.:  135,151,170,198
Jaggi, John A.:  183
James, W. V.:  132
Jamison, Albert:  8
Jaquett, W. H.:  39
Jaquette, William H.:  29,35
Jarvis, J. W.:  149
Jarvis, John W.:  12
Jealous, George:  64
Jeffers, Caleb:  188
Jeffries, F. M.:  123
Jennings, W. S.:  132
Jewett, R. S.:  14,19
Jewett, R. Spencer:  31
Jewett, Robert S.:  8
Jewett, Waldo:  5,8
Johnson, A. G.:  159 (see Johnston)
Johnson, A. S.:  135,153
Johnson, Avery:  135,167
Johnson, F. L.:  147
Johnson, Hugh:  40,53
Johnson, J. J.:  110
Johnson, J. W.:  135
Johnson, James M.:  70
Johnson, Lafayette:  12
Johnson, Thomas:  137
Johnson, Thomas A.:  56
Johnson, W. A.:  39,52
Johnson, William A.:  26,45,51,57,84
Johnson, William S.:  21
Johnston, A. G.:  162 (see Johnson)
Jones, Alexander N.:  88
Jones, C. P.:  163,167
Jones, Charles F.:  7,27
Jones, D. R.:  38
Jones, Elijah:  75A,80
Jones, John K.:  8
Jones, S. W.:  77
Jones, Vincent:  18,27
Jones, W. A.:  135,193
Jones, W. M.:  205
Jones, W. R.:  135,159,170,177,182,187
Jones, W. V.:  171
Jones, Wilber A.:  152
Jones, William:  199
Jones, William:  75A,135,153,194,200
Jones, William R.:  102,110,118
Judge, H.:  197
Judge, Henry:  39,58,102,111,167,191
Jump, C.:  40
Justice, G. W.:  77
Justus, William:  12
Kahler, George:  60
Kahler, Robert:  106,114
Kahler, T. P.:  140
Kahler, Thomas:  106,118
Kahler, Thomas P.:  203
Kahler, William:  5,9,19,31,41,44,47,49,55,93,102,111
Kame, W. T.:  193
Kanaka, George:  47
Kane, A. J.:  4
Karewski, G.:  102
Karewski, Gustaff:  75A,93
Karewski, Gustave:  111
Keegan, Owen:  132,144,193,198,203
Keeler, George W.:  18,26
Kelley, William:  15
Kellogg, J. F.:  40,45,63
Kellogg, Julius F.:  58
Kenedy, Jacob:  162 (see Kennedy)
Kenedy, Riley:  162
Kennedy, J.:  1 (see Kenedy)
Kennedy, James:  191
Kennedy, John:  4,7
Kennedy, M. G.:  3
Kennedy, Matthew G.:  13
Kennedy, P. A.:  138
Kennon, David:  88
Kenny, Thomas J.:  106,114
Kent, James:  123,135,175
Kentner, William W.:  88
Kentnor, W. W.:  64,67,75A,102,137,167
Kerr, G. G.:  1
Kerr, Gideon G.:  3,12,21
Kersch, Adam:  172
Kersey, D. T.:  1
Kilgore, James:  17,21,72
Kilgore, Silas W.:  102
Kimball, Eleazar:  31
Kimball, Elezar:  33
Kimball, M. G.:  52
Kime, John:  123
Kime, N.:  203
Kimo, Ira:  132
Kincaid, D. W.:  196
Kincaid, J. H.:  150
Kincaid, Robert:  144
Kincaid, W. B.:  63,98,106,144,156,174,180,187
Kincaid, W. R.:  63,155,161
Kincaid, William B.:  51,56,72,77,81,88,114
Kince, John:  106
King, David:  135,149
King, W. S.:  135,157,169
Kingsbury, C. B.:  136,142
Kinney, T. J.:  132,137
Kirk, C. L.:  170,175
Kleck, Henry:  169
Kleinhamer, C.:  162,192
Kleinhammer, C.:  202
Kleinhammer, Claus:  50,77
Kleinhumer, Claus:  93
Klimpass, R. H.:  61
Klinehamer, Claus:  72,114,157
Klinehamer, Frederick:  148
Klinehammer, Claus:  40
Klingle, Charles:  143,202
Klingle, S.:  139
Klingle, Samuel:  111
Klippel, Henry:  15,16,18,38,75A,84,98,176,193,199
Klippel, Jacob:  126,135
Klum, C. K.:  98
Knight, U. C.:  58
Knighten, W. E.:  168
Knighten, W. G.:  177
Knott, W. B.:  132
Knutzen, D. W.:  132 (see Kuntzen)
Knutzen, J. C.:  197,201
Knutzen, J. H.:  156
Kortii, A.:  58
Kreitzer, Christian:  75A
Kretzer, William:  75A
Kubli, H. D.:  179,190
Kubli, Jacob:  187
Kubli, Kaspar:  32,33,53,88,106,135
Kubli, Kasper:  72,98,114
Kubli, R. J.:  188
Kuntzen, D. W.:  118 (see Knutzen)
Kuntzen, J. H.:  161
Kuntzen, J. J.:  150
Lacey, John S.:  21
Lacy, J. H.:  167
Lacy, J. S.:  192
Lacy, John:  72,93,123
Lacy, John S.:  30,48,65
Lacy, William C.:  78
Lain, William M.:  5 (see Lane)
Lake:  1
Lambert, C. N.:  169
Lance, G. W.:  75A,85,102,123,171,183
Lance, George W.:  93,138,203
Land, T. C.:  70
Lane, Nathan B.:  13 (see Lain)
Lang, Alonzo:  132
Langel, Nathaniel:  75A
Langell, Joseph:  36,44
Langell, N.:  182
Langell, Nathaniel:  18,30,35,93,102,135
Lanterman, J. G.:  75A
Laporto, Samuel:  25
LaTourette, John:  21,29,35,50,58
Latshaw, John:  68
Law, T. C.:  154
Lawson, T.:  184,185
Lawson, Thomas:  135
Lawton, D. T.:  204
Layton, A. T.:  179
Layton, Andrew J.:  9
Layton, J. T.:  123,135,150,156,173,186
Layton, John T.:  13,119
Learned, A.:  158,161,170,176
Leaver, William T.:  18,21 (see Leever, Lever)
Leever, W. C.:  132,138,156,168 (see Leaver, Lever)
Leever, W. T.:  93,125,175,180
Leonard, Robert:  196
Lesley, James:  13
Leslie, James:  3,8,21,55,59
Lever, W. T.:  75A,85,102,111,118 (see Leaver, Leever)
Lewellen, Frank:  127
Lewis, George N.:  177
Lewis, Henry 63
Lewis, J. H.:  143
Lewis, Ziek:  135
Liddell, Matthew:  27,50 (see Liddle, Lyddle)
Liddle, Mathew:  93 (see Liddell, Lyddle)
Liddle, Meathew:  80
Lindley, George R.:  204
Lindley, Milton:  5,13,14,36,78
Lindly, Milton:  88
Lindsey, B. C.:  135
Linksweiler, Charles:  8
Linksweiler, Tobias L.:  18,21
Linkswiler, T. L.:  34,162,175
Linkswiler, Tobias:  106
Linkswiler, Tobias E.:  72
Linkswiler, Tobias L.:  84
Linkswiller, Tobias L.:  93
Linn, D.:  189
Linn, David:  3,30,61,66,75A,78,85,93,106,114,127,137,142,170,193,198,203
Little, G. W.:  175,180
Little, George W.:  185
Little, James A.:  18
Livingston, D. C.:  25,37,57
Livingston, Henry:  32
Lofland, J. H.:  198
Lofland, J. M.:  118,158,182,193
Lofland, J. Mason:  93
Loftus, E. H.:  34,56
Logg, Franklin:  51,59,68
Londen, James L.:  54 (see Louden)
Long, George:  4
Longhbottom, S. F.:  150
Louden, Abram:  85 (see Londen)
Louden, James L.:  46,52
Louden, John:  201
Louden, Thomas H.:  75A
Love, G. M.:  135
Love, G. W.:  180
Love, George M.:  114,151,182,185
Love, John S.:  23
Low, C. C.:  125
Low, Samuel:  3,13
Low, Thomas:  9
Lowe, Samuel:  1
Lowry, John:  6
Luark, J. M.:  190
Luckey, W. N.:  149,155,161,163
Lumsden, H. U.:  183,186
Luy, Frederick:  75A
Lyddle, Matthew:  55 (see Liddell, Liddle)
Lynch, George:  194,200
Lynch, George H.:  72,78,88,190
Lyttleton, P.:  111
Maegly, A. H.:  132 (see Magerly, Majerly, Margerly, Meagerly, Meagerle) 
Maegly, Aaron:  111
Magee, John:  15 (see Magey)
Magee, Sam:  172
Magerly, Elizabeth:  70 (see Maegly, Majerly, Margerly, Meagerly, Meagerle)
Magerly, George:  106,119
Magey, J. S.:  186 (see Magee)
Magruder, C.:  106,123 (see McGrader)
Magruder, Constantine:  21,75B
Magruder, Edward:  16
Magruder, Edward B.:  18
Magruder, H. H.:  168
Magruder, T. R.:  31,33,45,56
Majerly, George:  70 (see Maegly, Magerly, Majerly, Margerly, Meagerly, Meagerle)
Malney, Carrol B.:  50
Manning, J. W.:  64,78,106
Mansfield, J. M.:  85
Mansfield, J. N.:  123,171,178
Mansfield, Moses:  49,59,69,89,126
Manville, George:  7
March, J. J.:  98,114
March, J. S.:  89,106,135
March, Samuel J.:  114
Marck, L. J.:  184,186
Marden, D. B.:  125,169
Mardon, D. B.:  158
Mardon, David B.:  192
Margerly, George:  141 (see Maegly, Magerly, Majerly, Margerly, Meagerly, Meagerle)
Marity, Robert:  94 (see Mavitz)
Mark, John:  89
Mark, John M.:  75A,167,174,179,187
Mark, L. J.:  153,177
Marks, L. J.:  147
Marksberry, J. W.:  176,203
Marksbery, J. W.:  169
Marlow, W. J.:  143
Marsh, John:  203
Marsh, Joseph P.:  114
Marshal, George:  64
Marskbury, J. W.:  189
Mart, John M.:  155
Martin, Alexander:  15,16,18,30,33,46,58,63,78,94
Martin, C. C.:  189
Martin, F. J.:  123
Martin, J. A.:  198
Martin, J. G.:  171,183,185,205
Martin, J. H.:  137,163
Martin, Thomas:  123,135
Massal, William:  175,181
Masterson, I. W.:  5
Masterson, J. W.:  158,164,176,189
Mathers, W. F.:  40
Mathes, H. G.:  169
Mathes, Samuel:  138
Mathes, William M.:  102,114,157,189
Mathews, Grant:  176
Mathews, Green:  144,162
Mathews, Milo:  119,141,160,161
Mathews, Polk:  144
Mathis, Samuel:  111,142
Mathis, William M.:  85,93
Matney, C. B.:  103,111,123,140
Matney, Carl B.:  80
Matney, Carrol B.:  57
Matney, J. D.:  194
Matney, J. M.:  38
Matney, James:  114,123
Matney, James M.:  3,18,21,56,66,89,98,106
Matney, W. J.:  34
Matney, Walter J.:  32,33
Matney, William:  18
Matoon, Andrew S.:  9
Matthews, Theodore:  39
Matthews, William:  7,72,78
Maule, Milton:  159,170
Maury, R. F.:  13,19,94,106,114,126,138,142,146
Mavitz, Robert:  102 (see Marity)
Maxfield, E.:  41
Mayfield, M. S.:  152
Mayfield, William:  125,135,142,194,199
Mayfield, William, Jr.:  139
Mayheu, S. B.:  119
McAllister, John:  98
McAndrew, Thomas:  30,48,55,60
McAndrews, T. F.:  199
McAndrews, Thomas:  68,78,81,85,98,106,119,140,193,199,204
McBride, Alexander:  7
McBride, J. H.:  135
McCall, Irvin:  169
McCall, J. M.:  1,106,137
McCall, John M.:  7,72,78,85,93,156
McCall, M. L.:  174
McCallister, John:  156,164,174,180,187
McCallister, William:  18
McCarty, E.:  1
McCarty, Edward:  3
McClain, Francis D.:  13
McClenden, C. C.:  55,56,94,123
McClendon, C. C.:  70,72,78,85,103,111,135,194,199
McClure, H. C.:  49
McClure, W. S.:  198,203
McComas, J.:  44
McConnel, J. W.:  157
McConnell, A. W. A.:  12,14
McCormick, Martin:  40
McCormick, N. L.:  38
McCully, John W.:  8
McDaniel, John:  12
McDaniel, Larkin:  9,34,51,60,102
McDaniel, Lewis:  81,98,111
McDaniel, W. H.:  62,64,81
McDaniels, John:  5
McDonald, John N.:  151 (see McDonnell)
McDonald, Logg:  64
McDonnell, John:  51 (see McDonald)
McDonnell, John N.:  50
McDonough, J.:  1
McDonough, James:  13,27,36,49,68,78,81,89,98,106,114,123,135,143,160,184,197
McDougal, G. W.:  198
McDougal, James:  119,143,146,161,171
McDougall, J. W.:  203
McDougall, James:  125,135
McFeely, Dennis:  8
McGee, M. C.:  152
McGrader, C.:  144 (see Magruder)
McHugh, P. J.:  184
McIntosh, John:  58
McIver, K.:  172
McKay, J. W.:  135 (see McKoy)
McKay, John W.:  18,27,32,33,59,69,94,114
McKee, David:  64
McKee, E. B.:  64
McKee, John:  16,18,34,36,55,61,81
McKee, John W.:  114
McKenzie, T. T.:  81
McKinney, J. R.:  141
McKoy, John M.:  13 (see McKay)
McKoy, John W.:  102
McLaughlin, John:  36
McManus, P. F.:  47
McManus, Patrick F.:  29
McMeneny, D. M.:  94
McNew, William:  32,35,43,47
McPhearson, J.:  193
McPherson, A. W.:  151
McPherson, J.:  170,198
McPherson, W.:  203
Meagerle, George:  160 (see Maegly, Magerly, Majerly, Margerly, Meagerly)
Meagerly, George:  142
Mears, D. Y.:  38
Mecum, I. R.:  66
Mee, Thomas:  85,119,125
Meeker, A. J.:  150,156
Meeker, J.:  193
Mench, Benjamin:  78,89
Mensor, Morris:  85
Mentz, Frederick:  40,58,75A
Merley, J.:  199
Merriman, George F.:  89,159
Merriman, William H.:  18,30,51,72
Merritt, A. R.:  175,180,186
Merritt, J. W.:  132,137,156,175,188
Messinger, H. C.:  201
Messinger, Walter J.:  191,197
Meyer, August:  181 (see Moyer, Myer, Myers)
Meyer, W. C.:  50,78
Michelson, Ole:  68
Mickelson, M.:  63
Middagh, Gilbert:  27,49
Miller, A.:  123
Miller, Alexander H.:  27,58
Miller, B. F.:  111,126,138
Miller, Benjamin F.:  25,119
Miller, C. E.:  153
Miller, C. H.:  5
Miller, Charles:  72,75A
Miller, D. H.:  159,170,177 [David Henry Miller]
Miller, David:  70
Miller, E. M.:  125,137,155,167,180
Miller, Franklin:  85
Miller, Franklin S.:  165
Miller, Henry F.:  48,59
Miller, I. H.:  193
Miller, I. O.:  98,106,137,167
Miller, Isaac:  31,35,37,75A
Miller, J. N. T.:  46,68,75A,81,89,98,192,198
Miller, J. W.:  64,204
Miller, James:  43,68,78,81,89,98
Miller, James N. T.:  25
Miller, John:  59,78,85,98,106,193
Miller, John F.:  4,13
Miller, John of P.:  18
Miller, John S.:  4,8,15,16,18,21,30,37
Miller, John T.:  198
Miller, Peter:  1,4
Miller, Peter E.:  13
Miller, Robert E.:  13
Miller, W. F.:  143
Miller, William:  168
Miller, William M.:  85,94,114
Million, Bennett:  13,14,17,27,89
Million, John B.:  98,106
Mills, Austin:  41
Mills, D. R.:  155,167,174
Mills, E. V.:  191
Mills, J. D.:  63
Mills, John W.:  75A,78,85,94,106,114,157,203
Milton, Joel:  178
Miner, E. E.:  14,155,167,193,199,203
Mingus, C.:  132,136,142,164,196
Mingus, Conrad:  69,78,85,94,103,111,155
Mingus, F. M.:  137,152
Minkler, R. A.:  174
Minkler, Ray:  202
Minnick, S. C.:  175,188,202
Minnis, R. J.:  89
Minton, R. R.:  202
Mitchel, F. W.:  170
Mitchel, Westley:  75A
Mitchell, H. H.:  204
Mitchell, James:  41
Mitchell, Nicholas:  198
Mitchell, Wesley:  93
Mitchell, William:  152
Moffett, Joshua:  41
Monks, B. F.:  54
Montague, E. J.:  159,170
Montgomery, Alexander:  26
Moody, William:  64
Moon, A. S.:  43,89,98,139,171,178
Moon, Andrew S.:  31,53
Moon, R.:  182,186
Mooney, Samuel:  5
Moore, A. E.:  157,168
Moore, B. R.:  178
Moore, Green S.:  58
Moore, J. K.:  158,189
Moore, J. R.:  139
Moore, John K.:  176,200
Moore, R. H.:  119,143
Moore, W. T.:  156
Moore, William:  138,139
Moorman, A. R.:  135
Moppein, Thomas G.:  78
Moreland, John:  140
Moreland, Thomas H.:  75A
Morelock, J. B. R.:  182
Morford, R. B.:  3
Morgan, F. M.:  50
Morgan, Harvey:  23
Morgan, J. S.:  152
Morine, S. F.:  205
Morrill, A. B.:  34
Morris, J. A.:  157
Morris, J. W.:  1
Morris, Levi:  153,200
Morris, Lewis:  17
Morris, M. B.:  1,2
Morris, W. M.:  111,139,142
Morris, William:  125
Morrison, Arthur:  205
Morrison, J. R.:  125,194
Morrison, W. E.:  85
Morse, Samuel S.:  59
Morton, James:  127
Mosier, David:  45,53
Mosier, David M.:  60
Mounce, I. A.:  193,199,204
Moyer, W. Curtiz:  93 (see Meyer, Myer, Myers)
Muller, Max:  39,47,53,182,186
Mulvany, H. C.:  123
Munger, D. D.:  45
Murch, J. S.:  126
Murphy, Dennis:  72,85
Murphy, J. J.:  202
Murphy, John:  89,111
Murphy, John J.:  135,155,174
Murphy, L. A.:  203
Murphy, Michael:  70
Myer, August:  123,175 (see Meyer, Moyer, Myers)
Myer, B. F.:  72,102
Myer, Benjamin F.:  6,13,17
Myer, Cortes:  7
Myer, F. W.:  85
Myer, H. G.:  169
Myer, W. C.:  21
Myer, W. Cortes:  29,35
Myer, William:  167,202
Myers, B. F.:  3 (see Meyer, Moyer, Myer)
Myers, Benjamin F.:  81,93
Myers, G. R.:  153
Mynard, Timothy:  48
Nailor, Granville:  5 (see Naylor)
Nash, J. C. T.:  193,199
Naylor, G.:  61 (see Nailor)
Naylor, Granville:  6,17,22,29,53,65,78,81,89,103,114,124
Nealon, S. M.:  139,142
Neathamer, Daniel:  194
Neathamer, Daniel E.:  159
Neathamer, J. D.:  152
Neathamer, Jacob:  132,153,171
Neathamer, John J.:  159,161,177
Neathammer, Daniel:  119
Neathammer, Jacob:  135
Neathammer, Joshua:  107,200
Neff, T. J.:  138
Neil, Claiborn:  67
Neil, J. C.:  149
Neil, John H.:  94
Neil, L. A.:  197
Neil, Leander A.:  191
Neil, Lewis:  85
Neil, R. P.:  167,174,202
Neil, William:  119
Neuber, John:  31,39,51,56,59,64,67,75B
Newcomb, Captain D.:  15
Newcomb, Daniel:  3,6,12,16
Newlin, J.:  34
Newlon, Josiah:  18
Newman, F. A.:  107
Newman, T. A.:  114,124
Newton, D. L.:  176,180
Newton, W. H.:  132,204
Newton, William J.:  4
Nichols, G. W.:  135,150
Nichols, George:  103
Nichols, George W.:  181
Nichols, I. L.:  177
Nichols, J. J.:  70,72,78,81,89,99
Nichols, J. M.:  124
Nichols, J. W.:  202
Nichols, John:  85,138
Nichols, John M.:  21,106,170,188
Nichols, T. E.:  152,189
Nichols, Thomas:  192,197,202
Nichols, Thomas E.:  94,103
Nichols, W. J.:  153
Nicholson, C. T.:  168 (see Nickelson)
Nickelson, Charles T.:  177 (see Nicholson)
Nickerson, Thomas:  156,167,173,179
Nicks, Horace:  202
Nininger, C. E.:  156,167,202
Noah, William:  153,194
Norcross, J.:  149,155
Norcross, W. H.:  168,174,202
Norris, James:  155,164
Norris, John R.:  202
Norton, D.:  48
Norton, Daniel I.:  60
Norton, Henry:  72,81,89,98,111
Norton, J. G.:  135,203
Norton, John:  68,127
Norton, John G.:  94,103,114,171,192
Noyse, William:  40
Nunan, J.:  124,170,176,192
Nunan, Jeramiah:  81,103
Nunan, Jerry:  89,111
Nuswarner, M.:  157 (see Nycewarner, Nycwaner, Nyswaner)
Nuswarner, Riley:  157
Nycewarner, Riley:  137 (see Nuswarner, Nycwaner, Nyswaner)
Nycwaner, Riley:  142 (see Nuswarner, Nycewarner, Nycwaner)
Nye, Chancy:  85
Nye, Channcy:  50
Nye, Chauncey:  3,15,16,45,55,72,140
Nyswaner, Riley:  181 (see Nuswarner, Nycewarner, Nycwaner)
O'Brian, John:  13,14,15,16,68,114 (see O'Brien, Obrien)
O'Brien, Emmett:  201 (see O'Brian, Obrien)
O'Brien, John:  37,59,66,99,107,124,191
O'Harra, M.:  78
O'Neal, Davis:  5 (see Oneal)
O'Neal, Felix:  12
O'Neal, J. B.:  137
Oatman, E. R.:  200
Oatman, Harrison B.:  17,27,44
Oatman, Harry B.:  81
Oatman, Harvey:  7
Oatman, Harvey B.:  13,22
Oatman, J. H.:  119
Oatman, James H.:  89
Obenchain, B.:  174,180,185
Obenchain, Bartlett:  49,61,72,78,89,99,111,125,139
Obenchain, J. A.:  58,124
Obenchain, John A.:  164
Obinchain, John A.:  156
Obrien, John:  89,137 (see O'Brian, O'Brien)
Oden, L. L.:  127,183
Oglesby, D.:  49
Oliver, S.:  67
Oliver, S. P.:  153 [Seburn P. Oliver]
Oliver, Wayne:  7,22,45,51,94
Olsen, J. E.:  190
Olson, Edmon:  139
Olson, H. B.:  192,198
Olsson, P.:  175
Olwell, John:  202
Olwell, P. W.:  175,180,192
Olwell, William:  150
Oneal, P. B.:  119 (see O'Neal)
Ord, Thomas:  22
Orme, A.:  125,198
Orme, Alexander:  139,181,186
Orme, Alexander, Jr.:  99
Orme, Lewis:  140
Orme, R. J.:  151
Ornett, I. A.:  193
Orth, John:  55,99,119,127
Orth, John S.:  193,203
Osborn, J. W.:  171,195,200
Osborn, John:  22,33
Otten, Frederick:  85,125,177
Out, John:  63
Overbeck, Henry S.:  17,30,35,43
Overton, David:  7
Owen, Cal:  181
Owen, Edward R.:  168
Owen, W. A.:  58,150
Owen, William:  177,182
Owen, William A.:  94
Owens, Calvin:  186,192
Owens, George W.:  201
Owens, John:  200,204
Owens, William:  186
Owings, P. H.:  124,158,165
Packard, R. B.:  30
Packard, Reason B.:  3,8
Packard, Rezin B.:  12,35
Palm, C. W.:  193
Palmer, John J.:  49
Palmer, S. C.:  163
Pankey, Charles:  168
Pankey, H. P.:  182
Pankey, H. T.:  176,186
Pankey, J. D.:  138,175,197
Pankey, James:  53
Pankey, James A.:  99,107
Pankey, Lewis:  182
Pankey, O. R.:  202
Panky, J.:  70
Panky, J. A.:  124
Pape, Henry:  68,75B,103
Pardee, John:  4,7
Parker, F. M.:  127
Parker, J. P.:  27
Parks, Jacob:  119
Parks, James:  162
Parrish, David F.:  99
Parsons, P. D.:  56
Patrick, W. A.:  156,167,174,179,190,191,201
Patterson, John:  78
Patterson, Joshua:  48,73
Patterson, Sylvester:  111,119,174
Patton, W. T. S.:  163
Paulson, P. W.:  174,191
Payne, C. T.:  61,63,78,107
Payne, C. T., Jr.:  150,189
Payne, Champion T.:  89,99,115
Payne, David:  114
Payne, L. H.:  39
Payne, Taylor:  169
Payne, William R.:  119
Pearce, D. J. S.:  189 (see Pierce)
Pearce, Washington:  5
Pearson, C. C.:  188
Pearson, George C.:  3
Pearson, John:  37,55
Pease, Sylvester:  9
Pech, Emil:  165
Pech, Henry:  127,165,188
Pegg, H. L.:  140,176
Peil, Emil:  191
Peil, F. A.:  181,186
Pellett, W. J.:  168
Pelton, E. C.:  13
Pelton, H. J.:  139
Pelton, Horace:  119,171,183,186
Pelton, John E.:  155,191,197
Penebaker, G. F.:  125,135 (see Pennebacker)
Penegar, David:  50,66,81,111 (see Peniger through  Penniger)
Peniger, David H.:  119 (see Penegar through  Penniger)
Peniger, William:  107
Penigre, John:  5 (see Penegar through  Penniger)
Peninger, David:  94,126,195 (see Penegar through  Penniger)
Peninger, W. H.:  178,184,186
Peninger, William H.:  114,124
Pennebacker, G. F.:  115 (see Penebaker)
Pennegar, David:  31,46 (see Penegar through  Penniger)
Penniger, David:  35,103 (see Penegar through  Pennegar)
Perkins, Samuel J.:  49
Perkypile, M.:  168 [Purkeypile]
Pernell, William:  78
Pernoll, William:  89,99,107,115,126,135,191
Perry, Martin:  190
Perry, R. B.:  67
Perry, Reuben B.:  72
Perry, Reuben P.:  85,99
Petrie, Abram:  3
Petry, Abraham:  9
Peyferth, John:  31
Pfiel, Gustav:  152
Pflugh,:  Frederick:  69
Pheister, Charles:  194,199,204
Phelps, E. C.:  140
Phettyplace, Benjamin:  47 (Phettiplace)
Philips, Riley:  31,46
Philips, Samuel:  56
Philitz, Henry:  40
Phillips, H. F.:  99
Phillips, Samuel:  27,103,115
Phillips, W. R.:  205
Phipps, David:  58
Phipps, E. E.:  199
Phipps, I. J.:  107,189,204 [Iradell Judson Phipps]
Phipps, Iradell:  115
Phipps, J. C.:  152
Phipps, M. P.:  119
Pickens, C. H.:  139,147
Pickens, Cyrus H.:  107
Pickens, Cyrus H., Jr.:  99
Pickens, E. P.:  103,111,119,135,153,183,186
Pierce, D. J. S.:  153 (see Pearce)
Pinkham:  1
Pinkham, Ebenezer:  5,17,22
Pinkham, Joseph:  30,33
Pleasants, E.:  180,185
Plymale, F. M.:  78,81,94,103,111,124,140,199,204
Plymale, Francis:  72
Plymale, Francis M.:  44,51,60,189
Plymale, S.:  38,67
Plymale, W. J.:  30,58,85,99,170,182,185
Plymire, J. W.:  115,126,156,171
Plymire, W. J.:  107
Pogue, M. E.:  124
Poley, C. M.:  191,197,201
Pollard, J. M.:  135
Pomeroy, Irvin:  144
Ponge, William R.:  50 (see Pouge)
Pool, A.:  126,138,202
Pool, Arthur:  107,114,162
Pool, James:  3
Pool, James R.:  52
Poole, J.:  198
Poole, James:  6
Poole, James R.:  37
Postlethwait, S.:  40
Potter, John L.:  99
Potter, Robert:  162
Potter, W. R.:  119
Potter, Wilson:  103
Pottinger, E.:  204
Pottinger, T. E.:  193
Pouge, W. R.:  41 (see Ponge)
Powell, M. I.:  63
Powell, Philander:  94,103
Powell, William:  174
Pozier, J. R.:  125 (see Dosier, Dozier)
Pracht, Max:  174,179
Price, W. K.:  154,171
Priddy, G. W.:  204
Prim, Charles:  119
Probst, William:  14
Pruett, C. A.:  191,202
Pruett, I. A.:  126,152,180,189
Pruett, J. M.:  114,168
Pruitt, J. M.:  107
Purcel, C. C.:  170
Purcell, C. C.:  176
Purdin, M.:  124,152,171,177
Purnell, William:  72,81
Purvis, James:  119
Pyle, T.:  1
Pyle, Thomas:  16,19
Quigley, B. H.:  3,7
Rader, Jackson:  8,38,53,56,60
Rader, James:  202
Rader, John:  126
Rader, Joseph:  151,197
Rader, Solomon:  8
Ragsdale, C. C.:  127,143
Ragsdale, J. F.:  139
Raimey, J. Thomas:  115 (see Ramey)
Raimey, Thomas J.:  99,107
Rall, V. S.:  59
Ralls, V. S.:  50,53,99 (see Rolls)
Ramey, James T.:  89 (see Raimey)
Ramey, Thomas:  19,60,73
Rand, Edward P.:  18
Randle, A. F.:  64
Randles, Samuel:  150
Rankin, John:  2,6
Ransom, William C.:  27
Ratrie, George:  52,55
Ratrie, George W.:  85,94
Rawlings, W.:  180
Ray, E.:  151
Ray, William:  18,27,68,75B,85,94,111,154,178,184 (see Roy)
Raypholtz, W. F.:  198
Raypholtz, W. S.:  193,203
Reames, E. R.:  103
Reames, J. R.:  150,181,185
Reames, James R.:  119
Reames, Thomas G.:  47,89,99,158
Reames, Woodford:  12,35,47,59
Reames, Woolford:  9
Reams, T. G.:  107
Reams, Woodford:  15,16,23,29,37
Redden, J. W.:  193,199,204
Reddy, George W.:  138
Redick, Thomas H.:  4
Redicks, Harvey T.:  13
Redlington, Peter:  182
Redpath, David:  48,53,57
Reed, C. D.:  61,103,111,128,158,170,182
Reed, George:  139
Rees, Lewis:  22,25,55,60,103,115
Reese, Lewis:  94
Reeser, B. F.:  73,99,127,180,186,191,197,201
Reesor, Benjamin:  48
Reeters, Isaac:  62
Rehkopf, H. A.:  197,201
Reuter, A. L.:  151
Rexford, C. M.:  168,173
Reynolds, D.:  177
Reynolds, Daniel:  139,183,186
Reynolds, G. W.:  152
Reynolds, Isaac:  143
Rhinehart, E. B.:  41
Rhodes, S. M.:  197,201
Rhodes, Samuel:  39,40
Rhodes, Samuel M.:  191
Ribee, William:  20
Rice, G. W.:  165
Rice, George W.:  158
Rice, Levi A.:  18
Richard, John:  172
Richards, Daniel:  192,198
Richardson, H.:  153
Richardson, Harry:  147
Richardson, Harvey:  147,205
Richardson, Jesse:  73,94,103,115,156,189
Richardson, Jessie:  81
Richmond, E. E.:  152
Riddle, Dr. J. G.:  41
Riddle, J. M.:  22,174,180
Riddle, Joseph:  37,41
Riggs, Michael:  46
Rigsby, Walter W.:  22
Riley, Clifton:  12,36
Riley, Thomas:  181,192,198,202
Rippey, H. H.:  139,168
Rizley, John B.:  8
Roach, Claud:  163
Roach, Dora:  163
Roach, Earl:  163
Robbins, Samuel:  169,175,192
Roberts, J. G.:  168,173
Roberts, J. M.:  124
Roberts, J. O.:  179
Roberts, John:  43
Roberts, W. B.:  140
Roberts, William:  47,58,189
Roberts, William B.:  115
Robinett, Porter:  162
Robinson, Dr. Jesse:  14 (see Robison)
Robinson, Elijah:  40
Robinson, J. W.:  141,189
Robinson, Jesse:  3,15,16
Robinson, John:  7
Robinson, Joseph:  89,115
Robinson, R. B.:  78,107
Robinson, Robert B.:  99
Robinson, S. M.:  51,75B
Robinson, Samuel:  81,119
Robinson, W. S.:  58
Robinson, William:  31,40,43
Robinson, William A.:  165
Robison, Joseph:  103 (see Robinson)
Robison, Samuel:  67
Robison, Samuel M.:  94
Rock, J. W.:  173
Rockafeller, A. G.:  2
Rockafeller, Alison:  9
Rockafeller, George:  9
Rockafellow, Albert G.:  12,17
Rockfellow, A. G.:  73,89,103
Rockfellow, Albert G.:  59
Rodger, James B.:  115 (see Rodgers, Rogers)
Rodgers, Amos E.:  24
Rodgers, James B.:  99
Rodgers, Jasper:  119,147,194
Rodgers, "Merchant":  172
Rodgers, "Muler":  172
Rodgers, W. J.:  139
Rogers, Amos E.:  45 (see Rodger, Rodgers)
Rogers, J. B.:  107,153
Rogers, J. W.:  38
Rogers, Jacob S.:  188
Rogers, Jasper:  199,205
Rohro, Charles:  64
Rolls, John:  138 (see Ralls)
Rolls, V. S.:  22
Rondabuch, Jacob:  54 (see Roudebush, etc.)
Rondebush, J.:  22,61
Rondebush, Jacob:  63,70
Root, Horace:  46,58,66,78,103
Roper, Fordyce:  188
Rose, Anton:  177
Rose, L. A.:  99,119,137,157,189,203
Rose, O. E.:  135,137
Rose, Orlando:  107,190,191,197
Rose, Orlando E.:  115,156,167
Rosecrans, G. W.:  22,27
Rosenthal, S.:  145,177,182,199,204 [Simeon  Rosenthal]
Ross, George:  1,7
Ross, J. E.:  1,63
Ross, John E.:  3,7,27,36,47,57,78,81,89 [John England Ross]
Ross, Thomas G.:  137
Rost, Horace:  89
Rothermel, Lewis:  9
Roudabush, Jacob:  75B (see Rondabuch, etc.)
Roudebush, Jacob:  39,68
Row, Benjamin:  39
Rowland, J. J.:  153
Rowland, J. T.:  66,78,99
Rowland, Jery T.:  73
Rows, J. L.:  199
Roy, William:  103 (see Ray)
Rozenstock, Frederick:  2
Ruch, C.:  200 (see Rush)
Ruch, Frederick:  168
Ruch, Fritz:  179,186,201
Rundles, Samuel:  124
Runnells, Meeram S.:  192
Rush, Fritz:  173 (see Ruch)
Rusk, J. W.:  41
Russell, J.:  1
Russell, J. H.:  103
Russell, James H.:  115
Ryan, Luke:  151
Ryan, P. J.:  115
Ryan, Patrick J.:  22
Sachs, Isaac:  67
Sachs, Isaac I.:  63
Sachs, L.:  36,38
Sachs, Samuel:  55
Sacket, Francis:  34
Sackett, Francis:  37
Salstrom, E. G.:  157
Saltmarsh, A. B.:  148
Saltmarsh, J. B.:  67,104,171,190
Saltmarsh, J. P.:  40
Saltmarsh, Joseph:  78,140
Saltmarsh, Joseph B.:  31,35,40
Saltmarsh, Omer:  17,23
Saltmarsh, Reuben:  22,55
Saltmarsh, Sylvester:  69,75B,99,107,115
Sampson, J.:  5
Sampson, Jonathan:  7
Sanders, A. J.:  151
Sanders, Hugh:  169,176
Sansbury, James:  15
Sargant, C. S.:  103
Sargent, C. S.:  58,63,73,107
Saterfield, Joseph:  73
Satterfield, John:  127
Satterfield, Joseph:  13,22,37,57,103
Saulsby, John:  22
Savage, C. W.:  73 (see Savage)
Savage, Clark:  154,194
Savage, James:  22,73,78
Savage, Morris:  111
Savage, W. J.:  107
Sayle, J. P.:  201
Scarbrough, Frank:  5
Schefflin, Clinton:  5,99 (see Scheifflin through Sheffelin)
Scheifflin, Clinton:  26 (see Schefflin through Sheffelin)
Schermerhorn, G. L.:  204
Schidler, Louis:  193
Schiefelin, Clinton:  73 (see Schefflin through Sheffelin)
Schieffelin, Clinton:  47 (see Schefflin through Sheffelin)
Schiefflin, Clinton:  22 (see Schefflin through Sheffelin)
Schmidlin, G. F.:  141
Schmidt, Adam:  126,193,198,203
Schmidtlein, A.:  203
Schmidtlein, G. F.:  190,200
Schmidtling, A.:  193
Schnider, Frederick:  151
Schrumpf, George:  107
Schumpf, George:  126
Schutz, Veit:  81
Scofield, David:  22
Scofield, J. W.:  27
Scott, J. W.:  204
Scott, Samuel K.:  6
Scott, W. M.:  194,199,205
Scott, W. W.:  168,192,197,202
Sears, A. Z.:  143
Sears, D. T.:  144,199,204
Sears, Granville:  9,18,43,44,73,94,103,111,156
Sears, J. W.:  49,52
Sears, John W.:  46
Seiferth, John E.:  47
Sevedge, J. W.:  150,165,181
Sever, William T.:  60
Severance, H. T.:  75B,94,103,126
Severence, H. T.:  111,138
Seybert, H. B.:  63
Seyferth, Charles:  59,70
Seyferth, John E.:  57,73
Shannon, Thomas:  41
Sharp, Elijah:  22
Shearer, A. W.:  153
Shearer, J. D.:  200,204
Sheffelin, Effingham:  107 (see Schefflin through Schiefflin)
Shely, R. M.:  127
Shepard, W. H.:  197
Shepherd, Joel:  149
Shepherd, W. H.:  191
Shepherd, William H.:  201
Sheridan, J. C.:  157
Sherman, Jesse:  29,52
Sherwin, E. A.:  188
Shideler, J. H.:  203
Shideler, Lewis:  94,104,115,124
Shidler, L.:  137,183
Shidley, Michael:  181
Shield, James:  198
Shields, James:  181,192
Shipley, B. F.:  139
Shipp, H. C.:  165
Shook, Amon:  48,59
Shook, I. N.:  180
Shook, John:  63
Shook, Simon:  149
Short, A. D.:  61
Short, F. M.:  177
Short, J. W.:  144,176,192
Shoudy, William:  13
Shultz, Abraham:  50
Sidenstriker, C. L.:  139
Sidley, Michael:  150,168,175,186,197
Sifers, John B.:  14,49
Signorolli, B.:  198
Silsby, Anna S.:  143
Silsby, J. S.:  143
Simmers, Daniel R.:  33
Simon, Edward:  152
Simon, Edward F.:  119
Simon, Peter:  15,16,25,45,61,94,103,111,138,142
Simonds, Peter:  81
Simpkins, O. A.:  171,178,184
Simpkins, Oscar:  205
Simpson, Franklin:  141
Simpson, James W.:  58,61
Simpson, W. H.:  103
Simpson, William:  69
Simpson, William H.:  81,115
Sisemore, John:  90,183,186 (see Sizemore)
Sisemore, L. C.:  187
Sisley, Lewis:  13,22
Sisley, Louis:  7
Sizemore, John:  63,67,99,107 (see Sisemore)
Skeel, C. W.:  140
Skeeters, Isaac:  13,78,103
Skyrman, C.:  184
Skyrman, Charles T.:  186
Slagle, John:  73,81,119
Slagle, John C.:  115
Slagle, John W.:  107
Sleppy, L. J.:  177
Sleppy, Lorenzo J.:  115
Slinger, J. W.:  168,188,202
Slinger, William:  152,183,186,199
Smead, Simeon:  41
Smith, A. C.:  192,198
Smith, D. G.:  168
Smith, E.:  61
Smith, Edwin:  48,49,70,107
Smith, F. M.:  44
Smith, Francis:  8
Smith, Frank:  37
Smith, Freeman:  4,6
Smith, G. W.:  191,197,201
Smith, George W.:  143
Smith, J. E.:  188
Smith, J. M.:  125
Smith, J. N.:  70,199
Smith, J. S. W.:  45
Smith, J. U.:  204
Smith, J. W.:  194,202
Smith, James:  38,41
Smith, James E.:  191,196
Smith, Jesse:  172
Smith, Joel S.:  157
Smith, John:  53
Smith, John W.:  99,107,115,156
Smith, Jonathan J.:  69
Smith, Milton:  5
Smith, N. D.:  4
Smith, Nelson D.:  15,16,17
Smith, Noah:  153
Smith, Peter:  34,53,56
Smith, Sidney S.:  183,187
Smith, Sydney S.:  175
Smith, Thomas:  2,15,16,17,47,51,56,73,103
Smith, Thomas, Capt.:  22
Smith, W. M.:  126,169
Smith, William:  8
Snoucks, S. C.:  38
Snowden, F. M.:  59
Soliss, D. B.:  115,137,170,198
Solomon, Loui:  107
Somers, Daniel R.:  31
Songer, W. F.:  67,111
Songer, William F.:  22,27,29,35,78,90,99
Sonson, W. M.:  135 (see Souson)
Souson, William:  107,119,168,173,179 (see Sonson)
Spear, S. W.:  204
Spencer, A. C.:  201
Spencer, David:  137
Spencer, Edward:  144
Spencer, N. H.:  137,170,193,198,203
Spencer, W.:  1
Spencer, Willard:  3,7,12,18
Spicer, William:  12
Stacy, L.:  149
Stancliff, Henry:  119,181
Stancliff, R. F.:  192
Stanley, A. O.:  182
Staples, Thomas B.:  49,52
Starr, E. W.:  199,203
Starr, J. W.:  41
Steadham, N.:  150
Stearns, David E.:  7,22,36,45
Stearns, J. H.:  59
Stearns, Samuel E.:  13
Steckel, J. S.:  51
Steers, John:  46
Stephens, Andrew:  126
Stephens, Benjamin:  30,33,43,57 (see Stevens)
Stephens, Benjamin L.:  103
Stephens, George:  103
Stephens, S. H.:  124
Stephens, Squire H.:  115
Stephenson, Franklin:  204
Stephenson, George:  69,115,191 (see Stevenson)
Stephenson, George W.:  67,104,155,197
Stephenson, J. B.:  40
Stevens, A. J.:  192,198
Stevens, D. C.:  5
Stevens, S. A.:  61
Stevens, Squire H.:  107
Stevenson, George W.:  188
Stewart, C. E.:  203
Stewart, F. M.:  176
Stewart, F. N.:  181
Stewart, J. H.:  137,157,169,181,185 [Joseph Howard Stewart]
Stewart, W. H.:  193,199 [William H. Stewart]
Stewart, William:  44,143,152
Stickel, Samuel:  47
Stilwell, John S.:  143,144
Stimpson, F. G.:  150 (see Stimson)
Stimpson, Isaac P.:  103
Stimpson, Thomas H.:  99,107
Stimson, Frederick:  119 (see Stimpson)
Stimson, J. P.:  125
Stimson, Thomas H.:  90,115,124
Stirling, James:  8 (Sterling)
Stone, A. H.:  26
Stone, Jacob:  125,188
Stoops, G. W.:  176
Story, J. H.:  171
Stotler, Thomas R.:  180,186
Stought, John:  69
Stow, P. W.:  34
Stow, Pleasant W.:  18
Stowe, Pleasant W.:  3
Strang, Charles:  152,204
Strang, Robert:  41,49
Sturges, A. W.:  61,170 (see Sturgess, Sturgis)
Sturges, Alfred:  22
Sturgess, A. W.:  158 (see Sturges, Sturgis)
Sturgess, Alfred W.:  44
Sturgess, M. D.:  78,115
Sturgis, A. W.:  66,193 (see Sturges, Sturgess)
Sturgis, Alfred:  56
Sturgis, M. D.:  66,104
Sutherland, William:  60,73
Sutton, A. K.:  201
Sutton, Henry:  168,174,180
Sutton, Levi:  158
Sutton, R. K.:  137,155,161,174,179,185,191
Swacker, Oscar:  115,192,198
Swansen, C. M.:  199
Swanson, M.:  157
Swenning, P.:  183
Swinden, John:  9,13
Swingle, Joseph:  25,31,35,67,69,115
Sydow, William:  188
Sym, Edward:  58
Talbert, E.:  139
Talent, A. P.:  127
Tatom, Isaac:  33
Tatom, James:  31
Tatum, James:  15,16,23,33
Taylor, Augustas:  8
Taylor, C. C.:  193
Taylor, C. W.:  119
Taylor, Clark:  7
Taylor, D. Hobart:  17,27
Taylor, George H. C.:  3,13
Taylor, H. H.:  150,189
Taylor, Henry H.:  120,157
Taylor, Herbert D.:  90
Taylor, John B.:  188
Taylor, Robert:  196
Taylor, S. C.:  104,111,126
Taylor, S. Clark:  23,36,43,67,94
Taylor, S. D.:  143
Taylor, S. R.:  120
Taylor, Stephen:  50
Taylor, T. H. B.:  194
Taylor, William:  29,35,55,111
Tedford, R. B.:  178
Tellard, Samuel M.:  8
Temple, W. B. A.:  150
Tenbrook, Abraham:  66 (see Tinbrook)
Tenbrook, Abm.:  57
Tenbrook, Robert:  23,26
Tepper, John:  63 (see Toepper, Topper)
Terrill, H. J.:  127,177,200,204
Terry, R. B.:  58
Thomas, I. W.:  112,120,137,176,198
Thomas, J. B.:  67
Thomas, John:  138
Thomas, Sylvester:  49
Thomas, T. T.:  151
Thomas, Tobias:  23
Thompson, A.:  170,203
Thompson, E. E.:  162
Thompson, E. L.:  162
Thompson, J. L.:  44
Thompson, J. W.:  200
Thompson, Jacob:  25,51,73,75B,180,197,201
Thompson, John:  191
Thompson, John L.:  34
Thompson, Thomas:  12,45
Thompson, Thomas P.:  51,56
Thompson, William:  3,7
Thornton, C.:  48
Thornton, James:  5,17,27,29,33,68,94,104,111,137
Thornton, Sheridan:  149,155
Throckmorton, A.:  154,194,200
Thurston, Benjamin:  150
Tice, John:  68
Tice, John R.:  50,59
Tico, John R.:  26
Tiffany, O. C.:  188
Tinbrook, A.:  1 (see Tenbrook)
Tinbrook, Abram:  3
Tinkham, Levi:  12,18,34,42
Tinsley, William H.:  12
Titus, Jesse:  47,53
Tobias, Thomas:  23
Todd, J. H.:  26
Treble, George:  67
Toepper, John:  111 (see Tepper, Topper)
Tofflemyer, James S.:  12
Toleman, J. C.:  81 (see Tolman)
Toley, Michael:  169
Tolman, J. C.:  15 (see Toleman)
Tolman, James C.:  12,16,60 [James Clark Tolman]
Tonn, Louis:  150
Tonn, Ludwig:  168
Toole, J. O.:  202
Topper, John:  40,45,90 (see Tepper, Toepper)
Tork, W. A.:  66
Town, Franklin:  23,58
Towne, Franklin:  107,115,157
Towne, W. F.:  198
Tozer, J. R.:  179,187
Tozer, Job. R.:  100
Tozier, J. R.:  150,155,164,174
Tozier, Jol:  111
Traylor, J. N.:  115
Tressler, J.:  183,187,193
True, Haines:  136
True, J.:  196
True, J. P.:  81,107,137,170,193
True, Joseph P.:  188
Truman, W. J.:  197,202
Tucker, James T.:  7
Tuffs, James P.:  115
Tuffs, James V.:  48
Tufts, James:  5
Tupper, John:  73
Turner, A. P.:  6
Turnham, William:  139
Turpin, H.:  139
Turpin, H. C.:  112,128
Twogood, D. P.:  200,204
Twogood, James:  6 [James Henry Twogood]
Tyler, J. M.:  196
Tyrell, J. H.:  150
Tyrrell, J. H.:  168,181
Ulrich, Christopher:  189,198
Valandingham, W. H.:  54
Van Dorn, Isaac:  23,38,48
Van Dyke, J. G.:  41,125 (see Vandyke)
Van Dyke, John G.:  107
Van Dyke, S. D.:  43,55,94
Van Dyke, S. G.:  198
Van Dyke, Samuel D.:  17
Van Fleet, Allen:  56
Van Horn, John:  127
Van Sant, J. K.:  188,191,197,201
Vandyke, John G.:  68,100,115 (see Van Dyke)
Vandyke, S. D.:  47
Vandyke, S. G.:  150,181
Vandyke, Samuel:  5
Vandyke, Samuel D.:  138
Vanoy, James:  2,6 [Vannoy]
Vanpel, C. H.:  180,191,197
Vawter, W. I.:  144 [William Ira Vawter]
Veghti, C. E.:  196
Veghti, C. H.:  201
Vestal, J. S.:  188
Vickroy, E. P.:  182
Vicroy, E. P.:  44,55
Vincent, B.:  183
Vincent, Benton:  115
Vincent, Oliver:  112,120
Vincent, W.:  152
Vining, George T.:  1,5,9,12
Virgin, W. J.:  174
Von der Hellen, H.:  188
Vroman, Cyrus:  194,200
Vrooman, C.:  171,177
Vrooman, S.:  152
Wade, B. F.:  139
Wade, Benjamin F.:  70
Wade, Hiram:  8
Wade, J. R.:  39,47,60
Wade, James R.:  54,58
Wade, R. L.:  49
Waggoner, J. B.:  1 (see Wagner, Wagoner)
Waggoner, Jacob:  6
Wagner, David:  70 (see Waggoner, Wagoner)
Wagner, F. D.:  149
Wagner, Frederick D.:  155
Wagner, J. M.:  125,180
Wagoner, J. Bolivar:  5,9 (see Waggoner, Wagner)
Wagoner, Jacob:  2
Wait, Franklin:  199
Wait, S. M.:  4
Wait, Sylvester M.:  17
Wakefield, Ira:  189,198
Wakeman, J. D.:  152
Wakeman, Joseph:  189,194
Wakeman, M. S.:  126
Wakeman, Miles S.:  112
Walch, Jacob:  192
Waldrop, D. I.:  199
Walker, C. C.:  188
Walker, D.:  196
Walker, Daniel:  112
Walker, E. F.:  81,112,138
Walker, Enoch:  68,95,157
Walker, Enoch F.:  3,17,44
Walker, Enoch P.:  12
Walker, J. H.:  38
Walker, J. P.:  61
Walker, Jackson:  31,37
Walker, Jesse:  1
Walker, John D.:  26
Walker, John P.:  12,25,29,33,73,78,95,104
Walker, Joseph P.:  13
Walker, Minus:  8,29,35,73
Wall, A. F.:  60
Wall, Asher F.:  56
Wall, William:  52
Walsh, Jacob:  197,202 (see Waltz, Walz)
Walton, George S.:  140 (see Watton)
Waltz, Jacob:  73,151,182,185 (see Walsh, Walz)
Walz, Jacob:  108 (see Walsh, Waltz)
Walz, Jacob S.:  23,48,59
Ward, Alexander:  9,12
Warman, Edward:  152 (see Worman)
Watkins, John:  141,162
Watkins, Mark:  18,23
Watson, John:  7,12,42,55,59,81,90,104,112,138
Watson, Stephen:  7,18,23
Watton, G. S.:  125 (see Walton)
Webb, Benjamin:  144
Webb, G. L.:  140,199
Webb, I. A.:  144,183,193,199,203
Webb, J. A.:  125,140
Webber, Nicholas:  120
Webster, N. L.:  125
Weeks, A. J.:  151,176,181
Weeks, H. P.:  188
Weeks, John:  189
Weidner, A.:  200
Welch, George:  172 (see Welsh)
Welch, J. B.:  139,159,177,189
Welch, M. S.:  175
Welch, William:  23,48
Wells, Colonel:  1
Wells, Erastus:  68
Wells, Giles:  6,12,15
Wells, Giles, Jr.:  53,60,127
Wells, Giles, Sr.:  16,47
Wells, J. F.:  196
Wells, James F.:  100,149
Wells, John:  69,73
Wells, Jonathan:  197,201
Wells, Joseph:  64
Wells, Justus:  13,15,16,23
Welsh, William:  13 (see Welch)
Welton, A.:  1
Welton, A. S.:  4
Welton, Archibald S.:  9
Wendt, Henry:  141,176
Wertz, Franklin:  100,107
Westgate, Frederick:  3,8,26
Westrop, Robert:  168
Wetterer, Joseph:  46
Wheeler, M. W.:  120
Whelpley, Thomas:  140
Whelply, Thomas H.:  181
Whipple, J. H.:  108,120,195
Whipple, J. W.:  178,184
White, C. E.:  154,171,190
White, Charles:  126,195,200,205
White, Frederick:  127
White, H. C.:  193
White, H. L.:  112,171,177,189
White, Henry:  159,204
White, J. B.:  18,66
White, J. F.:  193,198
White, L. J.:  53
Whiteman, A. A.:  168,188
Whiteman, Joseph A.:  178
Whitman, J. D.:  144
Whitman, J. H.:  140
Whitsett, W. H.:  149
Whitworth, Thomas:  4
Wickins, Aurelius G.:  26
Wiland, A.:  139 (see Wyland)
Wilcox, C. E.:  152,194
Wilcox, G. W.:  178
Wiles, James:  31,33
Wiley, J. W.:  169
Wilkins, A. G.:  23
Wilkinson, H. C.:  156
Wilkinson, W. F.:  126,141,165,180
Wilkinson, William F.:  142
Willard, T. B.:  39,41,49
Willard, Titus B.:  18,26
Willetts, B. R.:  125 (see Willits, Willitts)
Willetts, L. F.:  153
Willetts, W. W.:  151
Willey, A. L.:  137
Williams, A. K. 15,16,172
Williams, Alonzo:  64,69
Williams, Charles:  73,108,204
Williams, Clark:  192
Williams, Franklin:  191
Williams, I. B.:  108,115
Williams, I. F.:  120,127
Williams, Isaker:  4
Williams, Issachas:  8,26
Williams, J. C.:  152,171
Williams, John:  41,44
Williams, Matthias:  34
Willis, Arthur:  204
Williscroft, John:  175,192,198
Willits, W. W.:  176 (see Willetts)
Willitts, W. W.:  169,189
Willson, William:  31 (see Wilson)
Wilson, A.:  130 (see Willson)
Wilson, Arthur:  50,63,100,108,140
Wilson, Charles F.:  53
Wilson, G.:  49
Wilson, H.:  194
Wilson, J.:  39
Wilson, J. A.:  137
Wilson, James A.:  61,112,203
Wilson, Joseph:  107,144
Wilson, W. W.:  175
Wilson, William:  19,40,47,60,68,108
Wimer, Edward R.:  120
Wimer, G. W.:  63
Wimer, J. D.:  151,200
Wimer, J. O. C.:  125
Wingfield, David:  38,46
Winter, O.:  196,201
Winter, R. R.:  197
Winters, John F.:  26
Wintjen, John:  23,59,63
Winton, Samuel:  41
Wirt, Franklin:  194
Wixom, H. W.:  3
Wixom, Henry W.:  6
Wolf, Isaac:  140
Wood, F. H.:  152
Wood, H. F.:  177
Wood, John:  162
Wood, M. S.:  158,165
Wood, Marvin S.:  104
Woodey, J. N.:  157 (see Woody)
Woodford, A. M.:  199
Woodford, A. W.:  152
Woods, John:  184
Woods, Wallace:  199
Woodson, J. P.:  40,112
Woody, A. N.:  183 (see Woodey)
Woody, J. N.:  61,90,104,112,137
Wooldridge, George:  197 (see Woolridge)
Wooldridge, J. L.:  156,187,190
Wooldridge, Logan:  142
Woolen, Isaac:  4,7,23,29,33,43,44,73
Wooley, Chris:  144
Wooley, James:  138
Wooley, John:  144
Wooley, Mike:  144
Woollen, Isaac:  17
Woolridge, Logan:  137 (see Wooldridge)
Worlow, Jacob:  116
Worman, Edwin:  193,199 (see Warman)
Worman, Thomas:  8
Wortman, H. G.:  199
Wray, Eli:  37
Wright:  1
Wright, H. H.:  139
Wright, John:  20,43,157,169,188
Wright, Nicholas:  18,85
Wright, Nicholas B.:  23,53,69
Wright, Robert:  4,12
Wright, Robinson:  150
Wright, Robison:  63
Wright, Thomas:  15,16,27,47,58,63,81,100,108,139,184,195,200
Wright, W. N.:  154
Wright, William:  4,171,202
Wrisley, J. B.:  48 (see Wrizley)
Wrisley, J. H.:  157
Wrisley, John B.:  23,43,44,50,61,73,81,144
Wrisley, R. M.:  100
Wrizley, John B.:  4 (see Wrisley)
Wyland, Aaron:  116,132,157,168,188 (see Wiland)
Yaudas, George:  73 (see Yondas, Yonder, Yondes, Youdas) [George Yaudes]
Yandell, Freeman:  17,73
Yocum, R. F.:  151,176
Yokum, R. F.:  182,187
Yondas, George:  66 (see Yandas, Yonder, Yondes, Youdas)
Yonder, George:  35 (see Yandas, Yondas, Yondes, Youdas)
Yondes, George:  36,53,58 (see Yandas, Yondas, Yonder, Youdas)
York, W. T.:  204
Youdas, George  31 (see Yandas, Yondas, Yonder, Yondes)
Young, J. N.:  151
Young, John N.:  108,120
Young, N. A.:  138,189
Young, Nicholas A.:  18,34,50,59,70,116
Young, R. T.:  152
Youngs, D. S.:  165
Zachary, John Q.:  70
Zeigler, Lewis:  8
Zigler, L. H.:  62
Zigler, Lewis H.:  3,27,45,51

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    Below is a list of names drawn by the county commissioners, from which jurymen will be elected for the next year:
    Ashland precinct--L. Stacy, R. M. Garrett, E. J. Farlow, Grant Helman, G. G. Eubanks, E. E. Miner, Newton Shook, David King, G. M. Grainger, Sheridan Thornton, James F. Wells, W. G. Holmes, Joel Shepherd, F. D. Wagner, H. F. Barron, E. K. Brightman, C. F. Homes, Geo. Engle, B. Beach, J. W. Whitsett, J. H. Shideler, M. L. Whitsett, J. C. Neil, J. Norcross, J. W. Jarvis, W. N. Luckey, A. B. Chapman, J. R. Tozer, F. M. Grainger.
    Applegate---John Bolt, Lee Cook, William Bailey, J. J. Knutzen, S. H. Cook, J. T. Layton, Ben Thurston.
    Big Butte--A. J. Meeker, W. H. Derby, A. W. Cormack, Robinson Wright.
    Central Point--Chas. B. Gay, N. Stidham, W. B. A. Temple, A. H. Bennett, W. J. Flippen, John Cox, William Olwell, F. G. Stimpson, W. J. Gregory, E. A. Ford, J. H. Kincaid, T. M. Center, W. A. Owen.
    Chimney Rock--M. Sidley, Nimrod Charley, Sam Randles, Ludwig Tonn, J. W. Sevedge, G. W. Nichols, J. H. Terrill.
    Eden--J. R. Reames, S. F. Longbottom, C. T. Payne, Jr., F. E. Furry, H. H. Taylor, S. G. VanDyke, W. H. Jacks, A. J. Weeks.
    Foots Creek--A. W. Sanders, John Bailey, R. J. Orme, Samuel Duffield.
    Flounce Rock--Uriah Gorden, W. W. Willits, J. C. Gage.
    Gold Hill--J. J. Houck, M. F. Foley, E. Ray, J. B. Dungan, R. F. Yocum, W. S. Fitzgerald, T. T. Thomas.
    Jacksonville---James Elliott, John N. McDonald, Emil Britt, Merritt Bellinger, Peter Elmer, Geo. M. Love, Luke Ryan, J. D. Wimer, C. A. Dickinson, Ira Arrasmith, L. L. Jacobs, A. L. Reuter, F. E. Bybee, Jas. Cronemiller, G. W. Bashford, Jacob Waltz, A. W. McPherson, G. W. Gibson, E. Barbe.
    Little Butte--Frederick Schneider, M. R. Ish, V. W. French, A. Betz, Jos. Rader, J. S. Vestal, J. N. Young, D. T. Ewen, E. E. Richmond, Thos E. Nichols, E. F. Simon, F. D. Ayres, William Mitchell.
    Lost Creek--Samuel Dodson, J. F. Ditsworth, J. C. Phipps.
    Medford--R. T. Young, J. S. Morgan, O. N. Fowler, D. T. Sears, L. G. Goodell, O. M. McGee, L. L. Angle, Frank Galloway, M. Purdin, A. W. Woodford, H. F. Wood, Wm. Slinger, Edw. Worman, Wilber A. Jones, F. M. Mingus, Chas. Strang, I. A. Pruett, G. W. Isaacs, Wm. Stewart, S. H. Hull.
    Mt. Pitt--D. Y. Gray, C. C. Beale, Joseph Geppert.
    Meadows--M. S. Mayfield, G. W. Reynolds, G. W. Vincent.
    Pleasant Creek--C. E. Wilcox, J. D. Wakeman, Levi Gartman, J. C. Williams, J. D. Neathammer.
    Rock Point---C. Vroman, Gustav Pfeil, W. E. Darling, Jacob Neathammer, C. E. Miller, F. M. Blevins.
    Sterlingville---Firman Crump, A. S. Johnson, D. J. S. Pearce.
    Steamboat--A. W. Shearer, W. E. Finney.
    Trail Creek--L. J. Mark, H. Richardson, J. A. Houston, S. P. Oliver.
    Talent--H. H. Goddard, A. D. Helms, L. F. Willets, A. Alford, John J. Holt, Levi Morris, T. J. Bell.
    Table Rock--G. R. Myers, J. B. Rodgers, J. S. March, S. H. Glass, Jacob Bowman, Allen Childers, E. R. Cardwell, E. P. Pickens, Wm. Jones, Perry Foster, Noah Smith, J. J. Rowland, W. J. Nichols, M. A. Houston, Thomas Curry, Geo. A. Jackson, Wm. Noah, Fred Hansen, Henry Cryder.
    Uniontown--W. T. Bostwick, Frank Cameron, Wm. Ray, Miles Cantrall, A. Throckmorton.
    Willow Springs--T. C. Law, J. W. Ingram, W. R. Price, I. J. Hansen, David Allen, W. N. Wright.
    Woodville--B. F. Carter, Clark Savage, C. E. White.
Valley Record, Ashland, July 24, 1890, page 1

April Term Jurors--Circuit Court.
    Following is a list of jurors drawn for the April term of court:
    J. C. Whipp, Jacksonville; Asbury Beall, John M. Allen, Bly Butte; Fred Kleinhammer, D. J. S. Pearce, Union; Thos. E. Nichols, S. A. Carlton, Eagle Point; J. O'Toole, Wm. Coleman, S. G. VanDyke, N. A. Edsall, T. H. F. Engle, Phoenix; I. E. DeBoy, Gold Hill; Fred Furry, Jas. Kent, Fred Tice, Climax; J. W. McDougal, W. H. Patrick, Robt. Ashworth, Willow Springs; Wilbur Jones, Pooh Bah; I. D. Phipps, John Beek, Ed Pottenger, J. W. Odgers, Medford; Geo. Prow, Barron; W. Patterson, Ashland; Jas. Reames, Mathew Stewart, D. P. Twogood, Talent; Ed Saltmarsh, Sterling.
Medford Mail, March 30, 1900, page 2

From the Portland Telegram.
    The first grand jury list for the exclusive use of the United States Circuit Court has been selected, and on it are the names of 1000 taxpayers of the state of Oregon, who may be called upon sometime to act as jurors. The list is expected to last several years, and it may be some time before the jurors' names who appear will be drawn for the jury box.
    The list was made up by Clerk Sladen of the United States Circuit Court. In this county he selected the names from the tax roll and in other counties he sent to the clerk of the county for a number of names of taxpayers, irrespective of party. Each county has been accorded a certain number of jurors, the ratio being struck according to the population in various parts of the state. Most of the jurors in the counties outside of Multnomah are farmers or stockmen, although all the trades and professions are well represented.
    There is only one editor in the 1000 names, and he comes from Hood River country. How he happened to be chosen is a mystery, as editors and newspaper men in general are usually considered to be too well informed on matters of the court to make good jurors without prejudice, and they are therefore rarely chosen. This editor is alone in his glory.
    There is but one Smith, which is more remarkable even than that there is only one editor. Among so many names, it could be expected that there would be at least a half dozen Smiths, but such is the fact.
    Those chosen from Jackson County are: Miles Cantrall, farmer; S. H. Duffield, farmer; George W. Dunn, farmer; H. H. Goddard, farmer; J. H. Huffer, miner; Henry Barneburg, farmer; Blin Coleman. merchant; W. R. Coleman, farmer; C. C. Taylor, farmer; Dan Chapman, farmer; Charles Gillette, merchant; L. C. Charley, farmer; L. L. Jacobs, accountant; I.  A. Webb, merchant; Henry Helens, farmer; A. N. Soles, stenographer; Horace Nicholson, merchant; J. C. Whipp, mechanic; John S. Orth, merchant; William Cameron, farmer; Henry Klippel, miner; J. F. Brown, farmer; Robert Taylor, farmer; George W. Barron, farmer; John Bellinger, farmer; F. E. Bybee, farmer; Emmett O'Brien, farmer; Fred Sturgis, miner; S. A. Carlton, farmer; Carl Phelps, merchant; J. M. Whipple, farmer; John Olwell, farmer; F. R. Neil, accountant; H. M. Crowell, farmer; Wilbur Jones, farmer; S. G. Van Dyke, farmer; L. A. Rose, farmer. Medford Mail, November 2, 1900, page 3

Jury List for April Term.
    The following is the jury list for the April 1901 term of circuit court:
    Applegate:--G. W. Winetrout, W. H. Holt.
    Medford:--J. W. Lawton, D. H. Miller, F. K. Deuel.
    Phoenix:--J. R. Smith, John Mills.
    Ashland:--Geo. Irwin, Asa Fordyce, J. T. Blevins, T. A. Simpson, C. H. Veghte, Sylvester Patterson, I. W. Burriss, H. P. Holmes.
    Talent:--H. H. Goddard, G. N. Anderson, John Dyer, John T. Brittsan.
    Jacksonville:--Charles Dunford, S. E. Dunnington, F. E. Bybee, J. H. Huffer.
    Gold Hill:--J. B. R. Morelock, Dan Richards.
    Foots Creek:--G. W. Lance Jr.
    Union:--S. R. Coffman.
    Sterling:--A. Gilson.
    Central Point:--James Shields.
    Willow Springs:--William Wright.
Medford Mail, March 15, 1901, page 3

Jury List--December Term.
    Following is the list of jurors for the December term of circuit court:
    H. D. Kubli, W. S. Raypholtz, True Cox, W. T. Kame, J. E. Pelton, Milton Maule, C. C. Taylor, J. L. Grubb, Miles Cantrall, J. H. Gay, L. D. Minear, R. L. Dusenberry, G. W. Wilcox, S. A. Parker, J. F. Shepherd, W. M. Holmes, J. H. Norris, Chas. Owens, Jacob M. Casebeer, N. Mitchell, J. A. Whitman, Wallace Woods, T. E. Hadfield, Emmett Beeson, J. R. Wilson, W. T. York, Geo. Smith, S. G. Van Dyke, C. A. Dickison. D. H. Jackson, Carl Phelps.
Medford Mail, November 29, 1901, page 2

Jury List for 1902.
    Following is a list of jurors drawn by the County Commissioners at their last meeting:
Emmet O'Brien J. H. Whipple
G. C. Cully W. H. Peninger
J. W. Pernoll Fred Straub
Fritz Ruch E. R. Farra
F. H. Crowson J. F. Brown
Jas. F. Welles F. G. Roberts
J. P. Sayle T. C. Law
A. F. Hunt T. J. Perry
S. O. Furry Fred Furry
Jos. Poley S. H. Murray
C. Farnham J. P. Moomaw
J. K. Van Sant W. W. Erb
J. R. Norris John Ashpole
E. J. Farlow A. W. Sanders
G. G. Ogg Frank Williams
C. A. Eliason L. L. Jacobs
E. A. Sherwin A. Weidner
Jeff C. Neil B. F. Carter
Denver Kincaid F. M. Centers
Ad Helms T. J. Downing
Geo. Barron C. F. Young
Jas. J. Brophy H. C. Mackey
Ben Fredenburg W. J. Freeman
Joe Geppert Wm. Gregory
John Owens C. E. Nininger
Nim Charley O. E. Rose
W. C. Leever J. E. Wick
J. W. Merrit W. H. Mayfield
J. S. March L. Wyland
F. M. Amy H. L. White
Frank Olwell D. Terril
Geo. W. Owen W. B. Williams
T. E. Hills W. R. Johnson
C. E. Abbott J. W. Miller
Wm. Meyers Jack True
Henry Applegate W. H. Newton
Frank Lewis O. H. Pankey
Jas. Moomaw R. F. Humbert
Geo. Daley J. Shively
P. F. Young Geo. Hargadine
J. E. Hart Ed Wilkinson
Oliver McGee W. H. Barr
H. von der Hellen C. Case
W. Ashpole Wm. Broad
Geo. W. Lance A. C. Hubbard
Jas. Savage J. Offenbacher
J. H. Beeman C. F. Shepherd
Alvah Householder J. C. Hall
W. H. Kenney A. S. Barnes
E. J. Perham J. M. Wagner
J. W. Slinger J. O'Brien
Gus Nichols G. Stephenson
W. C. Daley G. E. Nichols
L. Charley J. J. Houck
T. J. Kenney G. W. Beal
Edward Helms J. M. Lofland
John Opp W. H. Meeker
G. E. Neuber Lee Ingram
Ed Dunnington J. M. Tyler
J. C. McCulley J. Rader
H. U. Lumsden C. W. Palm
J. W. Bates M. Hodges
W. H. Meeker M. F. Hanley
H. Nicholson M. Perry
J. F. Kelly D. Neathammer
D. H. Miller R. Wakeman
W. Ulrich S. Duffield
B. N. Butler Frank Wait
E. N. Warner W. K. Bradshaw
William Maule J. J. Cambus
D. B. Russell H. M. Crowell
E. L. Moore J. A. Mushett
Chas. Pruett P. F. Whitmore
D. Cingcade G. Hoffman
W. H. Norcross Cal Owens
J. P. Hoagland W. C. McCallahan
Frederick Bailey M. L. Pellet
W. H. Gore A. B. Chartraw
Isaac Woolf N. D. Brophy
C. J. Armstrong E. G. Coleman
Ben Beall A. Schmitling
Isaac Merriman G. P. Lindley
J. E. Briscoe O. Simpkins
C. W. DeCarlow J. N. Hockersmith
J. R. Reames A. Slover
Geo. Anderson J. Olwell
J. Patterson A. C. Spencer
A. Alford J. F. Crump
A. J. Bell J. M. Nichols
J. G. Martin P. F. Swayne
Perry Foster E. Walrad
Ed Jennings E. M. McIntyre
J. E. Buckley J. I. Fredenburg
H. Offenbacher W. M. Addison
Fred Kleinhammer C. E. Wilkinson
Wm. Cameron Luke Ryan
R. Cameron W. M. Kincaid
A. Watkins O. B. Dews
G. S. Schmidline
Medford Mail, January 10, 1902, page 6

Jury List.
    The following list of jurors have been drawn to serve at the April term of circuit court:
    Ashland--A. McCallen, S. Patterson, A. F. Eddy, Frank Clute.
    Eagle Point--J. A. Jones, T. J. Ayers, James Owens.
    Central Point--Frank Amy, O. R. Pankey, Joseph Olwell.
    Medford--E. C. Boeck, F. K. Deuel, D. T. Lawton, W. F. Isaacs, I. L. Hamilton.
    Jacksonville--Nick Mitchell, T. J. Kenney.
    Dunn--Edward Murphy, L. A. Neil.
    Pooh Bah--Asbury Beall, Nicholas Kime.
    Gold Hill--J. E. DeBoy, G. R. Hammersley.
    Roxy--W. H. Stewart.
    Talent--Fred Rapp, Van Dunlap.
    Mound--W. H. Norcross, J. P. Hoagland, B. W. Nute.
    Willow Springs--Wm. Wright.
Medford Mail, March 13, 1903, page 6

Jurors for December Term.
    The following is a list of jurors drawn for the December term of circuit court. Court will convene on Monday, December l4th:
    Eagle Point--C. C. Charley, S. A. Carlton, J. K. Bell.
    Jacksonville--J. Nunan, A. Learned.
    Medford--H. E. Boyden, R. H. Halley, J. W. Cox, F. A. Bliss, J. G. Hodges.
    Pooh Bah--M. L. Hartley, A. Schultz, Polk Hull.
    Gold Hill--S. W. McClendon, A. C. Stanley.
    Barron--W. R. Kincaid.
    Phoenix--W. F. Towne.
    Sterling--A. Gilson, A. B. Saltmarsh.
    Talent--R. D. Purvis, W. M. Ke[illegible].
    Union--S. R. Coffman.
    Mound--H. L. Gregory.
    Roxy--H. H. Taylor.
    Sams Valley--H. J. Pelton.
    Ashland--C. M. Poley, E. E.
[illegible], A. S. Payne, H. F. Reeser, Otto Caster, J. W. Jacobs.
Medford Mail, December 11, 1903, page 8

Circuit Court Jurors.
    The following is the list of jurors drawn for the regular March term of the Jackson County circuit court:
    Union--Miles Cantrall, Robert Cameron.
    Gold Hill--E. C. Wells, Joseph Beeman.
    Willow Springs--Fred Straub, W. K. Price.
    Eagle Point--John Dailey, G. F. Lewis, T. C. Dugan.
    Central Point--H. Corum, Walter Freil. M. S. Welsh.
    Phoenix--Elmer Coleman, Arthur Furry, Dan Anderton.
    Jacksonville--M. M. Taylor, Chris Ulrich, Geo. Lewis.
    Medford--J. H. Butler, A. M. Helms, E. E. Gore, Tom Collin, G. L. Schermerhorn.
    Ashland--F. M. Drake, E. C. Sherman, E. P. Hughes, C. R. Minkler, J. R. Norris, Geo. Hargadine.
    Mound--Wm. Gregory, A. W. Beebe.
Medford Mail, March 18, 1904, page 1

