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Medford News 1947

Medford-related news items from 1947. Also see descriptions of Medford and Jackson County for this year.

Crash of Navy Plane on Richter Mountain,
Porter Fire Head Local 1947 News Stories
    Crash of a PBY Navy plane on Richter Mountain in the Trail district on February 13, in which four men were killed and two survivors were brought to Medford, and a fire at noon on October 7 which destroyed the Porter Lumber Company plant on South Fir Street occupied the local spotlight for 1947, a survey discloses.
    Following is a month-by-month account of local news happenings for last year.
    W. A. Mentch, Jacksonville, loses thumb and finger as barrel of shotgun blows up in New Year's celebration . . . Mr. and Mrs. Dale O'Harra, Talent, parents of first baby born here in 1947--a son, Dale Grover, on January 1 . . . Flames destroy Camp Prescott barracks housing 13 . . . Resignation of entire school board prompts unusual election in Dewey District No. 29, Claud Hoover, Richard Payne and Wilton White named to board . . . Dwight L. Houghton named to city council replacing Thomas G. Bradley, resigned . . . Women veterans of southern Oregon organize American Legion post . . . Glenn Jackson elected president of county Chamber of Commerce . . . Grocery clerks, butchers meet for wage talks . . . Mrs. Dewey Vincent first choice as Medford Safety Council's "Careful Driver of Day" . . . Pacific Fruit Company announces plans for modern warehouse here . . . City council asks [that] more land and equipment for municipal airport be listed in supplement to present permit . . . KMED purchase hearing opens in city . . . Crusade against popcorn in theaters starts flood of "letters to the editor" . . . Medford Concrete Construction Company employees strike over secondary boycott measure.
    Charles F. Coffman, Central Point, dies of injuries in train-auto crash, county's first traffic fatality of 1947 . . . Camp White site proposed for mental hospital . . . Medford Concrete, Tru-Mix Concrete and Lininger Sand and Gravel crews end strike, granted 15 cents per hour wage increase . . . Four dead in crash of PBY plane on Richter Mountain, two survivors brought here . . . Smoke-like puffs on Mt. McLoughlin look like series of explosions, said caused by winds whipping clouds of vapor . . . Fourteen thousand four hundred forty-three dollars collected in county March of Dimes campaign . . . Jerome A. Fellows shot by neighbor in quarrel over barking dogs . . . Southwest Airlines to extend feeder airline system to Medford . . . R. D. Locke, father of Douglas Locke, Arcadia, Cal. flier believed lost near here, arrives to aid in search. No trace found.
    Medco logging train derailed near Eagle Point, no injuries . . . W. J. Bowerman elected head of city school teachers . . . Forrest Wilson charged with murder in poker game shooting of John Camden . . . P. M. Kershaw, pioneer businessman and orchardist, dies . . . Bread prices upped one cent . . . Frank A. Rogers, former city superintendent, dies . . . Robert L. Lippert theaters announce plans for drive-in theater south of city . . . Camp White use as mental hospital frowned upon by state investigating committee . . . Clyde Fichtner, traffic officer, seriously injured in auto-motorcycle mishap . . . Jackson County Sheriff's Posse votes to purchase land for clubhouse, riding stables and arena . . . Mrs. James Mullins and son narrowly escape death in early morning fire in home . . . Bill for state acquisition of Camp White goes to Gov. Snell.
    Gov. Snell vetoes Camp White bill . . . Local business tax approved by city council . . . Senators Morse and Cordon introduce bill to make Camp White veterans' hospital . . . DAR holds state convention here . . . County starts first major road improvement work since the war . . . Carlos Morris succeeds Larry Schade as city councilman . . . Rotarians elect Walter Leverette president . . . Forrest Wilson trial for slaying of John Camden starts.
