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Medford News 1931

Medford-related news items from 1931. Also see descriptions of Medford and Jackson County for this year.

Not Selling Apples
    A familiar figure in front of the Chamber of Commerce building since last December, selling apples, L. C. Calkins has not made his appearance at his post for the past two days, possibly due to decrease in sales and arrival of warmer weather. There were several apple vendors in December and January, but they gradually gave up their endeavors, leaving the entire field to Mr. Calkins.
Medford Mail Tribune, April 8, 1931, page 2

Preparing for the Pear Harvest at Medford, Ore.
    Medford, Ore., July 17.--Preparations are now under way throughout the valley for the harvesting of the pear crop, which will commence about August 1, with the possibility of some pears being rolled as early as July 25.
    On account of heavy rains which this valley enjoyed last month, pears are sizing especially well, and the fruit is of an exceptionally fine quality this year.
    During the past few days cannery representatives have been in the valley looking over Bartletts, but few offers have been made, and as a result most shippers are planning to roll Bartletts, but few offers have been made, and as a result most shippers are planning to roll Bartletts to eastern markets again this season. It is estimated that the pear crop will be about 75 percent of normal.
The Chicago Packer, July 18, 1931, page 11

Anjou and Comice Pears Moving at Medford, Ore.;
Drought Has Cut Crop.
    Medford, Ore., Aug. 28.--The picking of Howell pears started some days past, and first picking of Anjou and Comice commenced Monday. These varieties will be followed by Bosc.
    The Bosc crop, although lighter than usual, will probably be the banner crop of pears here this year, and it is estimated that between 750 and 800 cars of Bosc will be shipped.
    Owing to dry weather conditions the pear tonnage has been greatly decreased, and earlier estimates have been revised abruptly downward. The total crop this season will be the lightest in years.
The Chicago Packer, August 29, 1931, page 10

Downward Revision in Medford, Ore. Pear Crop Estimate;
Bosc Yield Cut.
    Medford, Ore., Sept. 11.--With pear production estimates revised drastically downward, the harvest season swung into September with a total of 914 carloads shipped from Medford up to September 1. Shipments were divided among the following varieties: Cannery Bartletts 254 cars; packed Bartletts 360 cars; Howells 49 cars; Bosc 105 cars; Anjou 131 cars; and miscellaneous 15 cars.
    Contrary to earlier estimates which appeared in The Packer, the Bosc crop will not reach a total of 750 to 800 carloads, according to growers and packers who have been interviewed. It is now estimated that this year's Bosc crop will not exceed 550 cars, with most of the estimates running in the neighborhood of 550 cars.
The Chicago Packer, September 12, 1931, page 1

    Funeral services for Mrs. Rowena Nichols Leinss, considered one of the world's most noted landscape painters, who died at an advanced age in her small home here Friday, were held at 11 o'clock this morning from the Jay chapel. Mrs. Julia Odren, Christian Scientist reader, conducted the services. Cremation followed in Fresno.
    Mrs. Leinss is said to have refused offers of several thousand dollars for some of her paintings. She continued to paint, though she suffered a stroke of paralysis a couple of years ago. It is understood that the collection of her work, said to be valued at several hundred thousand dollars, has been left to the state of California and will be placed in the state's museum of art.
Madera Tribune, California, October 5, 1931, page 1

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