The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Business Directory 1907-08

The many discontinuities from year to year suggest that listing in this directory was by subscription; don't assume that a business' absence from this listing is necessarily evidence of its absence from Medford.

MEDFORD. Population 2,500. Jackson County. Settled in 1884, incorporated as a city in [1885], in the Rogue River Valley on Bear Creek and the Southern Pacific railway, 328 miles south of Portland, 443 north of San Francisco, and 5 east of Jacksonville, the county seat. Contains Christian, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist Episcopal and Methodist Episcopal South, Presbyterian and Catholic churches, public school, opera house seating 600, water works, fire department, electric light plant, 3 newspapers--Medford Mail (Republican, weekly),  Southern Oregonian (Independent, semi-weekly), Medford Tribune (daily and weekly), 3 banks--the Medford National, Jackson County and First National Bank--the Medford flour mill, capacity 100 barrels; the Hotel Nash is a favorite with the commercial travel. The Iowa Lumber Co. have their mills and factories here, and give employment to a large number of men. Annual rainfall 20 to 30 inches. The land is fertile, suited to grain and fruit. Shipments, flour, fruit and livestock. Quartz and placer mining is extensively carried on. Telegraph Postal and Western Union. Express Wells Fargo Co. Telephone connections. Mail daily. Alonzo M. Woodford, postmaster.

William A. Aitken, plumber
Eugene Amann, carpenter
Frank A. Amann, carpenter
Fay F. Anderson, painter
Robert F. Anderson, restaurant
Angle Opera House, William Angle, proprietor
HENRY E. ANKENY, President, The Medford National Bank
Mrs. Augusta Bain, poultry breeder
Baker & Woodson (J. W. Baker, O. C. Woodson), proprietors, Medford Steam Laundry

Bates Bros. (James W. and William W.), barbers
Bell & Powers, carpenters
Frank E. Berdan, carpenter
P. C. Bigham, soda water manufacturer
Albert S. Bliton, publisher, Medford Mail and U.S. commissioner
Henry E. Boyden, hardware
W. H. Bradshaw, mayor
Mrs. H. M. Brown, music teacher
Sidney I. Brown, poultry breeder
Henry S. Brumble, drayman
Louis Bundy, dentist
Basil N. Butler, watchmaker
Butte Falls Sugar Pine & Lumber Co., B. H. Harris, president; F. W. Streets, secretary
R. R. Bryan, editor, Medford Tribune
John Calhoun, dairy
Warren L. Cameron, physician
Cameron & Meyers (C. Ramo Cameron, Arthur H. Meyers), shoes
George H. Carter, dentist
Childers Bros. (Albert and Eugene), brick manufacturers
Church Bros. (Howard B., Milton and George H.), bakers
Gilbert J. Christy, billiard hall
J. H. Cochran, insurance
Alex Corpron, physician
Grover C. Corum, tailor
Mrs. Eliza Corwin, milliner
Howard M. Coss, pianos
Albert W. Countryman, shoemaker
Frank L. Cranfill, general merchandise
William S. Crowell, lawyer
Crystal & Morey (Ray Crystal, Clare L. Morey), grocers
A. A. Davis, proprietor, Medford Flour Mills
Davis Opera House, G. L. Davis, proprietor
D. L. Day, painter
Day, Reed & Day (John E. Day, George Reed, Fred S. Day), cabinetmakers
Richard S. DeArmond, physician
Deuel & Kentner (Fred K. Deuel, Herbert C. Kentner), dry goods, clothing and shoes
John T. Eads, second-hand goods
William W. Eifert, tailor
J. A. Elmhirst, livery
Elmer D. Elwood, jeweler
Merton Elwood, jeweler
JESSE E. ENYART, Vice-President, The Medford National Bank
George T. Faucett, agent, Wells Fargo & Co. Express
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital $50,000), William S. Crowell, President; F. K. Deuel, Vice-President; M. L. Alford, Cashier
Gaddis Bros., proprietors, Rogue River Creamery
Frank W. Gaines, grocer and proprietor, Medford Hotel
Henry C. Garnett, hardware
Carrie E. George, insurance, stenographer and cigars
Mrs. O. Gilbert, notions
Mrs. H. W. Gore, music teacher
Richard W. Gray, builder
Local Manager, Iowa Lumber & Box Co.
Frank J. Hale, pianos
Robert H. Halley, proprietor, Palace Hotel
Isaiah L. Hamilton, livery
Percival H. Hargrave, physician
Mrs. C. H. Hart, furnished rooms

