The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Court Hall Remembers . . .

In 1930 Court Hall wrote a series of reminiscences of wagering and cheating, hunting and fishing, which the Medford, Oregon Mail Tribune published under the headline "Court Hall Remembers - - - Recollections of Jackson County Sporting Events by [a] Veteran Sportsman":

Grey Cap vs. Red Light
One of the funniest horse races Court Hall ever saw.
Medford vs. Jacksonville
1904 saw the heaviest betting ever on a Southern Oregon baseball game.
Court vs. Metcalf
Court reminisces about an 1899 poker game.
Court vs. the Mild-Mannered Stranger
Court manages to turn the tables on a slick professional gambler.
Medford vs. the Grants Pass Sports
Around 1893 a pair of crooked foot racers turned a race to their own benefit.
Medford's Most Thrilling Game
A 14½-inning baseball game between the ringers of Medford and Grants Pass.
Court vs. the Bear
Court takes three bears--without a gun.
Quebec vs. Lewis P.
A celebrated horse race with a tragic end.
Court vs. the Steelhead
Court singlehandedly decimates the fish population of the Rogue River.
Wash Obenchain vs. the Grizzly
The famous 1875 battle, also told here.
Old Ponto vs. the Cougar
George Beale's celebrated dog in action.
Old Ponto vs. the Cinnamon Bear
George Beale's dog saves his master's life.
Old Ponto vs. the Grim Reaper
Old Ponto's last battle.

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