The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

The Jacksonville Hospital

Medical records of the hospital of the Oregon Mounted Volunteers during the Rogue River Indian War, 1855-56, from the Oregon State Archive.

The patient records (as well as drug inventories and some hospital correspondence) at some point were transcribed from original documents into a large ledger.
The transcriptionist recorded the surgeon of the Jacksonville hospital (for at least part of the period covered) as "Jansen Braman." He was most likely Dr. Jason Jarvis Braman, later of San Francisco and Virginia City, buried in Healdsburg, California.

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Symbols and abbreviations:
Ʒ="drama"=dram ii (or ij)=two
=ounce iii (or iij)=three etc.
āā="ana"=of each ɱ=minim
fƷ=fluid dram O.="octarius"=pint
f=fluid ounce q.s.="quantum sufficit"=a sufficient quantity
gtt.=drops ss.="semisse"=half
j=interchangeable with i x=10
i=one xx=20 etc.

Names of Patients, Companies, Diseases &c. &c.
When Admitted and Discharged from Hospital at Jacksonville O.T.
2nd R.O.M. Volunteers
Name Rank Company Age Complaint Admitted Dismissed Page
William Pernoll Private Harris 26 Wound Nov. 4/55 Dec. 18/55  8
Wm. B. Phillips Private Rinearson 22 Acute Abscess Nov. 21/55 Feb. 2/56 33
Wm. M. Hand Private Harris 21 Wound Nov. 21/55 Aug.  /56
Wm. I. Mayfield Private Harris 25 Wound Nov. 4/55 April 6/56 11
Theodor Deppe Private Wilkinson 37 Syphilis Dec. 2/55 Jan. 13/56 39
Isaac Faurot Private Wilkinson 27 Remittent Fever Nov. 9/55 Jan. 30/56 26
Nathaniel Campbell Private Wilkinson 21 Syphilitic Ophthalmis Nov. 4/55 Jan. 1/56 16
Thomas Awbrey Private Bailey 20 Wound Nov. 21/55 Feb. 26/56 23
Jos. F. Caldwell Private Alcorn 24 Acute Rheumatism Dec. 1/55 April 22/56 57
E. Hewett 1st Sgt. Wilkinson 36 Intermittent Fever Nov. 14/55 Dec. 1/55 19
J. M. Holloway Private Wilkinson 22 Intermittent Fever Nov. 14/55 Dec. 1/55 20
Chas. C. Goodwin Private Bruce 22 Wound Nov. 4/55 Feb. 20/56  9
Thos. Ryan Private Williams 23 Wound Nov. 21/55 Jan. 7/56 21
Wm. W. Parish Private Wilkinson 28 Gonorrhea Dec. 8/55 Jan. 15/56 43
Thos. Mitchell Private Wilkinson 21 Chronic Dysentery Dec. 9/55 Dec. 18/55 46
Jacob Long Private Rice 23 Wound Dec. 10/55
David Sexton Private Williams 27 Wound Dec. 10/55 Feb. 27/56 67
Robt. Gammill Private Williams 23 Wound Dec. 10/55 Jan. 12/56 52
James Brown Private Wilkinson 23 Neuralgia Dec. 12/55 Dec. 17/55 47
W. A. J. Moore 1st Lt. Lewis 25 Wound Dec. 12/55 Feb. 27/56 48
B. F. McKean Private Alcorn 24 Chronic Ophthalmia Dec. 19/55 Feb. 27/56 70
E. F. Newland Private Wilkinson 24 Chronic Dysentery Dec. 21/55 Dec. 28/55 54
John Tinnin Private Rice 35 Frostbitten Dec. 25/55 Jan. 1/56 55
Lewis Calhoun Private Rice 35 Sore Foot Dec. 15/55 Dec. 24/55 51
Jacob Spores Private Independent 25 Wound Jan. 6/56 Died May 2/56
T. R. Harris Private Independent 21 Wound Jan. 6/56
Alex. Thompson Private Rice 22 Intermittent Fever Jan. 7/56 Mar. 8/56 75
D. M. Clement Private Alcorn 25 Wound Jan. 8/56 Jan. 30/56 22
Saml. Vertres Private Independent 21 Wound Jan. 8/56 April 14/56 79
A. J. Nolen Private Rice 23 Chronic Syphilis Jan. 10/56 Jan. 22/56 56
George Brown Private 35 Hepatitis Jan. 12/56 Mar. 17/56 83
John W. Garvey Private 20 Eye Wound Feb. 4/56 Feb. 8/56
Samuel Ballou Private Rheumatism Feb. 19/56
Oliver P. Brumley Q.M. Dept. Ophthalmia Feb. 27/56 Mar. 8/56
Lafayette Allen Private Wound Feb. 24/56
G. O. R. Murphy Private Intermittent Fever Mar. 2/56
C. B. Roland Private Jaundice Feb. 24/56
William Cogle Private Ophthalmia Mar. 12/56 April 27/56
Joseph Tracey 1st Sgt. 30 Epistaxis Mar. 17/56
---- Rathbun Q.M. Dept. 26 Remittent Fever Mar. 23/56
William Ellsworth Private 18 Gonorrhea April 3/56
John Morton Private 51 Intermittent Fever April 6/56
J. M. Judd Private 26 Chronic Rheumatism April 6/56
George Brown Private 35 Intermittent Fever April 6/56
Thos. T. Walker 4th Sgt. 25 Lumbago April 6/56

Names, Diseases &c. of Outpatients Treated
by G. W. Greer of the Jacksonville Hospital of 2nd R.O.M.V.

Names Rank Company Disease When Treated
J. M. Loudon Packer Q.M. Dept. Intermittent Mar. 20/56
J. D. Mason Asst. Q.M. Camp Steward Delirium Tremens Mar. 20/56
G. S. Smith Private Capt. Wilkinson Gonorrhea April 4/56
J. W. Wood Private Capt. Miller's Intermittent March 6/56
---- Griffin Private Capt. Miller's Neuralgia March 6/56
C. F. Leberson Private Capt. Miller's Rheumatism March 16/56
J. J. Brown Packer Q.M. Dept. Intermittent March 16/56
---- Lawson Assistant Q.M. Dept. Intermittent Jan. 1/56
C. Badger Private Alcorn's Co. Chronic Rheumatism March 11/56
---- Westfelt Clerk Q.M. Dept. Remittent Lymphatic Fever March 6/56
A. Thompson Private Price's Co. Intermittent Fever Nov. 18/55
---- Van Dyke Private Price's Co. Intermittent Fever Nov. 20/55
A. B. Straup Packer Q.M. Service Bronchitis April 14/56
J. Judd Private Alcorn's Co. Gonorrhea Jan. 9/56
J. Smith Assistant Q.M. Roseburg Plethora Jan. 19/56
---- Brodus Private Company G Pleurisy Jan. 10/56
M. Emerick Assistant Q.M. Canyonville Intermittent Jan. 13/56
S. McFall Private Alcorn's Co. Intermittent Jan. 12/56
J. Wineland Private Alcorn's Co. Intermittent Jan. 15/56
---- Badger Private Alcorn's Co. Intermittent Jan. 16/56
M. Judd Private Alcorn's Co. Intermittent Jan. 13/56
A. Coffin Private Wilkinson's Ptyalism Jan. 31/56
G. W. Collins Private Gleet Feb. 7/56
---- Newland Private Wilkinson's Dysentery Feb. 9/56
---- Pyle Clerk Medical Staff Rheumatism Feb. 10/56
D. M. Clements Sergeant Alcorn's Co. Bronchitis Feb. 16/56
W. W. Elliot Private Rice's Co. Dysentery March 1/56
---- Wordsworth Assistant Commissary Jacksonville Pleurisy March 2/56
---- Vanorman Private Intermittent Feb. 25/56

William Pernoll
 (Treatment and Remarks.)
    This Patient was Wounded Oct. 30th in the right leg, by a musket ball and three Buckshot--the ball entering the lower part of the Vastus Internus Muscle and passing out near the lower insertion of the Sartorius Muscle--one shot passing through parallel with the ball, about an inch to the inner side, and the other two lodging next the femoral bone, beneath the rectus femoris muscle.
    The Patient was young and healthy, but labored under constipation of the bowels, which generally yielded to the administration of the Ol. Ricini.
    On the 13th of Nov., when first taking charge, the wounds were in a good condition and continued toward reparation. 
    Dec. 1. Wound completely healed over. On going around through the day, by evening the limb becomes slightly Edematous, which subsides during the night. A full diet being permitted, the bowels are moved daily without the oil.
    Dec. 7th. Is able to walk about without the aid of Crutches--no swelling of the limb, bowels regular, takes full diet. The two shot, or one of them, can be felt under the Rectus femoris muscle, low down--causes no inconvenience. Used the Simple Cerate  as dressing, from the 13th November until the wounds were completely healed--bandaged limb all the time until healed--damp rollers moderately tight.
    Dec. 9th. Doing well--slight weakness in the knee joint--can walk around all day--can see that he favors the joint in stepping--general health good.
    Dec. 15th. Still improving--does not favor limb so much.
    Dec. 18th. Well. Discharged.

Charles C. Goodwin
Treatment and Remarks.
    This Patient was wounded October 30th, 1855. Commenced treatment on the 13th of Nov. He was young and healthy--a very strong physical constitution.
    He was wounded by a Rifle ball, entering the inner and superior edge of the right Gluteal Maximus muscle and passing over the Os Coccygis and was extracted from under the Cutis at the inferior margin of the left Gluteus Maximus. The wounds were in a good condition, having passed the inflammatory stage, and suppuration was fully established. Dressed the wounds with Simple Cerate. The bowels were regular, and general health good--diet generous.
    Dec. 1st. Wounds continue to heal.
    Dec. 3rd. Wounds completely healed over--has used Crutches up to the present time--can now walk without them. When first walking without them, complained of weakness in the lower part of the Spine.
    Dec. 4th. Weakness nearly subsided.
    Dec. 8th. Can walk well--can ride--slight weakness in Spine. A hard and slightly elevated ridge can be felt over the course of the ball--slightly tender yet--experiences no inconvenience from it--can sit without much inconvenience.
    Dec. 9th. Is able to walk around all day--general health good.
    Dec. 14th. Still improving.
    Dec. 18th. Nearly well. Slight weakness in lower part of Spine--general health is good.
    Dec. 24th. Well--but think it would be imprudent to dismiss him during the inclemency of the weather.
    Jan. 8th, 1856. Quite stout and healthy.
    Jan. 14th. Health excellent--there was a small collection of pus under the surface of the upper wound, which called for the lancet--made a free incision and gave exit to about a tablespoonful of pus--no soreness of the parts and but little tenderness.
    Jan. 16th. Still exudes a little pus.
    Jan. 31st. Healed up again--bowels constipated--somewhat indisposed--give 3 Cook's pills at bedtime.
    Feb. 1. Bowels moved freely--seems quite well.
    Feb. 20th. Well. Discharged. 

William I. Mayfield
Treatment and Remarks.
    This patient wounded Oct. 30th, 1855; was young and of a moderate good constitution.
    A Rifle ball entering the inner and inferior edge of the patella, and cutting the inner Condyle of the Femoral bone, and was extracted from under the Cutis, between the tendons of the flexor muscles.
    When taking charge of the hospital the 13th of November/55, the wounds were in a very Irritable condition, the joint very badly swollen and considerably flexed from the contraction of the Triceps tendons.
    The adhesive inflammation was very high and suppuration quite profuse; had been dressed with Lini. Sem. poultice and bandage.
    Nov. 14th. Continued the former treatment.
    Nov. 15th. Treat as yesterday, with the addition of friction applied to the triceps tendons.
    Nov. 20th. Have given the same treatment. Considerable improvement, tendons somewhat relaxed. Joint less swollen.
    Nov. 24th. Still improves. Can walk around on crutches. Joint considerably swollen of an evening but subsides during the night. Treat as before.
    Nov. 28th. Swelling still continues to subside. The granulations more healthy.  Tendons more relaxed. Stop dressing with Lini. Sem. poultice, and dress with Simple Cerate and roller. Diet more generous. Bowels regular, general health good.
    Dec. 2nd. Swelling of the joint still continues to subside, swells less through the day. 
    Still use the frictions over the tendons. Dress with Simple Cerate as before, still applying the roller. The lateral wound showing a disposition to heal over.
    Dec. 6th. Wounds look well. Lateral wound almost healed over, system in good order. Still walks around with the crutches. Limb still somewhat flexed. Dress as before.
    Dec. 9th. Still improves, can straighten limb. Continue the former dressing.
    Dec. 13th. Improving slowly. Repeat dressing.
    Dec. 17th. Lateral wound had healed over, but this morning, a small spicule of bone made its appearance at the surface, which being extracted, the healing will no doubt be permanent; anterior wound healing slowly. Joint somewhat more enlarged, but can still straighten the limb. General health good.
    Dec. 21st. Anterior wound looks better. Joint less swollen. Treat as usual.
    Dec. 29th. Improving. Anterior wound almost healed over. Still apply the Simple Cerate and roller. Health good.
    Jan. 8th. Anterior wound not quite healed. Less enlargement, have dressed as before.
    Jan. 13th. Not improving any--joint more rigid. Somewhat more enlarged--but can walk a little without the aid of the crutches. Dress as usual. General health good.
    Jan. 14th. There is something very extraordinary in this wound. The lateral wound has long since healed over, but there remains some rigidity of the joint and considerable enlargement around the anterior wound. There is a bright livid spot about two inches in diameter which must arise from the inner condyle, in consequence of the injury sustained from fracture, the ball perhaps cutting twice its diameter in the condyle. The synovial Bursa being broken up no doubt occasions the Anchylosis.
    Still use the frictions and dress with Simple Cerate.
    Jan. 15th. About the same. Dress as before.
    Jan. 23rd. This is the most obstinate wounds in the hospital. I cannot see that it has improved any in the last three weeks. The Red circumscribed Spot over the inner Condyle still remains and only a small orifice sufficient to admit a slight exudation, which is of serous nature. The joint still enlarged--the anchylosis remains but can walk moderately well without the aid of the crutches.
    Have tried poulticing again with pulva Lini. Sem., but without any sensible benefit. Dress with Simple Cerate and apply the Roller rather more tight than usual. I can but believe there will Remain some enlargement, and partial Anchylosis, but time will no doubt Relieve it to a great extent. The general health is excellent.
    Jan. 24th. Not any better. The enlargement still continues. Stop the former dressing and order cold applications, enveloping the knee in cloths dipped in cold water, frequently. The joint is very feverish.
    Jan. 25th. Not so well this evening. The cold applications seem to irritate more. More painful than usual, it has not been very painful heretofore. Ordered the reapplication of the former dressing.
    Jan. 26th. Simple Cerate with frictions and Roller as heretofore.
    Jan. 27. Repeat, not improving any.
    Jan. 28. Repeat, limb less swollen.
    Jan. 29. Repeat--about as yesterday.
    Jan. 30. About the same, treat as yesterday.
    Jan. 31. Not improving any, make an ointment of Bichloride of Mercury gr.xx to 4 oz. Lard. Mix by heating the lard to absorbing point and adding the sublimate, envelop the knee in a thin plaster spread on cloth.
    Feb. 1st. Repeat. Not sensibly better.
    Feb. 2nd. Repeat. Limb not so painful.
    Feb. 3. Limb better, not so much swollen and pain nearly subsided.
    Feb. 4. About as yesterday. Repeat.
    Feb. 5. Somewhat unwell today; have taken cold, considerable pain in limbs, with some fever, wound about as yesterday. Dress as before and give three Cook's pills H.S.
    Feb. 6. Bowels move freely at 8 a.m. Much better. No fever today. Dress Limb as before.
    Feb. 7. Repeat. Improving.
    Feb. 8. Repeat. Swelling almost gone down.
    Feb. 9. Repeat. Improving Rapidly. General health good again. Wound completely healed over and not much enlargement remaining, not so rigid.
    Feb. 10. Repeat. Still improving.
    Feb. 11th. Still improving--give the same treatment. General health good.
    Feb. 12th. Treat as yesterday.
    Feb. 13th. Repeat.
    Feb. 14th. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 15th. Can use the limb much better. General health good. Diet full. Same treatment.
    Feb. 16th. Still dress with the former ointment. Limb improving. Somewhat rigid yet and slight enlargement, tender on pressure but not painful, no use for the crutches.
    Feb. 17th. Dress as before, improving.
    Feb. 18th. Repeat.
    Feb. 25th. Have continued to use the former ointment. Leg about well, can walk well, can scarcely discern that he favors the joint. Still apply the Bichloride ointment.
    March 2nd. Continue the former application.
    March 10. But little stiffness Remaining. Can use limb well. Treat as before. General [health] excellent.
    March 18th. Repeat. Still improving.
    March 23. Repeat.
    March 27. Continue the former course.
    April 4th. The little stiffness remaining is scarcely perceptible. The enlargement but very slight, a slight weakness when standing long is the only inconvenience that the patient experiences, which no doubt will in the course of time entirely subside. The patient is by occupation a printer and the habit of standing prevents the joint from gaining strength as fast as it otherwise would.
    April 4. Discharged this day. Cured.

Nathaniel Campbell
Secondary Syphilis & Ophthalmia.
    This patient admitted to hospital November 14th, 1855. Was twenty-one years old, of moderate good constitution, had been treated for syphilis and as he says that he thought he was cured. But secondary symptoms made their appearance and with them obstinate ophthalmia. He could scarcely see to walk around when admitted. There was great vascularity of the conjunctiva, and haziness of the cornea. The aqueous humor with anterior chamber was very cloudy, so much so that the pupil could with difficulty be seen. Considerable tumefaction of the lids made up the symptoms of ophthalmia.
    The old chancres had healed, but there was incipient chancres on the inner side of the prepuce, and on the corona glandis, with Dysuria and Blennorrheal discharge. 
    There were blisters on each temple when admitted. Had been kept tartarized for some time. Ordered those to be dried up and applied a fly plaster 2x3 inches on back of neck. Gave three comp. cathartic pills at 9 a.m. and venesection to Oj.ss. at 4 p.m. Bowels moved at 3 p.m., pil. Hyd. H.S. gr.viij.
    November 15th. Dress blister with cabbage leaves at 7 a.m. Cauterized chancres with Argent. Nitrit. and use Black wash morning and evening--pil. hydrarg. gr.viij H.S.
    Brush conjunctiva with solution argent Nitrit. gr.viij to ounce of water once today. Evacuate bowels at 9 a.m. with Magn. Sulph.
    November 16. Bowels regular, appetite good. Digestion also. Unguent for eyes of Hydrarg., o + id. Pmb gr.x, Adeps Ʒ j mix, to be applied between lids, morning and evening. Repeat blue pill H.S.
    Nov. 17. Can see something better, Dysuria less troublesome, cauterize chancres again this evening and give blue pill at bedtime as usual. Tartarized ointment to blister.
    Nov. 18th. Improving. Treat as yesterday.
    Nov. 19th. Better. Repeat.
    Nov. 20th. Sight improving, improved in appearance, but slight dysuria, Blennorrheal discharge not so profuse, chancres arrested, no sign of ptyalism. [Ptyalism and salivation were terms for mercury poisoning.] Treat as before.
    Nov. 21st. Still improving. Chancres subsiding. Same treatment.
    Nov. 22nd. Gums slightly touched with blue pill. Same treatment, minus the blue pill.
    Nov. 26th. No soreness of the gums, still anoint blister on posterior cervical region with the Tartarized ointment. Eyes much improved. Able to go around and attend to ordinary business. Have detailed him as an assistant cook. Will require treatment for a length of time yet. Chancres about well. Dysuria but slight and not constant. Bowels regular, eyes improving. Commence the blue pill again, one every night. Former amount to lids.
    Dec. 1st. Eyes improving, blister dried up. Slight vascularity of the conjunctiva and same haziness of the cornea is all the symptoms remaining. The genital organs seem free from the symptoms.
    Dec. 4th. Eyes not so well. Renew the blister on neck and give pil. hydrarg. at bedtime gr.viij.
    Dec. 6th. Much better. Continue the treatment of the fourth inst.
    Dec. 8. Improving rapidly. Repeat per 6 & 4th.
    Dec. 10. Gums sore, eyes improving. Stop blue bill.
    Dec. 14. Improving. Continue to tartarize the blister.
    Dec. 15. Repeat. Improving.
    Dec. 18. About well again. Keep up counterirritation on the surface of the blister on posterior cervical region, uses the former ointment to lids.
    Dec. 22. The patient is perhaps as well as he will ever get while following the avocation of cooking. Occasionally the conjunctiva becomes inflamed. By renewing the counterirritation on the back of the neck and evacuating the bowels promptly, the vascularity subsides.
    Dec. 25. Same dysuria again. Give spts. Nitre dulc. One or two dram in Lini. Sem. tea three times per day. Make anti-Blennorrheal mixture of Spts. nitre dulc. spts. Lavend. comp., mucilage acacia copaiba āā Ʒij tincture eip Ʒij mix Cochl. pari-tri daily.
    April 10. Have continued to treat the symptoms as they appeared. Occasionally the conjunctiva becomes infected and some lachrymation, and occasionally dysuria, and twice since chancres have made their appearance, all which I have endeavored to remove as they appeared. The virus seems hard to remove from the system. There are no symptoms at present, neither have there been for two month that threaten everything serious. My opinion is that when summer comes and he should leave the kitchen, and take air, that the weakness of the eyes, the only symptoms remaining, will subside, general health good.

