The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Rogue Valley Business Directory 1883-84

    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office, 14 miles by stage southwest of Jacksonville.
Bolt John (Kubli & Bolt), postmaster
Knutzen J, justice of peace
Kubli & Bolt, general merchandise
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post, express and telegraph office, on the line of the California and Oregon Coast Overland Stage Route, 315 miles south of Portland, and 160 miles north of Redding. Population 1,000.
    It is a very pretty little town, growing quite rapidly and substantially, and its facilities for manufacturing being of a superior nature, its future cannot be regarded with any but favorable eyes. A woolen mill and marble works are located here. The valley in which it is situated is very rich agriculturally speaking, and the stock-raising interests are gradually developing. The scenery in the vicinity is picturesque, and the hum of machinery in the saw mills, sash and door factory, and woolen mill are sounds that give it an air of manufacturing importance and leave an impression of its permanency that is decidedly encouraging. The power derived from Ashland Creek would be sufficient to drive the machinery of Birmingham. Its climatic features are most favorable, and the sanitary condition of the place is superb.
Anderson E K (Wagner & Anderson and Ashland Woolen Mfg Co)
Anderson Sisters (Misses L V and M H Anderson), millinery and dressmaking
Ashland College and Normal School, Ladru Royal pres
ASHLAND HOUSE, Jasper Houck proprietor
ASHLAND TIDINGS (weekly), Wm H Leeds proprietor
ASHLAND WOOLEN MANUFACTURING CO (James Thornton, W H Atkinson, Jacob Wagner, E K Anderson and J M McCall)
Atkinson W H (Ashland Woolen Mfg Co and McCall, Atkinson & Co)
Baum & Hill (Morris Baum and H C Hill), furniture
Baum Morris (Baum & Hill)
Burriss I W, billiard saloon and city trustee
Burson H J, gunsmith
Butler, Drake & Co (G S Butler, M H Drake and J Thompson), general merchandise
Butler G S (Butler, Drake & Co)
CENTRAL HOUSE, Benj Zumwalt proprietor
CHITWOOD J H, druggist and physician
Coolidge O, nurseryman
Countryman Mrs M, millinery and dressmaking
Daley & Co (W C Daley, J R Tozer and H S Emery), sash, door and furniture factory
Daley W C (Daley & Co)
DePeatt E, bootmaker
Dewey L H, watchmaker and jeweler
Drake M H (Butler, Drake & Co)
Emery H S (Daley & Co)
Fordyce Geo W (Fordyce, Neil & Co)
Fordyce, Neil & Co (G W Fordyce and R P and L A Neil), meat market
Fountain J D, gen mdse, agt WF&Co and C&O Stage Co
Fox H, brickmaker
Fraley John, groceries
Gillette A V, city recorder
HAMMOND A P, attorney at law, real estate agt and postmaster
Harris Wm, city trustee
Hill H C (Baum & Hill), city trustee
HOUCK JASPER, proprietor Ashland House
Hutchins J B, glovemaker
Inlow H T (Inlow & Wimer Bros), and physician
Inlow & Wimer Bros (H T Inlow and E R and J O C Wimer), druggists Kentnor W W, wagonmaker
Klum C K, harness and saddles and mgr WU Tel Co
LEEDS Wm H, editor and proprietor Ashland Tidings
MARSH L S P, designer and builder, manufacturer and dealer in lumber, sash, doors, blinds, etc
Mayer M, tailor
McCALL, ATKINSON & CO (J M McCall, \V H Atkinson and W A Wilshire), general merchandise
McCall J M (Ashland Woolen Mfg Co and McCall, Atkinson & Co)
McHattan F, painter
Miller E M, blacksmith
Miller & Murray (J F Miller and F C Murray), blacksmiths
MORGAN SAMUEL, blacksmith
Muller John S, watchmaker and jeweler
Murray F C, blacksmith
Myer Bros (H C and O R Myer), hardware, stoves and tinware
Myer O R (Myer Bros), watchmaker and jeweler
Myer W C, importer and breeder of Percheron horses, Shetland ponies, etc
Neil L A (Fordyce, Neil & Co)
Neil R P (Fordyce, Neil & Co)
NORTON HENRY, livery stable and city trustee
Parsons John S, physician
Phillips H F, propr Ashland and Linkville Stage Line
Reeser B F, stoves and hardware
Root Horace, justice of the peace
Royal Ladru, pres Ashland College and Normal School
Royal M G, principal Ashland College and Normal School
Russell J H, marble works
Sears J A, barber
Sharp Rev B J, clergyman (Methodist)
Smith Bros (H and L Smith), blacksmiths
Smith Miss E C, millinery
Smith Harry, blacksmith
Taylor H D, constable and city marshal
Taylor J M, dentist
Thompson J (Butler, Drake & Co), city trustee
Thornton James (Ashland Woolen Mfg Co), city trustee
Tozer J R (Daley & Co)
Vining R T, fruits, candies, etc, ice cream saloon
Wagner & Anderson (Jacob Wagner and E K Anderson), flouring mills Wagner Jacob (Wagner & Anderson), and Ashland Woolen Mfg Co
Willits B R, notary public, conveyancer and collector
Wilshire W A (McCall, Atkinson & Co)
Wimer E R (Inlow & Wimer Bros)
Wimer J O C (Inlow & Wimer Bros)
Wise Bros (Sol and J M Wise), general merchandise
Wolters John, bakery
ZUMWALT BENJ, Central House
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office; 22 miles southeast of Jacksonville, and 6 miles south of Ashland.
