The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Portrait Index

An index to newspaper photos and drawings of Rogue Valley people.
Dates in italics were taken from the D.A.R. scrapbooks, which identified obituary clippings by the date of death, instead of the date and page number of publication. (Many of the D.A.R. dates are wrong.) "DAR" indicates undated newspaper mug shots pasted in the DAR scrapbooks, followed by the volume number.

Walter W. Abbey: MT9/1/1937pB1
Edwin A. Abbott: MT2/9/1966p13
Everett Acklin: MT1/17/1960pB1
T. W. Acklin: AT12/31/1914p13
Charles S. Adair: MT9/21/1937p7
Adams: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Earl H. Adams: MT10/6/1957p14
Mrs. Lester Adams: MT1/18/1953p15
Raymond R. Adams: MT9/8/1957p1
Gary N. Afseth: MT3/24/1968p9
George W. Ager: JP5/13/1916p2, MT5/16/1916p4, MS5/16/1916p4, MT5/17/1916p5, JP10/28/1916p3, AT10/26/1916p3, AT11/2/1916p5, CH11/2/1916p2, MT11/4/1916p6 MS11/5/1916p14
Lowell E. Ager: MT5/15/1960p5
Belva Aiken: MT8/2/1928pC1
O. O. Alenderfer: MT11/1/1924p6, MN8/2/1928, MT8/2/1928pC1, MT1/3/1929p6, MN11/25/1930p1, MT5/21/1931pB6, MT1/7/1934p10, MT6/1/1934p8, MT6/4/1934 (drawing), MT8/1/1938p3, MT9/22/1948p1
Michael Alesko: MT7/20/1969pB1*(3)
Dick Alford: MT5/4/1952p11
M. L. Alford: MT3/25/1910 (drawing), MS1/29/1911 (drawing)
Richard Lindsay Alford: MT2/20/1927p5
Albert C. Allen: OR5/19/1933p1, MT11/30/1972p15, MT8/5/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Mrs. Albert C. Allen: MT5/22/1910pB1, MT8/5/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Florence Allen: AT5/27/1915p7
John Roberts Allen: TR8/24/1909p1, MT11/21/1909p3, MT11/22/1909p3, MT1/2/1910p12
Susie L. Allen: AT12/31/1914p10
W. W. Allen: MT3/17/1938p4
Eric Allan: CPS2/7/1930
Medran Altimus: CH5/28/1914p3
Margaret Ames: AT5/15/1916p6
Don Amundson: MT8/4/1948p5
Rafe L. Anders: MT2/27/1966p1
Alton Anderson: MT6/11/1919p2
Bert Anderson: MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
Bud Anderson: AT4/18/1912, MS5/21/1912p5, MT10/5/1912p2, MT10/11/1912p6, MS1/26/1913 (drawing), MT5/6/1913p4, MS5/21/1913 (drawing)
Clark Anderson: MT7/8/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Eli K. Anderson: HisPacNWvIp156
E. W. Anderson: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Herman Reinhold Anderson: MN7/10/1942p1
J. A. Anderson: MT10/29/1930p12
John Anderson: AT5/27/1915p6, MT8/28/1930p5
John A. Anderson: MT12/31/1928pC1, MT7/28/1929pD8, MT12/16/1931p11
Caroline Andrews: MT7/13/1930p4
Edward M. Andrews: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing), MT3/25/1910 (drawing), MS4/25/1912, MT4/17/1915p2, MT6/16/1926p3, MT12/6/1931p2
Mrs. Edward M. Andrews: MT4/17/1915p2
G. A. Andrews: MT1/5/1931p5
Grace Andrews: MT1/18/1953p15
Jean Angle: MT12/8/1974pC1
Prudence Angle: MT12/8/1974pC1
Henry E. Ankeny: OR1/14/1903p4 (drawing)
John Ankrum: TR6/19/1908p1
Jane Antle: MT3/13/1927p5
Frank Applegate: MT1/8/1967pB2
George Applegate: PO12/4/1925
Harry C. Applegate: MT1/25/1931p3
Lindsay Applegate: Gaston1912p463, MT1/8/1967pB2
Oliver Cromwell Applegate: PO12/4/1925, MT11/7/1931pB3, MT10/12/1938p1, MT1/8/1967pB2
Richard Applegate: MT1/8/1967pB2
Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Arnold: MT11/17/1949pC6
Dennis Arterburn: MT4/17/1974p6
Frances Ash: OR7/21/1919p5
Le Roy Ashcraft: AT5/27/1915p7
N. B. Ashcraft: CH5/28/1914p3
P. L. Ashcraft: AT12/31/1914p4, AT1/1/1917p1
C. W. "Wig" Ashpole: MN1/12/1934p1
Jim Aslin: MT3/9/1966p8
W. Verne Athanas: MT2/26/1961p3
Clarence Atterbury: AT12/31/1914p4
Walt Ayers: MT9/9/1957p1
F. C. Ayres: MT6/22/1958p1
Roma Ayres: MT6/23/1942p3
H. E. Badger: AT12/31/1914p13
Raymond Badger: AT5/15/1916p6
Don K. Bagley: MT1/19/1941p9
Vena Bailey: AT5/27/1915p6
William R. Baird: MT10/5/1930p7, MT11/15/1959p14
Betty Ann Baker
: MT12/29/1929p5
George Baker: MS5/19/1912
Jeanne Baker: MT4/30/1965pB10
Ray F. Baker: MT8/4/1948p5
Sam H. Baker: MT10/7/1930p6, MT11/6/1930p1
Ted Baker: MT8/2/1928pC1, MT12/31/1929pB4
Llewellyn Banks: MN3/17/1933
A. H. Banwell: MT10/7/1930p6, MT11/6/1930p1, MT6/4/1934 (drawing)
F. S. Barber: MT3/25/1910 (drawing), MT4/20/1912p2, MS4/21/1912p8
Newell C. Barber: MT8/3/1930pB1
George Bardell: MT6/16/1930p8
Betty Bardwell: MT3/29/1931p4
J. Emmett "Mose" Barkdull: MM4/26/1907, Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing), GH10/26/1912p1
Betty Bardwell: MT12/22/1929p6, MT9/20/1931p3
Raymond C. Barker: MT2/6/1966p1
William A. Barker: MT1/3/1965pC1
Gene Barlow: MT9/29/1957p7
John Barneburg: MT10/29/1930p12, PR10/30/1930p1, MT12/3/1933p10
Jennie Barnes: MT8/26/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Mrs. Ed Barnett: MT2/28/1956p12
Rex Barnett: MT4/27/1929pB4, MT5/21/1931pB6
Patsy Barr: MT6/23/1942p3
H. F. Barrett: MT9/2/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Ed Barron: DARv18
Mrs. Ed Payne Barron: DARv18
George Barron: DARv18, MT6/8/1929p3
Mrs. M. A. Barron: DARv18
Mrs. Oren/Orrin Bartholomew: MT8/19/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Thomas Bartholomew: MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
Glen Bartley: MT10/11/1953p5
Mrs. Howard L. Barto: MT11/10/1929p4
Louise Basford: MT5/11/1943p1
Anna Bateman: MT5/19/1929pC1
Anne Bateman: MT5/11/1943p1
C. F. Bates: AT12/31/1914p14
Chuck Baucom: MT9/30/1956p5
Bruce Bauer: MT1/18/1967p1
Linda Bayliss: MT1/4/1966p8*
Joe Beach: MT11/14/1965pB5
Roland G. Beach: MT4/4/1951p8
Anna Mariah Riddle Beall: MT5/2/1976pC1
Robert Vinton Beall: MT5/2/1976pC1
Robert Vinton Beall, Jr.: MT5/2/1976pC1
A. M. Beaver: AT12/31/1914p4
J. M. Beaver: AT12/31/1914p15
Meredith Beaver: AT5/15/1916p6
Roberta Ward Bebb: MT4/5/1931p4
Mrs. Royal E. Bebb: MT12/8/1929p5
Royal Ward Bebb: MT12/29/1929p5
Betsy Beck: MT8/2/1959p1
James E. Beck: MT2/9/1966p13
La Murrle Beck: MT3/13/1927p5
Elliott Becken: MT9/30/1956p5
John Beckwith: MT8/2/1928pC1
Dale Beebe: MT12/29/1929p5
Gale Beebe: MT12/29/1929p5
Nora Beebe: CH5/28/1914p3
W. B. Beebe: AT12/31/1914p15
C. C. Beekman: MT10/12/1912p8
Pete Belcastro: MN12/12/1934 (drawing)
Rev. Belknap: DARv18
Alvis Bell: MT10/11/1953p5
James K. Bell: MT6/8/1929p3
J. H. Bellinger: AT9/19/1910p2
Jim Bellinger: RT2/7/1958p8
P. A. Bender: CH2/1/1912
Emil Bendickson: MT6/11/1937p11
Mr. Benedict: MT2/20/1927p8
O. H. Bengtson: DARv15, MT7/5/1949p9, RT10/12/1956p1
Agnes Bennett: MSM5/1909cover
Eugene Bennett: MT7/8/1956pB1
Noah S. Bennett: MN8/25/1933
Viladean Bennett: MT7/5/1949p9
