The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

My collection. When I see Rogue Valley postcards cheap, I pick them up. Click here for more on the photographers.

J. A. Cardwell, White Bronze Monuments and Statuary
W. H. Gore for Joint Representative
M. Dale Newton Co., Red Ball Distributors

Wesley Andrews/Teich
D-1094--"The Pacific Highway / Oregon"
Bardell Fototone Miniatures
20 Views, copyright 1922
Lipschuetz & Katz/Teich
107823--"461 Pacific Highway, Oregon" / "Near the Summit of Sexton Mountain?
#3513--"The Pacific Highway, Oregon"--1925ca
"Souvenir of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon" (C.T.&Co. on back)
McNair Bros.
Serie 1357--"Souvenir of Ashland, Ore." (pullout tab)
The Rose Company
"Recollections of a Traveller"
Sawyer Scenic Photos Inc.
Pacific Highway / Oregon (4½x2¾ inches)
Unknown mfr.
Shasta Route Souvenir Folder

K7VIC Jerald Slama
KAAT 5822 Marler
KPC-0768 Henneys
W7VSE Victor Seeberger

"Hotel Medford. Medford, Ore."
"Main Street, Looking East. Medford, Ore."
"North Central Ave. Medford, Ore."
"Pacific Highway on Sexton Mountain near Grants Pass, Ore."
"Pacific Highway on Sexton Mountain / near Grants Pass, Ore."
"Pilot Knob"
"Sacred Heart Hospital. Medford, Ore." (2)
"Tolo Falls and Table Rock from Gold Ray--Mount Pitt"
"Washington School. Medford, Ore."
Medford Hardware & Sporting Co.:
17--"Medford, Oregon, the Gateway to CLNP / Main Street, Looking East"
24--"Medford, Oregon, the Gateway to CLNP / Hotel Medford"
Americhrome--see Oregon News Co.
Anders Photo Shop
K-219-D-8 48618--"Table Rock"
K-219-D11 48621--"Southern Oregon College, with gymnasium on the right, Ashland, Oregon"
62923--"Mon Desir / Dining Inn / Central Point / Oregon"
86524--"Hawthorne Park"
26434-B--"Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital"
Wesley Andrews (see also C-T)
228--"Through the Evergreens--"State Highway"
673--"Looking South on Central from Sixth Street, Medford, Oregon"
767--"Shooting the Rapids, Upper Rogue River, Oregon"
894--"Upper Rogue River, Crater Lake Highway, Oregon"
921--"Upper Gorge of the Rogue River, Oregon"
Ashland Heritage Committee
Series 1 No. 1--"Ashland Flouring Mill"
D. M. Averill
640--"Lower Table Rock, Oregon"
647--"Oregon Apple Orchard" ("Bear Creek Orchard / 265 Ac / Picking Yellow Newtown Apples / for the London Market"
718--"Permanent Exhibit, Medford, Oregon"
719--"Medford Public School" (Washington)
1134--"Main Street, Ashland, Oregon" (Plaza)
131575--"Gold Ray Dam and Table Rock, Mt. Pitt in Distance" (Mary Mee, pub.)
5627 or 162474--"An Oregon Apple Orchard"
161621--"The Hotel Nash / Medford, Oregon, P. J. McMahon, Mngr." (interiors)
Baker Photos (Gold Hill)
971057--North's Courtyard Inn
Barkalow Brothers
7103--"In the Siskiyou Mountains, on the S.P.R.R. / Oregon-California Route."
A-8636--"Table Mountain, Gold Ray Dam, Power Plant and Rogue River . . ."
Richard Behrendt
1876--"High School, Medford, Oregon."
1909--"Central Ave., Medford, Oreg."
1961--"Panorama of Medford, Oregon" (four panels)
23433--"Hotel Medford, Medford, Oregon."
"Hotel Medford, Medford, Oregon" (K-G photo)
BN Co.
Shasta Route, So. Pac. R.R.
5305--"Cow Creek Canon [sic], Southern Oregon."
5307--"Gold Ray Dam, showing Table Mountain and Rogue River, Oregon. Mt. Pitt in Distance"
5308--"Southern Pacific Station, Ashland, Oregon."
53837--"Rogue Valley Manor . . . View of West Side of Manor"
53838--"Rogue Valley Manor . . . The Main Lounge"
53839--"Rogue Valley Manor . . . The Manor Dining Room"
53840--"Rogue Valley Manor . . . The Auditorium"
53841--"Rogue Valley Manor . . . Vista-View Floor Lounge"
53843--"Rogue Valley Manor . . . A View of a Living Room in a Style Three Apartment"
53844--"Rogue Valley Manor . . . A Style Four Corner Living Room"
C-T American Art/C.T. Art-Colortone (see also Curteich, Teich, Curt; Lipschuetz & Katz)
372--"Cave Man's Bridge over Rogue River, Pacific Highway U.S. 99, Grants Pass, Ore."
454--"Pacific Highway, Oregon" "Near the Summit of the Siskiyous"
674--"Skyliner View Looking South, Medford, Oregon"
760--"Pioneer Bridge, Canyon Creek, Pacific Highway, Oregon"
860--"Mill Creek Falls, Rogue River."
925--"Pear Orchards in Bloom"
1336--"Sacred Heart Hospital, Medford, Oregon"
108332--"Bird's Eye View of Business Section, Medford, Oregon."
108333--"Main Street, Medford, Oregon"
108336--"Sacred Heart Hospital, Medford, Oregon"
108340--"Main Street, Medford, Oregon."
