The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Business Directory 1923-24

The many discontinuities from year to year suggest that listing in this directory was by subscription; don't assume that a business' absence from this listing is necessarily evidence of its absence from Medford.

MEDFORD. Jackson County. Population 5,756. Is the commercial and business center of famous Rogue River Valley, Southern Oregon. It is located on the Southern Pacific railway and on the Pacific Highway. It is a terminal for the Medford Coast Railroad, which line is electrified. The elevation of Medford is 1,368 feet. The average temperature for the past 20 years has been 55 degrees. The annual rainfall is from 18 to 22 inches. Surrounded by 25,000 acres of irrigated lands. Medford is the gateway to Crater Lake. Auto stage every day. It has a cosmopolitan population; people from every state in the Union have come here to make their permanent homes. The following are some facts about Medford: The best paved city for its size in the world, having 25 miles of pavement; 26.21 miles of sewers; water mains 28.45 miles, cement sidewalks, 4 grade schools and one high school, St. Mary's Academy, business college, conservatory of music, and a kindergarten. Modern-equipped fire department, electricity and gas for lighting, heating and power purposes, 4 banks, a public library, 3 modern hotels, 3 second-class hotels, 5 restaurants, 6 apartment houses, 3 weekly and 1 daily newspaper, city park, baseball park, fair grounds, auto camp grounds, country club. Five ladies' clubs, farm bureau cooperative exchange, Chamber of Commerce. All denominations of churches, two hospitals, opera house, two movie houses and a natatorium. All leading lodges and societies. Federal building and offices of weather bureau, district forestry, U.S. [plant] pathologist. Public market, jobbing and wholesale center, aviation landing field. Auto stages--interurban auto routes to all points of Southern Oregon, hourly service to Ashland. Auto stage to Roseburg and Klamath Falls, stops at all towns along line; also auto stage station on line from Los Angeles to Portland. Has 4 lumber mills, one of which has a daily capacity of 125,000 feet. Two box factories, 2 large creameries, 2 fruit and vegetable canneries, fruit evaporating plant, pickling and catsup works. Eight fruit associations with 2 large pre-cooling plants. The district surrounding Medford is the greatest pear country on the coast and one of the best apple-growing districts. Stock raising and diversified farming are among the greatest resources of the valley. Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., Independent Telephone Co. Telegraph Western Union. Express American Railway.

William A. Aitken, plumber, 28 N. Grape
Charles L. Allen, blacksmith, 118 S. Bartlett
American Laundry Co. (James A. Slorah), 215 S. Riverside
American Mining Co., W. G. Tait, president; E. W. Miller, secretary
George Andrews, music teacher, Sparta Bldg.
John B. Andrews, loans, 31 N. Grape
Associated Oil Co., W. A. Hanna, manager, 322 E. Main
M. C. Barber, physician, Palm Bldg.
Bardwell Fruit Co., R. G. Bardwell, manager, fruit packers, 12th and Fir
Brenton L. Barkley, furnished rooms, 130 W. Main
Joseph C. Barnes, real estate, Front and Main
Barnum Garage (George A. Barnum), auto repairs, 130 N. Front
Frank W. Bartlett, furrier, 115 W. Main
Henry G. Bates, barber, 128 W. Main
Mrs. Isbel Bates, needlecraft, 17 N. Central
BATTERY & ELECTRIC SHOP (G. A. Johnson), Distributors for Exide Battery, Electric Supplies and Repairs, 122 N. Riverside
Bedingfield & Son (F. L. and J. A.), confectioners, 305 E. Main
Bennett Investment Co. (O. A. Bennett), real estate, 113 W. Main
Ernest N. Biden, shoemaker, 21 S. Central
Big Pines Lumber Co., H. H. Thierolf, president, 32 W. 6th
John Billings, blacksmith, 146 S. Riverside
Edward Binns, meats, 109 W. Main
Oliver C. Boggs, lawyer, 30 N. Central
Howard S. Boise, billiards, 126 W. Main
Newton W. Borden, lawyer, Palm Bldg.
Bowman & Noe (C. D. Bowman, C. T. Noe), barbers, 108 E. Main
Alan Brackinreed, accountant, Medford Bldg.
C. J. Breier & Co., J. L. Reed, manager, general merchandise, 218 E. Main
Helen M. Brown, Christian Science practitioner, 214 First National Bank Bldg.
