The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford News 1965

Flood's Aftermath Selected As Top News Story During Past Year
    It has been a year since one of the worst floods was written into local history annals.
    Since December 1964, assessing and repairing damage has continued. During the early months of the year, reports of flood damage trickled in from the accessible areas in the mountain country. Later in the year, as repairs were made, new bridges were opened, others were repaired, new roads and roadbeds were constructed, and homes were rebuilt, repaired or moved to higher ground.
    Much of the cost of repairing damage will never be known, since some of the work was done on a volunteer basis, and its full economic impact may never be known.
    Last December the Christmas week flood was voted by the Mail Tribune news department staff as the number one story of the year 1964. At that time, it had prospects of becoming one of the top news stories of 1965, when damage would be assessed and much of it repaired.
    And it did just that.
Eight Select Flood Aftermath
    Eight members of the staff selected the flood's aftermath as the top news story of the past year. Three staff members selected it as the second-ranked story.
    Only three other news events during the past year received first-place votes. They were the number of accident fatalities in Jackson County, which received three first-place votes, the announced closure of the Veterans Administration Domiciliary at White City, and the Mt. Ashland ski area, each of which received one vote.
    During the past year, 45 persons were killed in vehicle accidents in Jackson County, including 13 persons in the state's worst accident. That accident occurred Dec. 24 when a bus went out of control on "black ice" near Valley of the Rogue State Park and rolled over three times.
    For comparison, as to why fatalities were selected among the top stories of the past year, a total of 21 persons were killed in vehicle accidents the year before.
Closures Are Announced
    Last January, President Johnson announced closure of several veterans hospitals and homes, with the White City facility among them. However, a campaign by local residents, veterans organizations and representatives in Washington, D.C. resulted in the Domiciliary remaining open.
    The Mt. Ashland ski area development has progressed during the year, with much of the lodge being completed and the highway repaired and resurfaced. It had a shaky start this season because of lack of snow, but recent storms have improved that deficiency.
    Five staff members selected fatalities as the second ranking story of the year, while three considered it third most important and one voted it in fourth place.
    The Domiciliary closure story received two votes for second place, four third-place votes, and one vote each as the fifth-, sixth- and eighth-ranked story of the past year.
    The majority of the rest of the votes were divided among the proposal to delete United Air Lines service from airports in Eugene, Salem and Medford; the Rogue Valley Manor tax situation; the Mt. Ashland ski area; redevelopment and restoration of the downtown areas of Medford, Jacksonville and Ashland; and the sanitary sewer problem in Jackson County.
    Voting on these news stories went like this:
    --The proposal to delete United Air Lines service: three third-place votes; two fourth-place votes; and one each for fifth, sixth and eighth places.
    --The Rogue Valley Manor tax situation: one fourth-place vote; two seventh place; and one each for eighth, ninth and tenth places.
Votes for Mt. Ashland
    --The Mt. Ashland ski area: one first-place vote; one fourth place; three fifth-place votes; and one each for sixth, ninth and tenth.
    --Redevelopment and restoration: two third-place votes; three fifth place; one each for sixth, seventh and ninth, and two for eighth place.
    --The sanitary sewer problem: four fourth-place votes, one for fifth and seventh and two for eighth place.
    The rest of the votes on news stories of major importance were divided among the Rogue Basin Project; development of county parks; the BMI strike at Phoenix; the new Providence Hospital and the cancer center at Rogue Valley Hospital; Job Corps camp at Grants Pass and the possibility of one in this area; the weather; enrollment at Southern Oregon College; air pollution; the Neighborhood Youth Corps; the announcement that Votomatics will be used in county elections; and the fruit harvest.
News Feature Category
    In the news feature category, nine staff members selected the festivals--the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Britt Music Festival--as the top feature story.
    Other stories receiving first-place votes included the McKee Bridge damage and restoration (one vote), the JFK Living Memorial Ambassador Program (one vote), and C. C. Hoover's tree program (one vote).
    Three different feature-type stories received three votes each for second place. They were the sister city program (Alba visitors here and the local people going to Alba), the McKee Bridge restoration, and the Peace Corps volunteers from this area (three of them went into the Peace Corps from Jackson County).
    Other second-place votes went to the festivals, C. C. Hoover's tree program and Christmas messages and cards to servicemen in Vietnam.
    Third place was shared by the sister city program (4 votes), McKee Bridge (3 votes) and the JFK program, festivals and Hoover's tree program (all 1 vote each).
