Index to Medford Articles

The bulk of the entries below are Medford-related articles indexed in the Library Association of Portland's newspaper index card file, on microfiche at the University of Oregon's Knight Library and the Jackson County Central Library..

Many cards are barely legible; numbers below are not reliable. [?] indicates illegible or omitted data.

    Sunset magazine Nov 1908 p677
    Wells, A.
    In Medford's garden

    Sunset magazine June 1911
    Woehlke, Walter V.
    Transplanting the Garden of Eden

    Oregon Journal 26 Oct 1930 mag sec p3
    Lockley, Fred
    Medford . . . the city of pears

    Portland Telegram 15 June 1929 p15
    $112,000 involved in purchase of orchard

    Oregonian 6 Dec 1936 sec1 p17
    Medford boasts big onion crop

    Oregon Journal 25 June 1939 roto p2
    "Pear City"

Bungalow Jan 1916
    Article about architect R. A. Johnson

Medford-Ashland Valley

    Oregon Journal April 1919 p10
    Ed: A paradise

    Oregonian 23 July 1919 p3
    Aircraft company files articles here
    Medford Aircraft Co.

    Oregonian 3 Oct 1929 p8*
    Medford airport opens

    Oregon Journal 10 Jan 1929 p22
    Medford to sell bonds for airport

    Oregonian 6 Aug 1929 p11
    Ford Motors is running a magazine ad about Medford aviation

    Oregon Journal 20 Apr 1937 p14
    Ed.: Should be Army base

     Oregon Journal 21 Apr 1937 p14
    Air-minded Medford

     Oregon Journal [?] Oct 1952 p21 illus
     Medford, wealthy and wise, takes to air

Medford--Business and Businesses
    Oregonian 22 Oct 1910 p11
    Medford station opens

    The Piano Magazine June 1914 p258
    The Oregon Way
    Hale's Piano House

    Oregonian 23 July 1919 p3
    Aircraft company files articles here
    Medford Aircraft Co.

    Oregon Journal 15 May 1925 p8
    Medford to get $165,000 cold storage plant

    Oregon Journal 19 Oct 1928 p14
    Lockley, Fred
    Hospital of Medford pleases Good Will Party

    Oregonian 6 Jan 1929 sec1 p14
    Prosperity in saddle

    Oregon Journal 14 Aug 1930 p1*
    Eerie force holds sway in old cabin

    Oregonian 18 Oct 1973 p27 c1 illus
    Guernsey, John
    Too much business irks plant hunters Lawrence Crocker, Boyd Kline, owners
    Medford Alpine Gardens

Medford--Camp White
    Oregonian 8 Mar 1942 mag sec p1
    Clemes, Elise
    Medford gets ready for an army camp

    Oregon Journal 31 Mar 1942 p22
    Ferguson, L. C.
    Medford awaits builder of cantonment

    Oregon Journal 3 Mar 1929 sec1 p7
    Roman Catholic Church, Medford
    New church to be dedicated Easter

    Oregon Journal 20 Apr 1955 p9
    Peterson, Ernest W.
    Medford churches, Protestant Episcopal
    Good Shepherd Church cuts diocesan ties

Medford--Civic Groups
    Forest and Stream 14 Oct 1905 p322
    Medford Gun Club--first annual tournament

    Forest and Stream 25 Sept 1909 p510
    The Pacific Indians--first annual meeting

    Oregon Journal 24 Nov 1946 mag p3
    Medforders to tread boards (Medford Civic Theatre)

    Oregon Journal 26 Feb 1961 sec3 p6 c1 picture
    Richards, Suzanne
    Future looks rosy for Medford little theater

Oregonian 22 Feb 1939 p7 Progress section
    Medford Gets New Building (federal building expansion)

Medford Corporation

    American Lumberman 4 Dec 1926 p65*
    Oregon Plant Nearing Completion

    Oregonian 4 Mar 1979 pC8 c4
    Firm makes acquisition (63% Texas Pacific Lumber Co.)

    Oregonian 19 Mar 1975 pA26 c5 illus
    Plant to employ 120
    Russ Hogue, president

    Oregon Journal 21 Apr 1978 p31 c1
    Southern Oregon timber giant considering stock split

    Oregonian 30 Apr 1971 p31 c6
    Shifts aired in personnel at Medford
    Russell J. Hogue, president

    Oregonian 19 Apr 1974 sec3 p11 c1
    Medco to export chips to Japan firm

    Oregon Journal 13 Apr 1970 sec3 p7 c6
    Woodworkings: Medco proposes 2-for-1 split

    Oregonian 16 Apr 1970 sec3 p23 c3
    Forest firm splits stock

    Oregonian 10 Feb 1971 p25 c2
    Medford firm's earnings nosedive

    Oregonian 5 Nov 1969 p13 c1
    Firms added by Medco: D and M Products, Minden Construction Corp.