Eve Benson: MT1/13/1930p8
Noel Benson: MT3/13/1927p5
Anne L. Berg: MT6/8/1929p3
Leona Bergman: MT5/19/1929pC1
Ron Bergquist: MT12/7/1997pB1
Mrs. J. W. Bergstrom: AT12/31/1914p10
Betty Berman: MT6/23/1942p3
Ester Berry: MS5/19/1912
Andrea Bessonette: MT3/9/1966p8
Jim Bestul: MT5/4/1952p11
Paul Bettiol: MT9/12/1957p1
Ruth Beyer: MT5/14/1963p1
A. J. Biegel: AT12/31/1914p15
G. F. Billings: AT12/31/1914p12, AT1/6/1916p1, AT10/13/1931p1
John Billings: MT11/23/1978p5
Ralph Billings: MT5/13/1930p6, MT7/5/1949p9
Tom Billings: MT10/14/1938p8
Bob Billingsley: MT11/14/1965pB5
Effie Birdseye: MT5/31/1966p9
W. J. Birkheimer: RT4/12/1957
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bish: MT12/3/1930p5
Hal Bishop: RT12/24/1954
E. F. A. Bittner: MS12/23/1910p5, MT1/4/1911p5, MT1/5/1911p5, MS1/8/1911p5, MS3/5/1911 (drawing)
Rev. Francis W. Black: DARv15
James Blakely: OJ11/29/1910p16, OR12/1/1912p12
Myrtle Blakely: MT11/4/1916p6, MS11/5/1916p14, MT8/1/1938p3
F. X. Blanchet: MT10/24/1965pB1
David Bliss: MS5/19/1912
Albert S. Bliton: MT6/5/1940
Loraine Bliton: MS5/19/1912
Peggy Blocklinger: MT1/18/1953p15
Norrene Madelon Bohnert: MT2/20/1927p5, CP11/20/1941
Otto Bohnert: MT4/25/1958pB2
Clarice Bolger: MT12/29/1929p5
Jean Clarice Bolger: MT12/8/1929p5
Mrs. William S. Bolger: MT12/8/1929p5
William S. Bolger: MT3/25/1928pC1
Rev. George Bolster: MT4/25/1958pB2
Emma Bolt: MT10/24/1965pB1, MT10/31/1965p3
E. W. Bolton: MT7/27/1931p1
Florence Bolton: MT5/11/1943p1
Margaret Ruth Bolton: MT6/23/1942p3, MT6/6/1945p1
Alene Bomar: AT5/27/1915p6
Vern Bookwalter: MT9/15/1926
Leon Boomer: MT4/25/1958pB2
George Endeavor Boos: MS9/24/1911, MT5/16/1917p3
Walter Booth: MT1/2/1966pB8
Dick Borch: MT7/1/1949p2
Newton W. Borden: MS9/24/1916p8, MT11/4/1916p7, AT5/2/1918p4, CL11/9/1923p1, JN10/31/1924p9, MT11/1/1924, AT11/1/1924p3
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Borg: MT7/29/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
A. W. Boslough: AT12/31/1914p14
Marie Myers Bosworth: MT8/31/1948p19
Morris Boughner: MT10/11/1953p5, MT6/7/1959p20
J. R. Bowen: MT12/31/1928pC1
Gilbert C. Bowers: MT5/20/1969p16
Angus Bowmer: MT2/21/1939p8, MT11/13/1958p1, MT7/21/1969p9*
Lois Bowmer: MT2/21/1939p8
Robert Boyer: MT5/4/1952p11
Earl Bradfish Jr.: MT5/4/1952p11
Virginia Bradfish: MT6/23/1942p3
W. H. Bradshaw: MM3/9/1906pB5
Edward Branchfield: MT2/25/1966p1
Frank S. Brandon: MT9/25/1949p7, MT11/25/1956p12
"Chuck" Bratton: MT6/1/1966pC3
Maude Jordan Brault: MT12/11/1927p1
Rev. Dr. Jewett P. Bray: MT9/12/1919p8, MT2/28/1921p6, MT11/13/1960p6
Everett Brayton: MT4/22/1920p8
W. E. Brayton: CH5/28/1914p3
John Breeze: RT4/20/1956pB8
Fred R. Brennan: MT1/4/1966p5*
Mrs. O. H. Brenneman: MT8/12/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC1
George Brennen: MT11/14/1965pB5
Rev. Robert Bridge: MT9/15/1957p14
Briggs: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
E. D. Briggs: OR10/20/1900p4, AT12/31/1914p11, AT1/1/1917p4
David Briggs: OR7/10/1904p24
Ray Briggs: OR7/10/1904p24
William M. Briggs:  MT10/31/1926p4
George A. Briscoe: AT12/31/1914p16
Emil Britt: MT6/16/1930p8
Molly Britt: 1/16/1947p5
Peter Britt: OJ10/19/1905p3, OR9/30/1907p2, Gaston1912p463, MT1/1/1913pC4
Marcella Brockway: MT10/11/1953p5
Horace L. Bromley: MN8/2/1928, MT8/2/1928pC1, MT8/1/1938p3
Mrs. Vern Brophy: MT8/5/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Betsy Brown: MT5/17/1924p6
C. L. Brown: MT12/4/1929p10
Charles L. Brown: CL3/7/1923p1, MT7/28/1929pC8, MT8/29/1934p3
Emily Brown: MT11/21/1931p2
H. Brown: MT5/18/1930pB2
Helen Brown: MT6/23/1942p3
J. C. Brown: MSM4/1909p16
Joe Brown: TR2/22/1909p1, MT1/1/1914pF5
L. S. Brown:
Mildred Brown: MS5/19/1912
Ruth Brown: MT7/1/1949p2
Sydney Isaac Brown: MT6/18/1945p1
Tabitha Brown: Gaston1912p599
Tessora Brown: MS5/19/1912
Nelson L. Browning: AT12/19/1912p8
Hazel Bruner: AT5/27/1915p7
George Bryant: MT5/4/1952p11
Joan Buchanan: MT8/1/1938p3
Fred G. Buchtel: MS5/14/1916p2, MT5/20/1920p4, MT11/1/1920p3
J. J. Buchter: MT2/11/1930pB1
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Buckley: MT8/19/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Seth Madison Bullis: MT2/9/1965pC6, MT2/25/1966p1
Doris Bundy: MT8/28/1927p5
Dr. Bundy: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Linda Bunnell: MT7/22/1949p2
Albert Burch: MT10/11/1943
Wanda Burch: MT6/23/1942p3
Frank Burdell: MT3/6/1966p1
Walter Burdett: MT6/16/1930p8
Clara Burdette: MT6/17/1949p2, MT7/15/1949p2
Art C. Burgess: MT3/25/1910 (drawing), MS9/23/1915pB4
Edna Eifert Burk: MT12/6/1931p2, MT10/6/1963p6
Burnett: TR5/22/1908p1 (drawing)
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Burnett: MT8/5/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Norma Burroughs: MT5/20/1949p2, MT10/11/1953p5
B. M. Bush: MT5/7/1927p1
Clark Bush: AT12/31/1914p9
Elinor Hanley Bush: MT3/18/1928pB5
Rev. F. W. Bussard: MT2/12/1928p1
Barbara Butler: MT12/29/1929p5
E. N. Butler: AT12/31/1914p15
Mr. and Mrs. Gwin S. Butler: DARv18, AT12/31/1914p16, MT1/7/1934p9
J. H. Butler: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing), MN7/21/1933
Jeunesse "Sally" Butler: MT12/25/1927p3
H. G. Butterfield: AT12/31/1914p4
William Bybee: OR11/15/1908p7
David Byers: MT8/17/1954p1
Dean Byers: MT8/17/1954p1
Dr. Malcolm S. Byers: MT4/25/1958pB5
Howard Cain: MT2/23/1956p2*
Otilla Caldwell: PO10/2/1932, DARv18
Mrs. W. W. Caldwell: AT12/31/1914p10
P. G. "Prink" Callison: MT12/31/1928pC4, MT9/16/1929p8
John J. Cambers: VR8/24/1910p6, MT8/29/1910p4
Theodoric "Todd" Cameron: OR6/14/1914p9
V. W. Cameron: MT7/21/1969p9*
J. J. Cambers: AT8/25/1910p5
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Campbell: MT2/26/1939p4
Harriett Campbell: MT10/4/1931p3
F. L. Camps: AT12/31/1914p16
David H. Canfield: MN5/9/1931p2
Miles Cantrall: DT5/29/1902p4, DT6/12/1902p2
Cora R. Carder: MT11/13/1960p6
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Carey: DARv18
John H. Carkin: MT10/31/1926p4, MT1/9/1927p6, MT5/19/1927pB5, MT9/4/1927p4, MT3/11/1928p1, MT4/1/1928p6
Lula Carnell: MS5/19/1912
Ella Caron: MT10/24/1965pB1
A. S. V. Carpenter: MT4/25/1958pB2, MT11/13/1958p1
Dr. Emmett Carpenter: MT12/11/1927p2, MT1/8/1928p2, MT1/27/1929p2
Dunbar Carpenter: MT6/18/1950p9, MT5/30/1957p12, MT5/19/1966pC7
R. P. Carroll: MT7/28/1929pC8
Carter: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Dickie Carter: MN11/23/1930p5
