The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Southern Oregon Histories

If you don't care for transcribed original documents, here are some predigested histories:

Bondinell's History of Jackson County
A 1979 history from the Ice Age to the Britt Festival.

A Pioneer History of Southern Oregon
Venita Daley's eight-part 1948 history.

Pioneering in Southern Oregon
C. B. Watson's history. He only got up to 1853.

Some Capsule Histories of Medford
Short and sweet.

A 1932 History of Medford, Oregon
Extensively annotated.

The Rogue River Indian Wars
The early histories, written from 1863 to 1934.

Ashland, Oregon
Several early, brief histories of Ashland.

The Dollarhide Toll Road
A 1914 history of the road over the Siskiyous.

Alice Applegate Sargent
Her histories of the Indian troubles, the Applegate Trail and the Dollarhide Toll Road.

Pacific Trail Camp-Fires
A rare 1895 book of interviews with Rogue Valley pioneers.

Undaunted Pioneers
Mary Minerva Hill Dunn's journey across the plains in 1852, then from Salem to Southern Oregon in 1853--along with events of the 1853 Rogue River Indian War.

The Woman Pioneer
Martha Hill Gillette's account of the same events written about by her sister Mary Dunn, above.

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