List of Jurors, March Term, 1905.
    D. W. Beebe, Mound; Fred Thumberg, Lake Creek; Wm. Addison, Talent; W. W. Eddington, Sams Valley; S. Mathes, Woodville; J. L. Rowe, Sams Valley; Polk Hull, Medford; Lee Watkins, Mound; Josh Neathammer, Wimer; F. K. Musty, Meadows; F. M. Ferguson, Willow Springs; J. B. Welch, Meadows; Wm. Van Dyke, Ashland; R. Oatman, Talent; W. C. Daley, Lake Creek; W. F. Holbert, Ashland; C. Vroman, Gold Hill; Frank Cameron, Union; H. H. Goddard, Talent; E. D. Elwood, Medford; C. C. Fisher, Ashland; J. H. Downing, Central Point; W. W. French, Eagle Point; Chas. Nunan, Jacksonville; R. L. Bush, Ashland; J. B. Hillis, Wimer; J. H. Whipple, Woodville; Vest Stephens, Phoenix; E. P. Bennett, Medford; W. F. Loomis, Ashland; J. D. Buckley, Union.
Medford Mail, March 17, 1905, page 1

Circuit Court Jurors.
    The following is a list of jurors drawn to serve at the next term of the circuit court, which convenes on Sept. 5th:
    North Jacksonville--Henry Maury.
    Medford--H. U. Lumsden, F. Hubbard, Geo. R.  Lindley, B. F. Adkins, John Arnold.
    Phoenix--Clinton Cary, J. Hartley.
    Wimer--Chas. Owens.
    Gold Hill--Isaac Householder, W. L. McClure.
    Talent--W. Beeson, J. M. Casebeer, N. D. Brophy, G. N. Anderson.
    Ashland--J. Keeler, Chas. Grubb, D. D. Good, D. B. Grant,Wm. Myer, Ed. Sutton.
    South Jacksonville--John Marsh, C. W. Conklin.
    Eagle Point--D. Cingcade, J. W. Grover, C. E. Bellows.
    Antioch--Perry Foster.
    Central Point--M. S. Welch, Ben Beall.
    Union--W. W. Cameron.
    Sams Valley--C. C. Gilchrist
Medford Mail, August 25, 1905, page 4

Jury List.
    The following is the list of jurors drawn to serve at the December term of circuit court:
    L. D. Minear, Jacksonville; T. J. Williamson, Jacksonville; E. J. Farlow, Ashland; D. Perozzi, Ashland; Wm. Flippen, Rock Point; J. G. Gore, Phoenix; Marion Lance, Foots Creek; M. L. Hartley, Medford; George Lynch, Trail; N. S. Bradbury, Medford; F. W. Hollis, Medford; F. J. Ayers, Eagle Point; J. A. Taylor, Barron; E. B. Barron, Barron; John Hamrick, Central Point; C. E. Abbott, Ashland; A. E. Kinney, Ashland; J. H. Guy, Central Point; J. W. Berrian, Trail; J. L. Grubb, Barron; D. H. Barneburg, Barron; Fred Rapp, Talent; C. C. Taylor, Roxy; E. A. Hildreth, Ashland; F. Childers, Gold Hill; S. W. McClendon, Gold Hill; J. F. Rodgers, Antioch; A. S. Kleinhammer, Sterling; I. A. Pruett, Roxy; Geo. Givan, Eagle Point; Edward Anderson, Phoenix.
Medford Mail, December 1, 1905, page 1

Jury List
    The following is a list of jurors drawn for the March term of circuit court:
    A. L. Aikins, Ashland; O. A. Simpkins, Woodville; F. H. Carter, Carter; Lloyd Colver, Phoenix; Lane Wyland, Climax; G. N. Anderson, Talent; Hugh Sanders, Gold Hill; G. N. Lewis, Jacksonville; J. H. Real, Ashland; S. J. Evans, Ashland; Chas. W. Klingle, Lake Creek; W. N. Grubb, Ashland; W. R. Buck, Union; G. W. Crowson, Ashland; J. E. Thornton, Ashland; E. G. Coleman, Phoenix; E. F. Loomis, Ashland; I. A. Merriman, Central Point; Walter Stickel, Gold Hill; James Shields, Central Point; Benton Bowers, Ashland; G. W. Little, Central Point; Wm. Puhl, Jacksonville; M. J. Donaldson Selby, Sterling; W. W. Gregory, Mound; W. R. Byrum, Sams Valley; S. P. Barneburg, Ashland; H. G. Wortman, Medford; Adolph Schultz, Jacksonville; G. W. Nichols Jr., Lake Creek; F. E. Furry, Phoenix.
Medford Mail, March 16, 1906, page 1

Jury List.
    Following is the list of jurors drawn for the September, 1906, term, which convenes September 3rd:
    Ashland--T. F. Smith, gardener; H. H. Hash, horticulturist; Ralph Billings, farmer; J. H. Provost, merchant.
    Barron--J. M. Wagner, farmer.
    Big Butte--W. M. Perry, farmer.
    Central Point--V. Bursell, farmer.
    Eagle Point--J. B. Jackson, farmer; C. V. Morrison, farmer; W. Knighton, farmer.
    Foots Creek--J. C. Harr, farmer.
    Gold Hill--J. A. Cook, farmer.
    Jacksonville--F. M. Tungate, laborer.
    Lake Creek--W. G. Messal, farmer; Oliver Helms, farmer.
    Medford--D. B. Russell, merchant; W. H. Bradshaw, capitalist; John Barneburg, farmer; D. G. Karnes, merchant; H. E. Boyden, merchant; J. U. Willeke, farmer; J. W. Cox, farmer; J. M. Lofland, farmer; John Scott, farmer.
    Phoenix--L. Berger, farmer.
    Roxy--H. H. Taylor, farmer; J. N. Hockersmith, farmer.
    Sterling--Ralph Jennings, miner.
    Talent--John Cameron, farmer.
    Willow Springs--T. J. O'Harra, farmer; F. W. Sifers, farmer.
Medford Mail, August 24, 1906, page 1

Jurors for December Term.
    Following is the list of jurors for the December term of circuit court:
    E. H. White, Ashland, Grand Army; W. A. Jones, Medford, farmer; S. Patterson, Ashland, farmer; Henry W. Heard, Mound, farmer; Louie Phipps, Medford, farmer; H. W. Barron, Barron, farmer; S. B. Holmes, Eagle Point, farmer; C. R. Eliason, Ashland, laborer; Henry Hansen, Roxy, farmer; M. J. Mansfield, Willow Springs, farmer; J. P. Hansen, Phoenix, farmer; N. N. Charley, Lake Creek, farmer; Riley Hammersley, Gold Hill, farmer; Geo. Lance, Jr., Foots Creek, farmer; S. A. Dusenbury, Rock Point, farmer; Wm. Niedermeyer, Jacksonville, farmer; Wm. Smith, Union, farmer; J. T. Eads, Medford, farmer; H. S. Lynch, Talent, farmer; J. D. Buchanan, Talent, farmer; A. L. Haselton, Eagle Point, farmer; C. R. Ritter, Gold Hill, farmer; C. E. Closser, Ashland, farmer; S. E. Carter, Ashland, laborer; H. L. White, Rock Point, farmer; W. H. Meeker, Medford, merchant; L. G. Porter, Medford, capitalist; E. A. Hendricks, Talent, farmer; J. R. Tozer, Ashland, carpenter; David Force, Jacksonville, farmer; T. C. Dugan, Eagle Point, farmer.
Medford Mail, November 30, 1906, page 1

Jackson County Jury List for the Year 1907.
    The following list of jurors to serve the circuit court of Jackson County was drawn at the January meeting of the county court last week:
    Antioch--Theodore Glass, farmer; Monroe H. Gordon, farmer.
    Applegate--George Hoffman, farmer; Emmett O'Brien, farmer; C. M. Rexford, farmer; C. H. Elmore, farmer.
    Ashland--D. L. Minkler, merchant; Wm. Mitchell, merchant; J. R. Wick, undertaker; C. H. Vaupel, merchant; J. D. Stewart, electrician; C. C. Million, farmer; Alex McLeod, capitalist; R. L. Burdic, capitalist; A. C. Spencer, farmer; F. C. Homes, Sr., farmer; E. M. McIntyre, farmer; J. D. Bolton, fruitgrower; L. J. Brannon, brickmaker; Geo. Irwin, machinist; E. E. Phipps, contractor; Geo. Owen, farmer; Frank Potter, laborer; Jacob Casebeer, retired; I. N. Shook, capitalist; S. B. Stoner, mechanic; F. M. Drake, capitalist; C. A. Eliason, capitalist; H. S. Evans, merchant; P. E. Fitzwater, painter; L. George, fruitgrower; C. H. Gillette, real estate; J. W. Hatcher, farmer; R. A. Payne, plasterer; C. E. Lane, confectioner; F. L. Nelson, electrician; W. A. Patrick, fruitgrower; Emil Peil, merchant; Jos. Poley, fruitgrower; Julian Provost, merchant; Wm. Addison, capitalist; C. R. Rose, merchant; Wm. Sheble, farmer; C. F. Shepherd, merchant; T. H. Simpson, merchant; B. R. Stevens, mechanic; Ed Sutton, merchant; G. S. Butler, capitalist; B. F. Wagner, miner; Otto Winter, merchant.
    Barron--J. D. Williams, farmer; A. B. Chapman, farmer; D. W. Kincaid, farmer; John Grubb, farmer; Henry Applegate, farmer.
    Big Butte--E. Watson, farmer; John Allen, farmer.
    Central Point--Geo. Perkins, farmer; W. J. Freeman, merchant; B. F. Peart, blacksmith; J. W. Merritt, merchant; J. W. Jacobs, stone cutter; L. W. Fransher, confectioner; Tyson Beall, farmer; F. H. Hopkins, orchardist.
    Climax--John S. Owens, farmer.
    Eagle Point--Neil Walch, farmer; Gus Nichols, farmer; John Rader, farmer; Thos. Riley, farmer; O. E. Sheldon, farmer; A. H. Peachy, farmer; Jas. Owens, farmer; R. R. Minter, farmer; Peter E. Betz, farmer; J. Grover, farmer; S. A. Carlton, farmer; Geo. Stephens, farmer; Thos. Coy, farmer; Geo. Givan, farmer; Thos. Young, farmer.
    Flounce Rock---Nelson Nye, farmer.
    Foots Creek--Marion Lance, miner; Grant Orme, engineer.
    Gold Hill--Fred Peninger, liveryman; George Lyman, farmer; W. M. Hunter, capitalist; P. A. Knotts, capitalist; Joseph Perry, capitalist; L. C. Applegate, laborer; J. E. Coffee, farmer; J. H. Crawford, miller; Isaac Householder, farmer; W. H. Hunter, architect.
    Mound--W. H. Norcross, farmer; J. P. Hoagland, farmer; A. W. Beebe, farmer; J. W. Myers, orchardist; L. L. Love, farmer; Henry Gregory, farmer; Lee Watkins, farmer.
    Jacksonville--C. T. Davidson, merchant; E. Britt, capitalist; F. E. Bybee, farmer; C. L. Carr, miner; C. W. Conklin, merchant; Adam Schmidt, cooper; Ed Scott, farmer.
    Lake Creek--H. G. Myer, farmer; J. W. Slinger, farmer; Arthur Nichols, farmer.
    Medford---T. E. Pottenger, butcher; W. F. Isaacs, merchant; A. C. Hubbard, merchant; Wm. Garrett, farmer; J. E. Olsen, millman; B. F. Hemstreet, farmer; Wallace Woods, lumberman; F. K. Deuel, merchant; E. C. Boeck, mechanic; F. L. Cranfill, merchant; E. E. Gore, butcher; C. R. Ray, capitalist; J. W. Wiley, farmer; H. N. Nicholson, merchant; W. H. McGowan, merchant; C. I. Hutchison, merchant; L. Bundy, dentist; L. B. Warner, salesman, J. A. Perry, merchant; J. R. Wilson, blacksmith; W. S. Clay, capitalist; A. A. Davis, miller; J. E. Day, mechanic; Charles W. Fraley, farmer; H. C. Garnett, merchant; M. M. Gault., mechanic; Polk Hull, farmer; Thomas P. Kahler, capitalist; D. T. Lawton, merchant; D. S. Miller, capitalist; A. W. McPherson, farmer; C. C. Taylor, capitalist; C. C. Parker, farmer; Edwin Russ, miller; H. G. Shearer, drayman; A. C. Tayler, merchant; Henry Griffin, farmer; D. R. Hill, farmer.
    Phoenix--Joel Hartley, farmer; G. A. Hover, farmer; Theodore Fish, farmer; A. S. Furry, farmer; James Allen, farmer; Dan Anderton, farmer; J. G. Gore, farmer; Wm. Fern, farmer; George Morse, farmer; J. W. Dodge, farmer.
    Rock Point--R. L. Cook.
    Roxy--W. Broad, farmer; R. H. Pruett, farmer; F. A. Peil, farmer; Otto Caster, farmer; Jas. Hartman, farmer.
    Talent--Emmett Beeson, farmer; P. B. Purves, farmer; J. L. Garvin, farmer; J. R. Robison, farmer; Sam Murphy, farmer; Nathan Firestone, farmer; Marion Yount, farmer; E. E. Foss, farmer; Ed Robison, farmer; A. Widner, farmer.
    Wimer--Joseph Burkhart, farmer; E. Wickstrom, miner, J. B. Hillis, farmer.
    Sams Valley--Horace Pelton, farmer; W. B. Eddington, farmer; S. K. Adams, farmer; C. C. Gilchrist, farmer.
    Sterling--A. S. Kleinhammer, farmer; Henry Barneburg, farmer.
    Trail--A. S. Hall, farmer; Fred Inlow, farmer.
    Union--William Cameron, farmer; C. C. Pursell, millman; Benton Pool, farmer; Floyd Pearce, miner.
    Willow Springs--W. W. Scott, farmer; Geo. Clark, farmer.
    Woodville--Geo. W. Magerle, farmer; Samuel Mathis, farmer; J. H. Whipple, farmer; T. H. B. Taylor, farmer.
Medford Mail, January 25, 1907, page 3

Jurors--April Term of Court.
    The following is the list of jurors for the April term of circuit court:
    Ashland--A. S. Barnes, Geo. Hargadine, J. Shively, J. W. Hatcher, J. R. Wick, E. M. McIntyre.
    Sams Valley--Martin Perry, Clarence Case.
    Eagle Point--Jos. Rader, S. B. Holmes, Delbert Terrill, John Ashpole.
    Phoenix--E. G. Coleman, Fred Furry.
    Barron--J. M. Wagner.
    Applegate--Jas. O'Brien.
    Central Point--O. R. Pankey, W. J. Freeman.
    Mound--Wm. Gregory.
    Medford--Ed Wilkinson.
    Big Butte--W. Beale.
    Trail--W. R. Johnson.
    Willow Springs--Ralph Dean.
    Woodville--B. F Carter.
    Climax--Lane Wyland.
    Rock Point--H. L. White, W. H. Newton.
    Dunn--Wm. Addison.
    Pleasant Creek--Robt. Wakeman.
    Lake Creek--W. H. Bradshaw.
    Jacksonville--Luke Bryan.
Medford Mail, March 21, 1907, page 2

Jury List.
    The following is the jury list for September term of circuit court:
    J. W. Slinger, Lake Creek; Marion Lance, Foots Creek; A. C. Spencer, Ashland; A. Andrew, Talent; John Arnold, Barron; W. H. Brown, Roxy; J. B. Myers, Central Point; Horace Pelton, Sams Valley; Will Mitchell, Ashland; Henry Applegate, Barron; C. L. Carr, Jacksonville; J. G. Gore, Phoenix; J. W. Jacobs, Central Point; F. L. Cranfill, J. W. Wiley, Chas Fraley, M. M. Gault, C. I. Hutchison, Henry Griffin, J. R. Wilson, H. C. Garnett, Thos. Kahler, Medford; Wm. Addison, Ashland; Henry Gregory, Mound; Nathan Firestone, Talent; Geo. Owen, Thos. H. Simpson, Ashland; D. W. Kincaid, Barron; Wm. Cameron, Union; Dan Anderton, Phoenix; F. H. Hopkins, Central Point. Medford Mail, August 29, 1907, page 4

    Peter E. Betz, farmer, Eagle Point; T. E. Pottenger, butcher, Medford; A. S. Kleinhammer, farmer, Buncom; Geo. Hoffman, farmer, Applegate; Thomas Coy, farmer, Eagle Point, George Irvin, machinist, Ashland; Benton Pool, farmer, Ruch; Wallace Wood, lumberman, Medford; James Owens, farmer, Eagle Point; E. M. McIntyre, farmer, Ashland; Gus Nichols, farmer, Eagle Point; Adam Schmidt, cooper, Jacksonville; I. M. Shook, capitalist, Ashland; Samuel Mathias, farmer, Woodville; C. H. Vaupel, merchant, Ashland; John Allen, farmer, Big Butte; A. C. Tayler, merchant, Medford, A. W. Beebe, farmer, Mound; Jason Hartman, farmer, Medford; Joel Hartley, farmer, Phoenix; J. R. Robinson, farmer, Talent, H. G. Nicholson, merchant, Medford, L. Cook, farmer, Rock Point; James Allen, Phoenix; J. W. Hatcher, farmer, Rock Point; J. D. Bolton, fruit-grower. Ashland; E. C. Boeck, mechanic, Medford; S. A. Carlton, farmer, Eagle Point; Theodore Glass, farmer, Beagle; A. B. Chapman, farmer, Barron; J. L. Garvin, farmer, Talent.
Medford Daily Tribune, November 26, 1907, page 2

Jury List.
    Following is a list of jurors summoned for the December term of Circuit Court.
    Peter E. Betz, Eagle Point; T. E. Pottenger, Medford; A. S. Kleinhammer, Buncom; Geo. Hoffman, Applegate; Thos. Coy, Eagle Point; Geo. Irwin, Ashland; Benton Pool, Ruch; Wallace Wood, Medford; James Owens, Eagle Point; E. M. McIntyre, Ashland; Gus Nichols, Eagle Point; Adam Schmitt, Jacksonville; I. N. Shook, Ashland; Sam'l. Mathes, Woodville; C. H. Vaupel, Ashland; John Allen, Big Butte; A. C. Tayler, Medford; A. W. Beebe, Mound; Jason Hartman, Medford; Joel Hartley, Phoenix; J. R. Robinson, Talent; H. G. Nichols, Medford; R. L. Cook, Rock Point; James Allen, Phoenix; J. W. Hatcher, Ashland; J. D. Bolton, Ashland; E. C. Boeck, Medford; S. A. Carlton, Eagle Point; Theodore Glass, Beagle; A. B. Chapman, Barron; J. L. Garvin, Talent.
Medford Mail, December 6, 1907, page 1

    D. T. Lawton, Medford; George A. Morse, Phoenix; John E. Roberts, Phoenix; W. B. Beebe, Ashland; S. G. Van Dyke, Phoenix; E. C. Sherman, Ashland; Benton Bowers, Ashland; H. H. Goddard, Talent; R. L. Darling, Gold Hill; George W. Meagerly, Woodville; J. W. Myer, Central Point; T. C. Gilchrist, Sams Valley; John D. Olwell, Medford; M. H. Gorden, Beagle; P. A. Knott, Gold Hill; W. W. Scott, Central Point; J. G. Hodges, Medford; T. W. Wright, Phoenix; Arthur Nichols, Lake Creek; S. J. Myers, Woodville; Thomas Riley, Medford; Fred Luy, Medford; Clinton Cook, Applegate; Fate Rowe, Sams Valley; L. L. Love, Central Point; G. L. Schermerhorn, Medford; B. F. Peart, Central Point; Neal Walch, Eagle Point; H. Platt, Medford; Phil Simpkins, Central Point; John M. Mast, Phoenix.
Medford Daily Tribune, August 27, 1908, page 1

Citizens and Taxpayers Who Are Liable to Be Called in for Trials During Coming Year
    The following are on the jury list for 1909 for Medford:
    F. A. Peil, laundryman; F. K. Deuel, merchant; J. E. Day, carpenter; J. A. Perry, merchant; John W. Cox, farmer; L. B. Brown, farmer; Lewis Knips, farmer; Thomas Collins, capitalist; W. A. Aikens, merchant; T. P. Kahler, capitalist; John S. Orth, clerk; John Arnold, farmer; John Barneburg, farmer; W. W. Bates, barber; F. A. Bliss, farmer; J. B. Bonar, farmer; C. A. Boardman, painter; F. M. Stewart, retired; W. R. Bullock, farmer; J. H. Butler, merchant; Fort Hubbard, merchant; J. W. Lawton, merchant; C. R. Ray, capitalist; William Garrett, farmer; Charles King, merchant; C. W. Lofland, farmer; E. E. Gore, Jr., merchant; F. L. Lozier, farmer; R. H. Halley, hotel keeper; H. H. Harvey, mechanic; H. M. Butler, merchant; Chas. Hukill, farmer; J. P. Jones, laborer; Edward Judy, farmer; E. E. Morrison, farmer; D. G. Karnes, merchant; N. D. Kime, farmer; B. F. Hemstreet, farmer.
Central Point.
    Tyson Beall, farmer; T. J. O'Hara, farmer; George E. Fox, farmer; F. M. Amy, farmer; Wm. Kahler, farmer; Isaac Merriman, farmer; L. Thompson, farmer; J. W. Jacobs, mechanic; M. P. Welch, farmer; James Shields, farmer; Henry H. Head, farmer.
Eagle Point.
    A. H. Peachey, farmer; John Ashpole, farmer; J. M. Rader, farmer; J. W. Grover, farmer; Carl Beiberstadt, farmer; William von der Hellen, farmer; Lee Bradshaw, farmer; Frank Brown, merchant; Frank Lewis, farmer.
    W. C. Kitto, farmer; Peter Applegate, retired; H. A. Hawkins, miner; C. L. Carr, miner; J. M. Henley, farmer; R. A. Clark, farmer.
    Otto Caster, farmer; S. S. Stevens, farmer; F. E. Furry, farmer; Marion Hartley, farmer; W. E. Anderson, farmer; Andrew Hearn, merchant; W. S. Stancliff, farmer; T. J. Fish, farmer; S. P. Hunter, farmer; E. F. Jacobs, farmer; John A. Wright, farmer.
Medford Daily Tribune, January 15, 1909, page 1

The List Has Been Prepared for the September Term.
    The following is the jury list for the September term of the circuit court for Jackson County:
    S. B. Hillis, Wimer, farmer; Andrew Hearn, Phoenix, merchant; L. B. Caster, Butte Falls, farmer; L. Wyland, Climax, farmer; C. L. Carr, Jacksonville, miner; John Grubb, Barron, farmer; W. E. Anderson, Phoenix, farmer; F. W. Herrin, Ashland, farmer; J. A. Perry, Medford, farmer; Fred Copple, Union, farmer; J. E. Coffee, Gold  Hill, farmer; William Kahler, Central Point, farmer; Samuel Duffield, Gold Hill, merchant; I. B. McDonald, Sams Valley, farmer; Carl Bieberstedt, Lake Creek, farmer; Robert Boyd, Applegate, farmer; R. B. Purvis, Talent, farmer; James U. Smith, Rock Point, farmer; George Owens, Climax, farmer; E. F. Jacobs, Talent, farmer; S. Patterson, Ashland, farmer; H. M. Butler, Medford, merchant; Alonzo Ord, Talent, farmer; Fort Hubbard, Medford, merchant; Samuel Mathis, Woodville, farmer; J. H. Drake, Meadows, farmer; R. F. Dean, Willow Springs, farmer; A. W. Sanders, Foots Creek, farmer; J. D. Culbertson, Lake Creek, farmer; Frank Lewis, Eagle Point, farmer; D. G. Karnes, Medford, farmer.
Medford Mail, August 27, 1909, page 3

Clerk Issues Call for December Term of the Circuit Court.
    The list of jurors for the December term of court has been drawn as follows:
    W. S. Stancliff, Phoenix, farmer; J. H. Chambers, Ashland, merchant; J. W. Lawton, Medford, merchant; George Irwin, Ashland, farmer; Lee Black, Ruch, farmer; Wiley Turnbaugh, Phoenix, farmer; Aaron Beck, Butte Falls, farmer; H. L. Gregory, Central Point, farmer; W. N. Grubb, Ashland, farmer; L. A. Abbott, Talent, farmer; E. O. Bissell, Sams Valley, farmer; R. H. Halley, Medford, hotel proprietor; S. K. Adams, Sams Valley, farmer; L. B. Brown, Medford, farmer; H. A. Hawkins, Jacksonville, miner; John A. Wright, Phoenix, farmer; George E. Fox, Central Point, farmer; Charles Fields, Applegate, farmer; L. F, Lozier, Medford, farmer; W. M. Childers, Gold Hill, farmer; E. Watson, Butte Falls, farmer; J. W. Hatcher, Ashland, farmer; John Cameron, Ashland, merchant; C. H. Gillette, Ashland, real estate; H. D. Kubli, Applegate, farmer; John Barneburg, Medford, farmer; C. A. Boardman, Medford, painter; Joshua Neathammer, Wimer, farmer; E. B. Barron, Barron, farmer; Ralph Billings, Ashland, farmer; T. B. Higinbotham, Persist, farmer.
Medford Mail Tribune, November 26, 1909, page 6

    The following jury list has been drawn to appear Feb. 25th, 1918 at 10 a.m., same being the regular February term for this year.
    Zach Cameron, Medford, retired; Sam W. McClendon, Gold Hill, farmer; Alton W. Stone, Medford, farmer; Frank Farlow, Lake Creek, farmer; Rudolph Bieberstedt, Lake Creek, farmer; Clinton Carey, Phoenix, farmer; John H. Cochran, Medford, insurance; Robert E. Robison, Talent, farmer; Walter A. Folger, Medford, retired; O. H. Barnhill, Ashland, farmer; William Downing, Ruch, farmer; Ed. Baer, Ashland, farmer; Henry C. Garnett, Medford, merchant; John F. Mitchell, Beagle, farmer; Edward C. Faber, Central Point, merchant; Ed E. Dimick, Rogue River, farmer; Victor Bursell, Central Point, farmer; Bert Harr, Watkins, farmer; Emil Britt, Jacksonville, farmer; Clark Bush, Ashland, banker; Arthur S. Kleinhammer, Jacksonville, farmer; Charles E. Eliason, Ashland, farmer; David Dorn, Watkins, farmer; John E. Palmer, Gold Hill, farmer; John B. Herriott, Applegate, farmer; Claud A. DeVoe, Medford, merchant; Bruce Wilson, Medford, farmer; Frank S. Foltz, Ashland, railroader; William H. Laws, Rogue River, farmer; James M. Ferns, Phoenix; Ralph W. Elden, Central Point, farmer.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 8, 1918, page 4

Jury List for 1921
    The jury list for 1921 has been drawn as follows:
    G. H. Billings, insurance agent; J. J. Cambers, retired; Frank Jordan, contractor; J. H. Fuller, orchardist; B. L. Powell, farmer; D. H. Jackson, farmer; Irving E. Vining, lecturer; George H. Yeo, railroad man; C. L. McKinney, retired; Thos. H. Simpson, merchant; J. H. McGee, merchant; D. A. Applegate, expressman; Frank J. Shinn, secretary; Sumner A. Parker, farmer; H. H. Gillette, yardman; J. M. Rice, farmer; D. A. Snyder, farmer; C. H. Vaupel, merchant; Fred D. Wagner, retired; Wm. J. Wallace, farmer; F. S. Wiley, farmer; K. P. Nims, merchant; A. H. Pracht, merchant; Carl Murphy, farmer; John E. Steele, retired; F. C. Homes, farmer; A. C. Joy, farmer; O. D. Lowe, farmer; J. L. Neil, farmer; F. W. York, farmer, Ashland, Oregon.
    W. M. Smith, farmer; M. W. Gordon, farmer, Antioch, Oregon.
    M. F. Bingham, farmer; Anderson Mee, farmer; Fred Benedict, farmer; Clinton Cook, farmer; F. H. Mansfield, farmer; Jim O'Brien, farmer, Applegate, Oregon.
    C. A. Edmondson, lumberman; Ben Fredenburg, farmer; N. B. Stoddard, merchant; L. S. Trefren, farmer, Butte Falls, Oregon.
    R. H. Bradshaw, farmer;  R. E. Tucker, farmer, Brownsboro, Oregon.
    Fred Luy, Sr., farmer; C. F. Angle, farmer, Wellen, Oregon.
    Andrew Grissom, farmer, Climax, Oregon.
    Asbury Beall, farmer; Kenneth. Beebe, farmer; J. Frank Gregory, farmer; C. T. Hamilton, farmer; E. L. Lane, farmer; Ralph Manning, farmer; G. R. Myers, farmer; H. T. Pankey, orchardist; E. E. Reames, farmer; C. H. Taylor, farmer; O. S. Welsher, farmer, Frank R. Myers, farmer; H. E. Rogers, farmer; E. W. Carlton, farmer; F. L. Hoppin, farmer; J. W. Elden, farmer; Wm. Hoover, farmer; M. F. Young, farmer; J. R. Robertson, farmer; L. H. Gregory, farmer; C. S. Lamney, farmer, Central Point, Oregon.
    Chas. J. Humphrey, farmer, Derby, Oregon.
    F. E. Upton, farmer, Central Point, Oregon, R. No. 2.
    William H. Brown, merchant; Samuel F. Coy, farmer; Benjamin F. Fuller, farmer; Earl Hayes, farmer; Fred Pelouze, farmer; Roy Stanley, farmer; Leroy A. Smith, farmer; Wert Pool, farmer; Guy Pruitt, farmer; Timothy C. Duggan, farmer; Carl E. Bellows, farmer; John M. Wilfley, farmer; Jasper B. Hannah, farmer; Pete Betz, farmer; W. P. Morgan, farmer, Eagle Point, Oregon.
    Thos. B. Eddington, farmer; J. B. Fisher, farmer; O. T. Wilson, farmer; W. F. Blackert, farmer; Silas Fleming, farmer; J. W. Smith, farmer; John J. Ritter, farmer, Gold Hill, Oregon.
    Tom Carlton, farmer; James Grieve, merchant, Prospect, Oregon.
    Lee Black, farmer; Henry Mankins, farmer; Emil Britt, retired; J. M. Cronemiller, retired; Chas. Nunan, farmer, Jacksonville, Oregon.
    T. L. Farlow, farmer; Chas. Klingle, farmer, Lake Creek, Oregon.
    J. C. Harris, farmer, Pinehurst, Oregon.
    W. L. Lewis, Jr. farmer; N. J. Garrett, farmer; C. W. Isaacs, farmer; Wells Mann, farmer; W. D. Roberts, farmer; Chas. Stacy; M. F. Corlies, farmer; A. A. Schuchard, farmer; Burdette Dodge, orchardist; W. W. Wheeler, farmer; Frank Cameron, farmer; G. C. Garrett, farmer; J. P. Plymire, farmer; Ben Miller, farmer; Herbert Alford, musician; R. F. Antle, picture show manager; Ralph Bardwell, fruit broker; M. S. Biden, shoemaker; P. C. Bigham, retired; Alan Brackinreed, bookkeeper; F. S. Brandon, retired; J. J. Buchter, bookkeeper; T. E. Daniels, retired; Hob Deuel, merchant; D. W. Driskel, retired; E. E. Eads, merchant; Earl H. Fehl, real estate agent; Carl Fichtner, vulcanizer; J. C. Godlove, farmer; C. O. Goff, insurance agent; C. C. Hoover, dairyman; Fort Hubbard, merchant; C. M. Kidd, merchant; W. R. Lamb, farmer; C. A. Meeker, merchant; C. W. Ashpole, merchant; C. W. Palm, retired; B. J. Palmer, merchant; C. M. Parker, farmer; F. J. Pipgras, merchant; T. E. Pottenger, farmer; Frank Ray, real estate agent; J. H. Ralston, wire chief; E. J. Runyard, market master; E. C. Silliman, merchant; O. F. Tainer, electrician; Benj. F. Trowbridge, real estate; Wm. Vawter, banker; Ed. M. White, real estate; L. L. Jacobs, secretary; F. M. Wilson, merchant; Everett Finley, farmer; R. F. Lofland, farmer; L. A. Murphy, farmer; J. W. Snider, dairyman; F. L. Hoppin, farmer; R. L. Ferns, farmer; R. C. Ward, farmer; Geo. Hilton, farmer; W. B. Biddle, farmer; A. R. Hall, farmer; David Phipps, farmer; L. Niedermeyer, farmer; Wm. Budge, orchardist; J. R. Crews, orchardist; J. E. Judy, farmer; Floyd H. Minear, farmer; W. V. Barnum, farmer; R. F. Belz, farmer, Medford, Oregon.
    Lloyd Colver, farmer, Phoenix, Oregon.
    Herman. Messenger, farmer; E. N. Provolt, farmer, Provolt, Oregon.
    A. K. Earhart, farmer; George Lowd, farmer; Charley Magerle, farmer; George Beers, farmer; A. B. Meyers, farmer, W. A. Van Goetham, farmer, Rogue River, Oregon.
    Ralph Jennings, stockman; Jesse Taylor, farmer; Fred Dorn, farmer; Benton L. Pool; B. Salsman, farmer; A. S. Kleinhammer, farmer; Frank P. Silva, farmer; Chas. Hamilton, farmer; John Matney, farmer; J. B. Rice, farmer, Ruch, Oregon.
    C. C. Hartley, farmer; E. F. Jacobs, farmer; John M. Mast, farmer; O. T. Morgan, farmer; Elton Beeson, farmer; George R. Carter, farmer; E. E. Foss, farmer; H. H. Goddard, farmer; F. L. Holdridge, farmer; R. J. Luke, farmer; E. W. Scott, farmer; W. M. Stump, farmer; C. C. Wolters, farmer; F. M. Centers, farmer; G. W. Dewey, farmer, Talent, Oregon.
    S. W. Hutchinson, farmer; Geo. F. Hall, farmer; J. C. McDonald, farmer, Trail, Oregon.
    County Clerk.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 29, 1921, page 5

The Jury List for 1921
    The jury list for 1921 was drawn June 8th and is as follows:
J. M. Beaver, real estate, Ashland.
W. D. Beebe, merchant, Ashland.
Henry Barneburg, retired, Ashland.
H. C. Galey, ins. agent, Ashland.
F. W. Herrin, farmer, Ashland.
H. P. Holmes, merchant, Ashland.
Elmo Neil, farmer, Ashland.
M. S. Parker, farmer, Ashland.
O. V. Riche, farmer, Ashland.
Howard Rose, confectioner, Ashland.
E. B. Shaw, retired, Ashland.
M. M. Tucker, farmer, Ashland.
H. L. Moore, farmer, Ashland.
Louis Werth, farmer, Ashland.
Geo. Alford, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 4.
Fred S. Barneburg, farmer, Medford.
Ed Binns, merchant, Medford.
Carl Brommer, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 3.
J. C. Brown, real estate, Medford.
W. B. Biddle, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 2.
H. E. Conger, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 2.
Geo. B. Dean, farmer, Medford.
C. M. English, banker, Medford.
John A. Gammill, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 1.
Geo. Gilman, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 3.
W. W. Gregory, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 3.
W. H. Gore, banker, Medford.
Phillip W. Hammill, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 1.
M. F. Hanley, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 2.
C. R. Heimroth, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 2.
Corning F. Kenley, orchardist, Medford, R.F.D. 1.
Mason Lofland, retired, Medford.
B. Lowry, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 4.
A. H. Miller, merchant, Medford.
J. W. Mitchell, carpenter, Medford.
W. A. Moffat, merchant, Medford.
E. E. Morrison, farmer, Medford.
C. S. Newhall, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 2.
M. J. Norris, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 4.
J. S. O'Brien, retired, Medford.
Frank Owen, lumberman, Medford.
T. E. Pottenger, farmer, Medford.
W. P. Rathe, farmer, Medford.
Luke Ryan, retired, Medford.
Frank Schutte, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 4.
C. M. Speck, farmer, Medford.
Jas. E. Stewart, farmer, Medford.
H. H. Taylor, farmer, Medford, R.F.D. 2.
Louis Colver, farmer, Phoenix.
Theo. Fish, farmer, Phoenix.
A. S. Furry, farmer, Phoenix.
J. M. Rader, farmer, Phoenix.
L. A. Rose, farmer, Phoenix.
W. S. Stancliffe, farmer, Phoenix.
S. S. Stevens, farmer, Phoenix.
Welborn Beeson, farmer, Talent.
Noah Chandler, farmer, Talent.
C. M. Chapman, retired, Talent.
Geo. A. Galbraith, farmer, Talent.
E. C. Gardner, farmer, Talent.
F. L. Holdridge, farmer, Talent.
H. S. Lynch, farmer, Talent.
John Prader, farmer, Talent.
L. O. Penland, farmer, Talent.
Fred Rapp, farmer, Talent.
H. R. Reachert, farmer, Talent.
Frank Reed, farmer, Talent.
Henry Sheets, farmer, Talent.
Central Point
John Cameron, farmer, Central Point, R.F.D. 2.
R. P. Cowgill, farmer, Central Point.
E. L. Farrar, farmer, Central Point.
G. E. Fox, farmer, Central Point.
John Hamrick, farmer, Central Point.
H. W. Head, farmer, Central Point.
J. C. Herring, farmer, Central Point.
I. D. Lewis, butcher, Central Point.
Ed Miller, carpenter, Central Point.
W. H. Norcross, farmer, Central Point.
Jesse Richardson, merchant, Central Point.
Thos. D. Ross, farmer, Central Point.
L. A. Salade, farmer, Central Point.
A. C. Seabrook, farmer, Central Point.
H. A. Tresham, farmer, Central Point, R.F.D. 2.
L. H. Wilcox, farmer, Central Point, R.F.D. 2.
Eagle Point
W. H. Crandall, farmer, Eagle Point.
J. H. French, farmer, Eagle Point.
John Greb, farmer, Eagle Point.
J. B. Hannah, farmer, Eagle Point.
A. A. Hall, farmer, Eagle Point.
T. F. McCabe, farmer, Eagle Point.
Gus Nichols, farmer, Eagle Point.
Floyd Pearce, farmer, Eagle Point.
J. H. Stanley, farmer, Eagle Point.
J. Wattenburg, farmer, Eagle Point.
Rogue River
S. J. Blakely, farmer, Rogue River.
C. W. Horton, farmer, Rogue River.
Geo. Lowd, farmer, Rogue River.
Wm. Van Gothem, farmer, Rogue River.
G. F. Wertz, farmer, Rogue River.
Erastus Wilson, farmer, Rogue River.
Gold Hill
G. H. Patrick, retired, Gold Hill.
H. Van Hovenberg, farmer, Gold Hill.
Butte Falls
Joseph Geppert, farmer, Butte Falls.
N. B. Stoddard, merchant, Butte Falls.
D. S. Force, farmer, Beagle.
C. L. Hockersmith, farmer, Beagle.
T. E. Jones, farmer, Beagle.
Joe Mayfield, farmer, Beagle.
Geo. W. Stacy, farmer, Beagle.
H. C. Terrill, farmer, Beagle.
E. J. Brown, farmer, Applegate.
Herbert Elmore, farmer, Applegate.
John R. Hoffman, farmer, Applegate.
A. C. Spence, farmer, Brownsboro.
Ed E. Tucker, farmer, Brownsboro.
Lee Black, farmer, Jacksonville.
Frank Bybee, farmer, Jacksonville.
Dave Dorn, farmer, Jacksonville.
Ansil Gilson, farmer, Jacksonville.
Lake Creek
Henry Meyers, farmer, Lake Creek.
Lester Layton, farmer, Murphy.
W. T. Grieve, timberman, Prospect.
W. E. Mooney, farmer, Prospect.
Sams Valley
E. R. Gall, farmer, Sams Valley.
S. B. Stoner, farmer, Sams Valley.
John A. Huston, farmer, Trail.
H. C. Mechem, farmer, Trail.
Miles Cantrall, Ruch.
John S. Owens, farmer, Wellen.
J. H. von der Hellen, farmer, Wellen.
Medford Mail Tribune, June 14, 1921, page 3

Judge C. E. Wolverton on Bench--New U.S. Marshal with Officials--Cases Are Largely from Klamath--List of Jurors
    The Southern Oregon or Medford term of the United States court will convene in the federal building tomorrow at 10 a.m. with Federal Judge C. E. Wolverton on the bench. Fifteen cases are on the docket for trial, including a number from the the Klamath reservation, which means that the usual large number of Indians will add their picturesqueness to the fall scenery of Medford during the court term.
    The federal court attaches will arrive in the city this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday morning from Portland. From the present outlook the term will last two weeks. United States District Attorney Lester W. Humphreys and Deputy United States District Attorney Thomas Maguire will conduct the prosecutions in the cases in which the government is plaintiff. E. M. Morton, deputy United States court clerk, will act as clerk at the Medford session.
    Medford will have the pleasure of seeing the new United States marshal for the Oregon district, Major Clarence R. Hotchkiss, overseas veteran who was sworn into office last Saturday, succeeding George F. Alexander, for the first time. And along with him comes our old able and courteous friend, John D. Mann, who has been chief deputy United States marshal during Alexander's term and who will be retained in office a month yet to break in the new marshal and his deputies with the red tape of that office. Assisting Mann will be Everett T. Stretcher, one of Marshal Hotchkiss' new deputies, who it is understood will succeed Mann as chief deputy.
    The exact number of cases coming up at this term for trial and what they are will not be known until the federal court party arrives in the city.
    Following is the panel of jurors:
    Halleck Ball, Waldo; George Burdon, Grants Pass; H. J. Boyd, Ashland; Walter Brooks, Williams; Milo Conley, Brownsboro; T. P. Criteser, Leland; T. N. Crow, Galice; Ed Dailey, Kerby; S. E. Davidson, Williams; James N. Dean, Galice; P. A. Genault, Grants Pass; George E. Duncan, Kerby; J. B. Eldon, Paisley; C. L. Ellis, Leland; E. V. Foster, Medford; W. L. Foreman, Central Point; H. S. Gleim, Talent; A. J. Green, Grants Pass; Robert Gimmett, Holland; Phillip Helmer, Grants Pass; John Herman, Selma; David Johns, Williams; W. A. Jones, Provolt; John Lawless, Grants Pass; Alfred Letcher Sr., Grants Pass; C. L. Loomis, Ashland; Fred Luy, Wellen; T. J. Mackin, Leland; H. H. McClung, Wonder; G. T. McCormick, Hugo; C. R. Moore, Lake Creek; J. J. Murphy, Ashland; T. O. Naucke, Kerby; Joseph X. Nelson, Grants Pass; Horace Nicholson, Medford; George Owens, Wellen; E. E. Phipps, Ashland; H. F. Pohland, Ashland; C. Frank Rhodes, Medford; Boyd Robison, Ashland; John R. Robinson, Talent; William H. Simmons, Grants Pass; H. C. Stock, Ashland; James Taylor, Bly; E. S. Terwilliger, Merrill; J. M. Tipton, Olene; William Ulrich, Medford; Jacob Whitlatch, Merrill; J. F. Goeller, Klamath Falls.
    Glen Laidley, an ex-serviceman, will be bailiff for the federal court.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 3, 1921, page 6

    The jury list called for circuit court opening Oct. 24, is as follows:
Wilcox, L. H., Central Point.
Angle, C. F., Wellen, Ore.
Beall, Asbury, Central Point.
Betz, Pete, Eagle Point.
Blakely S. J., Rogue River.
Brackinreed, Alan, Medford.
Buchter, J. J., Medford.
Chapman, C. M., Talent.
Conger, H. E., Medford, R. 2.
Ferns, R. L., Medford, R. 4.
Fredenburg, Ben, Butte Falls.
Gardner, E. C., Talent.
Greb, John, Eagle Point.
Gregory, W. W., Medford, R. 3.
Gilson, Ansil, Jacksonville.
Holdridge, F. L., Talent.
Holmes, H. P., Ashland.
Horton, C. W., Rogue River.
Klingle, Chas., Lake Creek.
Lofland, Mason, Medford.
McGee, J. H., Ashland,
Murphy, Carl, Ashland.
Nunan, Chas., Jacksonville.
O'Brien, J. S., Medford.
Pottenger, T. E., Medford.
Pruitt, Guy, Eagle Point.
Seabrook, A. C., Central Point.
Stanley, J. J., Eagle Point.
Stanley, Tom, Butte Falls.
Stoddard, N. B., Butte Falls.
Tucker, R. E., Brownsboro.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 7, 1921, page 1

Medford Jury List for 1922
    Printed below is the jury list drawn for Medford for the year 1922, the first jury list in which women are included. The jury list for other precincts of Jackson County will be published in subsequent issues:
    Alden, Hattie M.; Anderson, Eva E.; Atwell, J. H.
    Barber, Theresa T. R.; Bardwell, Bertha E.; Bates, James; Beckett, Ruth B.; Binns, Ira S.; Bliton, A. S.; Boyer, Edith; Bowling, Mary.
    Carnahan, Carrie G.l Childers, R. S.; Cochran, Frances; Coleman, W. R.; Coleman, Mattie A.; Connor, Guy; Corey, Geo. E.; Coss, Jessie W.; Cowgill, Mildred; Creed, Ida; Crowson, Ida B.; Crump, Cora; Cunningham, Frances.
    Damon, Loren L.; Daily, M. L.; Daily, Lutie B.; Deuel, Elizabeth; DeVoe, Claude; Dodge, John M.; Driskel, Emma N.
    Edmonds, Harriet S.; Eifert, Rose; Everhard, Wm. H.
    Fabrick, Glen O.; Fehl, Mabel; Fielder, Rose M.; Frobach, Lucile; Fouts, Leilah K.; Furnas, Leona; Fuson, Thos. J.
    Gaddis, E. C.; Gall, Martha; Gates, Leah A.; Gates, Wm. A.; Gaylord, W. R.; Getchell, Alice M.; Gore, Martha J.; Goodrich, Nettie; Gregory, Josephine; Gribble, Marion F.; Grover, J. W.
    Hall, Seely V.; Hemstreet, Anna; Haskins, Gertrude O.; Haswell, Mary A.; Hays, May S.; Hemstreet, John A.; Hess, Helen; Hicks, E. A.; Hill, Sylvia R.; Hodgman, Anna; Hollis, Franckie B.; Holmes, Maude A.; Howard, Lottie; Howard, Willie; Howell, Lydia M.; Hoke, Mary L.; Hubbard, Rena; Hubba, Arthur W.; Hutchison, Mattie M.
J, K, L
    Jacobs, Helena M.; Joy, B. F.; Jerome, Edith M.; Kershaw, Peter M.; Kidd, Mary F.; Kirkpatrick, J. W.; Lawrence, John F.; Leonard, Samuel F.; Lozier, Mary E.; Lumsden, Bessie; Lynch, Geo. T.
    Mackey, H. C.; Maddox, Geo. E.; Mann, John C.; Manning, Ruth; Marshall, Edison; Sarah, Lena; Maule, Mrs. Eleanor; McCurdy, Julia D.; McCurdy, David A.; Merrick, Stella J.; Milla, Harry D.; Meyers, O. V.; Mohr, Emil; Moffat, Thos. M.; Montgomery, Mark.
N, O, P
    Nicholson, Cassie; Oatman, Sigourney A.; Orr, Clara; Ottoman, Milton; Paine, Mary E.; Palmer, Vessie; Patton, Owen J.; Pearce Paul E.; Perry, Elle, Phipps, D. F.; Phipps, Clara; Pefley, Frank A.; Plymale, Ben; Porter, Geo.; Pratt, Hallet F.; Purdin, Rena B.
    Rankin, Marguerite; Richardson, S. T.; Reichert, Carrie; Runyard, Don; Samuels, Gus H.; Schieffelin, Rose G.; Small, Louis L.; Smylie, James W.; Stearns, Emma K.; Strang, Mary; Stickel, Maude; Stinson, Wm. H.; Stinson, O. E; Sweeney, Mary E.; Tait, Ida S.; Treichler, Cora E.; Truax, Cora J.; Wahl, Fred E.; Walter, Ernest E., Warner, Belle E.; Warner, Mary C.; Welch, Cora K.; Whillock, Chas. W.; Wilson, H. L.; Wilson, Geo. T.; Wold, Eric; Wortman, Ella; Wood, Jessie; Wood, Inez; Young, Kate.
Medford Mail Tribune,
January 24, 1922, page 6

Jury List 1922 for Ashland and Jackson County Complete
    The jury list for the year 1922 for Ashland and Jackson County outside of Medford follows:
    Allen, Geneva W.; Applegate, Etta; Applegate, Luella; Ashcraft, Esther M.
    Bailey, Chas. H.; Baker, Mark; Ball, W. S.; Baughman, Clinton; Benedict, May; Billings, Myrtle H.; Bowers Mildred A.; Bowers, Geo. H.; Bristow, Joseph E.; Blevins, Francis Marion; Brown, John B.; Brush, Leonard A.; Biede, Gertrude; Briggs, A. C.; Butler, Chas. W.
    Cambers, May; Carter, Frank H.; Carter, Mary R.; Casebeer, Jacob; Childreth, H. O.; Clary, Jessie G.; Clute, S. W.; Cromer, Geo. H.
    Davenhill, Arthur H.; Day, Susan; Day, Wm. H.; Dahuff, Martha E.; Decker, May M.; Dickey, Dorothy; Dill, Margaret E.; Dunlap, Robert W.; Doty, Maude; Dunn, Laura.
E, F, G
    Eads, H. G., Sr.; Edgington, M. C.; Elhart, Jessie F.; Emery, Harry C.; Erickson, Nels; Eubanks, George G.; Finley, Bertha; Firestone, James; Fleming, Carrie A.; Fraley, Charles W.; Freeman, Rollie; Frideger, Maude M.; Fuller, Frances E.; Gallatin, Louis H.; Garrett, Peter C.; Gillette, Clara B.; Gilmore, Chalmus N.; Gillette, Chas. H.; Gray, Agnes M.; Grainger, Gawn M.; Greer, Jennie.
H, I, J
    Hale, Robert E.; Hanson, Blanche T.; Helman, Grace A.; Herrin, F. W.; Hibbs, Wm. M.; Hill, Flora; Hoag, Lucinda L.; Homes, Elizabeth M.; Hosler, Grace B.; Hubbard, Dora; Irwin, George; Jacobs, Guy C.; Jordan, Maybell; Jordan, John O.; Joy, Beulah.
K, L, M
    Kinney, A. E.; Kaiser, Emily A.; Koehler, Grace; Knopp, Grace; Lane, Minnie V.; Lamkin, Herman R.; Lindsay, Wm.; Lennox, James; Leslie, Mae N.; Long, Matthew N.; Loomis Wm. F.; Lowe, Jewell D.; McCracken, J. R.; McKimmey, Chess L.; McNair, W. H.; McWilliams, Anna; Mattern, Frederick; Marcy, Minnie G.; Merrill, Frank R.; Mills, J. W.; Milla, Marguerite; Million, Mattie; Moreland, Sarah; Moody, Eugene; Moore, Isaac C.; Murrey, Peter.
N, O, P
    Neil, R. P.; Nims, C. W.; Nininger, Amos C.; Nutter, Frank L.; Off, Minnie; Owens, Camilla E.; Pace, Doris; Patton, Myrtle; Patterson, Dexter E.; Payne, E. C.; Peachey, Lee O.; Peil, Alice A.; Penniston, Frank H.; Perozzi, Louise A.; Perrine, C. J.; Provost, Lillian A.
    Reaser, J. M.; Reichert, Henry R.; Rose, Delia M.; Sanford, Curtis J.; Sackett, Edith A.; Shell, W. A.; Shoudy, Addie; Silver, Jessie M.; Simpson, Nellie G.; Smith, Hiram; Songer, Mollie; Spencer, Winifred G.; Stock, Marie; Swedenburg, Olive E.; Thatcher, J. H.; Thornton, Marion E.; Trask, Lettie M.; Van Wegen, Lulu J.; Vaupel, Marie; Wagner, Robt. A.; Wagner, John M.; Wehrli, Irene; Wilcox, Samuel S.; Winter, Bertha E.; Winter, Otto; Yeo, Olive G.
    Bigham, John; Cass, Clarence; DeFord, Byron; Glass, Nettie R.; Gordon, Monroe; Hauptman, Ethel W.; Houston, Frank W.; Morrison, Joseph D.; Narregan, Tallien M.; Rodgers, H. E.
    Baldwin, Rose; Benedict, Marie; Boyd, Robert; Clute, Bert; Cook, Clinton; Davidson, Carter T.; Elmore, Herbert; Finley, Francis; Grove, Sallie A.; Hansen, Oran; Herriott, Geo. W.; Johnston, S. L.; Kubli, Maude; Layton, Lester; Mee, Warren D.; Pernoll, Lola M.; Pittock, T. Ralph; Rose, Gladys.
    Barron, Isabell; Chapman, Virgil H.; Elliott, T. H.; Gyger, Jackson; Howard, C. H.; Kincaid, A. R.; Kincaid, E. L.; Murphy, George C.; Tucker, Lewis B.
Butte Falls.
    Baker, Marcus P.; Barker, Hazel; Beale, C. C.; Clevenger, Mary A.; Edmondson, Ben; Goss, Oliver M.; Hildreth, N. B.; Jackson, Carl W.; Smith, Ella; Swink, Alta G.; Taylor, Harriet; Tungate, Blanche.
    Applegate, H. Ernest; Bowers, Jas. W.; Blake, Chas. H.; Carpenter, Geo. E.; Cooper, Wm. A.; Dunn, Geo. E.; Evans, Samuel J.; Gall, Ellis; Lindsay, Chas.; Lowe, Oscar D.; True, M. P.; True, Ella M.
Central Point.
    Beebe, Kenneth; Benson, Ellen; Carlton, Mildred T.; Ellastead, A. T.; Fox, Stella B.; Freeman, Minnie; Gleason, Emma; Grissom, Yeona; Hamilton, C. T.; Hamrick, Carrie; Head, Agnes; Hill, Seldon D.; Isaacson, Jessie; Jacobs, May M.; Kline, Luella D.; Kyle, Vinnie; Lange, Marie; Lofland, Percy; Love, Leona M.; Lynch, Dora; Lyons, Delbert A.; Norcross, Lola M.; Pankey, H. T.; Paxson, Lelia M.; Rothrock, Frank; Shearer, Paul A.; Terrett, D. R.; Tex, Della; Walker, Nettie M.
    Bybee, F. E.; Grissom, Andrew; Owens, John S.
    Dunlap, Fred; Hill, Francis D.; Humphrey, Zora E.; King, James M.; Lane, Charlotte; Neil, Beulah J.; Sears, Helen M.
Eagle Point.
    Ashpole, Roy; Betz, Martha A.; Bishop, A. G.; Brophy, Anna; Brown, Amy H.; Campbell, Frances; Cabley, Claus; Childreth, Sophia; Cingcade, Thos.; Clements. Lottie L.; Cowden, Geo. E.; Crandall, Wm. H.; Edgell, Corbin; Esch, Carl; Florey, Ethel M.; Givan, Chas. L.; Haak, Gertrude; Holmes, Celia M.; Howlett, Sarah Elizabeth; Kent, Dolph; Luy, Fred Jr.; McDonald, A. C.; Nichols, Gus; Pearce, Floyd; Perry, Margaret E.; Pettigrew, Fred; Pruitt, Malinda; Spence, A. C.; Stanley, Gertrude; Throckmorton, Lester; von der Hellen, J. H.
Flounce Rock.
    Aiken, Harry V.; Carlton, H. L.; Ditsworth, Violet; Gordon, Uriah; Grieve, Katie M.; Hill, Dewey S.; Hollenbeak, A. C.; Mansfield, Ross; Manning, Lizzie; Mooney, Wm. E.; Nason, Bert; Richardson, John W.; Toney, C. H.; Vincent, Addie; Willits, Irene W.
Foots Creek.
    Boling, E. C.; Champlin, Frederick L.; Elliott, Frank C.; Jacobs, Maria; Lance, Ella; Matthews, Grant; Porter, Isaac; Slead, Darleigh; Woodcock, Edwards.
Gold Hill.
    Bowers, Lelah; Burns, James; Childers, Frank;. Davidson, J. E.; Dusenberry, S. A.; Eddings, Dora; Flemming, Emma; Foley, Alice; Gilchrist, Chas. C.; Greenleaf, Leah; Hittle, Mabel E.; Horton, Howard; Johnson, M. S.; Kellogg, Katherine J.; Patrick, Geo. H.; Price, Mary A.; Reed, Nellie; Shoemaker, Joseph; Stickel, Minnie L.; Thompson, W. E.; Tresham, Harry; Witt, Maggie.
Lake Creek.
    Bowles, M. D.; Charley, Lemon; Culbertson, J. D.; Farlow, Gusta; Farrar, Ella M.; Klingle, Elsie Eola; Meyers, H. G.; Nygen, Frank G.; Terrill, Dean; Tonn, Henry L.
    Arnold, Ivan; Bishop, W. A.; Britt, Amalia; Chapman, Geo. R.; Cronemiller, Lizzie; Fick, Nellie; Fleming, E. A.; Gallup, Henry;  Godward, Mary L.; Hanley, Alice E.; Hanna, Leona; Holden, Helen; Langley, Anna L.; Levy, Stella; McCully, Issie; Niedermeyer, L.; Robinson, Minnie; Sargent, Alice C.; Stevens, Geo. W.; Ulrich, Chris.; Wendt, George
Griffin Creek.
    Boren, W. H.; Carby. Curtis C.; Hamill, Marjory S.; Howell, C. M.; Kime, Wilbur; Land, Emma H.; Lathrop, A. T.; McKay, A. E.; Rucker, Wm. H.
    Cottrell, Alice; Force, Harry D.; Mayfield, Joseph.
    Beebe, Mary L.; Lammey, Chas. S.; Peck, H. G.; Weeden, Lucinda.
    Brayton, Anna; Findley, I. A.; Janney, Louise Eldred; Knips, Wm. G.; Nicholson, W. E.; Ray, R. L.; Snyder, J. W.; Tyrrell, Arietta L.
    Alming, Laura J.; Anderson, M. C.; Barnum, Clyde; Bolz, R. F.; Bonar, John S.; Frame, Henry W.; Fry, Clarence; Ferns, Hazel; Gammill, J. A.; Hartzell, W. J.
Rock Point.
    Boyd, C. R.; Chartraw, Fred; Eddington, Lucy M.; Haymond, Benjamin; Reiter, J. J.; Smith, James U.
Rogue River.
    Dennis, A. E.; Earhart, A. K.; Galligar, Margaret W.; Lowd, George; Magerle, D. P.; Stevens, Raymond; Whipple, Rena A.
Roxy Ann.
    Barneburg, Fred; Biddle, W. F.; Burrows, Maggie J.; Daily, James; Egan, H. C.; Isaacs, C. W.; Kellogg, M. E.; Knight, Laura M.; Lindley, Katherine; Martin, Jos; Muller, Anna E.; Noblit, Anna G.; Owen, Frank G.; Phipps, Isobell; Stacy, Chas. D.; Taylor, Thos. L.; Tomlin, John R.
Sams Valley.
    Collins, S. C.; Davidson, Mabel T.; Fisher, Jennie P.; Lydiard, John Stanley; McBride, Effie P.; Nealon, John L.; Pelton, Meta M.; Pendleton, Maude H.
    Kleinhammer, Mary E.; Randley, Ethel; Silva, Frank.
    Beeson, Marion; Budgeon, John; Centers, Frank M.; Carter, Geo. R.; Combes, D. E.; Dillard, Catherine; Foss, E. E.; Glasgow. Bertha; Holdridge, Edna L.; Jewett, Howard; Koozer, Ralph E.; Norris, Minnie A.; Nye, Lillian B.; Pellett, J. J.; Penland, Lula May; Porter, Ruby; Robinson, Mildred; Robinson, J. R.; Terrill, Jay; Turnbaugh, Hollis M.
    Ash, Howard L.; Cox, Gordon; Ditsworth, L. A.; Pence, Dave; Stewart, W. A.; Trusty, J. H.
    Black, Lee; Cantrall, Miles; Offenbacher, Ray; Taylor, J. N.
    Buck, Charles C.; Dorn, Bessie D.; McKee, Ernest; Pool, Benton L.
Willow Springs.
    Boyce, A. A.; Harris, Wm.; Richmond, Clyde A.; Salade, Louis; Shearer, Paul A.; Young, Marion F.
    Baker, Henry; Moore, S. H.; Neathammer, Jesse; Owings, James.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 25, 1922, page 5

    The jury list for the term of the circuit court convened at Jacksonville this morning, after exemptions and excuses, is as follows:
    Eva Anderson, A. M. Beaver, Inez H. Willetts, Emma Beeler, Glen Haley, Harry Scougall, John M. Eddington, John P. Hughes, M. M. Tucker, J. B. Webster, Lawrence Crawford, Josephine Wallace, Albert Pankey, Maud Buck, J. P. Eads, Mary J. Meadows, H. W. Davisson, Mrs. Mattie A. Coleman, Fred E. Wahl, B. F. Van Dyke, Tom Lamb, Albert E. Stratton, Benton Pool, W. H. Everhard, James Firestone, P. W. Halley, H. J. Fields, Mary E. Lozier, N. B. Hildreth, Loretta M. Lindley, George W. Dunn, John Norris, Allen Bish, Clyde A. Richmond, W. L. Childreth, C. S. Newhall, Hugh L. Cox, George Beers, W. F. DeFord, A. E. McKay, E. C. Gaddis, M. Minnie Slead, J. E. Norstrom, Fred A. Puhl, D. S. Force, Anna Brophy, F. L. Tou Velle, Leon B. Haskins, Elsie Klingle, Joe M. Rader, Ben Edmondson, George Neilsen, Fred W. Weeks, S. H. Moore, George L. Treichler, Newton Lewis, Minnie Guy, E. I. Johnson and Geo. L. Hooker.
"Jury List and Court Calendar,"
Medford Mail Tribune, February 26, 1923, page 4

    The jury list for the May term of the circuit court was drawn this morning by the sheriff and the county clerk. The grand jury will convene Monday, May 21, and the petit jury Monday, May 28. The first seven names drawn from the box will constitute the next grand jury. The list is as follows:
Della Miller, housewife, Gold Hill.
Adio Williamson, housewife, Medford.
J. D. Morrison, farmer, Beagle.
T. E. Daniels, retired, Medford.
R. D. Sanford, farmer, Ashland.
Harry B. Aitken, machinist, Prospect.
M. P. Schmitt, insurance agent, Medford.
G. H. Stowell, farmer, Eagle Point.
T. S. Nichols, merchant, Eagle Point.
M. E. Ward, farmer, Phoenix.
Della M. Rose, housewife, Ashland.
Earl G. Briscoe, farmer, Talent.
R. L. Ray, farmer, Medford.
C. H. Nickerson, retired, Ashland.
Maude Van Scoyoc, housewife, Medford.
Mary D. Roberts, housewife, Medford.
Ida Pearl Jarl, housewife, Medford.
J. J. Pellett, farmer, Talent.
Maggie Burrowes, housewife, Medford.
Ed Smith, farmer, Jacksonville.
Daisy Binns, housewife, Medford.
Mary Browning, housewife, Medford.
Ellis Gall, farmer, Ashland.
C. M. Howell, farmer, Medford.
Jane Kent, housewife, Medford.
James Hardy, retired, Ashland.
Nina Colvig, housewife, Medford.
Dexter Patterson, Ashland.
Lee Black, farmer, Ruch.
Pauline E. Greaves, clerk, Medford.
Fred Dorn, farmer, Jacksonville.
    Of the 31 names drawn, 13 are women, and farmers  predominate among the men drawn. Medford furnishes 14 of the jury quota, Ashland 6, Eagle Point 2, and the balance one each from Ruch, Jacksonville, Beagle, Prospect, Gold Hill, Talent and Prospect.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 9, 1923, page 3

    Out of 44 jurors called on the special venire for the recessed term of court, beginning yesterday, 30 were accepted. Three were excused on account of sickness, 10 were exempted, and one was deceased.
    The jury list for the term is as follows:
    Lucy F. Blue, Wm. Bruin, Wm. S. Cameron, Wm. Corlies, Cecil R. Coffman, Charles Darby, Ed E. Wimmick [sic--Ed E. Dimick?], Chas. T. Ferns, Leonard Freeman, Laura B. Godlove, Alpha Hartman, Charles Hoover, George Irwin, Wilbur Kime, Archie R. Kincaid, Perry Knotts, A. T. Lundgren, Olin A. McCoy, M. J. Norris, Lee O. Peachey, H. H. Weaver, Harry G. Wortman, John A. Gammill, Lester H. Fay, Lemon Charley.
Medford Mail Tribune,
February 5, 1924, page 7

    The next term of the circuit court will convene Monday, October 27, at ten o'clock, Circuit Judge Charles M. Thomas, presiding.
    The jury list of 31 names was drawn Thursday, and contains the names of but six women, the smallest number since jury service for women became a state law. The five drawn are: Charlotte Lane, Eagle Point; Lottie Brown Allen, Eagle Point; Emma Houston, Trail; Zora E. Humphreys, Eagle Point and Ada J. Kingston, Medford and Emma J. Rees, Medford.
    The remainder of the jury list is as follows:
    John W. John, Gold Hill; Herbert Elmore, Applegate; Lee Black, Jacksonville; J. S. Porter, Central Point; Arthur H. Davenhill, Ashland; Henry Maury, Jacksonville; Hiram Smith, Ashland; Frank Van Cleave, Ruch; James Owings, Rogue River; Sterling P. Hunter, Phoenix; Robert H. Boyl, Medford; H. S. Harrison, Ashland; W. A. Kinney, Medford; Orville Ritchie, Ashland; N. S. Bennett, Medford; Frank M. Manning, Prospect; A. W. Hubbs, Medford; Louis H. Wyant, Ashland; George Mordoff, Medford; Geo. W. King, Ashland; Bert Anderson, Medford; Marion F. Gribble, Medford; Chas. P. Howard, Medford; Andrew J. Anderson, Medford; E. C. Faber, Central Point.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 10, 1924, page 7

    The following is the list of jurors for 1925, for the city of Medford as drawn by the county court from the registration books and tax lists of the county:
Medford, N. Main.
    Chester E. Barr, J. C. Brown, W. S. Burbidge, Frank S. Brandon, John B. Coan, E. N. Campbell, John S. Dodge, Mrs. Corbin Edgell, Wilber Godlove, C. W. Gilbert, Warner W. Howard, Enid M. Hunt, A. J. Hanby, O. L. Harmon, R. A. Holmes, Wm. F. Isaacs, Edith H. Loomis, Florence M. McCurdy, Ruth Manning, Jessie W. Miles, Charles E. Mitchell, Berton J. Palmer, Loyd Palen, Mamie Riddle, Walter E. Rowley, J. E. Toft.
Medford, S. Main.
    L. S. Brophy, Mabel Conger, Clarence Eads, Fred A. Haight, Charles A. Nutter, J. E. O'Brien, Helen Storey.
Medford, N. Central.
    John H. Cochran, Geo. W. Crane, G. W. Clark, J. O. Cupp, Irvin C. Daley, Guy Davis, J. D. Fleming, B. F. Gilbert, W. S. Kee, D. T. Lawton, Ed F. Payne, D. E. Phipps, H. R. Pace, C. V. Strang, G. R. Satchwell, A. G. Trowbridge.
Medford, S. Central.
    Bert Anderson, M. E. Abbott, Arnel Butler, H. C. Bishop, C. R. Boussum, Laura L. Buckingham, H. C. Burgess, J. H. Butler, Marion Centers, Wm. Davis, Alice B. Egan, Martin Forbis, John H. Henselman, H. C. Hubbard, Fortunatus Hubbard, Esther L. Lawton, H. F. Meader, Horace Nicholson, Charles A. Nutter, E. R. Oatman, John S. Orth, Ella A. Parks, Albert Piche, Paul R. Rynning, A. F. Stennett, Artie Stephenson, Charles Strang, Edward Turner, Lee Watkins.
North Riverside.
    C. W. Babb, Samuel Bateman, L. E. Bean, C. E. Blades, H. F. Buchter, P. F. Close, C. W. Conklin, Joseph E. Daniels, A. H. Dougherty, Alexander Duff, A. R. Hanscom, Edward M. Hussong, J. W. Jacobs, E. J. Kleine, John W. LaTourette, John A. Moffatt, John B. Palmer, Ray E. Wilson.
    R. B. Beeson, J. J. Buchter, John Brownlee, F. L. Caton, O. L. Davidson, John M. Dodge, Bert R. Elliott, Charles M. English, Carl Fichtner, O. D. Frazee, L. C. Garlock, Hugo Gunther, J. C. Herring, Geo. E. Marshall, James Stevens, C. A. Wing.
    Oris Crawford, Charles Campbell, John Cox, George C. Garrett, Charles F. Higdon, J. K. Hoag, H. T. Haswell, T. G. Heine, Josiah Hibbard, J. M. Lofland, J. N. Pletscher, D. R. Wood, Scott Woolf, S. G. Wright.
East Medford.
    R. F. Antle, Carl J. Brommer, Louis Baker, Guy A. Childers, V. E. Conser, Burdette L. Dodge, Neil H. Franklin, Earl Gaddis, P. B. Harrison, O. L. Howard, Roy A. Seaman, H. A. Thierolf, Frank S. Torrey, Eugene N. Vilm, Wm. A. Young.
Southeast Medford.
    John Billings, R. O. Bragg, John Buchanan, H. P. Bush, H. J. Berrian, Everett Y. Carkin, Orville E. Childreth, Perry O. Crawford, W. Y. Crowson, W. H. Canon, Frank H. Dressler, C. O. DeVore, Glen Fabrick, Louis L. Gyer, C. E. Gates, J. L. Hill, R. E. Koozer, C. W. McDonald, Paul B. McKee, Uneeta Morgan, H. F. Nordwick, Frank Allen Pefley, Frank E. Redden, James E. Roberts, H. G. Shearer, Wallace Woods, D. W. Wheeler, J. U. Willeke.
Southwest Medford.
    Charles W. Austin, O. R. Campbell, Chauncey Florey, John Greaves, Wm. A. Hanna, Mrs. Thelma Huson, Geo. A. Myers, Phyllis Roberts, E. J. Runyard, C. W. Shields, J. A. Stewart, J. W. Wakefield, H. L. Walther, C. A. Whillock, G. F. Wertz.
West Medford.
    Helen M. Arnspiger, F. F. Burke, Camilla Butterfield, Vida T. Carkin, Ralph P. Cowgill, H. O. Frobach, Ben Garnett, E. E. Gilbert, Cordelia G. Root, Thomas Swem, Jr., Verne Van Dyke, Clarence L. Webber.
Northwest Medford.
    Wm. A. Hooker, George Kunzman.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 4, 1925, page 6

    The jury list for the petit jury which convenes at 9 o'clock, Monday, May 25 as drawn by the county court, is as follows:
    Jas. H. Issott, W. H. Canon, J. E. Toft, J. M. Lofland, Ella A. Parks, G. R. Satchwell, Medford; F. S. Norton, Gold Hill; Ernest Scott, Central Point; Glenn Provolt, Applegate; E. W. Carlton, Central Point; J. W. Allen, Derby; Frank S. Torrey, A. G. Trowbridge, Medford; W. L. Moore, Ashland; L. S. Brophy, Medford; Jas. M. Morgan, Ashland; Geo. C. Garrett, C. O. DeVore, V. E. Conser, Medford; Frances W. Shaw. Ashland; Geo. W. Jacobs, Gold Hill; S. Albert Arnold, Ashland; Chauncey Florey, E. J. Runyard, Medford; W. G. Tucker, Ashland; Orville E. Childreth, Joseph E. Lester, Medford; C. F. Tilton, C. E. Hedberg, Ashland; Omar Ockerman, Central Point; Marjorie H. Payne, Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune,
May 14, 1925, page 7

    The jury list for term beginning October 26th, as drawn by the county clerk and commissioners Wednesday, is as follows:
    W. B. Beebe, Ashland; Marion F. Bingham, Applegate; Katherine Earhart, Rogue River; Kate M. Grieves, Eagle Point; Ellis Morton Clark, Central Point; Adam Emig, Sams Valley; John A. Taylor, Ashland, Ore.; Lucy Niver, Ashland; Kenley Franklin, Phoenix; Edward B. Adamson, Talent; Addie Vincent, Prospect; J. B. Burkhart, Rogue River; O. D. Frazee, Medford; Frank S. Brandon, Medford; Hattie Abbott, Ashland; Warner W. Howard, Medford; E. A. Hildreth, Jr., Butte Falls; Arnel Butler, Medford; William Lindsay, Ashland; Asbury Beall, Central Point; William Bohnert, Central Point; Cora Hoffman, Applegate; Wm. Myer, Ashland; E. J. Kleine, Medford; C. A. Whillock, Medford; Wm. E. Reed, Ashland; G. F. Wertz, Medford; Chas. F. Estes, Gold Hill; H. R. Pace, Medford; Percy Lofland, Central Point.
Medford Mail Tribune,
October 15, 1925, page 7

