The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Rogue Valley Business Directory 1886-87

JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town, reached from Jacksonville, on the O.&C.R.R., by stage. Express goes to Jacksonville, which is the nearest banking town. Population, 209.
Benedict R, hotel
Bolt John, postmaster
Hariott Wm, blacksmith
Knutzen J, justice of the peace
KUBLI & BOLT, general merchandise
Matney C B, blacksmith
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JACKSON COUNTY. A post, telegraph and express town, the present terminus of the O.&C.R.R., 344 miles from Portland. Stages run from here to Yreka and Delta daily. Ashland is the principal town of Southern Oregon, and has a large business with the surrounding country and with Lake County, across the mountains. The town is well supplied with water for domestic and irrigating purposes from Ashland Creek, which flows through the town. It has an excellent climate. Ashland is a banking town, with a population of 15,000.
Alford & Bragdon (M L Alford and H T Bragdon), gen mdse
ANDERSON E K, vice president Ashland Woolen Mills
Arendt S, gen mdse
ATKINSON W H, president Bank of Ashland and secretary and manager
Ashland Woolen Mills
ASHLAND WOOLEN MILLS, James Thornton president, E K. Anderson vice president, W H Atkinson secretary and general manager, E V Carter treasurer
Ayers C W, lumber mill, architect and builder
Baldwin R T Jr, saddle and harnessmaker
BANK OF ASHLAND, W H Atkinson president, E V Carter cashier
Barneburg Fred, butcher
Bartlett E T, contractor and builder
Billings G F, real estate and ins agt
Blount O H, furnishing goods and notions
Bolton T K, druggist and jeweler
Bowditch J T, city atty
Brooks E C, druggist and jeweler
Brown & Buzan (Frank Brown and George Buzan), livery stables
BURCKHALTER & HASTY (W M Burckhalter and F Hasty), fruit, confectionery, cigars, tobacco, and a full line of variety goods, Main
Burson H J, gunsmith
Caro Bros, varieties
Caton & Garrett (Milo Caton and R M Garrett), saloon and billiards
CHITWOOD J H, physician and surgeon
CHITWOOD J H & SON (J H and H T), druggists, stationery, clocks, watches and artists' materials
Clayton & Gore (N H Clayton and W S Gore), groceries, crockery, paints and glass
Coburn W T & Co (W T and William Coburn), tobacco, cigars and groceries
Cole & Stanard (R J Cole and B A Stanard), hotel
Coolidge O, propr Ashland Nurseries
Corbett S, hotel
De Peatt E, county judge and atty at law
Dunlap A C, wood
Elder J C, groceries
Emery H S, furniture and house furnishing goods
Engle George, cigars, tobacco and notions, express and stage agt, mayor
Eubanks J S, justice of the peace and city recorder
Evans H S, house and ornamental painter
Farlow & Miller (E J Farlow and E M Miller), groceries, tobacco, cigars and ammunition
Fountain J D, gen mdse
Fox Heaton, blacksmith
Galey S B, atty
Gillette Sisters (Misses Effie and Carrie), fancy goods
Graves Charles, boots and shoes
Green S A & Son (S A and A S), gunsmiths
Guthrie W A, barber
Hammond A E, city surveyor, real estate and ins agt
Hammond A P, postmaster and real estate agt
Hammond & McCall (A P Hammond and M L McCall), real estate agts and conveyancers
Harris C T, real estate and ins agt
Hatfield R, boot and shoemaker
Herrni David C, wool
High, Taylor & Co (E High, Robert Taylor, I W Burriss and M M Long), saloon
High & Windom (N L High and L C Windom), blacksmiths and wagonmakers
Hill George A, city express
Hosley C H, butcher
Houck J Mrs, propr Ashland House
Houston J E, hotel
Houston & Wickham (J E Houston and ------ Wickham), real estate, collectors, employment office and sewing machine agts
Howard J S, notary public and conveyancer
Hunsaker S E, cabinetmaker
HUNSAKER & DODGE (E B Hunsaker and J P Dodge), organs, pianos, groceries, provisions, crockery, glassware, tobacco and cigars
Inlow H T, physician
John William, fish
Judge H, saddle and harnessmaker
Kane E C, station agt and tel operator