    Oregonian 6 Mar 1970 sec3 p7 c1
    Expansion site told

Oregonian 30 Mar 1903 p4*
    Medford: The Commercial Center of the Rogue River Valley

    Oregon Journal 23 June 1907 p [?]
    Awakening of Medford

    Sunset Oct 1908 p479*
    On the Trail of Skookum John

    Oregon Journal 4 Oct 1908 p7
    Medford thrives because of its riches

    Sunset magazine Nov 1910 p585*
    Malboeuf, C. A.
    Oregon's Wonder City

    Merchants Trade Journal June 1911
    Medford Commercial Club Offers $5000 Reward

    Oregon Journal 14 Jan 1912 sec2 p7
    Prosperity shown in building

    Sunset Nov 1912 p591
    Mills, John Scott
    Rogue River Valley, Southern Oregon

    Oregonian 16 July 1916 sec1 p10
    Big things are planned for Medford

    Oregon Journal 27 May 1926
    Ed: Where they do things

    Oregon Journal 28 Feb 1929 p12
    Ed: Medford: Watch her grow

    Oregon Journal 12 June 1930 p8
    Ed: A twelve million city

    Oregonian 15 Oct 1936 p11
    Valley of Rogue pleases visitors

    Oregonian 16 Feb 1938 sec1 p10

    Oregonian 22 Feb 1939 (w. valley) p7
    Medford gets new building

    Oregonian 17 Oct 1948 mag sec p5
    Cities of Oregon: Medford

    Portland Reporter 22 July 1964 p11 picture
    Gohs, Carl
    Medford citizens rid town of junk

    Oregonian 20 Dec 1964 p42 c7
    Medford hits size ratings

    Portland Telegram 3 Dec 1915 p12
    Portland is slow in extending aid to Medford

    Oregonian 8 Aug 1932 p4
    Medford hit by storm (wind)

    Oregonian 12 Feb 1935 p4
    Collapse damages three buildings at Medford

    Oregon Journal 16 Feb 1937 p12
    Medford relief contributions
    Ed: Good Neighbor Medford

    Oregonian 26 June 1946 p1
    Fire destroys three industrial blocks in Medford

    Oregonian 4 Feb 1968 p25 c3
    Radar aids NW system
    Medford to have part in natural disaster warning system

    Oregonian 20 Aug 1978 pC6 c1 illus*
    Downtown Medford facing new threat (Al Densmore)


    Oregonian 8 Dec 1907 p6*
    Medford banks issue financial statements

    Oregonian 17 June 1965 p17 c4
    Bianco, Joe
    Portland faces Medford market competition

    Oregon Journal 8 Jan 1976 p1 c2
    Medford joke flops in NY financial collapse

Medford--Government and Politics
    Oregonian 24 Jan 1905 p7*
    Medford saloons test prohibition law

    Oregon Journal
12 Dec 1913 p3
    Medford dissatisfied over management in municipal affairs

    Oregon Journal 16 Sept 1914 p3
    Proposed charter for Medford topic at weekly lunch

    Oregonian 14 Jan 1914 p7
    Citizens' ticket wins

    Oregonian 19 Feb 1914 p17
    Mayor appoints committee to draft new city charter 

    Oregon Journal 4 Oct 1915 p8
    Medford [illegible] in suit over lighting plant

    Oregonian 17 Dec 1913 p8
    Officials thwart election which might cut off their pay

    Oregonian 4 Jan 1914 sec1 p11
    Medford city officials fight recall movement

    Oregonian 27 1915 p8
    Why discord in Oregon? 
    Medford's attitude on address by Chamber of Commerce member

    Portland Telegram 10 Jan 1917 p4
    C. E. Gates elected mayor of Medford

    Oregonian [?] July 1918 p1
    Public and private meetings must speak English in Medford

    Portland Telegram 7 Sept 1928 p22
    Medford politics

    Oregonian 6 Aug 1933 p1
    One dead in fight over ballot case

    Oregonian 21 Oct 1978 pB6 c1
    LCDC adds 650 acres to Medford's urban area

    Oregonian [?] August 1979 pC6 c1
    Medford voters recall City Council president (Hugh Jennings)