108341--"Merrick's Auto Camp, Medford, Oregon"
OB-H1004--"Pear Orchards in Bloom"
2B-H1158--"Greetings from Medford Oregon"
5A-H2687--"Hotel Jackson--Medford, Oregon"
7A-H127--"897 Mt. Thielsen and Diamond Lake, Oregon"
Camp White
3.--"River Crossing--Camp White"
7.--"Rivers Don't Stop Us--Camp White"
10.--"Bivouac--Camp White"
11.--"91 Mile Hike--Camp White"
14.--"91st Inf. Div.--Camp White"
15.--"'Fire'--Camp White"
17.--"Mud on the Desert--Camp White"
19.--"Camp Exchange--Camp White"
23.--"91 Mile Hike--Camp White"
24.--"Over the Top--Camp White"
25.--"Dedication--Camp White"
27.--"Mortars--Camp White"
28.--"Look Out Jap!--Camp White"
30.--"Jeep Ferry--Camp White" (2)
32.--"91 Mile Hike--Camp White"
Canyon Publishing
"Ashland, Oregon. Meyers Lake in Beautiful Lithia Park"
110026--"Historic JACKSONVILLE, Oregon" ("Centennial" Northfield, Minnesota)
153733--"Lost Creek Dam / Rogue River, Oregon"
156654--"Lost Creek Lake in Southern Oregon's Rogue River Country"
685A631--"Historic Jacksonville, Oregon / Methodist – Episcopal Church, 1854"
C2219--"Rogue River Valley / Mt. McLoughlin"
C11247--"Rogue River and Table Rock, Oregon"
C14202--"Medford, Oregon" (aerial)
C17680--"Ashland, Oregon" (aerial)
C27250--"Oregon Shakespearean Festival"
C36281---"Medford, Oregon" (aerial)
C3771--"Oregon Shakespearean Festival, Ashland" "Elizabethan Stagehouse"
S-78291-1--"Link River / Klamath Falls, Oregon"
S-78660--"Greetings from Medford, Oregon"
S-79871--"Beekman House"
S-100303--"Oregon Interstate 5"
S-100705--"Hello from Medford, Oregon"
S-101620--"Historic JACKSONVILLE Oregon" {Northfield Minnesota Scene)
S-101860 and ICS-101860-1--"Historic Jacksonville, Oregon. The Old Cemetery"
ICS-101859--"Historic Jacksonville, Oregon, Beekman Bank Building"
ICS-102888--"Medford, Oregon. View in the City Park."
ICS-79872--"U.S. Hotel Building / Jacksonville, Oregon"
Cardinell-Vincent Co.
7719--"Washington Public School, Medford, Oregon"
7720--"A Beautiful Home, Medford, Oregon" (Vawter House)
7722--"City Park, Medford, Oregon"
7726--"The High School, Medford, Oregon"
7727--"First Baptist Church and the High School, Medford, Oregon"
7728--"View of Central Ave., Medford, Oregon"
Central Point Printing
"Star Lite Kennels"
E. P. Charlton & Co., Portland
495 "Table Rock, Ray Dam, Rogue River and Mt. Pitt, Oregon.--On the Road of a Thousand Wonders"
Chris-a-Tone Card
Christian's Color Card Service, Portland (H. S. Crocker)
K-60--"Mt. Thielsen"
K-250--"Table Rock"
M. Clemens, Grants Pass
"Pacific Highway on Sexton Mountain / near Grants Pass, Ore."
"Pacific Highway on Sexton Mountain near Grants Pass, Ore."
50638--"City Park. / Medford, Oregon."
50642--"Commercial Club, / Medford, Oregon."
50643--"East Main Street / Medford, Oregon."
50644--"Central Avenue / Medford, Oregon."
50645--"Bear Creek Bridge / Medford, Oregon."
50647--"High School, / Medford, Oregon."
Creative Graphics/Industrial Litho
Red Lion Inn
H. S. Crocker
#2 (under stamp)--"The Member's [sic] Gardens . . . a riot of color . . . a satisfying hobby."
#4 (under stamp)--"The Manor Dining Room"
#5 (under stamp)--"'Off to Town'--on the Manor Bus"
Curteichcolor (see also Teich, Curt; Lipschuetz & Katz)
OC.27--"Paradise Lost, Oregon Caves" (Anderson Sundry Co., Portland, Oregon)
PC-48-A1--"U.S. Mail Boat on the rogue River, Oregon" (Anderson Sundry Co.)
"Pulver's Motel"
"Pulver's Motel / Medford, Oregon"
Denison News Co.
"A Loop, Tunnels 14 and 15 – Shasta Route."
"Climbing the Siskiyou Mts. – Shasta Route."
"Dallarhide Trestle on the Siskiyou Grade – Shasta Route."
"Mt. Shasta from Edgewood, elevation 14, 442 ft. – Shasta Route."
"View of Shasta Springs – Shasta Route."
DeVere Helfrich
DeV-38--"Dan Poore Steer Wrestling, Medford, '45."
DeV-39--"Padgett Berry Calf Roping, Medford, '45."
Dexter Press
CT-3457--"The Rodeway Inn and Kopper Kitchen"
74461-B--"Bard's Inn"
86524--"Hawthorne Park"
Diamond K logo (also see Smith-Western and Western Color Sales)
22075--Motor Haven Motel (with green Buick)
22749--"Pulver's Motel" (panorama size)
35932--Crater Inn Motel
47278--"Medford TraveLodge Motel"
58585--"View of the GeBauer Apartments"
George Dunford Co., Phoenix, Oregon
144.586--Sierra Inn Motel
4th Street Garden Gallery and Cafe, Ashland, © 1993
"J'Ville Tavern," 1989
"Wagon and Wall," 1992
Frye & Smith
54262--"Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon / Swans find haven on this beautiful lake"
54264--"HOTEL MEDFORD / Medford, Oregon."