Kentnor W W, wagonmaker
Kohn J B, music teacher
Leeds W H, editor and propr Tidings
Logan Charles W, photographer
Marsh Sanford, designer, builder and lumber mfr
Mayer M, tailor
McBride J H, drayman
McCall J M, gen mdse
McHatton F, painter
McMillen B F, contractor and builder
Messenger H C, wood
Meyer W C, fancy livestock
Miller E M, blacksmith
Milligan J V, clergyman (Presbyterian)
MILLS WILLIAM, proprietor Star Bakery and Restaurant
Mullen John S, watchmaker
Myer Bros (H C and O R), agricultural implements, plumbing, stoves, tin and hardware Myer B F, hardware
Newman F, US Signal Service
Nutley George, boot and shoemaker
Parson J S, physician
Philippe & Ober (Mrs K Philippe and Miss M Ober), dressmakers
Porter Dennis, propr Messenger Saw Mill
Ralph John, wagonmaker
Rea Pauline Mrs, mgr WU Tel Office
REESER B F, stoves, tin and hardware, Main
Rice D B, physician
Rogers W T, truckman
Roper Fordyce, propr Ashland Flouring Mill
Royal M G, pres Ashland College
Russell A M, clergyman (Baptist)
Russell James H, marble
Scherrer H, machine shop
Sears J A, barber
Simpson W G, clergyman (Methodist)
Smith Wm, blacksmith
Songer S F, physician
Sonnichsen S I, boot and shoemaker
Stacy L, butcher
Stephenson George, livery stable
Stuffer John, boot and shoemaker
Sweet J A, principal public school
Tanner W G, clothing, gents' furnishing goods, tobacco and cigars
Taylor S D, city marshal, constable and collector
Thompson & Stephenson (J Thompson and G W Stephenson), livery stable
THORNTON JAMES, president Ashland Woolen Mills
Thornton J Mrs, dressmaking and millinery
TIDINGS (The), W H Leeds editor and proprietor
Townsend L, dentist
Vining M H Mrs, hotel
Wagner Jacob, poultry
Weber Alena Miss, teacher vocal and instrumental music
Willard & Eubanks (G N Willard and J C Eubanks), agricultural implements, plumbing, stoves, tin and hardware
Willey A L, carpenter and builder
Wilshire W A, atty at law and notary public
Witterow C W, brickmaker
Wolters John, bakery
Youle & Gilroy (Geo E Youle and Wm M Gilroy), planing mill and mfrs doors, blinds, sash, and moldings
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JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town reached by O.&C. to Medford, thence by stage to Jacksonville, thence by stage 35 miles. Freight goes to Medford and express to Jacksonville, which is also its nearest banking town.
Pope & Parker, sawmill
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JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town, reached from Jacksonville by tri-weekly stage, 20 miles northeast. It has two sawmills, one by steam, the other by water power, and ships grain. Jacksonville is the nearest banking town; population, 125.
Brown H R, hotel and postmaster
Brown & Murphy, blacksmiths
Mason Dr, physician
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JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town reached from Medford on the O.&C.R.R. by stage to Jacksonville, thence by stage tri-weekly. Jacksonville is its nearest banking and express town. Population, 50.
Magruder Bros, gen mdse
Young T R, physician and surgeon
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JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town situated on Little Butte Creek, 17 miles northeast of Jacksonville, the nearest banking town. It has a church and district school. The principal shipment is livestock, wool and hides. Stage to Jacksonville daily. Population, 100.
Ashpole John, constable
Barker R L, physician
Brown George, gen mdse
Daley A J, grist mill
Emery & Co, gen mdse
Florey A J, wheelwright
Grossman J G, wheelwright
INLOW F B, postmaster
Pool A, hotel
Pool J M, blacksmith
Purdin & Grossman, blacksmiths
Simon P, hotel
Whitney L L, physician
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JOSEPHINE COUNTY. A post and telegraph town on the O.&C.R.R., 396 miles south of Portland. Jacksonville is its nearest banking town. Population, 200.
