The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

True Tales of Pioneers
In 1920 the Jacksonville Post ran a series of articles about the pioneers--while some of them were still alive, and likely written by one of them too.

The microfilm for the 1920
Post is incomplete; if a reader of this page knows of more articles in the series--preserved perhaps as clippings or in a scrapbook--please contact me.

Gold Discovery
Gold discovery in Rich Gulch in 1851. Pen picture of Jacksonville in the days of the gold excitement. First murder trial held in Jackson County.

C. C. Beekman
One of Southern Oregon's most respected pioneers. Financier and man of marked business ability. Handled millions in gold as banker and express messenger.

William Hoffman
A conscientious public officer and citizen who helped make history in the early days of Southern Oregon.

Peter Britt
A leading figure among pioneers. First photographer in this section of the state and "father of the grape industry in Southern Oregon."

Silas J. Day
Early history of Silas J. Day, one of the firstcomers to Southern Oregon. The trip west via the Isthmus of Panama in the '50s had its hardships as well as the overland route.

Dr. and Mrs. J. W. McCully
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. McCully crossed the plains to Oregon in 1851. Mrs. McCully had the distinction of being the second white woman to arrive in Jacksonville.

Mrs. Harris
A well-remembered incident of the Indian war of 1855, graphically related by pioneer newspaper man. Fate of little David Harris yet unlearned.

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