The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Jackson County Business Directory 1878

    Situated on the line of the O.&C. Stage Co., 115 miles south of Roseburg and 315 miles from Portland. Although as yet but a small town of 600 inhabitants, it is rapidly increasing and bids fair to become one of the most important manufacturing points in Oregon. Already there are established here a woolen mill, with four large looms and three knitting machines, a furniture and sash factory, a foundry and machine shop, two sawmills and a large flouring mill, also a soap factory. The power for the above is furnished by the Ashland Creek, which is capable of turning many more wheels besides. The situation of the town is pretty and the climate excellent.
Alford ------, sawmill
APPLEGATE OLIVER, Publisher Ashland Tidings
ASHLAND TIDINGS (Weekly), Oliver Applegate, Publisher
Chandler John, sawmill
Chapman & Neil, livery stable
CHITWOOD & ATKINSON, Drugs, Paints and Oil, and Stationery
Conway John, bootmaker
DePEATT E, Bootmaker and Notary Public
Eubanks J S, blacksmith
Ewing J Mrs, millinery
FRALEY JOHN, Merchant Tailor
Gaby Daniel, attorney at law
Garrott & Ferre, Ashland Linkville stage line
Hargadine Mrs M W, general merchandise
HELMAN A D, Postmaster
HELMAN & FOUNTAIN, General Merchandise, Books and Stationery
Houck Jasper, hotel
INLOW R T, Physician and Druggist
KENTNOR W W, Wagonmaker
Klum C K, harnessmaker
LEABO J K, Hairdresser
MACE & NEIL, Market
MARSH & VAUPEL, Planing Mill, Sash and Furniture Factory
Marsh, Vaupel & Co, sawmill
MAYER MARCUS, Merchant Tailor
McCALL J M & CO, Genl Mdse
Miller & Robertson, blacksmiths
MYER W C, Importer and Breeder of Fine Stock (see adv)
Ralph John, wagonmaker
REESER, B F, General Merchandise
Rigdon John, soap factory
Sayer William, restaurant and bakery
Smith G W, watchmaker and jeweler
Smith Henry, blacksmith
WAGNER, ANDERSON & CO, Flouring Mills
Watters T G, watchmaker
ZIMMERMAN W J, Ashland Foundry
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Eagle Point,
INLOW BROS, General Merchandise
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    Situated on the line of the O.&C. Stage Company, 100 miles from Roseburg and 300 miles from Portland. County seat; population about 800. This is the trading point for the surrounding rich mines. All the beauties of Southern Oregon climate are experienced in Jacksonville.
Aiken G H, physician
ATKINSON & CATON, Liquors and Billiards
Badger J L, wagonmaker
BEEKMAN C C, Agent WF&Co and Bank
Beall & Obenchain, meat market
Belt J C, physician
Bilger John (estate of), stoves and tinware
Breckenfield F, varieties
Brentano Mrs H, millinery
Britt Peter, photographer
Brooks E C, drugs, watches and jewelry
Cardwell Misses D & M, millinery
CARDWELL J A, Livery Stable (see adv)
Carter J L & Son, painters
Carter L W, carpenter
Coleman C, general merchandise
Cronemiller Daniel, horseshoer
Cronemiller David, blacksmith
Crystal George, blacksmith
Danforth L, physician
Day Silas J, County Judge
DEMOCRATIC TIMES, Charles Nickell Publisher
DILLON MATTHEW, Hole in the Wall Saloon (no cards)
Donegan Patrick, blacksmith
Dowell B F, attorney at law
DOWELL & WATSON, Publishers Oregon Sentinel
Drum James, groceries
Farlow E J, County Supt Schools
Fisher Newman, general merchandise
Foudray E D, County Clerk
Fray G W, bootmaker
Goddard B C, County Assessor
Hanna H K, Dist Atty and atty at law
Hanna S P, wagonmaker
Hoffman Wm, land conveyancer, notary and stationery
Holt Mrs Jane, hotel
Howard J S, general merchandise
Jackson W, dentist
JACOBS E, General Merchandise
Jones A C, attorney at law
JONES S P, Sample Rooms
KAHLER & BRO, Drugs, Books and Stationery
Kahler C W, attorney at law
Karewski G, general merchandise
Kelly H, attorney at law
Kent T B, notary public
Kreuzer William, bakery
Kubli Kaspar, general merchandise
Langell L, bootmaker
Linn D, furniture manufacturer
Luy Fred, bootmaker
Manning J W, Sheriff
Marks A, merchant tailor
McCULLY Miss ISSIE, Varieties
Miller John, guns and ammunition
Muller Max, Postmaster
Neil James R, attorney at law
NICKELL CHARLES, Publisher Democratic Times
Nunan Jeremiah, harnessmaker
OREGON SENTINEL (Weekly), Dowell & Watson, Publishers
ORTH JOHN, County Treasurer and Meat Market
PAPE HENRY, Railroad Saloon
Plymale W J, livery stable
Prim P P, District Judge
REAMES BROS, Genl Merchandise
RITSCHARD FRED, Watchmaker and Jeweler
Ryan P J, general merchandise
SAVAGE C W, Liquors
Schumpf George, hairdresser
Shannon & Birdseye, bootmakers
Solomon L, general merchandise
Vining M H, boarding
Watson E B, attorney at law
Wetterer Joseph, brewery
Wolters John, bakery
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Business Directory of the Pacific States and Territories for 1878, L. M. McKenney, publisher

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