The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Index to the Umpqua Trapper, 2000-2019

A name and subject index to The Umpqua Trapper, history quarterly of the Douglas County [Oregon] Historical Society. Indexed by Dale Greenley.

1965-1999 index

"4F": Su05 p17
911 emergency system: Fa10 p8

"A Dirge for the Milltown": prose by Betty L. Koop Fa09 p17
A.F.&A.M. Temple: Fa00 p64
"A Family Affair" Douglas County Farmer's Co-op: Wi02 p75
"A Light in the Wilderness": by Jane Kirkpatrick based on Letitia Carson Wi14 p4
A. J. Root Co.: Su04 pp6,12
A. S. Miller & Sons: Sp11 pp13,15
Aaron Rose Dam: Su08 p14
Abbot Grave: Wi11 p4
"Abbreviated Swimwear": Wi09 p20
Abdill, Archie Bassett & Vivian Varee née Dodge: Wi12 p15
Abdill, George: "Trapper editor Sp65 to Fa82; Su03 p38 et seq.; Fa09 p6; Wi09 p21; Wi12 photo & bio p14; Wi12 photo & bio p15; Wi14 p13
Abeene, John: Wi03 p20
Able, Tom: Wi09 p4
Abolitionists: Wi01 pp86,89
Abraham, Atty. Albert: Wi09 p18
Abraham, Morris: Sp09 p4
Abraham, Mr. Su00 p32
Abraham, Solomon "Sol" & Mrs.: Sp65 p13; home Sp09 p4; Sp19 p13
Abraham Store: Sp09 p4; Sp16 p5
Abraham Wheeler Building: photo Sp05 p16; photo Sp09 p5
Abrams: Su03 p42
Abrams Brothers: Fa12 p16
Ackert, Edith: Wi03 p15
Act 3 Theaters: Su13 p18
Ada, Ore.: Su11 p4; Wi11 p4
Adams Cemetery 1857, Myrtle Creek: Wi11 p4; Sp12 p6
Adams, John: Fa06 p4; DLC Sp12 p6; Su16 p8
Adams, Kramer: Wi10 p23
Adams, W. L. "Argus" editor: Sp13 p4
Advertisements in Douglas County: Wi15 issue Parrott Bros. Cover Ad.
Ady, Clarence K.: Sp12 p5
Aerial Spray: Fa01 pp61,62
Agee, Roy: Sp00 p23
Agee, Zopher: Su08 p7
Aguilar, Martin: Sp65 p4
Aiken, Dee E. née Chapman: Wi09 p22
Aiken, John C. & Mrs.: Sp08 p5; Fa09 p4; DLC Sp12 p16
Airport Road: Fa01 pp59,67
Ajax steamer: Fa08 p19
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle: Fa00 p54
Albany, Ore.: Sp01 p9
Albeene, Royal: photo Wi03 p12
Alden, Col.: Wi06 p20
Alden, Lt. J.: Fa13 p2
Alderbrook, Ore.: Su11 p4
Aldridge, M. S. C. & Mary Jane née Long: Wi11 p20
Alexander, Annie née Blakley: Fa02 p60; Fa02 p62
Alexander, Arthur: Sp06 p11
Alexander House: Wi00 p78,84; Sp06 p11
Alexander Park: Su09 p3,4; Wi09 p20; Su14 p21
Alexander, Susan Rose née Walker: Sp06 p7
Alexander, Tom: Fa06 p4
Algae, spawning bed: Su08 p18
Allan, McKinley & Co.: Sp65 p13; Su00 p32,36; Fa07 p9 et seq. wharf in Lower Scottsburg p10; Su10 p7
Allen & Lewis: Su10 p7
Allen, E. W.: Sp01 p3
Allen, George T.: Su10 p7
Allen, John & Emma: Su08 p4
Allen, Nathan W. & Anna W.: DLC Wi11 p15
Allen, Rev. Nathan W.: Su10 p17
Alley Cat Treasures:
Alma, Ore.: Su11 p4
Almira, The (ship): Fa05 p19
Alpha Zeta: Sp06 p18
Althouse Creek: Su10 p6
Alvord, Maj. Benjamin: Sp02 p15; Wi14 p14
Amacher Auto Park: Su08 p8
Amacher, J. P.: Su08 p8
Ambrose, George H.: mini bio Sp16 p8; Su16 p3
American Association of Commercial Executives: Fa00 p52
American Bridge Construction Co.: Su13 p11
American "Bull Dog" revolver: Wi16 p4
American Detective: "Doctor Dynamite" photo of Brumfield story, page Fa14 p21; American Flags from the Floed-Lane house collection: Fa19 pp23,24
American Hotel: Su06 photo p9
American Legion: Fa00 p56; Sp01 p16; Auxiliary Su03 p33; Wi12 p6
American Red Cross: Wi08 p8; Su13 p18
American Society of Civil Engineers: Wi10 p14
"Amos & Andy": Su05 p17
Anchor, Ore.: Su11 pp5,8; school Su11 p5; Wi11 p13
Ancon, U.S.S.: Sp09 p10
Anderson, Corrine née Moore: Su09 p11
Anderson, Emel: Su00 p42
Anderson, Enoch: Su01 p35
Anderson, John P.: Su00 p42
Anderson, Lenore née Scott: Su17 photo p19
Anderson, Lou: Wi03 p23
Anderson, Pearl née Hawkins: Su09 p23
Anderson, Ruby: photo Wi03 p12
Anderson, Dr. V. J.: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Sp65 to Sp83; Sp65 pp3,4
Andrews, Henry H.: Fa04 p4,21; Wi04 p7; Sp05 p4
Andrus, Fern(e): Wi06 p23; Sp09 p23; bio of Sp12 p23
Angel, Martin: Wi06 p14
Angelou, Maya: Sp03 p25
Anlauf, Ore.: Su11 p4; Cemetery: Wi11 p4
Anlauf, Franz & Agnes: Wi11 p4
Anlauf, Robert: Su11 p
Anthony, Susan B.: Fa02 p66; Sp08 p3
Antlers Theater: Sp09 p20 photo p21; Cover Sp13 pp9,10
Aparejo pack saddle: Sp10 p16
Apple Creek: Wi00 p78
Applegate, "Buck": Stevens, Raymond: Sp06 p17
Applegate, Charles: house of Su03 p40; Su06 p3
Applegate, Elisha: Wi01 p89
Applegate, Evea: Su06 poem by p3
Applegate Family: Sp02 p7; Cemetery Wi11 p5
Applegate Indians: Wi06 p20
Applegate, J.C.: Wi08 p8
Applegate, Jerome B.: Wi11 p4
Applegate, Jesse & Cynthia Ann née Parker: Sp00 pp3,6,12; Wi01 pp86,89; Sp02 p6,14; Fa02 p56; Fa02 p58; Wi06 p15; Sp12 p12; Su13 p5; Fa13 pp3,5,6; Wi13 p4 et seq.; Fa08 p3; Su10 p5; Wi11 photo p4; historical marker Wi11 p5; Wi14 pp10,14; Fa19 p11
Applegate, John & Laura V.: Su11 p7
Applegate, Lindsay & Elizabeth B. née Miller: Sp02 p6; Sp16 photo p6, mini bio p11 (this entry is in error, it was not Lindsay who was the Klamath Indian agent, but his brother, Oliver)
Applegate Pioneer Cemetery 1880: Wi11 pp4,11,18
Applegate River: Fa00 p60
Applegate, Rozelle: Sp00 pp3,4; Su10 p3
Applegate-Scott Trail: Fa02 pp52,56; Fa08 p3; Wi08 p3; Wi12 pp11,14; Su13 p6
"Applegate Section": Fa09 p6
Applegate, Vince: Fa14 photo p17
Applegate, William: Wi08 p8
Arant, Erma (later Wilson): Su17 photo p19
Archambeau, Lee: Su17 photo p18
Archambeaux Family Cemetery: Wi11 p5
Archambeaux, Francis: DLC Wi11 p5
Arcutt, Fern: Su08 p7
Arden Ice Cream: Su13 p7
Argo steamer: Su18 pp7,18
Armfield, Bob: Wi02 pp83,86
Armory, Roseburg: Su05 p4,17; Wi08 p11
Armstrong, Capt.: Wi06 p20
Arnold, Pastor, Bro.: Sp04 p6,21; Su04 p6; Fa04 p6 et seq.; Wi04 p10 et seq. Sp05 p3 et seq.
Arrington, James: Su16 p7
"Arthur Godfrey Program": Su09 p21
Artichoke Hollow: Wi03 pp11,20
Arthur, Pres. Chester A.: Su06 p18
Asam, Fred: Wi00 p84; Su11 p7
Ascuena, Claude: Sp13 p18
Ash Valley (Ash): Fa09 p9; Su11 p5
Ashley, Comm. Frank: Wi12 p3
Associated Plywood: Fa01 p56
Association of Writers: Fa09 p22
Astor, John Jacob: Sp65 p5
Astoria, Ore.: Sp65 p5; Sp01 p3; Sp02 pp3,7
Atkinson, M.: Fa19 p10
Atterberry family: Wi00 p78
Atterbury, Ken: Sp13 p15
Atterbury, Lloyd: Su08 p15, photo p16
Atwood, Kay: Wi16 p12
Aunt Mildred's Scrapbook: Lane family history and tree: Fa18 and Wi18 issues
Aurora Masonic Lodge #59 Cemetery: Wi11 p13
Autry, Gene: Sp11 p20
Avery, Bert: Su05 p6
"Away Back When" by Maude Cole: Sp65 p3
Azalea, Ore.: Su11 p6; hotel Fa11 p2; cemetery Wi11 p5
Azalea Lodge Cemetery: Wi11 p15

B. Free Franklin: Post Office Fa11 p3
B & B Tavern & Restaurant, Sutherlin: Fa15 photo p16
B & M Tavern: Fa00 p60
Bachelor Creek: Su07 p17
Baker, Dr. Dorsey Syng: mini bio Sp16 pp10,12; Fa19 p7
Baker, Dorsey Family Cemetery: Wi11 p5
Baker, Miss Joanne: Su19 p8
Baker, Melvina (later Elliff): Wi14 p15
"Back Home" by Raymond W. Marr: Su02 p27
Backer, Mrs. George: Fa09 p5
Bacon, Doris: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Sp65 to Wi86; Sp03 p16; Su03 pp45,46,50; Su05 p3
Bacon Family: cover photo Su05
Bacon, Fannie Mel Leatherwood: cover photo Su05
Bacon, Mr.: Su04 p11
Bacon, George: photo Su05 p8
Bacon, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald: Sp00 p2; Su05 photo pp18,19
Bacon, Henry Nieman: cover photo Su05; Su05 pp3,7, prune dryer photo pp8,12,15 house photo 18
Bacon Home: Su03 p45
Bacon, John G. & Vera: Su05 pp3,7,15
Bacon, John Gannaway: cover photo Su05
Bacon, John, Gerald: Wi03 p18; "A Short History of" Su05 p3; cover photo Su05
Bacon, John Gerald II: Su05 p3
Bacon, Judith "Judy" Gail: Su05 p3
Bacon, Katherine "Kate" Farnsworth: cover photo Su05
Bacon, Margaret Ellen Hannan: cover photo Su05
Bacon, Winniford: cover photo Su05
Baillie, (Bailey?) Mr.: Sp01 pp20,36
Bailey, Bernard: Fa06 p6:
Bailey, Dr. Don: Fa09 p9
Bailey, Frances: Su01 p42
Bailey, Howard: Su19 p27
Bailey, J. B.: Su11 photo p3
Bailey, Kyle: Sp08 p19
Bailey, Metta: Su01 p42
Bailey, Mt.: lookout Wi00 p78
Bailey, Smith: Fa11 p18
Baille, Capt. Thomas: Sp13 p3
Baimbridge, Maxine: Su07 pp20,21
Baimbridge, Sarah "Sally" Alice (later Kanipe: Su07 p12
Baimbridge, Thomas & Family children Sarah Alice Kanipe, William, Emily Young, Hanna Green, Mary Ann, Elizabeth Dearmin: Su07 p3, photos p5 et seq.
Bain Family: Su03 p50
Bain, Katherine née Waite: Su03 p35 et seq.; Sp12 p10; Fa12 pp2,15; Wi12 photo p4
Bain, Walter M.: Wi12 p4
Baker City, Ore.: Fa02 p62
Baker, Dorsey: & grist mill Wi10 p16
Baker, Lois: Sp00 p20
Baker, Orrin & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Bakken, Lavola J.: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Sp65 toWi79; Sp00 p21
Balathar, Earl: Su13 p11
Balderree, George B.: Fa11 p14
Baldwin, John: Su08 p7
Baldwin, Col. Wallace: Sp01 p11
"Ballad of the Stumbo Strip, The" by Charlie Pope: Fa10 p17
Balm Mountain: Wi00 p76
Bancroft, Hubert H.: Su00 p27; Wi01 pp91 et seq.; Sp07 p17
Bancroft Library: Sp07 p18
Banford (Carter) Field: Su05 p17
Banham, Anna née Miers: Sp19 p9
Banks Creek: Wi03 pp11,15; Road Wi11 p16
Banks, Florence née Aiken: Wi09 p22
Banning, Claude: Wi02 pp77,81, photo 82
Bannock War: Fa02 p60
Bar Lazy Eight Ranch: Wi10 p8
Barber, William M.: Su00 p27; Sp02 p3; Fa05 article by, Fa05 p3; Wi05 p3; Article by Fa07 p3
Barclay & Company; Fa13 p13
Barge & Culver families: Subject of Fa15, family photos pp18-21
Barge, Elizabeth (later VanDam): Fa15 p3
Barge, Carl "Henry" & Bertha née Culver: Fa15 Cover photo et seq., photo p11
Barge, Johan Augustus Albert (aka John A.) Fa15 photo p4
Barge, Leonard "Pete" & Edna + Bertha & Bob: Fa15 photos p12,15
Barge, Robert "Bobby": Fa15 Cover photo et seq. photos pp7,9
Barker & Co. J. E.: Sp04 p9 et seq.; Su04 p6, photo & ad, 18; Sp05 p5 et seq.
Barker, Mr.: Su16 p7
Barker, Mrs. J. F.; Sp03 p9; Sp08 p5
Barker, X. O.: Su04 p10
Barlow Road: Wi00 p75; Fa02 p52
Barnard Family: Sp16 p4
Barneburg, Kenneth F.: Fa11 p3
Barnes, Al G.--Sells-Floto Circus: Fa10 photos p6
Barns, Dr.: Fa02 pp64,66
Barrett, Henry: Grave Wi11 p5
Bartholomew, Milt: Wi02 p86, photo 87,90
Barton Family Cemetery: Wi11 p5
Barton Park Covered Bridge: Sp11 p12
Barton, William L. Sr.: Wi11 p5
Bartrum, Smith: Wi00 p84
Bashford, Al: photo Su09 p9
Bashford's Mill: Su19 p5
Bates, Bert: Su14 p9
Bates, Mr.: Fa14 p19
Bates, Toby & Gwen: Sp03 p27; Wi09 p23; Fa15 photo p23; Sp16 p21
Bates, Walt & Marge: Su13 p17
Battle of the Bulge: Wi09 p19
Battle of Hungry Hill: Wi14 p15
Battle Rock, Battle of: Sp02 p18; Fa05 p3; Fa05 photo p5, p7; Wi05 p20 News Review 1951 article (confused by Mr. Kruse with the Coquille Massacre)
Battleship U.S.S. Oregon: Captain's desk from Su03 p40
Bauer, George: Fa07 p16
Baughman, Dexter: Fa03 p62, 69
Baughman Family: Fa03 pp54,64
Baughman Lookout: Fa03 cover, p64
Baum, Arthur W. & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Baum, L. Frank: The Wizard of Oz Su17
Baum, Natalli née Wollenberg: Sp12 p4; Wi12 pp7,20
Baun, Margaret née Hannan: photo Su05 p8
Baun, Mell née Leatherwood: photo Su05 p8
Baxter Family: Wi08 p11; Su16 p20
Bays, Alex: Sp06 p16
Bealman (Jackson) Creek: Fa02 p60
Bealman Family: Fa02 p60
Beals, Dr. H.: Sp02 p17
Beals, Architect Jack: Su03 p47
Beane, Florence M.: Sp12 p9
Beane, Henry Jones: Sp12 p9
Beane, James H. & Hariett née Wright then Emmaline née Speak Eddy: Sp12 pp8,9; Sp14 p17
Beane, Ralph Waldo: Sp12 p9
Beane, Winifred: Sp12 p8; Sp14 p18
Bear Creek: Su08 p18
Bear steamship: Su16 photo p7
Beasley, Dick: Su17 photo p19
Beaux Arts Hotel: Sp03 p15
Beaver Marsh: Wi00 p80
Beckham, Steven Dow: Author, Fa13 & Wi13 issues; Bio Wi13 p12; "Trail of Tears" Sp16 and Su16 issues
Beckley Bridge: Wi11 p16
Beckley, Orval & Mrs.: Sp65 p4
Beckley Ranch: Sp10 p15
Becroft, Cotton (Beecroft?): Wi09 p6
Beds for Less: Su13 p18
Beggir, Lt. James C.: Wi08 p7
Beinecke Library, Yale Univ.: Fa19 p7
Belfiels, Mr.: Wi04 pp18,23
Belieu, James: Wi11 p8
Bell animal: Sp10 p17
Bell Family Cemetery: Wi11 p5
Belle, Dr. Clementine née Tuller: Sp12 p19
Bell, J. R. N.: Roseburg Review publisher, Su01 p47
Bell Mtn.: lookout Fa01 p59
Bell Telephone Co.: Sp09 p6
Bell, William: Fa01 p66
Bellows, A. J. & Mrs.: Sp01 p9; Sp08 p5
Bellows Field: Fa10 p6
Beloit Company: Fa13 p4
Bender, Paul: Sp13 p13
Benetta Theater: Benetta Theater Sp13 pp13,14
Bentley, Architect Paul: Wi08 p22
Benedict, Earl: Cover Sp12
Benedict, Mattie née Pearson: Su08 photo p6
Benedict Road: Wi11 p21
Bennett, Addison: Su00 p38
Bennett, Kenny: Fa10 p12
Bennett, Mr.: Su09 p16
Bennet, William J. (misspelled throughout article by the editor) & Hanna A. née Poley: Architect bio of Wi17 p13-19; (for more on Bennet, see Ben Truwe's website, Southern Oregon History revised)
Benson, Mrs. F. W.: Sp08 p5
Benson Grade School; girls Su09 p7; Fa10 p5; Wi12 p13
Berg, Bonnie Jean: Wi08 pp18,19; Su19 p3
Bergh, Mr.: Su01 p40
Bering Strait: Fa09 p22
Bernhard, Clayton V.: Sp09 p3
Bernhardt, Paul: Su18 p12
Berries: Dillard history of Fa06 pp14-17
Bethel Cemetery: Wi11 p5
Betts, Floyd: Su02 p35
Betty Long Unruh Theater: Sp01 p22
Bevill, James W.: S.P. switchman Wi08 pp16,17
Bicentennial, 1976: Su03 p40
Big Camas: Ranger cabin photo of Wi00 pp80 et seq.; Garwood Grave Wi11 p5
Big Mill Creek Covered Bridge: Sp11 p9
"Big Rock": Su08 p9
Bigger, Linda: Su19 p8
Biggs, Mr. (Edenbower): Fa04 p19; Wi04 p3 et seq.
Bigham, Hariett (later Weaver): Sp15 p8
Bigham, Mary Alice (later Lavadour): Wi14 p8,10; Sp15 p8; Su15 p5, photo p10
Bigham (Bingham), Solomon & Josephine née Wright: Sp15 pp7,9, bio p22
Bilow, Darrell: Wi08 p15
Bill Tipton Ranch: Fa00 p60
Bill Stock Motors: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5
Bilow, Darrell: Su19 p25
Binger Post Office: Su11 pp5,8
Bingham, Judge George Greenwood: Su14 p20; Fa14 photo p5 et seq.
Bingham (Bigham), Solomon: Sp15 pp7,9, bio p22
Bintliff, Mrs. Lewis: Fa09 p8
Birtch, Dave: Wi10 p11
"Birth of a Nation": Sp09 p20
Birthday Club: Fa07 p19
Bitulithic paving; Fa01 p64
Black Beauty Dress: Wi02 p74
Black, Bill-Spirit River: Su05 p4
Black, "Billy"-Roseburg Girls Drum Corps: Wi08 p12
Black, Mrs. Cecil: Su14 p9
Black, Dr. Hugh: Fa01 p67
Black Mud: Wi01 pp87,92
Black Rock Desert: Fa02 p56; Fa02 p60
Black Rock Lookout; Wi00 pp78, photo 79
Black-Tailed Deer: Su08 p10
Blackford Cemetery: Wi11 p5
Blackhawk War: Sp02 p6
Bland Mtn. (Old Baldy): Su15 p14
Bland (Mountain) Cemetery: Wi11 p5; fire Sp15 p12
Bland Mtn.: lookout Fa01 p59
Blakely, Cecil; Sp06 p17
Blakely, Emily: Su09 p9
Blakley Family: Fa08 p11
Blakely, Matilda: Fa11 p6
Blakley, Samuel Plum: Fa02 p60
Blakeny, Mr.: Fa01 p62
Blancartee, Peter: Fa19 p20
Blanchard, Rose Lyons Arrington: Su00 pp38,42; Su10 p7
Blanchet, Archbishop: Sp07 p17
Blast of 1959: Fa00 p51; Fa00 p56; Wi02 p79; Sp11 p21; Sp12 p12; Sp13 p10; subject of Su19
Blattner Building: Sp13 p17
Bledsoe, Theodore: Su11 p17
Bledsoe, Thomas E.: Fa11 p3
Blizzard of 1888: Su05 p10
Block, Dave: Sp03 p26
Blue Heron Home: Wi12 p14
Blue Lake pole beans: Wi01 p83
Blue Mountains: Fa13 p19
Blundell, E. P.: Wi12 p19
Bob Creek: steelhead in, Fa01 p53
Bodie, Glen: Su11 photo p3
Bodie St.: Wi08 p11
Bodley, Richard: Su11 p9
Boehrs, Ed: Su07 p17 et seq.
Boggess: School: Wi00 p76; Cemetery 1882 Wi11 p6
Boggs, Bill: Sp06 p20
Boggs, Bob: Sp06 p20
Bogus School: Su01 p36
Bohemia, Bohemia City: Fa01 p62; Su11 p6
Boise, Ruben P.: Wi06 p19
Bolan Island: Su13 p11
Bollenbaugh Cemetery 1856: Wi11 p6
Bolsinger, Sam: Fa06 p14
Bolt, Ron: Fa09 p20
Bonanza Quicksilver Mine: Wi03 p22; Fa15 p14
Bond, I.E.: Su14 p17
Bonebrake, Clara Teresa: Wi00 p75
Bonebrake, Ida: Su01 p35
Bonebrake, John Starr & Mary (Arnold) Bonebrake: Wi00 p75
Bonebrake, Mr.: Su01 p28 et seq.
Bonebrake, Will: Su01 p40
Bonnell, Dale: Fa01 p64
Bonneville, Capt. B. L. E.: Sp65 p2
Boom, John: Fa06 p14
Boomer Hill: Fa01 p65; School Wi12 p13; Su14 p5; Fa14 p2; Road Fa14 p18
Booster Club: Fa00 pp52,69
Booth, P. O.: Su11 p6; Fa11 p2
Booth, Brian Geddes: Fa09 p7
Booth, Edwin S. & Margaret née Hewitt: Fa09 p7
Booth, Harriet Catherine: Fa09 p7
Booth, Harry W. & Lois Marian née Geddes: Fa09 p7
Booth, J. H. Ranch (Ruckles): Su14 p7
Booth, James Henry & Catherine A. née Campbell: Fa09 p7
Booth, James Henry (2nd?): Fa09 p7
Booth, Molly Margaret (later Walters): Fa09 p7
Booth Orchard (Ruckles): Su14 p12
Booth Ranch Road: cover Fa14
Booth, Robert: Su11 p6
Booth, Rev. Robert & Mary née Minor: Wi08 p3,6; Fa09 statue photo & info p6
Booth, Hon. St. Hwy. Comm. Robert A. & Clintona Ann née LaRaut: Fa09 pp3,4,6
Booth, Winniford: Su11 p6
Booth Kelley Lumber: photo Fa06 p5
Bourne Cemetery 1856: Wi11 p6
Bourne, Charles F.: Wi11 p6
Bowen, John D. & Ruthinda: Wi15 p6
Bowill, J.W.: Su19 p27
Bowman, Walter: Su14 p7
B.P.O.E.: Fa00 pp52,60
Bostonian schooner: Wi05 p4; Sp10 p8; Fa13 p5 et seq.
Boulder Creek (Camas Valley area): Su10 p11
Boundary Ranger Station: Wi00 pp76,78
Bouwsema, Edward A.: Wi08 p8
Boswell, Capt. Benjamin D.: Su11 p6
Boswell Springs: Wi10 p17; Sp11 p3; Su11 p6
Botcher, John: Su11 p13
Bounds Cemetery 1854: Wi11 p6
Boyd and Blakely: Wi15 p7
Boyd, Mr.: Fa06 p3
Boyd, Mrs. Fa04 p6 et seq.; Sp05 p17
Boys Band: Fa01 p69
Brackett, Albert: Wi01 pp85,91
Brackett, William H.: Wi13 pp7,11
Bradford's Texaco Station: Su13 p17
Bradley, Bill: Wi03 p5
Bradley, Derwin: Fa06 p4
Bradley, Miss Eula: Sp08 p5
Bradley (Gassey) Creek: Wi03 p5 et seq.
Bradley Homestead: photo Wi04 p21
Bradley House: Wi03 p5 photos p7
Bradley, William D.: Grave 1872 Wi11 p6
Brady photo: Wi01 p91
Brand, Romaine: Su09 p8
Brandy Bar: Sp00 p10; Sp02 p7; Su08 p19
Bratton, Karen: Su07 p23
Breamed Creek Road: Su09 p13
Breckenridge, John Cabell: Wi01 p87; Sp07 p13; Fa12 pp10,13
Bremmer, Margaret: Sp06 p17
Bremmer, Mary: Sp06 p17
Bremmer, William: Sp06 p17
Brenan & Prim: Wi15 p9
Brewster, Horace: Su09 p14
Brewster Trail: Su09 p14
Brewster Valley: Su09 pp14,16,17
Breswer: Su08 p7
Brice Creek: Wi00 p85; Su11 p6
Bridgeport, Polk Co., Ore.: Su00 p30
Bridger, Jim: Sp65 p2
Bridges, Mr.: Su03 p38
Bridges, Rolstyn D.: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Sp65 to Su72; Sp65 pp3,12; Wi12 p19
Bridges Store: Wi03 p9
Brig "Judson": Sp00 pp9,10
Briggs, Bolt: Sp17 p17
Briggs, Mr. & Mrs. in Edenbower: Sp04 p5 et seq.; Su04 p3; et seq.; Fa04 p22; photo Wi04 p3 et seq.; Sp05 p3 et seq.
Briggs, C.A.: Su08 pp7,10
Briggs Cemetery 1856: Wi11 p6
Briggs, Ermel: Wi12 p17
Briggs, Webster & Mrs.: Wi12 p17
British Northwest: Wi01 p86
Britton, Earl: Su02 p44
Brix Restaurant: Sp16 p21
Broadway, Mrs. Velle: Wi12 photo p17
Brockway: Wi01 pp76,78,83; Fa03 p75; Sp06 cover photo, view p8; store Su06 photo p15; Fa06 p7, blacksmith shop p14; Wi09 p6; Post Office Su11 p6; Cemetery Wi11 p6; Covered Bridge Sp11 p7; School: Sp06 photo p9, student photo 17
Brockway, B.B.: Su11 p6 sketch of home p11
Broiler Restaurant: Fa09 photo p13
Brooks, Nathan: Su10 p19
Brooks-Sumner Affair: Sp07 p6
Brothers, Mr. (Edenbower): Sp05 p4 et seq.
Brown: Stockade (Brown's Bridge): Su05 p11
Brown, Drum & Co.: Su00 p37; Sp10 p5; Su10 p6
Brown, P.M. Gen. Aaron V.: Su11 p4
Brown (?), Uncle Aaron & Frona (?): Su01 pp35 et seq.
Brown, Allena Waltermate (later Mrs. Sam L. Rose: Wi12 p8
Brown, Alonzo: Su10 p9
Brown, Amanda: Su01 photo p39
Brown, Anderson Hugh: Su01 p27, photo of p29, photo of Dixonville home pp30,31, Photo of daughters 34 et seq.
Brown, Aunt Abigail (may be sister of Tom or of Minerva): Su01 pp31 et seq.
Brown, Chauncey Temple: pp31,35,42, photo 43
Brown(?), Uncle Cy: Su01 pp44,47
Brown, D. H.: Su08 p14
Brown, E. (later Parker): Wi15 p6
Brown, Edith Arlyn(later McKay): Fa10 photo p5
Brown, Edmond Sumner: Su01 p27 et seq. photo pp32,44, obit p47
Brown, Ella L.C. née Hill: Wi12 p7; Wi12 p10; (probably same as below)
Brown (?), Ellie: (wife of Omar?) Su01 pp31,33,38
Brown, Eliza (same as Ellie?): Su01 photo p39; Su16 family picnic photo p17
Brown, Frank: Su00 p42
Brown, George A.: Fa10 p5
Brown, George M. & Mrs: Fa14 p16; Su16 pp20,21
Brown, Mr.: Su16 p8
Brown, Mrs. G. M.: Sp08 p5
Brown, H. G. Family Cemetery 1868: Wi11 p6
Brown, Henry G.: Su00 pp44,45; Su10 p8
Brown (?) Aunt Lavina: Su01 p38
Brown, Lillian: Su01 p7 et seq.
Brown, Lorella: Su01 pp27,28,31,33, (apparently not a Brown sister) pp35,37,40,42
Brown, Loyal: Su00 p44
Brown, Margie: Sp00 p3
Brown, Mary A.: Sp04 p4
Brown, May: Su01 pp31 et seq.
Brown, Minerva Burt: Su01 pp27,28, photo pp29;33,42
Brown, Myra: Su01 p31 et seq.
Brown, O.C. graves: Wi11 p6
Brown, Omar Clarence & Ella L.C. née Hill: Su01 p27 et seq. photo; Sp12 p4; Su01 p37; Wi12 photo p14
Brown, Rod: photo Su05 p8
Brown (?) Aunt Saphrona: Su01 p38
Brown, Saphronia Clarinda: Cover photo & journal of, Su01 p27
Brown, Sarah: Sp04 p3, wife of Marcus Moore 4
Brown, Thomas: Sp01 p9; Wi06 p14; Wi16 p8; Wi17 p3
Brown, Violet: Su01 pp 28 et seq.
Brown, Wilbur Hugh: Su01 p27 et seq., photo 43
Brown, Will Q. (Riddle): Wi12 p13
Brown, William "Bill" & Grace née Waltermate: Wi12 p8
Brown's Bridge: Su05 p11; Su08 p10
Brown's Ferry: Su16 p5
Browne, Marion; Fa08 p20
Browning Brothers Amusement Co.: Fa10 p11
Browning, Edmond Green: Sp12 p5
Browning, Susan Sarah (later Dunnavin): Sp12 p5
Brozio, Fred: Su05 p7
Bruce, Robert: Su08 p15
Bruckman, G. H.: Sp17 p13
Brueger, August: Fa15 p9
Brumback, Mrs. Joe: Sp12 p4
Brumbaugh, Joe: Wi12 p19
Brumfield, Dr. Richard Melvin & Merle née Beresford; Murder story Wi08 pp22,23; Story of Su14 & Fa14 issues
Brumfield, brothers of Dr. R. M: John & Vincent: Su14 p17; Fa14 p3
Brumfield, sister of Dr. R. M.: Patricia, (later Clark) Fa14 p8
Brumfield, sons of Dr. R. M.: Richard C., Fa14 p8; George R., Gilbert O., Robert M.: Su14 p17
Brurer, Clara: Su01 p37
Brush Creek: Fa01 p55
Brush, Gilbert: Fa05 p10 et seq.
Bryant Cemetery 1879: Wi11 p6; Sp12 p16
Bryant, J. Ranch: Wi11 p6
Bryant, Lucille née Penelton: Su05 p13
Bryden, Cliff: Fa01 p51
Buchanan, Pres. James: Sp07 p6,13; Su16 p3
Buchanan, John Andrew (Ian): Fa08 p19 photo p21
Buck Creek: log camp photo Fa06 p4
Buck Fork: Post Office cover Su11 photo p7
Buckhead Camp Cemetery: Wi11 p6
Buckhorn Road: Fa01 p53; Su02 p27,40; Sp03 p22; Fa07 p19; Wi10 p20; Fa11 p5; Wi11 p13
Buell, Fred George & Mary née Rice: Su06 p15 Su06 photo p16; Fa06 p20
Buenzle, Victor and Mary: Su03 p51
Buick, D. S. K.: Fa09 p21
Buick, Miss Jeannie: Sp08 p5
Buick, Miss Kate: Fa09 p21,22
Buker, Amos O. & Cora E.: Fa11 p6,11
Bullock Bridge: Wi03 p24
Bungalow School: photo Su02 p29
Bunker Hill, U.S.S.: Fa15 p16
Bunton, Elijah: Fa09 p3
Bunton's Gap, (Bunting's?): Sp02 p18; Su05 p12; Fa09 p3,4; Su10 p5
Buoy, Capt. Laban: Wi14 p15
Burch Graves: Wi11 p12
Burchard Dry Goods Store: Su14 p6
Burchard (Buchart?) Family: Sp02 p22; Wi05 photo p10
Burchard Creek: Su00 p31
Burchard, Mrs.: Su14 p6
Buchart (Buchard?) Family: Wi05 photo p10
Buckaroo Square Dance Club: Su09 p20
Bureau of Land Management: Cover photo Fa01, a local history of
Burkhardt, W. H.: Sp04 p5
Burks, Bernice: Sp06 p17
Burks, Fred: Sp06 p17
Burks, Roy: Sp06 p17
Burnett Cemetery 1854 (Dole, Bounds): Wi11 p6
Burnett, James D.: Wi01 p81; Su06 photo of home pp6,7,8; Wi08 p7; Fa11 p13; sketch of home Fa11 p20; Sp19 p13
Burnett, John Sims: Su06 photo p6; DLC Wi11 p6 photo p7
Burnett, Thomas & Mrs.: Su06 photo p6
Burnt Flat: Wi00 p94
Burnt Mtn. Road: Su09 p16
Burr, W. A.: Su05 pp7,15
Burt, Abigail: (may be sister of Minerva Brown or sister of Thomas Brown) Su01 pp31,33
Burt Cemetery 1857: Wi11 p7
Burt, George: DLC Wi11 p4
Burt, Martin: Su01 p36
Burt, Omar (may be Omar Brown, brother of Thomas or brother of Minerva) Su01p27,31.
Burton, Robert & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Burton's Shoe Repair: Su09 p6
Busenbark, Judge David Naylor & Mable née Duncan: Wi12 p11
Busenbark, John: Wi08 p7
"Bush" Osborne Fire Finder: Wi00 p78
Bush, Asahel: Wi01 pp86,89; Wi06 p19; Sp07 p4 et seq.
Bush, Col.: Sp04 p19; Fa04 p9
Bush, D. B.: So04 p22
Bushey, Miss Rose: Sp08 p5
Business and Professional Women: Sp00 p18; Sp16 p19
Butcher, Belle: Su11 p15
Butler's: Su10 p6
Butler, James: Sp02 p7
Butler, Joe: Su18 p12
Butler, Mr. (Edenbower): Wi04 p19
Butler, Rufus: Su00 pp44,45; Sp02 pp7,14; Sp15 p4
Buxton place: Wi01 p76; Wi11 p10
Byars, W. F.: Sp19 p10
Byars, William H. & Emma A. Reed née Slocum: Sp01 p11; Sp08 p5; Fa09 p5; Sp19 p3; photo w/his sisters Sp19 p9
Byron Creek: Wi11 p21
Byron, James: Sp01 p9; Su10 p10

