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Register of Married Women’s Separate Property
Jackson County, Oregon 

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The Register of Married Women’s Separate Property was apparently begun in response to an 1859 Oregon state law intended to protect married women’s property rights. Most of the listings below were recorded 1859-1870; just a handful were registered after 1890.

The register is a fascinating, extremely detailed view into farm, livestock and household practices of the mid-century. The livestock inventories in its pages frequently depict brands and ear crops used, as well as descriptions of individual animals and the ranges they were thought to be grazing. Wagons and farm tools are often described by maker, some of them from Southern Oregon, as are the pianos, stoves and sewing machines. The register's lists of furniture and household items are as detailed as estate documents. The inventory of Helen Brentano’s millinery shop is a treasure.

The register is only available at the Jackson County Clerk’s office at the County Courthouse in Medford; you'll have to ask them to retrieve it from storage for you. A photocopy of the manuscript register is available at the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society's Jackson County Genealogical Library, under the title "Married Women's Property Rights."


Allen, Emily T.: real estate

Anderson, Nancy: livestock

Ball, Martha: livestock, sewing machine

Black, Mary B.: livestock, wagons, organ

Bledsoe, Helen: real estate

Brentano, Helen: millinery supplies (inventoried—flowers, hats, feathers, fabric)

Brown, Mary J.: wagon, stove, bank account

Bybee, Elizabeth A.: livestock, wagons, tools

Cantner, Charlotte: house, furniture, livestock, cash

Chambers, Harriett E.: sewing machine, furniture, stove

Chapin, Maria: piano

Charley, Mary F.: livestock

Collins, Martha Ann: real estate

Crickett, Martha A.: livestock

Cummings, Elizabeth: real estate, livestock

Davison, Lucinda: livestock

Deskins, Mary: real estate

DeVis, Cornelia A.: livestock

Donegan, Mary A.: livestock, wagon, furniture, stoves, dishes

Drumhill, Maggie P.: livestock, one ton corn fodder, furniture

Fisher, Mary: livestock, furniture

Foot, Amanda A.: livestock, wagon, furniture, stove, organ, sewing machine, linens, dishes

Grigsby, Anna M.: livestock

Guilfoyle, Jeanne: real estate, hotel furniture, dishes, linens, liquor, livestock, buggy

Hall, Sarah J.: livestock (two separate registrations)

Henderson, Catherine O.: real estate, livestock

Herling, Catherine: real estate

Horn, Mary Elizabeth: real estate

Howlett, Sarah E.: livestock

Hoxie, Eliza Ann: real estate

Jones, Mary: real estate, interest in cabin, fluming, water rights

Keenan, Lucinda: livestock

Kellen, Mary: livestock

Kilgore, Martha: livestock

Little, Margaret: real estate

Logier (Laugier), Jeanne: real estate

Maury, Elizabeth: real estate, cash, notes, accounts

McCully, Jane: real estate, cash

McFerren, Henrietta: livestock

McKee, Mary C.: goats

Middagh, Mary: livestock, wagon

Moyer, Sarah: livestock, wagon, mower, hay rake

Muller (Miller?), Barbara (two entries): livestock, furniture, stove, bed clothes

Murphy, Gertrude: livestock

Neathammer, Sarah: livestock

Nelson, M. S.: livestock, wagon

Noah, Francis [sic] Jane: livestock

O’Meara, Fannie: pianoforte

Oliver, Florence V.: livestock

Pinkham, Mary E.: livestock

Prater, Elizabeth: threshing machine, livestock, wagons

Presley, Rebecca M.: livestock, $175 cash

Rogers, Ann: promissory notes

Schmidling, Henrietta: real estate, livestock, furniture, tools

Sexton, Caroline: livestock, wagon, buggy, notes, bonds, mortgages

Short, Falba, F.: real estate, wagon, livestock

Stacey, Susan: livestock

Stacy, Minnie B.: livestock, sewing machine, 100 lbs. bacon

Stevens, Sarah: stove, furniture, dishes, linens, side saddle, tools, livestock

Thomas, Annie M.: livestock, sewing machine

Thomas, Mrs. A. M.: livestock

Thurber, Roxanne: real estate, livestock

Tice, Margaret: livestock

Tillett, Mary E.: real estate

True, Celeste: livestock

Wade, Mrs. M. M.: livestock, wagon, plow, farming tools

Weiser, Alice: livestock, furniture, linens, dishes, carpets, three dozen jars of fruit

Wertz (Wortz?), Martha E. V.: livestock, wagon

Whetstone, Almira: livestock, wagon, plow

Willett, Frances B.: Willett Saloon at Willow Springs, livestock, real estate, half mining claim, stable

Woods, Susie: livestock