James J. Gillick & Co.
Medford Travelodge
Gandee Printing
Mon Desir Dining Inn postcard foldout brochure
"Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital" (aerial)
Graphics West
44948--Pioneer Village
M-331--"Medford City Park, Medford, Oregon"
M-332--"Roxy Ann--"From East [sic] Main St., Medford, Oregon"--" (1943)
M-333--"Greetings from Medford Oregon"
P-127--"Truck Logging in the Northwest"
Harry and David
"They Never Forget"
Leon B. Haskins
See also PCK.
1121--"Birds-Eye View of Medford, Oregon"
Hotels (no mfr. name)
"Hotel Holland" "Centrally Located / Satisfactory Prices" "Ben Decious, Prop." etc.
"Hotel Medford / Medford – Ore." "Commercial Men's Home" "Tourists Linger Longer"
Frank Hull (printed by Albertype, some hand-colored)
No number--"Pilot Rock, Siskiyou Mountains / Hand-colored"
No. 1408--"Pelican Bay. The Noted Summer and Health Resort in Southern . . ." (colored)
No. 1649--"Bar Creek Falls on Rogue River (160 ft.) / Southern Oregon"
No. 1890--"Ray Dam, on Rogue River, Furnishing Light and Power for Southern Oregon" (colored)
No. 1999--"Interior of Permanent Exhibit Building, Medford, Oregon"
No. 3172--"Medford, Oregon, View from Watering Tower, Portion of City Park in Foreground" (2)
No. 3174--"In the City Park, Medford, Oregon"
No. 3207--"Medford, Oregon. North School"
No. 3207--"North School, Medford, Oregon #3948"
No. 3209--"Jackson County Court House, Jacksonville, Oregon."
No. 3215--"Medford, Oregon, Public School."
No. 3218--"Main Street, Medford, Oregon, Looking West from Bear Creek Bridge."
No. 3219--"Main Street, Medford, Oregon, Looking East from S.P. Station."
No. 3407--"Jacksonville, Medford, Roxie Ann and Mt. Pitt in Southern Oregon."
No. 3948--"North School, Medford, Oregon"
E. C. Kropp Co.
2508-N--"Lithia Springs Hotel/Ashland, Oregon" "Home of Famous Lithia Water" "Operated by/Multnomah Hotel, Inc./Portland, Oregon."
27300N--"A Major Industry--Lumbering--in Oregon"
KT Communications
W2--"The Lithia Water Gazebo"
Charles A. Lipscheutz Company
225--"Gold Ray Dam, Showing Table Mountain and Rogue River, Oregon." "Mount Pitt in Distance, Shasta Route."
Lipscheutz & Katz (see also C-T American Art, Curteich, Teich, Curt)
454--"Pacific Highway, Oregon" "Near the Summit of the Siskiyous"
Lithia Park Photographers
SCB15889--"Ashland Chiropractic Clinic"
Made in Germany (no mfr. name)
No. 551--"Steep Banks of Crater Lake, Southern Oregon"
McNair Bros., East Side Pharmacy, Ashland
No. 442--"The Shut-In, Ashland Creek, Ashland, Ore."
"Ray Dam and Historic Table Rock, Southern Oregon."
Medford Book Store
Black and white:
640--"View of 7th Street, Medford, Oregon"
"Views of Medford, Ore." (7 thumbnails)
"Nash Hotel, Medford, Ore."
"Ray Dam and Table Rock, near Medford, Ore."
Medford Pharmacy
8427--"Bartlett Pears, Unsurpassed in Southern Oregon, Medford, Ore." (Rieder)
8439--"Bear Creek Orchard, 265 Ac. Picking Yellow Newtown Pippin Apples Near . . ."
127938--"Hotel Nash, Medford, Oregon"
127940--"City Park, Medford / Oregon"
127941--"Exhibit Building, Medford, Oregon"
127942--"North School, Medford, Oregon"
Edw. H. Mitchell (see also Pacific Novelty)
478--"An Apple Orchard."
495--"Table Rock and Ray Dam, Oregon. / Mt. Pitt in Distance. Road of a Thousand Wonders"
495--"Table Rock and Ray Dam, Rogue River and Mt. Pitt, Oregon / on the Road of a Thousand Wonders" (see E. P. Charlton & Co., Portland, Ore.)
495--"Table Rock, Oregon"
498--"Mt. McLaughlin [sic] (Mt. Pitt) Southern Oregon"
498--"Mt. Pitt,Oregon."
1013--"Apple Orchard, Oregon"
1084--"Permanent Exhibit Building, Ashland, Oregon" (2)
1087--"East School, Ashland, Oregon"
1088--"Sulphur Baths, Ashland, Oregon."
1089--"State Normal School, Ashland, Oregon."
1102--"Rogue River, Oregon. / S.P. Lines on Oregon, Road of a Thousand Wonders"
1557--"Ashland Creek Canyon, Ore."
1601--"High School, Ashland, Oregon"
3198--"Hell Gate, Rogue River, Oregon. / S.P. Lines in Oregon, Road of a Thousand Wonders"
3376--"Pear and Apple Orchard, Medford, Oregon."
2138--"First National Bank of Medford, Oregon"
2490--"Main St. at Night, Medford, Oregon"
3357--"New S. P. Depot, Medford, Oregon."
3358--"West Main Street, Medford, Oregon"
3359--"High School & Natatorium, Medford, Oregon."
