The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Dates in italics were taken from the D.A.R. scrapbooks at RVGS, which identified clippings with a handwritten date of death, instead of the date and page number of publication. Many of the D.A.R. dates are wrong.

Charles A. Abbott: JP5/22/1920p1
David Abbott: MN7/3/1942p3
J. W. Abbott: AT5/29/1916p3
James Aberneithy: DT10/27/1893p3
L. D. Ackley: JP6/9/1917p3
William T. Adais: OR3/3/1913p4, MT3/4/1913p3
Alfred James Adams: DT8/5/1871p3
Child of F. Adams: DT2/6/1891p3
Helen J. Adams: MT2/16/1910p4, MT2/18/1910p2
Helen Adams: MT7/22/1969p11
J. L. Adams: MM5/21/1909p3
Jesse W. Adams: MT7/29/1921, AW8/3/1921p1
Nora Adams: DT1/30/1891p3
S. E. Adams: JP1/11/1919p3
W. J. Adams: DT3/11/1903p4
Son of William Addison: CO1/22/1903p3
Ada Adkins: MM5/12/1893p3, MM5/19/1893pp1,3, MM6/2/1893p2
William S. Aherin: MN12/17/1930p5, MN12/18/1930p5
Mrs. M. M. Ahrens: MT3/1/1912p3
Mrs. S. S. Aiken: MM5/16/1902p3, MM5/30/1902p3
William Aiken: JP2/7/1914p3
J. C. Ainsworth: DT1/8/1894p3
Henry Akers: DT5/5/1893p3
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Akers: JP3/4/1916p1
Henry Albert: DT12/8/1893p3
Elizabeth Albright: MM4/11/1902p2
William Alcoe: DT4/14/1893p
Emma Aleridge: MM2/25/1892p3, DT3/4/1892p3
Albert Alford: MT10/31/1921p3
Moses L. Alford: MT3/10/1944
Thomas Alford: DT12/9/1892p3
Elva Maud Allan: MM4/13/1900p5
Mrs. Frank G. Allard: MT11/5/1909p1
Chester R. Allen: OR12/30/1908p5
Dr. J. O. Allen: DT3/4/1903p4
L. C. Allen: MT1/22/1912p6
Mary Allen: DT4/6/1899p2
Thomas Allen: MT9/2/1910p4
Rachel Lindsay Applegate Alford: bio: OJ10/11/1933, MT12/28/1940
Homer Alger: JP9/4/1920p1
James R. Allen: MN2/19/1933p3
Mrs. Y. H. Allen: JP11/17/1917p3
A. Almy: DT10/24/1890p3
Laura J. Alming: MT9/30/1937p1
Altamont (horse): MM12/5/1902p1
Child of Frank Amann: DT2/27/1890p3
Frank Amann: MT11/15/1912p3
Henry Amerman/Ammerman: MM12/5/1902p3, MM4/11/1902p2, MM4/18/1902p7, MM4/25/1902p7, MM12/19/1902p7
Haskell Amy: DT12/29/1893p3, DT1/18/1894p3
Lydia M. Amy: JP5/22/1915p3
Anna R. Blunkall Anderson: DT3/10/1893p3
Arthur Anderson: JP7/17/1915p3
Charles T. Anderson: MT9/30/1912p2
Chauncey Anderson: OR10/18/1913p12, JP10/25/1913p3
E. K. Anderson: bio: MT12/29/1911p8, MT3/8/1912p2, MT3/15/1912p6
Mrs. Anderson: MT6/18/1911pB4
Mrs. G. W. Anderson: MT9/1/1914p3
George W. Anderson: MS6/16/1916p4
Harry Anderson/Andrews: MM2/28/1902p6
Mrs. J. A. Anderson: DT7/31/1902p7, MM8/8/1902p2
J. J. Anderson: MT3/6/1911p2
J. J. Anderson: MT3/6/1911p2
Mary A. Anderson: MM6/6/1902p7
Merrill Anderson: MM4/6/1906p1
Philip Anderson: JP8/14/1920p3
Sarah A. Anderson: AT1/2/1913p1
W. I. Anderson: JP8/21/1915p3
Walter Raymond Anderson: MT6/19/1911p2
William Thomas Anderson: MT3/18/1910p4, AT3/21/1910
Henry Thomas Anderton: MM3/16/1900p2, MM3/23/1900p3
Charles Garwin Andrews: MT5/1/1911p1
Ed Andrews: MT11/19/1941p7
Sidney Andrews: DT3/29/1900p2
John Angel: MM1/4/1901p7
Martin Angel: MT10/17/1914p6
Child of Harry Angle: DT5/19/1893p3
Henry D. Angle: MN11/28/1930p2
Henry E. Ankeny: OR12/23/1906p32, MM12/28/1906p1
Phillip James Antone: MT11/25/1968p1
Belle Estes Applegate: MT11/6/1909p1
Herbert Applegate: DT8/22/1898p3
Ivan Applegate: JP2/2/1918p3, JP2/9/1918p3
Jesse Applegate: bio: DT5/4/1888p1; JP1/11/1919p3
John Applegate: MT1/5/1912p2
Lindsay Applegate: bio: OS7/30/1879p2, bio: AT8/8/1879p3; DT12/2/1892p3
Margaret R. Applegate: JP3/11/1916p3
Oliver Cromwell Applegate: MT10/12/1938p1, MT10/14/1938p1
Peter Applegate: MT2/23/1916p3, JP2/26/1916p3
R. S. Applegate: DT10/27/1893p3
Zoe Applegate: MM5/2/1902p3
Mrs. William Armitage: DT9/26/1890p3
Mr. Thomas J. Armspoker: MT10/26/1944
Bernice Armstrong: MM7/20/1900p3
Charlotte Armstrong: MT9/8/1915p2
Minerva Armstrong: MT9/4/1910p13, MT10/17/1910p1, MT10/19/1910p8
Robert C. Armstrong: OS11/3/1880p3
William C. Armstrong: MT10/17/1913p3, MT10/28/1913p6
Ezra Arnold: MN1/27/1931p5, MN1/28/1931p5
Francis Arnold: MT4/14/1974pC2
John Arnold: JP9/18/1920p3(2)
Celia Arrasmith: JP8/7/1915p3
Irene Arrasmith: MM2/17/1905p8
Tillie Arrasmith: MM10/17/1902p3
Mother of V. L. Arrington: DT1/22/1894p3; death denied: DT1/25/1894p3
John William Arthur: MT10/23/1918p2
Frances Ash: OR7/18/1919p9, OR7/21/1919p5, OR8/6/1919p3
Bernice Cordon Ashpole: MT9/1/1919p3
Charles Wilbur Ashpole: MT4/13/1947
Robert Ashworth: MT1/3/1916p6
Son of L. A. Askew: DT4/8/1903p2
Mrs. T. F. Atterberry: MM9/1/1893p3, DT9/1/1893p3
Carrie Austin: MT3/29/1910p4
Emma Plymale Autenreith: MT7/3/1910p5
Mary G. Averill: DT5/9/1890p3
Lydia U. Sanders Aylward: MS9/8/1911p6, MT9/8/1911p2
Child of Ernest Ayres: JP4/12/1919p3
C. B. Babcock: MM3/17/1893p3, DT3/24/1893p2, DT3/31/1893p2
Mrs. Francis K. Badger: JP1/29/1916p3
Ralph Baer: JP4/21/1917p3
Child of W. A. Bagley: DT8/26/1892p3
Daniel Bagshaw: MN11/3/1933p6
Thomas Bagshaw: MS6/27/1911p1, MT6/27/1911p2
Bernice Leslie Bailey: MT11/3/1930p2, MN11/4/1930p5
Charles W. Bailey: MT11/6/1930p2, MT11/8/1930pp5,6
Francis M. Bailey: JP7/21/1917p3
George W. Bailey: JP10/26/1912p1
John Bailey: MT4/3/1910p4, OR4/4/1910p8
Pleas Earl Bailey: JP3/8/1919p2
Child of W. S. Bailey: DT6/2/1893p3
Edward Baker: MT10/21/1914p2
George Henry Baker: MT8/13/1912p2
Hiram Henry Baker: MT6/7/1927p2
Isaac L. Baker: DT1/8/1894p3
J. W. Baker: DT1/15/1894p3(2)
Mary Ellen Baker: GH11/5/1936p1
Julia Alice Balcom: MT12/22/1914p4
Jane A. Baldwin: MM7/28/1893p4, DT7/28/1893p3
Laura Baldwin: DT6/2/1893p2
Robert T. Baldwin: DT7/11/1889p3
Sarah Ball: AT7/24/1891p3
Louis K. Ballinger: JP4/5/1913p3
Llewellyn A. Banks: MT9/23/1945p1
John Banner: MT4/2/1911p6
Joseph Newton Barber: DT2/13/1890p2, DT2/20/1890p4
Sarah J. Barber: JP1/29/1916p1
R. S. Barclay: DT7/24/1899p3
Henry Albert Barden: OR5/14/1909p14
Calvin H. Barkdull: DT7/5/1900p3, MM7/27/1900p6
John Wesley Barkdull: MT10/18/1927p5
J. H. Barker: JP9/18/1920p3(2)
Ed Barnard: MT10/25/1915p5
Electa Norton Barneburg: OR7/9/1901p4, DT7/11/1901pp4,7, MM7/12/1901p2
Frederick Barneburg: TR7/11/1907pp2,4
John Barneburg: MT12/3/1933p10, MT12/5/1933p1
Etta Barnes: DT2/20/1890p1
James Thornton Barnes: DT5/30/1889p1, DT7/18/1890p2
Adaline Josephine Brown Barnhart: MT2/9/1934pB3
A. V. Barnum: MM9/13/1901p5
Henry C. Barnum: MM7/18/1902p6
James H. Barnum: DT4/8/1903p4
William Henry Barnum: MT10/23/1918p2, MT10/24/1918p2
William S. Barnum: MT3/30/1928p4
Thomas Barr: JP7/29/1916p3
H. F. Barron: MM12/9/1904p1
Homer Walker Barron: 8/11/1933
August Bartel: DT9/19/1890p3
Fanny Ardley Bartlam: MT10/14/1938
Jeff. Barton: MM11/29/1901p6
Marie Bartz: AT10/10/1931p6
A. W. Bashford: MM3/24/1893p3, MM3/31/1893pp1,3
George W. Bashford: JP1/11/1913p3
Charles H. Basye: JP6/16/1917pp1,3, JP6/23/1917p1, JP8/4/1917p3, JP2/16/1918p3
Kenneth Edward Bateman: MT8/28/1934p3
Cleo Thomas Bates: GH6/18/1942p1
J. Thomas Bates: MT6/2/1944
Thomas Batters: AW10/11/1922p2
H. E. Battin: DT10/11/1900p3
Jessie A. Baxter: JP4/25/1924p1, JP5/2/1924p1
William Bays: PR11/20/1930p4(2)
Anna Miller Beach: JP6/12/1920p3
Charles H. Beach: DT8/23/1888p3
Christopher C. Beale: MN1/20/1931p3
Benjamin Beall: MT5/15/1911p1, OR5/16/1911p3
Link River Beall: MT10/9/1914p2
Thomas F. Beall: AT4/23/1886p3
Vinton Beall: JP7/24/1915p3
Purl Riley Bean: MT11/8/1937p3
Daughter of Mr. Beatty: DT5/20/1892p3
Hulda Bell Beatty: DT2/1/1894p3, DT2/5/1894p3, MM2/9/1894p2
John B. Beavinue: MT11/13/1911p2
Edward Bechtel: MT9/29/1937p3, MT9/30/1937p7
Daughter of Aaron Beck: MM2/1/1901p3
Francis M. Beck: MN6/19/1942p3
T. L. Beck: DT12/1/1893p3, MM12/8/1893p2
Ada Pearl Beckett: MM10/31/1902p7, MM11/7/1902pp2(2),6
Cora Bedford: CO5/29/1902p3
Charles Beebe: MO12/4/1894p3, MO12/7/1894p3
Clarence Beebe: DT4/29/1892p3
Ruth Beebe: MT7/17/1910p9
Cornelius C. Beekman: MT2/20/1915p2, MS2/23/1915pp1,6, MT2/24/1915p2, MT2/25/1915p2, MT2/26/1915p3, JP2/27/1915pp1,3
Fannie F. Beer: JP6/24/1916p3
Ezekiel Beers: OR2/8/1914p8
John Beers: DT11/24/1893p3(2), DT12/1/1893p2, DT12/22/1893p3(2)
Percy L. Beers: MN2/21/1931p5
Edward David Beery: JP9/20/1919p2(2)
Earl Beeson: JP5/11/1918p3
Emmett Beeson: JP1/13/1917p3
John Beeson, AT4/26/1889p3
Olive Hearing Beeson: MT3/15/1910p4, MT3/20/1910p10
Welborn Beeson: MM5/5/1893supplementp1(2), DT5/5/1893p3(2)
Edmund Hooker Beggs: JP4/21/1917p3
Milo Beggs: MM11/28/1902p3(2)
Amandy Lewis Bell: MT5/9/1928
Claudia Bell: MT3/26/1915p2
Homer Bell: DT8/25/1893p3
J. K. Bell: MM6.5/1908p3
Nancy J. Bain Bell: DT4/17/1890p2
Olive Rebecca Bell: MT2/21/1916p3
Merritt Bellinger: MT9/4/1910p1
Frank Bellis: MM4/12/1901p2
George C. Beltz: MT3/8/1915p6
Elizabeth Bender: JP12/30/1916p3
Mary Ann Benjamin: MS6/7/1916p3
Agnes Bennett: MT9/22/1932p1
Charles Bennett: MT12/30/1909p7
George I. Bennett: JP1/1/1921p1
Harry Bennett: MS12/29/1914p2, MS12/30/1914p4
Frank Benson: JP6/16/1917p3
Matilda M. Benson: MM1/10/1902p7
Henry Benz: DT1/6/1893p3, AT1/13/1893p3, DT1/13/1893p3
Charles Alan Berdan: MT9/1/1914p2, MT9/3/1914p6, MT9/8/1914p2
Florence Josephine Berdan: MT7/25/1927p2
Josephine R. Berdan: MT2/3/1915p2
Adam Berg: DT6/3/1887p2
Charles Bernst: MT9/22/1914p2
Alexander M. Berry: MM10/25/1901p3(2)
Dora L. Berry: MT10/4/1929p4
Jack Berry: DT6/3/1892p3, DT6/10/1892p3
James H. Berry: JP4/20/1923p1
Stephen "Bum" Bertle: DT11/25/1892p3
David V. Best: MT4/14/1944p3
Sarah Jane Bethel: CL11/30/1923p6
Will Betts: OR7/11/1904p4
Christiana Betz: MM2/14/1902p3, MM2/28/1902p5
John C. Bianchi: MN2/12/1937p3
Michael "Tom" Bickenbach: DT9/8/1893p3(2)
Rudolph Bieberstedt: MT8/15/1927p2
Otto Biede: CO12/4/1902p3, MM11/28/1902p7, MM12/5/1902p3
August J. Biegel: MT11/29/1915p3
George Bigham: MT10/31/1913p1, JP11/1/1913p3, MT11/4/1913p6, JP11/8/1913p1
James Bigham: MM9/27/1895p5
Mollie D. Bigham: MT8/28/1919p2
Earl Bilderback: JP6/29/1918p3
John Bilger: MT4/17/1912p5
Paul F. Bilitz: JP5/4/1918p3
Edward Bernard Billings: CO6/16/1905p3
Frances Myer Billings: MT5/3/1932
Clara A. Bingham: MT11/21/1916p2
George Bingham: OR10/31/1913p7, OR11/4/1913p16
Edward Hugh Binns: MT10/28/1934p10
George Franklin Billings: 1/16/1934
George H. Binns: JP2/19/1916p3
Mrs. George Binns: JP7/8/1916p3
Emily Pankey Birch: MT1/11/1910p3
Clara Fleming Birdseye: JP4/10/1915p1
D. N. Birdseye: DT2/14/1898p3(2)
Effie Birdseye: MT5/31/1966p9
Abraham Bish: MM12/19/1902p7
Rebecca Louisa Adams Bish: MT9/6/1943
Mattie A. Bishop: JP1/19/1918p3
Wallace G. Bishop: MT1/15/1911p8
E. F. A. Bittner: MT5/27/1912p2
Dr. John Blackburn: MM4/27/1900p3
Fred E. Blacket: MM1/28/1892p2
Nancy Catherine Blackford: MT6/1/1927p2, MT6/2/1927p3
Lilly Caldwell Blackwood: bio: OJ8/18/1933
Christian F. Blake: OR10/22/1904p4
David A. Blake: JP9/25/1915p3
Lizzie Blakette: MM3/10/1893p1
Walter W. Blalock: JP3/16/1918p1
Rosanna Blanchard: MM11/1/1901p7
Francis Norbert Blanchet: DT6/22/1883p3
Henry Blecher: DT3/29/1900p2, MM3/30/1900p3
Daughter of Henry Bleckert: DT3/3/1893p3
Amos Bliss: JP4/20/1918p3
Albert S. Bliton: bio: MT1/9/1935, MT6/5/1940, MT6/5/1940
Mrs. A. S. Bliton: OR5/15/1903p5, CO5/21/1903p5
John Blodgett: DT4/1/1903pp2,4
Charles Anson Boardman: MT6/19/1912p3
J. S. Boardman: MM12/6/1901p9
N. Boaz: MM12/13/1901p3
E. C. Boeck: MT3/25/1914p4
David C. Bogart: DT9/22/1893p3
Charles Edward Bolds: MN1/4/1931p2
Fred Joseph Bolt: JP1/25/1924p1
James W. Bonar: MT4/26/1936p12
Theodore Book: MT6/12/1913p6, JP6/14/1913p3
A. D. Boone: JP4/3/1915p1
George L. Boone: bio: MM6/12/1908p8; MT12/7/1910p2
Rev. Charles Booth: MM10/4/1901p6
George C. Booth: MM8/2/1901p2
Rev. Daniel L. Booth: MT7/22/1919p4
Ed Booth: MM4/26/1901p3
John O. Booth: MT1/26/1910p8
Mary E. Booth: MM6/6/1902p3
Ed Bostwick: JP1/26/1918p3
Veronica Carolina Bostwick: MT11/11/1918p2
W. H. Bostwick: MT3/26/1911p4
Placid Bouchet: MT6/26/1917p5
Arthur Boussum: DT12/23/1892p3
Emma Belle Boussum: MT5/20/1912p4
John Henry Boussum: MT3/26/1920p5
Elma M. Bowdoin: MI6/16/1898p3
Clara Evelyn Bowen: MT1/4/1966p9, MT1/5/1966p11
W. H. Bowen: JP3/10/1917p3
E. P. Bower: JP4/26/1919p3
Barden Bowers: DT4/22/1903p4
George H. Bowman: MT6/5/1932p3
Jacob Bowman: SOM8/19/1892p3, DT8/19/1892p3, DT9/16/1892p3, DT9/30/1892p3
Mr. Bowman: JP4/12/1919p3
Margaret Boyd: MM12/12/1902p2, OR12/12/1902p4
Mrs. Thomas P. Boyd: DT2/6/1890p3
Cora Edith Boyer: MT3/2/1934p9
John A. Boyer: MM1/24/1902p3, MM1/31/1902p3
L. L. Bradbury: DT7/22/1892p3
Noah Bradbury: JP5/12/1917p3
Maize May Eaton Bradford: MT8/10/1911p2
Margery Eaton Bradford: MT8/10/1911p2, MT8/19/1911p2
Angeline Bradley: MM1/12/1894p2, DT1/15/1894p3, MM1/19/1894p2, DT1/22/1894p3(2), DT1/25/1894p2, MM2/2/1894p3
Jay Bradley: MM10/27/1893p2, DT10/17/1893p2, MM11/3/1893p3, MM11/10/1893p1, MM11/17/1893p2
Mr. Bradley: MM4/4/1902p5
Abner R. Bradney: MT6/12/1916p5
William H. Bradshaw: MM10/29/1908p1
J. A. Brandenburg: MM6/19/1903p6
Nancy Jane Sarver Brandon: MT6/23/1921p6
William Everett Brayton: MN2/27/1933p4
William Everett Brayton: MT6/9/1945p10
Mrs. W. G. Breeding: DT2/20/1890p1, DT3/6/1890p2
Elizabeth Waters Breese: MT7/13/1941p10
James Brennan: DT4/17/1890p3
Mamie Brentano: DT11/4/1887p3
Mildred Mattney Bridges: MT1/28/1913p4, JP2/1/1913p1
Lester Bridiham: JP10/26/1912p1
Thomas O. Brien: MN1/4/1931p5
Ida Briscoe: MM8/18/1893p4
Edward Daniel Briggs: MT1/27/1934
Ella M. Briggs: MM8/23/1895p5
George Briggs: MT9/10/1913p2, JP9/13/1913p3
Howard Briggs: MT2/24/1910p2
Leonard Briggs: MT3/2/1910p2
Mrs. John Bright: MT9/1/1916p6
James W. Briner: MN7/6/1930
Ida Briscoe: MM5/5/1893supplementp1, DT5/5/1893p3
John Briscoe: DT11/7/1889p3
Amalia Britt: DT9/30/1871p3
Emil Britt: MT1/13/1950
Daniel P. Brittsan: MT9/12/1911p6
Louise Irene Brockaway: MT1/5/1966p11
Sarah E. Brook: JP9/11/1915p3
William S. Brooke: MT6/3/1913p1
Daniel Brooks: MM11/7/1902p6
Jane Brooks: OR6/15/1913pC11
Martha A. Brooks: MT9/25/1911p4
Sarah E. Brooks: MS9/2/1915p3
Mr. Brose: DT3/1/1894p3
Charles G. Brous: SOM9/30/1892p3, DT9/30/1892p3
J. M. Brous: DT1/24/1898p3, DT1/27/1898p3
Child of C. A. Brower: MT4/1/1910p8
Daughter of Dr. Brower: DT2/19/1894p3
David Brower: MM3/30/1900p5, MM4/6/1900pp5,7
Beth Grace Brown: MN12/14/1930p5
Burton T. Brown: JP7/28/1917p1
Charles A. Brown: JP8/23/1914p1
Mrs. Charles Brown: JP4/14/1917p3
Edwin Brown: OR3/20/1902p4, MM3/21/1902p6, DT3/27/1902p5, CO3/27/1902p3
Ervine L. Brown: DT1/30/1890p3
Daughter of F. E. Brown: MM3/16/1900p7, MM3/23/1900p7
F. E. Brown: OR3/31/1908p3
George Brown: MT11/13/1910p6, MT11/16/1910p5, OR11/22/1910p6
Gladys Brown: MT10/16/1910p14
Henry Richard Brown: DT6/26/1891p3
Mrs. J. J. Brown: MM12/27/1901pp4,5
John Barnard Brown: MT12/14/1909p4
John Vance Brown: DT10/7/1892p3
Daughter of L. B. Brown: MM9/19/1902p7
L. D. Brown: DT11/17/1893p3
L. I. Brown: JP3/14/1914p3
Mack Oliver Brown: CP3/31/1932p1
Michael C. Brown: MT12/28/1914p6, MS12/29/1914p2, JP1/2/1915p3
Ozro T. Brown: AT5/31/1917p6
Peter Brown: MT10/21/1914p2
Mrs. R. M. C. Brown: DT9/29/1893p3
Ray Dilley Brown: MS12/25/1914p2
Roxanna E. Brown: AT8/21/1916p3
Royal G. Brown: MT9/19/1947p1
Sydney Isaac Brown: MT6/18/1945p1
Tena Jane Brown: MT8/29/1934p2
V. C. Brown: MT6/8/1914p2
William M. Brown: MT12/24/1915p6
George Brownsworth: MM2/24/1893p3, MM3/3/1893p3, DT4/7/1893p3
James Bruce: MT1/10/1920p2
T. W. Bryant: DT3/14/1898p3
Child of C. P. Buck: DT12/19/1890p3
Mrs. Joe Buck: MT4/4/1910p1
Matilda Ruddick Buck: JP10/31/1914p3, MT11/25/1914p2
John D. Buckley: DT7/4/1890p3
Mary Buckley: JP6/23/1917p3
Mrs. S. S. Bullis: OR12/26/1916p13
Seth Madison Bullis: MT2/25/1966p1, MT2/27/1966p9
William Bunce: DT12/8/1893p3
Martha Bunch: OS6/16/1883p3
Son of Dr. Louis Bundy: MM2/20/1903p7
James B. Bunyard: OR1/17/1887p4
William Burbidge: MT1/5/1911p2
Albert Burch: MT10/11/1943
Ed. Burch: DT7/28/1893p3
Frank Burdell: MT3/6/1966p1
B. B. Burgess: MM4/20/1894p4
Ellen M. Burgess: MT7/9/1927p2, MT7/10/1927p2
Alice Lyon Burke: MT10/5/1914p2
Marietta Burnett: DT10/14/1892p3
Oral H. Burnett: MT4/10/1914p2
William Thomas Burnett: MT10/25/1912p3
R. H. Burns: JP7/5/1913p1
Joseph Soloman Burpee: JP4/29/1916p3
Herman J. Burrell: DT6/8/1899p3
Grant Burroughs: MT12/19/1918p2
Sarah Elizabeth Bursell: MT11/5/1930p3, MN11/6/1930p5, MT11/6/1930p2
Grundy Burton: MT5/29/1912p3
D. S. Busey: MM1/17/1908p5
Clara Shuck Bush: MM11/22/1901p5
Elinor Hanley Bush: MT4/9/1945
Basil N. Butler: MT7/1/1919p2, JP7/5/1919p3
E. C. Butler: MM4/6/1906p5
Hiram C. Butler: CO6/20/1901p3
John H. Butler: MT8/31/1936p8
Mary Catherine Johnson Butler: AT8/19/1887
Wesley Butler: AT9/28/1921
James William Walker Bybee: MT4/12/1937
M. M. "Mart" Bybee: DT9/8/1893p3
Robert E. Bybee: DT3/3/1893p3, DT3/10/1893p3
William Bybee: OR11/12/1908p6, MM11/13/1908p1
Mrs. William R. Byrum: OR4/20/1910p1, MT4/28/1910p4
William R. Byrum: JP7/21/1917p3(2), JP7/28/1917p3
O. M. Cagle: OR9/18/1908p1
Franklin J. Calhoun: DT7/7/1893p2
Henry H. Calhoun: MT10/10/1926p7
Mathew Calhoun: JP8/21/1920p3
George J. Caldwell: DT2/22/1894p3, MM2/23/1894p2
John A. Caldwell: JP4/22/1916p3
Lydia A. Caldwell: OS10/11/1884p3
Jessie M. Gilson Calvert: MT2/10/1914p6, MT2/13/1914p8, JP2/14/1914p1
Anna Cameron: JP5/11/1918p3
Bernice Cameron: bio: MT7/2/1939
Esther J. LeFevre Cameron: MT1/17/1937
Frank Cameron: MT5/30/1939
Katherine V. Cameron: JP11/17/1917p3
Mrs. James R. Cameron: DT9/16/1892p3
Lloyd Cameron: JP6/23/1917p3
Robert J. Cameron: MT5/6/1910p5
Theodoric "Todd" Cameron: MT6/10/1914p4, JP6/13/1914p1, JP6/13/1914p3, OR6/14/1914p9, JP6/20/1914p3
William Cameron: MT6/23/1932p2, MN6/24/1932p8
Verena Cameron: MT1/14/1915p2, JP1/16/1915p3, JP1/23/1915p3
Zach Cameron: MT12/4/1930p5, MN12/5/1930p7
William Cameron: MT12/4/1910pC3
Dr. Mario Joseph Campagna: MT7/6/2013p3, MT7/7/2013pB3
"Dick Posey" Campbell: MT5/8/1930p3
John C. Campbell: JP1/26/1918p3
Son of Charles D. Campbell: MT4/20/1916p2
John F. Canady: MT3/22/1933p8
James Cannon: DT11/10/1893p3
George B. Canode: MT2/23/1939p3
William H. Canon: MT7/12/1935p1
John Cantrall: DT10/24/1890p3
Mary Devlin Cantrall: MT5/7/1939, MT5/8/1939p8
Roscoe E. Cantrall: JP9/18/1915p3
Sarah A. Newlin Cantrall: MT3/25/1935p8
G. W. Cappious: DT8/12/1892p3
Ellen Cardwell: MM1/31/1902p3, MM2/7/1902p3
Frank Cardwell: DT1/22/1892p3
James Cardwell: JP9/16/1916p1
James A. Cardwell: DT4/17/1890p3, OR4/22/1890
James A. Cardwell: MT2/17/1910p5, OR10/7/1910p8
John Cardwell: MM2/7/1902p3
John T. Cardwell: DT1/7/1903p1
Charles A. Carey/Charles E. Carey: MT6/9/1942p3, GH6/11/1942p1, MN6/12/1942p4
Clara Carey: CO10/24/1901p3
Angus H. Carlson: DT9/22/1893p3
Father of Mrs. Simon Caro: DT10/13/1893p3
Mary Louise Carpenter: MT10/23/1918p2
Parents of Fred Carritt: MT4/9/1912p2
Mrs. J. B. Carlisle: AT4/10/1891p3
W. E. Carlock: MT10/18/1912p6
Frances Eugene Carlon: MT11/19/1944p7