E. V. Carter: OR3/30/1902p7, OR12/15/1904p8, MM3/16/1906p4, AT12/31/1914p9, MT5/19/1920p5, MT10/23/1920p3
Eloyee Carter: MN11/23/1930p5
George R. Carter: MT5/12/1940p7
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ace Carter: MT7/21/1969p8*
John A. Carter: MT7/20/1969p10*
Mrs. W. E. Carter: MN11/23/1930p6
William A. Carter: OR4/23/1902p4, OR4/9/1908p11
Thelma Cartright: MT10/11/1953p5
Catherine Casey: MT1/17/1960pB1
J. R. Casey: AT12/31/1914p10
Joseph Caskey: MM4/26/1907
A. K. Cass: MT4/27/1929pB4, MT5/21/1931pB6
O. O. Caster: RT4/12/1957
Philip F. Castleman: OR4/2/1913p12
Jack Cate: MT5/4/1952p11
Joe Cave: RT4/12/1957
L. H. Cederwall: MT5/18/1930pB2
D. A. Chambers: MT5/18/1930pB2
Charles Pope Champlin: MT3/19/1964p1
Newton C. Chaney: MT5/5/1927p1, MT5/7/1927p1, MT5/16/1928p7, MT8/2/1928pC1, MT5/19/1929pC5
Mrs. N. C. Chaney: MT8/2/1928pC1
Boyd Chapman: MN11/22/1930p1
George R. Chapman: MT4/27/1929pB4, MT5/21/1931pB6
Jane Chapman: MN11/22/1930p1
Maude K. Chapman: MT11/24/1929p5, MN5/17/1931p8
Mrs. R. E. Chapman: MN11/22/1930p1
Vernon Chapman: MN11/22/1930p1
Claus C. Charley: 1915IndustrialClubWorkp12
Floyd Charley: MT12/31/1928pC1
Chief John: Gaston1912p389
Chief Joseph: Gaston1912p409
Margaret Childers: MT3/13/1927p5, MT3/24/1929p5
Harry Chipman: MT10/6/1957p14
Mr. & Mrs. H. S. Chirgwin: MT8/5/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Pat Choate: MT3/9/1966p8
Mr. Christean: MT8/12/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC1
Arne Christensen: MT8/26/1934p12
Paul Warren Christensen: MT7/21/1969p7*
Vivian Ann Glenn Christensen: MT7/21/1969p7*
J. A. Churchill: AT11/8/1929p5
Robert E. Clancy: MT6/12/1927p8
Mrs. Abner Clark: MT2/28/1956p12
Frank C. Clark: MS9/23/1915pB4, MT8/1/1938p3
Mrs. Oscar Clark: MT6/6/1945p1
Oscar Clark: MT6/6/1945p1
Ray W. Clark: MT7/29/1949p7
Wilbur Claypool: MT11/7/1931pB2
Willis M. Clayton: OR7/2/1900p3
J. E. Clemens: MT5/7/1927p1
W. M. Clemenson: MT9/16/1926
Jim Clevenberg: MT5/4/1952p11
F. J. Clifford: MT1/17/1960pB1
Dixie Cline: MT7/29/1949p7
Karl Clinkinbeard: MT7/22/1969pA9
Allen E. Clute: MT1/2/1966pB8
E. L. Coburn: MT5/18/1920p4
Mrs. Francis Cochran: MT10/14/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
J. H. Cockran: MT12/29/1913
George A. Codding: MT7/3/1927pB3, MT8/2/1928pC1, MT11/1/1928pB1
Mrs. George Codding: MT5/11/1930p4
E. S. Coe: MT5/18/1930pB2
T. A. Cole: MT5/31/1929pC1
Coleman: TR5/22/1908p1 (drawing)
Fred Coleman: MT1/2/1966pB8
Hugh Coleman: MT1/2/1966pB8
Judge James Blin Coleman: MT11/4/1916p6, MS11/5/1916p14, MT8/31/1932p3, MT5/13/1940p5, MT5/18/1952p1, MT11/22/1953p14
James D. Coleman: MT1/2/1966pB8
Matthew Hubbard Coleman: JP7/18/1908p6
Ray Coleman: MT6/16/1930p8
Alexander P. Collins: MT1/12/1969pC5
George T. Collins: MT5/12/1930p8

James C. Collins:
MT2/11/1930pB1, MT2/29/1948p1, MT10/26/1960p1
Fred L. Colvig: MT4/15/1912p6, MT4/17/1912p5, MT4/18/1912p6, MT7/12/1912p6
Pinto Colvig: MS12/27/1912
William M. Colvig: MM9/19/1910 (drawing), MT7/19/1911p1, MS8/13/1911 (drawing), MW3/21/1912, MS4/25/1912 (drawing), MS5/23/1912p1 (drawing), MT10/29/1926p1, MT9/2/1929p3, MT9/18/1929pB4, OJ1/19/1936p6, DARv18(2)
Harriet Compton: MS5/19/1912
G. N. Comstock: MT3/28/1926
Viola Comstock: MT8/19/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
H. W. Conger: CL5/9/1924p2, MT5/12/1940p7
Mrs. H. W. Conger: RT5/15/1952
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Conger: MT7/29/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Mabel Conger: MT5/11/1943p1
B. H. Conkle: MT3/24/1930p1
Dorothy Conner: MS6/1/1915p6
Hal L. Conrad: MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
Harry Conradi: MT6/23/1942p3
Catherine Conroy: MT6/23/1942p3(2)
R. G. Conroy: MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
F. E. Conway: AT12/31/1914p11
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Gen. Crook: Gaston1912p389
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Vic Drew:
W. G. Drew: MT5/19/1927pB1
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Edwards: MT7/21/1969p8*
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Elmhearst: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Louise Elrod: MT3/13/1927p5
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E. D. Elwood: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Robert Emmens: Webber
Robert G. Emmens: MT5/20/1942, MT5/27/1942
George A. Emory: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
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G. G. Eubanks: AT12/31/1914p14, AT12/21/1916p1
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Mrs. Glen Fabrick: MT10/26/1923p1, MS10/28/1923pB1
"Scotty" Fairweather: MT8/12/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Howard A. "Tim" Fallin: SPBulletin6-1929p17
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Earl Fichtner: RT5/9/1958p10
Harvey J. Field: DARv15, MT7/5/1949p9, MT4/4/1964p3
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H. F. Finley: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Janice Firth: MT7/21/1969p6*
Fletcher Fish: MT11/17/1949pC6
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J. H. Fitzgerald: MM4/26/1907p1
George Flanagan
: MT4/25/1958pB2
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Gladys Floria:
Dr. Max Flowers: MT6/19/1966p5
Mrs. William Fluhrer: MT4/25/1958pB3
William Henry Fluhrer: DARv15, MT12/1/1927pB1, MT1/30/1948p1, MT3/11/1948p7
Diamond L. Flynn: MT11/1/1948p8, MT3/5/1953p1, MT1/2/1955
R. A. Flynn: MS1/29/1911 (drawing)
George A. Foerst: MT6/1/1928p1
Merle Foland: MT9/30/1956p5
Henry Fong: MT1/3/1966p11
James Fontaine: MT6/5/1966p10
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Kay Ford: MT6/23/1942p3
Dick Fosbury: MT3/1/1968pB2
Florence Foster: MT7/5/1949p9
Miss Foster: TR9/26/1908p1
Violet Foster: TR9/26/1908p1
H. H. "Duke" Fountain: MT5/28/1948p13
R. G. Fowler: MT11/6/1930p1, MT6/10/1931p3
Sue Fox: MT1/5/1966p6*
C. W. Fraley: AT12/31/1914p4
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Henry Frame: MT6/21/1927p1
Howard Frame: AT5/27/1915p6
Mildred Frazer: MT3/13/1927p5
Fred Fredenburg: MT5/7/1927p1
H. A. Fredenburg: MM4/26/1907
J. H. French
: MT7/28/1929pD8
G. E. Frevert: MT11/6/1930p1
George T. Frey: MT7/27/1935, MT11/27/1935p1
Harold Frohbach:
Otto J. Frohnmayer: MT12/12/1957p1, MT4/25/1958pB2
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Marie Furry: MT1/30/1967p7
