The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Sawmills 1946-47



1946 OR 1947

A List

compiled by
John C. Carnegie
of the
Bureau of Land Management

    The attached list of sawmills in the Medford District of the Bureau of Land Management was compiled by John C. Carnegie when he returned to Medford in 1946 or 1947 from serving in the Pacific. The list was in a small notebook which I transcribed in the present form.
    After transcribing I returned the notebook to B.L.M., and I have since been informed that it was lost.
    You will note that many of the mills have gone out of business, and the remains of a wigwam burner, an abandoned mill pond or only a pile of sawdust marks the spot where the wheels of industry since turned.
Mark E. Lawrence
         T32S R4W
    1.  Dorris Lumber Co.
    2.  Going-Critchfield
    3.  Macco Construction Co.
         T32S R5W
    4.  Brice Lumber Co.
    5.  Azalea Lumber Co.
    6.  S. Vaughn & Sons Lumber Co.
         T32S R6W
    7.  Robert Dollar Co.
    8.  Glendale Junction Lumber
    9.  Hayward Milling Co.
         T32S R7W
  10.  Lowell M. Anderson
         T33S R1W
  11.  G. S. Elder Lumber Co.
  12.  R. F. Nine
  13.  Trail Lumber Co.
         T33S R2W
  14.  Evans Creek Sawmill
         T33S R4W
  15.  L. H. Webb
  16.  [No. 16 is cut off on all known copies.]
         T33S R5W
  17.  A. C. Smith Lumber Co.
  18.  S. Jayner
         T33S R6W
  19.  William Ashby
  20.  Clark & Smith Lumber Co.
  21.  Melvin J. Iverson
  22.  Wolf Creek Lumber Co.
  23.  Clare Lumber Co.
         T33S R9W
  24.  Skyline Lumber Co.
         T34S R1W
  25.  Lakey Mills
  26.  Rogue Valley Milling Co.
  27.  Segessenman Lumber Co.
         T34S R2W
  28.  C.C.C. Lumber Co.
  29.  John W. Hilkey
  30.  Three Pines Lumber Co.
  31.  John O. Walker
         T34S R3W
  32.  Selway Lumber Co.
         T34S R5W
  33.  Economy Lumber Co.
         T34S R6W
  34.  Henderson Mill
  35.  J. I. D. Lumber Co.
  36.  H. Van Deventer
  37.  E. B. Webb
  38.  W. E. Beck & Sons
  39.  C. Ernest Baldwin
  40.  Sunny Valley Lumber Co.
         T34S R7W
  41.  T. L. Garcia
         T35S R1W
  42.  O. W. Curtis
  43.  Picard Mill
         T35S R2W
  44.  Dusenberry
  45.  K. A. M. Lumber Co.
         T35S R3W
  46.  Bishop & Shaw
  47.  Gribble & Colley
  48.  Walter J. Messenger
         T35S R4W
  49.  J. & S. Lumber Co.
         T35S R5W
  50.  Combs Bros.
  51.  J. L. Mitchell
  52.  Forest Queen Mining & Lumber Co.
  53.  Claude A. Baker
  54.  W. W. Mitchell
  55.  Roy C. Price and Floyd Boatman
         T35S R6W
  56.  Terrell Logging Corp.
  57.  Machinery Potts [Charles R. "Machinery" Potts]
  58.  Fred W. Duckett
  59.  Otis E. Hacket
  60.  Oak Grove Sawmill
  61.  G. S. Switzer
         T35S R7W
  62.  Big Four Lumber Co.
         T37S R1W
  63.  Kogap Lumber Co.
         T37S R2W
  64.  Associated Lumber Co.
  65.  Elk Lumber Co.
  66.  Jackson Creek Lumber Co. Inc.
  67.  Medford Corp. [Medco]
  68.  Southern Oregon Sugar Pine Co.
  69.  Timber Products Co.
         T37S R3W
  70.  H. G. Huston
         T37S R4W
  71.  Cornith Sawmill
         T37S R5W
  72.  Ben Dierks Lumber Co.
  73.  Muench Mill
  74.  Spalding & Son
  75.  J. A. Moran & Oscar Carrig
  76.  C. A. Prather
         T37S R6W
  77.  DeArmond
  78.  Simonds Lumber Co.
         T37S R7W
  79.  B & T Lumber Co.
  80.  G. L. Chapman Lumber Co.
  81.  Jasine Bros.
  82.  W. J. Street
         T37S R8W
  83.  Schmitt Bros. Lumber Co.
         T38S R1W
  84.  Alley Lumber Co. Inc.
  85.  Fir Pine Lumber Co.
  86.  W. L. Smith
  87.  Talent Sawmill Inc.
         T38S R2W
  88.  R. J. Bills Sawmill
  89.  Jackson Lumber Co.
  90.  Roberts & Wells
  91.  Bergran & Bergran
         T38S R4W
  92.  V. C. Freemantle
  93.  Humbug Lumber Co.
  94.  Hunter & Best
  95.  Sam Newman
  96.  Stevens & Eldridge
         T38S R5W
  97.  Brooks & Taylor
  98.  Buckley Lumber Co.
  99.  Fields and Stone
100.  A. L. Blodgett
         T38S R6W
101.  McCloud & Prather
102.  Lon Perkins
         T38S R7W
103.  Hoyt and Bartlett
104.  Joseph Paquette
105.  E. Barrett Lumber Co.
106.  Miller & Parker
         T38S R8W
107.  White Lumber Co.
108.  Canyon Lumber Mill
109.  Selma Lumber Co.
110.  Draper Valley Lumber Co.
111.  Mrs. W. E. Glidden (A Women's Libber)
112.  Hammer Lumber Co.
113.  Fred S. Wade
         T39S R2W
114.  R. L. Herndon
         T39S R5W
115.  Alpine Lumber Co.
116.  Brown Bros. Lumber Co.
117.  W. A. Tolin Lumber Mill
118.  Charlie Hauser

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