The Infamous Black BirdSouthern Oregon History, Revised

Notes on Medford Buildings 

    Notes on the names and histories of some of Medford's buildings, past and present.
    Listings with National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) numbers are (mostly) extant buildings bearing names assigned in the 1998 NRHP survey of the Medford Downtown Historic District. Non-NRHP buildings are either vanished buildings, buildings outside the downtown historic district, or historic aliases.
    Names and addresses, as reported in the newspapers, shift easily and often
from building to building (or are misreported). Street addresses shift back and forth slightly over time; a business listed at 219 West Main in one directory might be at 221 in the next—apparently without moving. Occupancies as reported below from city directories are thus only roughly accurate.
    Please don't quote directly from this page; many "quotes" below have been considerably condensed. Most full, unedited sources are easily available online.
There is much that is wrong with this page; it's a work in progress. Please contact me with errors or additional information.

222 and 234 South Oakdale

Photo, 222 South Oakdale:  2012

Photos, 234 South Oakdale:   2012  2012
    Built between 1898 and 1907, demolished February 2015 for another parking lot.

Walter W. Abbey Building  NRHP #327.0
Photos:  1937  1965  1994
227 East Ninth, northwest corner Ninth and Bartlett

    Walter W. Abbey yesterday received a permit to demolish a building at 146 South Bartlett Street. MT2/19/1937p13
    Ground was broken Wednesday morning in construction of the new garage and sales room to be erected by Walter W. Abbey. MN5/28/1937p2
    About 3,500 persons last night attended the formal opening of the new Walter W. Abbey sales and service building at Ninth and Bartlett streets. MT9/3/1937p13
    In June 1937, work was commenced on the $35,000 structure housing Walter W. Abbey, Inc., Nash-LaFayette dealers, at Bartlett and Ninth streets. Constructed entirely of white concrete, the building is 100 by 100 feet, one story tall, and one of the most beautiful structures in southern Oregon. Especially beautiful is the spacious sales and show room fronting Ninth Street. Concrete floor space, 100 by 35 feet, is blocked off with huge orange and black checks. Walls and ceiling are of a cream tan finish. MT1/2/1938p6
    Courtesy Chevrolet's remodeled building is a modern façade of stucco with a 4-foot scalloped overhang, indirect lighting and all-new window treatment with aluminum framing. MT8/25/1965pB9

Abby's Pizza

Photo:  1966
080 South Riverside
    Permits have been issued to the Federal Sign and Signal Company to erect a $3,000 sign at 1080 S. Riverside Ave. MT12/1/1965p7
    The grand opening of Medford's newest pizza establishment, Abby's Pizza Inn, will be held this weekend, according to owner Abby Broughton. MT5/17/1966p7

Acme Hardware Building  NRHP #193.0
Photo: 1949
West Sixth
    The "Sky-Top" will open its doors for the first time at 7:30 pm. Saturday; it will feature a skating surface 70x100 feet. MT9/29/1948p12
    The Sky-Top Roller Rink, upstairs in the Acme Hardware building, is this week installing a new maple rink floor. MT4/12/1949p3

Acme Hardware Building II
Photo: 1958
245 South Central

Adkins Building I
204 East Main, southeast corner Main and Central
ubsequently moved to 29 South Central, then 301 South Grape
    Dr. Adkins and Webb Bros. are putting up a new store building for business in the hardware and grocery line. AT6/13/1884p3
    Adkins & Webb's frame building has been removed, and work on their new three-story brick has been commenced. DT8/30/1888p3
    The hose cart and fixtures are quartered in Adkins & Webb's old store room on C Street. DT2/12/1892p2
    The building was moved to approximately 29 South Central, where it first served as a fire hose house, then as fruit storage. Moved in 1911 to 301 South Grape.
    The frame building now standing on South Central between Main and Eighth is being moved to the northwest corner of Tenth and Grape, where it will be fitted up for business purposes. MT9/19/1911p2
    Burned October 22, 1912. JP10/26/1912p4
    A proposition was read from B. F. Webb, offering to rent one-half of the old store room on C Street, for use of hose cart, hose, etc. for $48. On motion the proposition was accepted, it being the best and cheapest place offered. MM2/4/1892p3

    "We ARE carpenters," said "Old Nick," surveying the partially constructed engine house which is being built next to Holtan's tailor shop. SO10/14/1892p3

    W. H. Meeker & Co. are figuring on having an extension built on their store building, to extend back to the alley—not enough room in their present quarters. MM11/6/1896p7

Adkins Building II
Photos:  1889  1910-11  1934  1935
204 East Main, southeast corner Main and Central

aka Althea Hall (upstairs), Adkins & Webb block

    Adkins & Webb have let the contract for erecting a two-story brick building to S. Childers on the site of their present business place. DT9/23/1887p3
    Work has been commenced on Adkins & Webb's new brick building. DT10/21/1887p2
    Work on Adkins & Webb's big brick building will soon be commenced. DT2/17/1888p2
    The stone foundation for Adkins & Webb's new brick building is now being cut. DT8/9/1888p3
    Adkins & Webb have moved their stock of hardware into Childers' new brick building, and the carpenters are already at work moving the old building out of the way preparatory to the erection of their new three-story brick store. AT8/10/1888p3
    The foundation for Adkins & Webb's new three-story brick is completed, and the brick masons are at work. AT9/14/1888p3
    Adkins & Webb are now busy moving into their fine new building. It is one of the finest buildings in the county. AT3/15/1889p3
    Medford boasts the only full three-story brick business block in the county—that of Adkins & Webb. Angle & Plymale's building adjacent to it will be of the same height. AT5/24/1889p2
    The foundation of the Webb & Adkins new building is nearly completed, and the brick work will begin Monday. AT8/2/1889p3
    In the matter of a place to hold meetings of the town board, proposition from Adkins & Webb offering room in their brick building for one year for $42, payable quarterly in town warrants. On motion the proposition was accepted. MM2/4/1892p3
    The fire
slightly scorched the big Angle & Plymale and Adkins & Webb block at the opposite corner. VR10/20/1892p3
    T. E. Daniels is fitting up the Adkins building formerly occupied by the Clean Grocery, and will open about September 1st, with a complete stock of clothing, men's furnishings, etc. MM8/16/1907p2
    From all appearances the building seems to be on the verge of collapse; several cracks in the front of the building appear to be widening slowly. A bulging wall on the Central side forced an investigation a few years ago, but it was decided that the wall had been built out of plumb. Now that a portion of this wall has been torn away to make way for a modern front, the building seems to be sagging. MT6/30/1911p1
    It bears no evidence of having a penny spent upon it since its erection. The walls in front and on the side for 20 feet were removed; structural iron posts and beams were used to replace the brick taken out. MT6/30/1911p4
    Among the business changes of location about to be made are T. E. Daniels to the Adkins block, corner Central Avenue and Main Street. MT7/23/1911pB1
    Weatonka Council No. 20 will be at home in the Odd Fellows old hall, now known as the Eagle Hall, corner Main and Central, third floor. MT3/1/1911p3
    For many years the IOOF lodge met in the old Adkins building at the corner of Main and Central, in the upper room now known as Althea Hall. MT5/19/1929p4

    W. H. Fluhrer will completely remodel the building on the corner of Main and Central. The Economy Meat Market will be closed. MT8/27/1936p1

    In 1936-37 the Adkins Building was consolidated with the Angle Opera House into the Fluhrer Building (q.v.), which burned in 1969.

