The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Medford Business Directory 1903-04

The many discontinuities from year to year suggest that listing in this directory was by subscription; don't assume that a business' absence from this listing is necessarily evidence of its absence from Medford.

MEDFORD. Population 2,500. Jackson County. Settled in 1884, incorporated as a city in [1885], in the Rogue River Valley, on Bear Creek and the Southern Pacific railway, 328 miles south of Portland, 443 north of San Francisco, and 5 east of Jacksonville, the county seat. Contains Christian, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist Episcopal and Methodist Episcopal South, Presbyterian and Catholic churches, public school, opera house seating 600, water works, fire department, electric light plant, four newspapers--Enquirer (Democrat, weekly), Medford Mail (Republican, weekly), Medford Success (Republican, semi-weekly) and Southern Oregonian (Independent, semi-weekly), two banks, the Medford roller mill, capacity 100 bbls.; the Hotel Nash is a prominent institution; a distillery, brewery and two planing mills. The Iowa Lumber Co. have their mills and factories here, and give employment to a large number of men. Annual rainfall 20 to 30 inches, averaging about 25 inches. Among the leading placer mines in the vicinity is the Sterling mine, which yields from $60,000 to $100,000 annually. A water canal ten feet on the bottom and sixteen feet on top is now being constructed from Butte Creek and Fish Lake, which is about half completed and when finished will be about 45 miles long, to furnish power and water for Medford. The land is fertile, suited to grain and fruit. Shipments, flour, fruit and livestock. Quartz and placer mining is extensively carried on. Telegraph Pacific Post and Western Union. Express Wells Fargo & Co. Mail daily. George F. Merriman, postmaster.

Robert F. Anderson, restaurant.
Angle & Plymale Opera House, Angle & Plymale, proprietors.
HENRY E. ANKENY, President, Medford Bank.
Apple & Hoag (Henry L. Apple, Walter Hoag), barbers.
Frederick Barneburg, cattle breeder.
Barneburg & Co. (John Barneburg), meats.
William Barnum, manager and agent, RRVRR Co.

Bates Bros. (James W. and William W.), barbers.

Beek & Co. (John Beek, John H. Norris), hardware.
Albert S. Bliton, publisher Medford Mail and U.S. commissioner.
John E. Bodge, merchant tailor.
Ulrich Boeck, wagonmaker.
Boyd & Conklin (James M. Boyd, Charles W. Conklin), furniture.
Henry E. Boyden, hardware.
Noah B. Bradbury, planing mill.
Mrs. Martha Brookes, tinsmith.
Brown & Owen (Lewis B. Brown, Oscar D. Owen), grocers.
Louis Bundy, dentist.
Basil N. Butler, watchmaker.
Harry M. Butler, osteopath.
Physician and Surgeon.
Mack C. Campbell, bakery and confectionery.
Childers Bros. (Albert and Eugene), brick manufacturers.
Colvig & Cannon (William M. Colvig, Anderson M. Cannon), lawyers.
Howard M. Coss, pianos.
George Coulter, painter.
Cox & Scott (D. Truman Cox, Joseph Scott), warehouse.
Franklin L. Cranfill, general merchandise.
William S. Crowell, lawyer.
Major S. Damon, bill poster.
Proprietor, Medford Roller Mills.
D. L. Day, painter.
F. K. Deuel & Co. (Fred K. Deuel, Wilton B. Stevens), general merchandise.
Eads & Son (John T. and George H.), second-hand goods.
HENRY J. ELSKAMP, Harness and Saddle Manufacturer.
Elmer D. Elwood, jeweler.
JESSE E. ENYART, Cashier, Medford Bank.
George T. Faucett, agent, Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express.
William Forsythe, bill poster.
FOX & GOOD (William Fox, David D. Good), Proprietors, Union Livery & Feed Stables.
Gault & Cook (Milton M. Gault,William Cook), machinists.
Carrie E. George, manager, Pacific Postal Telegraph & Cable Co., insurance agent and notary public.
Mrs. O. Gilbert, confectioner.
Thomas J. Goodwyn, grocer.
Emerson E. Gore, fruit grower.
O. E. Gorsline, planing mill.
Charles Hale, saloon.
ISAIAH L. HAMILTON, Proprietor, Hotel Nash.
John R. Hardin, restaurant.
George H. Haskins, druggist.
Albert M. Helms, saloon.
HOTEL NASH, Isaiah L. Hamilton, Proprietor.