    Staff members divided their votes for fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh places in the feature category among these stories.
    Bridge washed out by December flood at Shady Cove is costly to Rogue Valley's lumber industry . . . Fog seeding permits 215 passengers to arrive or leave Medford airport in one day . . . Flood victims of Shady Cove move back into homes which can be repaired . . . One of 18 meetings in state to assess flood damage held in Grants Pass . . . Johanna Landsberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius G. Dobrot, Central Point, leaves with her husband, Arne, for Central America as Peace Corps volunteers . . . Josephine County flood losses estimated in excess of $5 million . . . Dale Peterson, Central Point, one of two students at Colorado School of Mines to be nominated for Danforth graduate fellowships . . . New snowstorm, winds up to 70 mph halt vehicle traffic from Siskiyou Mountains to Weed, Calif. . . . A $1,116,000 revised preliminary figure for flood damage to Jackson County agriculture compiled . . . Charles W. Thompson, Medford, goes to Peru for Peace Corps duty . . . New county officers are sworn in . . . Eight schools in Jackson County, all schools in Josephine County, and Mt. Ashland ski area closed by heavy snowfall . . . Annual report of Newcomers Service shows 67 percent of newcomers are under 40 years old . . . Personal property damage from December flood estimated at $5 million . . . Newly elected Central Point officials sworn in . . . Jacksonville mayor, A. C. Bowan, sworn in . . . Ferry service across Rogue River at Shady Cove established . . . Holdings of White City Realty Co., appraised at more than $5 million, purchased by Commonwealth, Inc. of Portland . . . Bybee Bridge reopens after flood . . . United Air Lines supports West Coast Airlines to delete service of UAL from airports at Medford, Eugene and Salem . . . Robert H. Torheim, staff officers on Rogue River National Forest, Medford, transferred to Portland regional office of Forest Service . . . Water supply in 1965 for Rogue Valley predicted to be good . . . Closure of White City Domiciliary announced for June 30 . . . Oregon legislators, Sen. Wayne Morse and Rep. Robert Duncan, seek change in Domiciliary action . . . Grants Pass citizens protest location of Job Corps camp in a petition signed by 1,042 residents . . . Jacksonville branch of U.S. National Bank opens amid festivities, parade . . . Harold Holmes, 57, sales manager for Rogue River Orchards, dies . . . Frank Carter, Jacksonville police chief, undergoes surgery for treatment of gunshot wound . . . Biggest weekend yet reported at Mt. Ashland Ski Area with crowd estimated at 5,000 . . . Petitions circulated for construction of a county multipurpose center . . . Central Point School District 6 voters approve $325,000 bond issue . . . House Planning and Development Committee supports cities opposing West Coast Airlines petition to delete United service at Salem, Eugene and Medford . . . President Johnson's budget message to Congress asks appropriations of more than $1 million for Rogue Basin Project . . . Winter term registration reaches 2,419, new all-time record, at Southern Oregon College in Ashland.
    Medford Mayor James J. Dunlevy vetoes zone change of Disco store on basis firm did not meet contractual requirements . . . E. O. Graham, former Jacksonville mayor, resigns as assistant director of Local Public Agency for Historic Preservation of Jacksonville . . . Ashland city council approves study of the feasibility of developing a new shopping area in downtown Ashland . . . T. Carl Juhl assumes duties of Rogue River National Forest supervisor . . . Gov. Mark Hatfield addresses annual awards banquet of Medford Safety Council . . . Twenty bridge and road projects under way or completed on Rogue River National Forest to repair Christmas week flood damage . . . Peter Kiewit Sons Co., Medford, low bidder to construct 1.5 miles of freeway in California across state line with $1,456,465 offer . . . Jackson County's estimated share of O&C funds will be $3,125,369 for new fiscal year . . . Lester Harris, principal of Medford High School since 1944, dies . . . Karen Foley, Medford High senior, named to represent Oregon in national Junior Miss Pageant . . . Alexander L. (Alex) McDonald, dean of boys, named acting principal of Medford High School . . . Grants Pass voters approve $2,135,000 bond issue to construct three new schools . . . Oregon State University professor shows air pollution in Bear Creek Valley fault of lumber industry . . . Special recognition by Gov. Hatfield given Medford United Crusade for record of 12 consecutive campaign victories . . . Rogue Valley Manor's appeal to Oregon State Tax Commission for lower valuation denied . . . Medford School District 549C proposes budget of $5,131,199.50 . . . Medford city council adopts park plan for Medford that includes Bear Creek Park Plan and school park plan . . . Ashland High School takes grand sweepstakes trophy at 33rd Oregon High School Speech Tournament . . . Jackson County school tax levy anticipated at 1.3 mills to raise $179,136.83 . . . Dr. Angus Bowmer given award during Ashland awards banquet . . . Marshall MacDonald, president of California Heritage Council, volunteers to donate services as consultant to historic restoration program under way in Jacksonville . . . Ausland Construction Company, Grants Pass, low bidder for Agate Dam project . . . Twenty Job Corps enrollees arrive in Medford for work at Farm Labor Camp on Table Rock Road.