COPCO: Wi08 p12
C & O stage barn: Su06 photo p9
C. Giles Hunt Grant: Su03 p43 et seq.
Cabin Creek: Rest area Sp03 p26
Cadwallader Jesse: Sp16 p4, mini bio p9
Caleb Curtis, The (ship): Fa05 p19
Calhoun, Ivan: Su14 pp6,9
Calhoun, L.: Su04 p4; et seq.; Fa04 pp7,21; Sp05 p6
California Fig Syrup Co.: Wi15 p15
California-Oregon Power Company: See COPCO.
California-Oregon Road: Fa19 p21
California, S.S.: Fa16 p4
California Trail: Fa09 p5; Wi14 p13
Calkins, B. J.: Wi08 p8
Calkins C. B.: Wi08 p3,6,8
Calkins Road: Fa04 p3; Wi08 p11
Callahan Area: Fa03 p54 et seq.; Su09 p17; Wi11 p7
Callahan Brothers: William & Milton: Wi17 p4
Callahan, George: Fa03 p56; Wi17 p4
Callahan Mill: Wi17 p4
Callahan, Nan: Su17 photo p18
Callahan Trail: Fa03 pp55,56
Calapooyia, Calapooya Calapooia: area Fa01 p59; bridge, Su05 p11; Wi10 p12; Indians Sp16 p3; School Sp19 p4
Calapooia Creek: Sp02 pp6; Wi03 p3 et seq.; Fa04 p23; Su05 pp3,12,17,21; Wi05 on map p18; Fa10 p6; Wi10 p18; Wi11 p12; Wi13 map p3; Wi13 map p3; Wi13 pp6,7; Sp19 p11; Wilcox swimming hole Fa19 photo pp6,7
Calapooia Mountains: Sp02 p18; Sp09 p7; Fa09 p4; Su11 p13; Fa13 p19; Fa19 p11
Calapooia Dairy: Wi09 p7
Calliope: Fa10 p11
Calvert Post Office: Su11 p7
Calvin B. West of the Umpqua: Sp65 p9
Cam, Alan: Fa10 p19
Camas Valley, Ore.: Sp06 p18; Fa06 p7; Su09 p16; Wi09 p6; grave Wi11 p7
Camas Valley School, Lower: Sp06 p18
Camas Valley School, Upper: Sp06 p18
Camas Mtn.: Wayside Park, Fa01 p52
Cameron, Lois née Cobb: Fa06 p16
Camp Adair: Su05 p22
Camp Creek: Su00 p28; log crew photo Fa06 p5
Camp Eliff: Wi11 p14
Camp Fire Girls: Wi12 p8
Camp Tyee: Wi08 p10
Camp White: Su05 p22
Campbell, Audie: Su07 p18
Campbell, Daney: Su14 p8
Campbell, Frank: Sp17 p17
Campbell, Mr.: Su09 p4
Campbell, Myrtle (later Neuner): Fa14 p16
Campbell, Robert: Sp65 p2
Campian, Fred: Su15 photo p10
Campian, Susan née McGinnis: Su15 photo p10
Campian, Virgil Matt: Su15 photo p10
Canady, Atty. H. A.: Fa00 p54
Canemah, Ore.: Su00 p29
Cannery Island: Su18 p8
Cannon: photo, cover Sp01, photo p5
Cannon, Alysa: Wi09 p23
Cannon Grave Site: Wi11 p7
Cannon, John: Wi09 p23
Cannon Sarah: Wi11 p7
Canton Creek: Fa01 pp51 et seq.; Sp11 p10
Canyon (Canon, Conus, Umpqua Canyon): The Canyon south of Canyonville was so infamous, that it needed no description. Just Canyon, Cannon or Conus was all that was needed in any letter or newspaper article for any reader to know what and where it was. Su16 p3
Canyon City, Ore.: Fa02 p62
Canyon Creek: Sp11 p11
Canyon Creek Covered Bridge: Sp11 p11
Canyonville, Ore.: Su00 p30; Wi00 pp75,76; Fa01 pp53,61; Fa02 p56; Su08 p23; Fa09 p22; Cemetery 1882 (Masonic, I.O.O.F.) Wi11 p7; Pioneer Cemetery 1860 Wi11 p7
Canyonville Bible Academy: Fa10 p19; Cemetery Sp12 p14
Cape Arago: Wi13 map p3
Cape Blanco: Sp65 p4; Fa05 p10
Caps Illahee: Wi00 p94
Capt.'s Place: Sp06 p7
"Capt. Levi Scott" by Levi Scott: Sp02 p7
"Captain L. L. Williams" by Richard W. Stickroth Sr.: Fa05 p3
Car, circa 1900 hack: Su01 photo p46
Car-Prill: Wi08 p15
Carbuncle: Sp04 p5
Card, Douglas: Wi01 p85,93; Sp03 p21; Su03 p50; Wi08 p3,6; Wi12 p8
Cardwell, Julius: Sp15 p9; Su15 p14
Cardwell, W. W.: Sp08 p9
Carlile, King: Su05 pp6,7
Carll Post Office: Su11 p8
Carlon, Joe: Sp09 p4
Carlon, Richard: Sp09 p4
Carlson, Gordon: Su03 pp45,46
Carlson, John E.: Su11 p13
Carl's Jr.: Wi17 p3
Carlsone, Jen: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Sp65 to Fall 1973
Carmichael, Richard: Su19 p3
Caro, Berry: Wi08 p7
Caronie: Sp10 p17
Caros, S.: Card, Douglas: Wi01 p85,93; Sp03 p21; Su03 p50
Carpenter, Fred: Fa10 p19
Carpenter, M.D. Horace: Sp02 p18
Carr, Gwen: Wi14 photo p9
Carr, Leroy: Grave Wi11 p18
Carr, Samuel & Emmeline: Wi11 p18
Carrigan, James: Fa05 pp6,7
Carr's: Su09 pp3,6
Carson, Allan Hamilton; Sp03 p14
Carson, Adam Andrew J. "Jack": Wi14, Sp15 & Su15 issues
Carson, David: Wi14, Sp15 & Su15 issues
Carson, Kit: Fa05 p6
Carson, Letitia: Story of by Bob Zybach Wi14, Sp15 & Su15 issues
Carson, Marian Andree; photo Sp03 p14
Carson, Martha Josephine (Jane?) (later Lavadour): Wi14, Sp15 & Su15 issues et seq.
Carstens, Clyde & Irma: Fa01 p69; Wi08 p15; Fa09 p13
Carstens Packing Company, Seattle: Fa00 p60
Carter, Bruce: Su05 p4
Carter Field (Banford): Su05 p17
Carter, Harlan B.: Wi12 pp2,7,14; Wi12 p19
Carter, O. T. "Bud": Fa06 p8
Carter Tire Bldg.: Su05 p9
Caruthers, Miss: Su09 p4
Carveal, B.: Sp15 p9
Carver, "Doc": Su08 p19
Cascade Forest: Wi00 p76
Cascade Line (Natron Cutoff): Su06 p22
Cascade Mountains: Fa13 p19
Cascara plant: Wi03 p8
Case International Harvester: Su03 p35
Casebeer, Evalyn: Wi00 pp75,80
Casebeer, Florence: Su01 pp28 et seq.
Casebeer, John: Sp00 p23; Su01 pp28 et seq.
Casebeer, Robert & Francis: Wi00 p88
Casebeer, Prof. Robert (Jr.?) & Audrey née Marier: Fa02 p51
Casebeer, Samuel & Jemima née Brown: Su01 p36; Fa02 p62
Casebeer, Sarah: Su01 pp35,40,42
Casebeer, Will: Su01 p35
Casey, Miss Helen: Wi12 photo p17
Cass St.: Sp00 p15; Fa01 p59; Su05 p4; Sp08 p9; Sp12 cover photo
Cass St. Market: photo Sp05 p17; Wi15 17
Caswell, Mr.: Sp05 p6 et seq.
"Cat Lickers": Wi03 p13
Catching, Roy & Mrs.: Fa01 p60; Wi12 photo p17
Catching Slough: Su09 p15
Catholic Church: Wi01 p92
Cathy, Prof. B. A. & Mrs.: Sp06 p20
Caufield Family: Su03 p37
Caulfield, J. J.: Wi08 p7
Caulk (cork) Boots: Fa01 p52
Cavitt Creek Covered Bridge: Wi10 p6; Fa11 p8; Road Sp12 p10
Cavitt, John: Wi10 p6
Cavitt, Robert: Wi10 p6
Cawles Valley: see Cole's Valley.
Caylor's Bakery: Su09 p3
Cayuse Indians: War Sp00 p21; Wi06 p13 photo p16; war 18; war Sp07 p3; war Su08 p4
Cedar Creek: Sp02 p18
Cedar Hills Cemetery: Su07 p22; Wi11 p8; I.O.O.F. Sp12 p11
Abbott Grave Wi11 p4; Ada Wi11 p4; Adams 1857 Wi11 p4; Sp12 p6; Anlauf Wi11 p4,10; Applegate Family Wi11 p5; Applegate Pioneer Wi11 p4,11,18; Archambeaux Family Wi11 p5; Aurora Masonic Wi11 p13; Azalea Wi11 p5; Baker, Dorsey Family Wi11 p5; Barrett, Henry grave Wi11 p5; Barton Family Wi11 p5; Bell Family Burnett 1854 Wi11 p3; Bethel Wi11 p5; Big Camas Wi11 p5; Blackford Wi11 p5,13; Bland (Mt., Perdue) Wi11 p5; Boggess Wi11 p6; Bollenbaugh Wi11 p6; Bourne 1856 Wi11 p6; Bradley, Wm. D. grave Wi11 p6; Briggs Wi11 p6; Sp12 p11; Brockway Wi11 p6; Brookside Wi11 p11; Brown H.G. Family Wi11 p6; Brown, O.C. grave Wi11 p6; Bryant 1879 Wi11 p6; Sp12 p15; Buckhead Camp Wi11 p6; Burch Family Wi11 p12; Burnett 1854 Wi11 p3,6; Burt 1857 Wi11 p3,7; Camas Valley grave Sarah Cannon grave Wi11 p7; Canyonville Bible Academy Sp12 p14; Canyonville (Masonic) Wi11 p7; Canyonville Pioneer Wi11 p7; Wi11 p7; Cedar Hills: Su07 p22; Sp12 p11; Champagne Family 1873: Wi11 p10; Carr, Leroy Grave Wi11 p18; Civil Bend (United Brethren): Wi11 p8; Sp12 p21; Clark Grave Wi11 p10; Cleveland (Hill) (United Brethren) Wi11 p8,16; Coffee Creek (United Brethren) Wi11 p8; Cole Family  1864 (United Brethren) Wi11 p9; Coles Valley 1854 Wi11 p3,10; Colvin Wi11 p10; Comstock (Anlauf) Su11 p9; Wi11 p10; Cox  1856 Wi11 p3,10; Cox Family Wi11 p10; Davlin Wi11 p10; Sp12 p9; Day (Denn) Wi11 p10; Denn (Day) Wi11 p10; Dimmick Wi11 p10; Dixon Family Wi11 p11; Dixonville Wi11 p19; Douglas County (Paupers') Wi11 p11; Douglas Co. Forestry Dept. (Bollenbaugh & Briggs) Wi11 p11; Douglas Co. Poor Farm Wi11 p11; Drain City Sp12 p10; Drain I.O.O.F. Wi11 p11; Drain Pioneer Sp12 p10; Drain-Yoncalla Masonic Wi11 p11; Drew (Thomason, Thomason Tribal) Wi11 p11; Sp12 p18; Driver Family Thomason, Thomason Tribal) Wi11 p11; Dunes Memorial Mausoleum Wi11 p12; Eden, (Eden Lutheran Church & Elgarose) Wi11 p12; Elkhead Sp12 p16; Elkton Wi11 p12; Elliot Wi11 p12; Ellis Wi11 p12; Embree Wi11 p12; Ensley (Putnam Valley & Sunnydale) Wi11 p12; Fair Oaks 1857 Wi11 p3; Farmer Valley Wi11 p12; Fir Grove Wi11 p3; Fort Umpqua (new) 1856 Wi11 p12; Fortune Branch (Burch Family) Wi11 p12; Freeman Wi11 p13; French Creek, Settlement Wi11 p13; Sp12 p6; Frier Wi11 p13; Frozen Creek Grave Wi11 p13; Gardiner (Masonic or Aurora Masonic Wi11 p13; Gardner (Blackford) Wi11 p13; Gerhard Place Wi11 p13; Gilham (Quines Creek) Wi11 p13; Gilmore Wi11 p13; Glendale Memorial Wi11 cover & p3,15; Goff Wi11 p15; Green Valley (Metz Hill) Wi11 p15; Sp12 p6; Gunter Wi11 p15; Hahn Wi11 p15; Haines Wi11 p15; Hardy Wi11 p15; Hamacher Family Wi11 p15; Harris Family Wi11 p15; Harvey Family Wi11 p15; Haskell Family Wi11 p16; Hedrick Wi11 p16; Hefty Wi11 p16; Henderer Wi11 p16; Hurst Family Wi11 p16; Indian burials Wi11 p16; International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Sp04 p3,4; James, Samuel Grave Wi11 p16; Johansen Family Wi11 p17; Johnson, Herman grave Wi11 p17; Jones 1853 Wi11 p3,17; Kanipe, Mildred grave Wi11 p17; Kellogg 1857 Wi11 p3,18; Krewson Wi11 p18; LaBrie Family Wi11 p18; Lane Wi11 p18; Sp12 p21; Lavadour 1857 (VanNorman Family & Wright Family Wi11 p3; Leona Wi11 p18; Letitia (Tish) Wi11 p19; Wi14 p10; Levens Wi11 p19; Livingston Family (Dixonville) Wi11 p19; Long, John Family Wi11 p19; Fa16 p18; Lookingglass Wi11 p19; Lost Creek 1875 Wi11 p21; Lower Smith River Sp12 p10; Macey Family Wi11 p21; Martindale Wi11 p21; Masonic Cemetery: Sp07; p19; Wi01 p92; Sp05 p15; Wi08 p7; Masonic (Canyonville) Wi11 p7; McCulloch Family Wi11 p21; McGuire 1856 Wi11 p2,21; Melrose 1854 Wi11 p3; Sp12 p6; Metz Hill 1850 Wi11 p3,15; Sp12 p6; Mountain Grove Sp12 p6; Murray  1862 Sp12 p6; Murphy Sp12 p6; Myrtle Creek I.O.O.F. 1861 Sp12 p5,6; Sp12 p9; Myrtle Creek Pioneer Sp12 p5,6 photo p21; Noah 1882 Sp12 p9; Noel Burial Site 1896 Sp12 p9; Nofog Sp12 p10; North Drain Sp12 p10; North Fork Sp12 p10; Myrtle Creek Odd Fellows 1861 Sp12 p6,9; Nichols Sp12 p9; North Fork (Smith River) Sp12 p9; Oak Creek 1857-Wi11 p3; Sp12 p11; Oakland Sp12 p11; Oakland I.O.O.F. Sp12 p11; Oakland Masonic Sp12 p11; Old Town Oakland Sp12 p11; Otey Sp12 p11; Panther Creek Sp12 p11; Pardee Sp12 p11; Patterson 1854 Wi11 p3; Sp12 p11 photo p12; Paupers' (Douglas County) Wi11 p11; Sp12 p12; Peel Sp12 p12; Perdue Wi11 p5; Putnam Valley Wi11 p12; Sp12 p12; Sp12 p16; Quines Creek Wi11 p13; Sp12 p13; Rainville Sp12 p13; Red Hill Sp12 p13; Reed-Hill 1855 Wi11 p3; Sp12 p13; Reed, Reason Family Sp12 p13; Reedsport (Masonic) Wi11 p12; Sp12 p13; Rice Family Sp12 p13; Rice-Marsh Family Sp12 p13; Richards Family Sp12 p13; Riddle 1855 Wi11 p3; Sp12 p13; Ritchey Sp12 p14; Rondeau Sp14 p14; Rondeau Family Sp12 p14; Roseburg Catholic Sp12 p14,15; Roseburg Grave Sp12 p14; Roseburg I.O.O.F. Sp12 p14; Roseburg Masonic Sp12 p14; Roseburg Memorial Gardens Sp12 p14; Roseburg Paupers' Wi11 p11; Roseburg Veterans Sp12 p14; Rosehill Sp12 p14; Ruters, John Grave Sp12 p15; Roseburg Grave Sp12 p14; Roseburg Grave Sp12 p14; Sand Creek Sp12 p15; Scottsburg Pioneer Cemetery 1858 Wi11 p3; Sp12 p15; Shamley, Thomas Grave Sp12 p15; Shephard, Ina Grave Sp12 p16; Sherrett-Lyster Sp12 p9,16; Shoestring Sp12 p16; Simmons Family Sp12 p16; Singleton Family Sp12 p16; Smith River (lower) Sp12 p16; St. George Episcopal Church Columbarium Sp12 p15; St. Ores Sp12 p15; St. Joseph Catholic Sp12 p15; Stephens Sp12 p16; Stowel Family Sp12 p16; Strader Family Sp12 p16; Sunnydale Wi11 p12; Sp12 p18; Sutherlin Sp12 p18; Tenmile Sp12 p18; Thiele Family Sp12 p18; Thomason, Thomason Tribal Wi11 p11; Sp12 p18; Thrush Sp12 p18; Tipton, Mace Grave Sp12 p18; Tison (Tyson) Ranch Grave Sp12 p19; Tuller Family Sp12 p19; Turkey Hill Grave Sp12 p19; Tyee View Wi11 p9; Sp12 p19; Umpqua 1850 Sp12 p19; Umpqua Academy Sp12 p20; United Brethren Wi11 p8,16; Valley View Sp12 p19; VanNorman Family Wi11 p18; Veterans' Cemetery: Sp01 p22; Welker Grave Sp12 p19; Wells Family Sp12 p19; West-Winniford Families Sp12 p20; Wilbur 1855 Wi11 p3; Sp12 p20; Willis Creek 1857 Wi01 pp75, photo 78; Sp12 p20; Willis Family Sp12 p20; Wilson Family Sp12 p20; Wimberly 1852 Sp00 p21; Wi11 p3; Sp12 p20; Winchester 1859 Sp12 p21; Winchester School Sp12 p21; Winston Sp12 p21; Wolfe Valley Sp12 p21; Wright Family Wi11 p18; Yoncalla Sp12 p21; Yoncalla Masonic Wi11 p11; Sp12 p21
Cenograph: Sp12 p5
Centennial History of Oregon, The by Joseph Gaston: Fa05 p3
Center Bend Post Office: Su11 p8
Central Hotel, Roseburg: Sp06 p16
Central Junior High School: Wi08 p3; Wi08 p11; Su09 p8; Fa10 p5; Sp13 p10; Su19 p7, photo p12
Central Oregon Normal School: Fa14 pp14,15
Central Oregon Railroad Co. Su06 p12
Cermak, John: Sp09 p16
Chadwick, Ore. Sec. of State & Gov. Stephen F.: Sp02 p11 et seq.; Wi08 pp3,4,7; Fa09 p6; Sp10 p3
Su10 p6; Wi15 pp7,9; Sp19 p12
Chain saw: Fa01 p58
Chamber of Commerce movement: Fa00 pp52,69
Chamberlin, Hon. Gov. George K.: Sp01 p11
Chambers, R. L.: Sp13 p9
Chambrook, George: Su16 pp7,8
Champagne Creek: Su11 p14; Fa11 p17
Champagne Family Cemetery 1873: Wi11 p8
Champagne, Belle: Su17 photo p18
Champagne, Joseph: Wi11 p8; Su16 p8
Champagne, Kate: Su17 photo p18
Champagne, Philomen: Su17 photo p18
Champion Intl.: Fa01 p56
Champoeg, Ore.: Su00 p29
Chandler, John: Su10 p17
Chaney, Bob: Su13 p21
Chapman, Andrew J. & Sarah née Marks: Wi09 p22; Fa11 p6, photo p7
Chapman "Bulger": ranch Wi10 p20
Chapman, Dick: ranch Wi10 p20
Chapman, Dee E. (later Aiken): Wi09 p22
Chapman, George: Su10 p17
Chapman, Hildred: Sp03 p25 (typo?)
Chapman, Jack: Su04 p11
Chapman, John Henry & Martha Ann née Ells: Fa02 p62
Chapman, Mildred née McLaughlin: Wi00 p78,84; Sp03 p25 (typo?)
Chapman, Susan Elviner (Singleton): Fa02 p62
Chapman, Col. W. W.: Su10 p6
Chapman's Pharmacy: Su09 pp4,9
"Charter Oak": Rochester Grist Mill brand: Sp65 p16
Chenoweth, Iva Blanche McAllister: photo Sp00 p15; photo Sp09 p7
Cherry Creek Recreation Area: Su09 p15
Chevrolet: Fa01 p55
Chicago School Architecture: Fa00 p56
Chief Jim: Wi06 p21
Chief Joe: Wi06 p21
Chief Sam: Wi06 p21
Child, George R. & Sarah B.: Sp08 p3, photo pp4,5, photo p6
Chillecoose Creek: Wi05 on map p18
China Ditch: Sp14 p18
China Palace: Sp09 p23; Fa11 p23
China Pheasant: (supposedly introduced to Oregon in 1903, but this is 1899) Sp05 pp5,9
China Sam: Fa00 p60
Chinook Jargon: Fa13 p21
Chinook Salmon: Sp65 p20; Wi13 p7
Chisholm, Gard: photo of Su00 p40
Christian Church: Sp05 p15; Sp09 p21
"Christians Secret of a Happy Life": Su01 p44
Chubs (fish): Su09 p7; Salmon Trout Fa10 p6
Church, Elva: Wi12 p13
Church, Janet: Fa10 p10
Churchill, Edith: Sp08 photo p6
Churchill, Frank: Wi04 p18 et seq.; Sp05 p8
Churchill, George (H.?): Wi00 photo p79; Sp05 p8
Churchill, Joe: Su05 p12
Churchill, John S.: Sp16 p3
Churchill & Woolley: Sp04 p15; Su04 p6; Fa04 p12; Sp05 p9
Churchill's Hardware: Su09 p6 photo p7; Wi15 18
Churchill, William G.: Sp65 p9; DLC Wi11 p10; Fa13 p3
Cinema 7: Su13 pp18,21
Circle H Ranch: Fa01 pp56,64
Circus: Al G. Barnes-Sells Floto combined Fa10 p6; photos Fa10 p5
Civic Center Campus, Drain: Wi10 p10
Civil Bend: Su06 p5; Post Office Su11 pp6,8
Civil Bend Cemetery 1877: Assoc. Sp06 p22; Wi11 p8,10; Sp12 p11
Civil War: Su00 p40; Wi01 pp85,87,91; Wi02 p91
Civil War Veterans: Sp01 p16
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC): List of Wi00 pp85,88, road building photo 93; Wi10 p14; Fa15 p10
Clackamas County Female Seminary: Wi06 p13
Clarence Eddy Bar: Cover Sp14
Clark Grave: Wi11 p8
Clark, James (laborer): Su10 p18
Clark, James G.: DLC Wi11 p7; Sp12 p15; Sp15 pp10,11; Sp19 p15
Clark, James & Jane, née Ratcliff: Sp02 pp21,22
Clark, Joanne née Roadman: Fa10 p12
Clark, Capt. Lewis: Fa13 p4
Clark, Mrs. Patricia née Brumfield: Fa14 p8
Clark, Peggy née Murphy: Fa10 p12
Clarke, Ann: Fa02 p70
Clarke, Arthur & Helen Jane née Hamilton: Fa02 p66; Sp03 pp4,15; Wi12 p11; Wi12 photo p17
Clarke, Helen Jane née Hamilton: Sp00 p13; Fa02 pp68,70, photo 71; Cover photo "Trapper" dedicated to Jane Clarke, Sp03; photos Sp03 pp12,13, photos 16 & 18, photo 27; Su03, pp35,48, died p51; Sp04p3; Wi12 photo & Bio p11
Clarke, James Hamilton; Fa02 p70; Photo Sp03 pp14,15,16
Clarke, "Rush": Wi03 pp18,22; Su05 pp7,12
Clarke, Sarah Ann (Sally): Sp03 photo pp13,14 et seq.
Clarke, W. B.: Fa11 p6
Clarks Branch: Wi11 p6
Claver, Lloyd: Su13 p11
Clay, John: Su19 p10
Clayton, Ashford "Ash" & Jemima née Harper: Su05 pp20,21; Sp06 photo p5
Clayton, Elzic: Sp06 pp11,17
Clayton, Eva Estella née Walker: Sp06 pp6,7,13-15, sourdough biscuit recipe 14
Clayton, Grant & Eva S. née Walker: Sp06 p4 et seq.
Clayton, Jasper: Sp06 p4
Clayton, Jesse: Su05 pp20,21; Sp06 p4 photo p5
Clayton, Mary Ellen (later Fabrique): Sp06 p4, photo p5
Clayton, Sherley: Sp06 pp4,11 et seq. p17
Clear Lake: Su18 p12
Cleghorn Creek: Fa01 pp52 et seq.
Clemens, Frank: Wi08 p7
Cleveland, Ada née Wilkes: Su11 p4
Cleveland, Ore.: Fa04 p14; Post Office Su05 p12; Su10 p6 photo p8; Pay Down Store Su10 p8; Sp19 p7
Cleveland, Cleveland Hill, United Brethren Cemetery: Wi11 p8,16
Cleveland Hill: Road Wi11 pp5,11; Wi11 p18
Cleveland Hills: Sp65 p7
Cleveland, Pres. Grover: Su01 p38
Clifton, William: Su01 p31
Cline, Rev. C. E.: Wi04 p7
Clingenpeel, W. F.: Fa14 photo p17
Cloak, Mr.: Su01 p44
Cloak, Walter: Fa04 p22; Wi04 p9 et seq.
Cloaks Ferry: Fa01 p64; Su14 p8
Clough, Bess Adams: Su03 p35; Wi12 photo & bio p16; Wi14 p15
Clough, Comm. Huron: Wi12 p3; Wi12 p16
Clough, Joseph Lyford & Margaret Adeline née Eliff: Wi12 p16
Clough Ranch: Su03 p36; Wi12 photo p18
Clough, sea Capt. William H.: Su18 p18
Clover, wild: Fa19 p16
Cloverleaf Drive-In: Su13 p17
Clugage, Mr.: Wi06 p20
Coal, Mr.: Su01 p33
Coarsegold Creek: Sp06 p11
Coast Bridge Co.: Fa06 p21
Coast Fisheries, Gardiner: Su08 pp13,19
Coast Range: Fa03 p55; Su09 photo p17
Coast Wagon Road: Fa11 p13
Cobb, Asa: Fa06 p14
Cobb Brothers Cheese Factory, Sutherlin: Su05 p4
Cobb, H. N.: Wi08 p8
Cobb Ranch, Kellogg: photo Su05 p4
Coca Cola Bottling Plant: Wi08 p10; blast photo Fa09 p14; Su19 p5
Cochran, Jerry: Fa09 p8
Cochran, Louise B.: Fa08 p20
Cockeram, Ward & Mrs.: Wi02 p76
Cockelreas & Son: Fa09 p16
Cockrell, Bill & Nick: Wi10 p23
Coe, Nathaniel: Fa19 pp7,14
Coen Lumber Co.: Fa09 pp15,16
Coffee Creek: pack train photo Su10 pp13,17; Cemetery, Road Wi11 p8
Coho, Silver Salmon: Sp65 p20; Fa01 p53; Fa08 p8 photo p9
"Cold and Silent": poem by James G. Fuller Fa09 p19
Cold Springs: Su10 p12
Cole Family Cemetery 1864: Wi11 pp9,10
Cole, George E.: Sp02 p17; Fa13 p3
Cole, Guy & Maude: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Sp65 to Sp83; Su05 p16
Cole, Mrs. Hamilton née Miars: Sp19 p9
Cole, Dr. James & Louisa née Leeper: Sp65 p3, bio pp7-11 photos p8; Su11 p9; Wi11 photos p9
Cole, Joel: Wi11 p9
Cole's Valley (Big Bottom) (Emery?): Grange Hall Su05 p4; Su05 p10; stockade Su05 pp11,12,20,21; Sp06 p4; Wi11 p9; Cemetery 1854 Wi11 p10 photo p22; Sp16 p3
Cawles Valley: Su10 p19; Su10 p9; Fa11 p6
Colliding Rivers: Sp00 p21
Collins, Charles: Wi12 p19
Collins, Mrs.: Su03 p37
Collins, Orpha: Fa03 p55
Colt Arms: pocket pistol Wi16 photo p4
Columbia, S.S.: Fa19 p17
Columbia College: Sp19 p4
Columbia River: Sp00 p3; Su00 p29
Columbia River Fishing and Trading Co.: Sp16 p12
Columbus Day Windstorm: Fa01 p67; story of w/photos Fa10 pp17-22
Colvig, Dr.: Sp19 p8
Colvig, James: Fa09 p22
Colvig, Miss: Fa09 p22
Colvin Cemetery (Eureka Valley) Wi11 p10
Colvin Ranch: Sp12 p13
Combs, Dell: poem by Wi08 p21
"Come to Roseburg!!": Commercial Club Advertising: Fa01 pp62-68
Comfort, Sid: Fa01 p65
Commercial Bank, Oakland: Su05 p19
Commercial Club: Fa00 pp52,65
"Commercial Club Recycled, The": Fa01 p69
Commercial Club Ladies Auxiliary: Fa00 pp54,65
Commercial Club Pavilion: photo of Fa00 p55
Commercial Architecture Style: Fa00 pp51,52, photo pp53,54,56
Commercial Fishing: Su08, chaps. 3 & 4
Community Concert Association: Sp16 p19
Computer Solutions, Myrtle Creek: Sp13 p18
Comstock, Douglas Co. Ore.: Fa06 p19; Post Office Su11 p9; Cemetery Su11 p9; Wi11 pp4,10; Sp16 p12
Comstock, James J.: Sp11 p15; Su11 p9
Comstock, Martha Jane née Scroggin: bio of Wi18 pp22,24
Condray, P. M. A. P.: Su11 p4
Conscientious Objectors: Wi00 p90
Confederacy: Wi01 p86
"Confidence Promotion Campaign": Fa09 p15
Conn Family: Sp12 p6; History and Family Tree w/photos Su17 issue
Conn, Jim: Fa01 p67
Connelly, John: Fa06 p4
Connine, Roy: Wi09 p7
Connor, Robert & Carrie Louella née Dixon: Fa02 p50
Connor's Cabin: Su10 p12
Continental Trailways: Su06 p23
Convocan cartons: Wi09 p7
Coon Creek: Fa04 p23; Wi11 p9
Coon, Dee: Wi01 p83
Coon, Ellis: Fa06 p15
Coon, F. D.: Fa06 p15
Coon H. Sr.: Wi08 p6
Coon Hollow: Wi01 pp81,83
Coon, Leonard S. & Ollie: Fa06 pp14,15,17
Cooper, Erastus Hawthorne: Su11 p15
Cooper, James F.: Fa13 p21
Cooper, James T.: Sp02 p17; Su05 p7; Fa13 p5 et seq.
Cooper, Roger: Su02 pp35,38
Coos Bay (Koose Bay), Ore.: Sp00 p10; Fa01 p61; Sp02 p22; Wi03 p3; Fa07 p12 et seq.; Su09 p15
Coos Bay-Roseburg Highway: Sp11 p6
Coos Bay Wagon Road: Fa00 pp51,60; Wi03 p5; Su05 p16; Sp06 photo p6; article and photos about Su09 pp12-17, photo & driver names p17; Fa09 p21
Coos Bay Wagon Road Company: Sp03 p3; Su09 p12
Coos City, Ore.: Su09 p15
Coos Junction (Winston): Su05 p4
Coos River: Fa03 p56
Cook, Gail: Su19 p9
Cook, Homer V.: Fa11 p10
Copeland, Bart: Su03 pp44,45; Su13 p21
Copeland, "Old Joe": Su08 p15
Coquille, Ore.: Su09 p16
Coquille Indian Massacre: Fa05 p3, several accounts pp11-19, 20 (Mrs. Kruse confused this with Battle Rock)
Coquille (Coquelle) River: Sp02 p22; Fa05 p10; Wi13 map p3
Corbett, Miss: Su09 p4
Cordon, Sen. Guy: Su03 p32; misspelled as Gordon in Wi08 pp6,7
Cordon, Walt: Su08 p15
Cormorants: Su08 p9
Corn Harvest description: Su02 p35
Corner Store: photo Wi04 p17
Cornilsen Family: Su05 p12
Cortney, Lt. Paul L.; Wi02 p94
Corvallis, Ore.: Wi01 p76
Coshow & Rice: Fa14 p16
Coshow, O. P.: Fa06 p11
Coshow House: Sp03 p16
Cottage Grove, Ore.: Wi00 p76
Cotton, Bro. of Edenbower: Sp04 p9 et seq.; Su04 p5; Fa04 p7
Cougar, Puma, Mountain Lion: Wi13 p7
Cougar Creek: Su08 p18
Counts, Miss Sharon: Su19 p8
County Paupers Cemetery: Wi11 p11
County Road #6: Su05 p14; 
Courville, Basil: Su15 p12,14
Covered Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program: Wi10 p3
Covered Bridges of Douglas County:
A history with photos Wi10 types p4; history & photos continued Sp11 pp cover p17
Barton Park Covered Bridge: Sp11 p12
Canyon Creek Covered Bridge: Sp11 p11
Cavitt Creek Covered Bridge: Wi10 p6
Elk Creek Covered Bridge: Wi10 p11; another p17
Dave Birtch Dam Bridge: Wi10 pp5,13,15; Sp11 p13
Deer Creek Covered Bridge: Sp11 p4
Fall Creek Covered Bridge (Little River): Wi10 p20
Horse Creek Covered Bridge: Wi10 p7
Lone Rock Covered Bridge: Wi10 p21
Lookingglass Creek Covered Bridge Sp11 p6
Middle Fork Coquille River Covered Bridge: Sp11 p3
Mill Creek Covered Bridge: Sp11 p9
Milo Academy Covered Bridge: Wi10 pp7,15
Mott Memorial Bridge: Wi00 pp85, photos 86,87; Wi10 p5,14; Sp11 p14
Myrtle Creek Covered Railroad Bridge: Sp11p16
Neal Lane Covered Bridge: Wi10 p9
North Fork Smith River Covered Bridge: Sp11 p8
Pass Creek Covered Bridge: Wi10 p10
Olalla Covered Bridge: Sp11 p7
Ollivant Covered Bridge: Sp11 p7
Roaring Camp Covered Bridge: Wi10 p11; Sp11 p3
Rochester Covered bridge: Su05 p12; Sp06 photo p22; Cover photo Wi10 p12
Rone Covered Bridge: Wi10 p18
Stephens Covered Bridge: Wi10 p19
Twin Covered Bridges: Wi10 p16
Umpqua River Covered Bridge: Sp11 p5
Vogel Covered Bridge: Wi10 p18
West Fork Covered Bridge: Sp11 p15
Worthington Sp11 p13
Yokum Covered Bridge: Sp11 p10
Cow Creek: Fa01 pp51,52,62; Canyon; Su08 p8; Area Wi09 p22; Sp11 pp10,11; Cow Creek Café Fa11 p2; Pass: Fa11 p2; Valley Wi11 p14; Historical Society Sp13 p21
Cow Creek (Camas Valley area?): Su10 pp11,12
Cow Creek Tribe: Su03 p51; Wi11 p14; Su13 p14
Cow Creek Valley: Fa14 p13
Cowan Cemetery 1918: Wi11 p10
Cowan, John: Fa11 p15
Cowbrough, Bob: Fa10 p20
Cox Cemetery 1856: Wi11 p10
Cox Family Cemetery: Wi11 p10
Cox Creek: Fa01 p64
Cox, John: Wi01 p76; DLC Wi11 p10
Coyote Creek: Sp16 p12
Cozad, Johnathan: DLC Wi11 p15
Craft, Archie: Fa01 pp62,64,71
Cramer, S. C.: Su11 p13
Crane, George: Su14 p17
Crater Lake Covered Bridge: Sp11 cover
Crater Lake National Park: Su03 p45
Craton, Lettie (later Kamp): Su05 p20
Crawford, Adelia "Della" Rice: Wi01 p75; Sp06 p9
Crawford, Jay: Wi11 p19
Craze's Hotel: Su00 p36
Craze, William: Su00 p36
Creason Building: Wi02 pp77, photo 80
Crescent City, Calif.: Su00 p29; Sp02 p3
Crescent Ferry: Sp10 p9
Cripp, Amos B.: Fa14 photo p17
Criteser, Mrs. T.: Sp08 p5
Crocker, Charles: Su06 p22
Crocker, Harry: Fa01 p69
Croft, Percy: Fa10 p15
Crook, Grove: Su15 p7
Crosby Hotel: Su00 p37
Crosby, Fayette S.: Su00 pp37,40
Crosley-Shelvidor refrigerator: Wi03 p23
Crow, Mrs. H. A.: Wi12 photo p14
Crowe, Stacy: Sp08: p17
Crowns-Willamette Paper: Wi12 p4
"Crummy": Su19 p13
Crystal Creek (later Rice Creek): Wi01 p76
Cuba: Wi01 p86
Culp Creek: Fa01 p53
Culver, Bertha (later Barge): Fa15 p3
Culver and Barge Families: Subjects of Fa15 family photos pp18-21
Culver, Frank & Rosella Francis née Flam: Fa15 photo p17
Culver, Mr.: Indian Agent Wi06 p21; Sp07 p3
Culver, John William: Fa15 p8
Culver's Market: Wi03 p9; Fa15 pp8,12
Cunningham Place: Wi11 p12
Curry Estate, Ranch, Manor, Family: Fa01 p60; Su04 p11; Su05 p15; Su08 p10; Curry Family Legacy & family tree w/photos Wi16 & Sp17 issues
Curry, Christina: who is? Wi16 p17
Curry, Mrs. C.: Sp08 p5
Curry, Gov. George L.: Wi01 p89; Wi06 pp19,20,21; Sp07 p3 et seq.; Wi14 p15
Curry, Nathaniel & Isabella Jane née Graham: Su05 p7; his family story Wi16 pp8-16
Curry Rapids: Su04 pp9,10,11; Su08 pp14,18; Su18 p8
Curtin, Ore: Post Office Su11 p9; Wi11 p4; Sp16 p12
Curtin, Daniel: Su11 p9
Curtis, Nilda: Su05 p19
Custom House: Sp02 p3
Cutlach-Spaulding Yoncalla Farm: Su03 p35
Cutthroat Trout: Fa01 pp52,53; Sea-Run Fa10 p6
"Cyrus Hedden & Son" (son John N.): Su10 p5

D. R. Johnson Mill: Fa01 p65
Dagon, Dr. Theophilus: Sp12 p13
Dailey, Charles: Sp12 p17
Dailey Roseburg Review: see Roseburg Review
Dairy Queen: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5
Daisley Family: Sp00 p10
Dale Sims Mens Store: & photo Sp09 p10
Dalrymple, Mrs.: Su01 p38
Dancer Road: Sp12 p9
Danchuck, Joe: Fa01 p52
Daniel, Morgan; Su17 photo p18
Danmore Motel: Fa01 p53
Darby, Lillie: Wi11 photo p4
Darby, Mary Ellen (later Fetter): Su09 p3
Darling, J. H.: Sp04 p5
Darrow, Ruth: Sp06 p17
Datura: Sp11 p20
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.): Su03 pp33,44; Wi12 p6; Wi12 p11
Davenport, T. J.: Fa05 p10 et seq.
Dave Birtch Dam Bridge: Wi10 pp5,13,15; Sp11 p13
Davidson, George: Fa13 p2
Davidson, Mason: Su06 p17
Davis, Mr.: (possibly of Davis Rapids) photo Su08 p20
Davis, Dist. Atty. Bob: Su05 p17
Davis, C. W.: Fa06 p18
Davis, Cleal: Sp06 p17
Davis, H. B. "Honey": Sp65 p19
Davis Hole, salmon spawning: Su08 p18
Davis, Jefferson: Sp07 pp4,12
Davis, Gov. John W.: Sp07 p3
Davis, Lelah: Wi12 p13
Davis, Lloyd: Su14 p8
Davis, Rosie: Sp06 p17
Davis Place: Su02 p35
Davis, Mr. prune dryer: Wi04 p21
Dawes Act: Wi14 p10; Su15 p19
Davlin (Nichols) Cemetery: Wi11 p10
Day Cemetery (Denn): Wi11 p10
Day Family, unknown which: Su05 p7
Day, John E.: Sp06 p19
Day, "Nick": Su05 pp17,20
Day Ranch, Nicholas: Su05 pp3,10, photo 11
Day School: Su05 p3, photos pp13&14
Day, William P. & Phoebe: DLC Wi11 p10; Sp12 p11
Day's Creek: Sp11 pp14,17; Fa14 p13
Dayton, Grant: Su14 p12
Deacon, Jack: Fa03 pp57,63,70
Deadman Creek: Fa01 pp55,58,65
Deady, Ore.: Fa10 p3
Deady Crossing: Su05 p12
Deady Lumber Co.: Fa10 p19
Deady, Matthew: Wi01 pp86,89,93 photo 94; Sp02 pp4,18; Wi06 p19; Sp07 pp3,19; Fa09 pp4,6; Sp10 photo p3; Fa10 p3; Sp19 p12
Dean Creek: Road Wi11 p17
Dean, Edward & Sarah née Clarke: Fa02 p70; Sp03 p2
Dean, Jacob Jr.: Roseburg Twice Weekly Review: Sp00 p14; Su01 p47; clipping from, Sp03 pp4,5; Sp08 p14
Dean, John: Fa02 p70
Dean, Mary Jane: Fa02 p70
Dean, Sally née Clark; photo Sp03 p13
Dearborn, Richard H.: Sp19 p12
Deardorff, Joseph & Elizabeth: Su07 p9 et seq.
Deardorff, W. H.: Sp19 p7,8
Deaver, Maud Hedrick: Sp00 p12
DeCamp, Shirley: Sp12 p23; Wi12 p8
Deer Creek(area): Su01 p47; Dairy: Wi09 p7; School: Su01 p36; Bridge: Sp11 p22; Covered Bridge: Sp11 p4; Road Wi11 p13
Deer Creek (Stream): Sp04 p18; Post Office Fa11 p13; Wi00 p75
Deer Creek, North: Wi00 p75; Road Wi11 p13
Deer Creek, South: Wi00 pp75,76; Su02 p35
Deer Creek (Roseburg), Ore.: Sp00 p21; Fa00 p51; Wi01 pp76; Wi08 p4; Sp12 p3
Deer Park (Roseburg): Wi12 p4
Deer Skinners: Wi00 p76
Del Ray Café, Winchester: Su05 p4
Delaney, Leonard: photo Su09 p9
Delaney, Paul: Su03 p42
Delineator Magazine: Ads from, Su17 & Fa17 issues
Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority: Wi12 p13
Democratic Party: Wi01 pp85,86,87,89; Su03 p33; Wi06 pp14,15,17,19; Sp07 p3 et seq.; Sp09 p18
Central Committee Wi12 p6
Democratic Standard: Sp07 pp6,16
Democratic Weekly, The: Sp10 p4
Denley, Henry: Wi03 p5
Denn Cemetery: Wi11 p10
Denn-Gerretsen Building Supply: Fa09 pp13,15; Su19 pp9,13,18
Dennis, Michelle: Fa00 p51
Depot Hotel, Oakland: Wi15 p14
Derringer: pistol Wi16 photo p5
Devils Flat CCC camp: Wi00 pp85,94
"Devil's Flattery, The": Wi00 pp85,90
Devore, Dr.: Wi03 p20
Deschutes River Indians: Wi06 p13
DesNoyer, Francois: Su15 p12
DeSues, Don: Su19 p3
DeWar, Laura Lee: Sp11 p20
Diamond Lake: Fa08 p11
Diamond Lake Blvd.: Fa00 p60; Fa01 p55
Diamond Lake: Resort Fa10 p18
Diamond Rock Lookout: Wi12 p13
Dickson, James: Su16 p7
Dickson, Mr.: at Winchester Su16 p5
Diehl, Jack: Su18 p12
"Diggers": Fa13 p19
Dillard, Ore.: Fa01 pp55,59,64; Wi01 pp74,75,78; Sp06 view of p10; The story of, Su06 photo p4, blacksmith shop Su06 photo p17; 1900 description Fa06 p7; Su14 p6
Dillard Baptist Church: Wi01 p80; Fa06 pp8,10
Dillard Ferry: Su06 photos pp4&23; Fa06 photo p7,9
Dillard Ford: Fa06 p20
Dillard, Finis Winfield: Sp06 p13; Su06 p5, photo p6
Dillard, Gertrude: Fa06 p7
Dillard Hotel: Fa06 p22
Dillard Suspension Footbridge: Su06 photo p4; Fa06 photos & story of pp7-9
Dillard, James McCord: Su06 p5; Su11 p8
Dillard, J. M. Dry Goods Store: Wi15 p12
Dillard, Rev. John McCord & Jane née Martin.: Wi01 p81; Su06 pp5,7-9 et seq.; Fa06 p23; Wi08 p3; Su16 p4
Dillard, Dr. Lewis & Molly, son Tom: Su09 p3
Dillard Salt Spring: Su06 p9
Dillard School: Fa06 p8
Dillard, "Si": Su05 p16 photo p21
Dillard, S. Lee. & Mrs. née Sebring: Su06 p15; Fa06 p7; Wi08 p7
Dillard Store: Su06 p18
Dillard, Tom: Su09 p3
Dillard, William Martin: Su06 pp5,14
Dillingham, Blanche (Marr): Su02 p27
Diller, Joseph Silas: photo by Su16 p9
Diller Sawmill: photo Fa06 p5
Dimmick Cemetery 1867: Wi11 p10
Dimmick, Sen. Dan: Su19 photo p31 name misspelled
Dimmick, Mary Ellen (later McKay): Fa10 p3 photo p4
Dimmick, Zeba & Jane née Hewitt: Fa10 p3, photos p4; DLC Wi11 p10
Diphtheria: Su08 p8
Divide, Ore.: Fa06 p19; Su11 p9
Dixon, Carrie Louella (Connor): cover photo Fa02 p50: Fa02 p60
Dixon, Enos: Wi00 p84
Dixon Family: Fa02 p60; Cemetery Wi11 p11
Dixon, Hiram: DLC Wi11 p11
Dixon, R. B.: Su11 p9
Dixon, Rafael "Rafe": Fa02 p60
Dixon Ranch: photo Wi04 p15
Dixon, Roy: S.P. R.R. Conductor Fa06 pp18,19
Dixon Trail: Wi00 p75
Dixonville, Ore.: Wi00 p75; Su01 p27, map of p36; Dixonville Store: Su01 photo p46; photo Su02 pp29,40; Su02 pp27,40; Fa02 p60; Dixonville Hall: Su02 p40; Fa07 p19; Post Office Su11 p9
Cemetery 1861: Wi11 p19
Dodge Power Wagon: Fa01 pp51,55
Dodson, Mr.: Su16 p7
Dodson, Mtn., Butte: Su01 p36
Doerner, Adolph: Su05 p7
Doerner, John: Wi08 p8
Doerner, Ray & Pat: Fa10 p11
Doffin Diesel Race: Su09 p20
Doherty, A. S.: Fa05 p10 et seq.
Doig, Joyce née Reppstein: Fa10 p12
Dolan, William: Su14 p9
Dole, Douglas Co. Ore.: Fa06 p19; Wi08 p22; Fa11 p13; Cemetery 1854: Wi11 p6
Dole Cannery: Wi01 p83
Dole, Atty. Don: Su07 pp18,20,21; Wi08 p8
Dole Road: Fa11 pp13,14; Su14 p5
Doolittle, Harriet O.: Sp00 p21
Dondero, Edith: Sp13 p9; Su13 p21
Donner Party: Fa10 p9
Doney Place: Su02 p39
Dora, Ore.: Su09 pp14,15
Dority, John: Wi11 p13
Dothan Post Office: Su11 pp10,20
Douglas Building and Loan Association: Fa00 p52
Douglas Community Hospital: Fa01 p65; Fa10 pp6,19
Douglas County: Sp00 pp13,16; Wi01 p87; Sp02 p3; Fa02 p66
Douglas County Bank: Wi12 p8
Douglas County (Brookside) Cemetery: Wi11 p11
Douglas County Centennial: Wi12 p10
Douglas County Co-Op.: "A Family Affair": Wi02 p75, Photo 83, Wilbur plant photo 89
Douglas County Court House: Su04 cover; photo Fa04 p5
Douglas County Creamery: Fa09 pp15,16
Douglas County Fair Grounds: Sp03 p18 Su03 p44; Wi09 p5; Memories of & photos Fa10 pp10-13
Douglas County Feed Company: Wi08 p12
Douglas County Fire Patrol: Wi00 p84
Douglas County Flour Mill: Wi08 p11; blast photo Fa09 p14; Su19 p19
Douglas County Forestry Dept. Cemetery: Wi11 p11
Douglas County Genealogical Society: Wi11 p21
Douglas County Health Dept.: Wi12 p8
Douglas County Historic Resource Review Committee: Fa02 p70
Douglas County Historic Review Commission: Fa02 p70
Douglas County Historical Society: Wi01 p84; Fa02 p70; Sp03 p16; History of; Su03 50th anniversary issue; Mission Statement 51; Sp04 p3; Fa07 p19; Sp08 p16; Founding of Su12 issue, et seq.; A history of, Winter 2012 "Trapper"; Su13 p21; Sp16 p19
Douglas County Jail: Su04 cover
Douglas County Library: Fa02 p70; Su03 p48; Su04 p23
Douglas County Lumber Co.: Fa01 pp53,55,62,65
Douglas County Map: 1900 Su11 p12; 1879 Fa11 p12
Douglas County Mills: Fa09 p16
Douglas County Mounted Sheriff's Posse: Su09 p20
Douglas County Museum: Sp00 pp12,20; Fa02 p70; Sp03 p23; Su03 p39; Su03 p47 et seq.; Su04 p23; Fa08 p19; Su13 p18
Douglas County Museum Foundation Board: Fa10 p9
Douglas County Pomona Grange: Sp06 p22
Douglas County Parks Dept.: Su07 p19
Douglas County Paupers' Cemetery: Wi11 p11
Douglas County Poor Farm: Su04 p11; Cemetery Wi11 p11
Douglas County Rodeo Association: Fa10 p8
Douglas County Safety Committee: Fa10 p8
Douglas Downs: Fa15 pp9,10
Douglas Educational Service District: Printed the "Trapper" from Su15 to Sp17; then Fa17 to
Douglas Fir: Fa01 p58; Fa03 p66
Douglas Fire Protection Agency (D.F.P.A.): Wi00 p90; Fa01 pp59,61,63; Fa03 p54; Wi03 p23
"Douglas Independent": Wi15 et seq.
Douglas Locker and Storage: Wi09 pp3,7
Douglas National Bank: Fa00 p52; Wi12 p6
Douglas, Stephen A.: Wi01 p87; Wi06 p17; Sp07 p11; Fa08 p5; Fa12 p13; Wi12 p22
Douglas Street: Wi01 p89, Lane House photo 90; Su06 photo p9; Sp11 p4
Dowd, Jim: Sp08 p16
Dowell, Benjamin Franklin: Sp10 p18
Doyle Family, Olalla: Su16 p12
Dragger Cannery: Su05 p9
Drain, Ore.: Sp00 p5; Wi00 pp75,76; Su01 p44; Fa01 pp et seq.; Su08 p3; I.O.O.F. cemetery Wi11 p11
Masonic Lodge Wi11 p11; City, Cemetery, Pioneer Sp12 p10; Fa13 p6; Wi13 p8, photo p14
Drain, Charles & Anna: Fa12 p14; Wi12 p4; Wi13 p8 photos p10
Drain, Katherine A. (later Mrs. Simon Lane) Wi12 p4
Drain Theater: Su13 p5, photos pp7,8
Drain-Yoncalla Masonic Cemetery: Wi11 p11
Dred Scott Case: Wi14 p16
Drew, Ore.: Post Office Su11 photo p10 & Fa11 p7; Cemetery Wi11 p11; Sp12 p19
Drew Creek: Fa11 p7
Drew, Dr. Joseph: Sp02 p17; letter from Jo Lane Sp07 pp8-10
Drew, Indian Agent: Fa19 p17
Drive and Save Market: Fa01 p67
Drive-In Movies & Theaters: A history Sp13 issue
Driver Family Cemetery: Wi11 p11
Driver, Samuel: DLC Wi11 p11
Driver Valley: Wi03 pp18,29; Su07 p7; Wi11 p15; Fa19 p19
Drownings: Su04 pp9,10,11; Su08 p14; Sp19 p16
Druids: Su07 p23
Dryer, Thomas J.:
Duds 4 Men: Wi10 p18
Duer, Chief: Su09 p3
Duffy's Steak House: Fa01 p61
Dukehart, Chris: Su07 p22
Dumbleton, Henretta: Su08 p7
Dumbleton, Ida: Su08 p7
Dumbleton, Louis G.: Su08 pp7,10
Dumont, Alexander: Su15 p12
Dumont, John: Su10 photo p10:
Dumont, Sam: Su10 photo p10:
Duncan: a logger, Fa01 p52
Duncan, Bernice: Fa01 p70
Duncan, Bill: Fa11 p23
Duncan, Brett: Sp03 p19
Duncan, Marylou: Sp03 p19
Dunes Memorial Mausoleum: Wi11 p12
Dunham, Bill: Sp06 p9
Dunn, Les: Fa01 p64
Dunnavin, James S. & Susan Sarah née Browning: Sp12 p5
Dunnavin, V. C.: Su14 p17
Dunnavin, Willis P.: Sp12 p5 w/grave photo
Dupate, Jean Baptiste Desportes: Wi11 p16
Dupper & Reeves Logging: Fa01 p56
Durward Owens Scholarship Fund: Wi08 p8
Dutchman Butte: Wi11 p7
Dutschkey, Mr.: Su01 p44
DykMan, Peter T.: Wi10 p23
Dysert, Larry: Wi08 p19