Dr. Eva M. Carlow: MT11/10/1942
Dr. Frank G. Carlow: MT9/7/1943
Carsteen Carlson: OR11/1/1910p2
Gus Carlson: DT9/22/1893p3
Alameda Nichols Carlton: AT12/2/1929p1
Edward Wallace Carlton: MT4/18/1956p1
Mildred T. Carlton: MT3/23/1938 (birthday), MT11/29/1938
Elizabeth Carnahan: JP11/17/1917p3
Dunbar Carpenter: MT3/11/1966p1
John W. Carpenter: MT8/21/1919p2
Olive R. Evans Carpenter: MM9/19/1902p3, MM9/26/1902p2
James Carr: MM9/17/1909p2
James E. Carr: DT2/22/1894p3
Wesley Carr: DT1/15/1892p3
Jessie Alice Carrico: MT8/26/1934p12
Mrs. I. J. Carson: DT3/11/1903p4
Alfred Carter: MM3/23/1900p3
Alice Carter: OR10/19/1911p6
Ernest Victor Carter: MT1/5/1935    
Mrs. A. Carter: DT7/11/1900p3
Alfred Carter: AT3/22/1900p3, MM3/23/1900p3
Henry Carter: OS1/30/1886p3
Lawrence Carter: DT1/20/1893p3
Mrs. Carter: MT5/3/1911p6
Nancy Carter: MT10/11/1912p2, MT10/18/1911p2
Richard Lynn Carter: MT8/31/1934p3
Edward Carver: DT10/28/1892p3
John Cary: DT5/27/1892p2, DT11/11/1892p3
Alvin Morris Case: JP10/4/1913p1
W. E. Case: MT6/3/1913p3
Roseann Casey: AT5/24/1889p3
Joseph Cassiday: JP2/5/1916p3
B. Caster: MM5/14/1909p5
John T. Caster: JP12/15/1917p3
John Thornton Caster: MT9/3/1912p5
Nathaniel Marion Caster: SOM11/4/1892p3
Philip F. Castleman: OR4/2/1913p12
William Alexander Cates: MN1/31/1931p3
Daniel Cawley: DT10/24/1901p7, MM11/1/1901p3
Mrs. Dan Cawley: OS11/6/1878p3
Henry M. Chamberlain: JP6/5/1915p3
Charles Pope Champlin: MT3/19/1964p1
John Chance: JP10/2/1915p3
Augusta Richards Chandler: DT1/29/1892p3
Samuel Chandler: DT10/13/1893p3
W. L. Chapell/Chappel: JP6/20/1914pp1,3
Annie Chapman: MT2/27/1912p6
Daughter of D. Chapman: OS12/25/1886p3
Daniel Chapman: JP9/22/1917p3
Father of Daniel and H. H. Chapman: DT3/10/1893p3
Lloyd Chapman: MT7/5/1912p1,  OR7/5/1912p2
Margaret Chapman: MT2/3/1910p5
Mary F. Chapman: CO8/11/1904p3
Sarah Ann Neil Chapman: MT6/27/1911p6, MT9/12/1911p6
Samuel Chapman: DT4/1/1903p4, DT4/8/1903p2
Sarah A. Chappel: JP1/29/1916p3
Ella Charley: DT1/9/1890p2
Lemon C. Charley: MT3/20/1933p3, MT3/21/1933p5
Paul Chartrand: CO6/20/1901p3
Opal Beatrice Chase: MT7/20/1969p9, MT7/21/1969p9
Benjamin F. Chastain: MN1/4/1931p5
Margaret Chavner: OS8/25/1880p2
Rose Chavner: MM4/12/1901p2
Thomas Chavner: memoir: OS7/16/1879p1
Urania Cheeseman: JP3/24/1917p3
Baptiste Chegar: DT8/1/1889p3, OR8/5/1889p7
A. H. Chessmore: OR7/8/1903p11
Arnold Childers: DT3/11/1903p4
Elsie E. Childers: MT1/5/1966p11
Son of George Childers: MM5/12/1893p3
Grandma Childers: DT5/13/1892pp2,3
Sarah A. Childers: MM4/12/1901p2, DT4/18/1901p7, MM5/10/1901p2
Spencer Childers: MT7/5/1940p3
Spencer Childers Jr.: DT11/5/1900p2
Grace C. Childreth: MT4/18/1914p8(2), MT4/20/1914p3
Walter P. Chisum: MS11/9/1919p4
Albert Chittenden: JP8/18/1917p3
Mrs. Carl F. Christensen: MT5/16/1952p13
Dr. C. H. Christner: MT4/16/1939p12
Milton Church: MT8/13/1927p3
Alice Lavinia Howard Churchman: MM4/25/1902p7
Harna/Hemnoria Cimborsky: MM11/7/1902p3
John Cimborsky: OS9/2/1882p3
Newton Claiborne: AT11/14/1879p3
Winifred Clancy: MT7/20/1969p9
Robert E. Clapp: MN12/26/1930p5
A. M. Clark: MS12/25/1914p6
A. N. Clark: MT12/22/1914p4
Anna Clark: MM3/7/1902p7
Child of Anna Clark: DT10/9/1891p2
Benjamin Clark: JP8/14/1915p3
Charles J. Clark: MT5/5/1910p7, MT5/13/1910p7
Frank Chamberlain Clark: MT5/31/1957p1
Harriet L. Clark: MT11/1/1937p8
Mrs. J. W. Clark: DT4/8/1903p4
John Clark: AT11/2/1888p3, DT11/8/1888p3
Sarah Jane Clark: MT3/23/1933p3
George W. Clarno: MT8/6/1911pB4
Anna Clay: OR9/29/1906p14
Winfield W. Claypool: MT1/4/1966p9
J. Harvey Clayton: MT12/3/1913p2, JP12/6/1913p3
Malvina Gore Clayton: MM8/30/1901p2, MM12/20/1901p6
Susan Clayton: MT3/9/1948p1
Augustin W. Clemens: MT5/19/1913p2, MT5/21/1913p2(2)
Charles H. Clement: MT8/4/1927p6
Robert L. Clement: OR1/28/1906p18
Albert Cleveland: MS6/16/1916p5
Volney Cleveland: JP5/11/1918p3
Silas Marion Clevenger: MT8/20/1919p6, MT8/22/1919p2
Margaret Clifford: MT6/23/1927p3
T. J. Clopton: DT10/17/1893p2, DT12/22/1893p3
Frank Clugage: SOM8/19/1892p3
James Clugage: bio: OS2/5/1879p2
Margaret Macauley Clumpner: MM4/27/1900p6
Lizzie Rona Clute: JP3/31/1917p3
Rev. William Clyde: MS6/3/1916p2, MS6/10/1916p2
Mr. Coakey: MM3/17/1893p2
Jerome B. Coats: OS12/17/1881p3
Mrs. Ross C. Cobb: MT5/30/1914p4
J. H. Cochran: MT3/20/1940
Aaron Coe: DT3/18/1892p3
George Cofer: DT6/29/1899p2
George H. Coffee: MT11/5/1914p5
William J. Coffeen: MN1/9/1931p2
Warren Coffman: MT9/4/1934p3
Daughter of Samuel Coffmin: OS8/5/1882p3
Lonnie O. Coggins: MT6/9/1946p14
Howard C. Coghill: MT11/19/1944p7
Lorenzo N. Colby: OR10/6/1909p5
Jeff Coldson/Coulson: OR10/20/1913p2, OR10/21/1913p4, JP10/25/1913p1, JP10/25/1913p3(2), JP11/1/1913p1
Byron Cole: DT1/22/1894p3
Father of Rev. J. C. Cole: MM3/23/1900p5
Ralph Ferdinand Cole: MT3/11/1913p6
Thomas Colebourne: MT1/3/1916p6
E. G. Coleman: MN11/23/1927p1
Alfred Coleman: JP12/22/1917p3
Judge James Blin Coleman: MT11/22/1953p14
Lillian Coleman: bio: OJ10/24/1933
Sabra A. Goddard Coleman: MT11/12/1923p3
William Russell Coleman: MT4/14/1944p3, MT4/16/1944p1
George T. Collins: MT5/12/1930p8
James C. Collins: MT10/26/1960p1
Leah M. Collins: JP2/5/1916p3
Maude Collins: MM8/11/1905p1
W. B. Colton: AT9/20/1915p1, JP9/25/1915p3
Louie Colver: OS3/15/1884p3
Frederick Leroy Colvig: MT9/10/1935p1
John Colvig: OS7/15/1882p3
A. G. Colvin: DT3/4/1892p3
Dan Colwell: MM4/6/1906p1
Leslie Franklin Compton: MT11/24/1930p2, MN11/25/1930p5, MN11/26/1930p5
Minnie Miller Presley Compton: MM3/8/1901pp3,7
Mrs. W. J. Compton: MM3/22/1901p5
J. J. Comstock: AT9/18/1885p3
G. M. Condee: DT5/20/1892p3
Elmer Conger: OR10/21/1913p3, JP10/25/1913p1, JP11/1/1913p1
Enos Conger: MT9/5/1928p3
Melinda Conger: MT8/11/1913p4, JP8/16/1913p1
Charles Walter Conklin: MT5/16/1935p12
W. S. Conkling: MM4/18/1902pp3,7, EN4/19/1902p5
Owen Conner: AT6/28/1889p2
Walter E. Connor: MT9/24/1912p2
Lloyd T. Conser: MT11/25/1910p5, OR11/25/1910p7
Isaac Constant: DT2/6/1890p3, DT2/13/1890p3, DT10/13/1893p3
Lavinia Jane Constant: MT4/12/1931p8
James Conway: DT12/23/1892p3
Alfred Cook: MT1/4/1966p9
Anna Cook: DT12/27/1888p2
Ianthe Miller Cook: MT5/29/1932
Jessie M. Cook: MT3/4/1934p10
John Cook: MT12/6/1915p5, JP12/11/1915p3
Mrs. Cook: MT12/29/1914p3
Nicholas Cook: JP9/6/1913p3
Richard Cook: ST3/13/1888p3
Robert Cook: MT7/28/1916p4
Samuel Huston Cook: MT12/21/1909p1, MT12/26/1909p3
Mr. Cooksey: DT3/24/1893p3
Harriet D. Cooley: MT9/9/1910p8
Seth Cooley: DT12/4/1891p3
Mary J. Coolidge: OR8/24/1905p6
Mrs. Orlando Coolidge: AT6/4/1896p3
Cleminia Downing Cooper: MM6/19/1903p2, MM6/26/1903p2
H. W. Cooper: DT7/28/1893p3, DT8/11/1893p3
Wife and child of H. W. Cooper: DT12/22/1893p3
Olive Cooper: MM2/3/1905p1
"Tine" Cooper: OR7/11/1905p6
William G. Cooper: MT6/20/1910p6
Susie A. Cope: MT1/2/1915p2, MT1/15/1915p5
J. Leslie Corbett: JP1/29/1916p1
A. C. Cord: DT9/30/1892p3
Philip Corkin: MM9/12/1902p7
David Coppel: JP5/17/1913p1
Tina Corliss: MT4/12/1974p11
Gary Van Cormany: MT11/18/1934p7
Sara Cornwell: MT3/5/1940p10
Eva Corthell: MT11/10/1923p2
William A. Corthell: MT12/6/1934
Anna E. Corum: MM12/29/1893p3, DT12/29/1893p3
James C. Corum: DT4/8/1903pp2,4, DT4/29/1903p1
Jessie Worman Coss: MT1/3/1935p3
Jonathan Cossell: DT9/8/1893p3
Adah Costello: OR6/19/1902p4
J. P. Cotton: MM3/14/1902p2, MM3/21/1902pp3,6, MM4/4/1902p3
John L. Cotton: MN1/28/1931p5
Bessie Cottrell: MM2/3/1905p8
Charles P. Cottrell: MT8/12/1912p2
David Cotterell: OR6/28/1917p1, JP6/30/1917pp2,3
Jeff Coulson/Coldson: JP10/25/1913p1, JP10/25/1913p3(2), JP11/1/1913p1
George Coulter: MT9/29/1927p3
Phil Countant: MN1/6/1931p3
William Courtney: DT12/5/1898p3
Rolan Cousino: JP7/5/1913p3
Robert Cowan: OS4/1/1865p2
Doyle Charles Cowles: MT8/14/1942p11
Lucretia M. Cowles: DT2/19/1892p3
Charles Cox: MN12/9/1930p5
John Cox: OR7/4/1915p2, OR7/5/1915p3
Ermest Cox: MM9/20/1901p7
Rufus Cox: MM5/8/1908p4
Thelma Edna Cox: CO3/21/1901p3   
Thomas N. Coy: MT1/11/1911p8, MT1/12/1911p3
Susannah Wright Crain: OR3/2/1904p5
Theodore Crandall: OR9/6/1933p1
Jettie Bergman Crandell: MT11/10/1923p2
Edith Cranfield: JP4/10/1920p1
Franklin Lafayette Cranfill: MT2/19/1914p6, OR2/19/1914p3
Matilda Cranfill: DT3/4/1903p4
Elizabeth Cranston: MT7/14/1919p2, JP7/19/1919p3
Samuel B. Cranston: DT6/26/1891pp2,3
G. C. Crary: MM8/15/1902p7
Joshua H. Crawford: MT12/22/1913p2
Sylvia Crawley: MT7/9/1919p6, JP7/12/1919p3
Robert Vinton Cresap: OR9/1/1911p4
George Crips: DT11/10/1893p2
Mary E. Critchlow: MT1/11/1910p3
Thomas Critchlow: DT12/9/1892p3
Daniel Cronemiller: MM11/24/1905p1
David Cronemiller: JP11/12/1910p1, MT10/26/1910pp3,5
Dennis Crowley: OR1/17/1910p2, MT1/26/1910p2
Lillian Thelma Crowson: MT7/22/1969p11
Josiah Franklin Crump: MT12/1/1914p2, JP12/5/1914p1
Mrs. D. W. Cryder: DT2/12/1892p3
Catherine "Kate" E. Crystal: MT10/13/1911p3
George W. Crystal: MM8/21/1896p2
Ivan James Culbertson: MT8/7/1919p6, MT8/8/1919p6, MT8/13/1919p6
Irene Culy: MT1/5/1966p11
John W. Cunningham: MT10/31/1937p12
Mrs. E. Cunningham: MT9/18/1910p5
Susan Cunningham: MT12/24/1902p2
Anna Plymale Curry: DT1/31/1901p5, MM2/1/1901pp2,6, MM9/5/1902p2
Wray Curry: MT3/23/1911p5, MT3/24/1911p3
David L. Curtis: JP11/14/1914p1
William H. Curtis: MT4/13/1910p7
Martha M. Dahack: MM10/24/1902p5
Charlotte Mae Dailey: MT2/2/1961p1
Patrick Daily: JP4/5/1913p1, OR5/9/1918p8, JP5/11/1918p3
Mrs. Patrick Daily: OR8/16/1911p7
Robert Dale: MT8/20/1942p2
Robert Goode Dale: MT11/3/1930p2, MN11/4/1930p5, MT11/5/1930p2, MN11/6/1930p5
Adarian J. Daley: MT1/17/1916p2
John H. Daley: MN3/16/1932p2
Rachel Ann Peacock Daley: MT12/17/1915p2, JP12/18/1915p3
William Daley: DT10/2/1891p3
Caroline Elizabeth Damon: MT12/14/1912p6
M. S. Damon: OR4/27/1905p4
Son of W. H. Damon: MM3/30/1900p3
Thomas Danford: MT7/20/1916p4, JP7/22/1916p3
Stella Fern Hamlin Darby: MT6/23/1994
William Edward Darling: MT12/24/1915p6
Mabel Darnell: OS2/23/1884p3
John A. Daron: MT4/19/1931p2
Hal Raymond Darr: MT12/17/1915p2
A. C. Dauc: OR1/10/1911p7
Isaac F. David: MT2/22/1956p9
J. M. Davidson: JP3/17/1917p1
John M. Davidson: MT9/23/1912p2
Verma Davidson/Velma Davidson: MT8/20/1919p1, JP8/23/1919p1
Allen Davis: AW1/11/1922p2
Angella Melissa Langdon Davis: MM8/17/1900p3
Arabella Ross Davis: JP5/3/1919p3(2)
Son of C. W. Davis: MT1/26/1911p5
Charles Herber "Doc" Davis: MT3/21/1960p9
Charles S. Davis: MT1/10/1916p5
Cleon C. Davis: MT9/9/1912p4, MT9/10/1912p2
Edmund Davis: DT3/4/1903p4
Ellis E. Davis: MT3/29/1928p3
Emery Davis: MM8/15/1902pp3,5(2)
George Clarke Davis: MT8/19/1927p5
George Norman Davis: JP2/22/1919p3
Henry H. Davis: OR5/30/1901p4, MM5/31/1901p2, OR5/31/1901p5, MM6/7/1901p2(3),p6, MM6/28/1901p6, DT7/4/1901p3, DT7/11/1901p4, MM7/12/1901p2, DT7/18/1901p7
Mrs. Henry Davis: MM7/12/1901p6, DT7/18/1901p7
Ivan Leverne Davis: MM2/7/1902p7
J. S. Davis: MT3/27/1910p12
James Davis: DT3/15/1894p3
James Francis Davis: MT9/21/1921
Jay Davis: JP7/29/1916p1
Lester Davis: MM8/15/1902pp3,5(2)
M. P. Davis: JP9/15/1917p3
Oleon Davis: MT9/9/1912p4
Perl Davis: MT3/25/1960p13
W. F. Davis: DT4/21/1893p3
Walter Roy Davis: JP6/15/1918p3
Andrew Davison: AT5/7/1886p3
Mrs. Daw: DT5/2/1901p7
Reuben Perry Daw: JP6/14/1913p1
James Dawson: DT8/19/1892p3
Levi Dawson: MM11/5/1908p8
David W. Day: MN3/16/1932p2
Edward Day: JP7/19/1913p1
Elmer Day: DT9/30/1892p3
Matilda Day: CO5/21/1903p5
S. E. Day: SOM10/7/1892p3
Silas J. Day: MT12/17/1909p1, MT12/21/1909p7, MT12/31/1909p1, JP1/1/1910p2, MT1/2/1910pB2
Susan Morse Mason Day: bio: MT10/12/1933
William H. Day: bio: MT10/12/1933
Mrs. A. E. Dean: OR2/8/1882
Anna Dean: OR10/26/1900p10
Aubrey Z. "Tubby" Dean: MT1/13/1952p1
B. W. Dean: JP4/27/1918p3
Ersula Goddard Dean: bio: OJ8/16/1933
Hazel Dean: MM10/17/1902p7
Ralph Furnham Dean: MT9/8/1931p5
Mrs. G. W. Deane: MT5/28/1913p5
Elias Cowan DeArmond: OR11/15/1914p27
Frances E. Cutburth Deboy: MM11/8/1901p3, MM3/7/1902p3
Joseph Allen Decker: MT6/30/1927p2
George Dedaskolous: OR9/24/1912p6, OR9/27/1913p12
Mrs. E. A. DeGroot: MM5/5/1893p3, MM5/12/1893p3
Loretta M. Demaray: MT5/13/1910p7
Mrs. Lawrence Demmer: MM8/29/1902p7
Maria Demmer: MM2/8/1901p7, MM9/20/1901p7, MM9/27/1901p7
Theresia Demmer: MM1/18/1901p6, MM1/25/1901pp2,7, CO1/31/1901p3
Harriet Loretta Shreve Demorest: MM1/31/1902p2
William C. Deneff: JP7/25/1914p1
Catherine/Katherine Dennis: MT6/1/1914p3, AT6/4/1914p5
Jasper R. Dennis: MT2/27/1910p2
Elizabeth Marion Denny: OR7/27/1900p4
Henrietta DeRoboam: DT10/18/1900p3, MM10/19/1900p5
Jean St. Luc DeRoboam: MT3/3/1913p4, JP3/8/1913p1
Mary Deskins: DT3/24/1893p3
Ellen DeSouza: MT2/16/1939p5
Henry Ferriera DeSouza: MT6/20/1932p8, MN6/21/1932p4
Fred K. Deuel: MT5/17/1920p8
John Devlin: JP3/9/1918p3(3)
John Henry Devlin: MT12/20/1934
Samuel Moten Dewey: MT2/3/1911p5
William Deyoe: DT9/15/1893p3
Mrs. J. W. Diamond: MT1/17/1912p5
Mabel R. Dias: MT6/18/1927p2
Josephine Hayes Dick: MT1/18/1915p4
Child of Charles Dickison: DT2/3/1893p3
Daughter of Charles A. Dickinson: SOM1/27/1893p3, SOM2/3/1893p1
John M. Dickinson: JP12/22/1917p3
R. W. Dickinson: JP6/17/1916p3
George W. Dietrich: MT11/2/1937p10
Mrs. Digman: DT12/2/1892p3
John Dillard: DT6/16/1893p3
E. Dimick: DT9/20/1900p3
James P. Dinkens: MT2/18/1934p10
Ruth Dinkins: JP2/23/1918p3
George Distell: MT12/16/1965p13
Arthur Ditsworth: MM8/11/1893p1supplement, DT8/11/1893p3
J. F. Ditsworth: CO2/5/1903p3
Infant child of S. Dixon: DT12/15/1893p2
Elmer L. (Ed) Dobbins: MT1/12/1969p9
Donald F. Dodge: AW7/26/1922p2
Fred Dodge: JP11/4/1916p1
Ina Hunt Dodge: MT8/24/1934p8
Ira C. Dodge: OR3/2/1915p7
Orville Dodge: JP9/19/1914p3
Rena Dodge: MT5/8/1930pB1
Warren Paige Dodge: MT10/28/1921p1
Child of D. A. Dodson: MM10/6/1893p3
George W. Dodson: AT9/21/1921p2
David W. Doggett: DT5/12/1893p2
Wesley Dollarhide: MM3/29/1901pp2,6
Daughter of Mr. Dome: MM9/19/1902p3
Robert A. Donaldson: MT12/17/1915p2
Patrick Donegan: JP10/18/1919pp1,3, MT10/20/1919p6
Peter Donegan: OS7/15/1882p3
Mrs. G. W. Doney: DT3/25/1892p2
Mrs. E. A. Doran: MT7/24/1914p3
William F. Doran: OR11/26/1903p5, MM11/27/1903p1
Little girl Doren: OR1/13/1903p12
Anna J. Dorn: MN6/16/1944p4
Julia Doubleday: MT4/21/1957, MT4/22/1957
Joseph Douden: MM2/15/1901p3, EN5/4/1901p5, MM5/17/1901p3
James Dowden: MM2/15/1901p5
Charles C. Doughty: MT3/19/1912p2
C. M. Dow: MT7/18/1912p2
Martha A. Dow/Mattie E. Dow: OR4/25/1901p4, MM4/26/1901p7, EN4/27/1901p5
Benjamin F. Dowell: AT3/18/1897p2
Mary J. Down: MT12/7/1932
Christian Downing: MT4/20/1914p3
Fred T. Downing: MM5/3/1901pp3,7, EN5/4/1901p5
Frederick Downing: MT1/6/1911p8, MT1/8/1911p5
Joseph Downing: MM3/23/1900p3
Sarah E. Downing: 8/4/1920
Henry C. Dox/Henry G. Dox: JP10/4/1919p2, MT10/1/1919p8
Andrew Dozier: MN6/12/1927p1
Mrs. Nathan C. Dozier: JP10/16/1915p3
Ida Drake: DT6/16/1893p3
W. H. Drake/M. H. Drake: DT3/3/1893p3, MM3/3/1893p3(2), MM3/10/1893p3, DT6/16/1893p3
Silas Draper: DT3/14/1884p4
Francis Henry Dressler: MN10/1/1937p1
Son of A. T. Drisco: MM3/24/1893p3, DT3/31/1893p2
Emma N. Driskel: MT12/25/1932p5
John S. Drum: DT12/29/1893p3(2), DT1/1/1894p3
William J. Drumhiller: MT12/28/1930p2
Dr. Clarence I. Drummond: MT1/8/1961p1
Margaret Elizabeth Dubbs: MT8/2/1927p3, MT8/9/1927p2
Harry H. DuBois: MN12/9/1930p5
Lesta Dufeck: MT7/22/1969p11
Mary Dugan: DT2/21/1898p3
Timothy F. Dugan: DT4/1/1903p2, OR4/22/1903p5
Dennis Peter Duggan: MT4/9/1944p10
Joseph J. Duhamel: MT6/8/1942p3
Alvon F. Dunford: MN2/18/1933p4
Emma M. Trefren Dunford: MT9/3/1912p5, JP9/7/1912p1
Sarah Dungan: DT6/3/1892p3
Mrs. Walter Dungey: GH6/25/1942p1
Abigail Scot Duniway: JP10/16/1915p1
John B. Dunkin: MT2/13/1946p5
Sarah Dunkin: MT6/1/1927p2, MT6/2/1927p3
Charles Dunlap: MN11/10/1933p6
Robert S. Dunlap: MM5/8/1908p5
S. H. Dunlap: VR10/25/1900p3
James J. Dunlevy: MT2/6/1972p1
James Wilson Dunlop: MT9/12/1934p5
Mary Hill Dunn: MT9/24/1933
Patrick Dunn: OR7/31/1901p4, MM8/2/1901p7
Thomas M. Dunn: MT1/6/1915p2
W. S. Dunn: DT12/11/1899p3
Beverly Dunnington: JP1/12/1918p3
Sophia Dunnington: AT3/22/1900p3, MM3/23/1900p3
Daughter of J. C. Durkee: AT11/6/1885p3
J. C. Durkee: MM6/8/1894p3
William Dutton: MT7/23/1911p1
H. W. Dyer: DT11/3/1893p3
Jane Dyer: MM11/8/1901p2, DT11/14/1901p4, CO11/14/1901p3
Lloyd Dyer: JP10/27/1917pp1,3
W. J. Dyer: DT1/8/1894p3
J. D. Eachus: MM2/21/1902p6, MM3/7/1902p6
Alice Eads: MT6/17/1910p8
Ulice Eads: MT6/19/1910p7
William Eads: AW4/26/1922p1
June Etta Earhart: MT10/29/1937
Samuel Earhart: MM3/3/1892p3, DT3/4/1892p2
Reginald J. Earl: MN1/19/1934p9
Mrs. H. Lee Early: MT6/6/1927p8
Harriet Eliza Eaton: JP2/5/1916p3
Pryor Eaton: JP6/20/1924p4
William Eaton: DT4/29/1892p3
Mrs. W. H. Eberhardt: MS9/8/1911p1, OR9/8/1911p1
Harvey Ebinger: MT4/28/1936p1
John P. Eddings: DT12/9/1892p3
Mr. Eddington: DT11/10/1893p2
Mrs. G. H. Eddy: JP7/26/1913p2
James Eddy: DT7/10/1885p3
Corbin Edgell: MT11/2/1937p2, MN11/5/1937p5
James Alexander Edington: MM2/1/1901p3, MM2/8/1901pp6,7
Mary E. Edins: DT4/24/1890p2
Thomas Edmeades: JP1/5/1918p3
William Lee Edmondson: MN10/22/1937pB3
Frank Edwards: OR10/29/1911p6
H. W. Edwards: OS6/30/1883p3
James Oscar Edwards: MT2/17/1927p5
Minnie Edwards: JP11/28/1914p3
Samuel G. Edwards: AT3/15/1922p2
William M. Edwards: DT11/26/1902p1, MM11/28/1902p6, CO12/4/1902p3, MM12/5/1902p6
John Egan: OS8/12/1882p3
Benjamin Eggleston: MT12/14/1909p4
M. F. Eggleston: MT2/5/1911pp1,4, MT2/6/1911pp1,8
Emil Egil: DT9/15/1893p3
John von Ehwegen: MT1/19/1911p2
W. W. Eifert: JP9/6/1913p1
Frederick Detlef Eismann: MT8/1/1980, MT8/3/1980p18
Vina Eismann: MT8/4/1963p7
Mary Elder: JP5/4/1918p3
William T. Elder: MM3/24/1893p3, DT3/24/1893p2, DT3/31/1893p2
Hardy Elliff: VR11/8/1894p1
Albert Edward Elliott: MM4/12/1901p7
James Elliott: MM3/23/1906p8
Son of T. B. Elliott: DT3/10/1893p3
Belle Ellis: MT12/8/1910p1, MT12/9/1910p1, OR12/14/1910p2
Charles Ellis: MT11/4/1913p6, JP11/8/1913pp1,3
N. F. Ellis: GH7/21/1927p1
Elmer Dwight Elwood: MT9/26/1937p12
Mrs. Charles Emblem: DT7/4/1890p3
J. C. Emerick: MT11/20/1910pB5, OR11/22/1910p4
Pheris Franklin Emerick: MT3/10/1940p10
Sarah Emerick: JP12/15/1917p3
Alwilda Colvig Emery: AT12/1/1920p1
Eber Emery: AT7/24/1891p3, DT6/10/1892p3
Jacob Emery: DT4/5/1894p3
Fred D. Emory: MT11/25/1934p10
Henry G. Enders: MN8/30/1927p1, MN8/31/1927p1
Charles L. Engle: JP7/6/1907p5
Sarah Engleman: DT7/14/1893p3
Ennis: MM3/29/1901p6
Frank Ennis: MT9/5/1912p3, JP9/7/1912p1
Robert Ennis: MR4/10/1911p6
Friedareicka Ensele: MT3/4/1912p8(2)
Florence Enyart: MM5/19/1893p3
Jesse E. Enyart, "Dad": MT10/31/1940
Lissia Inez Cannon Enyart: DT9/17/1900p3, AT9/17/1900p3, DT9/20/1900p2, MM9/21/1900p6, MM10/5/1900p2
Frank E. Enyeart: JP4/27/1918p3
Son of W. W. Erb: DT4/1/1903p4
Sarah J. Erdman: MT10/29/193??