E. Hewitt
Treatment, &c.
    This Patient was 35 years of age and was in the Hospital when I took charge. He had been laboring under Intermittent Fever, but was convalescent on the 13th of Nov. He was laboring under Indigestion and was quite feeble. 
    Ordered Pulv. Cinchona Ʒij  Port Wine Ojss Mix fƷ j three times per day.
    Nov. 15th. Improving.
    Nov. 20th. Continues to improve.
    Nov. 24th. Complains of ringing in the ears and pain in the head. Stop the wine and barks.
    Nov. 25. Better. No febrile symptoms. Digestion good. 
    Nov. 26th. Improving.
    Nov. 27. Gaining strength.
    Nov. 28. Improving.
    Dec. 1. Well. Dismissed.

John M. Holloway
Treatment, Disease, &c.
    This Patient entered Hospital Nov. 14 and was laboring under Intermittent Fever (tertian), was young and when in health, of a very full habit. Had had the chills for five or six weeks before entering--ordered Hydrg. Submuri. gr.xv, aei Pulv. gr.x, Pulv. Ipecac et Opi. gr.v.
    Nov. 15. 8 a.m. Ol. Ricini Ʒij--bowels moved 10 a.m. & 10½ a.m.
Quinia Sulph. gr.j, Dover pulv., gr.v at 1, 4 & 7 p.m. & 9 p.m. Pil. Hydrarg. gr.v.
    Nov. 16. Repeat--(Chill and fever at 5 p.m.)
    Nov. 17. Repeat Quinia & Dover Powder 7, 10, 1 & 4 o'clock. 
    Nov. 18. Repeat.
    Nov. 19. Repeat. Slight chill at 5 p.m. Slight fever.
    Nov. 20. Repeat Quinia and Dover powder as above.
    Nov. 21. General appearance and feelings much improved. Have continued the blue pill every night--no symptoms of Ptyalism.
    Nov. 22. Quinia and Dover powder as above--no signs of chill--at 9 p.m. give Blue pill.
    Nov. 23. Mouth slightly sore--suspend the above course, and order Soda Bicarbonas Ʒ j Acid Tartaric gr.xxx, Syrup Simple Ʒ j, Ol. Lemon gtt. x, (Effervescent draught) morning, noon and night.
    Nov. 24. Improving fast. Continue the draught.
    Nov. 25. Repeat.
    Nov. 26. Repeat.
    Nov. 27. Quite well. I forgot to state that during the course above, I confined the Patient to a small piece of light toast bread and a cup of weak tea three times per day. He now takes a tolerable full diet and is becoming quite rugged.
    Dec. 1. Perfectly well. Dismissed.
    Jan. 1, 1856. This Patient was retained in the Hospital as Asst. Steward, but from loss of rest and fatigue, he ran into the chills again, but in a few days they yielded to the proper remedies.

Thomas Ryan
    This Patient, who was admitted Nov. 21st, was slightly wounded by a Rifle ball, passing across the left instep and cutting slightly in the right heel--the tendons of the instep were slightly lacerated--the ball cutting but half its diameter across the heel. The wounds were in a good condition when received and now, Dec. 10th, are healed up--still limps a little from the weakness of the tendons of the instep--have dressed with Simple Cerate from time of reception (Nov. 21)--do not know what dressing had been employed previously--general health good--have permitted pretty full diet--bowels have been regular throughout.
    Dec. 15. Nearly well--slight weakness in instep.
    Dec. 17. Bowels constipated--otherwise doing well. 9 p.m. gave three Cook's pills.
    Dec. 18. Bowels moved at 9 a.m.
    Dec. 19. Doing well.
    Dec. 20. Bowels regular.
    Dec. 21. Bowels regular.
    Dec. 22. Well--think it prudent not to dismiss him yet.
    Dec. 30. Put on coarse and heavy boots, which rubbed the instep sore--dress again with Simple Cerate.
    Dec. 31. Improving again.
    Jan. 1/56. Instep almost healed over again. Dress with Simple Cerate.
    Jan. 7th. Well. Dismissed.

D. M. Clements
Treatment and Remarks.
    This Patient, admitted January 8th, 1856, was wounded January 1st, accidentally, by a Wad shot from a Gun--the wad burying itself over the Sternal Articulation of the left Clavicle--the wad had been extracted--the wound was in tolerable good condition--the base rather indurated--dress with Cold Water.
    Jan. 9. Repeat Cold Water dressing.
    Jan. 10. Less inflamed--repeat dressing.
    Jan. 11. Repeat Cold Water dressing--wound looks better.
    Jan. 12. Still considerably inflamed--cannot get any flax-seed for poultice, or Elm bark--make a salve of Litharge, Linseed Oil and Beeswax--Litharge ½ lb., Beeswax Ʒ iij, Ol. Lini. Q.S.
    Jan. 13. Repeat--wound looks better.
    Jan. 14. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 15. Dress with Simple Cerate--improving.
    Jan. 16. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 17. Repeat.
    Jan. 18. Repeat--wound improving.
    Jan. 19. Repeat.
    Jan. 20. Improving fast--permitted him to return to Camp, to attend to some business, and take the usual dressing with him--Simple Cerate.
    Jan. 22. Returned--improving--dress as before.
    Jan. 23. Gone to Camp or some other place, again.
    Jan. 30. Returned--about well. Dismissed.

Thomas Awbrey
Wounded Oct. 30, 1855.
    This Patient was admitted Nov. 21. He was wounded by a Rifle ball, entering the upper part of the Rectus femoris muscle under the left Inguinal region, passing over the head of the femoral bone--cutting the Trochanter major and passing out in lower part of Illium.
    This Patient was in a very poor condition when admitted--the wounds were suppurating profusely--a Sanious pus (or rather ichorous discharge) the integuments and muscles were soft and flabby--and also laboring under obstinate diarrhea (or more properly a dysenteric infection).
    Nov. 22. 9 a.m.--give Hydrg. Submuri. gr.iij, Pulv. Ipecac Comp. gr.x, Morphia Sulph. gr.½ every six hours. The termini is very distressing--in addition to the Mercurial powder, give Tinct. Opi. Tinct. Catechu āā gtt xxx--occasionally when bowels are moved often, or termini very distressing, dress wounds with Comp. Camph. Liniment (i.e.) touch the wounds with the liniment and dress with Simple Cerate.
    Nov. 23. Termini less--still purged severely--repeat the prescription of yesterday.
    Nov. 24. Less pain--not purged so badly. Repeat Prescription.
    Nov. 25. Only slight pain in bowels--less purging--dress wounds with Cerate Simple and touch once with liniment.
    Nov. 26. Slight Ptyalism--much better--only five motions on bowels since yesterday--no pain in bowels--dress as usual--pill Hydrg. gr.v at bedtime.
    Nov. 27. Four motions on bowels since yesterday--quite well but very weak. I have not permitted any food but toast and tea--allow a little rice in addition today--dress as usual and order, if bowels are moved often, Tinct. Catechu Ʒj occasionally, and blue pill H.S.
    Nov. 28. Bowels quite regular--flesh much firmer--wound not so flabby--the sanious discharge much lessened--order dressing with Simple Cerate and touch wounds with liniment once a day.
    Nov. 30. Gaining strength--wounds look quite healthy--no foetid discharge--permit a tolerable full diet--dress as usual. 
    Dec. 2. Much improved in general appearance. General health good--quite a fullness and great tenderness over the Trochanter major--sponge the hip with Comp. Camph. Liniment and dress with Simple Cerate.
    Dec. 4. Improving--repeat.
    Dec. 6. Less tenderness and fullness over the hip--wounds doing well--repeat.
    Dec. 9. Improving--wound in Illium healed over--can bear weight of body on limb--dress with Simple Cerate. I attended this Patient at Mr. Miller's, ½ mile out of town, and could not see him every day--he preferred staying there, and as I could give him the necessary attention, I thought it best for him to remain there.
    Dec. 12. Still improving--dress as before--I have the liniment applied occasionally to promote granulation, there not being sufficient fungoid appearance to justify the application of the Argent. Nitrit.
    Dec. 14. Improving--repeat.
    Dec. 17. Improving--repeat.
    Dec. 20. Improving--wound nearly healed up--general health good--hip very weak yet--can bear but little weight on limb--there is but little tenderness over the hip joint, and no pain--dress with Simple Cerate.
    Dec. 24. Still improving--dress as usual.
    Dec. 27. Repeat.
    Dec. 30. Repeat--order hip sponged occasionally with Comp. Camph. Liniment. Gaining strength in hip--can walk across room without crutches.
    Jan. 5, 1856. General health good--wound not quite healed--cauterize lightly with Argent. Nitrit. and dress as usual.
    Jan. 12. Improves well--can walk around, but hip a little stiff and weak--general health excellent--wound not quite healed--still dress with Simple Cerate.
    Jan. 20. Gaining strength in hip--can walk better--touch wound with Argent. Nitrit.--dress as before.
    Jan. 28. Improving--walks around without crutches--gaining strength--wound not quite healed--looked a little fungous this evening--touch with caustic.
    Feb. 9. Gaining strength--wound still keeps open.
    Feb. 15. Wound healed completely--can walk well without the aid of crutches--can barely see in walking that he favors the hip a little--general health excellent.
    Feb. 26. Well--Dismissed.

Isaac Faurot
Treatment and Remarks.
    This patient had been in the hospital some time before I took charge, had received treatment by former surgeon, was laboring under remittent fever--I did not become acquainted with the course pursued by him--there was congestion of the liver, and great torpidity of the bowels. The skin and conjunctiva had quite a jaundiced appearance.
    Nov. 13. Gave the hydrarg. submuri, and Dover's powder and pulverized Rhei in the following proportions, hyd. Submuri. gr.iij, pulv. Doveri and Rhei āā gri every six hours for two days. The bowels responded the second day and the fullness and soreness in the right hypochondrium greatly lessened, and fever somewhat abated.
    Nov. 15. Gave Quinia gr.j and pulv. Doveri iij every three hours until 9 p.m. then pil. hydrarg. gr.viij.
    Nov. 16. Fever much lighter, bowels regular--ordered same treatment as before.
    Nov. 17. Repeat--Symptoms giving way--tongue less coated--gave a little nourishment--and quinia gr.j, pulverized Doveri gr. i y every three hours--bowels regular.
    Nov. 18. Convalescent--a little more nourishment--quinia sulphas gr.j acid sulph. dilut. gtt v syrup aurantii Ʒ j aqua  j mix--every three hours
    Nov. 19. Repeat every four hours--still improving--
    Nov. 20. Repeat--bowels slightly constipated--pill hydrg. H.S.
    Nov. 21. Ol. Ricini at 9 a.m.--bowels moved at 11 a.m.--ordered the above tonic solution at 12, 3, and 6 o'clock and Pil. Hydrg. at bedtime.
    Nov. 22. 9 a.m. Bowels moved--give an occasional tonic draught as above--pill Hydrg. at 9 p.m.
    Nov. 27. Nearly well--no febrile symptoms--have given an occasional tonic draught as above--appetite very capricious.
    Dec. 1. Indigestion--stomach very much disordered--give Decoct. Cinchona ss. Acid Sulph. Aromat. gtt. xv Soda Bicarbonas Ʒ j aqua ij three times per day.
    Dec. 4. Much better--digestion quite good--bowels regular.
    Dec. 5. Chill at 4 p.m.--at 6--considerable fever--at 9 p.m. order Hydrg. Submuri gr.xij, Rhei pulv. gr.x, Pulv. Ipecac et Opi. gr.v.
    Dec. 6. 9 a.m. Bowels moved--no fever--seems quite well--order Quinia Sulph. gr.jv, Acid Sulph. Aromat. & jji, Ol. Menth. Piperita gtt xx Syrup Simple fƷ jj--aqua  j Cochl. Ampl. every two hours until 7 p.m. At 9 p.m. Pil. Hydrg. gr.vij.
    Dec. 7. Quite well--give the tonic draught of yesterday--pil. Hydrg. at bedtime.
    Dec. 8. At 9 a.m. quite well--continued the tonic solution--5 p.m. slight chill--6 p.m. some fever--chill and fever much lighter than on the 5th. 9 p.m. Pill Hydrg. gr.viij--Pulv. Ipecac et Opi. gr.vj.
    Dec. 9. Bowels moved at five a.m.--seems improving; gave Soda Bicarbonas Ʒj Acid Sulph. Aromat. gtt xx--aqua ij to be repeated noon and night.
    Dec. 10. 9 a.m. Seems improving--repeat the draught of yesterday--at 6 p.m. slight chill and considerable fever. 9 p.m. give Pil. Hydrg. gr.viij
    Dec. 11. Better--give the effervescence draught three times today--free from chill or fever.
    Dec. 12. Repeat.
    Dec. 13. Acid Sulph. Aromat. gtt xx morning, noon and night.
    Dec. 14. Acid Sulph. Aromat. gtt xx, Quinia gr.j morning, noon and night (2 Cook's Pills 9 p.m.).
    Dec. 15. Remarks--This Patient, two years ago, was affected with Gonorrhea--had been badly treated--there is an indurated excrescence about the size of a large pea on the end of each testicle--under the tunica vaginalis--the testicles are at times painful, the pain following the course of the Spermatic Cord--there is also an enlargement of the prostate gland (and just as soon as he is relieved of one infection, another is apparent) in addition to the tonic elixir of the 13th, ordered today--Potass. Iodid. gr.v--three times per day dissolved in aqua ij--Cook's pills to regulate bowels (hydrg. Submuri, Aloes Pulv. Rhei pulv. āā Q.S.
    Dec. 16. Repeat Iodid. Potass.--2 Cook's pills at bedtime--slight fever this evening.
    Dec. 17. Repeat Iodid. Potass.--Port wine O. jss Pulv. Cinchona ij mix Cochl. Ampl. morning, noon and night.
    Dec. 18. Repeat wine and barks and decoction Sarsap. f. j v Potas. Iodid. pr vj (Bis Indies).
    Dec. 19. Wine and barks, as yesterday, decoction Sarsaparilla oz. 4 Potass. Iodid. gr. 6--three times today--improving--no fever or chilly sensations.
    Dec. 20. Repeat.
    Dec. 21. Slight fever last night--wine and barks--prepare the Iodid. as follows:  decoction Sarsaparilla Comp. O j Iodid. Potass. Ʒjv. dissolve Iodid. in decoction and take Cochl. Ampl. three times per day, and Ung. Iodini Comp. Ʒ½ rubbed over course of Spermatic cord and alterative powder Hydrg. Cum. Creta gr.v, Rhei Pulv. gr.ij at 8 p.m.
    Dec. 22. Repeat.
    Dec. 23. Had some fever last night--free from fever at present 9 p.m. Appetite very capricious--rests poorly at night--give the wine and barks in the morning and Iodid. (per formula of 21st) three times per day--two tablespoonsful at a draught--and alterative powder Hydrg. cum Creta gr.j v, Rhei Pulv. gr.ij at H.S. and Morph. Sulph. gr.½ use the Ung. as before.
    Dec. 24. Had severe chill last night and high fever. Seems to have run into regular Intermittent fever again. Stop the above course and give Hydrg. Submuri. gr.iij--Dover pulv. gr.v. and Quinia gr.j at 8 a.m. and 12 M. and 4 and 8 p.m.--bowels moved this evening at 6--no sign of chill at present 9 p.m. seems more cheerful this evening.
    Dec. 25. No chill or fever last night. Repeat.
    Dec. 26. Very slight chill and fever last night--seems better--give Hydrg. Submuri. gr.iij, Dover powder gr.v morning and evening and acid Sulph. Aromat. ɱ 15. Quinia gr.j, Syrup Simple Ʒ j, Ol. Menth. Piperita gttij three times today--8 a.m. 12 M. and 5 p.m.
    Dec. 27. No chill or fever last night--seems considerably better--repeat the tonic of yesterday and mercurial powder at night.
    Dec. 28. Free from chill and fever--repeat the tonic draught--seems better this morning than he has for some time, with the exception of Diarrhea, which troubled him considerably last night--gave in addition to the tonic draught Pulv. Opi. gr.j, Dover powder gr.x, Gum Camphor gr.viij at 9 a.m. and Mercurial powder at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 29. Still better, but Diarrhea a little troublesome. Give the Opium, Dover's powder and Camphor per formula of yesterday, and tonic draught as before. 9 p.m. Diarrhea ceased and no sign of chill. Give 2 Comp. Cathartic pills per formula of W.S. [sic].
    Dec. 30. Better--tonic as before and Hydrg. Submuri. gr.viij,  Gum Camphor gr.x, and pulv. Opi. gr.½ at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 31. Not so well. Diarrhea quite obstinate--termina distressing--no chill or fever--considerable tenderness in Epigastrium--frequent vomiting--give occasionally the Aromatic Ammonia and Calomel gr.jv, Opium gr.½ and Gum Camphor gr.x every three hours through the day.
    Jan. 1/56. Not any better--stomach irritable. Bowels pained--give the Calomel, Opium and Camphor every six hours--at 4 p.m. give enema--Arrowroot, tablespoonful, tinct. Opi. Ʒj and water (tepid) O.½ at 6 p.m., repeat--give the aromatic ammonia occasionally.
    Jan. 2. Quite easy this morning--slight pain in stomach and bowels--not so bad as yesterday--Diarrhea checked--vomiting ceased, but stomach very sensitive--apply at 10 a.m. blister to Epigastric--drawn at 3 p.m.--dress with cabbage leaves--have given nothing today, owing to the sensibility of the stomach--at 9 p.m. give Pulv. Rhei gr.iij, Pulv. Jalap gr.ij, Gamboge Pulv. gr.j, Camphor Gum gr.iij--pain in the rectum this evening, bowels not being moved since enema last night--give enema Salt Ʒij, Water vj--bowels evacuated--and then give enema Aqua vj, Tinct. Opi. gtt. xxx--at ten p.m. seems quite easy, have taken no food today but a little Arrowroot--there have been some febrile action today, but not more than usual after reaction from purging.
    Jan. 3. Much easier today in Stomach and bowels--not considerable fever; bled this afternoon Oj and give effervescing draughts through the day--no motion on bowels since enema last night--dress blister with Cabbage leaves; give Cathartic enema at 8 p.m. and at 9 p.m. give three Compound Cathartic pills.
    Jan. 4. Rested tolerable well during the night--bowels not moved at 10 a.m.--give three more Cathartic pills. I preferred to give Oil this morning to procure an action on bowels early in the day, but he is so capricious that he swears he cannot nor will not take it--at 11 a.m. considerable fever--at 12 M, quite high--Venesection Oj--this bleeding made quite a sensible impression--he broke out in a mild perspiration and pulse much softer and slower--bowels responded at 2 p.m. Allowed a few swallows of mush and milk this evening at 9 p.m.
    Jan. 5. Somewhat better this morning--considerable fever today, but not so much as yesterday--bowels not moved at 2 p.m. give Cathartic enema--bowels evacuated. Gave this morning at 10 o'clock, Quinia gr.j, Dover Pulv. gr.v, Morphia Acetate gr.½--repeat at 2½ and 6 p.m. Have given Soda et Potass. tart. Ʒij, Acid Tartaric gr.xxx at 9 a.m., 12 M. and 3 p.m.--blister dried up--at 8 p.m. considerable irritability of the stomach--apply Mustard Cataplasm to Epigastrium.
    Jan. 6. Much better--but little fever today--stomach not so irritatable as heretofore--but little pain in bowels--bowels not moved since enema last night--gave Quinia gr.j, Pulv. Ipecac et Opi. gr.iij at 9 a.m., at 12 M. and 3 p.m.--gave at 8 & 10 a.m. Liquor Calcis and sweet milk āā f. j to allay the irritability of the Stomach--not sensible of any irritability of the Stomach this evening--Cathartic enema at 7 p.m.--bowels evacuated--rests quite easy and free from pain at 9 p.m.
    Jan. 7. Better--½ gr. Quinia at 9 a.m., 12 M. & 3 p.m. Rhei Pulv. gr.xx at 8 p.m.--give at 10 a.m. Liquor Calcis, sweet milk āā j--digestion much better--stomach not so irritable.
    Jan. 8. Improving--give Quinia gr.½. Rhei Pulv. gr.jv--morning, noon and night--bowels moved freely this morning from the Rhei Pulv. of last night.
    Jan. 9. Improving--repeat.
    Jan. 10. Doing well--gaining strength--give two powders today--Quinia gr.½ Rhei gr.v--bowels not moved at 7 p.m.--at 8 p.m. give Cathartic enema--bowels evacuated.
    Jan. 11. Give Quinia gr.½ twice--and Rhei Pulv. gr.xx, Aloes Pulv. gr.x at bedtime--improving.
    Jan. 12. Still improving--have been looking for him to take some other disease--having run through several--gave ½ gr. Quinia twice today, and Rhei gr.xv, Aloes gr.v at 9 p.m.
    Jan. 13. Improving but had slight febrile symptoms today--gave Rhubarb and Aloes to regulate bowels, and ½ gr. Quinia Bis Indies.
    Jan. 14. Improving--gave Tinct. Ferric Chloride ɱ xv, Quinia Sulph. gr.½ three times today--bowels moved without Cathartic. Stomach still somewhat capricious--give morning and evening Liquor Calcis, a spoonful in Sweet Milk--less febrile symptoms today than heretofore.
    Jan. 15. Still improving--repeat prescription of yesterday.
    Jan. 16. Gaining strength quite rapidly--repeat prescription of 14th inst.
    Jan. 17. Repeat.
    Jan. 18. Improving fast--repeat prescription of the 14th inst. and Morphia Sulphas gr.¼ at bedtime.
    Jan. 19. Repeat--still improving.
    Jan. 20. Improving rapidly--gaining flesh very fast--continue the Tinct. Ferric Chloride ɱ xx tri-daily and one grain Quinia per day.
    Jan. 21. Repeat.
    Jan. 22. Repeat.
    Jan. 23. Repeat--nearly well.
    Jan. 24. Repeat.
    Jan. 25. Repeat.
    Jan. 26. Repeat--fleshing up very fast
    Jan. 27. Repeat
    Jan. 28. Repeat--gaining strength very fast.
    Jan. 29. Well.
    Jan. 30. Dismissed.

