The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Business Directory 1931-32

The many discontinuities from year to year suggest that listing in this directory was by subscription; don't assume that a business' absence from this listing is necessarily evidence of its absence from Medford.

MEDFORD. Jackson County. Population 11,095. Is the commercial and business center of famous Rogue River Valley, Southern Oregon. It is located on the Southern Pacific railway and on the Pacific Highway. It is a terminal for the Medford Coast Railroad, which line is electrified. The elevation of Medford is 1,368 feet. The average temperature for the past 20 years has been 55 degrees. The annual rainfall is from 18 to 22 inches. Surrounded by 25,000 acres of irrigated lands. Medford is the gateway to Crater Lake. Auto stage every day during season. It has a cosmopolitan population; people from every state in the Union have come here to make their permanent homes. The following are some facts about Medford: The best paved city for its size in the world, having 25 miles of pavement; 30 miles of sewers; water mains 28.45 miles, cement sidewalks, 5 grade schools and 2 high schools, St. Mary's Academy, business college, conservatory of music, and 2 kindergartens. Modern-equipped fire department, electricity and gas for lighting, heating and power purposes, 4 banks, a public library, 3 modern hotels, 3 second-class hotels, 5 restaurants, 6 apartment houses, 1 weekly and 2 daily newspapers, city park, baseball park, fair grounds, 4 auto camp grounds, country club, 2 golf courses. Five ladies' clubs, farm bureau cooperative exchange, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Craters Club, Business and Professional Women's Club, Greater Medford Club. All denominations of churches, 3 hospitals, opera house, 4 movie houses, a natatorium and $80,000 armory. All leading lodges and societies. Federal building and offices of the weather bureau, district forestry, U.S. [plant] pathologist. Jobbing and wholesale center, Class A airport. Auto stages--interurban auto routes to all points of Southern Oregon, hourly service to Ashland. Auto stage to Roseburg and Klamath Falls, stops at all towns along line; also auto stage station on line from Los Angeles to Portland. Has 3 lumber mills, 1 box factory, 2 large creameries, fruit and vegetable canneries, pickling and catsup works; 21 fruit associations with 2 large pre-cooling plants. The district surrounding Medford is the greatest pear country on the coast and one of the best apple-growing districts. Stock raising, lumbering and diversified farming are among the greatest resources of the valley. Independent Telephone Co. Telegraph Western Union and Postal. Railway Express agency.

Adrienne's, C. T. Steward, manager, women's furnishings, 21 N. Central Ave.
William Aitken, plumber 33½ N. Central Ave.
Everett F. Alexander, grocer, 131 W. Main
Alta Vista Packing House, C. A. Marshal, manager, 327 S. Fir
American Fruit Growers Inc., I. A. Cederwall, manager, N. Central Ave.
American Laundry (James A. Slorah), 132 S. Central Ave.
J. Bert Anderson, fruit grower, 314 Liberty Bldg.
John B. Andrews, loans, 2 College Bldg.
Andy's Service Station (Andrew E. Pederson), 245 N. Riverside
Armstrong Motors Inc., Urmey S. Armstrong, president, Hugo F. Lange, vice-president, 101 S. Riverside
Associated Oil Co., William O. Webster, local manager, end S. Riverside
Austin-Hamm (Harold Austin, Dewey I. Hamm), clothier, 126 E. Main
Auto Supply & Parts Co. (Charles Strang, Doc Wright), 3 S. Riverside
Babb & Co. (Caleb W. Babb), real estate, 3 N. Bartlett
Rev. W. R. Baird, pastor, First Christian Church, 11 S. Orange
John M. Baker, second-hand goods, 1603 N. Riverside
The Band Box (Mrs. Emma L. Carpenter), milliners, 223 E. 6th
Banister & Christner (Harold H. Banister, Harry C. Christner), real estate, 317 Liberty Bldg.
Bardwell Fruit Co. (Ralph G. Bardwell), S. Front
Ernest L. Barnes, insurance adjuster, 205 First National Bank Bldg.
James C. Barnes, real estate, 15 S. Central Ave.
Marie Barnes, restaurant, 31 N. Holly
George A. Barnum, machinist, 130 N. Front
George Barton, produce, 108 N. Ivy
Bates Barber Shop, Henry G. Bates, manager, 128 W. Main
Bear Creek Orchards Co. (Rosenberg Bros.), fruit growers, 202 Cooley Theatre Bldg.
Bear Creek Spray Co. (David H. and Harry H. Rosenberg), 202 Cooley Theatre Bldg.
Michael Beck, baker, 1454 N. Riverside
C. R. Beebe Agency, C. R. Beebe, real estate, insurance, 16 S. Bartlett
Rev. Alex G. Bennett, pastor, First Methodist Episcopal Church, 27 N. Orange
Walter M. Bergman, blacksmith, 109 S. Holly
Arthur C. Bevan, cigars, lobby Medford Hotel
Ernest N. Biden, shoe repairs, 19 S. Central Ave.
Big Pines Lumber Co., Henry A. Thierolf, president; Marie Eicher, secretary, 32 W. 6th
Big Seven Fruit Warehouses Inc., Hugh W. Hamlin, manager, fruit packers, shippers, storage, 420 S. Front
Ed Binns, meats, 109 W. Main
The Black Cat (Arthur R. McIntosh), restaurant, 40 S. Central Ave.
Rev. Francis W. Black, pastor, Church of the Nativity, 326 S. Oakdale Ave.
Blake Moffitt & Towne, Claude F. Schmeer, branch manager, paper wholesaler, 40 E. 10th
Bob-Inn Beauty Shop, (Mrs. Odell West), 5 Sparta Bldg.
Oliver C. Boggs, lawyer, 30 N. Central Ave.
The Bootery (Robert B. and Herbert B. Strang), shoes, 237 E. Main
Carl D. Bowman, barber and beauty shop, 105 W. Main
Boyse & Carter (Howard Boyse, Peter Carter), billiards, 126 W. Main
Alan Brackinreed, income tax, Medford Center Bldg.
C. Earl Bradfish, jeweler, 115 E. Main
Jewett P. Bray, chiropractor, 308 Medford [Center Bldg.]
Percy Bray, lawyer, 102 Palmer Bldg.