Joseph C. Brown, real estate
Brown & Brown (E. G. and S. I.), soft drinks, 101 E. Main
Brown & White (Joseph Brown, Ed M. White), real estate, 75 N. Fir
Brownlee Olds Lumber Co. (J. N. Brownlee, M. D. Olds), end N. Central
Bullock Mercantile Agency, F. E. Redden, president, 32 N. Central
Louis Bundy, dentist, 308 E. Main
Arvid Bursell, physician, 314 Medford Bldg.
Busy Corner Motor Co. (Walter Bowne), Main and Riverside
Charles S. Butterfield, insurance, Medford National Bank Bldg.
California-Oregon Power Co., H. L. Walther, manager, light and power, 216 W. Main
F. M. Calkins, lawyer
Laura B. Cameron, cigars, 110 E. Main
Campbell & Carley (W. N. Campbell, R. E. Carley), real estate, 9 N. Fir
Hamill A. Canaday, lawyer, 31 N. Central
John H. Carkin, lawyer, First National Bank Bldg.
Carlow & Carlow (F. G. and E. M.), osteopaths, 416 Liberty Bldg.
Charles E. Cass, auto wrecking, 114 S. Bartlett
Chamber of Commerce, H. O. Frohbach, secretary, Main and S.P. tracks
City Meat Market (C. Devore), 309 E. Main
Robert W. Clancy, physician, 215 E. Main
Clarion Publishing Co. (The Clarion), W. E. Phipps, manager, 31 S. Front
The Clarion (Clarion Publishing Co.), 31 S. Front
Frank C. Clark, architect, 219 W. Main
Clark Motor Co. (Frank L. Clark), 127 N. Riverside
Perry F. Close, auto repair, 132 S. Riverside
J. H. Cochran, insurance
George A. Codding, lawyer, Medford National Bank Bldg.
Robert D. Coe, dentist, 302 Medford Bldg.
DR. HARVEY P. COLEMAN, Chiropractor, 427 Medford Bldg., Telephone 965
Dan Collier, restaurant, 102 W. Main
Charles E. Collins, auto repairs and supplies, 36 S. Riverside
Colonial Garage (Jerry Jerome), 6th and Ivy
The Colonial (J. E. Olmstead), ladies' furnishings, 201 W. Main
Guy W. Conner, fruit packers, 7 W. 11th
Robert J. Conroy, physician, second floor, Medford Bldg.
James F. Cook, auto tops, 36 S. Riverside
George E. Corey, grocer, 529 E. Main
A. B. Cornell, insurance
Ivan H. Corner, stationery, 234 E. Main
Otto M. Cornitus, real estate, 123 E. Main
Charles W. Craig, shoemaker, 424 W. Main
Crater Lake Automotive Co., Seely V. Hall, manager, 123 S. Front
Crater Lake Hardware Co., S. L. Leonard, manager, 310 E. Main
William E. Crews, lawyer, 217 Liberty Bldg.
Winfred Y. Crowson, confectioner, 229 E. Main
Fred N. Cummings, civil engineer, Medford National Bank Bldg.
T. E. Daniels, insurance, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
Victor Danielson, auto repairs and supplies
Oliver L. Davidson, cigars, Main and Fir
Davies Optical Co., A. S. Huey, manager, 319 Liberty Bldg.
Davis Transfer (Perl and J. T. Davis), 29 S. Fir
Davis-Vawter & Howard, S. V. Davis, agent, timber lands
Dennis Kimball & Pope (N.Y.), C. E. Barr, manager, fruit brokers, 37 N. Fir
Denny & Co., M. E. Root, manager, fruit packers, S.P. tracks
F. K. Deuel & Sons (F. K., H. S. and L. J.), dry goods, 302 E. Main
Claude A. Devoe, confectioner, 436 W. Main
Fay E. Diamond, jeweler, 115 E. Main
W. Gaston Domergue, insurance
G. W. Dow, grocer
M. M. Dow, physician, 316 Medford Bldg.
Clarence E. Eads, second-hand goods and fuel, 34 S. Fir
Eads Transfer & Storage Co. (G. H. Eads), 22 N. Front
Earl Fruit Co., Frank Harkness, manager, S. Front
M. T. EDWARDS, Public Stenographer, Mail Advertising, Multigraphing, Mailing Lists and Addressing, 405-408 Liberty Bldg.
Electric Shop (O. T. Tainer, H. L. Elwood), 104 S. Bartlett
Bert R. Elliot, dentist, 304 Medford Bldg.