    Oregonian 30 Jan 1933 p6*
    Ed: Naming Medford

Medford--Jubilee of Visions Realized 1927
    Oregon Journal 20 Aug 1927 p4
    The Medford Jubilee (outstanding evidences of growth)

    Oregonian 11 Sept 1927 sec1 p5
    Hats tell of progress

    Oregon Journal 15 Sept 1927 p16
    Medford's Jubilee (over new buildings, new business)

Medford Mail Tribune
    Oregonian 14 Nov 1976 pA24 c4
    Medford daily honored (Sigma Delta Chi)

    Oregonian 4 Apr 1919 p10
    Ed: In Good Hands

    Oregonian 24 Aug 1936 p6
    Ed: On the Other Hand

Medford Orchards
Oregonian 17 Feb 1910
    605-Acre Orchard Sold for $500,000 (Voorhies)

    Southern Pacific Bulletin Oct 1958 p10*
    Rogue River Valley: Pear Center of USA

Medford--Oregon Diamond Jubilee Celebration 1934
    Oregonian 4 June 1934 p6
    Ed: Opening the Diamond Jubilee

    Oregonian 4 June 1934 p1
    Diamond jubilee gets under way

    Oregon Journal 7 June 1934 p1
    Peterson, Ernest W.
    History of Oregon told in pageant

    Oregonian 7 June 1934
    Hazen, David W.
    Rose City and Golden State groups join in Diamond Jubilee Celebration

    Oregonian 8 June 1934 mag sec p3
    Medford observes Oregonian's diamond jubilee anniversary (illus)

    Oregon Journal 8 June 1934 p1
    Peterson, Ernest W.
    95 floats in long parade at Medford

    Oregonian 8 June 1934 p1
    Lewis and Clark tread trail again

    Oregonian 10 June 1934 sec1 p6
    Diamond jubilee ends at Medford

Medford--Police, Crime
    Oregonian 10 July 1938 sec 1 p10
    Mystery room in tower at Medford constructed for Ickes prison, belief

    Oregonian 17 Aug 1969 p27 c8
    Cowley, Joe G.
    Commission idea scored; Medford chief dislikes plan

    Oregonian 9 Nov 1915 p13
    Southern Oregon dislikes Portland, says a speaker

    Oregon Journal 15 Apr 1937 p12
    Portland wanted at Medford

Oregonian 6 Feb 1910 p5
    Exploit Southern Oregon's Resources

    Oregonian 22 Feb 1928 p1
    Medford, Ashland high school hoodlums battle

    Oregon Teacher magazine Mar 1928 p8
    Medford and the continuous census

    Oregonian 20 Jan 1929 sec4 p10
    Medford High ranked 7th in list of 107 in examinations

    Oregon Journal 18 May 1929 p7
    Medford schools to hold gay fete in honor of pear

    Oregonian 26 Apr 1930 p6
    Medford's school record

    Oregonian 1 Nov 1967 p21 illus
    Guernsey, John
    Medford High campus stresses public use

    Oregon Journal 23 Nov 1967 sec2 p6 c4 illus
    Green, Miles
    Education world watching progress at Medford High

    Oregonian 16 June 1960 sec3 p1 c3 pictures
    Lampman, Linda
    Versatile Medford High School students busy bunch


    Sporting Life 29 Aug 1908 p27
    New Indians: Shooters of Far West Organize Pacific Lodge

    Sporting Life 25 Sept 1909 p29
    Indians' Shoot: Gathering of Pacific Tribe at Medford Enthusiastic

    New York Times 15 July 1913 p2
    Don Helms Dies in Auto Race

    New York Times 18 Nov 1913 p9
    Giants Win in Rain (against White Sox)

    Sporting Life 29 Nov 1913 p5
    The Tour of the World

    Oregonian 20 July 1911 p8
    Ed: Crater Lake road

    Oregon Journal 23 Nov 1916 p1
    Scenic Crater Lake highway plan launched

    Oregonian 7 June 1929 p4
    Medford scraps railroad

    Oregon Journal 28 Feb 1940 p8
    Medford to fight for "showdown" on bus service

    American City magazine July 1918 p44*
    Hinman, L. E.
    Economy effected under municipal control of street lighting

    Oregonian 29 Sept 1946 mag sec p8
    Ferguson, E. C.
    "Mountain spring in every home" is boast of Rogue Valley city

    Oregonian 30 Mar 1939 p8
    Parking a sewage dump

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