The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Business Directory 1913-14

The many discontinuities from year to year suggest that listing in this directory was by subscription; don't assume that a business' absence from this listing is necessarily evidence of its absence from Medford.

MEDFORD. Jackson County. Population 10,500. Settled in 1884, incorporated as a city in [1885], located in the Rogue River Valley on Bear Creek and Southern Pacific railway, 328 miles south of Portland, 5 east of Jacksonville, county seat. This city attracted national attention in 1910 by the remarkable growth in 10 years as shown by the census, the gain being 393 percent, only 2 points in the Union having exceeded that record. It is the commercial and business center of Jackson County and the Rogue River Valley. The city is well built and possesses the appearance of a metropolitan center many times its size. It has a total of 18 miles of asphalt-paved streets, 32 miles cement sidewalks, 26 miles sewers, 27 miles iron water mains constructed during the past two years at a cost of $1,700,000. All religious denominations are represented. It has 4 banks, 2 daily and weekly newspapers, Medford Mail Tribune and Medford Sun, splendid schools, water works, electric light and power plant, large hotels and stores, lumber industry employing over 1000 men. Fertile lands adjacent and extensive quartz and placer mines in vicinity. Ships lumber, flour, grain, fruit, livestock. Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., Independent Telephone Co., Rogue River Valley Telephone Co. Telegraphs Postal and Western Union. Express Wells Fargo & Co.

Lee E. Ackley, buggy tops
S. A. Adkins & Son, grocers
M. M. Ahrens Co., Melvin M. Ahrens, cloaks, suits
Benton Akins & Co., dry goods
Allen Grocery Co. (William D. Allen)
The Wiley B. Allen Co., Palmer & King, managers, pianos
John Arnel, real estate
Olen Arnspiger, civil engineer
Frederick S. Barber, dentist
M. C. Barber, physician