E. G. Young Bank of Oakland: Henry William Dean: Su05 pp6,19
E. H. Gerstel & Co.: Sp10 p5
Eagan, J. H.: Fa05 p6
Eagle Lodge: Fa08 p10
Eagle Park: Sp08 pp16,18,19,21
Eagle Theater, Yoncalla: Su13 photo p5, photo p6
Eagle View Management Co.: Su03 p48
Eagleton, Lois née Christiansen: Author of "Mary Mildred Kanipe" Trapper issue Su07; articles Fa08 pp14,15
Earl Post Office: Su11 p10
Early Oregon by George E. Cole: Sp02 p17
Eason, Mark: Fa00 p56
East Lynne: Sp13 p4
East Primary, Sutherlin: Wi03 p23
East Umpqua (Little River): Wi10 p18
Eastern Star: Su03 p33; Su09 p8; Wi12 p6; Wi12 p16
Eastside, Ore.: Su09 p15
Eberline, Jahi: Su10 p19
Echo Resort: Wi11 p21
Eckert, Viola; Sp04 p22; Fa04 p13
Economy Market: Fa00 pp52,55
Eddings, Mr.: Wi11 p7
Eddings, Fred: Su08 p7
Eddings, Floyd: Su08 p7
Eddings, Glen(n): Su08 p7; Su14 p6
Eddings, Nort: Su08 p7
Edds, George: Fa14 photo p17
Eddy, B. L.: Fa00 p52; Su14 p17
Eddy, Clarence Elmer (The Poet Prospector): Eddy, Sp12 p8; Family legacy & cover photo Sp14 issue et seq.
Eddy, Ezekiel Isaac "Ike" & Lucy née Fisk: Sp14 p5
Eddy Family: Wi08 p3
Eddy, Israel Fisk: Sp14 pp5,7
Eddy, Matthew T. & Emaline "Emma" Speak + Clarence Elmer: Sp12 p9; Sp14 p6
Eddy, Wilbur F. & Hariett née Thompson: Sp14 p7
Eden (Lutheran) Cemetery 1914: Wi11 p12
Eden Lutheran Church: Wi11 p12
Edenbower: Wi03 p26; Sp03 p3; photo p10; Su04 p4; def. of Fa04 p3 et seq.
Edenbower Chapel: Sp04 pp8,17; Su04 pp5,21; photo Fa04 p8 et seq.; photo Wi04 pp11,18
Edenbower School: Su04 pp14,16; Fa04 p7
Edenbower Post Office: Su11 p13
Edwards, Roy: Su05 p6
Eggleton, George & Alice: Sp65 p19
Eggleton, Louis: Sp65 pp3,20
Eggers, John: Fa06 pp8,9
Eighteen Mile Precinct: Su10 p19
Eisenhower, Dwight: Wi01 p86
Eisenhower, Julie née Nixon: Sp09 p12
Elder, W. W.: Sp01 pp11,13
Elephant Mtm.: lookout on Wi00 p78
Elgarose, Ore.: Fa03 p67; post office Su11 p13; Cemetery Wi11 p12
Elgarose Loop Road: Wi11 p12
Elgin Automobile: Wi08 p22; Su14 p3, photo p4
Elgin, Ore.: Su02 p27
Elk Creek at Elkton: Fa01 p53; Sp02 pp7,17; Wi05 on map p18; Su10 p6; Wi10 p17; Su11 p13; Fa13 pp6,16; Wi13 map p3 et seq.
Elk Creek at Tiller: Su11 p13; Fa11 p10
Elk Creek Covered Bridge: Wi10 p11 another p17
Elk River: Su10 p5
Elk's Picnic: Su16 p17
Elkhart Mutual Life Assoc.: Su04 p16
Elkhead (Elk Head): Road: Su07 p15; Su11 pp13,17; Fa11 p4; Wi11 p15; mines Wi11 p16; Cemetery Sp12 p16
Elkton, Ore.: Su00 pp28,40; Wi00 p75; High School Fa01 p64; Sp02 pp15,18; Su03 p38; Wi03 p29; CCC camp Su05 p17; Wi05 on map p18; Fa10 p3; Cemetery Wi11 pp12,15; Fa13 pp5,16 photo p17
Ella Street: Fa01 p69
Ellenburg Creek: Fa11 p9
Eller, Gary: Sp14 p3
Elliff, Celia (later Langenberg): Fa08 p23
Elliff, Florence: Wi14 p16
Elliff, Hardy Crier & Melvina Rebecca née Baker: Fa08 p23; Wi11 p2, photos p14; Wi12 p16; Wi14 p8 et seq.; Sp19 p15
Elliff, Thomas Hardy: Wi11 p14
Elliot, Charles: Fa02 p66
Elliot, George N.: Su11 p17
Elliott, Archie & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Elliott, Bob: Su13 p12
Elliott, Ron & Judy: Wi11 p23
Ellis Cemetery: Wi11 p12
Ellis, Mrs.: Wi08 p11
Ellis, R. L.: Su14 p9
Ellison, Luther: Wi08 p8
Ellsworth, Congressman and News Review editor, Harris: Sp01 p22; Su03 pp32,34
Elmore Packing, Reedsport: Su08 p13
Emancipation Proclamation: Wi14 p8
Embree, Calvin & Louisa née Botts: DLC Wi11 p12
Embree Family Cemetery: Wi11 p12
Emery (Cole's Valley): Stockade Su05 p11
Emery Family: Su05 p7
Emery, Stephen O.: Sp65 p19
Emery, Will: Su05 p7
Emmitt, John: Sp65 p9; Su05 p10
Empire Drill Corps: Sp01 pp4,6, photo p7
Empire, Ore.: Sp00 p10; Sp03 p3; Su09 p15
Empire Millworks: Fa01 p55
Engels, A. A.: Fa11 p10
Engels, Hiram L.: Fa11 p10
Engle Bros. Logging: Su19 p13
Engle, Francis: Su19 p16
Engle, Leland & Margaret: Su19 p18
English Settlement: school photo Su07 pp9,10,12
Ensley Family Cemetery: Wi11 p12; Sp12 p12
Ensley, Samuel: DLC Wi11 p12
Enterprise, S.S.: Su18 p18
Epitaph: Sp12 p5
Epperly, Floyd: Su19 p25
Epping, Thomas F.: Su11 p17
Epworth League: Su04 p3,20; Fa04 p21; Wi04 p20
Erlbach: Wi03 p27
Escue, Mrs. (Edenbower): Su04 p7; Sp05 pp3,6,23
Estes, Elijah T. & Susan: mini bio Sp16 p12
Estes, George: author of The Rawhide Railroad about Dorsey Baker: Sp16 p12
Estes, Mrs. G.: Sp08 p5
Eugene, Ore.: Sp01 pp3,20; Fa01 p64; poet Wi01 p87; Fa09 p22
Eugene Guard: Wi01 p95
Eugene Oregon State Journal: Wi01 p95
Eugene Register Guard: Wi01 pp85,91; Su09 p18
Eugene State Republican: Su00 p40
Eureka, Calif.: Su00 p29
Eureka Valley Cemetery: Wi11 p10
Eva steamer: Wi05 photo p5
Evans Creek: Wi06 p20
Evans Family: Su05 p7
Evans, Jerry: Fa10 p11
Evans, Nathan: Su00 p40
Evans Products: Fa01 p55
Evans, Samuel D.: Sp65 p9; Su05 p7
Evarts Creek: Sp12 p12
Evarts, John Harvey & Mary Randall née Morris: Sp12 p12
Evening Roseburg Review: 1913 clips from Wi13 pp16&20
Everett also Everitt, Mr.: Su04 p6 et seq.; Fa04 p11 et seq.; Wi04 pp18,19; Sp05 p13
Evergreen Grange Hall: Sp06 pp21,22
Ewart, Jim: Su08 p7
Ewart, Ted; Su08 p7
Extraordinary Living Conference (UCC): Wi14 p12

F & W Floor covering (Aelred Farenbaugh +?): Wi08 p11; Sp03 p23; Su03 p31; Sp12 p4; Wi12 cover, p8; Su19 p19
Fabrique, Alex and Mary née Clayton: Sp06 p4, photos p5
"Face at Your Window, The" (KKK): Sp09 p21
Fagan, T. B.: Fa11 p14
Fair Grounds, Douglas County; Sp03 p18.
Fair Oaks: fire station Wi03 p8, school p8 & Sp19 p4; Church: Fa04 p23; Su05 p12; Su08 p10; Post Office Su11 p13; Cemetery 1857 Wi11 p12; Road Wi11 p12
Fairview Mtn.: Fa01 pp56, lookout 59
Fairview, Ore.: Su09 p15
Fall Creek Covered Bridge (Little River): Wi10 p20
Fall Creek Road: Sp01 p23
Family Finance: Fa10 p8
Family Theaters: Su13 p17
Fancher, Carrol: Sp06 p17
Fancher, Lucia: Sp06 p17
Fandango Pass: Fa02 p56
Farenbaugh, Aelred & Allena née Brown + Grace: Sp03 p23; Su03 p31; Sp12 p4; Wi12 cover, p8; Su19 p19
Farenbaugh, Allena "Al" Waltermate née Brown (1st Mrs. Sam L Rose, 2nd Mrs. Aelred Farenbaugh): Sp03 p23; Su03 p31; Sp12 p4; Wi12 cover, p8
Farenbaugh, Gay: Su19 pp19-24
Farenbaugh, Grace: Wi12 p8
Farm Bureau Cooperative exchange: News Review ad for, Wi02 p76; Su05 p20; Wi08 p11; Wi09 p9; Su19 p5
Farmer Family Cemetery: Wi11 p12
Farmer, James: DLC Wi11 p12
Farnsworth, John: Su19 p25
Farnsworth, Katherine "Kate" née Bacon: cover photo Su05
Farnsworth, Robert: cover photo Su05
Farnsworth, Stanley: photo Su05 p8
Farrell, Roseburg Ct. Manager George: Su03 p34
Farris, Jack & Son's Hardware: Fa00 p56
Father Flanagan: Sp00 p13
Fats McCurdy's Shop in Oakland: Wi03 p28
Federal Historic Preservation Grants: Su03 p43
Feldcamp, Barton David "Bob" & Phyllis née Jorgensen: Wi09 p3 et seq.
Feldcamp, Doug: Wi09 p10
Feldcamp, Jerry: Wi09 p8
Feldcamp, Jim: Wi09 p10
Feldcamp, Ormond & Josephine: Wi09 p3 et seq. photos p5
Feldcamp, Steve & Jerri née Farinosa: Wi09 p10
Felt: a logger Fa01 p52
Felton, Mr.: Su16 p7
Ferry Boat: Fa06 photo p10
Fetter, Jane: Sp03 p23
Fetter, Mary Ellen née Fetter: Sp00 p20; Sp03 p23; Su09 p3
Ferguson, Annie (Edenbower): Wi13 p18
Ferguson, Donald: Su11 p13
Ferguson, Hector (Edenbower): Wi13 p18
Ferguson, Mrs. (Edenbower): Wi13 p18
Ferguson, Mrs. John: Fa04 p3
Ferguson Ranch: Wi11 p5
Ferguson Sawmill: Sp06 p21
Fernvale, Ore.: sawmill photo Fa06 p5; Post Office Su11 p13, photo p16
Ferries: Dillard Fa06 p20; Kellogg Fa10 p3
Fiddle Creek: Wi11 p4
Fields, Alpheus: Sp11 p14
Fields, Margaret: Su03 p51
Fillmore, Pres. Millard: Wi06 pp17,19
Finch, Mr. & Mrs.: Su01 pp28,31,40
Finlay, Gilbert: Fa01 p70
Finlay, Tom: Sp06 p16
Finley, Marie: Su15 p12
"Finn Reel" (Tip Hill): writer of Fish of the North Umpqua River: Fa08 p14
Fir Grove Cemetery: Wi11 p4
Fir Grove School: Sp01 p22
Fir Manufacturing Co. (Firmco): Fa01 pp55,56
Fire of 1884: Fa00 p51
Fire Code, Uniform: Wi08 p19
Fireman, Peter: Wi09 p22
Fisher, Ben: Su08 p7
Fisher, Dr. & Mrs.: Sp08 photo p6
Fisher, Emma: Su17 photo p18
Fisher, Janet: Sp17 p22
Fisher, Mary: Su17 photo p18
Fisher, Mattie: Su01 p35
Fisher, Misses Minnie & Mae: Sp17 p17
Fishers Cove, Gardiner: Su16 p16
Fisher's Department Store: Su09 p6
Fishing, Commercial: Su08, chaps. 3 & 4, incl. Columbia and Rogue Rivers
Fisk(e), Eugene & Charlotte née Grubb: Su00 pp29,31; Sp02 pp11,13,14; Dr. Eugene R. Fiske p16; Su10 p18
Fitzgerald, Terry: Su19 p8
Fitzhugh, Solomon: Su16 p7
Fivemile Creek: Fa11 p13
Flammang, Laceta: Su19 p32
Flanagan, James: Sp10 p3
Flanagan, Patrick: Sp10 p3
Flegel, Al: Fa10 photo p14
Flegel Transfer and Storage: Su03 p35
Flett, William: Su10 p17
Flinn, Rev. John: Sp19 p7
Flint, Addison R.: misspelled in Su08 p7; Wi08 p3,4; Fa09 pp3,4; Also misspelled in Su10 p18; Sp15 p12
Flint, Mrs. Coly: Su01 p31
(probably same as below)
Flint, Mrs. S. C.: Sp08 photo p12
(probably same as below)
Flint, Mrs. S. G.: Sp08 p5
Flint Street: Wi09 p3
"Floating Boxes": Wi10 p4
Floed & Co.: Wi15 p11
Floed, John Creed & Emily (Lane): Wi01 pp89,93; Wi08 pp3,6; Fa12 p16 bio p17; Wi15 p13
Floed, John C. Jr.: Fa12 p16
Floed, J. C. Jr. & Conn, Virgil: Wi15 p11
Floed, Lavina: Fa12 p16
Floed, Maggie: Fa12 p16
Floed, Sarah Emily née Lane: Fa12 photo pp5,15; Wi12 p22
Floed, S. Fred: Fa12 p16; Wi15 p13
Floed-Lane House: Wi01 p89, 90; Su03 pp35,44, photo 50; Wi08 p7; Cover Fa12 et seq.; Wi12 p2 et seq.
Flollet, Vesta: Wi17 p10
Flood of 1861: Sp65 photo p14; Story of Su00; Sp02 p4; Su05 p10; Wi05 p7; Su06 photo p9,10; Sp11 p19
Flood of 1964: Fa01 p67, photo 68; Wi03 p24; Su05 pp10,20; Wi08 p16; Wi10 p18; Sp11 p19
Flournoy: Valley: Fa06 p6; Post Office Su11 p14
Flournoy, Mary E. (Gage) (Phipps): Wi01 p80
Flournoy, Hoy B.: Sp65 p9; Fa07 p19 photo p20; Su11 photo p14; Fa11 p5
Flournoy Valley: Road Fa11 p17
Flournoy, Sadie (later Sheridan): Wi01 p78; Sp06 p19
Fly Fishing: Fa10 p6
"Flying Barns": Wi10 p4
"Flying Yankee Mule Train, The": Fa07 p13
Footsteps on the Umpqua: Su03 p49
Forbes, Mr.: Fa04 p9
Ford Addition: Fa06 p23
Ford Lumber Company: Wi03 p29
Ford, Model T: Sp00 p16; Su02 p27; Wi03 p19
Ford, Nathaniel; Sp02 p6
Ford's Camp: Wi03 p23
Fords: Pine Tree, Wi01 p76; Dillard, Thompson, Fa06 p20
Ford Tri Motor airplane: Su05, photo p16
Forest Glen Hospital/Senior Home: Wi11 p7; Wi12 p6; Wi12 p14
Forest Guard: Wi00 pp76,78
Forest Service: Fa01 pp53,59
Forest Service Rangers: Wi00 p76
Forestry Exposition: Glide Su03 p46
Forrester, Fanny: poem by Wi13 p16
Forsythe, William L.: Su11 p21
Fort Astoria: Sp65 p5
Fort Eliff: Wi11 p14; Wi14 p15
Fort George: Sp65 pp5,6
Fort Hall, Idaho: Sp00 p3; Sp02 pp3,7
Fort Hoskins: Su16 p12
Fort Lane: Wi06 p21; Sp07 p18; Sp16 p8
Fort McCay, Old: Su05 pp4,12,21
Fort McKay Road: Wi11 p16
Fort Stephens: Fa08 p21
Fort Sumter: Wi01 p87
Fort Umpqua (Elkton): Sp65 site photo p5; Su00 p33; Wi00 p75; Sp02 p17; Fa02 p51; Su03 p38; Su10 p6; Wi11 p16; Sp12 p10; Fa13 p6 et seq.
Fort Umpqua (Reedsport): Sp65 p13; Su00 pp34,38; Cemetery 1856 Wi11 p12; Fa19 p17
Fort Vancouver, Wash.: Su00 p35
Fort Wimberly: Sp00 p21
Fortin Family: Su05 p7
Fortin, "Ferd": Su05 pp6,7
Fortin, Kenneth: Su05 p16
Fortune Branch (Burch): Graves Wi11 p12
Fortune, John: Sp19 p16
Fosback, Joan: Fa01 p69
Fosback Store Su06 p17;:
Foster, Clyde: Wi00 p94
Foster, Roy: Wi00 pp78,90
Four-H (4H) Club: Su02 p43, O.A.C. summer school 44
Fowler, Richard: Wi08 pp16,19
Fowler, Steve: Wi08 p6
Fox Creek: Wi00 p76
Fox & Herschel: Su00 p30
Francis, George: Fa01 p71
Francis, Joseph Sr. & Catherine née Applegate: Su13 p9
Francis, Joseph Theodore "Ted" & Grace née Heater: Su13 pp5,6 bio pp9&10
Fraser, John, furniture maker: Wi15 p14
Fredrickson, Miss: Su09 p4
Freeman Family Cemetery 1864: Wi11 p13
Freeman, H. M.: Su08 p7
Freeman, J.: DLC Wi11 p13
Fread, Jack: Su19 pp27,28
Frear, Floyd: Wi10 p6; Wi10 pp8,12; Sp11 p8 et seq.
Freer, H. J.: Sp08 p13
Fremont Jr. High School: Su19 p7
French Creek: Su11 p5; Cemetery Wi11 p13
French, Ike: Wi11 p13
French, Isaac N.: Su11 p5
French Prairie: Fa19 p20
French, Sampson "Moody" & Isabelle, née Lavadour: Su15 p13
French Settlement: Su01 p44; school Su05 p4; Su11 p13; Cemetery 1854 Sp12 p6
Fresh, Bob: Su19 p25
Frey, M. J.: Wi00 p91; Post Office Su11 p14
Frezno excavator: Fa06 p21
Frier Cemetery: Wi11 p13
Frier, Earl: Wi11 p10
Frier, John; Su00 p44.
Friend, Andy: Fa06 p4
Friendly Exchange Garden Club: Fa07 p19
Friends of the Library: Sp03 p18,19
Friends of the Museum: Sp03 p16; Fa07 p19
"From the Journal of Saphronia Brown": Su01 p27
Frozen Creek: Grave Wi11 p13
Fryer, John N. & Hulda née Hedden: Wi05 photo p5
Fryer & Leeds: Su18 p8
Fugate Bros.: Wi08 p8
Fugate, Herman: Wi08 p8
Fuller Lake: Fa08 p11
Fuller, James G.: Fa09 p19
Fullerton, John Sr.: Wi08 p3
Fullerton, J. C. & Mrs.: Sp08 pp5,6; Wi08 pp6,7; Sp19 p8
Fullerton-Rexall Drug Store: Fa10 p5
Fullerton School: boys Su09 p7, girls 8; Su19 p6
Furry, Bob: Su19 pp7,8

G. Covach Co.: Su08 p14
Gage, Gladys: Fa06 p11
Gage, W. G.: Fa06 p11
Gage, W. W. logging: crew photo Fa06 p5
Gage, Weldon: Fa06 p11
Gagniersville: Wi13 map p3
Gagniew, Jean Baptiste & Jean: Fa02 p51; Fa13 photo pp12,13,14
Gagnon, Florence: Su15 p12
Galbriath, Helen: photo Wi03 p12
Gale, Henry: Sp09 w/photo p18
Gale, Phil: Sp08 p17
Gale, Thomas: Sp09 w/photo p18
Galesville: Dam Su03 p44; Post Office Su11 p5, photo p14
Galmour, Dr.: Wi03 p20
Gangiaw (Gagnaw) Molly: Wi01 p78
Gangroe Gulch: Wi01 p78
Gaines, Clarence: Fa01 p64
Gaines, Gov. John P.: Wi06 pp14,15; Sp07 p4; Fa12 p11; Fa19 p8
Gamble, James: Fa09 p22
Gamma Sigma Delta: Sp06 p18
Gammon, William & Martha: Sp09 p7 photo p8
Gannaway, Ella (later Winniford): Su05 p21
Garden Valley: Wi01 p83; Fa09 p6
Garden Valley Blvd: Fa01 pp58,59,64; Wi17 p3
Garden Valley Cinema: Su13 photos p18; Su13 p18
Garden Valley Shopping Center: Su13 p18
Gardiner, Ore.: Sp00 pp10,16; Wi00 p75; Fa01 p53; Su05 p20; Fa05 p19; Wi05 on map p18; Fa07 p3 et seq. photo p10; Su08 p19; Fa09 p6; Wi09 p19; Sp10 p8; Post Office Fa11 p2; Wi11 p12; Cemetery Wi11 p13; Masonic Cemetery Wi11 p13; Gardiner Hotel Sp12 p7; Wi13 map p3
Gardiner, Christopher: Fa13 photo p13
Gardiner City: Fa13 p5
Gardiner, Mr.: Surveyor General Sp07 p3
Gardiner Mill Co.: Su18 p8
Gardner Cemetery: Wi11 p13
Gardner, Ernie: Su19 p25
Gardiner Creamery: Su18 p8
Garfield, Pres. James A.: Su06 p18
Garland, Daniel: Wi08 p6
Garner, J. S.: Sp00 p23
Garrison, Randy: Sp03 p24
Garwood, Mr.: Wi11 p5
Gasgo Cannery: Su08 p19
Gassey (Bradley) Creek: Wi03 pp5,11,19,26,29
Gaston, Joseph: Fa05 p3
Gate Creek, Lane Co.: Wi03 p3
Gausnell, Pat: Su07 p21
Gay 90s Ice Cream Parlor & Deli: Su17 p14
Gaylord, Elizabeth: Sp12 photo p10
Gazley: Post Office Su11 p15
Gazley, James & Adeline: Su10 p17; Su11 photo p14
Gazley Road: Su10 p17; Wi12 p14
Gerhard(t), Loren: Graves Wi11 p13
Geer, 1899 Gov. T. T.: Sp04 p5; Su04 pp11,16
Genealogical Society of Douglas County: Sp01 p23; Wi01 pp75,84; Wi11 p21
General Lane's Brigade in Mexico by Albert Brackett: Wi01 pp85,95
Gengher, Mr. & Mrs. & Lydia: Su01 pp33,38,44
George Haynes & Co.: Su00 p36; Sp10 p5; Wi16 p11
George Hinsdale Store: Su00 p37; Su10 p6
Georgie Lee Shoppe: Fa00 p56
Germond, Clay: Wi00 p94
Gerretsen, Gordon & Pat: Fa08 p21
Gerretsen's Building Supply: Wi08 p10,16; Su19 p5; Su19 pp9,13
Gervais, Ike & Mary: Wi03 pp11,27
Geyer, Conrad & Mrs. (Edenbower): Su04 pp4,8; Wi04 pp17,21; Sp05 p7 et seq.
Ghangrow, Owen "Joe": Wi03 p27
Giber, (Gibler?) Mr.: Sp04 p8; Su04 p14; Fa04 p11 et seq.; Wi04 pp4,16; Sp05 p5
Gibbons, Virginia (later McKay) Fa10 p7;:
Gibbs House: Sp00 p12
Gibbs, Ore. Gov. & Atty. Addison C.: Sp00 p12; Sp02 pp11,18; Fa09 p6; Sp10 photo p3; Sp19 p12
Gibbs, Capt.: Fa05 pp19,21
Gider, John & Sarah née Rice: Su06 p17
Giles, Elmer L.: Wi08 pp7,8
Giles, H. C. Packing Plant: photo Su05 p9
Gilham Cemetery: Wi11 p13
J. Gilham: Wi11 p8
Gilham, John: Sp05 p14
Gilham School: Wi11 p13
Gilkeson, Ken: Su19 p19
Gill, Slats: Wi07 p13
Gilliam, Lillian: Su08 p7
Gilliam Rapids: Su04 p10
Gilliam, T. J.: Su04 p11; Wi04 p17, hop yard 18 et seq.
Gilliam, Viola: Su08 p7
Gilliam Wagon Train: Sp12 p13
Gilliam, Wayne: Su08 p7
Gilliam, William F. "Billie": Su08 p7,8
Gilliland, Alex & Mrs.: Wi01 p76
Gilliland, Lyman Beecher: Wi01 pp75,76,78
Gilliland, Margaret: Wi01 p76
Gillin (Gittin) house: Sp04 p5 et seq.
Gilmore Cemetery 1861: Wi11 p13
Gilmore, James P.: DLC Wi11 p13
Gilmore, James W.: Su11 p10
Gina, the Story of an Oregon Pioneer by Rose Lyons Arrington Blanchard: Su00 pp37,42; Su10 p7
Gittin, Bro E: Su04 p3; Su04 p5 et seq.; Fa04 p10; Sp05 p3; Sp05 p4 et seq.
Gittin Place: Sp04 p5 et seq.; Su04 p5 et seq.; Fa04 p5 et seq.; Wi04 p6 et seq.; Sp05 p3 et seq.
Gittin, Roby (Robert?): Sp05 pp3,22
Glenda Theater, Glendale: Sp13 p21
Glendale, Oregon: Su06 p18; hotel Fa08 p23; Wi09 p21; Memorial (Pioneer, Azalea Lodge, Masonic) Cemetery Wi11 pp14,15
Glendale Stud Mill: Fa10 p19
Glenville, Ore.: Su11 p14
Glide, Ore.: Sp00 pp21,23; Fa02 p60; Wi09 p22
Glide Community Building: Sp09 p16
Glide Educational Forest: Su03 p46
Glide High School: Su03 p32
Glide Ranger Station: Wi00 p78, photo 81,84
Glide Weekly: Sp00 p21
Givens, Abe: Wi00 p84
Globe Restaurant: Su00 p36
Glover, Ronald C. & Vera née Byars: Sp19 p9
Gluster, Mr.: Su10 p12
Goddard, Francis "Frank" & Florence Ann & children names: Wi03 p3, photo p4
Godfrey, Arthur program: Su09 p21
Godfrey, Belle: Sp08 photo p6
Godfrey, Mrs. F: Sp08 p5
Godfrey, Hattie: Sp08 photo p6
Godfrey, Mrs. O. F.: Sp08 p5
Godfrey, Mrs. O. J.: Sp08 photo p6
Godsey, Bill: Wi00 pp90,94
Godwin, Mrs.: Su01 pp28,31
Goettle, Noble Su09 p6
Goettle's Variety: Su09 photo p6
Goff, Alta: Su05 p13
Goff Cemetery 1882: Wi11 p15
Goff, Fred: Su02 p42; photo Su09 p7; Su17 photo p22
Goff, Johnson Bull: Sp65 p12
Goff, "Lossie": Sp65 p12
Gold Brick Road: Su09 p14
Golden Creek: Su00 p31; Wi05 p7
Golden Frontier, The by Herman Francis Reinhart: Su05 p13; Fa19 p15
Golden Nickelodeon: Sp13 p9
Golden, William: DLC Sp12 p15
Goldsmith Sporting Goods: Su09 p6
Good, Dr. Donald Graham & Jean: writer of Wi08 pp22,23; writer of Sp09 pp4-5, 10-15, 18-22; Su09 p19; Fa09 pp9,15; author Fa10 pp12,16; Sp11 p19; Su13 p21 obit
Good, Francis M.: Su11 photo pp8,9
"Good Old Days": subject of Su08 by Hugh F. Pearson & Elmer F. Pearson
Good, Richard: store Su05 p12
Good's Mill: Su11 p8
Goodall, Capt.: Wi06 p20
Goodall (Goodell?), Warren: Fa13 pp6,8,10, land claim photo p14.
Goodwin, Trueman: Wi09 p9
Gordon, Clarence: Wi00 p88
Gordon, Guy (Probably Cordon): Wi08 pp6,7
Gordon, Mrs. Harry F.; Sp03 p15.
Gordon, Joel & Patty: Su13 p21; Fa16 p2
Gordon, Samuel: quit claim deed, Sp03 p6; Wi08 p6; Deputy P.M. Sp19 p12
Gordon, Stearns: Sp13 p14
Gorrell Bros.: Su05 p7
Gorrell, Frank & Zelma née Harness: Su05 pp6,17,19,21
Gorrell, George & Katherine née Ottinger: Su05 pp13,21
Gorrell, Oscar & Lula: Su05 pp13,21
Goshow, Oliver: Wi08 p6
Government Land Office Map of 1853, shows Gen. Lane's house north of Roseburg: Wi01 p95
Graham, George: Wi09 p13
Graham, Mrs. W.: Sp08 p5
Grain Harvest description: Su02 p35
Gramophone: Su08 p11
Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.): Sp01 pp3 et seq.; 1894 Roseburg G.A.R. Parade photo, Sp01 p8; Fa04 p6 et seq.; Wi04 p8
Grand Barber Shop: Fa00 p58
Grand Café: Fa00 p58
Grand Coulee: Su00 p27
Grand Hotel: Fa00 p58
Grand Theater, Sutherlin: Sp13 p15; Su13 pp3,17
Grant, KatSue: Fa09 p9
Grant, Pres. Ulysses S.: Sp15 p14
Graphic Dimensions Inc.: Printed the "Trapper" Su00 issue; then Wi02 to Sp15; then Su17
Grave Creek: Indians: Wi06 p20; Road Wi11 p14
Graves, H. D. (photographer): Sp00 p22; Fa02 p2; Su03 p43
"Graving": Sp12 p4
Gray Creek Ranch: Fa09 p22
Gray, Capt. Robert: Sp65 p4
Graybacks: Fa06 p4
Great Canyon of the Umpqua Mountains: Sp02 p6; Wi08 p3
Great Pacific Depot and General Agency: Wi15 p9
Greeley, Horace: Sp00 p3; Fa02 p58
Green, Henry: Sp00 p4
Green, Ore.: Fa01 p55; Wi01 pp76,83; Su05 p4; Sp06 p19
Green School: Sp06 p19
Greer, Hon. Gov. T. T.: Sp01 p11
Green Point, Callahan: Fa03 p65:
Green, Robe: Fa06 p8
Green, Roy: ferryman Fa06 p10
Green Valley: Sp02 p18; Wi03 pp20,29; Road Wi11 p8; Cemetery 1885 (Metz Hill) Wi11 p15; Sp12 p6
Greener: rifles Wi16 p6
Greenley, Dale: "Trapper" co-editor Sp18; editor Sp19 to ----; Fa14 pp10,11; Su19 p6
Greenley, Robert Ansel "Bob": Su19 p6
Green's Station: Su06 p10
Greensprings: Fa02 p56
"Grey Home in the West": song by Viola G. Hawkins Su09 p23
Grey, Zane: Wi00 p85; Fa08 p11
Greyhound bus line: Su06 p23; Fa10 p17
Gregory & Son: Sp05 pp4,6
Griffin, Edward: DLC Wi11 p16
Griffin, Rev. John S.: Fa02 p58
Grimm Brothers Bakery: Fa09 p15
Grinswald, Mr. & Mrs. & children: Sp65 p14; Su00 p32
Grist Mills:
Dorsey Baker Wi10 p16
Hudson Creek Sp02 p22
Forks of the Coquille, Rackleff; Sp02 p23
Calvin Reed, Roseburg: Wi12 p10
Grizzly Bear: Su08 p10
Gross, Ernie: Su05 p6
Grouse: Fa01 p55; Blue, ruffed (native pheasants) or Mountain Su08 p10
Groslewis, Emerance: Su15 p12
Grouslewis, Peter: Sp15 p9; Su15 p14
Grout, Virgil S.: Fa14 p3
Grover, Lafayette: Wi06 p19; Sp07 p11; Fa09 p5
Grubbe, Benjamin Jackson: Sp02 p18; Fa09 pp3,4
Grubbe, F. G. & Mrs. née Lee (Jason): Fa09 p5
Grubbe, G. W.: Fa10 p3
Grub(be), Thomas: Su10 p19
Grubbe, "Thumpie": Su05 p10
Gue, Chaplin G. W.: Sp01 p6; Fa04 p6
Gunter: Fa01 p67; Post Office Su11 p15, photo p16; Cemetery Wi11 p15; Sp12 p11
Gunter, J. O.: Su11 p15, home photo p16
Gurney, Robert: Wi08 p6
Gutta Percha: Fa09 p22