William B. Phillips
Treatment and Remarks.
    This Patient was admitted Nov. 21 with an Ulcer of the right heel, and necrosis of the os calcis--the integument had burst the evening before admission, giving exit to a great amount of Pus. He was laboring under great derangement of the bowels--of the Dysenteric form (considerable tormina).
    Nov. 21. Dressed heel with Poultice Cortex Ulmi Pulv. Opened orifice and gave free vent to pus--9 p.m. gave Hydrg. cum Creta gr.x.
    Nov. 22. 7 a.m. Hydrg. cum Creta gr.x--Tinct. Catechu Ʒj occasionally when bowels are moved too freely--dress heel as before--9 p.m. Hydrg. cum Creta gr.x Morphia Sulph. gr.½.
    Nov. 23. Hydrg. cum Creta gr.v., Rhei Pulv. gr.j v--Morph. Sulph. gr.¼ morning and evening--dress as before.
    Nov. 24. Repeat.
    Nov. 25. Repeat.
    Nov. 26. Repeat.
    Nov. 27. Dysenteric infection nearly relieved--ulcer some better--suppuration less--pain less acute--fullness to one side of orifice--as the pus was collecting at another point, make an incision over the protuberance--a little pus escapes--dress as before--Pil. Hydrg. at 9 p.m.
    Nov. 28. Still poultice with Cortex Ulnic Pulv--Blue pill at bedtime--bowels quite regular but stools rather light colored.
    Nov. 29. Repeat.
    Nov. 30. Repeat.
    Dec. 1. Ulcer much better--swelling considerably assuaged--not much pain but feces light colored--continue the Elm dressing and Blue pill.
    Dec. 2. Repeat.
    Dec. 3. Repeat.
    Dec. 4. Repeat.
    Dec. 5. Gums slightly touched--stools better colored. Stop blue pill.
    Dec. 6. Dress as before.
    Dec. 7. Ulcer fast healing--bowels regular, but slight pain in Umbilical region--right eye considerably inflamed--believe it to be sympathetic--account for it from the sudden healing of the Ulcer on heel--order bathe with cold water well every hour, and apply cloths dipped in solution of Acetate of Lead--Ulcer completely healed--no enlargement--heel well, but tender, no dressing necessary.
    Dec. 11. Repeat application to eye.
    Dec. 12. Repeat.
    Dec. 13. Eye no better--have examined the conjunctiva well and can find no foreign substance. The main structure of the eye does not seem infected--simple Conjunctival inflammation--seems to be all--the Patient might be discharged, if it were not for the present difficulty of his eye.
    Dec. 14. Repeat the dressing to eye.
    Dec. 15. Well, all but eye--which is worse (cup Tem. Dext.) keep cloth to eyelids, dipped in Liquor Plumbi Acetate--large drop in eye morning and evening (collyrium Argent. Nitrit. gr.ij aqua j--tonic bitters) Pulv. Cinchona Cort ij, Vinum O.jss, Misce Cochl. Ampl. Bis Indies.
    Dec. 16. Right eye somewhat better--left eye slightly inflamed--slight swelling and soreness of ankle--looks as though it might be suppurate again--ordered Comp. Camph. Liniment--to be well rubbed in. Continue tonic bitters and Lead Lotion to eye as yesterday--also the drop of Solution of Argent. Nitrit., according to formula of yesterday.
    Dec. 17. Repeat.
    Dec. 18. Right eye slightly better--left eye more inflamed--soreness and swelling in ankle increased--still use the tonic bitters per formula of 15th. Cup on right temple again (to two ounces)--drop the solution of Argent. Nitrit. in eye night and morning, and lead lotion as before. Bowels regular.
    Dec. 19. Ankle about the same--seems at a stand--quite sore, but no positive evidence of an accumulation of pus (no application) right eye a little better, left one worse--put Seton in back of neck, by perforated incision and silk cord and give in addition to the Cinchona bitters, decoction Sarsap. Comp. Iodid. Potass. as follows: tonic bitters before each meal Cochl. Ampl. and decoction Sarsaparilla Comp. O.ij Potass. Iodid. Ʒjv, dissolve Iodid. in decoction--one fluid ounce three times a day--at 10 a.m. and 3 and 8 p.m.--anoint between eyelids at night, with Ung. as follows: ℞ Hydrg. Oxyd. Rub. gr.x, Adipis j, misce fiat Unguentum bowels regular--allow fuller diet.
    Dec. 20. Right eye a little better –ankle about the same--Seton not disposed to irritate enough--anoint cord with Ung. Tartarisatum, and the ointment of last night between lids--tonic bitters as before, and Iodid. Potass. and decoction Sarsaparilla, increased to 1½ tablespoonfuls three times.
    Dec. 21. A little better--increase Iodid. in decoction to two spoonsful three times--keep up Wine & barks--Seton begins to suppurate--bowels slightly disordered--give blue pill at 8 p.m.
    Dec. 22. Something better--heel still sore, but showing no disposition to suppurate--Cinchona and wine, spoonful three times--the Iodid. in decoction as above Cochl. Ampl. three times today--Ung. between lids (per formula above) and pill Hdrg. H.S.
    Dec. 23. Heel about the same--a little sore, but not rising--right eye a little better, left one about the same.
    Seton not disposed to suppurate enough--use the Tartarized Ointment and prescription above with the addition of Solution of Argent. Nitrit. gr.jv to ounce of water, dropped in eye.
    Dec. 24. Blue pill morning and evening--solution of Sarsaparilla as before, tonic bitters also--drop solution of Argent. Nitrit. in eye, prepared as yesterday--right eye much better--left not improving--keep up Seton.
    Dec. 25. Iodid. in solution as before--tonic bitter, also Seton kept up--solution of Argent. Nitrit. in eyes at night and ointment of Red Oxyd. of Mercury between lids, H.S.
    Dec. 26. Seton does not discharge enough; remove it and apply Liquor Ammonia--raise the cuticle and apply Tartarized ointment to surface (in same place on the back of neck) continue the Comp. decoction Sarsap. and Iodid. as before, and also Tonic bitters, Cinchona and wine solution in eyes and ointment between lids as formerly--right eye still improving--left one about the same.
    Dec. 27. Eyes somewhat better; repeat the former prescription with the exception of solution in eyes.
    Dec. 28. Repeat.
    Dec. 29. Repeat.
    Dec. 30. Improving--a breaking-out all around the cervical region, with little pointed pustules filled with a whitish pus--in addition to the former draughts--give this morning an ounce Rochelle Salt and Ʒj Sulphur--keep up irrigation on the back of neck.
    Dec. 31. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 1, 1856. Repeat.
    Jan. 2. Eyes not as well today--seems feverish and more lachrymation than usual--bathe eyes by means of the eye glass, in solution of Sulph. Zinc four grains to ounce of water, every two hours--gave at 9 a.m. Pulv. Sulph. Ʒj Rochelle Salt j--continue to use the tonic bitters and Iodid. in decoction of Sarsaparilla as before.
    Jan. 3. Right eye much better--left one not improving--cup to ij over the left temple, and apply to left eye by pencil solution of Argent. Nitrit. gr.viij to ounce of water, bowels constipated--give at 9 p.m. three Comp. Cathartic pills.
    Jan. 4. Right eye almost well--left one not much better--bowels moved freely from the Cathartic pills of last night--gave nothing today--blister on back of neck nearly healed--had solution of Zinci Sulphur applied to left eye with eye glass, occasionally through the day.
    Jan. 5. Eyes improving--blister on neck healed--bowels in good order--apply the solution to left eye as yesterday.
    Jan. 6. Repeat.
    Jan. 7. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 8. Repeat.
    Jan. 9. Improving--have given him a short respite--nothing but the Ung't. between lids and bathe in solution of Sulph. of Zinc--bowels regular--general health improving.
    Jan. 10. Treat as yesterday--improving.
    Jan. 11. Repeat--eyes not so well today.
    Jan. 12. A little better--Strumous Diathesis more apparent than ever--the neck and other parts of the body break out with pustules and papula. Very hard to class--on the glans, penis and prepuce, closely simulating Syphilis--are false chancres, but very superficial and soon desquamate lining the Cutis--Red--gave pills per day, three of Ferri Sub Carbonas, Aloes and Iodid. Potass. as follows:--Ferri: Sub Carb Ʒij, Aloes gr.xxx, Iodid. Potass. gr.xx, Misce Fiat Massa et Pillular.
    Jan. 13. Better--repeat Iron pills.
    Jan. 14. Repeat.
    Jan. 15. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 16. Improving--continue the Iodid. pills per formula of 12th inst.
    Jan. 17. Repeat.
    Jan. 18. Repeat.
    Jan. 19. Repeat--bowels have been regular since taking the above pills; heel occasionally becomes sore, as though it would ulcerate again.
    Jan. 20. Eyes nearly well--but heel a little tender and slightly swollen--have fears that it will rise again--general health much better--continue the Iodid. pills of 12th inst.
    Jan. 21. Repeat--heel not so sore--eyes about well.
    Jan. 22. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 23. Repeat.
    Jan. 24. Repeat.
    Jan. 25. More lachrymation today than usual--conjunctiva somewhat injected--order solution of Zinci Sulpha gr.jv to ounce of water and continue the former pills.
    Jan. 26. Repeat former alterative pills 3 per day.
    Jan. 27. Repeat.
    Jan. 28. Repeat--about well.
    Jan. 29. Repeat.
    Jan. 30. Eyes about well--there is still some lachrymation and some redness of the conjunctiva, but think he is well as ever he will get while in the Hospital--have detailed him as Hospital Washerman; he may need occasionally some treatment yet.
    Feb. 2. Dismissed.

Theodore Deppe
Syphilis with Blenorrhoea.
    This Patient admitted Dec. 3rd, had Chancres on Corona Glandis and on inner side of Prepuce--in the ulcerative stage, with Blenorrhoea and (complete) Paraphimosis--had received treatment for eight or ten days before admission, but without arresting the symptoms--some Chancres on the Glans Penis in the incipient stage--I cauterized with the Argent. Nitrit, but those on the Corona Glandis and Frenulum being far advanced and indurated at the base (with Paraphimosis). I feared the use of the caustic to any great extent, but those on the Glans yielded to the caustic--for the Blenorrhoea order--Copaiba Balsam, Spt. Lavender Comp., Spt. Nitr. Dulc. āā fƷj, Tinct. Opi. Ʒij, Mucilage Acacia f.ij, Aqua jv. Misce; to be taken three times per day--Cochl. Parv. in jv Lini. Sem. tea--dress Chancres (after cleansing well with tepid water and soap) with black wash and wrap up in Lint, covered with Cerat. Opi. pil., Hydrg. gr.x per day.
    Dec. 4. Repeat.
    Dec. 5. Repeat.
    Dec. 6. Repeat--Paraphimosis continues--incipient chancres arrested--Blenorrhoea lessened--old chancres softened at the base--destruction of tissue arrested--dress with Black wash and sprinkle chancres after wash with Hydrg. Submuri--Pil. Hydrg. gr.x per day.
    Dec. 7. Repeat.
    Dec. 8. Repeat.
    Dec. 9. Repeat.
    Dec. 10. But little Blenorrhoea--chancres seem in good condition--Paraphimosis continues. Continue the Blue pill and Black wash, and poultice with Lini. Sem. Pulv.--still use the Blenorrhoea mixture.
    Dec. 11. Repeat.
    Dec. 12. Repeat.
    Dec. 13. Repeat.
    Dec. 14. No Blenorrhoea symptoms--still use the above dressing--no sign of mercurial action--I have kept the Meatus Urinarius Externus plugged with oiled lint to prevent the virulent secretions from coming in contact with mucous lining of the Urethra--Pil. Hydrg. as usual.
    Dec. 15. Chancres better--no longer inoculates--Paraphimosis not so bad--complained of painful erection last night--dress with Black wash and sprinkle with Hydrg. Submuri--Order tonight, 9 p.m. pills of Opium and Camphor--have given Blue pill gr.x this morning--no Ptyalism.
    Dec. 16. Still improving--erections not so painful last night--Paraphimosis not so bad--dress as yesterday--at 9 p.m. give two Camphor and Opium pills, and three Cook's pills.
    Dec. 17. Improving--dress as usual, and give two Camph. and Opium pills at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 18. Mending--give two Cook's pills at 9 p.m.--painful erections much lessened--chancres healing rapidly.
    Dec. 19. Improving rapidly--use Black wash--Mercurial infection subsided--bowels regular--allow more generous diet--still using Copaiba (note: Balsam; see index) mixture for Blenorrhoea which is but very slight--only a slight burning sensation a little back of the Meatus Urinarius Externus in urinating and only Blenorrhoeal discharge to make a slight appearance on linen--no pills tonight.
    Dec. 20. Chancres nearly healed--slight Blenorrhoea--bowels constipated--give two Cook's pills at bedtime, and dress as usual--former Blenorrhoea mixture.
    Dec. 21. Dress as usual--Blenorrhoeal Mixture as before--pil. Hydrg. at bedtime--improving.
    Dec. 22. Repeat.
    Dec. 23. Repeat.
    Dec. 24. Repeat mixture and Blue pill. Give Urethral injection--Tannic Acid gr.jv, Aqua j inject a dram twice per day--Chancres healed, slight Paraphimosis remaining and slight Blenorrhoea--some pain in urinating.
    Dec. 25. Repeat (minus blue pill).
    Dec. 26. Repeat--nearly well.
    Dec. 27. Repeat.
    Dec. 28. Repeat--doing well.
    Dec. 29. Repeat.
    Dec. 30. No Paraphimosis; Chancres healed--slight Dysuria--continue Blenorrhoea Mixture and tannin injection.
    Dec. 31. Almost well--the only symptoms remaining are slight Dysuria and Blenorrhoea discharge barely perceptible enough to discern. Still order the tannin injection once per day, and for the Dysuria, give Spts. Nitric Ether Ʒj and Lini. Sem. tea jv mixed tri-daily.
    Jan. 1, 1856. Repeat.
    Jan. 2. Repeat.
    Jan. 3. Repeat.
    Jan. 4. Dysuria but very slight--Blenorrhoea discharge ceased--no other symptoms remaining--but weak yet--continue the Nitric Spts. of Ether and Lini. Sem. tea.
    Jan. 5. Repeat.
    Jan. 6. Repeat.
    Jan. 7. Well--but weak yet--still give the Spts. Nitri Dulc. and Lini. Sem. tea.
    Jan. 8. Repeat.
    Jan. 9. Repeat.
    Jan. 10. Repeat.
    Jan. 11. Slight Dysuria and some Blenorrhoeal discharge--give Spts. Nitr. Dulc. Ʒj in Lini. Sem. tea three times per day and injection (Urethral) Argent. Nitrit gr.jv to ounce of water morning and evening.
    Jan. 12. Better--repeat.
    Jan. 13. Well--Dismissed.