Barnard & Cornoyer (Mrs. Mildred Barnard, Ida Cornoyer), milliners
Joseph C. Barnes, real estate
Courtland J. Beach, notions
E. Ellis Bean, lapidary
Behling & Schmidt, shoes
Frank Belcher, employment agents
Bennett Investment Co. (Archie O. Bennett)
B. F. Benson, real estate
Berdan & Sons, house movers
M. B. Berlin, tailor
BIG PINES LUMBER CO., G. X. Wendling, President; R. M. Cross, Vice-President; H. A. Thierolf, Secretary-Treasurer; Retail Lumber and Milled Work
BITTNER REAL ESTATE AND EMPLOYMENT BUREAU, Mrs. Emma Bittner, Manager, General Real Estate--The Employment Department Furnishes All Kinds of Help Free of Charge to Employer, Rooms 6 and 7 Palm Building
Charles M. Boardman, grocer
Boggs & Wilson, lawyers
Boyd & Gibson, milliners
Brandon & Whitney, men's furnishings
Lewis B. Brown, flour and feed
William I. Brown, grocer
Mrs. W. I. Brown, milliner
Louis Bundy, dentist
Butz & Johnston (George Butz, Thomas S. Johnston), proprietors, Hotel Holland
California-Oregon Power Co., H. L. Walther, manager
James Campbell, loans
Hamill A. Canaday, lawyer
Verne T. Canon, bill poster
Carkin & Taylor lawyers
Eva M. Carlow, osteopath
Frank G. Carlow, osteopath
John R. Carpenter, grocer
Frank C. Clark, real estate
Cline & Co. (Mrs. Emma C. Cline, Mrs. Nellie E. Arnold), grocers
John H. Cochran, insurance
Coffeen & Price (J. W. Coffeen, J. E. Price), plumbers
Lucile R. Conrad, public stenographer
Conroy & Clancy (Robert J. Conroy, Robert W. Clancy), physicians
George C. Cornitus, real estate
Frank L. Cranfill, general merchandise
Crater Lake Laundry Co. Inc., C. G. Brawn, manager
Wren E. Crews, lawyer
William S. Crowell, lawyer
FRED N. CUMMINGS, Manager, Rogue River Valley Canal Co. and Roguelands Incorporated
Thurston E. Daniels, clothing
Davidson & Butterfield (William G. Davidson, Charles S. Butterfield), grocers
George L. Davis, real estate
Artemus W. Deane, dentist
DeArmond & DeArmond (Hugh L. and Harvey H.), lawyers
Jay W. Diamond, jeweler
Ira J. Dodge, real estate
Jesse W. Dressler, real estate
Dudley Bros. (Howard and James W.), real estate
George H. Eads, fuel
Chauncey L. Earsley, grocer
William W. Eifert, tailor
Eiler Music House, J. C. Gallagher, manager
Electric Construction Co. (O. C. Henlein)
Oliver T. Ellis, jeweler
Elmer D. Elwood, optician
Jocelyn J. Emmens, physician
Farmers & Fruit Growers Bank, Delroy Getchell, president; L. L. Jacobs, cashier
Carl Fichtner, rubber tire repair
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital $100,000, Surplus and Undivided Profits $65,000), F. K. Deuel, President; Charles M. English, Vice-President; M. L. Alford, Cashier; Oris Crawford, Assistant Cashier
Fisher & Whitmire (Joseph M. Fisher, Jacob R. Whitmire), real estate
Henry B. Flury, fuel
Alfred A. Flynn, electrician
Harry E. Foster, city engineer
Fouts Co. (Otto R. and Erastus J. Fouts, John Brownlee), grocers
George T. Foyes, grocer
Gaddis & Dixon, wire fence
Garnett-Corey Hardware Co., H. C. Garnett, president
Charles E. Gates, auto supplies
Judson G. Goble, optician
Wilmer E. Goode, grocer
Chris Gottlieb, real estate
S. B. Graham, insurance
C. M. Gregory, mining
William D. Guernsey, printer
Joseph F. Hale, pianos
Hall & Myers (J. C. Hall, O. V. Myers), taxicabs
William L. Halley, insurance
Chub A. Hamlin, grocer
Percival H. Hargrave, physician
Leon B. Haskins, drugs
Thomas H. E. Hathaway, real estate
Mrs. Anna Hazelwood, grocer
Alvin R. Hedges, chiropractor
Louis Heil, meats
Herman Bros. (Charles H. and Michael M.), harness
A. J. Hiniker, dentist
E. C. HOGSETT, President-Manager, Rogue River Valley Abstract-Title Co, Examiner of Titles, Notary
Robert A. Holmes, insurance
William M. Holmes, real estate
John A. Honey, insurance
Charles D. Hoon, real estate
C. C. Hoover, nursery
HOTEL Holland, Butz & Johnston, Proprietors, Opposite Southern Pacific Railway Depot
HOTEL MEDFORD, Rau-Mohr Co., Proprietors, Emil Mohr, Manager
HOTEL MOORE, Rau-Moore Co., Proprietors
Hotel Nash, Bell & Sheridan, proprietors
J. S. Howard Engineering Co. (J. S. Howard, C. F. Rhodes), civil engineers
Mrs. L. M. Howard, milliner
Charles D. Hoy, real estate
Hubbard Bros. (Fort and Asahel C.), farm implements
Hughes & Amidon (Lee J. Hughes, Eligan C. Amidon), plumbers
Hull Printing Co. (F. H. Hull)
William H. Humphrey, real estate
William W. Humphrey, sporting goods
Huntley & MacClatchie (Earl W. Huntley, John W. MacClatchie), insurance agents
Pierce A. Hussey, notions
J. Frank Hutchason, insurance agent
Hutchison & Lumsden (C. I. Hutchison, Harold U. Lumsden), grocers
Jackson County Abstract Co., T. W. Miles, manager
Jackson County Bank, William I. Vawter, president; Chester W. McDonald, cashier