C. J. Breier Co., Eugene B. Powelson, manager, dry goods, 218 E. Main
Brill's Sheet Metal Works, (Scott E. Brill), 109 E. 8th
Jack Broill, shoe shiner, 423 E. Main
Leland S. Brophy, jeweler, 207 E. Main
C. Gus Brommer, apartments, 1205 E. Main
Brown & White (Joseph Brown, Ed M. White), real estate, 31 N. Fir
Robert H. Browne, hardware, 221 W. Main
Brownie-Marie Coffee Shop (Lee E. Ackley), 19 N. Fir
F. G. Bunch, dentist, 315 Medford Center Bldg.
Bungalow Grocery (Jay W. Jacobs), 409 N. Riverside
Rev. H. W. Burch, pastor, Church of God
Edwin T. Burelson, women's furnishings, 101 S. Central Ave.
Floyd F. Burk, furniture and upholstery, 114 N. Front
J. C. Burns, restaurant, 23 S. Riverside
Robert W. Burrows, manufacturer, paper and excelsior products, 311 S. Front
Buster Brown Shoe Shop, Clarence B. Evans, manager, 32 S. Central Ave.
Charles S. Butterfield, insurance, 409 Medford Center Bldg.
C & E Fruit Co. Inc., James E. Edmiston, president; Mrs. Florence E. Edmiston, secretary, fruit buyers and shippers, 411 S. Fir
Arthur B. Cadwell, restaurant, 410 E. Main
California Oregon Power Co., Chauncey M. Brewer, vice-president-general manager, 218 W. Main
Cameo Cleaning & Dyeing Works (K. Saito), 211 W. Main
Charles J. Campbell, men's furnishings, 105 E. Main
Campbell Sheet Metal Works (J. L. Campbell), 309 E. Main
Cargill Court Apartments, W. 6th
Carlow & Carlow (Frank G. and Eva Mains Carlow), osteopaths, 416 Liberty Bldg.
Emmett J. Carpenter, chiropractor, Holly Theatre Bldg.
Willard E. Cave, restaurant, 25 S. Riverside
Chamberlain-Webber Inc., George H. Chamberlain jr., president; Charles H. Webber, vice-president, refrigerators, 33 N. Grape
David A. Chambers, optometrist, 230 W. 6th
Walter O. Chapman, gas station, grocer and tourist camp, 1501 S. Riverside
Cinderella Beauty Shop (Mabel Poague), 121 E. 8th
Cinderella Shop, Cora Buran, manager, women's furnishings, 44 S. Central Ave.
City Cleaning & Dyeing Works (J. F. Watson), 624 N. Riverside
City Meat Market (Con DeVore), 121 N. Central Ave.
Frank C. Clark, architect, 405 Medford Center Bldg.
Webster Clark, dental laboratory, 422 Medford Center Bldg.
Hibbard S. Cleveland, sign painter, 114 N. Front
Sigurd M. Cleven, shoe repairs, 17 N. Fir
Emma Cline, beauty shop, 20 S. Grape
Club Cafe, James A. Valentine, manager, 5 S. Riverside
George A. Codding, lawyer, district attorney, 201 Liberty Bldg.
Coffee Shop (Jean Childers), restaurant, 417 E. Main
E. F. Coleman, gas station, 10 S. Riverside
Grant Coleman, shooting gallery, 21 S. Front
Harvey P. Coleman, chiropractor, 428 Medford Center Bldg.
College Building, 31 N. Grape
Colonial Garage (Harry N. Butler, Warner W. Howard), 31-37 N. Ivy
Colyear Motor Sales Co. (Jack C. Falkenhagen), auto parts, 411 E. Main
Commercial Finance Corp., W. W. Walter, manager, insurance, 203 First National Bank Bldg.
Community Hospital, Phyllis A. Swearingen, superintendent, 842 E. Main
Conger Funeral Parlors (H. W. Conger), 715 W. Main
Harry L. Connors, restaurant, 375 S. Front
Consolidated Freight Lines, Terrill I. Deck, manager, 12th and S. Riverside
Cooley Theatre Building, 39 S. Central Ave.
Erastus C. Corn, real estate, 15 S. Central Ave.
Cosy Nook (John W. Winterhalder), restaurant
The Crest (Roy and Laura Buckingham), confectioners, 18 S. Central Ave.
Crews & Codding (William E. Crews, George A. Codding), lawyers, 217 Liberty Bldg.
Winfred Y. Crowson, restaurant and confectioner, 229 E. Main
A. Branch Culy, gas station, W. Main corner Front
John Cupp, furniture, 315 E. Main
George Q. D'Albini, lawyer and accountant, 31 N> Grape
Victor H. Daley, barber, 18 E. Main
Oliver L. Davidson, confectioner, 102 W. Main
Davis Building, 32 N. Central Ave.
Jonas T. Davis, transfer, 29-31 S. Grape
Dell's Lunch (Thomas N. Cline), 321 E. 6th
John H. Denison, radios, 402 E. Main
Frank DeSouza, lawyer, 1 Liberty Bldg.
Henry J. Devaney (Medford Collection Agency), lawyer, 3 Kidd Bldg.
DEVOE'S COLEMAN & COLEMAN (U. G. and M. A. Coleman), Groceries and Confectionery, Fruits and Vegetables in Season, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Lunch and Bakery Goods, Cigars and Tobacco, School Supplies and Stationery, Newspapers and Magazines, 436 E. Main, Telephone 122-R
Diamond Cafe (Charles T. Fujimoto), 127 E. 6th
S. Ralph Dippel, dentist, 402 Medford Center Bldg.
Volney Dixon, wire fence, 134 N. Riverside
A. E. Dodson, physician, 225 E. Main
Dreamland Dance Hall (Jean Childers), 423 E. Main
Harry Dunlap, blacksmith, 114 S. Bartlett
Joseph M. Dunn, barber, 7 S. Riverside
Edwin R. Durno, physician, 317 Medford Center Bldg.