    Karen and Sharon Hugdahl from Medford High School place first in duo Shakespeare acting at State Dramatic Arts Festival at Southern Oregon College . . . A bill allowing courts to conduct domestic relations conciliation services introduced in house by Rep. John Dellenback, R.-Medford . . . Payne and Struble, architects, authorized to proceed with working drawings for new high school in Medford . . . Oregon 62 opens to traffic with completion of Bailey bridge over Rogue River at Shady Cove . . . Dennis Gene Miller, 28, Medford, dies of injuries suffered in vehicle accident . . . Applications being received for Jackson County's 1965 JFK ambassador . . . Nick Bez Sr., president of West Coast Airlines, promises jet service to Eugene and Medford if company's petition for exclusive rights to fly into Eugene and Medford is granted . . . Mrs. Conro (Grace Andrews) Fiero, Medford, hosts showing of "Grace's Visit to Rogue River Valley" . . . Bear Creek area transportation interviews begin . . . U.S. Corps of Army Engineers inspect flood debris removal problems on Rogue and Applegate rivers for eligibility of federal aid . . . Floyd Edwin Laney, Medford, killed in two-car collision . . . Forty-two acres of land along Applegate River near Ruch added to Jackson County parks system . . . Seven-mill Jackson County tax levy seen necessary to save tax base . . . First orchard heating begins in Rogue Valley March 15 . . . Total tentative Jackson County Public Welfare Commission budget anticipated at $1,559,531, compared with current total of $1,490,163 . . . Plans announced for construction of $500,000 office building on Biddle Road between Stevens and Market streets . . . Weyerhaeuser Company begins construction of 250,000-square-foot wood chip reloading facility at Grants Pass . . . W. J. Driver, V.A. Administrator, explains proposed closure of White City Domiciliary . . . Sale and call for bids of Medford City Hall bonds authorized by council . . . Four finalists selected for JFK ambassador: Mrs. Donald Avery, Phoenix, Howard Gang, William McKibbin and Herb Partridge . . . Frank P. Farrel, Medford lawyer, dies in hospital . . . Preliminary interviews held for Miss Rogue Valley Pageant contestants . . . Sen. Stephen Young scheduled to speak at 1965 Roosevelt memorial dinner . . . India selected as destination of JFK ambassador . . . School District 549C budget of $5,104,455.90 approved by board following hearing . . . Three Jackson County hospitals request $200,000 from court to pay for patients who cannot afford to pay . . . Ground broken on Agate Dam project . . . Sen. Wayne Morse charges V.A. had made "horrendous mistake" in ordering closure of Domiciliary . . . John Eads, Medford High School, wins first place in regional competition of American Legion national speech contest . . . John Harry Sloan, Shady Cove, dies following chain saw accident.
