The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Fifteen Years Ago This Week

    "Fifteen Years Ago This Week" ran in the Mail Tribune in the Sunday edition and reported the news for the week following that Sunday. The Mail Tribune for 1909 through 1916 is digitized and online on the Historic Oregon Newspapers site. 1911 through 1963 is found on newspapers.com. To find the original article in the earlier newspaper (which didn't print a Sunday edition), add the days to the day of publication, starting with Monday. For example, if the article you're looking for was printed November 16, 1930 under the heading "Monday," look in the November 17, 1915 newspaper.
    The article will not always be found in the newspaper found by that calculation; the formula seems not to have been followed consistently. But that's where to start looking.
    Sometimes it won't be possible to find the original article at all. I can only deduce that the compiler of the column was reading 15-year-old first editions of the Mail Tribune. The microfilmed Mail Tribune, however, consists of the second edition, and some articles were removed to make room for breaking news.
    While transcribing "Fifteen Years Ago This Week" I've omitted national news, except when its impact on the Rogue Valley is mentioned.

Ben Truwe

Last revised October 29, 2019