3360--"North Central Avenue / Medford, Oregon."
3364--"Beautiful Scenery in the Park, Medford, Oregon"
3365--"Public Library, Medford, Oregon."
3368--"Washington School, Medford, Oregon."
3369--"The Natatorium, Medford, Oregon"
3370--"Interior of the Natatorium, Medford, Oregon."
3371--"Hotel Medford, Medford, Oregon."
3373--"A Typical Residence, Medford, Oregon."
3375--"In the new Residence District, Medford, Oregon"
3376--"Pear and Apple Orchard, Medford, Oregon."
George Mood
S12001--"The Lodge Motel"
S-31424--"Nite Lite Motel"
S-55155L3--"Capri Motel"
Motels (publisher unidentified or miscellaneous)
"Ashland Motel" (George Mood)
"Bear Creek Motel on U.S. 99, 1½ Miles South of Medford, Oregon."
City Center Motel (Vernon Co.)
Crater Inn Motel (Kolor View)
Imperial 400 Motel
Lazy Acres Motel (Lacquer-Graph Process Co.)
"Lodge Motel / So. City Limits / Medford, Oregon / Electric Heat / Some Kitchenettes" (Artvue)
Motel 6
Nite Lite Motel
"Merrick's Motor Inn" (Process Co., neon sign in top frame)
"Red Lion Motor Inn" (panorama size)
National Press, Inc.
"The Heirloom Antique Shop / 68 E. Main, Ashland, Oregon – MU 2-9161"
Nature's Design
201--"Jeremiah Nunan House"
517--"Jacksonville Trolley"
562--"Jacksonville, Oregon" (buggy crossing California Street)
571--"The Beekman House"
599--"Medford, Oregon" (aerial)
702--"First Presbyterian Church"
707--"Jacksonville, Oregon" (Jville Tavern corner)
761--"Oregon Shakespeare Festival / Ashland, Oregon"
805--"Jacksonville, one of only a few . . ." (trolley on California Street)
846--"Hi from / Medford / Oregon"
00062--"Historic Jacksonville, Oregon" (six images)
00990--"Ashland Oregon"
1093--"Holiday Greetings / Ashland Oregon" on reverse: "Happy Holidays from Ashland, Oregon"
01451--"Ashland / Oregon" on reverse: "Greetings from Ashland, Oregon"
No number:
"Diamond Lake Lodge"
Newman Post Card Co.
No. AE6--"In the Siskiyou Mountains on the S.P.R.R. California-Oregon Route"
M. Dale Newton
29898--"The First Methodist Church of Medford Oregon"
Northwest Curio & Post Card Co.
NCO-61--"Pear Blossoms / Medford, Oregon / Rogue Valley Manor in the Background"
NCO67--"Rogue River and Table Rock, Oregon"
NCO-79--"Rogue River, Oregon"
NCO82--"Rogue River Valley / Mt. McLoughlin" 1962Septpm
NCO84--"Greetings from Medford, Oregon"
NCO91--"Oregon Shakespearean Festival"
NCO138--"Southern Oregon College"
"Howard Prairie Lake" (split image)
Oregon News Co.--Americhrome
75--"Gold Ray Dam, Table Rock and Rogue River, Oregon, Mt. Pitt in the distance"
Pacific Novelty/PNC (see also Edw. H. Mitchell)
Black and white:
6N--"Sacred Heart Hospital, Medford, Ore."(2)
11N--"Hotel Medford, Medford, Ore." (3)
1700--"Residence, Ashland, Ore."
Oval, woodgrain frame:
No. Or. 3--"Falls of Rogue River, Southern Oregon"
No. Or. 4--"A Gorge on the Rogue River, Southern Oregon."
No. 1039--"A Scene in the Park / Medford, Ore."
No. 1042--"St. Marys Academy, / Medford, Ore."
No. 1043--"First Baptist Church, / Medford, Ore."
No. 1045--"The Natatorium, Medford, Ore."
No. 1046--"Interior of the Natatorium, / Medford, Ore."
No. 1173--"Mt. Pitt Near Grants Pass, Ore."
No. 2129--"A View from the Corner of Main / an [sic] Front Street, Medford, Ore."
318--"Rogue River Apple Orchard.--Three and four years old."
911--"Ashland, Ore.--"Chautauqua Park"
1130--"Placer Mining in Oregon"
1693--"Helman Sulphur Baths, Ashland, Ore." (published for Taylor's Temple of Trade)
1696--"Ashland Creek in Chatauqua Park, Ashland, Oregon."
1699--"Ashland Creek Canyon, Ashland, Oregon."
3376--"Pear and Apple Orchard, Medford, Oregon."
3729--"Beautiful Oregon--Gold Ray Dam on Rogue River."
3730--"Beautiful Oregon / Gold Ray Dam on Rogue River, / Showing Table Rock and Mount Pitt."
3733--"Beautiful Oregon--Castles in Castle Creek Canon."
3805--"Beautiful Oregon. / Headwaters in Winter time."
3811--"Beautiful Oregon. / The Head Waters of Rogue River."
5307--"Gold Ray Dam, showing Table Mountain and Rogue River, Oregon. Mt. Pitt in distance"
7633.--"The ‘Old Man' of Cow Creek Canyon, on S.P. Ry.--Southern Oregon."
1696--"Ashland Creek in Chautauqua Park, Ashland, Ore."
3356--"Main Street, showing Nash Hotel, Medford, Oregon."
3363--"Fountain in the City Park, Medford, Oregon."
3372--"Hotel Holland, Medford, Oregon"
Patton Post Card Co.