    Plumbers of Local 418 and Rogue Valley Master Plumbers Association stop work . . . Orchard foreman fined $25 in court for pollution of public waters . . . Personal letter campaign instigated to save V.A. Domiciliary . . . Dr. Fred. Lorish files for Medford School Board . . . Phoenix School Board declines to accept resignation of Mrs. Lea Zundel, board member . . . Arvel L. Nash files for position on Medford School Board . . . The Rev. Georges Rex Victor D'Alton-Bolster, rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, dies at age 65 . . . Orchard heating sets new record . . . Academic awards banquet for 42 high school seniors held at Rogue Valley Country Club . . . Ten inches of new snow on Mt. Ashland improves skiing . . . Bonds totaling $2.3 million sold to First National Bank for construction of new city hall . . . City of Medford contracts with Jack A. Edson Company to develop zoning ordinance . . . Venture Construction Inc., Auburn, Wash., submits low bid for construction of Dark Hollow water reservoir, at $451,883 . . . Medford School Board sells $3,730,000 in bonds to First National Bank of Oregon for construction of new high school . . . Duane W. Malone hired as executive secretary for United Crusade . . . Adequate water supply for 1965 predicted despite two months of drought . . . Strike by local plumbers ends . . . W. R. Bullock dies at 99, one day before 100th birthday . . . John Chaney, Medford lawyer, appointed municipal court judge of Central Point . . . V.A. Domiciliary studied for possible use as Job Corps center . . . Water spilled into Bear Creek from Emigrant Lake to relieve water pressure . . . Lawrence A. Solbert appointed manager of 3M Company in White City . . . Financial aid requested of county court by Peter Britt Gardens Music and Arts Festival Association and Jackson County Civic Music Association . . . Rogue River National Forest decreases by nine the manned lookouts during 1965 fire season . . . Medford Police Lt. Lyle C. Perkins named police chief at Lake Oswego, Ore. . . . Mrs. Donald Avery and Howard Gang named ambassadors abroad under JFK Living Memorial program . . . Seven young people to visit Medford during summer from sister city, Alba, Italy . . . James S. Hickey Construction Co. submits low bid of $503,000 for construction of U.S. National Bank . . . Crater Lake Park superintendent Richard A. Nelson dies . . . Johnny Crawford, television and motion picture star, opens Pear Blossom Festival . . . Dr. Leonard B. Mayfield, 60, superintendent of Medford schools for past decade, dies . . . Officials of county cities meet on recently completed water and sewage study . . . Lyle Stewart, planning consultant, presents downtown redevelopment plan for city . . . Job Corps center at Emigrant Lake area proposed . . . Thorn V. Rust, 29, appointed director of program of historic restoration in Jacksonville . . . Proposed Medford budget of $6,362,746 presented to budget committee . . . Building permits for April reach $1,002,430, a new high . . . Directors of Talent School District sell $200,000 in bonds to First National Bank.
    School budgets approved by eight districts in Jackson County . . . George Decker assigned engineer for Rogue Basin Project . . . Robert and Frances Swan, superintendent and matron of Jackson County Juvenile Detention Home since 1957, resign . . . Medford School District voters approve $125,000 serial levy . . . A. L. (Tex) Nash elected to Medford School Board . . . Mrs. Donald Avery, JFK ambassador to India, unable to accept appointment . . . Incoming JFK ambassador is Sonja Farkell from Sweden . . . Medford police department announces promotions . . . Student Government Day held in county and city . . . Medford begins litigations with steel companies for damages in connection with alleged overcharges for steel pipe . . . C. C. Hoover, White City, retired farmer and tree philanthropist, announces he has completed distribution program . . . Fossil, estimated to be between 80 and 100 million years old, found in Siskiyous . . . President's Special Committee on Veterans Facilities votes to recommend detention of V.A. Domiciliary at White City . . . Start of completion campaign with $500,000 goal for new Sacred Heart Hospital announced . . . New salary plan discussed by Medford budget committee for city personnel . . . George Witter, 54, Rogue Valley Hospital comptroller, dies . . . Play written by Alvin Reiss, Jacksonville, to be final production of season for Very Little Theater in Eugene . . . Three-and-one-half-year-old boy drowns in apartment house swimming pool . . . Grants Pass couple dies in motorcycle crash . . . Cold wave causes general orchard heating . . . Six Crater High School students awarded $500 scholarships by Litster Scholarship Committee . . . Rogue Valley Hospital given $50,000 grant by American Cancer Society . . . National interest shown in new Sacred Heart Hospital in single care unit concept . . . Lumber and sawmill workers strike BMI plant, Phoenix . . . Sen. Stephen M. Young speaks at Roosevelt memorial dinner . . . Lynn Voris wins 1965 Miss Rogue Valley Pageant . . . Sheriff's deputies investigate strike incidents at BMI plant in Phoenix . . . Sen. Wayne Morse attends Roosevelt memorial dinner . . . Cave Junction attorney Lawrence A. Cushing named judge of newly created Josephine County District Court . . . Rogue Valley pear crop estimated at 4 million boxes . . . Mr. and Mrs. James F. Lanman of Ashland appointed acting superintendent and matron of juvenile home . . . FAA tentatively accepts alternate for extension of Medford airport runway . . . Ashland girl dies in crash on Medford street.