H. S. Simonds Engineering Firm: Fa10 p20
Hackamores: Sp10 p17
Hadley, C. L. & Mrs.: Su04 p11; Sp08 p5; Wi15 p14
Hadley, Sam: Su16 p7
Hagood, Nancy: Fa14 pp12,16
Hahn Cemetery 1879: Wi11 p15
Hahn, Charlie: Wi11 p15
Haight, John: Fa04 p23; Wi04 p4
Haines Family Cemetery 1869: Wi11 p15
Haines, Caroline (later Willis): Sp12 p23
Haines, Doris Louise Bacon: Su05 p3
Haines, Lawrence: Su05 p3
Hakanson, Bud & Audrey née Watkins: Audrey obit Su13 p21
Halfway House Stage Stop (J. Laird's): Su09 photo p14
Hall, Capt.: '61 flood story Sp65 p12; Su00 p34
Hall, Charlie: Su07 p21
Hall, Eli: Sp00 p20; Su09 p4
Hall, Floyd: Fa03 pp59,61,65
Hall, George (Oakland area): Su07 p6
Hall, George F. (Galesville area): Su11 p14
Hall, Isaac N.: Su00 p36
Hall, Dr. Langley: Su07 p11
Hall, Mamie: Wi03 p11
Hall, Robert & Mag née Smith: Wi03 p27
Hall, Wendell; Sp03 p18.
Halsey, J. C.: Sp65 p5
Hamacher Family Cemetery: Wi11 p15
Hamilton, Dora Inez: Fa09 p22
Hamilton Drug Co.: Sp03 p3, photo p11
Hamilton, Frank: Fa09 p21
Hamilton, Helen Jane (Clarke): Sp03 p4; photo pp12,13,14; Su03 p48
Hamilton House: Fa02 p70; Sp03 p20; photo Su09 p4
Hamilton, J. F.: Fa09 p21
Hamilton, Judge James Watson & Olive née Ostrander: Fa02 p70; Sp03 pp3,4,6,9; House; pp8,9; law office p11; Photos; Sp03 p12 et seq.; Fa09 p5; Fa09 p21; Wi12 p11; Su14 pp17,18
Hamilton, Luther: Fa09 p22
Hamilton, Merle: Sp03 pp4,5
Hamilton, Mr.: Su09 p3
Hamilton, Dr. Salathiel & Sarah Jane née Watson: Su01 pp33,35; Fa02 p70; Sp03 pp3,5,6, photos p7,
House; p8, photo pp12,13,20; Fa09 p21; Sp19 p13
Hamilton Family Album; Sp03 pp12,13,14
Hamilton, Sarah Jane née Watson: photo Sp03 p13; Fa09 p5
Hamilton, Dr. Seth (Salathiel?) & Sarah + James, John; Sp03 photo p12; Su10 p18; Wi12 p11
Hamilton, Walt (W.S.?): Fa09 p21
Hamm, Sue: Su19 p8
Hammersly, Joseph L.: Su14 p3; Fa14 p3
Hampton, Rev.: Su04 p11
Hampshire Hogs: photo Su02 pp41,44
Hancock Mountain: Wi10 p17
Hancock, William & Elizabeth + 9 children: Su10 p17
Handy, George: Su17 photo p18
Haney Creek: Bridge Wi11 p15
Hanging Tree: Fa10 p19
Hankin, Monte; Sp03 p9.
Hannan, George: Su00 p40
Hannan, Margaret Ellen née Bacon: cover photo Su05; photo Su05 p8
Hannan, John: Su00 p40
Hanson Brothers Logging: Fa01 p56
Hanson Family: Su05 p10
Hanson Motors: Wi08 pp11,18; Su19 p5
Happy Valley: Su06 p10
Harbour, Terry; Sp03 p17
Harding, Mr.: Sp01 p3
Harding, Benjamin F.: Wi06 p19
Harding, G. A.: Sp04 pp7,8,22; Fa04 p9
"Hards": Sp07 pp6,7,11
Hardscrabble Creek: Wi11 pp10,12
Hardy Grave 1854: Wi11 p15
Hardy, Theotine: DLC Wi11 p15; Wi15 p6
Hardy, Thomas: Wi11 p14
Harkins & Patterson: Wi01 p80
Harley-Davidson: Sp11 p21
Harley's Stage Line: Su09 p13
Harness, Zelma (later Gorrell): Su05 p19
Harper, Jemima (later Clayton): Su05 p21
Harpham, Everett: Wi00 photo pp79,94
Harpham, Emma & Mr.: Su01 p28 et seq; Su03 p35
Harpham, Vern: Wi00 p94
Harrington Creek: Fa01 p62
Harris, Bob & Mina: Sp16 p19
Harris, Dr.: Wi11 p15
Harris Family Cemetery: Wi11 p15
Harris, Roe: Wi11 p21
Harris, Sea Capt. J. U.: Fa07 p14
Harris, Jesse: Su00 p36
Harris, Moses "Black": Sp02 p6
Harris, Mr.: Wi11 p21
Harrison, Bob: Su19 p5
Harrison, Pres. Benjamin: Fa09 p22; Sp19 p5
Harrison & McTavish: Su00 p37
Harry, Joe: Su09 photo p17
Harry, John Alva: Su09 p14 photos pp15&17
Harry Pierce Auto Top Dressings & Awnings: Fa09 p15
Hart, Jim: Fa01 pp51,71
Hart, Nathaniel: Wi06 p5
Harth, C. B.: Su09 photo p16
Harth's Toggery: Fa00 p52
Hartshorn, Q. M.: Fa14 photo p17
Harvey Family Cemetery: Wi11 p15
Harvey, Claude: Wi03 p13 et seq.
Harvey, Dale "Buck": Wi03 p23
Harvey, Mr.: Wi04 p6 et seq.
Harvey, Paul, The Rest of the Story; Sp09 p13
Harvey, Tom: Ranch Fa19 p19
Haskell Family Cemetery: Wi11 p16
Hassage family (?): Fa04 p12
Hastlers, Billy: Su16 p8
Hathaway, Capt.: Su00 p44
Harvard Ave.: photo of, Sp01 pp12,19; Fa01 pp59,65; Su09 p12; Wi09 p5
Harvard Ave. Drive-In: Fa10 p20
Harvard Avenue Triplex: Su13 pp18,21
Harvard Col., Univ.: Wi01 p76; Fa02 p66
"Hatchbox Herald": Sp03 p21
Hatfield, Dale William & Norma née Strader: Fa07 p19 photo pp20,23; Sp16 p21
Hatfield Family: Su02 p40
Hatfield, Job: Sp65 p15; Su00 cover photo, p35, photo of 41; photo Sp02 p19; Su10 p6, photo p8; Fa13 p12, photo p13
Hatfield, John: Fa07 p19
Hatfield, Gov. & Sen. Mark: Fa10 pp8,11
Hatfield, Norma née Strader: Sp03 p24; cover photo Fa07 History of p19 w/photos, pp20-23
Hatfield, Roy & Ruth: Fa07 photo p20
Hatfield, Pat: Fa07 p19
Hatfield, Tom & Iona: Su01 pp35 et seq.
Hatfield, "Whiskers": Sp03 p22
Hawkins, Lieut. G. W.: Wi06 p12
Hawkins, Pearl (later Anderson): Su09 p23
Hawkins, Rev. J. K.: Sp08 p9
Hawkins, Viola G.: song by Su09 p23
Hawthorne: School: Wi03 pp14,15; Post Office Su11 p15
Hay fork use described: Su02 p34
Hay harvest description: Su02 p33
Hayden, Bert & Kate: Su06 p15
Hayes, Pres. Rutherford B. & "Lemonade" Lucy: Wi01 pp89,93; Fa02 p66; Fa09 p22
Haynes, Mrs. C.: Sp08 p5
Haynes, George: Su00 p36
Hazard, S. H.: Sp03 p3
Head, Bob: Fa03 p70 et seq.
Head, Clarence & Mrs.: Fa03 pp70,74
Head, Jack & Mrs.: Fa03 p70 et seq.
Headstalls: Sp10 p17
Heaney, Sam: Fa01 p61
Hearold, Benj. C.: Su08 p5
Heartley, Charles: Sp11 photo p21
Heath, Virgil: Fa01 p62
Heater, Jane: Su13 p9
Heaton, Curtis: Wi03 p22
Heaton, Robert "Bob": Sp08 pp16,17,21,22
Hebe: "The Saga of a Statue" cover photo and subject of Sp08 photo pp10,11,12,15,20,21
Hebe Foundation Society: Sp08 pp18,19
Hebe/Statue Committee: Sp08 pp18,19
Heberd, Harold: Su05 pp4,15?
Heberd, Henry: Su05 pp6,7,12,15?
Hedbery, Delorne: Su05 p13
Hedden, Cyrus W. & Margaret née Sawyers: Su00 p37, photo of 39, photo of 41; Sp02 p17, photo 20; Fa05 & Wi05, subject of by William Barber, photo on cover Fa05; Fa05 photo pp3,6; Sp10 photo p4; Su10 p5; Fa13 photo p13
Hedden, Emma: Wi05 p21
Hedden home: Wi05 photo p9
Hedden, Hulda (later Mrs. John A. Fryer): Wi05 photo p5
Hedden, John N.: Su00 p38; Wi05 photo pp4,6,8,10; Su10 p5, photo p6
Hedden Family: Wi05 photo p10
Hedden, Stephen: Wi05 photo p10
Hedden's Store: Su00 pp34,36, photo of 39; same photo Sp02 p18; Wi05 cover & photos pp4,9
Hedding, Elijah: Su15 p7
Hedrick, Ben: Wi11 p16
Hedrick Cemetery: Wi11 p16
Hedrick, Edna: Su11 p9
Hefty Creek: Wi11 p16
Hefty Family Grave: Wi11 p16
Heinline, Charles & Elizabeth: Fa00 pp54,69,71; Sp03 p4; Su14 p9
Heinline-Moore Musical Conservatory: Fa00 pp54,69
Heinline Conservatory of Music and Art: Fa01 p69, photo 70
Heinline Piano School: Fa01 p69
Helgeson, Al: Sp09 p23
Helleck, Julian: Sp00 pp18,20 photo 20
Helleck, Louise: Sp00 p20
Heller, Louis: Sp65 p2
Helliwell, Iris: Fa10 p7
Helper, Hinton R.: Sp10 p12
Hemmila, Eino: Sp13 p11; Su13 pp12,14
Hemmila, Mike: Su13 p12
Hemus, J. W., photographer: Fa00 p54
Henbest, Gyp: Su09 p3
Henderer: Cemetery: Wi11 p16; Road Wi11 p16
Hendershott, Mark: Wi08 p8
Hendershott, William M.: Sp01 p13
Henderson Motorcycle: Sp11 p21
Henderson, "Pinky": Sp19 p7
Hendricks, Homer: Sp19 p9
Hendricks, R. J.: Fa09 p21; Su11 p13; Su16 p4; Sp19 p9
Hendrickson, Ben: Su04 p13
Hendrickson, James E.: Wi01 pp87,89,95
Henniger's Market: Wi03 p9
Hennigh, Katherine: Fa01 p70
Henry Family: Wi01 p81; Fa03 p69; winery Su05 p11
Henry, "Dean" William & Delorne née Parrott: Su05 pp6,19
Henry, John & Mrs.: Fa03 pp69,71; Fa06 p8
Henry, Oliver: Sp06 p9
Henry, William Dean & Delorne née Parrott: Su05 pp6,19
Hercher, R.A.: Fa06 p14
Herman Post Office: Su11 pp10,15
Hermann, Binger: Sp03 p2; Sp08 photo p12; Wi08 pp6,7; Su09 photo p17; Sp10 photo p11; Su11 pp5,15; Su11 p15; Fa18 photo p10
Hermann, Atty. Elbert: Su14 p17
Herrick, Robert: Wi09 p19
Herstine, David J.: Sp65 p19
Hess, Howard: Su11 photo p3
Hesselgrave, Rev.: Sp03 p26
Hewitt, Grace (Edenbower): Wi13 p18
Hewitt, Mr. (Edenbower): Su04 p12 et seq.; Wi04 p21
Heydon Road: Wi11 p16
Hibben, Ethelbert: Sp07 p6
Hicock, Mina "Slivers" B.: Photos Wi03 pp12,13,14
Hi-Way Haven RV Park: Su13 p17
Hiday, Mrs. Harry: Wi14 p16
Higgins, Mr.: Su14 p5
High-Y Program: Fa10 p6:
Highway 38: Su00 p27; Sp11 p9
Highway 42: Sp11 p6
Hill, Alice (later Leuwill): Su05 pp13,14
Hill, Judge Carl Custer & Leona Celia née Matthews: Sp65 p14; Wi12 p7
Hill Creek: Fa08 p10
Hill, Earl & Lillian: Fa08 pp10,11
Hill, Fleming R. "Flem": Su05 p13; Fa09 p4
Hill, Flora: Fa08 p10
Hill, Gary: Sp01 p6, photo credit p19; article by Fa08 p10
Hill, Harry: Fa08 p10
Hill, L.C.: Sp08 p9
Hill, Leona Celia née Matthews: Su03 p31; Sp12 p4; Wi12 photo p7
Hill, Mary Beth: Su19 photo p8
Hill, Robert: DLC Wi11 p6
Hill, Tillmon "Tip" & Hattie: Fa08 p10 photo p13
Hillside: Post Office Su11 p17
Hillstrom, J. W. & J. R.: Sp11 p6
Hinderer & Anahiems Building: Su00 p37
Hines, Gen.: Sp01 p18
Hinkle Creek: Wi03 pp14,21,24,29
Hinsdale & Co.: Su00 p36; Sp10 p7; Su10 p7
Hinsdale, E. Slyvester: a family history Sp18 issue
Hinsdale, George Sylvester: Sp00 p10; Su00 p37; Wi05 p21; Sp10 photo pp6,13; Su18 p8
Hinsdale, Sea Capt. Sylvester Deering; Sp65 p14; Su00 pp32,34; Fa07 p3 et seq.; Sp10 p12
"Historic Douglas County, Oregon" by the Douglas Co. Hist. Soc.: Wi01 pp84,95; Su03 pp43,45,50; Wi12 p8
Historic Review Commission; Fa02 p70; Sp03 p17
"History of Electricity in Southern Oregon, The": Sp09 p6
History of Oregon by Hubert H. Bancroft: Su00 p27
History of Southern Oregon by A. G. Walling: Su00 p29
Hitchings, Wayne: Wi11 p20
Hixon, Eugene: Oregon-California Railroad: Su06 p18, engine photos pp19,20-22; Fa06 p6
Hixon family: Su06 photo p10
Hixon, Myrtle: Fa06 p6
Hixon, Steve: Oregon-California Railroad: Su06 p18, engine photos pp19,20-22; Fa06 p6
Hoaglin: Wi00 p78; post office Fa08 p11; & Su11 p17 photo p18
Hobson, Mr.: Su03 p35
Hocket, Mrs.: Su01 p44
Hocum Family: Fa08 p11
Hodson, Warden Eine: Su08 p15
Hodson, Joseph: Sp06 p7
Hogan: Post Office Su11 p17 & Fa11 p5
Hogan, Clara Jean: Su07 p14
Hogan, Frank Pierce & Mary née Floed: Fa12 p16; family photo Fa18 p6 Frank photo p17
Hogan, J. H.: Su14 p6
Hogan, Mr.: Wi11 p19
Hogs, Wild: Sp06 p9
Hokanson, Victoria: Fa00 p60
Holiday, Ben: Su06 p12
Holland, John P.: Fa05 p10 et seq.
Home Extension Group: Fa07 p19
Homestead Act: Wi14 p8; Sp15 p6
Honey Creek: pack train photo Sp10 p18; Su10 photo p9
Hood River Spray Co.: Wi02 p76
Hooker, Col. Joe: Fa00 p51; Su05 p11; Sp06 photo p6; Fa09 p5; Wi14 p16; Sp19 p13
Hooker Road: Fa00 p51; Su05 p11; Wi10 p19
Hooks, Fred J.: Sp03 p5
Hoosier Pumps: Wi02 p76
Hoosier steamboat: Fa07 p3
"Hoot Owl" logging: Su19 p13
Hoover, Mayor E. V.: Sp08 pp9,12
Hoover, Pres. Herbert: Sp01 p18; Fa10 p3
Hop Dryer, Shambrook's: photo Su05 pp6,7
Hope's Elbow: Su10 p7
Hope's Ferry: Sp10 p9
Hopkins, deputy Frank "two guns": Wi08 p23; Su14 p16; Fa14 photo p17
Hopkins, Lois: Fa01 p69
Horizon Mazda: Fa10 p9
Horn's: Su09 p3
Horse Creek Covered Bridge: Wi10 p7
"Horse vs Iron Horse race, The": Su09 p20
Horter, David H.: Sp04 p3
Horton, Don & Mary: Su13 p18
Horton, Mr.: Sp04 p6, 13; Fa04 p9; Sp05 p7
Horton & Robbins: Su04 p16
Hoskins, William: DLC Wi11 p12
Hot Stove Gang: Su09 p9
Houck, Dr.: Wi04 p22; Su14 p12
Houck, Maj. George E.: Wi08 p7
Houser, Oscar: Wi00 p76
Charles Applegate House Su03 p40; Bradley House: Wi03 p5 photos p7; Jane Clark's Flint St. photos; Sp03 p10. Corey Castle; Sp03 p10. Coshow House; Sp03 p16; Floed-Lane (Lane): Su03 p35 et seq.; John Gilham house, photo Sp05 p14; Gillin place Sp04 p6 et seq.; James Walton Hamilton; Sp03 p6,8,9,20; Dr. Salathiel Hamilton; Sp03 p5; photo Su09 p4; Willis House: Wi01 p93; Sp03 p20; Su03 p40,41
Houston family: Sp04 p5
Houston, Mrs. R.B.: Sp08 p5
"How High the Bounty": Su03 p43
Howard, Florence: Wi03 p26
Howard, Pastor James: Fa06 p8
Howard, Maude (later Pickens): Fa06 p8
Howard's Men's Wear: Fa10 p12
Howe, Harriet: Su10 p18
Howe, Leonard: Wi11 p19
Howe, Mote: Wi01 p76
Howe, Mr.: Cover photo Su10
Howe, William: Wi10 p4
Howell Family, Mrs. & Francis "Frankie" & Marietta: Fa01 p60; Sp08 p5
Howell-Kohlhagen house: Fa00 p60
Hubbard, Allen: Sp16 p3
Hubbard Creek: Mountains Sp65 p7; Fa01 p52; Fa03 p54; Wi03 p18; Su05 pp12,13,17; Su08 p18
Hubbard, U.S. Fish Commissioner W. F.: Su04 p10
Huckleberry Lookout: Fa01 pp51,55,59
Hucrest: Fa01 p67
Hucrest Grade School: Fa01 p64
Hudson, Ore. (now Leona): Su08 pp3,4; Post Office Su11 p17; Fa11 p3
Hudson Bay Co.: Fort Umpqua Sp02 p7; Fa02 p51; Su03 p38; Wi08 p7; Sp10 p18; Su15 pp6,9; Sp16 p12; Fa19 p20; Sp65 p2
Hudson (Weatherly) Creek: Sp02 pp22,23
Hudson, Clark: Su10 p5
Hudson, John: Sp02 pp22,23; Su10 p5
Hudson, Joseph: Su10 p5
Hudson Mill: Sp02 pp22,23
Hudson, Shadrack: Su05 pp11,20; Su10 photo p5
Hudson, Esq. W.: Wi15 p6
Huff, David H.: Fa11 p5
Hufham, Roy: Su09 p6
Hufham's Sign Shop: Su09 p6
Hult Lumber Co.: Fa01 p55; Fa06 p11
Humboldt River: Sp02 p6
Humphrey, Sen. Hubert: Su19 photo p31
Humphrey, Jonathan: Wi04 p13
Humphrey, Mrs.: Sp04 p14; Wi04 p11 et seq.
Hungarian Nails: Su04 p19
Hungry Hill, Battle of: Wi14 p15
Hunsaker Family: Su06 p15
Hunsaker-Guest Grocery Company: Fa00 pp52,56
Hunt, Duward Belmont: Su11 p5
Hunt, George: Sp13 pp10,11
Hunt, Giles: Wi03 pp27,28; Fa10 p6
Hunt, Jim: Su13 p17
Hunt, Mr.: Su05 p17
Hunt, Walter: Wi03 pp27,28
Hunter, Dave: Su01 pp38,40
Hunter, John: Sp01 p11
Hunting: Su08 chap. 6, p20
Huntington, Bernice: Wi11 photo p4
Huntington, J. W. Perit: Sp02 p15; Fa13 p22
Huntly, Alfred: Wi01 p83
Huntley, America Jane: Sp06 p7
Huntley, Carsena: Su16 p4,5
Huntly, Daniel: Wi01 p81
Huntly, Fred: Wi01 p81
Huntly, Henry: Wi01 p81
Huntly, Hyman: Wi01 p81; Su06 p20
Huntley, Joe: Sp06 p7
Huntly, Mitchell: Wi01 p81
Huntley, Rebecca (later Walker): Sp06 p7
Huntly, William: Wi01 p81
Hurst, David: DLC Wi11 p16
Hurst Family Cemetery: Wi11 p16
Hussy, Joseph; Fa05 p6
Hutchins, Bob: Su17 photo p18
Hutchinson, Ross: Su11 p17
Hutton, Mary Ellen: photo Su05 p8
Hutton, Richard "Dick": photo Su05 p8
Hutton's Grove: Su05 p12
Hyde, Becky née Hatfield: Fa07 p19
Hyland, B.J.; Wi08 p8

Idaho Songs Project: Sp14 p3
Idaho Stage Line: Sp06 photo p21
Idleyld Park: Wi00 p78; 1938 description of, Su02 pp44, 1935 photo of 46; Sp03 p23; Wi11 p16
Idleyld Park Store: photo Sp09 p22
Ila: Su11 p17
Iles, Story: Su09 p6
Illahee Mill, Oakland: Fa09 p16
Illahee: Lookout on Wi00 photo p79
Illinois River: Su00 p29
Imnaha: Su02 p27
"Index of Covered Bridges in Oregon" 1947: Wi10 p3,15, Index list, p22; Sp11 p3 et seq.
Indian Burial Sites: Wi11 p16
Indian John: Wi01 pp92,93
Indian John Tim: Wi01 p78
Indian Lands Cessions 1854 map: Cover Sp16
Indian Molly Gangiaw (Gagnaw): Wi01 p78
Indian Motorcycle: Sp11 photo p21
Indian Pequa Pete: Wi01 p78
Indian Shalifol: Wi01 p78
Indian Theater, Roseburg: photo Su05 p5, Hunt's 17; Wi08 p11; Su09 p7; Cover Sp13; Sp13 p10 photos pp11,12,15; Su13 pp12,18
Indian Tim: Wi01 p78
Indian War Veterans: Sp01 pp3,4,16
Infantile Paralysis: Wi08 p8
Ingram, Andrew: Su01 pp38,40
Ingram Book Company: Wi01 p83
"Inside Detective": Su14 photo p10
Isolate (Day's Creek): Su11 p17
International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.): Fa00 pp52,60; cemetery Sp04 pp3,4; Fa04 p13; Fa08 p10; Hall built: Sp13 p4; Fa15 p10; Sp17 p14
International Paper: Fa01 p53; Wi09 p19; Fa10 p20; Fa11 p3; Su16 p7; Su18 p8
Interstate Commerce Commission (I.C.C.): Su19 p10
Irving B. Weber Distinguished Award for Excellence: Wi09 p14
Irving, Ben: Sp65 pp13,14
Irwin, Bill: Sp06 p8
Isaac N. Hall Groceries: Su00 p36
Island Camp: Wi00 p85
Isthmus of Panama: Wi01 p76
Isthmus Slough: Su09 p15
Italianate Style: Fa00 p56
"Italy of Oregon": Fa01 p62

Jack Creek Road (Drain): Wi11 p16
Jackson, Andrew: Wi01 p86
Jackson, Clarence: Wi00 p76
Jackson (Bealman) Creek: Fa01 pp58; Fa02 p60
Jackson Hay Fork: Su02 p34
Jackson, Kerby: Wi13 p23
Jackson, Maria C.: Su09 p13
Jackson, Sam: Sp09 p21
Jackson St.: Fa00 1908 or 1909 Parade photo p53; Fa01 pp58,61; Photo, Sp04 p11; Fa04 cover, a 1900 parade, photo p12; Sp08 p9; Su08 p15; photo Su09 p5; Fa10 p5; Dr. Brumfield window, Cover Su14
Jackson, Judge V. T.: Wi12 p3
Jacksonville, Ore.: Sp01 p9; Sp02 p22; Fa02 p66; Wi06 p20
Jacksonville Sentinel: Sp65 p13; Su00 p32; Fa02 p66
Jacoby, Harry: Fa10 p10
James, Frank: Fa09 p22
James, J. J. & Mrs.: Fa06 p22
James, Michael: Fa00 p56
James, Samuel M.: Graves 1867 Wi11 p16
Janney (Janey?), Mr. Tom & Mrs.: Fa04 p6 et seq.; Wi04 p9; Sp05 p4 et seq.
Janz, Mr. (Edenbower): Fa04 p19
Jason Lee Methodist Mission: Fa09 p9
Jaye Cooke & Co.: Su06 p14
Jeep: Fa01 pp51,55,56,61,64
Jefferson Medical Center: Fa02 p64
Jefferson, Thomas: Wi01 p86
Jenkins, Mildred: Fa01 p71
Jenny, Mr. & Mrs. (of Edenbower): Sp04 p4 et seq.; Su04 p6; Fa04 p5 et seq.
Jenney, Tom: Wi10 p18
Jerry Lewis Cinemas: Su13 p18
Jersey Maid Ice Cream: Fa09 p16
Jesse Harris Building: Su00 p36
Jewell Theater, Oakland: Su13 photo pp4,5
Jewell, Vern & Nancy: Su13 pp12,13,17
Jim Creek: Fa01 p52; Sp12 p12
Jimson Weed: Sp11 p20
Job's Daughters: Su09 p8; Wi12 p8
Joe Hall Creek: Sp12 p19
Joe Lane of Oregon, Machine Politics and the Sectional Crisis, 1849-1861: Wi01 p95
Joelsen Bros.: Su05 p7
Johhansen, (or Johnson) Andreas or Andrew & Maria Sophia née Ansama: Wi11 p17
Johansen (Johnson) Family Cemetery 1916: Wi11 p17
John Day River: Fa02 p62
John Deer Plow Co.: Wi02 p76
John Robertson Shell Station: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5
John Sherritt Wholesale and Retail: Su00 p36
John's Ranch: Fa08 p23; Wi14 p13
John Short Dairy: Wi09 p7
Johnson, Alma: Su11 p4
Johnson, Andrew J.: Su11 p10
Johnson (or Johhansen) Andreas or Andrew & Maria Sophia née Ansama: Wi11 p17
Johnson, B. F. blacksmith shop: Su00 p36
Johnson, Bohemia: Su11 p6
Johnson, Bud: Fa01 p65
Johnson, Charley: Sp19 p16
Johnson Creek: Fa01 p59; Road Wi11 pp17,18
Johnson, Fred S.: Su14 p17
Johnson, George W. & Elizabeth: Wi11 p5
Johnson, Harley: Sp06 photo p6; Su10 pack train photo p9
Johnson, Herman: Grave 1900 Wi11 p17
Johnson, Mrs. Mildred: Su19 p8
Johnson, Nancy (McCulloch): Wi01 p81
Johnson & Stokes: Su04 p12
Johnson, W. W.: Sp06 p17
Johnson, Walter: Sp06 p17
Johnston, Gladys: Sp06 p17
Johnston, Wallace: Sp06 p17
Jones, Andrew: Wi08 p6
Jones, Asa: Su15 photo p10
Jones, Barbara: Su19 photo p8
Jones, Bill (owned Umpqua Gun Store): Su03 p38
Jones, Chuck: Su07 p21
Jones Family (Pioneer) Cemetery 1853: Wi11 p17
Jones, Frank: Su15 photo p10
Jones, Isaac: Sp06 p19
Jones, Jacob & Jane: Su10 p18
Jones, Justin: Su01 p27
Jones Mountain; Su08 p8
Jones, Ron E. & Karen née Engle: Su19 pp13-18
Jones: stockade, (Riversdale), Su05 p11
Jones, W. L.: Fa04 p19; Wi04 p4; Sp05 p14,15
"General Joseph Lane's Narration" Joseph Lane Autobiography from interviews by H. H. Bancroft and Frances Fuller Victor: Wi01 p95
Joseph Lane Commemoration Remarks: Wi01 p91
Joseph Lane Middle School: Sp07 p19; Su19 p6
Joseph Lane Manuscripts 1835-1906, Indiana University: Wi01 p95
Joseph Moore Livery Stable: Sp65 p13; Su00 pp32,36
Josephson, Mrs. H.: Sp08 p5
Jump Off Joe Creek: Sp10 p17
Junior Historians Society: Su03 p38
"Juno" steamer: Su08 p19; Su18 p18

KORE Radio: see Radio
KRNR Radio: see Radio
KRSB Radio: see Radio
KRXL Radio: see Radio
KQEN Radio: see Radio
KYES Radio: see Radio
KPIC TV: Su03 p49
Kadas, Marianne: Sp03 p18
Kaine, "Red": Fa03 p57 et seq.
Kaine, Russell: Su03 p47
Kaiser, John: Su17 photo p18
Kammerman, Linda: Su03 p50
Kammerman, Stuart:
Kamp, Lester: Su05 p6
Kamp, William & Lettie née Craton: Su05 pp7,20
Kanipe, John A. & Mrs.: Su07 p11
Kanipe, John H.7 Sarah "Sally" Alice née Baimbridge: Su07 p11,12 photos p13
Kanipe, Mary Mildred: cover photo and subject of Su07; Farm photos Su07 p8, photos pp16&17; Grave Site & photos Wi11 p17
Kanipe Memorial Park: Wi11 p17
Kanipe, William: Su07 p14
Kappa Delta Pi: Sp06 p18
Kappa Delta Rho: Wi07 p12
Kate Heath schooner: Fa13 pp4,8
Kautz, Lieut. August V.: Wi06 p21
Kearney, Major: Wi06 pp15,17; Fa19 p8
Kearney, Smith: Sp19 pp12,15
Keatly, Al: Fa01 p52
Kelleher: Post Office Su11 p20
Kelleher, William J.: Su11 p20
Keller, Milton: Wi09 p6
Keeley Cure Advertisement: Sp17 p18
Keeley League: Sp17 p15
Kellogg, Ore.: Wi05 on map p18; Su08 p18; Su10 p5; Fa10 p3; Post Office Su11 p20; Bridge Wi11 p10; Ferry Fa10 p3; Cemetery 1857 Wi11 p18
Kellogg, Adna Barnes "Barney": Su11 p20
Kellogg, John T.: Su11 p20; DLC Wi11 p18
Kellogg, Lyman & Mrs.: Su11 p20, photo p21, photo p22
Kelly Creek: Fa01 pp61,67
Kelly, Dye: Fa04 p9
Kelly, George M.: Fa04 pp4,11
Kelly Green Nursery: Wi10 p11
Kelly, John: Sp06 p20; Wi06 p14; DLC Wi11 p17; Sp15 pp6,11,13; Sp19 p13
Kelly, R. M.: Su11 p7
Kelly, Sister M. Margaret Jean: "The Career of Joseph Lane, Frontier Politician, a Dissertation" condensed into Wi06 and Sp07
Kelley Family: Wi08 p11
Kelley, Paul: Fa02 p51
Kelley's Corner: Sp06 p19
Ken Gilkeson's Sutherlin Chevron Station: Su19 p19
Kendall, J. L.: Sp08 p13
Kendall, S. A.: Sp08 p13
Kennaday, F.: Sp00 p20
Kennedy: Rifles Wi16 p6
Kennedy, Pres. John F.: Fa10 p11
Kennerly, Gary & Glenda: photo Wi01 pp82,83
Kennerly, Glenda Rice: Wi01 p78
Kennerly, Guy: Wi01 p83
Kenny, Ellen: Sp09 p22
Keno Cleaner: Fa09 p16
Kent, A. E. & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Kent, Annie: Fa06 p10
Kent Creek: Wi01 p78; Sp06 pp8,11,13; Su06 pp9,12; Fa06 p3, fishing pp6,10
Kent, Ethel (later Mrs. Dee McCay): Fa06 p22
Kent Gulch, Dillard: Sp06 p10; Fa06 pp3,6
Kent Gulch School: Sp06 p9; Fa06 p4
Kent, Lewis Dozier: Sp06 p13; Fa06 drowning p10; Su16 p4
Kent, Levin: Su00 p37; Levin's (Kent?) Cape Cod house Su10 p6
Kent Ranch at Brockway: Sp06 photo p13; Su06 cover photo; Fa06 p11
Kernan, Henry: Wi03 p11
Keyes, Blanch née Wilson: Su17 photo p19
Kidd, Mr.: Wi04 p17 et seq.
Kidd Store, Mrs.: Sp05 p5
Kidder, Bob: Su09 p4
Kidder, Stanley & Mrs.: Wi12 photos pp14,17
Kier-Crooch Plumbing: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5
Killigan, Mrs. Grace: Su14 pp10,15; Fa14 p3
Kimball, Clara Maude: Sp12 photo p10
Kimball, George Washington & Ida née Moore: Sp12 p9 photos pp10,13
Kimmell, Rex: Fa14 p17
Kinaer, Bernice: Sp03 p4
King, Lloyd: Fa01 p69
Kingery, John Wesley & Sarah: Wi11 p10
Kirby, George: Su19 p25
Kirk, J. A.: Fa09 p10
Kirk, Martha née Lavadour: Su15 p3
Kirker, James: Sp65 p2
Kirkpatrick, Jane: Wi14 p4 photo pp9,12
KirkPatrick, Capt. J. M.: Fa05 photo p5 et seq.
"Kissing Bridges": Wi10 p3
Kittleman, Marilyn: Sp08 p18
Kiwanis Club: Su09 p3
Klakatat, Marie Ann: Su15 p12
Klamath Exploring Expedition: Sp02 p15; Fa13 p4,5
Klamath Falls, Ore.: Wi00 p75; Sp01 p20
Klamath Indians: Reservation Wi00 p76; Wi06 photo pp16,20
Klamath Lakes: Sp02 p6
Klamath River: Su00 p29
Klenke, Oscar: Wi09 p3
Klickitat Indians: Wi06 p14, Chief Quatley 14, photo p16
Kline, Joseph & widow Nancy + Cass & Lord: Su10 p19
Knapp, Burrell & Co.: Wi15 p10
Knigge, Ira: Wi09 p6
Knight, Richard: Su19 p3
Knighton, C. J.: Sp01 p11
Knights of Pythias (K. of P): Sp01 pp6,7; Fa06 photo p13
Knitinger, Bruce: Fa10 p6
Knott, A. J.: Sp19 p16
Knott, Mary Bell (Moore): Wi01 p81
Knott, Rodney: Wi01 p83
Knowles, H. M.: Fa04 pp4,7,21; Wi04 p9
Know Nothings: Sp07 p4
Knudtson, Alan: Sp65 p4; Sp03 p23; Su09 photo p19, pp20,21
Knudtson Jewelers: Su19 p20
Kodak camera: Su10 p11
Koehler, Richard: Su11 p21
Koffee Kup Drive-In: Fa10 p20
Kohlhagen Apartments: Fa00 pp52,60
Kohlhagen Building: Fa00 p52, photo 53 et seq
Kohlhagen Cass St. Market: Wi15 p17
Kohlhagen's Economy Market: Fa00 p56
Kohlhagen, Edward George: Fa00 pp52,56,60; Su14 p8
Kohlhagen, Florence (McHenry): Fa01 p60
Kohlhagen, George Jr. & Marietta Howell Kohlhagen: Fa00 pp51 et seq. photos 61; Su01 photo p46; Wi08 p6
Kohlhagen, George Sr. & Catherine Steinhauer Kohlhagen: Fa00 p60
"George Kohlhagen," a bio by Victoria Hokanson: Fa00 p60
Kohlhagen, Greta Mary: Fa01 p60
Kohlhagen-Howell house: Fa00 p60
Kohlhagen, Mayette: Sp08 photo p6
Koler: Post Office Su11 p21
Kowes (Coos) River: Wi13 map p3
Kreiss, Dennis: Su01 p45
Krell, Mert: Wi09 p7
Krewson Cemetery: Wi11 p18
Krewson, Cora: Su08 p7
Krewson, E.A.: Su09 p16
Krewson, Lucy: Su08 p7
Kroll: Post Office Su11 p21
Kruger (Krueger?), Paul & Mrs.: Wi12 cover, photo & bio p10; Wi12 photo p17
Kruse & Newland Groceries: Wi15 17
Kruse, Anne: Wi05 p19
Kruse, Denny: Wi02 p88
Kruse, Don: Wi02 p88
Kruse & Morey: Sp65 p13; Su00 pp32,36
Kruse, Mr. Wi04 p17 et seq.
Kruse Orchard: Wi04 p14
Ku Klux Klan: in Douglas Co. Sp09 pp18-22 photo p19; Su14 p17
Kubler, William: Su19 p27
Kukendall, Mrs. Alvin: Su19 p3
Kukendall, Virginia: Su19 p3
Kunh, John: Wi00 p76
Kurtz, Harry: Su05 p7
Kurtz prune dryers: Su05 p7
Kusler, Marion: Su13 p14
Kuykendall, Alvin & Lela + daughters Janet & Virginia: Wi08 pp17,18
Kuykendall, George B.: Fa09 p5
Kuykendall, John: Fa09 p4
Kyes, Charles: Fa06 p3
Kyes, E. J. "Old Dad Kyes": Fa06 pp3,6
Kyes family: Sp06 p9
Kyes, Nora: Fa06 p3
Kyes, Ora: Fa06 p3

L & H Electric Ranges: Wi02 p76
L & H Lumber: Fa01 p55
LaBrie, Ed E.: Su04 p11; Su05 p7
LaBrie Family Cemetery: Wi11 p18
LaCreole River: Sp02 p6
Ladd, Charles: Wi16 p8
Lady Washington sloop: Sp65 p4
Laird Canyon: Fa09 p21
Laird, Ivan: Su09 photo p17
Laird, James: Fa09 p21
Laird, Joe D.: Su09 p14 photo p17
Laird, Mrs. (Edenbower): Sp05 p9
Laird, Walter: Su09 photo p17
Lake (Lane) County: Wi13 map p3
Lake Creek, Callahan: Fa03 p56
Lamb, F. A.: Fa09 p22
Lamb, Glen: Sp06 p17
Lamb, Ruth: Sp06 p17
Lambert, Carol: Fa08 p21
Lamerick, Capt.: Wi06 p20
Lancaster Covered Bridge: Wi10 p11
Lancaster, Robert: Wi10 p11
Land Grant Roads: Su09 p12
"Land of the Umpqua": Wi09 p3
Lander, Henry & Nancy Emiline née Jones: Sp06 p19
Lander, John: Sp06 p21
Lander's Dairy: Wi09 p7
Landers Mtn.: lookout Fa01 p59
Landsberg, F. E.: Su19 p11
Langley, Henry: Su10 p18
Langley, Salvation Army Capt.: Su10 p14
Lane, 1899 Douglas Co. sheriff: Su04 p4
Lane County: Wi01 p86; Wi03 p3; Sp07 p18
Lane, Emily (later Floed): Wi06 p6 photo p7
Lane, Eva Marie (later Waite): Wi12 pp4,14
Lane Family: Su03 p37; Cemetery 1859 Wi11 p18; History and family Tree Fa18 & Wi18 issues
Lane & Floed, Gen. Merchants: Sp16 p5
Lane, Gen. Joseph & Polly Pierre née Hart: bio of, Wi01 p85, photos 88; inauguration Su03 pp48,50; Wi06 subject of, cover photo, his sword p3; photo Joe & Polly p4; "The Career of Joseph Lane, Frontier Politician--A Dissertation" by Sister M. Margaret Jean Kelly, MA., condensed in "Trapper" issues Wi06 and Sp07 presidential possibility p14, photos p15, sketch of tomb 20; Fa08 p3; Wi08
p6; Fa09 p5; Sp12 p9; Lane Family Legacy Fa12 "Trapper" issue, p2 photo et seq.; Fa12 photo p17; Wi12 p4; Joseph Lane descendants' w/photos: Wi12 pp12,22; Wi14 p15; Sp19 p11
Lane House: see Floed-Lane House
Lane, J. G.: Su08 p3
Lane, Joseph Samuel Jr. & Elanor "Ella" née Stevenson: Wi06 p5; Fa12 p20
Lane Historical Society: Su03 p40
Lane (Floed-Lane) house: Su03 p30; Su03 p35 et seq.; Wi06 p3; Fa12 cover photo et seq.
Lane, John & Elizabeth née Street: Wi06 p5; Wi15 p14
Lane, John S & Harriet "Hattie" née Sherred: Wi01 p87; Wi06 p6 photo p7; Sp07 p16; Fa12 p5; Fa12 photo p19
Lane, Lafayette F.: house photo, Wi01 pp89,93; Wi06 p6 photo p7; Sp07 p16,17, house photo 18; Wi15 p14
Lane, Ma(e?)lissa Malvina (later Barlow): Wi06 p5, photo p7; Fa12 photo p17
Lane, Mary Virgina (later Shelby): Wi06 p6, photo p7; Fa12 photo p17
Lane Mountain: Sp03 p22; Wi00 p75; Fa01 pp53,56; Sp07 p19; Fa12 p14
Lane, Nathaniel Hart & Eliza Jane née Stinson: Wi06 p5, photo p6; Fa12 p15; Fa12 photo p19
Lane, Paul Lafayette & Margaret Amanda née Mann: Fa12 photo p19
Lane, Pete: Sp07 p17
Lane, Polly: Wi01 pp85,89,92, photo 94; Su03 p37; dress 44
Lane, Ratliffe Boone & Eliza Jane née Barlow+Ratliff Boone Lane Jr.: Wi06 p5; Fa12 p5; Fa12 p19; Fa18 p4
Lane, Sarah Aikens: Su03 p44
Lane, Sarah Emily (later Floed): Fa12 pp5,15 photo p17; Wi12 p22
Lane, Simon R. & (1st Sarah Jane, née Aiken) (2nd Catherine née Drain): Wi06 p6; Fa12 pp4,12; Fa12 photos p18; Wi12 p4
Lane School: Fa06 p16; Sp07 p19
Lane, Simon Robert: Wi01 p92; clock Su03 pp42,44; Wi06 p6 photo p7; Sp07 p17; Fa12 photo p18
Lane, Winnifred Minnie (later Mosher): Wi06 p6 photo p7; Sp07 p17; Fa12 photo p17; Wi12 photo p19
Lane St.: Bridge Sp01 p6; Sp07 p18
Langell, Nat: Wi00 p84
Langenberg, Al & Celia née Elliff: poem by Fa08 pp22,23
Langenberg Family: Wi10 p21
Lansing, Genevieve (later Murphy): Su05 p20
Lansing, Ronald: author of "Nimrod": Sp15 p3,4
LaRaut family: Su03 pp47,48
LaRaut, Kathleen: Cover photo Fa09
LaRaut, Lucy, née Dimmick: Cover photo Fa09
LaRaut, Narcisse, Jr.: Cover photo Fa09; Fa11 photo p3
LaRaut Post Office: Fa11 p3
LaRaut, Vernon N.: Cover photo Fa09
LaRaut, Vilie L.: Cover photo Fa09
Larritt, Richard W., surveyor: Su00 p32; Sp02 p11; Fa13 p22
Lattin, Jesse & Merle née Beresford, then Brumfield, then Mozena: Fa14 p9
Laugh, Ed: photo w/ F. S. pack train: Wi00 p92
Laurance family: Su05 p16
Laurance, G. B.: Fa06 pp15,17,19
Laurance, Jim: Su06 photo p15
Laurance, Stace: Sp06 p13
Laurel Hill Drive: Wi11 p18
Laurenson, Brett: Sp08 p14
Laursen, Christina (Micelli): photo Su03 p32; Wi12 cover, photos p5
Laursen, Christian A. & Annie Florence née Russell: Wi12 p5
Lavador Hall: Su10 p17
Lavadour, Angelique (later McGinnis): Su15 p5 photo p10
Lavadour brothers: Wi14 p10
Lavadour (VanNorman, Wright) Cemetery 1857: Wi11 p18; Su15 pp10,11
Lavadour Creek: Wi11 p18; Sp15 p14; Su15 p10
Lavadour, Emelie "Nellie" (later Sadden): Su15 p5
Lavadour Family: Wi14 p3
Lavadour Gap: Su15 p14
Lavadour, Joseph & Lisette; Su15 p5 et seq.
Kavadour, Joseph Jr. & Mary Alice née Bigham: Su15 photo p15
Lavadour, Joseph IV: Su15 p4
Lavadour, Lisette: Su15 p3 et seq.
Lavadour, Martha (later Kirk): Su15 p3 et seq.
Lavadour, Nelson: Su15 photo p6
Lavadour, Narcisse & Martha née Carson: Wi14 p8 et seq.; Sp15 p9; Su15 p5 photo p6
Lavadour Ranch: Zybach photo of Su15 p11
Lavadour, Xavier: Su15 p5
Layng Creek: CCC camp Wi00 p85; Fa01 p53
Laurel: Post Office Fa11 p19
Laurelwood: Fa01 p71; Sp03 p24
Law, Anton: Sp05 p17
Law, Clara P.: Su11 p6
Lawson, Asa Witson & Pearl née Davis Yokum: Wi12 p13
Lawson, Pearl A. née Yokum: Wi12 photo & bio p13; Wi12 photo p18
Leatherwood Creek: Su05 p14
Leatherwood, Delbert "Duck" & Jean née Williams: Su05 pp6,7,19
Leatherwood, Fannie Mel née Bacon: cover photo Su05
Leatherwood, Mell Baun: photo Su05 p8
Leatherwood, Rodney: Wi03 pp15,23,29; Su05 p16
Leavengood, Atty. G.: Sp09 p5
Leber, Bob: photo by Fa10 p20
Ledgerwood, Thomas: Fa18 p4
Lee, Rev. Barr G.: Sp03 p4
Lee Fred: Su11 p6
Lee, Rev. Jason: Sp65 p4;Fa02 p51; Fa08 p3; Fa09 p5; Sp16 p12
Lee Love spawning bed: Su08 p18
Lee, T. P.: Fa06 p14
Lee's Creek: Fa08 p8
Leeds, Sea Capt. Josiah B.: Fa07 p14
Leedy, J. C.: Wi02 p76
Leeper, George: Sp65 p9
Lehman Family: Wi08 p11
Leiken, Dave: Su19 p7
Lenox, D. H. & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Leona (initially Hudson), Ore.: Su08 p3,4; Post Office & town photo Fa11 pp3,9; Cemetery 1863 Wi11 p18; Lane Wi11 p18
Leonard, B.: Su05 p12
Leonard, Mrs. Bessie: Fa11 photo p16
Leonard, Rev.: Su06 p8
Lessart, Martine: Su15 p12
Letitia (Tish) Cemetery: Wi11 p19; photo p4; historical marker Wi11 p5; Wi14 p10
Letitia (Tish) Creek: Wi11 p19
Leupold & Stevens: Wi00 p91
Leuwill, Alice née Hill: Su05 p13
Levans, James: Sp02 pp15,18
Levens, Albert: Grave Wi11 p19
Levens, Daniel A.: Wi11 p7 DLC p19; Sp19 p16
Levens, Fanny: Wi14 p15
Levins, James F.: DLC Wi11 p12
Levins, Thomas: DLC Wi11 p15
Lewis, Alvira: Sp06 p17
Lewis & Clark: Su19 p7
Lewis, Edgar S. & Mabel W. née Wollenberg: Wi12 p7
Lewis, Jane: Wi12 p6
Lewis, Mable W. née Wollenberg: Su03 p31; Wi12 photo p6
Lewis, Meriwether: Fa03 p57
Liberty Girls: Fa06 photo p12
Library Park: Su09 p4
Liberty Theater: Sp13 p9
Lidz, Jerry: Sp08 p18
Lieurance, Bob: Fa01 p65
Lieurance, Max: Fa01 p65
Lieverts, Jean: Su05 p13
Life magazine: Su09 p21
Liles, Leonard: Su05 p6
Lilja, Don: Fa10 p19
Lillie, Gordon W.: Su08 p21
Lillie Moore Bill S-915: Su03 p34
Lillie Moore House: Su03 pp31,32,34,35,dress 44
Lillie Moore Museum: Su03 p31
Lincoln, Pres. Abraham: Wi01 p85 et seq.; Sp02 p6; and Tom Wi06 p5; Fa12 p13; Wi12 p22; Wi14 p8
Lincrusta-Walton paneling: Wi17 p6
Lindsell Rd.: Fa01 p58
Link River: Su08 p4
Linn City, Ore.: Su00 p29
Linoleum Maralis: Wi17 p8
Linson, Red: Fa01 p56
Linus Oaks: Sp09 p16
Litte, CWO4 Jim: Sp12 p23
Little Canyon: Sp02 p18
Little Mill Creek: Su00 pp28,31,43; Sp02 p4,11
Little River: Sp00 p21; Wi00 p78; Fa01 pp53 et seq.; Fa02 p60; Wi10 p18
Little River Covered Bridge: Wi10 p6
Little River Ranger District: Wi00 p84
Live Oak Saloon: Wi15 p14
Lives by Petrarch: Wi01 p92
Livermore, Kay: Sp00 p23
Livingston, Elijah: Wi11 p19
Livingston, Etta: Fa07 photo p20
Livingston Family: Fa02 p62; Cemetery 1861 (Dixonville) Wi11 p19
Livingston, John (I?) & Lethy Jane née Matthews: Fa02 p62
Livingston, John (II?): Wi00 p84
Livingston, John (III?): Sp00 p23
Livingston, Louetta née Chapman: Fa02 p62
Livingston, Nancy: Fa02 p60
Livingston, Samuel: Wi11 p19
Livingston, Thomas & Elisabeth: Su10 p18; DLC Wi11 p19
Lockley, Fred: Sp19 p6
Lockwood, C. A.: Wi08 p8
Loockwood, Fred B.: Wi08 p8
Lockwood Motors: photo Wi08 p12; Wi08 p15
Locust Grove, City: Wi05 on map p18; Su10 p15; Post Office Fa11 p4
Logo, Douglas County for Oregon 150th birthday: Cover Fa08
Lohr, Oscar: Fa10 p19
Lone Rock: Fa00 p60; Fa08 p11; Sp12 p18
Lone Rock Covered Bridge: Wi10 p21
"Lone Rock Free State" by Lavola J. Bakken: Sp00 p21
Lone Rock Road: Sp03 p23
Lone Rock School: Fa10 p5
Long, Cody: Fa16 p19
Long, Emma M.: Wi11 p20
Long Family Cemetery: Fa16 p18
Long, Frank: Wi12 p20
Long, Jim: article by Fa08 p8
Long, John Jackson & Minerva Jane née Smith: DLC Wi11 pp19,20 photo 21; Su16 p6
Long, John Family Cemetery 1871: Wi11 p19
Long, Minerva A.: Wi11 p20
Long, Marquis: Wi11 p20
Long, Mary Jane (later Aldridge): Wi11 p20
Long Prairie: Sp02 pp19,22; Wi15 p7
Long, Robert Wesley: Wi11 p20
Long, Mrs. S. A.: Su10 p4
Long, Sarah Elizabeth (later Westenhiser): Su16 p6
Long Tom River: Wi13 map p3
Long Tom Road: Fa19 p11
Longbrake, Margaret & Norma: Wi03 p20
Longmire, Elcaine & Martha Ann née Speak: Sp14 pp3,18
Long's Hall at Coles Balley, Su05 p4
Lookingglass: Wi01 pp76,78,81; Su05 p11; Sp06 p7; Fa07 p19; Wi08 p4; Su09 p12; Post Office Fa11 p4; Cemetery 1871: Wi11 p19; Su14 p5
Lookingglass Creek: Wi01 p76; Covered Bridge Sp11 p6
Lookingglass Road: Wi09 p5
Lookouts, list of: Wi00 p80
Loon Lake: Fa09 p9; Sp11 p9; Su11 p5
Lord & Peters: Sp65 p13; Su00 pp30,32,45; Su10 p7 (Ladd, sic)
Lord, Erastus (Lord & Peters): Su10 p19
"Lost County of Umpqua, Oregon": Su03 p47
Lost Creek; Su08 p18; Su09 p13; Grave Site 1875: Wi11 p21
Lost Lake: Fa03 p55
Lough, Fred: Su01 p35
Lough, Mr. & Mrs.: Su01 pp31,33,38
Lough, Sam: Su01 p40
Lough, Sarah: Su01 p40
Louis Creek Printing: Printed the "Trapper" from Fa85 to Fa99
Louis Post Office: Su11 p7 & Fa11 p4
Louisville: Fa11 p10
Love, Elmer: Su13 p14
Lower Garden Valley Road: Su05 p14; Wi11 p17
Lower Scottsburg, Ore.: Sp65 p15; Su00 pp30,31,34; Fa13 p22
Lower Smith River: Cemetery Sp12 p10
Lowery, Louise: Su13 p21; Fa16 p20
Loyal Mystic Legion of America: Sp17 p17
Loyd, David: Su10 p16
Lucas, Earl A.: Wi01 p83
Lucas Family: Wi01 p81
Luce Land Co, Sutherlin: Fa15 p6
Lundeen, Amber: Su13 p6
Lurley: Post Office Fa11 p5
Lutheran Women's Missionary League: Sp16 p19
Luxury Theaters: Myrtle Creek Sp13 p18; Su13 pp13,20
Lyman, Capt. Albert: Sp02 p14; Wi05 p19
Lyman Journal: Su00 p37; Fa11 p17; Fa13 p4
Lyons Hotel: Su00 pp34,36,38,42; Fa02 p58; Wi05 p7
Lyons Family: Sp00 p12
Lyons, Daniel J. (O'Roark?) & Virginia (Putnam): Sp00 pp4,6,10; Su00 pp37,38; Fa02 p58; Sp10 p4; Su10 p7
Lyons, Joseph A.: a family history Sp18 & Su18 issues
Lyons, Jennie: Fa14 p8
Lyons, Mary: Sp00 p6
Lyons, Susan: Sp00 p6
Lyons, Virginia (Putnam): Su00 p42; Fa02 p58