Elmer D. Elwood, optician, 301 E. Main
Lloyd R. Elwood, auto repair, 118 S. Central
Jaques J. Emmens, oculist, second floor, Medford Bldg.
Exchange Tire Co. (C. A. Peterson), vulcanizing, 28 N. Riverside
Farm Bureau Co-operative Exchange, C. M. Speck, manager, hay, grain, 4th and Fir
Farmer & Walker (R. E. Farmer, W. E. Walker), garage, 30 N. Holly
Farmer & Whiteman, (R. F. Farmer, C. E. Whiteman), auto repairs, 18 N. Grape
Farmers & Fruit Growers Bank (capital $50,000), Delroy Getchell, president; F. E. Wahl, cashier, 220 W. Main
F. P. Farrell, lawyer, 220 W. Main
Fehl Investment Co. (Delbert and E. H.), real estate, 6 S. Fir
Carl Fichtner, vulcanizing, 15 N. Fir
F. F. Fifer, general contractor
First National Bank (capital $100,000), Ben E. Harder, resident; Oris Crawford, cashier
Foster & Kleiser, Joseph Shockley, local manager, bill posters, 44 S. Central
FOUR SITE SALES AGENCY, W. H. Leverette, Manager, Farm Lands, Alfalfa Lands, Stock Ranches, Etc., Main Office Medford Bldg.
Oscar J. Frazier, blacksmith
Fry & Stephenson (F. J. Fry, O. R. Stephenson), barbers, 14 N. Front
Thomas Fuson, insurance
GADDIS & DIXON (E. C. Gaddis, Volney Dixon), Distributors of Wire Fence, 134 N. Riverside Ave.
Joseph T. Gagnon, lumber, 113 S. Fir
C. E. Gates Auto Co. (Charles E. and George E. Gates), 6th and Riverside
Gates & Lydiard (William Gates, William Lydiard), groceteria, 43 N. Central
Winfield R. Gaylord, bicycles and motorcycles, 110 N. Riverside
Frank M. Gerdes, restaurant, 18 N. Front
William M. Gillings, grocer and confectioner, 610 E. Main
C. L. Goff, insurance
Gold Ray Realty Co. (C. R. Ray), 104 W. 6th
Golden Rule Mercantile Co., C. W. Whillock, president; C. A. Whillock, treasurer, dry goods, 46 N. Central
Mrs. E. E. Gore, music teacher, Sparta Bldg.
Charles E. Gosha, photographer, 228 E. Main
Ralph E. Green, physician, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
James H. Gustine, tailor, 419 Medford Bldg.
Haight Music Studio, Liberty Bldg.
Hale & Lyon (D. C. Hale, N. B. Lyon), pool, 16 N. Front
Asa C. Halstead, drugless physician, 225 E. Main
William Hammett, plumber, 42 S. Central
Herman K. Hanna, lawyer, 32 N. Central
Henry Hart, physician
Mrs. L. E. Hartwig, restaurant
Leon B. Haskins, drugs, 214 E. Main
Henry T. Haswell, hauling contractor, 241 N. Central
James C. Hayes, physician, Sparta Bldg.
Fred L. Heath, drugs, 109 E. Main
L. E. Hedges, chiropractor
Thompson G. Heine, physician, 314 Liberty Bldg.
Joseph G. Hibbard, grocer, 131 W. Main
Jesse F. Hittson, garage, 36 S. Fir
Edward W. Hoffman, chiropractor, Liberty Bldg.
William W. Holmes, real estate, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
William W. Holt, physician, 306 Medford Bldg.
HOTEL HOLLAND, H. C. Smith, Proprietor, Commercial Men's and Travelers' Hotel, European Plan, Rates $1.50 per Day and Up,  Excellent Dining Room in Connection, 6th and Fir
Warner W. Howard, osteopath, 303 Liberty Bldg.