    Jackson County Court asked highway connecting Oregon coast with Rogue and Illinois valleys . . . Oregon Shakespeare Festival seeks pioneer patrons and performers for special birthday salute . . . Gov. Mark O. Hatfield addresses Medford High School graduating seniors . . . Board of Equalization hears Rogue Valley Manor tax appeal . . . Henry O. Pete, superintendent clerk of Philomath School District, named superintendent of Phoenix-Talent School District . . . National Safety Council presents City of Medford three awards . . . Glenn L. Jackson, Medford, elected chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Power and Light Co. . . . Crater Lions Club proposal for development of eight-acre site in Bear Creek Park opposed by Medford Parks and Recreation Commission . . . Howard Gang, JFK ambassador to Chile, honored at party in park . . . Plan proposed to recruit young men for pear harvest . . . Howard C. Gault, 60, former sheriff, Medford, dies . . . Karen Foley, Medford, presides at Girls State . . . Paul Beddo, Phoenix, elected mayor at Beaver Boys State . . . Four Medford young people, Miss Cathy Thompson, Tim Travis, Tom Baker and Bill McKibben, leave for visit to sister city, Alba, Italy . . . Medford School board names Dr. Elliott Becken superintendent, Dr. R. J. Schwalenberg assistant superintendent, William E. Ruck high school principal, and A. L. [McDonald principal-delegate of Medford Mid High] . . . Clifford B. Cordy, county horticultural agent, observes 30th anniversary here . . . Richard Doran Werner, 68, Medford violinist, director, dies . . . Archie Ronald Kinkaide, 37, Ashland, killed in vehicle accident . . . Application filed to organize new bank in Medford . . . Jackson County office of Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation receives $250,000 under emergency restoration program resulting from Decem [ber 1964 floods . . . Goal of] $195,188 set by United Crusade for 1965-66 campaign . . . Symposium held on Community Ugliness and Beauty . . . Black Fella, rooster owned by Lloyd Hanson, Foster, Ore., captures 13th annual Rooster Crow contest in Rogue River . . . Mrs. Clyde (Lexie Elvira) Fields and Gilbert Christ Lauritzen die in accidents in Rogue Valley within eight hours . . . Angus Bowmer, founder of Oregon Shakespeare Festival, invited to tour German theaters . . . Sale of Beekman House in Jacksonville to Jackson County nears final stage . . . Lightning storm causes rash of forest fires in area.
    Arnold Bohnert, valley resident since 1909, dies . . . Rodeos, parades, timber carnival, concerts and fireworks highlight Fourth of July . . . Medford city council approves $6,374,275 budget for city . . . J. Leonard Volz named superintendent of Crater Lake National Park . . . Carroll W. Smith, Ashland, past Mormon officer, dies . . . Jackson County receives $2,204,365 in O&C funds . . . Medford awarded citation by Gov. Mark Hatfield on recommendation of his Beautiful Oregon Committee for 1964 cleanup campaign . . . Jar of gasoline starts fire at BMI farm in Phoenix . . . Search in Rogue River for body of Kenneth Lewis Myers successful . . . Miss Sonja Farkell of Stockholm, Sweden, arrives in Medford . . . Night watchman at Rogue Valley Country Club bound and gagged, large amount of cash and checks taken . . . Office of Economic Opportunity and Department [of Labor] approves $25,625 as federal share of $29,000 Neighborhood Youth Corps project in Medford School District . . . Delegation of top officials of 3M Company visits area, reviews construction progress at White City plant . . . Portion of Medford Y building to be remodeled . . . Sewer problems noted at Hyatt Lake by Dr. A. Erin Merkel, county health officer . . . Gilbert J. Gutjahr, Medford assistant city manager, estimates city population at 28,507 . . . Tetanus and diphtheria clinics held in county . . . T and M Construction Co., Salem, awarded contract by Medford Water Commission to construct four bridges on Big Butte Springs access road . . . Two small evergreen trees planted at Library Park in Medford in memory of Adlai Stevenson and Dag Hammarskjold . . . Nineteen-year-old William Bennett dies after bicycle-car accident . . . City managers from 12 cities in state meet in Medford . . . David Keiser accepts position of general manager of Mt. Ashland Ski Area . . . Columbus Avenue extension aired at public hearing . . . New box numbers assigned for new post office in Medford . . . Oregon Shakespeare Festival opens 25th birthday season . . . Cyrus S. Hamilton, Central Point, dies . . . Carolina Pacific Plywood Inc., Medford, purchases Josephine Plywood Corporation of Grants Pass and its Happy Camp, Calif. veneer mill for $2 million . . . Shakespearean festival announces plans for expansion . . . Lightning causes several fires in Jackson County . . . Five visitors from Medford's sister city, Alba, Italy, arrive . . . Small-scale gasoline war appears in Medford . . . Ashland councilman Dave Kerr dies . . . Bids opened on construction of two dormitories at Southern Oregon College in Ashland . . . County share of O&C monies to top $3 million . . . Medford seeks discretionary review of CAB examiner's decision in airlines case.