Jackson County Building & Loan Association, Bert Anderson, president; O. C. Boggs, secretary
Jackson County Realty Co., H. M. Coss, manager
D. H. Jackson Co. (David H. Jackson, C. Walker), real estate
Carl Jeschke, jeweler
Johns & Turner (Arthur D. Johns, Harry D. Turner), architect
James M. Keene, dentist
David L. Keller, jeweler
Edward E. Kelly, lawyer
Samuel Kempthorne, grocer
W. H. Kenworthy & Co. (Mrs. Ida E. and W. H. Kenworthy), fish
Corsa M. Kidd, shoes
George F. King, timber land
Emil Kirchgessner, physician
Edson T. Knode, lawyer
C. P. Kribs & Co. (Charles P. and Charles C.), grocers
George J. Kunzman Printing Co. (George J. Kunzman)
Laidley & See (George W. Laidley, Alvin L. See), timber and timber cruisers
Orrin H. Lawler, lawyer
John F. Lawrence, jeweler
Leroy & Tompkins (W. S. Leroy, W. T. Thompkins), therapeutists
Ernest W. Liljegran, assayer
Myrtle S. Lockwood, physician
Robert J. Lockwood, physician
S. A. Lockwood, physician
Thomas J. Long, fuel
A. J. Lupton, real estate
William H. Lydiard, grocer
Charles A. McArthur, real estate
Bert R. McCabe, lawyer
Lincoln McCormack, lawyer
Joseph S. McCreight, dyer
John C. Mann, dry goods
J. Willis Marion, physician
George E. Maxwell, real estate
Fred W. Mears, lawyer
Medford Book Store (Edward B. Davis, A. H. Miller), book and art goods
Medford Brick Co. (George W. Priddy, Owen D. Nagle, George T. O'Brien)
Medford Business College, E. L. Moore, manager
Medford Candy Manufacturing Co., Charles P. Silliman, proprietor
Medford Concrete Construction Co., C. J. Semon, president-manager
Medford Domestic Laundry Co. Inc., Glen Fabrick, president; O. Carter Boggs, secretary
Medford Furniture & Hardware Co., F. W. Hollis, president; H. G. Nicholson, vice-president; H. D. Howard, secretary; H. F. Platt, treasurer, house furnishings, hardware and wall paper
Medford Grocery Co., E. A. Welch, manager
Medford House Cleaning Co. (Edward H. Lamport)
Medford Hydraulic Cement Brick & Block Co., H. A. Jansen, manager
Medford Ice & Storage Co., G. R. Carter, manager
Medford Implement Co. (H. J. Holmer, W. E. Cloney), agricultural implements
Medford Iron Works (E. G. Trowbridge), machinists
Medford Land Co. (James S. Campbell, Charles C. Chilson)
Medford Lumber Co., J. H. Cooley, president-manager
MEDFORD MAIL TRIBUNE (Daily and Weekly), Medford Printing Co., Proprietors, George Putnam, Editor and Manager
Medford Mercantile Co., Inc., Albert E. Kinney, president; Walter B. Beebe, secretary, dry goods
Medford National Bank, W. H. Gore, president; John S. Orth, cashier
Medford Pharmacy, Jonas Wold, proprietor
Medford Plumbing Co., Frank W. Cotterill, proprietor
MEDFORD PRINTING CO., George Putnam, President and Manager, Printers and Publishers, Proprietors Medford Mail Tribune
Medford Realty & Improvement Co., John F. Reddy, president; Charles S. Lebo, secretary
Medford Sash & Door Co. (Paul C. Hansen, Thomas Moffatt), mill work
Medford Sheet Metal Works, B. G. Worthington, proprietor
Medford Soda Works, Pearl C. Bigham, proprietor
MEDFORD SUN (Daily and Weekly), Robert W. Ruhl, President and Editor; S. S. Smith, Secretary-Manager
Medford Tent & Awning Co., A. D. Little, manager
Merrill & Merrill (Thomas E. and
Marion V. Merrill), stationery
Claude Miles, real estate
Thaddeus W. Miles, lawyer
Mission Furniture Works, E. G. Trowbridge Jr., proprietor
J. Will Mitchell, wagonmaker
Model Clothing Co., F. K. Deuel, president; Samuel F. Richardson, secretary
H. N. Moe & Co. (H. N. Moe), dry goods
Harry E. Morrison, physician
Mulkey & Cherry (Benjamin F. Mulkey, George W. Cherry), lawyers
John F. Mundy, real estate
Murphy Bros. (Omer W. and Orin M.), auto livery
Mrs. E. S. Myers, ladies' tailor
Near & Reynolds (Charles Near, Benjamin N. Reynolds), fuel
Neff & Mealey (Porter J. Neff, William P. Mealey) lawyers
Gus Newbury, lawyer
Nichols & Ashpole (George Nichols, Wilbur Ashpole), meats
Noonchester Bros. (E. Greely and Lee L.), grocers
Samuel A. Nowell, ladies' tailor
John E. Olmstead,  grocer
J. D. Olwell Co. (J. D. Olwell, J. E. Barkdull), real estate
Oregon Gas & Electric Co., Louis W. LeBaron, manager
Oregon Granite Co., Elmer A. Hicks, president-manager
Oregon Life Insurance Co., Albert B. Cornell, district manager
OSGOOD & CUMMINGS (T. W. Osgood), Civil Engineers, Medford Bank Building
Pacific Motor Supply Co., P. S. Steenstrup, president; Robert A. Flynn, manager
Frederick C. Page, real estate
Palmer Investment Co., David R. Wood, agent
Burton J. Palmer, pianos
Josephine Paynter, milliner
Peck, Nichols & Ashpole, meats
Anlo Penwell, plumber
John A. Perl, undertaker

