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Medford News: 1939

Medford-related news items from 1939. Also see descriptions of Medford and Jackson County for this year.

Orchardists Change Names.
    Medford, Ore. April 7.--An application filed recently in the county court by David H. Rosenberg and Harry H. Rosenberg, owners of the Bear Creek Orchards, to change their name to Holmes has been favorably acted upon by the court, and their names will now be David Hughes Holmes and Harry Lapworth Holmes. Holmes is the name of their mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Holmes of Seattle, Wash., with whom they resided for many years. The firm will hereafter be known as "Holmes Brothers Bear Creek Orchards."
The Chicago Packer, April 8, 1939, page 6

New Oregon Law as to Ownership of Lug Boxes.
    Medford, Ore., April 14.--Governor Sprague has signed a bill introduced in the last session of the Oregon Legislature intended to protect growers, packers and canneries in the ownership of lug boxes used in the field for loading fruit.
    The bill provides that owners of fruit picking lugs must register their brand with county clerks and the state agricultural department and publish the brand name once a week for three weeks in a local newspaper. For illegal possession of lug boxes a maximum penalty is provided of six months in jail and a fine of 50¢ for each box, and for all subsequent infractions the maximum penalty is doubled, the offense then being considered a misdemeanor.
    The purpose of the bill, which goes into effect 90 days after signing by the Governor, is to avert use of the lug boxes by persons or firms not owning them. The bill was introduced in the Oregon Legislature by Representative Earl T. Newbry of Talent, grower and shipper of pears, and he claims that it will save the owners of the lug boxes many hundreds of dollars inasmuch as there has in the past been a flagrant misuse of lug boxes.
The Chicago Packer, April 15, 1939, page 4

Holmes Brothers Will Manufacture Own Baskets.
    Medford, Ore., April 28.--A new industry, employing from ten to 15 women, was started this week at the Bear Creek Orchards, when Holmes brothers, owners, launched their own basket-making establishment.
    The baskets, used as gift fruit containers, have heretofore been purchased in the East and in foreign countries, being shipped in carload lots to Medford. When the Holmes brothers conceived the idea of manufacturing these baskets at their own plant they imported the necessary reed material from China. As far as is known there is no other ornamental basket-making industry on the coast. Holmes brothers send out thousands of fancy gift boxes of fruit every year, using the trade name "Royal Riviera Pears."
The Chicago Packer, April 29, 1939, page 9

    Oregold. Ser. No. 416,175. Published April 18, 1939. Bear Creek Orchards, Medford, Ore. For fresh deciduous fruits. Claims use since May 30, 1938.
"Trade-Mark Department," The Chicago Packer, May 6, 1939, page 20

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