M.E. Church South: Sp04 pp13,14; Su04 pp6,15; Fa04 p6; Sp05 p7
Mabie, James Madison: Wi11 p8
Mac's Place: Fa01 p52; Wi11 p16
Maccabees: Fa00 pp52,60
Macabee Hall: Su05 p4
Mace Mtn.: Fa01 pp56,59; Sp12 p18
Macey Family Cemetery: Wi11 p21
Macklin, Henry: Fa06 p4
Mac's Place: Fa08 p10
Madison Road: Wi11 p18
Maddox, Mrs. B. W.: Wi12 photo p17
Maddox, Darrell: Su19 p30
Madrone Tree: Fa01 p56; Su05 p10
Magness, Dave: Sp01 p23
Magnuson Bill: Su19 p10
Magruder, Theophilus: Su16 p4
Maiden, Miss Daisy (Edenbower): Wi13 p18
Main St., Roseburg: Su05 p4; Su06 photo p9; Sp08 p9; Sp09 p21
Majestic Theater, Roseburg: photo Su05 p5; Sp13 p10 photos pp11,16; Wi13 p20
Malheur County: Sp02 p11
Mall chain saw: Fa01 p59
Mallory Motel: Fa01 p53
Mallory, Rufus: Sp02 p4; Sp19 p12
Malone, Patrick J.: Fa19 p22
Manley: Myrtle Creek S.P. agent Fa06 p20
Manley, Starns & Harrison: Su04 pp6,12,13
Manifest Destiny: Wi01 p86; Fa18 p3
Mann, Samuel S. Co.: Su00 p36
Manning Road: Wi11 p8
Mantle, Abe: Fa09 p20
Maple, Ed (Scripture?): Fa04 p9; Wi04 p10, 11
Maple Grove (Gardiner): Su16 photo p16
Mar & Muir, Oregon City: Wi04 p17
Maria C. Jackson State Park: Su09 pp13,14
Marical, Carol: Wi08 p18,19
"Marine History of the Pacific Northwest": Fa07 p10
Marion Building: Fa01 p59
Marion County, Ore.: Sp00 p21
Markee, Robert O.: Sp01 p12
Marker, Capt. A. R.: Wi08 p7
Markham: DLC Wi11 p16
Markham, Bill: Fa01 p52; Su13 pp14,17
Markham Creek: Road Wi11 p16
Markham Group: Su13 p18
Markham, Jack: Su13 p14
Markham, John: Fa01 p52
Mark's Cannery, Gardiner: Su08 p13; Rogue River Su08 p15
Marks, Ed: Su05 p7
Marks Friedlander Store: Wi11 p19
Marks, Nancy A. (Wimberly): Sp00 p21, photo 22,23
Marks, Samuel: Su10 p19
Marquam, Alfred B.: Fa11 p3
Marr, Agnes: Su02 p27
Marr Flat: Su02 p27
Marr, James Franklin: Su02 p27
Marr, Jess & Blanch née Dillingham: Su02 p27
Marr Ranch: Su02 p27; Haying photos Su02 pp33,37, fence building 38
Marr, Raymond W. & Jean née Clark: Su02 p27; Sp03 p22
Marsh, George: Wi02 p75, Marsh Octagon barn sketch pp80,88
Marshall Wells Hardware: Fa00 p56
Marshfield, Ore.: Su09 p15
Marsters, A. C. & Mrs.: Sp08 p12
Marsters Block: Fa00 pp51,58, photo 59
Marsters Bridge: Wi00 p94
Marsters Drug Store: Fa10 photo p5
Marsters, Horace & Mrs.:
Mason, J. D.: Wi06 p21
Masonic Cemetery: Sp07 p19; Wi01 p92; Sp05 p15; Wi08 p7
Masonic Lodge: Fa08 p10; Roseburg Laurel Lodge, story of Wi08 p3-8 photos pp5&6; Fa09 p10
Fa10 p3; Sp13 p10
Martin Brothers Box: Fa01 pp52,55, aerial photo of 57,61
Martin, Jackson: Su16 p8
Martin, Lena: Sp14 p5
Martin, Polk: Su01 pp38,40
Martin, Col. William Jennings: Sp16 p7, mini bio p11 et seq.; Sp19 p11
Martin, William: Su10 p18
Martindale, Alston: DLC Wi11 p21
Martindale Cemetery 1882: Wi11 p10; Wi11 p21
Martindale's Quartz Mine: Su10 p12
Mary Moore Prune: Su05 p9
Mary's (Mill) Creek: Sp02 p21
Masonic Temple: Fa00 p51, photo 57,58
Mather, Roxanna: Wi01 p76
Mathews, Alfred: Fa11 p11
Mathis, Eugene: Wi08 p7
Matoon, Abe: Su08 p5
Matthews, Bob: Fa07 photo p21
Matthews, Catherine: Su03 p46; Wi12 p8
Matthews, Frank: Fa10 p19
Matthews, Jane: Wi12 p17
Matthews, Leander Linton & Sarah Ellen née Shrum: Wi12 p7
Matthews, Leona Celia (later Mrs. Carl C. Hill): Wi12 photo p7
Matthews, Nancy: Sp12 p16
Matzvey, Albert: Su10 p18
Maule, W. H.: Sp04 p7
Maupun (Maupin?), Una: Su05 p7
Maury, Joe: Fa02 pp64,66
May, Mr.: Su01 p40
Mayborn, George: Wi01 p81
Mayer, Bob: poems by Fa08 pp6,7
Mazama Timber: Fa01 p52
McAdams: Su16 p8
McAlpin, S.P. engineer Don G.: Wi08 p17
McBee, Bill: Fa06 p4
McBee, John: Sp06 p17
McBeth, Mr.: Wi11 p16
McCabe, Deputy Harry: Sp03 p9.
McCall, Gov. Tom & Audrey: Fa10 p8
McCarver: Wi17 p10
McCauley, Jas: Su04 p22
McClallen House: Sp65 photo p14
McClanahan, J. F.: Fa14 photo p17
McCollum, Pat: Wi03 p20
McCollum, Willard & Vida Pepiot: Wi03 p5 photo, pp9,15,29, photo,30
McCormick, George: Su11 p8
McCormick, Maynard: Fa01 p55
McCraw, C. L.: Su19 p27
McCrea, H. C.: Su18 p12
McCulloch Family Cemetery 1882: Wi11 p21
McCulloch, William Neeley: Wi01 p80; DLC Wi11 p21
McCurdy, Fats, Oakland shop: Wi03 p28
McDonald, Jim: Su06 p20
McDonald, Mrs. Rollin: Su19 p3
McDowell, J. B.: Fa02 p66
McGee, John: Su11 p6
McGraw, Charles L: S.P. employee Wi08 p17
McGregor's Market: Fa00 p60
McGinnis, Angelique née Lavadour: Su15 photo p10
McGinnis Creek: Su11 p5
McGinnis, Dave: Su15 photo p10
McGinnis, Joe: Su15 photo p10
McGinnis, Susan (later Campian): Su15 photo p10
McGuire Family Cemetery 1856: Wi11 p21
McGuire, St. Fish Commissioner Hollister. D.: drowning of Su04 pp9,10,11; recovery of Fa04 p5; Su08 p14; Su18 p8
McGuire, Thomas: DLC Wi11 p21
McFadden, Judge W. S.: Sp03 p4
McFarland, Roy: Wi08 pp15,17; Su19 pp3,25
McHenry, Mrs. Florence: Sp12 p4; Wi12 p19
McIntosh, William: Fa09 p9
McIntyre, Leland & Mrs: Sp06 p19
McKay, Alice: Su08 p7
McKay (McKie?) "Whiz" Dave: Wi03 p26; Su05 p18
McKay, David & Mary Ellen née Dimmick: Fa10 p3
McKay, Dee & Ethel née Kent: Fa06 p22
McKay, Del & Virginia "Ginny" née Gibbons + Del Jr., Mike, Dave & Mark: Su09 p8; Fa10 cover photo & bio pp3-9
Mckay Drug Store: Fa10 p5
McKay, Grace: Su08 p7
McKay, Johnathan & Lissette: Wi11 p16
McKay, Harold & Edith née Brown: Su09 p6,8; Fa10 p3 photo p4
McKay, Jean Baptiste Desportes Dupate: Wi11 p16
McKay, John; Su08 p7
McKay, Marie: Su15 p12
McKay, Nathaniel: Wi02 p93
McKay, Old Fort: Su05 pp4,12,21
McKay, Tom: Su05 p18; Sp65 p2
McKay, Verna: Su08 p7
McKean, Elmer: Wi16 p23
McKee, Joseph & Margaret née Kingry: Fa16 p17
McKeer, Bill: Su08 p18
McKie (McKay) Dave: Wi03 p26; Su05 p18
McKinley, Ore.: Su09 pp15,17
McKinney, James: Su11 p17; Fa11 p6; Su16 p7
McKinzey's Fork Willamette: Wi13 map p3
McKure, Robert: Fa11 p10
McLallen House: Su08 p15
McLaughlin Creek: Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, twins Del & Ivolene: Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, Eldon: Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, Elwood: Wi00 p88
McLaughlin, Grant: Wi00 p78
McLaughlin, Herman: Wi00 pp75,78
McLaughlin, John: Su05 p18; Sp13 p3; Su15 p7
McLaughlin, Joseph Sr. & Martha Elvira (Kelly): Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, Joseph Alexander Jr. & Clara Theresa (Bonebrake): Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, Harriet: Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, Orvilla Marie: Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, Robert: Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, Robert: Su01 p40
McLaughlin, Shirley: Wi09 p6
McLaughlin, Stacy; photo by Fa02 p70. Sp03 p20; Fa10 p9
McLaughlin, Thomas: Wi00 p75
McLaughlin, Ursis "Ursie or Mac" Floyd & Evalyn (Casebeer) Bonebrake: Cover photo Wi00 p75, photo 82, photo 95
McLaughlin, Vera: Wi00 p75
McLeay Estates Cannery: Su08 p15
McLeod: Su16 p8
McMillen, Lavola: Su02 p45
McMillen, "Mr. Mac" & "Mrs. Mac": Su02 p45; Su03 p32; Fa08 p10
McMillen, W.W. "Bill": Su11 p18
McMullin, K. F.: Fa00 p56
McName, Mr.: Wi04 p18
McNary, Senator: Sp01 p18; Fa14 p15
McQuade, Mrs.: Sp05 p23
McTammany Organettes: Wi15 p11
McTavish, Allan, & McKinley: Su00 p36
Meacham, Alfred: Su16 p12
Meadows Ranch: Su11 p5
Meek, Col. Joseph L.: Wi01 pp86,92; Wi06 p12; Fa12 p9; Wi14 p18 (error, it was Steve Meek, not Joe) Fa18 p3; Sp65 p2
Meek, Stephen H. L.: Cover photo Sp65, bio p2
Meeks, Gary: Wi08 pp10,11
Meeker, Bill: Fa06 p4
Meese, Dick: Fa06 p21
Mehl Canyon: Sp10 p9
Mehl Creek: Road Su11 p8
Meldrum, Charles: Sp05 p20
Meldrum, Judge J. W.: Sp05 p20
Mello-Maid Creamery: Wi09 p7
Mellow Moon: Fa01 p61
Melo-O-West-Reedsport Creamery: Fa09 p15
MeloMaid Creamery: Su09 p6; Fa09 pp15,16
Melodeon: Sp12 photo p12
Melons: Wi01 pp74,83; Dillard history of Fa06 pp14-17
Melqua Road: Wi11 pp5,11
Melrose, Ore.: Sp03; Fa03 p56; Fa07 p19; Dairy: Wi09 p8; Su11 p17; Post Office Fa11 p5; Road: Wi11 p15; Cemetery 1854 (French Settlement) Sp12 p6; Su14 p4
Melvin, M. M.: Su18 p12
"Memories of Long Ago" by Shirley Clayton: Wi01 p84
Mental Culture Club: Sp08 p3, charter members p5, photos of pp6-8; p12,21
Meranda, Janet: Wi14 p3
Merchant Protective Association: Fa00 p52
Merchants and Steamers Transportation Co.: Su18 p18
Mercy Hospital (old): Fa06 p17; Wi08 pp11,12; Sp09 p21; Fa10 p20
Merely Players, The: Fa01 p71
Merk, Ed & Bernice née Westenhiser: Su13 pp5,6; cover photo Fa16
Merk, Eugene & Maxine: Fa16 p19
Merriman, Charles: Su08 p5
Merritt, Charles Edward & Pearl A. née Yokum: + Katheryn Elaine: Wi12 p13
Merritt, Oppenheimer & Co.: Su00 p37
Metcalf, Robert B.: Wi06 p21; Sp16 p4 et seq.; Su16 p3 et seq.
Methodist Church: Wi08 p11; Fa10 p3
Methodist Episcopal Church: Sp08 p9
Metropolitan Hotel; Wi15 19
Metropolitan Saloon: Wi15 p11
Metz Hill: Cemetery 1885 Wi11 p15; Sp12 p6
Metzger Co.: Fa09 pp15,16
Mexican War: Sp01 p4; Wi01 pp85,86,91; history of & photos Wi06 pp6-12
Meyer's Place: Sp06 p8; Su06 p9; Fa12 p9
Micelli, Bob: Su09 p7
Micelli, Frank: Wi12 p6
Micelli, Joe: Sp00 p14
Micelli Park: Su03 p33; Wi12 p6
Micelli, Victor J. & Christina née Laursen: Su03 pp31,32, photo & info pp33,35,36,41,47; Wi08 p8; Cover photo Sp12 p23; Sp12 p4; Cover photo Wi12 photos pp5 et seq.
Michael James Photography Studio: Fa00 p56
Michalek, Dr. Lewis: Su19 p13
Michigan, Univ. of: Fa02 p64
Micholson & Moore: Su00 p36
Mid-Oregon Printing: Printed the "Trapper" from Wi99 to Sp00 then Fa00 to Fa02
Middle Creek: Su11 p15
Middle Fork Coquille River Covered Bridge: Sp11 p3
Middle Fork Willamette River: Wi13 map p3
Middletown (Middleton) City: Wi05 on map p18; Wi13 map p3
Mildred Jenkins Dance Studio: Fa01 p71
Military Road: Su00 p29; Sp02 p15; Wi05 on map p18; Su09 p12
Mill (Mary's) Creek: Sp02 p21
Mill Creek Mill: Sp02 p22; Covered Bridge Sp11 p9
Mill-Pine neighborhood: Sp03 pp17,21; Sp12 p12
Mill Site Park: Wi10 p7
Milledge, Luther: Su06 p15; Fa06 p8
Milledge & Pickens General Merchandise: Su06 p15 photo p16; Fa06 p10
Miller, Amy: Su08 p7
Miller & Dean: Su00 p36
Miller, Capt. Wi06 p20
Miller, Harvey: Wi09 p6
Miller, Maj. Isaac: Su08 p4
Miller, Rev. J. W.: Sp19 p16
Miller, Marion: Su09 photo p17
Miller, poet Joaquin: Wi01 p87
Miller, Dr. Ki: Sp00 p14
Miller, Rev. W. G. or G. W.: Wi01 p80; ferryman Fa06 p10
Miller, S. C.: Su06 p8; Fa06 p20
Miller, Dr. William: Su10 p19
Miller, William Coddigan & Rudama née Walters: Su08 p4
Milling and Transportation Company: Su00 p29
Milo: Covered Bridge: Wi10 pp7,15; Post Office Fa11 p6; Wi14 p8
Millpond: Fa01 p53, shelter 67
Mills, Bill "Dutch": Su19 p25
Mills College; Fa02 p70. Sp03 p16.
Millwood: Su08 p18; Sp09 p7; Post Office Fa11 photo p6
Millwood Road Bridge: Su08 p18
Millwood: Stage: Su04 p11; mail delivery Su05 p12
Milwaukee Pump Co.: Wi02 p76
Minard, Maude: Su08 p7
Minde, Karl: Su08 p7
Mining Minerals Manufacturing: Fa10 p19
Minkler, Miss Amy (?) (Edenbower): Sp04 p5; Sp05 p7; Wi13 p18
Minkler, Hazel (Edenbower): Wi13 p18
Minkler (MInker?), Mr.: Fa04 p4; Sp05 p7
Minnesota Rooming House: Wi04 p17
Minter, Harold A.: Fa07 p14; Wi08 p8
Mires, Austin: Fa09 p3; Sp19 p9
Mires, Benton: Sp19 p9
Mires, John H.: Sp19 p3
Mirror, 1st in Douglas Co.: Wi09 p22
Mirror Vale (Lookingglass): Su05 p11
Miser, H. L.: Fa11 p14
Mission Chapel, Edenbower: Wi13 p18
Mist Logging Co.: Fa01 p53
Mitch, Jim: Sp09 p16
Mitchell, Bob: Fa01 p59
Mitchell Farm Wagon: Fa06 p15
Mitchell, Hon. J. H.: Fa04 p17
Miwaleta, Chief: Su03 p44
Model Bakery: Fa09 p15
Modern Bakery: Su09 p3
Modern Floor Covering: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5
"Modest Dance" 1914 ordinance: Wi09 p18
Modest, Sloop of War: Sp13 p3
Modoc Indians: Su08 p4; Su10 p5
"Monitor" NBC program: Su09 p21
Monmouth Normal School: Su02 p27
Mont Alto Ranch: Fa00 p60
Montgomery Ward: Sp05 p20; Su09 p6; Sp13 p10; Sp13 p14; Wi15 p11
Moody, Mrs. Eleanor: Su19 p8
Moody, Phyllis: Sp08 p15
Moon, Alonzo W.: Su11 p21
Mooney, Bill: Su14 p15
"Moonshining": Sp11 p23
Moore, Ada: Wi01 p81
Moore, Arch & Frankie: Wi03 pp8,15,18
Moore, Corrine: Wi03 p3
Moore, Edwin Marshall & Alice Ellen Graylord: cover photo Su03 p30,42; History and Legacy of Su12 "Trapper" issue, Cover photo of Moore House, Edwin photo p5, Alice & Lillie photos p8 et seq.; Wi15 p10
Moore, Dr. Frank Jr. "Frankie": p16; Cemetery Sp12 photo p18
Moore House: as Pioneer Cottage; cover photo Su03 pp30,35
Moore, Ida (later Kimball): Sp12 p9
Moore, John White: Sp04 p4 et seq.; Su04 p3 et seq.; Fa04 p4 et seq.; Wi04 p3 et seq.; Sp05 p4 et seq.; Sp12 p9
Moore, Joseph: Su00 p36
Moore, Lillie Lela: cover photo Su03 p30; Sp08 p5; Sp12 p3 et seq.; Wi12 p3 et seq.; Wi12 p22
Moore, Luther B. apparently works at the train station: Sp04 p4; Su04 p22; Fa04 p11 et seq.; Wi04 p10 et seq.; Sp05 p4 et seq.
Moore, Lynn & Margaret née Pepiot: Wi03 p20 photo 21, photo 30; Su09 p10 photos p11
Moore, Marcus or Marion, or Marquis Lafayette, Diary excerpts of: All four 2004 "Trappers." Mr. Moore used many first names, often cannot tell if family or friend. Mame, Sade, Laura, Stella, Harvey, Sister, all used often. (The cover of the Winter 2004 issue was misprinted as 2005.)
Moore, Margaret Pepiot family: Cover and subject of Wi03; Bio of Su09 pp10,11
Moore, Mary Bell (Knott): Wi01 p81
Moore, Mary Orchard & Prune: Su05 p9
Moore, Nancy Lavina: Wi01 p81
Moore, Pearl: Wi12 p17
Moore, Robert: Wi03 p20
Moore, Samuel C. & Mary Jane McCulloch Moore: photo Wi01 p76 et seq.
Moore, William (Dole): Su14 p5; Su16 p7
Moore, William M. & Lucy née Simmons: Sp04 p3 et seq.; Su04 p4 et seq.; Fa04 p4 et seq.; Wi04 p6 et seq.; Sp05 p4 et seq.
Morey, Mr.: Sp65 p14; Su00 p32
Morgan, Chester: Su19 p5
Morgan, Christine: Sp03 p24
Morgan, Jeffrey: Su19 p5
Morin, Geri: Sp09 p23
Morris, Pat Wi09: p19
Morris Products: Fa09 p16
Morrow, Honore Wilson: Sp12 p13
Morse, Sen. Wayne: Su03 p32; Wi12 p3
Mortenson, Jim: Su05 p7
Mozena, Howard W. & Merle née Beresford née Brumfield: Fa14 p8
Mosher, Lafayette F. & Winnifred née Lane: Wi06 pp18,21; Wi08 pp3,6; Wi12 photo p18
Mossman, Isaac V.: Su10 p6
Mote Place: Fa06 p14
Mott Memorial Bridge: Wi00 p85, photos 86,87; Wi10 pp5,14; Sp11 p14
Mott, Maj. Jordan Lawrence: Wi00 p85; Wi10 p14
Mound City, Ill.: Wi02 p91
Mount Scott: Post Office Fa11 pp6,9
Mountain Grouse: Su08 p10
Mountain Grove Cemetery: Sp12 p6
Mountain Grove Center for New Education: Sp12 p6
Mountain Lion: Wi13 p7
Mountain House Stage Station: Fa06 p21
Mountain Meadows: Wi00 p76
Mountain Quail: Su08 p10
Mountain Road (Old): Fa06 p21,22
Mountain Trout: Fa03 p56
Movie Theaters and Drive-Ins: A History, Sp13 issue
Moyer, Tom "The Sellwood Socker": Sp13 p18, bio p19; Su13 pp13,16,18
Mt. Aldo Ranch (Driver Valley): Wi11 p15
Mt. Bolivar: Su10 p12
Mt. Nebo; Sp65 photo p14; Sp03 p10. Scholarship Fund Wi08 p8; Su09 p12; Su19 p17
Mt. O'Bette: Fa06 pp9,11
Mt. O'Bette Lumber Co.: Fa06 p3
Mt. Reuben: Su11 p21; Fa11 p11
Mt. Scott: Su10 p19
Mt. Sexton: Fa09 p22
Mt. Tabor Streetcar Co.: Fa06 p7
Mt. Thielsen: Fa08 pp5,11
Mt. Tyee: Sp65 p7; Wi11 p16
Mullen, Pres. J. W.: Sp01 pp4,9
Multnomah County, Ore.: Sp01 p3
Mulvaney, William A.: Fa11 p9
Mumpower, John: Su08 p5
Munson, Mark: Wi13 p18
Murch Bros. Construction Co. of St. Louis: Sp01 p18
Murdock, Roseburg Chief of Police V. M.: Su03 p34
Murphy, Bill: Fa10 p12
Murphy, Delmar & Genevieve née Lansing: Su05 pp6,20; Fa10 p12
Murphy Family Burials: Sp12 p6
Murphy, George Edward & Catherine, children Agness & Marko: Sp12 p7
Murphy, Julia (later Perkins): Sp12 p7
Murphy, Laverne & Merle: Wi02 p77; Sp03 p25; poems by Sp06 p3 & Fa08 p16
Murphy, Margaret (later Wade): Sp12 p7
Murphy, Patrick: Fa05 p10 et seq.
Murphy, Peggy (later Clark): Fa10 p12
Murray, Capt. Alexander Sinclair: Fa07 p3 et seq.
Murray Cemetery 1862: Sp12 p6
Murry, Robert M.: Wi16 p14
Murtagh, Henry: Fa08 p21
Myers, Maurice: Sp04 p7; Wi04 p11
Myers, Ross: Fa03 p56
Mynatt: DLC Wi11 p13; Sp19 p16
Myrtle City (Upper Scottsburg): Sp65 p15; Sp02 p11; Post Office Fa11 p7; Fa13 p22; Wi13 map p3
Myrtle Creek, Ore.: Sp00 p16; Su01 p38; Fa01 p55; Su05 p9; Fa09 pp21,22; Covered Railroad Bridge: Sp11 p16; Pioneer Cemetery Wi11 p4; Sp12 pp5,6; Covered Railroad Bridge: Sp11 p16; I.O.O.F. Cemetery Sp12 p5,9; Odd Fellows Cemetery Sp12 p6; Opera House Sp13 p4; Su14 p5
Myrtle Creek, South: Su01 p37; Wi02 p77
Myrtle Dairy, Myrtle Creek: Wi09 p7
Myrtle Point, Ore.: Sp02 p23; Su09 p16
Myrtle Theater: Sp13 p14 photo p15

Naomi Scott's Music School: Fa00 p54
Napsassant, Louis: Sp16 p4, mini bio p10
Nathaniel Ford Wagon Train: Sp02 p6
Nation, Carrie: Sp08 p3
National Editorial Association: Fa04 p19
National Environmental Policy Act (N.E.P.A.): Fa01 p69
National Guard: Wi08 p10; Wi12 p6; Su19 pp16,28
National Historic Preservation Week: Su03 pp43,48
National Plywood: Fa01 p55
National Register of Historic Places: Fa00 pp51,60; Su03 p49; Sp13 p14
National Tribune: Sp04 p5
Nationalist: Wi01 p86
Natron Cutoff (Cascade Line): Su06 p22
Naval Reserve Headquarters: Sp01 p22
Navy, United States: Wi02 pp91-94
Neal, Fred: Fa10 p19
Neal Lane Covered Bridge: Wi10 p9
Neavoll, Jess: Wi03 p12
Nebo, Mt.: photo from, Sp01 p12; Sp03 p10
Nebo: Su19 p7
Needham, Mr. (of Edenbower?): Sp04 p12
Neet, Charles W.: Fa11 p7
Neet: Post Office Fa11 p7
Negro (Nigger) Creek: Sp15 p5
Neiderheise, Leta Lovelace: Fa13 p18
Neilson's Market: Fa10 p12
Nelson, Annie: Su18 p8
Nelson, Cornelia: hole Fa19 photo p6
Nelson, Ed: Wi09 p6
Nelson, Mrs. Gail: Fa14 pp13,18
Nelson, Helma: Su11 p13
Nelson, Jess: Su19 p25
Nelson, Lee H.: Wi10 p23
Nelson, Lloyd: Wi09 p6; Su19 p25
Nelson, Thomas: Fa19 p7
Nerbas Apts. Glendale: Fa08 p23
Nerbas, Sabrina: Fa01 p70
Nesmith, James W.: Wi01 pp86,89; Wi06 p21; Sp07 pp4,19
Nesseth, Leonard: Wi02 pp75,79,81, photo pp82,83,88; blast photo of Wi08 p14
NetFlix: Su13 p20
Neuberger-Porter Bill: Wi12 p4; Su19 p10
Neuberger, Sen. Richard L.: Wi12 pp3,4; Su19 p10
Neuner, Dist. Atty. George & Myrtle née Campbell: Wi08 p23; Su14 pp3,15; Fa14 p3 photo with children Betty Fa14 pp12,17, Carol Fa14 p17, & George William Jr. Fa14 p12; autobiography of Fa14 pp12-19 photo p16
Neuner, George William Jr.: Fa14 pp12,17,18
Neves, Mathew: Wi01 p78
New Day Quality Groceries: Sp16 p21
New Life Christian Center: Su13 p13
New Odessa: Wi09 pp20,21
Newcomb, Silas: Story of by Stephen Dow Beckham, Fa13 & Wi13 issues; Bio Wi13 p12
Newhard (Newhart?) Slaughter House: Su14 p8; Fa14 p18
Newland, J. C.: Fa09 p10
Newton, Blanch née Jones: Su11 p23
Newton Creek: Fa01 p64
Newton Road: Wi11 p8
New Service Laundry: Su09 p3
New York Tribune: Sp00 p3
Nichols Cemetery: Wi11 p10
Nichols, Charleen: Wi03 p3
Nichols: Post Office Fa11 pp8,10
Nichols Ranch, Brockway: Sp06 photo p13
Nichols, Israel B.: Sp06 p17; Su10 photo p7
Nichols, C. H. "Sid": Su11 photo p11
Nichols, T. B.: Su11 p6
Nichols, Victor Sp06 p17
Nichols, Viola B.: Fa11 p8
Nicholson, Capt. Jack: Su00 p41; Wi05 photo p10; Fa13 photo p13
Nicholson, John: Su00 p30
Nickel, Mr.: Wi06 p20
Nickell, Charles: Sp01 p9
Nickelson, Jack: Su10 p7
Niday, Family: Wi14 p13
Nigger (Negro) Creek: Sp15 p5
"Night Crawler" train: Su08 p8; Su09 p19
Nishimoto, George: Fa01 p69
Noah Cemetery 1882: Sp12 p9
Noah, Charles: Su01 p38
Noah, David J.: Su06 p10; Fa06 pp8,14
Noah, Jim: ferryman Fa06 p10
Noble B. Goettel Trust: Su03 p51
Nobles, Susan: Sp08 p16
Noel Burial: Sp12 p9
Noel Creek: Sp12 p9
Nofog: Post Office Fa11 p8; Cemetery Sp12 p10
Noms de Plumes, pen names, Pseudonyms: "An Umpqua Boy" Fa07 p14
Norman, Fred: Su05 p12
Norman, James B.: Wi10 p23
Nonpareil: Wi03 pp3,10, school pp11,26,27,29, student photo pp12,15, store pp18,23,24; Grange Hall Su05 p4; Su09 p10; Post Office Fa11 p8
Nonpareil Quicksilver Mine: Fa11 p8
Norfolk: Post Office Fa11 p8
Norris Creek: Fa01 p53
Norris, Frank: Su18 p12
Norris, M.L.: Su06 pp8,15; Fa06 p20
North Bend, Ore.: Su09 p15
North Deer Creek: Wi00 p75; Su02 pp27,28; school Fa07 p19
North Drain Cemetery: Sp12 p10
North Fork Ranger Station: Wi00 p76
North Fork Smith River Covered Bridge: Sp11 p8; Fa11 p8; Cemetery 1875 Sp12 p10
North Myrtle Creek: Fa08 p8
North Pacific College of Pharmacy: Fa10 p5
North Umpqua: Sp00 p18; Su00 p40; Wi00 p75; Fa01 p51, ed seq., photo of falls at Rock Creek p54 et seq.; Sp03 p23; Wi03 p26; Su04 p9; Fa10 p6
North Umpqua Ranger District: Wi00 p84
North Umpqua Timber Company: Fa01 p56
North Umpqua Trail: Wi00 p78
North West Company: Sp65 p5; Su15 p6
Northcraft, John: Fa06 p13
Northern Battalion of the Oregon Volunteers: Fa00 p51
Northern Pacific Railroad: Su15 p20
Northrup, Herbert N. "Daro-cot": Fa09 p22
Northup, Hon. H. H.: Sp01 p3
Northwest National Soldiers' Home: Sp01 p9
Northwest Turkey Show: Wi02 p76
Norton Canning Co.: Fa09 p15
Norton, Frank: Su05 p9
Notestein, Cpl. Aaron: Sp01 p11
Noyer, Clarence: Wi09 p7
Nuggett: Post Office Fa11 p8

O & C Act: Fa01 pp51,61
O. C. Brown Park: Wi11 p6
Oak Creek: Sp00 p21; Su02 p40; Fa07 p19; Post Office Fa11 p8; Cemetery Sp12 p11
Oak Grove (Ruckles, Dole): Fa11 p13; Fa12 p20; Sp14 pp4,5
Oak Grubs: Sp04 p10
Oak Hill Road: Su05 p14; Sp08 p15
Oak Street: blast photo Wi08 p13
Oak Street Bridge: Su09 p7
Oak Trees: Su05 p10
Oakland, Ore.: Su00 pp30,32; Fa01 p55, aerial photo 57,61; Wi02 p76; Sp03 p26; Su03 p44; Wi03 p8,28ff; Fa04 p10; Sp05 p17; Su05 p3 et seq.; Wi05 on map p18; Su07 p3 et seq.; Sp09 p7
Illahee Mill Fa09 pp16,23; Cemetery 18661 & I.O.O.F. & Masonic & Old Town & City & Citizens Sp12 p11
Oakland Community Church: Su07 p22
Commercial Bank of: Su05 p19
E. G. Young Bank of: Su05 p6
First Church of Christ: Su07 p22
First Oregon Cavalry: Sp19 p4
First Paved Road in Oregon: Su09 p15
First United Methodist Church: Wi08 p10; Fa09 p7
Oakland Museum: Su03 p48
Oakland Road: Fa04 p23
Thomas Hotel: Su07 p7
Oberman, Fern Thornton: Wi03 p20
O'Brien, Jack: Fa01 p62
O'Brien, Pat: Su19 photo p25
Octagon Barn: sketch of Wi02 p80
Ocumpaugh: Ranch Sp12 p15
Oden, Volney: Su02 p35
Oerdings' Hardware: Fa10 p12
Ohio Fruit Company: Fa08 p10
Ohio Mechanics Institute Exhibition: Sp00 p6
O'Kelly, Nimrod: Sp15 p4
Olalla: Sp01 p9; Wi01 pp81,83; Sp06 p11; Covered Bridge: Sp11 p7; Fa06 p7, Pioneer picnic photo p12; Post Office Fa11 p9; Creek Wi11 p21
Olberman, commuted hanging: Su04 p16
Olcott, Atty. & Gov.: much spelling confusion with "Trapper" names here. Olcutt, Olcott, Orcutt, George W., A. N. & Ben W. all used seemingly interchangeably: Su14 pp11,13
Old Baldy (Bland Mtn.): Su15 p14
Old Buffalo Pitts Thresher: Su06 p11
Old Garden Valley Road (Original): Su05 p12
Old North Umpqua Road: Sp11 p4
Old Oakland Road Bridge: Su08 p18
"Old Oregonians": Sp15 p3
"Old Umpqua": Fa09 p3
Oldham Creek: Fa01 p55; Wi11 p11,15
Olds & King: Sp05 p20
Ollivant Covered Bridge: Sp11 p7
Ollivant, Don: Fa08 p8
Olmstead, John: DLC Wi11 p21
Olson, Dave: Fa01 p55
Olson, Harry: Fa01 p56
Olson, Ole: Fa01 p62
Omark Building: Fa01 p53
On the Oregon Cavalcade: Fa10 p9
"On to Oregon" by Hounre Wilson Morrow: Sp12 p13
"On to Oregon 'The Easy Way'" by Margie Brown: Sp00 p3
Ondracek, Jack & Cindy: Sp13 p18
"One Hundred Years in Canyonville" by Bess Clough: Su03 p37; Wi12 p16
Orange R; Sp03 p16
Orchard Auto Parts: Fa01 p60
Orcutt: Atty. A. N.: much spelling confusion with "Trapper" names here. Olcutt, Olcott, Orcutt, George W., A. N. & Ben W. all used seemingly interchangeably for Olcott: Su14 p11,13; Su14 p14,16; Fa14 pp7,18
Orcutt, Fern: Su08 p9
Oregon and California Railroad: Fa00 p51; Sp06 p19; Su06 p18 photos pp19-22; Fa06 pp6,23; Fa08 p10; Su09 p19; Sp11 pp10,16; Wi12 p14; Wi13 p8; Su15 p20
Oregon-California Stage Road: Sp06 stage photo p19; Fa06 p21
Oregon and Pacific Railroad (?): Wi09 p21
Oregon City, Ore.: Su00 p29; photos Fa07 pp4,5
Oregon City Enterprise: Sp05 p20
Oregon American Evangelical Unionist: Fa02 p58
Oregon Argus: Sp13 p4
Oregon Bakery: Fa09 p15
Oregon Black Pioneers: Wi14 p9
"Oregon Blue Book": Fa08 p21
Oregon Bottle Collectors Association: Su03 p51
Oregon Coast Artillery: Fa08 p21
Oregon Dairy Institute Conference: Wi09 p12
"Oregon Delegate, The": Sp07 p4
Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): Wi12 p8
Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT): Wi10 pp5,23
Oregon Economic Development Dept.: Su03 p46
Oregon Fish and Wildlife: Fa01 p62; Su08 p15
Oregon Historical Civil Engineering Landmark: Wi10 p14
Oregon Historical Quarterly: Su10 p4 June 1908 issue "Mrs. Jesse Applegate"
Oregon Historical Society: Sp00 p12; Fa02 p58; Su03 p46; Wi10 p23; Sp12 p4
Oregon Hotel: Su00 p29
Oregon Indian Wars, Veterans of: Sp01 p9
Oregon Jazz Band: Su05 p4
Oregon Junior Council Award: Sp00 p20
Oregon Land Act: Su15 p7
Oregon Medical and Surgical Reporter: Sp02 p18
"Oregon My Oregon": article about Fa08 p19
Oregon National Guard (O.N.G.): Co. A, Sp01 p6; Su05 p17; Su19 p28
"Oregon Politician Is Historical Enigma": By Douglas Card: Wi01 p85
Oregon Provisional Government: Fa08 p3
Oregon Public School Law: Sp09 p21
"Oregon Road Maintenance": Brief history of w/photo Su09 p22
Oregon Room: Su05 p17,18
"The Old Soldiers Home": Sp01 pp3, Main building photo 5
"A History of the Oregon State Soldiers' Home": Sp01 p9; Photo of early residents, p9; Photo of grounds, p12; Truck farm photo, p14; Photo of cottages, p15; Hospital photo, p17
"The End of the Old Soldiers' Home": Sp01 p18; Photo of State Soldiers' Home from Harvard Ave. p19; Pottery Building p22
"The Soldiers' Home": by Frazier Ward p23
Oregon Rare and Endangered Plant Species Task Force: Fa01 p69
Oregon Regiment, 2nd: photo Wi04 pp7,8
Oregon Rooming House: photo Wi04 p17
Oregon Sea Grant Program: Fa08 p9
Oregon Seventy-Fifth Birthday: Story of Sp09 p3
Oregon Soldier's Home: photo, Fa01 p65; Sp03 cover photo, p3; Sp04 pp5,11,15; Fa04 pp6,11,21; Sp19 p5
Oregon Spectator of Oregon City: Sp02 p14; Wi06 p15; Fa07 p6 et seq.; Su10 pp3,4; Sp13 p3; Fa13 p14; Su14 p8; Sp17 p13
Oregon State Highway Dept.: Wi10 p3
Oregon State Library: Su03 p42
Oregon State Journal: Wi01 pp89,95
Oregon State Normal School: Fa08 p19; Fa09 p7
Oregon State Penitentiary: Su07 p18
Oregon State Turkey Growers Co-op: Su03 p33
Oregon State University or College: Fa01 p67; O.A.C. Summer School, Su02 p44; Sp03 p3; Wi07 p12; Fa10 p5; Wi14 p3
Oregon State University Extension Service: Fa08 p9
Oregon Statehood: Sp07 p7
Oregon Statesman, The: Fa05 p11 et seq.; Sp07 pp4,6,16; Fa07 p7 et seq.; Su10 p4
"Oregon Style" of journalism: Sp09 p18
Oregon Territory: Wi06 p12; Su15 p7
Oregon history timeline: Sp19 pp19-21
Oregon Trail: Su03 p47
Oregon, University of: Fa02 p62; Wi01 p91; Sp02 p4; Fa02 p52; Fa02 p70; Sp03 pp3,16,20
Oregon Volunteers: Sp10 p19
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (O.W.E.B.): Fa08 p8
Oregon Weekly Times: Sp07 p6,14
Oregonian: Sp00 pp2,13; Su04 p5; Wi06 p19; Sp07 pp12,16; Sp09 p3
Oriental Garden, Roseburg: Su05 p4
Ormsby, Capt.: Sp01 p3
O'Roark, Daniel: Fa02 p58
O'Rourke, John: Sp00 pp6,10
Orr, Barbara: Wi02 p74
Ortiz, Helen: Su07 p21
Osborne, William B. "Bush": Wi00 p78, Oregonian article about p78
Ostbo, John: Fa01 p55
Ostrander, Olive (Hamilton): Sp03 p3; Wi12 p11
Otey Cemetery: Sp12 p11
Ottinger, Eliza: Fa11 p15
Over the Hill Ceramics: Sp08 p17
Overland Trail, The (Old Oregon Trail) : map Wi14 p5
Overmyer, Daniel: Su10 p17
Overton, Ken: Wi00 p78
Owens-Adair, Bethenia: Fa02 p64, photo pp65,67; Sp08 p3 photo p4; Fa13 p3
Owens, Lydia: Sp03 p23
Owens, Thomas: Fa02 p64
"Ozoners": Drive-Ins Sp13 p9