Jackson County Jury List 1926
    The jury list for the year for Jackson County, as drawn by the county court, is as follows:
    Applegate, Roscoe, Talent; Arnold, John F., Ashland; Anderson, Elda, Ashland; Arant, Wm. F., Ashland; Arens, Fred, Eagle Point; Adams, Marion Alfred, Central Point; Adamson, Esther Lucille, Talent; Allen, James, Talent; Applegate, H. Earnest, Ashland; Alenderfer, O. O., Medford; Austin, Charles W., Medford; Abbott, Arthur F., Ashland; Atkins, Harold, Ashland; Arnspiger, Olin, Medford; Alden, Geo. B., Medford; Addis, Glenn H., Ashland.
    Barnum, William Bance, Medford; Bonar, John Simon, Medford; Bowne, Chester I., Medford; Bowne, George Allen, Medford; Briscoe, Earl G., Talent; Brown, Walter Frazer, Medford; Barker, George, Butte Falls; Borchardt, Emma, Medford; Bullock, William R., Medford; Bishop, A. G., Medford; Billings, Myrtle Herbert, Ashland; Bergstrom, Chas. L., Ashland; Burnett, John S., Ashland; Brittsan, V. E., Eagle Point; Brown, Mattie V., Eagle Point; Brown, J. F., Eagle Point; Boyd, C. R., Eagle Point; Brown, M. G., Eagle Point; Brown, Carrie Octavia, Talent; Brown, Louise, Talent; Budgen, Mary, Talent; Beach, Mrs. Jessie, Medford; Berrian, Hallie, Medford; Barnett, Ellena, Medford; Berrian, M. J., Medford; Bragg, Robert O., Medford; Bragg, Corle J., Medford; Brooks, G. W., Medford; Bryant, Burton H., Medford; Bryant, Minnie, Medford; Barnes, William D., Phoenix; Blakely, Sandy J., Rogue River; Burkhart, Martin, Rogue River; Bert, Albert, Gold Hill; Boling, Edward, Gold Hill; Bateman, Samuel, Medford; Beltz, Geo. E., Medford; Bennett, Mary Agnes, Medford; Bibby, Wm. A., Ashland; Briscoe, Callie, Ashland; Brown, Mrs. Mabel, Brownsboro; Barrett, Jas. E., Ashland; Brower, Manly, Ashland; Berg, Edwin M., Ashland; Berkholtz, Julius William, Willow Springs; Barber, Wilson M., Ashland; Baker, Mark, Ashland; Blue, D. P., Ashland; Brown, Joe C., Medford; Biegel, Milton A., Ashland.
    Christner, C. H., Medford; Crews, Artie C., Ashland; Carter, Henry J., Ashland; Cushing, Fred A., Ashland; Charley, Mrs. Emogene, Brownsboro; Culbertson, J. D., Lake Creek; Cummons, Chas. L., Eagle Point; Childreth, W. L., Eagle Point; Crotser, Chas., Eagle Point; Cameron, Bernice, Medford; Cummings, Fred, Medford; Crank, Walter, Medford; Campbell, James, Medford; Carver, Fay, Phoenix; Cornutt, James N., Gold Hill; Coppeck, Charles, Gold Hill; Conger, Mabel, Medford; Close, Perry F., Medford; Cox, Reginald Guy, Medford; Chamberlain, Grace H., Ashland; Cook, W. A., Ashland; Crosby, Guy C., Ashland; Cox, Gordon, Trail; Cunningham, A. B., Medford; Case, E. F., Watkins; Copple, Ola, Buncom; Chirgwin, H. S., Central Point; Carlton, E. W., Central Point; Creeny, Cora B., Union; Counter, Will C., Ashland; Campbell, Richard P., Ashland; Chattin, Chas. W., Ashland; Curtis, Clarence L., Ashland; Carpenter, Carroll F., Medford; Corey, Geo. L., Medford; Carson, O. F., Ashland; Chapman, A. B., Ashland; Cochran, J. H., Medford.
    Davis, John Charles, Phoenix; Davis, Grant W., Talent; Ditsworth, Gus, Prospect; Dressler, Frank H., Medford; Daron, John A., Phoenix; Dopp, Ransom H., Phoenix; Davis, Rena, Gold Hill; Davies, Samuel S., Ashland; DePeau, Wallace S., Ashland; Dunn, Miller P., Ashland; Darby, Curtis Creed, Medford; Darby, John Hamlin, Medford; Darby, Frances, Ashland; Darling, Carl C., Ashland; Detrick, Rufus E., Ashland; Dougherty, W. J., Ashland; Dorothy, Orren Charles, Jacksonville; Davis, Leslie A., Willow Springs; Davison, Mabel, Central Point; Dyer, Arvel F., Ashland; Davis, Frank, Ashland; Dean, Harris, Ashland; Davies, Jas., Union; Dennis, J. N., Ashland; Dodge, Jessie E., Ashland; Dodge, Will M., Ashland; Duncan, Thos. L., Ashland.
    Eaton, Ethel, Ashland; Enders, Vetris, Ashland; Eubanks, Amanda, Ashland; Esch, Carl, Eagle Point; Estes, Mary Jane, Talent; Eads, John T., Medford; Eddington, Mary, Sams Valley; Estes, Alta M., Gold Hill; Elliott, Frank, Gold Hill, Edington, M. C., Ashland; Elhart, Homer H., Ashland; Ellis, Milton H., Ashland; Easterburg, John M., Ashland; Elliott, H. E., Ashland.
    Fish, Raymond Sears, Phoenix; Frame, Mary Grace, Talent; Furnace, C. C., Medford; Fisk, Geo. N., Medford; Faber, Elizabeth M., Central Point; Freeman, Ethel, Central Point; Foss, Edward Emery, Talent; Fick, Zola O., Jacksonville; Fisher, F. M., Sams Valley; Fehige, Frank, Ashland; Ferguson, Jas. C., Ashland; Franco, Lulu S., Ashland; Franklin, Oscar M., Ashland; Farlow, Elbert J., Ashland.
    Garnett, Elizabeth Lee, Medford; Grey, J. O., Medford; Gallatin, Bertha F., Talent; Glenn, Mary E., Talent; Galey, Rosa Dodge, Ashland; Gilbert, Jennie, Ashland; Greaser, F. A., Ashland; Greb, John, Eagle Point; Givan, George, Eagle Point; Grimes, Louise, Central Point; Grisham, David M., Central Point; Goddard, Delbert C., Talent; Gardner, Edwin Chas., Talent; Glasgow, C. W., Talent; Gaddis, Earl C., Medford; Gore, Hattie, Medford; Gates, C. E., Medford; Gault, M. M., Medford; Gulovsen, Myrtle, Sams Valley; Galiger, Isaac T., Rogue River; Gray, Charles, Gold Hill; Glascock, Nora, Medford; Grey, Herbert, Medford; Glass, Jesse E., Antioch; Good, Guy D., Ashland; Geor, H. H., Ashland.
    Hamlin, Ed, Phoenix, Hamilton, Wm. B., Jr., Medford; Hutchison, C. I., Medford; Hair, John B., Ashland; Hatcher, Lester R., Ashland; Hill, Thos. W., Ashland; Hardy, Percy, Ashland; Hays, Estella M., Ashland; Hersey, James H., Ashland; Hicks, Eliza, Ashland; Hester, Harry E., Ashland; Howell, Emerson W., Ashland; Hudson, Thomas W., Ashland; Haak, Gertrude, Eagle Point; Head, Henry Warren, Central Point; Henderson, Ray, Medford; Hill, Seldon B., Central Point; Holdridge, Edith, Talent; Hughes, Ethel T., Talent; Hurley, Clara Bell, Talent; Hurley, William H., Talent; Hanson, Phillip B., Medford; Hollis, Frankie B., Medford; Hubbard, Roland, Medford; Holmes, R. C., Medford; Hartman, Wesley, Jacksonville; Hills, Wilma, Jacksonville; Holbrook, Frank, Sams Valley; Hatch, Charles, Rogue River; Honor, Fred, Rogue River; Halley, Sylvia E., Medford; Hefler, P. E., Medford; Harrell, John B., Ashland; Homes, Frederic C., Ashland; Hansen, Henry, Roxy Ann; Hilton, Ben, Roxy Ann; Hubbard, H. T., Medford; Hardman, D. E., Jacksonville; Hover, William U., Willow Springs; Hall, George, Central Point; Hatcher, John W., Ashland; Heath, Benj. M., Ashland; Hicks, Blanche E., Ashland; Howard, Lulu, Ashland; Hedburg, Sarah Louise, Ashland; Hasley, Roy E., Ashland; Hach, Robert W., Ashland; Harner, Joseph L., Ashland; Hakinson, W. H., Ashland; Harning, John, Ashland; Hicks, Elmer A., Medford; Hubbs, A. W., Medford.
    Jacks, Lydia E., Ashland; Jackson, D. H., Talent; Johnson, Robt. W., Ashland; Johnson, S. T., Eagle Point; Jones, W. M., Eagle Point; Jacobs, Edward F., Talent; Judy, Justin Everett, Medford; Jillson, Albert D., Ashland; Jenkin, George, Ashland; Johnson, O. H., Ashland.
    Kidd, Corsa M., Medford; King, J. M., Eagle Point; Kirkpatrick, Nora C., Medford; Klingle, Ruth, Medford; Kock, Julius, Ashland; King, Geo. P., Ashland; Kay, Dan F., Ashland; Kinney, Albert E., Ashland; Kruggel, Louis W., Ashland; Knipps, W. G., Medford; Kincaid, Demer W., Ashland; Kincaid, Clarence, Medford; Klocker, August J., Medford.
    Lamb, Emma Lovina, Medford; Lamb, Leila, Medford; Linn, James L., Eagle Point; Lynch, Dave, Trail; Lennox, Isabel M., Talent; Lowe, David M., Talent; Leavitt, Grace, Ashland; Lathrop, Katherine E., Central Point; Leever, William Constant, Central Point; Lynch, Leila, Talent; Lyman, Arthur, Medford; Lyman, Lucy, Medford; Leonard, Carrie E., Medford; Leonard, Edith A., Medford; Lockwood, Edwin C., Phoenix; Lyman, George, Sams Valley; Lance, George W., Gold Hill; Lontz, Homer, Medford; Luman, Charles, Medford; Long, Albert M., Ashland; Lane, Clarence E., Ashland; Lowe, Mrs. Elsie, Ashland; Lawrence, John F., Medford; Langley, Anna, Jacksonville; Lindley, Lauretta M., Jacksonville; Lawton, D. T., Medford; Leach, Benj. F., Ashland; Lamb, Abraham L., Ashland; Loomis, William F., Ashland; Loosley, George W., Ashland; Leedom, L. L., Ashland.
    Morgan, Oscar T., Talent; Morris, Alice H., Talent; Marsh, H. E., Medford; Moffatt, John F., Medford; Meyer, H. A., Lake Creek; Meyer, Mrs. E. E., Lake Creek; Miller, John R., Eagle Point; Monia, Jacob, Brownsboro; Mitchell, S. S., Ashland; Morris, Thos. A., Ashland; Morrison, Elmer S., Ashland; Maddox, Annie C., Medford; Milton, A. H., Medford; Miller, Martha, Medford; Mathes, Jennie, Medford; McNair, Louise G., Ashland; Myer, Anna L., Medford; McCallister, J. G., Lake Creek; Myers, Geo. L., Central Point; Mason, John Coleman, Talent; Merrifield, Kenneth, Jacksonville; Magerle, Carlos Albert, Rogue River; Martin, James, Rogue River; Milton, James, Rogue River; Moore, Hiram, Rogue River; Merritt, Jennie E., Gold Hill; Mordock, Richard O., Gold Hill; McFarland, A. E., Ashland; McMillan, Alexander, Ashland; Merrill, Frank R., Ashland; Miller, V. D., Ashland; Monroe, J. H., Ashland; Merritt, W. J., Medford; Milton, Wm. B., Medford; Martin, Elsie L., Central Point; Myers, Mary H., Central Point; Meacham, H. C., Central Point; McMurtrey, Clyde, laborer, Medford; Matney, Nana, Medford; Meeker, E. A., Medford; MacCracken, Edith B., Ashland; McGee, James Andrew, Ashland; McGee, James H., Ashland; Mills, V. V., Ashland; Mars, John D., Ashland; McNair, Lorena Alice, Ashland; Madden, A. A., Ashland; McConnel, G. F., Ashland; Meyer, Albert C., Ashland; Mitchell, Wm. C., Ashland; Mee, Thomas, Applegate; Mee, Warren D., Applegate.
    Norris, Robert K., Medford; Neil, Fred R., Barron; Nickerson, Clifford H., Ashland; Newland, Pearl, Medford; Norris, Thomas C., Medford; Nichols, Geo. W., Ashland; Never, Mary, Ashland; Nichols, Roy, Central Point; Newbry, Lester E., Talent; Nye, Lillian B., Talent; Niedermeyer, Henry, Jacksonville; Nelson, Frank, Ashland; Neil, Jesse L., Ashland; Newcomb, N. B., Medford; Nealon, John Logan, Central Point; Nims, Karl P., Ashland; Nims, Hazel, Ashland.
    O'Kelly, Edna Elsie, Rogue River; Oeser, W. R. M., Ashland; Oatman, E. R., Medford; Owens, John S., Climax; Older, Emma L., Ashland.
    Poley, Wilmer M., Ashland; Pruett, Mrs. Malinda, Eagle Point; Prescott, Guy, Ashland; Perry, Wm., Eagle Point; Pankey, H. T., Central Point; Pickett, S. F., Central Point; Pomeroy, Edward, Central Point; Purves, Ernest Arthur, Talent; Poling, James O. N., Medford; Porter, Edith, Gold Hill; Palmer, Elizabeth D., Ashland; Peters, Arthur M., Ashland; Prose, Samuel A., Ashland; Patrick, D. R., Eagle Point; Pence, D. W., Trail; Patton, W. S., Ashland; Pelle, Edwin, Central Point; Pickel, Charles A., Medford; Putman, Myrtle, Ashland; Patterson, John E., Ashland; Paulserud, Oliver A., Ashland; Pierce, C. H., Ashland; Powell, David S., Ashland; Powell, T. L., Ashland; Payne, E. C., Ashland; Phipps, E. E., Ashland; Porter, Robert P., Ashland; Pryor, Thos. D., Ashland; Palmer, B. J., Medford.
    Roberts, John F., Phoenix; Roberts, Wm. D., Medford; Real, M. E., Ashland; Roberts, Wm., Ashland; Roberts, Wm., Ashland; Randall, Anna, Medford; Reachert, Mabel, Talent; Robertson, Grace M., Ashland; Robins, John Edward, Sams Valley; Radtke, Sylvia Edith, Gold Hill; Roys, W., Ashland; Robertson, Chas. W., Ashland; Robertson, Mary W., Ashland; Rigg, John D., Medford; Rose, Oliver Howard, Ashland; Reed, Ruth L., Ashland; Ross, Geo. W., Ashland.
    Scherrer, Frank X., Phoenix; Samuels, Gus P., Medford; Sandoz, P. E., Trail; Stitle, K. H., Trail; Shearer, Henry Gaines, Medford; Silver, C. G., Medford; Skinner, John D., Medford; Sander, Joseph H., Ashland; Shaw, Robert J., Ashland; Shoudy, Ada, Ashland; Shoudy, Ira, Ashland; Stowells, E. P., Eagle Point; Spencer, J. M., Eagle Point; Scott, E. E., Central Point; Stump, John W., Talent; Saulsberry, Lulu, Jacksonville, Saltzman, George David, Phoenix; Stevens, Sylvester S. Trail; Straus, Dick, Sams Valley; Strahan, Othella, Sams Valley; Smithpeter, John, Rogue River; Stickel, Walter Howard, Gold Hill; Short, John, Gold Hill; Smith, Sidney S., Medford; Strang, Chas., Medford; Salter, Francis P., Medford; Skinner, J. J., Medford; Sanford, Anna C., Medford; Spencer, George C., Medford; Sininger, Milton C., Ashland; Shoudy, Berkley M., Ashland; Simpson, Glenn E., Ashland; Stennett, Wm. S., Ashland; Schneider, Frank L., Watkins; Smedley, E. A., Medford; Shortridge, J. W., Ashland; Smitth, W. B., Ashland; Stearns, Harry A., Ashland; Sams, W. H., Ashland; Sheets, Clifton A., Ashland; Silver, Harry, Ashland; Smith, Elmer J., Ashland; Sheet, Wm. A., Talent.
    Tumy, Mrs. Helen, Medford; Thomas, A. W., Barron; Thompson, F. G., Eagle Point; Thompson, A. H., Lake Creek; Tonn, H. L., Lake Creek; Trusty, George W., Trail; Taverner, William, Ashland; Throckmorton, Lester, Medford; Turrell, A. M., Jacksonville; Thompson., Emma, Gold Hill, Tucker M. M., Ashland; True, Jackson, Ashland; Tucker, Mary H., Ashland; Tompkins, Elizabeth, Willow Springs; Turrill, Herman, Central Point; Throckmorton, Elmo, Applegate.
    Vroman, A. L., Medford; Van Dyke, William S., Ashland; VanHardenburg, Stephen A., Ashland; Vandermark, Henry L., Medford; Vincent, R. B., Prospect.
    Watt, William H., Medford; Webster, Joseph B., Phoenix; Wilcox, Ralph H., Medford; Wilday, Guy, Phoenix; William, Thomas V., Phoenix; Walker, F. H., Ashland; Wimer, Charles L., Ashland; Winne, Grace V., Ashland; Winter, Otto, Ashland; Wright, Wirt M., Ashland; Ward, H. W., Eagle Point; Wells, Spratt, Trail; Walker, W. W., Medford; Wheeler, David W., Medford; Weagant, Harry, Talent; Wendt, Anna, Jacksonville; Wortman, Joseph Franklin, Medford; Ward, Clarence Blynn, Phoenix; Willett, Albert H., Medford; White, Harry L., Rogue River; Wing, Lulu May, Gold Hill; Walker, Clyde W., Gold Hill; Wenner, Gerald H., Ashland; Weld, John, Ashland; Wehiri, Witham, Ashland; Wick, John R., Ashland; Woods, Adel Anna, Ashland; Webster, W. O., Medford; Williams, Herbert H., Medford; Ward, Earl C., Medford; Webber, Mary A., Medford; Wilson, Myrtle, Medford; West, Laura, Medford; Wallsten, B. O., Ashland; Worsenburger, C. C., Ashland; Wagner, Stella Case, Ashland; Watson, Frederick E., Ashland; Watson, Winnifred, Ashland; Wheeler, M. W., Ashland; Weeks, Stewart, Trail; Wood, C. D., Prospect; Walter, Herman J., Applegate.
    Young, Harry F., Medford; Young, Peter F., Eagle Point; Young, Marion Frances, Willow Springs.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 11, 1926, page 5

    The jury list for 1927 for all districts outside of Medford and Ashland, as drawn by the county court, is as follows:
    John Offenbacher, Ray Mathes, Ed B. Hawkins, Geo. Hoffman, Herman Offenbacher, J. M. Seyferth.
Brownsboro-Lake Creek
    Reed L. Charley, T. L. Farlow, Herman Meyer, Jr., H. L. Tonn.
Eagle Point
    Fred Pettegrew, Frank Brown, Mattie B. Brown, W. C. Clemens, Geo. E. Cowden, J. H. French, Geo. Givan, Wm. Holbrook, A. R. McDonald, L. A. Smith, H. W. Ward, R. Weidman, P. F. Young, Katie M. Grieve.
Gold Hill
    J. D. Hedgpeth, W. W. Hittle, Jas. W. Lively, O. S. Snyder, Geo. W. Lance, Chas. Wahl, Fred L. Hickman, Wm. D. Barnhart, David Brown, Chas. Burns, H. H. Cook, L. F. Pickens.
    Rose Mansfield, C. W. Wood.
Sams Valley
    E. J. Wright, Geo. McDonough, J. B. Fisher, D. W. Fitzgerald, Richard Fredenburg, W. H. Smith, Howard Rodgers, C. F. Case.
    D. H. Jackson, James R. McCracken, Harry Weagant, Stella F. Morse, Chas. W. McFadden, H. B. Nye, Wm. Andrew Stratton.
    H. H. Mechem, E. E. Ash.
Jacksonville and Medford R.F.D.
    Kate Hoffman, Otto Niedermeyer, Fred C. Sander, Chester Wendt, L. N. Younger, Scott R. Darby, Wilson R. Adams, W. A. Bishop, J. W. Bybee, P. J. Fick, Fred Hockert, Chas. C. Hoover, Carl F. Niedermeyer, F. L. TouVelle, Emil Britt, Chas. C. Whitwood, Fred J. Fick, Wm. M. Holmes, E. N. Judy, Wilbur Kime, F. E. Bybee, Wm. S. Clarkson, H. E. Conger, Bruce Flemming, Frank S. Carpenter, Paul M. Janney, Jno. R. Norris, E. R. Oatman, R. L. Ray, J. H. Tyrrell, Hattie Logan, Frank P. Dutton, Lillie McKee, Leon Offenbacher, J. J. Munsell, John H. Darby.
Rock Point
    Chas. E. Gray, Edward E. Fiene.
Rogue River
    I. T. Galliger, Geo. Lowd, A. O. Bailey, Edward Boyd, T. W. Conway, Kathryn Earhart, Raymond Stevens, Frank C. Straham, E. E. Dimick, E. D. Thompson, Viola Kershaw.
Butte Falls
    E. A. Hildreth, J. E. Spencer, J. J. Simerville, Leola L. Stoddard, H. T. Pankey, Fred Dorn, Amos McKee, Bert McKee.
Central Point
    R. E. Manning, Arnold Bohnert, Elizabeth M. Faber, Ethel Freeman, Louise Grimes, C. T. Hamilton, Earl W. Weaver, F. E. Wiley, S. C. Richmond, J. W. Smylie, Luther Stancliff, S. E. Heberling, D. W.  Beebe, Mabel Davisson, W. W. Gregory, Paul Martin, John W. McBride, Louis Sagar, Albert Turpin, E. O. Wilson, Elbert F. Glass, M. P. Carney, B. M. Bush, D. L. Davidson, J. W. Elden, W. K. Parker, Wm. R. LaBarge, Fred Straube, Frank Tompkins, Marion Young.
    N. N. Charley, A. J. Grissom.
    Chas. L. Hockersmith, J. N. Hockersmith.
    Mary Kleinhammer.
    Alice Holloway, F. C. Kenley, Wm. D. Stedman, Marion E. Stancliff, Harry Young, Norman Anderson, Adam Bowman, H. H. Boyer, Pearl Boyer, Minnie D. Colver, Frank Colver, L. O. Caster, Jas. Campbell, E. G. Coleman, Geo. H. Drake. R. N. Dopp, Wm. J. Ferns, Hazel L. Fish, Arthur S. Furry, C. C. Hartley, Andrew Hearn, Lem H. Hughes, E. C. Lockwood, Thos. J. Parsons, Joseph M. Rader, Harry W. Reames, O. C. Stanwood, Raymond C. Ward, J. J. Wortman.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 5, 1927, page 3

    The jury list for the regular May term of the circuit court, starting next Monday morning, May 23, was drawn this morning, and is as follows:
D. H. Jackson, Talent.
Fred Straub, Central Point.
Marion Young, Central Point.
Fred York, Medford.
J. H. French, Eagle Point.
Esther M. Fay, Phoenix.
George T. King, Ashland.
Carl Hockersmith, Beagle.
Frank H. Dressler, Medford.
A. J. Crose, Medford.
O. N. Wilson, Medford.
George W. Trefren, Ashland.
A. N. Younger, Medford.
Arnold Bohnert, Eagle Point.
Charles Wall, Gold Hill.
H. F. Platt, Medford.
George E. Gates, Medford.
D. O. Huntley, Talent.
W. F. Houston, Trail.
Hubert C. High, Ashland.
M. F. Kearney, Central Point.
H. B. Janes, Medford.
Earl Isaacs, Ashland,
Ben Hilton, Medford.
Walter T. Dunlap, Medford.
C. D. Dayhoss, Ashland.
Marion E. Stancliff, Phoenix.
John Offenbacher, Applegate.
David Griffiths, Medford.
George Hoffman, Applegate.
Katie M. Grieves, Eagle Point.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 17, 1927, page 5

    Out of a complete list of approximately 100 available for jury duty at the DeAutremont trial which opens in Jacksonville Monday there are six women, while among the men, there is a decided preponderance from the cities, particularly Medford and Ashland, nearly half of the entire list being from this city, and over a dozen from the Lithia metropolis.
    The six women available for jury duty are: Mrs. Katherine A. Gaddis, Laura J. Alming, Orbie Natwick of Medford and Mary Kleinhammer and Lillie McKee of Jacksonville.
    The complete jury list, including the old and the new venire, follows:
    E. L. Glass, Central Point; Amos McKee, Buncom; Harry Weagant, Talent; E. F. Jacobs, Talent; Geo. E. Cowden, Eagle Point; Lem H. Hughes, Phoenix; Russell Seamon, Medford; Branch Culy, Medford; W. H. Maultby, Medford; Chester Wendt, Jacksonville; C. T. Hamilton, Central Point; Fred Pettegrew, Eagle Point; Geo. F. Hall, Trail; P. B. Sandoz, Trail; Halbert S. Deuel, Medford; Katherine A. Gaddis, Medford; W. R. Oeser, Ashland; W. D. Butler, Medford; Josiah Hibbard, Medford; Laura J. Alming, Medford; Edwin S. Hitzler, Medford; Orbie Natwick, Medford; F. L. TouVelle, Jacksonville; Frank Davis, Ashland; J. E. Thornton, Ashland; S. W. Dunham, Medford.,
    J. A. Moffatt, Medford; Ed. J. Farlow, Ashland; John Wilkinson, Medford; J. W. Smylie, Central Point; E. J. Arant, Ashland; Fred Fredenburg, Medford; P. E. Wynkoop, Medford; H. L. Claycomb, Medford; S. C. Richmond, Central Point; G. O. Van Natta, Ashland; Manley Brower, Ashland; John F. Arnold, Ashland; Albert Piche, Medford; Mary Kleinhammer, Jacksonville; Jas. E. Clemens, Medford; Lillie McKee, Jacksonville; F. L. Minkler, Medford.
    R. L. Ray, Medford, farmer; L. E. Lawton, Medford, merchant; Frank C. Strahan, Rogue River, laborer; Fletcher Fish, Talent, farmer; S. E. Heberling, Central Point, miner; Louise Grimes, Central Point, housewife; L. A. Smith, Eagle Point, farmer; Frank Thompkins, Central Point, farmer; H. W. Ward, Eagle Point, horticulturist; Herman Offenbacher, Applegate, farmer; H. H. Weaver, Medford, laborer; Jos. W. King, Ashland, farmer; C. D. Abbott, Medford, janitor; T. J. Bell, jr., Talent, farmer; C. W. Davis, Medford, water master; Joseph S. Bowers, Ashland, farmer; Wm. S. Clarkson, Medford, farmer; Adam Bowman, Phoenix, farmer; John R. Tomlin, Medford, manufacturer; C. A. Thompson, Central Point, farmer; E. C. Silliman, Medford, merchant; Scott R. Darby, Medford, farmer; Clarence Boussum, Medford, laborer; Nick W. Kime, Medford, farmer; Leon B. Haskins, Medford, broker; J. H. Cook, Gold Hill, laborer; Jas. Fewel, Ashland, laborer; Geo. Howard, Medford, clerk; Thos. E. McGraw, Medford, laborer; Bruce Flemming, Medford, horticulturist; Bert Anderson, Medford, broker; Ben Decious, Medford, proprietor; Reed L. Charley, Brownsboro, farmer; Edward Kinney, Ashland, merchant; Wilfield L. Davis, Ashland, farmer; E. N. Judy, Medford, farmer; Geo. H. Drake, Phoenix, farmer; Royal W. Lee, Medford, merchant; Frank Earhart, Medford, farmer; Jno. R. Norris, Medford, farmer; Chas. A. Gray, Ashland, farmer; P. F. Young, Eagle Point, farmer; Wm. Whisenant, Medford, barber; S. H. Short, Ashland, druggist; Jacob Icenhower, Ashland, merchant; Chauncey Florey, Medford, insurance; P. C. Latham, Medford, laborer; B. M. Bush, Central Point, laborer; F. E. Wiley, Central Point, merchant; Wilber Kime, Medford, farmer.
"Six Women on Jury List for Trial of Hugh," Medford Mail Tribune, April 28, 1927, page 1

    For the coming session of the United States district court for Southern Oregon, which convenes in the federal building in this city on Tuesday, October 4th, with Judge Bean presiding, 30 residents of this section have been drawn to serve as jurors. The drawing took place at Portland early this week.
    The prospective jurors have been notified to appear at the local federal building on that day at 2 p.m. Present indications are for a short session, as there are now but comparatively few cases on the docket. Cal Wells, the deputy United States marshal, who has his permanent headquarters in Medford, is already busy serving papers on the jurymen.
    Those selected for jury duty include:
    George Andrews, musician, Medford; C. A. Bennett, clerk, Medford; Wilbur Cameron, retired, Jacksonville; George L. Carey, retired, Ashland; Charles Darby, farmer, Medford; Louis Dodge, merchant, Ashland; George A. Dunlap, farmer, Murphy; C. F. Estes, farmer, Murphy; Fred Frideger, orchardist, Medford; George W. Fry, farmer, Lake Creek; H. M. Gorham, farmer, Grants Pass; W. L. Halley, retired, Medford; H. S. Harrison, merchant, Ashland; Roland Hubbard, clerk, Medford; Timothy Hughes, farmer, Ashland; Elmer Hull, farmer, Medford; Perry Knotts, farmer, Gold Hill; W. H. McGowan, retired, Medford; Sam Mathews, retired, Rogue River; John J. Perry, teamster, Grants Pass; W. H. Pollock, farmer, Grants Pass; G. H. Stowell, farmer, Eagle Point; W. C. Thrasher, painter, Grants Pass; E. M. Thurber, farmer, Central Point; F. A. Topping, farmer, Williams; B. S. Watts, farmer, Murphy; Thomas J. West, farmer, Gold Hill; Frank M. Wilson, retired, Medford; George O. Wolgamott, laborer, Grants Pass.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 24, 1927, page 6

    The jury list for the term of the circuit court beginning next Monday morning at 9 o'clock in the federal building, Circuit Judge O. M. Corkins of Lake County presiding, was drawn today by Sheriff Jennings from the "body of the county," owing to the exhaustion of the regular panel by the two trials of Hugh DeAutremont, and consists of 32 names, as follows:
    Arthur Short, Medford; Hiram Meader, Medford; C. Guy Crosby, Medford; Wm. W. Hall, Medford; John S. Owens, Eagle Point; Carl von der Hellen, Eagle Point; G. C. Prescott, Ashland; J. H. Mulhollen, Medford; Jas. Beaton, Medford; Geo. C. Spencer, Ashland; Glenn B. Booth, Ashland; J. L. Olson, Ashland; J. J. Houck, Medford; J. H. Gustine, Medford; Hans Holmer, Medford; Jesse Glass, Medford; Elmer Templeton, Medford; T. E. May, Medford; Roland A. Hubbard, Medford; Roy Ashpole, Eagle Point; Noah B. Lyon, Medford; C. P. True, Medford; H. H. Dubois, Medford; C. C. Furnas, Medford; G. C. Garrett, Medford; C. J. Fry, Medford; John Henselman, Medford; Fred Hitchcock, Ashland; A. V. Atterbury, Ashland; T. T. Goldfrap, Medford; D. Perozzi, Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 21, 1927, page 8

Jackson County Jury List for 1928
    The jury list for 1928, as drawn by the county court, is as follows:
North Main Precinct.
    Frank S. Brandon, E. N. Campbell, John S. Dodge, Mrs. Corbin Edgell, Wilbur Godlove, C. W. Gilbert, Enid M. Hunt, G. L. Harman, Jessie W. Miles, Charles E. Mitchell, Berton J. Palmer, Lloyd Palen, Mamie Riddle.
South Main.
    Clarence Eads, Fred A. Haight, Charles A. Nutter, J. E. O'Brien, Helen Storey.
North Central.
    John H. Cochran, George W. Crane, J. O. Cupp, Irvin C. Daley, Guy Davis, J. D. Fleming, B. F. Gilbert, W. S. Kee, Ed F. Payne, H. R. Pace, G. R. Satchwell, A. G. Trowbridge.
South Central.
    Bert Anderson, M. E. Abbott, Arnel Butler, H. C. Bishop, H. C. Burgess, J. H. Butler, Wm. Davis, Alice B. Egan, Martin Forbis, Charles A. Nutter, John S. Orth, Ella A. Parks, A. F. Stennett, Artie Stephenson, Edward Turner.
North Riverside.
    C. W. Babb, L. E. Bean, C. E. Blaess, C. W. Conklin, A. H. Dougherty, Alexander Duff, A. R. Hanscom, J. W. Jacobs, E. J. Kleine, John W. LaTourrette, John B. Palmer, Ray E. Wilson.
    O. L. Davidson, John M. Dodge, Charles M. English, O. D. Frazee, L. C. Garlock, J. C. Herring, Geo. E. Marshall, James Stevens.
    Oris Crawford, Charles Campbell, John Cox, Charles F. Higdon, J. K. Hoeg, H. T. Haswell, J. N. Pletscher, D. R. Wood, S. G. Wright.
East Medford.
    Louis Baker, Burdette L. Dodge, Neil H. Franklin, Earl Gaddis, P. B. Harrison, O. L. Howard, Roy A. Seamon, H. A. Thierolf, Frank S. Torry, Eugene N. Vilm, William A. Young.
S.E. Medford.
    John Billings, John Buchanan, H. P. Bush, Everett Y. Carkin, Orville E. Childreth, Perry O. Crawford, W. Y. Crowson, W. H. Canon, Glenn Fabrick, C. E. Gates, C. W. McDonald, H. F. Nordwick, Frank Allen Pefley, Frank E. Redden, James E. Roberts, S. G. Shearer, D. W. Wheeler, J. U. Willeke.
Southwest Medford.
    Chauncey Florey, Mrs. Thelma Huson, George A. Myers, Phyllis Roberts, E. J. Runyard, J. A. Stewart, G. F. Wertz.
West Medford.
    Helen M. Arnspiger, F. F. Burke, Camilla Butterfield, Vida T. Carkin, Ralph B. Cowgill, Ben Garnett, E. E. Gilbert, Cordelia G. Root, Thomas Swem, Jr., Verne Van Dyke, Clarence L. Webber.
    Hattie Abbott, Perry Ashcraft, James Q. Adams, S. Albert Arnold, W. S. Ball, J. M. Beaver, Charles W. Banta, Ralph E. Bowen, Ruth A. Bowman, John S. Burnett, Clinton Baughman, H. B. Bentley, James M. Blair, L. D. Bowers, Welborn Beeson, N. G. Bates, Henry W. Clark, George H. Cartier, George L. Carey, Lloyd Crowson, Mabel Carey, Henry J. Carter, Thomas A. Culbertson, Grace H. Chamberlain, Albert J. Carmody, Frank H. Crowson.
    Frank G. Dean, James B. Duncan, Frances Darby, Wm. DeWitt, Ben L. Deisman, L. C. DeCarlow, Wm. E. Denny, George F. Damon, Clinton H. Dunlap, Fred S. Engle, Pearl Easterling, Henry G. Enders, Bessie F. Elhart, Hazel Emory, W. S. Eastman, N. Erby, J. R. Edwards, Gertrude Fraley, Isaac Frideger, Carl F. Froman, Frances Fuller, James C. Ferguson, James M. Firestone, Wm. A. Blackus, Bert Freeman.
    Henry G. Galey, Hugh H. Gillette, Gerold Gunter, John R. Gibson, Harry C. Hanse, Charles A. Haines, Walter Hall, Weston R. Henry, Ralph R. Hadfield, Harlan B. Holmes, Elizabeth N. Hern, J. E. Hicks, Emerson W. Howard, Thomas E. Hadfield, H. S. Harrison, C. F. Hadberg, R. E. Hosley, W. W. Hevener.
    Harry Ingling, George B. Icenhower, Mildred Isaacs, W. D. Jackson, Rose Marie Jordan, R. E. Jordan, Albert Johnson, L. H. Jacks, O. H. Johnson, Jr., Frank Jordan, John C. Kaegi, C. W. Klum, E. G. Kilgore, Benj. F. Leach, Ada Lockhart, A. Lamie, C. E. Lane, Wm. Lindsay, John F. Leggett, Clara Loomis, A. L. Lamb.
    James H. McGee, Dave McCoy, Charles E. McCormick, J. W. McCoy, Ethel MacDonald, George MacDonald, Otto R. Miller, Clyde A. Malone, Cassius Miles, Wm. I. Montgomery, Ella B. Mills, W. L. Moore, John W. Mills, Wm. Myer, James M. Morgan, John R. Maxedon, Harry N. Miller, Wm. R. Million, A. C. Nininger, Lucy Niver, James Nutter, G. W. Nims, Martin J. Olson, Camilla E. Owen.
    S. A. Peters, Jr., George Pierson, Fred L. Putnam, Lee Pierce, Elmer J. Pech, Mrs. Emma Prose, Florence L. Pratt, C. H. Pierce, Lena A. Phillips, A. F. Payne, S. A. Parker, Guy Prescott, Fred S. Penniston, A. M. Peters, Charles Pitman, Anna Parr, J. E. Patterson, H. B. Plummer, D. S. Powell, E. E. Phipps, H. I. Powell, W. E. Reed, Wm. Rice, Wm. E. Reed, Charles W. Robertson, Wray W. Robinson, A. P. Rhodes, J. H. Robbins, Nellie F. Russell, Oscar Rathbun, Stanley Robinett, James M. Rice, G. C. Reed, Theodore V. Russell, George N. Robinson, Nathan Simpkins, John H. Sugg, Frank E. Shafer, John W. Shortridge, B. F. Storm, C. L. Smith, George C. Stevens, Ellen Shaw, W. H. Smith, S. C. Stevens, C. J. Sanford, Frances W. Shaw, Frances E. Springer, F. J. Swenning, D. W. Sacket, August Schurman, Harry Silver.
    E. C. Thompson, Sheridan Thornton, John A. Taylor, Harry K. Tomlinson, Fred Taylor, W. L. Tinker, W. G. Tucker, Clarence Taylor, Ida Tucker.
    Irving Vining, Charles H. Vaupel, A. S. Vincent, Ralph T. Vining, Hattie S. Walker, Bertha E. Winter, Floyd F. Whittle, A. E. Wick, John R. Wick, Laura B. Wiley, Wm. J. Wallace, J. P. Wolff, Stella Case Wagner, Cyrus F. Wertz, Abraham Whitley, Elmer West, James A. Yeo, George H. Yeo, Wm. R. Yockey.
    Marion F. Bingham, E. J. Brown, W. A. Crane, Cora Hoffman, Geo. W. Herriott, W.m Head, Viola Hogan, Gertrude Mee, HErman Messenger, John W. Pernoll, Glen Provolt, Joseph M. Seyferth, Henry Stone, Herman Walter, A. L. Wimer.
Barron Precinct.
    Hugh F. Barron, Clara E. Chapman, A. D. Chapman, W. L. Davis, R. A. McAllister, Milo A. Walker.
    Chester Applegate, Hiram A. Autry, W. B. Beebe, Jas. W. Bowers, Vista N. Brown, Edith Chapman, Chas. L. Haney, Geo. McDonald, W. L. Moore, S. A. Parker, John S. Rason, W. L. Tinker, W. G. Tucker.
Butte Falls.
    Hazel Barker, C. A. Edmondson, Ben Fredenburg, Carl Jackson, R. E. Stoddard.
Central Point.
    M. W. Atwood, Ashbury Beall, Ellen Benson, Wm. Bohnert, Mae Carlton, C. G. Duncan, May Evans, Jas. F. Gregory, Geo. Gilman, L. Hatfield, Geo. Hilton, Sr., M. M. Kindle, Elmer Kyle, Leona Love, Chas. Lange, C. L. Law, Percy Lofland, Dolly Love, C. N. Merritt, Howard Mayfield, C. H. Merriman, Geo. L. March, Omar Ockerman, L. F. Pickett, John Painter, Jesse Richardson, Ed Strohmeier, A. E. Stratton, Ernest Scott, Dell Tex, W. N. Tetherow, Frank Tompkins, Frank Upton, W. L. Vestal.
    Andrew Grissom, Oscar Hanson, Jas. Kershaw.
    I. W. Allen.
Eagle Point.
    William Bigham, Clinton Bellows, Amy Brown, Frances Campbell, Chas. Givan, Henry Owens.
Flounce Rock.
    Wm. Mooney, Addie Vincent.
Gold Hill.
    Chas. F. Estes, Ella Lance, Robert H. Pruitt, Jas. U. Smith, Phillips Strahan, Chas. Wahl.
Griffin Creek.
    C. C. Darby, C. M. Howell, Justine Everett Judy, A. C. McCay.
    Minnie A. Chitwood, Zola Fick, T. J. Gifford, G. W. Godward, Milton Houston, W. A. Kirkpatrick, Joseph McIntyre, Ernest Niedermeyer, L. T. Wilson, John Weis, Geo. W. Wendt.
    John Cameron, E. W. Carlton, H. W. Davidson, Milton R. Harper, Elmer Hull, Frank Myers, Albert Turpin.
Orchard Home.
    William Frideger, Will Hansen, Jas. H. Issott, Martha B. Luke.
    D. D. Duff, Lena Finley, Lewis Lofland.
Lake Creek.
    Chas. Klingle, Harold Zundel.
    Frank G. Anderson, Roy A. Bolz, John C. Bonar, Pearl M. Boyer, Bertha Barnum, Richard F. Bolz, Nora V. Bonar, Ria D. Canfield, Fay Carver, Frank L. Colver, Minnie Colver, Florence A. Drake, Fletcher A. Fish, Theo. J. Fish, Jr., Chas. T. Ferns, Wm. J. Ferns, Colver L. Furry, Robt. S. Furry, Chester Fitch, John A. Gammill, Wm. C. Gannaway, Clarence Hunter, Alfred Henseler, Leon H. Hughes, Clara L. Hartley, Alfred J. Hensley, Minnie M. Hartley, Chas. J. Kindell, A. E. McCabe, John M. Mast, Stewart Porter, Gus Samuels, W. J. Sloan, Frank N. Scherrer, John E. Roberts, Joseph Rader, Jas. F. Wortman.
Rock Point.
    F. S. Norton.
Rogue River.
    Thos. J. Brittsan, J. B. Burkhart, Katherine Earhart, Anna B. Gray, C. W. Horton, E. W. Jacobson, W. R. Lamb, W. H. Laws, Geo. Loud, Geo. P. Martin, E. W. Scott, Earl Stephens, E. W. Wilson, Chas. J. Winters.
Roxy Ann.
    Leonard Carpenter, Joseph E. Lester, L. A. Stennett.
Sams Valley.
    Earl G. Day, Adam Emig, Jas. Fisher, D. W. Fitzgerald, Geo. A. Gulovson, Thos. G. Wright.
    Jas. C. Cass, A. S. Kleinhammer, Frank Schneider.
    J. J. Munsell, Ray Offenbacher, Chas. Short.
    Ola Copple.
    Edward B. Adamson, George Bishop, M. N. Bowman, Wm. Breese, John S. Crawford, Lawrence Crawford, Edward B. Foss, Bertha Glasgow, Carl W. Glasgow, Chas. W. Holdridge, Ethel Hughes, Edward Judd, Andrew T. McMahan, Reazin Newbry, Nida S. Oatman, Frank A. Reed, Fred Rapp, Jay Terrill.
Willow Springs.
    John A. Anderson, H. A. Dubuque.
    J. R. Bowen, Harold U. Reed.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 19, 1928, page 6

    The jury list for the regular May term of the circuit court, beginning Monday, May 28, was drawn yesterday afternoon by the sheriff and clerk, us follows:
    J. U. Willeke, Medford; W. L. Vestal, Central Point; A. B. Wick, Ashland; Jesse Richardson, Central Point; Frank H. Crowson, Ashland; E. W. Carlton, Central Point; John E. Roberts, Phoenix; Walter Hall, Ashland; J. K. Hoeg, Medford; Albert J. Carmody, Ashland; Earl Stephens, Rogue River; E. C. Thompson, Ashland; E. W. Jacobsen, Rogue River; Sheridan Thornton, Ashland; Clarence Eads, Medford; John A. Taylor, Ashland; O. D. Frazee, Medford; Wm. A. Crane, Applegate; J. E. O'Brien, Medford; Earl L. Day, Sams Valley; John Cox, Medford; J. W. Jacobs, Medford; John A. Gammill, Medford; Clyde A. Malone, Ashland; W. H. Canon, Medford; Alfred J. Hensley, Medford; Geo. McDonald, Ashland; C. W. McDonald, Medford; Geo. Hilton, Sr., Medford; Geo. Pierson, Ashland; Richard F. Bolz, Phoenix.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 22, 1928, page 2

    Selection of the 1929 jury list is now under way, under a new system which, it is hoped, will eliminate inadvertencies of the past and facilitate court procedure.
    In past years the jury has been drawn at random from a list of names of county residents. This resulted in picking many who were physically incapacitated. In some instances those drawn were dead, or had moved away.
    Under the present plan, which was conceived by County Clerk Delilia Stevens Meyer, a representative from various sections of the county picks out the names of citizens that he knows or is reliably certain are fit for jury service. These lists will be pruned by the county court, and later by the county clerk's office.
    In the name-selection session today, the Medford district is represented by Carl Y. Tengwald and Mrs. O. C. Boggs; the Applegate district by Miles Cantrall; the Eagle Point-Butte Falls-Prospect district by W. C. Clements; the Ashland district by Mrs. Louis Dodge and Fred C. Holmes, and the northern end of the county by I. T. Galligar of Rogue River.
    County Clerk Meyer said this morning that 800 names would be drawn on the list for the year, and the first drawing would be for the next term of the circuit court next February. This is an increase over last year, when between 500 and 600 names were drawn. This was not enough, as special venires were necessary the latter part of the year.
Medford Mail Tribune, December 13, 1928, page 5

List of Prospective Jurors for Medford and Ashland Drawn
    The jury list for the year for the city of Medford, as drawn and approved by the county court, is as follows:
    Myers, O. V.; Older, Susanne C.; Orth, John S.; Porter, Josephine P.; Prentice, Harry R.; Robinson, Gain; Santo, E. R.; Schenck, Mattie C.; Schoepen, Anton; Singler, Raymond; Tumy, Mrs. Earl S.; Ames, Margaret; Bates, Louise; Burgett, Arthur C.; Cook, Floyd; Detweiler, John L.; Edmiston, Florence E.; Edwards, Icel; Evans, Clarence B.; Evans, Ida B.; Gale, Helen C.; Gilbert, Meta S.; Hamlin, C. A.; Heine, Minnie B.; Lowry, Neva B.; Luy, Geo. H.; Mays, Otis F.; Murray, Kenneth F.; Newland, Cecil B.; Penoyer, Edwin K.; Snedicor, Fred; Welch, W. D.; Woolf, Scott;
    Merritt, W. H.; Soderstrom, Carl E.; Vimont, Louis; Babb, C. W.; Buchter, Henry F.; Cooksey, Emmett M.; Eakin, Clyde S.; Glascock, H. C.; Harwood, C. C.; Klein, E. J.; Muchmore, A. V.; Purdin, Browning; Schieffelin, Rose G.; Schrechengost, J. E.; Shaw, James B.; Strange, Chalmers L.; Weeks, Alfred James; Young, Nicholas S.; Allen, Wm. M.; Angle, Chas. F.; Bardwell, Ralph G.; Coffeen, Wesley; Cunningham, Frances H.; Duley, John H.; Deuel, Aimee; Deuel, Luther J.; Fichtner, Clara M.; Findlay, H. T.; Frazee, Oliver D.; Kiersted, Harry W.; Lawrence Don; Leverette, Walter H.; Marshal, Vern;
    Clemenson, Wm. M.; Clemenson, Maude F.; Clay, Charles e.; Daily, Murt; DeLosh, B. T.; French, A. L.; Jordan, Paul V.; Kershaw, Gordon; Mobley, Carl D.; Naylor, Alta; Sinclair, Ella; Tumy, Helen S.; Adams, Kate; Bell, James D.; Feldman, Edward J.; Goswick, John H.; Hubbs, Arthur L.; Hussong, Herbert O.; Jeschke, Curt; Merrick, F. E.; Offut, Ethel; Richstein, Harold; Wilkinson, Edward; Banister, Ora S.; Bundy, Edith; Driskel, Emma N.; Endris, A. H.; Fair, Frank; Hubbard, A. C.; Klocker, Ada T.; Lawrence, Thora;
    Bates, W. W.; Biden, Ernest; Colton, Sam; Coss, Earl D.; Denison, John H.; Eads, Everett, Ferguson, Abbie; Fuson, Anne; GeBauer, Max; Goss, Clarence L.; Hammond, Sarah; Heath, Fred L.; Hubbard, Harry T.; Keizur, Clarence; Kenney, Frances B.; Kirkpatrick, Nora C.; Leonard, Samuel L.; Lynum, Oscar; Mann, Lawrence C.; Pardee, James S.; Peasley, Albert E.; Prescott, Edith; Richardson, Louis L.; Roberts, Blanche E.; Schmidt, Emil F.; Semon, Clarence; Shangle, J. Verne; Shreve, Roy R.; Singler, Richard H.; Sleight, Josephine; Smith, Paul. A.; Stewart, Dorothy M.; Stinson, Frank O.;
    Swing, M. J.; Ulrich, Lewis; Vilm, Mrs. Ruth; Wahl, Zelma A.; Walker, W. W.; Williamson, H. C.; Woods, Minnie K.; Berrian, Nancy B.; Brown, Chas. Lee; Carkin, Everett Y.; Davis, J. T.; Field, Harry J.; Guyer, Louis LeRoy; Hansen, Harry O.; Hogan, Goudy K.; Huengardt, Henry; Jennings, Sam; King, Fred P.; Kresse, Grace Fulton; Merrick, Emerson P.; McQuiston, Josephine; Nordwick, Harry F.; Nutting, Bernard L.; Reynolds, Larkin; Roberts, Wm. Bernard; Steward, C. T.; Strang, Herbert B.; Williams, Leo B.; Woods, Harold; Anderson, Albert; Bosworth, Harlan P. Jr.; Collier, Albert D.; Collins, James C.;
    Howard, Charles B.; Janes, Harris B.; Johnson, Lillian B.; Knight, Geo. L.; Meiling, Earl; Powell, Herman; Robinson, Emma Bell; Sleeter, Mary E.; Swan, Maude M.; Weills, John C. S.; Allen, Albert C. Jr.; Barry, Clara M.; Carlson, Elmer; Eads, Geo. H.; Gilbert, Anna; Lee, Louise C.; Merriman, Myrle; Moore, Harry G.; Newton, Joseph; Offenbacher, Ray; Roberts, Nellie D.; Rose, Oscar E.; Seely, Geo. A.; Sherwood, Richard; Skinner, Jeff J.; Skinner, Della; Stuart, Miles; Sweeney, R. E.; Thompson, R. E.; Warnock, C. L. Jr.; Aitken, Clara M.; Andrews, J. B.; Amspoker, Gertrude A.; Barto, H. L.;
    Beekman, Vich; Beekman, Maude M.; Bishop, A. G.; Blunkall, Kenneth V.; Brophy, Leland; Burke, Fred; Canon, Verne; Cowgill, Mildred; D'Albini, Marie; Elwood, Homer L.; Fischer, Val J.; Fischer, Mrs. Val J.; GeBauer, Ted G.; Grey, Joseph O.; Gribble, Marion F.; Hart, Robert C.; Heimroth, Mabel; Hicks, Elmer A.; Hutchison, Clarence I.; Marx, Laura T.; Mershon, Leroy F.; Olsen, Harry; Potter, Lee; Root, Cordelia G.; Robinson, Glen V.; Schuler, I. E.; Scott, Ernest L.; Singleton, Wallace W.; Sweeney, Fred B.; Webber, Mary Ann; Warner, Belle E.; White, Edwin M.;
    Wold, Eric; Wold, Rosalie; Aherin, E. J.; Aitken, Belva; Bailey, Celia J.; Bierma, J. R.; Coleman, Elbert F.; Demmer, Edward L.; Drysdale, Eldon M.; Grigsby, James W.; Hawk, Pearl; Kyle, Harry D.; Mundy, Walter J.; Narregan, Carl; Rhoades, Pearl B.; Rindt, Nicholas J.; Winterhalder, John H.; Wisley, C. M.; Young, Harvey.
    The jury list for the year, as drawn and approved by the county court for the city of Ashland, and rural routes adjacent, is as follows:
    Pinkerton, Fred W.; Stearns, H. A.; Jas. C.; Carlson, John A.; Crouch, Frank; Crow, Earl H.; Heard, Noel W.; Hendricks, J. Frank; Johnson, Samuel; Koch, Julius; Lininger, Bruce M.; Lininger, M. C.; Martin, Chas.; Powell, Alden D.; Provost, Dom; Robbins, J. H.; Shoudy, B. M.; Simpson, Glenn E.; Songer, F. Slade; Stennett, W. S.; Walter, Wm. P.; Yarbrough, Clifford; Bibby, Wm. A.; Carter, H. B.; Cooper, Arthur C.; Fraley, C. W.; Hardy, J. H.; Hedberg, C. E.; Leggitt, John F.;
    McMillan, Alexander; Parker, Sumner A.; Potter, Frank; Reeder, W. M.; Schroeder, Geo. E.; Scott, Claire C.; Scott, Dean N.; Sherard, Albert; Spencer, Lulu J.; Wolf, Julius P.; Arant, E. J.; Beagle, Adam H.; Beswick, Richard; Blackwell, W. T.; Chamberlain, Grace H.; Cole, Herbert B.; Crowson, Lloyd; Fortmiller, C. W.; Gearhart, Howard; Haan, Clarence; High, Nathan L.; Hunt, E. B.; Joy, Beulah M.; Kaegl, Melvin C.; Kay, Daniel F.; Lane, Clarence; McRae, J. D.; Merrill, Frank R.; Miller, V. D.; Moore, Charles; Noble, Geo. W.; Peters, S. A.; Pierson, W. E.;
    Ambrose, Jacob G.; Brown, Lucien P.; Dunn, M. P.; Easterling, J. M.; Elliott, O. J.; Galey, Rosa Dodge; Gustafson, Oscar; McCallen, Andrew J.; Moore, Andrew L.; Naylor, Jas. O.; Polk, Wm. C.; Roberts, Wm.; Stansbury, Phil H.; Frideger, I. R.; Gulley, Paul; Hatcher, J. W.; Hooper, C. E.; Johnson, Cassius E.; MacCracken, Edith B.; McNair, Harry D.; Merrill, Edw. T.; Pracht, A. H.; Putnam, Fred L.; Radcliff, Abraham L.; Shortridge, Roy B.; Silver, Oscar F.; Smith, Jesse A.; Walker, Cassius C.; Zimmerman, E. H.; Barber, W. M.; Cook, James A.; Dunlap, Clinton H.; Gillette, Chas. H.; Hodkinson, Wm. H.; Hopper, J. C.; Kelts, John A.; Kinney, A. E.; Madden, A. A.; Mitchell, Wm. C..; Nichols, Geo. W.; Perrine, Cassius R.; Pryor, Thos. D.; Ross, Geo. W.; Wagner, Stella Case; Beck, John W.; Beeson, Welborn; Blumenauer, Geo.; Bowers, Benton, Jr.; Briggs, Herbert E.; Burnett, Earl J.; Carter, Major A.; Daugherty, John P.; Danford, Beecher; Detrick, Rufus R.; Farnham, Clarence; Frazier, Roy; Franklin, O. M.; Grubb, Frank; Grubb, J. Larkin; Hansen, Louis H.; Hendricks, James A.; Hughes, James M.; Mars, J. D.; Mitchell, Horace T.; Morehouse, Sherman; Neil, Fred R.; Penniston, Fred S.;
    Pittman, I. D.: Prose, S. A.; Purdy, Walter; Reed, Wesley E.; Reed, Wm. E.; Roys, Dwight, Ruger, John; Rush, Chas. M.; Swedenburg, Olive E.; VanPragg, Jack Henri; Wenner, Gerald; Ashcraft, Geo.; Billings, Homer; Chapman, T. D.; Crews, Geo. W.; Davis, E. Grant; Frost, Geo. M.; Greaser, F. A.; Gunter, Gerald E.; Hardy, Arthur V.; Hardy, P. L.; Herbert, Augustus; Hersey, Jas. H.; High, Edw. G..; Kruggel, Rinehart; Leavitt, Stella Joyce; Mason, Geo. S.; Mitchell, Chas. S.; Moody, Zenas; Patterson, Sylvester; Porter, Irving; Potter, John W.; Prescott, Guy; Randles, Guy;
    Ross John m.; Shaw, Robert J.; Shoudy, Ira; Swingle, F. D.; Van Prooyen, Henry; VanValkenburg, Harry H.; Watkins, J. M.; Wick, Arthur B.; Wiley, Thornton; Yarbrough, Frank; Bond, N. E.; Bostwick, Earl B.; Chaney R. N.; Craig, F. W.; Gallatin, Louis H.; Glenn, Mary E.; Holibaugh, Fred C.; Lennox, James; Lowe, D. M.; Nichols, Geo. W.; Nutter, Frank L.; Taverner, Wm.; Werth, Louis; Meservey, Levi D. W.; Meservey, Margaret; Morris, Chas. T.; Randles, Joseph E.; Sands, Henry H.; Snider, Geo. W.; Spencer, Mary; Topper, Arthur; Tepper, Hannah H.; True, Jack; Wallis, Wade; Wallis, Bertha E.; York, Victor J.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 10, 1929, page 8

    The jury list for the February term of circuit court has been drawn and was announced today by the county clerk's office. Prospective jurors mentioned on this list are requested to appear at the court house Monday, February 25. The list is as follows:
'    Samuel Johnson, 468 Helman, Ashland, farmer; Clarence Farnham, 4th Street, Ashland, laborer; Jack Henri Van Praag, 925 Boulevard, Ashland, clerk; Albert Sherard, 1023 E. Main, Ashland, laborer; Wm. Roberts, 784 Boulevard, Ashland, farmer; Harry Olson, 18 Summit, Medford, civil engineer; Edgar J. Arnold, Route 1, Talent, rancher; Fred B. Sweeney, 1704 W. Main, Medford, insurance salesman; E. A. Hamilton, Route 1, Ashland, farmer; Wesley E. Reed, 298 Avery, Ashland, clerk; Stella Joyce Leavitt, 440 Chestnut, Ashland, housewife; Adam H. Beagle, 219 Garfield, Ashland, farmer; M. C. Lininger, 296 Helman, Ashland, merchant; Nicholas J. Rindt, 220 Bliss, Medford, shipping foreman; E. J. Arant, 356 Avery, Ashland, carpenter; Julius Koch, 387 Laurel, Ashland, laborer; Lucien P. Brown, 600 Liberty, Ashland, laborer; Beecher Danford, 108 2nd St., Ashland, electrician; Earl F. Moore, Gold Hill, laborer; Loren H. Gregory, Route 3, Medford, farmer; C. B. Lamkin, Route 1, Ashland, farmer; Rufus R. Detrick, 375 E. Main, Ashland, merchant; B. M. Shoudy, 637 Helman, Ashland, real estate; Abraham L. Radcliff, 2 Beech Avenue, Ashland, laborer; Zenas Moody, 107 Manzanita, Ashland, laborer; Louis H. Hansen, Ashland Hotel, Ashland, hotel proprietor; Harry L. Moore, 480 Liberty, Ashland, farmer; Don Lawrence, 715 S. King, Medford, laborer; Thornton Wiley, 631 Walnut, Ashland, orchardist; Guy Randles, 351 N. Main, Ashland, merchant; Verne G. Dollarhide, Siskiyou, farmer.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 14, 1929, page 3

Draw Jury List October Term
    The jury list for the October term of circuit court has been drawn and was announced today. Jurors will not serve, however, until in early November.
    The list is as follows:
    M. L. Meadows, Medford, farmer; Charles S. Drake, Beagle, farmer; Benjamin S. Lay, Ashland, farmer; T. J. Hoefft, Medford, farmer; John S. Fisher, Sams Valley, farmer; Andrew H. Calhoun, Medford, farmer; Frank Crouch, Ashland, mgr.; James Henry French, Eagle Point, farmer; J. H. Bigham, Eagle Point, farmer; C. M. Wisley, Medford, clerk; Warren Patterson, Central Point, farmer; Harry J. Norbury, Rogue River, farmer; Glenn E. Simpson, Ashland, merchant; Chas. H. Gillette, Ashland, carpenter.
    N. B. Stoddard, Butte Falls, farmer; Agnes Sutherland, Rogue River, housewife; Minnie Lillian Stickel, Gold Hill, housewife; Ernest H. Applegate, Ashland, farmer; L. C. Wilson, Eagle Point, farmer; E. H. Zimmerman, Ashland, proprietor; Edw. G. High, Ashland, garage prop.; L. O. Caster, Medford, farmer; Robert Burkhart, Rogue River, farmer; J. M. Watkins, Ashland, retired; Cassius E. Johnson, Ashland, shoemaker; R. E. Pritchett, Trail, farmer; Arthur Tepper, Ashland, farmer; Zelma A. Wahl, Medford, housewife; Maude F. Clemenson, Medford, housewife; Leland Brophy, Medford, jeweler; H. A. Stearns, Ashland, garage proprietor.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 26, 1929, page 8

    The jury list for the circuit court term starting Monday, Judge H. D. Norton presiding, is as follows:
Powell, Herman, Medford.
Price, Henry R., Medford.
Mills, H. L., Medford.
Ray, Charles R. Jr., Medford.
Evans, Clarence B., Medford.
McKee, Bert, Buncom.
Young, P. F., Eagle Point.
Offenbacher, Herman, Applegate
Kinney, A. E., Ashland.
Fick, P. J., Jacksonville.
Thomas, W. E., Medford.
Denzer, F. A., Medford.
Drake, Geo. H., R. 4, Medford.
Potter, Frank, R. 1, Ashland.
Watkins, J. M., Ashland.
Hoffman, Geo., Applegate.
TouVelle, F. L., Jacksonville.
Purves, Ernest A., Talent.
Richardson, Sanford J., Central Point.
Taylor, Clarence, R.F.D., Ashland.
Nygren, Frank G., Lake Creek.
Isaacs, Chas, R. I., Medford.
Vawter, Wm., Medford.
Furry, Arthur S., Ashland.
Cooke, James H., 165 B St., Ashland.
Chapman, T. D. R. 2, Ashland.
Capps, E., R. 1, Central Point.
Smith, Justin B., Medford.
Saunders, Jas. B., Ashland.
Smith, Hubert A., Central Point.
Brommer, C. Gustave, R. 3, Medford.
Leonard, Samuel L., Medford.
Brown, David, Gold Hill.
    The Jackson County jury list for the year, as drawn in alphabetical order, from A to N, inclusive, is as follows:

Ashpole, Roy, Eagle Point.
Anderson, Earl L., Medford.
Alming, Lura J., Medford.
Alden, Hattie M., Medford.
Arnold, John F., Ashland.
Atkins, Harold, Ashland.
Alexander, W. E., Central Point.
Armstrong, U. S., Medford.
Atterbury, Cosy, Ashland.
Adams, James Q., Ashland.
Ambrose, Jacob G., Ashland.
Addis, Glen H., Ashland.
Ashcraft, Parry L., Jr., Ashland.
Ashcraft, Geo., Ashland.
Allison, Wm. R., Ashland.
Averill, W. Geo., Butte Falls.
Atkins, W. J., Eagle Point.
Avers, J. D., Eagle Point.
Amidon, Elgan C., Prospect.
Adams, Bertram E,, Gold Hill.
Aherin, Wm. S., Medford.
Alden, Geo. B., Medford.
Adams, Kate, Medford.
Allen, Wm. W., Medford.
Angle, Chas. F., Medford.
Ames, Margaret, Medford.
Anderson, Albert, Medford.
Allen, Albert C., Medford.
Allen, Albert C., Jr., Medford.
Aitken, Clara M., Ashland.
Andrews, J. B., Medford.
Aitken, Wm. A., Medford.
Arnspiger, Olen, Medford.
Amspoker, Gertrude A., Medford.
Aiken, Belva, Medford.
Austin, Chas., Rogue River.
Anderson, Halla P., Medford.
Adamson, E. B., Talent.
Adams, John Edgar, Talent.
Ash, Ed. E., Trail.
Applegate, Hazel, Ashland.

Bailey, A. O., Rogue River.
Butler, W. D., Medford.
Beaver, A. M., Ashland.
Butterfield, H. O., Ashland.
Brower, Manley, Ashland.
Bell, T. I., Jr., Talent.
Brower, Joseph E., Route 1, Ashland.
Bowman, Adam, Route 4, Medford.
Boussum, Clarence, Medford.
Bush, B. M., Route 1, Central Point.
Bohnert, Arnold, Central Point.
Brommer, Carl J., Medford.
Bishop, W. A., Jacksonville.
Bergner, Ashland.
Brown, Frank, Eagle Point.
Bybee, J. W., Jacksonville.
Buchtner, Henry F., Medford.
Bowers, Benton Jr., Ashland.
Boyd, Edward.
Boyer, H. H., Route 4, Medford.
Brown, Geo.
Barnum, Geo., Medford.
Birkholz, J. W., Central Point.
Blackford, C. S., Central Point.
Beaton, Jas., Medford.
Booth, Glenn B., Medford.
Brown, Lucien P., Ashland.
Barber, W. M., Ashland.
Barney, Wm. V., Ashland.
Barron, George W., Ashland.
Beck, John W., Ashland.
Beeson, Welborn, Ashland.
Blumenauer, George, Ashland.
Briggs, Herbert E., Ashland.
Burnett, Earl J., Ashland.
Brower, M. M., Ashland.
Bibby, Wm. A., Ashland.

Beswick, Richard, Ashland.
Blackwell, W. T., Ashland.
Billings, Homer, Ashland.
Billings, Ralph, Ashland.
Bond, N. E., Route 2, Ashland.
Boswick, Earl B., R.F.D., Ashland.
Bear, E. B., Route 1, Ashland.
Barron H. W., R.F.D., Ashland.
Bilderback, John R., Route 1, Ashland.
Becker, Allen, Route 1, Ashland.
Brown, Chas. A., Ashland.
Bryon, Elmer E., Route 1, Ashland.
Burns, Chas. A., Route 1, Ashland.
Brainard, Merle, Butte Falls.
Bolds, Mary E., Route 2, Central Point.
Burger, Elizabeth, Route 2, Central Point.
Brown, S. Frank, Eagle Point.
Bitterling, J. A., Eagle Point.
Ball, H., Eagle Point.
Boomsluiter, Nelson, Gold Hill.
Bellinger, Frank R., Medford.
Bellinger, Minnie Bell, Medford.
Bowerman, Dan, Medford.
Brown, Roy M., Medford.
Bell, James D., Medford.
Banister, Ora S., Medford.
Bundy, Edith, Medford.
Butler, John H., Medford.
Babb, C. W., Medford.
Bardwell, Ralph G., Medford.
Bromley, Horace L., Medford.
Bates, Clarence W., Medford.
Bates, Louise, Medford.
Burnham, Roy M., Medford.
Biden, Ernest, Medford.
Brommer, Carl J., Medford.
Butterfield, Chas. S., Medford.
Berrian, Nancy B., Medford.
Barry, Clara M., Medford.
Barneburg, John, Medford.
Barnes, J. C., Medford.
Barto, H. L., Medford.
Barto, Vivian N., Medford.
Beckman Vic H., Medford.
Bartelson, Samuel, Medford.
Bishop, A. G., Medford.
Blunkall, Kenneth V., Medford.
Burke, Fred, Medford.
Bailey, Celia J., Medford.
Bierma, J. R,, Medford.
Boughton, Chas., Central Point.
Boyer, Harvey H., Route 4, Medford.
Barnum, Berthold, Route 4, Medford.
Bailey, Chas. W., Gold Hill.
Badley, R. H., Rogue River.
Beck, William A., Rogue River.
Boyd, Riley, Rogue River.
Breeding, Robt. E., Rogue River.
Brommer, C. Gustave, Route 3, Medford.
Beeson, Ellis, Talent.
Bell, Floyd V., Talent.
Briner, Andrew, Talent.
Blaess, C. E., Trail.
Birkholtz, Julius Wm., Central Point.
Beers, Lloyd, Rogue River.
Brownsworth, Lewis, Rogue River.

Cornwall, O. L., Medford.
Cowden, Geo. E., Eagle Point.
Culy, Branch, Medford.
Claycomb, H. L., Ashland.
Clarkson, Wm. S., Route 2, Medford.
Charley, Reed L., Brownsboro.
Carney, M. P., R.F.D., Central Point.
Cantrall, Miles, Ruch.
Chitwood, Chas. C., Jacksonville.
Cooley, J. H., Medford.
Corey, Geo. E., Medford.
Clark, D. S., Medford.
Currier, W. J., Medford.
Clark, Geo. L., Ashland.
Cook, Jas. H., Ashland.
Carter, Henry J., Ashland.
Chapman, Chas. M., Talent.
Clements, W. C., Eagle Point.
Cunningham, Chas. H., Medford.
Charley, N. N., Climax.
Colver, Lloyd, Phoenix.
Carpenter, Frank S., Medford.
Crosby, C. Guy, Ashland.
Campbell, Richard Posey, Ashland.
Cooke, James H., Ashland.
Costello, Clyde, Ashland.
Carter, Major A., Ashland.
Carlson, John A., Medford.
Crow, Earl H., Ashland.
Carter, H. B., Ashland.
Cooper, Arthur E., Ashland.
Crowson, Frank H., Ashland.
Chamberlain, Grace H., Ashland.
Cole, Herbert B., Ashland.
Crowson, Lloyd, Ashland.
Chapman, T. D., Route 2, Ashland.
Crews, George W., Ashland.
Craig, F. W., R.F.D., Talent.
Case, Clarence F., Sams Valley.
Chapman, C. A., Talent.
Carson, J. F., Butte Falls.
Clark, John R., Butte Falls.
Catey, John S., Route 1, Central Point.
Capps, E., Route 1, Central Point.
Chirgwin, H. S., Central Point.
Childreth, W. L., Eagle Point.
Cummons, C. L., Eagle Point.
Campbell, H. E., Eagle Point.
Cingcade, Chas., Eagle Point.
Carlton, Herb L., Prospect.
Clark, Clem, Prospect.
Cooke, C. E., Beagle.
Cox, R. T., Prospect.
Childers, Frank, Route 1, Gold Hill.
Calhoun, Catherine, Central Point.
Carney, Agnes C., Central Point.
Carter, Frank, Gold Hill.
Childers, Harry, Gold Hill.
Cook, Robert Edwin, Gold Hill.
Coppock, Warren, Gold Hill.
Coy, Bertha, Gold Hill.
Conger, H. E., Route 2, Medford.
Coe, Mrs. Birdie, Medford.
Clary, Charles E., Medford.
Corum, Grover C., Medford.
Coffeen, Wesley, Medford.
Conger, Mabel, Medford.
Crawford, Amy, Medford.
Coss, Earl R., Medford.
Carkin, Everett Y., Medford.
Carkin, Francis Neil, Medford.
Collier, Albert D., Medford.
Collins, Elizabeth, Medford.
Canon, Verne, Medford.
Cowgill, Mildred, Medford.
Coleman, Elbert F., Medford.
Coleman, Mattie A., Medford.
Chase, Merril Bertram, Table Rock.
Copple, Sig, Modoc Orchard, Central Point.
Carver, Fay, Phoenix.
Colver, Lloyd, Phoenix.
Clark, Oscar B., Gold Hill.
Carter, Edward R., Rogue River.
Clements, Jas. E., Route 4, Medford.
Cornwell, Raymond L., Route 3, Medford.
Carter, George R., Talent.
Cushman, W. E., Trail.
Cox, Gordon, Eagle Point.
Collings, Albert E., Jacksonville.

Denzer, F. A., Medford.
Davis, Frank, Scenic Drive, Ashland.
Darling, Carl C., Ashland.
Deuel, Halbert S., Medford.
Davis, C. W., Central Point.
Drake, Geo. H., Route 4, Medford.
Dunlap, Walter R., Medford.
Dennis, J. N., Medford.
Darby, Wm. F., Medford.
Dopp, R. H., Medford.
Dutton, Frank P., Route 1, Medford.
Dodge, Louis, Ashland.
Ditsworth, Frank, Trail.
Daily, Jas., Medford.
Dickey, Frank R., Ashland.
Daniels, R. S., Medford.
Dorn, Fred, Buncom.
Dunnington, Tom, Jacksonville.
Davis, Scott, Medford.
DuBois, H. H., Medford.
Dunn, M. P., Ashland.
Dunlap, Clinton H., Ashland.
Dunn, Geo. W., Ashland.
Daugherty, John P., Ashland.
Danford, Beecher, Ashland.
Davis, E. Grant, Ashland.
DeFord, W. F., Ashland.
Dozier, Philander, Route 1, Ashland.
Davies, C. F., Eagle Point.
Dutton, Ed, Eagle Point.
Ditsworth, Gus, Prospect.
Darby, Glenn, R.F.D., Medford.
Darby, Scott R., Jacksonville.
Dorn, David, Jacksonville.
Damon, L., L., Lake Creek.
Daily, Murt, Medford.
DeLosh, B. T., Medford.
Driskel, Emma N., Medford.
Daley, John H., Medford.
Deuel, Aimee, Medford.
Deuel, Luther J., Medford.
Detweiler, John L., Medford.
Davis, J. T., Medford.
Dressler, Frank H., Medford.
Daniels, T. E., Medford.
D'Albini, Marie, Medford.
D'Albini, G. Quintus, Medford.
Demmer, Paul, Medford.
Demmer, Edward L., Medford.
Drysdale, Eldon M., Medford.
Dean, Geo. B., Medford.
Denzer, Frank W., Phoenix.
Daily, Timothy, Hillcrest Orchard.
Davis, Leslie A., Central Point.
Dean, Frank C., Route 1, Central Point.

Egan, Chandler, Route 3, Medford.
Edwards, Chas. S., Medford.
Elden, J. W., Central Point.
Earhart, Frank, Medford.
Elder, Jas., Medford.
Elhart, Homer H., Ashland.
Enders, John E., Ashland.
Eubanks, C. G., Ashland.
Erickson, J. F., Medford.
Earl, R. J., Medford.
Easterling, J. M., Ashland.
Elliott, O. J., Ashland.
Elhart, C. D., Ashland.
Esch, Carl, Eagle Point.
Eldridge, J. G., Prospect.
Ely, John, Route 2, Medford.
Enyeart, Abraham Rachel, Jacksonville.
Endris, A. H., Medford.
Eakin, Clyde S., Medford.
Edmiston, Florence E., Medford.
Edwards, Icel, Medford.
Evans, Clarence B., Medford.
Evans, Ida B., Medford.
Edgell, Corbin, Medford.
Elwood, Homer L., Medford.
Edmunds, Lawrence, Route 2, Medford.
Estell, Charles S., Rogue River.
Estes, Archie R., Talent.
Estes, Chas. F., Talent.
Estes, Roy L., Talent.

Fredenburg, Richard, Star Route, Medford.
Fredenburg, Fred, Medford.
Fewell, Jas., Ashland.
Fleming, Bruce, Jacksonville.
Fick, P. J., Jacksonville.
Fifield, Joe E., Ashland.
Fifield, Lee M., Ashland.
Fick, Fred J., Jacksonville.
Furry, Arthur S., Ashland.
Fuller, John H., Ashland.
Ferns, Ralph L., Medford.
Fifer, T. A., Medford.
Farlow, T. L., Lake Creek.
Freeman, W. J., Central Point.
Fry, Chas. J., Medford.
Fish, J. W., Route 1, Medford.
Finley, C. S., Route 2, Medford.
Franklin, Dale H., Medford.
Failing, O. C., Medford.
Fluhrer, Wm. H., Medford.
Frideger, I. R., Ashland.
Frazier, Roy, Ashland.
Franklin, O. M., Ashland.
Fortmiller, O. M., Ashland.
Frost, Geo. M., Ashland.
Fredenburg, Ben, Butte Falls.
Faber, Edw. J., Central Point.
Ferguson, Inez, Central Point.
Freeman, Ethel, Central Point.
Force, Paul, Eagle Point.
Foley, Alice, Gold Hill.
Force, Elinor V., Gold Hill.
Fick, Nell Williams, Jacksonville.
Farlow, Frank, Lake Creek.
Fredette, Grace, Medford.
Feldman, Edward J., Medford.
Fair, Frank, Medford.
Fichtner, Clara M., Medford.
Findlay, H. T., Medford.
Fry, C. J., Medford.
Fehl, Earl H., Medford.
Fehl, Electa A., Medford.
Ferguson, Abbie, Medford.
Fuson, Anne, Medford.
Fabrick, Mrs. Margaret, Medford.
Field, Harvey J., Medford.
Fischer, Val J., Medford.
Fischer, Mrs. Val J., Medford.
Frohback, E. Lucille, Medford.
Frohback, Hugo O,, Medford.
Furnas, Charles C., Medford.
Fish, Fletcher, Route 1, Talent.
Frame, Henry W., Route 1, Talent.
Fiene, Edward, Gold Hill.
Finley, Edward H., Watkins.
Fitzgerald, Jerome, Gold Hill.
Furry, Sybil D., Phoenix.