William W. Parish
    This Patient admitted Dec. 8th, 1855. General health not much impaired--had been treated before and thought himself well--Gonorrhoeal discharge quite profuse--considerable pain in urinating (with Chorder). Order Balsam Copaib., Spts. Nitr. Dulc., Spts. Lavender Comp., Mucilage Acacia āā j, Tinct. Opi. Ʒij Aqua fƷjv. Misce. Cochl. Parv. morning, noon and night. Injection once per day--Argent. Nitrit gr.ij, Aqua j injection twice per day tepid water--pills at bedtime 2-3 Gum Camphor gr.xx, Opi. gr.jv--tea and toast for breakfast, Chicken soup for dinner (and for a change) tea and toast for supper.
    Dec. 9. Repeat.
    Dec. 10. Repeat.
    Dec. 11. 9 a.m. Ol. Ricini ij--repeat above prescription.
    Dec. 12. But little pain in urinating--Blenorrhoea nearly subsided--stop Argent. Nitrit. injection--keep up the tepid water--Chorder but slight.
    Dec. 13. Copaiba mixture as above--tepid water injection--Camphor and Opium pills.
    Dec. 14. Copaiba mixture and tepid water injections.
    Dec. 15. Repeat mixture and tepid water injections with Camphor and Opium pills, H.S.
    Dec. 16. Better--repeat.
    Dec. 17. Repeat.
    Dec. 18. Improving--Camphor and Opium pills and two Blue pills at 9 p.m.--slight Blenorrhoea--slight pain in urinating--painful erections, but slight--still use Argent Nitrit. injections once per day and warm water twice--continue to give the Gonorrhoeal mixture per formula of Dec. 8th.
    Dec. 19. Repeat Gonorrhoeal mixture and former injections. Two Blue pills morning and evening--he does not improve as rapidly as he ought, and I am more than ever satisfied of the necessity of making a decided mercurial impression early in the treatment, although he is improving, but not so fast as I believe he would under the mercurial course, properly speaking. He requested me, if possible, at the commencement, to cure him without Ptyalism, and I have no doubt of doing it, but the cure is not so rapid, and the secondary symptoms are more apt to be developed.
    Dec. 20. Mending slowly--one slight motion on bowels today, after taking four ounces of Ol. Ricini--two Blue pills morning and evening--mixture as before (injections as formerly).
    Dec. 21. Pil. Hydrg. morning and evening--increase mixture to two teaspoonsful three times per day--improving slowly.
    Dec. 22. Repeat Blue pill and Gonorrhoeal mixture and injection (urethra) Tannic Acid gr.ij, Aqua j morning and evening (before using the tannin injection, wash out urethra with tepid water) with syringe--9 p.m. Camphor and Opium pills 2--the erections are not so painful as formerly--Blenorrhoeal discharge seems quite obstinate.
    Dec. 23. Slowly improving--repeat the prescription of yesterday, except Camph. and Opium pill (only one tonight) no sign of sore mouth.
    Dec. 24. Blue pill this morning. This evening symptoms of Mercurial action--Tannic Acid injection twice per day, four grains to ounce of water--inject a dram.
    Dec. 25. Slight sore mouth--give the Gonorrheal mixture in (Lini. Sem. tea) one blue pill tonight--injection as before.
    Dec. 26. Sulph. Magnes. ij at 10 a.m. Gonorrhoeal mixture as yesterday.
    Dec. 27. Repeat.
    Dec. 28. Give Soda. Tart. Ʒij, Pulv. Sulphur Ʒj at 9 a.m. Gonorrhoeal Mixture as before, in Lini. Sem. tea--injection once per day of Tannic Acid as above.
    Dec. 29. Repeat.
    Dec. 30. Soda et Potass. Tart. Ʒj--in the morning--mixture and injection as before.
    Dec. 31. Nearly well--repeat.
    Jan. 1, 1856. Repeat.
    Jan. 4. Doing well--slight Dysuria and some little Gleet--continue the former Gonorrhoeal mixture and regulate bowels with Cook's pills.
    Jan. 8. Well--but do not like to discharge him until the weather is something better--repeat.
    Jan. 9. Gonorrhoeal mixture in Lini. Sem. tea. Bowels regular.
    Jan. 10. Repeat.
    Jan. 11. Some discharge from Urethra--give injection (Urethra) of Argent. Nitrit. gr.jv to ounce of water Bis Indies. Continue former Gonorrhoeal mixture in Lini. Sem. tea--regulate bowels with Cook's Pills.
    Jan. 12. Better--general health good--bowels regular--less gleet--complains of injections burning--order solution weakened.
    Jan. 13. Gonorrheal mixture, and injection as before.
    Jan. 14. Repeat.
    Jan. 15. Dismissed--Cured.

Thomas Mitchel
    This Patient, admitted Dec. 8th, said that he had been affected four or five days--had had no medical treatment--he was young--(and when in health, I should suppose, would be quite plethoric) but considerably emaciated at present. The discharges were much sanguinolent--tongue heavy brown coat--termina quite distressing.
    Dec. 8th. 6 p.m. Hydrg. Submuri. gr.jv, Pulv. Ipecac et Opi. gr.vj, Morph. Sulph. gr.½ every six hours.
    Dec. 9. Repeat.
    Dec. 10. Repeat.
    Dec. 11. Repeat powder as above and Tinct. Catechu, Tinct. Opi. āā j, Cochl. Parv. occasionally when bowels are moved too often, or termini distressing.
    Dec. 12. Better--slight Ptyalism--give Ol. Ricini ij, Spts. Terebinth Ʒiij--mix--Cachl. Ampl. three per day.
    Dec. 13. Repeat the oil mixture and occasionally the Catechu and Laudanum as above.
    Dec. 14. Improving--repeat as yesterday, and pill Hydrg. gr.v at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 15. Repeat.
    Dec. 16. Nearly well. Give nothing but some Calcined Magnes. to allay Cardialgia--admit but spare diet yet--a bit of broiled chicken, half a cup of Coffee and a small slice of bread three times a day.
    Dec. 17. Well--give no medicine today.
    Dec. 18. Discharged--Cured.

James Brown
    This Patient, admitted Dec. 12th, 1855, complained of severe pain in Head on left side in temple--superior and inferior maxillaries on same side--had a tooth extracted on same side (inferior) and Molar tooth--had taken cold in lower jaw--was very bilious--liver torpid, skin and conjunctiva jaundiced--extracted another tooth (Bicuspid) in same jaw, which was carious--order at 8 p.m. Hydrg. Chlorid. Nitr. Pulv. Ipecac Comp. āā gr.x, Morph. Sulph. gr.½.
    Dec. 13. Pain not so acute--at 10 a.m. Ol. Ricini ij bowels moved at 12 M.--at 2 p.m. Morph. Sulph. gr.½--9 p.m. Calomel, Dover, Morphia as last night.
    Dec. 14. Better--bowels moved at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. Morphia gr.½--9 p.m. Cook's pills. When I say Cook's Pills, I mean Hydrarg. Submuri, Aloes and Pulv. Rhei āā Quantum S.
    Dec. 15. Better--repeat.
    Dec. 16. Better--2 Cook's pills H.S. (diet) for Breakfast, tea and toast--for Dinner Chicken Broth--for Supper, Coffee and toast.
    Dec. 17. Well.--Dismissed.

W. A. J. Moore
    This Patient was wounded Oct. 30, 1855. Admitted Dec. 12th. Rifle ball, passing under the integuments in right leg, slightly cutting the Fibula, about four inches above the Malleolus--wound in healing condition, yet rather dark and indurated--general health good, except Syphilitic taint no exceptions but Inguinal glands slightly enlarged and tender.
    Dec. 12. Dress wound with Cerat. Simple and Roller.
    Dec. 13. Repeat.
    Dec. 14. Repeat.
    Dec. 15. Wound looks better--less indurated and not so dark. Continue the above dressing and give Potass. Iodid. gr.v Bis Indies.
    Dec. 16. Repeat.
    Dec. 17. Repeat.
    Dec. 18. Dress as usual--wound healing--appearance better--increase the Iodid. Potass. to gr.vij (Bis Indies).
    Dec. 19. Wounds doing well--dress with Simple Cerat. and increase Iodid. of Potass. to seven grains, three times today.
    Dec. 20. Wounds doing well--dress as usual, and give the Iodide in a different form--℞ Decoct Sarsaparilla Comp. O.jss and Potass. Iodid. Ʒjv dissolve Iodid. in decoction and order as follows: Cochl. Ampl. three times per day, to be increased one-half tablespoonful each draught, each day,until the portion arrives at three spoonsful.
    Dec. 21. Repeat.
    Dec. 22. Repeat.
    Dec. 23. Repeat.
    Dec. 24. Repeat.
    Dec. 25. Use gentle friction on leg, and Liniment Comp. Camph. to wounds and also on leg--still takes the Iodid. mixture.
    Dec. 26. Repeat.
    Dec. 27. Repeat.
    Dec. 28. Repeat.
    Dec. 29. Repeat.
    Dec. 30. Repeat.
    Dec. 31. Repeat. Mixture out all Syphilitic symptoms gone--leg nearly well.
    Jan. 2, 1856. Repeat dressing.
    Jan. 3. Improving slowly--have had severe boil near the wounds that kept up considerable irritation--the Iodid. mixture out--seems entirely free from syphilitic infection--general health good--dress with Simple Cerat.
    Jan. 4. Repeat dressing--improving faster.
    Jan. 5. Repeat.
    Jan. 6. Doing well. Dress as usual.
    Jan. 7. Repeat.
    Jan. 8. Repeat dressing--can begin to walk without crutches--leg somewhat weak, and Tends. Achilles slightly contracted.
    Jan. 9. Nearly well--still dress with Simple Cerat., and use friction on limb morning and evening.
    Jan. 10. Repeat.
    Jan. 11. Repeat.
    Jan. 12. Wound rather indolent--touch lightly with Argent. Nitrit., and use the frictions with dry sponge--dress with Simple Cerat--general health excellent.
    Jan. 13. About as usual--apply the Lead plaster Litharge, Beeswax and Linseed Oil.
    Jan. 14. Doing well--dress with Lead plaster.
    Jan. 15. Use frictions and dress with Simple Cerat. and roller
    Jan. 18. Improving.
    Jan. 20. Nearly well--repeat dressing.
    Jan. 23. Let still somewhat weak--wound don't seem disposed to heal--tendons Achilles weak--dress with Simple Cerat.
    Jan. 24. About the same--the old Syphilitic infection is making its appearance again, in small eruptive patches on different parts of the body--after having taken the former course of Iodide of Potassium in the Sarsaparilla decoction, seemed free from the infection--the wound does not seem to improve any--continue the former dressing.
    Jan. 25. Wound looks better--there seems to be a rising coming on the side of the right heel--make a heavy application to it tonight of the Comp. Iodine Ointment--dress the wound as before.
    Jan. 26. The rising on the side of the heel seems to be at a stand--wound almost healed--repeat the application of last night.
    Jan. 27. Rising gone down--wound nearly well--still dress with Simple Cerat. and roller.
    Jan. 28. Repeat.
    Jan. 31. Wound healed over--ankle somewhat weak yet. Repeat dressing.
    Feb. 1. Sponge ankle with Volatile Liniment, diluted with Spts. Terebinth.
    Feb. 2. Have taken cold--seems quite unwell--the old Syphilitic infection is apparent--give at 9 p.m., three Comp. Cathartic pills.
    Feb. 3. Better--prepare a decoction as follows: decoction Sarsaparilla O.jss Potass. Iodid. Ʒjv--dissolve the Iodid. in the decoction and give two tablespoonsful three times per day--somewhat stronger in ankle.
    Feb. 5. He is so near well that he only limps a little from the weakness of the tends. Achilles, and some weakness yet in the ankle--the wound is completely healed--gave him leave of absence for ten days to attend to his affairs--took with him the decoction prepared per formula of 2nd inst. to remove the relics of Syphilis.
    Feb. 27. Dismissed. Cured.

Lewis Calhoun
Sore Foot.
    This Patient, who was admitted December 15th, 1855, had a sore on the side of the left Foot--the limb was naturally deformed, so that the foot turned slightly under him in walking--he had worn an old boot that admitted the side of his foot to the ground in consequence of which the Cutis became eroded, and taking cold, the foot became swollen and inflamed--in other respects quite healthy--dress with poultice Pulv. Ulmi. Cort. and roller.
    Dec. 16. Something better--repeat dressing.
    Dec. 17. Dress with Simple Cerate and roller--less swollen.
    Dec. 18. Repeat.
    Dec. 19. Repeat--much better.
    Dec. 20. Repeat.
    Dec. 21. Nearly well--repeat dressing.
    Dec. 22. Repeat.
    Dec. 23. Repeat.
    Dec. 24. Well. Dismissed.

Robert Gammill
    This Patient, who was admitted December 10th, 1855, was wounded Nov. 26, 1855, by a Rifle Ball, entering left side behind the external Jugular Vein, and passing under the integument and coming out on the left of the conical vertebra. Wound in tolerable good condition when admitted.
    Dec. 10. Extracted small strip of cloth out of interior wound (strips of undershirt), general health good--except slight tenderness in right Hypochondriac and foulness in stomach and bowels--dress with Simple Cerate.
    Dec. 11. Repeat.
    Dec. 12. Repeat.
    Dec. 13. Repeat.
    Dec. 14. Posterior wound almost healed--anterior wound doing well--repeat dressing.
    Dec. 15. Repeat.
    Dec. 16. Repeat.
    Dec. 17. Repeat.
    Dec. 18. Bowels constipated--tenderness in right side increased--dress as before, and give three Cook's Pills at bedtime.
    Dec. 19. Dress as before, and give pill Hydrg. at bedtime.
    Dec. 20. Repeat.
    Dec. 21. Dress as usual--wound nearly healed--Pill Hydrg. gr.v morning and evening.
    Dec. 22. Repeat.
    Dec. 23. Wounds both healed over--general health improving.
    Dec. 24. Wounds well but want to correct the torpidity of the Liver before dismissing him.
    Dec. 25. Improving--slight Ptyalism.
    Dec. 26. Leave off treatment.
    Dec. 30. Bowels somewhat constipated but no return of the hypogastric tenderness. Health otherwise good--give tonight three Comp. Cathartic pills (according to the U.S. Dispensatory).
    Dec. 31. Bowels moved lightly at 10 a.m.--at 9 p.m. repeat Cathartic pills.
    Jan. 1, 1856. Seems all right again.
    Jan. 2. No treatment--well.
    Jan. 8. Well--but not very rugged.
    Jan. 9. About the same.
    Jan. 10. More rugged.
    Jan. 11. Well--waiting for Horse before being discharged.
    Jan. 12. Dismissed--Cured.

E. F. Newland
Chronic Dysentery.
    This Patient admitted Dec. 21, 1855, had been troubled for two or three years with periodical Dysenteric infection--he says for two or three weeks he would be comparatively free from any sensible infection of the bowels--they would then become disordered and from three days to a week would be annoyed with Diarrhea and pain in bowels--worst at night--the first discharges would be very black and then change to a lighter color and more watery--sanious (mucus purulent). There is considerable tenderness in the right hypochondriac and epigastric tenderness also--the abdomen seems swollen--one p.m. when admitted order 2 Cook's pills at 2 & 8 p.m.
    Dec. 22. Bowels moved this morning tolerably freely--give blue pill morning, noon and night.
    Dec. 23. Blue pill morning and evening--better.
    Dec. 24. Repeat.
    Dec. 25. Repeat.
    Dec. 26. Slight mercurial action--cease blue pill and give Cinchona Cort. Pulv., Dover powder āā gr.x Soda et Potass. Tart. Ʒij. Misce at 9 a.m., 12 M. and 3 and 6 p.m.--there was considerable pain in the bowels this morning, with frequent bloody stools (but very scant), attended with some griping pains--the liver is sufficient aroused, as indicated by the dark color of the stools--those pains (as I stated above) seem to be periodical. The tenderness in the hypochondriac, and also the Epigastric tenderness, is very much lessened.
    Dec. 27. Much better--give the Cinchona and Soda Potass. tart. and Dover powder as yesterday.
    Dec. 28. Dismissed. Cured.

John Tinnin
Frost Bitten.
    This Patient was admitted Dec. 25th, 1855--he had his feet frozen the day before Christmas, early on the morning of the 24th. Admitted at 2 o'clock p.m. of the 25th--both feet, from the ankles forward were badly frost bitten--the heels were not touched--the feet were swollen and red, but not sensitive--applied rolls of cotton batting and Spts. Terebinth and loose roller to keep batting on--at 9 p.m. can begin to feel the Turpentine.
    Dec. 26. Much better--swelling considerably subsided--cutis not so red--experiences no pain--yet feet are sensitive--reapply the cotton batting and Spts. Turpentine--the reaction has not been attended with any constitutional disturbance--the swelling has somewhat subsided--there is quite a vascular fullness of the feet, yet I believe that he will get well without any sloughing of the parts--the Turpentine seems to have answered the purpose, charmingly, although it is not too late for the cutis to give way yet--there are no alternate reactions--yet there is a slight disturbance of the vascular system.
    Dec. 27. Feet much better--repeat the former application.
    Dec. 28. Repeat.
    Dec. 29. Repeat--nearly well.
    Dec. 30. Repeat.
    Dec. 31. Well.
    Jan. 1, 1856. Dismissed. Cured.

A. J. Nolen
Chronic Syphilis.
    This Patient, age 23, Admitted Jan. 10, 1856, was laboring under Chronic Syphilis--had severe Diarrhea, and pretty general derangement of the system--gave at 9 p.m. gr.xv āā Calomel and Jalap and Black wash to venereal ulcers on Glans Penis.
    Jan. 11. Cathartic of last night operated finely--continue the wash and blue pill tonight and in the morning.
    Jan. 12. Black wash and Pill Hydrg. night and morning--better.
    Jan. 13. Repeat--improving--diet--tea and toast for breakfast, rice soup, dinner, rice, supper.
    Jan. 14. Mouth a little sore--improving. Black wash--ulceration of Glans Penis arrested--they are not primary Chancres but a species of Syphilitic ulceration--have inoculated the thigh with the pus the 10th inst.--no appearance of chancres yet diarrhea ceased--give at 9 p.m. Jalap gr.x and Gamboge gr.iij.
    Jan. 15. Blue pill night and morning and black wash as before.
    Jan. 16. Mouth still a little sore--gave Sulphur Magnes. 1½ oz. at 10 a.m. bowels moved freely--black wash to Ulcers--nearly healed--general health much better.
    Jan. 17. Mouth nearly well--ulcers about healed--cleanse them well night and morning with tepid water and soap and use black wash--Blue pill tonight.
    Jan. 18. Repeat.
    Jan. 19. About well--gave Ʒij Potass. Tartrate--bowels moved--stop blue pill.
    Jan. 20. Gaining strength--bowels not moved today--give at 9 p.m. three pills--extract Colocynth Comp.
    Jan. 21. Doing well--give a blue pill H.S.
    Jan. 22. Well--Dismissed.

