Medford in 1969

Medford's Needs:
More Diversified Industry, Downtown Redevelopment

    Addition of diversified industry and redevelopment of the downtown core area. These were two major needs listed for Medford as members of the Medford Chamber of Commerce looked ahead to 1970 during yesterday's round table luncheon.
    The chamber board and administration had set aside this round table to ask the membership for its help in determining the program and project priorities for 1970.
    Introducing the meeting before group sessions began work, Chamber Manager Gene Hopkins outlined different areas which he thought could be included in the program: business studies, industrial development, and programs for local, state and national governments.
    "We have to do this work and need to get the thinking of our membership," he stressed. "We want to develop as responsive and responsible a program as we can."
Most Important
    Each member was asked to answer the following question: "What is the single most important thing, activity or item that if carried out by the chamber would make Medford a better place to live?"
    Each group discussed the different answers to this question and then voted on the ones it felt were most important.
    The first three submitted to the entire group were: Medford needs more clean, diversified industry, self-education about the local business climate, and downtown and general area development.
    An aspect of general area development that was stressed was arterial streets, and several felt McAndrews Road should lead the list.
    Other priority suggestions included low-cost housing along with core area development, increased development of parks and other open spaces, improvement of Bear Creek, creation of a committee to study local budgets, solutions to the management and financing problems of the airport, continued emphasis on a vocational college, and water problems of the valley.
    Also in the list of priorities supplied by the membership were the stimulation of tourist facility development, improvements in transportation, and fire and crash rescue equipment for the airport.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 7, 1969, page 1

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