The Infamous Black Bird Southern Oregon History, Revised

Art Chipman Tapes
Inventory of M42C Box 5, Southern Oregon Historical Society Research Library.

The box contains eleven 7" reel-to-reel magnetic audiotapes, one 3" reel, and descriptive material transcribed below.
The tapes are apparently from Chipman's "Stereoscope" program, broadcast on KMED, Medford. One tape is dated 1955, another 1961; remainder are apparently from 1978-79.

Tape 2 Side I
1. Indian drums. Indian talking in Ind.
2. Medicine man chant
3. Bear Jump Over Cliff. Indian talking in Eng. Buffalo hunting. Indian explaining about it.
4. Talking about Indians. Watching Indian encamp.
5. Sounds of wild animals, buffalo.
6. Scouts. Buffalo hunt. Drying meat & etc. Chokecherries. Pemmican.
7. Buffalo hunting. Bad audio.
8. Broken Leg. Boy's stepfather. Bad audio.


Tape 3 Side One
1. Indian talking about sign language. Maj. Gen. Hugh L. Scott. Kiowa. Stone. Making of sign language. Indian.
2. Built museum. Pres. Roosevelt. Mississippi flood.
3. 1938 Aug. Tel. Shelly. Glacier Park.
4. Chief Bull. 150,000 museum.
5. Buffalo hunting.
6. Hunting birds.
7. Arrowheads.
8. Indian talk.
9. Sam Wells Broken Leg. Hawk Blanket
Musselshell 1876.
10. Buffalo Bill.
11. '82-'83 winter. 7,500 buffalo on Musselshell. Spring '83.
12. Used the killing of buffalo to wipe out Indians.
13. Sitting Bull.


Tape 3
Art Chipman, Nature's Notebook. Wildflower Trails of the Pacific Northwest.
Publishing & republishing of old book.
Captain Jack & the Modoc War.
Tunnel 13 DeAutremont train holdup.
Art Chipman talks about newspaper column.


Tape 3
"Stereoscope" side one
1. Art Chipman, Nature Notebook. Bugs, birds & fauna. Talking about rare plant (endemic). Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest.
2. History & nature. Old guns, western Americana.
3. Publishing. 5,000 for color prints.
4. Repute of book Among the Shoshones (20 copies org.) 1914. Indian history of Modoc War. Updated Captain Jack, is written by an Indian. Talks about Modocs. 1,200 troops, 50 Modocs.
5. Latest book, Tunnel 13, DeAutremont train holdup 1923. Train #13. Strange mystical things.
6. Newspaper column. Whill Robbins (mechanized).


Tape 4 side I
N. Montana. F. J. Clifford, 19 Jan. '61.
1. Clifford talks about [illegible] of the West.
[illegible] to write for Ore. Hist. Soc. Historical & wildlife researcher from C.P.
2. Talking about buffalo. Buffalo Jones.
3. Richard Sanderville, Chief Bull.
4. Tomtoms.
5. Chief Bull. Chanting.
6. Tomtoms.
7. Chief Bull. Chanting.
8. Buffalo snorting.
9. Indians talking.
10. F. J. Clifford & Chief Bull talking about buffalo.
11. Talking about pemmican.
12. Talking about arrowheads.
13. 1884 South Flat Hills (15 years old).
14. 1874 Norman McCloud. Col. McCloud battles.
15. Mounties. 3 cos. of M.P.


Tape 4 side 2
1. Chief Bull talking about Running Coyote.
2. Broken Leg. "Sam Wells."
3. Buffalo hunting. Hawk Blanket.
4. Talking about hunting buffalo, '76.
5. Disappearance of big herd '85-'86.
6. Buffalo Bill. Union Pacific.
7. '82-'83--75,000 [buffalo] Musselshell Yellowstone River, spring '83 vanished.
8. Talking about tribes. Sitting Bull.
9. Talking about buffalo. Last time saw.
10. Ta Ta Te--Hawk Blanket.


Tape 5 side I
The great West, people & song with Dale Vincent, narr., from Indian music and covers the West from 1700s to 1880s.
1. Dale Vincent talking about Indian music.
2. Indian music.
3. Dale Vincent, Indian women working & misc.
4. D.V. narrates Indian lullaby.
5. D.V. Spanish music, talking about conquistadors.
6. Spanish music, flamenco.
7. D.V. Spanish priest. Religious music.
8. D.V. French trappers, French music.
9. D.V. Rockies music.
10. D.V. population problem. Daniel Boone. Music. Tex Ritter seeing Barbara Allen.
11. D.V. pioneers. Zane's Trace choir singing.
12. D.V. (music). "Down in the Valley."
13. D.V. talking about fiddlers & fiddle music.
14. D.V. Black Jack Davis.
15. D.V. talking about naturalist. Jew's harp.
16. D.V. French in Mississippi Delta, Cajun music.
17. D.V. Negro slave music.
18. D.V. plantation Negroes, Banjo. Fried coon.
19. D.V. talking about music on the Mississippi. Minstrel music 1840.
20. D.V. Lewis and Clark. Indian chants.
21. D.V. Lewis and Clark.
22. D.V. pioneers 1843. First wagon train.
24. D.V. Oregon Trail, music, "Sweet Betsy from Pike."
25. D.V. Brigham Young song. "All Is Well. All Is Well."
26. D.V. gold in Calif. 1848.
27. D.V. gold in different territories.
28. D.V. Indians on warpath. Indian chants. Forts. Bugle call.
29. D.V. talking about U.S. army.