Charles Anson Erickson: MS5/31/1916p5
Ole Erickson: MT4/4/1912p4
William Henry Erskine: MT12/8/1913p2
Mrs. Ervine: DT1/1/1892p3
Ed. Estes: DT3/29/1894p3
T. E. Estes: DT2/8/1894p3
Hannah Eubanks: MT1/13/1912p2
Mrs. John S. Eubanks, Jr.: DT7/11/1890p3
A. H. Evans: DT12/4/1891p3
Hiram S. Evans: JP1/11/1919p3
Mrs. J. C. Evans: MT4/8/1931p4
Susan Evans: MM5/30/1902p3
Vivian Evans: JP9/26/1914p1
Mrs. Ewan: DT2/8/1894p3
Lita Ewing: OR4/22/1905p9
Nellie Downing Faber: SOM4/22/1892p3, DT4/22/1892p3, DT4/29/1892p3
Archie Frank Fanger: MT8/20/1948p5
Lloyd Watson Fansher: MT3/8/1913p6
S. Vernon Fansher: OR3/20/1908p8, OR3/21/1908p9, OR3/22/1908p10
James H. Faris: MM6/16/1893p2, DT6/16/1893p3, MM6/23/1893p3(2), MM6/30/1893p2(2), MM7/28/1893p3
J. B. Farley: SOM10/21/1892p3, DT10/21/1892p3, DT10/28/1892p3, SOM11/4/1892p3, DT11/4/1892p3
Augusta R. Farlow: MT5/30/1932p3, MN5/31/1932p3
Lucinda E. Farlow: DT3/29/1900p2
George F. Farnsworth: MM12/19/1902p3
Mrs. F. H. Farrar: MT10/4/1912p2
Edward F. Farren: DT5/20/1892p3, AT5/27/1892p3
James Farren: MT2/13/1910p16
Mrs. Charles Farrer: MT11/29/1915p3
Emily B. Farrer: MS6/22/1916p5
Father of G. W. Faucett: DT5/20/1892p3
Levi H. Faucett: MM9/12/1902p6, MM9/19/1902p2
Clara Fawcette: MT7/26/1910p3
Nellie H. Fay: MT7/12/1919p2
Adeline Feckley: MT11/8/1930p2, MN11/11/1930p5
Mrs. Fehely: OS11/4/1871p2
Amanda H. Fehl: MT9/4/1934p3,
Amanda M. Fehl: MT9/5/1934p5
John Felch: JP8/4/1917p3
Henry Feltger: MT2/2/1910p3
David Fennimore: MT12/20/1911p8
Elizabeth Ferguson: MT3/8/1948
Oscar Ralph Ferguson: MT12/28/1930p2
Susannah S. Ferguson: MT12/23/1911p8, MT12/29/1911p3
Mark Ferns: JP1/10/1914p3
Eugene Ferrell: MT4/12/1974p11, MT4/14/1974pC2
Peter Nicholas Fick: JP8/30/1913p3, JP9/20/1913p1
R. C. Fickle: MT3/7/1910p8
Daniel Louis Fielder: DT11/14/1889p3
Julia Cheetham Fielder: MT5/19/1946p10
Mary Elizabeth Fielder: JP1/12/1918p3
R. C. Fielder: OR6/3/1888p8
Hiram Fields: AT11/7/1879p3(2)
Whitcomb Fields: OR11/21/1912p6
Ref. Father Fierus: DT8/25/1893p3
Isaac Findley: MT9/10/1912p2
Abe Fisher: DT7/22/1892p3(2)
I. Newman Fisher: MS1/1/1915p5
Mary McNott Schaffer Fisher: MT2/23/1915p5(2)
William Prince Fiske: MT6/8/1942p3
Charles A. Fitch: MM11/14/1902p2
Abner T. Fitzhugh: AT10/3/1884p3
William Fletcher: JP5/5/1917p3
Addison R. Flint: DT3/22/1894p3
W. J. Flippin: DT12/2/1892p3, DT12/16/1892p3
Henrietta Zollicoffer Flock: DT7/22/1892p3
Andrew J. Florey: MT1/12/1921
Elsie Joice Florey: DT5/28/1900p3
Ettie A. Nye Florey: JP2/8/1919p3(2)
George E. Floyd: CO11/5/1903p2
Capt. E. C. Flye: DT4/7/1893p3
Alice Flynn: MN12/4/1930p6
O. G. Foot: DT2/20/1890p4
Son of Mr. Foote: AT6/28/1889p3
Harriet Forbes: MT12/18/1911p1
J. T. Forbes: DT2/27/1891p3
Luella Forbes: OR12/20/1911p4
R. W. Ford: OS8/12/1882p3
George W. Fordyce: OR1/20/1885p4
Stella Forsythe: MT1/30/1911p6
Cora N. Foster: MT3/22/1946p7
Child of Dake Foster: DT4/25/1898p2
Twin children of J. S. Foster: DT2/13/1890p3
Benjamin Fox: DT2/4/1903p1, CO2/5/1903p3
Freda Fox: DT3/13/1902p5, MM3/14/1902p7
Libby Frakes: DT12/15/1893p2
John Fraley: DT3/26/1894p3
Ralph Fraley: JP9/25/1920p1
Mrs. Francis: MT3/25/1910p8
Mr. Franks: DT3/4/1903p2
Richard Nolan Fraser: MT1/4/1966p9
J. S. Frazee: JP9/2/1916p3
Andrew Jackson Fredenburg: MT3/3/1911p6, OR3/7/1911p6
Delpha/Delphia Fredenburg: MM9/19/1902p5, MM9/26/1902p3, DT10/2/1902p1
Mary Ann Melvina Pankey Fredenburg: MT12/24/1915p6
Nancy Fredenburg: MT4/16/1912p2
Susan T. Pirtle Fredenburg: MM3/22/1901p7, SU3/23/1901p4
Son of Thomas Fredenburg: SOM10/28/1892p3
Frank Freeland: DT1/30/1891p3
Child of Mr. Freeland: DT1/22/1893p3
John Freeman: DT3/26/1894p3
Peter French: DT12/2/1892p3; not dead: DT12/23/1892p3, DT3/31/1893p3
Frederick Rudolph Frey: MN1/23/1931p5
George Thomas Frey: MT4/5/1946p8
Hannah Amelia Frey: MN1/6/1931p4
Harry Frey: MT9/7/1915p2, MT9/8/1915p2, JP9/11/1915p1
Roy V. Frick: JP4/6/1918p3
Lucinda Schearer Frideger: JP11/3/1917p3
Col. Frizell: DT1/8/1892p3
Mr. Frohman: MM9/1/1893p3
Daughter of C. K. Fronk: DT7/1/1892p2
Sarah Fry: JP4/14/1917p3
Stella Fry: MT10/19/1918p4
James J. Fryer: MT10/26/1912p8
James L. Fryer: JP11/2/1912p1
George G. Fuller: MM2/7/1902p3, CO2/13/1902p2
A. W. Furman: DT9/8/1893p3(2)
Clara Jane Furman: MT6/4/1942p3
Charles C. Furnas: MT4/16/1958p1
Amelia Furry: MT7/28/1911p2, MT8/6/1911pB4
Mary I. Caton Furry: bio: OJ1/9/1934
Nick Gaber: MT4/17/1910pp6,7
Earl Calvin Gaddis: MT1/13/1967
Jesse Gage: MM6/7/1901p7, CO6/13/1901p3
Joseph Cornelius "Neal" Gage: MT5/4/1911p3
James Gaines: DT7/11/1900p3, MM11/8/1901p4
Mrs. Gaines: DT4/29/1903p2
Clara Jane Torrey Gainey: MM2/21/1902p7
John F. Gainey: DT7/18/1901p5, MM7/19/1901p2
John G. Gainey: CO7/25/1901p3
Ethel Galey: MM3/30/1906p1
S. B. Galey: AT5/27/1892p3, DT5/27/1892p3, DT6/3/1892p2
Christopher Columbus Gall: OR11/7/1917p18, JP11/10/1917p3
Mrs. C. C. Gall: DT1/9/1891p3
Jonathan Gallaher: MM11/21/1902p2
Mrs. A. M. Galligan: MN7/23/1927p5
Son of Mr. Galloway: DT10/11/1888p3
Robert Wilson Galloway: MM2/21/1908p4
Wesley Ganiard: DT3/10/1893p3
Mrs. Garber: OS8/5/1882p3
L. F. Gardner: MT4/17/1910pp6,7
Mrs. L. Gardner: MM9/29/1893p2
S. B. Gardner: JP5/17/1919p3
Walter Gardner: MT10/14/1910p2
Gus Garlson: DT9/22/1893p3
Mr. Garrett: DT3/27/1902p5
George Lacy Garrett: MT8/30/1934p1, MT8/31/1934p6
Orin R. Garrett: MT9/30/1937p5
William M. Garrett: MT4/16/1912p2
B. F. Garsage: MM3/2/1894p2
Theresa Schultz Gaskin: DT3/10/1893p3
George E. Gates: MT6/14/1957p1
Mrs. Nepolitan Gates: DT11/10/1893p2
Howard C. Gault: MT6/14/1965p1
Guy Gaunyaw: MT4/11/1913p2
J. E. Gaunyaw: MT1/7/1910p4
Rachel Ganiard Gay: MT3/1/1922
Mrs. J. F. Gazley: AT10/3/1884p3
Alice E. Geary: AT11/2/1888p3, DT11/8/1888p3
James Lewis Geary: MM1/4/1901p7
Daughter of S. Geary: DT11/11/1892p3
Hannorah Jane Gee: DT4/22/1892p3
Nar Genina: JP6/27/1924p4
Kanaka George: DT9/19/1890p3
Son of Joseph Geppert: DT3/25/1903p1
Josephine Geppert: MT6/14/1942p10, MN6/19/1942p3
Alice Clara McClure Getchell: MT1/12/1943
Delroy Getchell: MT11/17/1939
G. William Giboney: OR12/19/1911p14
Mrs. John Gibson: MM7/25/1902p7
Abaslom F. Giddings: AT11/13/1905p3
Orson Gilbert: MM2/3/1905p1
James Gillaspy: JP12/20/1913p3
Mary A. Coleman Gillette: MM9/6/1901p2
Lucy Gilmore: JP2/12/1916p3
May A. Gilson: DT10/9/1902p1, MM10/10/1902pp3,7
Thomas H. Gilson: MT2/2/1911p1
Linsey Given: MT12/9/1914p6
Thomas Glass: MM5/16/1902p5
H. S. Gleim: AT5/6/1929p5
James T. Glenn: DT3/13/1902p5, MM3/21/1902p7
Son of Frank Glidden: MT1/29/1911p5
H. S. Gleim: AT5/6/1929p5
Louise Cordelia Gobert: MT9/29/1932p7
Gemenemers Goble: MT5/15/1910p12
Martha A. Stinchcomb Goble: MM6/21/1901p7, OR6/21/1901p4, CO6/27/1901p3, MM7/19/1901p2
Blin C. Goddard: DT8/18/1893p3(2), MM8/25/1893p1
Mrs. B. C. Goddard: MM3/24/1893p1, MM3/31/1893supplementp1
William Godfrey: MT1/5/1911p2
William C. Godfrey: MN11/18/1930p1, MN11/19/1930p3, MN11/20/1930p4, MT11/24/1930p6
Randilla Goodale: MT8/24/1917p2, JP8/25/1917p3, MT8/25/1917p2(2)
Wong Goon: DT9/22/1893p3
Matilda Gorden: MM8/11/1905p1
Alferd Gordon: MM5/16/1902p6
Daughter of Horace Gordon: MN1/16/1931p5
Margarette Gordon: JP1/27/1917p3
Edward Emerson Gore: MT11/18/1910p3, OR11/23/1910p2, MT11/27/1910pB2, MT9/12/1911p6
Mary E. Gore: MM10/20/1893p3, DT10/20/1893pp2,3, MM10/27/1893p3
Walter S. Gore: MT11/28/1943p10
B. F. Gorsage: DT3/1/1894p3
Edith Gorsline: MM10/31/1902p7, MM11/7/1902p6
O. E. Gorsline: OR12/16/1907p7
Oliver J. Gould: MT3/14/1944
Dr. J. S. Gowdy: MS1/3/1917p4
William G. Gowland: MT1/23/1915p2
Birdie Jones Graff: MM11/8/1901p3
Charles Edwin Graham: MT12/29/1915p2
Neil Ferguson Graham: MT4/19/1912p6
George Gramp: MT10/11/1912p6
Elizabeth Grant: MT4/6/1911p2
Charles B. Graves: MM1/28/1892pp2,3
Charles S. Graves: bio: OJ8/13/1933
Matilda Gray: MM1/10/1902p3
Clarence Walker Green: MN1/20/1931p3
Mr. Green: DT7/29/1892p3
Thomas Green: DT7/7/1893p2
William Green: MN6/16/1944p4
Carrie Greene: JP3/17/1917p3
Nannie E. Greene: MT3/21/1933p5
William Greenfield: JP12/4/1915p3
Carlene Ray Greer: MT2/22/1956p9
Jane C. Greer: MN1/9/1931p3
Mrs. J. T. Gregg, nee Eva Price: DT2/12/1892p3
Elizabeth March Gregory: 4/28/1939
Son of Henry Gregory: DT2/18/1903p1
J. W. O. Gregory: MT5/11/1911p6
L. Franklin Gregory: MT6/3/1931p6
William J. Gregory: JP3/15/1919p3
Daughter of D. P. Greninger: MM2/25/1892p3, DT2/26/1892p3
Joseph O. Grey: MT10/1/1940
M. C. Griber: MT7/9/1912p5
Mrs. John Gridley: DT10/24/1890p3
Mrs. John Grieve: DT1/4/1894p3
William Thomas Grieve: MT11/7/1934
Daniel Griffin: DT8/26/1892p3
Frank Lee Griffin: DT8/7/1902, MM8/8/1902pp2,6, DT8/14/1902, DT8/21/1902
Henry Lee Griffin: MT1/22/1937
John Bell Griffin: MT4/30/1939
Verna L. Griffin: MT3/26/1933p8
William M. Griffin: DT4/18/1901, CO4/18/1901, MM4/19/1901p7, DT4/25/1901
Charles Griffith, "Long Charley": DT2/19/1894p3, DT3/1/1894p3, DT3/8/1894p3, DT4/2/1894p3, MM4/6/1894p4
Charles Marion Griffith: MT5/16/1935p5
Mary E. Grim: MT2/28/1931p11
Mary Elizabeth Grimes: MT6/23/1911p3, MT6/25/1911pB3
Mrs. Grimes: DT11/4/1892p3
David C. Grimm: JP7/7/1917p3, JP7/14/1917p3
Frank A. Grisez: MT11/1/1912p8, JP11/2/1912p3
Andrew J. Grissom: CP1/25/1934p1
J. D. Grizzle: MM1/24/1902p7, MM1/31/1902p7
Mrs. J. D. Grizzle: MM1/31/1902p7
Willie Grob: AT6/28/1889p2
Alfred N. Gropp: MT11/22/1966p1
Laura Delight Allen Grow: AT6/4/1914p5
John M. Guches: MT9/16/1933
Royal L. Gudmanson: JP4/13/1918p3
James Guerin: MM2/14/1902p5, MM5/2/1902p5
Son of William Guernsey: MT6/17/1914p4
Ole C. Gunnuson: DT8/12/1892p3
J. M. Gurley: MT4/9/1911pC2
Joseph W. Gwin: JP7/25/1924p3
Anna Haberly: MM11/15/1901p6
John M. Hacker: DT5/16/1898p3
William Hacker: MT9/1/1933p8
Mrs. W. W. Haines: MT1/26/1910p5
Charles V. Hale: MM12/19/1902p6
Edward L. Hale: MT9/23/1912p2
Emma Alice Grant Hale: MT10/23/1918p2, MT10/24/1918p2
Court Hall: MT9/2/1940p6
Edna E. Hall: JP2/14/1914p1
J. N. Hall: MT4/13/1910p7
Jasper N. Hall: JP10/14/1916p3
Magnus J. Hall: JP8/2/1913p3, JP8/16/1913pp1,3
Mrs. Hall: DT3/31/1893p3
Mary Adaline Hall: MT10/7/1934p3
Mrs. Hall: MM4/7/1893p1
Nora Alice Hall: MT2/17/1927p5
Sarah J. Hall: MT10/31/1944p8
J. L. Hallett: DT1/4/1894p3
Mrs. C. E. Halley: MS6/3/1916p2
Robert Henry Halley: JP5/17/1919p3
Son of W. L. Halley: MM1/31/1902p7, CO2/6/1902p3
Philip W. Hamill: MT5/6/1931p6
Enoch Hamilton: DT10/13/1893p3
Bert Hamlin: MT2/8/1961
Chub Alfred Hamlin: MT2/23/1956p15
Ellen Hamlin: OR3/23/1861
George Edward Hamlin: MN2/1/1931p3, MN2/3/1931p5
Grace Hamlin: MT12/8/1965
James Hamlin: AT10/27/1882
James Hamlin: AT10/18/1894p3, MM10/19/1894
James D. Hamlin: OS3/2/1861
James William Hamlin: MT7/29/1954
Jessie J. Roberts Hamlin: MT1/3/1972
Lavina A. Hamlin: MT2/26/1929
Lillian Hamlin: MT12/23/1947p1
Lloyd E. Hamlin: MT9/16/1976
Martha Ellen Hamlin: OS3/9/1861
Thomas Jefferson Hamlin: MT7/26/1951
William H. Hamlin: MT11/13/1932
Cora  Hammersley: MM2/15/1901p1
J. R. Hammersley: JP3/13/1915p3
Harry Hammond: MM9/26/1902p3
Jessie I. Hammond: MM6/27/1902p6, MM7/4/1902p6, MM7/11/1902p6, MM7/25/1902p2
Son of E. Hammond: DT5/4/1899p3
Robert B. Hammond: MT9/27/1949p1
Jeptha Hampton "Pony": OS9/9/1882p3
Andrew Jackson Hanby: MT3/3/1957p1
William Hand: AT9/30/1881p3
Alice Eliza Hanley: MT7/5/1940p3
Claire Hanley: MT6/25/1963p1
Edna Hanley: MM4/14/1893p2, DT4/14/1893p2, DT4/14/1893p
Ethel Harris Hanley: MM5/7/1897p7
John Andrew Hanley: OR12/21/1901p4, DT12/26/1901p3, MM12/27/1901p7
Martha Montgomery Burnette Hanley: OS10/20/1887p3
Michael Hanley: AT6/28/1889p2
Michael Finley Hanley: MM9/23/1933
Son of H. K. Hanna: DT2/17/1893p3
Helena Britaline Hanna: MT11/9/1911p8, MT11/11/1911p4
Hiero K. Hanna: MT7/26/1910p1, MT7/27/1910p1, MT7/28/1910p2
Son of Hiero K. Hanna: MM2/17/1893p3
Jemima Hannah: MT4/5/1910p3
Joseph C. Hannah: MT3/31/1928p2
William M. Hannum: JP4/26/1919p2
Abe Hansborough: DT3/25/1892p3, DT4/1/1892p3, DT12/30/1892p3
Daughter of Charles Hanscom: DT4/8/1903p4
Mrs. Charles Hanscom: MT5/1/1912p2
Fred A. Hanscom: MT6/23/1911p2, MT6/25/1911p5
Jacob Hansen: DT7/21/1893p3
June Rose Hansen: MT2/12/1935p10
Samuel Griffith Hansen: JP11/20/1915p3
Mrs. Hanson: SOM1/20/1893p3
Mrs. I. J. Hanson: MT4/24/1912p5
Oliver Harbaugh: bio: MT3/9/1916p3; JP6/25/1921p1
James Harding: JP3/30/1918p3
James Hards: JP1/30/1915p3
Martha W. Kilgore Hargadine: OR9/7/1905p5
Florence Maude Weeks Hargrave: MT8/19/1953
Dr. Henry P. Hargrave: MT6/28/1942p10, MN7/3/1942p3
Richard Hargrave: AT8/2/1889p3
Mrs. Harkness: DT11/11/1871p3
Samuel Harkness: bio: OS7/2/1879p2
Thomas Harlan: JP5/18/1918p3
Earle Harmon: DT2/19/1894p3
Susie Harnish: JP9/22/1917p3
George Howard Harper: MT1/4/1966p9, MT1/5/1966p11
J. P. Harr: OR9/17/1912p10, JP9/21/1912p1
David H. Harrel: MT6/16/1916p2, JP6/17/1916p3
Frances Harrel: JP5/17/1919p3
Carl Harrill: JP2/21/1914p1
Jack Harley Harrington: MT7/7/1927p1, MT7/8/1927p3
Charles A. Harris: MT11/6/1930p7
Cicers T. Harris: DT1/8/1892p3
Julia E. Harris: MT6/27/1911p2
Nora Crandall Harris: MT11/25/1934p10
Thomas A. Harris: SOM9/16/1892p3, DT9/16/1892p3, AT9/23/1892p3, SOM9/23/1892p3, DT9/23/1892p3, DT10/14/1892p3, SOM1/27/1893p3, DT2/3/1893p3
Grant Henry Harrison: MS6/13/1916p2, MS6/16/1916p5, JP6/17/1916p3
James Harrison: MT9/13/1912p2
Della Hart: OR8/1/1910p2
Floyd H. Hart: MT5/26/1955p1
John Hart: MM10/4/1901p7
John H. Hart: MT7/22/1912p2
William Hart: DT8/12/1892p3, DT8/19/1892p3
Louisa B. Hartery: 12/24/1904
Clark Hartley: DT4/17/1890p3
Mary U. Hartwell: CO9/26/1901p3
Auletta Merriman Harvey: MT8/9/1936p12
Mrs. Charles M. Harvey: MM6/23/1893p3, DT6/23/1893p3
Harry Harvey: MT7/24/1919p2, MT7/25/1919p2
James Harvey: MM10/24/1902p7
Luther Hasbrouck: MT5/6/1910p2
Arzie Esther Saltmarsh Haskins: JP2/19/1916p1
Newton Orison Haskins: MT4/16/1939p12
Dr. Harry L. Hatch: MI10/13/1898p3, MM10/14/1898p3
Frank Hatfield: JP3/31/1917p3
Mrs. Hawes: DT5/26/1893p3
Silas Hawk: MM1/24/1902p7, DT1/30/1902p5
Emma B. Gabbush Hawkins: DT3/25/1903p1
Lundy Hawkins: MT8/23/1919p6
Daryl Cox Hawley: MT6/8/1942p2, CP6/11/1942p1
Uriah S. Hayden: OS2/5/1879p2, DT2/7/1879pp2,3
Ben Haymond: OR3/30/1906p14, MM4/6/1906p1
Hattie Haymond: DT6/26/1891p3
Harry Eugene Hawk: MT5/21/1969p5
Emma Hawthorne: DT12/9/1892p3
George Haynes: DT1/29/1892p3
Mr. Hays: MM3/1/1901p5
Jack Hazeltine: DT8/25/1893p3
Edgar G. Headley: JP4/7/1917p3
Dysa Headrick: DT3/8/1894p3
Emma Headstrum: MT3/19/1911p6
Sarah V. Heard: DT9/15/1899p1
Arthur Heath: MT5/28/1913p5
Fred Lincoln Heath: MT3/25/1939
Cecil L. Heatherly: MM5/23/1902p3(2)
Mark Marvin Heatherly: MT6/26/1912p6
Frederick Heber: OS10/25/1884p3
Mrs. J. Heber: MO2/19/1895p3
Lou A. Heberlie: JP3/22/1913p1
David Heckathorn: DT6/7/1900p3
George W. Heckathorn: MM4/13/1900p5
Isabell Heckathorn: MT7/14/1919p2, MT7/18/1919p7
James D. Hedgpeth: GH11/5/1936p1
Mrs. William Heeley: JP1/20/1917p3(2)
Charles R. Heimroth: MN2/14/1931p5
Dr. Thompson G. Heine: MT12/27/1927p3, MN12/28/1927p2
Lawrence S. Helm: DT11/14/1889p3
A. D. Helman: MT3/9/1910p5
Son of Butler Helman: OS1/30/1886p3
Addison Helms: OS7/24/1886p4
Mrs. Al. Helms, nee Priddy: AT6/3/1897p3
Ann Helms: DT4/8/1903p1
Augusta Helms: MT2/27/1911p5, MT3/1/1911p5
Donald A. Helms: MT7/5/1913p1, JP7/5/1913p3, OR7/5/1913p3, OR7/7/1913p5, MT7/8/1913p5
Earl Helms: MT9/1/1914p4, AT9/3/1914p8
Herman Helms: DT6/22/1899p3
Matilda V. Helms: DT8/1/1889p3
Wurther Frederick Helms: MT1/4/1966p9
Charles Hembree: CO3/21/1901p3
Vance H. Henderson: JP9/18/1915p3
Sarah Hendrick: OR1/26/1861
Della S. Hicks Hendrickson: MN1/3/1931p5
Lizzie Hendrickson: MT9/6/1915p8
Samuel Henery: JP12/14/1912p1
Hermann Henry: OR3/19/1907p6
Margaret Ann Henry: MT9/26/1949p5
W. C. Henry: JP3/14/1914p3
Mrs. J. H. Henselman: JP12/20/1913p3, MT12/23/1913p5
Daughter of James Herely: DT1/20/1888p3
William A. Hermon: MT12/14/1910p1
Rev. E. F. Heroy: DT2/6/1891p3
Mrs. I. S. Herrin: DT10/2/1891p3
William F. Herrin: MT2/28/1927p1, MT3/13/1927pB4
Grover Geary Leonard Herzinger: MT1/31/1910p5
Dora Rebecca Hess: MN10/22/1937pB2
Martha A. Hickle: MT9/4/1949p8
R. E. Hickman: AW12/7/1921p1
H. J. Hicks: CO3/21/1901p3, MM3/22/1901p7
J. W. Hicks: MT12/6/1915p5
Mabel Higanbotham: SOM7/29/1892p3, DT7/29/1892p3
Susie Higinbotham: MT8/29/1917p2
Thomas B. Higinbotham: JP11/10/1917p3
Deston High: OR9/10/1904p4
Lester V. High: OR3/1/1900p4
Dillon R. Hill: MN8/5/1927p1, MT8/5/1927p4, MN8/9/1927p2
Elizabeth Hill: AT12/19/1879p3
Flem. Hill: DT3/22/1894p3
Lila Fay Hill: MT8/12/1927p8
W. G. Hill: JP2/23/1918p3
Margaret Manwaring Hillis: MT7/2/1911pB4
Child of Will Hillis: DT2/4/1903p1, CO2/5/1903p3
Minnie Laura Morrison Hillyer: MT12/31/1928p2
George Hines: OR5/30/1900p4, DT5/31/1900p3(2)
Mother of George Hines: MM1/3/1902p3
William Hinkle: DT11/25/1892p3
Sarah A. Hitch: MM12/3/1897p7
Mrs. L. D. Hitch: MM4/12/1901p2
Jesse F. Hittson: MT5/5/1940p8
Edwin Everett Hoag: MM11/15/1901p6, MM1/3/1902p7
Georgia Hoag: MM1/3/1902p7
Samuel Leander Hoagland: MT8/1/1927p2, MT8/2/1927p3
Ira Hobart: MT7/1/1919p8, JP7/5/1919p3
Agnes Hobson: MT5/31/1911p1
John Hockenjos: MM4/20/1894p2
Eva Hockenyos: JP3/8/1919p3
Martha Jane Hockersmith: DT3/25/1903pp1,4
Daniel T. Hodges: JP8/7/1915pp1,3
Frances E. Barker Hodgkin: DT6/17/1892p3
E. G. Hodson: OR5/27/1910p20
William M. Hodson: MT5/9/1944p4, MT5/12/1944p3, MN5/19/1944p4
Daughter of J. P. Hoel: MO2/8/1895p3
Caroline B. Shaffer Hoffman: OR9/13/1900p4
John B. Hoffman: MT2/14/1934p1
Kate Freeman Hoffman: MT10/21/1934p10
Robert Clinton Hoffman: MN1/17/1931p2, MN1/18/1931p5
William Hoffman: OS11/14/1885p3, DT11/20/1885p3
Mary Hogan: AT5/6/1892p3
Mrs. R. A. Holcomb: MT5/27/1910p7, MT6/3/1910p7
Floyd Hollenbeck: MT8/5/1927p8
Martha Hollenbeck: MT10/23/1915p2, MT10/27/1915p5
Mrs. Lee Hollingsworth: DT2/26/1894p3
Charles Lester Holmes: MT12/23/1932p9
Corydon W. Holmes: MT3/31/1915p8
Harold A. Holmes: MT1/17/1965p1
Gen. M. B. Holmes: DT2/8/1894p3
S. R. Holmes: DT9/22/1893p3
Wilbur B. Holmes: MT8/10/1917p3
Allen Thomas Holt: MM10/18/1901p7, MM10/25/1901p3
C. W. Holt: JP7/29/1916p3
Madam Jane Holt: OS4/19/1884p3
Dr. William Wilson Pratt Holt: MT11/5/1965p1
Hannah C. Holtan: OR5/14/1901p4, MM5/17/1901p3
Morton Holtan: DT5/9/1890p3
John Holton: MM11/27/1903p1
Alfred Harrison Hooker: MT2/20/1910p3
Audrey May Hooker: MT11/14/1912p5
Rebecca Jane Hooker: MN1/16/1931p6
Dr. Claude Hoover: OR6/30/1907p5, JP7/6/1907p5
Henry Hoover: MM11/21/1902p7, MM11/28/1902p7
Lydia Delia Grow Hopkins: MT2/13/1937
Albert Hoppin: MT2/9/1934p12
Moses Hopwood: CO6/4/1916p6
Thomas Hopwood: OR9/3/1892p3, SOM9/9/1892p3, DT9/9/1892p3, MM9/9/1892p3
Charles Horn: MM4/27/1894p4
John A. Horn: JP10/21/1916p3
Josephine Horn: MT6/26/1936p13
Martha Horn: MM6/21/1901p5, CO6/27/1901p3
William Mathew Horn: OR7/4/1916p12
Mary Elizabeth Hornbeck: MT5/6/1912p4
Mrs. M. E. Horne: DT3/4/1892p3
Capt. William J. D. Horne: attempted suicide: MM1/24/1902p3
Johanna Houck: MM12/19/1902pp3,6
C. A. Hough: MT1/25/1915p6
Child of Isaac and Emily Householder: DT12/19/1890p3
C. B. Houser: DT2/8/1894p3, DT2/15/1894p3, DT2/22/1894p3
D. M. Houser: MM10/11/1901p7
Forest Houston: MM9/7/1900p3
James Houston: MM12/20/1901p6
Edna Hover: MT11/2/1937p3, CP11/4/1937p1, MN11/5/1937p1
Charles H. Howard: MT11/2/1936p1
Child of Mr. Howard: MM2/2/1894p4
Daughter of Charles Howard: AT1/9/1891p3
Mrs. Charles Howard: DT3/25/1903p1
Emma Howard: DT3/28/1901p5, MM3/29/2014p6, OR3/29/1901p4
Frank Howard: MM2/22/1901p6
Child of Warren Howard: MM4/6/1894p4
William L. Howard: MT6/11/1911p2
Son of Zenas Howard: AT11/20/1885p3
J. T. Howe: MM2/21/1902p7
Alice Agnes Howell: MI6/16/1898p3
Cheney Hamilton Howell "Jean": MT10/27/1937p5, MT10/28/1937p4, CP10/28/1937p1, MN10/29/1937pB2
Harry H. Howell: AW12/1/1920p1
Agnes Love Howlett: MT2/20/1913p6
Charles Henry Hoxie: MT7/30/1919p6, MT7/31/1919p2
L. Hoxie: OR12/21/1918p11
Laura Marie Hoxie: MT2/28/1911p4
Son of Mr. Hubb: DT11/1/1900p3
Arthur S. Hubbard: OR12/23/1914p13, JP12/19/1914p3, MT2/25/1915p2, OR3/6/1915p5, OR3/10/1915p7
Asahel C. Hubbard: MT7/7/1943
B. B. Hubbard: MM3/8/1901p6
Lois W. Hubbard: SOM8/12/1892p3(2)
Otis A. Hubbard: MT3/12/1941
William Hubbard: JP2/28/1914p2
Edith Hubbell: DT4/29/1892p3(2), DT5/6/1892p2
Louis G. Hubert: DT10/6/1893pp2,3
Christina Hueners: JP3/10/1917p3
George Huffer: DT4/29/1892p3
Daughter of John Huffer: MM7/6/1894p2
Charles Hughes: DT3/1/1894p3
Emma Hughes: JP4/10/1915p3
Mrs. James Hukill: DT6/17/1892p3
T. M. Hulen: MM4/11/1902p3
Benjamin E. Hull: JP11/10/1917p3
Frank A. Hull: MT10/31/1950p1
Polk Hull: MT1/16/1937
Simon B. Hull: JP4/13/1918p3
Charles Hummel: DT9/29/1893p3
Dora Humphrey: MT4/24/1927p2
Louisa B. Humphrey: MT1/26/1933
Vera Humphrey: bio: MT6/26/1953
W. A. Humphrey: JP3/3/1917p3
Mabel Hundley: MT4/12/1974p11, MT4/14/1974pC2
A. F. Hunt: JP3/8/1919p3
Charles W. Hunt: MN2/3/1931p5
George Arthur Hunt: MT8/31/1943, MT10/22/1944p10
Henrietta Hunter: JP2/16/1918p3
John Huntley: MT6/3/1913p3
Mrs. W. A. Hurd: MT3/18/1913p3
Francis Leo Hurst: MT9/2/1934p10
Joseph G. Hurt: JP3/23/1918p3
Margaret Huson: MT1/11/1968p1
Edward Marston Hussong: MT4/22/1949p1
Abigail Huston: OS10/31/1877p3
Winchester Huston: JP11/22/1919p3, JP11/29/1919p3
J. B. R. Hutchings: MM11/8/1901p7
Samuel William Hutchinson: MT6/7/1942p10
Ed. Hutt: DT7/28/1893p3
W. G. Hyatt: JP4/5/1919p3
Silas Idleman: OR7/11/1903p14
Joseph H. Hyzer: SOM10/21/1892p3, DT10/21/1892p3, DT12/9/1892p3
H. W. Iddings: MM6/19/1903p6
Mrs. Iler: MM4/7/1893p2
Troy Dean Illingworth: MT1/4/1966p9
Oscar Inberg: OR10/20/1884p3
Indian Jennie: DT5/19/1893p3
B. L. Ingham: OR2/24/1913p2
T. B. Ingham: JP3/1/1913p2
Charles Ingram: DT7/25/1890p3
Nodie/Nadia Inlow: MM5/11/1894p4, MM5/25/1894p2
Serepta Ellen Inlow: MT12/25/1932p5
D. W. Inman: AT12/17/1896p3
Dr. Lorenzo Dow Inskeep: MT1/14/1962p1
Edward C. Ireland: OR5/9/1912p3, MT5/11/1912p4
Henry Ireland: JP6/3/1916p3
Mr. Ireland: MM6/6/1902pp5,7
Mr. Ireland: MM6/13/1902p6
Dr. J. T. Ireland: DT7/28/1893p3
Olive E. Ireland: MM2/3/1905p1
A. L. Irvin: JP5/31/1919p3
Isaac B. Irvine: JP10/18/1913p3
Jesse B. Irvine: OR10/13/1913p11
Martha Irwin: DT12/8/1893p2
Frank Isaacs, "Pug": MT3/30/1943
George W. Isaacs: OR9/25/1904p6, OR9/28/1904p4
Jacob Ish: OS3/5/1881p3
Matthew R. Ish: DT3/4/1903p1(2),p4, MM3/6/1903p2
William K. Ish: OS3/4/1882p3
Charles Iunker: MT8/28/1910pB14
George Iverson: MT12/6/1943p3