Glass, Elbert L., Central Point.
Gaddis, Katherine A., Medford.
Grimes, Louise, Central Point.
Gray, Chas. A., Ashland.
Gregory, W. W., Route 3, Medford.
Gates, Geo., Medford.
Gore, Edward T., Medford.
Gall, A. L., Medford.
Galliger, I. T., Rogue River.
Gillmore, C. N., Route 1, Ashland.
Gustine, J. H., Medford.
Glass, Jesse, Route 2, Medford.
Garrett, G. C., Medford.
Goldfrap, T. T., Medford.
Givan, Geo., Eagle Point.
Galey, Rosa Dodge, Ashland.
Gustafson, Oscar, Ashland.
Gulley, Paul, Ashland.
Gillette, Chas. H., Ashland.
Grubb, J. Larkin, Ashland.
Gearhart, Howard, Ashland.
Greaser, F. A., Ashland.
Glenn, Mary E., Route 1, Talent.
Gall, Ellis E., Route 1, Ashland.
Grissom, Andrew, Climax.
Greb, John, Eagle Point.
Gordon, Uriah, Prospect.
Grieve, Wm. T., Eagle Point.
Gardner, Wm. H., Gold Hill.
Gottlieb, Chris, Medford.
Glascock, H. C., Medford.
Getchell, Alice, Medford.
Gilbert, Meta S., Medford.
Griffin, Verna L., Medford.
Gerdes, Madeline, Medford.
Guyer, Louis LeRoy, Medford.
Gilbert, Anna, Medford.
Grey, Harold D., Medford.
Gay, Charles B., Medford.
Grey, Joseph O., Medford.
Gribble, Marion F., Medford.
Garrett, N. J., R. 3, Box 60, Medford.
Glasgow, Carl W., Talent.
Gardner, Chase Edwin, Talent.
Goddard, Delbert C., Talent.
Goddard, Ormy, Talent.
Greenwood, Pearl, Rogue River.

Hibbard, Josiah, Medford.
Harrington, Jack H., Medford.
Hitzler, Jack H., Medford.
Hall, George F., Gold Hill.
Hamilton, Charles, Ruch.
Heberling, S. E., Central Point.
Haskins, Leon B., Medford.
Hitchcock, Fred W., Medford.
Higgins, Clyde R., Medford.
Hoffman, George, Applegate.
Hurley, D. O., Talent.
Hildreth, E. A., Butte Falls.
Hill, Thomas, Ashland.
Holbrook, Leland J., Medford.
Hersey, James H., Ashland.
Holibaugh, Fred C., R.F.D., Talent.
Hawkins, Claude, Applegate.
Hopkins, Al, R. 1, Ashland.
Hamilton, Clyde M., R. 1, Ashland.
Harkins, Phil, Route 1, Ashland.
Held, Paul, R. 1, Ashland.
Hood, Andrew V., R. 1, Ashland.
Hooper, Vernon R., Ashland.
Hughes, J. P., Butte Falls.
Hoover, Verl L., Butte Falls.
Hamilton, Cyrus F., Central Point, Route 2.
Hamrick, John W., Central Point.
Hedgpath, Erin Mary, Central Point.
Hall, John, Eagle Point.
Humphry, Charles, Eagle Point.
Hanscom, Charles H., Eagle Point.
Hannaford, J. G., Eagle Point.
Holman, E. G., Eagle Point.
Haff, George Loringe, Gold Hill.
Howell, Maggie, R. 1, Medford.
Hanley, Claire, R.F.D. No. 2, Medford.
Hoover, Elsie, R. 2, Medford.
Hanby, Mary Laurette, Medford.
Hussong, Herbert O., Medford.
Harwood, C. C., Medford.
Hamlin, C. A., Medford.
Hammond, Sarah, Medford.
Heath, Fred L., Medford.
Hittle, H. W., Gold Hill.
Hartley, C. C., R. 1, Medford.
Hitzler, Jack, Medford.
Hawkins, Ed B., Applegate.
Hillyer, Robert, Medford.
Hedgpath, J. D., Gold Hill.
Holbrook, W. E., Medford.
Harrell, John B., Ashland.
Hart, Floyd H., Medford.
Hight, J. D., Medford.
Howard, W. M., R. 2, Medford.
Hess, Arthur D., Medford.
Hall, Wm. W., R. 3, Medford.
Houck, J. J., Medford.
Homer, Hans, Medford.
Hubbard, Roland A., Medford.
Hodkson, Wm. H., Ashland.
Hopper, J. C., Ashland.
Hendricks, James A., Ashland.
Hughes, James M., Ashland.
Hastings, Verne D., Medford.
Heard, Noel W., Ashland.
Hendricks, J. Frank, Ashland.
Hedberg, C. E., Ashland.
Haan, Clarence, Corvallis.
High, Nathan L., Ashland.
Hunt, E. B., Ashland.
Hager, Marion, Ashland.
Hardy, Arthur V., Ashland.
Hardy, P. L., Medford.
Herbert, Augustus, Ashland.
Hubbard, Lucinda, Medford.
Hammett, Wm., Medford.
Hilttson, Jesse, Medford.
Hogan, M. N., Medford.
Huenergardt, Henry, Medford.
Holmes, R. Cole, Medford.
Howard, Charles B., Medford.
Henselman, Edward G., Medford.
Holbrook, W. E., Medford.
Hunt, George A., Medford.
Hart, Robert G., Medford.
Heimroth, Mabel, Medford.
Herring, Daniel W., Medford.
Herring, James C., Medford.
Hicks, Elmer A., Medford.
Hutchison, Fern, Medford.
Hutchison, Clarence I., Medford.
Hawk, S. H., Medford.
Hawk, Pearl, Medford.
Hamilton, Lester G., Central Point.
Hensler, Alfred J., Medford.
Hartley, Chas. Clinton, Talent.
Hunter, Wm. G., Phoenix.
Henderson, Thomas A., Gold Hill.
Howard, William J., Rogue River.
Hansen, Henry, R. 3, Medford.
Howard, Dan A., Medford.
Holdridge, Frank L., Talent.
Howe, Irwin, Trail.
Hutchison, S. W., Trail.
Higinbotham. Mary J., R. 1, Central Point.
Holmes, C. E., R. 1, Box 89, Central Point.
Hughbanks,  Margaret, Rogue River.
Huffman, Cora, Applegate.

Isaacs, Charles, R. 1, Medford.
Isaacs, Wm. F., Medford.
Isaacs, Frank, Medford.
Issott, Anna, Medford.

Johnson, M. S., Gold Hill.
Joy, A. C., Ashland.
Jacobs, E. F., Talent.
Judy, E. N., R. 1, Medford.
Jarmin, M. B,, Medford.
Jones, Stanley C., Medford.
Jordan, A. E., Ashland.
Johnson, Samuel, Ashland.
Joy, Beulah M., Ashland.
Jackson, Carl, Butte Falls.
Jones, Ethel May, Central Point.
Jacobs, Nelly, Gold Hill.
Jeschke, Curt, Medford.
Jensen, Jens, Medford.
Johnson, Lillian B., R. 3, Medford.
Janney, Mrs. Louise, R. 2, Medford.
Judy, Norman, R. 1, Medford.

Koozer, R. E., Medford.
Kime, Nick W., R.F.D., Medford.
Kime, Wilbur, R. 1, Medford.
Knips, E. W., Medford.
Kenley, F. C., R. 1, Medford.
Kidd, C. M., Medford.
Kelly, Mary Greiner, Medford.
Kelts, John A., Ashland.
Kinney, A. E., Ashland.
Kaegi, Melvin E., Ashland.
Kay, Daniel F., Ashland.
Kruggel, Rinehart, Ashland.
Kromling, Abraham L., Applegate.
Kubli, Edward W., Applegate.
Kincaid, Demmer, Ashland.
Kincaid, Elmer, R.F.D, Ashland.
Klingery, H. A., R.F.D., Ashland.
Kohler, Sadie, Central Point.
Kincaid, Lola F., Central Point.
Klein, E. J., Medford.
Kiersted, Harry W., Medford.
Kleinhammer, Doris, Medford.
Keizur, Clarence, Medford.
Kenney, Frances B., Medford.
Kirkpatrick, Nora C., Medford.
King, Fred P., Medford.
Knight, George L., Medford.
Kyle, Emma, Medford.

Lee, Royal W., Medford.
Latham, P. C., Medford.
Lowe, George D., Ashland.
Lydiard, W. H., Medford.
Lively, James W., Medford.
Lowe, Oscar D., R.F.D., Ashland.
Lozier, J. W., Medford.
Leonard, Morris R., Medford.
Luke, Robert J., Ashland.
Lawrence, John F., Medford.
Lewis, Oscar, Jacksonville.
Lyon, N. B., Medford.
Luman, W. A., Medford.
Lowe, L. D., Ashland.
Lininger, Bruce M., Ashland.
Lane, Clarence, Ashland.
Leavitt, H. H., Ashland.
Lennox, James, Talent.
Lowe, D. M., Talent.
Lamkin, C. B., R. 1, Box 126, Ashland.
Lamkin, Etta, R. 1, Box 126, Ashland.
Lyman, Clyde W., R. 1, Box 101, Ashland.
Lathrop, A. T., Central Point.
Landon, D. A., Central Point.
Love, James G., Central Point.
Linn, James L., Eagle Point.
Lamb, Jennie, Gold Hill.
Lively, J. M., Gold Hill.
LeRoy, Harry E., Cargill Court, Medford.
Lawrence, Thora, Medford.
Luman, Charles W., Medford.
Leverett, Walter H., Medford.
Lowry, Neva B., Medford.
Luy, George H., Medford.
Leonard, Samuel L., Medford.
Lynum, Oscar, Medford.
Lee, Louise C., Medford.
Laidley, Wm. Glenn, Medford.
Leach, Edward J., Medford.
Leggitt, J. H., Medford.
Lamb, Milo, R. 2, Medford.
Lance, Marion, Rogue River.
Linville, John H., R. 2, Medford.
Lyman, Ernest, Sams Valley.
Lamb, Benj., Talent.
Logan, Hattie, Jacksonville.

McKinnis, Paul, Central Point.
McKee, Amos, Buncom.
Maultby, W. H., Medford.
Moffatt, J. A., Medford.
Minkler, F. L., Medford.
McKee, Lillie, Jacksonville.
McGraw, Thos., E., Medford.
Moore, A. D., Persist.
Miller, E. G., R. 2, Medford.
McFadden, Chas. W., Talent.
Millner, Jas. W., R. 1, Ashland.
Miksche, Raymond A., Medford.
Mann, John C., Medford.
McCracken, James R., Talent.
Mills, H. L., Medford.
Martin, Paul, R. 2, Medford.
Mitchell, Seaborn S., Ashland.
McBride, John W., Sams Valley.
McKee, Bert, Buncom.
Mittelsteadt, A. C., Eagle Point.
McDonald, M. C., Medford.
McCurley, P. H., Medford.
Martin, Roy, Jacksonville.
Minear, Floyd, Medford.
Mankins, Harry, Jacksonville.
McCoy, J. W., Medford.
Moffatt, J. P., Medford.
Moore, Albert, Medford.
Mulhollen, J. H., Medford.
May, T. E., Medford.
McDonough, Geo., Sams Valley
Meyer, Herman Jr., Lake Creek.
MacCracken, Edith B., Ashland.
McNair, Harry D., Ashland.
Madden, A. A., Ashland.
Mitchell, Wm. C., Ashland.
Mars, J. D., Ashland.
Mitchell, Horace T., Ashland.
McMillan, Alexander, Ashland.
McRae, J. D., Ashland.
Miller, V. D, Ashland.
Moore, Charles, Ashland.
Mason, George S., Ashland.
McNair, Sam B., Ashland.
Mitchell, Chas., Ashland.
Moody, Zenas, Ashland.
McDonald, George, R.F.D., Ashland.
Merryman, Mabel, R.F.D., Ashland.
Messervey, Levi D., R.F.D. No. 1, Ashland.
Messervey, Margaret, R.F.D. No. 1, Ashland.
Morris, Chas. T., Ashland.
Mayfield, Howard, Central Point.
McAllister, R. A., R. 1, Ashland.
Miller, Edw. G., R. 2, Medford.
Marion, Elizabeth, Eagle Point.
Mathews, Grant, Gold Hill.
Merrifield, Kenneth, Jacksonville.
Merritt, George H., Jacksonville.
Meyer, Alma, Lake Creek.
Meyer, Henry A., Lake Creek.
Meyer, Herman G., Lake Creek.
Mills, C. D., Lake Creek.
Moore, C. R., Lake Creek.
Merrick, F. E., Medford.
Merritt, W. H., Medford.
Muchmore, A. V., Medford.
Marshall, Vern, Medford.
McDonald, Paul B., Medford.
Myers, O. V., Medford.
Mays, Otto R., Medford.
McGowan, Mrs. Wm., Medford.
Murray, Kenneth F., Medford.
Mann, Lawrence C., Medford.
Merriman, Thomas T., Medford.
McKibben, O. F., Medford.
McNair, J. J., Medford.
Merrick, Beatrice G., Medford.
Merrick, Emerson P., Medford.
McQuiston, Josephine, Medford.
Meiling, Earl, Medford.
Merriman, Myrle, Medford.
Moore, Harry G., Medford.
Marx, Harry V., Medford.
Marx, Laura T., Medford.
Martin, Paul, R. 3, Medford.
McIlvain, Una, Rogue River.
Mason, Henry W., Talent.
McDonald, W. G., Trail.
Middlebusher, Fred, Trail.
McKee, Leonard, Jacksonville.
Moore, William, Rogue River, R. 1.

Nye, H. B., Talent.
Neil, Jesse, Ashland.
Niedermeyer, Carl F., R. 2, Medford.
Nichols, R. W., Gold Hill.
Nelson, Frank, Ashland.
Niedermeyer, Otto, R. 2, Medford.
Nichols, Gus, Eagle Point.
Norris, Alf, Jacksonville.
Nichols, Geo. W., Ashland.
Neil, Fred R., Ashland.
Noble, Geo. W., Ashland.
Niedermeyer, John, Jacksonville.
Norris, Tom, Medford.
Nygren, Frank G., Lake Creek.
Noe, Clarence T., Medford.
Newland, Cecil B., Medford.
Newbury, Marjorie, Medford.
Nutting, Bernard L., Medford.
Nealon, John Logan, Table Rock.
Nicewood, Grover C., Central Point.
Newcomb, Nathan B., R. 3, Medford.
Neathamer, Mark, Rogue River.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 18, 1930, page 5

Alphabetical List of Jackson County Jurors for 1930
Oeser, W. R., Ashland.
Offenbacher, Leon, Ruch.
Ohrt, Norman F., Trail.
OIson, J. L., Ashland.
Owens, John S., Wellen.
Offenbacher, Herman, Applegate.
Oswald, Ben Jr., Eagle Point.
Offum, Ethel, Medford.
Older, Susanne C., Medford.
Older, Louis P., Medford.
Orth, John S., Medford.

Pankey, H. T., Central Point.
Pettegrew, Fred, Eagle Point.
Piche, Albert, Medford.
Parsons, Thos. J., Phoenix.
Parker, Chester, Medford.
Pence, Dave, Trail.
Payne, Richard, Medford.
Poley, Willmer M., Ashland.
Parker, W. K., Central Point, R.F.D. 1.
Pittenger, John R., Ashland.
Pierce, C. C., Medford.
Price, Ernest B., Medford.
Perry, J. A., Medford.
Pringle, H. H., Medford.
Payne, Orren D., Ashland.
Platt, H. F., Medford.
Potter, Wm. H., Ashland.
Polk, Wm. C., Ashland.
Peil, Alice Applegate, Ashland.
Putnam, Fred L., Ashland.
Payne, E. C., Ashland.
Pryor, Thos. D., Ashland.
Penniston, Fred S., Ashland.
Pinkerton, Fred W., Ashland.
Powell, Alden D., Ashland.
Parker, Sumner A., Ashland.
Potter, Frank, R. 1, Ashland.
Peters, S. A., Ashland.
Pierson, W. E., Ashland.
Pittman, I. F., Ashland.
Prose, S. A., Ashland.
Patterson, Sylvester, Ashland.
Porter, Irving, Ashland.
Potter, John W., Ashland.
Prescott, Samuel G., Ashland.
Phillips, Geo., Eagle Point.
Phillips, Wm. J., Eagle Point.
Pruitt, Guy, Eagle Point.
Pullen, T. J., Eagle Point.
Prickett, Fannie, Trail.
Pankey, Laura, Gold Hill.
Palmer, B. J., Medford.
Perry, Arthur, Medford.
Pankey, Clarence, Medford.
Penwell, A., Medford.
Purdin, Browning, Medford.
Porter, Josephine P., Medford.
Prentice, Harry R., Medford.
Penoyar, Edwin K., Medford.
Pardee, James S., Medford.
Platt, Prue A., Medford.
Porter, Geo. W., Medford.
Prescott, Edith, Medford.
Pace, Henry H., Medford.
Pennington, Lawrence, Medford.
Pottenger, Edgar T., Medford.
Powell, Blanche A., Medford.
Powell, Herman, Medford.
Patton, Hamilton, Medford.
Paine, W. H., Medford.
Peck, Emil R., Medford.
Potter, Lee, Medford.
Parson, Chester C., Phoenix.
Phipps, Lee, Medford.
Purves, Ernest A., Talent.
Pritchett, R. D., Trail.
Palmer, John B., Rogue River.


Rodgers, Oliver, R. 3, Medford.
Ray, R. L., R. 2, Medford.
Ray, Mathew W., Ruch.
Runyard, Don, Medford.
Robinson, Gain, Medford.
Risk, John O., Ashland.
Russell, J. D., Medford.
Ross, Floyd, Central Point.
Richardson, J. L., Central Point.
Reed, Arthur, Medford.
Rinabarger, C. A., Medford.
Reames, Harry W., Phoenix.
Roach, Earl J., Ashland.
Reed, Wm. E., Ashland.
Roys, Dwight, Ashland.
Ruger, John, Ashland.
Rush, Chas. M., Ashland.
Randles, Joseph E., Ashland.
Richardson, Sanford J., Central Point.
Richmond, Stirling C., Central Point.
Renault, John B., Jacksonville.
Reynolds, C. Lew, Medford.
Rosenberg, Harry H., Medford.
Reichstein, Chas., Medford.
Reames, Lillian L., Medford.
Reames, Bessie B., Medford.
Richardson, Bel., Medford.
Roberts, Blanche E., Medford.
Reter, Raymond R., Medford.
Reynolds, Larkin, Medford.
Rickert, Carrie, Medford.
Roberts, Nellie D., Medford.
Rose, Oscar E., Medford.
Rukes, Lew, Medford.
Ray, Charles R., Jr., Medford.
Root, Cordelia G., Medford.
Robinson, Glen V., Medford.
Rhoades, Pearl B., Medford.
Russell, Geo. F., Sams Valley.


Stinson, W. H., Medford.
Sandoz, P. E., Trail.
Stancliff, Luther, Central Point.
Strahan, Frank C., Central Point
Smith, L. A., Central Point.
Silliman, E. C., Medford.
Short, S. H., Ashland.
Stancliffe, Marion E., Phoenix.
Straube, Fred S., Central Point.
Spencer, J. E., Butte Falls.
Shields, Chas. W., Medford.
Sagar, Louis, Central Point.
Schade, Larry J., Medford.
Stockam, W. J., Medford.
Stewart, Geo. A., Medford.
Smith, Justin B., Medford.
Strang, Chas. V., Medford.
Saunders, Jas. B., Ashland.
Sander, Fred C., Medford.
Smith, Bert H., Ashland.
Saunders, Claud A., Ashland.
Shaw, R. J., Ashland.
Stratton, Wm. Andrew, Talent.
Stevens, Raymond, Rogue River.
Stout, Gordon, Medford.
Steiger, J. J., Medford.
Saylor, Claude, Medford.
Simpson, Thos. H., Ashland.
Skeate, G. H., Talent.
Short, Arthur, Butte Falls.
Spencer, Geo. C., Ashland.
Snyder, O. S., Gold Hill.
Sheley, John, Central Point.
Shiffer, James E., Ashland.
Stansbury, Phil H., Medford.
Shortridge, Roy B., Ashland.
Smith, Jesse A., Ashland.
Staples, E. T., Ashland.
Shoudy, B. M., Ashland.
Simpson, Glenn E., Ashland.
Slade, Frank O., Ashland.
Songer, F. Slade, Ashland.
Stennett, W. S., Ashland.
Scott, Claire C., Ashland.
Scott, Dean N., Ashland.
Sherard, Albert, Ashland.
Spencer, Lulu J., Ashland.
Swedenburg, Olive E., Ashland
Shaw, Robert J., Ashland.
Shoudy, Ira, Ashland.
Swingle, F. D., Ashland.
Sanderson, Chas. C., Beagle.
Seigmiller, Rulon H., Central Point.
Sweet, Lewis, Beagle.
Sands, Henry H., R. 1, Ashland.
Spencer, Mary, R. 1, Ashland.
Stoddard, N. B., Butte Falls.
Stanley, Tom, Butte Falls.
Smith, Clifford, R. 4, Medford.
Smylie, J. W., Central Point.
Stoner, Hazel B., Eagle Point.
Stowell, J. E., Eagle Point.
Stille, John C., Trail.
Smith, L. A., Central Point.
Smith, J. W., Eagle Point.
Stille, Eli, Trail.
Smith, Lloyd, R.F.D., Gold Hill.
Scheble, William M., R. 1, Medford.
Stevenson, Ray, Jacksonville.
Seefield, Charles, Lake Creek.
Sidley, M. J., Lake Creek.
Sinclair, Ella, Medford.
Schieffelin, Rose G., Medford.
Schrecengost, J. E., Medford.
Strange, Chalmers L., Medford.
Santo, E. R., Medford.
Schenck, Mattie C., Medford.
Schoepen, Anton, Medford.
Semon, Russell, Medford.
Singler, Raymond, Medford.
Smith, S. Sumpter, Medford.
Snedicor, Fred, Medford.
Schuchard, Mildred, Medford.
Semon, Clarence, Medford.
Shangle, J. Verne, Medford.
Schreve, Roy R., Medford.
Sleight, Josephine, Medford.
Stinson, Frank O., Medford.
Swing, M. J., Medford.
Samuels, Gus H., Medford.
Shirley, J. W., Medford.
Steward, C. T., Medford.
Strang, Herbert B., Medford.
Sleeter, Mary E., Medford.
Swan, Maude M., Medford.
Scheffel, Howard V., Medford.
Seeley, Geo. A., Medford.
Sherwood, Kate, Medford.
Sherwood, Richard, Medford.
Skinner, Jeff J., Medford.
Skinner, Della, Medford.
Stuart, Miles, Medford.
Sweeney, R. E., Medford.
Schuler, I. E., Medford.
Schuler, Margaret, Medford.
Singleton, Wallace W., Medford.
Snider, John W., Medford.
Stuart, Gilbert, Medford.
Sage, Charles W., Central Point.
Settlemeier, Roy A., R. 1, Medford.
Strahan, Othella M., Gold Hill.
Schultz, Henry, Central Point.
Saltmarsh, Glen, Jacksonville.
Salade, Mrs. Louis, Central Point.
Smith, Hubert A., Central Point.
Stephenson, Ida, R. 1, Central Point.


Tou Velle, F. L., Jacksonville.
Thompson, E. D., Rogue River.
Thompson, C. A., Ashland.
Terrett, Dade R., Medford.
Tucker, M. M., Ashland.
Thomas, W. E.,. Medford.
Templeton, Elmer, Medford.
Taverner, Wm., Ashland.
Throckmorton, Elmo J., Applegate.
Taylor, Clarence, R.F.D., Ashland.
Thomas, Albert W., R. 1, Ashland.
Tepper, Hannah H., R. 1, Ashland.
True, Jack, Ashland.
Tungate, Ira, Butte Falls.
Taylor, Chas. H., Central Point.
Throckmorton, Lester, Eagle Point.
Turner, Olive May, Gold Hill.
Tonn, H. L., Lake Creek.
Tong, George, Medford.
Tumy, Earl S., Medford.
Tumy, Mrs. Earl S., Medford.
Thierolf, Phoebe, Medford.
Tyree, Darwin G., Medford.
Thompson, R. E., Medford.
Tengwald, Carl, Medford.
Turpin, C. W., Medford.
Trotter, Lulu, Rogue River.
Trusty, Geo. W., Trail.


Ulrich, Earl, Prospect.
Upton, Herbert E., R. 2, Central Point.
Ulrich, Lewis, Medford.
Ulrich, Marie, Medford.


Vilas, Ed P., Medford.
Vanderpool, Chas. E., Medford.
Von der Hellen, Carl, Eagle Point. 
VanProoyen, Henry, Ashland.
Von Valkenburg, Harry H., Ashland.
Vincent, R. B., Prospect.
Vimont, Louis, Medford.
Vilm, Mrs. Ruth, Medford.
Vawter, Leta, Medford.
Vawter, Wm., Medford.
Vroman, Edwin R., Medford.
Van Hoevenburg, Mrs. H., Sams Valley.


Weills, John C. S., Medford.
Weagant, Harry, R. 1, Talent.
Wendt, Chester, Jacksonville.
White, Chas. A., Ashland.
Wyncoop, P. E., Medford.
Ward, H. W., Eagle Point.
Whisenant, Wm., Medford.
Wiley, F. E., Central Point.
Wilson, O. N., Medford.
Wilson, Ezra M., Medford.
Winter, Otto, Ashland.
Ward, Raymond C., R. 4, Medford.
Wood, C. W., Ashland.
Weaver, Earl W., Central Point.
Wimer, Charles, Ashland.
Whillock, Chas. A., Medford.
Wright, E. J., Sams Valley.
Wakefield, Jno. W., Medford.
Whittle, Floyd F., Ashland.
White, Jas. E., Ashland.
Wright, M. C., Jacksonville.
Wagner, John M., Ashland.
Wilson, E. O., R. 2, Central Point.
Woodcock, J. L., Medford.
Wall, Enos A., Medford.
Wells, Nelson D., Medford.
Walz, E. L., R. 1, Medford.
Woods, Wallace, Medford.
Wing, Chas., Medford.
Weidman, R. A., Eagle Point.
Walter, Wm. P., Ashland.
Wolf, Julius P., Ashland.
Wenner, Gerald, Ashland.
Watkins, J. M., Ashland.
Werth, Louis, R. 2, Ashland.
Wallis, Wade, R. 1, Ashland.
Wallis, Bertha E., R. 1, Ashland.
Walker, John C., Gold Hill.
White, Earl, Jacksonville.
Wyland, Lane, Beagle.
Wood, Clara M., Medford.
Woods, Minnie K., Medford.
Williams, Leo B., Medford.
Woods, Harold, Medford.
Warnock, Nealie, Medford.
Webber, Mary Ann, Medford.
Warner, Belle E., Medford.
Wold, Rosalie, Medford.
Winterholder, John H., Medford.
Wortman, Joseph F., R. 4, Medford.
Wilson, O. T., Sams Valley.
Warner, Fred, Trail.
Wagner, Stella Case, Ashland.


Young, Harry, Ashland.
Young, P. P., Eagle Point.
Young, Marion, Central Point
Young, J. H., Medford.
Yarbrough, Clifford, Ashland.
Yarbrough, Frank, Ashland.
Young, Nicholas S., Medford.
Young, Gladys, Medford.
York, Gladys B., Medford.
Young, Harvey, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 19, 1930, page 3

    The jury list for the federal term is as follows:
    Wilson R. Adams, farmer, Medford; Earl L. Anderson, farmer, Medford; David Brown, laborer, Gold Hill; L. O. Caster, farmer, Phoenix; W. B. Carville, Grants Pass; C. F. Case, farmer, Sams Valley; John Cobb, Williams; J. S. Daniels, Murphy; S. S. Dellinger, Grants Pass; Stuart Ditsworth, farmer, Trail; L. H. Fay, farmer, Phoenix; W. A. Fern, Grants Pass; Fred J. Fick, merchant, Jacksonville; Dale Franklin, merchant, Medford; Richard Fredenburg, farmer, Sams Valley; Fritz Geberts, Grants Pass; Claud Gotschell, Grants Pass; Charles W. Harrison, Medford; H. P. Hogan, Grants Pass; Fred Holmes, farmer, Bellview; John Hoogstratt, Grants Pass; Herman Horning, Grants Pass; F. Corning Kenley, orchardist, Medford; W. O. Kohler, Kerby; George McDonough, farmer, Sams Valley; William H. Paines, Medford; Sylvester Patterson, Ashland, H. N. Parker, Selma; Dave Pence, farmer, Trail; R. E. Riley, Murphy; Gain Robinson, Medford; Don Runyard, Medford; A. V. Schmitt, Selma; Gordon Stout, Medford; F. C. Stiwalt, Waldo; H. W. Ward, Eagle Point; E. M. Wilson, Medford, and Weldon Zundel, Medford.
"On Trial of 'Wildcat' Here Today," Medford Mail Tribune, October 7, 1930, pages 1 and 6

    The jury list for the May term of court has been drawn and was announced yesterday. It consists of 31 names. The members are to report for duty May 26.
    The list is as follows:
    Edward L. Demmer, Medford, Ore. Student,
    Geo. H. Merritt, Jacksonville, Ore. Bookkeeper.
    Geo. W. Dunn, Ashland. Retired.
    Alice Applegate Peil, Ashland. Housewife.
    Levi D. W. Meservey, Ashland. Farmer.
    L. D. Lowe, Ashland. Farmer.
    Geo. Barnum, Medford. Machinist.
    Meta S. Gilbert, Medford. Housewife.
    J. W. Elden, Central Point. Farmer.
    Cordelia G. Root, Medford. Housewife.
    Floyd V. Bell, Talent. Farmer.
    Herb L. Carlton, Prospect. Farmer.
    Winifred Short, Medford. Housewife.
    Fred C. Holibaugh, Talent. Farmer.
    Norman F. Ohrt, Trail. Farmer.
    J. W. Smith, Eagle Point. Real Estate.
    Geo. F. Russell, Central Point. Farmer.
    Timothy Daily, Medford. Orchardist.
    W. H. Lydiard, Medford. Merchant.
    Elbert L. Glass, Central Point. Orchardist.
    W. J. Freeman, Central Point. Merchant.
    Leonard McKee, Jacksonville. Farmer.
    Grover C. Corum, Medford. Clerk.
    Ralph Billings, Ashland. Farmer.
    Chas. M. Chapman, Talent. Farmer.
    John Hall, Eagle Point. Farmer.
    Howard Gearhart, Ashland. Farmer.
    A. D. Moore, Trail. Rancher.
    Maud Dizney, Medford. Housewife.
    Chas. F. Estes, Talent. Carpenter.
    John S. Owens, Eagle Point. Farmer.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 15, 1931, page 7

    The annual term of the federal court for the Southern Oregon district will be held in this city, starting Tuesday, October 6. All sessions will be held in the federal building.
    The calendar for the term of court has been completed, but it includes a number of Klamath cases.
    The juror list for the term, drawn from Jackson and Josephine counties, is as follows:
    Medford: Clifford B. Dailey, Frank C. Dillard, E. E. Gore, Dave Griffiths, C. C. Hoover, W. F. Isaacs, M. B. Jarmin, F. C. Latham, Frank L. Minkler, Carl P. Niedermeyer, Otto Niedermeyer, George W. Porter, W. J. Stockam, D. B. Strahan.
    Ashland: O. T. Bergner, R. F. Campbell, Jack H. Harrington, Robert J. Luke.
    Jackson County: Chest G. Boat, Williams; J. B. Fisher, Sams Valley; George Givan, Eagle Point; John N. Hockersmith, Beagle; John T. Lovell, Williams; Thomas McEwen, Murphy; John Offenbacher, Applegate; J. M. Setberth, Applegate; W. H. Smith, Sams Valley.
    Josephine County: B. R. Adams, Kerby; Lydon Bannister, Merlin; G. T. Browner, Grants Pass; Charles Burkhalter, Grants Pass; H. A. Corliss, Grants Pass; Emil Gebers, Grants Pass; J. C. Hamilton, Grants Pass; C. J. Hopper, Murphy; John Laipple, Wilderville; A. Walker, Grants Pass; W. F. Woodstock, Grants Pass.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 16, 1931, page 5

    The jury list for the term of the circuit court starting Monday, October 26 has been drawn. Thirty-one names are on the list, eight from Ashland, 14 from Medford and adjacent territory; Central Point, two; and one each from Prospect, Lake Creek, Jacksonville, Rogue River, Butte Falls, and Phoenix.
    The first seven names drawn from the list will comprise the new grand jury, which is scheduled to hear evidence of the death of Ed Foster, Jacksonville resident, killed while on a deer hunting trip, and also inquire into the circumstances surrounding the fatal injury to C. B. Ward of Phoenix, last week, when he was struck by an auto driven by Gordon A. Stewart of this city.
    The outgoing grand jury, of which Grover C. Corum was foreman, held fewer sessions than any grand jury in years, in this county.
    The new jury list is as follows:
Grant Mathews, Gold Hill.
E. Grant Davis, Ashland.
Major A. Carter, Ashland.
Branch Culy, Medford.
David Dorn, Jacksonville.
Carl F. Niedermeyer, R. 2, Medford.
Sig Copple, Modoc Orchard, Central Point.
Thos. E. McGraw, R. 2, Medford.
S. E. Heberling, Central Point.
A. L. Call, Medford.
Fred R. Neil, Ashland.
Nathan B. Newcomb, Medford.
Alma Meyer, Lake Creek.
Neva B. Lowry, Medford.
F. D. Swingle, Ashland.
Louise Perozzi, Ashland.
Larkin J. Grubb, Ashland.
T. E. May, Medford.
Lawrence Pennington, Star Route, Medford.
M. M. Tucker, Ashland.
Harry H. Rosenberg, Medford.
Chester C. Parson, Phoenix.
Wm. J. Stockman, Ashland.
Edward R. Carter, Rogue River.
Nick W. Kime, R.F.D., Medford.
Chester Parker, Medford.
Clem Clark, Prospect.
C. C. Pierce, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 13, 1931, page 2

    The Jackson County jury list for 1932 was adopted yesterday by the county court, containing 265 names. There are 126 from Medford and environs, 65 from Ashland and the balance from the rural towns and districts. Farmers predominate on the list, closely followed by workers. 56 housewives are drawn on the list, the largest in several years.
    The women jurors listed from this city are as follows:
    Mrs. Hattie M. Alden, Jessie C. Beach, Anne M. Carley, Mae Carlton, Winnifred B. Carpenter, Amy Crawford, Alice Egan, Anna Gilbert, Myrtle GeBauer, Claire Hanley, Fern Hutchison, Mabel Heimroth, Lucinda Hubbard, Sarah Hammond, Edna L. Kindred, Mary Greiner Kelly, Grace W. Patton, Mildred Schuchard, Rose G. Schieffelin, Della Skinner, Mabel Conger, Marion Gribble.
    The Ashland list is:
    Ella Anderson, Callie Briscoe, Inez Churchill, Margaret Dean, Grace Engle, Roberta Rose Everton, Rose Dodge Galey, Frances Fuller, Marion Green, Frances Hardy, Agnes Herndon, Sylvia Icenhower, Mabel Lowd, Margaret Meservey, Louise McNair, Myrtle B. Miller, Maude M. Mitchelmore, Myrtle E. Spaulding.
    Other women drawn for service throughout the balance of the county are:
    Opal Haley, Inez Ferguson, Louise Grimes, Agnes Head, Rose Neale Hodgson, Dora Stanley Jones, Katherine Ethel Lathrop, Lelia M. Paxson and Frances Wyatt, all of Central Point; Mrs. Clara O'Brien, Applegate, Henrietta Young, Jacksonville, and Nancy E. Copley, Sams Valley.
Medford Mail Tribune,
January 19, 1932, page 5

Jackson County Jury List Posted for 1932
    The 1932 jury list for Jackson County, in alphabetical order, is as follows:
    Adams, Bertram E., Gold Hill, carpenter; Aitken, Wm. A., Medford, plumber; Allen, Albert C., Medford, author; Allen, Albert C., Jr., Medford, author; Alden, Geo. B., Medford, clerk; Alexander, W. E., Central Point, merchant; Andrews, J. B., Medford, retired; Angle, Charles F., Medford, rancher; Anderson, Earl L., Phoenix, farmer; Andren, E., Rt. No. 1, Medford, farmer; Arnspiger, Olen, Medford, engineer; Ash, Ed E., Trail, merchant; Ashpole, Roy, Eagle Point, merchant; Atkins, Harold, Ashland, laborer; Austin, Chas., Rogue River, engineer; Averill, W. Geo., Butte Falls, rancher.
    Bailey, Chas. W., Gold Hill, farmer; Bailey, A. O., Willow Springs, farmer; Banks, Llewellyn, Medford, orchardist; Bardwell, Ralph G., Medford, fruit broker; Barney, Wm. V., Ashland, minister; Barnum, Berthold, Rt. No. 1, Medford, farmer; Barto, H. L., Medford, engineer; Barber, W. M., Ashland, laborer; Beckman, Vic H., Medford, bookkeeper; Beck, William A., Rogue River, laborer; Beers, Lloyd, Rogue River, farmer; Bender, S. H., Central Point, laborer; Bell, J. T. Jr., Talent, farmer; Bergner, O. T., Ashland, merchant; Beswick, Richard, Ashland, baker; Bierma, J. R., Medford, salesman; Biden, Ernest, Medford, merchant; Blackwell, W. T., Ashland, painter; Bliton, Albert S., Medford, clerk; Blumenauer, George, Ashland, laborer; Blunkall, Kenneth V., Medford, salesman; Bibby, Wm. A., Ashland, farmer; Bohnert, Wm., Central Point, farmer; Boughton. Chas., Rt. 2, Central Point, farmer; Boomsluiter, Nelson, Gold Hill, merchant; Bostwick, Carl, RFD, Ashland, farmer; Bowman, Carl, Medford, barber; Boyd, Riley, Rogue River, farmer; Boyer, Harvey H., RFD 4, Medford, farmer; Bradley, Dick, Medford, carpenter; Brommer, Carl, Medford, credit man; Brown, Roy M., Medford, salesman; Brown, David, Eagle Point, merchant; Brown, E. J., Applegate, farmer; Bown, Lucien P., Ashland, laborer; Brower, Manley, Ashland, electrician; Burns, Charles A., Rt. 1, Ashland, farmer; Burnett, Earl J., Ashland, laborer; Bush, B. M., Medford, farmer; Butterfield, Chas. S., Medford, real estate; Butterfield, H. O., Ashland, laborer; Butler, W. D., Medford, merchant.
    Canon, Verne, Medford, watchman; Carkin, Everett Y., Medford, salesman; Carlson, John A., Medford, laborer; Carter, H. B., Ashland, farmer; Carter, George R., Medford, clerk; Case, Clarence F., Sams Valley, farmer; Catey, John S., Rt. 1, Central Point, farmer; Chapman, C. A., Talent, farmer; Charley, Reed L., Brownsboro, farmer; Chase, Harry, Central Point, farmer; Childers, Frank, Rt. 1, Gold Hill, farmer; Chirgwin, H. S., Central Point, merchant; Clark, Oscar B., RFD, Gold Hill, rancher; Clark, D. S., Medford, orchardist; Cole, Herbert B., Ashland, clerk; Coleman, Elbert F., Medford, merchant; Coleman, Jesse H., Medford, clerk; Collings, Albert E., Jacksonville, laborer; Cook, C. E., Prospect, miner; Costello, Clyde, Ashland, laborer; Cowden, George E., Eagle Point, farmer; Cox, Gordon, Eagle Point, farmer; Coy, William F., Medford, truck driver; Coy, Sam F., Eagle Point, farmer; Cowley, D. N., Rt. 2, Medford, farmer; Crews, George W., Ashland, mining; Crowson, Frank H., Ashland, laborer; Crow, Earl H., Ashland, mgr. Stan. Oil.
    D'Albini, G. Quintus, Medford, accountant; Damon, L. L., Lake Creek, farmer; Daniels, R. S., Medford, electrician; Daugherty, John P., Ashland, merchant; Davis, Leslie A., Central Point, farmer; Davis, Scott, Medford, banker; Davenhill, Arthur, Ashland, RFD, farmer; Deuel, Luther J., Medford, agent; Ditsworth, Gus, Prospect, farmer; Ditsworth, Frank, Trail, farmer; Dosler, Philander R., Rt. 1, Ashland, farmer; Dorn, Fred, Jacksonville, farmer; Dunlap, Clinton H., Ashland, laborer; Dunnington, Tom, Jacksonville, merchant; Dutton, Ed, Eagle Point; farmer; Dutton, Fred, Eagle Point, farmer.
    Eads, Geo. H., Medford, transfer; Eakin, Clyde S., Medford, auto dealer; Earhart, Frank, Medford, farmer; Edgell, Corbin, Medford, orchardist; Edwards, Charles S., Medford, laborer; Edmonds, Lawrence, Rt. 2, Medford, farmer; Egan, Chandler, Rt. 3 Medford, horticulturist; Elwood, Homer L., Medford, mechanic; Enyart, Abraham R., Jacksonville, miner; Erickson, J. F., Medford, plumber; Estes, Roy L., Talent, merchant; Estell, Charles S., Rogue River, farmer.
    Farlow, Frank, Lake Creek, farmer; Ferns, Ralph L., Rt. 4, Medford, farmer; Fehl, Earl H., Medford, real estate; Fewell, James, Ashland, laborer; Fischer, Val J., Medford, merchant; Fifield, Joe E., Ashland, laborer; Field, Harvey J., Medford, merchant; Finley, Edward H., Watkins, farmer; Flemming, Bruce, Jacksonville, orchardist; Foerst, Geo. A, Applegate, farmer; Fredenburg, Richard, Star Route, Medford, farmer; Fredenburg, Ben, Butte Falls, farmer; Freeman, Rollie, Ashland, laborer; Freeman, W. J., Central Point, merchant; Fuller, John H., Ashland, secretary.
    Gallatin, Louis H., Ashland, RFD, farmer; Gamble, H. E., Medford, laborer; Garnett, Ben, Medford, clerk; Garrett, N. J., Medford, farmer; Gilmore, W. S., Medford, laborer; Glasgow, Carl W., Talent, farmer; Glass, Theo. A., Central Point, farmer; Goddard, Ormy, Talent, farmer; Greb, John, Eagle Point, farmer; Grey, Joseph O., Medford, merchant; Grieve, Wm. T., Eagle Point, lumberman; Grissom, Andrew, Climax,
    Hager, Marion, Ashland, farmer; Ham, Earl F., Gold Hill, farmer; Hamilton, Chas., Ruch, farmer; Hamilton, Clyde M., Rt. 1, Ashland, farmer; Hannaford, J. G., Eagle Point, farmer; Harkins, Phil, Rt. 1, Ashland, farmer; Hartley, Chas. C., Rt. 1, Medford, farmer; Harrell, John B., Ashland, mechanic; Hastings, Verne D., Medford, laborer; Hedgepeth, James D., Gold Hill, farmer; Henselman, Edward G., Medford, electrician; Henry, Rupert J., Rt. 4, Medford, orchardist; Hersey, James H., Ashland, laborer; Heard, Noel W., Ashland, miller; Herring, James G., Medford, salesman; Herbert, Augustus, Ashland, laborer; Hesselgrave, Fred, Central Point, farmer; Hill, Thomas, Ashland, grocer; Hill, Howard A., Medford, orchardist; High, Nathan L., Ashland, blacksmith; Hibbard, Josiah, Butte Falls, clerk; Howard, Charles B., Medford, state mgr.; Howard, Roy L., Rt. 2, Medford, farmer; Howard, W. M., Rt. 2, Medford, farmer; Hopkins, Al, Rt. 1, Ashland, farmer; Hogan, M. N., Medford, salesman; Huber, E. F., Medford, laborer; Hughes, James M., Ashland, painter; Hughes, Lem H., Rt. 4, Medford, orchardist; Hughes, Wm. H., Butte Falls, laborer; Hutchison, Clarence I., Medford, merchant; Humphrey, Charles, Eagle Point, farmer; Huenergardt, Henry, Medford, gardener.
    Isaacs, Frank, Medford, manager; Isaacs, Wm. F., Medford, merchant; Isaacson, J. O., Central Point, Ore., ins. agent.
    Jeschke, Curt, Medford, mechanic; Joy, A. C., Ashland, farmer; Johnson, Samuel, Ashland, farmer; Judy, Norman, Rt. 1, Medford, farmer; Jordan, A. E., Ashland, laborer; Jordan, Wm., Applegate, farmer.
    Kelts, John A., Ashland, laborer; Kenley, F. C., Rt. 1, Medford, orchardist; Kincaid, Demmer, Ashland, farmer; Knight, Geo. L., Medford, real estate; Kubli, Kaspar J., Applegate, farmer.
    Lacy, Wm., Central Point, farmer; Latham, P. C., Medford, laborer; Laidley, Wm. Glenn, Medford, r.e. agent; Lance, Floyd G., Gold Hill, farmer; Lane, Clarence, Ashland, merchant; Lamb, Benj., Talent, orchardist; Lawrence, John F., Medford, jeweler; Leavitt, H. H., Ashland, retired; Lewis, Oscar, Jacksonville, merchant; Lindsey, Wm. C., Ashland, farmer; Linn, Jas. L., Eagle Point, orchardist; Lofland, Percy D., Central Point, farmer; Love, J. G., Central Point, orchardist; Lowe, Oscar D., Ashland, farmer; Lowe, D. M., Ashland, Rt. 2, farmer; Lull, Edward R., Central Point, farmer; Luman, Charles W., Medford, merchant.
    Martin, Paul, Rt. 3, Medford, farmer; Mason, Geo. S., Ashland, laborer; Mayfield, Howard, Central Point, farmer; McNair, Harry D., Ashland, garageman; McDonald, George, RFD, Ashland, farmer; McKee, Amos, Jacksonville, farmer; McCoy, J. W., Medford, retired; McCracken, J. R., Ashland, farmer; McCurley, P. H., Rt. 2, Medford, mechanic; Mee, Anderson, Applegate, farmer; Miller, E. G., Rt. 2, Medford, farmer; Moffatt, J. A., Medford, merchant; Moore, Harry G., Medford, clerk; Moore, Earl F., Gold Hill, laborer; Moore, C. R., Lake Creek, farmer; Moore, Charles, Ashland, farmer; Myers, O. V., Medford, garageman.
    Neil, Jesse, RFD, Ashland, stockman; Niedermeyer, Otto, Rt. 2, Medford, farmer; Newland, Cecil B., Medford, florist; Nichols, Geo. W. Jr., Medford, stockman; Nichols, Gus, Eagle Point, stockman; Nicewood, Grover C., Central Point, Rt. 2, farmer; Norris, Alf, Jacksonville, merchant; Norris, Tom, Ruch, miner; Noble, Geo. W., Ashland, farmer.
    O'Kelly, Fred, Rogue River, merchant; Oswald, Ben J., Eagle Point, logger.
    Palmer, John B., Rogue River, photographer; Palmer, B. J., Medford, laborer; Pankey, L. H., Ashland, farmer; Pardee, James S., Medford, laborer; Parks, D. B., Medford, laborer; Patterson, Sylvester, Ashland, retired; Pettegrew, Fred, Eagle Point, farmer; Piche, Al, Medford, merchant; Porter, Irving, Ashland, musician; Porter, Geo. W., Medford, merchant; Potter, John W., Ashland, service sta.; Poley, Wilmer M., Ashland, retired; Prentice, Harry, Medford, salesman; Pryor, Thos. D., Ashland, retired; Pullen, T. J., Eagle Point, laborer; Purdin, Fred A., Medford, merchant.
    Ray, Mathew W., Ruch, farmer; Randles, Joseph E., Ashland, farmer; Reichstein, Chas., Medford, fuel co.; Reames, Harry W., Phoenix, farmer; Reter, Raymond R., Medford, mgr. fruit co.; Roberts, John E., Rt. 1, Medford, farmer; Rose, Oscar E., Medford, gardener; Ruger, John, Ashland, clerk.
    Sandoz, P. E., Trail, farmer; Sands, Henry H., Rt. 1, Ashland, farmer; Saltmarsh, Glenn, Jacksonville, farmer; Saylor, Claude, Medford, barber; Sears, Harley L., Rt. 1, Medford, farmer; Semon, Clarence, Medford, contractor; Shirley, J. W., Medford, clerk; Semon, Russell, Medford, contractor; Seegmiller, R. H., Central Point, Rt. 2, farmer; Scheffel, Howard V., Medford, merchant; Schultz, Henry, Central Point, farmer; Schoepen, Anton, Medford, florist; Schade, Larry J., Medford, jeweler; Shaw, Robert J., Ashland, farmer; Sherard, Albert, Ashland, laborer; Sherwood, Richard, Medford, carpenter; Shoudy, Berkley M., Ashland, laborer; Sidley, M. J., Lake Creek, farmer; Silliman, E. C., Medford, merchant; Singleton, Wallace W., Medford, merchant; Skeate, G. H., Medford, farmer; Smith, Jesse A., Ashland, laborer; Smith, John E., Gold Hill, farmer; Smith, Clifford, Medford, laborer; Smith, Lloyd, RFD, Gold Hill, chemist; Spencer, Geo. C., Ashland, laborer; Stephenson, Orvis, Rt. 2, Medford, farmer; Stevens, J. B., Central Point, laborer; Steward, C. T., Medford, merchant; Stille, C. T., Trail, farmer; Stoddard, N. B., Butte Falls, farmer; Straube, Fred, Jacksonville, farmer; Strahan, Frank C., Eagle Point, laborer; Strahan, Philip G., Rogue River, farmer; Stuart, Gilbert, Medford, contractor; Sweet, Lewis, Beagle, farmer; Swing. M. J., RFD, Medford, mechanic.
    Territt, Dade R., Medford, mgr., Pantorium; Thomas, Albert W., Rt. 1, Ashland, farmer; Throckmorton, Elmo, Applegate, farmer; Thompson, E. D., Rogue River, farmer; Treichler, Geo. L., Central Point, farmer; Trusty, Geo. W., Trail, farmer.
    Wait, Perry L., Gold Hill, farmer; Walz, Ernest L., Rt. 1, Medford, farmer; Ward, Raymond C., Rt. 4, Medford, orchardist; Weills, John C. S., Medford, emp. O.-O. Lbr. Co.; Weis, Charles, Ashland, laborer; Wenner, Gerald, Ashland, clerk; White, Earl, Jacksonville, machinist; Weston, Gus, Medford, retired; Williams, Leo B., Medford, mechanic; Wiley, F. E., Central Point; merchant; Wilson, Erastus Wm., Rogue River, laborer; Wing, Chas., Medford, real estate; Wortman, Joseph F., Rt. 1, Medford, farmer; Wright, E. J., Sams Valley, farmer.
    Ulrich Lewis, Medford, merchant; Ulrich, Roy, Rt. 1, Ashland, farmer.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 20, 1932, page 5

    For the term of federal court to open here October 4, the names of 45 trial jurors in Jackson and Josephine counties were announced in Portland today. Several of those listed are deceased and some others have moved from here.
    The list follows:
    Isaac Best, Grants Pass; Bert Bigelow, Williams; James Clem Blodgett, Williams; Fred Britton, Grants Pass; Austin B. Brownell, Grants Pass; C. C. Brown, Kerby; R. E. Carter, Provolt; Sumner Chase, Grants Pass; E. Chailson, Grants Pass; O. L. Cornwall, Medford; Frank P. Dutton, Medford; George A. Edwards, Medford; Bruce Fleming, Medford.
    Fletcher Fish, Talent; Henry W. Frame, Talent; A. L. Gall, Medford; Karl Hammerbacher, Grants Pass; W. C. Hawk, Medford; Wm. A. Hanna, Medford; Ed B. Hawkins, Applegate; Frank Hollis, Medford; C. L. Houser, Grants Pass; Fred G. Isham, Grants Pass; Edward Kinney, Ashland.
    Orlan D. Knifong, Grants Pass; Harry Laipple, Grants Pass; E. C. Lockwood, Phoenix; James Lockie, Ashland; L. R. Loesch, Murphy; John R. Pittenger, Ashland; C. H. Record, Waldo; Frances P. Salter, Medford; Russell Seamon, Medford; R. J. Shaw, Ashland; J. J. Simmerville, Butte Falls; E. C. Silliman, Medford.
    Theodore F. Stiewig, Merlin; Ben J. Trowbridge, Medford; Wilford Vincent Murphy; Raymond C. Ward, Phoenix; Edwin M. White, Medford; Carl Williams, Grants Pass; W. H. Wisecarver, Williams; P. E. Wynkoop, Medford; George R. Young, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 21, 1932, page 1

    The jury list for the October term of the circuit court, which starts Monday, October 24, has been drawn. A new grand jury, comprised of the first seven names drawn from the jury box, will be convened. The jury list is as follows:
Ruth W. Sparrow, Central Point, housewife.
Edward G. Henselman, Medford, electrician.
Charles Wells, Ashland. laborer.
Edith W. Patton, Valley View Drive, Medford, housewife.
James M. Hughes, Ashland, painter.
Charles A. Burns, Ashland R.F.D. No. 1, farmer.
Geo. L. Knight, Medford, real estate.
Wm. Jordan, Applegate, farmer.
Chas. S. Edwards, Medford, laborer.
Curt Jeschke, Medford, mechanic.
Fred Pettigrew, Eagle Point, farmer.
Louise Grimes, Central Point, housewife.
John C. S. Weills, Medford, emp. O.O. Lbr. Co.
F. E. Wiley, Central Point, merchant.
H. O. Butterfield, Ashland, laborer.
Clarence Lane, Ashland, merchant.
P. H. McCurley, Medford, R.F.D. No. 2, mechanic.
Wm. T. Grieve, Eagle Point, lumberman.
Charles Wing, Medford, real estate.
Roy M. Brown, Medford, salesman.
Charles F. Angle, Medford, rancher.
Clyde S. Eakin, Medford, auto dealer.
John B. Harrell, Ashland, mechanic.
Jesse Neil, Ashland, R.F.D., stockman.
John S. Catey, Central Point, R.F.D. No. 1, farmer.
Fred Straube, Jacksonville, farmer.
Jesse A. Smith, Ashland, laborer.
Fred O'Kelly, Rogue River, merchant.
Winifred B. Carpenter, Medford, housewife.
D. B. Parks, Medford, laborer.
C. E. Cook, Prospect, miner.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 10, 1932, page 5

    The jury list for 1933, composed of 250 names, drawn from the tax rolls and poll books of Jackson County, has been formally approved by the county court. Practically every large precinct in the county is represented, with the exception of Prospect. The grand jury and petit jury for the term of the circuit court starting
January 27 will be drawn from the list.
    The jurors are apportioned as follows:
    Ashland 63, Medford proper 48, Medford, rural routes, 37; Central Point 18, Eagle Point 7, Trail 13, Talent 17, Phoenix 6, Jacksonville 8, Pinehurst 3, Lake Creek 2, Gold Hill 9, Rogue River 3, Wimer 2, Butte Falls 4, Sams Valley 2, Colestin, Copper, Ruch, Beagle, Applegate, Siskiyou, one each, the balance being scattered.
    Abbott, Laura (Mrs.), housewife; Aitkens, Clara M., Ashland, housewife; Andrews, Grace E., Ashland, housewife; Ashpole, Roy, Eagle Point, merchant; Anderson, Elda F., Ashland, 685 Boulevard, housewife; Anderson, Lloyd, Medford, 322 North Oakdale, barber; Adams, Elva, Central Point, housewife; Arant, Ada, Jacksonville, Sterling Rt., housewife; Anderson, Frank E., Phoenix, pharmacist; Atkins, G. W., Medford, Route 2, farmer; Ash, L. W., Trail, laborer; Allen, Walter Ray, Eagle Point, rancher; Ayres, Amos, Medford, 721 South Peach, laborer; Bigham, Earl L., Central Point, Route 2, farmer; Brown, E. J., Applegate, farmer; Benson, Axel, Medford, Route 2, farmer; Brock, Mabel, Medford, housewife; Bates, Mrs. Mazie A., Ashland, 112 Nob Hill, housewife; Brown, Geo. B., Brownsboro, farmer; Bybee, James Wm., Jacksonville, farmer; Beebe, Walter B., Ashland, Route 1, farmer; Benedict, Mae (Miss), Ashland, 219 Mountain Avenue, housekeeper.
    Birdseye, Victor F., Foots Creek, farmer; Belknap, L. F., Medford, Route 4, minister; Burns, Cordie O., Central Point, Route 1, housewife; Brewer, C. M., Medford, 1311 E. Main, manager Copco; Blaylock, Marvin E., Medford, 1025 W. Tenth, electrician; Bellinger, Minnie B., Medford, 125 N. Holly, housewife; Brandon, Martha A., Medford, 142 N. Ivy, housewife; Brown, Edw. E., Central Point, farmer; Bergstrom, Chas. L., Ashland, 467 Chestnut, laborer; Brooks, Elliott P., Medford, Mary Street, laborer; Brewer, F. L., Medford, 41 Ross Court, clerk; Burke, Fred, Medford, 531 Penn. Ave., laborer; Billings, L. G., Talent, civil engineer; Billings, Newman, Central Point, Rt. 1, service station; Blackford, Olive, Central Point, Route 1, housewife; Bell, Thos. J. Jr., Talent, farmer; Beck, James H., Medford, laborer; Bailey, Everett, Talent, Route 1, farmer; Brooks, A. I., Rogue River, farmer; Barto, Vivian Norman, Wimer, housewife; Buckley, James, Ruch, farmer; Buck, Gerald, Jacksonville, farmer; Blaess, Chas. E., Trail, merchant.
    Case, Clarence F., Sams Valley, laborer; Chattin, Mrs. Jessie A., Ashland 313 Hargadine, housewife; Carley, R. E., Medford, Route 2, shipping clerk; Crawford, W. Raymond, Medford, Route 2, Box 40A, mechanic; Childs, Roy R., Medford, Route 1, farmer; Cook, Earl H., Gold Hill, laborer; Conger, Henry Elsworth, Medford, Route 2, farmer; Crouch, Frank, Ashland, 148 Central, mgr. Swift and Co.; Coy, Wm., Eagle Point, truck driver; Charley, Millroy, Climax, farmer; Conner, S. H., Foots Creek, electrical engineer; Clark, Oscar B., Gold Hill, R.F.D., laborer; Cota, Josephine, Gold Hill, housewife; Chapman, Alvin B., Ashland, laborer; 
Culbertson, Homer W., Ashland, 309 Bridge, student; Clark, Frank C., Medford, 1917 E. Main; Charley, L. C., Medford, 305 N. Grape, farmer; Crane, Wm. A., Central Point, salesman; Carter, Hester, Ashland, 321 Alta Avenue, laborer; Cass, Chas. E., Medford, 1004 E. Main, mechanic; Cupp, Jno., Medford, 135 Vancouver, clerk; Carr, Lester, Phoenix, farmer; Combs, F. W., Talent, farmer.
    Canfield, Ira D., Phoenix, orchardist.
    Cameron, Frank, Jacksonville, farmer; Cox, Gordon, Trail, farmer; Cushman, Ethel, Trail, housewife; Conner, C. J., Pinehurst, laborer; Dodge, Mrs. Jessie Edwards, Ashland, housewife; Doty, Roscoe L., Medford, lumberman; Davis, U. Grant, Ashland, millwright; Danford, Kitie, Ashland, housewife; Darling, Cynthia T., Ashland, housewife; Davies, Samuel S., Ashland, laborer; Deter, Theo., Colstein, logger; Davis, O. L., Central Point, farmer; Duggan, J. F., Central Point, farmer; Doty, W. D., Medford, laborer; Dizney, Henderson T. Medford, laborer; Dunn, P. Henry, Medford, engineer; Driskell, W. W., Butte Falls, laborer; Davenhill, Elizabeth E., Ashland, housewife; Dixon, B. C., Talent, service station; Dimick, Edw. Ebb, Rogue River, farmer; Dickey, Joanna, Medford, housewife; Ditsworth, Hobart A., Trail, lineman; DeCarlow, Chas. W., Ashland, farmer; Dunlap, Bertha, Eagle Point, housewife; Davis, Guy E., Medford, laborer; Engle, Fred S., Ashland, insurance; Emery, Hazel, Ashland, housewife; Ellis, Chester, Butte Falls, laborer; Erskine, Noel, Medford, music teacher; Estes, Rankin, Medford, pool hall; Eads, Geo. Henry, Medford, transfer business; Enders, Henry G., Jr., Ashland, merchant; Eicher, Claron, Central Point, laborer; Edwards, H. N., Medford, clerk; Frink, Sadie L, Beagle, housewife; Fisk, Geo. Norman, Medford, farmer; Ferguson, Wm. Homer, Gold Hill, farmer; Franco, Lulua B., Ashland, housewife; Firestone, James M., Ashland, laborer; Fry, Geo. D., Medford, clerk; Field, Harvey J., Medford, clerk; Fredette, H. C., Medford, retired; Furry, R. S., Phoenix; farmer; Frink, Lem G., Talent, farmer; Frost, Eugene, Medford, laborer; Farrell, J. G., Medford, farmer.
    Gerber, Doris, Central Point, housewife; Grimes, J. A., Medford, teamster; Gowland, Alice E., Ashland, housekeeper; Grissom, Lucy, Climax, housewife; Gyger, Ed, Ashland, mechanic; Gearhart, Howard H., Ashland, laborer; Garrett, J. L., Medford, merchant; Greene, Horace, Medford, truck driver; Goldy, Geo. W., Ashland, lumberman; Garner, J. E., Medford, caretaker; Glenn, Mary E., Talent, housewife; Green, Roan J., Medford, truck driver; Greenwood, Frank O., Rogue River, farmer; Gray, Lincoln, Ruch, farmer; Greene, Geo., Pinehurst, farmer; Garrison, P. I., Copper, forest service; Grim, John, Medford, laborer; Hannah, Lillie, Trail, housewife; Hankins, Oreg, Applegate, farmer; Herbert, Russell L., Ashland, grocery clerk; Hockenyos, W. J., Medford, gardener; Hofbeck, Chas., Medford, farmer; Hammersley, Geo. R., Gold Hill, merchant; Hanley, Mary, Lake Creek, housekeeper; Hoover, Chas. C., Medford, farmer; Harder, B. C., Medford, banker; Hash, Walter, Ashland, farmer; Hammel, W. E., Eagle Point, farmer; Holmes, Geo. B., Eagle Point, garage; Henderson, Thomas A., Gold Hill, miner; Howard, Chas. B., Ashland, service sta.; Hardy, Frances G., Ashland, housewife; Hammett, Harry, Medford, farmer; Hanson, Will, Medford, orchardist; Holmes, R. C., Medford, real estate; Huber, Frank J., Medford, laborer; Hamrick, Marian, Central Point, laborer; Hill, J. L., Medford, retired; Hooker, Wm. C., Medford, orchardist; Harrison, R. T., Medford, chauffeur; Howard, Otto Z., Medford, mechanic; Hall, Harley, Jacksonville, farmer; Hughes, Timothy R., Medford, farmer; Hackler, L. S., Talent, farmer; Holdridge, Wayne L., Talent, student; Harris, W. P., Phoenix. rancher; Houston, Frank W., Talent, farmer; Hannah, J. B., Trail, farmer; Houston, Sanford, Trail, farmer; Hill, Frances D., Eagle Point, housewife; Hansen, Henry, Medford, farmer.
    Jorgensen, Rasmus C., Gold Hill, farmer; Jillson, Alice, Ashland, housewife; Jackson, Wellington C., Ashland, carpenter; Jones, K. D., Butte Falls, mason; Jordan, J. H., Siskiyou, salesman; Joy, Beulah M., Ashland, housewife; Judy, Justin E., Medford, farmer; Jammerthel, Leo, Ashland, laborer; Jewett, Anna L., Phoenix, housewife; Jennings, Ralph G., Medford, farmer; Jackson, Frank R., Rogue River, miner; Kelly, Agnes Cantwell, Medford, housewife; Kramer, Geo. N., Ashland, retired; Kubli, Edw. W., Applegate, farmer; Kneebone, Ethel May, Ashland, housewife; Klingle, Alice R., Lake Creek, housewife; Kincaid, Luke, Eagle Point, farmer; Kurz, E. P., Eagle Point, farmer; Kincaid, Archie R., Barron, farmer; Kidd, C. M., Medford, merchant; Knox, Leland J., Medford, teacher; Koyl, Minnie J., Ashland, housewife; Kleinhammer, Mary E., Jacksonville, housewife; Knips, W. G., Medford, farmer; Kerby, Henry G., Talent, farmer; Klingler, S. D., Phoenix, laborer; Knutzen, Hester, Copper, housewife; Kellogg, Sylvia L., Medford, housewife; Lindsay, Chas., Ashland, farmer; Lewis, Wm., Eagle Point, farmer; Long, Claude H., Ashland, farmer; Lammey, Chas. S., Central Point, farmer; Lydiard, Grace D., Ashland, housewife; Lowd, Ralph D., Medford, miner; Lowden, Wm., Medford, farmer; Lytle, Robert, Talent, farmer; Lynch, Harry S. Talent, farmer; Loomis, Forrest, Ashland, farmer; Lewis, Newton, Jacksonville, farmer; Lusk, J. C., Medford, farmer; Lucas, Elmer B., Beagle, farmer.
    McCallen, A. J., Ashland, clerk; Miller, Walter Lee, Applegate, farmer; Martin, Claude W., Gold Hill, farmer; Moore, Mary Ellen, Lake Creek, housewife; Miles, Claude, Butte Falls, merchant; Morris, Jasper H., Siskiyou, laborer; McKinney, Jess, Gold Hill, laborer; Miles, Willard, Ashland, farmer; Muirhead, Walter H., Medford, manufacturer; Myer, Anna L., Ashland, housewife; Miller, A. H., Medford, merchant; Myers, Riley, Central Point, farmer; McCracken, Lillian E., Talent, housewife; Matney, John, Ruch, farmer; McElfresh, Howard G., Pinehurst, farmer; Millard, D. E., Medford, real estate; Murphy, J. C., Medford, farmer; Norris, Wm. B., Siskiyou, farmer; Newman, Robert, Medford, painter; Nye, S. G., Talent, farmer; Newbry, Earl T., Talent, farmer; Neathammer, Jim Wm., Rogue River, farmer; Nahas, Chas. T., Medford, farmer; Nelson, Frank, Medford, farmer; Netherland, Frank D., Trail, farmer; Olson, Marmie E., Medford, electrician; Obrien, James A., Applegate, farmer; O'Brien, Lawrence C., Butte Falls, farmer; Olds, Everett S., Ashland, carpenter; Orr, Albert E., Medford, merchant; Offenbacher, John, Ruch, farmer; Olson, E., Medford, stenographer; Putnam, Myrtle, Ashland, housewife; Pankey. L. H., Ashland, farmer; Perry, H. H., Eagle Point, farmer; Peters, Samuel A., Ashland, laborer; Presnell, C. C., Ashland, carpenter; Powell, H. D., Medford, surveyor; Perry, Arthur, Medford, reporter; Porter, Ruth A., Ashland, housewife; Putney, Marie Iverson, Medford, housewife; Powell, J. E., Medford, laborer; Pankey, Tyson G., Central Point, farmer; Putman, Geo. F., Phoenix, rancher; Pennington, L., Medford, battery shop; Porter, E. H., Medford, retired; Peterson, John, Medford, caretaker; Pence, Ed., Trail, laborer; Phipps, Mary E., Medford, housekeeper; Pratt, Alice F., Ashland, nurse; Perry, Wm., Eagle Point, farmer.
    Ryan, Luke, Central Point, farmer; Rowden, John, Applegate, farmer; Ruhl, Robert, Medford, editor; Ritzinger, Faye, Central Point, farmer; Richmond, Clyde R., Central Point, farmer; Robison, R. E., Talent, farmer; Raimey, Tom, Trail, farmer; Smith, Mary S., Ashland, housewife; Sanderson, Agnes, Gold Hill, housewife; Schilling, Harvey M., Ashland, civil engineer; Schehle, Earl T., Medford, farmer; Specht, Dorothy F., Ashland, housewife; Sackett, Dewey W., Ashland, laborer; Stearns, Mabel M., Ashland, housewife; Spencer, Mary, Ashland, housewife; Sherard, Albert, Ashland, retired; Saltmarsh, Glenn, Jacksonville, farmer; Schmidt, A., Medford, contractor; Stancliffe, Bert, Phoenix, farmer; Stille, John C., Trail, farmer; Simonds, W. H., Eagle Point, farmer; Sander, Charity R., Medford, housewife; Tuttle, Oscar, Ashland, fireman; Tilley, Ross, Siskiyou, laborer; Tyree, Darwin G., Medford, manager Copco; Timmons, John W., Central Point, farmer; Train, O. W., Rogue River, farmer; Timmons, Florence L., Medford, housewife; Unruh, Harry R., Medford, farmer; Vroman, Clinton D., Medford, farmer; Wild, John E., Ashland, laborer; Welty. W. H., Medford, farmer; Whittle, W. David, Ashland, transfer man; Wolf, Julius P., Ashland, laborer; Wilson, Donald H., Central Point, student; Waddell, Alice, Central Point, housewife; Weagant, Harry, Talent, farmer; Webb, Nathan A., Central Point, farmer; Williams, Charley, Rogue River, farmer; White, Edwin J., Medford, farmer; Wortman, J. Frank, Medford, farmer; Watkins, Robt., Jacksonville, farmer; Warner, Fred J., Trail, farmer; Young, M. W., Medford, orchardist.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 31, 1933, page 1; February 1, 1933, page 10

    Ed. Note: Accusation by the Daily News on February 3 that supporters of L. A. Banks, News publisher, had been stricken from the tentative jury list through intrigue of the Mail Tribune is refuted in the following statement by R. E. Nealon, county commissioner:
To the Editor:
    In order that the public may know the truth, relative to the published and spoken charges of County Judge Fehl, that the "jury list was tampered with," I request that you publish the following statement:
    The charges are groundless.
    The tentative list of jurors was drawn in the regular and legal manner from the poll books, each member of the court, having a book, and each drawing six names from each precinct. The tentative list was then returned to the clerk for checking to see if anybody had died or moved away. The clerk's office also typed the list. The clerk's office also struck off several names for legal reasons, such as death, or removal from county.
    A week ago Judge Fehl suggested that the court approve the jury list. The tentative list was then  produced. Judge Fehl then said if there were any changes Commissioner Billings or myself desired to make, to make them. Several names were marked off. I marked off the name of Ted Heimroth, and Commissioner Billings marked off the name of A. J. Bischoff. Judge Fehl was present during the entire preceding. Names were written in to make up [for] those stricken.
    Elsie Olsen Brown, clerk to the county court, was also present.
    The jury list was then approved, and the county court adjourned, and everything was satisfactory. A few days later Judge Fehl made the charges which as before stated were groundless. Both Commissioner Billings and myself told Judge Fehl that we had marked off the names of Heimroth and Bischoff, and the reasons why we did so. Nevertheless Judge Fehl continued his contentions.
    The names of Arthur Perry and Robert W. Ruhl were placed on the jury list by Judge Fehl. He said that Mr. Ruhl was one of the best jurors he had ever seen in court, when he served as a juror several years ago.
    I believe that if the voters and taxpayers of Jackson County would investigate all sensational claims and charges, for themselves, before forming an opinion much of the distrust and suspicion now so plentiful would be eliminated.
Respectfully yours,
    R. E. NEALON,
        County Commissioner.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 5, 1933, page 1

    Eighty-one women residents of Jackson County have been drawn by the county court, on the jury list for 1934. Under Oregon law they can claim exemption from jury service, and cards they must sign to be excused were mailed this morning by the county clerk.
    From this city and environs, 104 names were drawn; from Ashland, 70; from Central Point, 25; from Eagle Point, 10; from Talent, 20; from Phoenix, 10; from Butte Falls, 5; from Rogue River, 15; from Prospect, 9; from Jacksonville, 10: and from Trail, 5. Every community of the county is listed, according to the population. Farmers and housewives predominate on the list for the year.
    From the list for the year, a jury will be drawn Monday, February 27, to serve during the February term of the circuit court which starts on that date.
    The first seven names drawn from the box, under the direction of the court, will constitute the new grand jury.
    Jurors for 1934, as drawn by the county court, from the letters "A" to "C" inclusive, are as follows:
    Avgeris, Gus S., Deter; Anderson, Elda F., Ashland; Abbott, Sylvenus. Central Point; Ambrose, J. G., Ashland; Applegate, Ernest, Ashland; Acklin, Thos. W., Ashland; Anderson, Milton, Phoenix; Ames, Constance, Medford; Anderson, John A., Central Point.
    Bradshaw, Lee, Brownsboro; Briscoe, Callie, Ashland; Bowers, Milton D., Gold Hill; Baughman, Vella, Ashland; Biede, Gertrude, Ashland; Balis, Gertrude, Ashland; Barnes, S. K., Eagle Point; Bellows, Benj., Eagle Point; Betz, Peter E., Eagle Point; Bigham, Wm., Eagle Point; Brown, Chas. A., Ashland, Rt. 1; Blake, Cordelia G., Ashland; Bohnert, Arnold, Central Point, R.F.D.; Bennett, N. S., Medford; Brown, Austie B., Ashland, Rt. 1; Boardman, Margaret, Prospect; Brophy, Vernon D., Medford, Rt. 3; Barneburg, Fred, Medford, Rt. 4; Bell, Floyd, Phoenix; Barkley, Wm. M., Phoenix; Beall, Asbury, Medford, Rt. 2; Bateman, Mabel, Ashland; Birdseye, Effie, Rogue River; Boggs, Ethel W., Medford; Binns, Ed, Medford; Brophy, Nicholas, Medford; Bundy, Edith, Medford; Britt, Emil, Jacksonville; Bailey, John W., Talent; Barlow, M. F., Talent; Borg, Carl E., Talent; Bybee, Frank, Medford, R.F.D.; Benson, Rafael, Medford, Rt. 2; Biddle, Madge R., Medford, Rt. 2; Barkdull, J. E., Medford.
    Charley, Reed, Brownsboro; Carpenter, Leonard, Medford; Clark, Donald, Medford; Coy, Bertha, Gold Hill; Carter, Wayne G., Ashland; Carlton, Mildred F., Central Point; Chase, Harry C., Central Point; Carson, O. F., Ashland, Ore.; Clause, Chas. W., Ashland; Caton, Francis L., Sams Valley; Crandall, E. A., Eagle Point; Carter, F. S., Ashland, Rt. 1; Cook, Ethel L., Ashland; Chaney, Violet H., Talent; Cantrall, John, Medford; Collins, Samuel C., Central Point; Carver, Fay, Phoenix; Caster, Otto, Medford, Rt. 4; Cochran, John H., Rogue River, Rt. 3; Cox, W. A., Pinehurst; Cummings, Helen H., Medford; Cantrall, Miles, Ruch; Currier, W. J., Medford; Colvig, Nina, Medford; Childers, Elmer, Medford; Cave, Willard E., Medford; Chitwood, Minnie A., Jacksonville; Crawford, Belle, Talent; Childers, Frank, Gold Hill.