BARRON M A, postmaster
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office, 30 miles northeast of Jacksonville.
Dunlap David, farmer
Hall & Phillips (T and Ab Hall and L Phillips), saw mill
Parker W P & Others, saw mill
Perry Martin, farmer
POPE H H, postmaster
Stought John, farmer
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office, 15 miles northeast of Jacksonville.
Bailey D, flour mill
Brown H R, postmaster
Brown R H, general merchandise
Emery E, general merchandise
Farlow W P, justice of the peace
Frey Geo W, bootmaker
GAREY L C, wagonmaker
Garey ------, physician
Miller James, bridge builder
Murphy John, blacksmith
Parker Wm H, school teacher and author of "Family Record"
Pool Arthur & Sons, blacksmiths
Purdin [Mahlon], blacksmith
Simpson Wm, hotel
Tyrrell John, constable
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office, 6 miles northeast of Jacksonville.
Fountain John, constable
MAGRUDER BROS, general merchandise
Walton Geo S, justice of peace
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office, 14 miles northeast of Jacksonville.
Ashpole John, constable
Barker R L, physician
Brown R H, general merchandise
Daley A J, grist mill
Emery & Co, general merchandise
INLOW F E, postmaster
Purdin M, blacksmith and justice of peace
Simon P, hotel
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    JACKSON COUNTY [sic]. A post office; 69 miles by stage south of Roseburg.
Cook D S, blacksmith
Dimick E, postmaster
Haymond & Magruder, general mdse
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post, express and telegraph office; is a pretty and prosperous town in the southern part of the state, 300 miles from Portland, and 177 miles from Redding. It is delightfully situated on Jackson Creek, a tributary of Rogue River, and is the chief commercial point. It is the county seat and has daily mails and communication with the O.&C.R.R., Oregon Division of C.P.R.R., by stages of the O.&C. Stage Co. There are rich silver and gold mines in the immediate vicinity, both placer and quartz, and the valley in which it is built comprises some of the finest grazing and farming lands in the state. Its schools are of a high order, its society excellent. The climate is very fine and the scenery picturesque.
Aiken G H, physician
Alford A, commissioner
Armstrong M, blacksmith
BEEKMAN C C, banker and agent WF&Co
Birdsey J G, constable
Bilger & Maegly (W L Bilger and A H Maegly), hardware, stoves and tinware and agricultural implements
Brooks E C, drugs, watches and jewelry, stationery, sewing machines, etc
Brown Carl, carpenter and undertaker
Cardwell J A (Cardwell & Johnson), livery stable
CARDWELL & JOHNSON (J A Cardwell and A L Johnson), auctioneers, real estate and insurance agents and collectors
Caton and Garrett (M Caton and Robt M Garrett), saloon
Cohn Samuel, general merchandise
Coleman L C, general merchandise
Colvig Wm M, county supt public schools
Cook Robt A, commissioner
CRONEMILLER & BIRDSEY (David Cronemiller and James G Birdsey), blacksmiths and horseshoers
Crosby D W, cigars, tobacco and varieties
Day Silas J, county judge
DEMOCRATIC TIMES (weekly), Charles Nickell, proprietor
Donegan Patrick, blacksmith
Dowell B F, attorney at law
Drum James, groceries
Dunlap R S, street commissioner
Egger S H, brickyard
FICKE P N, meat market, hides, wool, etc; city trustee
Fisher Newman, gen mdse
Foudray E D, city trustee
Furry Samuel, representative
Geary E P, physioian
Gore E E, agt Singer Sewing Machines
GROB FREDERICK, saloon and bakery
Hanna H K, circuit judge
Hanna S P, wagonmaker
Higinbotham J S, wagonmaker
Hoffman Wm, books, stationery and notary public
HOLT MADAM JANE, proprietor United States Hotel
HOWARD J S, general merchandise and city trustee
HOWARD J S & SON (J S and C J Howard), civil engineers
Huffer J H, justice of the peace
Jacksonville Dispensary, M Vrooman MD
Jackson Will, dentist
Jacobs E, general merchandise
Jacobs A S, sheriff
Jeffery James, county surveyor
Johnson A L (Cardwell & Johnson), notary public
Judge Henry, harness and saddles
Kahler & Bro (C W and Robert Kahler), drugs, books and stationery
Kahler C W (Kahler & Bro), and attorney at law
Karewski G, general merchandise and agricultural implements
Kelly H, attorney at law
Kenney Thomas J, harness and saddles
Kent T B, district attorney
KLIPPEL HENRY, county clerk
KRAUSE FRANK, proprietor Oregon Sentinel and manager Western Union Telegraph Co
Kreuzer Wm, bakery
Kubli Kaspar, hardware, stoves, tinware, groceries, boots and shoes and city trustee
I.angell N, bootmaker
Linn David, lumber, planing mill and furniture factory
Little & Chase (James R Little and Geo L Chase), groceries, furnishing goods, etc
Luy Fred'k, bootmaker