Peter Ivory: DT2/12/1894p3
Ethel Jacks: OR10/7/1909p7
Cora Bernice Dimmick Jackson: AW3/16/1921p2
D. H. Jackson: AT5/9/1929p1
Eugenia Farnham Jackson: 7/29/1933
George Andrew Jackson: JP7/24/1915p3, OR8/1/1915p7
Ida Beach Jackson: DT1/22/1894p3(2)
Margaret Reeve Jackson: JP2/22/1919pp2,3(2)
Moses Jackson: MM5/1/1896p5
Mida McCoy Jackson: MT2/1/1911p2
Neva A. Betz Jackson: MT3/13/1948
W. H. Jackson (Wolsey): JP10/31/1914p1
Dr. William Jackson: JP11/30/1912p1
E. Jacobs: MM6/15/1894p2
Jay Wesley Jacobs: MT12/22/1937
John Jacobs: MT8/26/1934p12
Lester H. Jacobs: JP9/14/1918p3, MT7/25/1919p8
Mary E. Jacobs: SOM10/7/1892p3, DT10/14/1892p3
Newton A. Jacobs: JP4/27/1918p3
Orange Jacobs: JP5/30/1914p3(2)
Amos D. James: CO8/1/1902p2, MM8/1/1902p2
Charles James: JP3/8/1913p1
Emma Howard James: OR10/3/1912p7
Mary J. James: JP4/24/1920p3
Paul Mills Janney: MT1/17/1941, MT1/19/1941pp13,14
Wendall Steven Jandreau: MT7/19/1949p5
Milton S. Janes: CL11/30/1923p6
Dollie Jasper: MN11/10/1944p1
James P. Jasper: MN11/10/1944p1
Mildred Louise Jasper: MN11/10/1944p1
George A. Jeffery: AT8/29/1912p4
Mr. Jeffries: MM4/6/1894p4
Indian Jennie: DT5/19/1893p3
Dorothy Jennings: JP4/22/1916p3
Hugh Jennings: MT5/6/2004pB2
Nona Jennings: JP1/1/1921p1
Ralph G. Jennings: MT3/8/1967p1
James J. Jensen: MN12/13/1930p5, MN12/14/1930p5
O. P. Jermstad: MT6/1/1914p3
Daisy Jerome: MT4/15/1910p1, MT4/17/1910p7
Dr. John G. Jessup: MM6/28/1901p6
Mary Godfrey John: MT12/28/1930p7, MN12/28/1930p3
Alice Johnson: MT9/23/1934p11
Amos Johnson: MM6/15/1894p3
Anna Mary Johnson: MT7/12/1915p2
Avery Johnson: DT10/27/1893p3
Carrie Lillian Lloyd Johnson: MT5/3/1920p5
Charles Johnson: DT11/17/1893p3
Daughter of E. A. Johnson: DT6/17/1892p3
Elizabeth Johnson: MM11/1/1895p8
Frank L. Johnson: MT9/5/1933
J. O. Johnson: MM10/23/1896p2
Jacob Johnson: DT3/29/1900p2, MM3/30/1900p6
John Johnson: OS5/17/1884p3
John Wells Johnson: MT1/15/1940
La Verne Johnson: JP9/23/1916p3, MT9/26/1916p6, MS9/27/1916p2, MS9/29/1916p2, MT9/29/1916p4
Martha M. Johnson: JP12/16/1916p3
Martin Samuel Johnson: GH11/4/1937p1
Mary M. Johnson: JP8/7/1920p3
Maxine Wyatt Johnson: MT1/4/1966p9
Mrs. Johnson: MT8/11/1913p4
Noah R. Johnson: DT11/19/1900p2
W. H. Johnson: JP10/17/1914p3
William Johnson: DT9/19/1890p3
William A. Johnson: DT12/29/1893p3, DT1/4/1894p3
William Ernfrid Johnson: MT6/14/1942p10, MT6/15/1942p3, MN6/19/1942p3
Albert A. Johnston: MT8/23/1912pB2
Albert Jones: MT11/19/1944p7
Mrs. Andrew Jones: DT7/15/1892p3
Charles Jones, Jr.: JP2/16/1918p3
Chester L. Jones: MT12/1/1974
Mary Winifred Rodgers Jones: MT6/9/1946
E. L. Jones: JP10/6/1917p3
Elizabeth Jones: JP4/28/1917p3
Daughter of G. H. Jones: DT5/29/1892p3
Garl T. Jones: OR1/2/1907p5, MM1/4/1907p1
Floyd Jones: JP3/4/1916p3
Henry Jones: CO7/30/1903p4
Son of Henry Jones and Ora Daley Jones; MM9/26/1902p6
Jacob Jones: MT1/3/1911p3
Jasper N. Jones: DT9/15/1893p3
Joanna Margaret Jones: MT1/26/1934
Lester Jones: OR4/23/1913p7, MT4/25/1913p5
Martha Elmira Jones: JP12/18/1920p1
Mary A. Jones: DT11/7/1889p3, DT11/21/1889p3
Stoughton P. Jones: MM10/29/1908p1
W. R. Jones: OR7/9/1911p51
Dr. Walter S. Jones: OR4/2/1908p6, MM4/3/1908p1
George Jordan: MM1/17/1896p5
Mrs. James Jordan: MT6/22/1916p5
Antone Joseph: DT7/7/1893p3, DT9/1/1893p3, DT9/8/1893p3, DT9/22/1893p3, DT9/29/1893p3, DT2/8/1894p3, DT3/5/1894p3
M. Josephson: DT9/8/1893p3
Benjamin Franklin Joy: MT7/12/1929p4
Richard W. Joy: MT11/1/1991pB2
Lyman N. Judd: JP12/13/1913p3
Thomas Judge: CP10/21/1937p1, MN10/22/1937p2
Mrs. Edwin Judy: MT1/18/1910p5
Ruth Judy: DT2/4/1903p1, CO2/5/1903p3
Peter Jungen: DT12/22/1893p3
Anna May Jurgens: MT5/19/1912p2
Anna Justus: MM11/30/1900p2
George R. Justus: MT10/19/1918p4
Lucinda Justus: MM9/29/1893p3, DT9/29/1893pp2,3
Sarah Justus: OR2/25/1895p3
Charles Wesley Kahler: OR8/6/1904p5, 8/15/1904
Georgiana V. Kahler: DT1/9/1891p3
Robert Kahler: MM6/21/1901p6
Mrs. William Kahler: DT12/19/1890p3
George Kaiser: MM5/10/1901p6
George T. Kaiser: DT11/3/1893p3
Mary A. Kaiser: MT8/16/1917p2, JP8/18/1917p3
William A. Kallerson: MT2/28/1956p11
Mary C. Markham Kame: DT9/11/1902p3, MM9/12/1902p6(2)
Kanaka George: DT9/19/1890p3
William O. Kane: MT4/12/1974p11
John S. Kanick: MT12/16/1965p13
Gustaf Karewski: DT11/28/1890p3
Johanna Karewski: MM7/3/1903p7
A. Karitsch: DT12/16/1892p3
Duff G. Karnes: MT3/23/1914p2, JP3/28/1914p3
John Everett Karnes: MT8/30/1910p2
Frank Kasshafer: MS6/9/1916p2, JP6/10/1916p3
John Kauer: JP11/1/1913p1
Mrs. August Kausek: JP7/26/1913p2
Marjorie Kearney: DT11/6/1902p2
Ah Kee: JP9/18/1915p3
Owen Keegan: MT12/22/1911p1, MT1/3/1912p1, MT1/6/1912p10
Dr. James M. Keene: MTcirca12/1936
Peter Keil: OS8/5/1882p3
Byron "Kip" Keith: MT4/14/1974pC2
J. V. Keizur: MS1/8/1911p5
Son of J. V. Keizur: MM9/13/1901p6
Annie Keliehor: MT3/18/1931p3
Charles A. Kell: MT11/25/1968p1
Son of Joseph F. Kelley: DT2/24/1888p2
D. Kelley: OS12/25/1886p3
Tim Kelley: DT1/30/1891p3
E. E. Kelly: MT8/15/1938p8
John W. Kelly: MT10/19/1912p2
Michael Kelly: DT4/8/1903p1
James Kelso: MT2/27/1910p2
Emma Josephine Kelso/Emma Josephine Kelsoe: CP6/18/1942p1, MN6/19/1942p3
Thomas J. Kelsoe: MT7/23/1927p3
M. A. Kelton: DT11/14/1889p3
Nathan Kendall: DT5/1/1899p3
Carrie Dosier Kennedy: MT4/12/1910p7
Earl Kennedy: MT7/3/1912p5
J. M. Kennedy: MM1/3/1902p7
Jacob Kennedy: DT2/18/1903p1
John Dawes Kennedy: MT4/14/1939p13
Sadie Kennedy: MT3/8/1915p6
Stella B. Kennedy: MM5/19/1899p7
W. M. Kennedy: JP3/18/1916p3
Elizabeth T'Vault Kenney: bio: OR6/26/1904p12; MT10/20/1911p5, MT10/24/1911p6
Eva Kenney: DT2/6/1891p3(2)
Harlow Kenney: OR5/2/1912p11
James Kent: MT6/26/1917p6, JP6/30/1917p3
Olive Belle Kent: DT4/22/1903p4
Thomas Hasbrook Kent: Hood River Glacier 1/10/1902p3
William V. Kentor: JP7/6/1907p5
Rev. Joseph E. Kenworthy: MM5/24/1901pp2,6
William Kerby: MT11/4/1930p4
Joseph Kester: MT10/20/1937p3
Child of Mr. Kesterson: DT9/9/1892p3
Mrs. Frank Kesterson: SOM7/29/1892p3, DT7/29/1892p3
Fannie Elizabeth Kies: MT1/4/1966p9
Florence Kilgore: MT12/9/1935p6
Mary Dean Kilgore: MM4/18/1902p7
Silas Wright Kilgore: MT7/13/1911p3
Clara Kime: MT5/30/1932p3
Ellen Hardin Kincaid: MM9/19/1902p3
James H. Kincaid: MT5/3/1911p6
John J. Kincaid: DT2/4/1903p1, CO2/5/1903p3
Mrs. W. B. Kincaid: MM8/2/1901p3
William B. Kincaid: MM9/27/1901p3
Mrs. William B. Kincaid: MM8/2/1901p3
Edgar A. King: MT11/20/1911p6
Emanuel King: OR4/22/1904p6
George F. King: MT12/6/1943p3
Iola King: DT4/1/1903p4
Will King: OR8/19/1909p1
Elizabeth Kenney: bio: MM5/17/1902p2, JP5/12/1917p3
Ollie Kiger: DT7/7/1893p2
Charles H. King: MT5/8/1920p2
Albert Kingsbury: AW8/3/1921p1
Harlow Kinney: MT5/1/1912p2, OR5/2/1912p11
Grandpa Kirby: MM10/3/1902p3
John B. Kirk Jr.: MT9/29/1937p1, MN10/1/1937p3
William R. Kirkpatrick: MT6/21/1927p2, MT6/22/1927p2
Mary Magdaline Kirschner: MM5/11/1894p4
Ray Kitchen: DT9/8/1898p3, AT9/8/1898p3
William Curtis Kitto: MT4/20/1912p4
Mary J. Kittridge: MT2/7/1911p4
Edward Kletka: MM11/29/1901p7
Allie Klippel: CL11/9/1923p7
Henry Klippel: OR11/5/1901p4, MM11/8/1901pp2,3, MM11/15/1901pp2,6, MM11/22/1901p2
Henry Klippel, Jr.: JP6/21/1913p1
Jacob Klippel: JP4/21/1917p3
August J. Klocker: MT3/6/1943
Charles K. Klum: OR4/26/1911p11, MT4/28/1911p3, CO5/5/1911p3, MT9/12/1911p6
Carl Dietrich Knauer: OR6/3/1918p5
D. E. Knight: DT7/21/1900p3
Julia Ann Knighton: 3/8/1922
Mrs. Alvah Knighton (daughter of Thomas Martin): DT2/13/1890p3
Oscar Knotts: MT3/30/1914p3
Perry A. Knotts: MN2/3/1931p5
Rebecca Knotts: MM3/21/1902p3, CO3/27/1902p3
F. W. Knowles: JP9/4/1920p3
Mrs. F. W. Knowles: DT10/13/1893p3
Sarah Knowles: OR11/13/1903p5, DJ11/13/1903p4
Son of Fred Knox: MT1/31/1910p5
Lottie Knox: DT9/5/1898p2
Son of Downie S. Knutzen: OS8/16/1884p3
Bill Koepke: MT5/20/1966pB3
Mr. Koester: DT12/26/1890p3
Margaret Koppes: JP1/11/1913p3
Frank Krause: OS12/4/1886p3
Sophia Muller Krause: MT1/22/1912p6
Chris Kreitzer: MT5/7/1912p3
Clara Kreumbling: MT3/19/1911p6
William Kreuzer: OS4/19/1884p3
J. L. Kronenberg: MT6/12/1916p5, MS6/13/1916p4
Child of Alpha Kennedy, Mrs. George Kruse: DT1/4/1894p3
John Krutzler: JP8/23/1914p1
Eleanor Jane Newcomb Kubli: MT5/18/1926p2
Harold Douglas Kubli: MN2/5/1931p3
Henry D. Kubli: MT9/8/1910p8
Son of Charles D. Kunkel: MT4/20/1916p2
Daughter of George Kurtz: MM3/23/1900p7, MM3/30/1900p6, MM4/6/1900p7, MM4/13/1900pp3,6
George Kurtz: MT11/15/1912p5
Mary Lacy: DT10/28/1892p3, SOM11/4/1892p3
Daughter of John Lacy, Jr.: DT2/27/1890p3
Emma J. Van Horn Lacy: MT1/23/1915p2
William Laddington: JP11/22/1913p1
Martin Laist: DT7/28/1893p3
Daughter of A. Lamb: MO2/15/1895p3
Cora Leona Lamb: MT6/11/1927p2, MT6/12/1927p3, MT6/17/1927p6
George Lambert: OR10/17/1910p7
Joseph H. Lambert: MT11/26/1909p2
Luther L. Lambert: MT3/7/1966p1
Joseph H. Lame: MM5/29/1908p2
George W. Lance, Sr.: MT1/20/1912p3
Mrs. George Lance: GH12/3/1910p5
L. E. Land: MM3/15/1901pp6,7, CO3/21/1901p3
M. S. Landis: MM1/3/1902p7
Eliza Lane: DT2/19/1894p3
William Lane: OR7/30/1911p6
Arthur Langell: VR9/13/1894pp1,4
Franklin B. Langell: DT11/7/1889p3
Joseph Langell: OS7/2/1879p2
Loretta Jane Hensley Langell: MT11/4/1913p6, JP11/8/1913p3
Arthur Langell: MT3/12/1948p4
Nathaniel Langell: JP5/17/1919p3
Ernest A. Langley: MT5/22/1952p1
Sarah E. Harkness Lanterman: MT11/14/1913p3, P11/15/1913p3
Carrie Swan Larison: DT9/15/1893p3
J. M. Larkin: JP11/18/1916p3
James A. Larrabee: MT7/7/1919p5
Matilda Laura Larsen: MT1/1/1912p2
Andrew Larson: MT4/22/1927p5
Keith L. Larson: MT2/13/1946p6
Ragnor Larson: MT4/22/1927p3, MT4/23/1927p6
Tillie Larson: MT1/6/1912p10
Harriette Jean Foland Lavin: MT6/15/2003
Cordelia Lawrence: JP3/11/1916p3
James Lawrence: AT10/2/1884p3
John F. Lawrence: MT5/12/1944, MN5/19/1944p1
Sarah A. Lawrence: MN1/6/1931p3
August Lawrentz: JP11/15/1913p1(2)
Artie Laws: MM5/9/1902p5
Daughter of Henry Laws: MM11/3/1893p2
Eugenia L. Lawton: MM1/31/1902p2, DT1/6/1902p4, CO2/6/1902p3, MM2/21/1902p6
Joseph West Lawton: MT1/27/1935
J. K. Leabo: MM3/22/1901p5
Henry A. Leaders: MT2/24/1939p14
W. C. Leake: OR10/19/1881p1
Virgil Learned: MN6/4/1927p1
Virgin Norvin Learned: MT6/5/1927p3
Carrie B. Leavenworth: MT12/6/1915p5
Booth Lee: MT7/6/1910p2
Mrs. M. P. Lee: JP1/22/1916p1
Nettie W. Leeds: AT1/18/1922p2
William Howard Leeds: 2/17/1921
Carl Leek: MM1/17/1902p5
Mrs. W. T. Leeke: DT2/19/1892p3(2)
Amy Leever: MM6/19/1903p3
William T. Leever: DT3/4/1903pp1,4, MM3/6/1903p2
Robert Leighton: MT2/8/1916p6
Walter H. Leverette: MT6/25/1963p1
Myrtle May Lewellen: SOM7/1/1892p3
R. Lewellen: DT2/6/1891p3
Charles F. Lewis: DT1/5/1899p3
Foulk Lewis: DT12/19/1890p3
Perry Lewis: DT3/10/1893p3
Clementine Freeman Couch Lewis: MT6/1/1914p8
David C. Lewis: MT4/5/1918p2
Mrs. George Lewis: MM2/1/1901p3
Nelson Lewis: DT11/14/1889p3
Newton Lewis: MT10/20/1939
William Henry Lewis: MT8/28/1934
Richard K. Lewis: JP6/7/1919p3
George P. Lindley: MT5/26/1911p2, MT5/28/1911p5
Nolon Milton Lindley: JP8/4/1917p3
Wayne U. Lindley: MM9/28/1900p7, MM10/5/1900p7
Margaret Lindsay: JP10/20/1917p2
Ollie May Lindsay: DT2/27/1891p3
John Link: DT7/21/1893p3
David Linn: MT5/17/1912p4, MT5/18/1912p2
James R. Linn: MM5/4/1900p3, MM5/11/1900p3
Bella Linville/Linvill: MM3/17/1893p2, MM3/24/1893pp2,3, DT3/31/1893p2
Robert Linville: MT5/9/1914p2
Lida May Lippincott "Maysie": MM1/11/1901p6, OR1/14/1901p6, DT1/17/1901p7, MM1/18/1901p7
Mrs. Lippincott: MM10/18/1901p7, MM11/1/1901p6
James R. Little: MM5/17/1901p7
Horace R. Littlefield: MT2/18/1910p7
Albert Arthur Liversidge: MT11/24/1930p3
Will Loar: CO8/27/1903p3
Doris Loder: MT2/17/1916p2
Justice M. Lofland: MT8/16/1927p2
W. C. Long: JP11/21/1914p1
Charles W. Logan: MT6/12/1934
Francis Logg: MM11/8/1901p4
Frank Logg: MM4/19/1901p3
Margaret D. Long: MT4/1/1910p3
L. E. Loomas: MT11/12/1912p3
Hannah Belle Loomis: MT1/16/1924p2
L. E. Loomis: MT11/12/1912p6, MT11/14/1912p5
S. A. Loomis: MM11/21/1902p3
Lucile Loosely: MT5/29/1912p3
Nellie E. Loosley: MM1/17/1902p6, MM1/31/1902p3, CO2/13/1902p2, MM2/14/1902p3
Herman Lorenzen: OR7/21/1911p3
Mrs. Michael Lory: MT10/25/1915p5
Edward Loucks: MM11/21/1902p7, MM11/28/1902p7
James L. Louden: OS11/4/1871p2, DT11/4/1871p3
Sally Louden: AT10/23/1916p2
Asa Love: MT3/2/1912p2
Fannie M. Love: JP10/4/1913p1
Maggie Love: OS2/6/1869p2
Charles Lovell: MT12/6/1909p5
Joseph S. Lovern: MT7/1/1914p6
Fannie Low: MM4/13/1900p5
L. B. Low: OS8/25/1880p2
James A. Lowden: MT10/7/1914p6, JP10/10/1914pp1,3
Sarah A. Crabtree Lowden: JP10/21/1916p3(2)
John Lowden: MT5/12/1911p6
Mrs. C. W. Lowe: MT11/2/1912p5
George M. Lowe: JP3/8/1919pp1,3, JP4/26/1919p3
Neva Britten Lowry: MT12/15/1948
Mrs. L. F. Lozier: MN1/23/1931p3
Donna L. Lucas: MT4/12/1974p11, MT4/14/1974pC2
Katherine Twigg Lucas: MT9/10/1933p9
William Lucas: MT5/23/2013p3
David N. Luce: DT2/19/1894p3
Mildred Luce: MT5/5/1921p2
D. J. Lumsden: MM10/20/1893p3
Hugo Lundberg: JP11/10/1917p3
Mary A. Lundy: MT9/17/1912p2(2)
John Henry Lusk: MT11/20/1968p1
C. C. Luther: OS6/16/1883p3
John William Lybrand: MT7/21/1969p9
Edward Lynch: MT5/22/1910p7
George H. Lynch: JP11/17/1917p3
Peter J. Lynch: MT4/23/1911pB2
Annie Margaret Lyon: MT4/11/1944p5
Harry Lyon: JP1/19/1918p3
Jacob A. Lyon: MT2/6/1911p8
Mattie Lyon: MT2/17/1910p5
Ora E. Lyon: MM10/25/1901p6
Son of L. Lytle: DT8/17/1899p3
Patrick Lyttleton: MM4/21/1893p3, DT4/21/1893p3, DT5/5/1893p3, DT5/19/1893p3
Egbert Maben: MM10/18/1901pp2(2),6
Floyd Maben: MT9/28/1910p2
W. C. Macaulay: MT8/31/1931p3
Jack MacDougal: MT2/12/1915p3
Thomas J. Mackin: JP7/13/1923p1
George Magerly Sr.: MM3/23/1894p2
Peter Magers: DT9/22/1893p3
Samuel Magoffey: DT1/18/1894p3
Constantine Magruder: 6/22/1902
Hunt Magruder: DT7/18/1900p3(3), DT7/21/1900p3
Margery Edmunson Constant Magruder: MT11/1/1931
Toss R. Magruder: OS10/7/1871p3
James Maguire: DT6/23/1893p3, DT12/8/1893p3(2), DT12/15/1893p3(2), DT12/22/1893p3, DT2/22/1894p3
John F. Maholand: MM4/12/1901p2
Sarah Mahoney: MT12/28/1914p6, MS12/29/1914p2
Michael Maluceni: DT5/20/1892p3
Ada Hurst Charley Manguine: MT2/23/1939p7
Daughter of J. Mann: CO2/13/1902p2
John Mann: MM8/9/1901p3
William A. Mann: MM8/9/1901p3
Jack Manners: MT7/14/1911p8
C. S. Manning: MT12/27/1930p2
Horace M. Manning: MT5/2/1910p7
J. A. Manning/J. D. Manning: MM1/11/1901p6, MM1/18/1901p6
Son of J. M. Manning: MM1/3/1902p7
John Wesley Manning: JP3/14/1924p1
Grace Mansfield: SOM8/19/1892p2
Nancy Missouri Mansfield: MT1/1921
Mrs. C. H. Manwaring: MM5/12/1899p6
Anna Maple: MT3/11/1916p2
Lew Marble: AT4/13/1921p2
Mrs. I. M. Marcy: MM5/11/1900p7
D. M. Mardon: MT1/9/1910p2
John Margreiter: JP3/3/1917p1
Mary Gertrude Markle: MT7/9/1927p2, MT7/11/1927p2
Samuel Marks: DT9/22/1893p3
James W. Marksbury: JP7/13/1918p3
Anna Marple: JP3/11/1916p3
P. A. Marquam: MT5/4/1912p2
Denver Marsh: JP7/21/1917p3, JP7/28/1917p3
Florence B. Marsh: MT2/22/1915p2
Ambrose Marshall: MT10/14/1912p3
Annette Marshall: MT4/14/1974pC2
George E. Marshall: MT2/19/1931p3, MT2/22/1931p6
Jacob Marshall: DT2/18/1903p2
Nora Isabelle Marsters: MM5/19/1893p3, DT5/26/1893p3
Albert LeRoy Martin: MT2/17/1931p2, MN2/19/1931p5
Alexander Martin: AT1/27/1916p8, JP1/29/1916p1
Alice M. Martin: JP5/19/1917p3
Charles C. Martin: MT8/15/1919p3
Dillard Martin: DT7/22/1892p3
Edward J. Martin: MT4/12/1944p3
Fred J. Martin: DT10/14/1892p3
George Martin: MM12/12/1902p5
Joseph Gist Martin: JP9/16/1916p3, MS9/17/1916p8
Mary R. Martin: JP1/18/1913p3
Pearlie Martin: MM3/16/1900p5
Sarah E. Martin: AT11/25/1915p6
Stephen J. Turpin Martin: JP9/5/1914p1
Ted Martin: JP12/6/1913p3
Thomas George Martin: DT9/25/1902p1
Valera Margaret Martin: MM11/29/1901p5
William Jennings Martin: MM5/3/1901p3, EN5/4/1901p5
Walter S. Martin: MS8/17/1919p2, MT8/18/1919p2, MT8/22/1919p2
Jessie Mash: MT4/25/1910p7
Eli Cravin Mason: MM10/18/1901p7
J. C. Mason: bio: OJ8/16/1933
J. L./J. W. Mason: DT1/4/1894p3, DT1/18/1894p3
James Mason: MM5/4/1900p5
Joseph Herbert Massen, Jr.: MN12/20/1930p5
James A. Masterson: 8/9/1933
Mrs. F. P. Matchett: MM5/16/1902p7
I. C. Matheny: 9/3/1906
Clarence W. Mathes: MT11/19/1944p8
DeLaskie J. Mathes: MT4/2/1915p6, MT4/3/1915p6, JP4/3/1915p3
Jessie Mathes: AW4/26/1922p1
William M. Mathes: bio: MT10/28/1911p14, MT7/13/1914p2, JP7/18/1914p1
Child of Grant Mathews: MM3/23/1894p2
Joshua Mathews: DT3/26/1894p3
Milo Mathews: DT2/19/1894p3, MM2/23/1894p2, MM3/2/1894p4, DT3/5/1894p3
Nellie Mathews: DT11/11/1892p3
Sadie Mathews: JP8/28/1920p1
Lewis B. Matney: DT7/21/1900p3(2)
Margaret Anne Mannin Matney: JP6/26/1920pp1,3
Allan Bly Matthews: MT8/30/1934p7
John Matthews: OR8/24/1885
Samuel Matthews: JP10/20/1917p3
William Matthews: AW8/3/1921p1
James Mattingly: JP6/23/1917p3
Louise Mattingly: JP9/8/1917p3
G. Mattison: DT9/8/1893p3
Milton Maule: MM12/12/1902p2
Son of William Maultby: MM11/15/1901p3
Col. Reuben F. Maury: 2/20/1906
Ethel A. Maxwell: MT11/19/1944p7
Taylor H. May: JP6/21/1919p3
Bertie Mayhew: MM6/23/1893p3, DT6/23/1893p3
Margaret McAndrew: DT3/21/1901p5, MM3/22/1901p6, SU3/23/1901p4, DT3/28/1901p7
Thomas McAndrew: 11/5/1920, MT11/6/1920p2
Mary Catherine McAndrews: MN2/10/1931p3
McArdle: JP3/4/1916p3
Elizabeth McArvel: JP2/8/1919p3
T. L. McBride: MT8/13/1914p2, MS8/13/1914p2
Mrs. N. McCain/Mrs. J. S. McCain: MT8/14/1910pB1, OR8/14/1910p6
Mary Elizabeth McCall: AT10/31/1912p4
Stella McCall: MT5/1/1914p3
Dennis McCallighan: JP3/17/1917p3
Pat McCarthey: OR9/21/1909p2
Everett E. M. McCarthy: JP4/5/1919p3
Hiram Dryer McCaskey: MT4/26/1936
Edward McCauley: JP4/24/1920p1
Susan E. McClain: SOM6/3/1892p3
Patricia Louise McClanahan: MT8/1/1927p2
Horace McClaren: JP3/25/1916p3
Mrs. D. C. McClellan: MM12/19/1902p3
John McCloud: OR1/17/1894p3
John Otis McClure: MT1/25/1910p8, MT1/27/1910p8, MT5/29/1910p9
Caroline Minerva Gillette McConnell: MT2/22/1934
Arthur McConville: DT1/29/1894p3
John Alexander McCord: OR10/20/1916p15
Jerry McCoy: MT8/6/1911p4
John McCoy: MM2/21/1902p3
Child of Mr. McCrosky: DT2/13/1890p3
John McCurdy: DT7/28/1893p3
J. McDaniel: DT12/12/1890p3
Arthur McDonald: MT6/26/1911p1
Chester William McDonald: MT2/3/1943
Flavious S. McDonald: MT1/29/1915p4
Martha A. McDonald: MT2/26/1911p3
Melinda McDonald: MT7/6/1910p2
Norman McDonald: MT7/1/1919p2
Mrs. E. A. McDonough: DT7/8/1892p2
Etta M. McDonough: MT10/7/1914p6, MT10/10/1914p2
James McDonough: MM6/7/1901p3, OR6/9/1901p4, CO6/13/1901p3, MM6/14/1901p7, MM6/28/1901p2
John McDonough: DT2/19/1892p3
Gerald Milo McDowell: MT7/21/1969p9
Mrs. James McDowell: JP7/18/1924p3
Son of J. A. McElheran: MT1/26/1910p2
Florence Hazelrigg McElhose: MT3/8/1941
Philander McEntyre: MT10/24/1937p1, MT10/25/1937p3, CP10/28/1937p1, MN10/29/1937p1
Dr. J. S. McFadden: MM2/17/1905p1
J. E. McGarrey: MM11/28/1902p2
Andrew McGee: MM9/22/1893p3
James A. McGee: DT9/22/1893p3, MM10/27/1893p2, DT11/10/1893p3
Mr. McGee: MM3/22/1901p5
Samuel McGee: DT6/2/1893p3
Emma Shideler McGovern: MT9/16/1946
Nellie Weeks McGowan: MT3/4/1945
William H. McGowan: MT4/9/1944p10
Ora Brackman McGrew: DT3/25/1903p4
James McGuire: OR6/21/1893p3, MM6/23/1893p3, MM2/23/1894p2
Samuel McGuire: MM5/26/1893p2(2)
Elizabeth McHattan: AT6/10/1892p3
Franklin McHattan: AT5/21/1886p3
J. Henry McKay: DT3/25/1892p3(2)
Child of A. D. McKee: DT9/2/1892p3
Adelbert McKee: JP9/25/1920p3
Fort A. McKee: MT3/20/1917p2, JP3/24/1917p3
Frank McKee, Sr.: MT4/15/1915p2, MT4/16/1915p8, JP4/17/1915p3
George Edward McKee: MT9/4/1934p8
John McKee: MT2/16/1911p5
William McKee: JP2/23/1918p3
Mr. McKeever: DT6/9/1893p3
Ray McKeever, Roy McKeever: MT8/13/1919p8, MT8/15/1919p2
Anna McKinney: DT1/22/1894p3
Mr. McKinney: DT9/6/1900p3
Francis M. McKinnis: MT7/16/1927p2, MN7/19/1927p5, GH7/21/1927p1
Son of George McLarren: OR1/10/1887
Horace Irvine McLaren: MT3/21/1916p2
Henry L. McMahon: MT8/30/1920p3
Pat McManus: OS10/28/1882p3
Edward McMillan: MT12/24/1914pB6
John McNabb: MT2/19/1912p2
Crystal McNary: MT12/19/1910p8
Josephine M. McNealey: MT8/11/1911p4
Alexander McNeil (Andrew?): DT8/15/1901p5
Andrew McNeil (Alexander?): MM8/9/1901p5
Grace E. Faucett McPherson: OR8/20/1901p4, DT8/22/1901p2, MM8/23/1901p2
Mabel McPherson: TR11/19/1907p4
Mrs. J. McPherson: MT1/28/1913p4
James McVay: MS1/9/1913p4, JP1/11/1913p3
Myron W. McVay: MT2/13/1946p7
Charles A. McVey: JP7/13/1923p1
Hiram Franklin Meader: MT2/12/1935p10
Henry A. Mears: JP12/30/1916p3
Frank Medee: MT6/1/1914p3
Adeline Medley: MT11/13/1911p2(2)
William Grover Medley, Jr.: MT8/19/1934p12
Drusilla Mee: 1/17/1921
Frank Mee: MT11/6/1909p1, MT11/9/1909p3
James W. Mee: JP4/7/1917p3
Thomas Mee: MM3/3/1893p1
Clara J. Meeker: MT1/11/1935p3
Clarence A. Meeker: MT2/24/1948, MT2/26/1948p1
George Megerle: DT3/19/1894p3
Ida Alice Mego: JP8/26/1916p3
Pat Mego: MT11/14/1923p3
Frank Melavin: MT8/16/1927p2, MT8/18/1927p2, MT8/19/1927p5
John Mellert: DT6/30/1893p3, DT7/7/1893p2
Al Melvin: MT5/6/1931p6
Frank Melvin: MN8/16/1927p1
Morris Mensor: DT4/29/1887p3
Esther L. Merker: MT7/21/1969p9
Josiah Merley: MM2/5/1909p7
Charles B. Merrick: OR8/31/1912p7
D. Merrick: DT2/13/1890p3
Artinecia Riddle Merriman: JP1/13/1917p3, OR1/13/1917p2
George H. Merriman: MM11/10/1915p2, JP11/13/1915p3
Isaac Merriman: MT12/19/1922p6
Mother of J. W. and A. L. Merritt: DT1/15/1894p3
Mr. Merritt: MM8/18/1893p3, DT8/18/1893p3
Claud E. Merritt: MT1/17/1912p5
Genevieve Elizabeth Moore Merritt: MT10/17/1936
Viola Caroline Merritt: MT8/5/1927p8
Thomas B. Merry: MT9/17/1912p3, JP9/21/1912p1
Mrs. J. A. Merryman: MN1/18/1931p5
Mrs. W. G. Messal: MM11/29/1901p6
John Messner: MM11/4/1904p5
Michael P. Messner: DT2/4/1903p1
Almira Metcalf: JP5/16/1914p3
Nora Maude Baer Metschan: MT7/20/1969p9
Herman Gustaf Meyer: MT5/29/1933p5
Joseph Meyer: MT10/31/1912p2
Caspar/Kasper Meyer: MM9/1/1893p3, DT9/1/1893p3
Mrs. Herman G. Meyers: MT12/28/1911p3
Mrs. J. W. Meyers: MT6/9/1927p3
Pauline Meyers: MM2/21/1902p7
Allen G. Mickey: JP12/1/1917p3
Edward Mietka: MM11/29/1901p7
Ruth W. Miles: MT12/25/1932
Claude R. "Shorty" Miles: MT10/23/1968p13
Thaddeus W. Miles: MT3/1939
Harry Millard: MN1/21/1931p2
Alfred Harmer Miller: MT6/29/1941p10
Benjamin Franklin Miller: MM4/20/1900p7, MM5/11/1900p5
Bertha May Shide Miller: MN1/6/1931p3
Cynthia Miller: DT1/22/1894p3
Daughter of Burrell Miller: DT3/25/1892p2
Dalton Wayne Miller: MT4/14/1974pC2
David Miller: SOM8/19/1892p3, SOM9/9/1892p2
David Henry Miller: AT2/5/1917p8, JP2/10/1917p3