James S. Howard, civil engineer.
Hubbard Bros. (Asahel C. and Fortunatus), farm implements.
Ivan Humason, drugs.
Hutchison & Lumsden (Clarence I. Hutchison, Harold U. Lumsden), general store.
IOWA LUMBER CO., Calvin Hafer (Council Bluffs, Iowa), President; Ernest E. Hart (Council Bluffs), Treasurer; Henry I. Forsyth (Council Bluffs), Secretary; John N. Williams, Vice President and Manager; Lumber and Box Manufacturers.
Jackson County Bank (capital $50,000), William I. Vawter, president; G. R. Lindley, cashier.
Garl T. Jones, county surveyor.
Jones & Shearer (Walter S. Jones, Jacob E. Shearer), physicians.
Karnes & Ritter (Duff G. Karnes, James F. Ritter), cigars.
Clarence W. Keene, physician.
James M. Keene, dentist.
Ted E. Kelso, bicycle repair.
Notary Public and Manager, Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.
Robert T. Lawton, real estate
Benjamin A. Leak, veterinary surgeon.
William V. Lippincott, agent, Southern Pacific Co. and Western Union Telegraph Co.
Frederick Luy, barber.
William McCauley, restaurant.
William H. McGowan, crockery.
George W. Mackey, photographer.
Henry C. Mackey, photographer.
Horace Mann, publisher, Medford Enquirer.
THE MEDFORD BANK (Capital $50,000), H. E. Ankeny, President; J. H. Stewart, Vice President; Jesse E. Enyart, Cashier; M. L. Alford, Assistant Cashier.
Medford Distillery & Refining Co. (Mrs. M. G. and B. Paul Theiss).
Medford Electric Light & Water Plant, Edrick L. Gurnea, superintendent.
Medford Enquirer, Horace Mann, publisher.
Medford Furniture Co. (Frank W. Hollis, Charles R. and Ernest M. Welch), furniture and undertaking.
Medford Mail, Albert S. Bliton, publisher.
MEDFORD ROLLER MILLS, A. A. Davis, Proprietor.
Medford Success, Medford Success Publishing Co., publishers.
Medford Success Publishing Co. (Charles Meserve, P. M. Kershaw), publishers, Medford Success
H. A. Medynski & Co. (Henrietta A. and Mrs. Ella Medynski), millinery.
W. H. Meeker & Co. (William H. and Julius Meeker, Mrs. Clara Brown), dry goods.
G. F. Merriman & Son (George F. and Thomas T.), blacksmiths.
David H. Miller, hardware.
Mitchell, Boeck & Caskey (William H. Mitchell, Ulrich Boeck, Joseph Caskey), blacksmiths.
MITCHELL, LEWIS & STAVER CO. (Portland), D. T. Lawton, Manager, Agricultural Implements, Machinery and Vehicles.
William M. Mitchell, blacksmith.
Lynden C. Narregan, lawyer.
Arthur C. Nicholson, carpenter.
Horace G. Nicholson, hardware.
Hal B. Nye, ladies' and men's furnishings.
Oregon Granite Co. (Elmer A. Hicks, Arthur H. Walker, Charles Carney).
Wilbur L. Orr, groceries and shoes.
Fred Osenbrugge, carriages.
Pacific Postal Telegraph & Cable Co., Carrie E. George, manager.
Pacific States Telegraph and Telephone Co., Charles Strang, manager.
Charles W. Palm, real estate.
Mrs. C. W. Palm, millinery.
Palm, Whitman & Co., George F. Palm, president; J. Albert Whitman, secretary and treasurer; cigar manufacturers.
Samuel S. Pentz, lawyer.
James A. Peoples, business college.
James A. Perry, warehouse.
W. Estill Phipps, lawyer
E. Barton Pickel, physician.
Charles C. Pletcher, dentist.
Pottenger & Cox (Thomas E. Pottenger, John W. Cox), meats.
Mahlon Purdin, blacksmith.
Rogue River Valley Railroad Co., William Barnum, manager and agent.
Mae Ross, artist.
Edwin Russ, grist mill.
Dee B. Russell, fruits.
Sears & Corwin (Mrs. L. J. Sears, Mrs. C. L. Corwin), millinery.
William H. Simmons, second-hand goods.
Charles W. Skeel, notions.
Alonzo Slover, drayman.
John W. Smith, fruit grower.
Tennessee Smith, fruit grower.
Southern Oregon Cider & Vinegar Co., John Olwell, president; Joseph Olwell, secretary; J. E. Enyart, treasurer.
Southern Oregonian, Southern Oregonian Printing Co., publishers.
Southern Oregonian Printing Co., Charles Nickell, manager.
Sterling Mine.
Francis M. Stewart, real estate.
James Stewart, insurance agent.
Charles Strang, druggist.
Albert C. Tayler, shoes.
John G. Taylor, harnessmaker.
B. Paul Theiss, saloon.
Joseph E. Toft, city recorder and painter.
R. H. Toft, wood yard.
UNION LIVERY STABLES, Fox & Good, Proprietors.
U.S. Board Pension Examiners, W. S. Jones, secretary.
John G. Van Dyke, dry goods and shoes.
William I. Vawter, lawyer.
Vis & Gould (John J. Vis, Frank S. Gould).
Gordon Voorhies, fruit grower.
Frank W. Wait, marble works.
Edward N. Warner, grocer.
Arthur Weeks, fruit grower.
Weeks & Baker (Frederick Weeks, Mark Baker), furniture.
H. Weinhard, beer and ice depot.
Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express, George T. Faucett, agent.
Wells & Shearer (Arthur Wells, H. G. Shearer), draymen.
Western Union Telegraph Co., W. V. Lippincott, manager.
James H. Wheeler, upholsterer.
White & Trowbridge (John F. White, Benjamin J. Trowbridge), real estate.
J. Albert Whitman, fruit shipper.
J. D. Whitman, fruit grower.
Orin W. Whitman, books.
JOHN T. WILLIAMS, Vice President and Manager, Iowa Lumber Co.
Frank M. Wilson, confectioner.
John R. Wilson, grocer.
MISS MAUD E. WILSON & CO. (Maud E. and Anna C. Wilson), Milliners, Millinery Goods and Dressmakers.
Wilson Opera House, John W. Wilson, proprietor.
Ernest F. Winkler, shoemaker.
Edwin S. Wolfer, tinsmith.
Alonzo M. Woodford, shoes.
Wallace Woods, lumber.

R. L. Polk & Co.'s Oregon and Washington Gazetteer and Business Directory 1903-04,
page 253     Names inverted and abbreviations spelled out to facilitate searching.

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