Leon B. Haskins, drugs
Douglas W. Hazel, carpenter
Jesse L. Helms, veterinary surgeon
Martin G. Hogue, lawyer
HOTEL NASH (European 50¢ and Up), Reddy & McMahon, Proprietors, Commercial Headquarters, Opposite Depot

Hubbard Bros. (Asahel C. and Fortunatus), agricultural implements
Frank H. Hull, photographer
Hutchison & Lumsden (Clarence I. Hutchison, Harold U. Lumsden), general merchandise
IOWA LUMBER & BOX CO., Calvin Hafer (Council Bluffs, Iowa), President; Ernest E. Hart (Council Bluffs, Iowa), Treasurer; Edgar Hafer, Local Manager; Lumber and Box Manufacturers
William F. Isaacs, men's furnishings
Jackson County Abstract Co., T. W. Miles, secretary
JACKSON COUNTY BANK (Capital $50,000, Surplus $30,000), W. I. Vawter, President; G. R. Lindley, Cashier; A. A. Davis, Assistant Cashier
Assistant Cashier, The Medford National Bank
Carl H. Jeschke, jeweler
Joe Creek Copper Mining Co., J. F. Reddy, secretary
Walter S. Jones, physician
Karnes & Ritter (Duff G. Karnes, James F. Ritter), confectionery and cigars
James M. Keene, dentist
Kelso & Duvall (Ted E. Kelso, Joseph S. Duvall), drugs
Walter M. Kennedy, saloon
Miss L. M. Kincaid, milliner
George F. King, stationery
Denison T. Lawton, agricultural implements
Grace F. Lawton, music teacher
James W. Ling, painter
Luy & Coffenberry (Fred Luy, George Coffenberry), barbers
J. A. McIntosh, architect
Meldrum F. McCown, lands
Henry C. Mackey, photographer
Frank E. Martin, bicycles
Medford Applegate & Blue Ledge Stage Line, H. M. Coss, manager
Medford Band, J. A. Norling, leader
Medford Commercial Club, J. A. Perry, president; M. Purdin, secretary
Medford Dray & Transfer Co., H. M. Coss, manager
Medford Electric Light & Water Plant, A. C. Gorton, superintendent
Medford Flour Mills, A. A. Davis, proprietor
Medford Furniture Co. (Frank W. Hollis, David S. Busey, John H. Butler), furniture and undertakers
Medford Hotel, F. W. Gaines, proprietor
Medford Iron Works, Edwin G. Trowbridge, manager, machinists
Medford Mail, Albert S. Bliton, publisher
MEDFORD NATIONAL BANK (Capital $50,000, Surplus $10,000), H. E. Ankeny, President; J. E. Enyart, Vice-President; John S. Orth, Cashier; William B. Jackson, Assistant Cashier
Baker & Woodson, Proprietors, Gentlemen's Fine Work a Specialty
(Daily and Weekly), R. R. Byram, Editor
Medford & Crater Lake Railroad, A. A. Davis, president; J. M. Keene, secretary