Dessie Lou Miller: MN12/26/1930p5
Donald H. F. Miller MT7/20/1969p9, MT7/21/1969p9
Earl M. Miller: MT6/11/1927p2, MT3/11/1966p1
Elmira Brous Miller: MT10/2/1926p3
James N. T. Miller: DT9/24/1900p3, AT9/20/1900p3(2)
John X. Miller: 5/15/1908p1
Joaquin Miller: MT2/18/1913p2, JP2/22/1913p1
John Miller: DT2/20/1890p4
John F. Miller: MM4/28/1893p3, DT4/28/1893p3, DT6/16/1893p3
John S. Miller: MT4/1/1912p6, MT4/4/1912p4, MT4/30/1912p2
John X. Miller: JP10/30/1915p3
Kirby S. Miller: MT10/14/1912p2, MT10/16/1912p2, JP10/19/1912p1
Mr. Miller: MM2/3/1905p5
Mrs. Kirby Miller: AW6/14/1922p1, CL6/16/1922p1
Mabel T. Prim Miller: JP12/21/1912pp1,3, MT12/21/1912p2(2)
Mary Elizabeth Miller: CO10/24/1901p3
Matilda Black Miller: MM9/5/1902p2(2)
Mrs. J. N. T. Miller: JP2/23/1918p3
Philip Miller: MM6/15/1894p3
Robert A. Miller: bio: MT4/27/1914p2
William Miller: DT2/13/1890p2
William Miller: MT4/28/1936p1
William L. Miller: MM1/25/1901p2
Jack Millikan: MT4/14/1974pC2
William Milliken: MT4/14/1974pC2
Kizzie Million: JP11/2/1912p1
Delos R. Mills: MT11/15/1912p6
Mrs. J. W. Mills: MT2/17/1931p3
Donald James Millsaps: MT11/11/1923p2
Julia Miltenburger: JP3/17/1917p3
Daughter of William Milton: DT4/1/1903p4
George  F. Mims: JP6/12/1920p1
M. E. Minear: DT5/9/1901p5, MM5/10/1901p7, MM5/17/1901p5
Mrs. Minear: DT10/5/1899p3
Ed E. Miner: MT11/26/1915p5, MT11/27/1915p6
Conrad Mingus: DT5/31/1900p3, MM6/1/1900p7, MM11/14/1902p3
Edna Mingus: MT9/15/1946
Frank L. Minkler: MT8/24/1912p6
Leo D. Minkler: DT2/18/1903p1
Levi Minkler: MT7/2/1916p3
Mrs. S. C. Minnick: MT2/7/1910p8
Beatrice Minter: MM6/7/1901pp5,7
R. R. Minter: MM5/31/1901p5
Amanda Ellen Mitchell: DT2/12/1892p3
Mrs. Gus Mitchell: JP2/2/1918p3, JP2/9/1918p3(2)
Son of Gus Mitchell: DT10/17/1893p2
Child of Nick Mitchell: DT8/12/1892p3
Joseph Victor Mitchell: DT5/20/1892p3(2), DT7/15/1892p3
T. H. Mitchell: MM1/17/1896p5
Mrs. William Mitchell, nee Hodges: DT2/5/1892p3
George W. Modrell: MT7/9/1927p2
Mrs. M. J. Moffitt/Mrs. J. M. Moffitt: MM4/19/1901p2, MM4/26/1901p6, EN4/27/1901p5
Emil Mohr: MT1/10/1933p1
Elizabeth Monkhouse: MM10/24/1902p6
George Edwin Monroe: MT8/15/1919p3
Jeanette Montgomery: JP6/27/1924p2
John B. Montgomery: MT9/8/1910p2
L. D. Montgomery: DT11/3/1893p3
Robert Montgomery: MM12/20/1901p5
Frank Moody: MT12/29/1930p2
A. S. Moon: MM4/20/1900p3
Charles Moon: JP5/3/1919p3
A. D. Moore: MT9/27/1919p1
Bradley O. Moore: JP8/12/1916p2
Charles Sumner Moore: JP7/24/1915p3
D. Moore: DT8/1/1890p3
Dee Moore: MT4/7/1910p2
Gus. Moore: MM6/19/1903p7, JS6/19/1903p1, OR6/19/1903p11, CO6/25/1903p1
H. R. Moore: OR1/9/1905p5
Mr. J. Moore: MS5/30/1916p5
Jane Ann Wait Moore: JP3/21/1914p2
Lewis W. Moore: MT4/16/1915p8
Velma Moore: MM2/15/1901pp5,6
Vera Moore: MM2/15/1901pp5,6
Mary Agnes Bagshaw Moore: JP2/1/1919pp2,3(2)
Rebecca McFarland Moore: JP10/14/1916p1
Vera Moore: MM2/1/1901p3
W. R. Moore: MM2/17/1905p8
Mrs. W. T. Moore: DT3/18/1892p3
Anna F. Morat: MM11/28/1902p3
Hazel Ann Morava: MN1/23/1931p5
Irene Morava: MT8/16/1927p2
George M. Mordoff: MT3/27/1926p3
Ida I. Morey: MM5/12/1899p6, MM5/19/1899p2
Frank E. Morey: DT10/6/1898p3, MM10/7/1898p3, DT10/10/1898p3, MI10/13/1898p3, MM10/14/1898pp2,7
Child of Mr. Morgan: SOM8/12/1892p3
Clinton C. Morgan: MT7/29/1912p2
Harold Robert Morgan: MN6/16/1944p4
Rebecca S. Morgan: MM12/19/1902p6
Samuel Melvin Morgan: MT5/23/2013p3
Albert Morine: MT7/2/1916p3
Silas F. Morine: MT2/23/1916p3
Edwin Morris: MT3/22/1916p2
Clarendon Morrison: DT3/25/1903pp1(2),4
E. E. Morrison: MT8/23/1934p5
Ella Morrison: DT3/25/1903p4
Dr. H. E. Morrison: MT6/21/1913p1
Thomas Morrison: MM5/2/1902p6
Hannah Morrow: MM2/23/1894p3
Robert C. Morrow: MT10/23/1915p2
Edwin B. Morse: JP3/25/1916p3
Ray H. Moses: JP9/14/1918p3
M. G. Moss: DT1/1/1892p3
Nellie Taylor Mott: MT8/16/1917p2
Isaac A. Mounce: CO1/20/1902p4, MM1/24/1902p7
Erastus J. Muir: MT9/4/1934p8
Viola T. Temple Muir: MT12/26/1914p6, MS12/27/1914p7, OR12/27/1914p7
Etherow Pittman Mulkey: MT11/1/1909p8
Philip Mullen: MM10/18/1901p7
J. S. Muller: DT6/17/1892p3, AT6/24/1892p3
Louise Muller: JP5/9/1924p1
Max Muller: DT7/23/1902p5, MM7/25/1902p3, MM10/3/1902p6(2)
Robert Muller: JP8/25/1917p3
Mr. Mulholl: DT3/12/1894p3
William Mumford: OR1/19/1861
John F. Mundy: MT3/31/1941p3, MT4/1/1941, MT4/3/1941
Elizabeth Estella Murphy: MT5/3/1915p3
Florence Murphy: AT10/13/1931p5
Mrs. J. J. Murphy: MT12/1/1923p3
John J. Murphy: MT12/15/1933
Ling Alexander Murphy: MT2/6/1910p16
Mary Murphy, Mrs. John: OR11/8/1904p5, MM11/11/1904p1
Samuel F. Murphy: MT2/14/1916p2
Flora A. Murray: AT6/11/1896p3
Olive Murray: CO1/31/1901p3
Samuel H. Murray: JP9/14/1918p3
Charles H. Murrey: MT4/8/1931p2
William E. Murrey: OR2/19/1907p9
William Myer: MT2/23/1933
William Cortez Myer: CO5/28/1903, MM5/29/1903p7
Austin Myers: OR1/4/1918p4
Harry George Myers: DT5/28/1900p3
Jacob A. Myers: MM10/18/1901p6
Melvin Myers: MT9/17/1912p2
Rose Myers: MT7/3/1910p5
Mrs. K. Nakuitu: MS8/9/1914p6, MT8/10/1914p2
Cora Ellen Nash: MT11/8/1930p2
John T. C. Nash: JP5/19/1917p1
Adolphus Naylor: MT1/4/1928p2
Granville Naylor: MM2/3/1905p1, MM2/10/1905p4
Amy Trask Neal: MT3/4/1934
Leander Neal: JP6/28/1919p3
Joshua Neathamer: MT9/11/1915p2
Mary May Neathamer: DT3/5/1894p3(2), DT3/8/1894p3, MM3/9/1894p4, MM4/27/1894p4
Everitt Neely: DT11/17/1893p2
Asher Neff: MT7/10/1966p7
John Neff: JP7/10/1920p3
Child of Cyrus Neil: DT2/13/1890p3
Claiborne Neil: MT6/28/1910p8
Ellis Neil: MS6/1/1916pp2,5, JP6/3/1916p3, MS6/3/1916p5
Elmo Neil: MT12/19/1922p6
Frank R. Neil: MT12/1/1930p1, MN12/2/1930p4
James R. Neil: JP12/15/1917pp1,3
John H. Neil: DT7/11/1879p3, AT7/11/1879p3
Robert Proctor Neil: MT9/20/1922
Mrs. William Neil: DT2/13/1890p3
Son of L. A. Neil: AT6/10/1892p3
William Neil: MM9/27/1895p5
Charles Nelson: MT3/29/1928p3
J. H. Nelson: MT1/29/1914p6
John Nelson: MT6/16/1911p4
Lind Nelson: JP10/6/1917p3
Dr. O. N. Nelson: JP10/20/1917p3, JP10/27/1917p3
George E. Neuber: MT7/3/1910p15
Mrs. New: DT8/2/1888p3
A. L. Newbury: DT9/26/1898p3, MM9/30/1898p3(2)
Barbara F. Newbury: OR7/29/1910p7
Donald R. Newbury: MT9/22/1952p1, MT9/23/1952p1, MT9/24/1952p11
Gus Newbury: MT7/27/1955p1
Mary Newbury: MT7/22/1910p2, MT7/24/1910p2, OR7/29/1910p7
Dr. D. B. Newman: MT12/22/1914p4
Thomas A. Newman: MT12/5/1911p3
Charles H. E. Newton: DT5/13/1887p3
Lydia Newton: DT2/6/1891p3
Son of Bert Nichols: MM12/26/1902pp3,5
Eolah Bradley Nichols: MN3/16/1932p2
George Washington Nichols, Sr.: MT5/26/1935p6
Glenn Nichols: JP4/12/1919p3
I. B. Nichols: DT6/9/1893p3
Jennie B. Nichols: DT1/29/1892p3
John Nichols: MM3/21/1902p6, CO3/27/1902p3, MM3/28/1902p5
Louisa Bardley Nichols: MT12/3/1923p5
Thomas Everett Nichols: JN9/17/1926p1
Mrs. William Nichols: MT12/14/1909p4
William J. Nichols: OR7/11/1913p6
Ella L. Prim Nickell: DT6/14/1889p2
William Nickell: JP3/14/1914p3, JP3/21/1914p3
John A. Niday: JP5/10/1913p3
Mrs. Nininger: DT1/22/1894p3
Goodman C. Noble: OR5/28/1903p4
Joseph Noblet: MT1/25/1915p6, JP1/30/1915p3
Mrs. A. Noltner: DT6/10/1892p3
Gertrude Evangeline Norcross: MT12/5/1914p6
G. A. Nordheim: DT9/29/1893p3, DT2/8/1894p3
Patrick Normile: JP8/7/1915p3
Ella Norris: MT2/5/1916p6
Frank Grady Norris: JP10/12/1912p1
Ruby Norris: MT6/1/1911p3
Tena Ethel Norris: MM4/20/1900p6
Ann Haseltine Anderson Norton: MT4/25/1934
Annie Norton: DT9/30/1871p3
Everett Norton: JP6/9/1917p3
Judge Harry D. Norton: MT2/8/1942
Jemima Jordan Norton: DT1/24/1898p3, DT1/27/1898p3
John D. Norton: MT12/29/1932p5
Minnie Noth: MT6/30/1914p4
Edward Nunan: MO2/12/1895p3, OR2/12/1895p3, MO2/15/1895p3(2)
Ella Nunan: DT9/26/1898p3
Alice M. Nunn: MT7/22/1919p4
Bernard "Bud" Nutting: MT1/10/1978p1
Elizabeth Nutting: JP2/3/1917p3
Amarantha Nye: MT9/20/1922
Chauncey Nye: MM2/5/1904p1, OR2/11/1904p4
Nathan B. Nye: 3/3/1913, MT3/4/1913p3 JP3/15/1913p1
Riley Nyswaner: AT8/29/1912p4
Joseph S. O'Brien: MT6/19/1945p1
Thomas O. Brien: MN1/4/1931p5
Patrick Joseph O'Gara: MT9/28/1927p3
Pryce O'Hara: M10/20/1893p3
Norma Mae O'Neil: MT7/20/1969p9
Frances and Julia O'Toole: MM10/17/1902pp2(2),7
Frank B. Oatman: JP2/10/1917p3
Harrison B. Oatman: DT5/26/1893p3, DT5/26/1893p3, DT6/2/1893p3
James Obenchain: OS8/16/1884p3
John Allen Obenchain: JP6/21/1913p1
Mrs. Fred Offenbacher: MT10/4/1912p2, JP10/5/1912p1
Willard E. Offord: MT5/4/1966p9
Jacob Ogan: MM6/30/1893p3
Grandma Ogleby: MT9/26/1911p2
James O'Meara: DT1/28/1903p1
P. B. "Barney" O'Neil: MT7/4/1910p4
Darby O'Toole: MT8/31/1931p3
Albert G. Oldman: DT10/14/1892p3
Barbara Darlene Olson: MT4/8/1931p2
Henry Olson: MT8/3/1914p1, JP8/8/1914p1
George Olson: MT6/16/1927p2
Gussie Opp: MT2/28/1914p8
Charles Oppenbacker: MM2/24/1893p3
James Albert Orchard: MN12/2/1930p4
Alonza Ord: JP1/19/1918p3
Eugene M. Orr: DT9/19/1901p5, MM9/20/1901p2, MM9/27/1901p6, DT10/3/1901p7, MM10/18/1901p2, MM10/25/1901p7
W. L. Orr: MT10/22/1918p4
Cordelia Ruth Ankeny Orth: MT10/7/1934p3
John Orth: DT6/20/1890p3, DT2/8/1894p3
Mrs. C. M. Osborn: AT7/1/1892p3, DT7/1/1892p3
Ona Osborn: OS8/16/1884p3
Ebenezer E. Osborne: JP8/4/1917p3
Harriet N. Osborne: MT8/4/1919p2
John Osborne: MT4/19/1913p1, MS4/20/1913P1, MT4/23/1913p4
Olivia Dyre Osborne: MT3/29/1942p12, MN4/3/1942p1
Ferdinand Osenbrugge: JP7/31/1915p3
Charles Ostrum: JP12/8/1917p3
Mary Allen Otis: MM1/11/1901p7
William Otto: DT12/15/1893p2
Nancy Childers Overmire: MM9/8/1893p3
Sarah Evaline Overton: MT3/23/1933p3
James W. Overturf: MT7/20/1969p9
Frank G. Owen: CL6/30/1922p1
T. G. Owen "Grundy": DT11/6/1891p2
Frances E. Owings: MM7/16/1909p5
James J. Owings: MT12/24/1930p3, MN12/24/1930p6, MN12/26/1930p5, MT12/27/1930p2
Dr. W. M. Owsley: DT5/26/1893p3
W. R. Oxley: MT9/26/1911p2
J. A. Packard: AT6/3/1892p2, AT6/10/1892p3, DT6/10/1892p3
Ralph E. Packard: MT8/19/1934p12
Dr. Frederick C. Page: MT9/21/1934p1, MT9/23/1934p14
Belle Vail Paine: MT11/23/1941
Martha M. Paine: MM9/14/1900p7, DT9/20/1900p2
Richard Paine: CO8/13/1902p1, OR8/13/1902p4
George W. Palen: MT2/12/1933p4
Katie Belle Palen: MT1/11/1935p3
Mrs. Stephen Paley, nee White: JP1/12/1918p3
Callie Palm: MT10/16/1960p9
Charles W. Palm: MT6/18/1933p1
Benjamin Palmer: MM6/15/1894p3
Charles Palmer: DT6/7/1900p3
Florence A. Bolt Palmer: MT11/30/1915p3
Henry L. Palmer: JP4/12/1913p3
Isaac A. Palmer: MM10/29/1908p1
John V. Palmer: MT6/23/1911pp3,4
Mrs. Potter Palmer: JP5/11/1918p3
Archa Pankey: MM3/15/1901p2
Bessie Pankey: MM2/3/1905pp2,8
Clarence B. Pankey: MT3/2/1967p1
Nancy Jane Pankey: JP4/7/1917p3
Jack Papau: DT11/24/1893p3
Gus Pape: DT2/19/1894p3, MM2/23/1894p3
Henry Pape: DT7/29/1892p3, SOM8/5/1892p3(2), DT8/5/1892p3
Daughter of Henry Pape: DT3/4/1892p3
Minna Pape: 9/9/1906
Walter J. Pappas: MT5/20/1966p1
J. C. Pardee: DT7/21/1900p3
Mary Parham: MM12/19/1902p6
Curtis P. Parker: DT11/22/1900p3, MM11/30/1900p7
Franklin Millard Parker: MT7/24/1927p2, MT7/25/1927p2, GH7/28/1927p1
Lucinda Parker: JP3/23/1918p3
Sarah Ann Catching Parker: MT3/10/1939
William H. Parker: MM10/8/1909p3
Jacob Parkes: MT5/2/1911p1
James Parr: DT12/4/1891p3
Mary A. Patrick: MT5/3/1915p3
Maude C. Patrick: MN2/13/1931p5
Henry H. Patterson: OR2/3/1905p5, MM2/10/1905p5
Jess Patterson: MT4/14/1974pC2
Joshua Patterson: MT4/29/1921
Louisa Patterson: DT5/8/1899p3
Stewart Patterson: JP6/19/1915pp2,3, MT7/12/1915p2
Owen Joseph Patton: MT6/24/1938
Charles Patton: MT10/1/1927p2
Thomas McFadden Patton: DT12/2/1892p3
Mrs. W. H. Patton: DT2/5/1894p3
Marie J. Paudois: MT1/5/1966p11
Daisy Paul: GH6/18/1942p1, MN6/19/1942p3
L. E. Payne: JP7/13/1918p3
Mrs. J. M. Payne: DT4/29/1892p3
Richard Finley Payne: DT8/14/1902p1, MM8/15/1902p7
Allen Peacock: DT4/5/1894p3
Daniel Jones Sweeny Pearce: CL11/30/1923p6, MT11/27/1923p5
Lola Eva Pearce: JP4/24/1920p3
Merrell Pearce: MN12/10/1930p4, MN12/11/1930p5
Mitchell Pearson: JP4/29/1916p3
Benjamin G. Peart: CP2/8/1934p1
George Peart: MT4/19/1935p1
James Andrew Peck: MT4/4/1912p4
Luella M. Peck: JP4/21/1917p3
Alice Applegate Peil: MT11/17/1968p1, MT11/18/1968p1
Claes Emil Peil: AT1/7/1938p1, MT1/7/1938p1
Frank Noble Peil: MM12/19/1902p3
Martin L. Pellett: MT10/15/1926pB5
Mrs. M. L. Pellett: JP5/24/1919p3
J. Grant Pellette: OR6/9/1907p14
Verne H. Pendleton: MT10/16/1962p11
Albina Peninger: MM3/2/1900p3
Son of Fred Peninger: MM9/30/1898p3(2)
John A. Peninger: MT2/6/1911p2
William H. Peninger: MM7/6/1906
Mrs. G. F. Pennebaker: DT12/4/1891p3
Charles W. Penniston: AT10/6/1931p3
Emma Penny: JP12/28/1912p1
Stephen A. Penny: MT9/5/1918p2
S. S. Penwell: MM10/9/1896p2
James H. Peppard: JP9/16/1916p3
Larry L. Pepper Sr.: MT1/12/1969p9
A. E. J. Percival: JP3/3/1917p3, JP3/10/1917p3
Daughter of Mr. Perdue: SOM9/2/1892p3, DT9/9/1892p2
Sarah E. Kincaid Perdue: MT2/24/1939p4
Son of E. G. Perham: MM12/13/1901p3
Nancy Pernoll: JP12/6/1919p3
Son of Martin Perozzi: DT2/4/1903p1
Keziah C. Perrine: MT2/23/1916p3
Mrs. Edward Perry: MT12/17/1915p2
Emma Perry: DT6/24/1893p3
Ira Walter Perry: MM5/2/1902p3
James A. Perry: MT3/4/1945
Son of E. G. Perham: MM12/13/1901p3
Albert Petarde: JP4/18/1924p1
Elizabeth Kroh Peters: MT11/14/1913p3
Eli N. Peters: JP11/20/1915p3
Holmer/Holman Peter/Peters: DT4/22/1892p3, DT4/29/1892p3(2), DT5/27/1892p3
Charles Peterson: MT5/30/1914p4
John Peterson: JP8/11/1917p3
Martin Peterson: DT7/11/1889p3
Son of Martin Perozzi: CO2/5/1903p3
Philo F. Phelps: MT8/18/1914p2
Philetus Harry Philbrick: MM10/10/1902p6, MM10/17/1902p7, MM11/14/1902p6
Elizabeth Phillips: DT3/17/1893p3(2)
Minerva B. Phillips: MM10/31/1902p3
Riley Phillips: DT2/5/1892p3
Samuel Phillips: MM11/1/1901p3
Agnes Childers Phipps: MM5/11/1894p3
Iradell Judson Phipps: MT8/23/1913p6
J. C. Phipps: DT4/5/1894p3
John Phipps: MM4/13/1894p3, MM4/20/1894p4(2)
Daughter of Matthew Preston Phipps: MM12/1/1893p5
Matthew Preston Phipps: MM8/28/1896p7
Riley Phipps: MM2/4/1892p2
William J. Phipps: OR4/14/1922p24
Charles Albert Pickel: MT8/28/1942p5
Dr. Elijah Barton Pickel: MT3/1/1932p1, CP3/3/1932p1
Child of E. P. Pickens: DT2/13/1890p3
Dorothy Pickens: MT3/13/1911p2
Mr. Picket: JP12/18/1920p3
Joseph G. Pierce: MT10/14/1911pB3
Pitt P. Pierce: MT7/28/1915p2
John Pierson: MT11/29/1915p3
Mrs. Pierson: DT8/4/1893p3
Son of Walter E. Pierson: DT3/25/1903p4
Lloyd R. Pickard: MT10/29/1937p6
Child of Fred Pike: DT10/7/1892p3
W. E. Piland: DT11/22/1900p3
Dr. J. B. Pilkington: DT9/20/1900p2
A. W. Pipes: MT1/28/1944p1
Maude V. Pipes: MT5/4/1966p9
Walter Pittenger: MT10/20/1910p8
Sidney/Sydney Pittman: MT1/13/1911p1, MT1/16/1911p1, OT1/16/1911p3, OR1/18/1911p9
Veta Eliza Pitz: MT3/11/1916p2, JP3/11/1916p3
Marie Plumerth: JP4/27/1918p3
Francis M. Plymale: OR2/18/1900p4, MM2/23/1900p6
Louis H. Plymale: JP12/30/1916p3
Sebastian Plymale: JP5/22/1920p3
Mrs. W. J. Plymale: DT6/22/1899p3
J. W. Plymire: OR1/8/1895p3
Francis M. Poe: DT11/27/1899p3
Chester Pogue: DT4/15/1892p3, DT7/15/1892p3, DT7/29/1892p3
Earl Polly: JP6/23/1917p3
Arthusa Pool: MT7/2/1919p2, JP7/5/1919p3
Lettie Pool: OS8/12/1882p3
Sarah Cardwell Pool: JP9/16/1916p1
Dr. Bowen Porter: DT8/26/1892p3(2)
George W. Porter: MT10/6/1969p1
Susan Jane Potter: MM1/3/1902p5
Wilson Potter: DT2/19/1894p3
John Powder: MT6/16/1911p4
Arthur Edward Powell: OR10/18/1916p13
Donald Powell: JP7/12/1913p1
J. L. Powell: DT7/21/1900p3
W. M. Powell: JP9/6/1913p3
John Powers: DT7/1/1892p3
Orlie H. Powers: MT10/19/1918p4
Alma Theresa Preston: MT3/21/1948p12
W. E. Price: DT1/22/1894p3
William Price: JP9/8/1917p3
Everett R. Priddy: MM8/2/1901p7
Daughter of G. W. Priddy: SOM7/8/1892p3, DT7/15/1892p2
Mrs. James Priddy: DT4/15/1892p2, AT4/22/1892p3
Mrs. C. C. Prim: MT10/23/1915p2
Effie Bybee Prim: JP10/23/1915p3
Mrs. Charles Prim: JP7/10/1920p3
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Paine Page Prim: DT8/7/1899p3, DT8/14/1899p3, DT9/15/1899pp2,3
Theresa Maria Stearns Prim: MT6/10/1913p2, JP6/21/1913p1
David T. Pritchard: MM7/18/1902p2
Laura D. Pritchard: PL8/1/1895p3
R. A. Proudfoot: MT7/19/1912p2
Mrs. Prouty, nee Schumpf: DT1/1/1892p3
Samuel Provolt: JP2/22/1919p3
Milindia L. Cox Pruett: MT8/14/1942p6
Mrs. Ernest Pruitt: OR3/12/1919p11, JP3/15/1919p3
Lester/Leslie Carlton Pullen: MT7/12/1927p6, MT7/18/1927p2
Mrs. Pulzer: MM5/25/1894p2
Ira E. Purdin: MM3/30/1900p7
Lizzie Worlow Purdin: MM8/16/1907p5
Lotta Purdin: OS10/11/1884p3
Mahlon Purdin: MT4/19/1931p2
Samuel P. Purdy: JP12/15/1917p3
George Purucker: MT10/30/1934
Mabel Putman: MT9/2/1910p1
Ida Stella Putney: MT3/29/1928p3
Son to W. F. Quisenbury, Feb. 7: MT2/8/1915p2
Clara Ida Louise Camp Rader: MT12/21/1914p6
Solomon Rader: OR12/4/1912p6, JP12/7/1912p1
Mr. Ragsdale: DT3/6/1890p2
Mrs. A. F. Ragsdale: DT11/24/1893p2
B. F. Ragsdale: MM12/12/1902p5
Mrs. B. F. Ragsdale: MM8/9/1901p5
Emma Ragsdale: MM8/2/1901p7, MM8/9/1901p5
Melinda W. Ragsdale: MM11/24/1893p3, DT11/24/1893p2
J. L. Ragsdale: JP6/16/1917p1
Jeffery F. Rahenkamp: MT7/9/2013p1, MT7/17/2013p6
Robert Raied: MM5/10/1901p7
Elsie Ophelia Railsbach: MN2/3/1931p6
Louis Raimey: OR2/15/1907p12
Clifford Rambo: MT7/11/1913p2
Charles Randall: MT10/2/1920p6
Stewart Randall: MN2/14/1933p4
Samuel Randles: MM3/15/1901p6, MM3/22/1901p3
George K. Rankin: MN6/16/1944p4
Charles Ratcliff: DT8/4/1893p3
Grant Rawlings: MM4/3/1908p1
Archy D. Ray: MM1/11/1907p1
D. B. Reame: MT8/4/1915p3
Martha E. Reames Rapp: JP3/25/1916p2
Thomas Rawley: MM6/7/1901p6
Grant Rawlings: MM4/3/1908p1
Mrs. J. W. Ray: MT12/14/1909p8
William Ray: MM5/16/1902p5
A. F. Raynor: MT8/30/1919p6
Child of Mr. Razon: MM4/6/1894p4
Mrs. T. P. Read: MT4/19/1910p7
D. B. Reame: JP8/7/1915p3
Lizzie Louise Johnston Reame: MT1/6/1916p2, MT1/8/1916p2
Alfred Evan Reames: MT3/4/1943p1, MT3/5/1943p1, MT3/7/1943p4
Edith Tongue Reames: OR7/29/1918pp9,12
James R. Reames: 7/6/1906
Jenny Ross Reames: OR10/19/1927p23
Thomas G. Reames: MM3/2/1900p3
W. I. Record: MS1/1/1915p5
Mrs. M. S. Redman: DT5/28/1900p3
Bridget Reddy: MT2/19/1912p2
Dr. John Francis Reddy: MN11/10/1933p1
Frank Redner: MT3/28/1914p8
Daughter of C. Reed: DT8/3/1899p3
Charlotte Reed: MT6/14/1942p10
Delta Lee Reed: JP8/14/1920p3, JP8/21/1920p1
Dr. James K. Reeder: JP10/16/1915p3
John G. Reeder: MT10/7/1932p11
W. A. Reeder: AT11/11/1929p1
John Rees: DT12/1/1893p3
Lewis Rees: DT11/24/1893p3, MM12/1/1893p5, DT12/1/1893p3(2), MM12/8/1893p2, DT1/4/1894p3, DT1/15/1894p3, DT2/12/1894p2, DT1/29/1894p2, DT2/5/1894p3(2), DT2/15/1894p3, MM7/26/1901p2
W. S. Reese: MT4/26/1913p2, MT4/28/1913pp4,5
Lester Reeves: DT9/8/1893p3
C. E. Reid: MM8/15/1902p2
Phillip Reilly: MM2/17/1893p3, DT2/17/1893p3
Nora A. Reinhart: MN2/4/1931p5
Al Reiss: MT1/1/2013p3
William Renken: DT12/15/1893p3, DT12/29/1893p3
A. L. Reuter: MM7/14/1893p3, DT7/14/1893p3
Christina Reuter: JP2/3/1917p3(3)
John H. Reyburn: MM5/30/1902p7, MM6/6/1902p2
Charles Rhodes: MM1/17/1902p7
Ezra Rhodes: MM1/29/1897p7
Abraham Rhoten: MT8/21/1934p8
Josephine Rhoten: JP8/22/1924p1
Horace Rice: DT3/1/1894p3, DT3/5/1894p3
J. D. Rice: DT10/6/1893p3, DT10/13/1893p3
U. L. Rice: DT1/30/1891p3, DT4/1/1892p3
Maurice G. Richard: DT2/4/1903p1, CO2/5/1903p3
Henry Richards: DT5/26/1893p2
Sarah Elizabeth Richards: JP5/17/1919p3
T. J. Richards: JP9/6/1913p3
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Henry H. Richardson: MM5/19/1893p3
Jesse Richardson: MS10/14/1916p5, JP10/14/1916p3
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W. G. Richardson: MM2/19/1897p7
Franz Richter: MM12/12/1902p3
Frances E. Rickert: MT3/11/1916p2
Clement A. Ricketts: MT3/14/1963p8
Fred William Ricter: MT3/21/1960p9
Ada Riddle: OR6/20/1902p8
John Bouseman Riddle: MT10/12/1914p2, JP10/17/1914p1
George D. Ridinger: DT10/23/1902p2, MM10/24/1902p7
Mrs. C. D. Rifner: MT11/1/1909p8
James Riley: DT4/8/1903pp2,4
Robert Riley: DT2/5/1894p3
Willie Ring: MM9/20/1901p5
James Rippey: DT7/28/1893p3
Bertha Risdon: MT10/31/1911p6
Charles Ritter: DT3/5/1894p3
James F. Ritter: MT7/28/1913p2
Claud Rivers: DT6/27/1898p3
Bamford A. Robb: JP4/15/1916p3
Allen C. Roberts: MT3/15/1915p3, JP3/20/1915p3
Eva Roberts: AW1/28/1920p1
George M. Roberts: MT9/20/1965p1
Mrs. Roberts: MT2/19/1912p2
Mrs. Isaac G. Roberts: MT4/18/1910p7
Raymond Melburn Roberts: MT11/28/1943p10
Child of Thomas Roberts: DT6/30/1893p3
W. B. Roberts: OR6/24/1904p4
Mrs. William Roberts: DT7/8/1892p2
Eliza Ann Robbins: DT5/28/1900p3
Jonathan Andrew Robbins: MT12/8/1913p2, JP12/13/1913p3
Samuel Robbins: CO1/31/1901p3, MM2/1/1901p7
Sarah Robbins: MT10/15/1912p6
Dorland Regina Robinson: JP4/14/1917pp1,3
Edgar Robinson: OR10/14/1906p13
Ella Ford Robinson: OS7/2/1879p3
Dr. James W. Robinson: MT6/20/1938
Son of L. F. Robinson: MT8/3/1914p4
Levina Jane Robinson: MT4/1933
Lossie Robinson: AT8/9/1889p3
Nina E. Robinson: MM10/10/1902p2
Samuel M. Robinson: MT9/18/1911p2
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William Robinson: JP3/14/1914p1, OR3/14/1914p7, JP3/21/1914p3(2)
John Robert Robison: MT1/24/1941p4
Daughter of Robert E. Robison: MM6/14/1901p3
Asa Fay Robley: MT11/11/1918p2
Albert G. Rockfellow: MT3/31/1915p8
Sarah Rockfellow: MM2/5/1904p1
Jasper Rodgers: MT2/7/1925
M. B. Rodgers/Rogers: DT1/1/1894p3, DT1/4/1894p2
Wallace Rodgers: JP1/29/1916p1
Mary E. Roe: JP1/25/1924p1
Eva Rogers: DT12/15/1893p2
John T. Rolison/Roloson: DT1/20/1888p3, DT1/27/1888p3
John Rook: MM3/7/1902p5
Ed Root: MT4/7/1913p6
Eliza A. Root: DT2/19/1894p3
Emma Ruh Root: MT8/30/1920p3
Olive V. Kilburn Root: MT4/12/1944p5
Sarah A. Root: DT9/25/1899p3
Basil Rose: DT5/12/1893p2
D. C. Rose: MT12/3/1915p3
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Lewis Albert Rose: MT6/23/1913p3, OR6/25/1913p5
Alice Gladys Mathews Rosenbaum: MT12/25/1912, JP12/28/1912p1
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Rodney T. Rosencrans: MT7/31/1912p6
Simon Rosenthal: OR6/18/1901p5, MM6/21/1901p2, MM6/28/1901pp6,7, MM8/9/1901p2
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Son of G. B. Ross: MM12/5/1902p3
Girard L. Ross: MT11/6/1930p2
George Ross: MM3/14/1902p2, DT3/20/1902p5
James Ross: MN11/10/1944p4
George Perry Ross: MT4/1/1910p8
Adeline Rostel: MT10/24/1937p12
Dr. Max Rostel: DT4/24/1890p3
Lucy Jane Rothrock: CL11/9/1923p7
Col. Rouse: DT3/7/1898p3
Daughter of F. E. Rouse: MT7/5/1919p1
James H. Rowden: MT3/9/1966p1
J. R. R. Rowe: MM7/11/1902p5, MM8/15/1902p2
John Laffette Rowe: MT8/12/1939
Mrs. John J. Rowland: DT12/4/1891p3
Byron Rowley: DT9/29/1893p3
R. A. Rowley: JP11/1/1919p3