    Elk Lumber Company, Medford, purchased by Boise Cascade Corporation for $22 to $25 million . . . Fort Vannoy Job Corps Camp opens under director Jim Stoop . . . First phase of research project started to help non-college-bound students under direction of John Crabb financed by $60,000 grant from Vocational and Technical Division of U.S. Office of Education . . . Third annual Peter Britt Music and Arts Festival opens in Jacksonville . . . Jacksonville city hall, historically known as the old Maury-Davis building, offered for sale . . . Rogue Valley Manor pays taxes for 1961-62 not subject to foreclosure proceedings . . . Property owners to receive 4.3 mills in tax relief . . . Jackson County to get $566,200 under relief act . . . 1st Lt. Milton K. McNulty, 27, Shady Cove, killed in action in Vietnam . . . Passenger traffic increased 14.52 percent during past fiscal year at Medford airport . . . County crews start work on footbridge at McLeod . . . Annual Jackson County 4-H and FFA Fair held at fairgrounds . . . Jackson County residents continue to report seeing a mysterious flying object . . . Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, wife of the President, lauds C. C. Hoover for his free tree distribution program . . . Springfield youth accused of Benton murder arrested in orchard here . . . Thirty acres of brush burns near Foothills Road . . . Residents of White City seek mosquito control by county court . . . Mike Charley, Eagle Point, wins grand champion for his steer in 4-H and FFA Fair . . . Multi-colored fountain dedicated at Medford Shopping Center . . . Al Bradford receives official appointment as Medford postmaster . . . Dr. A. Erin Merkel, county health officer, outlines methods of mosquito control for White City residents . . . Some county schools delay opening to allow students to work in pear harvest . . . National coin shortage felt in Medford . . . Roger Dale Bennett, Medford, missing in Rogue River . . . Medford school board adheres to policy on hazing incidents in connection with corrective action taken on 10 youths . . . Attendance at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, running 90 percent and above . . . Plans announced for a $3 million development at Barnett Road . . . Dr. A. Erin Merkel, county health officer, inspects "mosquito" area near White City . . . Seven-year-old Rodney Dunaway found after all-night search at Crater Lake National Park . . . Lightning causes power outages in part of Jackson County and all of Siskiyou County . . . Proposed development of 50-acre shopping center near Crater Lake Highway discussed by Medford mayor's Downtown Development Committee . . . Heavy rains do not stop performance of "Macbeth" at Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland . . . Western party in Jacksonville held to honor official visitors to Medford, Jackson County . . . Total of 8,901 persons immunized for tetanus, diphtheria in two rounds of shots in Jackson County . . . County officials check four possible park sites on Rogue River boat tour . . . Alvin John Paudis, Central Point, dies in vehicle accident . . . Total attendance at Peter Britt Gardens Music and Arts Festival was 6,325.
    Cases of nails fall off truck on Interstate 5, causing flat tires to numerous motorists . . . Mail carrier William Roberts, Medford, bitten by rabid bat . . . Rogue River foresters help fight Umpqua Forest fire . . . Body of Shady Cove logger Lloyd Albert Pierce found in woods . . . Ashland granted $107,522 in federal aid for airport development . . . "Stink bomb" thrown through window of BMI offices in Phoenix . . . County court sets aside $39,000 to insure repair of Bybee Bridge . . . The Rev. Carl Mai, pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic parish, leaves Medford for position in Beaverton . . . California dog, Champion Webline Golden Jubilee, owned by Mr. and Mrs. William Golden, wins first place in sporting breed and judged best dog in Southern Kennel Club show . . . Jackson County Planning Commission asks county court to zone entire county . . . A Willamette Valley broadcasting firm petitions Federal Communications Commission for authority to build, operate a third television station in Medford . . . Herbert Beall Strang, 69, Medford, dies . . . Ashland city council approves $21,000 to launch $35,000 central area study . . . Gus G. Carlton, 41, Medford, dies after being struck by car . . . Boxcar shortage idles Oregon Veneer Company and Fir-Ply Company in White City . . . James Brooks Warden, 34, of San Dimas, appointed Medford city planning director . . . Footbridge across Rogue River at McLeod opens . . . Four boys discharged from Fort Vannoy Job Corps camp near Grants Pass because of disturbance . . . Attendance at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, totals 54,488 . . . United Crusade of Jackson County sets goal of $195,188 for 31 participating agencies . . . Frank C. Bash of Medford elected president of Northwest Electric Light and Power Association . . . Two American Field Service students from abroad arrive to begin year of study at Medford High School, Asa Jonsdotter, Iceland, and Jean-François Durusell from Switzerland . . . Grants Pass man, James Calvin Parkhill, killed in car accident . . . Job Corps center planned near White City . . . George M. Roberts, 76, Medford lawyer, dies . . . Thomas O. Lunde, 72, White City, killed by car . . . Frederick Leland Armstrong, 33, dies in house fire on Snowy Butte Road . . . Two plans presented to bring new irrigation water to Applegate River drainage area under Rogue Basin Project . . . Medford Parks and Recreation Commission petitioned for site and building for art workshop and gallery and space in Hawthorne Park for lawn bowling . . . Jackson County unit of American Cancer Society exceeds goal of $22,000 by $700.78 . . . State Rep. Edward Branchfield, Medford, appointed with group to meet in Kansas City, Mo., to establish interstate compact in education . . . Meeting held on Bear Creek Basin Sanitation District study . . . Janie V. Smith, Medford, dies.