Medford Mail Tribune, February 1, 1934, page 5

    The jury list for Jackson County for 1934, as drawn by the county court, and including all names in alphabetical order from the letter "C" is as follows:
    Daley, Mary, Medford; Dinkins, W. W., Beagle; Dunn, Laura, Ashland; Dodge, Ina, Ashland; Dunn, Nellie I., Ashland; Dugan, T. C., Medford; Davisson, H. W., Central Point; Dean, Geo. B., Medford; Dole, Edward, Gold Hill; Dixon, Helen W., Medford; Dew, I. A., Medford (Jacksonville Star Rt.); Dunnington, Cliff, Jacksonville (Star Rt.); Damon, Lloyd Loren, Lake Creek; Ditsworth, Frank, Trail.
    Ellis, Harry B., Beagle; Emery, Harry C., Ashland; Edmondson, Augustus Earl, Butte Falls; Earhart, Frank L., Medford; Evans, Ella, Jacksonville; Edington, W. W., Gold Hill; Eubanks, Amanda, Ashland; Elden, John W., Central Point.
    Farlow, Thos. L., Lake Creek; Fisher, L. M., Gold Hill; Fitzgerald, Jerome F., Gold Hill; Foley, Frank, Medford (Gen. Del.); Ferns, Hazel I., Ashland; Finley, Clemma, Central Point; Fredenburg, Bessie E., Central Point; Force, Paul, Eagle Point; French, Jas. Henry, Eagle Point; Freeman, Leonard J. Central Point; Florey, Mildred Neil, Medford; Fehige, Frank, Ashland; Fields, Geo., Provolt; Furry, Milo F, Phoenix; Ferns, Ralph Lovell, Phoenix; Fish, Raymond S., Phoenix; Frame, Henry W., Talent, Rt. 1; Ferry, J. G., Medford, Rt. 2; Frideger, I. R., Ashland; Fowler, Elizabeth, Rogue River; Flynn, Diamond L., Medford; Freeman, Wm. J., Central Point.
    Geppert, Horace Joseph, Butte Falls; Gibson, Ben H., Ashland (Star Rt.); Grant, Walter A., Central Point, Rt. 1; Gray, Chas. E., Gold Hill; Givan, Chas. L., Eagle Point; Grimes, W. P., Central Point; Gay, Chas. B., Medford; Goff, C. L., Medford; Grantham, Josie M., Medford; Gyger, Jackson, Ashland, Rt. 1; Gregory, Wm. Wiley, Medford, Rt. 3; Garrett, Marsh, Eagle Point; Gustin, H. W., Medford, Rt. 2; Griggs, Alice, Gold Hill; Gelles, Margaret C., Rogue River, Rt. 1; Galbraith, Geo. A., Talent; Goddard, Ormy, Talent; Griffin, H. L., Medford; Green, Fred W., Medford; Gass, Cliff, Medford, Rt. 1.
    Hibbard, Josiah G., Butte Falls; Hildreth, Ethan Allen, Butte Falls; Hubbard, Chester, Medford; Hoefs, Alice, Jacksonville; Hammersley, John, Gold Hill; Hittle, Wm. W., Gold Hill; Houston, Wm. Thos.,  Central Point, Rt. 1; Howe, Irwin H., Trail; Hutchinson, Ervin, Trail; Hay, Mary, Central Point; Holeman, Wm. R., Eagle Point; Homes, Elizabeth Myer, Ashland; Hamrick, John W., Central Point; Head, Henry Warren, Central Point; Hussong, Laura, Medford; Hall, Sydney W., Ashland; Hastings, D. Verne, Ashland; Heard, Neal, Ashland; Hamlin, Lloyd E., Central Point, Rt. 1; Hartley, Chas. Clinton, Talent, Rt. 1; Harker, J. H., Ashland; Harrison, Benjamin, Gold Hill, Rt. 1; Hatch, Elizabeth I., Rogue River; Hatch, Lindon K., Rogue River; Hostutler, J. K., Rogue River; Howell, Cheney H., Medford; Hill, Dewey S., Prospect; Hill, L. C. Sr., Talent; Holdridge, Chas. W., Talent; Hall, Phila H., Medford; Heimroth, Ted, Medford, Rt. 1; Hamlin, C. A., Medford; Hoelting, Helen M., Medford.
    Isaacson, Jessie, Central Point; Isaacs, Frank, Medford.
    Jennings, Mrs. Barbara, Medford; Joy, Albert C., Ashland; Johnson, M. S., Gold Hill; Jones, Geo. W., Ashland; Janney, Louise Eldred, Medford; Jacobs, Myrtle C., Talent; Jones, R. Earl, Talent.
    Klingle, Alice R., Lake Creek; Kay, Daniel F., Ashland; Kinney, Albert, Ashland; Kent, Arthur, Eagle Point; Kline, I. R., Central Point (residence Eagle Point); Kellogg, W. H., Medford; Knitzen, Frank D., Applegate; Kaegi, Melvine, Ashland; Kincaid, Elmer, Talent; Kyle, Rose, Medford; Kime, Wilbur, Medford, Rt. 1.
    Loomis, Forrest, Ashland (Star Rt.); Love, Jas. G., Central Point; Luy, Fred, Jr., Eagle Point; Lathrop, A. T., Central Point; Lennox, Isabel M., Talent; Lowd, Mabel, Ashland; Lamport, Edward H., Medford, Rt. 4; Lester, Joseph E., Medford, Rt. 2; Lacy, Lloyd, Talent; Lewis, Oscar, Jacksonville; Logan, Robert C., Talent, Rt. 1; Langley, Ernest A., Jacksonville; LeVander, R. E., Talent; Luy, Geo. H., Medford.
    Meyer, Delilia Stevens, Medford, Rt, 3; Marean, Chas. F., Ashland; May, Mary I., Ashland; Madden, Nellie R., Ashland; Mitchell, Wm. C., Ashland. Mittelstaedt, Jessie, Eagle Point; Myer, Cedric W., Ashland; Mee, Thos., Applegate; Mast, John M., Medford, Rt. 4; Marx, Harry, Medford, Rt. 1; Maust, O. C., Medford, Rt. 4; Myers, Birdeen, Medford, Rt. 2; Morse, F. A., Talent; Martin, Roy V., Medford; Mason, Henry, Talent; Middlebusher, Mary E., Medford; Moran, J. E., Medford; Mee, Eugene, Ruch.
    Noblit, Herbert Linard, Medford; Neeley, Muriel, Ashland; Nance, Ida G., Ashland; Norcross, W. H., Central Point; Nutter, Frank L., Ashland, R.F.D.; Norris, Myron J., Medford, Rt. 1; Nicholson, W. E., Medford, Rt. 2; Nye, Stephen A., Talent, Rt. 1; Niedermeyer, Carl F., Medford, Rt. 2; Nelson, Mamie, Jacksonville; Newbry, E. Lester, Talent; Norris, John Alexander, Jacksonville.
    Oven, John S., Medford. Rt. 3; O'Brien, Barbara, Medford; Opp, John, Jacksonville; Owen, Jas., Eagle Point; O'Brien, John Willard, Applegate.
    Parker, Clement M., Medford; Plank, J. E., Rogue River; Peil, Alice A., Ashland; Pennington, Ella, Medford (Star Rt.); Pittenger, John R., Ashland; Pernoll, John W., Applegate; Phipps, Preston, Medford; Pierce, Guy, Medford, Rt. 3; Pomeroy, Wm., Beagle; Perry, Mrs. Mary, Sams Valley; Pence, David, Trail; Poley, Wilmer, Ashland; Pagel, Alice W., Ashland, Rt. 1; Paxson, Lelia M., Central Point; Pankey, Betta, Central Point; Penwell, Bertha May, Medford; Phelan, R. K., Medford; Penland, L. O., Talent; Petri, W. M., Talent; Parker, W. K., Central Point, Route 1; Payne, Richard, Medford; Pruitt, Roy, Medford; Patton, Chas. I., Butte Falls.
    Quackenbush, Carl F., Central Point, Rt. 3.
    Ray, Mollie, Ruch; Reed, Frank A., Talent; Russell, Robert, Siskiyou; Roberts, Roscoe W., Medford, Rt. 4; Rogers, Oliver, Medford; Redford, Hazel B., Ashland; Reed, Wesley E., Ashland; Reed, H. D., Gold Hill; Ross, Floyd, Central Point; Robinett, Rose Taverner, Ashland; Rookard, Wm. C., Medford; Reames, Harry W., Phoenix; Roberts, John E., Phoenix; Raymond, Ralph R., Medford.
    Stead, G. B., Rogue River; Sandry, Doris Wray, Rogue River; Scott, Richard G., Rogue River; Sander, Fred C., Medford, Eagle Pt. Star Rt.; Stevens, Ralph E., Ashland; Straus, Albert, Sams Valley; Smith, Elizabeth M., Ashland; Schulz, Wm. H., Medford; Simpson, Glenn E., Ashland; Stevens, Andrew E., Talent, Rt. 1; Shepherd, A. W., Medford, Rt. 4; Smith, Robert R., Gold Hill, Rt. 1; Stevenson, Walter, Gold Hill, Rt. 1; Strahan, Wm. C., Rogue River; Stam, C. H., Rogue River; Smylie, J. W., Medford, Rt. 2; Stratton, Frank, Talent, Rt. 1; Sims, Mabel, Medford, Rt. 2; Stennett, Mary A., Medford; Shirley, Ralph H., Medford; Singler, Rosetta, Medford; Stacy, Chas. D., Medford.
    Teal, Perl A., Ashland; Tucker, L. B., Trail; Tepper, Arthur, Ashland, Rt. 1; Treichler, Geo. L., Medford (residence Central Point); Taylor, Paul K., Ashland; Truax, Geo. A., Applegate; Thomas, Albert W., Ashland, Rt. 1; Terwilliger, D., Medford, Route 2; Thompson, Edw. Doty, Rogue River, Rt. 1; TouVelle, F. L., Jacksonville; Tomlin, John, Medford, Rt. 2; Tule, S. S., Central Point, Rt. 1; Taylor, Edwin H., Ruch.
    Upton, Frank E., Central Point, Rt. 2; Ulrich, Earl, Prospect.
    VanProoyen, Henry, Ashland; Van Dyke, Esther, Medford, Rt. 4.
    West, Laura M., Medford; Walker, Millie, Gold Hill; Wagner, Stella Case, Ashland; Wilson, Elmer E., Medford; Wenner, Wm. H., Ashland; Ward, Raymond C., Medford, Rt. 4; Willett, A. H., Medford, Rt. 4; Whiteside, Alta B., Medford, Rt. 2; Wild, John E., Ashland; Whipple, James Melvin, Rogue River; Walden, Eli O., Medford; Wilmot, Fred J., Medford, Rt. 2; Wood, C. W., Prospect; Walter, Harvey, Talent; Wendt, Chester, Jacksonville; Williamson, Lloyd A., Medford; Wold, Jonas, Medford, Rt. 1; Ward, T. C., Rogue River, Rt. 1; Williams, Wm. Wolice, Rogue River, Rt. 1; Wertz, Lester, Climax; Weills, Josephine B., Medford, Rt. 3.
    Young, Francis M., Central Point.
    Zundel, Harold, Lake Creek.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 2, 1934, page 7

    The jury list for the term of the circuit court, starting Monday, February 26, was drawn this morning by the sheriff and county clerk, from the jury list for the year. It consists of 31 names. The name of but one woman--Josephine B. Weills of this city--was drawn.
    At the opening of court, on the above date, the first seven names drawn from the jury box will be the new grand jury.
    The jury list as drawn is as follows:
    Nicholas Brophy, Medford; Chas. E. Gray, Gold Hill; Benjamin Harrison, Gold Hill, Rt. 1; J. E. Moran, Medford; Carl E. Borg, Talent; E. Lester Newbry, Talent; Floyd Ross, Central Point; Francis M. Young, Central Point; Bennett, N. S., Medford; Josephine B. Weills, Medford, Rt. 3; Gus S. Avgeris, Deter; Donald Clark, Medford; Lloyd E. Hamlin, Central Point, Rt. 1.
    Marsh Garrett, Eagle Point; Jackson Gyger, Ashland, Rt. 1; Edward H. Lamport, Medford, Rt. 4; Eugene Mee, Ruch; Harry C. Chase, Central Point; Henry W. Frame, Talent, Rt. 1; John Willard O'Brien, Applegate; Fred C. Sander, Medford, Eagle Point Star Rt.; Cedric W. Myer, Ashland.
    O. C. Maust, Medford, Rt. 4; L. C. Hill, Sr., Talent; John S. Owen, Medford, Rt. 3; Chas. L. Givan, Eagle Point; Walter A. Grant, Central Point Rt. 1; Wesley E. Reed, Ashland; Vernon D. Brophy, Medford, Rt. 3; Herbert Linard Noblit, Medford; Wm. H. Wenner, Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 14, 1934, page 1

    The jury list for the annual Southern Oregon term of the federal court, starting next Tuesday, October 9, composed of residents of Jackson and Josephine counties, has been drawn as follows:
    Frank M. Amy, retired, Medford; J. G. Beagle, contractor, Ashland; Ward L. Beeney, bank clerk, Medford; E. K. Beldon, laborer, Grants Pass; J. N. Bestful, lumberman, Grants Pass; Sid E. Chilcoot, miner, Leland; E. E. Cobb, farmer, Merlin; Clyde Costolo, barber, Ashland; R. A. Earl, farmer, Grants Pass; Emil Bebers, merchant, Grants Pass; W. H. Giles, farmer, Grants Pass; H. G. Graves, salesman, Grants Pass; H. S. Harrison, merchant, Ashland; Fred Hervey, laborer, Kerby; H. H. Holshauser, farmer, Provolt; P. J. Houser, farmer, Grants Pass; Frank Klingle, farmer, Lake Creek; Howard L. Loud, merchant, Medford; Clarence T. Noe, barber, Medford; Mark True, farmer, Ashland, and Wallace Woods, lumberman, Medford.
    Government officials attendant upon the term of court are scheduled to arrive by train Tuesday morning. Federal Judge James Alger Fee will preside. United States District Attorney Carl G. Donaugh and United States Marshal John T. Summerville, accompanied by deputies, will also be present.
    Only a few cases are listed on either the criminal or civil docket and the term of court is expected to take but a week at the most.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 2, 1934, page 4

    First case set for the October term of the circuit court, scheduled to start next Monday, October 22, is that of Delbert Tingleaf, Eagle Point youth, against the C. E. Gates Auto Company, for $25,000 damages, allegedly incurred in an auto accident two years ago.
    Civil actions will occupy the first week. Other cases set are: Peter Rainey against A. E. Roberts, on an appeal from justice court; Myrl Merriman against John A. Perl, for alleged damages growing out of an auto accident, and Gertrude Ottinger against Lathal Stevens and others, for the alleged shooting of the Ottinger dog.
    The criminal docket is scheduled to start Thursday, November 1. The first case is that of the State against Milton Merithew, 60, of the Wimer district, charged with a statutory offense involving a minor girl.
    The second case on the docket is that of the State against Attorney T. J. Enright, charged with driving an auto while under influence of intoxicating liquor.
    A half dozen other criminal cases have not yet been set for trial.
    The jury list, from which a new grand jury will be drawn, has been drawn as follows:
Balis, Gertrude, Ashland.
LeVander, R. E., Talent.
Edington, W. W., Gold Hill.
Frideger, I. R., Ashland.
Mittelstaedt, Jessie, Eagle Point.
Stratton, Frank, Talent.
Smith, Elizabeth M., Ashland.
Daley, Mary, Medford.
Wold, Jonas, Medford.
Russell, Robert, Siskiyou.
Poley, Wilmer, Ashland.
Whipple, James Melvin, Rogue River.
Morse, F. A., Talent.
Ward, T. C., Rogue River.
Zundel, Harold, Lake Creek.
Hamrick, John W., Central Point.
French, Jas. Henry, Eagle Point.
Britt, Emil, Jacksonville.
Mee, Thos., Applegate.
Stennett, Mary A., Medford.
Reames, Harry W., Phoenix.
Damon, Lloyd Loren, Lake Creek.
Stevens, Ralph E., Ashland.
Hibbard, Josiah G., Butte Falls.
Hoefs, Alice, Jacksonville.
Plank, J. E., Rogue River.
Quackenbush, Carl F., Central Point.
Blake, Cordelia G., Ashland.
Gibson, Ben H., Ashland.
Griffin, H. L., Medford.
Pruitt, Roy, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 16, 1934, pages 1 and 3

    The jury list for the February term of the circuit court starting Monday, February 25, was drawn yesterday by the county clerk, from the 1935 jury list. Of the 31 names of county residents drawn, 22 are farmers. No woman was drawn for jury service.
    Rural routes adjacent to this city are well represented. Three of the list reside in the city limits. The Ashland district has but one name, and he resides on a rural route. Jacksonville and Gold Hill have no names drawn.
    The jury is as follows:
Finley, W. M., Medford, Rt. 2, farmer.
Williams, Wm. Wolice, Rogue River, Rt. 1, farmer.
Benson, Rafael, Medford, Rt. 2, farmer.
Hughes, Lem H., Medford, Rt. 4, farmer.
Borg, C. G., Talent, miner.
Smith, John W., Eagle Point, farmer.
Acklin, Thos. W., Ashland, R.F.D., farmer.
Faber, Everett A., Central Point, clerk.
Currier, W. J., Medford, W. 10th, laborer.
Shafer, Henry, Medford, Rt. 1, farmer.
Kime, Wilbur, Medford, Rt. 1, farmer.
Fields, Geo., Provolt, farmer.
Finley, Clemma, Central Point, merchant.
Janes, Harris B., Medford, farmer.
Collins, Samuel C., Central Point, Rt. 2, farmer.
Terwilliger, D.. Medford, Rt. 2, janitor.
Wood, C. W., Prospect, laborer.
Bigham, Wm., Eagle Point, farmer.
Parker, Clement M., Medford, farmer.
Tucker, L. B.. Trail, farmer.
Anderson, Milton. Phoenix, farmer.
Grimes, W. P., Central Point, farmer.
Dodge, Burdette L., Medford, orchardist.
Brayton, E. H., Medford, J'ville Star Rt., orchardist.
Hatch, C. S., Rogue River, farmer.
Holdridge, Charles W., Talent, farmer.
Lofland, Percy D., Central Point, Rt. 1, farmer.
Blackford, Oscar, Central Point, farmer.
Hammel, W. E., Eagle Point, rancher.
Penland, L. O., Talent, farmer.
Bigham, Elbert, Eagle Point, farmer.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 15, 1935, page 1

    The 1935 jury list for Jackson County, comprising 359 names of voters and taxpayers, has been completed by the county court. Of the total 92 are women. Farmers predominate on the list, drawn from all sections of the county, with the rural routes adjacent to Medford, Ashland, and Central Point furnishing the largest quotas.
Names drawn, alphabetically from A to D are as follows:
Adams, F. H., Rogue River, farmer.
Allen, A. C., Central Point, Rt. 1, writer.
Ashpole, Roy, Eagle Point, hardware.
Anderson, Milton C., Phoenix, farmer.
Andrews, W. C., Medford, Rt. 3, laborer,
Acklin, Thos. W., Ashland, R.F.D., farmer.
Anderson, Elda F., Ashland, housewife,
Abbott, Sylvenus, Central Point, farmer.
Ambrose, J. C., Ashland, laborer.
Applegate, Ernest, Ashland, Dead Indian Rt., farmer.
Anderson, Milton, Phoenix, farmer.
Ames, Constance, Medford, stenog.
Anderson. John A., Central Point, Rt. 1, farmer.
Bowman, Roy R., Jacksonville, carpenter.
Brayton. E. H., Medford, J'ville Star Rt., orchardist.
Birdseye, Mrs. Effie, Rogue River, housewife.
Birdseye, Victor F., Gold Hill, farmer.
Beck, W. A., Rogue River, laborer.
Brenner, John, Central Point, Rt. 1, farmer.
Bellinger, Frank R., Medford, retired.
Brockway, A. E., Medford, Rt. 1, farmer.
Burns, A. F., Medford, Rt. 1, mechanic.
Bigham, Elbert, Eagle Point, farmer.
Burreson, Peter, Gold Hill, Star Rt., farmer.
Blackford, Oscar, Central Point, farmer.
Borg, C. G., Talent, miner.
Baughman, Rosa Lee, Talent, housewife.
Brower, Bertha D., Ashland, housewife.
Byrd, G. W., Ashland, farmer.
Brophy, Jack W., Eagle Point, farmer.
Blair, C. P., Central Point, Rt. 1, farmer.
Bossum, Charlie, Medford, mill man.
Biden, Elva, Medford, housewife.
Brownlee, J. E., Medford, Rt. 4, service station operator.
Bourne, Geo. A., Medford, Rt. 4, farmer.
Bishop, Guy, Medford, Rt. 4, farmer.
Byers, Jean, Ashland, farmer.
Bradshaw, Lee, Brownsboro, farmer.
Briscoe, Callie, Ashland, housekeeper.
Bowers, Milton D., Gold Hill, laborer.
Baughman, Vella, Ashland, housewife.
Biede, Gertrude, Ashland, housewife.
Bellows, Benj., Eagle Point, farmer.
Betz, Peter E., Eagle Point, farmer.
Bigham, Wm., Eagle Point, farmer.
Brown, Chas. A., Ashland, Rt. 1, rancher.
Bohnert, Arnold, Central Point, R.F.D., farmer.
Brown, Austie B., Ashland, Rt. 1, farmer.
Boardman, Margaret, Prospect, housewife.
Barneburg, Fred, Medford, Rt. 4, farmer.
Bell, Floyd, Phoenix, farmer.
Barkley, Wm. M., Phoenix, confectionery.
Bateman, Mabel, Ashland, housewife.
Boggs, Ethel W., Medford, housewife.
Bailey, John W., Talent, farmer.
Bybee, Frank, Medford, R.F.D., farmer.
Benson, Rafael, Medford, Rt. 2, farmer.
Biddle, Madge R., Medford, Rt. 3, housewife.
Cingcade, Chas., Eagle Point, farmer.
Caton, Alice N., Sams Valley, housewife.
Cook, J. W., Medford, Rt. 4, fruit man.
Cobleigh, Guy, Medford, Rt. 4, farmer.
Chandler, Noah, Talent, Rt. 1, farmer.
Cochran, Edith D., Talent, clerk.
Claycomb, H. L., Ashland, Hillcrest St., auto dealer.
Croucher, Frank, Medford, Rt. 2, farmer.
Coffeen, Charlie A., Medford, plumber.
Coy, Bertha, Gold Hill, secretary.
Carlton, Mildred F., Central Point, housewife.
Carson, O. F., Ashland, laborer.
Caton, Francis L., Sams Valley, merchant.
Crandall, E. A., Eagle Point, retired.
Carter, F. S., Ashland, farmer.
Cook, Ethel L., Ashland, housewife.
Chaney, Violet H., Talent, Rt. 1, housewife.
Cantrall, John, Medford, mgr. ser. sta.
Collins, Samuel C., Central Point, Rt. 2, farmer
Carver, Fay, Phoenix, housewife.
Cantrall, Miles, Ruch, farmer.
Currier, W. J., Medford, laborer.
Colvig, Nina, Medford, housewife.
Childers, Elmer, Medford contractor.
Chitwood, Minnie A., Jacksonville, housewife.
Crawford, Belle, Talent, housewife.
Childers, Frank, Gold Hill, mail carrier.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 18, 1935, pages 1 and 6

    Names drawn on the Jackson County jury list for 1935, from D to J, inclusive, are as follows:
DeVoe, C. A., Medford, R.F.D., farmer.
Davison, Mabel T., Central Point, route 2, housewife.
Dole, John, Gold Hill, farmer.
Dean, Frank C., Central Point, route 1, farmer.
Detrick, Rufus, Ashland, laborer.
Dutton, Fred, Medford, farmer.
Dickey, Grace E., Ashland, housewife.
Dodge, Jessie E., Ashland, laborer.
Dodge, John S., Medford, truck driver.
Dodge, Burdette L., Medford, orchardist.
Dinkins, W. W., Beagle, farmer.
Dunn, Laura, Ashland, housewife.
Dodge, Ina, Ashland, housewife.
Dunn, Nellie I., Ashland, route 1, housewife.
Davisson, H. W., Central Point, farmer.
Dean, Geo. B., Medford, orchardist.
Dole, Edward, Gold Hill, miner.
Dixon, Helen W., Medford, housewife.
Dew, I. A., Medford, Jacksonville, star route, orchardist.
Dunnington, Cliff, Jacksonville, star route, farmer.
Ditsworth, Frank, Trail, farmer.
Emery, Harry C., Ashland, laborer.
Earhart, Frank L., Medford, laborer.
Evans, Ella, Jacksonville, housewife.
Eubanks, Amanda, Ashland, housewife.
Elden, John W., Central Point, route 1, farmer.
Edington, Mary, Gold Hill, housewife.
Elhart, Homer H., Ashland, merchant.
Edwards, A. C., Ashland, farmer.
Finley, W. M., Medford, route 2, farmer.
Faber, Everett A., Central Point, clerk.
Fredenburg, H. A., Medford, laborer.
Ferns, Wm. J., Phoenix, farmer.
Fox, Wm., Talent, rancher.
Foss, Edward E., Talent, farmer.
Froman, Charlotte, Ashland, housewife.
Forsythe, Edna C., Ashland, housewife.
Frideger, I. R., Ashland, salesman.
Farlow, Thos. L., Lake Creek, farmer.
Fisher, L. M., Gold Hill, rancher.
Fitzgerald, Jerome F., Gold Hill, farmer.
Foley, Frank, Medford, laborer.
Ferns, Hazel I., Ashland, housewife.
Finley, Clemma, Central Point, merchant.
Fredenburg, Bessie E., Central Point, housewife.
Force, Paul, Eagle Point, farmer.
Freeman, Leonard J., Central Point, route 2, merchant.
Florey, Mildred Neil, Medford, housewife.
Fehige, Frank, Ashland, farmer.
Fields, Geo., Provolt, farmer.
Furry, Milo F., Phoenix, farmer.
Fowler, Elizabeth, Rogue River, housewife.
Flynn, Diamond L., Medford, merchant.
Ghelardi, Carlo, Medford, laborer.
Griggs, Thos. Henry, Gold Hill, farmer.
Griggs, Mrs. Alice, Gold Hill, housewife.
Glass, Theo. A., Central Point, farmer.
Galloway, Robert E., Gold Hill, farmer.
Garrett, Otis, Medford, route 3, farmer.
Garrett, F. A., Ashland, oil driller.
Grimes, W. P., Central Point, farmer.
Goff, C. L., Medford, Ore., real estate.
Grantham, Josie M., Medford, Ore., housewife.
Gregory, Wm. Wiley, Medford, route 3, farmer.
Gustin, H. W., Medford, route 4, school principal.
Griggs, Alice, Gold Hill, housewife.
Galbraith, Geo. A., Talent, farmer.
Goddard, Ormy, Talent, farmer.
Gass, Cliff, Medford, route 2, farmer.
Hartman, Lyal, Jacksonville, bridge builder.
Howard, Roy L., Medford, farmer.
Hammel, W. E., Eagle Point, rancher.
Harrison, Mrs. Elizabeth A., Talent, housewife.
Hatch, C. S., Rogue River, farmer.
Heath, Frank, Rogue River, merchant.
Hanby, Mary L., Medford, Ore., housewife.
Hohmann, Arthur A., Jacksonville, farmer.
Hansen, H. C., Medford, route 1, manufacturer.
Holman, W. R., Eagle Point, farmer.
Hall, Elenor, Gold Hill, housewife.
Holst, Bertha A., Sams Valley, housewife.
Hughes, Lem H., Medford, route 4, farmer.
Hunt, Adena M., Ashland, housewife.
Hammond, Frank, Central Point, farmer.
Hedrick, Wm., Ashland, retired.
Hall, Sydney W., Ashland, minister.
Hansen, W. M., Eagle Point, farmer.
Hubbard, Roland A., Medford, merchant.
Hammersley, John, Gold Hill, retired.
Howe, Irwin H., Trail, farmer.
Homes, Elizabeth Myer, Ashland, route 1, housewife.
Hussong, Larus, Medford, housewife.
Hastings, D. Verne, Ashland, barber.
Heard, Neal, Ashland, farmer.
Hartley, Chas. Clinton, Talent, route 1, farmer.
Harker, J. H., Ashland, tourist camp.
Hatch, Elizabeth I., Rogue River, housewife.
Hostutler, J. E., Rogue River, farmer.
Howell, Cheney H., Medford, farmer.
Holdridge, Chas. W., Talent, farmer.
Hamlin, C. A., Medford, butcher
Hoelting, Helen M., Medford, housewife.
Isaacs, Chas. W., Medford, route 4, orchardist.
Ingle, Kathryn, Ashland, housewife.
Isaacson, Jessie, Central Point, housewife.
Isaacs, Frank, Medford, Ore., 415 Arcadia, farmer.
Jennings, Delilia S., Medford, R.F.D., housewife.
Janes, Harris B., Medford, farmer.
Joy, Albert C., Ashland, laborer.
Jacobs, Myrtle C., Talent, housewife.
Jones, R. Earl, Talent, route 1, farmer.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 19, 1935, page 7

    The Jackson County jury list, for 1935, from K to S, inclusive, is as follows:
Keith, Byron, Talent, farmer.
Kramer, Geo. N., Ashland, retired.
Klingle, Alice R., Lake Creek, housewife.
Kay, Daniel F., Ashland, garage man.
Kent, Arthur, Eagle Point, farmer.
Kellogg, W. H., Medford, laundry.
Knutzen, Frank D., Applegate, farmer.
Kyle, Rose, Medford, housewife.
Kime, Wilbur, Medford, route 1, farmer.
Lusk, Herman, Jacksonville, lumberman.
Leyen, J. H., Rogue River, farmer.
Lofland, Percy D., Central Point, farmer.
Lindsey, Lois C., Medford, bookkeeper.
Lyman, Geo. S., Gold Hill, farmer.
Loffer, Earl, Medford, route 1, farmer.
Lunak, Stefan, Talent, farmer.
Lininger, Bruce M., Ashland, contractor.
Longstreth, Walter H., Ashland, farmer.
Land, C. E., Medford, route 1, rancher.
Liles, Harry L., Medford, route 2, lumber grader.
Leslie, John R., Ashland, route 1, farmer.
Loomis, Forrest, Ashland, star route, rancher.
Love, Jas. G., Central Point, farmer.
Luy, Fred Jr., Eagle Point, farmer.
Lathrop, A. T., Central Point, route 1, farmer.
Lennox, Isabel M., Talent, housewife.
Lowd, Mabel, Ashland, housewife.
Lester, Joseph E., Medford, route 2, farmer.
Lewis, Oscar, Jacksonville, merchant.
Logan, Robert C., Talent, route 1, service station.
Luy, Geo. H., Medford, insurance.
McDonough, Cloa, Sams Valley, housewife.
Moller, Ben. F., Medford, route 4, farmer.
Marshall, Frank W., Phoenix, laborer.
Moore, H. L., Ashland, farmer.
Marean, Chas. F., Ashland, laborer.
Mason, J. Victor, Talent, truck driver.
Mapes, Mrs. Jennie, Ashland, housewife.
McNair, Louise G., Ashland, housewife.
Mathews, Jennie, Medford, housewife.
McKay, Albert E., Medford, route 1, farmer.
McBee, Weldon H., Medford, salesman.
Manning, Ora, Medford, housewife.
Merriman, Helen A., Medford, housewife.
May, Mary I., Ashland, housewife.
Madden, Nellie R., Ashland, housewife.
Myers, Birdeen, Medford, route 2, housewife.
Mason, Henry, Talent, laborer.
Middlebusher, Mary E., Medford, housewife.
Nelson, Albert L., Jacksonville, logger.
Neal, Homer, Talent, farmer.
Nealon, John L., Central Point, farmer.
Neeley, Muriel, Ashland, housewife.
Nance, Ida G., Ashland, housewife.
Norcross, W. H., Central Point, farmer.
Nutter, Frank L., Ashland, R.F.D., retired.
Nelson, Mamie, Jacksonville, laundry work.
Norris, John Alexander, Jacksonville, laborer.
Offenbacher, Fred, Ruch, farmer.
Owens, Roscoe S., Central Point, farmer.
Oleson, Alfred, Ashland, laborer.
O'Brien, Barbara, Medford, housewife.
Opp, John, Jacksonville, mining.
Owen, Jas., Eagle Point, farmer.
Patterson, Warren C., Medford, carpenter.
Preston, Frank, Jacksonville, rancher.
Pettegrew, Fred, Eagle Point, farmer.
Pratt, Florence L., Ashland, housewife.
Proctor, A. E., Ashland, mill man.
Prescott, Guy, Ashland, laborer.
Putman, Grace B., Ashland, housewife.
Purdin, Fred A., Medford, service station operator.
Parker, Clement M., Medford, farmer.
Peil, Alice A., Ashland, housewife.
Pittenger, John R,. Ashland, laborer.
Pernoll, John W, Applegate, merchant.
Phipps, Preston, Medford, farmer.
Pomeroy, Wm., Beagle, farmer.
Pence, David, Trail, farmer.
Pagel, Alice W., Ashland, route 1, housewife.
Paxson, Lelia M., Central Point, housewife.
Pankey, Betta, Central Point, housewife.
Penwell, Bertha May, Medford, housewife.
Phelan, R. K., Medford, teamster.
Penland, L. O., Talent, farmer.
Petri, W. M., Talent, farmer.
Patton, Chas. I., Butte Falls, woods foreman.
Richardson, J. S., Medford, route 2, farmer.
Stevenson, Ardena, Jacksonville, housewife.
Swingle, H. F., Trail, rancher.
Stille, Eli S., Trail, rancher.
Strohmeier, Edwin H., Central Point, route 1, farmer.
Stratton, Albert E., Medford, route 2, farmer.
Seamon, Irma, Eagle Point, housewife.
Smith, John W., Eagle Point, farmer.
Segsworth, Alfred, Ashland, poultryman.
Smith, V. O. N., Ashland, banker.
Stephenson, Frank, Central Point, route 1, farmer.
Smith, Muriel H., Ashland, housewife.
Sawyer, Mrs. Ivy J., Ashland, housewife.
Stenrun, Mary, Ashland, housewife.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 20, 1935, page 5

    Names of the Jackson County jury list for 1935, from "R" to "Y" inclusive are:
Rathbun, Arthur L., Phoenix, logger.
Robison, W. W., Ashland, real estate.
Randles, Guy, Ashland, mechanic.
Robinson, Elbert E., Medford, route 4, farmer.
Ray, Samuel E., Medford, route 4, farmer.
Rankin, George, Medford, carpenter.
Ray, Mollie, Ruch, housekeeper.
Robinett, Rose Taverner, Ashland, housewife.
Raymond, Ralph R., Medford, route 2, farmer.
Shafer, Henry, Medford, route 1, farmer.
Stocks, Ruth, Medford, route 2, housewife.
Stickland, Mary, Medford, housewife.
Stinsen, Frank O., Medford, foreman Copco.
Stead, G. B., Rogue River, milling.
Sandry, Doria Wray, Rogue River, student.
Scott, Richard G., Rogue River, laborer.
Simpson, Glenn E., Ashland, laborer.
Stevens, Andrew E., Talent, route 1, farmer.
Shepherd, A. W., Medford, route 4, orchardist.
Smith, Robert R., Gold Hill, farmer.
Stevenson, Walter, Gold Hill, route 1, farmer.
Strahan, Wm. C., Rogue River, laborer.
Sims, Mabel, Medford, housewife.
Singler, Rosetta, Medford, housewife.
Stacy, Chas. D., Medford, orchardist.
Tracey, Fred B., Talent, route 1, farmer.
Tedrick, Clarence C., Medford, route 3, farmer.
Terrill, C. E., Lake Creek, rancher.
Tucker, M. M., Ashland, laborer.
Thomas, C. H. Ashland, insurance agent.
Tucker, L. B., Trail, farmer.
Tepper, Arthur, Ashland, route 1, farmer.
Treichler, Geo. L., Medford, auto dealer.
Truax, Geo. A., Applegate, farmer.
Terwilliger, D., Medford, route 32, janitor.
Thompson, Edw. Doty, Rogue River, route 1, laborer.
TouVelle, F. L., Jacksonville, retired.
Taylor, Edwin H., Ruch, farmer.
Ulrich, Earl, Prospect, rancher.
VanHoevenberg, Kathryn L., Gold Hill, housewife.
Vestal, L. A., Eagle Point, rancher.
VanProoyen, Henry, Ashland, laborer.
Whipple, Marcus B., Rogue River, farmer.
Whipple, Mrs. Myrtle, Rogue River, housewife.
Wright, Robt. C., Ashland, student.
Wright. J. V., Ashland, farmer.
Whited, Louis A., Ashland, carpenter.
Woods, Chas. L., Medford, druggist.
West, Laura M., Medford, housewife.
Wagner, Stella Case, Ashland, housewife.
Whiteside, Alta B., Medford, route 2, housewife.
Wild, John E., Ashland, laborer.
Wilmot, Fred J., Medford, clerk.
Wood, C. W., Prospect, laborer.
Wendt, Chester, Jacksonville, Ore., farmer.
Williamson, Lloyd A., Medford, contractor.
Williams, Wm. Wolice, Rogue River, route 3, farmer.
Wertz, Lester, Climax, farmer.
Yeo, G. H., Ashland, insurance agent.
(continued tomorrow)
Medford Mail Tribune, February 21, 1935, page 10

    The jury list for the October term of the circuit court, with instructions to report Monday, October 28, has been drawn by the county clerk and served by the sheriff.
    The list of 31 names contained 16 residents of Ashland, four of Medford, three of Jacksonville, three of Talent, one of Phoenix, three from Central Point, two of Trail, two of Eagle Point, and one each from Rogue River, Butte Falls, and Gold Hill. Five women are listed.
    The list drawn is as follows:
    W. W. Robinson, realtor; Nellie B. Madden, housewife; Arthur Tepper, farmer; John E. Wild, laborer; John R. Leslie, farmer; C. H. Thomas, insurance agent; I. R. Frideger, salesman; William Hedrick, retired; Adena M. Hunt, housewife, and Bertha D. Brower, housewife.
    Delilia Stevens Jennings, housewife; H. W. Gustin, school principal; Albert E. McKay, farmer; W. H. Kellogg, laundry.
Central Point
    George L. Treichler, farmer; John W. Elden, farmer; and John A. Anderson, farmer.
    Frank Preston, rancher; John Opp, miner; and Cliff Dunnington.
    David Pence, farmer, and Frank Ditsworth, farmer.
Eagle Point
    Roy Ashpole, merchant, and Arthur Kent, farmer.
    Fred B. Tracey, farmer; R. Earl Jones, farmer; and Belle Crawford,
    Others are Arthur L. Rathbun, logger, Phoenix; Charles I. Patton, woods foreman, Butte Falls; Robert E. Galloway, farmer, Gold Hill; and Bertha E. Whipple, housewife, Rogue River.
    From the new jury panel, seven names will be drawn on the opening day of the new term to comprise a grand jury.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 14, 1935, pages 1 and 3

    The jury list for the coming year, consisting of 313 names of Jackson County residents, has been completed by the county court. The list contains the names of 86 women, Medford residents on the list total 125, and the Ashland list is 86.
    The petit jury, and new grand jury for the February term of circuit court will be drawn from the new list.
    Medford residents listed are:
    Kenneth Anderson, meteorologist; Mrs. LaVilla J. Banwell, housewife; Sam Bateman, service station; Mrs. Louise Bates, housewife; Mrs. Jessie C. Beach, housewife; Rease C. Braley, engineer; Anna C. Brewer, housewife; Scott Brill, sheet metal worker; Edward D. Brock, farmer; A. E. Brockway, farmer; Carl J. Brommer, accountant; Horace L. Bromley, adv. manager; T. A. Burnfiel, farmer; H. N. Butler, garage; Elmer Carlson, farmer; C. C. Cartwright, builder; Elmer Childers, contractor; Flora Childers, teacher; Dan R. Conner, mechanic; Mary Conner, student; J. F. Cook, farmer; J. W. Cook, fruitman; Orbin Cooksey, fruit business; Mrs. A. E. Cunningham, housewife; A. B. Cunningham, merchant; Mary Elizabeth Darby, housewife; Charles W. Davis, mechanic; Mrs. Aimee Deuel, housewife, and Halbert S. Deuel, horticulturist.
    Luther J. Deuel, government employee; Edna G. Dipple, housewife; John M. Dodge, well driller; Eugene Dowling, clerk; Allen B. Drury, orchardist; Mrs. Mildred Drury, housewife; Mary Dugan, housewife; Richard Dugan, farmer; Roy Edwards, logger; Alice B. Egan, housewife; Fannie Elizabeth Emmons, housewife; W. M. Erskine, butcher; Margaret Faber, housewife; L. H. Fay, plumber; Archie L. Ferns, farmer; Mrs. Esther Fleigel, housewife; W. H. Fluhrer, baker; D. L. Flynn, electrician; Doyle Franklin, confectioner.
    William Fredenburg, laborer; E. G. Garrett, laborer; Geary Garrett, farmer; Leah A. Gates, housewife; Alice Getchell, housewife; George Gilman, farmer; Lena Green, housewife; W. G. Grim, laborer; Eva Nealon Hamilton, housewife; Sarah Hammond, housewife; Harry G. Hansen, coal dealer; Anna Hartley, housewife; T. T. Hatlett, farmer; M. M. Herman, farmer; George W. Howard, salesman; Frank Howell, carpenter; Josephine Jerome, stenographer; F. S. Johnston, carpenter; Joe J. Jones, mechanic; Katherine J. Kellogg, housewife; Fred W. Kelly, retired; Louise Kelly, stenographer; J. W. Kelsoe, carpenter; Elmer W. Knips, meterman; Grace Fulton Kresse, housewife; Ted R. Leonard, printer; Alice P. Leverette, housewife; W. H. Leverette, broker; Hattie Lewis, housewife; Lucille Lindley, housewife, and W. A. Luman, merchant.
    John C. Mann, merchant; Paul Martin, farmer; Charles A. Myers, field assessor; O. V. Myers, auto dealer; Mrs. Nellie Nicholson, housewife; Henry Niedermeyer, farmer; Clarence F. Noe, retired; William Oatman, painter; William O'Hara, retired; Deane Owens, stockman; L. Pennington, garageman; G. W. Phetteplace, printer; Dolph Phipps, farmer; Dwight L. Phipps, fire warden; Maude V. Pipes, housewife; Stella Quisenbury, housewife; W. F. Quisenbury, credit man; E. E. Reames, farmer; Marguerite Reter, housewife; J. E. Robbins, laborer; Carrie B. Robinson, housewife; E. E. Robinson, plasterer; Harry F. Robinson, contractor; Charles E. Rose, veteran, and Muriel Rosenberg, housewife.
    Hazel Schade, housewife; Fred Spitzmiller, farmer; A. F. Stennett, printer; Artie Stephenson, housewife; R. O. Stephenson, lumberman; Josie Stephenson, housewife; Thomas Taylor, teacher; Phoebe Thierolf, housewife; C. P. True, truck driver; Mayme P. Tucker, housewife; Ben Vimont, farmer; Zelma A. Wahl, housewife; Wade H. Wallis, farmer; Mary C. Warner, housewife; William J. Warner, building loan; Wallace Wood, lumberman, and Leo Young, farmer.
Medford Mail Tribune,
February 4, 1936, pages 1 and 3

    The jury list for the February term of the circuit court starting Monday, February 24, from which the new grand jury will be drawn, has been completed by the sheriff and county clerk.
    The list contains 30 names of Jackson County residents. Four are from Ashland, 12 from Medford, two from Jacksonville, two from Applegate, two from Gold Hill, three from Phoenix, and one each from Prospect, Eagle Point, Butte Falls, Beagle and Lake
    It is discretionary with the court whether or not a new grand jury is drawn. If one is drawn it will be the first seven names taken from the jury box. A number of matters under investigation by the last grand jury remain unfinished, the district attorney says.
    The jury list is as follows:
Tonner, Arthur E., Ashland; mechanic.
O'Brien, Jas. A., Applegate; farmer.
Knips, Elmer W., Medford; meter man.
Hatlett, Thomas T., Medford, farmer,
Darby, William F., Ashland; retired.
Carlton, Herbert, Prospect; farmer.
Nealon, John L., Central Point; farmer.
Parker, Sumner A., Ashland, R.F.D.; farmer.
Warner, William J., Medford; building and loan.
Burdell, Walter, Jacksonville; forest service.
Bradshaw, Leonard, Lake Creek; farmer.
Pursell, William, Jacksonville; farmer.
Bourne, Chester J., Phoenix; mechanic.
Pettegrew, Fred, Eagle Point; farmer.
Pankey, Albert, Gold Hill; laborer.
Ferguson, William Homer, Gold Hill; laborer.
Barkley, William M., Phoenix; confectionery.
Campbell, George C., Applegate; rancher.
Reames, Harry, Phoenix; clerk.
Dugan, Richard, Medford; farmer.
Anderson, Kenneth, Medford; meteorologist.
Fredenburg, B. Theodore, Butte Falls; rancher.
Phetteplace, G. W., Medford; printer.
Cooksey, Orbin, Medford; fruit business.
Myers, Charles A., Medford; field assessor.
Wiley, Thornton S., Ashland; orchardist.
Dowling, Eugene, Medford; clerk.
DeArmond, C. W., Beagle; farmer.
Mann, John C., Medford; merchant.
Martin, Paul, Medford; farmer.
Young, Leo, Medford; farmer.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 11, 1936, pages 1 and 8

    The jury list for the March term of the circuit court starting Tuesday, February 23, has been named from the recently selected jury list for the year. The petit jury list, as selected by the sheriff and county clerk, and consisting of 31 names, follows:
    Dale H. Franklin, Medford, merchant; Wilmer H. Poley, Ashland, retired banker; William H. Brown, Eagle Point, merchant; U. G. Davis, Ashland, millwright; W. H. Hittle, Gold Hill, rancher; Louis H. Hansen, Ashland, salesman; C. C. Clark, Medford, auto salesman.
    R. J. Keeney, Medford, draftsman; F. F. Dickey, Ashland, musician; W. C. McClain, Gold Hill, mechanic; D. E. York, Medford, gas company; Sybil Petri, Ashland, housewife; Bertha E. Bardwell, Medford, housewife; H. E. Bailey, Medford, salesman; W. F. Brown, Medford, laborer.
    George C. Carpenter, Medford, RFD 4, farmer; Margaret Denman, Medford, housewife; G. C. Murphy, Ashland, laborer; George N. Kramer, Ashland, grocer; George A. Bourne, Medford, farmer; Harry Webster, Medford, telephone employee; D. L. Myers, Medford, painter; Diamond Flynn, Medford, electrician; C. L. Spindler, Ashland, engineer.
    G. H. Yeo, Medford, insurance; M. M. Gault, Medford, retired; H. J. Dutton, Medford, laborer; William Hammett, Medford, plumber; Leo B. Williams, Medford, mechanic; Vivian Bateman, Medford, housewife; Ethel M. Kneebone, Ashland, housewife.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 11, 1937, page 2


    The annual Southern Oregon term of the federal court will start here Tuesday, October 5, with Federal Judge James Alger Fee presiding.
    The trial jury list drawn Monday at Portland for the term is:
    Medford: Charles E. Carter, John S. Gill, Roland Hubbard, Paul M. Janney, R. K. Phelan, and C. L. Chalmers.
    Eagle Point: W. L. Childreth and H. W. Ward.
    Ashland: H. Hosley and M. C. Lininger.
    Ruch: William Matney and William Ray.
    Jacksonville: Chris Keegan.
    Talent: E. C. Gardner.
    Trail: Albert Glass.
    Lake Creek: Charles Seefield and Charles R. Moore.
    Gold Hill: Martin Bowers.
    The following Jackson County residents have been drawn on the grand jury list:
    E. C. Jerome, R. J. Rinabarger, and A. F. West, all of Medford; Emil Britt, John Niedermeyer, and C. B. Dunnington, Jacksonville; G. W. Daley, Jr. and Marsh Garrett, Eagle Point; William Fix, Frank L. Holdridge, and C. E. Borg, Talent; Elmer T. Hoefs, Butte Falls; Elmer Hull, Central Point; Fred A. Taylor, Ashland, and Michael J. Sidley, Lake Creek.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 22, 1937, page 1

    The jury list for the October term of the circuit court starting Monday, October 25, has been drawn. The list of 31 jurors contains the names of only three women, in contrast to recent years, when they were about evenly divided with men jurors. Names of but three Medford residents, all on rural routes, were drawn.
    At the opening of the circuit court term, a grand jury will be drawn.
    The list is as follows:
    Medford--Axel Benson, farmer, route 4; B. W. Brock, laborer, route 2; Richard Fredenburg, laborer, star route, and Roscoe W. Roberts, farmer, route 4.
    Ashland--Marie Walker, clerk, route 1; Denver W. Kincaid, farmer, route 1; Edward B. Baer, farmer, route 1; and Charles Abery, 527 Terrace, farmer.
    Central Point--R. H. Seegmiller, farmer, route 2; Nellie B. Angle, housewife; Samuel C. Collins, farmer; and Walter Grant, farmer, route 1.
    Eagle Point--Walter Ray Allen, rancher; Stella Haley, housewife; John M. Foster. farmer; Ray Harnish, farmer; Frank Pettigrew, farmer; Ed Putnam, farmer; Marshall Minter, farmer; and Carlton E. Bellows, farmer.
    Phoenix--Lester Carr, farmer.
    Prospect--Horace W. Thompson, retired.
    Gold Hill--Charles Avena, pipefitter.
    Jacksonville--Frank A. Henspeter, rancher; T. C. Dickey, miner.
    Trail--Clair E. Stearns, clerk.
    Derby--Fred A. Dunlap, rancher, N. G. DeVries, rancher.
    Talent--Everett Beeson, farmer; Thomas J. Bell, farmer.
    Lake Creek--William Farlow, rancher.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 13, 1937, page 1

    The Jackson County jury list for the year has been drawn by the county court, and includes approximately 250 names. Medford has the largest number of residents drawn, with 165. Ashland has 26, Talent 20, Phoenix 16, Jacksonville 11, Eagle Point 7, Central Point 4, Sams Valley 4, Gold Hill 6, Butte Falls 2, and Brownsboro, Prospect, and Climax one each.
    Forty women are on the jury list.
    The names will be used for the first time at the opening of the February term of the last Monday of the month, when both a grand jury and a petit jury will be selected, comprising about 30 names.
    Names drawn from A to H, inclusive, are:
Anderson, Carl, Medford.
Abbey, Walter, Medford.
Alford, Geo., Medford.
Anderson, Andrew J., Medford.
Anderson, Paul, Medford.
Ashcraft, Perry L., Medford.
Alden, Hattie M., Medford.
Anderson, O. M., Medford.
Allen, W. W., Medford.
Armstrong, Geo. J., Jacksonville.
Aikins, Mary E., Ashland.
Bigham, Elbert, Eagle Point.
Boardman, Edwin, Talent.
Bostwick, F. E., Talent.
Brown, Ed., Medford.
Barr, G. E., Medford.
Beach, Stella W., Jacksonville.
Barron, Mildred, Ashland,
Bursell, Victor, Medford.
Bardwell, R. G., Medford.
Barnum, Berthold, Medford.
Bell, Floyd V., Phoenix.
Bowerman, Elizabeth, Medford.
Boussum, Chas., Medford.
Briggs, G. C., Central Point.
Brockway, Mrs. Louise, Medford
Brown, Elsie M., Medford.
Bullis, S. M., Medford.
Burr, Elizabeth, Medford.
Banwell, A. H., Medford.
Birdsell, H. E., Medford.
Bechdoldt, Earl, Butte Falls.
Benson, R. C., Medford.
Bradshaw, Lee, Brownsboro.
Brown, W. H., Eagle Point.
Barneburg, Fred, Medford.
Burdic, Olive Thom., Ashland.
Brewer, C. M., Medford.
Barnes, W. D., Phoenix.
Bishop, Guy, Medford.
Brown, Mrs. Mattie, Eagle Point.
Coy, Sam F., Eagle Point.
Carter, H. B., Ashland.
Carter, Frank, Gold Hill.
Crane, L. A., Medford.
Cobleigh, Guy, Phoenix.
Carlton, Tom, Prospect.
Collins, J. C., Medford.
Cochran, Edith, Talent.
Caster, Elva, Phoenix.
Colver, Harold C., Phoenix.
Croft, Ward, Ashland.
Carpenter, A. S. V., Medford.
Colver, Lloyd, Phoenix.
Cupp, John, Medford.
Caton, F. L., Sams Valley.
Childers, Elmer R., Medford.
Clemens, J. E., Medford.
Coffeen, Wesley R., Medford.
Colton, Sam, Medford.
Cunningham, Frances, Medford.
Clements, Mrs. Lottie, Eagle Point.
Duff, Mrs. Jean, Medford.
Daily, May, Medford.
Durno, Mrs. Evelyn, Medford.
Drake, Geo., Medford.
Dunkin, Earl, Medford.
Drysdale, E. M., Medford.
Day, John, Medford.
Dickey, Floyd, Ashland.
Dunn, Neil, Ashland.
Dean, R. W., Medford.
Davis, Wm. K., Gold Hill.
Dean, Geo. F., Jacksonville, Star Rt.
Edmondson, Benjamin, Butte Falls.
Egan, Mrs. Alice B., Medford.
Fish, Jesse W., Gold Hill.
Furry, Milo, Phoenix.
Ferns, Mona W., Phoenix.
Fick, Fred, Medford.
Fick, Mrs. Zola, Jacksonville.
Farlow, Florence, Ashland.
Forsythe, Edna, Ashland.
Foss, E. E., Talent.
Fichtner, Carl, Medford.
Frame, Eva F., Phoenix.
Fitch, Chester, Central Point.
Fowler, Mrs. Mary P., Medford.
Fluhrer, Wm. H., Medford.
Flynn, Thos. K., Medford.
Forsythe, R. J., Medford.
Frame, R. W., Phoenix.
Fredette, H. C., Medford.
Frey, Geo. T., Medford.
Fuson, T. J., Medford.
Ferry, Mrs. Eudora B., Gold Hill.
Furry, Robert S., Phoenix.
Firestone, James M., Talent.
Fabrick, Glen, Medford.
Garrett, Marsh, Eagle Point.
Galbreath, Geo. A., Talent.
Germer, Walter, Talent.
Goddard, Delbert C., Talent.
Gearhart, Howard, Ashland.
Garlock, Lee, Medford.
Grieve, Katie, Prospect.
Garrett, Geary E., Medford.
Gates, W. A., Medford.
Gilstrap, Ernest R., Medford.
Goldy, Mark A., Medford.
Green, Mrs. Jennie F., Medford.
Gates, Geo., Medford.
Grissom, Everett, Climax.
Geppert, Horace J., Butte Falls.
Gray, Chas. E., Gold Hill.
Gillman, Robert, Medford.
Howe, Robert R., Ashland.
Humphreys, Phil G., Medford.
Hensler, A. J., Medford.
Houston, Frank W., Medford.
Hubbard, Roland, Medford.
Henry, J. H., Ashland.
Haines, Sarah W., Ashland.
Hall, Leonard, Ashland.
Hartley, Roy, Ashland.
Hastings, Vern D., Ashland.
Hoxie, J. E., Ashland.
Hartman, Wesley, Jacksonville.
Hagen, Al., Medford.
Hubbard, Chester, Medford.
Harder, Ben, RFD, Medford.
Hanley, Claire, Medford.
Hart, Robert C., Hillcrest Road.
Hartley, Mrs. Clara, Talent.
Hill, Gilbert, Medford.
Hogan, M. N., Medford.
Huson, Darrell, Medford.
Hall, John, Sams Valley.
Holst, John D., Sams Valley.
Hartley, C. C., Talent.
Holdridge, Frank, Talent.
Hartley, Geo., Talent.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 2, 1938, pages 1 and 2

County Jury List
    The Jackson County jury list for the coming year, from the letter I to the end, is as follows:
Isaacs, W. F., Medford.
Jensen, Jno., Medford.
Jerome, E. C., Medford.
Janouch, Mrs. Eula, Medford.
King, Geo. W., Phoenix.
Kelly, Fred, Medford.
Kershaw, Gordon, Medford.
Keith, Byron, Talent.
Kidd, C. M., Medford.
Kaye, Richard B., Medford.
Lyman, George, Sams Valley.
Leever, Earl, Ashland.
Lininger, Bruce M., Ashland.
Lytle, Robert, Talent.
Lamport, E. H., Medford.
Lockhart, Jewel, Ashland.
Luman, Charles, Medford.
Lee, Royal W., Medford.
Lemery, Mrs. Merna, Medford.
Lenox, E. L., Medford.
Lawrence, Thora, Medford.
McNair, Louise, Ashland.
McCurley, P. H., Medford.
McCaskey, Mrs. Mary Louise, Rt. 1.
McGowan, W. H., Medford.
Muchmore, A. V., Medford.
Mohr, E. H., Medford.
Muse, T. S., Talent.
Murray, J., Medford.
Miller, Kenneth, Talent.
Maust, O. C., Central Point.
Mitchell, Garrison, Ashland.
Martin, Gertrude, Jacksonville.
Mechem, H. C., Jacksonville.
Meeker, C. A., Medford.
Merriman, Myrle, Medford.
Mortensen, R. P., Medford.
Newbry, E. Lester, Talent.
Norris, V. A., Medford.
Norris, Robt. K., Medford.
Nutting, B. L., Medford.
Nye, Stephen Jr., Talent.
Nason, Mrs. S. D., Medford.
Nordwick, H. F., Medford.
Owens, Jno. S., Medford.
Older, L. P., Medford.
Orr, Eugene, Medford.
Olmscheld, Walter J., Medford.
Overmyer, O. L., Medford.
Ottinger, Jason, Medford.
Ottoman, M., Medford.
Penland, L. O., Talent.
Pellett, Homer, Medford.
Perozzi, Domingo, Ashland.
Paine, Col. W. H., Medford.
Pankey, Clarence, Medford.
Peirce, Max, Medford.
Pennington, L., Medford.
Porter, Geo., Medford.
Purdin, Fred, Medford.
Poling, Wm., Medford.
Porte, Maude A., Jacksonville.
Pierce, Helen, Medford.
Platt, Hal., Medford.
Powell, Blanche A., Medford.
Reed, Frank Allen, Talent.
Redden, F. E., Medford.
Ross, Tony, Gold Hill.
Reimer, F. C., Talent.
Richardson, J. S., Medford.
Reinhart, J. Frank, Medford.
Richardson, Bel F., Medford.
Reter, Raymond R., Medford.
Robinson, Gain, Medford.
Rinabarger, R. J., Medford.
Rosenberg, David, Medford.
Runyard, Don, Medford.
Ray, Chas. R., Medford.
Rolston, Jno. H., Medford.
Stancliffe, Bert, Phoenix.
Schmidt, E. F., Medford.
Steadman, W. D., Phoenix.
Schuler, Paul Rodney, Medford.
Stanley, Harve F., Medford.
Semon, C. J., Medford.
Stratton, Frank, Talent.
Schuerman, Steven R., Ashland.
Seekatz, Al, Medford.
Simpson, Glenn, Ashland.
Spencer, Mrs. Hazel, Ashland.
Skyrman, Mrs. Elizabeth, Medford.
Severance, Mrs. Florence, Jacksonville.
Scott, Ernest L., Medford.
Shepard, A. W., Medford.
Smith, Justin, Medford.
Stuart, C. S., Medford.
Stinson, Frank O., Medford.
Strang, Virgil, Medford.
Sanders, Mrs. Zenda, Medford.
Spilver, H. F. W., Medford.
Stuart, Carl S., Medford.
Smith, Amy Kent, Medford.
Swem, Mrs. Phoebe, Medford.
Stoddard, N. B., Butte Falls.
Stevens, Edith, Medford.
Stephenson, Josie L., Medford.
Sleeter, Mamie E., Medford.
Snedicor, Jane, Medford.
Snider, Maude M., Medford
Stewart, W. P., Medford.
Specht, Dorothy, Ashland.
Thurlow, M. S., Medford.
Taylor, B. C., Ashland.
Turnbaugh, Elizabeth, Medford.
Touvelle, F. L., Jacksonville.
Tengwald, Edna, Kings Highway.
Tonn, Harry, Medford.
Turpin, Inez F., Phoenix.
Thierolf, Phoebe, Medford.
Thompson, Anna Bell, Medford.
Tumy, Earl, Medford.
Vawter, Aletha, Medford.
Vestal, Thomas, Eagle Point.
Wilson, Jesse, Phoenix.
Wortman, J. F., Medford.
Work, Elizabeth, Medford.
Witham, Violet, Medford.
Williamson, H. C., Central Point.
White, E. R., Jacksonville.
Wing, Chas. A., Medford.
Webber, Mary, Medford.
Wilcox, Mildred, Medford.
Weidman, R. T., Eagle Point.
Whitelaw, W. A., Medford.
York, Marie, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 3, 1938, page 2

    The petit jury list for the May term of circuit court, scheduled to open Monday, May 23, has been drawn with instructions to report at 10 o'clock. The list follows:
    Beach, Stella W., Jacksonville; Bechdoldt, Earl, Butte Falls; Runyard, Don, Medford; Rinabarger, R. J., Medford; Ottinger, Jason, Talent; Lamport, E. H., Medford, Rt. 4; Boussom, Chas., Medford; Pankey, Clarence, Medford; King, Geo. W., Phoenix; Nutting, B. L., Medford; Skyrman, Mrs. Elizabeth, Medford; Houston, Frank W., Talent, Rt. 1; Hill, Gilbert, Medford, Rt. 1; Steadman, W. D., Phoenix; Norris, Robt. K., Medford; Williamson, H. C., Central Point; Lininger, Bruce M., Ashland; Goddard, Delbert C., Talent; Wilcox, Mildred, Medford; Kelly, Fred, Medford; Work, Elizabeth, Medford; Older, L. P., Medford; TouVelle, F. L., Jacksonville; Dickey, Floyd, Ashland; Lockhart, Jewel, Ashland; Flynn, Thos. K., Medford; Farlow, Florence, Ashland; Leever, Earl, Ashland; Perozzi, Domingo, Ashland; Isaacs, W. P., Medford; Turpin, Inez P., Phoenix, Rt. 4.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 13, 1938, page 1

    The complete list of names selected for the 1939 jury list.by the county court is as follows:
Anderson, Carl, Medford.
Abbey, Walter, Medford.
Anderson, Andrew J., Medford.
Anderson, Paul F., Central Point, Route 1.
Anderson, O. M., Medford, R.F.D.
Aikins, Mary E.. Ashland.
Averill, Walter Geo., Medford.
Ashpole, C. W., Medford.
Antle, J. W., Medford.
Austin, Chas. W., Medford.
Albert, Mary, Medford.
Andrews, Constance B., Medford.
Anthony, Hazel, Medford.
Ash, Wayne, Trail.
Alworth, Robert H., Prospect.
Arnold, W. H., Medford, Route 1.
Bigham, Elbert, Eagle Point.
Boardman, Edwin, Talent.
Barron, Mildred A., Ashland, Rt. 1.
Bursell, Victor, Central Point.
Bardwell, R. G., Medford.
Barnum, Berthold, Medford, Rt. 4.
Bowerman, Elizabeth, Medford.
Briggs, G. C., Central Point, Rt. 1.
Brown, Elsie M., Medford.
Burr, Elizabeth, Medford, Rt. 1.
Birdsell, H. E., Medford, Rt. 4.
Burdic, Olive Thorn, Ashland.
Bishop, Guy W., Beagle.
Brown, Mrs. Mattie V., Eagle Point.
Bergman, Wayman, Medford.
Bates, Belle, Medford.
Bunce, Harold, Medford.
Blakeley, Myrtle W., Medford.
Bashaw, Elsie, Medford.
Brenneman, Charlotte, Medford.
Bromley, H. L., Medford.
Brown, Mrs. Carrie B., Medford.
Blake, Cordelia G., Ashland.
Bigham, Earl L., Central Point, Route 2.
Billings, Ellen C., Ashland.
Brown, Royal G., Eagle Point.
Boothby, A. T., Prospect.
Bish, L. T., Medford, Rt. 2.
Bush, Bert M., Lake Creek.
Coy, Sam F., Eagle Point.
Charley, Myrtle, Lake Creek.
Carter, Frank, Gold Hill.
Carlton, Thomas, Prospect.
Collins, James C., Medford.
Colver, Harold C., Phoenix.
Croft, Ward, Ashland.
Carpenter, Alfred S. V., Medford, Route 3.
Cupp, John, Medford.
Caton, Francis L., Sams Valley.
Childers, Elmer R., Medford.
Coffeen, Wesley R., Medford.
Clements, Mrs. Lottie, Eagle Point.
Cantrall, Emmett, Medford.
Cuffel, E. E., Medford.
Codding, Maud, Medford.
Cook, Ethel L., Ashland.
Claycomb, Isabell H., Ashland.
Cushman, Wallace, Trail.
Childreth, Wesley L., Eagle Point.
Carlton, Meryle, Prospect.
Carpenter, Leonard, Medford.
Cook, J. H., Gold Hill.
Coy, Susie, Gold Hill.
Croft, Earl, Gold Hill, Rt. 1.
Centers, F. M., Medford, Rt. 2.
Conger, Emma L., Medford, Rt. 2.
Croft, Emma, Ashland.
Dailey, May, Medford.
Dunkin, Earl, Talent.
Drysdale, E. M., Medford.
Dunn, Nellie I., Ashland, Rt. 1.
Davis, Wm. K., Central Point, Rt. 1.
Dean, Geo. B., Medford.
Dillard, Catherine, Medford.
Delaman, Chas. H., Ashland.
Dawson, Lou L., Trail.
Ditsworth, Stuart, Trail.
Ditsworth, Maud, Trail.
Daily, Timothy W., Medford, Rt. 4.
Damon, Lloyd Loren, Lake Creek.
Edmondson, Benjamin, Butte Falls.
Egan, Mrs. Alice B., Medford, Rt. 3.
Erwin, Ivor C., Ashland.
Elmore, Herbert, Applegate.
Emery, Hazel, Ashland.
Ellis, Ruth M., Beagle.
Edington, Lucy M., Gold Hill.
Fish, Jesse W., Gold Hill.
Ferns, Mona W., Phoenix.
Foss, Edward E., Talent.
Frame, Eva F., Phoenix.
Fluhrer, Wm. H., Medford.
Forsythe. R. J., Medford.
Frame, R. W., Phoenix.
Fuson, Thomas J., Medford.
Ferry, Mrs. Eudora B., Rogue River.
Firestone, James M., Talent.
Florey, Ethel M., Medford.
Florey, Chauncey, Medford.
Furnas, Leona, Medford.
Frazier, Roy, Ashland.
Frideger, I. R., Ashland.
Frohnmayer, Mrs. Otto, Medford.
Froman, M. Charlotte, Ashland.
Frink, Sadie L., Beagle.
Force, William R., Gold Hill.
Finney, Lottie, Jacksonville.
Franch, Floyd, Eagle Point.
Frey, Walter G., Lake Creek.
Frideger, Maude, Ashland.
Germer, Walter, Talent, Rt. 1.
Gearhart, Howard H., Ashland.
Garlock, Lee C., Medford.
Grieve, Katie, Prospect.
Gilstrap, Ernest R., Medford.
Goldy, Mark A., Medford.
Grissom, Everett, Central Point.
Gray, Chas. E., Gold Hill.
Gilman, Robert, Medford, Rt. 2.
Gallup, Henry C., Medford.
Grieve, Bruce, Medford.
Gitzen, Bermuda, Medford.
Gault, Edith Marion, Medford.
Goff, Lydia M., Medford.
Gandee, Alice L., Ashland.
Gribble, Marion F., Medford.
Green, Mrs. Marian, Ashland.
Givan, Charley, Eagle Point.
Gorden, Uriah, Trail.
Harder, Ben E., Medford, R.F.D.
Hildreth, Lola M., Jacksonville.
Hedberg. Dorothy J., Ashland.
Howe, Robert R., Ashland, Rt. 2.
Haight, Herbert, Trail.
Hensler, Alfred J., Medford, Rt. 4.
Harris, Luther C., Lake Creek.
Hubbard, Roland, Medford.
Henry, J. H., Ashland.
Hubbard, Chester A., Medford.
Hartley, Mrs. Clara Louise, Talent, Route 1.
Hogan, M. N., Medford.
Hall, John W., Gold Hill.
Holst, John D., Sams Valley.
Hartley, Charles C., Talent, Rt. 1.
Hartley, Geo., Talent.
Hubbs, Zoe R., Medford.
Hays, Carrol I., Medford.
Hull, Frank A., Medford.
Hunt, Geo. A., Medford.
Hockersmith, Ivan H., Beagle.
Heard, Lena E., Ashland.
Hamaker, Jas. C., Ashland.
Inch, Walter, Medford.
Jennings, Barbara, Medford, Rt. 2.
Jackson, Ida A., Medford.
Joy, Beulah M., Ashland.
Kennon, Myron A., Eagle Point.
Knox, O. M., Jacksonville.
Keith, Byron, Talent.
Kaye, Richard B., Medford.
Kee, W. S., Medford.
Kershaw, P. M., Medford.
Kincaid, Hazel, Medford.
Kyle, Harry D., Medford.
Kyle, Roy, Medford.
Kime, Nick, Medford.
Koppes, Agnes, Medford.
Knox, Walter F., Ashland.
Koch, Julius, Ashland.
Lyman, George, Gold Hill, Star Route.
Lamb, W. R., Eagle Point.
Lytle, Robert R., Talent.
Luman, Charles W., Medford.
Lee, Royal W., Medford.
Lemery, Mrs. Merna Y., Medford.
Lenox, E. L., Medford.
Lawrence, Thora, Medford.
Lofland, Harry Nevil, Medford.
Lozier, L. F., Medford.
Lemmon, Leila, Medford.
Lininger, Blanch V., Ashland.
Lindley, C. Henry, Ashland.
Lucas, Elmer B., Beagle.
Luman, Ira C., Medford, Rt. 4.
McNair, Louise G., Ashland.
McCaskey, Mrs. Mary Louise, Central Point, Rt. 1.
Muchmore, A. V., Medford.
Miller, Kenneth, Talent.
Mechem, H. C., Jacksonville.
Meeker, C. A., Medford.
Merriman, Meryle M., Medford.
Moffet, Gertrude M., Medford.
Marshall, Vern, Medford, Rt. 4.
Mundy, Elizabeth R., Medford.
Mallery, Alma L., Trail.
Morrison, Mrs. Emma, Central Point, Rt. 1.
McKee, Leonard R., Jacksonville.
Mynatt, Joe, Eagle Point.
Meyer, Vernon L., Lake Creek.
Nichols, R. D., Eagle Point.
Norris, Martha, Jacksonville.
Norris, V. A., Medford.
Nygren, Frank G., Brownsboro.
Nason, Mrs. S. D., Medford, Rt. 2
Nordwick, H. F., Medford.
Newbury, Maude, Medford.
Norris, Verna K., Medford.
Neilson, Dorothea I., Medford.
Owens, John S., Medford, Rt. 3.
Ottoman, Milton, Medford.
Offenbacher, Herman, Applegate.
Overdick, Lula J., Eagle Point.
O'Neill, Percy James, Eagle Point.
Penland, L. O., Talent.
Pellett, Homer, Medford.
Pennington, L., Medford.
Porter, Geo. W., Medford.
Purdin, Fred Austin, Medford.
Powell, Blanche A., Medford.
Porter, J. A., Medford.
Powell, J. E., Medford.
Pruitt, Roy, Medford.
Phetteplace, G. W., Medford.
Price, E. B., Medford.
Provost, Lillian A., Ashland.
Pence, Dave, Trail.
Putman, Geo. F., Eagle Point.
Pearce, Floyd, Eagle Point.
Redden, F. E., Medford.
Reimer, Frank C., Talent.
Richardson, J. S., Medford, Rt. 2.
Rosenberg, David, Medford.
Reynolds, Dorothy Y., Ashland.
Rolston, John H., Medford.
Reeves, Margaret, Medford.
Roseberry, Lena, Medford.
Reaney, Cedric T., Medford.
Rice, Nelle M., Ashland.
Ragsdale, J. L., Trail.
Robertson, Hattie, Eagle Point.
Robertson, Paul, Medford, Rt. 2.
Robison, A. J., Eagle Point.
Smith, James Uriah, Gold Hill.
Sullivan, Agnes E., Ashland.
Stancliffe, Bert, Phoenix.
Stanley, Mabel E., Lake Creek.
Spencer, Mrs. Hazel, Ashland.
Scott, Ernest L., Medford.
Shepard, A. W., Medford, Rt. 4.
Spilver, Henry F. W., Medford.
Stuart, Carl S., Medford.
Smith, Amy Kent, Medford.
Stoddard, Nathan B., Butte Falls.
Snider, Maude M., Medford.
Stewart, W. P., Medford.
Sparrow, Ruth, Central Point.
Sowell, Ethel M., Medford.
Singler, August, Medford.
Singler, R. H., Medford.
Stillwell, Lois, Medford.
Schumacher, Ray J., Medford.
Schenck, Mattie C., Medford.
Spindler, Linna B., Ashland.
Sander, Frances C., Ashland.
Stacy, Charles D., Medford, Rt. 4.
Thurlow, W. S., Medford.
Taylor, B. C., Ashland.
Tengwald, Edna, Medford, Rt. 1.
Tonn, Harry, Medford, Rt. 4.
Turpin, Inez F., Phoenix.
Thierolf, Phoebe, Medford.
Turpin, Waitie, Medford.
Townsend, W. L., Medford.
Thorndike, Eugene, Medford.
Tucker, M. M., Ashland.
Tucker, Mayme P., Medford.
Turner, C. C., Eagle Point.
Tingleaf, Millie, Eagle Point.
Todd, H. W., Eagle Point.
Ulrich, Hazel, Trail.
Vawter, Aletha, Medford.
VanProoyen, Henry, Ashland.
Vaughn, Roy, Prospect.
Vestal, L. A., Eagle Point.
Walker, Millie, Gold Hill.
Wait, Perry L., Gold Hill.
Webb, H. E., Eagle Point.
Weidman, Edith, Eagle Point.
Whittle, W. David, Ashland.
Wilson, Jesse, Phoenix.
Witham, Violet, Medford.
Wing, Chas. A., Medford.
Webb, Mary, Medford.
West, G. H., Medford.
Walker, Hattie, Medford.
Wilson, Elmer E., Medford.
Walker, Geo. W., Medford.
Wright, Robert C., Medford.
Weatherford, Lillian S., Medford.
Woodford, Lillian B., Medford.
Weil, K. V., Ashland.
Wilson, Elmon H., Ashland, Rt. 2.
Williams, LeRoy E., Talent.
Wallen, Elsa, Ashland.
York, Marie, Medford.
Young, Harry E., Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 31, 1939, pages 1 and 8