Joseph F. Caldwell
Acute Inflammatory Rheumatism.
    The Patient was admitted Dec. 1st, 1855, had been taken about a week before--had no medical treatment--pulse 100--severe pain in the shoulders, elbows, chest, left foot, and right knee painfully swollen--had no motion in bowels for three days.
    Dec. 1. Venesection one pint--Hydrg. Submuri. gr.xv, Gamboge, gr.ij, Rhei Pulv. gr.x at 7 p.m. (compress to knee and foot) very restless tonight--cannot turn himself or get up.
    Dec. 2. No better--venesection, one pint, bowels not moved--7 a.m. Ol. Ricini  ij--9 a.m. bowels moved slightly--okgive Aqua Camphoria Ʒji, Vini Colchi Sem. gtt xxx, Antim. Tart. gr.¼, Aqua j every four hours, and occasionally Ʒj Tinct. Hyoscyami according to the severity of the pains--9 p.m. no other motion of the bowels, order recipe of last night.
    Dec. 3. 7 a.m. No motion on bowels--no better--give Ol. Ricini ij (9 a.m. bowels moved freely) give Colchici mixture as yesterday--5 p.m. bowels moved--9 p.m. give Calomel and Dover's powder, ten grains each.
    Dec. 4. 8 a.m. bowels moved--pulse still 100--no symptoms of febrile action abating--limbs still painfully swollen--(still use Compress to knee)--bowels moved 4 p.m.) Still use the Colchicum as prepared above, every four hours--occasionally the Tinct. Hyoscyami--9 p.m. Hydrg. Submuri. gr.x, Pulv. Opi. gr.j
    Dec. 5. 8 a.m. Oil--10 a.m. bowels moved--febrile action not so high--(continue the former prescription)--9 p.m. Calomel and Dover's powder āā xx.
    Dec. 6. No better--not meeting with the success in this course that I have on other occasions--I deem it inexpedient to persist longer--7 a.m. order Hydrg. Submuri. gr.iij--Pulv. Ipecac Comp. gr.x, Pulv. Opi. gr.½, Tart. Antim. gr.¼--every six hours.
    Dec. 7. 8 a.m. pulse goes somewhat softer--swelling and pains still continue--keep up the Calomel, Dover's powder, Opium and Tart. Antim. every six hours--9 p.m. slight perspiration.
    Dec. 8. 7 a.m.--rested better during the night--pulse 90 but not so full (softer) continue Hydrg. Submuri. gr.iij--Dover x, Tart. Antim. gr.¼--Opium gr.¼ Sex. hora.
    Dec. 9. Rested pretty well--bowels moved twice since yesterday noon. Pulse 85 (continue the treatment of yesterday). 3 p.m. skin moist--pain not so acute--swelling continues. In regard to diet, I would say that it has been most sparing; three or four mouthfuls of toast bread, and a few sips of weak tea, three times a day--the disease seems unyielding yet I look forward to the revellent action of the Mercury (which I hope to see manifest by tomorrow) for a radical change, for it rarely deceives me (when other agencies fail)--I feel unwilling to push venesection further, although the last drawn presented the inflammatory buff--11 p.m. rests quite well--reapplied the compress to knee at 8 tonight and with Linimenti Camphoria Compositus saturated the bandage.
    Dec. 10. 8 a.m. rested better last night--pain and swelling somewhat less in right limb--less in shoulders--more pain in left limb--seems a little better--pulse 80--bowels not moved since last night--complaining of pain in bowels--no sign of mercurial action at 10 a.m. Give Calomel, Dover, Opium and Tart. Antim., as above--12 M. no motion on bowels--still pained in bowels--give Cochl. Ampl. Magnes. Sulph. 2 p.m. bowels moved freely--at 4 p.m. Mercurial powder as before--at 10 p.m. mercurial powder--seems quite easy tonight.
    Dec. 11. Slight Ptyalism--febrile action almost subsided. Pain less. Order--Soda Subcarbonas Ʒj every three hours.--Hydrg. Submuri. iij--Opi. gr.j, Dover pulv. gr.x at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 12. Continue Soda every three hours--Pil. Hydrg. at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 13. Soda et Potass. Tartris Ʒij, Antim. Tart. gr.½, at 2 and 5 p.m., 8 and 11 a.m. Pill Hydrg. at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 14. Repeat--at 3 p.m. complained of pain in bowels. Give Pulv. Opi. gr.j, pulv. Ipecac et Opi. gr.v, Tart. Antim. grain¼
    Dec. 15. Continue the Rochelle Salt and Tart. Antim. Not sensibly better at 9 a.m.--8½ p.m. better--seems much better than he has ever appeared--no febrile symptoms--swelling in joints lessened--but little pain except in turning.
    Dec. 16. Repeat Soda et Potass. Tartris at 7, 11 a.m. and 3, 7 p.m.--2 Cook's pills at 9 p.m.--improving.
    Dec. 17. Repeat Rochelle Salts at 7 & 11 a.m. and 3 & 7 p.m.
    Dec. 18. Still improving--continue the Soda et Potass. Tartris as before and pil. Hydrg. gr.vj--at bedtime--swelling nearly left joints--can sit up and bear weight of body on limbs--diet--toast & tea for breakfast--Chicken Soup dinner, Sassafras tea & toast for Supper.
    Dec. 19. Mending--continue the Soda et Potass. tart. at 7 & 11 a.m. and 3 & 5 p.m. Ʒij (also at 8 p.m.) bowels regular. Tongue clean--but very slight febrile symptoms about 4 p.m.--but little swelling in joints--can move about without much pain--soreness of mouth pretty well subsided--see no indication for blue pill--stop mercurial course--diet a little more liberal.
    Dec. 20. Repeat.
    Dec. 21. Repeat Rochelle Salt as before--slight febrile symptoms in evening--give 2 Cook's pills at bedtime.
    Dec. 22. Still improving slowly--slight pain occasionally in limbs--swelling almost subsided in knee joint and foot--still continues to have slight febrile exacerbation of an evening--rub joints twice per day with liniment (Volatile) to which add a little Ol. Terebinth--give Soda et Potass. tart. Ʒij four times per day--and tonight at 9, blue pill--there is no stiffness of the joints--the deposition thrown out is almost absorbed--rests tolerable well at night--(diet) Chicken Soup and Toast and tea and toast morning.
    Dec. 23. Did not rest well last night--had considerable pain in limbs--slight fever of an evening--bowels regular--appetite and digestion good--repeat the previous treatment and Morph. Sulph. gr.½ at 9 p.m., in blue pill.
    Dec. 24. Rochelle Salt Ʒj, and Quinia gr.j four times today--pill Hydrg. gr.v and Morph. gr.j at bedtime.
    Dec. 25. 7 a.m. give Acid Sulph. Aromat. gtt xx in water. Quinia gr.j, Dover gr.v at 8, 12, 3 & 6--Soda Potass. tart. Ʒjv morning & evening--pill Hydrg. at 8 p.m. Gum Camph. gr.xx, Dover powder xv grains at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 26. Improving slowly--no swelling in joints--slight pains occasionally in shoulders and knees, but very slight febrile action of an evening--can sit up and walk around the room--rested better last night--give the Elixir Vitriol, twenty drops, this morning at 7½ o'clock, and Soda Potass. Tart. Ʒj and Pulv. Cinchona gr.x at 9, 12, 3, and 6--Dover Powder and Camphor as last night.
    Dec. 27. Give the Cinchona gr.x and Soda Potass. tart. Ʒij--three times today, and at 9 p.m. Hydrg. Submuri. 3 grains, Morphia gr.j & Gum Camph. gr.x.
    Dec. 28. Can but discern that he improves at all--change course at 8 a.m., give Tinct. Guaiaci Ʒj in Syrup and water, to be repeated at 1 & 6 p.m. (at 9 p.m. give Hydrg. Submuri. gr.iij--Dover powder gr.vj, Morphia gr.½.
    Dec. 29. Repeat.
    Dec. 30. Give Tinct. Guaiaci morning and noon--this afternoon bowels pained--too light-colored stools--give at 3 and 9 p.m. Hydrg. Submuri. gr.v, Morphia Acetate gr.½, Gum Camphor gr.x.
    Dec. 31. At 8 a.m. give jss Rochelle Salt--bowels lightly moved at 10 a.m.--still same pain in bowels--repeat the mercurial powder of yesterday at 3 and 9 p.m.--not improving for two days past.
    Jan. 1, 1856. A little better--some pain in bowels and stomach--stomach quite irritable--bowels moved twice today--give 3 times today Hydrg. Submuri. gr.iij, Morph. gr.½, Gum Camph. gr.x at 9 p.m. Tinct. Hyoscyami one dram.
    Jan. 2. Not improving--pain in bowels not so bad--less pain generally but stomach very sensitive--give at 10 a.m. Magnes. Calcin. Ʒj--bowels moved at 4 p.m.; at 9 p.m. give Rhei Pulv. gr.iij, Jalap gr.ij, Camph. Gum gr.j. No febrile action today--the stomach seems morbidly sensitive to medicine, having taken no food, but drank a little Sassafras tea--the Rheumatic symptoms are almost  gone--the former Ptyalism has almost subsided--the gums are a little tender yet--the only difficulty seems to be a want of appetite to take sufficient food--and tone of digestive organs.
    Jan. 3. Quite free from pain--slight stiffness of the knees, but no enlargement--no febrile symptoms--stomach still morbidly sensitive--occasional scant stools--rub lower extremities from hip down with liniment Volatile, to which add ¼ Spts. Terebinth morning and evening--give twice today Olegineous mixture, Ol. Ricini jss, Tinct. Opi. xxx gtt, Mucilage Acacia j, Syrup Simple Ʒjv, Ol. Menth. Piperita gtt x, Aqua jv, mix--one ounce per draught--give at 9 p.m., three Comp. Cathartic pills.
    Jan. 4. Seems a little better today--can walk around the room without crutches--slight pain in knees--left one a little sore--but little febrile excitement--bowels not moved at 2 p.m.--give Pulv. Jalap gr.xv--Gamboge pulv. gr.iij--at six p.m. bowels moved freely--still use the frictions as yesterday--and flannel dipped in Aqua Ferentes to knees--diet--gill of milk and spoonful of cornmeal mush, morning & night--1½ pint Rice soup for dinner.
    Jan. 5. About the same as yesterday--give at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. & 5 Vinum Colchi Sem. Ʒj.
    Jan. 6. Improving--slight pain in bowels and stomach--think it is the effect of the Colchicum--gave xx drops three times today in Mucilage Acacia, and this morning ¼ gr. Morph. Acetate--free from pain this evening--warm fomentations to knees occasionally through the day--but slight rigidity of the knee joints, and no soreness or tumefaction--diet--two-thirds of a teacup of milk, and a little corn mush, morning, noon and night.
    Jan. 7. Free from pain in stomach and bowels--improving--Tinct. Colchi Sem. ɱxx three times today in Mucilage--warm fomentations to knees--diet as yesterday.
    Jan. 8. Improving--repeat.
    Jan. 9. Repeat.
    Jan. 10. Repeat--improving--bowels regular--no pain in limbs--can walk without crutches--diet--a little more nourishing.
    Jan. 11. Not so well today--have taken cold--some soreness in knees and slight pain--give Tinct. Colchi. Sem. a teaspoonful three times and warm fomentations to knees.
    Jan. 12. Improving slowly from cold of 10th--some swelling of right knee and pain, otherwise as well as yesterday--give Vinum Colchi Sem. as before and warm fomentations to both knees through the day--and at 7 p.m. Apply Emp. Epispastic to right knee.
    Jan. 13. Blister drawn well--seems better--continue the Colchicum as before--bowels regular.
    Jan. 14. Still labors under the cold--have not improved since taking it. Complains of some soreness in Knees and somewhat stiff, otherwise some better. No febrile symptoms--bowels regular--still give Colchicum from 20 drops to a dram. Volatile liniment and warm fomentations to joints. Diet--Milk and bread.
    Jan. 15. Repeat--seems to be gaining strength--but some pain & swelling in knees.
    Jan. 16. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 17. Repeat.
    Jan. 18. Repeat.
    Jan. 19. Repeat--swelling in Knees less--less pain--continue the Tinct. Colchicum Sem. and friction on joints--occasionally the Volatile liniment diluted with Spts. Terebinth--diet as before.
    Jan. 20. Repeat--a little more soreness in the joints today.
    Jan. 21. Through the attendant that waited on him have ascertained that he has taken freer diet than directed, which accounts for his partial relapses--have shut down on it and apportioned his food myself at Breakfast--cup of weak tea and spoonful of Rice Soup. Supper half pint Milk and small piece of light Bread. Increase the Colchicum Tinct. to two teaspoonful.
    Jan. 22. Bowels purged pretty freely from the increase of the Colchicum--give gr.x Dover pulv. at 9 las night--bowels not moved since, until this evening, when purged again pretty freely--give another portion Dover powder--bowels quite easy since--have only given twenty drops of the Colchicum, three times today--diet, as yesterday--joints less swollen and not so sore.
    Jan. 23. Give the Tinct. Colchicum Sem. as yesterday--bowels in god condition again--seems better.
    Jan. 24. Improving--have no more Tinct. Colchicum--give a dram three times today of Tinct. Guaiaci. Diet as before, fomentations as heretofore.
    Jan. 25. Repeat--improving slowly--diet as before.
    Jan. 26. Improving--give the Tinct. Guaiaci morning & evening--diet as before with the addition of a bit of ham for breakfast.
    Jan. 27. Repeat.
    Jan. 28. Improving slowly--but little enlargement of joints and but little stiffness--bowels constipated--give three Cook's pills at bedtime and Tinct. Guaiaci as before--rub the knee occasionally with Volatile liniment.
    Jan. 29. Repeat.
    Jan. 30. Tinct. Guaiaci as before, and Cook's pills tonight to evacuate bowels.
    Jan. 31. Tinct. Guaiaci--Bis Indies--improving.
    Feb. 1. Improving--give the Tinct. Colchis Sem. Ʒj--morning, noon & night.
    Feb. 2. Improving- repeat.
    Feb. 3. Repeat.
    Feb. 4. Repeat.
    Feb. 5. Repeat--gaining strength--there is but little enlargement of the right knee and that is fast going down--the other joints are free from enlargement--he has the perfect use of all the joints but the right knee, and that is only a little stiff, which I think will soon leave him--he is yet weak in the hips, knees, and ankles, by the use of Vinus. Tinct. of the Colchicum--his bowels remain regular and digestion is good--there is no febrile excitement at all now--no pains in limbs or joints, except a little pain occasionally in the right knee--allow a more generous diet--in addition to the Mush & Milk, allow some Chicken.
    Feb. 6. Treat as usual--improving.
    Feb. 7. Repeat.
    Feb. 8. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 9. Repeat.
    Feb. 10. Repeat.
    Feb. 11. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 12. Repeat--doing well.
    Feb. 13. Repeat.
    Feb. 14. Repeat.
    Feb. 15. Improving tolerable fast--gaining flesh--but slight enlargement of the right knee--have but occasional slight pain in the right knee and left ankle--give tonic bitters prepared with wine O.jss--Pulv. Cinchona j, Cochl. Ampl. duo magna ter die ["two large ones three times a day"]--diet--more generous--no meats, except fowl.
    Feb. 16. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 17. Repeat.
    Feb. 18. Give tonic.
    Feb. 19. Repeat.
    Feb. 20. Repeat.
    Feb. 21. Give nothing but the tonic, prepared per formula of 15th inst.--improving moderately fast, but slight pains occasionally in the right knee, which is slightly enlarged yet--allow a more generous diet--gaining flesh fast.
    Feb. 22. Repeat.
    Feb. 23. Repeat.
    Feb. 24. Repeat--improving
    Feb. 25. Repeat--gaining strength--no pains now or swelling of joints--bowels regular--digestion good--allow moderately full diet.
    Feb. 26. Tonic only--improving.
    Feb. 27. Repeat.
    Feb. 28. Improving--but right knee slightly swollen and occasionally painful--in addition to the tonic and liniment heretofore--give Tinct. Guaiaci--a fluid dram three times per day.
    Feb. 29. Improving--repeat.
    March 1. Repeat.
    March 2. Improving--still gaining flesh--can use limbs well--the only remaining sign of Rheumatism is a slight enlargement of the right knee and some little weakness--still apply liniment to the enlarged joint, of Liquor Ammonia fj, Ol. Olive ij, Spts. Terebinth j, Tinct. Camph. jss. Mix--Tinct. Guaiaci Ʒj three times per day.
    March 3. Repeat.
    March 4. Improving--repeat.
    March 5. Repeat.
    March 6. Repeat.
    March 7. Repeat.
    March 8. Repeat--improving.
    March 9. Repeat.
    March 10. Repeat--improving.
    March 11. Repeat.
    March 12. Repeat.
    March 13. Repeat.
    March 14. Repeat.
    March 15. Quite hearty--still give Tinct. Guaiaci--one dram night and morning--regulate bowels with Comp. Rhei Pills.
    March 16. Repeat.
    March 17. Repeat.
    March 18. Repeat--improving--about well.
    March 19. Repeat.
    March 20. Repeat.
    March 21. Repeat--still improves--quite hearty--no stiffness remaining.
    March 22. Repeat.
    March 23. Repeat.
    March 24. Gave leave of absence--directed the former treatment while absent.
    March 29. Returned--improved some since he left--bowels constipated--regulate with Comp. Rhei pills and give Tinct. Guaiaci Ʒj three times per day.
    March 30. Repeat.
    March 31. Repeat--improving.
    April 1. Repeat.
    April 2. Doing well--gaining strength--treat as before.
    April 3. Repeat.
    April 4. Repeat--quite hearty.
    April 5. Repeat.
    April 6. Repeat.
    April 7. Repeat.
    April 8. Repeat.
    April 9. About well--there is not a symptom of the disease left--all enlargement and anchylosis, together with the pains have subsided--he is quite fleshy and only waiting for more favorable weather to return to duty--still continue to give two or three drams of the Tinct. Guaiaci per day and occasionally a portion of Comp. Rhei pills.
    April 10. Repeat--doing well.
    April 11. Improving--same treatment.
    April 12. Repeat. Well--but think it would be imprudent to send him to the field while the weather remains damp and cold.
    April 13. Repeat.
    April 14. Repeat.
    April 15. Repeat.
    April 16. Repeat.
    April 17. Repeat.
    April 18. Repeat.
    April 19. Repeat.
    April 20. Repeat.
    April 21. Repeat.
    April 22. Dismissed--Cured.

David Sexton
Wounded, Nov. 26, 1855.
    This Patient admitted Dec. 10th was wounded in left leg by a Rifle ball. The Patient was running at the time, up hill, and the ball must have struck when the limb was flexed--it entered the outside five inches above the Malleolus passing over the Fibula and slightly cutting Tibia--ranging up and coming out in upper part of Tibialis Anticus Muscle--wounds were very much inflamed--badly swollen--the adhesive inflammation very high--order poultice--Pulv. Ulmi. Cort. at 9 p.m.--general health good.
    Dec. 11. Less inflamed--order cold water dressing today & elm poultice at 9 p.m.
    Dec. 12. Inflammation less--repeat cold water dressing through the day and Elm poultice at night.
    Dec. 13. Somewhat better--repeat dressing.
    Dec. 14. Repeat.
    Dec. 15. Repeat.
    Dec. 16. Inflammation pretty well subsided--only enough to promote adhesion--dress with Simple Cerat.
    Dec. 17. Repeat.
    Dec. 18. Repeat.
    Dec. 19. Repeat.
    Dec. 20. Lower wound not healing--believe there is some foreign substance in wound--used probe this morning but could detect nothing--upper wound almost healed over--general health good--dress with Simple Cerat.
    Dec. 21. Wound better--extracted some woolen threads this morning--could detect nothing else--dress as before.
    Dec. 22. Improving slowly--dress with cold water today at 9 p.m. Simple Cerat.
    Dec. 23. Repeat.
    Dec. 24. Repeat.
    Dec. 25. Repeat dressing--tried again to find substance that keeps up irritation, but could not.
    Dec. 26. Dress with cold water in daytime, and poultice with Ulm.Cort. Pulv. at night--something better.
    Dec. 27. Not improving--tried again this morning to find the substance that keeps up irritation, but could detect nothing--dress as usual. Believe that the ball struck the fibula and glanced up over the Tibia, and that there is a slight fracture of fibula, and small spicula of bone, which is the true source of irritation.
    Dec. 28. Nothing better--dress with cold water in day time and then poultice at night.
    Dec. 29. Probed effectually today--without any better result than formerly, except removing some fragments of woolen thread, pretty deeply embedded--a large plug ¾ of an inch in diameter--seems to disposed to slough out--cauterized it effectually this morning with Argent. Nitrit., and put it up in Elm Cort. poultice.
    Dec. 30. Cauterized this morning again with Argent. Nitrit. and dress as before.
    Dec. 31. Wound looks better--apply the caustic tonight and dress with Elm Cort. pulv. poultice.
    Jan. 1, 1856. Still looks better--dress with Elm Poultice.
    Jan. 2. Improving slowly--cauterize with Argent. Nitrit. this morning and poultice as before.
    Jan. 3. Dress with pulv. Lini. Sem. poultice--improving slowly--can walk a little without crutches.
    Jan. 4. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 5. Improving slowly--cauterize this morning and repeat dressing.
    Jan. 6. Dress with Lini. Sem. poultice--improving.
    Jan. 7. Repeat.
    Jan. 8. Repeat.
    Jan. 9. Limb improving--dress as usual--general health good.
    Jan. 10. Repeat dressing.
    Jan. 11. Improving slowly--dress as before and use caustic to wound this morning.
    Jan. 12. Wound not improving--no Flax Seed to poultice with--as long as the ground Flax Seed lasted, the wound continued to improve--cannot even get Pulv. Ulmi--made this evening an ointment or salve as follows: Plumbi Oxydum Semivitrium ½ lb., Cera Flava iij--Ol. Lini. Q.S.--apply a large plaster to wound H.S.
    Jan. 13. Wound some softer this morning--have had severe headache and vomiting of Bile today--gave at 11 a.m. Emetic Pulv. Ipecac gr.xx, Tart. Antim. gr.iij--acted well--gave Sulph. Magnes. ij at 4 p.m.--bowels moved this evening freely--headache relieved--dress wound as last night with Lead plaster.
    Jan. 14. Free from headache, but feels dull--wound looks better--not so much indurated--bowels not moved today--give three Cathartic pills at bedtime, and dress wound with Lead plaster.
    Jan. 15. Repeat dressing to wound--and three Cathartic pills at bedtime--seems a little unwell yet.
    Jan. 16. Better--dress with Litharge plaster prepared as 12th inst.
    Jan.17. Headache and pains in bones today--a general indisposition--wound improving--Venesection O.j at 6 p.m. and three Cathartic pills of Submuri. Hydrg. Calcinth ext., Comp. Gamboge Pulv. Islep pulv. āā Q.S.--repeat lead plaster of 12th inst. to wound.
    Jan. 18. Better--wound improving--Lead plaster to wound and Blue pill at 9 p.m.
    Jan. 19. Repeat.
    Jan. 20. Repeat--wound improving.
    Jan. 21. Improving slowly--dress with Lini. Sem. poultice & Roller--general health better.
    Jan. 22. Somewhat indisposed today--dress wound with Lini. Sem. poultice and give three Cook's pills at bedtime.
    Jan. 23. Rather indisposed yet--wound no better--apply the Lead plaster for formula of 12th inst. & three Cathartic pills per formula of 17th inst. at 9 p.m.
    Jan. 24. Wound looks better--general health better--repeat the Lead dressing.
    Jan. 25. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 26. Repeat.
    Jan. 27. Repeat.
    Jan. 29. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 30. Gave leave of absence for two weeks, to go and attend some of his affairs, which he said required his immediate attention. His wound is almost healed up, and [he] can walk very well--general health good.
    Feb. 27. Returned well--dismissed.

