Medford in 1926

Main and Riverside, October 1926

Facts and Figures That Tell Briefly of Medford

   Medford is located on the main line of the Southern Pacific railroad and from this city extends the Medford Logging Railway a distance of 40 miles through a vast country of varied resources and to virgin forests where stand billions of feet of merchantable timber. A railroad line connects Medford and Jacksonville and is owned by the former. Extension of this road a few miles will tap a vast storehouse of timber and will in the near future be used for transporting logs to local mills.
    Medford, the metropolis of Southern Oregon, is situated in the heart of the famous Rogue River Valley, a valley made famous by the wide variety of products grown and noted the world over for its delicious pears.
    Medford is on the Pacific Highway, the longest stretch of paved road in the world, extending from the Canadian border to Mexico. Medford is also the gateway to Crater Lake National Park, a fine road extending from here to famous Crater Lake.
    The population of Medford is 9,000, having increased 3240 since 1920.
    The elevation of Medford is 1368 feet.
    The assessed valuation of the city is $5,400,000.
    Medford has a modern fire department, the city sustaining a loss of only $25,867 in 1925.
    Medford has four substantial banks, with resources totaling $5,496,988.10.
    There are a total of 2600 telephones in use in the city.
    There are 2532 dwellings in Medford.
    Ninety-seven percent of the homes of Medford are served by electricity.
    The average minimum temperature for a 12-year period: January, 29.7; May, 41.5; August, 52.2; November, 31.9.
    The average maximum temperature for a 12-year period: January, 45.6; April, 64.2; July, 89.9; September, 81; December, 30.7.
    The average annual precipitation of Medford and Rogue River Valley total 16.13 inches.
    The first mayor of Medford was J. S. Howard. The present mayor is O. O. Alenderfer.
    Medford is the home of a box shook factory which provides a payroll of $15,000 per month during the summer season.
    Medford is the home of a large, modern iron foundry.
    Medford is the home of the Owen-Oregon Lumber Co., with an annual payroll of $800,000. Plans for another new unit are under way to cost approximately $500,000.
    Medford is the home of 21 fruit packing and exporting firms, and 43 fruit storage houses.
    Two modern cold storage plans are located in the city.
    Medford is the home of a spacious, fireproof armory, the home of Co. A, 168th Infantry, O.N.G.
    Medford is the home of the Jackson County Library, containing 17,000 volumes.
    There are 44 teachers in the grade schools of the city.
    Twenty-seven instructors are employed in the local high school, including the superintendent.
    Medford has four grade schools, a high school, parochial academy, business college and a kindergarten.
    There are 2029 school children, of whom 503 are registered in the high school.
    Medford is constructing a new water system at a cost of $975,000 to bring an abundance of pure mountain water into the city, and in sufficient quantity to supply five times the present demands.
    Pears grown in Rogue River Valley set the standard for world markets.
    A modern vegetable, fruit and meat canning plant is located in the city.
    A catsup factory is important among local industries. Tomatoes grown here are declared to make a catsup equal to any in the world's markets.
    The total estimated payroll for Medford for 1925 was $2,500,000.
    During the three months of the picking and packing season $150,000 per month is paid out in handling pears.
    There are 1800 acres within the city limits of Medford.
    The population of Jackson County, of which Medford is the trade center, increased from 20,405 in 1920 to 25,032 in 1925.
    There are 8,000 acres of bearing and non-bearing pear trees in the district adjacent to Medford.
    During the annual encampment and maneuvers of the Oregon National Guard held at Camp Jackson, near Medford, last July, Medford citizens donated 525 automobiles to convey the troops to Crater Lake, which with the cars 100 feet apart, made a caravan six miles long.
    Medford has an aggressive Chamber of Commerce which is doing constructive work.
    Over 3000 automobiles are registered as belonging to Medford citizens.
    Medford is the leading convention city of Southern Oregon.
    There are 20.8 miles of paved streets in Medford, and 40 miles of cement walks.
    Eleven thousand, nine hundred and twenty cars of out-of-state visitors and tourists were registered in Medford during the year just closed, or with Sundays and holidays excluded, more than 40 a day.
    Medford is the home of a wide-awake Realty Board, which is affiliated with the national board of realtors.
    Medford is the location of two of the best privately owned auto camps in the West.
    Two modern hospitals are located in the city, capable of giving accommodations to 86 patients.
    Medford has 15 church buildings.
    There are 16 fraternal organizations in the city.
    Building permits issued in Medford during 1925 totaled $750,000.
    Medford is the home of a modern granite works.
    Medford is one of the best lighted cities in the Northwest.
    The home offices of the California Oregon Power Company are located in Medford, and in which 150 people are employed.
    Five wholesale oil companies are operating in Medford.
    Among organizations in the city are the Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis and Craters clubs.
    A cigar factory, broom factory and orchard ladder factory are among the industries represented in Medford.
    There are five retail lumber yards in the city.
    Three large, modern, fireproof hotels provide accommodations to visitors and tourists.
    A stone-tile factory and two cement brick and block factories are among the important industries in the city.
    A sash and door plant and cabinet works employing 21 men is located here.
    Three newspapers are published in Medford.
    Medford is a city in which decidedly few foreigners live.
    The grounds of the Jackson County Fair Association are located near this city.
    An aviation field is maintained by Medford, and is used regularly throughout the year.
    Medford theatres rank among the best on the Pacific Coast. All the best road shows play here, in addition to the latest pictures and a regular vaudeville circuit.
    Two golf courses are maintained in the city, one by the Oaklawn Golf and Country Club and the other by the American Legion.
    Medford is the headquarters of the Crater Lake National Park superintendent and organization.
    Numerous wholesale houses are located here, and this city is headquarters for many firms operating in Southern Oregon and Northern California.
    Medford is only 35 miles north of the Oregon-California line.
    A modern flour mill is one of the many industries of the city.
    Medford is a pleasant place in which to live.
    Medford is headed for a population of 20,000.
    Medford is and will continue as the hub of commercialism in the great Southern Oregon country.
Jackson County News, January 1, 1926

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