    G. Edwin (Ebe) Dunn, 70, of Ashland pioneer family, dies . . . Phoenix-Talent School District agrees to purchase 45-acre site of agronomy station on Colver Road . . . Five candidates file for three Jacksonville city council positions . . . Bryce Fry, 24, of Ashland killed in logging accident . . . Harold Gardner, 37, formerly of Medford, dies in Portland . . . Four-hundred-acre forest fire in Klamath County controlled with help of Rogue River National Forest personnel . . . Jackson County court orders interim zoning for area near Ashland . . . Site for proposed Lost Creek Dam on Rogue River approved by Army Corps of Engineers . . . Tentative plan for sewer lines to serve 100 homes in South Talent area approved by Talent city council . . . Southern Oregon College granted qualification to include law enforcement program in school curriculum . . . Jackson County Planning Commission formulating sanitation code . . . Grants Pass voters defeat $800,000 land issue for construction of new city hall . . . Dunbar Carpenter reelected president of board of directors of Oregon Shakespeare Festival . . . Season's first snowfall occurs above 3,200-foot level . . . Secretary of Agriculture Orval Freeman and Congressman Robert B. Duncan arrive in Rogue Valley for inspection tour of lower Rogue . . . Walter F. Cavanaugh dies in one-car accident . . . Restored McKee Bridge dedicated . . . Jackson County to use IBM's Votomatic for spring election . . . Izaak Walton League informed by state and federal officials of plans to enhance Rogue River fishery . . . Strike against BMI firm in Phoenix ends . . . Medford School District receives final approval for 1965-66 school year Neighborhood Youth Corps project . . . Jacksonville election postponed due to legal technicality . . . Preliminary plans for landscaping new Medford High School reviewed . . . Timber Products Company employees vote to become members of International Woodworkers of America . . . Medford Circuit Judge Edward C. Kelly appointed to preside at trial of William Bradshaw, Klamath Falls . . . Lawrence W. Messal, 59, of Medford, killed in auto accident . . . Army munitions experts visit Medford in effort to check possible explosives in Viet Cong dolls . . . Two Medford children, Kathy Lee Williams, 11, and Jacqueline Marie Dexter, 7½ months, killed in auto accident . . . Expanded journalism program approved for Southern Oregon College curriculum . . . Final project report on proposed historic restoration of Jacksonville submitted to federal agency . . . Medford post office wins national safe driver performance award . . . Jacksonville post office status will not be changed, Congressman Duncan announces . . . West Coast Airlines announces plans to bring jet service to Medford airport if United Air Lines is eliminated . . . Standard Insurance building of Medford damaged by fire.