ANGEL A E, tobacco, cigars, notions and news dealer
ARGUS (weekly), K H Gabbert proprietor
Backstrom S F, laundry
Blackburn W L, notary public
Brower Davis, atty at law
Bryan J T, county assessor
CAMPBELL & TUFFS (J C Campbell and J T Tuffs), general merchandise
Carson A H, nursery
Chapman A J, school supt
Childs J M, groceries and country produce
Colvig Volney, justice of the peace, notary public and ins agt
Colvin O M, contractor and builder
Cook & Pigney, blacksmiths
COURIER (The), J H Stine editor and proprietor
Crockett G, county judge
Eastman & Sedge (R Eastman and A J Sedge), wagonmakers
Edgerton C L, saloon
Everitt E F, photographer
Flanagan D Mrs, dressmaker
Flanagan W H, physician
Frazier J A, painter
Gabbert K H, propr Argus
Gage J S, atty at law and real estate broker
Gray C L, watchmaker and jeweler
Hale J R, furniture and undertaking
Hardin D W, brick, lime and cement
Harkness S E, druggist, watchmaker and jeweler
Hervey C, sheriff
Holt & Hardin, brickmakers and contractors
Hood & Sons (John and Thomas), carpenters and builders
HOWARD JOHN W, postmaster
Howard J W & Co (J W Howard and Charles Nickell), gen mdse
Howard & Pigney, dressmakers and milliners
Hughes Charles, county clerk
Hutch J B, propr Central Hotel
Hide Annie Mrs, milliner, dressmaker and ladies' furnishing goods
Jennings J R, hotel
Jennings L L & Co (L L Jennings and J C Morse), saloon
Jordan John, confectionery, tobacco and cigars
Jordan W H, hotel
King W C, principal public school
Kramer W F, druggist and physician
Lee T J, vegetables
Loomis M V, watchmaker and jeweler
McKnight M A Mrs, millinery and fancy goods
McMahon Patrick, propr stage line
Merrill G W, real estate
Meserve & Dean (C F Meserve and T Y Dean), butchers
Miller H B & Co, Wells, Fargo & Co's agt and gen mdse
Mitchell S U, atty at law
Morris R R, constable
Morse J C, notary public
Naucke William, county treas
Newland Ed, painter
Payne J M, county commissioner
Pigney & Cook (J K Pigney and D S Cook), blacksmiths
Platter A H, county commissioner
Porter & Blackburn (A A Porter and W L Blackburn), real estate and ins agt
Presley J F, barber
Rice D L, operator WU Tel Co
Riddle Geo W, gen mdse
Salomon & Ahlf (Isaac Salomon and Henry Ahlf), butchers and pork packers Sanford R D, vegetables
Scranton Asa C, boot and shoemaker
Sherrer J W, stoves, tin, hardware and crockery
Smith Bros (H and L W), blacksmiths and livery stable
Smith Edwin, contractor and builder
Solomon J, butcher
Spears William, carriage and sign painter
Stanley F E, contractor and builder
Starr O H. stoves, tin and hardware
Steelman J L, carpenter and builder
Stine J H, editor and propr Grants Pass Courier
Stone J J, physician
Sugar Pine Door and Lumber Co, J C Carson pres, H C Kinney sec and treas Thornton H & Son, livery stable
Van Dyke F W, physician
Webster L A, circuit judge
Weed J E, carpenter and builder
White Samuel, atty at law
Wilcox S M, station agt and WU Tel operator
Woodward J F, saddler and harnessmaker
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JACKSON COUNTY. A post, express and telegraph town, reached from Medford on the O.&C.R.R., by daily stage. It is the county seat of Jackson County, and contains a private bank, churches of all denominations, a school, a public hall capable of seating two hundred, a number of special and general stores, and two weekly newspapers, the Democratic Times and the Oregon Sentinel. The principal shipment is farm produce. Population, 1,000.