    The jury list for the circuit court term, starting Monday, February 27, as drawn Wednesday by the county clerk and sheriff, contains 31 names, including ten women.
    A new grand jury will be drawn at the opening of the term, consisting of the first seven names drawn from the jury box.
    Cases tentatively scheduled to be called during the new term, are those of L. C. Hoagland, former Klamath county auto dealer, indicted for alleged obtaining of money under false pretenses, in the manipulation of paper used in the sale of autos, through the Medford Finance Corporation.
    Charles Wisdom and his wife, school officers of district No. 53 near Butte Falls, indicted for alleged violation of Oregon school laws in expending of school funds.
    E. L. Maguin, indicted for alleged unlawful sale of stock, in which a number of local women and others with small incomes from stock were involved.
    The jury list is as follows:
    Henry C. Lindley, Ashland; Elmer E. Wilson, Medford; Bruce Grieve, Medford; Ivor C. Erwin, Ashland; M. N. Hogan, Medford; Barbara Jennings, Rt. 2, Medford; David Rosenberg, Medford.
    Linna B. Spindler, Ashland; Eva F. Frame, Phoenix; C. A. Meeker, Medford; Emma Croft, Ashland; Ray J. Schumacher, Medford; Charles D. Stacy, Rt. 4, Medford; Walter W. Abbey, Medford.
    Sadie L. Frink, Beagle; Wesley L. Childreth, Eagle Point; Ruth M. Ellis, Beagle; Lottie Finney, Jacksonville; Ethel M. Florey, Medford; Nick Kime, Medford; Robert C. White, Medford.
    Ben E. Harder, Medford; H. H. Gearhart, Ashland; Lillian B. Woodford, Medford; L. A. Vestal, Eagle Point; Robert H. Alworth, Prospect; A. J. Anderson, Medford; John Cupp, Medford; J. H. Cook, Gold Hill; Margaret Reeves, Medford, and Edith M. Gault, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 16, 1939, page 1

    May term of circuit court will open next Monday at 10 a.m. with a new jury list of 31 names from which, in all probability, a new grand jury of seven members will be drawn.
    All of the jurors drawn, with exception of one each from Gold Hill, Phoenix and Eagle Point, are from Medford and Ashland. The Eagle Point juror is Edith Weidman, housewife, the Phoenix member, R. W. Frame, and from Gold Hill, James U. Smith.
    Others drawn are:
    Julius Koch, Mrs. Hazel Spencer, Lillian A. Provost, M. M. Tucker, David W. Whittle, B. C. Taylor and Lena E. Heard.
    Thomas J. Fuson, Mary Albert, B. L. Lennox, Harry D. Kyle, Wesley Coffeen, Ida A. Jackson, Lena Roseberry, William H. Fluhrer, Dorothea I. Neilson, Harry N. Lofland, George A. Hunt, Ethel M. Sowell, Carrol I. Hays, Chauncey Florey, E. M. Drysdale, Emmett Cantrall, Frank E. Redden, Gertrude M. Moffett, W. J. Kee, Roland A. Hubbard and Charlotte Brenneman.
    The first case docketed for trial is that of Ray R. Spencer, former Ashland garbage superintendent,. indicted for alleged burning of his house on the Bellview road, east of Ashland, last January, with intent to injure the insurer.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 19, 1939, page 1

    The new jury list for the October term of the circuit court, starting October 23, at 10 a.m. has been drawn and consists of eight men and 23 women.
    A grand jury, comprised of the first seven names drawn from the jury box, will be drawn if the court so orders.
    The jury list is as follows:
    John S. Owens, Medford, Rt. 2; N. B. Stoddard, Butte Falls; C. C. Hartley, Talent; Guy W. Bishop, Beagle; Sam F. Coy, Eagle Point; Katie Grieve, Prospect; E. L. Bigham, Rt. 2, Central Point; Thomas Carlton, Prospect; Leila Lemmon, Medford; L. L. Damon, Lake Creek; Charles E. Gray, Gold Hill; Frank G. Nygren, Brownsboro; and R. D. Nichols, Eagle Point.
    O. M. Anderson, Medford; Hazel Anthony, Medford; Charles W. Luman, Medford; A. J. Robison, Eagle Point; L. R. Lozier, Medford; O. M. Knox, Jacksonville; Lydia M. Goff, Medford; G. H. West, Medford; Millie Tingleaf, Eagle Point; Mayme P. Tucker, Medford; George Averill, Butte Falls; Ruth Sparrow, Central Point; Charles H. Delsman, Ashland; H. W. Todd, Eagle Point; J. S. Richardson, Rt. 2, Medford; Roy Vaughn, Prospect; Meryle Carlton, Prospect; and E. E. Foss, Talent.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 11, 1939, page 1

    The jury list for Jackson County for 1940 has been completed by the county court. The list consists of 246 names, 188 men and 58 women. Farmers and housewives predominate.
    Medford and adjacent rural routes furnish 107 names, Ashland 24, Central Point 20, Jacksonville 5, Gold Hill 15, Eagle Point 18, Lake Creek 7, Prospect 4, Phoenix 6, Trail 5 and Talent 10. The balance are scattered through the county, with every section represented.
    The first jury to be drawn from the 1940 list will be for the February term of circuit court, starting on the last Monday of that month. As a rule, 30 jurors are drawn for a term of court, with special venires when needed.
    The list of jurors as drawn from A to F, with the balance to be published tomorrow, is:
Anderson, Carl, Medford.
Anderson, Andrew J., Medford.
Anderson, Paul F., Central Point.
Albert, Mary, Medford.
Alworth, Robert H., Trail.
Aikins, H. S., Ashland.
Andrews, G. A., Ashland.
Applewhite, Guy T., Ashland.
Adair, Chas. S., Medford.
Aiken, Belva, Medford.
Andrews, J. B., Medford.
Allen, Walter Ray, Eagle Point.
Anderson, Stella, Central Point.
Bigham, Elbert, Eagle Point.
Boardman, Edwin, Talent.
Bardwell, R. G., Medford.
Briggs, G. C., Central Point.
Birdsell, H. E., Medford.
Bromley, H. L., Medford.
Boothby, A. T., Prospect.
Bish, L. T., Medford.
Bush, Bert M., Lake Creek.
Barnes, Cornelia W., Phoenix.
Boise, Howard S., Medford.
Bauer, Bruce H., Medford.
Bigham, P. C., Medford.
Bell, Ada D., Phoenix.
Barkley, William, Phoenix.
Bliton, A. S., Medford.
Britton, Eleanor C., Medford.
Bates, Mazie A., Ashland.
Brower, Voda, Ashland.
Barron, Austie A., Ashland.
Byrd, G. W., Ashland.
Butler, H. N., Medford.
Burgess, Ralph C., Medford.
Bates, W. W., Medford.
Beach, Jessie C., Medford.
Brown, Walter Frazer, Medford.
Butterfield, C. S., Medford.
Blass, Louis, Eagle Point.
Brown, Geo. B., Brownsboro.
Beebe, Kenneth, Central Point.
Bradshaw, Leonard, Lake Creek.
Bohnert, Edith, Central Point.
Carter, Frank, Gold Hill.
Colver, Harold C., Phoenix.
Croft, Ward V., Ashland.
Cushman, Wallace, Trail.
Coy, Susie, Gold Hill.
Croft, Earl, Gold Hill.
Centers, F. M., Medford.
Conger, Emma L., Medford.
Cameron, J. G., Medford.
Canfield, I. D., Medford.
Clevenberg, L. E., Medford.
Cupp, John, Medford.
Carver, Fay, Phoenix.
Corn, E. C., Medford.
Coleman, Anna F., Jacksonville.
Carpenter, Winifred B., Medford.
Cochran, Frances, Medford.
Carson, O. F., Ashland.
Claycomb, H. L., Ashland.
Crawford, Oris, Medford.
Chamberlin, Clara L., Eagle Point.
Conley, Raleigh M., Sams Valley.
Charley, Claus C., Brownsboro.
Dunkin, Earl B., Talent.
Davis, Wm. K., Central Point.
Dillard, Catherine, Medford.
Ditsworth, Stuart, Trail.
Dinkins, Wallace W., Prospect.
Dusenberry, Lulu, Gold Hill.
Dodge, B. L. Jr., Medford.
Drummond, Helen E., Medford.
Davis, Annabel, Ashland.
Dodge, Robert E., Ashland.
D'Albini, G. Q., Medford.
Denney, Geo., Medford.
Deuel, H. S., Medford.
Edmondson, Benjamin, Butte Falls.
Elmore, Herbert, Applegate.
Eaton, W. H., Medford.
Edmondson, Clara Viola, Butte Falls.
Edington, William W., Gold Hill.
Fish, Jesse W., Gold Hill.
Firestone, James M., Talent.
Florey, Chauncey, Medford.
Frideger, I. R., Ashland.
French, Lloyd, Eagle Point
Frey, Walter G., Lake Creek
Fry, Nettie, Medford.
Ferguson, William H., Gold Hill.
Florey, Mildred Neil, Medford.
Fish, Fletcher T., Talent.
Fitzgerald, Jerome, Gold Hill
Fredenburg, Naomi V., Butte Falls.
Foley, William, Central Point.
Fliegel, Esther, Medford.
Frey, Irving W., Lake Creek.
Freeman, Leonard J., Central Point.
Faber, E. A., Central Point.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 24, 1940, pages 1 and 10

Jackson County Jury List
    The Jackson County jury list for the coming year, alphabetically, from G to the end, inclusive, is as follows:
Germer, Walter, Talent.
Garlock, Lee C., Medford.
Grissom, Everett, Central Point.
Gilman, Robert, Medford, Rt. 2.
Gallup, Henry C., Medford.
Gribble, Marion F., Medford.
Givan, Charley, Eagle Point.
Gorden, Uriah, Trail.
Grieve, Luda J., Prospect.
Gowland, Alice E., Ashland. Rt. 1.
Goode, Arthur F., Prospect.
Glass, J. E., Brownsboro.
Glass, Theo. A., Central Point.
Gilham, George P., Medford.
Guetzlaff, E. C., Gold Hill, Rt. 1.
Haight, Herbert, Trail.
Harris, Luther C., Lake Creek.
Henry, John H., Ashland, Star Rt.
Hall, John W., Gold Hill.
Holst, John D., Sams Valley.
Hartley, Geo., Talent.
Hull, Frank A., Medford.
Hockersmith, Ivan H., Beagle.
Heard, Lena E., Ashland.
Hamaker, Jas. C., Ashland.
Hanby, Andrew J., Medford.
Henspeter, F. A., Jacksonville.
Hunter, C. J., Talent, Rt. 1.
Henderson, Pearl L., Eagle Point.
Haley, Estella, Eagle Point.
Holman, W. R., Eagle Point.
Heryford, Harry, Butte Falls.
Hoover, Elsie, Medford. Rt. 4.
Harnish, Bess. Medford, Rt. 4.
Hockenyos, W. J., Medford, Rt. 4.
Hansen, Frank, Medford, Rt. 4.
Head, Agnes, Central Point, Rt. 2.
Higinbotham, Ed, Central Point.
Hopkins, Elmer, Ashland, Rt. 1.
Hedberg, C. Elwood, Ashland.
Howard, Ken, Medford.
Hurd, Hattie Viola, Medford.
Judd, Eva W., Medford.
Jackson, Glenn L., Medford.
Jacobs, Edith L., Gold Hill.
Kennon, Myron A., Eagle Point.
Keith, Byron, Talent.
Kershaw, P. M., Medford.
Kincaid, Hazel, Medford.
Kyle, Roy, Medford.
Kime, Nick, Medford.
Koppes, Agnes, Medford.
Kell, Chas., Gold Hill.
Kramer, Foss G., Ashland.
Klingle, Alice R., Lake Creek.
Kelsoe, Fred, Medford, Rt. 3.
Lyman, George, Gold Hill, Star Rt.
Lamb, W. R., Eagle Point.
Lytle, Robert R., Talent.
Lucas, Elmer B., Beagle.
Leonard, Ella H., Medford, Rt. 2.
Lund, Helga, Applegate.
Leever, Elizabeth, Central Point.
Leever, Fern, Central Point.
Lofland, Percy D., Central Point.
LeVander, Isabelle C., Medford, Rt. 1.
Mechem, H. C., Jacksonville.
Marshall, Vern, Medford, Rt. 4.
Morrison, Mrs. Emma, Central Point, Rt. 1.
McKee, Leonard R., Jacksonville.
Mynatt, Joe, Eagle Point.
Meyer, Vernon L., Lake Creek.
Miller, Rowland Lloyd, Gold Hill.
McDowell, Mary, Gold Hill.
McDonough, Geo., Sams Valley.
Moore, Ines, Butte Falls.
Marshall, Walter, Brownsboro.
Meyer, Alma, Lake Creek.
Norris, Verna K., Medford.
Norris, John R., Jacksonville
Noblitt, H. L., Medford.
Niedermeyer, Nellie, Medford, Rt. 2.
Ottoman, Milton, Medford
Offenbacher, Herman, Applegate.
Overdick, Lula J., Eagle Point.
O'Neill, Percy James, Eagle Point.
Older, Suzanna C., Medford.
Penland, L. O., Talent.
Porter, Geo. W., Medford.
Porter, J. A., Medford.
Powell, J. E., Medford.
Price, E. B., Medford.
Pence, Dave, Trail.
Putman, Geo. F., Eagle Point.
Pearce, Floyd, Eagle Point.
Pieper, Dean, Medford.
Pankey, Grace L., Medford.
Powell, Virginia E., Central Point.
Phipps, Preston, Medford.
Rolston, John H., Medford
Rice, Nella M., Ashland.
Ragsdale, J. L., Trail.
Robertson, Paul, Medford. Rt. 2.
Ray, Frank H., Medford.
Rummel, Dave, Butte Falls.
Sullivan, Agnes E., Ashland.
Shepard, A. W., Medford, Rt. 4.
Spilver, Henry F., Medford.
Singler, R. H., Medford.
Schuler, I. E., Medford.
Shangle, J. Verne, Medford.
Saulsberry, Lulu, Jacksonville.
Stevens, Andrew E., Talent, Rt. 1.
Stanley, Gladys, Medford, Rt. 3.
Smith, L. A., Eagle Point.
Stanley, Roy, Eagle Point.
Smith, Corbet, Butte Falls.
Stowell, Ollie, Butte Falls.
Straus, Donna V., Gold Hill.
Stanley, Thos., Lake Creek.
Tonn, Harry, Medford, Rt. 4.
Thierolf, Phoebe, Medford.
Townsend, W. L., Medford.
Turner, C. C., Eagle Point.
Tuttle, Emilia G., Central Point, Rt. 2.
Thompson, Edith F., Gold Hill.
Tolman, Crit, Gold Hill.
Tolle, Sarah, Medford, Rt. 1.
Tonn, Frances E., Medford Rt. 4.
Thomas, A. W., Ashland, Rt. 1.
Turpin, Archie H., Central Point.
Tungate, Jasper, Butte Falls.
Vawter, Aletha E., Medford.
VanProoyen, Henry, Ashland.
VanScoy, Charlotte, Eagle Point.
Vaughn, Tressie, Prospect.
Von der Hellen, Nellie E., Medford, Rt. 3.
Wait, Perry L., Gold Hill.
Webb, H. E., Eagle Point.
Wilson, Jesse, Phoenix.
Wing, Chas. A., Medford, Rt. 1.
Wilson, Elmon H., Ashland, Rt. 2.
Williams, LeRoy E., Talent.
Wallen, Elsa, Ashland.
Warner, W. J., Medford.
Werner, W. G., Medford, Rt. 2.
Wolf, Chris, Medford, Rt. 1.
Wood, D. R., Medford, Rt. 4.
Wendt, Anna, Jacksonville.
White, Hazel, Jacksonville.
Wray, M. T., Medford.
Ward, Ray C., Medford, Rt. 4.
Wilcox, R. H., Medford, Rt. 1.
White, Flora A., Medford.
Watson, Jean, Medford, Rt. 1.
Wallis, W. H., Ashland, Rt. 1.
Wright, Bert E., Ashland.
Wright, Vera S., Brownsboro.
Walker, A. W., Medford.
Weaver, Minnie E., Gold Hill.
Wattenberg, Tillie, Medford, Rt. 4.
Yale, David, Medford.
Young, Harry A., Medford.
Zundel, Golden, Lake Creek.
Zundel, Beth, Lake Creek.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 25, 1940, page 10

    A jury list for a term of circuit court, called for Monday, May 27, has been drawn by the sheriff and county clerk. Two cases are on the calendar. One is the case of Emil W. Martin, charged with larceny; the  other is the civil action of the Jackson County Bank vs. C. Y. Tengwald.
    The jury list includes:
    Ralph C. Burgess, Medford; John H. Rolston, Medford; Mrs. Nettie Fry, Medford; Mrs. Nellie E. von der Hellen, Wellen; Mrs. Helen E. Drummond, Medford; George E. Lyman, Gold Hill; Mrs. Mazie A. Bates, Ashland; George F. Putnam, Eagle Point; C. S. Butterfield, Medford; Walter Marshall, Brownsboro; Raleigh M. Conley, Sams Valley; Thomas Stanley, Lake Creek; Mayron A. Kennon, Eagle Point, and Mrs. Esther Fliegel, Medford.
    Lloyd French, Eagle Point; Bert M. Bush, Lake Creek; Mary McDowell, Gold Hill; Irving W. Frey, Lake Creek; J. B. Andrews, Medford; Mrs Virginia M. Powell, Central Point; Jasper Tungate, Butte Falls; Leonard R. McKee, Jacksonville; I. D. Canfield, RFD 1; Mrs. Eva W. Judd, Medford; Oris Crawford, Medford; H. C. Mechem, Jacksonville; P. M. Kershaw, Medford; W. H. Eaton, Medford; Uriah Gordon, Trail and Mrs. Verna K. Morris, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 13, 1940, page 1

    The Jackson County general jury list for 1941, comprising 253 names, has been completed by the county court. The names of 35 women are listed.
    The list will be used beginning with the February term of court, which starts February 24.
    Jurors drawn whose names begin with the letters A and B are as follows:
    Arant, Joseph P., Ashland; Andrews, George A., Ashland; Ayers, A. W., Central Point; Albright, Geo. R., Medford; Andrews, C. H., Medford; Applegate, Roscoe, Ashland; Arnold, S. Albert, Ashland; Anderson, Elda F., Ashland; Andres, I. F., Ashland; Andrews, Walter E., Medford; Ashcraft, W. H., Ashland; Abbott, Elga W., Butte Falls; Arant, Howard, Prospect; Axtell, Ranald, Trail; Anderson, Carl, Medford; Anderson, Paul F., Central Point; Alworth, Robert H., Trail; Aikins, H. S., Ashland; Adair, Chas. S., Medford; Allen, Walter Ray, Eagle Point.
    Bigham, Elbert, Eagle Point; Birdsall, H. E., Medford; Brittsan, Granvil F., Medford; Barron, H. F., Ashland; Beswick, Lottie, Berry, Rollie, Brown, Charles A., Baugh, Everett E., Biegel, Elmer C., Brower, Allan M., Brown, Edgar J., Buehling, Fred, Burk, C. G., Bartlett, W. E., Butler, Edwin N., Ashland; Bigham, P. C., Medford; Brophy, Leland S., Medford; Brower, Carl A., Ashland; Brown, Geo. B., Brownsboro; Boyer, Scott, Betz, A. A., Bellows, Benjamin, Burg, William E., Bennett, Carl R., Eagle Point.
    Bish, L. T., Medford; Byrd, G. W., Ashland; Blass, Louie, Eagle Point; Beebe, Kenneth, Central Point; Bradshaw, Leonard, Lake Creek; Bryant, Phillip F., Ashland; Byers, Paul P., Ashland; Bohnert, Arnold, Bonney, Pearl, Blumenstein, Blanche, Central Point; Bliss, Warren A., Medford; Bradley, J. V., Medford; Bigham, William, Eagle Point; Brown, J.J., Beagle; Blevins, James M., Gold Hill; Birdseye, Glenn A., Gold Hill; Brown, John O., Applegate.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 22, 1941, page 8

Jury List
(Continued from Yesterday)

    Following is the list of Jackson County residents, alphabetically from C to G, drawn on the general jury list for the coming year:
    Claycomb, H. L., Ashland; Carter, Henry Jim, Ashland; Cassman, Harvey, Central Point; Cameron, Harry C., Ashland; Cowan, Albert E., Medford; Chastain, S. E., Medford; Crosslin, W. J., Carter, F. S. Conley, C. F., Caton, Clyde N., Cook, J. Morgan, Carlton, J. H., Childers, Charles H., Cook, A. L., Cress, Harmon, Ashland; Centers, F. M., Conger, Emma L., Cupp, John, Corn, E. C., Carpenter, Winifred B., Medford; Carson, O. F., Ashland; Chamberlain, Clara L., Eagle Point; Charley, Claus C., Brownsboro; Campbell, Richard B., Clark, Harold N., Crapsey, George B., Ashland; Cantrall, Osie, Medford; Corwin, Chester C., Ashland; Carson, Mattie G., Butte Falls; Carter, W. E., Eagle Point; Case, Aran Earl, Sams Valley; Chamberlain, Ray H., Gold Hill; Coy, Bertha, Gold Hill; Croft, Earl, Gold Hill; Cook, J. F., Medford; Cameron, Royal, Gold Hill; Carl, William, Applegate; Charley, Claus C., Brownsboro.
    Davis, Mrs. Maud, Central Point; Dorland, H. M., Central Point; Davis, Irvin, Ashland; Darby, John Hamlin, Medford; Davies, A. C., Jacksonville; Dickey, T. C., Jacksonville; Drummond, Wm., Medford; Dunkin, Earl B., Talent; Davis, Wm. K., Central Point; Ditsworth, Stuart, Trail; Dinkins, Wallace W., Prospect; Dodge, B. L., Jr., Denney, Geo., Dutton, Edward, Davis, Winfield L., Darby, Glenn, Dunn, George E., Dickey, Floyd F., DeArmond, H. L., Dozier, Hugh, Duffield, Harold, Davis, Frank, Dyer, A. F., Darby, William F., Ashland; Dysinger, Leland L., Brownsboro; Daily, Murt, Medford; Deen, Geo., Dunlap, Frank S., Dugan, Richard, Eagle Point; Daily, Harry, Medford; Daily, Frank, Gold Hill.
    Ellis, H. H., Medford; Elliott, Theodore H., Elliott, William B., Elhart, C. D., Ashland; Edmondson, Benjamin, Butte Falls; Edington, William W., Gold Hill; Engle, Fred Stanley, Elhart, Homer H., Emery, Nina Bell, Ashland; Edmondson, Lola M., Butte Falls; Edwards, Aubrey S., Applegate; Earhart, Frank L., Medford.
    Frideger, I. R., Ashland; Fleischer, Alan S., Central Point; Fairchild, R. B., Medford; Fernlund, Ray W., Medford; Fields, W. J., Farlow, Elbert J., Froman, C. E., Ashland; Franklin, Neil H., Medford; Frazee, Oliver D., Medford; Fuller, E. Frank, Ashland; Foster, John M., Eagle Point; Fredenburg, B. Theodore, Butte Falls; Fiene, Minnie Isabelle, Gold Hill; Fuhrman, Otto, Gold Hill; Fields, George, Provolt; Farlow, Earl, Lake Creek; Fish, Fletcher T., Talent; Fredenburg, Naomi V., Butte Falls; Foley, William, Central Point; Freeman, Leonard J., Central Point; Flowers, A. F., Medford.
(More tomorrow).
Medford Mail Tribune, January 23, 1941, page 2

Jury List
(Continued from Yesterday)

    Following is the remainder of the list of Jackson County residents drawn on the 1941 jury list, by the county court:
    Gandee, K. L., Ashland; Guches, Reuben Raymond, Medford; Godward, George W., Jacksonville; Groves, Charles, Medford; Gilman, Geo., Medford; Grow, Homer S., Gillmore, C. N., Gosnell, Truman B., Galey, Henry C., Gray, Charles, Gray, Wm. D., Green, Charles L., Ashland; Geppert, Horace Joseph, Butte Falls; Greb, John C., Medford; Grant, Walter A., Central Point; Gray, Pearl, Gold Hill; Glass, J. E., Brownsboro; Germer, Walter, Talent; Grissom, Everett, Central Point; Gilman, Robert, Medford; Gallup, Henry C., Medford; Grieve, J. Luda, Prospect; Gowland, Alice E., Ashland; Gilham, George P., Medford; Guetzlaff, E. C., Gold Hill.
    Hardin, Lewis, Ashland; Holmer, Janice M., Central Point; Holt, W. H., Central Point; Hamaker, John B., Jacksonville; Hofer, Charles E., Jacksonville; Henselman, E. G., Medford; Hopkins, Elmer, Hash, Walter, Helms, George J., Hutchins, Daniel W., Hardy, J. H., Hopper, Eugene E., Held, Paul, Hicks, Horatio M., Hunt, Elbert G., Heard, Noel W., Herbert, Russell L., Ashland; Howell, Frank, Medford; Hall, Clyde, Ashland; Heard, Neal, Ashland; Hansen, W. M., Eagle Point; Humphrey, Chas., Eagle Point; House, Earl L., Medford; Higinbotham, C. T., Medford; Herriott, Geo. W., Applegate; Hartley, Jack M., Medford; Harris, Luther C., Lake Creek; Holst, John D., Sams Valley; Hartley, Geo., Talent; Henspeter, F. A., Jacksonville; Hunter, C. J., Talent; Henderson, Pearl L., Haley, Estella, Holman, W. R., Eagle Point; Higinbotham, Ed, Central Point.
    Inlow, C. V., Icenhower, Geo. B., Icenhower, G. Arthur, Ashland; Ingram, Pete, Medford.
    Jordan, J. Samuel, Ashland; Jones, Dora Stanley, Central Point; Jacobs, Edith L., Central Point; Jones, Wiley B., Jackson, Virgil W., Johnstone, James W., Jones, George W., Jordan, Howard C., Johnson, William B., Ashland; Johnson, H. M., Medford; Johnson, Charley R., Ashland; James, Wm. C., Medford.
    Kennedy, Hector E., Ashland; Keene, Walter W., Jacksonville; Kerby, Elton, Kelts, Georgia E., Kerr, W. E., Kelts, Glenn D., Ashland; Kurtz, T. M., Medford; King, Joseph F., Ashland; Koozer, R. E., Ashland; Kent, Arthur, Eagle Point; King, Fannie O., Colestin; Kubli, Henry L., Applegate; Klingle, Frank, Lake Creek; Kerr, George, Medford; Keith, Byron, Talent; Kincaid, Hazel, Medford; Klingle, Alice R., Lake Creek.
    Loosley, George W., Ashland; Lawrence, Fannie E., Central Point; Loftus, C. E., Lindsay, William C., Low, Oscar D., Lamb, Howard J., Lambert, Joseph, Larson, Birtil E., Lininger, Raymond B., Lane, Clarence E., Leever, Earl, Lininger, Bruce M., Ashland; Lusk, J. C., Eagle Point; Long, James I., Ashland; Lance, George W., Gold Hill; Lamb, W. R., Eagle Point; Leever, Elizabeth, Ashland; Leever, Fern, Ashland; Lofland, Percy D., Central Point; LeVander, Isabelle C., Talent.
    McCoy, J. W., Ashland; Morrison, Elmer S., Ashland; Merritt, Emma L., Central Point; McNeil, E. L., Ashland; McCracken, W. E., Maxwell, A. L., Manke, J. A., Medford; McKinnis, Paul H., Ashland; Moore, William Lloyd, McNeal, R. W., Massey, H. E., Miles, Aubrey C., Mitchell, Seaborn S., McGee, J. H., Mayberry, Henry H., Murphy, J. Murray, McKinnis, W. C., Madden, Arthur A., Mitchell, Harry D., Mitchell, W. C., Morris, S. R., Ashland; Mynatt, Joe, Eagle Point; McGraw, Blanche, Eagle Point; Middlebusher, Fred, Prospect; Moore, Lillian, Prospect; Moore, Curtis R., Gold Hill; Murray, Jack E., Medford; Mee, Thomas, Applegate; Mills, Harry, Medford; Meyer. Vernon L., Lake Creek.
    Niedermeyer, John, Jacksonville; Norberg, Earl, Norstrom, Olive, Norris, Alfred T., Nutter, Earl D., Ashland; Norris, William B., Siskiyou; Nye, Waldo P., Prospect; Nutter, Charles A., Medford.
    Olsen, Louis L., O'Harra, T. L., Ashland; Ohrt, N. F., Medford; Older, L. P., Medford; Offenbacher, Herman, Applegate.
    Parr, Roy M., Prescott, Guy, Peters, Arthur M., Ashland; Pankey, Betta, Central Point; Parker, Archibald R., Central Point; Purcell, J. R., Medford; Potter, Leo, Medford; Parker, Sumner, Pearson, Wallace E., Pine, Charles T., Provost, Dom, Purves, Wanda J., Peachey, Albert H., Poyer, E. B., Powell, Benjamin Leroy, Putman, Ralph, Ashland; Pursell, G. H., Pullen, T. J., Powell, C. W., Eagle Point; Parker, Curtis, Gold Hill; Pierce, Archie C., Medford; Perdue, Jas. M., Medford; Penland, L. O., Talent; Porter, J. A., Medford; Powell, J. E., Medford; Pence, Dave, Trail; Pearce, Floyd, Eagle Point.
    Reeder, Ira T., Ashland; Ross, Irvin, Ashland; Roberts, James G., Jacksonville; Russell, Edwin J., Randles, Guy Wm., Rice, Arthur L., Robison, W. W., Robertson, Charles C., Ashland; Rose, Charles E., Medford; Rigg, James R., Medford; Rose, John, Jr., Gold Hill; Robertson, Paul, Medford; Ray, Frank H., Medford; Rummel, Dave, Medford.
    Swing, M. J., Medford; Stenrud, Henry M., Shutt, H. M., Smith, George F., Snyder, Charles C., Stennett, L. E., Stratton, Marjorie, Scheidereiter, Walter, Stewart, Will L., Sackett, Dewey W., South, Herbert L., Sander, William G., Simpson, Glenn E., Stratton, F. C., Ashland; Swaim, W. H., Eagle Point; Smith, Clyde L., Butte Falls; Sutton, John T., Gold Hill; Shaw, Chas. R., Medford; Smith, Arthur, Gold Hill; Stedman, R. D., Shepherd, A. W., Singler, R. H., Shangle, J. Verne, Medford; Stevens, Andrew E., Talent; Smith, L. A., Eagle Point; Stowell, Ollie, Butte Falls; Straus, Donna V., Gold Hill.
    Tracy, Tarcy E., Central Point; Trebesch, Carl A., Central Point; True, Marcus P., Ashland; Tripp, Gordon, Talbot, Roy, Taylor, Fred A., Thompson, Arthur H., Ashland; Throckmorton, Lester, Eagle Point; Terrill, Ralph W., Medford; Tonn, Harry, Medford; Turner, C. C., Eagle Point; Tuttle, Emilia G., Central Point; Tonn, Frances E., Medford; Turpin, Archie H., Medford.
    Vail, E. E., Vestal, Harry G., Van Dyke, Fred G., Ashland; Vincent, Dewey J., Medford.
    Winters, J. H., Ashland; Wiley, Thornton S., Ashland; Weidman, James M., Central Point; Woods, Charles A., Ashland; Williamson, Lloyd A., Jacksonville; Whelpley, Fred, Watson, W. J., Williams, J. H., Wendt, Philip, Westfall, Leland D., Wray, Orson N., Walls, Edward C., Williams, Kenneth C., Woods, Gertrude C., Wenner, William H., Ashland; Wait, Perry Luther, Gold Hill; Wright, Lloyd, Medford; Waltermire, Harold G., Medford; Weight, George A., Medford; Walch, John, Sr., Lake Creek; Wilson, Robert K., Warner, Everett, White, John, Medford, Ore.; Webb, H. E., Eagle Point; Wil-
son, Jesse, Warner, W. J., Werner, W. G., Wolf, Chris, Medford; Wendt, Anna, Jacksonville; White, Hazel, Jacksonville; Wray, M. T., Medford; Wallis, W. B., Ashland; Wright, Vera S., Brownsboro; Wattenberg, Tillie, Medford.
    Yeo, Geo. H., Yeo, James A., Young, George G., Youngs, James A., Ashland; Yoakley, Earl, Yale, David, Yorton, Earle B., Medford.
    Zundel, Golden, Lake Creek.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 24, 1941, page 9

    May term of the circuit court will start Monday, May 26, and light calendars will be presented in both civil and criminal matters.
    A regular panel of jurors was drawn yesterday for the term starting and a special venire of five names will be drawn to complete matters next week, still pending on the February term.
    The jury list is as follows:
    Ralph Putnam, Ashland; S. R. Morris, Ashland; Curtis Parker, Gold Hill; Frank S. Dunlap, Eagle Point; H. E. Birdsall, route 4, Medford; J. Murray Murphy, Ashland; James M. Weidman, Central Point; Harmon Cress, Ashland; George W. Herriott, Applegate; L. A. Smith, Eagle Point; Henry L. Kubli, Applegate; William E. Burg, Eagle Point; G. F. Brittsan, Medford, route 2, and John H. Darby, Medford, route 1.
    Curtis R. Moore, Gold Hill; H. E. Kennedy, Ashland; W. R. Lamb, Eagle Point; Earl Yoakley, Medford; Earle B. Yorton, Medford, route 3; James G. Roberts, Jacksonville; Carl A. Trebesch, Central Point; B. T. Fredenburg, Butte Falls; Benjamin Bellows, Eagle Point; Winifred B. Carpenter, Medford; Irvin Ross, Ashland; Everett Grissom, Central Point; Golden Zundel, Lake Creek; Harry Daily, Medford, route 4; Warren A. Bliss, Medford, route 1, and Emilia G. Tuttle, Central Point, route two.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 16, 1941, page 1

    The names of 35 grand jurors and 40 trial jurors chosen for the fall term of U.S. district court opening here Tuesday, October 7, were listed in a Portland newspaper today.
    The grand jurors, ordered to report in federal court here at 10 a.m. October 7, were given as follows:
    Lee R. Allen, clerk; B. H. Bauer, lumber merchant; Ernest Biden, shoemaker; Charles Boyden, surveyor; Robert Buckles, gas fitter; Charles S. Butterfield, real estate man; Elmer Childers, contractor; Kenneth Childreth, bank clerk; Grover C. Corum, salesman; Fred A. Dinsmore, farmer; Frank L. Earhart, farmer; Edward J. Feldman, merchant; Van R. Gilbert, meat cutter; Herbert G. Grey, advertising manager; William B. Hamilton, Jr., accountant; C. A. Hamlin, hide buyer; Oliver L. Overmyer, lumberman; Frank E. Redden, collector, and Verl G. Walker, all of Medford.
    George B. Bruchman, farmer; W. C. Carnahan, service station operator; John H. Emge, farmer; Fred H. Grant, farmer; W. M. Hayes, farmer; W. D. Holland, farmer, and Herbert J. Dillingham, service station operator, all of Grants Pass; C. W. Campbell, miner, O'Brien; Ray Coleman, merchant, Jacksonville; R. H. Dopp, carpenter, Central Point; George J. Elliott, laborer, Central Point; William D. Fenner, service station operator, Wonder; Harry Heryford, Butte Falls; Arthur S. Kleinhammer, merchant, Jacksonville; Alexander H. Pracht, retired, Ashland, and W. H. Swain, farmer, Eagle Point.
    The trial jurors, ordered to report at 10 a. m. October 9, were listed as follows:
    Cleo Brenner, real estate man; Homer J. Bringle, real estate man; Harold Bunce, lineman; E. W. Corley, photographer; Lionel J. Cox, lumber clerk; John L. Detwiler, carpenter; Harry J. Field, merchant; Thomas K. Flynn, electrician; A. J. Hanby, retired teacher; Floyd H. Hart, lumberman; Jack M. Hartley, clerk; Weldon Hartley, farmer; George W. Howard, retired; W. L. Miller, contractor; Ira C. Moss, merchant; H. F. Platt, merchant; Ray J. Schumacher, merchant; W. E. Thomas, investments, and E. G. Trowbridge, lumberman, all of Medford.
    E. R. Camp, laborer; E. H. Harbeck, butcher; John B. Harris; John Hummel, tailor; W. M. Richardson, lineman, and Albert H. Schmidt, farmer, all of Grants Pass. Samuel J. Bailey, railroad employee, Ashland; Victor Bursell, farmer, Central Point; William H. Cain, Gold Hill; Edward Dailey, farmer, Kerby; U. Grant Davis, lumberman, Ashland; Cyrus G. Duncan, Central Point; August Erickson, farmer, and William H. Ferguson, laborer, Gold Hill; Harry E. Harding, painter, Trail; H. M. Hayden, service station operator, Kerby; Frank Henspeter, rancher, Jacksonville; Mark Krysto, miner, Galice; M. C. Lininger, merchant, Ashland; Fred Luy, farmer, Eagle Point, and L. A. Vestal, farmer, Eagle Point.
    The panels from which the drawings were made appear to be somewhat out of date, for at least a few of the jurors listed no longer reside here. For example, Capt. Overmyer was recalled to active army duty months ago and took up residence in Philadelphia, Pa.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 25, 1941, page 1

    The jury list for the February term of the circuit court, starting Tuesday, February 24, from which a new grand jury will also be drawn, has been picked by the sheriff's office and the clerk's office, as follows:
    O. F. Carson, George H. Yeo, James I. Long, R. E. Koozer and James W. Johnstone, Ashland; Lena Roseberry, Medford; Frank P. Homer, Central Point; R. C. Holmes, Gordon S. Stout, F. M. Centers, Medford; L. O. Penland, Talent; Mary Janes, S. T. Shults, Hazel Kincaid, Emil Mohr, Medford, and J. E. Glass, Brownsboro.
    O. V. Myers and Margaret E. Schuler, Medford; John B. Hamaker, Jacksonville; George H. Stowell, Eagle Point; Earl J. Nunn, Leland S. Brophy, Medford; W. M. Hansen, Eagle Point; J. D. Morrison, Rt. 1, Central Point; John Walch, Sr., Lake Creek; James E. Shaw, Gold Hill; Chester Y. Woods, Medford; Don Messinger, Provolt; George Iverson and Emerson P. Merrick, Medford.
    The February term will open on Tuesday, because Washington's birthday, a legal holiday, falls on Sunday, and under Oregon law, the following Monday is a legal holiday.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 13, 1942, page 1

Exhaustion of Juror List Through Excuses,
Reasons Causes Action.
    A special petit jury venire to report for duty Thursday, March 12, at 9:30 a.m., was drawn yesterday by the sheriff and county clerk. It contains 20 names. Due to excuses and other reasons, only four names of the regular list remained.
    The new venire is:
    Roy M. Parr, Ashland; William B. Johnson, Ashland; C. C. Turner, star route, Eagle Point; Louis L. Olsen, Ashland; Edgar J. Brown, Ashland; R. F. Singler, Medford; H. L. DeArmond, Ashland; Nell C. Carlton, Medford; Alice E. Cowland, route 1, Ashland; Seth Coy, Gold Hill.
    John Cupp, Bernice Ashpole, Mabel Sims, Medford; Neal Heard, Frank Davis, C. D. Elhart, Ashland; Donna V. Straus, Gold Hill; Henry C. Galey, Ashland; Edward W. Kubli, Applegate, and Marie D'Albini, Medford.
    Jurors drawn at beginning of the term and still serving are L. O. Penland, route 1, Sherman T. Shults, Hazel Kincaid, and Margaret E. Schuler, Medford.
    The case scheduled for trial is that of Albert C. Hyde against the state industrial accident commission.
    Trial of Roy Lippert, charged with an alleged statutory offense involving a minor girl of the Pinehurst district, has been postponed to March 31, due to Lippert's attorney being busy in the Klamath County court.
Medford Mail Tribune, March 5, 1942, page 2

    May term of circuit court will open Monday, May 25, when a new grand jury will be drawn, consisting of the first seven named in the new jury venire drawn yesterday by the sheriff's and clerk's offices. Both the criminal and civil calendars will be light. The jurors have been instructed to report at ten o'clock on opening day of the term.
    The new jury list follows:
    W. W. Edington, Gold Hill; W. G. Drummond, Medford; Earl McBee, Medford; Chester Wendt, Jacksonville; Frank Daily, Gold Hill; Royal G. Brown, Eagle Point; Sumner Parker, Rt. 1, Ashland; Granvil F. Brittsan, Medford; Benjamin Edmondson, Butte Falls; Horatio M. Hicks, Ashland; George Gilman, Rt. 2, Medford; Fred L. Strang, Medford, and J. H. Carlton, Ashland.
    W. E. Kerr, A. H. Peachey, Harry D. Mitchell and Arthur M. Peters, Ashland; J. Ludo Grieve, Prospect; Joseph Lambert, Ashland; Edward C. Wallis, Ashland; Helen Neff, Medford; Paul Held, Ashland; C. N. Gillmore, Rt. 1, Ashland; A. E. Stevens, Rt. 1, Talent; Neil H. Franklin, Medford; John Higinbotham, Rt. 1, Central Point; John Neathamer, Rt. 1, Rogue River; Nina B. Emery, Ashland, and Frances E. Tonn, Rt. 4, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune,
May 14, 1942, page 1

Kline Condemnation Case Scheduled Wednesday at  10--40 Jurors to Report.
    A grand jury for the regular 1942 term of U.S. district court, which was convened this morning by Judge James Alger Fee, was to be drawn at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
    In a short session this morning Dr. John Joseph L. Doyle, a Californian, arraigned on a charge of illegally wearing the uniform of the U.S. army, pleaded not guilty and Judge Fee set his trial for October 14, in Portland federal court.
Kline Case Wednesday
    Set for Wednesday at 10 a.m. was the trial of the U.S. versus Luella D. Kline, a condemnation case involving land formerly owned by the defendant in the Camp White area. The jury, which was drawn during the September session and which has already viewed the premises, will report at 10 a.m. Defendant is represented by attorney George Roberts.
    On the docket for the fall term of court, which is expected to last some six weeks, are civil, criminal and condemnation cases. Here for the term are Carl Donough, United States district attorney; James H. Haslett, assistant United States district attorney; Frank Hamm, United States marshal; Bernard H. Ramsey, special attorney for the department of justice; Ross DeMott, deputy clerk of the court, and Cloyd Rauch, court reporter, in addition to Judge Fee. Verne Hastings is acting as bailiff.
    Forty trial jurors for the 1942 term of court are to report at 10 a.m. Wednesday. In the following list the jurors are from Medford unless otherwise specified:
    Dick Baize, John C. Boyle, Marvin W. Clark, Grants Pass; Lloyd Loren Damon, Lake Creek; C. H. Davis, Russel Davis, P. C. Dressel, Robt. L. Ettinger, Ivan W. Farmer, Carl Fichtner, Chester A. Foley, Central Point; J. O. Frazier, Lyle L. Gould, Klamath Falls; John C. Greve, Ashland; Louis Gerlinger, Jr., Grants Pass; C. W. Guches, Floyd C. Headrick, Donald B. Hinthorne, Ashland; H. Hosler, Ashland; Pete Ingram.
    Chas. I. Johnston, Wonder; Clayton W. Lewis, Thos. Lovell, Eagle Point; Bert G. Lowry, Joe Marshall, Lester Marshall, Brownsboro; W. M. McCluskey, J. R. McCracken, Talent; Frank J. McKeown, Robert K. Norris, Ernest Rhoads, Grants Pass; Gain Robinson, Fred A. Samain, Grants Pass; W. L. Schroeder, Grants Pass; Ernest J. Smith, F. Slade Songer, Ashland; Fred A. Taylor, Ashland; James O. Vincent, Central Point; F. E. Wood, Grants Pass; H. F. Young, Grants Pass.
Medford Mail Tribune,
October 6, 1942, page 1

    The jury list for the October term of the circuit court, starting Monday, October 26, was drawn yesterday by the county clerk and sheriff. For the first time in this county, since women were made eligible for jury service, the name of no woman was drawn.
    From the list of 31 names, a new grand jury will be drawn, consisting of the first seven names drawn from the jury box, at the opening of court.
    The jury list is as follows:
    William H. Wenner, Ashland; Oliver Martin, Rt. 1, Central Point; Elmer C. Biegel, Ashland; Frank L. Earhart, Medford; Curtis R. Moore, Gold Hill; John M. Foster, Eagle Point; Eugene E. Hopper, Ashland; J. V. Bradley, Medford; Fred S. Stanley, Ashland; Luther C. Harris, Lake Creek; Paul H. McKinnis, Rt. 1, Ashland; Clyde Kell, Gold Hill; Arthur Smith, Gold Hill; and Fred Whelpley, Rt. 1, Ashland.
    Also E. B. Poyer, Ashland; George P. Gilham, Medford; H. S. Aikens, Ashland; Albert C. Allen, Rt. 1, Central Point; E. E. Vail, Ashland; John C. Greb, Rt. 3, Medford; James M. Cummings, Central Point; J. D. Green, Rt. 1, Medford; Carl Fichtner, Medford; Edwin J. Russell, Rt. 1, Ashland; Maynard Bush, Medford; Thomas L. Edsall, Medford; William B. Elliott, Ashland; Howard Arant, Prospect, and Harold Duffield, Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune,
October 15, 1942, page 1

    Drawing of the jury list for the coming year will be  started and completed by the county court before February 1, it was announced today. County Judge J. B. (Blin) Coleman said that due to the labor shortage and many male residents' being either in service or in defense plants, a majority of the jurors will be women.
Medford Mail Tribune,
January 11, 1944, page 6

Jury List A to C
    The Jackson County jury list for the coming year, from A to C, inclusive, is as follows:
    Charles Avery, Florence P. Allen, Guy T. Applewhite, Myrtle M. Alwine, Alma Abrams, Ashland.
    Idella L. Acker, Hattie Adams, Belva Aiken, Bernice W. Alford, Nina Anders, Lenore E. Anderson, Medford.
    Ruth H. Ames, Rogue River.
    Stella Anderson, Central Point.
    Perry L. Andre, Jacksonville.
    Celia A. Andrews, Ashland.
    Frances Lucille Anseth, Harold E. Archer. George J. Armstrong, Maud Arnold, Medford.
    Howard L. Ash, Trail.
    Geo. Askew, Phoenix.
    Dora M. Atwell, Medford.
    A. W. Ayers, Central Point.
    Delbert H. Burger, Ashland.
    Cora G. Bruce, Esther Barrett, Edna L. Bissell, Mildred D. Briggs, Cloma T. Burton, Charles E. Barron, Delila Brower, Celia A. Berninghausen, Fay Brown, Ashland.
    Blanche Blumenstein, Oscar Blackford, Central Point.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 27, 1944, page 8

Jury List D to W
    Margaret Dean, Gladys Dooms, Margaret Dodge, Thomas L. Duncan, Laura Dunn, Henry Dieckman, Emma Davis, Ashland.
    Harry Daily, Elizabeth H. Davis, Medford.
    Maud Davis, Central Point.
    Rachel H. Davis, Ashland.
    Alice Daws, Medford.
    Robert R. Dawson, Trail.
    Ollie Deadmond, Ashland.
    Florence P. Folger Dean, Medford.
    Leland C. DeCarlow, Pinehurst.
    Harriet DeJarnett, Medford.
    Leland Arthur Denzer, Phoenix.
    Con DeVore, J. A. Dickinson, Erna Dike, Medford.
    Stuart Ditsworth, Trail.
    Chas. Dooms, Medford.
    Ellen Doran, Central Point.
    James Dorsey, Medford.
    Elmer F. Drake, Applegate.
    George H. Drake, Frances Dudley, Lawrence Duff, Nellie P. Dunford, Medford.
    Edmond G. Dunlap, Rogue River.
    May Dunlap, Elsie Durham, Medford.
    Ada L. Dusenberry, Gold Hill.
    L. A. Dyer, Medford.
    Henry G. Enders, Jr., Gertrude Easterling, Mildred B. Eddy, J. R. Edwards, Martha Elhart, Ashland.
    Mary Joe Estes, Medford.
    Roy Eskew, Gold Hill.
    Emma Elliott, Trail.
    Alice B. Egan, Medford.
    Freda Elliott, Ashland.
    Dorothy Eads, Ruth A. Eby, G. M. Estes, Medford.
    Olivia Evans, Central Point.
    F. L. Enders, Orval Edwards, R. E. Edwards, Medford.
    Ethel F. Emmett, Ashland.
    Naomi Elden, Central Point.
    Nellie Ellis, Ashland.
    Lola M. Edmondson, Butte Falls.
    Frank Edwards, Everett Finley, Harvey D. Field, R. W. French, Fred J. Fick, Anne Fuson, Leona Furnas, C. J. Fry, Val J. Fischer, Laura B. Frederick, Alys Furnas, Medford.
    Mrs. Vena Force, Central Point.
    Lem Goff Frink, Christina Josephine Foss, Talent.
    Yetta A. Flowers, MarAbel B. Frohnmayer, Medford.
    Reuben W. Frame, Phoenix.
    Ruth Fortin, Lake Creek.
    Jessie A. Farmer, Rogue River.
    Ethel Freeman, Edward C. Faber, Central Point.
    Ralph A. Foster, Ashland.
    Mary P. Fowler, Mary Foster, Anna M. Ford, Medford.
    Bruce P. Fleming, Jacksonville.
    John F. Frost, Gold Hill.
    Nell Friend, Verna Flowers, Medford.
    Minnie M. Furry, Phoenix.
    Sarah Gunter, Mamie B. Grubb, Edith M. Gray, Howard H. Gearhart, Ashland.
    Theodore R. Graham, Eva H. Gile, Benj. F. Gilbert, Marion F. Gribble, Lillian Grenbemer, Katherine A. Gaddis, John S. Gill, O. J. Gould, Clara Goold, Ella Gould, Myron Gaston, Lillian Gammill, Medford.
    Ray M. Garland, Talent.
    Charles C. Garrett, Charles R. Green, Medford.
    Frank O. Greenwood, Rogue River.
    Glenn Garrett, Gold Hill.
    J. M. Greene, Medford.
    Fred H. Gilbert, Ashland.
    Lettie L. Gregory, Emma Gleason, Central Point.
    Floyd G. Helms, Lulu Howard, Dorothy Hardy, Mercy E. Hall, Viola Helman, Blanche C. Huffman, Mary D. Hughes, Ethel Lynne Harvey, Gertrude M. Hughes, Ashland.
    Will Hansen, Claire Hanley, Medford.
    Ray Harnish, Eagle Point.
    Mary Hash, Ashland.
    Charles Stuart Hatch, Rogue River.
    Carrie Haskins, Ashland.
    W. H. Hager, Medford.
    Cora B. Hall, Trail.
    Elda M. Hall, Rogue River.
    Mabel Clara Hall, Medford.
    Fred E. Hallgren, Phoenix.
    Eva Nealon Hamilton, Medford.
    Orville C. Hamilton, Central Point.
    Harry Hammett, Ben E. Harder, C. A. Hansen, Medford.
    Blanche Hanscom, Central Point.
    Arthur V. Hardy, A. H. Hansen, Jessie Hansen, Medford.
    Sally W. Harris, Lake Creek.
    Dee Hendrickson, Medford.
    Gerald J. Herman, Gold Hill.
    Pearl L. Henderson, Eagle Point.
    Dorothea E. Hein, Medford.
    Cora E. Hensley, Central Point.
    Jennie Alice Hansler, Lelah M. Hull, Ernest A. Hueners, Medford.
    William G. Hunter, Phoenix.
    Stella Hughes, Hildred I. Hunt, Frank Hughes, Wm. Huff, Harold W. Hubler, Alene Hubbard, Lem Harrison Hughes, Medford.
    Beryl Hickson, Eagle Point.
    Reta Hinkle, Medford.
    Helen G. Higgins, Talent.
    H. G. Hill, Rogue River.
    L. C. House, Medford.
    Carl A. Hover, Central Point.
    Viola Houston, Shady Cove.
    David A. Hood, Frank Howell, Medford.
    Frank W. Houston, Talent.
    Laola Holbrook, David H. Holmes, Lottie M. Howard, L. J. Holbrook, Doris Hoover, Mary Igo, Medford.
    Silva G. Icenhower, Ashland.
    Bertha Inman, Clayton H. Isaac, Thelma B. Isaac, Mrs. L. D. Inskeep, Charles Wilks Isaacs, Elizabeth A. Jones, Karl L. Janouch, Venita Jones, C. R. James, Medford.
    Herman L. Johnson, Trail.
    Freda M. Johnson, Medford.
    Anna Johnson, Ashland.
    Walter Jones, Rogue River.
    Lida E. Jester, Ashland.
    Mary A. Johnson, Phoenix.
    Dora Stanley Jones, Central Point.
    Mildred Johnson, Medford.
    Alta E. Johnstone, Ashland.
    Ruby Jones, L. E. Johnson, Medford.
    Nels Jacobson, Central Point.
    George L. Kent, Reba P. Kelsey, Emma J. Koozer, Callie King, Ashland.
    Edward L. Kendall, Nora C. Kirkpatrick, Sarah J. Keyser, Otto C. F. Krueger, W. G. Knips, S. W. Kohn, Medford.
    A. L. Kitchen, Jacksonville.
    Margaret I. Kerr, Medford.
    Frank P. Kurtz, Jacksonville.
    Mary Edith Kellington, Ruth Farwell Kenley, I. R. Kline, Medford.
    Frederick M. Kincaid, Butte Falls.
    Helen Beatrice Kime, Viola Kershaw, Hallie Kline, M. Alice Kincaid, Ella H. Leonard, Earl Leever, Rachel Lisle, Emma T. Loosley, Hattie Litwiller, Bessie Landing, Ashland.
    Rumina Lofland, Talent.
    Harriet F. Loomis, Clyde W. Leonard, Gladys Lawrence, Harry M. Lewis, Luella Lewis, Maud Lantis, Lewie Lofland, Zetta Lontz, Morris B. Leonard, Medford.
    Grace D. Lydiard, Central Point.
    Ulysses S. Lehman, Walter C. Lillie, M. J. Love, Cora Lynch, Medford.
    Marion Lyman, Sams Valley.
    Edward H. Lamport, Medford.
    Isabel M. Lennox, Talent.
    Neva B. Lowry, Medford.
    Katharine Ethel Lathrop, Central Point.
    Evelina Lemire, J. S. Lydiard, Medford.
    Edith B. MacCracken, Henry Mannin, J. W. McCoy, Fred Miltenberger, Temperance S. McGee, Ella B. Mills, Maxine M. Miller, W. J. Moore, Ada B. Minkler, Maude A. Murphy, Mrs. Cora Morris, Ashland.
    Cecelia R. McCorkle, Medford.
    Vivian Turner Millard, Eagle Point.
    Ollie McCarty, Georgia McReynolds, Medford.
    Clarence H. Mosher, Lorie O. Minnick, Central Point.
    J. H. Masters, Charles M. McKinnis, Medford.
    Blanche Merriman, Gold Hill.
    Rachel Mead, Margaret Mentzer, Mazie W. Miksche, Byron Murdock, G. W. McBee, Luella J. Matlock, John H. Mapston, Ora Manning, Jessie Mable Moore, Medford.
    Mary B. Myers, Central Point.
    Grace M. Moore, R. R. Morrow, Talent.
    Mrs. Mary Morgan, Lois I. Marshall, Medford.
    Fred J. McPherson, Eagle Point.
    Ernest S. Madden, Medford.
    Marie Jane McClain, Phoenix.
    Albert Thos. McIlvain, Daniel P. Magerle, Rogue River.
    Mattie Malone, Gertrude Y. Martin, Medford.
    Mary O. Madsen, Jacksonville.
    Oren M. Murphy, Medford.
    Herman Gustof Meyer, Lake Creek.
    J. J. Munsell, Medford.
    Cora B. Morgan, Phoenix.
    Herbert M. Moore, Ashland.
    Altha L. Messinger, Provolt.
    Jessie F. Matheny, Emily Myers, Alyce Marsh, Verl Michael, Robert M. Miksche, Medford.
    H. C. Mechem, Jacksonville.
    Gertrude Miller, Central Point.
    C. H. Milligan, C. A. Marshall, Medford.
    Amos C. Nininger, Ruth Newbry, Bernice Nutter, R. F. Nye, Mollie E. Neill, Ashland.
    Harry Ralph Nealon, Central Point.
    Maude Newbury, Verna K. Norris, Mabel Nitzel, Robert A. Neill, C. F. Nichols, Ruby Alice Nutting, Eugene Nowlin, Medford.
    Hazel Norbury, Rogue River.
    Charles A. Nutter, Medford.
    Geo. W. Nichols, Jr., Ashland.
    Mamie Nelson, Jacksonville.
    Stella Northey, Central Point.
    Nelda Nutting, J. R. O'Neal, Medford.
    Alma Orr, Ashland.
    Frank W. Ovelman, Harry Olsen, Lora Owen, Louis Oliver, Medford.
    Vivian I. Onn, Trail.
    Charley Owens, Rogue River.
    Buddie Oden, Medford.
    Lillian A. Provost, Guy Prescott, Sadie S. Pearson, Hazel B. Perrine, Julia May Powell, Victoria D. Pearson, Lillian A. Powell, Florence Louise Pratt, Marie Prescott, H. M. Peabody, Ashland.
    Eleanor Payne, Marie Pence, Louise Porter, Medford.
    Ralph T. Pittock, Applegate.
    R. J. Prentice, Medford.
    Alice W. Pagel, Ashland.
    Laura Patterson, Central Point.
    Ina Parker, Stewart Porter, Helen H. Pierce, I. H. Porter, Medford.
    J. W. Pruitt, Central Point.
    Ernest B. Price, H. R. Prentice, Martin G. Paulson, Telitha Anne Pickel, Medford.
    Lula Preston, Gold Hill.
    Letha Parker, Nellie M. Poling, Charles H. Pruitt, Medford.
    Edmund Peile, Trail.
    Ruth A. Parker, Medford.
    Phoebe E. Pickens, Susan B. Robards, Ada T. Ross, Arthur L. Rice, Mae Russell, Minnie Robison, Ruby E. Riggs, E. F. Roberson, Walter Rowley, Nella M. Rice, Ashland.
    Mae B. Richardson, Central Point.
    Clara Randall, Edward C. Root, Frank J. Runtz, Charles R. Ray, Mary Ida Ruch, Leonard L. Ray, J. W. Henry Rolston, Mrs. Paul Rynning, D. D. Roberts, Myron E. Root, Nina M. Reames, Gypsie D. Richmond, S. P. Robb, Medford.
    Leora E. Rice, Gold Hill.
    Linnie E. Rapp, Talent.
    Libbie Josephine Reinkens, Gold Hill.
    Ray Matthew, Ruch.
    Anna Wilbert Roner, Ashland.
    Clementine J. Ranker, Medford.
    Harry Woodford Reames, Phoenix.
    Lillian L. Reames, M. Maurine Shearer, Ella A. Stout, R. A. Skinner, Gertrude Spilver, Medford.
    Ray B. Shortridge, Mabel Stemple, James G. Smith, Sadie V. Stratton, Joye Swartsley, Beatrice A. Schuerman, Alma Stennett, James Albert Sewell, Charles H. Staley, Ashland.
    Robert G. Sherwood, Mary R. Sweeney, Ed Stillwell, Hazel A. Sloneker, Mrs. Susan Ellen Shreeve, F. E. Stevens, Asteria N. Smith, B. L. Sanderson, Medford.
    Glenn Saltmarsh, Jacksonville.
    Charles C. Sanderson, Sams Valley.
    Velma Showers, Lela Shores, Medford.
    Ada B. Steadman, Bert Stancliff, Phoenix.
    Birdie Shafer, F. V. Swisher, Harry Steele, Charles O. Swingle, Floretta Rebecca Stearns, Mary Shaddock, Medford.
    Sam Lawrence Sandry, Rogue River.
    Melissa Stiles, Ashland.
    Miriam A. Steimer, Applegate.
    Corbet Smith, Butte Falls.
    Constance B. Schauer, Hallie Saunders, Medford.
    H. F. Swingle, Trail.
    Kate Sparks, Jacksonville.
    Eva Segessenman, Trail.
    Elva Sutton, Medford.
    Clarence J. Stiehl, Rogue River.
    Fred Straube, Jacksonville.
    Irene Shirley, Medford.
    Stella Smith, Blanch Stebler, Ashland.
    Grace R. Smith, Medford.
    Chas. W. Sage, Central Point.
    Ward B. Spatz, Clarence J. Semon, Frank Sauer, Medford.
    John Wesley Timmons, Central Point.
    Isabel Tucker, Katherine E. Trowbridge, Cora J. Truax, W. E. Thomas, S. M. Tuttle, Harry Tonn, Robert L. Taylor, Stella Thomas, Maurice L. Tedrow, V. A. Turpin, Medford.
    Lulu Trotter, Rogue River.
    Cora F. True, Ashland.
    Ed Tobin, Medford.
    Verne J. Templer, Kenneth O. Thompson, Grace H. Turner, Marian E. Thornton, Ashland.
    O. H. Tice, Medford.
    Ida Tucker, Ashland.
    Florence L. Timmons, L. J. Upp, Medford.
    Stanley Vaughan, Central Point.
    Naomi H. VanDyke, Ashland.
    Austin L. Vroman, Eva Van Ausdall, Medford.
    Elizabeth W. Vreeland, Grants Pass.
    Edna E. von Stein, Trail.
    Edward P. Vilas, Medford.
    Lulu J. VanWegen, Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 28, 1944, page 3

Jury List W to Z
    Maude Wyant, Medford.
    J. E. Weaver, Central Point.
    F. J. Watson, Ernest Emil Wolter, Medford.
    John H. Wilson, Ashland.
    Arthur L. Winter, Jacksonville.
    Adele Wilkinson, Medford.
    David E. Wilson, Central Point.
    L. M. White, Julia M. Wilson, Jacksonville.
    Verna Shelley Webb, F. W. Whitman, Medford.
    Herman J. Walter, Applegate.
    F. E. Wahl, Medford.
    Ethlynde S. Whitney, A. J. Whiteside, Pearl Wilson, Thornton S. Wiley, William Wallace, Flora E. Wilson, Orson N. Wray, Bertha E. Wallis, Ashland.
    Vera S. Wright, Brownsboro.
    Thos. J. Wilson, Rogue River.
    Lulu M. Ward, Lillian Barr Woodford, Mary Colvig Warner, Leon Edgar Williams, Harold G. Wing, Eldon R. Wimer, Medford.
    Eva Wilson, Sams Valley.
    Mildred E. Ward, Medford.
    Alice E. Waterman, Phoenix.
    Marjorie L. Wilcox, Thomas V. Williams, Medford.
    Ralph Farra White, Rogue River.
    Warren A. Ward, Ivon White, Medford.
    Thos. J. Wilson, Rogue River.
    Lula M. Ward, Lester A. Worden, D. R. Wood, Hope Bell Wood, Maud M. Watson, Medford.
    Frances D. Watt, Central Point.
    Bertha M. Wray, Winifred H. Young, Medford.
    Earl M. Young, Rogue River.
    Nella M. Young, Virginia Younger, Medford.
    Mynola D. Young, Ashland.
    Hylda Zundel, Medford.
    Ray Zulauf, Phoenix.
    J. S. Zash, Medford.
    Herman G. Zabel, Central Point.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 28, 1944, page 3

    The juror list for the February term of court, to open February 28, was drawn by the county clerk and sheriff offices yesterday. Sixteen of the 31 names drawn are women.
    The trial of Earl Finton, Prospect mill worker, indicted for cruelty to a child not his own, is docketed as the first case to be tried.
    The jury list is as follows:
    Medford: Eva Nealon Hamilton, Maud Arnold, Rt. 1; Claire Hanley, Rt. 2; Maud Lantis, Doris Hoover, Rt. 4; Mary L. Bowen, Alys Furnas, Ethel Bish, Rt. 3; Fred J. Fick, Con DeVore, Rt. 4; Edward H. Lamport, Rt. 4; Ben E. Harder, F. W. Whitman, Jr., Rt. 4, and S. M. Tuttle.
    Ashland: Naomi H. VanDyke, Cora F. True, Rt. 1; Earl Leever, Gladys Dooms, Emma J. Koozer, Guy T. Applewhite and Lillian A. Provost.
    Other points: Eva Wilson, Sams Valley; Charley Owens, Rt. 1 and H. G. Hill, Rogue River; John F. Frost, Gold Hill; Howard L. Ash and H. F. Swingle, Trail; Dora Stanley Jones, Naomi Elden, Central Point; Fred E. Hallgren, Phoenix, and Pearl L. Henderson, Eagle Point.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 15, 1944, page 1

    The jury list for the October term of circuit court, starting Monday, Oct. 23, was drawn yesterday. It contains the names of 12 housewives and 11 farmers, the remaining seven being miscellaneous. At the last term housewives predominated with practically no farmers, because of the shortage of farm help.
    A new grand jury will be drawn from the list at the opening of court, and will start its sessions immediately.
    The jury list includes:
    Ashland, Viola Helman, Emma Davis, Howard H. Gearhart, Mary D. Hughes, Lulu J. Van Wegen, Austie A. Barron, Rt. 1.
    Central Point, Blanche Hanscom, Rt. 1, David E. Wilson, Stanley Vaughan, Nels Jacobsen, Edward C. Faber, O. C. Hamilton.
    Sams Valley, Eliza Cook; Rogue River, Daniel P. Magerle; Gold Hill, Ada L. Dusenberry; Phoenix, Ray Zulauf; Talent, Frank W. Houston, Rt. 1; Applegate, Elmer F. Drake; Jacksonville, Mary O. Madsen.
    Medford, Ernest S. Madden, Robert K. Miksche, Mary Igo, Rt. 1, Harry Tonn, Stella Hughes, Bertha Inman, Rt. 1; L. H. Hughes, Rt. 4; Karl L. Janouch, Ward Spatz, Marjorie Wilcox, and Edward P. (North) Vilas.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 11, 1944, page 1

    The Jackson County jury list for the coming year, consisting of 384 names, has been drawn and approved by the county court. This city and rural routes adjoining provide 168 names, Ashland 122, Central Point 25, and the balance are scattered throughout the county. Of the
total 248 are men, and 136 women.
    Jurors for the February term of court starting Monday, February 26, will be drawn both for the new grand jury, and the new petit jury.
    As farmers and orchardists will be at the start of another busy season, they are least represented, though 27 are listed. Housewives, retired citizens, and artisans predominate.
A to H
    Abrams, Earl C., Albert, Wm. J., Ashland.
    Alenderfer, O. O., Medford.
    Allen, Albert C., Central Point, Rt. 1.
    Allen, Mrs. Lee, Allred, Betty Marie, Rt. 2, Anderson, Don H., Rt. 3, Anderson, Frances, Rt. 4, Andrews, E. H., Medford.
    Anhorn, C. W., Central Point.
    Arens, Bessie A., Eagle Point.
    Armstrong, Stella K., Medford.
    Ayers, A. W., Central Point, Rt. 1.
    Bardwell, Bertha English, Medford.
    Barto, Vivian Norman, Gold Hill.
    Baughman, Dorothea, Ashland.
    Baughman, H. R., Medford.
    Baxter, David E., Baxter, Peter A., Ashland.
    Bebb, Roberta, Bennett, Dorothy A., Benson, Adina, Rt. 2, Medford.
    Berninghausen, Carl G., Biegel, Margaret, Ashland.
    Bish, Ethel, Medford.
    Bish, Joseph A., Bishop, C. F., Ashland.
    Blankenship, W. C., Central Point.
    Bliss, Mildred, Medford.
    Blumenstein, Blanche, Bonney, Bertha L., Rt. 1, Central Point.
    Bowen, Mary A., Gold Hill.
    Boyd, Dorothy M., Medford.
    Boyd, Fred, Ashland.
    Boyer, Scott, Eagle Point.
    Bradley, Belle L., Bray, Paul D., Brayton, Everett H., Brophy, Verna B., Medford.
    Brower, Gertrude, Ashland.
    Brown, J. Frank, Eagle Point.
    Brown, Lynn, Medford.
    Brown, Ruby, Central Point.
    Brunson, C. E., Eagle Point.
    Bursell, Victor, Central Point.
    Bush, Olga, Butler, Elsie, Medford.
    Byers, Paul P., Ashland.
    Bynum, Maude, Medford.
    Carlton, Edward W., Central Point.
    Carpenter, Winifred B., Medford, Rt. 4.
    Carter, Henry Jim, Ashland.
    Casad, Susie May, Rt. 1, Medford.
    Caton, Clyde N., Ashland.
    Cearley, Lois, Eagle Point.
    Chaffee, Hattie L., Gold Hill.
    Chapman, Lucille, Medford.
    Charley, Leland, Brownsboro
    Childers, Bertha, Childreth, G. E., Medford.
    Cingcade, Lottie, Eagle Point
    Clark, Bernice E., Clark, Edna Pearl, Medford.
    Claycomb, H. L., Ashland.
    Clement, A. R., Medford.
    Clements, C. E., Ashland.
    Clements, Ruby V., Medford.
    Close, Loren, Cole, T. A., Coleman, Ada B., Ashland.
    Coleman, Doris, Central Point.
    Conger Henry Ellsworth, Medford, Rt. 2.
    Conner, A. J., Eagle Point.
    Cooper, Viola A., Central Point.
    Corthell, C. E., Medford.
    Cox, George, Brownsboro.
    Crawford, Grace E., Medford.
    Cummings, James M., Central Point.
    Cummings, R. C., Jacksonville.
    Curry, Allen D., Custard, Ruth B., Rt. 1, Medford.
    Dalkenberg, Vivian A., Ashland.
    Darby, Glenn, Central Point, Rt. 1.
    Darby, Jennie M., Davis, Arthur R., Medford.
    Davis, Ray E., Jacksonville.
    Day, Mary P., Dean, A. Z., Medford.
    Delsman, Anna G., Ashland.
    Demmer, John, Demerest, M. W., DeVore, Susie, Rt. 1, Medford.
    Dickey, Nellie, Diechman, Henry, Ashland.
    Dodge, A. E., Medford.
    Dodge, Jessie Edwards, Ashland.
    Dodge, Mary, Medford.
    Dodge, Robert E., Ashland.
    Dodge, Ruth, Dodson, Ruth S., Medford.
    Dooms, Henry C., Ashland.
    Dorland, H. M., Central Point.
    Dormire, Oscar B., Gold Hill.
    Doty, William S., Jacksonville.
    Douglas, Lillie, Rt. 2, Medford.
    Dow, Amy Cantrall, Jacksonville.
    Dressler, Elizabeth Scott, Medford.
    Driver, Mabel G., Central Point, Rt. 1.
    Drysdale, E. M., Medford.
    Duncan, Willis C., Dunn, George W., Ashland.
    Dunn, Ina, Medford.
    Dusenberry, Lulu, Gold Hill.
    Dynge, Knut, Central Point.
    Easterling, Emerson, Ashland.
    Eddy, Clarence W., Edgerton, Helen W., Edsall, Thomas L., Medford.
    Elder, James R., Elhart, Homer H., Ashland.
    Elliot, Eleanor S., Elliot, Julia, Elliott, James, Ellis, Ethelyn J., Ellis, Pauline B., Medford.
    Engle, Grace, Engle, Richard W., Ashland.
    Ensminger, Helen, Eagle Point.
    Faber, Leola, Central Point.
    Fichtner, Carl, Medford.
    Firestone, James M., Ashland.
    Fish, J. W., Fisk, Lulu B., Medford, Rt. 1.
    Flaherty, Arthur, Flaherty, R. I., Ashland.
    Fleischer, June, Flowers, Verna, Foster, Ralph A., Medford.
    Freeman, Guy N., Ashland.
    Freeman, Jessie, Eagle Point, St. Rt.
    Frick, Arthur H., Friend, Nell, Rt. 2, Medford.
    Frohreich, Geo., Ashland.
    Frohreich, Mary E., Medford.
    Froman, Carl E., Ashland.
    Frost, Naomi, Medford.
    Galey, Henry C., Gandee, Kenneth L., Ashland.
    Gardener, Margaret, Eagle Point.
    Gardner, Lillian W., Getchell, Myra, Medford.
    Gettling, J. E., Gilbert, Merle E., Ashland.
    Gleason, Emma, Central Point.
    Glenn, Grace, Medford.
    Goddard, Margaret N., Godley, Bernice, Jacksonville.
    Grab, John C., Green, May Kellogg, Rt. 4, Medford.
    Gregory, William M., Ashland.
    Grenbemer, Rouie, Grey, Helen, Medford.
    Griffis, Wallace H., Gold Hill.
    Grisham, David M., Grover, Nettie, Medford.
    Grubbs, Cora E., Ashland.
    Guches, Raymond R., Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 1, 1945, page 4