Arnold Roger Roy: MT1/4/1966p9
Thomas Fletcher Royal: MT3/10/1911p8
John C. Ruggles: DT8/12/1892p3
Robert Waldo Ruhl, Jr.: MT8/7/1927p3, MT8/8/1927p2
Lynn Rumley, Jr.: JP4/24/1920p3
William Alfred Rummel: MS9/8/1911p6, MT9/8/1911p2
Bert Rumsey: OR7/27/1909p5
Orlie/Orley B. Rush: AT6/12/1913p1, JP6/14/1913p3
Rev. Edwin Russ: OR7/4/1901p4, MM7/5/1901p7, MM7/12/1901p7
Son of J. B. Russell: DT3/10/1893p3
Joe T. Russell: MM3/30/1906p1
William Russell: OR2/2/1900p4
Child of E. W. Rutley: CO10/23/1902p3
Elizabeth St. Clair Ryan: MT5/16/1913p6, JP5/17/1913p3
Martin Sachs: DT3/8/1894p3
Samuel Sachs: DT3/18/1903p1
Child of Rev. F. Sack: MM6/28/1901p7
Mrs. D. D. Sage: CP3/15/1934p4
Dr. Louis Auderied Salade: MN11/17/1933p1
Joseph B. Saltmarsh: 3/19/1906, MM3/23/1906p8(2)
Lee Saltmarsh: MS1/3/1915p7
Sylvester Saltmarsh: MM2/10/1905pp4,8, MM2/17/1905p8
T. Sam: MT10/26/1910p5
Amos K. Sanborn: DT2/18/1903p1
Alta May Sandefer: MT2/4/1924p2
Frances Sitts Sanders: MS5/26/1916p2
William Sanor: DT4/4/1898p3
Alice Applegate Sargent: MT3/2/1934p9, MT3/4/1934p6
Margaret Sargent: MN12/4/1930p6
Rev. H. P. Satchwell: DT2/8/1894p3
Andrew Jackson Satterfield: DT2/15/1894p3, MM2/23/1894p2
Mrs. Joseph Satterfield: OS8/4/1883p3
Abraham Lincoln Savage: bio: OJ1/16/1934
Carrie Savage: DT11/17/1893pp2,3
James Savage: MM11/11/1904p1
James L. Savage: OR11/8/1908p7
William Savage: OS7/30/1879p3, DT8/1/1879p3
William J. Savage: 9/16/1932
R. G. Savery: DT12/23/1892p3
E. B. Sawyer: MT9/8/1910p8
William Spencer Sawyers: MT2/11/1935p6, MT2/12/1935p6
I. E. Sayer/Sayre: SOM9/9/1892p3, DT9/9/1892p2
Ray Sayle: JP8/18/1917p3
John Saylor: DT9/13/1900p3
Thomas Edgar Scantlin: MT5/5/1920p8
Lucy Steiner Schatz: MT10/21/1934p10
Fred W. Scheffel: MT10/25/1964p9
William E. Scheffel: MT8/17/1927p2, MT8/18/1927p2
Rose Guthrie Schieffelin: MT12/26/1941
Lillie Schmalhauser: MT3/25/1914p4
John Adam Schmidt: MT5/9/1914p2(2), JP5/9/1914p1
Mrs. A. Schmidtling: MM5/16/1902p3
Debby L. Booth Schmidtling: MM9/27/1895p5
Jacob Schmidtling: DT8/10/1899p3
Adam Schmitt: OR5/21/1905p5
Amelia J. Ulrich Schmitt: JP6/19/1920p3, JP6/26/1920p1
Sarah Jane Schneider: MT8/25/1913p6, JP8/30/1913p3
Elizabeth E. Montgomery Schollars: MN2/13/1931p5
Benjamin Schombachler/John Schonbachlor: MM?/2/1902p6, MM7/25/1902p7
Schonchin: DT9/16/1892p3
Andrew Schock/Schuck: DT2/19/1894p3, DT3/29/1894p3
Ira Ellsworth Schuler: MT12/1951
Mrs. Henry Schultz: JP10/9/1915p3
Margaret Schumpf: DT7/17/1891p2
Sebastian Schumpf: JP2/15/1919p3
Veit Schutz: DT6/3/1892p2, DT7/1/1892p3(2)
James Scobie: MM3/7/1902p7
C. C. Scott: MT10/14/1911pB3
Elizabeth Scott: MM10/30/1896p6
Elizabeth Scott: MT2/17/1931p3, MN2/18/1931p5
Frank M. Scott: MM6/28/1901pp3,7
Walter Wayland Scott: MT8/6/1919p2, JP8/9/1919p2
Daughter of Walter Scott: MM2/2/1894p3, DT2/5/1894p3
William Wright Scott: 3/9/1922
Zadel Scott: DT9/8/1893p3
J. S. Scronce, infant child: MM3/1/1901p7, MM3/8/1901p2
Clarence Seaman: MT7/22/1913p2
Henry Searcy: DT12/4/1891p3
Charles Sears: MM1/17/1902p7, MM4/25/1902p6
Linus Edward Seely: DT11/17/1893p2
Simon Selig: DT12/29/1893p3S
James Selms: MT9/25/1910p5
Caroline Sexton: MT5/23/1911p6
Ray Sexton: JP6/19/1920p3
Frank Seymour: OR7/15/1913p13, OR10/31/1913p6, OR11/1/1913p16
Elizabeth D. Shaddock: MT9/6/1915p8, MT9/11/1915p2
Son of Henry Shade: MT4/18/1910p7
Sam Shade: DT8/18/1893p3
John J. Shafer: MT1/8/1912p6
Hannah Sharkey: MT7/22/1913p2
W. E. Shattuck: JP3/8/1919p3
W. M. Shaver: MT1/13/1916p2, JP1/15/1916p3
Charles Shaw: DT9/8/1893p3
Edwin Shaw: DT3/25/1903p4
Lucy R. Shaw: MT12/9/1914p6
Lulu Shaw: JP9/5/1914p3
W. Shawver, twin daughters: MM2/18/1892p3
Frank Shea: DT8/25/1893p3
Thomas Shearer: MT4/4/1910p4
Viola Emerich Shearer: OR5/27/1903p4
John F. Sheldon: OR1/19/1861
Ann Shely: MT2/24/1939p3
Robert Marshall Shely: MT9/23/1934p14
William H. Shepherd: MT7/1/1910p5
Child of A. J. Sherill: DT8/12/1892p3
Gussie Sherman: MM8/9/1901p5
Eugene A. Sherwin: MT5/30/1914p4
John Shidegar: DT10/28/1892p3
John H. Shideler: JP7/14/1917p3
Harry Shikuma: MT1/29/1915p4
Irene Shirley: MT5/15/1969p7
Sarah E. Shirley: MT8/30/1934p5
H. G. Shock: DT3/1/1894p3, MM3/9/1894p4
John O. Shoemake: OS1/26/1884p3
Omar T. Shoemake: MM2/17/1905p5
Gordon Shone: MM1/18/1901p7, MM1/25/1901p2
Adaline Fisher Shonefeldt: JP10/11/1919p3
H. A. Shorey: MM1/17/1902p6
Owen P. Short: MT2/2/1961p1
T. Owen Short: OR2/5/1901p5, OR2/6/1901p5, MM2/8/1901p7
Roy H. Shreve: MT2/9/1934p1
Stella Shuck: MT8/16/1927p2
William Shuger: OR6/21/1900p5
Addison Elmer Sidener: MT7/21/1969p9, MT7/22/1969p11
Ellen Sidley: JP1/15/1916p3
Helen Silsby: AW6/14/1922p1
William H. Silsby: MM5/17/1901p7
Mary Silva: DT12/16/1892p3
Mrs. Ed. Simmons/Simon (nee Beale): MM12/5/1902p5, MM12/26/1902p4
Guy B. Simmons: OR7/1/1908p9
Johanna Simmons: MS1/3/1915p7
Mrs. Ed. Simon/Simmons (nee Beale): MM12/5/1902p5, MM12/26/1902p4
John Sharp Simons: JP5/31/1919p3
Leah Frances McReynolds Simons: MT1/23/1915p2
Myra Wrisley Simpkins: DT7/22/1892p3, SOM7/29/1892p3(2)
Simon Edward Simpkins/Simkins: MT7/22/1927p3
Hannah Simpson: MM7/5/1895p5
Hugh G. Simpson: MT3/11/1966p1
Mrs. R. L. Simpson: DT4/22/1892p3
Sarah K. Simpson: DT12/6/1888p3
Child of William Simpson: DT5/27/1892p3
John Sims: OR4/10/1911p8
Alta Sinclair: MT8/16/1927p2, MT8/18/1927p2
August D. Singler: OR4/23/1913p7, MT4/25/1913p5, JP4/26/1913pp1,3
Son of Mr. Singletary: AT3/12/1886p3
John Singleton: JP2/1/1919p3
Marian Singleton: MT9/2/1934p10
Sarah Singleton: MT7/24/1919p2
Adam Sisemore: OR1/13/1913p9, AT1/16/1913p4
John Sisemore: GH12/3/1910p5
Mrs. Mary E. Sisemore: MM1/3/1902p3(3), DT1/2/1902p3
Frank Sisley: DT1/29/1892p3
J. H. Sisson: DT12/1/1893p3
Sister Anna Marie: MM9/12/1902p3
Sister Mary Lucretia: DT2/21/1898p3
James L. Sisty: MT4/11/1913p2
Mrs. E. Skaggs: DT5/9/1890p3
Mrs. S. A. Skaggs: OR3/23/1917p3
Mrs. S. S. Skaggs: JP3/24/1917p3
Brace Skeel: DT7/19/1900p2
Kate M. Skeel: MT11/14/1923p8
Arlon Edward "Lon" Skinner: MT2/15/1985p15
Gustav Harold Skyrman: MM9/6/1901p2
Robert Slewing: MT10/14/1912p3
Hugh Slicer: DT4/8/1892p3
William Slinger: MM6/22/1900p7, DT7/18/1900p3(2), DT7/21/1900p3
Sarah A. Stought: MT2/25/1915p2
Lucinda Slover: JP9/11/1920p3
Mrs. J. A. Slover: DT8/4/1898p3
Daughter of George Sly: DT8/2/1888p3
Viola Irene Small: MT8/22/1910p5
Benjamin E. Smallwood: MT9/29/1937p3
Bartholomew Mercer Smedley: MT8/23/1919p6
Roy Smiley: MT12/21/1909p8
Mrs. A. C. Smith: MM4/27/1894p3
Agnes Martha Smith: MT9/21/1947p3
Allen Smith: MM3/7/1902p7
Charles Smith: AT10/9/1885p3
Clinton Smith: MM6/22/1894p3
E. Smith: MM5/11/1894p3
E. M. Smith: MT11/15/1920
Edwin Smith: JP3/11/1916p3
Eliza Adeline Smith: MN7/3/1942p3
Frank D. Smith "Charley Darling": DT1/18/1894p3
G. H. Smith: JP7/29/1916p3
G. W. Smith: MM1/29/1897p7
George W. Smith: MM8/29/1902p5, DT2/18/1903p1(2)
George Smith: DJ10/12/1903p1
H. Tilson Smith: DT12/21/1899p3
Henry Smith: MM1/7/1892p3, DT7/1/1892p3
James Smith: DT/9/29/1893p3, DT10/6/1893p3, DT12/22/1893p3, DT12/29/1893p3
James Smith, Jr.: MT11/5/1965p1
James G. Smith: MT9/14/1914p4
Jesse A. Smith: OR9/22/1910pp4,7, OR9/23/1910p1, OR12/17/1910p5, OR12/20/1910p7, OR12/22/1910p7
John Smith: MT11/28/1943p10
John F. Smith: DT1/18/1894p3
John W. Smith: MM3/26/1909p8
Joseph M. Smith: MT7/18/1919p5
Joseph R. Smith: JP5/26/1917p3
Lauretta Smith: MT2/12/1933p4
Levi H. Smith: JP7/7/1917p3
Margaret J. Morris Smith: MT2/13/1914p8, JP2/14/1914p3
Milton A. Smith: DT3/10/1893p3
Mrs. Smith: DT7/1/1892p3
Parthena Smith: MT6/11/1911p2, MT6/15/1911p3
Silas Smith: JP10/12/1923p1
Thomas Smith: bio: OS7/9/1879p2, DT11/11/1892p3
Thornton Smith: MT4/16/1915p8
W. J. Smith: AW4/26/1922p1
William M. "Tennessee" Smith: MS2/18/1915p2, MT2/18/1915p3, MT2/22/1915p2
James C. Smock: MT3/30/1912p2
Ida Lavernia Smylie: MT1/17/1910p5, MT1/19/1910p5
Charles Edward Snavley: MT3/23/1933p3
John Snider: MT10/22/1930p1
Victor E. Snyder: OR2/19/1907p9
Daniel Blenors Soliss: MT7/2/1918p6
Anna B. Houser Somers: DT12/15/1893pp2,3
William Sooysmith: AT3/6/1916p1
William Sorenson: MT5/1/1916p2
Daniel Sowash: MM5/7/1897p7
Christ Spanos: OR8/18/1911p18
Mike Spanos: OR7/15/1913p13, OR10/31/1913p6, OR11/1/1913p16
Isaac Spencer: MT5/27/1910p7, MT6/3/1910p7
Nate Spencer: JP10/25/1913p3
Robert Spencer: OR12/26/1910p5
Elizabeth Phipps Spielman: DT2/21/1901p5, AT2/21/1901p3, MM2/22/1901p7, MM3/1/1901p7(2)
Clarence Spires: MT2/26/1915p3
Emma H. Sprague: MN11/23/1930p5
B. R. Spreyer: JP2/3/1917p3
Frank R. Spriggs: MT3/21/1948p12
Everett Nathan Springer: MT10/26/1937p1, MN10/29/1937pB2
Florence Squires: DT5/30/1898p2
Anna St. John: MM2/3/1905p8, DT2/4/1903p1
George E. Stacey: MT3/11/1966p1
Alphonse Stacy: JP10/2/1915p3
Grandpa Stancliff: MM11/8/1901p5
Perry Stancliff: MT4/19/1912p6
Elizabeth Stancliffe: MT7/29/1912p2
Elva Elizabeth Stancliff: MM3/1/1901p3(2), MM3/8/1901p3
Elizabeth Standcliff: MT5/5/1921p2
Daniel Everett Standard: MT12/24/1935p3
Mary Louise Ross Stanley: OR6/1/1913P32, MT6/3/1913p3, AT6/5/1913p8
Susan M. Stanley: MT11/15/1910p8
Tyra Stanley: OR2/13/1904p7
William Stanley: MN1/13/1931p3
George A. Stannard: MT11/11/1918p2
Clarice/Cherie E. Starkey: MS6/21/1916p4, MS6/23/1916p2, MS6/24/1916p5, JP6/24/1916p2
Nettie Starkey: DT11/24/1893p3
William C. Statler: MT3/5/1941p10
Charles Henry Stearns: MT2/2/1924p2
Gus M. Stearns: OR4/24/1911p5
Samuel E. Stearns: DT12/19/1890p3
William Alpheus Stearns: MT4/21/1910p7, MT4/25/1910p7
William Gladstone Steel: MT10/21/1934
Judge Elijah Steele: OS6/30/1883p3
Mrs. William Steele: DT6/24/1893p3
A. Frederick Stennett: bio: MT1/3/1938, MT12/28/1941, MT5/12/1946
Garrett Stephens: MT11/15/1910p3
Frank Stephenson: DT7/24/1899p3
George W. Stephenson: JP3/25/1916p3
Henry B. Stephenson: JP11/17/1917p3, JP11/24/1917p3, JP2/3/1922p4
James Sterling: OR6/15/1903p12
Clyde Stevens: MT7/8/1931p1
Garrett Stevens: MT11/20/1910pC7
Homer Stevens: JP3/7/1914p3
N. P. Stevens: MM6/21/1901pp6,7
B. F. Stevenson: MM4/13/1900p5
Harold Gene Stevenson: MT7/20/1969p9
Elizabeth Stewart: MT4/22/1927p3, MT4/23/1927p6
James D. Stewart: DT6/19/1899p2, MM6/23/1899p7
Joseph McDonald Stewart: OR10/31/1917p5, JP11/3/1917p3, JP2/23/1918p3, JP3/2/1918p2, AW7/28/1920p1
Junie Stewart: DT1/3/1898p3
Mrs. J. H. Stewart: MT1/11/1911p8, OR1/12/1911p14
Son of L. Stewart: JP5/16/1914p3
Mary A. Stewart: OR1/17/1900p6, OR2/5/1900p3
Sidney Mark/Mack Stewart: MT2/23/1956p15, MT2/28/1956p11
William A. Stewart: JP1/20/1917p3
George Valentine Stickel: MT2/1/1915p3
Hunter L. Stickle: JP3/9/1918p3
Dacy Jane Stidham: CP2/1/1934p1
Frederick G. Stimson: MN1/13/1931p5
William C. Stites: MM6/28/1901p6
Herman C. Stock: AT9/22/1933
Guy Stockam: MM4/25/1902pp3,7
Ray Stockam: MM5/23/1902p3
Doris Lola Stockwell: MN1/16/1931p6
Mary A. Taylor Stoddard: OR9/26/1901p14, MM9/27/1901p2, CO10/3/1901p2, MM10/25/1901p6
James Albert Stoken: MT5/14/1925p2
Charles A. Stone: MM9/3/1909p1
Dr. Dow W. Stone: MT1/11/1935p3
Ernest Ladru Stone: DT4/1/1903p4
Fred Webster Stone: MT8/28/1936p3
Sarah A. Short Stought: JP2/27/1915p3, MT3/2/1915p6
Frank M. Stowell: MT10/1/1915p5
Willie Francis Stowell: MM5/19/1899p3
Nellie Strait: DT10/24/1890p3
Charles Strang: MT2/23/1942
Helen Strang: DT10/3/1901p7, MM10/4/1901p6, MM11/8/1901p3
Herbert Beall Strang: MT9/10/1965p1
R. D. Strang: JP7/24/1915p1
E. Stratton: JP9/27/1913p1
Christina Straube: MT9/3/1912p6, JP9/7/1912p1
Marguerite Catherine Talbot Stribling: MT12/7/1914p2
Jonathan Strickland: OS8/5/1882p3
Joseph Stroble: DT4/17/1890p3
Walter A. Strong: MT7/31/1911p6
Nick Struve: MT10/26/1937p10, MN10/29/1937pB2
Martin Stryker: DT11/25/1892p3
Mrs. James C. Stuart: JP7/4/1924p1
Richard Irwin Stuart: MT4/13/1941
William Stuart: DT2/6/1890p3
John Stuffer: DT2/21/1898p3
Albert W. Sturgis: JP3/29/1913pp1,3
Nina Sturgis: MM1/26/1894p3
Charles Sullivan: OR8/24/1885
Mr. Sullivan: DT1/8/1892p3
William Sulloway: DT7/21/1893p3
Florence Sumner: MT8/7/1910p13
Mary Emeline Surran: MT1/3/1916p6
Frank Sutton: DT4/1/1892p3
Mrs. George Sutton: MT4/24/1912p2
John Sutton: JP2/26/1916p3
Oscar Swacker: MT12/7/1911p2
Mrs. Carl Swayne: DT9/29/1893p3
Dr. Charles Thomas Sweeney: bios: MT10/19/1934, MT4/5/1942
Mary Elza Cleland Sweeney: bio: MT4/5/1942
Mr. Sweeps: DT8/12/1892p3
John Harold Swem: MT12/31/1965p1
Thomas M. Swem, Sr.: MT2/13/1931p6, MN2/15/1931p2, MN2/17/1931p4
Mrs. P. Swenning: MT5/13/1910p7
Charles Henry Swift: MT11/28/1943p10
James Swingle: moved: MM9/11/1896p7
William Sydow: MT8/23/1912pB2
William G. T'Vault: OS2/6/1869p2
Rooy James Taggart: MT8/14/1915p6
Mrs. W. F. Taggart: MM4/6/1906p1
Aaron Patton Talent: MT5/26/1913p2, MT5/28/1913p5, AT5/29/1913p3
Minnie B. Talent: MT6/15/1912p8
George Tanner: MT6/10/1942p3, GH6/11/1942p1, MN6/12/1942p3
Edward Taun: OS8/16/1884p3
Mrs. A. C. Tayler: AT7/1/1897p3
Mrs. C. M. Taylor: MT10/2/1939
Clark Taylor: AT12/14/1888p2
Grandma Taylor: DT5/12/1893p2
F. W. Taylor: DT4/22/1903p4
Mrs. Glenn O. Taylor: MT3/4/1913p3
H. B. Taylor: OR2/23/1900p4
Hobart Taylor: OS10/7/1882p2
Hugh Edward Taylor: MT4/22/1927p5, MT4/24/1927p6
James Taylor: MT4/7/1944p4
John Taylor: JP6/6/1914p3
John B. Taylor: DT3/14/1898p3
Joseph Taylor: MN12/6/1930p5
Robert Earl Taylor: MM1/11/1901p6
Roland Taylor: JP6/15/1918p3
Sam Taylor: MM5/8/1908p8
Henry Richard Teal: MT1/4/1966p9
William Tehely: JP3/29/1913p3
Victor Tengwald: MT12/20/1945p1
Horace Jefferson Terrill: MT12/28/1910p2, OR12/29/1910pp5,7
Daniel Tesh: OS7/1/1882p3
Minnie Theiss: MT7/17/1913p6
Abby Kendall Thomas: MT10/2/1935
Catherine Keath Anderson Thomas: MM5/9/1902p2
Henry Thomas: OR3/26/1907p6
I. W. Thomas: JP2/3/1917p3
J. B. Thomas: DT7/8/1887p1
William Thomas: MM7/26/1901p2
Charles Thomason: JP1/16/1915p1, MT1/15/1915p1
Laura A. Thomason: CP2/8/1934p1
Sarah Jane Ledford Thompkins: OR1/9/1911p5
Alexander Thompson: JP7/10/1920p1
America E. Rollins Butler Thompson: OR11/28/1910p5, MT11/29/1910p2, MT9/12/1911p6
Bailey Thompson: CO8/6/1903p1, CO8/13/1903p3
Frank M. Thompson: MT5/13/1910p7
Charles Thompson: MT1/16/1915p2
Grace Thompson: JP1/24/1914p3
J. H. Thompson: JP2/15/1913p3
Jacob Thompson: MT2/8/1911p7, MT9/12/1911p6
Dr. L. S. Thompson: DT3/6/1890p3
Martha Smith Thompson: JP2/3/1922p1
Matthew "Bud" Thompson: MT2/23/1915p5
Nannie Thompson: MT8/12/1927p8
Saretta E. Thompson: MM8/8/1902p3, MM8/15/1902p5
William B. Thompson: MN11/18/1930p5
Herman G. Thomson: MT9/8/1910p2
Elijah Hedding Thornbrue: MT6/4/1927p2, MT6/9/1927pB4
John Hall Thorndike: MT9/29/1916p4, MS9/30/1916pp2,4
Roxanna F. Thorndike: JP11/27/1920p3
Isadore Duncan Thornton: MS6/3/1916p5
Grace Throckmorton: MT1/26/1911p5
Henry Thumberg: OR7/26/1904p4
Henry Tiberssart: MT11/11/1918p2
Charles Tice: MT10/14/1912p3, OR10/22/1912p3
Fred Tice: MT4/12/1935p1
Harry F. Tice: MM9/22/1893p3, DT9/22/1893p3
John J. Tice: DT7/25/1890p3, DT8/1/1890p3
Oliver Tiffany: JP9/4/1920p1
Bertha L. Timmerman: MT6/5/1942p8
Florence Timothy: MT10/22/1937p1, MT10/24/1937p12, MN10/29/1937p1
George O. Timothy: MT10/20/1937p7, MT10/21/1937p1, MN10/22/1937pB1, MT10/25/1937p3, MT10/27/1937p3, MT10/29/1937p1, GH11/4/1937p1
W. F. Tobin: MT2/14/1910p8
Cecil Van Todd: MT6/21/1927p2, MT6/22/1927p2
Doris Hesse Toepper: DT3/18/1887p3
Ray Toft: MT10/6/1932p1
J. C. Tolman: AT5/1/1929p1
James Clark Tolman: DT3/20/1902p5, MM3/21/1902p3
Mrs. E. E. Topping: JP4/27/1918p1
Clara Jane Torrey: MM2/21/1902p7
Mrs. J. F. Tout: MT4/12/1910p7
Robert S. Towne: JP8/12/1916p3
Lola Grace Townsend: MN12/20/1930p3, MN12/21/1930p10
Milo Townsend: DT5/20/1892p3
Lulu Chapman Townsend: SOM9/23/1892p3, DT9/23/1892p3
W. M. Townsend: DT2/15/1894p3
Son of Willis Townsend: DT4/22/1892p3
Mrs. J. R. Tozer: AT1/22/1914p4
Claude Tragieur, "French Joe": DT7/1/1892p3
Peter A. Tranna: MT2/23/1911p5, MT2/26/1911p8
James T. Treadwell: MT3/16/1916p2
Gladys Trefren: MT11/5/1930p2, MT11/6/1930p2
Julia K. Trefren: MT7/14/1927p2
Eveline Triplett: MM11/28/1902p2
Harry Tripplett: MS2/11/1912p4
Edwin Guy Trowbridge: MT10/23/1935p5
Harold Trowbridge: JP5/30/1914p3
Louisa Rouse Truax: MT12/21/1909p8
Sewall Truax: DT3/1/1894p3, MM3/2/1894p2
Mrs. Jack True: MT5/16/1913p6
Jeremiah P. True: MM6/28/1907p1
Martha Elizabeth True: JP5/29/1915p3
Mary E. Truitt: AT6/10/1892p3, DT6/10/1892p3
Sarah Trumble: DT8/1/1889p3
Daughter of Edward W. Tryer: DT1/24/1901p5
Edward W. Tryer: MM8/27/1909p3
John F. Tryer: DT9/7/1899p3
Mildred Tryer: MM1/18/1901p7, MM1/25/1901p2
Mr. Tschudy: MM11/29/1901p3
Daughter of H. L. Tucker: MM9/11/1896p7
Daughter of Mr. Tucker: MM5/10/1901p7
Child of Boyd Tucker: DT2/18/1903p1
Son of L. B. Tucker: DT2/25/1903p1
Reginald L. Tufts: JP10/27/1917pp1,3
Albert B. Tull: MT5/2/1912p3
Arthur P. Tull: MT5/6/1912p4
Edward/Edwin S. Tull: EH8/14/1917p1, JP8/18/1917p3
Curtis Tungate: MM11/29/1901pp3,5
Francis Marion Tungate: MT7/8/1919p2, MT7/11/1919p6, JP7/12/1919p3
Jeremiah Tungate: MM4/27/1900p7
Nancy Tungate: MM4/19/1901p7, DT4/25/1901p5
Olive Tungate: 10/14/1906
Nancy Tungate: OR4/13/1901p4,5
Tobitha Ann Tungate: MN11/15/1930p5
Emmeline Morgan Overbeck Turner: DT12/29/1893p3, DT1/1/1894p3, DT1/8/1894p3, DT2/5/1894p2
Frank Turner: JP10/18/1913p1
Grandma Turner: MT3/28/1914p8
Marjorie Turner: MT5/9/1912p2
Thomas T. Turner: DT10/2/1891p3, DT7/1/1892p3
William M. Turner: DT3/18/1887p3, MM11/1/1901p7
George C. Turpin: JP11/13/1915p3
Madeline Tuttle: MT1/12/1914p4
Mildred Tuttle: MT8/31/1931p3
James H. Twogood: JP1/25/1913p3, MT1/27/1913p4
Hattie E. Gilmore Tycer: MM7/21/1893p4, DT11/24/1893p3
J. E. Tycer: MT9/20/1912p6
James E. Tyhurst: MT12/8/1913p2, JP12/13/1913p3
Hattie Tyler: DT7/28/1893p3
James M. Tyler: MT11/22/1912p4, MT11/23/1912p4
Mae E. Tyler: DT1/6/1893p3
Ed P. Tynan: MT4/17/1910pB14
Louis R. Ulen: MT5/1/1914p3
Barbara Ulrich: DT1/11/1894p3(2), DT1/15/1894p3, MM1/19/1894p3, DT1/22/1894p2
William Ulrich: MN2/12/1933p4, MT2/12/1933p4
Charles LeRoy "Jimmie" Valentine: MN6/20/1941p1, MT7/10/1941p7
W. R. Vallely: MM8/29/1902p7
Edith Van Dyke: OR5/18/1907p6
F. W. Van Dyke: MT8/14/1911p6
John Gilmore Van Dyke: OR6/29/1903p4, OR6/30/1903p4, CO7/2/1903p3, MM7/3/1903pp2,3,6,11, MT11/8/1912p6
Kate Van Dyke: EN5/18/1907p5
Sadie S. Van Dyke: MT1/6/1915p2, MT1/18/1915p4, MT1/19/1915p4
Samuel Van Dyke: JP2/28/1914p3
Sarah S. Van Dyke: MT8/19/1927p5
Rev. H. J. Van Fossen: MT8/23/1919p2, MT8/25/1919p3
Joseph Van Hardenberg: CO2/13/1902p2, MM2/14/1902pp3(2),5
D. Van Horn: DT10/27/1893p3
Ann Van Meter: MT5/5/1914p2
Ola C. Van Scoy: MT1/3/1916p6
Rev. W. T. Van Scoy: MT4/5/1918p2, AT4/8/1918p1, AT4/15/1918p3
Nancy Van Sickle: SOM7/1/1892p3, DT7/8/1892p3
Granville Van Vactor: MS6/17/1916p5
Alva James Vance: MT10/28/1937p15
L. Vance: DT11/17/1893p3, DT11/24/1893p3
Son of Mr. Vandorphy: MT11/30/1910p6
Mr. Vannoy: OR10/19/1881p1
Mrs. R. D. Varner: DT12/8/1893p2
William O. Vaughn: MS8/12/1914p6
William Ira Vawter: MT2/5/1916p6, MT2/7/1916p6, MT2/8/1916p6(2), JP2/12/1916p3
Susan Veach: MT12/30/1910p5
Charles Early Venable: MT8/4/1919p3, JP8/9/1919p2
James Samuel Vestal: MT2/17/1931p3, MN2/18/1931p5
Edward P. Vickroy: MT2/2/1912p8
Rev. William Vimont: MT9/28/1937p8, MN10/1/1937p1
Benton Vincent: MT1/23/1921
Charles Vincent: MM10/14/1898p7
Elizabeth Jane Vincent: JP4/21/1917p3
Fred Vincent: JP3/2/1918p3, JP3/9/1918p3(2)
John Vincent: MI10/13/1898p3, DT10/13/1898p3
William Vincent: JP8/17/1912p1, MT8/17/1912p6
William H. Vining: DT12/8/1893p2, DT12/15/1893p3
Henry Vinson: MT7/17/1934
Mr. Virgil: DT4/8/1892p3
William J. Virgin: MM5/29/1908p8
Rosina Vokes: DT2/1/1894p3
Julius Henry von der Hellen: MT9/22/1932p1
Gordon Voorhies: MT9/13/1940
Joseph Voyle: MT4/10/1915p6
John Wade: MT7/5/1919p2, MT7/11/1919p6
Clara Austin Wagner: MM4/12/1901p2
Mrs. F. D. Wagner: CO4/11/1901p3
Fred D. Wagner: MT4/6/1942
Jacob Wagner: OR1/5/1900p6
Mary A. Bloom Wagner: MT12/4/1930p5, MN12/5/1930p7
Son of John Wagner: DT2/27/1890p3
F. Wilson Wait: MT1/19/1943
Gladys O. Wait: DT10/21/1892p3
Dr. Joseph B. Wait: CO4/11/1901p3, MM4/12/1901p2(2),p6
Lewis A. Wait: JP12/11/1915p1
Sylvester M. Wait: MM1/7/1892p3, DT1/15/1892p3
D. W. Waite: MM2/18/1892p2
Lucy Burnett Waite: DT8/26/1892p3
N. Waite: DT3/4/1903p1
Jacob Walch: MM1/10/1902p5(2)
Son of Jacob Walch: SOM11/4/1892p3
Oliver Leroy Walden/Waldren: MM4/26/1901p7, EN4/27/1901p5, DT5/2/1901p7, MM5/3/1901p3
Mrs. M. A. Waldron: MM4/28/1893p3, DT5/12/1893p2
Mrs. Francis M. Waldroop: MT4/28/1911p6
Enoch F. Walker: DT9/6/1900p2, MM9/7/1900p6, MM9/14/1900p2
Jack Walker: MT1/19/2014p1
John P. Walker: MT9/12/1911p6
Son of L. L. Walker: DT3/25/1903p4
Lena Walker: MM5/3/1901p5
Prudence M. Walker: DT6/13/1901p7, CO6/13/1901p3, MM6/14/1901p7
Charles Wall: DT11/14/1889p3
Charles Wall Jr.: DT4/1/1892p3, DT8/26/1892p3, DT9/9/1892p3
Ellis W. Wall: JP5/22/1920p3
Fred Wall: JP8/21/1915p3
Child of Fred Wall: DT5/12/1893p2
William T. Wallace: DT7/18/1890p2
Eugene Walrad: MT9/27/1919p1
Jane Walrad: DT5/31/1900p3
Sam Walsh: JP4/19/1919p3(3)
Mrs. J. N. Walters: MM12/28/1900p7
J. W. Walters: MM10/11/1901p7
Child of J. Walz: DT10/28/1892p3
C. B. Ward: AT10/8/1931p1, AT10/9/1931p1
Elsie Valerie Ward: OR7/8/1919p14
W. T. Ward: MT4/17/1931p9
William P. Warford: MT7/12/1927p6
Mrs. C. Warne: MM6/6/1902p5
J. W. Warner: JP10/2/1915p3
Mrs. L. B. Warner: JP2/24/1917p3
Cora Warren: MM5/30/1902p3
Mr. Washburn: MM9/5/1902p3
Jane Waterman: JP8/11/1917p3
Fred Watkins: MT8/16/1919p6, MT8/20/1919p2, MT8/25/1919p5
John Watkins: MT1/2/1914p4
Lee Watkins: MT7/8/1926p5
Mark Watkins: OR9/24/1900p3
Nancy Elizabeth Watkins: MT10/20/1937p1
Robert Watkins: MT3/11/1948
E. B. Watson: MT2/3/1915p1, AT2/8/1915p4
Mrs. Chandler B. Watson: MT1/5/1912p2
Sol. Watson: DT12/19/1890p3
James E. Watt: JP1/17/1914p3
Elsie Waters: MT6/12/1912p3
Elta D. Wattles: MT4/14/1974pC2
Dr. J. W. Weatherford: DT9/29/1893p3
Andrew Webb: MM9/26/1902p7
Joseph Webb: JP7/31/1920p3(2)
H. W. Webb: JP10/11/1919p1
Mary Ann Haswell Webber: MT2/12/1944
Muriel Webber: MT1/5/1911p2
Daughter of W. L. Webber: JP4/8/1916p3
Lionel R. Webster: MT9/13/1918p3, JP9/14/1918p3
Louise Webster: JP4/12/1913p1
Leon Fune Wee: OR1/5/1911p7
Leon Wuue Wee: MT1/5/1911p4
James D. Weeks: CO2/12/1903p1
John Weeks: MM7/25/1902p3
Susannah W. Weeks: MT12/20/1909p2
Mrs. John Weiss: DT7/25/1890p3
Max Weiss: MT2/27/1913p2
Patrick Welch: MT1/3/1929p6
Zella Edna Welch: MT8/28/1934p3
Ernest Weldon: JP10/22/1921p1