Aiken G H, physician
Akins, Selling & Co, boots
Armstrong M, blacksmith
Ashpole J, assessor
Baker Robert N, merchant tailor
Beck, Schlepp & Co, bakery, saloon and restaurant
Beekman C C, banker and agt Wells, Fargo & Co
Beggs N U, confectionery and varieties
Bell G Mrs, music teacher
Bichenbach A R, clergyman (Presbyterian)
BIRDSEY J G (Cronemiller and Birdsey), constable
Blanchet F X, clergyman (Catholic)
Britt Peter, photographer
Brooks E C, druggist and watches, clocks, jewelry and stationery
Buensow L, sign painter
Cardwell W W, atty at law
Cardwell & Jones (J A Cardwell and I M Berry), livery stable
Caro Bros, gen mdse
Caton & Garrett (M Caton and Robt M Garrett), saloon
Chale A, saloon
Chick Geo H, gold and silver ores
Childers & Sons, brick mfrs
Chile A, saloon
Colvig W M, supt public schools
Colvin A G, gen mdse
Cook Richard, sawmill
Cress T J, house and sign painter
CRONEMILLER & BIRDSEY (David Cronemiller and James G Birdsey), general blacksmiths and dealers in farm and mill machinery
Curtis D L, city marshal
Day Silas J, notary public, real estate, ins agt and collector
De Peatt E, county judge
De Roboam F, wheelwright
DE ROBOAM JOHN, proprietor United States Hotel
De Roboam S P, confectionery and bakery
DEMOCRATIC TIMES, Charles Nickell editor and proprietor, largest circulation of any paper in Oregon outside of Portland
Donegan Patrick, blacksmith
Drum James, groceries and provisions
Dunlap R S, drayman and freighter
EAGLE BREWERY, Wm Heeley proprietor
Eddy Adolphus F, baths
Fisher N, gen mdse and county treas
Foudray E D, justice of the peace
Frank Bros, farm and mill machinery
Grob Frederick, saloon and bakery
Grobe Jacob, photographer and town trustee
Hanley J A, propr Rogue River Distillery
Hannah H K, atty at law and town trustee
Hayes & Elliott (George Hayes and Hugh Elliott), blacksmiths and horseshoeing
HEELEY WM, proprietor Eagle Brewery
Hill Gaylord, sewing machines
Hoffman Wm, books and stationery
HUBBELL G A, real estate, insurance, general business agent, notary public, auctioneer and collector
Huffer J H, town recorder
Inlow H T, county coroner
Jackson Will, dentist
Jacksonville Mining and Milling Co
Jacobs A S, sheriff
Jacobs E, gen mdse
Jacoby Bros, gen mdse
Jeffrey James, county surveyor
Johnson A S, propr Jacksonville Nursery
Kahler C W, atty at law
Karewski G, flouring mill
Kelley Harrison, atty at law
Kelley Jos, gen agt Eureka wringers
Kenney T J, harness and saddle maker and ins agt
Kent T V, atty at law and district atty
Krause Frank, propr Oregon Sentinel
Kubli Kaspar, hardware, stoves, tinware, groceries, boots and shoes, farming implements and city trustee
Kugler E T, music teacher
Langell N, boot and shoemaker
Lawton R T, real estate and collection agt
LEMPERT C, physician and surgeon
Linn David, planing mill, lumber, furniture and town trustee
Little J R & Co (J R Little), tobacco, cigars and gents' furnishing goods
Luy F, boot and shoemaker
Maegly A H & Co (A H Maegly), stoves, tinware, hardware and agricultural implements
Mayhew Thos, boarding house and stables
McKenzie T T, saloon
McMahon P, Jacksonville and Crescent City Stage Line
Mensor Bros (I and Wm), gen mdse
Mensor Morris, gen mdse
Merritt J W, gen mdse
Merritt & Robinson (J W Merritt and J W Robinson), druggists, books and stationery
Miller John, hardware, guns, pistols and paints
Morat Raphael, winery
Moore W T, mgr WU Tel Co
Muller Max, gen mdse and postmaster
Neil James R, atty at law
NICKELL CHARLES, editor and proprietor Democratic Times, newspaper publisher and job printer
Nunan J, gen mdse
Orth John, butcher
Owen W A, internal revenue collector
Pape Henry, saloon
Parker C C & Co, sawmill
PARKER W H, county clerk
Parks J & Son, sawmill
Pickens C H, county commissioner
Plymale W J, propr Excelsior Livery and Feed Stable
Prim Charles, atty at law and notary public
Prim P P, atty at law
Prim P P Mrs, fancy goods and dressmaking
Reames Bros (T G and E R), gen mdse and ins agts
Reuter A L, capitalist
Rieve George, wagonmaker
Riley Thomas, saloon
RITSCHARD FRED, watchmaker and jeweler
Roberts J R, pastor ME Church South
Robinson J W, physician and surgeon
Rodgers W J, county commissioner
Rostel B, cigars and tobacco
Rostel C B, barber and bathrooms
Ryan Patrick J, gen mdse
St Mary's Academy, conducted by Sisters of the Holy Name
Scherrer H, machine shop
SCHLEPP LOUIS, City Brewery, Saloon, Bakery and Restaurant
Schmitt Adam, cooper
Schumpf George, barber
Schutz Veit, brewery
Shook S H, skating rink
Slover J A, pastor Baptist Church
SLOVER J A, proprietor Slover's Hotel
SLOVER'S HOTEL, J A Slover proprietor
Smith J M Mrs, dressmaker
Solomon Joseph, gen mdse
Sunderman A H, pastor German ME Church
TABLE ROCK SALOON AND CABINET, Wintjen & Helms proprietors, a fine cabinet of minerals, fossils, odd and ancient coins, petrifactions and curiosities
UNION LIVERY STABLE (livery, feed and sale), J A Cardwell proprietor
UNITED STATES HOTEL, John De Roboam proprietor
Vrooman & Miller, gen mdse
Watt G H, principal public school
Webster L R, circuit judge 1st Judicial District
Webster W L, soda works
Whipp [James Carr], marble works
Williams Wm, pastor M E Church
WINTJEN & HELMS (John Wintjen and H V Helms), proprietors Table Rock Saloon
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JOSEPHINE COUNTY. A post and freight town, on the O.&C.R.R., 40 miles northeast of Kerby, the county seat. Jacksonville is the nearest banking town. Population, 75.
