The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

The Orchard Boom Pages

The Rogue Valley's Orchard boom started around 1905 and went bust--as all real estate bubbles do--in 1912. The population quadrupled during those heady years, but a third of the peak population left after the bust. And those who remained had to pick up the pieces and pay the bills.

The Up Side of the Orchard Boom
It was good for a while--for some.

The Down Side of the Orchard Boom
It wasn't so good for everyone else.

Boomtown Notes
People strode into the boom with their eyes open--and denial firmly in place.

Boosting Notes
Booms don't happen on their own--you need boosters and newspapers.

Lynching the Knockers
If you couldn't be a booster, you didn't want to be a knocker.

The knockers' backstory.

Last revised December 8, 2014