Henrietta A. Medynski, milliner
W. H. Meeker & Co. (William H. and Julius Meeker), dry goods and shoes
George F. Merriman, blacksmith
T. W. Miles, lawyer.
Mitchell & Boeck (J. Will Mitchell, Eric Boeck), wagonmakers
Monroe & Miller (Ezra W. Monroe, Gamewell Miller), grocers
Harry E. Morrison, physician
Abraham S. Moyers, confectioner
Mrs. Pearl Mulkey, milliner
Joseph S. Murphy, barber
Murphy & Downing (Orin M. Murphy, Fred Downing), saloon
Lynden C. Narregan, lawyer
George W. Nichols, meats
Nicholson & Platt (Horace G. Nicholson, Halett E. Platt), hardware
Charles Nickell, manager, Southern Oregonian
J. A. Norling, leader, Medford Band
Thomas C. Norris, real estate
Olmstead & Weisser (John E. Olmstead, William Weisser), wall paper
Oregon Granite Co. (E. A. Hicks, P. M. Kershaw), monuments
Wilbur L. Orr, harnessmaker
JOHN S. ORTH, Cashier, The Medford National Bank
Ferdinand Osenbrugge, agricultural implements
Pacific States Telegraph and Telephone Co., Charles Strang, manager
Page & Son (Portland, Oregon), wholesale produce
Palace Hotel, R. H. Halley, proprietor
Charles W. Palm, real estate
Isaac A. Palmer, architect
Mrs. C. R. Parmelee, dressmaker
Walter H. Parsons, civil engineer
Samuel S. Pentz, lawyer
James A. Perry, wholesale produce
Ira D. Phipps, dentist
W. Estill Phipps, lawyer
E. Barton Pickel, physician
C. H. Pierce & Son (Charles H. and Clarence C.), real estate
Postal Telegraph & Cable Co., Carrie E. George, manager
Thomas E. Pottenger, meats
George W. Priddy, brick manufacturer
Charles Prim, lawyer
Mahlon Purdin, lawyer
REDDY & McMAHON (John F. Reddy, Patrick J. McMahon), Proprietors, The Hotel Nash
Anna Rindlaub, music teacher
Roberts & Reagan (Jesse P. Roberts, William C. Reagan), grocers
Rogue River Creamery (Gaddis Bros., proprietors), E. C. Gaddis, manager
Rogue River Fruit Growers Union, J. A. Perry, secretary
Rogue River Land Co. (J. D. Olwell, W. M. Holmes, C. H. Lewis), real estate
Rogue River Valley Railroad Co., William Barnum, manager
Edwin Russ, grist mill
Darius B. Russell, confectioner
Selsby & Magill (Otto L. Selsby, Archie A. Magill), saloon
Melvin B. Signs, superintendent of schools
William H. Simmons, second-hand goods
Alonzo Slover, drayman
Hamilton Smith, phonographs
Tennessee Smith, fruit grower
Smith & Molony (Joseph C. Smith, John P. Molony), shoes
V. E. Snyder & Co. (Victor E. Snyder, John Harrington), saloon
Southern Oregonian, Southern Oregonian Printing Co., publishers, Charles Nickell, manager
Southern Oregonian Printing Co., Charles Nickell, manager, publishers, Southern Oregonian
Standard Oil Co., Henry G. Shearer, agent
Andrew J. Stanley, restaurant
Elijah W. Starr, builder
George W. Stephenson, physician
Francis M. Stewart, real estate and justice
Charles Strang, drugs
Wallace Stringer, grocer
H. H. Taylor, dairy
B. Paul Theiss, saloon
B. P. Theiss & Co. (B. Paul Theiss, Edward A. Welch), wholesale grocers
Joseph E. Toft, painter and city recorder
Ray H. Toft, painter

John G. Van Dyke & Co. (John G. and Sarah S. Van Dyke), dry goods and shoes
William I. Vawter, lawyer and president Jackson County Bank
Gordon Voorhies, fruit grower
Frank W. Wait, marble works
Edward N. Warner, grocer
L. B. Warner, nursery
Joseph E. Warren, barber
Waschau Bros. (Paul W. and Reinhold A.), billiard hall
Arthur Weeks, fruit grower
Weeks & Baker (Frederick W. Weeks, Mark Baker), furniture and undertakers
H. Weinhard (estate of), beer and ice depot
Wells Fargo & Co. Express, G. T. Faucett, agent
Western Union Telegraph Co., S. M. Wilcox, manager
White & Trowbridge (John F. White, Benjamin J. Trowbridge), real estate
Whiteside & Cook (Edgar G. Whiteside, James F. Cook), harness
J. D. Whitman, fruit grower
SCOTT M. WILCOX, Agent, Southern Pacific Co.
Thomas J. Williams, blacksmith
Frank M. Wilson, cigars
John R. Wilson, blacksmith
Wilson & Cattenach (C. Archie Wilson, William Cattenach), cigars and pool room
Ernest F. Winkler, second-hand goods
Holbrook Withington, lawyer
Alonzo M. Woodford, postmaster
Wallace Woods, lumber
Wortman & Gore (Harry G. Wortman, Edward E. Gore), meats
Alice M. Yarno, insurance and notary
William T. York, real estate
Young & Hall (Charles F. Young, J. Court Hall), saloon
R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1907-08,
page 302     Names inverted and abbreviations spelled out to facilitate searching.

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