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Notes on Eastwood Cemetery

    The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War have, through the courtesy of L. O. Howard, sexton, secured what they believe to be a complete list of the graves of Civil War veterans in the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Medford.
    The list has been placed in the Chamber of Commerce, and the patriotic organization urges anyone having veteran relatives or friends buried in the cemetery consult the list and if [the] grave is not on it, leave name and location of grave so that no grave of a Civil War veteran may be without  flag on Decoration Day.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 17, 1934, page 3

    The following list of those who served in the Civil War, and other conflicts since that time, and buried in the Medford I.O.O.F. Cemetery is as complete as careful search of the records permits. It is requested by the sexton that anyone having knowledge of soldier dead not mentioned in this list supply such information in order to complete the record:
    B. F. Adkins, Wm. R. Bradshaw, M. L. Bowman, 74th Ohio Vol. Inf.; Joseph S. Bowlby, George C. Beltz, Hiram Bonder, Co. H. 46th Wis. Inf.; Amos Bliss, Corp. John H. Boussum, Co. D 12th Ill. Cav.; Michiel Brown, Co. A 16th Mich. Inf.; Wilson Boman, John H. Brantner, Co. 7 44th Pa. Inf.; Corp. Baker N. Bunch, 3rd Bty. Minn. L. Art.; Noel B. Bradberry, 1st Serg. Co. F 34th Ill. Inf.; Robert L. Clement, Co. A 9th Ky. Cav.; John Clark, Charles J. Clark, Co. B 35th Wis. Inf.; Benj. F. Chastain, W. S. Conkling, Daniel E. Clay, Co. C 4th Ohio Cav.; C. P. Cotterell, Wm. A. Charley, Serg. John A. Caldwell, Co. B 144th Ill. Inf.; John W. Carpenter, G.A.R.; Wm. H. Cook, Co. H 25th Mich. Inf.; Capt. Wm. Carroll.
    John Davis, Co. F 86th Ia. Inf.; Serg. Major S. Damon, Co. G 7th Vt. Inf.; Thomas B. Ellison (mausoleum) Co. D 24th Ohio Vol. Inf.; H. W. Elmore, Samuel Earhart, Co. K 177th Pa. Inf.; Thomas Edmeads, Co. I 136th Ohio Inf.; Robert E. Foster, James H. Farris, John M. Guches, Capt. Gemenese Goble, Co. E 151st Ill. Inf.; Corp. R. R. Hotchkiss, Co. D 3rd Wis. Inf.; Benj. E. Hull, Co. E 9th Ia. Inf.; George H. Hendricks, Co. B 10th Ia. Inf.; Alfred H. Hooker, Co. K 12th Kan. Inf.; Corp. Joseph Hall, Co. H 20th Ohio Inf.; James Austin Ham, 3rd Ark. Cav.; Corp. N. R. Johnson, Co. I 9th Ia. Inf.; Moses Jackson, Co. E 20th Ky. Inf.; G. M. Jourdan, Co. E 140th Ill. Inf.; Walter S. King, Rev. J. E. Kenworthy, Levi Lozier, Co. F 74th Ind. Vol. Inf.; Wm. Lyman (mausoleum); David J. Lumsden, G.A.R.; Elijah A. Litterell, Co. M 16th Mo. Cav.; Robert G. Morrow, Co. F 32nd Ohio Inf.; Joseph G. Martin, Co. I 1st U.S. Cav.; Corp. Thomas B. Miller, Co. L 36th U.S. V. Inf.; Frederick H. Morris, Kenneth McRae, J. W. Miller, Egbert Maben, Co. D 1st Mich. Cav.
