Medford in 1921

MEDFORD. Jackson County. Population 5,756, is commercial and business center of famous Rogue River Valley, Southern Oregon. It is located on the Southern Pacific railway, is the western terminal of the Pacific and Eastern railway, which line penetrates into the vast timber resources of the Cascade Mountains. The elevation of Medford is 1368 feet. The average temperature for the past 20 years was 55 degrees. The annual rainfall is from 20 to 25 inches, and the timely rains are a blessing to the valley. Medford is the gateway to Crater Lake. Auto stage every day. It has a cosmopolitan population; people from every state in the Union have come here to make their permanent homes. The following are some facts about Medford. Population, according to the 1920 census, 5756. The best paved city for its size in the world, having 25 miles of pavement; 26.21 miles of sewers; water mains 28.45 miles, ample for a city of 40,000 population. Cement sidewalks, 4 public schools, 1 high school, St. Mary's Academy, business college, conservatory of music. Modern-equipped fire department, electricity and gas for lighting and power purposes, 4 banks, public library, 4 modern hotels, 3 second class, 4 restaurants, 6 apartment houses. A weekly and daily newspaper, city park, baseball park, fair grounds, country club. Five ladies' clubs, golf club, farm bureau cooperative exchange, Chamber of Commerce. All denominations of churches. Two hospitals, opera house, 2 movie houses and a natatorium. All leading lodges and societies. Federal building and offices of weather bureau, district forestry, U.S. [plant] pathologist. Several irrigation systems. Public market, jobbing and wholesale center, aviation landing field--headquarters of forest service aviation fire patrol. Auto stages--interurban auto routes to all points of Southern Oregon, hourly service to Ashland. Auto stage to Roseburg, stops at all towns along line; also auto stage station on line from Los Angeles to Portland. Has 3 lumber mills with another large one in course of construction, to be in operation spring of 1921. Two box factories, 2 large creameries, 2 fruit [and] vegetable canneries, fruit evaporating plant, pickling and catsup works. Six fruit associations with 2 large pre-cooling plants. The territory surrounding Medford is the greatest pear country on the coast and one of the best apple-growing districts. Stock raising and diversified farming are among the greatest resources of the valley. Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., Independent Telephone Co. Telegraph Western Union. Express American Railway.
R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon, Washington and Alaska Gazetteer and Business Directory 1921-22,
page 254     Abbreviations spelled out to facilitate searching.

(Jackson County)--Mayor, E. C. Gaddis; recorder, M. L. Alford; treasurer, Mary A. Webber; city attorney, J. H. Carkin; marshal, Chas. Adams; fire chief, Roy Elliott; street superintendent and water superintendent, C. W. Davis; health officer, Dr. E. B. Pickel; councilmen, J. H. Butler, J. W. Jacobs, O. O. Alenderfer, E. H. Janney, A. J. Cross, B. W. Paul.
Oregon Blue Book 1921, page 207