Adkins-Childers Building  NRHP #319.0
Photos:  circa 1901  circa 1905  circa 1908
226 East Main

aka Lamport's Building, Adkins-Deuel Block, F. K. Deuel Building

    The Leak Advertising Co. painted a wall sign for the Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine on the Webb-Adkins building's outside east wall in the summer of 1891. The sign is now visible inside the Adkins-Childers Building.
    A new brick block is soon to be erected between I. A. Webb's and W. H. Meeker & Co.'s stores, and will be built by Dr. B. F. Adkins and Mrs. Dennison, who each own a twenty-five-foot lot. The block will be 50x100 feet, two stories high and of brick. The first floor, of Mrs. Dennison's half, will be occupied by Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. and J. W. Lawton's harness shop, each taking twelve feet of the twenty-five. MM9/27/1895p4
    The Mail was this week shown the plans for the Adkins and Childers block, as prepared by architect Bennet. Over each store front will be formed a large, substantially built, brick arch, the ends of each resting upon the center and side pillars. On the second floor there will be room sufficient for three sets of offices and one suite of living rooms—over each store. The entire west wall is already built, Dr. Adkins owning one-half interest in the wall erected by I. A. Webb. The principal part of the east wall is also built, a similar state of ownership existing as with Messrs. Adkins and Webb. MM10/11/1895p5
    F. M. Poe has the center foundation wall of the Adkins-Childers block built and is now working on the front walls. MM10/18/1895p5
    The Adkins-Childers block is being rapidly pushed upward. There is but the front center and part of one side to build, there being no time lost in its construction. MM11/8/1895p5

    The Adkins-Childers block is very nearly completed. The first story of the Adkins half is plastered, and floors are now being laid in both lower rooms. Water pipes and fittings have been put in for use in the upstairs rooms. MT1/17/1896p5f
    G. L. Webb has moved his Racket Store to his new, large and finely appointed rooms in the Adkins-Deuel block on Seventh Street. Mrs. Sears has also moved her stock of millinery to the same building. MM2/14/1896p5
    Mrs. L. J. Sears is inviting the ladies to call upon her in her new, beautiful rooms--just south of the archway in Webb's Racket Store. MM2/21/1896p5
    Drs. Keene & Burnett have rented a couple or three additional office rooms in the Adkins-Deuel Block and are fitting them up for the use of Mr. Burnett, who is a mechanic as well as an operating dentist. MM10/21/1898p7
    Architect Palmer is at work on plans for the remodeling of merchant F. K. Deuel's building, on Seventh Street, the one formerly occupied by Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Company. The floor is to be lowered eight inches, bringing it on a level with the sidewalk, a new front of French plate glass is to be put in, and various changes will be made in the interior. A cement walk will be put down in front, and new counters and shelving will be put in preparatory to occupancy by F. K. Deuel & Co.'s dry goods establishment about December 1st. MM8/10/1900p7
    Contractor Perry Stewart is at work on a 22x50-foot store house for merchant F. K. Deuel, the same being put up at the rear of his store building. MM8/24/1900p6
    Weeks Bros. have been awarded the contract for putting the shelving and counters in the F. K. Deuel building. The work will require about two months' time. MM9/28/1900p6
    Perry Stewart:—"How do you like that store front? Isn't it a beauty? If you don't like it I'll tear it out. Well, if it suits you I guess it will suit Mr. Deuel. But, candidly, I want to tell you that that is the most up-to-'datest' store front in Medford." MM12/7/1900p2
    The new store is 140 feet in length, well lighted from both front and rear as well as from a large skylight. Altogether Messrs. Deuel & Co. have as pleasant and well appointed business as could be wished for. MM1/4/1901p7
    The Medford Mercantile (M.M.) Department Company, formerly W. H. Meeker and Co., has leased the Deuel building. This company now occupies the Adkins Building, one door west, but a demand for more room has made a new location imperative. MT11/2/1912p2
    Deuel and Kentner was located at 230 E. Main St.. The building is still owned by the Deuel family. It was most recently occupied by Karl's Shoe Store and is now undergoing a remodeling program in preparation for a new tenant. MT3/19/1967pB2

William Aitken Plumbing Shop
  NRHP #63.0
Photo:  1994
28 North Grape

See Sam Jennings Building

Alba Village
See Northgate Marketplace

Albertsons Center West
See Jackson Creek Center

Allstate Insurance
716 East Jackson
    The 12,600-sq.-ft. house was built in 1926 and was a residence until the 1980s, when it was partially turned into a real estate office. MT4/23/2015

Almond Street Apartments
    Daniel J. Thomas of Pinehurst proposes to build Almond Street Apartments, a 108-unit, 22,290-sq.-ft. complex on 1.23 acres between Almond Street and the Interstate 5 viaduct. MT6/3/2016pB1

Althea Hall
See Adkins Building II

American Fruit Growers Packing House
213 South Fir, northeast corner Tenth and Fir
aka Larson's Appliance Building, Holiday House Trailer Plant
    Construction of a new two-story packing plant has been started by American Fruit Growers on the site of the old packing plant. MN4/7/1944p1
    Completed in August 1944, completely destroyed by fire June 25, 1946. BG8/1946
    A building permit application was made yesterday by the American Fruit Company, Inc. to erect a $132,500 building at 213 South Fir Street. MT2/19/1947p7