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Earl Calvin Gaddis: MT9/16/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC1, MT2/28/1961pB4, MT1/13/1967p1
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Rowen Gale: MT6/8/1929p3
Winsor C. Gale: MT5/19/1931p8, MT6/16/1931p2
Henry Galey: MT10/31/1965p6
John Galey: MT6/8/1929p3
Christopher Columbus Gall: OR12/2/1917p11
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D. T. Galligar: MT12/31/1928pC1
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Walter G. Garner: MT4/25/1958pB2
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Arthur M. Geary: JP8/7/1915p4, OR11/21/1943p14
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Patsy GeBauer: MT12/29/1929p5
Ted GeBauer: MT3/29/1931pB1
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Mrs. William Gerig: MT5/22/1910pB1
J. O. Gerking: MT11/4/1916p5, MS11/5/1916p10
Bayard M. Getchell: AT2/15/1910p5
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June Gibson: MT1/2/1966pB8
Edith Gifford: MT5/11/1943p1
Robert C. Gilbert: MT1/14/1968pB7
C. H. Gile: MT10/14/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Mrs. A. V. Gillette: DARv18
C. H. Gillette: AT12/31/1914p4, AT1/1/1917p1
Maye Glover: AT5/27/1915p6
J. G. Goble: MS1/29/1911 (drawing)
O. M. Goddard: MT1/5/1931p5
G. W. Godward: MT5/18/1920p3
Bonnie Goehring: MT2/22/1956p3*
Connie Goehring: MT2/22/1956p3*
Vonnie Goehring: MT2/22/1956p3*
D. D. Good: AT12/31/1914p11
T. DeWitt Goodpasture: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Bob Goodwin: MT10/6/1957p14
Mrs. Goodyear: MT2/20/1927p8
Dr. L. M. Gordon: MT11/15/1910p8, MT2/5/1911p5
Beulah Gore: MT3/29/1931p4
Mrs. E. E. Gore: MT1/1/1914p3, MT11/3/1929p4, MT5/4/1930pB1
Eleanor Gore: MT2/7/1930p4

Gertrude M. Gore: MT2/7/1930p4
J. G. Gore: MT3/24/1950
James Gore: MT2/7/1930p4

W. H. Gore: MS5/16/1916p4, MT11/4/1916p6, MS11/5/1916p14, MT5/20/1920p5, MT7/24/1926p1, MT12/3/1927p1
William Gore: MT2/7/1930p4

Vern C. Gorst: MT3/28/1926, MT9/15/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Gottsche: MT10/14/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Neta Gould: MT9/16/1949p2
Dr. I. Howard Gove: MT11/13/1927p8, MT1/1/1928pF3, MT9/21/1930pB1
W. H. Gowdy: AT12/31/1914p16
J. P. Graham: MT8/31/1948p19
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Noble Grand: MT5/19/1929pC1
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LeRoy Gray: MS5/19/1912
R. W. Gray: TR1/21/1908p1, TR1/23/1908p1 (drawing)
Willis Gray: MT1/2/1966pB8
Green: MT4/1/1924
Doris Brophy Green: MT10/30/1927p5
Dr. R. E. Green: DARv15, MT8/1/1938p3, MT7/5/1949p9
W. C. Green: MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
Mrs. W. C. Green: MT5/22/1910pB1
Bert R. Greer: AT1/1/1917p1, AT12/31/1914p5
Lawrence A. Gregory: MT12/30/1909p1
Mary Greiner: MT2/25/1929p4
Edward A. Grens: MT9/11/1936pB1
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Mrs. C. Hafer: Sketch9/14/1907
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Mrs. Edgar Hafer: Sketch9/14/1907, MT5/22/1910pB1
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J. M. Haley: MT8/28/1930p5
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Mr. Haselton
: MT2/20/1927p8
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Hopkins: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
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A. L. Howarth
: MT7/14/1924p5
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Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hoxie: DARv18
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Frank Hull: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
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Mrs. Humphrey: MT2/20/1927p8
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Fern Hutchison: TR5/17/1909p6
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Howard W. Iddings: DT8/12/1903p6, DT8/19/1903p3
Indian Jenny: Gaston1912p465
Chester E. Irish: MT6/22/1958p1
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Jackson: TR5/22/1908p1 (drawing)
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Tom Jackson: MT7/13/1966pB1
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Indian Jenny: Gaston1912p465
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E. C. "Jerry" Jerome: MT5/18/1930pB2, MT5/21/1931pB6, MT6/4/1934 (drawing), MT10/8/1959p13
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Chief John: Gaston1912p389
A. P. Johnsen: MT7/28/1931p8
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Mrs. Bob Johnson: MT2/28/1956p12
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B. F. Jones: MT5/19/1920p9
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J. C. Jones: MM4/26/1907
Larry Jones
: MT9/8/1957p1, MT9/13/1957p1
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Rev. S. H. Jones: MT9/15/1957p14
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Frank Jordan:
AT12/31/1914p6, AT11/4/1915p1, AT11/16/1916p1, AT1/1/1917p1
J. S. Jordan: AT12/31/1914p15
Chief Joseph: Gaston1912p409
Fred Jossy: MT2/22/1956p3*
Mr. Joy: MT2/20/1927p8
Beth Joy: MT12/6/1931p5
E. N. Judy: MT5/7/1927p1
J. E. Judy: MT7/28/1929pD8
D. G. Karnes: MM3/9/1906pB5
Henry J. Kartheiser: MT10/28/1930p1
Rev. John J. Keane: MT10/24/1965pB1
M. J. Kearney: MT6/21/1927p1
Kelly: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing), MT6/4/1934 (drawing)
J. M. Keene: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing), MT3/25/1910 (drawing), PO3/18/1934pB1
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W. T. Kentner: MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
W. W. Kentnor: OR9/8/1899p6
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C. W. Kimball: MT6/30/1929p8
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A. E. Kinney: AT12/31/1914p15
Louis C. Kirby: MT6/27/1947p3
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J. B. Kirk: MT5/18/1930pB2
Josephine Kirtley: MT5/11/1943p1
Albert Kissinger: MT1/17/1960pB1
Pearl Kitchen: MT9/10/1957p1
Mabel Kitson: MN5/17/1931p8
Normal E. Klein: MT6/1/1928p1
R. L. Kline: MT6/10/1931p3
Ross Kline: MT12/31/1928pC1
T. H. Kline: MT12/30/1930p8
T. R. Kline: MT1/7/1930p2
H. J. Klingler: MT6/12/1927pB4
Elizabeth Bigham Klippel:  MT10/10/1926pB6, DARv18
Henry Klippel: HisPacNWvIp156, DARv18
A. J. Klocker: MT5/18/1930pB2
Blaine Klum: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing), MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
Clyde Knight: RT4/12/1957