Browning E G, justice of the peace
HARKNESS H D, hotel and postmaster
Hopkins James, blacksmith and wagonmaker
Maloney Wm, gen mdse
Pettengill S B, gen mdse
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Adkins & Webb (B F Adkins and B S Webb), hardware, stoves, paints and groceries
Andrews W R, atty at law
Angle & Plymale (Wm Angle and Francis M Plymale), gen mdse
Baker H E, propr Medford Farmers' Warehouse
BANKS J N, proprietor Central Hotel
Barkdull C H, justice of the peace
Barneburg Frederick, city hay scales and butcher
Barnum W S, propr Medford Planing Mill
Beatty M E, real estate and mining broker
Byers & Guerin (John Byers and J T Guerin), contractors and builders
Byers & Jacobs (John Byers and A S Jacobs)
CENTRAL HOTEL, J N Banks proprietor
Chick Geo H, assayer
Childers & Son (A and S) contractors and builders
Crenshaw L J, wagonmaker
Cunningham J W, propr Empire Hotel
Daugherty M D Mrs, millinery and dressmaking
Delano J, butcher
Elder J C, dry goods and groceries
Foster L J Mrs, millinery
Fronk C K, station agt and WU Tel operator
Gard G, carpenter and builder
Geary E P, physician and surgeon
Gilbert O, restaurant
Hall Charles, watchmaker and jeweler
Haskins G H, books, stationery, drugs and notions
HIGH R F, barber, cigars, tobacco and varieties
Higinbotham J S, wagonmaker
Holtan Olaus, merchant tailor
Hoover Bros (G W and C M), stoves, tin and hardware
Howard J S, mayor, notary public, gen mdse, ins and Wells, Fargo & Co's agt
Hubbard F, plows, harness and agricultural implements
Hurt E G, carpenter, builder and street commissioner
JOHNSON A L, banker, insurance agent and dealer in real estate
Johnson & Spears, house and sign painters
Kenney & Wolters (W G Kenney and H H Wolters), saloon
KINNEY H, quartz miner
Lawton R T, real estate, ins agt and notary public
LYNCH & WORMAN (W M Lynch and E Worman), proprietors Jacksonville Stage Line and Medford Livery, Feed and Stage Stable
Matthews D W, druggist
McAdams W H, saloon
McGinnis M A, editor and propr Medford Monitor
McGinnis M C [sic], editor Medford Monitor
MEDFORD LIVERY STABLE (livery, feed and stage), Lynch & Worman proprietors
Medford Reduction Works Co, Geo H Chick, H E Baker, L Seeley, C S Jenkins proprs Merriman G F, blacksmith
Miller D H, postmaster
Miller H B & Co, lumber
Noland & Ulrich (John Noland and W Ulrich), saloon
Payne & Retty (David Payne and Jerry Retty), livery stable
Perdue J, boot and shoemaker
Phipps I J, real estate agt
Powell B W, atty at law, notary public and ins agt
Pryce & Geary (R Pryce and E P Geary), physicians and surgeons
REAL ESTATE AND BANKING HOUSE, A L Johnson proprietor, general real estate and banking business
Robinson John, city express
Rosenthal S, gen mdse
Sargent Maggie Miss, principal public school
Shely & Jacobs, proprs Medford Marble Works
Skeel C W, contractor and builder
Smith Henry, gen mdse and lumber
Smith W L, contractor and builder
Smith Wm, blacksmith
Trimble Wm M, blacksmith
Ulrich William, ins agt
Vrooman, Miller & Co (M Vrooman, D H Miller and Charles Strang), stoves, tin, hardware and drugs
Walton Geo S, town recorder and mfr boots and shoes
Webb I A, furniture
Wilcox Jennie Miss, millinery and dressmaking
Williamson W F, atty at law, town atty and notary public
Wilson Daniel, saddle and harnessmaker
Wolters Charles W, confectionery and bakery
WOOLF ISAAC, general merchandise and city marshal
WORMAN E (Lynch & Worman)
Medford Livery Stable ad 1886-87McKenney'sPacificCoastDirectory

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Custer Isaac, wagonmaker
Custer L, millwright and furniture
Daniels L, shoemaker
MURPHY FLOURING MILLS, L Strong proprietor
Murphy Saw Mill, A H Wimer propr
STRONG LEWIS, proprietor Murphy Flouring Mills
Wimer A A, sawmill
Wimer J W, blacksmith
Wimer W J, postmaster
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JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town, reached by stage from Ashland, from which it receives its express matter. Jacksonville is its nearest banking town. Population, 200.