A-8680--"Pear Orchard, Oregon."
PCK Series--Paul C. Koeber
6115--"City Park, Medford, Oregon."
6120--"Street Scene, Medford, Ore."
6121--"Birds Eye View of Medford, Ore."
6123--"An Orchard of Yellow Newtown Pippin Apples, Oregon." (Bear Creek Orchard)
6133--"Hold [sic] Ray on Rogue River, Table Rock, Mt. Pitt in the distance, Ore."
6623--"Medford, Ore., 7th or Main St."
6624--"MEDFORD, ORE. Permanent Exhibit Building" (L. B. Haskins)
The Photo & Souvenir Store (Albertype)
"Ashland Creek Falls"
"Hotel Oregon"
Portland Post Card Co.
Black and white:
?????--"Lower Table Rock, on Rogue River, Oregon."
70016--"Southern Oregon Apple Orchard"
70065--"Table Rock, Rogue River, Oregon"
70066--"Gold Bay [sic] Dam, Rogue River, Oregon"
Black and white--Alaska Yukon-Pacific:
No. 70123--"Upper Rogue River, Southern Oregon"
B1046--"Mt. Pitt, or Mt. McLaughlin, Southern Oregon, Elevation 9760 ft."
371--"Main Street looking south, Ashland, Ore."
616--"New Building, One of the buildings, / Southern Oregon State Normal School, Oregon."
1103--"In an Oregon Vineyard."
1154--"Jacksonville and Rogue River Valley, Oregon."
1173--"Picking Apples in an Oregon Orchard."
1262--"Loganberries, Southern Oregon."
1415--"Gold Ray Dam, Rogue River, Oregon. On the Shasta Route S.P.R.R."
1631--"North School, Medford, Oregon"
1636--"City Park, Medford, Oregon."
1637--"Four Year Old Apple Orchard in Rogue River Valley near Medford, Ore."
7064--"Phantom Ship, in Crater Lake, Southern Oregon."
7070--"Mt. Pitt, Southern Oregon"
7101--"Rogue River Valley, Ore., as seen from the S.P.R.R. in the Siskiyou Mts."
7103--"In the Siskiyou Mountains, on the S.P.R.R. Oregon--California Route."
Color--Alaska Yukon-Pacific:
1265--"High School, Medford, Oregon."
1630--"Bear Creek at Bridge and Seventh Street, Medford, Ore."
1631--"North School, Medford, Oregon."
1632--"Public School, Medford, Oregon." (Washington) (3)
1633--"Hotel Nash, Medford, Oregon."
1635--"Seventh Street, Medford, Oregon"
1647--"Table Mountain, Gold Ray Dam, Power Plant and Rogue River, Southern Oregon on the Shasta Route."
1707--"Pinnacles in West Sand Creek Canyon, Crater Lake Park, / Southern Oregon."
Color--"On the Road of a Thousand Wonders":
P1040--"Mt. Hood, Oregon, at Sunset, Elevation 11932 ft."
P1046--"Mt. Pitt, or Mt. McLaughlan [sic], Southern Oregon, Elevation 9760 ft."
P1092--"Bartlett Pear Tree, Rogue River Valley, Oregon."
P1094--"Gold Ray Dam on Rogue River, Oregon. Table Rock and Mt. Pitt."
P1111--"Returning from a Hunt--Southern Oregon"
1288 and R-27508--"Gold Ray Dam, Southern Oregon"
S1284--"Gold Ray Dam and Table Rock, Oregon"
M. Rieder, Los Angeles
5162--"Table Rock, Southern Oregon, scene of battle between Rogue River Indians and . . ."
8427--"Bartlett Pears, Unsurpassed in Southern Oregon, Medford, Ore."
L. H. V. Reynolds & Co.
"St. Mary's Academy, Medford, Oregon."
Mike Roberts
"In Uncanny Cabin--Crater Lake Highway--Ore."
SC495--Motor Haven Motel
SC13596--Valli Hai Motel
C1790--"Crater Lake"
C2219--"Medford Valley and Mt. McLoughlin"
C4470--"Lithia Square, Ashland, Oregon."
C4656--"Scene from Oregon Shakespearean Festival"
C5227--"Main Street, Medford, Oregon"
C6211--"Medford, Oregon. Central Avenue looking north on Highway 99"
C14424--"Deer at Crater Lake"
C14668--"Snow at Crater Lake"
1104G--"River and Highway in Oregon Cascades"
H. Royle
C18490--"Phoenix Motel"
Geo. C. Sabin
"Grants Pass, Oregon. Rogue River Road Below Savage Rapids, Rogue River Valley"
I. Scheff & Bros., San Francisco
9314--"Grants Pass, Oreg."
Louis Scheiner
R-40048--"A Rogue River Picturesque Scene, Gold Ray, Ore."