    Nathan B. Meade, Co. D 17th Wis. Inf.; Prin. Musn. Henry Metz, 15th Ia. Inf.; Monroe Marsh, Co. H 26th Ind. Inf.; G. C. Noble, Co. K 4th Ia. Cav.; F. M. Poe, Co. B 26th Wis. Inf.; Faskett M. Putney, John E. Purdue, Co. A 1st Ore. Cav.; James W. Plymire. S. S. Penwell, Co. K 9th Kas. Cav.; Alex Pottenger, Co. E 165th Ohio Inf.; Edward A. Perry (mausoleum); Albert H. Polley (mausoleum), Co. H 2nd Ia. Inf.; Laorin G. Pillsbury (mausoleum) G.A.R.; Burtis H. Rumssey, Co. E 11th Ia. Inf.; J. W. Redden, Ralph A. Rouley, Francis M. Stewart, Co. O 50th Ill. Inf.; Joseph W. Scranton, G.A.R., Melville C. Sullivan, Luther Struters, Tilson Smith, Co. B 11th Ind. Cav.; Serg. W. W. Stanfield, Co. E 14th Ia. Inf.; Jeremiah Tungate, Vet.of Black Hawk War; Wm. Turner, Co. E 105th Ohio Inf.; Alex Trundell, Co. A 27th Wis. Inf.; D. H. VanAntwerp, Iron Brigade; J. G. Van Dyke, Sr., Isaac Wright, Lafayette Wiggins, Co. A 61st Ia. Inf.; Thomas F. West, A. M. Woodford, Samuel G. Wortman, Horace R. Wallace (mausoleum), Co. G 3rd Ore. Inf.; Serg. James M. Weaver, Green Fields Pa. Cav.; Corp. Lyburn O. Wells, Co. G 52nd Wis. Inf.; Serg. G. A. Weiderhammer, Co. A. 119th Ill. Inf.; Serg. Isaac Woolf, Co. B 2nd Ohio V. V. Cav.
Spanish War Veterans
    John J. Buchter, Co. C 7th U.S. Inf.; Wm. Howard Baldwin, 1st Serg. U.S. Army, N.J.; Oscar O. Crum, Ia.; Charles A. Fury, Co. D 1st Inf. W. Virg.; James E. Greive, Harry H. Howell, Musn., Co. I 3rd Inf. Wis.; John M. Hollers, Pvt., 6th U.S. Inf. Kent.; Joseph B. Johnston, Samuel T. Richardson, Wm. H. Riggin, Co. E 2nd Inf. Ore.; George E. Rankin, Co. G 3rd Inf. Mo.; Benj. L. Sears, Co. A 6th Inf. Ill.; Gustave Weston, 1st Serg. U.S. Army, Wash.
World War Veterans
    Clarence F. Burke, Floyd M. Brown, VanAllen Cornish, Private, 28th Ore. Inf.; 1st Div.; Carl C. Dunham, Pvt. 28th Wash. Inf. 1st Div.; Samuel A. Doren, Pvt. 16th Cal. San. Train 15th Div.; Arthur Eagle, Serg. 2nd M.G. Battery 4th Div.; Russel Simon Hawk, 79th Co. 6th Reg. U.S. Marines; Frank W. Hubbard, Pvt. 6th Reg. U.S. Marines, 2nd Div.; Luke W. Henderson, Lester S. Jacobs, 23rd Co. G. Mch. Gun Batt. U.S. Marines; Allen G. Keopp, Pvt. 354th Inf. 91st Div.; Joseph G. Konop, Albert A. Liveredge, Corp. 337th Butchery Co. Q.M.C. Mont.
    Malden L. LeRoy, Serg. 54th Aero. Sqdn. Ore.; Roy E. McKeever, Serg. Motor Tran. Co. 40 B Ore.; Thomas J. Morgan, Pvt. 308th Inf. 77th Div. Ore.; Noble James Meisner, Pvt. 351st Inf. 68th Div.; Glenn A. Nickols, Pvt. 325th Aero. Sqdn. Ore.; Peter R. Oard, Pvt. 166th Depot Brig. Ore; Claude B. Porter, Joseph L. Petruska, Pvt. 88th Inf. So. Dak.; Benj. H. Plymale, Robert C. Stewart, Artemus Spooner, Batt. E. 65th Art. C.A.C.; Robert G. Welch, Calvin L. Warnock, Pvt. 25th Inf. Texas, Benj. J. Shores.
Medford Mail Tribune, May 30, 1934, page 8

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