    Home Products Week, to be observed throughout the state this week, brings to the attention of buyers that practically all of the necessities, and quite a few of the luxuries of life, are manufactured and produced at home--infant industries that need the moral and financial support of the district they serve.
    In the city of Medford and the Rogue River Valley a survey by the Chamber of Commerce shows that 59 producing industries are established in this district, and everything from ice cream cones to tombstones are manufactured. Many of the industries--the largest ones--are allied with the fruit industry. For instance, this valley four years ago presented the strange anomaly of not even producing its own fruit boxes--now there are two box factories, besides lumber mills, and more soon to operate.
    All of the home industries have been invited to exhibit their products during the week, and the stores of the city will contain suitable displays.
    In purchasing goods at the stores, ask for products made in Medford and the Rogue River Valley first, then if you cannot secure them ask for products made in Oregon.
    The list of producing industries in this section as compiled by the Chamber of Commerce is as follows:
From Industrial Survey Cards
    Medford Iron Works, Medford.
    Southern Oregon Lumber Company, Medford.
    Tomlin Box Factory, Medford.
    Gagnon Lumber Company, Medford.
    Medford Planing Mill, Medford.
    V-Plex Piston Ring Company, Medford.
    Medford Sheet Metal Works, Medford.
    Lee Watkins & Co., flour and feed, Medford.
    California Oregon Power Company, Medford.
    Oregon Gas & Electric Company, Medford.
    Medford Printing Co., Medford.
    Klum Advertising Company, Medford.
    Klocker Printery, Medford.
    Tunnell & Edwards, Medford.
    Oregon Granite Company, Medford.
    Medford Tent & Awning Co., Medford.
    The Shasta, candy, ice cream, Medford.
    The Sugar Bowl, candy, ice cream, Medford.
    Crowson, candy, ice cream, Medford.
    Mitchell Ladder Company, fruit ladders, Medford.
    Medford Harness Company, Medford.
    E. J. Klein, tailor, Medford.
    F. J. Huber, tailor, Medford.
    Medford Cement Brick and Block Works, Medford.
    F. M. Radovan, fruit drying, Medford.
    Medford Concrete Construction Co., Medford.
    The Handicraft Shop, needlework, Medford.
    The Vanity Shop, millinery, Medford.
    The Bonnett Nook, millinery, Medford.
    Miss Booth, millinery, Medford.
    Wholesale & Mfg. Candy Co., Medford.
    Jackson County Creamery, Medford.
    Snider's Dairy Products Co., Medford.
    Valley Candy Company, Medford.
    Rogue River Valley Canning Company, Medford.
    Pullman Baking Company, Medford.
    Peerless Bakery, Medford.
    Central Point Mills, Central Point.
    Rogue Valley Milling Company, Medford.
    Rogue River Broom Works, Medford.
    Ashland Creamery, Ashland.
    Medford Cigar Company, Medford.
    Medford Green House (Bonney & Maddox), Medford.
    C. C. Hoover's Dairy, Medford.
    Medford Soda Works, Medford.
    Monarch Seed & Feed Company, Russ Mill, Medford.
    Medford Bakery, Medford.
    Trowbridge Cabinet Works, Medford.
    Miss Taylor, millinery, Medford.
    Lottie Howard Millinery Shop, Medford.
    Miss Towne, millinery, Medford.
    Millinery Dept., MM Dept. Store, Medford.
    The Stylecraft Shop, needlework, Medford.
    Ashland Iron Works, Ashland.
    Swem Studios, Medford.
    John B. Palmer, photographer, Medford.
    J. H. Issott, photographer, Medford.
    Henry C. Mackey, photographer, Medford.
    Groceteria Bakery, Medford.
    Bagley Canning Co., Talent, Ore.
Medford Mail Tribune, April 26, 1921, page 9

The Lure of Medford
    The purchase of a big stumpage of timber in the Crater Lake reserve, the proposed extension of the Pacific & Eastern Railroad into the tract and the early activity to be ushered in by the manufacture of the logs into lumber at Medford has added vigor to business conditions in the Southern Oregon metropolis. Medford has had a few lean years. The fruit industry was one activity that profited little from the war. There was a long wait for newly planted orchards to come into bearing. Many enterprises were for a time in the process of waiting for the real start to begin.
    It is Medford's new day now. The big irrigation project is in the full swing of construction. Water will be on the lands for next season's crop. It will double or treble the production in the watered area. This increase, along with the heavier volume of fruit output and the new milling industry, will greatly accelerate the movement for a greater Medford, already well begun.
    It is a city with characteristics all its own. It is comparatively new as upstate Oregon cities go, which means that the ancient shacks and buildings present in some Oregon cities are conspicuous by their absence. The population is progressive and public spirited. The place is built along the lines of a real city. It has a modern hotel, almost sumptuously furnished and excellently kept, with every one of the 100 rooms in use all the time. Tourists are in it now in large numbers.
    It has an excellent school system with Aubrey Smith as city superintendent and Professor Campbell as head of the high school. Its population approximates 7000, and it is only a matter of time until it will be 20,000. An excellent and ably edited newspaper, a new and highly successful Chautauqua, sound banks and excellent public institutions are among its activities. Medford is within the zone of the romance of the old mining days.
    Gold Hill, which takes its name from the fact that it was almost literally a hill of gold from which millions of dollar were taken and whose stones were well nigh washed away by hydraulic [sic] operations, is but a few miles away. A valley of beauty, a population of progressive optimists, a wealth of resources in timber, livestock, mining, fruit and agricultural assets put Medford on the map as one of the most attractive cities in Oregon.--Portland Journal.
Medford Mail Tribune, June 3, 1921, page 7

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