Eads Transfer & Storage Co. (George H. and Everett E. Eads), 1015 N. Central Ave. and 111 N. Fir
Eads & Holbrook (Clarence E. Eads, Leland Holbrook), second-hand goods, 38 N. Front
Eakin Motor Co. Inc., George A. Braley, president; Clyde S. Eakin, secretary-treasurer, 16-18 S. Fir
Eastside Pharmacy (Ernest J. Smith), 400 E. Main
Rev. W. H. Eaton, pastor, First Baptist Church, 42 Rose Ave.
Economy Cleaners (James A. Grove), 1728 N. Riverside
Economy Groceteria (William A. Gates, William H. Lydiard), 102 N. Central Ave.
Economy Grocery, Ed Turnquist, manager, 204 W. 6th
Economy Lumber Co. (Ralph O. Stephenson), end N. Court
Economy Shoe Store (Alex Merritt), 409 E. Main
Maud T. Edwards, stenographer, 405 Liberty Bldg.
Electric Wiring Co. (Herman O. Purucker), 222 W. Main
Bert R. Elliott, dentist, 304 Medford Center Bldg.
Elmer D. Elwood, optometrist, 135 S. Central Ave.
Jaques J. Emmens, physician, 204 Medford Center Bldg.
Thomas J. Enright, lawyer, 32 N. Central Ave.
Noel L. Erskine, music teacher, 14 Sparta Bldg.
Edward Evanson, grocer, 106 N. Ivy
Fageol Motor Sales Co., Lewis R. Russell, branch manager, 806 S. Riverside
Albert P. Farley, confectioner, Hotel Jackson
Farmers Exchange Co-Operative, Robert E. Munter, manager, feed retail, 72 W. 4th
Farmers & Fruit Growers Bank (capital $50,000, surplus $10,000), Delroy Getchell, president; Charles E. Gates, vice-president; Fred. E. Wahl, cashier, 204 W. Main
F. P. Farrell, lawyer, 10 Jackson County Bank Bldg.
The Fashion Shop (Mrs. Mertie Andrews), dressmakers, 424 Medford Center Bldg.
Fire Companies Adjustment Bureau, W. Stanley Gearhart, branch manager, 204 Holly Theatre Bldg.
First National Bank (capital $100,000, surplus $75,000), B. E. Harder, president; Charles M. English, vice-president; Oris Crawford, cashier, 122 E. Main
First National Bank Building, 120 E. Main
Val J. Fischer, gas station, W. 6th corner Fir
Joseph J. Fliegel, lawyer, 30 N. Central Ave.
Chauncey Florey, insurance, Kidd Bldg.
John Fluhrer & Son (John & William H.), bakers, 222 E. Main
Lela M. Folkenberg, music teacher, 31 N. Grape
Thorval H. Folkenberg, music teacher, 31 N. Grape
Foster & Kleister, Charles L. MacDonald, manager, signs, 123 S. Front
Fox Craterian Theatre, Archie Holt, manager, 23 S. Central Ave.
George E. Fox, real estate, 14 N. Bartlett
Fox Rialto Theatre, Archie Holt, manager, 112 W. Main
Franklin's Cafe (Dale Franklin, Virgil Martin), 25 S. Central Ave.
J. Oscar Frazier, blacksmith, 104 S. Fir
Fry & Stephenson (Fred Fry, Orvis Stephenson), barbers, 14 N. Front
Rev. H. C. Funk, pastor, English Lutheran Church, 518 W. 4th
William H. Gardner, drugs, 108 W. Main
Mrs. Betty Garnett, restaurant, 21 S. Grape
C. E. Gates Auto Co. Inc., Charles E. Gates, president; George E. Gates, vice-president; Eleanor McQuiston, secretary, auto dealers, 25 N. Riverside
General Petroleum Corp. of California, Vernon I. Fowles, district manager, 936 S. Central Ave.
Gibson & Anderson (William E. Gibson, Alex Anderson), meats, 106 N. Ivy
James Gill, shoe repairs, 11 S. Riverside
Rev. W. Marvin Gilliam, pastor, Pilgrim Holiness Church, 125 S. Lincoln
Gilmore Oil Co., A. M. O'Hanlon, district manager, S. Riverside near Fairgrounds
Gold Seal Creamery Inc., Max GeBauer, president; Ted GeBauer, secretary, 401 N. Fir
Thomas Goldfrep, auto repairs, 315 N. Riverside
C. C. Goldsberry, dentist, 316 Medford Center Bldg.
Mrs. E. E. Gore, music teacher, 11 Sparta Bldg.
Edward Gould, real estate, 32 N. Central Ave.
Ivan H. Gove, dentist, 1 Stewart Bldg.
Grand Hotel (John H. Goswick), 204 N. Front
A. V. Graves, jeweler, 40 N. Front
Ralph E. Green, physician, 201 Medford Center Bldg.
Willis D. Greer, cigars, 116 E. Main
Growers Exchange Inc., Myron E. Root, manager, fruit packers and shippers, 109 S. Fir
James H. Gustine, tailor, 120 N. Central Ave.
Fred A. Haight, music teacher, 318 Liberty Bldg.
Phila H. Hall, restaurant, 17 S. Riverside
William Hammet, plumber, 31 N. Bartlett
Rev. William B. Hamilton, rector, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 48 N. Quince
Handicraft Shop Inc., Mary B. Griffin, president; Zoa Griffin, secretary-manager, art goods, infants' wear, 42 S. Central Ave.
Herman K. Hanna, lawyer, 32 N. Central Ave.
Hansen Coal Co. (Harry O. Hansen), 528 S. Front
Charles A. Hartley, contractor, 7 Sparta Bldg.
Burhl R. Harwood, photographer, 229 E. 6th
Sharon Hawk, plumber, 24 S. Grape
James C. Hayes, physician, 208 Medford Center Bldg.
Fred L. Heath, drugs, 109 E. Main
Heck Sign Co. Inc., James E. Payette, president-manager, 39 S. Grape
Alvin R. Hedges, chiropractor, 3 Stewart Bldg.
Louise E. Hedges, chiropractor, 3 Stewart Bldg.
Hi Way Pool Room (John and Paul Goodwyn), 12 N. Riverside
Edward W. Hoffmann, chiropractor, 203 Liberty Bldg.
Ethelwyn B. Hoffman, John B. Hoffman, manager, women's furnishings, 41 S. Central Ave.
Melvin N. Hogan, broker, 315 Liberty Bldg.