Mrs. Earl H. Knight: MT3/29/1959p7
Leland H. Knight: MT11/19/1944p4
Joseph Knotts: MT11/13/1960p6
Leland Knox: MT7/20/1969pB10*
Mrs. Ralph Koger: MT11/17/1949pC6
Ralph E. Koozer: MT11/6/1930p1, MT3/6/1931p8
George N. Kramer: AT12/31/1914p1
Beverly Krupp: CP11/20/1941
Kubli: TR5/22/1908p1 (drawing)
Henry D. Kubli: AT9/12/1910p1
Max Kulbe: MT3/1/1940p6
Margaret Kulp: MT6/23/1942p3
Edgar A. Kupillas: MT1/27/1967p1
Effie Kurtz: MT5/11/1943p1
Frances Kusler: MT7/14/1966pB4
Larry Kusler: MT7/14/1966pB4
Marion Kusler: MT7/14/1966pB4
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Robert Kyle: MT4/25/1962p7, MT1/5/1966p5*
Joe La Faive: MT10/6/1957p14
C. B. Lamkin: AT12/31/1914p15, AT12/21/1916p1
Mrs. C. B. Lamkin: AT12/31/1914p10
Ben Hur Lampman: MT1/19/1927p8, MT3/14/1947p1
Floyd M. Lane: AT5/15/1916p6
Dr. Harry Lane: OR11/8/1912p12
Joe Lane: HisPacNWvIp36, Gaston1912p221
H. F. Lange: MT5/18/1930pB2
Ernest Langley: MT6/16/1930p8
S. C. Lapham: MT2/4/1940p10
B. J. Larsen: MT4/25/1958pB4
Cornelia Larsen: AT5/15/1916p6
Stanley R. Larsen: MT7/20/1969p10*
C. D. "Swede" Larson: MT4/11/1965pD3
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Lasley: MT11/17/1949pC6
Susan Laubach: MT4/30/1965pB10
E. P. Lawrence: MT4/9/1927p5, MT5/27/1929p1
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Mildred Lawrence: MT5/3/1929p4
Miss Lawrence: MT4/1/1924
Thera Lawrence: MT5/11/1943p1
D. T. Lawton: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Vingie E. Roe Lawton: MS2/25/1912p7
Adrienne Leach: MT12/29/1929p5
Beverly Jean Leach: MT12/29/1929p5
Rev. F. R. Leach: MT2/12/1921p2
Louise Leathers: MT6/21/1931p3
Estella Lecocs:MT11/17/1949pC6
Dorothy Lee: MT6/23/1942p3
Myrtle P. Lee: MT9/28/1952p8
Mrs. Roy Lee: MT8/26/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Carolyn Lees: CP11/20/1941
Charles Leever: MT6/1/1928p1
W. C. Leever: CH1/18/1917
Rae LeFevre: MT6/23/1942p3
Wilma Lemmon: MT2/6/1966p8
Fred B. Lennard: MT6/15/1942p4
Dr. L. G. Lenon: MT8/28/1910p15
Jacque Lenox: MT5/11/1943p1
Mark Leonard: MS5/19/1912
Morris B. Leonard: DARv15
Sister Mary Leonella: see Emma Bolt
Hugh Leslie: MT7/20/1969pB1*
Winifred Lester: AT5/27/1915p6
Dorinne/Doreene Leverette: MT3/13/1927p5, MT9/13/1931p3
Walter H. Leverette: MN9/14/1928, MT3/7/1945p1
C. Hunt Lewis: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Clayton W. Lewis: MT10/28/1954p16, MT10/31/1954p6
Diane Lewis: MT7/22/1949p2MT11/17/1949pC1
Ed Lewis: MT3/29/1959p7
Mrs. George Lewis: MT7/22/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC1
James C. Lewis: MT9/16/1965p10
Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Lewis: MT11/17/1949pC6
Steve Lewis: MT7/22/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC1
Mike Libercajt: MT3/9/1966p8
Olof Lidstrom: AT12/31/1914p12
Kenneth Lilly: AT5/27/1915p7
Al Littrell: RT10/26/1956p12
Verna Loffer: MT6/23/1942p3
Harry N. Lofland: JP4/22/1916p2, MS5/16/1916p4, MT10/21/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
W. L. Lonigan/Lonegan: MT5/18/1930pB2(2), MT12/6/1931p12
Roy Long: MT11/7/1931pB1
Jean Loomis: MT4/22/1920p8
B. J. Loosemore: MT8/4/1948p5
George Lounsberry: MT10/11/1953p5
George E. Love: MT8/2/1928pC1
Larry Love: MT7/21/1969p8*
Pauline Love: MT6/23/1942p3
Ronald Lovett: MT4/14/1966p1
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D. M. Lowe: MT11/6/1927p1, MT1/1/1928pH5
H. N. Lowe:
Hazel Lowe: AT5/27/1915p7
Lucille Lowry: MT3/24/1929p5
Neva Britten Lowry: MT12/15/1948
Mrs. D. J. Lumsden: MT9/6/1931p7
John Henry Lusk: MT11/20/1968p1
Martin Luther: MT4/25/1958pB2
Martin Luther, Jr.: MT6/7/1942p10
Jane C. Lydiard: MT10/11/1953p5
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Lucy A. Barber Lyman: MT2/6/1966p3
William Lyman: MT10/27/1929pB8
Mrs. G. H. Maasdam: MT7/15/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
W. N. D. MacCullough: AT7/24/1913p4
Mabel C. Mack: MT2/5/1931p6
Tom MacLeod: MT2/23/1956p12*
George Maddox: MT6/6/1945p1
Art Maggenti: MT1/2/1966pB8
Lloyd H. Magill: MT5/31/1929pC1
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Pat Magruder: MT3/9/1966p8
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Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Mallams: MT7/22/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
C. A. Malone: AT12/31/1914p14
Marie Merriman Bradley Manly: OR12/29/1912p37
E. H. Mann: MT11/5/1950p20, MT2/11/1952p1, MT5/18/1952p1
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Opal Maphet: MT1/30/1967p7
Paul V. Maris: MT2/5/1931p6
O. Mark: MT5/18/1930pB2
Ray Marks: MT2/9/1950p1
Lyle Marquis: MS5/19/1912
Dan Marmo: MT7/29/1949p7
Howard Marrs: MT1/2/1966pB8
Mrs. H. E. Marsh: RT5/15/1952
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Edison Marshall: MT4/14/1925, PO1/1/1926, MT9/24/1929p6, MT5/29/1930p3
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Jack Marshall: MN11/18/1930p5
Mrs. F. E. Martin: MT8/5/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Mrs. Ronald (Pat) Martin: MT9/9/1957p1
Paul Martin: MT6/21/1927p1
Red Martin: RT3/2/1956, RT4/20/1956pC3
Patricia Marx
: MT12/29/1929p5
Patsy Marx: MN11/21/1930p2
James Brooks Masden: MT9/13/1965p1
Eldora Mast: MT10/11/1953p5
Fred Mast: MT10/11/1953p5
Nancy Materie: MT1/5/1966p6*
Christena Riddle Mathes: OR10/24/1911p6
Mary Mathes: AT5/15/1916p6
William M. Mathes: OR10/24/1911p6
Jack Matlack: MT6/15/1942p4
Herman Mattern: AT12/31/1914p10
Rollie Mauer: MT9/17/1953p8
"Rusty" Maulsby: MT9/26/1947p3
Ona Maxon: AT5/27/1915p7
Jimsey Maye: MT1/29/1967pB1
Jean McAllister: MT6/6/1945p1
William M. McAllister: MT10/26/1948p10, MT11/1/1948p12
John McCall: MT2/9/1965pC6
Tom McCall: MT1/5/1966p1*
A. J. McCallen: AT12/31/1914p9
Izaac McCarley: MT9/29/1957p7
Mrs. Anna G. McCarthy:
Allen McCaulley: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Blanch McClatchie: MS5/19/1912
C. R. McClintock: MM4/26/1907
Maurine McClure: MT11/3/1929p4
Dave McCollum:
Bardolph J. McConnell: OR3/15/1964p83
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J. W. McCoy: AT12/31/1914p9
J. R. McCracken: MT7/28/1929pD8
Clatous McCredie: MT3/5/1953p1
Mrs. W. W. McCredie: MT10/11/1931p3
Margaret A. McCurdy: OR3/26/1916pC10
Carrie McDannell: MT5/19/1929pC1
Edwin A. McDonald: MT5/31/1931p4
Fred McDonald: MT11/5/1929p7
P. B. McDonald: MT7/3/1927pB3
Paul McDonald: MS5/19/1912, MT8/2/1928pC1
Tom McDonald: MT7/20/1969pB1*
Mrs. A. M. McDonough: OR10/30/1907p5
L. E. McEachron: MT3/20/1968p1
