The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

The Takelma Indians of Southwestern Oregon
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Bibliography of Books, Articles, Letters, and Misc. Aids

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[B.A.E is the Bureau of American Ethnology]

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Page D
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Page E
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Page F
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Page G
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Page H
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Page I
A History of the Rogue River Valley, a typewritten mss. by Alice Applegate Sargent, loaned by Medford Public Library.
Private diaries loaned by Stella Taylor: a) Anderson, 1954-1958: Diary of Hobart Taylor, Phoenix, Oregon, 1862. b) Diary of Rachel Taylor, then age 14-15, while crossing with "Preacher's Train" to Jacksonville, 1853.
Collected notes from childhood stories heard, by Stella Taylor Anderson, loaned Jan. 1955.
Personal correspondence of note:
1. Thomas F. McIlwraith, friend of Edward Sapir, Curator, Pres. Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. Toronto, Jan. 1964, Feb. 1964.
2. Frances Eyman, Asst., Univ. Museum, University of Pennsylvania, June 1963.
3. Eugene Y. Arima, Ethnology Section, National Museum of Canada, Ottawa, Jan. 1964.
4. G. Hess, Asst. Librarian, American Philosophical Society, Phila. Pa., Jan. 1964.
Page J
Visual Aids:
Crater Rock Museum, Delmar Smith, and Roxy Ann Gem Club, the collection of Indian artifacts.
Dorothy Todd, Ashland, Oregon, direction on the ground and search and authentication of villages listed.
Dr. Wilbur A. Davis, Asst Curator, Museum Natural History, Eugene, for 1963 documentation and dating of clay figurines from Snider Creek.
Various members of Southern Oregon Archaeological Society for numerous reports of finds authenticating research materials.