Ira D. Phipps, dentist
W. Estill Phipps, lawyer

Benjamin F. Piatt, lawyer
E. Barton Pickel, physician
Clarence C. Pierce, real estate
V. R. Pierson, plumber

Robert W. Poellinitz, physician
Elias H. Porter, physician
Power & West (C. O. Power, T. L. West), architects
Charles Prim, lawyer
Producers Fruit Co., E. M. McKeany, agent
Mahlon Purdin, lawyer
RAILWAY EQUIPMENT CO., W. T. O'Brien, Manager, Rails, Cars, Locomotives, Railroad Supplies, Car Builders, Locomotive Repairing, First and Oak Sts., Portland, Or.
Herman F. Ratte, physician
RAU-MOHR CO. (W. F. Rau, Emil Mohr), Proprietors, Hotel Medford and Hotel Moore
Clarence L. Reames, lawyer
Martin J. Reddy, jeweler
Reichstein & Co. (Charles F. and William L. Reichstein), fuel
Judson D. Rickert, optician
Edwin G. Riddell, dentist
George M. Roberts, lawyer
ROGUE RIVER FRUIT & PRODUCE ASSOCIATION INC., Col. R. C. Washburn, President; A. C. Fiero, Secretary; K. S. Miller, Manager
ROGUE RIVER VALLEY ABSTRACT TITLE CO., E. C. Hogsett, President-Manager; Samuel C. Whittington (Jacksonville), Secretary-Treasurer
ROGUE RIVER VALLEY CANAL COMPANY, P. Welch, President; R. K. Neill, Vice-President; Fred N. Cummings, Manager
James M. Roseberry, auto repair
ROBERT W. RUHL, President and Editor, Medford Sun
Lewis Rukes, cigar manufacturer
Mrs. Linnie M. Rundlett, milliner
Arthur B. Saling, real estate
Mrs. Charlotte C. Salter, miller
Saunders & Green (Clark E. Saunders, Ralph E. Green), physician
Charles L. Schieffelin, grocer
John C. Schimdt, hay and feed
Scott Valley Creamery Co., I. C. Bateman, manager
F. W. Shapleigh Hardware, Frank W. Shapleigh, proprietor
Jacob E. Shearer, physician
John Sipple, sheet metal works
Siskiyou Heights Co., John A. Torney, president; Theodore W. Marsh, secretary, real estate
Robert R. Slewing, tailor
Alonzo L. Slover, fuel
James G. Smith, stone quarry
John A. Smith, sheet metal works
S. S. SMITH, Secretary-Manager, Medford Sun
Southern Oregon Produce Co., Henry T. Haswell, manager
SOUTHERN OREGON REALTY COMPANY (D. R. Andrus, J. Klippel), General Real Estate, Timber Lands and Mining Properties
Robert W. Stearns, physician
George W. Stephenson, optician
Harrison S. Stine, insurance agent
Harry G. Stockman, civil engineer
Charles Strang, drugs
Wallace Stringer, grocer
Stull Paint Co., D. J. Stull, proprietor
Sullivan & Hanley (John T. Sullivan, Edward R. Hanley), automobiles
Swift & Tainer (Thomas W. Swift, Otto F. Tainer), electricians
Tanner, McPherson & Tanner (Thomas R. Tanner, Samuel H. McPherson, Walter J. Tanner), real estate
Fred G. Thayer, physician
Thompson Crispette Co. (Fred C. and Frank F. Thompson), candy manufacturers
Thompson Mercantile Co., Frank McGuire, manager, notions
John L. Thorndike, grocer
Ray H. Toft, loans
Trail Lumber Co., Emma Gagnon, president; Joseph T. Gagnon, secretary
CHARLES E. TULL, Veterinary Surgeon, Proprietor, West Side Stables, 29 S. Grape St.
Earl S. Tumy, real estate and insurance
Valley Auto Co. (J. William Keyes, Frank H. Cain), automobiles
Van Dyke Realty Co. (J. V. Van Dyke)
Van Scoyoc Bros. (Charles C., Walter M.), dentists
William I. Vawter, lawyer
Oran B. Verbick, meats
Austin L. Vroman, plumber
Orris G. Vroman, auto repair
Enos A. Wail, fuel
Alfred K. Ware, insurance agent

Warner, Wortman & Gore, Edward N. Warner, president; Edward E. Gore, secretary, grocers
Weeks & McGowan Co. (Fred W. Weeks, William H. McGowan, Albert E. Orr), furniture, undertakers
WEST SIDE STABLES, Charles E. Tull, Proprietor, Livery, Sale and Feed Stables, 29 S. Grape St.
William S. Weston, ice cream cone manufacturer
White & Trowbridge (John F. White, Benjamin J. Trowbridge), real estate
Theodore C. Wicks, insurance agent
H. F. WILSON & CO., (H. F. and C. F. Wilson), New and Second-Hand Household Goods, 34 S. Fir

Holbrook Withington, lawyer
David R. Wood, accountant
James B. Wood, real estate
May E. Wood, Christian Science practitioner
Woods Lumber Co., D. N. Snyder, president; C. A. Wilson, secretary
W. T. York & Co. (William T. York, W. N. Campbell, Stephen A. Nye), real estate

R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1913-14,
page 310     Abbreviations spelled out to facilitate searching.

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