The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford in 1928

Facts and Figures Tell Their Own Story of Medford's Growth

   The New Year holds promise of continued prosperity and increasing development for Medford and the southern Oregon country. Never before has this city started a new year under more auspicious conditions. Never before has the future of this city seemed brighter. These facts and figures tell their own story--some of the reasons why Medford is the "Biggest Little City in America."

MEDFORD has one of the best airports in Oregon, is one of the important stations on the Seattle to Los Angeles air mail line and is a station for three air passenger and express lines.
MEDFORD has the only aerological weather station in Oregon, furnishing wind velocities and weather reports for air pilots on the coast.
MEDFORD is the financial, industrial and commercial center of southern Oregon and northern California.
MEDFORD is situated in the center of the Rogue River Valley, famous the world over for its pears. A variety of products is grown on farms surrounding Medford.
MEDFORD is on the Pacific Highway, the longest stretch of paved road in the world, reaching from Canada to Mexico.
MEDFORD is the gateway to Crater Lake National Park, an excellent road extending from this city to the famous scenic attraction.
MEDFORD is the timber center of Jackson County and the location of the Owen-Oregon Lumber Company, a mill having an annual capacity of 100,000,000 board feet.
MEDFORD is on the main line of the Southern Pacific Railroad. A 40-mile, standard-gauge line extends from this city to the heart of the Butte Falls timber section, and Medford owns a railroad line from this city to the forests of the Jacksonville country.
MEDFORD has a population of 13,000 people, increased 6,840 since 1920.
MEDFORD's elevation is 1368 feet.
MEDFORD has 3,013 telephones.
MEDFORD has 3,579 electric light connections.
MEDFORD is the home of "KMED" radio Mail Tribune Virgin broadcasting station and is one of the only cities of its size in the United States with a licensed station.
MEDFORD's bank deposits during 1927 totaled $6,000,000 in four substantial banks.
MEDFORD has a water system costing $975,000 alone for piping ice-cold waters from giant mountain springs to this city.
MEDFORD's post office receipts to December 1, 1927 totaled $84,530.97.
MEDFORD has approximately 700 students registered in high school.
MEDFORD has an exceptionally efficient fire department, the city sustaining a very small loss during 1927.
MEDFORD has a new $185,000 high school.
MEDFORD is the county seat of Jackson County.
MEDFORD's first mayor was J. S. Howard; O. O. Alenderfer now holds that office.
MEDFORD has two modern cold storage plants and a large ice plant and ice storage.
MEDFORD has 15 fruit packing and exporting firms and 3 fruit storage plants.
MEDFORD has a large, modern iron foundry.
MEDFORD has an armory building, the home of Company A, Oregon National Guard.
MEDFORD is the home of the Jackson County library, having 21,000 volumes.
MEDFORD has four grammar schools, a junior high school, an academy, a new high school, a business college and a kindergarten.
MEDFORD is the music center of southern Oregon and boasts several studios.
MEDFORD and Rogue River Valley pears may be found in the principal markets of the world.
MEDFORD has a modern vegetable, fruit and meat canning plant that packed 60,000 cases in 1927.
MEDFORD's branch factory of the Knight Packing Company manufactures Rogue River catsup, famous the country over.
MEDFORD has 1800 acres within the city limits.
MEDFORD has an active Chamber of Commerce, assisted by service clubs.
MEDFORD has approximately 4000 automobiles. Jackson County has over 8,500.
MEDFORD is one of the best-paved cities for its size in the United States, having 20.8 miles of pavement and 40 miles of cement sidewalks.
MEDFORD has, during the summer months, approximately 5000 tourist visitors daily.
MEDFORD has an aggressive Realty Board, affiliated with the National Board of Realtors.
MEDFORD has, within its city limits, four of the finest privately owned auto camps in the West.
MEDFORD has two strictly modern hospitals and is the medical center of southern Oregon.
MEDFORD has 18 churches and 16 fraternal organizations.
MEDFORD is the home of a modern granite works and a large concern specializing in sand, gravel, tile, brick and building materials.
MEDFORD has the distinction of being one of Oregon's best lighted cities.
MEDFORD is the home office of the California Oregon Power Company, with a permanent payroll in and surrounding this city of over 200 employees.
MEDFORD is the headquarters for seven wholesale oil companies.
MEDFORD has many clubs, including a Rotary, Kiwanis, Crater and Lions clubs.
MEDFORD has two daily and one weekly newspaper.
MEDFORD has two sash and door plants and a cabinet works with a substantial payroll.
MEDFORD is a city in which very few foreigners live.
MEDFORD is near the Jackson County fairgrounds, representing an investment of $110,000.
MEDFORD has two modern theaters and enjoys the best stage and screen productions.
MEDFORD has two golf courses, one of which ranks high among those of the Coast.
MEDFORD is the headquarters of the Crater Lake National Park: $150,000 is spent annually in the Crater Lake National Forest for general maintenance and fire control.
MEDFORD is a distributing center of the southern Oregon country and is the home of numerous wholesale concerns.
MEDFORD has an excellent system of highways radiating in every direction.
MEDFORD is the shipping center for lumber and fruit. During 1927 approximately 70,000,000 feet of timber were cut--seven times the amount cut in 1920.
MEDFORD, in the center of Jackson County, is surrounded by 772,000 acres of virgin forests, or approximately 22,000,000,000 feet of merchantable timber.
MEDFORD has five modern hotels, and many rooming houses.
MEDFORD is surrounded by 2142 farms, with 477,826 acres.
MEDFORD shipped 4489 cars of produce up to December in 1927; 2575 of these cars were filled with Rogue River fruit.
MEDFORD has a modern dehydrating plant.
MEDFORD has a free employment bureau.
MEDFORD's building permits in 1927, exclusive of the mill district, totaled $608,430.
MEDFORD is the center of operations for the California Oregon Power Company's $4,000,000 plant now under construction at Prospect.
MEDFORD's annual rainfall is 17.52 inches.
MEDFORD has, surrounding her, 55,000 acres of land suitable for irrigation, 40,000 acres of which are already under ditch.
MEDFORD has two pre-cooling plants.
MEDFORD has a trading area with a population of 45,000.
MEDFORD has the Tomlin Box factory and mill which used 20,000,000 feet of lumber during 1927in the manufacture of box shook. From 75 to 225 men are regularly employed by this organization.
MEDFORD has a modern flouring mill and three candy factories.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 1, 1928, page C1

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