Thomas A. Howell, barber, 19 S. Central
Hubbard Bros. (A. C. and Fort), farm implements, 335 E. Main
Arthur W. Hubbs, shoes, 105 E. Main
Frank J. Huber, tailor, 113 W. Main
Edwin P. Hughes, real estate, 115 W. 9th
William D. Hughes, vulcanizer, 33 N. Grape
George A. Hunt & Co., George A. Hunt, president (Rialto and Page Theatres), 110 W. Main
E. H. Hurd, lawyer, 411 Medford Bldg.
Hutchison & Lumsden (C. I. Hutchison, H. Lumsden), dry goods, 211 E. Main
Interurban Autocar Co., W. L. Lewis, manager, 5 S. Front
James Issott, photographer, 331 E. Main
Jackson County Bank (capital $100,000), C. W. McDonald, president; V. H. Vawter, cashier
Jackson County Building & Loan Association, C. M. Kidd, president; O. C. Boggs, secretary, 30 N. Central
Jackson County Creamery, S. A. Kroschel, manager, 301 N. Fir
Jackson County Fair Association, J. H. Carkins, secretary
Jackson County Y.M.C.A., Cash Wood, secretary, 309 Liberty Bldg.
Jay W. Jacobs, grocer, 401 N. Riverside
W. Carleton Janes, music teacher, Sparta Bldg.
H. A. Jansen, cement blocks, S. Fir
Ellen D. Jeffers, hairdresser, 210 W. Main
Floyd Jenkins, sign painter, 42 N. Front
Carl Jeschke, watchmaker, 11 N. Fir
John W. Johnson, jeweler, 209 E. Main
Orlando J. Johnson, dentist, 228 E. Main
E. Hayden Jones, photographer, 208 W. Main
Ray H. Jones, grocer
Jones & Kirkpatrick (L. D. Jones, W. R. Kirkpatrick), auto service station, 65 N. Riverside
Victor R. Kaufman, dentist, Sparta Bldg.
James M. Keene, dentist, Medford Bldg.
Edward E. Kelly, lawyer, Medford National Bank Bldg.
Kenilworth Hotel (Charles C. Miller), 133 W. Main
Corsa M. Kidd, shoes, 221 E. Main
Ed J. Klein, tailor, 128 E. Main
Klocker Printery (A. J. and A. T. Klocker), 28 S. Central
Knight Packing Co. (Portland), J. H. Zimmer, manager, fruit packers, S. Front
A. Walter Kressie, physician, 225 E. Main
Kunzman Printing Co. (George J. Kunzman), 211 W. Main
John F. Lawrence, jeweler, 101 W. Main
Liberty Repair Shop (O. A. Guddat, W. H. Calkins), bicycles, 22 S. Grape
Ernest W. Liljegran, assayer
Benjamin F. Lindas, lawyer, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
Luman Bros. (Charles and W. M.), meats, 314 E. Main
Lincoln McCormack, lawyer, First National Bank Bldg.
McCurdy Insurance Agency (C. C. and R. H. McCurdy), Medford National Bank Bldg.
McCuiston & McMurray (W. C. McCuiston, J. C. McMurray), auto supplies, 19 S. Front
M. M. Department Store (W. H. Meeker), 230 E. Main
MACKEY STUDIO, H. C. Mackey, Proprietor, For High-Grade Photos at Popular Prices, 204 E. Main at Central, Upstairs
Maddox & Bonney, Thomas Judge, manager, florists, 1005 E. Main
John C. Mann, dry goods, 14 N. Central
Henry E. Marsh, grocer, 130 E. Main
Francis E. Martin, bicycles, 11 N. Fir
Mason, Ehrman & Co. (Portland), George F. Collins, manager, wholesale grocer, 432 E. Front
Fred W. Mears, lawyer, 218 Liberty Bldg.
Medford Auto Co. (J. H. Denison), 230 W. Main
Medford Auto Top Co. (E. M. Robert), 30 N. Grape
Medford Business College, G. W. Newberry, business director, 31 N. Grape
Medford-Butte Falls Auto Stage (G. E. Edsall)
Medford Concrete Construction Co., C. J. Semon, manager, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
Medford Domestic Laundry (Glen Fabrick), 30 N. Riverside
Medford Electric Co. (D. A. Bonar, T. G. Bushong), 5 N. Bartlett
Medford Fish & Poultry Co. (W. H. Fisher, W. S. Mansfield), 108 W. Main
Medford Fuel Co. (C. H. Franks, F. J. Spalding), 3rd, corner Fir
Medford Furniture & Hardware Co., F. W. Hollis, president; J. H. Butler, secretary, 31 N. Bartlett
Medford Grocery Co., E. A. Welch, manager, 10th and Front
Medford Harness Co. (E. H. Lamport), 225 E. Main
Medford Hotel (Emil Mohr), W. Main and Ivy
Medford Ice & Storage Co., H. K. Tomlinson, manager, 533 S. Fir
Medford Iron Works (E. G. Trowbridge, Harry S. Mills), 1155 N. Central
Medford Irrigation District, E. M. Wilson, secretary
Medford Lumber Co., J. H. Cooley, president; Charles R. Cooley, secretary; 3rd, corner Fir
Medford Mail Tribune (daily and weekly), Medford Printing Co., publishers, S. S. Smith, manager
Medford National Bank (capital $100,000), W. H. Gore, president; J. S. Orth, cashier, Main, corner Central
Medford National Farm Loan Association, A. W. Stone, president; E. H. Hurd, secretary-treasurer
Medford Orchard Co., J. A. Westerlund, president, fruit lands
Medford Pharmacy Inc. (E. A. Moore), 202 E. Main
Medford Planing Mill Inc., H. C. Hanson, president; F. L. Widell, vice-president-secretary, 11th, corner Fir
Medford Poultry & Egg Co. (S. A. Kroschel), 12 E. 8th
Medford Printing Co., publishers, Medford Mail Tribune
MEDFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY, E. Fay Woolsey, Librarian, between Ivy and Oakdale on W. Main St.