Holly Theatre, 226 W. 6th
R. A. Homes Insurance Agency, Robert C. Holmes, manager, general insurance, 7 Jackson County Bank Bldg.
William Holmes, real estate, 104 E. Main
William W. P. Holt, physician, 306 Medford Center Bldg.
The Home Grocery, 608 E. Main
Home Telephone Co., Robert B. Hammond, manager, 218 W. 6th
Fred G. Honner, feed, 227 N. Fir
Fred W. Horton, barber, 206 N. Front
Hotel Holland (Charles L. Reynolds), 33 N. Fir
Hotel Jackson, William M. Clemenson, manager, 106 S. Central Ave.
Warner W. Howard, osteopath, 307 Liberty Bldg.
Hubbard Bros. Inc., A. C. Hubbard, president; Roland A. Hubbard, vice-president, hardware, 335 E. Main
Harry T. Hubbard, fruit broker, third floor Holly Theatre Bldg.
Frank J. Huber, tailor, 15 N. Fir
Humphreys Grocery, 534 E. Main
Louis B. Humphrys, designer, 219 W. Main
Margaret Huntoon, music teacher, 6 Stewart Bldg.
Huson's What Not Confectionery (Ina M. and Darall Huson), confectioners, 332 W. 6th
C. I. Hutchison, dry goods, 213 E. Main
Idle Hour (Archie C. Sutherland), soft drinks, 45 S. Front
Imperial Rooms (Stella Gatton), 30 N. Front
Independent Electric Co. (Louis R. Buckley), 309 E. Main
Independent Stage Co., M. C. Yahne, manager, 104 E. Main
Independent Truck Line, L. H. Peery, manager, 12th and S. Riverside
L. D. Inskeep, physician, 208 Medford Center Bldg.
Isis Theatre (Jean Childers), 413 E. Main
J. N. Cafe (J. I. Nakagiri), 27 S. Front
Jackson County Abstract Co., Paul M. Janney, president; Thaddeus W. Miles, vice-president; Edwin H. Janney, secretary-treasurer, 121 E. 6th
Jackson county Bank (capital $100,000, surplus $20,000), Charles W. McDonald, president; William I. Vawter, vice-president; Scott V. Davis, cashier, 203 E. Main
Jackson County Bank Building, 20 N. Central Ave.
Jackson County Building & Loan Association, Corsa M. Kidd, president; Jocelyn J. Emmens, vice-president; John C. Mann, vice-president; Oliver C. Boggs, secretary; Ralph E. Green, treasurer, 30 N. Central Ave.
Jackson County Credit Bureau, Howard D. Feary, manager, collections, 423 Medford Center Bldg.
Jarmin & Woods (Mark Jarmin, Charles Woods), drugs, 134 E. Main
Floyd Jenkins, sign painter, 216 E. Main
Cecil M. Jennings, pawnbroker, 5 S. Front
Jennings Tire Co. (Sam Jennings), 127 N. Riverside
Jensen & Dalley (Jens Jensen, O. A. Dalley), confectioners, 220 W. Main
Jewel Cafe (George Takahira), 28 N. Front
Charles P. Johnson, dentist, 225 E. Main
Frederick H. Johnson, dentist, 429 Medford Center Bldg.
Fred L. Johnston, shoe repairs, 135 W. Main
KMED Broadcasting Station (Mrs. Blanche Virgin), 8 Sparta Bldg.
T. Kamikawa, laundry, 126 N. Front
James M. Keene, dentist, 403 Medford Center Bldg.
Edward E. Kelly, lawyer, 1 Liberty Bldg.
Kennell-Ellis, Catherine Gaylord, manager, photographers, 32 N. Central Ave.
Kidd Building, 123 E. Main
Corsa M. Kidd shoes, 221 E. Main
The Kimball Fruit Co. Inc., Carl W. Kimball, president; Richard S. Kimball, vice-president; Leo M. Stoecklin, secretary-treasurer, fruit packers, 202 N. Fir
Ed J. Klein, tailor, 128 E. Main
Klocker Printery (August J. and Ada T. Klocker), 28 S. Central Ave.
Knight Packing Co., J. H. Zimmer, manager, fruit canners and catsup manufacturers, S. Front
Knight & West (George L. Knight, George H. West), real estate, 20 N. Bartlett
Leland J. Knox, accountant, 9 Palmer Bldg.
Koke-Chapman Co., Alfred H. Miller, manager, stationers, 34 N. Central Ave.
A. F. Walter Kresse, physician, 14 S. Bartlett
Charles E. Kunz, dentist, third floor Holly Theatre Bldg.
George J. Kunzman, printer, second-hand goods, 35 S. Front
Francelia LaDieu, stenographer, Medford Hotel
LaFonda Rooms (Della Sampey), 207 W. Main
B. L. Lageson, dentist, 208 Medford Center Bldg.
Lake Hotel (Molly Witcher), 130 W. Main
Ed H. Lamport, paints and sporting goods, 224-226 E. Main
W. E. Lantis, chiropodist, 208 Medford Center Bldg.
J. W. LaTourette, gas station, 1321 N. Riverside
John F. Lawrence, jeweler, 101 W. Main
Robert E. Lee, optometrist, 103 N. Central Ave.
Royal W. Lee, men's furnishings, 104 W. Main
Jacque Lenox, women's furnishings, 301-3 E. Main
Chester Leonard, gas station, 401 N. Riverside
Leonard's Cafe (C. Leonard Swenson Jr.), 102 E. Main
Walter H. Leverette, real estate, 415 Medford Center Bldg.
Lewis Super Service Station Inc., William L. Lewis, president; Philip B. Lowd, secretary, gas, oils and tires, S. Front corner 8th
Liberty Building, 119 N. Central Ave. and 205 W. Main
Liberty Meat Market (Emil R. Peck, Edwin L. Daly), meats, 230 W. Main
Roy Lindley, barber, 17 N. Bartlett
E. A. Littrell, auto parts, 317 E. Main
Rev. E. N. Long, pastor, Free Methodist Church, N. Oakdale
George A. Long, barber, 7 N. Fir
Walter J. Looker, lawyers, 412 Liberty Bldg.