McKenzie & Foudray, flouring mills
Mee Richard, barber and tailor
Mensor M, general merchandise
Miller John, hardware, guns, pistols, paints, oils, etc
Montgomery J B, hotel
Muller Max, general merchandise, postmaster and agt C&O Stage Co
Nichols Thos E, county assessor
NICKELL CHARLES, proprietor Democratic Times
Noland John, saloon
Nunan J. gen mdse and city recorder
OREGON SENTINEL (weekly), Frank Krause proprietor
Orth John, meat market
Pape Henry, saloon and county treasurer
Parks & Son, saw mill
PLYMALE W J, proprietor Excelsior Livery Stable
Prim P P, attorney at law
Prim Mrs T M, millinery
REAMES BROS (T G and Reames), general merchandise
Reed Chas H, painter
Ritschard Fred, watchmaker and jeweler
Robinson J W, physician
Rostel C B & Bros, barbers, hairworkers and bathrooms
Royal Ladru, clergyman (Methodist)
Ryan Patrick J, gen mdse
St Mary's Academy
Savage L L, painter
Schumpf Geo, barber
Schultz C, city marshal
Schutz Veit, brewery and coroner
Sharp Mrs B J, agt organs and pianos
Slover J A, hotel
Solomon Joseph, general merchandise
Stanley A C, representative
Vrooman Martin, dispensary and physician
Wetterer Joseph, brewery
WINTJEN & HELMS (John Wintjen and H V Helms), saloon
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    JOSEPHINE COUNTY. A post office and county seat, 50 miles southwest of Jacksonville.
Crockett Garrett, county judge
Cruse Kate, physician
DE LAMATER N, general merchandise and postmaster
Dessenger Frank, assessor
Grotz George, treasurer
Grotz & Reiser, saloon
Hall John, county commissioner
Holton & Cruse (P S Holton and Kate Cruse), physicians
Kruse C, bootmaker
Moore J W, blacksmith
Naucke Wm, general merchandise
NICKERSON F M, county clerk
Rider W, hotel and sheriff
Sanders W N, county supt of schools
Sifers J B, miller
White J R, county commissioner
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    JOSEPHINE COUNTY. A post and express office, 45 miles northwest of Jacksonville, and 54 miles southwest of Roseburg.
Browning E G, justice of peace
Carll Wm, stage agt
HARKNESS H D, hotel, feed stable, and postmaster
Hopkins Jas, blacksmith and wagonmaker
Morat Raphael, saloon
Nagel Wm, general merchandise
Pettengill S B, general merchandise
Smith H, general merchandise
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    JOSEPHINE COUNTY. A post office, 15 miles east of Kerby, and 23 miles southeast of Jacksonville.
Day Fayette G, postmaster
STRONG LEWIS, proprietor Murphy Flour Mill
WIMER A A, lumber mill
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office, 8 miles southeast of Jacksonville. Population 300.
BEESON W, real estate agent, surveyor and notary public
Buck J G, physician
Chastain J A, physician and druggist and justice of the peace and notary public
De Vis L F, physician
Diamey R R, wagonmaker
Dunlap A, blacksmith
Forman M, wagonmaker
Howard H C, butcher
Hukill J W, blacksmith
Kahler Geo, physician and druggist
Kill James H, blacksmith
Laurenberg Daniel, hotel
Morgan Ed, saloon and livery stable
Morgan Wm, livery
Morton James, teamster
Olwell P W, flour mill
SARGENT C S, postmaster
SARGENT & TOWNE, general merchandise
Schumpf S, cabinetmaker and machinist
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office.
Marsh S S P, saloon
VAN HORN JOHN, druggist and postmaster
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post and telegraph office, on Rogue River, 84 miles by stage from Roseburg.
Colvig W L, physician
HAYMOND BEN, postmaster
HAYMOND & MAGRUDER, general merchandise
Hays J W, blacksmith
Neathammer Jacob, justice of peace
White & Bros, hotel and saloon
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office, 15 miles northeast of Jacksonville. Population 145.
Coffin P B, carpenter
Gall C C, justice of peace
Ganiard O, general merchandise
Moore J H, carpenter
Moore John, blacksmith
MOON A S, general merchandise and postmaster
Selpt Wm, blacksmith and wagonmaker
Stanley A C, physician and surgeon
Thomas J B, saw mill
Trumble Bros, flour mills
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    JOSEPHINE COUNTY. See Wilderville.
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office.
Ennis Frank, miner
Gilson T H, farmer
Haskins Newton, miner
Parker Jacob, saw mill
Saltmarsh J B, miner
Saltmarsh S, miner
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    JOSEPHINE COUNTY.  Post office Kerby; 4½ miles from Kerby.
Beash & Platte, gen mdse
DELAMATER N & CO, general merchandise
Leonard L, gen mdse
Miller & Smith, saw mill
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    JACKSON COUNTY. A post office; 9 miles from Jacksonville.
CAMERON T, general merchandise

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