    Among February's largest permits was that for American Fruit, Inc., 213 South Fir Street, at $132,500. MT1/7/1948p3
    The plant of Holiday House, a vacation trailer manufacturing firm, was destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. The 260x120-foot former American Fruit Growers warehouse was erected following a fire June 25, 1946. MT6/18/1962p1
    A suspected arson fire last August completely destroyed a warehouse which served as storage for Larson's and Blake, Moffitt and Towne Paper Co. MT3/24/1978p3
    Grace Point Fellowship will move into the building vacated in September 2014 with the closure of Larson's Home Furnishings. MT5/23/2016p3
    Rebelle Home is opening a second location at 10th and Fir streets. MT6/29/2016p7

American Laundry Building  NRHP #11.0
Photo:  1927
130 South Central

    Built 1927.
    American Laundry has obtained an $8,000 permit to construct an addition to its plant at 132 South Central Avenue. MT10/17/1950p11

American Legion Hall
Various locations

    At a meeting of the American Legion last night, the post voted to establish permanent quarters in the old Masonic Hall in the M.F.&H. building. MT9/16/1920p5
    The local post of the American Legion will use its new hall for the first time Tuesday night; Mr. Swem has just finished the interior decorations. MT10/18/1920p7

American Linen
Photo:  1966
980 Ellen Avenue

    American Linen is now building a plant which is valued at $435,000. The building will be 30,000 square feet, with all materials and supplies provided by local contractors. MT2/11/1966pB5

American Steel & Supply
2260 Sage Road
aka Farwest Steel
    American Steel has moved from Grape Street to a big new building at 2260 Sage Road. The office and warehouse contains 60,000 square feet of space. MT1/7/1964p11
150 prizes will be given away at the open house, Saturday, Feb. 22. The building was designed by Seibert and Hunter. MT2/18/1964p13, MT2/19/1964pB2

Amy & Pottenger Building
See Moore Annex-Pottenger Building

Anderson & Green Building
See Valley Auto Co.

Anderson Warehouse
Photo:   1913
Location unknown--possibly the Medford Realty and Improvement Warehouse.
    The new $50,000 bonded warehouse, built by George M. Anderson, the moving picture magnate, is open for business, having been completed last April to accommodate the increasing wholesale trade. OR6/22/1913p60

Andrews Building
See Medford Business College Block

Angle & Plymale Building
206 East Main

    Angle & Plymale talk of putting up a one-story brick at Medford, as a precaution against fire. Insurance rates are quite high in that place. DT10/16/1885p3
    Angle & Plymale, of Medford, have bought of D. W. Mathews the lot adjacent to their store property, and intend to put up a two-story brick building. [Mathews' lot was at 210 East Main, the easternmost lot of today's Vogel Plaza.] AT10/23/1885p3
    Angle & Plymale will soon move to their new brick when they will also increase their already large stock. OS12/26/1885p3

    The fire
slightly scorched the big Angle & Plymale and Adkins & Webb block at the opposite corner. VR10/20/1892p3

Angle House
609 East Main, moved to 14 Hawthorne

    Sale of their home to H. D. Christensen, who plans to move it to make way for his Nu-Way Dry Cleaning establishment, was announced today by Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Gaddis. MT1/31/1946

Angle Opera House
Photos:  1889  circa1900  circa 1911  1910-11   1914
208 East Main

aka Angle Block, Nichols and Ashpole Building

    In the 1889 photo the Angle Block is the three-story building just east of the Adkins Building.
    Angle & Plymale have their brick building ready for the joists, the first story having been completed. AT3/15/1889p3
    Work on the new opera house will soon begin in earnest. The brick are being hauled, and everything will be gotten ready before the brick laying begins. AT5/24/1889p2
    The brick work on the opera house has reached the top of the third story, and the carpenters are now engaged framing the crosses for the roof. AT8/2/1889p3

    The opera house being erected by Angle & Plymale is nearing completion and adds largely to the fine appearance of Main Street. MM9/7/1889p3

    The plastering is being put on the lower story of the new opera house, which is to be occupied by Staver & Walker. AT10/25/1889p2
    On account of not being properly ventilated the floor in the Dr. Adkins brick building occupied by the Henry Smith store has become rotted and will have to be replaced with a new one before Cranfill & Hutchison open up their new stock of goods. MM6/16/1893p3

    The building will be extended back twenty feet, thus giving more room not only to the opera house but in the stores below, occupied by Chas. Strang and F. L. Cranfill. The stage is to be made larger and more complete in its appointments, and galleries will be put in so as to afford more seating space. MM7/25/1902p7

    Weatonka Tribe, I.O.R.M., has leased the Workmen hall in the Angle block for a term of years and is having it fixed up in elegant shape for a meeting place. MM2/17/1905p3
- - - -
    The remodeling of the front of the Angle building marks the removal of one of the historic stores in Medford. It was Mr. George W. Williams who built the Angle opera house brick. MM11/22/1907p5
    It was in June 1884 that Angle & Plymale opened a general merchandise store on this site. Later in 1889 a brick building was erected, and for many years William Angle and the late Francis Plymale engaged in general merchandise there. The other half was occupied by Charles Strang as a drug store.
    Later still, F. L. Cranfill occupied the room and for over 12 years sold goods there.
    The store front is unique from the fact that the old-fashioned iron doors, such as were in universal use a quarter century ago, are still in place, but are to be removed. Also the window shades still bear the insignia "Angle & Plymale, General Merchandise," a decade or more after the firm passed out of existence.
    The changes in the front of the old building will make some of the original customers of the store guess as to their probable location in Medford. The room is being fitted up for a moving-picture theater [the Isis Theater], and Mr. Cranfill has transferred his stock of goods to his residence on South Central Avenue. MT5/12/1910p8

    Carpenters have begun the work of remodeling the building formerly occupied by the Isis Theater, for occupancy by Jonas Wold and Martin Reddy. MT8/4/1914p2

    William Angle built the block where the Medford Pharmacy and Economy Meat Market now stand. AT2/19/1917p5
Larry Schade's new jewelry shop, next to the entrance of the Craterian, has been fashioned along Old English lines. The outside has been finished to simulate a weather-worn front; an old iron lantern at the entrance and an antique wrought iron sign will add the finishing touches. MT7/31/1927p3
    W. H. Fluhrer will completely remodel the building and the one adjoining to the west, on the corner of Main and Central. MT8/27/1936p1
    In 1936-37 the Angle Opera House was consolidated with the Adkins Building into the Fluhrer Building (q.v.), which burned in 1969.

