The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Business Directory 1884-85

MEDFORD. A recently established post office in Jackson County.
R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon, Washington and Alaska Gazetteer and Business Directory 1884-85,
page 206

Medford business names taken from advertisements in the February 20, 1885 and March 14, 1885 issues of the Medford Monitor:
Adkins & Webb, hardware
Barr & Woods, meats
Gaylord Bell, locksmith, gunsmith
C. W. Broback, real estate
Central Hotel (O. Gilbert)

City Drug Store (G. H. Haskins), drugs

J. C. Cowles/J. W. Cowles, organs and pianos
The Farmers' Store (Angle & Plymale), general store
E. P. Geary, physician, A. L. Johnson's building
Gem Saloon (W. G. Kenney, H. H. Wolters), "brick building of Byers & Co.)
Mrs. G. H. Haskins, millinery
J. S. Higinbotham, wagon maker
J. S. Howard, notary public, real estate
A. L. Johnson, real estate, livery
R. T. Lawton, real estate, insurance, notary public
Milton Maule, painter
J. McConnell, carpenter and builder
M. A. McGinnis, publisher, Medford Monitor
Medford Blacksmith Shop (J. C. Slagle)
Medford Livery and Feed Stable, Luellen & Lynch

Medford Marble Works (Shely & Jacobs), stonecutters
Merriman & Redfield, blacksmiths
H. B. Miller & Co. (George W. Williams), lumber

Pioneer Post Office Store (J. S. Howard), general store
Railroad Exchange Saloon (John Noland, William Ulrich)
J. Perdue, shoes
B. W. Powell, attorney
Simeon Rosenthal, clothing, groceries
Skeel & Egan
Henry Smith, general merchandise

Variety Store (J. W. Dougherty), confectioner

Vrooman, Miller & Co., tin shop, hardware
I. A. Webb, furniture, undertaker
J. P. Welch, physician
George W. Williams, contractor and builder
W. F. Williamson, attorney
Isaac Woolf, grocer

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