Luman Bros. (Charles and William M.), meats and grocers, 314 E. Main
Lloyd G. Lyman, civil engineer, 210 Cooley Theatre Bldg.
Lynn Rooms (Mollie Witcher), Mrs. Irene Taylor, manager, 319 E. Main
M. M. Department Store (W. H. Meeker), 41 N. Central Ave.
Mack's Garage (J. Hugh McKenzie), auto repairs, 129 N. Riverside
MacMarr Stores Inc., grocers, 31 N. Central Ave. and 226 W. Main
Magill Drug Co. (Lloyd H. Magill), 214 E. Main
Earl C. Macguin, investments, 211 First National Bank Bldg.
Mankins & Bell Apiaries (Henry Mankins), 1511 N. Riverside
Mann's Department Store (John C. Mann), dry goods, 209 E. Main and 14 N. Central Ave.
Henry E. Marsh, grocer, 130 E. Main
Marshall Printing Co. (Joseph Marshall), office supplies and printers, 135 W. Main
Mason Ehrman & Co., Charles E. Clay, local manager, wholesale grocers, 442 N. Fir
The Maytag Shop, Theodore Chambers, manager, 19 N. Bartlett
McCurdy-Daniels Insurance Agency Inc., Thurston E. Daniels, president; Don Newbury, secretary, 208 Medford National Bank Bldg.
Fred W. McFarland, grocer and gas station, 602 S. Riverside
Fred J. McPherson, men's furnishings, 212 E. Main
Mead Motor Co. (Newton A. Mead), auto dealers, 102 S. Bartlett
Medford Bargain House (Harry Rubenstein), second-hand goods, 27 N. Grape
Medford Beauty Shop (Iva Frederick), 116 N. Central Ave.
Medford Business College, George W. Newberry, business director, 41 N. Grape
Medford Car Market, J. J. Osenbrugge, manager, auto dealers, 35 S. Riverside
Medford Center Building, 35 N. Central Ave.
Medford Chamber of Commerce, Olin O. Alenderfer, president; Charles T. Baker, secretary, 1 E. Main
MEDFORD COLLECTION AGENCY (Henry J. DeVaney), 3 Kidd Bldg., Telephone 1491
Medford Concrete Construction Co., C. J. Semon, president; Russell D. Semon, vice-president; Henry H. Pringle, 1320 N. Riverside
Medford Cycle & Repair Shop (Charles Fischer), 23 N. Fir
Medford Daily News, Llewellyn A. Banks, editor and publisher, 117 W. Main
Medford Domestic Laundry (Glen Fabrick), 30 N. Riverside
Medford Electric Construction Co. (Bert M. Bush), 33 N. Central Ave.
Medford Flower Shop (Mrs. Marcella Morthland), 33 N. Central Ave.
Medford Fruit Co. Inc., Guy W. Conner, manager, S. Front
MEDFORD FUR SHOP (Grace Myers), Furriers of Merit, Ladies' and Men's All Leather Coats Made t Order, A Complete Line of Furs to Select From, 407 E. Main
Medford Furniture & Hardware Co., Hal F. Platt, president; Warren D. Butler, vice-president; John H. Butler, secretary, 31 N. Bartlett
Medford Hotel, Harry Hutton, manager, 320 W. Main
Medford Ice & storage Co., Oscar T. Bergner, manager, 533 S. Fir
Medford Investment Co. Inc., Halbert S. Deuel, president; Hamilton Patton, secretary, auto finance and insurance, 125 W. Main
Medford Irrigation District, Olen Arnspiger, secretary, 323 S. Fir
Medford-Klamath Freight Line, Carl Stuart, manager, 12th and S. Riverside
Medford Lumber Co., J. H. Cooley, president-treasurer; C. R. Cooley, secretary, 98 W. 3rd
Medford Mail Tribune, Robert W. Ruhl, editor; E. L. Knapp, business manager, 29 N. Fir
Medford Mattress Shop (Charles H. Richie), 26 S. Grape
Medford National Bank (capital $100,000), William H. Gore, president; J. Allen Perry, vice-president; John S. Orth, cashier, 131 E. Main
Medford National Bank Building, 11 N. Central Ave.
Medford Pharmacy (Edgar A. Moore), 202 E. Main
Medford Planing Mill Inc., Hannes C. Hansen, president-manager, 331 S. Fir
Medford Plate Glass & Mirror Co. (James C. Peebles), 118 S. Bartlett
Medford Printing Co., publishers Medford Mail Tribune, 29 N. Fir
MEDFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY, E. Fay Woolsey, Librarian, 419 W. Main, between Ivy and Oakdale, Telephone 678
Medford Service Station (Charles Furnas), auto tires, 322 E. Main
Medford Shoe Shop (Axel Spjuth) shoe repairs, 231 E. 6th
Medford Sign Co. (Tex Elliott), 3 Sparta Bldg.
Medford Upholstering Shop (Stanley O. Sanders), 32 N. Grape
Medford Vulcanizing Works (Carl Fichtner), 104 W. 6th
Merrick's Motor Inn Camp Ground (Mrs. Stella Merrick), N. Riverside corner 6th
Thomas T. Merriman, blacksmith, S. Riverside
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Carl E. Grant, district manager, 210 Liberty Bldg.
Thaddeus W. Miles, lawyer, 1 Jackson County Bank Bldg.
Dell E. Millard, real estate, 425 E. Main
Harold U. Mitchell, auto painter, 608 S. Riverside
Herman Mitchell, meats and grocer, 506 W. 6th
Model Bakery (Joseph Doblemeir), 111 W. Main
Model Rooms (Hazel Reed), 320 E. Main
Modern Plumbing & Sheet Metal Co. (J. Fred Erickson, Henry C. Williamson), 404 E. Main
John A. Moffatt, grocer, 132 W. Main
Monarch Feed & Seed Co. (Raymond Wilford and Robert Miksche), 303 S. Fir
Monarch Seed & Feed Co., Raymond A. Miksche, manager, 323 E. Main
Montgomery Ward & Co., Irvin F. Andrews, manager, department store, 117 S. Central Ave.
Rawles Moore, lawyer, 208 Cooley Theatre Bldg.
Ray F. Moran, real estate, 17 Jackson County Bank Bldg.
Allison Moulton, lawyer, 301 Liberty Bldg.
