Medford in 1934

I remember when:
    The Roxy Theater prices were 20¢ for adults and 10¢ for kiddies, and the movie "Bomb Shell" starring Jean Harlow.
    Bank nights at all the theaters--Roxy, Craterian and the Studio.
    Kathryn and Maxine Robinson worked as usherettes at the Roxy Theater, and the cashier received $9.00 a week.
    The cost of a new dress--$1.95 and $3.95 at the "Band Box." Shoes at Kidd's Shoe Store--$4.95.
    A permanent for our hair cost $5.00.
    We could get a 5¢ coke at Wainscott's Pharmacy.
    The fish bowls of beer at The Pine Cone.
    Those big hamburgers at Dell's for 10¢.
    One was paid 10¢ an hour for housework and babysitting.
    First-class postage was 3¢--postcards were 1¢.
    Ward Bebb (later a schoolteacher in Medford) spent his first day in kindergarten January 30, 1934.
    A trip to Eugene by car took 7 hours.
    A dentist's appointment for a filling cost $1.00. Cleaning, $2.00.
    We went dancing at the Dreamland and Oriental Gardens.
    We ate lunches at the Rex Cafe, Valentine's, Nandie's, The Chateau, The Lunch Box, DeVoe's, The Cozy Nook, Leonard's, Brownie Marie's, The Green Lantern and The 5 and 10¢ Grill.
    The high school put on "The Mikado," the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, February 27, 1934.
    Medford High had the greatest basketball team.   

Taken from a diary I kept in the year 1934.
Verna Forncrook Wilson, Medford High School class of 1931

Valentine's--Located on South Riverside Avenue, first block [south of Main], on the left-hand side of the street. I think this was run by Jimmy Valentine at this time.
Cozy Nook--This was on Main Street near Riverside and in the same block as the Roxy Theater. This was run by Johnny Winterhalter. He made the best chili and was in business for many years. It was his daughter who was Colleen Hope the dance teacher.
Franklin's--Located on South Central near the Craterian Theater. We girls stopped in there often.
The Shack--Located on Main Street, one block west of the Roxy. This was here only a short time.
Huson's--Peg, the folks and I ate out on me at this cafe, March 21, 1937. I don't remember where it was.
Brownie Marie--The folks and I ate at this cafe on Sunday, August 5, 1934. I don't know where it was.
Green Lantern--I had a sandwich at this cafe on Friday, November 30, 1934, and I don't know the location.
What Not--The folks and I had supper at this cafe on Sunday, March 22, 1936. I think this was located on the corner of Sixth and Holly or Ivy streets.
DeVoe's--Located on the corner of Main and Oakdale sts., [catercorner] from the courthouse.
Brass Rail--June 25, 1937--Friday--Ralph, Dale, Bessie and I [went] to this place on this evening. Ralph is our cousin. I don't know where this place was. We had been to Diamond Lake and were to go to Frisco the next day on a vacation.
Coffee Pot--5 & 10¢ grill (must have had a 10¢ sandwich here)
Lunch Box and Crest Cafes were mentioned in my diary, but I don't know their location.
Brown's--This was located on the corner of Front and Main streets. A pool hall was in the front part, and a cafe in the back. We didn't go here often. There was a jukebox and a piano here. I remember Harold Grove singing "Wagon Wheels" for us at our gathering. Nice voice.
Corner Inn--Wonder where this was at this time.
Bigelow's Soda Fountain--Located at the corner of Fir and Main streets. We could get a large milkshake, a full glass and the rest left in the mixing container, all for 20¢.
Dell's Hamburgers--Only 10¢. Located on Sixth Street between Riverside and Bartlett. One could get a delicious hamburger, lots of lettuce and "Where's the Beef?"
Dreamland--A dance hall located on Main Street across the street from the Roxy Theater, the last building [on the] left-hand side just before crossing Bear Creek bridge going east. We kids went here often. Different groups played the music here, including Dinty Moore, Del Burgman and Berle Thornton. Other bands were F. Wolcott and Leo Davis' music. Heat for the hall was a large wood stove located in one corner.
Oriental Gardens--Located on North Riverside, one block north of Main Street, on the right-hand side going north. This was upstairs over the "Nat," a swimming pool indoors. The dance floor was large with a smaller dance area for the old-time dancers. We kids didn't go here often.
Pine Cone--Located at the Big Y. I think where the grocery store is now is the Pine Cone area. This was a fun place to go. One could get a beer for 10¢ and spend the evening. Huge fish bowls of beer were served along with free salty corn kernels. The dance floor was so small.
Chateau--Located a few miles south of Medford. Such a pretty place. I think it had running water going right through the building in a beautiful setting. It had a balcony and a nice dancing area. This place didn't go over and closed after a few years. I remember Sniders Dairy had their party out there. Also, Bess, Dale and my date were here a few times.
Burgoyne's--This also was a few miles south of Medford. This also was a place one could go dancing. Their special menu was fried chicken. During the war in the 1940s this was a very popular place. Lots of Camp White soldiers came here. While I was working at the Safeway store I worked at this place on Saturday nights. I either sold tickets (there was a cover charge to get in) or took tickets, or washed glasses behind the bar. Also I attended the coat check stand. I'd get $5.00 for an evening's work, usually from 8:00 to 2:00 a.m.
Verna Forncrook Wilson

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