P.A.L.: Fa10 pp14,15
P.C. Advocate: Fa04 p21
Pacific Building: Wi08 p22; Fa09 photo p11; Sp13 photo p16; Su14 p17
Pacific Circus, The: Sp13 p4
"Pacific Confederacy": Fa12 p14
Pacific Fur Co.: Sp65 p5
Pacific Greyhound bus line: Su06 p23
Pacific Highway 99: Fa06 p21
Pacific Mail Steamship Co.: Fa19 p20
Pacific Northwest Tourist Association: Fa00 p54
Pacific Powder Co.: Su19 p9
Pacific Power & Light: Fa10 p18
Pacific O.C.&W. Mills: Su07 p3
Pacific Republic: Sp07 p16
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph: Fa01 p65
Pacific Theater, Reedsport: Su13 photo p11
"Pack Trains of Scottsburg" by William M. Barber: Sp10
Page's Lumber Yard: Wi00 p78
Page Road: Wi11 p18
Pal Motors: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5
Palace Theater: photo Su05 p5; Sp13 pp9,10
Palladio, Andrea: Wi10 p4
Palm, Carl: Sp04 p8
Palm, H.: Wi04 p7
Palm, D. G., Soldiers Home Adj.: Sp04 p8, 16; Fa04 p11 et seq.; Sp05 p21
Palmer, Joel: Wi06 p21; Sp07 p5; misspelled in Wi08 p6; Sp16 p4 et seq. photo p6
Palmer, T. D.: Fa05 p6
Palmer, Peter P.: Sp02 p11
Palmer's Mill: Su08 p5
Palouse, Jasper: Wi03 p25
Panay, U.S.S.: Fa03 p74
Pankey, Don & Ula: Fa03 p67
Panther: Wi13 p7
Panther Creek School: Fa01 p53; Cemetery Sp12 p11
Pappas, Tom: Sp08 p18
Parazoo Family: Wi03 p24
Parazoo (Pariseau), Pierre & Marie née Dompierre: Sp12 p10
Pardee Cemetery 1856: Wi11 p6; See Briggs Cemetery.
Parish, Mr.: Wi05 p17
Pariseau (Parazoo), Pierre & Marie née Dompierre: Sp12 p10
Parker, Charles L.: Su11 p5
Parker, Rebecca: Wi03 p24
Parker Family, The: Su05 p4
Parker, Fred Sr.: Fa14 photo p17
Parker, Rebecca: Wi03 p24
Parker, Dr. Robert: Su09 p18
Parker, Mr. Ross? of Edenbower: Sp04 p7 et seq.; Su04 p5; et seq.; Fa04 p3 et seq. Wi04 p18; Sp05 p14 et seq.
Parker, Thomas & E. née Brown: Wi15 p6
Parkersburg, Ore.: Sp02 p23
Parks, Mr.: Fa04 p6
Parks, Susan Walker: Sp06 p10
Parris, John H.: Su16 p7
Parrott, pioneer family: Wi08 p3
Parrott, Miss Abbie: Sp08 p5
Parrott, Delome (later Henry): Su05 p19
Parrott, E. L.: Wi08 p6
Parrott, Gene: Su04 p11
Parrott, Miss Lizzie: Sp08 p5
Parrott, Moses & Tennesse née Howard + Rosa: Wi12 p9
Parrot Ranch: Fa01 p60
Parrott, Rosa B.: Su03 pp32,41; Wi09 p5; Sp12 p4; Wi12 photo p9 et seq.; Wi12 photo p14; Wi12 photo p17
Parrott, Miss Rosie: Sp17 p17
Parsley, Daniel: Su10 p17
Partie, Mrs. N.: Sp08 p5
Partners for the Umpqua Rivers: Jim Long story of Fa08 p8
Pass Creek: Covered Bridge Wi10 p10; Post Office Fa11 p9; Wi11 p18; Railroad bridge photo Wi13 p14
Pata, Florence Ann: Fa00 p56
Patrequin (Petrequin), Mr. & Mrs. (Edenbower): Fa04 p12 et seq.; Sp05 pp14,22
Petrequin, Ray: Su17 photo p19
Patterson, Abraham & Lovey: DLC Sp12 pp11,12
Patterson, Lute & Bertha: Wi08 p8
Patterson Family Cemetery 1852: Sp12 p11 photo p12
Patterson Mills: Post Office Fa11 p9
Patterson, Mr.: Fa00 pp52,56
Patterson Park: Wi08 p8
Patterson, Samuel: Sp12 p11
Patterson, William: Su10 p16
Patton, Ken D.: song by Wi08 p9
"Paul Bunyan's Toothpicks": Wi10 p3
Paul, Eileen: Sp01 p6; Sp08 p17
Paulson, John: Su05 p7
Paulus Brothers Cannery: Wi01 p83
Paupers Cemetery: Sp12 p12
Pay Down Store: Su10 p8 photo p11
Payton, Dr. Daniel: Su11 p6
Payton Springs: Su11 p6
"Pawnee Bill": Su08 p21
Paxton, Rolla: Sp05 pp16,17
Peabody Specialty Co.: Fa09 p16
Peaches: photo Fa01 p62
Pearce, Harry & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Pearce, Mrs. & Will: Su01 p31
Pearl, Curtiss Roxanne: Wi02 p80
Pearson, Ben: Su08 p3, photo p5
Pearson, Charles & Elisa Ann Pearson: Su08 p3, photo p5
Pearson, Charles Jr.: Su08 pp3,5 et seq.
Pearson, Elmer F.: Su08 p3 et seq.
Pearson, George: Su08 p3; photo p6
Pearson, Henry: Su08 p3
Pearson, Hugh F. : Su08 p3, photos pp11,17,20, of sawmill and home p21
Pearson, Mattie (later Benedict): Su08 p6
Pearson's Springs (now Saratoga Mineral Springs): Su08 p3
Pearson, Steve: Su08 p4 photos pp11,13,17,21; Fa08 photo p9
Pearson Store: Su08 cover photo
Pearson, William James & Rhonda née Miller: Su08 p3, photo p5, home photo p6 et seq.
Pease, Al: Sp04 p21; Su04 p9
Pease, Ida: Sp04 p6
Peck: Post Office Fa11 p10
Pedersen, Roger: Su07 p23
Pedro card game: Wi03 p25
Pedro, Don: Su10 p19
Peel, Ore.: Sp00 p21; Wi00 p84; Fa01 p53; store Sp10 photo p20; Wi10 p20; Post Office Fa11 p10
Peel Grave Site Sp12 p12; Wi12 p7
Pelland, Albert: Wi03 pp8,24,25,26,27
Pelton, Robert: Fa02 p64
Penelton, Lucille (later Bryant): Su05 p13
Pengra, William & Charlotte Emily née Stearns: Fa02 p52
Peopeomoxmox: Su15 p3, sketch of p5
People's Electric Store: Sp09 p8
Pepiot Family Tree: Wi03 pp16,17
Pepiot, Amie: photo Wi03 p12, photo 30
Pepiot, Eva: photo Wi03 p12
Pepiot, Francis "Frank" & Florence Goddard & children names: Wi03 p3, photo 4,6, photo pp28,30; Su09 p10
Pepiot, Margaret "Sparkey": photo Wi03 pp12,13,14
Pepiot Mother's Day photo: Wi03 p30
Pepiot, Pearl: photo Wi03 p12
Pepiot, Ray & Leila Rowe: Wi03 photo p12, photo 30
Pepper, J. P.: Fa05 p10 et seq.
Perdue, Ore.: Post Office Su11 p13; Fa11 p6 photo p10; Cemetery 1867 Wi11 p5
Perdue, John: Fa11 p10
Perdue, Sam: Wi11 p5
Perkins Building: Fa00 pp51,58, photo 59; Wi08 p22; Su14 p17
Perkins, Charles & Julia née Murphy + children Clifford A. & Floyd Francis: Sp12 p7
Perkins Creek: Fa11 p13
Perkins, Elliot Family Cemetery: Wi11 p12
Perkins, Leonard & Leona: Su11 p17; Fa11 p3
Perry, Ida May (later Scott): Wi12 p13
Perry, Mary Ellen: Sp03 pp23,27
Perry, William T.: Fa11 p13
Perrywood: Wi17 p10
Pest Hunt: Su02 p42
Peters, Andrew (Lord & Peters): Su10 p19
Peters, (Fisher) Mattie: Su01 pp28,35
Peters, Mr. & Mrs.: Su01 pp28,31,37
Peters, Mrs. Ollie Coon Fa06 p15
Peters, Tom: Su01 pp28,31
Petrequin, Mr. & Mrs. (Edenbower): Fa04 p12 et seq.
"Pharisee Among Philistines, the Diary of Judge Matthew P. Deady" by Malcom Clark, Jr.: Wi01 p95
Pheasant: Fa01 p55; Native pheasant (what is a native pheasant? Ed. Possible answer, Ruffed Grouse Su08 p10) Sp04 p7
Philadelphia Eclectic College: Fa02 p64
Phillips, James A.: Wi08 p7
Pilot bread, recipe: Fa13 p15
Phipps, Helen J. (Willis): Wi01 p80
Phipps Ford: Su06 photo p22
Phipps, Lela: Wi01 p80
Phipps, Mary E.: Wi01 p80
Phipps, Merle: Wi01 pp75,80
Phipps, Robert M.: Wi01 cover photo, pp76,78,80,84; Sp06 p7 photo p8; Su06 house photo pp10,20-22; Fa06 p14; Su16 pp4,8
Phipps, Vera: Wi01 p80
Pickens, O. H. & Maude née Howard: Su06 p15; Fa06 p8
Pictorial Douglas County Cookbook; Sp03 p17.
Pierce, Gov.: Fa14 p16
Pierce, Pres. Franklin: Wi06 p17; Sp07 p3
Pierce, Jim: Su16 p8
"Pinnacle of Parnassus, The" by Clarence E. Eddy: Sp12 p9
Pine Drive-In (Movies) aka Pine Motor Theater: Su09 p20; Sp13 p15; Su13 p12, photo pp13,17
Pine Grove Community Church: Su01 p36, photo pp45,47
Pine St., Roseburg: Su05 p4; blast photo Fa09 p14
Pine Tree Ford: Wi01 p76
Pinkerton Agency: Fa14 p19
Pioneer Black Sand Mine: Fa12 p18
"Pioneer Campfire, The" by Hardy Elliff: Wi11 p14
Pioneer Drug: Su09 p6, photo p9; ice cream Fa09 p16; Fa10 p5
"Pioneer Duel of Portland" from the Mar. 12, 1928 Sunday Oregonian: Su00 p30
Pitchers Castoria: Wi15 15
Pitchford, Agnes "Aggie": photo, cover Sp00 p13, photo 16, photo 18; photo 20; Su09 p3
Pitchford, Mr.: Sp09 p6,7
Pitchford, Will H. & Viola Harmon: Sp00 p13, photo 16
Pitchford Boys Ranch: Sp00 p18
Pitchford Newsstand: photo Sp00 p17
Pittock, Henry L.: Wi00 p91
Pittsburgh, Univ. of: Fa02 p70. Sp03 p16
Pitzer, D. C.: Fa06 p14
Pitzer St.: Fa10 p5
Pixley Dramatic Company: Sp13 p4 Date error here, RR came to Roseburg in 1872
Place, Alice (later Suchoski): Sp13 p21
Place, Ralph & Aida: Sp13 p21
Plaindealer: Sp00 p13; Sp01 pp3,4,6; Su01 p47; Sp05 p8,16; Sp06 p21; Sp08 p3; Sp09 pp5,18; Sp13 p5; Wi15 et seq.; Sp19 p5
Plaindealer "Brevities": Sp03 p3
Plantation Inn, Winston: Su05 p4
Playhouse, Cinema & Dance Hall, Sutherlin: Su13 p3
"Poet Prospector, The": Sp12 p8; Sp14 p3 et seq.
Poet of the Umpqua: Sp01 p6
Pogue, Bro. of Edenbower? Sp04 p9 et seq.; Su04 p4; et seq.; Fa04 p8 et seq.
Point Terrace: Su11 p10
Poirot, Edith A. (later Sullivan): Wi09 p5
Pollard, Lancaster: Su03 p31; Poem Sp12 p19
Polly's Quality Used Furniture, Glendale: Sp13 p21
Polk County, Ore.: Sp00 p3
Polk, Pres. James: Wi01 p86; Fa12 p9; Fa18 p3
Pomona Grange: Sp06 p21
Ponderosa Pine: p52
"Pony Express" movie: Su09 p20
Poole, Frank: Sp08 p16; Su11 photo p3
Pope, Charlie: Fa10 p17
Pope, Reverend: Su16 p21
Popular Sovereignty: Wi01 p87
Port Orford: Fa05 p4 et seq.; Sp07 p6
Port Orford Expedition: Wi05 p11
Porter, Rep. Charles O.: Wi12 pp3,4
Porter Creek: Fa01 p65
Porter, D. H.: Sp04 p17; Fa04 p7; Wi04 p16; Sp05 p6 et seq.
Porter, Eugene: Fa06 pp4,11
Porter, L. L. Rep. from Clackamas Sp04 p12; Sp05 p20
Porter, Samuel: Sp12 p11
Portland Business School: Wi05 p8
Portland, Ore.: Su00 p29; Sp01 pp3,20; Fa01 p65; Wi01 p76 et seq.; Sp02 p3; Sp05 p20
Portland Telephone and Telegraph Co.: Sp09 p6
Post and Corp: Sp04 p4,6
Post, E. A. (Ted): Sp01 p9
Post Offices:
Subject of Su11 & Fa11; Ada, Su11 p4; Alderbrook, Su11 p4; Alma, Su11 p4; Anlauf, Anchor, Su11 pp5,8; Ash, Su11 p5; Azalea, Su11 p6; Belmont, Su11 p5; Binger, Su11 p5,8; Bohemia, Su11 p6; Bonita, Su11 p6; Booth, Su11 p6; Boswell Springs, Su11 p6, Brockway, Su11 pp6,8; Buck Fork, cover Su11 photo p7; Calvert, Su11 p7; Carll, Su11 p8; Center Bend, Su11 p8; Civil Bend, Su11 pp6,8; Cleveland, Su11 p8; Coles Valley, Su11 p9; Comstock, Su11 p9; Curtin, Su11 p9; Days Creek, Su11 p17; Deer Creek (Roseburg), Divide, Su11 p9; Dixonville, Su11 p9; Dothan, Su11 p10; Drew, Su11 p10; Earl, Su11 p10; Edenbower, Su11 p13; Elgarose, Su11 p13; Elk Creek, Su11 p13; Elk Head/Elkhead, Su11 p13; Fair Oaks, Su11 p13; Fernvale, Su11 p13; Five Mile, Fa11 p13; Flournoy, Su11 p14; French Settlement, Su11 p14; Galesville, Su11 p5 photo p14; Gazley, Su11 p15; Glendale, Su11 p21; Gunter, Su11 p15 photo p16; Hawthorne, Su11 p15; Herman, Su11 pp10,15; Hillside, Su11 p16; Hoaglin Wi00 p78, Wi08 p11, Su11 p15, photo p18; Hogan, Su11 p15 Fa11 p6; Hudson, Su11 p15; Fa11 p4; Idleyld Park, Wi00 p78, Wi08 p11, Su11 pp15,17; Ila, Su11 p17; Isolate, Su11 p15; Kelleher, Su11 p20; Kellogg, Su11 p20; Koler, Su11 p21; Kroll, Su11 p21; Laraut, Fa11 p4; Laurel, Fa11 p19; Leona, Su11 p17, Fa11 p4; Locust Grove, Fa11 p5; Lookingglass, Fa11 p5; Louis, Su11 pp7,17, Fa11 p5; Lurley, Fa11 p5; Melrose, Su11 p17, Fa11 p5; Millwood, Fa11 photo p6; Milo, Fa11 p6; Mount Scott, Fa11 pp6,9; Myrtle City (Upper Scottsburg) Sp02 p11, Fa11 p7; Neet, Fa11 p5; Nichols, Fa11 pp8,10; No Fog, Fa11 p8; Nonpareil, Fa11 p8; Norfolk, Fa11 p8; Nugget, Fa11 p8; Oak Creek, Fa11 p9; Olalla, Fa11 p9; Pass Creek, Fa11 p9; Patterson Mills, Fa11 p9; Peck, Fa11 pp8,10; Peel, Fa11 p10; Perdue, Su11 p13; Fa11 p6 photo p10; Reston, Fa11 pp11,18; Reuben, Su11 p21; Fa11 p11; Rice Hill, Fa11 p11; Rockland, Fa11 p11; Roseburg, Fa11 p13; Round Prairie, Fa11 p13; Ruby, Fa11 p13; Ruckles, Fa11 p13; Sampson, Fa11 p14; Scottsburg, Su00 p36; Wi05 photo p10; Scottsburg (Lower Scottsburg) Sp02 p11; Upper Scottsburg (Myrtle City) Sp02 p11; Skelley, see Kelleher; Stacey, Fa11 p14; Starveout, Su11 p6; Fa11 p14; Stephens, Fa11 p15; Wi11 p16; Stephensville Fa11 p15; Sulphur Springs, Fa11 p15; Tiller, Su11 p13; Tioga, Fa11 p15; Toketee Falls, Fa11 p16; Tyee, Fa11 p16; Umpqua City, Fa11 p16; Wanaville, Fa11 p17; Wardton, Wardville, Fa11 p17; Webb, James J., Fa11 p5; Weekly, Fa11 p18; Wilbur, Fa11 p19; Winniford, Fa11 p19; Woolley, Fa11 p20; Wroe, Fa11 p20; Su11 p4
Alexander, Glide Fa02 p60; Applegate, Mrs. John (Laura V., Calvert Su11 p7
Bailey, Smith Weekly Fa11 p18; Balderree, George B., Sampson Fa11 p14; Barnes, Adna, Kellogg Su11 p20; Beane, James H. Myrtle Creek Sp14 p18; Blakely, Matilda, Mount Scott Fa11 p6; Bledsoe, Theodore, Leona Su11 p17; Bodley, Richard, Comstock Su11 p9; Botcher, John, Edenbower Su11 p8; Buker, Cora E. & Amos O., Milo, Perdue Fa11 pp6,11; Burnett, James D., Round Prairie Fa11 p13; Sp19 p13; Butcher, Belle, Gazley, Su11 p15; Carlson, John E. Elgarose Su11 p13; Carstens, Clyde, Roseburg Fa09 p13; Chadwick, Steven, Lower Scottsburg Sp02 p11; Chapman, Andrew J., Mount Scott Fa11 p6; Clark, James G. North Canyonville Sp19 p15; Clarke, W. B., Millwood Fa11 p6; Condray, A. P., Alma Su11 p4; Cook, Homer V., Peck Fa11 p10; Cooper, Erastus Hawthorne, Hawthorne Su11 p15; Cowan, John, Sulphur Springs Fa11 p15; Cramer, S. C., Elk Creek (Tiller) Su11 p13; Dearborn, Richard H. Roseburg Sp19 p12; Dillard, James A. Civil Bend; Su11 p8; Elliot, George N., Hillside Su11 p17; Engels, Hiram L., Peel Fa11 p10; Epping, Thomas F., Isolate Su11 p17; Fagan, T. B., Stacey, Fa11 p14; Fiske, Dr. Eugene, Scottsburg Sp02; French, Isaac N., Binger Su11 p5; Good, Francis M., Cleveland Su11 p8 & Coles Valley Su11 pp8,9; Gunter, J. O., Gunter Su11 p15; Gilmore, James W., Herman Su11 p10; Hall, George F., Galesville Su11 p14; Hedrick, Edna, Divide Su11 p9; Hendricks, R.J., Elkhead Su11 p13; Hill, Lillian, Hoaglin Wi08; Kellogg, John T., Kellogg Su11 p20; Forsythe, William L., Kroll Su11 p21; Laraut, Narcisse, Laraut, Fa11 p4; Law, Clara P, Booth, Su11 p6; Riddle, Lawson Pearl, Wi12 p13; Lee, Fred, Bonita Su11 p6; Leonard, Bessie, Tyee Fa11 photo p16; Reedsport Lyons, Joseph Su18 p5; Matthews, Alfred, Rockland Fa11 p11; McCormick, George, Carll Su11 p8; McGee, John, Bohemia Bessie, Tyee Fa11 photo p16; Reedsport Lyons, Joseph Su18 p5; Matthews, Alfred, Rockland Fa11 p11; McCormick, George, Carll Su11 p8; McGee, John, Bohemia Su11 p6; McKinney, James, Hogan Su11 p17, Fa11 p6; McKure, Robert, Peel Fa11 p10; Miser, H. L., Starveout Fa11 p14; Moon, Alonzo W., Koler Su11 p21; Mulvaney, William A., Pass Creek Fa11 p9; Neet, Charles W. Neet Fa11 p7; Nelson, Helma, Fernvale Su11 p13; Nichols, T. B., Brockway Su11 p6; Nichols, Viola B., Nichols Fa11 p8; Ottinger, Eliza, Stephens Fa11 p15; Parker, Charles L., Ash Su11 p5; Patterson, William, Patterson Mills Fa11 p9; Perdue, John Sr., Perdue Fa11 photo p10; Perkins, Leonard, Hudson Su11 p17 & Leona, Fa11 p4; Perry, William T. Deer Creek (Roseburg), Fa11 p13; Powers, Winslow P., Stephensville Fa11 p15; Reese, Ed "Jiggs," Dixonville Su02 p29; p18; Robinett, Hezekiah J., Nofog Fa11 p8; Rogers, Amos E., Umpqua City Fa11 p15; Sacry, Elizabeth C., Nonpareil Fa11 p8; Sanders, B. F., Boswell Springs Su11 p6; Sargent, Ben Galesville Sp19 p17; Scott, Henry, Melrose Fa11 p5; Scott, Levi, Myrtle City (Upper Scottsburg) Sp02 p11, Fa11 p7; Slonecker, Mrs., Ruby & Five Mile Fa11 p13; Smith, Charles W. Alderbrook Su11 p4; Smith, Henry Sp19 p17 Galesville; Smith, Richard, Locust Grove Fa11 p5; Smith, William R., Fair Oaks Su11 p13; Sterling, James A., Anlauf Su11 p4; Sykes, William H., Kelleher Su11 p20; Thomas, James W., Anchor Su11 p5; Thornton, Jeptha, Oak Creek Fa11 p9; Tower, Rev. Hull Oakland Sp19 p10; Vosburgh, Earl, Idleyld Park Sp09 p21 Walton, Judge James Winchester Sp19 p11; Ward, Frazier, Wardton Fa11 p17; Webb, James J., Lurley Fa11 p5; Weekly, Edmond E., Reston Fa11 p11; Wilkes, Ada, Ada Su11 p4; Williams, J.S., Tioga Fa11 p15; Wilson, Joseph E., Ruby Fa11 p13; Winniford, Thomas W., Winniford Fa11 p19; Woolley, Anna L., Woolley Fa11 p20; Wright, John, French Settlement Su11 p14; Wright, Lazarus Myrtle Creek Sp19 p13; Wroe, Floyd A., Wroe Fa11 p20
Postal Telegraph: Fa01 p65
Potts, Charles: Su14 p15
Powell, Gen. Colin: Wi01 p86
Powell, Hiram: Su05 p7
Powell, Mrs.: (Edenbower) Sp05 p13
Powell, R. C.: Fa14 photo p17
Powell, Warden: Su08 p15
Powell's (Earl) Sporting Goods: Su09 p4
Powers, James: Author of Frontier Days, the Life of Winslow Powers and the Early Settlement of Eastern Oregon Su07 p9
Powers, Winslow Phelps & Harriet née Tower& children Sarah, William, Mary, Anna, Francis, James: Su07 p7 et seq.; Fa11 p15
Prather's Spy Company: Sp00 p21
Prather, Capt. Thomas: Sp00 p21
Pratt, Mr.: Sp07 p3
Presbyterian Church: Fa01 pp60,64
Presidio: Wi11 p12
Pressed Tin Cornice: Fa00 p56
Priester, J.: Sp04 p22; Su04 p6
Price, John: sketch of home Fa11 p20
Price, Rueben & Mrs. + Andrew & Isaac +7 sibs: Su10 p17
Pringle, Frank: Fa14 photo p17
Prohibition: Sp11 p23
Protestants: Wi01 p92
Providence, City: Wi05 on map p18; Wi13 map p3
Prunes: Fa01 pp60,63; Wi02 p75; Umpqua dryer photo Wi02 p77; Shambrook dryer, photo Su05 p6; History Su05 p7-9 (first crops planted by John Hall in Myrtle Creek, those named in history article came later)
Prune Dryers: Su05 p7, photos, Henry Bacon & Fred Brozio dryers,p8
Psychiatric Western State Hospital: Sp03 p15.
Pullman Car Co.: Su04 p4
Puma: Wi13 p7
Purdy, William: Su00 p36
Puris, Henry: ferryman Fa06 p10
"Put It All Together": Fa01 p51
Put On Athletic Center: Fa00 p56
Putnam Hotel in Roseburg: Sp00 p12
Putnam, Charles & Rozelle (Applegate): Sp00 pp3, photo pp5,6,10; Fa02 p57; Fa13 p5,6; Wi13 p7
Putnam, Francis "Frank": Sp00 p4
Putnam, Francis "Fanny": Sp00 p6
Putnam, Henry Clay: Sp00 pp3,4
Putnam, Horace: Sp00 p12
Putnam, Joseph Sr. & Susan: Sp00 pp3,4,6, photo 7, bill of lading copies pp8,9,10, Box 11 inventory pp11,12; Su00 p37; DLC Sp12 p18
Putnam, Joseph Jr.: Sp00 p3
Putnam, Katherine: Sp00 pp4,6
Putnam, Nathan: Sp00 p3
Putnam, Rozelle (Applegate): Sp00 pp4,12; Fa02 p57; Su10 p3; Sp12 p12
Putnam Valley: Su10 p14; Cemetery Wi11 p12; Sp12 p12; Sp12 p18
Putnam, Virginia (Lyons): Sp00 p4
Pyle, James: Wi08 p6
Pyramid Rock: Fa07 p13

Quail Lane: Wi16 p2
Quaker Religion: Wi00 p90
Quartz Mountain: Wi00 p78
Quatley, Klickatat Chief: Wi06 p14
Queen Ann style: Wi17 p6
Quimgy (Quimby?), Lloyd: Wi03 p27
Quine, Sheriff George: Wi09 p20
Quine, Warden: Su08 p15
Quines Creek: Cemetery Wi11 p13; Sp12 p13
Quinine Conk: Fa01 p64
Quirey, Lily Tipton: Fa04 p22; Wi04 p9
Quist, Gary & Janice: Sp16 p19
Quit Claim Deed--Samuel Gordon to Salathiel Hamilton: Sp03 p6

Rabun, Pernie: photo, Wi01 pp82,83
Rackleff, Alexander: Sp02 pp21,22
Rackleff, William Edward & Cordelia née Ransom: Sp02 Cover photo pp2, William E. Racklett p21; 11 children of & photo of Cordelia Sp02 p23
Rackleff, Capt. William R. & Mary: Sp02 p21
Raddabough, Donn: Rose Sp13 p11; Su13 p12
Radio KORE: Fa10 p6
Radio KRNR: Fa00 pp54,71; Su09 p20; Fa10 pp7,9
Radio KRSB: Fa10 p9
Radio KRXL: Fa10 p7
Radio KQEN: Su03 p38; Fa10 pp7,9
Radio KUGN, Eugene: Su09 p21
Radio KYES: Wi08 p11
Radabaugh, Mrs.: Fa01 p71
Railroad Gulch: Fa06 p6
Rainbow Dairy: Wi09 p7
Rainbow Gardens, Winchester: Su05 p4
Rains, Maj. Gabriel J.: Sp16 p5
Rainville Grave Site: Sp12 p13
Rand Theater, Sutherlin: Su13 p3, photo p4
Randle, Ed: Su13 pp3,5
Ransom, Cordelia (Rackleff): Sp02 p22
Ransom, D. W.: Sp15 p9
Ransom, Dr. William C.: Sp02 p22
Rapp's Drug Store: Sp00 p13
Rasmussen, Marie: Sp08 pp16,18,19,22
Rasmussen Ranch (old): Wi11 p16
Rast, Mrs. C.: Sp08 p5
Rast, Gertrude: Sp03 p4; Wi12 photo p17
Rast, Mrs. Regina: Sp08 p5
Rathburn, Manfred: Wi08 p8
Ratliff family: Su00 p44
Rattlesnake: Fa01 p58
Rattlesnake Creek: Su02 p28
Rauch, Mr.: Su03 p39
Rausch, Ray & Edna: Wi08 p8; Wi12 p19
Rawhide Railroad, The by George Estes: Sp16 p12
Rawley, John: Fa06 p3
Ray, W. H.: Fa04 pp4,13,20
Raymond, Dr. S. K.: Su01 pp40,47
Raymond, William W.: mini bio Su16 p3
Raynor, James O.: Fa09 p4
Reader's Digest: Fa10 p8; Su19 p7
Reams, A. W. Family: Wi03 pp24,27
Rebekas: Wi12 p6,13; Sp13 p10; Fa15 p10
"Recollections--An Informal History of the Roseburg BLM District": Fa01 p51
Red Barn Restaurant: Fa01 p67
Red Butte: lookout, Fa01 p59
Red Cross: Sp00 p14; Sp16 p19
Red Front, the: Su06 p20
Red Hill Grave Site 1862: Sp12 p13
Red Hill School: Fa16 p18
Redding place: Su06 p9; Fa06 p11
Redfield family: Sp19 p17
Rediscover Roseburg Parade: Su03 p44
Reed: Su08 p7
Reed, Senator A. W.: drowning of Su04 pp9,10,11; Su08 p14; Su18 p8
Reed, Adeline: Wi13 p11
Reed, Bianca: Wi12 p10
Reed, Calvin: Wi12 p10; Su16 p4
Reed, Dame B. née Lyons: a family history Sp18 issue
Reed-Hill Pioneer Cemetery 1855: Sp12 p13
Reed, Reason: Wi11 p8; DLC Sp12 p11 Family Cemetery p13; Wi13 p6 et seq.
Reed, Roy: Su17 photo p18
Reed, Samuel: Sp19 p9
Reed, Warren Pason: a family history Sp18 & Su18 issues
Reed, Weston: Su17 photo p18
Reedsport, Ore.: Sp00 p16; Su00 p28; Su08 p19; Cemetery Wi11 p12; Masonic Sp12 p13
Reedsport Lumber Co.: Su18 p6
Reese, Ed "Jiggs": Su02 pp29,40
Reinhart, Herman Francis: Fa13 p3; Fa19 p15
Regal Cinemas: Su13 pp18,21
Rehley, Pastor: Wi09 p23
Remington, .30 caliber: Su14 p9; breech loading Wi16 p6
Remley, Jim: Su13 p17
Remote, Ore.: landslide Fa10 p9
Remy, Karl: Fa01 p55
Renfro, W. J. & Mrs.: Sp17 p17
Renner, Elizabeth: Fa01 p70
Renter, Jackob: murder of Su08 p18
Reppstein, Joyce (later Doig): Fa10 p12
Republican Party: Wi01 pp86,87,89; Sp07 p7; Sp09 p18
Reservoir Hill: Fa04 p10; Fa06 p19
Restless, the stern wheel steamer: photo Fa07 p11; Su18 pp7,18
Reston, Ore.: Sp06 p6; Wi08 p6; Stage Stop Su09 pp13,16; Fa09 p21; Post Office Fa11 p11; Fa11 p18
Retired Senior Volunteer Program: Wi02 p80
Retired Teacher's Assoc.: Wi12 pp13,14
Reuben: Su11 p21; Fa11 p11
Reynolds, Dave: Fa10 p9
Rhodes, Capt.: Wi06 p20
There are three extensive and separate Rice families in Douglas County. Keeping them straight is a problem.
Rice Family: Fa01 p55; Wi01 pp75,83; cabin door Su03 p50
Rice Family Cemetery (Rice Hill): Sp12 p13
Rice, Abner Sr. & Vera Phipps Rice: Wi01 p80
Rice, Abner Jr. & Betty Young Rice: Wi01 pp78,81, 25th anniversary photo, pp82,83; Fa06 p8,9
Rice, Adelia "Della" A. (Crawford): Wi01 p80
Rice, Agnes "Aggie" M. (Winston): Wi01 pp75,80
Rice, Alice C. (Riddle): Wi01 pp75,80
Rice, Alton & Lela Phipps Rice: Wi01 p80; Fa06 p8
Rice, Anna M. (Riddle): Wi01 pp75,80
Rice, Austin: Wi01 pp75,80
Rice, Betty Young: Wi01 pp78,81
Rice, Bill & Clementine: Fa08 p8; family cabin photo Fa14 p23; Fa15 photo p23; Su16 p17
Rice Brothers and Adams: building Sp13 photos pp14,15
Rice Brothers Logging: Wi01 p83
Rice, Claude Thayer; Wi01 p76
Rice Creek: Wi01 pp76,78; Su06 p17; school Fa06 p3, fishing p6, school p8
Rice, Della A.: Wi01 pp75,76
Rice, Dexter: Fa00 p52; Wi08 p6; Su14 pp14,16; Fa14 p6,18,19
Rice, Earnest L.: Wi01 pp76,80
Rice, Edith E. W.: Wi01 pp78,80
Rice, Ervin: Sp12 p13
Rice, Eva S.: Wi01 pp75,76,77,80
Rice family: Wi01 pp76,78; Wi08 p3
Rice's Gulch: Wi01 p80
Rice, Harrison & Martha Ann Willis Rice: Wi01 pp75,76, photo pp77,78,80, tombstone photo p84
Rice Hill: Grange Hall Su05 p4; Drive-In Wi09 p14; Post Office Fa11 p11
Rice, Hoy: Wi01 p83
Rice, Isadore F.: Fa11 p11
Rice-Marsh Family Cemetery:
Rice, Napoleon & Mrs.: Sp08 photo p6; Wi08 p6
Rice, Roxanna (Waite): Wi01 pp75,80
Rice, Roy: Wi01 p83
Rice, Sarah E. W.: Wi01 p80
Rice School: Wi01 p78, photo 79
Rice, Sylvester W.: Wi01 pp75,76,80
Rice Valley: Fa11 p11
Rice, Vera née Phipps: Sp06 p14
Rice, Victor J.: Wi01 p83
Rice, William S. & Mary w/children Orland, Isodora, Josephine, Udora = Fra. W. Leclair: Su10 p16; Fa11 p11
Ricehill: Fa11 p11
Rich, Mayor Larry: Sp08 p19
Rich, Samuel: Su00 p28; Sp02 pp4,15,16
Richard, William: Sp15 p4
Richards Family Cemetery 1873: Sp12 p13
Richards, J. A.: DLC Sp12 p13
Richards, John & Eva Pepiot: Wi03 pp10,20,29, photo 30
Richards, Leverett: Story by Wi08 p15
Richards, Mrs.; Su01 pp31,33,35,38
Richards Peak: Wi11 p15
Richards Place: Sp06 p12
Richards, William Edgar & Mary Alice née Westenhiser: Fa16 p18
Richardson Family: Sp16 p4
Richardson, Henry: Fa00 p52
Richmond Packing, Smith River: Su08 p13
Ricks, Mr.: Su16 p8
Riddle, Ore.: Fa01 pp52,55; High School: Fa02 p2; Wi02 p77; Su05 p9; Cemetery 1855 Sp12 p13; Garden Club Wi12 p14
Riddle-Canyonville Road: Sp11 p10
Riddle Family: Su05 p7
Riddle, Judge George W.: Sp01 p13; Fa06 p11; Fa09 p5; Wi11 p7; Fa13 p3
Riddle, Ira B. & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Riddle, William 7 Maximilia: Su10 p17
Riddles: Fa11 p14
Ridoubs, George: Fa05 pp6,7
Riezenstein, Mrs.: Su09 p3
Rigby, Pat: Sp04 p23
Rio Theater: Sp13 photos pp17,18
Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbons: Wi01 p92
Ritchey Grave Site: Sp12 p14
Ritchie, Mike: Su05 p13
Ritchey Ranch: Sp12 p14
Ritter, Mr. (Coroner) K. & Mrs.: Su14 pp8,9
Ritter, Joe & Mildred: Sp13 p17
Ritter Theater: Sp13 photo p17, photo p20
Rivard, Joseph: Su15 p12
Rives, Lt. Wright: Sp65 p15; Su00 p35
River View Terrace River: Fa07 p19
Rivers West Camp Ground: Su14 p7
River View Terrace River: Fa07 p19
Riversdale: Su05 p11; Wi16 p8; Wi17 p5
Riversdale Farm: Su04 p11; Wi16 p8; Wi17 p4
Roadman, Arthur: Su05 p6
Roadman, David: Fa10 p12
Roadman, Joanne (later Clark): Fa10 p12
Roadman, Mr.: Sp19 p15
Roadman, Ted: Su05 p6
Roaring Camp Covered Bridge: Wi10 p11; Sp11 p3
Roaring Camp Roadhouse: Wi10 p11
Robbins, Leonard: Fa06 p4
Robbins, Robert E. & Jeffi: Fa08 p19; Fa10 p10 et seq.
Roberts Bridge: Su05 p9
Roberts Creek; Sp06 p18; Road Wi11 p13
Roberts Creek Ranch: Fa00 p60
Roberts, Jesse & Jane: Su10 p17
Roberts, Joseph: DLC Wi11 p7
Roberts, Nelson & Ruby: Su10 p17
Roberts Mtn.: Wi01 p81; Su06 p7; Fa06 p21
Robert's School of Business: Su19 p32
Robertson, John (Douglas Co. Hist. Soc.): Fa09 p10; Wi09 p23; Fa14 photo p23; Fa15 photo p23
Robertson, Johnny Shell Station: Wi08 p11; Su19 p5
Robinett, Hezekiah J.: Fa11 p8
Rochester Grist Mill: Sp65 p16 photo p17; Su05 p12; Sp06 photo p22; Cover photo Wi10 p12
Rock Creek: Wi00 p76; Fa01 p51 et seq.; Su08 p3; Fa08 pp10,11
Rock Creek Trout Hatchery: photo Fa08 p13
Rock Island Lumber: Wi03 p23
Rock Point: Fa09 p22
Rockefeller, Nelson: Fa10 p8
Rockland: Post Office Fa11 p11
Rockney, Cynthia: Su19 p30
Rocky Mountain Fur Co.: Sp65 p2
Rogers, Amos E.: Fa11 p16
Rogers, Clyde: Wi09 p8
Rogers, Dr. Heart and Tonic: Wi15 p13
Rogue Indians: War: Wi01 p91; Wi06 pp13, 1851 treaty pp14,15,20; war Sp07 p3; 1855 war Sp07 p5; Su10 p9; p2; Wi11 p14
Rogue River: Su00 p29; Wi06 p18
Rogue-Umpqua Divide: Fa01 p58
Rondeau Cemetery: Sp12 p14
Rondeau, Edward: Su15 photo p10
Rondeau Family Cemetery: Sp12 p14
Rondeau, Lilly: Su15 photo p10
Rone Covered Bridge: Wi10 p18
Rone, Dick: photo Wi03 pp12,13,14,26
Rone, Edgar & Maggie, sons Dick & Don: Wi03 pp25,26
Rondeau, George "Gans": Su15 photo p10
Rone, Maggie then Smith: Wi03 p15
Ronk, Kenneth & Ora: Su14 p7
Roosevelt Highway: Su09 p18
Roper, Tom: Wi03 p24
Rose, Aaron & Sarah: Sp04 pp19,20; Wi08 p3 photo pp5,6,7; Su09 p19; Su10 p18; Fa12 p22; Wi15 p7; Sp19 p11
Rose, Allena: Wi12 photo p19
Rose Candy Shop: Su14 p6
Rose Creek: Wi00 p75
Rose, Ellnora: Wi12 p8 photo p20
Rose Family: Wi01 p81
Rose Farm: Oregon City Su03 p48
Rose Festival, Portland: Fa00 p54
Rose Grade School: Su19 p20
Rose Grove: Su16 p19
Rose Haven Nursing Center: Sp09 pp16,17
Rose, Mary Lynn: Wi12 p8
Rose, Newt: Su19 p25
Rose, Sam L. & Allena née Brown: Wi12 p8
Rose School Fa06: p16; Su09 p4, boys 7, girls 8; Wi12 p10
Rose Street Building: Fa01 p60
Rose Theater, Roseburg: photo Su05 p5; Su09 p7; Sp13 pp10,11
Roseburg, Ore.: Wi00 p75; Sp01 p3 et seq.; Su01 p33; Fa01 p61; Wi01 pp86,92,93; Fa02 pp64,66; Fa03 p55 et seq.; Sp04 p3 et seq.; 1899 engraving of Su04 p7 Roseburg vistas p17; p18; photo from Reservoir Hill Fa04 p10; Su05 p4 et seq.; during 1861 flood Su06 photo p9; panorama Sp07 1950 flood photos Fa10 p7
Roseburg and Coos Bay Stage Line: Wi15 19
Roseburg and Oakland Road: Wi04 p4
Roseburg Academy: Sp65 photo p14; Su06 photo p9; Wi08 p3
Roseburg Antiques and Metals: Fa00 p56
Roseburg Blast: Fa01 p65, photo 66; article w/photos Wi08 pp10-20; Fa10 pp8,12
Roseburg Book & Stationery Store: Wi13 p19; Sp16 p19; Su19 p5
Roseburg Business and Professional Women's Club: Wi12 pp10,13
Roseburg Canneries: Drager Plant, Southern Oregon Canning Co., H. C. Giles, California Packing Co. (Del Norte)
Roseburg Catholic 1877 (St. Stephens, St. Joseph Cemetery: Sp12 p14
Roseburg Chamber of Commerce: Sp00 p20; Sp01 p18; Fa00 p54; Sp03 p16; Su03 p45; Su09 p20; Wi09 p3; Fa10 p8
Roseburg Chieftain: Fa08 p13; Fa09 pp9,15
Roseburg Chiropractic: Su13 p18
Roseburg, City of: Su00 p32; Sp01 p22; Historic Review Commission Fa02 p70
Roseburg Commercial Club: cover Fa00 pp50,51,52, photo pp53,54,65; Su14 p17
Roseburg Commercial Club Ladies Auxiliary: Fa00 pp54,65
Roseburg Dairy: Wi09 p7
Roseburg Deer Creek Flour Mill: Su00 p32
Roseburg Deer Creek Motel: Wi09 p3
Roseburg Downtown Development Board: Sp08 p17
Roseburg Drum Corp: Wi08 p12
Roseburg Elks Club: Fa01 p59; Sp08 p9; Sp09 p20; cover Sp13
Roseburg Ensign: Wi01 p95; Sp09 p18
Roseburg Evening News: Sp00 p14
Roseburg Fire Dept.: Sp01 p6
Roseburg Flour Mill (Isaac Jones): Sp06 p19
Roseburg Gazette: Sp13 p4
Roseburg German Band: Sp08 p19
Roseburg Girls Drum Corps: Wi08 p12
Roseburg Grange: Wi02 p79
Roseburg Grave Site: Sp12 p14
Roseburg Grocery: Fa00 p56
Roseburg Hebe Foundation:
Roseburg High School: Fa02 p70; Sp03 p22; Su03 p33; Fa10 p5; Fa10 p10
Roseburg Historic Review Committee: Sp03 p24
Roseburg Indian Booster Club: Fa10 p8
Roseburg "Instant Urban Renewal Program": Fa10 p8
Roseburg I.O.O.F. Cemetery 1869: Sp12 p14; Wi12 p6
Roseburg Junior High School: see Central Junior High School.
Roseburg Juvenile Band: Fa09 p10
Roseburg Ladies Military Band: Fa06 photo p13
Roseburg Lumber: Fa01 pp52,55,56, photo parade log truck pp60,67; Fa15 p17
Roseburg Lumber and Manufacturing Co.: Fa09 pp15,16
Roseburg Masonic Cemetery 1865: Sp12 p14
Roseburg Memorial Garden (Old Masonic): Sp07 p19; Wi08 p7; Sp12 p14
Roseburg Mental Club: Wi16 p11
Roseburg Militia: photo Fa04, p20
Roseburg Municipal Swimming Pool: Fa10 photo p14
Roseburg-Myrtle Point Stage Road: Sp06 p21
Roseburg National Bank: Su03 p33; Wi12 p5
Roseburg National Cemetery 1894: Sp12 p14
Roseburg National Guard: Su08 p21; Su19 p28
Roseburg News Review: Sp00 p19; Sp1 pp9,18,22; Su02 p44; Su03 p32; Sp08 p16; Wi08 p22; Sp09 p4; Fa09 p16; Su14 p17
Roseburg Opera House: Sp13 pp4,6,9
Roseburg Orchestra: photo Fa04 p15
Roseburg 1914 Dance Ordinance rules: Wi09 p18
Roseburg Pantograph: Su09 p19
Roseburg Parade photos; Fa01 p60
Roseburg Parks and Recreation Commission: Sp08 p17
Roseburg Paupers' Cemetery:
Roseburg Pharmacy: Sp16 p21
Roseburg Plaindealer: Sp06 p21; Sp08 p3; Sp09 p18; Sp13 p5
Roseburg Post Office: cover photo Fa01, p59; Hist. of Fed. P.O. Bldg.: Fa09 pp10-14 w/photos
Roseburg Review: news of McGuire & Reed drowning, Su04 p10; Sp09 p6; 1900 article "Christmas in Edenbower" Wi13 p18; "Secret of Good Bread" p22; Wi15 et seq.
Roseburg Rod and Gun Club: Fa01 p64
Roseburg School District: Sp01 p22
Roseburg Sewer Treatment Plant: Su14 p8; Fa14 p18
Roseburg Soldiers Home Cemetery: Sp12 p14
Roseburg Strawberry Festival: Fa06 p15, photos p16
Roseburg Telephone: Sp00 p13; photos Sp09 pp7,9
Roseburg Theater: movie posters Sp13 pp5,6,7
Roseburg Town Center Historic Restoration: Sp08 p21
Roseburg Twice Weekly Review: Sp00 p14; Su01 p47; clipping from, Sp03 pp4,5; Sp08 p14
Roseburg Veterans Cemetery: Sp12 p14
Roseburg Visitors and Convention Bureau:
Roseburg Water and Light Co.: Sp08 p13
Roseburg Western Star: Wi01 p95
Roseburg Women's Club; Sp08 p3 charter members pp5,21; Wi12 p13
Roseburg, Ore.: Fa00 p51; should be Wi08 p4; Fa11 p13
"Roseburg's Kohlhagen Building" by Michelle Dennis: Fa00 p51
Rosehill Cemetery: Wi11 p7; Sp12 p14
Ross, Alex: Wi01 p76
Ross, Alexander: Sp65 p6
Ross, Bill: Wi01 p76
Ross, Col.: Wi06 pp20,21
Ross, George: Sp65 p13; Su00 p32
Ross, Nancy A. (wife of Stephen Rice): Wi01 p78
Ross, Parson: Wi01 p76
Ross, Rev.: Wi04 p13
Rotarian: Wi12 p6
"Rotgut": Sp11 p23
"Rough and Ready Company, The": Wi11 p14
Round Prairie: Wi01 p81; Su06 p8; Post Office Fa11 p13; P.O. Sp19 p13
Rowe-Snyder, Peggy A.: "Trapper" editor Fa17; co-editor Wi17, editor Su18 to Wi18; photo p21
Roy Catching Auto Agency: Fa01 p60
Royal, Anina: Fa09 p5
Royal Baking Powder: Wi15 p13
Royal, F. F.: Fa09 p5
Royal, Rev. L.F. & Mrs.: Sp19 p7
Royal, Mary A.: Sp19 p7
Royal, Miller G.: Fa09 p5
Royal, Stanley O.: Fa09 p5
Royal, Thomas & Nancy: Su10 p19
Royal, Rev. William H. B.: Fa09 pp4,5
Royce, Mr.: Su02 p34
Royer, G. T.: Fa06 p21
Rubbernecking: Wi03 p5
Ruben, Jerry: Su18 photo p17
Ruby: Post Office Fa11 p13
Ruch, Ore.: Fa00 p60
Ruckles, Matt C: Fa11 p13
Ruckles: Post Office Fa11 p13; Sp12 pp8,9; Su14 p5
Ruiter, Dr.: Wi13 p22
"Rules of the Road" in 1875: Su09 p21
Rush, Martin: Su19 p3
Russell, William Dennis "Bill": Wi08 p22; Su14 photo p5 et seq. home photo p12, photo p19; Fa14 p2 et seq.
Russell Family: Wi01 p81
Russell, J. Thomas. Jr.: Su14 p5,12
Russell, Thomas Sr. & Mary Ann née Aid: Su14 p5
Russo, Mrs.: Fa01 p69
Ruters, John Grave Site: Sp12 p15
Rutherford, George B: Wi08 p16; Su19 p8
Rutter, Pete: Su09 p21
Ryan, Jeremiah: Fa05 p10 et seq.
Rydell Ranch: Wi11 p5
Ryther Brothers: Fa03 p69