Apostolic Faith Church
Photos:  1944  1949
Corner Third and Central

Arco AM/PM Mini Market
Corner South Stage Road and South Pacific Highway
The mini market will open April 15--weather permitting. The station will feature 16 pumps in a back-to-back arrangement. MT3/5/1998pC1

Armory I
Photos:  1924  circa 1925
Northeast corner Third and Bartlett

    The new armory has a frontage of 128 feet on Bartlett and 190 feet on Third, cost $80,000 and is one of the finest in the state. Architect Hinsacker of Eugene drew the plans. MT11/26/1923p8
    The building is T-shaped with offices, club rooms, etc. in the front and the auditorium in the rear. The building is of reinforced concrete with a full cement basement. The drill hall is a large room 82 by 121 feet, all finished with a fine maple floor. Above this is a balcony and at end a large stage. Over three thousand people can be seated, and state conventions or other large gatherings can be accommodated. MT11/28/1923p3
    The building is 120 feet wide and 190 feet long, with a full basement, to be equipped for a gymnasium, bowling alley and target range. It will also contain a heating plant, kitchen, dining room, ladies' rooms and showers. On the first floor a large auditorium, locker room, captain's office, officers' and quartermaster's office, besides the lobby and ticket office, occupy the space. The Legion hall, G.A.R. rooms, company club rooms, high school athletic room and balcony are located on the second floor. CL11/30/1923p1
    The city will pay between $200 and $300 a week for the rental of the armory, which will house the courthouse when the county seat is moved to Medford on July 1. MT6/17/1927p6
    No longer will spectators have to watch wrestling through a haze of cigarette smoke. Beginning Monday the smoke will be lifted through the roof by ventilators now being installed at each end of the armory auditorium. MT6/4/1936p3
    Fire gutted the auditorium of the Medford armory early today. All the structure except the offices and meeting rooms in the front appeared to be a complete loss. MT9/27/1950p1
    The armory was razed by a fire in September 1951. MT1/7/1952p1
    What to do about the fire-gutted Medford armory? Where should a new one be located? These were the questions discussed at a meeting in the city hall last night. This morning National Guard officers took out a permit to demolish a portion of the fire-damaged structure. MT1/8/1952p1
    Among the landmarks built by R. I. Stuart and Sons is the Armory. MT5/30/1976pC2

Armory II
Photo:  1957
1701 South Pacific Highway

    The new armory will probably be finished some time late next year. It will have some 37,000 square feet; the building will be largely of reinforced concrete construction, with wood and plaster used also. MT12/14/1954p1
    Construction of the new Medford armory is assured. The low combined bids were in the $385,000 to $400,000 range. The new armory is a joint city-county-state-federal project, and will replace the old building largely destroyed by fire several years ago. MT3/29/1956

    About 3,000 persons heard Gov. Robert D. Holmes speak at the dedication of Medford's newly completed armory Saturday night. MT5/27/1957p1

    The $1 million renovation of the armory added 8,700 square feet. Another 2,200 square feet was altered to make room for a new unit that is assigned to the armory. MT10/28/1991p3
    The newly remodeled and renamed Medford Veterans Memorial Armory was officially rededicated Saturday, November 3. MT11/3/1991p3
    The facility expects to reopen in April; it has been closed since April 2016 for a remodel including structural improvements, new heating and air conditioning system, new windows, restrooms and kitchen facilities. MT2/21/2017p3
    Rehabilitation is slated for completion within the next month. MT4/1/2017p3

Armstrong Garage
Photo:  1934
101 South Riverside, southeast corner Eighth and Riverside

    A garage building was completed during the past year for the Armstrong Motor Company, located on Riverside Avenue. The building is of concrete and is modern in every way. MT9/14/1927pC3
    Bids for demolishing the northern half of the Western Auto store to make way for the extension of Eighth Street have been called for. MT7/3/1959p10
    Western Auto has moved part of its equipment and stock from the north end of its building. MT7/17/1959p1
    The old Western Auto store has been partially demolished to make room for construction of the 8th St. bridge. MT8/26/1959p11

Arthur Arms Apartments
Photo:  1930
330 North Holly

    The Arthur Arms, a two-story, eight-unit apartment house, is nearing completion. Designed in a rambling Moorish effect, the building is made charming with a large central tower and irregular roof lines set off with Mexican handmade tile. Every kitchen has a Norge electric refrigerator unit. MT3/30/1930pB5
    The Arthur Arms Apartments, formerly owned by L. J. Adams, have been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bringle. MT3/9/1931p3

Archie Ash Building
South Fir/South Front area

    The Medford Pre-Cooling & Storage Co. are rebuilding and rearranging the Archie Ash building in the south Medford factory district. MS5/10/1925pC2

Asante Neuroscience Institute
Photo:  2015
Southwest corner Barnett Road and State Street

    The 34,642-square-foot building will sit on 1.54 acres just west of Hematology Oncology Associates. MT5/30/2015p1

Assembly of God Church
Photo:  1953
1409 West Main

Awol Grocery/Sandpiper Restaurant
1841 East Barnett

City directory listings: 1963-70: Awol Grocery, Earl Denning; 1971: Grecian Spa, Erroll McIntire; 1972-73: Athena Health Spa, Dick Costelow; 1974-76: Vacant; 1977: Inland Wharf Restaurant (Glynn Allen); 1978-79: Vacant; 1980-85: Sandpiper (Jerry A. Hayes, mgr.); 1986-87: Sandpiper (Robert E. Flannery, mgr.); 1988: Sandpiper (Scott Williams, mgr.); 1989-91: Sandpiper (E. James Parkinson); 1993: Sandpiper (Mick Lee); 1994-98: Streams (Scott Williams); 2000-02: 1841 E. Barnett not listed; 2003: Gumrai Thai, Mick's Ale House; 2004-05: Sing Thai; 2006: Saucy's Southern Grille; 2007: Molly Murphey's (Glynn Allen); 2008-: Vacant
    The 7,000-sq.-ft. building soon will be gone; the building on three lots comprising 1.6 acres has been beyond repair for a long time. MT12/23/2017p3

B Apartments
412 North Ivy

B.P.O.E. Lodge #1158  NRHP #297.0
Photos:  1913  2009
200 North Central, 202 North Central, northeast corner Fifth and Central

aka Elks Temple

    The Elks commissioned lodge brother Frank Clark to design their Beaux Arts home in 1913, but it took two more years before they could afford to build it. With its huge flight of steps, two-story porch, and classical style, the Elks Lodge has long been one of Medford's most attractive buildings. Built after the end of the Orchard Boom, the Elks Lodge was greeted with enthusiasm as 1500 people attended its dedication. A dining room addition was added in 1921.