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued from yesterday:
H to Z
    Haines, Mildred L., Ashland.
    Hale, Ivan L., Central Point.Hamaker, M. S.; Hamby, Walter B., Ashland.
    Hamilton, Cyrus Scott; Hamilton, Eleanor, Central Point.
    Hardy, Percy, Ashland.
    Hare, Gordon Asahel, Central Point.
    Harker, J. H., Ashland.
    Harper, Flora M., Medford.
    Harvey, Fred J., Ashland.
    Haskins, Wallace, Medford.
    Hawley, Del, Central Point.
    Hays, Vella M., Gold Hill.
    Helms, William E., Jacksonville.
    Hendricks, Mary T.; Henselman, Moe C., Medford.
    High, Frank G., Ashland.
    Hight, T. J.; Hill, Lawrence, Medford.
    Hilt, Wilmer, Ashland.
    Holcomb, Lucy Pearl, Medford.
    Hollars, Ida M., Medford.
    Horn, Harold O., Ashland.
    Houghton, Janice G., Medford.
    Howard, Glenn A., Eagle Point.
    Humphrey, Irene, Medford.
    Hurd, Lottie B., Eagle Point.
    Hutchins, George S., Gold Hill.
    Ingram, Mabel Fern; Irish, Glenna, Medford.
    Jackson, E. E., Eagle Point.
    Jacobs, Edith L., Central Point.
    Jamison, W. J., Jacksonville.
    Jenkins, Myrtle; Jennings, Hortense, Medford.
    Johnstone, James W., Ashland.
    Johnson, Freda, Medford.
    Johnson, Theodore, Jacksonville.
    Jones, Jessie, Medford.
    Jordan, Rollin E.; Joy, Albert C., Ashland.
    Kaiser, M. J., Eagle Point.
    Kellogg, Virginia M., Gold Hill.
    Kerr, George, Medford.
    Kerr, Norman M., Ashland.
    Kershaw, Gordon; Kimbrel, Lois M., Medford.
    Kincaid, Lola F., Central Point.
    Kincaid, M. Alice; Kingsley, Freda, Medford.
    Kleinhammer, A. S., Ashland.
    Koehler, Sadie B., Medford.
    Koozer, R. E., Ashland.
    Kurz, Grace; Kyle, Leta, Medford.
    Lamb, Howard J., Ashland.
    Lance, Marion, Gold Hill.
    Langell, Arthur T., Ashland.
    Lawrence, Mrs. Freda; Learned, C. A.; Lenderman, T. W., Medford.
    Leonard, Ella H., Ashland.
    Leonard, Mayme, Medford.
    Leonard, Stanley W., Ashland.
    Lester, Joseph E., Medford.
    Lewis, Chester L., Ashland.
    Lewis, William, Eagle Point.
    Lind, Mrs. Loree, Jacksonville.
    Lindsay, Charles; Lingren, Herbert; Lockhart, T. F., Ashland.
    Loosley, Anna B., Medford.
    Love, Minnie Ellen, Central Point.
    Lucas, Fred W., Jacksonville.
    Madden, Arthur A.; Mapes, E. Warren, Ashland.
    Martin, Francis E., Medford.
    Martin, Paul, Central Point.
    Martin, Roy F., Gold Hill.
    Matthews, Verna R., Eagle Point.
    Merrill, Harold A.; Merriman, Lester A.; Messenger, Ruby J.., Ashland.
    Messinger, Herman, Provolt.
    Millard, George, Eagle Point.
    Miller, Donald H. F., Medford.
    Miller, V. D., Ashland.
    Miller, Sam C.; Milnes, Victor, Medford.
    Minear, Donald M., Jacksonville.
    Minkler, Helen; Mix, Dan, Medford.
    Moore, Charlie R.; Moore, W. J.; More, Irving J., Ashland.
    Mosher, Clarence H., Central Point.
    Myers, E. A., Ashland.
    McDaniel, Frank O., Medford.
    McGraw, Wilma, Eagle Point.
    McIntyre, Lola M., Jacksonville.
    McNair, Harry D.; McNair, Sam B., Ashland.
    Nelson, Hazel A., Medford.
    Nelson, Ruby, Brownsboro.
    Newhall, Margaret L., Medford.
    Newton, Gerald G., Ashland.
    Niedermeyer, Otto, Medford.
    Noble, Velma May, Eagle Point.
    Norcross, Alta, Ashland.
    Norris, John R., Jacksonville.
    Nutter, Bernice, Ashland.
    O'Brien, Harriet G., Jacksonville.
    Offenbacher, Herman, Applegate.
    Ollivant, Adda, Medford.
    Ostrander, John W., Gold Hill.
    Overbeck, Harry F., Medford.
    Owens, Henry A., Ashland.
    Parker, Dorothy E., Gold Hill.
    Payne, C. T., Ashland.
    Peckham, G. F., Medford.
    Perrine, C. R.; Peters, Arthur E.; Peters, Sara V.; Petri, Charles A., Ashland.
    Phillips, Earl, Central Point.
    Pickell, Gordon; Pierson, George Henry, Ashland.
    Pinkham, Libby, Central Point.
    Porter, Jack L., Medford.
    Preston, Beatrice, Gold Hill.
    Price, Alma; Pritchard, H. L., Medford.
    Provost, Dom, Ashland.
    Pruitt, Dorothy; Purucker, Herman O., Medford.
    Putney, Chester H., Ashland.
    Putney, Maynard A.; Ragsdale, Wallace; Ralston, J. H., Medford.
    Rankin, Nellie, Eagle Point.
    Rector, C. R., Ashland.
    Redden, Sarah L., Medford.
    Regester, Mildred E., Eagle Point.
    Rhoads, Joseph A., Ashland.
    Ridings, R. L., Jacksonville.
    Ritchie, Henry; Robertson, Cas. C.; Robison, W. W.; Rogers, Earl W., Ashland.
    Rolston, John Henry; Romine, Stella; Rose, Lillie E.; Ross, John T., Medford.
    Ross, William H., Ashland.
    Rowley, Arthur R., Medford.
    Rummel, David L., Ashland.
    Schenck, A. Orin; Seekatz, Kathryn, Medford.
    Shaw, R. J.; Shaw, W. F., Ashland.
    Sheley, Nettie B., Medford.
    Shipley, J. C. Edwin, Gold Hill.
    Short, Thelma McAlpin; Showers, Velma, Medford.
    Silver, Harry, Ashland.
    Singler, Rose; Sinmers, Anny E.; Skelton, J. M., Medford.
    Spalding, Roy M., Ashland.
    Spencer, Gertrude, Medford.
    Staley, Charles H., Ashland.
    Stanley, Gertrude, Eagle Point.
    Stanley, Thomas, Brownsboro.
    Stauffer, G. P., Medford.
    Steele, Lillian M., Eagle Point.
    Stephenson, George S., Ashland.
    Stephenson, R. E.; Stockman, Mrs. J. C.; Strayer, Charles, Medford.
    Swanson, Louis F., Gold Hill.
    Swing, M. J., Medford.
    Taverner, William, Ashland.
    Taylor, Leon C., Central Point.
    Teague, Dorothy Louise, Gold Hill.
    Thomas, Fannie Mae, Medford.
    Throckmorton, Elmo, Applegate.
    Thurman, Charles Wesley, Jacksonville.
    Thurman, Lyle B., Medford.
    Thurston, P. S., Eagle Point.
    Tilley, Herbert; Tumy, Helen S., Medford.
    Turner, Olive M., Gold Hill.
    Turner, Walter B., Ashland.
    Tuttle, Emilia G.; Tysdal, Helen M.; Vessey, Harold H., Medford.
    Vestal, Gaylord S.; Vestal, Harry G., Ashland.
    Vestal, Thomas, Eagle Point.
    Vining, Irving Edwin; Wallace, George, Ashland.
    Warner, William Jackson; Watson, Edith L., Medford.
    Weber, William E., Ashland.
    Wendt, Chester, Medford.
    Wenner, Gerald H., Ashland.
    Whiteside, E. G., Medford.
    Whittle, Violet; Wick, Nellie B., Ashland.
    Wilkinson, A. L., Medford.
    Wilmeth, Gertrude, Ashland.
    Wilson, Addie K.; Wilson, Helen; Wilson, Ralph, Medford.
    Wilson, William James, Gold Hill.
    Woolfolk, Mrs. Helen, Brownsboro.
    Yeo, James A., Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 2, 1945, page 3

    The jury list for the October term of the circuit court starting Monday, Oct. 29, was drawn yesterday, with instructions to report at 10 a.m. Under Oregon law, court convenes on the opening day of a term at that hour. Other sessions are usually called at 9:30 o'clock.
    The jury list is as follows:
    Ashland--Irving E. Vining, Sara A. Peters, W. F. Shaw, James A. Yeo, George Frohreich, Rollin E. Jordan, Dom Provost, and J. E. Gettling.
    Central Point--James M. Cummings, Blanche Blumenstein, and A. W. Ayers, Rt. 2; W. C. Blankenship, Rt. 1.
    Jacksonville--R. C. Cummings, John R. Norris and William S. Doty.
    Eagle Point--Frank J. Brown.
    Medford--Adina Benson, Rt. 2; H. R. Baughman, Lillie E. Rose, G. F. Peckham, Maude Bynum, E. H. Andrews, Grace Glenn, Rt. 2; Olga Bush, M. Alice Kincaid, Thomas L. Edsall, John Demmer, Thelma McAlpin Short, Rt. 3; Edna Pearl Clark, Victor Milnes, and Frank O. McDaniel.
    Ten housewives are listed, fewer than usual the past four years, and only one farmer. None of the jurors drawn are from the more distant districts.
    From the above list a new grand jury of seven members will be drawn after opening of court.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 10, 1945, page 6

    The Jackson County jury list for 1946, from A to B, inclusive, as drawn by the county court is as follows:
    Abbott, Arthur F., Abrams, Earl C., Ashland; Adams, Elmer Lee, Jacksonville; Adams, Emma B., Ager, Mildred, Ashland; Akers, Albert J., Jacksonville; Albaugh, R. B., Eagle Point; Albert, Minnie, Alenderfer, O. O., Allen, Lee Reagan, Allen, W. W., Medford; Alworth, Robert, Trail; Ambrose, Jacob G., Ashland; Anders, Violet G., Central Point; Anderson, Alfred J., Anderson, Don, Medford; Anderson, Elda F., Ashland; Anderson, Emerson T., Anderson, Frances, Medford; Anderson, Portia, Ashland; Anderson, Stella, Central Point; Andrews, Bonnie, Andrews, L. R., Medford; Applegate, Chester Arthur, Ashland; Applewhite, Lura M., Ashland; Archer, Ray, Medford; Arnold, Blanche M., Ashland; Arnold, Myrtle, Arnold, Ralph J., Asher, Otis L., Atwell, D. I., Atkins, Walter R., Medford; Avgeris, Theodore S., Colestin; Axtell, Ranald, Trail.
    Bailey, William P., Gold Hill; Baird, Mary E., Ashland; Baize, Barton Edward, Baize, Doris, Medford; Baker, Ethel, Ashland; Baldridge, Allan, Rogue River; Baldwin, John R., Barnthouse, Frank H., Barnthouse, Verl G., Barnum, Ferne, Barrett, A. M., Ashland; Bashaw, Cora M., Bass, Warren, Bates, Louise, Medford; Bates, Nathan G., Ashland; Beach, Jessie C., Medford; Beach, Stella W., Jacksonville; Beck, Gus, Medford; Beebe, Kenneth, Central Point; Beers, Lloyd, Rogue River; Beery, C. H., Medford; Beeson, Clyde, Ashland; Beeson, Everett Lemuel, Talent; Bell, Gordon M., Bell, James R., Medford; Bell, Thos. J., Jr., Talent; Bennett, Edward Carl, Jr., Benson, Axel, Medford; Beswick, Lottie, Ashland; Betz, Peter E., Biddle, Wheldon F., Medford; Bieberstedt, Donald, Brownsboro; Biegel, Charlotte Eliza, Ashland; Bierma, Mary, Medford; Billings, John S., Billings, Myrtle Herbert, Ashland; Bills, Rudolph J., Birdsall, H. E.,
Medford; Birdseye, Effie, Gold Hill; Bish, George W., Bish, Lewis T., Medford; Black, Clarence E., Jacksonville; Black, Marguerite, Blackburn, H. E., Blaess, Charles E., Blair, Boyd, Medford; Blake, C. H., Ashland; Bohnert, Endora, Central Point; Boomer, Leon, Medford; Boothby, A. T., Prospect; Boren, Ben M., Eagle Point; Bostwick, Avon A., Boussum, Charles, Boutelle, Ralph W., Bowen, Ralph E., Medford; Bowers, Everett L., Rogue River; Bowman, Archie W., Jacksonville; Boyer, Ida Pearl, Bradshaw, James A., Ashland; Braley, C. Reese, Brandon, Frank S., Medford; Briscoe, George A., Ashland; Bristow, Sidney, Jr., Central Point; Brittsan, Granvil F., Brockway, Mrs. Louise, Medford; Broili, Chas., Ashland; Brommer, Carl J., Brophy, Verna B., Medford; Brown, Charles A., Ashland; Brown, Mary B., Brown, Orrin L., Buchanan, James A., Medford; Buckmaster, James C., Shady Cove; Bullis, Helen M., Bullock, William Ralph, Medford; Bunch, Mrs. Fannie, Burdic, Olive Thorn, Ashland; Burg, Ernest, Eagle Point; Burkhart, Ralph W., Central Point; Burns, Belle, Jacksonville; Bursell, Bertha Ann, Medford; Butler, Emma M., Byrd, G. W., Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 8, 1946, page 7

Jury List
(Continued from Friday)

    Jackson County jury list for 1946, C to D inclusive:
    Caine, Helen, Jacksonville; Cameron, Bernice, Medford; Campbell, John B., Campbell, R. B., Canfield, Bess G., Ashland; Cardin, John E., Medford; Carey, Sarah E., Ashland; Carlson, Gus G., Eagle Point; Carlson, John A., Carlton, J. H., Ashland; Carlton, Thomas, Prospect; Carmickle, M. E., Carpenter, Alfred S. V., Carr, Dale, Medford.
    Carson, J. Frank, Butte Falls; Carter, Frank, Gold Hill; Carter, F. S., Ashland; Carter, Hester, Medford; Caton, Mrs. Winifred A., Ashland; Chamberlain, Robert D., Trail; Chapman, Nettie Blanche, Chapman, V. H., Ashland; Chapman, Victor L., Prospect; Charley, Floyd S., Brownsboro; Charley, Reed, Lake Creek; Chase, Edna, Gold Hill; Chausse, F. W., Childers, Eugene L., Childreth, Keith, Childreth, O. E., Childs, Beryl, Medford; Chipman, W. J., Ashland; Chirgwin, May E., Central Point; Church, Robert D., Clancy, Winifred May, Medford; Clark, Arlene, Central Point.
    Clark, Margie, Ashland; Clarke, Laura, Eagle Point; Clay, Charles E., Medford; Claycomb, Isabell H., Ashland; Clemens, Grace, Clevenger, Herbert R. M., Cline, T. N., Medford; Close, Loren, Coder, Laurence Robert, Ashland; Cody, Herbert P., Coffeen, Wesley, Medford; Cole, W. B., Ashland; Coleman, Anna F., Jacksonville; Coleman, Doris, Central Point; Collins, Truman, Eagle Point; Conger, Emma L., Medford; Conner, Mamie M., Ashland.
    Conner, Ross, Conrad, John Thomas, Cook, J. L., Cooper, Ben R., Cordy, Mollie V., Corum, G. C., Medford; Cottrell, William W., Jacksonville; Cox, Mabel, Craig, Mrs. Cora, Medford; Craig, Francis William, Talent; Crain, H. W., Medford; Crosslin, Dorothy, Ashland; Croucher, Frank, Cruikshank, Donald H., Cummings, Dale, Medford.
    Dailey, Laura, Gold Hill; Daily, James H., Medford; Daly, Alice E., Ashland; Damon, Lloyd Loren, Lake Creek; Danford, Beecher, Ashland; Darby, Stella F., Central Point; Darby, W. S., Medford; Daugherty, John P., Davenhill, Edith Elizabeth, Ashland; Davidson, Neil C., Davidson, R. W., Medford; Davies, Arthur C., Jacksonville; Davis, Annabel, Ashland; Davis, Arthur, Jacksonville; Davis, George F., Medford; Davis, Marjorie, Ashland; Davis, S. A., Day, Mary P., DeArmond, D. E., Medford.
    Decker, Irene R., Ashland; Deen, Earl, DeHaas, Kermit Ivan, Eagle Point; DeHaas, Wm., Central Point; Denhof, Peter C., Denman, Margaret, Medford; Dennis, A. E., R.F.D., Rogue River; Deshazer, Lester, Detrick, R. E., Dickey, Dorothy, Dickey, Grace Evalyn, Ashland; Dietrich, Albert A., Medford; Ditsworth, Hobart A., Trail; Dodge, A. E., Dodge, John S., Medford; Dodge, Rae I., Ashland, Dodge, Sibyl F., Medford; Dodge, Will Marshall, Ashland.
    Dooley, Douglas, Dooms, Esther L., Medford; Dorn, David, Jacksonville; Doty, Adelmat Ralph, Doty, Roscoe L., Doty, W. D., Medford; Down, John F., Butte Falls; Dowson, H. G., Medford; Driver, Mabel G., Central Point; Dugan, Joseph P., Medford; Duggan, C. W., Central Point; Dunagan, W. L., Duncan, Willis C., Duncan, W. F., Medford; Dunlap, Clinton H., Ashland; Dunlap, Mildred, Eagle Point; Dunn, Benjamin, Ashland; Dunn, Nellie I., Medford; Dunn, Obera, Ashland; Dunnington, Thomas, Jacksonville; Durst, Lewis H., Medford; Dusenberry, Beulah, Sams Valley; Dusenberry, Lily M., Gold Hill; Dutton, Frank P., Jacksonville; Dysinger, Mrs. Leland, Central Point.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 11, 1946, page 3

Jury List
(Continued from Monday)

    Jackson County jury list for 1946, E to I inclusive:
    Earl, Clarence, Medford; Eaton, Mrs. Ella M., Jacksonville; Eaton, John S., Ashland; Eby, John M., Eden, Orville A., Medford; Edghill, E. E., Ashland; Edington, Lucy May, Gold Hill; Edmondson, Clara Viola, Butte Falls; Edwards, Erla Mae, Ashland; Edwards, Frank, Medford; Edwards, Ruby E., Elhart, Homer H., Elhart, Martha, Ashland; Eldred, Katherine, Medford; Eldridge, Jess, Ashland; Elliott, James, Elliot, Julia, Medford; Elliott, Theodore H., Ashland; Ellis, H. H., Medford.
    Ellis, Ruth M., Central Point; Emery, Nina Bell, Emmett, Ethel F., Enders, Vetris, Engberg, Walter, Engel, J. F., Engle, Fred Stanley, Ashland; Ensminger, D. C., Eagle Point; Epperson, Geo., Rogue River; Erickson, J. F., Evanson, Edward C., Medford.
    Faber, Beulah, Faber, Donald E., Central Point; Farlow, Florence H., Ashland; Farmer, W. A., Fawcett, Harold, Medford; Ferguson, William H., Gold Hill; Fernlund, Frank, Brownsboro; Ferns, Charles Thomas, Ferris, C. C., Medford; Fick, Zola O., Fidler, C. Lyall, Jacksonville; Fields, W. J., Ashland; Fiene, Edward C., Gold Hill; Fish, Fletcher T., Phoenix; Fisk, George Norman, Medford; Fitzgerald, Jerome W., Gold Hill; Flaherty, Arthur, Ashland.
    Florey, Marjorie, Central Point; Floyd, Olive M., Medford; Flury, Ted R., Eagle Point; Flynn, Thomas K., Foley, Eula L., Ford, Theodore R., Fortmiller, C. W., Ashland; Foster, Clyde E., Rogue River; Foster, Mary E., Central Point; Fowler, Rosemary, Ashland; Francis, C. B., Frazier, Roland, Medford; Freeburger, Margery J., Gold Hill; Freeman, Marie, Freeman, Raleigh, Ashland; French, Lloyd, Eagle Point; Frey, Geo. T., Friend, Clifton M., Frick, Walter V., Medford; Frohreich, Beatrice J., Ashland; Fruit, W. C., Ruch; Fuller, E. R., Medford; Fuller, Frieda Viola, Ashland.
    Gaddis, Earl C., Medford; Galey, Rosa Dodge, Gandee, Kenneth L., Ashland; Gardener, Ben, Eagle Point; Gardener, Raphael, Jr., Lake Creek; Gardner, Edith C., Ashland; Garland, Ray, Talent; Garrett, P. C., Ashland; Gates, C. E., Gates, Dora Rose, Gault, Henry M., Medford; Gearhart, Anna M., Ashland; Gebhard, W. J., Central Point; Gentner, Louis N., Gifford, Thomas J., Medford; Gilbert, Frank W., Jacksonville; Gilbert, Shirley, Ashland; Gilman, Louis, Gilstrap, Ernest R., Medford.
    Glascock, Norman, Medford; Glass, J. E., Brownsboro; Glutsch, Lucille, Medford; Goddard, Edythe, Talent; Godward, Paul A., Jacksonville; Goodwin, T. L., Goold, G. G., Medford; Gordon, Lester, Central Point; Gosnell, Eva Leonard, Ashland; Graham, W. S., Grantham, John W., Graves, Clarence B., Medford; Gray, Charles, Ashland; Gray, Frank H., Greb, Elmer Harold, Green, Jesse W., Green, Mrs. Marian, Ashland; Green, May Kellogg, Green, W. D., Medford; Greenwood, Frank O., Rogue River.
    Greer, Ralph V., Ashland; Gregg, James R. W., Central Point; Grenbemer, Wm., Rogue River; Gresham, Lewis U., Ashland; Grieve, Katie May, Prospect; Grigsby, James W., Jacksonville; Grim, Walter C., Grisham, David M., Medford; Grissom, Donald J., Lake Creek; Grissom, Everett, Central Point; Groom, Floyd W., Rogue River; Grow, Elmer, Ashland; Guches, Fern, Gunter, H. T., Guyer, Roy, Medford.
    Hague, Robert, Hagen, Alfred P., Medford; Haines, Harold P., Hake, George Wesley, Ashland; Half, Fred W., Medford; Hall, LaVelle S., Ashland; Hall, Lewis E., Hall, Lloyd W., Medford; Hamby, W. P., Ashland; Hamilton, Cyrus Truman, Central Point; Hamilton, Harper K., Hammond, F. E., Hammond, V. W., Medford; Hanel, Charles Jack, Ashland; Hanscom, Grace, Hansen, Fred M., Medford; Hanson, Basil Jack, Jacksonville; Harding, Harry Eldridge, Trail; Hardin, Lewis W., Ashland.
    Hardy, C. L., Jacksonville; Hardy, Sadie L., Medford; Harmsen, Paul, Ashland; Harr, Bert G., Jacksonville; Harr, Walter, Harris, Elmer, Harrison, Glenn, Medford; Hart, Leah C., Central Point; Hart, W. H., Medford; Hartley, Ada, Ashland; Hartley, Florence, Talent; Hartley, Weldon W., Medford; Hash, Mary, Ashland; Haskins, Wallace, Medford; Hatch, Charles, Stuart, Rogue River; Hawkins, Mary E., Hawley, V. B., Hayes, May C., Medford; Hays, John M., Gold Hill.
    Haselton, Frank B., Central Point; Hazelwood, Mabel  T., Heard, Lena E., Ashland; Heath, Loyal, Medford; Heckart, Elmer B., Ashland; Hedberg, C. E., Medford; Held, Paul, Ashland; Hendricks, Mary T., Medford; Henning, Agnes K., Henry, Carl A., Ashland; Henspeter, F. A., Jacksonville; Herring, Dan W., Medford; Hesselgrave, Fred, Central Point; Hicks, Nora E., Ashland; Higdon, C. T., High, H. C., Hight, T. J., Medford; Hill, Dewey S., Prospect.
    Hill, Lewis C., Jr., Ashland; Hill, Sylvia R., Gold Hill; Hinkle, Arthur, Jacksonville; Hobbs, Charles, Medford; Hobson, Howard H., Ashland; Hoefs, Gertrude L., Butte Falls; Holeman, Lucy V., Ashland; Holman, H. K., Medford; Holmer, Janice M., Central Point; Holmes, Eleanor Hunter, Medford; Holmes, Walter, Homes, Frederic C., Homes, Vera G., Ashland; Hoover, Earle, Hoover, Roy E., Medford; Hopkins, Elmer, Ashland; Hoppe, E. R., Medford; Hostutler, Ernest C., Lake Creek; Howard, Geo. L., Medford.
    Howard, George W., Howell, Carl, Medford; Howes, William G., Gold Hill; Hubbell, G. A,, Eagle Point; Huffman, Wilfred, Medford; Hughes, Martin Luther, Butte Falls; Hukill, Henry, Medford; Hull, Lawrence, Central Point; Humphrey, Chas., Eagle Point; Hunter, Harriet Edna, Ashland; Huson, Albert C., Huson, Ray M., Medford; Hutchison, Charles W., Sams Valley.
    Icenhower, Geo. B., Ingle, Kathryn F., Ashland; Ingram, Armina E., Medford; Inlow, Glenn A., Ashland; Isaacs, Wm., F., Central Point; Icenhower, M. Clure, Ashland; Iverson, Arthur, Medford; Iverson, Emma V., Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 12, 1946, page 5

Jury List
(Continued from Tuesday)

    Jackson County jury list for 1946, J to M inclusive:
    Jack, George W., Rogue River; Jackson, Wells D., James, Walter L., Ashland; Janes, Hazel D., Janouch, Eula, Jarmin, Alice, Medford; Jennings, Delilia S., Ashland; Jerome, Edson C., Central Point; Jester, R. T., Ashland; Jewel, Robert Niels, Jacksonville; Jewett, Gladys A., Central Point; Johnson, A. E., Medford; Johnson, Burl C., Central Point; Johnson, Earle H., Medford; Johnson, Eric, Ashland; Johnson, Frederick H., Johnson, R. M., Medford; Johnson, Robert W., Johnson, Vivian, Ashland; Johnson, Walter, Johnston, Arthur J., Medford; Johnstone, Robert R., Ashland; Jones, A. N., Medford; Jones, Mrs. Pearl, Ashland; Jones, Roy P., Jones, Ruth M., Jones, Stanley C., Medford; Jones, Stanley W., Central Point; Jones, Walter H., Jordan, Clarence H., Medford; Jordan, Mayble, Jordan, J. Samuel, Ashland; Judy, Sarah, Medford; Keim, S. W., Eagle Point; Kellogg, Elbert J., Medford; Kellogg, J. W., Ashland; Kellogg, Katherine J., Kellogg, W. H., Medford; Kelly, Roy E., Central Point; Kendall, Hallie B., Ashland; Kenner, Mrs. Dallie, Eagle Point; Kenney, Frances B., Kerr, George, Medford; Kerr, Margaret B., Kifer, Jake, Ashland; Kimball, Gordon, Jacksonville; Kincaid, Denver W., Ashland; Kincaid, Frederick M., Butte Falls; Kincaid, Hazel, Medford; Kincaid, William B., Central Point; King, George W., Phoenix.
    King, Joseph W., King, Ruth E., Ashland; Kitchen, Olive Pearl, Jacksonville; Klatt, Arthur W., Medford; Klum, Mildred, Kneebone, Adele, Kneebone, William H., Ashland; Knips, Elmer W., Knudsen, Arthur, Medford; Koble, Pearl S., Koehler, Harriet, Konop, Hattie M., Korth, Mildred L., Koyle, Charles W., Kroeger, Emil, Ashland; Kroscell, Robert, Kurtz, T. M., Kyle, Leta, Kyle, Roy, Medford.
    Lacey, Cecil L., Central Point; Ladd, Ruth C., Lamb, D. H., Ashland; Lamb, Lela, Central Point; Lambert, Joseph, Ashland; Lance, Ella, Lance, Katherine E., Gold Hill; Lane, Clarence E., Ashland; Lang, Eva Mae, Trail; Lanimer, C. R., Medford; Lathrop, Katherine Ethel, Central Point; Lausmann, Anton A., Medford; Lawrence, Frank, Central Point; Lay, Mae D., Ashland; Layton, George F., Eagle Point; Leavitt, A. R., Medford; Lee, Bob, Jacksonville; Lees, Clyde W., Central Point; Leigh, Richard A., Ashland.
    Leighton, Irene C., Medford; Lennox, Isabel, Talent; Leonard, Alberta M., Ashland; Leonard, Morris B., Leonard, Vera Vee, Medford; LeVander, Roy E., Talent; Lewis, Harry, Lewis, R. H., Lillie, Walter C., Medford; Lilly, Belva, Ashland; Lind, H. E., Jacksonville; Lindsay, Jessie, Lindsay, Roland C., Ashland; Lingaas, Lillian, Medford; Littlefield, Della A., Shady Cove; Lofland, Bertha, Central Point; Lofland, Harry Nevil, Medford; Long, Claude H., Ashland; Long, S. F., Medford; Lorton, Bertha, Jacksonville; Lowe, D. M., Ashland; Lowe, Grace J., Lowe, Jewell, Ashland; Lucas, John J., Central Point; Luchterhand, Aleta A., Ashland; Luman, Will A., Medford; Lutz, Verla E., Ashland; Lydiard, Jane C., Medford; Lyman, George Ernest, Gold Hill.
    MacCracken, Edith B., Ashland; Mace, Olive V., Medford; MacSwain, William S., Grants Pass; Madden, Nellie R., Ashland; Maddox, Zita, Medford; Mannin, Cora [Ora Manning?], Marine, Thomas A., Central Point; Marks, Ray, Jacksonville; Marsh, Arthur R., Marshall, C. A., Medford; Marshall, Walter, Brownsboro; Martin, Charles, Medford; Martin, Roy V., Jacksonville; Marx, Harry V., Medford; Matheny, P. E., Jacksonville; Mathews, Nora A., Eagle Point; May, M. L., Ashland; May, T. E., Medford; Mayberry, Myrtle, Ashland.
    McBee, G. W., Medford; McCall, Lydia Thompson, Ashland; McCarty, Ollie, Medford; McCracken, James Richard, Talent; McDonough, C. Wesley, Sams Valley; McFarland, F. W., McGee, Allen O., McGee, Everett H., McGee, James M., Ashland; McGraw, Jessie, Medford; McGrew, Melvin, Prospect; McHenry, Albert, Medford; Mclntyre, Ernest D., McIntyre, Joseph E., Jacksonville; McKay, Ralph, McLean, Roy M., Medford; McMakin, Agnes, Central Point; Meeker, Clarence A., Medford.
    Merrick, E. P., Medford; Merriman, Lester A., Ashland; Meyer, Alma, Lake Creek; Meyer, Lorraine, Meyers, Elizabeth, Middlebusher, D. H., Medford; Middlebusher, Fred M., Prospect; Miller, A. E., Miller, Earl R., Miller, Edward G., Medford; Miller, Ethel, Ashland; Miller Gordon, Jacksonville; Miller, Pearl, Medford; Miller, Richard R., Miller, Rowland L., Gold Hill; Miller, V. D., Mills, Jessie, Mills, John W., Ashland; Minear, Jessie M., Medford; Minnick, Oscar M., Central Point.
    Mitchell, Alma, Mitchell, Blanche, Mitchell, John, Mitchell, Seaborn S., Mitchell W. C., Ashland; Moffitt, Clyde B., Monteith, Wallace, Medford; Moore, Everett, Butte Falls; Moore, J. F., Medford; Moore, Lois A., Ashland; Moore, Mary L., Prospect; Moore, Minnie A., Central Point; Moore, R. K., Moore, William H., Rogue River; Morris, Fred G., Medford; Morris, H. C., Ashland; Morris, Helen, Medford; Morris, S. R., Ashland; Morrow, Harry W., Morthland, L. G., Medford; Morton, Clarence A., Munsel, J. R., Murphy, John D., Ashland; Musty, Blanche E., Central Point; Myer, Anna L., Ashland; Myers, Frank R., Central Point; Myers, O. V., Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 13, 1946, page 3

    The jury list for the February term of court, starting Monday, Feb. 25, was drawn yesterday by the sheriff and the county clerk. The 31 names were drawn from the recently drawn county jury list for the year. The court term will open at 10 a.m. on the opening day, as provided by law. For the balance of the term 9:30 a.m. is the opening hour.
    A new grand jury will also be drawn from the list.
    The jurors drawn by towns are:
    Ashland--Dorothy Dickey, Walter Engberg, route 2; Jess Eldridge, John S. Eaton, George W. Rose, Theodore H. Elliott, route 1; John P. Daugherty, Clinton H. Dunlap, Charles A. Brown.
    Medford--Orville A. Eaton, Richard Payne, Donald H. Cruikshank, John S. Dodge, George F. Davis, Neil C. Davidson, Willis C. Duncan, Frank Croucher, John M. Eby, James Elliott, Earl E. Taber, Dale Cummings, Arthur M. Putney, Harold E. Tolle, Charles W. Nutter,
    Jacksonville--Arthur C. Davies, Anna F. Coleman, Arthur Davis.
    Gold Hill--Frank Carter.
    Butte Falls--J. Frank Carson, Ralph E. Peyton.
    Talent--Francis W. Craig.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 14, 1946, page 1

Jury List
(Continued from Wednesday)

    Jackson County jury list for 1946, N to S inclusive:
    Nagel, Marion, Ashland; Natwick, Ruth L., Eagle Point; Nealon, Robert E., Central Point; Neathammer, Florence, Ashland, Neathammer, John, Rogue River; Neil, Fred R., Ashland; Nelson, Bert, Eagle Point; Nelson, John, Central Point; Newhall, William S., Medford; Newton, Morton E., Nichols, Alta, Ashland; Nichols, C. F., Medford; Nicholson, Pearl, Central Point; Niedermeyer, Earnest, Medford; Nielson, Niels Jepsen, Ashland; Niles, E. C., Medford; Nivison, Ben, Ashland; Noblit, Herbert Linard, Medford; Norby, Margaret E., Ashland, Nordwick, Harry F., Norris, Carl W., Medford; Norris, Emerence C., Norris, Wm. B., Ashland; Nourse, H. H., Rogue River; Nutter, Charles A., Nutter, Charles W., Medford; Nye, Anna E., Talent; Nye, Ivan F., Prospect.
    Obenchain, George E., Medford; Obenchain, Merle E., Central Point; O'Brien, Walter J., Oeser, Karl B., O'Harra, Milo P., Ashland; Olliver, Fred A., Medford; Olson, Ernest N., Jacksonville; O'Neale, Grace, Medford; Ormond, Leona S., Ashland; Osenbrugge, J. J., Medford; O'Shea, Mike, Jacksonville; Ottinger, J. C. Talent; Owen, Arthur E., Medford; Owens, M. Yolanda, Owens, Roscoe S., Ashland.
    Palen, Lloyd I., Central Point; Parker, Minnie Owen, Ashland; Parks, Ella, Patterson, Edwin E., Medford; Patterson, Myrtle E., Central Point; Patton, Charles A., Ashland; Payne, Richard, Medford; Peachey, Albert L., Peck, Elmer J., Ashland; Pefley, Ruth, Gold Hill; Peile, Grace, Eagle Point; Pence, Ed, Pendleton, Ilene Clara, Perdue, Gale B., Central Point; Perdue, John W., Medford; Perrine, Hazel B., Ashland; Perry, Aileen, Medford; Perry, H. H., Eagle Point; Peters, Arthur M., Ashland; Pettegrew, Fred, Eagle Point; Peyton, Ralph E., Butte Falls; Pickell, Venita, S., Ashland; Pierce, Floyd, Jacksonville; Pierce, Helen H., Poling, D. D., Medford.
    Port, Maude A., Jacksonville; Porter, Charles H., Porter, Fred M., Porter, Isaac H., Porter, Maude Ada, Potter, Leo K., Medford; Powell, David Sherman, Ashland; Powers, Fred, Medford; Powers, Madolyn, Central Point; Poyer, Doris, Poyer, Vinetta, Pratt, Florence L., Prescott, Paul F., Presnall, Charles O. Ashland; Preston, Walter L., Gold Hill; Pringle, H. H., Pruitt, Almus, Pruitt, O. G., Pruitt, Roy, Medford; Pursel, Nelson, Jacksonville; Putman, Floyd T., Putman, Louis, Putney, Arthur Milton, Medford.
    Quackenbush, Ella, Talent; Quackenbush, Richard, Ashland; Quackenbush, V. E., Gold Hill.
    Radcliffe, Walter A., Medford; Randles, Nellie M., Randles, Mildred, Ashland; Randolph, E. G., Medford; Rankin, Hugh B., Central Point; Rankin, Ralph, Eagle Point; Rapp, Joe, Talent; Reed, Harold, Jacksonville; Reed, Mabel, Medford; Reedy, W. A., Ashland; Reinking, Ernest J., Remington, H. D., Rener, Paul, Medford; Rice, Charles D., Ashland; Riddell, Jennie, Medford; Riggs, Barney K., Ashland; Rinabarger, Blanche, Medford; Ring, Jesse J., Jacksonville; Ring, Marvin A., Ritchson, Lawrence, Robbins, E. S., Ashland.
    Robertson, Paul, Medford; Robertson, Ralph I., Robinett, Ethel M., Ashland; Robinson, Fred E., Medford; Robison, Mabel A., Ashland; Rolston, Jno. Henry, Rookard, William C., Medford; Root, Mrs. Ethel P., Jacksonville; Rose, Della M., Rose, George W., Ashland; Rose, Leonard T., Rose, Vern E., Medford; Ross, James C., Central Point; Ross, John T., Rowden, Taylor M., Rubenstein, Harry, Ruch, Mary Ida, Medford; Rude, Irene, Ashland; Runtz, Katrina Bryant, Medford; Rupp, Lloyd R., Central Point; Russell, N. H., Medford; Rutledge, Margaret L., Brownsboro.
    Sackett, Dewey W., Ashland; Saltmarsh, Glenn, Jacksonville; Samuels, Neva, Schade, Grace L., Scheble, Earl T., Medford; Schilling, Earl C., Ashland, Schmidt, Walter Charles, Schneider, G. F., Medford; Schwein, Belle, Schweltzer, Della, Ashland; Schuler, Paul R., Medford; Schulz, M. A., Gold Hill; Schow, Nellie M., Medford; Scott, Ernest E., Central Point; Seaman, Roy A., Medford; Seamans, George H., Ashland; Seegmiller, Lenora, Central Point; Segessenman, Eva, Trail; Selby, Lloyd, Ashland.
    Selby, O. A., Shade, George R., Shangle, Ruth, Shelby, Isaac M., Medford; Shellenbarger, J. H., Central Point; Shelton, Eugene G., Shirley, A. B., Shirley, J. W., Medford; Shoemaker, John B., Jacksonville; Short, Arthur, Medford; Short, Elizabeth H., Showalter, Ina B., Ashland; Showers, M. J., Shroyer, Kenneth, Medford; Sikes, Wayne, Silva, Mrs. Mary E., Silver, Oscar F., Simpson, Frances L., Simpson, Glenn E., Ashland.
    Skevington, Harry R., Rogue River; Skyrman, Evelyn, Central Point; Sloper, H. C., Medford; Smith, Gladys H., Jacksonville; Smith, James G., Smith, John E., Smith, Justin B., Medford; Smith, Mary S., Ashland; Smith, Rolland, Ruch; Smith, Ruth, Medford; Smith, William A., Central Point; Snook, Frank, Sparks, Robert W., Medford; Sparrow, Ruth W., Central Point; Spatz, Clarice, Spencer, Jeanette L., Spilver, Henry F. W., Stagg, G. G., Medford.
    Stansbury, Marchial, Ashland; Stansell, Don, Medford; St. Arnold, Leroy Vincent, Central Point; Steele, Lillian M., Eagle Point; Stevens, Laura D., Ashland; Stevenson, Howard G., Gold Hill; Steward, C. T., Stewart, James, Stewart, John E., Stout, Gordon S., Medford; Stowell, George H., Eagle Point; Stowell, Ollie, Butte Falls; Strang, Fred L., Medford; Strohmeier, Edwin H., Central Point; Sturgis, Fred, Talent; Sullivan, C. M., Surber, Walter, Medford; Swartsley, Joye, Ashland; Sweeney, Fred B., Medford; Swingle, A. Marie, Trail.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 14, 1946, page 8

Jury List
(Continued from Thursday)

    Jackson County jury list for 1946, T to Z, inclusive.
    Taber, Earl E., Medford; Talbot, Roy, Tame, L. W., Ashland; Tant, Lola, Eagle Point; Taverner, Victoria, Ashland; Taylor, Alford, H., Medford; Taylor, Charles S., Central Point; Taylor, Fred A., Ashland; Taylor, Grant Leroy, Medford; Taylor, Merrill A., Ashland; Taylor, Mildred Elizabeth, Ruch; Tedrick, Clarence C., Telkamp, Herman E., Medford; Templer, Verne J., Ashland; Tex, Della A., Central Point; Thomas, L. R., Thomas, W. E., Thompson, Charles H., Medford; Thompson, Susie A., Ashland; Thorniley, Harold, Central Point, Thornton, Volney M., Ashland.
    Throckmorton, Lester, Tilton, Harry L., Tolle, Harold E., Medford; Totten, W. B., Brownsboro; True, Marcus, Ashland; Tryon, A. B., Medford; Tucker, Beryl, Ashland; Tucker, Geo. H., Medford; Tucker, Margaret E., Ashland; Tumy, Earl S., Medford; Tungate, Jasper, Butte Falls; Turnbaugh, H. M., Turner, Grace H., Ashland; Turpin, C. W., Medford; Turpin, V. A., Jacksonville; Tycer, Herbert D., Eagle Point.
    Ulrich, Hazel, Trail; Upton, Frank E., Central Point; Utz, Harriett, Medford.
    Van Dyke, H. E., Van Dyke, Mrs. Ola, Ashland; Van Horn, Ethel, Medford; Van Horn, L. H., Gold Hill; Van Valzah, Anne I., Varner, Dayton, Medford; Venable, Mrs. Mamie, Vestal, Harry G., Ashland; Vestal, Thos., Eagle Point; Vincent, Dewey J., von der Hellen, Wm., Medford.
    Wade, Florence M., Eagle Point; Wagner, Ann Anderson, Wagner, Stella Case, Ashland; Walden, O. S., Walker, A. W., Walker, Delia J., Walker, John R., Medford; Walker, Pearl M., Gold Hill; Wallace, Clifford H., Phoenix; Wallis, W. H., Ashland; Walter, James E., Central Point; Ward, Forrest, Talent; Warner, Charles B., Weaver, Earl W., Weaver, Lila, Webber, Edward Francis, Medford; Weidman, Lillian C., Central Point; Weight, George A., Weisenburger, Elsie, Medford.
    Weller, Betty C., Ashland; Wellman, C. A., Wendt, Anna, Medford; Wendt, Hattie M., Wenner, Grace C., Wenner, William M., Ashland; Wert, Edith, Trail; Werth, Louis Jr., Westermann, Esther, Whelpley, Fred, Ashland; White, Janet, White, M. Fremon, Medford; Whitney J. W., Jacksonville; Whittle, Virginia, Wiley, Fredrica M., Ashland; Wilkinson, A. L., Williams, C. H., Medford; Williams, Charley, Rogue River.
    Williams, LeRoy V., Medford; Williams, Roy, Ashland; Wilson, Boyd, Wilson, Elmer E., Wilson, Ralph, Medford; Wilson, R. E., Jacksonville; Winkleman, Earl B., Ashland; Winningham, James B., J'Ville; Witham, H. C., Medford; Witte, Hattie May, Phoenix; Wolff, Margaret, Ashland; Wolgamott, Vance K., Gold Hill; Wolters, Elnarr L., Wood, Owen P., Wood, Wm. L., Woodford, Jesse Ralph, Woods, Chester Y., Woodward, Clinton B., Medford; Woolfolk, Blanche V., Central Point; Woolfolk, Mrs. Helen, Brownsboro; Work, R. A., Medford; Worley, L. A., Lake Creek; Worthington, William H., Ashland; Wortman, Helen, Medford; Wray, O. N., Ashland; Wright, Eva G., Central Point; Wright, H. W., Brownsboro; Wright, Orvil R., Medford; Wyatt, Ruby, Eagle Point.
    Yancey, Phyllis, Yeo, Olive G., York, Victor J., Ashland; Yost, R. C., Medford; Young, Esther K., Ashland; Young, John R., Camp White; Young, Samuel H., Young, William A., Young, W. R., Younger, Mrs. Eva, Medford; Zarka, Stephen J., Zimmerlee, Danl. Abraham, Zimmerman, Harry E., Ashland; Zundel, Beth, Lake Creek; Zundel, Russell, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 15, 1946, page 4

    The jury list for the June term of court starting Monday, May 27, from which a new grand jury of seven names will be drawn, was drawn yesterday as follows:
    Ashland, Loren Close, Rt. 2; William H. Wenner, Rae I. Dodge, Marie Freeman, Myrtle H. Billings, W. J. Chipman and Vetris Enders.
    Medford, Russell Zundel, J. L. Cook, Rudolph J. Bills, Cora Craig, Robert D. Church, Grace Clemens, Fred M. Hansen, Elmer Harris, Rt. 4; Grace Hanscom, Rt. 2; Varner Dayton. Charles A. Nutter, Samuel H. Young, Rt. 1; John R. Walker, Walter R. Atkins, Elmer E. Wilson, Lloyd W. Hall, George R. Shade, Grant Leroy Taylor, Herman E. Telknap, Rt. 3.
    Jacksonville, C. Lyall Fidler, Rt. 2; Central Point, Donald E. Faber; Trail, Robert Alworth; Eagle Point, Ben M. Boren.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 15, 1946, page 1

    First session of the 1947-48 term of federal court will open in Medford Tuesday, October 7, according to information received by Paul Hanlin, deputy marshal, from federal court officials in Portland, and a new list of jurors has been drawn. They are to report at 10 a.m, in the federal building here.
    But three cases are set to come before the court in October. They are the United States versus Howard R. Perrin; United States versus the Great Northern Railway Company and United States versus Lee E. Bechtold. All are civil cases.
    The 1946-47 term officially came to an end yesterday when Hanlin formally opened and adjourned court at 10 a.m. in the federal court room here.
    Drawn for the jury were:
    Sebastian D. Apollo, Amor O. Bauman, H. A. Billis, Frances Brown, Gerald L. Clark, James C. Forsee, Edward E. Gilbert, C. S. Gray, A. H. Gregory, George F. Horner, Frank C. Porter, Cedric T. Reaney, David D. Roberts, Abram W. Smith, R. O. Stephenson, Urban V. Van Horn, and N. T Vincent, all of Medford.
    Lydia Alt, Ross Aubrey, Elda E. Beal, William A. Bishop, Viola M. Blackman, Harry Borel, Willene T. Brashears, Olive Burke, Edith E. Cassel, Alma J. Cofer, Archie Colson, Billie Covington, Jennie A. Crandall, Loren B. Dalcour, C. S. Elliot, Amanda V. Farris, George C. Fisher, Henry C. Gerber, Herman Gisvold, A. R. Hiland, William C. LeMasters, Myrtle M. Marsha, and Lester A. Murphy, all of Klamath Falls.
    C. W. Babb, Cecil K. Barrick, D. F. Bentley, Hugh E. Brown, G. E. Carns, Lester Ray Child, Joseph Fountain, D. M. Franklin, Maxine L. Jeffcoe, Lillian Jones, Gladys Lawton, all of Grants Pass.
    Edith L. Ballard, Rogue River; Esther Barlow, Phoenix; Gordon Barrie and Fred Hanson of Lakeview; David E. Baxter, Edward N. Butler, Ernie L. Gordon, Neva Z. Gresham and Hugh M. Taylor, all of Ashland; E. D. Blanchard of Murphy; Bufford E. Boyd of Mt. Laki, and Ed Burke of Kerby.
    Lucile Dorman, Gold Hill; Walter W. Gipe, Merrill; Edward H. Holliday, Lenox; Fay Kahl, Central Point; Alice Lindsay, Wilderville; Arnold Nelson, Eagle Point; Ina R. Pursel, Sibyl Stambaugh and Elizabeth Woodson, Jacksonville; Vienna Robinson, Dairy; Thelma R. Webster, and Josiah G. Hibbard, Butte Falls.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 1, 1947, page 10

    The jury list for the 1948 term of circuit court was released today by the county clerk's office. Out of the list 31 names are drawn for each term of court, the jury consisting of 12 members. The entire list will be published within the next few days with the first portion following;
    Albert, Frank C.; Ash, Eugene H.; Albert, Lucille; Allen, Glen V.. Applegate, Frank L.; Amidon, E. C.; Andrews, Paul; Anderson, Emerson T.; Alley, R. H.; Austin, Chas. W.; Arnold, Ralph J., all Medford; Allen, Albert C., Central Point; Adams, John E.; Adams, Elmer, both Medford; Arnold, J. F.; Abbott, L. D.; Anderson, Verna, all Phoenix; Addington, Luther J., and Athey, John M., both Rogue River.
    Adams, John Edgar, Talent; Allen, M. F., Trail; Austin, Charles, Wimer; Ackerson, Leone E.; Altman, Frances, both Medford; Anderson, Jesse G., Ager, L. E., both Ashland; Arnold, Blanche; Ayres, Elmer V.; Adams, Kenneth F.; Avery, Charles; Athanas, William Verne; Acklin, Everett A.; Adams, Betty C.; Adams, Robert L.; Allen, William B.; Arthur, Roy F.; Abbott, Arthur F.; Abrams, Earl C., all Ashland, and Adams, Vivian Bliss, Applegate.
    Allison, William R.; Applegate, Chester Arthur, both Ashland; Abbott, Orbra Ray, Butte Falls; Averis, George, Colestin; Arens, D. J.; Ashpole, Donald, both Eagle Point; Artmire, Raymond L., Prospect; Axtell, Ronald, Trail; Askin, Ethel May; Abroe, Steve F., both Gold Hill; Adams, Frederick D.; Allred, Betty Marie; Ashby, Paul, all Medford; Adams, Theresa, Jacksonville; Arnold, Myrtle; Adams, A. F.; Beltz, Mrs. Louisa K.; Bowerman, W. J.; Bowers, Dana W.; Bynum, Jesse, and Beaton, Rose Anne, all Medford.
    Barnum, Louis O.; Badger, Ward S.; Bentley, Perry; Bruin, William; Bailey, C. M.; Boyd, Fred; Bauten, Mary P.; Baxter, David E.; Black, Dora E.; Bradshaw, James A.; Balderstone, Lester J.; Buck, Samuel C.; Bellus, Wesley P.; Bugbee, Roscoe E.; Birr, Herman, all Ashland; Barry, Clara M., Medford; Berninghausen, Edwin Dale; Ball, Anna M.; Beare, William R.; Blackmer, Catherine C.; Broili, Charles; Burgess, R. C. Sr.; Baird, Daniel N.; Bateman, Christina H.; Babcock, Quinton; Burgess, Ethel H.; Briscoe, Callie B.; Bekker, Ben; Bailey, Samuel J.; Bergstrom, Charles L.; Boyer, B. H.; Barnthouse, Frank H.; Brown, William Dean, and Busch, Jim H., all Ashland.
    Best, Glen; Brown, George R., both Applegate; Baer, Edward B.; Barron, Mrs. Mildred; Baker, Clarence E.; Bell, R. E., all Ashland; Bower, Carl A., Eagle Point; Baer, Jasper H.; Boner, Arthur M.; Brown, Edith C.; Burroughs, Gerald; Barker, Gordon; Boyd, Dorothy M.; Bailey, Pearl; Bolton, Florence P.; Brenner, Don; Brown, Ella M.; Bussey, R. L., and Bidgood, James E., all Medford.
    Bryant, Ida Mae; Burbidge, William J.; Burnham, Roy M.; Bell, Murray; Barr, Gilbert W.; Bennett, Edward Carl Jr.; Boutelle, Martha B.; Brewer, Fitzhugh Lee; Brassfield, Madge; Barnes, Ernest L.; Braley, Edith W.; Butler, Elsie; Bishop, Harvey C.; Benton, H. B.; Bunce, Harold; Baker, Roy M.; Bourne, Chester I.; Barker, Herbert O.; Brock, Leonard, and Buckingham, Fern W., all Medford.
    Baker, Matthew N.; Barneburg, Harry William; Boswell, Alice Loree; Bunch, F. G., all Medford; Bolz, Ernest J.; Bowman, Bryan A.; Barlow, Olen H., all Phoenix; Barnum, Helen; Bolz, Roy A.; Bourne, Mabel G.; Brown, Winnie, all Medford; Baldridge, Allen; Beck, William A.; Bradley, Jesse W.; Bunce, Fred C., all Rogue River; Beers, Lloyd, Medford; Babb, J. M.; Boyer, Archie L., both Talent; Beeson, Emmett W.; Bradley, Wayne L., both Ashland.
    Brewster, William E., Trail; Brownlee, George, Jacksonville; Buckley, George, Ruch; Bohnert, Edyth, Central Point; Blair, David S., Rogue River; Baker, Robert F., Butte Falls; Brown, Mabel R., Brownsboro; Bechdoldt, Earl; Brenner, Glen, both Butte Falls; Burg, George; Beebe, C. R.; Berg, August; Bigham, Laura Belle; Bowman, B. F.; Breeding, R. E., all Eagle Point; Beeman, Mrs. Ernestine, Union Creek; Boothby, Edwin K.; Bradley, David W.; Bushey, Francis, all Prospect; Bennett, Homer R.; Bowen, Mary A.; Boye, Arthur H.; Bailey, Wilmer W.; Bell, William M.; Bowen, Glenn R., and Boye, Carl F., all Gold Hill.
    Boyle, James J.; Baker, Jasper J., Benson, Axel; Biddle, Wheldon F.; Bohl, C. C.; Bradley, H. R.; Bell, Henry R., all Medford; Brennesholtz, Linder A.; Buck, Paul H.; Bartley, F. W.; Bingman, Ernest, all Jacksonville; Bradshaw, Leonard; Burrell, Arthur R., both Lake Creek; Bills, Rudolph J.; Brandon, Martha A., and Burke, William F., Medford.
(To Be Continued)
Medford Mail Tribune, February 17, 1948, page 9

    Following is a continuation of names drawn for the jury list for the 1948 term of circuit court:
    Carlton, Jeannette; Court, Bessie M.; Caldwell, William M.; Cheadle, William E.; Childers, Elmer; Craig, Frank D.; Church, Willard, E.; Crowl, Lawrence; Carpenter, Jack M.; Christensen, Carl F.; Conner, C. H.; Crink, Lafe; Carnell, Jesse O.; Coffeen, Mrs. Wesley; Corbet, A. B.; Corliss, Robert Harold; Cox, C. L.; Crane, L. A.; Campbell, Frances W., and Chapman, M. K., all Medford.
    Clutter, Erma; Cook, Mrs. Catherine; Chapman, Walter Otho; Claussen, R. H.; Coss, Earl R.; Crump, Jack A.; Carr, Willy M.; Chase, Donald L.; Crawford, John G.; Clark, Florence; Collins, Vivian S.; Cummins, Albert S.; Clifford, Hilda M.; Cooper, Claude V.; Church, Robert D.; Cormany, Walter A.; Cody, Herbert, and Cooley, R. M., all Medford.
    Cook, Charles W.; Cameron, Barbara A.; Colby, Lionel A.; Croft, Earl D.; Casper, Donald W.; Clark, Lewis; Corcoran, William, and Crosby, Lela, all Medford; Carver, Fay, Phoenix; Canfield, I. D., and Carpenter, Elizabeth S., both Medford; Clark, Mary A., Phoenix; Cobleigh, Bertha M., Medford; Corn, Bessie K., Phoenix; Cox, W. A., Pinehurst; Christensen, Jack M., Gold Hill; Covey, Winfield E., Rogue River; Clark, C. E.; Conner, John J., and Cottrell, George F., all Medford.
    Carley, R. E., Central Point; Clayton, F. O., Talent; Cox, William A., Eagle Point; Chastain, Mervyn R.; Chattin, Chas. W.; Campbell, Richard B.; Chipman, W. J.; Corcoran, G. H.; Carter, Henry J.; Centers, M. S.; Connell, Henry; Coe, Nelson A.; Converse, C. E.; Covert, Gertrude A.; Clark, Charles C.; Cotton, John C.; Crandall, W. J.; Crosslin, Floyd; Carson, Lavina S.; Childers, Edith; Correy, William, and Crowson, Lloyd P., all Ashland.
    Coffeen, George B., Applegate; Christlieb, Hazelle W., and Conner, Lee F., both Ashland; Cave, Willard E., and Culbertson, Alex M., both Brownsboro; Cassman, Harvey; Carlton, Edward W., and Charley, Walter F., all Central Point; Caldwell, Jack; Chamberlain, Frank A.; Clarke, James W., and Conley, J. M., all Eagle Point.
    Carlton, Meryle, Prospect; Cameron, Edith L., Cerveny, E. Vencil; Chase, Glenn; Christensen, Soren M.; Connell, Doris Wilson; Cook, Earl H., and Cooper, Irene M., all Gold Hill; Chapman, William H.; Childs, Roy R.; Custard, J. B.; Collins, C. B.; Corthell, C. E.; Cox, Guy; Chastain, S. E.; Childreth, H. U.; Crawford, Joseph H., and Carpenter, Helen B., all Medford; Chappell, Richard C.; Campbell, W. A.; Coffman, Isaac L., and Cummings, R. C., all Jacksonville, and Christensen, Ernest, Medford.
    Daniels, Delbert W.; Doe, Agnes M.; Darneille, Donald G.; Dodson, Elva M.; Davis, Lura M.; Davis, Lola M.; Dawson, J. H.; Dupray, Mary L.; Dean, Elisabeth; DeCourcey, James M.; Doty, Dorothy M.; Dodge, John M.; Daily, Harry; Dyer, W. H.; Davis, Scott V.; Dippel, Edna G.; Duff, Mrs. Jean; Durno, Evelyn; Drysdale, E. M.; Dawson, Carl; Demmer, John; Deen, George; Durham, Helen K.; Darby, Scott R.; Dean, Florence Pauline, and Dooms, Esther, L., all Medford.
    Davies, Charles L.; Drake, Florence A.; DeJarnett, J. H., and Dietrich, Vera M., all Phoenix; Depuy, Alfred J., Rogue River; Dixon, Albert A., Gold Hill; Dunlap, John, Medford; Dunford, Charles Franklin Jr., Ruch; Driver, Norman, Talent; Dimick, Ed Ebb, Rogue River, Detrick, R. E.; Dodge, Margaret; Depew, Ollie; Davenhill, Arthur H.; Davenhill, Edith E.; Doty, Lyman A., and Danford, Beecher, all Ashland.
    Davis, O. V.; Dameron, Lona M.; Davenport, Lily M.; Daly, Elton R.; Davies, Samuel S.; Delsman, Charles H.; DeVore, Amos; Dickey, Floyd; Dunham, Roy M.; Dodson, Pearl E.; Dort, Iva; Dunn, Obera M.; Dankworth, Arthur; Davis, Emery R.; Deadmond, I. E.; Dotson, James, and Dunn, Nellie I., all Ashland.
    Driver, Mabel G., Central Point; Davies, Clarence F., and Dunford, Mildred E., both Eagle Point; Ditsworth, Gus, and Doty, Frank A., both Prospect; Daily, Frank; Dole, Edward; Davis, E. R.; Duane, Dexter R., and Dusenberry, Lester L., all Gold Hill; Darby, W. S.; Daugherty, Fred A.; Daily, Timothy W.; DeVoe, Con; DeWit, Rudolph; Doty, Dorothy Viola; Douglas, Lillie, all Medford; Depner, Helen Swan, Jacksonville; Doran, Bernard J.; Dixon, B. C., and Dow, Robert B., all Medford, Damon, Lloyd Loren, Lake Creek, and Daley, Irvin C.; Deivert, Sue, and Dugan, Mildred, all Medford.
(To Be Continued)
Medford Mail Tribune, February 19, 1948, page 3

    Following is a continuation of names drawn for the 1948 term of circuit court:
    Eads, George; Erickson, Dale E.; Ejitemiller, A. E.; Elliott, James A.; Edwards, G. A.; English, C. V. Ekerson, Herman L.; Eakin, Victor I.; Eklund, Mrs. Hildur J., and Elson, Mary, Medford; Ellison, Arthur W., Phoenix; Enos, Paul, Ashland; Egan, Raymond and Engberg, James, both Talent; Elder, Gilbert S., Trail; Elden, Harry, Central Point; Edward, Andrew J.; Engle, Fred Stanley; Emory, Forest; Emery, Nina Bell; Eberhart, Jean F.; Eliason, Chas. R.; Enders, Vetris, and Emmett, John F., all Ashland.
    Eaton, Geo. M. and Elmore, Charles Herbert, both Applegate; Engel, J. F., Ashland; Edmondson, Augustus Earle and Edmondson, Robert E., both Butte Falls; Evans, Alwa R. and Elson, C. H., both Eagle Point; Esch, Mrs. Carl, Medford; Edler, A. J., Prospect; Edwards, E. A.,and Eskew, Dorothy O., both Gold Hill; Eslinger, A. R., Medford; Edens, Clorine E., Jacksonville; Elliott, B. R., Medford; Evans, Ernest E., Jacksonville, and Estes, G. M., Medford.
    Failing, Verl; Fish, J. W.; Findley, Albert E.; Franks, Wilda; Franklin, Harold H.; Fordyce, E. A.; Finley, W. M.; Fichtner, Carl; Frank, Sarah Jane; Falwell, Charles D.; Fiero, Grace A.; Field, M. D.; Freed, Thomas; Frey, Marion B.; Foster, John M.; Field, Berna E.; Fabrick, Glen L.; Findley, Marjorie; Finch, Burton A.; Frick, Walter V.; Fields, Henry J.; Fraley, Pearl E.: Fanger, Anna; Fidler, C. Lyall and Fraley, Elizabeth M., all Medford.
    Ferns, William John; Furry, Milo and Furry, Minnie M., all Phoenix; Floyd, Albert O., Medford; Frederick, E. L., Sams Valley; Fletcher, E. L.; Frazier, Roy; Finnell, P. R.; Freemen, A. Bert; Frideger, I. R.; Froman, C. E.; Firestone, James M.; Flackus, William A.; Foster, Ralph A,; Frisbee, Frank H.; Flagg, W. H., and Fowler, Thos. E. all Ashland.
    Fernlund, Fred, Brownsboro; Fredenburg, B. Theodore, Butte Falls; Foley, William, Central Point; Farlow, Fred and Force, Paul, both Eagle Point; Frantz, Ralph S.; Fuhrman, Otto; Ferguson, Donald Jr.; Fiene, Edward C.; Foote, C. W. and Franz, W.H., all Gold Hill; Fairchild, R. B.; Fish, George Norman; Flanagan, George C.; France, Lorraine; Friend, Clifton M., and Field, Eutha N., all Medford; Forrester, W. D., Jacksonville; Flagg, William L. and Frey, Geo. Herman, both Lake Creek; Florey, Mildred Neil and Frohreich, Hugo both Medford.
    Gale, Robert E.; Glass, W. Randolph; Greene, Doris; Glathar, Robert L.; Goldfrap, Verna; Gilman, Willis G.; Grim, John H.; Gifford, Edith M.; Gott, Elmer; Glutsch, A. W.; Green, Ralph E.; Gilstrap, Ernest R.; Gilliland, Lewis H.; Guyer, Roy; Gandece, Ronald H.; Gentner, L. G.; Goldy, Nellie C.; Groves, Meredith A.; Gribble, John E.,, and Goold, G. G., all Medford.
    Grisham, David M.; Giffin, Robert B.; Guches, Janet C.; Gardner, F. H. and Grantham, William Howard, all Medford; Gedlich, Erich, Phoenix; Gilham, Lillian C., Medford; Graves, William, Phoenix; Gonseth, A. S., Pinehurst; Golding, Joseph A. and Griffin, Milton A., both Rogue River; Greb, Elmer Ha;zold, Medford; Garland, Ray and Galbraith, George, both Talent; Gearhart, Roy E.; Green, Giles S.; Gay, Sidney F.; Gallatin, Louis H. and Gardner, Royal.
    Gettling, John E.; Gilbert, Merle E.; Grant, Grace D.; Gorman, Marie A., and Gassaway, Clarence P., all Ashland; Glass, J. E., Brownsboro; Garman, Sam and Goss, Oliver M. both Butte Falls; Gleason, Mervyn C.; Glenn, Hugh; Glass, T. Orion, and Grant, Fannie Elizabeth, all Central Point; Gardener, Ben; Givan, Charley L. and Givan, Tom, all Eagle Point.
    Gervais, I. W.; Gibson, Leslie J., and Grieve, J. Ludo, all Prospect; Grieve, R. B., Trail; Garrison, Maysel and Gilchrist, Cleo, both Gold Hill; Gilman, Les; Grantham, J. W. and Gibbons, Marrs R., all Medford; Grigsby, Eva Irean and Gilbert, Frank W., both Jacksonville; Gonyon, Harvey L., Medford; George, Loyd A., Lake Creek, and Gibbs, S. A., Medford.
(To Be Continued)
Medford Mail Tribune, February 22, 1948, page 10

    Following is a continuation of names drawn for the 1948 term of the circuit court:
    Hedgpeth, Erma; Hobbs, Charles; Horn, Clifford; Hutchins, Ralph T.; Hartig, William John; Hubbs, Zoe R.; Herman, Michael M.; Hawkins, Elmer G.; Haley, Marjorie; Hay, Hoyt F.; Haas, George; Herd, Q. M.; Hampson, Berte F.; Hood, Elizabeth V.; Horton, Harriet J.; Hubler, Lee; Haas, C. J.; Hamlin, Nora E., and Hicks, George A., all Medford.
    Huson, Ray M.; Holzgang, George V.; Holbrook, L. J.; Hedges, Alvin R.; Horner, Orel O.; Halgren, E. F.; Hedberg, C. E; Hubler, J. W.; Halboth, Ruth; Hammett, William; Herried, Elmer; Huson, Margaret; Hogan, M. N.; Hubbard, Mary; Hansen, Charles N.; Hughes, Frank R.; Harper, Loyal G.; Hagen, Alfred P., and Henson, John W., all Medford.
    Hall, Claud, F.; Hill, Lewis C. Jr., Hartley, Charles C.; Helms, Floyd G.; Hart, Breith Shewey; Hastings, W. J.; Heard, Neal D.; Herbert, Russell L.; Hughs, James M.; Hake, George Wesley; Hastings, Carrie; Hoadley, Ena E.; Hunter, William; Haight, Fred Alton; Hargrove, R. M.; Harvey, Fred J., and Haynes, J. Fred, all Ashland.
    Hendricks, J. E.; Howard, Walter A.; Hibma, Russell; Hollingsworth, J. C.; Homes, Frederick; Hubbard, Harry L.; Hughes, David J.; Hunt, Leo R.; Hardy, Percy; Hatfield, Emanuel I., and Hill, Frank O., all Ashland; Herriott, Elden L., Applegate; Hill, Lester, Provolt; Hoffman, John Richard, Applegate; Hamilton, Arthur M. Jr., Ashland; Hansen, Gerald, Brownsboro; Henshaw, John F., and Hofmann, Albert Ford, both Butte Falls.
    Holbrook, Frank J., and Hall, Frank Edward, both Medford; Haselton, Frank B., Central Point; Halvorsen, Margaret; Hansen, Will; Hood, Ruth; Hull, O. O.; Hansen, C. A.; Howard, Roy Leonard, and Hughes, Donna D., all Medford; Hansen, E. F., Phoenix; Harrison, Hulda and Hughes, Lem Harrison, both Medford; Hale, Chester E., Talent; Hesketh, Mary, Medford; Hixon, Myrtle; Hunter, Clarence J., and Henry, John H., all Ashland, and Hart, Nat B., Rogue River.
    Hull, Waldo M., Butte Falls; Houston, C. W., and Holden, Morton P., both Central Point; Humphrey, Beulah; Haak, Luther K.; Harnish, Mabel; Harper, V. R., and Henderson, Pearl L., all Eagle Point; Harper, Ronald L.; Hedgpeth, Dee, and Herman, Susan, all Prospect; Hutchins, George S.; Hancock, Melvin C.; Harrison, Mollie M.; Herrick, Archie F.; Holderness, Hazel, and Huffman, Cora B., all Gold Hill.
    Huffman, Roy E., and Huntley, Clarence M., both Gold Hill; Hofbeck, Charles; Holmes, Wm. E.; Hukill, Elma; Hall, Emma; Herbert, Helen; Holcomb, W. S.; Houten, Harry; Hague, Robert; Harger, Thomas; Higinbotham, Dolly; Howard, W.S.; Hall, M. H.; Hamlin, Jessie J.; Hanley, Claire; Heckert, Elizabeth, and Hueners, A. E., all Medford.
    Humphrey, Roma, Medford; Hardy, Maude, and Hofer, Charles E., both Jacksonville; Hanley, Mike F., Lake Creek; Hall, J. R.; Hamner, K. G., and Henry, Margaret, all Medford; Hill, H. G., and Hopkins, T. C., both Rogue River; Hoover, Charles C., Medford; Houston, L. G., Sams Valley; Hall, Albert L., Ashland; Holdridge, Charles W., Talent; Hall, John, Trail; Hibbs, Frank J., Jacksonville; Hover, Carl A., Central Point, and Hoffman, Richard L., Rogue River.
    Ivie, Robert; Iverson, Wallace G.; Inskeep, Madeline; Igo, Mary, and Inman, Bertha, all Medford; Icenhower, George B.; Inlow, Delia S.; Ingle, H. S., and Inlow, Val, all Ashland, and Iverson, Lowell A., Medford.
    Jessel, C. H.; Jordan, Harold R.; Jepsen, Ethelyn O.; James, Walter L.; Johnson, William B.; Jacks, Lewis H.; Johnson, Alfred E.; Jones, R. Earl, and Joy, Albert C., all Ashland; Jenks, R. H., Eagle Point; Jensen, Charles B.; Johnson, Irene T., and Jordan, Clarence Alford, all Gold Hill; Jansen, Walter L.; Jennings, George S.; Jennings, B. B.; Johnson, Myrtle; Johnson, Lawrence R., and Jones, Joe J., all Medford.
    Johnson, Theodore, Jacksonville; Johnson, Freda; Johnson, C. L.; Johnson, Arthur; Jones, C. L.; Jensen, Jens; Johnston, Arthur J.; Jacobs, George W.; Jennings, Sam; Jackson, Vernon; Johnson, George R.; Jones, Stanley C.; Johnson, Walter W.; Janes, Loretta, and Jacobs, Ethel, all Medford; Johnson, Velma B., Phoenix; Jones, Will H., Rogue River; Johnson, Thomas J., Medford; Joanis, Edward, and Jordan, Harold B., both Talent, and Jensen, Chester W., Rogue River.
(To Be Continued)
Medford Mail Tribune, February 24, 1948, page 11

    Following is a continuation of the list of names drawn for the jury list for the 1948 term of circuit court:
    Knips, Elmer W.; Keyser, Albert; King, Ray; Knox, Mac G.; Knowles, Geo. M.; Kenyon, Edith; Kirkpatrick, John Wilson; Kindle, Murrel M., and Knox Elsie L., all Medford; Kellow, Leslie L., Central Point; Kellington, Mary and Klepper, J. M., both Medford; Kiplinger, C. M., Phoenix; King, David S., Medford; Kidwell, Goldie O., Pinehurst; King, C. W., Medford; Korner, Elmer J., Sams Valley; King, Otto, and Knorp, Charley, both Talent.
    King, Thomas James, Shady Cove; Kirk, John Benton, Rogue River; Kramer, Foss G.; Kelts, John A.; Klum, Mildred; Kneebone, William H.; Kavanaugh, Baxter M.; Kinney, Ted R.; Krug, Bernard J.; Kennedy, Hector; Klavano, Raymond J.; Kerr, W. E., and Kyker, LeRoy, all Ashland; Kromling, Abraham L., and Kubli, Chester C., both Applegate; Koble, Ernest F., and Kincaid, A. R., both Ashland.
    Koozer, Emma J., Ashland; Krupp, Joseph R., Central Point; Kent, Arthur, Eagle Point; King, Charles R., Prospect; Kellogg, Noel P.; Kenaston, R. L., and Kies, Robert S., all Gold Hill; King, Bennie B.; Kelsoe, Fred; Kellogg, J. Boyce, and Kingsley, Joe E., all Medford; Keegan, Bertha; Knox, Lucy; Kennedy, Chris, J., and Knutson, Martin, all Jacksonville; and King, Rev. C. M., Medford.
    Lamb, W. R.; Lucas, Alvin C.; Lynch, Fannie M.; Laing, William; Love, James A,; Lay, Vernon; Lynch, Andrew J.; Laing, Nellie; Lovell, E. M.; Lewin, Bernard N.; Lonsinger, Wallie R.; Lewis, George L.; Lorton, Bill J.; Luman, Will A.; Lausmann, Anton A.; LeFevre, Ray; Littrell, E. A.; Lageson, Mrs. Burt, and Lenox, Neva S., all Medford.
    Lewis, A. D. Jr.; Landers, R. C.; Lontz, Homer L.; Lozier, L. F.; LaTourette, John W. Jr.; Little, Myrtle L.; Lange, Marie and Lofland, Lewis, all Medford; Loucks, Eugene D., Phoenix; Lamport, Edward H.; Leverette, Evelyn G., and Loffer, Warren, all Medford; Langworthy, Elton C., Rogue River; Lind, Howard F., Medford; Logan, Robert C., and Lamb, Ben, both Talent; Lockwood, Benjamin Leon, Ashland; Lowe, Harry, Talent, and Littlefield, Travis M., Shady Cove.
    Linn, Leland P.; Langtry, J. A.; Lilly, James; Lear, Ben L.; Leigh, J. E.; Lardner, George; Leggett, Manley J.; Lindner, Ray Lewis; Lahr, Jacob P.; Lane, Clarence E.; Leonard, Foncy; Luchterhand, Aleta A.; Lawrence, Wendell D., and Lunceford, Stella, all Ashland; Lennox, Isabel M., Talent; Lee, Mary L., Applegate; Lowry, Lillian O., Central Point; Lusk, James I., and Lang, Eva Mae, both Eagle Point.
    Lewis, S. H., and Lusk, J. C., both Eagle Point; Larson, Grace S., Prospect; Lance, George; Lowe, May Marjorie; Lance, Floyd G.; Lewis, J. W., and Litster, John, all Gold Hill; Lick, Thomas Earle; Luman, Mattie R.; Lamb, Clyde E., and Lester, Joseph E., Medford; Lewis, Raymond, and Lamb, Robert, both Jacksonville; LaRocque, Robert; Lee, Erma M., and Lumsden, Bessie F., all Medford.
    Mitchell, Geraldine W.; Moore, Edith B.; Mills, Harry L.; Mager, Martin B.; Miller, T. L.; Murphy, Corrine; Martin, Henry F.; McDannel, Carrie; Mathison, Christian; McFadden, Thomas W.; Maxwell, A. C. Jr.; McDonald, W. R.; McNeil, Frances E.; Merritt, Harriet E.; Morrison, Evelyn M.; Morris, Carlos W.; Manley, Everett, and Miller, Earl M., all Medford.
    Milnes, Victor; Moore, James H.; Meeker, Ruth Esther; Mee, Thomas; McGrath, J. B.; Moffat, Mary A.; Muirhead, Bonney H.; Mete, Samuel Salvatore; McMillin, A. G.; Murphy, James Joseph; Martin, D. T.; Milton, Albert Joel, and Murray, James C., all Medford; Morrison, J. D., Central Point; McCarty, R. D.; Marsh, Harry J.; Miller, Pearl; Munsell, Clara, and McGonagle, Ralph D., all Medford.
    Marks, Ruth M.; Mitchell, Mary; McKay, Reed M., and Manned, Florence, all Medford; Mullin, Irene, Stedman, Phoenix; Miller, Russell, Ashland; Miller, Leland A., and Milton, James F., both Rogue River; Mardock, Alvin L., Medford; McDonough, George, Sams Valley; McReynolds, I. L., Talent; McCulloch, Donald James, and Martin, James, Ashland; Moore, George R., Trail; McDonough, Chester, Ruch; Martin, Oliver, Central Point; Moore, Eugene Rogue, Rogue River, and McGee, Allen O., Ashland.
    McLaughlin, William; Messenger, Loren E.; McNair, Henry S.; Miller, Marvin E.; Mitchell, W. C.; McCormick, C. E.; McLain, Clyde E.; Meservey, L. D. W.; Mauzey, Walter; Morris, Harry R.; Morrow, Leonard H.; Magness, M. R.; Mannin, Henry; Mapes, E. Warren; Miller, Frances S.; Mansfield, D. W.; Mayberry, Henry H.; Merrill, Harold A., and Millard, Joe, all Ashland; Moore, Irma G.; Murphy, J. M.; McCoy, J. W.; McIlvenna, Robert; McNair, Lulu Briggs; Metcalf, James; Mitchell, Clyde E.; McCulloch, Grace C.; Martin, Leo C., and Moore, Claude, all Ashland; Moffet, George R.; Moore, Everitt, and Myers, Arthur B., all Butte Falls; Merritt, R. B., and Minnick, Lorlie O., both Central Point; Malloroy, E. A., Medford; Matthews, Nora A., and Miller, Virgil A., both Eagle Point; McKee, Glenn S., Prospect.
    Middlebusher, Eula, Prospect; McCloy, J. Wallace; McLallen, Agnes; Moore, Jacob, and McLean, Walter C., all Gold Hill; Mardon, John H., Central Point; Martin, Ethel Eva; Martin, Wilbur, and Miller, Glen C., all Gold Hill; Mitchell, F. J., Central Point; Murray, Georgia M., Gold Hill; Martin, Clyde; Meehan, J. B.; Marton, Ralph; McGray, Helen W.; Matheny, Leon M.; Moffatt, Bruce W.; McKibben, C. F., and Morse, A. K., all Medford.
    Mitchelmore, Laurence; McCormack, Pauline E., and Maddux, Lee F., all Jacksonville; Martin, Roy V., Medford; Miller, Gaitha I., and Mills, Phoebe E., both Jacksonville; Meyer, Edward E., and Meyer, Otto, both Lake Creek; McMannis, Tresa, and Mastin, Jessie, both Medford.
(To Be Continued)
Medford Mail Tribune, February 25, 1948, page 2

