The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County 1870

JACKSONVILLE, Jan'y. 10th, 1870.
    EDITOR NEWS:--Dull times and no water--that’s a regular cry from one end of the county to the other; but in Jacksonville, we find our merchants, butchers, bakers, saloon keepers, hotels, shoemakers, breweries, blacksmiths, saddlers, barbers, and, in fact, all ready to serve you with the best they have on hand. Messrs. Sachs Bros. are always ready to give you a cheap article for cash; Mr. Jas. T. Glenn and clerk will produce the best article that can be found in the market; Mr. M. Mensor--always on hand for a new article; Mr. Baum will produce a good article of dry goods and groceries; Mr. Karewski will sell lard, butter, cheese, tea, coal oil, etc., to suit the public. Mr. Joe Wetterer--Eagle Brewery--has a good glass of refreshments, such [as] a glass of lager; also the City Brewery--Mr. Veit Schutz--will probably excel the other; Messrs. Pape & Savage cannot be excelled on a good c--k--t--l [cocktail], except one, Mr. Brentano at the Railroad Saloon; at the two-bits saloons we cannot vouch for the same, for we never tasted of the liquid; our tin rattle stores are doing well; our hotels--Mr. L. Horne keeps a good house, and good spring beds; the Franco-American Restaurant cannot be excelled for a good cup of coffee; our blacksmiths are always busy, and sufficient to keep them busy; doctors and dentists are always on hand to check the scarlet fever and toothache, "but we can't see it." Our miners cry water, and if we could change the weather, we would most undoubtedly stop the cry of water, and give them gold! In fact, I will advise one and all to give a call to the above names and firms, and you will find that the writer gives you a true history of trade in Jacksonville. One word to our Democratic friends: give Mr. Hull a  lift in the subscription list; bear a hand and pull on the same rope, and you are sure to win; our coming June election will decide our victory over the Fifteenth Amendment. Never flinch to an outside report, but stick to your colors.    EBID.
Democratic News, Jacksonville, January 15, 1870, page 2  Mr. Hull was editor of the Democratic News.

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