     The local lodge of the B.P.O.E. will hold their annual election of officers in the new hall in the I.O.O.F. building, upon which the order has secured a lease for a year. MT3/2/1911p1
    At a meeting of the Elks last night it was decided to build a $75,000 clubhouse at Central and Fifth. It will have bachelor apartments, plunge and shower baths, a ballroom and banquet hall, in addition to restaurant service. OR12/8/1912p50

    F. C. Clark has prepared plans for the temple the Elks intend building at North Central and Fourth. It will be two stories high with a basement 85x85 feet in size, and will cost about $50,000 when completed and furnished. MT7/2/1913p2
    The local lodge of Elks has abandoned its plan of leasing the Medford Furniture & Hardware Co.'s building and will build on its own property. OR7/6/1913p50
    Steps toward build the Elks' club rooms are under way, Ray Toft purchasing the dwelling thereon and moving it to a lot on Boardman Street. MT10/30/1913p4
    This afternoon the Elks will march in a body from the Elks hall to throw the first dirt for the excavation. It has been decided to at least put in the big concrete basement this fall. MT11/4/1913p6
    Laying brick on the new Elks building is progressing rapidly. MT6/2/1914p2
    The rafters in the roof of the new Elks building are being put in shape. MT8/26/1914p2

    The roof is being put on the Elks temple. MT9/11/1914p2
    The Elks building committee will let the contract this week for interior work and windows for their new building. They expect to hold sessions in the new lodge rooms early in November. The formal dedication will be in the spring. MT10/15/1914p2
    The work on the interior of the new Elks Temple is progressing rapidly. The lodge expects to hold sessions in the new building in a short time. MT11/11/1914p2
    The fireplace in the Elks Temple was stained by smoke due to carelessness in burning rubbish and will have to be refinished. The fireplace is the largest in the state and a source of pride to the local lodge. MT12/16/1914p2
    The new Elks temple will be ready for occupancy next week, and will be opened New Year's Eve with a watch party and ball. MT12/26/1914p2
    The Elks held their first regular meeting in their new club rooms on Thursday night. Plans are under way for dedication of the building in the spring. MT1/8/1915p2
    Medford Elks are preparing to entertain several hundred members of the order Thursday and Friday, when the new clubhouse will be dedicated. OR9/20/1915p11
    The new dining room of the Medford Elks, costing $10,000, will be ready for occupancy early in June. MT5/30/1921p6
    The Elks Club applied yesterday for a permit to remodel the basement of their building at a cost of $1,000. MT5/17/1946p11
    The Elks Temple was listed at a cost of $35,000 in the building permit issued Dec. 17, 1913. The construction at that time was to include 12 rooms. Frank C. Clark was the architect. Another permit was issued in 1921 to the lodge, calling for additional construction on North Central at a cost of $10,000. MT3/26/1967pD1
    Among the landmarks built by R. I. Stuart is the Elks Temple. MT5/30/1976pC2
    The 28,760-square-foot structure is up for sale for $1.25 million. It was shuttered last December by the Grand Lodge of Chicago. MT8/24/2015p1

Baker Grain Warehouse
    H. E. Baker's new warehouse at Medford is well under way. Improved apparatus for the cleaning of grain will be put in, as well as other conveniences. OS7/24/1886p3
    Baker's large new warehouse at Medford is nearly completed. The lumber for it was furnished by C. T. Harris & Co., of the Wagner Creek mill. AT8/13/1886p3

    Twenty-five carloads of wheat have been shipped from the Medford warehouse during the past ten days, Mr. Baker informs us. DT12/17/1886p3

Bamby's Coffee Shoppe
Photo:  circa 1960
Big Y Super Market

Bamforth Apartments
344 and 340 North Central, southeast corner
aka Southern Oregon Paint & Roofing Co., Andrews Apartments, Dobson Apartments

    344 N. Central was apparently divided into apartments during the Camp White years. City directory listings for 344: 1930 residence of Edwin G. Trowbridge. Trowbridge died 10/22/1935. 1935 Mrs. Gail Goodwin; 1937-40 William H. Gore; 1942 L. R. Andrews; 1946-50 Andrews Apartments. Andrews died 9/15/1951. 1951-56 Dobson Apartments; 1960- Bamforth Apartments (Albert E. and Betty Bamforth)

    Permit was filed by L. R. Andrews, 340 N. Central, to erect a residence at a cost of $4,000. MT9/30/1945p6
    Completion and occupation of a 12-room house in just 90 days was reported by Lester R. Andrews of 344 N. Central. The new home, at 340 N. Central, was built by Ralph Kunkel and Son. MT1/7/1946p1

Bank of America Building [St. Marks Building Site]  NRHP #122.0
Photos:  1969  1979
222 West Main, northeast corner Main and Holly
aka Oregon Bank

Baptist Church
See First Baptist Church, Mid-Baptist Church

Clara Barkdull Building  NRHP #42.0
Photo:  1979
119 North Central

    Construction on the building is scheduled to commence this week opposite the Groceteria by Mrs. Clara Barkdull, at an approximate cost of $20,000. The contract has been awarded to Elmer Childers. The property was acquired by Mrs. Barkdull in 1883; a dwelling was constructed upon the site in 1884. The dwelling, one of the oldest in Medford, is the home of Mrs. Barkdull; it will be razed to make way for the new building. MT1/1/1928pD6
    The wooden forms are now rapidly nearing completion. MT1/31/1928p2

Barneburg Block
Photo:  circa 1915
129 East Main

aka Rosenthal Building

    Built in 1895 for pioneer Medford haberdasher Simeon Rosenthal; designed by W. J. Bennet and built by contractors Childers, Shawver & Nicholson and Butler & Green.