    Following is a continuation of the list of names drawn for the 1948 term of the circuit court jury:
    Nicason, Verl K.; Neptune, L. V.; Nicholson, Mabel; Newland, C. W.; Naumes, Robert A.; Noben, Henry O.; Nave, Edward C.; Nye, Evelyn; Nygaard, L. T.; Norris, Robert K.; Naumes, W. J.; Norris, Verna K.; Newton, M. Dale, and Nelson, David, all Medford; Naugle, Harry, Talent; Nichols, Roy, Central Point; Nye, R. F., and Nelson, Edward W., both Ashland.
    Norris Alfred T.; Newton, William H.; Nicholson, Edwin H., and Nichols, Alta, all Ashland; Nitzschke, Paul, Central Point; Nye, Waldo P., Prospect; Nelson, John, Central Point; Novak, John C., Gold Hill; Neill, Josiah Daniel; Nansen, John Peter; Nichols, O. F.; Norris, Elizabeth M., and Niedermeyer, Ernest, all Medford.
    Oium, G. O.; Oestreich, Earl H. W.; Ostrander, John W.; Olson, Oletha; Olson, W. E.; Olson, Harry; Owen, Arthur E., and Ovelman, Frank W., all Medford; Oslund, Oscar M., Phoenix; Ott, Dorothy Mildred, Ashland; Olson, Irene E., Talent; Orr, Vern L., Rogue River; Owens, Jessie J.; O'Brien, Walter J.; Orr, Mary E.; Otterson, John T., and O'Toole, Walter H., all Ashland; Olsen, Paul G., Eagle Point; Olson, Beryl; Ottoman, Eileen L., and Olsen, Malcolm, all Medford, and Opp, John W., Jacksonville.
    Perry, Edith R.; Parker, Lewis; Parker, Carold J.; Poling, Warren E.; Powell, Harry G.; Patton, Roy P.; Plumley, Marjorie., Platz, Merle; Prentice, William H.; Pendergast, Glen C.; Phipps, Kenneth E.; Prentice, Harry R.; Perry, Allan F.; Payne, Richard E.; Peirce, Max; Price, Hobart M.; Pernell, C. Kerby; Payne, Frank W., and Powell, Blanche A., all Medford.
    Polley, John Henry; Putman, Floyd; Pinkerton, Harry A.; Putney, Maynard A.; Pearson, Carl; Purdin, Fred  Austin; Patterson, Frank J.; Petty, Lorraine W.; Phillips, Mildred D.; Pedersen, J. F., and Peterson, Emil, all Medford; Parker, Chester L.; Parker, Ernest A., and Penland, Mabel, all Phoenix; Parker, H. N., Medford; Palmer, Claude Elmer, and Petty, Frank C., both Rogue River; Phipps, Dolph E., and Pierce, Clarence Casper, both Medford.
    Pattinson, Harold R., Trail; Pearson, Wallace E.; Pickens, Guy R.; Presnall, Charles O.; Peil, Alice Applegate; Perrine, C. R.; Perozzi, Louise A.; Powell, Benjamin Leroy; Putney, John F.; Powell, Alden D.; Powell, Thaddeus Lincoln; Pitts, Cecil; Purvis, Corban A.; Prescott, Glen; Parker, Joel Robert; Powell, Altadena; Pearson, August G.; Polenz, W. A., and Preston, A. H., all Ashland.
    Parker, Thomas J.; Peters, A. M.; Pollard, Sam K.; Pankey, L. H.; Phife, Marion A., and Pritchard, Joe F., all Ashland; Poole, Francis E., Butte Falls; Peck, Bert, Central Point; Palm, Raymond; Paul, Jerry, and Putman, Ed, all Eagle Point; Pearson, Frances I., Prospect; Potter, Bethel; Pankey, Earl; Parker, Lester C., and Paulson, Henry M., all Gold Hill; Patterson, Laurence; Parish, Willie Mae; Peebler, Robert L.; Parson, Paul Eugene, and Peyton, Eldred W., all Medford; Peters, Fay M., Jacksonville, and Porter, Jack L., Medford.
    Ruehling, William J., and Rutschmann, Henry, both Rogue River; Rowley, Arthur R., Medford; Reed, Frank Allen; Rapp, Fred, and Rogers, Gardner W., all Talent; Ray, Matthews, Ruch; Rice, Eugene D., Rogue River; Robison, W. W.; Robertson, Charles C.; Robertson, Charles E.; Robertson, Ragnwald; Rath, Roger F.; Reed, Wesley E.; Rettmann, Henry L., and Rose, Karl M., all Ashland; Rich, C. L., and Rolls, James T., both Applegate.
    Richman, Leonard C., and Rodgers, Roberta Jane, Butte Falls; Robison Mae E., Central Point; Rein, Marie; Roberts, Roscoe W., and Rukovina, Robert S., Eagle Point; Richardson, Carl, Trail; Robertson, L. E., and Rummel, Everett M., Prospect; Robinson, Richard A.; Rosecrans, Benjamin F., and Ross, Walter E., all Gold Hill; Robinson, Lettie A.; Rose, Charles E.; Raymond, Ralph R.; Robertson, Paul, and Ross, Milo C., all Medford.
    Ryan, Elizabeth Marie; Reed, Lola B.; Rossi, Michele T.; Rowley, C. A.; Reed, Grace E.; Russell, M.; Robeson, Charles; Roberts, Hazel; Robinson, Susan Deuel; Robins, James; Rush, Ethel T.; Robinson, George L.; Runtz, Frank J.; Ray, Frank H.; Randall, D. D.; Reter, Joan; Root, Frank B., and Radcliffe, Walter A., all Medford.
    Root, Robert Whipple; Rentz, Gladys C.; Roseborough, Annie; Ray, Leonard; Robinson, Alta, and Rubedew, Mabel I., all Medford; Rathbun, A. L., and Richey, A. R., both Phoenix; Roach, Sadie E., Medford; Reed, Harold; Robinson, Charles C.; Ravenor, Everett H., and Rosenan, Emil, all Jacksonville; Reimer, F. C., and Rusho, Leonel C., both Medford.
(To Be Continued)
Medford Mail Tribune, March 1, 1948, page 3

    Following is a continuation of names drawn for the jury list of the 1948 term of circuit court:
    Smith, Kelcy A.; Spencer, Donald McDill; Schilling, Bruce W.; Schilling, Etta L.; Sharyon, Leon G.; Stansbury, P. H.; Shutt, H. M.; Smith, Chester A.; Stauffer, Eva; Shipman, Ray Wells; Splawn, E. O.; Smith, Edna E.; Sanford, Curtis J.; Short, Bowie B.; Stiner, Harry J.; Stough, Doris V.; Simpson, William G., and Smith, James G., all Ashland.
    Sparks, William S.; Stemple, R. C.; Short, Stuart H.; Snyder, George D., and Svenson, Gertrude F., all Ashland; Staub, Minnie, Applegate; Sikes, George G., and Spencer, Edward P., both Ashland; Stanley, Mabel; Strahm, Harve J., both Brownsboro; Scott, Keith; Smith, Donald L., and Stowell, John E., all Butte Falls; Setness, A. M., and Sullivan, James E., both Central Point; Short, Howard C., and Smith, John W., both  Eagle Point; and Stanley, J. H., Medford.
    Stowell, Susie J., Eagle Point; Salter, Francis Philip, Prospect; Scott, George M., Trail; Skeeters, Billy R., and Spencer, Elizabeth M., both Prospect; Smith, Arthur; Shaw, Robert E.; Stimson, Ann L., and Swanson, Louis F., all Gold Hill; Scheble, Dorris; Shafer, Henry; Spencer, Norman L.; Starcher, Bren H.; Surles, Leo N.; Schow, John V.; Shober, Ruth; Shults, Audrey, and Sparks, James A., all Medford.
    Storm, Nancy J., and Sullivan, Agnes E., both Medford; Shafer, G. J.; Stokes, Joseph Elmer, and Scott, Ross W., all Jacksonville; Smets, C. P., and Snow, Ruth S., both Medford; Short, John B., Lake Creek; Schermerhorn, G. L.; Schuler, Mary H.; Smith, Chas. R.; Stinson, Lester M.; Shelby, Noel; Siebinger, Richard; Stephen, Robert L.; Spencer, Ira A., and Stewart, Glenn L., all Medford.
    Sanden, Gunder O.; Schults, Mitchel D.; Scalberg, W. S.; Silliman, Edna A.; Sowell, James E.; Schade, Lawrence N.; Simpson, Lewis L.; Swift, Leland N.; Stevens, Alexander; Scheidereiter, Roland R.; Stinson, Frank O.; Sweet, Marshal B.; Schuler, I. E.; Sparks, J. Claude; Steward, Adrienne; Stuart, Miles; Scheffel, Lucile, and Stuart, Shirley L., all Medford.
    Sorensen, Curtis; Smith, Harold; Stout, R. W.; Seiler, John R.; Stout, Fletcher C.; Shepard, Lowell W.; Singler, Richard H.; Shreeve, George; Stevens, F. E.; Schrader, Otto O.; Shangle, Ruth; Stauffer, Wilma; Sander, Fred C.; Sewell, Walter; Stenerson, L. S.; Swingle, Charles Sheets, Ella B., and Samuels, J. D., all Phoenix.
    Setchell, W. A., and Shafer, H. Price, Medford; Skinner, Modine; Stancliffe, Bert, and Steadman, Ada B., all Phoenix; Stone, Ida, Medford; Swanson, J. A., Pinehurst; Shontz, F. M., Gold Hill; Smith, Lloyd B. ,and Stiehl, Clarence J., both Rogue River; Swinney, Vincent, Medford; Sanderson, Agnes, Gold Hill; Schneider, Emil, Jacksonville; Siemann, A. Harvey, and Stephens, Anna Belle, Talent; Segessenman, E. W., and Swingle, H. F., both Trail; Smith, Glenn William, Ruch; Stevenson, James E., Central Point; and Starr, Charles V., Rogue River.
    Tams, E. C.; Trill, Alice; Turpin, A. H.; Taevs, Herbert O.; Thanos, Andreas; True, J. F.; Thatcher, Carson; Thatcher, Verna; Tedrick, Gene W.; Thompson, Leona M.; Thierolf, Henry A.; Tucker, Millie A., Taylor, Donna B.; Thomas, Vera Loraine; Tumy, Earl S.; Tucker, W. E.; Thomas, W. E.; Thorndike, Inez, and Trowbridge, Ben J., all Medford.
    Tilley, Herbert; Taylor, Mark W.; Thompson, Jack; Tengwald, Carl Y.; Tice, Evelyn; Thurman, Lyle B., and Trowbridge, Katherine, all Medford; Tripp, F. L., Phoenix; Toft, James H., Pinehurst; Thompson, Leo V., Rogue River; Thompson, C. C., Central Point; Taylor, Arthur S.; Templer, Verne J.; Taylor, Claire; Teegarden, W. C.; Tucker, Florence A.; Thompson, Arthur H.; Thornton, Marian E., and Tonner, Vivian, all Ashland.
    Tenney, Edward; Thomas, Gwen G.; Turner, William; Taylor, Lloyd I.; Thomas, Clifford H.; Tilton, Charles Franklin; Terrill, Edgar N., and Trites, Richard, all Ashland; Taylor, Roy H., Applegate; Thomas, Albert William; Tyler, King W., and True, Cora F., all Ashland; Totten, W. B., Brownsboro; Tex, Guy, and Tonn, Harry L., both Central Point; Tant, K. J.; Taylor, T. T.; Tibbits, L. H., and Tycer, Herbert D., all Eagle Point; Thompson, Paul, and Throne, Paul A., both Gold Hill; Teal, H. R., and Turner, L. H., both Jacksonville; Tyrrell, John R., Lake Creek; Todd, J. P., and Turpin, C. W., both Medford.
(To Be Continued)
Medford Mail Tribune, March 2, 1948, page 2

    Following is the final installment of the list of names drawn for the 1948 term of the circuit court jury:
    Upton, Harvey J., Phoenix; Ulrich, Earl, Prospect; Vincent, Blanche M., and von der Hellen, Doris, both Medford; Vestal, Gaylord S. Sr.; Van Prooyen, Henry; Van Curler, Fred, and Van Dyke, Fred G., all Ashland; Vestal, Thomas, and Van Scoy, W. L., both Eagle Point; von der Hellen, Carl, Medford; Vaughn, Roy, Prospect; Van Deusen, Robert E., and Van Houten, Clarence M., both Gold Hill; Voss, William L., Central Point; Valentine, Henry A., and Vincent, Mrs. Stella, Medford.
    Watson, Eudora; Wonderlich, Albert C.; Wright,  Frances J.; Wheeler, Ira; Waldron, Elton; Ward, Rachel; Watson, Sidney Glen; Watkins, Della B.; Watterer, A. S.. Webber, R. S.; Weaver, Earl W.; Wolter, Ruby B.; Watkins, Bess R.; Williams, Leo B.; Wray, M. T.; Whitlock, P. A.; White, Edwin L.; Wilson, Horace G., and Wilson, Boyd, all Medford.
    Wright, Ray E.; Ward, Jack Z.; Wells, Harold L., and Watkins, Floyd P., all Medford; Wilson, Herbert H., Central Point; Walker, Grace; Watson, George A.; Wilcox, Leila M.; Williams, W. W.; Wilson, Walter L.; Wimer, Onie R., and Worden, Lester A., all Medford; Ward, Raymond C., and Wallace, Clifford H., both Phoenix; Wendorf, Virginia M., Ashland; Williams, Thomas E., Talent; Wilson, Richard H., and Wolff, Christian, both Medford.
    Wells, Wayne W.; Waltermire, Norma A., and Whitney, Donald S., all Ashland; Williams, Clarence, Medford; Wolff, C. Louis; Waggener, Lynn E.; Winters, J. H.; Wolfe, Elzie N.; Warren, Frank E.; Whited, Marion; Wilcox, Robert Bennett; Williams, George D.; Wiltermood, Arthur B.; Wimer, John W.; Wood, William L.; Wilson, Elmon Woodward, Lee R., and Wallis, W..H., all Ashland.
    Weaver, Raymond C., and Whipple, James Melvin, both Rogue River, Wakefield, Wayne, Medford; Wilson, Charles H., Sams Valley; Welburn, Ralph M.; White, H. H., and Williams, Margaret, all Talent; Wilson, David E., Central Point; Winters, Harry L., Rogue River; Wilson, Charles L., and Woodworth, James Dexter, both Ashland; Webster, Alva Louis, Butte Falls; Warner, Wayman, Central Point; Waddell, Claud, and Weidman, R. T., both Eagle Point; Wertz, Lester, Climax; Wood, Walter S., Eagle Point, and Wertz, Fayler, L., Gold Hill.
    Whitmore, Ruby A., and Wigle, Ralph G., both Gold Hill; Walters, Edward U.; White, George E.; Wilson, Myrtle; Widmer, Xavier; Walker, Verl G.; Wilson, William B., and Wall, Lenore, all Medford; Wendt, George W., Jacksonville; Wilson, J. Leland, Medford; Whitney, J. W., and Wilson, Julia M., both Jacksonville; Wyant, Burrell O., Lake Creek; Wade, Myra B.; Walker, James E.; Webb, Gay; Wimer, G. C., and Wood, Jack D., all Medford.
    Young, Carrie E.; York, Fred J.; Young, A. A.; York, Earl H.; Younger, Robert Lee, and Young, Winifred H., all Medford; Yeo, George H., Ashland; Yorton, Earle B.. Medford; Young, Glenn M., Union Creek; Yung, George E.; York, Alvin, and Zier, Samuel, all Medford, and Zundel, Harold, Lake Creek.
Medford Mail Tribune, March 3, 1948, page 6

    Jurors drawn for duty in federal court, which opens in Medford next week, were announced today. The jurors are ordered to report for duty October 6, Wednesday, at 9 a.m. at the federal building in Medford.
    Drawn from Medford were Joan M. Andrews, Myrtle W. Andrews, Virgil D. Calavan, Catharine Conray, Louis Eck, James A. Gibbs, George K. Goodrich, Thomas A. Hamilton, Monta M. Hill, Avery Huber, Maude E. House, Chester A. Hubbard, Sam C. Miller, J. L. Morgan, Paul Schmidt and Mark W. Taylor.
    Ashland citizens on the list are Warren G. Applewhite, R. E. Bell, Georgia E. Bowman, Bert L. Cook, U. Grant Davis and Margaret Ramsey. Others drawn from Jackson County include Mabel Johnson, Brownsboro; Lester C. Parker, Gold Hill; Adolph Peck, Lake Creek; A. Redbarn, Talent; Martha Smith, Eagle Point; James A. Wilson, Ruch; Mrs. Benjamin Horst and James D. Montgomery, both Rogue River.
Other Counties
    Drawn from Grants Pass were Gerald O. Acklen, William Ausland, Dewey Bjorge, Fayette Bristol, Lester D. Calhoun, J. Christianson, Charles Cook, John O. Dellinger, L. Eyerly, Mrs. E. L. Falwell, W. R. Faris, M. C. Flitcroft, Carrie E. Johnson and J. Myrtle Keith.
    Also drawn from Josephine County were M. C. Athey, Caves City; Oro Bull, Wilderville and Irene Morrison, Cave Junction.
    Klamath Falls residents listed are Emil Albrecht, Marvin T. Arnett, Jo Babcock, F. Lawrence Bertram, Bruce B. Binkley, John D. Bos, John H. Brodie, Helen L. Brownell, William C. Canton, Donald R. Chase, Carroll C. Colvin, Troy V. Cook, Bella Fahlander, Thorvald Hansen, Laura M. Hilton, Beatrice Shults and Tom Zupan.
    Others drawn from Klamath County were Aileen Scotti, Shasta, and Ragna Solie, Pelican Bay.
    Listed from Lake County were Harry Anthony, Gladys H. Cooper, Harry A. Crowl and Lloyd E. Ogle, all of Lakeview.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 27, 1948, page 1

    Drawing of names of Jackson County citizens for possible jury duty was completed by the county court and county clerk's office yesterday. The new list will be used in summoning jurors for duty during the term of circuit court opening February 28, and for duty thereafter throughout the year.
    The first seven names drawn in selecting a panel for the court opening will serve as the grand jury. Drawing of the latter names will be done sometime prior to February 28, County Clerk G. R. Carter said today.
    Names drawn for possible duty will be published alphabetically by the Mail Tribune, 200 to 500 appearing each day until the list is complete.
    (The letter "M" following a name denotes Medford residence; "A" denotes Ashland).
    Atterbury, Verneita M., M; Arnold, J. F., M: Adams, Regina E., Phoenix; Antley, Thomas R., Phoenix: Austin, Gertrude I., M; Ames, Ruth H., Rogue River; Atterberry, Charles G., Rogue River; Angal, Adolph, Gold Hill; Avent, Ivan, Talent; Abbott, Oril, A; Allen, John T., Trail; Anderson, Albert E., Shady Cove; Armpriest, Walter, Jacksonville; Anderson, Manvel O., Central Point; Austin, Harold V., Rogue River, Avgeris, Grace V., Colestin; Anderson, Don H., M; Arens, J. D., Eagle Point; Axtell, Ronald, Prospect; Adams, Melford G., Central Point; Andrews, Leonard A., Gold Hill; Acree, C. A., M; Adams, Elmer Lee, Jacksonville; Anderson, Portia J., Jacksonville; Aldredge, P. M., M; Atkins, C. N., M: Altobello, Michael A., M; Applegate, John L., M; Arnold, J. M., M; Alford, Herbert L., M; Anderson, Esther L. M; Acker, Zaida L., M; Adamson, Gladys D., M; Atwell, D. I., M; Aya, Theo. C., M; Algeo, Paul V., M; Apple, W. R., M; Allison, Ben F., M.
    Allin, Rosalie C., A; Anderson, Francis H., A; Arant, Neil M., A; Arnold, S. A., A; Akerill, James W., A; Ayers, Elmer V., A; Adams, Kenneth F., A; Avery, Charles, A; Abel, John W., A; Allin, Charles W., A; Athanas, W. Verne, A.; Adams, Betty C., A; Albert Wm. J., A; Amberg, John W. Jr., A; Arthur, Ray F., A; Alexander, Frank L., A; Allen, Arthur Ray, A; Austin, Harold W., K. F. Star Route; Arent, Rose, Butte Falls; Anderson, Stella, Central Point; Anders, Violet G., Central Point; Arnold, Frank, Central Point: Abshire, T. H., Eagle Point; Allen, Walter R., Eagle Point.
(To Be Continued)
Medford Mail Tribune, February 4, 1949, page 8

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list continued from Friday: (A denotes Ashland residence, M denotes Medford):
    Beach, Robert H., A; Beswick, Lottie, A; Blunt, Ida M., A; Botts, Bradford B., A; Boyer, Cleo, A; Brandt, Maud, A; Brown, Mae, A; Bunch, A. G., A; Byrd, Allen R., A; Barnum, Louis O., A; Billings, John S., A; Bosshard, Ewald, A; Braack, John A., A; Burns, Philip Lee, A; Bergstrom, Harvey N., A; Bibby, George A., A; Bryant, Phillip F., A; Busch, Jim H., A; Baalman, Katherine, A; Barth, Fred J., A; Bigham, Earl L., A; Barron, Austie A., A; Baccus, Lois M., A; Bergstrom, Carl N., A; Boat, Mrs. Grace H., A; Brown, Wm. R., A; Burgess, R. C., A; Banta, Harry R., A; Barger, Lyman, A; Beeson, Clyde, A; Birman, Alvin, A; Boatman, Louis A; Bowman, Georgia, A; Barger, John F., A; Beckett, Ralph L., A; Brown, Elmo James, A; Brownson, Winifred, A; Buckles, Jess, A; Butler, John F., A; Baker, Robert F., A; Bartlett, Ruth I, A; Beagle, Adam, A; Berninghausen, Celia A., A; Bostwick, Everett, A; Brewer, Lois Lucille, A; Barksdale, Mrs. Aileen, A; Bateman, Roy C., A.
    Baker, Clarence E., A; Bergen, Peter A., A; Brush, Oscar, A; Bradshaw, Lester N., Brownsboro; Baker, Robert F., Butte Falls; Barnes, Ralph, Central Pt.; Beebe, Kenneth R., Central Pt.; Bohnert, Eudora, Central Pt.; Bell, Harvey S., Central Pt.; Bigham, Joy, Central Pt.; Billings, Thomas N., Central Pt.; Bringle, Homer J., Central Pt.; Buck, Lola Ann, Central Pt.; Bates, A. H., Eagle Pt.; Brewer, Elenora, Eagle Pt.; Burg, Anna, Eagle Pt.; Balderston, Clyde, Eagle Pt.; Bellows, J. A., M, Bigham, Dale, Eagle Pt.; Brittson, C. B., Eagle Pt.; Bubb,  Floyd E., Eagle Pt.; Barnes, Clarence, Prospect; Bishop, Howard A. Jr., Prospect; Boothby, Edwin M.. Prospect.
    Bushey, Francis, Prospect; Birdseye, Glenn C., Gold Hill; Boye, Arthur H., Gold Hill; Bradfield, Irene E., Gold Hill; Bailey, Alice, Gold Hill; Beman, Albert R., Gold Hill; Boen, Harold L., Gold Hill; Bowden, Ralph E., Gold Hill; Burnett, Melvin L., Gold Hill; Beougher, Kathryn L., M; Barnes, Jessie L., M; Broomfield, Florus M., M; Berntson, Hyrum A., J'ville; Burch, Marguerita A., J'ville; Boyd, Kathleen G., J'ville; Burnell, Thos. F., J'ville; Barraclough, Ned W., M; Bostwick, Avon A., M; Brophy, Verna B., M; Bennett, E. Carl Sr., M; Brittson, H. W., M; Bown, Annie E., M; Bradfish, Marian R., M; Barbee, Ada M.
    Bolton, Florene P., M; Beach, Waldo; Busse, W. J., M; Bilderback, Leroy M., M; Bardeen, Burton L., M; Barnes, R. L., M; Bosworth, Rae, M; Barry, Clara M., M; Bigelow, Emma E., M; Brewer, Callie F., M; Biden, Mrs. Elva, M; Brown, Donald M., M; Baker, Roderick, B., M; Bergman, Eva A., M; Bransford, Joyce, M; Bennett, Vivian M., M; Blickenstaff, Dale M., M; Brantley, Dora B., M; Bush, Isaac W., M; Bailey, Glenn, M; Bertram, Marguerite, M; Beebe, Agnes, M.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 6, 1949, page 8

Jury List
    Jury list, Jackson County, continued: Cress, Harman; Conger, M. H.; Crawford, Donald R; Carroll, Embro J.; Clark, I. Scranton; Cullen, Clayton E.; Campbell, Richard B.; Connor, Leo J.; Cox, Raymond T.; Carter, Henry J.; Copeland, Darrell; Champion, Joe; Cody, Mildred; Camell, Huber F.; Carey, George L.; Chapman, E. W.; Chattin, Charles W.; Chisholm, W. P.; Collins, Claud A.; Cornell, H. B.; Crock, Lola R.; Chamberlain, Clarence E.; Click, R. S.; Coder, Laurence R.; Corthell, Stella; Colley, John; Crosby, R. L.; Coffee, Oramae Terry; Crowson, Lloyd P.; Chappelle, Wm. C.; Crosslin, Dortha; Chamberlain, James E.; and Conley, Dora; all Ashland.
    Charley, Leland, Lake Creek; Carr, Walter J., Central Point; Cordy, Mollie V., Central Point; Cupp, Glades, Central Point; Caldwell, Jack; Carlson, Gus G. Jr., and Chamberlain, Harriet, Eagle Point; Chapman, Jennie, Gold Hill; Chase, Glenn, Gold Hill; Carpenter, Mae C., Gold Hill; Chaplin, Josephine C., Gold Hill; Cooper, E. H., Gold Hill.
    Chew, Melva; Clogston, Celia; Coggins, Leland; Corthell, C. E.; Chastain, Lavelle; Collingwood, Lea; Cook, Charles H., and Crawford, Richard R., all Medford; Clay, Howard L.; Connell, Alexander; Coffman, Alfred I.; and Combes, Kerm C., all Jacksonville.
    Curtis, Mrs. Lola, Central Point; Carter, Wilmer H.; Christeson, Nile W.; Cravens, Thomas R.; Cruse, Winifred J.; Colbaugh, Mabel; Cumming, Agnes; Clark, Christine D.; Champlin, Sally Ann; Chilcoat, Cecelia; Criswell, Milton E.; Carpenter, John M.; Coble, John; Couch, Franklin W.; Carlson, Arthur E.; Cachelin, Ed; Cobb, Merritt S.; Corliss, Harold H.; Crafts, Elmer Floyd; Curl, Clifford W. Jr.; Colbourn, Robert A.; Cook, Joe C.; Cote, Maurice G.; Cave, Mary E.; Cordier, Irene E.; Conner, Richard N.; Cook, Ocy; Creel, John R.; Cozine, Blanche C.; Caton, Beulah E.; Chriss, Robert;  Clemens, Cecil C.; Caldwell, Ruth H.; Cantrall, Edward L.; Close, R. V.; Conner, E. R.; Carkin, Everett Y.; Carr, Joseph; Clark, Jack; Coffin, R. D.; Copple, Sig; Catey, W. H.; Cook, George C.; Clogston, Marie L.; Cowell, Paul, and Connor, Elizabeth, all Medford.
    Carr, Lester, and Collins, George O., Phoenix; Cunningham, Emory; Calhoun, Jewel; Carothers, Ralph N.; Caster, Tom M., and Croskell, Josephine, Phoenix; Call, W. J., Rogue River; Carlson, George B., Grants Pass; Clark, Sylva E., Rogue River; Coulter, B. G., Sams Valley; Clements, A. H., Central Point; Canterbury, Fred A., and Cook, Mae, Rogue River.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 8, 1949, page 8

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list continued from yesterday:
    Davis, Lyda; DeMers, Richard K.; Daugherty, John P.; Damon, J. Nelson; Danford, Beecher; Davenport, Samuel S.; Delsman, Charles H. Jr.; Daly, Elton R.; Davies, Samuel S.; DeHaven, Newton; Daly, Gertrude V.; Davidson, Harold; Delamar, Lucy; Doddridge, Dorothy; Drake, John W.; Dunham, Roy M.; Darby, Glen; Dalkenberg, Carl Ernest and Dodson, E. C., all Ashland.
    Davis, Mrs. Helen, and Deemer, Horace H., Applegate; Dankworth, Arthur, Ashland; DeHaas, Kermit I., Brownsboro; Douglass, William W., Butte Falls; Davis, Guy W.; DeHaas, Myrtle and Denning, Edna, all Central Point; DeYoung, Mary, Eagle Point; and Dahl, Vada E., Gold Hill.
    Daugherty, F. A.; Dodge, Sibyl F.; Didtch, Floyd; Dusenbury, Newman; DeMoss, Carl E.; Dunford, Nellie P.; Dale, Walter L.; Davis, Mary Lee; Douglas, Ross; Dusenbury, Earl A.; Davis, Lola M.; Detweiler, John L.; Deuel, Aimee; Dimmitt, Daniel C.; Denham, Bessie M.; Daily, James H.; Davis, Claude A.; Dressler, Leland R.; Dawes, Wolford A.; Dodson, Alvah; Duffy, Maude; Daily, M. L.; Degman, Elliott S.; Driscoll, William E.; Dodge, Steven J.; Davis, Robert R.; DeWolfe, Charles; Doty, Ray E.; Dunlap, Wilma; Dickenson, Evelyn M.; Darland, Rita; Darby, Scott R.; Downs, John L.; Dodge, Julia M.; Davies, Ivan; Dixon, Robert and Dunlap, John, all Medford.
    Daniel, Ursel, Sams Valley; Davidson, William; Dillon, Arthur, and Dunkin, Frank, Talent; Darras, Nannie R., Central Point; Duwe, Ernst, Central Point; Dyer, Edwin L., Rogue River; Edwards, Myrtle E.; Ellestad, J. M.; Eicher, Helen A., and Ekdahl, Raymond G., all Central Point; Edwards, Isaac O., Hilt, Calif.; Esch, Carl, Medford; Edmondson, Ken B., Prospect; Elder, Ella J., and Estremado, D., Gold Hill.
    Eckel, Paul; Eberius, Eugene P.; Elliot, Bess T.; Ellis, Wanda L., and Elliott, Julia, all Medford.
    Eaton, Mrs. Ella M., and Evans, Mervyn L., Jacksonville; Erickson, Melvin; Eads, Anna; Eayrs, William E.; Erickson, J. F., and Elliott, James, all Medford.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 9, 1949, page 7

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued from yesterday:
    Elhart, William N.; Edwards, Oren R.; Elhart, Homer H.; Edwards, Charles S.; Evans, W. C.; Edwards, Roy; Elhart, C. D., and Estes, John J., all Ashland.
    Erickson, Mary H.; Evans, Dixie; Evans, Geo. D.; Emerick, Charles J.; Evanson, Doris R.; Ebel, Robert R.; Eschle, Louis A.; Eden, Orville A.; Eicher, Marie; Earl, Clarence, Evans, Mabel M.; Edwards, Dorothy; Edwards, H. R.; Ekerson, Herman L.; Ettinger, Marie H.; Edsall, Thomas L.; Edwards, L. C.; Ewaldsen, Phoebe; Eads, John W.; Ellison, Clarence, and Elson, Mary, all Medford.
    Ellison, Emma, Phoenix; Enders, Mrs. Victoria, Medford; Elledge, Harry K., Rogue River; Evans, Luella H., Grants Pass; Edwards, Doris L., and Erwin, Sidney H., Medford; Estes, Dudley, Talent; Elrod, Fannie G., Ashland; Estes, A. R., Talent; Elder, Alfred R., Trail; Eller, Joseph I. Jr., Jacksonville; Elden, Harry, Central Point; Faler, Beryl, and Fowler, Thos. E., Ashland; Fernlund, Frank, Brownsboro; Freeman, Leonard J.; Faber, Beulah; Florey, Marjorie, and Frink, Morris L., all Central Point; Flury, George W., Eagle Point; Ferguson, Wm. S., Hilt; Farlow, Ferrantine, Eagle Point; Fortner, Leorie C.; Freeburger, Margery J.; Fuhrman, Otto; Fields, Ila F., and Foley, Harry A., all Gold Hill.
    Fisk, George Norman; Friesen, George K.; Foley, Eula L., and Friend, Chas. L., all Medford; Foster, Harry A., Jacksonville; Farnham, Daryll E.; Ferguson, Abbie L.; Florey, Mildred Neil; Fish, Hazel L.; Feldman, Edward J.; Fisher, M. E.; Ford, Loree; Fordyce, Mrs. S. N.; Finley, Edna; Foren, Frieda R., and Frazier, L. J., all Medford.
    Foster, Walter S.; Finnell, P. R.; Fischborn, Herbert B.; Frideger, I. R.; Farrer, W. A.; Fox, Dale L.; Falwell, Charles D.; Frederick, Richard B.; Farquhar, George A.; Fraser, Richard N.; Farthing, Francis E.; Foster, James P.; Francisco, Nell R.; Frisbee, Frank H., and Fader, Melvin L., all Ashland.
    Fanger, Clara; Fleming, LeRoy J.; Forbes, Donald A.; Fillmore, Lamar S.; Franklin, N. E.; Felts, Carolyn; Felt, David F., and Fabrick, Wilda, all Medford.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 10, 1949, page 11

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Finch, Burton A.; Frederick, Richard; Fountain, Ray H.; Fawcett, Verle V.; Fries, Grace E.; Frick, Annette; Ford, Alva W.; Frederick, Meredith; Ferg, Lloyd E.; Fillinger, W. O.; Fann, Grace, and Finch, Kay J., all Medford.
    Fauley, V. Raymond, Rogue River; Farrow, Frank H., Shady Cove; Gerhardt, Eva L., Applegate; Glass, J. E., Brownsboro; Gardener, V. E., Butte Falls; Gebhard, Edwin W.; Ghelardi, Charles Leo; Glenn, Dayton E.; Guss, Naomi, and Grant, Donald B., all Central Point; Grow, H. J., Eagle Point; Gibson, Leslie J., Prospect.
    Galey, Henry C.; Graber, Robert; Grubb, John L.; Guise, Raymond C.; Good, Archie D.; Garvin, Walter; Glass, Hugh; Grags, Owen C.; Gallatin, Louis H.; Gray, Roy C.; Green, Marion; Gilley, S. E.; Grow, Homer; Gardner, Albert H.; Gettling, Marvin L.; Gillah, Charles J.; Gowland, James Edwin; Grossman, Jennie M.; Gable, Charles E.; Gilman, Amasa L. Jr.; Greene, Billy Doyle, and Gunter, Merrill Everett, all Ashland.
    Goode, Harry, Prospect; Garrison, John, Gold Hill; Givan, Dewey, and Griffin, Ruble Inez, Eagle Point; Guches, Merle, Medford; Gail, Ellow Mae, and Gilchrist, Cleo, Gold Hill; Goodrich, P. R.; Grubbs, Essie; Ganfield, Hazel I.; Gillespie, Bernice, and Graham, Minna A., all Medford.
    Gravelle, Lulu M., Jacksonville; George, Loyd A., Lake Creek; Gay, Samuel H.; Gitzen, John H.; Good, Madyline M.; Greenleaf, Leah; Gilkison, Florence I.; Gibson, Boyd A.; Gottfried, Hazel Mae; Glathar, Robert L.; Gebhard, Dorothy; Grim, Walter C.; Griffin, W. H.; Gott, Emmett M.; Galloway, O. H.; Gilliland, Rosa; Gilbert, Millicent C.; Gandee, Marjorie; Graham, J. P.; Guderian, Robert A.; Gault, Charles; Ginn, Nancy; Gould, Ella; Griebler, Bruce E.; Grigsby, C. F.; Gannon, Connie; Grisham, David M.; Grissom, Everett; Glover, Edward; Graham, Hugh; Guches, Janet C.; Garner, R. B.; Gott, Dale; Green, Mark A.; Gossett, Ray A., and Gammill, Miles, all Medford.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 11, 1949, page 17

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued from Friday:
    Golden, Mildred H., Medford; Gamash, Marion S., Rogue River; Gray, John, Gold Hill; Griffin, Myrtle, Rogue River; Godley, Charles W.; Garrett, Victorine R.; Greenwald, Bertha A.; Griffin, Arlien, all Medford; Galloway, Vesta, Gold Hill; Gribble, Fayetta, Sams Valley; Garland, Ray; Green, Waldo; Galbraith, G, A., and Gleim, Harry Noyes, all Talent; Hall, Geo. A., Ashland; Hutchison, J. T., Applegate; Hoehner, Frank R., Ashland; Humphrey, Edward, Brownsboro; Hansen, Rudolph F., and Hepp, Ernest J., Central Point; Hammel, Jessie, and Humphrey, Robert, Eagle Point; Hill, Reuben F., Butte Falls; Hardy, Robert V.; Heitz, Howard W., Sr.; Helm, Herman W.; Huffman, Glenn E.; Hinthorne, Mary Elizabeth; Hutchinson, J. E.; Heard, Noel W.; Huffman, Blanche C.; Halfhill, J. W.; Hall, LaVelle S.; Holman, Ed; Hughs, James M.; Hake, George Wesley; Hess, Jeanne; Hamaker, Arthur D.; Harvey, F. J.; Hodgins, Charles E.; Huck, William F.; Hughes, Jesse J.; Haas, Jerome P.; Haines, Robert Keith; Hall, Arwid E., and Harris, Wiley J., all Ashland; Hild, Hubert H.; Hill, Omer O.; Hord, Elma; Hubbard, Vera Fern; Hughes, David, Hunt, Leo R.; Hylle, John O.; Hall, Lowell A.; Hansen, Arnold T.; Haynes, A. R.; Hutchins, Harold E.; Hartle, James H.; Homes, Clarence I., and Huston, Dyer S., all Ashland.
    Hall, John W.; Harnish, Bess, and Hedgpeth, Floyd, all Central Point; Hakkerup, Arthur L., Trail; Hill, Dewey S., and Hollenback, Jack L., Prospect; Hale, Sylvia M., Eagle Point; Hancock, Frederick W., Gold Hill; Hall, Glenn, Medford; Irwin, C. A., and Inlow, Raymond C., Ashland; Ingram, Marjory; Iverson, Lowell A.; Iverson, A. Beatrice; Ivie, Donald M.; Ice, Charles P.; Isaac, Opal R.; Iven, Theodore H., and Ickes, Earl D., all Medford.
    Jester, Lida E.; Johnson, Felix L., and Jones, Lewellyn, all Ashland; Johnson, Marie S., Central Point; Jackson, George H., and Jossy, Inez E., Eagle Point; Jantzer, Lewis L., Trail; Jensen, Charles P., and Jones, Jane Minnie, Gold Hill; Judy, Sarah; Juhnke, William H; Jones, Percy C., and Jacobs, Ruth, Medford.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 13, 1949, page 11

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Jackson, Virgil; Jessel, John C.; Jones, Nate P.; Jones, Boyd F.; Jones, Virginia May; Jacks, L. H.; Jobbins, H. C.; Jones, Mrs. Pearl; Joy, Beulah M., and Jackson, Lawrence M., all Ashland.
    Jewel, Clora; Johnson, Louise; Janosky, Bernice, and Jeschke, Baxton J., all Jacksonville; Jacobs, Wm.; Jackson, Juliet L.; Jones, Mary B.; Jones, Capriel A.; Johnson, Glen H.; Jackson, Roy W.; Jones, Joe J.; Johnson, A. E.; Johnson, Lillie R.; Jones, Walter H.; Jones, D. L.; Jones, Charles E.; Jacobs, Eula E.; Jackson, Beulah; James, Albert L.; Jones K. D.; Jacobs, Don L.; Jackson, O. R., and Jones, Margrett, all Medford.
    Jones, Georgia L., Rogue River; Jarmin, Lyle, Medford; James, Ralph A., Central Point; Jirschele, Herbert, Sams Valley; Jackson, Warren C.; Johnson, Leonard, and Jensen, Esther, Talent; Jack, Elizabeth, Ashland; Jennings, Forest, Talent; Jesinghaus, Cecil B., Shady Cove; Johnson, Eula P., Trail; Johnson, Edith E., Central Point; Jensen, C. W., and Johnston, Marlaette D., Rogue River.
    James, Robert M.; Jones, Verdie C.; Jones, Casette F.; Jensen, Swain; Johnson, L. C.; Johnson, John Wm; Janes, J. H., and Judd, Lillian L., all Medford.
    Kubli, Chester, and Kubli, Rita L., Applegate; Kerby, Mildred J.; Kincaid, A. R., and Kingdon, Ruth M., Ashland; Kincaid, Frederick M., Butte Falls; Keller, James Oliver, and Krupp, J. R. Jr., Central Point; Kofahl, James G., and Kellogg, Virginia M., Gold Hill; Kellogg, Elbert J.; Kelsoe, Warren M.; Keeler, Herman L., and Klink, Edna L., all Medford.
    Korth, Donald F.; Kaegi, LeRoy Dale; Kissinger, Bert; Kneebone, William H.; Kimbrell, Robert L.; Klumpp, Richard Lewis; Kerby, Fred; Kesler, John C.; Kiser, Dale W.; Knight, Stanley R.; Kneebone, W. Henry Jr.; Kerr, W. E., and Kyker, LeRoy, all Ashland.
    Kunz, Luticia, and Kilpatrick, Paul D., Medford; Kenney, Chris J., Jacksonville; Klingle, Frank, Lake Creek; King, Myrtle; Knight, R. J.; King, Camilla; Kahl, Norma J.; Kline, Lila, and Kepley, Jessie, all Medford.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 14, 1949, page 6

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Kanzler, Geraldine E.; Kliben, John A.; Kempf, Martha; Knight, Ruth L.; Kellogg, Eltha, and Keopp, Jack A., all Medford; Knackstedt, Kenn, Jacksonville, Keener, Mrs. Evelyn Keene, Chester; Kelly, K. H., and King, Winifred H., Medford; Keesling, James W., Rogue River; Korner, Elmer J., Sams Valley; Kantor, Henry, Talent; Kerby, Verna G., Ashland; Killian, Jack L., Shady Cove; Koehl, Waldo V., Central Point; Kasper, LeRoy R., and Kirk, Grace, Rogue River; Koch, Gladys; Kahler, Arlyne C.; Kindred, Walter C.; Koger, Leonard R.; Kruggel, R. F., and Kennedy, James C., all Medford; Kratz, Kathryn S., Eagle Point.
    Leatherman, Elma E., Butte Falls; Lamb, Lela; Lawton, Vivian; Lofland, Virginia, and LaCasse, T. J., all Central Point; Leach, Lorena S., Medford; Lull, Velma G., Central Point; Lanuza, Ted, Eagle Point; Laird, Hugh W., Butte Falls; Lewis, S. H., and Lusk, James I., Eagle Point; Lehman, Hazel S., Gold Hill; Lamb, Kenneth P., Central Point, Lance Floyd G., and Lingren, Pearl, Gold Hill; Lick, J. W.; Luy, Thelma; Lamb, Margaret; Long, Willard S., and Lycan, Hazel V., all Medford.
    Lewis, Harry O.; Lawrence, Ralph J., and Lewis, Leona, all Jacksonville; Lucas, Robert A., Lake Creek; Lamb, Jennie; Larimer, Martha; Lay, Roy E.; Lounsberry, George C.; LeMoine, C. E.; Leonard, Edward O.; Larwood, John; Latham, Lois Lindsey; Lewis, Ray L.; Link, Edgar J.; Lewis, Robert P.; Longmore, Adel P.; Lindstrom, Billie R.; Luy, Fred; Lappin, Hugh W.; Lewis, Charles B.; Larson, Edna M.; Lawrence, Fred E.; Liddell, F. B.; Lenox, Neva S., and Lewis, A. D. Jr., all Medford.
    Lassen, Hans G.; Lininger, Maurece R.; Langtry, Josephine; Lindsay, Charles H.; LaTourette, Wayne C.; Lentz, John Robert; Lewis, Chester L.; Larder, George; Leach, Nerine B.; Lee, Holley R.; Lacy, Virgil W.; Lane, John B.; Lawrence, Esther B.; Lockhart, Arnold; Lovlien, Robert Arthur; Lusted, Mabel D.; Langer, Lester L.; Leigh, Lois Chadwick, and Leigh, Lawrence T., all Ashland; Larimer, Warren G.; Lester, E. C.; Luce, Pearl, and Landis, Caryn L., all Medford.
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Medford Mail Tribune, February 15, 1949, page 8

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Lucas, Alvin C.; Ladd, A. C.; Leavitt, Arthur R.; Lovenborg, Esther; Larson, Jacob A.; Leever, Fern; Lontz, Homer L., and Lacy, Andrew W., all Medford; Laatz, Myrna, Eagle Point; Legler, Alexander, and Lewis, Stella, Central Point; LaTourette, Lila E.; Little, Robert M.; Lockard, Wm.; Lady, Norval Kenneth, and Lewis, Donald E., all Medford; Loffer, Dorothy, Phoenix; Lowry, Mary L., Ashland; Laws, Daisy, Rogue River; Lenderman, Evalyn, and Lydiard, Harriet B., Medford; Lyman, Marian, Sams Valley; Lacy, Lloyd S., Talent.
    Morrow, Bernard E.; Marrs, Herman H.; Muscutt, Chas. A.; Myrick, Wayne; Madsen, Walter; Miller, Gordon E.; Moore, W. J.; Marks, Winston K.; Mason, Joe Jr.; Moe, Frank L.; Morris, H. C.; Murphy, Roy G.; Mitchell, E. Y.; Monroe, Mont; Morris, H. R.; McKinnis, Richard L.; McLaughlin, Everett E.; Massey, H. E.; Minear, Louise; McLain, James E.; Makos, Dusan; Maupin, Mrs. Bobby; Merrill, Harold A., and Merritt, Mildred L., all Ashland.
    Linville, Eugene R., and Lockwood, Robt. L., Talent; Loos, Charles F., Ashland; Lowe, Mae, Talent; Larsen, Kermit, Trail; Lewin, Gertrude E., Shady Cove; Mayfield, W. R.; Miller, Ada; Malin, Daniel B.; Metz, Henry; Moore, Claude, and Myers, Arneth E., all Ashland; Marshall, Walter, Brownsboro; McManama, Benjamin F.; McNew, Elbert B.; Medley, Walter E., and McGonagle, J. F., Central Point; McGraw, M. E.; McCorkle, Dwight W., and Mongold, W. D., Eagle Point; Magerle, Ralph; Marlin, Grace, and Mills, Bertha Mae, Prospect; McCloy, J. Wallace, Gold Hill.
    Macbeth, Violet I., Gold Hill; McGraw, Blanche; Merritt, Reva and McCurley, Lorna E., Medford; Matheny, Orval Wendell; McCormack, Woodrow W.; McIntyre, Helen, and Martin, Gertrude Y., Jacksonville; Meyer, Hazel Mae, Lake Creek; Marsh, Eva H.; Moore, George J.; McDonald, Gretchen B.; Mills, Vina; Maasdam, Maude E.; McDonald R. S.; Merfeld, Eunice C.; McCullough, Forest C.; McCallister, Gene S.; McKenzie, John H.; McDougall, J. A.; McAtee, Robert C., and McCarter, F. L., all Medford; McGrath, James B., Phoenix.
[To Be Continued]
Medford Mail Tribune, February 16, 1949, page 4

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    McCollum, John L., Phoenix; McGrath, C. E., Medford; Marshall, Frank W., Rogue River; McCurtain, Kinder; McCulloch, Lincoln, and Mathes, Margaret, all Talent; Mitchell, John H., Ashland; McPherson, Fred J., Shady Cove; Martin, Oliver, Central Point; McQuigg, Earl L.; Morgan, Lewis C.; McKeen, Edwin O.; McQueen, Stuart V.; Mee, Martha A.; McKaig, James; Marshall, Ruby and McConalogue, John F., all Medford.
    Newton, Myrtle L., and Nichols, Alta, Ashland; Nelson, Robert M., Brownsboro; Noel, Victor E.; Natwick, Ruth L., and Newhall, Charles S., Central Point; Miller, George F.; Mills, Bruce S.; Montgomery, Helen; McCoy, J. W.; McIlvenna, Robert; Mack, George; Mann, J. H.; Merriman, Lester; Millard, James M.; Mittag, Ellen M., and Morrison, Elmer S., all Ashland.
    McCormick, L. A.; McClanahan, Allan; Manning, Lem R.; Miller, Mary Fenno; Meunier, Lowell; Myers, Richard C.; McCollom, I. N.; Malecheck, Will G.; Moore, Amy, and McBeth, Charles D., all Medford.
    Mitchell, Clarence L., Central Point; McCallister, Joe, Medford; Nelson, Calvin; Nagel, Otto G.; Newton, Margery; Noble, James W.; Nyberg, Constance, and Nichols, Jack W., all Ashland; Neece, Wallace L., Trail; Nye, Emery G., Prospect; Newnham, Mildred E., Gold Hill; Nelson, Helen R.; Niles, E. C.; Neel, Bert C., and Norris, Elizabeth M., all Medford; Noble, James B., Jacksonville.
    Nelson, Pete; Naffziger, C. E.; Nordquist, A. E.; North, Alta E.; Neptune, L. V.; Nelson, Eldon Dwain; Namitz, V. J.; Nave, Edward C.; Neff, E. R.; Norris, V. A.; Nygaard, L. T.; Nordwick, Phina; Norcross, Robert; Neathammer, N. O.; Nelson, Norman D.; Norris, Verna K., and Nipper, Roy, all Medford.
    Norton, Marcus, Phoenix; Nelson, David A.; Norris, Osie, and Nyrop, M. E., all Medford, Nelson, George W., and Newton, Esther M., Talent; Nichols, H. L.; Note, Elaine; Naumes, Robert A.; Oaks, W. J.; Olson, Manfred W.; Oliver, Louis, and O'Brien, Don F., all Medford; O'Harra, Milo P., and Owens, Roscoe S., Ashland.
[To Be Continued]
Medford Mail Tribune, February 17, 1949, page 16

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Ostrander, Elizabeth B.; Oden, Howard W.; Owens, John S.; Osborn, Barbara, and Osgood, Luke E., all Ashland; Obenchain, Earl W., Central Point; Olsen, Paul G.; Ottosen, Harold, and Ousterhout, L. E., Eagle Point; Olson, Beryl; O'Neale, W. W.; Oakes, Kathryn; Ottoman, Robert L.; Offenbacher, Dorland A.; O'Shea, Mike; Overmyer, Oliver L.; Olufsen, Albert; Orton, Lester G.; Osborn, Herbert J.; Orr, Alfred E.; Oldham, I. Claude, and O'Duane, James P., all Medford.
    Owen, John D., Phoenix; Ott, William, Ashland; Offord, Ray R., Medford; O'Harra, Olive, and Ottinger, J. C., Talent; Oden, Volney S., Trail; Offenbacher, Stella, Jacksonville; Owings, W. F., Rogue River; Pollard, Sam K., Ashland; Pernoll, John, Applegate; Parker, Sumner; Phife, Marion A., and Pritchard, Joe F., all Ashland; Parcells, Eleanor M.; Pruitt, Ella, and Parrish, Stanley G., Central Point; Peile, Alfred; Pickett, Iva L., and Pence, D. W., Eagle Point; Pierce, Ann Ruth, Medford; Parker, Dorothy E., Gold Hill.
    Pedersen, Peder G.; Price, Alma; Palen, Mildred C., and Perdue, John W., all Medford; Pickens, Phoebe Heath; Provost, Mildred E.; Page, Marion W..; Perrine, C. R.; Peterman, I. J.; Powell, Raymond B.; Polk, Perry Nelson; Peterman, Alvin L.; Pitts, Cecil A.; Parker, W. H.; Pierce, Benjamin V.; Prescott, Glen; Paris, Merritt W.; Pederson, Robert L.; Peters, Richard F.; Phillips, Victor B., Jr.; Pitts, Robert C.; Prescott, Guy; Parker, Thos. J., and Petitt, Gerald D., all Ashland.
    Patterson, J. M.; Perry, Claude A., and Petard, August, Jr., all Jacksonville; Palmer, Thomas H.; Pena, C. A.; Piening, Marion; Phillips, V. W.; Paske, Frank, Mrs.; Phipps, Kenneth E.; Porter, Frank C.; Pickell, Douglas L.; Persinger, Frances; Proctor, Clara E.; Palmer, Floyd V.; Potter, Charlotte; Patton, William W.; Powell, Blanche A.; Pritchard, H. L.; Parsons, Marion O.; Pefley, Frank Allen; Poncia, Victor; Pratt, Owen C.; Parker, Ernest A.; Penland, L. O., and Payne, Frank W., all Medford; Penney, Pitt P., and Petty, Frank C., Rogue River.

[To Be Continued]
Medford Mail Tribune, February 18, 1949, page 13

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Randles, Guy Wm.; Rector, S. C.; Ritter, Phil L.; Reeder, Geo. S.; Reed, John E.; Riggs, Ruby E.; Roberson, Winfield A.; Reed, May E.; Roberson, Charles E.; Robertson, Ragnwald; Rost, Fern; Rease, Audrey M.; Reed, George S.; Reeder, Robert L.; Rettmann, Henry L.; Riggs, Barney L.; Rogers, Earl E., Russill, F. E.; Ramsey, H. B.; Renzema, Milton H.; Rush, Floyd M.; Rasmussen, John T.; Richardson, Robert N., and Rubens, Barbara Jean, all Ashland.
    Pefley, John L., Gold Hill; Perry, Joseph R., Sams Valley; Parrent, Buel R.; Paul, Leona M.; Peterson, Lester H., and Parr, Irma, Talent; Poole, Carroll B., Trail; Pearson, John M., Jacksonville; Pomeroy, Irma A., Rogue River; Pease, E. W.; Padgett, Robert; Patterson, Frank J.; Phillips, J. A.; Pathmann, Ed H.; Peterson, Aileen L.; Peabody, Lewis L., and Peterson, Oscar L., all Medford.
    Rasmussen, James J.; Rice, Charles D.; Ravens, Lela M., and Ritter, Gladys, all Ashland; Richman, Manford C., and Rodgers, Jess Jr., Butte Falls; Reed, Helen D., Ross, James C., and Reinking, E. O., Central Point; Rankin, Robert L.; Redding, Mary E-.; Riggs, Paul H., and Robertson, J. L. Jr., all Eagle Point; Roberts, Ray B., Prospect; Reel, J. R., and Robbins, Mrs. Lorraine, Gold Hill.
    Reade, John M.; Rose, Lillie E.; Rush, Vera J.; Rader, Margaret B.; Raymond, Ralph R.; Ross, Elmira D.; Ravenor, Blanche R.; Root, Cordelia G.; Roseborough, Monta Mae; Reames, Lillian L.; Roemer, Herman J.; Rupert, Alice F.; Reichstein, Charles; Rose, L. A.; Ryan, Carol G.; Rowley, C. A.; Reinking, Arthur F.; Robins, Donald J.; Ragsdale, Wallace; Roberts, Rosalie; Richardson, Eva; Robins, James; Rush, Ethel T.; Ralston, LeNeve; Ruegger, Ernst; Rector, Jean C.; Robinson, Goldie M.; Raymond, Robert A.; Russell, Georgia; Ryerson, Olivia T.; Rider, M. C.; Rogers, Oliver; Ring, Rose; Ragsdale, F. L.; Rice, Helen, and Rose, Leonard T., all Medford.
[To Be Continued]
Medford Mail Tribune, February 20, 1949, page 11

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Ramos, John C. and Reeves, J. L., Medford; Randles, Robert, Phoenix; Reed, R. R., Medford; Robbins, Lovell, Phoenix; Randleman, H. R., Rogue River; Richmond, Charles C., Grants Pass; Redpath, Burrell, and Rush, Joseph B., Medford; Reed, Harry, Sams Valley; Robertson, Oscar W., Gold Hill; Riddle, Frank E.; Rominger, Donald R.; Rapp, Joe, and Robbins, Charles Jr., Talent; Rogers, Aurdnall M., Medford; Ragsdale, Jess W., Trail; Robbins, J. E., Jacksonville; Ronne, Mabel H., Central Point; Raber, Ida L., and Riis, Peter M., Rogue River.
    Reed, Hugh H.; Richter, Adam; Rasmussen, Vernon V.; Ramus, W. T.; Roberts, Freda; Roby, Ray I.; Ragsdale, J. E.; Rice, Inez E., and Ryan, Marjorie, all Medford.
    Shaffer, Joseph A.; Mrs. Nellie M. South; Stubblefield, Robert C.; Seaver, Dixie E.; Sikes, Ralph, and Snyder, Bessie M., all Ashland; Shaw, Margaret E.; Smith, Corbett, and Sutton, Raymond, Butte Falls; Salade, Lillian W.; Snook, Paul B.; Stone, H. Marie; Scott, Leonard C.; Shell, W. A., and St. Arnold, Willard C., all Central Point; Stewart, Leora, Medford; Shearin, W. H., Eagle Point.
    Sears, John C.; Smith, George F.; Snider, Robert G.; Stenrud, Mary; Scott, Leslie A.; Sears, Don E.; Stanley, Merrill R.; Sterrett, Minnie; Stevens, William J.; Shively, Thornton T.; Sorenson, Harvey L.; Stebler, Harry; Schilling, Earl C.; Shepherd, Earl; Smith, Bert H.; Shaw, John E.; Smith, Clifford G.; Sanford, Torbert W.; Smith, Clyde; Smith, Thurman A.; Spindler, Linna B.; Sterrett, William; Sweeney, James E,; Sanford, Cora D.; Selby, Lloyd; Shafer, Stanley B.; Showalter, John A.; Smith, Carl H.; Stough, Doris V.; Stuart, Virginia N.; Sabo, Bessie M.; Scripter, Charles Eldon; Stolp, Fred C.; Sharp, Ray; Silver, Oscar F.; Snyder, George D., and Swanson, Rodney B., all Ashland.
    Short, Thelma M., Medford; Stanley, Gertrude; Stewart, Pauline B., and Swan, Roy N., all Eagle Point; Salter, Francis Philip, and Selby, O. A., Prospect; Sawyer, Grace D., and Shoemaker, Louie; Spendlove, Floyd S., and Scheble, Dorris, and Spencer, Jeannette L., Medford.
[To Be Continued]
Medford Mail Tribune, February 21, 1949, page 8

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Swanson, Geo. E.; Schei, William; Seitz, Wm. J.; Smith, Ira V.; Spalding, F. J.; Schmidt, Walter C.; Shirley, Ella D.; Siemann, Paul; Smith, Edith V.; Smith, Wayne D.; Spires, Ira A.; Stocks, Kenneth; Straus, Dorotha P.; Swing, M. J.; Smith, Hazel E., and Stephenson, F. R., all Medford.
    Smith, Lyle O., and Snow, P. F., Jacksonville; Short, John B., and Stokes, Cora B., Lake Creek; Sanderson, Elizabeth; Schmidt, Susan; Severson, Kenneth R.; Shreeve, Vera C.; Smith, Rollin E.; Springer, Ethel J.; Schuler, Emma; Shelby, Noel; Stedman, Audrey L.; Swayne, Josephine; Samson, F. E.; Simons, Adelaide; Seward, Robert A.; Smith, Roy E.; Stanley, William D.; Stockman, John C.; Santo, Ida; Schmidt, C. R.; Schulz, R. E.; Spatz, Clarice; Samson, Arlo O.; Stewart, John E.; Schempp, Christian; Stephenson, Laura B.; Schmidt, Vona J.; Stockhoff, Geneva A.; Scheel, Rachel; Sleight, E. H.; Smallwood, Patricia; Smith, Irma R.; Spackman, Vernon A.; Stewart, C. T.; Sams, A. L.; Smith, Lucille S.; Stacey, Frances H.; Schmidt, R. H.; Sharp, Archie, and Skelton, Frank, all Medford.
    Stayton, Frances; Stuart Isobel; Seely, Dwight L.; Sander, C. A.; Self, Claude R.; Smith, Stanley S.; Sander, Marion M.; Simmons, G. W.; Swinney, Geo. W.; Scott, Leona A.; Sherred, C. E.; Smith, Delmar; Spencer, Edward S.; Shreeve, Dick; Shreeve, Leonard; Snyder, Minnie; Swoape, Thomas W.; Schroeder, Regina P.; Smith, LeRoy E.; Steinbach, M. L.; Stoy, Pearl M.; Sander, Charity R.; Sewell, Walter; Silver, C. G.. and Steelman, H. W., all Medford.
    Shipley, Jessie, and Squire Edgar E., Central Point; Sanderson, John M.; Shockley, Harold W.; Slyter, Mark; Smith, John L.; Stevie, John H.; Sutton, Mary C., and Schwab, Clara F., all Medford; Simpson, Lulamae, Phoenix.
[To Be Continued]
Medford Mail Tribune, February 22, 1949, page 8

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Smith, Walter L., and Steigerwald, Cecelia, both Medford; Steveson, Harvey F., Phoenix; Swingle, Ralph; Setchell, C. C.; Simmonds, Otis L.; Spalding, Olive B.; Stine, Luella S., and Strong, Virgil M., both Medford; Sammons, Daisy, and Sapp, Lawrence R., both Rogue River; Shontz, F. M., Gold Hill; Smith, Chester M., Rogue River; Saunders, Hallie;  Shaw, Kenneth, and Staggers, J. Kenneth, all Medford; Handerson, Charles C., Sams Valley; Schulz, Paul H., Gold Hill; Sample, John, and Schroeder, C. T., both Talent; Simmons, W. L., Medford; Smith, Charles D., and Stager, Guy R., both Talent; Sommer, William D., Medford.
    Stephens, Marrilee A.; Straus, Ruth S., and Sutton, Floyd O., all Talent; Sandford, Ruth G., and Sawyer, Ruth, both Trail; Shea, L. J., Shady Cove; Smith, Clyde R., and Strube, Sophia, both Jacksonville; Savage, Richard J., and Smith, Mary E., Central Point; Sorenson, Oscar, Rogue River; Toman, Emerson H., Ashland; Treloar, Harry B., Applegate; Thomas, Albert W.; Therres, John; Thompson, Kenneth O., and Tyler, King W., all Ashland; Totten, Lee T., Brownsboro; Tungate, Lloyd E., Butte Falls; Taylor, Chas. H.; Telkamp, Cecil; Thompson, Hattie C.; Tex, Della A., and Tingley, Luther, all Central Point.
    Town, James G.; Thompson, Clifford O.; Taylor, T. T., and Tingleaf, Clarence A., all Eagle Point; Thomas, Elisha, Prospect; Teague, Dorothy L.; Thompson, Chavner W., and Tolman, Vola, all Gold Hill; Tolle, Sarah, Taylor, Margaret L., and Thompson, Phyllis A., all Medford; Titus, Emily G., and Teal, H. R., Jacksonville; Throckmorton, Florence; Truax, V. T.; Tams, Ednah; Tennant, Chas. W.; Turnidge, Anna J.; Tobey, Mollie E.; Trask, Jane J.; Tamney, John L.; Taylor, Theodore L., and Todd, Arthur P., all Medford.
    Templer, Gene Austin; Templer, Verne J.; Travis, H. G.; Taylor, Arden; Thompson, Ernest LeRoy; Taylor, Henry L.; Truitt, Joe; Taylor, Clinton L.; Tonner, Vivian; Taylor, Georgia; Trapp, Lewis S.; Taylor, Margaret; Trendell, Oliver C.; Thomas, Clifford H., and Tostevin, Vera G., all Ashland.
    Tysdal, Helen M.; Thomas, E. H.; Thompson, Theodore G.; Tye, Burr E.; Thomason, Oda B.; Taylor, Leo L.; Thompson, Lewis E.; Trent, S. E.; Taylor, B. C.; Thayer, Etha W.; Taylor, Thos. L.; Tuffs, Oscar; Tilley, Herbert; Taylor, Geo. V.; Thomson, Riley Jr.; Timms, Leslie E.; Trask, Geo. E.; Thomen, Joseph A.; Twedell, Mrs. Betty L.; Tell, Walter H.; Throp, Theda L., and Troxell, Arlene, all Medford.
    Taylor, Doris A.; Tong, G. A.; Troxell, Lorraine, and Tucker, Della I., all Medford; Tatlow, Ray R.; Taylor, Robert H.; Thompson, Edrie B., and Trotter, Lulu, all Rogue River; Teague, James W., and Taylor, Eva., both Talent; Torrey, Frank W., Ashland.
[To Be Continued]
Medford Mail Tribune, February 23, 1949, page 7

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, continued:
    Truax, Ralph A., Trail; Tickner, Elinor, Jacksonville; Taylor, Wendell Lewis, Central Point; Talbot, Frances E., Rogue River; Ullom, Ruby M., Eagle Point; Ulrich, Hazel, Trail; Uridel, Arthur C., and Upp, L. J., both Medford; Upton, Mrs. Violet E., Phoenix; Ulken, Diedrich, Trail; Vincent, Joseph E., Central Point; Vestal, Thos., Eagle Point; Vaugh, Roy, Prospect; Vincent, Violet, Gold Hill; Vroman, W. B., Medford; Van Gaulder, Daisy, Jacksonville; VanDeveer, Albert H.; Vinson, Mary; Vaugh, Wendell M.; Voegtly, Ruby; Vandagrift, E. O.; Varner, Dayton; Van Gordon, Marjorie M., and Vincent, N. T., all Medford; Vail, E. E.; Varney, Henry L.; Vining, Irving Edwin; Van Vleet, R. E.; Voss, Henry H.; Vaugh, Maxine P., and Van Curler, Dewey, all Ashland; Vogel, Floyd C.; Vessey, Harold H., Jr.; Van Ausdall, Lee; Vickoren, Mary O.; Vreeland, Chester W., and Verstegen, Carl, all Medford.
    Vanderlip, Edgar N., Trail; Westerberg, Pearl E.; Worth, Frances H.; Wallace, Floyd; White, Georgeana E., and Wilson, Charles L., all Ashland; Wilson, Annie M., Butte Falls; Walch, Lloyd A.; Weidman, Lillian C., and Wilson, Helen L., all Central Point; Weber, William E.; Washburn, Charles H.; Williams, Kenneth W.; Walker, Fred D.; Whittle, W. David; Willits, William C.; Woodward, A. W., Wadley, Donnell L.; Wolcott, Philip A. Jr.; Warmack, Lois V.; Wilkinson, Erwin L.; Wolcott, Marian; Wasson, Armon A.; Watson, Roy D., Jr.; Wenner, Louie B.; Wells, Pauline; Wimer, Beth E.; Winkelman, Earl B.; Wolfe, Elzie N.; Waddell, James E.; Ward, Geo. F., Jr.; Webb, Flora M.; Wilson, S. J.; Wiley, Howard S.; Williams, Geo. D.; Wood, William J.; Weitzel, Jacob; Warmoth, W. F.; Wiggins, Lavina M., and Wolters, Chas. C., all Ashland.
    Waite, Warren M., and Wellman, C. A., both Central Point; Wilcox, Mildred, Medford; Wilson, Harold R., and Woolfolk, Edgar W., Central Point; Walch, Wm. B.; Walker, Violet, and Wright, H. W., all Eagle Point; Walker, Rachel M., Butte Falls; Weidman, R. T.; Wertz, Mabel, and Wolgamott, Elvin, Eagle Point; Wyatt, Mrs. Ruby, Medford; White, James F., Eagle Point; Walker, C. W.; Walker, Laura B.; Whitney, Margaret H., md Willey, Mildred E., all Gold Hill.

[To Be Continued]
Medford Mail Tribune, February 24, 1949, page 5

Jury List
    Jackson County jury list, concluded:
    Ward, Fred C.; Williams, Lulu M.; Wood, D. R.; Wicker, Laura; Wright, Mae, and Wall, Lenore, all Medford; Welch, Robert E.; Wall, L. E., and Whitney, Lloyd W., all Jacksonville; Walch, Lewis, and Wyant, Burrell O., both Lake Creek.
    Ward, Dell W.; Webber, Robert B.; White, Wayne W.; Waddell, Lucie J.; Wilder, Oliver C.; Walker, Robert E.; Watson, Carl; Wonderlich, Albert C.; Williams, James M.; Winkelman, David A.; Weldon, Albert L.; Walsh, Robert Leo; Woodford, Jesse R.; Ward, S. C.; Westerfield, Roger; Wilson, Bova G.; Winchester, Jack J.; Woods, Homer D.; Worthen, James F.; Wallace, Lester; Webb, Clyde; Walton, E. A.; Wilson, Della E.; Wolter, Edward F.; Worden, Mildred; Wilson, George M.; Winn, Ruth; Woods, Ann E.; Worthley, Norman; Walker, Adra M.; Weber, Ruby A.; Whitlock, Phyllis; Watson, George L.; Wheat, William F.; Woodward, Ora; White, Jack E.; Wimmer, G. C.; Ward, Donald B.; Wisely, Elvera; Womack, Olive; Wells, Harold L.; Wilder, Dorothy M.; Wood, Leylan L.; Walker, H. R.; Whalin, Lois H.; Walden, W. L., Ward, Charles H.; Williams, Elsie; Worden, Lester A.; Wyman, Viola; Walker, Clark J.; Wright, Mark F., and Watt, Mrs. Jeanie, all Medford.
    Wier, H. R., and Williams, Marvin A., both Phoenix; Wilson, Richard H., Medford; Wright, John L., Phoenix; Weaver, Robert L., Rogue River; Wagar, Mary Lou; White, Carol D., and William, Margaret S., all Medford; Wheeler, Donald P., and Wilson, Henry A., both Central Point; Waite, Conrad; Wells, Fern M.; Wood, Martin C., all Talent; Walch, Jake, Ashland; Walter, Harry R., and Ward, Claude, both Talent; Williams, Esther W., Ashland; Wisner, Helen B., Talent; Walker, Zuba, Shady Cove; Wilson, John L., Trail; Wertz, Ben, and Womack, E. L., both Jacksonville; Walter, James E.; Weiss, Elmer G., and Wolff, Anna L., all Central Point; Wadley, Malcolm K., Rogue River; Young, George G.; Yeo, George H., and York, Neal D., all Ashland.
Medford Mail Tribune, February 25, 1949, page 12

Spring Term of Federal Court Opens Here Today;
Four Cases on Docket
    Spring term of federal court opened in the Medford federal building this morning, with Judge James Alger Fee, Portland, here to preside.
    Only four cases are on the docket and one, Jay C. McCrary versus Henry King. was dismissed by voluntary action at the opening of court today.
    Pre-trial conferences have opened in the case of D. M. Lambert versus Langdon A. Pope. This case, which first was brought to court two or three years ago, involves a shipment of lumber. Attorneys are William M. McAllister for the plaintiff and H. B. Collins, Medford, and L. A. Renken, Portland, for the defense.
    Two other cases which are connected with the Lambert-Pope trial are also on the docket. They are Southern Pacific Company versus Guy H. Granger, and Cecil L. Bandy versus James C. Rodger.
    Gene L. Brown, Grants Pass attorney, was admitted to practice in federal court this morning.
    Here with Judge Fee are Mrs. Fee and H. S. Kenyon, deputy clerk; John S. Beckwith, court reporter; Miss Marguerite Pendergrass, secretary to the judge, and Al Price, deputy marshal and bailiff.
    Jurors drawn to serve this term are to report at the courthouse at 10 a.m. Wednesday.
Jury List
    The jury list follows:
    Medford: Annie J. Bateman, O. J. Brenner, A. E. Churchill, Charles E. Clay, A. W. Denny, A. R. Douglas, Orville A. Eden, G. Gilmore, Charles R. Greene, Mary F. Kidd, Herman Kraft, R. T. Kruggel, Virginia Marwin, Frank J. McKeown, John P. Moffatt, Emme Smallwood, Amy Smith, C. Fred Underwood and Esther M. Wilson.
    Ashland: Kenneth H. Baldwin, Rose Chapin, Charles M. Giffan, Herbert A. Lampman, Arthur Long, Frances M. Schadler, Olive Tamney, Edward E. Vail and William L. Wood.
    Grants Pass: James C. Acridge, C. A. Brelsford, Charles C. Champion, James M. Dean, Ruby Feaster, Mary Fern, Margaret Frame, J. R. Fry and Isabelle Furchner.
    Klamath Falls: Madelon B. Adler, Warren C. Bennet, Raymond C. Brollier, Dorothy Brown, Ernest M. Budd, Margaret A. Bundrant, Dorothy H. Bussman, Dan Coldwell, Arthur Combs, George Conners, Cora E. Crane, K. Nelson Damon, Clair Alice Epperson, Alma S. Garrison, Hallis Jobe, and Grover C. Null.
    Other cities and towns: R. B. Albaugh, Eagle Point; Ralph E. Bell, Gold Hill; Roger Chrysler, Central Point; Lloyd Davy, Sprague River; V. D. Field, Central Point; Winnie Foster, Beatty; Grace R. Hunger, Applegate; Jenny E. Jones, Central Point: James Lacey, Merrill; Pleasant H. Lawton and Albert J. Milton, Central Point; F. E. Moore, Granite Hill; Lee H. Mustard, Murphy; Gwendolyn Peebles, Central Point; O. S. Pitts, Bonanza and Esther Rose, Applegate.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 31, 1949, page 2

Federal Court Fall Term to Open Here on October 7th
    The trial docket for the fall term of United States District Court in Medford and Klamath Falls, and a list of jurors called for duty, was announced Saturday by U.S. Deputy Marshal Paul Hanlin.
    The term will open in Medford in the federal court room in the post office at 10 a.m. October 7, when pre-trial conferences on docketed cases will be held. Jurors are to report two days later, at 10 a.m., October 9.
Judge Fee Presides
    The Klamath Falls term will open October 14. Federal District Judge James Alger Fee will preside at both terms.
    Cases to be heard in Medford include Everett O. Worley vs. United States; Harriette Gibbs vs. Railway Express Agency, Inc.; Richard Applegate, doing business as Happy Camp Lumber Company vs. J. W. Wilder and others; Mary L. Halford vs. F. W. Woolworth & Company and others; Thomas Lea Garry vs. John K. Howard and others; Verne J. Killian and others vs. Robert Holcomb and others; James R. Purcell vs. Medford Corporation; Henry Nations vs. Ralph Wolfe; Edward M. Carter vs. The Martin Bros. Box Company, and United States vs. William Tolin.
County Jurors
    Jackson County jurors on the venire include the following:
    Roy Abbott, Shady Cove; Grace Brenner, Medford; Minnie Bryant, Medford; Walter C. Degerness, Medford; R. M. DeMille, Ashland; B. L. Dodge, Medford; H. S. Deuel, Medford; Irl Groves, Medford; Eva N. Hamilton, Medford; Glenn Harrison, Medford; W. J. Hastings, Ashland; Harry Hill, Rogue River; Richard C. Joy, Ashland; E. L. Kincaid, Ashland; W. E. Lartis, Medford; Earl E. Lininger, Ashland; Margaret Mentzer, Medford; Kenneth L. Miller, Ashland; Blanche Mitchell, Ashland; Mrs. V. J. Namitz, Medford; Allen F. Perry, Medford; Margaret Philips, Medford; Marie Prescott, Ashland; S. T. Sanders, Ashland; Ray J. Schumacher, Medford; Joseph W. Warren, Medford, and Rufus N. Younger, Medford.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 28, 1952, page 11

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