The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Southern Oregon Business Directory 1867

    Althouse, Josephine Co (PO address, Kerbyville), 18 miles se of Kerby. Several important mining enterprises are in progress here, and rich lodes of copper ore have been recently discovered in the vicinity.
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    Applegate, Jackson Co, PO, 12 miles w of Jacksonville.
Benedict Royal, hotel proprietor
Cameron Thomas (Uniontown) general merchandise
Davis Thomas, general merchandise
Kafader John, blacksmith
Kubli Kaspar, general merchandise
Sturges Albert, general merchandise
Wilson James A, postmaster
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    Ashland Mills, Jackson Co, PO, 18 miles se of Jacksonville, on the Overland Route.
Barron H F, stock dealer
Emery H S, cabinet maker
Farnham A F, propr Eagle Flouring Mill
Fordyce G W, butcher
Hargadine R B, general merchandise
Helman Abel D, hotel proprietor and postmaster
Kentnor W W, wagon maker
Mickelson M, blacksmith
Myer W C & B F, stock dealers
Osborn T J, saddler
Russell J H, marble worker
Tolman J C, nurseryman and stock raiser
Wagner & Klum, proprietors Ashland Flouring Mills
Walker John & M, stock dealers
Wells J, blacksmith
Whetmore S D, saddler
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    Dardanelles, Jackson Co (PO address, Jacksonville), 10 miles nw of Jacksonville.
Caldwell C M, hotel proprietor
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    Enterprise, Josephine Co (PO address, Waldo), 12 miles s of Kerbyville.
Sawyer William, hotel proprietor
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    Grants Pass, Jackson Co, PO, and station on the overland route Sacramento to Portland, 29 miles n of Jacksonville.
CROXTON THOMAS, postmaster
Gibson William, propr sawmill (Jump Off Joe, Josephine Co)
Todd & Croxton (Croxton's Diggings), general merchandise
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    JACKSON COUNTY. Boundaries--North by Douglas, east by the Cascade Mountains, south by the state of California, and west by Josephine. Area, 3,000 square miles. Rogue River Valley lies in Jackson County, and embraces lands of superior quality for agricultural purposes. A considerable portion is admirably adapted for grazing, and an abundance of timber for maintenance purposes is found throughout the mountainous section. Extensive ledges of gold and silver exist, which afford employment to a large number of persons; and copper, iron and coal have been discovered, but have not as yet been developed to any extent. An excellent article of salt is now being manufactured in large quantities. County seat, Jacksonville.
County Judge L. J. C. Duncan Jacksonville July 1870 $1200 per ann.
County Clerk Wm. H. S. Hyde Jacksonville July 1868 Fees.
District Attorney James R. Neil Jacksonville July 1868 $500 per ann.
Sheriff William A. Owen Jacksonville July 1868 Fees.
Treasurer David Linn Jacksonville July 1868 $800 per ann.
Assessor Silas J. Day Jacksonville July 1868 $4 per diem
Survyor W. J. Plymale Manzanita July 1868 Fees.
Coroner E. H. Greenman Jacksonville July 1868 Fees.
Public Administrator Herman Helms Jacksonville July 1868 Fees.
Superintendent Schools L. T. Davis Jacksonville July 1868 $500 per ann.
County Commissioner J. B. White Rock Point July 1868 $3 per diem
County Commissioner Frederick Heber Overbeck Grove July 1868 $3 per diem
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    Jacksonville, Jackson Co, PO, and county seat Jackson Co, 244 miles s of Salem, located on the overland route, and in the fertile valley of Rogue River, for which it is the depot and market, and is the largest and most flourishing town in Southern Oregon.
    OFFICERS.--James R Wade, President; Uriah S Hayden, Recorder; George M Banks, Marshal; Wm Kreuzer, Treasurer; Augustus Taylor, M A Brentano, L T Davis, John Miller, Trustees
BEEKMAN C C, banker and agt Wells Fargo & Co and agt O Stage Co
Blanchet F X Rev, clergyman (Catholic)
Blecher Henry, butcher
BOYER WILLIAM, tobacco, cigars and produce
BRADBURY & WADE, general mdse
Breitbarth Henry A, liquors, billiards, etc
Burns ------ Rev, clergyman (ME)
Cabaniss T T, physician
Caldwell M, propr Jacksonville Express
Castello & Coffin, house and sign painters
Daxis Levi I, physician
Donegan Patrick, blacksmith
Dowell Benjamin F, attorney at law
Dunlap Anderson, blacksmith
FAY JAMES D, attorney at law
Fisher A & Bro, general merchandise
GAULT D M C, notary public and editor Sentinel
Gormsky Joseph, tailor
GREENMAN EPHRAIM H, physician and coroner
Hanck John F, watchmaker and jeweler
Hoffman William, notary public
Horne Louis, propr United States Hotel
JACOBS ORANGE, attorney at law
JUDGE HENRY, harness and saddlery
Krall Frederick, wagon maker
Kreuzer William, tobacco, cigars, etc
Kuschenbach Charles, bootmaker
Langell Nathaniel, bootmaker
Levy Bernard, groceries
Linn & Hall, cabinet makers, etc
Long John, hairdresser
LOVE & BILGER, hardware, stoves, and tinware
Mateas William, restaurant
McLAUGHLIN & WALL, liquors and billiards
Miller John, gunsmith
MULLER & BRENTANO, general merchandise
Neil James, attorney at law
NEUBER JOHN, watchmaker and jeweler, and fancy goods
OREGON SENTINEL (weekly) Benj F Dowell, proprietor; D M C Gault, editor
ORTH JOHN, butcher
Overbeck Andrew B, physician
Pfeiffer Adolph, tailor
Plymale Sebastian, livery stable
deRoboam Jeanne Mrs, proprietress Franco American Hotel
Roork G W Rev, clergyman (ME)
Ryan Patrick J. merchandise
ROW JOSEPH, tobacco, cigars, etc
SACHS BROS, general merchandise, agts Pacific Insurance Company
SAVAGE & SUTTON, druggists and apothecaries, stationery, books, etc.