R. C. Mulholland, dentist, 426 Medford Center Bldg.
Murray Abstract Co. (Cecil C. and Robert S. Murray), 32 N. Central Ave.
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, Thomas J. Fuson, district manager, 11 Jackson County Bank Bldg.
Mutual Mill & Seed Co. Inc., S. Fred Wilmont, president; Gerald A. Barr, vice-president-general manager, 103 N. Bartlett
GRACE MYERS (Medford Fur Shop), 407 E. Main
O. V. Myers Co. (Orin V. Myers), auto dealers, 114 S. Riverside
Nash Hotel (William L. Miller), 104 E. Main
Porter J. Neff, lawyer, 202 Cooley Theatre Bldg.
Anchor Neilsen, auto repairs, 401 N. Riverside
George W. Nelson, lawyer, 201 Liberty Bldg.
J. J. Newberry Co., Frank R. Steele, manager, notions, 36 N. Central
Newbury & Newbury (Gus and Don R.), lawyers, 210 Medford National Bank Bldg.
Frank J. Newman, lawyer, 2 Palmer Bldg.
Nichols & Ashpole (G. W. Nichols, C. W. Ashpole), meats, 206 E. Main
Noe & Saylor (Clarence G. Noe, Claude L. Saylor), barbers, 10 N. Riverside
Joseph S. O'Brien, barber, 322 W. Main
Office Stationery & Supply Co. (Roy R. Shreve, Sam G. Colton)< 113-15 W. Main
Offuts Machine Garage (Roy R. Duncan), 404 E. 4th
Louis P. Older, gas station, 333 N. Riverside
Oregon-California Fast Freight, Frank Gritsch, manager, 12th and S. Riverside
Oregon Life Insurance Co., G. N. Culy, district manager, 303 Medford National Bank Bldg.
Oregon Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Charles L. Goff, agent, 125 E. 6th
Oregon Rooms (Mrs. George Warner), 221 W. Main
Oregon State Motor Association, Levi C. Garlock, branch manager, 35 S. Riverside
Oriental Cafe (Max and Harry Nagata), 15 S. Front
Orphan Annie's Lunch (Dorothy Peterson), 23 S. Front
Owen-Oregon Lumber Co. Inc., John S. Owen, president; James H. Owen, vice-president; Henry S. Lovejoy, secretary, N. central Ave.
Arthur K. Owens, billiards, 17 S. Front
Owl Service Station (Bert W. Robison), N. city limits
Pacific Coast Credit Association, Howard D. Feary, manager, 423 Medford Center Bldg.
Pacific Fruit & Produce Co., John P. Naumes, manager, 222 W. 6th
Pacific Greyhound Lines, Albert P. Farley, manager, Hotel Jackson
Pacific Record Herald, Pacific Record Publishing Co., publishers, 324 W. 6th
Pacific Record Publishing Co. Inc., Earl H. Fehl, president-manager, publishers, Pacific Record Herald, 324 W. 6th
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., Mrs. Gladys Waller, chief operator, 131 N. Bartlett
Palace Barber Shop (Frank Harris), 320 W. 6th
Palace Beauty Shop (Frank Harris), 328 W. 6th
Palace Hotel (Addie Halley), 30 S. Central Ave.
Palmer Apartments, Mrs. Evelyn Reynolds, 14 S. Bartlett
Palmer Building, 107 E. Main
The Palmer Corp., David R. Wood, manager, Oregon division, fruit growers, packers and shippers, 509 S. Fir
Palmer Music House (Clayton H. Isaac, William H. Fluhrer), musical merchandise and electrical supplies, 234 E. Main
Pantorium Dye Works (Dade R. Terrett), 231 W. 6th
Thomas N. Parrett, auto body manufacturer, 36 S. Riverside
Charles H. Paske, dentist, 319 Liberty Bldg.
Pastime Pool Hall (William Reinhart), 22 N. Front
Jesse Patterson, lawyer, 7 Palmer Bldg.
Paxton Rivers Co., Court Hall, agent, fruit buyers, 209 First National Bank Bldg.
Pay and Takit Cleaners (Harold Wing), 419 E. Main
Pay 'n Takit, George R. Witters, manager, grocer, 107 N. Central Ave.
Albert E. Peasley, photographer, 227 W. 6th
Cleveland G. Peebler, second-hand goods, 31 S. Front
J. C. Penney Co. Inc., William Bolger, manager, department store, 40 N. Central Ave.
Laurence Pennington, garage, 121 N. Bartlett
People's Electric Store (Arthur B. Cunningham, Oscar O. Alenderfer), electrical supplies, 212 W. Main
People's Market (Nichols & Ashpole), meats, 204 W. 6th
John A. Perl, funeral director, W. 6th
David P. Peterson, barber, Hotel Jackson
Phipps Auto Park Service (Albert Shaw), 400 N. Riverside
W. Estill Phipps, lawyer, 207 First National Bank Bldg.
Al Piche, hardware and sporting goods, 327 E. Main
E. Barton Pickel, physician, 4 Jackson County Bank Bldg.
L. G. Pickell, real estate, 204 E. Main
Pierce-Allen Motor Co., William W. Allen, president; Dee Cheffel, secretary, 112 S. Riverside
Pierce Auto Freight Lines Inc., Archie C. Pierce, president-manager, 229 N. Riverside
Piggly Wiggly, William O. Cooksey, manager, grocer, 408 E. Main
The Pigtail (Jack M. Worsham, Carl W. Henderson), meats, 14 S. Central Ave.
Pinnacle Packing Co. Inc., Reginald H. Parsons (Seattle), president; H. A. Hart (Seattle), secretary; Raymond R. Reter, vice-president-treasurer, manager, fruit packers and shippers, 439 S. Fir
Guy Plummer, gas station, 48 N. Riverside
R. W. Poellnitz, physician, 208 W. Main
George W. Polen, restaurant, 309 N. Riverside
Rev. Claude B. Porter, pastor, First Presbyterian Church, S. Newtown
George Porter, lumber, 204 S. Fir
Post Office Service Station, Edward A. Moore, manager, W. 6th corner N. Holly
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co., Bernice Cameron, manager, 112 E. Main
Thomas E. Pottenger, real estate, 14 N. Bartlett
Reuben N. Price, second-hand goods, 29 S. Front
Paul Prince, auto repairs, 1522 N. Riverside
Prudential Savings & Loan Association, William E. Thomas, manager, 228 E. 6th
Roy Pruitt & Co., Roy Pruitt, manager, auto finance, 401 Medford National Bank Bldg.