Schneebeck News Agency
31857N--"Lake of the Woods Showing Mt. McLoughlin"
35436--"Up the Canyon, Ashland, Oregon"
35439--"Park Scene, Ashland, Oregon"
35440--"Fountain in City Park, Ashland, Oregon"
35443--"Summit of Mt. Ashland, near Ashland, Oregon"
E. W. Smith
1976 Butte Falls reprints:
"Mt. Pitt Lookout House / Oct. 12, 1917"
Smith-Western (see also Diamond K and Western Color Sales for more K series cards)
CT-190--"Logging Truck in the Northwest" (also just "Logging Truck")
CT-1660--"Rogue River Valley and Mt. McLoughlin"
CT-2454--"House of Mystery"
CT-3405--"Downtown Medford Photo by Mac Miller"
CT-3406--"Medford at Night Photo by Mac Miller"
CT-3425--"City Hall, Medford, Oregon Photo: Skip"
CT-3427--"Southern Oregon College, Ashland" Photo: Skip" (aerial)
CT-3431--"Ashland, Oregon Photo: Bernie McNeil" (aerial)
CT-3454--"Jacksonville Museum, Oregon Photo: Morton Luman"
CT-3469--"Medford, Oregon Photo: Don Langley" (Medford Shopping Center)
CT-3715--"Jacksonville / Oregon" (five images)
K-104--"Giant Fir Log"
K-247--"Rogue River Gorge"
K-1606--"Highway to Crater Lake--Diamond Lake"
K-1695--"Medford, Oregon and Mt. McLaughlin" [sic]
K-2400--"Greetings From Medford, Oregon" (South Central)
K-2415--"'Hello' from Medford, Oregon"
K-2416--"Rogue Valley Manor"
K-2439--"Aerial View of America's First Elizabethan Theatre"
K-2443--"Beekman Bank / Jacksonville, Oregon"
K-2473--"Medford, Oregon" (Main Street at dusk)
Smith's Scenic Views
CM0054--"Medford, Oregon / Street scene of the southern Oregon agricultural city."
CM0057--"Southern Oregon College of Education / Ashland, Oregon"
P21892--"Southern Oregon" (Table Rock and sawmill)
P22034--"Gladiolus Field in Southern Oregon"
SOHS--Southern Oregon Historical Society
No. 14538--"A Snider's Dairy truck parked in downtown / Jacksonville during the . . . "
Hundley Print Shop:
No. 106--"Beekman Bank, Jacksonville, Oregon, 1862. Begun as gold-buying . . ."
Sprouse & Son
No. 6--"Ashland Creek, Falls, Oregon"
No. 9--"7th Street, Medford, Oregon"
No. 11--"Scene in City Park, Medford, Oregon"
No. 12--"Creek Scene, Medford, Oregon"
No. 13--"7th Street, Medford, Oregon"
No. 15--"A fine Residence Street, Medford, Oregon"
No. 16--"C Street, Medford, Oregon"
No. 17--"North School, Medford, Oregon"
No. 18--"S. P. Depot and Permanent Exhibit, Medford, Oregon"
No. 21--"Orchard Scene, Medford, Oregon"
No. 1015--"Anna Creek Canyon, Oregon"
"Oregon Grain, Awaiting Shipment"
Carlyle F. Stout
1025--"Lithia water fountain in the Plaza, / which is the hub of downtown"
Sun Printing Co.
"Hotel Holland, Medford, Oregon' (view from roof catercorner)
Curt Teich (see also Curteichcolor)
108334--"Hotel Holland, Medford, Oregon"
108340--"Main Street, Medford, Oregon"
Union Oil Co.--Royal 76
"Rogue River Valley" view of Mt. McLoughlin from South Stage Road
"Mary's Casa"
"Picking Peaches for Foreign Markets, Southern Oregon." (Woodson orchard--unknown in Rogue Valley)
449--"Picking Pears in RR. Valley Ore." (halftone reprint of RPPC)
549--"Crater Lake, Southern Oregon."
550--"Crater Lake, Summit of Cascade Mts., / Southern Oregon."
5627--"An Oregon Apple Orchard" (AO logo? Printed in Germany)
Van Dyke News Co.
8887 and 8887N--"Main Street, Medford, Oregon" (1930s halftone "night" shot)
18096N--"Greetings from Medford Oregon"
26018N--"National Creek Waterfalls"
Van Noy Interstate Co. (IVNCo/INVCo/VINCo/VNICo/VICo logo)
"Table Mountain and Ray Gold Dam, (Showing Mt. Pitt), Rogue River, Oregon."
"Gold Ray Dam, Showing Table Mountain and Rogue River, Oregon. Southern Pacific Shasta Route." (No. 55881)
The Vernon Co.
18,644F--"City Center Motel"
Western Color Sales (see also Diamond K and Smith-Western for more K series cards)
K-25--"Ponderosa Pine, or Yellow Pine, forests are both a commercial . . ."
K-257--"Oregon Caves, Chateau, Oregon"
K-1611--"Medford, Oregon" (Hawthorne Park)
K-1630--"Central Ave. / Medford, Oregon"
K-1659--"'Howdy' from Medford"
K-1660--"Rogue River Valley and / Mt. McLoughlin"
Whitland Locke
48480-B--"Thunderbird Lodge" (2)
50537-B--"Cedar Lodge"
56147-C--"Timbers Motel and Pancake House"
Wild Country
030471--"White Motel"
61012-B--"Bamby's Coffee Shop"
614541--"Bard's Inn"
64504--"Royal Crest Motel"
67636--"Hyatt Lodge"
69629--"Phoenix Motel"
291080--Royal Crest Motel
320238--"Valley Entrance Motel"
771240--"Motel Orleans"
881253--"Village Inn"
881360--Stanley's Family Restaurant (2)
F. B. Wines Co.
Merrick's (15,000 population)
Unknown Publisher
"Rogue River Falls, Oregon, on Road of a Thousand Wonders" (Gold Ray Dam)
"Almond Grove, Southern Oregon"
4404--"Up the Canyon, / Ashland, Ore."
43786--"Historic Jacksonville / Jacksonville Library 1854" (2)
44786--"Historic Jacksonville / Beekman Bank 1862"

Modoc Press
Klamath Falls area map

A-M Card Co.
104--"Medford's New High School--Medford, Ore."
106--"St Marys Academy--Medford, Ore."