Medford Service Station, Charles Furnas, president, vulcanizing, 322 E. Main
Medford Sheet Metal Works, (R. H. Rulon), 19 N. Fir
Medford Tent & Awning Works, F. F. Burk, manager, 142 N. Front
Thomas T. Merriman, blacksmith, 20 S. Riverside
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., W. G. Domergue, district manager, 210 Liberty Bldg.
Thaddeus W. Miles, lawyer, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
D. E. Millard, shoes, 103 N. Central
Miller & Davis (A. H. Miller, E. B. Davis), stationery, 34 N. Central
Mitchell Ladder Co. (J. W. Mitchell)
Model Clothing Co. (S. F. Richardson), 126 E. Main
Modern Plumbing & Heating Co. (H. C. Williamson, Fred Erickson), Sparta Bldg.
Moffatt & McQuat (J. A. Moffatt, S. McQuat), groceteria, 132 W. Main
Monarch Seed & Feed Co., Leo J. Miksche, president; R. A. Miksche, secretary, 317 E. Main
Monitor Orchard Co., J. A. Westerlund, president
Montgomery & Duchine (C. W. Montgomery, B. Duchine), restaurant, 28 N. Front
Montgomery & Murphy (E. Z. Montgomery, J. J. Murphy), confectioner, grocer, 323 E. Main
Rawles Moore, lawyer, Medford National Bank Bldg.
Mordoff & Woolf (M. G. Mordoff, Scott Woolf), furniture, 217 W. Main
Motor Service Co. (C. W. Barrett, Jess Houck), autos
John F. Mundy, real estate
Harvey E. Murphy, dentist, second floor Medford Bldg.
Murray Bros. & Van Voris (C. C. and R. S. Murray, W. T. Van Voris), abstracts, 32 N. Central
Morris C. Murray, gunsmith
Nash Hotel (J. D. Bell), Front, corner Main
The Natatorium (F. E. Merrick), 136 N. Riverside
Alta Naylor, corsetiere, 20 S. Fir
Porter J. Neff, lawyer, Medford National Bank Bldg.
Gus Newbury, lawyer, 301 Medford Bldg.
Frank J. Newman, lawyer, Palmer Bldg.
Nichols & Ashpole (G. W. Nichols, C. W. Ashpole), meats, 213 W. Main and 206 E. Main
William N. Offutt, auto repair, 40 N. Front
Norman F. Ohrt, welding
Oregon Granite Co., E. A. Hicks, president-manager, 103 E. 6th
Oregon Growers Packing Corp., J. E. Edmiston, local manager, Main and S.P. tracks
Pacific Fruit & Produce Co., H. L. Billings, manager, 552 S. Front
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co., J. H. Cochran, manager, First National Bank Bldg.