    S. Rosenthal, the merchant, is contemplating the erection of a two-story brick on the lot where his store building now stands. DT3/22/1894p3
     S. Rosenthal has closed a contract with S. Childers to put up his new brick store building, work on the same to begin in early springtime. The building will be 25x80 feet in size and will be two stories high. Rock for the foundation is now being put on the ground. The wood building now occupied by Mr. Rosenthal will be moved. MM4/20/1894p3
    Merchant Rosenthal is justly proud of his new store and hall, "the finest hall west of Philadelphia." Shawver & Nicholson put the front in Wednesday, and a very pretty one it is--from the Schermerhorn planing mill. Butler & Green are doing the painting. The hall is large, well lighted and arranged especially for the use of the Masons and Knights of Pythias. MM7/5/1895p5
    The members of the Masonic lodge are proud of their hall in S. Rosenthal's new brick building. The entrance is from the rear of the building, and the stairs and hall of the Phipps building, which joins the Rosenthal building, is used as a means of reaching the hall. MM9/20/1895p1
    The Rosenthal building will be sold by the administrator at private sale after Dec. 1st. It is one of the finest structures in our city. DT10/31/1901p2
    The administrator of the S. Rosenthal estate last Saturday sold the brick store building in Medford to Fred Barneburg for $6950. MM12/20/1901p7
    Ivan Humason has rented the Rosenthal building from Mr. Barneburg and will open his drug store therein. MM2/14/1902p5
    Monroe & Grousbeck are in Medford with one of Edison's entertainment outfits. They have rented the Rosenthal building and are taking in nickels. MM2/14/1902p7
    On Tuesday the Medford Drug Store opened its doors in the Barneburg building, formerly occupied by S. Rosenthal. MM4/11/1902p6
    In 1911 W. F. Isaacs moved The Toggery "to the Barneburg building, near the Medford National Bank." MT7/23/1911pB1

Barney's Burgers
See Larry's Rich-Maid

Barnum Building I

317 East Main
See McAndrews-Barnum Block (E)

    Messrs. Nicholson Bros. have moved their stock of implements from C Street to the Barnum brick building on Seventh Street. SOM2/3/1893p3
    Deuel & Stevens will open their stock of dry goods, boots and shoes about September 15th in the new Barnum brick building on Seventh Street. MM9/7/1894p3
    W. J. Sturges:—"You were mixed a little on my having rented those rooms in the Barnum building I recently bought." MM11/30/1900p2
    Wm. Ferguson, all the same Bill Nye, has purchased the Barnum Building, corner Seventh and South [sic] A streets. He expects to rent it for a second hand store in February, when Mr. Chessmore's lease expires. MM11/15/1901p6
    R. M. Harrison has opened a second-hand store in the Barnum block, on Seventh Street near the bridge. MM4/12/1907p5
    W. H. Barnum is improving his property on East Main Street by having modern fronts put in. MT3/27/1912p2

Barnum Building II
South Riverside

    W. S. Barnum is building a good-sized addition to his brick building on South A Street. It is being erected in order to give room for a new cider mill which Mr. Barnum will put in shortly, and which will turn out ten or fifteen barrels of cider a day. The dimensions of the addition are 20x30 feet. MM4/28/1899p7

Barnum Buildings
Photos:  1914  1914  1915  1925
126 and 134 North Front
    Mrs. Isabel Powell will conduct the Medford Academy boarding house. The Barnum property, on North D Street, has been rented for the purpose. MM8/23/1901p6
    W. S. Barnum has let a contract for the erection of a 25x75-foot, one-story brick store room on North Front Street, nearly opposite the Southern Pacific depot. It will probably be used as a second-hand store when completed. MT10/28/1912p2
    A concrete foundation was started Saturday morning by S. Childers for a new brick store building on North Front Street. The building is being put up by W. S. Barnum. It will be 25x75 feet in size and one story high, and will be an exact counterpart of the building recently erected by Mr. Barnum on a lot just south of this site. MT12/14/1912p4
     Will H. Wilson, who has conducted a store at 106 N. Front, has leased the new brick store building at 128 N. Front. MT12/20/1912p5
    Sid Nichol has opened a grocery store in the Barnum building opposite the Southern Pacific depot. MT8/11/1913p4

    Architect Frank Clark has a contract to build a one-story brick sample room for the Barnum Hotel, to be 25x100 feet in floor space. MT1/28/1916p6

Barnum Garage
Photo:  1961
Probably 116 North Front

    Architect Frank Clark is completing the erection of a garage for the Barnum Hotel. MT1/28/1916p6
    The Barnum garage on North Front Street is about completed. Electrician Paul is wiring it. MT3/16/1916p2
    An addition to the Park and Shop parking system is the building formerly the Keith Schulz garage. MT5/18/1961pD8

Barnum Hotel [Grand Hotel] NRHP #49.0
Photos:  circa 1930
  circa 2009
Northeast corner Fifth and Front

aka Grand Hotel, Hotel Austin

   William S. Barnum, after selling the five-mile-long Rogue River Valley Railroad between Medford and Jacksonville, commissioned Frank Clark to design this $75,000 four-story structure in 1914, opening it the following year. In 1927 the building was sold, and the new owners christened it the “Grand Hotel.” Primarily a residential hotel long overshadowed by the more stylish Hotel Medford, the Grand was in poor condition before it was listed on the National Register in 1983 and now provides subsidized housing following a major rehabilitation effort.
   J. C. Barnum is to erect a four-story building on the corner of Front and Fifth streets if his plans do not miscarry. MT8/10/1910p1
   J. C. Barnum has started the construction of a hotel on Front Street. The hotel will have 40 rooms, will be three stories high and will cater to the commercial trade particularly. OR7/12/1914p54
    Work on the Barnum Hotel, delayed by the non-arrival of foundation lumber, is now in full swing. MT9/11/1914p2
    In June 1914 W. S. Barnum was granted permission to build a brick hotel of 42 rooms on North Front, estimated cost $20,000. It is known today as the Grand Hotel. MT3/26/1967pD1
    The new Barnum Hotel will be ready for occupancy by the latter part of next month, according to the owner of the building. MS5/21/1915p6
    Work on the new Barnum Hotel has been stopped for a short time. MS6/13/1915p2

    Architect Frank Clark has a contract to build a one-story brick sample room for the Barnum Hotel, to be 25x100 feet in floor space. MT1/28/1916p6

    The new Barnum Hotel was formally opened to the public Tuesday evening. JP5/6/1916p3
    After June 6 the building formerly known as the Hotel Barnum will be known as the Hotel Austin. [signed] A. Austin Chisholm, Lessee and Proprietor. MS6/7/1916p2
    The Hotel Barnum has changed its name to Hotel Austin. MS6/8/1916p2
    Fire gutted the Barnum Hotel this morning, causing a damage of $50,000. The fire was confined to the fourth floor and the walls of the structure, but heavy damage was caused by water, making a total loss. MT10/4/1921p1
    Fire, which had been smoldering on the second floor, broke out again last night. MT10/5/1921p1
    Work is progressing rapidly on the Barnum Hotel, and some of the apartments will be ready for occupancy in a week or ten days. MT12/29/1921p2
    The Barnum Hotel and apartments on North Front Street was sold today by W. S. Barnum to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Goswick for a consideration made public at $65,000. The new owners will make improvements with the purpose of eventually changing the apartment house into a hotel, for which it was originally constructed. The house contains 67 rooms, divided into 27 apartments. MT9/12/1927p1
    The name of the Barnum apartments was changed yesterday to Hotel Grand. A large electric sign is going over the top of the building announcing the name. MT10/15/1927p8
    Probably the most conspicuous new electrical sign is that on top of the Hotel Grand, formerly the Barnum apartments. MT1/3/1928p3
    In addition to redecoration, a number of the rooms which formerly had connecting doors have vanished and been walled completely. MDN1/22/1931p3
    The Grand has been vacant for six years; restoration was started late in 1985. MT12/2/1991pB5
    Medford's Grand Hotel has just gone through a $800,000 refurbishing project. MT12/10/2010p1