Caro Brothers, gen mdse
Cross Geo, saloon
Deviney R, wagonmaker
Devis L E, physician
Dunlap A, blacksmith
Epps A G, boots and shoes
Forman M, blacksmith and wagonmaker
Hukill J W, blacksmith
Kahler Geo, physician and druggist
Kennedy L Mrs, dressmaker
KENNEDY P A, general business agent
Lavenberg Daniel, hotel
Morgan Ed, saloon and stable
Morton James, fancy goods
Morton L A Mrs, millinery
Olwell P W, flour mill
Soule M V B, physician
Soule V B, agt Wells, Fargo & Co
Towne Frank, postmaster and gen mdse
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JACKSON COUNTY. A post and telegraph town on the O.&C.R.R. 310 miles southwest of Portland and 13 miles from Jacksonville, the nearest banking town. Population, 50.
Colvig W L, physician and druggist
Haymond & Magruder, gen mdse
White Bros, hotel and saloon
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JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town on the Rogue River, 333 miles southwest of Portland, 10 miles northwest of Jacksonville. It has a church, school and a few stores. Stage tri-weekly to Jacksonville. Population, 100.
Ganiard O, gen mdse
Moon A S, gen mdse
Thomas J B, sawmill
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JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town, reached by stage from Jacksonville by tri-weekly stage, 10 miles southwest. The principal products are grain, fruit and vegetables. Jacksonville is the nearest banking town. Population, 50.
CAMERON T, general merchandise
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JOSEPHINE COUNTY. A postal town, on the Illinois River, 11 miles south of Kerby, and 38 southwest of Grants Pass. Jacksonville is the nearest banking town. It is a mining town, there being deep gravel mines, also valuable rnineral deposits. Shipment, gold dust. Population, 200.
Anderson W G M, hotel
Bennett J W, sawmill
Bryhan F, tailor and saloon
Decker C, gen mdse
Hogue Ebb, blacksmith
Mack J F, blacksmith
Simmons George, blacksmith
Wimer J & Sons, gen mdse
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JOSEPHINE COUNTY. A postal town. Reached from Grants Pass, on the O.&C.R.R., by tri-weekly stage, 12 miles southwest. Jacksonville is the nearest banking town. Population, 75.
Jones H D Mrs, hotel
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JACKSON COUNTY. A postal town, reached from Medford, on the O.&C.R.R., by stage via Jacksonville, the nearest banking town. Population, 50.
Cook N, gen mdse
Herd James, sawmill
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JOSEPHINE COUNTY. A post and express town on the O.&C.R.R. 35 miles southwest of Portland. Roseburg is the nearest banking town. Population, 50.
Smith Henry, gen mdse and agt Wells, Fargo & Co
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JACKSON COUNTY. A post and freight town of the O.&C.R.R., 303 miles southwest of Portland. The principal interests are the shipment of flour, grain and produce. Jacksonville is the nearest banking town. Population, 125.
Fisher B, agt Wells, Fargo & Co
Wood J H, gen mdse
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McKenney's Pacific Coast Directory for 1886-7, pages 984-

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