B. F. McKean
Chronic Ophthalmia.
    This patient, admitted Dec. 19th, was affected with rather a complicated infection of the eyes--there seems to be nothing but simple Conjunctivitis of the right eye of a month standing--yet the great intolerance of light in both eyes (Photophobia) and considerable lachrymation--the left eye is more seriously affected--in addition to the inflammation of the conjunctiva, there is considerable opacity of cornea and a turbid appearance of the aqueous humor in the anterior chamber and ragged appearance of the pupillary margin of the Iris--ordered Fly plaster to back of neck, 2 by 3 inches--pill Hydrg. gr.xv, Unguintum of Hydrg. Oxyd. Rub. gr.x, to ounce of Lard--a little to be rubbed between lids at bedtime (about a year ago, this patient was infected with Syphilis, and occasionally there is appearance of secondary symptoms--a slight enlargement of the Inguinal glands and also tenderness seems to be the only symptoms at present.
    Dec. 20. See no change yet--bowels did not respond to Blue pill--give Ol. Ricini at 10 a.m.--bowels moved at 2 p.m.--9 p.m. pil. Hydrg. gr.vj--dressed blister this morning at 8 with Cabbage leaves, wilted, ointment between lids at bedtime.
    Dec. 21. Eyes a little better--blister disposed to heal up--apply tartarized Ointment--blue pill morning and evening.
    Dec. 22. Blister sufficiently irritated--dress tonight with Cabbage leaves--Pil. Hydrg. morning and evening--ointment between lids at bedtime.
    Dec. 23. Slight Ptyalism--conjunctiva looks less injected--but Lachrymation increased--keep blister irritated and drop in eyes, solution Argent. Nitrit., gr.jv aqua j--general health appears better--bowels constipated--give 3 pills Comp. Ext. Colocynth.
    Dec. 24. Bowels not moved--give at 9 a.m. three Cook's pills--bowels moved at 1 p.m.--dress blister with tartarized ointment--blue pill at bedtime--solution in eyes as last night- improving slowly.
    Dec. 25. Eyes improving--cupped today on each temple to two ounces each--gave Sulph. Magnes. ij--Ptyalism pretty well subsided. Give Blue pill at bedtime and solution in eyes--Argent. Nitrit. gr.iij to ounce of water--Ung. Hydrg. Oxyd. Rub. between lids at bedtime--ten grains of Red Oxyd. to ounce of Lard.
    Dec. 26. Eyes improving--keep blister on back of neck irritated--give today--Soda et Potass. Tart. Ʒij--Cinchona pulv. Cort. gr.x at 9 a.m., 12 M., and 3 and 6 p.m. solution in eyes and ointment as before.
    Dec. 27. Improving--repeat the prescription of yesterday minus injection in eyes.
    Dec. 28. Improving--cup today on each temple an ounce each--tartarized ointment on blister, Rochelle Salt and Cinchona pulv. as before.
    Dec. 29. Improving--give Rochelle Salt and Cinchona as before--ointment between lids as above.
    Dec. 30. Repeat as yesterday and solution in eyes of Argent. Nitrit., three grains to ounce of water at 7 p.m. take one and a half pints of Blood from the arm--there was this afternoon considerable vascular reaction--pulse 85, very full and tense--eyes still improving--bowels regular. The administration of the Rochelle Salt keeps the bowels about loose enough--mercurial affection subsided.
    Dec. 31. Can see tolerable well now and still improving. Considerable vascular congestion of the conjunctiva yet the ragged appearance of the pupillary margin of the iris disappeared. The aqueous humor less turbid--give tonight three Cook's pills.Bowels not moved today. Solution in eye and Unguintum between lids as formerly.
    Jan. 1, 1856. Improving--give nothing to--but order the Ointment between lids at night.
    Jan. 2. Improving slowly--bowels constipated--give this morning Pulv. Sulphur Ʒj and Rochelle Salt ss--bowels moved lightly at 3 p.m. At 9 p.m. give 3 Comp. Cathartic pills--have applied to the eye today, every two hours, solution Zinci Sulph. gr.jv to ounce of water by means of the eye glass, and ointment between lids as usual.
    Jan. 3. Some febrile excitement this morning--Venesection O.j at 10 a.m. Apply to eyes by means of Camel's hair Pencil--solution Argent. Nitrit. gr.viij to ounce of water--eyes not so well today--bowels moved this morning by cathartic pills of last night--give tonight at 9 p.m. Blue pill gr.x.
    Jan. 4. Less febrile excitement--eyes better--bowels not moved since the administration of the Blue pill--at 2 p.m. give Pulv. Jalap gr.xv, Gamboge gr.iij--bowels moved promptly at 6 p.m. one drop of the solution of yesterday in left eye today--the left eye has been more seriously affected than the right.
    Jan. 5. Eyes seem better but considerable fever--Venesection O.j--no application to eyes today, but the former ointment between the lids at night--gave at 10 a.m. Magnes. Sulph. ij, bowels moved freely at 2 p.m.
    Jan. 6. Improving slowly--bowels regular and but slight febrile symptoms today--bathe left eye in solution Zinci Sulphas gr.x to ounce of water and Unguintum between lids at night.
    Jan. 7. Repeat--improving slowly.
    Jan. 8. Repeat.
    Jan. 9. Eyes not so well today--bowels constipated--give at 9 p.m. three Comp. Cathartic pills--uses the former ointment between lids and bathe eyes in solution Sulphate of Zinc, per formula of 6th inst.
    Jan. 10. Something better today--bowels moved freely from Cathartic pills of last night--solution to eyes and ointment as usual.
    Jan. 11. Eyes not improving; the right is perfect, but there is a conjunctival vascularity that I do not believe he can get rid of in this crowded place--the weather not permitting him to go out much--I endeavor to keep down febrile symptoms and regulate bowels and diet sparingly.
    Jan. 12. Eyes about the same--give three alterative pills as follows: Ferric Sub. Carbonas Ʒij, Iodid. Potass. gr.xx, Aloes gr.xxx. Misce fiat Massa et pillulas.
    Jan. 13. Repeat alterative pills--less lachrymation.
    Jan. 14. Repeat.
    Jan. 15. Improving--repeat Iron and Iodid. pills.
    Jan. 16. Repeat.
    Jan. 17. Repeat.
    Jan. 18. Repeat.
    Jan. 19. Repeat.
    Jan. 20. Eyes nearly well--still continue the Iodid. pills per formula of 12th inst.
    Jan. 21. Repeat.
    Jan. 22. Repeat.
    Jan. 23. Repeat.
    Jan. 24. Repeat--eyes not so well today--more lachrymation than usual--order the former astringent lotion and the Red Precipitate ointment between lids.
    Jan. 25. Repeat--less lachrymation.
    Jan. 26. Repeat.
    Jan. 27. Repeat.
    Jan. 28. Alterative pills and ointment between lids at night--eyes better--but little lachrymation.
    Jan. 29. Repeat.
    Jan. 30. Repeat.
    Jan. 31. Eyes do not improve lately--give three compound Cathartic pills tonight.
    Feb. 1. 9 a.m. Venesection to O.ij--bowels not moved from Cathartic pills of last night--give Sulph. Magnes. ij at 11 a.m.--eyes seem less injected this evening.
    Feb. 2. Give Blue pill night and morning--eyes better.
    Feb. 3. Repeat Blue pill.
    Feb. 4. Bowels constipated--eyes about the same--give three Cook's pills at Bedtime tonight.
    Feb. 5. Don't seem to improve--bathe the eyes three times in solution of Acetate of Lead, and at eight tonight give one grain Hydrg. Iodid., intend to try a course of the Iodide of Mercury and cupping again on the temples.
    Feb. 6. Cup on the left temple to an ounce--repeat the Hydrg. Iodid.
    Feb. 7. Repeat Hydrg. Iodide.
    Feb. 8. Repeat.
    Feb. 9. Repeat.
    Feb. 10. Not so well today--bowels constipated--give at 9 p.m. three Cook's pills.
    Feb. 11. Bowels moved well--commence with the Iodide of Mercury--one grain night and morning.
    Feb. 12. Repeat--eyes better.
    Feb. 13. Repeat.
    Feb. 14. Bowels constipated again--give at 9 p.m. three Comp. Cathartic pills, considerable lachrymation of the eyes today; order the astringent lotion.
    Feb. 15. Better today--bowels moved freely--commence the alterative portions of Hydrg. Iodid.
    Feb. 16. Repeat Hydrg. Iodid. gr.ij morning and evening.
    Feb. 17. Repeat.
    Feb. 18. Repeat.
    Feb. 19. Repeat.
    Feb. 20. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 21. Repeat.
    Feb. 22. Repeat.
    Feb. 23. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 24. Repeat.
    Feb. 25. Mouth somewhat sore--there is every evidence of the constitutional effects of the Iodide--eyes somewhat better than when I commenced with it--some lachrymation yet--stop the Iodide--bathe the eyes in solution of Plumbi Acetate gr.jv to ounce of water.
    Feb. 26. Eyes in tolerable good condition--still bathe them in the lead lotion, and diet sparingly.
    Feb. 27. Use the astringent lotion three times per day.
    Feb. 28. Eyes well--occasionally there is some lachrymation. Dismissed today--Cured.

Alex. Thompson
Intermittent Fever.
Treatment & Remarks.
    This Patient, admitted Jan. 7th, 1856, was laboring under Intermittent Fever, had the chills for three months, able to go around two days out of three--young and otherwise of good constitution--at 7 p.m. order three pills of Calomel, Jalap and Comp. extract Colocynth--had chills and fever this evening when admitted.
    Jan. 8. Bowels moved freely--give today three powders, Quinia gr.j, pulv. Doveri gr.iij, Jalap pulv. gr.jv and pill Hydrg. at bedtime--diet Rice Soup.
    Jan. 9. Seems quite well today--give solution Sulph. Quinia gr.xx, Acid Sulph. Aromat. Ʒj, Ol. Menth. Piperita ɱx, Aqua jv Cochl. Parv. at intervals of two hours through the day--pil. Hydrg. gr.x H.S.
    Jan. 10. Repeat Quinia solution as yesterday--slight Ptyalism--give at 9 p.m. Jalapa xv grains.
    Jan. 11. Mouth not much sore today--seems better--give Quinia solution prepared as 8th inst. four times today--pil. Hydrg. H.S.
    Jan. 12. Improving--repeat.
    Jan. 13. Seems quite well but mouth very sore--give at 9 a.m. Rochelle Salt Ʒij, Sulphur Ʒj--bowels moved lightly at 12 M.--at 5 p.m. give Magnes. Sulph. ij--bowels moved freely at 8 p.m.--have used the Quinia mixture as before--have had no chill since first evening.
    Jan. 14. Improving--but mouth very sore--made Creosote wash for mouth--Creosote fƷij, Alcohol fj, Honey fij, Aqua O.jss. Mix--use the Quinia mixture as before--free from chill and fever.
    Jan. 15. Mouth very sore yet--continue to use the wash. Health much better--give two powders of Quinia today gr.j portions--gave at 9 p.m. Jalap Pulv. gr.xv, Gamboge gr.iij--no chill or fever.
    Jan. 16. Perfectly free from chill and fever--the only difficulty seems to be the Ptyalism--continue the Creosote mouth wash and give two Quinia powders in one grain portions--bowels moved very freely--give an Opiate at 9 p.m., pulv. Opi. gr.½.
    Jan. 17. Repeat--mouth better.
    Jan. 18. Improving--mouth much better--still  uses the wash--gave two Quinia powders today, one grain each at 10 & 2. Morphia Sulph. gr.¼ at bedtime.
    Jan. 19. Repeat--minus the Morphia.
    Jan. 20. Seems entirely well, but mouth still a little sore--continue the mouth wash and two Quinia powders per day--bowels in good condition.
    Jan. 21. Quinia and mouth wash--bowels not moved today. Give at 9 p.m. Jalap Extract gr.xv--mouth much better.
    Jan. 22. Repeat.
    Jan. 23. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 24. Two portions of Quinia today, and ten grains of Pulv. Ipecac et Opi. at 9 p.m.--improving--mouth not well yet, but somewhat better; seems entirely well in every other respect.
    Jan. 25. Improving--repeat.
    Jan. 26. Repeat.
    Jan. 27. Repeat.
    Jan. 28. About well, but mouth still a little sore--still give a little Quinia and Dover's powders and regulate bowels with Cook's pills.
    Jan. 29. Repeat.
    Jan. 30. Mouth about well--no symptoms of chill or fever--bowels regular--give two grains in powder today.
    Jan. 31. Nearly well--still give a little Quinia twice per day and regulate the bowels with Cook's pills.
    Feb. 1. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 2. Free from all signs of chill or fever, but seems quite feeble--bowels have been moved very freely the last day or two--gave a good portion of Dover's powder this evening and a little Quinia twice today.
    Feb. 3. Better today--prepare tonic draught--infusion of Cinchona O.jss, acid Sulph. Aromat. Ʒij--Cochl. Ampl. tri-daily--about well, but weak yet.
    Feb. 4. Repeat.
    Feb. 5. Repeat--nearly well--not so weak.
    Feb. 6. Repeat.
    Feb. 7. Repeat.
    Feb. 8. Repeat.
    Feb. 9. Considerable diarrhea today--give this evening at 7 p.m. Pulv. Opi. gr.½ and Dover's powders three grains--seems well, but somewhat weak yet--continue the tonic draught of 3rd inst.
    Feb. 10. Diarrhea not quite ceased yet, but something better than last night--continue to give occasionally an astringent powder (as last night) and tonic draught as before.
    Feb. 11. Bowels moved somewhat too often yet--treat as yesterday.
    Feb. 12. Bowels regular--give tonic per formula of 3rd inst.--gaining strength.
    Feb. 13. Repeat tonic.
    Feb. 14. Repeat.
    Feb. 15. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 16. Repeat.
    Feb. 17. Somewhat indisposed today--feels as though he would have a chill--give the Comp. Cathartic pills at 9 tonight--tonic--wine O.jss, Cinchona jss ½ fluid ounce tri-daily.
    Feb. 18. Repeat tonic, and give blue pill at bedtime, had slight chill last night.
    Feb. 19. No chill today--better--give tonic as before.
    Feb. 20. Chill this evening--give tonight at 9 [p.m.] ½ dram pillula Rhei Comp.--have taken the former tonic today as usual.
    Feb. 21. No chill today, but had slight chilly sensations this evening--he continues to gain flesh and strength--but has a slight chill occasionally--gave three (two-grain) powders of Quinia today and three Cook's pills and a half grain Opium at bedtime tonight.
    Feb. 22. Comp. Rhei pills 2 at bedtime--3 Quinia powders gr.ij.
    Feb. 23. Repeat Quinia powders--slight chill at 6 p.m.--at 9 p.m. give Calomel and Jalap āā gr.x.
    Feb. 24. No chill since last evening--gave gr.vj of Salacine at 9 a.m. and 12 M. and 3 p.m.--at 9 p.m. Blue pill gr.vj.
    Feb. 25. Slightly ptyalized this morning--no more chills--gave a good portion of Salts this morning--bowels moved freely--mouth better this evening--give at 9 p.m. two Comp. Rhei pills.
    Feb. 26. Make mouth wash--Sage, Borat Soda and Creosote--mouth not so sore as yesterday--give at 9 p.m. Dover powder gr.x, Quinia gr.j--free from chill and fever.
    Feb. 27. Better--no chill or fever--gaining strength--give two powders today of Quinia and Dover's powder, and at 9 p.m. give Rhei gr.xv and Dover's powder gr.x--mouth wash as yesterday.
    Feb. 28. Mouth still sore--but health improving--gave a portion of Magnes. Sulphas today at 9 a.m.--mouth wash as yesterday--and Dover powder ten grains at bedtime.
    Feb. 29. Treat as yesterday (minus the salts)
    March 1. Repeat.
    March 2. Improving--mouth somewhat sore yet--make another wash of Alcohol fj, Creosote ɱxv Aqua vj--give tonic of wine O.j--Lignum Quassia j fluid ounce three times per day--bowels regular--at 9 p.m. give Rhei and Dover powder āā gr.x--free from chill or fever--gaining strength.
    March 3. Repeat.
    March 4. Repeat--improving.
    March 5. Repeat--nearly well.
    March 6. Repeat.
    March 7. Repeat.
    March 8. Well--Dismissed.