Mary Louise McElhose: MT3/16/1930p5
R. E. McElhose: MT7/3/1927pB3, MT8/2/1928pC1, MT2/11/1930pB1, MT2/19/1930p2
Philander McEntyre: MT10/24/1937p1
Elizabeth McGalliard: MT6/6/1945p1
J. R. McGee: MT6/28/1953p7
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Monroe McGonagle: MT1/2/1966pB8
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Hugh McKenzie: MT6/6/1945p1
Etta McKinney: MT11/14/1965pB5
Don McLeod: MT8/2/1928pC1
Mrs. Tom McLeod: MT4/25/1958pB4
John McLoughlin: Gaston1912pp97,105
P. J. McMahon: MM4/26/1907, Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Mrs. C. B. McMath: MN5/29/1932p3
Flora McMath: MT9/27/1931p3
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W. Hal McNair: OJ8/4/1919p1, OR6/25/1934p2
Don McNeil: MT2/28/1956p12
Laura McQueen: MS5/19/1912
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Mrs. A. B. Mead: MT11/17/1949pC6
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Rev. Carman E. Mell: MT11/19/1927p3
S. G. Mendenhall: MT9/30/1928p3, MT12/22/1929p7
Mrs. R. H. Mercer: MT6/6/1945p1
R. H. Mercer: MT6/6/1945p1
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F. E. Merrick: MT4/15/1912p6
Mrs. F. E. Merrick: MT1/1/1914p3, MT3/22/1920p6
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Phil Metschan: MT10/26/1930pB2, MT11/2/1930p3
Jack Meves: MT9/29/1957p7
Audley Meyer: 1915IndustrialClubWorkp13
Mrs. E. E. Meyer: MT9/16/1949p2
Larry Meyer: MT2/22/1956p3*
Mrs. Mickelson: MT2/20/1927p8
A. K. Mickey: CH5/28/1914p3
Tom Middleton: MT6/1/1966pC3
Gary Miksche: MT3/9/1966p8
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G. M. Milam: AT12/31/1914p16
L. G. "Lew" Miles: MT11/13/1960p6
T. W. Miles: MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
Dell E. Millard: MT4/18/1965pB1
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D. H. Miller: DT5/29/1902p4, DT6/12/1902p2 TR1/28/1909
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Joaquin Miller: Gaston1912p627
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"Russ" Miller: MT6/1/1966pC3
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Mickey Mills: MT4/8/1949p6
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George P. Mims: MT9/30/1916p1, OJ10/2/1916p3
Bob Minear: MT1/29/1981p7
A. C. Mininger: AT12/31/1914p12
Alton LeRoy Minger Jr.: MT7/22/1969pB3
Betty Minger: MT10/6/1957p14
Elaine Ruth Meyer Minger: MT7/22/1969pB3
R. A.  Minkler: AT12/31/1914p5
Ross Minneci: MT7/1/1949p2, MT7/8/1949p2, MT10/11/1953p5
Keith Mirick: MT11/21/1954p14
Bobby Mitchell: MT9/10/1957p1
Cliff Mitchell: MT7/15/1949p2
Darrel Mitchell: MT5/4/1952p11, MT10/11/1953p5
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Franklin Pierce Mitchell: MT3/6/1955
J. W. Mitchell: MS12/22/1912p1 (drawing)
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Rev. L. Mitchelmore: MT9/15/1957p14
Alfred C. Mittelstaedt: MT12/31/1928pC1, MT1/7/1930p2, MT12/4/1931p14
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Emil Mohr: MT11/11/1928pB3, MT1/10/1933p1
Mrs. F. A. Monroe: MT9/15/1957p1
J. D. Monteith: MT4/8/1949p18
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Mrs. Edgar Allen Moore: MT9/20/1931p3
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W. J. Moore: AT12/31/1914p4
Jack Moran Jr.: MT7/8/1956pB1
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Margaret Morcom: AT5/15/1916p6
E. Schelley Morgan: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Ray Morgan: AT5/15/1916p6
Stan Morgan: MT7/1/1949p2
Carlos W. Morris: MT5/17/1948p8, RT5/15/1952, RT3/11/1955
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S. R. Morris: AT12/31/1914p12
Sam Morris: AT1/1/1917p4
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Dr. J. W. Morrow: MT5/16/1916p4
G. A. Morse: AT11/4/1912p7, AT10/31/1912p3
Eunice Morthland: AT5/27/1915p7
L. G. "Shy" Morthland: MT5/17/1948p4, MT8/31/1948p20, MT10/24/1948p8, MT5/20/1956p1
Carl R. Moser: MT8/2/1928pC1
Gus C. Moser: MT5/4/1918p4, MT5/11/1918p4
Allison Moulton: MT5/16/1928p8
Mrs. H. S. Mulit: AT12/31/1914p10
L. L. Mulit: AT10/27/1913p1
B. F. Mulkey: MT3/25/1910 (drawing), MS1/29/1911 (drawing)
Mullar: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Jay Mullen: MT4/28/1978p1
James A. Mullins: MT9/19/1937p12
Arthur Murphy: MT8/2/1928pC1
J. J. Murphy: AT12/31/1914p13
Lucille Murray: MT3/24/1929p5
Nyla Murray: MT2/22/1956p3*
William Cortez Myer: OR9/8/1899p6
C. A. Myers: MT5/12/1940p12
Mrs. D. F. Myers: MT8/5/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
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Fred Myers: MT10/11/1953p5
John Myers: MT4/25/1962p7, MT1/5/1966p5*
Mary Jane Myers: MT4/25/1962p7, MT1/5/1966p5*
Mabel Nansen: MT6/6/1945p1
N. L. Narregan: MT4/15/1912p6
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J. P. Naumes: MT11/6/1930p1
R. E. Nealon: MT12/31/1928pC1, MT12/30/1930p8, MT6/11/1931p3, MT12/8/1931p3
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Asher Neff: MT7/10/1966p7
Leonard Negles: RT4/12/1957
J. R. Neil: JP6/6/1908p3, MT4/15/1912p6
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K. M. Neill: MT5/18/1930pB2
Delbert Nelsen, Jr.: MT1/2/1966pB8
Bob Nelson: MT2/14/1934p8
Cecil L. Nelson: MT1/2/1966pB8
Frank Nelson: MT2/9/1965pC6
Lowell Nelson: MT7/21/1969p6*
Robert Nelson: MT2/14/1934p8
Sam Nelson: MT10/27/1968pB2
Truman Nelson: MT10/27/1968pB2
Vernon Nelson: MT10/11/1953p5
James W. Nesmith: Gaston1912p647
E. T. Newbry: MT7/28/1929pD8
Lyndel W. Newbry: MT2/16/1966p1
Donald R. Newbury: MT3/11/1924p8, MT9/22/1952p1
Gus Newbury: TR5/22/1908p1 (drawing), MT5/4/1927p1, MT5/7/1927p1, MT6/20/1954pB6
W. E. Newcastle: AT5/6/1915p1
Walter E. Newcombe: AT12/31/1914p5
Bob Newland: MT11/17/1949pC6
R. A. Newland: MT8/19/1949p2
Florence Newman: MT10/11/1953p5
Mrs. G. C. Nicewood: MT9/2/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
M. N. Nichols: MT5/18/1930pB2
O. O. Nichols: MT8/2/1928pC1
H. B. Nicholson: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Charles Nickell: HisPacNWvIIp600, Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Harry Niedermeyer: MT6/6/1945p1
John Niedermeyer: MT4/25/1958pB3, MT4/25/1962p7, MT1/5/1966p5*
J. W. Nielson: MT1/5/1966p10*
Mrs. B. W. Nims: MT4/25/1958pB4
A. C. Nininger: AT12/31/1914p12, AT1/6/1916p1
Dani Niquette: MT4/30/1965pB10
L. O. Norcross: MT6/21/1927p1
Paul Norcross: MS5/19/1912
John Antonius Norling: Plaindealer4/24/1905p2
Art Nordquist: MT2/5/1964p7
