The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

The Studio Theater

Successor to the State Theater. Open September 23, 1932-circa March 29, 1935.

September 23, 1932 Medford Mail Tribune
September 23, 1932 Medford Mail Tribune

New Sound Will Be Installed at State
    The State Theater is closed for the installation of the latest R.C.A. sound equipment. Workmen started removing the old equipment this morning. The plans call for new projection machines, a new screen and title curtain and the construction of a small stage.
    The management hopes to have the theater in operation by the last of the week.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 21, 1932, page 5

September 25, 1932 Medford Mail Tribune
September 25, 1932 Medford Mail Tribune

Studio Theater Has New Sound Device
    The State Theater reopens today as the Studio Theater with the latest R.C.A. Photophone sound equipment. Walter H. Leverette, the new owner, announced yesterday that tests of the sound reproduction of the Studio have proved it better than in any theater anywhere. The new equipment has improvements that have been added only during the last few months.
    New projection machines and a new screen have also been installed. The theater will have a small stage, and several rows of seats in the back have been raised to give a clear vision from every part of the house
    A new curtain in front of the screen and a marquee over the sidewalk will be installed during the next few days. The marquee is being manufactured in Medford by the Standard Neon Company. It will have the name of the theater and modernistic designs in five different colors.
    Mr. Leverette, who owns theaters in Grants Pass, Ore., and Yreka, Calif., will be in active charge of the Studio.
    Today, Monday and Tuesday the Studio will show "The Lost Squadron," starring Richard Dix.
Medford Mail Tribune, September 25, 1932, page 5

    The Studio Theatre has a very popular picture for all next week, "The Fighting President--Roosevelt--the man of the minute and the picture of the minute."
    Mr. Lewis, manager of the Studio, says this is the timeliest picture of the time and will please everyone.
    This popular priced theatre is running the type of pictures the public appreciate.

The Tattler, Medford, June 16, 1933, page 4

Sometime early in 1935 the Roxy and Studio came under the same management:
March 21, 1935 Medford Mail Tribune
March 21, 1935 Medford Mail Tribune

March 24, 1935 Medford Mail Tribune
March 24, 1935 Medford Mail Tribune

This was apparently the Studio's last ad:
March 29, 1935 Medford Mail Tribune
March 29, 1935 Medford Mail Tribune

    The Montgomery Ward Company was today granted a building permit to remodel their building at the corner of Central and Eighth streets, at a cost of $20,000. Work will start immediately in the space formerly occupied by the Studio Theater. . . .

"Ward Remodeling to Start at Once," Medford Mail Tribune, August 25, 1936, page 1

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