Bashford Building
South Fir

    Prof. Barton has moved his rustic chair factory to the Bashford building on F Street, south of the Clarenden. MM3/9/1894p3

James W. Bass House  NRHP #176.2
229 North Ivy

James W. Bass Rental 1  NRHP #175.0
235 North Ivy

James W. Bass Rental 2  NRHP #178.0
203 North Ivy

Bates Barber Shop  NRHP #65.0
126 West Main

Bates Candy Warehouse  NRHP #184.0
160 North Fir

Bathmat Building
See First National Bank Building II

See Sherm's Food 4 Less

Bruce Bauer Building
Photo:  1970
767 South Riverside

Bear Creek Motel
South Pacific Highway

    Neil Reed and J. W. Stewart are to begin construction soon of the Bear Creek Motel near the Bear Creek Orchards. MN11/30/1945p1

Bear Creek Plaza
Southeast corner McAndrews and Biddle Road
See Lamonts
    Pan Pacific Retail Properties, based in Vista, Calif., has acquired the shopping center for $13.1 million. It was built in 1977; anchors in the 184,000-square-foot center include Albertsons, Bi-Mart, TJ Maxx and Value Village. MT2/10/1998pB6

Beaton's Used Car Lot
100 East Jackson, originally 534 North Front

    Applying for a building permit yesterday was A. J. Beaton, 534 North Front Street, erect public garage, $1,000. 11/14/1945p7
    A. J. Beaton applied for a permit to add to the business building at 534 North Front Street, $3,000. MT9/1/1946p7
    In 1948 Beaton began offering pianos in addition to used cars; the business soon became Beaton's Music Shop.
    A permit has been granted Jackson Motor Company for $1,000 remodeling of a public garage at 534 North Front Street. MT1/11/1952p9

Beaver Electric
Photos:  1966  1966
2902 North Pacific Highway
aka Grover Electric

    The opening of Beaver Electric and Plumbing Supply's new 12,000-square-foot building is slated for an early time in May. MT4/24/1966pB5

Beck Apartments  NRHP #114.0
24 South Grape
aka Butler Apartments

Beck's Bakery
1414 North Riverside, southeast corner Riverside and McAndrews

    One of the latest additions to Berrydale is Beck's bakery, located in a large new concrete building, built by J. J. Osenbrugge for Michael Beck,. The bakery does a big wholesale business all over the valley and in Medford and employs 8 to 10 people. MT7/30/1927p3

Bruce Bauer Lumber Builditorium
Photos:  1968  1969
765 South Riverside
aka The Westerner

Bella Vita
29 West Main
See C. A. Winetrout Building, One West Main
    The parking structure was completed in 2006, but a residential and commercial project known as Bella Vita died in 2008. With the economy sputtering, the developer pulled out. MT7/7/2013p1
    A major office complex is taking shape at Main and Fir that will house Pacific Retirement Services, Rogue Disposal and Procare Software.

Merritt Bellinger House  NRHP #145.0
147 North Holly

Berben Apartments
Photo:  1911
10 North Quince, corner Quince and Main

    Designed by Power, Reeves & West; built late 1911 by Roger S. Bennett.
    The Medford Sash & Door factory are turning out the work for the Berber [sic] apartment house on Peach. MT7/2/1911p8
    Just being completed, modern furnished apartments. Hot water heat, Holmes disappearing beds, buffet kitchens, private baths, large porches. MT10/2/1911p6

Bickler Building  NRHP #273.0
128 North Bartlett

    Razed May 2011.

Biddle Road Shell
Photo:  1970

2001 Biddle Road

Big Bend Milling/Lindley Block  NRHP #312.0
Photos:  circa 1920  
1927  1928  1954
14 North Central

aka Mann Building

    Two buildings are incorporated in this NRHP listing, the Big Bend Milling building on North Central (pictured) and the Lindley Block on East Main.
    The first work for the foundation of a large brick building was commenced Saturday by the Jackson County Bank on C Street, just north of their new bank building. The new brick is to be 50x100, two story. It is expected to have the building ready for occupancy by the first of next May. MM12/14/1906p5
    The Big Bend Milling Co. will commence next week to excavate for the foundation of another brick building. This building will be located on C Street adjoining the Jackson County Bank building, will be 75x75 feet in size and at least two stories in height. MM6/21/1907p5
    The outside work on the Big Bend Milling Co.'s building on C Street is being completed this week, and the inside work will be finished as rapidly as possible. MM10/11/1907p5
    The Baker-Hutchason Co. are now located in their new room next to the Jackson County Bank building. MM11/22/1907p1
    The Baker-Hutchason firm has leased the store room joining their present quarters. The partition between the two rooms is being removed, and they expect to occupy both these rooms the first of the week. This will give them a floor space of 50x75 feet, and there will be two entrances to the store. MM1/31/1908p5
    The Medford Pharmacy will move to new quarters in the Jackson County Bank building next door to the Baker-Hutchason Co., where more room can be had for their extensive and growing stock. MM2/21/1908p9

    Mann's "has been enlarged, now having both a Main Street and Central Avenue entrance." MT9/24/1920p8

    Dust from the collapse of the east wall of Mann's department store and the west wall of the Scott Davis building adjoining covered the stock of the Mann store, forcing the closing of the store for further business until Wednesday. MT2/11/1935p1
    The largest single business expansion was made by Mann's Department Store, which was completely remodeled inside and out at a building cost of $12,000. MT1/3/1936p1
    Mann's will close Saturday night for a $250,000 renovation program. It will reopen in August under the name of "Miller's." MT5/20/1966p1
    Damp carpets, bubbling walls and brown ceiling tiles were the product of a pipe that burst above the conference room and flowed downstairs. MT12/10/2013p1

Big Bend Milling Co. Building
See Davis Building

Big Pines Lumber Co. Building
Photos:  1911  circa 1919  1930s  1965  1969  1973
32 West Sixth, northeast corner Sixth and Fir