Pacific Record Herald, Delbert Fehl, editor, 223 E. Main
Pacific Record Publishing Co. Inc., Earl H. Fehl, president; A. O. Bennett, secretary, publishers Pacific Record Herald, 223 E. Main
Page-Dressler Co. (F. C. and L. M. Page, J. W. Dressler), real estate, 112 E. Main
Page Theatre, George Hunt, manager, E. Main
John B. Palmer, photographer, 204 E. Main
Palmer Piano House (B. J. Palmer), 234 E. Main
PARK HOTEL (Florence Meligan), Hot and Cold Water, Nicely Furnished, Reasonable Rates, 221 W. Main
Patton & Robinson (Hamilton Patton, Gain Robinson), farm implements and autos, 112 S. Riverside
B. W. Paul, electrical supplies, Main corner Central
Peerless Bakery (F. E. Bodenhamer), 606 E. Main
Pennington & Johnson (L. Pennington, F. C. Johnson), auto batteries, 40 N. Front
People's Electric Store (A. B. Cunningham, O. O. Alenderfer), electrical contractors and dealers, 212 W. Main
John A. Perl, undertaker
Rollie A. Petty jr., vulcanizing, 132 S. Riverside
Ira Phipps, dentist, 325 E. Main
W. Estill Phipps, lawyer
E. Barton Pickel, physician, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
Clarence C. Pierce, insurance, 30 N. Central
F. J. Pipgras, confectioner, 212 E. Main
R. W. Poellnitz, physician
Portland Flouring Mills, A. H. Endris, representative, Main and S.P. tracks
Pruitt-Myers Motor Co. (Roy, R. H. and O. V. Myers), autos
Robert Pulaski, restaurant, 135 W. Main
Mahlon Purdin, lawyer, 406 Medford Bldg.
Frank H. Ray, real estate
Reames & Reames (A. E. and Charles W.), lawyers
Franklin E. Redden, insurance, 32 N. Central
Martin J. Reddy, jeweler, 212 E. Main
Charles Renard, electrical contractor, 119 E. 6th
C. Frank Rhodes, civil engineer, Medford National Bank Bldg.
Rialto Theatre (George A. Hunt & Co.), 110 W. Main
Jud D. Rickert, oculist, 308 E. Main
Frank Roberts, dentist, 308 E. Main
George M. Roberts, lawyer, Medford National Bank Bldg.
Rogue River Farm Loan Association (E. H. Hurd), 411 Medford Bldg.
Rogue River Fruit Distributors, George Kaufman, manager, 624 S. Front
Rogue River Valley Canal Co., P. Welch, president; Ray Morgan, manager, irrigation, 204 S. Fir
Rogue River Valley Canning Co., S. S. Bullis, president, Front corner 13th
Rogue Valley Mining Co., E. N. Viln, manager, 9th corner Front
Root Music Co. (Charles E. Root), 111 W. Main
Henry S. Royce, autos, 29 S. Front
Russ Feed Mill (Leo J. Miksche), grain, flour, 133 S. Riverside
ST. MARY'S ACADEMY, Conducted by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus Christ and Mary, Telephone 342
SACRED HEART HOSPITAL, Conducted by the Sisters of Charity of Providence, Sacred Heart Hospital and Training School for Nurses, for Particulars Address Sister Superior, Sacred Heart Hospital, Medford Heights

R. Saito Co. (R. Saito), Japanese goods, 315 E. Main
Emil F. Schmidt, shoes, 21 N. Central
Michael P. Schmitt, accountant, 209 Liberty Bldg.
Harry U. Scholz, baker, 717 N. Central
Seabrook & Beaulieu (A. L. Seabrook, V. J. Beaulieu), auto painters, 28 S. Bartlett
Otto M. Selsby, soft drinks, 17 S. Front
Howard M. Shaw, oculist, second floor, Medford Bldg.
T. T. Shaw, dentist, 212 E. Main
Charles W. Shields, general merchandise, 222 W. Main
Mrs. E. Grace Short, restaurant, 121 E. Main
Orville J. Showers, shoemaker, 612 E. Main
Ernest C. Silliman, confectioner, 206 W. Main
Singer Sewing Machine Co. (H. O. Parkhurst), 10 S. Fir
William M. Smith, grocer, 224 N. Riverside
Snider Dairy & Produce Co., J. W. Snider, manager, 28 N. Bartlett
J. E. Soliss, grocer
Southern Oregon Dental Laboratory (Ralph L. Pollock), 422 Medford Bldg.
Southern Oregon Gas Co., T. D. Petch, manager, 209 W. Main
Southern Oregon Hardware Co., E. J. Skewis, president; S. S. Bullis, secretary-treasurer
Springer & Lee (D. L. Springer, R. W. Lee), men's furnishings, 105 W. Main
Standard Oil Co., W. R. Speck, agent, end N. Central
Robert W. Stearns, physician, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
George W. Stephenson, physician
Sterling Mining Co., S. S. Bullis, manager
John E. Stewart, cigars, 9 S. Front
Francis F. Stone, barber, 5 N. Fir
W. C. Stone & Co., W. C. Stone, manager, general contractor, 302 Liberty Bldg.
Charles Strang, drugs, 231 E. Main
Stylecraft Shop (Mrs. V. M. Eaton, Mrs. M. J. Roberts), dressmakers, 424 Medford Bldg.