Mrs. Norman: MT2/20/1927p8
Alfred Norris: MT6/16/1930p8
Cecil M. Norris: MT10/31/1954p9
Claire C. Norris: MT8/31/1932p3
D. D. Norris: AT12/10/1914p7, AT12/14/1914p4
V. Aubrey Norris: MT4/4/1964p3
Judge Harry D. Norton: MT11/3/1928p5, MN11/28/1930p1, MT2/8/1942
Leo Novak: MT11/14/1965pB5
John Nuich: MT12/8/1960p14
Dave Nunley: MT7/20/1969pB1*(2)
Walter Nunley: MT5/18/1952p1, MT5/11/1956p5, MT5/20/1956p1
Frank Nutter: MT6/21/1927p1
Alice Swanson Nutting: MT9/18/1927p3
Bernard L. Nutting: MT4/25/1962p7, MT1/5/1966p5*, MT1/10/1978p1
H. L. Nutting: MT5/18/1930pB2
Chauncey Nye: OR2/11/1904p4
Evelyn Nye: MT11/5/1958p1
Larry T. Nygaard: MT5/12/1940p7
Patrick Joseph O'Gara: MS8/27/1911p12
Art O'Keefe: MT4/17/1974p6
Gaylee Oakes: MT7/21/1969p6*
H. B. Oatman: HisPacNWvIIp38
Mrs. H. B. Oatman: HisPacNWvIIp38
Norm Oberst: RT4/1/1955
Steve Oester: OR4/25/1948p75
Dorland Offenbacher: MT11/14/1965pB5
Mike Offord: MT7/20/1969pB1*
Willard E. Offord: MT5/4/1966p9
C. Ogle: MT7/28/1929pC8
Oliver Ogle: MT1/2/1966pB8
Ben Olcott: MT7/31/1927p1
Louie P. Older: MT4/27/1929pB4, MT7/28/1929ppB6,C8
George Olsen: MT8/27/1931p8
Edith Olson: MN11/20/1930p3
Herbert Keith Olson: MT7/21/1969p7*
Marilyn Jean Kindall Olson: MT7/21/1969p7*
Oris Olson: MT5/12/1940p7
John D. Olwell: DT5/29/1902p4, DT6/12/1902p2 Sketch9/14/1907, MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
Mrs. John D. Olwell: MT5/22/1910pB1
Eugene A. Orr: MT8/3/1928pB1, MT8/1/1938p3
L. J. Orres: AT12/31/1914p11
Dorothy Orth: MT3/29/1931p4
John S. Orth: DT5/29/1902p1, DT6/12/1902p2
Josie Orth: MT10/24/1965pB1
Ferdinand Osenbrugge: MM3/9/1906pB5, Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
P. W. Osgood: MT3/25/1910 (drawing)
Myrta Otterdale: MT2/6/1966p8
J. C. Ottinger: MT1/1/1928pD2
George W. Owen: MT11/4/1916p6m MS11/5/1916p14
Mrs. J. L. Owen: MT11/17/1949pC1
James H. Owen: MT12/31/1928pC8
O. D. Owen: MM3/9/1906pB1
J. Owens: MT5/18/1930pB2
Mr. Oxford: MT2/20/1927p8
Caroline Pace: MT12/29/1929p5
Henry R. Pace: MT8/2/1928pC1, MT3/29/1931pB1
Mr. Padgett: MT9/17/1953p8
Mrs. Padgett
: MT9/17/1953p8
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Palen:
MT8/26/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Marjorie Paley: MT3/13/1927p5
Callie Palm: MT10/16/1960p9
Bertha Honore Palmer: OJ7/20/1905p1
Elinor Palmer: MT9/2/1929p8
Joel Palmer: Gaston1912p471
J. D. Pankey: CH2/1/1912
Walter J. Pappas: MT12/27/1960p19, MT5/20/1966p1
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Parker: MT11/17/1949pC6
Clay D. Parker: MT7/28/1929pD8, MT9/24/1931p2
Sarah Ann Catching Parker: MT3/10/1939
Mrs. Parr: MT2/20/1927p8
Mrs. C. H. Paske: MT9/20/1931p3
Aaron Patton Talent: OR6/15/1913p7
John Patrick: MT5/12/1940p7
Mr. Patrick: MT2/20/1927p8
Pat Patterson: MT9/15/1926
Hamilton Patton: MT10/1/1930pB1, MT10/26/1930p8
Shirley Patton: MT5/8/1966pC2
John F. Patty: AT12/31/1914p13
Mrs. R. H. Paxon: MT11/17/1949pC6
Elizabeth McCollum Payne: MT10/10/1926pB6, MT10/7/1928p2, DARv18
Maple Payne: AT5/27/1915p6
Mrs. Payne: MT2/20/1927p8
Mrs. Claude Payton: MT7/8/1949p2
Leila Paxson: MT4/8/1966p13
Nelle Peachey: AT5/27/1915p7
Daniel Jones Sweeny Pearce: DARv18 (MS4/25/1920p6), MT11/27/1923p5
Mrs. Don B. Peatt: MT11/17/1949pC6
Greta Pefley: MT11/17/1949pC6
Larry Pefley: MT11/17/1949pC6
Martha E. Pefley: MT9/2/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Sharron Pefley: MT11/17/1949pC6
Alice Applegate Peil: MT11/17/1968p1
Emil Peil: AT12/31/1914p11
G. G. Peil: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
George E. Peil: TR1/9/1908p1 (drawing)
Henry Pellett: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
George Peoples: MT6/1/1966pC3
Percival: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
George H. Perkins: CH2/1/1912
J. W. Perkins: MM6/1/1906p1, Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Mrs. J. W. Perkins: Sketch9/14/1907
Marianne Perl: MN5/24/1931p7
Nellie M. Perl: JN10/31/1924p6
Thelma Perozzi: MT6/8/1929p3
Allen Perry: MT5/27/1929p8
Arthur Perry: MT1/19/1948p2
James A. Perry: MM3/9/1906pB1, Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing,photo), MT3/25/1910 (drawing), MT3/4/1945
William Perry: MT5/18/1930pB2, MT1/5/1931p5
Elva Wheeler Persons: MT6/20/1954pB1
Phyllis Pesenti: MT9/29/1957p7, MT3/29/1959p7
Greg Peters: MT1/4/1966p8*
Eugene K. Peterson: MT9/13/1957p1
Mrs. Dick Phair: MT2/28/1956p12
Irma Phillips: AT5/27/1915p6
Kenneth V. Phillips: MT1/3/1965pC1
Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Phillips: MT8/19/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Alla Rena Phipps: OR8/30/1932p7
Mrs. Dolph Phipps: MT8/26/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
E. E. Phipps: AT12/31/1914p15
Ivan Phipps: AT5/15/1916p6
Mignon Phipps: MT6/23/1942p3
Troy Phipps: AT5/27/1915p7
W. E. Phipps: MT3/25/1910 (drawing), MN3/13/1932p4*
Mrs. Donn Piatt: MT8/19/1949p2
Joan Carlin Piatt: MT6/7/1945p1
Albert Piche: MT5/7/1927p1, MN11/19/1930p8, MN1/15/1931p2
L. F. Pickett: MT10/12/1965pB2
Charles H. Pierce: TR2/3/1908p1
Clarence C. Pierce: TR2/3/1908p1
Eric Pierson: MT5/3/1929p4
Frank Pinnock: MT9/29/1957p7
William C. Piper: MT11/15/1959p14
A. W. Pipes: MT1/3/1929p3, MT2/11/1930pB1, MT8/3/1930pB1, MT11/6/1930p1,  MT1/28/1944p1
M. F. Platt: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
John H. Pletsch: MT7/5/1949p9
Helen Plymate: AT5/15/1916p6
H. J. Plymesser: MT11/1/1948p12
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Mrs. Jack Russell:
William Russell: MT12/29/1929p5
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T. C. Ryan: MT3/28/1926 Fred W. Ryde: RT5/15/1952
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Esther M. Sanderson:
MT6/28/1931p3, MT8/1/1938p3
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Seely: MS1/29/1911 (drawing)
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Rev. Weston F. Shields: MT3/29/1935p1
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Roy R. Shreve: MT2/15/1934p10
Viola Sickles: MT10/11/1953p5
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Fred Simcox: RT4/12/1957
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Sister Carmelina: MT1/5/1966p11*
Sister Rose Lucille: MT1/5/1966p11*
Arlon Edward "Lon" Skinner: MT4/2/1965p12, MT4/9/1965p12, MT2/15/1985p15, MT2/17/1985p17
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Ed Smith: RT4/12/1957
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Lou Smith: MT2/16/1966p11
Mrs. Smith