Rainbow Cleaners (C. J. Chord, D. J. Lawrentz), 13 N. Fir
Charles R. Ray, real estate, 203 Medford Center Bldg.
Real Estate Exchange (Howard C. Bare, Elmer Herried), 125 E. 6th
Alfred E. Reames, lawyer, 412 Liberty Bldg.
Charles W. Reames, lawyer, 411 Medford Center Bldg.
Redden & Co. (Frank E. Redden, Annie J. Bateman and Carl J. Brommer), general insurance, 321 Medford Center Bldg.
J. F. Reddy, mining, 1 Sparta Bldg.
Ernest J. Reinking, express, 309 S. Front
Reliable Cash Grocery (William A. Holloway), 117 N. Central Ave.
Rex Cafe (Harold McCrady and Herman Burgoyne), 121 E. Main
Chris E. Richards, shoe shiner, 107 W. Main
Rev. Rodney Richards, pastor, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
Richfield Oil Co. of California, Searle Spencer Co., distributors, S. Riverside near Fairgrounds
Jud D. Rickert, oculist, 222 E. Main
Edwin G. Riddell, dentist, 302 Medford Center Bldg.
Riggs Optical Co., Ernest W. Winkle, manager, 431 Medford Center Bldg.
Joseph Rinard, bicycles, repairs and parcel delivery, 26 S. Bartlett
Riverside Apartments (Charles E. Soderstrom), 217 S. Riverside
Marian E. Robbins, furniture, 217 W. Main
Frank Roberts, dentist, 308 Medford Center Bldg.
George M. Roberts, lawyer, 202 Medford National Bank Bldg.
Rogue River Land Co. (William M. Holmes), Nash Hotel
Rogue River Lumber Co. (Paul A. and Allen R. Smith), 113 S. Fir
Rogue River Meats Inc., Frank DeSouza, president, wholesale, 1520 N. Riverside
Rogue River Valley Canning Co., Ralph U. Boutelle, president; Seth M. Bullis, vice-president, 105 E. 13th
Rogue Valley Investment Co. (Frank E. Redden, Annie J. Bateman), investment securities, 321 Medford Center Bldg.
William C. Rookard, grocer, 1508 N. Riverside
Rosenberg Bros. (David and Harry), fruit growers, packers and shippers, 202 Cooley Theatre Bldg.
Ernest G. Rose borough, barber and beauty shop, 36 S. Central
K. D. Ross Co. (Kenneth D. Ross), paints, 22 S. Grape
Russellville Nurseries, William B. Crause, representative, 528 S. Fir
Sabin Rindt Motors Inc., Nicholas Rindt, manager; Oscar Sabin, secretary, 32 N. Riverside
Sacred Heart Hospital, conducted by the Sisters of Charity of Providence, Siskiyou Heights
Safeway Store Inc., Alfred G. Anderson, manager, grocer, 206 W. Main
St. Mary's Academy, conducted by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus Christ and Mary, W. 11th.
F. E. Samson Co. (Frank E. Samson), feed and express, 229 N. Riverside
L. L. Sanders, dentist, 312 Medford Center Bldg.
Sanders & Anderson (Dave Sanderson, Art Anderson), restaurant, 17 S. Front
Sanderson Motor Co. (Bridane L. Sanderson), garage, 125 S. Riverside
The Sandwich Shop, Frank Wilcox, manager, restaurant, 21 N. Bartlett
Larry Schade, jeweler, 21 S. Central Ave.
L. C. Schafer, electrician, 114 E. 6th
A. Orin Schenck, accountant, 427 Medford Center Bldg.
Scherer Motor Co. Inc., Gerald O. Scherer, president-manager, auto dealers, 128-132 S. Riverside
Roy J. Schumacher, meats, 1512 N. Riverside
Scott & Moore (Ernest L. Scott, Harry G. Moore), general insurance, 3rd floor Holly Theatre Bldg.
Service Electric Co. (George Brown), electrical supplies, 111 S. Holly
Walter Severin, auto battery repairs, 1522 N. Riverside
Sgobel & Day, Crawford C. Leommon, manager, fruit packers and shippers, 119 S. Fir
J. Vern Shangle, photographer, 318 Medford Center Bldg.
Albert Shaw, tourist camp, 1760 N. Riverside
Shell Oil Co., J. Pullman, manager, 1000 S. Central Ave.
Shell Service Inc., 102 S. Riverside and 112 E. 6th
Shirley Bros. (A. Blaine and Ralph H.), confectioners, 307 E. Main
Edgar W. Shockley X-Ray, laboratory, 416 Medford Center Bldg.
The Shoe Box (Ulman J. Carpenter), shoes, 223 E. 6th
William H. Shultz, barber, 112 E. Main
Charles R. Simkins, chiropractor, 5 Kidd Bldg.
Simons & French Co. Inc., Ralph S. Headley, manager, fruit distributors, 402 S. Fir
Singer Sewing Machine Co., Chester J. Logan, manager, 229 E. 6th
Robert A. Skinner, auto repairs, 143 S. Riverside
Harry C. Skyrman, lawyer, 409 Medford Center Bldg.
R. W. Sleeter, physician, 202 Medford Center Bldg.
William H. Slinger, gas station, 31 W. Main
Smith & Watkins (James Smith, William Watkins), tires and service station, 212 S. Riverside
The Smoke House (John W. Antle), billiards, 318 E. Main
Jane Snedicor, interior decorator, 414 Medford Center Bldg.