109--"Looking North from City Park--Medford, Ore."
"R.R. Valley R.R.--Train and Depot--Jacksonville, Ore."
"Table Rock--/Gold Ray, Ore./A Million Feet of Logs Ready for the Mill"
"Mt. Wagner, / Talent, Ore." (reprint)
Ager rubber-stamp legend:
"No. 13 Natatorium Medford Ore"
"Medford Ore"
"Mt Pitt from / Ashland Oregon 1911"
"Wagner Butte Ore."
1588--"Sinnot Memorial / Crater Lake, Ore."
1598--"The Lodge on the rim of Crater Lake, Ore."
2121--"E. Main St. at Intersection of Highway #99, / Medford, Ore."
2126--"Medford Hotel on Main St. / at Cor. of Holley St. Medford, Ore."
2129--"Looking South on S. Central Ave. / Medford, Ore."
2146--"New Methodist Church / Medford, Ore."
2161--"E. Main St., at Intersection of Central Ave."
2169--"Table Mountain / Medford, Ore."
2204--"Hotel Grand / Medford, Ore."
2281--"On North Central Avenue, / Medford, Ore."
2827--"E. Main St. at Intersection of Highway #99, / Medford, Ore."
WA--Wesley Andrews
5--"Main Street--Medford, Oregon"
9--"Lithia Falls, Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon"
11--"Atkinson Memorial, Lithia Park--Ashland, Oregon"
14--"Fountain in Lithia Park--Ashland, Ore."
370--""Bird's Eye View Showing Rogue River Bridge, Grants Pass, Oregon"
Wesley Andrews
11--"Main Street, Medford, Ore."
25--"View of Medford, Ore."
Brubaker Aerial Surveys
#8155--"Owen-Oregon Mill, Medford, Ore."
#9413--"Medford, Ore."
#30286--"Orchards in Oregon / Rogue River Valley"
CD Logo
210--"Mt. McLoughlin at Lake of the Woods"
"Uncanny Canyon on Crater Lake Highway--Ore."
130--"Pacific Highway Siskiyou Mts"
DE (unknown photographer--Demaray?)
DE10--"Along the Galice Stage Road / Grants Pass, Ore."
Charles H. Demaray, Grants Pass
10707--Table Rock
326--"Siskiyou Loops of the Pacific Highway in Southern Oregon"
368--"Court House from Main Street, Medford, Oregon"
"Medford, Ore." (aerial)
#16--"Gold Ray Dam and Table Rock Near Medford Ore."
#24--"Siskiyou--Loop-- / Siskiyou – Mts / Ore."
#751--"The Circle Loop / on the Pacific Highway / in the Siskiyous"
#782--"Lady of the Woods--Crater Lake National Park" (scratched)
"Cattle Grazing on Winter Blue Grass, Dec. 13th, 1927 on the Hanley & Hoover Ranch, Medford, Ore."
"This is a great country/a specimen of Medford's/pears--Medford's/Jubilee of Visions/Realized Medford Ore/Sept 14-15" (papier-mache pear)
Frank Hull
978--"Medford Concert Band"
2818--"Warm Meals at All Hours"
3--"Nov. 15th in Medford, Ore."
28--"High School / Natatorium / Medford, Ore."
42--"Public Library / Medford Ore."
225--"Orchard Near Talent Ore." (reprint)
M35--"Hotel Medford / Medford Ore."
LO-14--"Oldest Bank in Ore. / Jacksonville Ore."
Miller Photo Co.
No. 1209--"Crater Lake Showing the Watchman, Glacier Peak, / Wizard Island . . ."
Mon Desir
Two views
Pacific Photo Co.
159--"Hillcrest Orchard--Near Medford Ore."
219--"First National Bank. Medford, Ore."
565--"Gold Ray Dam, Southern Oregon." (possibly No. 363)
"Washington School"
694--"Bear Creek Bridge Medford Ore."
5.K.20.--"General Custer" / " Big Tree Park".
A36--"Ashland, Ore."
M7--"Medford, Ore."
M8--"Medford, Ore."
M12--"Medford / Looking South"
M21--"Jackson Co. Courthouse, Medford, Ore."
M25--"Medford from the Air"
M27--"Looking down Main St., Medford, Oregon"
M27--"Medford, Ore."
M39--"In Medford, Ore."
240--"The Wigwaum / Oregon Caves."
240--"Niagra Falls / Oregon Caves."
260--"The Twin Sisters, Oregon Caves."
338--"Rogue River Bridge / on Crater Lake Highway"
355--"Petrified Forest--Oregon Caves"
375--"Stairway to Paradise Lost"
377--"Choral Gardens--Oregon Caves"
386--"The Bee Hive Oregon Caves"
405--"Casting in the Rogue River"
409--"Rogue River Gorge"
425--"Pear Blossoms. Rogue River Valley."
430--"Pear Blossoms and Mt. Pitt Near Medford Oregon. / Rogue River Valley Fruit Crop . . ."
430--Pear Blossoms. Rogue River Valley."
432--"Gold Ray, Table Rock & Mt. Pitt."
453--"Medford, Oregon / Fishing and / hunting unexcelled. / Mt. Thielsen from / Diamond Lake"
500--"Mt Pitt from Pacific Highway"
514--"Loop the Loop / Pacific Highway / Siskiyou Mts."
525--"Horse-Shoe Curve, Siskiyou Mts. Oregon."
525--"Horse Shoe Curve on Siskiyou Mts."
525--"Horse-Shoe Curve / on Siskiyou Mts."
525--"Horse-Shoe Curve / on Siskiyou Mts."
