The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County News: 1866

    ROGUE RIVER WOOLEN FACTORY.--A meeting has been called by Judge Tolman, Jacob Wagner and other leading citizens of Jackson County to take the necessary steps to erect a woolen factory at Ashland Mills in that county. Ashland will become the Lowell of Southern Oregon.
Oregon Statesman, Salem, February 5, 1866, page 3

    DIED--May 3rd, at his residence, near Phoenix, Jackson County, Oregon, Rev. S. P. Taylor, aged 65 years.
"City Items," Oregon Herald, Portland, May 12, 1866, page 3

    TELEGRAPH LINE.--We understand that Messrs. Dugan & Wall are making some moves in connection with business men of this place, towards erecting a telegraph line from Crescent City to Jacksonville. We think this is an enterprise which should not be neglected. When this proposed line shall be completed, Crescent City will be in direct communication with San Francisco, beside the incalculable convenience occurring to our own merchants. The line can scarcely fail to be a paying institution. It would not only get the business of this place, Crescent City and San Francisco, but Yreka also, if they change their freight from Red Bluff to Crescent City, which at the present there is a fair prospect for them to do so. We hope to see a nerve of wire stretched from Crescent City to this place, thrilled by an electric current, before October next.
Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, May 19, 1866, page 3

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