    Forrest Wilson gets life term in slaying . . . Flagrant violations of building regulations cited here . . . Arnold J. Brown, Prospect, held in slaying of brother-in-law . . . Oris C. Crawford, recently retired as city treasurer, dies . . . Jackson County Pomona Grange joins in fight for lower freight rates in states.
    Crackdown due on parents who neglect children, District Attorney George Neilson warns . . . Don Lane, Springfield, named to succeed Frank Hull as manager of Chamber of Commerce . . . DAV and auxiliary open state convention here . . . Proposal to exceed six percent limitation beaten in local election . . . Maxine Bursing, 16, named queen of sheriff posse roundup . . . Wave of drunken driving in valley brings stiff penalties . . . District attorney announces curb on shooting of firecrackers in city . . . Fidelia Boone named queen of Catfish Derby . . . Rogue River basin conservation committee organized to oppose building dams in Rogue River . . . Beverlee Mooney named Miss Medford in beauty pageant . . . A. C. Lucas named state president of Eagles.
    Medford Radio Corporation favored by FCC as purchasers of KMED . . . Mrs. Gertrude M. Snead, Eagle Point, drowns in attempt to rescue boy in Rogue River . . . Flying saucers reported seen in Medford region . . . Judge H. K. Hanna plans advisory committee to aid in handling juvenile affairs . . . Fire destroys four houses, warehouse at Prospect . . . West Coast Airlines inaugurates service to Medford . . . A. S. Rosenbaum, former district freight and passenger agent for Southern Pacific here, dies . . . Medford woman receives phone request for $1,000 on threat of death.
    Three Pennsylvania people die in auto wreck at Cascade Gorge . . . Man killed in truck-auto crash at Big Y intersection . . . Wave of bad check passing in city . . . Medford observes V-J day with gala celebration . . . DeWayne E. Toulouse, ex-Navy veteran, held by Klamath Falls police for hit-run death of Donald E. Mosser Jr. near Ashland . . . Mail Tribune gets okay on radio station KYJC.
    Allene Owens, Valley View, named champion in state fair contest for best 4-H beef breeding project on exhibit . . . Herman Hill, 36, Medford, dies in auto-train crash north of city . . . Man captured in attempt to rob Groceteria safe . . . Sarah VanMeter, pioneer local school teacher, dies . . . Early morning fire destroys beer parlor in Merrick building.
    Porter Lumber Company plant destroyed in noon fire . . . Most local restaurants to cooperate in meatless Tuesdays . . . Mail Tribune station KYJC goes on air . . . John E. Richard named county juvenile officer . . . Anti-jaywalking drive planned here . . . New mercury lighting system being installed on Main Street . . . Medford joins state in mourning for Governor Earl Snell, Secretary of State Robert S. Farrell Jr. and Senate President Marshall Cornett, killed in plane crash near Lakeview.
    Paul Selby named president of Kiwanis Club . . . Rep. Harris Ellsworth hears plea for more freight cars from local lumbermen . . . Local milk, bread prices increase . . . Charles W. Davis, resident here since 1905, dies . . . Transients, lacking in funds, create problem here . . . Father Francis W. Black, pastor of Sacred Heart Church, dies following stroke . . . Gov. Thomas E. Dewey takes high honors in poll of GOP candidates conducted here.
    City to license more firms in added revenue campaign . . . H. D. Christenson named president of Crater Lake Council, Boy Scouts, succeeding Larry Schade . . . Dr. Edwin R. Durno home gutted by early morning fire, fire department reported delayed by lack of water in fireplugs . . . Medford hums with Christmas preparations . . . Rep. O. H. Bengtson, Medford, again named to head legislative interim committee on juvenile delinquency . . . Youth, 13, detained in county jail for knifing fray with cousin . . . Mrs. Lillian Hamlin fatally injured when struck by car . . . DeWayne Toulouse given parole in hit-run case . . . Ward McReynolds, Medford, named chief inspector of state drivers' license examiners.
Medford Mail Tribune, January 5, 1948, page 8

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