    Police agencies kept busy by Halloween pranksters . . . Finishing touches applied to $217,000 Jackson County shop building at White City . . . Mercy Flights, Inc. launches program to buy new plane . . . Plans announced for high-level water system in Ashland . . . Democratic Central Committee backs Fay Holley for Jacksonville postmaster . . . Dr. William Holt dies at Rogue Valley Manor . .. Floyd Basil Case, 68, Ashland, killed in Grants Pass accident . . . Frank L. Servoss named president and director of new Crater National Bank of Medford . . . Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stotler killed in Indiana accident . . . Voters in Ashland School District approve $2,400,000 bond issue . . . Jackson County Court acquires 33 acres of land on Rogue River for park site . . . L. H. Valentine, retiring postmaster of Jacksonville, honored at dinner . . . Civil Aeronautics Board sets Dec. 15 to review airlines case . . . Work on Mt. Ashland ski facilities completed . . . Search launched by Josephine County officials for William P. Dunster and Douglas Decker, missing in Rogue River . . . Jackson County Sheriff DeArmond Leigh plans to purchase breath testing machine for county jail . . . Gusty winds cause power outages in county . . . Medford allotted 15 minutes in reviewing airlines case before CAB Dec. 15 . . . San Francisco firm hired to draw plans for multi-million-dollar resort and recreation center, Gold City, near Ashland . . . Amendment to Jacksonville city charter approved at election providing biennial elections . . . Campaign announced to raise $30,000 for building at Oregon Shakespeare Festival . . . Four-stage redevelopment plan for downtown Medford presented by Lyle Stewart, planner . . . Jackson County Court Judge Earl Miller urges Medford city council to discuss valley sewage problem . . . Sixth annual state convention of professional land surveyors held in Medford . . . Medford Water Commission approves engineering studies for supplemental water from Rogue River . . . Plans to increase minimum stream flow in Water Resources Board meeting . . . Downtown Merchants Association supports downtown redevelopment plan . . . $90,000 received in matching grant from federal government for Valley of the Rogue State Park . . . Graff and James, Medford, bids low of $782,507 on cancer center at Rogue Valley Hospital . . . Body found in ditch near White City identified as Thomas G. Nielsen, 52, V.A. Domiciliary . . . Angus Bowmer, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, interviewed over Radio Free Europe in Germany . . . Body of man found buried in shallow grave near Meadows Road . . . Democratic Party pre-primary election convention to be held in Medford . . . Jackson County Sheriff sets up television monitoring system in county jail.
    Jack Creager retires from Bell System after 38 years of service . . . Deputy state sanitary engineer disapproves annexation of two areas to Talent after inspection of Talent sewer system . . . Ground fog causes flight cancellations at Medford airport . . . Fay A. Holley assumes duties as acting postmaster at Jacksonville . . . Bill Howe, Medford High School, wins honors at state speech tourney . . . Twenty local families tape Christmas messages for servicemen in Vietnam . . . JFK Ambassador memorial dinner held . . . Second district court requested for Jackson County . . . Campaign opens to send Christmas cards to servicemen in Vietnam . . . Southern Oregon Park Problems Institute held in Medford . . . Sandra Murray, 20 months old, dies in Grants Pass house fire . . . State Representative Branchfield speaks against 1½ percent property tax limitation proposal . . . First single care unit hospital in U.S. nearing completion in Medford, is renamed Providence Hospital . . . Petition asks that Talent mayor Granvil Brittsan be recalled . . . George Distell, 70, Medford, dies . . . CAB in Washington, D.C. reviews airlines case in which West Coast requested deletion of United service at Salem, Eugene and Medford . . . Comprehensive park plan for Bear Creek Valley presented to Jackson County Planning Commission by George Brenner, county planner . . . Medford's airport runway recommended to be increased from 5,419 to 6,700 feet to accommodate DC-9 jet aircraft . . . Volume of mail in Medford exceeds previous year . . . Jackson County Court purchases two park sites, one on Evans Creek and one on Rogue River . . . Medford retains rank as fifth most populous city, with 28,000; population of Ashland set at 11,800 . . . Ashland receives $14,000 from Urban Renewal Administration for downtown rejuvenation plan . . . Two lanes of Interstate 5 opened to state line in Siskiyous . . . Henry Maynard Winn, 66, Ashland, killed when struck by bus . . . Medford temperature dips to 12 degrees . . . Kim Diane Wilson, 5, Medford dies after being struck by car . . . Homemade bomb explodes, kills 12-year-old James Phillip Ingram, Medford . . . Motorists plagued by ice, snow . . . William Bradshaw, Klamath Falls, enters plea of innocent to charges of conversion of entrusted funds and embezzlement . . . Greyhound bus wreck near Rogue River kills 13, injures 26 in state's worst vehicle accident . . . Medford residents have one of three white Christmas days on record . . . Jackson County grand jury indicts Mrs. Bernice Arlene McKenzie, 42, Medford, on charge of first-degree murder . . . Rain, wind knock down power poles in Ashland, leaving part of city in darkness for six hours.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 2, 1966, page B1

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