The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County 1922

    The following items from the Oregonian hotel column demonstrate that Medford is figuring largely in Portland news just at present.
    Gus Newbury, an attorney of Medford, is among the arrivals at the Imperial.When the primaries are held next May Mr. Newbury's name will probably be on the ballot in Jackson County as a candidate for the Republican nomination for circuit judge to succeed Judge Calkins, who is about to retire from the bench.
    J. G. Gagnon, registered at the Hotel Oregon, owns the railroad which operates between Medford and Jacksonville. Also he has a mill and box factory in Medford and is now filling an order for a great number of orange boxes for the California market.
    "Lumber activities and irrigation are the two big things which are interesting Medford people just now," reports S. S. Smith, newspaper man of Medford and member of the Republican state executive committee for Jackson County. "The Pacific & Eastern Railroad, which runs from Medford to Butte Falls, is being reconstructed and is to be extended 12 miles into the Four-bit timber which Mr. Olds, owner of the road and the timber, bought some time ago. The Brownlee Lumber Company has about completed the mill which it has been erecting for nearly a year and the mill is waiting on the extension of the railroad, for the Brownlee plant will cut for Mr. Olds and Brownlee. The plant will give employment to several hundred men. The timber to be tapped is what is said to be the largest body of pine in the state--timber in which an ax has never been set. The Medford irrigation district has announced that it will have water this year for 10,000 acres. The water is to come from Mount McLoughlin. All things considered, the prospects for Medford's immediate future are particularly bright." Mr. Smith is registered at the Benson.
    "Jackson County is going to have a real fair grounds, with automobile races, horse races and substantial, permanent buildings," states J. E. Mason of Medford, a visitor in Portland. "The county levied a tax of 1 mill for a year, raising $40,000 for the fair ground, an expert from the California has laid out the speedway for automobiles and there will be a half-mile track for horses within the speedway circle, and inside the track will be an aviation landing field. It is believed that arrangements can be made so that [the] Jackson County fair can be on the circuit and the same automobile racers who appear in Southern California will drive their cars in Medford. A similar arrangement may be made with respect to horse races. Jackson County is an ideal place for wintering horses and some very fine animals are being kept there this winter."
Medford Mail Tribune, January 19, 1922, page 3

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