Tape 6
Music track for the great west people & song. Music & poems & sound effects.
1. New moon over my shoulder--Tex Ritter?
2. Indian music.
3. Indian chant (woman).
4. Indian music. Child.
5. Spanish music.
6. Religious music.

7. French music.
8. Guitar music.
9. "Barbara Allen" song.
10. "All Through the Night."
11. "Down in the Valley."
12. Fiddle music. Cumberland Gap?
13. Black Jack Davis
14. Harmonica "Buffalo Gal." Jew's harp.
15. Cajun music. "Julie Nunn."
16. Negro slave music, "Baby Please Don't Go."
17. Banjo music.
18. Minstrel music. "Hot Time in Old Town." "I'm from Dixie Tonight."
19. Indian chants.
20. Running water, river.
21. Wolves howling.
22. Woman sings "By Night and By Day."
23. Woman sings "My Father Is Sad."
24. "Sweet Betsy from Pike"
25. Symphonic music "All Is Well. All Is Well."
26. "Oh Susannah."
27. Ragtime music.
28. Price Creek. Gun shots?
29. Indian war chant?
30. Bugle call.
31. Bugle call.
32. Guitar music and hoarse howl, Indian.
33. Guitar music.
34. Mule train. D.V. reciting poems. Been better if I'd never been born.
35. "I've Been Working on the Railroad."
36. Harmonica music. D.V. recites poem.
37. Guitar music. "Windy Bill."
38. Guitar music. "Railroad Corral."
39. Harmonica music. Cowboy poem.
40. "Big Corral." Sons of the Pioneers.
41. "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie." Tex Ritter?
42. "Big Iron." Mary Robbins?
43. "I'm Heading for the Last Roundup." Sons of the Pioneers.
44. "Ghost Riders in the Sky." Vaughn Monroe.
Tape 7
Part II of the great west, its past, people, its music, its songs.
Narr. Dale Vincent, cowboys, buffalo hunters, railroad, music & poems of the West.
1. Side 1. D.V. talking about [illegible].
2. D.V. buffalo hunters 1872-82.
3. D.V. old poem. Range of the buffalo.
4. Butterfield Stage. Pony Express. Telegraph.
5. Goodnight and Loving, first cowboys.
6. Poem of cowboys.
7. Union Pacific.
8. "I've Been Working on the Railroad."
9. Promoters and speculators. Land swindle. Squatters.
10. Old squatter poem "Sod Shanty on the Claim."
11. Cowboys poem, "Windy Bill."
12. Cattle drive. Song railroad corral.
13. D.V. trail drives, cowboy poem.
14. Cow hands, song "Big Corral."
Roy Rogers? Sons of the Pioneers?
15. Tex Ritter "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie."
16. D.V. outlaws. Song, "Big Iron." Marty Robbins.
17. Outlaws. Butch Cassidy & gang. "Swing Hard," "Last Roundup."
18. D.V. ending up program. "Mule Train."
19. Vaughn Monroe "Mule Trail."

Tape 8
Art Chipman, "Stereoscope."
Talks about advertising on radio, ethics of selling, covers different aspects of advertising on radio. Two versions--half-hour radio show followed by excerpts of show.
1. KTMT, KTVL Art Chipman.
2. Art Chipman, national rep--sales manager.

3. Talking about growth of KTMT
4. Four stations.
6. National sales manager.
7. Men of advertising.
8. Advertising. Truth well told.
9. Bad advertising.
10. Roman Meal, good commercial.
11. Folger's coffee, good.
12. Secret of advertising.
13. Grab of ad--Alka Seltzer, bad commercial.
14. Sophisticated equipment--effectiveness.
15. New product or store.
16. Effectiveness of radio.
17. Slogans.
18. How slogans sell. Name familiarity.
19. Slogans [illegible] to price.
20. Private labels and national labels.

Tape 9
Sound track for slide show. Armchair trips of Oregon with Art Chipman.


Tape 10
1955 interview talk show. Guest Don Cohen, son of Tom Cohen. "I'll See You in My Dreams." Mary Wise, shopping expert. News: Paris Island deaths. Ike for pres., wants Nixon for running mate.


Tape 11
Someone talking about the holdup in the Deadwood Saloon in Hilt, Calif., 1920s.
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