Bert M. Sullivan, restaurant, 15 S. Front
Charles T. Sweeney, physician, 225 E. Main
T. M. Swem & Son (T. M. and J. H.), picture frames, 217 E. Main
Talent Bros. (C. P. and A. P.), confectioners and bakers, 135 W. Main
Talent Orchard Co., E. J. Stewart, manager
Glenn O. Taylor, lawyer, 220 W. Main
Thomas I. Temple, farm machinery, 221 N. Fir
Fred G. Thayer, physician, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
Charles M. Thomas, lawyer, Jackson County Bank Bldg.
William B. Thompson, paints, 126 N. Front
Herbert Tilley, shoemaker, 7 N. Fir
Ray H. Toft, real estate, 31 N. Grape
The Toggery, W. F. Isaacs, president; John B. Goodrich, secretary, men's furnishings, 129 E. Main
Tomlin Box Co. (J. R. Tomlin), north end N. Central Ave.
George L. Treichler, autos, 16 N. Fir
Trigonia Oil & Gas Co., Sylvester Patterson, president; Chris Gottlieb, secretary-treasurer, Palm Bldg.
Trowbridge Cabinet Works (E. G. Trowbridge jr.), 10th corner Grape
William W. Truax, general merchandise, 327 E. Main
Earl S. Tumy, garage
Ida M. Turner, dyer and cleaner, 23 N. Fir
Louis Ulrich, grocer, 36 S. Central
Union Oil Co. of California, Merrill Willis, agent, end N. Central Ave.
Valley Candy Co. (A. Hohenstein), wholesale, 29 N. Grape
VALLEY FUEL CO., James Taylor, Proprietor, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in All Kinds of Fuel, 8 W. 2nd, Telephone 76
Valley Warehouse, Ralph U. Boutelle, manager
H. L. Van Dermark, auto repairs
Vanity Shop (Mrs. Rose Schieffelin, Novie Launsbury), milliners, Bartlett and Main
Van Scoyoc Bros. (C. C. and W. M.), dentists, 313 Liberty Bldg.
Austin L. Vroman, plumber, 113 S. Front
Mrs. J. G. Wade, dressmaker, 131 E. Main
John W. Wakefield, real estate, Palm Bldg.
L. E. Wakeman, insurance
A. W. Walker Auto Co. (A. W. Walker), 125 W. Main
Marvin B. Walker, auto electrician, 27 N. Grape
War Eagle Mining Co. (A. L. Hill), First National Bank Bldg.
Warner, Wortman & Gore, B. N. Warner, president, grocer, 307 E. Main
Charles B. Watkins, shoemaker, 127 W. Main
Lee Watkins & Co., Lee Watkins, manager, hay and grain, 397 S. Front
Weeks-Conger Co., H. W. Conger, manager, undertakers, Odd Fellows Bldg.
Weeks & Orr (F. W. Weeks, A. E. Orr), furniture, 114 W. Main
Mark Welch, auto repair, 632 N. Central
William K. Whisenant, barber, 113 E. Main
Jeff C. Whitaker, grocer, 318 E. Main
Jake Whitlatch, second-hand goods, 101 S. Central
Williams & McCurley (L. B. Williams, P. H. McCurley), auto repairs, 127 N. Riverside
WILSON AUDITING CO., E. M. Wilson, Certified Public Accountant, Liberty Bldg.
Frank M. Wilson, soft drinks, 116 E. Main
Will H. Wilson, furniture and clothing, 32 N. Front
D. R. Wood & Co. (D. R. Wood, Guy Conner), insurance
Jesse R. Woodford, drugs, 134 W. Main
Wallace Woods, lumber, 711 E. Main
F. W. Woolworth & Co., A. Diehl, manager, 5, 10 and 15¢ store, 125 E. Main
Daniel Wuille & Co., C. M. Speck, manager, express
Nick S. Young, blacksmith, 104 S. Fir
William A. Young, garage, 33 S. Bartlett
R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1923-24,
page 299     Abbreviations spelled out to facilitate searching.

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