: MT2/20/1927p8
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Roy Smith:
MT6/16/1930p8, MT2/16/1966p11
S. Sumpter Smith: MT7/2/1931p9, DARv15
Vera Smith: MT6/6/1945p1
W. B. Smith: AT12/31/1914p12
"Snafu": MT4/17/1955pB1
Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Snider: MT6/24/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
John Snider: MT11/5/1956p16
Mary Snider: MT6/21/1931p3
H. W. Snyder: MT9/9/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Mrs. Ira Snyder: MT9/2/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
Irita Snyder: MT9/2/1949p2
Larry Snyder: MT9/2/1949p2
Sharon Snyder: MT9/2/1949p2
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William Sooy-Smith: MT1/20/1912p8, MT10/12/1912p2
Lowell Sorenson: MT10/6/1957p14
R. M. Sorenson: MT4/25/1958pB3
Elaine Sorum: MT7/30/1953p1
Doris Southwick: MT6/23/1942p3
Grace Sowle: MT7/21/1969p6*
Pearl Spackman: MT1/17/1960pB1
Alice Sparks: MT6/23/1942p3
Alex Sparrow: MT6/7/1953p12
Arthur C. Spencer: MS5/16/1916p4
Robert Spencer: AT5/27/1915p6
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. W. Spilver: DARv15
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Charles D. Stacy: MT10/31/1928p6
William Stalker: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Robert N. Stanfield: MT4/27/1918p4, MT5/11/1918p4
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P. H. Stansbury: MT1/10/1954p12
E. T. Staples: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Arthur Starbuck: MT9/15/1926, MT10/25/1929pB1
Stearns: MT4/1/1924
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A. Frederick Stennett: MT8/1/1938p3, MT12/28/1941
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Mary Stevenson: MS5/19/1912
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C. T. Steward: MT11/3/1935p5
C. E. Stewart: OR4/23/1902p4
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O. A. Stillman: AT10/31/1912p8
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Jean Stoddard: MT6/23/1942p3(2)
L. N. Stoecklin: MT6/30/1929p8
Al Stoehr: MT5/3/1929p4
Mrs. Walter Stokes: MT4/9/1911
E. P. Stone: MT5/31/1929pC1
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B. I. Stoner: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Mrs. Kelton Strader: MT8/1/1938p3
Charles Strang: MM3/9/1906pB1, MT3/29/1934, MT11/1/1936p3
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Mr. & Mrs. Fred Strang: MT11/17/1949pC6
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R. I. Stuart: MT5/30/1976pC2
Bert Stull: MS5/19/1912
M. C. Suit: MT5/18/1930pB2
Mr. Sullivan: MT2/20/1927p8
S. J. Summerlin: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Clement Summers: AT5/15/1916p6
Phyllis Swearingen: MT8/1/1938p3
Dr. Charles T. Sweeney: MT5/16/1918p4, MT10/22/1937p5, MT4/5/1942
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Corrine: Sweet: AT5/15/1916p6
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Phoebe Swem: MT6/23/1942p3
Jim Swindler: RT4/12/1957
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Charles E. Terrill: MT11/1/1920p3, MT7/27/1922p7, MT5/13/1924p5
John Texeira: MT6/1/1966pC3
C. A. "Jack" Tharp and family: CP2/11/1943
Mrs. Geraldine Theiss: MT5/22/1910pB1
R. B. Thierolf: MT1/5/1966p11*
Virginia Thierolf: MT12/29/1929p5
C. M. Thomas: MS5/18/1916p4, MS11/5/1916p6, MT5/17/1922p5, MT5/5/1927p1, MT7/28/1927p1, MT10/17/1928p5, MT2/28/1931p1
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Walter F. Thompson: MT6/3/1966p7
Col. C. G. Thomson :MT8/2/1928pC1
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J. E. Thornton: MM5/20/1904p1, OR5/21/1904p7
J. Q. Thornton: HisPacNWvIp92
Lewis Thornton: MT10/11/1953p5
Nate Thornton: MT9/1/1937pB1
Mr. and Mrs. A. Throckmorton: DARv18
Jackie Thurman: MT6/23/1942p3
Francis M. Tibbetts: OJ2/11/1906p40
Fred Tice: MT5/19/1929pB3, MT9/1/1931p14, MT4/12/1935p1, DARv18
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tice: DARv18
Theresa M. Ticknor: CH5/28/1914p3
Herbert Tilley: MT9/16/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC1
Sue Tinsley: MT1/4/1966p8*
J. E. Toft: MM3/9/1906pB5
Merland Tollefson: MT5/13/1930p6, MT9/9/1931p7
John Tompkins: RT4/12/1957
Frank L. TouVelle: MT4/15/1912p6, MT11/4/1912p5, MW11/7/1912, DARv15, MT11/3/1922p10, MT3/29/1935p1
Loy Towse: MT6/1/1966pC3
George W. Trefren: AT12/31/1914p11
George E. Treichler: MT8/12/1919pB2
H. B. Tronson: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing), Sunset1910December
Ben J. Trowbridge: Sketch9/14/1907 (drawing)
Mrs. Ben J. Trowbridge: MN5/24/1931p7
Benjamin Wells Trowbridge: MN5/24/1931p7
Everett G. Trowbridge: MN8/18/1933
Mary Trowbridge: MS5/19/1912
Cora Jane Roberts Truax: MT11/14/1965pB5
E. M. Tucker: MT7/3/1978p1
Rev. N. K. Tully: MT9/15/1957p14
Francis M. Tungate: CH2/1/1912
George Turney: MT6/6/1945p1
Woody Turpin: MT8/27/1948p7
Shelby M. Tuttle: MT4/25/1958pB3
William G. T'Vault: Gaston1912p193
Larry Tweedy: MT1/27/1969p7
W. P. Twomey: CH2/1/1912
Mrs. Burr E. Tye: MT9/2/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC6
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Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tyrrell: MT9/9/1949p2, MT11/17/1949pC1
William S. U'Ren: Gaston1912p659
William Ulrich: DARv18
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: MT11/15/1959p14
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: MT11/15/1959p14
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: MT11/15/1959p14
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Lowell Zundle: MS6/18/1916p3, MT6/21/1916p2, MS6/22/1916p2
Tom Zundle: MT6/17/1916p2

AA: Ashland American
AT: Ashland Tidings
CL: Clarion
CP: Central Point American
CH: Central Point Herald
CW: Camp White Grenade
GP: Grants Pass Courier
HisPacNW: History of the Pacific Northwest
JM: Jacksonville Miner
JN: Jackson County News
JP: Jacksonville Post
JT: Jackson County Times, Democratic Times
ML: Medford Lights (SOHS 917.9505 M43)
Medford Mail
MN: Medford News
MR: Medford Reporter
MS: Medford Sun
MSM: Medford's Magazine (SOHS 917.9505 M43)
Medford Mail Tribune daily
MW: Medford Mail Tribune weekly

OJ: Oregon Journal
OR: Oregonian
PR: Pacific Record Herald
RT: Rogue River Times
SM: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Southern Oregonian
ST: Southern Oregon Transcript
Medford Success
TR: Medford Tribune
VR: Valley Record

*Original newspaper in my collection.

Last revised February 2, 2024