Bertha M. Wells: MT7/20/1969p9, MT7/21/1969p9
E. C. Wells: MT11/6/1930p3
James Fruit Wells: JP10/27/1917p3
Frank Wells: DT3/10/1893p3
Giles T. Wells: MT1/18/1910p4
Mrs. S. M. Welsh: MT12/7/1914p2
Father of Henry Wendt: DT2/20/1890p1
Henry Wendt: MT12/7/1916p2
Son of H. Wendt, Jr.: MT9/17/1912p2
Henry Wendt: JP12/16/1916p3
Franklin Wertz: MT1/11/1928p2
Charles C. West: MM3/1/1901pp3,5
James Eugene West: MS6/20/1916p5, JP6/24/1916p3
Louisa West: DT5/11/1899p3
Susan Magoon West: MM7/19/1901p7, DT7/25/1901p7
Thomas F. West: MM1/4/1907p1
Mrs. William Westerlund: MT6/7/1942p3
Hiram Weston: DT10/9/1891p2
Robert Westrop: DT3/17/1893p3, DT12/15/1893pp2,3, DT1/25/1894p3
Joseph Wetterer: OS7/16/1879p2, OS7/16/1879p3(3)
Virginia Allen Wheeless: MS6/20/1916p5
Almira Whetstone: JP9/13/1913p3
Hannah Whetstone: JP3/9/1918p3
Charles W. Whillock: MT3/14/1927p2, MT3/15/1927p3, MT4/27/1927p6
Alvin White: DT4/14/1893p3
Carlos White: DT11/6/1899p3
Son of Charles White: MM4/21/1893p2
D. R. White: OR5/21/1888p2
Jane E. Ganiard White: MT3/31/1911p2
John F. White: MT6/2/1942
L. J. White; OS10/31/1877p3
Marion White: JP8/2/1919p3
Sarah Ann Gaines White: MM4/2/1909p8
Mrs. R. H. Whitehead: MT10/10/1910p8, OR10/12/1910p8
Daughter of C. E. Whiteley: MT11/6/1930p2
Mrs. W. E. Whitlock: MN2/19/1933p3
Frank Whitman: DT5/18/1888p3, OR5/21/1888p2
John H. Whitman: DT6/15/1899p3, DT6/19/1899p3
John D. Whitman: MM12/25/1908p2
Susannah Hendershott Whitney: MT11/28/1929
William Whittington: CO6/13/1901p3, MM6/14/1901p3, MM6/21/1901p3
Charles Whittle: MM3/9/1894p4
S. B. Whittle: MM3/30/1900p3
Dr. Lafayette W. Wiggin: MM9/27/1901p6, CO10/3/1901p3, MM10/11/1901pp2,7, MM10/18/1901p2
W. Wightman: DT11/7/1889p3
Son of A. J. Wilcox: DT2/25/1903p1
Mrs. George Wilcox: EN4/19/1902p5
Olive J. Wilcox: MM3/3/1892p2, DT3/4/1892p3, DT3/11/1892p3
Mrs. M. T. Wilcox: DT11/14/1889p3
Eddie Wild: MT2/22/1956p9
Mrs. G. B. Wild: MM2/17/1905p3
Job Thurston Wilder: MN3/16/1932p2
John Clinton Wiley: MT6/29/1894p2
Mr. Wiley: MM3/8/1901p6, MM3/15/1901p7
Sabra Wiley: JP1/6/1917p3
Clyde L. Wilhite: MM2/10/1905p3(2)
Leander Wilhoit: JP5/10/1913p1
Merrit Wilkenson: JP1/6/1917p3
Mrs. Wilkeson: MM2/14/1902p3
Edward Wilkinson: MT1/20/1941p8
Edward Henry Wilkinson: JP4/13/1918p3
Nell Wilkinson: MT12/21/1910p7
Susan Wilkinson: DT2/13/1902p5, MM3/21/1902p5
Mary A. Wille: MT11/30/1909p4
A. B. Williams: bio: MT6/3/1932p5
Albert J. Williams: MM2/16/1894p3
Mrs. Calvin Williams: MM2/16/1894p3
Catherine Williams: MT8/20/1917p4, MT9/17/1915p3
Elijah Williams: AT5/21/1886p3
Elizabeth Williams: OR9/11/1903p5
Elmira Adaline Williams: JP5/6/1916p3
George H. Williams: MT4/8/1910p8
Grandma Williams: MM1/10/1902p6
Isaac Franklin Williams: 12/15/1921
J. D. Williams: JP9/8/1917p3
John F. Williams: MT5/5/1921p2
Leon Edgar Williams: MT6/7/1947
Leonard Williams: MT7/7/1927p6
Martha Elmira Kernshaw Williams: MM9/6/1901p2
Matilda Gray Williams: MM1/10/1902pp3,6
Sandra Williams: MT1/27/1967p1
Mrs. S. L. Williams: DT8/28/1902p6
Henry Clyde Williamson: MT2/23/1939p7
T. J. Williamson: JP5/3/1919p3
W. E. Williamson: MS4/4/1917p4
Lucinda Williard: MT2/29/1912p2
Virginia C. Willis: DT1/30/1891p3
Rev. W. A. Willis: DT1/30/1891p3
William Willis: MM12/19/1902p6
Alva M. Wilson: MT1/4/1966p9
Amelia Davidson Wilson: MT4/7/1944p4
Arthur Wilson: MM4/18/1902pp3(2),6,7, EN4/19/1902p5
Carrie S. Wilson: MT6/14/1910p7
Dennis Franklin Wilson: MT9/29/1920p6
E. S. Wilson: MT2/12/1934p8
Emma Frances Wilson: MM12/27/1901p2, SU12/28/1901p4, MM1/10/1902p2
Frances Tagart Wilson: MT12/23/1915p3, MT12/24/1915p6, JP12/25/1915p3
Freddie Wilson: MM1/17/1896p5
Green B. Wilson: DT9/29/1893p2, DT9/29/1893p3
James A. Wilson: MT9/6/1915p8, JP9/11/1915p1
Jennie Wilson: JP5/9/1924p1
Jesse Wyatt Wilson: MT4/1/1937
John Wilson: MT11/21/1911p1
Lemuel T. Wilson: MT7/6/1935(2)
Luther J. Wilson: JP3/9/1918p3
Pearl Wilson: MM5/4/1900pp2,3
Robert Bruce Wilson: OR6/21/1919p15
Robert Wilson: JP4/12/1919p3
S. S. Wilson: MM5/24/1901p7
Samuel Isaac Wilson: JP2/12/1916p3
Sarah Jane Wilson: JP2/5/1916p3
Willet C. Wilson: MT5/8/1939p8
William Wilson: MM6/25/1909p3
William H. Wilson: MT9/22/1937p12, MN9/24/1937p1
Daughter of R. L. Wimer: MT2/10/1911p5
Estelle Wimer: DT3/10/1893p3
Minnie Dell Wimer: MT1/19/1911p6
Daughter of R. L. Wimer: MT1/27/1913p4
Son of W. J. Wimer: OS7/2/1881p3
W. J. Wimer; MT4/24/1917p3
Henry Wines: DT2/19/1894p3, DT2/22/1894pp2,3, MM2/23/1894p2, DT3/8/1894p3
C. A. "Art" Winetrout: MT8/8/1949p1
Vincent Winings: DT3/8/1894p3
Daniel B. Winkle: JP12/6/1913p3
Earl Winklebleck: MT10/29/1937p4, MT10/31/1937p12, MT11/2/1937p5
Francis W. Winn: JP1/19/1918p3, JP1/26/1918p3, OR1/29/1918p4
Nancy May Winningham: MM3/1/1901p5
Otto Winter: MT10/18/1933
Charles Winters: OR3/27/1911p3
T. R. Wisby: OR9/30/1913p9
Mrs. G. W. Wise: MT1/17/1912p5
Mary Isabel Witcher: MT3/9/1934
Holbrook Withington: MS10/5/1916p4, JP10/7/1916p3
James Withycombe: JP3/8/1919p1
S. K. Witt: DT5/28/1900p3
Nathaniel Wolery: MT2/5/1913p2
John Wolff: MT8/22/1910p5
W. H. Wolsey: JP10/31/1914p1
Charles W. Wolters: MT5/25/1912p1
Hermann H. Wolters: MM7/25/1902p2, DT7/31/1902p2
John C. Wolters: DT2/15/1894p3, MM2/16/1894p3
Sarah T. Wolverton: MT11/23/1914p2
Wong Goon: DT9/22/1893p3
C. A. Wood: JP8/21/1915p3
Mrs. John Wood: MM5/2/1902p5
Joseph E. Wood: MT9/5/1934p5
Nellie Wood: DT7/25/1890p3
Rachael Wood: MT2/2/1924p2-
Mrs. W. P. Wood: MT9/19/1913p2
Eliza Dyer Woodford: MT6/2/1911p6, MT6/5/1911p4
John Woods: DT4/1/1903p1
Nancy E. Dyer Woods: MT8/17/1927p2, MT8/18/1927p2, MT8/19/1927p5
Ray Woods: AT4/9/1917p5
William P. R. Woods: MT3/30/1915p2, JP4/3/1915p3
M. D. Woodson: MT5/5/1910p7, MT5/13/1910p7
George W. Woody: DJ9/16/1903p5, MM9/18/1903p1
Louann Woody: MT2/26/1911p8
Sarah C. Jarnagin Woody: MT2/24/1913p6
George Wookey: DT1/22/1892p3
Eva Dora Woolf: JP10/13/1917p3
Isaac Woolf: MT8/4/1913p4
Mr. Woolfolk: MT5/26/1913p2
Mrs. A. E. Woolverton: MT6/29/1911p4
Ira Worden: DT8/18/1893p3, not dead: DT8/25/1893p3
James Worden: DT8/25/1893p3
Docia Worlow: MI10/13/1898p3
Son of James Worlow: DT2/18/1903p1
Izott Susan Worman: OS3/19/1887p4
Elizabeth Worthington: MT2/13/1914p8
A. J. Wright: DT12/15/1893pp2,3
Alfred Newton Wright: MN2/19/1933p3
Amy Wright: MT9/6/1911p5, MS9/8/1911p8, MT9/8/1911p2
H. T. Wright: DT11/17/1893p3, DT11/24/1893p3
Harry H. Wright: OR6/28/1914p7
Herman Wright: MM11/13/1908p5
Iva May Wright: MM8/23/1901p6, MM9/6/1901p5
John Wright: MM6/25/1909p3
John Ellsworth Wright: MT12/22/1911p1
Mabel Hawk Wright: MN7/3/1942p3
Nicholas B. Wright: DT12/1/1893p3
Robinson Wright: MM9/7/1906, OR9/8/1906p4
Thomas Wright: MM8/16/1901pp3,7, MM8/23/1901p3
William Wright: OS6/11/1881p3
Eliza Jane Wrisley: 4/2/1902, DT4/3/1902p5, MM4/4/1902p3, MM4/11/1902pp2,3, MM4/18/1902p5
August Wulf: MM4/18/1902p3
Fred Wygant: MT4/19/1931p2
James Wyland: MI10/13/1898p3
Vera M. Wylie: DT3/4/1903p4
Mabel Yarborough: AT10/13/1931p4
Mrs. Yates: DT4/8/1903pp1,4
Amanda M. Davis Everton Yerke: AT7/8/1925, AT7/10/1925
George H. Young: OS8/16/1884p3
Edna May Young: MT12/3/1913p2, MT12/4/1913p1, JP12/6/1913p3
Loren Franklyn Young: MT10/24/1918p2(2)
Nicholas A. Young: MM11/7/1902p7, MM11/14/1902pp3,5, MM11/21/1902p6
Nick Young: DT2/1/1894p3
Mrs. Nick Young: MT1/17/1916p2
William H. Young: MN12/19/1930p5
Robert Lee Younger: MN2/10/1931p3
Robert Lee Younger: MT7/21/1969p9, MT7/22/1969p11
Alicia Marie Ziebarth: MT8/28/1936p3
James Zimmerlee: MN1/4/1931p5
William H. Zimmerlee: MT2/17/1916p2

Son to Mr. Abbott, Feb. 9: DT2/25/1903p1
Son to William Abbott, Apr. 4: MM4/27/1894p2
Son to Frank Adams: MM5/17/1901p3
Daughter to Melvin R. Agee, July 20: MT7/21/1969p9
Daughter to P. J. Ahlstrom, May 29: MT6/1/1910p7
Daughter to T. J. Ahlstrom, May 29: MT6/3/1910p7
Daughter to Harold Aiken, Mar. 9: MT3/19/1911p6
Son to A. C. Allen, Mar. 20: MM3/23/1906p5
Son and daughter to Mr. Allen, Apr. 8: MT5/2/1910p7
Albert Cooper Allen III: MN1/20/1931p2
Son to John M. Allen, Feb. 18: DT2/25/1903p1
Daughter to George Anderson, April 2: MM4/7/1893p3
Son to Halla Anderson: MM10/14/1898p7
Daughter to P. L. Andre, June 9: CO6/13/1901p3
Son to H. L. Andrews, Apr. 23: DT4/29/1903p4
Child to Harry Andrews: DT4/29/1903p2
Son to Harry Angle, Oct. 30: SOM11/4/1892p3, DT11/11/1892p3
Daughter to Frank L. Applegate, Apr. 15: MT4/22/1910p7
Son to Frank Applegate, Apr. 17: DT4/29/1892p3
Daughter to C. J. Armstrong, May 28: DT5/31/1900p3
Daughter to S. Albert Arnold, July 7: MT7/17/1910p9
Edwin Hugh Arnold: MT1/9/1940p6
Daughter to Olen Arnspiger, June 8: MT6/8/1916p2
Daughter to John Arrington: MT7/22/1969p11
Daughter to P. L. Ashcraft, Jr.: AT11/24/1913p5
Daughter to H. B. Askew: MM3/22/1901p3
Son to John Atteberry, Aug. 11: OS8/25/1880p2
Daughter to A. Austin: MT1/5/1911p2
Son to J. E. Avena: MT7/5/1927p3
Daughter to H. B. Ayers: CP10/21/1937p4
Daughter to J. H. Bagley, Apr. 12: DT4/22/1903p4
Son to R. T. Baldwin, Jan. 8: DT1/22/1892p3
Daughter to Thomas Balis, Jan. 27: DT2/5/1894p3
Son to Lewis Ball, Feb. 13: MM2/23/1894p3
Son to W. E. Barber, Oct. 3: MT10/6/1915p2
Son to Fred Barneburg, Dec. 16: MT12/21/1912p2
Son to Harry Barneburg, Feb. 24: MT2/25/1913p2
Daughter to Berthol Barnum: MT6/3/1927p7
Daughter to George Barnum, Jan. 25: JP2/1/1913p3
Son to W. H. Barnum, Nov. 12: JP11/18/1916p3
Son to Frank Bauer, Aug. 2: OS8/16/1884p3
Daughter to D. A. Baughman, Feb. 14: DT3/10/1893p3
Son to Arthur Beal, Mar. 20: MM3/23/1906p8
Daughter to Tyson Beall, Mar. 22: DT4/1/1903p4
Daughter to E. H. Bebb, Mar. 18: MM3/23/1900p3
Daughter to A. C. Becker, May 5: MT5/13/1910p7
Daughter to Henry Bedford: MT2/28/1914p8
Daughter to Kenneth Beebe, Jan. 15: MT1/17/1916p2
Son to Emmett Beeson, Mar. 11: DT3/18/1903p4
Daughter to C. R. Bennett: MT6/26/1927p2
Son to Carl Bennett: JP4/10/1920p1
Son to Frank Bennett, Dec. 28: MS1/1/1915p5
Daughter to Louis Bennett, Jan. 9: MT1/10/1916p2
Son to H. Berger: MM4/20/1894p2
Daughter to Charles Berwert, Jan. 9: JP1/10/1920p3
Daughter to H. Beswick, Apr. 10: DT4/29/1892p3
Daughter to William Betz, Feb. 18: MM3/16/1900p5
Son to Jack Bickler: MT9/10/1933p9
Son to H. J. Bigham: MT2/14/1932p10
Daughter to James C. Bigham: MT4/22/1910p7
Daughter to James Bingham, Jan. 21: SOM2/3/1893p2
Son to W. V. Birdsey, Feb. 8: MM2/14/1902p3
Daughter to A. W. Bish: MM3/3/1892p3
Daughter to Raymond Blackburn, Oct. 4: MT10/6/1915p2
Son to J. S. Boardman: MM12/6/1901p9
Daughter to J. E. Bodge: MM8/9/1901p7
Daughter to E. C. Boeck: MM11/29/1901p6, MM12/6/1901p9
Son to Mr. Bogue, Jan. 15: MT1/18/1910p3
Son to Frank Booth, Mar. 3: DT3/18/1903p4
Son to W. H. Bostwick: DT7/22/1892p3
Daughter to J. E. Boswell, Apr. 4: MT4/6/1912p6
Son to Raleigh Bowers, May 16: MT5/23/1912p6
Daughter to Clarence Boussum, May 20: MT5/24/1912p2
Twins to C. G. Brace, Nov. 12: MT11/28/1909p14
Son to I. A. Bradley, June 30: DT7/11/1889p3
Son to John Briggs, Sept. 16: DT9/29/1893p2
Daughter to T. W. Brittsan, Aug. 4: OS8/16/1884p3
Son to William Broad, Nov. 25: MM11/28/1902p2
Son to Jeff Brophy, July 9: MM7/12/1901p7
Son to N. D. Brophy, July 4: MM7/25/1902p5
Son to Tobe Brouse, May 30: MS6/1/1916p4
Son to Albert Brown, Nov. 6: MT11/7/1930p5
Daughter to Elgin Brown: MT7/29/1927p3
Son to J. J. Brown, Dec. 1: MM12/6/1901p3
Daughter to L. B. Brown, Aug. 24: MM8/29/1902p7
Son to Richard L. Brown, July 20: MT7/21/1969p9
Daughter to W. Brown, Mar. 4: DT3/11/1903p4
Son to Will Q. Brown, July 17: SOM7/29/1892p3
Son to F. N. Browning, July 30: DT8/5/1871p3
Daughter to Miles Browning, March 1: MM3/8/1901p3
Richard Spencer Bullis, May 5: MT5/9/1914p2
Son to Dr. L. Bundy, Feb. 14: DT2/18/1903p4
Daughter to Hugh Burt, Oct. 28: MT10/31/1944p8
Son to C. M. Cady, Apr. 30: DT5/6/1903p4
Son to Theodoric Cameron, Feb. 9: DT2/10/1893p3, DT2/17/1893p3, DT2/24/1893p3, DT3/3/1893p3, DT3/17/1893p3
Son to Dr. W. L. Cameron: MM8/29/1902p7
Daughter to Verne Canon, Oct. 23: MT10/26/1914p2
Son to William W. Cardwell: DT1/9/1891p3
Daughter to Harry Carlton, June 28: MM7/5/1901p5
Daughter to G. R. Carock, June 15: MM6/19/1903p3
Daughter to S. L. Carpenter: MM10/18/1901p6
Daughter to C. Carr: MM5/25/1894p4
Daughter to Dale Carr: CP9/19/1935p4
Daughter to Mr. Carter, Sept. 22: MM9/30/1898p3
Daughter to William A. Carter, Feb. 12: MM2/17/1905p3
Son to E. W. Carver: Jan. 30: CO2/6/1902p3, MM2/7/1902p7
Son to John Caton, May 22: MM6/8/1894p2
Son to Isaac Centers, July 28: OS8/16/1884p3
Daughter to William Chambers, April 8: MM4/19/1901p5
Daughter to D. Chapman, Dec. 19: OS12/25/1886p3
Daughter to Mrs. Charles, Mar. 23: MT4/6/1911p2
Son to George Childers, May 29: DT6/3/1892p2
Son to Dr. W. P. Chisholm, Apr. 30: MM5/11/1900p3
Son to George Clark, Apr. 15: MM4/26/1901p3
Daughter to R. A. Clark, March 20: MM3/29/1901p3
Daughter to W. H. Clayton, Jan. 17: SOM1/27/1893p3
Daughter to John Clements, Mar. 14: MM3/30/1894p3
Daughter to James Clyman, Dec. 17: OS12/25/1886p3
Son to James Cobb, Jan. 17: SOM1/20/1893p3
Son to Frank Cochran, July 7: MM7/12/1901p3
Daughter to James Coeti: MM8/25/1893p3
Daughter to William Coker, June 23: MM6/30/1893p3
Son to Merton Coffman: JP1/30/1915p3
Daughter to F. A. Cogswell, Sept. 30: DT10/14/1892p2
Daughter to Ray Colby, Apr. 7: MT4/15/1910p7
Daughter to J. Coleman, June 5: MM6/14/1901p3
Twin sons to C. C. Collins: MT1/15/1916p5
Daughter to O. Collins, July 23: OS8/16/1884p3
Daughter to S. C. Collins: MM10/17/1902p6
Daughter to U. S. Collins, Nov. 24: MT11/25/1910p5
Twins to Elmer Colvig, Nov. 19: MT11/28/1909p14
Son to Fred Colvig, Jan. 23: MT1/23/1915p2
Vance DeBar Colvig: SOM9/23/1892p3
William Marshall Colvig: MT3/13/1917p4
Son to Dell Combs, Feb. 22: DT3/4/1903p4
Son to H. H. Conger, Jan. 29: DT2/18/1903p4
Daughter to Arthur Conklin, Dec. 24: DT1/8/1894p2
Daughter to Henry Conn, Jan. 21: OS1/30/1886p3
Daughter to Guy Conner, Sept. 25: MS9/27/1916p2
Son to T. J. Conover: MM6/14/1901p3
Daughter to  Dan Conwell, Apr. 2: MM4/27/1894p2
Son to Dan Conwill, Apr. 2: MM4/6/1894p2
Daughter to  L. Cook, Mar. 22: MM3/30/1894p4
Daughter to H. C. Cornell, Dec. 8: OS12/25/1886p3
Daughter to C. R. Corning, Mar. 4: DT3/10/1893p3
Daughter to George Corum, Oct. 19: MT10/21/1910p2
Daughter to H. M. Coss, Mar. 1: DT3/11/1903p4
Son to Paul Costel, June 7: DT7/11/1900p3
Son to W. C. Coul, Nov. 30: MO12/4/1894p3
Daughter to Robert Cowden, Sept. 27: MT9/27/1937p3
Son to W. A. Cowley, May 30: MT6/3/1912p2
Son to W. A. Cox: JP6/22/1918p3
Son to Will Crain: MM2/16/1894p3
Daughter to David Crosby, Feb. 1: MO2/8/1895p3
Son to David Crosby: DT4/21/1893p2
Son to B. F. Crouch, Jan. 13: SOM1/20/1893p3
Son to Frank Crump, May 7: MM5/16/1902p3
Son to Frank Crump, Apr. 22: DT4/29/1903p4
Son to Al Crystal, Jan. 21: MM1/31/1902p7
Son to John Culp, Aug. 1: OS8/12/1882p3
Son to William Cushman, April 3: DT4/17/1890p3
Son to William Cushman: DT5/6/1892p3
Son to Theodore Daily: MT10/21/1934p10
Daughter to Irvin Daley, Oct. 20: MM10/24/1902p5
Son to Lloyd Damon, Nov. 6: MT11/7/1930p5
Son to Dr. S. Danielson, Sept. 23: SOM9/30/1892p3
Son to S. S. Davies, July 1: MT7/17/1910p9
Daughter to D. N. Davis, Feb. 4: DT2/18/1903p4
Son to Decatur Davis: JP10/12/1912p3
Son to E. H. Davis: MM11/24/1893p3
Son to O. C. Davis, Aug. 10: MT8/10/1910p5
Son to Scott Davis: MM11/22/1901p6
Son to T. Y. Dean, Feb. 27: DT3/5/1894p3
Son to Robert Dearman, Nov. 27: MM12/12/1902p5
Son to Sidney DeBoer, July 20: MT7/21/1969p9
Son to N. DeLamatter, Jan. 15: OS1/30/1886p3
Son to F. W. Delphy, Mar. 11: MT3/13/1910p5
Daughter to O. F. Demorest: MM4/14/1893p3
Son to J. P. Dews: DT5/4/1899p3
Son to O. B. Dews: DT12/15/1893p2
Daughter to William Dobbyn, Mar. 4: MT3/6/1940p6
Son to J. G. Dobrot, Oct. 24: MN10/29/1937pB2
Daughter to J. F. Donnell, Jan. 2: MS1/3/1915p8
Daughter to F. T. Downing, Apr. 27: DT4/29/1892p3
Daughter to Will Downing: MM4/21/1893supplementp1
Son to Ed. Drew, Jan. 2: DT1/8/1894p2
Daughter to John P. Drew: MT8/30/1934p3
Daughter to J. B. Dunkin, Feb. 2: MM2/22/1901p5
Daughter to Ira Dunlap, Mar. 10: DT3/18/1903p4
Son to G. W. Dunn, June 15: DT7/21/1900p3
Daughter to C. B. Dunnington: JP6/12/1920p3
Daughter to John G. Dunnington: JP4/25/1914p3
Daughter to Thomas Earl Dutton, June 21: MT6/23/1932p10
Son to J. A. Eakin: DT9/8/1893p3
Son to Geo. C. Eddings, April 6: DT4/17/1890p3
Son to John V. Eddington, Jan. 1: MT1/18/1910p3
Son to John Edsall, Dec. 15: MM12/22/1893p2
Son to A. C. Edwards, Feb. 8: MM2/22/1901p6
Son to Gene Edwards, July 17: MT7/20/1969p9
Son to S. H. Egger, Jan. 27: DT2/5/1894p3
Daughter to A. L. Eisenhart: MM11/15/1901p6
Daughter to Perry Elliott, Mar. 26: MM4/4/1902p3
Daughter to Edwin F. Ellson, Dec. 12: MT12/14/1965p11
Son to M. S. Emery, Mar. 9: MT3/19/1911p6
Son to Robert Ennis, June 11: MM6/16/1893p3
Daughter to George Epps, Oct. 6: MM11/10/1893p3, DT11/10/1893p2
Daughter to R. Estes, Sept. 4: MT9/5/1916p2
Son to H. M. Everhard, Aug. 18: MT8/19/1927p3
Daughter to D. T. Ewen, Jan. 16: DT1/22/1892p3
Daughter to T. L. Farlow, May 26: MM6/6/1902p6
Daughter to Henry Farrar, May 23: DT6/2/1893p2
Daughter to C. E. Ferguson: DT6/7/1900p3
Son to Robert Ferguson, May 28: DT7/14/1900p3
Daughter to August Fetsch: SOM1/27/1893p3
Daughter to Fred J. Fick: JP11/2/1912p3
Son to P. N. Ficke, Dec. 18: OS12/25/1886p3
Daughter to George Fisk, Apr. 20: MT4/23/1912p2
Daughter to Francis Fitch, June 30: DT7/7/1893p2
Daughter to H. G. Fitch, Nov. 2: DT11/10/1893p2
Son to Harrison Fields, Oct. 10: JP10/14/1916p3
Son to Archie F. Findlay, Feb. 12: MT2/13/1946p7
Son to William Flackus, Sept. 15: DT9/29/1893p2
Son to John Flannigan, Dec. 6: MT12/14/1965p11
Daughter to David B. Fleck, Jan. 27: MO2/8/1895p3
Daughter to R. M. Fleming, June 14: DT7/14/1893p3
Son to Robert Fleming, June 10: OS6/30/1883p3
Daughter to Robert Fletcher, July 13: JP7/10/1920p3
Daughter to Will Flippen: SOM7/22/1892p3
Daughter to William Flippin: MM4/13/1900p5
Son to William Flippin: MM2/28/1902p3
Son to A. J. Florey: MM10/18/1901p5, CO10/24/1901p3
Son to Chauncey Florey, Jan. 19: JP1/23/1915p3
Son to C. L. Foley, Oct. 21: JP10/21/1913p2
Son to M. Foley, Feb. 13: DT2/25/1903p1
Daughter to Michael Foley, Mar. 26: MM4/6/1894p4
Daughter to Dr. D. A. Forbes, May 2: MT5/3/1910p7
Son to Dr. D. A. Forbes, Mar. 12: MT3/14/1913p2
Son to E. Force: MT8/18/1927p2
Son to Mr. Forrest: MT6/9/1946p14
Daughter to G. W. Foster: MM1/17/1896p5
Son to W. B. Foster, Feb. 28: MM3/8/1901p3
Son to J. D. Fountain, Nov. 1: AT11/7/1879p3
Daughter to O. W. Fox: MM5/17/1901p3
Son to Fred Fradenburg: DT1/2/1891p2
Daughter to Benjamin Fredenburg: MM4/13/1900p5
Son to J. A. Fredenburg: MM2/8/1901p7
Daughter to W. J. Fredenburg: MM4/13/1894p3
Daughter to J. H. French, May 6: DT5/31/1900p3
Son to Mr. Fry: MM5/5/1893supplementp1
Daughter to  T. W. Fulton: JP9/13/1913p3
Son to A. S. Furry: MM6/15/1894p3
Son to E. C. Gaddis, Oct. 3: MT10/5/1914p2
Twins to J. C. Gage, Jan. 18: MM1/21/1892p3, DT1/22/1892p3, DT1/29/1892p3
Son to Frank Galloway: MM11/3/1893p3, DT11/10/1893p2
Son to Robert Galloway: MM6/6/1902p7
Son to Rev. A. H. Gammons: JP4/12/1919p3
Son to C. E. Gardner, Mar. 26: MT3/30/1915p2
Daughter to G. A. Gardner, Aug. 11: MT8/16/1910p2
Son to George Garrett: SOM9/16/1892p3
Son to Tobe Garrett, April 23: JP4/28/1917p3
Son to Tobe Garrett: JP4/12/1919p3
Son to W. O. Garrett, June 21: JP6/28/1913p1
Son to John Garwin, Aug. 15: OS8/25/1880p2
Daughter to  Richard Gaskin: JP9/12/1914p3
Patrick Arthur Gavin, Aug. 10: JP8/14/1920p3
Son to James I. Geary, Apr. 25: MM5/2/1902p5
Daughter to S. Geary, Oct. 28: DT11/11/1892p3
Son to Homer Gee, Jan. 13: DT1/22/1894p3
Daughter to C. J. Geer, Feb. 4: MM2/10/1893p2
Son to Will Gentry, June 21: MT6/22/1915p2
Son to R. P. George, May 7: DT6/2/1893p2
Daugher to Delroy Getchell Oct. 13: MT10/19/1915p2
Son to David Gibson: MM1/11/1901p7
Son to J. R. Gibson: DT8/1/1889p3
Son to Mr. Gildersleeve, Apr. 20: DT4/29/1903p4
Son to R. H. Gilfillen, Dec. 27: DT1/8/1894p2
Daughter to  Frank Gilmore, Mar. 14: MM3/23/1894p2
Daugher to Edward Gittins, Feb. 9: OS2/23/1884p3
Son to George Given, Feb. 28: DT3/11/1903p4
Son to Jesse E. Glass, June 27: JP7/5/1913p1
Son to Judson G. Goble, May 14: DT5/15/1899p3, MM5/19/1899p7
Son to John Goff: MM2/16/1894p3
Son to O. H. Good, Mar. 14: MT3/16/1912p5
Son to George O. Goodall, May 28: MT6/7/1910p7
Son to Ralph V. Goodman, May 7: MT5/13/1910p7
Daughter to E. E. Gore, Jan. 20: OR2/6/1915p10
Daughter to  J. G. Gore: MM11/29/1901p6, MM12/6/1901p6
Daughter to E. L. Gorsline, Sept. 28: CO10/8/1903p2
Daughter to Otis Gorsline, July 17: MM7/25/1902p7
Daughter to Herbert Goss, Mar. 4: MT3/6/1940p6
Daughter to Charles C. Gould: MT6/5/1927p5
Son to Dave Gould, Sept. 7: MT9/7/1934p4
Daughter to John Graham: MT5/29/1910p5
Son to Charles Graves, Nov. 7: DT11/17/1893p2
Son to George Gray, Feb. 22: DT3/2/1888p2
Daughter to  Everett R. Green: MT9/24/1926p6
Son to Levi N. Gregory, June 13: OS8/25/1880p2
Twin daughters to D. P. Greniger: MM1/28/1892p3, DT1/29/1892p3
Son to William T. Grieve: MM6/14/1901p3
Daughter to William Grieve, Nov. 2: MM11/14/1902p7
Son to Henry Griffin: MM7/28/1893p3
Son to J. B. Griffith, Dec. 30: DT1/8/1894p2
Son to George Grigsby, Dec. 19: OS12/25/1886p3
Daughter to D. M. Grisham, June 10: MM6/19/1903p3
Daughter to George Leon Groom, Nov. 20: MT11/22/1965p13
Son to William Groshong, Jan. 15: CO1/23/1902p3
Daughter to Dallas Grove, Jr., Oct. 25: MT10/26/1937p7, MN10/29/1937pB2
Daughter to J. W. Grover, Aug. 10: MM8/15/1902p5
Son to John L. Grubb, June 13: OS6/16/1883p3
Son to N. C. Gunn: MM10/3/1902p6
Son to E. L. Gurnea: MM4/25/1902p6
Son to E. F. Guthrie, Feb. 22: MT2/22/1911p5
Son to Victor Haas, July 19: MT7/21/1969p9
Son to Al Hagen: MT10/10/1914p2
Son to John V. Hale, Jan. 26: MT1/31/1910p5
Seely Hall, Apr. 2: MM4/7/1893p2
Son to Mr. Hall: SOM2/10/1893p1
Son to W. L. Halley: MM1/17/1902p7, CO1/23/1902p3
Daughter to Ray H. Hamill, Jan. 16: MT1/23/1915p2
Son to Isaiah L. Hamilton: DT12/1/1898p2
Daughter to George Hamlin, Mar. 12: MM3/24/1893p3, DT3/31/1893p2
Son to J. Hamlin, Oct. 9: SOM10/14/1892p3
Daughter to Austin S. Hammond: MM5/25/1894p3
Daughter to W. J. Hammond, Jan. 21: MT1/31/1910p5
Daughter to Jesse Hamrick, Dec. 3: MM12/6/1901p3
Daughter to Jesse Hamrick, Nov. 22: MM11/28/1902p3