S&H Green Stamps: Wi13 p19
S. Marks Building: Sp13 p9
Saar, Alison: Wi14 cover art
Sabala family: Fa01 p65
Sacajewea: Fa02 p51
Sacramento Daily Union: Fa19 p15
Sacry, Elizabeth C.: Fa11 p8
Sadden, Martha: Su15 p13
Sadden, Thomas & Emelie née Lavadore: Su15 p12 et seq.
Safely Family: Fa15 p9
Safeway Store: Fa00 p56
Sailor's Diggings: Sp10 p5
Saint George Episcopal Church: Sp03 p26; Su05 p3
Saint Joseph's School: Su03 p50
Saint Paul's Lutheran Church: Su03 p43
Salem, Ore.: Su00 p29; Sp01 p3; Wi01 p83; Sp02 p15
Salem Clique: Wi01 p86
Salem School for the Deaf: Wi03 p11
Salmon: Poisoning: Sp06 pp4,6; Su08 pp8,10
Salmon Trap School: Su10 p14
Salmon Trout (sea-run Cutthroat Trout): Sp65 p20; Fa10 p6
Salvation Army: Sp04 p6; Fa04 p11 et seq.; Wi04 p4; Sp05 p3; Wi08 p8; Su19 p18
Salt Spring: Su06 p8
Saltzgaber, G. M.: Sp04 p3
Sampson: Post Office Fa11 p14
Samuel Roberts: sketch of Su00 p37; same sketch Sp02 p5; Sp02 pp14,15,16; Fa08 p3 same sketch p4; same sketch Fa13 pp4,5
Samuel S. Mann & Co.: Su00 p36
San Francisco, Calif.: Wi01 p76; Sp02 pp7,16
San Tanna, Chief: Su05 p11
Sanches, Capt. Jack: Su08 p4
Sand Creek: Su08 p4; Road Wi11 p18; Cemetery Sp12 p15
Sanders, B. F.: Su11 p6
Sandquist Shoe Repair: Su09 p6
Sanger, Paul: Fa01 p65
Sanctuary family: Su03 p37
Saratoga Mineral Springs (earlier Pearson's Springs): Su08 p3
Sargent, Ben: Sp19 p17
Smith, Henry: Sp19 p17
Saturday Evening's Daily Review Article about McGuire-Reed drowning: Su04 p10
Saturday Evening Post: Su19 p7
"Save the Lillie Moore House Committee": Wi12 p8
Save the Myrtle Woods League: Su09 p13
Sawbert, Dr.: Su01 p35
Sawmills: Levi Scott's Sp02 p11; Rackleff Mill Creek Mill Sp02 p22; John Hudson's, Sp02 p22
Sawyer Hills: Sp02 p18
Sawyer Family: Wi05 photo p10
Sawyers, Alex & Myrtle née Traylor: Su10 p7
Sawyers, Andrew & Fanny: Su00 p42
Sawyer, Jacob "Jake" A.: Wi05 photo p5; Su10 photo p7
Sawyers, John & Elizabeth: Su00 p42, photo of 43
Sawyer, Dr. R. H. (KKK): Sp09 p20
Scaredman Creek: p62
Scarface Charley: Su08 p4
Scarlet Fever: Su08 p8; Fa16 p18
Schacht, Emil (architect): Fa00 p58
Schenek, Oren: Sp13 p11
Schenerman, Crust: Su10 p18
Schetter, Fred: Fa09 p21; Wi15 19
Schetter, Otto: Fa09 p21
Schiltz, Hal: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Sp65 to Wi78
Schiltz, Portia: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Sp80 to Wi83; author of Su10 pp15-20
Schloeman Lane: Sp00 p21
Schmid, Rosemary: Sp03 p22
Schofield, Nathaniel: Sp02 p14
School Districts: Willis Creek Wi01 p78: South Deer Creek Su02 p29
Schroeder, Dr. Elena: Su03 p42
Schroeder, Eva: Su03 pp44,45
Schulpins, J. M.: Sp04 p5
Scientific American: Sp09 p4
Scott, A. E. & Josie: Su08 p4
Scott, Annie: Sp02 p6
Scott-Applegate Trail: Sp02 p3; Su03 p47; Fa07 p19; Wi14 p13
Scott, Eliza: Sp02 p6
Scott Henry Road: Wi10 p19
Scott, Henry Sr. & Mrs.: Fa11 photo p5
Scott, Henry W.: Wi02 p84; Su03 pp44,46; Wi12 p8
Scott, James & Rebecca Sparks Scott: Sp02 p6
Scott, John Morgan: Sp02 p6 photo pp10,11; Su10 p4
Scott, Lenore (later Anderson): Su17 photo p19
"Levi Scott" by William M. Barber
Scott, Capt. Levi & Edna Ennis: Sp00 pp10; Su00 pp28,29,31, sawmill 32, Levi's plat of Scottsburg pp33,34,36; Sp02 pp3,4, photo pp8,17; Fa02 p56; Wi05 pp3,4, photo p5; Fa08 p3; Fa09 p5; Sp10 photo p8; Su10 p4; Fa11 p7; Fa13 p11 et seq. photo p17
Scott, Naomi: Fa00 p54; Wi12 photo p17
Scott, Masten McCoy & Ida May née Perry: Wi12 p13
Scott, William Jehu Jackson: Sp02 pp6, photo 10; Su10 p4
Scott Mtn.: Community, Sp00 p21; lookout Fa01 pp59,61, photo of 63,67; Wi03 p5
Scott's Sawmill: Sp65 p13; Su00 p37; Sp02 p7
Scott's Valley: Sp02 pp7,11; Fa09 p5; Su11 p7; Wi11 pp16,20
Scottsburg, Ore.: Sp00 pp9,10,12,16; Su00 p26, map of 26, DLCs in 31; Fa01 p53; DLCs in Sp02 pp12,13; Fa02 p58; Fa02 p58; photo of Fa02 p59; Fa02 p62; Wi05 p3 et seq. sketch & photos of p19; Su06 p10; Fa07 p3 et seq.; Su08 p19; Fa08 p3 photo o4; Fa09 p5; I.O.O.F. Cemetery Sp12 p15; Fa13 p5 et seq.; Wi13 map p3
"Scottsburg" by William M. Barber: Sp02 p3; Fa05 p3 et seq.
"Scottsburg and the Pack Trains" by William M. Barber: Sp10 with photos, sketches & good bibliography p21,22; Continued in Su10, Cover Mr. Howe & pack train
Scottsburg House: Su00 p37
Scottsburg, Ore. Lower: Su00 pp30,31,34; Sp02 pp3 et seq.; Fa07 p10
Scottsburg, Ore. Upper; Sp02 pp3,11,18; Wi05 p7; dock photos Fa07 p16
Scottsburg-Drain Road: Wi05 p19
Scottsburg Hotel: Sp00 p10
Scottsburg Grange Hall: Wi12 photo p7
Scottsburg Military Road: Fa09 p5
Scottsburg Pioneer Cemetery: Wi05 p9
Scottsburg Post Office: Wi05 photo p10; Sp06 photo p6
Scottsburg Tannery: Su00 p37
Schattenkerk, Dorothy Rathkey: Fa03 p75
School Districts: #6 Wi00 p76; #66 Su00 pp34,40
Scripture (?): Ed Maple Fa04 p9
Sea Gull (ship): Fa05 p4, photo p5, pp6,8,11
Sea Otter (ship): Sp65 p5
Seaberg Floating Cannery: Su08 p15
Seals, Gutherie: Su08 p7
Sears & Roebuck: Su05 p15; Su09 p5
Sebring, Bill Fa06 p11
Sebring, Frank: Fa06 photo p7
Sebring, May: Fa06 p11
Sebring, Nat: Fa06 p4
Sebring, Will "Bill"; Fa06 photo pp7-9
Seeley, Dr. A. C.: Sp03 p5; Fa06 p18
Seeley, George: Fa03 pp59,61
Seibold, LeRoy: Su19 p25
Selig, Isodora Shop: Su14 p14
Selig, Simon: Sp14 p17
Sells Floto-Al G. Barnes Circus: Fa10 photos p6
Seneca Jones Timber Company: Fa08 pp8,9
Senior Center: Sp01 p22
Senior Citizen Award, Roseburg C. of C.: Sp00 p20
Sentinel: Su00 p32
Servant, Jacques: Wi15 p6
Seth Thomas Clock: Fa09 p22
Sether Brothers Ranch: Wi09 p21
Sether, Carl: Fa10 p19
Sether, Dr.: Fa14 p18
Sether Family: Wi11 p5
Seventh Day Adventist Church: Sp06 p22
Sewell, Mrs. G. L. née Buick: Fa09 pp21,22
Sewell, George C.: Fa14 photo p17
Sexton Mtn.: Fa02 p56
Seymour, Sea Capt. Godfrey: Fa07 p14
Shadle, Mr. & Mrs.: Fa04 p9
Shaggs: Su08 p9
Shagg Roost: Su08 p10
Shambrook, D.B.: Fa09 p10
Shambrook family: Wi03 p18; Su05 p12
Shambrook, George: photo Su05 p6, 20; DLC Wi11 pp11,18
Shambrook Heirs: Wi11 p9
Shambrook, Jess: Su05 pp6,7
Shambrook Ranch: Su05 pp6,12
Shamley, Thomas Grave Site: Sp12 p15
Shaperell Mtn.: Sp06 p12
Sharp, Earnest "Ernie" Jean Sr. & Elizabeth Jean "Kippy" née Pennie: S.P.R.R. Engineer, Fa06 pp18-20; Wi07 p12
Sharp, Earnest Jean Jr.: Wi07 cover et seq.
Sharp, Rev. B. T.: Su01 pp31,38,40,42,47
Sharp, Ph.D. Lawrence J.: Author The Beginning, The Middle and The End Wi07 A History of the 81st and the 91st WWll Fighter Squadron
Sharps: rifles Wi16 p6
Shasta Butte City, Calif. Wi06 p14
Shasta Indians: Wi06 p19
Shaw, James P.: Sp01 p13
Shaw, Rollin: Sp06 p17
Shearer, Dr.: Fa06 p18
Shephard, Ina Grave Site: Sp12 p15
Shepherd, J. H.: Sp04 p22
Sherman, Clay & Co.: Wi15 p11
Sherman, D. C.: Sp01 p3
Sherman, Capt. D. O.: Sp01 p3
Sherman, H. A.: Fa06 p4
Sheridan, Mrs. A.: Sp08 p5
Sheridan Bros. Hardware Co.: Wi15 16
Sheridan, Joe & Sadie née Flournoy: Sp06 p21
Sheridan, T. P.: Su03 p42
Sheridan St.: Fa00 p55; Wi09 p4
Sherret-Lyster Cemetery: Sp12 p10
Sheridan's Horse Calvery: Su05 p17
Sherritt, John: Su00 p36
Shields, Dr.: Fa07 p13
Shields, John: Fa01 p69
"Shin Plasters": Sp12 p6
Shinkle Family: Wi01 p81
Shipley, W. J.: Sp01 p11; Sp04 p16
Ships, Schooners, Brigs, Steamers, etc.:
Steamer Ajax: Fa08 p19
U.S.S. Ancon: Sp09 p10
Steamer Argo: Su18 pp7,18
S.S. Bear: Su16 photo p7
Schooner Bostonian: Sp10 p8; Fa13 p5 et seq.
U.S.S. Bunker Hill: Fa15 p16
Caleb Curtis, The: Fa05 p19
Steam schooner California: Fa16 p4
Steam schooner S.S. Columbia S.S.: Fa19 p17
S.S. Cordelia: Sp02 p23
Steamboat Eagle: Fa07 p3
Steamer Enterprise: Su18 p18
Steamer Eva: Sp00 p16; Wi05 photo p5
Excelsior: Fa07 p14
Schooner Ewing: Sp02 pp7,9,14
Riverboat Flying Dutchman: Fa07 p16
Steamer Gypsy: photo Fa07 p11
Steamboat Hoosier: Fa07 p3
Steamer Juno: Su08 p19; Su18 p18
Kate Heath: Sp02; p17; Fa13 p4; Fa13 pp5,8
Sloop Lady Washington: Sp65 p4
Ship Massachusetts: Sp02 p7
Modest: Sp13 p3
Sidewheel Multnomah: Fa07 p3
Reindeer: Sp02 p17; Fa13 p5
Sternwheel Steamer Restless: photo Fa07 p10; Su18 pp7,18
Schooner Ortolan: Sp02 pp21,22
Schooner Samuel Roberts: sketch of Su00 p37, Sp02 p5; Sp02 pp14,15,16; Fa08 p3, same sketch p4; same sketch Fa13 pp4,5
Ship Sandusky: Sp00 p8
Schooner Sea Gull: Fa05 p4, photo p5
Sea Otter: Sp65 p5
Barque Success: Fa07 p3
Frigate Tres Reyes: Sp65 p4
Twin Sisters: Sp02 p22
Virginius: Sp19 p7
Washington: Sp00 p10; Su18 p18
U.S.S. Wasp: Fa15 p14
U.S.S. Umpqua (Fury), Sloop of War: Wi02 p91
Shirpser, Mabel W.: Wi12 p6
Shively Creek: Fa01 p52
Shivigney Lookout: Fa01 pp53,59
Shoemaker, Mom and Daughters Cora & Camilla: Wi03 p14
Short, Clarence: Fa08 p20
Short, "Cop" & family: Su05 p18
Short, John; Wi09 p7
Short Street: Wi09 p4
Shoemaker, Betty: Fa01 p70
Shoreham Hotel; Sp03 p15
Shoreline Drive-In Theater, Reedsport: Su13 p11
Shoestring, North Doug. County: Fa09 p6; Su11 p13; Valley Su11 p17; Cemetery Sp12 p16
Shook, Herman H.: Sp12 p6
Short Ranch: Fa00 p60
Short Street, Edenbower: Sp03 p4
Shoup Creek: Fa01 p62
Shrum, Ken: Sp00 p23; Map, courtesy of, Su01 p36; "Trapper" editor Fa00 through Wi01; Sp03 p22; Su03 p48, index 49
Shrum, Nicholas: Sp00 p21
Shrum, Sarah Ellen: Wi12 p7
Shrum, Steven & Effie: Sp00 p23; Wi00 p78
Shuey, Mrs. E. A.: Wi09 p20
Shuckle, Tony: Su19 p25
Siegal, Leah (later Street): Sp06 p18
Sienna Winery: Su16 p7
Sierra Ridge Estates: Wi11 p21
Siles, Jimmy: Su19 p3
Siltcoos Lake: Su11 p6
Siluslaw River: Wi05 on map p18
Silver Butte: lookout Fa01 p59
Silver Salmon: see Coho
Silverton, Ore.: Sp01 p3
Simmons, Bill Z.: Fa06 p11
Simmons, William Joseph, (KKK); Sp09 p20
Simon, Senator Joe: Sp04 p17
Simmons (Singleton) Family Cemetery: Sp12 p16
Sims, Dale: Sp09 & photos pp10,11
Sims Electric: Wi08 p13; Sp09 p9
Sims, Ray O.: Fa08 p3; photos by Wi08 p13; stories by Sp09 p6, pp10-15, 18; Fa09 author pp3-9,10; Wi09 p3
Simpson, Capt. Asa M.: Su10 p4
Simpson, Benjamin: Su16 p12
Singleton (Simmons) Family Cemetery: Sp12 p16
Singleton, D. E.: Sp00 p23
Singleton, Gran(ny?): Su01 p35
Singleton, Phil: Wi08 p8
Singleton Valley: Fa02 p62
Singleton, William R. & Susan Elviner née Chapman: Fa02 p62; DLC Sp12 p16
Sinnott, Mrs.: Su11 p18
Siskiyou Line, So.Pac.: Su11 p4
Siskiyou Mts.: Sp02 p6
Sitcum, Ore.: Su09 p13
Sitting Bull: Su08 p21
Siuslaw River: editor error about Sp16 p12
Skelley: Su11 p20
Skidmore, Rev. J. H.: Su10 p14
Skinner, Alonzo: Wi06 p19
Skinner family: Su06 pp5,8
Skinner, Judge: Fa19 p10
Skinner, Mr.: Fa09 p22
Slate Creek: Fa01 p65
Slater Act: Su15 p19
Slater, Sen. James A. (Harvey?): Su15 pp19,21
Slater, John T.: Fa05 p6
Slattery, Aileen: Su09 p4
Slattery, Jim: Fa01 p51
Slavery: Wi01 pp86,87
Sloan(e), Frederick & Co.: Sp02 p15
Sloan, William: Su00 pp29,31,34, store 36; Sp02 pp7 et seq.; Fa13 p11
Slocum, H. C.: Fa00 p52; Wi15 p11
Slocum Hall: Fa00 pp52,60,71; Sp13 p7,9
Slonecker, Mrs.: Fa11 p13
Slooper, John: Su06 pp5,8
Smallpox: Su08 p8; Fa16 p19
Smeed Sound Service: Fa10 p13
Smick, Rev. William A. & Helen: Su01 pp31,44; Sp08 photo pp6,9, photo pp10,14
Smick School: Su01 p36
Smith, Capt. Andrew J.: Wi06 p21; mini bio Sp16 p8
Smith and Son, Marino Rams: Wi15 p12
Smith, Art & Mrs.: Wi03 p15,18
Smith, Betty née Kruse: Spu13 p21
Smith, Cecil: Fa01 p58
Smith, Postmaster Charles W. (Grant-Smith Road): Su11 p4
Smith, Delazon: Sp07 p11
Smith, Dwight A.: Wi10 p23
Smith Family: Wi01 p81
Smith, Fred: Sp06 p7
Smith, Greenberry: Wi14 p6 photo pp7,12
Smith Ford: Fa01 pp53,56,67
Smith, Henry: Sp19 p17
Smith, Isaac & Margaret B.: Su00 p30; Su10 p19
Smith, Jim & Phyllis: Wi10 p23
Smith, Jack: Wi03 pp8,26
Smith, Jedediah: massacre Sp65 p6; Fa02 p51; Fa13 p11
Smith, Louie & Sherman: Wi03 p15
Smith, Meriweather Lewis Walker:
Smith, Mr.: Fa13 pp10,12
Smith Minerva Jane (later Long): Wi11 p20
Smith, Paul: Wi03 p15
Smith, Paul, typewriter artist: Cover art & bio of w/photos Sp09 pp12-17
Smith Rapids: Su08 p19
Smith, Richard: Su10 p15; Fa11 p5
Smith River: Sp00 p16; Fa01 pp52,53,55,58,59, road 67; Wi05 on map p18; Sp11 p8; Lower Smith
River Cemetery Sp12 p16
Smith, Robert: Wi13 photo p4
Smith, Robert W.: Sp11 p13
Smith, Thomas: Sp02 p15
Smith, Mr.& Mrs. (W. G. or C.?) (Edenbower?): Sp04 p12 et seq.; Fa04 p12; Wi04 p19; Sp05 p9
Smith, William R.: Su11 p13
Sp05 p14
Smitty's Wayside Farm: Fa03 p54 et seq.
Smithson, Virginia: cover photo Su05
Snake River: Sp02 p6
Snell, Gov.: Fa14 p17
Snelling, George L.: Sp10 p8; Fa11 p3
Snowden & Mason Shipyard: Wi02 p91
Snowden, Conrad: Su11 p6
Snowden Springs: Su11 p6
Snowstein, Miss: Sp04 p5, 9; Fa04 p17
Snyder, Clyde Peggy A. Rowe: "Trapper" Co-editor from Su11 to Su17; Fa14 p2; Fa15 photo p23
Snyder, engr. D. D.: Su19 p27
Snyder, George W. & Elizabeth & 5 children: Su10 p16
Snyder's Nursery: Wi11 p6
Society of American Foresters (SAF): Fa01 p61
Society of Oregon Composers: Fa08 p21
Society of Professional Journalists: Fa10 p9
"Softs": Sp07 p6,7
Sohn, Fred & Frances: Sp03 p23
Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Solar Eclipse, 16 Mar. 1885: Su01 p42
Soloman, Forrest: Fa01 p52
Sons of Veterans: Sp01 p6
Sorensen, Becky née Rich: "Trapper" co-editor from Wio5 to Sp11; Sp04 p23; photo p21
Sorensen, Mrs. Walter P.: Sp08 p15
Soulia, Bob: Fa01 pp61,62
Sourdough Biscuit recipe: Su06 p14
South Cascade Forest Reserve: Wi00 p80
South Deer Creek: Wi01 p83; Su02 p35; Su02 p38
South Dillard Covered Bridge: Sp11 p6
South Myrtle Creek: Fa01 p65
South Myrtle School: Su01 p37
South Umpqua Historical Society: Wi12 p14
South Umpqua River: Fa01 p52 et seq.; Wi01 pp75,76,81; Fa02 p60; ferry photo Fa02 p63; Su04 p9; Su04 p16
South Umpqua Bridge to Veterans' facility: Sp01 p18
South Umpqua Ranger District: Douglas Community Hospital: Fa01 p65; Fa10 p9
Southerlin, (Southerland?) Mr. (Edenbower); Su04 p8; Fa04 p13
Southern Oregon Canning Co.: Su05 p9
Southern Oregon Centennial Exposition: Fa10 p11
Southern Oregon University: Fa02 p2
Southern Pacific: depot; Fa00 p54, photo 55, division point 65, map 68. Sp03 p18; photo Su05 p9; Dillard Depot Su06 photo p13 last spike 22; Fa06 p6, warehouse p11; Southern Route: Sp02 pp3,7; Fa02 p56; Wreck, Fa06 pp18-20 w/photos; Roseburg Depot Wi08 p15; vs horse race Su09 p19; Su11 pp5,9,21; Wi12 p15; Fa15 p3; Su18 p12; Su19 p27
Southern Pacific Railroad History Center: Su19 p29
Southern Route: Wi14 p13
Southern Stock Company: Sp13 p4
Spanish War Veterans: Sp01 p16
Spark, Randy & Diana: Wi02 p75
Sparks, Leo: Wi08 p8
Sparrow & Kroll: Su11 p21
Spaulding-Cutlach Yoncalla Farm: Su03 p35
Spaur, Jake: Sp06 pp8,21; Su10 p12
Speak, Emma: Sp14 p6
Speak, George Washington: Sp14 photo p6
Speak, Thompson Barker & Sophia née Newcombe + Martha Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Clarence E., Emaline, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington: Sp12 pp8,9; Family legacy: Sp14 issue et seq.
Specialized Parts: Su19 p5
Spencer, Mrs. Alonzo: Fa14 p8
Spencer, Johnny: Su09 p20
Spencer, Thomas L.: Sp11 p23
Spencer's Butte: Wi13 map p3
Spicer, Edward: Wi05 p4
Spielman, Henry "Hap": Su19 p25
Spielman, Robert: Su19 p10
Spotted Owl: Fa01 pp69, drawing of 70
Spriggs, Mary: Wi03 p11
Spudds, Sea Capt.: Fa07 p17
Sriedeker, Miss: Su09 p4
St. George's Altar Guild: Sp00 p18
St. George's Episcopal Church: Fa02 p70; Su09 p3
St. George Episcopal Church Columbarium: Sp12 p15
St. Ores: Sp12 p15
St. Paul Lutheran Church: Sp16 p19
Stacey: Post Office Fa11 p14
Stacey, Mr. & Mrs.: Su06 p17; Fa11 p14
Stafford, W. B.: Sp04 p21
Stagecoach: four horse Sp06 photo p15
Stanford University: Library Wi16 p9
Stanley place: Su10 p10
Stanton, C. E.: Fa09 p22
Stanton, C. G.: Sp06 p21
Stanton, Charles V.: photo Sp00 p19; Fa10 p15; Wi16 p16
Stanton, H.D.: Fa09 p22
Star Theater, Roseburg: Su05 p5; Sp13 pp10,15
Starlight Drive-In: Sp13 p9,15; Su13 pp14,16,18,20,21
Starmer, Andy (Edenbower): Wi04 p9; Sp05 p7
Starmer, Fire Lt. Donald: Wi08 p17; Su19 p25
Starmer, Luther & Fannie (Edenbower): Sp04 pp7,18,22; Su04 p5 et seq.; Fa04 p5 et seq.; Wi04 p9 et seq.
Starmer, Sheriff Sam W.: Sp01 pp13; Photo p21; Wi08 p22; Su14 p10 et seq. photo p14
Starving Children's: Wi08 p8
Starveout: Su11 p6; Fa11 p2; Fa11 p14
Starveout Creek: Fa11 p14
State Normal High School, Drain: Wi00 p76
State Soldiers' Home: Sp01 p18
States' Rights: Wi01 pp86,87
Staats, Stephen: Wi14 p18
Steamboat area: Wi00 pp78 CCC camp 85,88 photo of 89, bridge, photo of 92; Fa08 p10,11; Wi09 p5,6
Steamboat Ranger Station: Wi10 p14
Stearns, Daniel W. & Almira: Su00 p44; Su10 photo p8
Stearns Family: Fa02 p52
Stearns, Rev. John D. & Asceneth née Campbell: Fa02 p52
Stebbinger Mill: Fa01 p65
Stebinger Bros. Const.: Fa09 p10
Stebinger, Carl: Photo Fa09 p12
Steelhead: Wi00 p85; Fa01 pp52,53; Su08 pp8,10
Steens Mtns.: Fa02 p60
Steinbeck, Marvin: Wi08 p6
Stemmerman Ranch: Sp12 p10
Stephens, Benjamin: DLC Wi11 p6; Wi14 p10
Stephens, on Calapooia: Su05 p11; Post Office Fa11 p15
Stephens (Bryant) Cemetery: Sp12 p16; Wi14 pp9,10
Stephens Covered Bridge: Wi10 p19
Stephens, Ebenezer: Sp65 p16; Sp06 p21; Wi10 p19; Fa11 p15
Stephens, Elizabeth: Su10 p18
Stephens Family: Wi08 p3
Stephens Historical District: Wi10 p19
Stephens, Maude (later Thompson): Su05 p19
Stephens, Nicholas: Wi09 p23
Stephensville: Fa11 p15
Stering, James A.: Su11 p4
Sterling Bank, Riddle: Sp13 photo p20
Sterling Organs: Wi15 p11
Stevens, Isaac: Su15 p5
Stevens, Raymond: Sp06 p17
Stewart Creek, Jackson Co.: Wi06 p20
Stewart, Dr. E.  B.: Sp01 pp3,18; Su09 p13; Su14 p12
Stewart, Gordon & Lois: Fa01 p70; Wi08 p10
Stewart, Mrs. Mildred Waite: Wi12 photo p17
Stewart, Miss: Su09 p4
Stewart, Nancy: Wi08 p10
Stewart Park: Half Shell Su13 p21; Stevens, Gov. Isaac: Sp07 p7
Stickroth, Richard W. Sr.: Fa05 p3
Stiles Family: Fa08 p11
Stiles, Fred & Mrs. son Jimmy: Wi08 pp18,19
Stillwell, Elias W.: Fa13 p16 et seq.
Stillwell, Thomas: Fa13 p16 et seq.
Stiltner, Sandra: Sp03 p25
Stomar: mill in Riddle, Fa01 pp52,55
Storms, Murl: Fa01 p71
Stout, Lansing: Sp07 p11
Stouts Creek: Fa01 p52
Stover, John: Sp02 p21
Strader Family Cemetery: Sp12 p16
Strader, Frank: Fa07 photo p22; photo Su09 p9
Strader, John F. Jr. & Lillie Ann née Ward: Children Roy, Phil, Frank, Merle, Verne, Floy, Elvan, Norma Fa07 p19 photo pp22,23
Strader, Merle: Fa07 photo p21
Strader, Phil: Fa07 photo p21
Strader Ranch: Fa01 p67
Strader, Roy: Fa07 photo p21
Strader, Verna: Fa07 photo p22
Stratford, Rev. (Plaindealer): Sp05 p8
Stratton, Judge Riley Evans: Sp10 p3; Sp19 p7
Straw, W. A. (Architect): Fa00 p58
Strawberry Festival: Sp00 p2; Fa00 p54; Wi00 p84; Fa06 p15, photos p16; Su09 p3
Strawberry Hill: Fa12 p12 et seq.
Strawberries, local history of: Fa06 pp14-17
Strawn family: Su05 p7
Stock Motors: Wi08 p11
Stowel Family (Winchester) Cemetery Sp12 p16
Stowel, John: Sp12 p16
Stowell, Kigh: Su08 p7
Stowell, Laura: Su08 p7
"Stories by Sherley Clayton": Sp06 "Trapper":
Strader, Jane née Worthington: Sp12 p16
Strader, John: Sp12 p16
Strader, Martha: Sp12 p16
Strange, Linda née Murray: Fa11 p3
Strange, Prof.: Sp04 p21
Street, Andrew Alvin, & Leah née Siegal: Sp06 p16 et seq.
Street, Charles Francis: Sp06 p18
Street, Frances Marion: Sp06 p13
Street Railway Service: Fa01 p64
Strickland, P.O.: Wi15 19
Stubblefield & Chambers Auto Tops: Fa09 p15
"Steuben Courier" Bath, N.Y.: Fa19 p11
Stuart, Reginald B. & Grace D.: Sp65 p9
Studebaker Wagon: Fa06 p15; Su09 p15
Studio Theater, Riddle: Sp13 p20
Stumbo, Allan: Fa10 p16
Stumbo, Clair: Fa10 p16
Stumbo, Harry: Fa10 p16
Stumbo,Robert: Fa10 p16
Stumbo, Sam: Fa10 p16
Sturgeon: Su08 p14
Stywig, Nate: Wi09 p7
Sublette, Milton: Sp65 p2
Sublette, William: Sp65 p2
"Succession of Thirteens," re Brumfield: Su14 p17
Suchoski, Edwin "Ski" & Alice née Place: Sp13 p21
Suckers-fish: Su09 p7
Sugar Pine: Fa01 pp55,62
Sugar Pine Mtn.: Su06 p8
Suicide Creek: Fa01 p64
Suksdorf, Dorothy: Fa01 p69
Sullivan, Herbert Vincent & Peggy Marie née Baker: Wi09, photo cover & p3 et seq.
Sullivan, J. W.: Wi15 p9
Sullivan, Leroy: Wi09 p3
Sullivan, Pat Vincent & Edith A. née Poirot: Wi09 pp4,5
Sulphur Springs: Post Office Fa11 p15
Sulver, Samuel: Wi06 p21
Summers, Erastus: Fa05 photo pp5,6
Sumner, Ore.: Su09 photo p15
Sumner, Rev. Walter T.: Sp03 p4
Sun Printing: Fa09 p16
"Sunday Desk" TV program: Su09 p20
Sunnydale: Sp00 p3; Fa02 p57; Su10 p14; Wi11 p5; cemetery Wi11 p12; Sp12 p12,18
Sunshine Ranch: Fa00 p60; Fa02 p50
Sunshine Road: Wi11 p11
Sunshine Valley: Fa10 p6
Sunny Valley: Fa02 p56
Sunset Telephone Co.: Sp09 pp6,7
Susan Creek: Fa01 p53
Susan Creek State Park: Wi00 p76
Sutherland, Bert: Sp00 p14
Sutherland Pasture: Sp05 p9
Sutherland Warehouse (Sutherlin?): Fa04 p23
Sutherlin, Ore.: Fa01 pp55,59; Wi03 pp5,29; Water Plant Wi03 pp8,18; Su05 p4, 1st airplane flight from, photos p16; School District: Wi03 p12; Su08 p10; Community Hall: Su05 p4; Methodist
Sutherlin Cannery: photo Su05 p9
Sutherlin Creek: Fa15 p11
Sutherlin, Fendel: Su05 p12; Su08 p10; Sp19 p7
Sutherlin Fruit Growers Bldg.: Fa10 p20
Sutherlin High School: Su05 p3; 1941-42 basketball team w/ Robert Barge Fa15 photo p13
Sutherlin Irrigated Orchard Lands Co.; Su08 p10
Sutherlin Land and Water Co.: Sp65 p19
Sutherlin, John R.: Su08 p10
Sutherlin, Sam: Wi08 p6
Sutherlin Spray Co.: Wi02 p76
Sutherlin, Stonewall; Su08 p10
Sutherlin, Thomas: DLC Sp12 p18
Sutter's Mill, Calif.: Wi00 p75
Sutton, Jackie: Sp03 p23
Swafford, Harvey: Fa06 p4
Swafford, John: Fa06 p4
Swain, Leonard: Su13 p11
Swan Island: Fa01 p53
Swanson, Steve: Author of Sp13 p5, photo p23; and author of Su13 issue
Swearingen, Andrew J.: DLC Wi11 p16
Sweet Creek: Su11 p10
Swiftwater Bridge: Fa01 p52
Sykes, Joe: Su08 p15
Sykes, Sam: Su08 p15
Sykes Street: Wi09 p4
Sykes, Warden: Su08 p15
Sykes, William H.: Su11 p20