    The company started construction today; the current building, built in 1908, will be razed to clear an area 96 feet from the Sixth Street frontage where the new $55,000 one-story cement-block building will be built. MT1/8/1959p1

Big Pines Paint Building
Northwest corner Sixth and Fir

    A California mission building is being constructed by this hustling company. The end and front are both finished in the handsome scroll designs. The outside will be constructed with cement plaster with suitable trimmings. MT3/20/1910p12
    The Dodge brothers have purchased the paint department of Big Pines Lumber and will conduct the business in its present location on North Fir. MT7/7/1911p6
    FOR SALE--Our paint building, corner Sixth and Fir streets. Big Pines Lumber Company. MT7/7/1911p2

Big Pines Paint Shop
Southeast corner Sixth and Fir; northeast corner Fifth and Grape

    The Big Pines paint shop is being moved from the railroad right-of-way to the corner of Grape and Fifth streets. MT2/5/1912p1

Big Y Super Market
Photos:  1940  1940  1953  1953  1956  1960s  1970
North Pacific Highway and Crater Lake Highway

    Medford's newest super market will open tomorrow, April 12. Located at the intersection of the North Pacific Highway and the Midway and Airport road, the market covers 12,000 square feet of floor space. The entire front is opened or closed as desired, with great windows that may be raised. More than an acre of parking space will be provided. There is a spacious lounge, with plenty of current magazines and reading material. MN4/11/1940pB1

Billings Building
See Unknown/Concrete Building

Bingham-Lawson House  NRHP #181.0
236 North Oakdale

William H. Bishop Apartments
14 South Bartlett, second floor of the Hoover-Cooper Building

Black Bird Shopping Center
Photo:  1965
1810 West Main

    Lee Hobbs' Black Bird is now open; Hobbs has operated several businesses at this location for 20 years. A big concrete and nylon black bird in the parking lot identifies the location and a talking myna bird greets customers inside. MT8/8/1965pB6

Black Oak Shopping Center
Black Oak Drive

    The shopping center has had only a couple of store closures in the 4½ years since it was built. MT11/19/1984p3

Blue Goose Packing Plant
See American Fruit Growers

Bonaventure Senior Living
Springbrook and McAndrews roads
    Construction is under way for the 141-unit, $20 million structure.
    The 147-unit, 154,000-sq.-ft. care center on a 9-acre parcel is scheduled to open next August. MT12/27/2016p3

Bowman's Beauty Salon
Photos:  1942  1951
227 South Central

Walter Bowne House
Old Stage Road
The purchase by George Hunt of the Tomlin residence six miles from Medford was announced. Located on the 19-acre estate is a two-story, 11-room white frame house of early American architecture, considered one of the most beautiful dwellings in southern Oregon. It was built around 1926 by Walter Bowne, now of San Francisco, and has been occupied by Mr. Tomlin since 1928. MT7/13/1941p10

Boyden Building
216 East Main

    Merchant H. E. Boyden has commenced work on his new brick store room. The building will be 46x80 in size and two stories high. S. Childers has the contract. MM5/12/1905p5
    The Medford Furniture Co. removed their undertaking parlors this week to the new quarters in the Boyden brick, recently finished, just back of the store. They also have the second floor of the building, beside half of the lower floor, and will use the latter for storing extra stock of their large and complete line. The goods will be transported from the lower to the upper story by means a large freight elevator, the first apparatus of the kind ever used in this city. MM9/1/1905p5
    H. E. Boyden will soon commence the entire remodeling of his building on Main Street now occupied by the Medford Hardware Company by tearing out the old front and replacing it with one up to date, using granite. MT2/22/1910p2
    The woodwork for the modern front to be placed in the Medford Hardware store was destroyed by the fire that burned the Phoenix mill Wednesday, thus delaying the completion and necessitating a continuance of the "open front." MT7/14/1910p5
    Oregon Granite has started work erecting a granite front on H. E. Boyden's store building on Main, which houses the Medford Hardware Company. MT7/17/1910p5
    Oregon Granite has a night crew at work putting in a granite front in the H. E. Boyden building on Main Street. MM7/19/1910p4
    Quite the neatest front that Medford has seen has just been finished by J. M. Lyon for Medford Hardware. The interior is finished in panels of veneered oak, with solid oak beamed and paneled ceilings and veneered oak floors. MT8/14/1910p11
    We are now located in the Boyden Warehouse, on paved alley, between South Central and South Bartlett. B. Klum, Electric Signs. MT1/6/1913p3

Brenneman Building
See Palm-Niedermeyer Building

Brommer Apartments
1205 East Main
aka Cook Apartments

Brophy Building
Photo:  1957
Northeast corner East Main and Central

See Jackson County Bank Building, Vawter-Brophy Building

    Consolidated from the Jackson County Bank Building and the Vawter-Brophy Building (q.v.), both originally built in 1906-07.
    Remodeling of the Brophy building has been completed, according to Leland Brophy, owner. The first story has been finished in ceramic tile; the second story has been finished in stucco and aluminum. Stores included on the first floor are McLain's Drug Center, Johnston and Stewart shoe store, Brophy's Jewelers, Junior Boot Shop, and Dr. Frank A. Freeburger and Robert L. Harland, optometrists. Architect for the modernization was Robert J. Keeney, and Batzer Construction Company was general contractor. MT9/29/1957p12

Brown Apartments
14 North Front

Brownell Motel
See Cascade Inn

Broyle's Warehouse
753 South Grape. Possibly not built--see Lumber Products Co.
    Broyle's Warehouse Co. was issued a permit today to build a $21,000 warehouse at 753 South Grape Street. MT8/30/1951p15

Buckingham Candy Factory
Rear, 236 South Central
    The structure was built in the spring of 1924, permitted as a store room, but immediately converted into use as a candy factory. MT11/9/1926p3

Budge-McHugh Plumbing Warehouse  NRHP #54.0
125 North Fir

Buonocore House
Photo:  1965
Eighth and Oakdale, moved to northwest corner Eleventh and Oakdale

Bureau of Land Management
1133 S. Riverside
    The new 44x206-ft. building will contain 14 offices joined by a hallway and be built of shale brick with glass brick windows. It is in Office Park, South Riverside Ave. and Barnett Road, owned by O. L. Williams. MT2/22/1959p3

Burger King
1055 S. Riverside
    Undergoing remodeling June-July 2016.

Burk Building
See J. G. Taylor Building

F. F. Burk Tent and Awning Works  NRHP #32.0