Son to Jesse Hamrick, Nov. 21: CO12/4/1902p3
Daughter to J. A. Hanley: MM5/5/1893p3
Son to H. K. Hanna, Oct. 22: SOM11/4/1892p3(2)
Daughter to Jaspar Hannah, July 26: MM8/1/1902p5
Son to Henry Hansen: MM9/1/1893p3
Daughter to Dr. Hargrave, Dec. 15: MM12/19/1902p6
Son to Walter Harmon, May 10: MT5/13/1910p7
Daughter to Thomas A. Harris, Jan. 12: MM1/14/1892p3, DT1/22/1892p2, DT1/22/1892p3
Daughter to J. H. Harrison: MS9/27/1916p2
Daughter to J. F. Hart, Feb. 10: MT2/13/1912p2
Son to Henry Harth, Jan. 14: DT1/22/1894p3
Son to Jason Hartman, Mar. 8: MM3/15/1901p6, CO3/21/1901p3
Son to H. H. Harvey: MM5/31/1901p7, MM6/7/1901p7, CO6/13/1901p3
Son to J. A. Harvey, June 12: DT6/24/1893p3
Daughter to A. L. Haselton: MM12/5/1902p5
Daughter to J. C. Haskitt, Oct. 16: MT10/21/1937p5, MN10/29/1937pB2
Son to F. B. Hatch, Feb. 7: CO2/13/1902p2
Twin Daughters to Robert Hatfield, Feb. 9: OS2/23/1884p3
Daughter to Frank Hathaway, July 15: MM7/19/1901p3
Son to Frank A. Hawk, Mar. 23: MM3/28/1902p3
Son to Ben Haymond: MM5/25/1894p4
Daughter to Aaron Heck, Apr. 26: MM5/2/1902p5
Son to H. E. Hedrick: MT8/18/1927p2
Son to John L. Hefling, Apr. 19: MM4/25/1902p3
Daughter to E. O. Heidrich, Jan. 15: OS1/30/1886p3
Son to Carl Heilbronner, Feb. 16: MT2/18/1913p2
Daughter to A. L. Helman, Sept. 26: OS10/11/1884p3
Daughter to Addison Helms, Nov. 27: MN12/8/1944p1
Son to Alfred Helms: MM5/11/1894p3
Son to Peter Henderson: MM5/11/1894p3
Child to Thomas Henderson: MM10/4/1901p5
Daughter to Mr. Hendrickson: DT4/22/1892p3
Daughter to C. T. Henry, May 25: DT6/24/1893p3
Daughter to George Henry: JP3/27/1915p3
Son to T. J. Henry: DT7/14/1893p3
Daughter to Will Henry: JP5/27/1916p3
Son to Willie Henry: JP6/13/1914p3
Son to Thomas Herbig, Jan. 23: DT2/5/1894p3
Daughter to J. R. Hereford: MM4/27/1894p3
Son to William F. Herrin: DT4/28/1893p3
Son to Peter W. Hershberger, Jan. 28: MT1/31/1910p5
Daughter to Ed Higginbotham, Apr. 8: MT4/21/1910p7
Daughter to Bert Higinbotham, Jan. 25: MM1/31/1902p3
Daughter to J. A. Higgins: MM1/17/1896p5
Daughter to C. W. Hill, Mar. 31: DT4/8/1903p4
Daughter to T. M. Hill, Mar. 17: DT3/31/1893p2
Son to William Hill, Sept. 28: OS10/11/1884p3
Daughter to Harvey J. Hobbs, April 8: DT4/17/1890p3
Daughter to Francis Hocking, Feb. 16: DT2/25/1903p1
Son to E. W. Hogue, Jan. 26: DT2/5/1894p3
Son to W. F. Hogue, Mar. 3: DT4/17/1890p3
Daughter to Charles S. Hollingsworth, Nov. 29: DT12/8/1893p2
Son to William Holman, Mar. 12: DT3/25/1903p4
Son to Charles I. Homes, Mar. 23: DT4/1/1903p4
Son to W. M. Holmes, May 25: DT5/27/1892p3(2)
Son to W. M. Holmes, June 8: MM6/15/1894p2
Son to C. E. Hooper, May 17: DT7/11/1900p3
Son to D. H. Horn, Dec. 30: DT1/4/1894p2
Son to C. Hough, Apr. 4: MT4/13/1910p7
Son to Isaac Householder, Dec. 4: DT12/8/1893p2
Daughter to A. D. Houston, Feb. 19: DT3/4/1903p4
Son to J. A. Houston: DT5/26/1893p3
Daughter to J. H. Houston, Aug. 21: DT9/8/1893p3
Son to William Houston, Feb. 5: MM2/21/1902p3
Son to C. J. Howard: MM4/21/1893p3
Daughter to George Howard: SOM7/15/1892p3, DT7/15/1892p3
Son to George Howard, Nov. 30: MO12/4/1894p3
Son to H. D. Howard, Dec. 17: MT12/17/1915p2
Daughter to J. R. Howard, Apr. 23: MM5/4/1900p6
Son to H. H. Howard, May 16: MM5/17/1901p6
Son to T. M. Howard, Jan. 27: DT2/5/1894p3
Daughter to Warren Howard, Sept. 29: OS10/11/1884p3
Daughter to Zenos Howard, June 22: OS6/30/1883p3
Son to J. J. Howser, Mar. 16: MM3/21/1902p6, DT3/27/1902p4, CO3/27/1902p3
Daughter to S. H. Hubbard: MT3/4/1914p3
Daughter to Guy Humphrey: MT8/19/1934p12
Daughter to H. Hurlburt, June 25: DT7/14/1893p3
Son to William Hurley, July 30: DT8/1/1889p3
Son to Mart Hurst, May 16: OS6/13/1885p3
Daughter to O. U. Husted: MM12/1/1893p5
Son to R. A. Hutchinson: JP5/6/1916p3, JP9/15/1917p3
Daughter to John Inlow, Feb. 21: MT2/22/1956p9
Daughter to Hugh R. Jacobs, Sept. 3: MT9/5/1934p2
Child to Lee Jacobs: DT1/15/1894p3
Son to Ralph Jennings: DT2/11/1903p1, DT2/18/1903p4
Daughter to J. V. Johnson, Aug. 29: MT8/29/1934p9
Daughter to Roger Johnson, July 17: MT7/20/1969p9
Son to Roscoe A. Johnson: MT8/2/1915p2
Son to T. W. Johnson: MM2/14/1896p5
Son to W. Johnson: MT4/16/1911pC3
Son to W. C. Johnson, May 14: DT5/27/1892p3
Son to J. B. Johnston, July 4: MM7/25/1902p7
Daughter to J. K. Jolliffe, Mar. 9: MT3/10/1940p10
Daughter to T. F. Jonah, Mar. 13: DT3/18/1903p4
Daughter to D. A. Jones: DT6/17/1892p3
Son to Nat Jones: MM6/16/1893p1
Son to Walter Jones: MN11/26/1930p8
Son to Wilbur Jones: JP1/1/1916p3
Daughter to F. M. Jordan: AT3/6/1891p3
Daughter to William Jordan, Feb. 11: DT3/8/1894p3
Child to George R. Justus, DT4/14/1898p3
Son to D. G. Karnes, June 6: MT6/15/1910p5
Daughter to F. Kasshafer, Jan. 8: DT1/8/1894p2
Son to Winon Keelor, Nov. 8: MT11/8/1930p2
Son to J. V. Keizur, Apr. 27: MM5/3/1901p6
Son to Joe Kelley: MM6/16/1893p3
Son to James Kennedy, Feb. 11: MM2/23/1894p2
Daughter to T. J. Kenney, Oct. 3: DT10/6/1893p2
Daughter to Walter Kentner: MT8/6/1911pB4
Son to Walter Kentner, Nov. 23: JP11/29/1913p3, MT8/6/1911pB4
Son to H. Kenworthy: MM1/10/1902p3
Son to B. Frank Kesterson, July 18: SOM7/22/1892p3
Son to S. P. Kilburn, Aug. 4: OS8/16/1884p3
Charles Duane Kimble: MT2/28/1956p11
Daughter to D. King: OS2/23/1884p3
Son to R. Kingsley, Oct. 7: OS10/11/1884p3
Son to Dr. Kirchgessner: MM9/29/1893p3
Son to Joseph Kitto, Nov. 27: JP11/29/1919p3
Daughter to Arthur Kleinhammer, Mar. 2: DT3/11/1903p4
Son to Charles Klingle, Aug. 31: MM9/6/1901p5
Daughter to Lannes Klippel, Sept. 20: CO9/26/1901p3
Son to C. K. Klum, Oct. 17: AT10/21/1892p3, SOM11/4/1892p3
Daughter to F. H. Knight, Apr. 6: MT4/12/1910p7, MT4/15/1910p7
Daughter to Perry Knotts, June 13: DT7/21/1900p3
Daughter to Oscar Knox, June 24: DT7/8/1892p2
Son to F. A. Kroschel, Feb. 14: MT2/17/1916p2
Son to H. D. Kubli, Feb. 8: MM2/14/1902p3
Son to K. J. Kubli: MM9/27/1901p7, CO10/3/1901p3
Daughter to George Kurtz: MM2/22/1901p6
Daughter to W. Lamb, Mar. 9: DT3/11/1903p1
Son to G. W. Lance, Jr., June 5: TT6/12/1897p12
Son to Mr. Land, Aug. 13: SOM8/19/1892p3
Son to J. R. Landreth, Sept. 2: MM9/13/1901p3
Daughter to G. W. Lane (Lance?), June 18: CO7/4/1901p3
Son to L. J. Larson, June 17: DT6/24/1893p3
Daughter to A. C. Law, Oct. 25: MN10/29/1937pB2
Daughter to C. A. Leavitt, Mar. 13: DT3/31/1893p2
Son to Burt K. Lehnherr, July 20: MT7/21/1969p9
Son to Fred B. Lennard, Sept. 26: MT9/27/1937p3
Daughter to Calvin Lenz, July 18: MT7/20/1969p9
Son to James Leonard, May 6: DT6/2/1893p2
Daughter to A. H. Lewis: MT9/26/1937p12
Daughter to Al. Lewis, Apr. 9: MM4/20/1900p3
Daughter to C. F. Lewis, Nov. 12: MM11/24/1893p3
Son to C. S. Lewis, Jan. 10: MM1/14/1892p3, DT1/22/1892p3
Daughter to C. V. Lewis, Apr. 7: MT5/2/1910p7
Daughter to Frank Lewis: MM5/18/1894p2
Daughter to Frank Lewis, Nov. 22: MM11/29/1901p5
Son to Frank Lewis, June 20: OS6/30/1883p3
Daughter to I. M. Lewis, Mar. 28: MM4/11/1902p7
Son to Irvin Lewis, Mar. 14: JP3/15/1919p3
Daughter to J. M. Lewis, Jan. 30: DT2/5/1894p3
Son to Oscar Lewis: JP2/27/1915p3
Daughter to Robert Lewis: MT9/13/1918p7
Son to Frank Lincoln, Feb. 21: MT3/2/1912p2
Son to R. H. Lincoln, Apr. 20: MT4/22/1914p2
Son to George R. Lindley: MM6/1/1894p3
Daughter to George R. Lindley, Apr. 7: DT4/15/1903pp3,4
Son to C. B. Linebaugh, Jan. 31: DT2/5/1894p3
Son to G. R. Linton, May 22: DT7/21/1900p3
Son to H. H. Little, Jan. 21: DT2/6/1890p3
Daughter to Columbus Loftus: AT10/21/1892p3
Son to Fred Loosley: AT10/21/1892p3
Son to William Louden, July 16: JP7/19/1913p1
Son to Joseph Louisignant, July 16: OS7/23/1879p3
Daughter to George Low: MM4/6/1894p2
Daughter to G. Bernard Loyan, Oct. 30: MT10/31/1944p8
Daughter to J. C. Lucas, Feb. 3: MM2/22/1901p6
Daughter to Fred Lundahl, July 17: MM7/20/1906p5
Son to Fred Luy, Jr.: DT12/22/1893p2(2)
Son to Harry Luy, Mar. 25: MM2/3/1905p8
Son to Lawrence W. Mahaffey, Aug. 5: MT8/18/1919p2
Son to F. L. Malick, Mar. 5: MT3/10/1940p10
Daughter to Wallace Maloney, Nov. 11: MT11/12/1912p3
Daughter to Joe Mann, May 1: MM5/5/1893supplementp1
Daughter to George Mansfield, Apr. 9: MT4/11/1913p2
Son to Gilbert Mansfield, Jan. 27: DT2/5/1894p3
Son to Dr. J. W. J. Marion: MT6/26/1913p3
Son to A. C. Martin: MT1/14/1915p2
Son to Joseph Martin, Sept. 8: MM9/13/1901p5
Daughter to Joseph Martin: JP1/16/1915p3
Son to G. B. Mathews: MM6/22/1894p2
Son to R. A. Mathews, Jan. 2: MT1/6/1913p2
Son to E. E. Matthews: MT9/2/1934p10
Son to A. E. Matson, Sept. 25: DT10/6/1893p2
Son to Mr. Matson, Jan. 17: DT2/6/1890p3
Son to Gilbert Matteson, Jan. 28: DT2/5/1894p3
Daughter born to John Maule, May 31: MT6/2/1915p2
Son to Milton Maule, Sept. 30: SOM10/7/1892p3, DT10/14/1892p3
Son to Al. Mayfield, June 21: OS6/30/1883p3
Daughter to J. Mayfield, Apr. 17: MT4/19/1910p7, MT4/22/1910p7
Son to John Mayfield, May 10: MT5/13/1910p7
Daughter to John McCallister, Jan. 6: DT1/22/1894p3
Daughter to James McClure, May 14: DT5/26/1893p3
Daughter to D. W. McCorkle, Oct. 20: MT10/21/1937p5, MN10/29/1937pB2
Son to Roger McCormick, July 20: MT7/21/1969p9
Daughter to Bern McCoy, Jan. 5: MT1/6/1915p2
Son to E. W. McCracken, Apr. 11: MT4/15/1910p7
Daughter to S. I. McDaniel, Jan. 8: CO1/23/1902p3
Daughter to Will McDaniel, Oct. 5: MM10/10/1902p3
Daughter to Paul McDuffee: MT2/12/1935p10
Daughter to Frank McElroy, Apr. 22--Grace Josephine McElroy: DT4/29/1903pp1,4
Daughter to Jesse McFall, Jan. 12: MM1/24/1902p3
Daughter to Floyd McKee: MT5/3/1915p3
Daughter to L. D. McKee, Apr. 18: MT4/25/1910p7
Daughter to L. W. G. McKeel, Mar. 23: DT4/1/1903p4
Twin daughters to Fred McManus, May 3: MT5/5/1914p2
Twins to Buck Meadows: SOM10/14/1892p3 (born dead)
Son to Warren Mee, Mar. 22: MM3/30/1900p3
Daughter to Warren Mee: MM11/8/1901p3
Son to Chester Merriman, June 3: MT6/3/1927p7
Daughter to George Merriman: DT4/1/1892p3
Son to George F. Merriman, Jan. 29: MM1/31/1902p7, CO2/6/1902p3
Child to Isaac A. Merriman: ST3/27/1888p4
Son to Isaac A. Merriman: MM4/13/1894p3
Twin sons to Isaac A. Merriman: MM7/18/1902p7
Son to Thomas Merriman: MM3/8/1901p7
Daughter to A. R. Merritt, Mar. 1: MM3/16/1900p5
Son to J. A. Meyer: MT8/2/1927p2
Son to H. A. Meyers, May 1: MM5/10/1901p5
Daughter to Henry Meyers, Feb. 27: MT3/6/1912p6
Son to August Mickleson, Jan. 9: CO1/7/1901p3
Daughter to August Mickelson, Nov. 28: CO12/4/1902p3
Son to Gus Miller, Mar. 30 [sic]: MT3/29/1910p4
Son to John Miller, Sept. 17: DT9/29/1893p2
Daughter to John Miller: MM4/20/1894p4
Daughter to John Miller: MT10/19/1937p6
Son to William Miller, Oct. 2: DT10/6/1893p2
Son to Jackson Million, Nov. 14: OS11/29/1884p3
Son to T. Mills: MM3/9/1894p3
Son to C. W. Milton, Nov. 7: MM11/10/1893p3, DT11/10/1893p2
Daughter to William Milton, Feb. 8: DT2/18/1903p4, DT3/18/1903p4
Son to Frank Mingus: MM2/16/1894p3
Daughter to H. L. Miser: MM5/10/1895p3
Son to Gus Mitchell, Oct. 21: DT10/17/1893p2
Son to Gus Mitchell, Mar. 8: DT3/18/1903p1, DT3/25/1903p4
Son to John Moffatt: MT10/4/1929p4
Daughter to Emil Mohr, Dec. 31: MT1/1/1912p2
Son to L. Monk, Feb. 26: DT3/11/1903p4
Daughter to H. W. Montague, June 14: DT7/21/1900p3
Son to T. H. Moore, Aug. 24: MM8/29/1902p7
Son to Keith Morgan, Dec. 13: MT12/14/1965p11
Daughter to Michael Morgan, Dec. 29: MT1/5/1966p11
Daughter to S. F. Morine: MM1/10/1902p6
Daughter to James Morris, Feb. 9: MM2/17/1905p5
Daughter to Levi Morris, Oct. 25: SOM11/4/1892p3
Son to Arthur Morrison: MM12/13/1901p5
Son to B. F. Mulkey, Feb. 2: DT2/18/1903p4
Daughter to I. M. Muller, Apr. 27: DT4/29/1892p3
Son to Ira Mundinger, Apr. 17: MT4/25/1910p7
Son to R. E. Muny, Apr. 27: MT4/30/1911pB3
Son to Joseph S. Murphy: MM7/25/1902p3
Son to L. A. Murphy, Aug. 2: OS8/12/1882p3
Son to L. A. Murphy: SOM7/22/1892p3
Daughter to Omar Murphy, Sept. 6: MM9/30/1898p5
Son to R. R. Murray: MT8/22/1934p12
Joyce Elaine Myers, Sept. 28: MT9/27/1937p3
Daughter to S. M. Nealon, June 1: DT7/14/1900p3
Daughter to Mrs. D. E. Neathamer: DT1/8/1892p3
Son to Jesse Neathamer: DT1/8/1892p3
Son to John W. Neeley, Apr. 13: DT4/22/1903p4
Son to Link Neeley, June 11: MT6/14/1910p7
Daughter to Mr. Neff: MT8/6/1927p2
Son to Bert Nelson: MN11/26/1930p8
Daughter to Sam G. Netherland, May 28: DT7/14/1900p3
Daughter to George E. Neuber, June 29: MM7/6/1894p2
Gail Marie Newbern, Apr. 18: MT4/19/1939p3
Son to A. C. Nicholson: MT4/12/1901p6
Son to W. E. Nicholson, Oct. 2: MM10/17/1902p6
Son to Ira Nicols: MM11/3/1893p1
Daughter to F. E. Niles, Jan. 11: OS1/30/1886p3
Son to W. T. Nininger, Oct. 6: OS10/11/1884p3
Son to J. A. Norman, May 25: MM6/7/1901p7
Son to J. A. Norman, Feb. 9: DT2/18/1903p4
Daughter to Hal Norris: MT9/26/1937p12
Daughter to V. A. Norris, Mar. 9: MT3/10/1940p10
Daughter to J. Nunan: DT4/22/1892p3
Son to W. S. Nunn, MT2/26/1915p2
Son to Henry Nutt, May 28: MM5/31/1901p3
Daughter to J. P. O'Hara: MM6/9/1893p3
Daughter to Melborne Obenchain, Mar. 10: MM3/23/1900p5
Son to Fred Offenbacher: MM10/17/1902p3
Daughter to L. P. Older, Nov. 5: MT11/6/1930p2
Son to W. J. Olmscheid, Nov. 6: MT11/6/1930p2
Daughter to John W. Opp, March 10: MM3/15/1901p3, CO3/21/1901p3
Daugher to John W. Opp, Oct. 20: MM10/31/1902p3
Son to W. L. Orr, June 26: MM6/28/1901p7, CO7/4/1901p3
Son to James H. Owen, Nov. 2: DT11/17/1893p2
Son to Leyden Owens, Dec. 1: MM12/13/1901p3
Son to James Owings, May 15: MT5/20/1914p2
Son to Charles Pankey: MM1/24/1902p3
Son to Henry Pape: MM7/6/1894p2
Daughter to Josiah Pardee: DT4/22/1892p3
Son to C. P. Parker, Feb. 11: OS2/23/1884p3
Son to W. H. Parker: DT8/4/1893p3
Son to W. W. Parker, Jan. 15: DT2/5/1894p3
Son to J. W. Partlow, June 2: DT6/7/1900p3
Daughter to Walter Pasnick, July 18: MT7/20/1969p9
Daughter to G. W. Patrick, July 4: DT7/14/1893p3
Son to William Patterson, June 11: DT6/24/1893p3
Daughter to Mr. Patton, Mar. 10: MT3/11/1910p5
Daughter to Champ. T. Payne Jr.: MM12/15/1893p2, DT12/15/1893p2
Son to J. M. Payne, Aug. 28: OS9/3/1881p3
Daughter to R. F. Payne: MM4/6/1900p7
Daughter to Theodore Payne, March 2: MM3/15/1901p3
Son to B. F. Peart: DT1/8/1892p3
Son to M. I. Pellett, May 1: MM5/4/1900p5
Son to Cal. Pence, Dec. 1: DT12/8/1893p2
Son to M. F. Pence: MT4/16/1911pC3
Daughter to W. H. Peninger, July 26: SOM7/29/1892p3
Son to S. S. Pentz, May 12: MM5/19/1893p3, DT5/26/1893p3
Daughter to Mr. Penwell: MM2/17/1893p3
Son to E. G. Perham, Dec. 5: MM12/13/1901p3
Daughter to C. J. Perrine: JP4/26/1913p2
Daughter to J. A. Perry: MM7/19/1901p7
Son to R. W. Person, Aug. 29: DT9/8/1893p3
Son to A. M. Peterman, June 25: DT7/11/1889p3
Son to Victor Peterson, Oct. 1: MI10/13/1898p3
Son to Fred Pettigrew, Nov. 22: MM11/28/1902p5
Son to M. Peyser: DT10/17/1893p2
Daughter to R. E. Peyton, Jan. 14: MM1/25/1901p6
Son to A. H. Phelps, Feb. 6: OR2/9/1888p3, DT2/10/1888p2
Son to Ira A. Phelps, May 23: MM6/9/1893p1
Daughter to Phinney: JP10/14/1916p3
Daughter to E. E. Phipps, Apr. 16: MT4/20/1910p7
Son to M. P. Phipps: MM7/21/1893p3
Son to William Phipps, Oct. 20: DT10/26/1888p2
Daughter to Mr. Pickering: SOM1/20/1893p3
Son to Mr. Pierce: MT2/12/1935p10
Daughter to Ellis E. Pinkerton, Mar. 2: MT3/19/1911p6
Daughter to Henry Pitz: JP3/21/1914p3
Daughter to J. W. Plummer, June 7: MT6/14/1910p7
Son to F. G. Plymale, May 21: MM5/30/1902p7
Daughter to Henry Pohlman: MM10/7/1898p7
Daughter to Lee Port: JP2/5/1916p3
Daughter to Harry Porter, March 29: JP4/1/1916p3
Son to Luther Goodwyn Porter: MM10/27/1893p3, DT10/17/1893p2
Daughter to T. E. Pottenger, Apr. 7: DT4/15/1903p4
Son to A. E. Powell, Nov. 2: MT11/4/1910p5
Daughter to Herman D. Powell: MT1/13/1916p2
Son to James Powell, Oct. 23: DT10/17/1893p2
Sally Jane Powell: MN11/5/1937pB4
Daughter to William Powell, Jan. 11: OS1/30/1886p3
Daughter to C. O. Power, Sept. 19: MT9/19/1911p2
Daughter to Horace Provost, Apr. 14: MT4/20/1910p7
Son to William Puhl, Apr. 6: DT4/8/1903p4
Daughter to Charles Purcell: DT4/22/1892p3
Son to Mahlon Purdin: SOM1/20/1893p3
Son to John Rader, Oct. 28: MM11/3/1893p1
Son to J. I. Ragsdale, July 22: MM8/9/1901p5
Daughter to Harry Randleman, Mar. 6: MT3/10/1940p10
Son to Oscar Ranford, May 13: DT5/26/1893p3
Daughter to G. Peter Rasmussen, July 18: MT7/20/1969p9
Son to B. R. Ray, Feb. 17: MT2/17/1931p2
Daughter to Charles R. Ray, May 28: MT5/29/1932p7
Daughter to Raypholtz: JP10/12/1912p3
Daughter to Ernest Reams, Mar. 2: MT3/6/1912p6
Son to John Redmond, Apr. 18: MT5/13/1910p7
Daughter to H. S. Reed, Jr., Apr. 19: DT4/29/1903p4
Daughter to Raymond Reter: JP3/22/1919p3
Son to Lewis Rhodes, Feb. 28: DT3/10/1893p3
Daughter to Jewell Rian: JP1/11/1919p3
Son to George W. Rice, May 12: MM5/16/1902p6
Son to L. L. Rice, June 12: DT6/24/1893p3
Son to Jessie Richardson, Jan. 18: SOM1/20/1893p3
Son to Joseph Riley, Sept. 27: MM10/7/1898p5
Son to John Ritter: MM5/18/1894p4
Daughter to D. Roberts: MM3/23/1894p3
Daughter to E. R. Roberts, Apr. 22: JP4/27/1918p3
Son to Jeff Roberts: DT6/24/1892p3
Daughter to Frederick J. Robertson, Dec. 12: MT12/14/1965p11
Daughter to Howard Robinson, July 17: CO7/25/1901p3
Daughter to Robert Robinson, Aug. 16: OS8/25/1880p2
Daughter to Ed. Robison, Mar. 16: DT3/25/1903p4
Son to George Robison, Sept. 22: SOM10/7/1892p3, DT10/14/1892p2
Son to J. R. Robison, Dec. 19: DT1/8/1894p2
Daughter to Stephen Roemer, July 17: MT7/21/1969p9
Son to J. T. Roloson, July 12: OS7/23/1879p3
Daughter to J. C. Root, Sept. 15: DT9/29/1893p2
Daughter to Lee F. Root, Sept. 1: MT9/2/1916p2
Son to Frank Rose: MT11/12/1912p5
Son to C. B. Rostel: MM4/4/1902p6
Son to Rance Rouse: MM3/9/1900p6
Daughter to Henry Ruch: MT11/28/1909p14
Son to William Ruefly, June 30: MM7/11/1902p3
Son to Robert Ruhl, June 8: MT6/8/1916p2, MS6/9/1916p2
Daughter to Francis E. Russell: MT8/31/1934p4
Daughter to J. H. Russell, Aug. 17: OS8/25/1880p2
Daughter to Fred Ryan, Apr. 7: MT4/18/1910p7
Son to Luke Ryan, Aug. 21: JP8/26/1916p3
Daughter to H. Sanborn, Jan. 12: MM1/24/1902p3
Son to L. B. Sanderson, Oct. 20: MT10/21/1937p3, MN10/29/1937pB2
Daughter to W. C. Sanderson, Mar. 14: MT3/19/1911p6
Daughter to O. D. Sargeant, Oct. 11: DT10/17/1893p2
Daughter to E. C. Schneider: JP4/10/1920p3
Daughter to John Schneider, Dec. 2: MM12/8/1893p3, DT12/15/1893p2
Son to D. Schrader, Apr. 11: MT4/22/1910p7
Son to the late Silas Schumpf, Aug. 27: CO9/4/1902p3
Daughter to A. B. Schuster: MT3/4/1912p8
Son to Matt Scott, July 5: MM7/11/1902p3
Daughter to Walter Scott: MM2/2/1894p3, DT2/5/1894p3
Son to Bert Scranton, July 31: MT8/2/1910p5
Daughter to John Selvey: MT1/9/1940p6
Daughter to Walter Sennett, June 19: MS6/20/1916p2
Son to Henry Shade, Apr. 13: MT4/18/1910p7
Daughter to G. J. Shafer, Nov. 29: MT12/6/1915p5
Daughter to Jake Shaffer: JP12/4/1915p3
Daughter to F. H. Shaftner, May 8: MT5/13/1910p7
Son to Frank P. Shankey: MT12/20/1910p7
Daughter to Clyde Shaw: JP1/10/1914p3(2)
Daughter to Lee Shaw, Sept. 13: MM10/4/1901p5
Daughter to Roland Shearer, May 23: MM6/1/1906p5
Daughter to William Sheets, Nov. 6: DT11/17/1893p2
Daughter to Herman G. Shepherd, July 20: MT7/21/1969p9
Daughter to L. C. Shepherd, Oct. 26: MT10/27/1937p5, MN10/29/1937pB2
Daughter to F. S. Sherer: MM8/2/1901p7
Son to Joseph Sherley, Sept. 15: MM9/19/1902p3
Son to C. E. Sherlock, Jan. 28: DT2/5/1894p3
Son to Joseph Shone, Feb. 18: MM2/28/1902p6
Son to J. W. Short, Sept. 18: DT10/11/1888p3
Son to D. Shrader, Apr. 11: MT4/15/1910p7
Son to J. W. Siemens, June 29: DT7/14/1893p3
Son to F. D. Simmons, Nov. 18: JP12/4/1915p3
Daughter to P. K. Simon, July 8: MM8/2/1901p7
Daughter to C. W. G. Simonds, Jan. 13: MT1/18/1910p3
Twin sons to Oscar Simpkins: MM5/17/1901p3
Daughter to  Fred Simpson, Mar. 12: MM3/30/1894p3
Son to W. H. Simpson, July 29: OS8/5/1882p3
Daughter to J. S. Sims, June 25: DT7/11/1889p3
Daughter to Joseph D. Sinnott, June 19: MS6/21/1916p2
Son to Carl Sixkiller, July 20: MT7/21/1969p9
Daughter to Myron Skeel: MM9/15/1893p3
Daughter to J. A. Slover: MT6/29/1894p3
Son to Aaron Smith, Oct. 10: MT10/17/1910p2
Son to Adrian Smith, Mar. 5: MT3/6/1940p6
Daughter to Charles Smith, Jan. 11: MM1/24/1902p3
Son to Ed. Smith, Sept. 28: MM10/11/1901p5
Daughter to Edw. Smith: MT6/29/1894p3
Son to H. R. Smith: MT7/27/1916p4
Son to Harry Smith, Dec. 30: DT1/8/1894p2
Son to Justin Smith, Nov. 23: MT11/25/1934p10
Daughter to Lee S. Smith, Nov. 6: MT11/6/1930p2
Son to Nate H. Smith, Mar. 7: MT3/10/1940p10
Son to W. J. Smith, May 17: DT5/31/1900p3
Daughter to C. P. Snell: MM4/13/1900p6
Daughter to G. E. Snyder, Jan. 21: DT2/18/1903p4
Son to V. Snyder, Jan. 9: CO1/7/1901p3
Daughter to Alphonso Spencer, May 15: DT5/27/1892p3
Daughter to Charles Stacey, June 18: MM6/21/1901p3, CO7/4/1901p3
Daniel Dudley Stanley: MT8/5/1927p3
Daughter to George C. Stanley, Mar. 4: DT3/11/1903p4
Daughter to John Stanley, July 24: OS8/5/1882p3
Daughter to  Leslie Stansell: JP8/9/1913p3
Son to George W. Starr, Dec. 9: MM12/15/1893p3, DT12/22/1893p2
Son to Jacob Steiner, Jan. 15: DT1/22/1894p3
Son to Will Stennett, Apr. 10: MT4/12/1910p7
Son to T. H. Stephens, Feb. 4: MM3/17/1893p3
Daughter to Elmer Stephenson, July 23: OS8/16/1884p3
Daughter to G. C. Stevens, May 29: MT6/1/1910p7
Daughter to C. E. Stewart: MM3/30/1900p6
Son to C. E. Stewart: MM8/30/1901p6
Daughter to James Stewart, Nov. 22: MM11/28/1902p7
Son to Oscar Stewart: DT9/29/1893p2
Son to J. D. Stinebaugh, Feb. 14: DT3/10/1893p3
Daughter to O. E. Stinson, Feb. 13: DT3/4/1903p4
Daughter to C. E. Stockwell, Oct. 23: MT10/26/1937p7, MN10/29/1937pB2
Daughter to Guy Stone, Mar. 23: DT4/1/1903p4
Son to William Storm, May 26: DT5/31/1900p3
Son to Charles Strang: DT10/28/1887p2
Son to Mr. Stranke: MT3/4/1914p3
Daughter to Fred Stricker, Feb. 11: MM2/17/1905p3
Son to Al Stricklin, Apr. 20: MM4/26/1901p5
Child to A. M. Sullivan: DT2/5/1892p3
Daughter to S. T. Summers, Aug. 20: DT9/8/1893p3
Son to E. Sutton: MM2/16/1894p2
Son to Henry Sutton, Feb. 18: MM2/23/1894p4
Daughter to W. N. Sutton, Dec. 7: DT12/15/1893p2
Son to Swagerty, Mar. 15: MM3/28/1902p3
Daughter to P. F. Swayne: DT1/21/1903p1
Daughter to H. F. Swingle, Dec. 9: MT12/10/1909p5
Son to Albert C. Tayler, Jan. 15: MM2/16/1894p3
Daughter to A. C. Tayler, MM11/15/1901p6
Daughter to Albert C. Tayler, Apr. 25: DT4/29/1903p4
Daughter to Mrs. H. Taylor, Dec. 3: MM12/8/1893p2, DT12/15/1893p2