531--"Medford, Or. on the World's Longest Paved Highway Pacific Highway Along the Rogue River"
532--"Pacific Highway on Sexton Mt. Near Grants Pass" (2)
536--"Pacific Highway in Siskiyou Mts."
539--"Pacific Highway on / Canyon Creek"
745--"Cape Sebastian / Roosevelt Highway."
805--"On the Famous Mill Creek Drive"
1506--"Canyon Pass / Pacific Highway."
1511--"Pacific Highway on the Siskiyous"
1513--"The Steel Bridge / 252 ft. to the / water. / Highest on the / Pacific Highway."
Patton Post Card Co.
A-8708--"Rogue River, / Oregon."
On the Road of a Thousand Wonders
No. 2--"Hotel Medford, Medford, Ore."
"A Quiet Spot on the Rogue River"
"Mt. McLoughlin, 9,493 ft., as seen from the Pacific Highway, Oregon." (4½x2¾, in packet)
"Near the summit of Sexton Mountain, Pacific Highway, Oregon." (4½x2¾, in packet)
"Pioneer Bridge, Canyon Creek, / Pacific Highway, Oregon." (4½x2¾, in packet)
"Rogue River, near Grants Pass, Pacific Highway, Oregon." (4½x2¾, in packet)
"Rogue River Valley, near Medford, Pacific Highway, Oregon." (4½x2¾, in packet)
"Scene in Lithia Park, Ashland, / Pacific Highway, Oregon." (4½x2¾, in packet)
"Siskiyou Mountains and Mr. Ashland, Pacific Highway, Oregon." (4½x2¾, in packet)
"Table Rock, Scene of Early Indian Battle, Pacific Highway, Oregon." (4½x2¾, in packet)
15-793--"Lithia Park--Ashland, Oregon"
16-308--"Medford, Oregon, 'Gateway to Crater Lake Nat'l Park'"
16-341--"U.S. Post Office and Court House--Medford, Ore."
16-343--"Jackson County Court House--Medford, Ore." (2)
16-875--"Central Street--Medford, Oregon"
16-876--"Main Street--Medford, Oregon"
16-878--"Central Ave.--Medford, Oregon" (3)
16-879--"Main Street--Medford, Oregon" (2)
16--"Feed the Trout at Prospect"
Smith's Scenic Views
P624--"City Hall--Medford Oregon"
P635--"City Park--Medford, Oregon"
SOHS--Southern Oregon Historical Society
"Sold By So. Ore. Hist. Soc. Inc." legend
"C. C. Beekman Bank"
"Jacksonville R. R. Station"
SOSC--Southern Oregon State College
"C. C. Beekman Bank"
Chester Stevenson
Cs393--"Pacific Highway – Canyon Creek Bridge / Douglas Co. Oregon"
Cs441--"Pacific Highway Scene / near Canyonville Douglas Co Ore."
222--"Jackson Hot Mineral Springs from S.P.R.R."
Typewriter series--Lowe
"December 1851 / Gold Was First Dsicovered in Jacksonvill Oregon"
LO-14--"Oldest Bank in Ore. / Jacksonville Ore."
Underwood & Underwood
Berrangs--Eye level, Mr. & Mrs. standing with oxen, buildings & wagon in bkgrd
Berrangs--From above, one ox half out of oxen tent
Berrangs--Eye level, Mr. in wagon, Mrs. by ox, background whited out
"Crazy Curly: Heard Daily" (KMED)
"Deer Park Hollywood Orchards / Medford Oregon."
"Elks Temple #1168 Medford Ore."
"Jacksonville, Oregon" (cemetery)
A4--"Merrick's Motor Inn & Camp Grounds, Medford, Ore."
Ab'10--"O.A.C. Cadet Band"
"B8. Gold Ray Dam, Southern Oregon."
"Lodge Room Elks Club Medford Ore."
"Medford – Ore. From Balinger Hill"
"North School, Medford, Oregon No. 3948"
"Rogue River Round-up" / "R. Dollarhide in Finals"
"Sacred Heart Hospital Medford Ore."
"Sailing at Lake of the Woods"
"Sec. No. 2 Panorama Ashland Ore."
"Table Mountain Jackson Co. Oregon / from Pacific Highway"
8--"Sailing at Lake of the Woods"
13--"Birds Eye View Ashland Ore."
84--"Looking Toward Gold Hill Mt." (Dardanelles)
164--"Top of Blackwell Hill. Mt. Pitt in Distance"
190/191--"Gold Ray Dam--Rogue River Ore." (2)
410--"Rogue River below Trail"
445--"Table Rock R.R. Valley Ore."
726--"Mt. Pitt from H. B. Tronson's Home R.R. Valley Ore."
727--"Snowy Butte Orchard R.R. Valley Ore."
900--"Fountain Lodge / Medford Ore."
VI--Views Incorporated
B94--"Table Rock Near Medford, Ore."
B106--"First Methodist Church--Medford, Ore."
B107--"Medford Hotel Medford,Ore."
B108--"Jackson County Courthouse Medford, Ore."
B111--"Elks Temple Medford, Ore." (2)
B122--"City Hall Medford, Ore."
B142--"Public Library--Medford, Ore."
B143--"Mt. McLoughlin Oregon"
B225--"Pear Blossoms--Rogue River Valley, Oregon"
B263--"Shooting Rapids on Rogue River, Southern Oregon"
72--"Fountain City Park, Medford, Ore."
Western Card Co.
115-- "The City of Medford, Oregon from Nob Hill"
121--"A Scene in the Park--Medford, Oregon."
125--"Bear Creek / Bridge / Medford, Ore."

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