Snider Dairy & Produce Co. (Mrs. Maud M. Snider), 28-32 N. Bartlett
Southern Building & Loan Association, Fred L. Heath, president; Hamilton Patton, secretary, 125 W. Main
SOUTHERN OREGON CREDIT BUREAU INC., Frank E. Redden, President; Carl J. Brommer, Vice-President; Annie J. Bateman, Secretary, Collections and Credit Reporting, 321 Medford Center Bldg., Telephone 720
Southern Oregon Gas Corp., John B. Brault, manager, 209 W. Main
Southern Oregon Realty Co. (Mrs. Stella J. Merrick), 44 N. Riverside
Southern Oregon Welding & Repair Works (Glen V. Robinson), 29 S. Bartlett
Sparta Building, 403½ E. Main
Ira A. Spencer, barber, 1518 N. Riverside
Searls Spencer Co. (Searls Spencer), distributors, Richfield Oil Co., S. Riverside near Fairgrounds
Sperry Flour Co., Harold L. Lord, manager, 73 W. 4th
Standard Oil Co. of California, George D. Knight, chief clerk, second floor Liberty Bldg.
STANDARD ROOFING CO. (Clair L. Walsh, Martin Moen), Weaver Henry Roofing Products, Manufacturers of Cast Stone Products, South Fir Corner 10th, Telephone 1077
Standard Stations Inc., gas and oil, 103 N. Riverside and W. 6th and Main
Star Meat Market (Charles and William M. Luman), meats, 314 E. Main
Fred Starboard, taxidermist, 110 E. 8th
State Theatre (George Roy), 103 S. Central Ave.
Robert W. Stearns, physician, 201 Medford Center Bldg.
Stewart Building, 235 E. Main
John E. Stewart, cigars, 9 S. Front
Robert Stillman, cabinetmaker, 142 N. Front
Dow W. Stone, veterinarian, 1455 N. Riverside
Charles Strang, drugs, 231 E. Main
Rev. R. D. Streyfeller, pastor, Full Gospel Church, 13 Newton
Sunrise Lunch & Grocery (Hiram M. Butts), 509 S. Riverside
Sunrise Service Station (Earl Alcock, Arthur Rowe), gas station and tourist camp, 505 S. Riverside
Charles T. Sweeney, physician, 225 E. Main
T. M. Swem & Son (T. M. and J. H), picture frames, 217 E. Main
Swift & Co., Frank C. Crouch, manager, wholesale meats, 13th and S. Front
Swift & Co., Eli M. Campbell, manager, wholesale produce, 203 N. Fir
Swiss Creamery (John R. Fischer), 1723 N. Riverside
Carl Y. Tengwald, general insurance, 45 N. Fir
The Texas Co., Edwin A. Vallier, local manager, 1020 S. Riverside
Fred G. Thayer, physician, 320 Medford Center Bldg.
The Toggery (William F. Isaacs), men's furnishings, 129 E. Main
Peter Toskos, shoe shiner, 112 E. Main
Wallace G. Trill, lawyer, 9 Palmer Bldg.
Trowbridge Cabinet Works (E. G. Trowbridge jr.), S. Grape corner 10th
Earl S. Tumy, real estate, 410 Liberty Bldg.
Union Oil Co. of California, Thomas E. Williams, branch manager, McAndrews Road at S.P. tracks
Unique Cleaners (Joseph R. Hoover), 20 S. Central Ave.
Universal Bond & Mortgage Corp., Guy Layton, general agent, 302 Medford National Bank Bldg.
University Club, R. J. Henry, secretary, 310 W. Main
Valley Candy Co. (Max GeBauer), wholesale, 401 N. Fir
Valley Cleaners & Dyers (Charles H. and Gertrude Richie), 26 S. Grape
H. L. Vandermark, auto repairs, 33 S. Bartlett
Walter M. Van Scoyoc, dentist, 313 Liberty Bldg.
R. C. VanValzah, dentist, 204 E. Main
Villa Nurseries (William Moss), 516 S. Riverside
Von der Hellen & Pierson, William von der Hellen, manager, building contractors, 305 Medford National Bank Bldg.
Austin L. Vroman, plumber, 529 E. Main
John W. Wakefield, insurance, 4 Palmer Bldg.
Eli O. Walden, grocer, 1715 N. Riverside
Wilbur L. Walden, cider manufacturer, 1713 N. Riverside
Imogene Wallace, music teacher, 7 Stewart Bldg.
Calvin L. Warnock, restaurant, 135 N. Central Ave.
Washington Rooms (Jessie M. Hopkins), 33 S. Front
Weeks & Orr (F. W. Weeks, A. E. Orr), furniture, 114 W. Main
West Side Market (Van R. Gilbert), meats, 213 W. Main
West Side Pharmacy (Jesse R. Woodford), 134 W. Main
Western Auto Supply Co., Lewis A. Corbett, manager, 401 E. Main
Western Oregon Finance Co., William B. Hoskins, manager, auto finance, 301 Medford National Bank Bldg.
Western Union Telegraph Co., A. Donald Collier, manager, 15 W. Main
Howard E. Wharton, fish, 108 N. Ivy
Whillock's Golden Rule (Charles A. Whillock), dry goods and grocers, 221 W. 6th
E. R. White Machinery Co. (Erle R. White, Dan A. Howard), 36-42 S. Fir
White Sewing Machine Co., Edgar J. Feldman, manager, 24 N. Bartlett
W. A. Whitelaw & Co. (Will A. and Beda M. Whitelaw), candy manufacturers, 31 N. Grape
Rosa B. Willett, music teacher, 220 W. Main
Wilson Auditing Co. (Ezra M. Wilson), 407 Liberty Bldg.
Will H. Wilson, clothing, 32 N. front
C. D. Wineland, beauty shop, 322 W. Main
Charles A. Wing Inc., Clinton Spencer, president-manager, real estate, 18 N. Front
Henry L. Wise, grocer, 116 N. Riverside
Witham Battery & Electric Service (H. C. Witham), 122 S. Riverside
Rev. N. D. Wood, pastor, Methodist Episcopal Church, 25 N. Orange
Wallace Woods, lumber, E. Jackson
F. W. Woolworth Co., Earl Gay, manager, 125 E. Main
Andrew J. Wurts, art goods and bric-a-brac, 101 N. Central Ave.
Effie H. Yeoman, music teacher, 216 E. Main
Rev. H. H. Young, pastor, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, E. Main and Portland Ave.
J. W. Young, loans, 32 N. Central Ave.
William A. Young, auto repair, 116 N. Front
R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1931-32,
page 163     Abbreviations spelled out to facilitate searching.

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