SAVAGE C W, US Ass Int Rev
SCHUTZ VEIT, propr City Brewery
Smith & Howard, carpenters and joiners
St Mary's Academy, Sister Mary, principal
Sutton J M, PM and Deputy Collector Internal Revenue
TAYLOR AUGUSTUS, propr Union Stable
Turner Wm M, agent Telegraph Co
WETTERER JOSEPH, propr Eagle Brewery and Saloon
Williams M A, Rev, clergyman (Presb)
WILSON CHARLES F, carpenter, contractor, etc
WINTJEN & HELMS, proprs Table Rock Billiard Saloon
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    JOSEPHINE COUNTY. Boundaries--North by Douglas, east by Jackson, south by the state of California, and west by Curry. Area, 1300 square miles. The surface of this county is irregular and broken, and but a small portion is adapted to agricultural purposes. Numerous veins of copper ore are being worked, and extensive deposits of iron and coal are known to exist. County seat, Kerbyville.
County Judge Campbell Caldwell Illinois Valley July 1868 $600 per ann.
County Clerk Ralph J. Forbes Kerbyville July 1868 Fees.
District Attorney J. R. Neil Jacksonville July 1868 $500 per ann.
Sheriff Thomas F. Floyd Kerbyville July 1868 Fees.
Treasurer John Bolt Kerbyville July 1868 $500 per ann.
Assessor Wm. N. Saunders Althouse July 1868 $3 per diem
Surveyor Vacant July 1868 Fees.
Coroner Vacant July 1868 Fees.
Superintendent Schools William Chapman Illinois Valley $300 per ann.
County Commissioner George E. Logan Waldo July 1868 $3 per diem
County Commissioner Simon Messenger Williamsburg July 1868 $3 per diem
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    Kerby, or Kerbyville, Josephine Co, PO and county seat, Josephine, 250 miles s of Salem.
Kendall & Bolt, general merchandise
Sawyer S W, postmaster
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    Leland, Josephine Co, PO, 40 miles ne of Kerbyville.
McMichael H B (Leland Creek), general merchandise
Smith Henry (Coyote Creek), genl mdse
Twogood & Harkness, proprs Grave Creek House
Twogood James H, postmaster
Witt I R (Galice Creek), genl mdse
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    Phoenix, Jackson Co, PO, 9 miles se of Jacksonville.
Baldwin J, bootmaker
Burns Mrs J P, hotel proprietress
Foudray E D, propr flouring mill and PM
Hoxie Charles Rev, clergyman
Lavenburg D, hotel proprietor
Lindley M, proprietor saw mill
Mensor Morris, general merchandise
Nicholson & Stuart, blacksmiths
Seybert Horace, wagon maker
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    Rock Point, Jackson Co, PO, 13 miles nw of Jacksonville on the Overland Route, Sacramento to Portland
Archy J A, blacksmith .
Campbell John C, carpenter
Foster Robert, carpenter
Leslie James, carpenter
Schultz A, blacksmith
Wallace W T, carpenter
Weis C, butcher
White D J, hotel proprietor
White John B, general merchant and PM
Wolver John, butcher
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    Slate Creek, Josephine Co, PO, 16 miles ne of Kerbyville.
McCallister Simon, postmaster
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    Soda Springs, Jackson Co (PO address, Ashland), 30 miles se of Jacksonville. The springs at this place enjoy some local celebrity for their medicinal properties.
Caldwell M, physician, propr hotel and hospital
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    Waldo, Josephine Co, PO, 14 miles s of Kerbyville.
Coyle Owen, general merchandise
Dunn Thomas, general merchandise
Logan & Thompson, genl merchandise, and proprietors sawmill
McIlwain A B, postmaster, notary public, and general merchant
Work & Crandall, general merchandise
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    Williamsburg, Josephine Co (PO address, Applegate), 20 miles s of Kerbyville.
Layton J T, general merchandise
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    Willow Springs, Jackson Co, PO, 13 miles n of Jacksonville.
Dean S P, general mdse, and postmaster
Doty Clark, hotel proprietor
Sherman Jesse, hotel proprietor
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Henry G. Langley, Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1867

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