Samuel Vertres
    This Patient, admitted Jan. 8th, 1856, was wounded Jan. 2nd by a half-ounce ball, in the left arm, the ball entering about half way from the Metacarpus to elbow, glancing over the Radius, without fracturing--passing through obliquely upwards and coming out over the Ulna, about three inches below the elbow--could detect no fracture of either bone--tissues very much lacerated--the inflammatory action very high--Patient looks pale, but seemingly healthy--dress with cold water.
    Jan. 9. Less inflamed today--repeat water dressing.
    Jan. 10. Beginning to suppurate--less swelling--repeat dressing.
    Jan. 11. Improving slowly--repeat cold water.
    Jan. 12. Wound looks better--dress with Cerate Simple, and occasionally the cold cloth--suppuration nearly established--bowels regular--health good.
    Jan. 13. Repeat.
    Jan. 14. Improving--suppuration established--would use flaxseed poultice, but can neither get it or Elm--have used the Simple Cerate and occasionally Cold water--the wounds look very well--health good--bowels regular.
    Jan. 15. Repeat dressing with Simple Cerate and bandage--doing very well.
    Jan. 16. Dress with Simple Cerate--and bandage.
    Jan. 17. Repeat--wound looks well--suppuration healthy--general health good.
    Jan. 18. Repeat.
    Jan. 19. Repeat.
    Jan. 20. Repeat.
    Jan. 21. Dress with Lini. Sem. poultice--improving.
    Jan. 22. Repeat.
    Jan. 23. Repeat.
    Jan. 24. Wounds somewhat indurated, and arm more swollen than usual--continue the flaxseed poultice and order a cold cloth occasionally--system somewhat feverish--the wounds show a good granulating surface.
    Jan. 25. Repeat--wounds look better.
    Jan. 26. Repeat.
    Jan. 27. Repeat.
    Jan. 28. Repeat.
    Jan. 29. Repeat--doing well--had a slight chill today.
    Jan. 30. Wounds improving--had a chill again today--give three Cook's pills at 9 p.m.--dress wounds with Lini. Sem. poultice & bandage. 
    Jan. 31. Dress arm as before, and give two powders of Quinia and Dover's powder--Cook's pills H.S.--very light chill today.
    Feb. 1. No chill today--have given two powders as yesterday, and Blue pill at night--dress arm with Lini. Sem. poultice and roller.
    Feb. 2. No chill, but seems quite feverish--arm somewhat swollen--wounds fungous--have given two Quinia powders with Dover pulv. today and three Compound Cathartic pills at bedtime tonight. Cauterize the wounds with Argent. Nitrit., and poultice with Lini. Sem. pulv. and direct a cold cloth occasionally to arm--diet very sparingly.
    Feb. 3. Better--wounds look better--the fungous nearly disappeared--dress with Lini. Sem. poultice.
    Feb. 4. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 5. Repeat--quite healthy again--dress the wounds with Flaxseed poultice, and apply roller moderately tight.
    Feb. 6. Repeat.
    Feb. 7. Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 8. Repeat.
    Feb. 9. Wounds look well--system quite healthy--dress with Lini. Sem. poultice and roller.
    Feb. 10. Improving--stop the Flaxseed poultice and dress with Simple Cerate.
    Feb. 11. Repeat.
    Feb. 12. Repeat.
    Feb. 13. Repeat--Wounds almost healed--general health good--full diet.
    Feb. 14. Repeat.
    Feb. 15. Not so well today--had a chill last night and some fever--arm somewhat inflamed--give at 9 p.m. Hydrg. Submuri. gr.viij, Jalap gr.x, Gamboge pulv. gr.iij. Mix--dress the wounds as before with the addition of a cold cloth occasionally.
    Feb. 16. Bowels not moved at 10 a.m.--give Magnes. Sulphas ij--at 12 M. bowels moved--wounds look better--was not so much inflamed--at 9 p.m. give pil. Hydrg. gr.viij--no chill or fever last night.
    Feb. 17. Improving--dress with Lini. Sem. poultice and give Blue pill at bedtime--free from chill and fever.
    Feb. 18. Dress wound with Lini. Sem. poultice and give Blue pill at bedtime--free from chill and fever
    Feb. 19. Dress wound with Lini. Sem. poultice--improving--wound begins to look well again.
    Feb. 20. Repeat.
    Feb. 21. Repeat--general health good--wounds improving.
    Feb. 22. Repeat.
    Feb. 23. Repeat.
    Feb. 24. Wounds look well--over the course of the wound on the upper side of the arm, there is a red and inflamed spot as though it rose very tense and somewhat painful--have applied morning and evening flaxseed poultices, washed wounds well and bandaged arm as usual--general health good.
    Feb. 25. Wound still continues to heal and look well--the appearance of a rising over the wound still continues more red and swollen than yesterday--poultice as before--treat the wounds as usual.
    Feb. 26. Less swollen and not so painful--still dress with Lini. Sem. poultice and roller.
    Feb. 27.  Repeat--improving.
    Feb. 28. The swelling is about gone down, and but little soreness--Wound doing well--still poultice with the Flaxseed meal, and bandage arm well.
    Feb. 29. Improving--repeat.
    March 1. Improving--repeat.
    March 2. Repeat--swelling entirely assuaged--but little soreness--wounds healing--but little suppuration--general health good--diet: full.
    March 3. Dress with Simple Cerate.
    March 4. Repeat. Wounds almost healed.
    March 5. Repeat.
    March 6. Repeat.
    March 7. Repeat.
    March 8. Wounds completely healed--the swelling completely subsided, the tendons somewhat contracted--cannot quite straighten the arm--general health good--still bandage the arm lightly and use friction on the tendons.
    March 9. Repeat.
    March 10. Improving--arm nearly well--the biceps tendons more relaxed--can almost straighten arm--swelling completely assuaged--general health good--no treatment necessary.
    March 22. Still continues to improve.
    April 4. Wounds sound--arm still continues to gain strength--can straighten arm and use the fingers--but the arm and fingers are somewhat weak yet--general health good--no treatment necessary.
    April 10. Still gaining strength in arm--the wounds remain healed over--can straighten arm--no contraction of the tendons remaining--general health good--no treatment.
    April 14. Well--Dismissed.

George Brown
Treatment and Remarks.
    This Patient, admitted Jan. 12th, 1856, was 35 years old, low in height, but pretty heavy built--from auscultation and percussion, could not detect any infection of the lungs, with the exception of the lower portion of the right lung--there seems to be some deadness on percussion and the respiratory murmur not distinct--extreme soreness in the right hypochondriac--considerable in the left, with a disagreeable cough, and pain in right side occasionally running to Scapula, with obstinate constipation and occasionally fever--it is a well-marked case of Chronic Hepatitis--says he was troubled with disease of the liver, three or four years ago, and occasionally since--that the right lung (low down) and the air passages are sympathetically affected--I have no doubt--I do not believe that the lungs are primarily or organically affected--admitted at 5 p.m.--bowels not evacuated since 10th inst--give at 8 p.m. Hydrg. Submuri., Jalap pulv. āā gr.xij.
    Jan. 18. Bowels moved once from Cathartic powder of last night--had a chill and some fever today--give at 9 p.m. four Comp. Cathartic pills.
    Jan. 14. Bowels moved at 10 a.m.--give two powders today at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.--Quinia gr.j, Gum Camphor gr.iij, Dover powder gr.v and at 9 p.m. three Cathartic pills, prepared as follows: Submuri. Hydrg. Ext., Colocynth. Comp., Jalap Pulv., Gamboge Pulv. āā Q.S.--no chill today--less cough--not so much pain on side.
    Jan. 15. One grain Quinia at 11 & 2--3 Cathartic pills H.S.--better.
    Jan. 16. Still improving--slightly ptyalized--gave ½ gr. Quinia--at 10, 12 & 2--and good portion Salts at 1 p.m.
    Jan. 17. Three Quinia powders ½ gr. portions today, and three Comp. Cathartic pills at 9 p.m.--improving.
    Jan. 18. Cathartic pills of last night operated freely--2 Quinia powders today at 10 & 2--pill Hydrg. at bedtime.
    Jan. 19. Repeat--improving.
    Jan. 20. Repeat--had chill every night for the last three nights past--otherwise much better--the cough is less distressing--the soreness much [unfinished]

Bill of Drugs
Furnished Dr. Braman, field Surgeon of Capt. Williams' Company, by G. W. Greer, Surgeon to Hospital at Jacksonville, Or., of 2nd Regiment O.M. Volunteers
May 1st, 1856
1 dr. Sulphate Quinia
1 oz. Plumbi Acetate
1 oz. Pil. Hyd.
2 oz. Tincture Asafetida
1 oz. Potassium Nitrite
1 oz. Pulv. Doveri
½ oz. Citric Acid
1 oz. Pulv. Ipecac
2 oz. Bicarbonate Soda
2 boxes Wright's Pills
2 boxes Comp. Cathartic pills
1 dr. Morphia Sulphas
Received the above drugs of G. W. Greer in Good Order.
Jansen Braman

Bill of Drugs
Furnished to Fort Leland, From the Jacksonville hospital, of 2nd [Regiment], O.M. Volunteers, April 4th, 1856.
G. W. Greer.
1 pocket case of surgical implements
2 Dental Forceps
1 pair pelicans
1 Wedgewood mortar
1 lb. Balsam Copaiba
¼ lb. Zinci Sulphas
1 lb. Cera Flora
4 lb. pulv. Flax Seed
½ oz. Nitrite Silver
½ lb. [illegible] Leaves
4 bottles Castor oil (¼ lb. bottles)
½ lb. Ungt. Hydrarg.
½ lb. Resin Aloes
¼ lb. Gum Catechuhttps://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/remittent
½ lb. pulv. Rhei
2 dr. Tart. Antim.
½ lb. pulv. Gum Acacia
½ doz. papers ground elm bark
¼ lb. Sulphate Copper
2½ dz. pulv. Ipecac
1½ yds. patent lint
Received the above bill of Drugs from G. W. Greer per order of Dr. Barkwell, Surgeon General, O.T.
D. H. Sexton
    Steward to Vannoy's Hospital
I certify that the above bill of drugs were transfered from Jacksonville hospital, by G. W. Greer  (Surgeon in charge) to the hospital at Fort Leland.
M. C. Barkwell
    Surgeon General, O.T.

Bill of Drugs
Furnished to Fort Leland hospital, April 20/56 from Jacksonville hospital by G. W. Greer, Surgeon.
3 Gum Elastic catheters (Hutchinson's)
1½ yds patent Lint
1 lb. Resin ointment
2 lb. Tinct. Opii
2 lb. Tinct. Camphor
½ lb. Sulphuric Ether
½ doz. bottles Castor oil
1 yd. Adhesive plaster
2 lb. Simple Cerate
1 pt. Liquor Morphia (Sulph)
1 lb. pulv. Jalappa
1 oz. Nitrite Silver
½ lb. pulv. Cinchona
1 pt. Tinct. Iodine
1 oz. pulv. Opii
1 dr. Sulphate Morphia
1 qt. Spts. Terebinth
1 qt. Camphorated Tinct. Opii
1 Spatula
2 oz. pulv. Gamboge
2 pt. Spts. nitre Dulc.
10½ oz. Syrup Squills
½ lb. Zinc ointment
Received of G. W. Greer, Surgeon in charge of Jacksonville hospital, the above bill of drugs, by way of Transfer for the use of the hospital, at Fort Leland, April 20th 1856
M. C. Barkwell
    Surgeon General of Oregon

Bill of Drugs
Furnished to Fort Leland hospital from Jacksonville hospital, by G. W. Greer, May 8th/56
1 pt. Aqua Ammonia
3 lb. Sarsaparilla Rad
⅓ lb. pulv. Ipecac
4 oz. Vinum antimoni
½ oz. Nitric acid
3 oz. Citric acid
½ lb. Plumbi acetate
4 oz. Ungt. Hyd.
½ oz. Croton oil
½ doz. boxes Seidlitz powder
½ lb. Borate Soda
1 gross paper pill boxes
2 doz. vials assort. & corks
I certify that the above bill of drugs were transferred from Jacksonville hospital by G. W. Greer, Surgeon in charge, to the hospital at Fort Leland.
M. C. Barkwell,
    Surgeon General of Oregon

Bill of Drugs
Furnished to Vannoy's hospital from the Jacksonville hospital, of 2nd R.O.M. Volunteers by G. W. Greer, attending surgeon, April 23rd 1856.
1 doz. Quinia Sulphur
¼ lb. Ungt. Hydrg.
1 lb. Tart. Potass.
3 lb. Soda Carb.
4 lb. Soda Bicarb.
½ doz. Cherry pectoral (Ayers)
½ doz. Cholagogue
½ doz. Nerve and bone liniment
½ doz. pain killer (Davis's)
2 bottles Sands' Sarsaparilla
1 doz.boxes Wright's pills
½ doz. boxes Lee's pills
½ doz. boxes Brandreth's pills
4 Jars Thorn's Extract of Cubebs and Copaiba
½ doz. poor man's plaster
2 doz. Acid, Sulphuric (vial)
4 doz. Acid, Nitric and (vial)
4 doz. Acid Muriatic and (vial)
3 doz. Ol. Lemon and  (vial)
½ doz. boxes Seidlitz powders
5 lb. Lini. Seed
Received at Jacksonville hospital, of G. W. Greer, Surgeon. The above bill of drugs in good order.
E. D. Byrne
    Surgeon in Charge, Camp Vannoy

Bill of Drugs
Furnished the hospital at Fort Vannoy per Requisition of Dr. Byrne, A. Surgeon
April 16th, 1856.

Camp Vannoy April 16th 1856
Requisition for
    1 Iodine pure 1½ yds. Emp. adhesivum
8 potass. Iodide 8 Tinct. Opii
1 O. Aqua  Ammonia 1 O. Aqua Rosa
1¼ lb. pulv. Cinchona 3 Rad Rhei
3Ʒ Morphia Sulphas 3 Collodion
1 Piperine 4 Gum Guaiaci
2¾Ʒ Salicine 2 pulv. Opii
1 lb. Cera Alba 8 Tinct. Cinchona Comp.
5½ lbs. Lard 1 Cork Screw
10 lbs. Magnes Sulphas ½ lb. Gum Acacia
2 yds. patent Lint
Dr. G. W. Greer
    Surgeon in charge of hospital at Jacksonville of 2nd R.O.M. Volunteers
Sir, please furnish the above articles for the use of the hospital and sick at this place as they are absolutely necessary.
Certified upon honor,
    E. D. Byrne, Surgeon in Charge
Received of G. W. Greer, attending surgeon in hospital at Jacksonville of 2nd R.O.M. Volunteers, the above bill of drugs in good order, April 17th, 1856.
E. D. Byrne, A. Surgeon
    2nd R.O.M. Volunteers

Bill of Drugs
Furnished the hospital at Fort Vannoy per Requisition of Dr. E. D. Byrne, Assistant Surgeon, 2nd R.O.M.V. April 15th, 1856

Hospital at Camp Vannoy, April 16th, 1856
Requisition for
    6 bottles Olive Oil 2 Extract Colocynth Comp.
2 Ol. Juniperi Gum Camphor
2¾℥ Ol. Sassafras 1 lb. Alum
Ol. Cinnamon ¾℥ Gum Kino
2 Ol. Cubebs ¼ Tannin
1 Ol. Rosemary 2 Cardamom Sem.
Ol. Anisi pulv. Glycyrrhiza
2Ʒ Ol. Croton 1⅛ pulv. Gamboge
8 Spts. Lavend. Comp. 4 tin boxes ground ginger
Tinct. Hyoscyami 2 Bougies No. 8 & 10
6 Acetum Scilla 3 quarts Alcohol
1½ O. Acetic Acid Fine Sponge
Tinct. Digitalis 2Ʒ Ext. Aconite
½ Ext. Belladonna 2Ʒ Ext. Cicuta
1 Saffron
I hereby certify on honor that the above articles are necessary for use of the hospital, and the sick at this post, and that I have received the same from Dr. G. W. Greer, Surgeon at Jacksonville.
E. D. Byrne
    Surgeon in Charge at Camp Vannoy
This bill of drugs was taken out at Vannoy by Dr. Byrne, and the above Receipt sent up along with the Requisition for the bill on the Left hand page--under same date. The drugs were on their way up, from Crescent City.

Bill of Drugs
For Fort Vannoy's Hospital, forwarded per order of Dr. M. C. Barkwell, Surgeon General, O.T., March 31st 1856.

Fort Vannoy, 30th March 1856
    Dr. G. W. Greer, M.D.
        Dear Sir
Please send the following if you have or can obtain them.
M. C. Barkwell
    Surgeon General
1 oz. Quinine
2 bottles volatile liniment 1½ lbs. each
½ doz. bottles Castor oil ¼ lb. each
½ lb. patent lint
1½ yds. Emp. Adhesivnum
1 lb. Balsam Copaiba
1 pt. Spts. Turpentine
¼ lb. pulv. Rhei
¼ lb. Calomel
¼ lb. pulv. Jalapa
2 oz. Sugar Lead
3 doz. vials assorted sizes
3 doz. Corks assorted sizes
3 bottles sweet oil
1 bottle ground mustard
Fort Vannoy April 6th / 56
Received the above bill of medicines this day and certify it to be correct and in good order.
E. D. Byrne, M.D.
    Asst. Surgeon, Fort Vannoy

Bill of Drugs Furnished by
G. W. Greer of Jacksonville Hospital To Dr. J. L. Coombs, Field Surgeon
    1 lb. Capsicum 1 oz. Piperine
3 lb. Magnes. Sulphas 2 oz. Fowler's Solution
1 yd. patent Lint 8 oz. Ol. Ricini
½ lb. hyd. Submuri. 4 oz. Collodion
1 lb. Mass Hydrarg. 1 oz. Potassa Iodide
2 oz. Zinci Sulphas ½ doz. bottles ground mustard
½ lb. plumbi acetate ½ lb. Bicarbonate soda
½ lb. Cera Alba 1 lb. pulv. Ulmus cort.
1 lb. Lard 2 dr. Argent Nitratis
½ lb. Ungt. Hyd. ½ lb. Spts. Nitre Dulc.
½ lb Gum Opium 1 bottle Sweet Oil
½ oz. Quinia Sulph. ½ pt. Aqua Ammonia
1 oz. Tart. Antimony ½ pt. Spits. Terebinth
½ lb. Guaicaci Resin 1 lb. Gum Acacia
1 lb. Cupri Sulphas 2 oz. Refined Nitre
1 oz. hyd. ox. Rub. 1 lb. Tartaric Acid
2 lb. Castile Soap 2 oz. pulv. Doveri
2 dr. Acetate Morphia 1 lb. Sulphur, Sublimed
1 Large Self Syringe ½ yd. Emp. Adhesivum
3 Glass p.p. Syringes ½ pt. Ess. Menth. Piperita
4 oz. Tinct. Iodini comp. ¼ doz. Ground Allspice
2 oz. pulv. Aloes 2 boxes Ground Ginger
4 oz. pulv. Rhei 2 oz. Creosote
Received of G. W. Greer
Surgeon in charge of Hospital at Jacksonville, O.T. the above bill of Drugs in good order.
J. L. Coombs
    April 13th 1856

Camp Applegate, January 6th, 1856
    Dr. Greer, you will Take into the hospital Thomas Harris and Jacob Spores, men who were wounded up Applegate--you will treat them the same as volunteers.
James Bruce
    Major, S.B.O.M.V. [Second Battalion, Oregon Mounted Volunteers]

Copy of Order from Major Bruce To Receive and treat Samuel Vertress, a man who was wounded at the battle of Applegate on January 2nd, 1856 and who did not belong to the volunteer service but went out as an independent volunteer.
G. W. Greer
    A. Surgeon
Jacksonville, January 12th/56
Mr. G. W. Greer
    You will admit Samuel Vertress into the hospital and oblige.
James Bruce
    Major of S.B.O.M. Volunteers

Camp Vannoy, March 18th, 1856
Dr. Greer
    Dear Sir--you will oblige me by forwarding by the bearer 2 Bougies of the smallest sizes, or Catheters if  the bougies cannot be obtained.
Yours Truly,
    W. H. Watkins
Not having the bougies at that time, I sent two gum  (Hutchinson's) catheters.
G. W. Greer.