Table Rock, Jackson Co.: Wi06 p15,21
Taft Mtn.: Fa01 p56
Tahkenitch Lake: Su11 p21; Fa11 p13
Talcott Pack Train: Sp10 photo p16
Tandy, Col.: Sp01 p20
Tandy, Dennis & Marilyn: Wi08 pp16,17; Su19 p3
Tanner, Mr.: Su05 p17
Tarpin, Mr. of Winchester: Su04 p10
Taste Freeze: Fa01 p53
Taylor Building: Fa00 pp51, photo pp56,58
Taylor, "Doc": Sp06 p11
Taylor, G.A.: Fa09 p22
Taylor, Jim: Wi09 p10
Taylor Publishing Company: Su03 p44
Taylor, Samuel W.: Sp01 pp13. Photo of Capt. & Mrs. Taylor 21
Tepee (Wigwam) Burners: Fa01 photo of p57,58; photo Fa09 p18; Su19 p6
Telephone: Doug. Co. Hist. of Sp09 p5-9
Telephone use method, Dixonville: Su02 p40
Telephone and Telegraph Company: photo Sp00 p15
Temple Brown Road: Wi11 p7
Tenmile, Ore.: Wi01 p80; Grange Hall Su05 p4; Sp06 p8; Fa06 p7, Pioneer picnic
photo p12; Wi09 p6; Cemetery Sp12 p18
Ten Mile Creek: Wi05 on map p18
Tenmile-Olalla Road: Wi01 p81
Territorial Road: Sp10 p9; Wi14 pp13,16
Test, Dan: Su00 p44
Thayer, Emma (Mrs. Sylvester Rice): Wi01 p76
The Democratic Weekly: Sp10 p4
"The Horse versus the Iron Horse": Su09 p20
"The Indian" Theater:
"The Merely Players": Fa01 p71
The Orange R, Roseburg High School newspaper: Wi12 p10
The Oregon American and Evangelican Unionist Charles Putnam, Editor: Sp00 p3
"The Pioneer Campfire" by Hardy Elliff: Wi11 p14
"The Passing of School District 66" by Mary Wells: Su00 p34,40
"The Public Career of Joseph Lane in Oregon," by Lena Newton: Wi01 p95
The Quiet Life of Mrs. General Lane by Victoria Case: Wi01 pp92,95
The State Republican: Su00 p38
"The Trail is Quicker than the Rail": Su09 p20
"The Wimberly Cemetery," by Laverne West: Sp00 p21
"There Ain't No Flies on Me" by Helen June Clarke: Sp00 p13
Thiele Family Grave Site: Sp12 p18
Thiele, Mildred: Fa01 p69
Tichenor, Capt. William: Fa05 p4 photo p5 et seq.
Thomas, Miss Charity: Su11 p5
Thomas Hotel, Oakland: Wi15 14
Thomas, James W.: Su11 p5
Thomas, Lois: Sam Gordon quitclaim deed, Sp03 p6; Sp03 p26; Fa15 photo p23
Thomas Metcalfe, steamer: Wi06 p8
Thomas Ranch: Su11 p5
Thomas, Richard "Dick" & Mrs. née Hall: Su07 p7
Thomason Cemetery: Wi11 p11; Sp12 p18
Thomason Ranch: Wi11 p11
Thomason, William Prior: Wi11 p7
Thompson, Al: Fa01 p65
Thompson, Alex Rep. from Clackamas: Sp04 p12
Thompson and Ladd: Wi15 p6
Thompson, Avery: Su03 p32
Thompson, Clarence "Clance" & Maude N. née Stephens: Su05 pp6,19
Thompson, Dick: Fa01 p56
Thompson Ford: Fa06 p20
Thompson, George: Su19 p25
Thompson, Nancy: Sp15 p15
Thompson, Sam: Wi09 p6
Thompson, Warden: Su08 p15
Thompson, editor William & Mrs.; Sp08 p3; Sp09 w/photo p18
Thoreby, Roy: Sp12 p6
Thorn Apple: Sp11 p20
Thorn, Joel: Sp15 p9
Thornton, Arnie & Winnie née Leatherwood: Wi03 p14
Thornton, Carl & Pearl née Pepiot: Wi03 pp14,22,29 photo 30
Thornton, Ernie: Wi03 p22
Thornton, Jeptha: Fa11 p9
Thornton, J. Quinn & Mrs.: Fa02 p56
Thorvaldsen, Bertal: Sp08 pp9,21,22
Threshing machine, description of: Su02 p36
Thrillkill cabin: Su08 p18
Thrush, Abraham: DLC Sp12 p18
Thrush Family Cemetery 1894: Sp12 p18
Thunder Mtn.: Fa01 pp53,62
Thurston, Charley: Wi00 p84
Thurston, Samuel R.: Wi06 pp14,15,18
Tibbels, H. H.: Su14 p6
Tierney, T. T.: Wi06 p21
Tierra Senior Living (T.S.L.), Curry Manor, L.L.C.: Wi17 p4
"Tight Slacks" strike: Wi09 p19
Tillamook Burn: Su05 p10
Tiller, Ore.: Fa01 pp55,58; Post Office Su11 p13; Fa11 p2
Tiller, Aaron: Su11 p13
Tiller Ranger Station: Wi00 p76
Tiller-Trail Hwy: Fa01 p58
Tilton, Rev. Elsworth & Helen: Wi08 p10
Tilton, Joanne: Wi08 p10
Timber Wolf: Su05 p16
Tin Frieze, pressed: Fa00 p51
Tin Pot Valley (Sunnydale): Sp00 pp3,10,12; Fa02 p57; Su10 p6; story of Su10 p14; Su13 p9; Fa13 pp5,6; Wi13 p7
Tioga: Fa08 p10; Post Office Fa11 p15
"Tioga Pigs": Su09 p16
Tioga Resources, Inc.: Fa00 p56
Tipton, Bill: Fa00 p60
Tipton, Chief Meshe Paloose "Mace": Wi00 p84; Su03 p32; Wi03 pp8,24,25,27; Fa08 p11 photo p12; Wi11 p6; Cemetery Sp12 photo p18; Su16 p4
Tipton, J. I.: Sp05 p6
Tipton, Meshach: Wi11 p6; Sp12 p18
Tipton's Dairy: Wi09 p7
Tish Creek: Sp15 p15
Tison (Tyson) Ranch Grave Site: Sp12 p19
Todd, Pastor Abbott Levi & Angeline née Tate + Mary Ellen & Elijah: Sp12 p16, story of Circuit Riding Preacher p17
Todd, John: Wi08 p8
Toggery Clothing Store: Fa00 pp51,56
Toketee Falls: Post Office Fa11 p16
Toles, Carl & Mrs.: Wi02 pp75,83, photo pp87,88; Su03 p43
Tolly's, Oakland: Wi09 p14
Tomlinson, Daisey Mable née Walker: Sp06 p7
Topperwein, Adolph: Su08 p21
Torrey, William H.: Su00 p37
Tots to Teens: Fa00 p56
Tower, Hariett (later Power): Su07 p10
Tower, Rev. Hull: Sp19 p10
Townsend, Andrew Jackson: Wi02 pp77,79,81, photo 82
Townsend, Bryon: Wi02 p83
Townsend, Wayne: Su19 p3
Toyanhu: Su15 pp7,8
Tracy, Verly: Su09 p8
"Trail of Tears," 1856 by Stephen Dow Beckham: Sp16 & Su16 issues
Train, S. S.: Sp01 p9
Train, Railroad: Sp06 photo at Dillard p12
Train Wreck, Feb. 1899: photo Sp04 p18; Sept. 1907 Fa06 pp18-20 w/photos
Tramposch, William: Su03 p46
Transcontinental Railway: Fa01 p64
Trapp, John: Wi13 p8
Trask, Case (Cash?): Wi03 p26
Trask, William: Wi03 p26; Su16 p6
Treason, Stratagems and Spoils by W. L. Adams: Sp13 p4
"Treasures from the Trapper": Sp03 p17; Su03 pp49,51
Trefoil: Fa19 p16
Tres Reyes frigate: Sp65 p4
Tri City Drive-In: Sp13 p14
Tri City Mobile Estates: Su13 p14
Tri City Ready Mix: Fa10 p19
"Triangle, The": photo of: Wi02 p80; Sp08 p14
Trowbridge and Flynn: Sp09 p8
Trowbridge Electric Company: Fa00 p56; Sp09 p8
True Magazine: Fa10 p17
Truman Pres. Harry: Fa10 p8
Trumbo, Frank: Fa00 p52
Tuberculosis Hospital, Roseburg: Wi13 p19
Tuggle, Kenneth: Su19 p11
Tuller, Edith: Sp12 p19
Tuller Family Grave Site: Sp12 p19
Tuller, Jerimiah & Miriam + Belle Dr. Clementine: Sp12 p19
Turkeys: Fa01 p60; Turkey feather dress, cover News Review photo Wi02 pp74,75,76; Wi12 p5
Turkey Crick Ranch: Su05 p3
Turkey Growers Assoc.: Wi12 p5
Turkey Hall, Oakland: Su05 p4
Turkey Hill; Wi11 p16; Grave Site Sp12 p19
Turley, Dick: Fa10 p10
Turnbull, Miss Jean: Su19 p8
Turner, James: Wi08 p6
Turner, Joe Sr. & Mildred + Joe Jr.: Fa15 photo p14
Turpin, Baldwin: Su08 p7
Turpin, Earnest: Su08 p7
Turpin, Ella: Su08 p7
Turpin, Mark; Su08 p7
Turpin, Wesley: Su08 p7
Tuttle, Ore. 1899 Adj. Gen.: Su04 p11
T'Vault, William G.: Fa05 p8, photo p9 et seq.
Twain, Mark: Wi09 p19
Twelve Mile Creek, Camas Valley area: Su10 p11
Twin Covered Bridges: Wi10 p16
Tyee: Fa01 pp58,62; Su05 p21; Post Office Fa11 photo p16; Wi11 p16
Tyee Bridge: Fa01 p67
Tyee-Oakland Mail Express: Su08 p18
Tyee View Cemetery: Sp12 p19
Tyee Valley: Cemetery Wi11 p9
Tyler, Wayne: Su19 p8
Tyson (Tison) Ranch Grave Site: Sp12 p19

U-Mark: Fa01 p59
U.S. Forest Reserve Headquarters: Fa01 p65
U.S. Land Office: Fa01 p65; Su06 photo p9
U.S. National Bank: Wi12 p6
U.S. Plywood: Fa01 pp52,56
U.S. Weather Observatory: Fa01 pp65,66
"U.S.S. Umpqua" The Story of three Navy ships by Stuart Kammerman: Wi02 p91, postal cover; photo mail covers p92, photo p3, photo of patch, p95
U.S. West Phone Book: Su03 p49
Udder City, Ore.: Su09 p15
Ulett, George: Su13 p3
Umpqua Academy: Sp00 p12; Sp03 p3; Academy Buggy on Cover photo and story of Academy Fa09 pp3-9 photo p4, list of known student last names, pp4,5 1st Graduating Class p5; Fa09 p8; Sp19 p4
Umpqua Amusement Co.: Rose Theater: Sp13 p11
Umpqua area: prune dryer photo Wi02 p78
Umpqua City: Sp02 pp14,15,18; Wi05 photo p13, on map 18; Post Office Fa11 p16, sketch of p17; Fa13 p5; Wi13 map p3
Umpqua, Ore.: Wi03 p18; Su05 p3; Su05 p10; Cemetery 1850 Sp12 p19; Su14 p4
Umpqua, County: Wi05 p4 et seq. died 6 July 1863, map of p18; Sp02 pp3,11,17,18
Umpqua Canyon: Road (Military Road) Su00 p34; J. Quinn Thornton description of Fa02 p56
Umpqua Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution: Sp07 p120
"Umpqua Chief Flour": Sp06 p13; Fa09 p16
Umpqua Community College: Fa00 p60; Sp01 p22; Theatre Dept. Sp08 p19; Su13 p17
Umpqua County, Ore.: Sp00 p3; Su00 p34; Sp02 p7; Sp07 p6; Fa08 p3; Su10 p15
Umpqua Creamery: Wi09 p4
Umpqua Dairy: History of & cover photo Wi09 pp3-16
Umpqua Discovery Days: Su03 pp49,50
Umpqua Egg Mash: Fa09 p16
"Umpqua" etymology: Fa19 pp3-6
Umpqua Exploring Expedition: Su00 p29; Sp02 p15
Umpqua Ferry: Su04 p11; & bridge, Su05 pp11,12,19,21; Fa11 p17; picnic at mouth of Calapooia Su16 p20
Umpqua Fishermen's Association: Sp03 p21
Umpqua Free Press: Printed the "Umpqua Trapper" from Sp65 to Su85
Umpqua Gazette/Umpqua Weekly Gazette: Su00 pp36,37; Sp02 p18; Fa02 p58; Fa07 p12; Sp10 p4; Su10 p4; Wi13 p16; Wi15 et seq.
Umpqua Head: Wi13 map p3
Umpqua Historic Preservation Society; Fa02 p70; Sp03 p16, pp21,50
Umpqua Hospital: Wi08 p19
Umpqua Hotel: Wi00 p84; Wi08 pp10,11 photo pp13,16; Sp09 pp4,19; cover photo in Fa10; Fa14 p19
Umpqua Indian Foods: Sp13 photo p17
Umpqua Indians: Sp00 p23; Idleyld burial plot of Chief Mace Su03 p32; Wi06 p15; Sp16 p3
Umpqua Klan #5: Sp09 p19
Umpqua Land Company: Fa13 p4
Umpqua Lighthouse: Su00 p40; Fa10 p20
"Umpqua Mission": Fa09 p5
Umpqua Mountains: Sp02 p6
Umpqua National Forest: Wi00 p76, cattle in photo pp77,80, Diamond Lake Dist. pp80,85
Umpqua Park: Su05 p4; Wi11 p17
Umpqua Porcelain Artists: Su03 p49
Umpqua: Post Office: Fa11 p17
Umpqua Plywood: Fa01 p56
Umpqua River: Sp00 p10; Fa01 p67; Sp02 p17; Su05 p3; Fa05 photos of mouth pp9,21; Wi05 map of mouth p13; fishing photo Fa06 p6; map of mouth, cover Fa13
Umpqua River Boat: Wi05 photo p5
Umpqua River Covered Bridge: Sp11 p5
Umpqua Theater, Elkton: Su13 p6
Umpqua Scratch Feed: Fa09 p16
Umpqua Trapper, The: Sp03 p16; Su03 pp38,46,49,51; Sp08 p23; Su13 p21
Umpqua Trapper Index: Su03 p51
Umpqua Valley: Fa00 p54; Wi01 pp76,92; Sp02 p6,15; Wi06 p19; Sp07 p4; Su08 pp7,10; Fa08 p3; Fa09 p3,6; Fa09 p9; Fa12 p11; Wi12 p11; Fa13 p20; Fa14 p13; Fa19 p7
Umpqua Valley Arts Association: Sp01 1925 site photo p14,22; Sp08 pp17,19
Umpqua Valley Canning Co.: Fa09 p15
Umpqua Valley News: Fa00 p52
"Umpqua Valley, Oregon, and its Pioneers": Fa07 p14
Underwood Ranch: Su07 p15,20
Union Oil Co., Roseburg: Wi00 p84
Union Party: Sp09 p18
Unionist: Wi01 p86
United Brethren Cemetery 1877: Wi11 pp8,16
United Brethern Church: Su01 p47; Su10 pp14,17
"United Fishermen of the Pacific": Su08 p15
United Wireless Telegraph: Fa01 p65; photo Sp09 p9
Unity, Ore.: Su10 p14
Unrath, Anna May: Fa01 p70
Unrath House: Su19 p5
Unrath Family, Mr., Mrs. & Mary Elise: Wi08 p11
Unrath, George: Su09 p3
Unrath, William: Su19 pp3,5
Updegrave Place; Sp12 p19
Upper Camas Valley School: Sp06 p18
Upper Camp Creek: log camp photo Fa06 p4
Upper Cow Creek Valley: Fa02 p56; Wi14 pp6,12
U.S. Bureau of Land Management (B.L.M.): Fa08 p8
U.S. Forest Service: Su10 p2
U.S.S. Umpqua: Wi02 p91

V.F.W. Hall, Riddle: Sp13 p20
Valley Hotel: Fa00 pp57,58
Valley View Cemetery: Sp12 p19
Valentine Ranch: Fa15 p9
Valentine, Richard: Fa15 p9
Van Winkle, I. H.: Fa14 pp16,17
VanBuren, Miss Marie: Sp08 p5
VanDam, Elizabeth née Barge: Fa15 p3
VandeVerd, Ted: Sp06 p17
Vandover place: Sp06 p11
VanMeter, Wilma: Sp00 pp18,20
VanNorman Family Cemetery 1857: Wi11 p18
Van Riper, Garrett: Sp65 p10; DLC Wi11 p9
Vanschorack, N. R. & son Micajah: Su10 p18
Vattiler, Fred: Su10 p18
Velocipede: Wi04 p15
Veril, (Verrel?) Mr. (Edenbower?): Sp04 p6; Fa04 p6
Veronucerges, Daniel: Su10 p18
Veterans Administration Hospital: Sp00 p19; Sp01 pp3,9,22; Su09 p3; Wi09 p5
Veterans' Cemetery: Sp01 p22
Veterans' Administration Golf Shop: Fa01 p64
Veterans' Memorial Hall: Fa01 p64
Victor, Frances Fuller: Wi01 pp93,95
Victorian Architecture: Fa00 p51
Victory Builders Sp08 p18
Vida, Oregon: Wi03 p3
Villard, Henry: Su06 p13
Vinson: R.R. fireman Fa06 pp18,19
Vinson, Mr.: Sp04 pp5,14; Sp05 p5
Vinson, Billy: Su05 p4, photo 19
Vinson, Bird: Su08 p7
Vinson, Iva: Su08 p7
Vinson, Ralph: Su08 p7
Vinson, Vernon: Su08 p7
Vinson, W. R.: Su08 p7
Virden, T. B. & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
"Virginius": Sp19 p7
Vizcaino, Sebastian: Sp65 p4
Vladimiroff, Bud: Fa01 pp64,71
Vogel Covered Bridge: Wi10 p18
Volk, Karen; photos by, Sp03 p10
"Volume Library, The": Sp06 p18
Vosburgh, Earl & Mrs.: Sp09 p22
Vose: Su08 p7

W. G. Woodward Harness Shop: Wi15 p12
W. L. Main's Great Shows: Wi04 p18
W. R. G.: Fa04 p6 et seq.
W. W. Gage Logging: crew
Wade, Cecil Roy & Margaret née Murphy + children John B. & Eugene: Sp12 p7
Wade, Sea Capt. Henry: Fa07 p14; bio Su18 pp18-20
Wade, William: Su18 p7
Wadsworth, Lorraine: Sp03 p23; Wi09 p23
Wadsworth, Peters & Ladd: Su00 p37
Wagers, Violet: Wi01 p75
Waggoner, Warren: Su16 p21
Wahnsley, L. B.: Su04 p9
Walinsby, Mrs. L. B.: Fa04 p5; Wi04 p9
Walton, Frederick: Wi17 p8
Walton, George: Fa11 p15
Walton, James E. & Elizabeth + son John: Su10 p18; Sp19 p11
Walt's Towing: Fa10 p20
Waite, Douglas & Eva Marie née Lane: Wi12 p4; Wi12 photo p14; Wi12 photo p17
Waite, Katherine (later Bain): Sp12 p12
Waite, Mrs.: Sp03 p22
Waite Ranch: Sp03 p22
Walla Walla Indians: Wi06 p13
Walla Walla (Whitman) Massacre: Su15 p7
Waldo, Mrs. Sp07 p17
Waldo, Peter: Wi01 p92; Sp07 p17
Waldorf, W. F.: Su14 p14
Walgreen's: Wi17 p3
Walker, Aileen: Fa01 p70
Walker, Charley: Su10 p6
Walker, Courtney Meade: Sp16 p4, mini bio p12
Walker, Daisey Mable (later Tomlinson): Sp06 pp7,9
Walker, Dorothy: Su05 p19
Walker, Eva Estella (later Clayton): Sp06 p7
Walker Family: Wi01 p81
Walker, Gratz: Sp06 pp7,9; Fa06 p4
Walker, Jeff Davis: Sp06 p7; Fa06 p11
Walker, Jesse Hayes: Sp06 pp7,9
Walker, Jim: Su19 p8
Walker, Joe: Sp65 p2
Walker, John Edgar: Sp06 p7 et seq.; Su06 pp9,10; Fa06 p22
Walker, Mr.: Su01 p44
Walker, Rebecca: Sp06 p9
Walker, Ruby Josephine: Sp06 p7; Su06 p10
Walker, Sara Agness, (later Zachary): Sp06 p7; Su06 p10
Walker, Susan Rose (later Alexander): Sp06 p7
Walker, Thomas Alva: Sp06 p7; Su06 pp10,12
Walker, Walter W. "Monied" & Rebecca née Huntley: Sp06 p7 et seq.; Su06 p9; Fa06 p3
Walker, Warden: Su08 p15
Walkley, Mr. A. S.: Fa04 p22; Wi04 p7
Wall, Hugh: Wi03 p22
Wallace, William: Sp65 p5
Waller, Rev. A. F.: Wi15 p6
Walling, A. G.: Su00 p29
Wallowa Mtns.: Su02 p27
Walnuts: Wi01 p75
Walsh, W. T.: Sp04 p5
Walters, Barbara: Wi16 p12; Wi17 p10
Walters, Jack: Su19 p25
Wanaville: Post Office Fa11 p17
Wanted Poster: Dr. Brumfield Su14 photo p10
War of the Rebellion: Sp01 p4
"War Wagon": Wi09 cover
Ward Creek: Wi11 p4
Ward, Frazier: Sp01 p23
Ward, Grandpa: Fa07 photo p20
Ward, Frazier & Mary Ann née Flournoy: Fa07 p19 photo p20; Fa11 p17, photo p18
Ward, Lillie Ann (later Strader): Fa07 p19 photo p20
Ward, Mag: Su17 photo p18
Ward, Ole: Su17 photo p18
Ward, Tom: Su17 photos p18,19
Ward, William: Fa11 p9
Ward, Winnie: Su17 photo p18
Ward's Butte: lookout Fa01 p59
Wardrip, Herbert: Fa06 p8
Wardton: Post Office Fa11 p17
Wardville: Post Office Fa11 p17,18
Warner, Robert "Bob" & Pat: Wi16 p12; Wi17 p10
Warner Mtns.: Fa02 p56
Washington D.C.: Sp01 p18; Wi01 p86
Washington, George: Wi01 p86
"Washington" steamship: article about Fa07p3, Wi15 sketch p5; Su18 p18
Washington Street: blast photo Wi08 p12
Washington, Univ. of; Fa02 p70. Spo3 p16.
Wasp, U.S.S.: Fa15 p14
Wassom, Phil: Wi09 p6
Watson, Edward B.: Fa02 p66
Watson, James F.: Sp03 p6; Wi08 p3,6
Watson Mountain: Wi10 p20
Watson, Sarah Jane (Hamilton): Sp03 p3, photo 7; Flint St. House photo, Sp03 p10
Watson, "Squeaky": Wi00 p78
Watsonville, Ore.: Su09 p15
Watts, Georjean: photo Sp03 p18
Watts, Jim: Fa01 p51
Weatherly Home: Wi05 photo p19
Weatherly (Hudson) Creek: Su00 p31; Fa01 p53; Sp02 p22
Weatherford Apartments: blast photo Fa09 p14
Weatherford, Harriet Groves: Fa01 p69,71
Weatherford, Mr.: Su01 p35
Weatherford, Will: Su01 p35
Weathers, Kathyrn née Howard: Su07 p12
Weaver, Ed: Su14 pp7,14
Weaver, Hans & Hariett née Bigham: Sp15 p8
Weaver Family, unknown which: Su05 p7
Weaver, I. S.: Su14 p17
Weber's Bakery: Wi09 p4; Sp16 p21
Weber, Effie: Su11p 18
Weber, Henry: Su11p 18
Weber, Maurice: Su11p 18; Su17 photo p19
Weber Pianos: Wi15 p11
Webb, Blanch Lurley: Webb & Co.; Fa07 p13
Webb & Co.: Fa07 p13; Fa11 p5; photo p22
Webb, James J.: Fa11 p5
Webb, Rev. & Mrs.: Su01 pp33,37,40,42
Webb, Deputy, Sheriff Percy; Sp03 p9; Wi08 p23; Su14 p8 photo pp9,15; Fa14 photo p4 et seq.
Webber, Bert & Margie: Wi10 p23
Webberley, Don: Su19 photo p30
Webster, Mr.: Su04 p3
Weekly: Post Office Fa11 p18
Weekly, Edmond: Fa11 p11,18
Weekly Umpqua Gazette: Wi15 et seq.
Weekly Oregonian, The: Fa07 p15
Weiker, Dianne: "Trapper" co-editor Wi05 to Su17; then Wi17; Sp04 p23; Su10 p20; Fa15 photo p23
Weir, Ron; photo Sp03 p18
"Welcome to the Umpqua Valley": song by Ron Bolt and Abe Mantle Fa09 p20
Welker Grave Site: Sp12 p19
Wells Creek: Su00 pp31,35
Wells, Dr. Daniel & Eliza: Fa13 p13
Wells Family (Wells) Cemetery: Sp12 p19
Wells Fargo & Co. Express: Fa01 p65; Glendale Fa08 p23
Wells, Gene & Dad: Fa01 p65
Wells Logging: Fa01 p65
Wells, Mary: Su00 pp30,34,40
Wells, unknown boat rower in 1861 flood: Su00 p35
Wertz School: Sp06 p18
Wescott, Lyle: Su19 p25
Wescott, "Okie": Su19 p25
West, Calvin B.: Fa13 p3
West Fork: Cow Creek Covered Bridge: Sp11 p15; Su11 p20
West, Jack: Su19 p19
West, Laverne: Sp00 p21
West, Levi: Fa00 p60
West, Mr.: Sp04 p5; Su04 p3; Fa04 p13; Sp05 p4
West, Mrs. (Laverne?): Su03 p37
West, Lavina: Sp15 p15
West, Gov. Oswald: Fa00 p60; Fa14 p16
West, William "Wink": Wi09 p12
Westenhiser Family, history in Douglas County w/photos and family tree: Fa16 issue
Westenhiser, Annie Barbara: mini bio Fa16 p18
Westenhiser, Bernice (later Merk): cover photo Fa16
Westenhiser, Charles Lewis & Sarah Elizabeth née Long: cover photo Fa16 Sarah photo p5
Westenhiser, Charles Lewis IV: Fa16 p3
Westenhiser, Charles Reynolds & Cassie Etta née Mckee: mini bio Fa16 p17
Westenhiser, Christian: Fa16 p4 photo p13
Westenhiser, Fredrick Herman: mini bio Fa16 p19
Westenhiser, John Louis & Amelia "May" E. née Norman: mini bio Fa16 p19
Westenhiser, Mary Alice (later Richards): mini bio Fa16 p18
Westenhiser, Minerva Ann: mini bio Fa16 p18
Westenhiser, Ralph & Harrie née Kitely: mini bio Fa16 p20
Westenhiser, William & Emma née Reynolds then Coral née Archer: mini bio Fa16 p17
Western Auto, Roseburg: Su19 p20
Western Batter Mill: Fa01 p58
Western Oregon University: Fa08 p19
Western Union: Office, Roseburg: Fa00 pp58,65; history by unknow author Fa09 p21
Westrope, Charles & Mrs.: Fa06 p8
Wetherell, William Peabody & Alvia Eva née Scott: Fa10 p5; Wi12 p12
Weyerhauser: Fa01 pp59,61; Fa03 p66; Wi03 p23
Wharton Bros. Farm Equipment: Su09 p4 photo p5
Wharton, Mr.: Su09 p6
Wheat: Wi01 p74
Wheat, Mr.: Fa13 p16
Wheat, Myrtle: Sp06 p17
Wheat, Viola: Sp06 p17
Wheeler, Abraham Building: photo Sp05 p16; Sp09 p5
Wheeler excavator: Fa06 p21
Whig Party: Wi06 p15,19; Sp07 p4
Whistler (Wistler), Eliza: Su10 p18
Whistler's Bend: Photo Wi04 p5
White, Ore. Adj. Gen. Ared: Su05 p22
White, Dr. Elijah: Su15 p7,8
White, Elwin: Fa10 p19
White, Mr.: Su16 p8
"White Mule": Sp11 p23
White-Tailed Deer: Su08 p10
Whiteaker, Gov. John: Sp07 p19; Fa08 p5
Whiteley Harvester & Binder: Wi15 p16
Whitman, Marcus & Narcissa: Su15 p9
Whitman (Walla Walla) Massacre: Su15 p7
Whitney, Norman: Su14 pp6,15,16; Fa14 pp3,18
Whitney, Thomas: Sp08 p17
Whitsett, Tom & Mrs. & infant: Su01 p38; Wi11 p6
Whittier, John Greenleaf: Wi16 p7
Whittslsey, Prof.: Wi04 p21
Wiggins, Rufus Jr.: Su19 p3
Wigwam (Tepee) Burners; Fa01 photo of pp57,58; photo Fa09 p18; Su19 p6
Wilbur, Ore.: Sp00 p12; Sp02 p18; Wi02 p75; Su04 p11; Fa04 p23; & Bunton's Gap; Su05 pp12,15
Sp08 p15; Fa09 p3 et seq.; Community Club Fa09 p8; Methodist Church & Parsonage: Fa09 pp3,8; Su10 p5; School: Fa09 p8; Wilbur Academy, High School: Fa10 pp3,5; Post Office: Fa11 p19; Cemetery Sp12 p13
Wilbur, Rev. D. D. James Harvey "Father Wilbur": Fa09 p3, photo p4; Fa11 p19
Wilbur Thompson's Signal Station: S.E. corner of Stephens & Washington. This editor is sure that it was a victim of the blast, but it doesn't seem to be mentioned for some reason. The Thompsons were West Harvard Ave. area neighbors and friends of our family.
Wilcox, George: Sp03 p26; Wi12 p8
Wilcox, Mr.: Su14 p8
Wild Hogs: Sp06 p9
Wild West Show: Su08 p21
Wildcat Creek: Fa06 p3
Wiley, John: Su10 p10
Wilkes, P. M. Ada (later Cleveland): Su11 p4
Wilkins, Mr.: Wi04 p18; Sp05 p8
Will, Bill: Su05 p13
Willamette National Forest: Wi00 p85
Willamette River: Su00 p28; Middle Fork of Wi00 p76
Willamette University: Sp02 p18; Fa14 pp15,16; Sp19 p4
Willamette Valley: Sp00 p3; Wi00 p76; Sp02 p6
William H. Torrey Building: Su00 p37
Williams, Amos: Fa06 p4
Williams, C. C.: Fa04 p9
Williams, C. O. J.: Fa04 p9
Williams, Elizabeth: Fa01 p70
Williams, J. S.: Fa11 p15
Williams, Jean (later Leatherwood): Su05 p19
Williams, Loren L.: Su00 p37; Sp02 p17; Fa05 p3 photo p9 et seq. photo p21; Fa08 p3 photo p4; Sp10 p4
Williamson, Solomon "Saul" & Adeline née Reed: Wi13 p6
Loren Williams Saloon: Su00 p37
Willis, Albert: Wi01 p75
Willis, Miss Belle: Sp08 p5; Fa09 p22
Willis, Bill: Wi01 p76; Fa09 p22
Willis, Caroline née Haines: Sp12 p23
Willis Creek: Wi01 p76; road Wi01 p74, school p78; Cemetery Wi01 p75, photo 78
Willis, Capitola: Fa06 p16
Willis, Harriett J.: Wi01 p78
Willis, Helen J.: Wi91 pp75,78
Willis House: Wi01 p93; Sp03 p20; Su03 pp40,41,47; Sp08 photo p7
Willis, Owen "Stump": Wi01 p75
Willis, Parish: Wi01 p75
Willis, Sarah Elizabeth: Wi01 pp75,76,78
Willis, Steven D. & Martha A. Ross Willis: Wi01 pp75,76,78
Willis, Rev. W. A. & Mrs. & Andrew & Ella: Su01 pp31 et seq.
Willis, Judge William R. & Harriet: Wi01 p78; Sp08 p3 photo p7; Fa09 p22; Sp19 p12
Wilson, Blanche (later Keyes): Su17 photo p19
Wilson, Clark (strawberry sets?): photo, Sp04 pp16,17
Willson, Helen G.: Su03 p50
Wilson, E. E.: Sp03 p5
Wilson, Eric: Su09 p12
Wilson, Erma née Arant: Su17 photo p19
Wilson, Eula: Su10 p13
Wilson, Joseph E.: Fa11 p13
Wilson, Kathy: Su13 p21
Wilson, Mrs. Lewis G. "Trapper" editor Sp00 through Wi04
Wilson, Myrtle: Fa11 p11
Wilson, Sarah: Wi11 photo p4
Wilson, Lewis & Vera Augusta née Goetz: Fa02 p69; Sp03 p25; Su03 pp44,45; Su09 p3; Wi12 p8; A Tribute to Sp16 p19
Wilson, William Hunt & Hannah R.: Cover Wi13 & p4, photo p5 et seq.; mini bio Sp16 p10, family photo p13
Wimberly Family: Sp00 p21
Wimberly Cemetery: Sp00 p21
Wimberly Cemetery Association: Sp00 p23
Wimberly, Carl: Sp00 p14
Wimberly, Don: Su09 p3
Wimberly, Enoch & Nancy A. (Marks): Sp00 pp21, photo pp22,23
Wimberly, Ira: Sp00 p23
Wimberly, Lee & Cora: Sp00 p23
Wimberly, Miss Sarah: Sp08 p5
Windmill, The in Green: Su05 p4
Winchester 44-40 rifle: Sp04 p5; Fa04 p22
Winchester, Ore.: Sp00 p10; Fa01 p55; Wi01 p92; Sp02 pp15,18; Su04 p10; Fa04 p23; Sp05 p5 et seq.; story of Su08 p7 et seq.; Wi08 p4; Wi09 p22; Sp10 p5; Fa12 p11; Fa13 p5; Wi13 map p3
Winchester Apartments: Fa01 p53
Winchester Arms Co.: Su08 p21
Winchester Auto Sales: Su08 p11
Winchester Bay, Ore.: Sp00 pp16,18; Sp02 p14
Winchester Bay Mill Co.: Su18 p6
Winchester Bridge, original: Su05 p10; Hwy 99 Su08 p5
Winchester (Stowel) Family Cemetery: Sp12 p16
Winchester Dam: Su08 p7 photos pp11,12
Winchester Ferry: Su08 p9
Winchester, Herman: Su08 p7
Winchester, Payne & Co.: Su00 p36; Sp02 pp14,16,17
Winchester Post Office: Su08 p8
Winchester railroad bridge: Su08 p7
Winchester Ranch: Winchester Apartments: Fa01 p53
Winchester School: Fa09 p8; Wi11 p18
Windy Creek: photo Fa06 p5; Su11 p13
Winn, Merle: Fa01 pp62,69
Winniford Brothers: Threshing machine Su05 p6
Winniford, Gale: Su05 p6
Winniford, George & Ella née Gannaway: Su05 pp12,15,21; Fa14 photo p17
Winniford, Ida née Witt: Sp08 photo p14
Winniford, Joe: Su05 p6
Winniford, John: Su05 p6
Winniford, Lee: photo Su05 p8
Winniford, Mae: photo Su05 p8
Winniford place: Su08 p18
Winniford Post Office: Su05 p12; Fa11 p19
Winniford, Ralph: Su05 p6
Winniford, Thomas W. & Mrs.: Fa11 photos p19
Winniford, Vere: Su05 p6
Winnemucca, Nev.: Fa02 p60
Winterbotham, Jerry: Sp03 p21; Su03 pp47,49
Winston, Ore: Wi01 p78; (Coos Junction) Su05 p4; Benetta Theater Sp13 pp13,14
Winston, Agnes M. Rice: Wi01 p80
Winston, Bill: Su05 p4
Winston Bridge: Sp06 p8; Su06 p5
Winston-Dillard Water Dist: Fa06 p23
Winston Family: Wi01 p83; Su05 p7
Winston, George & Susan née Lander: Sp06 pp19,21
Winston, W. .: Sp06 p21
Wise, Lloyd: Su05 p19
Wise, Raphael, Dorothy née Walker then Nilda née Curtis: Su05 pp4,19
Witt, Daniel: Sp02 p15
Wolf, Timber: Su05 p16
Wolf Creek: Wi00 p78; Fa01 pp56,67; Su08 p15; Su08 p18
Wolf Creek Job Corps: Fa01 pp64,67
Wolf Creek, Josephine Co.: Fa10 p16
Wolf(e) Valley (Tyee): Su05 p21; Wi11 p16
Woman's Relief Corps: Sp01 pp6,11,16
"Women in the West: Unheralded Courage on the Oregon Frontier" by Robert Casebeer: Fa02 p2
Women's Christian Temperance Union: Su03 p33; Sp08 pp3,9,12,21
Women's Hats & Theaters: 1897 Plaindealer article Sp13 p8
Women's History Month: Fa02 p2
Women's Suffrage: Sp08 p3
Wood & Ulett Theaters: Sp13 p18
Wood, Lloyd: Su13 p3
Wood, Kelsey: Wi09 p23
Wood, Marshall: Su02 p44
Wood, Rev.: Sp05 p15
Wood, Steve: Su09 p12
Wooden Shoe, The: Su03 p38
Woodmen of the World (W.O.W.): Sp12 p4
Woodruff, E. N.: Su05 p7
Woodruff, Virgil: Su17 photo p18
Woodward, Mr. & Ida Witt Winniford: Sp08 p15
Woodward, H. H.: Sp01 p6
Wollenberg Bros.: Wi15 18
Wollenberg, Hyman & Julia née Shirpser: Wi12 p6
Wollenberg, Mrs. Isodora: Sp08 photo p6
Wollenberg, Mable W. (later Lewis): Wi12 p6
Wooley Center: Sp01 p22; Mill, Fa01 p55
Wooley, Glen: Fa01 p65
Wooley, Harold: Fa01: pp58,65
Wooley Logging Company: Fa01 p67
Woolley, Anna L.: Fa11 p20
Woolley Family: Wi11 p10
Woolley: Post Office Fa11 p20; Cemetery Wi11 p15
Woolley Ranch: Wi11 p16
Woolley, W. R. & Mrs.: Sp17 p17
Woolman, Golda: Su13 p5
Woolworth's, Roseburg: Su05 p4; Su09 p4
Worcester State Hospital; Sp03 p15
Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.): Sp01 p20; Fa02 p60; Fa03 pp58,59
World War I: Fa00 p54; veterans of, Sp01 p16
Worthington, Chester: Sp12 p16
Worthington Covered Bridge: Sp11 p13
W.O.W.: Fa00 pp52,60
Wright, E. W.: author of Marine History of the Pacific Northwest: Fa07 p10
Wright Family Cemetery 1857: Wi11 p18
Wright, Frank: Su16 p7
Wright, Fred M.: Sp09 p4
Wright, Harriett (later Beane) Sp12 p8
Wright, J. W.: Wi04 p23; Sp05 p8 et seq.
Wright, Jesse: Sp03 p22; Su03 p43
Wright, Mr.: Su16 p8
Wright, Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Wright, P. M. John: Su11 p14
Wright, Josephine (later Bigham): Sp15 p9
Wright, Joshua: Sp15 p10
Wright, Lazarus & Becky: Su10 p18; Sp12 p9; Sp19 p13
Wright, Mickey: Su19 p7, photo p8
Wright, Norma Jean: Sp01 p23
Wright, Perry: Wi00 p94; Wi03 p24; Fa08 p11
Wright, Pete: Su06 p17
Wroe, Floyd A.: Fa11 p20
Wroe: Post Office Fa11 p20
Wroe, William M.: Fa11 p20
Wurlitzer Organ: Fa08 p21
Wyatt, Mr.: Su01 p42
Wyatte, Mrs.: Su01 p38
Wyley, Mr. (Edenbower): Sp04 p5 et seq.; Su04 p4
Wylie, Walter: Sp04 p14 et seq.; Fa04 p4 et seq.; Wi04 p6; Sp05 p3 et seq.


Y2K (Year Two Thousand) computer snafu: Wi12 p8
Yakima Indians: Wi06 p13
Yale Univ.; Sp03 p16
"Years with the United States Forest Service" by Eldon McLaughlin: Wi00 p75
Yellow Creek: Fa01 p61
Ye Olde Art Shoppe, Myrtle Creek: Sp13 p18
Yew Tree: Fa03 p66
Y.M.C.A.: Fa10 p6: Sp17 p17
Yokum Ferry: Wi12 p14
Yokum Haying Crew: Fa19 photo p14
Yokum, John Sr. & Malinda: DLC Wi12 p14; Sp19 p15
Yokum, James Andrew Jackson & Lelah née Davis: Wi12 p13
Yokum, Pearl A. (1st Charles Edward Merritt, 2nd Asa Witson Lawson): Wi12 p13; Wi12 photo p18
Yokum, Ruby: Sp19 p15
Yokum Covered Bridge: Sp11 p10
Yoncalla Butte: Wi13 map p3
Yoncalla, Ore.: Sp00 p12; Wi00 p75; Fa01 p61; Su03 p40; Wi05 on map p18; Su07 p14; Fa09 p6; Yoncalla Historical Society: Su03 pp49,50
"Yoncalla--Home of the Eagles": Wi05 p20
Yoncalla Institute: Wi05 pp7,8
Yoncalla Valley: Sp00 p3; Sp02 p7; Wi13 photo p8
Yoncalla Women's Study Club: Fa16 p18
"Yoncalla Yesterday": Su03 p51
Yonce, Finn: ferryman Fa06 p10
Youth Conservation Corps (Y.A.C.C.): Fa01 p67
Young, A. J.: Su05 p7
Young Family: Wi01 pp81,83
Young, Clara Mae: Wi01 p83
Young, Cora: Fa01 p69
Young, Don: Su19 p19
Young, Edgar L.: Sp12 p11
Young, Edward G.: Su10 p19
Young, Ella May: "Trapper" Pub. Committee Su83 to Wi86; Sp03 p17; Su19 p19
(These the same?)
Young, Ellnora Rose: Wi01 p75, photo credit pp78,83; Sp12 p22; Wi12 p8
Young, Ewing: Fa08 p3
Young, Glen & Phala: Wi01 photo pp82,83
Young, Harry: Fa01 p56
Young, Jim & Judy: Wi03 p24
Young, John & Mrs.: Wi12 photo p17
Young Mill (lumber), Oakland: Su05 p3
Young, Ray & Opal (Dodd): Wi01 p83
Young, Rendall: Su09 pp3,4
Young, Virginia: Wi09 p23
Young's Bay Logging: Fa01 p56
Yreka, Calif.: Su05 p13; Wi06 p13

Zachary, Sarah Agness née Walker: Sp06 p7
Zaidlicz, Ed: Fa01 p61
Zelinsky, Hyman: Su10 p19
Zenor family: Wi01 p75
"Zinker": Sp12 p4
Zonta International: Sp16 p19
Zurcher, J. D.: Fa00 p52
Zybach, PhD Bob: author of Letitia Carson story Wi14, Sp15 & Su15 issues
Zyye: photo by Fa09 p18

1. Sp16 p11--editor confuses Lindsay and brother Oliver Applegate. Oliver was the Klamath Indian Agent.
2. Sp16 p12--at Pass Creek you pass into the Willamette Watershed, not the Siuslaw. The Siuslaw drains the west slope of the Coast Range; it does not pass through it.
3. Wi14 p18--it was Steve Meek, not Joe.

Last revised December 17, 2019