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   Col. Kelly also informed us that Dr. Barkwell assured him that he should make no political creed a test in selecting his medical staff. Dr. Greer, we are informed by our correspondents from Rogue River, is the most untiring and efficient surgeon in the whole southern service. His labors have been truly Herculean, demanding his watchfulness by day and night. His hospital has been constantly crowded, while others have been comparatively empty, and we venture to say that he has performed more real service than all the rest of them put together. The monthly reports published by him in the Sentinel, one of which we publish today, show that he has not been idle. Besides he is respected by everybody that knows him (except demagogues) as a gentleman and thorough practitioner.
Oregon Argus, Oregon City, February 16, 1856, page 2

Hospital Report.
    The following report of the hospital at Jacksonville for the 2nd Regiment Oregon Mounted Volunteers, embraces a list of the patients admitted and dismissed since Dec. 13th, together with those remaining in the hospital at the present time, and an approximation to the amount of expenses during the month ending Jan. 13th, 1856:
Patients Received Since Former Report.
B. F. McKeen, Alcorn's Co., ophthalmia.
E. F. Newland, Wilkinson's Co., chronic dysentery.
John Tinnen, Rice's Co., frostbitten.
Lewis Calhoun, Rice's Co., sore foot.
Jacob Spores, independent co., wounded severely.
T. R. Harris, independent co., wounded severely.
A. Tompson, Rice's Co., intermittent fever.
D. M. Clement, Alcorn's Co., wounded slightly.
A. J. Knowles, Rice's Co., intermittent fever.
George Brown, Alcorn's Co., hepatitis.
Wm. Pernoll, Harris' Co., wounded; cured.
Nathaniel Campbell, Wilkinson's Co., ophthalmia; cured.
Thomas Ryan, Wilkinson's Co., wounded; cured.
Wm. Parish, Wilkinson's Co., intermittent fever.
Thomas Mitchell, Wilkinson's Co., chronic dysentery.
James Brown, Wilkinson's Co., neuralgia cured.
W. F. Newland, Wilkinson's Co., dysentery; cured.
John Tinnen, Rice's Co., frostbitten; cured.
Lewis Calhoun, Rice's Co., sore foot.
Theodore Dodge, Wilkinson's Co., remittent fever.
Robert Gammil, Williams' Co., wounded; cured.
Remaining in Hospital.
Wm. B. Phillips, Rinearson's Co., ophthalmia; nearly well.
Wm. M. Hand, Harris' Co., wounded; improving.
Wm. I. Mayfield, Harris' Co., wounded; nearly well.
Isaac Faurot, Wilkinson's Co., remittent fever; improving.
David Sexton, Williams' Co., wounded; improving.
Jacob Long, Rice's Co., wounded; improving.
A. Tompson, Rice's Co., intermittent fever; improving.
A. J. Knowles, Rice's Co., intermittent fever; improving.
Thomas Aubrey, Bailey's Co., wounded; improving.
J. F. Caldwell, Alcorn's Co., ophthalmia,; nearly well.
B. F. McKeen, Alcorn's Co., ophthalmia; nearly well.
D. M. Clements, Alcorn's Co., wounded slightly; improving.
C. C. Goodwin, Bruce's Co., wounded severely; nearly well.
W. A. J. Moore, Lewis' Co., wounded slightly; nearly well.
Jacob Spores, independent co., wounded severely.
T. R. Harris, independent co., wounded severely.
Samuel Vertress, independent co., wounded slightly.
George Brown, Alcorn's Co., hepatitis.
Expenses for the month, $2,500.00.
    Asst. Surgeon 2nd Regiment O.M.V. and
        Attending Surgeon on Hospital.
W. J. ROBINSON, Steward.
Oregon Argus, Oregon City, February 16, 1856, page 3

Number of Patients Treated in the Hospital at Jacksonville, O.T., for the 2nd Regiment of Oregon Mounted Volunteers, from the 10th Day of November, 1855, Up to the 22nd Day of March, 1856--Their Diseases, Age, Company, When Admitted, When Dismissed, Number Remaining, Their Present Condition &c.
NAMES Age Rank Reg't. Company Complaint. Admitted Dismissed REMARKS
Wm. Pernoll 26 private 9th Harris wounded Nov. 4, '55 Dec. 18, '55 Experiences no inconvenience
from wound.
Wm. B. Phillips 22 " " Rinearson ulcer on ankle Nov. 21, '55 Feb. 2, '56 Eyes weak yet--of a strumous
Wm. M. Hand 21 " " Harris wounded Nov. 21, '55 Near well; will experience great
disability from wound.
Wm. I. Mayfield 25 " " " " Nov. 4, '55 Well; will remain a slight degree
of ankylosis of knee.
Theodore Deppe 37 " 2nd Wilkinson acute hepatitis Dec. 2, '55 Jan. 13, '56 Cure perfect.
Isaac Faurot 27 " " " intermittent fever Nov. 9, '55 Jan. 30, '56 Recovery perfect.
Nath. Campbell 21 " " " chronic ophthalmis Nov. 18, '55 Jan. 1, '56 Slight weakness of the eyes
Thomas Aubrey 20 " " Bailey wounded Nov. 21, '55 Feb. 26, '56 Well; but experiences inconvenience from wound.
Jos. F. Caldwell 24 " " Alcorn acute rheumatism Dec. 1, '55 Not quite well; will recover the perfect use of limbs.
Chas. C. Goodwin 22 " " Bruce wounded Nov. 1, '55 Feb. 20, '56 Cure perfect; no inconvenience from wound.
Thos. Ryan 23 " " Williams " Nov. 21, '55 Jan. 7, '56 Cure perfect; no inconvenience.
Wm. W. Parish 28 " " Wilkinson intermittent fever Dec. 8, '55 Jan. 15, '56 Cure perfect.
Thos. Mitchell 21 " " " dysentery Dec. 9, '55 Dec. 18, '55 Cure perfect.
Jacob Long 23 " " Rice wounded Dec. 10, '55 Will eventually regain use of arm.
David Sexton 27 " " Williams " Dec. 10, '55 Feb. 27, '56 Wounds healed; leg somewhat weak.
Robert Gammill 23 " " " " Dec. 10, '55 Jan. 21, '56 Cure perfect; no inconvenience.
James Brown 23 " " Wilkinson neuralgia Dec. 12, '55 Dec. 17, '55 Cure perfect.
W. A. J. Moore 25 1st lt. 9th Lewis wounded Dec. 12, '55 Feb. 27, '56 Experiences some inconvenience from wound.
B. F. McKean 25 private 2nd Alcorn chron. ophthalmis Dec. 19, '55 Feb. 27, '56 Eyes weak yet; but able to return to duty.
E. F. Newland 24 " " Wilkinson chronic dysentery Dec. 21, '55 Dec. 28, '55 The dysenteric symptoms threaten to return.
John Tinnin 35 " " Rice frostbitten Dec. 25, '55 Jan. 1, '56 Perfectly sound.
Lewis Calhoun 35 " " " sore foot Dec. 15, '55 Dec. 24, '55 Cure perfect.
Jacob Spores 25 " Independent wounded Jan. 6, '56 Condition favorable.
T. R. Harris 21 " " wounded Jan. 6, '56 Recovering slowly; will experience some inconvenience.
Alex. Thompson 22 " " Rice intermittent fever Jan. 7, '56 Mar. 8, '56 Returned to duty; recovery perfect.
D. M. Clements 25 " " Alcorn wounded Jan. 8, '56 Jan. 30, '56 Recovery perfect.
Samuel Vertrees 21 " Independent " Jan. 8, '56 Nearly well; will sustain no permanent injury.
A. J. Nolen 28 " " Rice chronic dysentery Jan. 10, '56 Jan. 22, '56 Recovery perfect.
George Brown 35 " " Alcorn hepatitis Jan. 12, '56 Almost well.
John W. Gavney 20 " " Wilkinson ophthalmis acute Feb. 4, '56 Feb. 8, '56 Cure perfect.
Samuel Ballou 23 " " Sheffield rheumatism acute Feb. 19, '56 Feb. 23, '56 Cure perfect.
Oliver P. Bramley 25 Q.M. dept. " ophthalmis acute Feb. 27, '56 Mar. 8, '56 Eyes sound; cure perfect.
Lafayette Allen 31 private 9th Harris wounded Feb. 24, '56 Wound almost healed; will be permanently disabled.
E. Hewitt 36 1st sgt. 2nd Wilkinson intermittent fever Nov. 14, '55 Dec. 1, '55 Cure perfect.
John M. Holloway 22 private " " " Nov. 14, '55 Dec. 1, '55 Chills occasionally return.
G. O. R. Murphy 25 " " O'Neil " Mar. 2, '56 Mar. 15, '56 Almost well.
C. B. Rowland 26 " " Bushey jaundice Feb. 24, '56 Almost well.
Wm. Cogle 37 " " Rice ophthalmia Mar. 12, '56 Condition favorable.
Joseph Tracy 30 " " Williams epistaxis Mar. 17, '56 Predisposition to the disease will remain.
G. W. GREER, Surgeon in charge of the hospital.
Table Rock Sentinel, March 22, 1856, page 2

    Fort Leland, May 8th 1856
Gen. Barkwell
    Dr. Sir
Yours of the 6th inst. arrived last evening. The horse Dr. Douthit rode has been turned over & receipted for. Harry has not yet arrived.
    The pack mule you had is not here, but I understand that Mr. Ducher took it to Vannoy's. I have written to have it forwarded here.
    Your orders shall be promptly attended to. Com. Lane is improving slowly. Other patients are about the same. Maj. Latshaw is to leave for the Meadows tomorrow.
    Your communication from Camp Vannoy I received with those dispatches from Camp Meadows. (Nothing of special interest.) More to write.
Yours &c.
    H. W. Wixom
    Your receipt to Q.M. is for rigging, which was not had with the animals, that is, for two horses. Mr. Huelat refuses to straighten that matter till he sees you.
Manuscript letter offered for sale by Wayfarers Bookshop December 2022. Scan retained by transcriber.

    The Physicians and Surgeons who have rendered service for the 2nd Regiment O.M.V. (called into service by proclamation of his excellency Geo. L. Curry, Oct. 15th, 1855), regularly appointed surgeons and physicians, as well as those who have been employed by the different officers in command, will make a report of the same, in detail, accompanied by affidavit, showing by whom employed, when, and the extent of such services. Said reports to be made to me, at Headquarters, Fort Leland, on or before the 20th day of June next, when the proper vouchers will be issued.
    Surgeon Genl. of Oregon
        Jacksonville, O.T., May 24th, 1856
Table Rock Sentinel, Jacksonville, May 24, 1856, page 4

Notice to Volunteers.
    The Hospital at Jacksonville, for the reception of the sick belonging [to] the 2nd Regiment O.M.V., was closed on Thursday, 22nd of May, 1856, G. W. Greer, attending surgeon and physician, having resigned. I will personally attend, or procure medical attendance for, those who may be entitled to it. The Hospitals at Fort Leland and Vannoy are still open and provided with supplies for the reception of the sick and wounded.
    Correspondents will address me at Fort Leland, or  Jacksonville.
    Surgeon Genl. of Oregon
        Jacksonville, O.T., May 24th, 1856
Table Rock Sentinel, Jacksonville, May 24, 1856, page 4

To M. C. Barkwell
    Surgeon General
        of Oregon Ter.
Dear Sir,
    In obedience to your orders of the 6th April inst. I repaired to the camp of the Southern Battalion in Illinois Valley on the 7th 1856.
    At the time the troops had been comparatively idle for some time & for want of exercise, those who were from any cause predisposed to disease of the digestive organs were attacked by remittent and intermittent fevers. The rations at that time issued to them were very stale, which being added to the exceedingly unwholesome manner of its preparation, induced many cases of diarrhea.
    I desire herein to transmit such statements of facts as I omitted to mention at the time of transactions. On the 10th of April, Lieut. Col. Chapman notified me to be in readiness to start for Lower Rogue River by the 15th ult. As no medicines had hitherto been furnished me by the department & as there were no hospital stores or camp equipage in the field, I was under the necessity to repair to Jacksonville for supplies. Duplicates furnished you at the time show what supplies were gotten from the hospital, Q.M. & comp'y. departments at that post.
    When on route on the 15th of April to rejoin the S. Battalion, camped north of the mouth of Applegate Creek, which was much swollen at that time by recent rains, & which it was necessary for me to cross, in attempting to swim the stream, my horse became confused and was carried some hundred yards downstream, before reaching the north side. During my horse's struggles in the water the following articles were lost from off him:
One pair saddle bags, containing
One case No. 1 Goulan [Gowland?] pocket case instruments
Six French surgical needles
One silver male catheter
One pocket case & medicines
One pair molar dental forceps
One yard patent lint, 100 yards
Bandages ½ yd. adhesive emp. &c.
    On march down the river the following articles were lost: packing, one camp kettle, three pint tin cups, one tin lantern, two flexible catheters.
    E. D. Byrne, asst. surgeon, received from me the following at Vannoy hospital:
3 bottles mustard, 3 bottles pimento, ½ lb. capsicum, 50 lbs. sugar, 116 lbs. ham.
    Eighty lbs. ham were turned over & receipted for by F. C. Lochran [?] , Act'g. Regtl. Commissary. At Camp Meadows No. 2 I transferred to G. Karadine Elliott, surgeon, the following articles & quantities (scarcity nominal, quantities of some of the medicines had been dispensed previous to the transfer):
½ doz. boxes pills 4 bottles grd. pimento
½ doz. mustard liniment 1 case amputating instruments
¼ doz. Hay's liniment 25 lbs. ham
2 oz. fine sponges 50 lbs. sugar
½ lb. capsicum 50 lbs. rice
3 lbs. mag. sulph. 48 lbs. coffee
1 yd. patent lint 100 lbs. flour
½ lb. hyd. sub. min. 6 lbs. candles
1 lb. mass. hydrg. 2 drahms morph. acet.
2 oz. zinci sulph. 1 large self syringe
½ lb. plumb. acet. 3 glass p. syringes
2 lbs. simple cerate 4 oz. tinct. iod. comp.
½ lb. ung. hyd. portion 6 oz. Cook's pills
2½ lbs. basilicon 2 oz. purified nitre
½ lbs. gum opii 1 lb. tartaric acid
½ oz. quinia sulph. 1 oz. pulv. Dover
1 oz. tart. ant. ½ yd. adhesive strip
½ lb. resin guiac. ½ pint ess. menth. pip.
1 lb. sulph. cupri 1 oz. pulv. rhei
1 oz. hyd. ox. rub. 2 oz. Fowler's solution
2 lbs. castile soap 8 oz. ol. ricini
1 lb. gum acacia 4 oz. collodion
½ lb. aqua ammonia 1 oz. potassii iod.
1 lb. sulphur sublimate 3 bottles mustard
½ lb. bicarb. soda 1 lb. pulv. ulmus
½ lb. spts. nitr. dulc. 2 dr. argent. nitras
1 bottle sw't. oil 2 camp kettles
2 coffee pots 1 large bread pan
4 pint tin cups 1 wash bowl
    I do not know that I have omitted a statement of any facts of importance--financial or otherwise--that has not been reported heretofore, but if anything has escaped my notice, it has been reported used in the service for its legitimate purposes, of whatever nature it may have been.
    One riding saddle I transferred to surgeon H. W. Stanton, on the 5th day of August, & one riding bridle & saddle blanket have been worn out in service.
With much consideration I am
    Dear Sir
        Yours Truly,
            J. L. Coombs, Surgeon
                By Contract, Ind. Regt. O.M.V.
Jacksonville, O.T.
    August 10th 1856

Territory of Oregon    )
Jackson County           )  ss.
    Personally appeared before me the undersigned, a justice of the peace in and for said county, J. L. Coombs, who being duly sworn, says that the foregoing summing up of a report as stated is true as he believes.
Subscribed & sworn to before
me this 4th [sic] day of August
Wm. Hoffman
    Justice of the peace
        Jackson County
            Oregon Territory
Manuscript letter offered for sale by Wayfarers Bookshop December 2022. Scan retained by transcriber.

    August 10th 1856
Doct. H. W. Stanton
    Dear Sir,
You are hereby honorably discharged from service in the Second Regiment Oregon Mounted Volunteers as surgeon in charge of the Roseburg Hospital.
Very respectfully
    M. C. Barkwell
        Surgeon Genl.
            of Oregon
    I hereby certify that Henry William Stanton has faithfully discharged the duties of surgeon of the Roseburg Hospital of the Second Regiment Oregon Mounted Volunteers from the fifth day of June 1856 to the 10th day of August 1856 and is entitled to the highest pay for such service done at my office in Jacksonville Sept. 4th 1856.
M. C. Barkwell
    Surgeon Genl.
        of Oregon
Manuscript letter offered for sale by Wayfarers Bookshop December 2022. Scan retained by transcriber

    Aug. 16th 1856
G. K. Elliott M.D.
    Dear Sir,
You are hereby honorably discharged from the service of Oregon Mounted Volunteers as assistant surgeon.
Very respectfully
    M.C. Barkwell
        Surgeon Genl.
            of Oregon.
    I hereby certify that Geo. Karadine Elliott Second Regiment of Oregon Mounted
    I hereby certify that Geo. Karadine Elliott has faithfully served in the Second Regiment of Oregon Mounted Volunteers as assistant surgeon from the 17 April 1856 to the 16th day of Aug. 1856 and is entitled to the highest pay in such service.
M. C. Barkwell
    Surgeon Genl.
        of Oregon.
Manuscript letter offered for sale by Wayfarers Bookshop December 2022. Scan retained by transcriber.

    This may certify that Adolphus Shone was appointed assistant surgeon of the Second Regiment of Oregon Mounted Volunteers by me on the tenth day of June 1856 and continued in office until the 28th day of August 1856. That he performed the duties of assistant surgeon as above with ability and strict attention and that he is entitled to the highest pay for such service.
    Witness my hand done at my office in Jacksonville, this 28th day of August 1856.
M. C. Barkwell
    Surgeon General
        of Oregon
    Aug. 28th 1856
Dr. Adolphus Shone
    Dr. Sir
The volunteer service being closed and there being your services will be no longer required. You are therefore honorably discharged from further duty.
    I have the honor of very respectfully your obedient servant,
M. C. Barkwell
    Surgeon Genl. of Oregon.
Manuscript letter offered for sale by Wayfarers Bookshop December 2022. Scan retained by transcriber.

MARCH 30, 1860.—Ordered to be printed.
Mr. TAPPAN, from the Committee on Claims, made the following
    The Committee on Claims, to whom was referred the petition of Henry Miller & Co., asking compensation for damage done to a building occupied as a hospital during the war with the Rogue River Indians, in Oregon, in the year 1853, having had the same under consideration, report:
    That said building or house was occupied as a hospital, for the use of the sick and wounded, at a rent of three hundred dollars, which has been paid by the United States. The present claim is for damage done to the house whilst the same was so occupied, additional to the rent. But the evidence on which it rests is loose and unsatisfactory. There are three affidavits of the claimant, assistant surgeon, and steward in the hospital, all stating, in stereotyped phrase, that the "lining, ceiling, and partitions were torn, destroyed, and used," to the damage, in the opinion of the affiants, of one hundred and fifty dollars. But there is no evidence to show the character or value of the house, its mode of finish, or how much the "lining, ceiling, and partitions," were "torn, used, and destroyed." The committee therefore report adversely to the prayer of the petitioner.
Report No. 266, House of Representatives, 36th Congress, 1st Session. Printed in "Reports of Committees of the House of Representatives," vol. 2, USGPO 1860.

JANUARY 8, 1875.--Ordered to be printed.
Mr. INGALLS submitted the following
[To accompany bill S. 836.]
    The Committee on Pensions, to whom was referred the bill (S. 836) granting a pension to William Ira Mayfield, having had the same under consideration, respectfully report:
    That the evidence in this case shows that William Ira Mayfield, on the 31st day of October, 1855, in a fight with the Rogue River Indians, as a private of Company A, Capt. J. Smiley Harris, of the Ninth Regiment, Col. John E. Ross, Oregon Mounted Volunteers, was severely wounded by a rifle ball which entered the joint of the right knee, passing through the joint and fracturing the bone to the underside of the leg, in consequence of which he lay in hospital at Jacksonville, Oregon, for months; that said wound prevents him from obtaining a living by manual labor; that he entered the service at Jacksonville, Oregon, October 10, 1855, and was honorably discharged November 21, 1855; that sometime in the year 1870 he made application to the Commissioner of Pensions for a pension, and that the same was disallowed for the reason that there was no law under which a pension could be granted him.
    A law was passed March 2, 1861, making appropriations for,the payment of certain troops serving against the Indians in Oregon, including the regiment in which said Mayfield served, but it did not authorize the allowance of pensions or land warrants.
    Said Mayfield asks that he may be granted a pension and placed upon the same footing with the commands of Capt. Jesse Walker and Nathan Olney, of the Oregon volunteers of 1854.
    The Third Auditor of the Treasury Department, who has the custody of the muster rolls of the Oregon troops during the Indian war of 1855 and 1856, reports that said W. I. Mayfield is borne upon the muster rolls of Captain Harris' company, Ninth Regiment, Oregon Mounted Volunteers, as a private, and that a remark upon the rolls shows said soldier to have been severely wounded October 31, 1855, and that Captain Harris' company was mustered into service October 10, 1855, and disbanded November 21, 1855, and that Mayfield was paid for his service in said company.
    The Acting Commissioner of Pensions reports that there is no law under which a pension can be allowed said Mayfield; but as the wound referred to on the rolls of the company on file at the office of the Third Auditor of the Treasury was received in the line of duty while in the service of the United States, the case is entitled to favorable consideration, and the committee recommend the passage of the bill with an amendment striking out all after the word "roll" in the fifth line, and inserting "subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension laws, to take effect from the passage of this act."
Report No. 511, 43rd Congress, 2nd Session. Printed in "Reports of Committees of the Senate of the United States for the Second Session of the Forty-Third Congress, 1874-'75," USGPO 1875.

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